Slam Intro

Freddy Whoa: Alright, let’s start our show by going backstage, where I’m told Hank Brown is standing by.

The titantron cuts to Hank Brown standing in front of a WCF banner backstage.

Hank Brown: That’s right, Freddy, and I’m here with one of the premier up-and-comers in the WCF – Dune.

The crowd pops as the camera reveals the masked man standing next to Hank and towering over him.

Hank Brown: Congratulations on winning the Trilogy Cup, big man.

Dune: Don’t call me that. Thanks though. It wasn’t easy. I had to maul my way through 2/3 of the mightiest wrestling stable on earth to do it. But while Mr. Every Title, The Blue Lady, The Archduke, and The Omega Man may have fallen by my hand, they most certainly didn’t fall by the wayside. I took their best and gave them mine, and in the end my fighting ability simply won out.

Hank Brown: Do you consider this the finest hour of your short time here in the WCF?

Dune: Each match in the tournament was my finest hour until the next. When I beat the Archduke after he’d gotten the best of me three times prior, I didn’t think it could get any better. But then I stood toe-to-toe with Jay Omega – a man of truly astonishing talent – and when I pinned him I knew I’d been mistaken; it was better. So yes, winning the 2015 Trilogy Cup is my finest hour thus far…but there’s a good chance that will change in a little under a month.

Hank Brown: What do you – oh, I see. Well, in that same vein, what are your thoughts on ICE winning back the title?

Dune: You don’t pin Bobby Cairo unless you’re an absolute, stone cold badass, and I believe that’s what Ice Beckman is by definition. He earned the belt back, and quite honestly I’m not sure if he deserved to lose it in the first place. We all know he wasn’t pinned when he lost it a few months back, so it should come as no surprise that he brought everything he had and left it all in the ring at Aftermath.

Hank Brown: And now you’ve got a shot at the belt. You’ve faced ICE before though and you didn’t fare well. How do you plan on beating him the second time around?

Dune: Let me tell you something, Hank – there were some dark, grimey prints all over that match, if you catch my drift. How much offense did I muster, a few punches? A standing Moonsault? And then I tapped out – yes, I remember all too well. If Ice thinks he’ll be getting the same amount of offense thrown his way when the Title’s on the line, he’s going to be in for a long night…

…or perhaps a short one, because I’m going to brutalize him without mercy in the ring; I’m going to throw him around like he’s a goddamn ragdoll; I’m going to slam his delicate spine onto the mat over and over…beat on his skull until he’s concussed and concussed; I’m going to hit him with everything I’ve got, and if he can withstand the storm, then he will have earned his title retention. But this isn’t a springtime shower; it’s monsoon season, and Ice Beckman is soon to be washed away.

Hank Brown: Big words from a big man. Now let’s talk about Torgo, Slime, and –

Dune: What the fuck did I say about calling me big man? Give me the goddamn microphone you little shit.

Dune grabs the mic from Hank’s hand and pushes him out of frame. The crowd pops a bit before Dune looks into the camera and begins to speak.

Dune: Fuck Torgo, Fuck Slime, Fuck whoever the other guy is. It’s Ice fucking Beckman I’m talking about right now.

Do I have your attention, Ice? I hope so. I’ll keep it short and sweet so as not to lose it. I want what you have. Not your in-ring ability; not your lifetime supply of Natural Ice – that dehydrated piss-beer you take your name from; not your set of crayons or your comic book collection. It’s your spot on the King’s Throne atop WCF Mountain I want; it’s your crown – the gold belt strapped around your waist; it’s your Title I want, Ice…and what I want, I take by force.

Call your second Title reign another Ice Age if you must, but only in a world of fantasy does an age last less than a month. Well this is the real world, Ice, and out here at least one thing is certain: nothing lasts forever - especially not fucking Ice Ages.

Dune tosses the mic off screen, and the camera turns to show Hank Brown bobble and drop it. He clumsily tries to pick it up as the camera turns back to where Dune was standing, but he’s gone. The scene fades to black on the WCF banner.

Big Train Segment

We cut backstage and see Big Train pacing backstage punching his own chest, pumping himself up for his upcoming trios cup match.

Big Train: I’ma fuck shit up, and den I’ma get me some twinkies. Maybe some hohos… den I’ma get me some o’ dem girl scout cookies, din mints!

Voice: Hey, Big Train!

Train turns around and sees Gemini Battle standing behind him. Train rushes forward and chest bumps him pushing him back a bit. Gemini gets right back into Big Train’s face.

Zach Davis: It’s Gemini Battle!

Gravedigger: I think Big Train is the only person that Gemini has actually befriended here in the WCF.

Freddy Whoa: And now they’re facing each other in the Trio’s Cup Tournament.

Big Train: Whatchu want, Clown!

Gemini Battle: You won’t be laughing when I kick your ass tonight, Train!

Big Train: You dink so? Di’s train’s engine’s runnin’ and it’s gon’ roll right ova you, homie!

Gemini Battle: I’m like that penny on the track that derails trains. I’m small, but I can cause quite the devastation.

Big Train: It’s gon’ be a fuckin’ massacre, and you’re first on the list.

Gemini Battle: It’s going to be a blood bath.

Gemini and Train stare each other down with vicious angry looks on their faces. Suddenly Gemini’s face turns from anger to sorrow as does Train’s

Gemini Battle: Why does it have to be like this, buddy?

Big Train: We’ve had some good times, right?

They both look towards the camera and slightly up and the scene blurs and fades hearing this in the background…


The montage has “My Best Friend” by Harry Nilsson, The Theme Song from Rob and Big, playing as it shows a scene of Gemini and Big Train protesting XIII with picket signs along with Jonah Worth.

Another scene were Gemini and Big Train share a handshake and laugh backstage at a Slam event.

Then another scene of Gemini and Train picnicking in a meadow on top of a floral patterned blanket feeding each other twinkies.

Then they are seen holding hands and spinning in circles laughing and smiling widely.

The music cuts short and the scene turns back to backstage at Slam in the dark and dank locker room. Train and Gemini just stare disgustedly at each other.

Then they walk off without saying a word.

Mikey eXtreme vs Randall Kash vs Zione Redington

Kyle Steel: The follow contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall…

"Over and Under" is beginning to blare through the arena, and the crowd is starting to pick up. Zione Redington is seen walking out onto the front entrance ramp. A determined look sprawled over his face. Zione Redington is looking out to the huge crowd in attendance... before pounding a lone fist into the middle of his chest. Zione is now stepping deliberately down the ramp leading down to the ring...

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, weighing in at 235 pounds.... from Parts Unknown this is.... ZIOOOOONE REEEEDIIIIINGTOOOON!!!

Soon enough, Redington is up onto the apron and stepping gracefully into the ring. He is now moving over to the turnbuckle corner, and holding up one fist into the sky in a triumphant show, before backing away into the corner, a fierce light seen in the eye, while Redington is waiting for his opponent to enter...

Zach Davis: And here’s Zione, he almost shocked the world a few weeks ago coming close to defeating the Scarecrow for the People’s Championship.

Gravedigger: Now he’s fizzled out as he finds himself in the Opener while everyone else is in Trios.

The opening riff of Motley Crue's "Mutherfucker Of The Year" begins to play and Kash walks out with a smug expression and a swagger to him. Completely ignoring the fans, Kash walks down the ramp, steps through the ropes and starts to rile the fans up by flipping them off. Every so often, Kash will exit the ring to get into peoples' faces, rip up signs, daring fans to hit him.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent…from Ottawa, Canada. Weighing in at 253 pounds. He is…RANDALLL KASSSHHH!!!

Freddy Whoa: Kash is such a badass, he be getting in peoples’ faces, rippin’ up signs, and darin’ fans to hit him. WHOA we got a badass over hur!

As the lights in the arena go out, "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins to blare over the crowd. A flash of light shoots towards the center of the ring and you can make out the shape of Freakshow. The arena stays blanketed in darkness until a red light hits the stage, a light fog begins to drift out and engulf the stage. Mikey eXtreme walks out as "lightning" begins to crash into the stage. Freakshow, who appeared to be in the ring just moments ago is now slowly following Mikey to the ring. Mikey does not make eye contact with anyone in the crowd and ignores their requests for any interaction. Mikey slides into the ring and rolls to the corner where he sits, leaning against the bottom rope. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at Mikey's opponents Zione and Kash.

Kyle Steel: And their opponent...from Brooklyn, New York! Weighing in at 230 pounds. He is… Mikey eXXXtreeme!!!

Zach Davis: Mikey eXtreme looks pissed! He is certainly not happy after what’s happened to him in the last few weeks getting attacked by a crowbar and having a cinder block buster over his head.

Gravedigger: He’ll be ok it’s not like he’d suffer brain damage or anything…

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

The referee calls for the bell and match begins.


Mikey charges for Zione right out the gate while Kash sits back and looks on.


Mikey uses his massive hands and rakes the eyes of Zione.


Mikey socks Zione with a stiff right hand to the mouth and applies a Mandible Claw, causing intense and legitimate pain to Zione.

Zach Davis: Mikey is all over Zione, he is in eXtreme Mode tonight!


Kash finally inserts him into the match catching Mikey off-guard with a couple kicks to the gut.

Gravedigger: Kash biding his time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Zach Davis: You mean when Mikey wasn’t looking…


Kash slams the chest of Mikey with the palm of his hand. Mikey clutches his chest while Kash grabs Mikey’s arm and Irish whips him into the ropes.


Mikey ducks underneath Kash who was going for a clothesline and takes him down with a hard clothesline of his own. Mikey then roars to the crowd who cheers. Mikey then pulls Kash to his feet and Irish whips him.


Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Zione out of nowhere with a Superman punch driving his fist into Kash’s jaw!

Kash rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

Gravedigger: Kash using great ring awareness heading to the outside to recuperate.


Zione fires off a right hook to Mikey’s chin.


Mikey fires back with a stiff elbow shot to Zione’s temple.

Zach Davis: Zione and Mikey are sluggin’ it out!


Zione dodges Mikey ducking underneath and zips through the air.


Zach Davis: Zione with an Enzuigiri striking Mikey in the back of the head.


The kick propels Mikey forward who leaps to the outside with a Suicide Dive taking out Kash!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!


Mikey and Kash start sluggin it out and the referee begins the 10 count trying to get Mikey and Kash back into the ring.






Zione runs towards the opposite ropes and rebounds.


Zione leaps over the top rope and takes out Mikey and Kash with an over the top rope moonsault plancha.

Zach Davis: Gosh dang it to heck! Zione takes out both Mikey and Kash! What a match!

Zione lands on his feet and immediately rolls back into the ring.

Crowd: This is awesome!

The referee starts to count again.



Freddy Whoa: They better get back up and into the ring before Zione wins via count out!

Mikey begins pulling himself using the ring apron while Kash tries to make it up on his knees.



Mikey is first to his feet and sends Kash crashing into the steel steps. A sickening thud rings throughout the arena as Kash heads shoulder first into the steps knocking them to the floor.


Gravedigger: I think Mikey just broke Kash’s shoulder with that hit!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!


Mikey makes it back into the ring breaking the count. Zione charges the ropes and leaps up onto them going for a Springboard DDT but Mikey counters it into a sitout powerbomb.

Zach Davis: Mikey times it just right and catches Zione with a powerbomb driving him back first into the mat.

Mikey covers.



Frustration seeps in as Mikey growls and grabs Zione by the hair to his feet.


Mikey connects with eXplosion lifting Zione by the back of the neck and slamming him down into a face buster.

Mikey makes the cover again.



Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Mikey is dominate here tonight!

Zach Davis: Mikey with the eXplosion releasing alot of pent up aggression and bouncing back with a win despite his recent stroke of bad luck.

Kyle Steel: Your winner, Mikey eXtreme!

"Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins to blare over the PA system as Mikey eXtreme celebrates in the ring.

Gravedigger: The more interesting fact is that Randall Kash never made it back into the ring and technically should have been counted out but Mikey eXtreme wins here tonight! My Club is still better…

Imperium/Thomas Uriel Bates Segment

The scene opens to an image of Thomas Uriel Bates walking by himself down the hallway. The WCF Cameraman directly behind him as he walks up to a door marked “Imperium”. The massive man pushes the door open and finds the Vapor Kings and Poondock Saints crowded in the room; ICE Beckman with his World Title, Kaz Mazy with his U.S. and Tag Title, Bobby Cairo with his Tag Title, Joey Flash, Odin Balfore, and even Zombie McMorris.

Kaz Mazy: Dafuq is this mongrel doin here?

Thomas Uriel Bates: I’m not here to start a fight, just hear me out. I know that your group, Imperium, is at war with Pantheon. Y’all are going to do everything possible to tear each other up, and that’s fine by me. Tear yourselves apart. Just know this one thing; I will stand in defense of the rest of that locker room. I will stand to defend everyone else on that roster. If ever you, or Pantheon decide to attack someone else to prove some misguided point; then I will be there, the Dark Riders Gang will be there.

Joey Flash stands up, and walks towards the door. He stares at the big man.

