Slam Intro

The arena is awaiting the next Slam moment when “Feels Good Inc.” by Gorillaz hits the speakers and begins to blare the tune of the World Title holder getting the fans up to their feet. Natural ICE Beckman comes out in a cloud of fake snow. He adjusts the World strap from one shoulder to the before heading down to the ring, he rolls into the ring and finds a mic from his jean’s back pocket.

Zach Davis: Our World Champion Has Arrived.

Freddy Whoa: Should be interesting to see what the Champ has to say.

ICE: I have come out here tonight to address my people on the subject matter of the ICE AGE!! Those words don’t just echo my time as world champion, but the simple fact that I am a World Champion in every sense of the title. I run with the biggest and the best in the Vapor Kings, I make sure the jobbers in the back know their proper place in the WCF food chain, and I come out here week in and week out and give the whole fucking world the best fight I can! Did you hear me, I do it, WEEK IN and WEEK OUT!! I am the workhorse that keeps this place alive!! I am the King of the Mountain and I Fear NO OPPONENT! That weasel Seth can throw whoever or whatever he has in his arsenal at me, For Nothing Will Stop This Train in this the time of ICE AGE!!!!!

Zach Davis: ICE sure seems fired up tonight.

Freddy Whoa: He sure Is...WHOA!...he is getting me fired up too.

ICE takes a moment to soak in the mixture of BOOs and Cheers from the WCF fans.

ICE: And that brings me to tonight...

Suddenly the lights go out as Babylon AD by Cradle of filth starts on the speakers as a red spotlight shines down on Seifer Black as he walks onto the stage with a microphone in hand... The music fades out as the lights go back to normal as the fans are showering Seifer with boos, he just stands there laughing a little before he raises the microphone to his mouth...

Seifer Black: You know what Ice, I have heard what you have had to say and i couldn't take it any more, I have heard your drivel leading up to this match and here you are again spouting the same old crap that you always do... Look at me i am so great I am part of the vapor kings and watch out for the ice age and your time as the world champion... Now what brings the end of each age throughout history, the extinction of the old and the rebirth of the new... Doomsday is paramount to extinction my enemy and soon enough the Ice age shall come to an end... You have already made this personal before now and I am sick and tired of you strutting around thinking you can say or do whatever you wish...

The fans start to chant ICE! for a moment as he starts to taunt in the ring...

Seifer Black: Now there is enough preaching and enough talk from you... You reap what you sew Ice... Prepare to face your personal doomsday...

Seifer holds out his other hand and clicks his fingers as Babylon AD hits...

Zach Davis: Is it raining?

Freddy Whoa: Dont be silly we are indoors... Wait...

As he says this liquid is seen falling from the ceiling covering both Ice and Seifer...

Zach Davis: This is blood...

Freddy Whoa: Seifer is a sick man, only someone like him would have come up with something like this...

ICE Beckman and Seifer Black just continue to stare down one another, the intensity on their face so strong even the fans in the last row can see it.

Zach Davis: I am not sure what is going on, but one thing is sure, their match tonight should be a Great Battle.

Freddy Whoa: I think the only thing left to say in order to describe this scene is...Whoa...Whoa indeed.

With the blood streaming down their hair and faces they continue their locked look until the show goes to commercial.

Justin Sane vs Bryan Lin vs Hardcore Alex

Freddy Whoa: Tonight’s first match is a most certain WHOA!

Zach Davis: It’s definitely going to be a triple threat to remember. Let’s take it to Kyle Steel in the center of the ring.

The fans begin to cheer as all attention is on Kyle Steel. His microphone is perfectly placed a few inches below his chin. He smiles, and embraces the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen the following match is a triple threat for ONE FALL! Heading to the ring first…

NAS' "The Message" hits the P.A. When the beat drops, red fireworks blast off in an x and, through the smoke, Hardcore Alex emerges, bobbin his head and waving his arms to the beat.

Kyle Steel: …weighing in at 175 pounds, and hailing from Rochester, New York…
Hardcore Alex has a confident gait, which he abandons at the top of the ramp and begins a little routine.

Zach Davis: Hardcore Alex put up quite a fight at Wednesday Night, Freddy. You were there, you witnessed the whole thing.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Yeah, he put up a nice little fight, but at 175 pounds of ‘straight-up cut’ he couldn’t find a way to finish the Torneo Cibernetico to become number one contender for the Mack’s Hardcore Title…

Zach Davis: That honor went to one of the most vile and crude man I’ve seen in WCF to date – “Devious” Dan Van Slade.

The Slickness uprocks for a minute before dropping into some groundwork, finishing with an elbow freeze before kipping back onto his feet.
Zack Davis: He’s got some fancy moves, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Let’s hope he’ll be that quick in the ring, babe.


The cheers are not as boisterous as Alex may like, but he resumes his confident strut down the aisle, bobbing his head and bouncing to the beat. He slides under the bottom rope, rolls onto his back, and windmills up to his feet. After dancing around to the beat, he climbs a turnbuckle and throws up the horns before jumping down in a 180 to a seated position in the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: He’s certainly athletic, and his break dance ability could make Hardcore Alex tough to compete against.

The Star Wars theme begins to play.

Kyle Steel: The next competitor, weighing in at 160 pounds…from SEATTLE, WASHINGTON…

“Braceface” Bryan Lin steps out onto the stage. He’s dressed in a one-piece dress, with mesh leggings to the thigh; the bearded-bracefaced man opens his arms to embrace the crowd, and it’s not a shock that they don’t know how to react…

Zach Davis: At a loss for words.

Freddy Whoa: I’m sure you know what I want to say…

Zach Davis: Whoa?

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Braceface wastes no time and quickly struts to the ring. He points at Hardcore Alex and has a few select words for him. A sign in the crowd near the front row reads: “WEIRDOS UNITED”.

Freddy Whoa: I think that sign pretty much sums this up.


Just as Braceface slides underneath the ropes…the heavy opening to “Hard to See” by Five Finger Deathpunch begins to play, and there’s obviously a few Deathpunch fans in the crowd that have a mark out moment…

Kyle Steel: The final opponent…at 245 pounds and hailing from PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA…

The music gains momentum and out steps Justin Sane. He steps out onto the stage, drops to a knee, and blesses himself.

Zach Davis: Justin Sane is a well trained professional with a nice MMA resume.

Freddy Whoa: He’s definitely the performer to watch for in this match. He definitely out-weighs his opponents, and he’s got a much richer mat history that makes him the runaway for this one…

Sane returns to his feet and instantly darts down the ramp with intentions to leap under the ropes and into the ring.

Sane skids to the bottom of the ramp once he catches eye of his opponents in the ring. He seems almost unhappy about it.

Zach Davis: I think he just realized who he’s debuting against…

Freddy Whoa: He was like…whoa…wait a tick…

Braceface and Alex patiently wait in the ring. Sane stands pondering.


A select few individuals in the crowd are picked up by the boom mic. Sane begins to nonchalantly walk around the ring.

Zach Davis: Sane has his eyes on Lin and Hardcore Alex, but he seems to have no intention on entering the ring…

Freddy Whoa: I mean – if I fought MMA and was pretty damn good at what I did – I’m pretty sure I’d wonder what happened with my career at this point…

Zach Davis: However – Braceface and the Slickness are on the same agenda…and turn their attention to each other…

Braceface and Hardcore Alex circle each other and the referee is at the center. Alex shakes his head and stops; he stares at Lin, shrugs his shoulders and slowly shakes his head. Bryan hops back and forth Lesnar-style; he cracks his neck to the left and right. The referee backs away as Alex cautiously two-steps toward his opponent. Braceface takes his opportunity to strike, and the competitors lock up in the center of the ring. Justin Sane stands near the broadcast table – he seems to be contemplating what he’d like to do.

Zach Davis: We start our night off as appropriately as it could go – with a grapple in the center of that wonderful WCF wrestling ring. My initial question is what seems to be on Justin Sane’s mind?

The referee signals for the bell and the match has begun.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, he’s just standing here watching Alex and Braceface wrestle but he hasn’t moved a muscle; it’s like he should probably change his name to Justin Decisive.

Zach Davis: …clever… The men, and I say that word lightly in this scenario, keep the grapple strong as they push against each other.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! This is quite an interesting way to start the show – I look back at my many years in this company and I’m still not shocked at some of the characters that get into that ring.

Zach Davis: Lin releases the grapple and immediately tucks an elbow into Alex’s gut. It’s no surprise to see that the fans have a mixed reaction, Freddy…and…honestly – I’m starting to become concerned with the talent when we’ve got “Braceface” Bryan Lin looking like the unforgettable mutant offspring of one of those hillbillies from Duck Dynasty, and the only disputable Tim Curry role from the The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Lin smacks Alex in both ears as the Slickness takes two steps back and is rattled. Braceface takes two steps forward and delivers a stunning right hook. Alex topples backward into the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Braceface starts the match off with a nice combination that puts Alex ‘between a rope and a Ihopehe’snot-hard place.’

Zach Davis: I can’t believe you just said that.

Lin whips Alex across the ring. Braceface hurries to the center as Alex bounces off the ropes. Braceface kicks Hardcore Alex directly in the family jewels!

Freddy Whoa: The ole’ hickory nut crunch…WHOA!

The referee steps beside the action, and Bryan Lin follows the crotch-kick with a beautifully liquid DDT that stamps Alex’s face into the canvas.

Zach Davis: DDT!

Freddy Whoa: Lin drops for the pin, and hooks the leg!

Zach Davis: The ref slides onto his knees and starts the count! One!

Freddy Whoa: I like that the fans are getting into this match because it gives me such great hope for our future…WHOA! Check it – Sin Rostro, Jr., Tyson Strong, Dan Van Slade, and these two in the ring? Definitely lookin’ slick…YEAH! WHOA!

The referee lifts his arm in the air. Lin relishes a confident braced smile and pulls Alex’s leg.

Zach Davis: Two!

The referee’s arm is up…

Freddy Whoa: No! WHOA! Alex lifts his shoulder and pacifies the early beating.

Lin sits in a heap, stares blankly at the crowd, and slowly shakes his head.

Zach Davis: Lin is sobbing to the crowd, but if he wastes any more time then he’s bound to be involuntarily trading that time to benefit Hardcore Alex.

Freddy Whoa: He wanted that win though, dude.

The referee returns to his feet and watches both competitors slowly stand. Suddenly – Justin Sane makes his dash into the ring by sliding head-first underneath the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: YEAH! Sane gets into the ring and leaps to his feet. Now the triple threat is on!

Zach Davis: Sane delivers a vicious right hook that sends Bryan Lin crashing against his back onto the canvas!

Sane spins around. The crowd’s mixed reaction is slowly transitioning into a cheer. Sane smashes another right into Hardcore Alex’s jaw.

Freddy Whoa: OH YEAH! Sane sends Alex toppling into the ropes, but he isn’t done! WHOA!

Zach Davis: The former MMA superstar bum-rushes the Slickness and a clothesline flips Hardcore Alex over the ropes to the floor in front of us! And Sane isn’t done, yet! He turns his attention to the fallen Bryan Lin – runs…and DROPS AN ELBOW!

Braceface’s legs pop into the air and the fans take an unfortunate glimpse of what’s being tortured in panties underneath Lin’s skirt.

Freddy Whoa: Jesus Hamburglar Christ…WHOA! Nobody needed to see that!

Zach Davis: Justin Sane is atleast smart enough not to hook Lin’s leg for the pin.

The referee slides onto the canvas and slaps it.


Zach Davis: Hardcore Alex is slow to his feet here outside the ring…and he uses the ring apron to guide him up.

The referee slaps the canvas for a second time as Sane lies atop Braceface. The referee’s hand is just inches from hitting the canvas when Lin’s shoulder pops up!

Zach Davis: Lin kicks out! Sane can’t believe it!

Justin Sane pushes Lin out of the way and attempts to plead with the referee, but his plea is cut short once the fans guide him with their vociferous shouts toward the man sliding underneath the ropes.

Zach Davis: Hardcore Alex is back in! Sane is quick to his feet, but Hardcore Alex gains momentum and charges forward…

Justin Sane takes two feet forward but he isn’t fast enough. Hardcore Alex leaps forward and wraps his arms around Sane’s waste; he lifts Sane off the canvas and plows him into the ring like a Linebacker sacking a quarterback. The fans love it!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: GORE!...GORE!...GORE!

Freddy Whoa: It goes to show you just how strong the little guy actually is when he’s spearing a man almost twice his size into the canvas…

Zach Davis: And with such ease, mind you…

The momentum is in Hardcore Alex’s favor, now, and his windmills to a knee so that he can confidently smile to the crowd. He salutes the fans and then returns a gaze at the fallen Justin Sane.

Braceface Bryan Lin is slow to his feet and uses the ropes as a guide. Hardcore Alex quickly stands.

Zach Davis: Alex knows that he’s sidelined the big guy, and all he has to do is finish off Bryan Lin…

The Slickness confronts Lin, and spins Bryan so that the competitors are face-to-face. Alex presses Braceface against the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Lin just poked Hardcore Alex in the eyes!

Zach Davis: Alex takes a few steps back and accidentally trips over Justin Sane!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Braceface hobbles over to the fallen Sane, hovers over him for a brief moment, and drops an elbow into his eye socket!

Bryan Lin pins Justin Sane. The referee falls to his knees. He smacks the canvas.

Freddy Whoa: ONE! WHOA!

Zach Davis: Bryan Lin flashes his braces to the crowd. We’re just starting the night and Bryan Lin is already makin’ a splash!

The referee nails the canvas – TWO! He lifts his arm and is half-way down for the third count when Braceface is clubbed in the face with a falling axe-handle from a quickly recovered Hardcore Alex!

Zach Davis: Alex saves the three! Justin Sane benefits from that one, but Alex receives another opportunity to obtain the win!

Braceface flops off Justin Sane’s body as Alex topples over it. All three performers lie in the ring, but Alex is the quickest of the three to get to his feet and kips up. The fans enjoy the show of atheleticism.

