Slam Intro

We open on Apocalypse standing in front of a WCF backdrop with Hank Brown standing by with his trusty notebook, prepping for an interview. The production team adjusts the equipment, does a sound check, and gives the “thumbs up” to Hank. Hank takes one last look at the questions before starting.

Hank Brown: Hello, ladies and gentleman. Hank Brown here with another interview. Standing here with me is newcomer Apocalypse whose here to answer some questions so we can get to know him better. Thanks for being here with us tonight Apocalypse.
APOC flashes a goofy smile.

Apocalypse: No problem Brown Hank.

Hank Brown: It’s Hank Brown…

APOC shrugs shoulders as if he really cared.

Hank Brown: Moving on. First off, congratulations on winning your debut match on this past, WCF Wednesday Night.

Apocalypse: Thanks Hank, that Crybaby McEmo never stood a chance…

Hank Brown: I think we all can agree with that…

APOC starts scratching his chin.

Apocalypse: Hmm?

Hank Brown: Hell everyone noticed how you had a distinct size and weight over Crybaby, you’re 6’7 and 315 pounds, McEmo is 5’4 and 125 pounds. Of course you were going to win…

APOC forms a “T” with his hands.

Apocalypse: Time out Hank. I didn’t request to face Crybaby, your management is the one that picked him to be served to me in the ring.

Hank Brown: So is that what you call it when you broke up the pin after hitting the Brute Kick?

Apocalypse: You got me there Hank… Look man I’m here to cause pain and suffering to whomever is put in front of me in that ring.

Hank Brown: Why?

APOC locks his eyes on Hank, not taking them off for a second.

Apocalypse: Why? You see, when I was a wee teenager. I suffered a trauma, after suffering that trauma, I changed. All the pain I felt inside…I wanted others to feel that pain…

Hank Brown: I can understand that, a little. After all if my mom was mur…

APOC starts breathing heavily and clenches his fist which cuts off Hank’s sentence.

Hank Brown: Whoa…man…calm down.

APOC lets out a squeal before attacking Hank Brown, he starts pummeling Hank with punches to the head and body…

The cameras see Oblivion near the end, of the hall.



The Monster walks up very quickly, as Apocalypse let's go of Hank. Apocalypse whispers to Hank.

Apocalypse: Don't go anywhere. I'm not done with you yet!

Apocalypse and Oblivion start fighting around the backstage area.

Erin Robbins: We need security back stage.... LIKE RIGHT NOW!! Those monsters are slugging it out, in the backstage area!! What are the issues between these two?

Zach Davis: Well, apparently, before Apocalypse was Apocalypse and before Oblivion was Oblivion, these two men met in the mental hospital know as Withlacoochie Mental Hospital. The same hospital that Gravedigger once bought to manipulate The Monster. When they HAD the opportunity, they talked about their lives. But, unfortunately, they both began to hear voices inside their own heads. The mental hospital was known to be crooked and rumors were flying that they were giving the patients placebos, not their real medications. So both Jake Stamper and Stephan Johnson began to hear voices inside their heads. It became clear that they were developing split personalities, due to the mental hospital's negligence.

Erin Robbins: WHOA!!! I asked a simple question. I didn't need to know the whole entire novel!! But, I can say for sure... We have a bunch of psychos wrestling here!!

The Monster and APOC slam each other against a stone wall. They proceed to stare at one another. Apocalypse glares at The Monster.

Apocalypse: Do I know you?

Oblivion: Does it matter, if IT knows you or not?"

Apocalypse- THAT'S IT!! I DO know you!! You are Stephan Johnson!! Right?!

Oblivion grabs APOC and slams him against a wall and says...


Apocalypse grabs Oblivion and says…

Apocalypse: I'm APOCALYPSE... THE WICKED ONE. The Brute of Brutality. The Manifestation of Devastation!! Nice to meet you!!

Zach Davis: What is going on between these two?!

Erin Robbins: Whatever is going on between them, is now over... for now. As both of them, have let go one another.

Apocalypse and Oblivion proceed to shake hands, then they walk away from each other.

Zach Davis: Very strange.

Erin Robbins: YES!! Very strange indeed!! Who knew that THESE TWO knew each other, before they became "monsters" due to a mental hospital screw up!!

Alice Pleasant-Blake/Nero Blake vs BioWalker

Manson's "the beautiful people" comes over the PA. The song's drumbeat sets off strobe lights as Alice Blake walks out with Nero standing behind. She turns to Nero who bows his head and follows her down to the ring. She stops and allows Nero to get onto the apron and open the ropes for Alice to get up and get in. Alice glances around the crowd as the song fades out.

Avenged Sevenfold's "Shepard of fire" plays and the lights go down and a spotlight appears on the stage and Nero is in it with Alice Pleasant by his side, he slowly makes his way down to the ring and runs up the steps before stepping into the ring and dropping to his knees in the center with his arms to his sides and his palms facing outward. Alice runs her hands up his chest before skipping around him

Zach Davis: What did we just watch, Erin? Did they enter twice?

Erin Robbins: I don't know. We've got some lazy match writers around here, Zach. Didn't even check the entrances.

Zach Davis: I believe a demolition team just tore down the entire fourth wall, Erin! Let's build it back up and continue.

breakdown by biohazard plays and biohazard comes out and walks to the ring as yellow and purple lights flash

"I Like to Move It" by Reel 2 Reel plays over the sound system. Tyler Walker emerges from the back with white pyros at the entrance. He's wearing his black and gold letterman jacket with "TW" embroidered in the front, "TY WALKER" on the back. He's also wearing black shades, a white tank top and his black shorts with "TW" written around the belt line. Black boots and has his wrists taped. He slowly makes his way to the ring with a cocky smile on his face, bobbing his head to his music as he ignores the fans. When he hits the ring, he climbs on the apron, drops his jacket to ringside, and does a few body builder poses, as more white pyros blast off. He enters the ring through the ropes and removes his tank top and shades, throwing them to ringside before getting ready to fight.

Erin Robbins: Aanndd here we go! Can BioWalker return to their winning ways against this new team?

Zach Davis: ...What winning ways?

Erin Robbins: They won once, I think.

Biohazard runs at Nero and starts hitting him with clubbing blows, not with any plan of attack, just an all out barrage of strikes. Nero is able to sidestep the sloppy striking and takes Biohazard down with a Standing High Dropkick!

Zach Davis: The Bio-man goes down.

Biohazard gets back up and Nero runs at him, grabbing his head and executing a Bulldog. From the apron, Ty Walker holds his head in pain, as if he felt what his partner feels. Nero goes for a pin.



No!, Biohazard kicks out.

Erin Robbins: Say what you want about him, but Biohazard is a freak of nature. He's like a someone high on meth, it takes a lot to take 'em down.

Zach Davis: Yeah.. he's LIKE someone high on meth..

Nero stands behind Biohazard and waits for Bio to get back up. Once B-Hazizzle is up, Nero grapples him from behind..


Into the bridge pin.



No!, Tyler Walker breaks it up!

Erin Robbins: Reminder, fans, every German Suplex tonight is brought to you by the game Wolfenstein: The New Order, coming to various gaming platforms later this month.

Tyler waits for Nero to get to his feet and Spears him to the ground. Tyler then gets back on the apron and uses his big strong muscles to reach out and tag himself in.


Erin Robbins: Now THAT'S a relevant nickname in the year 2014, Zach!

Walker gets in the ring just as Nero tags in Alice Pleasant-Blake. Alice ducks a gigantic Clothesline attempt from Tyler. Tyler looks around, wondering why she isn't lying on the ground, not comprehending that he missed the Clothesline. From behind, Alice spins him around and hits a Bitch Slap!


Tyler shakes his head and yells OH NO YOU DIDN'T! He goes to bitch slap Alice himself, but she ducks it and rakes his eyes. The fans boo as Tyler is sent reeling. She then runs at him and hits a Facebreaker.

Erin Robbins: I'm all for feminism but Tyler Walker is a gigantic mountain of a man and Alice weights less than 130 lbs. She's really gotta put in a lot of effort here.

She then runs at him and drops a knee. She pins him.



Nope. Kickout.

Zach Davis: YEAH pinning a dude like Tyler Walker ain't easy.

Alice lifts him up but he shoves her away. He takes her down with a Big Boot before very excitedly turning and tagging in Biohazard.

Erin Robbins: Here comes the Bioboy!

Biohazard comes in and runs at Alice, roaring like a maniac. She lifts him up... SITOUT SIDE POWERSLAM!

Zach Davis: Painting the Roses Red!

She quickly lacks in her Straight Jacket finisher.

Erin Robbins: She's got it locked in! Can Bi-

Biohazard taps out.

Zach Davis: The Blakes win it!

The bell sounds and Alice's music hits. She stands as Tyler worriedly checks on his partner.

Erin Robbins: And they debut in a winning way here tonight at Slam. But what happens when they face stiffer competition?

Zach Davis: No competition is as stiff as Bizzlehizzle and the Ty-Guy.

An Introduction to Abraham Mountbatten

Zach Davis: Well Erin, we’ve had yet again a Hell of a show so far…

Erin Robbins: And it’s about to get even better…

Suddenly the titantron flickers to life as we see what appears to be a large lounge area; a large fireplace dominates the room and in front of it is a plush red velvet and mahogany chair. Sitting in the chair sits a tall thin man with short wavy dark brown hair who is dressed in a black suit, a white shirt and a pair of black polished leather shoes, he is also wearing reading glasses and placed on his lap is a large opened up dark red leather bound book. He looks up into the camera and smiles before removing his reading glasses before he folds them up and places them in the chest pocket of his blazer.

Man: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Abraham Mountbatten and as you all may remember, last week you were all treated to a small history lesson from an elderly gentlemen known as Geoffrey who told you about four of the greatest British gentlemen to ever exist, before he then proceeded to tell you about a fifth gentleman who shall grace you all with his presence in a couple of weeks time…

Mountbatten places the large book onto the dark rich mahogany side table and crosses his right leg over his left.

Abraham Mountbatten: This great man, my good friend, is a man who should be looked up too by all who are lucky enough to be in his presence. He has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II due to his many charitable donations to great causes such as the National Trust and the Royal British Legion…

Mountbatten picks up a Calabash mahogany pipe and a box of matches, he places the pipe in his mouth and takes one of the matches out of the box and strikes it before lighting the tobacco that fills the end of the pipe.

Abraham Mountbatten: He is a very intelligent man, graduating from England’s top University, Cambridge, at the highest level. He also has a vast knowledge of many important subjects such as History, Computer Science, Economics, Law, Medicine, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Theology and Religious Studies as well as Wrestling.

Mountbatten takes a few puffs on his pipe.

Abraham Mountbatten: He is also a great admirer of the British Royal Family and was personally invited to the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Katherine Middleton and when they had their first born, George, they invited him to his christening as well.

Mountbatten smiles before taking some more puffs on his pipe.

Abraham Mountbatten: And finally, this great man is a firm believer in our Lord God Almighty, and he has asked me to end with a saying from the Bible, and it is taken from the Book of Galatians, Chapter Two, Verse Twenty and it reads, ‘I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me’.

Mountbatten then stands to his feet and smiles into the camera before disappearing off camera view as the video on the titantron ends.

Zach Davis: Well we now know a little bit more about this mysterious British man who is coming to the WCF soon…

Erin Robbins: Yeah, but we still don’t know his name…

The Vapor Kings vs Dallas Culture/Bryan Worthy

Erin Robbins: Alright. Time for tag team action! Dallas Culture and Bryan “Buzz” Worthy taking on The Vapor Kings, Zombie McMorris and Diablo Calzone.

Zach Davis: I can tell you right now, this is going to be a good match.

"20th Century Boy" by T-Rex plays. Buzz bounds out on stage and encourages the fans to cheer louder. He jogs down towards the ring. Once he reaches the apron, he turns back, drops to one knee and points at the fans on both sides of the ramp, nodding his head to the music. Then he rolls under the ropes and does the Kurt Angle arms outstretched spinning taunt before heading to his corner.

'Tonight, magical things are going to happen. All of your wildest dreams are about to come true. Just take time to unwind. And let my vision inside you.'

'My Vision' by Jakatta featuring Seal kicks in. On the videotron, we see a vulture stalking in the skies. It rapidly descends and swoops all the way down to the ground. As this happens, pink pyro goes off and makes several fans in aisle seats jump. Out of the entrance way rushes 'The Vulture' Dallas Culture.

Kyle Steel: From Gladstone, Australia, weighing 216 pounds... accompanied by Angel Aurelie and the loving spirits of the 12th realm, he is 'The Vulture' Dallas Culture!

Culture drops his coat and runs out to the ring. He jumps on the apron but trips and lands awkwardly on the mat. The crowd burst into hysterics. Unaffected, Culture gets back onto the apron and waves his arms to the sky as if communicating with the spirit realm.

Zach Davis: An impressive team if I ever saw one.

“God's Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash hits the PA system.

Erin Robbins: Oh, God. What now?

Buddy Roman walks out on stage with microphone in hand, tapping it against his left hand before speaking into it.

Erin Robbins: Ugh. This guy makes me sick!

Buddy Roman: Ladies and gentlemen. Dallas Culture and Bryan Worthy, this is the moment that you all have been waiting for. This is the moment where tag team wrestling becomes unhinged from its stereotypical tandem style. This is where traditional wrestling goes out the window, much like your “not so respected” careers. This WAS your opportunity. Today, WAS your big day. Today was the day you both got to announce to the world, the newest tag team in Wrestling Championship Federation. Unfortunately however, for you, that day will never come. That day will never come because as I stand here right now- That day has already passed. Ladies and gentlemen, Dallas Culture and Bryan Worthy, I give to you the next WCF Tag Team Champions... THE VAPOR KINGS!

“Spacegrass” by Clutch hits the PA system as Culture and Worthy move towards the ropes closest to the ramp, amped up by Roman's disrespectful comments.

Erin Robbins: What's that in the crowd?

Zach Davis: It's the Vapor Kings!

Vapor Kings hop the barrier and get the jump on Culture and Worthy, rockin them each with right hands and sending them over the ropes.

Erin Robbins: What a cowardly sneak attack.

Zach Davis: Can you blame them? They aren't exactly the most noble bunch.

Erin Robbins: Shows that Vapor Kings fear competition. They know that Culture and Worthy are going to mess them up bad and they don't want any part of it.

Zach Davis: Well we do know that The Vapor Kings were a strong tag team in the past. Let's see if they still got it.

Culture and Worthy slide back into the ring as D-LO stands there, ready to start the match for his team. Worthy takes to the apron, leaving Culture to square off against D-LO.


Culture and D-LO start it off in the ring, locking up with a collar elbow tie-up. Both men are of equal size, D-LO with the slight weight advantage but it does not prove useful here.

Zach Davis: Culture, the high flyer, D-LO the trained technician, influenced by his partner Zombie McMorris.

Culture is able to go behind D-LO and chop block him, bringing D-LO to his knees before hitting a running snapmare which Culture quickly recovers from and connects with a front drop kick. Culture picks up D-LO and kicks him in the gut. D-LO doubles over as Culture hits the ropes. Culture runs towards D-LO but gets his head taken off with an explosive clothesline. D-LO drops down for a few push ups before he pounces on Culture with some right hands. Worthy hits the ring to break up the assault as the ref tries to get him under control.

Zach Davis: D-LO hits the ropes, lookin for a rolling thunder. He calls it Turtle Wax.

Erin Robbins: NO! Culture moves out of the way and D-LO is flat on his back-er-shell!

Culture takes a few steps backwards and connects with a Shining Wizard.

Pin attempt.




Zach Davis: D-LO kicks out.

Erin Robbins: Culture hits the ropes and passes over D-LO, once, twice, three... four...

Zach Davis: Big Boot out of nowhere by ZMAC!

Worthy hits the ring and goes goes crazy as he battles ZMAC into the corner with right hands. ZMAC's rocked as Worthy lets off to play it up for the crowd. ZMAC quickly comes out of the corner and squats down, waiting for Worthy to turn around, A double finger salute and a kick to the gut get the attention of Worthy.

Zach Davis: Could be looking for World Tour 69'!

Erin Robbins: Culture hits a flying forearm smash! ZMAC gets dumped out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Culture going high risk now, running and leaping off of Worthy...

Erin Robbins: Cross body to the outside!

