Slam Intro

WCF Slam opens with an exterior shot of the Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia. The parking lot is full, and large crowds rush to get through the doors.

Zach Davis: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Allphones Arena in beautiful Sydney, Australia!

Inside the arena we find nearly all twenty-one thousand seats full, and more crowding in.

Freddy Whoa: Site of the Two Thousand Summer Olympics, now the site of WCF Slam!

Loud cheers come from the fans as the ring erupts in pyrotechnics. The pyrotechnics move towards the ramp, then to the stage where loud explosions erupt followed with the cheers of the fans.

Zach Davis: We have an explosive show for you tonight. In our semi-main event we will see the Television Championship on the line when Howard Black teams with Mikey eXtreme and faces off against Jay Omega and Alex Richards, and Kazy Mazy and Scarecrow! Special guest referee will be none other than Seth Lerch, special guest enforcer Jonny Fly, and our special guest ring announcer will be none other than the beautiful Emma!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! I can’t wait! Beautiful woman, beautiful!

Zach Davis: Then we will have the Ultimate Ninth Battle Royal. A massive collection of fourteen superstars will go head to head for the chance to be placed in the Ultimate Showdown Match next week! The three runner ups will challenge the Defilers of Logic for the first ever title defence of the WCF Trios Championship!

D'Angelo Hall vs Denise D'Evil

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall.

Gangsta Nation hits as D'Angelo swags the shit out of the arena as he walks to the ring, bandana covering his face and surrounded by around a dozen of his goons. They brandish they weapons to any fan thinkin of getting up in Hall's face.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 290 pounds, hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, he is D'Angelo 'Gangsta Nation' Hall!

He steps over the top of the ring and his entourage remains ringside to provide 'support'.

The house lights go down, as a red lights go over the crowd. Two balls of white light streak through the sky, and hit the stage, exploding into white sparkles that fall onto the back of the stage. The opening for "O Verona" begins to play over the loud speaker only to turn into "Whisper" by Evanescence begins to play over the loudspeaker as the sound of a whinning horse is heard from within the shower of the sparkles. The tron comes to life with scenes from different matches, and fights outside the ring. As the sparkles stop, we see Denise dressed in black and silver, on top of her horse. She taps the horse lightly and it goes into a light canter, as pillars of sparkles explode on either side of her on the ramp way.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 138 pounds, hailing from Sleepy Hollow, New York, she is The Death Bringer Denise D’Evil!

When she reaches the ring she pulls back in the reigns, and dismounts, handing the reigns off to a stage hand to take the horse backstage. She climbs the stairs and enters the ring, and removes the long black cloak that is over her shoulders, and tosses it in the corner and locks eyes with D’Angelo Hall who returns with a gaze of disdain obviously not happy to be facing a woman in his debut…


Zach Davis: Here we go! This should be a good match. We have a new superstar debuting and a veteran returning.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Did you see the size of Gangsta Nation? He should be no match for Denise by size alone.

Gravedigger: Don’t count on Denise just yet, she has won WCF gold before so we know she has what it takes to win.

The bell sounds as Denise and D’Angelo meet in the center of the ring. Gangsta Nation eyes The Death Bringer from top to bottom and grins.

D’Angelo ‘Gangsta Nation’ Hall: You can’t handle none of this hoe!


Denise fires off with a stiff slap to the face of D’Angelo stunning him momentarily.

Crowd: OOOH!

Zach Davis: Denise showing some spunk early on!


D’Angelo returns with a punch to Denise’s temple who smiles and the two start brawling!






D’Angelo grabs Denise’s arm and Irish whips her into the ropes. As she rebounds, he sets up.


D’Angelo goes for a clothesline.


Denise ducks underneath and stops in her tracks then grabbing D’Angelo from behind and connects with a German Suplex.

Zach Davis: Denise taking the fight here to Gangsta Nation!

Denise holds her grip attempting to go for another German suplex rolling through back to a vertical base with D’Angelo.


D’Angelo hits a big elbow to Denise’s face, breaking the hold and charges the ropes.


Gangsta Nation hits a big clothesline that causes The Death Bringer to flip inside out.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Did you see that? Denise just got flipped inside out with that clothesline!

Gravedigger: Gangsta Nation isn’t about to get shown up by some girl.

Zach Davis: She’s not just some girl, she’s the Angel of Death! So beautiful…so…

Gravedigger. Whaa…

D’Angelo grabs Denise by the hair and pulls her to her feet.


D’Angelo Irish whips Denise into the turnbuckle with reckless abandon. Denise crashes hard into the turnbuckles and rests against the pad as D’Angelo makes his way over to her.


D’Angelo fires off a couple punches to the head keeping Denise dazed in the corner. He grabs her by the waist and sets her up on the turnbuckle and climbs onto the middle turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: D’Angelo up to no good here!

Freddy Whoa: What’s he gonna do?!

D’Angelo drapes Denise’s arm over his shoulder setting up for a Superplex. He then tries to step on the top turnbuckle to follow through.


Denise hits a cross chop to the throat of D’Angelo he falls off the turnbuckle landing on his feet in the ring.


Denise jumps off the turnbuckle and catches D’Angelo with a Diving Hurricanrana flipping D’Angelo with the momentum into a pin.



D’Angelo powers out!

Gravedigger: Denise almost put Gangsta Nation down for the count with that Hurricanrana!

Denise stays on the attack and pulls D’Angelo to his feet.


D’Angelo surprises Denise popping her up into the air and catches her with Fuck ya Life slamming her down into the mat with a massive powerbomb!

Zach Davis: D’Angelo connecting with Fuck ya Life out of no where!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Zach this is a family friendly program watch your mouth!

Zach Davis: What? That’s what he calls his powerbomb!

D’Angelo covers.



Denise kicks out at the count of two which angers D’Angelo who yells at the referee.

Gravedigger: Heh look the new guy is getting pissed that Denise isn’t a walkover he thought she was.

Zach Davis: She is a former Tag Team Champion and People’s Champion after all…

Freddy Whoa: Don’t forget she’s been a Hardcore Champion as well.

D’Angelo catches his breath as he waits for Denise to get back to her feet.


D’Angelo knees Denise in the abdomen and lifts her up on his shoulders with the intention of hitting another power bomb. As he goes to slam her back first to the mat, Denise manages to squirm out.


Denise hits the mat and stalks D’Angelo.


Then D’Angelo turns around and Denise tucks her own head under D’Angelo's near arm, reaches across D’Angelo's chest and around his neck with her near arm, and places the other arm against his back. Denise then falls forward into a kneeling position, and forces D’Angelo back-first onto the mat.

Zach Davis: There Can Only Be One!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Denise hits D’Angelo with her finisher.

Gravedigger: Looks like she has claimed another victim.

Denise covers.




Kyle Steel: Your winner, The Death Bringer Denise D’Evil!

"Whisper" by Evanescence hits as Denise celebrates her win.

The crowd pops as Night Rider steps out and makes his way to the ring area. His eyes focused intently on Denise D'Evil inside the ring. Night Rider stops near the announcers table. As the match ends he rushes into the ring and throws out D'Angelo. He turns towards Denise with pain showing in his eyes.

At that moment Vengeance steps out from behind the curtain unnoticed. He makes his way towards the ring area and watches from a distance.

Night Rider: Denise, I need to know where we stand. I need to know if you are coming back not only to the AoD, but to me also. Angel Fyre was nothing but my manager and as you can see is out of the picture. I love you Denise! I always have and always will. There can be no other for me. What do you say?

Denise D'Evil: Night Rider when I was gone I had a lot of time to think, and every thought was of you. But you didn't come to find me, or even try did you? I mean why would you when you have HER at your side! Did she convince you that you would be better off without me?

Night Rider: Angel Fyre was nothing but my manager. I could never think of her that way again after she did what she did before. I knew I couldn't trust her like that. She was one shrewd businesswoman and that was it. Either way I have someone working on that problem. No one betrays me twice and gets away with it. It was brought to my knowledge that Angel Fyre sold us out to Corzone family. The same Corzone family that killed my parents.

A strange smile appears on her ruby lips as she draws closer to him. The crowd goes wild as they think a kiss is coming, but she leans in and whispers something in his ear. His eyes go wide, as she backs off. Night Rider looks at her in shock at first then smiles an evil grin. He reaches for her but she still pulls away. The pain in his eyes is evident as she takes her hand and wipes his cheek.

Denise D'Evil: Night Rider there is still something that is stopping me from coming back to you, and in a week you and I will meet in the middle of the ring. And remember this, and remember it well... I will not hold back on you, for I know you will not hold back on me.

Night Rider: As much as it will pain me to do so I will not hold back. If that is what it must be then so be it. Night Rider drops his microphone and walks off as Denise D'Evil watches him leave.

Spencer Adams Segment

“Assassin” comes over the PA system and out walks Spencer Adams wearing his ring gear as well as a new Spencer Adams t-shirt for shameless self-promotion. He holds a clipboard in one hand and a microphone as the other as he steps through the ropes and enters the ring. He smiles and lightly runs his fingers through his hair as the crowd cheers.


Spencer Adams: If you crazy kids would settle down for a minute, I have some tough guy stuff to say.

The crowd slowly quiets down after a little more applause.

Spencer Adams: In all seriousness, there is something that I would like to address.

He twirls the mic around slightly before continuing.

Spencer Adams: You see...there’s a certain smart mouth douche in the back who I’m sure would love to get his hands on me. By now, you all know that I’m talking about Kyle Kemp...and that we happen to finally have a one on one match at Ultimate Showdown.

The fans cheer loudly as Spencer mentions the upcoming PPV.

Spencer Adams: Not beating me...it’s something that eats him up inside. He hates me and I hate him. Now, Ultimate Showdown is supposed to be the biggest show of the summer and one of the biggest shows in the WCF. Kyle Kemp and Spencer Adams is a bad blood match that I’m sure everyone of you would love to see. You guys wanna see me fuck up Kyle Kemp, don’t you?

The fans cheer even louder at this.

Spencer Adams: You know that whole thing where I sent that little bitch through that table was pretty exciting and well...I would like to give the people something even better...and that’s what this clipboard is for. This is a contract for our match and it has some...added details, details that I know Mr. Kemp will be excited to hear...so Kyle, come on down here and we can discuss things a little more in detail.

"Comin Up" by Sam Adams begins to play and Kyle Kemp saunters out. He is wearing a
gray suit with a light green dress shirt with the top two buttons opened. He is carrying a microphone and is smiling smugly at Spencer Adams as he walks down the ramp. He walks up the steps and climbs into the ring. The crowd boo him and he relishes in it. He extends his arms out and motions to the crowd to get louder. He turns and focuses his attention on Spencer Adams.

Kyle Kemp: So you drew up a contract? How sweet Spencer! Who'd you have help you with that? We all know you aren't bright enough to do it on your own! Was it your mommy Thomas Urial Bates or your daddy Gemini Battle?

Kemp smiles at Spencer Adams who begins to raise up the clipboard only to have Kemp interrupt.

Kyle Kemp: Oh now don't get to hasty Spencer. We all know you have some elaborate plan here and I think it's quite cute! You really do seem to be trying hard and I give you an A for the effort. So go ahead Spencer....tell me what you want added to our match.

Spencer Adams: I liked that mommy daddy thing. That was cute.

Kemp looks on smugly.

Spencer Adams: See, there’s a lot of hatred built up between the two of us and I’m pretty sure that to we would both love to beat the hell out of each other right now.

The crowd cheers again.

Spencer Adams: Think about the dislike..the heat that has been built up between the two of us. Think about that fact that I hold a victory in every single match that we’ve had. Now don’t get too excited and start the obligatory in ring brawl just yet, there’s more. At Ultimate Showdown, everybody gets exactly what they want. We finally have our chance to settle the score. Think of this contract as an extension on that match. I was recently thinking about what exactly we could do and I got it.

Spencer runs his hand along a ring rope.

Spencer Adams: Imagine that these ropes are replaced..with barbed wire. Imagine that this ring..is surrounded by a cage with a door on each side. Imagine..ringside being surrounded by a wide variety of weapons for us to destroy each other with. This would be a match that could only be won by pinfall or submission while in the ring. I like to call it the devil’s den. Now when I came out here, I knew you would agree to this match. I’ve beaten you three times, but I’ve never pinned you specifically. At the same time, you’ve never won against Spencer Adams, your most hated rival. You’ll sign this contract. We both know it. You can’t pass up the opportunity to leave me beaten and bloodied. That’s what you want, right? To try to show that you don’t completely suck? To show that you aren’t my little bitch?

The crowd cheers loudly as frustration builds on Kemp’s face. Spencer holds out the contract.

Spencer Adams: Sign it.

Kemp snatches the contract from Spencer Adams hand and stares at the contract. He looks at Adams and then back at the clipboard. The look of frustration slowly disappears and that smug smile reappears. Kemp takes the pen and tucks it behind his right ear.

Kyle Kemp: Barbed wire. A cage. A devils den. Are you really sure this is what you want?

Adams nods at Kemp who gives him a distasteful look.

Kyle Kemp: Fine you get what you want but understand this Adams. This is where it all ends for you. Ultimate Showdown will be the last moment in the sun. I will eviscerate you at Ultimate Showdown. I will finally rid myself of you and I will finally prove to everyone that I am superior to you.

Kemp takes the pen from his ear and signs the contract. The fans begin to roar and Kemp and Adams stare with a cold gaze into each others eyes. They each take a step back and just as everyone expects them to come to blows, Kemp drops down and rolls out of the ring. He give Spencer Adams the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag and walks back up the ramp as we fade to commercial to Adams climbing on the turnbuckle and staring at Kemp.

Vengeance vs Apocalypse vs Joey Flash

This is what I have for the match so far....

Freddy Whoa: Our following match is up next.

Zach Davis: That's right, the triple threat match consisting of Vengeance , Apocalypse and Joey Flash.

The house lights dim, and the arena fades to darkness, accompanied by red and orange mood lighting. The cameras pan around the sold out Acer Arena showing the members of the WCF Galaxy waiting in anticipation. Soon a distinct sound of multiple horses galloping is heard. With this, the cameras pan back to the stage as we see entrance graphics employing visuals of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The horsemen utter the words “Apocalypse Now”, when suddenly two columns of fire shoot from the sides of the stage as “My Apocalypse” by Metallica begins to play.

Crawl out of this skin
Hard explosive
Reaching for that pin

Zach Davis: Looks like it's Apocalypse that is coming to the ring.

The flames, on the stage, continue to burn and an explosion is heard as a blast of smoke was set off at the back of the stage. Fog and dry ice begin to envelope the stage as the music continues to play.

Freddy Whoa: I find it quite interesting that Seth Lerch decided to have Apocalypse go against fellow stable mate Vengeance in this match.

Feel thy name extermination
Desecrating, Hail of Fire

Gravedigger: So, it IS true that the Angels of Death are back together..... again.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 315 pounds, from Parts Unknown...The Manifestation of Devastation...A-A-A-APOC-A-LY-Y-Y-P-P-S-S-S-EE-E!!

Brown strobe lights begin to flash throughout the arena as Apocalypse enters by a lift in the stage between the flames, and standing in the midst of the smoke. As the strobe lights reflect off the crowd, we see the faces of the mixed reaction by the crowd, some cheering, and some booing. The Epitome of Brutality stands there staring over the crowd for a few moments and the fire, smoke, mood and strobe lights die down.

So we cross that line
Into the grips
Total eclipse
Suffer unto my apocalypse!

The house lights come on and Apocalypse then starts to head down the ramp, with a slow intimidating walk, as the fans marvel at his size. Some are brave enough to reach their hands out to touch him. Before he nears the end of the ramp the Wicked One stops and makes his way over to a young child. He stares at the child before him; suddenly he pulls out some of his hair, squeals, and hands over his hair to the child before flashing a goofy smile. He then reaches the end of the ramp, steps up onto the ring apron and over the rope with ease. Once in the ring he makes his way over to a corner, sits down, and starts rocking like a baby as “My Apocalypse” by Metallica fades out.

