Slam Intro

The cameras are panning around the arena as the WCF fans are cheering and holding up signs that read such things like, “Oblivion lives Under My Bed!”, “Pantheon is Priceless!!”, “Fly Jobber” with an arrow down, “Mech-Ana Powers me UP!” “Orbit was robbed!” “I’m Positive I Love Marina!” and “I’m An Omega Man Too!!”

Zach Davis: What a great crowd we have tonight right here in Concord, New Hampshire.

Erin Robbins: They are just as great as any of them, stop sucking up.

Zach Davis: Must we fight already?

Erin Robbins: I don’t know any other way, sorry Zach. Oh, and shut up.

As the crowd begins to settle down just a bit, “Feels Good Inc.” by Natural ICE Beckman hits the PA system and the fans all turn to look at the entrance area! But through the clouds of fake snow doesn’t come Natural ICE Beckman at first, rather a chorus line of dancing girls!

Zach Davis: It is the Natural ICE Beckman dancers!!

Erin Robbins: Look at these women and how much they love our new World Champion!

Zach Davis: Not as much as they fans are loving those long legs on those dancing girls.

Erin Robbins: Keep it in your pants please Zach.

The dancers line both sides of the aisle before Natural ICE Beckman finally comes walking out of a huge reaction from the crowd. He finishes off a beer before tossing the empty into the fans and holding the WCF World Title over his shoulders for all the fans in the arena to see.

Zach Davis: There he is, our new World Champion, but other than that belt he stills seems like the same old drunk slob.

Erin Robbins: How dare you talk bad about our Champion! Don’t make me tell him that!

Zach Davis: I am just saying, Steve Orbit left some big shoes to fill and I don’t know if someone with his...shall we say, sketchy lifestyle can maintain the prestigious position.

Erin Robbins: Don’t be jealous Zach, you have enough issues already.

Natural ICE Beckman walks down the aisle, taking his time to let the moment truly sink in. He stops every now and then, which is mostly just answered with annoyed boos for the new champion.

Zach Davis: Doesn’t ICE feel a bit like his Championship is tainted? I mean he had to join the Vapor Kings and be mentored by that awful Buddy Roman in order to become the champ.

Erin Robbins: ICE did what he needed to do in order to get what he wanted. That is something to be proud of, not that you would know about that kind of stuff Zach. Now shut up, you are ruining this great moment for the fans at home.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring, the NEW WCF WORLD CHAMPION...NATURAL ICE BECKMAN!!

ICE Beckman waits as a few of the hot lady dancers hold up the ropes for him, and the rest of the dancers. ICE Beckman takes his place in the middle of the ring, and again raises the World Title high in the air; meanwhile the dancers make a straight line behind him. He pulls out of a mic from his jean’s back pocket and brings it to his face as the music comes to an end. ICE takes a moment as two different chants begin to form from the WCF fans...


That chant battles against another chant that is beginning to come up from the fans...


Zach Davis: The fans’ seem to be a mixed about this new world champion of ours.

Erin Robbins: Some of them seem to be morons, while others know what respect means.

ICE: I would say this time as me being The World Champ has been a long time coming, but we all know that just isn’t the truth. You see three fucking weeks into my time here at WCF Champion I won the United States Title! And ever since that moment I have been the Number One Topic for each and every one of the fans in these seats, the wrestlers in the back and the brass in the front office. And in that short time I have blazed through the WCF talent and no longer do I have to sit around here and listen to other WCF wrestlers tell me about their glory days and how I don’t measure up. Well, boys and girls in the back, time to admit that I not only do I measure up to past glories, I have surpassed them!!

Zach Davis: Now that is too much.

Erin Robbins: When you’re the World Champion, nothing can be thought of as too much.

ICE: You know the battles I have won. You know how I always brought my A game, week in and week out. Even in matches I knew would never make it to air or in matches where I was given a mental case as a team mate, every fucking week I stepped up like a champion and all my hard work paid off last Sunday at Ultimate Showdown when I put Steve in his place, on the mat, with his shoulders pinned for the ONE...TWO...THREE!!

Zach Davis: He did do that, I will admit that.

Erin Robbins: You should be doing more than that; you should be giving the Champ a standing ovation.

ICE: But it wasn’t just Steve I put into their place last week, but every other Champion in the WCF. I proved I am the King of the Kings and now it’s time to prove something else. I am ready to prove that I’m more than just the World Champ with a nice smile and an awesome sense of humor, I am the a Legend in the Making. So go home, find your winter coats, make a fire in the fireplace and get some hot soup ready for WCF...THE ICE AGE HAS COMETH! And by the time it is over, when I say it is over, the WCF will NEVER BE THE FUCKING SAME!

Zach Davis: Powerful words there, a lot for the WCF Champion to back up.

Erin Robbins: From what we have seen of Natural ICE Beckman so far, I think he just the kind of man who can make statements like that and truly back it up.

Zach Davis: Time will tell.

Erin Robbins: No, time will prove you wrong.

ICE Beckman takes another few moments to soak in the moment as the show continues.

Alex Richards Segment

Shaun Zach looks on in disbelief as a giant 5 feet by 3 feet card walks towards him.

Shaun Zach: What the...

A large grinning gentlemen sets the card down beside him. Alex Richards turns towards Shaun and says..

Alex Richards: You think he'll like the card?

Shaun Zach: Seeing as the front of the card says Get well soon Dr. Anus.

Shaun laughs

Shaun Zach: I think it's equally what he deserves.

Alex Richards: I couldnt agree more. In fact you wanna sign? I already did!

Alex opens the card off and the cheerful message with a giant smiley face beside it.. OR DIE IN A FIERY AUTO CRASH! greets us. We also see Alex's message. Good luck Dr. Anus break both legs.. again- The Archduke of Mass Confusion. Shaun looks amused as he signs the card.

Shaun Zach: You made this card yourself didn't you?

Alex Richards: I had to make sure it had the sort of love Dr. Anus deserves. It has sparkles, and hearts, and smiley faces, and flowers. I want the good doctor to know he's missed. Because it's important he comes back soon. Because the sooner he gets better... the sooner I can send him back to the hospital. Hey, you think I can get those goons to sign it?

Shaun Zach: I don't know if they can write.

Alex Richards: I don't want them to sign in ink. I'm gonna make them sign it in blood. That sends the right message doesn't it?

Shaun Zach: Kind of morbid but we'll go with it.

Alex Richards: That's not morbid. If I were really morbid I would force them to call up the good doctor and sing I'm a little teapot.

Shaun Zach: That's not morbid. That's just strange.

Alex Richards: I get the two confused all the time on account of the fact I'm so strange. Speaking of strange I noticed my match this week. Why is it that after Ultimate Showdown Chelsea Armstrong has been getting to play spin the texas mickey with Ice Beckman and I find myelf paired up with Oblivion. You think Chelsea has any single friends I would love a girl with lime green hair!

Shaun looks like he wants to respond but is sort of dumbfounded.

Alex Richards: That just goes to show you, Dr. Anus among the many things he's awful at is a horrible match maker. He probably sent those goons in to make sure I was teaming up with Oblivion. He probably figures Oblivion and I are going to destroy each other. Well he should probably get his head out of his ass because that ain't gonna happen. Plus you know sticking your head up your own butt isn't good for the healing process. I don't know what Oblivion has planned. I don't trust the guy. But I know this I've faced him before and if we can happen to get along one of us could easily add the television title to our tag team championships. I'll bet Oblvion is a big Dexter fan..

Richards cuts off, and looks off to the side, focusing on something off screen. The camera pans over to show the Omega Man rocking back and forth on his heels. Alex raises an inquisitive eyebrow at the intrusion.

Alex Richards: Hello again, Jay. What brings you to my neck of the woods?

Jay Omega: Just tryin' to get the name and face out there. Hey, you wanna do me a flavour?

Omega holds up a six-pack of Whoop Ass beer, and offers it to Alex.

Jay Omega: Can you give this to the Manimal? There have been rumours floatin' around that Grayson Pierce has been pilfering his stash, and giving it away. And that's not cool, man. Not cool at all.

Richards puts on a very serious expression, and solemnly takes the cans from Omega.

Alex Richards: Sure, I can do that. But one thing first. You want to sign my card. It's for a good cause.

Jay shrugs, smirks then writes Avoid Apples- The Omega Man on the card.

Alex Richards: You want the camera? Still got a minute or so left.

Jay Omega: Sounds good.

Alex leaves the frame, and Omega waits until he's out of earshot before he turns his masked visage to the camera.

Jay Omega: Ah, We love a good prank! You're probably gonna see this sooner or later, Hyena, but by that time, it will be far too late to do anything about it. Hope you and Livewire can get along tonight, but something tells us that's not in the cards. You can take a joke, can't ya?

Omega starts laughing wildly and walks away from the camera.

No DQ Match
Ultimate Destroyer vs Isaiah Chavis

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is a NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH!

"Down With Us" by Twiztid begins to bump over the P.A. system, and Isaiah dances out onto the entrance ramp. He throws his fists in the air, and encourages the crowd to make more noise as he jumps up and down.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 215 pounds, and standing five feet, eleven inches tall. He hails from Detroit Michigan. He is the Juggalo Warrior... Isaiah Chavis!

Isaiah dances down to the bottom of the ramp, and stops. HE slaps the floor, and then raises his hands up, one making a "W" sign and one making a "C". He lets out a loud "Whoop whoop" which is returned by a small section of the crowd. He smiles at the group of painted fans before rolling under the bottom rope. He pops up and runs over to the corner. He leaps into the air, and lands on the top turnbuckle, using his hands only a little to steady himself. Once he finds his balance, he stands tall, throwing his fists up in the air as the crowd cheers. He lowers his arms, and does a backflip off the top rope, stumbling a bit, but landing on his feet. Isaiah leans against the turnbuckle with a cocky smirk as his music dies.

Erin Robbins: And there you see the "Juggalo Warrior" Isaiah Chavis who so far is 4 and 0...

Zach Davis: You mean 4 and Juggal-0?

Erin Robbins: ...okay. 4 and Juggal-0. Can he keep his undefeated streak going tonight?

Zach Davis: Well it certainly won't be easy.

Air raid sirens begin to play over the speakers as The Ultimate Destroyer races out from the back.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from The Wasteland, weighing in at 400 pounds and standing at 7 feet tall....THE ULTIMATE DESTROYER!

He slides into the ring and begins jumping around in a frenzy. He then grabs the ropes and shakes them like a mad man as Chavis looks on from outside the ring.

Zach Davis: It most certainly won't be easy! Look at the size of The Ultimate Destroyer!

Erin Robbins: Don't adjust your television screens folks, you're seeing right.

The referee is calling for Chavis to get into the ring so he can start the match, but Chavis seems like he wants to rethink things. The Destroyer grows tired of waiting and charges the ropes, quickly getting out to the ground. Chavis takes off before Destroyer can get his hands on him and the Destroyer gives chase. Chavis rounds the corner and heads right for the steel steps. Chavis leaps up onto them and then comes back at Destroyer with a moonsault. Destroyer sees it coming and catches Chavis mid-air with ease.

Zach Davis: The strength!

Destroyer points to the ring post and slams Chavis spine first into it as the referee demands they get into the ring. Destroyer backs up and slams Chavis into the ring post a second time before dumping him onto the apron and rolling him into the ring. The big man slides into the ring and heads for his corner, a bit of a smile on his face as the referee checks on Chavis. Destroyer is demanding the bell be rung but the referee is waiting for Chavis to get to his feet.

Erin Robbins: Is this match even going to take place?

Chavis able to get himself upright and he motions that he's good to go even though he looks ready to fall over.


Zach Davis: There goes the bell!

At the sound of the bell The Destroyer runs straight at Chavis.

Erin Robbins: And there goes The Destroyer!

The Destroyer leaps into the air, looking to squash Chavis into the turnbuckles. Chavis sees him coming and ducks out of the way. Destroyer crashes face first into the top turnbuckle and Chavis quickly goes to work with kicks to the back and to the legs. The referee starts up a five count and Chavis backs off only to charge and connect with a dropkick to the small of the back. Down goes the Destroyer and Chavis runs across the ring and hits the ropes. Back comes Chavis and he hits a baseball slide to the ribs that sends Destroyer rolling out of the ring and to the ground. The crowd is fired up as Chavis watches Destroyer start to get back up to his feet and run to hit the ropes a second time. Back comes Chavis and he dives through the top and middle ropes and drives Destroyer back into the barricade with a suicide dive.

Zach Davis: What offense!

Erin Robbins: It's what Chavis is going to need to do if he wants to win this match. Use his speed to keep the big man off his feet.

Destroyer left laid up against the barricade as Chavis goes under the ring and pulls out a pair of folding chairs. He drops one to the ground and uses the second to slam into the midsection of Destroyer. Destroyer still up on his feet and Chavis cracks him over the head with the chair. The big man drops to his knees holding his head as Chavis sets up the chair in his hands in front of Destroyer and grabs the second chair. Chavis now heading away from Destroyer as he tries to get himself up.

Zach Davis: What is Chavis thinking here?

Destroyer up on his feet looking dazed and Chavis charges him. Chavis leaping up onto and then off the set up chair and he brings the chair in his hands square on top of Destroyer's head with a sickening smash.

Erin Robbins: Oh my god!

Chavis looking at the chair in his hands and then back down at Destroyer. Chavis slams it down onto his chest and leaves it as he pulls the set up chair closer. With the crowd on their feet, Chavis takes a few steps back and then runs for the chair. He jumps from the chair to the barricade and then moonsaults off of it onto Destroyer.

Zach Davis: Triple jump moonsault!

Chavis left holding onto his chest after hitting the chair but Destroyer obviously took the worst of it. Chavis pushes himself up to his feet and then realizes he has to get the 400 pound Destroyer into the ring if he wants to win this match.

Erin Robbins: All that work Chavis put into putting the big man down has paid off but how is he going to get him into the ring? That's 400 pounds of dead weight and Chavis isn't exactly a body builder.

Chavis grabs Destroyer by his ankles and pulls him toward the ring. That alone seems to have Chavis needing a break but he isn't stopping as he grabs Destroyer by the head and tries to pull him upright. Destroyer gets himself a second wind and shoves Chavis backfirst into the apron but immediately grabs for his ribs. Chavis comes back after him and gets a forearm shot to the face. Destroyer now grabbing Chavis by the face and he hits him with repeated forearms to the face. Chavis left looking out of it as Destroyer doubles him over with a knee to the gut before pulling him in for a powerbomb. Destroyer pointing at the apron as the fans get to their feet.

Zach Davis: Oh no! He'll break Chavis' back!

Destroyer lifts Chavis up and starts to go for the powerbomb when Chavis lays into his head with right hands. Chavis able to get himself free and he drops to the ground, continuing with the right hands. Destroyer covers himself up and Chavis grabs him by the arm before whipping him toward the steel steps. Destroyer hits them and sends the top half flying as he trips over them. Chavis starts to go after him when he stops and grabs a chair. Destroyer crawling toward the Spanish announce table as Chavis stalks him.