Culture gets ZMAC up and positions him towards the ring as Worthy gets on the apron, looking ready to make a move.

Zach Davis: What's he going to do?

Erin Robbins: D-LO from behind with a drop kick!

Worthy is flung from the apron as ZMAC gets out of the way just in time for Worthy to crash into Culture. ZMAC slides back into the ring, he looks at D-LO, D-LO looks at him. They both hit the ropes...

Zach Davis: Double Suicide dive!

The ref counts.


Culture gets to his feet first and makes it back to the ring to beat the ten count. ZMAC gets up next, pulling D-LO up by the shell and pushes him towards the ring.


Zach Davis: D-LO's back in it.

ZMAC and Worthy are back up and head back to their respective corners. Back in the ring Culture hits the ropes and connects with an impressive corkscrew drop kick. Culture takes to the top turn buckle to try his luck.

Erin Robbins: Culture looking for a shooting star press.

Zach Davis: He hits it... The pin...




D-LO with the shoulder up!

Culture gets D-LO up and tries for a gut kick but D-LO catches it and spins Culture around.

Zach Davis: Shell bump! And both men are down.

Erin Robbins: Both men crawling for the ropes.

Zach Davis: Buddy Roman, finally making his way down to the ring side area. Maybe he's going to join us on commentary?

Erin Robbins: Dear God, please, no.

Zach Davis: Culture with the hot tag! Worthy is in the ring!

Erin Robbins: ZMAC is in too.

Zach Davis: And these two WCF social media giants clash in the middle of the ring.

Worthy hits ZMAC with more big rights and a leaping calf kick that staggers the Coked Up Mad Man back into his corner.

Erin Robbins: Worthy takes a few steps back and rushes ZMAC! He connects with a clothesline.

Zach Davis: Bryan Worthy, eh, playing it up for the crowd. But ZMAC erupts out of the corner with his own clothesline.

ZMAC starts stomping away at Worthy, holding onto the ropes and laying into him.

Erin Robbins: Great, Roman's joining us on commentary.

Buddy Roman: Hello, hello.

Zach Davis: Hi, Roman... And the ref is trying to pull ZMAC off of Worthy, trying to give Worthy a chance.

Buddy Roman: Worthy lost his chance the moment he stepped into the ring with my clients.

Worthy gets to his feet and takes the fight right back to ZMAC, not backing down as he tackles ZMAC with some punches of his own.

Erin Robbins: Looks like Worthy came to fight.

Buddy Roman: With those pillow cases he calls hands? I don't think so.

Worthy gets off of ZMAC as ZMAC pulls himself up by the ropes. He runs at Worthy and right into a hip toss.

Buddy Roman: Did my client get hip tossed into a pile of kittens?

Erin Robbins: Falling Ax handle by Worthy!

Worthy picks up ZMAC and sets him up on his shoulder for an airplane spin.

Zach Davis: Arizona bull ride!

Erin Robbins: Capped off with another ax handle.

The pin.




Zach Davis: ZMAC kicks out.

Buddy Roman: Of course he kicked out! Honey Badger doesn't get pinned by a man who slaps with oven mitts on.

Worthy gets ZMAC up for a suplex...

Erin Robbins: The suplex connects.

Worthy picks up ZMAC one more time and whips him over to Culture and hits a spear and tosses ZMAC to the floor. He tags in Culture, who takes to the top rope and hits an elbow drop.

The pin...





Zach Davis: Broken up by D-LO!

D-LO takes Culture and dumps him out onto the top rope. ZMAC gets to his feet and runs towards Culture and hits a boot.

Buddy Roman: GORE! GORE! GORE! Nutcracker Suite! Welcome to Vapor Kings tag team action!

Worthy hits the ring and goes after D-LO.

Erin Robbins: And Worthy with a nutcracker suite of his own! Atomic drop!

Zach Davis: Superkick to D-LO!

Erin Robbins: Another Superkick to ZMAC!


Erin Robbins: And the crowd really loves it! They are diggin this tag team!

Buddy Roman: Bunch of inbred hicks!

Zach Davis: Well it's Buzz-Culture who are standing tall in the middle of the ring right now.

Buddy Roman gets up, takes his hat off and walks towards the apron.

Zach Davis: Where's he goin?

Worthy heads back to his corner as D-LO crawls back to his.

Zach Davis: Buddy havin a pep talk with ZMAC.

Erin Robbins: Did he just slip him something?

Zach Davis: I- I don't know... I didn't see anything.

ZMAC gets back into the ring as Worthy shouts at the ref to check ZMAC for an object. The ref starts to pat down ZMAC as Buddy Roman walks over to D-LO and shakes his hand, beaming with pride. Worthy starts flipping out again, distracting the ref who walks over to D-LO and starts to pat him down. While the ref is distracted, Culture runs at ZMAC, hoping to get the drop but ZMAC drops him with one punch.

Zach Davis: Bryan Worthy is going berserk!

Erin Robbins: Worthy hits the ring with authority but is stopped in his tracks by the ref who backs him up into the corner. ZMAC smiles as he picks up Culture's body.

Erin Robbins: Culture looks to be out cold!

ZMAC tags in D-LO. They set up Culture...

Zach Davis: Cross Addicted!

D-LO with the pin!

The ref turns around...



Erin Robbins: Not like this! Get in there, Worthy!



The Vapor Kings roll out of the ring as Worthy hits a stomp on the shell of D-LO.

D-LO and ZMAC start to head towards the ramp as Buddy Roman joins them. D-LO and ZMAC hold up their hands. ZMAC's left and D-LO's right hand holding up the middle finger. Their other hands closed in brass knuckles which spell out “Vapor Kings.” The Vapor Kings laugh up the ramp, looking at the ring as Worthy and Culture are seething, staring a hole into the hearts of The Vapor Kings.

Erin Robbins: They stole one! Those thieving bastards stole the victory!

Zach Davis: Do what you gotta do. Welcome to Old School WCF. Old Glory WCF. Something Buzz-Culture wouldn't have any idea about!

Erin Robbins: Vapor Kings fear Buzz-Culture that's why they did this! They couldn't beat them straight up so they had to cheat! Buzz-Culture had this match won. Vapor Kings were on their knees, reeling and they had to do this. Disgusting! Buzz-Culture are the winners in my eyes, that's for sure!

Zach Davis: The books say different. Better luck next time, Buzz-Culture.

Dr. Remus Micayle Segment

The camera opens up backstage with WCF interviewer Hank Brown standing in front of a Slam backdrop. The ever-energetic crowd simmers down slightly as they await the impending message.

Hank Brown: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Slam, here in the heart of Spain itself. Before we carry on with the matches ahead of us... joining me right now is the leader of Team Science and currently one-half of the number one contenders to the WCF Tag Team Championships… Doctor Remus Micayle.

The crowd boos heavily at the mention of the Scientist. The camera pans slightly to the left as a suit-wearing Micayle strides into frame, looking as cocky as ever.

Hank Brown: How are you feeling today Doctor?

The interviewer passes Micayle a spare microphone. He takes it and looks into the screen.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Perfectly fine, dear Hank. I’m as perfect as any human being can be, and trust me when I say that.

More jeers emerge from the stands. He ignores them.

Hank Brown: Glad to hear that. A lot of speculation has risen in recent days about your team’s eliminations in the Trios Cup Tournament last week. One particular point to note has been Alexander Richard’s outburst regarding your performance last week, claiming that you are the weak link that caused his chance at success. Do you have anything to say about it?

Micayle looks affronted at that statement.

Doctor Remus Micayle: A weak link? Please, Hank. You are a journalist, and you should know that I'm anything but that. If you have viewed my online podcast last week, you should have known that I did not want to win the match in the first place. Plus, you seen the match. Richards was being a bumbling oaf, and I felt that I ought to step in before the situation got worst. Unfortunately, the babbling baby got in my way and me getting slammed by Oblivion. No more, no less.

The fans cheer at the recollection. This time, a vein twitches in Micayle's forehead. He is visibly irked by that reaction.

Hank Brown: That may be true, but I think it may be regarding ethics, more than anything else. He is claiming that you did not put your full effort in, and wants a piece at you.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Whatever. To be perfectly frank with you, I don’t even know who Richards was before that match. All I know was that he was some hotheaded rookie trying to get cozy with myself and Mark. If he wants to take a shot at a man like myself… he is welcome to try.

He pauses to take a breath and pinches the bridge of his nose in an attempt to show irritation.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Let me tell you what. I’m more than willing to prove why men like Richards never succeed in this industry, especially with an attitude like that. In my short span in the company, I’ve achieved much more than he ever will in his entire career - and the whole world knows it!

He releases his grip on his nose, before breaking into a small grin.

Doctor Remus Micayle: But that’s alright. Because at Asesinato De Mayo, after I’m done with Cormack MacNeill, I’ll be switching my attention to that little lemon in due time. And that’s right Hank, you heard me right! Cormack MacNeill, I’m calling you out! I have had enough of your nonsense in the past month or so, and I want to end your Canadian ways immediately!

He stares into the camera intensely.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Cormack, this ends now. A hockey-loving mutt like you cannot stay in the same place as an educated gentlemen like myself. I want to ensure that you know your place in a federation like the WCF, and in my experience, there’s no better way to prove who’s the better man than in a Stretcher match!

A few hoots go on in the background from the fans as they realise the enormity of the situation.

Doctor Remus Micayle: That’s right Cormack, a Stretcher match between the two of us at Asesinato De Mayo! Since your enormous appetite for maple syrup will no doubt lead you to having a stroke in five years, all I’m doing right now is to accelerate the process! The two of us beat each other up in a match to prove once and for all who is the superior wrestler from the superior COUNTRY! The only way to win is to incapacitate the other and roll him to the top of the entrance ramp in a stretcher!

The Scientist turns back to Hank, who’s wearing a shocked experience.

Doctor Remus Micayle: When my First Apostle and myself finally retrieve our Tag Team Championships from the undeserving Shadows in our rematch within the month… I’ll be more than happy to meet him one-on-one in that ring, showing him why no one dares make fun of the Second Coming Of Darwin. And when Cormack is done and dusted… I’m moving on to you, Alexander Richards.

Satisfied with his statement, he smirks, and walks off-frame. The camera fades out to black to a chorus of boos as a bewildered Hank Brown watches him go.

Doc Henry vs Chase Michaels vs Jordan Ciserano

Back in the Picture by "The Rasmus". The music plays and the crowd cheers. 3 seconds into the song Jordan Ciserano comes out jumping, high with energy. He continues to pump the crowd up. After that the pyro begins, exploding every time one of Ciserano's jumps hits the floor. After that Ciserano makes his way down the aisle high fiving any and every fan in sight. Once he makes it to the base of the ring he jumps onto the apron while pyro explodes as he hits it. He enters by spring boarding over the top rope. Following that he climbs the top turn buckle to the top rope hold his hands over his head. The music ends and he's ready to fight.

Zach Davis: Jordan Ciserano looks ready to go tonight.

Erin Robbins: And here comes Chase Michaels!

"Cradle to the Grave" plays and a spotlight scans the crowd until it stops on Chase who's standing at the top of the entrance ramp with the hood of his hoodie up. Chase stands at the top of the ramp before he slowly makes his way down the ramp before he rolls under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle and raising his arms in a cocky fashion before stepping down and taking his hoodie off and waiting on his opponent.

Zach Davis: Next is WCF vet, Doc Henry. Man, I'm excited for this match.

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Doc steps trough the ropes and grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more cheers as Mary poses on him seductively.

Erin Robbins: You've got to wonder how Doc Henry feels about Reb's return.

Zach Davis: I'm sure the fans would love to see a Confederacy reunion.

The bell rings, Chase quickly sprints across the ring and begins attacking Jordan.

Erin Robbins: Jordan and Michaels quickly mixing things up.

Doc Henry stands back watching the two throw down. Jordan fights back, hitting hard rights to Chase, who loses his balance and stumbles backwards. Henry joins in, grabbing the stunned Chase from behind and hitting a backdrop suplex. Henry rolls up and is met with right hands from Jordan. Jordan grabs Doc Henry, throws him to the ropes, Henry comes back and Jordan takes him down with a missle dropkick! Doc Henry goes down hard. Jordan reaches down, grabbing at Doc's ankle, hoping to lock in an ankle lock. Chase is back up and spins Jordan around, hitting a quick snap DDT. Doc Henry rolls to his feet, kicks Chase, but Chase grabs Doc's foot, uses Doc's own foot to spin him around so he's facing his back, and grabs Doc hitting a Half Nelson Legsweep! He quickly falls on top of Doc and covers.



Henry gets the shoulder up. Chase stands up, as does Jordan, who meets Chase with a few rights, and then kicks him in the gut hitting a twist of fate! Now Jordan drops onto Chase and pins, but it's too soon, Doc Henry is back up and grabs Jordan up, Jordan fires a right at Doc; Doc ducks, slips behind Jordan, and hits a German suplex! Jordan smacks hard and rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Did you see Jordan?

Erin Robbins: He went flying!

Chase is back up, him and Doc duke it out. Rights and lefts, back and forth, neither gaining advantage. Finally Chase forearm smashes Doc in the jaw, causing him to stumble backwards. Chase sizes Doc Henry up and goes for The Finale! Doc Henry side steps out of the way, and school boys Chase.



Chase manages to squirm out of it!

Zach Davis: That was close. Doc Henry almost stole it.

Chase pops to his feet, Doc Henry quickly gets right back onto Chase, and puts him in the Gamblers Hand! No! Chase elbows Henry, and Doc stumbles backwards, and turns around into... THE FINALE!

Erin Robbins: There it is!

He quickly falls on top of Doc and hooks the leg.



Jordan slides back into the ring to break it up.


Erin Robbins: He almost broke the fall. That was close, Zach, but Chase won it.

Team Science vs The Big Time Jerks

The arena goes black and then the WCFtron pops on with "The Jerks" written in red on it. "Going to Hell" by The Pretty Reckless starts playing as smoke and white lights hit the entranceway. Out walks Mohammad followed by The Big Time Jerks in matching black robes with "BTJ" written in silver on the back of them. They stroll towards the ring with chants of "BTJ" ringing through the arena. Mohammad has the ref hold the ropes open for the Jerks and himself. They stand in the middle of the ring and disrobe as the fans go nuts.

The opening riff to "The Stringless Violin" by Adagio blasts through the speakers of the arena as boos immediately erupt from the live crowd. The lights in the arena start to grow dimmer by a notch, as a sole spotlight appears on the top of the ramp. A geared-up Doctor Remus Micayle struts out from the back, his body illuminated from the slight darkness, followed slowly behind by the First Apostle, Mark Dillinger. Wasting little time, the pair makes their way to the ring, casually ignoring both the jeers from the fans and their attempts to agitate them. The spotlight follows, giving Remus a regal appearance in the modest darkness while Mark Dillinger stays in the shadows.

Kyle Steel: From Phoenix, Arizona and Raleigh, North Carolina… weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and forty-seven pounds… they are Doctor Remus Micayle and Mark Dillinger... Team SCIENCE!

The self-proclaimed Second Coming of Darwin rolls into the ring, and the spotlight grows to an intensity that's almost blinding in brightness. Through the glare, however, it can still be seen by the fans that Micayle raising both of his hands in the air. As he slowly lowers them down, the spotlight slowly dims in strength, almost as if he was the one controlling the light. He strides to the centre of the ring, glancing from time to time at those currently in the ring with him, almost as if he's afraid of being backstabbed. The raucous crowd continues booing as he pointedly ignores them, his mind only focused on the match ahead. Mark Dillinger waits for the lights to die down before he climbs into the ring without any further fanfare.

Zach Davis: Big tag team showcase match here. A lot of teams jockeying for position right now.

Erin Robbins: You're right about that, Zach. Big Time Jerks are former Tag Team Champions and Team Science would like to make a statement by defeating them tonight. We know that Remus and Dillinger have a rematch against The Shadow Demons coming up in a couple of weeks. Of course BTJ can make a statement by defeating the number one contenders.


Referee Mookie Blaylock presides over the action as Dillinger and Adams look up at mid-ring. Dillinger gets the advantage with a knee to the gut and then yanks his opponent to the mat by his neck. Dillinger stomps away at Adams while Micayle shouts instructions from the apron.

