Slam Intro

“300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play over the PA system. After a few moments, Jonny Fly, accompanied by Seth Lerch, walks out onto the stage to heavy booing from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Jonny Fly and Seth Lerch…together.

Gravedigger: I still can’t believe it.

Fly pauses on the stage and soaks in the reaction from the crowd. He smirks and with Seth trailing, begins making his way down to the ring. At ringside, he elevates himself into the ring with help of the steel ring steps and calls for a microphone. After a couple of seconds, the crowd noise dies off and Fly is able to begin.

Jonny Fly: Man, I thought I was loved in China.

Fly smirks as the crowd breaks out into another loud set of boos.

Jonny Fly: Well, I SHOULD be. My previous business enterprise, Jonny Fly’s International House of PanSkanks gave so many of you high paying jobs in return for the mere exploitation of your tiny Asian bodies.

Boos. More boos. Mucho mas boos. 嘘 (The Chinese symbol for boos, obviously.)

Jonny Fly: Whatever. I’m only out here because I felt I needed to respond to a bunch of nonsense from last week. It seems that last week while Seth and I were busy discussing serious business stuff, a bunch of motherfuckers were puffing out their chest and talking about how they’re going to win Ultimate Showdown. Then after that, Jeff Purse had some mental breakdown. That was some Emmy award winning comedy right there. Then I fuckin’ wrecked his teammates Scarecrow and Alex Richards…again…in a tag-team match, with some moderately valuable assistance from Gonzo. Of course, Jeff Purse had to get involved in that match because he’s a bitter little boy about his in-ring failures against yours truly.

Fly takes a second to pause.

Jonny Fly: Let’s get this out of the way; there will be no Jeff Purse versus Jonny Fly match in the future. We get it, Jeff. You lost. Again. You’re mad. Rawr. You want revenge. That’s cool, but if you get to want things, then I get to want things too. What I want is to not waste my precious and very important time with multi-time Flyjobbers like Jeff Purse. The book is closed. Jeff Purse is not better than Jonny Fly. It’s like…common fuckin’ sense. There’s nothing left to ‘fight’ about. Purse is acting like a scorned lover, desperately trying to get one last chance at that dick. It ain’t happening. Move on, slut.

There are boos from the crowd, smirks from Fly, and a very pleased look on the face of Jeff Purse. He clearly wants nothing to do with Fly versus Purse part three.

Jonny Fly: It’s not just Purse going full-retard – I can say that word in China, right? Anyway, there’s another member on the Pantheon contingent that wants to take another ride on the Jonny Fly torment train. I understand your standard Pantheon member is an ignorant midcarder who has an unwarranted air of superiority about them because they were chosen as ‘Pantheon material’ and the ‘future of WCF.’ But the one guy who shouldn’t be slurping on that lame sauce is Corey Black. He was original Pantheon…oh, wait, no he wasn’t. He’s just some dude I let in originally to fuck with Logan and Gravedigger.

Gravedigger: Wait, what?

Jonny Fly: Don’t get me wrong, Black served the mission well for a little while. We had some good times as partners and all that. But now he’s way over his head. I tried to tell him this all month during the Trios Cup tournament, but the motherfucker just wouldn’t listen. He’s trying to be the embodiment of Pantheon, and that was never…ever…his role. I am the embodiment of Pantheon. It’s my stable, and it always will be. Hell, I still own all the fuckin’ trademarks. All of you wearing new school Pantheon merchandise in the crowd, thank you. I enjoy you money…or yen, or whatever.

So many boos. There are many unhappy Chinese people right now.

Jonny Fly: Pantheon was NOT started to be the future of the WCF, like Corey Black has told all those little naïve minions. He doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about because, simply, he_wasn’t_there. Pantheon was started to save professional wrestling. This was during a time when a certain person…

Fly clears his throat and quickly glances over at Seth.

Jonny Fly: …was going fucking nuts. We formed to stop this…uh…person from doing things that were harmful to the product, like giving Logan free World Title shots or siphoning wrestlers’ money into his own accounts. The entire purpose of Pantheon was to create a standard of excellence and fill a leadership void on the roster. We wanted to be a model for other wrestlers to follow. We wanted people to come into WCF and go “Holy shit, Jonny Fly is fuckin’ killing it. I want to be like him!” There were no more handouts, no more wrestlers gaining undeserved accolades. If you wanted to be successful, then you had to prove it in the ring. You had to win matches against the best…Pantheon.

Jonny Fly: Now, I don’t give a shit if you like me or not. All you have to do is understand what I just said, and then look at this group that Corey Black has created. Do you understand my contempt? It’s not that fuckin’ difficult. These guys suck. They’re imposters. They’ve stolen my stables name and legacy and turned it into shit. They’re being laughed at by every other stable in the company, including Imperium, which is just…a humiliating failure of a group in its own right. If Corey Black is upset enough over these factual statements to get into a ring with me…then so be it.

There’s a quick cheer from the crowd over the prospects of a Fly versus Black match.

Jonny Fly: That brings me to this man standing next to me. The history between Seth and I is well documented, and not worth diving into. The fact is Seth and I understand that this company lacks a true leader, and that’s bad for business. WCF needs Jonny Fly. Just look at all these people running around demanding to face me. I’ve worked everyone into a frenzy in just WEEKS and at Ultimate Showdown, I’m going to stick a tranquilizer into this entire company. This company is on the verge of becoming Jonny Fly’s company once again, and I can guarantee you this, with Seth at my side WCF will be a lot more fuckin’ interesting than it’s been over the last six months.

Fly smirks as he brings the microphone down.. that is, until Mysterious Pantheon theme hits (Crow Edition) Scarecrow appears on the main ramp, flanked by Jeff Purse. Crow has the People's championship slung over his shoulder. He adjusts the strap and walks down the ramp. Jeff smiles, as Crow's advocate follows his client towards the ring.

Zach Davis: And here comes trouble. Crow looks pissed to say the least.

Gravedigger: Never cross a Scarecrow when he's lost the last Straw, my mother used to say that. Just before I powerbombed her.

Crow and Purse enter the ring. Crow blanks the crowd and climbs a turnbuckle and raises the title towards the screaming crowd, Jeff picks up a microphone from Moser and hands it to Crow. As the crowd's screams subsides, Crow steps up to Fly and un-spools some bantz.

Scarecrow: Well, look who it is...the “true face” of Pantheon. You know this guy, Jeff? The guy that cheats to win, the guy that craps on his friends whenever possible. The guy that stands next to Seth Lerch and claims to be, “The embodiment of Pantheon”. Fly, you created the stable. But you do not embody it anymore. Because you don't have a fucking cue what it is in 2015. The page has turned. WCF has moved on, but you? You're a man out of time. Until you can turn all that wealth of talent you have into something that actually matters? That, is where you'll stay. Where's that again, Jeff?

Jeff Purse: The past.

Scarecrow: Exactly, Jeff. The past. All I saw last week was desperation. Desperation from a man that buys into his own hype. It's amazing how I'm here tonight in China at all, right Fly? I mean, last week you “fucking wrecked me”, in that match. Obliterated the legacy of the Murder machine. I should be sharing a coma ward with Price right now the way you big yourself up. The king of spin. That's you, Fly. Only when I see you? I see the shades of another. Must be that twang in your voice you've developed recently, or the way you slump your shoulders these days, but I'm sensing...yeah. You Fly, you claim to be be the saviour of the WCF, right? Only, while you might have saved this company back in 2012 from Logan and Team of Treachery, in 2015? You, you are not the savour from Logan. YOU ARE LOGAN. You are the very monster you sought to destroy, and you didn't even blink when you put on his coat. Look at you, standing there, proud of yourself. Four time champion. The man that beat Corey Black, the man that won WAR, that won Ultimate Showdown. Everything you've accomplished, it should make you a legend. But you're not. Because you, just like Torture, are not respected in the back. You, just like Logan, don't have the weight of respect from those that followed you. You're either, Jonny Fly. You roll in and beg Corey Black to side with you at Trios, and because Corey is a decent, upstanding man, he does just that. But guess what you do? You come out here and shit on his career. Just like you shit on everything and everyone because there's something rotten simmering inside out you, Fly. A cancer that's eating away at your sense of history, of direction. Because somehow, you've chosen to side with this low blowing, remote controlled piece of shit (looks at Seth) over Pantheon. I should be surprised, but it all makes perfect sense, because you are “New Logan”, you're just another backstabbing retard with a hot dog...wait, change that...hot fries fetish. Logan 2.0, sponsored by ConAgra Foods. A photocopied Legend and nothing more. Your legacy has been absorbed into another's, and nothing will EVER change that.

Crow steps forward, tight in Fly's face.

Scarecrow: Your dear mother betrayed you as a child for one reason, and one reason only, Fly. She saw your little infant face and cried a single tear. A woman, too poor to raise a child, too impoverished to be a mother, crying while staring at those baby blue eyes of yours, and in that moment she see saw the truth. Your mother saw in you for what you truly are, Fly. A CUNT. A fucking, miserable, traitorous cunt. Who was born to stab other's in the back. You're right where you belong, Fly. Right here and now, standing next to Seth Lerch. A Fly, hovering around shit. Respect? Evaporated. One shot is all I need with you, Fly. One on one. One...and done. Don't worry Fly, when your dear mom finally awakes after your heinous attack? I'll make sure to read her back your eulogy. Give her something to smile about.

Jeff puts his hand on Crow's shoulder, pulls him back.

Jeff Purse: I think it's safe to say, Crow's not a fan of yours, Fly.

Seth snatches the mic away from Jeff Purse. Crow and Fly turn towards Seth now.

Seth Lerch: ...I'VE HAD ENOUGH. What is this bullshit!? Take it from someone who knows a thing or two about Logan - Jonny Fly is no Logan. Do you see a hotdog in his mouth? Do you hear him with the same old tired catchphrases that won him World Titles a decade ago? Do you see him dressing up as Sarah Twilight!?

Fly seems disturbed at even the mention of the idea.

Seth Lerch: NO. But you, Scarecrow, and YOU, Jeff Purse. You're just like... uh...

Seth scratches his head.

Seth Lerch: Sorry, I was going to compare you to someone, but I can't remember who. Because they're not worth remembering. JUST LIKE YOU IDIOTS WON'T BE. No, no. Years from now when you new Pantheon dopes get with the program and realize no one wants you here, and we're talking about how great Jonny Fly is, you guys will be a footnote. At BEST you'll be featured as part of the "Where Are They Now?" section on WCF's website.

The fans boo and Crow and Purse kind of laugh to each other, not taking Seth seriously.

Seth Lerch: You think this is funny? Jeff Purse, I'm glad you in particular are leading by example. You've done the wise thing and stepped away from the ring, which is exactly what everyone else in Pantheon needs to do. You wrestled your last match ever, a match in which you proved once and for all that you're a lesser man than Jonny Fly, and-

Purse steals the mic away from Seth this time.

Jeff Purse: You think THAT was my last match ever?

The crowd pops.



Jeff Purse: In fact, Seth, since it seems like you're such a big talker... and since Fly is busy already...

Seth backs away, shaking his head no, realizing quickly where Purse is going with this. Fly puts his hands over Seth's ears.


The crowd cheers as Seth shakes his head yelling "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" Purse turns to Crow, laughing again at Seth's cowardice. With lightning quick speed Seth dives forward and hits Purse with a low blow!

Gravedigger: HA!

Scarecrow instantly runs towards Jonny Fly to fight off the inevitable attack, but Fly rolls out of the ring just as quickly. Purse is clutching his.. well, man-purse.. in pain as Crow turns towards Seth next, but Seth has already joined Fly on the ramp.

Seth Lerch: Once again, New Pantheon, you're idiots. Jonny Fly fights on Jonny Fly's terms, and Seth Lerch fights on Seth Lerch's terms. That said, Purse, I'm ready to make an example out of you. You want a match against me at Showdown? YOU GOT IT.

The crowd pops!


Fly's eyes go wide and he quickly covers Seth's mouth before he can continue speaking. Seth continues mumbling for a few moments before Fly lets go.

Jonny Fly: Seth, we talked about this. Rule number one, don't put control of your company on the line. Purse, there will be no stipulation, and don't even try to tempt him! The only thing that WOULD have been on the line is your dignity.. if you would have had any left after Blast to begin with!

Purse continues to recover as Jonny Fly and Seth, slightly disappointed that he couldn't gamble his company yet again, continue up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Well how about that!

Gravedigger: I have to question the intelligence of Jeff Purse here. Crossing the combined might of Jonny Fly and Seth Lerch? NOT a wise decision.

Freddy Whoa: We've got Jeff Purse versus Seth Lerch at Ultimate Showdown! Pantheon's manager versus the owner of the company!

Gravedigger: And thank God Seth had Fly on his side to make sure he didn't do something dumb like putting control of WCF on the line.... Jesus, Seth.

We go to commercial.

Bubba Jones vs Wade Cahill vs Nobody vs Kieran Redhead vs Adam Blake


Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! And it is a 5-Men Match!

"The South's Gonna Do It Again" by the Charlie Daniels band begins to play. Bubba Jones comes walking out with a huge cooler under one arm, and a thick leather glove on the other. On his outstretched hand sits a bald eagle. Jones carries it down to the ring,. and sets the cooler on the apron. He pulls out a beer, and opens it, taking a drink before letting the eagle have some. The eagle then takes off and does a lap above the crowd before landing on the ring post. Bubba rolls under the bottom rope, chugs his beer, and tosses the can away as a giant American flag drops behind him.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from America, weighing in at 431 pounds… BUBBAAAA JOOOOONES!!!

“The Final Countdown” by Europe starts to play as Wade Cahill makes his way to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from Killeen, Texas, weighing in at 216 pounds… WAAAADE CAHIIIIIIIILL!!!

"Who are you" starts to play as a figure in all white steps out and runs through a cloud of smoke towards the ring. Nobody jumps up grabs the toprope and flips into the ring.

Kyle Steel: From the middle of nowhere, weighing in at 202 pounds… NOOOOOOBOOOOODYYYYYY!!!

The lights go out in the arena and the screens light up with blood red letters "Can you crack the code?". The arena then fills with blood red lights and smoke as "The Swarm" by You Me At Six sounds out from the speakers. Kieran then emerges from the smoke and slowly move to the ring. He stares at his opponents before leaping into the ring causing red pyro spurting from the corners.

Kyle Steel: From Coventry, England, UK, weighing in at 135 pounds… KIEEEERAAAAAN REEEEEEEEEEDHEAAAAD!!!

The lights go dim. You can still see those around you, but just barely. A dark fog flows over the entrance ramp as Adam Blake enters from the back wearing a black hooded shirt. He just looks down towards the ground as he walks across the stage and down the ramp. He walks up the steps and into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring and raises one hand arm into the air with his hand in a fist. As he looks up towards the crowd the lights brighten and the fog clears.

Kyle Steel: Finally, from Little Rock, Arkansas, weighing in at 205 pounds… He is “The Dark Atom”… ADAAAAAAM BLAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!


Zach Davis: The bell rings and here we go for our first match of the night!

Bubba Jones and Kieran Redhead trade punches and Adam Blake and Wade Cahill work together to damage Nobody with a few punches too. They push Nobody to the corner and double-team by stomping him.

Freddy Whoa: Adam Blake gets Nobody up… And sends him to outside the ring!

On the other side of the ring Kieran Redhead hits a strong English Dentist on Bubba Jones making the cover.



Bubba Jones kicks out! Redhead climbs to the corner and jumps but Jones dodges the 450 Splash. Adam Blake gets dominated by Wade Cahill and gets locked in a Camel Clutch. Bubba Jones interrupts the maneuver.

Gravedigger: God bless America!

Bubba lifts Wade Cahill… Powerslam! Cover!



Kieran Redhead interrupts the counting. Nobody appears from outside the ring and climbs to the turnbuckle. He jumps… Missile Dropkick on Redhead! Adam Blake hits Bubba on the head, pushes him to the ropes…

Zach Davis: Running Knee Jump on Jones’ s face! Cover!



Nobody stomps Adam stopping the count! He gets Blake up… Frankensteiner! Cahill recovers, gets up… RKO on Nobody! Cover!



Nobody lifts his shoulder! Bubba Jones intervenes and hits a Bubba Boot on Cahill’s head. Nobody grabs Jones’s head, goes to the corner…

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Diving Bulldog! Cover!



Redhead stomps Nobody and breaks the pin. Redhead performs an Irish Whip to Nobody, he reverses it and throws him against the corner. He runs…

Gravedigger: Redhead sends Nobody to outside the ring!

Adam Blake grabs Redhead’s head and sends him to outside the ring too. He turns around… DDT by Cahill! Bubba Jones appears, lifts Wade Cahill… Powerbomb! Cover!



Zach Davis: Cahill lifts his shoulder! BUT LOOK! BLAKE ROLLS-UP JONES!



Bubba Jones kicks out somehow! He gets Blake up… And throws him to outside the ring! He goes near Cahill but he quickly hits a few strikes on Jones’s belly. SUPERKICK BY CAHILL OUT OF NOWHERE! COVER!



Freddy Whoa: Jones lifts his shoulder!

Cahill gets down trying to recover and Nobody enters the ring starting a Figure Four Lock on Cahill’s legs.

Gravedigger: Will Wade Cahill tap-out? The match may end right here!

Cahill manages to reverse the maneuver but Nobody applies the Nobody’s Special! Cover!



Wade lifts his shoulder! Redhead appears from behind Nobody… Inverted Suplex Stunner! Cover!



Nobody kicks out! On the other side of the ring Bubba Jones sends Adam Blake and Cahill to outside the ring. Nobody manages to get the advantage over Redhead and sends him to outside the ring too. Bubba Jones tries to hit the Bubba Boot on Nobody but he sends him to outside the ring. Nobody sees everyone getting up dizzy, runs to the ropes, jumps…

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!!!!


Gravedigger: Everyone is knocked out!

Bubba Jones is the first to his feet and he grabs Kieran Redhead and throws him into the ring. Nobody is knocked out from his crazy dive. Jones grabs Kieran by the throat.

Freddy Whoa: Uh oh.

Zach Davis: Bubba Jones hits his YOU GONNA DIE, BOY! Onto the Englishman!

Bubba pins him.




Gravedigger: USA! USA! USA!

Freddy Whoa: I don't know if I like the cut of this guy's jib... but he won here tonight!

Bubba Jones stands up as he's joined by Jefferson James Johnson.

Zach Davis: These two have proven they may be a new force to be reckoned with here in the WCF!


The camera cuts to the back as a police officer is escorting a large man in suit. He’s carrying a black leather business bag that many lawyers carry to court in his left hand. The camera catches his face. He’s a bit overweight and in his late forties. His big beard has some gray coming in and his head is shaved bald. The officer escorts him down a hallway and they stop at a door. It’s Seth Lerch’s office. The officer knocks on the door. A moment later the door is opened by Seth Lerch. He looks at the officer.

Seth Lerch: Oh, shit. What now? Who’s the one you guys are arresting this time? Or not arresting I should say?

Before the officer can speak, the other man steps forward.

Joe Helshaw: Mr. Lerch, my name is Joe Helshaw. Yes, the very man you’ve been in phone conference over the last 2 months. I believe it would be best if we spoke in your office. May I come in?

Seth steps back as Joe Helshaw walks in. The man places a file on Seth's desk and walks around and takes a seat in Seth’s chair.

Seth Lerch: Really?

Helshaw just looks up at Seth.

Joe Helshaw: This contract, Mr. Lerch is something that you signed a couple of months back, regarding a certain superstar that was fired. As for our disposition agreement, you are required to hire back my client at the time he decided to return to Wrestling Championship Federation, if that ever was his decision. I am here to inform you if you look on the following page, above your signature-

Joe Helshaw points to the date on the file.

Joe Helshaw: -Mr. Lerch, that date is...tonight.

Seth picks up the contract, and blanches when he sees the name of the wrestler on it. He takes a deep breath.

Seth Lerch: You cannot be serious...

Joe Helshaw: Oh, I am dead serious, Mr. Lerch. We would not want yet another breach of contract here would we?

Joe Helshaw stands up and heads toward the door. He stops with his hand on the doorknob, and looks over his shoulder at the owner of the WCF.

Joe Helshaw: Oh, almost forgot.

Joe Helshaw takes another file out of his bag. He walks back to Seth and hands the file to him.

Joe Helshaw: Here’s another file that may interest you, something that you may want to look over.

Joe Helshaw gets a big smile on his face as he looks at Seth. Seth looks at him confused and then back down at the file. Seth opens the file.

Seth Lerch: You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

Joe Helshaw: Oh, I never kid, Mr. Lerch. Look forward to seeing you in court—

Seth throws the file as the papers fly out of it.

Joe Helshaw: -again.

The officer opens the door as Joe Helshaw exits Seth’s office. Seth looks furious as the door is shut by the officer once they both leave.

Adam Young vs Biohazard

The opening notes of "The Vengeful One" by Disturbed starts playing and the arena goes pitch black. Several quick bursts of red lights flash and then "Adam Young" appears on the WCFtron and the arena lights fade back up with multi-colored lights flying around the arena. Adam holds up his trusty kendo stick and then starts towards the ring with echo chants of "BTJ" threw out the arena. Adam circles the ring side area shaking hands with the fans and letting the women kiss him on the cheek. He reaches the ring steps and climbs up on the apron. He stands there and wipes his feet before he climbs into the ring. He walks to the middle of the ring and then to the other side of the ring and holds up the kendo stick again. He walks over to the corner places the kendo stick down and takes his t-shirt off to throw it into the crowd.

breakdown by biohazard plays and biohazard comes out and walks to the ring as yellow and purple lights flash.