Erin Robbins: And The Destroyer is trying to pull himself up using our rarely talked about and never mentioned Spanish announce table.

Zach Davis: I wonder how this is going to end?

Destroyer pulling himself upright using the edge of the table when Chavis slams the chair into his back. Destroyer trying to stay on his feet as Chavis lays into him a second time. Then a third time. Destroyer trying to turn himself around to defend himself and catches a shot to the gut. Destroyer now laid up against the table, barely able to stand as Chavis looks to the ring.

Erin Robbins: I do not like the look in his eyes!

Chavis heads for the apron and scrambles up to the top rope, chair in hand. The crowd pops as Chavis yells out to get Destroyer's attention. Destroyer looks around in a daze then up at Chavis and Chavis throws the chair to him. Out of instinct Destroyer catches and seems happy he didn't get up. Chavis leaps off the top from, flipping through the air and connecting with a somersault senton into the chair, bashing it into Destroyer's face.


Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!

Chavis ends up taking out one of the Spanish announcers as he bounces off of Destroyer and over the table. Destroyer is pushed up onto the table and isn't moving as officials run to check on both. Chavis is pulling himself up, holding the back of his head. Destroyer's head comes off the table for a second before it flops back down. The referee finally does something as he slides out of the ring. It looks like he wants to call the match before Chavis pushes him aside and climbs up onto the table. Chavis grabs Destroyer by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Chavis leaps up and hooks an arm around Destroyer's head, looking for a DDT. Destroyer shoves him off and Chavis lands on his feet. Destroyer grabs him by the throat and goes for a chokeslam. He starts to get Chavis up when Chavis kicks him square in the groin.

Zach Davis: OW! My balls!

Erin Robbins: What? You didn't get hit!

Zach Davis: You're not a guy, you wouldn't understand!

Destroyer doubled over but Chavis pulls him back up before pulling him in and connecting with a downward spiral. The table collapses under both men as the referee pulls debris off of them.

Erin Robbins: When is this going to end? They're going to kill themselves!

Zach Davis: I'm not sure!

Chavis able to crawl out from under the broken table as The Destroyer is writhing in pain. Chavis grabs a chair and uses it like a crutch to get to his feet. He sees Destroyer still conscious and apparently isn't happy about that. Destroyer tries to sit up and Chavis nails him over the head with the chair. Chavis with a second shot to the head. Then a third. Chavis now throwing the chair onto his head before leaping up into the air and hitting him with a double foot stomp. The referee pushes Chavis away and pulls the chair off of Destroyer. The Destroyer's face is covered in blood and he's unconscious. Chavis starts to try and pull him up when the referee again pushes him away and calls for the bell.

Erin Robbins: What's this?

Kyle Steel joins the referee and listens to what he has to say.

Zach Davis: The referee has declared that The Ultimate Destroyer is unable to continue with this match. Therefore, your winner....THE JUGGALO WARRIOR ISAIAH CHAVIS!

"Down With Us" hits the speakers as Chavis raises his arm in victory. The referee is calling for help for Destroyer as he tries to sit up but falls back down.

Erin Robbins: So Isaiah Chavis moves to 5 and 0...

Zach Davis: You mean 5 and Juggal-0.

Erin Robbins: ...while The Ultimate Destroyer loses after one hell of a beating. It took everything Chavis had and then more to put him down.

Zach Davis: Indeed. A hell of a tough showing by Destroyer but it just wasn't enough to counter the hardcore ability of Chavis,

Slam goes to commercial as Chavis heads for the ramp.

Mech-Ana/Seth Lerch Segment

Backstage at the arena, an un-surprisingly drunk Seth Lerch is attempting to hit on a rather pretty young production assistant... She seems to be smiling and humoring him, but her expression quickly changes to one of shock and fear. As Ana Valentine walks up behind Seth, she leans in, grabbing him with the Mech arm and tightens her grip just enough to cause Seth to yelp in pain and turn around.

Ana Valentine: What the hell is wrong with you?!

Seth Lerch: I have... no idea what you're talking about...

Seth kinda half laughs thinking he's being clever, so Ana tilts her head to the side with a blink and tightens her grip on his shoulder, her eyes have a slight hue of violet above the bandanna and Seth's yelp turns to more of a shriek in pain as the biometric fingers push into his shoulder joint.

Ana Valentine: This is not a joke you pathetic little Troll...

Ana releases his shoulder and points squarely between his legs with a slow nod, before holding her mech arm up and this time visually showing him the vice like snap in the wiring between her muscles.

Ana Valentine: One more match with the fucking Borg and you become a eunuch....

Seth swallows hard, as if suddenly sobering up and Ana leans in real close, her eyes really beginning to glow now as the mech feels the taste of violence within her and pushes to break out.

Ana Valentine: Still have no idea what i'm talking about?

Ana then backs away a few steps before again pointing at the area under threat, before turning away and walking off down the hall, the mech hand flexing repeatedly at her side.

Caliban/Cormack MacNeill vs BioWalker

We come back from commercial and BioWalker is already in the ring, as is Cormack MacNeill.

"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water"

A voice that sounds kind of like Bruce Lee rings out through the arena answered by another older voice telling the people that this is not an easy thing to do, a samurai inspired instrumental with a hip hop beat plays across the arena as Caliban and Sinnesy Rose emerge from the curtain. Caliban is calm, his face intense hiding all the egotistical swagger that lies beneath, he drops to a knee and beckons the camera in close before holding up his fists showing the "here goes" tattooed across them, he then jumps up to his feet leaping high into the air and coming down with a massive bang and a pyro of flames screaming at the top of his voice


Kyle Steel: Making his way to ring at this time, Hailing from Coleraine, Northern Ireland, being accompanied by Sinnesy Rose! representing Sequitus! HE IS THE ARTFUL DODGER OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING, THE NEW AGE LIBERTINE J.P. CALIBAN!!!!

Sinney stands behind him smiling at his behaviour, he is basically bouncing as he makes his way from the stage getting in the face of the crowd, he reaches the bottom of the ramp and Cali runs at the ring jumping and sliding in feet first followed by a quick kip up into a standing corkscrew back flip landing back on his feet. The entrance ends with Caliban sitting on the top rope with Sinnesy playing with his hair on the apron. Both are waiting watching the opponent intently.

Zach Davis: Here we go!

The bell sounds and Caliban starts for his team. He runs at an unsuspecting Biohazard and Clotheslines him down viciously. Caliban starts stomping away at the beloved freak.

Erin Robbins: Caliban looking very intense right out of the gate here.

After several stomps Caliban lifts Biohazard up and hits Bio with several forearms. Caliban then throws Biohazard across the ropes and runs at him, he hits a Dropsault!

Zach Davis: Caliban takes Bio down yet again!

Caliban is up and lifts Bio up with him. He puts Biohazard into a Full Nelson then Suplexes him!, lifts him back up.. then hits a German!

Erin Robbins: OOF! Caliban is going for one of his favorite sequences here.

And ANOTHER German.

....AND ONE MORE GERMAN, this time with a bridge pin!



Zach Davis: No! Tyler Walker breaks it up!

Walker broke up the pin, saving it for BioWalker. Caliban gets up and angrily kicks Walker right in the gut. He then lifts him up and hits his Crack A Smile Jawbreaker!

Erin Robbins: Oof! That's what Walker gets for saving his friend.

Biohazard has stumbled up and Caliban catches him WITH A SUPERKICK!


Calian isn't done. He climbs to the top and looks around for a few moments before flying off...


Into the pin.





Zach Davis: And Cormack MacNeill didn't even have to get his hands dirty!

The bell sounds as Cormack enters the ring. The referee raises both his and Caliban's hands high in the air.

New Confederacy Segment

With a hiss and squeal of air brakes, a tractor-trailer with the name CON-WAY emblazoned on it comes to a halt in front of the Verizon Wireless arena. The passenger door opens, and two disheveled figures climb out: Doc Henry and Johnny Reb. A brief exchange of words, a friendly wave, and our intrepid heroes make their way inside.

Jonny Reb: Damn good thing you had that homin' beacon implanted in your ass! I was afraid we was toast.

Doc Henry: Yeah... me, too. C'mon, let's find them damn androids.

The Inveterate Confederate checks his watch.

Jonny Reb: Better hurry. Almost time.

Doc Henry: Well, evil robot us-es shouldn't be hard to locate. Maybe... in there...

Henry points to a door with a hand-lettered piece of notebook paper taped to it, reading "New Confederacy." Johnny grabs something out of his duffel bag that looks an awful lot like a portable radio from about 1965 with a small satellite dish stuck on top. Doc pushes the door open, and the two proceed into what is basically a glorified public restroom -- only to find it completely deserted. They look at each other, shrug, and go on with their search, prowling the back halls of the arena.

Jonny Reb: Remember, we need 'em both together. I only got one shot with this thing, so it's gotta count.

Doc Henry: Why don't we just let 'em get in the ring, then take out them AND our opponents?

Johnny shakes his head.

Jonny Reb: One, we ain't got enough juice. Two, that ain't fair.

Doc Henry: What's fair about puttin' two flesh-an'-blood human folks in a match with cyborgs in the first place? Robot you was right -- Lerch is tryin' to kill us. Don't ya remember what happened at Blast?

Johnny chews on that one for a moment.

Jonny Reb: All right, ya might have a point. But... we're gonna do this the right way, or it ain't gettin' done.

The Southern Rogue rolls his eyes, but doesn't argue. They walk on, drawing ever nearer the muted sounds of the cheering audience; until, at last, they reach the gorilla area. Johnnybot and RoboDoc are standing there, still as statues, which is exactly as creepy as it sounds, since they are completely alone. Reb and Doc take cover behind a stack of steel folding chairs. Johnny promptly sets to twisting knobs on the device. Yellow lights blink on and off.

Doc Henry: What're ya waitin' for? Hit 'em!

Jonny Reb: It takes a minute to power up.

Meanwhile, some unseen cue wakes the robots from their catatonia. In perfect unison, they blink, loosen up stiff mechanical joints, and take a single step forward. Doc realizes that time has just run out, but of the five blinking lights on Johnny's device, four are steady green. The last obstinately continues to flash yellow. It's time for a distraction, and clearly, the responsibility falls to Doc Henry. With as much drama as he can muster, he steps out from behind the inadequate hiding place.

Doc Henry: Hey! Evil robot dudes!

Two heads swivel in his direction; two identical sneers appear on borrowed faces. As one, they move toward Doc, who just stands there like bait.

Doc Henry: Any time, Johnny...

Two pairs of hands reach for the Southern Rogue, closer and closer, nearly touching him. And then...

Jonny Reb: Fire in the hole!

The device slides noisily across the bare concrete floor, all five lights now steady green. It has barely come to a stop, just at the feet of the robot doppelgangers, when it emits a high-pitched tone that seems to go on and on. The androids have just enough time to exchange a worried glance before a wave of energy sweeps the backstage area. About half the lights go out, and the concussive force knocks over several stacks of random equipment. Most importantly, however, RoboDoc and Johnnybot immediately cease to function.

Doc picks himself up off the floor, while Johnny -- well outside the blast radius -- wanders over, looking satisfied.

Jonny Reb: Told ya it'd work.

The Southern Rogue simply raises an eyebrow and looks at his partner with something approaching incredulity. For a moment, it seems he's about to offer a smartass comment. Then, deciding it isn't really worth it, he just shakes his head and adopts a long-suffering expression.

Doc Henry: Let's just go get ready for this match.

Scott Savage/Mech-Ana Segment

Backstage at the WCF arena, Scott Savage stands leaning against the wall in a non-descript hallway. As he watches people passing, he notices Ana Valentine in her 'street clothes' a hood pulled all the way up and over casting half her face in shadow and a bandanna with a black dragon on it tied across the lower half of her face.

Scott scoffs and Ana pauses, she takes one step back to catch Scott's eye, her own eyes narrow almost immediately as they make eye contact. She turns slightly as if she is going to say something, but thinks better of it, turning back to walk off.

Scott Savage: Oh, maybe the fire damaged your memory. I would think Scott Savage would get more of a reaction than that. Maybe you need another reboot.

Ana stops again, turning back to face Savage she takes two long steps towards him, as she tilts her head back to look up at him, a low hue of violet begins to build behind her eyes, she snarls slightly beneath the bandanna but the sound can still be heard as she regards him with an absolute hatred...

Ana Valentine: I remember YOU perfectly well... Unfortunately....

As Ana moves to turn away, not looking to fight, Scott grabs her shoulder, turning her back. The mech arm moves almost entirely on instinct to wrap around his throat, the grip is soft as first and Scott laughs, mocking her.

Scott Savage: Really Ana? I admire your tenacity, but I highly doubt-

His eyes widen as the grip tightens and becomes like a vice, squeezing slightly at first, Ana slams him back against the wall... Her eyes begin to glow brighter as she growls out her words.

Ana Valentine: I remember your hand wrapped around my throat just like this Scott....

Her grip tightens still, her eyes almost entirely violet now and her body beginning to lock, as if making the change to the mech... Scott's face begins to turn bright red and the mech arm squeezes tighter again.

Ana Valentine: I remember the fear, as you stole the very life from my body... The absolute feeling of helplessness as I was too weak too fight....

Scott's arms begin to go limp at his sides as the mech arm tightens it's grip still... Ana closes her eyes for a second and when they open, the almost laser-light behind the pupils causes Scott to screw his eyes up save from feeling blinded. He begins to rasp, gasping desperately for air as the mechanical whir of the arm coming full into play grips him.

Mech-Ana: WE remember your laughter... As you left her to die....

The arm releases Scott who slumps to the floor, his hands grabbing and holding his throat, protecting it as Mech-Ana turns and walks away, the light behind her eyes slowly dimming as more and more distance comes between them. A single tear drips down Scott's face, as a smile drifts across it.

Scott Savage: She's... so beautiful... absolutely perfect.

Mech-Ana/Lone Borg Drone vs The New Confederacy

Zach Davis: And next up, possibly one of the most anticipated matches of the night --

Erin Robbins: Are you kidding, Zach? It's a freakshow. Cyborgs, time travelers... I feel like we're watching the SyFy network.

Zach Davis: Did we forget to take our Midol this evening, Erin?

Kyle Steel: First to the ring, from an undisclosed lab location... Mech-Ana!

Hemotopia by Otep plays over the PA as the lights shut down leaving one spotlight on the stage. A metal casket gets wheeled out on stage by faceless assistants before being taken down to the ring. One of them walks around to the front and opens the doors with a key. The doors slowly open with smoke flowing from the inside as Mech-Ana "activates". Her head suddenly shoots up as she walks from her metal home sliding into the ring and to her feet.

Erin Robbins: Last week, Mech-Ana all but deleted her opponent... who returns this week as her tag team partner! They might be machines, but I bet, under all that circuitry, there's some bad blood... Or maybe it's transmission fluid.

Kyle Steel: And her partner -- hailing from the Delta Quadrant, weighing in at 288 pounds, and accompanied by the Assimilated Klingon... Lone Borg Drone!