Zach Davis:: It's gonna be very interesting seeing how Vengeance will compete against Apocalypse.

Gravedigger: But, it's guaranteed that we will see some double teaming against Joey Flash.

Freddy Whoa: Thins could heat up early, in this match, based on who comes out next....

The sounds of laughing plays twice in the start of the song. When the first laugh is heard the lights go out in the arena. PAIN.... SUFFERING.... VIOLENCE appears on the titantron in blood red dripping letters. The second laughing is heard...

Zach Davis: This entrance is really creepy.

Gravedigger: Zach, you're such a wuss.

Pyros go off, on the stage. Red and white strobe lights flash on the entrance ramp. Red lights fill the arena, when the music starts as Vengeance slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring.... from Parts Unknown. weighing in at 325 pounds..... THIS... IS.... VEEEEEEEEEEEENGEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE!!!

Vengeance approaches the ring. He stops and looks in the ring before making his way to the ring steps. Vengeance slowly climbs the ring steps entering the ring through the second rope he walks to the center of the ring. Vengeance stops in the center of the ring the arena lights go out as a single red light shines over Vengeance stands there looking at the camera the arena lights slowly turn on.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! These two are absolute monsters!!

Gravedigger: Now, we're waiting on Joey Flash.

The arena lights dim as the crowd buzz begins to build to fever pitch. The music begins to play. "Mile Zero" by Periphery and lingers for a moment before Joey Flash in all his glory emerges from behind the curtain staring at the crowd. He floats regally down the aisle bathing in the atmosphere and stopping to shake the hand of anyone who desires it.

Kyle Steel: From Bronx, New York... weighing in at 220 pounds.... JOEEEEEEEY FLAAAAAAAAAAAASH

He circles the ring not once, but twice. Delaying his entrance and the match even further riling the crowd before sliding into the ring and sitting down in one of the ring corners staring at his future foe with both apathy and disgust.

Zach Davis: This match is about to begin...

[DING!!- DING!!]

Vengeance looks at Apocalypse.

Zacg Davis: What do you think that meant?

Both Apocalypse and Vengeance nod to each other.

Gravedigger: We're about to find out!!

Both Vengeance and Apocalypse charge at Joey Flash....


Zach Davis: We knew this going to happen.

Freddy Whoa: Vengeance is striking Joey Flash with some knife-edge chops.


Vengeance whips Flash...


Gravedigger: Apocalypse was waiting and nailed Joey Flash with a savate kick!!!

Freddy Whoa: COMATOSE!!

Both Apocalypse waits, stalking Joey Flash, surrounding him...

Zach Davis: HEY!! I thought this was supposed to be a triple threat match!! This is turning into a damn handicap match!!

Joey Flash slowly stands up...


Freddy Whoa: Vengeance bolts towards Joey Flash....


The contact Vengeance made against Joey Flash, causes him to flip a full rotation, before crashing down to the mat.

Zach Davis: OH MY GAWD!!


Vengeance is picking up Joey Flash...



Gravedigger: SECOND COMING!!!

Zach Davis: This is absolutely disgusting!!

Vengeance picks up Joey Flash.

Zach Davis: Vengeance has an arm bar on Joey Flash.


Apocalypse nails Flash with a shot in the mid-section.

Zach Davis: How long is this gonna go on?! This is supposed to be a triple threat match!!

Gravedigger: You have said that already.

Vengeance lets go off the armbar and double underhooks both arms.

Freddy Whoa: Look at that evil grin across the face of Vengeance.


Zach Davis: Double arm DDT!!

Joey Flash lands hard onto the mat. Flash just lays there, as both Vengeance and Apocalypse shake hands.

A guitar strike, then three quick guitar strikes echo out....

Zach Davis: YES!! About damn time!!

Freddy Whoa: We knew this was about to happen!!

Master of Puppets begin to play, as Seth Lerch slowly walks out to the entrance stage, with a look of total disgust.

Seth Lerch: NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!! This will not do!! I ordered a triple threat match not a damn handicap match, you two better compete against each other... OR ELSE!!

Vengeance and Apocalypse stand against the ring ropes, facing down the entrance ramp, looking at Seth Lerch. They both mouth out the words... "OR ELSE?"

Seth Lerch: That's right!! You two better start competing against each other or I'll have no choice but... FIRE BOTH OF YOUR ASSES!!

Half of the Acer Arena cheers as the other half of the arena boos of the announcement from Seth Lerch.

Seth Lerch: DO IT!! DO IT NOW!!

Apocalypse sissy slaps Vengeance. Vengeance does the same back to Apocalypse. Apocalypse slaps Vengeance again, as Vengeance slaps Apocalypse again. They pause as they mock sneer at one another, before they... furiously sissy slap each other, with their heads turned and their arms extended out.

Seth Lerch: NO!! NO!! NO!!

Both Apocalypse and Vengeance look towards Seth Lerch....

Zach Davis: Those two better turn around...

Joey Flash stands, getting closer to Apocalypse and Vengeance. Flash is getting more furious and more furious before....

Freddy Whoa: LET THE FUN BEGIN!!

Joey Flash charges towards the other two competitors...

Seth Lerch: You two better turn around!!

Vengeance and Apocalypse turns around, as Joey Flash charges at them, screaming a tribal-like savage yell...



Both of them fall down to the mat, but quickly get back up.

Zach Davis: YES!!


Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash knocks down the other two, once again!!

Apocalypse charges at Flash...


Gravedigger: Quick release belly to belly suplex!!

Vengeance charges at Joey Flash....


Freddy Whoa: That takes a lot of strength of tossing around both of them , like that!!

Flash runs over to Vengeance and grabs him, picking him up...


Flash strikes Vengeance with kicks to his sides.

Gravedigger: Joey Flash has Vengeance in a standing reverse front chancery...


Zach Davis: INVERTED DDT!! Joey Flash is going for the pin!!

Stanley Moser slides in for the pin...

Crowd: ONE!


Freddy Whoa: Vengeance kicks out at two!!

Gravedigger: Do you two realize that Seth Lerch is STILL watching the match?!

Seth Lerch: I'm serious, you two!! HIT EACH OTHER AND DO IT NOOOOOOOOOW!!

Apocalypse goes to strike a kneeling Joey Flash...



Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash kicks the knees of Apocalypse and the big man falls to the mat!!

Flash stands up and charges at Apocalypse...


Gravedigger: Swinging neckbreaker on Apocalypse. Flash is going for a pin.

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!



Flash picks up , with a little struggle....

Zach Davis: Joey Flash barely picked up Apocalypse...


Freddy Whoa: That belly to back suplex nearly broke Apocalypse in half!!!

Joey Flash grabs Apocalypse and tosses him into a corner.



Flash stomps a boot in the mid-section of Vengeance.


Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash throws Vengeance into a corner.....


....right into Apocalypse.



Gravedigger: Joey Flash just dropkicked Apocalypse.

Apocalypse collapsed to the mat. Flash grabs Vengeance...


Zach Davis: Joey Flash just dumped Vengeance with a T-Bone suplex.

Joey Flash walks over to Apocalypse...


Zach Davis: DEATH SPIKE!!

Apocalypse jammed a thumb into the throat of Joey Flash. Flash chokes as Apocalypse quickly stands up, grabbing Flash... swinging him around....


Gravedigger: ASYLUM SLAM!!

Joey Flash lands hard on the mat with a swinging side slam. As Apocalypse bends down and grabs Joey Flash, Vengeance walks up and taps Apocalypse on the shoulder...



Apocalypse slams an elbow into the face of Vengeance.



Vengeance slams both hands against the chest of Apocalypse.

Zach Davis: HERE WE GO!!!


Apocalypse slams both hands against Vengeance...

Vengeance: FUCK THIS!!!


The Acer Arena is go absolutely crazy as both Apocalypse and Vengeance are striking each other furiously with massive strikes.

Seth Lerch: YES!! YES!! About damn time!! Kick each others asses!!

Joey Flash stands up and watches both Vengeance and Apocalypse strike one another. Flash goes in and grabs for Vengeance...


Gravedigger: Joey Flash just got clobbered!!


The Acer Arena goes absolutely crazy as all three begin to clobber one another.

Apocalypse grabs Joey Flash...


Zach Davis: ATONEMENT!!!


Apocalypse turns around...


Gravedigger: SUPERKICK!!

Zach Davis: Apocalypse moves out of the way!!


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!

Crowd: WHOA!!

Gravedigger: That superkick nails Joey Flash!!

Apocalypse picks up Joey Flash and low blows him!


Apocalypse nails Joey Flash with a spin-out fireman's carry facebuster.

Zach Davis: Fall Of Man!!!


Apocalypse covers Vengeance, as Stanley Moser slides into position...


Kyle Steel: Winner of the match... JOEY FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!

Zach Davis: Wait what?

Freddy Whoa: The referee disqualified Apocalypse for the low blow!

All three competitors are near the center, of the ring.

Gravedigger: KICK THEIR ASSES!!

Freddy Whoa: Who are you cheering on?!

Gravedigger: No one. I just want to see some slobberknockering asskicking nonsense!!

Vengeance walks up slowly towards Joey Flash.


Apocalypse walks up slowly up to Joey Flash, staring him down. Both Vengeance and Apocalypse are glaring at the third man, in the ring... Joey Flash.


Joey Flash slowly backs away from both of Vengeance and Apocalypse. "Swamped" by Lacuna Coil.

A mixed reaction comes across the Acer Arena. Terry Roberts runs down the aisle and towards the ring.

Zach Davis: It's Terry Roberts!!

Roberts slides into the ring and looks at both Apocalypse and Vengeance.

Gravedigger: Yes, it looks like Joey Flash has received a little back-up from Terry Roberts!!

Terry Roberts stares down both Apocalypse and Vengeance, before turning around and standing in between Vengeance and Apocalypse.

Zach Davis: WHAT?!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!

Gravedigger: YES!!

Zach Davis: It's a three on one situation!!

Freddy Whoa: It doesn't look too well for Joey Flash.

The three individuals start to move around Joey Flash.


Zach Davis: What else can happen?!


'Orion" by Metallica begins to play.

The Acer Arena begins to explode with boos.

Diablo begins to walk out to the entrance stage, but stops....

Zach Davis: Why is Diablo stopping?

As the song continues, Night Rider slowly walks out. Both Diablo and Night Rider proceed to walk down to the ring.

Gravedigger: I think I know what's going on.

Night Rider and Diablo enter the ring and they join up with the other three staring down a cornered Joey Flash. Night Rider holds up a mic.

Night Rider: I say fuck this!! I say let's beat this bitch's ass.... RIGHT NOW!!

Diablo: I like how you think!!

Zach Davis: The word from the back is that these gentlemen were told NOT to lay a hand on Joey Flash.

As the five gentlemen creep in closer.... "Oblivion" by Mastadon begin to roar out of the arena's speakers.

Oblivion creeps out from backstage and creeps onto the entrance stage. The Vixens, The Gathering and The Monster Gathering also make their appearance. Oblivion looks around the arena before, without any warning spews out...


Oblivion runs down to the ring and slides into the ring. The Vixens and the rest run behind The Monster and circle the ring, slamming their hands onto the ring apron. Oblivion walks up to Joey Flash and stares right at him.

Zach Davis: Oblivion has a small bag hanging on a thick rope.

Oblivion dips into the bag and a thick red sticky substance drips off IT's hand. The Monster licks IT's fingers, before wiping the substance across his face and chest.

Zach Davis: It looks like Oblivion is holding back the rest of the group.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like that The Angels of Death is back!!

Zach Davis: But, aren't they missing someone?

Freddy Whoa: Who? Denise D'Evil?

"A little God in my hands" by Swans begins to play and a spotlight shines on the entrance stage and John Gable makes his appearance. Gable makes his way quickly down to the ring. Gable enters the ring and receives the mic from Night Rider. Gable walks up to Joey Flash.

John Gable: I believe you are standing in MY ring!!

Joey Flash shrugs 'whatever' and walks out of the ring, disinterested . John Gable walks to the center of the ring, with the rest of Angels of Death. Diabloe, Vengeance and Oblivion sneer with absolute distain.

John Gable: Here is the deal everyone. Things are going to change around here. Hollywood is here and its taking over with a little help from some Angels...WCF has been a chaotic mess as of recent with all these people claiming what they think is theirs. They want to place dibs and throw a fit when they don't get it. They join stables and beef their numbers. They try to strong arm the company...This is an important point in WCF history. Not just because Ultimate Showdown is stacked, not just because it has more talent now than ever and not just because the title scene is ready to explode, but also because WCF is currently building relations with important people. I come here as a messenger from Hollywood which means two things! ONE: You all better be on your best behavior if you really care about your jobs and TWO: You respect me and MY ring!

The crowd boos heavily at Gable as he laughs.

John Gable: Now, the Angels of Death may not be a Pantheon or a DRG or a Sentinels, etcetera. But they are here to help me get this place in tip top shape. Because they are team players! They realize what is important and they plan on helping me trim the fat, to discipline the unruly likes of Pantheon who has been running train for too long, to pressure DRG who has been too wild in their methods of Vigilante Justice and to put Sentinels in check about who is really going to be running this show. Imperium? Well, I don't think anyone has to worry about Imperium at this point! But this is a warning for all those who plan on stirring shit while I try to promote my movie. YOU DON'T FUCK WITH HOLLYWOOD! And if you do, you disappear. Today is the last day of WCF and the first day of a truly respectable and dignified company...Let's get out of here!!!

The Acer Arena erupts!!

Oblivion: That's right WCF. This IS AoD.... Angels of Death. Shit is about to get real!! Like it or not..... THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE!! WCF NEEDS change and we... The AoD are the ones to make that change... IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!

Oblivion drops the mic. The group gathers around, as some of The Acer Arena chants out....

Crowd: AoD!! AoD!! AoD!! AoD!!! AoD!!!

Gemini Battle/Doug Murdock/Spencer Adams vs BioWalker/Petrov/Abaddon

Kyle Steel: The following match is a handicap tag team match, scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring first!

The lights dim as "Gonna Make You Sweat" by C&C Music Factory hits the PA. biohazard runs out onto the stage and spits some ooze in the air, followed by Walker who flexes in front of him. The two men hug for a little bit too long before making their way down the aisle. Walker enters the ring and bullies the ref as biohazard does some flippy lucha shit on the ropes. Finally they settle down and wait in the corner for the match to start.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring now, their tag team partner, weighing in at 267 pounds, Petrov!

Petrov's voice can be heard over the PA saying in a calm but intimidating voice "Total. Fucking. Badass." as Blind by Korn starts to play. The crowd begins to talk amongst themselves in anticipation as the intro plays out before the words "ARE YOU READY!?" are shouted and the song drops in as Petrov emerges from the curtain and leans back and let's out a deep voiced shout and walks to the ring with a serious look on his face. He runs up the steps and climbs between the ropes as he paces about while shadowboxing and waiting for his opponent.

Kyle Steel: And their partner, weighing in at 425 pounds, Abaddon The Destroyer!

The arena goes pitch black as the first few bars of “Enter Sandman” begin. Once the music really hits its stride, a bright red pyro goes off, revealing Abaddon standing at the top of the stage. He begins his descent down the ramp as the vocals of the song begin. Small candles on either side illuminate, very dimly, his path. He gets in the ring over the top rope and stands menacingly in the middle of the ring.

Kyle Steel: Their first opponent, he weighs in at 190 pounds, “The Antidote” Spencer Adams!

Assassin by Muse comes on as strobe lights flicker at the entrance way and a blue smoke fills the stage. "The Antidote" Spencer Adams pops out and charges to the center of the stage and holds his arms out in an "X" motion and swipes them downward away from his body. He then charges into the ring, waiting for his partners.