Freddy Whoa: It’s about damn time we saw what Alex can do!

Zach Davis: It’s hard to tell if Justin Sane was actually out, or if the Ref’s count was fast – either way – Justin Sane is slow to get to his feet, and he’s not out – yet.

Alex turns his attention to Bryan Lin, but Justin Sane is now the wildcard. The referee stands and pays close attention to Hardcore Alex as the Slickness tip-toes toward Bryan Lin. The bearded, dress-wearing superstar is on his knees near the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Hardcore Alex has grabbed a chunk of Lin’s hair and is pulling Braceface to his feet…

Zach Davis: Alex – that’s illegal…

The referee tells Alex to cease the illegal move, and the Slickness retreats. Hardcore Alex throws his hands in the air.

Hardcore Alex: I didn’t mean to, dawg…swear. Subconsciously happened, yo….

Freddy Whoa: Subconsciously happened…my ass….

The ref nods, and the ring mic picks him up…

Referee: Just get back to the match…

Alex sticks his arm out and gestures for the referee to give him some dap.

Freddy Whoa: Is he really…?

Zach Davis: Yes he is, Freddy. Yes he is.

Alex is swift and returns focus on Bryan Lin. He grabs Braceface and spins him around so that his back faces a kneeling Justin Sane.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! LOW-BLOW!

Zach Davis: Justin Sane just low-blowed Bryan Lin!

Freddy Whoa: You don’t want your arm ANYWHERE near what’s underneath THAT dress, Zack!

Braceface leans toward Hardcore Alex, and the Slickness wastes no time! He pulls Lin forward and wraps his arm around his neck!

Freddy Whoa: He’s skipping the appetizer…

Zach Davis: …and going STRAIGHT for the entre!

Hardcore Alex signals to the crowd that he’s to attempt the Hardcore Entre (Evenflow DDT). However, he catches a glimpse of a standing Justin Sane. Alex immediately pushes Bryan Lin aside and jolts toward Sane. The Slickness nails a right forearm into Sane’s face…

Zach Davis: Hardcore Alex is like a man POSSESSED, Freddy! He follows the first blow with another ferocious-vicious forearm that sends Justin Sane charging toward the ropes! Alex sprints forward and LEAPS!


Zach Davis: Alex connects and sends Justin Sane flopping over the ropes! He falls in a mess on the ring apron and melts over the edge to the floor below!

Hardcore Alex falls to the mat, but rolls around to face a Braceface on spaghetti legs. Hardcore Alex pushes himself to his feet and does stray momentum!

Freddy Whoa: The Slickness is on the hunt!

Zach Davis: Bryan Lin gains composure!

Hardcore Alex is a foot out of reach when Braceface gains composure and strikes the Slickness upside the head with a fist!

Zach Davis: Bryan Lin is fighting back! He delivers a right – a left - - and another right! He has Alex stunned in the center of the ring!

Bryan Lin spins 360 degrees and winds up to deliver another stiff right punch, but…

Freddy Whoa: YES!

Zach Davis: Hardcore Alex kicks Lin in the gut! Braceface leans forward…ALEX WASTES NO TIME!


Hardcore Alex lifts Bryan Lin off the mat in the evenflow DDT that violently spikes Braceface’s forehead into the ring!


The referee slides to his knees as Hardcore Alex applies the pin. He slaps his palm onto the canvas…


Freddy Whoa: Alex might have this one!

The referee nails the ring once more. TWO!

Zach Davis: Justin Sane is getting up, but he might be too slow!

The referee smacks the canvas a final time and leaps to his feet to signal the bell!

Zach Davis: THREE! …THREE!!!

Nas’ “The Message” returns to the PA system as Hardcore Alex leaps to his feet and throws his arms in the air. Justin Sane smacks his fists onto the ring apron as Kyle Steel stands outside to announce the winner.

Freddy Whoa: This is a solid victory for Hardcore Alex! What a way to start this night, Zack…

Kyle Steel: Your winner by pinfall…HARDCORE…ALLLLLEX

The referee stands with Alex in the center of the ring and raises his arm in victory. Justin Sane stands outside the ring, and shakes his head with defeat. Braceface Bryan Lin is motionless in the center of the ring.

Joey Flash Segment

Scene opens in the gymnasium at the arena. Joey Flash is there in all 3 dimensions of mind, body and spirit. Two of which are reaching breaking point. He completes his last rep and spits on the floor. He wipes his forehead and sees Hank enter the room. A curious, and amused expression takes over Joey as he follows Hank with his eyes.

Joey Flash: The fuck?

He scrapes himself off the bench and quietly floats over to Hank, but keeping himself obscured from vision. He peeks around the corner.

Cameraman: Sorry why are we in here again?

Hank Brown: Sssh! Quiet down! I just want to have a look. You said I need to lose weight and so have most of my family.

Cameraman: Well. Yeah. You do. So you’re starting that long and arduous process in a wrestling gym?

Hank Brown: Yes! Now if you don’t mind I’d like to figure out how these machines work before someone comes in and-

Joey strides around the corner

Hank Brown: Oh for fucks sake

Joey Flash: Whoa- What have we here?

Hank Brown: Ah Joey just who I was looking for!

Cameraman: No you weren’t, you were going to work your forearms.

Hank turns to the camerman.

Hank Brown: I’ve only got two. Idiot.

Cameraman: …

Joey Flash: …

Hank Brown: Ahhh, well uhhh now I’m here; gimmie the down low, you and Occulo, can you go one night without attacking one another in pointless violence?

Joey Flash: Hey look man, I’m just warming up, as much as I’m gonna smash Blake up tonight I don’t wanna pick unnecessary fights.

Joey holds his hands up.

Joey Flash: You trust me, right?

He walks away smiling to himself.

The Ultimate Destroyer vs Denise D'Evil vs Bryan Worthy vs Justin Cash

Zach Davis: We have our next match, a fatal four way in the process of starting.

Freddy Whoa: This will be a very interesting match up.

Zach Davis: Very interesting indeed.

"20th Century Boy" by T-Rex plays. Buzz bounds out on stage and encourages the fans to cheer louder. Buzz Worthy jogs down towards the ring.

Kyle Steel: The following match is a fatal four way. At this moment, coming down to the ring.... Weighing in at 236 pounds. From Apache Junction, Arizona... BRYAN "BUZZ" WOOOOOOOORTHYYYYYYYY!!

Once Worthy reaches the apron, he turns back, drops to one knee and points at the fans on both sides of the ramp, nodding his head to the music. Brian Worthy rolls under the ropes and outstretches his arms above his head and quickly spins around. Worthy quickly goes to a corner.

Zach Davis: The former co-host of “WCF Round Up” is inside the ring and awaits for the other three participants.

The lights in the arena go black. The only light is coming from the words "IT'S TIME" written in neon green on the titantron. Disturbed "Criminal" starts to play as the entrance area lights up green. Out walks Justin Cash who has his back to the crowd. After a few moments, green fireworks explodes revealing a money symbol. The lights turn back on. Justin spins around and throws both hands to the sky and then saunters to the ring.

Kyle Steel: From Boston, Massachusetts... weighing in at 235 pounds.... this is Justin Cash!!

Cash proceeds to walk to the ring as he is bad mouthing the fans. He climbs into the ring and walks to a corner post climbs it and raises both middle fingers to the crowd.


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! This crowd is already irritated of Justin Cash's antics already!!

Cash leans in the corner, stares at Worthy, raises both middle fingers towards the direction of Bryan Worthy.

Zach Davis: Well, this match is gonna be pleasant.

The sounds of air raid and police sirens echoes out in the Pepsi Center.

Zach Davis: WOW!! HOLY COW!!

The cameramen pan their cameras, as the majority of the crowd are covering their ears.


Zach Davis: HUH?! I cannot hear you!!

Ultimate Destroyer runs down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Destroyer jumps up to the ring apron and bounces around. Destroyer grabs the top ring rope and shakes it vigorously and then starts to beat the hell out of the first person he sees.

Freddy Whoa: This match hasn't even started and The Ultimate Destroyer is beating the Hell out of Justin Cash and is now smacking around Bryan Worthy!! Who are we missing in this match up?!

Zach Davis is shuffling around some papers.

Zach Davis: I think we should have...

The house lights go down, as red lights go over the crowd. Two balls of white light streak through the sky, and hit the stage, exploding into white sparkles that fall onto the back of the stage. The opening for "O Verona" begins to play over the loud speaker only to turn into "Whisper" by Evanescence begins to play over the loudspeaker as the sound of a whinning horse is heard from within the shower of the sparkles. The tron comes to life with scenes from different matches, and fights outside the ring. As the sparkles stop, we see Denise dressed in black and silver, on top of her horse. She taps the horse lightly and it goes into a light canter, as pillars of sparkles explode on either side of her on the ramp way.

Kyle Steel: On her way to the ring... From Sleepy Hollow, New York weighing in 138 pounds... THIS IS THE DEATH BRINGER... DENIIIISE D'EEEEEEEEVIIIIL!!

The Death Bringer reaches to the ring. She pulls back in the reigns, and dismounts, handing the reigns off to a stage hand to take the horse backstage. She quickly runs up the ring steps, throwing her long black cloak and bolts into the ring. The crowd cheers as all four match participants proceed to fight amongst one another.


Freddy Whoa: All we can see are fists and kicks flying everywhere.

Denise D'Evil is tangling with Justin Cash, as The Ultimate Destroyer is fighting with Bryan Worthy.


Zach Davis: Bryan Worthy strikes The Ultimate Destroyer with a jumping calf strike.


The crowd roars out.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! I'll say it again... WHOA!! A spear by Denise D'Evil catches Justin Cash off guard.

Cash lands hard on the mat, as Ultimate grabs Bryan Worthy and throws him into the corner.


The Ultimate Destroyer strikes Worthy with a heavy right fist to the skull, follows up with a boot to the gut, then with a forearm to the right side of Worthy's head.


Zach Davis: Ultimate Destroyer is not finished!!

Freddy Whoa: Destroyer connects with a slap to the face, a massive and a heavy headbutt!!


Ultimate Destroyer catches Bryan Worthy with an open slap/finger thrust under the chin. Worthy drops down to the mat, with his back against the turnbuckles.

Cash quickly stands up.

Zach Davis: The Death Bringer is already perched on the top turnbuckle!!

Denise D'Evil flies in the air...



Zach Davis: Justin Cash is down!!

Freddy Whoa: Denise D'Evil is making the pin attempt.

Crowd: On-.... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


D'Evil grabs Cash tossing him into the ropes. Cash bounces off the ropes, as D'Evil races towards him....


Crowd: WHOA!!

Zach Davis: A spinning sidewalk slam!! Justin Cash is going for the pin....

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!


Crowd: NOOOO!!


Ultimate Destroyer grabs Bryan Worthy


Crowd: DAMN!!

Freddy Whoa: A nasty power bomb!! Ultimate Destroyer is going for the pin....

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!



Zach Davis: Justin Cash just broke up the pin with a double fist to the back of the head of Ultimate Destroyer.

Destroyer stands up, really enraged with anger as he proceeds to move his neck around, as it snaps and pop. Destroyer begins to slowly growl and he slowly creep towards Justin Cash.

Denise D'Evil: AHHHHHHHHH!!


Freddy Whoa: Where in the heck she come from?!

D'Evil flies off a top turnbuckle and connects with Ultimate Destroyer's back with a flying dropkick. Which makes Ultimate Destroyer stumble forward...


Zach Davis: BIG BOOT!!! What a boot from Justin Cash!! Cash moves in for the pin...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: NOOOO!!

Freddy Whoa: Denise D'Evil pulls Cash off of Ultimate Destroyer.

Zach Davis: The Death Bringer is going for the pin!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: NOOOO!!

Zach Davis: Justin Cash pulls Denise D'Evil off of Ultimate Destroyer!!

Both D'Evil and Cash get in each others face.


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! UH-OH!! D'Evil pushes Cash.


Zach Davis: Hey!! Cash just backhanded The Death Bringer!!


Cash slammed a boot in the mid-section of Denise D'Evil and proceeds to gorilla press her high in the air. Cash roars out as he looks around everywhere.

Zach Davis: It looks that as if Justin Cash is looking for a place to drop Denise D'Evil.

D'Evil wiggles around.

Freddy Whoa: Look!! Denise D'Evil is wiggling around!!



Zach Davis: Denise D'Evil connected with Justin Cash with a spinning backhand slap.





Zach Davis: Justin Cash is dropped with a clothesline!!

Cash pops back up, as the crowd roars out with thunderous boos due to the fact Cash is being so resilient.





Zach Davis: Bryan Worthy drops BOTH Denise D'Evil AND Justin Cash with a Northern Lights suplex!!

Worthy stands up and grabs for Denise D'Evil.

Freddy Whoa: Bryan Worthy bounces off the ropes....


Zach Davis: Swinging neckbreaker on the Death Bringer!! Worthy is going for the pin...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!





Zach Davis: Ultimate Destroyer flew off the second turnbuckle and landed on Bryan Worthy with a flying splash!!


Freddy Whoa: Lucky for Denise D'Evil, she barely moved out of the way.

Zach Davis: Ultimate Destroyer has no idea who's standing behind him...

Justin Cash: HEY BIG MAN....


Freddy Whoa: CASH DROP!!

Justin Cash drops Ultimate Destroyer with an RKO.


Cash turns around...


Zach Davis: Denise D'Evil drops Justin Cash with There Can Be Only One.

Cash was nailed with a side slam.

Freddy Whoa: Denise D'Evil doesn't see Bryan Worthy behind her....

Worthy spins The Death Bringer around....


Zach Davis: BUZZ BOMB!!

Worthy nailed D'Evil with a Thunderfire Powerbomb!!

Freddy Whoa: Bryan Worthy looks as if he is in pain. Worthy is grabbing his own ribs.


Bryan Worthy collapses down to the mat.

Zach Davis: Everyone of these four competitors are lying down on the mat. No one is moving. WCF Senior Referee Stanley Moser looks confused.

