Isaiah Chavis Segment

“Whoop Whoop” by Twiztid plays over the P.A. system and the crowd erupts.

Zach Davis: Well, it looks like we’re in for an unscheduled visit from the Juggalo Warrior!

Gravedigger: Oh goody.

The camera searches the crowd, finding Isaiah standing at the back, clown face hockey mask over his face, kendo stick tightly wrapped in barbed wire in his right hand. The raises the weapon high in the air, drawing another loud scream from the crowd. He jumps up onto the railing, and leaps into the crowd, careful to keep the sharp weapon away from them as they catch him. The audience surfs him down to ringside, so he can slide inside the squared circle. He grabs a mic, and signals for them to cut his music.

Isaiah Chavis: I got somethin’ buggin’ me y’all!

Isaiah paces back and forth across the ring as he speaks.

Isaiah Chavis: I got somethin’ buggin’ me. It’s been hard times for Isaiah Chavis lately. Hard times for sure. I done got my ass kicked by about everybody in this place. That ain’t shit to me though. Juggalos just call that Tuesday. See, we’re used to gettin’ our heads kicked in. By cops, by our family, by the world. It don’t phase us much. At the end of the day, all you can do is pick your ass up and start swingin’ again, can I get a whoop whoop?!

The crowd shouts “whoop whoop” in unison, bringing a small smile to Isaiah’s face.

Isaiah Chavis: That’s what I like to hear! Now, I been doin’ some thinking, and I realized that I’m at my best, when I’m allowed to get just a little… hardcore.

ISaiah takes a moment to smile lovingly at his custom kendo stick, allowing the crowd to cheer.

Isaiah Chavis: That’s why tonight, we’re having ourselves the first ever Isaiah Chavis hardcore open! The very next mother fucker to walk down that ramp gets to step between these ropes and have a hadcore match with this crazy mother fucker. Now I just got one question… which one of you bitches in the back is hardcore enough to take me on?

Isaiah drops the mic, rips off the hockey mask, and swings the kendo stick back and forth, waiting for an opponent. After a few moments, “Murder Train” by the Foreskins plays. Isaiah rolls his eyes as the crowd boos loudly. Hardcore McMurderkill steps out from behind the curtain, steel chair in hand.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like HArdcore McMurderkill has accepted the challenge. This should be a … match.

Zach Davis: Hardcore McMurderkill has been with the company three years now, and has yet to win a match. But you never know. ISaiah has been on a losing streak lately. Maybe this will be Hardcore’s night.

Isaiah stands in his corner, letting McMurderkill prepare. As soon as the bell rings, they sprint at each other, weapons raised high. Hardcore swings first, but Isaiah ducks the chair. He bounces off the opposite ropes, and clobbers McMurderkill with the barbed weapon. He hits the ground, and blood is already trickling from his forehead.

Zach Davis: Isaiah already drawing first blood. Though Hardcore McMurderkill does list bleeding as among his favorite hobbies, so that may not be such a big deal.

Isaiah brings the stick down a few times across his chest, before Hardcore rolls to the corner and stands to his feet. Isaiah runs forward for another strike, but Hardcore dives, hitting a chop block to the front of Isaiah’s knee. Chavis collapses in pain as McMurderkill stands up and points to his brain. The crowd boos loudly as Hardcore picks up his steel chair.

Zach Davis: A cheap shot from HArdcore McMurderkill leads to him taking control of the match.

Gravedigger: This is a hardcore match! There’s no such thing as a cheap shot. In these matches, we call it taking advantage of an opportunity.

Hardcore raises the chair up high and brings it crashing down on Isaiah’s back a few times. Chavis writhes in pain, and rolls out of the ring. McMurderkill follows, and tries to strike again, but Isaiah grabs his waistband and pulls, sending him face first into the guardrail. He stays on the ground, as Isaiah grabs the chair and climbs into the ring. Chavis gets to the top rope, and waits, chair in hand.

Zach Davis: He’s getting ready for a move he eloquently calls “Fuck your face”

Once Hardcore stands, Isaiah tosses the chair to him. He catches it and gets hit with a front flip senton, sandwiching his head between the chair and the concrete. The crowd chants “Holy Shit” as both men lay on the ground.

Freddy Whoa: Woah! Isaiah giving up his body just to punish Hardcore McMurderkill. He may not have any championships just yet, but watch this guy. He’s just getting started.

Gravedigger: Wear one of his shirts why don’t you?

Isaiah is the first to stand. He drags HArcore up and tosses him under the bottom rope. Chavis follows, chair in hand. He lays the steel across McMurderkill’s chest, and jumps onto the second rope, hitting him with a springboard phoenix splash.

Zach Davis: The Carnival of Carnage!




Isaiah pops to his feet, grabs his kendo stick off the ground, and raises it high over his head in victory.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, The Juggalo Warrior, Isaiah Chavis.

Isaiah rolls out of the ring, and makes his way up the ramp, as the referee checks on a bleeding Hardcore McMurderkill.

Freddy Whoa: I think we might have seen the beginning of a new mean streak for the Juggalo Warrior.

Killian Dawson vs Warfare vs Hog Wilder vs Adam Blake

"Evil Ways" by Blues Saraceno begins to play, as Killian Dawson comes out on to the stage, looking around the arena at the fans who are giving him a mixed reaction.


Kyle Steel: The following contest is a Fatal-4-Way Match! First, on his way to the ring, from Parts Unknown... weighing in at 203 pounds... he is KILLIAN DAWSON!!!

Killian holds his hand out for a couple of fans to touch as he walks down to the ring at a casual pace. Reaching the ring he quickly runs up the steps, jumping through the middle rope and pointing at a few of the fans nearby who are cheering loudly for him. Killian climbs up the turnbuckle and taunts for the crowd with his arms up in the air as he waits for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Here we go for the opening match of tonight’s Slam!

Awesome by Black Eyed Peas starts to play as the arena goes black and then purple smoke in shape of a x appears while the pyros go crazy and Warfare makes his way to the ring.

Kyle Steel: His opponents, first, from Honolulu, Hawaii, weighing in at 245 pounds… WAAAAARFAAARE!

The "War Pigs" remix from 300: Rise of an Empire plays as Wilder tromps out from gorilla. He makes his way down the ramp to the ring, which he continues to power walk around before stomping up the steps. He wipes his feet on the ring apron and then enters the ring between the ropes. After moving to his corner he loosens up by engaging in some old time calisthenics.

Kyle Steel: Secondly, weighing in at 270 pounds… HOOOOOOOOOOG WIIIIILDEEEEER!!!

Blood Night by Adrian Von Ziegler starts playing and the lights go dim. You can still see those around you, but just barely. A dark fog flows over the entrance ramp as Adam Blake enters from the back wearing a black hooded shirt. He just looks down towards the ground as he walks across the stage and down the ramp. He walks up the steps and into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring and raises one hand arm into the air with his hand in a fist. As he looks up towards the crowd the lights brighten and the fog clears.

Kyle Steel: Their last opponent, from Little Rock, Arkansas, weighing in at 205 pounds… He is “The Dark Atom”… ADAAAAM BLAAAAAAKE!!!


Freddy Whoa: The referee calls for the bell and Adam Blake quickly runs to Killian Dawson and starts to punch him!

While Dawson gets punched by ”The Dark Atom”, Warfare hits a strong Clothesline on Hog Wilder. He falls but quickly gets up and kicks his opponent in the stomach. He grabs his head…

Gravedigger: Strong Throat Thrust Uppercut by Wilder!

Warfare falls and rolls to outside the ring. On the other side of the ring Dawson hits a nice Suplex on Adam Blake! He turns around…


Zach Davis: He covers Dawson!




Gravedigger:NOOO!!!! Adam Blake interrupts the counting!

Zach Davis: The match has just started and we already have a near-fall! This is awesome!

Blake doesn’t waste more time and starts the attack on Hog Wilder hitting some strong punches on his belly. He applies an Irish Whip to the ropes, runs…

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Beautiful Flying Cross Body by “The Dark Atom”! Cover…



Hog kicks out! The Atom continues to punch his opponent but Wilder reverses it and pushes his opponent to the ropes.

Gravedigger: Strong Big Boot! That left Adam Blake unconscious!

Hog Wilder tries to go to the pin but Warfare climbs to the turnbuckle and hits a Missile Dropkick on Hog. Cover by Warfare!



Hog lifts his shoulder! Warfare crouches and wait for Hog Wilder to get up. He slowly gets up with the ropes’ help…

Zach Davis: Huge Spear by Warfare!

Freddy Whoa: But Dawson appears from behind… Running Shoulder Tackle!

Gravedigger: He is grabbing Warfare’s head… Swinging Neckbreaker! Cover!



Warfare kicks out! Dawson takes advantage of his down opponent and starts a Camel Clutch. Outside the ring Adam Blake is stomping furiously Hog Wilder as a revenge for that Big Boot we saw moments ago.

Zach Davis: Look at the ring Adam! Warfare may give up!

Inside the ring Warfare manages to reverse the maneuver and hits a good Superkick on Dawson’s face. He looks to Blake outside the ring, runs to the ropes…


Gravedigger: Adam Blake, Warfare and Hog Wilder are laid on the outside.

Dawson gets out of the ring and applies an Irish Whip on Hog Wilder… He hits the steel steps! He quickly pushes Adam Blake against the barricade and pushes Warfare into the ring. He kicks him in the stomach… HE IS GOING FOR THE PILEDRIVER! Warfare reverses it… BOMBSHELL!!!!! And they are both down!

Zach Davis: Look! Adam Blake is entering the ring! He lifts Dawson and spins him a few times! DARK COSMIC SPIRAL! He waits for Killian behind him… ATOM SPLITTER!

Freddy Whoa: Will Dawson tap-out?!

Dawson tries to reverse the maneuver but he can’t so he starts to fade. Hog Wilder appears from “The Dark Atom”’s back and hits him in the head, interrupting the submission hold. He lifts him up… Flapjack into a Powerslam!

Gravedigger: Beautiful move! Cover!



Adam Blake kicks out! Wilder gets frustrated and starts to punch Adam really hard. However, Warfare appears from behind and hits a nice Dropkick on Hog.

Gravedigger: So much action on tonight’s opener match!

Zach Davis: Warfare is lifting Hog Wilder!

Warfare hits Tanked and the crowd goes nuts! He gets him up, kicks him in the belly, puts his head on his legs… He failed the Bombshell!

Freddy Whoa: Hog reverses the maneuver and applies a Belly to Belly Side Suplex!

Adam Blake recovers and runs towards Hog… Running Knee Jump! Dawson appears on the ring too, pushes Blake to the corner… Corner Clothesline! Blake goes down, Dawson climbs the turnbuckle… DIVING ELBOW DROP! THIS MIGHT BE OVER! COVER!




NO!!!!!! Warfare interrupts the counting! He goes behind Dawson… German Suplex!

Gravedigger: Now everyone is down again!

Except Adam Blake. He quickly lifts Dawson up and executes the Atom Splitter!

Zach Davis: ONE!

Freddy Whoa: TWO!

Gravedigger: THREE!

The bell sounds!

Zach Davis: The Dark Atom wins it!

Blake's music hits as he stands up and gets his arm raised.

Freddy Whoa: Only one of these newcomers could walk away with the win and Adam Blake is the winner!

Gravedigger: He's still not as good as Ryan Blake, not yet.

FIST Segment

WCFtron reads "Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy" and then the FIST symbol appears as "Real Thugs" by Easy E starts playing and out walk three men dressed in black t-shirts that read FIST on them and jeans. They ignore the fans trying to touch them as they all three climb into the ring.

Amos: For the past few SLAM's the FIST has let it's actions do our speaking. We have taken that piece of shit Adam Young out of WCF. We have screwed with Joey Flash and we sent Katherine Phoenix over the deep end by dumping bloody tampons on her in front of you scumbags. So the World wants to know what and why is FIST here.

Kin Caid: ¿Que es lo que realmente importa y por qué es lo que realmente quieren saber que nuestro verdadero destino es? Nunca se sabe la respuesta a cualquier pregunta sobre el PUÑO hasta que queremos que sepa. Atacar primero, golpear duro, No Mercy es un credo. Usted puede tirar a nadie o a todo el mundo y nos podemos perder la batalla pero siempre ganar la guerra.

Dre: The moon and stars are aligned for a cosmic awakening in the WCF at the hands of the FIST.

Amos: It's simple to pull the wool over the eyes of such idiots like the ones employed by Seth Lerch and WCF. The combined IQ of the roster is less than 70 and you all should be declared mentally retarded. It's like looking at a room full of Forrest Gump's and Rainmen.

Kin Caid: En alturas Broyle nos tomamos la débil y matarlos para que no se reproduzcan. Ya tenemos los Jóvenes se llevó a cabo Adam, debemos de sacar y que Joey Flash tranny Katherine Phoenix así. Estoy confundido por el mundo de hoy busca en trozos de mierda como el que les llama héroes y cuando los soldados ponen sus vidas en la línea todos los días, y no hay amor. Mierda idiotas. Si tenemos que superar algún sentido en todos y cada uno de ustedes que es justo lo que vamos a hacer, PUÑO estilo.

All of a sudden "Our house" by Burn Halo starts echoeing threw the arena and the Big Time Jerks video package is playing on the WCFtron. Out steps Adam Young in a white "BTJ" t-shirt and jeans. The fans are going nuts as the Villain has made his way back to WCF after that hideous wreck.

Adam Young: So after fucking years Amos, Kin Caid and Dre have made their way to WCF to find me huh. What has it been like eight years since the Big Time Jerks sent you pieces of scum back to Los Angeles after the beating we gave you back in the TWF. Didn't you guys get the message to not fuck with the BTJ's!

Crowd: BTJ! BTJ!

Amos: Adam Young do you not understand we are not the only people who wanted your head on a silver platter, there are so many others. All the wrestlers you have fucked over in your time in professional wrestling would love to be the one who takes your last breath from you. One of those is the one who has sent us here to do just that.

Adam Young: Well bitch when you fill froggy just jump!

Kin Caid: En nuestros términos Adam en nuestros términos. Nos veremos otra vez.

FIST exits the ring and leaves threw the crowd as the crowd chants "BTJ".

Jayson Reynolds vs Petrov vs Abaddon vs Joey Raid vs Teo Del Sol

Kyle Steel: The following match is a Seth Clusterfuck Classic and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 320 lbs…Jason Reynolds!

Gravedigger: This Joey Flash/Jonny Fly wannabe claims to be part of some sort of Mafia. HE better be glad that me and my MS-13 friends aren’t around anymore or he would be in deep shit.

Kyle Steel: His opponent, weighing in at 267 lbs from ‘the fuck you mean hometown? You are hometown… that can’t be right. Petrov!

Petrov’s voice can be seen over the PA saying in a calm and intimidating voice. “Total…Fucking…Badass!” as Blind by Korn starts to play. The crowd begins to talk amongst themselves in anticipation as the intro plays out before the words “ARE YOU READY!” are shouted and the song drops in as Petrov emerges from the curtain and walks to the ring with a serious look on his face. He runs up the steps and climbs between the ropes and starts shadowboxing as he waits for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: This Russian beast means business.

Kyle Steel: And next, coming in at 425 lbs from parts unknown…Abbadon!

The arena goes black as the first few bars of Enter Sandman begins. Once the music really hits its stride a bright red pyro goes off revealing Abaddon standing at the top of the stage. He begins his descent down the ramp as the vocals of the song begin. Small candles on either side illuminate very dimly, his path. Her gets in the ring over the top rope and stands menacingly in the center of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Kyle Steel: And next from Seattle Washington, weighing in at 225 lbs…Joey Raid!

Joey Raid walks out to the ramp and stops, looks around and raises his fists up in the air then he keeps walking and sees a fan’s sign and rips it. He rolls into the ring and hangs over the ropes then he bounces back and yells GAME OVER! Into the air.

Gravedigger: This is just another young punk thinking that he can make a name for himself here in the WCF.

Kyle Steel: And finally, weighing in at 185 lbs from Houston Texas…Teo del Sol!

The lights go out and the spotlights begin swirling, dancing along the stage as the crowd begins to cheer. After a moment of silence the opening riff to “Kickstart my Heart” rings throughout the arena causing an eruption from the eager crowd. The spotlights continue swirling about as the anticipation grows, a shadowy figure in a golden cape appears on the entrance ramp, the spotlight converges on the figure causing him to shine like the sun itself. Just as the music hits its peak he rips off the cape to reveal… TEO DEL SOL!

The audience goes wild as he points towards his opponents after a moment of silence he sprints down the ramp and slides under the ropes. HE pushes down with his hands and springs to his feet bouncing off the rope, running into the turnbuckle with a gesture towards the sky. He removes his cape and hands it to one of the ring crew before settling into his corner, bouncing back and forth in anticipation.

Zach Davis: Some of you may remember him from his short time here as Teddy Blaze, he has since embraced the Mexican Culture and returned with this new persona hoping to make a splash here in the WCF.

All five men stand in the ring as the timid referee stands in the center. He explains some rules and then calls for the match to begin.

Abbadon steps in the middle of everyone

Abbadon: COME ON!

Zach Davis: This monster is ready for anything.

Gravedigger: I think he wants to eat all of them.

Teo del Sol runs towards Abbadon and gets swatted away like a fly. Then Joey Raid does the same thing with the same result. Abbadon yells in the center of the ring as Petrov slowly walks towards him.

Petrov: I Must Break You!

Freddy Whoa: If anyone can match power with this man it will be Ivan Drago, here.

Then he punches Abbadon right in the face. Abbadon shrugs this off like nothing happened, grabs Petrov by the throat and tosses him into Jason Reynolds leaving him alone in the ring. He raises his fists in the air and screams as the crowd boos.

Zach Davis: The 4 men are teaming up on Abaddon now.

Gravedigger: Smart move.

Then suddenly Teo delivers a springboard dropkick to his back sending him lunging forward. Joey raid delivers a standing dropkick sending Abbadon into the ropes. Then Petrov and Jason come running at him with a double clothesline sending him over the top rope and hard to the ground. The crowd cheers but quickly Petrov and Jason turn on each other exchanging lefts and rights. Petrov gains the upper hand and forces Jason into the ropes. He runs forward with a clothesline and both men topple over the top rope leaving just 2 men in the ring.

Gravedigger: Just Teo del Sol and Jonny Raid left.

Zach Davis: It’s Joey Raid.

Gravedigger: Who fucking cares, these jobbers will probably be gone in 2 weeks.

Teo and Joey lock up in the center of the ring. Joey tosses Teo into the ropes who bounces off and delivers a springboard back elbow to Joey who goes down hard. He gets up quick and Teo runs off the other side of the ropes delivering a corkscrew forearm. Jason gets to his feet slowly as Teo climbs to the top rope. He leaps off with a really high cross body and Joey Raid reverses into a snap power slam leaving both man down on the ground.

Gravedigger: That Teo del Sol is a real high flyer.

Zach Davis: Yea, almost to a fault.