Zach Davis: Dr. Micayle fancies himself as the maestro of Team Science but Dillinger is the one putting in work. Seems like that's how it goes most weeks.

Erin Robbins: Get real, Zach. Remus is a brilliant, self-made man. Dillinger should consider himself lucky for the privilege of performing The Doctor's dog work.

Dillinger stomps Adams's neck and then pulls him up from the mat, only to deliver a sadistically sick and twisted version of a Fisherman's suplex. Adams was planted directly on his noggin. Dillinger looks toward Remus for encouragement but finds only a frown.

Zach Davis: Remus didn't like that? Is he serious?

Erin Robbins: The Perspicacious One has exceedingly high standards, Zach. You wouldn't understand.

Dillinger mauls Adams with open hand strikes and forearms to the skull. A "B-T-J!" chant breaks out in the crowd. Micayle tells everybody to shut up and the chant grows louder. Micayle kicks at the bottom ring rope in frustration.

Zach Davis: The crowd is showing their partisan support for the Big Time Jerks and The Doctor does not like that.

Erin Robbins: Nor should he. These people are intolerable. They need to shut their mouths and learn to pay attention to the message of Team Science.

Adams fights his way back to his feet with hard punches to Dillinger's midsection.

Zach Davis: Austin Adams is showing Dillinger that this isn't gonna be a walk in the park!

Erin Robbins: Dillinger needs to get it together here. He's failing Dr. Remus.

Austin gets to his feet, lifts Dillinger up and hits a belly to back suplex. Dillinger is stunned. Remus screams at his First Apostle, to no avail.

Zach Davis: Dr. Micayle is blowing a gasket as he watches his Apostle struggle in there against Austin Adams.

Erin Robbins: For good reason, Zach. Dr. Micayle expects perfection every time that Team Science sets foot into the ring. Nothing else would be logical.

Adams shoots Dillinger into the ropes and hits a scoop powerslam. Adams hooks the leg for a pin attempt.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Zach Davis: Dillinger is hanging tough. He knows what these Big Time Jerks are about. He's rangled with their kind before.

Erin Robbins: No one can truly predict what the Big Time Jerks are about, Zach. Adam Young's crew is on a different level of whacked out. Bunch of crazy mofos from Texas.

Adams applies an arm wringer on Dillinger only to yank back on the hold and cock Dillinger up for the Samoan drop. Dillinger is laid out mid-ring. Adams pulls him to the BTJ corner of the ring and tags Adam Young.

Zach Davis: Double Implant DDT by BTJ! They call that move Pie Faced!

Erin Robbins: Tasty name, ugly ending for the First Apostle. Dr. Micayle appears to be absolutely disgusted.

Young hooks Dillinger's leg as he goes for the pin.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Zach Davis: You can't hold a good First Apostle down, that's what I always say, but notice how Micayle didn't even make the attempt to save his partner?

Erin Robbins: If Dillinger is going to sink or swim it's going to be based upon his own merits, Zach. Remus is not here to carry Dillinger to those Tag Team Belts.

Young whips Dillinger into the ropes. Young catches Dillinger and goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Dillinger lands on his feet. Before Young can react, Dillinger clotheslines him out of his boots, almost literally.

Zach Davis: Looks like Young's boots got loosened by that clothesline.

Erin Robbins: Yeah but he's still wearing them, Zach. He's a tough dude to hold down, that Adam Young. Dude is WCF's Cockroach. You can't kill him, not even with nuclear weapons.

Zach Davis: The First Apostle grabs Young now. Leg toss, WHAT!??!

Erin Robbins: Leg toss DDT!!?? What is that?! I've never seen that move before!

Dillinger rises to his feet and smiles, having pulled off a HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK type of maneuver against Adam Young, while the crowd actually pops for his efforts. Dillinger looks toward Micayle. The Doctor shakes his head in disapproval.

Zach Davis: What!? Even that didn't impress Micayle? What does this kid have to do to win The Doctor's approval?

Erin Robbins: Only The Doctor knows the answer to that question, Zach, and I'm guessing the answer is more than Mark Dillinger has in his arsenal.

Dillinger drags Adam Young to the Team Science corner and tags Micayle into the match. The members of Team Science work together, hitting the old Wishbone spot which they call "The Dissection". Adam Young gropes at his yams as he writhes about on the mat.

Zach Davis: That was a painful maneuver right there for The Villain. Your cock and balls are taking so much of the brunt of that move.

Erin Robbins: You possess genitalia, Zach?

Zach Davis: You keep running your mouth and you're gonna find out what kind of genitalia I possess.

Erin Robbins: Alright, alright, don't be so touchy. Geez!

Micayle fires off multiple stomps to the lower abdomen of Adam Young. Young is trying to pull himself up using the ropes but Micayle isn't giving him a working margin. Micayle unloads with a kidney shot and a throat thrust.

Zach Davis: Micayle is getting a little cute with some of these striking tactics. Maybe the ref needs to intervene?

Erin Robbins: For what purpose, Zach? They're all legal strikes.

Zach Davis: But I don't like them!

Erin Robbins: Well OK then... pansy.

Micayle snapmares Young to the mat and then hits a football kick to the back.

Zach Davis: It's a methodical, grinding style of offense from Micayle.

Erin Robbins: I'm sure he operates the same way in the bedroom.

Zach Davis: And?

Erin Robbins: That appeals to me, Zach.

Micayle coaxes Young to his feet and sets him up for an Inverted DDT, but Young flips out of it. Young lands on his feet and hits Remus with a running swinging neckbreaker. Young flips to the outside and slingshots off the top rope, landing with a legdrop across the sternum of Doctor Micayle.

Zach Davis: Here's Adam Young with the pin! Can he beat Dr. Remus?

Erin Robbins: NO! NO! NO!

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Young gets back to his feet. He builds up a head of steam and charges at Remus, but Remus hits a drop toe hold, sending Young into the bottom turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Adam Young just had his bell rung! Micayle tags in Dillinger now.

Erin Robbins: The Doctor is doing something brilliant now, what is he doing? He lifts Young with a flapjack and... Spike DDT by Dillinger! Great teamwork coordinated by The Doctor!

Micayle climbs out to the apron while Dillinger makes the cover on Young.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Zach Davis: Austin Adams makes the save! Adams and Young double team Dillinger now.

Erin Robbins: You notice that Remus does not intervene. He is assuring that Dillinger learns his lessons.

Zach Davis: Yet if Remus were being pummeled Micayle would insist that he intervene?

Erin Robbins: When have you ever seen Remus pummeled. Zach? Foolish child. Silly, silly child, Zach.

Young and Adams get Dillinger up... Powerbomb/Backstabber combo!

Zach Davis: Silencer! BTJ hit it! Young makes the cover.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Zach Davis: Dillinger finds the grit to kick out, no thanks to Micayle.

Erin Robbins: Actually it was thanks to Micayle's training that Dillinger was able to kick out, Zach.

A-Y goes flying now and he hits Dillinger with an Arabian Press.

Zach Davis: Wow! What a move by Adam Young!

Even the crowd gives Young props on that one.

Erin Robbins: If Dillinger gets pinned, he's out. He's out of Team Science. I'll take his place.

A-Y makes the pin on Dillinger.

Zach Davis: ONE...



A-Y scoops Dillinger up but Dillinger stuns him with an eye gouge and a headbutt. Dillinger continues his assault by lifting Young into a Gorilla Press and tossing him up before pasting him with an uppercut.

Zach Davis: Dishonorable Discharge!

Erin Robbins: Remus tags himself in! Yes, finish him, Doctor!

Remus measures a groggy Adam Young and plasters him with The Formula! Dillinger cuts off Adams as he tries to intervene, and Micayle covers Young.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...




Zach Davis: Team Science wins it!

Erin Robbins: Was there ever any doubt, Zach?

Zach Davis: Well, BTJ had their moments.

Erin Robbins: Oh, come on, Zach! You're being preposterous!

Dillinger begins to celebrate the victory but Remus scolds his First Apostle and orders him to the back. Meanwhile, Remus soaks in the boos from the fans, so delusional that he believes they're cheers.

John Gable Segment

The scene opens backstage a brunette haired woman can be seen walking backstage dressed in a pair of bleach wash ripped skinny jeans, a pair of black knee high converse trainers and a black skinny women's “Fear The Lone Wolf” tanktop. She makes her way her way down a corridor when she's almost bumps into none other than John Gable, she politely smiles at him and goes to take a step to the side but Gable quickly blocks off her path.

Woman: Sorry I just need to get pass...

Gable smirks slyly.

John Gable: Hey, haven't I seen you around here before? You're Chase's girl, right?

She nervously takes a few steps back and appears to quickly scan the area.

Woman: I'm not sure what business that is of yours... But yes I am...

John Gable: Oh...no, don't worry, I'm harmless.

Gable chuckles sheepishly throwing his hands before growing a shit-eating grin.

John Gable: I was just wondering if you ever thought about doing movies, you have the look...

The woman has a smile on her face as if she knows what he's trying to do.

Woman: I appreciate the compliment but I'm afraid I'm simply not interested.

Gable playfully frowns.

John Gable: Are you sure?

He quickly stands next to hers and holds his hands out as if presenting a grand vision.

John Gable: Just imagine your face on the silver screen, all over Hollywood, Producers will be fighting just to pay you hundreds of thousands to just say a line. Of course you would need some guidance and management...

The woman smirks.

Woman: Let me guess the guidance and management would come from you?

John Gable: I was thinking suggesting one my old agents...Why? Do you feel a connection too? Doesn't even have to be romantic. We can be a picture couple, all façade. It will be great for our careers. You would have to leave that bum but after a week in Hollywood you'll forget about him.

The smirk on the woman's face soon disappears.

Woman: So I would have to leave a real man for what, some Hollywood bitch like you... Listen that bum as you called him is more of a man than you could ever be. And that whole pile of crap that just came out of that arsehole you call a mouth might work on some of the whores you're used to being around but here's a new flash for you, they're only there cause you pay them to be and not because they're interested in your lame arse. So why don't you go back to your writer and ask them for a better line but even if you got Ernest Lehman himself to write you a pick up line it wouldn't work cause it's not the line it's you... So why don't hire a double that way you can go fuck yourself!

Gable's face suddenly turns stern.

John Gable: I think we should take a moment and who has a title here and who doesn't. If your definition of a man is not having a title and being a down slope on my hands then I guess not half the man Chase is. You are backing the wrong hero, babe. I'm gonna change everything.

The woman starts to laugh.

Woman: Typical elitist bullshit, you think that some piece of metal makes you a real man? Well I guess you have to make up for your other inadequacies don't you?

Gable joins in the laughter.

John Gable: You're funny. You don't know me very well. When I hear a no, to me all it says is "convince me". You see, your man...he'll be forgotten...I'll be remembered forever.

Woman: You think you know me, you think you know him? Let me tell you something I would rather by with a man like him than a boy like you! I don't know if I can spell it out any clearer for you!

Gable's eye twitches

John Gable: I could crush Chase! I could make him disappear and no one would remember him. If you want to fade into oblivion with him, then by all means fades away. But if you change your mind and want to do the smart thing...You know where to find me...

Gable walks out for frame as the woman shakes her head in a mixture of anger and disgust before she carries on down the corridor and then enters a room with Chase Michaels written on the name plate. As she enters Chase walks over to her and he has a concerned look on his face.

Chase: What's wrong babe...

She looks at him and tries to hide her emotions.

Vixen: Just had a run in with that slime ball Gable.

Chase looks at her with a mix of concern and anger.

Chase: You okay babe? He didn't lay a hand on you did he cause I will god damn kill him if he did!

Vixen sees the look in his face and the tone of his voice and gently puts her hand on his cheek to calm him down.

Vixen: I'm fine, he just tried to hit on me and wouldn't take no for an answer. Forget about him and I was thinking after you're done here we got back to the hotel room and order room service.

She gently but passionately kisses him on the lips.

Vixen: Or not...

Chase smiles before he sees the camera crew standing behind them and slams the door in their face.

Colin Marshall vs Marina Valdivia

Colin steps on to the stage and stares around for a moment. He points out to the crowd before running down the ramp and sliding in to the ring. He walks towards the ropes and steps on to the second rope and taunts before springing off and awaiting the start of the match.

Kyle Steel: This contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from McKinney, Texas, weighing in at 200 pounds, Colin Marshall!

"Maneater" hits the PA System. As soon as the music hits, the fans cheer as Marina Valdivia walks out. She walks to the ring, acknowledging the reaction she is getting from the fans. She gets in the ring as the crowd continues to cheer her. She removes her jacket that she wears along the way to the ring and lays it in the corner, then stands there and stretches out as she waits.

Kyle Steel: His opponent, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 128 pounds, Marina Valdivia!

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and this one is all over with Colin looking to trying to get back on track and Marina making her sure Colin doesn't even get that far. Colin quickly takes down Marina with a side head lock takedown before holding her on the mat and trying to squeeze the life out of her. There are some cheers from the crowd as Marina is able to free herself from the grip of Colin before rolling to her feet. Colin rushes forward with outstretched arms towards Colin, but Marina ducks out of the way before laying into the him with some stiff kicks.

Zach Davis: I'm lazy. GONNA TAKE A BREAK!

Erin Robbins: ME TOO!

Colin holds his side in pain from the big kicks, as Marina grabs him in a front face lock before taking him down to the mat with a snap suplex. The fans cheer as Marina follows up with a back flip onto her opponent. Marina rises up to her feet and begins to get the crowd pumped up as Colin slowly rises up to his feet. Marina dances forward looking for a big spinning heel kick to the side of her opponents head, however Colin is able to duck out of the way of the kick and nail Marina with a double axe handle shot to the back of her head. Cover!




Marina staggers forward, and Colin follows up with a side back breaker onto his opponent. Marina holds her back in pain as Colin lays into her with some big stomps as she lays on the mat. Colin grabs hold of Marina by the hair and pulls her upto her feet before throwing her hard into the ropes. Marina bounces back into the middle of the ring where Colin takes her down with an arm drag takedown, before bouncing off of the ring ropes himself and dropping a knee across her upper body! Cover again.




Colin rises up to his feet and gets some boos from the crowd as he taunts to them to show off his dominance over her. Marina slowly begins to rise up to her feet, but Colin grabs hold of her by the arm and shoots her into the corner of the ring. The fans boo as Colin makes his way to the opposite corner before running at Marina and looking for a splash in the corner, however Marina sees her opponent coming and manages to counter with a powerful kick to the face of Colin! He goes down and she makes the cover.




Colin staggers backwards, and the fans cheer as Marina follows the kick up with an inverted DDT! Another cover.




With Colin down, the crowd cheer as Marina points to the corner of the ring before beginning to climb the turnbuckle! As she reaches the top rope, Marina looks down at Colin before leaping down onto her opponent with a massive leg drop from the top rope! The fans cheer as Marina crawls over opponent and makes the cover!




The fans boo as Colin manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee. The referee holds two fingers up to signal to everyone that it was only a two count as Marina pulls herself up to her feet. Marina lays into Colin with some stiff kicks before dragging him up to his feet and grabbing him in position for a fisherman's suplex. Marina tries to execute the move, but as she does Colin manages to block it!

The fans boo as Marina tries to hit the move once again, only for Colin to block for a second time before knocking Marina away with some big punches to the kidneys. Marina stumbles away allowing Colin to grab her by the back of the head and slam her face first into the turnbuckle! Marina staggers backwards holding her face, and Colin drops her down to the mat with a big German suplex! Cover!

NO! Marina flips and lands behind Colin. She spins him around and takes him down with a Jawbreaker. She then clmibs to the top....






Marina struggles to her feet to get her arm raised by the referee. Slowy, Colin works his way up as well, extending his arm and shaking Marina's hand quickly before dropping to the mat and rolling out.

Erin Robbins: Some mutual respect, maybe?

Zach Davis: Well that was one Hell of a match Erin…

Erin Robbins: Well both of them are tough competitors so what did you expect?

As Colin Marshall leaves the ring and heads up the ramp to the back, Stacy Jones and Tayla Williams roll into the ring to join Marina Valdivia and Jones calls for a microphone and is handed one.

Stacy Jones: Last week didn’t necessarily go according to plan for the two of us when we failed to defeat Sequitus in the Trios Cup tournament. It wasn’t a very good start for The Trinity to say the least…

Jones glances over to Williams and Valdivia who nod their heads in agreement.

