Slam Intro

The camera opens in the underground parking lots of the China United Centre. While the fans and the majority of the ring crew park their vehicles in the public carparks, this private space is specially reserved for the superstars of the Wrestling Championship Federation. Anyone who is enough of a name will have his or her personal valet, such is the courtesy and professionalism of the China United Centre staff.

The camera pans left to reveal fan favourites Markus Jayson and Kelvin Staylor - better known collectively as The 8th Wonder - seated in a snazzy Chevrolet Corvette. The energetic crowd cheers raucously at the sight of the bumbling duo on national television. The two men exit the vehicle and start to walk towards the arena entrance.

But before they could take more than a couple of steps away from their car, a loud scream of rage echoes terrifying around the enclosed space. Jayson is the first to react, but he’s a tad too slow. Before he could turn his body around to see who is approaching, a crowbar swings down on his right shoulder, eliciting a cry of pain from the delightful moron. Staylor opens his mouth in shock and confusion, before he too, is felled by the incriminating crowbar. The heavy weapon is merciless in its attack though. Despite the two idiots lying defenceless on the ground, it continues its nasty battering. The cries of agony soon fade off into silence, as the unknown assailant keeps wailing on The 8th Wonder.

The camera pans slightly to the right, revealing the stern, unamused face of Nathan von Liebert. Upon seeing the attacker, the Hong Kong crowd starts SCREAMING in severe anger and disapproval. No one likes seeing an unprovoked attack, much less one of this severity. The First Apostle gives no sign of having heard the jeering, however. Instead, he merely clutches the now-broken crowbar in his hand, glancing down at the unconscious bodies of The 8th Wonder, before shaking his head slowly.

Doctor Remus Micayle slowly walks into frame, already dressed in his fighting attire and wearing an amused expression on his face. The hate from the crowd just doubled in intensity upon seeing the detested Scientist, but yet again, both members of Team Science pay them no heed. NvL and Micayle exchange glances, before nodding to each other.

Without warning, NvL and Micayle both pick up one unconscious wrestler - Micayle hoisting Jayson up in a double leg flapjack while NvL carries Staylor in a precarious tiger suplex position - and elevates them into the air. The gasps from the Hong Kong crowd raise in volume, but its to no avail. Almost simultaenously, the WCF Tag Team Champions slam both members HARD into the windscreen of the beautiful Chevrolet Corvette with a loud SMASH! Glass and spare metal bits fly all over the place, as the broken bodies of Markus Jayson and Kelvin Staylor lie in a pathetic heap.

A self-satisfied grin on his cocky face, Micayle walks up to the camera, before pointing a finger towards it.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you… the newly reeducated 8th Wonder!

Heavy booing from the crowd. He ignores them.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Last Wednesday, Peter Quinn and Patrick made me realise that something very important needs to be done, and that Team Science are the only people around who are able to take up this noble task.

Behind him, NvL quietly walks and stands in the shadows, watching the Doctor talk smack the only way he knows how.

Doctor Remus Micayle: That’s right. Hear this well, all of you obtuse mouth-breathers in the back. It has come to my attention that a fatal disease has spread amongst the majority of the wrestlers in the locker room.

The Doctor lowers his finger, the ends of his mouth curling up in a snarl.

Doctor Remus Micayle: The wrong attitude has been inculcated into many a wrestler in the WCF. Not only are they not taught to have tremendous respect for those who are superior to them, they are taught to challenge them and defy authority. Why, during my time as WCF United States Champion and WCF Tag Team Champion, I have yet to receive a single cry of adulation from the lower life-forms in the back!

Doctor Remus Micayle: Not only have lesser beings such as Stacy Jones, Jordan Ciserano, and Peter Quinn failed to show Nathan and myself any sign of reverence or admiration, time and time again, they have insulted and belittled our greatness - both as fighters and as the masters of mankind! This is a travesty, and we WILL correct it. The only question… is how.

He points his thumb back towards NvL, who is skulking silently in the back, looking nothing but ravenous at the promise of blood.

Doctor Remus Micayle: But luckily for all the wrestlers in the WCF, we can rely on science to teach us what to do next. Whenever something is wrong with the natural cycle of things, a calamity happens. When the dinosaur population started getting too evolved for the primitive landscape to cope with it, the end of the Cretaceous era occurred. When Europeans started to grow a little too tight for their britches, The Black Death happened. The same will happen here in this federation.

A truly menacing look comes over The Scientist.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Our purge has officially begun, and more than a few of you are going to be educated tonight on how they best behave when in the presence of the masters of humanity. How dare all of you unworthy cretins challenge your masters for our titles? This includes you, Mervin Henry. You dare challenge us for our gold? OUR BIRTHRIGHT!? Of all people, someone as much of a failure like you!? And with no partner? BAH!

That expression soon passes however, as Micayle retracts back to the aloof personality he is so famous for.

Doctor Remus Micayle: No matter. You’ll learn soon enough that despite your best efforts, you’ll never be able to defeat us. We are too strong, too intelligent, and simply too talented for your mediocre pugilistic abilities to even touch. But do allow us to issue you a challenge. Team Science will be waiting at the end of the night for you to announce your tag team partner for Blast. If you are able to provide us an answer, you are free to choose the stipulation for our match at the big Pay-Per-View. A Ladder match. A Tables match. A Chairs match. All three of them together in a TLC match for the ages. Whatever. Your pick.

A small smile creeps up on his face, as in the background, NvL shakes his head in pity.

Doctor Remus Micayle: But if - when - you are unable to meet us in the centre of the ring and provide us the name of your partner at the end the night, let’s agree on this. You are banned from challenging for the WCF Tag Team Championships FOREVER. Valueless scum like you ought not waste space on the wrestling card at the expense of some poor, unexposed gem from the training centre. Let’s agree on that, yes? A win-win situation for The Cock, if I ever heard one. Yes, that sounds perfect. So, Mervin, I’ll be eagerly waiting to hear the name of your partner come the end of Slam.

Micayle nods to himself once.

Doctor Remus Micayle: But for the rest of the weasels in the back, Slam won’t be so joyful a ride for you. Prepare yourself for the purge… courtesy of Team Science.

He flashes a fake, icy-thin smile that doesn’t even reach the eyes before pushing the camera to the ground. Slam goes to black for a couple of seconds, before the production crew manages to transfer the feed to Zach Davis and Erin Robbins.

Doc Henry Segment

The scene cuts to the backstage area. Doc Henry is seen sitting at a folding table with a crudely crafted name plate sitting on the table. He sits behind it sifting through papers. In front of his table is a small wooden wall with a door in the middle of it. On the door is a sign that reads “Tag Team Interviews with legendary tag team wrestler Doc Henry”. The wall itself doesn’t even cover the entire area, allowing someone to easily bypass the door by just walking around it.

A couple of beefed up Hispanics wearing MS-13 biker gear come walking into the shot and up to the door. One of them leans around the wall looking at Doc while the other reads the sign. He knocks on the door.

Doc Henry: Come in.

As the guy opens the door to walk in, WCF Legend and Hall of Famer, Gravedigger, walks into the shot. He looks at the MS-13 member and shakes his head as he walks around the wall, bypassing the door.

Gravedigger: What the hell are you doing? You don’t need to use the door.

The biker shrugs. Doc Henry looks up at Gravedigger smirking.

Doc Henry: What the hell are you doing here? You’re the last person I expected to see come sign up to tag with me. I figured you was retired.

Gravedigger pulls out a folding chair and sits down, grinning at Doc.

Gravedigger: I shouldn’t be the only one retired in this little group here. Are you really that surprised? I’m here for obvious reasons. We’re two of the most decorated tag team wrestlers in WCF history. We’ve had the most tag team partners next to Corey Black and you think I’m about to let you jump into the tag team division again and break the record for most tag team partners and secure another tag team title to your name?

Doc Henry starts to respond but Gravedigger cuts him off.

Gravedigger: No, let me finish. You want to sit here at your little desk and interview possible partners who will end up leaving you with no title in the end? Or do you want to tag with someone who knows how to get the job done in the division? Someone who is going to get you yet another tag title reign to your name?

Doc Henry: How do I know you won’t do exactly as you say you will and the moment we get a tag title shot you won’t conspire against me and cost me the tag titles?

Gravedigger grins a Cheshire cat type grin and shrugs. Doc Henry scratches his chin, considering Gravedigger as an option.

BioWalker vs Jayson Price/Steve Orbit

We come back from a commercial break with a shot of Biohazard and Tyler Walker already in the ring as "Breakdown" by Biohazard plays over the speakers. Walker appears to be trying to talk strategy while Biohazard oozes into his hand and throws it into the crowd.

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam! As you can see we're just about ready to go with out first match of the evening, which is going to be quite the interesting tag team affair.

Erin Robbins: It sure is!

All of the lights in the arena drop as "The Final Countdown" by Europe kicks in over the arena speakers. When the vocals kick in, pyro explodes from the stage and from around the jumbotron as it fires to life with a video montage of all of Price's greatest moments. A spotlight comes on and shines on the stage as Price steps out from the back to a massive mixed reaction. "Fuck You Price" and "Jayson Fucking Price" chants start up as Price pulls out a bible, opens it and pulls out a flask before tossing the bible to the side.

Zach Davis: Say Erin, any idea why a match featuring the World Champion and the Number One Contender for the World Title is opening the show? You'd think that would be main event quality.

Erin Robbins: Who knows. I mean, Biohazard and Cryboy McEmo still have jobs here, so just about anything can happen.

As the boos continue, Price heads down the ramp, slapping a few hands while taking drinks from his flask, before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope and popping up to his feet. He'll then head for the corner and climb up to the second rope to flip off the crowd before turning around and perching himself on the top turnbuckle, taking a few more drinks from his flask. As the lights come back on, Price will pull off his t-shirt and fake throwing it into the crowd before throwing it into the face of the referee.

Zach Davis: And you can see Price is still nursing some of those bruises and cuts he endured at XIII on Friday. How he and Orbit even made it to tonight's show is a miracle.

Erin Robbins: A miracle might be the right word for it. Everyone involved should still be in the Emergency Room after that match.


The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entrance way and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as "The Mack" Steve Orbit appears at the top of the ramp. Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus piece, and a jewel encrusted cane.

Zach Davis: And here is our World Champion!

Erin Robbins: I have to wonder how he feels about tagging with Price yet again. The last time these two teamed Price seemed intent on stealing the show as he did a quick tag on Orbit and got the pin for the team.

Zach Davis: Well before the match they did talk about how everything was fine between them, but their appeared to still be some doubts. And then after that pin by Price, what he did to Adam Young and the rest of his team just seemed to leave Orbit speechless.

Erin Robbins: Well that's going to have to be something we watch for tonight!

He struts towards the ring, taking plenty of time to interact with the fans-- especially the ladies. At ringside, he removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to a ring hand. Upon entering the ring, he climbs one of the turnbuckles and gyrates his hips to a huge pop from the crowd. "OR-BIT" chants can be heard throughout the arena. He climbs down from the turnbuckle and waits in his corner for the match to start.

Zach Davis: BioWalker versus Steve Orbit and Jayson Price! Let's do this!


Walker steps out onto the apron as Biohazard jumps around like a lunatic to get himself ready. Or maybe just because he's a lunatic. On the other side of the ring Orbit seems ready to discuss who's starting the match when Price steps past him and begins circling the ring with Biohazard. The referee shoos a confused Orbit out to the apron and then turns his attention back to the match as Biohazard and Price lock up in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: Well no rock, paper, scissors this week and Orbit seems a bit miffed that Price took it upon himself to decide who starts.

Erin Robbins: Maybe he was just eager to get things going. I say we give him the benefit of the doubt before we judge.

Price quick to take control of Biohazard and he whips him into the ropes. Biohazard hits them, comes back and is leveled by a running shoulder block from Price. Biohazard manages to pop back up almost as soon as he hits the mat but Price is waiting for him and takes him down with an arm drag. Both men back up and it's a second arm drag by Price. They do the same dance a third time but now it's Price keeping Biohazard down with an armbar. The referee drops to check on Biohazard as Price torques the arm. Biohazard waves the referee away and grabs hold of the nearby bottom rope as the referee calls for Price to let go. He declines.

Zach Davis: Come on Price! Break the hold!

Orbit yelling for Price to let him go as the referee's count hits three. Price lets it go to four before he relents, only to kick Biohazard in the shoulder as he gets to his feet. The referee isn't at all amused as he gives Price a warning about listening to orders. Price barely paying attention as he grabs Biohazard by the ear holes of his mask and pulls him to his feet. Price with a European uppercut that sends Biohazard back into the ropes. Biohazard bounces off of them and catches Price off guard with a forearm across the nose. Biohazard now with left and right hands to the body of Price before leaping up and connecting with a dropkick to the chest. Down goes Price as the crowd and Tyler Walker pop. Orbit yelling for Price to get up and make a tag as Price makes his way to his knees. Price now standing up as Biohazard hits the ropes and tries for a running tornado DDT. He gets up and gets an arm around Price's head but Price shoves him off mid-spin and Biohazard goes flying across the ring.

Erin Robbins: Did you see that distance?

Orbit still calling for a tag into the match as Walker reaches over the ropes and tags himself into the match. Biohazard rolls out of the ring as Walker tries for the tie-up. Price looks to start to tie-up when he instead slaps Walker across the face. Price with a kick to the side of the knee, followed up by a European uppercut. Walker stumbling backward but Price brings him back in and takes him to the mat with a snap suplex. Price back up to his feet and he shoots a glance toward Orbit who wants in on the action.

Zach Davis: Tag him! We want The Mack!

The fans are yelling for Price to make the tag but instead he pulls Walker up to his feet and locks him in a cravate. He starts to go for The Downfall when Biohazard slides into the ring. Price shoves Walker off but Biohazard is quick to attack with kicks to the legs of Price. Walker shakes it off and suddenly it's a two on one as the referee tries to get Biohazard out of the ring.

Erin Robbins: And here comes Orbit!

Orbit enters the ring and goes right after Biohazard, shoving him off of Price. Orbit with the Pimp Slap and then the Crane Kick and Biohazard hits the mat. He starts to go after Walker, who's stomping on Price, but the referee cuts him off. The referee so intent on getting Orbit out of the ring that he misses Walker stomping down on and then mashing Price's groin. Orbit finally leaving the ring as the referee turns around to see Walker trying for the pin attempt.



Zach Davis: Kick out!

Price with the kick out at two as Walker rolls off of him. Walker now pulling Price up to his feet and he sets him up for The Crunch. But Price fights back with elbows to the face while on Walker's shoulders before sliding off. Price now behind Walker and he hits him with the Green Eyed Monster. Orbit again yelling for the tag as Price stares him down.

Jayson Price: You want in? Where were you when I was getting my nuts stomped on?

Orbit pleading his case but Price waves him off and pulls Walker up to his feet for The Downfall. Walker however fights back and shoves Price off him and into the ropes. Orbit quick to act as he tags Price's back and the referee signals it. Walker with a back elbow to Price that drops him. Orbit enters the ring and immediately tries for a roll-up.



Erin Robbins: Kick out!

Walker kicks out two as Price slowly gets up to his feet and is met with the referee telling him to leave the ring. Price seems baffled until the referee tells him about the tag. Price now enraged as he tries to get back into the action to no avail. Orbit with Walker on his feet and he hits him with The Honey Dip. Orbit with the pin but the referee still trying to get Price to leave.

Zach Davis: Come on ref! This should be over!

Orbit now up and he's with the referee telling Price to leave the ring. Price finally leaves the ring and steps out onto the apron before dropping to the ground. Orbit watching as Price leaves ringside and heads for the ramp as the crowd boos. Orbit now yelling for Price to get back to the ring but Price waves him off and keeps walking.

Erin Robbins: Is Jayson Price walking out on his partner? On his friend?

Zach Davis: I told you! I told you Price was an issue last week and again this week!

Erin Robbins: I thought they worked it out!

Price disappears backstage as Orbit is left alone to finish the match. He turns around in time to duck a running big boot from Walker. Walker hung up on the ropes but not for long as Orbit hits him a second time with the Honey Dip. Biohazard tries to get involved again but gets thrown over the top rope. Orbit still looking back at the stage as he goes to the top rope and leaps off with the Oakland Splash. Orbit with the pin.




Erin Robbins: And Steve Orbit and Jayson Price win another tag team match!

Zach Davis: After Price walked out on him. What the hell is going on with these two?

"Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z hits the speakers as the Orbit gets to his feet and lets the referee raise his arm but it's obvious he isn't happy about how things ended.

Zach Davis: In two weeks Orbit and Price are going to be going one on one for the World Title and who knows what's going to happen between now and then. These two are supposed to be friends but they certainly aren't acting like it.

Erin Robbins: I still have faith they'll work this all out and we'll have ourselves a five star match at the Pay Per View.

Zach Davis: Well good for you. Meanwhile the rest of us shall live in the real world.

The referee hands Orbit the World Title, and Orbit quickly leaves.

Zach Davis: But it’s an admirable effort from BioWalker nonetheless, stepping up to Pantheon so willingly like that. How many people do you know who dare to do that?

Erin Robbins: Well, not many, that’s for sure! I mean, Team Thickness is one team that comes to mind, but other than that, I dare say n—

Zach Davis: Ha! Team Thickness? With that scumbag Remus Micayle and what he did just now, I highly doubt anything is going to ha—

But before Zach could continue on his rant, the opening riff to "The Stringless Violin" by Adagio blasts through the speakers of the arena as heated boos immediately erupt from the live crowd. A still-woozy BioWalker stare about the entire arena frantically, anxious and more than a tad confused about this unwelcome interruption.

Erin Robbins: L-O-L. You gotta watch what you say sometimes, Zach. Talk crap about the Doctor more, and you’ll see if anything happens to you! You remember your Eric Price days, don’t you?

Zach Davis: Grr… but hey, that’s besides the point! After that horrible assault on The 8th Wonder earlier in the night, what on earth is this idiot trying to do now!? No offence intended, but are you telling me that he considers BioWalker to be a threat to his title reign? This guy just has a crazy superiority complex!

Instead of his usual pompous entrance, Doctor Remus Micayle slowly walks out from the back, a live microphone in one hand, and a steel chair in the other. He’s wearing a small simper on his face as he starts to address BioWalker.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Ahh… Biohazard and Tyler Walker, what a joy. Two of WCF’s finest in the ring yet again, ready for another round of thrashing. Seems that Pantheon didn’t do a complete enough job though, judging by your ability to stand on your feet so quickly after the match.

The Hong Kong fans boo heartily. Nothing they like less than someone slamming their favourite duo in the entire world. On their part, BioWalker are mouthing off angrily at Micayle in the ring, unhappy at getting insulted by someone who had nothing to do with that match at all. The Scientist ignores them all.

Doctor Remus Micayle: As you may well know, Team Science will be purging the WCF of all the nonsense that has plagued it since it’s incorporation more than a decade ago. Some people may wonder what I am doing out here with two cretinous ruffians who have less to their name than Jaycee Chan has, but I beg to differ.

He points the steel chair towards the ring.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Despite your less-than-convincing track record in the ring, the fact remains that you are a tag team, and HAVE won gold in the past. Biohazard was the first ever WCF Television Champion, no?