Zach Davis: Purple lights are flashing... like Joey Flash! Adam Young's Ultimate Showdown opponent!

Gravedigger: That's quite a stretch there, Zach.

Adam Young immediately runs at Biohazard, DDTing him right down! The fans boo as Young stomps away at B-Hizzle. Outside of the ring Tyler Walker cheers his partner on.

Freddy Whoa: Adam Young faces one of his greatest challenges as he fights Joey Flash in what many are calling a soon to be match of the century. Tonight Young is showing Flash what he has in store for him through Biohazard.

Young lifts Biohazard up and throws him to the ropes. as Biohazard comes back Young knocks his head off with a Superkick!

Crowd: BOOOOO!

Young stomps Biohazard more, but Biohazard stomps Biohazarding Up. Young doesn't give up and simply kicks Biohazard in the gut, doubling him over before hitting a Sitout Powerbomb.



NO!, Young releases the pin on his own!

Zach Davis: He's just toying with him now!

Tyler Walker is mad. As the ref checks on Biohazard Walker grabs Young's leg, distracting him. Young tries to get away, yelling profanities at Tyler Walker, very offensive. Soon Walker lets go and Young turns back to Biohazard.

Freddy Whoa: OOZE TO THE FACE!!!


Gravedigger: NOPE, Young ducked away at the last second!

Young is able to hit his Sippin' on Shine move! He drops at pins Biohazard.




Zach Davis: Welp, there you have it.

The fans boo as Young stands up and gets his arm raised.

Freddy Whoa: Can Joey Flash overcome the onslaught of Adam Young? We'll find out in two weeks guys.

Another Arrival?

The show begins as the camera goes into the security center within the China United Center, where the security team for WCF are watching the monitors, making sure no one is trying to pull anything before the show begins. The team consists of two men, Jimmy and Craig, who seem to not be too interested in their job, halfheartedly paying attention to the screens.

Jimmy: Camera two, all clear.

Craig: Same here with three. Nothing going on there.

Jimmy: Is there anything ever going on man? Really?

Craig: Ehh...good point.

Both men continue talking, staring at their screens.

Jimmy: So man...how's your week looking once we get back stateside?

Craig: I got plans to go back to L.A and visit my girl's family, been meaning to for a while now, just haven't had the chance to because of work and shit.

Jimmy: I hear ya man, I've been hoping to do something similar, just been busy with this bullshit, y'know.

Craig: Man, we should like, get together sometime in the States with our girls and go double dating.

Jimmy: Hell yeeeeah, man, go watch movies, eat out and shit, that sounds like a hell of a good time. You know what, you ever been to Six Flags?

Craig: No, not really. Is it fun?

Jimmy: Is it fun? IS IT FUN? Brother, it's the best place to go to for thrill rides and shit...

Before Jimmy can finish his sentence, the door to the security room slams open, and Seth storms into the room, absolutely pissed.


Jimmy and Craig: W-whoaa!

Seth Lerch: Why the hell do you think I'm paying you to do this? Have you been paying any attention at all to the monitors?!

Jimmy: I mean...yeah...

Seth Lerch: Look at it then, chucklefuck, and tell me what you see.

Jimmy takes a look at the screen, and he sees a tall-ish man, dressed in a trench coat, and hiding his face with a hat, casting a shadow over his face, just standing there, not doing anything.

Jimmy: Uhhh...


Jimmy and Craig immediately begin stammering, not saying an actual legible word.


Jimmy and Craig: SIR YES SIR!

Both Jimmy and Craig run out of the security room, as Seth stands there, looking at the monitor. The man has already left his position, now no where in frame. Seth pulls out a walkie-talkie and speaks to (presumably) someone else in security.

Seth Lerch: He's on the move. We need to get him, NOW!

Security: On it, sir.

The feed cuts to the arena, where the fans are going crazy over this new mystery person.

Zach Davis: Seems like we have a little mystery tonight Freddy, someone's managed to sneak past WCF security and get into the locker room area. The fans seem really into it.

Freddy Whoa: Y'know what I think Zach, I think that man is just one of the flashers who show up to places in trench coats and flash their junk at anyone unlucky enough to be in the area. That's just me, though. Could be anyone.

Zach Davis: Could be anyone indeed, and I think we will find out later tonight! But first, we have some matches to get to!

John Gable vs Jay Lightning

"A Little God in My Hands" by Swans plays over the P.A. system as John Gable walks out in his regular street clothes with a mic in hand. Boos erupts from the crowd as Gable chuckles and shakes his head as he stands on the stage.

Freddy Whoa: What is Gable doing dressed like that? Is he even taking his time in WCF seriously?

John Gable: I bet you were all expecting me to come out in my wrestling gear and give you a helluva match against a Mr. Jay Lightning, right?

The crowd cheers for the impending arrival of Lightning which makes Gable laugh harder.

John Gable: Well, the thing is I have a very important press junket to go to for promoting my movie! So, if it came down to being between my past career in the sad profession of a wrestler and my future career as a star! I think it is pretty obvious which one it is I am going to choose. So, I am trying to cut time here so I will save the time of changing and developed a little plan. Bring him out, Apocalypse-buddy.

Gable steps out of the way of the entrance as Apocalypse walks past the curtain with Jay Lightning thrown over his shoulder. The crowd roars again with boos.

Zach Davis: What is this? His new AoD teammate Apocalypse seems to have done all his dirty work for him.

John Gable: The perks of being part of a stable filled with monsters and bastards! HAHA! Bring him down to the ring big guy!

Apocalypse walks down to the ring as Gable follows behind as he mocks the unconscious Jay Lightning. When reaching the ring, Apocalypse rolls Jay in as John Gable walks up the stairs and steps into the ring. John Gable yells to ring the bell.


Gable drags Jay to the middle of the ring and goes for the pin.




Zach Davis: Amazing! Jay Lightning is still alive despite his troubles!

The arena fills with cheers as John Gable argues with the ref and then forces Jay to his feet. Jay hits Gable in the gut then follows with a punch to the face but Gable follows with a boot to the gut and a DDT. Gable picks up Jay again and turns him around, wraps his arm over Jay neck and lifts him up.

Zach Davis: CITY LIGHTS!

Gable rolls into a Dragon Sleeper! He wrenches back hard causing Lightning to tap!

Kyle Steel: Your winner! JOHN GABLE!!!

Freddy Whoa: Could you really call this a win?!

Zach Davis: Well, whether you like it or not. This goes down in the books.

Apocalypse rolls into the ring and picks up Gable onto his shoulders as Gable celebrates way too enthusiastically.

Zach Davis: Gable acting like he just won the damn Heavyweight title! It was just a debut!

Freddy Whoa: If this is the way AoD is going about things then WCF has somethings to worry about!

Joey Flash Segment

We open at the vision of a door marked simply ‘4’, the door opens and inside we see a large faceless mannequin with no distinguishable features except for the large piece of paper taped to it that says ‘DUNE’S BROTHER’. A voice joins our pictures as guess who? Yep, Joey Flash begins to speak.

Joey Flash: So Dune’s brother, do you have anything to say in defence?

“Dune’s Brother”: …

Joey Flash: So it’s true then, you agree to all charges?

“Dune’s Brother”: …

Joey Flash: See Dune, even your own brother agrees, you are a massive coward.

“Dune’s Brother”: …

Joey Flash: Shush, stop talking for once. Will you shut up?

“Dune’s Brother”: …

Joey Flash: It seems clear to me here that when even your own brother has betrayed you over how much of a pathetic coward and faggot you are you really need to look into some issues that plague your life Dune. Number one being the fact that you are defending your World Championship against Raymond Hatcher rather than me.

Let’s not get it twisted, I’d have jumped at this chance, granted I’d have dropped the belt before Ultimate Showdown, but still. Where ya nuts at bitch? It took one word to Seth after you heard of this stipulation that you had to defend your title.

‘GIVE ME FLASH’ and all this would have been over. You could be ruminating on your lack of skill while in a hospital room on Monday rather than ho-humming over another standard title defence. Don’t you think so?

“Dune’s Brother”: …

Joey Flash: It seems to me that-

A phone begins to ring, Joey frisks himself for the pesky ringing device but finds naught, however he seems to get a great revelation, turns to the mannequin and picks the phone off the floor next to it. How convenient.

Joey Flash: Hello? Oh you’re looking for Dune’s brother? Sorry he can’t come to the phone right now he’s a little too dead.

Joey smiles that trademark grin and drops the phone.

Joey Flash: Fuck you Dune. You know where I am if you want me.

Joey unpins the ‘DUNE’S BROTHER’ sign off the mannequin and slowly rips it in half before shoving the mannequin from the chair it occupied. He sits himself regally down and flashes one more grin as we cut to a shot of Dune, who sits in the Sentinels locker room, alone for the time being. He leans forward and flips the small TV off as the face of Joey Flash fills the screen, rising to his feet slowly. The exposed portion of his face is expressionless for a moment as he considers Joey’s message to him.

Without warning he grabs hold of the TV with the quickness, yanking it’s cord from the outlet and taking a mini crow-hop before throwing it with all his might into the wall. It shatters into a thousand pieces as Dune turns and makes for the door, swinging it open with untamed aggression before storming out. The screen fades out on the trashed and vacated Sentinels locker room.

David Sanchez vs Teo Del Sol

The arena falls into a tepid silence as the opening guitar riff to Royal Blood’s “Out of the Black” begins to trickle out of the PA system, starting quiet and building to a thunderous din as the words kick into action. The crowd are perplexed at first until the titantron does the legwork in identifying who is coming to the ring by showing highlights from the career of David Sanchez’ various matches in other companies mixed in with what little vignettes and matches he has had here in WCF.

Zach Davis: Well, we should probably let you fans know that the order of entrances here tonight is no coincidence. After his despicable attack on Teo Del Sol while he was making his way to the ring last week, the authorities here in the WCF have stated that to avoid a similar incident; Mr Sanchez will now be forced to enter the ring before his opponent.

Gravedigger: That’s a farce if you ask me, all the man done was take advantage of an opportunity and he’s being punished for using some initiative. The fine too! What a joke.

The song plays on as the audience erupts into a sea of distasteful chants and a rapture of hissing, gesturing and miscellaneous disapproving noises. David Sanchez appears centre stage, his eyes unblinking as he soaks in the loathing. Dressed in his simple wrestling gear of purple cage-fighting shorts, taped wrists, Black and purple boots, capped with fingerless black gloves he appears a much different man than he does behind the curtain. In contrast to his drug-addled antics of promos both past and present this impressive specimen wears only one additional item to approach the ring, a T-shirt he had launched through his wives’ online fashion outlet. The slogan branded on this simple black garment reads “[FEAR] Fuck Empathy” in purple font.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring from Newport Beach, California. Weighing in tonight at 233lbs, he is the self-proclaimed Last True King of Wrestling; David Sanchez.

David’s emotionless stare at the crowd turns into a grimace at hearing the words “self-proclaimed” as a prefix to his accolades and he begins a slow pace to the ring. No pyrotechnics are launched, nor do the lights flicker. Instead the Black Rose simply walks directly down the ramp, stopping not to shake a single hand or cut a single photography friendly pose. He rolls under the ropes and motions at his wrist, indicating that he has waited long enough for this rematch, so the time for vanity and fanfare is long since forgotten.

Freddy Whoa: Now that is the face of a man who has not came here to bake cupcakes. All business tonight from Mr Sanchez, and that could prove to be either his saving grace or his downfall. We’ve seen him get too wrapped up in Teo Del Sol’s actions already and it cost him the match last week.

The lights go out, and spotlights begin swirling, dancing along the stage as the crowd begins to cheer. After a moment of silence, the opening riff to "Kickstart my Heart" rings throughout the arena, causing an eruption from the eager crowd.

Zach Davis: Now here comes the man who won that match you were just discussing Freddy, and my pick to win again tonight. The fans just love this young man, and he loves them right back.

The spotlights continue swirling about as the anticipation grows, a shadowy figure in a golden cape appears on the entrance ramp, the spotlights converge on the figure, causing him to shine like the very sun itself, just as the music hits its peak, the figure throws the cape off to reveal himself as Teo del Sol!

Freddy Whoa: Couldn’t agree with you more Zach, since his arrival here a short time ago the fans have adopted him and taken to this future star almost like never before.

Zach Davis: Yes they have Freddy and that for me is the difference maker between these two. Everything Teo does is for the crowd and their energy gives him an extra will to win. I’ll take nothing away from the wrestling abilities of David Sanchez but the man is completely self-involved.

Gravedigger: Well it’s a good job we’re having a wrestling match here tonight and not a popularity contest isn’t it?

The audience goes wild as Teo points toward the ring and then to his opponent, after a moment of silence, he sprints down the ramp and slides under the ropes, landing in the center of the ring. He pushes down with his hands and springs to his feet, directly in front of David Sanchez, much to the man’s disgust. He bounces off of the ropes running to the turnbuckle with a gesture towards the sky! He removes the cape and hands it to one of the ring crew before settling into his corner, bouncing back and forth in anticipation of proving to his opponent that despite what he might think, last week was not a fluke.

The bell rings.

Teo and David stand at opposite sides of the ring for a few moments, Teo bouncing energetically whilst his opponent stands fixated, his eyes burning a hole through Del Sol even as they rush into the center of the ring and lock horns with a collar-elbow tie up.

Freddy Whoa: Well, at least this match has started off as a wrestling bout this time. Now maybe we’ll get to see who the better man is.

Gravedigger: I don’t see what your problem is with the way things started last week. The little guy clearly thinks he can go blow for blow with Sanchez, I say let them fight.

After a few moments of wrestling for dominance it is Sanchez that delivers the first shot in tonight’s battle. He grows weary of his opponents agility and delivers a hard roundhouse kick to the calf muscle, causing Teo to release his grip and letting the larger of the two men land a hard European uppercut, knocking Mr Sunshine to the canvas.

Zach Davis: Well, the technical wrestling seems to have been some wishful thinking there Freddy but what can you expect with the animosity that’s been building between these two newcomers.

Gravedigger: Brutal European uppercut there by the man from Newport Beach, it’s almost as if he was trying to knock Del Sol’s head off!

Del Sol springs back up to his feet, clutching at his jaw a little as he absorbs the trash talk being directed at him. Sanchez winds up his arm again, looking to repeat the same uppercut but is this time caught with his pants down as Teo catches the arm and whips him into the ropes. Before David can even realize what has happened to him his body ricochets back at his opponent who by this time has jumped into the air, driving both of his feet directly into David’s face with a picture perfect standing dropkick.

Freddy Whoa: This man has reflexes like a cat folks, it’s going to be hard for Sanchez to combat his speed and quickness. Above all of that, listen to these fans. They love him.

Crowd: TEO! TEO! TEO!

Feeding from crowd’s enthusiasm Del Sol allows Sanchez back up to one knee before applying a front facelock, waving a finger that suggests his opponent should not have underestimated his skills between the ropes. This gesture buys Teo even more support from the crowd who are now at full volume, urging their chosen hero on in his quest to defeat his opponent. Sanchez though has a different idea. Pushing forward with his one outstretched leg, his head and shoulders driving into the luchador's abdomen, forcing the smaller man to release his grip and causing Del Sol to be catapulted backwards into the ropes. Before he can even regain his composure though, Mr Sunshine comes surging back towards him and executes an excellent headscissors takedown, revolving his entire body around Sanchez before throwing him aside with his leg strength.

Gravedigger: I hate to admit it but it looks like Del Sol’s came here tonight with a better plan than the Plague. David looks furious after that last exchange.

Freddy Whoa: It’s the same deal as last week ‘digger. Sanchez has let Teo get into his head and now his frustration is clouding his judgement and making him sloppy.

Zach Davis: I wouldn’t speak too soon guys, if last week is anything to go by, these guys are just getting started.

Climbing back to his feet by clawing at the turnbuckle David manages to establish a vertical base just in time to sidestep his opponent who was halfway across the ring, rushing towards him in an attempt to connect with a running corner attack of some sort. Unfortunately for Teo though, as David evades the attack he also pulls down on the top rope, causing Del Sol to tumble over the ropes. Using his superior balance and speed though Teo is able to plant both of his feet on the apron, completely unknown to David who turns to the crowd and licks his lips like a dog waiting for dinner scraps, evidently safe in the false knowledge that his opponent has crashed to the outside.

Freddy Whoa: Too much time-wasting going on by Sanchez here. He needs to focus on the task at hand.

Gravedigger: Sanchez is a master strategist, he’s just plotting his next move.

Zach Davis: Well… if he doesn’t turn around his next move is going to be receiving a dull blow to the back of the head.

By the time Sanchez turns around it is too late, he is within reaching distance of Del Sol who already has a grip of both of his arms as he shoots his legs through the middle ropes, pushes his boots into David’s midsection and vaults him over the top rope with an innovative variation of a monkey flip. Sanchez hits the floor at the side of the ring with a crash, a bang and a roar of agony, his back hitting the ground so hard that each individual vertebrae begins tingling with pain. Meanwhile, with the momentum of the move having allowed Teo to effortlessly vault himself back into the ring he is left to gaze out at the audience expectantly, their cheers back are nothing short of deafening as he smiles before beginning to climb the turnbuckle with the thought of flight fresh in mind.



Crowd: Teo! Teo! Teo!

He leaps into the air and spreads himself out, looking to hit a flying splash to the outside but at the very last second Sanchez lifts both of his knees and they plunge into the abdomen of the now winded Teo Del Sol. David begins to get to his feet a little quickly after this, suggesting a small measure of possum has been played and while doing so; viciously rips Mr Sunshine back to his feet by the fabric of his mask.

Zach Davis: Ouch! That one had to hurt Teo, his whole body just crashed onto the knees of another man from a great height, that has got to knock the breath out of you.

Gravedigger: Told you didn’t I? That monkey flip was a thing of beauty but Sanchez had a plan all along. Lure him in, knock him down.

Freddy Whoa: Listen to the fans' gasps, it’s silent in here now. It’s almost like they just witnessed a kitten shoot Santa.



The front row of the audience are the only audible ones, they paw and poke at Sanchez as he leans Teo against the crowd control barricade and quickly dives into and out of the ring, forcing the referee to reset the count. He lifts his opponent up into a crouch before draping Teo’s arm over his shoulder. Snarling and grunting at the involuntary human interaction he is receiving from the crowd. David hoists Teo’s weight overhead and before he sends him crashing backwards with a vertical suplex he turns half of a revolution, causing Del Sol’s body to be sent over the barrier and unfortunately directly onto a few members of the audience. The referee’s count begins again as carnage unfolds at ringside.




Satisfied with the destruction he has caused, David rolls back under the ropes and waits patiently watching on in a state of bliss almost as Teo gets back to his feet only to notice that one of the fan’s is bleeding from the nose, the cause; the heel of Del Sol’s boot crashing into it after Sanchez’ careless suplex.



Zach Davis: This man just doesn’t care about anything outside of his own existence, that man paid good money to come here tonight, we’ve probably got a lawsuit on our hands.

Gravedigger: That man probably should have thought about this when he bought ringside seats, this isn’t the ballet Zach. Let’s look at the positives here; he wasn’t holding a baby.


Faced with a tough ethical dilemma here Teo Del Sol nurses downwards, both he and his opponent comfortable in the knowledge that the babyfaced luchador was fast enough to break the count and enter the ring with a second to spare. Unfortunately for him though, Teo had a conscience. He scoops down to the ground, lifting the bleeding man to his feet and over the crowd barrier as trainers begin to flock around him and the referee’s count draws to a close.





Kyle Steel: The winner of this match by result of a count-out. The Last King of Wrestling, David…Sanchez!

Crowd: No king of mine! No king of mine! No king of mine!

Sanchez wastes little time in insisting the referee raise his arm, an action to which he grudgingly obliges to do as Teo sets the man comfortably on the ring steps and the trainers examine this unfortunate fan with the crimson blood streaming out of both nostrils. He clenches and opens his fists a few times as he looks back into the ring from where David mocks him. Angry not at the defeat but at the fact his opponent intentionally used him as a weapon with which to harm an everyday fan, an innocent man.

Gravedigger: A well deserved and poetically just victory for Mr Sanchez. He beat Teo exactly the same way as Teo did him last week.

Freddy Whoa: Hardly the same way! He threw Del Sol directly at a fan. Who knows what damage has been done to that poor man.

Zach Davis: Teo Del Sol looks livid, I’ve never actually seem him not smiling. Wait! I think he’s going back into the ring…

Del Sol rolls back into the ring and walks straight up to David who is wearing his sinister fake smile even still as Teo begins to shout abuse at him, calling him “careless” and a “horrible person” among other mildly offensive, yet entirely correct things. He shoves his hands at the chest of Sanchez and pushes him back a few steps, stunning the Black Rose momentarily. He clearly was not expecting a physical retaliation of any sort from his rival. This though is all it comes to. As Teo notices the trainer’s beginning to assist the injured man backstage for treatment he rushes out of the ring and to their aid, assisting in any way he can as they disappear up the ramp.

Crowd: Boooooooooooooooooo!

Having been shoved and then abandoned David is left seething in the squared circle, watching his adversary disappear into the curtains to empathize and serve in any way he can. This thought makes him almost ill. Empathy was for the weak. He rushes to ringside and grabs a microphone, perhaps thinking he can bait Mr Sunshine back with some harsh words. Just as he lifts the talking stick though it is as though a lightbulb appears above his head. The sick smile from before begins to creep back onto his face and his eyes almost seem to become a paler shade of blue.