Jason Reynolds gets into the ring and tosses Joey Raid out and goes to pin Teo del Sol




Zach Davis: Jason Reynolds nearly stole a victory there.

Jason lifts up Teo and then tosses him into the ropes. Teo comes back and ducks underneath a clothesline and off to the other side. As he gets there Petrov grabs the top rope pulling it down and sending Teo del Sol out hard to the concrete below. Petrov climbs into the ring and he and Jason Reynolds stare each other down.

The lock up and Petrov immediately overpowers Jason and tosses him into the ground. He then makes a breaking motion with his hands as Jason gets up, not used to being overpowered. They lock up again and Jason immediately turns it into a headlock. He delivers a few shots to the head and then delivers a bulldog to the big Russian. He goes to pick him up but again Petrov overpowers and lifts up Jason. Petrov lifts up Jason and lands a side suplex on Jason and goes for the pin.


Zach Davis: Not so fast.

Jason kicks out and rolls out the ring into the waiting arms of Abbadon who grabs him by the throat and delivers a double handed choke slam on the concrete. Then Abbadon enters the ring with ease leaving the two largest guys in the match together. The two men start laying down haymakers, delivering crazy hard blows to each other. Abbadon gains the upper hand.

He delivers one big blow and Petrov comes back and gets caught by a big hand around his throat. Abaddon easily lifts up Petrov and delivers a choke slam. Suddenly Joey Raid enters the ring and delivers a dropkick to Abaddon that he shrugs off. He runs forward and goes for another drop kick but Abaddon grabs the man’s legs and smashes him into the ground like a rag doll.

Then he easily picks him up and delivers a thunderous power bomb before going for the pin.




Kyle Steel: The winner is ABADDON!

Gravedigger: It’s scary how powerful this man is. I can’t wait to see him and Thomas Bates meet face to face!

Alex Richards Segment

The opening bars of I'm not Like Everybody Else by the Kinks begins and Alex Richards walks towards the ring with a huge smile on his smile. He holds his doctor's bag in one hand and with the other he takes turns slapping hands, hugging, signing autographs, high fiving, and occasionally delivering a more good natured then used to hard slap to a fan's hand. He wears his rusty bed spring, or as he calls it hardcore title over his shoulder as a memorial to the days he was champion on his other shoulder rests the Internet Championship. No clue why he still carries around a fake belt when he has a real one.

Kyle Steel: Currently on the way to the ring, weighing in at 345 pounds and hailing from anyplace that needs pain, suffering, pills, or Zim-Quila... "The Archduke of Mass Confusion" Alex Richards!!!

Zach Davis: The Archduke of Mass Confusion coming out here right now. He's not scheduled to wrestle until later tonight. Wonder what's up?

Gravedigger: He's quitting Pantheon and leaving. I hope.

Alex eventually enters the ring after killing a few good minutes amusing himself. Alex grabs the microphone from Kyle Steel and enters the ring removing the Internet Championship from his shoulder and placing it in his hands.

Alex Richards: I know... I know you've been seeing a lot of me lately on television. But look on the bright side I'm saving you from one more Katherine Phoenix segment. Besides this is an important one. Tonight live on Slam I am going to vacate my championship, never to carry it again.

The crowd seems shock and an “Internet God” chant picks up in support of Alex who nods along, smiling, encouraging the chant to get louder.

Alex Richards: For weeks people have been telling me that the Internet Championship is hurting my career. Then it is the lowest ranked singles championship in the WCF. You know what I say? I say that's bullshit!

The crowd cheers and the “Internet God” chant picks up again as Alex returns the Internet Title to his shoulder and removes the rusty bedspring he uses as a memorial to the times he was Hardcore Champion and holds it in his hands.

Alex Richards: I promised tonight I was going to retire a championship and I will. Tonight is the last night you will ever see my memorial to the Hardcore Championship. One title is more than enough and I need no other belts except MY internet championship. Besides this one keeps causing me to have to get tetanus shots anyways and cheap ass Seth Lerch refuses to cover it.

Alex looks at the belt and returns to his shoulder for the last time.

Alex Richards: Like I was saying the Internet Champion is the bottom of the barrel? I don't fucking think so! The Title doesn't make the man, the man makes the title! And while I have been champion I have defeated both halves of the current tag team champions, the former united states champion, a legendary former world champion and former member of Pantheon, the very worthy People's champion and fellow member of Pantheon albeit in a battle royal, a recent former world champion and hall of famer, and the current world champion! I don't need a title that's a memorial to my former belt because as far as I'm concerned the Internet Championship is the greatest of all the belts in the WCF because I'm the man holding it! If any other champions disagree with me they can come and try to take it away from me! But I am holding this championship until the day of Ultimate Showdown begins! Because when it's all said and done confusion always reigns!

I'm Not Like Everybody Else starts up again as the Internet Champion raises his belt up in the air before departing to the locker room.

Television Title Match
Jimmy Wicked vs Thomas Uriel Bates

'Tom Sawyer' by Rush hits the speakers in the arena, and Jimmy Wicked bounces out to the stage, playing air guitar in time to the music. He heads down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans and having a great time.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next bout is scheduled for one fall, and the WCF Television Title will be on the line! The challenger, weighing in at 235 pounds and from Rock City, JIMMY WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKED!!!

When he gets to the ring, Wicked slides under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, playing to the crowd and hitting the air guitar solo, before turning to face his opponent, still with that big grin.

Zach Davis: Tons to smile about, but what a daunting opponent he has in store for him.

Gravedigger: Indeed. Even I don't want to bet against him...

Freddy Whoa: But you never know. After all, the Defilers of Logic were unknowns, and now they Trios Champs. Jimmy has a chance.

Gravedigger: Yeah, okay. Tell me how that works out for you.

"Tom Sawyer" ends, as the loud sound of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle blares over the PA system. It soon fades, and is replaced with "Midnight Rider" by the Allman Brothers Band as the titron begins showing clips of the Dark Riders Gang MC riding in columns with Bates at the lead.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring from Huntsville, Alabama and weighing in at an incredible 430 pounds!!! He is the REIGNING TELEVISION CHAMPION OF THE WCF AND ONE-THIRD HOLDER OF THE WCF TRIOS CHAMPIONSHIP!!! HE IS THOMAS URIEL BATES!!! PRESIDENT OF THE DARK RIDERS GANG!!!

Thomas Uriel Bates steps out on the stage and begins walking towards the ring with a focused look. The titron shows the motorcycle images replaced with images of Bates fighting in the ring, highlighting his power moves from his previous matches, ending with Bates throwing Gemini Battle thirty feet in the air and into the fifth row of the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: Oh Jesus! Look at the size of that man!

Zach Davis: Yes, Jimmy Wicked has his work cut out for him tonight!

Gravedigger: And how...

As Bates arrives to the ring, he climbs up the steps and walks to the center of the apron. He steps over the top rope and enters the ring. (IF OPPONENT IS IN THE RING) Bates looks towards Jimmy Wicked, stretches out his arms, and roars. The crowd joins him in the roar, amplifying the thunderous effect. Jimmy just turns and continues to smile, as Bates returns the smile while removing his Television Title from around his waist...

Freddy Whoa: They must've made a strap especially for Bates.

Zach Davis: Yeah, that's a pretty long strap. From end to end, its almost four feet long.

Gravedigger: That's one big ass piece of moo-cow for Bates to be wearing belts! And now he's got two belts!

The bell sounds, and Jimmy charges across the ring and lands a dropkick high on Bates, as he takes it in a bit of surprise. Jimmy is back on his feet and hits another dropkick, this time sending Bates back into the turnbuckles!

Zach Davis: Surprise offense from Wicked!

Gravedigger: I can't believe it!

Freddy Whoa: And Wicked with a knee to the face!

Gravedigger: Oh, THAT is not happening!

As Wicked tries to monkey flip Bates, Bates grabs the hands of Wicked, as Wicked slams into the mat after losing his grip around Bates' huge neck. Bates tries to follow up with an elbow drop, but misses as Wicked rolls out of the way...

Gravedigger: Jeez! Wicked must have a lucky rabbit's foot, or something. I thought this match was going to be done quick!

Freddy Whoa: What's the issue?

Gravedigger: If you must know, I must relieve myself.

Freddy Whoa: Sorry I asked...

Gravedigger: You done with your soda?

Zach Davis: And Wicked brings Bates down with a neckbreaker as he tries to recover!

Gravedigger: And Wicked get to the top turnbuckle!

Zach Davis: Looks like Splash or Crash Time!!!

Jimmy Wicked plays himself some air guitar, and even turns himself on the turnbuckles so that everyone in Hershey, Pennsylvania can see him in all of his glory, as he's about to launch himself into the WCF Television Title!!!


Bates just smiles, as Wicked slowly turns around, still doing air guitar, when Wicked's face drops, and Bates grabs Wicked off the top turnbuckle...

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!! Walking around with Jimmy Wicked, 235 pounds like its nothing...






"Midnight Rider" by Allman Brothers Band begins to play, as Bates gets to his feet, and the referee raises his hand, as an attendant brings both of Thomas Uriel Bates' belts to him, which he immediately raises over his head, as he roars into the crowd, and getting a roar back...

Zach Davis: Another successful title defense by Bates!

Freddy Whoa: Blessed be the man who can stop Tom Bates...

The lights go out.

Gravedigger: Freddy... About that...

This stops The Impassible Mountain in his tracks. He steps back into the ring, lighted by the thousands of flashbulbs going off in the crowd. After just a bit of anticipation, the "Mysterious Pantheon Theme" hits and the crowd pops!

Zach Davis: It's Pantheon?! But who?

Gravedigger: I think you know who, Zach..

Indeed, it is true, as a spotlight hits the WCF stage, none other than Corey Black steps out from behind the curtain. He is wearing a pair of cargo camo shorts, a WCF t-shirt, and his arm is still in that plastic web cast.

Zach Davis: Corey Black is here, but he isn't here to fight, it seems!

Inside the ring, Thomas Bates lays the TV Title down in a corner and basically invites Corey into the ring. From the stage, CD visibly laughs and waves to Thomas.

Corey Black: Hey there Champ! Congrats on the Trios Title victory, sorry I didn't say so sooner but.. well, you know, I've had a bit of a rough month. That isn't the point, though. My point is, Thomas, the DRG beat myself, Orbit and Fly. I'm not so sure you can get the job done by yourself.

The crowd pops a bit, as they see where this is going. Inside the ring, Bates laughs it off.

Corey Black: I'm not kidding, big man. You and me. Next week. TV Title. That is, if your balls haven't shriveled to the size of raisins..

Gravedigger: OH shit! CD is walking into a cage with a bear!

Thomas grabs the TV Title, yells something to CD and nods, but then "Master of Puppets" hits. Seth appears on the Jumbotron, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

Seth Lerch: Are you kidding me? Corey, you know as well as I do, the other Black gets a title shot before you. The PPV sales for Bates verses Howard will vastly outnumber Black verses Black.

Gravedigger: Well I'm not so sure about that.

Seth Lerch: I'm not risking it. However, the week after Blast, you can fight for the Television Title!

The crowd pops. CD isn't amused.

Corey Black: I think you missed my point, Seth. I want to fight that man in the ring, gold or no gold. Let's do this - Bates wins, I'll fight him for the belt. Bates LOSES, I'll fight him for fun, and then I'll fight for the belt.

Freddy Whoa: Damn dude, Corey Black laying it down.

Seth Lerch: As long as I get the match at Blast, whatever. You can probably make me money by having a pay-per-view quality match on Slam. I need to call some advertisers.

The Jumbotron flickers off, the crowd cheers.

Corey Black: I'll see you July 5th, Prez. Leave your cronies in the back, I'll leave my bros in the back, and we'll see if this old body can still topple giants.

Corey drops his mic and heads off to the back, leaving a mildly annoyed Thomas Bates alone in the ring, holding his titles.

Zombie McMorris vs Raymond Hatcher

Kyle Steel: Our next bout is one fall to the finish with a fifteen minute television time limit.

"Killed By Death" hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them Lemmy Vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area. He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived.

Kyle Steel: Our first competitor making his way to the ring, standing at 6'6" and weighing in at 220lbs…Zombie McMorris!!!!

We hear "Chariots of Fire" by Faith No More begin to play, after a few chords, we see Raymond Hatcher come walking through the curtain, a big smile plastered across his face. He's wearing a black robe laced with gold trim underneath which are his simple black trunks, kneepads, boots and one elbow pad on his left arm, he also has his hands wrapped in black athletic tape. Hatcher panders to the crowd, none seem too happy about it, his expression seems less than genuine.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, making his way down to the ring, standing at 6’2” and weighing in at 235lbs., from Los Angeles, California…”The Real Deal” Raymond Hatcher!!!!

Hatcher strolls down to the ring at a steady pace. He heads up the ring steps walking out onto the apron while looking out at the crowd. Hatcher gives a little wave, before wiping his feet on the apron and climbing through the ropes into the ring. With the big smirk still smeared across his face, Hatcher steps out to the middle of the ring and gives another half-hearted wave to the crowd. He then heads to his corner and begins disrobing.

The ref calls for the bell. Zombie McMorris charges across the ring at Hatcher who is still in the corner, but Hatcher ducks out of the corner and Zombie hits the corner face-first, Hatcher immediately does a school-boy roll-up for a quick win.









Zombie kicks out.

Gravedigger: Hatcher trying to end this early.

Zombie is still a little dazed as he stumbles back to his feet, Hatcher hits Zombie with two stiff forearms to the face. Zombie stumbles back against the ropes, Hatcher lays a big knee into Zombie’s gut. Zombie double’s-over in pain and Hatcher quickly hooks Zombie for the Improvement-Plex.

Freddy Whoa: He’s gonna try and end it right here.

Zombie grabs the middle rope preventing the suplex.

Zach Davis: Zombie McMorris holding onto that rope for dear life.

After two attempts at the Improvement-Plex Hatcher gives up and then backs away a few steps before charging in with a clothesline to take Zombie to the outside, but Zombie catches Hatcher with a back-drop instead sending Hatcher crashing to the floor at ringside.

Zach Davis: Zombie using Hatcher’s own momentum against him.

Zombie quickly slips through the ropes to the floor at ringside. Zombie meets Hatcher as he gets back to his feet and then shoves Hatcher hard into the ringsteps knocking them over.

Freddy Whoa: That’s one way to slow Hatcher down.

Gravedigger: You can say that again.

Freddy Whoa: That’s one way to slow—

Gravedigger: O shut the Hell up!

Zombie has a mean snarl on his face as he begins to the lay the boots in on Hatcher. After a few good shots, Zombie slides back into the ring and back out breaking the refs count at 5. Zombie yanks Hatcher back to his feet and tosses him back in the ring. Hatcher crawls away but doesn’t get too far as Zombie catches Hatcher with a boot to the back of the head. Zombie pulls a groggy Hatcher back to his feet and hits him with a short-arm clothesline, but Hatcher ducks under and hooks Zombie in a waist-lock. German Suplex!!!

Freddy Whoa: WOW, out of nowhere!

Zach Davis: Raymond Hatcher with a big time German.

Hatcher takes some time getting back to his feet as Zombie crawls over to a corner and pulls himself to his feet. Hatcher charges into the corner with a big clothesline.

Gravedigger: Hatcher taking back control of this match.

Hatcher nails Zombie with a really stiff European uppercut and Zombie collapses to the bottom of the corner. Hatcher lays in a few stomps. Hatcher drags Zombie by his leg out of the corner and then drops and elbow on his chest. Hatcher just lays with his elbow over Zombie for a pin.





Easy kick out before two. Hatcher takes a breath before then hooking Zombie in a rear chin-lock.

Zach Davis: Raymond Hatcher trying to slow down the pace now.

Freddy Whoa: He wants to try and force Zombie McMorris to wrestle his type of match.

After several moments in the rear chin-lock Zombie starts to fight back to his feet. They both get to their feet and Hatcher has been forced to convert the rear chin-lock into a side headlock. Zombie nails Hatcher with some elbows to the rips forcing a break.

Zach Davis: Zombie breaking away from Hatcher.

Zombie runs to the ropes, comes off with a clothesline, but Hatcher ducks and Zombie heads across to the other ropes. Zombie comes back off the ropes and Hatcher catches Zombie with a back-elbow smash. Zombie doesn’t go down but stumbles backwards. Hatcher charges and gets caught with a big boot to the face by Zombie.

Gravedigger: Ow Hatcher taking a boot right in the face.

Freddy Whoa: That’ll knock a few teeth lose.

Zombie catches his breath as Hatcher slowly climbs to his feet. Zombie goes right back after Hatcher with an axe-handle to the back knocking Hatcher down to all fours. Zombie lifts Hatcher back up and hits him with a hard snap suplex. Zombie floats right over for the cover.







Hatcher kicks out, but not with much authority.

Freddy Whoa: Only a two count.

Zombie gets back to his feet and drops a fist to Hatcher’s face. Hatcher writhes in pain on the mat holding his face. Zombie gets back up and drags Hatcher over near a corner. Zombie then ascends to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Zombie has some big plans here.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like he’s gonna fly.

Zombie dives off the top rope with a senton splash to Hatcher. Zombie sits there on the mat for a minute with an evil smile on his face before leaning back ontop of Hatcher for a cover.











No, Hatcher kicks out. Zombie looks a little frustrated as he climbs back to his feet. Hatcher is prone on the mat. Zombie takes his good ol’ time as he walks over to a corner. Zombie hops backwards onto the middle rope and sits down for a moment on the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Zombie McMorris seems to be in no rush here.

Gravedigger: Why should he be, Hatcher looks done.

Zombie leaps off the second rope with a knee drop, but Hatcher rolls out of the way and Zombie hits the mat.

Zach Davis: Hatcher getting out of the way just in time.

Freddy Whoa: Zombie McMorris paying hard for that mistake. I think he might have blown out his knee.

Zombie writhes on the mat holding his knee. Hatcher begins the slow ascend back to his feet. Hatcher finally recovers enough to get to his feet and he immediately targets Zombies knee. Hatcher grabs Zombie’s right ankle and starts kicking away at the side of the knee. Zombie is trying to squirm away but Hatcher is relentless. Hatcher then drops a knee to the inside of the leg, and then he repeats it with another one.

Zach Davis: Hatcher going right after that injured leg.

Freddy Whoa: Zombie’s mistake opened up the table for Raymond Hatcher.

Zombie is in a lot of pain now. Hatcher drags Zombie by the leg over to the ropes. Hatcher wraps Zombie’s leg around the bottom rope and begins wrenching back on it. The referee lays in the five count which Hatcher uses up until four. Hatcher lets go as the referee orders and then back away as the ref checks on Zombie, but only for a moment before going back into to wrench on the knee some more. Another count of four and Hatcher lets go. The referee backs Hatcher up to the middle of the ring, the referee seems pretty angry, but Hatcher just smiles. This gives Zombie enough time to crawl away from the ropes.

Zach Davis: Raymond Hatcher showing a flagrant disregard for the rules.

Freddy Whoa: He does have a five count, and he’s not breaking it.