The fans pop loudly for Biohazard’s accomplishment, though the masked luchador himself does not. Instead, he and Tyler Walker are staring Micayle down ferociously.

Doctor Remus Micayle: I thought so. So my point has been proven, that you are still a threat to me, despite what others may think. Wonderful.

He lowers the chair and drops the microphone, before walking briskly towards the ring. His expression is grim, and there is little doubt in what he is about to do.

Zach Davis: Oh what the hell! This is simply too much! An assault on The 8th Wonder isn’t enough for this man. He wants to make it a massacre! Get out of there and escape from the crazy son of a gun, BioWalker!

Erin Robbins: Hey, that’s just biased commentary man! I see it from The Doctor’s point-of-view just fine! He is like any other competitive champion; he wants to ensure his victory, and he will do whatever it takes to make it so! Gosh, no wonder there needs to be a purge with people like you around!

Zach Davis: NO! You are the one who is biased, Erin! I can’t believe that you are taking his side!

Erin Robbins: Well, unfortunately for you, he is right, and I understand that. You need to open your eyes a little Zach.

Zach Davis: Nonsense. But let me tell you something, he is a big bully and a big c— OH MY GOD! LOOK OUT BIOWALKER!

The crowd's buzzing roars back to life once again, as a chair-wielding Nathan von Liebert sneaks into the ring from the stands, making a beeline for BioWalker! Tyler Walker is the first to turn, but he’s a second too slow. NvL, with his stump ready to strike, charges, and smashes it HARD into the vulnerable underchin of the jock! Without a second’s hesitation, NvL raises the steel chair he is holding high into the hair and brings it down VIOLENTLY on the groaning Walker!

Zach Davis: What the hell!

Erin Robbins: Keep an eye on Doctor Micayle, Biohazard! You have foes on two ends!

Indeed, as Biohazard turns his attention to try and save his tag team partner, Micayle takes advantage of the slight opening to slide into the ring. He tackles Biohazard to the mat, before unleashing a barrage of fierce strikes that hammer into the skull. After a couple of particularly hard-hitting blows, the Scientist gets back to his feet and uses his steel chair to annihilate Biohazard!

Zach Davis: I knew it, I knew it! These two ‘champions’ are vulpine-like! I knew they wouldn’t dare walk down that ramp and face BioWalker like real men. It’s hit-and-run guerrilla style attacks with these two! What cowards!

Erin Robbins: I repeat, the two of them are just doing what they deem fit to secure their reign on the championships! Enough with the rants!

Unfortunately, it seems that the crowd is behind Zach fully. They are positively incensed, and the din is incredible. One can barely hear above this level of noise, but it seems that neither member of Team Science is conscious of that. All that matters to them is ravaging their respective victims with the deadly folding chair in their hands. Finally, after what must have been more than twenty shots delivered, they cease the assault. Micayle hoists Biohazard to his feet, and on the other end, NvL does the same to Tyler Walker.

Erin Robbins: I think we are about to see the fatality applied to these two - science style!

NvL drops the steel chair on the canvas, before kicking Walker hard in the gut. As the fan favourite doubles up in pain, the First Apostle grabs his head and drives him head-first into the steel with a VICIOUS DDT!

Zach Davis: Urgh...

On the other hand, Micayle places the edge of the chair on the soft side of Biohazard’s throat. He manoeuvres it so that the maximum amount of flesh will be impacted, before grabbing both chair and wrestler and SMASHING it down HARD in a guillotine!

Erin Robbins: Both men must be half-dead by now!

Finally satisfied with their handiwork, NvL and Micayle roll out of the ring and head up the ramp to a chorus of boos, leaving the broken bodies of BioWalker behind them. The camera fades out to a video package promoting the main event match as a few medical staff rush out from the back to attend to BioWalker.

Doc Henry's Search Continues

Doc is sitting at his desk, again as El Presidente walks in the door.

El Presidente: You wanna see the Eagle's beak get big?

Doc Henry: Next.

Next through the door is, Pedro "Wetback" DePacas.

Pedro DePacas: Hey, bendejo, you holdin'?

Doc Henry: Next!

As Pedro is sent packing, he is bowled over by Hugh Jazz, "Who wants a mustache ride???"

Doc Henry: Next!!!

Doc watches Hugh leave and shuffles papers.

Doc Henry: Holy shitballs, what Boudle jizz bucket is next???

Johnny Reb us the next through the door and Doc looks up.

Doc Henry: No.

Johnny frowns.

Johnny Reb: But...

Doc Henry: I said no!

Johnny Reb: I thought...

Doc Henry: You thought wrong, go away...

Isaiah Chavis vs Alex Jones vs Adrian Adams

Erin Robbins: We have a pretty large card for tonight’s Slam! There’s many triple threat matches and right now, we're about to get to our first!

Zach Davis: Isaiah Chavis, Alex Jones and Adrian Adams, all gunning for a win tonight.

"Down With Us" by Twiztid begins to bump over the P.A. system, and Isaiah dances out onto the entrance ramp. He throws his fists in the air, and encourages the crowd to make more noise as he jumps up and down.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 215 pounds, and standing five feet, eleven inches tall. He hails from Detroit Michigan. He is the Juggalo Warrior... Isaiah Chavis!

Isaiah dances down to the bottom of the ramp, and stops. HE slaps the floor, and then raises his hands up, one making a "W" sign and one making a "C". He lets out a loud "Whoop whoop" which is returned by a small section of the crowd. He smiles at the group of painted fans before rolling under the bottom rope. He pops up and runs over to the corner. He leaps into the air, and lands on the top turnbuckle, using his hands only a little to steady himself. Once he finds his balance, he stands tall, throwing his fists up in the air as the crowd cheers. He lowers his arms, and does a backflip off the top rope, stumbling a bit, but landing on his feet. Isaiah leans against the turnbuckle with a cocky smirk as his music dies.

Erin Robbins: Chavis, the ghetto Juggalo from Detriot, looking impressive with that back flip.

The lights in the arena go out. The darkness lingers as the crowd stirs in anticipation. Finally a spotlight shines down on “Almighty” Adrian Adams as he has his back to the crowd. The sounds of a large choral response is heard focusing on the word “Almighty” for moments as he continues with his hands raised. Finally, the choir is stopped as “Sledgehammer (Instrumental)” by Peter Gabriel takes over as Adams turns around and faces the rest of the crowd.

Zach Davis: What do you think is gunna happen bewteen Isaiah and and Adrian? Its oil and water with these two.

Erin Robbins: One hell of a match

He slowly begins his walk down to the ring, grinning at the crowd and taunting them as they boo him fiercely.

Adams walks up the ring steps and adjusts his suit, before climbing through the ropes and into the ring. In one motion, he climbs through the ropes and spins around the ring slowly with his arms extended out. Finally, he begins to take off his shirt, tie, and coat as he moves to the corner to hand it off to his manservant that has suddenly appeared ringside to collect his clothes.

Story of the years "The children sing" blares out.

Zach Davis: Then you have Alex Jones, the All around World Warrior. The Black Dragon. My money is on him to keep control of this match and ultimately the win tonight.

Erin Robbins: Well, we'll see.

Alex Jones comes out from the back in his wrestling gear and his long blonde hair wet and slicked back. His body covered with a sleeveless coat baring his Dragon Icon on the back. Alex runs and slides into the ring before popping up to his feet, he steps to the corner and throws his arms up and outward in a jesus like pose.


Adams and Chavis both attack Jones at the same time, standing on either side of him and nailing right hands. Jones drops to a knee as Adams and Chavis start laying the boots to them then kick him out of the ring.

Erin Robbins: Adams with a rack to the eyes!

Zach Davis: Chavis hits him back with a knee to the gut!


Erin Robbins: Wow! Chavis just floating up and over the ropes onto the apron with a guillotine to Adams!

Zach Davis: Jones from behind! Taking the legs right out from under Chavis!

Jones Pulls Chavis to the floor and lays him out with a right hand before sliding back into the ring. Adams stumbles back towards Jones who connects with a power slam!

Erin Robbins: Quick pin attempt.




Zach Davis: Adams kicks outs!

Jones picks up Adams and whips him into the ropes but Adams comes off and kicks Jones in the gut then elbows him in the head.

Erin Robbins: Stalling neck breaker by Adrian Adams!

Zach Davis: Adrian gets back to his feet- but wait!


Erin Robbins: Isaiah Chavis out of no where with a top rope drop kick!

Zach Davis: He covers Jones.




Erin Robbins: Alex Jones with the shoulder up just before the three count!

Chavis gets up as Adams comes at him with a superkick but Chavis movies out of the way.

Zach Davis: Adams tried for the Silver Spoon superkick but Chavis dodged it.

Erin Robbins: Chavis with his own! The Wicked Kick!

Zach Davis: NOO!! Adrian Adams catches it!

Adams goes to spin Chavis around but Chavis hits a back flip.


Erin Robbins: The Silver Spoon connects!

Adrian Adams with the pin!





Zach Davis: Broken up by Alex Jones!

Erin Robbins: Jones grabs Adams... Going for the Xtreme Combo! He gets it!

Zach Davis: Chavis to his feet! Wicked Kicked!

The Pin!





Zach Davis: Alex Jones kicks out!

Adrian Adams back up! He grabs Chavis and starts hitting left and right hands he kicks Chavis in the gut and sets him up and connects with a roaring spinning elbow!

Erin Robbins: Adrian Adams setting up for The Black Card, cradle piledriver!


Zach Davis: NO! Alex Jones out of no where connects with The End Game! A one handed cutter variation! Adrian Adams had no defense for it!

Erin Robbins: Chavis is able to get back to his feet quickly as Jones stands up from hitting The End Game.


Zach Davis: Chavis, using his quickness to get to his feet and come at Jones, who wasnt expecting it with The Mighty Death Drop.

The Pin!



3 !!!

Erin Robbins: Isaiah Chavis picks up the win and comes out looking very strong in this match against two great competitors.

Zach Davis: I think we'll be seeing a lot more from this guy right here.

Alex Richards Segment

Alex Richards walks towards Doc Henry's office he notices the door but instead chooses to walk around it and enter through the empty space where walks normally are.

Alex Richards: I have good news and bad news Doc. The bad news is, I forgot to knock. But the good news is, I come bearing gifts.

Alex Richards reaches into his black doctor's bag and pulls out.. a surgical mask.

Alex Richards: I figured I should give this to a real doctor. I mean I know this is true. Doc Henry hasn't killed anyone in the last year. But Doc Anus thousands of people have been bored to death by his rants. You're a much better doctor then him!

Alex Richards: I remember last time we teamed up. Neither of us gave up and we were screwed out of the match by a bad decision from the ref. Two weeks ago I was screwed out of my match against Apocalypse because I never quit then either! You should pick me because neither of us are quitters and sooner or later we won't get screwed by corrupt officials right?

Alex Richards: I know you're a busy man so I'm going to wrap this up. I'm going to quote the great Dr. Demento dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies aren't much fun no no no. Even he's a better doctor than Micayle! So pick me Doc, we'll entertain the masses and take those belts from the least deserving, least entertaining, worst medic professionals in the world. YOLO ADRIAN! WE GOT IT! BOOOOOOOM!

Mia Cross vs Amber Valkryie vs Maddog Diamond

Zach Davis: Yet another round of triple threat action!

Erin Robbins: Mia cross, Amber Valkyrie and Dean Diamond!

“ Fantasy “ By Maria Kanellis hits the PA system. Mia Cross walks out onto the stage, laying up to the crowd as she high fives and dances around before she gets into the ring nd poses on the turn buckle .

Zach Davis: Mia Cross looks.. well.. impressive.

Erin Robbins: Here face is up more. A lot more.

Zach Davis: I've made my choice.

“ We R who We R “ By Kesha hits the PA system as Amber Valkyrie comes out on stage and heads down towards the ring and poses for the crowd.

Zach Davis: Amber Valkyrie., her dad used to be big in Japan. Now his little girl has come to WCF to show us what she can do.

“Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park.” Hitsthe PA system as Mad Dog Dean Diamond walks down the ramp. Tagging hands whilst walking down the ramp, sliding into the ring climbing each turnbuckle and taunting towards the crowd with a pointed finger.

Zach Davis: Dean Diamonds in the ring and we are ready to start the match!


Dean locks up with Amber and pulls her into a side head lock. Dean gets shoves into the ropes and comes back off with a flying forearm. Mia starts kicking away at Amber, bringing Amber to her feet and hits a few knife edge chops. Dean comes back into the picture and kicks Mia in the gut before turning around and connecting with a spinning wind up punch that floors Amber.

Erin Robbins: Dean looking very impressive against Amber and Mia tonight.

Zach Davis: All new talent, we could be looking at a rising star. Who knows?


Erin Robbins: Fame asser to Mia Cross!


Zach Davis: Diamond Cutter, Death Vally Driver to Amber!

The Pin..




Erin Robbins: And Mad Dog making short order of his opponents here tonight! Zach, I think we have a new rising star on our hands!

Arabella Montgomery vs Jason Xavier vs Teddy Blaze

Zach Davis: Welcome back from the break every one, we are getting ready the next match, coming your way now!

"Kickstart my Heart" by Motley Crue hits the arena speakers.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall!

Teddy Blazes makes his way out and makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. Before stepping off the ramp he stops to sign autographs and takes pictures with the fans. Finally after five seconds of flash photography Teddy runs and hops onto the apron and jumps over the ropes into the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Houston…weighing in at 190 pounds… he is TEDDY BLAAZZZE!

Erin Robbins: Ugh Teddy seems bland…did you see him taking pictures and signing autographs with the fans on his way to the ring…he’s making his debut tonight and think he’s already a hotshot…we will see how long his “flame” lasts.

“Cupid Carries a Gun” by Marilyn Manson bellows over the p.a. system as smoke fills both the entrance and ramp way. The lights repeatedly flicker as the smoke begins to clear, revealing Arabella midway down the ramp. As she reaches the ring, a black cauldron begins lowering into the center of the ring. Smoke flows over the smoldering cauldron as Arabella slides into the ring via under the bottom rope and makes her way to the cauldron before kneeling down next to it.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Deep South; USA…weighing in at 115 pounds… she is ARABELLA MONTGOMERY!!!

Zach Davis: Did you know that Arabella is a descendant of a Salem witch! I wonder if she has any tricks up her sleeves to help her win this match.

Erin Robbins: A witch? Please...I’m afraid witchcraft isn’t going to help her at all in that squared circle with two other men.

The lights in the arena dim as the arena grows silent, but soon the silence is interrupted as pyro goes off on the stage and a small hook of soft cheers are heard as the Taco Bell chihuahua is seen on the titantron saying "Yo quiero Taco Bell". This follows up with "All the Above" by Maino blazing through the PA system. A spotlight shines on the ramp as Jason Xavier steps onto the stage carrying an unmodified flag of Puerto Rico, to a mixed reaction to the crowd.

Kyle Steel: And their opponent, from Chicago, Illinois ... weighing in at two hundred ten pounds... he is “The Latin Warrior”…”The Mexican Destroyer” JASON XAVIER!!!

"The Taco Bell Ringer" then begins shimmying his way down the ramp and slapping hands with the kids earning more cheers from his beloved fans. Jason Xavier then jogs up the steel steps onto the apron where he drapes the flag over the ropes before he hops inside the squared circle. The lights come back on upon Xavier entering the ring, where he proceeds to head to the nearest corner and climbs up to the middle turnbuckle, before shimmying some more up there, and throwing his bandanas into the crowd. Finally he raises his arms up in the form of an ‘X’ as his music fades.

Zach Davis: Haha did you see that Chihuahua, it was sooo cute.

Erin Robbins: Get over it Zach! Was just a stupid dog…just be ready to call the match, it’s about to start.

The three competitors circle each other trying to get the sense of who is going to be making the first move.


The two men lock up as Arabella just looks on. Blaze hooks Xavier's arm and flips him over on to the mat with an arm drag. Xavier is quick to his feet and charges after Blaze again; Blaze hooks Xavier again and flips him with another arm drag. Xavier up again and charges again, Blaze readies himself for a third arm drag but is countered by Xavier who lands on his feet and answers back with an Japanese arm drag as Xavier hooks Blaze's near arm with both hands and falls backwards forcing Blaze to flip forwards on to his back.

Zach Davis: My, what a beautiful arm drag by Jason Xavier.

Erin Robbins: Apparently Teddy thought it was a good one too…look at that idiot…

Blaze is back on his feet and offers a handshake to Xavier but before Xavier could accept both men are taken down by Arabella who bounces off the ropes and connects with a springboard moonsault landing on both men.

Zach Davis: Ouch…that had to have hurt all involved…

Erin Robbins: Heh Arabella didn’t like being left out so she had to make her presence felt.

Arabella grabs Blaze and pulls him to his feet and does a head scissors take down launching Blaze crashing into Xavier as he was getting back up, knocking both men to the ground. Arabella then does a backflip on the mat landing on the Blaze and barely missing Xavier who rolls out of the ring to regroup.

Zach Davis: Man that Arabella sure is looking good in there so far.

Erin Robbins: She’s showing the other two up…they ignored her at the start of the match and now she’s making them pay for that…them sexist males!

Zach Davis: Calm down Erin…

Arabella is to her feet and gestures to Xavier to get back in the ring as Blaze catches a breath. Xavier hops onto the apron and gets back into the ring. Arabella makes her way after Xavier and the two lock up. Xavier gets the upper hand as he wraps his arm around the neck of Arabella with a side headlock. Arabella counters with a few elbows to the gut and slips out of Xavier’s grip and takes hold of Xavier's arm and turns around completely while twisting the arm over Xavier's head, resulting in the Xavier’s arm being wrenched.

Zach Davis: What a smart move by Arabella! She seen Teddy Blaze coming and let go of Jason pushing him forward.

Blaze bounces off the ropes and leaps up into the air, before connecting with a forearm smash to Xavier taking Xavier down. Blaze kips back up and charges after Arabella who looks to clothesline Blaze, but Blaze ducks underneath and catches the ropes bouncing back hitting Arabella with a missile dropkick off the ropes. Blaze pops up and plays to the crowd.

Zach Davis: Whew that was breath-taking…

Erin Robbins: Meh it was ok, but he needs to keep his head in the game and stop playing to the crowd, he doesn’t notice Xavier creeping up behind him.

Blaze plays to the crowd some more before turning around too late as Xavier applies a front face lock to Blaze, drapes Blazes's near arm over his shoulder, Xavier stomps down hard and suplexes Blaze stiffly, resulting in a snap suplex. Xavier is up and catches Arabella in time giving her a snap suplex as well.

Zach Davis: The tide keeps shifting before anyone can really establish a foothold in the match.

Xavier grabs Blaze and pulls him to his feet and puts Blaze in a front facelock, hooks his pants, and lifts him hanging him there upside down.

Zach Davis: Could he be going for the Border Buster?

Erin Robbins: The Brainbuster? I think so-

Arabella leaps into the air and executes a dropkick driving her feet into Xavier’s midsection causing Xavier to falls onto his back and in turn causes Blaze to land on his head as Xavier drops him as he is falling.

Zach Davis: OOOF!

Erin Robbins: OW!

Arabella hooks Xavier for the pin.


Arabella covers Blaze.