Joey Flash: Fuckin Idiot.

Joey Flash walks out of the room, leaving Bates with the remaining members of Imperium.

Thomas Uriel Bates: Beckman, congratulations on your World Title victory. I will say to you what I told Bobby Cairo when he held the title. I’m coming for it.

Bates turns his eyes towards Kaz Mazy.

Thomas Uriel Bates: I will come for the other titles in the W-C-F, and once I have taken them..

Bates turns back to Beckman.

Thomas Uriel Bates: I will lay them at your feet as I challenge for your title. My promise to Cairo was a promise to the Champion, you are now the Champion, and so it is a promise to you.

Bates nods and turns to leave.

Kaz Mazy: Yo...on the up and up, was he for real?

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Television Title on the Line
The Defilers of Logic vs Big Johnson Bartkowski
Thomas Uriel Bates/Gemini Battle/Gonzo Murdock vs Big Train/Louis Bartkowski/Lazer Johnson

Zach Davis: Alright! And now to kick off the Trios Cup Tournament to determine who will become our first Trios Champions in the WCF!

Gravedigger: There's a lot riding on this tournament for every team involved, to include these two teams right here.

Freddy Whoa: And lets not forget that the Television Title will be on the line tonight! Should Thomas Bates get pinned tonight, there will be a new champion crowned.

Gravedigger: As much as I dislike Bates' team, I highly doubt it.

Zach Davis: And here comes Lazer Johnson. Final Countdown playing...

Final Countdown hits the PA as Lazer Johnson Runs out onto the stage and down the ramp, hihgh fiving and embracing the fans and especially the kids. Lazer jogs up the steps, and jumps over the top rope and rushes towards the opposite corner and cheers on his loving fans.

“Mad Man” immediately hits the PA system as smoke and sparks fill the entrance way. The Mad Man walks out onto the stage, punching and slapping himself in the head to psyche himself up. The crowd chants “ Mad Man” as Kyle Steel introduces him.

Kyle Steel: From Cleveland, Ohio. Standing five foot ten inches tall, weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds.. The Cleveland Mad Man!!

The Mad Man walks up the steel steps and into the ring, posing in front of a large “ M “ that flares up in fireworks.

Zach Davis: Our perennial midcarder, Louis Bartkowski. You got to wonder if and when he'll break that glass ceiling.

Gravedigger: He's got to be what? 40? If he ain't broke in by now, it probably ain't gonna happen.

Freddy Whoa: Ain't like there's a bunch of DDP's around. Probably can only be one DDP per generation.

Zach Davis: Perhaps you're right...

A train whistle can be heard, as a low, bellowing voice says over and over again "Big Train", before "Choo Choo Train" by Patty Shukla begins to play. As Big Train stands at the top of the stage, he pulls the whistle, before rushing down to the ring, sliding into the ring belly-first, before getting to his feet, and running the ropes, bouncing off of them all, before coming to a stop in the middle of the ring, as the fans cheer on Big Train.

Zach Davis: Big Train could be the crux of this match for the Defilers of Logic. He may have it in him to be the equalizer in this match.

Gravedigger: We'll see when we get to the bridge.

"Falling Higher" by Helloween plays through the Arena as it goes black with only a spotlight shining at the entrance curtain. Vanessa Williams, a beautiful and tall black woman wearing a skin tight red dress, walks through. She motions towards the entrance and Gemini Battle walks through to a series of cheers from the crowd, much to his chagrin.

He stays out on the ramp, as he scowls at the fans and his opponents from his spot, as "Crushing Day" by Joe Satriani begins to play, as smoke begins to rise from the ramp and the Big Tron shows Gonzo hitting the Chuck Norris Special on several WCF Superstars, both past and present. Gonzo walks out on to the ramp with his shooting vest on, complete with a longsleeve and cargo shorts, as the fans LOST THEIR SHIT...




The sound of a Harley Davidson can be heard cutting through the wild cheers, as the beginning of "Midnight Rider" begins to play, as Thomas Bates, the Television Title around his waist, walks on to the stage, as all three stand on the stage, before Kyle Steel announces them to the ring...

Kyle Steel: Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 833 pounds! They are the Gemini Battle, "Gonzo" Deuce Murdock, and the WCF Television Champion Thomas Uriel Bates! They are... THE DEFILERS OF LOGIC!!!

The fans continue to erupt, as the three of them make their way to the ring. Thomas Bates gets to the ring, pulls the top rope to pull himself up to the ring apron, before stepping over the top rope. Gemini Battle walks up the steps with Rebecca, as he sits on the ropes to let her in the ring, before slipping into the ring himself. Gonzo launches himself into the ring, as he slingshots himself over the top rope, landing on his feet, before circling the ring, playing to the fans.

Zach Davis: And now to see who's going to kick this off. It looks like Big Train is starting this for his team, and he's already calling for Bates!

Freddy Whoa: It looks like the Defilers are going to oblige Big Train, as Thomas Bates meets him in the middle of the ring!

The two wrestlers wag their jaws a bit, before Big Train shoves off Thomas Bates hard. Bates steps back a foot, before shoving Big Train, sending Big Train back a few feet, but not to the ropes. Big Train charges with a lariat, but instead is met with a Bionic Elbow, before executing a release German Suplex that plants Big Train in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Big offense from Thomas Bates!

Freddy Whoa: And a tag out to Gemini Battle. Fans seem to be itching to see Gonzo back in the ring!

Gravedigger: And Gemini with some chops and punches, as Big Train is still reeling!

Gemini Irish whips Big Train into a corner, before being reversed. Gemini slams into the turnbuckles, as Big Train charges. Gemini ducks out of the way at the last second, as Big Train slams into the turnbuckles. Gemini rolls up Big Train, as the referee goes for the count...




Gravedigger: And Big Train just presses Gemini right off of him like the covers on the bed!

Freddy Whoa: Big Train tags out to Lazer Johnson, as he takes off to the races!

Lazer first connects with a dropkick, before hitting a two hip tosses in succession on him and scoring a drop toehold on Gemini. Lazer then runs the ropes again, before getting met in the back of the head with a boot, courtesy of Gonzo, as the fans react wildly!

Zach Davis: Gonzo interrupting the offense of Lazer Johnson with that kick, and the fans are loving it!

Gravedigger: Leave it to Mexicans to revere a cheater and criminal...

Freddy Whoa: Aren't you part Mexican?

Gravedigger: Shut up, cookie!

Freddy Whoa: No wonder you always smell like beans...

Before we can see the retort of Gravedigger, we see Lazer Johnson arguing with the referee over the kick from Gonzo. Gonzo placates the argument, as Gemini tags in Bates. Lazer sees the ruse, but it's too late, as Thomas grabs Lazer and hits a fallaway slam on him. Bates goes to capitalize on his offense, but finds Lazer quickly scrambling to tag in Louis Bartkowski.




Instead of attacking, Louis Bartkowski points at Gonzo, as he makes his intentions known that he wants a piece of him. Gonzo just smiles, as he talks it over with Gemini Battle in their corner. Gonzo shrugs his shoulders, as he enters the ring. The referee cuts him off, as the fans boo him, despite Thomas Bates being the legal man, and a count has been initiated. Thomas gets to his feet, and climbs to his corner, where he legally tags in Gonzo, much to the joy of the fans!

Gonzo and Bartkowski circle each other, before locking up in the middle of the ring. Gonzo easily overpowers him with his weight and height advantage, and puts him in a corner, driving a knee into his gut a few times, before launching him into a neutral corner, hitting another high knee on Bartkowski, before grabbing his arm and wrapping Bartkowski in an armbar. Gonzo maneuvers himself over the arm of Bartkowski, before driving the heel of his boot into the face of Bartkowski...

Zach Davis: God, the technical skill along with the striking force of Gonzo.

Freddy Whoa: He may be the best pure striker in the WCF today! How you feel about that, Digger? You've felt the sting of the Chuck Norris Special before, yes?

Gravedigger: Big deal. My four year-old niece can hit harder...

Murdock now has Bartkowski on the ground, as he is now driving knees into locations all over the body of Louis while taunting Big Train and Lazer Johnson. Murdock then starts grabbing the legs of Bartkowski, as he slams the knees into the ground! Gonzo then tags in Gemini, as Gemini continues the assault on the neutralized Bartkowski with a few stomps, before placing Bartkowski in a Boston Crab. Bartkowski screams out in pain, as the referee asks if he wants to submit.

Zach Davis: Bartkowski waving off the referee, as he continues to fight this hold!

Freddy Whoa: Wonder how much Bartkowski has left, after taking the big man off his feet.

Zach Davis: Commendable, but Gonzo just ground him into the mat, and now Gemini has control...

Big Train finally comes into the ring, but is cut off by the referee. Gemini reaches out, and Gonzo grabs a hold of Gemini's hand, as Bartkowski starts slapping the mat in pain. The referee looks over, right as Gonzo and Gemini let go, as Bartkowski stops slapping the mat. Big Train comes charging in again, as Gemini releases the hold and tags in Bates. Bates steps over the top rope and picks up Bartkowski over his head, and tosses him at Big Train, who is STILL in the ring...

Gravedigger: Big mistake! If the Defilers of Logic lose, this is why.

Zach Davis: All that work on Bartkowski, but Big Train is back into the match, and he's already charging Bates!

Freddy Whoa: Big Boot to the face of Big Train!

Bates then grabs Big Train as he recovers, and puts him in a full nelson, as Louis Bartkowski and Lazer Johnson maneuver to stop this attack. Gonzo and Gemini both enter with the intentions of stopping them. Gemini cuts off Louis, before maneuvering Louis into a reverse headlock, as Gonzo bee-lines for turnbuckles and springboards himself up to Lazer Johnson's position on top of the turnbuckles!







"Midnight Rider" by The Allman Brothers Band begins to play, as the Arena Mexico begins to reverberate with the wild cheering that the fans are engaged in



Gravedigger just covers his ears, as the next segment begins...

Jonny Fly/Seth Lerch Segment

Seth Lerch is walking around backstage aimlessly. I think he's lost. He does a complete circle, looking around exasperated. Oh look, there's a door with his name on it. That must be where he meant to go. Seth grabs hold of the door handle and enters his office...to see Jonny Fly sitting at his desk.

Seth Lerch: Hey!

Jonny Fly: Hey!

Seth Lerch: Get away from my desk. I have top secret stuff there.

Jonny Fly: That's not how you greet an old friend, Seth. Besides, I already found all of your secret locker room footage of Katherine Phoenix, Celeste...

Seth Lerch: You can have that shit.

Jonny Fly: ...and Big Train.

Seth Lerch: Dammit Fly! I want it back! You know how much I love trains.

Jonny Fly: I think we can work that into our agreement.

Seth Lerch: What agreement?

Fly smiles and reaches under the desk and pulls up a large black duffel bag. He sets it onto the desk.

Jonny Fly: Take a seat, Seth.

Seth Lerch: Well I would, but you're in my spot!

Fly looks around confused for a moment. Then it hits him.

Jonny Fly: Oh, my apologies. You're right. Old habit, I guess.

Fly smiles again, this time slyly. He gets up from his spot behind Lerch's desk and trades that seat for the one on the other side. Seth takes his rightful spot behind the desk.

Seth Lerch: Now what is it that you want?

Jonny Fly: I want you to cancel the Trios Cup tournament and name Black, Orbit, and I as the champions.

Seth Lerch: Let me think about it.


Seth Lerch: Okay.

Jonny Fly: Cancelled?

Seth Lerch: Nope.

Jonny Fly: I'm prepared to make you an offer that I don't think you can refuse.

Fly unzips the duffel bag and reaches in to pull out a small toy helicopter. He sets it onto the desk in front of Seth, whose eyes have already lit up.

Jonny Fly: Go ahead. Touch it.

Seth does as instructed. He takes his forefinger and gently flicks the propellor. He watches in pure bliss as it rotates.

Jonny Fly: That can be yours, Seth. You just have to call this tournament off. You know we're going to win it anyway, save all those young kids the embarrassment. They don't want to be Flyjobbers. They don't know it, but they have no hope. You're the leader here. Be a leader. You more than anyone know how this is going to play out. Save the rest of the competitors from themselves...and take home a little something for your trouble. What do you say?

Seth Lerch: I....I....

Jonny Fly: Go ahead, touch the propellor again.

Seth wants to. He really does. But he resists.

Seth Lerch: I can't. I won't! The tournament will go on as planned.

Jonny Fly: Oh? Will it?

Fly reaches into his bag again. This time he pulls out a large remote control helicopter. It's much larger than the last helicopter. Poor Seth almost falls out of his chair as Fly sets it in front of him. He reaches back into the bag and grabs the remote control, sliding it across the table to Seth.

Jonny Fly: Fully operational. With two AA batteries you can fly this thing anywhere in the world. Go ahead, take it for a spin. Fly it down the hallways. Fly it over the ring. Put a camera on it and fly it over chicks in the audience showing some cleavage. Do whatever you want with it...just cancel this tournament. End it. Send me back to California, Seth. Get me out of you hair. You don't really want me around for the next month, do you?