"We Are The Borg (Dark Version)" by Starship Edelweiss plays over the PA. The Drone and a female Klingon step onto the stage to a chorus of boos from the crowd. For a moment, they stand there, looking around with expressionless faces. Ignoring the negative response, the pair stalks down the ramp; pausing now and again to examine a fan at random, as if for potential assimilation. With a litheness that belies her Borg status, the Klingon leaps onto the ring apron and parts the ropes. LBD climbs in and goes straight for his corner without any theatrics.

Zach Davis: That is terrifying. Now there are two of them. Erin, I'm starting to suspect there might be a Borg Cube orbiting the Earth...

Erin Robbins: If it's any consolation, Zach, you're probably the last person they'd want to assimilate.

Zach Davis: Yeah, actually -- hey! What's that supposed to mean?

Kyle Steel: And their opponents... hailing from the Deep South, at a combined weight of 450 pounds... The New Confederacy!

"Renegade" by Styx begins to play over the PA system as Johnny Reb and Doc Henry step out onto the stage. The audience goes completely nuts. Images of past matches play on the Jumbotron, while both men make their way down the ramp, working the crowd at ringside. Doc mounts the ring steps in a dignified manner, while Johnny slips through the ropes. Both men take a moment to pose for the fans, before going to their corner to confer.

The bell rings. Doc starts for his team, and the Lone Borg Drone for his. The two trade rights in the middle of the ring, but the Borg's supressed pain receptors enable him to get the upper hand. A backhand chop sends Doc staggering a few steps backward. The Southern Rogue shakes it off and comes back with a European uppercut. LBD no-sells, but walks straight into a superkick that turns his head.

Erin Robbins: This is not going to be an easy one for Doc. Everyone knows the Borg are the superior life form in the universe... as that hip toss just proved. There's the cover...


TW -- NO! Kickout by Doc Henry!

Zach Davis: A little too early to go for a pin, but if the Borg's goal is to wear down his human opponent, that's the way to do it.

Doc is on his feet now, stalking the Borg Drone, watching for just the right moment. He launches himself with a crossbody that drops the Drone to the mat. Now it's Doc's turn to cover, but the Borg kicks out before the ref can even start the count.

Erin Robbins: Both competitors back on their feet, and both looking a little worse for the wear. Clothesline from Lone Borg Drone! He knocks Doc Henry into the ropes...

Zach Davis: But Doc's an experienced veteran with superb ring awareness. He turns the situation to his advantage with a flying back elbow that knocked the taste out of LBD's mouth! The Borg looks like he's going to retaliate -- but no! He tags in his partner instead!

The mostly mechanical creation formerly known as Ana Valentine vaults over the ropes in a display of inhuman agility. She's across the ring in an instant, and brings a double axe handle smash down between Doc's shoulderblades before he can react. Johnny Reb extends a hand over the ropes, urging his partner to tag him in. Mech-Ana lifts Doc to his feet and whips him into her own corner. LBD immediately grabs hold of Henry; Mech­-Ana sets to work just beating the living hell out of him.

Erin Robbins: This is the last place Doc Henry wants to be right now, Zach.

Zach Davis: It sure as hell isn't the Neutral Zone, Erin. Even the referee is hesitant to interfere... but here comes Johnny Reb!

The Inveterate Confederate dashes across the ring, grabs Mech-Ana by the shoulder, and spins her around to face him. Without missing a beat, she rains punches down on Reb instead. Doc takes advantage of the opening and smashes his elbow into LBD's face, forcing the Drone to release him. It doesn't take long for the situation to escalate.

Erin Robbins: It's an all-out brawl in the ring! Reb and Doc are trading punches with LBD and Ana! It's total chaos in there!

So chaotic, in fact, that a second referee comes running out from the back and practically flies into the ring. The two of them are required to pull the Confederates off the cyborgs. In moments, however, Johnny and LBD are back on the outside, impatiently awaiting their respective turns. Doc doubles Mech-Ana over with a knee to the midsection...

Zach Davis: Pedigree! Pedigree from Doc Henry! Now he sets up for the Gambler's Hand...and... HITS IT! Doc with the cover!

ONE ...

TWO ...

THR -- NO!!

Erin Robbins: And Ana kicks out. He had to know it wasn't going to be that easy, Zach.

Doc is on his feet first, half-crouching and waiting for Ana to stand once more. He goes for a spear -- but Mech-Ana's superhuman reflexes allow her to sidestep. Henry barely manages to save himself from going through the ropes and crashing onto the floor.

Zach Davis: Oooh! That was a close one. Now Mech-Ana rushes at Doc; but Doc sees her coming and counters with a chop across the chest!

And before she can recover, Doc grabs Ana by the hair and proceeds to drag her face along the top rope.

Erin Robbins: Oh my god! That's brutal!

Zach Davis: Not as brutal as it's going to be, if either of these cyborgs have their way...

Doc's vicious assault brings him nearer the New Confederacy corner. His patience exhausted, Johnny reaches over and tags himself in. While Doc maintains his hold on Mech-Ana's hair, Reb climbs onto the turnbuckles and nails the cyber-lady with a diving fist drop.

Erin Robbins: And Reb with the pin now... only a one-count. Ana had the presence of mind to get her foot on the bottom rope. Now it's her turn to take out a little frustration on the Inveterate One!

A Kesagiri chop is followed in quick succession by another...and another... each impact driving Johnny away from the ropes. Satisfied she's softened Reb up enough, Mech-Ana sets him up for a Gorilla Press; but Johnny fights out of it and goes for the facelock. He's about to nail the DDT when Ana uses her considerably enhanced strength to simply shove him away. Johnny staggers backward across the ring. He hits the ropes and bounces off, ducking a stiff clothesline that probably would have decapitated him.

Zach Davis: Now Reb with a crossbody... he hits it -- but it has seemingly no effect on the cybernetic woman!

Erin Robbins: Johnny changes tactics now, and takes Ana down with a Snapmare. Looks like he's going for the Sweet Water Sleeper...

Indeed, he is. But before he can get it locked in tight, Mech-Ana slips out of his grip. She nails Johnny with an elbow to the face and lifts him to his feet. She sets him up...

Zach Davis: Argentine Facebuster! Johnny Reb is down! Mech-Ana covers...

ONE ...

TWO ...

NO! Reb gets his shoulder off the mat. Ana rocks back on her knees, glaring at the referee. Johnny rolls to his feet and runs for his own corner, slapping Doc's outstretched hand. Mech-Ana follows -- and is met with a double missle dropkick. Unwilling to give her a chance to get back up, Johnny proceeds to curb stomp Ana, while Doc climbs the turnbuckle. As soon as Reb is clear, Doc launches himself from the top...

Erin Robbins: Nobody home! Doc Henry gets a faceful of canvas!

Zach Davis: You don't have to sound quite so happy about that.

Erin Robbins: Why? I can't stand that dumb redneck.

Meanwhile, Ana seeks to capitalize on her advantage. She backs across the ring, near her own corner, looking to get a running start; out of nowhere, Lone Borg Drone slaps her shoulder. Mech-Ana shoots him a look that would fry the circuits of a lesser machine. Without affecting to notice, he slips between the ropes and stalks Doc Henry. The Southern Rogue gets to his feet, and --

Zach Davis: Oooh! Big boot right to the face! I think it's lights out for this Confederate!

Doc's eyes roll back in his head. He slumps against the ropes, then slides through and hits the mats on the outside. LBD isn't about to let it end here; he drops out of the ring, only to be met by a determined Johnny Reb -- who has something in his hand. Reb swings, and connects with what appears to be a tin can of some sort. The Drone staggers; Reb checks on his partner. Doc is woozy, but conscious. Johnny gets his attention, shows Doc the can. Doc grins, nods, and pulls the tab.

Erin Robbins: This again?

Oh, yeah. This again. Doc upends the can of collard greens and dumps the contents down his throat. Well, actually, owing to the laws of physics and whatnot, most of it ends up on his chest or the floor...but it does the trick. Tossing the empty can aside, Doc smiles broadly and flexes his biceps. You can practically hear the music from Popeye as he leaps onto the ring apron with renewed vitality. He turns to face the cheering crowd as he waits for LBD to rejoin him in the ring.

As soon as the Borg's boots hit the canvas, Doc goes on the offensive with a flurry of fists that might have come straight out of a Shaw Brothers film.

Zach Davis: Yeah! Go Doc! Whoo!

Erin Robbins: Aren't you supposed to be, you know... impartial?

Zach Davis: Hey, I don't want to get assimilated...

The Drone swings a huge haymaker at Doc, who, in his heightened state of awareness, is able to avoid it and return one of his own. Capitalizing on the situation, he grabs the Borg, lifts him up, and exectues a picture-perfect German suplex; the impact of which shakes the entire ring. He follows it up with the Gambler's Hand.

Erin Robbins: Doc with the Gambler's Hand, and a pin attempt...

ONE ...

TWO ...

And out of nowhere, the Drone is yanked out of the ring. Doc looks up to see the Klingon female standing protectively in front of LBD, eyes narrowed, teeth bared. Her fingers brush against the D'k tahg strapped to her thigh, very subtle for a Klingon -- especially a female. She stands her ground until the referee threatens to have her ejected from ringside. While the Drone takes his time getting back in the ring, Doc moseys over to his corner and tags Johnny Reb.

Reb rushes to the Borg and slaps him across the face. This elicits some moderate confusion, enabling Johnny to get in a solid right. Without wasting a second, Johnny grabs the Drone's hand, twists the arm, and ascends the ropes. He takes a few steps, then drops down and pulls LBD into a modified abdominal stretch.

Zach Davis: STARS AND BARS! Johnny's got it locked in! This could be over!

Erin Robbins: I think you spoke too soon, Zach. Here comes Mech-Ana!

Ana storms across the ring, grabs Reb's arm, and wrenches his grip loose from her partner. For good measure, she kicks him in the back of the knee before she turns and walks right back to the corner. No emotion registers at all.

LBD moves to lift a kneeling Johnny Reb into a Torture Rack; Reb elbows the Drone in the head until he is forced to let go. Johnny hits the ropes, lets the momentum take him across the ring, bounces off the opposing ropes, and nails the Borg with a clothesline that nearly sends him tumbling out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Business is picking up now!

Indeed, it is. The Inveterate Confederate lifts up LBD as if to execute a powerbomb, while Doc slips into the ring and gets into position. Johnny slams the Borg down hard across Doc's knees, with Henry adding force and momentum of his own.

Erin Robbins: Confederate Railroad! This match is over!

Reb covers, with Doc waiting nearby to intercept any attempts at interference.

ONE ...

TWO ...


"Renegade" by Styx hits the PA as the referee raises Doc and Johnny's arms to the cheering of the crowd.

Zach Davis: That's it! The New Confederacy takes home another victory -- bringing themselves just one step closer to becoming four-time tag team champions!

Hyena/Alex Richards Segment

Backstage, in one of the non-descript hallways, Alex Richards pushes open a door, and finds a fuming Hyena stalking back and forth in an empty locker room, clenching and unclenching his fists. Hyena comes to a halt as he lays eyes on Richards, and glowers at him.

Hyena: What the hell do you want?

Richards holds up five beer cans dangling from plastic loops, the plain red label clearly stating "Whoop Ass". Hyena's eyes widen in barely controlled anger.

Hyena: Where the fuck did you get that?

Alex shrugs offhandedly, and sets the beer on the ground.

Alex Richards: You haven't heard people saying Livewire's been handing it out? I just figured you should know, since it's not cool to mess with a man's booze.

Hyena's face contorts into a mask of rage, and he brushes past Richards, disappearing out into the hallway. Alex watches him stalk away, then glances down at the five cans near his feet. With another shrug, he takes up the beer, pulls a can free, then looks at the camera.

Alex Richards: Might as well. Stuff's pretty good.

Richards pops the top, takes a swig, then nods to him self. He raises the can to the camera in a toast, then walks off down the hall, in the direction opposite of Hyena's.

Robert Wolf vs Steeltoe Joe

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL!

The lights dim as Wrecking Ball blasts over the PA system and the camera searches the crowd till Wolf and Morrigan can be seen making their way down through the crowd towards ringside. As Wolf gets to the barricade it climbs up on it and looks around before jumping down and lifting Morrigan over it.

Kyle Steel: Haling from Horsham, England via way of Toronto, Canada and now residing in Chicago, Michigan... ROBERT WOLF!

Wolf slides in to the ring under the bottom rope and stands in one of the corners before taking his hoodie off and handing it to Morrigan as he waits for the match to start.

Erin Robbins: Wolf is coming off of a loss to Michael Easton at Ultimate Showdown. Tonight he'll try to make an impact against a returning WCF hero, Steeltoe Joe.

Zach Davis: Hero? Maybe once upon a time.

The Arena Goes Dark, and then all simultaneously "Radioactive" by the Imagine Dragons starts to play as blue and white neon lights flicker and pulse to the beat of the music. Fog fills up the entrance ramp as Steeltoe Joe comes walking out of the midst of the fog. Joe looks around at all the fans who once cheered him... Booing him as loud as they can. You can tell there is no longer any love for the "People's Pastor."

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Stockton, California... weighing two hundred and seventy-two pounds... STEELTOE JOE!

Joe walks slow and meticulously down the ramp, he jumps up and down like he is loosening up for his match. He steps up the ring steps and then climbs the turnbuckle closest to him. Joe points to the sky and then raises his arms in victory. Joe then jumps down and poses his massive muscles to the camera as he pulls on the ring rope, stretching for his match.

Zach Davis: STJ won a People's Title contendership match last week. He'll be looking to build some momentum tonight, heading into his imminent clash with Chelsea Armstrong.

Erin Robbins: Steeltoe Joe is considered one of the greatest People's Champions of all time, but Chelsea has made her name with that title-- their match is sure to be a classic. But before that, he faces Robert Wolf-- now!


STJ and Wolf circle each other for a few moments before locking up in the center of the ring. STJ puts Wolf in a side headlock-- Wolf shoves him off, but STJ grabs his arm and drops him with a short-arm clothesline. Wolf rolls back to his feet quickly, and STJ kicks him in the gut, followed by another kick to the gut, and then a headbutt. Wolf stumbles back and STJ floors him with a big right hand. Joe pins Wolf.


Zach Davis: STJ trying to end it early! Kickout at one.

Erin Robbins: Steeltoe Joe with the size advantage, which is so often the case in his matches.

STJ pulls Wolf to his feet but Wolf elbows his way out, creating seperation. STJ tries to grab him again but Wolf kicks him in the knee. STJ tries to close in but Wolf keeps him at a distance with repeated kicks to the knee and upper thigh.

Zach Davis: That's the way to do it. Keep your distance and attack the legs.

Finally STJ's leg gives out and he falls to a knee-- Wolf plants him with a reverse STO. Now he drops a knee to the back of Joe's neck, followed by another. Joe rolls over and is about to sit up but Wolf hits a twisting elbow drop. He covers STJ.


Erin Robbins: No, kickout before two!

Wolf puts STJ in a reverse chinlock. Wolf wrenches the hold tigher as STJ tries to pry his arms off.

