Slam Intro

Zach Davis: Welcome to Sunday Night Slam, where-

Zach is cut off by the celebratory horns of "Celebration" by Kool and The Gang.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa...what the hell is this?

As the famous hook of the song hits the PA, out of the curtains come Teo Del Sol, followed closely by Spencer Adams, both of whom are dancing excitedly to the song. Bringing up the rear is Vic Venable, who is wheeling in a rather large cake on a cart, complete with plates and plastic forks. All three men have their titles strapped around their waists, Teo his TV Title, and Spencer and Vic's Tag Titles.

Wavedigger: Yaaaaay, now we gotta waste air time on these knuckleheads.

Zach Davis: Enough sarcasm Gravedigger, ever since these three teamed up they've been nothing short of impressive, and now all of them have gold to prove it.

The song continues to blare as the three cart the cake all the way to ringside, all three men grabbing mics as they slide into the ring. The song begins to fade, as the three take in the thunderous applause from the crowd.

Vic Venable: What's up, guys?

More popping from the crowd.

Teo Del Sol: Yeeeah, awesome energy from this crowd, good to know that BOISE KNOWS HOW TO PARTY!

An even BIGGER pop from the crowd. Hometown shout outs, yo!

Spencer Adams: You already know how we do, Boise. There isn't anything in this company that can hold us down now! No Pantheon, no Angels of Death, THERE SURE AS HELL AIN'T NO #BEACHKREWE TO STOP US!

Teo Del Sol: I'm glad you brought that up Spencer. Y'see, #BeachKrewe can say they're the most dominant stable in this company, but they've forgotten the most important part of being a WCF Wrestler, and that's you guys, the fans!

Vic Venable: No doubt. Us three, Teo, Spencer and I, we actually give a damn about you guys, because ultimately when it gets down to brass tacks, YOU are the ones signing our paychecks every week, you buy the merch, you buy the PPVs, you come to the shows, and without you guys, we'd be just a bunch of wackos in a wrestling ring. And that's something that #BeachKrewe will never...EVER...EEEEEEEEEEVER understand!

Spencer Adams: Also, does #BeachKrewe give you guys cake? I don't think so. That's one point already for us, haha.

Teo Del Sol: And don't think we're not keeping tabs on you, Pantheon, cause we are. We got a goal, and that's those lovely Trios Titles you got around your waists right now!

HUGH pop from the crowd, the biggest one of the night so far!

Vic Venable: Hellimination will be the first step, when we enter that ring, we will show EVERYONE in the WCF why we're the real fucking deal. JAY OMEGA, JEFF PURSE, ALEX RICHARDS, WE COMIN' FOR YOU MOTHER-


Vic pauses for a moment before visibly cracking up at Teo's random Shaft reference.

Spencer Adams: Well WCF fans, this Team With No Name now has one, and just like everything we do, it is a tribute to you. We are YOUR Tag Team Champions, and YOUR Television Champion! From now on, you can call us...

All three shout in unison.

Vic Venable, Teo Del Sol, and Spencer Adams: THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE!!

The crowd is on their feet giving them a round of applause.


Teo Del Sol: And now, cake!

The three men hop out of the ring, heading for the giant cake at ringside, and they begin to cut it up and serve it to the fans on the barricade.

Wavedigger: This is fucking ridiculous. Can we get #BeachKrewe to run in on this farce?

Zach Davis: I don't think #BK is anywhere near here right now, Gravey. This is all The People's Choice right now, and they've definitely made a statement tonight.

The scene fades to commercial, with the crowd chanting "CAKE! CAKE! CAKE!" as The People's Choice continues to hand out the free cake.

Livewire Segment

The scene fades into the locker room of United States Champion Gemini Battle and the crowd cheers. He is seen polishing his US Championship Belt with an outrageous smile on his face. He finally did it, he finally won singles gold in the WCF.

Voice: Hey man

The crowd cheers as WCF World Champion Jay Omega comes into the scene with the World Title around his waist and holding a briefcase. Gemini Battle looks side eyed at the champion.

Gemini Battle: What’s up?

Jay Omega: Look, I don’t do this often, so I'll be quick. I wanted to apologize for how I acted last week.

Gemini Battle gets to his feet and walks over towards Omega.

Gemini Battle: Listen, Omega Man, if you don’t think I deserve a title shot, that’s fine…

Jay Omega: Actually, it’s the complete opposite. As things stand right now, there’s no one I would rather give a title shot to. Especially over fucking Torture and any of those douchecanoes from Beach Krew. Nah, I was just… well Oblivion attacked Purse with a chair and I was kind of pissed off. Seeing red, if you will.

Gemini Battle: The Maniac!

Jay Omega: NO! Not the fucking Maniac! I told you, he's gone!

Gemini Battle: Jeez, I was just kidding, man. No Maniac, whatever.

Jay Omega: Listen, I wanted to congratulate you on winning the US Title; I knew you could do it. Took you longer than it should have to get your hands on some singles gold. But now that you have, I had this made as a show of good faith.

He places the briefcase on the table and opens it up. In the briefcase is…

Jay Omega: A newly minted US Championship Belt, I commissioned it myself. It actually made a small dent in my pocket change.