Justin Cash is up, followed by Denise D'Evil.


Cash collapses onto her.




Freddy Whoa: Justin Cash gets a victory in his return match!

The bell sounds as Cash works his way to his feet.

Zach Davis: He wasn't even medically cleared to compete tonight but he managed to get the victory!

Cash leaves the ring and heads to the back, favoring his leg.

Handicapped Match
Corey Black vs The Cartel

"Reach Down" by Temple of the Dog begins playing over the PA and The Cartel walks out from the back. Adam Young, Tom Joad and Chaz James.

Zach Davis: The Cartel go into this fight as a unit, should be interesting to see how they work as a machine.

"Pursuit of Honor" by Battlecross begins, with the melodic guitar flowing through the arena, getting the crowd pumped up. As this goes on, the lights fade to nothing until "Push Pull Destroy" also by Battlecross kicks in, where red and white lights circle throughout the arena. Once the thrash blast beat hits, a spotlight illuminates the stage and there stands Corey Black wearing a black hoodie over his ring gear. The lights continue as Corey walks down to the ring, bobbing his head to the music. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope, stands to his feet and throws up the devil horns before taking the hoodie off and dropping it to the floor. He then poses with his right arm up and bent slightly almost in a vertical flex, left hand on his elbow.

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black is pissed off and annoyed by Adam Young continually calling him out, so he requested a three-on-one handicap match!

Ref Stan Moser signals to The Cartel, they're all ready. Looks to Corey Black, he's ready. DING DING DING we're off and all three members of The Cartel rush at Corey, who wisely rolls to the outside of the ring. Tom and Chaz give chase, only to leave Adam alone in the ring. CD uses his quickness to evade and slide back in, double leg tackling Adam Young and unloading with punches! The crowd pops huge until Tom and Chaz peels CD off, throwing him into the ropes. Tom throws CD over his head into the waiting arms of Chaz, who goes for a powerbomb but it's reversed into a huricanrana!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Chaz is whipped to the floor, Tom goes to attack but Corey throws his foot right into Tom Joad's shin, dropping him to a knee. Corey off the ropes and Shining Wizard right in the head! Tom flops over and rolls out to the floor. Adam Young rushes and gets back body dropped over the top rope and onto the rest of The Cartel!

Zach Davis: Corey is not messing around at all tonight.

CD claps. Gets the crowd behind him. Stomps his feet... and takes off toward the ropes! Bounce, cartwheel, twisting senton to the floor taking out The Cartel as a whole! Corey rolls Adam back in, follows, and stalks his prey. As soon as AY is up Corey runs full speed and almost knocks Adam's head off with an Earth-Shattering Yakuza Kick! Black to the top rope now, he's looking to finish the job - he's cut off by Tom Joad!

Freddy Whoa: The numbers game finally catching up with Corey.

Tom climbs up the turnbuckles with Corey, and a slugfest has broke out above the ring. Chaz Jones climbs in and tries to assist but he's kicked in the head, stumbling back. Corey unloads three elbows in quick succession into Tom's head, knocking him from the top rope - but onto the waiting shoulders of Chaz Jones! Chaz has Tom on his shoulders in an electric chair position, Adam Young is finally getting to his feet behind them - Corey Black winds up and with the full roar of the crowd decapitates Tom Joad with a lariat! The sheer force knocks Joad in a backflip which in turn pulls Chaz Jones over in a reverse huricanrana from his partner! As HE flips, Chaz kicks Adam Young right in the face!

Zach Davis: What in the hell was that?! All three of The Cartel are down!

Corey stacks up Joad and Jones, being sure both of their shoulders are on the mat. The crowd begins chanting for it. "BUR-NING HAM-MER! /clap clap clapclapclap BUR-NING HAM-MER! /clap clap clapclapclap" With Adam Young getting up dazed, Corey slaps the taste right out of his mouth. A collective OOOOOOH releases from the mouths of nearly everyone in attendance. Adam spits on the floor and challenges Corey to do it again, which he does without missing a beat! This one turns AY around and up onto the shoulders he goes! Corey marches over to the pile of Cartel laying on the mat and drops Adam right on top of the both of them, Burning Hammer style! Corey drags Adam into position, and with one foot high in the air he places it on Adam's chest, our ref counting the pinfall as the crowd counts along on all three Cartel.




Freddy Whoa: Welp. That's that!

Television Title Match
Ryan Blake vs Joey Flash

The bell rings to signify the start of a new match.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WCF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first; the challenger! He is 6 feet tall and weighs 180 lbs! RYAN BLAKE!

“Down and Out” by Tantric begins to play. Ryan Blake steps onto the entrance ramp, his confidence is apparent and he walks to the ring with a certain bravado to him; his egotism apparent with each step. He walks up the ring steps and steps over the second rope into the ring.

Zach Davis: We continue Slam in high fashion with the WCF Television Championship up for grabs! For those watching at home who didn't catch Slam last week, we had a major upset on our hands when Joey Flash upset WCF great Zombie McMorris to capture the TV Title!

Freddy Whoa: A great match between two great competitors, so great in fact it won the WCF Match of the Week!

Zach Davis: Now Flash must overcome a second hurdle tonight, defending his newly won belt against former Two Time Television Champion and former Two Time Tag Team Champion, Ryan Blake!

Freddy Whoa: Even though he is the challenger, I have to favor Ryan Blake in this match! Look at that confidence! This man has the tools and the talent to back up his play. Not to mention he is a former two time TV Champion and he is looking to make it a third time. Joey Flash is going to be just that! A Flash in the pan!

Zach Davis: We will see about that! After all if Flash can beat ZMAC then he can beat anyone!

Kyle Steel: And his opponent! He stands at 6'2 and weighs 220 lbs! He is THE CURRENT WCF TELEVISION CHAMPION; JOEY FLASH!

The arena lights dim as the crowd buzz begins to build to fever pitch. The music begins and lingers for a moment before Joey Flash in all his glory emerges from behind the curtain staring at the crowd, the WCF Television Championship secured around his waist. He floats regally down the aisle bathing in the atmosphere and stopping to shake the hand of anyone who desires it.

He circles the ring not once, but twice. Delaying his entrance and the match even further riling the crowd before sliding into the ring and sitting down in one of the ring corners staring at Ryan Blake with both apathy and disgust. He hands the Television Title to the referee.

Zach Davis: I'm excited! This could potentially be another WCF Match of the Week Candidate!

Freddy Whoa: And we may possibly have yet another title change hands here on Slam tonight! With Joey Flash squaring up with Ryan Blake it is almost a battle of the egos!

The bell rings and the match begins.

The two men meet in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up. Joey Flash snaps behind Blake wish his wrists locked around his waist. But Blake is quick to counter and snaps behind Flash. He lifts him over his head for a german suplex. He keeps the wrists locked as the two get back to their feet.

Zach Davis: This match has already begun and we may already be seeing the triple german suplex!

Both men are back on their feet, but Flash is able to counter the second German suplex and reverses for a german suplex of his own.

Freddy Whoa: There is no way Flash was going to let that happen this early in the match!

Zach Davis: Both men trading german suplexes for the start of this match.

Both men to their feet, another collar and elbow tie up is applied. Blake snaps behind Flash and rolls him up for a quick pin.



Kick out!

Zach Davis: Blake is trying to end this match early!

Freddy Whoa: Of course he is! Blake is smart! He knows what Flash is capable of and he knows that the TV title is defended every time WCF is on television! The quicker you end this match, the quicker you get the belt, the quicker you prepare for the next challenge ahead of you!

Zach Davis: Well it isn't going to be that easy to take down the champion!

Flash and Blake are back on their feet, Blake takes his advantage and irish whips Flash into the turnbuckle. Blake lines up his target on the opposing side and charges for a vicious clothesline!

Flash falls out of the turnbuckle and onto the mat. Blake grabs Flash's legs and applies the boston crab.

Zach Davis: Boston crab on Flash! Will he give it up!? Will he submit?!

Freddy Whoa: I don't see how he couldn't! I've been in a boston crab and let me tell you he is in a whole different world of hurt right now Zach!

The referee asks Joey Flash if he wants to submit he says no through the gritted teeth of a man defiant to never give up! Blake attemps to make the boston crab set in, to increase the horrific pain and pressure on Flash's body! Flash however is determined, he begins to twist and contort his body. Able to turn his shoulder, Joey Flash grabs the ankle of Ryan Blake, he pulls him down on his back. Flash gets behind Blake's prone body, snaps both legs firmly on Blake's arms for a pin.


Kick out!

Zach Davis: Blake is quick to kick out!

Freddy Whoa: Blake has been on top of this match, no way was it going to end there. But it did get Flash out of that excruciating boston crab.

Blake and Flash are both to their feet. Blake attempts to keep the upper hand, but Flash has a resurgence and delivers three swift kicks to the gut of Blake.

Zach Davis: Flash isn't finished yet!

Flash irish whips Blake into the ropes soon followed by a powerful scoop slam. Flash picks up and delivers a belly to belly suplex.

Zach Davis: Excellent belly to belly suplex on Ryan Blake.

Flash goes for a pin.



Kick out!

Freddy Whoa: Come on! You are going to need to do more than a belly to belly suplex to finish this match up!

Flash and Blake to their feet. Flash irish whips Blake again into the ropes, this time swinging around behind him for a sleeper hold. Blake begins to fight for air as he starts to drift away.

Zach Davis: Sleeper hold applied! A classic sleeper! These gentlemen are putting on a clinic!

Freddy Whoa: All the air and blood is being cut off from Ryan Blake's brain right now. This may be academic from this point! Flash may just knock him out.

Flash compresses his arm around Blake's neck as Blake begins to fade away. The crowd hears Flash scream to the referee 'CHECK HIM'! The ref lifts Blakes arm and it falls to the canvas.


The ref lifts his arm again and if falls.


He lifts it again but this time it holds firm!

Zach Davis: Blake's arm is up!

Blake begins to gain enough energy as he rises to his feet. He delivers a couple of swift blows to the gut of the TV champion, forcing him to break the hold. He runs against the ropes, quick clothesline! Blake does it again, a second clothesline. He does it a third time, flying clothesline. The last of which so vicious that it sends Joey Flash over the top rope and onto the floor below. Quick to act, Blake leaps over the top rope. His feet land crouched on the second rope, he propels himself upwards and flips in the air for a springboard moonsault! Blake lands on top of Flash with both men now prone on the floor.

Zach Davis: Oh my! What a moonsault by the challenger!

Freddy Whoa: I don't know if that was wise Zach! Both men are outside the ring, if this match ends in a countout Flash retains the title!

Ref counts. 1... 2... 3... 4...

Blake begins to stir.

5... 6... 7...

Blake reaches his feet and rolls into the ring to break the count.

Zach Davis: Smart move by Blake, keep this match continuing.

Blake gets Flash to his feet. The ref is screaming for the two wrestlers to get back into the ring, but Blake does not listen. He irish whips Flash hard into the ring steps. Flash's body crashes into the metal steps with a vicious thud.

Zach Davis: Oh that was hard to watch!

Freddy Whoa: Blake needs to get him back into the ring for the pin! Flash is done after that!

Blake rolls Flash back into the ring, he slides in and hooks the leg for the pin.




Zach Davis: Flash kicks out! Somehow; someway! Joey Flash kicks out.

Ryan Blake whips Joey Flash into the turnbuckle and moves to the opposite corner.

Zach Davis: This may be it folks! Flash may have kicked out after that vicious irish whip into the ring steps! But it looks like Ryan Blake is setting up for THE CASUALTY!

Blake runs forward and propels himself towards the turnbuckle, his leg extended but Flash is somehow able to drop to the ground and avoid the assault, leaving Blake in pain, perched on the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Flash rolled out of the way!

Freddy Whoa: This may be the break that Joey Flash was looking for.

Joey stands up and reaches the second rope with Blake perched on top.

Zach Davis: Oh boy! This might be something big here!

Joey places Blake's arm over his neck and climbs to the third rope and successfully hits a superplex!

Zach Davis: Superplex! Superplex from the champion! Both men are down!!!

Blake and Flash get to their feet. Both men are tired, they begin to throw punches, one after the next. Blake snaps behind Flash for a german suplex, arms remain locked!

Freddy Whoa: Now is the time Zach!

He lifts him up again for a second german suplex.

Zach Davis: How much more can these two men take?

He lifts him up for a third german suplex.

Zach Davis: That's three! Three in a row!

Blake picks up Flash a second time and irish whips him into the turnbuckle. He signals that this time is the end of the match and attempts The Casualty for the second time!

Ending 1

However, Flash always perceptive sees Blake running towards him. He steps out of the turnbuckle and hits Blake with the SUDDEN FLASH! A well place right hand to the side of the head!

Zach Davis: Sudden Flash! Sudden Flash out of nowhere!

Flash goes for the pin!




The Bell rings!

Kyle Steel: Your winner and STILL Wrestling Championship Federation Television Champion JOEY FLASH!

Joey Flash rolls out of the ring, exhausted after a hard fought battle. The referee hands him his title which he lifts in the air in triumphant celebration of his first title defense. The referee checks on Ryan Blake who is just now coming to after the vicious right hand.

Freddy Whoa: What a match and one hell of a first title defense for Joey Flash

Zach Davis: An excellent match and an excellent performance for both wrestlers. Ryan Blake has nothing to be ashamed of, he competed in one hell of a contest, but on this night, Joey Flash was the better man and he retains his Television Championship.

People's Title Match
Occulo vs Steeltoe Joe

“Superman” by The Stereophonics starts playing as every single light in the arena comes on at their brightest. As the lyrics begin, Occulo makes his way to the ring through the crowd. As he hops over the barrier, he stares up at the screen at which point, the music stops, the lights shut off and the screen shows grey CCTV footage of an unknown location for a few seconds and then goes back to his normal video with the music continuing. He then slides into the ring and rests on the ropes with his arms outstretched.

Zach Davis: And now we have a People’s Title match coming up and the challenger looks ready.