David Sanchez: …

He drops the microphone in total dis-regard and begins to circle back around the ring to the ramp. With that, he himself begins to slowly walk backstage, smiling maniacally and muttering something sinister to himself.

The Search Continues

The camera cuts back to Jimmy and Craig in the backstage area. They appear to be still on the search for the mysterious figure who intruded on the arena.

Jimmy: Goddammit Craig, this is getting us nowhere. We've searched the whole place twice over now, still no sign of the fucker.

Craig: Have we checked storage?

Jimmy: I just did. Nothing. Locker room?

Craig: Nope, nuthin'. All the wrestlers were giving me the stink eye when I asked them if they saw anyone suspicious.

Jimmy: Dude, knowing half the people in this fed, suspicious people probably don't even ring a bell anymore.

Craig: Good point. So what do we do? Call Seth?

Jimmy: I guess it's really the only thing we can do.

Craig grabs the walkie talkie out his pocket and presses down.

Craig: Hey Seth, it's us. Still no sign of the guy.

Seth Lerch: You've checked everywhere?

Craig: Twice over, sir.

Seth Lerch: Son of a bitch. Well, keep looking. Knowing how these types of people work, they'll show up before too long, they always want to make grand entrances and shit.

Craig: Yes sir. Out.

Craig puts the walkie talkie back in his pocket and turns back to Jimmy.

Jimmy: You heard him, let's keep moving.

Craig nods, and Jimmy and Craig split off once again. After they leave, a figure becomes visible: the same figure they've been looking for. He just stands there once again, before walking away. Cut back to the arena.

Zach Davis: Goddammit, we need better security then this. How can you not see this dude behind you?

Freddy Whoa: Enough talk about scary flashers, we got another match to get into!

Dune Segment

We cut to Dune backstage. It’s apparent from the start that he’s livid as he makes his way down a long hallway, checking the label on the front of each door. All those who see him coming jump out of the way, and those who remain oblivious to his presence are swept aside by his hand. He turns a corner and almost runs into a drunk redneck ginger, whose eyes go wide at the sight of the WCF World Champion.

Ginger: Whoa...holy shit!

Redneck Friend: He’s looking for Flash!

Ginger: Get ‘em, Dune! Beat that I-talian piece of SHIT!

But Dune ignores them, muttering something to the effect of, “Fuck off,” under his breath as he continues his search for the door marked “4” and Joey Flash, who waits behind it. Dune looks up at the camera and begins to speak.

Dune: You want to play games, Joey? What are you, a fucking child? It’d be one thing if your little dummy routine just now had any sort of entertainment value to it whatsoever...but then again, that’s not what you’re here for is it, Joey? You’re here to fuck around; you’re here to have a good time at the expense of others.

Dune’s raging, bloodshot eyes glare down the hall at the sight of the number 4, but when he nears the door he realizes there’s a 1 in front. He bangs on the door anyway before he continues.

Dune: Or are you here for another reason, Joey? That being to get under my skin. You’ve certainly been trying. Last week you thought you could get a quick handy or some shit from my girl, but that didn’t pan out too well for you, did it? So what are you after this week in mocking my dead brother? Are you hoping he’ll rise from the dead and give you what you deserve - an ass-kicking for the ages? Well I’m sorry to say there won’t be any resurrections tonight, Joey. There won’t be any -

He turns another corner, and toward the end of the hall he sees what he’s after - the door marked “4.” His face becomes almost inhuman as he makes for it.

Dune: There won’t be any need, because I’m here to do the job for him.

He sets off in a sprint toward the door. When he gets there, he turns the knob and barges through, coming face to face with the mannequin and the empty chair in which Joey Flash had been sitting.

He whirls around, putting his hands up with the knowledge of his fatal error, though he’s too late to do so before a metal pipe smacks him across the face. He stumbles backward, blinded by bright lights and stars that flicker in and out of existence as we see Joey Flash emerge from the shadows and stand before him with pipe in hand. He follows Dune as he backs away, calling out before he reaches him.

Joey Flash: Ooh, damn! Bit more than a bitchslap, ain’t it, Dune? How you like THAT shit?!

On “THAT” he cracks Dune across the face again, and the Champ falls to a knee.

Joey Flash: Bet your Brother’d be real proud of you right now, wouldn’t he, Dune?

Dune lashes out at Joey, but he’s still too dazed by the pipe-blows to the head for his strikes to be effective. He falls down onto all fours as Joey continues.

Joey Flash: Even in death he knows what he’s getting from little brother - a failure. You failed to save his life all those year ago...and tonight you’ve failed to avenge his being made a mockery of. What will you fail at next, Dune? I sure hope it’s not your match tonight, or the one at Ultimate Showdown, for that matter, though I’ll lend a helping hand when I can. No, I want you to hold on to that belt, because when I finally get the World Title shot I’ve deserved since last November, I want to win it from you, Dune...I WILL win it from you. Until then...the name Joey Flash is going to haunt your dreams.

Flash raises the pipe and brings it down on the back of Dune’s lowered head. He goes limp upon impact. Joey cracks a smile before he drops the pipe, which clangs against the hard floor as he turns and exits the room. The scene fades out on the WCF World Champion lying unconscious on the ground.

Gemini Battle vs K.L. Henson

Children of God by Andrew Jackson Jihad pays on the PA System. After he opening drum fill, Henson blasts past the curtain laughing…

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the grudge match of the night. For the past month KL Henson has been stalking and attacking Gemini Battle with only one agenda and that is to find out the answer to one question.

Gravedigger: That’s right, and that question is simply why? A question which in of itself lends itself to so many more questions that need answering.

Zach Davis: But doesn’t that explain KL Henson…

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Gemini Battle comes from out of the curtain and strikes Henson from behind.

Zach Davis: Gemini Battle doesn’t even want to wait for this match to get started.

Gravedigger: Can you blame him? Henson has done such terrible things like attack him in his locker room before his match with Spencer, he attacked him in the ring the following week, and he sent Alex Richards after him at Blast.

Henson slithers away from Gemini Battle and heads backstage. Gemini follows delivering massive blows with wild fists as Henson covers up and walks away, a small glimmer of joy in his face as he takes each strike and heads deeper into the backstage area.

Gemini Battle: Get back here you coward.

KL Henson continues to smile as Gemini delivers thunderous blows to his back. Gemini finally gives Henson one last kick with his boot to his ass and sends Henson flying through an open door into a dark room. Gemini follows suit.

He runs in and turns the light on. No one is to be found and then the door slams behind him. Gemini turns around and gets stabbed in the leg with a needle by KL Henson. Gemini drops down hard to the floor as KL stands above him.

Gravedigger: What the hell was that? I’ve never seen a man drop so hard before from a needle. Well, I have but for the purpose of building heat I haven’t!

KL Henson: Flunitrazepam, or it goes by the more colloquial name of Rohypnol, or even more commonly heard as roofie. Yes, Mr. Battle, I roofied you. But don’ worry, I put it into the fleshy and muscly part of your thigh, so you will feel a bit zoned out but you will remain conscious, a conscious choice by me I assure you. And I imagine that you have just one question for me. Why?

Gemini Battle: Damn straight, Why?

KL smiles down at Gemini’s direction.

Gemini Battle: I guess the first question I have is why I am agreeing with you… that’s not my nature. I want to fight against this and not feed into your bullshit. Why am I agreeing with you?

KL Henson: It’s called Sodium Pentothal, it’s a psychoactive medication used to obtain information from subjects who are otherwise unwilling to provide it otherwise. Also known as Truth Serum. You’ll find that you will be much more agreeable now. Another conscious choice by me, of course.

Gemini Battle: Why are you doing this to me, KL? Why?

KL Henson: Ah, isn’t that the question. But it is my question for you, now isn’t it?

Gemini Battle: I suppose so.

Gemini struggle with his own mind, trying to fight out of the haze that was forcing him to think positively and go on with the sociopath’s actions.

KL Henson: So why, Mr. Battle… why?

Gemini Battle: Why what?

Henson smacks Gemini across the face, Gemini sneers, but otherwise feels no pain; more of a pressure across his cheeks. The fact that he felt nothing scared him more than the pain the slap would have inflicted.

KL Henson: I’m asking the questions here… Why?

Gemini Battle: I don’t know what you’re asking me. How am I supposed to answer if you won’t clarify it for me? I’m under your spell or something, aren’t I? I’m telling you the truth. What the fuck did I do to you to deserve this?

KL Henson: You’ve got this all wrong, Mr. Battle. You keep deflecting your emotions and your fears onto me. It is not about me, it is about you, and the things that you have done. Or more accurately, the things you refuse to do now.

Gemini stares blankly at KL Henson.

Zach Davis: If you’re just joining us you’ve come in during the middle of the Gemini Battle vs KL Henson match. The two men have been at each other’s throats for the past month, even though it was just revealed 2 weeks ago. Gemini jumped Henson before the match began so technically this isn’t even a match. But we’re beginning to find out the answers to the 2 month long lingering question of ‘why?’

KL Henson: When you began here at the WCF I saw you from afar. I wouldn’t dare say I joined to see a man with your demeanor, but it certainly fascinated me. You weren’t like Oblivion; you had no desire to kill yet you both were considered evil. You were different from Jay Omega even though the two of you both had amassed a large sum of money in your lives, yet you both are considered eccentric. How can people who are so different be categorized in the same manner? Am I eccentric, too?

Gemini Battle: Some may say that, but I think you’re more of a sociopath.

KL Henson: Interesting that you know so much about sociopaths, or at least you think you do… you couldn’t just be saying these things to hurt my feelings now, but of course if your theory is right about my state of mind I wouldn’t have any feelings to get hurt anyway, would I?

Gemini Battle: Can you get to the fucking point, already?

KL Henson: THERE IT IS. The fire; the RAGE; the anger. That’s the fuel that I saw within you when I began. Then you became just another one of those power hungry and gold hungry wrestlers that only desired victory at any cost.

Gemini Battle: If you’re not here to succeed, then why would you be here?

KL Henson: To have your questions answered. I step into the ring every week to determine the true nature of people. I can tell how they truly feel by the actions that they take in the ring. There is no truer form of personal investigation than to engage a physical altercation with one.

Gemini Battle: I am here because I have to be here. I’ve got nothing else in my life. I’ve got no family, I’ve got no home. I’m living with a friend and I’ve fallen to taking drugs for the pain that you caused me last month!

KL Henson: Was it I who caused you that pain, or was it a pain from deep within you that was yearning to escape? Was it a pain that was always there, but the final feeling of physical aching was the catalyst to allow the core pain to externalize?

Gemini paused, and tears started to flow from his eyes. They weren’t tears of sadness, nor of fear. They were tears of anger. He was trying his hardest to keep his mouth shut. He craved silence, he wanted to hold everything inside where he felt it belonged but a drug was forcing all of his emotions to the surface ready to explode.

Gemini Battle: I grew up with nothing; I scratched, clawed and cheated my way to success, and earned my billions through hard work and dedication to my craft. I succeeded at everything that I’ve done, and even here I’ve won gold. I even had true love. Then it was tore from me because of my own selfish actions. It could have been torn from me from the actions of another, but I played God, I tempted fate and now my love and my life is lost because of the steps that I took to preserve it. I ruined everything in my life, and when those pills were presented to me in my time of pain it was the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make to take them and leave reality and enter a world of complete ecstasy. I’ve lost everything, and I’m slowly losing even more.

KL patted Gemini on the shoulder as he dropped his head into his knees. He was only able to move his torso, his arms and legs were temporarily paralyzed from the sedative that Henson injected in him earlier.

Zach Davis: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just witnessed a moment of clarity for one of the most confusing and eclectic superstars in the WCF. And KL Henson is now helping him to his feet.

Gravedigger: Wait a minute… who’s that?

A large masked man enters the scene and lifts Gemini on his shoulders. KL Henson opens the door and leads the way. The large man carries the lifeless, yet conscious body of Gemini battle on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes as they walk backstage.

Gravedigger: Where are they taking him?

Zach Davis: That looks like the GO position; I think they’re coming out here.

KL Henson opens the curtains and the crowd cheers as the large man carries Gemini Battle past the open curtain and down to the ring. Henson leads the way.

Zach Davis: The crowd is silent, not in non-violent indignation, but they are in awe of the sight that they are seeing. They are watching a grown man be carried to the ring by a mercenary of another man who seems to have been trying to do nothing but destroy his man’s life for almost 2 months. Gemini Battle looks like a shell of his former self.

The large man rolls Gemini into the ring and then follows himself. KL Henson grabs a referee and leads him into the ring, grabbing a microphone on the way.

KL Henson: I would like for you to begin this match now, sir.

The referee argues, saying that Gemini is in no condition to fight and starts calling out for a medical crew to make their way to the ring.

KL Henson: When have I ever done anything to make you not trust me? Please ring the bell, sir… begin the match.

Henson repeats and the referee continues his arguing as a medical crew makes their way out to the ring. The large man stands guard at the side of the ring where the medical crew draws nearer and Gemini lay motionless in the center of the ring while Henson and the referee stand tall above him.

Henson then lays down and drapes Gemini’s arm over his body and lifts the microphone to his lips once more.

KL Henson: Please ring the bell, sir. Count the pin, sir.

The referee hesitates then motions to the time keeper to ring the bell.

Zach Davis: after all that KL Henson is taking a dive to Gemini Battle?

Gravedigger: It appears so.

The referee drops to his knees and checks the shoulders of KL Henson to make sure that they are down.




He then calls for the bell again, yet no music plays as KL Henson gets back to his feet.

KL Henson: Wins and losses are of no meaning to me. Gemini needed the win much more than I.

Henson slides under the bottom rope and the large man follows. They slowly exit leaving the referee and Gemini Battle alone in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: What an interesting turn of events. Gemini Battle came out to this match looking for revenge, and I suppose he got it in a victory over KL Henson, and the victor’s payout for this match.

Freddy Whoa: KL Henson hooked a brother up; he saw that Gemini has been down on his luck and let him take the W this week. A win for a guy like Gemini may turn him around and help him get back on the straight and narrow.

Gravedigger: You think that Henson did Gemini a favor? You’ve obviously never stepped into the ring before, laying down the way Henson did is the biggest insult you can give a competitor like Gemini Battle. He doesn’t want to win that way, fuck, no one does. We go out there for one reason, to put boots to asses. If you ask me…

Zach Davis: I didn’t…

Gravedigger: If you ask me, KL Henson just showed Gemini Battle the greatest display of disrespect one wrestler could possibly show another.

The medics strap Gemini to the stretcher and slide him to the edge of the ring. Two more men pull him down on top of a gurney and roll him out of the ring, still unable to move any part of his extremities.

Zach Davis: Well, whatever just transpired between these two men I’m certain that this won’t be the last we see between the two.

Pantheon/Thomas Uriel Bates Segment

Backstage we find Thomas Bates walking down the hall toward the camera with an annoyed expression on his face. Bates turns toward a dressing room door marked "DRG" and pushes his way inside, followed by the camera. The cameraman nearly runs into Bates' wide back as the mountainous man stops short, then steps around him to discover why. Rather than members of the Dark Riders, the dressing room is occupied by the entirety of Pantheon. Jay Omega looks up from rolling a joint and grins in a welcoming manner.

Jay Omega: Tommy, good to see ya! Join the party; coffee cakes and Diet Coke are on the house. By the way, it is REALLY hard to get you alone.

Omega finishes rolling the joint and lights up. Bates' expression grows dark, and he sets himself for a fight.

Thomas Bates: For every injury you've laid on my brothers, I will--

Corey Black: Homie, we didn't do shit to your boys.

Leaning against the wall, Black pushes himself into a ready position as well, but stops at a shake of the head from Scarecrow.

Scarecrow: No, we didn't attack the DRG, and we're not here to attack you either, Tom. And unlike the DRG, we actually MEAN that.

Omega pulls a smartphone from inside his vest and places it on the table in front of him.

Jay Omega: I, uh, "borrowed" this from Battle earlier. When Gemini's done getting stomped by Henson, tell him I said thanks for the loan; it was real handy in getting you solo. The rest of your boys are having a strategy meeting with me in my dressing room.

Purse stops tidying up the locker room long enough to glance over at Bates with a charming smile.

Jeff Purse: Nothing nefarious going on here. We just wanted to have a little chat with you. About the way you've been conducting your... "business".

Jeff goes back to straightening pictures and adjusting potted plants. In the midst of mixing a boot of Zim-Quila, Alex Richards looks up long enough to meet Thomas' eye, then redirects his attention to his booze.

Alex Richards: See, we're not too happy about the way you guys went after Scarecrow last week. And if you mess with one member of Pantheon...

Jay Omega: You fuck with all of us.

Richards finishes mixing his drink, he and Omega stand up, and the five members of Pantheon form a semi-circle in front of the leader of the Dark Riders Gang, Corey Black getting as close to in Bates' face as he can.

Corey Black: TUB, you gotta realize something, your, "gang", is not a band of level headed, upstanding, well mannered southern gents...such as yourself. You've got a few bad apples among the orchard, G. You got screws loose among your troop. And you, TUB? You're not keeping them in line. You're letting them do as they please. Then when shit goes sour, they cry and run back to Daddy Bates. And what does Daddy Bates do?"

Scarecrow clucks his tongue and shakes his head slowly.

Scarecrow: Daddy Bates, he gets angry, he pats his "son" on the head and tells him everything's gonna to be alright. That the report card is clean. No matter what they've done. You abscond your guys of all blame. You fill their heads with the notion that they're untouchable. That no one can get to them and that they can do as they please. It's a poison, Bates.

Richards downs his boot of booze while Omega hits his joint, and exhales the cloud in Bates' direction.

Jay Omega: Now, maybe you wanted to administer that poison...

Alex Richards: Maybe you didn't.

Omega taps the ash from his joint onto the floor, which brings a wince from Purse. Jeff gets over himself though, and looks up at Thomas.

Jeff Purse: But the fact is this, when one of us, one of Pantheon, gets out of line? We deal with it. When a DRG member goes rogue? You mother them, and throw your weight around. You go after one guy...on his own...straight after his match. And orchestrate some kind of backwater justice deal.

Crow crosses his arms over his chest, and tilts his head as he meets Bates' eyes

Scarecrow: I did what I had to do at Blast, because Mikey believed that his actions had no repercussions. You taught him that, Bates.

Black drives the point home, by driving the point of his index finger into Bates' chest.

Corey Black: Tighten up your shit, Bates. No more talk of war. Or eating people alive. Run your house...

Scarecrow: Or we will run it for you.

Corey Black: Oh, and in case you're wondering? We could have destroyed you, here and now. Some of us want to. But I don't want you to have any fucking excuse later tonight, when you get your giant Southern ass handed to you by a pair of Black guys.

The members of Pantheon stand silently for a moment before they decide to take their leave, pushing past Bates. Thomas stares coldly at the departing group, when suddenly Omega stops.

Jay Omega: Oh, and tell Gonzo he needs to get a better hook up; this is some shit weed.

Jay drops the still burning spliff at Bates' feet, then sweeps out the door, closing it behind him. The camera lingers on Bates' fuming face for a moment, then fades out to a commercial.

The Juggalo Warrior's Hardcore Open
Celeste vs Isaiah Chavis

The Birthday Massacre’s “Kill the Lights” starts to play over the WCF speakers as for a moment the fans look toward the ring entrance stage. Some are too captivated to boo,but the boos do begin as Celeste walks out onto the ring entrance stage.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is the Juggalo Warrior’s Hardcore Open.

Celeste takes the walk up to the ring like a model takes to a runway. Her feet stride with effortless confidence,her chin tilted upwards and shoulders pushed back elongate her neck and expose her jugular to tempt,to dare her appointment to either kiss or mangle her throat.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first,residing in Paris, France and standing in at an elegant 5’10”. She is! CELESTE!!!

Not a drop of sweat escapes Celeste’s pours,no fear beats within her breast,almost as if she were not human but a divine creation. She removes her over-sized shades only moments before slinking under the rope,with an elegance so captivating it is hypnotic.

Zach Davis: Every single time I see this woman enter this ring—

Gravedigger: Easy Davis. You don’t need to have a heart attack.

Freddy Whoa: Or have her take your breath away for that matter.

Zach Davis: Oh would you two stop it!

“Whoop Whoop” by Twiztid blares over the PA system as the camera searches the crowd. It finds Isaiah entering from behind the audience,as they erupt in applause. He pulls his clown face goalie mask down,hops up onto a hand railing,and dives into the crowd. They catch him,and surf him around a bit before passing him down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring,he hails from Detroit Michigan. Weighing at two hundred,fifteen pounds and standing five feet,eleven inches tall… The Juggalo Warrior Isaiah Chavis!

Isaiah slides under the bottom rope and pops to his feet,lifting the mask so he can see the fans better. He takes it off and tosses it to a fan in the front row before throwing up his hands in the shape of a “W” and a “C” and shouting “Whoop Whoop!”

Crowd: Whoop! Whoop!

It brings a smile to Isaiah’s face as his music dies. Just as the ref calls for the bell Celeste walks up from behind Isaiah Chavis and gives the man a huge soccer ball like kick between the legs.

Crowd: OUCH!!!

Zach Davis: Not a thing the ref can do about that. Anything goes here in this match and I don’t care who you are. That’d drop any man.

Freddy Whoa: That don’t just hurt men. Not the way she did that. That hurts my marble sack just seeing it happen to Chavis.

Gravedigger: Oooh! Celeste with the fish hook!

Celeste pulls back harder than usual with that fish hook as Isaiah is forced to turn his head as Celeste desires. Once he turns she lets go and slaps the man across the face as hard as she can. The sound echoes through the building and Celeste waits for Isaiah to turn and look at her. As he does she acts if nothing happened. She walks elegantly around the ring as the two begin to circle each other. She has her eyes locked on Chavis as she waits for him to make the first move.