Hatcher goes back over to Zombie and grabs him by the ankle of the injured leg. Hatcher lifts Zombie’s leg up while placing his own foot behind the knee and brings them both crashing down to the mat, simultaneously stomping on the back of the knee while smashing the knee cap in the mat. He does this two more times.

Gravedigger: Hatcher is like a shark who smells blood.

Freddy Whoa: Zombie McMorris needs to create some distance here in order to try and get out of this predictament.

Hatcher rolls Zombie over and slaps on a spinning toehold, Zombie kicks Hatcher away with his good leg. It’s only momentary relief as Hatcher comes right back in and hooks a Texas Cloverleaf.

Zach Davis: Hatcher with the Texas Cloverleaf. This could be it right here.

Zombie’s face is snarled in pain. Hatcher is relentless with the cloverleaf he even takes his free arm and starts grinding his elbow into the patella. Zombie is refusing to submit.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know how much more of this Zombie McMorris can take.

Zombie has been locked in this Texas cloverleaf for quite some time now. He starts trying to struggle towards the ropes, he’s almost there when Hatcher finally gives up on the submission and drops Zombie’s legs to the mat.

Gravedigger: I think Hatcher knew he wasn’t going to make Zombie submit.

Hatcher shouts at the referee in frustration. Zombie is using the ropes to try and climb up with his one good leg. Zombie gets to his feet and Hatcher charges in with a chomp-block to the injured knee. Zombie crumbles to the mat in a heap. Hatcher drags Zombie to the center of the mat and slaps on his patented STF.

Zach Davis: It’s the STF, this has to be it right here.

Freddy Whoa: I think you’re right Zach.

Gravedigger: I don’t think he’s gonna be able to make Zombie submit.

Hatcher is wrenching back hard on the STF, but Zombie is screaming no everytime the referee ask him if he wants to give up. Hatcher gets frustrated quick and drops the hold instead hopping of to his feet and dropping an elbow to the back of Zombie.

Zach Davis: I think Hatcher heard you, Gravedigger.

Gravedigger: I guess he did.

Hatcher gets back to his feet and pulls Zombie up to his feet, but Zombie is pretty much hopping on one foot at this point. Hatcher hooks Zombie for a gutwrench power-bomb, but Zombie wraps his arms around Hatcher’s leg to prevent the attempt.

Freddy Whoa: He’s not able to get him up.

Hatcher pounds on Zombie’s back in an effort to break his will to hold on. Hatcher wins out and hits the gutwrench powerbomb.

Zach Davis: He got it, this might be it.

Hatcher covers Zombie for the win.












No! Zombie kicks out. Hatcher slaps the mat in frustration, but doesn’t waste much time as he immediately heads for the top rope. Hatcher takes a quick second to pander to the crowd who is none-to-happy about it.

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher wasting some time at the top now.

Gravedigger: He’s letting that giant ego get the best of him.

Zombie McMorris catches Hatcher on the top rope and hits the Deuce And A Half cradle piledriver!!!!!

Gravedigger: Holy shit, it’s over, this match is over!!!

Zombie covers Hatcher.











NO! Hatcher gets his foot on the bottom rope. Zombie can’t believe it.

Freddy Whoa: Oh my god I thought it was over.

Zach Davis: Hatcher catching a lucky break there.

Zombie with real purpose gets back to his feet, yanks Hatcher up and hits the Axe Wound gutwrench powerbomb!!!

Freddy Whoa: The Axe Wound!!!!

Zombie rolls Hatcher up.











3!!! The bell rings.

Gravedigger: And that’s all she wrote.

Danny Anderson vs Night Rider

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall.

"Destruction Overdrive" by Black Label Society hits the P.A. System and the lights flicker in accordance while the tune plays through the airwaves. Danny Anderson walks out onto the stage and adjusts his wrist tape before sprinting down the ramp as his theme song picks up.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at a lean two-hundred and twenty three pounds, he is DANNY AN-DURR-SON?!!?!?

Anderson looks out into the WCF Galaxy who greets him with a mixed reaction. Danny responds with a grin before walking up the ring steps onto the apron. He dusts his feet off and then enters through the ropes. Once in the ring he cracks his knuckles and smiles crazy style playing to the crowd one last time before preparing for the match.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Chicago... weighing three hundred and forty pounds... THE NIGHT RIDERRR!

The lights in the arena begin to flash on and off as 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing over the giant new Slam-tron video screen. Angel Fyre exits from the back wearing a black satin evening dress that left nothing to the imagination. Night Rider followed in his black leather jacket, trunks, and boots. He strolls towards the ring and makes a stop at the announcers table. After grabbing a microphone he jumps into the ring and the four corner posts explode with pyrotechnics.

Night Rider: Well, well, well. I look around here and I see the same old nasty @$$ faces that I see everywhere else. Your nothing but a bunch of fat, out of shape losers spending your kids welfare money to come and see me! That's the reason you are all here. To see the beast they call Night Rider. F#c# all of you. Have fun watching as I beat the $h!t out of another loser just like yourselves.

He throws the microphone down and yells at the time keeper to ring the damn bell.


Zach Davis: Here we go! This should be quite the interesting match-up.

Freddy Whoa: Should be a good ole’ fashioned slugfest than anything.

Gravedigger: Right, they are expected to beat the hell out of each other. Danny Anderson is a brawler at heart and Night Rider is a power house and has the size advantage, this should be a hard hitting bout.

Anderson and Rider lock up in the center of the ring in a battle of strength. Danny manages to gain an advantage over Night Rider but the veteran powers out then charges at Anderson before hitting Danny in the chest with a forearm forcing Danny back and down to the mat.

Zach Davis: And Night Rider showing brute force with that forearm smash!

Freddy Whoa: Night Rider leveled Danny Anderson right there!

Night Rider raises one arm in the air taunting the crowd, Danny gets back up to his feet and engages in a staredown with Night Rider and tells him to bring some more!

Zach Davis: Danarky is saying he wants more!


Night Rider connects with a stiff right hand. Danny smiles and asks for more again.


Rider fires off with another punch. And again Danny asks for more.


Night Rider gets pissed and fires off a string of punches following up with a…


Zach Davis: Body slam! Night Rider slams Danny to the mat again!

Body slam! Night Rider picks up Danny and throws him down to the ground.

Freddy Whoa: Night Rider is taking it to Danny!

Night Rider stalks Anderson as he gets back to his feet.

Gravedigger: But don’t forget, Danny wants that, he thrives as things get harder. He always manages to kick it up a notch.

Night Rider charges Danny…


Anderson counter raking the eyes of Night Rider.


Danny unloads with a few stiff right hands to Rider’s temple.


Night Rider counters with a head butt.


Danny answers with one of his own.

Zach Davis: Danny Anderson and Night Rider are beating the hell out of each other!

Freddy Whoa: And they both have something here to prove tonight!

Gravedigger: Yeah they do, they have to prove which one sucks less, ha ha ha!

Night Rider grabs Danny by the arm and Irish whips him. Anderson rebounds and Night Rider tries to use the momentum to Danny’s disadvantage trying to hook Anderson’s arm…


Danny counters and hooks Rider’s arm and flips him over on to the mat with an arm drag.


Night Rider is back to his feet and charges Anderson.


Rider with a huge clothesline knocking Danny to the outside.

Crowd: OOOH!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Mikey with a huge clothesline sending Danny to the floor!

Gravedigger: That was stiff!

The referee begins the 10 count.



Night Rider looks at the referee with devious intentions before heading outside.


Rider grabs Danny by his arm and lifts him to his feet.



Night Rider Irish whips Danny into the steel steps!



NO! Danny reverses at the last second and sends Night Rider crashing into the post and steps.



Danny sees the perfect time to strike and runs and leaps toward Rider while bending one of his knees, going for his running single leg high knee finisher dubbed Night Knight.


Night Rider moves out of the way and Anderson crashes hard into the post and falls on top of the steel steps and holds his knee in pain.


Zach Davis: Danny went for the knee to the face but ate steel instead! He must have blew his knee out!

Freddy Whoa: Night Rider can capitalize now!


Rider looks over at how much pain Danny’s in and laughs before slowly walking up the steps over Danny and into the ring.


Danny grabs for the turnbuckle trying to pull himself up.

1…Danny slides into the ring before the referee can finish bringing his arms down!

Gravedigger: Danny gets in just in time!

Night Rider growls before walking over to Danny and sizing him up.


Rider stomps away at Anderson’s injured knee.

Zach Davis: Night Rider is going after the injured knee!

Freddy Whoa: He smells the blood in the water!


Rider with more kicks to Danny’s knee.


Danny tries to roll away.

Zach Davis: Figure four leg lock!

Freddy Whoa: Night Rider stopped Danny from getting away and slapped on a figure four leg lock!

Gravedigger: Night Rider is going to make Danny Anderson submit! His knee has got to be done!

Danny screams in pain while causes Night Rider to apply even more pressure trying to make Anderson give up. Night Rider yells at the referee to ask Anderson if he gives.

Danny Anderson: AHHH! NO! I DON’T GIVE UP!

The crowd cheers as Danny begins to win them over in this contest with his will to fight. They will Danny on who begins shifting his weight and manages to flip Night Rider over on his stomach reversing the figure four and applying it to Night Rider!

Zach Davis: Reversal! Danny reverses the figure four and now has Night Rider in the hold!

Night Rider grabs the ropes forcing the break.

Freddy Whoa: But Night Rider showing great ring awareness and gets to the ropes fast.

Danny releases and uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet while Night Rider is getting back to his feet.


Both men charge after each other in the center of the ring.


Anderson’s knee buckles on him and Night Rider stalks Danny setting up...


Night Rider hits a clothesline on Anderson knocking him into the ropes.


Anderson is sent into the ropes and rebounds.


Danny fires out with a pendulum lariat wrapping his arm around Night Rider’s head forcing him down to the mat on his back.

Zach Davis: Foul Out! Danny pulls a last resort move out of no where.

Freddy Whoa: And collapses over Night Rider making the cover.

The referee counts the pin and the crowd counts along.

Crowd: ONE! TWO!!



Zach Davis: And he does it! Danny Anderson wins another match building even more momentum as we head into Blast.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! He is on fire now after losing in Trios. He’s bouncing back nicely.

Gravedigger: He hasn’t proven himself yet until he wins his first single’s gold. Will the US title be it? We’ll see.

“Destruction Overdrive” by Black Label Society begins playing as Danny Anderson begins to celebrate his hard-fought victory over Night Rider.

Kyle Steel: Your winner, Danny Anderson!

Zach Davis: What a match!

Freddy Whoa: Sure was.

The lights start to flicker, and then finally go out as a loud crack of thunder is heard moving through the arena. A flash of lightening erupts on the screen above the stage, as the sound of a horse's whiny is heard.

Freddy Whoa: What in the hell is going on?

Zach Davis: I don't know, but Night Rider is looking around.

Blue and purple lights go over the crowd and stop at the back of the entrance way as "Requiem for a Dream" begins to play over the loud speaker. The screen soon changes to strange look symbols and large city skylines. It comes to a stop on a vast field with a strange looking tree in the middle. A hooded figure sits upon a solid black horse and the horse rears up once again as the scene changes to a pair of blazing blue eyes.

Voice: What is dead will rise again. The past will always repeat itself, and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. The clock will strike on the time and when it does hell will break loose once more. Death will come on fluttering wings to all those that stand in the way. Time is dwindling and what was dead will rise again.

The screen erupts into a strange symbol once again, and a laugh fills the arena, as Night Rider looks around, shaking his head, knowing that it had to be her, or at least it could be her.

Zach Davis: Night Rider is scared... Or at least in disbelief of what he just saw.

Freddy Whoa: That he is. I wonder what this is all about... I guess we'll see who it is soon enough.

Zach Davis: We'll be back after this.

Internet Title Contendership Match
K.L. Henson vs Jack Coston vs Celeste

“Reinventing Axl Rose” by Against Me plays over the sound system and Jack Coston bursts forth onto the entrance ramp with his arms in the air, his manager Frank Manor follows behind a good distance.

Kyle Steel: Hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota; weighing in at 195 lbs...JACK COOOSTOOON

Jack quickly moves down the ramp, high fiving the fans, moving with the energy song before darting over to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. His manager walks along the ring over to Jack's corner. Jumping to his feet, Jack runs over to the far corner and leaps onto a far turnbuckle, motioning to the crown by beating his chest and raising his fists once more. He jumps down and moves into his corner where Frank is standing on the apron, speaking words of encouragement into Jack's ear.

“Children of God” blasts over the PA system. Henson walks past the curtain with a mic in one hand and a cellphone in the other.

Gravedigger: Oh, what does this doof got going on in his head now?

K. L. Henson: Hey hey hey, quit with the music for a little bit...Hi Jack! I know you want to get to the fighting right away. I do too, but before we do, I just gotta send this last tweet then I will hop in the ring with ya.

Henson holds the phone with both hands as he attempts to keep hold of the mic.

K. L. Henson: About...to fight...some...no name jobber...and win...a chance at...the Internet Title...Ell Oh Ell...Hashtag Easy Win…

Jack makes a charge for Henson but his manage Frank holds him back telling him to wait.

K. L. Henson: Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said it out loud as I was typing. A bad habit I have. But, hey, it isn’t like there I spoiled the end to anything. We both figured that’s what was going to happen, right?...Wait, you weren’t expecting to win, were you, Jack?

Jack was visibly cursing Henson out from inside the ring gesturing for him to get in so they can start the fight.

K. L. Henson: Whoa whoa, calm your boy down, Frank. I can’t be getting into the ring and have him jump me! Not yet anyways, we still have to wait for dear ol’ quiet Celeste. Wouldn’t be fair if we got a head start on this match before she even had the chance to come out.

Henson laughs heartily as Frank backs Jack into his corner. Henson drops the mic and phone and rolls into the ring and waits in his own corner…

“Kill the Lights” by The Birthday Massacre fills the area as Celeste walks past the curtain and makes her way down the ramp before a surprise attack by Katherine Phoenix from behind. Henson’s laugh can audibly be heard by a camera near by as Kat smiles wickedly to the crowd as Celeste gets to her feet and tackles Phoenix off the ramp. The trade blows as one tries to gain advantage over the other. Celeste quickly grabs Katherine as they both try to get to their feet and throws her over the railing. She follows and the continue their brawl outwards.

Zach Davis: Well that was…

Gravedigger: DUMB! Stupid! and idiotic! Katherine Phoenix has ruined this already doomed match! I hope they fight to the top to the arena and she gets thrown off the top!

Freddy Whoa: But what does this mean for the match? Is it going to be called off?

Zach Davis: Well, I imagine we still need a contender for the internet title.

As both the Ref and Jack Coston stand in the ring bewildered as Henson grins wide and strolls over to the ref and throws an arm around his shoulders and whispers into his ear.

Zach Davis: Looks like Henson has a plan…

Freddy Whoa: Almost looks like he knew this was coming.

Gravedigger: Yeah, I bet he did. The coward!

The ref throws a skeptical look but Henson gripped him by the back of the neck and shakes him a little bit as forces him over to the ropes and calls for the mic. Henson is handed the mic and hands it to the ref as his hand reminds on the back of his neck.

Referee: Due to Celeste being knocked out prior to the match. This match is now a one on one contendership match for the internet championship.

Gravedigger: That shit head had it planned out from the very beginning! Throw him out of the match! Throw him out of the company!

Zach Davis: That might be the case or maybe he is just an opportunist. Either way looks like we are getting our match!

Henson tosses the ref to the side as he turns to face Coston who stares him down with a hostile expression. Henson smiles and shrugs as he returns to his corner.

Ding ding ding!

Both men walk to the center of the ring and lock up. Henson quickly throws Coston’s arm over his shoulder and knees him in the gut but Jack refuses to double over and instead elbows Henon in the head. Henson responds by grabbing at Jack’s face and shoving him away. He yells a few words at him as Jack gets a sarcastic smirk and shakes his head. They both circle the ring.

Zach Davis: There seems to be some hostility between the two wrestlers.

Freddy Whoa: Well, if you paid attention to their twitter war this past week, they seem to come from two opposite worlds and have managed to get under each other’s skin.

Gravedigger: I don’t get why people get into fights over the internet. Why don’t you just go out and beat the shit out of the other guy? Only idiots get into fights over the internet!

Henson charges Jack but Jack manages to sidestep and toss Henson into the ropes. Henson bounces back, Jack jumps over, Henson bounces off the ropes again and leaps for a flying uppercut but Coston dodges by dropping down. Coston follows with a charge as Henson kicks up but is instantly hit with an arm drag. Henson prepares for Coston to roll back up and goes for dropkick but Coston catches his legs under his arm and lets the back of Henson’s head hit the mat before dropping an elbow on his head with his legs still under the arm.

Zach Davis: What a back and forth so far. Both men with somewhat similar styles, this will be interesting to see who gains the advantage.

Jack goes for the cover.


kick out!

Freddy Whoa: kick out right before two! Looks like Henson doesn’t even want Jack to think he is gaining the advantage.

Zach Davis: Oh, well, it appears the Celeste and Phoenix brawl is still going on and has reached out into the crowd!

At the corner of the screen a small second screen appears showing Celeste and Phoenix trading blows as they ascend the steps. Katherine runs after Celeste, grabs her by the hair and throws her down. She grabs a fan’s bucket of popcorn and dumps it all over her before picking her back up and continuing the brawl up the stairs.

Gravedigger: Good! I hope she bashes Phoenix’s brains in!

Back in the ring Jack pulls Henson to his feet and throws him into the ropes and bends down for a back body drop but Henson catches on and jumps up and plants both his knees into Coston’s back, forcing him to the ground. Henson turns around, places his knee against Coston’s back, grabs his chin and wrenches back.

Zach Davis: An interesting counter from Henson and now it seems he has finally gained the advantage.

Freddy Whoa: Any chance that Jack would give up so early.

Gravedigger: I hope so! I just want this to be over already.

Coston tries to rip Henson’s hands off but this just causes Henson to wrench back harder. Jack struggles for a moment but manages to gain the leverage to slip out from under Henson and work his way to his feet and then judo throws Henson over him.

Henson rolls up and bounces off the rope and hits Jack with a flying forearm. Both Competitors fall to the ground but quickly get up but this time Jack hits Henson with a clothesline but Henson gets up and tries to hit Coston with a Wheel kick but Coston dodges and when Henson tries again, Coston clocks him with a leaping enziguri! Henson is stunned and then falls to the ground.

Zach Davis: Looks like this might be Coston’s chance to gain the advantage.

Freddy Whoa: Apparently there has been development in the Celeste and Phoenix brawl as well. They have moved out into the lobby.

The second screen appears again and shows Celeste throwing over the concession stand. She approaches the counter but is quickly met with Phoenix throwing soda in her face. Celeste covers her eyes as she backs away but Katherine hops over the counter and tackles Celeste to the ground before pummeling her with fists.

Back in the ring, Jack picks Henson up and throws him into the corner before following up with a yakuza kick that causes Henson to slump down the turnbuckle. Jack backs up and runs in with a rolling senton into the corner.