Zach Davis: Robert Wolf has come into this match with a sound strategy.

STJ pulls Wolf's arms off of his neck-- but Wolf leaps and digs his knee into STJ's back, causing Joe to weaken and the reverse chinlock is reapplied. After a few moments in the hold, STJ begins to get up. He gets to a knee, and then begins to stand. Wolf tightens the hold, but STJ with an elbow to the gut. STJ with another elbow and Wolf releases the hold. STJ turns around and swings a right hand, but Wolf dodges it and hits a jumping knee to the chin!

Erin Robbins: STJ dropped like a sack of bricks!

Wolf with the cover.



Zach Davis: Steeltoe Joe kicks out at two!

Wolf puts STJ in a front facelock and brings him to his feet. STJ breaks free but Wolf whips him into the corner. Wolf charges into the corner with a running cannonball senton!

Erin Robbin: Wrecking Ball Mark 1-- NO!

STJ dives out of the way! Wolf gets caught up in the ropes. STJ with a big boot to Wolf's skull and he falls to the mat. STJ with an elbowdrop. He hits the ropes and comes back with a Hulk Hogan leg drop, followed by the pin.



Zach Davis: Two count and Wolf kicks out.

STJ pulls Wolf to his feet and hits a scoop slam. Wolf is slow to his feet but he shoves STJ away and hits a chop to his chest. He hits another and then grabs STJ's arm and whips him to the ropes-- STJ ducks a discus clothesline, and comes back with a huge spear!

Zach Davis: OOF!

Erin Robbins: The Holy Flame just folded Robert Wolf in half!

STJ with the cover.



Erin Robbins: Wolf with the shoulder up!

STJ takes his time, soaking in boos from the crowd. Wolf slowly gets up, staggering. STJ grabs him and presses him over his head.

Zach Davis: Steeltoe Joe with a display of strength.

But Wolf shifts his weight and drops down behind Joe!

Erin Robbins: Double knee backbreaker by Robert Wolf!

Both men are laid out. STJ holds his back on the mat. Wolf tries to shake out the cobwebs.

Zach Davis: Wolf is back to his feet... and so is STJ!

Wolf measures up STJ.. and hits a superkick!

Zach Davis: LIGHTS OUT!

Erin Robbins: Here's the pin!





"Wrecking Ball" by Five Finger Death Punch hits the PA once again.

Zach Davis: Robert Wolf picks up a huge victory over WCF veteran Steeltoe Joe!

STJ rolls out of the ring while Wolf celebrates.

Erin Robbins: STJ gave it his all, as usual, but Robert Wolf picks up the win tonight. Congratulations to him!

Isaiah Chavis/Seth Lerch Segment

In the middle of the locker room, on a wooden bench sits Isaiah Chavis. He slowly wraps his wrists with white athletic tape as he mumble an old prayer that his mother taught him before he could even talk. He finishes with one wrist, and cuts off the tape. He begins the other, as Seth Lerch walks up next to him and leans against the lockers.

Seth Lerch: Chavis, right?

Isaiah Chavis: Uhhh, yeah-yes sir. Look… if this is about the TV title match two weeks ago I’m so-

Seth Lerch: I loved it.

Isaiah Chavis: -rry I don’t know what I was… wait huh?

Seth chuckles and tosses Isaiah a thick roll of cash wrapped in a rubber band. Chavis catches it, and looks at the man quizzically.

Seth Lerch: Tell you what… I like you, so I’ll make you a deal. You keep making Scott Savage’s life hell, and there will be plenty more where that came from.

Seth walks off and out of the locker room before Isaiah can get any words together.

Isaiah Chavis: If you like me so much, why was I up against Ultimate Destroyer again?!

Alex Jones vs Anthony Douglas

Zach Davis: Here we go, a singles match between two of the newer faces of WCF

Erin Robbins: There has been bad blood between these two on twitter with Anthony Douglas' aggressive attitude prodding Alex Jones to say something....

The theme from "Saw" plays as flashing strobe lights hit the entrance. After a few moments the song builds to an end before...


Blue smock nancy's "unsettling differences" blasts through the PA. Alex Jones emerges from the back, his long black and blonde hair wet down his face as this head is covered by a killswitch engage hoodie. He makes his way down to the ring in black tights with various graphics on them, white knee pads and black boots with white kick pads, he makes his way down to the ring and leaps up on the apron before climbing the corner on the outside of the ring, he looks around and grabs the top rope jumping into the ring taking his hoodie off

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Dallas Texas, he stands six feet tall and weighs 225, he is the black dragon ALLLEX JOOONES

Erin Robbins: I like his hair....

Zach Davis: .....it looks like he can't decide what color he wants....

Anthony comes out wearing a full length black leather duster, fingerless gloves and sunglasses. He looks at the crowd and doesn't care for their reaction. He is stoic and emotionless.

He walks to the ring with little effort. He slides in from the bottom, removes his glasses and jacket, then watches the walkway from one of the far corners for his opponent to show up. He never takes his eyes off his opponent.

Kyle Steel: Standing in the ring, hailing from Marana Arizona, standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at 262 pounds....the wolverine...Anthony Douuuglas

Zach Davis: He's a very intense guy..and wow put together..he's only six foot one but he's 262 pounds of muscle

Erin Robbins: ......do we even have wellness testing?..he has to be roiding....

The bell rings and Alex bounces on the balls of his feet, Anthony flexes his huge muscles as they go to lock up, Alex gets thrown backwards across the ring, be rolls over his shoulder and back to his feet with a smirk as Anthony just scowls. They go to lock up again and again Douglas uses his superior strength and size to throw Alex back across the ring, Alex again rolls straight over and pops back up not looking concerned instead he just grins at the bigger man.

Alex shoots in with a stiff kick to Douglas' thigh and knee laying a few fast one's in as Douglas swings wildly. Jones uses his speed to duck under them and move fast, Alex ducks and takes Douglas down with a reverse waistlock, Douglas uses his strength to push up and throw Alex back, Alex slides across his knees and spins up to his feet running full speed at Douglas who ducks down and picks Alex up slamming him with full force with a spinebuster.

Erin Robbins: Wow Alex used his speed to start but Anthony Douglas is huge and was about to duck down and power him up

Zach Davis: That was impressive reflexes....

Anthony pulls Alex up by the hair and throws him into the corner, he slams in some hard forearms to Alex's face before grabbing his write and pulling him from the corner with a shortarm clothesline. Alex rolls away from Douglas but Douglas grabs Alex's leg and pulls him into the center of the ring, Alex rolls back and kips upwards wrapping his ankles around Douglas' head hitting a kip up rana sending Douglas through the ropes to the floor. Alex gets to his feet and sprints to the ropes and then across the ring hurling his body over the top rope flipping down onto Douglas

Erin Robbins: Alex goes airborne

Zach Davis: He showed his athletic ability there....wow....

Alex grabs Douglas by the wrestling gear and rolls him in the ring, he gets on the apron and measures Douglas up before going for a springboard crossbody, Douglas catches Alex and then slams him into his knee, he keeps hold before throwing Alex backwards in a fallaway slam, Alex holds his back in pain getting to his feet Douglas kicks him in the stomach and hits a snap ddt. Alex bounces off the mat and onto his back as Douglas goes for the pin



Alex kicks out

Erin Robbins: That was close!

Zach Davis: Alex's head just bounced off the mat

Douglas calls for Alex to get up and calls for the high heat(cutter), Alex shrugs him off and hits a low kick to Douglas' knee sending him down before snapping in some stiff shots to the chest, Douglas catches Alex's leg and trips him down going for a leg lock, Alex kicks Douglas off and kips up before leaping in the air hitting an enzugiri.

Zach Davis: Oh more athletic moves from Alex

Erin Robbins: Alex is definatly faster but Dougles is stronger and seems...unhinged.

Douglas ducks his head, avoiding the Enziguri, and takes Jones down with a Russian Legsweep. Douglas gets up.. and the lights go out.

Zach Davis: What the...

The Jumbotron lights up... and simply says SETH LERCH.

Erin Robbins: What is this?

Master of Puppets starts playing. Every video screen in the arena says one name. SETH LERCH. It's plastered everywhere as the lights are out and the fans boo heavily.

Zach Davis: Looks like Anthony has gotten Seth's attention!

It starts flashing, the kind of flashing that would mess up someone with epilepsy. SETH LERCH! flashes black and white everywhere. Until, suddenly, the lights come back on. Douglas is disoriented but Jones, knowing whatever just happened has nothing to do with him, isn't. Jones rolls up Douglas from behind.




Erin Robbins: JONES WINS IT!

The bell sounds as Jones quickly gets his arm raised and rolls out. Douglas gets up and is furious.

Zach Davis: Seth Lerch just cost Anthony Douglas a win here!, in the most obnoxious fashion possible.

Douglas stomps around before deciding to leave the ring.

Livewire Segment

The camera pans onto Grayson Pierce walking backstage through the arena.

Livewire: Hey man!

The crowd goes nuts as the New World Champion Ice Beckman comes onto the screen. The two men shake hands and give each other a bro-hug.

Livewire: I just wanted to congratulate you on the Win at Ultimate Showdown; that was kick ass!

Ice Beckman: Thanks man, you too on your match.

The two part ways after the quick interchange, but Beckman turns around and Livewire hears and does the same thing.

Ice Beckman: And I wouldn’t call it Kick Ass… I would say Whoop Ass, if you know what I mean.

Livewire politely laughs and the two part ways once again. Suddenly you see Livewire see a man and walks out of his way to see him

Livewire: Steve Orbit, I just wanted to offer my condolences on the loss of your title last week.

Orbit: I'm not signing autographs kid.

Livewire: I'm not looking for an autograph, I'm Grayson Pierce!

Steve looks unimpressed.

Steve Orbit: Is that supposed to mean somethin' to me?

Livewire: I'm the Livewire and I just wanted to tell you that it will be a pleasure to take that burden of a title off your waist and place it around mine when the time comes.

That being said Orbit turns to Pierce and grins, nodding his head.

Steve Orbit: Oh, so you're that kid who won the contenders match, right? Congratulations. But I'ma tell it to you straight, homie, that's as far as you get. There ain't no way I'm droppin' this Hardcore belt to a punk like you.

Livewire: We’re gonna have to wait and see about that, aren’t we?

Steve Orbit: Yeah. We will.

Orbit and Pierce face each other for a few moments. Over the PA a voice is heard saying.

Voice: Pierce, Hyena vs Omega and Easton in 5 minutes.

Steve Orbit: This is the part where you walk away.

Pierce begrudgingly walks away and finally reaches his destination. He gets to a door reading Livewire. He opens the door and is shocked to see a stack of cases labeled 'Whoop Ass Beer.' Gray smiles as he opens up a case, cracks open a can and takes a satisfying swig from it. He smiles and shows the label to the camera and winks.

Livewire: Ahhhh! Let's open up a can of Whoop Ass!

A shadow looms over the doorway, followed by a low growl. The camera swings over to show Hyena, eyes flaring and teeth bared as he stares daggers.

Hyena: What in the Sammy Davis Jesus Fuck are you doing?!

Livewire: Hey man, thanks for the brewskis. I'm glad there's no hard feelings.

Hyena takes a step closer with a snarl.

Hyena: You know what, I have no interest in being snarky about this, you fucking thief!!!

Hyena swings wildly at Gray, narrowly missing Pierce as the voice is heard over the loudspeaker.

Voice: Pierce and Hyena to the gorilla position now!

Livewire: She sounds pissed, we better go. Thanks again, man!

Pierce walks off and locks his door as Hyena stares at the door, looking like he's gonna tear it down, but then walks off towards the ringside area, muttering.

Hyena: The one material possession I actually prize and Love Whore has got to get his filthy meat-hooks on it. What is it with this place and good beer?

S-PAC Segment

“Night on Bald Mountain” plays over the P.A. system, immediately causing the crowd to boo. Scott Savage walks out from behind the curtain with a wide smile on his face. He struts to the ring, as the fans shower him with hate, some choose garbage. He walks slowly up the steps, and grabs a mic from the ringside attendant as his music dies.

Scott Savage: Ladies and gentlemen… I honestly shouldn’t even be out here in front of you right now.

The crowd roars their approval at this idea.

Scott Savage: However I have been bombarded by a deluge of people believing that the Savage Political Action Committee is falling apart, that we’re dying on the vine. The truth is quite the opposite. The Savage Political Action Committee has merely pruned the dead branches, so that we can grow stronger than ever before. We are changing and evolving, but make no mistake, we are far from death. In fact, with the distractions gone, the Savage Political Action Committee is poised for our most dominant era yet! Allow me to introduce to you the top tier talent that will be leading us into the future! Allow me to start with my special pet project. The most fearsome female WCF has ever witnessed. The mistress of destruction, the devourer of dreams, your peoples champion… Chelsea Armstrong!

Perfect Insanity by Disturbed plays over the PA, bringing another angry reaction from the crowd. Chelsea struts out onto the entrance ramp, the People’s title slung proudly over her shoulder. She smiles to the booing crowd, even winking at some of them mockingly. She rolls into the ring, and gives Scott a hug, before leaning against the turnbuckle, cocky smile affixed to her face.

Scott Savage: And now I would like to introduce the crown jewel of the Savage Political Action Committee, and the greatest undiscovered acting talent the world has ever seen. After Ultimate Showdown he is one week away from being the longest reigning WCF Cinema champion in history… King Leukemia, John Gable!

“Ozark Empire” by Listener booms over the P.A. bringing John gable out, and the loudest boo of the bunch from the capacity crowd. He lifts the Cinema title high over his head, a stoneface glare on his face. He hangs it back on his shoulder, and makes his way to the ring. At one point he gets too close to the barricade, and a fan takes a swing at him. Gable grabs the fan by the shirt and drags him over the railing, before stomping on him several times before security intervenes.

John Gable: Get that piece of garbage out of my arena!

The security team drags the man out, as Gable picks his belt back up and rolls into the ring. Chelsea and John stand on either side of Scott. The music dies, and Scott speaks again.

Scott Savage: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you the greatest incarnation of the Savage Political Action Committee the world has ever seen. We are the thing of ratings booms, and wrestler’s nightmares. We are the measuring stick. We are the Savage Political Action Committee!

All of a sudden Waylon Cash comes sprinting down the ramp, baseball bat in his hand. He slides under the bottom rope. Chelsea and Gable bail out quick enough, but Scott doesn’t, and catches a strike from the bat across his shoulder blades. He tumbles out of the ring. His clients help him up, and all three of them begin walking up the ramp. The crowd starts to chant for Waylon, but he grabs the mic and puts a stop to that.

Waylon Cash: Don’t you assholes DARE cheer me! You’re the ones that let this happen! Look at you! How many of y’all got S-PAC t-shirts on right now? How many of you perverts got a Chelsea Armstrong poster hangin’ above your bed right now?! You bought the merchandise, you’re the reason this man can do what he does! So listen and listen good you fuckin’ sheep, I don’t want your applause, I don’t want your congratulations on Twitter, what I want is for you morons to shut the fuck up, and watch me dismantle Scott Savage piece by piece.