Zach Davis: Is she just playing Isaiah Chavis like a fiddle here or what?

Gravedigger: You have some real issues. Stop looking at the woman’s—

Zach Davis: Ass?

Gravedigger: Ya,that too. Call the match Zach.

Celeste and Isaiah appear to be ready to lock up,but just as they do Celeste puts up a finger as if she is asking for only a moment. Chavis tilts his head to the side and then shakes his head as he starts going in for the attack,but he gets a slap across the face for his efforts and then a rake to the eyes.

Zach Davis: She is so smart. Elegant! Wonder —

Gravedigger: Okay,Freddy. Maybe we should call the rest of this match. Sounds like Zach hasn’t had any for quite awhile.

Zach Davis: Hey! I am perfectly capable of calling this match.

Celeste ducks under a short clothesline attempt from Isaiah Chavis and then runs to the ropes. She bounces off and goes for a flying cross body,but Isaiah catches her with a straight elbow shot to the chin. Celeste hits the mat and holds her mouth with a hand as she uses the other to start pushing herself back up. Isaiah is quick to follow up as he pulls her to her feet,gives her two knife edge chops and whips her into the corner. He runs toward the ropes near the corner and hits Celeste with a springboard drop kick. Celeste slinks down in the corner into a sitting position as Isaiah Chavis gives the woman a wave.

Isaiah Chavis: Whoop! Whoop!

Crowd: Whoop! Whoop!

Chavis rolls out of the ring and lifts the ring apron.

Gravedigger: Oh,what’s he going for here?

Chavis grabs a chair from under the ring and rolls into the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh no! He’s going to mess up her face with that chair! No don’t do it!

Freddy Whoa: Do it!

Zach Davis: Shut up Freddy!

Chavis sets the chair up against Celeste as he wedges it between the ropes. He goes to the opposite corner and then charges just as Celeste pushes the chair out of the ropes and escapes the ring to the outside. Celeste tries to collect herself. She walks around for a moment not realizing that Chavis has climbed up to the top rope. Her back is to him and he leaps off.

Gravedigger: OH MY GOD!!! A diving leg drop to the back of Celeste’s head as she was standing! Celeste hit the ringside floor face first!

Zach Davis: Oh man that pretty face!

Freddy Whoa: That was tight!

Chavis is holding his back a bit as he also hit the floor hard and is already getting to his feet. The ref looks on as Chavis pulls Celeste’s hair to get her up onto her hands and knees. Chavis looks over his shoulder and sees the chair had fallen out of the ring when Celeste had pushed it off her. He goes and grabs it as Celeste and starting to get to her feet. She’s bent over.

Gravedigger: Oh,he’s smiling now. What’s he got planned?

Chavis runs with the chair and swings it. He gives Celeste a chair shot right to her ass straightening her up as she cries out in pain.

Freddy Whoa: What do we call that? What’s a good name for that one?

Gravedigger: I don’t know. What do you think,Whoa?

Freddy Whoa: Hmmm. How about the Juggalo Chair Spank?

Chavis drops the chair and grabs Celeste by the hair again,but she spins around giving Chavis a hard knee shot to the groin. Chavis is doubled over and Celeste puts him into a front face lock. She steps forward and positions herself perfectly and drops Chavis right on the chair with the DDT.

Gravedigger: DDT on the steel chair. Chavis’ head just got filled with a whole lotta cob webs.

Zach Davis: Such a beautiful move.

Gravedigger: I guess you could say that. Good job,Zach. You’re finally calling the match.

Zach Davis: Huh?

Gravedigger: Well,nevermind.

Celeste is on her feet and stomps on the back of Chavis’ head as it’s still on the chair causing his face to smash into the chair with each stomp. She straddles the back of Chavis and begins to slap away at the back of the man’s head and then grabs his ears and pulls back hard then slams his face into the chair once more.

Gravedigger: Downright,cold viciousness here from Celeste.

Celeste gets to her feet and walks around. She lifts her arms above her head with a pose that reveals her physique.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa.

Gravedigger: Not you too.

Freddy Whoa: Come on,Digger. You gotta see what everyone else sees.

Gravedigger: Oh I see,but I’m trying to do my job and call this match. You two are drooling all over the table. I’m lucky if we don’t all get electrocuted here.

Zach Davis: Chavis is getting to his feet,but you can see just how his head feels by how slow he’s moving here.

Chavis shakes his head as he tries to clear the cob webs and stands upright after a slow process of getting up. Celeste turns to find Chavis has stood up and goes for him. Chavis kicks her in the gut. He gives her a hard short right hand to the face. He gives her another short left hand to the other cheek. She staggers away. He follows. He grabs a handful of her hair and slams her head first into the ring post. He then whips Celeste into the barricade back first.

Freddy Whoa: Chavis on the offensive here again. No one really has had the advantage here.

Gravedigger: This already turning into a decent match.

Chavis runs at Celeste and does a flying cross body causing them both to go over the barricade into the front row of fans. They land across the laps of four fans and then drop down to the ground. WCF security rushes over and has everyone in the front row to move out into the aisle. They all do so as Celeste and Chavis slowing push up to their feet.

Zach Davis: Oh this match is going into the seats!

Gravedigger: This will get interesting.

Chavis and Celeste slug it out for a moment before Celeste rakes Chavis’ eyes. She grabs Chavis and she puts him into a front face lock. She starts to try to climb back over the barricade,but Chavis lifts her up and tosses her onto the barricade onto her stomach. Her feet dangle there as they nearly touch the ringside floor. Chavis steps up onto the seats of the front row and then balances himself on the backs of the seats. He carefully leaps off so the seats don’t break and hits a leg drop on the waist of Celeste. Chavis tumbles over the barricade as he does this and hits the ringside floor hard.

Gravedigger: Oh man! Chavis just hit his hip on the ringside floor. It looked like he landed pretty hard. That’s gotta hurt and it’ll probably be sore tomorrow.

Zach Davis: What about Celeste? She just got a barricade Chavis leg drop sandwich on the barricade over there. I should go see if she’s okay.

Gravedigger: You don’t need to go anywhere. Sit down.

Chavis is rolling around holding his hip as the ref gets out of the ring to check on him. Celeste finally pushes herself off the barricade and limps around holding the small of her back as she is walking toward Chavis. The ref warns her to wait,but she shoves him to the side. She kicks Chavis’ hip. She then kicks him square in the ribcage and then grabs the man around the head to get him to his feet. She walks around and forces her finger into his mouth with another fish hook.

Gravedigger: OH!!! HE’S BITING HER FINGER!!!

Zach Davis: He’s biting her finger and she’s screaming.

The ref goes over and sees why and he starts yelling at Chavis for biting. He keeps biting and she starts beating on him with slaps and hitting his back with her fist to get him to stop. He doesn’t. He just bites harder and she screams out even louder. She starts running in place as he turns around with her finger in his mouth still. She notices and she slaps him across the face forcing his head to whip to the side.

Gravedigger: Did he just—

Freddy Whoa: He broke skin! Celeste’s finger is bloody!

Gravedigger: Oh,for a second I thought that blow caused him to bite her finger off. That could’ve been bad.

Zach Davis: The ref is looking at her finger and rushes over to the ring announcer Kyle Steel. What the hell?

Celeste is holding her hand looking at her finger and Chavis grabs her around the back of her neck and rolls her into the ring underneath the ropes.

Gravedigger: What does the ref have?

The ref grabs a spray bottle and looks to find that Chavis and Celeste are back in the ring. He gets in the ring and holds the spray bottle he goes over to Celeste with Chavis coming up behind her and the ref sprays down at Celeste’s finger.

Freddy Whoa: Are you serious? During a match you have to sanitize the lady’s finger? Ref what the hell are you doing?

Gravedigger: This is one of the weirdest hardcore matches I’ve ever seen.

Chavis grabs the bottle out of the ref’s hand. He waits as Celeste gets up to her feet and then turns around and sprays the woman in the face with whatever contents are in the bottle. He tosses the bottle out of the ring as the top comes off spilling all over the ringside floor.

Gravedigger: Celeste is blind! Chavis has the advantage! Chavis goes for it!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!! Jester Drop!

Chavis goes for the cover.

Ref: 1---! 2---!

Zach Davis: No! Celeste kicks out!

Celeste is rubbing at her eyes and face as whatever was in the bottle seems to be hurting her quite a bit. Parts of her face are already turning red as if she is having an allergic reaction. Chavis gets to his feet and goes outside the ring. He grabs the chair. He climbs the steel steps.

Isaiah Chavis: Whoop! Whoop!

Crowd: Whoop! Whoop!

Chavis climbs up onto the top rope and tosses the chair down onto Celeste and quickly leaps off the top rope and hits a flipping senton onto the chair on top of Celeste.


Zach Davis: Oh no! Her face got—

Gravedigger: Hey! Watch it,Zach! Remember who is always watching.

Chavis covers Celeste again.

Ref: 1---! 2---!

Celeste kicks out at the last second as the fans can’t believe it. Chavis can’t either and he looks at the ref and holds up three fingers. The ref shows him two fingers. Chavis nods and then flips the ref off. He gets up to his feet as Celeste has rolled toward the ropes closest to her. She is still rubbing at her eyes as Chavis grabs her by the hair again and pulls her back to her feet.

Gravedigger: What’s Chavis going to do now?

Chavis whips Celeste into the opposite side ropes and as she comes back he kicks her in the gut. She drops for a moment then starts getting to her feet as Chavis runs to the ropes. He bounces off and comes back leaping and hitting Celeste with a double knee shot to the side of the head.

Gravedigger: Two to the Dome! He’s not done though!

Chavis goes back over to the ropes he bounced off of and gets out onto the apron. He uses the ropes to jump up and uses them to spring himself into a Phoenix Splash. He hits it.

Zach Davis: Carnival of Carnage!

Freddy Whoa: The cover!

Ref: 1---! 2--! 3!!!

Zach Davis: And Celeste falls to Chavis here tonight!

Chavis rolls off Celeste. He’s still holding his back a bit from hitting Fuck Your Face.

Isaiah Chavis: Whoop! Whoop!

Crowd: Whoop! Whoop!

Kyle Steel: Winner of this match as a result of a pinfall! The JUGGALO WARRIOR!!! ISAIAH CHAVIS!!!

Gravedigger: Celeste should probably go get that finger sanitized before she leaves the building tonight for sure. But what a match! The Juggalo Warrior scores the win.

“Whoop Whoop” by Twiztid begins to play as Chavis continues to celebrate.

Freddy Whoa: Hey,ref! You should probably clean up the mess that came out of that spray bottle!

Gravedigger: Ya,what the hell was that?

Zach Davis: I don’t know. First time I’ve seen that happen during a match.

Gravedigger: Chavis used it as an advantage though.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Who is this!?

ULTIMATE DESTROYER IS IN THE RING! Boom! Chair shot to the head!

Zach Davis: Ultimate Destroyer!? We haven't seen him in ages!

Destroyer drops Chavis, who was still hurting. The Ultimate Destroyer raises his chair high above his head before crashing it down on top of the body of Isaiah Chavis once more.

Gravedigger: And it looks like we may see him face the Juggalo Warrior in a Hardcore Open sometime soon, huh?

Destroyer drops the chair and taunts the crowd, who boo at him, before he leaves the ring.

David Sanchez Segment

Having just witnessed another outstanding display of wrestling prowess, the arena falls into a stunned, tantric buzz for a few moments. Some fans begin to make their way to the various food vendors whilst others sit patiently; barely able to contain their hunger for more action. The atmosphere tonight has been something truly special, as the stars of WCF have guaranteed they’ll have something to talk about at work tomorrow. Throughout the lobby, the frantic din of people maneuvering past one another in order to obtain their snack or beverage is almost soothing, the calm before the storm. Just as the ring crew finish up between the ropes however it is the commentary team that greets the fans rather than a new combatant.

Freddy Whoa: Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re being told that there’s an update on the situation that developed earlier in the evening during the Teo Del Sol, David Sanchez match. First here’s a quick replay of what happened earlier on in the evening.

The titantron bursts into life and any fans left stranded from their seats are left bolted to the spot, fixated to giant screen in Front of them as though the entire arena was being subjected to some kind of Clockwork Orange style of brainwashing. A brief clips plays showing the climax of the match between Teo Del Sol and David Sanchez, very few highlights from the match itself are shown but rather the devious tactic which allowed the Last True King of Wrestling to pick up his dishonest victory. The two competitors are shown on the outside, Del Sol's limp body in the clutches of the maniacal Black Rose. With little hesitation he is then hoisted by David into a vertical suplex and carelessly dropped over the barrier at ringside, the heel of his boot smashing into the nose of a fan in the first row. The video package jumps a few seconds into the future now and Teo Del Sol is seen to be counted out whilst trying to aid the now bleeding audience member across the barricade, up the ramp and into the custody of the medical team. Before the highlight reel of sorts can replay the events from after the match however, Zach Davis interrupts.

Zach Davis: We’re going to send it to the back where Hank Brown is standing by in the treatment room with Teo Del Sol and the unfortunate fan who was injured during tonight’s contest.

The video changes, greeting the fans with a room made of ceramic tiles, clinically scrubbed to the brightest of whites, the type of white you see in toothpaste commercials. A doctor attends to the unlucky fan, his nose now stuffed with tissue paper whilst Del Sol, seated nearby, appears genuinely distressed. The doctor pinches his thumb and index finger upon the bridge of the young man’s possibly broken nose, before giving Teo a nod of assurance, suggesting that while some considerable damage has been caused that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Doctor: As we expected Mr Dennis, there’s a slight fracture but nothing that won’t heal of its own accord in a couple of days. Just try and keep your head back until the bleeding stops and don’t be surprised if you wake up with a black eye or two in the morning.

Teo Del Sol, visibly relieved, shakes hand with doctor for doing a thorough and diligent job in helping the injured youth. Turning back to the victim he looks distressed, thoughts of what he might do to Sanchez for his blatant lack of concern burning a hole in his mind. Just as he begins to assist the damaged audience member to his feet though there is a knock at the door and Hank Brown enters the room equipped with his trusty microphone and a look that says he may explode if his questions are not vocalized immediately.

Hank Brown: Teo! I’ve been looking everywhere for you, can I get a comment on what happened earlier on this evening? We heard Sanchez show no remorse for his actions at the end of the match and…

Teo Del Sol: Hank, I’ll be glad to answer any question you have, but can we do this interview on the move? This brave young man’s family is no doubt wondering how he’s doing.

Hank Brown: Oh! Absolutely, no problem at all.

Teo and Hank share a momentary smile before the doctor, with a final reassurance that everything is going to be okay, helps the injured party to his feet, draping the youth’s arm across the shoulders of Teo Del Sol who in turn motions for Hank to open the door for them. Walking gingerly at first they cover the distance between hospital bed and open door in a few short seconds, the man with the broken nose trying desperately to thank the doctor for his help through nasally tones and a minute amount of blood loss. With their goodbyes said, Teo and his charge pass Hank Brown who shuts the door behind them. Suddenly from out of nowhere and as though his body was operated on a puppet-string system with the door closing David Sanchez bursts onto the scene! He barges past Hank Brown and places a picture perfect Medusa’s Touch Yakuza kick into the side of Teo Del Sol’s temple. Dazed to the point of collapse by the unexpected and brutal assault, Teo collapses into a heap on the cold concrete of the corridor causing the fan he was supporting to stumble backwards and crash into a stack of spare plastic chairs.

David Sanchez: Walk away from me now Teo, come on! Show me who the better man is now!

The Plague shouts obscenities down at Teo’s barely conscious body as he towers over him, still dressed in his wrestling gear and shiny with perspiration from their match earlier in the evening. Hank Brown momentarily interjects into the situation but reconsiders, deciding instead to retreat and find security personnel. All that the injured fan can do is watch on as David Sanchez continues to verbally abuse the fallen Del Sol. Stalking his prey like a shark, a pipe of sorts becomes visible in the previously concealed left hand of Teo’s attacker. Without warning, the serpent strikes. He cocks back his arm and brings the pipe crashing down across the side of Teo Del Sol’s skull, hitting close to exactly the same spot as the kick which floored him initially. A sick smile forms on David’s face as he admires the spoils of his hunt. Thick arterial blood is now trickling from a laceration in Del Sol’s cranium, just in front of the ear but a little higher; a surgically placed strike, guaranteed to do serious harm. He turns his head from the crumpled, motionless heap of Mr Sunshine and screams something at the cowering fan who has thus far been forced to watch this heinous assault.

David Sanchez: You sit still! Don’t you move a. single… muscle. You’re going to watch him bleed and you’re going to blame yourself. This?...This..is … all… your… fault.

Finishing his maniacal rant, David now turns his attention to the door of the doctor’s office which Teo barely managed to make it three feet from before needing it again. His evil smile grows into Cheshire cat proportions as an idea stuffed with malice enters his mind. He grabs Teo by the arm and begins to drag him back towards the treatment room, kicking the door open and startling the doctor in the process. He must have known something was happening just outside but assumed this steel door would keep him sage from the disturbance. Noticing right away that it was Del Sol lying bloodied and unconscious the doctor rushes forward, pausing a few feet back from the actual scene, catching a glimpse of the threatening look in David’s eyes.

Doctor: Oh my! What…what seems to have happened?

Smiling at the doctor’s pathetic attempt to feign ignorance David chuckles slightly as he repositions Teo’s body so that his skull now rests firmly against the door-frame.

David Sanchez: Well, I’m not the medical professional here, but it would appear as though this man has sustained some kind of head trauma doc’.

With his words still ringing in the doctor’s ears, and Del Sol’s ears just ringing in general. David turns to leave the small office but as he does so grabs the handle of the door and slams it as far shut as it will go. Again connecting directly with Teo Del Sol’s head, crushing it in-between the thick wooden skirting boards of the frame and the thick, steel-plated door itself. The fan, still watching through gaps in his fingers is evidently still paralyzed with fear of what Sanchez might do to him because although he sobs and whimpers at the mutilation of his fallen idol; he does not look away. Impressed by his own sickening actions, David begins to walk down the hall in the direction of the car park, clearly trying to flee the scene before Hank can return with security. He only turns back to the scene once. Shouting a final parting phrase as he points at the small puddle of Teo’s blood from where he was struck with the iron pipe before he slinks off into the distance like the predatory being he is.

David Sanchez: Oh and somebody should really mop up this blood… Be a shame if somebody had an accident.

Jonny Fly/Zombie McMorris/Kyle Kemp/Synn/Vengeance vs Jay Omega/Spencer Adams/Mikey eXtreme/Deuce Murdock/Doug Murdock

The bell tolls twice in the start of the song. When the the first bell starts the lights go out in the arena PAIN, SUFFERING, VIOLENCE appears on the titantron in blood red dripping letters the second bell pyros go off on the stage then fog fills the entrance ramp as red lights fill the arena the music starts as Vengeance slowly makes his way down to the ring as he approachs the ring he stops and looks in the ring before making his way to the ring steps.

Zach Davis: And here we are, moving right along into the 5-on-5 match that involves two big names in this match. Jonny Fly and Gonzo Murdock. Thoughts?

Gravedigger: No comparison! Gonzo's nothing compared to Jonny Fly! Last week was a one-off, a fluke, if you will! Nothing is to come of this cheap shot that Gonzo threw at Jonny Fly!

Freddy Whoa: Well, this is also the first time that the AoD has collided with members of the DRG. There's been some noise about the AoD wanting to take on the DRG...

Zach Davis: As if they don't have enough enemies...

Vengeance slowly climbs the ring steps entering the ring through the second rope he walks to the center of the ring. Vengeance stops in the center of the ring the arena lights go out as a single red light shines over Vengeance he slowly raises his arms as four individual burst of fire come from each ring post one by one as arena lights slowly turn on.

Swamped by Lacuna Coil begins to play, as Synn appears all of a sudden in the ring, as he looks somewhat shocked, while his song plays, and the fans jeer him and Vengeance with a, well, vengeance! Then all of a sudden, the lights go out and a spot light shines on the stage. "Comin' Up" by Sam Adams begins to play and gold lights start blinking around the arena. Kemp slowly walks out onto the stage and comes to a stop in the spotlight and crosses his arms. He smiles smugly at the crowd and begins to shake his head up and down.

Freddy Whoa: Listen to this crowd!

Zach Davis: Yeah, they seem very anti-Kemp here tonight. I believe he made insults to cricket earlier this week.

Gravedigger: Eh, screw cricket! Though their bats are pretty tits for hardcore matches...

He struts down the aisle glaring at fans and rolls into the ring. The lights all come back on as he extends both of his arms out to his side and begins to laugh. He walks over to the corner and leans on it as the song ends.

"Never Gonna Stop" hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area. He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived.

Gravedigger: Now here's the odd one of this match.

Freddy Whoa: Almost a complete 180 from what he used to be and stand for.

Zach Davis: And now it looks as if Zombie may be a member of Imperium in name, only. As Joey Flash has taken on the duties that used to be Zombie McMorris'.

Gravedigger: Yeah, a lot less boot parties than there should be. Kind of sad, to be honest...

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Zach Davis: And there he is, the self-entitled "Most Dominant Wrestler in WCF History".

Gravedigger: I have my objections for most people making that claim, but they are few when it comes to the likes of Jonny Fly. A four time World Champion, with most of those reigns being very long term.

Freddy Whoa: Some could say that he's not the same Jonny Fly that he once was in the ring, but time will tell these tales...

Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on the ring. The jumbotron changes to the words ‘The Most Dominant Wrestler in WCF History.’ The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly. His eyes remain fixed on the ring throughout. Slowly and deliberately he begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the canvas. He stops and takes a few moment to prepare himself before finally sliding into the ring.

"Over and Under" by Egypt Central hits the P.A. system and green lights strobe in random places throughout the crowd in time with the guitar. A thin layer of fog floats across the stage, and Jay Omega struts out to the top of the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from the Imperial Isle of Maritopia... JAY OMEGA!

Omega stands on the stage for a moment with his arms spread and a cocky smirk on his face, then casually makes his way down the ramp, crossing back and forth to slap hands with fans.

Zach Davis: The only representative of PANTHEON in this match, and boy does he want a piece of Jonny Fly.

Gravedigger: Yeah, but he's got to work with FOUR members of the DRG here tonight. How will this work out?

Freddy Whoa: They may have to fight for the rights to Fly, at this point. After last week, Gonzo must still want a piece of Fly, too.

Gravedigger: Well, I'd do the same, too! I don't like Gonzo, but I don't blame him for trying to get a piece of Fly. If he can...

At ringside Jay hops up onto the apron, then vaults over the ropes before crossing the ring and climbing up to the second turnbuckle. Omega poses for the crowd amidst a flickering strobe effect from thousands of cameraphone flashbulbs, then drops down and leans back into the corner to await the bell.

Assassin by Muse comes on as strobe lights flicker at the entrance way and a blue smoke fills the stage. "The Antidote" Spencer Adams pops out and charges to the center of the stage and holds his arms out in an "X" motion and swipes them downward away from his body.

Zach Davis: Spencer Adams, hoping to help out his Tag Team record here, as we look to see that he is 0-3 at Tag Team action.

Gravedigger: Some people can work well with others, and others can't. Its early in his career yet, so we're going to see just how he functions here tonight on a mass scale.

He then charges down to the ring, vaulting quickly in and playing to the crowd on the turnbuckles.

As the lights in the arena go out, "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins to blare over the crowd. A flash of light shoots towards the center of the ring and you can make out the shape of Freakshow. The arena stays blanketed in darkness until a red light hits the stage, a light fog begins to drift out and engulf the stage. Mikey eXtreme walks out as "lightning" begins to crash into the stage. Freakshow, who appeared to be in the ring just moments ago is now slowly following Mikey to the ring.

Gravedigger: This guy and his manager creep me out, but he's about the ONLY member of the DRG who knows what it takes to survive this war that's brewing, if you know what I mean.

Zach Davis: Yes, if you mean his cheap tactics he's used over the course of his career in the WCF, then he obviously knows what it takes to win.

Freddy Whoa: Almost like Bates is blind as long as you are wearing that cut. So sad...

Mikey does not make eye contact with anyone in the crowd and ignores their requests for any interaction. Mikey slides into the ring and rolls to the corner where he sits, leaning against the bottom rope. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at Mikey's opponent.

D’la viande cé murs by Les Ékorchés begins to play, as the lights go out in the arena, and white strobe lights activate, as the fans go nuts at the appearance of Doug Murdock onstage, as Vinnie Briggs comes in behind him.

Zach Davis: And here comes Doug "The Thug" Murdock, as he's slated to debut next to his older brother Gonzo Murdock!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! He's a hockey enforcer?

Gravedigger: No way! He has all of his teeth!

Freddy Whoa: No scars! He's too pretty!

Zach Davis: But the ladies LOVE HIM! Was that a pair of panties that went by?

Gravedigger: Well, he might get beat ugly tonight. Plenty of guys in that ring that can do it...

Doug rushes to the ring, hands out as he interacts with the fans, before sliding into the ring, and popping up in the middle of the ring. His manager opts to take his time getting to the ring, walking around to the announcer table, where he puts on headphones, and opts in for commentary, as Vinnie Briggs says...

Vinnie Briggs: The fuck's goin' on, fellas?

Gravedigger: Ugh!

Vinnie Briggs: Fuck you, too! Ya old, miserable bass-turd!

Meanwhile Doug plays to the crowd, swinging a white towel over his head, whipping it about, before going to a corner, as he awaits his opponent.

Born in the USA begins to play, as scenes of Gonzo are seen on the big screen executing the Chuck Norris Special on several WCF stars in beat with the song, past and present, on the big screen as smoke starts to fill the ramp area. Gonzo then appears on the top of the ramp, dressed in his usual black long sleeve turtleneck, cargo shorts, and shooting vest with DRG patches on it, to include indication as a "Nomad". The Trios Title is around his waist, and Deuce focuses in on the opponent(s) inside of the ring, before he makes his way to the ring.


Zach Davis: Gonzo Deuce Murdock on his way out here tonight to face off against Jonny Fly and his team of four for the evening!

Gravedigger: I don't see the big deal about him. He lost to Dune, and got laid out last week not once, but TWICE! This guy is living in a dream.

Freddy Whoa: He showed last week he had what it takes to floor Fly, and now he gets to show everyone one more time.

Gravedigger: Not that it matters, but Fly has nothing to prove here. He's already in Ultimate Showdown. Everyone else here is treading water.

Once Gonzo gets to the ring, he goes up the ring steps and pulls himself into the ring over the top rope. Inside the ring, he spins in the middle of the ring, as he takes his shooting jacket off, revealing a black, form-fitting turtleneck. He then pulls the Trios Title off from around his waist, as he raises it up over his head, before handing it to the referee. He then hands the shooting vest to the ring attendant, before awaiting further instructions from the referee.

Vinnie Briggs: Jesus! The fuckin' entrances took longa than what this match may go! Fack!

Zach Davis: Please refrain from using that word for every other word, please?

Vinnie Briggs: Aw shit, I'm sorry! I'll try like hell to try not to say 'fuck' all the time...

Gravedigger: So quit talking, already.

Vinnie Briggs: Why don't you pull that bug outta your ass, Old Man...

Gravedigger: Old enough to kick your ass!!!

Zach Davis: And the teams figuring out the starting lineup, and it looks like Doug Murdock and Kyle Kemp are starting things off here.


Kemp and Murdock come out of their corners and circle each other up once before they both move in for the tie-up. They fight for control until Murdock overpowers the slightly smaller Kemp and twists his arm around into a hammerlock. Kemp trying to fight out of it when Murdock shoves Kemp forward, only to whip him back by the arm and face first into an elbow.

Zach Davis: Anyone else notice the WCF roster's fascination with elbows?

Gravedigger: Apparently everyone took a wrestling seminar with Corey Black.

Murdock with some jabs to the face of Kemp before he pulls him in for a suplex. Murdock gets him up but Kemp wiggles loose and lands behind him. Kemp running and hitting the ropes before coming back with a crossbody. But Murdock catches him! Murdock with a fallaway slam that sends Kemp across the ring and by his corner. Murdock starts to go after him when Synn reaches over the ropes and tags himself in.

Freddy Whoa: And Synn comes charging into the ring!

Synn rushes right at Murdock, ducking a clothesline attempt. Synn spins Murdock around and lays into him with a chop across the chest. Another chop. A third. Two more massive chops and Murdock is up against the ropes. Synn whips Murdock across the ring and into the ropes where eXtreme quickly tags his back but waits on the apron. Murdock comes back and Synn slaps a sleeper hold on him. eXtreme enters the ring and bounces off the ropes before hitting Synn in the back with a dropkick. Murdock gets released from the sleeper hold and falls to the mat before rolling out of the ring. Synn stumbles forward a few steps before turning around into a kick to the gut from eXtreme. eXtreme with a double axe handle to the back that drops Synn to one knee. eXtreme pulling him back up before kicking him in the gut a second time. eXtreme runs to the ropes, calling for the eXtinguished, when ZMAC hits him with a right hand from the apron.

Zach Davis: And apparently ZMAC doesn't want to wait to be tagged in. He wants to fight now!

eXtreme caught off guard by the right hand as ZMAC grabs him by the head and then drops to the ground, bouncing eXtreme face first off the top rope. eXtreme holding his face as he turns around and gets leveled by a massive clothesline from Synn. ZMAC hops back up onto the apron and Synn is happy to oblige him with a tag.

Gravedigger: And here comes ZMAC!

ZMAC rushes into the ring and kicks eXtreme in the ribs as he's trying to get up off the mat. ZMAC with rapid fire right and left hands to the back of the head, a wild look in his eyes. The referee is trying to get him to stop with the right hands but ZMAC doesn't give a damn about any orders. Deuce has had enough and he climbs between the ropes. Deuce going right after ZMAC, shoving him off of eXtreme. The referee telling Deuce to leave but he's not listening as he pulls ZMAC up. The referee pulling on the arm of Deuce and ZMAC uses the distraction to kick Deuce square in the testicles. ZMAC with a clubbing clothesline that drops Deuce. ZMAC looks to go after eXtreme but he's crawled to his corner. Omega with the tag before ZMAC can react and in he comes as Deuce rolls out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: And in comes Omega!

Omega meets ZMAC in the center of the ring and they begin to trade punches. Omega with a right and then ZMAC with a right. Then left hands from both men. The referee has given the hell up on warning about closed fists and he's just letting them have at it. ZMAC blocks a right from Omega and jabs him in the eye with a thumb. The referee not letting that go and he gives ZMAC a warning. ZMAC with some words for the referee before he punches him square in the face.

Zach Davis: What in the hell?!

Gravedigger: I guess not even a referee can tell The Honey Badger what to do.

The referee drops to the mat and anarchy erupts as everyone charges the center of the ring. An all out brawl begins as both teams begin attacking each other. ZMAC grabs hold of eXtreme and hits him with a double arm ddt.

Freddy Whoa: WORLD TOUR '69!

ZMAC back up to his feet, a smug look on his face, when Deuce Murdock spins him around. Deuce with a screwdriver.

Zach Davis: BAT COUNTRY!

But before Deuce can get up on his own, Synn hits him with the Green mist and then a shining wizard.

Gravedigger: GREEN MIST!

Zach Davis: JAPAN!

Freddy: What?

Zach Davis: I dunno, I just like yelling words.

Synn wipes the green mist from his face as he stands up. But then Doug Murdock spins him around! Doug with the Pumphandle Emerald Flowsion!


Doug tries to sit up off the mat when Kyle Kemp hits hit from out of nowhere with a punt kick.

Gravedigger: BACK TO THE MINORS!

But Omega grabs hold of Kemp by the hair and pulls him up. Omega with the double knee backbreaker.


Omega starts to get up when he's attacked from behind by Fly. Fly pulls him up and then spins him around into a superkick from Vengeance.

Freddy Whoa: DEATH BLOW!

Fly and Vengeance share a look and then look over at Spencer Adams, who quickly realizes he's the only person left on his team.

Zach Davis: Well this doesn't look good!

Fly barking out orders and Vengeance runs straight at Spencer. Vengeance looking for a clothesline but Spencer ducks it and runs straight at Fly. Spencer leaping through the air and he hits Fly square with a clothesline. Spencer with a few quick stomps before Vengeance grabs him from behind. Vengeance trying for a German suplex but Spencer blocks it. Spencer with some back elbows as Fly gets to his feet. Fly charges and Spencer wiggles free in time to duck a Superkick. Vengeance catches the kick to the jaw and down he goes.

Gravedigger: Oh shit! Fly missed!

Spencer spins Fly around and kicks him in the gut before dropping him to the mat. Spencer starts to go for the cover but Fly wisely rolls out of the ring. Spencer starts to go after him when he sees Vengeance still laid out and the referee is finally moving, albeit slowly. Spencer heads right for the corner and climbs to the top. Vengeance slowly pushing himself up when Spencer leaps off the top rope.

Freddy Whoa: QUARANTINE!

Spencer with the pin attempt as the referee slowly makes the count.



Fly slides into the ring to try and break up the pin.



"Assassin" by Muse hits the speakers as the referee helps Spencer to his feet. Fly rolls back out of the ring and leaves in disgust as Spencer gets his arm raised.

Freddy Whoa: This match dissolved into chaos, we saw more finishers than...I dunno, a Mortal Kombat tournament? I'm bad with analogies, sue me. But this was awesome!

Gravedigger: And with all of the talent in this match, Jonny Fly included, it's Spencer Adams standing tall after winning the match for his team. Congratulations kid!

Adams continues to celebrate the win as his teammates slide into the ring to join him.

Kaz Mazy/Scarecrow/Howard Black Segment

The scene opens backstage where Kaz is warming up before his match later in the night. TMNT is standing very close, consorting among themselves and constantly holding their hands against the earpieces buried in the side of their skulls. Kaz works up a good sweat doing push ups and sit ups, do he jumps to his feet and starts doing a cardio burst. He finishes, towels himself off, and turns toward Calzone and Marshall.

Kaz Mazy: Are you guys prepared for tonight? I've had a rough week, and Ultimate Showdown is just a few weeks away. I need you guys in my corner for extra moral support.

Calzone nods.

D-LO C-LO: Don't worry Kaz, we're ready.

Marshall chimes in.

Marshall: You just worry about getting yourself prepared. We'll be ready to do whatever we have to do to make sure you walk into Ultimate Showdown with that US Championship wrapped around your cock.

Kaz furrows his brow.

Kaz Mazy: Why are you talking about dicks right now? Get skill at THICK refs Colin, jeez...

Kaz spots that Calzone is checking his fingers frantically, looking hurriedly around for extra support. Eventually C-LO spins Marshall around, Colin locks eyes with an approaching figure while instinctively placing his index finger to his ear piece, listening for chatter. A 6'6 shadow enters frame as Kaz aches his back for increased height and places his hands on his hips. Staring directly towards the face of...

Scarecrow: Kaz...

Kaz clicks his fingers as TNMT rush forward, C-LO and D-LO apply the deadly Vulcan neck pinch to each side of Crow's neck, but there's no effect. Crow just shrugs, a few awkward moments pass before the security guards eventually release their “grips” and back off.

C-LO: Containment area is NOT secure! Repeat...Contain--

Kaz Mazy: Back off Cal, let the Birdman speak. You got something to say of any importance, Crow? Or are you just fluttering around, like always. Trying to catch some heat from the Godson?

Crow smirks. Another day, another stand off.

Scarecrow: I don't need heat no, Kaz. I ain't no Crow that burns. I'm the Crow that burns others. Tonight? I'm gonna raise the red lantern. Stoke up those flames with a Fenix. So by the time Ultimate Showdown rolls by? I'll have the whole world in my hand...on fire. But that ain't why I'm here, we've got other matters to discuss.

Kaz Mazy: You talkin' about the DRG? You know we're on same page about that.

Crow lowers his head, rubs his chin.

Scarecrow: That ain't it. Look I...I know what date's coming up. She's due soon, isn't she? Sofi--

C-LO and D-LO spontaneously form a wall. Crow bellows in their faces.

Scarecrow: MOVE! NOW!

Kaz nods.

Scarecrow: Triplets, right? I just wanted to say that I'm sorry I couldn't get to the Baron sooner. I was trapped on the other side of the island. And--

Kaz Mazy: Forget it. There's a whole lot of Poon Guinean's alive today because of the thick shit you pulled during the war. That I won't forget. But don't think that gives you a free pass to walk into my house, an IMPERIUM house...“Pantheon”, and lay down the law. Me and Sofia? That's my business and--

Scarecrow: This ain't no couch trip, Kaz. Simply breaking bread, “Imperium”. You may wanna hear out how.

Kaz Mazy: Oh yeah?

C-LO spies a few cardboard boxes blocking the doorway into the dressing room. He walks over the begins to unpack a box, revealing a ROCK BAND GUITAR.

Scarecrow: Apparently, there's these jobstain's named Mikey eXtreme and the DRG who have a score of five million dead, they've been runnin' there mouths, 'thinkin there the king shit.

Kaz Mazy: Fuck that!

Scarecrow: Exactly.

Kaz clicks his fingers as TMNT turn.

Kaz Mazy: Unpack that sheet! Dis' here Poondock Godson of thick be breakin' these bitches! Guitar?

Scarecrow: Drums.

Kaz cups his hand and huddles up, whispering to Crow as TNMT frantically set up the equipment behind them.

Kaz Mazy: Look Crow, Calzone and Marshall are good people...but they're not really up for this, got any suggestions for a third?

Scarecrow: Not sure, I suppose Rich--


“Hello, someone in there?”

Crow and Kaz turn and face the door.

Kaz Mazy: Well, that's unexpected...

Howard Black walks in, bottle of Glenfiddich in hand. He looks at the scene before him in surprise for a moment.

Howard Black: Hope I ain't interruptin' anything. Just came by with some celebratory Scotch for the night.

Crow looks over at the guitar controller, then back to Howard.

Scarecrow: Do you know how to play Rockband, Howie?

Howard eyes the controller for a moment, setting the bottle of Scotch down on a near by table.

Howard Black: I may have played a couple of times.

Howard walks over to the toy guitar controller and puts it around his shoulder as Crow sits down behind the drum kit. Kaz himself starts front and center with the microphone.

Kaz could choose "Friendly Fires - Ex Lover" Crow, Howie and TMNT look at each other with "oh shit" glances as Kaz breaks into the vocals, it's a performance fueled by overwrought emotion and raw, painful memories. Kaz starts staggering around the room like a leaf on the wind, kicking over empty soda cans and day old pizza boxes. Kaz's heart breaking inside as his voice wobbles under the strain.

After a few uncomfortable moments, Crow stops playing the drums as Kaz comes to his senses.

Kaz Mazy: What? What's Wrong?

Scarecrow: Howie?

Howard Black: Yup?

Scarecrow: Europe, "Final Countdown", from the top. I dedicate this track to Joey Flash.

Internet Title Match
Night Rider vs Alex Richards

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WCF Internet Championship.

The opening bars of "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" by the Kinks begins and Alex Richards walks towards the ring with a huge smile on his face and the Internet title slung over his left shoulder. He holds a boot of Zim-Quila in one hand and with the other he takes turns slapping hands, hugging, signing autographs, high fiving, and occasionally delivering a more good natured then used to hard slap to a fan's hand.

Kyle Steel: Currently on the way to the ring, weighing in at 345 pounds and hailing from anyplace that needs pain, suffering, pills, or Zim-Quila; he is the reigning Internet Champion... "The Archduke of Mass Confusion" Alex Richards!!!

Alex eventually enters the ring after killing a few good minutes amusing himself, and killing a few good brain cells with the boot of Zim-Quila.

Kyle Steel: And introducing the challenger; from Chicago, Illinois, and weighing in at 340 pounds... Night Rider!

The lights in the arena begin to flash on and off as 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing over the giant new Slam-tron video screen. Angel Fyre exits from the back wearing a black satin evening dress that left nothing to the imagination. Night Rider followed in his black leather jacket, trunks, and boots. He strolls towards the ring and makes a stop at the announcers table. After grabbing a microphone he jumps into the ring and the four corner posts explode with pyrotechnics.

Night Rider: Well, well, well. I look around here and I see the same old nasty ass faces that I see everywhere else. You're nothing but a bunch of fat, out of shape losers spending your kids' welfare money to come and see me! That's the reason you are all here. To see the beast they call Night Rider. Fuck all of you. Have fun watching as I beat the shit out of another loser just like yourselves.

Rider tosses the microphone out of the ring and turns to face Richards, while the official calls for the bell.


Night Rider wastes no time at all charging at Alex Richards and ducking behind him at the last possible moment. Catching the Archduke off guard, Rider locks him into a Dragon Sleeper position and quickly drops Alex down into his knee for a backbreaker. Richards gets dropped to the mat a reverse DDT, and Night Rider extends his arms, looking out at the crowd to mock their faith in Richards. The audience just boos him in response.

Gravedigger: Look at that start. Alex Richards has no clue what just happened to him. Too slow, too dumb.

Freddy Whoa: The match JUST began. I'll admit, Night Rider got the jump on this. But we'll see how it goes.

Zach Davis: That's all too true. Most opponents of Alex Richards start off strong, but tend to fade out toward the tail end of the match.

Rider waves the crowd off with disgust and takes a few steps forward, dropping a flawless knee into Alex's forehead and rolling out of the drop. Again he waves his arms to his sides in self appreciation for the execution of the move, and again he receives boos.

Gravedigger: This crowd here just doesn't know good talent when they see it. So disrespectful of this in-ring veteran. Night Rider is giving them first class entertainment and they are showing no class with how they're treating him.

Zach Davis: To be fair, Alex Richards has that strange, likable quality to him.

Rider again turns his attention back to the Archduke, seeing as he wasn't garnering any appreciation from the crowd, and takes a few steps forward to drop another knee at Alex. However, Richards sits up, and Night Rider's knee hits nothing but canvas. The Archduke makes it to a vertical base first and Night Rider immediately backpedals himself to the corner, trying to get to his own feet. Alex Richards moves in and fires off some hard chops against Night Rider's chest. He follows this up with a HUGE throat thrust that nearly lifts Night Rider up and over the ropes. Night Rider is dazed and staggers forward a few steps only to be met from behind by a clothesline to the back of the head, sending him down face first into the mat.

Zach Davis: And this is exactly what I was talking about earlier. The self-proclaimed God of the Internet is about to hit his stride.

Gravedigger: Alex Richards has managed to mount an offense. Night Rider needs to keep a distance from those high impact maneuvers that this freak is looking to hit him with.

Freddy Whoa: I don't think Night Rider even know where he's at.

Rider scrambles to his feet and continues stumbling a bit, trying to shake off the cobwebs. He manages to stumble himself right into Alex's waiting arms and subsequently, a devastating sidewalk slam! Richards remains with him for the pinfall as the ref slides into position and checks both shoulders.




Rider shoots a shoulder off the canvas.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa that was close! I thought that could've been it!