Stacy Jones: But let me make something perfectly clear, to each and every single member of the WCF Roster and to each and every single member of the WCF Galaxy here in attendance and watching at home. Marina and I, with our manager, Tayla Williams, collectively known as The Trinity…starting from this very moment…will show you all in time that we can become one of the…if not THE greatest tag team to EVER step foot into a WCF ring!

The fans cheer wildly as Jones hands the microphone over to Valdivia. She takes it and takes a few seconds to gather her breath.

Marina Valdivia: There is no doubt that we can be one Hell of a team. We're not going to allow any kind of adversity to weigh us down and that's exactly what we're all about. There have been some trying times for each of us lately, but there's no question that things are looking up. Of course, you'll have your S-PAC's and your Pantheon’s coming out here every week trying to tell people ‘like us’ differently, but that we know we're better than any negative perception anyone wants to throw out there.

Suddenly ‘Light Em Up’ by Fallout Boy begins to play over the loud speakers as the crowd erupts into cheers. The red spotlight comes to a stop at the entrance way, as the tron comes to life showing what appear to be shadows with red and purple eyes, only to turn into shots of Denise and Night Rider. The two of them in matches, and quiet times together.

Erin Robbins: What are they doing out here?

Zach Davis: I'm not sure, but it might have something to do with Marina and Stacy being out here.

Denise and Night Rider soon appear at the back of the stage, and look down at Valdivia and Jones, and call for microphones from two stage hands as their music cuts off.

Denise D’evil: Do you two really think that you can stand against the Tag Teams around here?

Night Rider: We are the Tag Team Champions after all, and what have you two done to really impress anyone around here?

D’evil smiles as she paces along the stage with the long coat flowing behind her, and one of the tag titles on her shoulder.

Denise D’evil: Do you know how long it took for us to get our hands on these, and to keep them? Better teams then you have tried to take them from us, and they still haven't managed to yet! You two are nothing compared to us!

Marina Valdivia: Really? Is that what you think? First off, I know for a fact that we can be put up against any team, YOUR team, Team Science, Pantheon, it doesn't matter which team, and we can beat them. Secondly, you two are no different from what I've experienced over the years. Over the years, I've been told that I can't do this, or that I can't succeed without this, and most recently, that I need to be the cruel, evil person I was in order to succeed in this company. I've heard it all and it hasn't fractured me before, it won't fracture me now no matter how hard you try, and it definitely won't fracture us! Right, Stacy?

Valdivia hands the microphone over to Jones who nods.

Stacy Jones: Exactly Marina, I have shocked many people since my arrival here in the WCF by defeating people who nobody ever expected me to beat…something that you two should know all too well…or have you conveniently forgotten about that? Nearly two months ago, you two teamed up with Oblivion and Vengeance and you faced the team of Logan, Seifer Black Armstrong, Chase Michaels and who was their partner? That’s right…me! And how did that match pan out for you guys? Oh yeah, you lost! Whether you two want to admit it or not, standing in this ring are two of the greatest female wrestlers to ever step foot into this company, and collectively, we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with! You see Denise…Night Rider…before that eight person tag team match took place, I actually had respect for you guys, I still do respect you for your in ring talent, you’re two of the most dominant forces in this business…but that’s where my respect for you guys ends!

Jones paces the ring a little thinking a little before then continuing.

Stacy Jones: Okay then, I have an idea, I know that you two are still in the Trios Cup tournament, but I also know that there is still one more Slam before Asesinato De Mayo. So, if you really doubt that Marina and I aren’t capable of becoming one of the greatest tag teams that this company has ever seen, I have a proposition for the two of you, if you’re not too afraid to accept that is. If the two of you get knocked out of the Trios Cup tournament tonight, we challenge you to a non-title tag team match next week, if we beat you, then we get a shot at your Tag Team Championships!

The fans cheer wildly at the sound of a possible match between these two teams, Jones drops the microphone and both she and Valdivia lean on the ropes glaring at D’evil and Rider awaiting their response. Rider and D’evil look at each other and then laugh.

Denise D’evil: Please, you two? You are not worthy of them, and besides you have to get in line just like everyone else ladies...we already have challengers lined up for it. Team Science get a chance before you do and they're going to fail just like everyone else...

Night Rider: But if you want to be beaten that badly...then I say sure...if and that's a really big if we don't make it through to the next round next week, then sure, we'll throw you a bone...but you won't get a challenge for the titles until we see fit.

Denise D’evil: That's right...we don't want just anyone throwing challenges out there like they know what they are going to be facing...we're no push-overs ladies, and when you do face us, it'll be the last mistake that you ever make.

D’evil and Rider then drop their microphone on the stage.

Zach Davis: Strong words from Denise and Night Rider…

Erin Robbins: But they're right. There's a line of people for those titles, and they're not going to let them go anytime soon.

Zach Davis: I think you may be right on that one. So far anyone that has stood against them for those titles have fallen short.

‘Light Em Up’ begins to play once more, and D’evil and Rider head backstage leaving Valdivia and Jones talking among themselves and pointing to the back.

John Gable/Chase Michaels Segment

“Ozark Empire” by Listener hits the P.A. System as John Gable walks down the ramp and into the ring with a microphone in hand and a red velvet drawstring bag under his arm.

John Gable: I am here to one thing in WCF and that is to bring this industry into the modern age of entertainment as your...Television Champion. Wrestling is so far back that people don't take it seriously with fair reason. So, my first act in my process of 'cleaning up wrestling' is to take what I have been given and bring it to the next level. You see, Television isn't really my thing. It isn't grand enough for my taste. I feel that if I am going to do this right, I have to represent the most influential medium in the entertainment world. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you...

Gable opens the bag and pulls out a modified title belt.

John Gable: Your NEW WCF Cinema Champion...JOHN GABLE!

Gable takes a moment to buckle the belt around his waist.

John Gable: And as your Cinema Champion, I have a few demands!

He reaches into the bag once again pulled out a bit of paper which he unrolled and held it out in front of him.

John Gable: Demand one! All matches from here on out have to be shown in a two point thirty-five to one aspect ratio! Demand two! An increase in salary. I am tired of making TV money...I want Movie money. Demand three!

Boos begin to arise from the crowd.

John Gable: I want my own dressing room, I am tired of changing with B-listers. Demand four! I want a producer credit from now on! Demand five! I want a Roast next week for S-PAC where I will be the guest of honor! Demand six and one I will be spear-heading specifically. I will be leading an inspection against the WCF to make sure practices are up to standard and to prosecute those who have specifically endangered the lives of others for gains that this sport willingly hands them.

Boos fill the arena causing Gable to roll his eyes and wait for the reaction to die down.

John Gable: Demand sev...

All of a sudden Gable is cut off by Cradle to The Grave by Five Finger Death punch and the crowd erupt in cheers as Chase Michaels walks out on stage. He doesn't bother with his usual theatrics instead he starts to walk down with a microphone in hand.

Chase: Hold on Mr Hollywood, I got a demand for you! How about I come down to that ring and shove that fake arse championship belt up your arse!

Gable runs his fingers through his hair with a visible cringing expression.

John Gable: Chase, do you have to do this right now? I am in the middle of something important here! Have your people talk to my people and I will think about thinking about it.

He turns away from Chase and resumes his speech.

John Gable: Demand seven!...

Chase: Demand Seven, How about you shut the hell up?

The crowd start a shut the hell up chant much to the annoyance of Gable.

He turns back around to face Chase.

John Gable: It never changes. There is always someone wanting to leach off my star power. I am not going to enable your pathetic grab for attention. I DEMAND that you get out of my way because I will not be a product of your own stupid problems.

He sticks his torso through the ropes motioning Chase to move. Chase stands there and smirks.

Chase: Take one more step I dare you, just give me a reason to break your god damn legs!

Gable steps out on the apron and hops down to the floor.

John Gable: That's gonna be pretty hard with my boat down your throat.

Chase starts to walk towards Gable.

Chase: You really think I'm going to back down to you?

John Gable gets into Chase's face.

John Gable: No, I hope you don't. I want to know you aren't just full of it. Because I want sooo bad to make an example out of you and destroy you.

Chase doesn't flinch or move instead a devilish smirk comes across his face.

Chase: Better men then you have tried, so make a move bitch!

Security hurries down to ringside right before either wrestler makes a move. But before they can be fully separated Chase nails Gable with a headbutt on the bridge of the nose. They both wildly try to swing for each other as Vixen walks down to the ring and attempts to calm Chase down as they are both removed from the arena.

Steve Orbit Segment

Scene opens in the halls of the arena. We see "The Mack" Steve Orbit, strutting down the hallway. He's dressed in his long mink and humming some R&B shit. He rounds a corner and walks halfway down the hall when he reaches his personal locker room. He opens the door...

Steve Orbit: OH SHIT!

The camera switches inside the room. Behind his door, we see a blooded, half-naked girl. She is nailed to the door through her wrists and feet. She is pale and barely conscious. Orbit shakes her head and taps her on the cheek.

Steve Orbit: Shit... Jewell! JEWELL!

She coughs up a little blood and whimpers. It doesn't look good.

Steve Orbit: Who did this?! Jewell, WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!

With her last bit of energy, she whispers.

Jewell: Seifer...

She loses consciousness. Orbit fumbles through his clothes, trying to find his cellphone.

Steve Orbit: FUCK!

Orbit finds his cell. He dials 911.

Steve Orbit: What the fuck?! DAMMIT!

911 doesn't work because we're in Europe. Not knowing the emergency number, Orbit examines her wounds. He realizes he can't take her off the door without risking more injury, maybe killing her.

Steve Orbit: HELP!

He knows nobody is around.

Steve Orbit: Jewell, hang in there, baby. I'ma go get help. Keep them fuckin' eyes open!

Orbit shakes her, trying to keep her awake. He takes a bottle of water from nearby and dumps it over her head. She gasps for air. Orbit runs out of the locker room.

Johnny Reb vs Peter Quinn

"Ready to Start" by Arcade Fire hits the PA and Peter Quinn quickly comes out the curtain, trying not to make too much of a scene. He practically jogs to get to the ring, slipping inside and standing still till the bell rings.

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain. A cheer goes up from the audience at his appearance. As the he walks down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, posing for the cheering crowd for a moment before he jumps down, ready for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Big moment here, Johnny Reb's long awaited return to WCF!

Erin Robbins: Let's see if the Inveterate Confederate still has what if takes or if the rookie Peter Quinn is able to spoil Reb's return!


Reb and Quinn shake hands before they lock up, while referee Mookie Blaylock oversees the action.

Zach Davis: Reb slaps on the ol' side headlock to start off here, Quinn is able to shoot him into the ropes.

Erin Robbins: Quinn drops under, Reb bounces off, nice dropkick by Quinn! He follows up with some European uppercuts, but Reb returns fire with those knife edge chops!

Crowd: WOO! WOO! WOO!

Zach Davis: The crowd paying homage to the Nature Boy as Reb works Quinn over. Looks like Quinn's chest is already turning five shades of red!

Erin Robbins: Sounds like me during a bender.

Reb whips Quinn into the ropes. Quinn rebounds with the cross body but Reb catches him and counters into a backbreaker before dropping Quinn to the mat. Reb scales the ropes in a flash and flies off with a diving fist drop. Reb hits it and covers for the pin.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...


Zach Davis: Reb's trying to end this one early and I can't blame her- uh, him. I'm sure he's antsy to get the win in his return.

Erin Robbins: Reb's going up once again, he loves those high risk moves. Moonsault legdrop, but Quinn moves out of the way! Reb lands ass first on the mat, and you know that hurts! His pelvis is all jacked up right now!

Quinn goes on offense with some rough stomps and a nice elbow drop to the bridge of the nose that busts Reb open.

Zach Davis: Reb has a generously proportioned nose and Quinn's making it his target. Can't blame him for that.

Erin Robbins: Boots to the nose now, boots to the nose! Quinn's showing off a killer instinct that we've rarely seen from him!

Zach Davis: Peter is starting to shake off the timidness that he showed early in his career and really is displaying a new found aggression.

Quinn pulls Reb up into a grapple position. Quinn lifts Reb up for the suplex. Reb shirks out of it and alertly lands on his feet behind Quinn. Reb shoves Quinn into the ropes and goes for the Old Glory Roll Up.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Quinn rolls through and tries to pin Reb now.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Reb gets out of it and tries for a clothesline, but Quinn ducks and flips onto Reb's shoulders in the crucifix position.

Zach Davis: Quinn's trying to take Reb down with that crucifix but Reb's hanging tough.

Erin Robbins: What's it gonna be, Samoan Drop? No! Quinn does get him down after all! Quinn's got him pinned to the mat with the crucifix!

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Reb slips out of it and flops on top of Quinn, cradling him for the pin attempt.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Both men pop to their feet and receive a nice round of applause from the WCF Universe. Reb swipes the blood from his nose.

Zach Davis: Good exchange of chain wrestling here from both men. Looks like Reb is bringing out the best we've seen from Peter Quinn.

Erin Robbins: And conversely Reb is finding herself- damn it, I mean himself in a tougher match than he might have anticipated against the former Television Champion.

Reb and Quinn lock up once again after the restart and this time Quinn slaps on the side headlock. Reb slips out of it and gets a rear waistlock on Quinn. Quinn lands a series of stiff elbows to the temple of Reb's forehead and breaks out of the hold. Quinn spins Reb around and plants him with a DDT. Quinn shoots off the ropes and lands a knee drop across Reb's throat.

Zach Davis: Peter Quinn is on fire! We've never seen him wrestle with this kind of confidence before!

Erin Robbins: Peter's going for the pin! Could this be a monumental upset!?

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Zach Davis: Reb is a veteran. Even when he's in trouble he finds the wherewithal to kick out.

Erin Robbins: It's the survival instinct, Zach. Reb is one of the last living Confederates on the planet. It's him, Doc Henry, and that Democrat who's running for Governor in Wisconsin.

Reb gets up to a knee and Quinn pounces, he leaps off the knee and goes for the Shining Wizard-

Zach Davis: This Move Kills Fascists!

Erin Robbins: But no! Reb counters into a huge clothesline!

Zach Davis: What the fark! I've never seen that before!

Erin Robbins: Quinn is picking teeth off the mat, either that or he's pushing daisies.

Reb leapfrogs off the ropes and hits his moonsault legdrop. He flips Quinn onto his back and hooks a leg for the pin.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Zach Davis: Peter Quinn's not giving up. Not yet. Reb's got him on the ropes though.

Erin Robbins: Literally. Reb's wailing away on him with those chops, his back pressed against the ropes.

Crowd: WOO! WOO! WOO!

Zach Davis: Quinn's chest looks like a pitcher of Kool-Aid!

Erin Robbins: And if that wasn't enough Reb just flipped him over the ropes with a nasty spinning heel kick! Peter Quinn is down! Mookie is counting Quinn out but Reb tells him not to bother. What the heck does he have in mind?

Reb shoots off the far ropes to build up a head of steam and springboards over the ropes with a plancha, landing on Quinn outside of the ring.


Zach Davis: Holy snickerdoodles, Reb just cleared twenty feet of airspace with that plancha!

Erin Robbins: Reb drove him right into the fan barrier at ringside. Quinn ate all of that one. Looks like Reb has shaken off the ring rust!

Reb rolls Quinn into the ring and goes for the pin.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Zach Davis: Quinn got his foot on the ropes and that's the only thing that saved him! Reb had him dead to rites!

Erin Robbins: I think Reb might have been a little too tired to roll Quinn further into the ring, too tired or too busted up. Take your pick.

Reb calls out to the fans and points to the top.

Zach Davis: I think Reb's gonna try to end it right here!

Erin Robbins: What could it be, Zach? What could Reb have up his sleeve this time? He's got so many high flying moves in his arsenal.

Zach Davis: Looks like- yes, Southern Discomfort, that shooting star elbow drop!

CCCCC-RACK!!! Quinn leaps into the air and hits a modified Shining Wizard knee to Reb's dome.

Erin Robbins: No! Quinn countered! This Move Kills Fascists! He hit it in mid-air! How'd he do that?!

Reb looks like he's out cold on the mat. Quinn needs a moment to recover but when he does he rolls Reb onto his back and straddles the Inveterate Confederate for the pin attempt.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...