Seth doesn't know what to do. I mean, he REALLY likes helicopters. He considers the offer for a longer period of time, but then...

Seth Lerch: No. I'm not cancelling the tournament. I'm sorry, I just can't.

Jonny Fly: Seth, let me level with you here. What's it going to take for you to stop this madness? I'm being straight with you here. We'll win this fuckin' tournament if we have to. That's not the problem. We're just all busy, man. We'd rather skip to the ending you know? You're a businessman. I'm a businessman. Put a price on this tournament.

Seth smiles as wide as he can.

Seth Lerch: How about...one...real...helicopter. If my memory serves me correctly, you owe me one anyway.

Fly nods his head.

Jonny Fly: You know what, Seth? You're absolutely right. I owe you a helicopter. I also owe you back your secret Big Train footage. I'm prepared to give you both, right now.

Fly reaches into his duffel bag again and one by one pulls out stacks of $100 bills. He stacks them up in front of Lerch. He then takes out a CD and sets it on top of the money.

Jonny Fly: One million dollars. More than enough to get you a very nice helicopter. Do we have a deal?

Seth makes a sour face.

Seth Lerch: I want a helicopter. Not money.

Jonny Fly: You can buy one with that money.

Seth Lerch: No. I'll have to report this as income, where it'll get taxed. Then I have to buy the helicopter, where it'll be taxed again. This is not a helicopter, Fly. It's not going to work. NO DEAL.


Jonny Fly: You know what, fuck it.

Fly grabs his money and secret footage and puts it back into the duffel bag. He gets up from his seat and slings the bag over his shoulder. The last thing he grabs is his remote control helicopter and remote control. He takes hold of the remote control and springs the helicopter into action, flying around the office. Seth looks on, very sad, very jealous.

Jonny Fly: Last chance, buddy.

Seth Lerch: Nope. You're just going to have to try and win.

Fly smirks.

Jonny Fly: Well, I guess we'll just have to do that.

Fly...uh...flys the helicopter out the door and follows it out of the office. The segment cuts away with a shot of him flying the helicopter all the way down the hallway backstage.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
The Boomcock Saints vs The New Freebirds
Bobby Cairo/Kaz Mazy/Odin Balfore vs Adam Young/Jim Beam/Jefferson Beam

The scene fades into a packed Slam arena!

All the lights in the arena cut off to an excited murmer from the crowd. Shit's gettin' THICK in the dark Cuz. The tron lights up in the dark as three sillouhettes show up on the screen. Out of the shadows and into a spotlight steps Bobby Cairo, Odin Balfore, and Kaz Mazy to a FUGGIN HUMONGOUS CROWD POP!


A spotlight pans around the arena - where you can see "BOOMCAWK" signs out in full effect - and stops on Bobby, Odin, and Kaz at one of the fan entrances. They start making their way down to the ring, fans reaching out tryin' to feel what it's like to be THICK.


They make it to the barricades and Kaz leaps up on top of it. He jumps down, followed by Cairo leaping over it, followed by Odin doing that tall man up and over. Kaz hops up on the apron and stands on the ropes as Odin and Cairo walk up the steps. Odin steps up over the ropes and into the ring while Cairo remains on the apron. They pose in their respective positions to another HUGE CROWD POP.


They all get in the ring and await the start of the match.

Freddy Whoa: Boomcock Saints in the mothafuckin' house tonight.

Zach Davis: They're here to kick off the second match in the opening of Trios!

Gravedigger: Bit of a lopsided match up if you ask me. Freebirds are gonna die right?

Zach Davis: Adam Young is one of the most ferocious, tenacious competitors in the WCF. I'm calling Dark Horse for Trios right now.

The lights fade down to where a single white light hits the entrance way. The light turns upward where it hits on a Rebel Flag and then "Freebird" starts playing. As the drums kick in different white lights fly around the arena. Out walk Adam Young, Jim Beam, and Jefferson Davis, the New Freebirds all wearing rebel flag t-shirts. The fans are booing and throwing trash at the trio as they make their way towards the ring. Adam stops half way and rubs his wrists as he puts on his trademark icey stare. Adam begins laughing as they climb into the ring and the arena lights fade back up.

Zach Davis: Here they are now, The New Freebirds! Sporting that Old School WCF classic shite!

Freddy Whoa: Jim n Jefferson arguing about who's gonna start this match off!

Adam Young clocks them both up the side of the head and starts the match for his team. Kaz on the other side ready to go! The ref calls for the bell and the match begins.

Gravedigger: Here we go, this match is kicking off!

Kaz moves like he's gonna walk up to Young...but he turns around and tags in The Allfather to a huge crowd pop.

Freddy Whoa: Odin about to kick some AZZ!

Odin steps into the ring as Young puffs up his chest and charges the Allfather...to eat a vicious clothesline that sends him reeling back to his corner! Adam tags in Jefferson and crawls out of the ring!

Zach Davis: What a vicious power play from Odin and The Boomcocks...

Jeeferson tries his hand at charging Odin, but Odin catches him with that sidewalk slam and plants the beggar on his ass cheeks! Odin picks him up by the head...as Adam Young and Bubba Beam attack The Allfather from behind!

Zach Davis: Come on ref! Control the match!

Cairo and Kaz flood the ring and the six men start brawling! Each set is trading punches back and forth when all of a sudden...



Adam and Jefferson slide out of the ring, which leaves Bubba Beam in the ring by himself. He turns to climb out of the ring, but bumps chests with Cairo. Cairo shakes his head at the poor fool. Bubba turns to dip out in a different direction but gets tagged by Kaz in the face. Bubba spins around into Odin who grabs him by the throat.

Zach Davis: ohgodohgodohGAWDFATHUH DAMN!

Odin lifts him up and goes down for the Ragnarok as Cairo leaps up with an R-CAIRO. Beam slams down onto Odin's knee as Kaz leaps off the turnbuckle with that WARM SUN joint!

Freddy Whoa: I think they KILLT THAT NUKKUH DEAD!

Odin hooks Beam's leg as the ref makes the count.



"BoomCocka Sixty-Nine" by P.O.D. starts playing as the fans go nuts for their donuts.

Gravedigger: I think that match went just as we expected it to.

Freddy Whoa: The Boomcocks sent a message here tonight, plain and simple. They're coming for those Trios Championships.

Zach Davis: We need to get somebody dosn here to check on Jim Beam. He might be seriously injured.

Freddy Whoa: Don't worry...he'll have a replacement next week!

The BoomCocks celebrate in the ring as the scene fades to black.

Gemini Battle Segment

Gemini Battle turns a corner in the backstage area. He walks and lifts his hand to knock on a door he stops in front of. He pauses for a second and puts his hand down. The camera repositions itself and it shines on a sign reading

“Seth Lerch: WCF Owner”

Gemini shakes his head and reluctantly knocks on the door.

Seth Lerch: COME IN!

Gemini slowly opens the door and sees Seth Lerch playing with his cell phone while sitting behind his desk.

Seth Lerch: And there’s Slime… and there’s Slime…, and there he his… get him, get him… kill him, kill him! HE’S EVERYWHERE!

Gemini Battle: Excuse me.

Seth Lerch: Sorry, I’m playing this new game on my phone called Slime’s Movement. You see this one character just keeps reappearing over and over again and it’s my job as the protagonist to kill him… but he keeps coming back. It’s addicting, and sick at the same time.

Gemini Battle: Sounds retarted.

Seth shuts the phone off and looks up at Gemini.

Seth Lerch: I guess congrats are in order. You defeated ZMAC and you won your first Trios Cup Tournament match. I suppose you’re here to tell me that you deserve a title shot now.

Gemini Battle: Yea, no. Actually… ugh!

Seth Lerch: Spit it out, my man. I got Slime to kill.

Gemini Battle: It’s about my paycheck.

Seth Lerch: Oh, you mean the one that you refused when first signing here to the WCF. I believe your exact words were ‘I don’t need your fucking money.’ Do I have that right?

Gemini Battle: Something like that. I need to renegotiate my contract.

Seth Lerch: Well that takes time. We need to get lawyers involved and as I understand you don’t have many resources at your disposal at the moment.

Gemini Battle: And that’s why I need to get paid. I need to at least be able to get from venue to venue.

Seth Lerch: And what do I care if you get from venue to venue.

Gemini Battle: I’m the fastest rising star you have in the company right now. I bring ratings and I need to be at the shows.

Seth Lerch: You’re right; the fans are starting to love you.

Gemini gets pissed and punches down on the table.

Gemini Battle: The fans are fucking stupid!

Seth Lerch: You don’t have to tell me twice, but they pay your bills. Tell ya what. I’ve got this FCC Asshole on my case about that sword on a pole match. Why don’t you take care of him and Ill get you on the jobber pay roll.

Gemini Battle: Jobber bullshit! Don’t act like there’s not room in payroll, you just fired like 5 guys last week!

Seth Lerch: Beggars can’t be choosy. You start on the Jobber Payroll and if you keep winning matches and winning over the crowd you can move up in pay scale just like the rest of the roster.

Gemini Battle: Fine.. I’ll do this for you and reassert my dominance as the most evil person in the WCF by taking out one of your precious American government officials and by doing your bidding. That should show those idiot fans that I’m to be feared!

Vaguely in the background the fans start chanting

Crowd: We fear Gemini *clap clap clap clap clap* We Fear Gemini *clap clap clap clap clap!*

Gemini covers his ears and starts yelling.

Gemini Battle: NOOOOO!!!!! FINE! I’ll do it, Seth. It’s a deal.

Seth reaches out his hand to seal the deal. Gemini simply nods at Seth before exiting the office. Seth picks up his phone and continues playing the game on his phone.

Seth Lerch: There’s Slime! There’s Slime! Ugh, what’s with all these dark prints all over the phone… gross, my fingers are so grimey! Ooh, a new level; One Eve In Vegas… Let’s do it! There’s Slime… THERE’S SLIME!...Now I'm done.

Katherine Phoenix/Celeste Segment

The jumbotron within the arena comes to life to show an extremely high class hotel, in which fancy limousines are continously pulling up and driving away from the lobby area. WCFs Celeste is seen leaving the hotel wearing her usual casual attire in her hand she is pulling a small suitcase behind her in which most likely has her ring gear for her match later tonight. The redhead raises her arm into the air as she approaches the curb and flags down one of the nearby limousines which immediately screeches to a halt in front of the woman, narrowly missing her. Celeste glares at the vehicle opening the rear car door herself and climbing aboard.

Celeste: You call yourself a limousine driver? You nearly ran me down just then!

Celeste just glares at the front of the vehicle, unable to see much in front of her as there is a window in between the passenger part of the car and the drivers seat. Finally the window begins to roll down as the rear doors lock preventing the redhead from leaving.

Driver: Damn! Really? Next time I really should try harder I guess.

Celeste: Wait... What?!

Driver: I was just saying... My aim must be off or something because I meant to kill a bitch, I aimed to kill a bitch... But somehow, someway I missed! Can you believe that? Unbelievably lucky you were just then, Red. Anyway you fancy going on that shopping trip we planned out last week? I have missed you soooooo much since Aftermath!

Katherine Phoenix turns around in the drivers seat and smiles very very big and maliciously at the now furious redhead.

Celeste: Katherine! You think this is funny? You think...

Katherine Phoenix: Hey! HEY!!! Shut up! You see the sign?!

Katherine points a slender french manicured finger at one of the stickers on the wall of the car, which reads "please do not distract the driver" whilst laughing and rolling the window back up.

Katherine Phoenix: You better buckle up hunny... You're in for one hell of a ride!

Katherine floors the gas peddle as the car zooms out of the hotels car park, narrowly missing several pedestrians. The cameras cut as the vehicle is seen driving extremely quickly and dangerously down the wrong side of the nearby highway towards the city.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Dune/Occulo/Howard Black vs Slime/Torgo/Dong-Wang Kim

As we come back from commercial, Slime, Torgo, and Dong-Wang Kim are already in the ring.

Gravedigger: I have it on solid authority that this team is secretly Freddy Whoa's team to win the tournament.

Freddy Whoa: Shut up!

Zach Davis: Gimmick infringement, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Just because Logan overused a standard saying means a brother can't say it without being cited for gimmick infringement? What are you, Zach, the police?

Zach Davis: Whoa now, no pun intended. Calm down.

Freddy Whoa: What do you MEAN calm down, Zach? Your honky-ass is gonna tell ME to calm down? Well-

Freddy's mic goes silent.

Gravedigger: Fans, Freddy will be back for our next match after WCF officials get him his medication. Let's get to some action. Or the entrances, at any rate.

The lights flicker to black and the opening chords of Angelo Badalamenti's "The Pink Room" hit in the darkness. Smoke pours out in front of the deep red lights just beyond the entrance. Two golden spotlights slowly scan the audience as Dune clears the curtain and emerges from the smoke. His cold eyes remain fixed on the ring as he makes his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring...from the badlands of the Mojave Desert... He is the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER TO THE WCF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.... weighing in at 276 pounds... DUUUUUUUNE!