The Arena Goes Dark, the entrance and stage area start to flicker with neon blue and white lights as "Cells" by the Sevant begins to slowly play through the PA system. Fog fills the entrance area and Steeltoe Joe comes walking methodically to the beat of the music out of the midst of the fog. The fans are going nuts as Joe pumps his muscles, takes off his sunglasses to look around the arena to the masses of fans cheering and chanting his name. Next to him is his manager Eric Price who walks confidently alongside in a pressed black suit with a gold tie and shirt, a US lapel pin on his sportcoat. Steeltoe Joe has the People’s Title around his waist proudly wearing his prize.

Zach Davis: And looks like the champion is ready to defend his title tonight.

Freddy Whoa: And his manager Eric Price is right alongside him. I know you and him have some history here in the Pepsi Center.

Zach Davis: Not good memories.

Joe puts his sunglasses back on and starts to walk down the ramp with his manager next to him. He makes his way to the ring steps and walks up them in a slow manner but then explodes through the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle facing the camera. He raises his arms in his presumed victory, points to Heaven and jumps off the turnbuckle.

Eric Price meanwhile walks over to the announcer’s table and takes a seat next to Zach Davis and Freddy Whoa, putting a headset on to commentate with them.

Eric Price: How are you guys? Are you ready to see the People’s Champion defend his title tonight!

Freddy Whoa: Should be a good match.

Eric Price: Hey Zach, how you doing? You remember the last time we were here together?

Zach Davis: Must you bring that up every time we come to Denver!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF PEOPLE’S CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first the challenger, from Washington DC, standing 6 feet tall, weighing in at 220 lbs. … OCCULO!

The crowd boos at him.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Stockton, CA, standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, weighing in at 272 lbs., he is the current WCF People’s Champion … he is the People’s Pastor … STEEL … TOE … JOE!

Eric Price: I told him to introduce the champ that way.

Zach Davis: You seem excited about this match.

Eric Price: I am, I can’t wait to see Joe retain his title tonight.


And immediately STJ tries to go for Occulo but Occulo steps out of the ring as the referee stops STJ from exiting the ring.

Occulo asks for a microphone and stands outside the ring walking toward the entrance ramp as the crowd is booing and wondering what is going on.

Occulo: The People’s Title? The PEOPLE’s title? So what, I become a champion of these bloodthirsty, moral high-ground seeking sheep? You saw the reaction of what I did to Ryan Blake, you booed me and threw a bottle at me and completely disapproved of what I did. I’m not going to apologise for what I did to him. I’m not going to apologise to the people, and I won’t apologise for what I’m about to say.

Eric Price: What the hell?

Zach Davis: I … I don’t know.

Occulo stares at the crowd as the referee starts his 10 count

Occulo: I want to look every single WCF fan in the eyes when I say what I’m about to say. I don’t want this shot at the People’s Title. I hate what the People’s Title represents. I would thoroughly resent being this champion of you people. It would make me physically sick to represent you. I don’t care for anyone here so I’m struggling to find a reason why I should care for anyone on the other side of the barrier.

Occulo takes a small cassette tape recorder from his pocket and presses record

Eric Price: What is this guy doing?

Occulo: Now as you aren't even probably watching this our esteemed management I thought I'd record this and then personally deliver it to you myself.

Occulo: How dare you assume, how dare you think that ‘Yeah, Occulo will love being the People’s Champion, let’s give him a contender's shot’ I have never expressed any form of interest whatsoever in your stupid, pointless titles because I don’t need to be labeled; I don’t want to be suffocated in the tight corset that a title belt has on you. You know winning the title is like graduating from College you know why? Because in the moment you are on a pedestal with your title or, degree in your hands and all your family and friends think you are God’s gift to society and suddenly the world is going to change and Africa will be fed and suddenly the militia of the world will drop their guns and hold hands and sing and grow flowers spelling out their your name. As soon as the champion exits that stage and heads into the backroom suddenly their world becomes a lonely place. You’re only on top when the referee stops you from falling when they lift your hand up in the ring. After that everyone looks down on you. You become a target. Suddenly you are in a pressure chamber and life as you thought it would be as champion becomes an incredible burden of responsibility. Over time your cap and gown get heavier and heavier as the weight of expectation pulls you down as you fail to live up to the shine your belt has. So, Seth, I expect it is you who I am talking to here, I officially refuse my title shot. It’s a plastic distraction and I don’t care for it.

Occulo: Now I know you must be thinking I am shying away from responsibility here. I can handle it, but the responsibility of being champion is one not worth the effort. People like ICE Beckman handle it and makes an extremely desperate and commendable effort every week to ensure his pedestal is stable and isn’t going to come crumbling down from beneath his feet. He’s the best in the world apparently and good for him. Being the drunk he has probably anaesthetized himself of responsibility and acts on impulse alone. Good for you, you might actually be a bit dangerous if you had something to care for and consequence for what you do but in your current state, with that title belt holding you up like that one jenga brick at the bottom of the stack, nobody daring to remove it because obviously you’d come crashing down and the fun will be over. Anyway I’ve gone off on a tangent, but then again I haven’t because this is what I was talking about. Hank my waist is free, I don’t have my name on the front of the WCF magazine and thank God I don’t have my name on a single piece of merchandise. As soon as you become a champion all that materialistic commercial money making bullshit begins and all you are then is a golden goose constantly in the crossfire, constantly having your every single move watched and constantly forced to be what the management and the people want you to be or don’t want you to be instead of who YOU want to be.

Occulo presses stop on his recorder and hops down onto the mat.

Occulo: Steeltoe Joe, sorry to have wasted your time.

The referee reaches his count of 10 and rings the bell counting out Occulo.

Eric Price gets up from the announcer’s desk as Occulo has walked out from the entrance stage and grabs a microphone from the ring announcer, also asking for the People’s Title in the process.

Eric Price: Umm … ladies and gentlemen, it seems Steeltoe Joe’s opponent knew he just couldn’t beat him. Oh well, I guess then your winner and still … WCF People’s Champion … the People’s Pastor … STEEL … TOE … JOE!

Eric hands the People’s Title to Steeltoe Joe who is still as confused as everyone else in the arena but raises his title proudly to the cheering crowd while Eric raises STJ’s hand in victory. "Cells" by the Sevant starts playing over the speaker system of the Pepsi Center!

Zach Davis: I … I don’t know what this was.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA … I’m at a loss for words. Occulo refusing his title shot because he claimed he refuses to present the people.

Zach Davis: Something very wrong with that individual although Eric saying that Occulo may have a case of the limber tail could be true.

Freddy Whoa: I doubt it, I think there are other motives behind what he did.

Zach Davis: I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough but a clear message sent to WCF Management. How will they respond to this act of defiance?

The Poondock Saints vs Factory Black
Special Guest Referee: Zombie McMorris

Zach Davis: Folks, we got a great tag team match for you tonight. Factory Black gets a chance to make a huge impact in WCF when they take on Bobby Cairo and Kaz Mazy, the Poondock Saints.

Freddy Whoa: It really is a great opportunity to put your name on the map. If you can knock off the number one contender to the world title- thats a feather in your cap.

Zach Davis: Bobby Cairo, obviously no stranger to tag teams and with Kaz under his wing – they will be a powerfull tag team.

Freddy Whoa: But Factory Black are a well oiled tag team, just for two guys that have been put together. They've been doing well and I know they'll be looking to shove this into Seths face.

Zach Davis: The wild card in all this is Zombie McMOrris. The special guest referee.

Kyle Steel: Introducing your special guest referee for this match... He is one half of the WCF tag team champions... Zombie... McMorris!!

“ Killed by Death” Hits the PA and begins to play but nothing happens. The camera pans to the crowd but no ZMAC. The Camera pans towards the entrance ramp but no ZMAC.

Zach Davis: ZMAC no where to be found.

Kyle Steel: Zombie... McMorris!

ZMACS music plays again but still nothing. Finally a ref jogs out to the ring to take his place.

Freddy Whoa: I guess Seth had a back up plan.

Zach Davis: Knowing ZMAC, thats the best option.

The lights die as we hear a cacophony of crows cawing, the sounds warp and twist under duress, a symphony of machine parts now imposing their will; this cumulates with “Reptile”, by Nine Inch Nails ending the chorus and holding court. A red spotlight hits the stage as Cory Scarecrow and Marc Mayhem appear. Cory hisses at the crowd as Marc smirks, fires a single shot from a finger pistol, triggering a rapid fire rat, tat, tat of six short bursts of pyrotechnics. The display creates a wall of red mist that slithers steadily down the ramp way. Cory and Mayhem cut a sinister visage as they march with a purpose, slicing through the descending fog that now encircles the ring. Factory Black soak up the heat, before sliding inside and awaiting their opponents.

Zach Davis: Here is Factory Black. These guys could be next in line for a tag title shot.

The lights in the arena go black. A cheer comes up from the crowd and then mates with a chant, a MASSIVE IRREPRESSIBLE chant from every corner of the arena, from every poon and thick in attendance tonight.


The excitement reaches a fever pitch. The fans froth at their collective mouths in anticipation of the thick shit that's bout it bout it, ready to cum in mere moments, though they're still shrouded in darkness save for cellphone flash bulbs so y'all can't really see it but y'all can feel it. The giddy aura of the WCF Universe is instantly impregnated by the sound of a gunshot.


"Natural Born Killaz" by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube tears through the PA system like the thickness does the poon. Simultaneously, the lights come back up in full-on strobe mode with red and green flashing all about the building in every which way. White people be dancin' the Jitterbug, but hey-- at least they gettin down to them thick gangsta rap sounds. The entire crowd is vibing, smoking phat blunts, tippin them forties, motorboatin' the biggest and baddest titties.

Kaz Mazy and Bobby Cairo emerge in the crowd, being led toward the ring by their manager Bolts Quackenbush, who's waving that Old Glory Poon Guinean Flag with the hammer and sickle and them fifty stars and thirteen bars.

Zach Davis: The Poondock Saints are in the house!

Freddy Whoa: Thickest entrance in this business today, Zach. Look at them white folk dancin' the Jitterbug. Crazy ass white folk.

Bitches be gettin their twerk on as Dre and Cube pay tribute with homicidal lyrics. Bolts hurdles over the fan barrier, never wavering from that flag but waving it like the proud military veteran that he be. Cairo and Mazy hop over the barrier and present a united front as they wait for their match to begin.


Bolts whipping that flag into a frenzy to accommodate the patriotic legions in attendance.

Zach Davis: Godfatherdamn, I'm proud to be a Poon Guinean.

Freddy Whoa: Me too, Zach. Me too. Ain't no Poon Guineans ever held my ancestors as slaves. Just smashed that molten nigress poon, and that's alright with me. Hell, I do the same Godfatherdamn thang. Not with my ancestors, but you catch my drift.

Zach Davis: Yeah I do, Freddy. Yeah I do, and I wish I was as thick as you.

Freddy Whoa: Someday, Zach. Someday you will be. Sorry-- that was a lie.


Freddy Whoa: Kaz and Marc start things off for their teams. Both of similar size but Marc is a technical specialist and Kaz is a high flying specialist. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Kaz and Marc lock up in the middle of the ring. Marc goes behind with a waist lock. He tries to pull Kaz over for a German suplex but Kaz blocks it. Marc tries for a second time and Kaz backflips over Marcs head. Marc turns around and Kaz connects with a with a jumping leg lariat. Marc hits the ground as Kaz walks over to him to pick him up but Marc takes the legs out from Kaz and locks in an ankle lock.Kaz struggles and is anble roll through and fling Marc into the ropes. Kaz gets up and takes a shoulder tackle. Marc hits the ropes again for a step over- leap frog combination into a monkey flip.

Marc flops on the floor, trying to get to his feet. Kaz charges and Marc low bridges the ropes. Kaz dumps out to the apron. Marc with a wide swing thats blocked by Kaz who flips back over the ropes into a setset flip.

The pin




Zach Davis: Both men displaying great athleticism and ring psychology.

Marcs kick out gives him time to roll back to his feet and take advantage with a school boy of his own.

The pin




Kaz gets to his feet and chrages Marc who side steps Kaz. Kaz runs into his own corner and, spring boarding off the top ropes for a cross body rebound but Marc catches him and rolls through it to counter it with another pin.

The pin..




Zach Davis: Kaz Mazy with another kick out.

Marc grabs Kaz and drags him over to the Factory Black corner and tags in Scarecrow. Marc sets Kaz up and hits him with a rock bottom as Scarecrow takes to the ropes and hits a frog splash.

Freddy Whoa: Another pin attempt.



3 !!


Zach Davis: And the Godfather breaks it up!

Freddy Whoa: He just pimp slapped Marc Mayhem off the apron!

Cairo stomps on Scarecrow again before walking back to his corner. Scarecrow gets up and mocks Cairo as he picks Kaz up.

Scarecrow: Hey Cairo.. Check this!

Scarecrow picks up Kaz and lifts him up into a choke slam but drops Kaz onto an exposed knee; hitting a choke breaker.

Zach Davis: Scarecrow obviously mocking Cairos long time friend and tag team partner, Odin Balfore with that choke breaker, Odins finishing move.

Cairo hits the ring and charges after Scarecrow but the ref stops him, trying to get Cairo back to the apron while Marc and Scarecrow double team Kaz in corner.

Freddy Whoa: Cairo took to the ring to not only help out Kaz but to defend his former partners honor.

Zach Davis: Scarecrow is a man of mind games and he's trying to get into Cairos head with that choke breaker.

Factory Black has Kaz up and connect with alternating knife edge chops. The most dastardly of all the chops. The ref turns back around and Marc gets back onto the apron as Scarecrow continues the assault with mounted punches.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 !

Scarecrow pulls Kaz up and situates him on the top rope, trying for a super-plex. Kaz starts to fight and struggle. Kaz blocks the attempts and fires back with fists and a sitting side kick to Marc; knocking him off the apron. Scarecrow lifts Kaz up however for the super-plex!

Zach Davis: Super-plex!

Freddy Whoa: NO! Its counterd into a rolling powerbomb!

