Slam Intro

"Mysterious Pantheon Theme" hits the speakers as pyro shoots up out of the stage and from around the jumbotron. The crowd pops big time as Corey Black, Jayson Price, Jonny Fly and Steve Orbit all walk out from the back wearing Pantheon t-shirts. All four acknowledge the massive reaction by nodding their heads before bumping fists with each other and then heading down the ramp.

Erin Robbins: Well now what's this all about?

Zach Davis: I don't know but it should be interesting!

Fly, Price and Orbit all enter the ring as Black walks over to the announce table and grabs himself a microphone. Black then rolls in under the bottom rope and pops up to his feet.

Corey Black: Almost two months ago, I made a decision to stand in this ring and resurrect Pantheon. I looked around at WCF, this company, my home-- and from the front office to the locker room and everywhere in between, I saw chaos. Chaos and unrule. Not the type I am fond of, mind you. From the carousel of ownership, to the ridiculous feelings of entitlement from some of the so-called "talent". To newcomers, walking in like they own the joint, disrespecting the foundation that has been laid down by men like myself, as well as many others.

Corey begins to slowly pace the ring, looking out at the crowd.

Corey Black: Ever since Pantheon was formed the first time around, it's been about more than being a dominant group of wrestlers. It's about changing the business for the better. It's about bringing order and integrity to WCF and making sure that this company is here for generations to come, so that the world's best wrestlers have a place to go and compete with dignity, without having to worry about politics or any of the other industry BS. We believe in a professional work environment, a place where you settle your business in the ring-- and leave it in the ring.

Corey steps in front of Orbit and hands him the mic.

Steve Orbit: Nobody should have to worry about being jumped, sneak attacked by a bunch of cowards tryin' to get some cheap heat on theyself. When you in the ring, it's up to you to, you know what I'm sayin', protect yourself-- but outside the ring, in the locker room, the halls, nobody should have to watch they back around here. It's called professional courtesy and respect. This type of shit shouldn't happen in WCF.

Corey takes the mic from Orbit and hands it to Jayson.

Jayson Price: And anybody who works their ass off, week after week, giving exceptional performances-- should be rewarded for their hard work and excellence. Nobody should be held back in this company because of personal vendettas. All of these authority figures, Seth Lerch included, need to check themselves. It's not about them-- it's about us. The roster and you guys, the fans.

Corey steps in front of Jonny Fly, takes the mic from Price and hands it to Fly.

Jonny Fly: And what's more, a man should at the very LEAST be able to get himself a snack from the vending machine without having to endure shenanigans. There's no reason for it. Leave the Hot Fries alone.

Corey takes the mic, and turns to face the audience once again.

Corey Black: The point we're trying to make here is that those fundamental ideas that Pantheon represents, are ideas that we are here to stand for-- ideas that we are willing to FIGHT for.

Corey pauses, letting that sink in.

Corey Black: Prior to last week, Fly and myself had been absent from Slam for a few weeks. I guess the bottom feeders around here decided that with half of Pantheon missing, they could attack Steve Orbit and Jayson Price individually in an attempt to destroy us. I'll admit, we should have seen it coming. But I want to let something be known right now-- those actions will not go unanswered. Pantheon is going to represent. We ARE going to lead this company to better days. I understand there will be resistance, and it will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.

Corey pauses again for effect.

Corey Black: Playtime is over. Pantheon is here. S-PAC tried to take out Orbit-- Orbit is standing right here. Sequitus tried to take out Jayson Price-- he's standing right here. Myself and Jonny Fly are back and we're standing right here. We are unbreakable and unstoppable. So this is a message to S-PAC, Sequitus and anybody else who wants to step up-- you're going to get knocked down, and knocked down hard. We won't be hard to find.

Black drops the mic as "Mysterious Pantheon Theme" hits the PA once again. Orbit, Black, Fly and Price all choose a corner and climb the turnbuckle as the crowd cheers.

Marina Valdivia vs Carrie Storm vs Evan Vayne

Erin Robbins: Welcome Everyone to Sunday Night Slam! Coming to you live Detroit, Michigan.

Zach Davis: WCF, revving that economic engine, fifteen bucks at a time. All though, we are accepting food stamps at the gate.

Erin Robbins: You're an asshole.

Zach Davis: Hey, times are tough. If you wana see quality wrestling like we got here tonight in Jonny Fly Verse Ollie The Magic Bum and the instant classic, Mary Mac verse Crisis- then you gotta pay.

Erin Robbins: What Zack is trying to say, such high quality matches like the one we're about to see.

"Maneater" hits the PA System.As soon as the music hits, the fans cheer as Marina Valdivia walks out. She walks to the ring, acknowledging the reaction she is getting from the fans.

Erin Robbins: It's really nice to see an influx of female talent in WCF.

Zach Davis: Yes it is, and Marina certainly looks impressive.

She gets in the ring as the crowd continues to cheer her. She removes her jacket that she wears along the way to the ring and lays it in the corner, then stands there and stretches out as she waits.

"Beautiful" by Ten Years hits the PA system. Carrie Storm walks down, ignoring the crowd, just praising her own appearance, in her mirror.

Zach Davis: Another new female to the ranks. Carrie Storm. From Mel Gibson land, Australia.

Erin Robbins: I can't do this tonight.

Evan Vayne comes out from the back. no music, lights or video going on in the background.

Zach Davis: Who the hell is this guy? Does he have a ticket?

Erin Robbins: Thats Evan Vayne.

Zach Davis: What is Seth just givin matchs and contracts to anyone who can turn trick in the parking lot?

Erin Robbins: Maybe.

Zach Davis: That wouldnt explain why Shannon is no longer the uglier of the two WCF commentators. But it does explain why Jonny Fly was champion for so long. Someone call Scoops, we need a full report on this.

His pace at a slightly faster than normal pace compared to a walk.

Erin Robbins: He labels himself a non conformist so it's quite fitting?

Zach Davis: A non conformist labeling himself AS a non conformist? Is he not conforming by conforming to labels?

Erin Robbins: Yah, he doesnt care what you think.

Zach Davis: Well I think this kid needs some theme music. Somebody play somethin.

The arena organ starts playing the classic rendition of CHARGE!

Evan stops right in front of the ring and stares around to the crowd, his face blank of expression. To him, this is nothing new of every match that he is involved with. Evan climbs up to the ring and walks in. Looking at the crowd once more, he walks to the turnbuckle and climbs up, staring at the crowd and slowly raising his arms. After a brief moment, he drops down and awaits.


Evan Vayne right out of the gate hits a snaping cutter on Marina.

Zach Davis: Evan Vayne right out the gate with a snapping cutter to Marina,

Erin Robbins: He calls that the Reality Check.

Evan gets up-


Evan Robbins: Reality check to Carrie Storm.

Zach Davis: And Evan Vayne slides out of the ring and starts walkin to the back. Thats right! Don't conform to pin falls and victories! Thats for the sheep! Somebody play is kid out! DA-DA-DADA-DA-DA! CHARGE!

Erin Robbins: Well you can't get counted out in a triple threat.

Zach Davis: Very true.

Back in the ring, Marina and Storm both get to their feet at the same time as Marina starts going to work on Storm with knife edge chops, whipping her off the ropes and bringing her down with a snapmare into chin lock.

Erin Robbins: Marina, technically sound.

Storm get to her feet and elbows out of the lock. Storm hits the ropes and connects with a hurricanrana.

Zach Davis: Hurricanrana and punches!

Storm picks up Marina and drags her around by her hair before Marina gets a knee strike into a Northern Lights suplex pin.

The pin.



Erin Robbins: NO! Storm kicks out.

Marina picks up Storm and wrenches the arm, Storm flips through it and takes out the legs from underneath Marina and begins to stomp away. Marina tries to get to her feat as Storm goes to slap her -

Zach Davis: Sit out jaw breaker by Marina. Storm is reeling from it.

Erin Robbins: Marina runs, hits a spring board drop kick.

Zach Davis: Storm is on dream street.

Erin Robbins: Marina goes up to the top rope, lookin for some sort of flip--

Zach Davis: Storm rolls out of the way but Marina lands on her feet.

Marinas a little shaken up by the landing, having to adjust in mid air, she turns around..


Zach Davis: great bulldog, The Beautiful Bulldog by Storm.

The pin..




Erin Robbins: Whose that commin through the crowd?

Zach Davis: Maybe its Evan! Can we get a sound check to be sure?

The Arena starts playing CHARGE! Again!

Zach Davis: Its the one! The only! EVAN VAYNE!

Evan hops the crowd barrier and slides into the ring.

Erin Robbins: Storm, watch out!

Evan goes to turn Storm around but gets kicked in the gut...


Erin Robbins: The Make over! Hang man face buster!

Zach Davis: NO!

Evan Vayne no sells the hangman face buster!

Zach Davis: Evan Vayne is up! Non conformists don't sell! He can't sell! It's not even in his vocabulary! Evan Vayne couldn't sell Shannon Lerch to a homeless man for FREE even if she had a roast beef sammich up her-


The pin!




Evan Vayne goes to pick up Marina but get a low blow and Evan Vayne goes down.

Erin Robbins: Evan Vayne doesnt sell, huh?

Zach Davis: He's inspecting the canvas- in kidney numbing agony. Standard practice now-a-days.

Storm gets to her feet as she and Marina lock up, Marina goes for a kick but its blocked..


Zach Davis: Enzuguri of her own by Marina.

Marina signals to the top rope as she climbs the turnbuckle.

Erin Robbins: Whats she going to do?!


Zach Davis: California Splash! That 450 splash!

Erin Robbins: and right to Evan Vayne!

The pin.



Storm tries to break it up..

3 !!!

Erin Robbins: and Marina picks up the victory!

Zach Davis: Evan Vayne with a picture perfect Mexican cross body to Marina. Too bad the ref didnt see it.

Erin Robbins: Well what he DID SEE was Marina Valdiva, picking up the win to open to the show.

Zach Davis: Indeed. Good job to Marina!

S-PAC Segment

‘Hollywood Babylon’ by The Misfits blasts out of the PA system as Scott Savage struts out onto the stage from behind the curtain with a smile. Waylon Cash, Benjamin Atreyu and Chelsea Black Armstrong soon follow and they pose on the ramp as the fans boo heavily.

Zach Davis: Well here comes S-PAC…

Erin Robbins: The greatest faction to have ever stepped foot into a WCF ring.

S-PAC begin to make their way down the ramp, ignoring the fans before they all roll into the ring and climb the turnbuckles holding their fists high in the air before climbing back down. Scott Savage calls for a microphone and is handed one as ‘Hollywood Babylon’ fades out.

Scott Savage: You may be wondering why we’re all out here, quite frankly, we don’t ever need a reason to be out here, after all, right here in this ring, you’re looking at the three greatest wrestlers to ever step foot into this ring…along with the greatest manager to grace this squared circle. But we do actually have a specific reason why we’re out here, so without further ado; I give you, Benjamin Atreyu…

Savage hands the microphone to Atreyu as the fans booing becomes deafening, Atreyu waits for them to calm down before speaking.

Benjamin Atreyu: If you idiots would shut your damn mouths for a few moments so I can speak, that would be appreciated!

The fans boo even more and again, Atreyu waits for them to calm down.

Benjamin Atreyu: For the past few weeks or so, we’ve been having to deal with a bit of an unnecessary…unneeded problem. A thorn in our sides, that needs to be dealt with. Because this little problem won’t go away, and with my fellow S-PAC brethren being involved in other matches at Explosion, I have been forced to take care of this problem, thus wasting my time considering I have already disposed of this problem not once, but twice already…

Before Atreyu can continue, ‘I Will Not Break’ by A Sound Of Thunder blasts out of the PA system and the fans go crazy as Stacy Robinson struts out onto the stage with her People's Championship draped over her shoulder, she stops at the top of the ramp looking out to the crowd before she begins to make her way down the ramp, her eyes focused on S-PAC.

Zach Davis: Well here comes this ‘problem’ that Atreyu has been making reference too…

Erin Robbins: This woman needs to realise when to leave things alone…

Stacy reaches the ring and she rolls under the bottom rope, she then calls for a microphone and is handed one as ‘I Will Not Break’ fades out.

Benjamin Atreyu: Speaking of the problem…

Stacy Robinson: Shut your fucking mouth Atreyu!

Benjamin Atreyu: No, you shut your mouth! You need to realise exactly what you have gotten yourself into! You’re sticking your nose into S-PAC’s business…meaning instead of doing something worth my time at Explosion, such as winning a championship, I’m stuck having to beat your ass…again!

Stacy smirks a little as she adjusts her People’s Championship over her shoulder.

Stacy Robinson: I’ve been sticking my nose in your business? Listen Benjamin, that bitch you and Waylon are protecting is the only business I have right now! I don’t give a fuck about her turning her back on me anymore…that fucking ship sailed a long time ago! But she has my brother! I’ve been trying to get my fucking hands on her ever since she kidnapped my brother…but you two have been standing in my way, preventing me from doing that! So if there is anyone here who is sticking their nose in other people’s business…it’s you two…not me!

Benjamin Atreyu: Be that as it may Stacy, I am out here to let you know that you and I shall be facing off against one another at Explosion next Sunday. As much as it pains me to actually have to do it considering you’re nothing but a flash in the pan wannabe who couldn’t hold a candle to any of the true wrestlers in this company. So just be glad that you’re actually getting to share the ring with yours truly, for a third time may I add. To me personally, that’s three times too many if you ask me…

Stacy Robinson: For crying out loud Benjamin…talk about being big-headed! You really believe that I am not worthy of facing you? I’ve beaten Oblivion, twice! I’ve beaten Jay Price! Last week I defeated the current Tag Team Champions, the Hardcore Champion and a WCF legend in Vengeance! And later tonight, I’m going to beat the guy who ‘thinks’ he’s the real World Heavyweight Champion, Waylon Cash!

Cash chuckles a little as Atreyu shakes his head.

Benjamin Atreyu: Stacy, it doesn’t matter who you have beaten in the past, it doesn’t matter that you’re the current People’s Champion, and it sure as Hell doesn’t matter that you have the belief that one day you’ll be World Champion. Because the fact of the matter is this…you cannot…shall not…and will not beat…me!

Stacy chuckles a little.

Stacy Robinson: Oh we’ll see about that!

Suddenly Stacy slams her microphone into Atreyu’s head before tackling him to the ground and both of them begin trading lefts and rights with one another.

Zach Davis: Things are kicking off right here!

Erin Robbins: Does Stacy have a death wish or something!

Cash and Chelsea both grab Stacy and pull her off Atreyu before the entirety of S-PAC leave the ring and begin to make their way up the ramp. Stacy begins yelling at them to get back into the ring before she picks up the microphone along with her title.

Stacy Robinson: C’mon back you bastards! I don’t give a fuck if it’s all three of you against me! I’ll keep on fighting! I’ll keep fighting for my brother! I’ll keep fighting for each and every fan in this fucking arena!

S-PAC yell obscenities back at Stacy who just chuckles.

Stacy Robinson: Benjamin…I’ll be seeing you at Explosion! As for you Waylon…I’ll be seeing you later tonight! And Chelsea, sooner or later, I’ll get my fucking hands on you too! Be afraid, all of you, because you will all suffer my judgement! Your final penance is coming…

‘I Will Not Break’ blasts out of the PA system as Stacy raises her title above her head as obscenities continue on between both parties.

Zach Davis: What a match we’re going to be seeing at Explosion between Benjamin Atreyu and the People’s Champion…

Erin Robbins: I hate to disappoint you and these fickle fans, oh wait, what am I saying, I love disappointing you all. Stacy Robinson won’t even make it to Explosion, not after Waylon Cash, the real World Champion has disposed of her…

Tommy Greco vs Stryder vs Endorphin

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a Triple Threat match and is set for one fall. Introducing first . . .

Stryder exits from behind the curtains with his music echoing throughout the arena. He quickly walks down towards the ring, hardly acknowledging that he is surrounded by thousands of people roaring with chants and jeers. He gets to the apron and leaps up, grabbing on to the top rope and planting his feet firmly on the mat. He leans over and steps in between the second and third rope and in to the ring. He takes off his large bomber coat and throws it to the outside of the ring. He stands in the corner and awaits the start of the match.

Kyle Steel: From Parts Unknown, he is STRYDER!

Zach Davis: This newcomer is looking to prove himself after his debut loss against Mary Mac last week.

Fuck The System by Cyberpunkers blast through the arena speakers. Endorphin walks out of the curtain, looking at the crowd. He stops in the middle of the ramp and flips off one of the fans behind the barricade before continuing. He walks up the steps and onto the turnbuckle, raising his arms in the air and flipping off the entire WCF audience. He jumps off and climbs on the ropes, giving another middle finger to the crowd again.

Kyle Steel: From Parts Unknown, he is ENDORPHIN

Erin Robbins: Did you know that Endorphin and Stryder were next door neighbors, Zack?

Zach Davis: No I didn’t, but it seems legitimate.

"As Far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster." blasts through the PA system followed by Tony Bennett's piece. Greco comes slowly walking out through the curtain with a smile so big you can see it from the last seat at the other side of the arena. "I know I'd go from rages to riches If you would, only say you care"

He comes to a stop and puts his arms up Randy Orton-esqe before stopping and continuing to walk to the ring. All of the sudden he is blasted from behind with a steel chair! He drops to his knees as the wielder of the steel chair, Alexander Richards drills him twice more in the back of the head with it. Then he drags Tommy up by the hair.

Alexander Richards: Jumping people from behind. Not really my thing. I prefer to hurt people face to face. But after all the cheap shots you've used against me the past few weeks Corky, I figured it would be fitting. Now don't worry Tommy, I'm not going to cost you your precious match. In fact I just came here to help you into the ring.

Alexander starts to drag Tommy towards the ring. It looks like he's about to toss him into the ring but instead he turns and whips him head first right into the ring post.

Alexander Richards: Sorry my aim isn't so good when I'm this angry. Guess you'll have to haul your own worthless carcass into the ring.

Alexander looks over to where Terry Roberts has been seated by Greco and winks.

Alexander Richards: Hope you're enjoying the action so far. Good luck tonight Corky and keep this in mind that was only the beginning.

Alexander walks to the back to a surprisingly mixed reaction from the fans.

Erin Robbins: People are cheering that?

Zach Davis: The fans probably didn't like Tommy Greco bragging about throwing his match last week anymore than The Enlightened One did.

Erin Robbins: Being smart isn't a crime. Now Tommy is at a disadvantage before his match.

Zach Davis: If he's as good as he says he is it won't matter.


Immediately Greco and Stryder share a look at one another before both turning their attention towards Endorphin. The little man, knowing what was coming next, launches himself at Stryder, landing a single elbow strike before the two big men double-team him. They’re both hammering him with clubbing blows, backing Endorphin back into the ropes. Each man grabs an arm, whipping Endorphin into the ropes, with Greco following slowly behind. Immediately on the rebound, Endorphin is faced with a charging Greco, who attempts a lariat. The little man ducks beneath the arm, his forward momentum taking his straight into a sit-out spinebuster from Stryder, who transitions into a pin.



Broken Pin

Zach Davis: The partnership between the two big men was short-lived.

Greco stomps on the back of Stryder as he rises to his feet, trying to keep the big man down. Stryder starts throwing forearms back, so the pair starts slugging away in the middle of the ring. It is Greco who wins out, stunning Stryder enough to get his head tucked between his legs. Showing off his strength, Tommy drives Stryder’s head to the mat with a piledriver, rolling him over the pinfall.




Greco, unfazed by Stryder breaking out the pin, pulls the big man back to his feet by his mask. Heaving him upward, Greco has Stryder across his shoulders in the Reverse F5 position.

Zach Davis: Greco looking for the Hello Gorgeous.

Erin Robbins: Endorphin is having none of it.

Before Greco can throw Stryder down into the stunner, Endorphin nails him in the side of the head with an Enzuiguri. Stryder slides off Greco’s shoulder and reverses the position, throwing Greco up on his shoulders. A reverse Samoan Drop follows, sending Greco out of the ring for a respite. Stryder turns to face Endorphin, who proceeds to kick the big man in the stomach and then spiking his head to the mat with a DDT. A pinfall follows.

Zach Davis: Lot of action in this match.