Gravedigger: Oh please. There's no way Night Rider was anywhere close to done. But he needs to get back on the offensive and stop allowing Richards to dictate match pace.

Alex Richards yanks Night Rider back to his feet and sends him to the turnbuckle with an Irish whip. Rider manages to put on the brakes and saves himself the impact. Alex moves into the corner after Night Rider who ducks his upper torso under the ropes. The official gets in between the two, and forces Richards to break off his attack because Night Rider is on the ropes. As the ref turns his attention toward the Archduke, Night Rider is quick to shoot a thumb to the eye. He follows up with a running forearm smash out of the corner.

Gravedigger: That was brilliant! What a way to turn the tables.

Freddy Whoa: That was cheap. I think he's scared.

Gravedigger: It was an intelligent strategy. Don't blame Rider for WCF's shitty referees.

Freddy Whoa: I still think he's scared.

Alex Richards staggers back from the forearm shot, still holding his eyes, trying to focus. Night Rider takes every opportunity this presents him and hooks Alex Richards around the neck, then drops him to the mat with a cutter style neckbreaker.

Gravedigger: End Of Times! That's it, nighty-night Alex Richards.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! That looks like it hurt!

Night Rider rolls onto Alex Richards and hooks the leg. The ref once again checks the shoulders and drops for the count.




Alex Richards gets a shoulder up!

Zach Davis: Unbelievable!

Freddy Whoa: He kicked out! Whoa that's just ... whoa!

Gravedigger: Oh come on! That was three!

Rider's eyes go wide and he glares at the ref, loudly arguing that it was a three count. However the official holds firm his stance that it was only two. Night Rider is not pleased as he gets to his feet, hands balled into fists, looking angered.

Zach Davis: Night Rider clearly getting frustrated here. He's got to be wondering what he's got to do to put the Internet Champion away.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know if there's anything he can do.

Gravedigger: It should be over already. That was a bad call by the ref. Just keep on him Night Rider and this is yours.

It seems as if Rider heard Digger's words, or maybe he just gave up on throwing a tantrum about the count, and he starts putting boots to Alex Richards with vicious fury. Alex forces himself to sit back up as Night Rider is relentlesss with kicks to his head, chest and abdomen. However, this isn't enough to keep the Archduke down, and he fights his way back to a vertical base. Night Rider's face goes almost completely pale as Alex Richards stares at him with sinsiter intent. Night Rider backs up and then suddenly rushes at Alex Richards, who catches him and instead drops Night Rider with a powerslam!

Freddy Whoa: Alex Richards is pissed! Night Rider is in a world of trouble now.

Gravedigger: This isn't looking good! Incompetent ref, this should have been over!

Alex Richards now drops all of his weight down upon Night Rider with a hard elbow drop to the chest. He hooks the leg and goes for another pinfall attempt; the ref meeting him on the mat, already in position.




Night Rider kicks out again!

Gravedigger: Phew! That was close.

Freddy Whoa: I gotta give it to Night Rider, he keeps goin'.

Alex Richards rises back to his feet and he hauls Night Rider up with him. Again he sends Night Rider for an Irish whip into the turnbuckle. This time Night Rider leaps up, barely balancing himself on the second turnbuckle before quickly turning around and throwing himself back at Alex.

Gravedigger: Night Rider with a flying clothesline!

But Richards catches Night Rider mid air and delivers a modified STO! The somewhat subdued Chinese crowd by now is getting into this match; not necessarily caring who wins but they are on the edge of their seats.

Zach Davis: This match was beyond what everyone thought. Back and forth action.

Freddy Whoa: Great effort from both competitors.

The China United Center erupts with a thunderous mixture of thunderous boos and massive cheers.

Gravedigger: YES!!

Freddy Whoa: You knew it was bound to happen, in this match!!


Oblivion walks through the crowd, slightly pushing people out of the way.

Gravedigger: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Did you two see that?!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! That was quite funny!

A replay shows Oblivion walking fast down the steps. The Monster pushes a man out of the way. Popcorn and beer flies up in the air, as the gentleman flies to the side, colliding with other people, which they drop their food and drinks.

Zach Davis: It's like dominoes out there!!

Oblivion gets to ringside, which Richards sees The Monster. Alex Richards grabs the top ringrope and screams at Oblivion.


"Over and Under" by Egypt Central blares out. The arena erupts as Jay Omega runs to ringside. Omega is yelling at Oblivion.

Jay Omega: Get out of here!!

Oblivion: Screw you!!! The Monster is here to make sure Night Rider gets a fair chance!!

Alex Richards pulls Night Rider up and drags him over to the corner where Richards sits on the top rope. Alex places Night Rider's head between his legs, and signals for the Sanity Slip

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! If he hits this, it is over! Good NIGHT Night Rider!

Gravedigger: How? How does this happen? I... I don't want to watch!

Night Rider has nowhere to go as Alex Richards has him in position. Though in a last ditch effort, Rider lowers his head as far as he can get it to go and then violently swings it upwards, effectively nailing Alex in the groin. The Internet Champion immediately lets go of Night Rider as he doubles over in pain. Luckily for Night Rider, the ref didn't see exactly what occurred.

Zach Davis: Oh come on! That's a DQ right there.

Gravedigger: What? Oh, hey, Rider's not dead!

Freddy Whoa: That was a low blow. Blatant as hell.

Gravedigger: It's not cheating if you don't get caught. And I mean, I didn't see him do anything wrong.

Once Richards falls off the turnbuckles, Night Rider again climbs to the second rope and leaps off, this time connecting with a Hitman-style driving elbow.

Gravedigger: And that one hits! Never pegged Night Rider for an aerialist, but tonight he's showing why you shouldn't underestimate him.

Night Rider uses the momentum and positioning of the driving elbow to go right into a cover, then sneaks his feet up onto the ropes while the ref slides in for the count.



And Alex manages to get his own foot on the ropes. The ref stops the count, then catches Night Rider with his feet up on the ropes as well, and starts giving him hell. Rider just talks shit back in the ref's face, while Richards uses the ropes to pull himself up behind Night Rider.

Freddy Whoa: Is this it?

The Archduke grabs Night Rider from behind and lifts him for a belly to back suplex, then wraps a hand around Rider's throat, and spikes him into the mat with the Final Enlightenment. Alex drops into the cover, and the ref drops to make the count.





Zach Davis: And Alex Richards retains once more!

Freddy Whoa: Can anybody take the Internet Championship away from him?

Gravedigger: We'll see what happens at Ultimate Showdown.

Oblivion slides into the ring and gets in the face of Alex Richards. Jay Omega enters the ring and gets in the face of Oblivion. Night Rider pushes Omega out of the way. Alex Richards pushes Night Rider, who stumbles back a couple of feet. Night Rider begins to get extremely angry.


Oblivion shoves Richards back, who almost feel down, but Richards catches him self.

The Center goes ballistic as all four start screaming at each other. Night Rider and Oblivion get in the face of Alex Richards and Jay Omega.

Gravedigger: This situation is like a powder keg ready to explode!!!

All four are staring daggers at each other.


The crowd begins to boo, as several WCF officials race to the ring.

Zach Davis: This place is about to explode with complete violence between Night Rider with Oblivion against Alex Richards and Jay Omega.

The WCF officials start to make everyone leave the ring, until one of the officials grabs Oblivion by the arm. Oblivion stops and stares at the mans' hand on IT's arm. Oblivion looks at IT's arm then back at the man with complete and utter hatred.



Gravedigger: HERE WE GO!!!

Oblivion kicks the man in the gut...


Gravedigger: 5150!!

The rest of the WCF officials get irate and start yelling at Oblivion...


The Center goes completely ballistic as Oblivion goes crazy and proceeds to strike each WCF official, knocking them on their asses. Alex Richards and Jay Omega proceed to yell at Night Rider, until Oblivion bolts out of the ring and gets in the faces of Omega and Richards. All four proceed to push one another, until more WCF officials come out separating all four gentlemen, as the walk up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Jay Omega and Alex Richards both have Ultimate Showdown to be thinking about! Oblivion isn't the kind of maniac you want gunning for you heading into such a huge match.

Gravedigger: THAT'S for sure!

Limo Arrives

The camera cuts back to the garage area where a long black limo has pulled up. The license plate on the limo says "JKS RIDE". It sits there, idling, as it seems to be waiting for something, or someone. The windows are tinted dark. Even the windshield barely allows a dark man sitting in the driver seat watching the people walking by, as if daring them to try and get a closer look.

Zach Davis: Who could that be?

Gravedigger: JKS? What the heck is JKS?

Freddy Whoa: Looks like we might find out tonight. Is this a new arrival?

Zach Davis: Could that be Joe Helshaw’s client in the back of that limo?

People's Title Match
Jackson White vs Scarecrow


Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF PEOPLEEEEEE’S CHAMPIOOOONSHIIIIP!

Neuroma by Fuse starts to play and Jackson White walks slowly to the ring with the hoody on his head. He brings a portuguese flag on his back. He keeps his head down with the hoodie covering his eyes until he enters the ring. Then he climbs the steel steps and enters the ring stretching both of his arms looking up and some red and green pyrotechnics blasts from the corner. "The Fenix" raises the portuguese flag, kisses it and puts it near the ring's corner.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the challenger, from Oporto, Portugal, weighing in at 247 pounds… JACKSOOOOON “THE FENIX” WHIIIIIIIIITE!!!!

Zach Davis: Tonight the Portuguese wrestler has the chance to win his first title on WCF.

The house lights die. Cawing crows echo throughout the arena, deep blue and purple spotlights dance across the screaming faces of loyal fans as the ear splitting sound reaches a crescendo. There's a moment of Silence, shattered by a wave of cheers as Scarecrow’s disembodied voice recites, with gravel laced tones, his vengeful credo. The crowd joining in:

“A Murder of Crows is gathering, the fields are ripe to reap. The days of sin, follow the wind, with promises to keep.”

“And in those fateful hours, when my dawn shall duly rise. The Scarecrow shall guard you, from the prince of lies"

“Men of straw, they cower, fall and fear the flame. Yet I am the one, who embraces the sun. Let darkness know my name.”

The crowd breaks into cheers, acquiescing to their hero's request: SCARE-CROW! SCARE-CROW! SCARE-CROW!

A moment passes, then “Red Right Hand”, by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds kicks in. As the melancholic chords snarl, a purple spotlight appears on stage beneath a jumbotron of break neck imagery; Kick! Wham! Stunner!...The unworthy fall victim before The Murder Machine. A Murder of Crows! A vicious Roadkill! It's a glorious car crash of jobbers and victories. A moment later, The Scarecrow emerges from behind the gorilla curtain, his massive form cutting a dark, brooding silhouette beneath the spotlight, a form eclipsed by red smoke and light.

Still masked in shadow, Scarecrow adjusts his right taped hand and steps forward, only now gaining detail as he slowly begins his procession down the ramp. We realize now that he's wearing a customized black hoodie over his fight gear. The words, "The Scarecrow", are emblazoned across the back in dark grey.

Kyle Steel: Standing at six foot six! Weighing in at two hundred and thirty six pounds! From The Lost Highways of America! He is DAHHH MURDAHHH MACHINNNE, DAHHH SCAREEE-CROWWW!!!

The spotlight above follows Scarecrow at a measured pace, his tall frame navigating around the squared circle.

“You're one microscopic cog, in his catastrophic plan. Designed and directed by his red...right...hand.”

The Scarecrow saunters over the top rope and enters the ring. Crow removes his hoodie and throws it at Kyle Steel. The Murder Machine climbs the ring post now and hits a sinister crucifix pose to a MASSIVE POP. Crow soaks up the adulation for a moment before waving his opponent on. Crow leaps down and leans his back against the ring post, assuming a demeanor of nonchalance tinged with cold menace.

Freddy Whoa: But Zach, don’t forget who is “The Fenix” facing! Scarecrow has successfully defended his title three times.


The referee calls for the bell and Jackson White quickly starts to punch Scarecrow on his face, pushing him against the corner. He grabs Crow’s head and throws it against the turnbuckle and applies an Irish Whip against the opposite corner.

Gravedigger: Jackson White doesn’t waste time and begins this match aggressively! I love to watch this young man fighting!

Jackson continues to punch Scarecrow. However, Scarecrow reverses one of Fenix’s punches and punches him a few times. He climbs the turnbuckle and grabs Jackson’s head.

Zach Davis: Tornado DDT by Scarecrow! Nice reversal!

Jackson gets up still damaged by the DDT and Scarecrow pushes him against the ropes. Scarecrow grabs Jackson’s head while he’s still running…

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Jackson reverses the Swinging Neckbreaker and hits a strong Clothesline on Scarecrow!

Fenix grabs Crow’s arm and starts an Arm Lock. Scarecrow fights to reverse it punching Jackson but he just pressures Scarecrow’s arm even harder so he can’t break the hold.

Gravedigger: Now this just got boring. You disappoint me, Jackson.

Crow however manages to get up and hits a few punches on Jackson’s belly, breaking the hold. He runs… Calf Kick! Cover on “The Fenix”!



Jackson kicks out! Scarecrow starts a Dragon Clutch. Jackson crawls trying to get the ropes but Scarecrow drags him to the center of the ring. Jackson hits a few elbow strikes on Scarecrow and breaks the hold. He pushes Scarecrow into the ropes and lifts him!

Freddy Whoa: WHOOOOAAA! Scarecrow landed on his feet after Fenix tried to apply a Back Body Drop!

Jackson turns around and Scarecrow hits a Spinning Heel Kick. He gets near the turnbuckle and starts to hit his foot on the ground, making the crowd go crazy.


Zach Davis: Listen to this crowd! This is why The Scarecrow is the WCF People’s Champion!

Jackson gets up and grabs Scarecrow leg while he was about to hit the Coma Kick.

Gravedigger: What is Jackson doing? Oh god… He put Scarecrow sitting in the ropes and he is shaking it hurting Scarecrow’s lower parts!

Scarecrow falls on the outside of the ring screaming in pain and “The Fenix” leaves the ring. He throws Crow’s head against the crowd barrier and sends him to inside the ring.

Zach Davis: Jackson gets his opponent up… Scoop Slam! Cover.



Scarecrow lifts his shoulder! Jackson grabs Scarecrow’s head… Sleeper Hold! Scarecrow tries to reach the ropes but he is too far so he slowly puts one knee on the ground and manages to get up. He hits Jackson’s face with his elbow a few times and breaks the hold.

Freddy Whoa: Jawbreaker by Scarecrow! Both wrestlers down!





Scarecrow gets up and tries to lift Jackson but he punches him a few times and reverses it. He hits a few Knife Edge Chops on Scarecrow’s chest, pushes him into the ropes… Back Body Drop! Jackson gets Crow up and lifts him to a Vertical Suplex’s position.

Gravedigger: Look at White’s strength! He’s holding Scarecrow for a long time!

Jackson falls and Crow’s back hits the ground.

Zach Davis: Beautiful Vertical Suplex! And Jackson is climbing the turnbuckle!

Jackson waits a little and Scarecrow gets up. Jackson jumps… MISSILE DROPKICK! Jackson is waiting for Scarecrow, the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. The People’s champion gets up, Jackson kicks him in the belly, points up…





Gravedigger: No!!! Jackson lifts his shoulder!

Scarecrow gets Jackson up and pushes him against the turnbuckle. He runs… Shining Wizard! Followed by a Bulldog! Scarecrow goes to the corner and starts to hit his foot on the ground.

Zach Davis: Can Scarecrow perform a Coma Kick successfully now?

Jackson gets up slowly, turns to Scarecrow… HE DODGED THE COMA KICK! Scarecrow runs to “The Fenix” but he hits a Toe Kick… THE DESTROYER OUT OF NOWHERE!

Freddy Whoa: WHOOOAAA! Both wrestlers are down! What a match! The referee is counting!




Jackson crawls to Scarecrow, puts one arm over his chest… Cover!





Jackson gets frustrated. He can’t believe the champion kicked out of The Destroyer. He gets him up… Fisherman Suplex! Another cover…



Thr-No! Scarecrow kicks out again.

Gravedigger: What do these men need to do to each other to win the match?

Jackson gets his opponent up and pushes him to the ropes, throwing him outside the ring. Fenix leaves the ring and stomps Scarecrow a few times. He gets near the commentators’ table and disassembles it. The referee starts to count since they are out of the ring.


Freddy Whoa: What the hell is Jackson doing?

Zach Davis: I think Jackson wants to put Scarecrow through the table!


Jackson White grabs Scarecrow’s head and gets him up. Scarecrow however punches Jackson a few times and kicks him in the belly performing a DDT. He gets Jackson up and puts him on the table.

Gravedigger: Scarecrow is climbing the turnbuckle!

Referee: Come on Scarecrow, get down from there! Come back to the ring!

Scarecrow takes a look on Jackson and jumps.




Scarecrow and Jackson are knocked out.






Scarecrow gets up slowly and grabs Jackson, throwing him to inside the ring. Jackson gets up with the ropes’ help and stomps Scarecrow’s head, preventing him to enter the ring.


Scarecrow however quickly rolls to inside the ring and the referee stops counting. Jackson goes near him but the champion punches his opponent a few times on the belly. He goes behind Fenix… Release German Suplex! Cover!



Jackson kicks out! Scarecrow grabs Jackson’s foot… Ankle lock!

Zach Davis: “The Fenix” is in trouble! He is screaming!

Jackson desperately tries to reach the ropes but he is too far away. Scarecrow continues to apply pressure to Jackson’s ankle as he screams even louder. However, Jackson manages to hit a strong kick on Crow’s face and breaks the hold.

Gravedigger: I honestly thought Jackson White was going to tap-out.

Jackson grabs Scarecrow, pushes him against the ropes… BIG BOOT! Cover!



Scarecrow lifts his shoulder! Jackson gets angry and tosses Scarecrow to outside the ring. He leaves the ring too and gets Scarecrow up. The champion punches Jackson a few times, applies an Irish Whip… Jackson reverses it…


Zach Davis: Guys, this may be the chance for Jackson White to capitalize. He hurt Scarecrow pretty bad!

Jackson puts Scarecrow inside the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Scarecrow gets up a little dizzy… MISSILE DROPKICK BY JACKSON WHITE!

Gravedigger: Come on Jackson! End this match and win the fucking title!

Jackson grabs Scarecrow’s head, points up… THE DESTROYER! COVER!





Zach Davis: WHAT?!


The crowd goes nuts and Jackson sits down completely shocked. Scarecrow goes to the corner and tries to rest but Jackson quickly attacks him with many punches on the champion’s bleeding face. Jackson gets Scarecrow up and pushes Crow to the opposite corner, making him fall.

Zach Davis: Scarecrow is completely destroyed. I don’t think he’ll manage to hang on much longer.

Jackson climbs to the turnbuckle and jumps.



Scarecrow gets up slowly and stomps Jackson a few times. He runs to the ropes… Lionsault! Scarecrow goes to the corner, as Jackson tries to get up. He runs…






Scarecrow gets Jackson up and puts his head between his legs. He lifts him up, put Jackson on his shoulders… Turnbuckle Powerbomb! He gets Fenix up again, pushes him into the ropes… Jackson kicks Scarecrow in the head! Irish whip by White against the corner.

Freddy Whoa: Jackson gets Scarecrow sit on the corner. The referee is telling Jackson to get down!

Gravedigger: But Fenix ignores it and is going for a Super Back to Belly Suplex… Move out ref!

Jackson performs a beautiful Back to Belly Suplex from the corner but Scarecrow lands above the referee and knocks him. Jackson notices it, leaves the ring and gets a chair.

Zach Davis: Jackson White is constantly cheating! Leave the chair asshole!

Freddy Whoa: He enters the ring, waits for Scarecrow… He dodged! Enziguri on Jackson’s head! Jackson gets up dizzy.

Gravedigger: Scarecrow grabs the chair… WHAT A CHAIR SHOT ON FENIX HEAD! JACKSON IS BLEEDING!

Scarecrow mounts Jackson and punches his bleeding head a lot of times. He covers him but the referee is still passed out. Scarecrow stops the cover and goes near the referee, trying to wake him up.

Zach Davis: The referee is still down! Scarecrow could have already retained the Championship!

Another referee comes running through the ramp and enters the ring. Scarecrow covers Jackson.





Scarecrow can’t believe it and climbs to the corner. He jumps… Diving Leg Drop! Another cover!



Jackson kicks out. Scarecrow grabs Jackson’s head, gets him up and pushes him against the ropes.




The champion lifts his shoulder! Jackson gets Scarecrow up, goes behind him… Russian Legsweep! Another cover!



Zach Davis: Scarecrow kicks out again!

Jackson gets Scarecrow up and kicks him in the belly. He grabs his head, points up…


Scarecrow reverses The destroyer grabs Jackson’s head… MURDER OF CROWS ON JACKSON! COVER!






Gravedigger: What a match!

Jackson rolls out of the ring and referee hands the title to Scarecrow. He climbs the corner and raises it to the crowd as the entire arena scream for his name.


Zach Davis: Scarecrow is indeed the People’s champion.

The Search Concludes!

The feed cuts back to Jimmy and Craig backstage, both seem excited, and Craig is smiling as he talks into his walkie talkie to Seth.

Craig: Hey boss, I see him!

Seth Lerch: You do? Where?!

Craig: He's headed near the ramp!

Seth Lerch: Leave him to me boys.

Craig: Give 'em hell boss!

Craig puts his walkie back in his pocket.

Jimmy: We did it buddie! we got 'em by the balls!

Craig: Dude...what if we get a raise for this?


Jimmy and Craig high five, before they see someone off camera come forward, although we can't see who it is, both men seemed shocked that he's here.