Zach Davis: Seems like Jack is taking a page out of Henson’s strategy book. One attack after another, never letting up.

Jack drags Henson out of the corner and locks on a dragon clutch.

Freddy Whoa: Jack has that Dragon Clutch locked in. Could this be the moment Henson taps out?

Zach Davis: What a surprise that would be since he didn’t even tap out to a submissions expert such as John Michaels.

Henson tries to reach up and hit Jack but Jack drives down an elbow in his shoulder blade then wrenches back. The ref asks him if he wants to submit but he refuses. Henson reaches up and grabs Jack’s head and throws him over. Jack jumps to his feet but Henson rolls out of the ring. Jack yells for Henson to back in the ring but Henson ignores him and walks around the ring.

Freddy Whoa: This is new. Henson having to take a moment to catch his breath.

Zach Davis: Jack might just be more of a match from Henson than he was thinking.

Gravedigger: C’mon Henson! Don’t be such a pussy! Get back into the ring!

Henson leans against the apron. Jack approaches him and tries to grab him but Henson hits Jack in the face and rolls into the ring and follows up with a charging head butt causing Jack to drop to his knees. Henson bounces off the ropes and hits him in the head with a dropkick which is followed up with Henson bouncing off the ropes again and hits Jack with a rolling senton of his own.

Second screen pops up again showing Katherine and Celeste brawling down the stairs. Celeste grabs a fan’s water and hits Kat with it, sending water everywhere. Katherine grabs Celeste and goes for a suplex but Security comes in and separates the two and drag them into the ring.

Zach Davis: Took security a while to get a grip on the problems.

Gravedigger: Finally! Thought those two were going to fight til the closing of the show.

Back in the ring, Henson got out and grabbed the phone he dropped then gets back in the ring and takes a picture of Jack Coston lying on the ground. He turns away and begins to tweet the picture but Jack gets to his feet and charges Henson into the corner but Henson manages to stay on his feet and swings back with an elbow causing Jack to stumble back. Henson walks over and throws a punch but Jack returns the blow. They go back and forth a few times. But then Henson bounces off the ropes and hits Jack but Jack stays on his feet and only stumbles back a little. Jack does the same and Henson manages to power through as well. Henson repeats and hits and Jack backs a little farther but then Jack comes through and knocks them both clear out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Jack got the edge on that one!

Freddy Whoa: Yeah but it looks like it took them both out.

Gravedigger: Now the two seem to be brawling down on the ground. They just won’t stop!

Both competitors battle back and forth as they get to their feet. Jack’s manager screams at him to get into the ring but instead Jack throws Henson to the barricade and follows up with a clothes line sending them over.

The ref is nearing the end of his count!



The battle has turned almost into a cartoony dust cloud as they ascend closer into crowd!



Ref singles for the bell…

Gravedigger: This match ended the same way it began. With a fight into the crowd! What a day!

Kyle Steel: The ref has called for a tie by count out!

Zach Davis: Not a satisfying ending for the crowd but what a match!

Freddy Whoa: The bell rung but they won’t stop...They are fighting their way out of the exit!!!

Gemini Battle Segment

Gemini Battle and Spencer Adams get ready in the DRG Locker Room before their big match coming up next.

Spencer Adams: I’m pumped to work against you… we did so good the other week with each other I’m sure we’ll tear this bitch down working against each other.

Gemini Battle: Yea.

Spencer Adams: Well, good luck, Pal… You’ll NEED IT! Ha ha… just playin’ bro. Let’s do this!

Spencer pats Gemini on the back as he leaves him alone in the room. Gemini looks in the mirror and washes water over his face, white with despair.

Suddenly the lights flicker.

Gemini Battle: Fucking Seth, mother fucker can’t pay the bills.

The lights flicker again. Gemini decides that it’s a sign and then goes to leave, but the door is locked.

Gemini Battle: What the fuck? HEY!

He tugs on the door and the lights flicker again and then shut off. A loud thump is heard and some struggling. Then the lights turn on again and no one is there. The camera pans down and Gemini is laid out on the floor. Suddenly the door is kicked in and Thomas Bates shows up. He Bates Booted the shit out of the door. He looks down and sees Gemini who is stirring.

Thomas Bates: Who did this to you?

Gemini Battle: Did what?

He responds as he gets up. He is bloody and when he finally gets up to walk he does so with a limp.

Thomas Bates: Here, let’s go to the medics.

A Voice comes from over the loudspeaker.

VOICE: Gemini Battle and Spencer Adams to the Go Position. Match starts in 5 minutes.

Gemini Battle: Gotta go. I’m no Corey Black, but I can fight through injuries.

He limps away and Bates looks around for any evidence on the attack.

People's Title Contendership Match
Spencer Adams vs Gemini Battle

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen the following match will have a 30 minute time limit and will determine the number one contender for the PEOPLE’S CHAMPIONSHIP!

Kyle Steel: Introducing First from Chicago Illinois, weighing in at 190 lbs. THE ANTIDOTE, SPENCER ADAMS!

Freddy Whoa: This guy has a lot to prove, after the incredible run his mother just had in the Rey de Mexico tournament he has big shoes to fill in that family.

Gravedigger: I’m sure he will make the splash that he wants.

“Assassin” by Muse comes on as strobe lights flicker at the entrance way and a blue smoke fills the stage. “The Antidote” Spencer Adams pops out and charges to center stage and holds his arms out in an ‘X’ motion and wipes them downward away from his body. He then charges to the ring vaulting quickly in and playing to the crowd on the turnbuckles.

Kyle Steel: His opponent, from Long Island, New York, Weighing in at 185 lbs… one third of the Trio’s Champions… GEMINI BATTLE!

Gemini Battle limps out to the stage with the Trios Title over his shoulder. He walks out alone and slaps the hands of the crowd reaching out to him. He has a noticeable limp as he makes his way to the ring.

Zach Davis: Gemini for the first time in his career in the WCF is considered the front runner in this match. It’ll be interesting to see how he wrestles from on top rather than the bottom as he is used to .

Gravedigger: When a wrestler gets into that ring he has to be able to adapt, Gemini has the experience to do that. If only he can handle being able to wrestle with the injured leg.

Gemini limps into the ring and Spencer walks up to him to check on him.

Freddy Whoa: He may be playing possum.

Gravedigger: That’s an elaborate game of possum; didn’t you see what just happened to him? For those of you that didn’t see before the commercial break Gemini Battle was attacked by an unknown assailant in his locker room. He seems to be injured but still willing to fight.

Spencer helps Gemini to his feet but Gemini pushes him off.

Spencer Adams: You want to do this later?


The referee rings the bell and the match begins.

Zach Davis: The winner of this match will become the number one contender for the People’s Championship.

Gravedigger: It appears that Gemini is already suffering from injuries, but Spencer Adams doesn’t want to take advantage of it.

Spencer walks over the Gemini and locks up with him, but Gemini drops to his knees immediately. Spencer shrugs to the referee who shrugs back. Gemini gets back to his feet and the two men lock up again. Again Gemini drops right to his knees, and Spencer shrugs.

Gravedigger: If I was the referee I’d stop this match right now.

Zach Davis: It looks like he might.

Spencer turns around and talks to the referee. Suddenly…

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! LOW BLOW!

Gravedigger: Not really, he chop blocked him.

Gemini shoulder blocks the back of Spencer’s knees taking him down hard on top of him. Gemini reaches for Spencer’s knee and locks in an ankle lock.

Gravedigger: Gemini trying to even the odds a bit by taking out a leg of Spencer.

Zach Davis: Smart move.

Spencer is able to wiggle out of it and get to his feet. He stomps down on Gemini who is still unable to get to his feet.

Spencer doesn’t stop stomping until Gemini stops trying to get up. He then drops down for a pin.




Gemini kicks out at two, but barely. Spencer then talks to the referee again as Gemini rolls out of the ring.

Gravedigger: Gemini Battle is seriously injured, but look… he’s walking around outside.

Zach Davis: He’s punching himself in the leg for defying him.

Freddy Whoa: Can he defy Logic again and come back from this injury?

Gemini stomps around the outside regaining his balance. Spencer shouts from inside the ring.


Gemini slides under the ropes and gets to his feet. He jumps up and down showing that his leg is good to go.

Freddy Whoa: He was bluffing.

Gravedigger: I don’t think so. I’ve been in the ring before, sometimes you just get the adrenaline pumping so hard that you feel no pain. He’ll be feeling whatever it is after this match I’m sure.

Spencer calls out Gemini one last time.Spencer Adams: You sure?

Gemini Battle: Dead fucking sure!

Spencer motions for Gemini to come with his index finger and Gemini obliges. He runs forward and cucks a clothesline form Spencer and ends up behind him. He delivers a quick jab then another. On the third Spencer grabs Gemini’s arm and throws him into the ropes.

Gemini bounces off of one side and when he returns to the center Spencer jumps over him. Gemini bounces off the other side then jumps over the sprawled body of Spencer. When he gets to the middle he meets him with a hip toss which Spencer blocks.

Spencer goes to deliver a hip toss to Gemini but Battle flips back and lands on his feet. He drops quick down to a knee before getting up. Spencer looks over at Gemini concerned before being hit with a wicked clothesline by Gemini who then cinches in a head lock to the downed Spencer Adams.

Gravedigger: The experience of Gemini Battle coming into play here. I don’t know if he feigned that slight knee injury but he definitely took advantage of the slight hesitation that Spencer had from it.

Zach Davis: And sometimes it’s that slightest hesitation that can win or lose you a match.

Gemini grabs the head of Spencer tighter and tighter. He grinds his face into the mat while he does it. Spencer struggles up just to have Gemini push his face right back into the mat.

Zach Davis: You’ve been in the ring before, Digger… how does this headlock feel? What is going on in the mind of Spencer Adams right now?

Gravedigger: God I hate these questions. Well Gemini is doing the move right and slowing down the passage of air going to Spencer. Coupled with grinding his face into the mat he is adding a second vicious element that we have come to know and love from this clown. Right now Spencer just needs to find a way to release the pressure on his head, and it looks like he’s doing just that.

Spencer gets to his knees with Gemini on his back. Then he gets to his feet. He elbows Gemini in the gut, but Gemini doesn’t let go of the headlock. HE elbows him again and Gemini lets go just enough for Spencer to throw Gemini into the ropes. When they meet in the middle Gemini shoulder tackles Spencer knocking him to the ground.

Gemini pulls Spencer up to his feet but Spencer pushes Gemini’s arms off of him, grabs him from around the head and drops Gemini’s chin onto the top of his head. Gemini staggers back to the ropes and Spencer runs forward with a clothesline. Gemini ducks and delivers a back body drop over the top rope, but Spencer lands on the other side of the ring apron. Gemini turns around and is met with Spencer dropping Gemini’s neck over the top rope.

Gemini staggers into the center of the ring and Spencer gets back up to the ring apron. He then delivers a springboard dropkick to Gemini by leaping to the top rope and kicking Gemini square into the chest sending him into the corner and dropping to the mat. Spencer then runs forward and delivers a dropkick to Gemini who is sitting in the corner. He pulls Gemini out and goes for a pin again.




This time with more force than before.

Zach Davis: Spencer Adams has regained control of this match, but does he have what it takes to take Gemini out for good.

Gravedigger: He’s going to have to dig deep to take this man out, the Defiler of Logic himself.

With Gemini on his back Spencer grabs both of Gemini’s legs. Gemini reaches up, pleading for Spencer not to do anything to his injured left leg. Spencer drops the right leg now only holding the left leg. Gemini still pleads, reaching up begging for Spencer to not do anything drastic.

Gravedigger: Crunch time. If Spencer Adams wants to win this match he needs to go after that injured leg of Gemini.

Zach Davis: But does he have it in him to injure a friend even further.

Spencer threatens to drop an elbow on Gemini’s knee who simply drops to his back and braces for the impact with his eyes closed. Spencer re thinks this and delivers a boot to Gemini’s chest…

Which he grabs, and then spins over dropping Spencer to the ground. Gemini holds tight to Spencer’s leg and cinches in a half crab in the center of the ring. Spencer screams in agony as Gemini leans back putting pressure both on Spencer’s leg and his back. Gemini screams primal screams as Spencer reaches for the ropes, but is just too far away. Head referee Stanley Moser drops to the mat and ask Spencer if he wants to tap. Spencer yells

Spencer Adams: NOOOOO!!!!!

Gravedigger: This is the difference between Spencer Adams and Gemini Battle. Both men have an unlimited amount of respect for one another but Gemini has been around the block too many times to take anyone lightly, regardless of the situation. I bet if Spencer was hurt Gemini would be targeting that leg all match.

Zach Davis: No amount of anguish form Spencer will make Gemini release this hold. He wants that shot at Scarecrow for the People’s Championship. He is willing to break Spencer’s leg to do it too it looks.

Spencer gets on his arms and crawls towards the ropes. He inches closer and closer, and just as his fingertips can barely touch the bottom rope Gemini drags him back into the center of the ring.

Before he can cinch in the hold again Spencer is able to get to his back, he uses his legs to push Gemini off of him and into the ropes. As Gemini comes back Spencer gets to his knees and chop blocks Gemini’s left knee, sending him down to the ground writhing in agony.

Gravedigger: The kid did it! He went for the leg. What will he do now?

Zach Davis: Nothing, it seems.

Spencer has a face full of hurt as does Gemini, but Spencer is able to walk so he moves over to Gemini Battle who is rolling on the ground in pain. Head referee Stanley Moser pushes Spencer Adams away as he checks on Gemini’s leg. Gemini yells in agony and Stanley Moser asks Gemini if he wants to go on. He nods his head.

Stanley Moser: Are you sure?

Gemini Battle: Yes, bring on the kid!

The referee gets up and stands in between Spencer and Gemini as Gemini uses the ropes to get to his feet. One on his feet Gemini motions for Spencer to come to him as Spencer did to Gemini earlier in the match...

Gravedigger: Let’s get ready for round two…

Spencer runs towards Gemini who ducks underneath the attack sending Spencer into the corner. Spencer athletically leaps to the top rope and turns around just as Gemini is. He jumps off with a shooting star press, and then delivers a face buster to Gemini Battle.


Spencer and Gemini both lay in the center of the ring in pain. Spencer rolls over onto Gemini as the referee counts the pin.





Gravedigger: The kid did it, who would have thunk it, and he didn’t have to shoot for the leg to do it. He played his game and he picked up a hard fought victory. Now he stands tall in the center of the ring victorious and the number one Contender for the People’s Championship. If you’re watching scarecrow, this kid is for real!

Gemini Battle starts to stir as Spencer stands in the center of the ring with his hand held high. He reaches down to Gemini Battle who refuses his help and gets to his feet on his own. Spencer stands in the center of the ring with his arm extended and Gemini ignores him. He limps towards the ropes and leaves Spencer standing in the middle of the ring, left hanging with his arm extended for a handshake.

Gemini climbs between the top and middle ropes and starts to make his way to the apron. As he does he looks in the center of the ring at Spencer Adams with his arms extended. Gemini then climbs back into the ring and shakes the kid’s hand. He raises it in the air and points at him, giving him praise for a tough fought match.

The crowd goes nuts.

Zach Davis: A hard fought contest between two members of the DRG ends with them standing in the center of the ring with mutual respect. Give it up for these two men, folks… well, it seems that you are already. For the people at home, if you could only feel the intensity in the arena right now you would be overwhelmed.

Gemini exits the ring and limps down the aisle. Spencer Adams gets out of the ring, following Gemini, and puts his arm over his shoulder and helps his brother walk out a bit easier.

Kyle Kemp Segment

The camera opens on two men in WCF staff t-shirts. They are carrying a table already folded out down the hall. The man in front catches his foot on a cord, drops his side and stumbles forward into Kyle Kemp who is doing some stretching before his match. He turns around and coldly stares at the man. The man trembles as he looks up into Kemp's eyes. The other man realizes that it is Kemp and walks back down the hall.

Staff: I'm so sorry man! I didn't mean too!

Kyle Kemp: Oh I know man. I know all about accidents and it seems that you are as well. I mean how else could you have ended up on this planet.

Staff: Hey! That's not necessary!

Kyle Kemp: That is exactly what your Mom thought when she told the janitor at Taco Bell that he did not need to wear a condom.

The man's face slowly turns red and Kemp smirks at him.

Kyle Kemp: Oh that's cute but there's something you should know.

The man looks questioningly as he awaits for Kemp to continue. Instead Kemp slaps the man across the face causing him to stumble backwards a couple steps. The man plants his right foot and lunges towards Kemp who ducks and then kicks the man in the groin. He doubles over and Kemp takes a couple steps back before rushing forward and hitting Back to the Minors on him. The man immediately falls to the ground.

Kyle Kemp: I'm Kyle Kemp.

Kemp tilts his head back and forth with a smile and then turns towards the camera.

Kyle Kemp: All of you, especially those in the back, need to remember that and if anyone has a problem with that, you know where to find me.

Champion vs Champion
Mikey eXtreme vs Marc Mayhem

As the lights in the arena go out, "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins to blare over the crowd. A flash of light shoots towards the center of the ring and you can make out the shape of Freakshow. The arena stays blanketed in darkness until a red light hits the stage, a light fog begins to drift out and engulf the stage. Mikey eXtreme walks out as "lightning" begins to crash into the stage. Freakshow, who appeared to be in the ring just moments ago, is now slowly following Mikey to the ring. Mikey does not make eye contact with anyone in the crowd and ignores their requests for any interaction. Mikey slides into the ring and rolls to the corner where he sits, leaning against the bottom rope. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at the stage where Marc Mayhem will be entering from.

Zach Davis: We got title verses title coming right up folks!

Gravedigger: Okay, so. Answer me this. Who's the US champion?

Zach Davis: Erm, Mikey Extreme?

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Kaz lost the belt, Digger. Remember?

Gravedigger: You're not getting me fools. Freakshow is the true champion. Anyone can see that! This Extreme jabbroni is excess baggage! This whole title reign is just another freebird con move!

Zach Davis: Well, speaking of multiple personalities and two sides to an argument...

The arena Goes pitch black and there is nothing for a moment. “If I had a Heart” By Fever Ray hit’s the PA. As Mayhem walks out onto the stage, standing under an intense flare of red hue lights that illuminate the place. Mayhem walks over to the edge of the stage and runs his thumb across his throat. ( the universal sign for killing) Mayhem then walks down to the ring. He walks up the stairs and dips under the top rope as he enters.

Zach Davis: Marc and Mayhem...which one is here tonight?

Gravedigger: Does it matter? They're both not the hardcore champion.

Mayhem climbs the top turn-buckle as he soaks up the crowd reaction. He climbs down and stares Mikey intensely down. Mikey raises his US championship as a show of defiance, this ignites a rage within Mayhem; who pounces on Mikey as the bell rings and the match begins!