Endorphin looks at the referee, arguing the slow count; when the ref explains himself, he gets only the bird in return. Endorphin glances at Greco once, who is watching the match from the outside, before pulling Stryder up to his feet. A few uppercuts keeps the big man stunned long enough to push Stryder up against the ropes on the same side Greco is currently on. He kicks Stryder in the stomach to double him over and then shoots the ropes.

Zach Davis: Endorphin is looking to use Stryder as a stepping stone to jump outside. He’s on the rebound.

Erin Robbins: Stryder has recovered though. He’s caught Endorphin. Back Body Drop over the top rope!

Zach Davis: And Greco caught him in midair! POWERBOMB!

Greco drives Endorphin onto the concrete with a sickening thud. Rising to his feet, he looks once at the high-flyer sprawled out at his feet before he rolls to his feet. Instead of capitalizing on his downed opponent as he returns to his feet, Stryder lets his opponent rise to his feet so the two big men can have their dramatic stare down in the middle of the ring.

Erin Robbins: A rookie mistake by Stryder. He should’ve never let Greco regain his feet.

Stryder breaks the stare-down with a clubbing blow across Greco’s face. Greco returns the favor, so viewers find themselves watching brawl round two. This time, Greco misses a strike, sending his body past Stryder who capitalizes by connecting with his short-arm clothesline.

Zach Davis: Stryder calls that The Annihilation.

Erin Robbins: He’s not going for the pin, though; he could end it here, yet he’s trying to do more than he has to.

Stryder pulls Greco to his feet, trying to lift him up into the Joker Driver, but Greco breaks free. Tommy nails a vicious uppercut. Stryder is back on his shoulders and . . . HELLO GORGEOUS!

Zach Davis: Greco nails it! He could win this brutal match with just one pinfall.




Erin Robbins: Greco picks up the victory!

Tommy gets to his feet and gets his arm raised as we go to commercial.

Crisis Segment

Lou Sipher is seen pacing back and forth in the locker room. He has on his dark red suit and has his hair back in a ponytail. Crisis is nowhere in scene. Sipher is going through his phone doing who knows what, when it starts to ring. Sipher gets a confused look on his face. He turns his head towards the back room door and, with his eyes still staring at his phone, he yells out.

Sipher: Crisis are you screwing with me?

Crisis then replies back from the other room.

Crisis: What the hell are you talking about?

Sipher: You better not be screwing with me. You have a match to get ready for, however my phone is ringing and not going to voicemail.

Crisis: Well who is it?

Sipher: I don’t fucking know. Who the hell would be 666?

The phone continues to ring as Crisis comes out from the back room, in his wrestling attire ready to go. He grabs the phone from Sipher and answers it.

Crisis: Hello?

He looks confused and then turns the phone onto speaker. All that can be heard is static. Sipher and Crisis look at one another confused.

Crisis: Hello?

Crisis tries to get a response. Both men then hear a whisper.

THEY ………… WANT ………..… YOU ………….

The phone the cuts off into dial tone. Sipher has a shocked look on his face Crisis, still staring at the phone, is confused as hell. He looks at Sipher who shrugs his shoulders.

Sipher: Don’t look at me.

Crisis: Someone is playing mind games with me? Mind games with Crisis?

Crisis nods his head and then smiles.

Crisis: Well I guess we are going to have to try to get to the bottom of this one.

The lights in the locker room shut off.

Crisis: What the hell?

Crisis can be heard scream out. Loud banging sounds can be heard all throughout the room. Things are breaking.

Sipher: What the hell is going on? Crisis where are you?

The crashing sounds stop. There is silence. The lights turn back on. Sipher looks around and sees Crisis sitting up against the wall, a wooden chair broken over him, blood pouring from his head. Above him, written in what appears to be Crisis’s blood are the words.


Sipher stares at the wall. Crisis moans and pushes the chair off of him. Sipher goes to check on his client.

Sipher: What the bloody hell?

Crisis: I don’t know Sipher. But whoever they are, I want answers.

Crisis then begins to laugh. Sipher looks at him confused.

Sipher: What the hell is so funny?

Crisis: This is exactly what I would do if I wanted to get someone’s attention. Well whoever THEY are, they have my attention. I have a match to get ready for.

Crisis stands up, wipes the blood off his head and stumbles into the next room and slams the door shut. Sipher spins around looking to see if anyone is still there. The scene fades out to black.

Adam Young vs The Original Gangster

“ The Godfather Theme” hits the PA as the lights dim down.

Erin Robbins: It ain't Michael Corleone, It's the Original Gangster!

O.G comes out onto the stage with his Tommy Gun and Fires off a few rounds into the air as he makes his way towards the ring.

Zach Davis: O.G is a big intimidating guy and that's with out his machine gun.

Erin Robbins: But his opponent doesnt care about that one way or the other.

O.G gets in the ring and poses to the crowd with his fedora before taking off his suit jacket.

The arena goes pitch black.

Voice-I'll make you famous.

Zach Davis: The Villain is here!

"American Badass" by Kid Rock starts playing as Adam Young steps out into the arena in all black and a black towel on his head with Firefly right behind him in all black also. He stops and takes the towel off his hand with his right hand. He holds both of his arms up in the air and then starts walking towards the ring. He circles the ring. Adam climbs up into the ring and poses on all four second turnbuckles before tossing the towel to ring side area where Firefly catches it and smells it smiling.


Young and OG lock up in the middle of the ring but OG uses his size and presses Young towards the turnbuckle and connects with a knife edge chops before launching Young towards the adjacent turnbuckle. OG charges at Young for a big boot but Young ducks out of the way and OG gets hung up on the top rope.

Zach Davis: OG in a very delicate situation here.

Young grabs the ropes and starts shaking them up and down, sending OG for a rope.

Zach Davis: Scramblin the plums and makin some apple sauce.

Erin Robbins: .. … what?

Zach Davis: Shut up! It sounded good in my head!

Back in the ring, Young knocks OG from the ropes to the floor with a drop kick. OG takes a hard fall to his left shoulder as Young waits for him to get up. OG gets to his feet as Young hits the ropes and launches for a suicide dive..

Erin Robbins: Caught by OG!

Zach Davis: And slammed to the floor!

OG picks Young up and and whips him into the steel post. OG tries to smash the back of Young's skull into the post but Young rakes the eyes before clipping the knee of OG. OG goes down as Young takes to the apron and hits an ax handle that drops OG to the floor again. Young picks up OG and rolls him back into the ring. Young tries to sling shot OG into the turnbuckle but OG catches himself and turns around, and nearly takes Young's head off with an elbow. Young falls to the ground as OG clears the fog from his head for a moment before picking up Young and hitting a powerbomb.

Erin Robbins: Quick pin attempt.




OG picks Young up and sets him up for a choke slam but Young floats through it, turning OG around and hitting a quick kick to the gut..

Zach Davis: Bridging Northern lights suplex

Erin Robbins: Young with a pin of his own.



Zach Davis: NO! OG kicks out!

Young gets to his feet and hits the ropes but OG gets to his feet and hits a side walk slam.

Erin Ribins: OG slowing Young down again.

The pin.




OG picks up Young and whips him into the ropes, Young comes back with a flying forearm. Young head towards the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Adam Yong setting up for The Wild Ride!

Erin Robbins: Connects.

The Pin





Zach Davis: Another close call.

Young gets OG up and starts hammering away but OG battles back with a few knee strikes and drops Young with a DDT. OG picks up Young and drags him over to the turn buckle and sets him on it , lookin for a super plex but Young hits a few stiff kidney shots and head butts OG off the buck. Young sets up for a cross body...


Zach Davis: he hits it!

Erin Robbins: OG rolls through it with a pin..





Erin Robbins: Young rolls out of it.

Zach Davis: right into a Koji Clutch!

The ref checks on OG who tries to struggle through and reach the ropes but he's a long ways away.

Erin Robbins: OG can't make it.

Zach Davis: OG taps! OG taps!

The ref calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: And Adam Young picks up his second in a row!

Erin Robbins: That Koji Clutch is becoming deadly.

Jonny Fly/Jayson Price Segment

The screen is black. All we hear is…

“Man, Fly, this is some bullshit”

We open to Jonny Fly and Jayson Price carrying a full-size vending machine through the backstage halls. They continue walking until Fly finally motions for Price to help him set it down. They push the machine flush against the wall before Fly takes the power cord and plugs it into the nearest outlet. Finished, he takes a step back and looks proudly at the contents of the vending machine. All we can see through the clear plexiglass window are Hot Fries. Many Hot Fries.

Jayson Price: This is ridiculous. Even for you…or me for that matter.

Jonny Fly: What?

Jayson Price: Why do you need your own Hot Fries vending machine?

Jonny Fly: Because some idiot keeps stealing all of the Hot Fries in the other vending machines. Each week after my match I go to the vending machine for some crunchy, spicy goodness and for the past month THEY’VE BEEN GONE.

Jayson Price: You’ve only wrestled like one time in the past month.

Jonny Fly: Price, this is a travesty. It’s not just at arenas. At home I’ll go to the store and lately they’ve all been sold out. Two years ago I sold my Jonny Fly’s International House of Skanks franchises for a lifetime supply of Hot Fries…well, my weekly deliveries have stopped and Andy fuckin’ Capps stopped taking my calls. Someone is playing a trick on me, Price. So, I’m taking steps to rectify this situation on my own.

Jayson Price: By…carrying around your own vending machine?

Jonny Fly: YES.

Jayson Price: Well next time how about making someone else carry it with you? I got a big match later, I can’t be hauling around your fuckin’ snack foods.

Jonny Fly: I thought we were bros?

Jayson Price: We are. Pantheon bros. Not Hot Fries bros.

Jonny Fly: Fair enough. Well, thanks for the help at least.

Jayson Price: Yeah, yeah. No problem. Look, I have to go meet with Seth Lerch. By meet, I mean yell at him and tell how much of a fuckin’ idiot he is and to give me better matches.

Jonny Fly: Good luck, bud.

With that Jay Price walks away. Fly watches him leave and then excitedly looks back at his vending machine. He steps forward and presses the A button, followed by the 1 button. A humming sound is heard…and then nothing. Fly keys in A1 again…and nothing. The metal coil holding the Hot Fries deliciousness hostage does not rotate…and does not release its goodies.

Jonny Fly: GOD DAMMIT!

Fly bangs on the outside of the vending machine in frustration. As if on cue, the machine completely powers down emitting a groan that almost sounds as if it’s laughing at Fly’s misery. It’s dead.


Fly is just about to storm away when the electronic display on the vending machine springs back to life momentarily, with a countdown…




Fly scatters, running away down the hallway before…


The vending machine explodes outward, busting the glass front, and sending its valuable contents flying in all directions of the surrounding area. A cloud of spiciness seems to hover around the busted and mangled vending machine as Fly approaches the harrowing scene. He looks around, making sure to inspect the debris for any surviving bags…finding nothing.

Jonny Fly: Alright, enough is enough. Someone is seriously going to die now.

With that, Fly walks out of the scene.

Mary Mac vs Crisis

The lights in the arena go out. “Hello Zepp” begins to play over the PA. A dark red lights begin to turn on throughout the arena. Smoke begins to cover the floor of the entrance ramp. Slowly walking out from the back there are two figures seen, one is very large and well build wearing a long trench coat, and the second is tall wearing a dark red suite with a black cane in his hand. The large figure gets to the top of the ramp and stands there and slowly looks around at the crowd an eerie feeling is felt thought out the building, the man accompaning him stands behind him waiting.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 345 pounds, be accompanied by Lou Sipher, he is the man from Hell, CRISIS!!!

Crisis then begins to move slowly with the music from the ramp and makes his way down to the ring with the jacket moving from side to side behind him, Lou Sipher following behind him. As Crisis walks his eyes do not remove themselves from the ring. At the bottom of the ramp he stops and stands there for what seems like an eternity, when finally he steps to the apron and reaches both arms up and grabs the top rope and pulls himself up to the apron. Sipher makes his way to the stairs and enters into the ring through the second rope. Crisis stands there, his eyes still straight ahead of him before finally stepping over the top rope into the ring. Crisis moves to the center of the ring and slowly looks around at the crowd. Crisis slowly removes his jacket and hands it to Lou Sipher. The man from hell stands motionless in the ring staring up the entrance ramp awaiting. Sipher stands next to him and gloats to the crowd.

Zach Davis: This guy scares the hell out of me, Erin.

Erin Robbins: Puppies scare the hell out of you, Zach. But Crisis scares the hell out of most people!

Pink and white lights flash with the opening of Bounce, stopping with a spotlight on the curtains; as the lyrics hit Mary emerges, full of smiles and energy as she makes her way to the ring, slapping hands with fans along the entranceway as she approaches.

Kyle Steel: Making her way to the ring, weighing in at 141 pounds, from Sydney, Nova Scotia... Mary Mac!

She hops to the ring apron, doing a double bicep flex pose with a big smile before backflipping into the ring over the top rope. She climbs to the second rope to pose once more for the crowd, giving a little salute before climbing down, watching Crisis cooly.

Zach Davis: Mary Mac hasn't shown any fear of Crisis yet, Erin. What do you think of that?

Erin Robbins: I think she might be a little crazy, Zach. No sane person gives up almost a foot and a half of height and two hundred pounds in weight without feeling some fear. Also, sane people don't smile that much.


The wrestlers are circling, Crisis looking almost bored in the ring, Mary looking very wary.

Zach Davis: I don't think Crisis is taking this match very seriously, Erin. He looks like me might fall asleep! And Mary Mac clearly has no desire to lock up with him.

Erin Robbins: Can you blame her? The second Crisis puts hands on her she's toast!

Still circling, Crisis backs Mary up towards the corner. He throws a lazy right hand and Mary ducks under! Crisis has his back to her in the corner and Mary Mac is teeing off on the big man. She's up on the second rope, hammering punches down on the back and top of his head.

Zach Davis: Well, I bet Crisis is awake now!

Crisis finally manages to push Mary off, turning around to face into the ring.

Erin Robbins: It doesn't look like those shots did much damage, but I think Crisis might be taking her a bit more seriously now!

Mary's right back in the corner with a flying forearm. And again Mary swarms him, hammering on Crisis with punches and knees.

Zach Davis: That shot might have rocked the big man a little! She's not letting up for a second!

Erin Robbins: It's a smart approach for her; the last thing she wants to do is give up any advantage she can get on this guy.

The referee gives Mary a five count, and she finally breaks off of Crisis. She comes charging right back in and he catches Mary Mac with Snake Eyes.

Zach Davis: Crisis was ready for her that time, and Mary Mac just got rocked with that move.

Erin Robbins: Crisis is a weird, creepy guy, but he's not dumb. He knew she was gonna come back in hard and he was ready for her on that one.

Crisis stalks Mary as she pulls herself up to her feet in the corner. He locks his arms around her waist and connects with a big overhead belly to belly suplex.

Erin Robbins: Jesus! She almost landed in the opposite corner! Crisis launched her on that one.

Crisis makes the cover,



Zach Davis: And Mary Mac kicks out at two.

Erin Robbins: Crisis didn't bother hooking the leg there. I'm not sure how seriously he's taking Mary Mac right now.

The big man's starts toying with her a bit, nudging her with his foot as she pulls herself back up to her feet. And as soon as she's back up, he drops her with a big clothesline.

Erin Robbins: Crisis might be playing with his food a little bit now, Zach. He doesn't seem in a hurry to end this.

Zach Davis: That might come back to bite him on the ass if he loses control, though.

Erin Robbins: That's a big 'if', Zach.

Mary pulls herself back up to her feet, turning to face her opponent. Crisis looks for another clothesline, but Mary ducks it. From behind she hops up onto his shoulders, and rolls him up with a victory roll.

Zach Davis: What did I just say?! She might have him!



Erin Robbins: A bit premature there, Zach.

Zach Davis: It happened ONE TIME, Erin!

Crisis kicks out with authority. Mary is right back on him with a quick sliding leg drop before he can get back up. Mary puts a front facelock on Crisis, but he powers up to his feet, hauling her up with him.

Zach Davis: One thing Crisis isn't lacking is power, that's for sure.

Crisis drives Mary straight into the turnbuckles and she breaks the hold. He whips her into the ropes and catches her with a big spinebuster.

Erin Robbins: I think he's definitely taking her more seriously now. Crisis looks pissed that Mary was able to get him down for even a two count.

From the outside, Sipher yells for Crisis to finish Mary off.

Zach Davis: Sipher wants this match over, and Crisis seems more than ready to oblige him!

Crisis scoops Mary up and into position for the C3.

Erin Robbins: If he connects with that inverted piledriver, she's done.

From his shoulders, Mary begins fighting out of it, elbowing him in the side of the head repeatedly.

Zach Davis: Oh! I think she's catching him right on the ear with those! It doesn't matter how big you are, a hard shot to the ear like that can do some serious damage, especially to your equilibrium and balance!

Crisis appears a bit dazed and Mary Mac slips down his back before hitting a jumping enziguri.

Erin Robbins: And again right on that ear! Mary Mac is ruthlessly attacking that spot!

She's back up on her feet quickly, but Crisis stumbles up right after her. Mary's runs into the corner, Crisis right behind her. Mary leaps to the second turnbuckle before turning quickly and delivering a flying dropkick, putting them both down on the mat.

Zach Davis: Turnaround Missile Dropkick! Crisis took advantage of Mary Mac's aggressiveness early in the match, and she just returned the favour! For such vastly different competitors, this has been a really even match!

Erin Robbins: She may have hurt herself a bit too, though. All the damage from those high-impact moves Crisis hit might be starting to add up.

The referee begins applying a ten count, but both start stirring on the mat. Crisis is on his feet first, and Mary's able to pull herself up using the ropes. Crisis looks for a big boot, but Mary ducks underneath and hits the ropes, rebounding off and connecting with the tiltawhirl headscissors. Crisis is up on his feet right away, but just to walk into a spinning wheel kick.

Zach Davis: And these shots to the head might be doing some real damage here, because Crisis is definitely moving slower now!

Erin Robbins: Mary's waiting here, looking for something!

Crisis is up to his knees, and Mary charges in for a basement dropkick, right in the side of the head. She makes the cover, hooking the leg.



Erin Robbins: Oh, Crisis still kicks out strong!

Zach Davis: The big man's hurting, but he's definitely not done just yet!

Erin Robbins: Mary's hurting too I think. She seems to be favouring her ribs and back a little from those big power moves Crisis hit on her earlier in the match! I don't know how much she's got left!

When Crisis gets to his feet, Mary hops up to his shoulders for a hurricanrana, but Crisis is able to stop her momentum in the middle of her swing down. He deadlifts her back up and connects with a sit-out powerbomb.

Erin Robbins: Death Drop! That might be it!




Zach Davis: No! She just got the shoulder up there.

Erin Robbins: I think that was purely on instinct; a slam like that'll take a lot out of you.

As Mary slowly pulls herself up to her feet, Crisis stalks her, Sipher yelling for him to finish her off. Crisis pulls Mary Mac up onto his shoulders, in position for the F-5.

Zach Davis: I think he wants Satan's Plunge, Erin! He hits that, I don't think anyone can kick out!

He swings Mary Mac out, but she catches the big man's head and she slides a leg between his on the way down, pulling him to the mat with an inside cradle.

Zach Davis: Small package out of Satan's Plunge! Amazing counter!




Erin Robbins: I don't believe it! Crisis doesn't believe it! Lou Sipher doesn't believe it! The referee doesn't believe it!

Mary Mac slides out of the ring, and jumps into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.

Zach Davis: I don't know how she managed to pull that one off, but she did it! A huge win for Mary Mac!

Erin Robbins: There you have it folks, Mary Mac has won her second match against Crisis!

Zach Davis: She must be happy with this win!

Erin Robbins: Mary is starting off strong if nothing else!

Mary heads to the back, as the lights go down in the arena, and the crowd starts to cheer, mixed with a few boos. The tron comes to life, with flames appearing on the screen, and the words "THEY WANT YOU!". A set of purple eyes burn within the flames but fade as the tron fades out. The lights come back up and Crisis is looking around trying to find out who is playing the mind games with him.

Zach Davis: What in the hell was that about?

Erin Robbins: I don't know, but I have a feeling that the Shadows are starting to play Mind Games with him.