Zach Davis: Both men are out.

The ref counts.


Kaz gets to his knees and tries to make the tag to Cairo but Scarecrow rolls over and holds him down by the boot.

Freddy Whoa: Ah no! Kaz is within inches of the tag. Their finger tips are almost touching.

Scarecrow reels Kaz back in like a fish by his pant leg. Kaz is struggling and flopping around, trying to shake himself loose by Scarecrow manages to grab the other leg.

Zach Davis: Catapult into Factory Blacks corner!


Freddy Whoa: Kaz connects with the turnbuckle pad only to turn around and get nailed with a super kick! Kaz Mazy is on that dream street. At the corner of Dream street and Da Struggle drive. He doesnt know which way is up.

Zach Davis: And Scarecrow is taunting Cairo again!

Scarecrow: Hey Cairo..


Zach Davis: Murder of Crows! Murder of Crows!

Freddy Whoa: That snapping cutter out of no where. First he takes Balfores finish and now it's Cairos.

Zach Davis: Cairos had it! He hits the ring.


/R- CAIRO! To Scarecrow!

Marc Mayhem hits the ring.


/R-CAIRO! To Marc Mayhem!

The ref tries to get invloved..


/R-CAIRO! To the ref!

Cairo pulls Kaz ontop of scarecrow..

The pin..

The Crowd counts the fall

Crowd: 1.. 2.. 3.. 4..5..6..7..8..9..

“ Killed by Death” hits the PA system!

Zach Davis: Its ZMAC!

The camera pans around to find ZMAC being crowd surfed to the ring wearing a ref shirt under his torn leather jacket. The crowd dumps him over the barrier as ZMAC slides into the ring to make the count.

The pin!





Freddy Whoa: Its a two count.

Zach Davis: And ZMAC showing us its a two with a double finger salute. He's saluting Cairo, Scarecrow, Kaz and Marc Mayhem.

Kaz crawls off Scarecrow and tries to make a tag. Scarecrow crawls to his corner and makes the tag.

Zach Davis: Marc Mayhem is in! Kaz still hasnt reached Cairo!

Freddy Whoa: Marc Mayhem grabs Kaz around the waist and yanks him up for a release German suplex!

Zach Davis: Kaz is back in no mans land.

Marc waits for Kaz to get back up and then kicks him in the stomach.

Zach Davis: Light Out! Gut-Wrench Suplex!

The cover..



3 !!!


Freddy Whoa: Kaz Mazy kicks out!

Marc picks up Kaz and sets him up for an inverted suplex..


Zach Davis: Kaz with Asai DDT! He calls it Reptilian!

Kaz is down.. Marc is down..

The ref counts..


Kaz to his feet.

Marc to his feet.


Scarecrows back in. Scarecrow is able to grab Kaz once again. He spins him around, going for Murder of Crows of Kaz goes to kick him in the gut. Its caught. Kaz on one foot now.


Zach Davis: Kaz with a one legged corkscrew dropkick!

Freddy Whoa: The Tag to Cairo!

The crowd starts going crazy!

Running double ax handle!

Marc gets to his feet but eats another ax handle. Marc gets to his feet as Cairo kicks him in the gut and lifts up him into a suplex that springs boards Marc off the top rope and into a brain buster.

Zach Davis: Security Breach!

The pin..




Broken up by Scarecrow!

Cairo gets up, looking like a crazed wild man.

Cairo: Da Fawk? I Murk you son.


Freddy Whoa: Wait.. its Marc Mayhem!

The school boy pin.




Cairo kicks out!

Cairo and Mayhem to their feet at the same time but Cairo strikes first!

Zach Davis: Kick to the gut by Cairo... into a wheel barrow toss! Here comes Kaz!


Freddy Whoa: The Poon Guinea Pain Train!

The pin..



3 !!!

Zach Davis: They've done it! Poondock Saints have picked up the victory!

Freddy Whoa: But Wait! Theres Steve Orbit! Hes coming through the crowd with a chair!

Steve slides into the ring and cracks it over Kaz Mazys head. Cairo gets up but is turned around by ZMAC!


World Tour 69!

Zach Davis: Scarecrow joins in on the beat down as Marc Mayhem rolls out of the ring! Its chaos in the ring!

“Pompeii” Hits the PA system!

Freddy Whoa: Its Dan Van Slade! He's running to the ring and he's got his own equalizer!

Slade hits the ring and and cracks Steve Orbit over the head. ZMAC and Scarecrow escape through the middle ropes. Both teams regroup on the outside as Cairo and Kaz recover in the ring.

Zach Davis: This isnt so much helping Poondock Saints but getting his hands on Steve Orbit!

Freddy Whoa: Well the tag champs were showing they are the dominant team and Factory Black was up in their face and then DVS comes down to level the field for his own reasons.

“ With Odin on Our Side” hits the PA system!

Zach Davis: WHAT!? BALFORE? NO WAY?!

Odin Balfore, dressed in a suit walks out onto the stage with a microphone and addresses the men in the ring.

Odin Balfore: Boys. Boys. I get it. Trust me, I get it. You want to kill each other. I can respect that. What I cant respect is all this nonsense you got going on. Funny thing about that is that Seth has given me the Authority to do something about it. So next week on Slam! It's going to be Vapor Kings verse Factory Black verse Poondock Saints with the Dan Van Slade as the special guest ref!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Thats an announcement for sure!

Odin Balfore: And just so we're clear, IF The Vapor Kings lose, the winning team gets a banked Tag Team Titles shot. It could be the following week or it could be at ONE! But I'd hate to give away the surprise. Oh; and don't think I don't see you Scarecrow. I see that look in your eye. Know that I'm NOT Seth Lerch and if you think you're going to screw with me and brawl with me in a parking lot- it'll be the last thing you ever do. You and your punk ass Choke Breaker. We'll see you next week boys.. See who wants it the most.

Odin's music hits as he leaves and we go to commercial.

Occulo Segment

Scene opens. Occulo unlocks his dressing room and steps in. He splashes some cold water on his face and dries himself with a towel. As he stretches he notices a perfectly square piece of paper on an otherwise bare desk.. He puts his tongue in his cheek and picks it up to read.

Car Park. 8pm. Come alone.

Occulo folds the paper up and stuffs it in his pocket.

Occulo: Yeah. You will.

He checks his watch and exits the room.

Jonny Fly/Tyler Walker vs Steve Orbit/Biohazard

Zach Davis: This next match ought to be interesting!

Freddy Whoa: We’re going to get a little taste of Steve Orbit versus Jonny Fly prior to One. I can’t wait!

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly. Standing next to Jonny Fly is his partner and protégé, Walker Flyocker Flame.

Zach Davis: Here comes Fly with Walker Flyocker Flame. These two were last seen in the ring together during War, in which Walker had a surprisingly good showing ruined after trying to help his former partner Biohazard, much to Fly’s dismay.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, this Biohazard and Walker feud is about as hot as Fly and Orbit. This match is a One preview in two different ways.

Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on the ring. The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly and Walker. Slowly and deliberately they begin to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the ring. Fly and Walker slide into the ring and await their opponents.


Freddy Whoa: Here we go!

The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as Buddy Roman steps out from behind the curtain, followed by "The Mack" Steve Orbit and Biohazard.

Zach Davis: Two week ago we saw Jonny Fly attack Steve Orbit in the Vapor Kings locker room, add that to a long list of reasons that Orbit is going to be looking to make sure Fly doesn’t even make it to One after this match.

Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus piece, and a jewel encrusted cane. Biohazard is wearing a…uh…biohazard suit. Buddy and Orbit embrace in a hug. Biohazard tries to get in the hug too, but Roman pushes him away. Sad, Biohazard begins making his way down the ramp followed by Roman and Orbit. At ringside, Orbit removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to Buddy Roman. He and Biohazard enter the ring.

Zach Davis: It looks like Walker and Biohazard are going to start this match for their respective teams.

Indeed, Orbit and Fly take up position on the apron as Biohazard and Walker Flyocker Flame ready themselves in the center of the ring.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Walker Flyocker Flame takes off on a dead sprint and tackles Biohazard to the mat. They roll around on the mat…a little too long…before finally Biohazard gets his feet positioned on Walker’s torso and kicks him off. Both men rise to their feet, with Biohazard taking the advantage with a series of stiff punches to the temple. The shots force Walker back to the ropes. Biohazard whips him across the ring into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Walker hits them…literally. He forget to spin and runs belly-first into the ropes and falls onto the ground.

Zach Davis: Look at Fly, Freddy. He doesn’t look very happy.

Freddy Whoa: That’s Wrestling 101 right there, and we’d expect better from someone that’s been taught by Fly – and certainly he feels the same.

Biohazard laughs at his former BFF and walks over and scoops him off the mat. He pushes Walker into his own corner. Steve Orbit takes advantage of the situation and proceeds to hit Walker with a few more shots to the head. With Walker Flyocker Flame slumped against the turnbuckle and the referee warning Steve Orbit about disqualification if he continues his attack, Biohazard grabs Walker by the neck and takes him to the mat with a DDT.

Zach Davis: Walker is getting picked apart by Biohazard right now. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen here when Steve Orbit get into the ring.

Biohazard gets back to his feet and tags in Steve Orbit.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like we’re going to find out right now. The Hardcore Champ is in!

Orbit rushes into the ring and goes right to work. He reaches down and picks up Walker Flyocker Flame, and positions him for a belly-to-belly suplex. He hit it, but keeps the hold and lifts back to his feet. He executes another suplex…and then a third…before releasing. Orbit grabs Walker by the hair and violently rips him up to his feet. He shoves him back into his corner and then takes several steps backward. He launches himself forward and spears Walker into the turnbuckle. “The Beast” crumbles to the ground.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Steve Orbit is killin’ it right now.

Zach Davis: Literally, perhaps. Tyler Walker looks to be in a lot of pain.

Freddy Whoa: Who is Tyler Walker?

Orbit stalks Walker from his standing position. Slowly, Walker is able to turn himself over. He opens his eyes and just as he catches a glimpse of Orbit towering over him, the WCF Hardcore Champion sends his boot right down onto his face. Orbit takes that same boot and sets it onto Walker’s neck and then steps up and positions all of his weight onto that leg. He uses the ropes to steady himself and continues choking Walker for nearly 15 seconds before the referee forces him off.

Steve Orbit smiles as Walker tries his best to claw away from the corner. He looks over at Jonny Fly, who is trying his best to encourage Walker to get a tag in. While still maintaining eye contact with Fly, Orbit grabs Walker’s leg and pulls him away from the corner. He immediately locks in an ankle lock!

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit is almost taunting Jonny Fly with this hold. He’s daring him to come into the ring and save Walker.

Freddy Whoa: If he doesn’t, I don’t think this match is going to last much longer. Flyocker Flame isn’t known for his ability to do…uh, well, anything.

Walker is screaming out in pain as Orbit tightens the hold. He’s still staring at Jonny Fly, waiting for him to make a move. Finally, seeing enough, Jonny Fly enters the ring.

Zach Davis: Here comes the cavalry!

Orbit immediately release the hold and stands to his feet. After entering the ring, Fly stands still, not making a move. With a burst of energy Walker gets up from the mat and runs toward Fly. He tags him on the shoulder and then quickly exits the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Walker taking advantage of this standoff between Fly and Orbit to finally get himself out of the ring. Good awareness.

Zach Davis: Yeah, awareness, that’s it. Regardless, that’s not a legal tag – but it doesn’t look like anyone really cares.

Jonny Fly takes a few steps forward and slowly begins circling Steve Orbit. Orbit does the same. The two are moving around the ring, sizing one another up, but neither making a move. As Fly circles in front of Orbit’s corner, Biohazard reaches out and clubs him over the head. That small window is all Steve Orbit needs. He levels Fly with a drop kick. Almost instantly both men are back on their feet. Orbit gets Fly with a hip toss, and then bounces himself off the ropes and hits a running bulldog. Orbit quickly gathers Fly and brings him back to his feet. He locks him in a half nelson...

Freddy Whoa: Here we go!

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit just hit Jonny Fly with the Honey Dip! He’s going for the cover!







Jonny Fly kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: Jonny Fly just BARELY kicks out. Whoa!

Orbit rises back to his feet. Fly slowly rolls onto his side. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Orbit attempting a kick, and quickly rolls out of the way.

Zach Davis: Jonny Fly back to his feet!

Fly and Orbit lock up, with Fly gaining the advantage with a side headlock. He runs forward and slams Orbit’s head into a neutral turnbuckle. He then spins him around and sends a kick to the midsection. With Orbit bent over holding his midsection Fly spins his body three-hundred and sixty degrees and hits Orbit with the Discus Fly.


Zach Davis: …and he’s not done yet.

Fly has already jumped to the top of the turnbuckle. He leaps off looking for the Fly Swatter!




Freddy Whoa: I don’t even know what to say.

Zach Davis: Say this; WHOA!

As Fly was in the air Biohazard jumped into the ring and hit his partner’s trademark ‘Pimp Slap’ on Fly just before he landed on Orbit. B-Haz is celebrating as Fly lies motionless on the mat. His celebration is cut short by the looming presence of “The Beast” stalking him from behind. Biohazard turns and is absolutely leveled by a big boot. Walker gathers him back up, grabs his arm, and then positions him for the “Jock Jam.”

Zach Davis: He hit it! Tyler Walker with the Jock Jam!


Zach Davis: He’s going for the cover!…oh, wait…

Walker tries to the cover, but he’s not the legal man. Poor guy, he must have forgot. Good thing the referee reminds him. Sad, Walker takes the opportunity to push Biohazard out of the ring. He then elbow drops Steve Orbit and runs away before Orbit has the opportunity to get up and destroy him. Just kidding. He elbow drops Orbit. Then leg drops him. Then knee drops him. Then butt drops him. Then he puts Jonny Fly’s arm over him for the cover.

Zach Davis: No chance this works.






Freddy Whoa: Yep. Steve Orbit kicks out with some emphasis.

