Slam Intro

Zach Davis: WCF, we have a special treat for you here tonight. With the huge fan reaction to last week’s Taco Bowl, we are starting a new competition leading up to this month’s PPV, Aesinato de Mayo. The competition is called Rey de Mexico or King of Mexico. Last week we saw John Barber’s best friend Billy defeat the rest of the WCF Jobber Roster in a giant taco salad at ringside. This week we will be taking you outside of Arena Mexico to a giant patch of dirt where we will witness EXTREME PINATA!

Freddy Whoa: What the hell?!

What the hell indeed as the camera switches to outside of the arena. In a giant dirt patch outside, several members of the WCF Jobber Roster stand within the dirt area. The following wrestlers are on screen: Billy, Taco de Genial, Mountain Dew Bob, newcomer Betty Adams (WCF wrestler Spencer Adams’ mom), Joe Bronie, Dude Davidson, Dr. Benjamin Dover, Bandito, Whitey Houston, and Johan von Richter.

Zach Davis: This week’s competitors were chosen by fan vote on WCFWrestling.com. Unfortunately, Seth forgot to let anyone know and only about 25 people voted out of the millions of WCF fans.

Suddenly a Mexican War cry is heard and the view moves to the side of the dirt pit and zooms out. From the direction of the arena comes a huge platform carried upon the shoulders of about two to three dozen members of MS-13. Riding on the top is an extravagant looking bed where Gravedigger is seen lying in the middle of it, surrounded by women feeding him tacos and grapes…maybe even grape-flavored tacos…or taco-flavored grapes. These Hispanic women surrounding Gravedigger on the bed are so badass that even Bobby Cairo is probably backstage somewhere cursing the screen.

Freddy Whoa: What the hell am I watching?!

Zach Davis: Jesus, Gravedigger goes from hating these shenanigans to being carried in on a huge platform like he’s royalty.

Freddy Whoa: Well this is Mexico and these are his people.

The camera turns to the fans in the wooden bleachers on the sides of the large dirt pit. They cheer loudly as their savior and his platform is set down beside the pit. Dirt clouds go everywhere as the platform hits the ground, causing people to cough loudly. Once the dirt settles, Gravedigger sits up, finishes a taco and then lifts the mic.

Gravedigger: Today, we begin the Rey de Mexico competition! Before you are 10 members of the WCF Jobber Roster. After today’s competition, there will only be 7! 7 of you will advance to next week’s Slam and one step closer to becoming the King of Mexico!

The crowd pops. Most of them can’t speak English but the word Mexico sounds similar in Mexican so they cheer anyway.

Gravedigger: Extreme Pinata is the name of this week’s competition. You are now being approached by members of MS-13 with three objects. A blindfold, a collar, and a kendo stick. Put on the blindfold and collars now.

The wrestlers look confused at the collar but they all eventually put them and the blindfolds on. Gravedigger holds up a device in his hand.

Gravedigger: I probably should have told you before you put them on, but the collars around your neck which can only be taken off with a key in my pocket or somewhere in these sheets, hell I probably lost the damn thing. Anyway, the collar around your neck is programmed to shock you if you leave the dirt circle.

The competitors start freaking out and a couple of them try removing the collar but get shocked.

Gravedigger: Oh yeah, that happens if you touch the collar. Anyway, the winner of the match breaks the piñata. Afterwards, 3 of you will be eliminated.

Gravedigger gestures towards the MS-13 members who spin the wrestlers around for a few seconds. They all drunkenly stumble around. Whitey Houston and Bandito immediately vomit onto the dirt.

Gravedigger: Oops, pre-match tequila shots probably not a good idea. BEGIN!!

The members of MS-13 walk out of the dirt pit as the bell sounds. Everyone starts swinging their kendo sticks around while using their other hand to feel out for each other or the piñata. Luckily for the sake of the match, no one is looking towards the piñata.

Billy is just swinging wildly but is aiming towards the audience. An audience member yells out and Billy walks towards the voice and immediately starts bouncing around as he gets shocked by the collar, screaming loudly.

Mountain Dew Bob and Dr. Benjamin Dover move towards the sound of Billy’s voice and bump into each other. They both start yelling out in pain as they hit each other with their kendo sticks, trading vicious blows.

Betty Adams stands over in her area, as quiet as a mouse, a look of intent focus on her face. Years of turmoil and disappointment in her son, Spencer Adams, has prepared her for the unknown. She hears Joe Bronie stumbling around nearby and swiftly turns and smashes him in the chin with a kendo stick. He reels back and swings wildly, but Betty rolls underneath the blows and comes up with a huge uppercut, nearly taking Joe’s head off with the kendo stick. He falls to the dirt. Johan von Richter hurries towards the noise, but trips over Joe and lands on him. The two start blindly and wildly slapping and hitting each other. Joe finds his neck and starts choking Johan.

Meanwhile Taco de Genial has found Billy and the two men start swinging their kendo sticks like champion sword fighters. The crowd oohs and aahs at their amazing ability to fight blindfolded with kendo sticks. Taco panics as Billy knocks his kendo stick out of his hand, leaving him defenseless.

Billy: Tacooooo!

Billy stalks taco, licking his lips, aiming to get another bite out of him. Taco freaks and runs the other way. He gets clotheslined by the piñata itself, but not realizing what it was. He rolls out of the way as Billy stalks him blindly until he finally runs into the edge of the dirt pit and starts getting shocked.

Bandito and Whitey Houston have regained control of their bodies and stopped retching in the middle of the dirt pit. They find each other and form a team. They interlock arms and walk around the pit swinging wildly, trying to connect with something. They eventually find Dude Davidson and after communicating, they both start tearing into him with kendo stick shots.

The crowd pops as they take turns knocking Davidson around. They finally grab him with their free hand and whip him across the dirt pit and they hear him screaming in pain as he hits the edge of the pit. They quickly walk over towards him for more punishment, but Bandito slips in their vomit puddle and falls into it. He realizes what it is and starts vomiting more himself. Members of the crowd start throwing up, too. Whitey Houston waves him off and feels around until he finds Dude Davidson who is laying on the ground twitching. Houston picks him up and whips him into the dirt pit again.

Betty Adams and Billy have found each other. Betty Adams is a tough old bird as her and Billy trade kendo stick shots. Billy finally gets close enough and kicks wildly until he kicks her right in the gut. Air whooshes out of her in shock. Billy hooks her arm and hoists her up into the air for a suplex, but she deftly reverses it, falling behind him. She jumps forward and kicks him in the back of the knee, causing him to kneel. Betty Adams rains down kendo shots to the big man and he eventually falls to the mat, laid out.

Mountain Dew Bob and Benjamin Dover are in the general area and start feeling around for Billy and Betty Adams. Using her “Mom Powers” she stands still as a statue, not moving a muscle, listening for them as they get closer. Once they are close enough, she springs into action, taking on both men with her kendo stick. She takes shots from them as well as giving them. She finally kicks Mountain Dew Bob in his junk and he falls to the ground, dropping his stick. Betty reaches down and picks up his kendo stick. Betty reaches up into her hair and pulls out some rubber bands and other items and somehow uses them to make a “double-bladed” kendo stick.

She turns and lets out a loud Mom-style war cry.


Everyone turns their attention to Betty’s direction and starts heading over there towards her. Everyone except Billy who is still knocked out and Mountain Dew Bob who is still clutching his junk. Betty swings the double-bladed kendo stick all around herself, twirling it like Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber. As people eventually get close enough she starts swinging at everyone. It’s nothing but the sounds of kendo sticks clashing, the slapping of skin by the kendo sticks and screams of pain as Betty Adams takes on the competitors in the match. She occasionally takes a shot, but dishes out far more until she’s finally the only one standing.

The camera cuts to Gravedigger standing there, shocked, with taco meat hanging out of the side of his mouth. Betty Adams begins stepping over the other competitors, occasionally slapping someone with a kendo stick shot as they try to stop her and walks up to the piñata. She points at Gravedigger and then turns and bursts open the piñata with a flurry of kendo shots.

Gravedigger climbs down from his perch and walks into the center of the dirt pit. He has a microphone in hand.

Gravedigger: The winner of EXTREME PINATA…..BETTY ADAMS!!!

The crowd pops, especially all the mothers and those who like MILFS (sorry Spencer) and Betty Adams holds her hands up in the air in victory.

Gravedigger: Now, the rest of you scum-sucking leeches stand up, it’s time to figure out who is eliminated.

After a minute or so, everyone is standing. Gravedigger walks around, measuring up each person. He stops on Dr. Benjamin Dover. Digger drops the mic and nails him with a huge Grave Marker in the middle of the dirt pit. He stands up and walks over to Dude Davidson and kicks him hard enough to send him into the invisible fence, shocking him. Gravedigger then walks over to Whitey Houston and sends him into the fence as well. He finally walks back over and grabs the mic.

Gravedigger: Ok so you three that were laid out, you’re not in the competition anymore, the rest of you are safe. Let me go get the key to the collars that the rest of you are wearing.

Gravedigger snaps his fingers at the MS-13 members as he climbs back onto the bed platform. The MS-13 members lift the platform up and Gravedigger points to the arena where they start heading. Apparently, Gravedigger didn’t find the key…

Occulo Calls Out Danny Anderson

“Destruction” by Bruce Faulconer hits the PA as Occulo walks out on to the stage and swiftly down the ramp.

Freddy Whoa: Well, here comes Occulo! I think he’s going to settle an argument he and Danny Anderson had on Twitter the other week

Zach Davis: Yeah Occulo wasn’t happy that Danny had claimed he got a victory over him. I mean it was a tag match victory

Freddy Whoa: He didn’t like the fact Anderson made it sound like he beat him one on one. Which is fair enough. Good on Occulo for wanting to set the record straight

Gravedigger: What a moaning little runt he is

He looks up at Danny Anderson and climbs into the ring. He stares him down as the music plays and then raises an arm to silence it.

Occulo: Hello Danny. Good to see you. I believe we have some business that needs taking care of. How about we have ourselves a little battle at the pay per view. You came out the other week claiming you had a victory over me when that’s not quite fucking true is it? You see I like to put things right. I like to correct untruths and swing them around in my favour. You wanna claim a win against me? I’m giving you that chance. Occulo vs Danny Anderson. Asesinato De Mayo.

And I’ll make it interesting. We both have our armies by our sides, so let’s make double sure this is just between us two. Let’s make this a barbed wire cage match. My Sentinels and your DRG can try to get in the cage but not without getting their skin ripped off. We may be fighting with blood leaking down from the cage roof, but so be it.

I see you walking down a dark route which will cause nothing but trouble in the fed, but I want you to know that whilst I and the Sentinels are around, you’re going to be kept very fucking quiet. The “Danarky” will be stopped before it even gets going. I’ll take you on week after week if it means stopping you for good. I’m going to be the thorn in your side. This is going to be the opening battle of what could be a long war. Occulo vs Danny Anderson will probably turn into The Sentinels engaging in a long tussle with your Dark Riders...and I can't fucking wait.

Bring it the fuck on Anderson.

He throws the mic down as his music plays.

Freddy Whoa: Holy crap! A barbed wire cage match between Occulo and Danny Anderson!!

Zach Davis: Smart by Occulo, he’s going to prevent Danny Anderson from inflicting his “danarky” on the federation before it even gets going.

Gravedigger: Danny Anderson has just won himself a new fan. I hope he tears Occulo to shreds!

Freddy Whoa: This is the start of a long war like Occulo said, I can’t wait!


Kyle Kemp Segment

The camera pans in on Kyle Kemp who is standing at the catering table in the backstage area. He’s dressed for his match and turns around with a granola bar in his hand.

Kyle Kemp: Are you guys always filming? Jesus….I’m trying to eat!

The camera just shakes up and down.

Zach Davis: I don’t think Kemp read the all access part of his contract!

The crowd boos so loudly that Kemp can hear it perfectly in the back.

Kyle Kemp: Boo all you want but you all know that you are here just to see me! I’m the one that when you all heard that I was on the card, you decided to go home and gather up all those hard earned pesos and buy a ticket. I’m the one that gets you to look at a loaf of bread for the family and you decide to pass it up and come see me here in the WCF!

The crowd begins to boo even more and Kemp is relishing it. He brings his hand to his ear, egging the crowd to get louder.

Kyle Kemp: Don’t worry, I’ll keep the match short tonight! You see as much money as you all spent to see me, I don’t think a stuck up bitch and a pirate are going to keep it interesting for long. Which is fine! I want to be in this shithole for as little as possible. I’m so confident I have hot stone massage scheduled in a little over an hour back at the hotel. Tonight’s really just spring training anyway. I’ve got much bigger fish to fry than Killian Dawson and Celeste!

Kemp winks at the camera and walks back towards his locker room as the camera fades out.

Killian Dawson vs Kyle Kemp vs Celeste

Gravedigger: And now, in the spirit of Mexico, time for a siesta! Sound good, guys?

Zach Davis: Sure!

Freddy, Zach, and Gravedigger all leave the announce booth.

Kyle Steel: Are you people ready for some real action to get started here? In our next match we have Standing 6'2" and weighing in at 203 pounds. Killian Dawson!

The lights go out as "Evil Ways" by Blues Saraceno begins to play, as Killian Dawson comes out on to the stage, looking around the arena at the fans who are giving him a mixed reaction. Killian holds his hand out for a couple of fans to touch as he walks down to the ring at a casual pace. Reaching the ring he quickly runs up the steps, jumping through the middle rope and pointing at a few of the fans nearby who are cheering loudly for him. Killian climbs up the turnbuckle and taunts for the crowd with his arms up in the air as he waits for the match to begin.

Kyle Steel: Introducing next, At 6'4" and 210 pounds. Kyle Kemp.

The lights go out and a spot light shines on the stage. "Comin' Up" by Sam Adams begins to play and gold lights start blinking around the arena. Kemp slowly walks out onto the stage and comes to a stop in the spotlight and crosses his arms. He smiles smugly at the crowd and begins to shake his head up and down. He struts down the aisle glaring at fans and rolls into the ring. The lights all come back on as he extends both of his arms out to his side and begins to laugh. He walks over to the corner and leans on it as the song ends.

