Slam Intro

The Pantheon theme song hits…whatever that song may be…IT HITS. Pyro’s happen, the crowd cheers, and Jayson Price, Jonny Fly, and Steve Orbit appear on the stage each donning “Pantheon” shirts. Fly is also proudly wearing his WCF World Title belt. The crowd is on their feet cheering the arrival of the trio and Price, Fly, and Orbit nod their heads acknowledging the reaction.

Zach Davis: Well Erin, we’re one week away from Timebomb and these three men are going to be competing against one another for the World Title.

Erin Robbins: That’s right. It’ll be interesting to see what they have to say tonight.

Price, Fly, and Orbit head down the ramp and enter the ring. Fly calls for a microphone and receives one from a stage hand. He waits for the crowd to settle before speaking.

Jonny Fly: The question everyone wants to know is whether or not the Timebomb World Title match will destroy Pantheon. They want to know if our egos will allow us to compete against one another for this company’s ultimate prize, but still stay friendly when it’s all said and done.

Fly pauses to allow those questions to resonate with the audience.

Jonny Fly: The fact is, we’ve done this before. Maybe the cast has changed a bit, but Pantheon has fought Pantheon for the WCF World Title previously, without incident. When you have the four best wrestlers in the company under one umbrella, these things are bound to happen. Pantheon is not going anywhere. If Seth Lerch wanted the World Title out of Pantheon’s hands, he should have given me teammates in the match. He should have just made this one on six. Now, the three of us know that some of you backstage might be skeptical about what I’m saying. So, we had an idea to put this entire thing to rest. If you all would, please put your hands together for Barbara from Psychic Readings by Barbara!

Zach Davis: Hold up, Pantheon is bringing out a psychic?

Erin Robbins: I guess to see who is actually going to win the Timebomb World Title match?

Barbara walks out onto the stage. Barbara is a middle aged white woman who unfortunately doesn’t look anything like Miss Cleo. She looks almost…normal. She walks slowly to the ring and uses the steps to enter.

Jonny Fly: Barbara, thank you so much for coming today. As we discussed, I want you to do a reading on the three of us and let us know who is going to win the match next week.

The psychic nods her head and reaches for the microphone.

Barbara: I can do that. However, as I explained to you I would have to read each of the individuals who are going to be in the match to give you a true answer on who is going to win the match. With only the three of you out here, I can’t give you a firm answer on who is going to win.

Orbit, Price and Fly smile. Price immediately reaches for the microphone and snatches it out of the psychic’s hand.

Jayson Price: Heh. Look, psychic, I don’t mean to go all Sarah Twilight on all of you, but those others guys in the match…they don’t matter. The next World Champion is in the ring right now.

Fly scowls. He takes the microphone.

Jonny Fly: What do you mean by next?

Orbit now snatches the microphone.

Steve Orbit: Yo, hold up guys. Let’s let the psychic do what she came to do, and tell the world that Steve Orbit is the next motherfuckin’ World Champ.

More scowls. Barbara takes the microphone back from Orbit.

Barbara: Alright guys, please hold out your palms.

In a single-file line, Price, Fly, and Orbit hold out their palms. The psychic spends a few seconds reading each of their palms. She then reaches into her pocket and pulls out a set of tarot cards. She instructs each person to take a card, but to not reveal it yet. She positions herself in front of Price first.

Barbara: Jayson, please show me your card.

Price turns over a card named “Wheel of Fortune.”

Barbara: Yes, this makes complete sense. Things are changing for you, aren’t they Jayson? The card doesn’t represent change in a good or bad way, but it tells us that things are going to be different for Jayson Price from here on out.

Jayson Price: So I’m going to be World Champion?

Barbara: May I see your palm again?

Price holds out his palm. After a few seconds reading his palm again, the psychic responds…

Barbara: No.

Jayson Price: What the fuck!

Barabara moves over to Steve Orbit.

Barbara: Steven, please show me your card.

Steve Orbit flips over The Devil card.

Barbara: Oh…that’s not good. There is darkness within you, Steve. A darkness that will prevent you doing the things you really want to do.

Steve Orbit: You talkin’ about me being black? THAT SOUNDS LIKE SOME RACIST SHIT, MAN.

Barbara: No, no. It’s a wickedness that you are not in control of right now. However, The Devil can always be overcome Steve. Remember that.

The psycic leaves Orbit with that and moves on to Fly.

Barbara: Jonny, your card please.

Fly turns over the Stength card.

Barbara: Ah, I think we’ve found our answer friends. The strength card shows us that its owner possess superior will over inferior desires. If Mr. Fly wishes to retain the World Title, then my conclusion is that he will.

Steve Orbit: No, no, no, this is a fuckin’ set-up. Fly, you hire her to say that?

Fly says nothing.

Steve Orbit: Of all the shit you’ve done, hiring a fake psychic to make it look like you gonna win next week is about the most embarrassing of all of them. You scared, homie?

Price takes the microphone.

Jayson Price: You know what, forget what the psychic thinks. I’m going out there next week to show the world that I’m not like the old Jay Price. That failure is long gone. Whether I have to go through both of you or not, I’m winning that World Title.

Now Fly grabs the mic.

Jonny Fly: Look, we all agreed to hire a psychic to settle this. She settled it. For christ sake, why is this such a big surprise? I’m Jonny fuckin’ Fly, of course I’m going to retain. It’s going to be the greatest title defense IN HISTORY. I didn’t want it to be against you guys, and I’m sorry that it is. I’m still going to win though.

Fly brings the microphone down to his side and a tense moment ensues between the three men in the ring.

Zach Davis: I think people might have been right after all. This match is going to rip Pantheon apart!

Erin Robbins: After two weeks! What a colossal failure.

Out from the backstage area comes none other than Corey Black! He's dressed in a black suit with a white tie. Because Pantheon is classy. Corey walks down to the ring, as the other members of Pantheon and the psychic bicker between themselves. Corey slides into the ring, without saying a word, no eye contact, nothing, and lifts the psychic - BURNING HAMMER! The crowd pops. Pantheon stops fighting between themselves long enough to chuckle a bit. CD calls for a mic. Mic granted.

Corey Black: Bet you didn't see that one coming, oh grand wizard of the mind. This bitch right here is as legit as Sarah Twilight's resignation. The cosmos has nothing to do with this crap, it's up to skill and skill alone, homies. You three walk into a match where anyone can win the World Title. Fly can keep it, Price can win it, and Orbit can win it too - and that's the way it needs to be. If Jonny can't retain, it needs to be one of you other two. That title needs to stay in Pantheon one way or another, and fighting like scorned teenage girls on Prom night isn't the way to do it.

Nods from all corners of the ring. Fly takes the initiative to follow Black’s words up.

Jonny Fly: He’s right. If I can’t retain, we need that belt to stay in Pantheon – at all costs. If I can’t get it done, I’ll have your backs.

Fly steps toward Orbit and holds out his hand. They shake. Then Fly and Price shake hands, then Price and Orbit.

Jonny Fly: It doesn’t matter the result next week, guys. It’s our night. Let’s go out there and do what we do. Best of luck.

The mysterious Pantheon theme song hits over the PA system again as the Pantheon team exit the ring and make their way toward the back.

Svetlana Segment

The screen shows a pair of long legs. The camera starts to widen and the fans start to whistle as the women is shown.

Svetlana Russian: Здравствуйте я - Светлана кормушка самой новой силы, чтобы поразить WCF. Достаточно скоро WCF будет видеть, кто та сила. Пока мы назовем его Советом. Да, он как я - из Советского Союза. Мы замеченный, на что походит мир и мы знаем то, в чем это нуждается. Это должно заказать, разрушение, замеченное как никто другой начиная с холодной войны, и сегодня вечером мы возьмем это к WCF и сделаем первый удар против WCF.

Svetlana English: Hello I’m Svetlana the manger of the newest force to hit WCF. Soon enough WCF will see who that force is. For now we shall call him the soviet. Yes, he like I are from the soviet union. We seen what the world is like and we know what it needs. It needs order, destruction seen like no other since the cold war, and tonight we will take it to the WCF and make the first strike against the WCF.

As Svetlana stops talking she reaches off screen and grabs a small soviet flag.

Svetlana Russian: Сегодня вечером мир узнал, что Совет - самая новая сила в WCF и хорошо становился новым чемпионом мира. Так, каждый на списке должен наблюдать ваши задние части, потому что это - новая холодная война, и Совет не будет падать..

Svetlana English: Tonight the world finds out that the soviet is the newest force in WCF and well become the new world champion. So, everyone on the roster should watch your backs because this is the new cold war and the soviet will not fall..

Svetlana puts her hands behind her back

Svetlana Russian: Рабочие мира, объединитесь!

Svetlana English: Workers of the world, unite!

Svetlana takes her hands from behind her back and walks off as the screen shows the soviet flag.

Matt Robinson Segment

We cut backstage as we see WCF Interviewer, Hank Brown standing by.

Hank Brown: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, ‘The Outlaw’…Matthew Robinson…

The sound of a cigarette lighter clicking can be heard and then after a few moments, a large cloud of smoke appears in front of Brown’s face causing him to cough and splutter. The camera then pans out a little to show ‘The Outlaw’ Matthew Robinson standing beside him smoking a cigarette and drinking a can of beer.

Hank Brown: Uhh Matt? There’s no smoking in the building…

Robinson takes another drag of his cigarette and looks around before turning his attention to Brown.

Matthew Robinson: I don’t see any signs…more to the point…even if there were signs…I’d still smoke. But anyway, don’t you have an interview to conduct?

Brown straightens himself out and proceeds with the interview.

Hank Brown: Well Matt, last week you made a shocking return to the WCF after suffering a serious injury at the One Pay-Per-View. The new Director of Operations, your former boss, Mr. Joey Nitro announced your return and then you proceeded to assault him and then you had a few derogatory words to say about him along with some other WCF employee’s including WCF Owner, Mr. Seth Lerch, WCF Commissioner, Mr. Eric Price, WCF World Heavyweight Champion, Jonny Fly and WCF Commentator, Erin Robbins…my question is simple…why did you do and say the things you said?

Robinson chuckles, takes a swig of his beer and another drag of his cigarette.

Matthew Robinson: That can be answered easily…because I wanted too…next question.

Hank Brown: Okay, well Mr. Nitro has said that tonight you shall suffer some sort of punishment for your actions last week and he has demanded that you also apologize to the people you directed these derogatory words too…your response to that?

Matthew Robinson: I’m not apologizing to anyone, I don’t give a damn what Nitro throws at me, he made the biggest mistake of his life getting a job here…nobody here gives a damn about him, so why the Hell should I?

Hank Brown: I see, well another man who you have had your fair share of battles with, Dan DiStoner issued a challenge to anyone else who used to be in the NWA to a match and at Timebomb, a match between DiStoner and yourself has been added to the card, so I take it that you accepted his challenge?

Matthew Robinson: You bet your ass I did…do you wanna know what happened to that stoned, illiterate piece of trash the last time the two of us did battle on Pay-Per-View?

Robinson finishes off his can of beer and smashes it off his forehead, crushing it in the process and then throwing it onto the floor before finishing his cigarette, dropping it onto the floor and stubbing it out with his foot as Brown nods.

Matthew Robinson: We were fighting in a Three Stages of Punishment match, a match I created, the first fall was a Taipei Deathmatch, the second fall was a Scaffold Deathmatch and the final fall was an Electrified Steel Cage match. We got to the final fall and that was when it happened, with some help from my wife, I got my hands on a pair of jump leads and I electrocuted his fucking balls!

Brown grimaces at the thought and Robinson chuckles.

Matthew Robinson: Exactly! I know what you’re thinking upon hearing that…it’s the same way every other man in this building is thinking. You see, that’s how much the two of us hate each other, and since he’s still the biggest asshole I’ve ever known…we STILL hate each other!

Suddenly, before Brown has a chance to ask another question, Robinson is blindsided from behind by Dan DiStoner and the two begin brawling with one another.

Zach Davis: Looks like Dan DiStoner isn’t waiting until Timebomb to get his hands on Robinson…

Erin Robbins: I don’t know anything about this Dan DiStoner, but after what Robinson said about me last week, I hope he kicks his ass!

As the two continue brawling, suddenly a swarm of security guards arrive on the scene shortly followed by WCF Director of Operations, Mr. Joey Nitro.

Joey Nitro: Okay that’s it, guys; get these two off of each other now!

The security guards manage to separate Robinson and DiStoner and restrain them both as Nitro looks at Robinson.

Joey Nitro: Now you, get your ass back to the locker room and start thinking on your apology for later…

Robinson sneers as the security restraining him begin marching him back to his locker room however Robinson breaks free and leaves on his own accord. Nitro then turns to DiStoner.

Joey Nitro: As for you, you’re not booked tonight, so you can take the rest of the night off…before you cause any more trouble for Mr. Lerch…

The security restraining DiStoner then begin marching him out of the arena as DiStoner turns back to Nitro.

Dan DiStoner: Hey Nitro, just like the rest of these assholes from the NWA, you’re a stinking pile of D.O.O!

DiStoner begins laughing away at himself whilst Nitro just shakes his head as we cut back to ringside.

Lupus Onyx vs Artyom

The screen goes snowy before it flickers and we see a close-up of a man in a pointy goatee with a sinister grin whisper...

“This Monster Lives”

Metallica's "Some Kind Of Monster" begins and Onyx walks out, arms in the air flashing the Devil Horns. The man in the red suit follows behind him as he walks to the ring. Onyx slides in the ring, climbs each set of turnbuckles, and again flashes the Devil Horns to the crowd and sticks out his abnormally long tongue. Onyx paces around the ring awaiting the bell.

Kyle Steel: The following match is set for one fall. Coming out to the first….Lupus Onyx!!! And his opponent tonight….

The lights go out and the National Anthem of USSR plays and the arena go into Red. Svetlana comes out and then Artyom comes out wearing a Russian Soldier hat with the soviet logo on it he is also holding and waving a soviet flag and wearing a soviet Russia shirt. He makes his way down the ramp while waving the flag. He gets in the ring and stands on the turnbuckle and waves the flag as the crowd boos and Svetlana is standing outside the ring.

Kyle Steel: …The Soviet, Artyom!!!

Zach Davis: Onyx is a big man himself, but the seven foot Artyom is looking down at him.

Erin Robbins: That’s not the only eyes looking; I see how you looked at Svetlana. Just try not to drool too much on your microphone.

The bell signals the start of the match and it doesn’t take long for the big Artyom to go after Oynx who is quick enough to duck away and get behind the big man. Onyx takes his open and begins to strike the Russian’s back with mighty forearms. Artyom turns from the blows and swings his fist for a crushing blow, but again Oynx is quick enough to duck under the swing. Oynx continues the upbeat pace by ramming the big man into the ring corner with his shoulder and then continuing with a few more shoulder blows for good measure. Finally Artyom breaks free with a double axe handle to the back of Oynx.

Zach Davis: Lupus Oynx wasn’t quick enough that time.

Erin Robbins: And Svetlana is yelling at him to keep on Oynx, look at her yell at him.