Zach Davis: Maybe they want him to join!

Erin Robbins: If that's the case then the mind games have just begun. We'll be back after this.

Jordan Caliban Segment

We open on Caliban sitting on a backwards chair staring at the ground in a white room somewhere back stage, the other members of Sequitus aren't around, he is sitting alone wearing his Punkin mask and a black sweater with the hood up. The white of the room made even brighter by the dark vision he casts and the black demeanour he is exuding from every pore in his body

Caliban: We lead ourselves down roads of violence and pain, to show others how far we would be willing to go to maim men who in a proffesion of any other, I would'nt punch in the face but embrace like a brother. The light you have all be enjoying is about to fade, there is a change coming, something you will have to embrace from the shade, we are taking this company one step at a time and Jonny once I beat you I promise I'll take the title you all hold so proud and put it around my waist as Sequitus pisses on the graves of the Pantheon of proffesional wrestling

He finally looks up acknowledging the camera, even from behind the mask you can tell his eyes are full of bad mood

Caliban: It has been 3 weeks since I allowed myself to be put on the shelf and in those 3 weeks I have had to sit and watch my friends become entangled in a fight we have no part in, do you really think Sequitus gives a shit if 8 old hands try and kill each other like they have been doing BORINGLY for the past what 2 years? But if they do want to get to each other they have to go through us because we want a piece first. This situation is about to change, Sequitus will have it's messiah back, they will have the words of revolution to guide them and a definitive show of strength when Jordan, Cormack, Alpine and myself go to war with these enemies at explosion in 7 days time. Just as tonight they go to into battle in some pretty decent match ups. Tonight you see Sequitus's behemoth, our Tursas if you will, destroy a mirror image of man who used to be somebody round here, I don't know a whole hell of a lot about Dillinger but he is someone we will be watching with great interest. Then we have The Superkick kid and The shine taking on the sheep and Chelsea's sperm donar, I dunno what's going on with Michaels and my man Jordy but Chase has a fight coming for him tonight. As for the poor bastard known as Chelsea's painted love stick, dude your girl pulled some kind of shit on Alpine last week, you know you are going to pay for it right? You understand that even the Pig is gunna wanna feast on your bones when you guys get in the ring later.

Caliban rolls up his mask to just above his mouth and smiles as he lights a joint, he catches the camera guys eye and smiles

Caliban: Medicinal, obviously

He takes a long drag and then takes sometime to organise his words before saying them clearly and concisely biting back on the Irish accent for just a few seconds

Caliban: But while tonight is another night of war being waged by the soldiers in Sequitus my eyes are firmly on march 30th,

He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes.

Caliban: That date has particular meaning for me, it will be 3 years to the day since my first death match, I tried to end the career of a man I respected, Imagine what I have in mind for a scum sucker like Jonny Fly, because I promise you it will be murder at explosion. But surprisingly enough it wont be the C4 match that produces the career casualties, it will be mine, I don't know if I am good enough to beat Jonny Fly but unlike the effort put in by Ciserano last week I am not in this for the win. This time just like with Corey and Orbit and Price, because one way or another we have got them all, you will end your moment in the PPV sunlight with your head buried in the mat, throbbing so hard you wont be able to stand the lights as they surround me as they always should have done. We aren't in your company anymore Jonny, this place will soon be somewhere you won't recognise, explosion is just another step forward I'll leave you with this warning Fly

He tosses his smoke and hops up to his feet pulling the mask back down and approaching the camera

Caliban: Be fast Jonny, be faster than you have ever been before because when it comes to the game we play at Explosion there are 2 types of people, the quick and the dead and I ain't ready for a pine wood box yet

Caliban strolls off down the corridor singing “enjoy your fun, with ollie the magic bum, when the explosion comes, the fun is over and your time will come”. The camera shuts off and the commentators kick in as we pan over the arena crowd

Erin Robbins: Strong words from this new version of Jordan Caliban now going by simply Caliban

Zach Davis: If Pantheon continue to underestimate these guys regardless of the crap they have pulled, it is going to get another one of them hurt

Erin Robbins: Either way Jonny Fly needs to watch his back and be ready for next Sunday, Caliban's return looks to be a violent one.

Jonny Fly vs Ollie the Magic Bum

Zach Davis: Well this next match up will be well, interesting to say the least…

Erin Robbins: This isn’t right; Jonny Fly is the former World Heavyweight Champion, now he’s been forced to face a magic bum?

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbo tron as the beginning of ‘300 Violin Orchestra’ by Jorge Quintero begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New York City, New York…weighing in at 230 pounds! Jonny…Fly!

Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on the ring. The jumbo tron changes to the words ‘This is the Era of Jonny Fly.’ The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly. His eyes remain fixed on his opponent throughout. Slowly and deliberately he begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the ring before he then slides into the ring awaiting his opponent as ‘300 Violin Orchestra’ fades out.

Zach Davis: Fly may not be happy having to face Ollie here, but he’ll be making sure to send a message here tonight…

Erin Robbins: This is not the way we should be treating our former World Champion, the best World Champion ever…

The arena lights go out as a mirror ball is lowered from the ceiling and as ‘Star Trekkin’ by The Firm hits, loads of different coloured lights hit the mirror ball and the arena gets flooded with light as Ollie dances onto the stage, a can of insect repellent spray is seen in the chest pocket of his Hawaiian shirt and he’s carrying a giant fly swatter made out of cardboard in his left hand.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his opponent, from the nearest dumpster…weighing in at 156 pounds! Ollie…the Magic…Bum!

Dancing down the ramp, he uses his free hand to high five the fans. As he reaches the ring, he places the fly swatter on the ring apron and he leaps into the ring and picks the fly swatter back up before dancing around some more as ‘Star Trekkin’ fades out.

Zach Davis: I like this guy already; I think he’s going to fit right in here in the WCF…

Erin Robbins: Oh yeah, he’s like the rest of these NWA rejects, a loser!

The referee calls for the bell and the match is underway, Ollie quickly grabs the can of insect repellent spray from his chest pocket and aims it at Fly as if he were aiming a loaded gun at him, as expected, the crowd eat it up and laugh hysterically.

Zach Davis: Ha! Ollie actually believes he can beat Jonny Fly with insect repellent…get it Erin…coz his surname is Fly?

Erin Robbins: You’re an idiot…and so is this guy! He’s against Jonny Fly for Christ’s sake!

Ollie then sprays the insect repellent in Fly’s direction and the former World Champion wafts it away with his hand so it doesn’t get into his eyes. Ollie stops spraying him and looks on at Fly with a look of confusion on his face.

Zach Davis: I think Ollie’s just figured out the repellent isn’t working…

Erin Robbins: Please tell me why we’re watching this match?

Ollie then throws the can out of the ring and takes his giant cardboard fly swatter in both hands and swings it around, hitting Fly repeatedly with it, again the fans are in a fit of laughter, even the referee is trying not to laugh.

Zach Davis: Now Ollie’s trying to swat Fly with his homemade fly swatter…this is great!

Erin Robbins: It’s not great, it’s embarrassing…

When Ollie finally comes to the conclusion that his giant cardboard fly swatter isn’t going to work, he throws that out of the ring and begins stroking his chin in contemplation, obviously wondering what he could possibly do to defeat the apparent leader of the fly division spy unit.

Zach Davis: I think Ollie’s running out of ideas on how to defeat Fly…

Erin Robbins: He’s not going to be able to beat him!

Fly shakes his head before calling for a microphone and is handed one, he looks at Ollie, not amused at all. He shakes his head before raising the microphone to his lips.

Jonny Fly: So let me get this right…the idiots in charge around here put the People’s Champion, Stacy Robinson in the Main Event against Waylon Cash…and I’m here facing this…

Fly points at Ollie who isn’t even paying attention, still thinking about how he can defeat Fly.

Jonny Fly: A magic bum called Ollie! You know, if I wanted to suffer a nostalgia trip like this…I’d just go and play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2! I’m Jonny Fly! The greatest World Champion to ever exist in this company! I’m not wasting my time with this piece of crap!

Fly throws the microphone to the ground and goes to pass Ollie, planning on leaving the ring, however Ollie sticks out his foot and Fly trips over him which causes the fans to erupt into laughter as Ollie begins laughing hysterically himself.

Zach Davis: These fans absolutely love this guy!

Erin Robbins: Ollie’s going to regret that…

Fly slowly gets to his feet, seething as he turns around and glares at Ollie whose hysterical laughter has since vanished and replaced with a look of concern.

Zach Davis: I think Fly’s done playing around…

Erin Robbins: Ollie is screwed…he was screwed from the moment he stepped into the ring with this guy…

Fly charges at Ollie with a clothesline, but Ollie does the splits, avoiding it and causing Fly to bounce off the ropes, when he comes back, Ollie hits him with a hip toss which gets a huge pop from the crowd. Fly quickly gets back to his feet, in utter disbelief and embarrassment.

Zach Davis: Ollie the Magic Bum just took down Jonny Fly with a hip toss!

Erin Robbins: You’re acting like that makes him the greatest wrestler to ever live!

Fly immediately gets into Ollie’s face, yelling obscenities at him; Ollie cringes and wafts his hand in front of his nose as if to say that Fly’s breath smells bad. Fly gets even more annoyed and goes to strike Ollie with a right hand; however Ollie blocks the shot and lands a right hand of his own, followed by a second, and then a third causing Fly to fall onto the ropes.

Zach Davis: Ollie the Magic Bum is taking it to the former World Champion here…

Erin Robbins: He’s getting lucky, sooner or later he’ll be put in his place by Fly…

Ollie then bounces Fly off the ropes and hits him with a big boot sending Fly crashing to the mat on his back. Ollie then begins to look around at the crowd, pointing to Fly on the floor and begins to mimic Hulk Hogan before he goes for his patented leg drop, which sends the fans into a frenzy.

Zach Davis: Traits of the legendary Hulk Hogan…

Erin Robbins: Well I suppose at least this guy has some knowledge of wrestling…

Ollie then bounces off the ropes and stops at Fly’s head; he then begins to do the chicken dance for a few moments before dusting off the top of his shoulder and nailing Fly with a five knuckle shuffle.

Zach Davis: Well that was unexpected…

Erin Robbins: Fly will just be playing possum; he could take down this clown blindfolded…

Ollie then reaches into the pocket of his old jean shorts and pulls out a dirty old sock with a smiley face drawn on it in black marker. He then does the theatrics Santino Marella normally does before hitting the cobra and yells at the top of his voice, ‘The Dumpster Snake’.

Zach Davis: Fly’s in trouble here, Ollie’s about to take him down with his finisher!

Erin Robbins: Let’s be honest here Zach, Fly is not in trouble…

Fly gets to his feet and turns around, Ollie then attempts to hit him with ‘The Dumpster Snake’, however Fly ducks the shot and then nails Ollie with a vicious European uppercut sending him into the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Fly fighting back now…

Erin Robbins: Are you at all surprised?

Fly then charges at Ollie and nails him with the ‘Discus Fly’ causing Ollie to crash to the mat in a heap. Fly smirks, looking down at the fallen Ollie as he begins to climb the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Well we know what Fly has in mind here Erin…

Erin Robbins: He’s going to go for his patented ‘Fly Swatter’ finishing move…

Fly then leaps off the turnbuckle and literally swats Ollie with the ‘Fly Swatter’ before going for the pin.




The referee calls for the bell and goes to raise Fly’s hand in victory, however Fly, still angered over having been put in this match to begin with, pulls his arm from the referee’s grasp and makes his way to the ropes.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner…Jonny…Fly!

Fly quickly leaves the ring and storms up the ramp, shaking his head in anger, disgust and embarrassment before disappearing to the back.

Zach Davis: Well what can I say about what we just witnessed Erin, a magic bum managed to take it to the former World Champion, Jonny Fly…

Erin Robbins: Really Zach? Do you really think for a second that Ollie was actually getting those shots in on Fly because he’s good enough to do it? Fly was allowing him to do those things, to suck him in and make him think that he actually had a chance at defeating him! He’s Jonny Fly! Some stupid bum off the street who thinks he’s magic will never amount to anything here in the WCF!

Zach Davis: Well the fans loved him, and so do I!

Erin Robbins: That’s because you and all these fans are complete and utter idiots! Can we please move on now…I want to forget what we just saw thank you very much!

Joey Nitro Segment

We cut backstage and we see WCF Director of Operations, Mr. Joey Nitro in his office talking to someone or some people. The door is slightly ajar so we can see Nitro, but not the person or people he’s talking too. On top of that, whatever Nitro is saying isn’t audible.

Zach Davis: What the Hell is this all about?

Erin Robbins: If I knew, I wouldn’t tell you, but I don’t know so I can’t tell you anyway…

After a couple of minutes of Nitro talking to this mystery person or people, he nods before leaving his office and is immediately approached by WCF Interviewer, Hank Brown.

Hank Brown: Mr. Nitro, could you explain to us all what was going on just now? Who were you talking too? And has this got anything to do with your meeting with Summer Daize last week?

Nitro chuckles a little before his expression suddenly changes to one of anger as he glares at Brown.

Mr. Joey Nitro: How about you go and interview somebody else; my business is none of yours…understand?

Brown furiously nods his head.

Mr. Joey Nitro: Good!

Nitro then walks off camera view leaving Brown and the rest of the WCF wondering what’s going on.

Night Rider vs Buzz Worthy

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Coming out first, from Apache Junction, Arizona, and weighing 236 pounds: Bryan “Buzz” Worthy!

"20th Century Boy" by T-Rex plays. Buzz bounds out on stage and encourages the fans to cheer louder. He jogs down towards the ring. Once he reaches the apron, he turns back, drops to one knee and points at the fans on both sides of the ramp, nodding his head to the music. Then he rolls under the ropes and does the Kurt Angle arms outstretched spinning taunt before heading to his corner.

Zach Davis: Bryan Worthy, playing to the crowd.

Erin Robbins: I don’t like it, Zach. The man claims to be an objective journalist, and here he is blatantly trying to curry the fans’ favor. It’s unprofessional.

Zach Davis: Buzz isn’t out there in his capacity as a reporter, Erin. Right now he’s just another wrestler.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from the Dark Side of Hell, weighing 335 pounds, he is one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions: Night Rider!

The lights in the arena dim as Pyrotechnics explode along the runway and from the four corner posts. 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing over the jumbo-tron as Night Rider steps out from behind the curtain and makes his way towards the ring. A cold hatred burns in his eyes as he steps through the ropes and waits.

Erin Robbins: Night Rider does not look happy.

Zach Davis: It hasn’t been a good month for the tag champ. He hasn’t won a single match he’s been in, and his multiple attempts to dragoon Oblivion into the Shadows of Darkness have all failed.

Erin Robbins: Well, he has a perfect chance to reverse that trend of bad luck here tonight.

Referee Clark Gillis calls both men to the middle of the ring to go over the rules. After the rundown he motions for the bell to be rung, and the match begins. Night Rider immediately goes on the offensive, hammering away at the smaller Buzz with stiff forearm shots. He drives Buzz back into the corner, where the two lock up. Gillis orders them away from the ringpost. Rider releases the hold and takes a step back, but then reverses himself, crashing shoulder first into Worthy’s gut. He does it a second time, and then a third. The attacks force Bryan up onto the second rope. Desperately, he tries to capitalize, floating over his bent opponent to try for a sunset flip. Rider wobbles but he doesn’t fall down. At least until he drops himself square on Buzz’s chest. He tries for a pin. One! Worthy reaches out and grabs the ropes.

Zach Davis: Despite the strong start for Night Rider, it’s not going to be that easy to put Buzz away.

Rider gets to his feet and pulls Worthy up. He tries to set Buzz up for a suplex, but Worthy is able to knee him in the stomach instead, and follow that up with a forearm smash to the face. Buzz then tries to Irish whip Night Rider to the opposite corner, but the bigger man reverses it, and then runs at Bryan to try a body avalanche. Worthy gets his foot up, putting it right in Rider’s face. As he stumbles away Buzz comes from behind and tries grabbing Night Rider for a bulldog, but the Tag Champ pushes him away. He pursues Buzz, kicking and stomping on him, forcing him to the middle of the ring. He then sits him up for a claw hold to the shoulder.

Erin Robbins: Night Rider is using his superior size to his advantage. He’s got Worthy grounded. Now it looks like he wants to wear him down.

The Shadow Demon torques Worthy’s head and neck maliciously, using his weight to keep his foe down. Buzz struggles but can’t escape. Slowly, the two rise. Night Rider transitions the claw hold into a bear hug and then a belly to belly slam. Lateral press. One! Two! Buzz kicks out. Night Rider pulls him up and flings him to the ropes. He tries for a clothesline on the comeback but Worthy ducks under it. Buzz hits the rope on the opposite side and caroms back, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by a dropkick from Night Rider.

Erin Robbins: A very impressive move from a wrestler of Night Rider’s size.

Zach Davis: He’s got hops, I’ll give him that.

The Tag Champ rises to his feet and glares down at his stunned opponent. After talking some trash he pulls him to his feet and puts Buzz in an armbar. Keeping the hold on, he drags an agonized Buzz around the ring, taunting the crowd. Finally, he releases the hold, and sends Bryan crashing into the corner with a push kick to the kidneys. Worthy hits the ringpost head first and sinks to his hands and knees, clearly dazed.

Zach Davis: I think Buzz got his bell rung.

Referee Gillis goes to check on Worthy, but as he’s kneeling down Night Rider grabs Buzz by the ankles and yanks him away. He drops an elbow right on the back of Bryan’s head, causing him to collapse on the canvass. Rider rolls him over for the pin. One! Two! Worthy gets a shoulder up. Night Rider shakes his head and gives the ref a disgusted look. He moves to a vertical base, and waits for his foe to do the same. When he does he stuns him with a chop to the neck and then hits a belly to belly suplex. Another cover. One! Two! Buzz weakly kicks out.

Erin Robbins: Night Rider almost got him there. He clearly has the advantage now.

Zach Davis: I wouldn’t count Bryan Worthy out yet, Erin. The man has been undefeated since his return to the ring.

Erin Robbins: Against weaker competition, sure. But look what happens when he’s facing a championship caliber opponent.

Night Rider decides it’s time to end the match. He pulls Worthy up and drags him towards one of the corners. When Buzz tries to power out by elbowing Rider in the side of the head, he retaliates with a barrage of forearm clubs to the head and shoulders, putting him down on the mat. Hoisting him up again the Shadow Demon sets him on the first turnbuckle, then the second as he climbs up onto the first rope. He finally lifts Buzz so he’s sitting on the top turnbuckle, and then moves to join him.

Zach Davis: He’s setting Worthy up for the Drop of Death!

Erin Robbins: Zach, look, something is happening at ringside.

The camera shifts, and we see Terry Roberts standing up from his front row seat, dwarfing the other fans in attendance.

Zach Davis: It’s former WCF superstar Terry Roberts! He said he was going to be here tonight!

Erin Robbins: After Night Rider took to social media to call his former Angel of Death stablemate. You think the two might be connected?

Zach Davis: I’d say that’s very likely Erin- uh oh, looks like Night Rider finally noticed Synn is in the house!

Zach is correct. The Shadow Demon has spotted Terry in the crowd. He glares at him, flips him the double bird, and then falls backward into the ring, taking Buzz with him. Worthy hits the mat head first and does not move.

Erin Robbins: Drop of Death!

Night Rider moves to cover. One! Two! Three!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, Night Rider!

As Rider’s music plays he immediately slides under the ropes out of the ring. He goes to the barricade and goes nose to nose with Roberts. The two jaw back and forth before the ref and stadium security move in to keep them separate.

Zach Davis: Uh oh! Looks like things are about to get heated between Rider and Roberts.

Erin Robbins: Awesome! Can’t wait.

Unfortunately for the blood thirsty spectators, neither man takes any further aggressive action. Rider says something to Referee Gillis, who then raises the big man’s arm to show he was the victor tonight.

Zach Davis: Night Rider won his match, and won it convincingly, but I don’t think his issue with Terry Roberts is close to over.

Dr. Remus Micayle Segment

The camera opens in a plush lounge located inside of the Joe Louis Arena. Seth Lerch, the owner of WCF Wrestling, is dressed very smartly in a suit and tie as he sits comfortably in an armchair in front of his desk. He’s busy typing into a laptop; no doubt focused on his business dealings and on-goings in the business. Suddenly, a smattering of knocks can be heard on his door, as his intent concentration is broken. Annoyed, Seth calls out.