Kyle Steel: Introducing next. Coming in at 5' 10" from the great city of Paris. Celeste!

The Birthday Massacre by Kill the Lights begins playing on the jumbo-tron as Celeste takes the walk up to the ring like a model takes to a runway. Her feet stride with effortless confidence, her chin tilted upwards and shoulders pushed back elongate her neck and expose her jugular to tempt , to dare her appointment to either kiss or mangle her throat. Not a drop of sweat escapes her pours, no fear beats within her breast, almost as if she were not human but a divine creation. She removes her over-sized shades only moments before slinking under the rope, with an elegance so captivating it is hypnotic. The crowd looks on in awe as she enters the ring and waits for the bell to start the match.

Kemp and Dawson immediately go at it and begin trading blows as Celeste goes over and taps Kemp on the shoulder. Kemp turns around and is immediately bulldogged down to the mat. Celeste goes for the cover as Dawson pulls her off for the save. Dawson clotheslines Celeste as she get up to confront him. Celeste drops to the mat and immediately jumps right back up. Kemp spins Celeste around and hits her with a forearm smash. He follows it with another and a quick uppercut that sends Celeste to the mat.

Dawson grabs Kemp from behind and sends him into the ropes. He falls to the mat as Kemp comes off. Celeste seizes the opportunity and hits Kemp with a drop kick. Celeste grabs the trunks and goes for the pin as the ref dives in for the count. Dawson drops an elbow on Celeste and breaks the count. Kemp recovers and hits Dawson with a right cross. Celeste nails Kemp with a dropkick to the knee. Kemp grabs his knee and screams in agony. Celeste stomps on the knee as Kemp howls again. Celeste drops an elbow to the knee and quickly hooks it into a chicken wing. The ref moves in asking Kemp if he wants to submit. Kemp shakes his head and pounds the mat. Celeste increases the pressure and just as Kemp is about to submit Dawson nails Celeste from behind with an elbow drop and breaks the hold.

Dawson picks up Celeste and quickly ddt's her to the mat. Dawson picks up Celeste and bodyslams her back down to the mat. He turns and catches Kemp coming at him from behind with a clothesline that sends him flying through the ropes. Dawson goes for the pin while the ref is busy counting Kemp out. Dawson walks over and turns him around before going for the pin again. Celeste takes him by surprise and reverses the pin attempt as the ref begins counting.



No, Kemp dives over the rope and lands on both of them. Kemp picks up Celeste and throws her aside while going for the pin attempt. Dawson kicks out before the ref can even begin counting. Kemp picks up Dawson and hits him with an uppercut. He grabs Dawson and slams him to the mat. Kemp climbs to the second rope and comes off with an elbow to the chest. He goes for the cover as the ref slides into position.



No, Dawson kicks out.

Celeste perches on the top rope and waits for Kemp to get to his feet. When he does she jumps off and hits him right in the knee. Kemp begins screaming and grabs for his knee as Celeste moves in. She grabs him by the foot and applies a step over toe hold. Kemp screams in agony as the pressure is applied to the knee. Kemp refuses to give up as the ref continues asking him. Dawson attempts a leg drop to break the hold. Celeste gets up in time for the drop to hit Kemp. She clotheslines Dawson out of the ring and attacks the knee with kicks as Kemp tries his best to block them. Celeste moves in again and reapplies the hold continuing to attack the knee. Kemp screams as the pain is too much to bear. The ref asks him if he wants to quit as Celeste applies even more pressure. Finally he can take it no more and taps out.

Dawson catapults himself through the ropes and hits Celeste as she gets to her feet. He hits her across the chest and drops her to the mat. He picks her up and throws her across the ring. She slams into the corner with a thud as Dawson hits her with a splash. She feels the air rushing out of her throat and tries to bring some back in. She collapses to the mat as Dawson picks her up and slams her back down. He climbs to the top rope and connects with a leg drop. He goes for the cover.

Suddenly the lights in the arena go out as 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing on the jumbo tron. A spotlight searches the crowd until it settles on a lone individual making his way towards the ring. Night Rider takes a seat in the front row as the lights come back on. Dawson yells at Night Rider about the timing of his entrance. Night Rider waves him off and points towards the ring. Dawson turns around just in time for a kick below the belt. Celeste grabs him and sends him flying into the ropes. She catches him with a drop kick as he comes off dropping him to the mat. Celeste goes in for the cover as the ref begins the count.



three. Celeste has done it and come out on top in this match up! Wait, no, the crowd was wrong and the ref says it isn't over. Celeste picks Dawson up but he rolls her up.




Dawson sneaks away with one here tonight.


And no!, Celeste kicked out!

Gravedigger: Wait, the match isn't over? Well, guess we're already here, better do our jobs.

Both wrestlers get up and Kemp quickly Clotheslines Celeste out of the ring. Kemp runs at Dawson and punts him.


Kemp goes for the pin.




Freddy Whoa: THERE IT IS!

Dawson quickly struggles up. Night Rider charges the ring and grabs Dawson. He sends him into the ropes and hit's him with a big boot to the gut. Night Rider ddt's Dawson and goes after Celeste. Celeste attempts hitting him with a couple chops and kicks. Night Rider ddt's her and throws her out of the ring. He turns to go after Kemp who gives him the finger and heads towards the back. Dawson slides under the ropes and makes his exit. Night Rider grabs a microphone from ringside and begins to speak.

Night Rider: I figured since I wasn't given a match this week that I would have my own. What's wrong? Everyone back there ducking the original Angel of Death? I want to let it be known now that I have an open contract sitting on Seth's desk. If anyone thinks they are big and bad enough don't sing it, bring it. I'm not ducking anyone who dares to step into the ring with me. I'll see you next week at Slam!

Night Rider throws down the microphone and exits the ring. He sees Celeste hanging onto the railing making her way slowly towards the back. Night Rider picks her up and drops her over the railing. He laughs maniacally as he heads to the dressing room.

Danny Anderson Segment

"Killing in the Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine hit the P.A. System and the lights flicker in accordance while the tune plays through the airwaves. Danny Anderson walks slowly onto the stage and proceeds down the ramp.

Zach Davis: It seems that Danny Anderson is forgoing his normal entrance and ditched his bike as he is making his way out to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: And look he isn’t reppin’ the DRG gear either opting for a SWAT outfit, complete with the black shirt, black cargo pants and black combat boots. WHOA!

Danny Anderson looks out into the crowd who give him a mixed reaction. Danny responds with a grin before walking up the ring steps onto the apron. He dusts his feet off and then enters through the ropes. Once in the ring Danny signals for a microphone.

Danny Anderson: Why so serious? I noticed I’m not getting as much cheers anymore? Great! Finally you stupid members of the WCF Galaxy will shut up!

Crowd: BOO!

Danny Anderson: There you go, that’s music to my ears.

Danny starts swinging his arms up and down like a conductor would leading in an opera.

Danny Anderson: Anyways if you scum magnets would kindly keep silent I have a few things to get off my chest…

Gravedigger: Oh god will this guy shut up?! Nobody cares about you Danny!

Danny Anderson: I came to W-C-F a little more than a month ago after my uncle Charles “Charlie” Anderson called me up the day I was released from prison and told me about this gig he was working now being a professional wrestler. And he mentioned the Dark Riders Gang.

Crowd: Half-CHEER. Half-BOO.

Danny Anderson: Yeah those guys…anyways I figured why the heck not, who wouldn’t wanna be a professional wrestler and be in a Biker gang ya know’. So I managed to scoop up enough change to book a flight to meet up with Charlie and the rest of the Dark Riders Gang before we headed to Anchorage, Alaska for Slam where I won my debut match teaming with Caraid and defeating the New Freebirds.

Gravedigger: And? Who hasn’t beaten Adam Young? Well Zach hasn’t…

Zach Davis: Hey!

Gravedigger: Shut up!

Danny grins.

Danny Anderson: Then we went from Anchorage to Montreal, Canada for another Slam and teamed with President TUB and Mikey eXtreme and we beat the random pairing of then-United States Champion Occulo, Reginald Dampshaw III and that Mystic feller. And I ended up scoring the pin over the United States Champion at the time.

Danny pauses and waves a finger in the air.

Danny Anderson: I still think I am…wait no…I am the unofficial official number one contender for the United States title. Seth needs to recognize and give me a shot which I so rightfully earned when I dropped Occulo on his noggin’ and beat him for the 1-2-3. Instead of booking me in matches like last week against a bunch of jobbahs.

Zach Davis: He does have a point, he did technically earn a pinfall over then-Champion Occulo.

Gravedigger: Well too bad, Kaz Mazy is the new United States Champion so if Danny wants the US title he’s gonna have to go through him. Which I don’t think he can…

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Danny Anderson: To make it even better Seth decides to book me in a Hardcore contendership at Aftermath where Mod Deuce threw me out the ring before destroying Randall Kash for the victory becoming the new Hardcore contender.

Gravedigger: Mod Deuce won that match fair and square, get over yourself Danny!

Danny Anderson: And there’s the Trio’s fiasco where Connor cost us the change at advancing in the first round against the Vapor Kings. When Charlie and I were getting our asses kicked, he was nowhere to be found. That doesn’t sit right with me. Now it seems TUB is on a mission just inviting any damn body into the DRG letting people like Gemini Battle who apparently thinks he’s the President…

Gemini is nothing but a side show attraction and I still don’t understand why Bates saw for me to team with Caraid in Trios instead of going to battle with him and Gonzo instead. But no, I was passed over for a demeted clown…yay.

Zach Davis: Danny Anderson really isn’t digging the newest addition of Gemini Battle to the DRG as he puts him through a verbal wringer…

Danny Anderson: Oh how far the mighty has fallen. After a great couple weeks, the momentum I gained is all down the drain now as I’ve been reduced to competing in a Trio’s Losers Clusterfuck last week, and now I face the demented nutcase Katherine Phoenix tonight who’d be a perfect mate for Gemini Battle.

Danny pauses again for a moment trying to gain his composure.

Danny Anderson: After everything I’m faced with a moral dilemma of whether or not I’m still going to follow TUB’s lead in DRG. I mean he’s got this Code he lives by and he for one isn’t too pleased about my match against Katherine Phoenix as he isn’t an advocate for man on woman violence…if Katherine can qualify as a woman that is…

But I digress. I got some big decisions to make in the next couple of weeks, as I figure out what’s next for Danny Anderson.

Danny tosses the microphone down as his music begins to play. He stares off into the crowd with a blank expression on his face.

Zach Davis: Well that was interesting…I’m curious to see where Danny goes from here myself.

Freddy Whoa: You are right Zach, I am also intrigued in the Danny saga and I myself am curious to see if he comes out to compete against Katherine later tonight.

Gravedigger: I don’t blame him if he does, Katherine is a certifiable nutcase who belongs in the loony bin!

Snapz vs Jimmy Wicked

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor plays, as Snapz enters slow walk on to the stage glaring thru the crowd as he walks to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the next match, scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, coming to the ring from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! He weighs in at 250 pounds! SNAPZ!

Gravedigger: (yawn)

Zach Davis: Snapz to the ring, as he takes on another young wrestler Jimmy Wicked!

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, his biggest highlight to date is a rub by BioWalker, so that counts for something!

He approaches fans on the aisles as if to interact but then turns to a camera with a evil grin and slides into the ring. The fans boo him, but he pays them no mind. As he stands in the middle of the ring he raises his fist suddenly bringing it down with a bang of pyro going off.

'Tom Sawyer' by Rush hits the speakers in the arena, and Jimmy Wicked bounces out to the stage, playing air guitar in time to the music.

Kyle Steel: His opponent, from DETROIT ROCK CITY!!! Weighing 235 pounds! JIMMY WICKED!!!

He heads down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans and having a great time. When he gets to the ring, Wicked slides under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, playing to the crowd and hitting the air guitar solo, before turning to face his opponent, still with that big grin.

The big grin is wiped off, as Snapz comes out of the corner, clotheslining Wicked to the ground! The bell sounds, as commentary lights up...

Zach Davis: And a cheap shot by Snapz early on!

Gravedigger: Good capitalization before Moser rings the bell!

Snapz is on Wicked like white on rice! He stomps away at Wicked, before pulling him up and hitting a snap suplex in the middle of the ring! He goes for a cover...




Zach Davis: Wicked with the kick-out!

Freddy Whoa: Snapz with the two!

Gravedigger: Barely a two!

Snapz goes back on the offensive, as he hammers away on a downed Wicked, before pulling him to his feet and sending him into the ropes. Snapz comes off the other ropes with a forearm smash, as he goes for another cover...



Zach Davis: Only a one-count, that time.

Snapz gets up and goes to pull Wicked up, but gets pulled into a small package! Referee with the count!




Gravedigger: Wow! Wicked almost took it!

Freddy Whoa: Well, he taking a beating now!

Both men are on their feet, but Snapz gains momentum by scoring a low blow on Jimmy Wicked, before taking him over with a belly to back suplex into the corner! Snapz pulls him back to his feet into the corner, setting up for a Superplex, but Wicked kicks him off, as Snapz lands on the ground hard!

Zach Davis: Wicked with a Wicked Good Chance to win, here!!!

Freddy Whoa: He dives off!!!

Gravedigger: NOBODY HOME!!!

Wicked goes for Splash or Crash, and gets the CRASH! Snapz gets to his feet, pulls Wicked up, and hits...

Zach Davis: SNAPBACK!

Gravedigger: The cover!!!




Zach Davis: Put this one in the books!

Gravedigger: Game OVER!!!

Adam Young Update

The WCFtron shows the Adam Young entrance video as "Don't You" by Simple Minds starts playing. Out walks a middle aged man in a grey suit. He climbs into the ring with a mic in hand.

Zac: Hello my name is Zac and I will speaking on the behalf of the Young family. As of 11:00 A.M. this morning Mr. Young is battleing back from his injuries after a near fatal car crash. Mr. Young has however decided to retire from pro wrestling at this time. He has a long and lengthy battle ahead of him, but with your prayers as well as best wishes he will walk out of Baylor Medical Center real soon. Thank you and God speed from the Young family.