Kyle Steel: His partner, weighing in at 268 pounds, Doug “The Thug” Murdock!

D’la viande cé murs by Les Ékorchés begins to play, as the lights go out in the arena, and white strobelights activate, as the fans go nuts at the appearance of Doug Murdock onstage, as Vinnie Briggs comes in behind him.

Doug rushes to the ring, hands out as he interacts with the fans, before sliding into the ring, and popping up in the middle of the ring. His manager opts to take his time getting to the ring, walking around to the announcer table, where he puts on headphones, and opts in for commentary, as Vinnie Briggs says...

Vinnie Briggs: The fuck's goin' on, fellas?

Gravedigger: Ugh!

Vinnie Briggs: Fuck you, too! Ya old, miserable bass-turd!

Meanwhile Doug plays to the crowd, swinging a white towel over his head, whipping it about, before going to a corner, as he awaits his opponent.

Kyle Steel: Their partner, weighing in at 195 pounds, Gemini Battle!

"Falling Higher" by Helloween plays through the Arena, yet nobody emerges through the curtain. Spencer and Doug look around, slightly irritated and confused. The music hits again, but still, no Gemini. Spencer talks with Doug for a big before motioning for the match to start anyway as Spencer and Petrov step through the ropes to start the match for their teams.

Vinnie Briggs: Oh this fuckin’ guy! Spencer and Doug can take these assholes anyday!

Zach Davis: Just watch the match..

Vinnie Briggs: Eh fuck off!

The action in the ring begins as Spencer charges at Petrov, trying to take him down with kicks to the leg. As he bounces off the rope, Petrov hits him with a strong right, dropping him to the mat and methodically stomping away at his midsection.

Freddy Whoa: Petrov has taken control early in this one!

Petrov goes to pull Spencer to his feet, but is met with some quick jabs to the gut. Petrov grabs, lifting him up with a gorilla press.

Gravedigger: Spencer counters!

Zach Davis: Big hurricanrana by Spencer Adams!

Spencer makes a tag to Doug who comes in and attempts to lift Petrov up for a suplex.

Freddy Whoa: Petrov counters with a suplex of his own!

Petrov leans down and shouts a big “fuck you!” at Doug as Abaddon tags himself in. Petrov shouts out in frustration as he steps out onto the ring apron. Abaddon gets Doug to his feet, hitting him with hard chops across the chest. Pain shows across Doug’s face while Abaddon backs up momentarily before charging at Doug and dropping him with a mean uppercut. He drags Doug to the corner, delivering shoulders to the midsection.

Zach Davis: I think Abaddon is proving to be quite the challenge for Doug here!

Abaddon goes to the opposite corner, preparing to throw himself at Doug.

Gravedigger: Doug dodges him!

Zach Davis: Tag to Spencer Adams!

Spencer hits a dropkick to the knee of Abaddon, who is only slightly affected by it. Abaddon shakes it off and steps back to his corner as Tyler Walker tags himself in. Abaddon steps down from his corner and watches from the outside, glaring at his opponents.

Freddy Whoa: Tyler Walker now in to take on Spencer!

Walker charges at Spencer who ducks him. Walker turns around.

Zach Davis: Pele kick to Tyler Walker and Spencer goes for the cover!




Gravedigger: That was a close call for Walker!

Spencer drags Walker over to the midde of the ring and points to the opposing corner.

Freddy Whoa: What does Spencer have in mind?

Spencer bounces of the ropes.

Zach Davis: A corkscrew moonsault from Spencer Adams!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! What a move!

He smiles as he walks over to Doug, extending his hand for the tag.

Zach Davis: Tag to Doug!

Doug walks over and lifts Tyler up in a vertical suplex position, holding him in the air as Spencer climbs up top.

Freddy Whoa: Spencer and Doug working together nicely there as Spencer comes off the top for a big crossbody with that suplex assistance! What a great show of team work!

Doug goes to lift Tyler Walker up again, but Walker free and tags in Petrov who begins wailing on Doug with hard strikes before dropping him with a scoop slam.

Gravedigger: Petrov with the counter there!

Gemini emerges from the back, stumbling about as he makes his way down the ramp. Spencer looks at him with disgust as he struggles to climb up onto the apron.

Zach Davis: Spencer doesn’t look to happy with Gemini right now.

Petrov continues to lift Doug up for a couple more scoop slams, taking the moment away from “The Thug”. Gemini claps from the outside, showing signs that he is clearly under the influence of god knows what. Petrov goes for the cover.





Petrov stand up, looking slightly irritated.

Freddy Whoa: Petrov making the tag to Biohazard!

Petrov steps out onto the ring apron as he sees Bubba Jones walk out onto the stage. Petrov appears furious as he walks around the ring towards Bubba.

Gravedigger: And just what is Bubba Jones doing here?

As Petrov approaches Bubba, the two begins trading punches back and forth, quickly brawling through the curtain.

Zach Davis: Well I don’t think he’ll be back anytime soon.

In the ring, Biohazard leaps over Doug and attempts to attack Spencer who drops him with a big forearm. Spencer hops over the top rope as Tyler Walker hops off the apron, trying to avoid the attack.

Freddy Whoa: Spencer goes flying with the senton plancha onto Tyler Walker!

Spencer looks towards Abaddon who shows little emotion or care about the match.

Zach Davis: Doug rising to his feet!

Vinnie Briggs: That’s what he does! He’s a fighter!

Gravedigger: Oh, you’re still here?

Gemini yells from the corner, asking for a tag, but Doug shakes his head and picks up motions for the fallen Biohazard to get to his feet.

Tyler Walker tries to get up and slide in the ring, but Spencer grabs ahold of his feet and lifts him up.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Spencer drops Walker with a vaccine on the outside!

Spencer smiles as he points at motions for Doug to finish it.

Zach Davis: Doug lifting up Biohazard!

Freddy Whoa: Match Penalty!






Vinnie Briggs: That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Kyle Steel: Here are your winners, the team of Gemini Battle, Spencer Adams, and Doug Murdock!

Vinnie stands up as he and Spencer enter the ring and raise Doug’s hand as the crowd cheers and Gemini applauds from the outside.

Kyle Kemp vs John Gable

Kyle Steel: Our next match features first, from the great city Chicago, Illinois. At 6'4" and 210 pounds. Please welcome Kyle Kemp.

The lights go out and a spot light shines on the stage. "Comin' Up" by Sam Adams begins to play and gold lights start blinking around the arena. Kemp slowly walks out onto the stage and comes to a stop in the spotlight and crosses his arms. He smiles smugly at the crowd and begins to shake his head up and down. He struts down the aisle glaring at fans and rolls into the ring. The lights all come back on as he extends both of his arms out to his side and begins to laugh. He walks over to the corner and leans on it as the song ends.

Kyle Steel: And now Presenting the greatest actor in the history of Wrestling. A member of the Angels of Death. Coming to the ring at five feet and eleven inches and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty one pounds; hailing from Cleveland, Ohio...JOHN GABLE!!!

He slowly walks down the ramp with a smirk on his face as he sees the booing fans. He walks up the ring steps and takes one last look at the crowd before entering the ring and shadow boxing with the turnbuckle.

Both men square up in the middle of the ring as the bell sounds. Gable with an armbar followed up with a clothesline that knocks Kemp to the mat. Gable hits the ropes and jumps over Kemp bouncing off the ropes on the other side just as Kemp gets to his feet. gable connects with a diving forearm across the forehead of Kemp. Kemp hits the mat again and Gable goes for the cover.

Gravedigger: A little early to be going for a pin attempt. Kemp still has plenty of gas in the tank.

Zach Davis: I agree but I think Gable is playing with Kemp right now.

Gable picks up Kemp just as the ref was beginning to start the count. Kemp counters and hits Gable with a hip toss. Kemp picks up Gable and sends him hard into the turnbuckle. Gable staggers out and is hit with a clothesline that drops him to the mat. Kemp quickly climbs to the second turnbuckle and hits with an elbow across the chest that knocks the wind out of Gable. Kemp with the cover as the ref slides into place.



No, Gable gets the shoulder up.

Zach Davis: These two are going at it hot and heavy here. Hey, What's Night Rider doing coming out here.

Night Rider climbs over the railing from the fans side and sits down at the table with the announcers.

Gravedigger: What are you doing here?

Night Rider: I just wanted to some out and watch my partners back. You never know when someone will try to come out just like I did and attack you. I like to make sure my investment is safe.

Kemp picks up Gable and sends him into the ropes. Gable grabs the ropes and holds on.Kemp goes for a shoulder block but Gable drops out of the ring. Kemp goes flying through the ropes onto the announcers table. Gable walks over and fist bumps Night Rider before picking up Kemp and sending him into the steel railing. gable picks up Kemp and throws him back into the ring. Gable leaps over the ropes and hits Kemp with a splash. Gable hooks the leg.

3 No, Somehow Kemp gets his shoulder up.

Gable picks up Kemp and connects with a gut wrench suplex. Gable with an elbow drop and a cover as the ref gets into position.

No, Gable picks up Kemp by the hair.

Gravedigger: That could have been a big mistake by Gable. I've seen it backfire too many times.

Night Rider: Nothing wrong with messing with your opponents mind a little bit though either. It works if you know when to do it.

Gravedigger: Your right about that. Man I bet that hurt.

In the ring Gable had Kemp in position for a suplex and somehow Kemp found the strength to counter and send Gable hard into the turnbuckle. As Gable staggers backwards Kemp rolls him up but Gable powers out before the ref can start counting. Kemp sends Gable into the ropes and drops to the mat. As gable passes him Kemp gets up and connects with a drop kick as Gable comes off the ropes. Gable drops to the mat. Kemp picks up Gable and slams him down hard to the mat. Kemp with a belly to belly suplex and a cover.

No, Gable powers out.

Night Rider: Your not going to beat Gable not hooking the leg. The guy is just too powerful. His upper body strength wouls amaze some people.

Gravedigger: I know, I've seen him hitting the weights in the locker room before a match. Gable is stronger than he looks.

Zach Davis: Well I think that.

Night Rider and Gravedigger in unison: No one cares what you think.

Kemp picks up Gable and drops him straight down with a powerful DDT. Kemp with the cover.

3 No, Gable gets his foot on the ropes.

A frustrated Kemp begins arguing with the referee about a slow count before turning back towards Gable. Kemp bends down to pick up Gable and Gable wraps him up in a small package. the ref begins counting.

No Kemp kicks out.

Gable picks up Kemp and hits him with a swinging neck breaker. Gable applies a cross face chicken wing. Kemp screams out in pain. the ref asks if Kemp wants to give but he refuses. Kemp somehow makes it to the ropes and gets his leg through them breaking the hold. Gable sends Kemp into the ropes and connects with a drop kick. Gable sets up kemp and connects with the Maltese falcon. Gable with the cover.

Night Rider: This could be it here.

Gravedigger: No, I think Kemp still has some fight in him.

3 No. Kemp somehow manages to get the shoulder up at the last instant. Gable picks up Kemp and sends him into the turnbuckle. Gable follows him in but Kemp uses his momentum to vault himself over gable and land on the other side. Kemp with a hip toss. Kemp picks up gable and drops straight down with a face first DDT. Kemp with the cover.

3 No, Gable gets the shoulder up this time. Kemp picks up Gable and sends him into the ropes. As he comes off Kemp connects with a punt to the face.

Gravedigger: Back to the minors. Kemp hits his finisher.

Night Rider: He put a lot of power behind that.


No, Gable gets the shoulder up at the last second. Now it's Kemps turn to argue about a slow count. Gable makes it to his feet using the ropes as the two continue arguing. Gable grabs Kemp from behind and rolls him up. Gable grabs a handful of trunks. The ref doesn't see it.

3 Gable wins! Gable Wins!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, JOHN GABLE!

Gravedigger: What a tough fought battle that was. They both gave it everything they had.

Night Rider: This kid Kemp looked impressive.

Pantheon Segment

"The Mysterious Pantheon Theme" hits the arena speakers to a sizable pop from the crowd.

Gravedigger: Damn it! Do we have to hear from these guys? I was just starting to enjoy Slam.

Corey Black and Jeff Purse step out from the back, followed by Scarecrow, Alex Richards and Jay Omega. They make their way down the ramp toward the ring as the crowd shows Earth's Mightiest Stable some love.

Zach Davis: Well Gravedigger's feelings aside, this crowd seems to love Pantheon.

Gravedigger: Morons.

Jeff Purse enters the ring and takes the microphone from Kyle Steel as Black, Richards, Crow and Omega gather in the ring.

Jeff Purse: Nearly 2 months ago today, Pantheon had to put down one of it's own. A certain member that had decided that his own beliefs and agendas took precedence over the team. A member that decided to brutally attack one of his Pantheon brothers.

The crowd begins to boo at the mention of Jayson Price.

Jeff Purse: When Jayson Price decided to break the arm of Corey Black, he showed us his true colors. He showed us that he was no longer one of us. With all of his talk abut Corey Black trying to destroy this team from within, with the cowardice he showed when he tried to attack a one armed Corey Black, he forced us to show just how strong we still are as a team.

Pop from the crowd as they reminisce about the superkicks that put Price in a coma.

Jeff Purse: But with Price now laid up in the hospital, hopefully in a coma from which he'll never wake up from, that leaves Pantheon a man down. Which is why when I came back and announced that I was going to be the manager for Pantheon, I also announced that Pantheon was going to be holding a special competition to name the next member of the greatest stable in the history of WCF.

More pops. Crowd loves them some Pantheon.

Jeff Purse: Now over the past few weeks you've been introduced to three of the competitors in this tournament, all chosen by members of Pantheon, including myself. Tonight you get to meet the rest of them!

Purse lowers his microphone as an instrumental version of "The Mysterious Pantheon Theme" hits the arena speakers. Dexter Radcliffe comes out from the back, pointing to the Pantheon shirt that he's wearing as he waves to the crowd with his other hand. He then runs down the ramp at full speed and slides into the ring as his music fades out.

Jeff Purse: First up, my pick for what I'm dubbing The Cuttheon, Dexter Radcliffe!

A death metal version of "The Mysterious Pantheon Theme" hits the arena speakers as Gunther Blythe walks out from the back. He walks down the ramp and climbs up through the ropes.

Jeff Purse: Next, Corey Black's pick, Gunther Blythe!

A K-Pop version of "The Mysterious Pantheon Theme" hits the arena speakers as Jack Daniel Case hesitantly walks out onto the stage and pauses in awe at the sight of the rabid crowd, then makes his way down to the ring, smiling self-consciously and giving nervous waves to the audience. Case rolls into the ring and stands in the middle for a moment, clearly unsure of what to do with himself, then throws both hands up and gets a small pop before he retreats to his corner.

Jeff Purse: Up next, Jay Omega's pick, Jack Daniel Case!

An alt-rock version of “The Mysterious Pantheon Theme” hits the arena speakers.

Jeff Purse: And now introducing Scarecrow's pick, Judas Dante!

Judas walks down the ramp, climbs up the steps and then hops over the top rope into the ring, dive rolling to the center of the ring. Dante gets to his feet as Purse applauds the pick, just as he has the others.

Jeff Purse: And last, but certainly not least...

A classic rock version of "The Mysterious Pantheon Theme" hits the arena speakers.

Jeff Purse: Alex Richards's pick for The Cuttheon, Jack Page!

Page walks down the ramp and enters the ring, savoring the moment with a slight smile on his face. Purse gives him a pat on the back as he takes a place beside the others.

Jeff Purse: Well there you have it folks, the 5 men that are going to be competing for the 1 open position in Pantheon. And you know what? I think the perfect time to start the competition is right here, right now!

The crowd pops.

Jeff Purse: So get me a referee down here immediately because we're going to have ourselves an Over The Top Battle Royal!