Seth Lerch: Who the hell is that! Come in!

The door creaks open as soft footsteps are heard. After what seems like an eternity, the camera pans over to reveal the smug face of Doctor Remus Micayle. He approaches Lerch, before casually putting a hand on his desk. Unamused, Seth raises an eyebrow.

Seth Lerch: What do you want, Doctor. This better be good.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Oh… I assure you it most certainly is.

The pair lock eyes. A slow smile creeps onto Micayle’s features.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Now… you know that I am not one to beat around the bush. And I also know that you are a man of business, so I am here to give you a business proposal… of sorts. One that will mutually benefit the both of us. Interested?

Seth doesn’t speak, instead gesturing for the Scientist to carry on, his business sense peaked. Micayle’s grin broadens.

Doctor Remus Micayle: I just happen to notice that our new WCF Tag Team champions, Miss Denise D’Evil and her biker fiancé Night Rider, are seemingly having the time of their lives. Not concerned about setting a good example to the American public, not making goodwill donations to society… not even bothering to do anything other than further their own wedding. I want to change that.

He removes his hand from Seth’s table, before pointing a finger at himself.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Blasphemy. A champion doesn’t behave the way they do. I am a man who can change that, and bring the same prestige to the Tag Team titles that I did to the United States championship. And even though I am no longer the official USA representative for this company...

A sour expression comes across his face, before his expression reverts back to a sickly pleasant one.

Doctor Remus Micayle: … my First Apostle and myself are more than capable to raise the standards of tag team wrestling in this company. Consider this fair notice. Team Science will be gunning for those straps, and we are more than confident that we will rise to the challenge. Make it happen, and receive the dividends of both wealth and knowledge.

He stares at Seth for a couple of seconds in silence, before turning around and striding out of the office. The screen fades to black as Seth gazes into space, clearly in deep thought about the prospect of Team Science taking on The Shadows.

Doc Henry/Alexander Richards vs Jam Willy Jesus/ICE Beckman

Erin Robbins: Now we move onto tag team action. Doc Henry and Alexander Richards taking on ICE Beckman and Jam Willy Jesus

Zach Davis: Doc and Alexander verse Natty ICE and Jam Willy Hay-Zeus.

Erin Robbins: This should be a good match.

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Doc steps trough the ropes and grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more cheers as Mary poses on him seductively.

The opening bars of Ghost Opera by Kamelot begins and Alexander Richards walks towards the ring with a huge smile on his smile. He holds his doctor's bag in one hand and with the other he slaps hands with all fans foolish enough to try. He, of course, hits the fans hands as hard as human possible. He rolls in under the bottom rope and starts the fight as quickly as possible.

Zach Davis: Doc Henry and Alexander Richards awaiting the arrival of Jam Willy Hey-Zeus and Natty ICE.

The opening strains of "Paegan Love Song" by Acid Bath hit the PA and the crowd comes to life as the arena lights turn to a dim glow.

Zach Davis: And here.we.go!

"Dying felt so goddamn good today
If I was ever alive, well it's hard to say
It was kissin' my eyelids and burning my face away
Dying felt so goddamn good today"

The darkened silhouette of Jam Willy Jesus appears at the entrance way and the cheers grow louder. Jam Willy acknowledges the fans by pounding his chest with his left fist twice and then raising that same fist into the air, before starting his walk down the aisle. A prison style spotlight follows Jam Willy as he slaps hands with the fans that have come to greet him along the security barrier, and makes his way down to the ring.

Jam Willy rolls into the ring and climbs onto the turnbuckles, raising both arms into the air while the fans shower him with cheers. Willy nods his head and smiles then hops off of the turnbuckles. He removes his leather jacket and beaded necklace and hands them to a ringside attendant, then uses the ring ropes to do some last-minute stretches before the match begins.

The arena is quiet with the lights all on when over the PA system you hear a man ask, "Are you Drunk yet?" as the crowd responds with a cheer "Feels Good Inc." by The Gorillaz hits the speakers. The lights begin to flash blue and white as two cannon shot of fake snow shoot out from the entrance area. Out from the snow comes Natural ICE Beckman holding a beer in his hand. He chugs the last half of the beer, then crushes the hand before tossing it into the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, from Foam Lake, Wisconsin. Weighing in 250lbs. He is known as The True Cold Drunk ...Natural ICE Beckman!!

Erin Robbins: The newly crowned US Champ, ICE Beckman, making waves. Right now this is the guy to watch.

ICE then smiles to the crowd going up and stealing beers from willing fans. He chugs the beers down the aisle until he reaches the ring. Once there he rolls into the ring, sitting up in the corner. He rests against the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin and cleans his beard from the beer foam.


Zach Davis: The ref calls for the bell and we're off!

ICE and Richards start the match. ICE shows no fear in going right to it with Richards, who has a good hundred pounds on him but ICE just starts hammering away on Richards.

Zach Davis: Natty Ice has two slogans. “Get drunk” and “fight.” Natty ICE takin it to the bigger man in this match.

Ice whips Richards off the ropes and goes behind him for a German suplex! Ice goes to pick up Richards but Richards fights back with knees to the gut and headbutt after headbutt. He whips Ice off the ropes and connects with a clothesline.

Erin Robbins: Richards starting to take it to the US champion.

Richards picks up Ice and hits a stalling vertical suplex. He tries to pick up Ice again but Ice head buts him in the stomach and powers Richards over into Richards corner. Ice hits a few shoulder strikes and punches before turning to Doc and crackin him right in the mush. This split second distraction gives Richards enough to to grab Ice, picking him up like a sack of potatoes and slamming him down with an Oklahoma slam. Richards picks up Ice for a torture rack but the US champ floats through it and counters with a scoop slam! Ice grabs Richards by the legs and tries to hook in the sharp shooter but just as he clinches it in, Doc runs out from his corner with an elbow, knocking Ice to the ground and starts stoming away on him. The ref tries to regain order and sends Doc back to his post. Both Ice and Richards get to their feet at the same time. Richards charges at Ice but Ice hits a drop toe hold.

Zach Davis: Cocktailed Cross face!

Erin Robbins: Richards is fighting for the ropes.. and.. he's got it.


Ice breaks the hold. He picks up Richards and tries to whip him into the corner but its reversed by Richards and Ice slams hard into the turnbuckle,

Zach Davis: Richards charges... OW! Running splash connects.

Erin Robbins: Richards makes the tag to Henry.

Richards hold Ice while Doc hits a stiff kick to the midsection. Ice staggers off as Doc hits a chop bloc and starts working over the right leg of Ice whose trying to crawl over to Jam willy. Doc pulls him away by that right leg but Ice turns himself around and kicks him off. Ice gets to his feet as Doc comes back but Doc runs into a release over head belly to belly.

Erin Robbins: Ice tags in Jam willy.

Zach Davis: Doc to his feet.

Erin Robbins: Armageddon, CHA-CHA-CHA!

Zach Davis: Doc moves out of the way.. GAMBLERS HAND!

The pin.




Erin Robbins: Jam Willy kicks out at two.

Doc picks up Jam willy and starts connecting with rights and left but Jam willy comes back with some dirty boxing of his own.

Zach Davis: Doc throws a kick..

Erin Robbins: Its caught! Dragon screw by Jam Willy.

Jam Willy goes to the top, looking to drop the elbow but Doc lifts a leg up and Jam willy eats a boot all day long.

Zach Davis: Doc going up the buckle now...

Erin Robbins: Diving spear connects!

The pin




Erin Robbins: Jam willy kicks out again!

Doc picks up Jam willy and goes for a running neck breaker...


Both men are down in the middle of the ring.

1.. 2...3..4..5..6..

Both men get to their feet at the same time, trying to make it over to their respective corners.

Erins Robbins: Richards is in!

Zach Davis: Natty Ice is in!

Both men run at each other but its Richards who connects with a massive swinging ax handle that lays Ice out cold. Richards picks up Ice..


Zach Davis: The Final Enlightenment.

The pin..





Erin Robbins: ICE kicks out!

Richards goes to pick up Ice but scoops him up and hits an atomic drop. Richards staggers away as Ice follows him and kicks him in the gut..


Zach Davis: Beer Bong! Sit down power bomb!

The pin.




NOO !!!

Erin Robbins: Alexander Richards kicks out!

Ice picks up Richards and whips him into the corner. Ice runs at Richards but takes a big boot to the face as Richards dives towards Doc Henry!

Zach Davis: Henry back in the match!

Henry clubs Ice from behind and knocks him into the corner. Doc sets Ice up on the buckle and tries for a super-plex but Ice blocks It. Doc tries again but it's blocked again! Ice hits a few body shots on Doc then a big headbutt that send Doc crashing to the mat.

Zach Davis: Flying Natty IICE!


Elbow drop.

Both men are down


Ice gets to his feet and tags in Jam Willy. Doc gets to his feet as Jam willy and kicks him in the gut.

Erin Robbins: Doc setting up for a pedigree...

Zach Davis: NO! Jam willy with a back drop.

Doc and Jam willy both get up as Jam willy turns around and eats another big boot. Doc whips Jam Willy into the corner.

Erin Robbins: Doc setting him up, looks like Straight to hell!

Zach Davis: Natty ICE hits the ring.

Erin Robbins: ICE kicks the ropes and Jam willy is able to float over through the brain buster but Doc is still on the ropes, hanging on for dear life.

Zach Davis: Jam Willy runs into the corner... FRANKINSTIENER!

Erin Robbins: Right into ICE who hits a power bomb!

Zach Davis: Richards hits the ring but runs into Natty ICE! We got a brawl on our hands.

Erin Robbins: Whats Jam Willy Doin?


Erin Robbins: Docs fighting it, he's trying. He does tap, he doesnt quit!

Zach Davis: I know, Doc would rather pass out then tap.

Erin Robbins: Over in the corner, Hangover! DDT!

Zach Davis: Richards is out!

ICE makes his way back over to Doc who still refuses to tap. Ice starts stomping away at the hands of Doc.

Erin Robbins: ICE, stomping away at the hands of Doc.. I.. I think he's trying to make him tap

Zach Davis: He just won't do it. He's trying to make Doc tap. He's even, look; he's, he's slamming Docs hand on the ground.

Erin Robbins: Does that count?

Zach Davis: Cross face! Ice locks in the cross face!

Erin Robbins: Jam Willy has doc with the Whammer Jammer and ICE with the cocktail crossface!

The ref peels Ice off of doc..

Zach Davis: The ref calls for the bell! Jam Will and Ice disqualified?

Erin Robbins: I think Doc Henry tapped out.

Zach Davis: Tap out or pass out. It doesn't matter. A sub is a sub!

Erin Robbins: Well, Jam Willy and ICE pick up the win some some great team work!

Chelsea Black Armstrong Segment

Chelsea: I can’t do this anymore!

MoD: What are you talking about; you have Seifer right where you need him! You’re so close to getting him to join Scott!

Shouts are heard through the locker room door of Chelsea Black-Armstrong as what hides behind is not pleasant for the camera. Clothes have been thrown everywhere as Chelsea sits in the middle of the room holding her knees to her chest with black mascara filled tears running down her cheeks as she shakes her head violently.

Chelsea: He killed someone! I pushed him too much, Adrian got the best of him and he killed someone!

MoD: It’s not like it’s the first time you saw him covered in blood, hell you’ve been covered in someone else’s blood yourself!

Chelsea: I know…

MoD: Then what’s the problem here? It’s nothing new for you two!

Chelsea: But it is! He didn’t want to do this, he didn’t want Adrian to take over again…but I kept pushing him and trying to get him to give in and now this happens…I’m scared of what’s going to happen to him.

MoD: He’s going to be fine; this isn’t the first time Adrian has showed up…

Chelsea: Do you remember what happened last time? He himself told me he was scared because last time Shelley was killed…what is something happens and I am drug into a fight, what if that happens to me???

MoD: You can’t be serious, Chelsea get a freakin grip! For one you are stronger that she was, you have been through so much and Seifer wouldn’t let anything like that happen to you. I honestly believe you are making excuses here.

Chelsea: What do you mean? I’m scared for him…of him…how can I be making excuses about this?

MoD: Are you sure you’re scared of what he is and will become, or are you more scared of having to share Scott with him. Is that what it is Chelsea? Do you want to keep Scott all to yourself?

Chelsea: No…no of course not, I know Scott would be good for him…I just don’t think he’s ready for this yet. He’s moving too fast…

MoD: You’re lying to me Chelsea; you don’t want to share Scott with Seifer, why? Why are you going through all this trouble now with trying to keep Seifer away from him, what’s going on?

Chelsea: Nothing…

MoD: Tell me!

Chelsea: I don’t want to be left behind ok! Every time Seifer gets put by me like this I get pushed to the back burner and he gets all the glory! You saw what happened in NWA, I was nothing until I won that World title! No one cared about me all they cared about was Seifer! What is Seifer doing, how long of a streak down Seifer have, how does it feel being married to Seifer? I’m not going through that shit again! Scott found me first! He talked to me and I am the one moving up in this family! He’s not going to take that away from me!

MoD: You listen to me now and you make sure you hear every word that I am saying. Scott will not let that happen and besides Seifer needs you now. He wouldn’t push you away like that just to get himself to the title! He’s not like that and you know it! So quit your crybaby attitude, get the hell up off this floor and go tell Seifer to call Scott!

Chelsea: I…I can’t…

MoD: You do it now, or I will do it for you! Get up!

Standing up the emotion has faded from Chelsea’s face as she makes no move to clear the streaked makeup from her face and walked out the door leaving everything else in silence.

Chase Michaels/Seifer Black Armstrong vs Brent Alpine/Jordan Ciserano

"Matter of Time" plays and a spotlight scans the crowd until it stops on Chase who's standing at the top of the entrance ramp with his arm stretched out in a cocky fashion, standing behind him is a woman dressed in a large red hooded cloak. They then slowly makes their way down to ringside before Chase rolls under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle and raising his arms in a cocky fashion before stepping down and taking his hoodie off and waiting on his opponent.

Suddenly the lights go out and static shows on the titantron as black smoke covers the stage and ramp. The static then turns into a black screen as blood drips onto the screen forming the words Seifer Black Armstrong causing the fans to go wild. Suddenly there is an explosion of fire on the stage and Black by Trivium blasts out of the PA system as Seifer Black Armstrong runs onto the stage whipping the fans up into a frenzy, holding his World title and with his custom title fastened around his waist.

Dazy: And the champion...making his way to the ring accompanied by Chelsea Black Armstrong...from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...weighing in at 250 pounds...'The Archangel of the WCF'...Seifer...Black...Armstrong!

Running down the ramp Seifer and Chelsea claps hands with the fans as he does a full lap around the ring before sliding into it under the bottom rope.

Erin Robbins: What World Title is that anyway, Zach? This is WCF, why is he wearing it?

Zach Davis: Who knows. Let him enjoy it, Erin.

Climbing onto the second turnbuckle, Seifer puts his arms out in the sign of the cross tipping his head back and spitting out silver mist before jumping down, handing his Coat to Chelsea before taking his t shirt off and throwing it out into the crowd before sitting in the corner waiting for the match to start as Black by Trivium fades out.

The music plays and the crowd cheers. 3 seconds into the song Jordan Ciserano comes out jumping, high with energy. He continues to pump the crowd up. After that the pyro begins, exploding every time one of Ciserano's jumps hits the floor. After that Ciserano makes his way down the aisle high fiving any and every fan in sight. Once he makes it to the base of the ring he jumps onto the apron while pyro explodes as he hits it. He enters by spring boarding over the top rope. Following that he climbs the top turn buckle to the top rope hold his hands over his head. The music ends and he's ready to fight.

A ghostly synth breathes over the PA.

The first keyboard chord of Prince's 'Gold' blares as a red shooting star firework darts up from the entrance-way to the left rafters. The second chord chimes as the arena lights flash red. The third chord accompanies a light blue star shoots to the upper right of the arena. Blue lights flash to greet the fourth chord.

Percy Micro, a micro pig with an electronic voice-box, scurries down the ramp to laughs and an ironic pop from the crowd.

As the main tune commences, a yellow spotlight covers the entrance as 'The Shine' Brent Alpine steps out from the back to sneers. A shower of sparks surround him, eliciting a brief pop at the spectacle. Alpine keeps walking, slides into the ring and jumps onto the turnbuckle. The pig 'speaks' in a robotic tone.

Percy Micro: Introducing my cherished commodity, from Rockhampton, Australia, weighing 227 pounds... 'The Shine'... Brent... Alpine!

'The Shine' glares in comical intensity and lifts up the back of his suit jacket like a Batman cape. He dismounts and hangs his jacket on the turnbuckle. He leaps onto the opposite turnbuckle. He removes his tie and long white shirt and throws them into the crowd, now ready for the match ahead. Percy hides under the ring.

Zach Davis: Alright, we've got all four competitors here now!

Ciserano and Alpine discuss strategy and who is going to start as Seifer and Chase pretty much ignore each other, neither man happy about the fact they're teaming up again. Eventually Alpine decides to start for his team, Chase for his. The bell sounds.

Erin Robbins: Here we go!

Chase runs at Alpine, going for a Clothesline, but Alpine ducks. Both men turn to face one another and Alpine fires off a few rapid strikes. The Shine then throws Chase to the ropes and executes an Arm Drag. Chase gets up, Alpine hits another Arm Drag. Chase gets up once more and this time Alpine takes him down with a Russian Legsweep.

Zach Davis: Beautiful offense from Brent Alpine thus far.

Alpine begins climbing to the top.

Erin Robbins: And now he's going high risk!

Alpine flies off with a Diving Leg Drop!, but Chase is able to roll out of the way! The fans cheer as Alpine hits the mat and Chase gets up. Chase hits Alpine with a few forearms to the head before executing a Snap Suplex and grudgingly tagging in Seifer.

Zach Davis: These two may hate each other, but they've got a match to win.

Erin Robbins: They'll face each other next week, as well as Sequitus member, Cormack MacNeill.. you know they want to send a message to Sequitus here tonight.

Seifer grapples Alpine from behind as Alpine was stumbling to his feet. Seifer then executes a German Suplex!, but Alpine is able to land on his feet! Seifer turns and is met with an Enziguri from the former TV Champ.

Zach Davis: Great reversal from Brent Alpine. I wonder if Percy Micro taught him that.

Erin Robbins: What? That doesn't even make sense.

Alpine turns and tags in Ciserano. Ciserano comes in and runs at Seifer, executing a Rolling Thunder attack. Ciserano then goes for a pin.



No!, Seifer kicks out.

Zach Davis: Not enough to put Seifer away quite yet.

Ciserano backs up and motions to the crowd as he waits for Seifer to get to his feet. Once Seifer is up Ciserano runs at him and hits a Running Dropkick. Seifer gets back up and Ciserano takes him down with a Side Effect. Lastly Ciserano hits a Springboard Splash!

Erin Robbins: That's his trademark, and he hit it to perfection!

Into another pin.



No!, Seifer is able to kick out again, just barely.

Zach Davis: Notice, Michaels didn't bother trying to help Seifer. I'm sure he doesn't want to lose, but he's not going to help his enemy, either.

Ciserano tags Alpine back in.

Erin Robbins: No love lost between Brent Alpine and the Black-Armstrongs. Chelsea just caused him to lose his Television Title last week, and they'll be facing each other next week in the Trilogy Cup Tournament.

Alpine lifts Seifer up and kicks him in the gut, doubling him over but not letting him fall. Alpine pulls Seifer in and lifts him..

Zach Davis: Powerbomb!

But once Seifer is up he reverses it into a rollup pin attempt!



NO!, Alpine kicks out!

Erin Robbins: Seifer almost stole the win for his team!

Zach Davis: Stole? More like earned.

Seifer dives and tags in Michaels. Michaels comes into the ring as Alpine gets up. Alpine runs at him but Michaels catches him and hits an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex!

Erin Robbins: What a suplex! No one suplexes like Chase Michaels!

Alpine is thrown towards the Sequitus corner, where Ciserano tags himself back in. Michaels runs at him and gets hit with a kick to the gut followed by a Twist of Fate! He then grabs his arm and locks in an Armbar.