Zach Davis: But before you said not to look-

Erin Robbins: Just focus already Zach, geesh.

Oynx is back on his feet, but holding the back of his neck, as Artyom hooks him up for a standing fall away slam than sends Oynx across the ring. Listening to Svetlana, Artyom walks over to make a cover, the ref falls to the mat to count, 1….2….Kick Out! Artyom pulls Lupus up by the skull and brings him to the corner and tries to smash his head on the top turn buckle. But Oynx blocks the head shot by bracing his arms on the top rope. Oynx slams a few elbows into the big Russian until he lets go of his head and then Oynx brings the big man down with a short clothesline!!

Zach Davis: Oynx hoping that quick shot knocked Artyom’s breathe from him as he goes for a pin!

Erin Robbins: 1….2…Kick Out!

Oynx keeps the big man grounded by applying a head lock and holding him down to the ring mat. Artyom begins to try and get up but Oynx squeezes tighter to keep the big Russian on the mat. The ref is about to check to see if Artyom has passed out, but before the ref can even grab his arm, Artyom wakes with a shot and quickly gets to his feet. But Oynx keeps the submission move applied and hangs onto the giant’s back. Finally Artyom breaks the hold by stumbling backwards into the ring corner squishing Oynx like a human pancake.

Zach Davis: That looked painful.

Erin Robbins: Oynx might be down in a heap, but Artyom is still dazed from that head lock.

Svetlana gets her man back in focus and he drags Oynx up from his feet. Artyom throws Oynx with a huge Irish whip back into the ring turnbuckles. Oynx comes back out of the corner right into the arms of Artyom who lifts Oynx up unto his shoulders for a massive running power bomb. Artyom lays on top of Oynx for a pin, 1….2….Kick Out!! Artyom seems to be getting frustrated as he rips Oynx from the mat, slams him back down with a body slam, before retying the pin, 1….2….Kick Out!!

Zach Davis: Artyom is tough.

Erin Robbins: But is he tough enough to put down the monster inside Lupus Oynx.

Both men are back up as Artyom brings lading right hands to the head of his opponent, when suddenly Oynx blocks a punch and brings to hit the big man right hands of his own. Artyom begins to back backwards as tries to shake off the punches from Lupus Oynx. Oynx then hooks his hands around The Soviet’s waist and somehow is able to german suplex the bigger man. He keeps his grip and tries a second suplex, but Artyom blocks this one twice before Onyx turns him around and whips him in the corner. Oynx runs in after him and nails him with a Corner Enziguri to Artyom’s head. Artyom comes out from the corner again feeling woozy as Oynx uses the opening to find all his might, grab Artyom and somehow get him up in the air in position for a stiener spinebuster. He takes a moment to find his balance before the two men come crashing down into the mat!!

Zach Davis: Somehow Oynx just lifted that huge man to plant him with the Devil’s Crucifix!!

Erin Robbins: That somehow you speak of, I think that’s the inner monster I mentioned before.

As seemingly apart of the move, Lupus Oynx hooks the thick leg of Artyom as he makes a cover, the ref goes to the mat to count, 1….


3!!!! The bell dings as the crowd cheers the powerful finishing move!

Zach Davis: That’s it, we have a winner!

Erin Robbins: The way these two beasts just wailed on one another, is there really a winner.

Svetlana helps Artyom to his feet ringside as Lupus Oynx lets the ref raise his hand in victory as Onyx yells towards the crowd and points to himself in triumph.

Dr. Remus Micayle Segment

The opening riff to "The Stringless Violin" by Adagio blasts through the speakers of the arena as the San Antonio crowd buzz about in confusion. The lights in the arena start to grow dimmer by a notch, as a sole spotlight appears on the top of the ramp.

Zach Davis: Hmm, haven’t heard this entrance song before. I wonder who will be appearing right now. Always great to see a new face here in the WCF.

Erin Robbins: Meh, I disagree completely. The recent influx of talent has been nothing but mediocre. Apart from a few hidden gems, the majority of these so-called new faces are a huge disappointment to say the least. I’m sure that whoever is coming out is the very same.

Pyrotechnics go off violently on stage, as the crowd oohs-and-ahhs in admiration.

Erin Robbins: Although I certainly have to say that this particular wrestler has excellent taste in stage effects. Great pyros, along with a great song.

The gentle murmuring of the crowd quickly turns to boos and jeers as a suit-wearing Doctor Remus Micayle struts out from the back, his body illuminated from the slight darkness. As always, his WCF United States championship is strapped around his waist, gleaming with prestige. A live microphone is held in his hand, as he slowly walks down the ramp.

Zach Davis: Oh, it’s just our reigning United States Champion. Never mind.

Erin Robbins: WOOPS! Folks, please ignore whatever I just said earlier. This man, is THE exception to the fact. Where people like Xavier, The Serial Thrilla, and Damon King have failed to impress, Doctor Remus Micayle has had nothing but success ever since his debut at ONE. This music he is walking out to must be his latest theme song. What a genius.

Micayle makes his way to the ring, casually ignoring both the jeers from the fans and their attempts to agitate him. The spotlight follows, giving him a regal appearance in the modest darkness.

Zach Davis: And look at that change of tone! You are really a two-faced coin, aren’t you Erin?

Erin Robbins: Hey, I just recognise greatness when I see it. Unlike you, I actually acknowledge the fact that Doctor Micayle is quite possibly the next biggest thing in this federation. And I’m hedging my bets on him.

Zach Davis: …yeah whatever. I wonder why he is out here anyways. Shouldn’t he be back in the locker room, preparing for his match against Logan later on tonight?

Erin Robbins: Maybe he’s here to talk about the Dillinger issue. Or maybe, he’s here to teach us yet another valuable scientific lesson on a true and great America! Who knows? I’m just excited to hear him talk!

Zach Davis: As am I Erin… as am I.

The United States champion rolls into the ring, and the spotlight grows to an intensity that's almost blinding in brightness. Through the glare, however, it can still be seen by the fans that Micayle is loosening the strap around his waist. As he raises it up in the air, the spotlight slowly dims in strength, as the championship glitters proudly in the ring. He slowly walks to the centre of the ring, laying his title across his shoulder casually in the process.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Heavy booing ensues.

Zach Davis: You know… I really wonder why he even bothers to greet the audience every time he walks into the ring with his microphone. He knows the crowd hates him and yet, he still engages them at every possibility. It’s sickening.

Erin Robbins: I prefer to think of it as having good manners. The Scientist is civil to everyone, and a hostile audience is no exception.

Micayle looks down at his feet, before glancing back up at the fans.

Remus Micayle: I know all of you are wondering why I am out here early tonight, instead of taping my knuckles and lacing up my ring boots in preparation for my bout with Mr. WCF tonight. A few of you right now are probably on some sort of ecstatic high, wondering if I am about to deliver another Team Science lesson.

More boos emerge. The Scientist smiles.

Remus Micayle: Yes, but also sadly, no. The lesson will have to wait for just a little bit. I have something to share that is of great importance to the WCF. The reemerge of Mark Dillinger, or as you might know him as… Nathan von Liebert.

The Texan fans cheer loudly at the mention of the former WCF Champion.

Erin Robbins: It’s been a long while since the fans have seen him in the ring, and no matter what hostilities he has conducted in the past, it is always a welcome sight to see a familiar face in the ring.

Zach Davis: True that. But more likely they are cheering the fact that Micayle got his face kicked in by Dillinger just last week.

A small snarl on his face, Micayle points towards the WCFTron, where footage of last week’s horrendous meeting between the two men is being played. The shouts of joy from the audience grows even louder as the video plays on, and scenes of Dillinger pummelling the United States champion are shown.

Zach Davis: As we saw last week, Dillinger came in and begged Micayle for help. The Doctor refused, and in the end, the two wrestlers got into a fierce confrontation.

Erin Robbins: The champion has the right to reject delivering aid. How many times must I repeat this? Dillinger is simply out of line! How dare he attack Doctor Micayle?

Micayle lowers his pointing hand and directs it to himself.

Remus Micayle: I wanted to help the man, but sad to say, after witnessing his deranged state of mind and love for brutality, I have no choice but to reject his plea for aid. I’ll say this once, and only once, so take note.

He pauses in mid-sentence, and the entire arena waits with baited breath.

Remus Micayle: But first, how did you folks like my new theme song? It’s “The Stringless Violin” by French progressive metal band Adagio. Brilliant piece, isn’t it?

The crowd jeers boisterously. They do not appreciate this interruption, and for good reason.

Zach Davis: No one gives two hoots about his music. In fact, I bet Adagio is cursing themselves at licensing their music to this fool at this very moment! Their sales are going straight to the bottom of the barrel!

Erin Robbins: Poo poo with that! Their album sales with skyrocket with the good Scientist’s promotion of their music. But I agree, c’mon there Doc! Don’t keep us hanging!

The United States champion’s stoic expression breaks into a slight smirk.

Remus Micayle: Caught all of you scissorbills by surprise, didn’t I? Ha. I should have expected that this racist, beer-swiggling city will be home to line-dancing citizens who eagerly await my every word, despite claiming their enmity towards myself.

He shrugs and starts to make his way out of the ring.

Remus Micayle: Figures. But as I was saying, I reject Mark Dillinger’s application into Team Science. I am not looking for a apprentice at this point in time. His lack of control over his mental faculties, along with his unclear motives are suspect, and my stance will not change unless these issues are proven otherwise. He is a loose cannon, and despite my love to help the American that he is, he is simply too much of a burden to even try to do so.

Zach Davis: Asshole.

Climbing out of the ring, he slowly walks up the entrance ramp, live mic still in hand. His voice is growing louder steadily, as the catcalls from the audience start to ramp up in volume. Micayle turns back once he reaches the top of the ramp.

Remus Micayle: I repeat. A burden. As WCF’s United States champion, and by default champion of all things in America, I shall reassure all of you - the public - of this fact. This country does not need any more encumbrances in its populace, and I refuse to help anyone who is unable to differentiate right from wrong. Evidently, Mister Dillinger falls within this category.

He raises an eyebrow in mock surprise.

Remus Micayle: Of course, unless he is able to prove himself to be of sound mind. But if you ask me… that’s going to be a tough order. He’s already not of sound body, so why should he be mentally as well? Something to reflect upon, if it isn’t too difficult for you to do so after downing whatever hogwash you have consumed at the local rodeo.

A small chuckle bursting from his lips, Micayle swaggers off backstage to a chorus of hateful boos. Slam then fades to a commercial of next week’s PPV.

Armaros Sylencium vs Chase Michaels vs Jordan Ciserano

As we come back from commercial, both Armaros Sylencium and Jordan Ciserano are already in the ring.

"Matter of Time" plays and a spotlight scans the crowd until it stops on Chase who's standing at the top of the entrance ramp with his arm stretched out in a cocky fashion, standing behind him is a woman dressed in a large red hooded cloak. They then slowly makes their way down to ringside before Chase rolls under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle and raising his arms in a cocky fashion before stepping down and taking his hoodie off and waiting on the bell.

Zach Davis: Well here we go!

Erin Robbins: Let's see what the master of the Mime Style can do.

Armaros runs at Ciserano, but stops as he "hits" an invisible wall. Armaros bounces back from the wall as if he hit his head and drops to the mat. Michaels uses the distraction to run at Ciserano and hit him with an STO!

Zach Davis: Oof!

Ciserano rolls out of the ring. Sylencium is up, and he mimes a wall in front of him and the grins at Chase.

Erin Robbins: Armaros Sylencium seems to think Chase can't get him since he's behind a wall. That doesn't exist.

Chase shakes his head and hits a Superkick!


Erin Robbins: ...

Following the Rude Awakening, Chase drops and pins the mime.




Zach Davis: Aanndd Chase Michaels picks up a victory!

Chase's music hits as he stands up and gets his arm raised.

Adam Young Segment

The arena lights go out suddenly and a single white light hits the entranceway.

Voice: Sooner or later we are gonna cut you down.

"God's gonna cut you down" by Johnny Cash starts playing and fog filters threw the white light. Jefferson Davis Hilton steps out followed by The Kingdom all dressed in black suits with white dress shirts and black ties. They start walking towards the ring with the Kingdom carrying the WCF World tag team titles. Finally out walks Adam Young dressed in a white suit with a black dress shirt and white tie. The fans start yelling at them as they climb into the ring and the lights turn up.

Adam Young: WCF I have returned to return this Devil's playground back into a Heavenly place. The two Whores of Babylon have already fled and soon more shall join them in the wastelands. I have wore the crown of thorns over the years here in WCF and now I shall do God's will here. I became a vile deamon and I had to step away and refocus on God's orders. Repent now or fill the wrath.

The lights fade out and then turn back on with nothing but the mic in the ring.

Night Rider vs James Fatel vs Cormack MacNeill

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen this next match will be contested under triple threat rules, introducing first

The lights in the arena dim as Pyrotechnics explode along the runway and from the four corner posts. 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing over the jumbo-tron as Night Rider steps out from behind the curtain and makes his way towards the ring.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring Hailing from The dark side of hell, this is NIGHTRIDER!

A cold hatred burns in his eyes as he steps through the ropes and waits for his opponent.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent

SR-71 They All Fall Down comes over the PA, Fatel sits at ringside listening to the crowed reaction and his own song, he then stands and jumps the barricade and slides in the ring, he sits in the nearest corner and waits for the match to begin

Kyle Steel: And already in the ring apparently The wolf JAMES FATEL! And fina....

Erin Robbins: Did Kyle's mike just cut?

Zach Davis: Yep and thats why

Jordan Caliban is standing on the top of the ramp listening to boos ringing through the arena mixed with some members of the Galaxy singing wrecking ball

Jordan Caliban: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF! My name is Jordan Caliban and I am here tonight to introduce to each and every one of you the next WCF world heavy weight champion, the bearded diety of the gentlemens club, the true stone of KINGS! And the rock that holds Sequitus on his shoulders. Ladies gentlemen and the rats in the ring I bring to you now, from the Snowy Nova scotian plains, the furred warrior, THIS IS CORMACK MACNIEL!!!!!!!!

The drumbeat marks a cadence as Cormack walks out, heading towards the ring. He stops at the top of the ramp, and throws his fist into the air, saluting the split fans. Walking in stride with the music he heads to the ring, meeting up with Caliban at the bottom of the ramp, Caliban faces up to him and thumps him in the chest

Jordan Caliban: Annihilate them

And with that Caliban walks round and takes a seat with the announcers leaving Cormack staring at the ring and his opponents focusing on his upcoming match.

Sliding under the ropes, he rises and mounts a corner turnbuckle. MacNeill raises his fist in the air, saluting the fans, and then climbs down and uses the ropes to stretch out and warm up, waiting for the bell to ring

Erin Robbins: And we have ourselves a new voice in the commentary booth, Jordan Caliban joining us immenently here

Caliban is quickly chatting with Kyle Steele and telling him his mike is now active again

Zach Davis: All 4 of these men look bent on evil intentions tonight, look at Fatel, the dude out matched in every possible way and yet he is just staring at his opponents like a shopping list

Jordan Caliban: Hey guys, Zach that was one hell of analogy but lets leave the jokes to me from here on out ok big man?