He slides into the ring and is quick to his feet. He walks around the inner-perimeter, testing the ropes and stretching a bit, then he makes his way to the center. He grabs the collar of his tactical vest with both hands and looks out into the crowd as each corner-post issues a final hiss of smoke before the lights come on again. He makes his way to the corner, sliding out of his vest and dropping it outside the ring.

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Kyle Steel: From Washington DC...weighing in at 220lbs...he is the former United States Champion...Occulo!!

He walks down the ramp, spotlights following, addressing the fans as he does. He climbs up the steel steps in the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He takes out a microphone and says "Sentinels stand for the fallen. Sentinels stand against the rising". He tosses the microphone to the outside and waits for action.

The lights in the arena go to black, with only the giant screen above the stage displaying the pattern of a oscilloscope matching the chaotic distortion which begins "Lost Boys" by Death Grips. As the distortion begins to settle into the beat, the words "IT'S SUCH A LONG WAY DOWN" flash over the screen as the emanate from the speakers. As the snare drum hits begin to burst forth, the lights in the arena begin to strobe in blue, white, and gray as the screen begins to show flashing black-and-white images of honey badgers in battle, paired with footage of Howard Black training or waiting in the locker room, preparing for a match. Howard Black makes his way from the back, the hood of his sweatshirt pulled over his head.

He makes his way down the ramp as the digitized words "LOST BOYS" repeat from the speaker in succession. While his eyes remain focused on the ring, his face a mask of determination, he slaps the hand of the occasional fan which is outstretched to him. Upon reaching the ring, he slides in and unzips his sweatshirt, tossing it aside. He lifts the crucifix from his neck and gives it a kiss for good luck before walking to a turnbuckle and pulling himself up. Upon his ascent, he spreads his arms before the crowd in a pose. As the music begins to die, he drops down and walks to his corner. He takes the crucifix from his neck and places it around the turnbuckle for safe keeping during his match.

Zach Davis: Here we go!

Dune starts the match for his team. Slime runs at him and immediately gets a knee to the gut, followed by a European Uppercut. As he gets back up Dune grapples him and executes a Release German Suplex!, sending Slime into his own corner where he's tagged by Torgo.

Gravedigger: Not a good start for Freddy's pick to win the tournament.

Torgo comes in and runs at Dune but Dune ducks it and executes a vicious Chokeslam! Dune turns and tags in Howard Black.

Zach Davis: Howard Black has made quite a splash since his debut. Many new guys get lost in the shuffle, but not this man. He's on one of the top teams in the tournament!

Gravedigger: Great recognizes great, Zach. That says something about Black, despite his unfortunate last name.

Black climbs up onto the top rope as Torgo stumbles to his feet. Black jumps off the top and hits him with a Spear! Black runs, hits the ropes, and as Torgo is getting up Black hits him with a Shining Wizard!

Zach Davis: Listen to the fans!


Black drops down and pins Torgo.



No!, broken up by Dong-Wang Kim. Kim kicks Black off as Torgo rolls out of the ring.

Gravedigger: We're following standard Trios rules, which means tags aren't neccessary. By rolling out of the ring, anyone else can become the legal man. Kim is now legal.

Kim picks Howard Black up and goes for a Tornado Kick!, which Black ducks. Black keeps running, Springboards, and Clotheslines Kim down. Kim gets back up and as he's doing do, Black runs at him and Curb Stomps him!

Zach Davis: Not banned in WCF, fans!

Black turns and tags in Occulo.

Gravedigger: Here comes the former United States Champion!

Occulo enters the ring.. and Mile Zero by Periphery hits.

Zach Davis: WHAT!?


Joey Flash runs out from the back! He's got a chair in hand!


Gravedigger: These two have been enemies since they entered WCF, Zach! They've had their ups and downs, but it looks like tonight isn't going to be a good night for Occulo!

Flash slides into the ring, bypassing the rest of the Sentinels... ducks Occulo... and smashes Kim right in the face with the chair!

Zach Davis: Oh! What a shot!

Flash then smashes Slime with a chair shot, followed by hitting Torgo too!

Gravedigger: Uh....

Flash drops the chair to the mat before turning back to Occulo, shit-eating grin on his face. Flash extends his hand to Occulo, mocking him. Occulo takes a swing before Flash ducks it and rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Hey, the bell rang! What's the result?


The crowd is in disbelief.

Gravedigger: ...Freddy was right!?

Outside the ring, Joey Flash is laughing hysterically.

Zach Davis: This was Flash's plan! This was his damn plan all along! He wasn't going to attack Occulo, he did this just so the Sentinels would lose!

Gravedigger: We've got to go to commercials, but Dune, Occulo, and Howard Black have been taken out of the Trios Tournament.... I can't believe this.

Seth Lerch Segment

We come back from commercial and the Sentinels haven't left the ring. Neither have Slime, Torgo, or Dong-Wang Kim for that matter. They're celebrating like there is no tomorrow. Until their music is replaced by Master of Puppets.

Zach Davis: Seth is here. Great.

Seth walks out on stage, mic in hand. He's actually somewhat annoyed.

Seth Lerch: ...What the hell was that!?

For once, the crowd agrees.

Seth Lerch: Joey Flash, who do you think you are? Is this the kind of shit Imperium is going to pull? As of now... this match is RESTARTED!

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Dune/Occulo/Howard Black vs Slime/Torgo/Dong-Wang Kim

With that, Occulo spins Kim around and hits him with his Subliminal Message! Occulo then quickly locks in The Epitome. Wang immediately taps out.

Gravedigger: That's more like it. Suck it, Freddy.

Zach Davis: The Sentinels advance after all!

Occulo's music hits as Slime's team quickly leaves the ring.

Gravedigger: Joey Flash's plan didn't work tonight, but you've got to wonder what else he has stored for Occulo.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
ICE Beckman/Joey Flash/Zombie McMorris vs Danny Anderson and Caraid

The opening sample of "So Whatcha Want" by Beastie Boys fills the arena as the lights dim. When the song kicks in, strobe lights flash throughout the arena and a spotlight hits the entrance.

Gravedigger: Oh, and here's my favorite match of the night! I'm going to watch the Vapor Kings DESTROY this shitty little biker gang once and for all!!!

Zach Davis: And here we are, as the Vapor Kings take on the Dark Riders Gang MC, in the form of Danny Anderson and Caraid, Connor and Charlie!

Freddy Whoa: This could be the upset of the night, folks! The three from the DRG have experience together, and they are a real force to be reckoned with. They are a good sleeper pick despite the early round and formidable opponent in front of them.

Gravedigger: I doubt it, though. Don't be filling the mongoloids at home with false hope! What's wrong with you?

Buddy Roman takes the stage, followed by Natural ICE Beckman, Zombie McMorris and Joey Flash. Buddy stands before them with a proud smile. The three men taunt the crowd for a few moments until a series of pyros explode and they are led to the ring by Buddy. Kyle Steel announces their arrival...

Kyle Steel: In the next round of Trios Cup, the following match-up is scheduled for ONE FALL! Making their to the ring, at a combined weight of 725 pounds! JOEY FLASH!!! ZOMBIE MCMORRIS! WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLD!!! NATURAL "ICE" BECKMANNNNNNN!!! THE VAPOR KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS...

Freddy Whoa: Think Kyle Steel might have an aneurysm one of these days?

Gravedigger: Eh, he's just a voice, and shit one, at that. He's replaceable...

Zach Davis: Well, that was uncalled for...

Gravedigger: Sometimes, YOU'RE UNCALLED FOR!

Zach Davis: Sorry you feel that way. Let's get back to the match...

All of the Vapor Kings, to include Buddy Roman, are inside of the ring, as the sounds of several Harley-Davidson motorcycles blare over the sound system, slowly fading out. After a brief pause “Call Me the Breeze” by Lynyrd Skynyrd begins to play. Danny Anderson is the first to step up on stage, followed soon by Charles “Charlie” Anderson and Konstantin “Connor” Noskov, before Danny steps forward first, Charlie moving to his right, and Connor moving to his left, forming a V formation as they march to the ring. Kyle Steel announces their arrival...

Kyle Steel: Making their way to the ring, their OPPONENTS! Weighing in at 553 pounds! The Dark RIIIIIIDERS GAAAAAAAAAAANG!

Zach Davis: The hopes of the Dark Riders Gang MC resting on these men in an effort to gain a foothold in the WCF.

Gravedigger: Good luck kicking the Vapor Kings off of this cloud. Perhaps Thomas Bates, being the leader, should be in this match if he wants his team to be successful? Just saying...

Once at ringside, the three men slide into the ring, as the Vapor Kings hold their ground. The lights return to normal, and the music fades, as the referee instructs Buddy Roman to vacate the ring. All of the wrestlers strip off their excess gear, before the bell rings, as we see in the ring Zombie McMorris and Danny Anderson set to start this off, as both Zombie and Danny lock up in the middle of the ring...

Zach Davis: Zombie with the eye rake, kneelift, and a snap suplex to start things off against Danny Anderson here...

Freddy Whoa: Dirty.

Gravedigger: Effective.

The referee scolds Zombie, who ignores him as he continues to rock Danny with a few lefts and rights, until Danny gets a good grapple, and scores with a sitout jawbreaker on Zombie. Recovering, Danny hits a reeling Zombie with a snap DDT, before going for the pinfall...



Gravedigger: Ha! A one-count! And barely a one!

Zach Davis: DRG with the first pinfall attempt of the match, but both men are back on their feet, and Zombie doesn't look thrilled about Danny gaining the edge there.

Freddy Whoa: And he's tagging out to Joey Flash, and hear the fans raining down the boos here! DAMN, IT'S GETTING LOUD IN HERE!

Joey walks into the middle of the ring, as he jaws away at Danny Anderson. Danny steps forward, before snapping off a dropkick that knocks Joey off-guard. As Danny recovers, Joey charges and grabs Danny by the head in a Muay Thai clinch, driving his knee into the face of Danny Anderson, before coming down with a DDT!

Gravedigger: And THAT is why he's a Vapor King! Offense from virtually any angle can be achieved from Mr. Flash...

Zach Davis: Devastating, and now he follows up with a string of insults, as he waits for Danny to get to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Can he get any more crass?

Danny gets to his feet, and as Joey closes the distance, he starts swinging. He rocks Danny with the first punch, but Danny somehow toughs it out, catches the second punch, and rolls Joey over with a hiptoss, before applying a Crossface on Joey Flash!

Freddy Whoa: Here comes Zombie to break it up...

Zombie hits Joey Flash with an elbow drop, as Danny gets out of the way, tagging in Connor, before tackling Zombie out of the ring, as they brawl going out. Joey never gets a chance to get to his feet, as he gets yanked to his feet, and subjected to several jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts, before Connor grabs Joey in a fireman's carry, and starts spinning in the middle of the ring. Connor lets go, as Joey Flash goes flying back into the Vapor Kings corner. Connor, dizzy, then starts moving into the Vapor Kings corner, as he gets clocked by an incoming ICE Beckman clothesline...

Gravedigger: And that is the risk inherent in the Airplane Spin maneuver in tag team matches. Rookie mistake may be the undoing of the Dork Riders Country Clubbers.

Freddy Whoa: I want to hate that, but that was pretty clever.

Gravedigger: And that's why I still make more than you...

Freddy Whoa: Wait, how much DO you make?

Digger just smiles at Freddy, as ICE continues the assault on Connor, as ICE hits a stalling suplex on him, before dropping a forearm on Connor, going for the pinfall...




Charlie and Danny charge into the ring. Danny is grabbed by the referee, but not Charlie, as he slips past the referee, and starts pummeling the hell out of ICE! ICE endures, stands up, and just glares at Charlie. Charlie hits him with a few more rights, before ICE grabs him, Irish whips him into the ropes, and hits a powerslam on him in the middle of the ring. ICE gets up, and looks to find the legal man...

Zach Davis: Tag to Danny Anderson! ICE goes for Danny's head!!!

Freddy Whoa: Danny ducks! Back drop!

Danny quickly pulls ICE back to his feet, as he sets him up for Comatose. As Danny tries to start the maneuver, ICE slips his grasp, kicks Danny low, before he grabs him with...

Gravedigger: GOOD NIGHT!

Zach Davis: HANGOVER DDT!!!

Freddy Whoa: ICE for the pin! Zombie and Joey charging the ring!


Zombie steps off of ICE, interrupting the count, but allowing for this sweet...


ICE re-initiates a three-count, as Charlie falls victim to...



Gravedigger: Calm down, high speed! At least Charlie's going nowhere for awhile...



ICE gets up, then grabs Danny Anderson by the ears, turning him over, as he fights for Danny's left arm. Danny fights back, as he hits ICE in the midsection, before getting hit from behind by Zombie. ICE grabs Danny by the head again, as Zombie picks up the feet of the struggling Danny Anderson, before hitting...



Referee breaks away from Flash who still has Charlie in a hold, as he counts out the legal Danny Anderson to the legal ICE Beckman...





Zach Davis: We've got some intriguing matches coming next week to say the least. Every round of this tournament is gonna be hotter than the last.