Blaze powers out! Xavier gets to his feet and waits for Arabella to get up. He takes a few steps back and gets a running start. As Arabella makes it to her feet Xavier goes for the Chicago Lariat but Arabella bends over backwards into the Matrix Evasion to counter and as Xavier rebounds off the ropes, Blaze receives the move instead.

Zach Davis: Chicago Lariat by Xavier! Jason connects wrapping his arm around Blaze’s upper chest and neck and then forcing Blaze to the ground.

Erin Robbins: But Arabella was the intended target…she countered with a bridging evasion type move.

Arabella catches Xavier by surprise with a front facelock to Xavier and waits for Blaze to get to his feet then runs up Blaze to springboard round, knocking Blaze back, and delivers a springboard tornado DDT to Xavier.

Zach Davis: That was nice! Arabella ran up Blaze to connect with the springboard tornado DDT to Xavier!

Erin Robbins: It was cool…for a second…which is apparently all Blaze needed to recover.

Blaze charges and strikes Arabella with a running back elbow connecting the back of Arabella’s head with the back of the elbow stunning her momentarily. Blaze then tries to Superkick Xavier but Xavier catches the leg only for Blaze to throw the leg out away from himself and Blaze continues to spin all the way out with his leg still extended to hit a Dragon Whip onto Xavier. Blaze then returns his attention onto Arabella and grabs her and Irish whips her into the ropes. As Arabella rebounds Blaze jumps into the air and goes for a leaping clothesline but Arabella ducks.

Zach Davis: Oooh Jason Xavier out of nowhere with a high knee taking Arabella out.

Xavier charges towards Arabella, and then jumps up and raises his knee so that it hits Arabella into the side of the head. As Blaze adjusts himself after missing Arabella he is taken down by a Spear as Xavier drives his shoulder into Blazes's midsection, and forcing Blaze back-first into the mat.

Xavier covers Blaze.


Arabella breaks up the pin pulling Xavier off of Blaze. Arabella grabs Xavier and pulls him to his feet. They lock up again. Arabella gets the upperhand and Irish whips Xavier into the ropes, but instead of rebounding, Xavier grabs a hold of the ropes to stop himself and plops down and rests his chest and body on the second rope, facing out of the ring. Arabella running from behind, jumps and lands on his back, neck and head, sliding through the ropes out of the ring, forcing Xavier against the second rope with a leapfrog body guillotine.

Zach Davis: Yep, Jason is going to be feeling that in the morning.

Erin Robbins: Arabella as well, that had to have taken some out of her too.

Blaze uses Arabella being on the outside to his advantage as he covers Xavier.


Arabella grabs a hold of Blaze’s feet from under the ropes and pulls him to the outside.

Zach Davis: Ha Teddy Blaze tries stealing the win.

Erin Robbins: But Arabella wasn’t having any of that…

Arabella and Blaze are duking it out on the outside. Punch after punch after punch is getting traded back and forth as both as they try to get one over on another.

Zach Davis: Topé con Hilo! Xavier connects with a Somersault topé through the second and top ropes crashing into both Arabella and Blaze striking them with his head. All are down on the outside and Stanley Moser begins the count out.

Arabella starts crawling.
Xavier is moving.
Blaze is moving as well.
All make it into the ring before the count of ten.

Zach Davis: That was close! This exciting matchup almost ended prematurely with a count out!

Erin Robbins: I bet you know all about ending stuff prematurely…

Zach Davis: You’re so mature…

Xavier is first to his feet back in the ring. Arabella is up second and Blaze follows at third. The three face off again looking to see who is going to try and reestablish control in this match up. Xavier fakes out the other two by pretending to charge only for Arabella to do a one-handed cartwheel followed into a hammerlock on Blaze. Xavier uses this time to sneak over and catch Arabella off guard and grabs her around her waist, lifts her up, and falls backwards while bridging his back and legs, slamming her down to the mat shoulder and upper back first with a release german suplex. Xavier then grabs Blaze and sends him flying over the ropes crashing towards the floor below.

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze hits hard on the outside! He may be out cold! In the mean time Jason Xavier is signaling for the end.

Xavier raises his arms into the air in the form of an “X” as he waits for Arabella to get back to her feet. Xavier then kicks Arabella with a stiff shot to the midsection and is bent forward against Xavier's midsection, Xavier grabs around Arabella's midsection latching onto her back, places her arms into a butterfly keeping his legs around Arabella's head. From this position Xavier pushes off the mat with his legs to flip Arabella over connecting with the Mexicano Destructor.

Erin Robbins: My oh my! Jason hits his double underhook flipping piledriver finisher! It’s got to be over! That was sick!

Xavier covers.

Blaze crawls up to the apron!

Blaze just misses the foot of Xavier!


Zach Davis: Blaze failed to break up the pin. Jason Xavier is victorious in his debut after that flipping piledriver finisher…Arabella has to be broken in half. She’s still not moving.

"All the Above" by Maino blazes through the PA system as Jason Xavier gets his hand raised and celebrates the win. Blaze leaves the ring stunned and Arabella is helped out as they make their way to the back.

Sir William Cambridge vs Logan

Zach Davis: Well ladies and gentlemen, up next we have a matchup between a WCF veteran and a WCF rookie…

Erin Robbins: How dare you refer to Sir William Cambridge as a rookie…

The slow march of a drum roll hits the speakers carrying into ‘Treachery’ by Bleach. Logan slowly steps out onto the entrance ramp to a chorus of boos. He stands at the top of the ramp, slowing looking around at the masses of garbage booing him. He's wearing his signature attire, with a black leather sleeveless vest over it. Logan begins walking down the ramp, taking his time, every now and then pointing out to a member of the audience and talking trash to them.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, making his way to the ring…from Chesapeake, Virginia…weighing in at 250 pounds! Logan!

Logan hits ringside, climbing the ring steps, and getting inside the ring stepping through the middle rope. Logan climbs the nearest turnbuckle, gazes around at all the WCF fans booing at him, and he raises his arm up into the air. After a moment, Logan finally steps down, taking off his vest and throwing it to the outside, and then paces the ring as ‘Treachery’ fades.

Zach Davis: Well Logan is coming off a successful Hardcore Championship retain last week, even though Alexander Richards did all of the work.

Erin Robbins: I don’t usually agree with you on much but I agree, and after a dodgy referee, poor Sir William wasn’t able to have a successful debut last week.

The arena goes silent as a full marching band along with a choir walk out onto the stage as an army of the Queen’s Guards march out after them and line up down either side of the ramp. Lord Abraham Mountbatten, a middle aged man with dark brown wavy hair, dressed in a black suit, a white shirt and a pair of black polished leather shoes is standing in the centre of the ring with a microphone in hand.

Lord Abraham Mountbatten: Ladies and gentlemen, will all of you please rise and place your right hand over your heart and join me in singing the British National Anthem whilst welcoming my advocate, the best of Britain. Sir…William…Cambridge!

Mountbatten then places his right hand over his heart as the marching band begins playing the British National Anthem and the choir begins singing to it as does Mountbatten. Suddenly from behind the curtain, Sir William Cambridge comes out onto the stage standing on a horse drawn carriage, his right hand over his heart and singing the National Anthem himself. The carriage stops on the stage and Cambridge climbs down off it and then begins making his way down the ramp. Once he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he then makes his way up the steel steps and onto the ring apron. Mountbatten sits on the second rope and lifts the top rope up slightly, allowing Cambridge to enter the ring, the two of them stand in the centre of the ring and put their right hands back over their hearts and finish singing the National Anthem before the marching band, the choir and the Queen’s Guards disappear to the back.

Zach Davis: I have to say Erin; I don’t think I’ve ever had to call a match here in WCF where I genuinely don’t care who walks out the winner.

Erin Robbins: You and your biased commentary! How could you possible dislike this man, he is a Sir, he is best friends with a Lord, and they’re British!

The referee is just about to call for the bell and get the match started when suddenly ‘I Will Not Break’ by A Sound Of Thunder blasts out of the PA system and the fans cheer wildly as Stacy Jones walks out onto the stage and down the ramp dressed in a pair of black leather high heeled boots, a pair of black leather skin tight trousers, a black Nightwish Imaginaerum T-shirt, a black and red leather biker jacket and a pair of black leather fingerless gloves.

Zach Davis: What is Stacy Jones doing out here? She’s not in this match…

Erin Robbins: I have no idea…

Jones reaches the ring and walks around the ring as Cambridge and Logan look on confused, Jones makes her way over to the announce table and sits down beside Davis and puts on a headset as ‘I Will Not Break’ fades out.

Zach Davis: Well this is a pleasant surprise Stacy, what brings you out here?

Stacy Jones: Well, I thought since I wasn’t in action this week, I thought I’d come out here and have a front row seat…

Erin Robbins: And it has nothing to do with the fact that Logan hit you with a steel chair last week?

The referee then calls for the bell and the match is underway as both men circle one another and lock up in the centre of the ring. Logan quickly locks Cambridge in a side headlock before nailing him with a judo hip toss.

Zach Davis: And the veteran starts this match off with an impressive judo hip toss…

Stacy Jones: Yeah but Cambridge is no slacker…

Both men quickly get to their feet and again lock up and this time, Cambridge delivers an eye poke to Logan causing the referee to give him a telling off as Logan staggers back into the ring ropes clutching his eye.

Erin Robbins: Brilliant strategy there by Sir William…

Zach Davis: Oh yeah totally, something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lot of dirty tactics in this match considering who we have in the ring…

As Logan is still reeling from the eye poke, Cambridge takes advantage of the situation and grabs hold of him and throws him through the ropes but keeping hold of him so he’s out on the apron. Cambridge then begins to repeatedly strike Logan with a series of knee lifts to his gut before then pulling him back into the ring and hitting him with a quick clothesline before going for a pin.




Stacy Jones: Only a two count there, not enough to put Logan away…

Erin Robbins: That was a slow count…

Cambridge quickly gets to his feet and lifts Logan up to his feet, he then sets up for a Powerbomb, however when up on his shoulders, Logan delivers three stiff punches to Cambridge’s face causing the British native to fall back so Logan is sitting on his chest as he quickly hooks his leg for a pin.




Zach Davis: And this time it’s Cambridge who kicks out…

Logan gets to his feet and starts glaring over at Jones sitting at the announce table and starts chuckling away to himself.

Stacy Jones: Yeah you might want to keep focused on your opponent Logan, forget about me you ignorant piece of shit…

Logan then turns his attention back to Cambridge who has since gotten back to his feet, Logan then attempts a Superkick; however Cambridge ducks the attempt before kicking him in the gut. He then quickly bounces off the ropes, comes back and nails Logan with a running knee lift followed by a neckbreaker.

Erin Robbins: He’s going for it!

Cambridge then bounces off the ropes again and nails Logan with a running knee drop to the face.

Zach Davis: The Holy Trinity connects!

Cambridge then quickly drops to his knees and hooks Logan’s outside leg.





Stacy Jones: No! Logan just kicks out!

Erin Robbins: What a load of bull shit!

Cambridge quickly gets to his feet and begins to argue with the referee, as he does this, Mountbatten slides into the ring behind Logan as he’s getting to his feet and nails him with a low blow before he quickly retreats out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh come on! I may not like Logan, but what kind of Lord uses a low blow?

Stacy Jones: You clearly don’t know Cambridge very well yet, he will pretty much do anything to get a victory…

Logan drops to his knees clutching his groin as Cambridge quickly lifts him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position.

Erin Robbins: This is going to be it!

Cambridge holds Logan in position and begins to walk around the ring a little and after spinning slightly, he accidentally knocks the referee down with the aid of Logan’s foot.

Zach Davis: The referee’s just been knocked out!

Stacy Jones: Cambridge is showboating too much here…

Cambridge is moments away from nailing Logan with ‘The Royal Decree’, however somehow, even after the low blow, Logan manages to wriggle free and land behind Cambridge so they’re facing back to back, as soon as Cambridge turns around, Logan nails him out of nowhere with the ‘Impact Style’.

Erin Robbins: Logan hits the Impact Style! But the referee is out cold…

Logan quickly drops to his knees and hooks the outside leg of Cambridge, however after a few seconds of hearing no counting, he realizes the referee is out cold and makes his way over to him and begins pulling on his shirt to try and get him to come around.

Zach Davis: Logan desperately trying to get the referee to come around so he can count the three here…

Stacy Jones: Well Zach, Erin…it’s been fun but I’ve got to get going now…

Jones gets to her feet and pulls off her headset and steps out from behind the announce table and grabs a steel chair and folds it up before sliding into the ring, as soon as Logan turns his attention towards her, she swings the chair and it smashes Logan straight into the skull before she quickly makes her exit and heads up the ramp to the back.

Zach Davis: Stacy Jones gaining retribution for last week!

Erin Robbins: And look, Sir William is crawling towards Logan, and the referee is beginning to stir!

Cambridge reaches Logan and drapes his arm over Logan’s chest as the referee begins to count.




The referee calls for the bell and the end of the match as Mountbatten climbs into the ring and helps Cambridge to his feet and raises his arm.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner! Sir…William…Cambridge!

Cambridge and Mountbatten then leave the ring and head up the ramp to the back.

Diablo Calzone vs Colin Marshall

Zach Davis: It's time for a grudge match, ladies and gentlemen of the WCF Universe. Diablo Calzone versus Colin Marshall. There are no titles at stake but both of these young Superstars want to make an impact, and they can do that with a victory tonight.

Erin Robbins: Two of the best and brightest young Superstars in WCF today. Both men were close to capturing championships in their most recent outings on Wednesday Night, but for whatever reason they just couldn't get over the hump.

Zach Davis: For one of these young bucks, today is gonna be Hump Day.

Erin Robbins: Today is Sunday, Zach.

Zach Davis: Or Monday, depending on where our viewers are located.

Erin Robbins: Right, like here in China. Still not Hump Day though.

Zach Davis: OK, great, thank you for the lecture, Roy Speede.

The opening riff to "The End Of Heartache" echoes throughout the arena as Colin Marshall leaps out through the curtain. He walks along the stage before falling to his knees right before he walks down the ramp. He holds his arms out as the crowd echoes with a mixture of cheers and boos.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from McKinney, Texas, weighing in at two-hundred pounds, he is THE REAL DEAL... COLIN MARSHALL!

He stands and makes his way down the ramp. He comes to the end and slides in to the ring, keeping one hand on the bottom rope, catching his slide. He lifts himself up and stands on the middle rope, taunting to the crowd. He steps off the rope, removes his jacket, and awaits the beginning of the match.

Zach Davis: I'm buying into everything that this kid is selling right now, Erin. Colin Marshall is a stud. He went into a bit of a slump after that big debut victory that he had against Terry RobertSynn, but he's really been on fire these last couple of weeks.

Erin Robbins: The young man earned a recent victory over former Television Champion Peter Quinn and he took Caliban to the limit on Wednesday Night. Colin Marshall was nearly crowned the champion of our internets, Zach, and I know that he would have protected us from that damned dastardly NSA, and do you know why? Because he is "The Real Deal" with the sex appeal!

The lights dim as "Turtle Power" by Partners in Kryme hits the PA.





Green strobelights shower the arena. When the rap kicks in, Diablo "D-LO C-LO" Calzone appears at the entranceway with manager Buddy Roman at his side.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, hailing from The Sewers of Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at two-hundred and fifty-two pounds, here is... DIABLO CALZONE!

D-LO pauses at the top of the ramp and sneers into the camera lens from behind his red Ninja Turtle mask. D-LO flexes his muscles while a sparkly pyrotechnics display shoots off behind him. Roman applauds his client, all the while a confident smile is plastered on his face. They stride to the ring in lockstep, with Roman condemning the fans for booing his client, while the ultra-determined Calzone keeps his eyes focused on the ring.

Zach Davis: Calzone has to be frustrated by his recent shortcomings. First, The Vapor Kings fell short in their effort to earn a tag title shot in their contendership match against The Shadow Demons. More recently Diablo lost to Chelsea Black-Armstrong in a People's Title match on Wednesday Night.

Erin Robbins: That loss to Chelsea was made all the more frustrating by the fact that it was Calzone's former rival Stacy Jones who was actually the one that Chelsea pinned. Diablo watched his dream of becoming People's Champion slip right through his hands.

Zach Davis: Either of these young men can stake their claim to possible contendership status with a victory here, and there is surely no lack of personal animosity between these two competitors.

Erin Robbins: That's what I like to see, Zach: Two hateful, angry, spiteful young men going balls out to beat the holy hell out of each other, close enough for me to ogle them.

Referee Chuck Biscuits calls for the bell.


Calzone and Marshall waste no time in racing for the corner of the ring, albeit the same corner, springboarding off adjacent ropes and colliding in mid-air while attempting to land identical roundhouse kicks. The men land hard on the mat in an awkward position as the ref attempts to sort through the craziness of what just happened.

Zach Davis: Holy crap, I don't think I've seen that before. Both men attempted the same move at the same time to start the match.

Erin Robbins: They're more alike than they ever realized, Zach. I think there's a lesson to be learned here.

Zach Davis: We shouldn't waste our time hating each other since we're not so different at the end of the day?

Erin Robbins: Good lord no, Zach. We must CRUSH anyone and everyone who is like us because they're the greatest threat of all!

Calzone and Marshall get to their feet and start winging haymakers at each other. Calzone, the bigger man, lands the bigger punches. Marshall wisely backs off, shoots off the ropes and hits a nice leaping clothesline to the throat that staggers Calzone.

Zach Davis: Both men are quick, but I think Marshall has the speed advantage.

Erin Robbins: Calzone certainly has the size and strength advantage.

Marshall whips Calzone to the ropes, but Calzone reverses it. Marshall walks right into a rolling wheel kick from The Ninja Turtle Mad Man. Calzone hooks up Marshall for a suplex, lifts him and quickly snaps him down. Calzone holds onto the move, lifts Marshall up and quickly hits another snap suplex. Calzone kips to his feet and goes for the move once more.

Zach Davis: Looks like D-LO is going for the triple.

Diablo lifts Marshall up for the third time, but this time when Colin is snapped back by Calzone he lands on his feet.

Erin Robbins: Wow! Great agility by Colin. Diablo doesn't even realize that Marshall landed on his feet.

Calzone turns around, a cocky grin on his face. His jaw drops when he sees Colin standing before him. Before D-LO can react, "The Real Deal" reels off a jumping heel kick that lands flush to the jaw. Colin follows up with a flipping dropkick, knocking Calzone to the mat.

Zach Davis: Marshall just displayed some very skillful striking with those kicks, and the man's athleticism is second to none!

Erin Robbins: Diablo's trying to recover, while Buddy Roman is screaming orders at ringside.

Zach Davis: I think Buddy just ordered a double bacon cheeseburger, onion rings and a strawberry shake.

Marshall leaps onto the ropes and quickly flies off with a diving helix crossbody as Calzone gets to his feet. D-LO tries to catch Marshall, but the force of Colin's momentum knocks Calzone to the mat. Fortunately for Diablo he's able to roll through and reverse positioning, stunning Colin with the pin attempt.

Referee: ONE...


Zach Davis: Great counter by Calzone after the high risk aerial attack by Marshall!

Erin Robbins: Marshall's not done though!