Zach Davis: As you can now tell Jordan Caliban has joined us

Jordan Caliban: You wanna see a look you shouldn't be seeing in a good rational human beings eyes take a look at my boy Macniel, intense, I dunno if the camera heard this but when I gave him my last little inspirational comment there now he answered with simply, deadpan "be a pleasure lad" so so cool

All 3 men step up in the ring, Fatel's size difference becoming even more apparent as they square up, the 2 big men look at him, then each other and headbutt him one after another staggering the new comer

Erin Robbins: Typical Triple threat mentality

Zach Davis: It doesnt normally go that way though!

Fatel lays in a forearm shot to both opponents and runs the ropes coming back with a diving cross body, he easily gets caught by both adversaries and thrown over head, he lands on his feet and runs the ropes again trying an attack from behind basement drop kicking the back of both big mens knees managing to knock them down a bit

Jordan Caliban: Holy Crap that's a decent strategy

Erin Robbins: Does this guy actually have a game plan that consists of attacking these monsters head on?

Zach Davis: Seems so and right now its working too

Fatel goes to the outside of the ring and springboards in as his opponents raise up from one knee kicking them both off balance and across the ring, Night rider goes through the ropes and Cormack gets caught up 619 style, Fatel runs at the ropes and shoots himself over landing on Cormacs back and using it to Asai Moonsault to the floor taking out nightrider, he backs up and runs jumping up into a double front dropkick to Cormacks temple landing on his back on the apron


Zach Davis: WOW!


Erin Robbins: Oh nice, one we havent heard in a while

Cormack stumbles back into the ring and somehow manages to stay on his feet, Fatel springboards right into a bicycle kick sending him backwards and tumbling back through the middle rope and right into the arms of Nightrider

Zach Davis: Did he just catch a 215 pound man on a backwards tumble?

Jordan Caliban: Yes he did, he then back dropped him on the gaurdrail and clotheslined him off of it

Erin Robbins: Well Fatel had it going at least for a little while

Cormac walks to the ropes and stares down at Nightrider before sitting on the middle rope holding it open for the larger opponent

Jordan Caliban: This is why I am here guys, Cormacs been rubbing his hands together in so much participation for this face off his fryin pan hands are bruised

Nightrider accepts the invitation but on the way through the ropes he spits in Cormacks eye

Erin Robbins: OH! EWWW!

Jordan Caliban: You dirty mother fucker! What the hell is that

Zach Davis: Are you really gunna get high and mighty over that?

Jordan Caliban: Hell yeah the dick stole my move

Nightrider gets in the ring and jumps on Cormack beginning the beat down, he keeps Cormack on his knees kicking him back down anytime he tries to rise

Cormack: Kick me again yah bastard!

He tries to rise up one more time and Nightrider tries to catch him with a boot to the face


Jordan Caliban: YES!




Jordan Caliban: SON OF A BITCH!

Fatel drives his foot as hard into a kneeling Cormack's face as he can with a superkick and hits a discuss forearm smash knocking the big man down

Zach Davis: PIN!


Jordan Caliban: KICK OUT!


Jordan Caliban: Awww thank god, GET UP YAH BIG CANADIAN BASTARD YEE!

Zach Davis: That was close!

Cormack rolls out of the ring quickly, Fatel runs the ropes looking to follow him

Erin Robbins: Spear from the 350 pound Nightrider from nowhere!

Jordan Caliban: RIGHT OUT OF HIS SKIN!

Zach Davis: PIN!




Jordan Caliban: Fuck

Erin Robbins: Yeah, enjoy that in the tag match Jordy

Calibans drops the headset after telling Erin to fuck off and goes to console his team mate

Zach Davis: Nightrider picking up some serious momentum tonight

ICE Segment

The crowd is waiting for the next match and Zach Davis is just about to speak introduce it when he gets a message from the production truck.

Zach Davis: Just a moment, I am being told that there is some sort of a disturbance ring side. Can we get a shot of that please?

The camera cuts from a full arena shot to ringside where a bearded man, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, is walking amongst the crowd with a beer vendor’s basket around his neck. The large man is all smiles as he hands out free beers to audience.

Erin Robbins: What is this fool doing?

Zach Davis: I believe that is a new wrestler here in WCF, Named Natural ICE Beckman. But why is he even here? He has no match tonight.

Erin Robbins: Well forget him then, we have a show to run. If we stopped to watch every moron in the crowd we would be here all night.

Zach Davis: Wait, is he giving some of those beers to children? Where is security? Somebody needs to put a stop to this ICE man character.

Erin Robbins: Oh great he is coming this way.

Natural ICE Beckman finishes passing out the beers, then hands the empty basket to a security guard before pushing the guard to the ground in order to jump the barrier and head ring side to the announcers table. Once there Natural ICE grabs a microphone and rolls into the ring.

ICE: From the look of the things, I just pissed off those yellow jacket guys, so I will make this quick. I am looking for a fight and I hope someone, somewhere answers this challenge. I don’t care if it’s another fool like me trying to make a name for themselves or some WCF veteran who wants to show me the ropes. Plan and simple, someone step up so I can laugh at you all week long before I laugh you out of the ring! Now WCF fans join me in a drink, for the ICE Man has Cometh! And it’s time to GET DRUNK!!!

ICE drops the microphone as security has begun to surround the ring. A few of the guards try to grab him by the arms, but ICE brushes them off and walks down the aisle to the back by himself.

Zach Davis: Well, that was quite the disturbance. I wonder what his new bosses will think of that kind of interruption.

Erin Robbins: They have much bigger fish to fry than that drunk.

Zach Davis: We’ll see, we’ll see. Now finally moving onto to our next match tonight on Slam…

Michael Steele/The Militia vs The Wild Gangsters/Jayden Thunder

Rollin by limp bizkit blares of the pa " keep rollin rollin rollin what! your gonna be lovin this shit right here" the music keeps pkaying red and black strobe lights fills the arena and Zack wild and the original gangster comes riding out to beginning of the ramp they both rev up there engines o.g pulls out an ak 47 points it in the air and fires a few rounds and zack wild leads the way down the ramp speeding they both hop off the bike zack wild grabs a couple beers that were in a cooler near the ring both members slide in the ring chugging the cold beer.

Kyle Steel: Coming out first, The Original Gangster and Zach Wild, known as The Wild Gangsters. And they're partner...

The house lights dim and the crowd grows silent, but the silence is interrupted as a lightning bolt streams from the rafters and impacts into the titantron. A single spotlight shines on the stage and smoke begins to pour down from the titantron. This follows up with "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC blasting throughout the PA system.

"Sound of the drums

Beatin' in my heart

The thunder of guns

Tore me apart

You've been - thunderstruck"

Jayden Thunder walks out onto the stage with his right arm and fist balled pointing towards the ring to a mixed reaction from the WCF Galaxy. The lights in the arena return to normal. After a few moments on the stage Jayden cups his hands around his mouth and yells THUNDER! before making his way down the ramp grinning to the fans in attendance.

Kyle Steel: "Weighing in at 218 pounds, from Knoxville, Tennessee, he is the LLLLLiiiightning Strrrriiikkerrrr, Jayyyyden Thunnnderrr!"

When he reaches the squared circle, he hops up the steel stairs that lead into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle from the outside.

Once again, Jayden raises his right arm in the air like before on the stage. As his lyrics fade off the P.A. System Jayden hops into the ring and throws some kicks and punches in the air and stretches using the ropes getting ready for the action about to take place.

Zach Davis: The Wild Outlaws didn’t mind waiting for their partner.

Erin Robbins: Indeed, it looks like they took the oppurtunity to enjoy a few more cold beers.

The arena goes dark and "Devil's Ride" by The Midas Touch starts playing and strobe lights hit the entrance way. Out walks Dex who pulls off his black Smashing t-shirt and the lights fade back up as he walks towards the ring as the females all try to touch him. Sid King follows out in a black Dangerous t-shirt. He smirks at the fans as he slides into the ring. Dex, still coming to the ring, just smirks as the he climbs into the ring and to the second rope he throws his arms out. He heads to the top rope and does a backflip into the ring as he hits his feet on the mat white pyro comes out of the top of all four corner posts.

Kyle Steel: And their oppoents, Dangerous Sid King and Smashing Dex Zenith, known as The Militia. And they're partner....

The lights go out and the humming chant can be heard throughout the arena. The lights brighten to dim as the percussion begins as Michael Steele walks out onto the ramp. He doesn't pander to the crowd, but is singularly focused on going to the ring. He walks down to the ring with purpose, sliding into the ring and finding a corner to sit in as he awaits his opponent.

Kyle Steel: The Forsaken, Michael Steele!!!

Zach Davis: This should be a wild match.

Erin Robbins: Hopefully these guys can keep it a match, and not a rumble.

After some discussions between the teams, the two wrestlers to start us out are Michael Steele and The Original Gangster. The two begin to circle around the ring, keeping eye contact, before lunging at each other for a lock up. The larger OG begins to win the lock up and backs Steele back into a neutral corner. OG begns to hammer down right fists onto Steele before Steele pushes him away and staggers him back with a few hard chops. OG stops his moumentum By grabbing him and whipping into the opposite corner. OG tries a big splash, but Steele moves aside and time and nails PG with a DDT as he comes stumbling out of the corner.

Zach Davis: Big miss there by a BIG man.

Erin Robbins: That pun was a big failure. It looks like Steele is using his military training and looking for support from his peers by tagging in Dex Zenith.

Dex explodes into the ring and wastes no time stomping OG as he rises back to his feet. The big man keeps getting up so Dex Senith tries a standing dropkick, but OG is able to block the move and lunge his big paw for the corner to tag in his partner, Zack Wild. Wild enters the ring through the ropes and heads for Dex only to get met with a kick to the gut followed by a short arm clothesline. Dex tries a quick cover by a hooking a leg, ref counts, 1….2….kick out by Wild!

Zach Davis: Adam trying to teach Wild a lesson like he does his Militia.

Erin Robbins: I don’t think Zack is going to be so willing to follow the lesson as the Militia would be.

Dex has Wild back in his team’s corner as he rams his shoulder into Zack Wild’s gut a few times before tagging in Sid King. King is quick into the ring and keeps the pressure on Wild by stomping him in the chest. Sid than leads Wild out of the corner and throws him off the ropes. Sid King telagraphes a back body toss and Wild sees it coming and stops it with a harsh kick to Sid’s face. As Sid springs up in pain Wild grabs him and lifts him up for a body slam, but instead drops to one knee to nail a backbreaker on Sid King’s side. Wild lets King roll away before trying a quick pin, ref down, 1….2….kick out!

Zach Davis: Wild looking for some help in beating down Sid King.

Erin Robbins: And he found some. He is going to tag in Jayden Thunder!

Thunder enters the ring and gets a good shot on the open skull of Sid King with help from Zack Wild holding Sid’s arms back. Thunder chops Sid back into a corner and begins to climb the ropes to rain punches down on Sid, but Sid acts quickly and pushes Thunder off the ropes into the center of the ring. Jayden Thunder hits with a thud, but rolls back to his feet only to grabbed by Sid for a reserve atomic drop. As Thunder circles around the ring in pain, Sid King tags in Steele and comes in the ring with a burst and out of nowhere drops Jayden with a Steiner Spinebuster!!

Zach Davis: Michael Steele just hit No Mercy!! He is going for the cover on Jayden Thunder, 1…2…-

Erin Robbins: Broken up by Zack Wild! That was close!

Sid King runs into the ring and begins to go after Zack with rights and lefts as the ref tries to get a hold of the match. He finally pulls the two non-legal men out of the ring as Steele gets Jayden to his feet and tags in Dex. Dex then grabs Jayden and lifts him high with a vertical suplex, but Jayden is able to drift over, twist and land behind Dex. Jayden then runs Dex chest first into the ropes and tries to pull him back for a roll up pin. Dex however holds onto the ropes and as Jayden rolls back and then up Dex superkicks him in the face!!! Dex tags Steel back into the ring. Michael Steele is quick to the top rope and jumps off towards his opponent and drops a big time leg drop on the throat of Jayden.

Zach Davis: Steele is going for the cover, 1….2….Broken UP! This time by Original Gangster.

Erin Robbins: This time I don’t think the ref is going to get control back!

This time both Sid King and Dex Zenith run into the ring after OG. Zack Wild is in like a flash to help his partner as the ref begins to run around like a chicken with no head. Wild clotheslines Sid King to the ring floor and jumps down after him to keep up the assault. OG is backed into a corner by Zenith as the two men exchange blows. The ref is trying to get OG and Dex apart as Steele signals to the fans for a second No Mercy brainbuster. The crowd comes to their feet. Meanwhile Dex backs away from OG just enough to leap at him, but OG is able to back body drop Dex right out of the ring! OG begins to lumber forward to help Jayden, but out of nowhere he is clotheslined out of the ring by Sid King!!

Zach Davis: Where did King come from!?!

Erin Robbins: And Steele has Jayden up for a second No Mercy!!

Steele drops Jayden head first and quickly hooks his leg for a cover.



NO! Thunder kicks out!

Zach Davis: Holy crap! How'd he kick out of that!?

Thunder rolls out as Zack Wild enters the ring. He runs at Steele, who avoids him, kicks him in the gut...

Erin Robbins: One more No Mercy!

Steele pins Wild now.



THREE! The crowd cheers for the dramatic finish.

Kyle Steel: The Winners of the match, the team of Michael Steele and The Militia!!

Michael Steele, Sid King and Dex Zenith hold their hands up with in the air in victory as the Wild Gangster head to the back with Jayden slowly following.

Stacy Robinson/Chelsea Black Armstrong Contract Signing

We cut to the ring as we see a table set up along with two black leather recliners either side, on top of the table are two microphones and standing at the foot of the table with his own microphone in hand and with a contract in the other is the WCF Director of Operations, Mr. Joey Nitro.

Joey Nitro: Ladies and gentlemen, as per request by the manager of S-PAC, Mr. Scott Savage, tonight we shall have a contract signing here tonight right now for the match at Timebomb between S-PAC member, Chelsea Black Armstrong and her opponent, Stacy Robinson. Due to Mr. Lerch being very busy, he has personally asked me to oversee this contract signing. So without further ado, please welcome to the ring, representing S-PAC, Chelsea Black Armstrong…

Nitro points to the stage as the lights in the arena dim, a thick fog takes over the entrance ramp causing those in the front row to seemingly disappear as ‘Queen Of Hell’ by A Sound Of Thunder plays through the speakers. Bright emerald green lights shine through the fog as the music picks up and a figure walks out onto the stage in a glittering black cloak.

Zach Davis: Well here comes the newest addition to S-PAC, the former WCF Television Champion, Chelsea Black Armstrong…

Erin Robbins: The only former NWA Superstar who has actually done anything worthwhile since arriving here in the WCF…

Making her way down the ramp she allows the hood to fall back showing two bright green eyes staring straight ahead as her crimson lips show bright against the black mascara lines running down her cheeks. Sliding under the bottom rope the fog begins to fade out and she takes a seat looking at the entrance stage as ‘Queen Of Hell’ fades out.