Zach Davis: Peter Quinn nearly pinned Johnny Reb! What did Quinn's trainer put into his Wheaties this morning?

Erin Robbins: Probably some of that ZMAC stash, but whatever it is it's working.

Quinn claps his hands, trying to rally the fans, and they clap along with him. He grits his teeth and gets to his feet, waiting for Reb to get up.

Zach Davis: I think Peter is looking for that cutter of his, Words Words Words, he calls it.

Erin Robbins: Reb is up, Quinn goes for Words, NO! Reb slips out of it! He saw it coming!

With Quinn disoriented, Reb pounces and hits a Facebreaker DDT.

Zach Davis: Whistlin' Dixie! Reb hits it!

Reb scurries for the cover, eager to end the match.

Mookie Blaylock: ONE...




Zach Davis: Reb wins! Hard fought match, but Reb picks up the victory in his return!

Erin Robbins: It's great to see Reb back to his winning ways, Zach. Quinn deserves a lot of credit too. This was an outstanding match.

Reb's music hits the PA and the crowd cheers as the ref raises his hand in victory. Quinn gets to his feet and stares at Reb. When it looks like they might start fighting, Quinn extends his hand. They shake. The crowd goes bonkers.

Zach Davis: Great sportsmanship by the veteran Reb and the rookie Quinn! Peter Quinn is really growing up fast! WOW! What a great match between these two! That was incredible.

Erin Robbins: Wait, Zach, are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Zach Davis: Yes Erin, I think I do. That's the man in the Guy Fawkes mask. From what our investigation has uncovered, that is the man who has been training Quinn behind the scenes for weeks now. Looks like he's going to join Quinn in the ring for a few wise words.

Indeed, the man in the mask joins Quinn, but the two are not alone for long. "Master of Puppets" begins, and Seth Lerch is straight up BOOKIN IT to the ring. He appears to be furious at Quinn for some reason or another.

Zach Davis: Oh man, what does this guy want now?

Seth enters the ring and doesn't even bother getting a mic, rather opting to just get right up in Quinn's face in front of the whole crowd. Quinn seems more annoyed then anything else. Finally, Seth grabs a mic.


Seth angrily points at "John" the trainer.

Seth Lerch: Who the hell do you think you are!? You expect to just waltz into this ring like you fuckin' built it, and just hog up airtime? FUCK THAT SHIT! DO YOU HEAR ME!?

"John" and Peter instinctively nod at each other while Seth continues his tirade.


And the "John" removes his mask. A collective gasp echoes throughout the arena, even Seth is sent speechless by this revelation. But before anyone can say anything about it...


Seth is hit with a superkick so strong it sends him flying back a few feet. Now everyone in the arena has a clear shot of the man..



The crowd is LOSING THEIR SHIT as a grizzly-bearded Frank smirks at the knocked out Seth, before grabbing the mic Seth held. He stares at the crowd for a moment before speaking only two words.

FPV: You're welcome.

Frank drops the mic as he leaves the ring with Quinn, leaving an unconsicous Seth alone once again.

Zach Davis: Ohhhhhh my god.

Erin Robbins: Zach, I think you should go to the bathroom to check yourself, I think you might have jizzed yourself. And while that's going on, let's go to commercial!

What's the Buzz?: Bobby Cairo

We see a familiar looking man in a doctor's labcoat looking at the screen. The footage is grainy and off kilter. It takes a moment, but then we realize that under the blonde wig and matching horseshoe mustache its Bryan Worthy!

Bryan Worthy: Hello, WCF Universe. I am reporting from outside an undisclosed medical facility in which my sources have told me resides Bobby Cairo. Governor Cairo, as you may recall, suffered a serious injury at last week's Slam broadcast when he was stabbed by an old associate Diablo Calzone. So far no one has been able to speak to anyone in Cairo's camp in regards to his medical condition or status as the elected ruler of the Republic of Poon Guinea. That is why I and my camera operator have taken the extraordinary steps of disguising ourselves as hospital personnel and using a hidden camera for this broadcast. Our plan is to enter the building, locate Governor Cairo if he is indeed on the premises, and request an interview with him. It is a risky operation, and somewhat of an invasion of Bobby's privacy, but I feel this is an instance where the public's right to know supersedes those circumstances. Ready?

A feminine hand moves into the camera shot, signalling 'thumbs up.' Buzz nods, and then we get a montage of him walking around the hospital, trying to look inconspicuous. At one point they are passed up by some severe looking women wearing the uniform of Poon Guinea's Special Forces unit, which cause Worthy to look back at the camera and give a knowing nod. Finally, they approach a door that is flanked by two similarly attired amazons. Bryan nods at them both before walking in. The shot stays outside for a minute. Then the door opens and we see Buzz motion for the camera to follow him inside.

The scene opens in a hospital room. Bobby Cairo, "The Godfather of Professional Wrestling", lies in bed, seated upright, a blanket covering him up to his chest. He appears haggard and frail. Bags have formed under his eyes. His long hair is ungreased and parted to the sides, appearing stringy and unkempt. This is The Godfather's least dignified on-camera appearance in many years.

Cairo frowns. The machines at his bedside cast a steady electronic beep as they measure his vital signs and pump his veins full of life sustaining fluids, namely morphine.

Buzz maintains a professional decorum as he begins the interview.

Bryan Worthy: Can you update us on your medical condition?

Bobby Cairo: I'm all kinds of messed up, my man. I got stabbed in the back. You know? Did you see it? I watched it on YouTube. It was bad, bad stuff. Bloody. Brutal. Criminal. Most people mean it in a figurative sense when they say they got stabbed in the back, but for me it's literal. I WAS STABBED IN THE BACK! I haven't felt this lousy since I lost to Striker at WAR back in Oh-Seven. I've hardly been able to tweet all week.

Bryan Worthy: Are you still currently acting as Governor of Poon Guinea, or has someone taken over your duties during your convalescence?

Bobby Cairo: My esteemed brother Roger Cairo has been appointed as acting Governor during my absence. He receives counsel from my First Lady, pop sensation Rihanna. Speaking of the First Lady, she stopped by here earlier to give The Godfather a get well soon present. Gave the thickness a little bit of sucky sucky action, if you know what I mean. Hehe.

Cairo notices the camera, of which he had previously been oblivious due to his drug induced state.

Bobby Cairo: Uhm, you can edit that out, right? This isn't live, is it?

Bryan Worthy: I can remove it if you wish, Governor.

Bobby Cairo: You know what? Leave it in. I need to boost my street cred after being F-5'd by a Terminator Kitty and knifed by a Ninja Turtle.

Bryan Worthy: Fair enough.

Bobby Cairo: Rihanna actually left something here for you as well, Bryan.

Cairo reaches under his pillow and pulls out a document. He unfolds it.

Bryan Worthy: Oh? What is this?

Bobby Cairo: This is an official statement from the First Lady of Poon Guinea, which I will now read exclusively on "What's The Buzz?" with your host Bryan "Buzz" Worthy.

Cairo gasps at Buzz, a look of astonishment upon his face.

Bobby Cairo: Hey, that's you! How ya doing, Buzz?

Bryan Worthy: Well, I-

Bobby Cairo: That's great, my man. Couldn't be happier to hear it.

Cairo clears his throat as he begins to read the statement.

Bobby Cairo: "Corey Black is an unthick faggot and Pantheon knows less about smashing the poon than Sequitus knows about winning World Championships."

Cairo folds the document and places it back under his pillow.

Bobby Cairo: Apparently the First Lady is a keen observer of the WCF product. I tried to explain to her that Black is a ceaseless troll who isn't worth the time of day to respond to, but you know how stubborn black women are.

Buzz eagerly segues into the next topic.

Bryan Worthy: Given how close it is, do you feel you will be fit to wrestle against Pantheon at the XIII Pay Per View?

Bobby Cairo: Make no mistake about it, I will compete against Pantheon at XIII. They're not getting off the hook this easily. Hell, I'm sitting in a hospital bed with a stab wound in my back and I'm still doing more to sell that match than Pantheon.

Bryan Worthy: Your former protege Diablo Calzone is responsible for your injury. Will you seek to press charges against him?

Bobby Cairo: Absolutely not. When it comes to The Thickness, "Our Will is Our Law." Diablo Calzone will be dealt with in the the most severe manner possible. He has committed an unprovoked attempt on the life of The Godfather. This is a terrorist act and it will be punished as such. Diablo Calzone has no idea what he's done. Consequences await him that I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

Bryan Worthy: Have you heard from fellow Thickness member and Calzone's current tag team partner, Zombie McMorris, since the attack? Has WCF itself contacted you in any way to let you know how they will address your situation?

Bobby Cairo: I have not received communication from Zombie McMorris, nor do I expect to. As far as I'm concerned, McMorris is a renegade war criminal who is in flight from justice. His actions as Supreme Military Commander during the Poon Guinean Revolution were unconscionable. He committed unspeakable atrocities and he will be punished for his crimes.

Cairo takes a sip of water from the cup on the nightstand next to his bed.

Bobby Cairo: Seth Lerch reached out to me immediately after I awoke from my surgery. I informed him that I would not be pressing charges or seeking litigation against his company. It's not the Poon Guinean way. I also refused his offer to discipline Calzone. Calzone is my problem and I will deal with him personally.

Bryan Worthy: Logically, it seems the motive behind Calzone's assault on you would be simple revenge for when you and the rest of Thickness beat him down at a Slam event earlier in the year. However, given certain statements made by the man, and the severity of the attack, do you feel it's possible he sees you as part of the Lerchuminati Conspiracy he claims to be fighting against?

Bobby Cairo: This was not an act of revenge, Buzz. When Odin and I dropped Diablo Calzone on his head a few months back we were trying to make a man out of him. The problem is that he didn't take that lesson to heart. Instead he started following that coked up lunatic McMorris and the self-proclaimed "Modern Day Messiah" Jam Willy Jesus. Let me explain something to you in no uncertain terms, Bryan: Jam Willy Jesus is a right-wing extremist and a domestic terrorist. Their whole group is whacked in the head. I don't know what their end-game is, not yet, but I'm going to snuff them out before they have the chance to harm any more innocent people. Is that a threat? Yes, that is a threat. These terrorists will be hunted down and brought to justice.

Bryan Worthy: Is there any message you would like to send to those in the WCF Universe who are hoping for your swift recovery?

Bobby Cairo: Yes. Jeff Purse is WCF's first openly gay Superstar and Jonny Fly's dick is so small he can piss on his own balls. And thank you, THANK YOU ALL for your tireless support and encouragement. Without you, my children, I am truly nothing. Bobby Cairo loves you.

A young blonde nurse with pert tits comes into the room to give Bobby his sponge bath.

Bobby Cairo: Buzz, it's time for you to go, my man.

And so he does.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
John Gable/Terry Roberts/Torture vs Night Rider/Denise D'Evil/Vengeance

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall and it’s the Second Round of the Trios Cup! Introducing first . . .

The house lights go down, as red spotlights go over the crowd, as "Light Em Up" by Fallout begins to play over the loud speakers. The red spotlight comes to a stop at the entrance way, as the tron comes to life showing what appears to be shadows with red and purple eyes, only to turn into shots of Denise and Night Rider. The two of them in matches, and quiet times together. The sound of a horse neighing in the darkness can be heard, as a solid black horse appears with Denise and Night Rider on it's back, followed by the giant Vengeance on foot. The horse rears as flames shoot down either side of the ramp way, and continues in waves as they ride down to the ring, in a light canter. They reach ring side, and Night Rider hops off, and helps Denise down to the floor; behind them, Vengeance makes a slow descent, ignoring the crowd as they reach out to touch him. The two of them kiss and she hands the reigns to a stage hand waiting. Night Rider gets into the ring, and holds open the ropes for Denise. The two of them stand in the middle of the ring and Denise raises her hands, as lightening hits all four posts sending flames up; Vengeance waits for the theatrics to finish before climbing into the ring to join his partners.

Kyle Steel: They are Vengeance, Night Rider, and Denise D’Evil, the Shadow DEMONS!

Zach Davis: My goodness, look how big these three competitors are. They tower over the rest of the teams in this tournament.

Erin Robbins: Size isn’t everything. Isn’t that what you tell yourself every night, Zach?

Zach Davis: …

The house lights go down, red spotlights wash over the crowd, as "Light Em Up" by Fallout Boy begins to play over the loud speakers, Night Rider, Denise D'Evile and Vengeance all look at each other in utter dismay. The red spotlight comes to a stop at the entrance way, as the tron comes to life showing what appears to be shadows with red and purple eyes, only to pan out, revealing Synn riding on a ghostly pale white horse. The trio are visibly outraged at their own entrance being used against them in this manner, their rage grows as the fans begin cheering at the sound of a horse neighing in the darkness, heralding Synns arrival, riding bareback on the very same ghostly pale white horse seen on the Tron. Synn, wearing his signature black with red trim sleeveless trench coat, works the crowd, as he puts his fingers over his lips, wide eyed giving an extremely over exagerated "oops" expression. He dismounts the horse, standing in front of it, stretching his arms out wide as flames shoot down either side of the ramp way. A stagehand takes the horse back through the curtains while Synn makes his way to the ring. When the songs lyrics "Light em' up" repeat a second time over the sound system, Synn pulls out a lighter from his trenchcoat, flicks it on, and starts waving it in the air much to the delight and amusement of the fans. He then brings the lighter close to his lips, giving a huge exhale, hurling a fireball high into the rafters, receiving a thunderous ovation in return,

Angered at the spectacle from his former friend and stablemate, the rage on Night Riders face is red hot, not willing to put up with the insulting display of disrespect any further, he slams his fists into the padded ring corner, quickly sliding out of the ring, charging at Synn.

Erin Robbins: And here come Gable and Torture! This team should be called Team Torture. Gable didn’t even do anything last week in their last match.

Zach Davis: He does have a pinfall over Torture, though, which makes up for it.

The referee calls the two teams forward, though not a single member in the ring steps forwards. Well, Terry Roberts does, but it’s in the form of a spear into Vengeance! The former television champion takes the big man down to the mat, wailing on him with clubbing blows. The Shadow Demons make the save, stomping Roberts until he slides out the ring to escape the onslaught. A bad decision on the Demons part because when they turn back to face their other two opponents, Gable and Torture nail the two men with standing dropkicks. Denise, the smaller of the two, flies out of the ring Torture in pursuit, leaving Gable and a downed Night Rider to start the match.


Zach Davis: Robert’s over-enthusiasm gives his team an advantage.

Gable uses his feet to push the downed Vengeance to the outside before returning his attention to Night Rider, who had risen to his knees by then. A knee to the side of the head puts him on his back again with Gable going for the first pin of the match.



Erin Robbins: Team Torture/Gable is controlling this match, both inside and outside the ring.

Indeed they were; Synn was back atop Vengeance, wailing on the big man. Meanwhile, Torture pulled Denise to her feet and, hands gripping her hair, TOSSES her like a rag doll into the barricade! A brutal maneuver that allows Tort to return to his corner while D’Evil writhes on the outside. Inside the ring, Gable locks in a chickenwing crossface on Night Rider in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: Team Gable in control.

Erin Robbins: And Synn is going for the spike DDT on the outside. Wait . . . Vengeance blocks it! Belly to Belly Suplex

Vengeance tosses Synn up and over to land on the thinly-covered concrete floor. Sliding into the ring, the big man breaks up the submission before Tort can stop him. The WCF Hall of Famer is there a moment later, though, grabbing Vengeance and tossing him into the corner, his shoulder sliding between the ropes to hit the turnbuckle with a sickening crunch. Vengeance drops the mat, but stays on the outside apron. Gable rises to his feet to look at his partner and rival.

Zach Davis: Despite their differences , Torture and Gable are—wait, school boy from Night Rider!

Night Rider rolls Gable up from behind


Broken Pin

Torture stomps on the back of Night Rider, but the big man doesn’t allow himself to get overpowered. Rising to his feet, he nails Tort upside the head with a vicious forearm smash, before shooting the ropes to take the former World Champ down with a bulldog. By then Gable had risen to his feet, only to be taken down by powerslam from the big man. Night Rider stands there for a moment, looking at the two downed superstars around him, before heading over to the corner to tag in Vengeance. Outside the ring, both Terry Roberts and Denise D’Evil make their way to their respective corners.