Right hands by Mayhem, Mikey rolls Mayhem over, and delivers some huge uppercuts of his own. Stanley wisely removes the belt from the ring as the brawling continues. Mikey up on his feet. Irish whip followed up with a shining wizard attempt; Mayhem side steps it and goes for a teardrop suplex. Connects. Follows that up with a diving elbow. Quick pin attempt




Mikey goes for the explosion but Mayhem slips out and goes for a DDT, Mikey kicks out and goes for a DDT of his own and connects! Pin attempt




Mikey climbs the turnbuckle and signals for a frogsplash!

Zach Davis: Mikey going for an aerial assault here!

Gravedigger: Gonna end in disaster, always does!

Mikey leaps!


Belly to back Suplex by Mayhem!

Mayhem locks in a Texas Cloverleaf!

Mikey drags himself and Mayhem towards the ropes and the crowd pops HUGE!


Reaches the ropes!

Mayhem breaks the hold. Pushes Moser aside, delivers some kicks to the back of Mikey's skull. Dragon screw by Mikey, pumps up with the crowd on his side, shining wizard! Springboard dropkick! Mayhem is reeling; as Mikey with a running bulldog. Goes up top for a moonsault!

Caught in mid air by Mayhem! Goes for the CAB RIDE!!!!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Cab ride!!!

Mikey floats out!! Goes for the extreme again! Mayhem rages up, irish whip, powerbomb!

Mayhem lifts Mikey up by his hair, screams at the crowd. Hits MULTIPLE POWERBOMBS!!


Zach Davis: Mikey is getting powerbombed to death!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! The strength of Marc verses the resiliency of Mikey!

Mayhem with the pin





Zach Davis: Man, that was close!

Mayhem is screaming blue murder, he can't believe the kickout. Shakes his head as he takes a moment out to compose himself. A beat later, Marc lifts up Mikey up for a Cab Ride.

Zach Davis: This is it! Cab Ride coming!

Mayhem goes for the cab ride as Mikey floats out again, eXtreme connects!




Stanley Moser: Your winner, The WCF United States Champion, MIKKKKKEY EXTREME!!!!

K.L. Henson Segment

Henson is heading down the hallway breathing heavily from his brawl with Jack when Hank appears from around the corner with mic in hand.

Hank Brown: Mr. Henson! Your match ended in a tie and now it has been announced that both you and Jack will be competing against Alex Richards for the internet title. Your thoughts?

Henson chuckles as he shakes his head and places his hands on his sides.

K. L. Henson: Hank, this tie was a lapse in mental judgement. I got so sucked into making sure Jack realized I wasn't going to give up that I let myself get carried away! But now I learned some pretty valuable information! I know how Jack fights and I know what I will need to do next time. As for Alex, he is something of an impressive figure and some what intimidating to most but there is plenty of evidence of what he is capable of and how he works! I mean knowing is not the same as experiencing but that is what I live for! More important than winning, more important than walking out alive, I want to experience what there is in the world! There is nothing that I hate more than a wasted moment! I have to use every moment to a purpose or I will spend the next week hating myself!

Hank is about to ask another question but Henson rips the mic out of his hand and faces the camera. No longer smiling, he stares down the audience and all those watching at home.

K. L. Henson: But to tell you the truth! I generally spend my time hating myself for wasting six years of my life trying to figure out what I should have already known! Now I have to catch up on what I missed! I have to do six times the work! I have to fuck up the lives of six times the people to make up for it! I am not just wasting my time focusing on the internet title! Don't get me wrong, championships are important in this business but I have plans! There are things in the works to shake up life here in WCF!

Henson turns to Hank.

K. L. Henson: So it is a little difficult when you ask for my thoughts! For I am never just thinking about my match tonight! I am not just thinking about the title match down the road! I am thinking about me and everything I effect! I am thinking about five minutes in the future as well as five years! Right now I have something going on that you don't even see and you won't figure out until it is already in affect!

Henson turns back to the camera.

K. L. Henson: So be afraid WCF! For fucks sake, keep one eye open as you sleep! My one goal is to brand my name across the WHOLE of WCF! Not just with wins! Not just with words! Not just with violence! I am working to change the whole structure of your previously untouched ecosystem, your comfort ends this year! and no one! Not Richards, Not Jack, Not John Michaels! No one! Will stop me!

Henson tosses the mic as he walks off screen.

Alex Richards/Scarecrow vs Kyle Kemp/Vulgar

“Mysterious Pantheon theme” hits as Scarecrow, with his people's title in toe, and Alex Richards walk with a determined purpose down to the ring. A smiling Crow is dressed in a pair of black boxing shorts over his black knee pads and shin guards. He's also wearing a black and purple Corey Black shirt on this occasion. Both men enter the ring to a tumultuous round of applause. Stanley Moser hands Crow a microphone. Before he can speak, a huge chant breaks out:


Scarecrow: Thank you...(cheers)...Thank you. My name, and it's been way too long since I've said this, is The Scarecrow.

MASSIVE POP here, we get a sweeping camera shot over the crowd as they wave signs marking out for the murder machine.

Scarecrow: It's been a long time since I've held a microphone in my hand and just went for the jugular. Just appeared on Slam; and cut a promo. The murder machine, creating one of those, “Crow moments”, that shatters ratings and lights up water coolers from coast to coast. That's because, for the last few months, my life has been a whirlwind. I needed a break from the storm. I needed time to reflect upon my greatest victory. And while I reflected, I reached a real crossroads in my life. Because where do you go? What comes after you've fought and DEFEATED the most dominant force this company has ever seen, in any division, the grand wizard of professional wrestling himself: Odin Balfore!


Scarecrow: Odin. Before I move on. I just want to say two words...

Crow exhales.

Scarecrow: Thank you. Thank you for giving me one of the matches of the year. For forcing me to push myself just that little bit more. For taunting me, for challenging me...into redefining my very existence within this company. For pushing me through that imaginary envelope, a ceiling only those without faith and respect in their own ambition are held back by. You took me to the very edge Odin; and then over it. Colors aside. Turf war aside. You're one of the greatest warriors this industry will ever see. And you gave me a match for the ages. You have my respect, as I hope, I have earned yours.


Scarecrow: I would like to shake that man's hand. But it just ain't possible right now. For as much as I would like the turf war to end, those colors, they're still running red. The war goes on. So lets talk about the war. And one casualty in particular: Jayson Price.

Boos echo across the crowd, some cheers too. A small, but vocal, “come back soon”, chant breaks out.

Scarecrow: Jayson Price divides people. Their emotions, their loyalties. And three weeks ago? Their bones. A lot of people asked me when I joined Pantheon, why? Why would, “The loner”, “The idealist”, saddle his horse with the establishment? They cried, “Crow, you promised never to fly another man's flag. So why turn your back on your own coda?” It's a good question, and the people do deserve an answer. That answer, in this case, just so happens to be a simple quote, “Who watches the watchmen?” Who is the checks and balance within such a juggernaut like Pantheon? Well, you're looking at him. Three weeks ago, Jayson Price broke rank. He went rogue at Asesinato De Mayo. So the situation required resolution. Corey Black brought me into Pantheon with the express freedom to make the hard calls, to make the decisions that keep a monster like Pantheon in line. So I made the call to walk away from the match. And when it came to taking Price out of the equation? Well, play the footage...

We see the three way superkick, Corey's is hampered by his broken arm throwing off his balance. Alex's large frame hunkers down on most foes, but a superkick, even one as destructive as Alex's, Is not his natural form of attack. But Crow's is an altogether different animal, it is swift, and deadly, and brutal. Just a release of honed, unbridled power. It's connection is devastating.

Scarecrow: Putting a man into a coma is not an accomplishment to sing from the battlements. It's not a red letter day on my resume. But when Pantheon began, I promised to take care of violations. I took on the burden no one else could. Because only a man that stands by his own flag, even when he is policing another, is capable of what I can do. I am the one who watches the watchmen. I am the Scarecrow. And no one is better in the field than me. Number one with a fucking bullet!

Alex leans in, smiles

Alex: Maybe number two? (points at the Corey Black shirt design)

Scarecrow shrugs.

Scarecrow: I am anti establishment when It turns on the people. Jayson Price thought he was above it all. Above the law. He became corrupt with jealously. So he was dealt with. That's the future ladies and gentlemen. I am the one that polices this war. I ain't no fucking cop. Don't confuse me for a pig. I'm just a vigilante, with a pack of smokes and a bad attitude. Not a king, or a Baron, or a Duke. Just a man, who knows how to chamber one of the most devastating kicks this business has ever seen. But even a Scarecrow needs guidance. Even an Arch-Duke of Confusion could use a compass. The future...it's ours for the taking. But to take the future, you need the future to guide you. Too bad for the DRG, Sentinels and Imperium, that's exactly what we have. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you at this time. A former world champion. A former tag team champion. The future...JEFF PURSE!

“Survival" by Eminem blares on the PA as the fans get to their feet. Jeff Purse appears on Slam for the first time in a long time, and the fans show their appreciation. He stands on the stage for a minute and soaks it all up. He begins down the ramp, slapping five to fans as he walks down. He rolls into the ring and throws his arms in the air to the crowd losing their shit. Scarecrow hands him the mic as the music begins to die down. He appreciates the reception from the fans again, finally raising the mic to his lips to speak.

Jeff Purse: Pantheon has a very long and storied history. It is a group that has either made legends, or gave legends a platform to continue their dominance. Formed in 2012, the original members were all up and coming superstars, eager and willing to do work to make a name for themselves. Kid Phantasm, Nightmare, Jonny Fly, and of course, Jeff Purse. Managed originally by the great Bobby Cairo, nobody could have thought of a better lineup; until the man, the myth, the HAMMER himself Corey Black joined the ranks and took the group from unstoppable, to unstoppably amazing. Soon after Bobby Cairo decided to turncoat and align himself with Odin Balsnore. The group gained attention from just about everybody. Multiple stables popped up with one purpose: Stop Pantheon. T.o.T. D.o.T. Genesis. Bravado. AoD. And many, many more. But nobody could stop the freight train that was Pantheon. With its core group intact, more and more superstars wanted in. People like Johnny Reb, Skylar Striker, and hell, even Brad Kane. Pantheon blew up. Nobody could stop them. NOBODY. They ruled the scene ever since popping up in 2012.

With just one lapse in judgement by then leader Jonny Fly, the team somewhat disbanded. However, they came back quickly with the likes of Jonny Fly, Corey Black, Jayson Price, Steve Orbit, and Jeff Purse, the team that most of you probably remember. But then tragedy, as Steve Orbit turned coat and joined the Vapor Kings, and I sadly was brainwashed by a puppet.

I know, stupid. Either way, Pantheon was in shambles again. Jonny Fly left again. But Pantheon has always been a place for the best of the new talent to showcase its talent, to help the future of the wrestling business become legendary. I was once The Future of WCF. But not anymore. I could never step a foot in this ring in a competitive sense again and still be considered one of the best there ever was. My resume talks for itself: WCF Tag Team Champion, two time WCF TV Champion, WCF US Champion, WCF Hardcore Champion, WCF World Champion, War winner, hell I have done more in my career than most people who have storied careers. No, I am not The Future of WCF anymore, I have proved myself. These men in front of me, these are The Future of WCF.

Chelsea Armstrong, not really a man, but one of the greats none the less, couldn’t be here tonight. I remember when she first came along, I said publicly that she was one of the next big superstars in WCF. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I was right. This woman single handedly led a whole group of up and coming superstars very, very successfully. They put their faith in the right person, for good reason. Nobody can deny her talent, nobody can deny that she is a future WCF Champion.

Alex Richards, one of if not the greatest Internet Champions of all time…also one hell of a Hardcore Champion; and I should know as I had the pleasure of being in a Hardcore match against him. He has been on a tear since he has gotten here, and he is not slowing down anytime soon. He is one of the best of the new class, and proves it every time he steps into this ring.

Scarecrow. What is there to say about Scarecrow? How about the fact that he is one of the most impactful new superstars that has graced the WCF ring, which is not an opinion, it is a fact. He came in and smoked, SMOKED one of the best in our business, Odin Balfore. Another superstar I have had the pleasure of being in the ring with, and even though we lost our match at thirteen, I could tell that Scarecrow was a force to be taken seriously; so much that I bestow upon him The New Future of WCF.

Jeff Purse: Jay Omega was an unstoppable force when he was here. It’s a sad day when he gets sidelined, but don’t think for a second he isn’t coming back and gunning for that Hardcore Championship. I have said it before and I will say it again, I would hate, hate, HATE to be against him for that title. He makes it his own, and when he comes back and recaptures it, nobody will be able to take it off of him. Nobody. But don't just take my word for it...

"Mysterious Pantheon Theme" plays, and a spotlight focuses on the curtain. After a moment or two of dramatic anticipation, Jay Omega steps out onto the stage, and pauses at the top of the ramp to soak in the crowd's reaction. Omega struts down the ramp and climbs into the ring, shakes hands with Purse, Richards, and Scarecrow, then accepts the microphone from Jeff.

Jay Omega: It feels good to be standing in a WCF ring again. Certainly much better than the last time I was here, having the old noggin busted open with my own belt. Which brings up Marc Mayhem of course, and I'd just like to say, Marky Marc, that you'd best believe I'm looking for some retribution. You've got something that belongs to me, and I want it back. But I'm not pushy; I understand the obligations of a champion. I can wait until you've finished your little brouhaha with Tortoise, maybe I'll even give you a week to rest and recover, because I'm generous like that. But what can I do in the meantime?

Jay puts on an expression of mock confusion, then smiles as though an idea just occurred to him.

Jay Omega: I know, how about I do something stupid? I'm good at that. Yes, something stupid it is. While I wait for Mayhem to put Tortoise back into storage for another year, I think I shall lay down a challenge. While I wait my turn to reclaim my title, I'll give the WCF Galaxy a glimpse of Hardcore Hell; and challenge Imperium to a Hardcore match. I don't care if it's just one of you, or all of you, or some number in between. I don't care if it's a gauntlet match, handicap tag, or classic WCF Clusterfuck; I'm sick and tired of listening to you all run your mouths week after week, then watching you back it up with nothing but failure.

Omega turns to face back up the ramp, and directs his next statement to the locker room.

Jay Omega: And that's an open challenge, in all honesty. If the Dark Riders, the Sentinels, or anybody else thinks they've got what it takes to rule the Hardcore division, then by all means, please step up. Bring your numbers, in single combat or in groups, it makes no difference to me. Come try me, and I'll set you up with a nice hospital bed right next door to Jayson Price.

Jay hands the microphone back to Purse, then stands with his arms folded over his chest.

Jeff Purse: Call me crazy, but I don't think Imperium is going to take you up on that. And DRG kind of outnumber us by quite a bit. But since you brought him up, I want to briefly comment on Jayson Price. Jay Price was one of my best friends. He stayed at my house and got popcorn all over my sofa. He was messy, and a drunk, but a good hearted guy. Jayson Price was different. Jayson Price was an arrogant, angry drunk. He let jealousy overtake him and he broke Corey’s elbow. I'm sorry, but that is not how you deal with your issues when you are a part of a team. However, I do not feel that his aquatic life should suffer. So I have been making trips to his tower and feeding his sharks and other various Ocean life.

Which brings me to my next point and my first act as the manager of Pantheon…with Jayson Price gone, that leaves us with an open seat in the greatest wrestling stable on earth. So I am proposing we participate in The Cut—Pantheon Style. Each of us will find one brand new talent, and put them to the test, giving them an opportunity to prove that they are a good fit for this group of future Hall of Famers.

So I would like to take this opportunity to present to you my pick for The Cuttheon, a man I found wondering around Price tower, and don’t compare him to Harry Potter, DEXTER RADCLIFFE!!

Purse lowers his microphone as everyone in the ring looks up toward the stage. A young guy wearing a black Pantheon t-shirt and jeans walks out from the back, a big smile on his face.

Zach Davis: This guy is Purse's pick? What'd Jeff do, grab the first person he saw out of the crowd outside before the show?

Dexter heads up the steps at ringside and climbs through the ropes as the Pantheon members applaud Jeff's pick. Jeff pats him on the back as he raises his microphone back up.

Jeff Purse: Well now that you're out here in front of the world, why don't you go ahead and tell everyone about yourself.

Jeff holds the microphone out in front of Dexter.

Dexter Radcliffe: Well, my name is Dexter Radcliffe and-

Jeff pulls the microphone back away.

Jeff Purse: And you'll have to watch The Cuttheon to learn even more about the man that I believe is going to win the competition and become the newest member of Pantheon. Now if I'm not mistaken, Scarecrow and Alex, you two have a match and I've been talking for way too long already, so what's say we get to it!

Purse tosses his microphone out to Kyle Steel and then leads Dexter and Jay Omega out of the ring as Scarecrow and Richards begin to discuss strategy.

Gravedigger: Well there you have it, Jeff Purse is back in WCF and is the new manager of Pantheon.

Freddy Whoa: And his first act as Pantheon manager, or Pantheger, as I'd call him-

Gravedigger: Please never try to coin a phrase again.

Freddy Whoa: He's announced a competition to find a new member of Pantheon to replace Jayson Price.

Zach Davis: And what a disappointing choice he made. I don't care who the others find to compete for the spot, this guy is going to be the first one out. Mark my words.

"Comin' Up" by Sam Adams begins to play and gold lights start blinking around the arena. Kyle Kemp slowly walks out onto the stage and comes to a stop in the spotlight and crosses his arms. He smiles smugly at the crowd and begins to shake his head up and down.

Zach Davis: Well with all this excitement over the return of Jeff Purse, we've forgotten that Richards and Scarecrow are out here for a tag team match!

Gravedigger: Well maybe you forgot, but that's because you're a moron.

Kemp struts down the aisle, glaring at fans, before he stops at ringside.

Darkness floods into the arena like air rushing into a vacuum. For several moments the crowd is left vulnerable; skittish women cling to their purses, lest some opportunistic monster comes to tear them away. Before anybody can be truly afraid, however, a blinding, ethereal light bursts from the entrance way and unnerving music begins to fill the air. The crowd sees a figure emerge onto the walkway, silhouetted against the glaring fluorescence. As he creeps his way along to the ring, several fans in the front row are able to make out his features and recoil in disgust. The bright lights subside and the arena goes black again. Suddenly the arena lights flip back on and Kemp and Vulgar are in the ring, throwing right hands at Scarecrow and Richards.

Freddy Whoa: And Kemp and Vulgar aren't waiting for the bell!

Vulgar manages to throw a caught off guard Richards over the top rope as Kemp shoots Scarecrow into the ropes. Kemp with a clothesline attempt but Scarecrow ducks it and hits Vulgar with a forearm to the back as he's trying to step out onto the apron. With just two men in the ring finally the referee calls for the bell to start this match.


Kemp spins Scarecrow around and lays into him with a right hand. Scarecrow up against the ropes and Kemp lays into him with a backhand chop across the chest. Scarecrow steps away from the ropes and Kemp pulls him in. Kemp now turning and he's trying for the Show Off, but as he lifts up Scarecrow, Crow grabs hold of the top rope. Kemp trying to tear Crow away from the ropes as the referee starts up a five count.