Purse drops the microphone and heads out of the ring as the other Pantheon members offer their picks some last minute advice. A referee runs down from the back as they all leave the ring. The referee stops at ringside and signals for the bell to be rung.


Zach Davis: Well it looks like we're getting ourselves an impromptu match!

The 5 members of Pantheon take a seat by the announce table as the competitors in the match eye one another up.

Gravedigger: Seriously? How deep of a barrel did you have to scrape from to find these 5?

Jeff Purse: Just keep your eyes on the ring, Digger. I guarantee you won't want to miss this.

Blythe and Dante decide to team up to take on the biggest guy in the match, Jack Page. They double team him with right hands, forcing him up against the ropes as Page has to hold up his hands to defend himself. Radcliffe and Case circle each other up once before they lock up. Case with the arm and he goes to whip Radcliffe into the ropes. Radcliffe though with the reversal and he pulls Case back into a knee to the gut. Radcliffe with the one handed bulldog, taking Case to the mat.

Jeff Purse: Looks like your guy's not ready for the show yet, Omega.

Jay Omega: You just wait.

Page finally able to fight back, shoving Blythe to the side before tossing Dante up against the ropes. Page with stiff shots to the ribs of Dante until Blythe attacks him from behind with kicks to his legs. Blythe calling out orders to Dante as they both grab hold of Page and try to get him over the top rope.

Alex Richards: Come on Page! Don't you disappoint me like this!

Radcliffe has Case back up on his feet and he shoots him into the rope. Radcliffe running right at Case as he hits the ropes and Radcliffe tries to clothesline over the top rope. Case ducks it and lifts Radcliffe up and over the top rope. Radcliffe lands on the apron and Case fires off a right hand. Radcliffe with the block but Case gets a handful of hair and tries to tear it off Radcliffe's head as he tries to push him off the apron.

Jay Omega: Now who doesn't look ready for the show?

Radcliffe shoves away Case's arms and hits him with a forearm. Radcliffe grabs hold of Case and pulls him in, trying for a suplex. Case grabs hold of the top rope though, so Radcliffe hits him with a european uppercut before quickly getting back into the ring. Page fighting to stay in the ring as he holds onto the top rope, refusing to be tossed out by Dante and Blythe. Page with a kick back into the gut of Dante, doubling him over. Page turns around and blocks a kick from Blythe, trapping his leg. Page with an elbow directly to the knee before shoving Blythe backward to the mat. Page now grabbing Dante and he takes him toward the ropes, throwing him over the top rope.

Scarecrow: Damn it! No!

But Dante grabs hold of the top rope and catches himself before he hits the ground. Dante holding onto the top rope for dear life as Page goes after him. Page with Dante by the head, trying to ram him into the corner. Dante fighting back and he hits Page with a forearm that spins him around. Blythe running right at Page, looking for the Bicycle Knee Strike. But Page sees it coming and ducks to the side. Blythe hits Dante dead on with it and Dante drops to the floor below.

Scarecrow: Ah crap!

Corey Black: Haha! Your guy sucks!

Dante pounding the floor in anger as Radcliffe has Case in the corner, trying to lift him up and over the top turnbuckle to shove him out of the ring. Case fighting back with shots to the head and he manages to get back down on the mat. Case with a roundhouse kick but Radcliffe ducks it and hits the ropes. Radcliffe coming back and he takes Case to the mat with a running tornado DDT.

Jeff Purse: That's my boy!

Blythe attacking Page with elbow strikes in the corner, driving him to the mat.

Zach Davis: I see you've been training this guy quite extensively, Corey.

Corey Black: You're damn right I have. And this kid's going to win this competition, mark my words.

Blythe now pulling Page up to his feet, pushing him up against the ropes. Blythe grabbing hold of a leg, trying to lift Page over the top rope. Radcliffe sees this happening and he runs over to help. Radcliffe and Blythe each with a leg and they manage to get the big man over the top rope and to the floor.

Alex Richards: Son of a bitch!

But the alliance is short lived as Blythe immediately tries to throw Radcliffe over the top rope. Radcliffe lands on the apron and grabs Blythe by the head. Radcliffe with the suplex attempt but Blythe wiggles free and lands on the apron beside him. Now both men throwing punches as they try to stay on the apron.

Corey Black: Get back in the ring you idiot. You're going to fall!

Case sees both men on the apron and takes off running across the ring. Case leaps at them, looking to clothesline both to the floor. Blythe and Radcliffe see him coming and they both leap back into the ring. Case hits the ropes and Blythe hits him with an elbow to the back of the head. Case stumbles into the ropes and has to hold himself up as Radcliffe readies himself behind Blythe. Blythe turns around and Radcliffe hits him with a superkick.

Jeff Purse: The World Needs Wannabees!

Gravedigger: Seriously? That's what he's calling that?

Jeff Purse: You're damn right he is!

Blythe gets knocked backed into Case, who in turn lifts him up and over the top rope with a back body drop. Blythe hits the ground as Black can be heard loudly cursing. Case celebrates the elimination but it's short lived as Radcliffe spins him around and hits him with a superkick. Case falls backward into the ropes and Radcliffe runs at him before clotheslining him over the top rope.

Jeff Purse: And that's it!

The referee slides into the ring to raise Radcliffe's arm as Jeff Purse stands and applauds. The other 4 Pantheon members look disappointed but they too offer some applause.

Gravedigger: So what, does that mean he wins? Is this thing over?

Corey Black: Over? This thing has just gotten started.

Gravedigger: Shit. I should have known they'd drag this thing out.

Slam goes to commercial as Radcliffe leaves the ring to celebrate with Purse.

The Juggalo Warrior's Hardcore Open
David Sanchez vs Isaiah Chavis

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a one fall match with hardcore rules. The Juggalo Warrior’s Open Challenge Match!

The arena falls into a tepid silence as the opening guitar riff to Royal Blood’s “Out of the Black” begins to trickle out of the PA system, starting quiet and building to a thunderous din as the words kick into action. The crowd are perplexed at first until the titantron does the legwork in identifying who is coming to the ring by showing highlights from the career of David Sanchez’ various matches in other companies mixed in with what little vignettes and matches he has had here in WCF.

You made a fool outta me,
You took the skin right off my back honey.
So don’t breathe when I talk,
‘Cause you haven’t been spoken to.

The song play on as the audience erupts into a sea of distasteful chants and a rapture of hissing, gesturing and miscellaneous disapproving noises. David Sanchez appears centre stage, his eyes unblinking as he soaks in the loathing. Dressed in his simple wrestling gear of purple cage-fighting shorts, taped wrists, Black and purple boots, capped with fingerless black gloves he appears a much different man than he does behind the curtain. In contrast to his drug-addled antics of promos both past and present this impressive specimen wears only one additional item to approach the ring, a T-shirt he had launched through his wives’ online fashion outlet. The slogan branded on this simple black garment reads “[FEAR] Fuck Empathy” in purple font.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring from Mexico City, New Mexico by way of Newport Beach, California. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty-three pounds and standing at six foot three inches, he is the self-proclaimed Last True King of Wrestling; David SSSAAAANNNNCCCHHHHEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!

David’s emotionless stare at the crowd turns into a grimace at hearing the words “self-proclaimed” as a prefix to his accolades and he begins a slow pace to the ring. No pyrotechnics are launched, nor do the lights flicker. He believed simplicity was more intimidating than flashing strobes, smoke and fireworks. As he walks he removes the aforementioned T-shirt, an action which draws a slight stirring from the fans closest to the ramp who believe they may be given this item of clothing. Instead, upon acknowledging this optimism, Sanchez simply hangs the T-shirt over the optical lens of the cameraman who had been documenting his walk to the ring causing a momentary fault in focus which is quickly dealt with as the low hissing turns into a tidal wave of boos by those disheartened by his inability to share.

I’ve got a gun for a mouth,
‘Got a bullet with your name on it.

A the music shifts back to a heavy guitar solo David Sanchez slides under the bottom ropes and leaps back to his feet, staring down the ring announcer without so much as batting an eyelid at the audience. With this final blatant disregard for showmanship he turns back to the stage, awaiting his opponent whilst stretching out his limbs in a warm-up. He acts as though the arena is empty, as if this was simply a practice run. A slightly troubling smile appears on his previously void of emotion complexion as the music ceases and the crowd’s obvious resentment for his presence surrounds him like a warm blanket of hate.

“Out of the Black” fades away and “Whoop Whoop” by Twiztid blares over the PA system as the camera searches the crowd. It find Isaiah entering from behind the audience, as they erupt in applause. He pulls his clown face goalie mask down, hops up onto a hand railing, and dives into the crowd. They catch him, and surf him around a bit before passing him down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, he hails from Detroit Michigan. Weighing at two hundred, fifteen pounds and standing five feet, eleven inches tall… The Juggalo Warrior Isaiah CCCCHHHHAAAAAVVVVVIIIIISSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Isaiah slides under the bottom rope and pops to his feet, lifting the mask so he can see the fans better. He takes it off and tosses it to a fan in the front row before throwing up his hands in the shape of a “W” and a “C” and shouting “Whoop Whoop!” The fans shout it back at him, bringing a smile to his face as his music dies.

Zach Davis: And the referee calls for the bell, this match is now underway!

Isaiah and David move towards each other and start to tie up. Chavis instead kicks Sanchez in the gut, forcing him to double over. Chavis follows through with a European Uppercut, sending Sanchez back into the ropes. Chavis runs forward and clotheslines Sanchez out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: This match already heading outside!

Chavis slides out of the ring and begins to deliver a series of punches to the head of Sanchez. Sanchez knees Chavis in the gut, and shoves him back into the commentators table.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Gravedigger: Watch it!

Sanchez moves in to grab Chavis, but is met with a television monitor to the side of the head, sending Sanchez crashing to the floor.

Freddy Whoa: Hey! That was my screen!

Gravedigger: Don’t look at me.

Chavis continues to bash Sanchez with the monitor until finally tossing it down and moving towards the commentators table again. He grabs an empty chair and moves back in on Sanchez. Chavis waits for Sanchez to move to his knees before bringing the chair down. Sanchez quickly moves, and grabs Chavis, sending him face first into the apron.

Zach Davis: David Sanchez finally fighting back here!

Freddy Whoa: I can’t see it!

Sanchez slowly starts to move towards the steel steps. Chavis begins to stir as Sanchez reaches under the ring.

Freddy Whoa: What is he grabbing?

Sanchez pulls out a broom. He turns around and smacks an incoming Chavis on top of the head. Chavis steps back, and is struck on the head again with the broom. Sanchez grabs Chavis and throws him back in the ring.

Zach Davis: Taking the fight back to the ring.

Sanchez reaches under the ring again, pulling out a cookie sheet. He tosses it in the ring and continues searching. He pulls out a stop sign, some spray paint, and a small black bag. Sanchez finally slides into the ring, but is met with a stop sign to the back of the head as he tries to stand up.

Zach Davis: Isaiah Chavis starting to make a comeback.

Chavis grabs Sanchez and stands him up. Chavis slams Sanchez with a simple bodyslam, landing on the cookie sheet. Chavis walks over to the black bag and picks it up. He smiles as he unties the bag and empties out hundreds of thumbtacks. Sanchez stands, and kicks out the leg of the distracted Chavis. Sanchez begins to repeatedly strike Chavis in the back with the cookie sheet.

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez strikes Chavis with the cookie sheet!

Sanchez throws down the cookie sheet and grabs Chavis’ head, moving towards the thumbtacks.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Zach Davis: A DDT into the thumbtacks!

Chavis lays face first in the pile of thumbtacks as Sanchez quickly stands up and tries to shake off the thumbtacks. Chavis begins to shake as Sanchez slides out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez heading out of the ring leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Sanchez reaches under the ring again, pulling out several two by fours wrapped in barbed wire. He tosses them into the ring before reaching back under and grabbing a baseball bat. Sanchez slides back into the ring

Chavis is barely standing when Sanchez grabs him for a snap suplex, sending him right into the barbed wire.

Zach Davis: Chavis lands in the barbed wire, but Sanchez looks to have his arm trapped!

Sanchez carefully untangles his arm as Chavis lays out cold on the barbed wire. Sanchez slides back out of the ring, pulling out a ladder from under the ring. He slides the ladder in the ring and reaches back under again, this time pulling out a table. He slides this table in the ring and slides back in.

Freddy Whoa: David Sanchez is really taking the fight to the Juggalo Warrior.

Sanchez sets the ladder against the turnbuckle and moves in on Chavis. He attempts to grab Chavis’ leg, but is kicked, sending him crashing into the ladder. Chavis springs up, and spears Sanchez into the ladder.

Freddy Whoa: Chavis showing life!

Chavis takes the table and sets it up in the centre of the ring. He grabs the barbed wire and places it on the table. He tries to collect whatever thumbtacks he can, and sprinkles it on the table as well.

Zach Davis: Chavis is planning something here!

Chavis pulls Sanchez up the ladder until they reach halfway up, beginning to lose balance. Chavis delivers a superplex, sending Sanchez through the barbed wire, thumbtacks, and table.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Chavis slowly crawls up, moving towards the ladder. He pushes it aside, making it land on Sanchez. Chavis climbs the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: The Tempest!

Chavis jumps from the top rope, spinning in the air for a 420 splash and landing on the ladder just as Sanchez slides out from under it.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! This match is insane!

Sanchez grabs Sanchez and sits him up. He runs forward and hits Chavis hits a running Yakuza kick.

Freddy Whoa: The Meduca’s Touch!




Zach Davis: David Sanchez wins the Juggalo Warrior’s Open Challenge!!!

Television Title on the Line
Jay Omega/Alex Richards vs Kaz Mazy/Scarecrow vs Howard Black/Mikey eXtreme
Special Guest Referee: Seth Lerch
Special Guest Enforcer: Jonny Fly
Special Guest Ring Announcer: Emma

Gravedigger: Ah, just look at her all day.

Emma is in the ring with a microphone in hand, awaiting to her job.

“300 Violin Orchestra” hits over the loudspeakers and Jonny Fly and Seth Lerch immediately walk out onto the stage to a chorus of boos. As they begin walking down the ramp…

Emma: Ladies and Gentlemen, JONNY FLY accompanied by WCF Owner and special guest referee SETH LERCH!

Gravedigger: Even the way she says Seth Lerch is so sexy. I didn’t even know that was possible.

Seth and Fly enter the ring. Fly immediately walks over to Emma and whispers something into her ear. She blushes, and then nods he head ‘yes.’

Freddy Whoa: I’m guessing Fly just set up some an after-Slam get together with Emma. A true player at work right there.

Gravedigger: For the record, I’ve always hated Fly.

“Mysterious Pantheon Theme” hits over the PA system and Alex Richards and Jay Omega make their way onto the stage. Omega stands on the stage for a moment with his arms spread and a cocky smirk on his face. Richards is smiling from ear to ear as both men soak up the reaction from the crowd. They begin to make their way down the ramp.

Richards holds his doctor's bag in one hand and with the other he takes turns slapping hands, hugging, signing autographs, high fiving, and occasionally delivering a more good natured then used to hard slap to a fan's hand. He wears the Internet Championship over his left shoulder. Omega casually makes his way down the ramp, crossing back and forth to slap hands with fans.

Emma: Making their way to the ring, PANTHEON…first from the Imperial Isle of Maritopia... JAY OMEGA…and weighing in at 345 pounds and hailing from anyplace that needs pain, suffering, pills, or Zim-Quila..."The Archduke of Mass Confusion" ALEX RICHARDS!!

At ringside Omega hops up onto the apron, then vaults over the ropes before crossing the ring and climbing up to the second turnbuckle. Omega poses for the crowd amidst a flickering strobe effect from thousands of cameraphone flashbulbs, then drops down and leans back into the corner. Alex eventually enters the ring after killing a few good minutes amusing himself.

Gravedigger: The best part of that entrance? Emma, clearly.