Katherine Phoenix/Celeste Segment

The cameras cut away from the arena as the black limousine we saw earlier comes to a screeching halt outside a very upmarket looking shopping area. The shops in the surrounding area look quite similar to that you'd find in Beverly Hills. Katherine Phoenix pushes open the drivers side door, almost slamming it directly into a pedestrian on the nearby curb and walks around the car to the rear door ready to let the still furious redhead out. The entire journey Celeste had apparently been banging on the glass to try and break it as the window now had several large cracks down it, Katherine was as always oblivious to this.

Katherine Phoenix: So I don't know about you, Red. But I really fancy going shoe shopping first. And thennnnnn maybe we should go makeup shopping! And then finallyyyyyy we should go dress shopping to look good for the boys! I'm sure the guys will just LOVE it!

Katherine leans against the window to try and hear what Celeste was yelling at her. It was muffled but Katherine could just about make it out.

Celeste: Let me out of here and I swear to god I'll fuck you up all over again psycho bitch!

Katherine Phoenix: Hahahaha what did you say? I can't hear you when you're locked in there, Red.

As soon as Katherine reached down and pulled on the door handle Celeste booted the door with both of her feet, blasting the door open and sending Katherine flying backwards. Celeste immediately pushes herself out of the car and stands in front of Katherine, still looking pissed off.

Katherine Phoenix: Why do you always look so angry, Red? Did someone forget to feed your hamster or something?

Celeste: You have to be even more stupid than you look letting me out of that car.

Katherine Phoenix: Soooooo you're saying you DON'T want to go shopping? Jeez make up your mind, Red!

Celeste: I'd much rather kill a bitch.

Katherine Phoenix: Ha! If I had a nickle every time I heard that I'd have... a lot of nickels by now!

Celeste: You talk too much

Katherine Phoenix: Thanks it's a talent I picked up---

Before Katherine could finish speaking Celeste charged at her and picked her up off her feet and shoulder barged Katherine into the nearest shop window, a fancy little shoe shop. Celeste smudges Katherines face against the glass but this doesn't stop the brunette from smiling or laughing as Celeste tries to do... whatever it is she is doing.

Katherine Phoenix: So you want to go to this store, huh? Good choice!

Katherine elbows Celeste in her ribs to get her off of her slightly and then grabs her around her shoulder and head and sends her flying through the glass shop window, sending shards of glass flying throughout the store. Several customers and employees scatter as Katherine jumps through the window following the redhead who's already picking herself up off the floor.

Katherine Phoenix: Nice shop this. Odd decor though, glass everywhere!

Katherine looks around at the shoes on the nearby shelves and picks up a pair of silver high heels.

Katherine Phoenix: The shoe's are alright too, Red. You like these? I think they'd go well with the ass kicking you're about to get.

Katherine was just about to slam the shoes into Celestes face but the redhead dodges the move and charges at her, wrapping her arms around Katherine's waist. The girls crash into a nearby stand sending shoes and boxes flying everywhere. Celeste attempts to throw a hard right hand into Katherine's face, but Katherine reaches up behind her grabbing another pair of heels and this time connects slamming the heel of the shoe directly into Celestes forehead. Celeste stumbles backwards holding her head as this time Katherine charges at her and grabs Celeste around her waist about to ram her into a nearby wall, but Celeste manages to break out of the hold and throws Katherine through a different window. Katherine flys through the window glass following her out onto the street. Katherine tries to avoid the glass as best she can as Celeste jumps through the window after her.

Celeste: I am going to enjoy this a lot!

Katherine starts to laugh as Celeste closes in on a still downed Katherine.

Katherine Phoenix: Yeah me too, hunny.

As Celeste was about to grab Katherine up off the floor the brunette slashed out her hand and sent a piece of glass slicing across Celestes cheek, instantly busting her open. Celeste raises her hand to her face looking at the blood and Katherine watches as the redhead seemingly fills up with rage. Before Celeste can do anything though, Katherine reaches out on the floor and grabs hold of Celestes ankle, causing her to stumble across the pavement into a taxi parked nearby which she grabs to keep her balance. Katherine quickly springs back up onto her feet and sends an elbow crashing into the back of Celestes skull almost knocking the redhead out. Katherine opens the taxis passenger door and throws a dazed Celeste into the car closely following her and closing the door behind them. The taxi driver looks quite shocked as Katherine yells at the man to drive them to the arena, sending a hard right hand into Celestes face as she does so. The taxi drives off into the distance as the two women continue to fight in the back of the taxi.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Johnny Reb/Marc Mayhem/Jay Omega vs Jimmy Wicked/BioWalker

Kyle Steel: The following contest is for the Trios Cup Tournament, and is a six man tag team match.

The house lights dim as “Bodies” by Drowning Pool hits the speakers. Lighter colored lights come on.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, the team of the Chrono-Rippers. Johnny Reb and Marc Mayhem!

Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb and Marc Mayhem step out from behind the curtain. The pair wait at the stage, instead of coming down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Their Trios Cup partner, a member of Pantheon; Jay OOOOOMMMMMMEEEEGGGGAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

The arena lights dim as a keytar with a distinctly 80’s sound begins tapping out a beat, and “Holding Out for A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler begins playing in full. Jay Omega steps out from behind the curtain and joins Johnny Reb and Marc Mayhem on the stage. The group walks towards the ring, stepping in as Kyle Steel faces the stage once more.

Kyle Steel: Their opponents. Two of them are from the team of BioWalker; Tyler “T-Pain” Walker and Biohazard. They are teamed with Jimmy WWWWIIIIIICCCCKKKKKEEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!

The lights dim as “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C&C Music Factory hits the PA. Biohazard runs out onto the stage and spits some ooze in the air, followed by Walker who flexes in front of him. The two men hug for a little bit too long before making their way down the aisle. Behind them, Jimmy Wicked simply walks behind. They enter the ring, facing down with Marc Mayhem, Johnny Reb, and Jay Omega.

Zach Davis: The referee calling for the teams to pick a starter.

Jay Omega and Jimmy Wicked are left in the ring. Jay moves forward and quickly clotheslines Wicked.

Gravedigger: Jay Omega nearly taking off Jimmy Wicked’s head with a clothesline.

Jimmy Wicked attempts to stand up, but Omega starts kicking him in the head. Wicked falls back, but Omega mounts on top and begins delivering a series of powerful punches to the face. The referee gives Omega a warning, but is largely ignored. He begins to count.



Omega stands up, picking up Wicked with him. He pushes Wicked into the corner and tags in Johnny Reb.

Zach Davis: Jay Omega with the tag to Johnny Reb.

Reb starts delivering a series of punches, then sends Wicked out of the corner with an Irish Whip. Wicked lands in his own corner, where Tyler Walker tags himself in.

Freddy Whoa: Tyler Walker coming to the ring!

Johnny Reb moves forward, and lands a crossbody on Tyler Walker. Walker is caught off guard, allowing for Johnny Reb to deliver several knee strikes to Walker’s side. As Reb starts to stand up, Walker headbutts him in the face while the referee does not see.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa, that’s going to hurt.

Gravedigger: Eh, I’ve had worse.

Walker stands up, and kicks Reb in the back of the head. Walker helps Reb up, then knees him in the gut. He sets up a gutwrench, but is elbowed in the side by Reb. Another elbow from Reb and Walker releases the setup. Reb kicks out the knee of Walker, and stumbles towards his own corner where Marc Mayhem makes the tag.

Zach Davis: Marc Mayhem gets the tag.

Marc walks patiently around the ring, waiting for Tyler Walker to stand back up. Walker tags in Biohazard quickly, causing Biohazard to rush into the ring. Marc catches him in a fireman’s carry and delivers an F5.

Zach Davis: The Cab Ride!

Marc Mayhem goes for the pin.


Tyler Walker and Jimmy Wicked enter the ring, followed immediately by Johnny Reb and Jay Omega.


Johnny Reb drops Tyler Walker with a drop toe hold. Jay Omega stops Jimmy Wicked by delivering a five forty hook kick.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! The Thunderclap!


Zach Davis: Chrono-Rippers Johnny Reb and Marc Mayhem, along with Pantheon member Jay Omega win the match!

Suddenly, Seth walks out, clapping slowly.

Seth Lerch: Congratulations!

Neither Reb, Mayhem, or Omega know what Seth's deal is.

Seth Lerch: Marc Mayhem... How have you found yourself teamed with such LOSERS?

The crowd begins to boo.

Seth Lerch: Mayhem, it's no secret that there is no love lost between Logan and I. And I respect how you've taken the fight to the Face of Treachery and how you actually DEFEATED him last week at Aftermath. Now you're teaming with these two Timelord wannabes?

The crowd boos Seth again.

Seth Lerch: As I said several weeks ago, men like Johnny Reb.. or Dark Johnny, or whatever the hell you call yourself!.. men like you are what has been destroying WCF. And same for you, Omega, since you got involved with this whole business. It's unfortunate, it really is. But I've decided I've got to teach you a lesson.

Murmuring from the crowd.


The crowd boos like crazy!

Freddy Whoa: WHAT!?

Zach Davis: But they won!

Seth laughs before continuing. Reb and Omega are obviously pissed.

Seth Lerch: Marc, like I said, I respect you. I'll find you some worthwhile teammates for your team, who will be revealed tomorrow night as we announce our Slam card. As for you, Johnny Reb and you, Jay Omega... you're out of time.

Frustrated, Mayhem shakes his head in anger. Omega attempts to apologize, but Mayhem snaps! He punches Omega right in the face!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Mayhem stomps away at Jay Omega before grabbing the WCF Hardcore Title. Mayhem glares at Omega who gets to his feet before running at him and SMASHING him right in the face!

Zach Davis: DAMN!

Gravedigger: Omega's nose gushing blood!

Johnny Reb has left the ring in disappointment, leaving Omega and Mayhem. Mayhem grabs Omega once more and grapples him... hitting the Lights Out on the bloodied Champion!, letting Omega land head-first right onto the Hardcore Championship!

Freddy Whoa: This is terrible! It isn't Jay Omega's fault that Marc Mayhem is getting new partners!

Zach Davis: Maybe he just wanted to prove to Seth that he deserves some legitimate partners, and is attacking Omega to gain Seth's favor?

Corey Black, Jayson Price, Scarecrow, and Alex Richards quickly rush into the ring as Marc Mayhem exits through the crowd. The three men check on their fallen comrade... who doesn't seem to be doing too well.

Freddy Whoa: Is Omega injured? He's the Hardcore Champion but that was a rough beating. Starting with the belt to the face...

Zach Davis: And Seth has booted both Omega and Reb from the Tournament. Unbelievable.

Gravedigger: GREAT call by Seth. Who was going to enter WCF next, Doc Brown? We already had Doc Henry!

Zach Davis: Two men are going to get entered into the Trios Cup Tournament, but who is it going to be? Who is Seth going to pair with Mayhem?! What is the status of Jay Omega?

Gemini Battle Segment

A man in a suit quietly makes his way out to the ring. The crowd jeers as he proudly walks towards the ring wearing a blue suit with a red tie and donning a leather briefcase. He gets into the ring with microphone in hand and begins to speak.

Man: My name is Henry Dillinger and I am representing the FCC in Jonah Worth’s absence.

Crowd: WHAT!

Henry Dillinger: I am here to claim an official suit against the WCF for their horrendous actions in their last PPV Aftermatch, specifically pointing out the Sword on a Pole match featuring Gemini Battle and one Mr. Zombie McMorris.

Crowd: WHAT!

Henry Dillinger: In this briefcase I have official government forms that hereby put the wCF on a national watch list…

“Falling Higher” by Helloween blasts through the arena as Gemini Battle comes out with Vanessa at his side. The fans go nuts as they all reach out to touch him. Vanessa swipes the hands away from on-reachers, but they are so numerous she can’t hold them all off. Gemini swipes away angrily as the fans cheer loudly.

Gravedigger: There he is, one of the fastest rising fan favorites in the WCF Gemini Battle and the man and the center of this current controversy.

Zach Davis: I wouldn’t be so calm if I was Mr. Dillinger, Gemini has a deal with Seth to take care of this guy to earn a pay day. We all know how Gemini takes care of things.

Gemini gets into the ring with a microphone in hand and Vanessa follows behind him.

Gemini Battle: OH YEA! You guys like me now, huh? You guys like the things that I do. Well I’m here to help out the man you all hate most by ‘taking care’ of a precious government agent of yours, a man that you respect more than anything else in the world.

Henry Dillinger begins to back away slowly but is stopped by Vanessa who puts a massive hand on his collar to keep him at bay. The crowd continues to chant.


Gemini Battle: You shouldn’t love me… you should FEAR ME!

Crowd: WE FEAR GEMINI *clap clap clap clap clap* … WE FEAR GEMINI *clap clap clap clap clap*

Gemini Battle: Oh yea you fear me… you absolutely should fear me… and YOU should fear me most, Mr. Dillinger!

The crowd goes crazy at this moment; the rumbling through the stadium in Mexico can be physically felt.

Gemini Battle: AHHHH!!!