Orbit immediately gets back to his feet. He looks over at Walker whose eyes grow wide. Orbit chases Walker, who turns to run away – but runs right into the turnbuckle. Orbit grabs him and sets him on his feet. He then destroys him with the crane kick, knocking Walker all the way over the ropes to the outside.

Zach Davis: ….wow.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, but look who’s looming behind him.

Jonny Fly is back on his feet and is waiting for Orbit to turn around. Orbit does, and Fly strikes with a kick to the gut. He grabs Orbit and picks him up into the air, dropping him for a vertical suplex. Not done yet, Fly gets back to his feet and runs toward the ropes, bouncing off the bottom rope, and hitting Orbit with a springboard moonsault. He goes for the cover.






Biohazard slides back into the ring, and breaks up the cover.

Zach Davis: Uh-oh, now he’s done it.

Jonny Fly rises back to his feet. It’s not his turn to stare at Biohazard, with B-Haz the one who’s eyes have grown wide. Tyler Walker slides into the ring and positions himself behind Biohazard.

Freddy Whoa: Biohazard is about to…


Biohazard has turned and spit ooze at Walker. He tries to escape the ring, but Jonny Fly catches him from behind. With his arms locked around Biohazard’s waist, he hits him with a belly-to-back suplex. After finishing the maneuver, Fly gets right back to his feet. He stares down at Biohazard, seething at his audacity to break up his cover on Orbit.

Zach Davis: Jonny Fly has a legendary mean streak. If you’re Biohazard right now, you’re praying to whoever your alien god is that you…

Before Zach Davis can finish, there’s a sickening thud heard as Fly smashes his boot onto Biohazard face. He repeats the action again, and again, and again. Biohazard begins to bleed from the nose, but that seems to only enrage Fly further. He picks him and takes him over to the turnbuckle and begins bashing his head against the ring post…one, two, three, four, five, six, seven times…

Freddy Whoa: Jonny Fly is not a happy man right now, and he’s taking that anger out on Biohazard’s face. Also, for those that might have wondered, Biohazard bleeds blood – not ooze.

Fly grabs Biohazard by the back of the head and merely throws him onto the ground. He reaches down and grabs his legs and locks in his ‘My Supremacy’ hold. Biohazard screams out in pain almost immediately.

Zach Davis: Jesus. This is almost too much. Jonny Fly versus Biohazard? That’s the mismatch of the century. Where’s Orbit?

Where is Orbit, indeed? He’s no longer in the ring, but Fly has failed to notice. Orbit emerges from ringside wielding a steel chair. He slides back into the ring behind Fly and cracks him over the back with the chair. Fly falls forward and while he’s facing down Orbit delivers another chair shot. Fly tries to roll away, but gets hit with a third chair shot.

Freddy Whoa: Steve Orbit just said; “Fuck this match, I want Fly hurt!”

Zach Davis: Let’s just hope he doesn’t hit him in the finger with that chair, or it just might happen.

Orbit hits Fly again with a chair shot, and finally the referee calls for the bell. It doesn’t matter though, as Orbit strikes with chair once again. Just as he’s about to come down with his sixth chair strike, Walker Flyocker Flame enters the ring and jumps in front of the chair and takes the bullet for Fly like Chris Tucker did for Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 2.

Zach Davis: Walker just saved Jonny Fly!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Orbit is so confused as to what just happened that he pauses just long enough for Fly to sweep his legs out from under him. As Orbit falls to the mat he loses grip of the chair. He quickly gets back up and goes to retrieve the chair. As he does, he turns…and sees that Fly has already slid out of the ring – taking Walker Flyocker Flame with him.

Zach Davis: With a big assist from Walker Flyocker Flame, Jonny Fly narrowly escapes a vicious all-out assault from Steve Orbit.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, and look at Steve Orbit right now. He’s pissed. He came into this match wanting to soften Fly up for One, and he almost did it.

Steve Orbit is pacing in the ring, shouting obscenities at the top of his lungs. With Walker’s arm draped over his neck and supporting his weight, Jonny Fly backpedals up the ramp smiling ever so slightly.

Zach Davis: This isn’t the last we’ve seen of these four men in the ring. That’s for damn sure. Though next time, they'll be on their own.

Jayson Price/Adam Young Segment

We come back from commercial with a shot of Jayson Price standing in a hallway somewhere in the arena. The crowd pops as the camera pulls back to see him standing in front of the door of the The Cartel's dressing room.

Zach Davis: Oh snap! Jayson Price must be looking to get his Internet Title back after Adam Young stole it on Wednesday Night.

Price kicks open the door and steps in, ready to fight. However the room is empty. Price walks over to the bags belonging to The Cartel and begins rifling through them until he comes across his stolen Internet Title. Price then kicks the bags across the room, scattering the contents. Price then walks out of the room with his title belt, shaking his head at the nonsense that is WCF. The cameras cut back to the arena.

Zach Davis: Well that was certainly anti climatic.

Freddy Whoa: I never understood why Young was taking the belt in the first place.

Zach Davis: Something about Seth Lerch or something, but I guess it doesn't really matter now.

Freddy Whoa: Fair enough!

Slam goes back to commercial.

Occulo's Meeting Segment

Scene opens. Car park. It is quiet and the only sounds we hear are from the street outside which echo off the walls. Occulo is alone and looks like he is expecting anything. He looks around and a couple of times at his watch.

Occulo: You’re late

Voice: I’m right on time actually.

Occulo turns around and squints at a man in a suit, it is the same man Occulo savagely attacked a few weeks ago.

Occulo: You?! No. Not here. Not fucking here.

Man: Occulo you couldn’t simply hide under a rock and expect everything to blow over. You know the people we are and I couldn’t just forget you leaving me for dead that day.

Occulo: It looks like I didn’t try hard enough

Man: I don’t understand why you did what you did. I was the only guy in that place who cared for you.

Occulo: I didn’t want anyone to care for me. I was drowning in a sea of pity, and you were the one dragging me down. I was happy with the forced glance and nod at me when your colleagues attended meetings and whatever the fuck you lot did.

Man: Are you that helpless Occulo?

Occulo: No. I’m just Fatherless. Now why are you here? If you’re expecting to bundle me into a black car and leave with you you’re wrong. I’d rather leave in a hearse with a bullet in my head.

Man: Your Fathe-

Footsteps are heard from the rear of the car park and we hear a familiar voice as Joey Flash finally appears.

Joey Flash: What’s this?

Man: Joey?

Joey Flash: Why are you still talking? And why is he not a bloody mess on the floor?

Man: I was getting to it. I wasn’t expecting you so soon.

Joey steps back.

Joey Flash: Have at it. I enjoy a ringside seat.

Occulo laughs and looks at Joey

Occulo: You enjoy a joke too. You know full well he probably wouldn’t even get a punch in. So come on Frank, have at it.

The man swings for Occulo but immediately receives an elbow to the throat and a swift boot to the face. The man lies semi-conscious on the tarmac. Instead of finishing him off however. Occulo walks up to Joey.

Occulo: Right what the fuck is this? How many more bodies have you exhumed from my past Joey?

Joey Flash: Oh did he know you? I got a call asking for a blind date, so I set one up for you.

Occulo: Not my type Joey. I prefer an Italian’s blood on my shoes thanks. Government blood tends to have a green acidic nature to it.

Joey Flash: Do you know what you did to poor Frank? Why he wanted a piece of you even knowing how outmatched he was? Why he wanted to settle it mano a mano?

Occulo: It’s not ultimately going to be about what he wanted is it? A puppet does whatever the master tells it do. For whatever motive he wanted. Come on Joey, I’m not as naive as some of the idiots here. You know that.

Joey Flash: Really, how come then you believed me when I said he just wanted to settle it mano a mano and didn’t notice the gun he has?

Occulo turns round in horror to find Frank aiming a pistol straight at Occulo’s head. Occulo swiftly removes the gun from his hand and punches him to the ground, before driving his knee into his temple. Knocking him out instantly, Frank collapses to the floor limp and unconscious, Occulo turns back to Flash...

Occulo: Wh-

...and turns into a right hand that sends Occulo to the floor next to Frank. Joey follows up with a kick to the face sending Occulo crawling on the floor and struggling to get back up. Everytime he is about to finally find his feet Joey drops him again, taking pleasure in the struggle. An uppercut drops Occulo for good, still conscious but beaten. Joey picks the gun up and aims at Occulo.

Joey Flash: Your life is in my hands. How does that feel?

He pulls the trigger…

...and a slow trickle of water drops onto Occulo’s forehead. Joey drops the water pistol on Frank’s limp body.

Joey Flash: How does it feel to know helplessness and to know that I’m simply having fun with your life? But I guess that’s no different from dear ol’ dad is it. Maybe you can call me ‘pop’ from hereon, or maybe you will just disappear. You’re pitiful, a letdown and a weakling...you’re no more than the people you deem as apes. Bye for now, son.

Occulo doesn’t respond. Joey reaches into Frank’s wallet. He opens it up and checks its monetary contents. He nods and slips it into his pocket. He gives Occulo one more glance with a tilted head and walks off. Occulo, still unresponsive starts to whimper. He turns onto his back and sits up against a concrete pillar. He buries his face in his hands and cries as the scene fades to black.

World Title Match
Seifer Black vs ICE Beckman

The arena is quiet with the lights all on when over the PA system you hear a man ask, "Are you Drunk yet?" as the crowd responds with a cheer "Feels Good Inc." by The Gorillaz hits the speakers. The lights begin to flash blue and white as two cannon shot of fake snow shoot out from the entrance area. Out from the snow comes Natural ICE Beckman holding a beer in one hand and the World title in the other. He chugs the last half of the beer, then crushes the beer in his hand before tossing it into the crowd.

Kyle Steel: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF World Championship! Introducing first; from Lake, Wisconsin…weighing in at 245lbs…he is the WCF World Champion…Natural…Ice..Beckman!!

Freddy Whoa: Here he is, the world champion. You gotta wonder how many lesser known championships the man has in his hometown bars.

Zach Davis: I’m sure his trophy cabinet is bigger than most of them in that department.

ICE then smiles to the crowd going up and stealing beers from willing fans. He chugs the beers down the aisle until he reaches the ring. Once there he rolls into the ring, sitting up in the corner. He rests against the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin and cleans his beard from the beer foam.

The lights go off as the screen goes to static and 515 by Slipknot soars around the arena as a voice shouts the word death as horrific imagery flashes across the screen till everything goes black and black smoke covers the stage and ramp and blood drips onto the screen spelling out Seifer Black Armstrong... Suddenly Babylon AD by Cradle of Filth blasts out from the speakers and from the smoke a hand reaches up with a black light lamp placing it on the stage as Seifer climbs out of the stage his face paint and parts of his clothing glowing under the black light as he kneels on the stage.

Kyle Steel: And introducing the challenger…from Toronto Ontario Canada, weighing in at 250lbs…representing S-Pac...The Doomsday Prophet…Seifer Black-Armstrong!!

Freddy Whoa: What a match we have in store here. A man who appears constantly drunk vs a man who looks constantly hungover.

Zach Davis: I think you need to have a normally functioning brain to get hangovers.

Grabbing the light with his mouth he crawls through the smoke for a moment before standing up and taking the lamp in his hand before slowly walking down the ramp. Reaching the bottom of the ramp he turns off the lamp and the ring is bathed in black light he leaps up onto the ring apron the light illuminating him again as he walks over to the turnbuckles climbing up placing one foot on the top turnbuckle keeping one on the second and making the sign of the cross with his arms and tipping his head back before spitting luminous liquid in the air. Leaping off the top turnbuckle into the ring as he hits the ground fire erupts from the turnbuckles and ground creating fire crosses on each side of the ring... As the fire fades the lights go back to normal and Seifer walks into the corner of the ring and sits there waiting for the match to start.

The referee stands in the middle of the ring with the belt and holds it over his head. The crowd go crazy and bellow their support of Beckman. He hands the belt to a ringside official and signals to the timekeeper.

Ding Ding!!

Beckman and Seifer stare each other down not wanting to give an inch this early on. The crowd are still ecstatic, riding this surf of tension.

Freddy Whoa: This match is being decided right here and right now. If you could see into these guys’ minds right now you’d see every match these two have contested in

Zach Davis: I can imagine Beckman’s is slightly blurry however.

Beckman and Seifer move closer to each other and are now about an inch apart. They just stand and stare into each other’s eyes. Beckman then lets out the slightest notion of a smile and that is enough to break the tension. Seifer starts hitting him with lefts and rights as the crowd go crazy.

Freddy Whoa: Here we go!!

Zach Davis: Beckman shattered that tension like a bottle off his own skull

Seifer backs him into the corner and hoists him up onto the turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: What? Already? Oh my…

He gets him up onto his shoulders but Beckman rolls out of it, lands on his feet and dropkicks Seifer to the mat. He then wipes his forehead and stomps away at Seifer.

Zach Davis: Not quite Winter yet Seifer

He falls to the mat and holds Seifer in a chokehold. This lasts for about ten seconds before Seifer manages to get a foot on the ropes. The referee breaks it up and Beckman quickly gets to his feet. Seifer splutters a couple of times and also gets up. He dodges a left and stuns Beckman with a backfist from the future.

Freddy Whoa: Ouch. I don’t think Beckman was expecting that.

Zach Davis: Lethal blow by Seifer. I think Beckman’s spit reached the top row!!

Beckman staggers back and is then planted to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Seifer covers…



Beckman kicks out but is allowed no time to recover. Seifer lifts him up and runs him into the turnbuckle. He then lambasts him with machine gun chops, chiselling away at Beckman’s chest. The crowd count the number of chops as Beckman slumps down the turnbuckle until he is sat on the mat.

Freddy Whoa: Beckman’s upper half has had some serious trauma so far. The backfist to the face and how these machine gun chops.

Zach Davis: Come on Freddy, this guy is a brawler! Those attacks are a quiet night in for him!