Zac walks over to a black gym bag and pulls out a black pair of Adam's wrestling boots and leaves them in the middle of the ring as "Evil Ways" by Blues Saraceno plays. The fans throw black and purple streamers into the ring to show their love of Adam Young.

Katherine Phoenix vs Danny Anderson

Kyle Steel: The follow contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall…

The house lights go down as colorful lights start flashing all around the area.

"Storytime" by Nightwish begins to play, as Katherine Phoenix appears at the top of the entrance ramp. She is wearing a black leather miniskirt, fishnet leggings, an extremely tight low cut tank top and black leather heeled thigh boots. Katherine proceeds to walk down to the ring taking in all of the crowds energy.

Kyle Steel: From Los Angeles, California… weighing in at 134 pounds.... she is KATHERINE PHOENIX!!!

Katherine quickly reaches the ring and walks around it several times taking the time check out her surroundings. She then runs around to the turnbuckle, grabbing hold of it and bouncing up onto the ring apron, glancing over at the crowd but still not really paying them much attention. She climbs through the ropes and begins to pace back and forth whilst waiting for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: The ever eccentric Katherine Phoenix makes her entrance. I just low how she comes out every week…

Gravedigger: Oh my god, Zach has a crush on a nutcase like Katherine.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

"Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine hit the P.A. System and the lights flicker in accordance while the tune plays through the airwaves. Danny Anderson walks slowly onto the stage and proceeds down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way into the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty five pounds, he is "The Disturbed One" DDDAANNNNYYYYY AANNNDDDDERRSONNN!

"The Unstable" Danny Anderson looks out into the booing crowd with a grin before walking up the ring steps onto the apron. He takes off his leather jacket, folds it, and lays it on the top turnbuckle and dusts his feet off and then enters through the ropes. Once in the ring Danny taunts to the crowd one last time before preparing for the match.

Freddy Whoa: Danny Anderson sans DRG gear and forgoin’ his normal entrance of coming out with a bike.

Zach Davis: The word on the street is that Danny junked his bike and bought a 1969 Dodge Charger to drive on the road.

Gravedigger: Danny is just losing his mind over getting his ass kicked in Trios. He’s just as nuts as Katherine.

The referee calls for the bell and match begins.


Danny and Katherine are leaned up and opposite corners as they engage in a facial expression battle trying to gauge the other person and see who is going to make the first move. Katherine is the first to come out the gate trying to lock up with Danny but Danny ducks underneath and heads out onto the apron. Katherine goes after Danny again with another lock up but Danny drops onto the floor outside the ring.

Zach Davis: Danny Anderson Is being elusive tonight. He’s doing all he can to avoid Katherine Phoenix.

Freddy Whoa: It’s the Code, Bates’ Code, Bates is the type of man who frowns upon man on woman violence so it’s just a matter of Danny trying to honor his President’s wishes.

Gravedigger: Or he’s scared of a girl…
The referee begins the 10 count.



Crowd: BOO!


Danny heads to the ramp and stares at Katherine in the ring who is taunting him to come back.


Zach Davis: It looks like Danny Anderson is walking out of this match against Katherine Phoenix tonight.

Freddy Whoa: Right, he isn’t interested in this match at all, usually he be in their brawling and using his body as a weapon to wear his opponent down.



Gravedigger: Do something already! This is getting boring, quick.


Danny walks up the ramp and is greeted by Thomas Bates at the top of the stage who mutters something to Danny who stops in his tracks.

Zach Davis: And here’s the President of the Dark Rider’s Gang, Thomas Uriel Bates, one would assume he’s giving orders to Danny to walk out of the match.


Freddy Whoa: Yeah, we may not see Katherine Phoenix vs. Danny Anderson after all…

Gravedigger: Who cares?

Danny looks at Bates for a few moments and then suddenly a smile creeps over his face and he turns and dashes to the ring.

Crowd: Mixed-reaction

Bates heads backstage with a disappointed look on his face.

Zach Davis: It looks like Thomas isn’t pleased with Danny’s decision to run back in.
Freddy Whoa: Yeah he may be in trouble.

Gravedigger: (laughs) I can’t wait to see what Bates does for Danny being disobedient.


Danny makes it into the ring before the referee can get to 10 and he gets right in the face of Katherine who is visibly annoyed on Danny making her wait.


Katherine rakes the eyes of Danny temporarily blinding him. As he covers his face in pain she grabs one pushes him into the turnbuckle and Irish whips him to the corner opposite the ring.


Katherine goes for a clothesline but Danny rolled out sending Katherine crashing into the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: Danny moves out of the way in time and Katherine crashes hard.


Danny with a stiff right hand to Katherine’s chin stunning her.

Freddy Whoa: Danny with a hard punch. Whoa!


Danny with a couple more punches, Katherine returns with some of her own.


Katherine with a head butt to Danny’s skull.


Danny fires back with a head butt.


Danny grabs Katherine and pulls her out of the corner before throwing her into the ring post. Katherine falls to the outside from the impact.

Crowd: OOOH!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Danny sends Katherine shoulder first into the ring post!

Gravedigger: I’ll admit that was kind of vicious.

The referee begins the 10 count again.




Suddenly we see newcomer Celeste making her way out onto the ramp from the back.

Zach Davis: Oh no what’s she doing out here!

Freddy Whoa: Katherine Phoenix and Celeste have been in an unorthodox feud over the last couple of months.


Gravedigger: Celeste is coming out here to get even with Katherine, that’s all that’s to it.


Danny sees Celeste almost to Katherine and distracts the referee.


Celeste starts unloading with a couple kicks to the back and side of Katherine who isn’t defending herself.

Zach Davis: Danny Anderson is distracting the referee as Celeste is beating the hell out of Katherine Phoenix.

Freddy Whoa: Danny is fighting dirty tonight, it’s like he’s a completely different person.

The referee finally wises up to what Danny’s doing and turns his attention to the outside. Celeste has already stopped attacking Katherine and has her hands up stepping away from Katherine and the referee heads to the outside to check on Katherine.

Gravedigger: The stupid referee didn’t see it. Danny manages to prevent a disqualification.

The referee is hesitant to call for the bell as it looks like Katherine is unable to continue but she shocks everyone as she starts to muster the strength to get up. She keeps telling the referee to keep the match going, and that she’s fine. Finally Katherine is to her feet.


Danny suddenly flies through the air having climbed the turnbuckle and takes Katherine and the referee down with a diving elbow drop.
Zach Davis: The referee has been taking out! Danny with a diving elbow taking out Katherine and the referee!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Danny is going all out in this match and is flirting with getting disqualified.


Celeste seizes the opportunity and attacks Katherine once again.

Gravedigger: And Celeste is on the attack again! Yes! Kick her ass Celeste!


Celeste kicks Katherine in the ribs.


Katherine is kicking furiously trying to fend off Celeste.


Celeste grabs Katherine and pulls her to her feet. She then Irish whips her…


Celeste sends Katherine face first into the Steel Steps!

Crowd: OOOH!

Zach Davis: Celeste with a sick assault on Katherine sending her crashing face-first into the steel stairs!

Freddy Whoa: Did you see the impact! Whoa! It knocked the stairs apart!

Katherine lays on the floor writhing in pain and the referee starts to come too. Danny is already on the prowl before the referee is alert and grabs Katherine and rolls her into the ring. Once in the ring Danny pulls Katherine to the center of the ring and kicks her into the gut. She doubles over and Danny slides behind her and places Katherine in a headlock. He then propels himself forward.


Zach Davis: Danny hits Comatose!

Freddy Whoa: Danny spikes Katherines head into the mat with a sick Headlock driver!

Danny pins Katherine.

Gravedigger: And now Danny’s feasting on the scraps. Katherine is finished.

The referee is back in the ring and starts the count.




The referee calls for the bell.


Zach Davis: And Danny wins it…how unbelievable…it wasn’t a fair fight! Katherine didn’t deserve this!

"Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine hit the P.A. System and the lights flicker in accordance while the tune plays through the airwaves.

Kyle Steel: Your winner, Danny Anderson!

Danny Anderson celebrates his “hard-fought” victory in the ring as Celeste walks to the back, happy with the damage she has done to Katherine.

Gravedigger: Katherine Phoenix got what was coming to here tonight!

Zach Davis: She didn’t deserve this ‘Digger, no matter what you think!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! What else is going to happen tonight?

We head to commercial as Katherine is helped to the back and Danny celebrates longer in the ring proud of himself.

Gemini Battle Segment

Gravedigger: And we're ready for... Wait a tick...

Gemini Battle makes his way out to the ring with a man tied up being dragged behind him. He tossed the man into the ring and the crowd is clearly elated. Gemini scowls.

Zach Davis: Just the sight of this guy pumps up the crowd. Whose that with him?

Gravedigger: It looks like Ricardo Alvarez, corrupt mayor of Mexicali. The people all over Mexico hate this guy. That's I why they're happy.

Gemini Battle: You're all a bunch of buen personas... Thank you Deuce for another zinger...

Crowd: Gracias Gemini(clap clap clap clap clap)

Gemini Battle: I have it under good authority that gracias is Mexican for we hate so finally I'm making the mark I wanted...you should hate me... And you should fear me. I now run the most dangerous and evil biker gang that the wcf or the world has ever seen. Mwahahaha! And to prove how dastardly I am I had some people go out to Mexicocalifornia and kidnap their mayor. Their BELOVED mayor! Who else but pure evil would do that.

Crowd: Gracias Gemini(clap clap clap clap clap)

Gemini Battle: yes.. You should hate me. I am the personification of evil. And as if that wasn't enough I am going to do one more thing.

Gemini tips the hah out of Ricardo Alvarez mouth.

Gemini Battle: Mr Alvarez... If you don't step down as mayor of Mexicocalifornia I will find your family, rape and murder them while you watch them I will use you as my gangs punching bag for the foreseeable future. What say you man?

Ricardo Alvarez: So, I quit!

Crowd: Gracias Gemini(clap clap clap clap clap)

The crowd is on their feet, the happiest they've ever been.

Gemini Battle: You hate me...you finally hate me!

Gemini fawns over his notion of the situation as the crowd continues their gracias chant.

Gravedigger: Gemini Battle just ended one of the worst tyrannical reigns of any political leader in Mexican history. He will be forever seen as a national treasure.

Gemini exits thanking the crowd for hating him as they continue to chant gracias!

Mikey eXtreme vs Logan

Kyle Steel: The follow contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall…

As the lights in the arena go out, "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins to blare over the crowd. A flash of light shoots towards the center of the ring and you can make out the shape of Freakshow. The arena stays blanketed in darkness until a red light hits the stage, a light fog begins to drift out and engulf the stage. Mikey eXtreme walks out as "lightning" begins to crash into the stage. Freakshow, who appeared to be in the ring just moments ago is now slowly following Mikey to the ring. Mikey does not make eye contact with anyone in the crowd and ignores their requests for any interaction. Mikey slides into the ring and rolls to the corner where he sits, leaning against the bottom rope. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at the stage where Mikey's opponent will be entering from.

Kyle Steel: From Brooklyn, New York… weighing in at 230 pounds.... he is MIKEY eXtreme!!!

Zach Davis: And here’s Mikey eXtreme heading into quite possibly the biggest match thus far of his career.

Gravedigger: Who’s he facing?

Freddy Whoa: Logan

Gravedigger: Ha! The Logan of today is nothing but a shell of his former self.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

The slow march of a drum roll hits the speakers carrying into "Treachery" by Bleach. Logan slowly steps out onto the entrance ramp to a chorus of boos. He stands at the top of the ramp, slowing looking around at the masses of garbage booing him. He's wearing his signature attire, with a black leather sleeveless vest over it. Logan begins walking down the ramp, taking his time, every now and then pointing out to a member of the audience and talking trash to them. Logan hits ringside, climbing the ring steps, and getting inside the ring stepping through the middle rope. Logan climbs the nearest turnbuckle, gazes around at all the stupid WCF fans booing at him, and he raises his arm up into the air. After a moment, Logan finally steps down, taking off his vest and throwing it to the outside, and then paces the ring while the music fades.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, weighing in at two-hundred and fifty pounds, he is "MR. WCF" LOOOGANN!

Zach Davis: And here he is! I hope everyone bought their tickets!

Gravedigger: Oh shut up Zach quit being such a Logan fanboy…

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

The referee calls for the bell and match begins.


Mikey and Logan lock up in the center of the ring in a battle of strength. The young upstart Mikey eXtreme manages to gain an advantage over Logan but the veteran does a quick grapple then brings his arm up inside hitting Mikey with a European Uppercut under the chin.

Zach Davis: And Logan showing why he’s the Face of Treachery surprising Mikey with the uppercut!

Freddy Whoa: Logan rocked Mikey with that one!

A smile creeps over the face of Mikey who raises his arms in the air and asks Logan for more!

Zach Davis: Well that was strange, Mikey is asking Logan to hit him again.


Logan with a right hook. Mikey smiles and asks for more again.


Logan fires off with another hook. And again Mikey asks for more.


Logan fires off a string of punches following up with a…


Zach Davis: Bionic Elbow! Logan hits Mikey square on the head.

Mikey drops down to one knee. Logan smiles this time before slapping the chest of Mikey with the palm of his hand with a Backhand chop.

Crowd: WOO!

Logan cocks his arm back preparing to go for another.


Mikey stops Logan dead in his tracks raking the eyes.


Mikey unloads with a few stiff right hands to Logan’s temple.


Logan counters with a head butt.


Mikey answers with one of his own.

Zach Davis: Mikey and Logan are beating the hell out of each other!

Freddy Whoa: And they both seem to love it in a perverse way!

Gravedigger: Whoa!

Logan grabs Mikey by the arm and Irish whips him.


Mikey reverses and grabs Logan by the arm and Irish whips him into the turnbuckles.


Mikey charges in.


Mikey with a huge clothesline causing Logan to crash down to the mat after the impact.

Crowd: OOOH!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Mikey with a huge clothesline taking Logan down!

Gravedigger: That was kinda brutal…

Mikey covers.