Scott Savage gets to the stage at the top of the ramp and stops, mic still in hand.

Scott Savage: I didn’t figure you would want to do it this way Waylon, but that’s fine. Here’s how it goes, I am still technically your manager, as you have failed to dissolve our contract, like the coked up scatterbrain that you are. That being said, next week you will be facing someone who I am sure has what it takes to finally put you out of this business. Next week you will be facing Mech-Ana Valentine!

Waylon looks on in disbelief, as Scott laughs loudly, and S-PAC disappears behind the curtain.

Zach Davis: Wow, interesting announcement from Scott Savage… what do you make of all this Erin?

Erin Robbins: I warned viewers at Ultimate Showdown that these two colliding could cause shockwaves, and I think we’re seeing it here.

Jay Omega/Michael Easton vs Grayson Pierce/Hyena

Zach Davis: Well fans, this next match promises to be a volatile one, as the team of Michael Easton and Jay Omega take on Hyena, and the Livewire, Grayson Pierce. What are your thoughts, Erin?

Erin Robbins: I think Hyena and Pierce are going to fall apart, especially after what we just saw.

Zach Davis: There certainly is some obvious friction between those two. Do you think there might be similar problems between Omega and Easton?

Erin Robbins: I'm not sure. There's no love lost between them, but Easton's got a professional attitude, and Omega likes to win. They just might be able to work together, and pull this off.

"Get Got" by Death Grips plays over the stadiums sound system. Michael Easton steps out from behind the curtain and quickly walks down the entrance ramp, his eyes set on the ring.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring, from Albany, New York; weighing in at two hundred twenty-one pounds...MICHAEL EASTON!

The crowd boos and jeers, but he refuses to acknowledge their comments, he moves forward and ascends the steel steps before slipping between the top and middle rope.

Zach Davis: Michael Easton looks as focused as ever tonight, as he looks to continue his undefeated streak.

Erin Robbins: Four wins isn't exactly impressive.

Zach Davis: Let's not forget that one of those wins was an award-winhning match.

Erin Robbins: Yeah, because Omega was in it.

Zach Davis: I see he paid you off, again.

The arena lights dim, and bright green lights flicker in a strobe effect as "Get Well" by Icon for Hire begins to play. When the guitar riff kicks in, a wall of green flares shoot up from the stage, and the Omega Man bursts out from behind the curtain. Fired up, he bounces from one end of the stage to the other, pumping his arms to get the fans worked up, and pointing to various signs in the crowd.

Kyle Steel: And his tag team partner; from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, now residing in Sativa City, in the Imperial Isle of Maritopia...

With his arms straight out to his sides, Omega begins banking like an airplane, and zig-zags down the ramp slapping hands on either side.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at two hundred twenty-six pounds... THE OOOMEEEGAA MAAAN!!!

Omega rolls into the ring, grabs the top rope, and starts shaking it like a wild man, then leans over the rope with both hands behind his ears; soaking in the crowd's cheers. He gives himself a round of applause, then moves to stand by Easton.

Erin Robbins: Wait, I thought he was the Hardcore Maniac when he wears that mask?

Zach Davis: Apparently there's another personality in there.

Erin Robbins: Jeez, he changes identities more than Adam Young changes tag partners.

Zach Davis: I wouldn't go that far, Erin, but he is an unusual individual, that's for sure.

The irregular rhythmic drumming of Nine Inch Nails' "The Great Destroyer" blares in time with strobe flashing from the tron. As the the guitar and vocals kick in Hyena stalks onto the ramp, glaring at everything and nothing.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents. Introducing first, from Miller's Crossing, Ohio; weighing in at two hundred sixty-five pounds... HYYEEENAAA!!!

He purposely strides down the ramp, turning his glare toward the ring, He rolls his shoulders before hopping onto the ring apron and ducking under the top rope. He climbs the far turnbuckle and lets out a crazed, bestial roar, raising his arms defiantly to the crowd just as the lyrics announce "I am the Great Destroyer." Hyena then drops down, walks over to his corner, and puts his back against the turnbuckle, keeping an eye on Omega and Easton.

Zach Davis: Speaking of unusual individuals...

Erin Robbins: Ugh. Does he know what a shower is?

Zach Davis: Why don't you go ask him?

Erin Robbins: I'd rather watch him tear Livewire's face off. I don't exactly see a team player when I look at Hyena.
Kyle Steel: And his partner, from Long Island, New York...

"Hell Yea" by Rev Theory plays as the lights shut off. A spotlight shines on the entrance ramp and a shadow can be seen running towards it, growing larger and larger until the words hit on the music... "GIMME A HELL... GIMME A YEA!!" and Gray Pierce bursts through the curtains with and stops and accepts the cheers of the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at two hundred twenty-five pounds, he is the Livewire, GRAAAYSOOON PIEEERCE!!!

The Livewire works his way down the entrance ramp and slaps the hands of the adoring fans. When he gets to the ring he leaps onto the apron and wipes his feet before climbing through the top and middle ropes. He runs to one side, jumps on the bottom rope and leans forward making the rock star devil horns and sticking his tongue out at the crowd. The crowd cheers and women scream. He smiles his million dollar smile and he retreats to the corner waiting for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Already some friction here, as both teams try to determine who's going to start things off.

Erin Robbins: Looks like Hyena will take the lead for his team, but what the hell is Omega doing?

Zach Davis: It would appear he's trying to get Easton to play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide.

Easton finally agrees, and chooses Rock. Omega, on the other hand, splays his fingers with a Vulcan greeting, then points out of the ring. Non-plussed, Easton shrugs his shoulders and steps out onto the apron. Pierce also leaves the ring grudgingly, and the referee calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: Looks like we have the Omega Man and Hyena starting things off with a collar and elbow tie-up. You know, Erin, my sources tell me there's actually a fair bit of history between these two.

Erin Robbins: Yeah, because their little meeting back at Blast didn't make it obvious they knew each other.

Omega transitions into a side headlock, but no sooner has it in place, than Hyena picks him up, and slams him to the mat with a belly to back suplex. They roll away from each other, come back to their feet, and lock up again. This time Hyena transitions into a side headlock, and fires a stiff punch into the top of the Omega Man's head. Omega responds with a pair of forearms to the kidneys, then slips out of the headlock, torqueing Hyena's arm with a hammerlock. The Manimal throws a back elbow, then reverses the hold, but the Omega Man grabs the back of Hyena's head, jumps up, then bends forward as he lands on one knee, launching the Manimal over him with a modified snapmare. Hyena clambers to his feet as Omega hits the ropes, and comes back with a front dropkick that bowls Hyena over again. The Omega Man lifts the Manimal to his feet and muscles him into the corner, where Omega makes a tag to Easton.

Zach Davis: Tag made, and Michael Easton is in the ring. Omega holds Hyena's arm up, and Easton lays a heavy kick into Hyena's ribs!

Erin Robbins: Smart. Hyena's the biggest man in the match, not by much, but if they can keep him from gaining any momentum, his size advantage won't do him any good.

Zach Davis: Don't discount Grayson Pierce. The frenetic energy of that young man is enough to compensate for almost anything.

Erin Robbins: Oh? Wonder what sort of inadequacy he's compensating for?

Michael Easton's control of the situation doesn't last long; Hyena blocks an attempt at a snap suplex, lands a few punches to the gut, and drops Easton with a DDT. Hyena takes the opportunity to slam an elbow into the back of Easton's head before climbing back to his feet. Michael pops right up, fire in his eyes, and the two begin trading punches. The Manimal quickly gains the advantage, staggering Easton with big right hands, then grabs an arm, and Irish whips Easton across the ring. Hyena catches Michael on the rebound, lifts him up, and plants him down with a spinning spinebuster. Pierce stands on the apron calling for a tag, but Hyena flips him the bird, and turns to pull Easton to his feet. Michael throws off the clutch as soon as he has a vertical base, and rocks Hyena on his heels with a European uppercut. A knife edge chop follows, then another, then Easton hits the ropes and comes back with a clothesline that takes Hyena down.

Erin Robbins: A thunderous lariat from Michael Easton!

Zach Davis: As nice as it is that you're finally pitching in, Erin, I have to point out that that was a clothesline.

Erin Robbins: What's the difference?

Zach Davis: Well, with a clothesline, you keep your arm straight, and use momentum to knock your opponent down. A lariat is more of a strike with an oustretched arm.

Erin Robbins: ... There isn't a difference, is there?

Zach Davis: Not really, no.

During the banter, Hyena regains his feet, fury painted on his face. With a snarl, the enraged Manimal takes a swing at Easton, but the wily scrapper leans back, just out of reach. Michael comes back in with a quick jab, a knee to the ribs, and a set-up for a Russian legsweep, but Hyena wrenches himself free, and pulls Easton in for a short-arm clothesline of his own. The Manimal holds onto the arm of Easton, and uses it to drag Michael back to his feet, or tries to, anyway. Instead, Easton puls Hyena down, and rolls him up with an inside cradle.



And Hyena powers out. On the apron, Pierce slaps at the top turnbuckle, chomping at the bit to get into the match. Ingoring the pleas of his partner, Hyena catches hold of Easton, and slaps on another side headlock, but Michael bulls him into the ropes to force a break. Omega makes a blind tag as Easton fires Hyena across the ring, and the Omega Man immediately heads down the apron, then up the opposite turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Jay Omega now the legal man, but I don't think Hyena realizes just yet!

Erin Robbins: Doesn't realize, or doesn't care?

On the return, Hyena nearly rips Easton in half with a spear, while Omega salutes to the crowd. The Manimal rolls through the impact of the spear, comes back to his feet, and the Omega Man leaps off the turnbuckle with a diving shoulder block that catches Hyena by surprise. Hyena reels from the impact, staggering back across the ring, and lands gracelessly on his ass in his own corner. Livewire leans over the top rope to tag himself in, then hops over the top rope and charges at Omega. The Omega Man catches Pierce with a back body drop, but Grayson pushes off his back for extra rotation, and lands on his feet. Both men turn around, and Omega claps for Pierce, and motions for the crowd to do the same; a suggestion they follow wholeheartedly. Easton gets to his feet with an arm slung across his ribs, and drops the unsuspecting Livewire with a Russian leg sweep, then rolls out under the bottom rope. Hyena pulls himself up, and stares pure murder across the ring, but doesn't get any further than a step, when the ref stands in his way, and tries to force him from the ring. Livid, Hyena moves to the apron, and takes hold of the top rope in a white-knuckled grip.

Zach Davis: Hyena does not look happy with Grayson Pierce right now.

Erin Robbins: I'm not, either. First he steals the man's beer, gives it away to half the roster, now he has the audacity to tag himself in? Does he have no respect?

Zach Davis: Erin, you know as well as I do it was Jay Omega we saw handing out Whoop Ass beer these last few weeks.

Erin Robbins: I know nothing of the sort.

Pierce quickly stands, and tries for a collar and elbow, but has to quick-step to the side, to avoid an attempted single leg takedown from Omega. The Livewire tries again, but stops short and ducks back, out of the way of a quick roundhouse kick. The Omega Man finally obliges with a lock up, but quickly breaks it up with a knee strike to the ribs, then an Irish whip into the ropes. Omega leapfrogs over Pierce on the rebound, then runs toward the same ropes Gray just came from, as the Livewire hits the opposite side. Easton makes a blind tag, and steps into the ring just as Pierce and the Omega Man both leap into the air; attempting high crossbody blocks at the same time. They collide mid-air, and fall to the mat equally winded. Easton immediately covers the Livewire, and hooks a leg.



Zach Davis: And Grayson Pierce kicks out at two and a half! I'm actually a little surprised by how well Omega and Easton are working together.

Erin Robbins: I'm not. Jay's had a string of tag team partners throughout his career, and Michael doesn't seem like a glory hog, or a backstabber. Which is more than you can say about Hyena and the Livewire.

Omega crawls over to the corner as Easton takes control of Grayson. The Omega Man rolls out to the floor as Michael executes a snap suplex on Pierce. Omega sits down beside Erin Robbins at the announce table, and takes Zach's headset from him, while in the ring, Easton backs up to measure the Livewire for a running knee, quickly followed by a neckbreaker.

Jay Omega: Absolutely fantastic combination of strikes and holds from Michelangelo the Easter Bunny!

Erin Robbins: Um, shouldn't you be in the match?

Jay Omega: It's completely copacetic, commentary compadre, the Omega Man is a master multi-tasker, a mass debater, and a masterful masticator! And as you can see, my wascally partner has things well in hand for now!

Erin Robbins: ... Well, at least you're better than listening to Zach.

Easton pulls the Livewire to his feet, but Pierce fights out of the hold, then connects with a standing dropkick. Both men spring right back to their feet, and Grayson hits another dropkick, then shoots the ropes while Michael regains his footing, and comes back with a flying forearm club. The Livewire pops to his feet to a pop from the crowd, checks Easton's distance, then jumps to the top rop, and lands a split-legged moonsault to another burst of cheers.

Jay Omega: Gotta go!

The Omega Man tears off the headset, and dives under the bottom rope as Pierce hooks a leg.


And Omega breaks it up. The ref gets in Omega's face, who makes placating gestures, and backs out of the ring. Frustrated, Grayson pulls Michael up in a front facelock, and tries to haul him over to Hyena, looking for a tag. Easton resists, making the Livewire fight for every step, but the electrifying young high flyer manages to push close enough to barely make a tag; if only Hyena were paying attention. Instead, the Manimal seems to be arguing with Kyle Steel. Threatening him, would be more accurate. Easton bodily lifts Pierce, and takes two steps toward the center of the ring, then grounds the Livewire with a spinebuster. He then drags Grayson over to his corner, and tags in the Omega Man, who slingshots himself over the ropes with an elbow drop. Omega follows up with a springboard moonsault and a cover.



Zach Davis: And the Livewire somehow has enough left to kick out just before the three!

Erin Robbins: I miss Omega already.

Zach Davis: Well, the Omega Man didn't miss with that European uppercut

Erin Robbins: And now Jay fires Pierce into the ropes.

The Livewire springboards off the second rope, looking for a corkscrew crossbody, but the veteran Omega Man uses the momentum to toss Grayson across the ring with a fall away slam. Pierce starts to pull himself up the ropes, when Hyena leans over, and tags himself in with a little more force than necessary. The Livewire rubs at his shoulder as he exits the ring, a dark glower on his face. Hyena charges at Omega, who ducks under a clothesline, but the Manimal keeps the momentum, and unexpectedly slams into Easton with a shoulder block that sends him flying down to the barricade. Hyena turns round, and Omega takes him down with a deep arm drag. The Manimal gets right back to his feet, then hits the mat again as the Omega Man connects with a spinning heel kick.

Zach Davis: Things are certainly heating up between Hyena and Grayson Pierce.

Erin Robbins: I'll say. Hyena obviously had things under control; was probably about to make a comeback, when Pierce tagged himself in, and broke his momentum.