Seifer drives his boot into Beckman’s throat and presses down hard. The crowd boo and encourage Beckman. Seifer swiftly turns around and stands in the middle of the ring. He looks down at Beckman with a grin. He takes couple of steps back in to the opposite turnbuckle and runs full speed toward Beckman, who rolls out of the way to the outside. Seifer hits the ringpost headfirst and simply slumps.

Freddy Whoa: Breathing space for Beckman!

Zach Davis: Great escape by Natural ICE! Time to capitalise…

Beckman grabs Seifer and pulls him outside the ring. He then drags him over to the Spanish announce table and rolls him onto it, facing up.

Freddy Whoa: Oh good lord. Beckman think clearly here!

Zach Davis: That oxymoron was brought to you by Freddy Whoa

Beckman takes a ladder out from under the ring and slides it under the bottom rope. The crowd chant Beckman’s name, ushering him up the 7ft ladder. Beckman dizzily manages to stand on the top rung and looks down at Seifer who is beginning to stir.

Freddy Whoa: Don’t do it Beckman!! Come on, your title is on the line here!! If you miss then-

Beckman jumps and simply falls straight down onto Seifer. Smashing him through the table with a falling headbutt.

Zach Davis: Holy *beep*

Freddy Whoa: Medics!!

The referee begins to count them out.



Beckman rolls himself off Seifer and looks towards the arena lights which seem to wake him up a bit. Seifer is motionless.



Beckman clambers up the steel steps, melting over them like lava. Seifer starts to stir, not knowing where he is.



Beckman manages to slither into the ring and lays sprawled with his head resting on the bottom rope. Seifer uses the barrier to get to his feet. He steals a fan’s cola and rips off the lid. He then splashes the ice-cold beverage into his face and shakes his head furiously.




He then takes great alarm at the countout’s near-end and quickly hits Beckman with the vision of doom kick. He lands on the apron and rolls into the ring just as the referee’s arms were about to extend for the ten count.

Freddy Whoa: That…could not have been closer…

Zach Davis: Well it was a smart move by Beckman who looked like he was going for the countout win there

Seifer shakes off the cobwebs and lifts Beckman up onto the turnbuckle. He then lifts him onto his shoulders and slams him to the mat with the Nuclear Winter!

Freddy Whoa: Nuclear Winter!! Nuclear Winter!! Zach we have a new Champion!!

Zach Davis: That’s it!!

Seifer covers



Beckman kicks out at 2 and 3 quarters.

Freddy Whoa: Jesus that was close

Zach Davis: How did he…

Seifer lifts Beckman up, but is hit by a couple of chops to the gut. Beckman lifts him up and plants him to the mat with The Box Wine Hangover piledriver. He covers…



Seifer kicks out and rolls out of reach of Beckman. He gets up and cracks Beckman with another Backfist from the future, he grabs him by the waist and lifts him up for a suplex. Beckman counters however, tensing his body up and landing on his feet. He knees Seifer in the gut and positions his head inbetween his knees.

Freddy Whoa: The Beer Bong is a’flowin!

Beckman hoists Seifer onto his shoulders and plants him to the mat with the Beer Bong powerbomb! The back of Seifer’s skull bounces off the mat. Beckman then drops to the mat and locks in the Cocktailed Crossface. Beckman holds him tight and Seifer screams in pain. His arm outstretched. Their central position in the ring could bring an end to Seifer Black’s mission to become the new champion…the crowd raise their hands, begging for Seifer to tap. The referee is on his knees watching closely for any sign of surrender from the WCF World Champion challenger. Every vein in Seifer’s outstretched arm is almost bursting through his skin with desperation as he tries to move the mass of body towards the rope.

Zach Davis: The ropes look a million miles away right now for Seifer!!

Freddy Whoa: Hold on Beckman!! Just a little longer!!

Just then, Seifer spits some ice he had in his mouth from the cola drink into Beckman’s eye. Unbeknownst to the referee. Beckman uses a hand to wipe the ice away, releasing Seifer.

Freddy Whoa: What the hell? Where did- that son of a bitch!!

Zach Davis: He had that ice cube in his mouth this whole time! And Seifer used it as some kind of projectile weapon!

Seifer quickly gets up and goes to clothesline Beckman, but he ducks and out of nowhere crashes him to the mat with The Hangover DDT. He covers..




Ding Ding Ding!

The crowd erupt into euphoria as Natural ICE Beckman retains his WCF World Championship.

Freddy Whoa: Hangover DDT out of nowhere, and Beckman retains. Happy Days here at the WCF!!

Zach Davis: Great initiative by the champion there. My word what a hangover he’s going to have tomorrow

Freddy Whoa: Do you think he has hangovers? I bet he’s developed an immunity to them!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner…and STILL the WCF World Champion…Natural…ICE…Beckman!!!

The referee lifts one arm of Seifer, who lifts the title aloft with his other hand.

Jonny Fly Segment

Scene opens in the halls backstage. We see Jonny Fly and Tyler Walker walking through the halls, not looking too happy. They stop in front of a locker room with the Pantheon logo on the door. Fly shakes Walker's hand and pats him on the back.

Jonny Fly: We'll get 'em next time.

Tyler nods and he walks away. Fly enters the locker room, shutting the door behind him. A few moments later, a girl walks up to the door. She's young, blonde and wearing a long coat with heels. She looks both ways and then knocks on the door. A few moments later, Fly answers. He looks a bit surprised.

Jonny Fly: Hello. Do I know you?

Girl: Not yet.

Fly grins. The girl opens her coat, revealing some very skimpy, sexy lingerie. Fly is pleased, but he stops short of pulling her into the room.

Jonny Fly: Wait. How did you get back here?

The girl traces her lips with her long, painted fingernail.

Girl: I asked security... very nicely.

She starts to lick around her finger, and inserts it into her mouth seductively. Fly is sold.

Jonny Fly: Come on in.

Fly holds the door. The girl is about to step inside... when she is shoved to the ground. Fly's expression drops. Steve Orbit hits Fly with a cheap right hand and forces himself into the locker room. Orbit throws another right hand, but Fly dodges and tackles him against the wall.

Steve Orbit: What's the matter, Fly? You don't look happy to see your old friend.

Orbit elbows Fly, creating seperation. Orbit tackles Fly to the ground and begins hammering him with right hands. Orbit headbutts Fly, and then again. Then...

Voice: Look at him, hogging all the fun.

ICE Beckman and Z-MAC enter the locker room. Orbit gets up as Z-MAC and Beckman begin to stomp out Fly.

Steve Orbit: Get him up.

Beckman and Z-MAC pull up Fly. Orbit sends a stiff kick to his ribs, and another.

Jonny Fly: Make it count, you're going to pay for this.

Orbit rears back his hand in a very dramatic fashion, almost in slow-motion... and releases a Pimp Slap. ICE and Z-MAC, laughing, release Fly and he drops to the ground. His face is bloodied and he's groaning. The Vapor Kings are about to leave... but Orbit turns around and grabs Fly off the ground, hooking him in a half-nelson, and delivering a Honey Dip through a nearby catering table. Now Fly is motionless in a heap of snacks and treats.

Voice: What the... fuck!

Corey Black and Polar Phantasm enter the room. First they see Fly on the ground, then they see the Vapor Kings. They both run towards all three men, throwing punches (well, Black throwing elbows). Orbit grabs a nearby broken bottle and swings it at Polar, but Polar karate chops it out of his hand. Black goes for McMorris but ICE clubs him from behind. Orbit and Polar wrestle with each other, until Orbit belly-to-belly slams him next to Fly, on top of all the broken table parts. ICE and Z-MAC are working over Black.

Steve Orbit: Yo!

Orbit nods towards the table. They carry Black over, lift him up with a double press, and drop him on top of Fly and Polar. The Vapor Kings watch as all three Pantheon members groan and grumble.

ICE Beckman: Well, I could use a drink.

Z-MAC grabs a bottle of liquor that happened to survive the carnage. He opens it and takes a swig before passing it to ICE. ICE takes a long drink and then passes it to Orbit. Orbit raises the bottle in the air.

Steve Orbit: A toast...

Orbit looks at the fallen Pantheon members and grins.

Steve Orbit: To conquering the hate.

All Three Vapor Kings: CONQUER THE HATE!

Orbit takes a drink, before dumping the rest on top of Fly, Black and Polar. The Vapor Kings leave the Pantheon locker room, satisfied.

WCF Classic Tournament Finals
United States Title Match
Roy Speede vs Deuce Murdock

Zach Davis: And now folks, it’s time for our main event, the final match of the WCF Classic 2014. Past winners include great competitors such as Torture and Phillip Baines and I think we could have another classic tonight because not only are we determining the winner of the WCF Classic this year but also the new WCF United States Champion!

“Born in the U.S.A.” by Bruce Springsteen begins to play as the American flag starts flying on the big screen and smoke starts to fill the ramp area. Out from there appears Deuce Murdock, who is dressed basically in his street clothes, with the flag of the United States draped over his shoulders. He has a camera in one hand, and a microphone in his other hand. He talks into the microphone, as he continues to pan around with the camera. Alongside him is his manager Eric Price as they both walk down the entrance ramp. As they arrive, Deuce uses the ring steps and then launches himself over the top rope into the ring, as he raises the flag over his shoulders and spins around in the middle of the ring. Eric Price walks over to the commentator’s desk and grabs a headset and takes a seat next to Zach Davis.

Zach Davis: And it seems Eric Price is joining us for commentary again tonight.

Eric Price: Hey guys, good to be here again.

Zach Davis: Well that last match was …

Eric Price: Yeah I know, wasn’t my client’s fault though, Deuce Murdock was ready to fight but who knew Speede would walk out like that. Oh well, in this case though, I know of course Deuce is ready to fight and…

The lights go out in the arena. After several seconds, words written in a bright white begin flashing on the otherwise blackened out Jumbotron. With each fading word, a new word pops up on the screen.






As the last word fades, all five words reappear on the jumbotron at once.


The lights slowly come back on as “Hear Me Now” by Hollywood Undead begins to play through the speakers as Roy Speede steps out on stage. He crosses his arms in an X across his chest, with his right arm underneath his left, and his hands in his fists. He bows his head for several seconds, and his chin rests in the gap between his fists.

Roy drops his right arm, and raises his left arm in the air, with his pointer, middle, and pinky fingers extended, and his ring finger and thumb tucked into his palm. His palm is facing the crowd. He drops his arm, and begins jogging to ringside, high-fiving fans as he goes, before climbing onto the apron, and then climbing the outside of the turnbuckle. He raises his left arm, with the same fingers extended as when he was on stage. He leaps from the turnbuckle into the ring.

Eric Price: And this man right here, Roy Speede, he may be my client’s opponent tonight but I will say this about him, unlike Speede, he is no quitter, he will not walk out, he will compete here and we can expect a great match between these two individuals.

Zach Davis: Oh no doubt about that.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will determine the winner of the 2014 WCF Classic and the new WCF UNITED STATES CHAMPION! Introducing first, from Richmond, VA, standing at 6’ ½”, weighing in at 197 pounds, he is the Wrestling Championship Federation’s SILVER LINING … he is ROY SPEEDE!

The crowd cheers for him.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, born in the United States of America, standing at 6’ 4” tall, weighing in at 228 lbs., Deuce MURDOCK!

The US Title is shown at ring side sitting on a podium ready to be presented to the winner.

Zach Davis: And here we go, WCF Classic Final tonight and the crowning of a new US Champion.


And immediately Deuce and Speede rush forward and lock horns with each other. They fight for position, pushing and pulling each other all over the ring until Speede ends up in the corner. Deuce lets go, cocks back his right arm and unloads with a big punch. Speede responds with a right of his own. Speede now with a chop to the chest, followed up by a second and now he's out of the corner. Speede now grabbing Deuce and they trade spots as Speede pushes him into the corner. Speede now unloading on the chest of Deuce with a few rapid chops.

Freddy Whoa: Just listen to the sound of those chops Zach, that’s gotta hurt.

Zach Davis: Yes it does, looks like things are not going so well for Deuce Murdock.

Eric Price: It happens, he’ll recover.

Speede pauses long enough to grab Deuce by the arm and try to whip him across the ring to the opposite corner. Deuce counters and whips Speede into the ropes. Speede comes back and Deuce with the knee to the midsection. Speede flips forward, hits the mat and is right back up to his feet. The two again lock up, this time with Deuce applying an armbar. He torques the arm a few times before Speede begins to fight back, using his free arm to throw a few elbows back. Deuce is forced to release the hold and Speede immediately takes him to the mat with an arm drag. Deuce hits the mat, gets right back up to his feet and Speede takes him down with a second arm drag. Speede does it again for a third time but this time holds on and applies the armbar.

Zach Davis: That’s gotta hurt!

Eric Price: I’ve been in that hold … it does hurt Zach, a lot. Come on Deuce!

Freddy Whoa: An injured arm is going to make it harder for Deuce to get in any offense.

Deuce begins to thrash about with his free arm, searching for the ropes. He finally grabs the bottom one as the referee begins his count!

1 ...

2 …

Speede releases the hold as the referee begins his count.

Zach Davis: Deuce made it to the ropes but has the damage been done?

Eric Price: It’s still early in the match but I’m sure Deuce will recover!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA, impressive match until now.

Deuce’s arm looks hurt as he slides out of the ring and to the arena floor

Zach Davis: The hold has been broken but the damage may have been done.

Speede slides out of the ring and well and attempts to charge at Deuce, but Deuce is ready for him and executes a drop toe hold, sending Speede face first into the apron. Speede drops to the mat clutching his nose as Deuce pulls himself to his feet. Deuce now stomping away at the midsection of Speede as the referee looks on from the apron as he begins his 10 count.

Eric Price: And this is what I’m talking about, this is exactly why Deuce Murdock should be the US Champion!

1 …

Speede grabs hold of Deuce's foot during an attempted stomp and is able to trip him up. As Deuce falls to the mat, Speede gets up to his feet and clenches Deuce’s neck and applies a sleeper hold against him!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA … someone’s being put to sleep here!

2 …

Eric Price: NO!

Speede gets the sleeper hold locked in tight as Deuce looks to be fading away.