Jimmy: Hold it right there! WCF security! What the hell are you doing here?

Before we see what happens, we ut to the arena, where after a while, the mysterious figure comes out from the curtains and onto the ramp.

Zach Davis: There he is Freddy! The mystery man we've been seeing all night!

Freddy Whoa: To any parents watching, shield your child's eyes away from whatever nastiness lies beneath that trench coat!

Zach Davis: Oh come on, I doubt that's what he's going to do.

Freddy Whoa: Hey, better safe then sorry.

The figure makes it about halfway down the ramp until Master of Puppets hitss, and Seth storms through the curtain with an army of about three security guards.

Seth Lerch: There he is boys, take him down!

The guards hound down upon the man in the trench coat, who doesn't even turn his back to see his assailants, as he gets tackled to the ground by one of them. As he falls, the hat he was wearing falls off, the shadow leaving his face. Seth races down the ramp to see the man's face.

Seth Lerch: Now let's see who you are...

Seth gets in view of the man, and lifts hiss chin, to see that the man is...

Seth Lerch, Zach Davis and Freddy Whoa: CRYBOY MCEMO?!?!

Indeed, it's is none other then veteran WCF jobber Cryboy McEmo, who appears to be on the verge of tears in front of Seth.

Cryboy McEmo: Please don't hurt me, I'm only doing this for the pay...

Seth Lerch: Pay?! WHO'S PAYING YOU?!

Before Cryboy can respond, a voice speaks through the P.A system.

Voice: That would be me, Mr. Lerch.

The lights go dark, before the intro to "Struck A Nerve" by Bad Religion hits the P.A. The lights come back on, and an old face appears in front of the curtains, his name emblazoned of the titantron.

Zach Davis: VIC VENABLE?!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: The brother of former World Champion FPV is here tonight, for what reason I don't know, but judging by the mic in his hand, I feel like we're about to find out.

Vic slyly smiles as he comes down the ramp. Seth is very clearly angry, as he's about sick the guards on Vic as the song fades out over the P.A.

Vic Venable: Now now Seth, you wouldn't want these fine men to end up like your two cronies in the back, do you?

Seth Lerch: You mean Jim and Craig.

Vic Venable: Bingo! In fact, let's see what happened to them.

The feed on the titantron turns to backstage, where both Jimmy and ccraig are on the floor, knocked unconscious. Seth is fuming, almost growling.


The guards all run up the ramp to face Vic, but as soon as they get hit close enough, Vic readies himself...and hits one of the guards with a hard superkick!


Zach Davis: God...even when it isn't Frank doing it, that never gets old.

The guards stop in their tracks as the kicked guard falls to the ground, knocked out. Vic looks at the two remaining guards, and tells them something inaudible to the audience, but whatever it is, it's enough to send them fleeing behind the curtain. Vic picks his mic back up and smiles at Seth again.

Vic Venable: My my Seth, you really do need better security buddy. It's bad enough when a guy like me can just waltz in here and do whatever he wants.

Seth Lerch: CAN IT, I don't have time to deal with people like you. If that's all you wanted to do, embarrass me in front of the world, then congrats, you andyour brother now share one more thing in common.

Vic Venable: Oh no, I have other intentions. I just wanted to have a little fun while doing it.

Vic walks down the ramp, taking out what looks like a folded up peace of paper out of his pocket, and hands it to Seth, who looks at it with disbelief.

Seth Lerch: what the hell is this, are we passing notes like freaking high school now?

Vic Venable: That my friend...is my application to rejoin the WCF.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Seth Lerch: excuse me?

Vic Venable: You heard me, I wanna come back here and kick ass, chew bubblegum...the works, y'know.

Seth Lerch: Why the absolute HELL would I let you re join this company? You're a known former criminal...

Vic Venable: Hasn't stopped you from rehiring people in the past. Besides...aren't you a former criminal yourself?

The crowd let's out a simultaneous "OOOOOOOOOOH!" at Vic's jab at Seth.

Seth Lerch: SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU! AND YOU! Why would I let someone like you join MY federation after the way you're treating me right now? You know what...you know what...

Seth pauses for a moment, ponders his next words, then speaks again.

Seth Lerch: Deal. consider yourself a member of the WCF roster, Mr. Venable!

Vic smiles at Seth's acceptance of him into the WCF,

Vic Venable: Much obliged...now, what's the catch? That way you paused, I know there's gotta be some sort of catch.

Seth Lerch: Very attentive. Well, I hope you're not hoping that just because your Failure Franky's brother that you get a free ride to the top of the card. No, you're gonna have to earn that position, so I'm starting you at the VERY bottom rung of the WCF ladder, so to speak.

Vic Venable: Ain't nothing, I'll take on anyone you throw at me and make 'em humble.

Seth Lerch: Well then, I think we've got this thing settled.

Vic Venable: I think we do Seth, I think we do.

Vic goes to shake Seth's hand, who begrudgingly accepts the offer...ONLY TO HAVE VIC GRAB HIM AND HIT HIM WITH A FUS ROH DAH CLOTHESLINE!


Zach Davis: Looks like Vic has picked up his younger brothers moves.

Vic stands over a downed Seth, before whispering into his ears.

Vic Venable: Nice doing business with you, my man.

"Struck a Nerve" comes back on as Vic ackowledges the crowd, who seem to approve of this Seth abuse.

Zach Davis: And there he is, the newest addition to the WCF roster...Vic Venable. This is gonna be interesting folks. We gotta cut to commercial now, but just...DAMN!

The feed fades to black with Vic raising his hands in victory, a smug smirk on his face.

United States Title Match
Jack Coston vs Kaz Mazy

Kyle Steel: The following match-up is scheduled for one fall and is for the WCF United States Championship! Making his way to the ring first...

“Reinventing Axl Rose” by Against Me plays over the sound system and Jack Coston bursts forth onto the entrance ramp with his arms in the air, his manager Frank Manor follows behind a good distance.

Kyle Steel: He is the challenger, from St. Paul, Minnesota, weighing 195 pounds, "Smirkin" Jack Coston!

Zach Davis: This is a great opportunity for “Smirkin” Jack Coston. But, he will have one heck of a challenge trying to take the title from Kaz Mazy.

Gravedigger: That will not be an easy thing to do. Especially with the likelihood of TMNT security getting involved in some fashion.

Jack quickly moves down the ramp, high fiving the fans, moving with the energy of the song before darting over to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. His manager walks along the ring over to Jack's corner. Jumping to his feet, Jack runs over to the far corner and leaps onto a far turnbuckle, motioning to the crown by beating his chest and raising his fists once more. He jumps down and moves into his corner where Frank is standing on the apron, speaking words of encouragement into Jack's ear.

Zach Davis: These fans really like Coston. They’re behind in this to be sure. Coston is going to need to feed off these fans and that could very well be the difference here tonight.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent...

Heavy guitar distortion cuts through the arena as all the lights shut off, minus a gaggle of blue and green on the stage. They all aim at the tron which is showing an unorthodox entrance video. It shows WCF Superstar Kaz Mazy performing daring feats all in Super Nintendo fighting game graphics ala Mortal Kombat.


Gravedigger: Flawless victory. You remember when Mortal Kombat was THE game?

Freddy Whoa: Ya, sure do. Was the sh—I mean—ya great game.

"2nd Sucks" by A Day To Remember starts blaring as lights explode throughout the arena and the words growl sending a shiver up every collective spine in attendance. The battle cry makes men sprout thick and all the baddest of poons wet. Every child in attendance grows hair on their ballsack and they reach for the nearest bong and start tokin' up!

Kyle Steel: From the Poondocks, weighing 225 pounds, he is the WCF United States Champion... Kaz Mazy!

Spotlights center on one of the entrances in the crowd where Kaz stands, kendo holstered to his back, his Tag Team Championship in his hand, and Bolts Quackenbush waving that Old Glory PG Flag with the Ham' n' Sick' and the Fitty Stars and Thickteen Bars.

Zach Davis: It's Kaz Mazy!

Freddy Whoa: The only thing that would make this entrance thicker is titties being motorboated!

As if on cue, Bolts motorboats the baddest set of titties in attendance on that instant transmission shit as Kaz starts making his way down the steps, throwing his hands in the air with each cry of his name.


Zach Davis: Speaking of what I said before. Coston will need to get these fans behind him. Kaz definitely has the fans behind him.

Gravedigger: As he should. He’s a great athlete. A great competitor. He’ll definitely be going down in WCF history as one of the greats.

Kaz leaps the barricade and slides into the ring. He taunts to the crowd from the second rope and they explode in Kaz cheers once again.


Kaz hands his effects to Bolts who guards them with his life. Kaz leans against the turnbuckle as his music fades and awaits the start of the match.

As the bell rings, both men circle each other, looking for an opening that would get them an advantage. They meet at the center of the ring, and Kaz goes for a collar and elbow tie-up. Coston has another idea as he kicks Kaz in the midsection. Kaz doubles up. As Kaz raises up again Coston catches him with a hard jab right below the nose. Kaz takes a step backward and gets hit with a left hook, which spins him a bit. Shaking his head, Kaz turns back to Coston, only to receive another boot to the midsection followed by an uppercut, sending him to the ground.

Zach Davis: Those punches are nothing nice!

Freddy Whoa: Kaz went down hard!

Kaz goes to sit up, but Coston hits the ropes, and comes back, sending his boot right to Kaz's head.

Gravedigger: Kaz just got rocked! “Smirkin” Jack Coston gives us a smirk. He’s got off to an early start here in this one.

After giving the commentators a smirk, Coston goes over to Kaz and grabs his arm. Coston pulls Kaz up to his feet and whips him into the ropes. As Kaz rebounds, Coston drops his head, looking for a back body drop, but Kaz does a back summersault using Coston as a brace and lands behind him. Kaz grabs Coston around the waist. He pulls back and releases, sending Coston flying with a release German suplex.

Gravedigger: Oh that was a sweet move!

Freddy Whoa: Man that guy is agile!

Coston takes the impact on his upper back and neck, and rolls over holding onto his neck.

Zach Davis: That is what could very possibly hurt a lot tomorrow!

Gravedigger: Ya think? Dur, dur, dur!

Freddy Whoa laughs as Coston rolls out to the apron, but he’s not really paying too much attention to anything but the pain shooting through his neck. Kaz gets him, and puts Coston’s back to the ropes. Kaz pulls Coston back, and hotshots Coston off the apron to the floor below.

Gravedigger: Whether you like it or not, that is very effective! Coston just took a huge blow to the neck and now a case of whiplash to go with it.

Kaz moves away from the ropes, holding his hands up in the air to the cheers of the crowd. He feints an attempt to move toward the ropes to go after Coston as the ref gets in his way. As the ref is making sure Kaz stays in the ring, TMNT Security, on the outside, gets Coston up and rolls him back in the ring after one of the security members bitch slaps Coston across the face. Kaz points and the ref turns to look and finds that Coston is back in the ring. TMNT security no longer near where Coston had been rolled in the ring.

Gravedigger: Yup, TMNT getting involved in this early.

Kaz moves past the ref and reaches down for Coston. Kaz puts him in a seated chin lock, pressing his knee into Coston's back. Coston swivels around trying desperately to get Kaz’s knee off his back to give his neck a little rest. He succeeds, which causes Kaz to settle for a side headlock instead. Coston begins to raise to his feet, breaking the hold using Kaz’s own arm. Coston uses a Russian leg sweep and quickly moves to put Kaz in a side headlock of his own.

Zach Davis: Oh, Coston quick to give Kaz a dose of his own medicine here.

Kaz slowly gets to his feet and as he does gives Coston a few jabs to the ribcage causing the hold to be broken. Again, Kaz puts Coston into a side headlock. He squeezes hard and wrenches the neck. Coston gives Kaz some shots to the ribcage this time, but as the hold isn’t broken Coston lifts Kaz up and drops him on his back.

Gravedigger: Nice counter there! That’s one way to break that hold. Kaz hit the mat with a thunderous boom!

Zach Davis: Both men are down on the mat, Coston holding his neck, and Kaz holding his back!

Ref: 1---! 2---!

Zach Davis: Ref begins the count as both these men are down

Ref: 3---!

Gravedigger: This match has already experienced a great deal of impact to the back of both these guys! It’s going to come down to whoever can endure the pain the longest.

Ref: 4---! 5---!

As both men get to their feet, Kaz goes to grab Coston, but Coston ducks and gets behind Kaz. He grabs Kaz's arm, whipping him into the corner. He follows it up with a running knee to the face. Kaz drops to sit in the corner. Coston runs back to the opposite corner, rushes at Kaz and flips over, hitting him with a flipping senton! He gets back up to his feet quickly, and runs back across, hoping to hit another one. He holds his neck and then just as he is getting ready to charge once more, Buddy Roman pulls Kaz out of the ring.

Gravedigger: Oh man! Buddy Roman pulling Kaz out of the ring here and Coston is livid!

One of the TMNT security members gets up onto the ring apron and Coston grabs him. He suplexes the guy into the ring and whips the man into the corner. He gives a smirk as he walks to the opposite corner. He charges at the TMNT security guy and hits a flipping senton splash. He gets to his feet looks at Kaz and points at the TMNT security guy and gives Kaz the finger as he goes back to the opposite corner again and charges right away this time.

Zach Davis: Oh, the other TMNT security members pulled their associate out of the way causing Coston to hit the bottom turnbuckle. Coston landed on his neck!

TMNT Security then get together and pull Kaz away from the ring. Frank Manor goes up to the corner where Coston is lying, and talks to him. The ref is urging Kaz to get back in the ring, yelling at the members of TMNT security and warning Buddy Roman for his actions earlier.

Gravedigger: The ref needs to get in control of this match. Coston doesn’t have much going on for him with the exception of Frank Manor here. Kaz better get in the ring before he ticks this ref off.

Kaz gets over to the ring, he starts to get in and breaks a count as he slides back out. The ref yells at him and Kaz brushes it off as if he could care less what the ref has to say. The ref starts to count fast.

Ref: 1-2-3-4-5-6-!

Kaz turns around with surprise and slides into the ring under the bottom rope and gets to his feet. Coston starts to get to his feet as Kaz gets in the ref’s face and yells at him for doing a quick count.

Freddy Whoa: Haha! That was entertaining! I kinda like this ref! He’s got some balls!

Gravedigger: Hey! Male genitalia! Remember we’re being watched?

Freddy Whoa: Eh—

Once Kaz is done yelling at the ref he turns around and goes for Coston. He grabs the man’s chin, and lifts it up. Kaz is pointing Coston’s face to the ceiling. Rearing back, Kaz sends the side of his hand into Coston's chest as the slap of the knife-edge chop echoes.

Crowd: OHHH!!!

As Coston reels back and as he comes forward Kaz gives him another one.

Crowd: OOOHH!!!

Gravedigger: That’s what I call stereo knife-edge chop! Did you hear that echo?

Zach Davis: Sure did! Coston’s chest is red as a Coca-Cola can.

Gravedigger: Are you seriously trying to sound like you have any clue what that means?

Gravedigger leans over and takes a six pack of Coca-Cola in cans as the camera pans over at the commentator table.

Gravedigger: You’re telling me his chest is this red?

Zach Davis: It’s just a phrase—

As Kaz allows Coston to get up he waits for a moment before leaping into the air and hitting Coston with a dropsault. Kaz goes over as Coston hits the mat and makes a cover.

Ref 1--- 2---

NO! Coston kicks out at the last moment. Coston's chest is red as Kaz grabs his chin again. He looks to want to give Coston another taste of a knife-edge chop. Coston decides that Kaz needs a taste of his own medicine. He gets to his feet quick and he starts to deliver chop after chop to Kaz's chest, making him try to retreat. But Coston is there, hitting him over and over again. As Kaz's back hits the ropes, Coston grabs his head, and tosses him with a snapmare.

Gravedigger: Coston is coming back now! Coston with the chops! Coston with the snapmare! Coston with a—

Zach Davis: Coston hits the drop kick to the back of Kaz’s skull! Elbow drop by Coston!

Coston grabs Kaz around the back of the neck using another hand to hold onto Kaz’s chin. Coston lifts Kaz to his feet and hooks up for a swinging neckbreaker. He hits it. He covers, but before the ref can even begin to count Kaz kicks out of the cover. Coston gets up and lifts Kaz back up onto his feet as he did just before and hooks up for a swinging neckbreaker, again.

Gravedigger: Another one?

Zach Davis: Kaz blocks it!

But, Coston notices and jumps up, his foot heading for Kaz's head in an enziguiri. But Kaz's head starts to clear, and he ducks, sending Coston down to the mat. Kaz goes for a soccerball kick, but Coston rolls away. He gets up to his feet as a TMNT security member gets up onto the apron. Coston turns around and leaps into the air hitting the TMNT security member with an enziguiri instead. Kaz uses this distraction to his advantage and runs up on Coston. Kaz sends his foot into Coston's back with a soccerball kick, connecting hard this time. Coston arches his back up in pain. Kaz grabs his head, pulling him up to his feet. He goes to whip Coston to the ropes, but Coston reverses. As Kaz reaches the ropes, he jumps and springboards off, moonsaulting to the side of Coston, and grabbing his head in a reverse head lock. Coston quickly counters by twisting his body into a front face lock instead. He uses this position to flip Kaz over his back and holds on using it as a cover attempt.

Ref: 1---2---

NO! Kaz kicks out! Kaz rolls away as Coston is sitting there looking at the ref and holds up three fingers arguing the 2 count was 3 before getting back to his feet.

Gravedigger: Coston showing some frustration here.

Kaz gets to his feet this time and as Coston walks over Kaz grabs Coston around the neck and throws Coston through the middle and top rope to the outside. The ref gets in Kaz’s face backing Kaz away from the ropes as this allows for TMNT security to stomp away at Coston. They then lift Coston to his feet and roll him back into the ring. The ref turns around and sees TMNT is close by. The ref yells at them to stay back. Buddy Roman is there and starts arguing with the ref as Coston and Kaz are exchanging blows in the ring. Coston gets the upperhand and whips Kaz to the ropes. Kaz hits the ropes and bounces off. He ducks under a huge knife-edge chop and as he hits the ropes again he springs back with a moonsault like before and locks Coston in a reverse headlock. Kaz drops Coston with a reverse DDT! He makes the cover.

Ref. 1--- 2---

Zach Davis: NO! Coston gets his shoulder up! How does he keep kicking out!

Gravedigger: Coston has a lot of fight in him!

Zach Davis: You’re telling me—

Gravedigger: That Coston has a lot of fight in him.

Zach Davis: I heard you the first time.

Gravedigger: Well, don’t make stupid comments. Do your job right for once.

Zach Davis: Kaz is certainly at a high point in his career. One half the WCF Tag Team champions. He is defending his US title against Jack Coston here tonight. He looks to be in great form. You have to imagine that Kaz is ready for Ultimate Showdown.

Gravedigger: He’s always ready for Ultimate Showdown. It’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be an amazing night. And Kaz Mazy—he may just walk out with much more than the US title and one half of the Tag Team titles.

Zach Davis: He has to retain the WCF US title here against Jack Coston first, Gravedigger.

Kaz brings Coston up into a sitting position. Kaz motions to the crowd, and hits the ropes. As he comes back, he aims his knee, hoping to hit the Hanging Dong...

Gravedigger: But Coston moves out of the way!

Coston gets to his feet, quickly, grabbing Kaz with a full nelson. He lifts and pulls back, slamming Kaz into a suplex. He keeps the hold for the pin.

Ref: 1--- 2---

NO! Kaz shifts out of the pin, and both men are up. Kaz goes for Coston, who is just a little faster. He boots Kaz in the gut, and snags him up, dropping him with St. Paul's Blessing! He hooks the leg!

Crowd: 1---

Crowd: 2---

Crowd: 3!

Coston looks around, and notices the ref is distracted by Bolts up on the apron. Buddy Roman is on the other side, and Coston gets up, going over and grabbing Buddy's shirt. With the ref's back turned, Buddy swings at Coston, who backs off, then comes forward with a kick to the jaw! Buddy goes down, as Kaz, who is now up, grabs Coston's arm. He spins him and Irish whips him to the ropes. As Coston comes back around, it looks like he wants to grab him up, but Coston sees it coming! He gets his arm around Kaz's neck, his inside leg around Kaz's, and slams him down with The Sound and the Fury! He hooks the leg!

Gravedigger: Now the ref turns around!

Ref: 1---

Ref: 2---

Ref: 3!

Ding Ding Ding!

Zach Davis: TMNT SECURITY IS IN THE RING! They're stomping the hell out of Coston!

Freddy Whoa: They hit the ring almost exactly as the ref's hand hit three... I'm not even sure what happened first!

Coston rolls away as Kyle takes the mic.


The crowd boos like crazy.

Kyle Steel: JACK COSTON!

Gravedigger: Hah!

Zach Davis: WHAT?! Jack Coston had this match WON!, if TMNT Security hadn't caused a DQ at LITERALLY the last second!

TMNT Security exit the ring and pull Kaz out with them, grabbing the US Title as well. They backpeddle up the ramp with the man who is still United States Champion.

Freddy Whoa: What a screwjob. Jack Coston is your rightful United States Champion, guys, and he should be heading to Ultimate Showdown.

Gravedigger: He'll get his chance at next week's Ultimate Battle Royal!

Zach Davis: And if he DOES win that battle royal and goes into the match with Kaz.... I imagine there will be hell to pay.

Identity Revealed

The arena isn't as loud as normal with mystery in the air as the fans wait for the main event. The lights go down all of a sudden, and a red spotlight lights up center stage. "Castratikon" by Dethklok starts to play and a figure starts to slowly rise from beneath the stage.