Zach Davis: Are we watching the same match?

Erin Robbins: Oh, I'm not watching. I'm following the play-by-play that's happening on Twitter. Way better than listening to you.

The Omega Man drops a knee across Hyena's skull, then pulls him up, and sets him in a pumphandle position. Unwilling to Ride the Lightning, Hyena reverses the hold with a Sambo hip toss, then drops an elbow across Omega's heart. The Manimal rains a barrage of forearm clubs down on Omega's head, then stands up to lay in a few stomps as well. Easton slides into the ring, his sights set on Hyena, but the ref forces Michael back, while Hyena laughs at him. The laughter cuts short when the Omega Man hits a low blow, then delivers a front Russian legsweep. The Livewire re-enters the ring, looking to give his partner a hand, just as the official gets Easton back on the apron. The ref immediately crosses the ring to send Pierce back out, while Omega tags Michael back in.

Zach Davis: Poor timing with that tag, as the ref didn't see it.

Erin Robbins: Because referees are so well known for their observation skills, right?

Easton hits a short arm clothesline on the Manimal, then locks in an armbar, while repeatedly kicking Hyena in the face. The ref comes over and forces a break, then tries to eject Easton from the ring. Michael argues about having made a legal tag, but the official is having none of it. Easton reluctantly steps through the ropes as Hyena rises, shaking out his arm. Meanwhile, the Omega Man springboards back into the ring with a stylish forearm smash, then rolls back out of the ring to rejoin the announce team.

Jay Omega: And that is how you execute teamwork in a most excellent manner!

Erin Robbins: You really should be in the ring right now.

Jay Omega: Nah, Michelangelo's got this. He's the legal man, after all.

Erin Robbins: No he's not. The referee didn't see the tag. In fact, he's counting you out right now.

Jay Omega: Whoops!

The Omega Man slides back into the ring at a count of four, and eats a Superman punch from Hyena. The Manimal pulls Omega to his feet, kicks him in the gut, then delivers the Last Laugh in the middle of the ring. Both Easton and Pierce hit the ring, with Grayson being just fast enough to catch Michael with a dropkick that sends him through the ropes to the floor, as Hyena makes a cover.




And Omega barely gets the shoulder up. Pierce moves back to the apron, while Easton slides into the ring again, and starts making his way over to the Livewire. Once again, the ref gets in his face, and pushes Michael back to his corner. Behind the ref, Hyena walks over to his own corner, and starts having words with Pierce. Tempers flare, and Grayson reaches over the top rope to slap Hyena across the face hard enough to be heard over the screaming fans. The official claps his hands together, signalling he heard the "tag", and turns to eject Hyena once again. The Livewire comes in charged up, and knocks the rising Omega Man down with a clothesline, then hits Easton with a dropkick, before taking Omega down again with a flying back elbow.

Zach Davis: A hot tag, of sorts, and now the Livewire is cleaning house!

Erin Robbins: Tag? He slapped Hyena across the face! That's not a tag!

Zach Davis: Be that as it may, Grayson Pierce is technically the legal man.

Erin Robbins: So is Michael Easton, but I don't hear you speaking up about that.

Zach Davis: I'm not the referee.

Omega rises, and charges Pierce, who delivers an arm drag, followed by a hip toss, then a jumping leg drop that sees the Livewire catch some huge air from a standing position. Grayson jumps to his feet amidst a big ovation from the crowd, and hits the ropes. Omega rolls onto his stomach, and Pierce jumps over him, then crosses the ring. The Omega Man pops up, and leapfrogs over the Livewire on his return, then shoots the ropes himself. Both men meet in the middle of the ring again, both leaping up, and spinning 540 degrees. Feet meet heads, as Pierce connects with the High Voltage, and Omega nails the Thunderclap at the same time. They hit the mat in a sprawled heap, and the referee begins a ten count. At three, both men begin moving. By five, each man is crawling toward his corner; Easton leans over the top rope with his arm outstretched, while Hyena just glares at Pierce. Omega makes a tag at seven, and the Livewire puts a last-ditch efforts into leaping for a tag, when Hyena drops off the apron.

Zach Davis: What is this? Hyena leaving Grayson Pierce high and dry at a critical moment!

Erin Robbins: I told you they'd fall apart. Pierce has shown nothing but disrespect, and Hyena has finally had enough.

Zach Davis: Oh my! One final parting shot from Hyena knocks Pierce flat on his back! Hyena might have just handed the match to Omega and Easton!

Erin Robbins: They would have taken it, anyway.

Michael pulls the dazed Livewire up, and wastes no time setting him up for the Cat's Cradle, then dumps Grayson on his head in the middle of the ring. Easton locks eyes with Hyena as he makes a cover, but the Manimal makes no move to intervene as the ref slides into position.





Omega begins jumping around the ring in excitement, going so far as to hug Easton, while Hyena slides into the ring. Michael and the Omega Man take up defensive postures as Hyena sweeps his destructive gaze across them, when suddenly the Manimal spins around as Livewire climbs unsteadily to his feet, and hits Pierce with the Last Laugh before rolling out of the ring. Omega shrugs, then levels the unsuspecting Easton with a superkick, and shows him three fingers.

Zach Davis: Jay Omega letting Michael Easton know, in no uncertain terms, that things aren't finished between them!

Erin Robbins: You know what they say; third time's the charm.

Zach Davis: The match is over and Jay Omega stands a little weaker for wear.

Erin Robbins: Hardcore or not, he is still human. . .what the. .

From the crowd, Anthony Douglas slides into the ring with a metal baseball bat from behind Jay Omega. He rears back and swings to the back of Omega's leg. Omega collapses, holding his knee. Douglas rears back again and strikes the same knee. Then starts kicking Omega's head.

Zach Davis: This is uncalled for. He lost. . .get over it and move on.

Erin Robbins: This is wrestling, Zack. You never move on.

Anthony rears back again and swing onto the baseball bat into Omega's ribs. The bell starts ringing. A referee runs into the ring to stop the fight. He gets between a prone Omega and Douglas.


Zach Davis: High Heat! Douglas is taking no prisoners and it's going to cost him.

Erin Robbins: I don't care how much the crowd hates this guy. He's doing what wrestling needs.

Anthony picks up Omega and kicks his knee. Omega collapses to the ground, holding his knee. Anthony slides out, grabs a steel chair and a microphone. He slides back in and looks at Omega trying to pull himself up, but his knees gives way under him.

Anthony Douglas: I told you, son. You may win the battle, but you'll never win the war. I am a lying, worthless sack of crap, Jay Omega, but I will tell you this. The second you decided to kick me to the ground after the fight was the second you signed your little death warrant.

Anthony looks at the crowd, booing him violently.

Anthony Douglas: Look at him!

Anthony kicks Omega in the gut. Omega falls to a seated, slumped position.

Anthony Douglas: You're pathetic! I told you Jay. I'm going take eleven years of frustration and being pissed off out on your monkey ass! I warned you, I told you. . .this will never be over between you and me so long as I'm breathing air.

Anthony rears back and WHAM. . .chair shot on the knee. Another on the knee. . .Omega slumps prone and Anthony slams the chair into Jay Omega's wrist. The bell keeps ringing.

Zach Davis: Someone stop this. This is uncalled for. I understand revenge, but this. . .

Erin Robbins: This is great. A Hardcore maniac and a sociopath. Only in the WCF.

More referees run to the the ring, but as they try to get in, Anthony swings the chair at them, forcing them to retreat. Without the microphone, he points to Jay Omega and screams "you can save his ass when I'm done with him."

Anthony picks up a near knocked out Jay Omega. HIGH HEAT!!!!

Omega falls out of the ring and onto the floor. Anthony picks up the microphone and points at Jay Omega, who is being attended to by at least 10 security people and referees.

Anthony Douglas: Someone call a God damn janitor and clean up that trash up!

The crowd won't stop booing him. An "asshole" chant starts. Anthony looks at the crowd and smiles as if he is relishing the hatred, and points to Jay Omega

Anthony Douglas: I'd rather be the an asshole than a lump of crap and 10,000 pieces of shit.

The crowd boos even louder.

Zach Davis: He has declared war on the world.

Erin Robbins: These people deserve it. They don't know talent when they see it.

Anthony Douglas: Zombie McMorris, you may have been given the United States Championship and this crusted piece of crap is your next opponent, but you know, Jay Omega knows, that piece of shit Seth knows. . .I won the fight last week. The only problem being Seth hires made of glass referees and I get screwed again. Well, Jay Omega, you might have screwed me, but I took my boot and shoved it square up your ass. You will never be done with me so long as I am breathing air. And Zombie McMorris, you better polish up that little belt son. . .because it's coming to Anthony Douglas when your vagina and ovaries are worn on the outside.

Anthony throws the microphone as "Devil's Dance" plays. He slides out of the ring and looks at a fallen Jay Omega.

Zach Davis: Anthony Douglas is going to have hell to pay for what he did tonight. And Zombie McMorris seems to be on his hit list too.

Erin Robbins: After what we just saw, I don't think Hell would take Anthony Douglas, no matter how much he has to pay.

Douglas walks to the back as WCF personnel work to revive Jay Omega.

Anthony Douglas Segment

Zach Davis: We're going to the back now. Something's happening.

Erin Robbins: What else can happen tonight?

In the back, Anthony Douglas sits in a folding chair in front of a closed door. In his hand is a bottle of Kettle One. He takes a swig and looks up at the camera coming towards him.

Anthony Douglas: You can put the brakes on right now, boy, because I have not to say to anyone of you.

Zach Davis: Douglas, what is wrong with you?

Anthony takes a swig.

Anthony Douglas: What do you mean what's wrong with me?

Zach Davis: The WCF has rules. If you don't like losing, work harder. But taking out referees and attacking Jay Omega isn't kosher.

Anthony turns his head to the side a little.

Anthony Douglas: Zack, you can take your little rules and shove them where the sun don't shine. Anthony Douglas has no use for rules. Work harder? Is that what you're telling me, son? Truth of the matter is Jay Omega beat me because some pissant little referee traded in his spine for a vagina, got himself knocked out and couldn't do the job. I know Seth made sure to put in the weakest piece of crap he could. Magically, the stupid son of a bitch made a good count when I was down.

Erin Robbins: Anthony, what happened was a travesty! You know I supported you all the. . .

Anthony puts up his hand.

Anthony Douglas: Erin, you blow smoke up someone's ass like the best of them. If I wanted a blowjob, I'd look you up. You don't support Anthony Douglas. Hell, you don't even like Anthony Douglas. So stop buttering me up. Fact is, Jay Omega got exactly what he wanted and the War on the WCF is just getting started. I expect to lose a battle or two, but unless someone can put a toe tag on me, the WCF is in for a 100 years war.

Zach Davis: And what exactly are you planning?

Anthony chuckles and puts his vodka bottle down.

Anthony Douglas: You saw what I did to Jay Omega. Zombie McMorris thinks that Jay Omega is going to his opponent for the United States Championship. That isn't going to happen. Zombie McMorris can be given a belt, but I know, as well as he knows, he didn't earn it. He didn't win it. He was handed it. Jay Omega didn't get the #1 contendership. Seth put a referee in and told him to count slow when I beat Omega's ass with High Heat and count fast when Omega got me down. I didn't lose last week at the pay per view. I got screwed by the big WCF dick that Seth wedges up my ass!

Erin Robbins: So what do you want done?

Anthony stands up and looks into the camera.

Anthony Douglas: War has been declared. I know what I want, and from here on out, ain't no one in the WCF safe. Why should I tell a bitch like you?

Anthony picks up his bottle and walks away. The camera follows him. Instantly, Anthony turns around, swings the bottle and. . .DARKNESS

Zach Davis: Did he just attack a cameraman?

Erin Robbins: I like this attitude. We need more of it.

Television Title on the Line
Oblivion/Alex Richards vs S-PAC

Zach Davis: This next match could be interesting. If it even happens. I don't know if either of these teams will be able to function as a team. The new tag team champions, Oblivion and Alex Richards have never teamed but have been rivals as of late. I don't know how they will be able to function. And their opponents, S-Pac. Just last week John Gable claimed he didn't know if he would be able to trust Chelsea Armstrong due to her relationship with the new world champion, Natural Ice Beckman.

Erin Robbins: Personal lives are personal lives. This is business. S-Pac is going to take care of business. You know Scott Savage wouldn't let a little mistrust come in the way of the Cinema title now would he?

Zach Davis: Yeah but their opponents.. if they can function as a team.. I think S-Pac could be in a lot of trouble.

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed US Airways Center. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and some of the crowd is cheering. While, the rest, of the crowd are booing. "Breathe" by Prodigy begins to play. The bass like synth begin to blare out. 14 seconds later the drums come through...


Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... one half of the tag team champions.... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...


Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly slinks out. The music continues the blare out and rattled the arena.

Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane
Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psycho-somatic addict insane

The cameraman gets real close, as Oblivion sneers at the camera. The Monster thrusts out IT's massive right arm, pushing the cameraman several feet away. The Monster slowly comes down to the ring. Strobe lights continue to flash. Then the US Airways Center slightly shakes, as the sound of thunder rumbles and mock lightning flashes. The majority, of the crowd, jump.

Come play my game
Inhale, inhale, you're the victim!!
Come play my game
Exhale, exhale... EXHA-A-A-LE!!

The music continues to thump out of the arena's speakers, as the addictive rhythm has the entire crowd in a trance and continues to dance along with the music. Lightning strikes the four corners, of the ring. The loud sounds makes everyone jump out of their seats, once again. Some, of the people are scared out of their minds. The lights flicker then... POP!! The strobe lights go out!!

The house lights come on, then standing in the center of the ring, is Oblivion. Half the crowd is cheering, while the other half of the crowd is booing. The music fades out. A screeching sound echoes throughout the arena, as four lightning bolts strike each corner.

Zach Davis: Now that's a focused looking monster.

The opening bars of I'm not Like Everybody Else by the Kinks begins and Alex Richards walks towards the ring with a huge smile on his smile. He holds his doctor's bag in one hand and with the other he takes turns slapping hands, hugging, signing autographs, high fiving, and occasionally delivering a more good natured then used to hard slap to a fan's hand. He wears his rusty bed spring, or as he calls it hardcore title over his shoulder with the real tag team championship around his waist.

Kyle Steel: Currently on the way to the ring, weighing in at 345 pounds and hailing from anyplace that needs pain, suffering, pills, or Zima... The other half of the Tag Team Champions.. "The Archduke of Mass Confusion" Alex Richards!!!

Alex eventually enters the ring after killing a few good minutes amusing himself. )

Erin Robbins: And that guy.. doesn't look focused at all. Unless it's on a ball of string or something.

Perfect Insanity by Disturbed sounds through the arena as Chelsea Armstrong steps through the curtains meeting both cheers and boos from the crowd. Standing at the top of the ramp she looks to her left and then her right before looking straight at the ring and walking down passing through the various colors lasers shining down from the titantron and going across the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Hailing from St. Louis Missouri she is The Sweet Nightmare...Your People's Champion.. Chelsea Armstrong!