Gemini grabs the man and hits him with God’s Paradox. Then he takes the briefcase and lays it in the middle of the ring. He pulls out lighter fluid from his trench coat and sprays liberally over the briefcase. He then pulls out a book of matches.

Gemini Battle: Oh yea! You liked THAT? You liked me hurting people you sadistic fucks. Well how do you like this!?

Gemini strikes a match and drops it onto the briefcase lighting it and all the forms within it aflame.

Gemini Battle: YES! I’m destroying official government paperwork! YES! Only true evil would perform such an act… FEAR ME!

Crowd: WE FEAR GEMINI *clap clap clap clap clap* … WE FEAR GEMINI *clap clap clap clap clap*


Falling Higher by Helloween plays again as Gemini stands in the middle of the ring with his arms spread wide accepting the ‘fear’ of the fans as they cheer him on.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Jayson Price/Scarecrow/Alex Richards vs Reginald Dampshaw III/Demis Polymeros/Spencer Adams

Freddy Whoa: King of Trios always has some close contests.

Zach Davis: But this isn't going to be one of them. We already saw a preview of this match last week as Reginald Dampshaw took on Alex Richards but with last week's performance against Alex Richards I don't see the team of Dampshaw, Demis Polymeros, and Spencer Adams having too much of a chance against Pantheon.

Gravedigger: I would laugh so hard if Jayson Price got pinned here tonight. Spencer Adams has been busy this week and he would become one of my new favorite wrestlers if he led his team to victory here tonight.

Zach Davis: You never know how good someone is until you see them in action. But we know how good Jayson Price is, he won king of trios last year. And Scarecrow is, he defeated Odin Balfore. That isn't something just anyone can do.

Gravedigger: Get off Pantheon's nutsack Zach.

Freddy Whoa: As much fun as watching you guys argue is, let's get to the action.

The words "Dampshaw" come on the screen in flashy, Victorian style lettering. Dampshaw III walks down, arrogantly waving his hand not unlike the Queen. His bodyguard Demis Polymeros follows him looking solemn and serious.

And did those feet in ancient time

Walk upon England's mountains green

And was the holy lamb of God

On England's pleasant pastures seen

Dampshaw looks around at the crowd while walking, giving the people looks of disgust as he truly believes that he is above them.

Bring me my Bow of burning gold

Bring me my arrows of desire

Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold

Bring me my Chariot of fire

Reginald slowly enters the ring and lifts his arms up in the air, looking around the arena at all the fans, a look of pure contempt and dislike on his features. Gold smoke and gold sparks come tumbling down onto him as the fans boo the hated wrestler. Reginald is uncaring in this reaction, immersed in his own self love. Demis enters the ring and pulls the ropes a few times getting ready for action.

Assassin by Muse comes on as strobe lights flicker at the entrance way and a blue smoke fills the stage. "The Antidote" Spencer Adams pops out and charges to the center of the stage and holds his arms out in an "X" motion and swipes them downward away from his body. He then charges down to the ring, vaulting quickly in and playing to the crowd on the turnbuckles.

Freddy Whoa: This is certainly an interesting team with different outlooks. The British blue blood Dampshaw doesn't seem to have much in common with the energetic fan favorite Spencer Adams.

Gravedigger: Yeah but they both have big plans for dominance. Ambition is a strong motivator.

The Mysterious Pantheon theme begins to play and the crowd erupts in cheers for the veteran fan favorite team of Jayson Price, Alex Richards, and the Scarecrow.

Kyle Steel: Currently on their way to the ring representing the world's mightiest stable, Pantheon! The team of Cruiserweight Champion, “Mister Every Title” Jayson Price, Internet Champion “The Archduke of Mass Confusion” Alex Richards, and People's Champion, The Murder Machine Scarecrow..... This... Is... Pantheon!

The three men come out together and appear to be discussing some last minute plans among themselves as they enter the ring. Jayson steals a beer from a fan, and his partners do the same and they all have a drink before entering the ring.

Gravedigger: They should be arrested for theft! Those fans paid for that beer!

Zach Davis: Oh be serious. Those fans don't seem upset at all. It looks like this match is about to get underway.

The referee calls for the opening bell as there appears to be an agruement in the Dampshaw corner over who should start the match. The Scarecrow starts for his team and immediately clotheslines Reginald and Spencer from the ring. Demis hits him with a forearm to the head then chokes him on the ropes. He whips Scarecrow off the ropes for a backdrop but the Crow kicks him in the face then executes a Russian leg sweep! Demis staggers back to his feet only to be met with an inverted atomic drop then a meat hook clothesline before he tags out to Alex Richards. Alex applies a high angle Boston crab on Polymeros as Scarecrow leaps off the top rope with a diving legdrop to the back of Demis' neck.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa. What a double team move there. So far Pantheon showing off some great team work.

Gravedigger: This match is far from over though.

Alex pulls Demis to his feet and executes a release German suplex right into Demis' own corner where Spencer Adams tags himself in. The Archduke grins and shoves the cruiserweight to the corner then charges in with some hard chops stunning the newcomer. He whips him across the ring and charges in for an avalanche but Adams moves out of the way and rolls him Richards from behind.



kick out!

Alex clotheslines the cruiserweight down then curb stomps him hard! He lifts him up by the throat and choke tosses him across the ring! Alex drags Adams up and presses him over his head.

Zach Davis: He's going for the Final Enlightenment! He's going to dump Adams to the floor and finish him off with that ringpost powerbomb. He dumps Spencer over the top rope but Spencer skins the cat instead and then takes down the Archduke with a missile dropkick!

Spencer makes another cover and again gets a two count. He then applies a dragon sleeper trying to ground his much larger foe but Alex powers him back to the Pantheon corner and Jayson Price tags himself in and drops Adams with a European uppercut! A second one stuns the cruiserweight. Jayson quickly snap suplexes The Antidote down. But the rookie quickly gets back to his feet and gets shot off the ropes. He ducks under a Price clothesline and connects with a cross body block



kick out!

Jayson looks angry as he lunges at Spencer but eats a kick to the gut then a DDT from the rookie!

Gravedigger: See! I told you this guy had a chance! Keep it up kid!

Spencer bounces off of the ropes and drops a running knee to the gut of the downed Price, then a second one. Adams lifts up Price and nails him with a spinning sidewalk slam!




Gravedigger: He got him!
Zach Davis: You wish Gravedigger. Jayson got out at two there for sure.

Spencer applies am arm wringer then flips over Jayson and makes the tag out to Reginald Dampshaw who climbs to the top rope and is immediately caught by a Jayson Price second rope Samoan drop!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer Adams had things going his way but in an instance a veteran like Jayson Price can turn things around! That Samoan drop seems to have finished off Reginald Dampshaw already!

Reginald staggers to his feet and Jayson looks furious he immediately drops Dampshaw again this time with the Price Check. He makes a cover


Jayson stands up at the count of one. He drags up Reginald in an inverted headlock and destroys him with the Green Eyed Monster. He looks to his corner nods, then executes the Downfall!

Gravedigger: I hate him so much.

Zach Davis: Jayson Price I think could have the pin here. But instead he tags out to the Archduke. I think they are trying to make a statement here tonight.

Alex Richards enters the ring and drags up the nearly unconscious Dampshaw into a powerbomb position as he sits on the top turnbuckle delivering the Sanity Slip onto Reginald! He still doesn't go for the pin however this time he makes the tag out to the Scarecrow.

Freddy Whoa: They could definitely finish off this match now. Scarecrow however looks like he wants to get in on the fun too. It's not much fun for Dampshaw though as he quickly eats a Murder of Crows!

All three members of Pantheon enter the ring and lift their arms getting a large cheer from the fans as they pick up Dampshaw and the three of them look at each other... then lift up Reginald overhead and launch him... well well over the top rope deep deep into the crowd! The referee shakes his head and then starts to count as Spencer, the cooler head in this situation leaves the ring and goes to try and help Dampshaw back into the ring. While Demis enters the ring and charges at the three members of Pantheon, big mistake as Alex grabs his hand around Demis' throat and Jayson and Scarecrow double superkick him into the belly to back chokeslam.

Zach Davis: What a triple team move that was! Pantheon send Dampshaw at least 7 or 8 rows into the crowd, then nearly beheaded Demis with that awesome, apparently made up on the spot move! Spencer Adams was the only bright spot on his team. He tried his best but this was basically a handicap match! There's the bell! Pantheon with a dominant win here tonight!

Kyle Steel: Your winners of the match advancing to the quarterfinals of the King of Trios tournament, as a result of a count out, Pantheon!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa, was that ever impressive!

Gravedigger: I'll be more impressed if they can continue doing that.

Zach Davis: Jayson Price won king of trios last year. This year's Pantheon team is showing they could do it again!

Katherine Phoenix/Imperium Segment

We cut backstage to find Katherine Phoenix skipping happily through the backstage corridor. Katherine is wearing a black T-shirt which has "Imperium" written across it in a pink glittery ink. A massive grin spreads across Katherine's face as she stops outside of Imperiums locker room and after staring at the door for a while she eventually reaches out, pushing down the door handle and entering the room. Joey Flash immediately looks up as he and his fellow factions members sit around a table most likely discussing their future plans.

Joey Flash: Oh what the fuck are you doing in here.

Katherine Phoenix: Hey! HEY!!! Is that nice to greet one of your fellow faction members like that, JoJo? Come on now... lets grow up a bit, huh? Hey who's the old cobweb covered douche sitting in the corner there? He looks fun!

Katherine smiles and waves at Odin Balfore for a while, but he simply ignores the brunette.

Joey Flash: Boys I'll deal with this, please continue I won't be a minute.

Katherine Phoenix: Yeah! Check it out! Lil JoJo putting on his big boy pants here, how freaking cute! Soooooooo what we discussing? Plans? I do like plans! Especially if the plan is to go to the nearest candy store and get like a years supply of gummy bears or something! If thats the plan count me in!

Joey Flash has now casually walked around the table, he grabs the camera man and pushes him outside of the room closing the door behind him. The view is cut off but you can still hear what is going on from within the room. All you can hear is a scuffle going on within the room and the sound of something which sounds smashed plates and something or someone throw across the room, hitting the wall hard. Finally after several minutes of this going on Katherine is eventually thrown out of the room and hits the floor sliding across it. Joey immediately slams the door on Katherine as she picks herself up off the floor laughing.

Katherine: Hahahaha! Well that was fun, we'll have to do it again next week, JoJo! You sure do have a way with the ladies, proper gentleman!

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Logan/Katherine Phoenix/Mod Deuce vs Celeste/Snapz/Vulgar

Zach Davis: What a wild night it's been so far.

Gravedigger: And its about to get more wild! Here comes the first team...

"Kill the Lights" by The Birthday Massacre begins to play, as Celeste takes the walk up to the ring like a model takes to a runway, with both Snapz and Vulgar walking beside her. Her feet stride with effortless confidence, her chin tilted upwards and shoulders pushed back elongate her neck and expose her jugular to tempt, to dare her appointment to either kiss or mangle her throat. Kyle Steel announces their entrance.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at a combined weight of 580 pounds! The team of Celeste, Snapz, and Vulgar!

Not a drop of sweat escapes her pours, no fear beats within her breast, almost as if she were not human but a divine creation. She removes her over-sized shades only moments before slinking under the rope, with an elegance so captivating it is hypnotic. Both Snapz and Vulgar stand outside of the ring between the ring and the stage, as "Angel of War" by Burning Black begins to play...

Kyle Steel: On his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan! He weighs in at 391 pounds!He is Mod DEUCE!!! THE ANGEL OF WAR!!!

Zach Davis: And here comes Mod Deuce. And he looks to be making his way to the ring, despite the fact that both Snapz and Vulgar is blocking his path.

Freddy Whoa: Well, Snapz has already started moving off. Vulgar doesn't seem to be as smart.

Mod stops, and stares down the much smaller, braver, or dumber man, depending on your viewpoint, as the house lights go down as colorful lights start flashing all around the area. "Storytime" by Nightwish begins to play, as Katherine Phoenix appears at the top of the entrance ramp. She is wearing a black leather miniskirt, fishnet leggings, an extremely tight low cut tank top and black leather heeled thigh boots. Katherine proceeds to walk down to the side of Mod Deuce, but instead focused on Celeste inside of the ring, as Kyle Steel announces her arrival...

Kyle Steel: His partner, from Los Angeles, California… weighing in at 134 pounds.... she is KATHERINE PHOENIX!!!

Zach Davis: Look at the scorching hatred on Katherine Phoenix's face right now, as she stares down Celeste inside of the ring!

Gravedigger: I smell a catfight coming on...

Freddy Whoa: After what transpired at Aftermath, I'm not surprised if Katherine is focused mainly on revenge in this match-up.

Gravedigger: Make Daddy HAPPY!!!

The slow march of a drum roll hits the speakers carrying into "Treachery" by Bleach. Logan slowly steps out onto the entrance ramp to a chorus of boos. He stands at the top of the ramp, slowing looking around at the masses of garbage booing him. He's wearing his signature attire, with a black leather sleeveless vest over it. Logan begins walking down the ramp, taking his time, every now and then pointing out to a member of the audience and talking trash to them.