Colin immediately gets to his feet and springboards off the ropes with a backflip dropkick that catches Diablo flush in the jaw. Calzone rolls out of the ring to regroup, seeking counsel with Roman. Marshall is annoyed by the cheap stalling tactic and decides to make Calzone pay. Colin shoots off the far rope and builds up a head off steam before preparing to launch himself into the air, but as Marshall goes airborne Calzone leaps onto the apron and clocks Marshall in the head with a "Turtle Power" Superman Punch!

Zach Davis: OOF! Colin is out cold! He has to be!

Erin Robbins: That was BRUTAL impact!

Diablo taunts the fans, even turning his shell to the ring to soak in the boos of the fans.

Zach Davis: Poor sportsmanship here by the so-called "Hero in the Half Shell".

Erin Robbins: He doesn't just want to beat Marshall he wants to embarrass him. This is personal.

Calzone finally climbs in through the ropes and covers Marshall for the arrogant pin attempt, not even bothering to hook a leg.

Referee: ONE...



Diablo Calzone is furious. He gets right in Chuck Biscuits' grill and begins screaming at the ref. Marshall seizes the opportunity that the distraction presents, by rolling up Calzone from behind. Chuck Biscuits is eager to count the pin.

Referee: ONE...



Calzone bounds to his feet and attempts to MURDER Marshall with a lariat, but Colin alertly ducks and counters with a big dropkick. Marshall quickly follows with a facebreaker knee smash that positively levels Calzone.

Zach Davis: Marshall's got the momentum back in this match, after it looked like he was dead to rites!

Erin Robbins: This kid is as tough as they come, Zach, and I've seen plenty that came.

Calzone tries for the desperation eye rake but he telegraphs it and Colin sees it coming, easily countering with another knee to the face. That once busts open D-LO's nose.

Diablo Calzone: You made me bleed my own blood? Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!

Calzone charges at Marshall with a big boot. Colin ducks and catches D-LO's foot, but Diablo counters with a modified enzuigiri that connects with a sickening thud to the skull.

Zach Davis: Diablo is screaming at Colin to get up.

Erin Robbins: He's not done hurting the man. Diablo Calzone wants to break Colin Marshall.

Colin finally gets to his feet and D-LO quickly pounces, pepper Marshall with a leg kick, a body kick and a head kick executed in lightning quick succession.

Zach Davis: Ninja Turtle Kick Combo by Diablo Calzone!

Erin Robbins: D-LO is saying the match is over, Zach. He's saying it's academic from here.

Zach Davis: He's not attempting the pin though. Not yet!

Erin Robbins: Looks like he's going to the outside. What could he have in mind here?

Diablo is standing on the apron and appears to be biding his time to pounce. Suddenly, Buddy Roman climbs onto the apron and begins whispering into his client's ear. Referee Chuck Biscuits immediately admonishes Roman and orders him to get down from the ring. Amidst the confusion, Roman is able to slip D-LO a pair of brass knuckles. Diablo slides the knux onto his hand and slams his fist into his palm, as if ready for action. He once again stands poised on the apron as if waiting to strike.

Zach Davis: Oh no... I think D-LO wants to go for that "Turtle Power" Superman Punch one more time, this time with the brass knuckles off the springboard!

Erin Robbins: That could end Marshall's career! What is this ref doing allow this blatant brand of cheating? Damn incompetence.

Zach Davis: Roman is playing his mind games as usual, keeping the ref on his heels. You can hardly fault Chuck Biscuits. He's as reliable a referee as there is in this business.

Just as Colin is getting to his feet and D-LO appears to make his move, Marshall shows a sudden burst of energy. He charges Calzone and sunset flips him en route to powerbombing him onto the floor outside of the ring.


Zach Davis: Sunset flip powerbomb to the outside of the ring by Colin Marshall! That move will be making highlight reels for years to come!

Erin Robbins: Oof! Where did he find the wherewithal to pull off that move?

The referee makes his count as both men slowly begin to stir on the outside of the ring, both having been affected by the sick crash landing onto the floor, though Calzone took the brunt of it. Finally, they both make their way into the ring just after the nine count, and the action resets.

Zach Davis: Both men are hurt. Both men have been beat up, bloodied and bruised. Calzone might have a broken nose, and I don't even want to know why Marshall's shoulder blade is protruding the way that it is, but these men are fighters damn it! They're fighters and they're giving it their all in the name of personal hatred and animosity! Oh Godfather, I love this sport!

Erin Robbins: Marshall is scoring with some stiff kicks to the body, but Calzone is doing his damnedest to defend and counter. They're going back and forth! This is a brawl right here! This is a brawl between two of the damn finest strikers in this business and industry today!

Marshall and Calzone go back and forth, exchanging kicks, exchanging punches, exchanging knees, exchanging elbows. Finally, Calzone measures Marshall with an uppercut that staggers "The Real Deal". An attempt for a Superman Punch follows, with Calzone the aggressor. Marshall has the awareness to move his head but he's still clipped behind his ear and sent to the mat. Calzone lifts Marshall onto his shoulders... he sets for his Backpack Stunner, the Shellshock. He hits it!

Zach Davis: Shellshock by Calzone! It's over!

Diablo Calzone pins. Buddy Roman celebrates.

Referee: ONE...



Erin Robbins: Foot on the rope! Marshall got his foot on the rope!

Zach Davis: Calzone is beside himself! He thought he had the victory in hand!

Calzone won't accept no for an answer. He picks up Marshall and goes for another Shellshock. This time Marshall slips out of it and lands behind Calzone. Marshall hits a flipping dropkick to the shell that sends Calzone careening headlong into the turnbuckles. Marshall grabs the stunned Calzone and positions him for Shine. Marshall flips-- and he spikes D-LO's head on the canvas!

Zach Davis: Shine by Marshall! It's over!

Colin Marshall pins. Buddy Roman quakes with rage.

Referee: ONE...



Erin Robbins: Foot on the rope! Calzone got his foot on the rope!

Zach Davis: Marshall is beside himself! He thought he had the victory in hand!

Suddenly, Buddy Roman climbs onto the apron.

Zach Davis: What the hell is Roman doing now?

Erin Robbins: Drawing the ire of the ref, but that's nothing new!

Marshall yells at Roman, while the ref orders Roman to get off of the apron. Roman pulls the ref into him and tosses the brass knuckles that Calzone had dropped earlier into the air.

Zach Davis: Roman just threw those knux to D-LO!

Erin Robbins: And D-LO catches them! He just clocked Marshall with the knux and stuffs them into his trunks! Colin is down! Calzone covers! Roman is a proud man right now!

Referee: ONE...




Zach Davis: Calzone pins Marshall! "The Hero in the Half Shell" picks up a huge, albeit tainted victory!

Erin Robbins: It was a great match until Buddy Roman once again stuck his nose where it didn't belong, Zach. Colin Marshall has every right to be pissed off right now. That was a damned miscarriage of justice.

Buddy and D-LO are already celebrating on their way to the back, flashing those VAPOR KINGS brass knux and the middle fingers to match while D-LO's music plays on the PA. The fans boo them out of the building. Meanwhile, a very groggy Colin Marshall gets to his feet inside of the ring, wondering if anyone got the license plate number of the truck that hit him.

Vapor Kings Segment

The camera opens once again, this time in a locker room with Zombie McMorris and Diablo Calzone changing out from their ring clothes to smart-looking Armani suits. The pair are engaging in casual conversation. Light banter, nothing too serious at all.

All of a sudden, this tranquility comes to an unexpected and abrupt end as a roaring Nathan von Liebert storms The Vapor Kings. This assault catches the duo off-guard, and he manages to tackle Z-MAC into a bunch of nearby lockers, where the two wrestlers start trading blows furiously. The wooden structure is unable to take the combined weight of the two and collapses over them. Doctor Remus Micayle comes in shortly after, blindsiding Diablo Calzone with a huge big boot to the chest, sending the Ninja Turtle stumbling to the ground.

Bellowing in fury, McMorris bursts out of the mess and tries to shake NvL off, who has managed to wrap his arms around the 6’6 Honey Badger’s neck in a sleeper hold. But the former WCF World Champion is as tenacious as a pit bull, refusing to budge. Eventually, the brutality of the hold brings McMorris to his knees, where NvL just tightens his grip even more. Only after Z-MAC has gone completely cold, does NvL release the hold.

On his part, Micayle too manages to overpower his opponent. He has Diablo in a knee-on-belly mount, pinning the man-child to the carpet while delivering unprotected right hand after right hand after right hand to his defenceless jaw. Only after the eighth blow does Diablo slump into unconsciousness. Contended, The Scientist stands up and walks out of frame, followed shortly by NvL.

The camera closes with a shot of The Vapor Kings lying on the ground, motionless as Slam heads to commercial.

Big Time Jerks vs Caliban/Jordan Ciserano vs Shadow Demons

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen this next match with a 3 way dance tag team match and is scheduled for on fall, introducing first

The house lights go down, as red spotlights go over the crowd, as "Light Em Up" by Fallout begins to play over the loud speakers. The red spotlight comes to a stop at the entrance way, as the tron comes to life showing what appears to be shadows with red and purple eyes, only to turn into shots of Denise and Night Rider. The two of them in matches, and quiet times together. The sound of a horse neighing in the darkness can be heard, as a solid black horse appears with Denise and Night Rider on it's back. The horse rears as flames shoot down either side of the ramp way, and continues in waves as they ride down to the ring, in a light canter.

Kyle Steel: Making their way to the ring, they are former WCF tag team champions, Nightrider and Denise D’evil, THE SHADOW DEMONS!

They reach ring side, and Night Rider hops off, and helps Denise down to the floor. The two of them kiss and she hands the reigns to a stage hand waiting. Night Rider gets into the ring, and holds open the ropes for Denise. The two of them stand in the middle of the ring and Denise raises her hands, as lightening hits all four posts sending flames up. She removes the long black trench coat and tosses it in the corner as they wait for their opponent.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents

The arena goes black and then the WCFtron pops on with "The Jerks" written in red on it. "Going to Hell" by The Pretty Reckless starts playing as smoke and white lights hit the entranceway. Out walks Mohammad followed by The Big Time Jerks in matching black robes with "BTJ" written in silver on the back of them. They stroll towards the ring with chants of "BTJ" ringing threw the arena.

Kyle Steel: Making their way to the ring being accompanied by Mohammed! Representing the big time jerks, Adam Young and the Manstarr Austin Adams!

Mohammad has the ref hold the ropes open for the Jerks and himself. They stand in the middle of the ring and disrobe as the fans go nuts.

Kyle Steel: And finally

An orchestral roll sounds through the arena, the drums of war roll and then a gunshot kills the sensation and a hip hop instrumental plays through the arena as the crowd half pops and half boos as Caliban walks out onto the stage alone, he shows off his knuckles with the here goes tattooed on them, he walks to the center of the ramp and Nightrider stands at the front of the line in the ring counting Caliban as alone and then beckoning him to get in the ring

Erin Robbins: Ciserano is on the top rope!

Zach Davis: Diving cross body takes out Young and Adams!


Caliban sprints down to the ring and slides in through Nightriders legs feet first, he skids to a stop and kips right up into a hurricanrana catching Denise with it sending her flying to the mat. Both members of Sequitus find their feet quickly but not quick enough as Nightrider runs over them both with a double clothes line

Zach Davis: Sequitus tried to get the drop on everyone but there was one man to many for them to deal with that quick

Rider kicks Ciserano from the ring, the Jerks have already taken up a corner and Denise is collecting herself on the apron also, Nightrider whips Caliban into the turnbuckle sending him crashing into it back first almost flipping him over the top rope out of the ring

Erin Robbins: I don’t think our veteran was very happy with how Sequitus chose to start this on Zach


Caliban stumbles out of the corner and face plants on the mat, D’evil takes a tag and comes in with a slingshot foot stomp to Caliban’s back, she runs the ropes looking to deliver a running leg drop and Adam Young quickly takes a blind tag

Erin Robbins: The villain deciding to make his presence felt

Denise drops the leg drop across Caliban’s neck and then feels a running dropkick to the back of the head from Young before she can recover, Nightrider tries to come in and the ref stops him, this brings in Austin Adams and the Jerks go about their double teaming business hitting the double implant DDT

Erin Robbins: Nightrider sees the pie face and keeps the refs attention!

Zach Davis: Smart move there by probably the most experienced man in the match

Austin gets out of the ring as Young calls for the refs attention, he finally gets it only to get hit with a springboard 450 from
Ciserano breaking up the pin before the 1 count, He picks up D’evil tossing her at the Sequitus corner and tagging himself in hitting a running dropkick to Adam’s face and then a soccer ball kick right to the back of Adam Young as he is sitting up, he locks in a full nelson on the sitting up young and pulls him round in a cobra clutch variation, Caliban comes in and hits a shining wizard to Young’s face

Erin Robbins: Death bringer up behind Ciserano and Denise does not look happy

Zach Davis: German suplex breaking up the full nelson hold!

Erin Robbins: AND THERE’S NIGHT RIDER WITH A BIG BOOT TO Caliban! And uh oh! The Shadows left alone with Young in the ring!

Nightrider nails a full nelson slam on Young as Denise heads to the top rope and they set up a rocket launcher

Erin Robbins: Are we gunna see the fall from Grace?

Zach Davis: We are! They hit it!


Erin Robbins: NO!

Caliban leaps back in breaking up the pin

Zach Davis: Who in the hell is legal right now!

Erin Robbins: I don’t think anybody cares! Manstar just hit the ring!

Austin Adam’s takes out everybody until its just him and Nightrider standing. Rider hits the ropes Body checking Adam’s and Austin Stands up to it, Austin runs the ropes and goes for what looks like a body check but as Rider stands up to take it gets hit with a chop block from behind from Adam young along with an unexpected high knee from Adam’s, they toss Night rider from the ring and turn their attention to Denise who has rolled back in under the middle rope. The Jerks smile at each other and proclaim its done, they starts laying in boots over and over and then pull her up

Zach Davis: Adams looking for a power bomb here!

Erin Robbins: WAIT Caliban just took a blind tag off Young!

Zach Davis: Was young legal?

Erin Robbins: I have no idea! Straight right hand knocks Adam Young down!

Zach Davis: Ciserano springboards in with a flying forearm to Denise knocking her out of the power bomb position!

Denise hits the mat hard after an almost dooms day device Caliban super kicks Austin out of his boots and Ciserano hits a spear to Adam Young who is out on the apron sending both men crashing to the floor outside. Caliban pulls Denise to the corner above them and goes to the top ropes, Ciserano some how gets to his feet and dives up onto the ring apron and takes a tag of Caliban as he comes off the top rope with a shooting star




Erin Robbins: Sequitus wins it!

The fans cheer as Ciserano and Caliban join each other in the ring and get their arms raised.

Zach Davis: Huge victory for these two young men, Erin. My goodness, what a hard fought match between these three teams. Great effort by all six of the competitors.

Suddenly, a scream is heard over the PA system just as the lights go off.

Erin Robbins: Oh great, its happening again!

When the lights return, both members of Team Science are standing on the apron, behind the team of the Shadow Demons. Denise and Night Rider turn and . . .

Zach Davis: The tag champs strike! Remus drills Night Rider over the head with a chair while Nathan swats Denise across the face with a Kendo stick!

Night Rider drops to the mat while Denise stumbles. Reaching out with his good hand, Nathan yanks Denise to the mat with her hair before stomping on her face one, twice, three times with his feet. Sequitus, who had been standing back at first, suddenly charges the pair on the apron, but Team Science was ready for them. All four men slug it out from their prospective sides of the ring, all landing blows, but Team Science is fresh while Sequitus is still winded from the hard-fought match. Remus and Nathan finally break through with the strikes, wears both Caliban and Ciserano down enough to deal with them. Remus, who had been slugging it out with Caliban, grabs him by the waist and heaves him up and over, tossing him to the outside with a hip toss of sorts. He then steps into the ring, sliding the chair over near Nathan, who leaps up and over, drilling Ciserano onto the chair with a tornado DDT

Erin Robbins: This is one way to retain your titles for the long run.

Remus proceeds to empty the ring of the competitors save for the Big Time Jerks, who had stayed on the mat when the attack began, while Nathan heads towards Austin Adams. Pulling him to his feet, he waits for Remus to collect the steel chair, before whipping the man towards him. Remus rears back and drills Adams overtop his head sending the man to the mat and out the ring. Nathan pulls Adam Young up next, but instead of throwing him towards Remus, he pulls him close. A belly-to-belly stunner, well, stuns the man, before Remus comes crashing into him with The Formula that literally flips the veteran as he lands hard on the mat.

The pair take one last look at the carnage around them before exiting the ring, heading back up the ramp as the crowd rains boos down on them.

Zach Davis: BioWalker, Diablo Calzone and Z-Mac, and now Shadow Demons, Sequitus, and Big Time Jerks. Shall I ask the unspoken question: Who's next?

Television Title Match
Doc Henry vs Bryan Worthy vs Peter Quinn vs John Gable

Zach Davis: It's time, it's time. Cinema Championship is on the line in a Fatal four way!

Erin Robbins: It's the Television Title!

Zach Davis: When Gable comes out, you can ask him. Right now it's the Cinema Championship and we have Buzz Worthy, Peter Quinn and Doc Henry all lookin to take it from John Gable.

"20th Century Boy" by T-Rex plays. Buzz bounds out on stage and encourages the fans to cheer louder. He jogs down towards the ring. Once he reaches the apron, he turns back, drops to one knee and points at the fans on both sides of the ramp, nodding his head to the music. Then he rolls under the ropes and does the Kurt Angle arms outstretched spinning taunt before heading to his corner.

"Ready to Start" by Arcade Fire hits the PA and Peter Quinn quickly comes out the curtain, trying not to make too much of a scene. He practically jogs to get to the ring, slipping inside and standing still till the bell rings.

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Doc steps trough the ropes and grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more cheers as Mary poses on him seductively.

"Ozark Empire" by Listener BOOMS over the PA system as John Gable walks past the curtain. He stops on the stage and raises his fists in the air with a battle cry that is slightly muffled by the mouth guard.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring at five feet and eleven inches and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty one pounds; hailing from Cleveland, Ohio...JOHN GABLE!!!

He slowly walks down the ramp with a smirk on his face as he sees the booing fans. He walks up the ring steps and takes one last look at the crowd before entering the ring and shadow boxing with the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: The Cinema Champion, John Gable, looking to defend his belt for another week. However, experience is on his side.

Erin Robbins: There are former TV champions in this match.

Zach Davis: But there is only ONE Cinema Championship.


Zach Davis: Uhp! The ref calls action, I don't think Gable was ready.

Erin Robbins: Either way, Doc going at it with Buzz and Gable and Quinn are fighting it out in the corner.

Doc hammers away at Buzz, coming down strong with right hands which sends Buzz staggering with Doc stays with him and continues the assault. Doc whips Buzz off the ropes and plants an elbow between the eyes which floors Buzz. Back in the adjacent corner, Quinn is trying to stand his ground against Gable by keeping the pressure on but Gable works his way out of the corner with a go behind into a german suplex! Quinn is able to pop back up but gets taken down by a clothesline. Gables small offense is cut short by Doc who takes advantage with a back drop suplex! Buzz gets to his feet and starts stomping away at Gable as Doc picks up Quinn and heads to the turnbuckle for a middle rope tornado DDT. Buzz hits multiple elbows into a jumping calf kick that sends Gable into the ropes. Buzz runs after him but Gable lifts him up and over before knocking Buzz to the mat with an elbow of his own.