She mumbles to herself almost as if talking to herself before she climbs the steps to the ring, taking one last look behind her at the seemingly empty black floor she crosses through the ropes and climbs the nearest turnbuckle. The music begins to fade as she jumps down and awaits the start of the match all the while still mumbling carelessly to herself. Just before the bell rings her eyes will flash their bright emerald color as a wicked smile comes over her ruby red lips.

Zach Davis: I don't know what the People's champion was talking to herself about. But I do know Chelsea Armstrong is a very dangerous competitor.

"Ozark Empire" by Listener BOOMS over the PA system as John Gable walks past the curtain. He stops on the stage and raises his fists in the air with a battle cry that is slightly muffled by the mouth guard.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring at five feet and eleven inches and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty one pounds; hailing from Cleveland, Ohio.. the defending Television champion.JOHN GABLE!!!

He slowly walks down the ramp with a smirk on his face as he sees the booing fans. He walks up the ring steps and takes one last look at the crowd before entering the ring and shadow boxing with the turnbuckle.

Erin Robbins: John Gable has the most to lose here. But you know with how long he's been Cinema champion he's not going down without a fight.

John and Chelsea appear to be having a calm discussion over who is going to start the match, meanwhile Oblivion just rushes the ring and attacks Gable from behind with a double ax handle then powers him to the corner and unloads with a series of jabs to the face of Gable then drops him with a european uppercut! He drags Gable to the middle of the ring then wishbones his legs and then stomps him several times hard in the chest.

Zach Davis: Oblivion taking it to Gable early on! You know a veteran like Oblivion would love to leave tonight as a double champion!

Erin Robbins: Spac weren't the only people to retain their titles at Ultimate Showdown for nothing. Gable isn't going to lose his title so easily.

Oblivion shoots Gable off of the ropes and delivers a boot to the chest then bulldogs John down hard! He makes the first cover of the match.. wait no he doesn't instead he wraps his hand around Gable's throat and begins to choke the life out of him. The referee Jack Action begins to count.






Alex Richards reached into the ring and tagged himself into the match as the referee seemed ready to disqualify Oblivion for his choke. IT glares briefly at Richards before exiting the ring. Alex meanwhile drops a leg on Gable then pulls him up into a vicious bear hug shaking Gable back and forth hard before throwing him down hard in a spinebuster! He makes a pin attempt.



Gable kicks out.

Alex lifts up Gable and executes a hard spinning elbow to the nose of Gable then whips John into the corner. He follows it in with a running knee to the face then lifts him up for a press slam out of the corner and tosses Gable halfway across the ring. The Cinema champion appears to be nearly out of it now as Alex pulls him to his feet and grabs him by the throat lifting him for a choke slam but instead planting him on his face with the Zim-Quila hangover! Alex hooks a leg.



3.. No, Chelsea makes the save!

Oblivion rushes the ring attacking Armstrong second afters she made the save. The two people trade blows as the referee Action tries to get Oblivion out of the ring. Meanwhile Alex has gone for the Richards Suffocantor on Gable sitting directly on his face. However while the referee is putting out Oblivion Chelsea takes the opportunity to superkick Alex directly in the jaw!

Erin Robbins: That might have turned things around! SPAC's team experience might finally be paying off for them.

Alex gets up holding his jaw. He walks towards Chelsea in the corner only to eat a low blow from behind by Gable who then follows it up with a rude awakening style neckbreaker from behind! John then drops an elbow.. then a second.. and a third. He climbs up to the second rope and connects with a fist drop before making a pin.


kick out as Richard presses Gable off of him.

Alex gets back then and chops John hard rocking him. He shoots Gable off of the ropes but John comes back with a chop block then a drop toe hold. He switches over into an STF submission hold. It doesn't appear like Alex is going to give it up though as Oblivion shouts encouragement.

Zach Davis: You know I didn't think Oblivion would care about what happened to It's tag team partner.

Erin Robbins: Hey he's a very competitive guy.

John reaches out now and tags to Chelsea and she comes in and immediately applies an anklelock on Richards. This double team might get the submission out of Richards. Referee Jack Action is counting again. But John drops the hold, stomps Alex's head then exits the ring. Alex reaches towards the ropes and gets himself a break but Chelsea dropkicks him right in the knee then flattens him with an enzegeri!

Erin Robbins: Looks like Chelsea has come up with a comeback to Alex's hair jokes. In fact she's choking him out now with a sleeper hold! She should probably give up though, the sleeper hold works by cutting off the blood to his brain. What brain?

Zach Davis: I'm going to tell Alex you said that.

Erin Robbins: Go ahead I can out run him.

Alex tries to fight his way back to his feet but falls back down to a knee. The referee checks his arm, it falls once... it falls twice.... you've seen wrestling matches before so you know Alex fights his way back to his feet and immediately starts with the elbows to the gut to break the hold but Chelsea executes a legsweep instead to stop that! She then bounces off of the ropes and connects with a running senton onto the prone Richards. She hooks both legs.



shoulder up from Richards! Chelsea quickly mounts Alex and starts to unload on him with vicious punches. She then slams the back of his head off the mat several times before dropping a knee onto the throat of Richards. She pulls Alex up but he executes a chop to the throat then knocks her down with a headbutt! He bounces off of the ropes and Oblivion makes a blind tag. Alex goes for a flying lariat but Chelsea ducks only to get clocked by a clothesline from Oblivion which causes her to do a flip in mid air.

Zach Davis: Surprising teamwork there from Oblivion and Richards. These guys seem to have a certain natural chemistry here tonight. Oblivion's cover only get a two!

Erin Robbins: You can't count out Spac and see, there's some great teamwork from the veteran partners!

Erin was referring to Gable pulling down the top rope as Oblivion hit the ropes and sails over the top rope! Chelsea rolls out of the ring, bounces Oblivion's head off of the ring apron then tosses him back into the ring and makes the tag to John Gable. She holds Oblivion from behind as John hits the ropes and connects with a vicious spinning elbow to the face. Chelsea continues to hold as Gable uses the ropes again then time to hit a diving clothesline that sends IT to the mat hard! John hooks a leg.



easy kick out from Oblivion!

Gable immediately locks in a half nelson headlock on Oblivion trying to wear the big man down. Oblivion however is having none of it easily powering his way to his feet only to eat a knee to the small of the back then a quick snap mare take down. Gable applies a dragon sleeper on Oblivion seemingly having the big man in a fair bit of trouble. John doesn't seem to think he's going to get it though because he drags Oblivion back to his feet and turns it into a reverse DDT! John makes the pin attempt grabbing a handful of pants.



barely gets the shoulder up!

Gable quickly makes the tag and gives Oblivion a backbreaker as Chelsea goes up to the second rope connecting with a elbow drop onto the throat of Oblivion. She covers him.



Alex rushes in for the save!

Erin Robbins: This shows how smart Gable is. He came in, did his damage then got out. If he's not in the ring there is no risk of him losing the Cinema Championship. Smart move from the SPAC team.

Chelsea meanwhile lights Oblivion up with a series of kicks to the stomach then executes a bicycle kick to the back of the head. Oblivion starts to get up only to get nailed with Armstrong's Beautiful Disaster, her running bulldog! She quickly tags back to Gable who is on the top rope and connects with a splash onto Oblivion. He makes another pin try.



and 9 tenths!

Gable can't believe Oblivion got out of that and snap DDTS him down to the canvas! He makes a quick tag out to Chelsea again and slingshots her over the ropes with a diving headbutt. She makes another cover.



kick out from the monster!

Zach Davis: Oblivion definately still has some fight left in him!

Erin Robbins: Yeah but Chelsea might take it all out of him in a few minutes. She's locked in the straight jacket... probably not for the first time on Oblivion... Sweet Insanity..

Is countered as Oblivion hip tosses his way out of it! Chelsea charges Oblivion right into a twisting powerslam by the big man! Oblivion whips Chelsea to the corner and begins to smash her head into the corner again and again and again. John Gable tries to sneak up on Oblivion only to have Richards cut him off. The new duo whip their opponents together and they hit hard in the middle of the ring! Oblivion then tells Alex to hold Chelsea as he goes up top.

Zach Davis: The new tag team champions are looking very impressive. He's going for a standing Obi Sault... and oh! Chelsea moved out of the way and levelled Richards there!

Erin Robbins: Gable hits Obi from behind and forces a tag. So much from their team work. I knew it wouldn't last.

Chelsea tosses Alex to the corner then executes a big splash into a leg lariat which floors the big man. Armstrong exits the ring and goes up to the top rope connecting with a flying bodypress! Referee Jack Action makes the count.



kick out!

Alex gets up and takes a wild swing at Chelsea who picks him up slightly and nails a hot shot onto the top rope. Chelsea doesn't make a pin though instead she nods to Gable and lifts Alex up for the Devil's Wing.. her fisherman neckbreaker. But Alex counters it T Bone suplexing down Chelsea hard! Chelsea gets up looking hurt as Alex connects with a big boot. John Gable sneaks into the ring, only to get cut off by Oblivion who spears him right through the ropes to the arena floor! Meanwhile Chelsea has raked Alex's eyes and sends him to the corner where she starts to deliver counter punches to the bald headed dome of her opponent!

Zach Davis: Young referee has completely lost control of this one! Look at the brawl on the floor. Oblivion is hammering Gable with lefts and rights. John is fighting back with blows of his own and oh.. John will drop toe hold Oblivion face first off the ring steps. Meanwhile Alex connects with an atomic drop on Armstrong in the ring!

Alexander sets Chelsea up for the Final Enlightenment as John Gable rolls into the ring having grabbed a steel chair. He bounces the chair off the mat several times as Alex turns to face him.

Erin Robbins: Don't it John! Think of your title!

Gable doesn't. He tosses the chair over Alex's head right into the waiting arms of Chelsea Armstrong who grins and raises the chair. Alex raises his hands to protect himself as good as he can awaiting the blow... which never comes as Oblivion has climbed onto the ring apron and rips the chair from Chelsea's arms. He swings wildly with the chair which Chelsea easily ducks out of the way and rolls from the ring as the bell sounds!

Zach Davis: I can't believe it! Oblivion just saved Alex Richards from getting creamed by the People's champion right there. I wouldn't have thought that possible unless I saw it with my own eyes.

Kyle Steel: Referee Jack Action has ruled due to both teams attempted use of a foreign object, this match has been ruled a double disqualification!

Erin Robbins: I knew it! John Gable and Chelsea Armstrong not only proved their team is still solid, they out smarted the tag team champions!

Zach Davis: In just a few seconds I think Alex would have had him.

Erin Robbins: Brains beat brawn yet again.

Zach Davis: No, they didn't... It was a draw.

Erin Robbins: Tie goes to the champion. Would you look at that?

In the ring Alex Richards appears to be staring at Oblivion with a look that is a mixture of confusion and perhaps some respect. Oblivion drops down and notices John Gable having raised his title in the air and pointing at his head he starts to stalk the Cinema Champion on his way to the back. Alex follows him looking a little angry, and still confused. Meanwhile Chelsea rolls back into the ring.

Chelsea Armstrong is sitting in the ring recovering from her match, on her knees checking he elbows and arms, taking some deep breaths. The fans are cheering for her, not only her but her outstanding performance. In the background without her, or anybody else realizing it, Steeltoe Joe comes jumping over the ring barrier. In a rush but still being sneaky, he runs over to the area where the ring bell sits and grabs the People’s Championship. He holds it in his hand smiling with a sick but vindictive smile. He takes it and then rolls into the ring and just as Chelsea is getting up, she turns around only to be charged at like a bull and a matador. Joe smashes the People’s Championship, Her People’s Championship over her skull. You can hear an ominous “Thud” as Chelsea falls to the mat below. Joe smiles and motions for a mic. He gets one.

Steeltoe Joe: Do you think a religious man cares whether you are a man or a woman? Think again! Wait, you can’t think over that new sensation of ringing in your brain… Haha.

Joe laughs as Chelsea is wallowing on the mat holding her head. Joe doesn’t care though. The fans have a mixed reaction to the act, some hardcore old fashion wrestling fans are actually cheering for Joe, just because of that “Effect” he has always had on “the People.” Some are booing him loudly as he holds up the People’s Championship as a signal to the current champ that he is coming for what he considers “His belt.” Joe drops the Championship on the mat next to Chelsea as she is just now trying to stand up. Joe rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp with a cocky smile on his face.

Zach Davis: What a jerk! Steeltoe Joe absolutely took advantage of Chelsea there attacking her not only after her match but from behind with a weapon!

Erin Robbins: I know. Steeltoe Joe showed he would do whatever it takes to get his title back. I love it! Besides that was just a warning Zach. Just wait and see what he does during their match.

The King of All Wrestlers Segment

Golden lights circle the arena as WCF stagehands wheel out a gigantic oversize throne onto the stage. Regal music is playing as the crowd watches on in complete confusion. Jonny Fly steps out onto the stage wearing a super awesome navy blue robe.

Jonny Fly: HERE YE HERE YE! Peasants, lend me your ears, as I present to you the ruler of this domain! He has traversed the land conquering most that stand in his path, except that one time Adam Young pinned him in War!

The crowd chuckles.

Jonny Fly: I give to you, 'The King of All Wrestlers,' Corey Black!

From behind the throne emerges Jeff Purse and Steve Orbit, clad in knight armor from the neck down, carrying sweet-ass battle axes. They lead Corey Black to the delight of everyone in attendance. Corey has on a purple ruffled shirt with yellow shoulder pads of royalness, yellow pants with a purple stripe on the sides, and ... black Chucks. Jeff and Steve kneel at the foot of the throne, placing their axes high into the air. Corey has to duck down a little bit to get under the weapons, an action that brings the crowd into another fit of laughter. Nevertheless, Corey sits on his throne,a crown on a purple pillow is lowered from the roof. Corey places the crown upon his royal dome and requests a microphone.

Corey Black: Greetings! I sit on this throne as The King of All Wrestlers! This year alone I have laid waste to the foul Torture. I've brought the head of the treacherous Logan. And I think I beat Doc Henry and Caliban in there somewhere. I DIGRESS! With my royal stablemates Pantheon by my side, I shall be a fair king.

Jeff Purse: Where's Price?

Corey Black: (scoff) (hack and spit) YOU DARE SPEAK THE NAME OF ANOTHER KING WITHIN MY EARSHOT?! King Jayson Price of The Internet is busy being a bitch or something, I don't know where he is. He's all butthurt and blah blah, whatever. I mean, uh, the Internet King's pantaloons be bunched inside his highness' bumhole, he does not wish to partake in our fun and games. While I, the TRUE King, sit before my people and welcome them to gaze upon the glory! I am Corey Black, King of All Wrestlers! These are my bros Pantheon! Together, we reign supreme!

Corey stands up, Pantheon all laughs with high fives and fist bumps, the crowd eating the ridiculousness of the situation up. Steve Orbit begins to take off the knight garb as his match, the main event - is coming soon.

Anthony Douglas Calls Out...