Zach Davis: Submission applied!

Michaels yells out in pain as Seifer watches from the apron.

Erin Robbins: Is Chase going to tap out!?

Chase reaches for the ropes, desperately trying to reach them. The fans chant his name. "CHASE! CHASE! CHASE!"

Zach Davis: Can he reach the ropes? He's an inch away...

Chase makes it! The fans cheer as Ciserano releases the hold. Ciserano goes to pick him up but Chase drops him with a Jawbreaker. Chase then tags Seifer back in.

Erin Robbins: Here comes Seifer once again!

Seifer Springboards in and takes Ciserano down with a Dropkick. Ciserano gets back up and Seifer lifts him...

Zach Davis: He's going for the Fade to Black!

Seifer swings so that Ciserano's legs hit Alpine's head, causing him to drop off the apron. Seifer then finishes the move, spiking Ciserano to the mat! He goes for the pin!




Erin Robbins: Seifer Black Armstrong and Chase Michaels win it!

The bell sounds as Seifer gets up and gets his arm raised. Chase slowly enters the ring and lets the ref raise his arm as well, glaring at Seifer the whole time.

Zach Davis: Seifer picks up the win and the momentum heading into Explosion, but we'll see what Cormack MacNeill and Chase Michaels have to say one week from today!

Natural ICE Beckman Segment

Natural ICE Beckman is seen walking down the halls of the Joe Louis Arena. He walks up to a door that has Seth’s name on it. A reaction from the crowd can be heard as the fans realize whose door it is. ICE adjusts the United States title on his shoulder before knocking.

Seth Lerch: Come in.

Natural ICE walks into the office and is all smiles as he looks at the wall. On the wall is says “Seth Sux” in big letters with red spray paint.

Seth Lerch: What do you have to say for yourself?

ICE: How do you know it was me?

Seth Lerch: You signed it.

The camera man moves to shows smaller words that say @icemanwcf.

ICE: What can I say? If you don’t promote yourself, who will?

Seth Lerch: Listen Mr. Beckman, I am not going to have you attacking other wrestlers, spray painting insults about me and sending a group of monkeys to do your contract issued interviews anymore!

ICE: I tried to dress the monkeys up like me, but they were having nothing to do with pants; reminded me of my old man on thanksgiving.

The crowd chuckles at the silly off topic joke as Seth stairs draggers through the U.S. Champ.

Seth Lerch: Enough! I have asked you here to tell you about your punishment.

ICE: Oh wait that reminds me, I want to punish Atreyu like a stubborn mule. So as United States Champ I want to declare my match at Explosion a Steel Cage Match!

Seth Lerch: You declare nothing but non-sense. I am boss around here and it’s about time you learn your first lesson about messing with management in the WCF. First off, no cage man with Atreyu. In fact, no match with Atreyu at all! You don’t get booked for matches around here by attacking others from behind! Instead, you will be facing Mary Mac! In a regular, non cage match, because damnit, you're not the boss!

The crowd cheers the news of the match! ICE isn’t smiling as much anymore as Seth was out of the room with a final word.

Seth Lerch: Guess this time the joke is on you, ICE.

Seth walks out of the room. ICE finds his evil smile and pulls out the red spray paint can tucked in his back pocket. He bends down and adds a word under “Seth Sux”. ICE throws the can in the trash when he is done and walks out with the lovely US gold on his shoulder. The camera turns back and shows the wall now reads: “Seth Sux DICK!”

Zack Davis: Oh my.

Erin Robbins: Fire Him! FIRE ICE NOW!

Zack Davis: Sit down, Erin, let’s move on from this please.

Television Title Match
Chelsea Black Armstrong vs Peter Quinn

Erin Robbins: It's about that time!

Zach Davis: Title match time!

Erin Robbins: Chelsea Black Armstrong gets her shot at Peter Quinn and his TV title.

Zach Davis: Peter Quinn pretty much lucked into the TV title last week when Bret Alpine met a very unfortunate end but hey, all the more gain for arguably WCFs most least experienced talent.

Erin Robbins: Chelsea however, is no stranger to title matches, having a host of championships in her career, most notably being a former WCF TV champion.

Zach Davis: Everyone wants to limb back up to the top and this is her shot.

The lights in the arena dim as a thick fog takes over the entrance ramp causing those in the front row into seemingly disappear as Queen of Hell by A Sound of Thunder plays through the speakers. Bright emerald green lights shine through the fog as the music picks up and a figure walks out onto the stage in a glittering black cloak.

Kyle Steel: Hailing from St. Louis Missouri and now residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada she is the Mistress of Darkness…Chelsea Armstrong!

Making her way down the ramp she allows the hood to fall back showing two bright green eyes staring straight ahead as her crimson lips show bright against the black mascara lines running down her cheeks. Sliding under the bottom rope the fog begins to fade out as she takes off the cloak tossing it ringside and stares up the ramp awaiting her opponent.

Erin Robbins: Shes so intense. She really wants that title.

Zach Davis: I think she just wants to kick the crap out of Peter Quinn.

"Ready to Start" by Arcade Fire hits the PA.

Zach Davis: Speaking of Peter Quinn.

Peter Quinn quickly comes out the curtain, trying not to make too much of a scene. He practically jogs to get to the ring, slipping inside and standing still till the bell rings.


Quinn and Armstrong lock up in the middle of the ring but Quinns lack of experience shows immediately as Armstrong pulls him into a side headlock and then down to the mat. Quinn trashes violently, eventually he's able to roll Armstrong over and get a modified school boy pin attempt.

The Pin.




Erin Robbins: Chelsea kicks out at two. It's going to take a lot more than what Quinn can throw at her in order for him to put her away.

Zach Davis: Exactly. He may be the champ but he didnt exactly get a decisive victory over Brent Alpine to gain the belt.

Chelsea floors Quinn with a big clothesline. All of a sudden, the crowd boo the roof off.

Zach Davis: Oh no! Brent Alpine's here folks.

Erin Robbins: My hero! I'm swooning right now.

'The Shine' Brent Alpine walks towards the ring. Chelsea Black Armstrong locks eyes with him and the tension is palpable.

Zach Davis: It's hard to know who Alpine has the biggest problem with. His Explosion opponent Chelsea or the man he claims has 'stolen HIS' title, Peter Quinn.

Alpine goes to enter the ring but CBA blocks him off with an attempted boot to the head. He swiftly gets back down to mocking laughs from the crowd. He walks around the ring.

Erin Robbins: Ooh, Shine's coming this way! I'm all a fluster.

As CBA watches him like a hawk, Alpine gestures to the timekeeper to give him the TV Title. When he refuses, Alpine snatches the belt, causing the timekeeper to fall off his chair.

Brent Alpine: Sorry dingo!

Alpine stares lovingly at the TV Title. His eyes swell in emotion.

Zach Davis: Brent's stealing the TV Title that he lost last week!

Erin Robbins: By DQ! That's hardly losing.

He gets to his knees and hugs the belt. He kisses its panel.

Zach Davis: I think he's... CRYING!

Chelsea continues to look on in disgust. Suddenly, Peter Quinn recovers and rolls her into the pin. The referee counts.



KICKOUT! Chelsea gets up rapidly. Armstrong gets to her feet and charges at Quinn but she falls into an arm drag, into a second armdrag. Armstrong catches her cool and blocks the third attempt and counters it into an unprettier. She picks Quinn up and hits him with successive European uppercuts. She whips Quinn into the ropes and ducks for a back body drop but Quinn kicks her in the face and then tackles her to the ground. Quinn starts connecting with some punches before Armstrong flips him off of her. They both get back to their feet as Quinn tries for another tackle but Armstrong flips him over with an arm drag into an arm bar. She wrenches the arm as Quinn tries to get back to his feet.

Erin Robbins: Chelsea is not letting go.

Zach Davis: Quinns trying to reverse the pressure.. he does!

Quinn is able to maneuver around Armstrong and wrap her up for a reverse DDT- it connects. Quin tries to pick up Armstrong again but she's able to sweep the legs out from under Quinn. Armstrong is in control now, holding Quinns left leg. She splits his legs wide and hits an elbow drop to the inside of his leg.. then another.. then another.. finally she tops it off with a sharpshooter.

Zach Davis: Chelsea Black Armstrong, using her technical skill to show her superiority over the TV champ.

Erin Robbins: Can't win matches on your belly.

Zach Davis: No, but I heard you've won a match or two on your back.

Erin Robbins: You're such an asshole.

Quinn tries crawling for the rope and finally gets to them as the ref starts counting for Armstrong to break the hold.


Armstrong lets go at the four count as Quinn slides out of the ring and to the floor, collapsing in a heap. Armstrong gets on the apron and and tries for an ax handle but Quinn dives out of the way. Armstrong gets to her feet as Quinn comes back at her...


Zach Davis: This Move Kill Fascists!

Erin Robbins: Too bad its on the outside of the ring.

Quinn is beside himself, it actually worked!


The ref counts


Quinn picks up Armstrong and whips her into the guard rail and hesitantly hits a drop kick.


Quinn picks up Armstrong again and tries to pick her up for a scoop slam and he just barely makes it.

6.. 7..

Quin realizes the refs count and scrambles to make it back into the ring before the eight count.

8.. 9..

Armstrong gets to her feet at nine and dashes for the ring and just makes it back inside to beat the ten count.

Quinn gets brave and tries to lock up with Armstrong again but his foolishness leads him into error as Armstrong kicks him in the gut..


Erin Robbins: Devils wing!

Zach Davis: Going for the pin.

The pin.





Erin Robbins: Quinn just kicks out!

Armstrong picks up Quinn and launches him into the turnbuckle as she hits a running splash. Quinn staggers out of the corner as Armstrong goes for a spear but Quinn wobbles off balance and falls between the middle ropes and Armstrong eats the post. Quinn runs along the apron and drop kicks Armstrong on the face but then falls to the apron and back to the floor.

Zach Davis: I don't know whether to cheer or cry for Peter Quinn. It's great when he succeeds bu it's really funny when he messes up.

Quin slides back into the ring as Armstrong gets herself out from the post but Quinn stays on her and hammers away into the corner.

Erin Robbins: Snapmare by Quinn.

Zach Davis: Peter Quinn going high risk.. er.. low risk


Erin Robbins: Fist drop!

Zach Davis: Peter Quin going high risk again- this time to the second drop.


Erin Robbins: Another fist drop!

Zach Davis: Peter Quinn is on a roll.

Erin Robbins: He's goin to the penthouse sweet at the top of Slicky T Towers!

Zach Davis: Erin Robbins with a dated reference!

Erin Robbins: Your sex life is a dated reference!

Zach Davis: Quinn with a moonsault off the top!


Erin Robbins: And Peter Quinn kisses the canvas!

Zach Davis: Chelsea Armstrong moving out of the way, leaving the TV champ to crash and burn.

Armstrong takes a moment to get to her feet as the ref starts the count.

1.. 2..3..4..

Erin Robbins: Chelsea Black Armstrong gets to her feet and taunts for Quinn to get up.

Zach Davis: WATCH OUT!

Alpine slides into the ring with the TV Title and creeps up behind Chelsea.

Brent Alpine: You wanna see MY title?

As Chelsea turns around, Alpine smashes her in the face with the belt. She drops to the mat next to Peter Quinn. The referee rings the bell.

Zach Davis: WHAT?!

Does this mean...?

Erin Robbins: Genius!

The referee lifts Chelsea's arm in victory.

Kyle Steel: The winner of this match by Disqualification... and NEW WCF TV Champion, Chelsea Black Armstrong!

Zach Davis: Just like last week, the TV Title changes hands over a DQ. Last week, Chelsea cost Alpine by attacking Quinn. This week, Alpine costs Quinn by attacking Chelsea!

Erin Robbins: The hunk that is The Shine proves again why he is one of the smartest men on the planet. This means he gets a chance to win HIS title back at Explosion.

Chelsea's music hits but she is out cold. Alpine picks up Peter Quinn and downs him with the Glow Worm. Likewise, he picks up the motionless Chelsea Black Armstrong and hits the Glow Worm on her. He signals at the officials to pass him a mic.

Brent Alpine: All you drongos know that this TV Title is MINE! It absolutely appalled me to have to hand this to that ratbag mongrel Chelsea tonight but, I urge you all to see the bigger picture. This means that I get to win it back next week at Explosion. Not that I even lost it in the first place. I am the greatest ever TV Champion that the WCF has seen. So next week, not only will I advance to the Trilogy Cup final, I will reclaim what is mine. In fact, I will then get all records of losing this belt expunged from the history books due to the abomination that took place last week. Anyway, this feels like handing over a baby to a whorehouse but... here goes.

Without a hint of graciousness, Alpine throws the belt on Chelsea's prone body.

Brent Alpine: Before I go, I just want to thank you all for LOVING ME!


Brent Alpine: Oh sweet sweet music.

'Gold' by Prince plays as he leaves. Chelsea Black Armstrong and Peter Quinn begin to recuperate.

Herbert Goldstein Segment

Herbert is seen pacing back and forth in the hallway mumbling to himself. Scott enters which causes Herbert to light up with an idea.

Herbert Goldstein: Scott, you have to do something! Your henchman is going to kick my ass! I am not a wrestler, I am just lawyer. My bones are brittle and important! You need to do something.

Scott Savage: Do not worry, I have a plan to deal with Gable. In the mean time Waylon will be making an announcement tonight that you may find very interesting. Might want to keep an eye on that.

Scott pats Herbert on the should and walks on through.

Herbert Goldstein:What?!? You can't leave me with more questions...I'm a lawyer!!!

Mark Dillinger vs Cormack MacNeill

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first . . .


A scream echoes throughout the arena, followed by the sounds of gun fire. This continues on for a few moments, and then silence. It is within this silence that Mark Dillinger steps out on the stage, watching the crowd with a confused and pained face. He makes the rest of the way down in ramp in this silence, head down away from the eyes staring at him. He rolls into the ring without any fanfare and prepares himself for the match.

Kyle Steel: From Sanford, North Carolina, he is “The First Apostle” Mark DILLINGER!

Zach Davis: Micayle’s new patient is getting set to face the man who has been under the doctor’s skin the past couple weeks.

Erin Robbins: It would’ve been sweeter to see Micayle beat Cormack to a pulp, but I guess Dillinger can accomplish that easily enough.

The drumbeat marks a cadence as Cormack walks out, heading towards the ring. He stops at the top of the ramp, and throws his fist into the air, saluting the cheering fans. Walking in stride with the music he heads to the ring, focusing on his upcoming match.

Sliding under the ropes, he rises and mounts a corner turnbuckle. MacNeill raises his fist in the air, saluting the fans, and then climbs down and uses the ropes to stretch out and warm up, waiting for the bell to ring

Kyle Steel: From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, he is Cormack MACNEILL!

Zach Davis: And there he is, the strong arm of Sequitus. Cormack is looking to prove himself tonight against Dillinger. A win over the former world champ could really solidify himself in the company.

Erin Robbins: But he won’t.

Zach Davis: Now look, I know you’re biased, but—wait, I believe Dillinger is getting this match started already!

Indeed he had. While Cormack had been warming up, Dillinger suddenly rushed him, nailing the Scot in the back of his head with a lariat. Cormack drops to the mat while Dillinger viciously stomps on his neck and head. Finally having enough, Cormack bails out the ring to escape the boots. He cannot escape Dillinger entirely, though, as the First Apostle shoots the ropes and flies through the ropes to land on Cormack on the outside. Both men crash against the barricade as the referee calls finally calls for the bell.


Dillinger rises to his feet, looking down at Cormack with malicious intent. Grabbing Cormack by the head, he positions the Sequitus member’s skull against the barricade and STOMPS on it, once, twice, three times. By this point, the referee was up to four on the ten count, so Dillinger grabs Cormack by the beard and rolls him into the ring, following closely behind to make the pin.




Cormack rolls onto his stomach after the kickout while Dillinger stares at him for his knees, a wicked smile on his face. Rising to his feet, Dillinger takes a few steps back, watching for the right moment. That moment comes when Cormack is on his hands and knees, in perfect position for the punt from Dillinger. Except Cormack sees the kick coming and evades it, leaving Dillinger to connect with thin air. Cormack gets to his feet before Dillinger can recover and wraps his arms around Mark’s waist. One German suplex later and suddenly its Dillinger stuck in a pinning predicament.




Dillinger springs to his feet far faster than Cormack had, shooting the ropes before the Canadian is even on his feet. He wasn’t fast enough, though, as Cormack gets his foot up in time, sending the rebounding Dillinger to the mat from the stiff big boot. It is MacNeill who shoots the rope this time, coming back with a vintage leg drop across Dillinger’s forehead that the Sequitus member quickly transitions to a pin.



Erin Robbins: It’s going to take more than a leg drop to take Micayle’s disciple down.

Zach Davis: I think Cormack realizes that because he’s setting up for the Brogue Kick.

Cormack rises to his feet and backs into the corner, poised for a kick of his own as Dillinger rises to his feet. Once The Missing Right Hand was vertical, Cormack launches himself, sending the right foot upward. And he connects . . . with the referee, who Dillinger had pulled in front of him! The referee drops to the mat, stunned by the kick from Cormack, the match suddenly without its official.

Zach Davis: A stray kick from Cormack suddenly changes everything.

Cormack stares at the referee for a moment too long, allowing Dillinger to capitalize. Dillinger shoots the ropes, rebounding with a shining wizard that about takes Cormack’s head off. Using the forward momentum, Dillinger slides beneath the ropes and immediately begins rummaging underneath the ring. He first pulls out a steel chair, which he tosses into the ring, followed by a table, which he sets up outside the ring.

Erin Robbins: Mark is taking too much time! He should be in that ring showing Cormack what real chair shots felt like.

Eventually, though, the table was set up outside and Dillinger rolls back into the ring. As soon as he rises to his feet, though, Cormack nails him with the chair he had tossed in earlier, collapsing the former world champ. Instinct sends Cormack scrambling for the pin, except the referee is still out so no three count was made. Cormack moves towards the referee, hoping to revive him, which allows Dillinger to recover. His hand goes up to his forehead, and it comes back red.

Zach Davis: Whoops, Cormack has busted Dillinger open with that sick chair shot. Are we going to see him come out?

Zach’s question is answered as Dillinger suddenly kips up to the shock of everyone, especially Cormack. The big man rushes him, hoping to stop the ensuing rampage, but a brutal European uppercut with the stump stops him in his tracks. A kick to the gut follows and suddenly Dillinger has Cormack up in the suplex position. Showing off his newfound strength, Dillinger moves over the chair, and then drops Cormack head first onto the chair.

Erin Robbins: Mark Up on the steel chair!

The referee has yet to awaken despite the chaos around him, not that Dillinger cared. He squats down and rolls Cormack out of the ring, the man landing on the concrete with a soft thud. Dillinger is immediately out after him, pulling the big man out and positioning him on the table.

Zach Davis: Dillinger isn’t looking for the win tonight; he wants to break Cormack!

Erin Robbins: I say go for it. Break him in half and then we can deport his crippled ass back to Canada.

Zach Davis: But here comes Caliban! He’s not going to let his partner go down!

Caliban rolls into the ring and snatches up the steel chair while Dillinger climbs onto the apron. Mark doesn’t see the Sequitus leader until it was too late as Caliban drives the chair over Dillinger’s skull. Mark staggers, but holds onto the rope with one hand. Caliban rears back for another shot, but holds back. A smile crosses his lips as he watches Cormack get off the table behind Dillinger.

Erin Robbins: Cormack has got Dillinger turned around. No, NO!

Zach Davis: Spinning Spinebuster through the table! The Stone of Kings!

Dillinger is sprawled out in the wreckage of the table as Cormack stares down at him, clutching his head in agony. From in the ring, Caliban calls out to MacNeill, waving his steel chair for emphasis. Cormack grabs Dillinger and rolls him into the ring. Beside Caliban, the referee was finally stirring, but his eyes were still closed.

Zach Davis: Sequitus has got something planned to put Dillinger away.

Back in the ring, Cormack pulls the stunned Dillinger to his feet. Caliban explains the situation one more time and finally Cormack nods; neither man notice the figure rushing down to ringside until their plan is applied. Dillinger is whipped into the ropes just as the figure rolls into the ring . . .