Erin Robbins: Everyone in this match is just going at it.

Zach Davis: Here comes Doc Henry! Clotheslines Gable over the top rope! Three men on the outside!

Erin Robbins: Peter Quinn to his feet as he runs for a suicide dive and takes all three men down!

Peter Quinn starts hammering away at Doc! He starts hammering away at Gable!

Zach Davis: You know what I always say: If you cant be good, be reckless!

Erin Robbins: If you want that belt, you gotta go for it! Quinns going for it!

Buzz grabs Quinn and lays him out with a scoop slam followed by a fist drop. Buzz pick up Gabe and and rams him head first into the steel post! Doc Henry gets to his feet and follows suit! Buzz goes head first into the post! Quin crawls to the apron and looks under the ring as Doc is distracted with Buzz..

Zach Davis: Quinn pulls out a chair!

Erin Robbins: And Doc takes a seat with his face!

Quinn goes to hit Gable with the chair but gets kicked in the gut.

Erin Robbins: Double underhook swinging neck breaker onto the chair!

Zach Davis: Here comes Buzz back to his feet with a few elbows to Gable and he connects with a gut buster!

Buzz slides Gable into the ring and picks him up for an Airplane spin!

Erin Robbins: Arizona Bull Ride!

Zach Davis: The ax handle! The pin.




Erin Robbins: Broken up by Doc Henry who pulls Buzz out of the ring!

Doc back body drops Buzz as Quinn gets up and hits a bull dog on Doc before sliding back into the ring . Quinn grabs Gable and whips him into the the corner turnbuckle for some mounted punches.


Gable staggers out of the corner as Quinn gets back on the turnbuckle and launches off, putting a knee into Gables back.

The Pin..




Zach Davis: Broken up by Doc again!

Doc picks up Quinn.

Erin Robbins: Gamblers Hand!

The Pin..





Erin Robbins: Buzz Worthy just makes the save!

Zach Davis: Another Arizona Bull Ride!

Erin Robbins: Doc is out flat!

Zach Davis: Buzz turns around!


The pin!



3 !!!

Zach Davis: NOOO! Broken up by Gable!

Gable whips Quinn off the ropes, Quinn with a leap frog and comes back off the ropes..


Zach Davis: Quinn standing tall!


Erin Robbins: On The House! Doc with that bottle smash!

The Pin..




Buzz breaks up the pin! He picks up Doc and turns him around!

Erin Robbins: Gamblers Hand!


Zach Davis: This Move Kills Fascist!

Erin Robbins: Buzz is down! Doc is down!

Gable gets to his feet. He spins Quinn around and kicks him in the gut!

Erin Robbins: City Lights!

Zach Davis: Quinn is struggling! Can he hang on?

Erin Robbins: There isnt anyone to save him!

The ref calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: He taps! Peter Quinn taps! John Gable retains!

Erin Robbins: John Gable is still the TV Champion!

Doc Henry Attacked!

The camera opens in an abandoned corridor someways off the main hallways. Doc Henry is limping along, a little sore from his frantic Television Title bout earlier with Bryan Worthy, Peter Quinn, and John Gable. Sweat is still running down his body as he walks; a testament to the challenge that he had underwent mere minutes ago.

Out of the blue, a large trash bag is forced over his head, as multiple fists and legs are thrown towards the suddenly-blinded Doc Henry. The Georgia native fights back bravely, but the combination of fatigue and sight deprivation puts him at too much of a disadvantage to overcome. One SAVAGE whack with a metal bat to the head quickly quietens the Number One contender to the WCF Tag Team Championships. Soft groans of pain are then heard as the exhausted redneck succumbs to the assault, collapsing to the floor. The camera zooms out to reveal the obvious culprits: Doctor Remus Micayle and Nathan von Liebert.

NvL grunts in approval as he throws the metal bat to Micayle. The Scientist grabs it out of mid-air, twirls it around, and delivers another stinging swat to the Southerner - this time for good measure. Not saying a word, the two walk off, leaving yet another hurt wrestler in their wake.

The camera fades out to a commercial for Blast as the limp body in the bag stirs slowly.

Marina Valdivia vs Johnny Reb vs Ana Valentine vs Terry Roberts

"Maneater" hits the PA System. As soon as the music hits, the fans cheer as Marina Valdivia walks out. She walks to the ring, acknowledging the reaction she is getting from the fans. She gets in the ring as the crowd continues to cheer her. She removes her jacket that she wears along the way to the ring and lays it in the corner, then stands there and stretches out as she waits.

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain. A cheer goes up from the audience at his appearance. As the he walks down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, posing for the cheering crowd for a moment before he jumps down, ready for the match to begin.

Lansdowne's "watch me burn" blasts out of the PA system as Ana Valentine comes out of the back with energy. She walks down to the ring staring forward ignoring the fans as the song build. Ana runs and slides under the bottom rope spinning her body around on her knee's before popping up and running to the corner climbing onto the second rope staring out at the fans.

The heavy instrumental beginnings of "Warriors of the world united" by Manowar shakes the crowd to their feet, as Terry Roberts steps out into view cheers and taunts fill the air, he takes a moment to look out amongst them. His face like a lifeless mask, his eyes cold and blank as a great white sharks, slowly he begins making his way to the ring, like a warrior making his way into an ancient Greek coliseum. A look of bad intentions comes over him, creating an even bigger fervor amongst the crowd, eliciting an even stronger reaction from fans and critics alike.

Upon entering the ring, this gladiator faces the turnbuckle. Slowly he slides off his trench coat, the hot lights glaring down upon him showing the many scars from wars past. As the theme music slowly fades, he backs himself against his corner, setting his cold gaze upon his opponents, preparing for yet another battle.

Zach Davis: Here we go!

Roberts runs at Reb, Clotheslining him down. Reb hits the mat and Roberts lifts him up and sends him to the ropes. Reb comes back with a Dropkick, which Roberts sidesteps, and Synn then executes a Shining Wizard!

Erin Robbins: All four of these men are phenomonal competitors, but only Johnny Reb is a former WCF World Champion. Roberts went for the big dog first.

Synn gets back up only to be spun around by Ana Valentine. She hits him with a Spinning Heel Kick before being thrown to the ropes. As he comes back Valentine executes a Japanese Arm Drag. She lifts him back up and executes a German Suplex!

Zach Davis: What strength from Ana Valentine!

Marina Valdivia hits Valentine with a Roundhouse Kick of her own, however. Valdivia then hits a Snapmare before kicking Valentine right in the spine.

Erin Robbins: Spinal Tap!

Zach Davis: As decorated as Reb is, Valdivia is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Valentine and Synn have both found much success in WCF, but Valdivia is still hungry, still without any Championship reigns.

Valdivia turns to survey the rest of her surroundings and turns right into a stiff punch from Synn. Synn hits her with a series of stiff forearms before throwing her to the ropes and waiting for her to come back. As she does he hits a Back Bodydrop. Synn turns and is met with a Springboard Dropkick from Reb!

Erin Robbins: Reb, flying through the air!

Reb pins Roberts, hooking the leg.



No!, Synn kicks out!

Zach Davis: It'll take more to take out someone like Synn. Or hell, any of these competitors.

Reb lifts Synn up and drops him with a Jawbreaker. He then runs to the ropes and Springboards, anticipating Roberts being back on his feet, and takes him down with a Springboard Bulldog. Valentine runs at Reb but Reb ducks that and Springboards yet again, hitting a Clothesline!

Erin Robbins: They might as well call Reb Mr. Springboard!, he's all over the place!

But he's dropped by Roberts, who hits a huge Lariat!, practically turning him inside out. Roberts drops and pins the former Champion.



No!, Reb kicks out now.

Zach Davis: All in all, Synn is more of a brawler than professional wrestler; he doesn't always use a lot of pro wrestling moves. But he doesn't need to. His strikes are vicious.

Roberts quickly applies a Camel Clutch.

Erin Robbins: Not to mention his submissions!

However, he's kicked off by Marina Valdivia. Valdivia lifts Roberts up and spins him around, going for a Standing Hurricanrana, but Synn reverses it into a Powerbomb into pin!



No!, Valdivia kicks out!

Zach Davis: Great reversal, Synn almost had it!

Valentine grabs Synn from behind and spins him around, hitting several forearms before executing a Snap Suplex. Valentine then gets back up and runs at him and drops an elbow. Then another, then another. Then another.

Erin Robbins: Ana Valentine, planting a series of elbows on Synn here.

Valentine then jumps to the top...

Zach Davis: MOONSAULT!

Into the pin!



No!, Synn kicks out!

Erin Robbins: Each of these competitors knows how hard it is to win a match with so many other wrestlers, so everyone is trying to go for a win whenever they can.

Reb quickly pulls Valentine away from the pin attempt and grapples him from behind. Reb folds Valentine in half with a Half Nelson Suplex!

Zach Davis: DAMN!

Reb jumps up and then flies off...

Erin Robbins: Moonsault Leg Drop!

No!, Valentine rolls out of the way! Valentine grabs Reb as Reb stumbles up and drops him with an Arm Trap DDT!

Zach Davis: Another pinfall attempt!



No!, Reb kicks out this time.

Erin Robbins: As we said earlier, Zach, each of these competitors is in it to win it.

Synn spins Reb around...

Zach Davis: GREEN MIST!

Reb claws at his eyes, but to no avail!, he's been blinded. Valentine gets up, not having seen what happened to Reb, and turns to Synn.

Erin Robbins: ANOTHER Green Mist! Valentine is blinded too!

Synn grins and turns to Valdivia.


No!, Valdivia ducks it and kicks Synn in the gut, dropping him with a DDT! Valdivia quickly jumps to the top and flies off.


She hits it!




Zach Davis: Marina Valdivia wins it!

Valdivia's music hits as the crowd pops!, they can't believe it!

Erin Robbins: Valdivia defeats these WCF legends! Holy moly, I don't believe it!

Valdivia holds her head in pain as we go to commercial.

FPV/Peter Quinn Segment

The camera opens in a comfortable looking lounge located somewhere inside the China United Centre. Former WCF World Champion Frank Patrick Venable and his protege Peter Quinn are seated on separate plush armchairs, sipping on drinks and watching a replay of the Spain-Netherlands soccer match. Quinn have obviously changed from the attire worn during his match earlier, although fatigue is still apparent on his face. Suddenly, a smattering of knocks can be heard on his door, as a loud scream for help is heard. Both men jerk to attention at the sudden interruption, listening intently. And then, mere seconds later, the scream is heard again.

Female Voice: Help! Help! Rape! Rape! Hel—

From the volume of the plea, it seems that the rape was occurring right OUTSIDE of their door. A vein throbbing in his forehead, FPV springs out from his chair, raring to beat the shit out of the molester. Quinn too stands up, although he stands a slight distance away from him mentor, wary of getting in the way.

FPV flings the door open, gritting his teeth in anticipation of the confrontation, only to find…


Perplexed, he steps out of the lounge and walks a couple of steps away, intent on deciphering this mystery.

Female Voice: Help! Help! Rape! Rape! Hel—

This time, the voice is much clearer, and located just someways off the room. FPV walks into a more secluded corridor, expecting to find the victim, but only finds an abandoned iPhone on the floor. He picks it up and squints at the screen… only to be strangled from the back with a leather belt sadistically by Doctor Remus Micayle! He splutters and gasps for air, dropping the phone with his fists flying wildly in an attempt to free himself. But it is to no avail; Micayle’s leverage allows him to choke FPV out without fear of repercussion.

With a shout of anger, Quinn charges out of the room and makes a beeline for Micayle. But before he could take more than two steps towards the struggling duo, Nathan von Liebert appears out of nowhere with a DEVASTATING roundhouse kick, striking the rookie in the temple! The First Apostle then pounces on the stunned Quinn in a back mount, before hitting him in the face repeatedly with stump and elbow shots.

Meanwhile, the lack of oxygen has finally gotten to FPV. He clumps forward into a heap, the strangulating hold fulfilling its objective. Pleased with his ambush, Micayle releases FPV, grabs the iPhone trap on the ground, and steps over his body - taking care to stomp hard on his stomach while crossing over - to watch NvL finish Quinn off. NvL hoists the woozy rookie up to his feet, before dropping him back on the concrete floor with a CALLOUS Straight Jacket Drop!

The pair then trade approving nods, before walking off.

The camera cuts back to the announcement table, where Erin Robbins and Zach Davis are doing commentary. Zach’s face is as pale as a sheet at what he just witnessed, while in contrast, Erin is besides herself. A jeering cacophony emerges; it is evident that this Chinese crowd is less than thrilled at Team Science’s antics tonight. Zach shakes his head, his lower lip trembling at the effort needed to speak.

Zach Davis: This is… this is too much! How many teams are Team Science going to attack tonight!? This is the… eighth!? Somewhat stop this!

Erin Robbins: Nonsense Zach! This is the best thing that happened all year! Woohoo! Go, go, all the way! Make my dream come true Doctor Micayle - I want to see you as champion forever! Now, on to the next match, Oblivion versus Brent Alpine!

Brent Alpine vs Oblivion

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed China United Center. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and some of the crowd is cheering. While, the rest, of the crowd are booing. "Breathe" by Prodigy begins to play. The bass like synth begin to blare out. 14 seconds later the drums come through...


Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...


Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly slinks out. The music continues the blare out and rattled the arena.

Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane
Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psycho-somatic addict insane

The cameraman gets real close, as Oblivion sneers at the camera. The Monster thrusts out IT's massive right arm, pushing the cameraman several feet away. The Monster slowly comes down to the ring. Strobe lights continue to flash. Then the US Airways Center slightly shakes, as the sound of thunder rumbles and mock lightning flashes. The majority, of the crowd, jump.

Come play my game
Inhale, inhale, you're the victim!!
Come play my game
Exhale, exhale... EXHA-A-A-LE!!

The music continues to thump out of the arena's speakers, as the addictive rhythm has the entire crowd in a trance and continues to dance along with the music. Lightning strikes the four corners, of the ring. The loud sounds makes everyone jump out of their seats, once again. Some, of the people are scared out of their minds. The lights flicker then... POP!! The strobe lights go out!!

The house lights come on, then standing in the center of the ring, is Oblivion. Half the crowd is cheering, while the other half of the crowd is booing. The music fades out. A screeching sound echoes throughout the arena, as four lightning bolts strike each corner.

The lights partially dim. The distorted opening riff of 'The Warmth' by Incubus hits to a roar of noise, mostly positive, from the capacity crowd. As the drums kick in, a holographic image of 'The Vine' Brent Alpine walks down the aisle. The hologram Alpine 'climbs' into the ring and stands in the centre with his arms raised. Suddenly, a huge holographic creeper stretches down from the arena ceiling, tangles itself around the hologram Alpine and lifts him up towards the ceiling before disappearing.

Meanwhile, Brent Alpine walks with intensity through the crowd at a medium pace.

Kyle Steel: From Rockhampton, Australia, weighing 227 pounds, he is... 'The Vine'... Brent... Alpine!

Alpine, now in the centre of the ring, drops to his knees. He stares down to the mat and raises his arms, almost apologetically. The fans cheer as the lights go back on.

Zach Davis: What a match this is going to turn out to be folks! It's Sequitus vs. the Shadow Demons, singles action with Oblivion taking on Brent Alpine!

Erin Robbins: And Oblivion has to be pissed off after suffering a devastating loss last week!

Zach Davis: I wouldn't call it 'devastating'.

Erin Robbins: Still, he can't afford to lose against the hopelessly overrated Brent Alpine. I mean, who cares if he's going to choose between Percy Micro and Sequitus?

Zach Davis: Both parties obviously, and the fans.


With both men in the ring, the bell rings and this match is underway! Oblivion makes his way slowly towards the Sequitus member, and Brent Alpine tries to take the early advantage of the match with a big right hand in the direction of Oblivion. However Oblivion manages to duck under the big punch from Brent Alpine, before turning and laying into his opponent with some stiff chops across the chest. The fans boo as the chops echo around the arena. Oblivion grabs hold of Brent Alpine and tries to send him into the opposite corner of the ring, however Brent Alpine manages to use his strength and send his opponent into the corner.

Zach Davis: Great show of strength there from the Sequitus member!

With Oblivion in the corner, Brent Alpine runs at his opponent looking for a big splash, however Oblivion manages to dive out of the way before he can connect. The fans cheer as Brent Alpine hits the corner of the ring hard and staggers back into a chop block from Oblivion which takes him down to the mat. With Brent Alpine down on the mat Oblivion begins to lay into his opponents with some stiff stomps and kicks as he tries to get up. Brent Alpine finally reaches a standing position and lunges forward to try and grab hold of Oblivion, however Oblivion uses his strength to duck away from Brent Alpine. Oblivion immediately tries to lock a sleeper hold! The boo, but Oblivion soon finds himself on the mat thanks to a snapmare counter from Brent Alpine.

Zach Davis: Brent is being very methodical as he's countered anything Oblivion has had to offer so far.

Erin Robbins: He can't afford to lose this match. He needs to get back in this as soon as possible.

Oblivion rises back up to a standing position and runs at Brent Alpine, but he takes him down to the mat with a shoulder block. Oblivion jumps straight back to his feet, only to be brought down to the mat by Brent Alpine. With Oblivion down and hurting, Brent Alpine bounces into the ring ropes, before returning to the middle of the ring and hitting a running splash on Oblivion! The fans cheer for the move as Brent Alpine hooks the leg of his opponent to make the cover.


Oblivion still had enough about him to get a shoulder off of the mat before the three could be counted. Brent Alpine grabs hold of Oblivion by the hair and pulls his opponent up to a standing position, before sending him hard into the corner of the ring. With Oblivion in the corner and hurting, Brent Alpine makes his way over and begins to lay into him with big rights and lefts in the corner. The crowd cheers loudly at the offense from Brent, who lets Oblivion stumble out of the corner of the ring, before knocking him to the mat with a big head butt.

Brent Alpine holds his hands in the air to show his dominance, but gets jeered loudly by the fans as Oblivion struggles to reach a standing position behind his back. Brent Alpine waves off the crowd before turning and grabbing him of Oblivion by the arm. Brent Alpine throws Oblivion hard into the ring ropes, before knocking him down to the mat with another shoulder block. With Oblivion on the mat, Brent Alpine slowly drops down onto his opponent and makes the cover.


Zach Davis: The longer this goes on, the more Oblivion has to be pissed off. I think Oblivion needs to unleash the monster in him instead of trying to go catch as catch can with Brent.

Erin Robbins: We agree on something for once. But, Brent is setting himself up for failure. Surely with every move, Oblivion appears to get more pissed off.

Brent Alpine must have spent too long making the cover as Oblivion manages to kick out! Oblivion slowly makes his way to a standing position, before surprising him with a big boot to the face! The fans booloudly as the dropkick sends Brent Alpine up and over the top rope and to the outside of the ring! Brent Alpine rises to his feet on the outside of the ring with an angry look on his face, but things don't get better for him as Oblivion comes flying through the ropes to hit him with a diving shoulder block! The crowd begin a 'WCF' chant as both men lay motionless on the outside of the ring as the referee checks on them.