Joey Nitro: And now, her opponent…Stacy…Robinson!

‘I’m Not Afraid’ by Lacuna Coil blasts out of the PA system and the fans go crazy as Stacy Robinson struts out onto the stage, she stops at the top of the ramp looking out to the crowd smiling before she begins to make her way down the ramp slapping the fans hands on the way.

Zach Davis: Now this woman is the reason why I disagree with your last comment Erin, Stacy may have not won a title here in the WCF yet, but she defeated Oblivion, a former World Champion…

Erin Robbins: It was a damn fluke; she got her ass handed to her by him in their rematch when he threw her into the back of a freakin’ ambulance!

Stacy reaches the ring and she rolls under the bottom rope, she then climbs the turnbuckle and poses by raising her arms and making the devil’s horns with her hands before she climbs back down and takes the other seat opposite Chelsea as ‘I’m Not Afraid’ fades out.

Joey Nitro: Okay ladies, I would like it if we can refrain from any psychical contact with one another this evening, this is a contract signing, not a match. Chelsea, if you please, have a read through the contract and sign on the third page please…

Nitro hands Chelsea the contract and a pen, Chelsea then briefly reads through the contract, nodding a few times before placing the contract down onto the table and signing it on the third page.

Joey Nitro: Thank you Chelsea, now Stacy…

Before Nitro can finish, Stacy grabs the contract and the pen, not taking her eyes off of Chelsea, she immediately turns to the third page and signs it before throwing the contract and the pen onto the table. She then picks up her microphone.

Stacy Robinson: Are we done now? Good…

Stacy drops the microphone onto the table and is about to get up when Chelsea takes her microphone.

Chelsea Black Armstrong: Hold on there Stace…you’re not in some kind of rush are you?

Stacy stops and grabs her microphone again.

Stacy Robinson: Only my friends call me Stace…bitch!

Chelsea chuckles a little.

Chelsea Black Armstrong: You can’t still be mad at me for turning my back on you are you? You know, I think there’s another reason behind your hatred for me…you’re jealous aren’t you? You’re jealous that I’m more successful than you are! You’re jealous that I’m a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and the biggest title you’ve ever won in your career was the NWA Television Championship; Hell you’re probably jealous over the fact that since the two of us joined this company, I’m the only one out of the two of us who has even won a title!

Stacy chuckles and shakes her head.

Stacy Robinson: Do you really think I am that shallow? I couldn’t give a fuck that you’re a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion! I couldn’t give a fuck that you’ve already won a title here in the WCF and I haven’t! Because you see, whether you like it or not, I’m going to beat you at Timebomb, and then I’m going to go on and win this Trilogy Cup Tournament, and then I’m going to go on and face the current WCF World Heavyweight Champion, whether it’s Jonny Fly, Jayson Price, Oblivion, Logan, Steve Orbit or your new pal, Waylon Cash…and then I’m going to beat them and I’m going to become the new WCF…World…Heavyweight…Champion!

Stacy drops her microphone again and tries to leave, but again Chelsea stops her in her tracks.

Chelsea Black Armstrong: Seriously Stacy, what’s the big rush? Unless…you’ve already worked out what’s been going on…you know…what your husband has been doing behind your back?

Again Stacy stops and picks her microphone back up.

Stacy Robinson: What the Hell are you talking about?

Chelsea smirks as she rests her elbows on the table.

Chelsea Black Armstrong: Whilst Matt was out injured, wasn’t your best friend, Sylvia staying with him to help him look after your kids? Yeah, I believe she was…you see…I know a guy in Florida who has been watching what Matt and Sylvia have been getting up too whilst you’ve been wrestling here…

Chelsea then points to the titantron and Stacy looks up at it, the tron flickers to life displaying photographs of Matthew Robinson and their friend, Sylvia hugging one another and kissing one another on the cheek.

Erin Robbins: That slimy rotten cheating bastard!

Zach Davis: Oh come on Erin, they’re friends! Friends hug each other and kiss each other on the cheeks…these pictures are harmless…

The pictures disappear and Stacy turns back to Chelsea with a look of concern on her face.

Chelsea Black Armstrong: Aww…poor little Stacy…are you going to cry?

Stacy’s bottom lip begins to quiver as Chelsea mocks crying however suddenly, Stacy throws her head back and begins laughing uncontrollably causing Chelsea’s expression to change to one of confusion.

Chelsea Black Armstrong: What’s so damn funny? Your precious husband is cheating on you with your best friend! You should be distraught!

Stacy Robinson: You’re pathetic Chelsea, trying to get into my head by playing these ridiculous mind games? I can give you two reasons why I know that this is complete and utter bull shit, first reason is simple, Matt would never cheat on me and second reason, Matt isn’t Sylvia’s type…

Stacy then leans forward, getting closer to Chelsea.

Stacy Robinson: Because you see Chelsea, Sylvia’s a lesbian…

Stacy then let’s out another shriek of laughter as she stands to her feet and drops the microphone on the table, as she turns to leave the ring, in a fit of rage after being humiliated, Chelsea dives over the table and tackles Stacy to the ground and the two women begin brawling with one another.

Zach Davis: Jeez, somebody needs to get these two women under control!

Erin Robbins: They really do have a lot of hatred for one another…

Chelsea then gets to her feet and flips the table out of the way, Stacy gets to her feet as well and Chelsea charges at with a clothesline, however Stacy ducks the shot and as Chelsea turns back to face Stacy, she is met with ‘Stacy’s Kick’, however before Stacy can do any more damage, Chelsea wisely rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp clutching her jaw.

Zach Davis: I think I speak for every WCF fan here when I say that the match at Timebomb between these two will be one Hell of a match…

Erin Robbins: That goes without saying; Chelsea Black Armstrong is in it…

Chelsea continues up the ramp as Stacy offers to let her come back into the ring as Chelsea disappears to the back.

Television Title Match
Denise D'Evil vs Brent Alpine

Kyle Steel: The following match is set for one fall and is for the WCF Television Title. Coming out first, the challenger…

Way of the Sword by Power Symphony begins to play over the arena’s sound system. The house lights go down, as a red lights go over the crowd. Two balls of fire come down from the rafters and hit the stage setting it ablaze. Way of the sword begins to play, as the sound of a whining horse is heard from within the flames. As the flames die down there in the center of the stage is a woman dressed in black mounted on a black horse. She taps the horse lightly and it goes into a light canter, as the flames roll down either side of the ramp way. When she reaches the ring she pulls back in the reigns, and dismounts, handing the reigns off to a stage hand to take the horse backstage. She climbs the stairs and enters the ring, removing the long cloak that is around her shoulders and awaits her opponent.

Kyle Steel: Coming out first, the challenger, Denise D’evil!

A ghostly synth breathes over the PA.

The first keyboard chord of Prince's 'Gold' blares as a red shooting star firework darts up from the entrance-way to the left rafters. The second chord chimes as the arena lights flash red. The third chord accompanies a light blue star shoots to the upper right of the arena. Blue lights flash to greet the fourth chord.

Percy Micro, a micro pig with an electronic voice-box, scurries down the ramp to laughs and an ironic pop from the crowd.

As the main tune commences, a yellow spotlight covers the entrance as 'The Shine' Brent Alpine steps out from the back to sneers. A shower of sparks surrounds him, eliciting a brief pop at the spectacle. Alpine keeps walking, slides into the ring and jumps onto the turnbuckle. The pig 'speaks' in a robotic tone.

Percy Micro: Introducing my cherished commodity, from Rockhampton, Australia, weighing 227 pounds... The WCF Television Champion….'The Shine'... Brent... Alpine!

'The Shine' glares in comical intensity and lifts up the back of his suit jacket like a Batman cape. He dismounts and hangs his jacket on the turnbuckle. He leaps onto the opposite turnbuckle. He removes his tie and long white shirt and throws them into the crowd, now ready for the match ahead. Percy hides under the ring.

Zach Davis: No matter how many times I have seen that, it’s still strange.

Erin Robbins: Alright the bell just rang and we have a wrestling match on our hands.

Just as Denise D'Evil is about to strike, Alpine retreats out of the ring to jeers from the capacity crowd. He grabs a microphone from a ringside official and addresses Denise from the outside.

Brent Alpine: Easy there, Morticia. Allow me to speak to my worshippers! San Antonio hasn't shined since time immemorial. Don't you dare deprive them of this moment!

Zach Davis: What a narcissist!

Alpine takes his eyes off of his challenger and peers around the arena; as if eyeballing each crowd member individually.

Brent Alpine: San Antonio, this is your moment! 3... 2... 1... ADORE ME!

They boo mercilessly.

Brent Alpine: Yes. That's it, that's it. Shower me with praise! The Shine is here!

He stands with arms outstretched as if receiving glory. Denise D'Evil starts to leave the ring to attack him but is encouraged to withhold by the referee.

Brent Alpine: You are very welcome. What a once in a lifetime opportunity you just experienced. Speaking of once in a lifetime opportunities, I want to echo that your TV Champion, 'The Shine' Brent Alpine is looking for a stable to lead... I mean, join. Now in honesty, within the last week, Percy Micro's phone has remained strangely quiet.

Zach Davis: No surprise there. If I had a stable, I could imagine recruiting someone with the ego of Alpine.

Brent Alpine: But... but... I know exactly why. They are feeling below my league. They are as shy as the geeky 14 year old who wants to ask out the prom queen but knows his pimples will explode and he'll stain his pants in her mere presence.

Erin Robbins: Been there, seen that.

Zach Davis: Me too!

Brent Alpine: Come on guys, I am just a human being. Well, that's not strictly too. I am a superior being. But we do share the same basic composition... except for your obvious genetic deficiencies and my undisputed perfection.

The referee signals for Alpine to hurry up.

Brent Alpine: Only the strong will survive and only the strong will have the gonads to approach me for my services. I am confident that this is forthcoming so am pleased to announce to you...

Erin Robbins: Ooh announcement!

Brent Alpine: ... That I will be making my decision NEXT WEEK at the Timebomb pay per view in Dallas. So S-PAC, Pantheon, Sequitus... maybe even a new stable... COME AND GET THE SHINE!

Suddenly, Denise D'Evil vaults onto the ropes and splashes Alpine on the outside to some cheers.

Zach Davis: Looks like D'Evil got The Shine there!

She rolls Alpine back into the ring. He staggers up to his feet in annoyance as she joins him back in the ring. Denise D’evil locks up with him. She goes to whip him into the corner, but he reverses it, throwing her into a corner instead and he swings a big hang-maker punch that misses the mark as Denise D’evil ducks under his arm and begins to jab at his side with punches. She keeps up the quick attack switching to quick kicks to the champs legs. He drops to a knee, so she tries a spinning heel kick that is too slow. It allows The Shine to grab her foot and as he gets back up he pulls her close and spins her around with a belly to belly suplex!

Zach Davis: A nice reverse for early offense.

Erin Robbins: Champs never go down easy, even for a girl.

Zach Davis: I am not touching that comment with a ten foot pole.

Denise D’evil rolls back to her feet with help from the ropes as Alpine in quickly on her again. He throws her against the ropes and lets her meet his knee to her gut upon her return. She flips over onto her back in the middle of the ring. The Shine Brent Alpine then bounces himself off the ropes and lands on his challenger with a little momentum behind a high knee drop. He goes for an early pin attempt, ref counts, 1…2…kick out!

Zach Davis: It’s going to take more than that to beat Denise D’evil.

Erin Robbins: You have to at least try pins Zach, there is no health meter like old video school video games.

With Denise D’evil still down on the mat, the Champion heads for the top rope. He takes a precious moment to play up the crowd before leaping off for an elbow drop. He hits hard, but only just the mat! Denise rolls away and gets up. Before The Shine can figure out his miss Denise D’evil is on top of him with a dazzling moonsault off the second rope! Denise D’evil forgoes the pin and leaps to her feet. She grabs The Shine’s legs and slaps on a figure four leg lock to help drive the strength from her opponent’s legs.

Zach Davis: D’evil trying to wear the champion out anyway she can.

Erin Robbins: If the figure four worked for Ric Flair, it’s good enough for any wrestler.

Brent Alpine rolls Denise D’evil over to reverse the submission move and bring the pain to Denise D’evil. She releases the hold and the two wrestlers find their feet. Denise D’evil runs at the Champ, and throws herself at him with a cross body block. The impact of the move carries both wrestlers through the ropes and out of the ring. The two opponents stagger around outside as the ref begins a 10 count. 1….2….3. Denise D’evil runs at the back of The Shine and is able to plant him face first with a bulldog. The ref breaks his count as D’evil gets Alpine up and back into the ring. She slides in after him.

Zach Davis: Smart move, you can’t win any title with a count out.

Erin Robbins: Not that Alpine would want it that way, or maybe he would, I honestly don’t know with that guy.

Alpine takes the earlier entrance to the ring to once again gain the upper hand by stomping on the back of Denise D’evil with her boots. He picks her up by the arm and Irish whips her against the ring ropes. She ducks under a clothesline from Shine and bounces off the other side of the ring ropes. She tries a spinning wheel kick that Alpine is able to block by catching her legs around his neck. He begins to spin around in the room readying her for a powerbomb, but she flips herself down for an attempted hurricanrana. But the champ stands tall and forces her to come back up before slamming her down with a sitdown powerbomb into a pin, 1….2….KICK out!!

Zach Davis: This is more back and forth than a tennis match.

Erin Robbins: You say that like WCF fans bother with tennis.

Shine gets her up, throws her a little, before yanking her back for a swift side Russian leg sweep. He floats over her body for a quick cover, 1…2…Kick Out! He stays cool as he gets D’evil up and whips her to the ropes. As she comes back she sees his big boot coming and is able to slide under the move. By the time Shine turns back to her she is throwing herself at him with a wicked spear! Both wrestlers lay on the mat, breathing heavily, as they try to catch their oxygen.

Zach Davis: They are both down!

Erin Robbins: The belt is up for grabs!

Both stumble up slowly.. Denise takes a wild swing at Alpine, but he ducks it. He kicks her in the gut..

Zach Davis: THE GLOW WORM!

The Television Champion falls on top of Denise, pinning her quickly.




Erin Robbins: The Television Champion retains!

Alpine rolls out of the ring and grabs his Television Title. Percy Micro quickly reappears and he and Alpine retreat to the back before The Shadows could possibly attack.

Stacy Robinson vs Jordan Caliban

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen this next match with be a singles intergender contest, introducing first

‘I’m Not Afraid’ by Lacuna Coil blasts out of the PA system and the fans go crazy as Stacy Robinson struts out onto the stage, she stops at the top of the ramp looking out to the crowd smiling before she begins to make her way down the ramp slapping the fans hands on the way.

Kyle Steel: Making her way to the ring…from Orlando, Florida…weighing in at one hundred and fifty pounds! Stacy…Robinson!

Stacy reaches the ring and she rolls under the bottom rope, she then poses in the middle of the ring by raising her arms and making the devil’s horns with her hands before she unzips her jacket and hands it to the ringside official as ‘I’m Not Afraid’ fades out.