Kyle Steel: And their partner, from Chesapeake, Virginia, weighing in at 250 pounds. HE IS THE FACE OF TREACHERY! HE... IS... LOGAN!!!

Logan walks up and stops with his team, says a few words, before they rush forward, with Mod attacking Vulgar as both Logan and Katherine rush past him! Snapz slides into the ring to protect his partner, but Logan cuts him down inside of the ring, before Katherine and Celeste start slugging it out in the middle of the ring. The bell sounds, as both Logan and Kat engage Snapz and Celeste.

Zach Davis: And this match is underway and wild as hell!

Gravedigger: Oh SH--

Mod crashes into Vulgar, who in turn crashes into the broadcasting table, as Gravedigger gets the brunt of it, with Vulgar on top of him, and Mod on top of Vulgar!

Freddy Whoa: WHAO! That was close!

Zach Davis: How the hell did they get over here so fast!?

Gravedigger: GET THE FUCK OFF ME!


Zach Davis: The FCC isn't going to like that one bit!

Meanwhile, Katherine and Celeste have spilled outside of the ring, leaving Logan and Snapz as the two legal men. Katherine clotheslines Celeste into the crowd, as the fight spills over the guardrail! Popcorn and soda start flying, as these two continue to engage in their catfight in the crowd!

Gravedigger: SON OF A BITC... Oh wow! Hope that fight comes my way, soon...

Freddy Whoa: You got a pervert mind, you know that?

Gravedigger blows him off, as Logan launches Snapz into the ropes and scores a flying forearm to the head of Snapz. Logan then goes to his corner, right as Mod gets there. Logan tags him in, as Mod looks surprised after dealing with Vulgar.

Zach Davis: And Mod coming in legally to the match, as Logan has practically handed Mod a practically broken Snapz.


Zach Davis: And the cover...




Vulgar slams on top of Mod to break the count, before grabbing a hold of Mod's head, applying a sleeper hold on Mod! Mod gets to his feet and starts to fight, as Vulgar starts to swing from his back...


Mod rethinks his strategy, as he jumps and falls backwards, crushing Vulgar under his mass. Logan then calls for the tag, as Mod tags him in. Logan grabs Snapz, and immediately hits...


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Instead of going for the pin, Logan gets to his feet, as he allows the rain of boos to fall upon him. Mod yells at Logan to finish the job, but he ignores him, as the fans REALLY start to pour it on. As Logan turns to finish off Snapz, he gets a face full of ACID POWDER to the face!

Mod enters the ring, and grabs Vulgar from behind, tossing him from the ring, as the referee checks the condition of Logan. Logan slaps away the referee's hands when he tries to signal for the bell, and instead slaps Mod as he audibly yells and points in the general direction of the opposition...


The referee acknowledges the tag, as Mod climbs the turnbuckles, as he takes flight on to the prone body of Snapz...

Zach Davis: FALL FROM GRACE!!!

Freddy Whoa: That poor bastard...

Gravedigger: Twice in three weeks! DAMN!

Referee counts the pinfall...




The bell sounds, as the referee calls for the winners...

Kyle Steel: The winner of this bout, MOD, KAT, and LOGAN!!!

Zach Davis: That isn't stopping the ladies from fighting! Look! Here they come!

Both women are still going at it tooth and nail in the crowd, as they've now resorted to rolling around on the ground nearby the announcers table, yet still in the crowd. Gravedigger enjoys the scene, before he spots a beer vendor nearby, and calls to him...

Gravedigger: BEER MAN!

The beer guy comes up, as Gravedigger hands the guy a wad of money and grabs the tray of beers. As both Katherine and Celeste closes in on the table, Digger dumps the tray of beers on to the ladies, as they now look like the contestants of a wet T-shirt contest! Gravedigger laughs, as Zach Davis says...

Zach Davis: Some gentleman you are!

Gravedigger: I do my best...

Katherine Phoenix/Celeste Segment

The cameras cut backstage to find Celeste walking through the backstage corridor towards the arenas lobby area. Before the redhead reaches the exit however Katherine Phoenix suddenly jumps out of no where and grabs the redhead around her head and sends her flying over into the concessions stand, sending drinks and popcorn flying everywhere.

Katherine Phoenix: You were just going to leave without saying bye? How freaking rude are you!

Katherine boots Celeste in her side as she stands on top of the redhead helping herself to a bucket of popcorn, throwing most of it on top of Celeste who is now desperately trying to push Katherine off of her.

Katherine Phoenix: Do you like popcorn Celeste? I gotta say I kinda have a love hate relationship with this stuff... sometimes I love it... and sometimes I just want to throw it all over some redheaded bitch, you know what I'm saying?

Celeste slams a right hand into a back of Katherine's knee causing her leg to buckle and stumble away, leaning against one of the drinks machines to keep her balance. Celeste quickly jumps back up onto her feet grabbing a bottle of ketchup and squirting it into Katherines eyes, temporarily blinding the brunette. Celeste grabs Katherine around the back and picks her up off the floor hitting a back drop on the crazy brunette sending her crashing straight through the popcorn machine. Katherine cries out in pain as she reaches over and scratches her nails down Celeste face HARD, the redhead also screaming out in pain. Celete was about to lash out at Katherine again as security arrived on the scene breaking up the fight and pulling the two women apart.

Celeste: Let me go! I will end this stupid bitch right now!

Katherine Phoenix: That was real good fun, Red. We should really do it again sometime! Maybe we should do it again... right now!

Katherine kicked the security guard hard in his shin causing him to let go of her and as soon as he did Katherine charged at Celeste and jumped on top of her causing them to once again stumble down onto the ground. Katherine and Celeste continue to send rights and lefts into each others faces as the scene faded out with the security guards still trying to pull the two women apart.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Jonny Fly/Steve Orbit/Corey Black vs Torture/Isaiah Chavis/Florian Stark

Freddy Whoa: Main event time! This is the last of the first round Trios matches, and boy is it stacked with talent. Let's do this!

“Whoop Whoop” by Twiztid blares over the PA system as the camera searches the crowd. It find Isaiah entering from behind the audience, as they erupt in applause. He pulls his clown face goalie mask down, hops up onto a hand railing, and dives into the crowd. They catch him, and surf him around a bit before passing him down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, he hails from Detroit Michigan. Weighing at two hundred, fifteen pounds and standing five feet, eleven inches tall… The Juggalo Warrior Isaiah Chavis!

Isaiah slides under the bottom rope and pops to his feet, lifting the mask so he can see the fans better. He takes it off and tosses it to a fan in the front row before throwing up his hands in the shape of a “W” and a “C” and shouting “Whoop Whoop!” The fans shout it back at him, bringing a smile to his face as his music dies.

Zach Davis: Isaiah Chavis has been seeing a lot of success since returning to WCF, let's see if he'll keep it going tonight and advance in Trios.

'Go With The Flow' by Queens Of The Stone Age hits the PA. Florian Stark walks down to the ring, nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, maybe has a few comments for audience members but until he becomes more 'professional' and gets to grips with the whole wrestling business once more, he isn't going to be flash with his entrance. Comes out, gets to the ring, gives a thumbs up (just the one thumb) to the crowd and there ya go!

Kyle Steel: Introducing next, from Sidco, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada... weighing two hundred and twenty pounds... FLORIAN STARK!

Freddy Whoa: Newcomer Florian Stark is having easily the biggest match of his short WCF career tonight. Teaming with Isaiah Chavis and THIS man...

"Crawl" by Kings of Leon hits the PA and Torture makes his way to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Their partner... from Los Angeles, California... weighing two hundred and forty-five pounds... TORTURE!

Freddy Whoa: What do we need to say about Torture? One of the greatest to ever step into a WCF ring. Former World Champion, Hardcore Champion, People's Champion... he was THE MAN in this company for years in the late 2000s.

Gravedigger: True, but it's 2015. It's a new era. His run with the company in 2014 got people asking questions, questions like can Torture hang with the roster in this day and age. I'm sure he'll be looking to silence all of those doubters, starting tonight.


The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as "The Mack" Steve Orbit steps out onto the stage. Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus peice, and a jewel encrusted cane. Orbit struts towards the ring, ignoring the boos from the crowd. At ringside, he removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to a ring hand. Upon entering the ring, he climbs one of the turnbuckles and gyrates his hips. "OR-BIT SUCKS" chants can be heard throughout the arena. He climbs down from the turnbuckle and waits for the match to start.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the opposing team... first, from Oakland, California... weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... "THE MACK"... STEVE ORBIT!

Gravedigger: What a warm welcome for this WCF legend.

Freddy Whoa: I thought Orbit was losing it when he was with Buddy Roman and the Vapor Kings, but after what we saw at Aftermath-- I don't even know this guy anymore. Everybody knows that Orbit and I have had a pretty good relationship since I arrived in WCF, but... I don't know, man. I don't know what to think.

Gravedigger: Save it, Freddy. You're a fair weather friend just like the rest of these low lifes around here.

"Pursuit of Honor" by Battlecross begins, with the melodic guitar flowing through the arena, getting the crowd pumped up. As this goes on, the lights fade to nothing until "Push Pull Destroy" also by Battlecross kicks in, where red and white lights circle throughout the arena. Once the thrash blast beat hits, a spotlight illuminates the stage and there stands Corey Black wearing a black hoodie over his ring gear. The lights continue as Corey walks down to the ring, bobbing his head to the music. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope, stands to his feet and throws up the devil horns before taking the hoodie off and dropping it to the floor. He then poses with his right arm up and bent slightly almost in a vertical flex, left hand on his elbow.

Kyle Steel: Next, from his residence in Denmark, The Dethfort... weighing two hundred and twelve pounds... THE KING OF ALL WRESTLERS... COREY BLACK!

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black-- Pantheon member, teaming with two former Pantheon members. Gotta wonder how the rest of Pantheon feels about that.

Zach Davis: Pantheon or not, Corey Black has always been the type of guy to do his own thing. Whether or not Pantheon agrees... they're a strong group, they'll work it out.

Gravedigger: Seriously? It's the weakest Pantheon ever. I don't blame him for wanting to team with Fly and Orbit-- I assume he wants to WIN this thing again.

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Kyle Steel: And their partner, from New York City... weighing two hundred and thirty pounds... THE DYNASTY... JONNY FLY!

Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on the ring. The jumbotron changes to the words ‘This is the Era of Jonny Fly.’ The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly. His eyes remain fixed on his opponent throughout. Slowly and deliberately he begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the ring. He stops and takes a few moment to exchange a long stare with his opponent before finally sliding into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: And finally, this man. He ruled WCF for nearly two years straight. Four World Titles, a War win, Ultimate Showdown victory-- and of course, the Trios Cup, which he has returned to defend.

Gravedigger: It's true. The Jonny Fly era ain't quite over yet. I believe that.

Zach Davis: What a line up. What a match! And it starts right now, live on Slam!

Corey Black and Isaiah Chavis stay in the ring while the other team members head to their respective corners.


CD and Chavis circle each other before locking up.

Freddy Whoa: These two were involved in a Cruiserweight title match some time ago. At the time, many saw Chavis as a potential winner, but Corey Black ended up walking away with the Cruiserweight title.

Gravedigger: And Chavis walked away from the business.

Zach Davis: He was almost killed by Chelsea Armstrong!

Gravedigger: Boo-hoo. Walk it off.

CD puts Chavis in a hammerlock. Chavis twists out and reverses into a waistlock-- he takes Corey down. CD rolls over and traps Chavis's head with leg scissors, but Chavis slips out. Both men roll to their feet, CD with an armdrag takedown. Chavis gets back to his feet with his arm trapped-- but he's able to reverse into an Irish whip... CD goes to the ropes, and Chavis catches him with a Japanese armdrag on the return.

Freddy Whoa: I could watch these two go at it all night.

Gravedigger: Watch your choice of words there Freddy.

Both men roll to their feet. Corey with a right hand, Chavis blocks it and throws a right of his own. Chavis backs Corey into the corner and hammers him with forearm shots. He whips Corey-- it's reversed, and Chavis goes into the opposite corner. CD charges the corner but Chavis with a back elbow, CD stumbles back holding his jaw. Chavis hops onto the second turnbuckles and leaps off with flying clothesline!

Zach Davis: Corey did a complete flip off that clothesline!

Chavis gives the crowd a "whoop whoop", which they respond to his delight. Chavis drops an elbow, and another. He pulls up CD-- CD with elbows to the midsection, breaking Chavis' grasp. Now it's CD with a roundhouse kick, flooring Chavis and he tags out to Steve Orbit.

Freddy Whoa: The Mack is back!

Gravedigger: Orbit's got a score to settle with Chavis, he made that clear.

Chavis to his feet. Orbit approaches and they circle each other before Orbit starts throwing low kicks. Chavis misses with a right hand. Orbit with a low kick followed by a jab, and he grabs Chavis in a side headlock-- Chavis tries to shove his way out but Orbit uses the momentum to execute a running bulldog.