Zach Davis: Night Rider forgoes a chance to pin two stars in this company to give his partner a chance.

Vengeance pulls Torture to his feet only to toss him over the top rope to the outside. When he turns to face Gable, he’s met with a stiff elbow to the face that stuns him. A second elbow continues to wobble the big man, but he doesn’t fall, so Gable shoots the ropes and returns with a leaping elbow that finally sends Vengeance to the mat. Instead of going for the pin, Gable tags in Terry Roberts, who immediately ascends the top rope. Leaping into the air, Roberts rotates a full three-hundred and sixty degrees, landing a picture perfect leg drop across Vengeance’s chest. A pinfall quickly follows

Zach Davis: Terry Roberts calls that Thunderstruck.

Erin Robbins: Who cares? He has a move for every technique he performs.




Despite being worn down, Vengeance still musters enough strength to throw Roberts off of him with the kickout. Rising to his feet, bombarded by stiff kicks from Roberts, Vengeance tries to make his way over to the corner. Roberts shoots the ropes ahead of him, though, coming back with a shining wizard in mind. But Vengeance catches him in mid-air and throws him behind him with a Fallaway Slam! Vengeance rolls over to tag D’Evil in before escaping the ring for a breather.

Zach Davis: The tag team champion is coming in hot.

Indeed she does, leaping into the ring with a rare springboard dropkick that sends the kneeling Roberts onto his back. Pulling Roberts into the center of the ring, she locks in a Boston Crab! But Torture is in the ring quickly enough, only Night Rider is there to stop the broken submission. The two men are wailing on each other, but the hall of famer goes ahead. And then out of nowhere, TORTURES DEVICE. Night Rider hits the mat and rolls out, clutching at his neck. Meanwhile, D’Evil still has that Boston Crab locked in on Roberts, who is clawing to the ropes to no avail. Seeing his chance, Torture shoots the ropes and comes back with a big boot in mind, but—

Zach Davis: Drop-toe hold! Denise released Roberts at the last second and grabs onto Torture!

Erin Robbins: She has the Hall of Famer in a Boston Crab.

Denise is wrenching at Torture now, the crowd getting behind her. She doesn’t see Roberts get to his feet, though, until he had gone and kicked her in the face. Somehow, she maintains the hold on Torture despite the stiff shot, but a quick DDT from Roberts untangles the pair. A pinfall follows as Tort rolls over to the ropes.





Roberts kicks D’Evil in the head one last time as he rises to his feet before moving to tag Gable in. The Television Champ moves in to pull D’Evil to her feet when out of nowhere she nails him in the face with an enzuiguri, sending him rolling out of the ring. Torture, who had pulled himself to his feet, tries to take her out with a Torture Device as well, but he eats an enzuiguri too, following Gable to the outside. Now Synn is in the ring, and D’Evil turns to face him.

Zach Davis: There Can Only Be One! D’Evil nails the Book End on Synn! All three members of Team Gable are outside now.

Erin Robbins: D’Evil shoots the ropes, she’s picking up speed . . . suicide dive into Team Gable!

All three men collapse beneath D’Evil to a loud pop from the crowd. She quickly pulls Gable out of the pile and rolls him back into the ring to go for a pinfall.





Gritting his teeth, Denise stands up and readies herself. Her cold eyes glinting, almost hawk-like on the slowly stirring body of Gable. Denise charges, ready to deliver The Quickening!


Erin Robbins: IT’S OVER!

And it might well have been. But no! Before Denise D'evil has taken more than three steps towards Gable, a reenergised Terry Roberts charges at her, taking the champion down with a Lou Thez press, busy hammering her with all of his might! The crowd roars with appreciation!

Erin Robbins: So close!

Zach Davis: Woah, great save by Synn! You have to give him credit Erin, he clearly knows when the situation isn’t going well. He has his team’s back too, no matter what the critics say!

Denise tries desperately to fend off the powerful blows to her head, but to no avail. Despite her best efforts, a few blows go through and impact, dazing her momentarily. Taking advantage of the situation, Synn throws Denise to the outside, temporarily taking the battle to the mat! He quickly rushes to a still stirring Gable’s side, and the two quickly exit, not allowing The Shadows any rest. The match official, having no choice, starts the count.


Vengeance, by now having recovered from his efforts earlier in the match, charge towards the duo, eager to aid his team. Torture and Night Rider are still barely conscious on the mat, exhausted from the battle.


He jumps towards Synn and draws his attention away. The two trade blows, while Denise picks a still-dazed Gable up to inflict more punishment.


Gable manages to break free of the grapple, and kicks Denise in the gut!


Synn and Vengeance and now on the far side of the ring, still trading punches. Synn successfully holds Vengeance in a headlock, trying his best to choke him out. On the other side, Gable goes for an attack, locking her in tight.


But Denise retaliates! She hits Gable with a backhand, just as he was about to go for a DDT. Coughing and spluttering, Gable stumbles back. Denise charges at him, but Gable dodges it, sending the tag champion crashing on a crowd protection barrier! The referee is trying unsuccessfully to get Vengeance and Synn to break it up and head back to the ring, but to no avail. Torture and Night Rider have made it to their feet, and are going at each other like no other.


But before Denise could do more than breathe, a stray hand emerges from the crowd behind the protection barrier she was lying on, and pushes her into the ground! The crowd gasps, as the unknown figure steps out from the crowd.


Erin Robbins: DOCTOR! He must finally be seeking revenge for all the times The Shadows have embarrassed him enough in past weeks!


Snarling, Denise stares at him, ignoring an approaching Gable. before deciding to charge him alone. However, her fatigue has rendered her no match for the Scientist, who catches her in the upper chest with a HUGE FORUMLA! The referee, so intent on the other two conflicts, fails to see it.

Erin Robbins: Oh my god! What a move! Ha ha, great job Doctor!

Zach Davis: What in the hell! Son of a bitch! He just sent Denise to the ground! This match is done!


The Spanish crowd is absolutely insane. Nothing they hate more than having a cheat influencing a match, and that’s exactly what Micayle has done now. He smiles at the sight of the unmoving Denise, before spitting disdainfully on her carcass. He trades a blank stare with Gable, who has a shellshocked expression on his face, before disappearing back into the crowd.


The referee, finally giving up on the pair , decides to turn around and spots an unmoving Denise and Gable. He signals for Gable to enter the ring.

Zach Davis: URGH! What will Gable do! The two of them are the legal fighters! Come on Gable, do the right thing for once!

Erin Robbins: No, I tell you! Just roll into the ring and get your team a victory! The Scientist has so graciously done you a favour, and you need to accept it!

Zach Davis: No!

Gable stares at the referee, and then back at Denise, before finally making his choice.

With a sly smile on his face, Gable rolls into the ring, ignoring the prone body of Denise outside. Having no choice, the referee hesitates for just a split second, before finally shouting out the last count.



Zach Davis: WHAT! This is bullshit! Gable was just as bad as that horrid Doctor!

Erin Robbins: YES! I KNEW IT! Good job progressing to the next stage of the tourney! And more importantly, it’s finally going to be The Shadows versus Team Science next week!

The booing intensifies, but Gable pays no heed to the fans. Shaking his head at the sight of both of his tag team partners still fighting on the outside, he quickly makes his way to the centre of the ring, chuckling to himself as he does so. A brief moment of uncertainty follows, until…

Kyle Steel: As a result of a... count-out, the winners of this match… the team of Terry Roberts, Torture, and John Gable!!!

A smattering of cheers erupt, but they are overshadowed by the jeers and catcalls from the crowd. Synn, Torture, Night Rider, and Vengeance, by now long disengaged from their earlier conflict, slowly make their way to their respective tag team partners. The conscious trio raise their hands in the air victoriously, while The Shadows lift a still-woozy Denise up from the outside and make their way to the back.

Zach Davis: Well, folks, I guess this match is done and dusted. Gable snuck a victory for his team, although it’s total bullcrap how he did so! Remus Micayle has a LOT to explain, let me assure you of that!

Erin Robbins: Nonsense, let me tell you that! I am confident that the WCF management team will agree with me and NOT remake this match. An excellent man such as the Doctor does what he sees is best for the business, and I am sure Seth agrees with me!

Limping from their earlier exertions, Synn, Gable and Torture too start to make their way backstage. Slam then goes to a small segment, hyping up the next match.

Zach Davis: That match ended up completely different than I thought that the match was gonna be like!!

Erin Robbins: Yes, I totally agree. That match was extremely entertaining and everyone couldn't turn away from THAT match!! Everyone's eyes were glued to that ring!!

The Telifonica Arena erupts with cheers. The crowd that is sitting in the section, that is diagonally to the right of the announcer's table, begin to rapidly stir around.

Zach Davis: IT'S THE MONSTER OF MADNESS.... OBLIVION!! Oblivion is charging the ring!!


Oblivion nails Synn on the back of the neck and head. Roberts stumbles forward and swing immediately at whoever nailed him.

Erin Robbins: Synn misses with a wild swing at The Monster!!


Oblivion nails Synn with a boot to the gut!!


Zach Davis: Oblivion grabbed Synn and nailed him with a double underhook DDT!!

Oblivion goes to a nearby corner and grabs the top rope with both hands.


The crowd goes into a frenzy!

Erin Robbins: This Madrid crowd is going absolutely nuts!!

Oblivion watches Roberts stumble around.

Zach Davis: Oblivion grabs Synn and places him on his shoulder. This might be an airplane spin!!

Erin Robbins: No... it's not.


Oblivion knocks the legs off of IT's left shoulder and nails Synn with a cutter.


Oblivion pulls something out.

Erin Robbins: What,,, the Hell?!

Oblivion has a pair of handcuffs in IT's hand. IT walks over to a downed Roberts and drags him over to the ropes and proceeds to handcuff Synn to the top ringrope.


Oblivion nails Synn with a couple of fists to his gut, causing Roberts to slightly crumble down to themat, despite having his hands handcuffed to the top rope. The Monster leaves the ring.

Zach Davis: Where is that nut case going to?

Erin Robbins: I don't have the foggiest idea!!

Oblivion looks under the ring and pulls out a....

Zach Davis: A GUITAR?!?!

Erin Robbins: A GUITAR?!

Zach Davis: That's what I said.


As the guitar makes contact, the guitar splinters off into a hundred pieces. What is left of the guitar, The Monster hands it to night Rider.

Oblivion: Here, you guys can finish him off!!

Oblivion leaves the ring and walks up the entrance ramp and never looks back.

Orbit's Locker Room Segment

Back in Orbit's locker room, medical staff has removed the nails from the girl and she is no longer hanging from the door. She is laid on a stretcher. Orbit paces around until one of the medical guys walks up to him.

EMT: How long has she been here?

Steve Orbit: No idea, man.

EMT: And you know this girl?

Steve Orbit: Yeah, she works for me. She works at my Club.

EMT: Where is that?

Steve Orbit: Oakland.

The EMT looks confused.

Steve Orbit: In the States, man.

EMT: So... she was traveling with you?

Steve Orbit: No! Seifer Black Armstrong must have kidnapped her. Who knows what else he did to her between then and now. I'ma get his ass for this.

EMT: She'll be transferred to the local hospital. Her condition is... not good, but she should recover from these injuries.

Steve Orbit: Aight. I appreciate it.

The medical team push the stretcher out of the room. Orbit thinks out loud.

Steve Orbit: Seifer... you wanna make this shit personal? I'm the wrong one, homie. The wrong one.

Orbit screws his face up and then runs out of the locker room, presumably to find Seifer.

Jordan Caliban Segment

We find Caliban in full ring gear in front of the usual backdrop but for once he doesn't seem like he wants to be there, he isn't looking into the camera he is doodling on his hands which are taped up heavily and he has an ice pack strapped to the back of his neck, he barely even notices when the cameraman asks how he is feeling.

Caliban: Hmm? Oh yeah, my neck hurts but really I am feeling kind of excited, my fists are itching, you see Pantheon tonight Sequitus's message gets spread wide and clear, you see unlike the rest of the world who are so convinced that met with the challenge we face tonight they would destroy Pantheon and take their place, HAH! I thought like that once, hell I went on a one man Kamikaze mission to do it myself and we all know how that turned out. So my message this evening is not for the Pantheon of professional wrestling but for all those people sitting in the back and thinking that what we are doing tonight is something that they could do better, that they could beat the odds and take down the high seat, burn the throne and rip the curtains and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

His eyes suddenly focus, the camera is the only thing in the room he seems interested in seeing.

Caliban: But Sequitus will not be out there to do anything but try, to put them bois through their paces, to make them bleed for it, you see while Sequitus may not walk away tonight still in this tournament, we will walk away knowing that when the 3 of them wake up tomorrow morning they won't be walking, or at least not without a helluva a lot of effort. See 2 of these men have faced me, they know the frustrating hell that I can bring when I turn it on, now they have to deal with 3 guys who have never known when to say die and right now as a team Sequitus have not lost a lot and while this may very well be the first time it won't matter as much as the rest of you will try and make it. Come on lads watch this match and try and call this a downfall, watch as Pantheon grabs each other in despair as they try and come up with yet another plan to pin us and put us out, watch how far they have to go, watch Cormack prove he is a mountain, watch Vine slide through the cracks and tear down walls just by being there. And watch me prove that I am the Artful Dodger of pro wrestling and the scariest damn thing for every single person in this company to have to prove themselves better than. Ice tried to play my game and look at what I brought home

The camera pans down as Caliban slowly unzips his sweater revealing the IT championship

Caliban: Just before that Oblivion tried, he tried to stop me taking his partners newest security blanket, he attempted to stop me from taking back what is mine and he failed too, before that Zenith thought they were good enough to get in the ring and try and take on 3 of us, the week before that Sequitus took on the Hotdogs in what turned into a 3 on 2 and we still won. Now you tell me, is Pantheon quaking in their boots? Are they 100 percent sure they will beat us? Yeah, of course they are but they still know that there is a huge fucking bomb about to be dropped on their house.... Incoming

To end he holds up his hands he was doodling on and written there is the word "PANTHEON"

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Pantheon vs Sequitus

Kyle Steel: And here we are folks, the last match of the last match in the second round of the 2014 WCF Trios tournament. It’s sure to be a good one!!

An orchestral roll sounds through the arena, the drums of war roll and then a gunshot kills the sensation and a hip hop instrumental plays through the arena as the crowd half pops and half boos, Brent Alpine, Caliban and Cormack MacNeil walk out onto the stage Caliban looks at either man and then they all turn their attention towards the ring, Caliban squats down and shows his knuckles to the camera, so the audience can clearly see the "Here Goes" tattooed there. Sinnesy walks out last standing behind the 2 larger members before handing Caliban the mike, at this point Steel knows better.

Caliban: Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to take the time to introduce to you, the most IMPORTANT Trio in this company, the three guys who aren't exactly the Mount Rushmore of WCF but we will be remembered more than anyone who is on that list, now making their way to the ring.

He spins round and smacks Alpine on the chest.

Caliban: This is the realest son of a bitch in the WCF today, the man who beat death, this is THE VINE! BRENT ALPINE! Introducing next…

He turns to Cormack and again smacks him on the chest.

Caliban: We have the man mountain, mountain man himself! THE NOVA SCOTIAN NIGHTMARE! CORMACK MACNEIL! And finally…

He turns back to the ring only to be spun back around and smacked on the chest by both Cormack and Brent almost knocking him off his feet.

Caliban (barely able to speak): My name is Caliban! And we are the next step in wrestling and the foreshadowing of change, WE ARE SEQUITUS!

Sinnesy takes the mike back and they all approach the ring sliding in at the same time, Caliban perches on the far turnbuckle destined to be theirs and Cormack and Alpine stretch out in the ropes.

Erin Robbins: I’m going to love every bit of this.

Zach Davis: Um yeah? We’ve all been looking forward to this match tonight.

"Pursuit of Honor" by Battlecross begins, with the melodic guitar flowing through the arena, getting the crowd pumped up. As this goes on, the lights fade to nothing until "Push Pull Destroy" also by Battlecross kicks in, where red and white lights circle throughout the arena. Once the thrash blast beat hits, a spotlight illuminates the stage and there stands Corey Black wearing a black hoodie over his ring gear. The lights continue as Corey walks down to the ring, bobbing his head to the music. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope, stands to his feet and throws up the devil horns before taking the hoodie off and dropping it to the floor.