Kyle Steel: Introducing next

The song starts and the intro plays through and finally as the tempo picks up this Dude just saunters out onto the center of the stage cocky as all that, Singing along with his own theme song milking every second of it swaggering from side to side on the stage listening to the boo's and crotch chopping when he feels like it, finally a Beautiful red head appears as if from nowhere behind him and places her hand on his head calming him and then she steps back as he drops to his knees pounding on the ramp and then coming back up CM PUNK style screaming


He rolls back onto his feet, the girl is standing behind him smiling at his behaviour,

Kyle Steel: Now making his way to the ring representing Sequitus, THIS IS JORDAN CALIBAN!

he is basically bouncing as he makes his way from the stage singing along with his own theme song and getting in the face of the crowd, the song speeds up again and Jordan runs at the ring sliding in and straight through taking the mike off Kyle Steele, he avoids Stacy who tries to tackle him there and then and jumps back out of the ring tapping the side of his head and telling her to wait as he walks round the ring and back up the ramp

Jordan Caliban: Ladies and gentlemen I'm going to make this short, you are about to be silenced and all of you are about to be astounded, Come on Stacy teach me a...

Zach Davis: Holy crap Stacy just threw herself through the ropes delivering a superman punch suicide dive!

Caliban takes the shot on the chin and drops to the ground, his valet backs up smiling and watching showing no resistance, Stacy hauls Jordan up into the ring and climbs up on the top rope motioning to the crowd before jumping back into the ring, she circles him slow watching him struggle back to his knees, she walks forward as he does this he looks up at her and smiles before attempting to stroke her thigh, she spits in his face and runs the ropes coming back with a massive knock out knee smash to face

Erin Robbins: Jesus christ!

Zach Davis: Caliban took the joke to far that time

She steps back and waits for him to pull himself up in the corner running in with a spinning back elbow knocking him out of his corner then running the ropes and coming back with a shoulder block knocking Caliban out of the ring

Erin Robbins: Huge body check! Stacy isn't that big but she can get her shit in when she wants too

Zach Davis: Well Caliban is only 195 himself, Stacy's 150 can definitely impact on someone of that size and she does lift above that in weight training on a regular weight day

Erin Robbins: Either way Caliban is in trouble early on here

Stacy lands another suicide dive but this time tornado DDT's Caliban and he ends up flipping into the ring steps landing on his neck and back. Stacy leaps up on the apron screaming out to the crowd and then running and dropping kicking caliban in the chest into the steps

Zach Davis: A lot of trouble

Erin Robbins: Yeah, Stacy has been holding up that Robinson name, now with Matt back she will be looking to show she isn't going to be a wallflower

she rolls Jordan back into the ring and grapevines an arm

Zach Davis: Triangle choke! Has she really got him this early!?

Caliban fights it the urgency of the situation overcoming the beating he has just taken, he makes it to his feet and hauls her up


Erin Robbins: BUCKLE BOMB

He leaves her hung up and runs back hitting the far buckle and nailing her hard with a Yakuza kick he steps back begging her out and switches behind

Zach Davis: Exploder in the corner!

Erin Robbins: Face Wash!

He hits another and another and pulls her out of the bottom corner




Erin Robbins: SHE KICKS OUT!

Zach Davis: both competitors are down Caliban looks distraught!

He lays her out and goes up top

Erin Robbins: Caliban looking for that 630 he sets

Stacy Robinson shoots up from her back and head stand kicks caliban in the jaw

Zach Davis (laughing): Jesus. She just kicked him in the face from her back

Erin Robbins (also laughing): Ah that was awesome

Caliban gets crotched and Stacy Kips up going for a frankensteiner

Erin Robbins: Caliban catches her, top rope powerbomb?

Stacy falls back

Zach Davis: No stacy locks in the final penance on the top rope! Caliban strives for the one arm power bomb again!

Erin Robbins: HE GOT IT!

Zach Davis: Stacey held on!

The crowd is going nuts caliban is screaming

Erin Robbins: HE TAPPED! He couldn't break the hold, Jordan Caliban taps out to Stacy Robinson!

Zach Davis: That was amazing

Caliban tries to roll away as she breaks the hold and then starts screaming, he stands up and it becomes apparent his shoulder is very very dislocated he collapses in the ring, Stacy looks at him concerned for a second before shrugging and going outside to great her fans

Erin Robbins: Thats bad news for Caliban

Zach Davis: Ultimately dominant win for Stacy though

Brent Alpine/Cormack MacNeill Segment

We are in the hallway of the backstage area. Cormack MacNeill walks down the corridor in deep thought. He suddenly halts, obstructed by someone off camera.

Voice: G'day!

It is 'The Shine' Brent Alpine. The fans boo at the sight of him. Cormack and Brent look right into each other's eyes with uncomfortable tension. Just as the silence appears to become deafening, Cormack gazes down at his legs. Brent Alpine's manager Percy Micro, a small pig, is brushing adoringly against MacNeil's strong calves. Cormack gives Percy a light kick and it scurries down the corridor, to absolutely no concern from Brent.

Both men resume their stare-down. Alpine ends it first by flashing a creepy tooth smile at MacNeill. From behind his back, he produces something to which MacNeil raises his hands in defence. It is a Sequitus t-shirt. Alpine looks at it and strokes his chin in contemplation. He walks on, leaving Cormack bemused.

Serbia vs Oblivion

Zach Davis: The interesting match of the night is coming up next.

Erin Robbins: Oblivion, the current WCF Hardcore Champion.... an EIGHT TIME Hardcore Champion is set up to go against the New York City native, Serbia.

Zach Davis: Both competitors are strange and very peculiar. Serbia is a former Television champion.

Erin Robbins: There are several EXTRE-E-EME differences between the two. Don't count out Serbia. She may be small, but she is a former champion and she knows how to fight.

The camera angle changes. Hank Brown is standing backstage. The camera pans to the right, as the crowd cheers and boos. Standing to the left of Hank Brown is The Monster Oblivion, who has the hardcore strap over his right shoulder.

Hank Brown: Oblivion, last week you defeated Logan for your unprecedented eighth WCF Hardcore Championship reign. Tonight, you step into the ring with a relative newcomer and former WCF Television Champion Serbia. Any comments?

As Hank Brown holds the mic close to Oblivion's face, The Pet moves side to side while holding the camera, pointing it at The Monster. With a cold, dead thousand yard stare, Oblivion looks straight into the camera.

Oblivion: Comments?! You want comments?!

Crowd: YES!!

Oblivion: You people want comments about what IT thinks about Serbia?!

Crowd: YES!!

Oblivion: Since you're new here, let The Monster introduce ITself. The name is Oblivion. They call IT The Monster. There is a reason why IT is the WCF Hardcore Champion. Tonight, inside THAT ring, you will experience first hand why they call Oblivion The God of Insanity. Hank Brown....

Crowd: WHAT?!?

Oblivion: IT says... MY GOD!! HANK BROWN!!

Crowd: WHAT?!?

Oblivion: Hank Brown!!

Crowd: WHAT?!?

Oblivion: IT must ask you... DOES RED LOOK GOOD WITH GREEN?

Oblivion walks away. The Pet bolts towards the camera and screams out, along with the crowd...

The Pet/The crowd: BITCHEE-E-ESS-S!!

Zach Davis: Strange... VERY strange!!

Erin Robbins: Never a dull moment with The Monster... our WCF Hardcore Champion!!

"Dead Beat" by Michale Graves echoes across the arena and the lights go dark. There is an eerie dark green light on the stage as Serbia emerges from behind the curtain, performing a seductive dance on the stage. When the chorus kicks in, the lights begin to flicker rigorously as Serbia struts down the ramp, still stroking and caressing herself as she taunts some nearby fans.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... From New York City weighing in at 121 pounds... THIS... IS... SER-ER-ERBIA-A-A-A!!

Once she reaches ringside, she seductively crawls onto the apron and slowly raises to her feet. She then wraps her legs around the top rope and hangs herself upside down facing the crowd, like a vampire, with her arms crossed around her chest and giving an evil glare to the fans. After this, she squeezes in between the ropes and climbs back to her feet. She hops onto the nearest turnbuckle and rubs her hands down her body once again before stepping back onto the mat and eyeing her opponent with a sinister stare.

Zach Davis: You would think, that this Serbia would be joining up with The Monster Oblivion rather than fighting against him.

Erin Robbins: WCF... stranger than fiction, Zach!! Stranger than fiction!!

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed AT&T Center. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and some of the crowd is cheering. While, the rest, of the crowd are booing. "Breathe" by Prodigy begins to play. The bass like synth begin to blare out. 14 seconds later the drums come through...


Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... The WCF Hardcore Champion... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...


Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly slinks out. The music continues the blare out and rattled the arena.

Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane
Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psycho-somatic addict insane

The cameraman gets real close, as Oblivion sneers at the camera. The Monster thrusts out IT's massive right arm, pushing the cameraman several feet away. The Monster slowly comes down to the ring. Strobe lights continue to flash. Then the AT&T Center slightly shakes, as the sound of thunder rumbles and mock lightning flashes. The majority, of the crowd, jump.

Come play my game
Inhale, inhale, you're the victim!!
Come play my game
Exhale, exhale... EXHA-A-A-LE!!

The music continues to thump out of the arena's speakers, as the addictive rhythm has the entire crowd in a trance and continues to dance along with the music. Lightning strikes the four corners, of the ring. The loud sounds makes everyone jump out of their seats, once again. Some, of the people are scared out of their minds. The lights flicker then... POP!! The strobe lights go out!!

The house lights come on, then standing in the center of the ring, is Oblivion. Half the crowd is cheering, while the other half of the crowd is booing. The music fades out. A screeching sound echoes throughout the arena, as four lightning bolts strike each corner.

Zach Davis: Holy Moly!!

Erin Robbins: Good God, Zach!! Why must we go through this every time Oblivion comes down the ring?

Zach just looks at Erin and says nothing.


Zach Davis: This match gets underway!!

Oblivion just sneers right at Serbia, who just walks up to The Monster.

Erin Robbins: I don't think that is a good idea.


Crowd: OUU-U-U-U!!

Zach Davis: Things are about to heat up!!

Oblivion just holds the side of IT's face and laughs right at Serbia.


Crowd: OU-UU-U!!

Oblivion lunges forward and flexes, while roaring towards Serbia. The diminutive New York native proceeds to strike at Oblivion, but The Monster grabs her hand and plants a big boot against her midsection.

Erin Robbins: Serbia is feeling the effect of that big boot.

Zach Davis: Oblivion grabs Serbia and tosses her into the ropes.

Serbia bounces off the ropes and Oblivion swings wildly with an errant clothesline attempt. Serbia ducks and continues to run forward.

Erin Robbins: Serbia bounces off the ropes and nials Oblivion with a dropkick to the knees, with little or no effect.

Serbia gets off the mat very quickly and proceeds to bounce off the ropes again and nail oblivion with a quick dropkick to IT's knees.

Zach Davis: Once again no effect of those dropkicks.

Serbia runs towards the ropes and bounces off the ropes.

Erin Robbins: The former television champion leaps in the air...

The crowd gasps as Oblivion catches her in mid air.

Zach Davis: The Monster catches Serbia, who was attempting a high cross body block.

With Serbia in IT's grip, The Monster sneers right before....


Erin Robbins: Backbreaker!!


Zach Davis: Another backbreaker!!


Oblivion nails Serbia with a backbreaker before dumping her down onto the mat. Serbia reaches for her back, as Oblivion grabs and picks her up.


Erin Robbins: Serbia is going on a rampage with various strikes and kicks.

Serbia goes and tries to whip Oblivion into the ropes.


Zach Davis: Oblivion reverses the Irish whip.

Serbia runs towards the ropes...

Crowd: WHOA!!

Erin Robbins: Serbia just jumped over the top rope and lands on the ring apron.

Serbia stares right Oblivion, who glares at IT's opponent. With a sneer, Serbia proceeds to "flip off" The Monster, who roars out and charges at Serbia.

Zach Davis: Oblivion charges at Serbia!!

Serbia leaps onto the top ring rope and leaps off.


The AT&T Center explodes with cheers as Serbia nails The Monster with a tornado ddt. Oblivion lands hard on the mat.

Erin Robbins: Serbia is making a pin attempt.

Stanley Moser slides into position...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE... NO-O-O-O-O!!


Zach Davis: WHAT?!?!

Serbia grabs for Oblivion...


Oblivion jabs IT's massive hand into the throat of IT's opponent. Serbia stumbles back, as Oblivion charges at her.


Erin Robbins: The Monster nails Serbia with a nasty clothesline!!


Zach Davis: Another nasty clothesline!!

Oblivion grabs Serbia and tosses her into the ropes, but she hangs onto the top ring rope.

Erin Robbins: The Monster just let out an enormous roar. It looks as if Oblivion is going to charge at Serbia.

The Monster charges at Serbia...


The crowd roars out.

Zach Davis: Oblivion charges at Serbia, but the New York native pulls down the top rope and The Monster falls hard, out of the ring.

Oblivion lands hard on the ringside mats. Without any hesitations, Serbia walks out of the ring and stands on the ring apron.

Erin Robbins: What is she waiting for?

Itching to do some damage, Serbia waits. Oblivion slowly gets to one knee, as Serbia flies off the ring apron.


Serbia flies off and connects with Oblivion with a flying knee to the face of The God of Insanity.

Crowd: That was awesome!!<clap-clap!!> <clap-clap-clap!!> That was awesome!!<clap-clap!!> <clap-clap-clap!!>

Serbia reaches down to her groggy opponent.


Serbia: UUGHH!!

Oblivion grabbed Serbia and pushed her towards the ring, where her back is met with the outer edge, of the ring apron. With her back against the ring, Serbia looks up at a snarling Oblivion, who picks up Serbia and slams her down... HARD on the ring apron.

Crowd: OUU-U-U!!


Erin Robbins: We have to see that again in instant replay.

The instant replay shows Oblivion grabbing Serbia and picking her up with a powerbomb and slamming her against the ring apron.

Zach Davis: Serbia is NOT moving!!

WCF Senior Ring Official Stanley Moser slides out of the ring and checks on Serbia. Being typically impatient, oblivion pushes past the referee.

Stanley Moser: Wait a gosh darn second there. I am the referee here, if I tell you to back away, that means... YOU BACK AWAY!!

As Oblivion rolls IT's eyes at Stanley Moser, who is look right at The Monster....


Crowd: Ou-uu-u!!


Serbia took the perfect opportunity of a distracted referee and Monster and nails Oblivion with a low blow.


Zach Davis: SNAP DDT!!

Oblivion's face hits the the ringside mats hard. Serbia runs back up to the ring apron and waits.

Erin Robbins: It looks as if The Monster is slowly rolling over... SERBIA IS ABOUT TO FLY!!

Serbia flies off the ring apron and lands hard on Oblivion with a flying legdrop!!

Zach Davis: Serbia also felt the effects of that legdrop, as well.

Serbia slowly gets back to her feet and grabs Oblivion, by the back of IT's mask...


Oblivion's head and face gets slammed against a ring post.