Zach Davis: Well for Jay Omega and Alex Richards, like every other competitor in this match, this is an Ultimate Showdown warmup. All six competitors will be facing off against one another, along with Fly, and World Champion Dune.

Freddy Whoa: …and someone else, who we’ll find out later.

All of a sudden Jeff Purse is seen on the stage. The crowd explodes into cheers.

Zach Davis: It looks like Jeff Purse is here! He’s heading down to the ring.

Emma: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Pantheon Manager…JEFF PURSE!

Freddy Whoa: Well the Pantheon guys in this match couldn’t have felt too confident with Seth being the referee and Fly being the guest enforcer. I imagine Purse is here to keep the odds even. He is the Pantheon manager after all, so no surprise to see him coming down.

Gravedigger: Jeff Purse evening the odds? Pssh.

Purse slides into the ring. He exchanges a tense stare with Jonny Fly and Seth Lerch, before heading over to the Pantheon corner to talk strategy with Omega and Richards.

Freddy Whoa: This is going to be an interesting dynamic. We have Purse against Lerch scheduled for Showdown next week, and of course the history between he and Fly is obvious.

The house lights die. Cawing crows echo throughout the arena, deep blue and purple spotlights dance across the screaming faces of loyal fans as the ear splitting sound reaches a crescendo. There's a moment of Silence, shattered by a wave of cheers as Scarecrow’s disembodied voice recites, with gravel laced tones, his vengeful credo. The crowd joining in:

“A Murder of Crows is gathering, the fields are ripe to reap. The days of sin, follow the wind, with promises to keep.”

“And in those fateful hours, when my dawn shall duly rise. The Scarecrow shall guard you, from the prince of lies"

“Men of straw, they cower, fall and fear the flame. Yet I am the one, who embraces the sun. Let darkness know my name.”

The crowd breaks into cheers, acquiescing to their hero's request: SCARE-CROW! SCARE-CROW! SCARE-CROW!

A moment passes, then “Red Right Hand”, by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds kicks in. As the melancholic chords snarl, a purple spotlight appears on stage beneath a jumbotron of break neck imagery; Kick! Wham! Stunner!...The unworthy fall victim before The Murder Machine. A Murder of Crows! A vicious Roadkill! It's a glorious car crash of jobbers and victories. A moment later, The Scarecrow emerges from behind the gorilla curtain, his massive form cutting a dark, brooding silhouette beneath the spotlight, a form eclipsed by red smoke and light.

Still masked in shadow, Scarecrow adjusts his right taped hand and steps forward, only now gaining detail as he slowly begins his procession down the ramp. We realize now that he's wearing a customized black hoodie over his fight gear. The words, "The Scarecrow", are emblazoned across the back in dark grey.

Emma: Standing at six foot six! Weighing in at two hundred and thirty six pounds! From The Lost Highways of America! He is DAHHH MURDAHHH MACHINNNE, DAHHH SCAREEE-CROWWW!!!

The spotlight above follows Scarecrow at a measured pace, his tall frame navigating around the squared circle.

“You're one microscopic cog, in his catastrophic plan. Designed and directed by his red...right...hand.”

The Scarecrow saunters over the top rope and enters the ring. Crow removes his hoodie and throws it off to the side. He and Purse exchange a few quick pleasantries before The Murder Machine climbs the ring post now and hits a sinister crucifix pose to a MASSIVE POP. Crow soaks up the adulation for a moment before waving his opponent on. Crow leaps down and leans his back against the ring post, assuming a demeanor of nonchalance tinged with cold menace.

Freddy Whoa: This is some weird shit. We got a Pantheon team with Omega and Richards, and they’re going to be facing off against their own stablemate Scarecrow, who has to team with Kaz Mazy.

Zach Davis: I’m sure Seth did this on purpose. He cares little for Pantheon, and probably hopes a match like this can chip away at their cohesion as a group.

Heavy guitar distortion cuts through the arena as all the lights shut off, minus a gaggle of blue and green on the stage. They all aim at the tron which is showing an unorthodox entrance video. It shows WCF Superstar Kaz Mazy performing daring feats all in Super Nintendo fighting game graphics ala Mortal Kombat.


"2nd Sucks" by A Day To Remember starts blaring as lights explode throughout the arena and the words growl sending a shiver up every collective spine in attendance. The battle cry makes men sprout thick and all the baddest of poons wet. Every child in attendance grows hair on their ballsack and they reach for the nearest bong and start tokin' up!

Spotlights center on one of the entrances in the crowd where Kaz stands, kendo holstered to his back, his Tag Team Championship in his hand, and Bolts Quackenbush waving that Old Glory PG Flag with the Ham' n' Sick' and the Fitty Stars and Thickteen Bars.

Zach Davis: It's Kaz Mazy!

Emma: The only thing that would make this entrance thicker is my titties being motorboated!

The previous words cause Gravedigger to fall out of his chair.

Freddy Whoa: Hey! WHOA! That’s usually my line!

As if on cue, Bolts motorboats the baddest set of titties in attendance on that instant transmission shit as Kaz starts making his way down the steps, throwing his hands in the air with each cry of his name.


Kaz leaps the barricade and slides into the ring. He taunts to the crowd from the second rope and they explode in Kaz cheers once again.


Kaz hands his effects to Bolts who guards them with his life. Kaz leans against the turnbuckle as his music fades and awaits the start of the match.

Zach Davis: It looks like we’re just awaiting our final team. A quick note here, even though this is a three-team tag match, the Television Title is on the line. If Howard Black is pinned in this match, the person that pins him will be the new WCF Television Champion.

Freddy Whoa: Ain’t going to happen, Zach.

As the lights in the arena go out, "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins to blare over the crowd. A flash of light shoots towards the center of the ring and you can make out the shape of Freakshow. The arena stays blanketed in darkness until a red light hits the stage, a light fog begins to drift out and engulf the stage. Mikey eXtreme walks out as "lightning" begins to crash into the stage. Freakshow, who appeared to be in the ring just moments ago is now slowly following Mikey to the ring. Mikey does not make eye contact with anyone in the crowd and ignores their requests for any interaction. Mikey slides into the ring and rolls to the corner where he sits, leaning against the bottom rope. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at Mikey's opponent/the stage where Mikey's opponent will be entering from

Emma: Please welcome…MIKEY EXTREME!

Gravedigger: I could just listen to her say words all day.

Zach Davis: Keep it together, Digger.

Gravedigger: I want to keep her and me together. In a room. Preferably without clothes on. i

Gravedigger is interrupted by the lights in the arena going to black. Only the giant screen above the stage displaying the pattern of a oscilloscope matching the chaotic distortion which begins "Lost Boys" by Death Grips. As the distortion begins to settle into the beat, the words "IT'S SUCH A LONG WAY DOWN" flash over the screen as the emanate from the speakers. As the snare drum hits begin to burst forth, the lights in the arena begin to strobe in blue, white, and gray as the screen begins to show flashing black-and-white images of honey badgers in battle, paired with footage of Howard Black training or waiting in the locker room, preparing for a match. Howard Black makes his way from the back, the hood of his sweatshirt pulled over his head.

Emma: Please welcome the WCF Television Champion….HOWARD. BLACK.

He makes his way down the ramp as the digitized words "LOST BOYS" repeat from the speaker in succession. While his eyes remain focused on the ring, his face a mask of determination, he slaps the hand of the occasional fan which is outstretched to him. Upon reaching the ring, he slides in and unzips his sweatshirt, tossing it aside. He lifts the crucifix from his neck and gives it a kiss for good luck before walking to a turnbuckle and pulling himself up. Upon his ascent, he spreads his arms before the crowd in a pose. As the music begins to die, he drops down and walks to his corner. He takes the crucifix from his neck and places it around the turnbuckle for safe keeping during his match.

Freddy Whoa: Well, here we go! Six wrestlers, three teams, TV Title and some Ultimate Showdown momentum on the line.

Zach Davis: It looks like we’ll get Richards, Mikey eXtreme, and Kaz starting for their teams respectively. The rest of the contestants have shuffled out of the ring.

Gravedigger: Jonny Fly has also made his way to the outside, leaving Seth in the ring alone to referee for the match.

Jeff Purse and Emma also exit the ring…together. They take a seat next to the announcer’s table. They can visibly be seen talking with one another, smiling, laughing, and carrying on.

Gravedigger: For the record, I just texted Kari to let her know what her fiancé is doing right now. He better not try anything with my girl!

Inside the ring, Seth calls for the bell. Ding, Ding, Ding!

Kaz Mazy immediately charges at Mikey eXtreme, who sidesteps him. Kaz turns and is immediately hit with an elbow to the side of his face. He stumbles backward and watches as Richards approaches Mikey from behind and executes a snap suplex. As Richards gets back to his feet, Kaz reaches for him and takes him right back down to the mat with a neckbreaker.

Gravedigger: Thirty seconds in and…Jeff Purse is still talking with Emma.

Zach Davis: What?

Gravedigger: She hasn’t told him to fuck off yet. I just lost a bet to myself.

Zach Davis: You’re not even watching the match are you?

Gravedigger: …

Kaz gets back to his feet and reaches for Mikey eXtreme, bringing him up to his feet. He whips him against the ropes and clotheslines him…

Freddy Whoa: Wait! No!

Mikey ducks the attempt, stops on a dime, turns and delivers a boot to Kaz Mazy’s midsection and then follows it immediately with a missile drop kick. Mikey walks over to his corner and tags in Howard Black, who immediately scales the top turnbuckle. He waits for someone to get up. Alex Richards and Kaz Mazy rise to their feet at the same time. They turn to face Black in unison, and he dives off…choosing to hit Richards with a flying spear.

Zach Davis: Interesting development right there. Howard Black had his choice of who to hit with that spear, and choose Richards of Kaz.

Freddy Whoa: Perhaps considering him the bigger threat?

Zach Davis: I don’t know.

Black gets back to his feet quickly. Kaz meets him and the two men say a few words to one another. They both turn and walk toward Alex Richards. Black picks him up off the ground and whips him in Kaz’s direction. Mazy grabs Richards in a bear hug and then hits him with a belly to belly suplex.

Gravedigger: Teamwork here by Black and Kaz…which is weird.

Kaz and Black work together again to pick Alex Richards back up. Kaz pushes him in the corner, and moves aside as Howard Black takes a few steps backward and then runs in Richards’ direction. At the last moment Richards moves out of the way. Black hits the turnbuckle face first and crumbles to the ground. Richards immediately moves in Kaz’s direction, leveling him with a running big boot.

Zach Davis: Alex Richards fighting his way out of being double-teamed in impressive fashion right here.

Freddy Whoa: Anyone who has fought this dude for that Internet Title knows Alex Richards ain’t no joke. You’re not going to keep him down for too long.

Richards stomps away at Kaz, sending his giant boot into his sternum five times before quitting. He then walks over to Howard Black and turns him over, propping his body into a sitting position in the corner. He then drives his knee into his face several times. Richards reaches down and picks up Black by the face and puts him into a standing positon. He whips him all the way across the ring and then turns and runs at him. As he runs…

Gravedigger: HAHA!

Zach Davis: Sly move there from Kaz Mazy. He’s able to trip up Richards as he was running across the ring looking to inflict more damage on Howard Black.

Mazy quickly pops back to his feet and heads for his corner where he tags in Scarecrow. Crow steps into the ring and looks to the left, where Alex Richards lies face first on the mat. Then to the right, where Howard Black stands tucked into the corner gaining his breath. Crow decides to approach Richards, turning him over on the mat and then…hitting him with a jumping elbow drop.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Gravedigger: A Pantheon member attacking another Pantheon member!

This action gains the attention of Jeff Purse at ringside. He leaves his chair next to Emma and walks to the apron with a concerned look on his face. Scarecrow gets back to his feet and this time hits Richards with a guillotine leg drop. He’s not done yet. He gets up again and goes right for the ropes, bouncing off and coming back and hitting Richards with a lionsault.

Zach Davis: With Howard Black in the ring…Scarecrow has decided to target Alex Richards here…and he’s going for the pin!



Freddy Whoa: Fast count from Seth! WHOA!



Richards is able to kick out just before the abbreviated count from Seth reached three. On the outside, Purse begins yelling at Seth to referee the match fairly. Across the ring on the outside, Fly begins laughing as Alex Richards pops back to his feet and holds out his arms to Crow, questioning him.

Gravedigger: Watch out!

Distracted, Richards doesn’t see Howard Black coming from behind him. Blacks runs at Richards…but he hears the footsteps! At the last second he ducks and Black runs into Scarecrow, knocking him to the mat. Crow gets back and looks at Black but before anything can happen Alex Richards come back and clotheslines each of them. Richards immediately goes to his corner and tags in Jay Omega.

Zach Davis: Jay Omega into the match for the first time. He’s heading straight for Howard Black.

Omega reaches down and picks up Howard Black. He grabs hold of his head and hits a running bulldog. Without any rest, Omega launches himself back up and bounces himself off the ropes and hits Black with a moonsault. Once again, he immediately gets back to his feet and this time he goes to the turnbuckle. He jumps off and executes a macho elbow to Black’s chest. Omega immediately hooks the left for a cover.

Gravedigger: A lightening quick and impressive sequence from Jay Omega, and he’s looking to capitalize with the pin attempt…






Jonny Fly reaches into the ring and grabs hold of Omega’s leg and pulls him off Howard Black.

Freddy Whoa: Jonny Fly disrupts the cover!

Zach Davis: Look at Jay Omega, he’s pissed!

Omega has risen back to his feet and is shouting obscenities at Fly from the ropes, challenging him to get into the ring. Jeff Purse has circles around the ring and grabs Fly and launches him into a set of the steel ring chairs, much to the delight of the crowd.

Back inside the ring, Scarecrow is back on his feet and exchanging a look with Omega. The pause in the action allows Howard Black to quickly crawl to his corner and make the tag to Mikey eXtreme. Mikey enters the ring and immediately heads for Omega, bashing him over the head with his forearm. Omega stumbles backward, and eXtreme grabs him by the arm and pushes him into Scarecrow who was approaching from the side. Crow is able to avoid Omega, but runs right into a superkick from Mikey.

Freddy Whoa: Mikey eXtreme hasn’t spent a lot of time in his match, but he’s making his presence known now.

Gravedigger: He sure is, Freddy.

Jay Omega and Mikey eXtreme lock up. Omega momentarily gains the advantage with a side headlock, but an eye rake from Mikey breaks the hold. He sends a right hand into Omega’s temple, rocking him backward just long enough to tackle him into the ground. He begins punching away mercilessly at Omega’s face.

Eventually, Scarecrow gets back to his feet and pulls Mikey off of Omega. Mikey turns around, and Crow sends an elbow into his face and follows it up with a spinebuster planting eXtreme on the mat. Scarecrow follows with a set of grounded knee strikes. He gets back to his feet and brings Mikey up with him. Crow positions eXtreme in front of him, hooks his arms, and then hits him with a double underhook backbreaker.

Zach Davis: Scarecrow is doing some heavy damage to Mikey eXtreme right now, and it looks like he’s going to bring in Kaz Mazy to continue the onslaught.

Scarecrow walks to his corner and tags back in Kaz Mazy. Kaz hops into the ring and heads toward Jay Omega, lifting him off the mat and pushing him into the corner. Kaz executes a body splash, and as Omega is jarred from the corner he hits a running knee. Omega falls back down to the mat. Kaz turns around to direct his attention to Mikey eXtreme…but Mikey is already on his feet and waiting, and nails him with a clothesline.

Gravedigger: Just another example of Mikey eXtreme’s pain tolerance, or enjoyment of pain I should say. Scarecrow beat him up pretty good, but just seconds later he’s back in the action.