Zach Davis: Dillinger is on the rebound. Cormack throws him up into the flapjack; I think Caliban is going to hit with the chair in mid-air!

Erin Robbins: NO! Remus Micayle nails Caliban with The Formula! The good doctor is here to save his partner!

Dillinger lands onto the mat as Micayle mounts Caliban and begins wailing on him with stiff right hands. Cormack moves to help his own partner, kicking Remus upside the head. The Scientist rises to his feet, pushing Cormack roughly against the chest. Cormack pushes back, rougher. Remus smiles once and then shoves Cormack backwards straight into the waiting arms of Dillinger! Mark grins as the blood runs down his face and then tucks Cormack’s head under his arm in the reverse face-lock position.

Zach Davis: Dillinger has got Cormack in the position for the Straight Jacket Drop. Are we seeing Nathan von Liebert’s return?

Micayle is yelling at Dillinger to finish Cormack, but Dillinger suddenly freezes. And then out of nowhere, he hits himself over the head with his stump. He relinquishes the hold and pushes Cormack back towards Remus, who downs the Canadian with another Formula.

Zach Davis: Dillinger is arguing with himself again, costing him the opportunity to put this match away.

Erin Robbins: Its ok, Zach; the good doctor is here to set Mark straight.

And set him straight he does; Micayle yells in Dillinger’s face “FINISH HIM” before he proceeds to clear the ring of any illegal evidence, mainly the steel chair and Caliban. Micayle revives the referee before making an exit himself, leaving Dillinger standing over Cormack.

Erin Robbins: The referee’s awake, Mark! Finish him!

Dillinger grabs Cormack by the beard and throws him up into the gorilla press.

Zach Davis: Going for the Dishonorable Discharge and the win . . .

He hits it! Dillinger drops and pins Cormack, hooking the leg.




Erin Robbins: And that's it! Dillinger picks up the win for Team Science.

The crowd boos as Dillinger stands up and gets his arm raised.

Oblivion vs James Fatel

Zach Davis: The following match has recently been changed into a hardcore match, pitting James Fatel verses the current WCF Hardcore Champion... THE MONSTER OBLIVION!!

Erin Robbins: In fact, it was James Fatel that wanted this match TO BE a hardcore style match.

Zach Davis: Let's see if this newcomer can back up his talk with a walk of the wild side with Oblivion.


James Fatel is already sitting at ring side, within the crowd. They All Fall Down by sr-71 comes over the PA. Fatel sits there listening to the crowd's reaction and his own song.

Kyle Steel: Sitting with the crowd, weighing in at 215 pounds... from the Land of the Rising Sun... He's "The Wolf" JA-AMES FA-A-ATE-E-EL!!

Fatel stands up and jumps over the barricade and slides into the ring. Fatel sits in the nearest corner and waits for his opponent to come to the ring.

Zach Davis: That's one down.

Erin Robbins: Now, the fun part truly begins!!

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed Joe Louis Arena. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and some of the crowd is cheering. While, the rest, of the crowd are booing. "Breathe" by Prodigy begins to play. The bass like synth begin to blare out. 14 seconds later the drums come through...


Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... The current WCF Hardcore Champion.... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...


Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly slinks out. The music continues the blare out and rattled the arena.

Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane
Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psycho-somatic addict insane

The cameraman gets real close, as Oblivion sneers at the camera. The Monster thrusts out IT's massive right arm, pushing the cameraman several feet away. The Monster slowly comes down to the ring, dragging a trash can full of goodies. Strobe lights continue to flash. Then the Joe Louis Arena slightly shakes, as the sound of thunder rumbles and mock lightning flashes. The majority, of the crowd, jumps.

Come play my game
Inhale, inhale, you're the victim!!
Come play my game
Exhale, exhale... EXHA-A-A-LE!!

The music continues to thump out of the arena's speakers, as the addictive rhythm has the entire crowd in a trance and continues to dance along with the music. Lightning strikes the four corners, of the ring. The loud sounds makes everyone jump out of their seats, once again. Some, of the people are scared out of their minds. The lights flicker then... POP!! The strobe lights go out!!

The house lights come on, then standing in the center of the ring, is Oblivion. Half the crowd is cheering, while the other half of the crowd is booing. The music fades out. A screeching sound echoes throughout the arena, as four lightning bolts strike each corner.


Zach Davis: This wild and crazy match in underway. What the Hell is The Monster doing?!

Oblivion proceeds to pull out a small bag with a drawstring. The Monster opens up the bag and slowly emptiers the bag of it's contents.

Erin Robbins: Oh my God... IT'S TACKS!!

Oblivion makes sure the entire ring is covered with tacks. In the process of tossing the tacks down to the mat, James Fatel takes the opportunity to climb up the turnbuckles to the top.

Zach Davis: It looks like, as if James Fatel is ready to fly!

Oblivion doesn't notice Fatel, as IT turns around at the exact second as Fatel flies in the air....


Camera phone flash, as James Fatel makes great height with his leap in the air.

Erin Robbins: Hang time is absolutely amazing!!





Oblivion slams down James Fatel on the tack covered mat. Fatel arches up his back and his back is covered in tacks.

Erin Robbins: The Monster is making a pin attempt!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE... NOO-O-O-O!!


Zach Davis: I don't believe it!! James Fatel kicked out!!

Erin Robbins: Oblivion exits the ring.

Oblivion dumps the trash can and pulls out.....


Oblivion slides back into the ring, with a kendo stick in hand. The Monster of Madness raises IT's massive arms to strike down on James Fatel....


Erin Robbins: A kick to the gut of Oblivion by James Fatel!!


Zach Davis: DDT by James Fatel!!

Oblivion rolls around screaming, digging at IT's head. the camera catches Oblivion picking up IT's head, as tacks are stuck into Oblivion's head and face. All that does is enrage The Monster. Oblivion grabs the top ring rope and proceeds to shake it violently. Meanwhile....

Erin Robbins: James Fatel has the kendo stick!!

Oblivion turns around...


Oblivion drops to one knee!!


Zack Davis: Oblivion drops to both knees.

James Fatel raises his arms.


Erin Robbins: LOW BLOW!!

The Wolf grabs "himself as he drop to his knees. Oblivion leaves the ring in a huff.

Zach Davis: There are several tacks still embedded in the head and face of The Monster. What is that wacko gonna do?!

Oblivion goes towards the time keeper's area and grabs for the bell and a chair. Oblivion goes towards the ring and slides the chair into the ring. The Monster still has the ringbell in IT's meaty mitts. Oblivion enters the ring between the middle and top rope....


Erin Robbins: OH MY GOD!! James Fatel just clobbered Oblivion, acorss the head, with that damn chair.

Oblivion collapses to the mat. Fatel looks shocked, right before he bolts over and makes a pin cover. the referee slides into position....

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE... NOO-O-O-O!!


Oblivion quickly sits up and looks quickly at James Fatel.


Fatel slams the chair across the skull of Oblivion, once more. The Monster doesn't budgw. Oblivion begins to shake with anger.


With blood slowly dripping down IT's face, The God of Insanity smiles at James Fatel, who swings the chair again....


Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!

Erin Robbins: Oblivion just punched the swinging chair!!

The chair is dropped and there is a huge dent in the chair.


Erin Robbins: Oblivion just slammed a big boot to the mid-section of The Wolf....


Zach Davis: A DDT on the dented chair!!

Oblivion runs towards the ropes and flies into the air....


Oblivion flies into the air and lands on....

Erin Robbins: The Wolf moved out of the way and Oblivion lands ass first on the chair....


James Fatel takes the kendo stick and slams against the skull of The Monster Oblivion.

Zach Davis: Oblivion collapses down to the mat.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE... NOO-O-O-O!!


James Fatel: WHAT?!?!?! NOO-O-O-O!!!

Out of frustration, Fatel slams several fists down on the already lacerated scalp of Oblivion. The Monster struggles to get to a basic base, Fatel rushes towards the ropes....


Zach Davis: A dropkick to the face of the Hardcore Champion!!

Erin Robbins: James Fatel is making the cover...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TW-.... NOO-O-O-O!!


Without wasting any motion, Fatel races over to a corner and climbs up, quickly, to the top turnbuckle. As Oblivion is lying motionless, Fatel flies off the top turnbuckle. Cameraphones flash, as Fatel flies in the air...


Zach Davis: WHAT THE HELL?!?!

Oblivion slams the chair across the skull of James Fatel in mid jump.... THE CHAIR BREAKS APART!! Oblivion picks up a nearly broken James Fatel in a suplex position. Oblivion spins Fatel around and slams the back of The Wolf on the broken chair pieces. James Fatel arches up his back, as a huge gash opens up on Fatel's back.

Erin Robbins: Oblivion leaves the ring.

The God of Insanity looks under the ring and laughs.... The crowd gasps.


Oblivion slides into the ring. James Fatel tries to drop an elbow on Oblivion but misses. Oblivion takes the ring bell....

Erin Robbins: Oh Hell, I forgot about that damn ring bell.

The Monster places the ring bell in the center, of the ring. Oblivion drags James Fatel and places his head against the ring bell. Oblivion takes the barbed wired chair and places it on top of James Fatel's head.

Zach Davis: The Monster is climbing up to the top turnbuckle!!

Without wasting any time, Oblivion flips in the air....


Oblivion blasted off the top turnbuckle with a moonsault and lands on top of the barbed wired chair which is on top of James Fatel's head, in which is on top of the ring bell. Fatel flops around in extreme pain, grabbing his head, in the process. The Monster grabs his lower back and ass, also screaming in pain.

Zach Davis: Oblivion just rolled out of the ring.

James Fatel tries to stand, but staggers around, falling several times, down to the mat. Fatel makes it to a corner and slowly attempts to make it to the top turnbuckle. In the meantime, Oblivion pulls out a table and sets it up.




Neither Oblivion or James Fatel are moving.


Both Fatel and Oblivion slowly stir around, as the try to get to both knees.

Zach Davis: It looks like both competitors... THESE WARRIORS got to their knees.


Erin Robbins: This Detroit, Michigan crowd are on their feet as these two combatants are slugging it out!!


Zach Davis: DAMN IT!! DAMN IT TO HELL!!!

Oblivion spews out Blue Mist!! The vile paint is spit onto the face of The Wolf.

James Fatel: AHHH-H-HHH-H-H-H!!!

The Wolf digs at his own eyes.

Erin Robbins: Both of these competitors have gave it their all!!

Oblivion drags James Fatel to the commentary table.

Zach Davis: I think we better get out of the way, Erin.

Erin Robbins: I think you're right!!

Oblivion removes the commentary covering and the two monitors before grabbing James Fatel and slams him head first into a nearby ringpost. Oblivion looks under the ring and pulls out a ladder. The Monster sets up the ladder.

Zach Davis: The Monster grabs James Fatel and puts him over his right shoulder, as IT climbs up the ladder.

Erin Robbins: WHAT THE HELL?!?! NO.... NO....

Oblivion places James Fatel onto IT's shoulders with a fireman's carry position. Oblivion....

Cameraphones flash....


Oblivion slaps the feet of James Fatel of IT's own shoulder and then lands with an RKO onto the commentary table, shattering it, in the process.


Erin Robbins: 5150!! Oblivion makes the cover....

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE!!


Jayson Price vs Logan

Zach Davis: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we come to the match people have been talking about. Jay Price verses Logan.

Erin Robbins: Logan is already a WCF Hall of Famer. It will not be too long before Jay Price be inducted into the hall of Fame.

All of the lights in Joe Louis arena drop as "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold kicks in over the arena speakers.

Zach Davis: Here comes Jay Price now.

When the guitar kicks in, pyro explodes from the stage and from around the jumbotron as it fires to life with a video montage of all of Price's greatest moments. A spotlight comes on and shines on the stage as Price steps out from the back to a massive amount of heat.


Erin Robbins: It's official....

Zach Davis: What?


Price goads the crowd on by smiling and waving at them. As the boos continue, Price heads down the ramp, mocking the few fans that actually try to slap hands with him.

Kyle Steel: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.... weighing in at 260 pounds... The South Street Menace.... JAA-A-A-AY PRIII-I-I-ICE!!

Jay Price rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and pops up to his feet. Price heads for the corner and climbs up to the second rope to flip off the crowd. Price turns around and perches himself on the top turnbuckle. As the lights come back on, Price pulls off his t-shirt and fake throws it into the crowd before throwing it into the face of the referee.

Zach Davis: Jay Price is such a jerk!!

Erin Robbins: All we need now is Logan.

A drum roll begins. "Horseshoes and Handgrenades" by Green Day rumbles the arena and brings the audience up from their seats. Some of them cover their ears, the music playing excessively louder than anything else produced from the speakers thus far. Logan marches out from behind the black curtains and is greeted with a very warm reception. Wearing a black leather vest, and his signature ring attire. Logan takes his time walking down the ramp, peering out over the audience every so often.

Kyle Steel: His opponent from Chesapeake, Virginia... weighing in at 250 pounds.... He is Mr. WCF and a WCF Hall of Famer.... LOOOOOO-OOOOGAAAAAA-AAA-ANN-NN!!

Logan swiftly climbs up the ring steps and slips through the middle rope into the ring. He paces the ring, eyeing the audience, and then finally picking a turnbuckle and simply standing atop of it to gaze over all his trashcan fans. The music briefly pauses, but just as soon as it picks back up... Logan throws both arms skyward and the enthusiastic audience replicates his taunt. Letting his arms fall patiently back down to his sides, Logan hops down from the turnbuckle, removes his vest and throws it to the outside of the ring and then paces the ring like a starved wolf ready to be fed until the music stops.


Zach Davis: This match is underway.

Both competitors circle the ring, scowling at one another.

Crowd: OUUUU-U-U!!

Erin Robbins: HA!! Jay Price just flipped off Logan!!


Price and Logan charge at one another, colliding in the center, of the ring.

Zach Davis: Both competitors lock up in an collar and elbow tie-up.

Both men, push one another, to gain a simple advantage. Neither men gain an advantage.


Erin Robbins: Arm drag by Jay Price.

Logan, kneeling on the mat, smiles with a sarcastic grin across his face.

Logan: You're still a boudle!!

Crowd: Price's a boudle!! <clap-clap!!> <clap-clap-clap!!> Price's a boudle!! <clap-clap!!> <clap-clap-clap!!> Price's a boudle!! <clap-clap!!> <clap-clap-clap!!>

Both gentlemen circle the ring again, before charging one another....


Erin Robbins: This time, it's Logan, but with an Japanese arm drag on Jay Price.

Price charges against Logan....

Zach Davis: Jay Prices misses with a clothesline.

Logan ducks a clothesline attempt, as Jay Price continues running and bounces off the ropes. Logan runs the opposite direction and bounces off the ropes.

Erin Robbins: Logan drops down to the mat, as Jay Price bounces over him.

Zach Davis: Logan is perched on the top turnbuckle, Jay Price does not see him, as he comes bouncing off the ropes.


Erin Robbins: Logan nails Jay Price with a flying clothesline!! PRICE IS DOWN!! I REPEAT JAY PRICE... IS DOWN!!

Logan makes a quick cover.

Zach Davis: WCF Senior Referee Stanley Moser slides into position...

Crowd: ON-.... NOO-O-O!!


Erin Robbins: Not even a one count!!

Logan grabs Price in a reverse chin lock. Price slowly gets up, as well does Logan.

Zach Davis: Logan has Jay Price in a side headlock.

The crowd get excited and boos as Jay Price gets out of the side headlock.

Erin Robbins: Jay Price has Logan in an arm captured cravate...


Zach Davis: CRAVATE SUPLEX!! Logan is DOWN!!

Erin Robbins: Jay Price makes the cover.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THRE... NOO-O-O-O-O!!


Jay Price begins to yell at the referee.

Jayson Price: C'mon Moser!! That was three!!

Zach Davis: Logan clearly kicked out at two and three quarters. Price grabs to pick up Logan...


Logan nails Price with an European Uppercut.

Erin Robbins: Jay Price stumble back from that uppercut forearm.

Price charges at Logan, who charges at Jay Price.... but stops.


Crowd: OUUU-U-U-U!!

Zach Davis: Logan nails Jay Price, right under the chin with a superkick.

The eyes of Jay Price crosses, right as collapses down to the mat.

Erin Robbins: Logan makes the cover, for the pin.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE... NOO-O-O-O-O!!


Zach Davis: How in the Hell did Jay Price kick out of that?!?!

Logan grabs Jay Price....


Erin Robbins: CROSSFACE!!!


Stanley Moser: Logan do you give up?!

Price proceeds to yank on the neck of Logan.


Logan slowly tries to crawl; towards the ropes.

Stanley Moser: Logan?! DO YOU SUBMIT?!

Jayson Price: SAY IT!! SAY IT!! SAY IT, BITCH!!

Logan inches a little bit closer to the ropes.

Zach Davis: Logan is just a fingertip's length away from the ropes.

Logan: Ye.... Y-.... NO!! NO!! NO-O-O-O!!

Logan grabs for the ropes.

Stanley Moser: That's it Price let go of Logan!!

Jay Price continues the pressure with the crossface.


Price lets go of the crossface on Logan, who slips out of the ring.

Erin Robbins: Jay Price follows Logan out of the ring!!

Logan leans up against a ring post. Price looks at Logan and smiles.

Zach Davis: Price charges at Logan!!

The crow cheers loudly for Logan, who moves out of the way....


Erin Robbins: Jay Price smack real hard, face first against the ring post!!

The momentum from Jay crashing into the ring post causes him to bounce off the post.


Zach Davis: Logan nails Jay Price with a spinning heel kick!!

Price trips and falls down to one knee, as Logan slowly bounces backwards....

Erin Robbins: Logan is setting up for another superkick!!

The crowd stands up as Jay Price gets up from one knee...


Zach Davis: Logan misses with the superkick!!

Price shakes his head as he waits for Logan....



Price slowly stalks Logan, who uses the guardrails to slowly stand up.




Logan buckles back against the security railing....

Zach Davis: Logan flips over the guardrail and is with the crowd now.

Logan slowly moves, as Jay Price celebrates.


Price slowly goes towards the guardrail, as Logan slowly stands up....


Erin Robbins: Jay Price nails Logan with a stiff right to the face.


Zach Davis: Logan slams a right fist against the jaw of Jay Price....



Erin Robbins: From out of nowhere, Logan grabbed Jay Price and nails him with a ddt into the crowd.


Logan proceeds to kick Jay Price, while he is down, against the security railing.

Logan picks up Price, as security tells people to move out of the way.

Zach Davis: WCF Security gets involved!!


The crowd is going absolutely crazy as Logan and Jay Price are striking one another with forearms and kicks of different varieties. Logan stumbles back against the security railing....



Erin Robbins: What the Hell indeed. Jay Price is not known for aerial maneuvers, but as the replays shows...

The replay shows Logan leaning up against the security railing and Jay Price runs up on Logan but jumps up on the railing and....



Both Logan and Jay Price tumble over the guardrail and land back on the ringside mats. Price grabs Logan and whips him back into the ring....

Logan stands up, stumbling around as Price rushes over to Logan holds him with a half nelson and....



Erin Robbins: Jay Price is not finished!!

Jay Price rolls himself backwards, pulling Logan's head back into a dragon sleeper.

Logan waves his arms around very quickly, but with in an instant.... TAP-TAP-TAP!!


Kyle Steel: The winner, of the match, due to a submission.... The South Street Menace... JAY PRICE!!

Zach Davis: What an incredible match up!!

Erin Robbins: IT COULD OF END UP EITHER WAY!!... if Logan had cared!

The Joe Louis Arena goes completely unhinged.

Zach Davis: What's going on?!

A cameraman catches Oblivion jumping over the guardrail and enters the ring.

Erin Robbins: Is The Monster going after Jay Price or Logan?!

Oblivion bolts into the ring and stops.

Zach Davis: OBLIVION IS THERE FOR LOGAN!! The monster is letting Jay Price walk past!!

The crowd is cheering and booing!!

Oblivion grabs Logan....


Erin Robbins: Logan is trying to fight back...


Oblivion nails Logan with a knee to the gut. With one quick motion, Oblivion tosses Logan onto IT's shoulders....