Oblivion wipes IT's head and sees the blood. The Monster roars out, as Serbia charges at Oblivion.

Crowd: WHAM!!


Oblivion grabs Serbia and throws her into the ring post....


Erin Robbins: The Monster promised that IT would make IT's name a reality. Proving to everyone that IT is a true monster!!

Oblivion slams Serbia's face and head into the ring post.


Oblivion grabs the back of Serbia's head, by her hair and pulls her head back. Oblivion proceeds to lick the gashing bleeding wound.



Oblivion grabs Serbia and puts her in a fireman's carry. The crowd begins to scream out!!

Erin Robbins: 5150!! Oblivion is going to annihilate Serbia, right in front of us, with a 5150!!

Oblivion gorilla presses Serbia....

Flashes of light flood the AT&T Center as The Monster presses Serbia in the air and then finally....



Serbia: AHHH-H-H-H!! SHIT!!

Oblivion grabs Serbia in a gutwrench, but pauses as IT holds Serbia in IT's grips. The Monster sneers and finally...



Oblivion grabs Serbia and rolls her back into the ring.

Erin Robbins: Oblivion is going for the win.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE... NO-O-O-O-O!!


Zach Davis: WHAT?!?!

While on IT's knees, Oblivion screams at the referee.

Oblivion: C'mon moser!! That was three!!

Oblivion grabs and picks up Serbia...


Erin Robbins: Drop toe hold on Oblivion whose lacerated face smashes against the middle turnbuckle.

Oblivion turns around, but still is leaning against the turnbuckles...


Zach Davis: Serbia, who has lost a lot of blood stomps a mudhole onto Oblivion's chest.

Serbia takes off towards the opposite end corner. While looking ahead at The Monster, Serbia reaches back, grabbing the middle ring rope. She stomps down with her right boot, over and over again.

Erin Robbins: Serbia charges ahead, heading right for Oblivion!!



Serbia backs away as The Monster stands up.


Serbia smashes the face of Oblivion with multiple forearm shots.

Zach Davis: Serbia takes off and bounces off the ropes.


Serbia nails Oblivion with a running lariat!! The Monster stumbles back, giving Serbia enough momentum to grab The God of Hardcore and whip IT to the ropes. Oblivion bounces off the ropes, where Serbia is waiting, but drops down so Oblivion has to jump over her, continuing IT's way to the other end of the ring.

Erin Robbins: Oblivion bounces off the ropes...


Zach Davis: Marijuana Trip!!

Erin Robbins: A great looking leg lariat!! Serbia is going for another pin attempt!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE... NO-O-O-O-O!!


Oblivion throws Serbia nearly half way across the ring. the Monster sits up quickly and stares right at IT's opponent. The Monster gets up and charges at a charging Serbia.

Erin Robbins: Thesz Press!!


Oblivion smashes multiple headbutts on an already bloody Serbia. the Monster stands up and looks down at Serbia. Oblivion proceeds to stomp down on Serbia's head, both arms and both legs.

Crowd: S! T! O! M! P!

Zach Davis: Surviving Treacherous Overcoming Monstrous Psychopaths!!

Oblivion bolts over to a corner and begins to climb up the turnbuckles.

Erin Robbins: What in the blue Hell is the madman gonna do now?!?!

Oblivion is perched on the top turnbuckle, with IT's back to the ring.


Zach Davis: Oblivion is going for the OBI-SAULT!!


The crowd roars out, but boos at the same time!!

Erin Robbins: Oblivion nails the moonsault!!

Oblivion grabs Serbia and places her on IT's shoulders with a fireman's carry.

Zach Davis: This could be the end for Serbia!!

Oblivion pushes legs off IT's left shoulder and lands with a cutter!!

Crowd: WHAM!!

Erin Robbins: 5150!!

Zach Davis: Oblivion is going for the pin... NO-O-O?! What is The Monster doing?

Oblivion grabs Serbia stands her up and stands behind her.

Erin Robbins: The Straight Jacket full nelson!!

Oblivion hooks in a full nelson and immediately begins tossing Serbia side to side, as Stanley Moser checks on her.

Zach Davis: Serbia has lost a l9ot of blood in this match, I don't know if she has enough strength to fight out of The Straight Jacket!!

The referee checks on Serbia, lifting her arm one...

Erin Robbins: That's one!!

Moser lifts up Serbia's arm a second time and it drops.

Zach Davis: That's two.

The arm of Serbia is lifted up again and once again it drops.

Stanley Moser: RING THE BELL!!


Erin Robbins: Oblivion once again proved IT was the better competitor in the ring.

Kyle Steel: The winner of the match due to submission.... O-O-OBLI-I-IIVI-IO-O-ONN-N-N!!

Zach Davis: Great action all around. Both competitor gave one hundred percent to tonight's match up!!

Oblivion stands in the middle of the ring after his match, the lights start to flicker, and then the arena goes black, as fog starts to roll from under the ring.

Zach Davis: Not again!

Erin Robbins: When this happens it's never good.

Zach Davis: We've learned over the last few weeks when the lights go out like this, that the Shadows of Darkness have a word to say.

The tron starts to come to life with static at first, and then a masked figure appears with Denise and Night Rider on either side of them.

Shadow: The beast has proven himself once again. He truly is a beast hidden within the shadows, and he needs to truly be unleashed upon the WCF.

Night Rider: We hate to do this to you Oblivion but the Shadow has spoken, and you will be part of the Shadows no matter what you do.

Denise: That's right... We have chosen you to become part of the greatness that is the Shadows of Darkness! You can fight against us, but you will never win.


3 small children voices start to whisper

1......2 There coming for you

3......4 Better lock your door

5......6 Grab your crucifix

7......8 Don't Stay up late

9.....10 It all begins again


Start Picture........ V........ . Failed........ V........ . Coming.......Shadows........ VNRDDO.......4th......


Start Picture........ 4thShadow.......V........ VNRDDO........ SOD........ . ..Return........ . .Start........


Shadow........ . ...Shadow........ . .4th........ . .Coming........ Mastermind........ Leader........ Overtaken.....End Picture


Coming........ . Week........ . .Slam........ . ...Next........ . ........ . ...Return........ . .......Leader........ S........ . ...O




Red lights shine over the ring as Vengeance is seen standing face to face with Oblivion.

Zach Davis: Holy Shit it's VENGEANCE!!!

Erin Robbins: When is the last time we seen him? Is he the mastermind we where promised?

Oblivion takes a swing hitting Vengeance in the face, Vengeance hits Oblivion back in his face. Oblivion goes to take Vengeance down with a tackle the lights suddenly go out.

Fire erups from all four turnbuckles

The lights come back on and Oblivion is gone. The crowd is mixed between boos and cheers, as the tron starts to flicker once again.

Shadow: Don't try to find him, for he is with us in the darkness. Just know that he is fine, and will be taken care of for we don't want our newest member to be harmed in anyway. Look to the Shadows, for we are all around you!

The tron goes black once again, and the heavy mist fades from the ring area.

Zach Davis: Whoa! Vengeance returns and...and...Holy shit

Erin Robbins: They have Oblivion! They have the monster!

Zach Davis: That's not good! What else is going to happen tonight?

Erin Robbins: That's for sure and I have no clue... We'll be back after this.

Tek Segment

The arena goes pitch black. “Edge Of Destruction” plays and blue neon lights come on and point to the stage where Tek wear a black suit is at standing looking right at the ring. He makes is way down the ramp to the crowd booing him. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks around at the crowd, he walks to the ring and gets on the apron and sits on the ropes looking at the ramp. He asks for microphone

Zach Davis:Um, I'm so lost why is Tek dressed like that?

Erin Robbins: I don't know, maybe he is finally seen the light and wants to be come a corporate man?

Zach Davis: I been here a very long time and Tek has never shown the slightest idea that he is a decorate person. He might be a loser but a suite and tie guy he is not for sure.

Tek: Well WCF I see your feelings for me haven't changed and that's fine. You can boo me all you want some of you can cheer me if you want. No matter what you have always shown your colors and that's not a bad thing. Now am sure you all have notice i'm not in my ring gear or my normal clothing. Yes, i'm in my "Sunday" best and there is a reason behind it.

Erin Robbins: Can someone cut the microphone or do something please this guy is boring me and the WCF crowd to sleep.

Zach Davis: Erin really? It seems like he has something important to him to tell the world.

Erin Robbins: Yeah, important to him? Trust me if it is important to him it's sure the hell not important to me.

Tek: Years ago I came to WCF with my friends and we had fun. I was having fun. Yes there were stabbings in the back over deals to get one over the other and at times we put them to the side because of a common goal. Well Eric Price is here and there at times, and my oldest and closest friend STJ hasn't been seen or heard of from in a long time. And, I haven't really been on my game as of late. I have one titles here and have gotten some big wins but one thing as always been over my head that I want but seems is not in the cards to have and that is that is the WCF world title. I know I may never get my shot but, I would like one.But, with that said I have came out here to say that I Tek hear by.........

Zach Davis: What the hell? What is Svetlana doing out here? She has nothing to do with what Tek was talking about?

Erin Robbins: I don't know, but I'm glad she is out here now WCF just got a whole lot better.

Zach Davis: Yeah, she is hot even though she is from the land of the cold.

The lights go out and the National Anthem of USSR plays and the arena go into Red. Svetlana comes out and she is holding a microphone and has a tissue. Tek looks at her and has a confused look on his face.

Svetlana Russian:Тек это такое? Почему ты такой типичный американский?

Svetlana English: Tek is it? Why are you being such a typical american?

Tek: What do you mean a typical american?

Sevtlana Russian:Я имею в виду, вы не можете оставить без еще один эффект разорвавшейся бомбы, чтобы рассказать миру. Бу Ву Ву Я никогда не выигрывал или был выстрел в WCF титул чемпиона мира бу Ву Ву.

Svetlana English: What I mean is, you can't leave without making one more bombshell to tell the world. Boo woo woo I have never won or had a shot the WCF world title boo woo woo.

Svetlana takes the tissue and pats her eyes and face as if tears are steaming down.

Tek: You might be hot but you are so ugly and no one understands what you are saying. To me it sounds like you have wad of something in your mouth.

The crowd starts to laugh and chant "Wad mouth, Wad mouth" Svetlana has a look of anger on her face.

Sevtlana Russian:Ха-ха-ха Тек. Вы думаете, что вы смешно? Единственное, что смешно о вас, как вы думаете, что вы legend в этом Бизнеса. Я знаю truth вы уезжаете WCF и вы пытаетесь, чтобы увидеть, если вентиляторы остановит вас, но думаю, что они не будут они хотят, чтобы вы оставили столько же, сколько остальные из нас. На самом деле я только что получил здесь, и я думаю, что вы были на ринге больше, чем все ваши матчи комбината.

Svetlana English: Ha ha ha Tek. You think you are funny? The only thing funny about you is how you think you are a legend in this business. I know the truth you are leaving WCF and you are trying to see if the fans will stop you, but guess what they won't they want you to leave just as much as the rest of us do. In fact I just got here and I think you been in the ring longer than all your matches combine.

Tek: Your lucky your a women or I tell you to come down to the ring and say all that to my face like a man.

Zach Davis: Things seem to get a little personal out here.

Erin Robbins: They are just saying facts if you don't like who cares.

Svetlana Russian:Tek Я слишком красивая, чтобы быть в любом месте рядом с вами. Если я был рядом с вами люди будут думать, я знаю тебя и я не могу есть, что.

Svetlana English: Tek I'm to pretty to be any where near you. If i was close to you people will think I know you and I can't have that.

Tek: That's good I don't like being seen with two dollar whores anyway.

Zach Davis: WOW!!!!

Erin Robbins: I got two dollars.

Svetlana Russian:Tek вы будете платить за этим комментарием.

Svetlana English: Tek you will pay for that comment.

Tek: I don't got two dollars

The crowd is in the mist of a cheer and some holding up two dollars when Artyom runs from crowd and slides in the ring from behind Tek.

Erin Robbins: I'm going to guess this is what she meant by paying?

Zach Davis:Tek don't turn around.

Tek turns after hearing the crowd sees Artyom.

Svetlana Russian:Взять его!!

Svetlana English: GET HIM!!

Tek swings and lands a couple of right hands to the face of Artyom. Tek goes for the kick to the stomach but, Artyom blocks it. Artyom swings and lands a left hand to the face of Tek. They are both now just swing lefts and rights at each other. Artyom starts to get the upper hand on Tek. He lands a kick to the stomach and set-up for The Sickle. He looks at Svetlana and she takes her thumb and sticks it out to the side and than turns it to a thumbs down. Artyom lands the The Sickle on Tek and than stands above him puts his hands behind his back. Artyom's music plays and he stands there for a moment and than leaves to go up the ramp, the crowd boos him as he makes his way up the ramp while Svetlana is laughing. Tek is slowly moving.

Logan vs Dr. Remus Micayle

Zach Davis: Next up, we have a match I've been looking forward to all week. Dr. Remus Micayle has been on a major roll of late and he takes on WCF veteran Logan. This should be an absolute humdinger!

The opening riff to "The Stringless Violin" by Adagio blasts through the speakers of the arena as boos immediately erupt from the live crowd. The lights in the arena start to grow dimmer by a notch, as a sole spotlight appears on the top of the ramp. A geared-up Doctor Remus Micayle struts out from the back, his body illuminated from the slight darkness and his treasured championship wrapped snugly around his waist. Wasting little time, he makes his way to the ring, casually ignoring both the jeers from the fans and their attempts to agitate him. The spotlight follows, giving him a regal appearance in the modest darkness.

Kyle Steel: The following is scheduled for one fall and is a non title match. Introducing first... from Phoenix, Arizona... weighing in at two hundred and forty-two pounds... He is the WCF United States Champion... DOCTOR REMUS MICAYLE!!!

The self-proclaimed Second Coming of Darwin rolls into the ring, and the spotlight grows to an intensity that's almost blinding in brightness. Through the glare, however, it can still be seen by the fans that Micayle is loosening the strap around his waist. As he raises it up in the air, the spotlight slowly dims in strength, as the championship glitters proudly in the ring. He slowly walks to the centre of the ring, glancing from time to time at those currently in the ring with him, almost as if he's afraid of being backstabbed. The raucous crowd continues booing as he pointedly ignores them, his mind only focused on the match ahead, as he walks over to the referee to hand over his title.

Erin Robbins: Wow, the doc looks intense!

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, hailing from Virginia and weighing in at two hundred and sixy pounds, please welcome... LOGAN!

A drum beat rolls, it rolls, it rolls, it beats and echoes dying to make the fans ears bleed. Say Anything "Chia-Like, I Shall Grow" BLASTS the speakers, the crowd explodes in unison. Logan pops out from behind the black curtains just as ecstatic as the crowd, jumping in place, clinging the United States championship in his hand, happily soaking in the energy from the audience, and then.. he takes off in a focused march down the ramp way. Taking advantage of the ring steps, Logan climbs up them and enters the ring stepping through the middle rope. Logan climbs the rings turnbuckle, his eyes scanning the audience who anticipate what's next.. he throws both arms up in the air raising the title high, on que, the crowd screams and does so as well. Letting his arms slowly fall to his sides, Logan hops off the turnbuckle and his theme music cuts.