Zach Davis: Kemp better listen to the referee unless he wants to get him team disqualified so early in this match.



Kemp finally relents and tosses Crow's legs to the side. Crow lands and immediately rifles off a side kick to the gut of Kemp. Kemp doubled over and Crow connects with a bionic elbow right to the top of the dome. Kemp dazed a bit as Crow starts to go after him, only to have Vulgar grab him by the ankles from outside the ring. Crow trying to pull free when Richards grabs hold of Vulgar, spins him around and drives him back first into the apron.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! I think I just the ring move an inch!

Crow turns around and right into a roll-up attempt by Kemp.



NO! Reversal by Crow!



NO! Reversal by Kemp but the referee can't even start up a count as Crow reverses it again. Kemp shoves Crow off of him but Crow grabs his arm and tries to lock in an armbar. Kemp trying to desperately break free as he claws at the hands of Crow, but it's to no avail. Kemp now looking to the ropes, not more than a foot from his hand. Vulgar up on his feet at ringside as Richards pulls him up. Richards trying to whip Vulgar into the barricade but Vulgar reverses it into a knee to the gut. A quick thumb to the eye and then Vulgar smashes Richards' face into the apron.

Zach Davis: What impact! Richards nose might have been driven into his skull.

Vulgar now seeing his partner in trouble and he reaches in under the bottom rope, grabbing Kemp's wrist. Vulgar now pulling Kemp closer to the rope until Kemp can grab it on his own. The referee calling for Crow to release the hold as Vulgar yells for the referee to get him off. Crow finally lets up on the hold as Kemp pulls himself closer to the ropes, holding onto his bad arm. Vulgar hops up onto the apron and he's asking to get tagged in. Kemp obliges and Vulgar tears into the ring, tackling Crow to the mat. Vulgar shoving Crow to the mat and going for the pin.




Freddy Whoa: And a kickout from Crow!

Vulgar the first up to his feet and he clubs Crow over the back of the head. Vulgar now going for Imminent Death but Crow counters with a kick to the gut. Vulgar doubled over and Crow tries for the stunner.

Zach Davis: Murder Of Crows!

But Vulgar shoves him off and into the ropes. Crow comes back and right into a T-Bone Suplex. Vulgar pushing himself up to his feet as Crow is clutching his back. Vulgar goes after him for another pin attempt.





Freddy Whoa: Another kickout by Crow and Vulgar and Kemp have to be wondering what it's going to take to keep him down.

Vulgar up to his feet as Crow is slow to push himself up. Vulgar readying himself for something as Crow grabs the ropes to keep himself up right. Crow spins around and Vulgar lets loose a spray of red liquid.

Gravedigger: Cancer Powder!

But Crow ducks it and the referee gets a face full of the dastardly concoction. The referee drops, grabbing at his face in pure agony as Vulgar looks on. With Vulgar's attention diverted, Crow scrambles on the mat across the ring and slaps the outstretched hand of Richards.

Freddy Whoa: Here comes the Archduke!

Richards enters the ring and goes right at Vulgar, spinning him around and taking him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Kemp enters the ring and tries to attack Richards, but he gets shoved into the corner. Richards running straight at Kemp and hits him with an elbow. Richards with chops to the chest until Vulgar pulls him away, but Richards hits him with a right hand and shoves him into the corner along with Kemp. Richards backing away before running straight at the corner. Richards leaps up, looking for a splash, but Vulgar ducks away and Richards hits Kemp with it. Vulgar behind Richards and when Alex turns around he eats an enzuigiri. Down goes Richards and Vulgar goes for the pin.

Zach Davis: The referee is still out!

The referee is outside the ring on the ground getting his eyes flushed out by the ringside medic. Vulgar sits up, looking for answers when he gets a superkick to the jaw from Scarecrow. Crow tries to pull Richards over onto Vulgar when Kemp shoves him off. Kemp throws Crow up against the ropes and hits him with a clothesline, sending both men to the ground outside.

Freddy Whoa: Both the legal men are down on the mat and the referee is blind after that concoction of Vulgar's hit him square in the eyes. How in the heck is this match going to end?

As they reach the outside, Kemp gets to his feet first and grabs Crow, throwing him headfirst into the steel ringpost. Kemp then grabs the nearby People's and Internet Titles.

Gravedigger: What is this about?

Kemp slides the People's Championship in to Vulgar before rolling into the ring himself with the Internet Title. Both men measure up Alex Richards as Richards gets to his feet... they run at him and blast him in the face with both belts!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Richards hits the mat as the referee immediately signals for the bell.

Kyle Steel: YOUR WINNERS, by disqualification... PANTHEON!

Scarecrow enters the ring but Kemp immediately runs at him and clocks him with the Internet Title. Scarecrow drops down and Kemp stomps on him repeatedly as Vulgar stomps away at Richards.

Zach Davis: At Asesinato De Mayo, Kyle Kemp and Vulgar challenged for the People's and Internet Titles but came up short. Pantheon has won via disqualification but Kemp and Vulgar are standing tall here tonight.

Kemp and Vulgar raise the Internet and People's Titles respectively as we go to commercial.

Jonny Fly Segment

“300 Violin Orchestra” hits over the PA system.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Gravedigger: Ugh. Not this guy. I was hoping he’d have disappeared by now.

The crowd breaks out into a mixture of boos and cheers as Jonny Fly confidently struts onto the stage. Wearing his Sunday best, full suit, tie, dress shoes made of real shiny cows, Fly smiles as he stares out onto the masses.

Zach Davis: This is going to be interesting guys. We haven’t heard much from Fly since his team came up short in the Trios Cup finals. This is unfamiliar territory for him.

Gravedigger: He might want to get used to it.

Fly opens up the left side of his suit jacket and magically pulls out a microphone. He then slowly begins to walk down the ramp toward the ring. With help of the ring steps, he elevates himself into the ring and waits for his music to die down.

Freddy Whoa: One item of note, this has to be the first time since he’s come back that we’ve seen Fly without Steve Orbit.

Gravedigger: Maybe they broke up? I always hate to see an interracial relationship die.

Zach Davis: You’re a real unifier of different cultures, Digger.

Freddy Whoa: Fly is black anyway…so…

Fly sarcastically taps the microphone to check if it’s on. Then he taps it again. He looks over toward the audio guys and motions for them to turn him up. He taps the microphone again, and finally content, begins his speech.

Jonny Fly: I suppose everyone is watching this right now wondering how I’m going explain my team’s loss in the Trios finals two weeks ago. But uh…nope. It was a great performance by the guys who won…the one with the motorcycle, the clown, and Jason Bourne. It was also a great performance by Steve Orbit…and obviously a sensational awe-inspiring and panty dropping performance, as always, by yours truly.

Gravedigger: Is this Fly’s way of saying the loss is Black’s fault? Hah! What a bitch.

Zach Davis: Fly creating some distance between he and Orbit and Black, at the very least.

Jonny Fly: A team had to win. That’s how this works. Obviously those guys needed that win a lot more than my team, so I’m happy for them. The hard part is always following up. Can Spy Kid win the World Title? Can the group defend their Trios Titles? It never stops. Nobody will remember their win unless they manage to keep the momentum going. They're out there celebrating, but you can only rest on a big win for a week, and then it’s back to work. Or…for me…two weeks. Now I’m ready to go back to work too.

Fly takes a moment to pause. There’s a small cheer from the crowd at the inference of him wrestling again.

Jonny Fly: I’ve lost matches before. Not many, but still, I’ve always been told it comes with the territory. When you wrestle in the type of matches I have in my career, you tend to drop a few silly ones. That’s how I’m going to chalk this one up. One on one, I'd destroy any member of DRG. I'll rest my hat on that and move forward. So, now I need to find something to do. I’m a REALLY GOOD wrestler without a direction…which, I’m going to change right now. There just so happens to be ANOTHER really fuckin’ awesome match coming down the pipe faster than a stripper on my....

Fly remembers he’s on television. He stops and clears his throat.

Jonny Fly: Excuse me. The point is, I’m talking about Ultimate Showdown.

Huge POP from the crowd.

Jonny Fly: I’ve only wrestled in the match once. That doesn’t seem right. So, I’m here to officially announce my entrance into the Ultimate Showdown match this year.

Zach Davis: Can he do that? Don’t you need to have a title to be in the match?

Gravedigger: Typical Fly. Thinks he can do whatever he wants.

Jonny Fly: Not only am I going to enter the match, I'm going to win, and were going to have a celebration where thousands of hot fries are released from the rafters down onto the crowd in a giant hot fry eating celebration orgy...

“Master of Puppets” hits. The crowd immediately goes stone silent.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Gravedigger: About time we bring some order to this nonsense.

With a microphone in hand, Seth Lerch walks out onto the stage. He looks very sad. By sad, I mean mad. Really mad.


Fly looks confused by the question.

Jonny Fly: I’m…Jonny Fly. Wait, is this a trick? I am Jonny Fly right? I didn't wander into one of Pantheon's body switching machines or whatever shit, right?

Seth Lerch: GOD DAMMIT FLY! You don’t just get to come out here and tell everyone what you’re going to do. Ultimate Showdown is a match for title winners or people that I feel are worthy or deserving of being in the match. YOU ARE NEITHER!

Now Fly looks sad.

Jonny Fly: But Seth. Buddy. Think about how much I’ve done for you!

Seth Lerch: Okay, Fly. Sure. You got me thrown in jail. You stole my company. You made me your secretary. To this day your Pantheon bullshit plagues WCF. To top it all off, you do shit like this where you just think you can say or do whatever you want, whenever you want, undermining my authority!

Jonny Fly: WHOA!

Freddy Whoa: That’s my line!

Jonny Fly: I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. I’m the one that got your out of prison! I gave you your company back, I allowed you to change your name back, and I’m no longer affiliated with Pantheon. What more could you want!?

Set Lerchh: You to leave WCF once and for all! AND YOU MADE ME CHANGE MY NAME TO BEGIN WITH!

Jonny Fly: Are you kidding me? I KNOW I’m good for business, Seth. People have to flock all around just for the chance to watch me make one of these pretentious fucks on your roster a Flyjobber. You probably just came out here after locking yourself in your room counting up all the dollar bills my Trios Cup run made you. Now think about that…plus Ultimate Showdown. Give me the match I want, Seth. You know it’s the right thing to do.

Seth Lerch: I can’t justify that. I WON’T justify that.

Jonny Fly: Oh, come on. We all know you’re not a ‘fair’ owner. No need to pretend here. Putting me in Showdown is going to create intrigue and suspense. None of that team shit, someone is literally going to have to pin me to win. It’s going to be one hell of a show. This company’ bank account doesn’t want to miss it.

Seth brings his hand to his chin. He appears to be considering what Fly is saying.

Seth Lerch: I’m not going to give you a free pass. You need to earn it just like everyone else. You think you’re still hot shit, Fly? Well you’ll need to prove it in a contendership match! At Blast, you’ll have your shot to win your way into the Ultimate Showdown match. However, just like in the Trios Cup, I suspect you’re going to fall short. Only this time after you lose I hope you’ll make the right decision and fade away…FOR GOOD!

Fly laughs at the comment.

Jonny Fly: This is fine by me. Book the match. It doesn’t matter who it is, I’m going to Showdown.

Seth and Fly exchange a momentary state before Lerch turns and disappears to the back.

Zach Davis: Wow, so big news here. Jonny Fly is looking to punch a ticket to Ultimate Showdown.

Gravedigger: We’ll see. Knowing Seth’s relationship with Fly over the years, he’s not going to make it easy on him to get him.

Fly takes a moment to look around the crowd once again. He cracks another smiles and nods his head, almost happy with the ]result of what’s just occurred. He slides out the of the ring and heads toward the back.

Oblivon vs Joey Flash

Zach Davis: Alright everyone...

Freddy Whoa: Let's get to this!! I'm excited about this next match!!

Gravedigger: Yea... from what I've heard....

Zach Davis: What did YOU hear, 'Digger?

Gravedigger: First of all... it's Mr. Gravedigger and second...

Gravedigger stands up and peers down at Zach Davis.

Gravedigger: Never... EVER interrupt me again. If you do.... what I do to you, whatever Oblivion did to Joey Flash's love of HIS life, that will look like an episode of Mister Roger's Neighborhood compared to what I WILL do to you. Understand me, little man!!!

Gravedigger sits back down.

Gravedigger: From what I have heard, Joey Flash is looking to hurt Oblivion.

Freddy Whoa: Whoooooooooaaaa...

The arena lights dim, as the crowd's buzz begins to build at a fever pitch. "Mile Zero" by Periphery begins and lingers for a moment... before Joey flash, in all of his glory, emerges from behind the curtain, staring at the crowd. He floats regally down the aisle,.

Kyle Steel: From the Bronx, New York... weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds... THIS IS... JOEEEEEEEEEEEEY FLAAAAAAAASH!!

Flash bathes in the atmosphere, stopping to shakes hands with anyone, who deserves it. Flash circles the ring twice, before sliding into the ring and slowly walks to a corner. Flash sits downs, staring down the aisle with both complete apathy and absolute disgust.

Zach Davis: Joey Flash has his game face on.

Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash looks ready to kill.


Tornado sirens begin to blare out, as the voice of Alessandra Allegri screaming out for help from Joey Flash. "Oblivion" by Mastadon begins to play.

Zach Davis: That is absolutely sick and horrible!!

Freddy Whoa: This is bad, even for Oblivion!

Gravedigger: Yea, it is. Isn't is wonderful?!

House lights begin to flicker in an non-pattern manner. Lighting flashes around random spots of the arena. Thunder rolls loudly. Monk like chants begin, as fog-like smoke begins to roll out. Oblivion slowly creeps out. The arena erupts with first cheers, then absolute arena shaking, thunderous booing. As The Monster continues to walk, IT throws his arms out to IT's side, stopping just for a brief moment. Oblivion continues to walk down the aisle.

Kyle Steel: From The Darkest deepest part of a sick man's psyche... weighing in at three hundred and ten pounds... This is The Monster... The God of Insanity... OOOBLIIIIIIIIIVIIIOOOOOON!!

The arena rattles with thunderous boos....


Freddy Whoa: WHOOOOOOOOOOAA!! Listen to this crowd!!

Zach Davis: The Monster sure has riled up THIS crowd.

Gravedigger: YES!! YES!! LET THE HATE FLOW!!

Oblivion slowly walks around the ring, with a distain look over IT's face, with a look of death, shooting straight at Joey Flash.

Zach Davis: Gentlemen, this is personal, right here!!

Gravedigger: There won't be any pure wrestling, tonight... in THIS MATCH!!

Oblivion walks up the ring steps and enters the ring and walks to a nearby corner. The Monster climbs up to the second turnbuckle, throwing his arms out, the crowd shows THEIR hatred towards Oblivion.


Oblivion hops down to the mat....



Zach Davis: This match begins with Joey Flash rushing over to Oblivion nailing him with a double fist to the back of his opponent.


Flash pummels Oblivion with multiple swift kicks and several boxing combos.

Zach Davis: Joey Flash steps back several feet before rushing towards Oblivion, nailing the God of Insanity with a fyling splash.

Oblivion stumbles out....


Freddy Whoa: Beautifully executed belly to belly suplex!!

Without missing a beat...

Oblivion: AHHH!! AHHHHHHHH!!

Gravedigger: FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!!

Oblivion: AHHHHHHHH!!

The referee gets in closer.

Stanley Moser: Oblivion... wanna submit?!

Oblivion: AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Stanley Moser: Do you want to submit?!

Oblivion: NOOOOOOOO!!

With IT's arm, Oblivion crawls, digging his blood-stained fingernails, into the mat. Oblivion grimacing in pain, as IT crawls to the ropes...

The crowd moans out in disappointment.


Joey Flash looks at Oblivion with hate.

Stanley Moser: TWO!!


Stanley Moser: THREE!!

Joey Flash: That's right bitch... SCREAM!!! SCREEEEEAAAAAAAAMMM!! SCREAM MY NAME!!

Stanley Moser: FOUR!!

Joey Flash: I'm gonna make you suffer with agony and torture!!

Flash lets go of the armbar...


Flash stomps down at Oblivion, who slides from under the bottom ring rope. Flash sees The Monster outside the ring, bounces off the ropes and flies towards the direction of Oblivion, bending down, trying to get the feeling back in IT's arm...


Zach Davis: Oblivion just knocked the taste out of the mouth of Joey Flash!!

Oblivion grabs Joey Flash and whips him towards a ring post...


Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash reverses the Irish whip...


Gravedigger: NO!! Oblivion just reversed the Irish whip reversal...


Zach Davis: Joey Flash collides into the ring steps... OH GOD!! OBLIVION CHARGES TOWARDS A PARTIALLY SEATED JOEY FLASH!!!


Gravedigger: Oblivion collides with Joey Flash with a massive thigh and knee to the upper body of Joey Flash!!

Oblivion grabs Flash....



Zach Davis: Oblivion is picking up Joey Flash... AGAIN!! Oblivion IS a monster!!

Gravedigger: Ask Alessandra Allegri.


Gravedigger: Oops, my bad!!

Freddy Whoa: That was really in bad taste!! NO MATTER WHAT!!

Gravedigger: WHAT?! Too soon?

Oblivion snapmares Flash on the outside mat. Oblivion takes several steps backwards...

Freddy Whoa: What's Oblivion doing?!

Oblivion bolts towards a seated Joey Flash...


Zach Davis: Oblivion just dropkicked the face of a seated Joey Flash.

Flash collapsed into a curled up heap. Oblivion climbs up to the ring apron...


The crowd roars out with a shocked expression.

Zach Davis: The Monster leaps from the ring apron and lands on Joey Flash with a flying elbow!!

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion is gonna do it!!


The Monster flies off the ring apron...


The crowd roars out...

Gravedigger: Oblivion missed with a flying elbow drop.

Joey Flash stagers around, waits for Oblivion to stand up.

Joey Flash: Get up, you piece of shit!!

Oblivion slowly stands up...




Oblivion: AHHHH!!!

Stanley Moser immediately jumps down, to the outside, of the ring.

Stanley Moser: Alright, you two... GET INSIDE THAT RING!! ONE!! TWO!!

Flash still wrenches on the arm of Oblivion, before letting go and picking up The Monster,, tossing him...


...right into the ring steps. Flash grabs Oblivion...

Gravedigger: KOJI-CLUTCH!!

Oblivion flings around, banging his feet against the ring steps.

The referee: ONE.... TWO... THREE...


The referee: FOUR.... FIVE.... SIX....

Flash lets go of the submission, roll back into the ring, then rolls back out, breaking up the count. Flash grabs Oblivion...





Flash stands over Oblivion, smiling, nearly chuckling. Oblivion is tossed back into the ring. As Flash enters the ring, The Monster stands. Joey Flash sees a standing Oblivion and charges.

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion uses the ropes to stand up. HERE COME JOEY FLASH!!

Flash charges towards Oblivion...

Zach Davis: Oblivion doesn't realizes that Joey Flash is charging at him....