Mikey looks at the referee with a stern look and grabs Logan by the head pulling him to his feet.


Logan shoves Mikey forward.


Mikey comes back and runs in to IMPACT STYLE.

Zach Davis: Logan connects!

Freddy Whoa: Yes he does! Logan connects under Mikey’s chin with the Impact Style! Whoa!

Mikey falls to the mat and Logan covers.

Gravedigger: Heh Logan might actually win one!




Logan growls before making the cover again.



Mikey kicks out again which infuriates Logan. Logan grabs Mikey by the hair and pulls him to his feet.

Zach Davis: Uh oh Logan’s got that look in his eyes…

Freddy Whoa: Logan getting fired up!


Logan hits a couple shots to Mikey’s gut.


Mikey tries to fend him off.


Mikey with a huge head butt!


Mikey charges after Logan who sends Mikey in the air.


Zach Davis: Back body drop!

Freddy Whoa: That’s a classic!

Gravedigger: As much of a classic that Logan is…

Logan covers Mikey again.





Logan hits the mat in frustration and begins arguing with the referee.

Logan: Do your job BOUDLE! Count to THREE!

Mikey is back to his feet and stalks behind Logan.


Logan turns around right into a Superkick from Mikey.

Crowd: OOOH!

Zach Davis: X Marks The Spot!

Freddy Whoa: It sure does, Mikey connects beautifully with that Superkick!

Logan falls limp to the mat and Mikey covers.




Logan manages to kick out before three! Frustration seeps over Mikey’s face but he knows he has to stay on the attack. Mikey pulls Logan to his feet and grapples him. Logan slips out and gets behind Mikey and catches him in a sleeper hold.

Zach Davis: Logan setting it up! Get ready for the Connector!


Logan jumps into the air going for the flip.


Mikey breaks free and slams Logan down…


Zach Davis: eXplosion! Mikey reverse the Connector into the eXplosion!

Freddy Whoa: Mikey times it right countering the Connector!

Mikey pins Logan.




Zach Davis: And Mikey pulls off the upset! Mikey is victorious over a legend tonight!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Gosh dang it to heck!

Gravedigger: Not a surprise…Logan choked again.

"Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins playing and Freakshow enters the ring and raises Mikey’s arm up with the referee.

Kyle Steel: Your winner, Mikey eXtreme!

Mikey and Freakshow celebrate the victory as Logan rolls out of the ring and makes his way to the back.

Drunk Tank Segment

"Feel Good Inc." by The Gorillaz hits the PA system and the crowd rises to their feet. After two huge blasts of fake snow cover over the entrance area out comes walking Natural ICE Beckman, a beer in one hand and the World Title in the other. He finishes off the beer, punts the can into the crowd and begins to make his way to the ring.

Zach Davis: As you can see the ring has been set up to look like a dive bar for it is time for another Drunk Tank.

Freddy Whoa: A show hosted by our very own World Champ!

Gravedigger: Don't you mean a show brilliantly hosted by our Great World Champion?!

ICE takes every second allowed to him to high five the fans and soak in the reaction from the fans before he brings the mic up to his mouth.

ICE: Don't worry, don't fear...Your World Champ is Here!! Now tell me...Who's Drunk??

The crowd cheers and holds up their beers.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa, that is a lot of drunk people.

ICE: That is good to hear because it is time for another Drunk Tank! For I am the World Champion who gives back. I am the World Champion who really cares, or at least I fake it really well. Either way I have come out here tonight, not to talk about myself...or my big match coming up against Dune at Asesinato De Mayo, or my ass kicking of Isaiah Chavis two weeks ago or being a major part of Imperium's plan to finally destroy Pantheon...but since I brought those topics up I might as well address them quickly.

ICE smiles into the camera.

ICE: Dune, your rage cost your team a win last week, what will it cost you at Asesinato De Mayo? Your big shot? Or maybe your career? Because all you see is rage, like a bull seeking red blood, but the more you charge the less footing you find and all that charging is just going to cause you to fall flat on your face. As for that clown trying to get famous by attacking me last week. I give you an eight for effort and a 2 for getting the job done. I am still walking, talking and being the star of the show. So go back to the shadows were you belong, hiding from your honor and having realistic expectations for where your career is headed...for honesty I am sick of doing you favors. Earn a rivalry with me for I am done with you for now. And you know it isn't because I fear you; you know it is because I don't respect you. As for Pantheon...old school or new flavor...tick fucking tock boys, for after the kings of Imperium dismisses the final speed bump tonight your time will be up in the Trios Finals. But don't worry Team Speed Bump, me and my boys have plenty of hate to fuel your end to the Trios Cup here tonight. But enough about all my super important awesome business...I am here to interview a man that I did a huge favor two weeks ago, when me and the Kings booted him from the Trios Cup Tournament...ladies and gentlemen, give my guest a round of applause or boo him or really do whatever you want....for here is Danny Anderson!!

"Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine hit the P.A. System and the lights flicker in accordance while the tune plays through the airwaves. Danny Anderson walks slowly onto the stage and proceeds down the ramp.
Zach Davis: And here comes The Disturbed One sans DRG Gear and bike. It seems Danny is still distancing himself from the Dark Riders Gang.

"The Unstable" Danny Anderson looks out into the booing crowd with a grin before walking up the ring steps onto the apron. He takes off his leather jacket, folds it, and lays it on the top turnbuckle and dusts his feet off and then enters through the ropes. Once in the ring Danny taunts to the crowd one last time before over to the bar that ICE is leaning up against. ICE slides over a fresh cold bottle of beer towards Danny.

ICE: First off Danny, how about a drink?

Danny Anderson: Yeah, even I’m no fool to turn down a cold one.

ICE: Very nice, great to hear. Now let's get right to it Danny, what did you take away from your match two weeks ago with the Kings? I'm guessing it is the best time you have ever had inside a ring.

Danny Anderson: The biggest thing I took away is that there is a reason you are World Heavyweight Champion ICE, there is no doubting your talent. And actually it was the best fight I have ever had inside the ring thus far, no doubt about it.

ICE: Now I am not a man who likes to live in the past, but if I did, let's be honest that would be a pretty nice place for me to live with the two World Title Reigns and all, but Danny lets focus on the future...tell WCF why yours is going to be bright?

Danny Anderson: It’s quite simple ICE, I plan on fighting each and every week against whoever is put in front of me as I climb the ladder, much like you did when you first arrived in WCF albeit, not as fast as you did obviously.

ICE: Alright time for some honesty, I think the Dark Riders is not a good fit for you. Because you will always be in the shadow of big boy bates...tell me why I wrong, although I am not.

Danny Anderson: Two weeks ago I could have disagreed with you but after what has transpired over the last month with Bates getting the opportunity to face Grime (a man who I was building a foundation for a match with), Bates sticking me in a team with Caraid and forming his own team with Gonzo and Gemini, and the success they have had thus far makes me wonder if Dark Riders Gang is a good fit for me at all. While I sort myself out and my standing with the Club, I still back the Club especially when they face you and the rest of Vapor Kings this week.

ICE: Alright, alright, you seem committed none the less to your boys, but more importantly how are you truly going to commit to your singles career and get yourself a title, any idea which title you might want a crack at first? And don't even bother looking at my golden buddy here on my shoulder.

Danny Anderson: It’s just a matter of waiting for Trios to finish since obviously I lost the chance of becoming 1/3 of the Trios Champions (thanks to you of course) and earning a shot at that title that rests comfortably on that shoulder of yours. I’ve got my eye on the People’s Championship held by Scarecrow, might give the Internet Champion Alex Richards a run for his money, or better yet I actually want a shot against Kaz Mazy the most for the United States Champion, being the unofficial, official number one contender and all. Seth still hasn’t giving me my shot for beating then US Champion at the time Occulo, a few weeks back.

ICE: Good stuff Danny...good stuff. Now I think we have all learned enough about you for now...so to you and all the people in this arena I say...Drink Up!

Zach Davis: Looks like a few shots fired by Danny here tonight.

Gravedigger: I am honestly interested in seeing if he can back up his recent surge with some consistency.

Freddy Whoa: Didn't you also say you're interested in seeing what happenings next with Kris Jenner?

Gravedigger: I may have...Shut Up Freddy!

Zach Davis: Let's just move with the show, shall we?

Spencer Adams vs Vulgar

A cryptic video comes across the screen showing numerous news stories and clips of scientists experimenting with different chemicals.

The arena goes black as the sound of motorcycles rings loudly through the arena before the screen lights back up to reveal the DRG logo.

Assassin by Muse comes on as strobe lights flicker at the entrance way and a blue smoke fills the stage. “The Antidote” Spencer Adams comes out wearing a Dark Riders Gang jacket as he holds his arms up in an “X” as he swipes them away from his body. He then charges down to the ring, vaulting quickly in and playing to the crowd on the turnbuckles.

Gravedigger: Here is Spencer Adams! The numbers of the DRG are growing still.

Darkness floods into the arena like air rushing into a vacuum. For several moments the crowd is left vulnerable; skittish women cling to their purses, lest some opportunistic monster comes to tear them away. Before anybody can be truly afraid, however, a blinding, ethereal light bursts from the entranceway and unnerving music begins to fill the air. The crowd sees a figure emerge onto the walkway, silhouetted against the glaring fluorescence. As he creeps his way along to the ring, several fans in the front row are able to make out his features and recoil in disgust.

Zach Davis: And here is Vulgar. WCF has seen its fair share of monsters, but there is definitely something different about this man.. if you can call him that.

As the bell rings, Adams runs at Vulgar and is met with an immediate eye gouge. The fans boo as this sends Adams reeling, but he quickly turns back to Vulgar and, eyes still closed, shoots off a Clothesline. Vulgar ducks it and grabs Adams in a Half Nelson, going to apply the Sleeper. Adams ducks down out of it and slides under Vulgar's legs so Adams is behind him now, Vulgar turns and is met with a series of kicks to his legs by The Antidote. Adams backs into the ropes, runs at Vulgar and hits a running knee to the gut. Vulgar doubles over and gets back to his feet immediately, visibly hurting. Adams picks him up and executes a Spinning Sidewalk Slam, transitioning into a pin.



No!, Vulgar gets the shoulder up.

Freddy Whoa: Nearfall!

Once again Vulgar immediately begins fighting to his feet. Adams runs at him and hits a Hurricanrana into a rollup pin!



NO!, Vulgar escapes!

Gravedigger: Both men to their feet!

Adams fires off a beautiful Standing Dropkick but Vulgar swats him down. Vulgar grins as Adams gets up and Vulgar hits a T-Bone Suplex!

Zach Davis: Perfectly executed!

But Adams lands on his feet! Vulgar's eyes go wide as he turns and Adams runs at him and hits a Neckbreaker! Adams drops down and goes for the pin.



NO! Vulgar kicks out yet again!

Freddy Whoa: Adams getting in a lot of offense but he can't keep Vulgar down!

Adams stomps Vulgar several times before backing into the turnbuckle. Determination on his face, he backs up to the turnbuckle and sits up on it.

Gravedigger: We know what's coming. Trademark of Spencer Adams!

Adams flies off with his Flying Knee Plancha!

Zach Davis: THERE IT IS!

NO!, Vulgar rolls away in the knick of time! Adams runs at Vulgar and Vulgar catches him.


Vulgar hits the T-Bone he was going for earlier! Adams yells out in pain as Vulgar pulls him into the middle of the ring and goes for the pin.



No! Adams kicks out!

Gravedigger: Adams won't give up either!

Vulgar rolls off of him and kicks at him angrily... before beginning to reach into his pockets.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

Freddy Whoa: Uh oh is right. Vulgar is going for his red shit, whatever it is.

Vulgar grimaces in pain as he pulls his chemical concotion out of his pocket. Not wanting to hold it any longer than neccessary he hurls it at Adams - who ducks!

Gravedigger: UH OH. Vulgar just threw his chemicals into the referee's face!

Vulgar narrows his eyes and runs at Adams, who lifts Vulgar up! The fans cheer as Adams drops him with the Vaccine!




....But it was only the crowd chanting, as the referee is still out. Adams angrily rolls away and attempts to get the referee back into action. But he's blinded, totally unable to continue. A new ref runs out from the back as Adams pins Vulgar again.



NO!, Vulgar kicks out now!

Zach Davis: Bullshit! Adams had it won!

Ready to finish this, Adams lifts Vulgar up and lifts him onto his shoulders again.

Freddy Whoa: VACCINE! AGAIN!

NO!, Vulgar drops behind Adams! He locks in the Half Nelson Sleeper before Suplexing Adams right into the turnbuckle, Adams' spine hitting it. Vulgar quickly goes for the pin.




Gravedigger: VULGAR WINS IT!

Vulgar rolls out of the ring as his music hits. The crowd boos heavily.

Zach Davis: Ridiculous. Spencer Adams clearly had it won!, if not for Vulgar's chemical interference from earlier.

Gravedigger: All is fair in love, war, and WCF, Zach.

Vulgar backs up the ramp as Spencer Adams gets to his feet and glares as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, Spencer Adams stands on the top turnbuckle after the match and is pointing at the crowd. He pounds his chest as a sign of respect. The camera focuses in on behind Adams as Kyle Kemp as sled into the ring, holding his black Rawlings baseball bat.

Zach Davis: What’s Kemp going to do here?

Kemp runs up behind Adams and swings the baseball bat straight into Adams right knee cap from behind. Adams falls of the turnbuckle to the outside, holding his knee. Kemp slides out of the ring and stands over Adams.

Kyle Kemp: I told you that there would be retribution! This is my time! You will not ruin my time!

Kemp holds the bat with both hands and begins to drive the barrel into Adams sternum. After the second hit a little blood begins to fly up from his mouth. Suddenly the crowd begins to roar as Thomas Urial Bates runs down the ramp towards Kemp.

Zach Davis: Here comes Bates to stop this madness!

Kemp sees him coming and runs to the rail. He hops over and runs up the stairs towards the upper deck. He gets to the mezzanine and turns around. A spotlight shines on him as he is staring down towards Bates who is staring at him from Adams side.