Zach Davis: Can't wait for this!

They circle each other. Logan makes the first move with a charging take-down. He mounts Micayle and unleashes a barrage of punches. Micayle rolls him round and reciprocates with crushing blows of his own. Logan again gets the upper hand and resumes striking Micayle in the face. After ten shots, the Doctor is startled. Logan gets up and begins kicking him in his temples.

Erin Robbins: This is BRUTAL!

Convinced that he has the upper hand, Logan grabs Micayle's legs and sets him up for the Loganshooter. Just as he's hooking the legs, Micayle kicks him in the chin and rapidly rises with a sharp uppercut to a mixture of boos and gasps from the audience. As Logan holds his head in agony, Micayle ascends to his feet and unleashes a fireman's gut buster. He covers and Stanley Moser gets primed for the pinfall.




Micayle slowly retreats back into the turnbuckle, not taking his eyes off Logan for a second.

Zach Davis: Remus is slowing the pace down here after the frenetic start.

Logan gets up and rushes towards to Micayle. They exchange punches and chops. Remus gets the upper hand with a few well positioned jabs. As he goes for a DDT, Logan counters by grabbing Micayle's left leg and waist. With incredible strength, Logan slowly launches Micayle above his head and blasts him down with a mighty Samoan drop.

Erin Robbins: He covers!




Logan furiously yanks the current US Champion up by his hair and throws him into the ropes. He connects with spin kicks, retreats slightly and lets Micayle stumble his way out of the turnbuckle. He attempts a complete backflip while shooting his leg out with the intention to hit a flash kick. However, at the very last second, Remus evades impact by millimeters.

Zach Davis: Logan missed his Impact Style move!

Micayle attempts to take advantage by going for a running chop block. Logan shuffles to the side and throws Micayle to the mat knees first. Logan drags Remus' arms and whips him into the ropes. Again, he unleashes some spin kicks. The crowd are getting more and more fired up by this. This time, Logan executes a perfect backflip combined with a skull-shattering kick.

Erin Robbins: HE GOT IT! There it is - Impact Style!

He covers. Referee Moser counts the pin.




The fans erupt and Logan begins to celebrate. However, something is wrong. Stanley Moser waves his arms and shakes his head at Logan.

Zach Davis: What's happening?

Moser points at Micayle's leg which has been draped over the bottom rope during the pinfall. The fans' jubilation turns to resounding boos as Logan argues with the official.

Erin Robbins: The referee's hand did touch the mat for the three count but he can't give Logan the victory due to noticing the Doctor's leg on the ropes.

Zach Davis: Yeah, that's Stanley Moser's prerogative. Although he didn't see Micayle's leg on the ropes initially, a further glance gave him enough to cause to suspect that it was there all along. Though I'm not sure Micayle put his leg on the rope in time.

Erin Robbins: Contentious decision!

Logan appears to tire of arguing with the ref. He goes back to Remus Micayle and teases locking in the Loganshooter. While holding Micayle's legs up, he appears to change his mind and falls back, vaulting him into the turnbuckle. As Micayle staggers in disorientation, Logan hooks him into a belly-to-belly suplex.

Zach Davis: Logan's dominating!

Logan goes for the pin.



NO! Remus Micayle again drapes his leg on the ropes.

Erin Robbins: What fantastic ring awareness Micayle has to find the ropes again.

This frustrates Logan who kicks Micayle's legs off the bottom rope. He again covers.



NO! Yet again, Micayle's leg nestles snugly on the bottom rope.

Erin Robbins: HAHA! The US Champ keeps going for the ropes. This man won't be pinned!

Zach Davis: The fans hate it but it's smart from Micayle. And would you look at that! Mark Dillinger is making his way down the ramp

Neither man in the ring notices the man’s approach, who makes his way doing to the ring quickly. He doesn’t roll into it, though, choosing to stay on the outside, merely watching the exchange.

Erin Robbins: I think he just wanted a closer look.

Looking infuriated, Logan gets up and pulls Micayle, by the offending leg, away from the ropes. He kicks the leg repeatedly in vengeance to a huge pop and laughs from the crowd. He covers again.



NO! This time Micayle reaches for the ropes with his hand. The referee again has to stop counting.

Erin Robbins: Twice Remus found the ropes with his leg. This time he grabs it with his hand. This sort of cunning and guile is why he has a Ph.D.

Logan stoms Micayle's fingers on the rope. He pulls him away by his hand. However, Micayle reverses this into an arm-drag takedown. He launches at Logan with mounted punches.

Zach Davis: This is, surprisingly, Micayle's first offence in quite some time.

Erin Robbins: Indeed. Logan really came out of the traps flying tonight.

Micayle picks Logan up and attacks him with a variety of kicks and punches. He captures him into a throat choke, then an eye rake before following up with a snapmare. He covers.



Logan kicks out. Micayle simply picks him up and throws him out the ring through the ropes. He follows him to the outside. In cold blooded anger, Remus picks up Logan's motionless body and throws him into the ring post. The referee starts to count them both out.


Micayle stops to soak in the hatred from the San Antonio public.


Remus Micayle stomps on Logan's lower abdomen repeatedly.


Zach Davis: This doesn't look good for the former Hardcore Champion. Logan might be out cold.

Resembling a man possessed, Micayle hooks Logan into a Boston crab.


He doesn't relent.


Erin Robbins: Is he going for a count out win here?


Remus releases the hold. He slides arrogantly back into the ring.


Zach Davis: Come on Logan!

The crowd begin to clap in support of Logan. Micayle catches his breath inside the ring.


Logan stirs.


Upon hearing the nine count and fan support, Logan somehow musters all his resilience and climbs to the ring apron, shattered. The referee stops counting. Instead of capitalising immediately, Micayle waits for Logan to fully rise to his feet groggily.

Erin Robbins: Remus has just signaled something.

Micayle charges at a hapless Logan who is still dazed behind the ropes. He goes for 'The Formula' running lariat but Logan speedily drops to the outside of the ring and grabs his legs, tripping him hard on his back. Logan clambers into the ring. He stands over the fallen Micayle and twists him into a Texas cloverleaf! Micayle yells in pain and wriggles as if going for the ropes. Just as he is about to grab it, Logan pulls him into the centre of the ring. The fans pop emphatically.

Zach Davis: Logan learned from his mistakes earlier. We've seen how clever Remus is when it comes to using the ropes to force the referee into breaking holds or pinfalls.

Erin Robbins: This could be all here!

Remus reaches for the ropes again but realises that they are too far away. He tries to maneuver over to them but Logan has the cloverleaf wrapped in too tightly. The fans are cheering in certainty that his victory is nigh. Micayle raises his arm as if about to tap.

Zach Davis: He's gonna tap!

Doctor Micayle's arm lowers. The crowd seem to get louder the closer to the mat his hand drops. Right before the mat, he tenses his arm. With his grounded arm, he presses on the canvas and shuffles himself upside down. His head is literally balancing on the mat.

Erin Robbins: Wait a minute...

Using Logan's legs for leverage, Micayle twists himself the other way round. Logan now has him in an unconvincing standing figure four leg lock of sorts. Using his incredible abdominal strength, Micayle sits up while still locked in the figure four. He is able to shock Logan with an uppercut.

Erin Robbins: AMAZING!

Zach Davis: How did he power out of that?

Logan drops to the floor while still holding the figure four. Micayle frees one of his legs and manages to ensnare Logan in a figure four of his own. Logan wriggles resolutely.

Zach Davis: Logan's gotten to the ropes this time!

The referee pats Micayle and shouts at him to get off Logan as he has firm grip on the bottom rope.

Erin Robbins: These ropes are playing a huge role in this bout. Micayle better break the hold or else he risks disqualification.

Remus Micayle angrily breaks the hold. He gets up and backs up, waiting for Logan to stand.

Zach Davis: Remus has a plan here...

Once Logan is to a vertical base, Remus runs at him...

Erin Robbins: THE FORMULA!

Zach Davis: Did you see that impact! Micayle’s going for the pin on the former World Champ and War winner!


Erin Robbins: It is not going to work, though. Logan’s close to the ropes, and he knows it.


Zach Davis: The foot is on the rope . . . No, Dillinger knocked it off! He pushed it off the rope and the referee didn’t see it.


Erin Robbins: Dillinger secured the win for Doctor Micayle!

Micayle rises to his feet, holding up his arms in triumph. He looks down at Dillinger, who nods his head, following by saluting the man, stump pressed against his forehead in an awkward gesture.

Zach Davis: Despite telling the WCF universe he wouldn’t help Dillinger, the man still helps Micayle.

Erin Robbins: Remus doesn’t know why Dillinger’s saluting him either. He’s just as confused as we are.

Moser communicates something to Kyle Steel. The bell rings. The fans are livid.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentleman, the referee has ruled that Logan is unable to continue this match. Therefore, your winner... by knockout... DOCTOR REMUS MICAYLE!

The fans jeer incessantly. Suddenly, Logan opens his eyes and shouts in disbelief.

Zach Davis: Logan wasn't unconscious! The referee prematurely stopped this match.

Erin Robbins: Get real, Zach. Logan was out like a light. He's just woken up, is all.

Zach Davis: I'm not sure he was truly knocked out.

Doctor Remus Micayle celebrates. Logan continues to berate the referee.

Zach Davis: Well, a controversial win for the extremely talented US Champion. Logan has every right to feel aggrieved.

Erin Robbins: He can feel what he wants. It doesn't take away from the fact that Remus has proven he is the better man... yet again. First the triple threat, now in single's competition.

Zach Davis: I don't know about that. I need to see these two again to judge properly. That was truly a feast of technical wrestling.

Erin Robbins: Mastery from both men.

Doctor Micayle leaves the ring triumphantly. Logan looks on in a mixture of disbelief and malice.

Joey Nitro Segment

‘Prophecy’ by Judas Priest blasts out of the PA system as WCF Director of Operations, Mr. Joey Nitro walks out onto the stage followed by ‘The Lone Wolf’ Chase Michaels as the fans go crazy, mainly for Michaels.

Zach Davis: Here comes the Director of Operations, and he’s not alone…

Erin Robbins: This is unexpected…

The two begin making their way to the ring, Michaels not looking like he wants to be out there at all, but is here nonetheless.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, being accompanied to the ring by ‘The Lone Wolf’ Chase Michaels, the WCF Director of Operations, Mister…Joey…Nitro!

Nitro and Michaels reach the ring and as Nitro walks up the steel steps, Michaels hops up onto the ring apron and the two simultaneously enter the ring. Nitro then asks for Steel’s microphone and is handed it as ‘Prophecy’ fades out.

Joey Nitro: Last week on Slam, I made my first official appearance on live WCF television, I announced myself as the WCF Director of Operations, and I officially welcomed Matthew Robinson back to the WCF after he’d been out with injury…

Nitro strokes his beard a little, shaking his head as Michaels stands in the centre of the ring, arms folded and still with the same expression he’s had since his arrival.

Joey Nitro: And then to repay me, what does he do? He drops me right in the middle of this ring with a jumping cutter! And then he proceeded to speak ill of myself, WCF Owner, Mr. Seth Lerch, WCF Commissioner, Mr. Eric Price, the WCF World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Jonny Fly and WCF Commentator, Ms. Erin Robbins!

Nitro paces the ring a little.

Joey Nitro: Well I shall not stand for this disrespect! I will not stand for the actions and speaking ill of my fellow WCF colleagues like that! So I am out here to demand that Matthew Robinson comes to this ring and apologizes to me and everyone else he made a derogatory remark about…right here…right now!

Nitro looks towards the entrance stage as does Michaels and after a few moments, the opening to 'Face The Pain' by Stemm plays through the PA system as the arena plunges into darkness. When the song fully kicks in, 'The Outlaw' Matthew Robinson walks out onto the stage from behind the curtain smoking a cigarette and holding a can of beer in his left hand. He finishes his cigarette and drops it on the stage before stubbing it out with his foot, he then opens the can of beer and downs the entirety of it before smashing the empty can off his forehead, crushing it in the process before he tosses it aside and begins making his way down the ramp.

Zach Davis: Well this should be interesting, in an interview earlier this evening, Robinson said he wasn’t going to apologize to anyone here tonight…

Erin Robbins: He damn well should! And I have a feeling that if he refuses to apologize here tonight, Chase Michaels will beat an apology out of him!

Robinson heads towards the ring steps and begins climbing them, he grabs hold of the turnbuckle and looks around at the sold out crowd cheering him and smirks before walking across the apron and climbing through the ropes. He then walks over to the opposite turnbuckle, climbs it and raises his arms high above his head before then climbing back down and grabbing a microphone as 'Face The Pain' fades out.

Matthew Robinson: Nitro, I’ll get to you shortly…

Robinson then turns his attention to Michaels.

Matthew Robinson: I’m curious Chase, what are you doing out here?

Before Michaels has time to react, Nitro cuts him off.

Joey Nitro: He’s here to make sure that you don’t pull the same crap you did last week! If you lay a finger on me, I’ll make sure Mr. Michaels rips your damn throat out!

Matthew Robinson: Oh really? You do know that Chase isn’t exactly the type of guy who likes being told what to do don’t you? And judging from what he’s been saying on Twitter, he doesn’t really seem to like you very much…

Joey Nitro: I’ll have you know that I have his word that he will take you down if you do anything to me…

Matthew Robinson: Okay…okay…I believe you…thousands wouldn’t. Anyway, I take it you’re after my apology?

Joey Nitro: You’re damn right I am…and I demand you apologize to Mr. Lerch, Mr. Price, Mr. Fly and Ms. Robbins!

Robinson smirks a little.

Matthew Robinson: Well you’ll be waiting a long fucking time Joey, coz I aint apologizing to anyone…

Nitro who is now visibly furious, get’s right into Robinson’s face.

Joey Nitro: You better damn well apologize to me or else I’ll…

Suddenly Robinson smacks the microphone out of Nitro’s hand, cutting him off.

Matthew Robinson: Don’t you ever…get in my face like that again…

Nitro glares at Robinson before suddenly knocking the microphone out of Robinson’s hand and the two begin arguing with one another.

Zach Davis: Chase better get between these two or else we could have some problems…

Erin Robbins: What Chase needs to do is beat the Hell out of Robinson, this guy needs to be taught some damn respect!

As the argument begins heating up even more, Michaels tries to step in between them but Nitro pushes him back causing Michaels’ expression to turn deadly serious as he glares at Nitro.

Zach Davis: I don’t think Chase is too happy with Nitro shoving him like that…

Erin Robbins: It was a heat of the moment thing, Nitro didn’t mean it…

Robinson smirks causing Nitro to look on confused, he then turns around and is suddenly met with a running single leg high knee to the face from Michaels.

Zach Davis: The Finale! Chase just hit Nitro with The Finale!

Erin Robbins: What the Hell? This fool is supposed to be helping Nitro, not attacking him!

Michaels then leaves the ring and heads up the ramp to the back as Robinson looks down at the fallen Nitro. He then rolls out of the ring and rummages underneath it and pulls out a six pack of beer before rolling back into the ring.