Zach Davis: Two-time World Champion Steve Orbit hasn't lost a step.

Freddy Whoa: It's still early-- let's see if he still has that stamina he was so famous for.

Gravedigger: Choice of words, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Why everything gotta be a sex joke with you?

Orbit whips Chavis to the ropes. Orbit goes for a back body drop but Chavis stops short and kicks Orbit in the head, followed by a double-knee facebreaker!

Freddy Whoa: Ouch!

Orbit shakes it off and gets to his feet, but Chavis is already rebounding off the ropes with a crossbody-- Orbit catches him! Orbit readjusts Chavis, lifting him into a fireman's carry-- but Chavis slips out and catches Orbit with a Pele kick!

Zach Davis: Isaiah Chavis has an answer for everything Orbit is throwing at him.

Chavis walks Orbit to his corner and tags in Florian Stark. Stark enters and they hit Orbit with a double suplex. Chavis exits and Florian pins Orbit.


Freddy Whoa: Kickout!

Florian puts Orbit in a reverse chinlock. Orbit begins to get to his feet, Florian switches to a waistlock-- release German suplex! Orbit crashes down onto his shoulders. Stark stays on him with stomps to the head. He pulls Orbit up and puts him in a full nelson. Orbit struggles to escape.

Gravedigger: This kid Florian Stark has quite an amateur background I hear. It's showing.

Orbit is able to grab ahold of Florian's head-- and he drops down for a jawbreaker! Florian stumbles back, Orbit to his feet... PIMP SLAP!

Gravedigger: There it is.

Orbit goes behind Florian and lifts him for an atomic drop. Florian holds his lower back and winces. Orbit with a running forearm to the back of Stark's head and he goes down. Orbit drops down and pins Florian.


Freddy Whoa: Not even close, kickout.

Orbit gets up and tags in Jonny Fly.

Gravedigger: Fly and Orbit, brothers. Still can't believe it.

Freddy Whoa: As they say, the truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

Stark slowly gets up. Fly enters the ring and drops him with a running shoulderblock. Florian gets back up, Fly with another shoulderblock. Florian gets back up-- this time he catches Fly with a drop toe-hold!

Zach Davis: Great counter!

Stark tries to lock in an STF! But Fly scrambles towards the ropes, grabbing them before he can fully lock it in. Stark gets up, as does Fly. They square up and Fly catches Stark with a jab. Stark goes in close and they tie-up. Stark with a hammerlock. Fly reverses into an arm wringer, but Stark counters that with a judo flip!

Freddy Whoa: Digger, you were right. This guy obviously has a solid background in wrestling.

Fly rolls to his feet but Stark boots him in the gut. He puts Fly in a headlock and lifts him for a vertical suplex, but drops him over the ropes to make it a slingshot suplex. Stark leans on Fly for a pin attempt.


Freddy Whoa: Fly kicks out, not even a two count so far in this match.

Stark pulls up Fly but Fly shoves him off. Fly charges towards Stark but Stark tags out to Torture!

Gravedigger: HERE WE GO.

Freddy Whoa: This has been a dream match for years. Ever since Jonny Fly's reign on top, people have wanted to see Fly versus Torture. We got a taste during War, I'm pumped for this.

Fly tells Torture to bring it on and calls him a Flyjobber. Torture responds by charging at Fly with a Thesz press and hammering him with right hands.

Zach Davis: The crowd is on their feet!

Fly rolls over on top of Torture and lands some fists of his own, although they are mostly blocked. Both men back to their feet, Fly with a right hand. Tort with a right hand. Fly with a boot to the ribs, he whips Torture into the corner-- Fly with a corner splash! As Torture bounces out of the corner from the impact, Fly spins his body around--

Freddy Whoa: DISCUS FLY!

But Torture drops down and rolls out of the ring!

Gravedigger: Brilliant. That's veteran ring awareness right there, they don't teach that in wrestling school.

Torture circles the ring. Fly lines up... SUICIDE DIVE!


Fly crashes into the guardrail. Torture pulls him up and whips him into the ring post. Orbit drops down and begins to head towards Torture, but he's cut off by Chavis! The two begin brawling outside. Meanwhile, Torture rolls Fly back into the ring and follows him in.


Gravedigger: I agree, this is awesome.

Torture stomps Fly as he tries to get up. He pulls up Fly and throws him into the corner. Fly stumbles forward, Torture with a standing dropkick. Fly goes back into the corner, and Torture closes in with knees to the midsection. He wraps his arms around Fly and hits a belly-to-belly out of the corner. Torture pins Fly.



Freddy Whoa: NO! Two count.

Torture waits for Fly to get up...

Gravedigger: TORTURE'S DEVICE-- NO!

Fly shoves Torture off, and blasts him with a superkick as he turns around. Fly dives to tag in Corey Black.

Freddy Whoa: Black versus Torture. Two LEGENDS and we're getting it live on Slam.

Gravedigger: Last time these two met, Corey was victorious. What will happen tonight?

Torture slowly gets up-- Black with a running Yazuka kick! Torture drops and before Corey can get to him, he rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Torture is wrestling smart tonight. He's breaking momentum when it's not in his favor.

The ref begins a ten count. Corey just waits.

1.. 2.. 3..

Torture slides back into the ring, and CD meets him with a knee to the head. He follows with a spinning heel kick-- Torture ducks and shoves Corey to the mat! Torture tags out to Isaiah Chavis.

Gravedigger: Right back where we started.

As CD gets to his feet, Chavis enters the ring with a springboard dropkick! CD lands flat on his back, and Chavis goes for the pin.


Freddy Whoa: KICKOUT!

Chavis pulls up CD and walks him into the corner. He climbs the turnbuckles, holding CD--

Zach Davis: TORNADO DDT-- NO!

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black reverses it, using Chavis' own momentum into a backbreaker! How'd he do that?!

Black begins hammering Chavis with elbows to the head. He brings Chavis into his corner and tags in Steve Orbit. Orbit enters, as CD is holding Chavis--

Gravedigger: Orbit's in the Crane stance!

Freddy Whoa: CRANE KICK-- OH NO!

Chavis dives out of the way and Corey Black eats Orbit's foot! Orbit is beside himself with his hand over his mouth-- Chavis rolls him up from behind!



Freddy Whoa: THR-- NO!

Zach Davis: Orbit barely escapes!

Chavis dives into his corner and tags in Torture! Torture enters the ring as Orbit is getting to his feet. Torture throws a right hand, it's ducked-- PIMP SLAP!


Orbit drops Torture with a codebreaker! Orbit with a cover.




Stark stomps out Orbit, but Fly enters the ring and rocks him with a European uppercut! The ref gets in between both men as Torture slowly gets back to his feet. The ring is cleared and Torture pulls up Orbit. He walks him to the apron and pulls him into a rope hang by the feet--

Zach Davis: Tort is looking for the Finishing Touch!

But Orbit slips out! Torture tries to grab Orbit but he dives, tagging out to Jonny Fly!

Gravedigger: This is chaos!

Fly enters and begins hammering Torture with right hands-- TORTURE NO-SELLS IT!

Freddy Whoa: This is the Torture we've heard about!

Torture hits Fly with a right hand, and another! Torture hooks Fly and crushes him with a Rock Bottom! Torture pins Fly.




Orbit tosses Torture off of Fly, but when Torture gets up, he clotheslines Orbit over the top! Torture turns his attention back to Fly, but Fly kicks him in the gut-- and lifts him for an airplane spin!

Gravedigger: I'm getting dizzy just watching!

Orbit enters the ring and hits the Crane kick to Torture's head in mid-spin!

Freddy Whoa: Hey! Get out of there, Orbit!

The ref issues a stern warning but the damage is already done. Fly drops Tort and pins him.


Stark and Chavis enter the ring...


But Orbit and Black intercept!



Gravedigger: How'd he kick out of that?!

Freddy Whoa: He's TORTURE!

The ring is cleared. Fly grabs Torture but Torture with a low blow!

Gravedigger: COME ON REF!

Freddy Whoa: That's called fighting fire with fire! An eye for an eye!

Torture dives and tags in Florian Stark.

Zach Davis: Here comes Florian Stark! Looking to make a splash with these WCF legends!

Stark runs at Fly and Fly piefaces him. Stark gets back up and stumbles into the corner. Fly immediately drops him with the Discus Fly!

Gravedigger: I've felt that!, quite painful. And it only sets up one move.

Fly to the top now...

Freddy Whoa: MY SUPREMACY!

Fly pins Stark, leg hooked.




Zach Davis: Torture was tired and Chavis couldn't make it in time! Team Old School Pantheon wins it!

The bell sounds as Orbit and Black meet Fly in the ring. The three men hold their arms up, victorious.

Gravedigger: We've got our first round done, guys, and as fun as it was... next week is where things really heat up. We've got Old School Pantheon facing up against Logan, Katherine Phoenix, and Mod Deuce. We've got New School Pantheon facing Marc Mayhem and two mystery teammates. Beckman, Flash and McMorris versus Dune, Occulo and Black as the World Champion and the Number One Contender square off. And Cairo, Mazy and Balfore facing the DRG!

Freddy Whoa: Unbelievable. We'll see you then fans, goodnight!

Zach Davis: No, look!!

Gravedigger: ICE Beckman is heading to the Ring!

Natural ICE slides into the ring as the fans are going nuts. He holds the World Title in one hand and makes a fist with the other. He doesn’t even bother looking at the other men exiting the ring, instead he keeps his eyes on Isaiah Chavis.

Freddy Whoa: I think I know what this is all about.

Gravedigger: We all know...this is about Chelsea Armstrong.

ICE smiles at Isaiah, and Isaiah smiles right back at him just before the two begin to exchange fists!

Zach Davis: Here We Go! This Fight Is On!!

ICE’s anger helps him get the upper hand at first, but his punches get to wide and Isaiah sees the opening he needs, blocking a punch from the World Champ and kicking him in the gut! ICE bends over as Isaiah starts to laugh. Chavis runs at ICE to end this, but instead he gets back body tossed across the ring, however Isaiah athletically lands on his feet and gestures to the crowd in the name of his great counter.

Freddy Whoa: What a move by Isaiah Chavis! I mean to land on his feet like that...Whoa!

Gravedigger: But he needs to turn around already!

As Chavis turns ICE is waiting like a Vapor King in the weeds and strikes him in the face with the WCF World Title. ICE takes a moment to look over the fallen Juggalo and smile with all the hate coursing through his system. Beckman throws the World Title aside and calls for a mic from Hank Steele. After he grabs the mic from midair he bends down in order to get into the painted face of Isaiah Chavis.

ICE: This isn’t about our stables, about our teams and this is for sure not about my World title...this is only about her Chavis and what you dared do to her last week at Aftermath. Now I wanted to run out right after your match with my girl and hurt you then and there, but Chelsea and I have always have an unspoken agreement that what happens in the ring doesn’t affect us out of the ring. But screw that at this point. You see I visited my girl in the hospital this week....Do you hear me Chavis?...I VISITED HER IN THE HOSPITAL...BECAUSE OF YOU!!

ICE takes a moment to reflect as Chavis begins to come back to consciousness.

ICE: And that sucks for her, but it is really bad news for you.

ICE stands up and brings his boot down onto the face of Isaiah with a mighty stomp! The crowd reacts as Chavis’ black and white makeup begins to become over run with red. Beckman enjoys his work for a few moments before heading out of the ring.

Zach Davis: So ICE has a crop full of Trios Cup enteritis gunning for his title, Dune waiting for him at Asesinato De Mayo and now he just put Chavis on his plate as well.

Freddy Whoa: That’s too big of meal for any one man.

Gravedigger: But if anyone is crazy enough to take on that challenge...it is our World Champion.


Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Big Train Segment

Mikey eXtreme vs Randall Kash vs Zione Redington

Imperium/Thomas Uriel Bates Segment

Television Title on the Line: Trios Cup Tournament Match: Thomas Uriel Bates/Gemini Battle/Gonzo Murdock vs Big Train/Louis Bartkowski/Lazer Johnson

Jonny Fly/Seth Lerch Segment

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Bobby Cairo/Kaz Mazy/Odin Balfore vs The New Freebirds

Gemini Battle Segment

Katherine Phoenix/Celeste Segment

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Dune/Occulo/Howard Black vs Slime/Torgo/Dong-Wang Kim

Trios Cup Tournament Match: ICE Beckman/Joey Flash/Zombie McMorris vs Danny Anderson/Caraid

Katherine Phoenix/Celeste Segment

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Johnny Reb/Marc Mayhem/Jay Omega vs Jimmy Wicked/BioWalker

Gemini Battle Segment

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Jayson Price/Scarecrow/Alex Richards vs Reginald Dampshaw III/Demis Polymeros/Spencer Adams

Katherine Phoenix/Imperium Segment

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Logan/Katherine Phoenix/Mod Deuce vs Celeste/Snapz/Vulgar

Katherine Phoenix/Celeste Segment

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Jonny Fly/Steve Orbit/Corey Black vs Torture/Isaiah Chavis/Florian Stark


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The Poondock Saints