Oblivion is the first man to slowly rise up to his feet, and the fans boo as he stomps away on the body of Brent Alpine as he tries to rise up to a standing position. Brent Alpine finally stands up, and Oblivion lays into him with some stiff forearm shots to the face before throwing him into the security barrier. The fans boo as Brent Alpine holds his back in pain whilst Oblivion taunts the fans. Oblivion finally grabs hold of Brent Alpine and rolls him back into the ring as the referee threatens to count the two men out. Oblivion re-enters the ring. Brent gets up, and then Oblivion lifts him up and drills him in the center of the ring with the with a HUGE powerbomb! Oblivion smirks, and he goes for the cover.


Zach Davis: Oblivion is now in control! This is something else! Brent looks like he's about to pay now.

Erin Robbins: Exactly, this is the Oblivion that we are used to seeing.

He gets up, but Oblivion drives his fist into his solar plexus and drives him away. Oblivion grabs Alpine by the head, and puts him in a head lock. Alpine tries to get out of the hold, but not before Oblivion switches his position and locks in a sleeper hold on Alpine. Alpine starts to look a little drowsy, as Oblivion cinches in the hold deeper. Alpine drops to his knees, before falling over on his side. Oblivion continues to keep him in the hold, as the referee checks his arm. He lifts it once, and it falls. He lifts it again, and it falls for the second time. He goes for the third, but this time it doesn't fall. The fans cheer as Oblivion lets off the hold, and lines up Alpine who is still groggy. Alpine gets to his feet, staggering as the blood is still returning to his brain. Oblivion lifts him up, and goes for a black hole slam. Alpine' legs start wiggling, and Alpine shifts out of the move lifting Oblivion up in the air into a spinning DDT and drives him down. The fans let out a big cheer for this. Alpine goes for the cover and hooks the leg


Zach Davis: OH! So close! Brent with the counter, but he could only get two!

Erin Robbins: How much does 'the Vine' have left?

Only two as Oblivion kicks out at the last second. Alpine looks a bit perplexed, as he goes up to the top turnbuckle and crouches. Oblivion slowly gets to his feet, as Alpine dives off and hits a vicious huricanrana on Oblivion that sends him halfway across the ring. Alpine is psyched up now, as Oblivion springs back up to his feet but is taken down again by a strong clothesline from Alpine. Again Oblivion gets back up, but Alpine bounces off the ropes and hits a flying forearm to the face of Oblivion. Alpine lets out a big shout, obviously excited about how the match's momentum has turned. Alpine backs up into the corner, and uses his hands to line up Oblivion in his sights. Alpine charges once Oblivion gets to his feet, and goes in for a spear but Oblivion dodges the move and sends Alpine straight into the steel ringpost on the outside of the turnbuckle. Alpine grimaces in pain, and turns around as Oblivion hits a FALLING DOCTOR POWERBOMB!




NO!, Oblivion powers out! Both men are up and Alpine ducks a huge Clothesline attempt by the monster Oblivion. He kicks Oblivion in the stomach and then..


ALPINE ITS IT! Right into the pin!




Erin Robbins: ALPINE WINS IT!

The bell sounds as Alpine rolls away from the Monster. He rests for several beats before using the ropes to bring himself back to a vertical base. The ref raises his arm high in the air before he collapses and rolls out.

Zach Davis: Sequitus, very much victorious here tonight.

Nathan von Liebert vs Chelsea Black Armstrong

A soft, unnamed violin piece begins to play over the PA, calm and collected. Such an odd entrance for Nathan von Liebert who steps out onto the entrance ramp, wearing his street clothes with a straight jacket linking his arms. Walking almost as if drunk to the music, Nathan makes his way down the ramp. He shies away from the hands, shrugging off boos as he makes his way to the ring. No steps for NvL, who practically dives beneath the bottom rope into the ring. Nathan raises his knees and begins to scan the arena around him. And then he begins to shake, to try and break free of his bindings. With each tremor, each contortion of his body, the violin piece picks up in volume. Almost to the point of eardrum shattering, Nathan's right arm is suddenly free of the straps, and a single red hand rises to the sky above.


Three blood-curdling screams sound off throughout the arena, all three recognizable by any hardcore WCF fan. The first had the lowest pitch, and it was of Johnny Nova. The second of Roxanne, Waylon's girl. The third and final scream was that of Nightmare, Polar Phantasm's wife. And with that, the arena fell deathly silent as NvL frees himself from the jacket, tossing out of the ring waiting for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: He’s back…the man, if you can call him that…one Nathan von Liebert.

Erin Robbins: That’s right, Zach. After months of believing he was another person entirely, calling himself Mark Dillinger, he’s back to his “normal” self again.

The lights in the arena dim as a thick fog takes over the entrance ramp causing those in the front row into seemingly disappear as Queen of Hell by A Sound of Thunder plays through the speakers. Bright emerald green lights shine through the fog as the music picks up and a figure walks out onto the stage in a glittering black cloak.

Kyle Steel: Hailing from St. Louis Missouri and now residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada she is the Mistress of Darkness…Chelsea Armstrong!

Making her way down the ramp she allows the hood to fall back showing two bright green eyes staring straight ahead as her crimson lips show bright against the black mascara lines running down her cheeks. Sliding under the bottom rope the fog begins to fade out as she takes off the cloak tossing it ringside and stares up the ramp awaiting the bell.

Erin Robbins: The People’s Champion ready for action tonight.

Zach Davis: I’m surprised Scott Savage let her out of that closet to wrestle for us tonight. I’m sure she’ll be right back in it after we’re done here.

Erin Robbins: Well, apparently it’s doing her some good as she retained her title against Stacy Jones and Diablo Calzone Wednesday Night; and she did with flying colors!

The referee calls for the bell and the match begins.

Erin Robbins: WHOA!

Chelsea leaps in to the air and nails NvL with an explosive dropkick right after the last chime of the bell. He hits the mat hard and Chelsea goes down. She leaps to her feet and goes for an early pin.



Nathan’s stump flies off the mat, bringing his shoulder up and breaking up the pin.

Erin Robbins: I thought that was a sure thing!

Zach Davis: Are you kidding Erin? Nathan’s used to pain…I’m sure he can handle a dropkick.

NvL and CBA move away from each other, circling the ring in focus. The lock up in the middle and Nathan gets the upper hand (no pun intended) and wraps Chelsea in an underarm headlock. She begins to struggle, her hand reaching out for the ropes. NvL clubs his stump on to CBA’s back, breaking up his own headlock. He then brings his arms down hard with a double axe handle to CBA’s back. She falls down to her foursies and NvL drops a hard knee in to her back. CBA falls completely to the mat.

Erin Robbins: He’s just toying with her! This is sick, Zach.

Zach Davis: What? This is incredible!

As CBA rolls to her side, attempting to get away from NvL, he swings his leg hard and kicks her in the center of the back. She grabs her back and extends her arm, bringing it back to her face. NvL rolls her up for the pin.



Zach Davis: Oh, she kicked out! Our People’s Champion hanging in against Nathan von Liebert!

Erin Robbins: Showing us why she’s the People’s Champion!

Chelsea rolls away from NvL, using the ropes to get to her feet. NvL charges CBA but she reverses and sends NvL flying over the ropes and on to the apron. He catches his footing on the apron and CBA whips around. NvL swings his arm at her but she ducks and hits him with a hard right forearm. He stumbles back but catches the top rope with his left hand. He sways off the side for a second but regains his composure. CBA is right on top of him again with another stiff right forearm. He sways back a second time but still hangs in there. As CBA rears back for another hard strike, NvL ducks between the top and middle rope and nails CBA in the gut with his shoulder. She leans forward and NvL jumps on to the tope turnbuckle clumsily with his single hand. He jumps the short distance and brings his elbow down hard on to CBA’s lower back, hitting the already battered spot. She falls to her knees, using the ropes to keep herself up.

Zach Davis: One tough man is Nathan von Liebert. He probably eats swords for breakfast.

Erin Robbins: That’s stupid, he would be dead.

Zach Davis: It’s a metaphor, Erin. Like hot coffee and granola bars after getting your tonsils out…

Nathan von Liebert grabs Chelsea by the hair, pulling her to her feet. He pushes her against the ropes and irish whips her to the other side of the ring. She comes reeling back from the ropes as NvL goes for a clothesline. She ducks underneath it and reels back from the other rope. Chelsea hits NvL hard with an enziguiri!

Zach Davis: Oh my god! That enziguiri put NvL down…

Erin Robbins: And just like that, momentum shifts back to the People’s Champion!

Chelsea rolls NvL up for a pin.




Erin Robbins: NvL got the shoulder up! He got the shoulder up!

Zach Davis: He’s still in this yet!

NvL scrambles away from Chelsea, pushing himself to his feet. As Chelsea comes charging him for the finish, he clubs her in the head with his stump. She stumbles back and he catches her in the stomach with a kick. He pulls her hair back and lifts her up in to a reverse suplex.

Erin Robbins: Don’t do it…don’t do it Nathan!


Nathan drops Chelsea down head first on the mat. She hits and crumples as Nathan wraps her leg for the pin.




Zach Davis: Oh god! What a sickening drop. Let’s hope Chelsea can get out of the ring after that one.

An eerie silence washes over the crowd as NvL celebrates in the ring, holding his stumped hand up in the air and beating his chest with the other as the scene fades to black.

Chase Michaels Segment

“Ozark Empire” blasts out over the PA system, as the crowd begins to boo. John Gable steps out onto the ramp, doing nothing to quiet the fans. He gives them a look of disdain before walking down the ramp. He slides under the bottom rope and grabs a mic, cutting off his music rather quickly.

John Gable: I told you all I was gonna start cleaning up WCF. I was going to make this place safer by slowly weeding out all the bad apples and corrupted tactics. The first dirt spot that scrubbed off the face of this company? None other than good ol' Chase Michaels. I demanded a background check be performed and behold, this man was a danger to society and a danger to the...honourable...name of WCF. I did it! I am forcing open the eyes of all you blind followers, you cheered him because you hated me without even knowing either of us. Well look at us now... Well, I mean you can't look at chase because ya know, his ass got canned but I’m still here so rejoice for I am still as clean and respectable as ever and don't think I will stop at chase, oh no. I am going after everybody! No one is safe. I will bring out the truth from the dark depths of the locker rooms and expose the back dealings and the unethical behaviour that goes on where you can't see it. I am making this company better one step at a time by making the big wigs realize its not the 60s anymore, we have rights and we shouldn’t have to throw ourselves throw tables or run our faces against barbed wire for the entertainment for these blood thirsty fans. I am a talent and I deserve to be treated with respect, not to worry if I am going to get jumped by some wannabe because I may have tried to hit on his dumb bitch girlfriend. I am the levelling and all who do wicked shall fall before me...

All of sudden Who I Am blasts over the PA system and Gable looks in shock to the entrance ramp.

Zach Davis: That's Chase's theme song!

All of a sudden a hooded man jumps the barricade and slides into the ring behind Gable and just as Gable turns around the man takes a step back and nails a picture prefect Superkick catching Gable right on the jaw knocking him out cold.

Zach Davis: My god what a superkick!

Erin Robbins: That has to be Chase!

The man looks down at Gable before picking him up and locking into a piledriver position before he puts his arms underneath the Gable's arms and grabs Gable's legs by the knees and lifts Gable up before dropping him with a Package Piledriver!

Zach Davis: My god Gable's neck my just of been broken!

The hooded man hasn't finished he picks up Gable again into the same position before dropping him again with another Package Piledriver!

Erin Robbins: Someone is sending Gable a message!

Zach Davis: It has to be Michaels!

The man looks at the fallen Gable who is lying motionless on the mat before he pulls down his hood to reveal himself not to be Michaels.

Erin Robbins: My god it's Robert Wolf!

Zach Davis: Who?

Erin Robbins: Robert Wolf, former member of the Legion!

Wolf walks over and picks up the microphone before standing over Gable and smiling.

Wolf: Michaels wanted me to send you a message... Oh and he'll be seeing you at the Pay Per View!

Wolf drops the microphone and goes to leave the ring but stops and goes back over to Gable and picks him back up and drops him with another Package Piledriver before picking the microphone up.

Wolf: That last one was from me... Mister Movie Star!

All of a sudden Chelsea Black Armstrong comes charging down with a chair.

Wolf: Woah crazed chick with a chair alert!.

Wolf smirks before he tosses the microphone down as he quickly rolls out of the ring and leaves through crowd just as Chelsea gets into the ring.

Trinity Segment

The camera opens in a stairway, as Stacy Jones and Marina Valdivia, known collectively as The Trinity, are fighting for their lives. They have obviously heard of the ‘purging’ that Team Science is doing throughout the night, and are determined to not be another casualty. Unfortunately, it seems that they too, have been targeted by Doctor Remus Micayle and Nathan von Liebert.

Micayle growls in anger, as one of Marina’s punches clip his cheek. This enrages the Scientist further, as he closes the distance between himself and The Diamond Starlet immediately. He throws punches and elbows to great effect, as the tired wrestler struggles to keep up with the strength of a refreshed Micayle. A few jabs catch Marina on the nose, causing her to stagger backwards, before with a triumphant yell, Micayle hits The Formula. The power behind the blow forces her backwards and down the flight of stairs.

Just mere feet away, Stacy is locked in a test of strength with NvL. Witnessing Marina’s fall distracts Stacy for just a second. But that second was more than enough. With a roar of rage, The First Apostle wiggles out of the grapple and kicks Stacy in the gut, eliciting a wince from the seasoned fighter. That little lapse of concentration was all the former WCF World Champion needed, as he grabs hold of her locks and pushes her down the same flight of stairs. Stacy tumbles down, her body bruised and battered by the unwelcoming journey down, before finally, her head impacts the ground with a loud THUD, right besides her tag team partner.

Panting, Micayle and NvL stare down on the motionless bodies of The Trinity, before NvL heads off. Micayle follows, but before he can take more than a step forward, a loud cough catches his attention. He swivels his head around, only to be confronted with the abnormally-forbidding face of Alexander Richards. The self-declared Hardcore Champion has obviously seen all that has transpired, and isn’t too happy about it.

However, instead of attacking Richards similarly, Micayle merely smiles condescendingly and walks away, leaving a very perplexed and irate wrestler behind. The camera closes with a shot of the two ladies lying unconscious on the ground as Slam heads to commercial.

Alex Richards vs Remus Micayle vs Seifer Black Armstrong

The opening bars of I'm not Like Everybody Else by the Kinks begins and Alex Richards walks towards the ring with a huge smile on his smile. He holds his doctor's bag in one hand and with the other he takes turns slapping hands, hugging, signing autographs, high fiving, and occasionally delivering a more good natured then used to hard slap to a fan's hand. He wears his rusty bed spring, or as he calls it hardcore title, around his waist.

Announcer: Currently on the way to the ring, weighing in at 345 pounds and hailing from anyplace that needs pain, suffering, pills, or Zima... Alex Richards!!!

Alex eventually enters the ring after killing a few good minutes amusing himself.

The opening riff to "The Stringless Violin" by Adagio blasts through the speakers of the arena as boos immediately erupt from the live crowd. The lights in the arena start to grow dimmer by a notch, as a sole spotlight appears on the top of the ramp. A geared-up Doctor Remus Micayle struts out from the back, his body illuminated from the slight darkness and his WCF Tag Team Championship strapped around his waist. Wasting little time, he makes his way to the ring, casually ignoring both the jeers from the fans and their attempts to agitate him. The spotlight follows, giving him a regal appearance in the modest darkness.

Kyle Steel: From Phoenix, Arizona... weighing in at two hundred and forty-two pounds... he is one-half of the WCF Tag Team Champions... DOCTOR REMUS MICAYLE!!!

The self-proclaimed Second Coming of Darwin rolls into the ring, and the spotlight grows to an intensity that's almost blinding in brightness. Through the glare, however, it can still be seen by the fans that Micayle raising both of his hands in the air. As he slowly lowers them down, the spotlight slowly dims in strength, almost as if he was the one controlling the light. He strides to the centre of the ring, glancing from time to time at those currently in the ring with him, almost as if he's afraid of being backstabbed, before unstrapping his championship title and handing it to the referee. The raucous crowd continues booing as he pointedly ignores them, his mind only focused on the match ahead.

The lights go off as the screen goes to static and 515 by Slipknot soars around the arena as a voice shouts the word death as horrific imagery flashes across the screen till everything goes black and black smoke covers the stage and ramp and blood drips onto the screen spelling out Seifer Black Armstrong... Suddenly Babylon AD by Cradle of Filth blasts out from the speakers and from the smoke a hand reaches up with a black light lamp placing it on the stage as Seifer climbs out of the stage his face paint and parts of his clothing glowing under the black light as he kneels on the stage.

Kyle Steel: Introducing from Toronto Ontario Canada, representing S-Pac... The Doomsday Prophet Seifer Black-Armstrong.

Grabbing the light with his mouth he crawls through the smoke for a moment before standing up and taking the lamp in his hand before slowly walking down the ramp. Reaching the bottom of the ramp he turns off the lamp and the ring is bathed in black light he leaps up onto the ring apron the light illuminating him again as he walks over to the turnbuckles climbing up placing one foot on the top turnbuckle keeping one on the second and making the sign of the cross with his arms and tipping his head back before spitting luminous liquid in the air. Leaping off the top turnbuckle into the ring as he hits the ground fire erupts from the turnbuckles and ground creating fire crosses on each side of the ring... As the fire fades the lights go back to normal and Seifer walks into the corner of the ring and sits there waiting for the match to start.

Zach Davis: Super interesting matchup here! No love lost between ANY of these men, and we saw a confrontation between Micayle and Richards last week.

Indeed, Richards runs at Micayle and takes him down with a Running Big Boot! The crowd roars as Richards lifts him up and hits him with a straight chop to the throat.

Erin Robbins: Oof.

Lastly, Alex quickly drops him with an elbow to the head. Richards then turns and is met with a Dropkick from Seifer! Richards gets back up and Seifer grabs him and hits a huge Belly to Belly Suplex. Seifer quickly lifts Micayle up and, from behind, hits a German Suplex!

Zach Davis: No pin attempt there, Seifer knows he can't win yet - but by ignoring the bridge pin option he was able to spike Micayle's head and back area even harder, and with even more malice, into the mat. Oof.

Seifer, after releasing it, turns to Richards. Seifer measures the "Hardcore Champion" and kicks him in the gut before doubling him over...

Erin Robbins: Pumphandle Bomb!

Into the pin!



No!, Richards kicks out!

Zach Davis: Alex Richards proves he's as tough as he says he is.

Seifergets back up and turns only to be face to face with Remus Micayle. The two trade various blows before Micayle gets the upper hand. The good doctor throws Seifer to the ropes and then takes him down with a Scoop Slam. Micayle drops an elbow before going for a pin.



Erin Robbins: Micayle, looking to wear down his opponent here.

As, indeed, Seifer kicks out. Micayle mounts Seifer and hits him with punches to the head.

Zach Davis: Once again, the head doctor proving that maybe that's a title he really shouldn't deserve.

He's pulled off by Richards. Richards pulls Micayle up and rakes Micayle's eyes before throwing him to the ropes and lifting him up onto his shoulders....

Erin Robbins: Death Valley Driver!