Mikey hops over the fallen Jay Omega and scales the top rope. He looks to the outside, making sure neither Jeff Purse or Jonny Fly aren’t nearby to interfere, and then jumps off and lands a suicide dive on top of Kaz Mazy. It takes Mikey a few seconds to get back to his feet after the shot, and as he does Jay Omega rises to his feet as well.

The two lock up for a second time. Jay Omega gains the advantage with another side headlock and this time keeps the advantage, transitioning the hold into a scoop slam. On the mat, Omega immediately mounts eXtreme and hits him with a series of punches. He grabs hold of his head and brings him back to his feet. Omega whips Mikey into the corner, who spins to use his back to soak up the blow. Omega walks over and attempts to whip him again…

Zach Davis: NO! Mikey eXtreme with the reverse!

Mikey whips Omega across the ring and the runs after him. Omega doesn’t hit the turnbuckle though, he reverses off the second rope, spins 180 degrees, and then hits a dropkick on eXtreme!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Greek Tragedy!

Omega’s momentum takes him back into the corner. He pauses for a moment to look around on the outside. Jonny Fly still hasn’t recovered from being thrown into the ring steps. Omega senses an opportunity and crawls over to Mikey eXtreme and goes for the pinfall attempt.

Zach Davis: Here we go!







Gravedigger: Seth stopped the count!

Omega looks up to see a smiling Seth Lerch, who is obviously refusing to complete the count. He slaps his hands in frustration on the mat. He starts to get up in Seth’s direction, but is met by Kaz Mazy who sends a punt kick to his face. Kaz turns his attention immediately to the downed Mikey eXtreme. He lifts him up to his feet and centers him in the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Smart strategy here from Kaz. Mikey has taken a lot of punishment, and if Kaz wants to end this match he’s the person to target.

Kaz pushes Mikey off the ropes and hits a frankensteiner on him as he comes back. Kaz brings Mikey right back to his feet and pushes him off the ropes once again, this time executing a diving crossbody. Kaz gets back to his feet…but this time so does Jay Omega. The two stare at one another but Omega is right in front of his corner. He backs up slowly, eyeing Kaz, and reaches backward and makes the tag to Alex Richards.

Zach Davis: It’s been a long time on the outside for Alex Richards.

Richards jumps into the ring and immediately runs at Kaz, leveling him with a shoulder block. He drops an elbow on him, then a second, then a third. Richards grabs Kaz and brings him back to his feet and then lifts him onto his shoulders and puts him in a torture rack hold.

Gravedigger: Take it from me, this is painful!

Richards continues the hold for nearly twenty seconds, but we begin to see Mikey eXtreme beginning to stir on the mat. He gets to a knee, and then finally all the way to his feet. He and Richards lock eyes, with Richards still executing the hold on Kaz Mazy. Mikey walks to his corner and tags in Howard Black, and then both men run at Richards and send kicks to his knee, forcing him to fall to his knees and release the hold on Kaz.

Mikey eXtreme is corralled into his corner by Seth, and told to leave the ring. As he does, Howard Black hits Richards with a Shinning Wizard, taking him down to the mat. Black gets back to his feet and looks over at Kaz, who’s still grimacing in pain on the mat. He walks over and…appears to be checking on him.

Freddy Whoa: What is up between these two…and Scarecrow for that matter?

Zach Davis: I don’t know, but Kaz Mazy is getting back to his feet and he and Howard Black are now turning their attention to Alex Richards. This isn’t looking good for Pantheon.

Noticing Kaz and Black eyeing up Richards, Jeff Purse swings around to Richards side of the ring and grabs him by the leg and pulls him out of the ring. Just as Purse gets him to ringside, Jonny Fly emerges from out of nowhere and hits Purse with a huge European Uppercut, sending him sprawling to the ground. Not to be outdone, as soon as Fly turns around Jay Omega is waiting. He grabs Fly, picks him up, and then drops him with…

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Gravedigger: RIDE THE LIGHTENING! Jay Omega absolutely just destroyed Jonny Fly on the outside.

Inside the ring, Howard Black and Kaz Mazy look at one another, not sure what to do. Kaz decides to head to the outside and retrieve Alex Richards. Meanwhile, Mikey eXtreme has joined in on the fight and has hold of Jay Omega against the apron where he hits him with a combination of right hand left hands.

Zach Davis: This is just chaos on the outside. Jeff Purse and Jonny Fly are out. Mikey eXtreme is laying into Jay Omega on the ropes. Inside the ring, Kaz Mazy and Howard Black are resuming their fight against Alex Richards. Scarecrow is…just watching from his corner.

Kaz has dragged Alex Richards back into the ring. With the help of Howard Black, they lift him to his feet and whip him against the ropes. As Richards hits off the ropes, he levels Kaz with a shoulder and then takes down Howard Black with a football tackle. Richards gets back to his feet and immediately grabs hold of Black and lifts him straight up into the air…and brings him back down for a thunderous vertical suplex.

Gravedigger: I felt that ring vibrating from here.

Freddy Whoa: No you didn’t.

Gravedigger: It’s just an expression, Freddy!

Outside of the ring, eXtreme and Omega continue to trade blows. Jeff Purse has started to come to, which has gained him the attention of Seth Lerch inside the ring. Seth goes over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top. As this is happening, Kazy Mazy gets back to his feet and meets Richards as he’s getting back to his. The two square up, with the small Mazy wiggling out of a headlock attempt, turning, grabbing hold of Richards and hitting him with a northern lights suplex, right into a pin.

Zach: Set is on the turnbuckle though! There’s nobody to make the count!

Mazy gets up and watches as Larch eyes up Jeff Purse on the outside of the ring. Howard Black begins to come to as well.

Freddy Whoa: Is Seth really going to do this?

Seth waits for the time is right, and then dives off looking for Purse. Jeff quickly moves out of the way.

Gravedigger: He missed!

Freddy Whoa: NO! WHOA! NO HE DIDN’T!

Just as Seth is about to hit the ground empty-handed, Jonny Fly literally snatches him out of the air, preventing him from hitting the ground. Before Fly can even set Seth down, Jeff Purse turns toward them…

Zach Davis: DEFLATOR!

Gravedigger: NO!

With Lerch still in hand, Fly is able to duck the kick before finally releasing Seth. From inside the ring Kaz Mazy and Howard Black leap over the top rope in unison and hit double suicide dives on Purse and Fly. For the first time in the last couple of minutes, Scarecrow appears. He tags the back of Kaz Mazy, who’s sprawled out on the ground after taking damage from the suicide dive. Scarecrow reenters the ring, where Alex Richards has just got back to his feet.

Outside the ring, Mikey eXtreme and Jay Omega continue to go back and forth. But, Howard Black is able to recover quickly from spilling over the top rope onto Fly and goes to help his partner. Black grabs hold of Omega and locks him into a full nelson. Mikey nails Omega with a superkick, dropping him straight to the mat. Black reaches out and tags his partner, and eXtreme proceeds to slide back into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: I can’t even keep up with who the legal men are! It looks like tags have been made to Scarecrow and Mikey eXtreme.

Gravedigger: Not sure those tags were legal, but our referee isn’t paying any attention.

Seth Lerch is still on the outside after narrowly missing being destroyed by Jeff Purse. He catches sigh of Emma and then just stares at her…for like…ever. From the commentator booth, Gravedigger instructs Seth to snap out of it.


Lerch looks over at Gravedigger and mouths some threat to cut his salary. He then slides back into the ring.

Zach Davis: Alright, we have Alex Richards, Scarecrow, and Mikey eXtreme in the ring now. All three men are on their feet and seem to be sizing one another up.

Richards goes to whip eXtreme to the Pantheon corner but Mikey reverses it, sending Richards into the corner instead. Mikey runs at Richards but Richards gets the boot up.

Gravedigger: Mikey goes reeling..


Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Two corners Superkick! Classic Pantheon?

Scarecrow tags in Kaz Mazy. Mazy hops into the ring and waits for Richards to run at him.


NO!, Richards shoves Kaz away! Kaz hits the ropes, rebounds back and Richards grabs his throat.


Richards drops and pins Mazy.





Gravedigger: They were half of the match so no shit, but...

Richards and Omega celebrate in ring as Scarecrow enters. Scarecrow steps up to Richards.

Zach Davis: Tension among the Pantheon members?

Gravediggers: They're all egotistical douchebags. Of course.

Nah. Scarecrow shakes Richards' hand briefly before all three men celebrate.

Freddy Whoa: We haven't talked about this much but the Ultimate Showdown match has THREE Pantheon members... at a minimum. What if Corey Black wins tonight's Battle Royal?

Zach Davis: Tonight was a warm up, guys. Next week is THE main event. What will happen then?

Teo Del Sol Retirement Party

As the show cuts back from commercial the ring has been commandeered by David Sanchez, still a little beaten and bruised from his match earlier in the evening. Instead of his wrestling gear though, David is now dressed in a simple pair of jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt inscribed as always with the phrase “Fuck Empathy, Accept Reality.” We watch for a few seconds as the ring crew lifts a series of objects into the squared circle, placing them where the devious native of Orange County commands. First a table, then a large stand resembling a giant easel with a velvet tarpaulin thrown over it to hide its contents. Finally a small, decorative throw-pillow is placed atop the table and upon it rests the blood-spattered iron pipe used to assault David’s rival Mr. Sunshine last week. The crowd begins to boo and hiss as the scene is set for what Sanchez hinted would be happening in his screen-time earlier on in the week.

Freddy Whoa: Well, we heard David say that tonight he would be hosting a celebration of Teo Del Sol’s short career.

Zach Davis: Why don’t we just call it what it is? David wanted to come out here and gloat to these fans that he has ended the career of one of their most cherished wrestlers.

Gravedigger: Aren’t you two mighty cynical? Sanchez stated through the week that this would be happening tonight. He wants to give the fans a last look at Mr Sunshine. It’s a charitable act and a way to celebrate the short career of a man who fell victim to a terrible accident last week.

Freddy Whoa: Accident? He was attacked from behind and beaten bloody with a pipe!

Gravedigger: You say potato, I say accident.

Letting the hatred from the Australian fans build up inside him, David clutches his ribs a little as he stalks the last of the ring crew until they step out from the ropes. Demanding a microphone, he taps his left hand over it a few times, testing that it works before dropping it back to his side and waiting a few moments for the audience to settle down. The heat in the arena, before figuratively and literally is almost unbearable, but yet Sanchez seems to thrive in it. The sick smile befitting of a snake ever-present upon his face as he finally decides that enough is enough and attempts to silence the crowd.

David Sanchez: Are we almost done?

Crowd: You suck! You suck! You suck!

The audience only grow louder with the Plague’s request for silence, a fact which again he seems to relish rather than regret. The smile on his face parts for a moment as he chuckles slightly to himself before leaning back against the turnbuckle, motioning towards a fake watch on his wrist as if to suggest that he can wait all night. The audience carries on their derogatory remarks for only a few minutes more before their interest peaks and silence finally falls.

David Sanchez: Oh, so now we’re done? That’s good. Unfortunately as you’ve wasted my time, I think it’s only fair that I waste some of yours.

The crowd begins to stir once more, this time their chants are not so vague, they call out Teo’s name in a desperate attempt to make him appear, as though he could be summoned by saying his name enough times.

Crowd: Teo! Teo! Teo!

David only seems to get a further kick out of this, greeting the audience with a pretend pout and straining his neck to look around the arena before shrugging his shoulders and laughing rather hysterically at the idea of the man actually being the building.

Zach Davis: He’s basically just out here to mock these fans for believing in Del Sol. Doesn’t he think he’s done enough damage?

Gravedigger: What are you talking about? He’s trying to honor a fallen comrade and these people simply won’t let him speak.

Basking once more in the atmosphere he has tailored for himself, David steps forwards towards the stand with the sheet covering its contents. He pauses just as he goes to remove the cover and stares up at the crowd with his cold, blue eyes. Their longing to see what is to be revealed plunging the audience into silence once more.

David Sanchez: I really don’t think calling his name repeatedly is going to work. This isn’t Beetlejuice. If you’d all like to settle down though I have a few words to say, an obituary of sorts for a career that never quite got started…

The silence in the arena stirs once more as David removes the sheet and reveals a large painting with a wooden frame inside of a glass case. The picture it shows and the story it tells is not a happy one though. No glowing portrait of Teo Del Sol smiles back through the picture at the audience. Instead we can see only an action shot from the first match between Sanchez and Mr Sunshine, except the action is that of Teo wincing in pain with David seated atop his back, tearing at his neck with a Camel Clutch. The expression of excruciating pain is barely visible beneath Teo’s mask yet the fan’s collective memory is jogged back to the groans of pain they heard on that evening in Moscow.

David Sanchez: I tried to find a picture that would really capture the essence of what he was all about, but given that he wasn’t actually around for very long this is the best I could manage. I think it speaks volumes though, if you look carefully enough you can almost see the moment where he accepts that it’s over, and yet he still came back the next week. It takes a brave little toaster indeed to come back and take a second beating, however I think we all remember how that turned out.

Stopping for a moment, David closes his eyes. He reminisces of the shocking scene from last week where he assaulted his nemesis backstage. Parting his eyelids now he looks lovingly at the bloodied iron pipe that rests atop its pillow as though it were an engagement or something of other ceremonial value. Licking his lips, it’s almost elation that becomes visible on his face as he begins to speak again.

David Sanchez: … And so ended the story of Teo Del Sol. I’d like to invite him out here just now to say a few words but from what my sources have told me, he’s currently in bed, being spoon-fed by that pathetic excuse for an agent of his. Maybe if we’re lucky though, after enough time has passed and he regains some brain function he’ll be able to wipe the drool from his lips and thank you all for being his friend in a stuttered voice whilst a nurse holds him upright.

David now motions for the crowd to be quiet a final time and stands with his back straight in the centre of the ring.

David Sanchez: Now if you’d all like to join me in a minute’s silence, we can forget all about this horrible accident and get on with the show.

Grudgingly obeying for the first time, the crowd falls into a reverent silence, forced to watch as David folds his arms in front of him in malicious satisfaction. The camera zooms into the picture so that the titantron now showcases the scene of David holding Teo in the Camel Clutch.

The moment of silence, however is cut short by the familiar riff of “Kickstart my Heart”!! The crowd erupts as Teo del Sol’s music blasts through the arena. David wears a mask of confusion that quickly turns to panic, and he immediately grabs the pipe, brandishing it menacingly at the entrance ramp, awaiting his appearance.

The camera pans down to the ringside area, where a fan hops the barricade, his face obscured by a sweatshirt, the hood-strings pulled tight. He slides under the ring ropes and stands behind David before grabbing David’s picture from its stand. David hears the commotion behind him and turns around just in time for the stranger to smash the picture over David’s head!

David rolls out of the ring, head still comically stuck in what was once a portrait of victory. He crashes towards the entrance ramp and begins retreating as the figure draws back his hood to reveal a still-bandaged but very angry Teo del Sol! David is at first stunned, but his surprise quickly turns to embarrassment and anger. Seeing his opponent has the upper hand, however, he decides to continue his retreat as Teo is handed a microphone.

Teo Del Sol: David, David, David…. Didn’t anyone to tell you never to count your chickens before they hatch? It seems rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, despite your cowardly assault last week, despite the doctor’s diagnoses and despite the crack in this skull, I am still…Here!

The audience again roars its approval as Teo begins to collect his thoughts.

Teo Del Sol: But David, do you know what? Despite all the years that you have decided to take off of my career, I can live with that. We are in a violent business, and sometimes someone has to get hit with a pipe…

Gravedigger: It’s how wrestlers say hello in some circles.

Teo Del Sol: But! You weren’t happy with that were you? You saw that I had something you didn’t, saw that these people-

Teo gestures to the crowd who respond with a loud cheer.

Teo Del Sol: You saw that these people could see right through you. Could see the real you, the cocky, arrogant, and self-centered bully who has no problem hurting an innocent bystander to prove a point!