Zach Davis: Looks like Matt’s going to celebrate with some beer…

Erin Robbins: I hate this guy so much…

Robinson takes two of the six cans and opens them both, he then begins to down one of them whilst pouring the other all over Nitro’s face as ‘Face The Pain’ blasts out of the PA system.

Zach Davis: Mr. Nitro getting a beer bath courtesy of ‘The Outlaw’…

Erin Robbins: How can you condone this?

Robinson finishes his can and then smashes both empty cans off his forehead, crushing them in the process before dropping them onto Nitro. He then picks up the remaining four cans and rolls out of the ring and walks over to the announce table and places the cans in front of Davis before grabbing a free headset and putting it on.

Matthew Robinson: Zach, these are for you, maybe they’ll help you get through the rest of the night knowing you have to sit next to her, listening to her talking bull shit all night…

Robinson then pulls of the headset and begins to chuckle as he makes his way around the ring and up the ramp to the back.

Jayson Price vs Benjamin Atreyu

Kyle Steel: The following match is your Main Event!

“Capricco” by Krzysztof Penderecki hits the sound system with a loud hit of drums followed by a sharp harmony of horns and strings. Benjamin Atreyu casually steps out onto the entrance ramp, savoring the scowls of the audience. After breathing in their discontent he descends the ramp to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota and weighing in at two hundred and thirty one pounds, self-proclaimed "God Given Greatness" Benjamin Atreyu!

He slides into the ring and jumps to his feet. He walks to the center of the ring, raising his fist in the air, as if announcing his victory was assured before the match even began. The crowd erupts in boos he steps back into his corner.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent...

All of the lights in the arena drop as "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold kicks in over the arena speakers. When the guitar kicks in, pyro explodes from the stage and from around the jumbotron as it fires to life with a video montage of all of Price's greatest moments. A spotlight comes on and shines on the stage as Price steps out from the back to a massive amount of heat. "Fuck You Price" chants start up as Price goads them on by smiling and waving.

Kyle Steel: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds, the WCF People's Champion...Jayson Price!

As the boos continue, Price heads down the ramp, mocking the few fans that actually try to slap hands with him, before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope and popping up to his feet. He'll then head for the corner and climb up to the second rope to flip off the crowd before turning around and perching himself on the top turnbuckle. As the lights come back on, Price will pull off his t-shirt and fake throwing it into the crowd before throwing it into the face of the referee.

Zach Davis: Oh man! After all the talk leading up to this match, this should be a great one!

Kyle Steel exits the ring as the referee does a quick check of both men and then signals for the bell.


Price hops down from atop the turnbuckle and does some trash talking as he and Atreyu circle each other once before coming to the center of the ring for a tie-up. They briefly fight for control before Atreyu shoves Price off of him. Price comes right back for the tie-up and Atreyu obliges. They again fight for control before Price spins him around, gets him in a rear waistlock and takes him to the mat by taking out his legs from under him. Price now trying for a rear chinlock but Atreyu gets his arms up in time to block Price's and catches Price in the chin with the back of his head. Atreyu up to his feet with Price up right with him. Again they tie-up in the center of the ring with Atreyu this time getting the upper hand, literally. Atreyu with Price's right arm behind his back in a hammerlock, applying a little added pressure to the wrist as he bends it backward. Price now telling the referee he's good as he looks for a way out of the hold. Atreyu cranks up the pressure on the arm before catching Price with a well placed kick to the back of the knee. Price drops down onto both knees before Atreyu forces him stomach first onto the mat.

Erin Robbins: And early on it's Atreyu showing off that technical ability he has as he's got Price in a bad way already.

Zach Davis: Well there's always been a lot of talk about Price's technical skill but Benjamin Atreyu has always shown he can go with just about anyone in that department.

Again the referee checks with Price, who shakes him off. Price still down on his stomach as he slides his knees forward on the mat, raising up his back. Atreyu still holding the arm tight when Price uses his legs to roll both him and Atreyu forward. Price now laying on his back on top of Atreyu and he fires back his free elbow. Multiple elbows to the face and finally Price gets himself free as he gets back up to his feet. Atreyu up as well but Price cuts him off with a forearm to the side of the head before putting him in a side headlock. Atreyu not in the hold for long as he slips out and gets Price in a rear waistlock. Atreyu now trying to snap off a German suplex but Price blocks it. Price now prying the arms of Atreyu off of him before reversing the hold and getting Atreyu from behind. Price now with a German of his own and he bridges it for the early pin attempt.


Erin Robbins: And Atreyu quick to get out of the pin!

The crowd's attention diverts to the ramp. A tiny creature is running down to the ring!

Erin Robbins: WHAT'S THIS?!

Zach Davis: PERCY MICRO! That's Brent Alpine's manager.

Brent Alpine emerges from the curtain and races after Percy Micro, his tiny pig manager.

Erin Robbins: Get that thing out of here!

Zach Davis: What is Brent doing? This is our main event! We can't have farmyard animals running out.

Erin Robbins: So what are you doing here? Haha.

Alpine grabs Micro and shouts to the competitors.

Brent Alpine: FORGIVE ME MATES! Percy wanted a ringside seat.

Alpine, cradling Micro in his arms, slips away in shame.

Zach Davis: Meanwhile, the actual wrestling match..

Atreyu rolls on the mat and pops back up to his feet in time to lock up with Price before shooting him into the ropes. Price bounces off of them and comes back at Atreyu, who's looking to hit the Black Eye Sonata. Price had it scouted and ducks the elbow before hitting the ropes behind Atreyu. Atreyu spins himself around as Price comes back looking to hit him with a big boot. Atreyu ducks it and takes out the other leg of Price. Price hits the mat and Atreyu walks over to him before stomping down on the back of the legs. Price now trying to roll away as Atreyu continues to stomp away. Price finally makes it to the ropes and the referee steps in to keep Atreyu back. Atreyu backs off with his arms raised innocently so the referee turns his attention to Price, only for Atreyu to push past the referee and grab Price by the legs before pulling him from the ropes. Atreyu going for the figure four but Price plants his boot in the ass of Atreyu and shoves him off. Atreyu now coming back after Price as he gets to his feet but Price catches him off guard with a double leg take down. Price now with some rabid right jabs to the face before the referee says something about the closed fists. Price finally relents after a count of four and pushes himself up as Atreyu rolls onto his stomach holding his face. Atreyu now up onto his knees and Price approaches him when Atreyu suddenly holds up his hands in a T.

Zach Davis: What the hell? Is Atreyu actually trying to call for a timeout in the middle of this match?

Erin Robbins: It looks like it!

The crowd is yelling for Price not to fall for it and it doesn't look like he's about to. Price takes a step back and yells for Atreyu to get his ass up. Atreyu takes his time and then runs for the ropes when Price goes after him. Atreyu grabbing the top rope and yelling for the referee to keep Price back, which he does. Price trying to go after Atreyu like a rabid dog as the referee does everything he can to keep him back. Atreyu now taunting Price from the ropes, further agitating the People's Champion. Finally Price takes a step back from the referee, only to rush Atreyu and clothesline him over the top rope. Both men fall to the ground below as the crowd gets to their feet to see what's going on. The referee heads to the ropes and starts his ten count as both men pull themselves up their feet using the apron. Atreyu the first to attack as he throws an elbow into the ribs of Price. Atreyu now bouncing Price's face off of the apron before shoving him backfirst into the barricade.

Referee: FOUR!

Atreyu with a chop across the chest of Price as the crowd boos in response. Atreyu now with multiple chops across the chest as the referee continues to count. At seven, Atreyu finally lets Price drop to the ground and head for the ring. Atreyu rolls in under the bottom rope and then rolls right back out, forcing the referee to restart the count. Price trying to pull himself up using the barricade when Atreyu cuts him off with a forearm across the back. Atreyu now pulling Price away from the barricade and sets him up for a suplex. Price blocks it and shoves him backfirst into the ring post. The referee's count is at five as Price pulls Atreyu from the post, lifts him up and then drives him backfirst into the post. Atreyu drops to the ground as Price rolls into the ring.

Referee: SIX!



Atreyu pulls himself up with the aid of the apron by the count of eight and rolls into the ring as the referee yells out nine. Price immediately dives on top of Atreyu and goes back to the right jabs to the side of the head as Atreyu grabs the bottom rope. Price relents at the count of four, only to kick Atreyu in the side of the ribs as he gets to his feet. Atreyu pulls himself up with the ropes and Price charges past the referee after him. Atreyu not going to let history repeat itself as he ducks Price and lifts him up and over the ropes. Price ends up landing on the apron, however, and grabs hold of Atreyu's head. Price now trying to choke the life out of Atreyu with the top rope as he holds his head down from behind. The referee reaches a four count and Price drops from the apron, bouncing Atreyu throat first off the top rope, and he hits the mat. Price quickly sliding back into the ring for the pin attempt.



Erin Robbins: And Atreyu gets the shoulder up!

Price with some quick shots to the head and he goes for the pin attempt again.


Price with the feet up on the ropes for leverage.


Zach Davis: Come on ref!


The referee stops mid-count as he spots Price's feet on the ropes and stands back up. Price looking around like he's shocked that the referee stopped, only to see the referee pointing out his feet on the ropes. Price now pushing himself upright as the referee threatens to disqualify him if he doesn't quit with his crap. Price looks like he's ready to knock the referee out when from out of nowhere it's Atreyu with the roll up from behind.



Zach Davis: And it's Price getting the shoulder up!

Both men up to their feet at the same time when Price grabs Atreyu by the head for the Downfall. Atreyu shoves him off and into the ropes. Price bounces off of them and stumbles back right into the Black Eye Sonata to the back of the head. Down goes Price and Atreyu goes for the pin attempt.




Erin Robbins: And again Price gets the shoulder up!

The crowd is going nuts for this action as Atreyu pushes himself up to his feet. He reaches down and grabs hold of Price by the head before pulling him to his feet. Price quickly shoves Atreyu's hands off of him and takes him to the mat with the Downfall. Price with the pin attempt.




Zach Davis: Kick out by Atreyu!

Price rolls off the top of Atreyu and stares up at the referee who flashes him two fingers. Price shakes his head like he can't believe Atreyu just kicked out of the Downfall after everything that's happened in the match as he sits up and looks over at him. Price now pushing himself up to his feet and then he reaches down to pull Atreyu up. Atreyu is out of it as Price struggles to pull up the dead weight. Price now pulling him in and he's calling for the Pricebuster. Price tries to lift him up for the sheer drop brainbuster when Atreyu blocks it and then catches Price with a knee to the gut. Price is doubled over and Atreyu grabs him by the head before hitting Price with the Downfall. Atreyu with the pin attempt.




Erin Robbins: And Price kicks out!

Zach Davis: Benjamin Atreyu just hit Jayson Price with Price's own move and it wasn't enough to keep him down. How in the hell are one of these guys going to win this match when neither refuses to stay down?

Both men are still down on the mat as the referee checks on them and starts up a ten count.








Atreyu finally stirring on the mat and he's pushing himself up to his knees as Price is trying to roll himself over.


Atreyu is up to his feet and screaming for Price to stay down.


Price holding on to the ropes for dear life as he's trying to get up on weak legs.


Erin Robbins: And Price is up!

The referee signals that Price beat the ten count. Suddenly 'Gold' by Prince plays and the fans hiss in frustration.

Erin Robbins: Not again!

Zach Davis: The Shine!

Out steps 'The Shine' Brent Alpine. He is without Percy and much more composed this time. In addition, he now has his suit jacket on rather than being shirtless. Although, rather than his usual white shirt, underneath the grey suit is a black t-shirt of some kind. Jayson Price watches him walk to ringside.

Zach Davis: What is he up to?

Alpine stops at the ringside area and points directly at Price. He takes off his jacket, revealing a Pantheon t-shirt underneath.

Erin Robbins: NO WAY! Alpine has joined Pantheon?

Price shakes his head in denial. Alpine waves at him. This gives Benjamin Atreyu the chance to recuperate and floor Price with a low blow.

Erin Robbins: I'm confused...

Atreyu gets up and looks at The Shine who is still lurking outside the ring. Brent beckons him closer to the ropes. He takes off his Pantheon t-shirt to reveal a S-PAC shirt underneath.

Zach Davis: EH?! Is Alpine really in S-PAC? What is going on?

Atreyu looks surprised. Alpine waves. He takes off his S-PAC t-shirt to reveal one final t-shirt. It reads - 'Which stable will truly SHINE? Find out next Sunday at Timebomb!'

Erin Robbins: So Alpine hasn't joined Pantheon or S-PAC?

Zach Davis: Looks like we find out next Sunday, Erin. Wait a minute...

Atreyu charges Price now. Atreyu pulling Price away from the ropes as he hammers him in the face with elbows before connecting with a European uppercut. Price staggers into the corner with Atreyu in tow. Atreyu with a forearm to the face before he climbs up onto the second rope and begins punching Price in the face.


Atreyu hops down at the referee's insistence only to charge Price with a shoulder to the gut. The referee again yelling at Atreyu as he lifts Price up onto the top rope.

Erin Robbins: What in the world is Atreyu thinking here?

Atreyu now exiting the ring out onto the apron and he climbs up the corner from the outside. The crowd is on their feet as Atreyu grabs hold of Price and puts him up on his shoulders.

Zach Davis: Oh my god! He's not going to do it is he?

There isn't an ass in a seat as Atreyu steps up onto the top rope and then comes off with the Requiem in D Minor! The referee immediately rushes to check on both men as they stay down on the ground. Again the referee starts up a ten count.





Atreyu the first to move as he rolls over onto his stomach and throws an arm over the top of Price.






“Capricco” by Krzysztof Penderecki hits the speakers as the referee checks on the both of them. Atreyu finally able to sit up as the referee raises his arm before checking on Price again. Atreyu now up to his feet and he raises his arms in victory before falling back to his knees out of exhaustion. The camera zooms in on Atreyu's grinning face.

Dr. Remus Micayle/Mark Dillinger Segment

The camera opens in the backstage area. Now clad in his suit-and-tie, Doctor Remus Micayle is seen in the hallway, a self-congratulatory simper on his face as he clasps the WCF United States championship around his waist. Having done so, he walks forward a couple of feet, but stops abruptly when he spots someone (apparently off-screen).

His slight grin fades slightly as the camera pans to the left to reveal his obstacle. One Mark Dillinger, who is dressed in his army fatigues and still breathing heavily - no doubt still a tad strained from his exertions earlier in the night. Undeterred by the intimidating sight, Micayle strides forward towards the man, until he is mere inches away from the former WCF champion. Their eyes never leave one another.

Micayle looks down towards Dillinger. He frowns, almost as if he is contemplating about something, before finally extending a hand towards the man.

Doctor Remus Micayle: I’ve changed my mind.

Similarly, Dillinger straightens out his one good hand in greeting, as the two wrestlers meet in a handshake.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Welcome to Team Science.

Slam fades to black with a shot of both Micayle and Dillinger clasping hands, their eyes locked upon one another in a sober stare.

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