He then poses with his right arm up and bent slightly almost in a vertical flex, left hand on his elbow.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents, the Pantheon team. Introducing first from The Dethfort... weighing two hundred and twelve pounds... COREY BLACK!

All of the lights in the arena drop as "The Final Countdown" by Europe kicks in over the arena speakers. When the vocals kick in, pyro explodes from the stage and from around the jumbotron as it fires to life with a video montage of all of Price's greatest moments. A spotlight comes on and shines on the stage as Price steps out from the back to a massive mixed reaction. "Fuck You Price" and "Jayson Fucking Price" chants start up as Price pulls out a bible, opens it and pulls out a flask before tossing the bible to the side. As the boos continue, Price heads down the ramp, slapping a few hands while taking drinks from his flask, before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope and popping up to his feet. He'll then head for the corner and climb up to the second rope to flip off the crowd before turning around and perching himself on the top turnbuckle, taking a few more drinks from his flask. As the lights come back on, Price will pull off his t-shirt and fake throwing it into the crowd before throwing it into the face of the referee.

Kyle Steel: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds... JAYSON PRICE!

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on the ring. The jumbotron changes to the words ‘This is the Era of Jonny Fly.’
The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly. His eyes remain fixed on his opponent throughout. Slowly and deliberately he begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the ring. He stops and takes a few moment to exchange a long stare with his opponent before finally sliding into the ring.

Kyle Steel: Finally, from New York City... weighing two hundred and thirty pounds... JONNY FLY!

The Pantheon members slap hands and get ready in their corner.

Sequitus and Pantheon walk out to the center of the ring in a faceoff. Caliban is staring down Jonny Fly. Brent Alpine is staring down Corey Black, leaving, Cormack MacNeil staring down Jayson Price.

Crowd: Esto es impresionante! Esto es impresionante! Esto es impresionante!

Zach Davis: Listen to this crowd! This is crazy, we haven’t even started yet and the Spanish members of the WCF Galaxy are already doing “This is Awesome” chants!

Erin Robbins: Wait, hold on, since when do you speak Spanish Zach?

Zach Davis: Since the flight over here…


Corey Black leans over to Jonny Fly and whispers into his ear. Fly obliges as he and Jayson Price go out on the apron. Black then gives Caliban the Finger and gestures for Caliban to “come get some”. Caliban looks to the crowd and starts clapping his hands rhythmically to get the crowd going. Rest of Sequitus on the apron.

Zach Davis: This should be interesting?

Erin Robbins: How so?

Zach Davis: These two men have quite the history, so far, dating all the way back to the match held at The Fly Mansion. Since then the two have taken shots at each other over Twitter.

Erin Robbins: Poor Corey, everyone knows Caliban is quite the Tweeter.

Caliban and Black lock up. They circle the ring, eyes locked tight on one another, both seeing who is going to go for the first move.

Suddenly Jonny Fly yells from the apron.

Fly: Hey! Cali-Flyjobber!

Caliban takes his eyes off of Black for a few seconds which almost proves to be fatal.


Zack Davis: Black almost hit it already! He almost connected with a Burning Hammer, but Caliban seen it coming in the nick of time!


Erin Robbins: Caliban tries to return the favor going for the Fire Dragon's Roaring elbow, but Black has him scouted as well!


Black puts Caliban into a side headlock, but Caliban shoves Black off and runs for the ropes. Black follows suit and runs for the
opposite ropes. As both men near each other on the rebound, they both stick out their right arms.


Zach Davis: Caliban and Corey Black just collided hard together with that double clothesline!

Erin Robbins: Both men are down!

Caliban starts nudging towards Sequitus’ corner. Black goes for Pantheons’ corner. Black sees Caliban closer to his side so he grabs a hold of Caliban’s foot in an effort to slow him down and to make the tag to his team first.

Zach Davis: Jayson Price is in!

Caliban shakes free.

Erin Robbins: Cormack MacNeil is in!


Price charges for MacNeil, MacNeil charges Price.


They meet in the center of the ring.


Price and MacNeil just start pummeling each other with shots to the head and body trying to wear the other down.

Zach Davis: There’s certainly no love lost between these two! Just look at them going at each other!

Erin Robbins: They are beating the holy hell out of each other!

MacNeil gets the upper hand when he lifts his right knee upwards striking Price under the chin that staggers Price. MacNeil kicks
Price in the gut, and hits him with a right hand. MacNeil grabs Price going for an Irish Whip into a clothesline but Price reverses, ducking underneath him. MacNeil takes a step back, getting his bearings and charges after Price going for another knee lift. Price counters again by leapfrogging over MacNeil. Price follows through with an Enzuigiri, MacNeil falls back to his knees. Price grabs his head and delivers five straight muay thai style knees to his head, and then finishes up with a running knee to the face.

Zach Davis: Kneegasm!

Erin Robbins: Oh yeah baby!

Zach Davis: ... Calm yourself, Erin.

Price covers MacNeil.



Zach Davis: Caliban just flew into the ring and hits Jayson Price with a thrust kick in mid-air breaking up the pin!


Caliban gets to his feet.

Erin Robbins: And there’s a Flying Clothesline by Jonny Fly who soared into the air with great height wrapping his arm around
Caliban’s head!

Zach Davis: Brent’s in the ring.

Erin Robbins: Corey’s in to intercept!


Corey is thrown out of the ring by Brent!


Fly tosses Brent out from behind, steps back, and leaps over the ropes and hits a Suicide Dive to both Black and Alpine, with Alpine getting the brunt of it.


Caliban: OUTGOING!!! – Caliban hits his triple jump shooting star press to the outside of the ring taking down all three men on the floor.

Crowd: Esto es impresionante! Esto es impresionante! Esto es impresionante!


Meanwhile Price and MacNeil are back to their feet and slugging it out again. MacNeil Irish whips Price into a spinebuster, rotating a
full 360 before a jumping spinebuster impact.


Zach Davis: The Stone of Kings!

Erin Robbins: Cover him Cormack!

MacNeil covers.



Zach Davis: Corey Black just yanked Cormack off of Price, pulling him to the outside, before three.

Erin Robbins: Oof Brent Alpine makes Black pay for it with a Russian Legsweep! Black’s head hit the floor hard!

As Brent gets back to his he is met with a Superkick to the jaw by Fly.

Erin Robbins: BOOM! Straight superkick to the mouth! How’s that taste Brent?

Zach Davis: Incoming!

Caliban: Blam!

Crowd: Murdered You, in Spanish of course.

Caliban hits a Superkick of his own to Fly.

The crowd continues chanting "THIS IS AWESOME".

MacNeil slides back into the ring as the referee quickly restores order. Sequitus is back on apron. Pantheon is back on apron. MacNeil lunges after Price going for a leg drop but Price counters, with a Drop Toe Hold driving MacNeil’s face into the bottom turnbuckle of team Pantheon’s corner. Black uses this time to tag himself in. Black and Price both grab MacNeil and Irish whip him into the ropes.


Black and Price both spin around and run for the ropes opposite MacNeil, hits them, bounces back-


Zach Davis: A Double Running Yakuza Kick combination from both Corey Black and Jayson Price!

Erin Robbins: Did you see it Zach?

Zach Davis: Yeah duh, Black and Price both connected with the same kick to Cormack MacNeil’s jaw.

Erin Robbins: Not just that Zach. Cormack’s head went flying through the air after that kick was heard round’ the arena…

The referee sends Price back to the apron.

Black covers.



MacNeil gets the shoulder up!

Zach Davis: Cormack showing great fire and determination, say what you will about the kilt wearing Scottie, he’s got some heart.

Erin Robbins: Heart smart. You need more than heart to beat Pantheon, and to win Trio’s Cup.

Black snaps at the referee saying it should have been three! Before grabbing MacNeil and pulling him up to a vertical base. Black then tucks his head under MacNeil's near arm, and reaches across Cormack's chest shooting to hit a Ura-nage. MacNeil reverses, with clubbing elbows to the side of Black’s head followed by a headbutt. MacNeil breaks free.


Zach Davis: Brent Alpine is in!


Erin Robbins: Cormack McNeil makes the hot tag!


Alpine comes in hot and chops Black in the back of the head with an Enzuigiri. Black is down on one knee. Alpine then also crosses his leg between Black's legs. Before hitting a leg hook reverse STO.

Zach Davis: Alpine hits a nice variation of the reverse STO!

Erin Robbins: Tag was made! Alpine didn’t see it, hell, I even almost missed it.

Alpine covers.


Fly climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle.


Alpine notices Fly, on the ropes, and breaks the pin readying himself for Fly.


Black hits a Lariat out of nowhere turning Alpine inside out! Alpine flops back and lies face up on the mat.


Fly then jumps off the turnbuckle, keeping his body in a missile-like position.


Zach Davis: The Fly Swatter! Fly hits it.

Fly hooks the leg of Alpine.


Price and Black take out Caliban and MacNeil with a Running Knee To The Face and Busaiku Knee Strike, respectively. Knocking
Caliban and MacNeil, off the apron to the floor.


Price and Black fend off Caliban and Cormack.



Alpine knows he escaped but just barely. He rolls away, out of the ring. Fly shakes his head and turns towards a nearer target - Jordan Caliban. Price has just taken Caliban down with a Price Check, albeit an illegal one, and Fly dives off the top..






Erin Robbins: UGH!

Zach Davis: Pantheon does it! Pantheon pulls away with the victory in the match!

Erin Robbins: A blind tag was made, apparently, sometime before Black was driven into the mat, with the leg hook reverse STO earlier, he managed to tag in Jonny Fly. AND THEN Fly pinned a dude who wasn't even legal. Like.. what?

Zach Davis: And a Fly Swatter or two later, it was the end of Sequitus in what is argulably the “true” main event tonight.

Erin Robbins: Sequitus showed a lot of drive and heart but Pantheon used their prowess to come away with the win to advance to Round 3.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Psycho Hotdog Beer Company vs S-PAC

The arena is quiet with the lights all on when over the PA system you hear a man ask, "Are you Drunk yet?" as the crowd responds with a cheer "Feels Good Inc." by The Gorillaz hits the speakers. The lights begin to flash blue and white as two cannon shot of fake snow shoot out from the entrance area. Out from the snow comes Natural ICE Beckman holding a beer in his hand. He chugs the last half of the beer, then crushes the hand before tossing it into the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, from Foam Lake, Wisconsin. Weighing in 250lbs. He is known as The True Cold Drunk ...Natural ICE Beckman!!

ICE then smiles to the crowd going up and stealing beers from willing fans. He chugs the beers down the aisle until he reaches the ring. Once there he rolls into the ring, sitting up in the corner. He rests against the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin and cleans his beard from the beer foam.

A drum roll begins. "Horseshoes and Handgrenades" by Green Day rumbles the arena and brings the audience up from their seats. Some of them cover their ears, the music playing excessively louder than anything else produced from the speakers thus far. Logan marches out from behind the black curtains and is greeted with a very warm reception. Wearing a black leather vest, and his signature ring attire. Logan takes his time walking down the ramp, peering out over the audience every so often. Logan swiftly climbs up the ring steps and slips through the middle rope into the ring. He paces the ring, eyeing the audience, and then finally picking a turnbuckle and simply standing atop of it to gaze over all his trashcan fans. The music briefly pauses, but just as soon as it picks back up... Logan throws both arms skyward and the enthusiastic audience replicates his taunt. Letting his arms fall patiently back down to his sides, Logan hops down from the turnbuckle, removes his vest and throws it to the outside of the ring and then paces the ring like a starved wolf ready to be fed until the music stops.

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed US Airways Center. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and some of the crowd is cheering. While, the rest, of the crowd are booing. "Breathe" by Prodigy begins to play. The bass like synth begin to blare out. 14 seconds later the drums come through...


Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...


Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly slinks out. The music continues the blare out and rattled the arena.

Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane
Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psycho-somatic addict insane

The cameraman gets real close, as Oblivion sneers at the camera. The Monster thrusts out IT's massive right arm, pushing the cameraman several feet away. The Monster slowly comes down to the ring. Strobe lights continue to flash. Then the US Airways Center slightly shakes, as the sound of thunder rumbles and mock lightning flashes. The majority, of the crowd, jump.

Come play my game
Inhale, inhale, you're the victim!!
Come play my game
Exhale, exhale... EXHA-A-A-LE!!

The music continues to thump out of the arena's speakers, as the addictive rhythm has the entire crowd in a trance and continues to dance along with the music. Lightning strikes the four corners, of the ring. The loud sounds makes everyone jump out of their seats, once again. Some, of the people are scared out of their minds. The lights flicker then... POP!! The strobe lights go out!!

The house lights come on, then standing in the center of the ring, is Oblivion. Half the crowd is cheering, while the other half of the crowd is booing. The music fades out. A screeching sound echoes throughout the arena, as four lightning bolts strike each corner.

The arena goes dark and black smoke pours onto the stage as Nocturnus by Adrian von Zeigler starts to play. Horrific imagery starts to play on the titantron for a moment till the words “The Seraphim” shines brightly and a ring of fire shows through the smoke as both Seifer and Chelsea Black Armstrong rises from the underneath the stage inside the ring.

Steel: Introducing from Toronto Ontario Canada, The Mistress of Darkness Chelsea Black Armstrong and The Angel of Judgement Seifer Black Armstrong... The Seraphim...

As the fire dies down they step over it and start to walk hand in hand slowly down to the ring a red spotlight following them down to the ring. Reaching the ring they look at each other before releasing each other’s hands and start walking around opposite sides of the ring as a second spotlight starts to follow Seifer as the first follows Chelsea as they climb onto the apron before walking over to opposite turnbuckles and staring at each other for a moment before leaping off the turnbuckles in tandem and as they hit the matt fire explodes out of the turnbuckles and the lights go back to normal as they embrace in the middle of the ring for a moment as the music fades out and they wait for their partner.

"Criminals" by Big B hits the P.A. system, and Waylon Cash comes walking out onto the entrance ramp, with his manager, Scott Savage, following closely behind. He throws his fist into the air as the crowd boos loudly. He smirks, as does his manager. They looks back and forth, sneering at the crowd as Waylon makes his way down the ramp. Once at the bottom, he rolls into the ring, and jumps to his feet with his fist in the air. ore booing comes, but it doesn't seem to bother Waylon. He seems to have only one thing on his mind.

Zach Davis: Interesting matchup we've got here. I'd be surprised if anyone in this match has a clear state of mind. Everyone is either drunk, mentally ill, or a woman.

Erin Robbins: ...the fuck!? You're our face commentator, Zach.

Zach Davis: Maybe I have socially conservative views, Erin. Like that being a woman means you can't have a clear state of mind.

Erin Robbins: ...Let's just start the match.

The participants agree. Hatred in his eyes, Waylon runs at Logan and Clotheslines him down. Oblivion has begun brawling with Chelsea Black Armstrong, the new People's Champion. And ICE Beckman brawls with the number one contender, Seifer Black Armstrong.

Zach Davis: Very important match here for Seifer. If he wins, it means he's doing double duty in Mexico.

Erin Robbins: AND if someone from the Psycho Hotdog Beer Company pins the number one contender, well hot damn!, guess they look like a contender too, don't they?

Both Chelsea and Oblivion fly out of the ring after Oblivion Clotheslines Chelsea over the ropes. Beckman tosses Seifer over the ropes on the opposite end and goes to brawl with him outside the ring, and the bell finally rings.

Zach Davis: We've got carnage here, but Waylon and Logan are our legal men! Two former World Champions.

Erin Robbins: But only one of them has ever pinned Torture, and that is Waylon Cash.

Zach Davis: ...shut up about that. Logan hasn't had an affair with our female announcer for a few years now, don't make him shut your mouth with his ... hot dogs.

Erin Robbins: With him, you never know if that's innuendo or literal hot dogs.

Logan has stumbled up and Cash has thrown him into a corner. Cash hits him with several chops before going to throw him to the opposite side. Logan reverses the irish whip and Cash hits the corner instead, stumbles out of it, and walks right into a Spinebuster. Logan stays down and pins, hooking the leg.



No!, Cash kicks out. Logan lifts him up and pushes him into the ropes and whips him again. Waylon comes back and ducks a Clothesline attempt, hits the ropes, and takes Logan down with a Running Back Elbow as he comes back. Logan gets back to his feet and Waylon hits a quick kick to the gut, doubling Logan over, before executing a Snap Suplex. Waylon floats over for the pin.