3 …

And Deuce Murdock tries to show that he has some life left but he continues to fade off, no movement in his arms as the referee continues to count. Speede drags Deuce’s lifeless body into the ring with some difficulty.

Eric Price: In a way, Speede screwed himself because now it’s like carrying dead weight.

Zach Davis: You have a point there. Speede realizing he needs to get it done in the ring though.

Speede gets Deuce in the ring and slides in right after him as the referee ends his count and Speede covers Deuce!

1 …

2 …

But no, Deuce kicks out!

Zach Davis: And a close three count but the Deuce is still in this match!

Freddy Whoa: You can breathe now Eric.

Deuce is still rather out of it and starts stirring up a bit as Speede grabs Deuce by the neck and starts to stand him up. Both men on their feet now, Speede is trying to set him for a suplex but Deuce blocks it. Speede goes for another suplex but Deuce blocks it once again. Deuce now starts hitting Speede with elbow shots to the gut weakening Speede and allowing him to break free as he runs toward the ropes to hit Speede with a clothesline. Speede down but quickly back up as Deuce hits him with another clothesline! Speede down but gets back up quickly as Deuce attempts to hit him with a third clothesline but Speede ducks it and as Deuce bounces back from the ropes, he meets Speede who is just turning around with a superkick right to the face and Speede is down!

Crowd: Let’s go Deuce! Let’s go Deuce!

Eric Price: Yes, looks like my client is now back in firm control of this match!

Deuce goes for the cover!

1 …

2 …

But no, Speede kicks out at two and a half!

Eric Price: Wow, so close.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA, you can say that again.

Zach Davis: That was a hell of a kick to the face but not enough to put the Silver Lining away.

Deuce pulls Speede up to his feet and starts unloading with a few rights to the face. Speede responds with a quick uppercut and quickly follows up and hits him with an inverted facelock neckbreaker and Deuce goes down. Speede quickly jumps up to the top rope now and lands with a frog splash right over Deuce!

Speede then unloads with a flurry of right hand shots to the forehead of Deuce until he's busted open.

Zach Davis: Wow … this is getting bad.

Speede now starts picking up Deuce and just as he’s setting him up to finish him off, Deuce quickly reverses and hits a DDT on Speede and he’s down!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA … DDT outta nowhere!


Both men down now in the center of the ring, Deuce a bloody mess, Speede out of it.

Zach Davis: And now, can either man capitalize here?

Freddy Whoa: First man to move has the advantage here.

And Deuce looks to be stirring first, still rather out of it as he drags himself over to Speede and using all his energy, covers him!

1 …

2 …

But no, another kick out from Speede!

Eric Price: DAMN IT!

Zach Davis: Wow … I for sure thought Deuce Murdock had it here!

Freddy Whoa: Speede showing though that he really wants this championship and he’s not giving up his chance so easily!

The referee begins his count!

1 …

Zach Davis: So Eric, what’s the deal with Gravedigger? He certainly has had it out for your other client Steeltoe Joe recently.

2 …

Eric Price: Gravedigger … at one time, he was my friend. He stuck by me when no one else would but what he did …

3 …

Eric Price: What he did to my client and my friend Joe, I cannot forgive. So if Gravedigger wants to stick his nose in my business again, I’ll see to it … no, we’ll see to it that he pays for what he’s done.

4 …

5 …

Freddy Whoa: But you’re not an active competitor.

Eric Price: I may be managing but I’m still a wrestler at the end of the day. Never forget that.

Deuce is the first to his feet. Speede is now up to his feet, a trickle of blood dripping from his nose.

Zach Davis: And looks like Speede is also now busted open a bit.

Freddy Whoa: And now both of these men are bleeding, although Deuce definitely looks worse. That cut on his forehead has seemingly gotten bigger.

Deuce wipes blood from his eyes and stares right into the eyes of Speede. They both look at each other and it is clear that there is a mutual respect between both men as they eventually both move in and lock up. Speede gets the advantage and hits a drop kick against Deuce! And Deuce suffering here at the hands of Speede who now grabs the battered Deuce and he lifts him up … Fast Forward connects!

Eric Price: OH MY GOD NO! OH MY GOD … NO!

Zach Davis: This could be the end of Deuce Murdock!

Speede begins to set him up for the Silver Bullet but Deuce manages to grab his leg and trip Speede up. Just as he does, Deuce grabs his other leg and puts him in the Phantom Itch, it’s locked in!

Eric Price: YES!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA … Speede is in a world of hurt here!

Zach Davis: He’s near the center of the ring, this has got to be excruciating for him.

Speede is racked with pain clearly here, the referee asks him if he wants to tap out but Speede refuses. He starts dragging himself toward the ring ropes as Deuce tries to lock in the Phantom Ich with more strength, the blood pouring from his face at this point, his face a crimson mask as the Silver Lining continues to struggle to reach that bottom rope.

Eric Price: Come on … TAP! TAP!

Zach Davis: This could end of the match right here if Speede taps out but he is showing great resiliency.

Speede struggles yet again to reach the bottom rope as Deuce pulls him back to the center of the ring!

Eric Price: Oh this is it right here!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA, that’s pain right there.

Speede is still in tremendous pain as he struggles once again to pull himself slowly, inch by inch toward the bottom rope. As he struggles, an inch feeling like a mile to him, he slowly continues to get closer to that bottom rope.

Eric Price: Come on Deuce, lock it in tighter!

Zach Davis: I think Speede may almost reach that bottom rope here!

Despite the pain, Speede finally manages to inch himself back to that bottom rope and grab hold of it as the referee orders Deuce to release the submission hold.

1 …

2 …

Deuce releases the hold!

Zach Davis: He may have survived the submission but has the damage been done here?

Freddy Whoa: I think so as Speede is really struggling to recuperate here.

Eric Price: I’m shocked, that’s quite respectable and I think this crowd gets it too.

The crowd applauds the effort of both men here in this match.

Deuce now turns around and as he attempts to get Speede up, the Silver Lining reverses it into an Anaconda Vise!

Eric Price: NO! NO! NO!

Zach Davis: Anaconda Vise locked in on Deuce Murdock here! A hell of a submission!

Deuce is shown to be in great pain here. As both men are near the ropes, Deuce tries to reach for the bottom rope but is just about three inches away!

Eric Price: Come on Deuce Murdock, fight it! FIGHT IT!

Deuce is using every ounce of his strength to push himself here toward that bottom rope, those inches feeling like miles, the seconds feeling like months. Deuce after one final push finally reaches and grabs hold of that bottom rope! The referee begins his count.

1 …

2 …

And Speede releases the submission hold as Deuce remains held on that bottom rope.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA, these two are definitely not giving up here. They both want to not only win the WCF Classic but also become the new United States Champion, a lot on the line here.

Eric Price: Yes and … I’m as nervous as everyone in the crowd here, it could be either man’s match really.

Deuce now trying to lift himself up as Speede runs toward the opposite side of the ring bouncing off against the ropes and he is trying to go for a clothesline but Deuce quickly reacts and lowers the top rope as Speede tumbles to the outside of the ring.

Zach Davis: And a missed clothesline, Speede now outside of the ring although it does give Deuce some time to breathe and get back in this.

The referee begins his count.

1 …

2 …

Speede quickly realizes the count is going on as Deuce is catching his breath in the ring and slides back in. Deuce runs at Speede trying to knock him down only for Speede to jump above him. Deuce bounces off the ropes and tries to hit Speede again but Speede once again jumps above him. Deuce now bounces off the ropes once more and this time hits the Chuck Norris Special on Speede and Speede goes down! Cover!

1 …

2 …

But no, Speede kicks out as Deuce begins to look frustrated! Deuce goes for a cover again!

1 …

2 …

And Speede once again kicks out! Deuce is in shock as is the crowd!

Eric Price: My God, what does it take to put this man away? I …

Zach Davis: A very resilient Silver Lining tonight, the man who many did not think would even get past the first round of the WCF Classic is now in its final match and is holding up far better than anyone ever expected.

Deuce decides it’s time to put Speede down for good. He starts to set him up for Bat Country!

Zach Davis: BAT COUNTRY!

Deuce sets up Speede for Bat Country as he begins to lift him but Speede reverses it, small package!

1 …

2 …

But no, Deuce kicks out!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA … reversal but Deuce still manages to stay in this.

Speede quickly gets out of it and runs to the corner and gets ready to hit a running connector on Deuce. Deuce still recuperating here as Speede goes for it and … he misses, Deuce ducks the running connector. And Deuce quickly takes advantage and grabs Roy Speede and lifts him up for Bat Country! He lifts him up and connects! Speede is down and cover!

Zach Davis: This could be it!

Eric Price: YES!

1 …

2 …


Eric Price: YES! YES! YES! Thank you!

Zach Davis: And Deuce Murdock has done it!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 2014…

Eric Price quickly gets up and snatches the microphone from Kyle Steel as he wants to announce his client the winner. He grabs the US Title on his way into the ring as he begins to announce.

Eric Price: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 2014 WCF Classic, he was born in the good old US of A, he is also the new WCF United States Champion, folks, give it up for my client … DEUCE … MURDOCK!

The crowd cheers for Deuce Murdock as Eric steps into the ring and hands him the WCF United States Championship as both men raise their hands in victory. As they do this, Roy Speede starts to get up and Deuce helps him up as Speede is a bit surprised. Deuce then extends his hand to Roy to shake it as Eric looks on and the crowd applauds the match they just witnessed. Roy decides and shakes Deuce Murdock’s hand as both men show each other respect as Eric claps for both of them along with the crowd.

Zach Davis: Now this, this is what the sport of professional wrestling is all about, what a great show of class and sportsmanship by both men here!

Freddy Whoa: A hell of a match between these two and this show of respect just caps off a great WCF Classic this year.

Zach Davis: And now we have the new WCF United States Champion, Deuce Murdock, his first US Title run in this company!

Roy Speede slides out of the ring to allow Deuce Murdock to celebrate his title victory and Classic win. Deuce gets up on the top turnbuckle in a corner as Eric points at him for the crowd to cheer at him as he holds up the US Title proudly! As this is happening, Steeltoe Joe, the People’s Champ comes down to the ring and Deuce climbs down and notices this. Deuce and Joe look at their respective titles, Joe the People’s Champ, Deuce the new US Champ and both men embrace each other as the crowd cheers at this even more as Eric stands between both of them and raises both their hands in victory!

Zach Davis: Born in the USA, very appropriate for our United States Champion as we close Slam tonight!

Freddy Whoa: Yes, congratulations to our new US Champion!

Deuce Murdock celebrates with the US title, having climbed the mountain once again to capture gold in WCF!

"Gods Gonna Cut You Down.” Hits the PA system.

Zach Davis: Its Buddy Roman. A few weeks ago The Vapor Kings said they had a dark horse in the tournament and it looks like we know who!

Buddy Roman walks out onto the stage with a microphone, clapping and beaming with pride. He wipes the tear from his eye and addresses Deuce Murdock.

Buddy Roman: Congratulations my son. Congratulations.

Speede rolls out of the ring as Deuce adjusts the United States Title on his shoulder and simply watches Roman, not conveying any emotion. Buddy Roman starts to walk down to the ring as Speede leaves the area. Buddy gets into the ring.

Buddy Roman: Being a Vapor King affords you certain unalienable rights. Now those rights are yours. Son.

"So Whatcha Want" by Beastie Boys Hits the PA system as Steve Orbit and ICE Beckman head out from the back. Murdock still does nothing but watch Roman.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know, Zach, it looks like Deuce doesn't know what to make of this situation. Was he in on it? Or were the Vapor Kings simply waiting to see who won?

The rest of the Vapor Kings enter the ring as well now, congratulating Deuce Murdock. That is until Orbit grapples him from behind.

Zach Davis: NO! NO!

The Vapor King drops Deuce Murdock with a Honey Dip! The Kings start the three on one assault.

Crowd: BOOOOO!!

Zach Davis: Damn it! Damn it all! VK have double crossed Deuce Murdock! What a bunch of gutless punks!

Buddy Roman: Get him up! Get. Him. UP! Look at me. Look me in the eye, Deuce.

VK holds Murdock up by the arms as Buddy Roman holds his face still and starts yelling at him.

Buddy Roman: What did you think this was going to be easy? Did you think this was going to be fun? Did you think this was going to be anything less then what it really is? You think you can just take the US title? You think you can just take the US title away from Z-Merica? This is the Vapor Kings world. You just die in it. But its ok. I still love you. You played your part well.

Buddy Roman reaches in and hugs Deuce Murdock whose still worse for wear.

Buddy Roman: Just remember this though; my son. Remember always. Honor. Thy. Father!


Zach Davis: Honor Thy Father! The Buddy Roman Leg Sweep!

The Vapor Kings look down at the fallen US champion. ZMAC stands at his head, holding the US title high.

Freddy Whoa: The countdown to ONE has begun!

Zach Davis: We'll see what happens next week. I'm sure Seth isnt too happy that The Vapor Kings just feel they can do what ever the hell they want!

With the Vapor Kings having made a mockery of the WCF Classic finals, Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Justin Sane vs Bryan Lin vs Hardcore Alex

Joey Flash Segment

The Ultimate Destroyer vs Denise D'Evil vs Bryan Worthy vs Justin Cash

Handicapped Match: Corey Black vs The Cartel

Television Title Match: Ryan Blake vs Joey Flash

People's Title Match: Occulo vs Steeltoe Joe

The Poondock Saints vs Factory Black

Occulo Segment

Jonny Fly/Tyler Walker vs Steve Orbit/Biohazard

Jayson Price/Adam Young Segment

Occulo's Meeting Segment

World Title Match: Seifer Black vs ICE Beckman

Jonny Fly Segment

WCF Classic Finals: United States Title Match: Roy Speede vs Deuce Murdock


Of The Week

Vapor Kings
Roy Speede vs Deuce Murdock



ICE Beckman
Steve Orbit
Joey Flash
United States:
Steeltoe Joe
Jayson Price
Tag Team:
The Vapor Kings