Oblivion reaches back and pulls out a spray can of black paint. Oblivion proceeds to spray a bullseye onto Logan. With a mic in hand, Oblivion speaks....


Oblivion drops the mic and walks to a nearby corner, climbs up to the second turnbuckle and raise the WCF Hardcore Championship into the air!!

Zach Davis: Oblivion defends the WCF Hardcore Championship against Logan in an C4 Explosion Deathmatch at Explosion, next week!! CRAZY!! ABSOLUTE MADNESS!!

Oblivion turns around - INTO A DOWNFALL FROM JAYSON PRICE?!

Erin Robbins: What?! What the hell? Oblivion walked right past Price, why didn't Price let well enough alone!?

Jayson quickly grabs the microphone Oblivion just used as the Monster lays on the mat, holding his head in pain.

Jayson Price: Sorry, Oblivion, nothing personal. But if I want any goddamn respect in this company, and to get any meaningful matches, it's become clear I've got to make things happen myself and not wait for Seth to get his head out of his ass. That said, I just beat the number one contender to your belt, Oblivion, and I just laid you out too. So the way I see it, I just earned myself a Hardcore Title shot too. So you'll be seeing ME at Explosion too!

The crowd gasps as Price drops the mic on Oblivion and exits the ring, heading up it and not looking back.

Zach Davis: Holy crap. Looks like Jayson Price has just made his own opportunity!

Waylon Cash vs Stacy Robinson

‘I Will Not Break’ by A Sound Of Thunder blasts out of the PA system and the fans go crazy as Stacy Robinson struts out onto the stage with her People's Championship draped over her shoulder, she stops at the top of the ramp looking out to the crowd smiling before she begins to make her way down the ramp slapping the fans hands on the way.

Kyle Steel: Making her way to the ring…from Orlando, Florida…weighing in at 150 pounds...the WCF People's Champion! Stacy…Robinson!

Stacy reaches the ring and she rolls under the bottom rope, she then poses in the middle of the ring by raising her arms and making the devil’s horns with her left hand whilst holding her title above her head in her right hand. She then hands her title to the ringside official before unzipping her jacket and handing that to the ringside official as well as ‘I Will Not Break’ fades out.

Zach Davis: Stacy Robinson has really made a name for herself lately, being brave enough to take on S-PAC single handed. One has to wonder if she has gotten a little in over her head with this one.

Erin Robbins: A little?! Stacy Robinson is in dangerous territory right now. Waylon Cash isn't just any member of the Savage Political Action Committee. He has been touted as Scott Savage's crown jewel. He's the fastest triple crown winner in WCF history, and a very dangerous man to make an enemy of.

Zach Davis: Let's not forget that Stacy is not without her own accolades. She is, after all, the people's champion.

Erin Robbins: Please. Don't get me wrong, Stacy is a talented young woman, but Waylon Cash is a bonafide main eventer, and the REAL world heavyweight champion. I don't think Stacy stands a chance.

Suddenly "Criminals" by Big B comes over the PA, bringing a loud chorus of boos from the crowd. Their anger grows even louder, as Scott Savage walks out from behind the curtain, followed closely by Waylon Cash. Waylon looks down at the World title belt over his shoulder, and smiles, not letting the raucus crowd get to him.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen-

Kyle is cut off, as Scott quickly grabs a microphone.

Scott Savage: Kyle, you will most likely screw this up, so why don't you let me handle this one... Ladies and gentlemen, The Savage Political Action Committee proudly presents to you, a force of nature like no other. A man who is known around the world as the greatest wrestler alive today. From Macon, Georgia, he is the REAL World HEavyweight Champion... The Hellbilly... Waylon Cash!

Scott's speech whips the crowd into a frenzy. They scream their hatred at Waylon, who takes it all with a smile as he struts down the ramp. He rolls into the ring, and climbs to the second turnbuckle, holding the belt high in the air.

Zach Davis: I wish he would stop waving the belt around like that. HE didn't earn it. That's Steve Orbit's belt.

Erin Robbins: Posession is nine tenths of the law.

Zach Davis: Oh, can it.

Waylon hands the world title to Scott, while Stacy hands the People's title to the referee. There is a short staredown, before the ref signals for the bell to ring. Stacy and Waylon circle each other a little, before loccking up. Waylon quickly uses his superior size to push Robinson back into the corner. The ref begins counting, and Waylon slowly backs away with a cocky grin on his face.

Zach Davis: These two athletes have never faced each other in singles competition before. What you're going to see in the early goigns is a lot of sizing up, a lot of cautious play on the part of the competitors.

Erin Robbins: Don't be so sure of that Zach. These are two wrestlers who have been known to kick a match from first to fifth at a moment's notice. Anything could happen here.

They lock up again, but this time Stacy uses her speed to twist Waylon down into a fujiwara arm bar. Waylon is quick about dragging himself over to the ropes. He grabs the bottom one, and the ref counts until Stacy breaks the hold. They both stand back up and face off again. This time Waylon doesn't bother with a lock up. He swings for the fences, but his opponent ducks the punch. Robinson then hits him with a number of quick kicks to the side of the knee. After three or four, Waylon baisl out of the ring, and hobles around a little bit. Stacy stays in the ring as the ref begins to count Cash out.

Erin Robbins: Cash taking a moment to regain his bearings here.

Waylon shakes out his knee, before rolling back under the ring. Stacy doesn't even let him stand before diving on him, and hitting him with several right hands to the forehead. Waylon quickly grabs the bottom rope again, and drags himself back to the floor. The crowd boos him, as he paces around the ring. Scott stops him to give a few words of wisdom, and Waylon turns back toward the ring. He begins walking up the steps, demanding that the ref keep Stacy back. He does so, and Waylon climbs between the ropes. He immediately sprints for Stacy, but she drops down and hits him with a dropkick to the front of the knee. Waylon collapses, as Stacy stomps away on the now injured leg. After a few stomps, she grabs it, and twists Cash around into a single leg cross crab. Waylon howls in agony as Robinson wrenches back on the hold.

Zach Davis: It looks like Stacy has gotten the upperhand in the early goings of this one, and it looks like that hold is doing siginificant damage.

Waylon flails, grabbing for the ropes, but Robinson has him dead in the middle of the ring. She pulls back on the leg, causing even more pain to her opponent. At one point she leans back too far, allowing Waylon to grab a handful of her hair, and yank her off of him. She tumbles to the ground, allowing him to back himself into the corner. They rise to their feet at the same time, Stacy with a smile, Waylon with a scowl.

Zach Davis: If I'm not mistaken, Waylon is having a little trouble with Stacy Robinson tonight.

Erin Robbins: Stacy is very talented, but Waylon has a plan. Just watch.

Waylon stays in the corner, and Stacy goes on the attack. She quickly approaches, but Waylon grabs her just in time, and twist around, throwing her into the corner. He swings at her, but she drops down, and escapes between his legs. She then turns around, and plows forward, ramming Cash into the turnbuckle, before rolling him up in a pin.



Waylon kicks out, and they both jump to their feet. Cash kicks the bottom rope angrily, as Stacy chuckles.

Zach Davis: Waylon just can't seem to get a hold of Stacy.

Erin Robbins: Try not to sound so joyful. You're supposed to be a least a little impartial.

Stacy bounces off the ropes, and runs toward Waylon. Cash throws her with a hip toss, but she twists around, and lands on her feet. She then bounces off the ropes again, but Scott's arm is resting on the apron. He moves it forward, and trips her up, sending her to her face. As the ref is yelling at Scott, Waylon goes on the attack, stomping viciously on the back of Stacy's head.

Erin Robbins:See, I told you he had a plan.

Zach Davis: What a surprise, his plan was to cheat.

Waylon drops a few elbows on the back of Stacy's neck, before jamming his knee into her spine, and wrenching back on her chin. His face contorts into an evil smile, as Stacy screams in pain. Stacy stretches her leg out, just managing to hook her toe on the bottom rope. Waylon lets go of the hold, stands up, and immediately begins kicking away at her ribs. He gets in three good kicks before Stacy pulls herself out of the ring. Cash goes to follow her, but the ref shoves him back. While the ref is distracted, Scott runs forward and slams the WCF title into Stacy's skull, sending her to the concrete. Scott scurries to another side of the ring, before the ref can turn back around.

Zach Davis: Stop the match! This is just disgusting!

The ref begisn to count Stacy out, but Waylon won't hear it. He slides to the ground, and pulls Stacy up, rolling her under the bottom rope, he follows, and continues stomping on her ribs. The ref shoves him away so he can check on Stacy. She's still conscious, but barely. He asks if she wants to continue, and she can only nod.

Zach Davis: Look at the strength of will in Stacy Robinson.

Waylon laughs, before grabbing her by the hair, and dragging her to a standing position. He ducks down, slipping his head between her legs, and lifting her into the air. He brings her snapping down onto the canvas with all the force he can muster, slamming her head down hard on the mat with a Peach Street Slam. He then grabs her legs, and twists her into a Texas Cloverleaf. He wrenches back on the hold, taunting the fans as he does so. The ref asks Stacy if she submits, but she shakes her head.

Zach Davis: Stacy Robinson refusing to give up. What heart!

Erin Robbins: What stupidity! A lot of damage is being done to her body, and there is nothing on the line here. She needs to tap out, and live to fight another day.

Zach Davis: Nothing on the line?! What about pride? What about her brother?

Erin Robbins: I meant something that matters, like a title.

Stacy gets her mind back, and begins slowly dragging herself toward the ropes. It is a long process, as Waylon wrecnehs back on her spine and ribs the entire time, refusing to let go of the submission. At one point, Stacy stops crawling, and reaches for the bottom rope, but finds it just beyond her grasp. Waylon locks on the hold a little tighter, keeping her from crawling any further for a moment. After letting out a primal scream, Stacy wrenches herself forward, and latches onto the ropes. Waylon lets go, and stomps away at her ribs until the ref gets between them, and shoves him backward. The ref threatens to disqualify Waylon. Cash rolls his eyes, but goes back to his corner. He has a chat with Scott, while the ref checks on Stacy.

Zach Davis: Waylon Cash's behavior has been just deplorable. I don't think I'll ever understand him.

Erin Robbins: It doesn't matter what you understand. What matters is that Stacy has taken a tremendous amount of punishment. I'm not sure she can get back in this match.

Stacy uses the ropes to drag herself to a standing position. Once there, she takes off runing toward her opponent. Cash takes off at the same time, and wins the collision, hitting her with a hard knee to the gut. She falls to the groud clutching her ribs. Waylon drops down, pressing his knee into her side. He begins wailing on her with rights and lefts. The crowd boos loudly, as the ref yells at Waylon to get off of her. He eventually obeys, and back away, only to come running forward, hitting her with a huge kick to the side. She rolls over onto her back, howling in pain. Waylon points to the turnbuckle, and walks over to the corner, climbing to the top.

Zach Davis: My god, he's goign for a swan dive headbutt here. If he hits this, it's over.

Waylon taunts the crowd, before leaping off the top, and hitting the diving headbutt right on Stacy's injured ribs. He immediately covers her for the pin.




NO! Stacy just barely manages to kick out.

Zach Davis: The resiliency of Stacy Robinson is simply astounding.

Waylon looks frustrated, but stays on the attack. He lifts her up, and drags her to the corner. He shoves her into the turnbuckle, and goes to start throwing punches, but she shoves him backward. BEfore he can recover, she leaps out of the corner, and hits him with a hurricaran, that send shim flying across the ring. His face slams into the canvas, dazing him, and giving Stacy some time to catch her breath.

Erin Robbins: Stacy stopping Cash's momentum for the time being. The problem her is now you have time to notice all the pain, and realize just how injured you are. This sort of time to recover can sometimes hurt more than it helps.

Stacy drags herself to her feet, and gets there just as Waylon gets to his hands and knees. She spritns out of the corner, and hits him with a low dropkick to the side of the head. He flips over onto his back, looking almost unconscious. Stacy slowly begins climbing the ropes, clutching her ribs the entire way. Once at the top, she leaps off quickly, hitting a big leg drop on Waylon's neck. She then gets to her feet quickly, signalling for Stacy's Kick.

Zach Davis: Here it comes. Stacy's patented roundhouse kick. No one delivers this move like she does.

Waylon slowly gets to his feet. Once he is up, she kicks with all her might, but Waylon ducks it. He follows up with a backhand slap that dazes her. He then locks her head and arm up, and throws her backwards, hitting a sloppy half nelson suplex.

Zach Davis: The Pimp Slap followe dup by the Honey Dip! Waylon Cash is definitely sending a message to Steve Orbit with this match.

With Stacy on the ground, Waylon now begisn signalling for his own finisher. He doesn't wait for Stacy to get to her feet. He drags her up by the hair, before hooking both of her arms behind her back. He lifts her up in a stalling butterfly suplex, and holds her there for a moment.

He quickly brings her head crashign down to the mat, removing what was left of her consciousness.

Zach Davis: The Killshot!

Waylon goes for the cover.




Waylon jumps to his feet, as the crowd boos mercilessly. Scott climbs into the ring, and pushes Stacy to the ground with his foot, before handing Waylon the World title.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner... Waylon Cash!

The crowd throws garbage into the ring, as Waylon and his manager stand with their fists raised high in victory. They climb out of the ring, and make their way up the ramp, celebrating the entire time.

Zach Davis: An amazing performance from Stacy Robinson, but she ultimately couldn't overcome the numbers game. She should still be proud of this one though.

Erin Robbins: Why? She lost!

Zach Davis: I'm not surprised you don't understand.

What's the Buzz?: Bobby Cairo

Bryan Worthy, dressed in his lime colored blazer, smiles at the viewer. Behind him is a green screened image of his show’s logo.

Bryan Worthy: Welcome to “What’s the Buzz?”. I’m Bryan Worthy. We have a special show tonight; featuring a guest very well-known to the denizens of the WCF Universe: “The Godfather of Professional Wrestling” himself, Hall of Famer Bobby Cairo.

A promo picture of Cairo is shown in the background.

Bryan Worthy: When Bobby contacted us last week about a possible meeting, we weren’t sure it could be done. He wished to be interviewed in person and from the nation he helped found, the Communist Republic of Poon Guinea. To accomplish this task required a great deal of bureaucratic wrangling, but thanks to the effort of WCF’s Legal Department and the United States Ambassador to Poon Guinea, I was cleared to travel to the Pacific Island nation. What came from my trip was a fascinating encounter with one of the most well-regarded personalities in Wrestling Championship Federation’s history, as you will see in this following taped segment.

The scene shifts, and we’re now looking at the audience chamber of Poon Guinea’s leader. It’s walls are done in a dark mahogany, with an equally obsidian floor, made from polished marble. The room is lit by several long hanging chandeliers. Huge portraits of Cairo, painted in a variety of styles, surround the receiving room’s occupant, of which there seems to be only three: Bobby, resplendent in his well-cushioned throne; the First Lady of Poon Guinea, pop megastar Rihanna, stands dutifully to his right, a silver pitcher at the ready; and Bryan, sitting opposite the duo in a high backed wicker chair. The two men are finishing a meal. Both are hunched over TV trays, with cloth napkins tucked under their chins to keep their suits clean.

Bryan Worthy: This chicken is excellent.

Bobby Cairo: Indeed. “Popeye’s” prepares a great bird. It’s why they are the official fast food restaurant of Poon Guinea.

Bryan Worthy: Really? I never would have expected that.

Bobby Cairo: The people of Poon Guinea, my people, deserve only the best, Bryan. And while you are here as my guest, so do you. Would you like some more? I see you eyeing that last drumstick.

Bryan Worthy: No, I’m fine. If you’re ready, Bobby, I would like to start the interview.

Bobby Cairo: Of course. You didn’t come all this way just to ‘break biscuits’ with me, after all.

The pair dab their faces free of grease with their makeshift bibs and cast them aside. Rihanna dutifully removes the trays, and the interview begins.

Bryan Worthy: What is your greatest triumph here in WCF? Your biggest regret?

Bobby Cairo: My greatest triumph in WCF is yet to come, Bryan. Make no mistake about it, you haven't seen the last of "The Godfather" in Wrestling Championship Federation. I will be returning sooner than you might think, and I will do so of my own accord and with my own set of rules. I'm done following orders from the mini-Hitlers and wannabe dictators that have run WCF in the recent past. Seth Lerch is running the show once again and I know that Seth knows that Bobby Cairo is best for business.

Bobby ponders for a moment while stroking his mighty and awesome Communist revolutionary style beard.

Bobby Cairo: As for past achievements? I don't wish to dwell on them. My constitution does not allow me to scour the past for proof of my own greatness, Bryan. I ain't about that Jayson Allen Price "striving to be relevant" gimmick. You know the one where he names the five-thousand third and fourth tier championships that he's held in WCF, namely the "Pantheon Buttrape and Bukkake Memorial Cup" which Jay has successfully taken up the ass for three years running.

Bobby hocks a measure of phlegm into a solid gold spittoon that sits next to his upholstered lounge chair. The thought of Jayson Price has clearly left an acidic distaste in The Godfather's mouth.

Bobby Cairo: As for regrets, Bryan? I have only one. I regret the fact that I did not put a bullet between Sarah Twilight's eyes when I had the chance. It is a failure that I live with every moment of every day. My lone saving grace is that Sarah has seemingly fallen off the face of the earth, thus I no longer find myself unnerved by her inane prattling, her amateurish attempts at running WCF as a tinpot dictatorship, and her absurd on-again off-again romance with Eric Price. However, I would have truly loved to murder Sarah Twilight, and I would've gotten away with it too because I have diplomatic immunity.

With a fervent air about him, Cairo's meaty and manicured hand raps upon the ebony and ivory end table next to his seat.

Bryan Worthy: It has become popular to ask athletes who they would put on their particular sport’s ‘Mount Rushmore’. If you were to create such a hypothetical monument for the WCF, which four people would you pick?

Seemingly distracted by lingering thoughts of the previous question and response, Cairo does not initially respond. Bryan waits patiently, uncertain as to whether he should repeat the question. Suddenly, Cairo responds as if he had been carefully considering his reply the entire while.

Bobby Cairo: I don't know, Bryan. Who's popular in WCF this week? Maybe we should put Natural "ICE" Beckman on Mount Rushmore? He's the United States Champion, after all. One great symbol of American frivolousness deserves another. Oh but you're looking for a serious answer? Well, I'm no historian, Bryan. I've put in about eight years here in WCF and I've seen some greats come and go during that time. I'm also aware that there were some greats who were great even before yours truly, and a few of them are still kicking around in WCF today.

Cairo raises his gold and ruby chalice to his lips, the glowing red "demonic eye" of the chalice staring "Buzz" dead in his eyes. Bobby drinks of the gin and eucalyptus concoction that Rihanna, Cairo's lover and First Lady of Poon Guinea, had earlier prepared for him.

Bobby Cairo: When I think about greatness in WCF, greatness, influence, and longevity there are two names that rise above the others, Bryan. Granted, it may strike some as shocking that I am about to say kind words about these gentlemen considering our history, however in the interests of diplomacy I must acknowledge that "The Face of Treachery" Logan and Corey "Creeping Death" Black-Volz have earned their respective likenesses upon WCF's Mount Rushmore. Furthermore I think you must include the owner of WCF, the great Seth Lerch. So many harsh and dishonest statements have been hurled Seth's way, but he is the glue that holds WCF together through the lean times and most certainly through the "Thick" times, if you catch my drift. Heh.

Cairo chuckles slightly to himself before drawing another swig of beverage from his chalice.

Bobby Cairo: And finally, from "The Godfather of Professional Wrestling" to "The Grandfather of Wrestling Championship Federation", I would acknowledge Steve Carr for his enormous contributions to the early days of WCF, namely his standard of excellence in and out of the ring, as well as his pioneering spirit. He set the tone for those early days of WCF and ever since then we've been working to preserve his legacy and his vision.

Bryan Worthy: Your most recent run in WCF saw you partnered with Odin Balfore. Together, as The Thickness, you won the Tag Team Titles and dominated the division like few others have. Then, suddenly, both of you threw down your belts and left the company. Why did you turn your back on the WCF Universe, and in particular, your own protégé, Diablo Calzone, who wanted to challenge The Thickness for the championships?