As Teo speaks, a very uncharacteristic rage can be clearly felt in his words. Where before he might have joked, his threats now carry an air of seriousness.

Teo Del Sol: David, there is a line in this business that you do not cross, and that is the bond between the people and the wrestlers. These people are here every week, every show, and they give they’re all every week for us, am I right?

The crowd cheers, loud enough to almost drown out Teo’s words.

Teo Del Sol: And what do you do in return? You throw me like a lawn dart into the front row! You make me into a weapon and you use me to hurt them! Well you listen to me right now, Sanchez! That is a mistake that I will Never! Let you make again. You see, Sanchez, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! You hurt them….so now we’re going to hurt you.

I consider myself a sportsman, I don’t believe that violence solves everything. But I’ve got a pain in my head right now that says that I don’t care about solving anything anymore! I just want to make you feel exactly what I felt when I saw that fan hurt, that helplessness and that realization that that one mistake will be with you for the rest of your life. I promise you will always remember and always regret what you have done to me and to these people!

So, David, as you may have guessed, we have a match at Ultimate Revolution. I went straight to Seth Lerch and on behalf of every single fan, every single person watching around the world, I asked him to make a match. It will be no disqualifications, no countouts, you and me will fight until only one man can walk. And Each and every one of the fans around the front row will get a chance to give you exactly what you deserve, because they will be given weapons! You’d better be sure they don’t have a reason to withhold those weapons from you, because I am going to make sure each and every person in the front row gets their money’s worth!

David, I hope that what you have done to these people is worth it! Because at Ultimate Showdown, you will atone for your sins, one way or another. I promise you that we are going to show you exactly how important these fans are!

Teo drops the microphone and holds his arms out as the crowd begins roaring in approval. David’s face is now consumed by embarrassment and anger, and with a snarl, he spits on the ground and walks into the backstage area.

Ultimate Ninth Battle Royal
Corey Black vs Celeste vs Adam Young vs Zombie McMorris vs The Ultimate Destroyer vs Q-Ball vs Synn vs Bubba Jones vs K.L. Henson vs Night Rider vs Jackson White vs Jack Coston vs Thomas Uriel Bates vs Raymond Hatcher
Special Guest That Will Never Get Anywhere Near An Ultimate Showdown Match Or Any Title Match For That Matter But Will Be Forced To Watch Those That Deserve Chances: Joey Flash

The arena lights dim as the crowd buzz begins to build to fever pitch. Periphery by Mile Zero begins and lingers for a moment before Joey Flash in all his glory emerges from behind the curtain staring at the crowd. He floats regally down the aisle bathing in the atmosphere and stopping to shake the hand of anyone who desires it.

Zach Davis: Welcome to our main event! Here is the special guest for this match, uh... for no apparent reason?

Gravedigger: Seth knows that Joey Flash will never ever touch a main event wrestling-wise, so he's being generous enough to let Flash witness one up close. It is charity, Zach, something you wouldn't understand.

Joey Flash takes a seat next to the announcers, not on commentary but ready to watch the action.

Zach Davis: Hmph. Anyway, one of the following men WILL be moving on to Ultimate Showdown. Who will it be?

The loud sound of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle blares over the PA system. It soon fades, and is replaced with "Midnight Rider" by the Allman Brothers Band as the titron begins showing clips of the Dark Riders Gang MC riding in columns with Bates at the lead. Thomas Uriel Bates steps out on the stage and begins walking towards the ring with a focused look. The titron shows the motorcycle images replaced with images of Bates fighting in the ring, highlighting his power moves from his previous matches, ending with Bates throwing Gemini Battle thirty feet in the air and into the fifth row of the crowd. As Bates arrives to the ring, he climbs up the steps and walks to the center of the apron. He steps over the top rope and enters the ring. Bates stretches out his arms and roars. The crowd joins him in the roar, amplifying the thunderous effect.

The lights go down all of a sudden, and a red spotlight lights up center stage. "Castratikon" by Dethklok starts to play and Q-Ball starts to slowly rise from beneath the stage.

"Born of Evil In a fiery volcano on a mutilated mission to inflict merciless pain!"

He has a towel over his head, and a sycamore cane in his hand.The dark figure reaches the top of the stage and starts to head down to the ring as the spotlight follows him.

"Sacrifice your soul to the deity of death, she's concocted your murder and you've lost all your defenses!"

He rolls into the ring, and gets to his feet. He climbs the turnbuckle, and grabs the towel from his head. Q-Ball raises the sycamore cane over his head, just staring out over the crowd.

Swamped by Lacuna Coil hits and Terry Roberts heads to the ring!

The opening notes of "The Vengeful One" by Disturbed starts playing and the arena goes pitch black. Several quick bursts of red lights flash and then "Adam Young" appears on the WCFtron and the arena lights fade back up with multi-colored lights flying around the arena. Adam holds up his trusty kendo stick and then starts towards the ring with echo chants of "BTJ" threw out the arena. Adam circles the ring side area shaking hands with the fans and letting the women kiss him on the cheek. He reaches the ring steps and climbs up on the apron. He stands there and wipes his feet before he climbs into the ring. He walks to the middle of the ring and then to the other side of the ring and holds up the kendo stick again. He walks over to the corner places the kendo stick down and takes his t-shirt off to throw it into the crowd.

The lights in the arena begin to flash on and off as 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing over the giant new Slam-tron video screen. Angel Fyre exits from the back wearing a black satin evening dress that left nothing to the imagination. Night Rider followed in his black leather jacket, trunks, and boots. He strolls towards the ring and makes a stop at the announcers table. He jumps into the ring and the four corner posts explode with pyrotechnics.

“Reinventing Axl Rose” by Against Me plays over the sound system and Jack Coston bursts forth onto the entrance ramp with his arms in the air, his manager Frank Manor follows behind a good distance.

Jack quickly moves down the ramp, high fiving the fans, moving with the energy song before darting over to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. His manager walks along the ring over to Jack's corner. Jumping to his feet, Jack runs over to the far corner and leaps onto a far turnbuckle, motioning to the crown by beating his chest and raising his fists once more. He jumps down and moves into his corner where Frank is standing on the apron, speaking words of encouragement into Jack's ear.

"Children of God" by Andrew Jackson Jihad plays on the PA system. After the opening drum fill, Henson blasts past the curtain laughing. Mouthing the words to the song as he walked down the ramp with a little spring in his step with his arms spread out to either side. He rolls into the ring then stands upon the second rung of a turnbuckle, slapping himself in the face, getting himself pumped.

We hear "Chariots of Fire" by Faith No More begin to play, after a few chords, we see Raymond Hatcher come walking through the curtain, a big smile plastered across his face. He's wearing a black robe laced with gold trim underneath which are his simple black trunks, kneepads, boots and one elbow pad on his left arm, he also has his hands wrapped in black athletic tape. Hatcher panders to the crowd, none seem too happy about it, his expression seems less than genuine. Hatcher strolls down to the ring at a steady pace. He heads up the ring steps walking out onto the apron while looking out at the crowd. Hatcher gives a little wave, before wiping his feet on the apron and climbing through the ropes into the ring. With the big smirk still smeared across his face, Hatcher steps out to the middle of the ring and gives another half-hearted wave to the crowd. He then heads to his corner and begins disrobing.

Celeste takes the walk up to the ring like a model takes to a runway. Her feet stride with effortless confidence, her chin tilted upwards and shoulders pushed back elongate her neck and expose her jugular to tempt , to dare her appointment to either kiss or mangle her throat. Not a drop of sweat escapes her pours, no fear beats within her breast, almost as if she were not human but a divine creation. She removes her over-sized shades only moments before slinking under the rope, with an elegance so captivating it is hypnotic.

Neuroma by Fuse starts to play and Jackson White walks slowly to the ring with the hoody on his head. He brings a portuguese flag on his back. He keeps his head down with the hoodie covering his eyes until he enters the ring. Then he climbs the steel steps and enters the ring stretching both of his arms looking up and some red and green pyrotechnics blasts from the corner. "The Fenix" raises the portuguese flag, kisses it and puts it near the ring's corner.

"Never Gonna Stop" hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area. He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived.

Ultimate Destroyer runs down comes down to air raid/police sirens jumping up the ring bounces around (ultimate warrior style) and then starts ot beat the hell out of the first person he sees OR Sometimes is wheeled down in a steel box (like they did the tasmanian devil in looney tunes) depending on how dangerous hes assumed to be at the time.


"The South's Gonna Do It Again" by the Charlie Daniels band begins to play. Bubba Jones comes walking out with a huge cooler under one arm, and a thick leather glove on the other. On his outstretched hand sits a bald eagle. Jones carries it down to the ring,. and sets the cooler on the apron. He pulls out a beer, and opens it, taking a drink before letting the eagle have some. The eagle then takes off and does a lap above the crowd before landing on the ring post. Bubba rolls under the bottom rope, chugs his beer, and tosses the can away as a giant American flag drops behind him.

"Pursuit of Honor" by Battlecross begins, with the melodic guitar flowing through the arena, getting the crowd pumped up. As this goes on, the lights fade to nothing until "Push Pull Destroy" also by Battlecross kicks in, where red and white lights circle throughout the arena. Once the thrash blast beat hits, a spotlight illuminates the stage and there stands Corey Black wearing a black hoodie over his ring gear. The lights continue as Corey walks down to the ring, bobbing his head to the music. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope, stands to his feet and throws up the devil horns before taking the hoodie off and dropping it to the floor. He then poses with his right arm up and bent slightly almost in a vertical flex, left hand on his elbow.

Freddy Whoa: Here we go!

The bell sounds!

Immediately... Raymond Hatcher jumps out of the ring and attacks Joey Flash!

Gravedigger: What the hell!?

All hell breaks loose inside the ring as Raymond Hatcher immediately eliminates himself. Flash wasn't expecting it and is caught unawares as Hatcher tackles him down and hits him with punch after punch after punch! The crowd pops as he does so.

Zach Davis: Raymond Hatcher just cost himself another chance at the World Title to get revenge on Joey Flash for Flash's recent attacks!

Flash quickly recovers and gets to his feet, trying to block some of Hatcher's shots... until Night Rider rolls out of the ring and attacks Hatcher now!

Gravedigger: Night Rider was smart and rolled out from under the bottom rope, NOT eliminating himself. But he has several issues with Raymond Hatcher.

Rider hits Hatcher with a few forearms from behind before throwing him into the nearby guardrail. Hatcher crashes into it and Night Rider runs at him, Clotheslining him over the guardrail and into the crowd!

Freddy Whoa: We knew this match would be madness but we didn't expect this!

Gravedigger: What are you talking about? I expected this, but I'm smarter than you, so that makes sense.

Night Rider climbs over the guardrail and he and Raymond Hatcher begin brawling through the audience.

Zach Davis: Well Night Rider may be out of this match after all as he's brawling up through the crowd with Raymond Hatcher.

Inside the ring, Jack Coston runs at Ultimate Destroyer. Destroyer roars and tosses Coston over the top rope!, sending Coston flying to the outside!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

K.L Henson runs at Ultimate Destroyer next and Destroyer throws him over as well!

Zach Davis: ULTIMATE DESTROYER ELIMINATES JACK COSTON AND KL HENSON! Can he defeat Isaiah Chavis at Ultimate Showdown?

But no - Henson skins the cat and gets back into the ring. Destroyer turns around and runs at him but Henson ducks down and executes a Back Bodydrop, sending Destroyer flying over the top!

Gravedigger: Bad call, Zach! Ultimate Destroyer is the one eliminated!

Meanwhile Bubba Jones is stomping viciously at Celeste.

Freddy Whoa: Is he attacking her because she's from London? Or because now she lives in Paris? Or because she's a woman?

Zach Davis: WHOA THERE FREDDY. If you keep saying things like that I'm not sure if Bubba Jones would be a big fan of you!

Freddy Whoa: Somehow I doubt he's a big fan of me either way...

Thomas Uriel Bates is hitting stiff shots to anyone who comes near him - BOOM, right to Zombie McMorris. Boom!, boot to Q-Ball. Boom!, another boot, this time to Synn.

Gravedigger: Thomas Uriel Bates is in a unique spot. He COULD win this match - or he could end up in the ring with the men looking to take him out for the Trios Titles!

Bates turns around - right into the face of Corey Black! Corey immediately elbows Bates in the face, taking the former Television Champion back. Elbow! Elbow! Elbow! Bates leans against the ropes. Corey grabs him and irish whips him across the ring - no!, Bates uses his size to anchor himself and throws Corey across the ring instead.

Zach Davis: Corey Black goes running-

Adam Young grabs Corey as he runs and tosses him over the top!

Crowd: BOOOOO!


Adam Young immediately raises his arms in the air, victorious.

Gravedigger: He SHOULD be proud of himself. He just eliminated a Hall of Famer! Adam Young is Corey Black's kryptonite, and I'm sure he loves the Superman reference.

Terry Roberts runs at Young and Clotheslines him down, but Bubba Jones grabs Synn and spins him around, DDTing him. Young gets up and he and Bubba Jones stomp away at Synn.

Zach Davis: Bubba Jones and Adam Young. That is a tag team made in heaven. Which, by the way, is only accessible to Americans, I've heard.

The two men pick Synn up and throw him out of the ring! The crowd boos.

Freddy Whoa: What a team! We've got our winners right here folks.

They celebrate briefly... before Adam Young grabs Bubba Jones and throws him over the top!

Gravedigger: The southern confederate turns on the all-American Bubba Jones!

Zach Davis: WCF is full of political intrigue, Gravedigger!

Adam Young taunts the booing crowd. He turns... right into a slap from Celeste!

Freddy Whoa: VICIOUS!

Adam Young no sells the slap and grabs Celeste by the hair and tosses her out of the ring next.

Gravedigger: Adam Young is facing Joey Flash at Ultimate Showdown, and he's really proving himself here. He's made a lot of eliminations, he's shown he's ruthless, and he just eliminated Celeste! Clearly sending a message to Joey Flash!

Flash is sitting at ringside still, recovered from Hatcher's attempted attack. Young turns towards him and starts yelling, saying he's going to beat his ass at Ultimate Showdown. Flash laughs, infuriating Adam Young. Young points behind Young. Adam turns around to see what Flash is pointing at - into the waiting arms of Q-Ball! Q-Ball lifts Young into the air and tosses him over the top!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! WHAT STRENGTH! Adam Young eliminated!

Joey Flash laughs.

Gravedigger: Adam Young may have been eliminated by Q-Ball, but Joey Flash was beaten by Grime. Advantage? Adam Young.

Young runs towards Flash but security had already been alerted to that possibility and immediately apprehend Young, dragging him to the back.

Zach Davis: Well boys we're down to five men. Thomas Uriel Bates, Q-Ball, K.L. Henson, Jackson White, and Zombie McMorris.

Freddy Whoa: One of these men is headed to Ultimate Showdown and three of them are headed to the first Trios Titles defense!

Q-Ball runs at Bates and takes him down with a running STO. He gets up and is met with K.L. Henson running at him; Q-Ball hits him with a Capture Suplex! Next up is Jackson White, and Q-Ball catches him too. BOOM! OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SENDING JACKSON FLYING OUT!

Gravedigger: Jackson grabs the ropes and lands on the apron! So close!

Regardless, Q-Ball is still on fire. Zombie McMorris runs at him and gets a Kitchen Sink to the gut for his troubles. Q-Ball picks McMorris up and throws him to the ropes but McMorris reverses that, sending Q-Ball running instead. Q-Ball comes back and Spears McMorris down!

Zach Davis: What a return! What a comeback for Q-Ball!

Jackson White is back in the ring and runs at Q-Ball but Q-Ball lifts him up and takes him towards the turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: Hotshot!

No!, Jackson White slips behind Q-Ball. The Fenix hits a Big Boot as Q-Ball turns and sends Q-Ball flying over the top!