Richards plants Micayle on the mat! Seifer is up and Richards grabs him by the throat.

Zach Davis: Zim-Quila Hangover!

No!, Seifer kicks Richards in the stomach and executes a Gutwrench Slam! Seifer lays his body across Richards' and goes for another pin.



No!, Richards kicks out again!

Erin Robbins: A few weeks from now and Richards will be competing for the Hardcore Championship, as will Seifer. These guys are proving that they've got what it takes.

Zach Davis: And remember, whoever wins that match makes it into the Ultimate Showdown match, where the greatest prize in this industry.. the WCF World Heavyweight Championship.. is on the line.

Seifer lifts Richards up but Richards hits Seifer with a series of stiff strikes. He then throws him to the ropes and hits a T-Bone Suplex as he comes back!


Richards drops and pins Seifer.



NO!, Seifer kicks out!

Zach Davis: You can't forget, a few short weeks ago Seifer HAD his shot at Steve Orbit's World Championship. He knows that winning the Hardcore Championship and making it to Ultimate Showdown is his opportunity at that belt again.

Micayle sneaks up behind Richards and drops him with a Russian Legsweep. The nefarious heel - er, bad guy - whatever - quickly pins Richards as the fans boo.



No!, Richards kicks out!

Erin Robbins: Forget about the Hardcore Championship - Micayle is a former United States Championsihp, and if either Richards or Seifer wins, they could prove they deserve a chance at that belt too.

Micayle lifts Richards up. As Richards is groggy, Micayle steps back, bounces against the ropes and runs, Chop Blocking him. Richards goes down, clutching his leg. Micayle then grabs that same leg and stomps it repeatedly.

Zach Davis: The Doctor is zero-ing in on the right leg of Alex Richards!

Micayle grabs Richards' legs and wraps him up...

Erin Robbins: Boston Crab!

Micayle has the Boston Crab locked in perfectly! He grabs Richards' knee, inflicting pain on both Richards' back and his leg alike. Richards screams in pain...

Zach Davis: Alex Richards refuses to submit!

Seifer runs at Micayle.


NO!, Micayle let go of the Crab and ducked it! Micayle quickly hits Seifer with a Full Nelson Facebreaker!, causing Seifer to roll out of the ring. Richards, the tough son of a bitch he is, has fought his way up, and he turns to Micayle..

Zach Davis: THE FORMULA!

MICAYLE HITS IT! Micayle drops down onto Richards and pins him, hooking the leg.





The bell sounds as the fans boo. The good Doctor stands up, panting heavily but victorious, and gets his arm raised in the air.

Zach Davis: And there you have it. The former United States Champion wins it.

After a moment of his arm held up, Micayle drops to the mat and grabs his Tag Team Championship before rolling out and heading to the back.

Erin Robbins: How long before this man gets a shot at the World Title, Zach?

Brent Alpine's Decision - Percy Micro or Sequitus?

'The Warmth' by Incubus plays to a decent pop from the crowd. Instead of his elaborate hologram entrance, Brent Alpine comes out to no pyro or grandeur. He ambivalently slaps the hands of a few fans in the front row but gives them zero eye contact as he clearly has other things on his mind.

Zach Davis: The word on the street is that Brent Alpine will finally choose between Sequitus and Percy Micro tonight.

Erin Robbins: Is there really any contest? Alpine has barely lost under Percy Micro's wing, or hoove or whatever you can call it. He's lost almost every match with Sequitus. There's only one sensible option. Then again, Alpine's not proving the sharpest vine on the tree lately.

Zach Davis: Regardless of who Percy Micro's boss is, how in the hell can Brent trust him? He's been toying with Alpine for months.

Erin Robbins: It's all about VICTORIES, Zachy boy.

Alpine climbs into the ring and is passed a microphone by an official at ringside. He stops and takes in the fan's adulation. A faint 'Sequitus' chant breaks out for possibly the first time on WCF programming. Alpine raises the microphone to his lips and is about to talk before looking around at the fans who eagerly await his decision. After some hesitation, he finally speaks.

Brent Alpine: Sequitus...

The fans give a mixed reaction but mostly cheer.

Brent Alpine: Percy Micro...

Huge jeers.

Brent Alpine: Sequitus...

More of a pure pop this time.

Brent Alpine: Or Percy Micro.


Brent Alpine: It has become quite clear that I cannot serve two masters. Sequitus and Percy Micro operate in two vastly different plains and I've become the middle of a tug of war. I need to choose my allegiance and swear to it. It's the right thing to do for both Percy and Sequitus and it's the best thing for my career. More than that, I am rebuilding my sense of identity. In this life, the people we associate ourselves with shape who we become. The question is really... who do I most want to be like? Do I want to emulate three men who work their asses off but have struggled to climb beyond the WCF midcard? Or someone who cowardly uses a micro pig to do his bidding but has this seemingly magical talent to lead me to victories? Looks like you guys have made up your mind. Alright, without further ado...

He is interrupted by the sound of 'Gold' by Prince to a mixture of loud boos and amusement. The miniature pig manager with a voicebox and camera, Percy Micro, comes trotting down to ringside. He sits just by the front of the ring. His nostrils sniff wildly but otherwise he remains largely still.

Percy Micro: Mr. Alpine, this is a day of jubilation. This is the day that you finally cut the life support on Sequitus. You are the only thing keeping them alive. It is time to put them out of their misery before they drag you further down into their coma. You know that your career is blossoming under I, Percy Micro. I am so pleased that you will finally discard of those cretinous lowlifes.

Brent Alpine: Percy, whatever decision I am about to announce, you know that I cannot just discard Sequitus. They are my brothers. This isn't as simple of a decision as you make it seem. Whoever I don't choose, I want to keep this cordial and go our separate ways in peace.

The fans groan in the suspicion that this implies that Alpine has chosen Percy.

Percy Micro: Sir, whatever the case, you will not walk on in peace. If you, as expected, retain my guidance, I will demand that you DECIMATE Sequitus.

Suddenly, Caliban walks out onto the stage with a microphone in hand. He gets a reasonable pop. He stares at Percy in derision.

Caliban: Alright hold up, are you kidding me? Seriously? Tonight you are going to chose between us and the Pig? Brent mate, listen to me, I know this past few months has been a roller coaster. I know things haven't been all plain sailing but think about this. You are standing in the ring about to chose between a micro pig with a god damn voice box or the 3 guys you have become a better wrestler with over the past few months?

He makes his way down the ramp not talking anymore just watching this unfold in amazement. He makes a point of stepping over Percy on the way to the ring. He and Alpine come face to face in the centre of the ring and the tension can be cut with a knife.

Brent Alpine: You're right, Sequitus has been a good stepping stone for me.

Caliban raises his eyebrows as if to say 'really?!'

Brent Alpine: I didn't mean it that way. All I meant was that you guys have helped me as a young wrestler here. But what's the future, Caliban? Where are we going? I just don't know where Sequitus can take me. Percy's right - I have lost a lot of matches while in this group. He, though, has a knack for getting inside my head and bringing out my best performances. Career wise, it makes sense to stay with Percy.

Jeers ring out around the arena.

Caliban: So that's it? You're done with us? You're going with someone you don't even really know? Someone who has been spying on you and telling you that you are no good without his management? Really?!

Brent Alpine: Hey, I didn't say that. Anyway, why is there only you out here? I know Cormack's still injured and that's fine... but where's Ciserano? I thought you guys would care a little more than just you coming out here.

Caliban: Ciserano's in the back. He wants to respect your decision and not put too much pressure on you. Anyway, why should we launch the charm offensive to keep you? We didn't place this ultimatum on you. That manipulative asshole Percy demanded you choose us or him. Our support for you is a lot less conditional than that... seemingly that support isn't as reciprocal as we thought?

Brent Alpine: I'm glad we've gotten a few things off our chests tonight. With that said, I'm ready to announce my decision. I am keeping my allegiance with...

The fans chant 'Sequitus'.

Brent Alpine: Sequitus. Sorry Percy!

Suddenly the lights go black. The fans gasp in anticipation. Percy Micro's voice, louder this time, booms over the PA.


In the darkness, an eerie shriek is audible.


The lights come back on and reveal a shocking sight. The fans gasp in horror. Several women, kids and even a few men scream.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD! NO!!!!!!!

Erin Robbins: FUCK!!!!!!!!! This is horrible.

The miniature pig used as the proxy for 'Percy Micro' is lying on its side with a big wound on his belly. He is in a small puddle of blood and it is clear that the animal is dead.

Zach Davis: Percy Micro... well, the pig is... dead.

Erin Robbins: What happened?! This is not good. Not good at all.

Distraught, Brent Alpine runs out of the ring and checks on his fallen pet/manager. Caliban looks concerned in the ring. The camera zooms in on the shocked and appalled faces of audience members. Some are crying.

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, the WCF doesn't condone animal cruelty. I apologise on behalf of everyone here.

Alpine leans over the pig's corpse and embraces him mournfully. He releases a guttural cry and begins weeping.

Zach Davis: I'm... I... I don't know what to say. The entity behind Percy Micro has been nothing but devious but the poor pig was just an innocent creature. Why has this happened?

All of a sudden, the lights go black again.

Erin Robbins: WHAT NOW?!

The lights come back on and all seems to be as usual. Alpine is still mourning his dead pet pig. Caliban still looks on grimly from the ring. Suddenly, the crowd explode into a chorus of boos and shout in warning to Caliban.

Zach Davis: WHO IS THIS?!

Erin Robbins: It must be the man behind Percy Micro!

A person in a druid's costume and large pig mask appears seemingly from nowhere behind the ring. He slides quickly into the ring and catches Caliban in a sleeper hold. He then jumps in the air and flips over Caliban's shoulder, sending Caliban's neck forward violently in a sitting position.

Erin Robbins: The Connector! That's Logan's move! Is it...?!

Alpine turns around and sees the druid in a pig's mask and he runs towards him in pursuit. The pig mask druid flees the ring rapidly and goes for the railings to leave through the crowd. Alpine catches him and grabs him by the foot.

Zach Davis: Alpine's got him! UNMASK HIM!

The lights go out for a third time. Again, the Percy Micro voice blares out.

Percy Micro: It could have all been so different, Mr. Alpine. You have seen a glimpse of my power. You made me unleash just a taste of the malice I am capable of. I have the ability to destroy you in an instant. I killed the pig you bonded so deeply with. This is just the beginning. I murdered that innocent creature and soon you will wish I murdered you. No, I have far worse in store for you. PERCY MICRO IS DEAD. LONG LIVE PERCY MACRO!

The lights come back on. Alpine is standing confused at the railings. The masked attacker introduced as 'Percy Macro' is nowhere to be seen.

Zach Davis: What did we just see? Percy Micro - the pig - was murdered by Percy 'Macro' - the man behind the pig. This web just gets more tangled by the day. What has Brent Alpine got himself into?

Erin Robbins: I don't know. I still haven't got over the whole dead pig thing.

Zach Davis: We're sorry you had to see that, folks.

Erin Robbins: RSPCA are gonna fry our asses.

Zach Davis: Some things are more important than us getting into trouble with authorities again. Such as an innocent life. Whoever he is, Percy 'Macro' HAS to be brought to justice.

Three officials come down the ramp with towels and put Percy Micro's bloodied corpse into them. As they carry him backstage, a grieving Brent Alpine comes with them. Many fans in the crowd are noticeably upset. Parents are shielding their kids' eyes. Women are crying. One guy looks like he's on the verge of being sick. Meanwhile, in the ring, Caliban is stirring. He looks furious.

Zach Davis: Who in the damn hell is Percy Macro? PIG MURDERING ASSHOLE! Sorry guys, I need to take a break. Go to a promo or something.

Waylon Cash vs Jeff Purse

Zach Davis: Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's main event time.

Erin Robbins: This much anticipated match-up between Waylon Cash and Jeff Purse is about to get underway.

Zach Davis: There has been a lot of talk around the locker room, pertaining this match.

"Criminals" by Big B hits the P.A. system. Waylon Cash comes walking out onto the entrance ramp, with his manager, Scott Savage, following closely behind.

Erin Robbins: Speaking of THIS match, it looks as if Waylon Cash and yes, Scott Savage is walking out.

Waylon Cash throws his fist into the air as the crowd boos loudly. He smirks, as does his manager. They looks back and forth, sneering at the crowd as Waylon makes his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: From Macon, Georgia... he weighs in at 230 pounds. He is The Hellbilly.... WAYLON CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!!!

The crowd roars out thunderous boos. Once Cash gets to the bottom, of the ramp, he rolls into the ring and jumps to his feet with his fist in the air. More booing comes, but it doesn't seem to bother Waylon. He seems to have only one thing on his mind.

Zach Davis: If I can talk through these thunderous boos for Waylon Cash, I'll try to tell you Erin Robbins, that Waylon Cash AND Scott Savage looked VERY determined.

Erin Robbins: All we need now is Jeff Purse.

"Won't Back Down" by Eminem blares on the PA.

"You can sound the alarm
you can call out your guards
you can fence in your yard
you can pull all the cards
but I won't back down
oh no I wont back down
oh no"

A pyro goes off and up through the stage in Rey Mysterio fashion, Jeff Purse comes flying. Kari comes out from the back as Jeff walks down the aisles, pandering to the crowd.

Kyle Steel: From Venice Beach, California weighing in at 215 pounds. This is The Future.... JEFF PURRRRRRRRRRRRSE!!

"Cadillac Sevilles, Coupe Devilles
brain dead rims yeah stupid wheels
girl I'm too for real
lose your tooth and nails
try to fight it, try to deny it
stupid you will feel
what I do, I do it well
shooting from the hip, yeah boy shoot to kill
half a breath left on my death bed
screaming F that yeah super ill"

Upon entering the ring, he throws his hands up in the middle of the ring, corner pyros of red and green shoot out. He takes off his aviator sunglasses and throws them in the audience. He turns and sits up on the turnbuckle, looking at his opponent.


Zach Davis: Both competitors circle the ring.

Both Cash and Purse charge at one another.

Erin Robbins: They lock into an collar and elbow tie up.

Zach Davis: Waylon Cash pushes The Future into the ropes. WCF Senior Referee, Stanley Moser gets in betwee the competitors.

Stanley Moser: Alright, you two. BREAK IT UP!!

As the referee talks, both men don't relinquish their position, as they still are locked up.

Stanley Moser: ONE.... TWO...

Erin Robbins: Both are very determined as they will NOT give up their position.

Zach Davis: Both of them are risking disqualifications, if they don't listen to Stanley Moser.

Stanley Moser: ....THREE!! FOUR!! FIV....

Cash let's go of Jeff Purse and walks away with a smirk across his face. Jeff Purse decides to pump up the crowd. Purse stands near a corner and grabs for the top ring rope. Purse proceeds to stomp down as the crowd chants, clap hands and stomp THEIR feet. Cash charges at Purse....


The crowd cheers.

Erin Robbins: Enzuigiri by Jeff Purse, knocking The Hellbilly down to one knee.

Cash tries to shake off the effects of the enzuigiri.

Zach Davis: The Future bounces off the ropes and charge at Waylon Cash.

Purse swings wildly.


Erin Robbins: Chop block on Jeff Purse by Waylon Cash.

The crowd cheers encouragement towards Purse, as he grabs a hold of the ring ropes to help him stand up. The crowd cheers as Purse pulls himself up by the ropes.


Zach Davis: Damn Waylon Cash!! Damn him to Hell!! And eye poke then an face gouge. The Hellbilly is all business tonight!!

With Jeff Future against the ropes and behind Waylon Cash....


Erin Robbins: Cash ran backwards and nailed Purse with a back elbow.

The elbow shot makes Jeff Purse shake his head several times. Cash pushes Purse into the corner.


Zach Davis: A few head shots with his Fists, by Waylon Cash.


Crowd: NO!!


Crowd: NO!!

Erin Robbins: Back to back shoulder blocks into the mid-section by the Hellbilly!

Waylon Cash grabs Jeff Purse and whips him towards the opposite corner.


Zach Davis: Purse reverse the Irish whip.


Erin Robbins: A perfect executed belly to belly suplex!!

Cash slightly bounces when his body collides with the mat, after the elevated suplex. Purse stands up quickly and runs towards the ropes.

Crowd: WHOA.... YES!!

Jeff Purse jumps towards the middle ring rope and bounces off the ropes....



Purse slowly stands up Waylon Cash.

Zach Davis: What is Jeff Purse about to do?!

As quickly as he stood up Cash, he bounces off the ropes.




Cash nails the mat hard, from the neckbreaker. Purse flies towards the corner.

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse quickly climbs up the turnbuckles.

Erin Robbins: Purse is perched on the top turnbuckle!!


Cameras flash as Jeff Purse flies through the air.

Zach Davis: A MOONSAULT!!

Purse flies through the air.....


Zach Davis: Waylon Cash got his knees up!!

Cash quickly stands up and grabs for Jeff Purse. Purse stands up as cash takes a few steps backwards.


Purse hits the mat hard.

Erin Robbins: Running lariat by Waylon Cash!!

Cash picks up Purse....


Zach Davis: Alabama slam!!

The Hellbilly grabs for the legs of his opponent's

Erin Robbins: Cash is going for a spinning toe hold!!

Purse scream out wails of pain, as Cash sneers down at his opponent. The referee looks down at Purse. Cash wrenches down on the spinning toe hold. Purse continues to scream out. Cash slowly bends down to torment Jeff Purse.....

The crowd roars out.


Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!!



The Future runs towards The Hellbilly...


Crowd: OHhhhhhhh!!

Erin Robbins: A high knee by Waylon Cash!!

Cash grabs a hold of Jeff Purse... Cash kicks Purse in the midsection and grabs him. Cash picks up Purse. The Future wraps his legs around Cash.

Zach Davis: This looks like the end for Jeff Purse.

Waylon Cash has Jeff Purse in a modified standing front chancery. Cash Swings Cash up in the air.

Erin Robbins: Could be a suplex, of some sort.



Zach Davis: The Killshot!!

Erin Robbins: Butterfly brainbuster!!

Zach Davis: Waylon Cash is making a pin cover!!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE!!


Zach Davis: The winner of the match, Waylon Cash!!

Dr. Remus Micayle Segment

The opening riff to "The Stringless Violin" by Adagio blasts through the speakers of the arena as boos immediately erupt from the live crowd. The lights in the arena start to grow dimmer by a notch, as a sole spotlight appears on the top of the ramp. Dressed smartly in a purple suit and tie, Doctor Remus Micayle struts out from the back, his body illuminated from the slight darkness. A few steps behind him is Nathan von Liebert, similarly dressed in a suit and tie - a truly odd sight for the WCF Galaxy to witness given his penchant for dishevelled clothing. Both men are carrying microphones and have their WCF Tag Team Championships draped over their shoulders.

Erin Robbins: And here comes the initiators of the WCF Purge! Well done gentlemen, well done indeed! They must be out here to fulfil their promise made at the start of the night! Do you think Doc Henry is ready to deliver an answer?

Zach Davis: Are you serious!? All of us here saw what these two bastards did to Doc earlier in the night. There is simply no way in hell he’ll be able to give Team Science an answer by tonight!