Bobby Cairo: Let me just say that I cherish the time that I spent tagging with Odin Balfore. The man is a true legend, not just in WCF but in the world of professional wrestling at large. This man was winning World Championships when most of the current WCF roster was in diapers... or test tubes. He's toured the world, sold out stadiums as a headlining act, dropped Hall of Famers on their heads like they were motherfucking jobbers. It was an honor and a privilege to team with "The All-Father". I cannot think of another superstar with whom I would rather have captured the WCF Tag Team Championships.

Cairo clears his throat. His eyes focused, his mind sharpened by the memories of his legendary partnership with Odin.

Bobby Cairo: I agree with your assessment that we were a dominant team, Bryan. I think we might have matched the Man Made Gods, the combination of Torture and Corey Black, as the most dominant team in WCF, at least during my eight years with the company. However, there was a dark side to all of that success, Bryan. This is the part of the story to which no one wants to listen, nobody wants to hear. The part that nobody wants to understand. Towards the end of my most recent stint in WCF as one half of the World Tag Team Champions, I was subjected to unarguably the gravest indignities of my entire wrestling career.

Cairo scowls, the acidic distaste having returned to his mouth. He hocks another dispense of phlegm into the spittoon.

Bobby Cairo: We were dominant champions, as you say, but we began to be treated as if we were low-card fodder, just a couple of names to fill out the show. Case in point: The Thickness went from main eventing Sunday Night Slam in victorious fashion against the Dream Team of Jonny Fly and Steve Orbit to being booked in a throwaway match at One just a couple of weeks later. The biggest show that WCF produces on an annual basis, headlined by the World Title match to end World Title matches between the partners turned enemies, Fly and Orbit; and The Thickness is relegated to the under card and not even served the dignity of being told our opponents' names.

A hateful smile brims upon Cairo's bearded face.

Bobby Cairo: You see, Bryan, our opponents at One were to be determined on that very same night via battle royal, a battle royal which consisted of a field of rookies, jobbers and mid-carders, many of whom had never set foot in WCF before the night of that show. Why did this fate befall The Thickness? Why weren't The Thickness rewarded for their dominance and given a marquee match up against top flight competition? It's simple, Bryan. No one had the courage to step up to the plate and challenge us. Hell, we had already steamrolled through the entire division and nobody, not even the team that we defeated to capture the belts, was interested in a rematch.

Cairo sneers derisively at the thought of Scott Savage and his band of peons, collectively known as S-PAC.

Bobby Cairo: Sarah Twilight? She didn't care about culling the weak from the strong as she had proclaimed that she would do. If she had done so then The Thickness would've been pitted against real competition. We would not have been defending our hard-earned championships against a couple of jobbers at One. We would not have gone without being booked on subsequent Sunday Night Slam cards before we finally became fed up with such disrespect and walked out of the company.

Cairo inhales deeply and then sharply exhales, a mournful expression on his face, as if the events that he just described have been weighing heavier on his soul than he would care to acknowledge.

Bobby Cairo: It's interesting to note that our decision to vacate the belts has provided a boon for teams that we had previously dominated, namely the Shadow Puppets or whatever they're calling themselves, Night Rider and Denise D'evil. While The Thickness was standing tall, Rider and D'evil were nothing more than unwilling victims lying devastated and defeated in our wake. Now they find themselves wearing the WCF Tag Team Championships. How quaint. How fortuitous for a pair of third-rate chumps and soon to be newlyweds.

Cairo dismisses of this Shadow Puppets riffraff with a gesture of his hand and an arching of his mighty brow.

Bobby Cairo: You asked me another question, about Diablo Calzone. Let it be known, Bryan, that I recruited Diablo Calzone straight out of Rutgers University. He was an All-American collegiate wrestler and I knew that he was going to be a WCF superstar from the first moment that I saw him drive another young man's prone cranium into the mat during a meet. I trained Diablo at my facility in Connecticut. I made sure that he was WCF ready before I brought him into the business. I cared for Diablo Calzone as if he was my own son. You know what though, Bryan? Diablo Calzone was out of line that night when he challenged Odin and I for the belts.

Cairo's face shows an expression of abject seriousness, straight to the blues of his irises, his voice now projecting itself in a most urgent tone.

Bobby Cairo: There is a pecking order in The Thickness, Bryan. Indeed, there is a pecking order in this business. You know that. You're not just a reporter, you're a competitor in your own right. There are certain lines that one does not cross. When Diablo Calzone walked down to the ring that night, The Thickness's last night in WCF and challenged us for our belts... it was an audacious gesture by an ungrateful and unappreciative young man. I will give him credit for one thing: he did have more guts than anyone else on the roster, because he was the only one who walked down that aisle to accept our open challenge, but the feeling of the knife being wedged into my back was palpable. It was a betrayal that I will be hard pressed to forgive.

Bryan Worthy: Given how much of your own blood and sweat to help make the Wrestling Championship Federation, do you feel any remorse leaving it under such controversial circumstances?

Bobby's demeanor changes. His eyes narrow and divert themselves from Buzz's line of sight, not seeking to make direct contact. Cairo speaks now in a booming voice with measured tone, as if a politician reading from a prepared speech, delivered to an eagerly mollified audience seated in an imaginary forum in front of him.

Bobby Cairo: Of course not, Bryan. If one is going to bleed and sweat for a cause, one must accept the possibility that said cause may ultimately prove fruitless. I have no regrets about the landmark feats that I accomplished along with my tag team partner Odin Balfore. Having said that, I was foolhardy to believe that Odin and I could restore prestige to the WCF Tag Team Division by absolutely obliterating it. The truth is that there was never really any prestige to restore to the tag division because it has nearly always served as a haven for those who simply weren't good enough to "hack it" in the singles ranks.

Cairo pauses from his seemingly canned response to carefully recall his next words, not wanting to accidentally rephrase any of the carefully constructed sentences.

Bobby Cairo: It stands to reason that when you pair two Hall of Famers, World Champions and all around Bad Mother Fuckers such as Odin Balfore and Bobby Cairo, the result will be sheer and unadulterated domination. It stands to reason that those upper echelon competitors from the singles ranks aren't going to be overly eager to find a tag team partner with whom to challenge for the belts... and ultimately get their shit pushed in by The Thickness. In three months together, Bryan, The Thickness established itself as arguably the most dominant team in the fourteen year history of the Wrestling Championship Federation. That says everything that one needs to know about that topic.

Bobby massages his pupils with his fingers, his eyes lingering in an absentminded stare, his mind pondering thoughts that are known only to him. Suddenly his eyes lock onto Worthy's and his focus immediately returns.

Bobby Cairo: You ask me if I feel remorse for the way that things ended? Bryan, let me ask you a question: How can I possibly feel remorse with regard to anything that transpired during that period of my career? After everything that I've described to you, how can I feel remorse for the manner in which The Thickness parted ways with WCF? Am I supposed to feel like a villain? Am I supposed to feel as though I've committed some unspeakable sin against the sacred gild of Wrestling Championship Federation? I've done absolutely nothing of the sort and I will not punish myself with thoughts to the contrary.

Cairo suddenly stares at the floor, the mournful expression returning to his face. His demeanor speaks louder than his words, the air of a man who is second guessing himself. He comports himself and makes eye contact with Buzz once again.

Bobby Cairo: Odin and I vacated the belts, which was the logical thing to do after defeating every team that there was to defeat in WCF. If anyone has a problem with the way that we handled ourselves at that juncture in time, they have no one to blame but themselves. They should have stepped up to the plate and demanded a title shot against The Thickness. Odin and I would have been happy to break a few more necks on our way out the door.

Bryan Worthy: Both yourself and Odin Balfore disappeared from the public eye after quitting WCF. Are you still associated with Odin? Can you tell us what you were doing during your time away?

Bobby Cairo: As you might know, if you follow the world of politics, I pull double duty as the democratically elected Mayor of New York City and the duly appointed and later elected Governor of Poon Guinea, which became a United Nations recognized state in 2013 after being annexed from the dictatorial rule of King Jimmy Dean's Papua New Guinea. In my capacity as a servant of the people, I am working hard to preserve the tenets of Communism within organized government. I am combating the self-serving whims of capitalism in all of its deceitful forms while standing up for the rights of the proletariat by strengthening public education, championing healthcare reform, and instituting new policies to promote human rights and the preservation of civil liberties.

A satisfied smirk spreads across Cairo's ruggedly handsome mug. He takes another swig of Rihanna juice from his chalice.

Bryan Worthy: Since your departure, have you followed the going’s on in the company? (If so) What are your thoughts on its current direction?

Bobby Cairo: Initially I was not eager to follow WCF, Bryan. I will admit that when The Thickness left WCF, I was in such an emotional tizzy that I held no regard for WCF or anything and anyone related to it. However, upon learning that Seth Lerch had reacquired WCF, signaling the end of Sarah Twilight's incompetent and virginal reign of power, I felt a renewed vigor for the product. Seth and I have remained on cordial terms from the moment that I first signed with WCF back on Valentine's Day of 2006. I respect his accomplishments and his judgment. He is a fair and honest leader who holds his employees in the highest esteem.

Cairo beams with pride as he absentmindedly strokes his beard with his long, firm digits.

Bobby Cairo: I think that the present crop of talent in WCF is among the strongest that I've seen during any period since I've become aligned with the company. My main question is who among the current newcomers will set themselves apart from the pack and establish themselves as the next breakout superstar, the next legend, the next Jonny Fly, Steve Orbit, Torture or Slickie T?

Bryan Worthy: “Respect” has become a hot topic here in the WCF recently. Some on the roster feel they don’t get enough of it, while others complain certain individuals garner too much. In your mind, what must a wrestler do to earn respect?

Bobby wastes no time in replying. For him the answer is as clear as day.

Bobby Cairo: Be a Bad Mother Fucker.

Bobby smiles at Buzz.

Bobby Cairo: Be a Bad Mother Fucker, Bryan. That's it. Be a Bad Mother Fucker and they can never take it away from you. I look at what you and Scoops are doing in the tag team division and I see two Bad Mother Fuckers who are making their presence felt. No one gave you guys a chance when you first started teaming together, but look at you now. You're in the "Thick" of the tag title hunt, so to speak.

Cairo smiles again, a bit of that Tom Cruise zaniness from the Oprah Winfrey Show now creeping out from his facade. His tone lowers to a near whisper as he speaks his next sentence.

Bobby Cairo: Be a Bad Mother Fucker.

Bryan Worthy: Speaking of respect, Logan’s confidant the Great Catsy accused you of taking to social media and disparaging, ahm, his character. Is there any truth to these allegations? What is your response to Catsy’s threats to your own well-being if you do not desist in your perceived slights of him?

Bobby Cairo: To be certain, Bryan, I have never been worried about being smashed by a pussy. Quite the contrary, in fact. However, I was perplexed by Catsy's remarks. I was unaware that I had disparaged his CATracter, or character as it were. With regard to my perceived disparaging statements on social media, I believe that he's referring to a single status update that I posted on my personal Facebook page, and it was hardly a slight. Truth be told, I did not even directly acknowledge Catsy. I simply interpolated his "good shit" phrase while commenting on a trailer for the upcoming Transformers film.

Cairo shrugs his shoulders and chuckles at the absurdity of it all. He combs his lithe fingers through his long, linguini like strands of immaculately treated hair. However, his expression abruptly shifts to a look of sardonic bemusement, his vocal tone growing harsher, indicating a potent combination of anger and annoyance.

Bobby Cairo: Bryan, it would appear that we've come full circle in this interview. In response to your very first question, I indicated that my greatest triumph in WCF is yet to come. I must now admit that my primary purpose for inviting you here to the Governor's Mansion was not to simply sit and chat about WCF or my present day life. Though I do admire your passion for the sport, Bryan, and I respect the professional and studious manner with which you conduct yourself, I had an ulterior motive for inviting you here.

Cairo reaches under his seat and seizes a pearl handled dagger that was previously obscured from Worthy's line of vision. This gesture unnerves the normally reserved journalist.

Bobby Cairo: No, I am not going to kill you, Bryan. I am not going to harm one perfectly coiffed follicle on your scalp. I just want you to carry out a simple favor for me. I want you to make sure that "The Face of Treachery" watches this interview because I have something very important that I want to say to him. My ulterior motive for inviting you here, Mr. Worthy, is that I needed a platform from which to issue a challenge to Logan. A challenge for a match against Logan. A challenge for a match against Logan at the grandest stage that WCF has to offer.

Cairo expertly twiddles the dagger between his fingers, coming perilously close to nicking his flesh and drawing the red plasma from within.

Bobby Cairo: A challenge for a match against Logan at One, a match to be contested under sixty-minute Iron Man rules, a match that we will bill as "Twice In A Lifetime".

Bobby flagrantly drives the very tip of the razor sharp blade of the dagger into his jugular, drawing a hint of red liquid.

Bobby Cairo: Oh, dear. I seem to have injured myself.

Cairo moistens the flat of his thumb with saliva and dabs his wound. With his other hand he lays the pearl handled dagger flat on the crotch of his trousers.

Bobby Cairo: I think, Bryan, that we have reached the logical conclusion of our discussion. I do thank you for stopping by my humble abode. Please, allow my staff to arrange a scenic tour of Poon Guinea for your enjoyment. I am certain that we have many sights, sounds and activities in our beautiful nation that will stimulate your intellect as well as your more... vascular urges.

Cairo rises to his feet, still holding the flat of his thumb against his jugular. He places the dagger into the compartment under his chair and extends his free hand to Buzz in a gesture of respect.

Bryan, looking somewhat terrified, accepts the handshake as Slam goes to commercial.

Partners Revealed

"Criminals" by Big B hits the PA system. The crowd boos angrily, as Scott Savage steps out from behind the curtain, followed closely by Waylon Cash. Cahs has the World title draped over his shoulder, causing the crowd to go into a frenzy. Waylon can only chuckles, before stepping down the ramp, and rolling under the bottom rope. He grabs a mic from an attendant, and his music dies down.

Waylon Cash: Well well well... another week down, and Waylon Cash is still the REAL World heavyweight champ!

This brings another wave of anger from the crowd, which Waylon laughs off.

Waylon Cash: Calm down, calm down. You've all had your say on Tweeter and Youtubes. I heard ya... I don't care. I ain't here to talk about that though. I'm here to talk about Explosion. See, I got a tag match comin' up against Steve Orbit, and I been told I can pick any tag team partner I want. Now, I had to think a long time about this one. I got all the best WCF has to offer at my fingertips. I mean, I could go with Chelsea... S-PAC's very own monster. She's undefeated since joining us. She'd probably be a great choice, but no. Not Chelsea. I could have picked Benajin Atreyu... God given greatness. He's one of the damndest fighters I ever been in the ring with. I coulda gone with him, but I said no.

Zach Davis: Oh lord, would you get on with it please?

Erin Robbins: Shut up and let him talk.

Waylon Cash: I coulda even gone with my manager here. You guys don't know this, but before Scott retired, he was one of the best wrestlers I'd ever seen. No... I didn't go with him either. While I was thinkin', I realized somethin'. I don't need a partner. I can take on Orbit, and whatever loser he teams with single handedly... that's why my partner at Explosion is going to be our very own Herbert Goldstein!

This is met with a confused reaction from the crowd.

Waylon Cash: He's gonna sit in my corner, while I pick apart Steve Orbit and his partner piece by piece. It doesn't matter who he's teamed with, because they're gonna be up against Waylon Cash!

Zach Davis: Herbert Goldstein!? He's out to humiliate Steve Orbit! What a cocky pick!

Erin Robbins: He's not cocky, Zach, he's confident. He's the World Champion, after all.


The crowd roars!

Zach Davis: Here comes the REAL World Champion, here comes Steve Orbit!

Orbit steps out from the back and marches to the ring, looking all business. Cash watches him intently as he rolls in and takes a mic from Kyle.

Steve Orbit: Waylon, I ain't here to fight. Not yet, anyway. I'm savin' that up for Explosion, because the truth of the matter is... I don't have a partner.

The crowd boos.

Steve Orbit: At first I thought Seth forcing me to find a partner not in Pantheon was going to make things difficult. But then I found out he also had to approve anyone else I DID find. And surprise surprise, Seth wouldn't approve ANYONE, Waylon. Seems he's still got it out for me for whatever reason. So at Explosion, congratulations.... "Champ"... you've got yourself a handicapped match.

Waylon grins as the crowd boos this development.

Waylon Cash: You know, Orbit, I don't know how we ever tagged. We're SO different, in so many ways. I'm the World Champion. You're not. I've got a partner. You don't. You didn't come here to fight.

Orbit raises an eyebrow.

Waylon Cash: I did.

With that, Cash bashes Orbit over the skull with the World Title. The crowd begins to boo as Cash bends down and begins pummeling him in the head with punch after punch.

Zach Davis: Somebody stop this! What a dirty attack!

Erin Robbins: Do you expect anything else from Waylon Cash? He wants to end Orbit's career, Zach. And maybe tonight he'll finally do it.

Cash gets back up as the crowd jeers... until a song starts to play.

Zach Davis: What?

"Crawl" by Kings of Leon is playing over the PA system.

Erin Robbins: Can't be. Nope, nope, nope.

TORTURE RUNS OUT FROM THE BACK! TORTURE HITS THE RING. Waylon Cash's eyes go wide, he mouths "what the fuck" as the new Hall of Famer takes him down with a Clothesline.


The crowd begins to chant "TORTURE! TORTURE!" as Waylon Cash gets back to his feet. Torture grabs Waylon and throws him to the ropes.. where Cash puts on the breaks and quickly drops, rolling out and grabbing the World Title as he does so.

Erin Robbins: What is this shit!?

Zach Davis: I'm glad Scott Savage and co. are asking themselves the exact same thing right now!

The crowd dies down a little bit as Torture helps Orbit to his feet. Orbit looks as confused as anyone.

Erin Robbins: Torture is a friend of Corey Black, Pantheon member, but I'd like to know what in the hell is going on here.

Zach Davis: Well, he's grabbing a mic, so maybe we'll find out!

Torture waits for the crowd to calm down a little more before beginning to speak.

Torture: Now, for weeks I've seen Orbit beat down, Title stolen, more beatdowns and more beat downs and I think maybe enough is enough. Maybe this is it. So I drove here thinking if Orbit needs a tag team partner, and I need to kick some ass.. then maybe we kill two birds one stone...

Crowd pops!

Torture: So as sure as I am that Logan is a bitch who won't accept my challenge.. Waylon Cash, I say Orbit and I kick your asses next week at Explosion!

Crowd pops as Torture throws down hte microphone and Orbit nods in approval. Torture and Orbit shake hands and pad each other on the back.

Erin Robbins: I don't believe it.

Zach Davis: STEVE ORBIT AND TORTURE! What a team!

Orbit and Torture climb separate corners and play to the crowd as Cash shakes his head, disbelieving, as Slam begins to fade to black.

Zach Davis: Torture returns to the ring to team with Steve Orbit at Explosion. Can they get the World Title back to the rightful Champion? Who will advance in the Trilogy Cup Tournament? FIND OUT NEXT WEEK!

Slam comes to a close.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Marina Valdivia vs Carrie Storm vs Evan Vayne

S-PAC Segment

Tommy Greco vs Stryder vs Endorphin

Crisis Segment

Adam Young vs The Original Gangster

Jonny Fly/Jayson Price Segment

Mary Mac vs Crisis

Jordan Caliban Segment

Jonny Fly vs Ollie the Magic Bum

Joey Nitro Segment

Night Rider vs Buzz Worthy

Dr. Remus Micayle Segment

Doc Henry/Alexander Richards vs Jam Willy Jesus/ICE Beckman

Chelsea Black Armstrong Segment

Chase Michaels/Seifer Black Armstrong vs Brent Alpine/Jordan Ciserano

Natural ICE Beckman Segment

Television Title Match: Chelsea Black Armstrong vs Peter Quinn

Herbert Goldstein Segment

Mark Dillinger vs Cormack MacNeill

Oblivion vs James Fatel

Jayson Price vs Logan

Waylon Cash vs Stacy Robinson

What's the Buzz?: Bobby Cairo

Partners Revealed


Of The Week

Waylon Cash
Michaels/Armstrong vs Sequitus



Peter Quinn
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ICE Beckman
Stacy Robinson
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The Shadows