Freddy Whoa: Bates looks like he wants to snap Kemp in half!

Kemp shrugs his shoulders at Bates while smirking and then turns and disappears into the tunnel as EMT’s get to Adam’s side.

Occulo/Howard Black Segment

Occulo and Howard Black are backstage having some downtime before their match. Occulo is stood stretching whilst Howard is sat quietly, wrapping athletic tape around his hands and fingers.

Occulo: I’m feeling so fuckin pumped this week. I can’t wait to get out there. How are you feeling?

Howard Black: I’m feeling good. I just hope I don’t let the Sentinels down again this week.

Occulo: The fuck? What makes you say that?

Occulo sits down next to him

Howard Black: Well ya know, you and Dune have been here a while and you’re known amongst the best. I haven’t really established myself as much as you two have. Then I get out there last week and what happens? Z-Mac kicked a fucking hole through me. It was just embarrassing.

Occulo: Hey, me and Dune didn’t just pick a name out of a hat man. We had our mission statement with the Sentinels and when you became available to join us for the Trio’s cup we saw it as an act of fate. You were absolutely the best choice to be our third man. You’re going to achieve great things here. We’ll make sure of that. We are all as strong a link in this team as each other.

Howard Black: Thanks man. Means a lot.

Occulo: No problem. You’re the first legal man. Go out there and show them that the Sentinels mean business. You’re good enough to beat both of those jokers on your own to be honest. But if they somehow get by you I’ll be there to finish them off.

Their entrance music blasts through the speakers and the crowd erupt

Howard Black: Right. Let’s fuckin' do this.

Oblivion/Marc Mayhem vs Occulo/Howard Black

Zach Davis: Alright, we're coming up to the match in which everyone has been talking about. Depends you have asked, this match could go either way.

Gravedigger: This will be a match to watch.

Freddy Whoa: The Monster Oblivion has a ton of experience over IT's opponents.

Zach Davis: With that, this match is about to begin...

Kyle Steel is standing, in the center, of the ring. The lights in the arena go to black, with only the giant screen above the stage displaying the pattern of a oscilloscope matching the chaotic distortion which begins "Lost Boys" by Death Grips.

Kyle Steel: The following tag team match is for one fall....

As the distortion begins to settle into the beat, the words "IT'S SUCH A LONG WAY DOWN" flash over the screen as the emanate from the speakers. As the snare drum hits begin to burst forth, the lights in the arena begin to strobe in blue, white, and gray as the screen begins to show flashing black-and-white images of honey badgers in battle, paired with footage of Howard Black training or waiting in the locker room, preparing for a match. Howard Black makes his way from the back, the hood of his sweatshirt pulled over his head.

Howard Black makes his way down the ramp, as the digitized words "LOST BOYS" repeat from the speaker in succession. While his eyes remain focused on the ring, his face a mask of determination, he slaps the hand of the occasional fan which is outstretched to him.

Kyle Steel: From Lincoln, Nebraska.... Weighing in at 215 pounds.... This is The Lost Boy.... HOOOOOWAAAARD BLAAAACK!!

Upon reaching the ring, he slides in and unzips his sweatshirt, tossing it aside. He lifts the crucifix from his neck and gives it a kiss for good luck before walking to a turnbuckle and pulling himself up. Upon his ascent, he spreads his arms before the crowd in a pose. As the music begins to die, he drops down and walks to his corner. He takes the crucifix from his neck and places it around the turnbuckle for safe keeping during his match.

Gravedigger: We wait now, for a future star here in WCF....

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Kyle Steel: From Washington DC... weighing in at 220lbs... OOOOOOOOOOCCUUUUUUUUUUUULOOOOOOOOOO!!

Occulo walks down the ramp, spotlights following, addressing the fans as he does. He climbs up the steel steps in the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Occulo takes out a microphone.

Occulo: Sentinels stand for the fallen. Sentinels stand against the rising.

Occulo tosses the microphone to the outside and waits for their opponents.


Zach Davis: We wait, as The Chrono-Rippers make their appearances for this match up...

The house lights dim, as "Bodies" by Drowning Pool hits the speakers. Lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed arena.


Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd, as the crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Oblivion and Mark Mayhem step out from behind the curtain. Several mixtures of boos and cheers goes up from the crowd. As they walk down the ramp, the cameraman gets real close, as all of the Chrono-Rippers sneer at the camera. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Some of the nearby crowd continue to rock out, as The Chrono-Rippers proceed to walk down the entrance ramp. Their focus is only on those in the ring.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... with a combined weight of 525 pounds... this is The Monster Oblivion and Marc mayhem..... THE CHRONO-RIIIIIPEEEEEERRRRSS!!

Marc Mayhem and Oblivion circle the ring. Oblivion enters the ring, walks to a far corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. Mayhem bolts over to another corner and also climbs up to the second turnbuckle. The Chrono-Rippers extend out their arms. The crown reacts with a mixed reaction.

Zach Davis: The Chrono-Rippers COULD end up being a formidable team.

Marc Mayhem and Oblivion jump down into the ring.

Zach Davis: Once Johnny Reb comes back from assignment, this team will be unstoppable!!

Freddy Whoa: It looks as if Howard Black and Mark Mayhem will start off this match-up.

Mayhem and Black circle the ring, as Howard black reaches out for a handshake.

Zach Davis: Now, that's a sign of professionalism.

Mayhem sneers, as he looks down at the outreached hand of Howard Black.


Gravedigger: Great mindset from Mark Mayhem, there are no friends inside the ring.

Mayhem and Howard Black hook up with a collar and elbow tie up.

Zach Davis: Both competitors are fighting for leverage and control.


Freddy Whoa: Howard Black with a side headlock.


Zach Davis: A forearm shiver to the side of the body of Howard black, by Mayhem!

Black squeezes harder with the side headlock.


Zach Davis: Another shot to the side of Howard Black by Mayhem.

Black loosens up with the side headlock...


Gravedigger: Hayhem tosses Howard Black into the ropes.

Black bounces off the ropes...


Freddy Whoa: Shoulder block by Mark Mayhem.

Howard Black quickly stands up and bounces off the ropes. Mayhem leapfrogs over a charging Howard Black and Mayhem bounces off the ropes. Mayhem charges towards Black, who drops down and Mayhem bounces over Black.

Zach Davis: Both competitors bounce off the ropes...

Mark Mayhem charges towards Howard Black....


Gravedigger: The Lost Boy dropkicks Mayhem's knee from under him. Mayhem drop down to the mat.

Howard bolts towards the ropes....


Crowd: WHOA!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!! A Flying knee to the face of Mark Mayhem!!!


Gravedigger: Howard black is going for the pin, as Stanley Moser slides into position...

Crowd: On-....


Zach Davis: Not even a one count.

Black reaches down to grab Mayhem...


Freddy Whoa: Mayhem pops Howard Black with a shot to the face.

Black stumbles back and then charges towards Mayhem....


Gravedigger: SPEAR!! SPEAR!! SPEAR!

Mayhem grabs Black....


Zach Davis: Mayhem executes a picture perfect pumphandle slam.

Howard black struggles to stand up, but slowly does.



The momentum causes Black slam against the mat and flips over. Mayhem charges towards a fallen Howard Black...


Instantly Howard Black screams out, but is within inches away from the ropes. Mayhem notices and drags Black to the center of the ring. Black is screaming at the top of his lungs. The referee asks Black a question...

Stanley Moser: Howard Black do you want to submit?


Stanley Moser: Black do you wanna call it a night?


Out of nowhere....


Zach Davis: INCOMING!!

Occulo flies off the top turnbuckle....


Gravedigger: ....to the head of Mark Mayhem!!

Occulo comes into the ring...


Zach Davis: Powerslam by Occulo!!



Freddy Whoa!! IT'S CHECK OUT TIME!!!

Occulo stumbles backwards and leans against the turnbuckles, of his own corner. Oblivion throws Howard Black into the ropes. Howard Black charges at Mayhem, as Occulo charges at Oblivion.

Zach Davis: Occulo just clotheslined Oblivion out of the ring.


Freddy Whoa: A hard clothesline from Mark Mayhem.

Mayhem reaches down to pick up Black...



Gravedigger: Howard Black has a chickenwing crossface on Mayhem.

Marc Mayhem: AHHHHH!!!


Zach Davis: Both Oblivion and Occulo are matching punch for punch!!


Oblivion lands a knee to the mid-section of Occulo. Oblivion grabs for IT's oppnent and looks towards the commentary desk.

Zach Davis: Oblivion has a grasp of Occulo and IT's looking towards out direction.

Freddy Whoa: Do you think we should move.

Oblivion is running with a handful of Occulo, running towards the commentary desk.



Occulo got thrown towards the commentary table, bouncing across it and crashing against the security barrier. Mayhem is struggling around, moving inch by little inch towards the ring ropes.

Zach Davis: Mayhem looks exhausted, he needs to tag in The Monster Oblivion.

Stanley Moser: Relinquish the hold, Black!!! ONE.... TWO!!! THREE!!

Howard Black let's go of the chicken wing and turns around...



Oblivion grabs for the feet of Howard Black.

Gravedigger: This look interesting....

Oblivion starts the giant swing on Howard Black....

Crowd: ONE.... TWO.... THREE.... FOUR.... FIVE....


Oblivion drops Black. Mayhem stands up and looks around. the crowd roars out....

Zach Davis: Look at Occulo!!!

Occulo is standing on the commentary table and runs off of it, leaps into the air and lands on the ring ropes. Occulo repositions himself quickly, standing, balancing on the top rope, flies off instantly...




With SOME resistence, both competitors goes back to their corners. Both Mayhem and Black are laying face first on the mat.

Stanley Moser: ONE.....

Zach Davis: Referee Stanley Moser is making the count!!

Stanley Moser: TWO!!!

Both individuals are slowly crawling towards their corners.

Gravedigger: Both competitors are crawling to their tag partners!

Freddy Whoa: Well, both of these competitor have put their bodies on the line and right now, they barely moving on fumes.


Zach Davis: Howard Black has tagged in Occulo.

Occulo charges towards a crawling Mark Mayhem...




Gravedigger: NOW, THIS IS ACTION. Both the Monster and Occulo are laying down powerful blows to one another.

Oblivion grabs Occulo and tosses him into the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: occulo bounces off the ropes....


Zach Davis: The Monster misses with an errant clothesline attempt.

Occulo continues to run to the other end, of the ring. Bounces off the ropes and charges towards Oblivion, who is charging at Occulo...


Gravedigger: SWINGING DDT!!

Zach Davis: Occulo is making a pin attempt!!!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: Tw-....


Oblivion puts a Claw hold across the forehead of Occulo. IT's thumb and pinkie finger are in the eyes of Occulo!!

Occulo: AHHHHHHH!!

Both competitors stumble around, as Oblivion tries to keep the Claw hold onto Occulo. Occulo stumbles around and eventually pushes Oblivion towards the ropes....


Oblivion pushes both ITself and Occulo over the top rope. They both land hard, first on the ring apron then hard against the nearby ringside mats. Oblivion quickly grabs for Occulo....


Zach Davis: Oblivion has thrown Occulo into the ring step.


The Monster charges toward an already fallen Occulo...


Gravedigger: Occulo moves out of the way.

Meanwhile, inside the ring....

Zach Davis: Mark Mayhem lands with a standing dropkick.

Howard black falls backwards, but gets his balance back and quickly stands back and charges at Mayhem...

Freddy Whoa: A CROSSBODY!!

Black picks up Mayhem...







The steel steps move drastically when Oblivion collided with the steps. Occulo grabs The Monster and groans as he tries to pick up Oblivion...

Gravedigger: I don't believe it, Occulo has picked up The Monster....


Freddy Whoa: Belly to back suplex on the the steel ringsteps.

Occulo quickly runs up and climbs up to the top turnbuckle....

Zach Davis: Oblivion is barely hanging off the ringsteps and Occulo is about to fly off the top turnbuckle....


Gravedigger: Oesophagus Bureau!!

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion is thrashing around, grabbing IT's own throat. But, Occulo cannot follow up with the Subliminal Message.

Zach Davis: Howard Black Irish whips Mayhem into the ropes....

Freddy Whoa: OH NO!! Mayhem has collided with Stanley Moser.

Occulo goes to grab for Oblivion....


Gravedigger: YES!! BLUE HAZE MIST!!

Occulo scream out, as Oblivion stalks IT's opponent.....




Both men collapse, but Oblivion slowly stands up.

Gravedigger: Howard Black is already perched on the top turnbuckle...




Mayhem sees all the action on the outside of the ring bounces off the ropes on the other side, of the ring....





All four men slowly stand up...



Freddy Whoa: What an awesome display of power with that devastating F-5!!

Occulo spins around Mayhem, knocking Mayhem onto their front!!

Gravedigger: Occulo drives his knee forcefully into the side of the head of Mark Mayhem.

Zach Davis: That was the Subliminal Message!!


Oblivion kicks the gut of Occulo and places him on the shoulders of The Monster. Oblivion slaps the legs off IT's shoulder slamming Occulo down with a cutter!!!

Gravedigger: 5150!!! All four competitors are once again collapsed on the ringside area!!!

Slowly but surely both men crawl towards their respective corners. Occulo makes it first!, tagging in Black. Black hops into the ring and runs at Oblivion full speed, dropping an elbow onto his head. The fans boo as Oblivion isn't able to make the tag, and on the apron Marc Mayhem is livid. Black lifts Oblivion up and delivers a knee to the gut, bending him over.

Zach Davis: Here it comes! THE SEVENTH SEAL!

Black runs at Obi and leaps, but Oblivion catches him!

Freddy Whoa: ANOTHER 5150!

NO!, Black slides behind Oblivion and spins him around, delivering another knee to the gut! Wasting no time Black runs at Oblivion and hits it.

Gravedigger: SEVENTH SEAL!

Black drops and pins Oblivion.




Zach Davis: Howard Black just pinned the former WCF World Champion!

The bell sounds as Black gets to his feet, joined by Occulo. Oblivion holds his head in pain as Mayhem looks on.

Freddy Whoa: The Sentinels are victorious once again here tonight.