Joey Flash charges at Oblivion, but The Monster pulls down the top ring rope causing Joey Flash to fly over the pulled down rope, first hitting the ring apron, then colliding with the ring side mats.

Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash is in trouble, because here comes Oblivion....


Zach Davis: Joey Flash nails Oblivion with a spinning kick to the mid-section!!

Flash grabs Oblivion and pushes him towards the commentary table...



Gravedigger: Joey Flash pushes Oblivion, back first right into the edge of this commentary table.

Joey Flash steps back and charges towards Oblivion....




Freddy Whoa: Oblivion just back body dropped Joey Flash on top of the table, but with momentum, Joey Flash bounced off he table and crashed in between the table and the security railing.

Oblivion proceeds to grab the protective covering, of the commentary table and tosses it to the side. The Monster walks over to Joey Flash, basically pushing everyone to the side.


Zach Davis: Both Oblivion and Joey Flash are fighting tooth and nail!!

Gravedigger: Oblivion is forcing Joey Flash to fight IT's kind of match!! Flash is a bonified grappler. Oblivion is a bonified psychotic brawler!!

Both fight back into inside the ring Oblivion whips Joey Flash into a corner...



Freddy Whoa: Oblivion crashes into the turnbuckles.

Oblivion bounces off the corner...



Flash picks up Oblivion tosses him to towards the corner...


Flash hits hard against the turnbuckles, hard enough to bounce out...


Oblivion stomps boot into the mid-section of Joey Flash...


Gravedigger: FALLING DOCTOR!!

Zach Davis: That gutwrench powerbomb was devastating!!

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion is going for a pin cover...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!!



Gravedigger: Joey Flash almost didn't kick out of that!!

Oblivion tosses Flash into the corner...



Gravedigger: That nearly ripped the had clear off from Joey Flash's shoulders.

Oblivion grabs Flash as they both climb up the turnbuckles. One by one they strike one another. The crowd gasps as both f them almost fell off the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: That was close, a couple of time, it looked like that they were about to fall off and collided with the mat ring side area below.

Both Joey Flash and Oblivion get to the top turnbuckle, they both continue to strike one another. Oblivion tries to get Flash into a position to connect with a throwing maneuver. Same thing can be said for Joey Flash. But, they continue to strike one another. They grab one another....



The commentary table explodes into what seems like a million pieces.

Zach Davis: IS EVERYONE OKAY?!?!

Freddy Whoa: I think so. I know I am.

Gravedigger: Me too. But, it looks like both Oblivion and Joey Flash are dead!! both of them are NOT moving. They basically threw one another off of the top turnbuckle and landed right in front of us!!

Zach Davis: Lucky for them, there was this table to break their fall!!

Immediately, medical personnel and Stanley Moser comes running to both Joey Flash and Oblivion, to check on their medical condition. Both Joey Flash and Oblivion look around sees the medical personnel and Stanley Moser standing around them, staring at them....

Oblivion: Get the Hell away from me!!

Joey Flash: Everyone get away from me!!

Both competitors stand up, stagger around. Both men fall down to one knee, each. Without missing a step, they proceed to strike one another as they stumble to the ring... Both Oblivion and Joey lash try their hardest to keep standing up. Both of them has to use the ropes, partially to stand up. They charge one another.

Zach Davis: Both competitors charge one another, but Joey Flash moves out of the way and moves right behind The Monster Oblivion....



Gravedigger: NO!! THE ITALIAN SUPLEX!!


Joey Flash blows a snot rocket on Oblivion, before making a pin cover.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!



Zach Davis: That's it, Joey Flash just pinned The Monster Oblivion!!

Gravedigger: But, you know damn well... THIS IS NOT FINISHED BETWEEN THESE TWO!!

Kyle Steel: The winner of the match... JOOOOOEEEEEY FLAAAAASH!!!

Zach Davis: THAT match was with the admission!!

Torture's Hardcore Championship Celebration Ballyhoo Bonanza

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam and as you can tell... we know what's next..

Gravedigger: I told you all along something was up, I knew this was how it was going to end. Ugh.

Zach Davis: Of course, Digger is speaking about Mayhem capturing the Hardcore Championship in a great bout with Torture, everyones favorite, in his corner.. to only have Torture attack him with his Team of Torture..

Freddy Whoa: WHOAA.. Team of Torture is T.O.T.. I just got that..

Zach Davis: (sigh) Team of Torture attacked Mayhem and then stole his Hardcore Champion.

Gravedigger: and in true douchebag fashion Torture wants a celebration tonight where he's officially crowned Hardcore Champion. He disgusts me.

Zach Davis: Let's go to Hank Brown who stands in our WCF ring!

There is red carpet from the top of the ramp down to the ring, with the ring having a red canvas inside. From there Hank takes to the crowd.

Hank Brown: Ladies and gentlemen..

Hank looks down at his cuecard and back to the hard camera in disgust.

Hank Brown: Your new Wrestling Championship Federation Hardcore Champion.. Torture..

The crowd boos but they're shocked when a huge pyro blast sounds off and Daft Punk's Flynn Lives comes over the speakers.

Zach Davis: What is this!? That's not Torture's music..

The lights go out and a spotlight grows bigger on the top of the ramp as smoke fills the space and a shadowed figure is elevated from underneath the stage slowly to the ramp. The spotlight shows Torture.

Gravedigger: Douchhheeee

The music picks up as Torture stands on the top of the ramp in his Armani suit, 10,000 dollar watch, his huge shades, and the crowd boo's as hard as it can. Torture smirks as he slowly looks behind him. Chris Avery, Ryan Daniels and the seven foot five Tank Reaper all step out from behind the curtain and flank Torture to his left and right. The Team of Torture looks out, and then to each other and Torture leads them down the ramp. Flash bulbs are going off but there's still boo's everywhere.

Zach Davis: It's 2015.. and Team of Torture is back together in WCF.

Gravedigger: Five years too late, hell, ten years too late, HELL, TWENTY YEARS TOO LATE!

Freddy Whoa: He doesn't have the Hardcore Championship with him though!

Zach Davis: Ahh, good catch Freddy, one has to wonder where that went..

Gravedigger: I swear to god if he threw it in the trash I'll be getting in the ring with him tonight.

Zach Davis: One has to think, Marc Mayhem is watching this somewhere in the back, he is the rightful Hardcore Champion and deserves this moment..

Torture and his team get into the ring and Torture snaps his fingers and the lights pop on and the spotlight goes off. Hank Brown stands there for nearly ten seconds as akward as he can before Torture mouths to him. "Get the hell out of my ring dipshit". Hank hands Torture the microphone and scatters out. The music stops and the crowd comes at them with more boos.

Torture: If you shut up for a second.

Crowd boos intensifies.

Torture begins to 'orchestrate' his hands to the booing.

Crowd begins to boo more.

Torture stares blankly out at the thousands upon thousands booing and calling him names.

Torture: Anyways, Tonight is a special night! For Tonight is all about one ten pound piece of gold coming back home where it belongs!

Crowd boos again.

Zach Davis: No it's not, tonight was about the new era of WCF! Dune! Mayhem! Trios Champions, come on!

Torture: You should have seen this coming from a mile away.. I mean come on! The boys and wanna-be girls in the back aren't even close to being on my level! They're not even on Logan and Jay Price's level and if those two were to crash down any further J-X and Twister would be looking for more to join their loser ass stable!

Crowd boos. Torture cackles with his team.

Torture: Mayhem decided to go down this road on his own. You see, this is what happens when you bitch and complain about your teammates and start a fight you can't finish. You want to complain that you lost in Trios tournament because of me? Want everyone to get all fussy-fussy and have me punished? I don't belong here? Who the hell do these wrestlers think they are! I built this god damn house. Wrestling Championship Federation would have drowned, cla-dunk, I mean DROWNED without me, I kept this place running with this face, gold around my waist, and all of you in the palm of my god damn hands!

Crowd boos.

Torture: I mean look around dipshits, you in the crowd and you in the back, look at this.. It's 2015 and I'm back in the main event of Slam! Buwaha! I'm a Hardcore Champion. My team is at the top of the game once again, and it took me what? All of three minutes? I wasn't even booked at the pay per view and I dropped WCF on it's head! Buwaha

Crowd boos.

Torture: Maybe they believe the horror stories they've heard. 'He's protected.. Seth loves him more'.. wah-wah-wah a bunch of pussies. This generation, this era of Wrestling Championship Federation couldn't last three weeks back then. You think murdering people in the desert is new? Shit's whack and old bro. You think inside jokes with ducks is original? Tek-dude was here long before you were, and if you think that pile of shit Kat Phoenix is entertaining in the slightest you have almonds for brains. Not only is it a bore-fest, but it was done fifteen years ago, I remember Madd Dogg and Vid Neo.

Crowd boos, but small pops.

Zach Davis: Tek-Dude reference on Slam, wow.

Torture: I remember when Jay Price quit the fifteenth time over seven years ago.

Crowd pops at Jay Price joke.

Zach Davis: Oh boy.

Gravedigger: He's still a douche, Zach.

Torture: My point is this, you bitch, complain, and think I'm taking a roster spot, think I'm pulling the strings and getting whatever I want, well, let's face it.. I get what I want because I take.. what I want.

Crowd boos.

Torture: I'm the man. I'm the god-gift-to-earth jobber beating legend in this place! Let's face it. Ice Beckman is a shell of what Brad Kane was, and Brad Kane happened to be a midget bitch who dreamed of sniffing Championship Gold like me. Think Odin Balfore but with a tenth more talent, and a thousand more entertaining promos and matches. Actually, don't think of Odin Balfore, dude's a bitch who can't hang and sucks more positive energy out of something more than whoever Thomas Bates is in the ring with.. both of them combined.. the joke lost steam, BUT MOVING ON..

Crowd boos.

Torture: What I'm here to announce is, that I'm NOT JUST your Hardcore Champion..

Crowd boos.

Torture: I'm thinking of changing the name to.. heh*.. World Heavyweight Hardcore Champion..

Crowd boos the loudest.

Torture: What? You don't like it? Come on! I'm the best this company has to offer I might as well be both at the same time!

Crowd boos.

Torture: I should own Wrestling Championship Federation, hell, Gravedigger took that unoriginal boring rehash route once, I guess I can do it too!

Crowd boos.

Gravedigger: Son of a bit-

Zach Davis: Sit down, Digger, sit down.

Torture: Before Gravedigger gets in the ring and makes a giant mistake of trying to get in my face and I end him where he stands like I've done a thousand times before where he begged me to be in my matches cause he can't draw worth a damn like Rick Mad, I'll tell you this; I'm your Hardcore Champion and me? Well, Torture IS HERE TO STAY!

Crowd boos!

Torture: Boo me all you want you idiots, you're looking at a God! I once defeated Lawnmower Jones and Chino! I'm a GOD! A MAN MADE GOD! BOW TO ME!!

Crowd boos. Torture laughs with his team again.

Torture: So let's make this official.. Huh? What do you say?

Tort now looking out at the crowd.

Torture: You stupid sons of bitches, do you even understand what I'm saying right now? You're like Oblivion and Mayhem, just a bunch of rocks in your head, and pretty little drawings of kids on a short bus, hahaha..

Zach Davis: Now he's insulting this great crowd..

Freddy Whoa: What's that?

Torture stands dead center of the ring and a spotlight shines down on him as the Hardcore Championship comes slowly down from the rafters. It reaches the ring and Chris Avery unsnaps it from the hook and then Daniels and Avery wrap it around Torture's waist. Torture with his hands out to his side, slightly looking up as if he's Jesus has the Hardcore Championship secured around his waist and the Team of Torture pose as the crowd boos.

“If I had a Heart” By Fever Ray hit’s the PA hits the airwaves and the crowd goes ballistic


Torture and his team quickly turn around and Torture ducks behind Tank, Avery and Daniels! Torture smiles as he sees Mayhem standing on the ramp..


Gravedigger: NOPE! HE HAS HELP!

Oblivion stands next to Mayhem on the stage and the crowd pops bigger. Torture grabs his Hardcore Championship and stands near the ropes as Mayhem and Oblivion run down the ramp and slide into the ring. However, they're met with Avery, Daniels and Tank beating them down to a chorus of boos. Mayhem gets to his feet and throws Avery through the ropes to the outside! Crowd is popping big time!


Daniels grabs Mayhem and turns him around and Mayhem levels him with a right hook. Mayhem turns his attention to Torture where hes met with his Hardcore Championship right upside his face. Torture levels Mayhem and down to the mat he goes. Tank throws Oblivion over the top rope to the outside and Avery slides back in and helps Daniels up. Torture kneels down just above Mayhem and picks up his head and puts his face against the Hardcore Championship.


Torture throws Mayhems head back down and spits on him. Torture snaps the Hardcore Championship back around his waist and Daniels, Avery and Tank raise their arms with Torture front and center.


Freddy Whoa: Uh, Zach, we actually have a main event match. Torture isn't always the main event.

Gravedigger: He SHOULD be, Freddy. He should be.

Dune/Occulo/Howard Black vs Deuce Murdock/The Poondock Saints

Zach Davis: And we're down to the real Main Event, with The Sentinels, to include the new World Heavyweight Champion Dune, facing off against the Poondock Saints featuring Gonzo Deuce Murdock, the newest Number 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Champion. Thoughts?

Gravedigger: Well, this isn't the first time that the Poondocks have faced off against The Sentinels, though both Dune and Gonzo are both new elements to add into this match. However, it should not escape the fans that Kaz was the one who got pinned by Howard Black a few shows back in a huge clusterfuck of a match.

Freddy Whoa: There's a lot riding on this match. But the Poondocks are sliding, and its only a matter of time before another team comes knocking for those Tag Titles. They win, and they could justify it. But Gonzo could be the deciding factor. Since his return to the ring, he's been almost untouchable. But the same could be said for Dune since the beginning of the Trilogy Cup, with his only loss coming by DQ. I'm giving the edge to The Sentinels.

Gravedigger: Foolish bet, but I'll bet against you...

All of a sudden, the lights in the arena go black. A cheer comes up from the crowd and then mates with a chant, a MASSIVE IRREPRESSIBLE chant from every corner of the arena, from every poon and thick in attendance tonight.


The excitement reaches a fever pitch. The fans froth at their collective mouths in anticipation of the thick shit that's bout it bout it, ready to cum in mere moments, though they're still shrouded in darkness save for cellphone flash bulbs so y'all can't really see it but y'all can feel it. The giddy aura of the WCF Universe is instantly impregnated by the sound of a gunshot.


"Natural Born Killaz" by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube tears through the PA system like the thickness does the poon. Simultaneously, the lights come back up in full-on strobe mode with red and green flashing all about the building in every which way. White people be dancin' the Jitterbug, but hey-- at least they gettin down to them thick gangsta rap sounds. The entire crowd is vibing, smoking phat blunts, tippin them forties, motorboatin' the biggest and baddest titties.

Kaz Mazy and Bobby Cairo emerge in the crowd, being led toward the ring by their manager Bolts Quackenbush, who's waving that Old Glory Poon Guinean Flag with the hammer and sickle and them fifty stars and thirteen bars.

Kyle Steel: This first match is scheduled for one fall! It is a SIX-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH!!! First, coming from the POON GUINEA, weighing in at a THICK 451 POUNDS!!! BOBBY CAIRO AND KAZ MAZY, THE POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONDOCK SAINTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Zach Davis: The Poondock Saints are in the house!

Freddy Whoa: Thickest entrance in this business today, Zach. Look at them white folk dancin' the Jitterbug. Crazy ass white folk.

Bitches be gettin their twerk on as Dre and Cube pay tribute with homicidal lyrics. Bolts hurdles over the fan barrier, never wavering from that flag but waving it like the proud military veteran that he be. Cairo and Mazy hop over the barrier and present a united front as they wait for their match to begin.


Bolts whipping that flag into a frenzy to accommodate the patriotic legions in attendance.

Zach Davis: Godfatherdamn, I'm proud to be a Poon Guinean.

Freddy Whoa: Me too, Zach. Me too. Ain't no Poon Guineans ever held my ancestors as slaves. Just smashed that molten nigress poon, and that's alright with me. Hell, I do the same Godfatherdamn thang. Not with my ancestors, but you catch my drift.

Zach Davis: Yeah I do, Freddy. Yeah I do, and I wish I was as thick as you.

Freddy Whoa: Someday, Zach. Someday you wil... HAHAHAHA!!! I couldn't keep a straight face saying that...

"Born in the USA" begins to play, as scenes of Gonzo are seen on the big screen executing the Chuck Norris Special on several WCF stars in beat with the song, past and present, on the big screen as smoke starts to fill the ramp area. Gonzo then appears on the top of the ramp, dressed in his usual black longsleeve turtleneck, cargo shorts, and shooting vest with DRG patches on it, to include indication as a "Nomad". Deuce focuses in on the opponent(s) inside of the ring, before he makes his way to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from the Lands That Burn on the Borderland, weighing in at 214 pounds! He is the NUMBER 1 CONTENDER FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! GONZO DEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE MURRRRRRRRRDOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK!!!

Zach Davis: This man has recovered from grievous wounds that would have retired lesser men from the ring. He fought insurmountable odds and illness, to now become the Number 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title.

Gravedigger: I'm still not a fan, but I must admit, that man is made of something else. I question his status as a human being.

Freddy Whoa: With Cairo and Kaz in the same corner, though, who knows what kind of dynamic they will have as a team. This is not Bates or Battle in the ring with Gonzo right now.

Gravedigger: Good point... Ugh...

Once Gonzo gets to the ring, he goes up the ring steps and pulls himself into the ring over the top rope. Once inside the ring, he spins in the middle of the ring, as he takes his shooting jacket off, revealing a black, form-fitting turtleneck. He then hands the shooting jacket to the ring attendant, before going to his corner, where Bobby and Kaz ignore him...

Zach Davis: And now we await The Sentinels, and Dune's first in-ring appearance as the WCF World Heavyweight Champion.

Gravedigger: And this could set the tone for his title reign. I know from experience right here...

The lights flicker to black and the opening chords of Angelo Badalamenti's "The Pink Room" hit in the darkness. Smoke pours out in front of the deep red lights just beyond the entrance. Two golden spotlights slowly scan the audience as Dune clears the curtain, followed by Occulo and Howard Black, and all three emerge from the smoke. All three men have cold and fixed glare on the ring, as the three make their way to the ring


All three men slide into the ring, as Dune makes his way to the center of the ring, belt around his waist as he pulls it off and holds it up for the whole world to see, as the fans cheer wildly at all six men in the ring, facing off before the referee takes the belt from Dune, as the teams go to their opposite corners...

Zach Davis: This match promises to offer a lot! Technical wrestling, submissions, high flying, even some power and brawling.

Freddy Whoa: This could be one of those sleeper Match of the Year candidates right here!

Gravedigger: It could be, and with representation from a lot of significant factions, right here.

Kaz and Howard seem to represent the teams first, as a scattering of cheers and boos come down, as the bell sounds and both men circle each other, before engaging each other in a collar and elbow tie-up...