"Devil's Dance" plays and the crowd boos Anthony Douglas intensely as he walks to the ring. Someone tries to slap his hand and Anthony pulls his hand away, staring down the eight year old child. He screams "don't touch me, punk" and walks into the ring. He calls for a microphone.

Anthony Douglas: You all sit in your little seats and boo me and want to see me dead.

The crowd cheers.

Anthony Douglas: That tells me I'm doing my job right. See, look how I handled Jay Omega. I dropped him cold at the pay per view, and tonight, he don't know which direction he's facing at the moment. . .because Anthony Douglas whipped his monkey ass until he collapsed onto the ground. And that's how I do my business. When I put someone down, they don't get up. When I take someone out, they don't stand up.

The crowd boos and Anthony points to the back.

Anthony Douglas: I know no fear. I am afraid of absolutely no one in this world. And it don't matter if I lose, I will not stop until one of us, Jay, leaves feet first. Seth, you can bring out anyone you want. . .ICE Beckman, S-Pac, Jayson Price, it don't mean a bit of difference to me. See, one thing I learned is it doesn't matter who it is, my job is to put your asses on the ground and when that bell goes off, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Anthony climbs the turnbuckle and sits down on the top turnbuckle, looking at the back. He looks at the crowd who boo him without mercy. Anthony laughs.

Zach Davis: I've never seen a man love being hated as much as this man does.

Erin Robbins: It's a good way to move forward in this business.

Anthony Douglas: I have no friends in this business. I have no friends period and I don't need them. All I care about is me. Zombie McMorris, don't get attached to that belt. Because I know right now that Jay Omega isn't able to fight you. I gave him the ass whipping his mother should have given him not once, but twice. If Jay Omega is smart, he'll keep his ass far away from the WCF know that at the pay per view and tonight, he got beat down by a real man.

With that, Anthony Douglas decides to leave.

Zach Davis: Anthony Douglas may not be the number one contender to the United States Title.. but he sure is gunning for it!

Pantheon vs The Vapor Kings
Jayson Price/Steve Orbit vs ICE Beckman/Zombie McMorris


The lights dim as the Mysterious Pantheon Theme plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as "The Mack" Steve Orbit and the "South Street Menace" Jayson Price appear at the top of the ramp. Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus peice, and a jewel encrusted cane. Cameraman Stu follows them out with his camera rolling. "Fuck You Price" and "Jayson Fucking Price" chants start up as Price pulls off his sunglasses and smirks at the crowd. He points to the Internet Title wrapped around his waist and then to the RoundandBrown.org logo on the t-shirt that he's wearing. Orbit struts towards the ring, taking plenty of time to interact with the fans-- especially the ladies. Price follows behind him. At ringside, Orbit removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to a ringhand. Upon entering the ring, he climbs one of the turnbuckles and gyrates his hips to a huge pop from the crowd. "OR-BIT" chants can be heard throughout the arena. He climbs down from the turnbuckle. Price heads for the corner, climbs up to the second rope and gives the fans the finger before again pointing to the logo on his shirt before hopping down to the mat. He'll pull off his shirt and throw it to the crowd before warming up for the match in his corner.

Zach Davis: And here is Pantheon. Steve Orbit, Jayson Price. Two former World Champions.

Erin Robbins: I'm so tired of these guys. I'm glad ICE finally knocked them down a peg, but the fans are STILL firmly behind Orbit. They should've imploded a long time ago like any good stable, but no!, they just keep on going.

Never Gonna Stop hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Rob Zombie Vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area. He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived.

The arena is quiet with the lights all on when over the PA system you hear a man ask, "Are you Drunk yet?" as the crowd responds with a cheer "Feels Good Inc." by The Gorillaz hits the speakers. The lights begin to flash blue and white as two cannon shot of fake snow shoot out from the entrance area. Out from the snow comes Natural ICE Beckman holding a beer in his hand. And he's got the World Championship around his waist! He chugs the last half of the beer, then crushes the hand before tossing it into the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, from Foam Lake, Wisconsin. Weighing in 250lbs. He is known as The True Cold Drunk ...Natural ICE Beckman!!

ICE then smiles to the crowd going up and stealing beers from willing fans. He chugs the beers down the aisle until he reaches the ring. Once there he rolls into the ring, sitting up in the corner. He rests against the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin and cleans his beard from the beer foam.

Zach Davis: We know the Vapor Kings are a united front. But I STILL can't believe that the issues between Orbit and Price are over. You mention Pantheon imploding, and how it hasn't happened yet, but... can Jayson Price really be trusted here?

After a brief discussion Price starts the match for his team, and Beckman for his.

Erin Robbins: Here we go. Jayson Price squaring off with the World Champion.

Beckman and Price tie up. Beckman switches behind Price and Headbutts him several times. Beckman then throws Price to the ropes and hits a T-Bone Suplex as he comes back!

Zach Davis: Damn!, T-Bone out of nowhere!

Beckman drops and pins Price.



No!, Price kicks out.

Erin Robbins: Too early. But he still made Price use the energy to kick out.

Beckman lifts Price and goes to throw him to the ropes again, but this time Jayson reverses it. Beckman hits the ropes, comes back, and Price catches him in a Release Belly to Belly!

Zach Davis: Goddamn ! Another huge Suplex to start this match off!

Beckman hits the mat and stumbles back up. Price runs at him and hits an Enziguri!

Erin Robbins: He just scrambled Beckman's brains!

Price goes for a pin now, hooking the leg.



No!, Beckman kicks out.

Zach Davis: And too early again!

Price stomps away at Beckman before lifting him up. He hits a few forearms to Beckman's head before kicking him in the gut and executing a Snap Suplex. Beckman stumbles up once more and backs into a corner. Price runs at him and knees him right in the face!

Erin Robbins: Oof!

Price then lifts Beckman up onto the top rope. Price climbs up with him and lifts him up...

Zach Davis: Jayson Price going high risk here..

Erin Robbins: SUPERPLEX!

PRICE HITS IT! Price floats over and pins Beckman!



NO!, Beckman kicks out!

Zach Davis: We don't have an opponent for Beckman at Revenge, Erin. If Price pins Beckman, he becomes the challenger by default you'd think, right? Jayson Price is giving it his all here tonight.

Erin Robbins: He's been going hard for that belt for the last several months. But Steve Orbit has to want his rematch too. You've got to wonder what Price will do to make sure he gets the shot instead of Orbit...

Price lifts Beckman up but Beckman shoves him away, dives, and tags in McMorris. The new United States Champion comes in and runs at Price, taking him down with a Diving Clothesline. Price stumbles back up and McMorris rakes his eyes.

Crowd: BOO! HISS!

Zombie McMorris then kicks Price in the gut, doubling him over, and executes a Sitout Powerbomb into another pin attempt!



No!, Price kicks out!

Zach Davis: Lots of nearfalls in this match. These men are exhausted from last week, they want to end this ASAP.

McMorris picks Price up and throws him to the ropes again and as Price comes back McMorris hits a Spinning Powerslam into pin.



No!, another kickout!

Erin Robbins: Close this time. Still no cigars!

Zombie McMorris climbs up to the top.

Zach Davis: Zombie McMorris is going high risk!

McMorris measures Price, flies off the top... SENTON SPLASH!


Price rolls away and tags in Orbit! Meanwhile McMorris is up. McMorris ducks a Clothesline from Orbit, Orbit runs at him, McMorris lifts him up!, and drops him into a Cutter!

Zach Davis: ZOMBIE DROP!

McMorris then falls and tags in Beckman.

Erin Robbins: AW SHIT!

Zach Davis: Here's the confrontation we want to see!

Beckman enters the ring and looks at Orbit as Orbit struggles to his feet. He's fresh, but he still just took a hell of a move. Orbit sees the new World Champion and runs at him, going for a kick, but Beckman catches it. Beckman spins Orbit around and kicks him now...

Erin Robbins: ICE hits Orbit with the spike DDT!


Erin Robbins: That move won Beckman the World Title, is it enough tonight?

ICE pins Orbit.



Erin Robbins: Bastard!

Jayson Price breaks the pin.

Zach Davis: With all of their personal issues, Price and Orbit are performing for the good of Pantheon tonight. They are trying to send a message. The Vapor Kings are holding two of the top singles belts in this company INCLUDING the World Title. Pantheon needs to assert their dominance here in order to remain the top stable in wrestling.

Price exits the ring with a warning from the ref. ICE pulls Orbit to his feet... and ANOTHER Hangover DDT.

Erin Robbins: That's it, it's over.

But before ICE can cover him, Orbit rolls out of the ring!

Erin Robbins: WHAT!

Zach Davis: Orbit saves himself. Nothing but pure instinct. He hasn't moved since he rolled out to ringside.

Indeed, Orbit is laid out on the floor next to the ring. Z-MAC starts to approach Orbit.

Zach Davis: This can't be good.

Price hops off the apron, looking to intercept Z-MAC. The ref yells at them to both get back to their corners. Until... ICE Beckman dumps the ref over the top rope from behind!

Zach Davis: OH NO! What has Natural ICE Beckman done?!

With no official in the ring, ICE rolls out of the ring. Price is surrounded by Z-MAC and ICE. Orbit appears to be out cold. Price throws a right hand at Z-MAC! He turns to hit ICE, and catches him with a right hand! But by the time he turns around again, Z-MAC drops him with a running big boot.

Erin Robbins: You want to talk about asserting dominance? Vapor Kings are doing it right now.

ICE pulls up Price and throws him to Z-MAC, who hits his gutwrench powerbomb to the ringside floor.


But that's not all. ICE grabs Price again and whips him into the guardrail.

Erin Robbins: Orbit is out cold. Jayson Price is getting demolished by the Vapor Kings. This is truly a new era we are witnessing.

Zach Davis: The Vapor Kings are the ones making a statement. They're out here to destroy Pantheon.

Just then, Corey Black and Jonny Fly run to ringside as the crowd cheers!

Zach Davis: But they'll have to go through these guys, too!

Erin Robbins: Uh, hello. This is a tag team match, not a handicapped match.

Zach Davis: What match?! The ref is unconscious! So is Steve Orbit, who hasn't moved in several minutes! There's nothing left of this match.

ICE and Z-MAC turn their attention from Jayson Price and face Fly and Black. Black and Fly charge both of them, fists and elbows flying. Black elbows the shit out of ICE Beckman. Fly hits Z-MAC with a series of European uppercuts.

Zach Davis: Corey Black and Jonny Fly, coming to the aid of their Pantheon brothers. This is what the Vapor Kings should have considered-- they are outnumbered four to two. I don't think they can start a war against Pantheon with those kind of odds.

Fly and Black continue to brawl with ICE and Z-MAC.

Erin Robbins: It looks like Orbit is finally waking up from his nap. It's War all over again.

Orbit slowly gets up. He looks over at the four guys brawling. He sees Price laid out... and he grabs a chair from ringside.

Zach Davis: Things are about to get ugly for the Vapor Kings!

Orbit walks over near the timekeeper's area, where Corey and ICE Beckman are brawling. Corey grabs ICE and delivers a stiff elbow to his head.

Zach Davis: Orbit's about to get him some revenge for Ultimate Showdown!

Steve Orbit: Hey Corey!

Corey Black turns around... AND GETS HIT WITH A CHAIR SHOT.

Silence overcomes the arena and the announcer's table.

Jonny Fly notices that something is off. He can sense it from the crowd. He looks over, a few yards away, as Orbit swings the chair at Corey's head once again, before dropping it to the floor. Corey collapses into the waiting arms of ICE Beckman... who plants him with the Hangover DDT. Fly's instincts take over and he charges towards Orbit... Orbit side steps him, and connects with the Pimp Slap.

Steve Orbit: It's just business, baby.

Fly is enraged, but Z-MAC grabs him from behind, kicks him in the gut, and delivers the World Tour '69 double-arm spike DDT.

Fly, Black and Price are laid out at ringside. Orbit rolls into the ring and finally the crowd breaks their silence with a chorus of boos.

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit... what have you done?

Buddy Roman enters the ring via the steps, clapping his hands, obviously very proud. Z-MAC and ICE Beckman also slide into the ring, joining the other two men. Orbit shakes hands with both of them. The crowd voices their disgust and displeasure.

Erin Robbins: Looks like the numbers have evened out. Pantheon has direct competition-- maybe for the first time ever.

Finally, a flood of referees and security staff rush towards the ring, but it's too late. The damage is done, all they can do is watch the fallout and stand between the two groups. Buddy Roman picks up a mic.

Buddy Roman: Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great honor to introduce the newest Vapor King... MY DEAR, BELOVED SON... STEVEN DAMIEN ORBIT-ROMAN!

Zach Davis: Buddy Roman confirms the obvious. Steve Orbit, one of the most popular WCF superstars in history, has turned on Pantheon and joined the Vapor Kings. He has turned on all of us.

Erin Robbins: Save it, Zach. You don't know what's going through Steve Orbit's head. None of us do.

Fly, Black and Price have regrouped outside the ring. They towards the new Vapor Kings, perhaps still in shock. Inside the ring, Buddy Roman and Steve Orbit embrace each other in a hug.

Zach Davis: Folks, we're out of time. I can't wait to hear what Steve Orbit has to say for himself. I guess it will have to wait until next week.

Erin Robbins: The Vapor Kings are taking over!

Fly, Price, and Black stumble past the curtain into the backstage area following the attack from the Vapor Kings, each holding various parts on their body in pain.

Jayson Price: I knew it, I knew that one day Orbit would pull this shit on us. I've been telling you guys for months!

Corey Black stops walking. He turns toward Price and nods his head.

Corey Black: I know it. You were right. Fly...

Black now turns to face Fly, who has his head hung low and is silent.

Corey Black: Make the call.

The words grab Fly's attention. He slowly lifts his head and turns to Black and Price.

Jonny Fly: I've been waiting for this day. Pantheon will never be the same.

With that, Fly pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and dials a number. He waits momentarily, and then greets the person on the other end of the call.

Jonny Fly: It's Fly. Slam, next week. Be there.

With those words, we go to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Alex Richards Segment

No DQ Match: Ultimate Destroyer vs Isaiah Chavis

Mech-Ana/Seth Lerch Segment

Caliban/Cormack MacNeill vs BioWalker

New Confederacy Segment

Scott Savage/Mech Ana Segment

Mech-Ana/Lone Borg Drone vs The New Confederacy

Hyena/Alex Richards Segment

Robert Wolf vs Steeltoe Joe

Isaiah Chavis/Seth Lerch Segment

Alex Jones vs Anthony Douglas

Livewire Segment

S-PAC Segment

Jay Omega/Michael Easton vs Grayson Pierce/Hyena

Anthony Douglas Segment

Television Title on the Line: Oblivion/Alex Richards vs S-PAC

The King of All Wrestlers Segment

Anthony Douglas Calls Out...

Pantheon vs The Vapor Kings


Of The Week

Steve Orbit
Alex Jones vs Anthony Douglas



ICE Beckman
Steve Orbit
John Gable
United States:
Zombie McMorris
Chelsea Armstrong
Jayson Price
Tag Team:
Oblivion/Alex Richards