Disappointed, Marc Mayhem heads to the back as Oblivion rolls out of the ring and heads back as well.

DRG Segment

The scene opens with Connor Noskov, Charlie Anderson, Mikey Extreme, Deuce Murdock, Danny Anderson, and Thomas Bates sitting around a circular table. There are three open seats, the one that is always saved for Fenix, and two more. One presumably for Gemini Battle who is MIA and one for an unknown, but probable reason. And that reason walks through the door.

Spender Adams comes in after his match. The club all get up to greet the newcomer. All except for Danny Anderson who conspicuously remains seated.

Thomas Bates: Welcome to the DRG, Spencer.

Spencer Adams: The pleasure is all yours... ha just playin'. Yea, I'm pumped to be a part of this thing. When do I get patched in?

Thomas Bates: In due time. You'll prove your one of us, after a stint as a Prospect.

Thomas shakes Spencer's hand and is interrupted by Gemini Battle barging through the door.

Gemini Battle: Sorry I'm late guys... my Igonspangler was fucked on my bike...

They all look confused at this statement.

Gemini Battle: Well it's either the igonspangler or the petervenkmen... either way it was totally Zuul if you know what I mean.

Spencer Adams: Dude, are you just naming Ghostbuster characters right now?

Gemini Battle: Winston Zeddemore?

The gang laughs. Well all but Gemini and Danny Anderson who simply gets up and leaves.

Deuce Murdock: What's got his Slimer all up in a huff?

Charlie Anderson: He's late to meet the keymaster...

The gang laughs again, all except Gemini.

Charlie Anderson: Alright, alright. Enough off the games. Why'd ya call us here, President Bates? Connor and I have to meet up with some people soon...

Thomas Bates: I didn't call you guys here.

Gemini Battle: That was me, if you're President and you seem to refuse to relinquish the title then I'll be... King... no.. Emperor... no... I got it... Grand Puba! Now that I have your attention. When does the human trafficking start?

The gang all just shake their heads laughing and almost in unison get up to leave.

Gemini Battle: Well, we don't have to start with human trafficking, what about that baby raping you guys are so fond of... guys... come on... come back!

The entire club is gone except for Thomas Bates who is standing by the door, half in and half out of the room.

Thomas Bates: We can get to that... whatever thing another time... right now we got a Trio's title to win.

Gemini nods his head in approval as Bates closes the door behind him.

Gemini Battle: Good session. Meeting Adjourned!

Gemini bangs a gavel on a podium, both which seems to conjured out of nowhere as the scene fades.

Isaiah Chavis/Dune vs The Poondock Saints

Scene fades into the packed arena in Mexico City!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! What a night it's been so far!

Zach Davis: And it's going to keep going well into the night! We got an intense main event coming up later with Pantheon taking on Two and a Half Black Men!

Gravedigger: Fantastic! We get to watch Jayson Price stumble around the ring like a drunk buffoon!

The lights flicker to black and the opening chords of Angelo Badalamenti's "The Pink Room" hit in the darkness. Smoke pours out in front of the deep red lights just beyond the entrance. Two golden spotlights slowly scan the audience as Dune clears the curtain and emerges from the smoke. His cold eyes remain fixed on the ring as he makes his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring...from the badlands of the Mojave Desert...weighing in at 276 pounds...DUUUUUUUNE!

He slides into the ring and is quick to his feet. He walks around the inner-perimeter, testing the ropes and stretching a bit, then he makes his way to the center. He grabs the collar of his tactical vest with both hands and looks out into the crowd as each corner-post issues a final hiss of smoke before the lights come on again. He makes his way to the corner, sliding out of his vest and dropping it outside the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Here's the number one contender for ICE Beckman's World Championship!

Zach Davis: He's got a long road ahead of him, and that road isn't about to get any easier as he takes on The Poondock Saints alongside Isaiah Chavis.

Gravedigger: The two of them are not going to be able to co-exist long enough to take on an established team like the Saints. I mean, I hate those fuckin' guys but they're Tag Team Champions for a reason!

“Whoop Whoop” by Twiztid blares over the PA system as the camera searches the crowd. It find Isaiah entering from behind the audience, as they erupt in applause. He pulls his clown face goalie mask down, hops up onto a hand railing, and dives into the crowd. They catch him, and surf him around a bit before passing him down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, he hails from Detroit Michigan. Weighing at two hundred, fifteen pounds and standing five feet, eleven inches tall… The Juggalo Warrior Isaiah Chavis!

Isaiah slides under the bottom rope and pops to his feet, lifting the mask so he can see the fans better. He takes it off and tosses it to a fan in the front row before throwing up his hands in the shape of a “W” and a “C” and shouting “Whoop Whoop!” The fans shout it back at him, bringing a smile to his face as his music dies.

Zach Davis: Here's Dune reluctant tag team partner...The Juggalo Warrior Isaiah Chavis.

Gravedigger: What's the deal with all these clown motherfuckers in the Dub these days? I remember the good old days with Stitches and shit...but this is getting out of hand.

Freddy Whoa: They all came in a clown car!

Zach Davis: All joking aside, Isaiah is a force to be reckoned with...and he's looking to come back here tonight after the string of recent losses he's faced since his return.

The lights in the arena go black. A cheer comes up from the crowd and then mates with a chant, a MASSIVE IRREPRESSIBLE chant from every corner of the arena, from every poon and thick in attendance tonight.


The excitement reaches a fever pitch. The fans froth at their collective mouths in anticipation of the thick shit that's bout it bout it, ready to cum in mere moments, though they're still shrouded in darkness save for cellphone flash bulbs so y'all can't really see it but y'all can feel it. The giddy aura of the WCF Universe is instantly impregnated by the sound of a gunshot.


"Natural Born Killaz" by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube tears through the PA system like the thickness does the poon. Simultaneously, the lights come back up in full-on strobe mode with red and green flashing all about the building in every which way. White people be dancin' the Jitterbug, but hey-- at least they gettin down to them thick gangsta rap sounds. The entire crowd is vibing, smoking phat blunts, tippin them forties, motorboatin' the biggest and baddest titties.

Kaz Mazy and Bobby Cairo emerge in the crowd, being led toward the ring by their manager Bolts Quackenbush, who's waving that Old Glory Poon Guinean Flag with the hammer and sickle and them fifty stars and thirteen bars.

Zach Davis: The Poondock Saints are in the house!

Freddy Whoa: Thickest entrance in this business today, Zach. Look at them white folk dancin' the Jitterbug. Crazy ass white folk.

Bitches be gettin their twerk on as Dre and Cube pay tribute with homicidal lyrics. Bolts hurdles over the fan barrier, never wavering from that flag but waving it like the proud military veteran that he be. Cairo and Mazy hop over the barrier and present a united front as they wait for their match to begin.


Bolts whipping that flag into a frenzy to accommodate the patriotic legions in attendance.

The PD Saints slide into the ring and Kaz decides to take the ring and Cairo abides like a THICK azz nigguh. Meanwhile, Dune and Isaiah seem to be at odds over who's going to start the match. Eventually, Dune gestures to Isaiah to start the match as The Sandman takes his spot on the apron. The two wind up in their respective corners as the ref calls for bell and the match begins.


Zach Davis: And they're off to the races!

Freddy Whoa: They lock up right out the gate!

They fight for control, but Kaz slips Isaiah into a headlock...but Isaiah lifts him off the ground with a hard back suplex. They both climb to their feet and lock up again. Isaiah flips behind Kaz and whips around for an enziguiri!...but Kaz ducks! Chavis lands on his feet, but Kaz trips him from behind and moves around towards Isaiah's head. He locks him in, but Isaiah uses what leverage he has to lift them both up to their feet! Hip toss by Isaiah! Kaz lands on his feet and turns around!...to eat a knee to the gut from Chavis!

Zach Davis: That's how you gain control!

Freddy Whoa: Irish whip to Kaz!

Kaz rebounds off the ropes as Isaiah leap frogs over him. Chavis drops to his back as Kaz comes back and monkey tosses Kaz! Kaz hits the mat, but rolls to his feet and catches himself on the ropes. Chavis kips up and turns around as the two meet in the middle of the ring again! Kick to the gut by Chavis!...but Kaz catches his foot!

Zach Davis: Whirlwind kick by Kaz!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Chavis ducks it!

Kaz and Isaiah trade a series of holds before Kaz gains the upper hand and irish whips Chavis into the ropes. Isaiah leaps as Kaz rebounds off the ropes. Kaz jumps into the air and locks his legs around Chavis head and plants him into the mat with a hurricanrana! Chavis hits the mat, but uses momentum to leap to his corner and tag in the Sandman to a crowd pop! Isaiah rolls out on the apron as Dune climbs in to the ring and charges Kaz!

Zach Davis: Dune enters the ring with overwhelming force!

Freddy Whoa: He told Kaz he was going to pin his shoulders to the mat...and he had no say one way or the other.

Gravedigger: Easier said than done.

Dune pops off fist after fist on Kaz, using sheer size to gain advantage over Mazy. Dune lifts him up and drops Kaz with a high impact suplex! Kaz hits the mat and holds the small of his back in discomfort. Dune whips to his feet with agility belaying his size and starts planting his boot into Mazy's chest! Bobby's reaching for the tag, trying to end the beating being laid upon his tag team partner. Kaz is reaching for the tag...but Dune grabs his leg and pulls him across the ring. He goes to lift up Mazy...and eats the business end of Kaz's boot for his trouble! Dune falls back holding his face as Kaz crawls across the ring towards Cairo. Dune on his heels!...

Freddy Whoa: KAZ GETS THE TAG!

Zach Davis: And here comes Cairo with bad intentions!

Cairo enters the ring and pops off a clothesline on Dune! Dune eats the mat as Cairo crosses the ring towards a recovering Chavis, knocking him off the apron with a hard forearm. Cairo turns around as Dune gets to his feet and plants him on the mat with a dropkick. Dune stands as Cairo gets up and Bobby hooks his leg...


Freddy Whoa: Cairo hits it!

Cairo covers Dune for the pinfall...



Dune thrusts his shoulder up, successfully breaking up the pin. Dune climbs to his feet as Cairo does the same thing. The lock up, but Cairo pops him in the abdomen with a sharp elbow, doubling The Sandman over in pain. Cairo brings his shin up into Dune's chest, knocking him backwards across the ring. Cairo charges him for and goes for the Yakuza kick!...


Cairo turns around...

Freddy Whoa: SANDSTORM!!!

Gravedigger: But Cairo escapes!...

Cairo wiggles free and hits the mat feet first. He bounds toward his corner and tags Mazy back in! Kaz leaps onto the top rope and springs toward Dune, hitting him upside the head with his right knee! The impact topples Dune, but he remains on his feet. Kaz leaps off the ropes again and hits Dune with a crossbody!...but Dune catches him in midair! He goes for a knee drop backbreaker...but Kaz pushes away and lands on his feet. Kaz bounces off the ropes...and eats a big boot from Dune! Dune drops down and covers Kaz for the pinfall.



Freddy Whoa: Mazy gets the shoulder up!

Zach Davis: Dune looks pissed!

Dune lifts Kaz to his feet and drags him towards the corner where Isaiah is located. He tags Isaiah in and drops Kaz down onto his knee. He signals towards Isaiah for a double team maneuver...but Isaiah refuses to work with Dune!

Zach Davis: Come on Chavis! What's going on?! Don't you want to win?!

Reluctantly, Isaiah climbs to the top rope and drops on Mazy with the leg drop, knocking him off of Dune's knee. Kaz crumples on the ground as Isaiah goes for the pin while Dune watches.





Dune shakes his head at Chavis before taking his spot on the apron. Isaiah lifts Kaz to his feet and pushes him up against the ropes. His mouth moves, but the words are inaudible. He goes for a hard right fist to Kaz...but Kaz ducks it! Kaz dips underneath the Juggalo Warrior and somersaults towards his corner. He leaps in the air and tags in The Father of Gawd to a huge crowd pop!

Gravedigger: Welcome to the big leagues Chavis!

Zach Davis: Stepping in the ring with Bobby Cairo isn't a joke...Chavis may find himself in a world of hurt soon!

Cairo climbs into the ring as Isaiah approaches him. They get face to face and start arguing...but Chavis plants a kiss on Cairo's cheek, which catches him off guard! Cairo mouths “What the fu...” but Isaiah grabs Cairo...



They both hit the mat and lie there for a second, but Isaiah starts to get to his feet. He starts to climb to the top turnbuckle and signals to the crowd.

Zach Davis: They know what he's doing!

Isaiah winds up and moves to leap!...but Kaz hits the top rope and Isaiah loses balance right as Cairo's getting to his feet...


Cairo throws his arm over Chavis.





Chavis rolls out of the ring as Kaz enters it and helps Cairo to his feet. Kaz pats Cairo on the back before raising his arm in the air. Dune is backing up the ramp, glaring at the Imperium members.

Freddy Whoa: Well, the Poondock Saints may be victorious here tonight, but something tells me neither Dune nor Isaiah Chavis' issues have been resolved.

Zach Davis: Bobby Cairo and Kaz Mazy got the best of them, but I imagine both men are still gunning for ICE Beckman.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Television Title on the Line
ICE Beckman/Joey Flash/Zombie McMorris vs Thomas Uriel Bates/Gemini Battle/Gonzo Murdock

The opening sample of "So Whatcha Want" by Beastie Boys fills the arena as the lights dim. When the song kicks in, strobelights flash throughout the arena and a spotlight hits the entrance. Buddy Roman takes the stage, followed by Natural ICE Beckman, Zombie McMorris and Joey Flash.

Zach Davis: Listen to this crowd.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Talk about hostile!

Gravedigger: What's ridiculous is the following that the DRG have developed since we've been down here! They're not real bikers, or outlaws, for that matter!