No!, Logan kicks out. Waylon grabs Logan's head and locks in a Sleeper.

Zach Davis: Sleeper applied! And applied expertly by Waylon Cash.

Erin Robbins: Is Logan sober enough to stay awake?

Apparently so. The fans begin chanting.. "FACE OF TREACH-ER-Y! FACE OF TREACH-ER-Y!" and Logan comes alive. He works his way up, not so much from their chanting but from his will to win - at this moment at least. He jabs Waylon in the sides several times before escaping the hold. He kicks Waylon with several kicks to the shins, follows up with a spin kick, knocking Waylon back, and finishes with a Legsweep, taking him down!

Zach Davis: Great striking combination by Logan there. And there's a tag!

Logan tags in Beckman. ICE gets into the ring and goes after Waylon, but Waylon trips him up. Waylon quickly elbows ICE in the head, allowing him to roll away and tag in Chelsea.

Erin Robbins: With Seifer's upcoming World Title match, you've got to wonder if S-PAC is going to try to protect him here.

Zach Davis: Winning the Trios Cup might be more important, Erin. If S-PAC wins that it means the third S-PAC World Title shot in a row! THAT is domination.

Chelsea quickly pounces on Beckman and hits him with a Shining Wizard! ICE looks at Chelsea like she just knocked his beer bottle out of his hand.

Zach Davis: Beckman appears taken aback.

Erin Robbins: I guess he thought he and Chelsea had something special. Silly ICE.

Chelsea flops on top of ICE and lands a flurry of mounted punches. Beckman appears to be enjoying himself now.

Zach Davis: ICE is used to paying for this type of treatment from women and now he's getting it for free.

Erin Robbins: In fact he's being paid for it by my brother. Oh wait-I'm not Shannan. Woohoo!

ICE powers to his feet and shucks Chelsea off. She climbs onto his back and tries to lock him in a sleeper, but ICE grabs Chelsea and snapmares her to the mat. ICE shoots off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the back.

Zach Davis: Oof!, ICE built up a head of steam on that one! He really brought it to Chelsea's backside!

Erin Robbins: The girl is down but not discouraged, Zach. You're about to learn a lesson in the tenacity of the female form.

Beckman scoops the girl up and tries to German suplex but she lands on her feet behind him. ICE spins around and gets clocked with an Enzuigiri.

Zach Davis: Big kick by Chelsea! Great athleticism by the Mistress of Misery! Or whatever the heck her nickname is.

Erin Robbins: I thought it was Temptress of Torment, Zach?

Zach Davis: Goddess of Guillotines? No that sucks.

Erin Robbins: Yes it does, Zach.

Chelsea bounds up the ropes and flies off with a clothesline, nearly decapitating Beckman. Chelsea makes the cover on ICE.



NO!, Beckman gets his shoulder up. Chelsea tries to grapple the US Champion, but he unloads with elbows to the midsection. Chelsea backs off and then runs at ICE. ICE counters into a T-Bone suplex that launches Chelsea into the mat head first. ICE shoots off the ropes and... falling headbutt. ICE makes the tag to Logan.

Zach Davis: ICE holds Chelsea for Logan now and... Superkick!

Erin Robbins: Aww that's a shame. Different kind of makeover than Chelsea is used to. Hehe.

Logan grabs Chelsea and rakes her face across the top turnbuckle. Seifer yells at Logan from his corner of the ring. The Face of Treachery pays Seifer no mind.

Zach Davis: Logan does what HE WANTS TO DO. He's not asking Seifer for permission. You can believe that.

Erin Robbins: Logan grabs Chelsea by the hair and shucks her into the corner. Logan runs in, Chelsea gets her boot up though. No! Logan catches it and hits a Dragon Screw Legwhip. Great counter by The Face!

Logan taps his forehead and indicates that he's got something that Chelsea doesn't. She lifts her foot and kicks Logan between the legs. Apparently he has something else she doesn't have either.

Zach Davis: Low blow by the Sultry She-Devil and Logan is in a bad, bad way!

Erin Robbins: You almost felt that, right, Zach?

Zach Davis: Almost, yes.

Erin Robbins: But not quite because you don't have the right equipment.

With Logan feeling the effects from Chelsea's purposefully placed kick, Chelsea gets to her feet and waxes Logan with a Spinning Fisherman Neck Breaker.

Zach Davis: Devil's Wing!

Erin Robbins: She could have him here!

Chelsea pins.



NO!, Logan kicks out. Chelsea grabs him by the leg and drags Logan to the S-PAC corner. Chelsea tags Seifer into the ring. Together the Seraphim lift Logan and then drop him with a Double Brainbuster.

Zach Davis: Nasty, nasty double team move by Seifer and Chelsea!

Erin Robbins: Seifer's going high risk, trying to put the exclamation point on this match!

Seifer flies off the top and hits a crazy looking Phoenix Splash that brings the crowd to its feet.

Zach Davis: Out of nowhere with that Phoenix Splash! Seifer could have the win!



NO!, Oblivion breaks it up! Seifer and Oblivion begin brawling. Oblivion measures Seifer and clotheslines him over the top rope! Oblivion goes over the top but lands on his feet on the outside. Chelsea flies off the apron and hits a plancha onto Oblivion, knocking him to the floor! Meanwhile, Beckman has come around to the S-PAC side of the ring to brawl with Waylon Cash.

Zach Davis: We've got a Pier Six brawl going on here!

Erin Robbins: Moser is trying to restore order but there's no rhyme or reason to this match now. All six Superstars are throwing haymakers and busting out weapons and pulling hair, and talking junk about people's mamas. It's ugly, Zach! This is how we celebrate Mother's Day in WCF?

Zach Davis: We are not a sentimental lot, Erin. All I can tell ya is my back is killing me and I need a shot of Jack!

Beckman slams Cash onto the announce table. Cash quickly rolls off and takes Beckman down with a chop block. Oblivion is running around outside of the ring with a chair, swinging at anything that moves.

Zach Davis: Oblivion's gonna get his team disqualified!

From out of nowhere, Seifer flies off the fan barrier and drives the chair right into Oblivion's skull. Meanwhile, Beckman has Cash on the announce table once again and this time he sends him through it with the Box Wine Hangover. Seifer and Beckman spot each other and begin brawling. Beckman tries to clothesline, but Seifer back body drops him over the fan barrier. Seifer springboards the fan barrier and hits some crazy corkscrew shit into the crowd, missing Beckman but taking out half a dozen fans. Beckman and Seifer continue to brawl in the aisle, going up all the way to the cheap seats.

While all of this was happening, Chelsea and Logan were taking turns choking each other with the camera cord and Irish whipping each other into the ring steps and the steel post. Neither one has much left in the tank as they crawl into the ring at the same time to avoid being counted out.

Zach Davis: Crazy brawling action outside the ring! Our headsets went out for a few minutes there but we're back and so is the action, inside of the ring, that is! Haha!

Erin Robbins: Yeah, you need that Jack, Zach. You need it bad.

Logan whips Chelsea into the ropes and...

Zach Davis: Impact Style! Logan hit it and he stuck the landing!

Erin Robbins: He's going Connector now... NO! Chelsea slips out of it! Logan turns around and...

Zach Davis: Lights Out! That's Chelsea's finisher! Logan walked right into it! Chelsea pins!



NO!, Oblivion breaks it up! He gets pulled out of the ring by Cash though and they brawl all the way to the back.

Zach Davis: Beckman and Seifer brawled into the stands! Cash and Oblivion are brawling to the back! Chelsea and Logan are all alone now!

Erin Robbins: Absolute craziness in this match, total animosity between these two teams! It's anybody's ballgame now. Chelsea or Logan can win this match for their team and advance in the Trios Cup!

Zach Davis: Gory lock! Chelsea's going for it! You know what that means!

Erin Robbins: Yeah, she's setting up for that Strongarmed finish of hers!

But Logan slips away..

Zach Davis: CONNECTOR!

Logan flips and hits the Connector on Chelsea! He slides over and pins her, hooking the leg.




Erin Robbins: Oh dear lord.

Zach Davis: ...the Psycho Hotdog Beer Company advances.

Logan gets up. There is motherfucking fire in his eyes.

Erin Robbins: At Asesinato De Mayo, we've got both Torture and Logan in the same ring, at the same time, with a World Title shot on the line.

The ref raises Logan's arm in the air. Micayle and Oblivion join him in the ring.

Zach Davis: Not only that, but they managed to knock off S-PAC. Seifer already has his World Title shot, but beating S-PAC is unbelievable.

Erin Robbins: Our huge Asesinato De Mayo finale will be the Psycho Hotdog Beer Company vs Pantheon vs Torture/Synn/Gable... I can't wait.

Steve Orbit's Search Continues

We see "The Mack" Steve Orbit running around backstage. He's stopping everyone, asking if they've seen Seifer Black Armstrong. Everyone answers "no". He gets to the end of the hall when he's stopped by a production guy wearing a headset.

Steve Orbit: You seen Seifer Black Armstrong?

Production Guy: No, I haven't--

Orbit begins to walk away.

Production Guy: Steve!

Steve Orbit: What?!

Production Guy: It's time, you're up. Your match is next.

Orbit looks enraged.

Steve Orbit: FUCK!

He slams his fists against the wall. He then takes a deep breath and follows the production guy down the hall.

Steve Orbit: He can't hide forever. I'll get him.

Fade out.

Steve Orbit vs Stacy Jone

Zach Davis: Main event time.

Erin Robbins: You know, Zach, even though this is a non-title match - if Stacy Jones gets a win over the World Champion here tonight, that would really push her right into the spotlight.

Zach Davis: She's a warrior, Erin. There is no doubt about that. But Steve Orbit is the face of WCF for a reason.

‘I Will Not Break’ by A Sound Of Thunder blasts out of the PA system and the fans go crazy as Stacy Jones struts out onto the stage followed by Tayla Williams. The two stop at the top of the ramp looking out to the crowd smiling before they begin to make their way down the ramp slapping the fans hands on the way.

Kyle Steel: Making her way to the ring…being accompanied by Tayla Williams...from Orlando, Florida…weighing in at 150 pounds. Stacy…Jones!

The two women reach the ring and roll under the bottom rope, Stacy then poses in the middle of the ring by raising her arms and making the devil’s horns with her left hand. ‘I Will Not Break’ fades out.

Erin Robbins: And here comes Steve Orbit!


The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as "The Mack" Steve Orbit appears at the top of the ramp. Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus peice, and a jewel encrusted cane. He struts towards the ring, taking plenty of time to interact with the fans-- especially the ladies. At ringside, he removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to a ringhand. Upon entering the ring, he climbs one of the turnbuckles and gyrates his hips to a huge pop from the crowd. "OR-BIT" chants can be heard throughout the arena. He climbs down from the turnbuckle and waits in his corner for the match to start.

Zach Davis: Stacy Jones is staring a hole through Orbit. You can tell she wants this victory.

Erin Robbins: And so is Steve Orbit. Just look at him. This might be a non-title match but you can just tell by his face he's ready to win here tonight.

The bell rings. Stacy and Steve circle each other. They eventually lock up!

Zach Davis: Here we go!

Steve Orbit uses his strength to push Stacy back into the turnbuckle, she fights back, kneeing Steve in the stomach forcing him to back off and stumble backwards. Stacy Jones flies out of the turnbuckle and hits Stacy's Kick! NO! Steve Orbit ducks. His eyes go wide, knowing his head was nearly taken off. The two circle each other again.

Zach Davis: Man, Stacy almost nailed him there.

Erin Robbins: Orbit wishes!

Zach Davis: ...

They go to lock up again, but Stacy slips behind Orbit, and hits a one handed bulldog. However Steve Orbit quickly bounces back up, hitting a spinning backfist that takes Stacy off her feet as she charges him. He drops down on top of Stacy, grabbing at her ankle and locking in an ankle lock! Stacy Jones screams out in pain.

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit is twisting the ankle of Stacy. Look at the pain in her eyes!

Stacy begins crawling towards the ropes, doing as much as she can to squirm her way towards them.

Erin Robbins: Can she make it?

Almost there, just a few inches, she reaches out her hand - NO! Steve Orbit pulls her back by her twisted ankle into the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: I think this is it, Erin. No man or woman can take any more of this.

Suddenly, and much to Steve's surprise, Stacy manages to roll onto her back, wrap a leg around his neck, and flip him over onto his back forcing him to release her ankle. Stacy Jones limps to her feet, but Steve Orbit is already up, and he grabs Stacy, throwing her into the turnbuckle. She smashes the post hard, falling forward, and Orbit is there to grab her with a brainbuster. He lifts her high, holds her up for a moment letting the blood flow to her head, and then crashes her down to the ring. Steve Orbit drops down and covers Stacy Jones.



NO! Stacy Jones pushes a shoulder up. Orbit rolls her over onto her stomach, climbs onto her back and locks in a camel clutch! Stacy once again is in trouble as she reaches for the ropes.

Zach Davis: This is why he's a world champion. He knows how to work people down early.

However, this time, Stacy Jones is able to quickly reach out and grab onto a bottom rope for dear life forcing Orbit to back off. Steve Orbit stalks Stacy, watching her climb back to her feet using the ropes for support, once she turns around, Orbit kicks her stomach, she bends forward, and he hits a quick DDT! NO! Stacy pops out of his arms at the very last moment, in like mid air really, and locks her legs around Orbit's neck with a adscissors takedown! Orbit goes down. Stacy Jones quickly runs up the turnbuckle!

Erin Robbins: Stacy Jones going up high!

She flies off nailing an elbow right into Steve Orbit's chest! She quickly hooks his leg.



Steve Orbit kicks out at the last moment, and clinches his chest afterwards, obviously feeling the pain. Stacy doesn't stop there, while Steve is still down, she follows through, pulling him up and hitting a snapmare and thereafter an immeditate sleeper hold. Steve Orbit struggles to break free, he reaches up, grabs Stacy, and hits a snapmare of his own into a sleeper hold!

Zach Davis: Awesome reversal.

Stacy Jones eyes light up as Steve's arm wraps tighty around her neck. She elbows at his ribs continounously until he breaks, Steve stumbles back, and Stacy leaps forward with a flying cross body - NO - Steve Orbit catches her into a powerslam! He quickly pins.



Stacy gets an arm up. Steve Orbit stands, waiting for Stacy to stand as well, she climbs to her feet, and OUT OF NOWHERE GOES FOR THE STACY'S KICK! NO! ORBIT DUCKS! STACY TURNS AROUND! HONEY DIP!

He drops down onto Stacy and hooks the leg.



Thre -

Zach Davis: THREE?!

Erin Robbins: NO?! STACY KICKED OUT!

Steve Orbit can't believe it but he wastes little time, climbing up the turnbuckle, and flying off with the OAKLAND SPLASH! HE HITS IT!




Zach Davis: OH MY GOD! IS THIS IT?!


Erin Robbins: I DON'T KNOW!



Erin Robbins: Stacy put up a hell of a fight!

The bell sounds and BOOM SLAM IS OVER!

Zach Davis: That was fast.

Erin Robbins: Just like your mom.

Zach Davis: What does that even me-

Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Alice Pleasant-Blake/Nero Blake vs BioWalker

An Introduction to Abraham Mountbatten

The Vapor Kings vs Dallas Culture/Bryan Worthy

Dr. Remus Micayle Segment

Doc Henry vs Chase Michaels vs Jordan Ciserano

Team Science vs The Big Time Jerks

John Gable Segment

Colin Marshall vs Marina Valdivia

John Gable/Chase Michaels Segment

Steve Orbit Segment

Johnny Reb vs Peter Quinn

What's the Buzz?: Bobby Cairo

Trios Cup Tournament Match: John Gable/Terry Roberts/Torture vs Night Rider/Denise D'Evil/Vengeance

Steve Orbit's Locker Room Segment

Caliban Segment

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Pantheon vs Sequitus

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Psycho Hotdog Beer Company vs S-PAC

Steve Orbit's Search Continues

Steve Orbit vs Stacy Jones


Of The Week

Johnny Reb
Pantheon vs Sequitus



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John Gable
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ICE Beckman
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Jordan Caliban
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Demon Shadows