"Born of Evil In a fiery volcano on a mutilated mission to inflict merciless pain!"

He has a towel over his head, and a sycamore cane in his hand.

Freddy Whoa: What the—

Gravedigger: Watch your language, Freddy. Remember we could be shut down at any time.

The dark figure reaches the top of the stage and starts to head down to the ring as the spotlight follows him.

"Sacrifice your soul to the deity of death, she's concocted your murder and you've lost all your defenses!"

He rolls into the ring, and gets to his feet. Walking over to the corner, he holds his hand out for a mic, and it is given to him. As he gets to the center of the ring, he pulls the towel off of his head as the music stops, and the lights come up.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! No way! It's...!

Q-Ball smiles as he raises the mic to his lips.

Q-Ball: Ladies and gentlemen... I'm back!

There is a mixture of boos and cheers as Q-Ball starts to pace around the ring.

Q-Ball: A couple of months ago, I was fired from the WCF. Problem was that verbal agreements regarding placing my career with Grime’s only go so far. Seth Lerch knows that the court requires a written agreement in terms of large contracts.

Q-Ball walks over to the ropes as he looks at the ring entrance stage.

Q-Ball: Tonight is the night that I return to the WCF. Next week I return to the squared circle! With that said, tonight is the night that I make my intentions known. You see, back before I was fired, I made sure that EVERYONE knew that I was going to destroy whoever had the Hardcore title. I never got my chance. Instead, I was made to tag team with someone, who at first, I couldn't stand. Then, again, when we were on the same team, but I still couldn't stand him...

He stops. He turns and faces the camera.

Q-Ball: Now, I look at it this way. Seth Lerch, you basically have two choices. First, you can give me a match that would give me a chance to get at that sorry excuse for a Hardcore Champion... Or I can beat the title shot of you. What's it going to be, Seth? As for the Hardcore Champion, Torture, keep that title warm. I'll be taking it from you... sooner or later...

He drops the mic as Castratikon starts to play again. He rolls out of the ring, taking the razorwired sycamore cane with him. As he walks up the ramp, he turns around, and raises the cane over his head.

Television Title Match
Corey Black vs Thomas Uriel Bates vs Howard Black

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a one fall triple threat match for the W-C-F Television Championship!

“Pursuit of Honor” by Battlecross begins, with the melodic guitar following through the arena, getting the crowd pumped up. As this goes on, the lights fade to nothing until “Push Pull Destroy” also by Battlecross kicks in, where red and white lights circle throughout the arena.

Zach Davis: Finally, the match we have all been waiting for. These three men all have a lot to prove.

Freddy Whoa: A lot of bad blood between all three men here tonight.

Gravedigger: Oh boo hoo. Bates lost his belt and is upset about it. Get over it!

Once the thrash blast beat hits, a spotlight illuminates the stage and there stands Corey Black wearing a black hoodie over his ring gear. The lights continue as Corey walks down to the ring, bobbing his head to the music.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from The Dethfort. Weighing in at two hundred and twelve pounds, standing at five foot nine inches, he is a member of Pantheon, The King of All Wrestlers, the Avenger, Corey BBBLLLLAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

Corey slides into the ring under the bottom rope, stands to his feet and throws up the devil horns before taking the hoodie off and dropping it to the floor. He then poses with his right arm up and belt slightly almost in a vertical flex, left hand on his elbow.

Zach Davis: Corey Black looking well after the brutal injury at AoD, and the devastating Boot of Thomas Uriel Bates.

“Push Pull Destroy” is suddenly replaced with the loud sound of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The engine fades, and is replaced with “Midnight Rider” by the Allman Brothers Band. The titron begins showing clips of Bates’ successes in the ring as Thomas Uriel Bates makes his way to the stage.

Kyle Steel: His opponent, from Memphis, Tennessee now residing in Huntsville, Alabama. Weighing in at four hundred and thirty pounds, and standing at an amazing six foot nine inches, nearly seven foot tall. He is the President of the Dark Riders Gang M-C, W-C-F Chapter. He is one third of the W-C-F Trios Championship, the Impassable Mountain, the T.U.B., Thomas Uriel BBBAAAATTTTTTTEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Bates walks up the steps, and towards the centre of the apron. He stops, and steps over the top rope. Bates looks over to Howard Black, then to the stage. He stretches out his arms and roars. The sound echoes through-out the arena, amplified by the thousands of fans.

As if on cue, the lights in the arena go black, with only the giant screen above the stage displaying the pattern of an oscilloscope matching the chaotic distortion which begins “Lost Boys” by Death Grips. As the distortion begins to settle into the beat, the words “IT’S SUCH A LONG WAY DOWN” flash over the scene as they emanate from the speakers. As the snare drum hits begins to show flashing black-and-white images of honey badgers in battle, paired with footage of Hward Black training or waiting in the locker room, preparing for a match. Howard Black makes his way from the back, the hood of his sweatshirt pulled over his head.

Kyle Steel: Now introducing the Champion. From Lincoln, Nebraska, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds and standing at five foot eight inches, a member of The Sentinels, he is the W-C-F Television Champion, The False Prophet, the Honey Badger, Howard BBBBBLLLLAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howard Black makes his way down the ramp as the digitized words “LOST BOYS” repeat from the speaker in succession. While his eyes remain focused on the ring, his face a mask of determination, ignoring the fans as he advances. Upon reaching the ring, he slides in and unzips his sweatshirt, tossing it aside. He stalks the ring in a calculated manner, eyeing Bates with a sneer of contempt and rage. He retreats to his corner, takes the crucifix from his neck and places it around the turnbuckle for safe keeping during the match.

Freddy Whoa: This match could get ugly!

Thomas Uriel Bates, Howard Black, and Corey Black all stand in their respective corners. The referee stands in the middle, holding up the WCF Television Championship belt. He hands it off to Kyle Steel and calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: This match is now underway. Everyone seems to be calculating each other, and anticipating each other’s moves.

Howard and Corey both rush towards Bates. They both begin a series of punches to Bates’ midsection, which are largely ignored by the large man. Bates grabs both of their heads, and slams them into each other. Corey and Howard bounce off of each other and collapse to their knees.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Bates has already taken the upper hand!

Bates grabs hold of the back of Corey Black’s neck, and grabs his waistband. Bates spins Corey around, and tosses him right into the recovering Howard Black, forcing Corey to spear Howard.

Zach Davis: Bates is using Corey Black as a weapon to fight off Howard Black!

Gravedigger: Come on, give them a chance!

Corey rolls out of the ring, leaving Bates to grab Howard by the head. Bates lifts up Howard, but is met with an elbow shot to the face. Bates steps back, and Howard kicks his left leg.

Freddy Whoa: Bates is still standing!

Howard dives into Bates’ left knee, sending the massive man crashing to the mat. Howard follows up by grabbing Bates’ leg and attempting to apply a lock. Bates shoves back, sending Howard flying to the turnbuckle. Bates stands, and makes his way to the corner. He starts delivering a series of punches to Howard’s ribs, finally ending the assault with a European uppercut that sends Howard’s legs flying above the ropes. Bates steps to the second rope, grabbing Howard for a Sidewalk Slam. Bates connects, causing the ring to shake.

Freddy Whoa: The referee nearly losing his footing there!

Bates stands back up, but is instantly met with a jumping roadhouse kick to the side of his face by Corey Black. Bates falls to the corner, and Corey Black moves in for the pin.



Zach Davis: Howard Black kicks out!

Corey stands and takes several steps back. Bates is the first to recover, but is met with a dropkick to the upper body, to which Corey propels himself up and lands on Howard with a moonsault.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! What a move!

Bates crashes into the turnbuckle, and Corey pins Howard again.



Howard kicks out once again. Corey moves to stand up, but is met with a right cross to the face by Bates. Corey slides across the ring as Bates and Howard begin to stand. As Bates is kneeling, trying to use the ropes to stand, Howard delivers a Snap DDT, planting the giant’s head into the mat.

Zach Davis: Good strategy, don’t let the big man get back up.

Howard moves to the turnbuckle, climbing to the top rope where he crouches and waits. Corey is the first to come up, and is met with a Spear from the top rope. Quickly, Howard moves in for the pin.



Zach Davis: Oh my word.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Bates lifts Howard Black up with a deadlift, grabbing the back of his neck and his waistband. Bates spins around three times until letting go, sending Howard sliding into the turnbuckle. Bates turns to Corey and moves in to lift him up. Corey swings with an elbow, but Bates steps back, barely avoiding the powerful elbow of Corey Black. Bates delivers an elbow drop of his own, followed immediately by a pinfall attempt.



Howard Black dives from the top rope and lands square on the back of Thomas Uriel Bates, breaking up the pin. All three men are down, the referee begins to count.





All three men begin to stir.


Bates and Corey grab the rope, working on pulling themselves up.



Bates and Corey stand, and Howard snaps up.

Zach Davis: All three men are back up, and Howard Black looks like he’s still ready to go.

Corey moves in and grabs Bates’ head, trying to pull it back for an inverted DDT.

Freddy Whoa: He’s trying to do the Torture’s Device!

Bates instead elbows Corey in the gut, turns around, and lifts him in the air for a Military Press.

Zach Davis: The Memphis Giant Slam!

Bates tosses Corey Black out of the ring, sending him crashing into the commentating table.

Gravedigger: Damnit!

Zach Davis: Shit!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Corey slides all over the three announcers, ripping microphones and television screens from their position. In the ring, Bates is brought to his knees by dropkick to the back of his knee. Howard grabs Bates’ head and arms, preparing for a double underhook DDT. Howard pulls Bates to the centre of the ring, and attempts to lift the big man up. The weight of Bates alone prevents this, causing Howard to attempt to simply plant the move. Bates however, does not go down. He holds himself up, and stands, with Howard still hooked to his head.

Gravedigger: WHAT STRENGTH!

Howard sends his knee to the face of Bates and pushes himself off. Howard runs towards the ropes, springing off the second ropes. Bates stands, but is met with a spring rope knee to the gut, sending the big man doubling over. Howard runs and leaps, locking Bates’ arm and turns it as he brings his knee to Bates’ face and slams it down as they fall to the mat.


Corey Black moves off from the commentator’s table, and slowly attempts to make his way to the ring. Zach Davis recovers his headpiece.

Freddy Whoa: Howard Black is trying to apply the Kimura Lock, but Corey Black is on the move!

Seeing Corey approach, Howard instead pins Bates.



Corey slides into the ring and breaks up the pin!

Gravedigger: Howard Black almost retained his title there.

Howard moves quickly, moving to the top of Corey. Howard hooks one leg around the back of Corey’s head and plants his foot while driving his other knee into Corey’s chest.

Zach Davis: The Kimura Lock!

Corey struggles while Bates slowly recovers. As Bates notices the submission hold, Corey taps out.

Freddy Whoa: Howard Black retains his Television Title!

The bell sounds. Bates falls to the mat, exhausted and disappointed.

Gravedigger: This was a ticket to Ultimate Showdown for whoever won this match... and Howard Black has just proven himself! He'll be the one!

Howard works his way back to his feet before taking his Television Title and holding it in the air for a second before dropping to the mat and rolling out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Although Thomas Uriel Bates didn't win tonight, guys, he didn't LOSE. I don't think the rivalry between these two is over, not by a long shot.

Freddy Whoa: Especially if Bates wins next week's battle royal!

Joey Flash Attacks!

Backstage we see Raymond Hatcher preparing for the last few moments before his massive World Title challenge with Dune, as he is about to step through the curtains we see the ever present figure of Joey Flash skulking a few feet behind.

Zach Davis: Oh no...

Freddy Whoa: Not again.

Gravedigger: Bahahahah!!!

Before Hatcher even knows what happened he is blitzed from behind with a blow from Joey's weapon of choice, the pipe. Joey blasts him twice more in the midsection before stepping away from the scene. He turns to the cameraman and motions him to come closer.

Joey Flash: I'm not a bad guy Dune, see. I evened the playing field. Now, win. I do not permit you to lose here.

He smiles as we CUT.

World Title Match
Raymond Hatcher vs Dune

We hear "Chariots of Fire" by Faith No More begin to play, after a few chords, we see Raymond Hatcher come walking through the curtain, a big smile plastered across his face. He's wearing a black robe laced with gold trim underneath which are his simple black trunks, kneepads, boots and one elbow pad on his left arm, he also has his hands wrapped in black athletic tape. Hatcher panders to the crowd, none seem too happy about it, his expression seems less than genuine. Hatcher strolls down to the ring at a steady pace. He heads up the ring steps walking out onto the apron while looking out at the crowd. Hatcher gives a little wave, before wiping his feet on the apron and climbing through the ropes into the ring. With the big smirk still smeared across his face, Hatcher steps out to the middle of the ring and gives another half-hearted wave to the crowd. He then heads to his corner and begins disrobing.

Zach Davis: Here we are. The main event! The WCF World Championship title match! Dune will defend his title against that man right there. Raymond Hatcher.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Introducing first! The challenger! From Los Angeles, California! Weighing in at 236 pounds and standing 6’2” tall. He is “THE REAL DEAL”! RAYMOND HATCHER!!!

The lights flicker to black and the opening chords of Angelo Badalamenti's "The Pink Room" hit in the darkness. Smoke pours out in front of the deep red lights just beyond the entrance. Two golden spotlights slowly scan the audience as Dune clears the curtain and emerges from the smoke. His cold eyes remain fixed on the ring as he makes his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring...from the badlands of the Mojave Desert...weighing in at 276 pounds...DUUUUUUUNE!

He slides into the ring and is quick to his feet. He walks around the inner-perimeter, testing the ropes and stretching a bit, then he makes his way to the center. He grabs the collar of his tactical vest with both hands and looks out into the crowd as each corner-post issues a final hiss of smoke before the lights come on again. He makes his way to the corner, sliding out of his vest and dropping it outside the ring.

Gravedigger: And here is the WCF World Champion! Dune looks prime ready to defend that championship of his tonight.

Zach Davis: Dune sure made his statement from the very beginning of his career here in the WCF. He just kept rising out of the sand of the many names here in the WCF and he is the well deserved WCF World Champion.

Gravedigger: He sure as hell does deserve that title. What a champion he has turned out to be! He defeated the winner of the trilogy cup on top of defeating Ice Beckman for the gold strap. I predict that we will have Dune as the WCF World Champion for quite some time.

The bell rings slow as not the regular ding for the start of a match.


The ref grabs the title from Dune as he goes to the center of the ring and Kyle Steel exits the ring. The ref shows the fans the WCF World Championship and then gives the belt to Kyle Steel on the outside as Kyle takes the title with him over to the ring announcer area for safe keeping until the match is over and a winner declared. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins.


As Dune and Hatcher circle one another Hatcher looks for an opening. He shoots for a single leg takedown, but Dune moves his leg out of the way. Hatcher shoots by and they both stand there for a moment as Hatcher looks at Dune. Dune stares right back at him. Again, they start to circle each other and then go for a collar and elbow tie up. Dune uses his power over Hatcher and pushes him into the corner. He still has the collar and elbow locked as the ref comes over.

Ref: 1---2---3---!

Dune lets go and raises his hands up, but Hatcher takes the opening and gives Dune a punch to the gut and whips Dune around into the corner instead. He starts nailing Dune with big right hands to the head and then follows up with a huge knife-edge chop.

Crowd: OOOH!

Ref: 1---2---3---Come on Hatcher get him out of the corner! Let’s go!

Hatcher looks over at the ref and backs away for a second and then goes right back in and gives Dune another knife-edge chop for good measure. The ref gets back over to warn Hatcher. Hatcher looks over at the ref then back at Dune.

Gravedigger: Oh! European Uppercut from Hatcher!

Dune staggers out of the corner using the ropes as the ref yells at Hatcher for the last attack he gave to Dune. Hatcher ignores it and follows behind Dune. He grins before he gives Dune a hard chop block to the back of the knee. Dune goes down hard and grabs his leg. As Hatcher gets to his feet, he grabs the foot of Dune and pulls the man away from the ropes. He then hits a elbow drop onto the same knee of Dune and locks on a hold to weaken Dune’s knee even more.

Zach Davis: Raymond Hatcher is smart to ground Dune here. Dune the bigger man, but is being brought down to size by the technical mindset of the challenger.

Gravedigger: It’s smart to not give Dune any time to recover and regroup after that chop block. Hatcher has to continue to keep Dune grounded and take out those legs. It’ll take the power from Dune and Hatcher could end Dune’s title reign here tonight if he keeps this up.

Dune lays on the map in pain as Hatcher gives more torque to the hold. Dune then sits up and hits Hatcher with a huge forearm shot to the back of the head. It doesn’t break the hold and Hatcher gives the hold more torque again. The ref checks to see if Dune wants to give, but Dune refuses to tap.

Gravedigger: Ya, Dune isn’t a quitter, ref. He’s the World Champion for a reason. If he retains here tonight, Dune could go on to win Ultimate Showdown and what a night that will be for him.

Hatcher finally releases the hold, but he doesn’t let go of Dune’s leg as he gets to his feet. Hatcher gives Dune another elbow drop to the knee and locks the hold in once again, but this time Dune is able to give Hatcher a huge elbow to his cheek bone causing Hatcher to lose his grip of Dune’s foot. Dune wraps his other leg around Hatcher and uses his powerful legs to squeeze the air out of Hatcher’s lungs. The ref checks, but Hatcher shakes his head. Hatcher grabs one of Dune’s ankles and begins to twist it causing Dune to let go and Hatcher holds onto the foot again and gets to his feet. Dune kicks Hatcher’s hands away with his other foot and also rolls up to his feet to where both men are back standing staring each other down from across the ring.

Gravedigger: Dune smart there. Hatcher was going to continue to work on that knee.

Zach Davis: Very impressive start here from Raymond Hatcher.

The two men meet in the center, locking up with each other. Dune pushes Hatcher to the corner, and drives his knee up into Hatcher's midsection, followed by another. He pulls Hatcher out of the corner, and whips him across, sending him to the opposite corner. He rushes at Hatcher, hitting with a corner splash. He rushes to the ropes as Hatcher stumbles out of the corner, then brings his boot up to hit Hatcher in the head. Hatcher drops, as Dune hits the ropes again, jumping to drop on Hatcher with a falling splash!

Freddy Whoa: Dune showing his size and strength.

Gravedigger: Amazing that he can move like that with what Hatcher did to his knee.

Hatcher moves out of the way, rolling to the ropes, and onto the apron. Dune comes over, and grabs him by the hair, pulling him up. Hatcher grabs Dune's head, and drops, bringing Dune's throat across the top rope. On the floor, Hatcher grabs Dune's legs, and rips them out from under him, sending him crashing to the mat. He pulls Dune out of the ring, grabs his head, and sends him head-first into the ring post. As Dune staggers, Hatcher rushes him, grabs him around the waist, and slams him into the barricade. Keeping a hold of him, he turns, and slams Dune down to the floor.

Zach Davis: Oh my God! That had to hurt!

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher rolls into the ring to break up the ref's count, hoping to inflict some more pain on Dune outside of the ring.

Gravedigger: That may be his plan, but Dune seems to have a different idea!

Dune uses his shoulder to ram Hatcher into the ring apron, back first. Hatcher arches his back in pain, as Dune pulls him back, and does it again. He rolls Hatcher back into ring, and follows him in, making the cover.

Ref: 1--- 2---

NO! Hatcher gets his shoulder up, and Dune gets up to argue with the ref. After a moment, Dune goes over, grabbing Hatcher up to his feet, and picks him up. Dune falls back, sending Hatcher flying with a fall away slam. Dune grabs him up again, and whips Hatcher to the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Hatcher ducks under, still going for the other ropes. Dune follows him, though, and as Hatcher hits the ropes, he is met with Dune's knee to his gut. Dune whips him again, but Hatcher grabs the ropes as he hits on the other side. Dune comes running at him.

Zach Davis: Hatcher pulled the ropes down! Dune goes flying to the outside!

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher looks ready to finish this! He's on the apron!

Hatcher runs down the apron, and leaps, sending Dune down with a clothesline! He gets Dune up, and rolls him into the ring. He drags Dune up to his feet, knees him in the gut, and grabs him around the waist, pulling back to drop him with a gutwrench powerbomb... but Dune starts pounding his fist against Hatcher's head, making Hatcher drop down with Dune landing on his feet! Hatcher jumps up, and comes at Dune, but his midsection is met with Dune's boot. Dune puts Hatcher in a front facelock, and lifts up. He holds Hatcher there for a moment, then drops him with the Hourglass! Dune rolls backward, grabs Hatcher's legs, and turns him over, locking in Quicksand in the middle of the ring!

Zach Davis: Hatcher sinking quickly!

Gravedigger: Really?

Zach Davis: Quicksand!

Hatcher reaches for the ropes, but can't seem to hold on for much longer, and finally hits his hand on the mat.

Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, and STILL WCF World Heavyweight Champion, DUNE!

Gravedigger: Dune retains!

Zach Davis: Raymond Hatcher sure gave Dune one hell of an effort here tonight. But, Dune still retains the WCF World Heavyweight Championship. What does Ultimate Showdown have in store for our WCF World Heavyweight Champion? We’ll find out at the Pay-Per View!

Slam fades to black.

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Gemini Battle vs K.L. Henson

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Limo Arrives

People's Title Match: Jackson White vs Scarecrow

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United States Title Match: Jack Coston vs Kaz Mazy

Identity Revealed

Television Title Match: Corey Black vs Thomas Uriel Bates vs Howard Black

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World Title Match: Raymond Hatcher vs Dune


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