Buddy stands before them with a proud smile. The three men taunt the crowd for a few moments until a series of pyros explode and they are led to the ring by Buddy.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Welcome to the Semi-Finals of the Trios Cup Tournament to determine the NEW TRIOS CHAMPIONS!!!! As per rules pertaining to said title, the WCF TELEVISION TITLE IS ON THE LINE! MAKING THEIR WAY TO THE RING FIRST!!! Being accompanied to the ring by BUDDY ROMAN!!! At a combined weight of 725 pounds!!! ............ ZOMBIE MCMORRIS!!! JOEY FLASH!!! WCF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLD! NATURAL "ICE" BECKMAN!!!! ONE-HALF OF IMPERIUM!!! THE VAPOR KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS.....

Zach Davis: These guys are stone-faced. Not as jovial as they usually are.

Freddy Whoa: I think they grasp the seriousness of this match, as the Dark Riders Gang have an opportunity to crush Imperium with a devastating blow, if not one that ends it before it really begins!

Gravedigger: I call total BS on that scenario, because this is the VAPOR KINGS! Natty ICE Beckman has been leading this team to glory ever since its inception. With a minor dark period aside, these guys are poised to go right back to where they should be to begin with. Seth should have just handed them the belts and said, "Have at thee", but instead, THIS!

The sounds of several Harley-Davidson motorcycles blare over the sound system, slowly fading out. After a brief pause “Call Me the Breeze” by Lynyrd Skynyrd begins to play. All three men representing the Dark Riders Gang step on to the stage at the same time, with Thomas in the middle, Gemini to his left, and Gonzo to his right. The fans are going NUTS, as they walk down to the ring, as the three interact with the crowd on the way down to the ring...


Once at ringside, Bates climbs up the ring apron at the center, before stepping over the rope and entering the ring. Gemini walks to the left ring steps and sits on the middle rope, allowing Vanessa inside of the ring, before stepping in himself, waving to the crowd while crossing his throat with his other hand. Gonzo walks up the right ring steps, before launching himself over the top rope into the ring. Gonzo locks eyes with every member of the Vapor Kings, as the Vapor Kings launches threats in his general direction. Gonzo spits ceremoniously in the Vapor Kings general direction, as they blow him off...

Zach Davis: No love lost between Gonzo and the Vapor Kings.

Freddy Whoa: And they all wouldn't have it any other way!

Gravedigger: May they kill that peg-legged bastard once and for all!

Zach Davis: All six men in the ring now, as we determine who's going first.

Freddy Whoa: And Bates is taking it for the team! He's taunting the Vapor Kings!

Thomas Uriel Bates: SEND ME ANYBODY!!!

Gravedigger: I don't know if that's brave or stupid, considering his title is on the line... And here comes Zombie to meet him!


Zombie charges in, and is immediately met with a boot to the face! He follows this up with an elbow drop, before getting to his feet, and dragging Zombie to his with a Hip Toss...

Zach Davis: Rough start for Zombie, as TUB had him scouted from the get-go.

Gravedigger: There is no quit in Zombie. Not when they need him more than ever!

Freddy Whoa: Well, there is a ton riding on the line in this match. Finals, the existence of Imperium...

Gravedigger: Freddy...

Bates rolls Zombie into a Boston Crab near his corner, before tagging in Gemini, who stomps on Zombie a bit before Thomas lets him go, before leaving the ring. Gemini takes over, putting him in his own Boston Crab, before Zombie reaches for some ropes. Gonzo kicks the hand of Zombie, which prompts the referee to make Gemini break the hold. Gemini obliges him, as he stomps away on Zombie, who slowly recovers. Gemini then tries to whip Zombie into the ropes, only for it to get reversed...

Zach Davis: POWERSLAM!

Freddy Whoa: Cover!


Gemini quickly kicks out, before he tags out to Gonzo! Zombie tags himself out, as...

Zach Davis: Gonzo and ICE in the ring!

Freddy Whoa: ICE IS CHARGING!!!

Gravedigger: NO!!!!!

ICE cuts his charge short, as he barely misses being caught in the face by a Chuck Norris Special!!! Gonzo follows up with a Van Damme Special, but is taken down by a...

Zach Davis: Spinebuster and a cover!


Gonzo kicks out, rolls himself over ICE, before ending up with a Fujiwara Armbar on ICE in the middle of the ring! ICE fights it, but gains no ground, as Joey Flash enters the ring. Gonzo releases the hold, as he stares down Joey. Joey backs out of the ring, but its long enough for Gonzo to get an uppercut to the face, followed by a scoop slam, and a falling headbutt, as ICE hooks the leg...




Zach Davis: And Gonzo is in trouble here, as ICE pulls him to his feet...

Gravedigger: It's a BOXWINE HANGOVER!!!



Gonzo goes for the cover...




Gravedigger: It's going to take A LOT MORE than just ONE CHUCK NORRIS SPECIAL!!! C'MON!!!

Zach Davis: And the pendulum swings back in Gonzo's favor, as he tags Bates back in. ICE takes this opportunity to quickly get himself out of the ring, as he tags in Joey Flash...

Freddy Whoa: David and Goliath...

Gravedigger: Everyone knows that Imperium is the REAL GIANT in this match!

Flash charges Bates, as Bates brings his foot up. Flash dodges it, and attacks the planted leg of Bates, as Bates comes crashing down on to the mat, as the referee has trouble keeping his feet because of the sheer, devastating force! Joey holds on to the leg, as he applies an ankle lock on Bates while sitting!!!

Zach Davis: And Bates finds himself in a predicament!

Freddy Whoa: How is he able to get him in that position?

Gravedigger: I don't have time to tell you, but you can bet Bates is in a world of pain, right now!

Gonzo and Gemini start working the crowd, as you can hear the crowd start chanting...

Crowd: D-R-G!!! D-R-G!!! D-R-G!!!

Bates hits Joey over the head with a bell clap, then another, before he breaks the hold. Joey turns to hit Bates in the face with a diving punch, but Bates grabs him in a bearhug, rolling Joey over, before getting up to a vertical position, launching Joey into the DRG corner with a Fallaway Slam!

Zach Davis: And Joey's in between a rock and a hard place!

Gravedigger: I think the turnbuckles play the hard place, this time...



Zach Davis: THE COVER!!!



Gonzo comes crashing down on top of Joey Flash, as he flies off the turnbuckles to do so! Gonzo is back on his feet, as Joey rolls off of Bates. Both ICE and Zombie charge from their corners, as they surpass the referees, engaging Gemini and Zombie, as the referee attempts to maintain order inside of the ring...

Freddy Whoa: Buddy Roman on the ring apron! What's he doing?

ICE takes down Gemini with a German suplex, while Gonzo plants a bicycle kick into the midsection, knocking him out of the ring! Gonzo pursues, while Gemini moves out of the way of a running ICE elbow drop, as he rolls himself to his feet. Flash is back on his feet, as he hits Gemini from behind, before pushing him into an awaiting ICE Beckman...

Gravedigger: HANGOVER DDT!!!


Gemini hits Beckman with a Low Blow. Beckman stumbles out of the ring. Flash glares, until he's put into a Full Nelson by Thomas Uriel Bates.



Gravedigger: PIN!




Freddy Whoa: The Television Champ pins Joey Flash!

Thomas Uriel Bates rolls off of Flash and joins DRG on the outside.

Zach Davis: WHAT AN UPSET!

The DRG theme hits as Bates and Co. regroup at the ramp. All three raise their arms high in the air.

Gravedigger: The DRG has been making a career out of upsets, Zach. When will they NOT be upsets anymore?

Zach Davis: Good point. The DRG have just advanced to the FINALS of the Trios Cup Tournament, and no one thought they'd get there!

TUB slaps the chest of Gemini Battle as they celebrate with Deuce and backpeddle up the ramp. In the ring, ICE kicks the ground, pissed at the result.

Freddy Whoa: What does this mean for ICE Beckman and Asesinato De Mayo?

Gravedigger: I think it means he has to defend his Title, Freddy.

Torture Segment

Crawl by Kings of Leon hits.

Zach Davis: AW SHIT!

The crowd pops huge as TORTURE HITS THE STAGE!


Freddy Whoa: He's here!?


Zach Davis: I thought you hated The Tort?

Gravedigger: I used to, but even I've got to get excited when he shows up nowadays. Literally, I have to. Seth wrote it in my contract.

Torture heads to the ring, slapping hands and taking in the crowd's excitement.

Freddy Whoa: Torture has had a less-than-stellar return for a legend such as himself. He was involved in not one, but TWO losses in the Trios Cup tournament. A lot of the guys backstage are actually blaming him for his team's loss last week!

Torture gets in the ring and grabs a mic from Kyle Steel.

Torture: I'm going to make this brief. I let my team down in the Trios tournament.

The crowd boos.

Torture: I'm not proud but we did the best we could.. well, sort of. I could have done a lot better. Isaiah Chavis has his own issues going on with your World Champion, ICE Beckman, but tonight I want to talk about someone else. Marc Mayhem is a one of a kind athlete and he's well on his way to being a huge star here in WCF.

Crowd pops for Mayhem!

Torture: The problem is that he's aligned himself with a bad influence, he's been brainwashed by Oblivion. But I saw something in his eyes last week, something I recognize. He's better than being a Chrono-Ripper. Thats why I'm here to make it official! Two weeks from now I'll be in Mayhem's corner for his Hardcore Championship match at Asesinato De Mayo!

Crowd pops!

Torture: I want Mayhem to know that I'm only there to make sure things go right for him - that Oblivion's interference doesn't mess up his career and that he becomes the Hardcore Champion! I'm on Mayhem's side and soon he'll be Hardcore Champion.. I mean, you know who made that title prestigious right? Yeah, it was me!

Crowd pops!

Torture: See you at the PPV!

With that, Crawl hits again and Torture leaves the ring as the crowd cheers for him!

Zach Davis: And there you have it! Even though he won't be in the Trios Cup Tournament finals, Torture will be at the show!

Gravedigger: Gotta get that payday one way or the other, Zach!

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Jonny Fly/Steve Orbit/Corey Black vs Jayson Price/Scarecrow/Alex Richards

Kyle Steel: The follow contest is a 6 man tag team match scheduled for one fall…where the winners will advance to the finals of the Trios Tournament on their quest to become the first ever Trios Champions.


Gravedigger: MAIN EVENT TIME!!!

The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as "The Mack" Steve Orbit steps out onto the stage. Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus peice, and a jewel encrusted cane. Orbit struts towards the ring, ignoring the boos from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the opposing team... first, from Oakland, California... weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... "THE MACK"... STEVE ORBIT!

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit making his way to the ring, with his fellow team members following shortly.

Freddy Whoa: This is going to be such a huge match-up Old Pantheon vs New Pantheon.

Gravedigger: It’s going to be interesting how the team that was put together by Corey Black does against the team of Orbit/Black/Fly who were the winners last year.

Zach Davis: It’s also going to be interesting if Jayson Price can lead his team to a victory over Orbit/Black/Fly. And just imagine what he’d say if he did pull it off.

Gravedigger: Oh god, I can imagine it now... Price would NEVER shut up if he managed to knock his “buddies” out of Trios.

At ringside, he removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to a ring hand. Upon entering the ring, he climbs one of the turnbuckles and gyrates his hips. "OR-BIT SUCKS" chants can be heard throughout the arena. He climbs down from the turnbuckle and waits for the match to start.

"Pursuit of Honor" by Battlecross begins, with the melodic guitar flowing through the arena, getting the crowd pumped up. As this goes on, the lights fade to nothing until "Push Pull Destroy" also by Battlecross kicks in, where red and white lights circle throughout the arena. Once the thrash blast beat hits, a spotlight illuminates the stage and there stands Corey Black wearing a black hoodie over his ring gear. Tonight he’s sporting a ruby red elbow pad.

Kyle Steel: Next, from his residence in Denmark, The Dethfort... weighing two hundred and twelve pounds... THE KING OF ALL WRESTLERS... COREY BLACK!

Freddy Whoa: Check out Black’s new bling! That ruby red elbow pad is so bright I can see it sparkle from way over here!

Gravedigger: Sparkle? Really Freddy?

The lights continue as Corey walks down to the ring, bobbing his head to the music. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope, stands to his feet and throws up the devil horns before taking the hoodie off and dropping it to the floor. He then poses with his right arm up and bent slightly almost in a vertical flex, left hand on his elbow.

Zach Davis: And the crowd goes quiet, awaiting the arrival of Jonny Fly...

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Kyle Steel: And their partner, from New York City... weighing two hundred and thirty pounds... THE DYNASTY... JONNY FLY!

Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on the ring. The jumbotron changes to the words ‘This is the Era of Jonny Fly.’ The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly. His eyes remain fixed on his opponent throughout. Slowly and deliberately he begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the ring. He stops and takes a few moment to exchange a long stare with his opponent before finally sliding into the ring.

Zach Davis: And now we await the arrival of the New Pantheon, lead by Jayson Price.

Freddy Whoa: I’m getting goosebumps in anticipation. This is huge!

Gravedigger: Well, it’s time to see if Price can finally prove he’s better than Orbit/Black/Fly like he claims to be.

The Mysterious Pantheon Theme plays as Scarecrow, Richards, and Price make their way to the ring.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined 843 lbs… Earth’s Mightiest Wrestling Stable… THE CRUSIERWEIGHT CHAMPION “MR. EVERY TITLE” JAYSON PRICE… THE PEOPLE’S CHAMPION SCARECROW… THE INTERNET CHAMPION ALEX RICHARDS… PANTHEON!

The crowd goes nuts as they walk down the aisle and into the ring.

Zach Davis: And here they are! All three men are Champions so the gold shows these guys are the best and brightest here!

Freddy Whoa: Even Jayson Price is considered the best, he is “Mr. Every Title” after all and he’s looking to add Trios MVP x2 to his resume.

Gravedigger: He won’t get it, Jayson’s going to do what he always does against Orbit, Black, or Fly and that’s choke. You know where Jayson Price falls on the scale.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

The referee calls for the bell and match begins.


Both teams talk amongst themselves to see who’s going to start the match. Price tells his team that he’s got this and he calls out Corey Black pointing at him signaling to Fly/Orbit that he wants Black. Fly and Orbit look at each other then look at Black and all three shrug their shoulders and Fly/Orbit/Scarecrow/Richards all head out onto the apron.