Gravedigger: Q-Ball is out of here!

Joey Flash applauds as Q-Ball hits the mat.

Zach Davis: Final four! Bizarre situation here. If Thomas Uriel Bates DOES NOT win, then Q-Ball will be challenging for the Trios Championships with some combination of Zombie McMorris, K.L. Henson, and Jackson White. If Thomas Uriel Bates DOES win then those three men will challenge for the belts.

Freddy Whoa: So is Seth going to make Bates do double duty if he wins?

Zach Davis: I dunno!

Jackson White is taken down by K.L. Henson who hits him with a Flying Uppercut! The crowd cheers as Henson stomps at White who crawls towards a corner, only to get a Boot Wash!

Gravedigger: These men are so close to Championship opportunities they can taste it!

Henson gets back to his feet and ducks a Clothesline attempt from Zombie McMorris. He then puts McMorris into the Crossface Chickenwing!


Gravedigger: Submission moves are underutilized in battle royals. If you incapacitate someone, they are easily eliminated; this is a lesson that more wrestlers need to learn. Wear someone's body down and they're mince meat.

Bates breaks up the hold! Bates then throws McMorris to the ropes and Clotheslines him.


McMorris quickly slips back into the ring and Hip Tosses Bates as Bates comes running. Bates gets back to his feet only to get an Eye Rake from McMorris!

Freddy Whoa: This coked up zombie has won quite a few of WCF's most prestigious Titles, and whether he ends up in Ultimate Showdown or the Trios Titles match, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

McMorris measures Bates as he begins to get to his feet...

Gravedigger: BOOT PARTY!

McMorris hits Bates with a Punt Kick! McMorris quickly picks the former Television Champion up, but Bates is dead weight.

Zach Davis: McMorris may have knocked Bates out with that kick!

Surveying the situation.... K.L. Henson hops over the top rope and out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: ...Uh... Henson eliminated?

Henson heads to the back, smile on his face.

Gravedigger: He made a decision. K.L. Henson wants Gemini Battle, guys. He just guaranteed himself a shot at Battle and the Trios Championship.

Meanwhile, McMorris and White both are picking Bates up now but Bates begins to fight back. Left to McMorris! Right to White! Left! Right! Fenix and McMorris are sent reeling! McMorris runs at Bates and dives at him with wild abandon!, but Bates ducks away! McMorris flies over the top rope!

Zach Davis: Zombie McMorris eliminated! Honey Badger didn't give a fuck and it cost him!

Freddy Whoa: We're down to Jackson White and Thomas Uriel Bates!

Bates is hurting and Fenix hits him with several punches to the head. Fenix lifts Bates up and throws him to the ropes.

Gravedigger: BIG BOOT!

NO! Bates won't go down! Bates roars!

Gravedigger: BIG BOOT!


Zach Davis: These two men are giving it their all! Will Thomas Bates claim the glory he seems destined for, or will Jackson White rise from the ashes and make it into he main event of Ultimate Showdown?

Bates goes for yet another Big Boot but Jackson ducks it. Both men turn back towards one another and Jackson White hits a low blow.

Crowd: BOO!

Freddy Whoa: Oh come on!

Jackson White decides to end the Big Boot Party with one last Big Boot!, sending Bates flying over the top rope!

Gravedigger: NO!, Bates lands on the apron!

White runs at Bates and kicks him, but Bates holds on for dear life.

Zach Davis: Bates is so close! He's so close to another shot at Howard Black and another shot at Dune!

Jackson White has Bates and he knows it. He swings at him.

Freddy Whoa: BATES DUCKS IT!

Bates ducks the Clothesline and hooks White.


NO!, Jackson White lands on the apron! Both Thomas Uriel Bates and Jackson White are on the apron now and they hit each other with blow after blow, vicious strikes between the two.

Zach Davis: Both men went over the top so whomever knocks the other off the apron will be the victory! We're down to the bitter end!

Freddy Whoa: Both men can taste it! Both men can taste the gold!

ANOTHER BIG BOOT!, Bates boots White in the face!, but White holds on! Jackson White desperately pokes Bates in the eyes.

Gravedigger: Jackson White wisely taking the shortcut! He's got it!

White takes a deep breath and jumps.


Bates falls off!


Bates grabs onto the bottom rope as one foot touches the ground. White hits the ground after executing a beautiful Dropkick. Bates hops two or three times before using the rope he grabbed to roll back into the ring. The bell sounds.


The fans are on their feet.

Zach Davis: Jackson White took a chance but it didn't quite pay off - Thomas Uriel Bates has made it to Ultimate Showdown!

Outside of the ring, White looks on with disappointment. Disappointment and determination.

Gravedigger: But the battle isn't over. We now know that Jackson White, Zombie McMorris, and K.L. Henson will head to Ultimate Showdown for a Trios Titles shot at Thomas Uriel Bates, Gemini Battle, and the new Murdock boy.

Freddy Whoa: Will Thomas be double booked, though? What is going to happen here?

Thomas Uriel Bates doesn’t have much time to celebrate before Dune leaps onto the apron and steps between the ropes, the WCF World Title in one hand and a microphone in the other.

Zach Davis: DUNE IS HERE!

The referee drops Bates’ hand and Kyle Steel backs away as Dune calmly approaches. The two stare each other down in the center of the ring, and the cheers of the bloodlusting crowd intensify as a long moment passes.

Gravedigger: Thomas Uriel Bates had a hell of a World Title match recently and he's now getting his second opportunity. Dune knows exactly what Bates can bring to the table, and Dune knows that next Sunday night just got that much more difficult for him.

Dune holds the mic up to his mask, glaring at Bates as he speaks.

Dune: Congratulations...you just won yourself a ticket to Hell.

Bates nods sarcastically, and Dune follows suit.

Dune: Yeah, you don’t think so? You may have been able to scrape by here tonight against mediocre talent, but next week’s going to be a different story. You’re stepping in with the best next Sunday - and I’m not talking about the seven others who’ll be there too. They’ve all got something going for them, but only one can be top dog, and that’s me. Are you sure you’re ready for me? Are you sure you’re -

“300 Violin Orchestra” hits over the PA as none other than Jonny Fly steps through the curtain, microphone in hand. Seth Lerch stands and cheers triumphantly to a chorus of boos as the four-time World Champion makes his way down to the ring. He slides in and looks Dune over, laughing before looking over at Seth and pointing at the Champ. He turns back to him.

Jonny Fly: This is the guy? What are you supposed to be, some kind of masked crusader? Take a knee - you’re in the presence of greatness. You talk about Bates having to go against the best at Ultimate Showdown...but that’s not you. You’re looking at the best, whether or not I’ve got the World Title around my waist. I will soon enough, so what difference does it make?

Dune: You were the best...once. But the Jonny Fly era is over. It’s obvious to everyone but you and those who would cling to the past when the now is staring them right in the face. Take a knee? How about you take a step back, Jonny?

Dune shoves Fly with both hands, sending him back a few steps before Fly reverses his momentum and charges Dune. He braces for impact when “2nd Sucks” blasts over the PA. The crowd turns toward the entrance to see Kaz part the curtain, followed by Marshall and Calzone. Kaz carries both the U.S. Title and his half of the Tag Team Title over his shoulders. They make their way down to the ring, and Kaz steps in between Dune and Fly while Thomas Uriel Bates catches his breath, still worn out from the previous match.

Kaz Mazy: Easy there, Gentlemen...how about both of you take a step back. Both of you out here talking about being the best and the now and this and that’s got me all worked up. You’re out here lying to the people - to yourselves, even - because deep down you know who’s the best, just like all these people do. You may be the “now,” Dune, but I’m the future, and the future starts next Sunday at Ultimate Showdown. Ain’t nobody who -

“Get Born Again” hits as Mikey eXtreme parts the curtain in a hurry. Freakshow is on his tail, and they rush toward the ring.

Freddy Whoa: My God, this is getting out of hand quick.

Zach Davis: You’re telling me. Somebody call in security, we’ve got a -

Gravedigger: FIGHT!

Mikey forgoes discussion and makes to attack Kaz right away. Kaz is ready for him though, and he drops his Tag Title before holding up the U.S. Title as if to lay Mikey out with it. Thinking better of it, he turns and plants a kiss on the U.S. flag before tossing it out of the ring and turning to Mikey, who charges him. He and Kaz go at it in corner as Freakshow tries to team up on him. TMNT lunges at Freakshow, but Dune grabs hold of them and slams their heads together.

Freddy Whoa: GAH! A sickening thud, and the team of Collins and Calzone goes down!

Zach Davis: Kaz's security force looks to be out of it as they roll out of the ring.

Meanwhile, Dune grabs hold of Freakshow from behind and throws him toward the center of the ring, where Jonny Fly and Bates jump out of his way. Freakshow grasps at Fly, who ducks it and leaps up, clotheslining him. He runs at him again.

Freddy Whoa: Fly with another vicious clothesline...but Freakshow just won’t go down.

Zach Davis: He’s looking at Dune…

The two exchange a look of understanding before charging at Freakshow, double clotheslining him over the top rope. They turn to each other for a tense moment before Bates charges them both, sending all three out onto the mat below.

Zach Davis: Total carnage!

Gravedigger: Nerd...but yeah this is awesome. I’m not sure how it could get any -

“Red Right Hand” fills up the arena, and the crowd bursts as Scarecrow emerges and sprints down the ramp. He slides into the ring and heads straight for Mikey, and he and Kaz begin to pummel the DRG member as Freakshow gets in the ring. Meanwhile, Dune and Fly trade blows outside the ring.

Freddy Whoa: MY GAWD!

Zach Davis: Freakshow’s going after Scarecrow! He’s -

“Mysterious Pantheon Theme” blasts over the cheering crowd as both Jay Omega and Alex Richards part the curtain and close on the ring. They slide in and go after Freakshow, backing the big man into the corner.

Freddy Whoa: And Fly with a devastating DDT on Dune!

Fly lifts the dazed Dune up and throws him back in the ring. He’s on all fours when Fly steps back through the ropes. He makes to stomp on him, but Dune turns and catches his leg in time. He rises to his feet, catching Fly’s head in his arms before lifting him up in a delayed vetical suplex.

Zach Davis: Hourglass! Fly is down!

But not for long. Dune turns his attention to Kaz and Mikey when Fly shoots to his feet, kicking Dune’s leg out from under him and dropkicking the side of his head.

Freddy Whoa: Jonny Fly is relentless!

Zach Davis: Crow is beating down Freakshow!

Murder of Crows on Freakshow, followed by a Crowbreaker! Mikey turns his attention away from Kaz, but Omega and Richards are there to block him before Kaz grabs hold of him again.

Freddy Whoa: Kaz will not let up on Mikey! The two of them and Thomas Uriel Bates are still going at it!

Zach Davis: Once wasn’t enough tonight, Freddy - each of them wants more!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! What's Crow doing?

Gravedigger: Time to move, gentlemen!

Crow has Freakshow hoisted up onto the top turnbuckle, with help from Richards and Omega. Crow contorts Freakshow's prone body into a Pedigree position! Hooks one arm...

Scarecrow: For I am the one...

The Announce table is set alight by Omega with kerosene and a torch! Mikey struggles to get to Freakshow, but there's a thrall of bodies between him and his manager!

Scarecrow hooks in the second arm as the announce table is engulfed with fiame!

Scarecrow:...Who embraces the sun. Let Freakshow know my name!



Scarecrow rolls away from the carnage, the impact has snuffed out the fire on impact as a still Freakshow lies unconsciousness on the outside, EMT's rushing to attend him. Crow smiles a sinister grin as the rest of the combatants inside the ring look on in shock. We hear muffled confusion as Zac Davis manages to salvage a headset from the chaos.

Zach Davis: We need security out here, NOW!

Instead, “Lost Boys” by Death Grips hits, and none other than Howard Black enters the fold. The crowd collectively shits itself as he runs down to the ring, immediately blasting Jonny Fly up as he battles toe-to-toe with Dune. Somehow the crowd gets even louder as Fly hits the mat, and Howard begins pummeling his face from atop his chest.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Howard Black coming in for the save!

Zach Davis: Dune’s got to be thanking his lucky stars at this point, he’s -

Gravedigger: My fucking God…

Blood gushes from a gash in Dune’s face as he rises to his feet in a rage. He grabs Bates from behind, German Suplexing him out of the ring to a massive pop. He shoots to his feet and lands a few hard elbows on Omega and Richards before turning his attention to Scarecrow. He ducks what would have been a knockout blow by the 6’6” Crow, kicking him in the gut before lifting him up into the crucifix position and throwing him at Omega and Richards, who fall back into the ropes as they fail to catch him. Dune runs at Alex and leaps in the air, delivering a tornado kick to the side of his face.

Freddy Whoa: Dust Devil! Richards falls out of the ring!

Zach Davis: And a clothesline to Omega sends him out with him! Crow rolls out too!

Gravedigger: Fly’s got the upper-hand on Howard Black…

Dune rushes over and throws Fly off Howard. At the same time, Kaz throws Mikey out of the ring and turns his attention to Fly and the two Sentinels.

Freddy Whoa: Mikey back on his feet though. He slides back in, stalking Kaz from behind.

Zach Davis: Dune snuffs it out though!

Kaz readies as Dune charges at him, only to watch as he runs past him and takes out Mikey. Howard runs to his partners aid. Kaz joins the party as well, and together the three of them lift Mikey high into the air and throw him out of the ring onto Thomas Bates, Crow, Omega, and Richards. Kaz and Howard leap down together.

Freddy Whoa: It’s a seven-man brawl outside the ring as Dune and Jonny Fly lock up between the ropes again!

Gravedigger: Amityville Horror on Dune!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Fly nods his head as he looks down at Dune. He turns and slowly makes his way to the top turnbuckle, perching there for a moment before he leaps.

Zach Davis: Fly Swatter!

Freddy Whoa: No! Dune’s up in time! He catches Fly mid-air and...oh, no...oh God no…

Dune adjusts Fly so that he’s got him in the crucifix position, and the crowd goes ballistic as he walks over and sends him flying over the top rope onto the seven-man pile of mayhem.


But Dune isn’t finished. He runs across the ring, bouncing off the far ropes before sprinting ahead. At the last moment he leaps high into the air, clearing the top rope. The crowd explodes as he sails headfirst toward the eight men brawling below!


Zach Davis: This may sound like hyperbole but I don't think it is - this could be the greatest Ultimate Showdown of all time, guys. The competition in WCF is at an all time high and all nine of these men are bringing it!, they're bringing everything they have!

Freddy Whoa: I can't wait. I can't whoa-ing wait.

Slam fades to black.... UNTIL CRAWL BY KINGS OF LEON HITS.





Torture: I've thought a lot about it. About this belt. About Ultimate Showdown.

The crowd buzzes.

Torture: Am I going to defend the Hardcore Title at Ultimate Showdown? Will I be the Ultimate Tenth after all?

Torture grins.

Torture: Will I fight to capture the WCF World Heavyweight Championship?

The crowd boos.

Torture: Nope.

THE CROWD BOOS EVEN MORE. And Slam really does fade to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

D'Angelo Hall vs Denise D'Evil

Spencer Adams Segment

Vengeance vs Apocalypse vs Joey Flash

Gemini Battle/Doug Murdock/Spencer Adams vs BioWalker/Petrov/Abaddon

Kyle Kemp vs John Gable

Pantheon Segment

Juggalo Warrior's Hardcore Open: David Sanchez vs Isaiah Chavis

Television Title on the Line: Jay Omega /Alex Richards vs Kaz Mazy/Scarecrow vs Howard Black/Mikey eXtreme

Teo Del Sol Retirement Party

Ultimate Ninth Battle Royal


Of The Week

Battle Royal Winner
David Sanchez vs Isaiah Chavis



Howard Black
United States:
Kaz Mazy
Alex Richards
Tag Team:
Kaz Mazy/???