Zach Davis: Kaz with control, as he gets the headlock on Howard...

Freddy Whoa: Howard shoves off, and he catches Kaz with a hip toss, and another!

Gravedigger: Kaz hits the breaks, and he's got Howard's back...

Zach Davis: Kaz brings Howard to the ground, and he's pulling him towards his corner by his feet! Tag out quickly to Cairo!

Gravedigger: Get a good stomp in on Howie before Kaz leaves the ring, and now The Godfather's got a hold of Howie's arm, see how he likes that...

Howard rolls through the armbar, reverses it on Bobby, before bringing Bobby down before trying to apply a Crossface. Bobby scurries away, before regaining his feet. Howard gets to his feet, as the two square off in the middle of the ring...

Gravedigger: Howie almost pulled one over on The Godfather...

Freddy Whoa: You don't get to be The Godfather without knowing how to get out of a bad situation.

Zach Davis: Going for the lock-up... And Cairo with a kneelift on Howie.

Gravedigger: I would've seen that coming a mile away! Howard's being a rookie, right now. And an Irish Whip into No Man's Land! And Bobby connects with an attack! Deuce holding for the tag...

Zach Davis: And NO!!! Bobby tags Kaz in, and Gonzo's left hanging! And Howard hits a huge facebuster on an unsuspecting Kaz!!!

Freddy Whoa: Howard stumbles, and he tags in Occulo! And Occulo with a Russian legsweep, and a cover!!!



Occulo grabs Kaz and pulls him to his feet, whipping him into the ropes, before...

Zach Davis: Occulo misses with the clothesline!

Gravedigger: Kaz leapfrogs Occulo... He stays on the ground...

All Three: OH!!!

Occulo plants Kaz into the ground with a spear, as he stays on top of Kaz for the pinfall...




Zach Davis: And a two-count!

Gravedigger: Uh oh, Occulo looks frustrated. And Kaz with a jawbreaker as Occulo was pulling him up!

Zach Davis: Kaz stumbling to his corner for a tag... And Bobby Cairo in the ring, much to the chagrin of the fans!



Freddy Whoa: Miffed again! And Bobby cuts off the ring! As Bobby holds Occulo in the middle of the ring in an ankle lock! Occulo is scrambling for the ropes!

Gravedigger: And Occulo reverses! Bobby gets thrown into the ropes!

Zach Davis: Occulo on his feet, and he takes a run at Bobby...





Gravedigger: So close! And we haven't even seen Number 1 or Number 2. And Deuce is shit, so...

Zach Davis: And Bobby tags in Gonzo... finally!

Freddy Whoa: Gonzo distracted by something Bobby said, but Occulo scrambled, and Dune is in the match!!!



Gravedigger: Gonzo with a kneelift, and he tries to whip Dune into the ropes...

Zach Davis: Reversal! And Dune hits a backdrop on Gonzo. He follows up with an elbow drop...

Freddy Whoa: And Gonzo moves! Both men on their feet!

Gravedigger: They lock up, and Dune easily pushes Gonzo into a corner... And the ref breaks it up, ugh...

Zach Davis: Dune lets go, and Gonzo is out of the corner like dart! Gonzo just calling Dune out into the middle of the ring!

Freddy Whoa: And Gonzo is taunting Dune with that foot.

Gravedigger: Dune's not even flinching! Gonzo fires!!!


Zach Davis: I don't think I've ever seen anybody try to block it before, but Dune took a Chuck Norris Special to the forearms, and got knocked out of the ring! And Bobby and Kaz start moving in on Dune...

Gravedigger: Yeah, The Sentinels are NOT having any of THAT! And Gonzo is calling for Dune!!!

Freddy Whoa: And Dune is back in the ring! And he wastes no time!!!







Freddy Whoa: And Dune gets a mouthful of Kaz's Ding Dong, before he could get up from the mat! And Kaz is still running!!!







Gravedigger: And Bobby lets go! And he's yelling at Gonzo!

Zach Davis: I think Bobby was upset because he felt he should have got the win right there, since Dune was in a VERY BAD place. And now Gonzo is tagging in Bobby! But why?

Gravedigger: Gonzo's being a team player, right now, and Bobby had Dune in... AND DUNE WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!!




Zach Davis: Never thought I'd say this, but Dune almost had to squeak out a win, here! And Dune with a European uppercut! Dune whips Bobby into No Man's Land...

Gravedigger: Bobby pops out of the corner... and the sands run through the...


Zach Davis: And Dune lets it go!!! And Gonzo hits Bobby with the Chuck Norris Special!!!

Gonzo: SHIT!!!

Freddy Whoa: Dune is up, but Gonzo is still...

Gravedigger: DAMME!!!


Freddy Whoa: Occulo tags himself in!!! And Kaz tags in!!!

Zach Davis: Both men in the middle of the ring...

Gravedigger: And Kaz with an armdrag, and a dropkick! And Occulo's in No Man's Land!

Freddy Whoa: And Kaz spears Occulo into the corner! And Kaz is setting Occulo up for something...

Gravedigger: Oh no...

Zach Davis: KAZ-Tration!!! And the cover!!!

Freddy Whoa: Here come the Sentinels!!!


Gravedigger: Gonzo with a tackle on Howie!!!

Freddy Whoa: Dune with a good angle!!!


Zach Davis: Dune with the dive!!!

Dune breaks it up! Cairo runs at him and Clotheslines him out of the ring. Black runs at Cairo next.


Black rolls out. Occulo takes a wild swing at Cairo-


Cairo drops and pins Occulo.




Gravedigger: IMPERIUM WINS IT!

Zach Davis: What! These weren't even the legal men!

Dune grabs his World Title from ringside as Occulo rolls out of the ring. They backpeddle up the ramp as Mazy joins Cairo in celebrating.


Bobby Cairo and Kaz Mazy climb up opposite turnbuckles and hold their Titles high in the air. Deuce climbs up one turnbuckle as well and makes the belt motion around his waist, pointing at Dune.

Gravedigger: That was a wild one right to the end!

Freddy Whoa: Deuce Murdock, the number one contender... his team just beat Dune's team! Murdock has a date with destiny at Blast - a World Title shot!

Zach Davis: And this match lived up to its promise! It was a match that... OH MY GOD!!! MULLINS IS COMING UP THE RAMP!



Zach Davis: All of The Sentinels were taken out, and now it looks like GONZO IS GIVING JOHN MULLINS A LOVE LETTER!!!! THE FANS ARE GOING CRAZY!!!!

Gravedigger: Well he sure as shit ain't gonna win Father of the Year anytime soon. And Dune is pulling Gonzo off of Mullins!!! AND THE STAREDOWN!!!

Zach Davis: Gonzo sees Howard Black moving, and he's outta there!

Freddy Whoa: Good call!!! Gonzo heads to the back, and Occulo is still down!

Zach Davis: And Mullins is gone!

Gravedigger: What a night...

Slam Intro

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen, 2 months ago Seth Lerch announced the signups for the annual tradition of the Trio’s Tournament. Then at Aftermath he announced that he was introducing a new title to be named by the winner of the tournament, the Trio’s Championship!

The fans pop.

Kyle Steel: 16 teams entered. That’s 48 wrestlers in 15 matches. And in our current day of stable wars we had representatives from all factions in the WCF including 2 teams from the recently formed IMPERIUM!

½ the Crowd: IMPERIUM SUCKS!

½ the Crowd: WE WANT ICE!!!

½ the Crowd: IMPERIUM SUCKS!

½ the Crowd: WE WANT ICE!!!

Kyle Steel: Also 2 teams from the Dark Riders Gang Motorcycle Club!

The crowd cheers loudly and various chants can be heard.



Crowd: WE FEAR GEMINI (clap clap clap clap clap)… WE FEAR GEMINI (clap clap clap clap clap)


Kyle Steel: The Sentinels.

Another overly positive reaction comes from the crowd.


Kyle Steel: There was the newest incarnation of Pantheon.

The crowd cheers loudly for Alex Richards, Scarecrow and Jason Price.

Kyle Steel: The Chrono Rippers featuring Jay Omega from Pantheon. Even Torture made an appearance.

The crowd is mixed with cheers and jeers.

Kyle Steel: And then the surprise addition of the team of Jonny Fly, Steve Orbit and Corey Black.

The crowd goes nuts at the sound of the three names. Despite even Steve Orbit being a heel they are still beloved by the fans as legends.

Kyle Steel: The tournament was hard fought and full of surprises. Corey Black, Jonny Fly and Steve Orbit fought through Torture twice, and Pantheon to make their way through the finals. On the other side of the bracket the team of Thomas Bates, Gemini Battle and Gonzo Murdock fought through Imperium to make their way to the finals.

Kyle Steel: The word was shocked to even see Orbit, Fly and Black in the tournament and the world was even more shocked that the green team of Battle, Bates and Murdock made it that far. At the end of Asesinato de Mayo an inaugural Trio’s Championship Team was crowned. To make the official Slam announcement I introduce to you the Owner and President of the WCF, SETH LERCH!

Seth walks down to the ring… rather he stumbles down. He’s got a glass of whiskey in one hand and the microphone in the other. He doesn’t spill a drop as he climbs into the ring and lifts the microphone to his lips.

Seth Lerch: Ladies and *hiccup* what?

Seth stumbles around the ring a little bit more.

Gravedigger: What the hell, Seth?

Zach Davis: Ladies and Gentlemen this is supposed to be the Trio’s Title Ceremony. Seth appears to have begun celebrating too soon.

That being said ‘We Are the Champions’ by Queen plays as Thomas Bates, Deuce Murdock and Gemini Battle come out to the stage. They walk down and the crowd cheers loudly for the Trio. They accept the praise from the fans and give them all handshakes and high fives as they walk down the ring.

Seth Lerch: Where’s the bitches… you’re not the bitches!

Bates and Deuce help Gemini onto the ring apron as he is walking on crutches form his match and attack earlier in the show. Deuce is still in his ring gear and Bates has on a giant tailored suit. They all enter the ring as Seth continues shouting about Bitches and Hoes.

Thomas Bates: This is the Ceremony… the party is going on backstage. And it has been ALL NIGHT LONG!

The crowd cheers loudly.

Seth Lerch: Right… *hiccup* Ceremony. I think I have something ‘ere to *hiccup* what?

Seth stands still for a moment then takes a sip of the beer. Gemini whispers in Seth’s ear then he has a moment of realization and reaches into his back pocket to pull out a piece of paper.

Seth Lerch: Ladies and Gentlemen… this year I introduced the ina…inaugu…innaniggerable Trio’s Title Belt… FUCK THIS…WHERE’S THE BITCHES?

Thomas Bates grabs the microphone from Seth.

Thomas Bates: When we entered the Trios Tournament we didn’t know that titles were going to be on the line. We thought it was the typical tournament where the man who scored the final pin won a World Title Shot and the other two won a shot at the Tag Team Gold.

Gemini Battle: But most importantly we thought it was just for bragging rights. We wanted to be more than mid card guys, we wanted to prove that we had what it took to main event a pay per view in the WCF. When we saw the likes of Bobby Cairo, Ice Beckman and Dune join the tournament as well as Steve Orbit and Jonny Fly just to name a few of the legends and future legends of the company we knew what we had to do.

Deuce Murdock: None of us have had the pleasure to compete in a tournament like this before, we hardly knew what to expect. But we toppled through the Vapor Kings, we burst through the Poondock Saints and we defeated the Pantheon of old. We tore through the competition in a way that no one thought possible and we won these titles!

All three men hold their respective titles up in the air.


Gemini Battle: Through teamwork and comradeship …

Thomas Bates: Through hard work and dedication

Deuce Murdock: And with a few boots to faces and asses, we proved that anything is possible in the WCF. And now I’ve got the World Heavyweight Champion Dune... He's next on my radar...



The crowd is polarized, as Gemini says...

Gemini Battle: Yea… Fucking Dune, amiright?

Thomas Bates: None of this would have been possible without the support of our brothers, so as I said before the party is backstage… well, let’s bring it out here!


Gemini Battle: They’re coming, man.

The team of Caraid come out carrying a cooler of booze. Spencer Adams, Danny Anderson and Mikey Extreme come out after them followed by a bevy of women including one Betty Adams. They make their way into the ring and Seth Lerch immediately jumps the bones of Betty Adams as the two start making out furiously in the corner.

Rock music plays as the gang opens up a few beers and down them. The girls dance around the guys and they all enjoy the view and some brews. Deuce points at Gravedigger and motions for him to come in, which he quickly obliges. He cracks open a beer and cheers’ with the boys. The whole group is laughing and talking.

Seth Lerch: BITCHES!!!!

He yells it while spinning an oversized bra over his head like a lasso. Betty Adams grabs Seth by the face and brings him back down to him and continues the furious make-out session.

Thomas Bates: Hey guys and gals, don’t be shy… This isn’t just a DRG celebration, anyone who wants to join can come on down.

Freddy Whoa immediately jumps up and joins the fray and a slew of referees come down as well including head referee Stanley Moser.

Suddenly the Pink Room by Angelo Badalamenti plays as Dune, Howard Black and Occulo, with a slight limp, make their way on stage and down the entrance ramp.

Zach Davis: The DRG and the Sentinels will be headlining this month’s BLAST PPV. They don’t look happy.

Deuce Murdock: Hey guys, I'm trying to relax here. You and I just had it out, but if you want to rumble again, I got enough in the tank to go again...

The DRG stare them down from the ring. Danny keeping a keen eye on Occulo as Deuce preps for another go around with Dune. Howard eyes down Bates with a scowl on his face. Upon reaching the ring the Sentinels waste no time in stepping on the apron. Battle and Mikey Extreme converge but the massive hand of Thomas Bates stops the two men.

The Sentinels climb into the rings and Dune gets face-to-face with Deuce, Howard gets face to face… well more like face to upper chest with Thomas Bates who stands in between he and Battle who steps up to Occulo as well, the two injured men giving zero ducks about their well being in this potentially hostile situation.

Zach Davis: This is out of character for the Sentinels. It appears that they came to start some trouble. They never struck me as the type to rain on another team’s parade.

Fists clench, mouths tense. The entire stadium is silent waiting to see who throws the first punch. The first move is done by Dune.

He extends his hand in congratulations towards Deuce as Howard and Occulo follow suit. Bates looks at his partners and then at the crowd.


Bates accepts the handshake as does Murdock and Battle. The Sentinels turn around and raises the hands of the Defilers of Logic. The crowd goes nuts to see 6 of the top stars in the company showing such deep respect for one another.

Zach Davis: No fighting here tonight. It just goes to prove that not every celebration has to be wrecked by the future opponents of the celebrate. True class was shown by the Sentinels here tonight. But I guarantee that when these men meet at Blast class will be thrown out the window and these men will do whatever it takes to win their respective matches.

As the crowd dies down the Sentinels exit the ring and jump over the barricade into the crowd. They exit up a set of stairs and out as the DRG cheers to their future opponents and drink down some more booze.

Seth Lerch: BITCHES!!!!!!

Seth got up form Betty Adams grip for a moment, but just for a moment as the old lady opens her shirt a bit and shoves his face into her chest. Spencer Adams pretends to vomit at the scene but then finds a lady of his own to celebrate with.

Gemini Battle, Thomas Bates and Deuce Murdock clink glasses in the center of the ring and continue their celebration, their belts as the crowd cheers and Caraid, Danny Anderson and Mikey Extreme go around and hand beers out to the of age fan members in the front few rows to celebrate along with them.

The revelry is cut to an almost immediate halt as the strains ‘Mile Zero’ hit to a deafening chorus of boos. From the top of the ramp emerges one Joey Flash, beer in one hand and microphone in the other. The music is killed and we see Joey staring into the ring where the DRG and The Sentinels stand with a smile on his face, he raises the beer to them and takes a sip before raising the microphone up to speak.

Joey Flash: Hey DRG I’m really happy for you, Ima let you finish, but Joey Flash is here so how about shutting the fuck up for a while?


Joey Flash: Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to raise a toast to the magnificent DRG!

Crowd: D-R-G! D-R-G! D-R-G!

Joey Flash: What an accomplishment, truly. Question for you though, when the fuck is this pathetic circle jerk of a spectacle gonna be over with people are getting bored here.


Joey Flash: So I thought it wise to come out here and give you some actual entertainment to take away from the terrible shit inside that ring right now-


Joey Flash: DRG, fuckin Sentinels, the biggest collection of shit I’ve seen in one place since my toilet after I’ve dropped an Ultimate Destroyer. Question though, peep this, what the fuck is even happening here? Do you motherfuckers need to have yet another fuckin appearance on TV, was the fifty fuckin times already in the show not enough for you clowns? Maybe shit, this is a good idea keep all your boring asses off our screens in one fell swoop and let you faggot about in the ring for ten minutes while we all get a drink, that’s a great idea isn’t it?


Joey Flash: I’m not out here to mess with you guys, Imperium ain’t hiding under the ring and nothing bad is gonna fuckin happen to you guys. I’m not here to rain on DRG’s parade either; you people are of absolutely no interest to me. No Occulo I’m not here for you either, don’t worry. I’m here for the only thing that matters in this ring.


Joey Flash: Right, that fuckin guy. This isn’t a coronation of these cunts, Dune you should be angry, you should be furious, you’ve wrenched the biggest prize in the game away from the 2014 Wrestler of the Year and what did you get for it? A plaque on ya fuckin wall? Where’s the ‘Dune award ceremony’, in the trash with ya fuckin courage you wack bastard.


Joey Flash: You’re the only person in the ring that matters, and the only reason you matter is that thing you wear around ya waist. Official callout #3, show some fuckin balls pussy.

Joey drops the mic and exits through the curtain to even heavier boos.

Zach Davis: Unfortunately, we end our show with Joey Flash. Ugh.

Gravedigger: Goodnight!

Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Isaiah Chavis Segment

Killian Dawson vs Warfare vs Hog Wilder vs Adam Blake

FIST Segment

Jayson Reynolds vs Petrov vs Abaddon vs Joey Raid vs Teo Del Sol

Alex Richards Segment

Television Title Match: Jimmy Wicked vs Thomas Uriel Bates

Zombie McMorris vs Raymond Hatcher

Danny Anderson vs Night Rider

Internet Title Contendership Match: K.L. Henson vs Jack Coston vs Celeste

Gemini Battle Segment

People's Title Contendership Match: Spencer Adams vs Gemini Battle

Kyle Kemp Segment

Champion vs Champion: Mikey eXtreme vs Marc Mayhem

K.L. Henson Segment

Alex Richards/Scarecrow vs Kyle Kemp/Vulgar

Jonny Fly Segment

Oblivon vs Joey Flash

Torture's Hardcore Championship Celebration Ballyhoo Bonanza

Dune/Occulo/Howard Black vs Deuce Murdock/The Poondock Saints

The DRG Trios Titles Coronation Ceremony


Of The Week

The Sentinels
Alex Richards/Scarecrow vs Kyle Kemp/Vulgar



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Thomas Uriel Bates
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