Zach Davis: Jayson Price calling out Corey Black to start things off.

Freddy Whoa: This should be good, these two have always had a competitive rivalry, even as team mates.

Price starts jaw-jacking Price who stands there unamused and he adjusts his ruby red elbow pad.

Jayson Price: You ready to get your ass kicked Corey!


Black lunges after Price.


Black almost nails Price with his elbow.

Zach Davis: Black almost nailed Price with the elbow already.

Freddy Whoa: Corey doesn’t like listening to Price mouth off, of course he’s going to wire his jaw shut with that ruby elbow of his!


Price catches Black with a rolling elbow to the face.


Black fires off a string of punches to Price’s gut.


Zach Davis: Corey with a hard knee to the chest of Price!


Price grabs his chest as Black knocks the wind out of him with some more knee strikes.


Price clinches Black and Irish whips him into his team’s corner and Black crashes against the turnbuckles.


Price tags Richards in.


Richards unloads with body shots to Black trying to keep him pinned in the corner.


Black nails a huge elbow strike to the head of Richards.


Black with another elbow strike trying to stun Richards to no avail.

Zach Davis: Black is trying to stun Richards with those hard hits of his but it’s having no effect on Richards!

Freddy Whoa: Well of course, Richards is the STRANGE Internet Champion after all…

Gravedigger: Yeah shots to the head don’t work on Richards, there’s nothing there…

Black tries fighting out of the corner with a knee strike but Richards returns with a knee strike of his own. Richards then grabs Black for an Irish whip.


Black counters Richards and Irish whips him into Black’s corner.


Black tags in Jonny Fly.


Fly darts into the ring and ducks a clothesline attempt from Richards.


Fly nails Richards with a Spear!

Crowd: OOOH!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Fly with a Spear out of no where!

Gravedigger: Fly is going to make Richards the latest FlyJobber!

Fly covers.




Richards powers out.


Fly waits for Richards to get to his feet before charging the ropes and rebounds.


Richards nails a huge big boot that sends Fly crashing outside.

Zach Davis: Richard kicks Fly plum out the ring with a big boot!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Richards is taking it to Fly.

Gravedigger: That’s because he needs to, if you wanna beat Jonny Fly you better step it up and bring you’re A-game.

Black and Orbit heads to the floor to check on Fly who’s holding his head.


Price jumps off the apron onto Black and Scarecrow jumps onto Orbit taking them down!


Richards hauls ass to get out of the ring as the two teams prepare to brawl ringside! The referee begins counting.




Price and Black brawl, Scarecrow and Orbit brawl and Fly and Richards are brawling.


Zach Davis: The referee is losing control of this match!

Freddy Whoa: These 6 men are beating the hell out of each other giving their opponents more than they can take as they try to advance to the finals of Trios!



Fly takes down Richards with an European Uppercut!

Zach Davis: Fly cuts Richards down to size!



Scarecrow sends Orbit into the barricades and follows after him with a clothesline that sends them both into the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Action spilling into the crowd! They better watch out!



Price sends Black elbow first into the ring post.



Price slams Black’s elbow into the ring post several times causing a ruby to fall off the elbow pad.


Fly rolls into the ring.


Richards is back in.


Black pulls Price face first into the ring post fending him off. The referee gets Black to head back to his corner and Price afterwards.


Fly springboards off the ropes.


Zach Davis: Fly nails Richards with a clothesline!

Fly covers.




Fly gets up and walks over to his corner.


Orbit is tagged in.


Orbit goes straight after Richards with a spinning back fist.

Crowd: OOOH!

Zach Davis: Orbit with a stiff fist to the face, Richards had to have felt that one!


Orbit tries to Irish whip Richards.


Richards reverses and tags in Scarecrow.


Orbit and Scarecrow start brawling in the center of the ring.


Orbit with a head butt.


Scarecrow with a knife edged chop.


Zach Davis: PIMP SLAP!

Orbit connects with his signature slap.


Orbit gets behind Scarecrow.


Orbit german suplexes Scarecrow and follows through with the bridge pinning Scarecrow.




Price shoots into the ring and kicks Orbit in the back of the head breaking the pin. Fly and Black rush the ring as does Richards. The two teams then stand-off.


Zach Davis: Here we go! Another huge brawl is about to ensue.


Price and Black go at it. Fly and Richards are going at it. Orbit and Scarecrow are exchanging blow.

Freddy Whoa: This is complete and udder pandemonium.

Gravedigger: A great big pile of poo’ is what this is.

The referee counts trying to regain control.



Price and Black are pummeling each other in the corner, Price is focusing on Black’s elbow while Black continues to fend him off.



Fly and Richards take each other out and they go flying over the ropes to the outside crashing to the floor below.



Black tosses Price to the outside and runs to the opposite side of the ring and rebounds off the ropes.



Black soars to the outside with a Suicide dive taking out Price, Fly and Richards. Black holds his elbow after the impact.

Zach Davis: Black with a high risk maneuver there! A suicide taking out everyone, even Fly got caught in the hit.

Freddy Whoa: But at what cost? Black is clinching his elbow in pain.

The referee stops the count as the action has spilled to the outside and regains his attention on Orbit and Scarecrow who are locked up in the center of the ring. Orbit grabs Scarecrow and lifts him up in the air for a Brainbuster.


Scarecrow fights out of it with a couple of knees to Orbit’s head.

Orbit drops Scarecrow and stumbles into his corner where Black is waiting with a blind tag.


Black hits Scarecrow with a running Yazuka kick that staggers him.


Black hits a combination of punches, knee strikes, and kicks to Scarecrow building momentum.


Black Irish whips Scarecrow.


Price tags himself in as Black tosses Scarecrow through the air with a t-bone suplex. Scarecrow slides under the bottom rope to the outside from the velocity and Price sneaks behind Black not seeing the tag.


Price hits the Price Check.

Zach Davis: Price catches Corey off guard with a Superkick to the chin!

Black falls to the mat.

Instead of following through with the pin Price drags Black over to his corner. Price tells Richards and Scarecrow to give him some room to work with.
Freddy Whoa: Price up to no good here!

Gravedigger: Look at that look in his eyes!

Price grabs Black’s arm and pulls off the red elbow pad that has been protecting Black’s elbow that has been worked over all match long. Price then tosses the elbow pad into the crowd and wedges Black’s arm in between the ring and steel steps.

Zach Davis: What is Price doing here?

Price leaves the ring and heads to the outside and grabs a chair.

Freddy Whoa: Price is going to attack Corey with the chair! He’s going to cost his team the win with a disqualification.

Gravedigger: Typical Price…

Price walks towards the ring slowly with a sick smile on his face. As he comes up the steel steps Richards and Scarecrow try to reason with him but he orders them to move. Fly and Orbit try to enter the ring but the referee isn’t having it, keeping them at bay. Price sets up the chair directly over Black’s elbow.


Zach Davis: Oh my god! Price just drove the chair into Black’s elbow!


Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Price is unloading with more shots with the chair.

Fly and Orbit finally gets the referee to look at Price with the chair attacking Black and the referee calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: That’s it! It’s over. Price just got his team disqualified.

Freddy Whoa: The bigger story is Corey’s elbow, I’m afraid it’s gotta be broken! There isn’t no way that it isn’t!

Gravedigger: I have to agree, I heard Black’s screams from over here!

Kyle Steel: And your winners via disqualification, Corey Black, Steve Orbit, and Jonny Fly!

Crowd: BOO!

The crowd is not happy with the result of the match as the boo Price venomously who gloats over the damage he has done to Black. Fly and Orbit step off the apron and rush to Black’s side. Price bails and stands stall behind Richards and Scarecrow at the announce table.

“Master of Puppets” hits.

Zach Davis: And here comes Seth! He is not happy!

Seth stumbles down the ramp and can be heard mumbling obscenities at Price as he makes his way down to the ring. Seth orders Price to put down the chair and to stay put and grabs a microphone.

Seth Lerch: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE! This is not how the Main Event is supposed to end! What were you thinking Price!?

Price ignores Seth while looking at Black in pain with an evil grin on his face.

Seth Lerch: You don't get to do whatever you want! Who do you think you are, Torture!?

Mixed reaction from the crowd, extreme hate from Price.

Seth Lerch: Are you happy with what you’ve done! Are you proud of yourself?

Price grabs a mic.

Jayson Price: Yes! Yes I am! I finally got one over the invincible Corey Black! You have no choice now but to declare my team the winners Seth, Corey’s elbow is broken, I heard it break, he’s DONE! Now declare me the winner!

Crowd: BOO!

Before Seth can answer, Black manages to muster the strength to stand up and walks slowly over to Seth and snatches the microphone from him.

Corey Black: Seth, don’t worry about it... (groans) My elbow might be broken but I can still finish this match…restart the match!

Crowd: CHEERS!

Jayson Price: No! It’s over and he’s going to declare me the winner!

Seth Lerch: Shut up Price! I’m the boss! This is WCF, not your dumb XIII - which I'm undefeated at, by the way! I order this match to be restarted. GET BACK INTO THE RING!

Fly and Orbit try to help Black back to their side but he isn’t having it. He walks over on his own. Price furious, yells at Scarecrow and Richards to get on the apron and he heads back into the ring.

Zach Davis: It looks like we are restarting the match after Price’s heinous attack!

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black isn’t giving up and convinced Seth to restart!

Gravedigger: Corey is proving how bad he wants to win Trio’s and how tough he really is!


Price starts things off for New Pantheon and Black insists that he’s able to continue and argues with Fly and Orbit about starting for his team despite the right broken elbow.

Zach Davis: I don’t see how CD is able to compete right now! His right elbow is broken thanks to a vicious assault from Jayson Price with a chair.

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black is one of the toughest men in WCF and he’s proving it here tonight!

Gravedigger: Even I got to give props where it’s due. Corey isn’t giving up despite the break.

Price goes right after Black’s elbow with an arm bar.

Zach Davis: Price going right after the elbow! He’s about to make Corey tap!

Freddy Whoa: I dunno, CD has held out this long, who know how much more abuse he can take.

The referee asks Black if he gives up.

Corey Black: NOOO!

Black starts to power out of the arm bar, lifting Price off the mat. Fly and Orbit smack the turnbuckle trying to will Black on.


Black slams Price hard down on the mat breaking free of the arm bar.


Black somehow manages to get Price up on his shoulders.


Black hits the Burning Hammer onto Price. Both men collapse to the mat.

Zach Davis: CD nails the Burning Hammer on Price, somehow, someway, Corey is staying in this thing!

Freddy Whoa: He needs to make the pin or get to his corner for a tag, he can’t have much left in the tank! WHOA!


The referee begins the 10 count as both men are laid out from exhaustion trying to win this high stakes match.




Black starts crawling for his corner. Fly and Orbit both have their hands extended.



Price is crawling for his corner.



Price makes it to his corner and extends his hand out for the tag but Richards and Scarecrow drop to the floor. They won’t accept the tag!

Zach Davis: Richards and Scarecrow wanting nothing to do with Price right now!

Freddy Whoa: They are still showing loyalty to Corey Black who can be regarded as the leader of Pantheon now.

Gravedigger: Oh man, Price is in trouble! He makes it to Jonny Fly!


Jonny Fly is in as Orbit helps Black onto the apron.


Fly darts straight after Price grabbing him by his legs as he tries to escape the ring. Fly pulls him over to his corner where Orbit is waiting with an open bag of hot fries. Fly grabs a handful of hot fries and crams them into Price’s eyes.

The referee looks like he’s about to disqualify Jonny Fly but Seth gives him the look from the outside to let it go.


Zach Davis: DISCUS FLY!

Freddy Whoa: Fly hits the Discus Fly on Price after cramming his eyes with hot fries!

Gravedigger: And that’s not it! Look at Orbit!


Orbit climbs up the turnbuckles and flies through the air!



Freddy Whoa: WHOA! And here’s Jonny Fly with the Fly Swatter!

Fly follows through with the pin. Richards and Scarecrow act like they are going to come in the ring and Orbit and Black get ready for them.





Zach Davis: And they do it! Black/Orbit/Fly do the impossible in this match and after a broken elbow and match restart, somehow manage to find a way to win.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Gosh dang it to heck! That was an incredible match! CD though! He’s tough!

Gravedigger: Despite breaking Black’s arm, Price couldn’t pull off the win, even his own team mates were appalled by what Price did to Corey.

"Pursuit of Honor" by Battlecross begins playing as Orbit and Fly help Corey to his feet and they celebrate the hard fought victory as the crowd gives CD a standing ovation.

Kyle Steel: Your winners, Corey Black, Jonny Fly, and Steve Orbit!

Black and co continue celebrating in the ring while Richards and Scarecrow leaves Price hanging as they walk up the ramp with their backs turned to Price who can’t believe what just happened.

Zach Davis: And there you have it. At Asesinato De Mayo, we will have Jonny Fly, Corey Black, and Steve Orbit face Thomas Uriel Bates, Gemini Battle, and Gonzo Murdock for a World Title shot and the rights to become the first ever WCF Trios Champions.

Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Occulo Calls Out Danny Anderson

Kyle Kemp Segment

Killian Dawson vs Kyle Kemp vs Celeste

Danny Anderson Segment

Snapz vs Jimmy Wicked

Update on Adam Young

Katherine Phoenix vs Danny Anderson

Gemini Battle Segment

Mikey eXtreme vs Logan

Drunk Tank Segment

Spencer Adams vs Vulgar

Occulo/Howard Black Segment

Oblivion/Marc Mayhem vs Occulo/Howard Black

DRG Segment

Isaiah Chavis/Dune vs The Poondock Saints

Trios Cup Tournament Television Title Match: ICE Beckman/Joey Flash/Zombie McMorris vs Thomas Uriel Bates/Gemini Battle/Gonzo Murdock

Torture Segment

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Jonny Fly/Steve Orbit/Corey Black vs Jayson Price/Scarecrow/Alex Richards


Of The Week

Trios Cup Finalists
Imperium vs DRG



ICE Beckman
Thomas Uriel Bates
United States:
Kaz Mazy
Alex Richards
Tag Team:
The Poondock Saints