Erin Robbins: Ah ha! But rules are rules - they agreed that if Doc is unable to meet them in the middle of the ring tonight and give them the name of his tag team partner at Blast, he forfeits the entire match altogether! Furthermore, he will NEVER be able to challenge for the WCF Tag Team Championships ever again in his career! What geniuses!

Zach Davis: That’s bullshit Erin, and you know it! That was just a made-up clause by Micayle. Doc Henry didn’t even agree to it!

The Hong Kong crowd are throwing their trash on to the entrance ramp. Micayle and NvL quickly make their way to the ring in an attempt to escape the badgering. It’s mostly successful, however, a banana peel lands on Micayle’s head.

Erin Robbins: OI! Such disrespect! He deserves better than this monkey business, both of them do!

Zach Davis: Well, maybe if he wasn’t such a condescending arse, the fans will warm to him better. We all see what Team Science did today, and trust me when I say that these fans are ENRAGED!

He casually sweeps it off, before lifting his microphone to his lips.

Doctor Remus Micayle: It seems that Nathan and myself aren’t the most welcome guests in Hong Kong here today.

A loud burst of jeers greet his words.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Small matter. I wouldn’t expect any of you simple-minded, slit-eyed quislings to understand the greater meaning behind our actions tonight. All the puppies and kittens that you Chinese consumed over the years have gotten to your brains, leading to a lower-class, denser breed of Asians than I am used to seeing in the States.

More jeers. They are blatantly ignoring his racially-provocative words now. Team Science has crossed a line by attacking all the tag teams over the night, and the fans are not letting his words get to them. The Scientist smiles humourlessly, before gesturing towards Nathan. The former Mark Dillinger speaks.

Nathan von Liebert: Remus is right. This ring contains two of the most prominent wrestlers in WCF history, and you still have not learnt how to defer to your champions. A true pity, if you ask me. You have one Triple Crown Champion in the ring, and one who is soon to become one in due time, and yet this occurs.

He pauses, before grimacing.

Nathan von Liebert: Although I dare say the rest of the locker room has learnt a thing or two about the proper etiquette to treat their WCF Tag Team Champions, no?

More boos. He sniggers - an ugly laugh emerging from the man.

Nathan von Liebert: The 8th Wonder, BioWalker, The Vapor Kings, Sequitus, The Shadow Demons, The Big Time Jerks, FPV and Peter Quinn, The Trinity, and of course… Doc Henry. All fools who have finally learnt what is it like to properly respect men of valour and honour. A lesson that should have been taught a long, long, long time ago. Especially for FPV, don’t you think?

Micayle nods approvingly at his words, before speaking.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Apparently losing a loved one once wasn’t enough for the complacent dunce. Consider this a grace period, Patrick. The next time your little Dan Brown wannabe pupil want to play games with the big boys… you might have to visit him in the graveyard. Just imagine how romantic it would be, having both Johnny Nova and Peter Quinn buried in side-by-side plots?

NvL wipes off a fake tear from his eye at that picture, before bursting into a raw guffaw. Micayle shakes his head in mock sorrow, before continuing his statement.

Zach Davis: That’s simply too much. We are talking about lives, and they think it’s actually funny to rub that particular death in? It happened on WCF television, for crying out loud!

Micayle shakes his head in mock sorrow, before continuing his statement.

Doctor Remus Micayle: But that’s besides the point. Believe it or not, mocking Discount Billie Joe Armstrong isn’t why we are out here right now.

He tilts his head to the right, where his WCF Tag Team Championships is placed comfortably on it, and stares at it. NvL takes a step forward and speaks again.

Nathan von Liebert: It was mentioned at the start of the show that Doc Henry will have his choice of match IF he can meet us in the centre of this ring at the end of the night and speak to us face-to-face. If he doesn’t… well, he’s just not going to meet us at Blast. Remus and I are standing in this ring. Given that the main event has already concluded, I think that is only fair that we meet our number one contenders for our championships NOW.

A new wave of boos emerge at that unfair clause. Micayle grins.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Ahh, but alas, dear Nathan! It seems that poor Mervin Henry has been unfortunately… incapacitated after his match. A little bird told me that he was found in a trash bag in the corridor, beaten up by some vicious assailant. A more unfortunate fate cannot have come upon him, if you ask me. Whatever shall we do now?

A more sarcastic statement could not have been made, and everyone in attendance knew it. NvL however, plays along with it, a similarly-vile smile on his face.

Nathan von Liebert: In that case, I say we give him the benefit of the doubt. Although something bad has occurred to him, why not we give him some extra time to get his ass out and face us? Say about a minute to meet us in the ring?

The Scientist scratches his chin, apparently in deep contemplation.

Doctor Remus Micayle: I say ten seconds. We wouldn’t want to be wasting a minute of our precious lives for someone like him, eh?

His grin growing ever wider, NvL nods.

Nathan von Liebert: Agreed.

And then, almost instantaneously, a countdown clock appears on the WCFTron. It was obviously pre-planned, as the number ten started ticking upon his last word. The Hong Kong crowd heckles loudly at this obvious fault. NvL counts down the timing loudly.

Nathan von Liebert: TEN! NINE!

Loud boos from the crowd. This is nothing but an outrage of justice.

Erin Robbins: HAHA! Blast is going to be a piece of cake for the champions! Shame on you Doc Henry for failing to even stick by a simple term!

Nathan von Liebert: EIGHT! SEVEN!

Zach Davis: I… I can’t watch this. It’s a mockery! They set this entire thing up!

Nathan von Liebert: SIX! FIVE!

Micayle is moving his head to the beat, in an unusually jocular mood.

Nathan von Liebert: FOUR! THREE!

Zach Davis: Urgh...

Erin Robbins: YES!

Nathan von Liebert: TWO! ONE! ZER—!

And then, the fans start hollering in ecstasy and delight as Mötley Crüe’s Dr. Feelgood blasts through the speakers.

Nathan von Liebert: —RO!!!

Their heads swivelling to the WCFTron quicker than it was previously thought possible, the genial looks on Team Science’s faces evaporated, only to be replaced with looks of surprise, horror and anger. The first riff of the song hits the speakers, accentuated with the cheers and screams by the fans.

Erin Robbins: WHAT!? This is impossible!

Zach Davis: HA HA HA! I knew it! I knew that Doc Henry was a fighter who refused to go down! Just look at their faces! They don’t believe it either!

The whoops and shouts by the fans go up to a whole new level as a heavily bandaged Doc Henry limps out from the back, a microphone in his hand. He looks positively livid, and for good reason!

Zach Davis: He’s going to kill them for what they did! And I can’t say I blame him!

Recovering from their earlier shock, NvL and Micayle quickly walks towards the ring ropes closest to the entrance ramp. Micayle extends a finger towards Henry and starts to speak.

Doctor Remus Micayle: Seems that someone decided to show up again. Come over here, old lad, and let’s discuss the terms for our match at B—

But the WCF veteran isn’t having any of that reconciliatory nonsense! He snarls in the microphone, interrupting the Scientist mid-sentence.

Doc Henry: You want to do a job and take someone out, you best do it properly. No half-fucked nonsense when it comes to this.

He takes steps towards the ring. Slowly. Gingerly.

Doc Henry: You two douches want to ambush me in the hallway, I get it. It’s part of the game. But when you do something like that, you damn well make sure the victim doesn’t get back and goes after your skulls. Which is what Doctor Dweeb and The Former Red Hand here did wrong. I’m still standing, and I’m more than happy to teach you young guns a thing or two about fighting.

He stops mid-way through the ramp, before pointing a finger at the WCF Tag Team Championships still draped on their shoulders.

Doc Henry: You want to know who my partner will be for Blast? You want to know so that you can take him or her out before our match at Blast? Well, guess what Einsteins… fuck you.

The crowd erupts at Doc’s defiance. An infuriated NvL starts towards Doc, but before he could roll out of the ring, Doc holds up a palm for him to stop.

Doc Henry: Oh no, no. No rushing the action here, Nathan. I know you are a man who rushes to get his nooky, but that’s not going to be the case here tonight. I want both of you dead, make no mistake. But I know one way that’s going to hurt you even more. And that’s me beating the both of you within an inch of your lives come Blast, and taking those championships you have disgraced!

Doc smirks.

Doc Henry: And plus… it seems to me that I’m not the only one who wants a little vengeance on both of your asses after the claptrap you have done here in Hong Kong tonight. You just pissed off the entire locker room with your little stunt tonight.

Micayle and NvL look confused at his words, staring at each other questioningly. But just mere seconds after, the unspoken question was answered, as the crowd suddenly pops. A pop louder than any other thus far in the night. One to be remembered for the ages.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!! Look who is coming down from the back! THIS IS INSANE!

The Chinese are going absolutely WILD as Zombie McMorris, Jordan Ciserano, Denise D’Evil, FPV, and Marina Valdivia - each with varying levels of injuries - emerge from the back and make their way down the entrance ramp! The looks on Team Science’s faces tell the whole story. They were simply not prepared for this level of animosity by the locker room!

Zach Davis: This is simply crazy! And what a moment for the fans! Over the course of the night, Team Science tried to take out their possible contenders for the WCF Tag Team Championships with a locker room purging, but it seems that that plan has just turned on them!

Erin Robbins: This is bad. Bad! Bad! Bad! Best get out of there guys, now!

Evidently, Micayle and NvL are of the same mindset. They scramble out of the ring and rush towards the barricades separating the fans and the ring. But before they could climb over it, another HUGE roar of approval from the fans send them back - along with another unwelcome sight!

Zach Davis: HOLY SHIT! That path is blocked off as well! The reinforcements have arrived! HA HA!

Walking down the aisles are the other half of the tag teams. Diablo Calzone, Caliban, Night Rider, Peter Quinn, and Stacy Jones - also with signs of injury on their bodies - stride down the steps, effectively cutting off all escape routes for Team Science!

Zach Davis: They are trapped! HA HA! This is definitely one of the most exciting Slams I have watched in a long time!

Erin Robbins: Oh no, oh no, oh no. This is very bad for the champions!

With no choice, Micayle and NvL are forced back into the ring, with enemies closing on them and surrounding the squared circle - almost lumberjack like. The fans are besides themselves at this point in time. They are hammering on the barricades, stamping their feet, clapping their hands, whatever that can create a tempo. The entire arena is shivering with sheer excitement, and everyone is feeling it.

Zach Davis: They are officially surrounded. When will the thrashing commence!

Now stuck in the dead centre of the ring, both members of Team Science are pressed back-to-back against one another. Their eyes are scanning the entire arena for any signs of escape, as well as keeping an eye out for their former victims. Doc Henry, still someways off from the ring, lets out a soft laugh.

Doc Henry: You tried to eliminate the talented in the federation? Now, look here punk. Not everyone outside of the ring likes one another, but the fact of the matter is that we can band together to eliminate trash like you! Trying to ambush the ENTIRE tag team division is something despicable, and if there’s something I hate more than an egoist…

He spits on the ground.

Doc Henry: It’s a coward.

Almost as if it was on cue, all of the assaulted wrestlers enter the ring, surrounding Micayle and NvL to the glee of the fans. It’s a few tense seconds in the China United Centre as everyone waits with baited breath to see what will happen. And then… it does. With a angry yell, Caliban launches himself into Micayle, fists swinging wildly in an attempt to cause hurt. And the entire group joins in soon after!


Punches, elbows, knees, and kicks are flying everywhere as the ten wrestlers use this opportunity to destroy two men who have made an unprecedented assault on the entire WCF Tag Team division. Though not everyone likes each other, their hatred towards Team Science unifies them - albeit temporarily.

Zach Davis: This is crazy! Micayle and von Liebert are getting absolutely destroyed in there! And what a sight it is indeed!

Erin Robbins: No, no, no! Stop that, stop!

But there’s no stopping the ferocity unleashed by the men and women in the ring. Soon, Micayle and NvL are separated from one another and getting pummelled to within an inch from their lives!

Zach Davis: This has been a long time coming, if you ask me! Their self-centredness and disregard for the rest of the company has been something that irked me for the longest time. Great to see this finally occurring! And wo— OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! WOW!

Gasping and fighting for breath, Nathan von Liebert somehow manages to break free from the huddle and make a dash for freedom. But he doesn’t get too far before he gets interrupted by the angry superstars! Jordan Ciserano, as agile as a fox, manages to catch the fleeing NvL and hit him right smack in the face with a running dropkick!

Erin Robbins: Ack!

Howling in discomfort, NvL clutches his face and stumbles blindly around the ring. He staggers about, only to bump into a scowling Denise D’Evil! The Death Bringer immediately punches NvL in the gut, doubling him up in pain! She doesn’t waste any time, instead bringing him down HARD on the mat with a ferocious side slam!

Zach Davis: There Can Only Be One! What a move by Denise!

But the punishment isn’t over! Over at the corner turnbuckle is the Diamond Starlet! Upon impact, Marina Valdivia leaps off the turnbuckle in a BEAUTIFUL 450-degree splash, crushing the air out of The First Apostle!

Zach Davis: Wonderful California Splash from the Californian! Oh my, I think I’m going to explode from sheer excitement!

NvL rolls out of the ring, giving him a brief respite from the moves that he has taken thus far. This however, means that everyone’s attention is on The Doctor, who has been taking blows from the rest of the wrestlers ever since the start. Micayle is pushed to the centre of the ring, and the vengeful fighters surround him! The crowd is going apeshit, and for good reason!

Erin Robbins: Oh no… he’s not going to be the same ever again. My dear Doctor Remus!

Micayle struggles to his feet, but is immediately met with a VICIOUS discus elbow smash by Caliban!

Zach Davis: The Fire Dragon’s Roaring Elbow! He’ll be feeling that one for quite some time!

Bellowing in agony, Micayle tries to roll out of the ring, but is immediately dragged back by Diablo Calzone and Zombie McMorris, who are closest to him. The Vapor Kings haul him up to his feet, before kicking him hard in the gut! Micayle bends over, and Diablo Calzone raises him into a crucifix powerbomb position. He lifts him up into the sky and then with assistance from Z-MAC, drops him head-first SAVAGELY into the canvas!

Zach Davis: Cross Addicted by The Vapor Kings! They are really sending a message to the WCF Tag Team Champions!

But it’s far from over! Smirking slightly, the male half of The Shadow Demons - Night Rider - grabs the woozy Micayle up and throws him into the corner turnbuckle! He panders to the crowd for a while, before moving The Scientist into position.

Erin Robbins: Oh my goodness, is he going to do what I think he is?

Zach Davis: The Drop Of Death? Of course he is. That’s Night Rider’s most dangerous weapon in his fighting arsenal, and by golly he is going to punish Micayle with that!

Night Rider grabs Micayle’s head and drives it HARD into the mat with a top-rope DDT! The force behind the blow causes Micayle’s head to jerk back upon impact!

Zach Davis: And that might have just caused a concussion!

And it’s Stacy Jones’s turn! She grabs Micayle up and pushes him to the centre of the ring. The damaged Scientist slumps to his knees, his hands trying bitterly to grab onto something for support. Unfortunately for him, the closest thing is Stacy Jones, and she is less than happy to be Micayle’s mauling object! She pushes him up to his feet, before hitting an inverted stomp facebreaker on the man!

Zach Davis: Stacy’s Judgement has just been dealt to Micayle! What a relief that must have been for her, finally able to get her hands on the man she detests so much!

Erin Robbins: … I don’t think I can watch any more of this.

NvL, by now having recovered from the multitude of finishers he had just taken, sits in shock outside of the ring. Caliban and Jordan Ciserano taunt him, knowing that there is no way in hell he’ll be able to help Micayle out of this situation. Gritting his teeth in frustration, NvL has no choice but to watch this through.

Zach Davis: Ha! Look at this one!

Peter Quinn and FPV, now positioned at diagonally opposite ends of the ring, stamp their feet hard on the mat. The crowd is loving this, and are pounding along to the beat! After a couple of heart-stopping seconds, Micayle teeters to his feet, unaware of the danger behind him.

Erin Robbins: No, don’t turn around!

But of course he does. And when he does, the dynamic duo snaps out with a superkick towards the exposed chin of Micayle. Unable to defend himself, Micayle is just another victim of the…

Zach Davis: BOOM… HEADSHOT! What a double whammy from Quinn and FPV! The power behind those kicks might have just induced Micayle into a coma! I cannot believe he is not dead, if you ask me. I go— OH! I GUESS THE NIGHT IS NOT OVER FOR MICAYLE JUST YET!

The cheers from the crowd raise in volume once more, as to their unexpected delight, Doc Henry scales a turnbuckle! Staring down on the broken body of Micayle, he raises a triumphant hand in the air, before leaping off in a shooting star press!

Zach Davis: ALL-IN! The Cock just went All-In on Micayle, and I bet it paid dividends!

Applause rains down from the stands as Doc Henry stands up, both of his hands raised in victory. On the outside, NvL can do little but curse and swear at the Southern gentlemen. The numbers game is against Team Science, and he knows it. Doc Henry glances down at the mat, spotting both NvL’s and Micayle’s WCF Tag Team Championships, which were dropped in the assault. He smiles, before bending down and picking both of them up.

Erin Robbins: I… I am just disgusted at all those men and women in the ring. How dare they treat their champions like this!?

Zach Davis: I beg to differ Erin! This is a statement to the champions that no one should be taken lightly! The Vapor Kings, Sequitus, The Shadow Demons, FPV and Peter Quinn, The Trinity, as well as Doc Henry and his unknown partner - all of them are very capable and hungry contenders. Just one false move by Team Science, and this picture could very well be repeated in the future! With two new champions crowned and Team Science unconscious at their feet!

Doc Henry shakes his head slowly at the sight, before lifting his microphone up to speak into it.

Doc Henry: I'm still interviewing applicants, your candies asses can wait until next week!

He laughs, before dropping the WCF Tag Team Championships back down on Micayle’s unconscious body.

Slam fades to black as the camera pans across each tag team in the ring. The tag team division is revitalised, with everyone is hungry for gold. Who shall be the next team to contend for the championships after Doc Henry?

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Doc Henry Segment

BioWalker vs Jayson Price/Steve Orbit

Doc Henry's Search Continues

Isaiah Chavis vs Alex Jones vs Adrian Adams

Alex Richards Segment

Mia Cross vs Amber Valkryie vs Maddog Diamond

Arabella Montgomery vs Jason Xavier vs Teddy Blaze

Sir William Cambridge vs Logan

Diablo Calzone vs Colin Marshall

Vapor Kings Segment

Big Time Jerks vs Caliban/Jordan Ciserano vs Shadow Demons

Television Title Match: Doc Henry vs Bryan Worthy vs Peter Quinn vs John Gable

Doc Henry Attacked!

Marina Valdivia vs Johnny Reb vs Ana Valentine vs Terry Roberts

FPV/Peter Quinn Segment

Brent Alpine vs Oblivion

Nathan von Liebert vs Chelsea Black Armstrong

Chase Michaels Segment

Trinity Segment

Alex Richards vs Remus Micayle vs Seifer Black Armstrong

Brent Alpine's Decision - Percy Micro or Sequitus?

Waylon Cash vs Jeff Purse

Dr. Remus Micayle Segment


Of The Week

Team Science
Valdivia vs Reb vs Valentine vs Synn



Steve Orbit
John Gable
United States:
ICE Beckman
Chelsea Black Armstrong
Tag Team:
Team Science