Gemini picks it up and examines it.

Gemini Battle: I…I don’t know what to say.

Jay Omega: Thanks is usually a good place to start…

Gemini Battle: Ummm…Thanks?

Jay Omega: You're welcome. Now, I know we haven’t always gotten on well together, and I know that sometimes it’s my fault.

Gemini Battle: Sometimes?

Jay Omega: Shut up, I’m doing a thing here! Fuck, this is why… never mind… Breathe, Omega… breathe… you fucking moron, Pierce, you drive me up the walls… I just wanted to say sorry and give you a token of my emotions, all right.

Gemini Battle: Well, I appreciate the offer, but I can’t accept it.

He puts the belt down back in the brief case.

Jay Omega: You can't acce-- of course you can! All you have to do is just take this token of our impending friendship. We need to band together to fight not only the authority but the complete douchebaggery that is starting to overwhelm this company.

Gemini Battle: Well, I can say ‘Amen’ to fighting the authority, but you can keep the belt. I like the one I have right here.

Jay Omega: Well, fine then. I’m just gonna leave this here in case you change your mind.

Gemini Battle: I won’t.

Jay Omega: You say that, but you never know. Changing your mind is something you're good at, isn't it?

The two men shake hands and Omega turns to leave. Again he is interrupted by the AoD standing in Gemini’s doorway.

Jay Omega: Well if it ain’t my partners for this week. If you will just excuse me…

He goes to leave between Night Rider and Denise with no luck…

Jay Omega: I’ll just go this way then…

He goes the other way between Denise and Oblivion, still no luck.

Jay Omega: Okay guys, it was funny at the beer tent, but I need to hit the bathroom. Stop dicking around.

Denise simply nods and Night Rider moves barely enough to let Omega through…

Jay Omega: Thank you!

Omega leaves the room as Gemini gets up…

Gemini Battle: What happened to that whole friendship thing you just said! You’re gonna leave me with THEM?

Whistling of the Canadian National Anthem is heard fading out in the distance.

Gemini Battle: Great… what the fuck do you guys want? The DRG is gone, can’t we be done with this shit. You win!

Denise D’Evil: Oh, you think you can get away with what you did last week with no repercussions?

Gemini Battle: Last week? What the fuck are you talking about? I didn’t even see you guys last week!?

Night Rider: Didn’t see us? Did we make that little of an impact on your day, is that what you’re trying to say, little man.

Oblivion and Night Rider converge on Gemini who looks up at them. Oblivion flashes a pair of handcuffs.

Oblivion: Enjoy your title while you can… this will be the last night you have it.

Denise closes the door.




The door opens again and the AoD exit the room unscathed. Meanwhile the camera goes in and you can see Gemini with a bloody lip handcuffed to a beam in the room.

He struggles to get out, and starts screaming.


His eyes turn red and rage fills his voice as the scene fades.

Gemini Battle: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Joseph Vacher vs Lance Savage vs Arch-Angel vs Preecha Kamon vs Patrilli

Rob Zombie's "Halloween" hits the speakers as the lights dim, minus one dark red spotlight shining on the curtain.

Lights begin to flicker all over the arena, as an orderly dressed in all white steps out to hold back the curtain. Dr. James Watson emerges from the back, dressed in a 3 piece suit with his signature grin across his face. He bows to the crowd, and in the same motion, turns towards the curtain, extending his hand...

2 other orderlies appear, walking backwards with a cart. After walking through the curtain, they turn to reveal Joseph Vacher. Who is restrained, his face covered, as he frantically searches around the arena...eyes wide. Dr. Watson approaches him, placing his hand on his shoulder. This calms Vacher down, as Watson releases the restraints.

Dr. Watson motions the orderlies away, as he and Joseph Vacher begin making their way to the ring...

"Oh my god! Is that Lance Savage?" screamed by an anonymous female fan cues the music: "I want it all" by Queen

Lance appears from the Gorilla position, with female fans in tow, grabbing and reaching for him. Face announcers may question how it always seems that it's always the same 5 or 6 women, but I'm sure that's a coincidence.

Lance looks out to the crowd like he just noticed, and throws his arms out for his well deserved adolation. After being loudly booed, he'll make his way down to ringside, yelling at the more vocal fans. If he doesn't get a response, he'll wait for the initial solo to end, and then pantomime to the music, raising his arms to the heavens during each time "I want it all" is heard.

Music hits "Centuries-Fall Out Boy" and Arch-Angel walks out and the crowd chant "Angel! Angel!" several times as he walks down the ramp with his hands his pocket and grin on his face.

"The Master" by GosT booms violently over the PA system as lights flash to the pulse of the aggressive music. Preecha steps past the curtain followed closely behind by Armand who pats him on the shoulder before hyping him up to the audience. Slowly they walk down to the ring and climb the steps. Armand sits on the second ropes as Preecha stops through before shadow boxing with the turnbuckle then lift his arms, unable to hear the boo of the crowd.

Vacher runs at Patrilli and Patrilli lifts him up.

Zach Davis: F-5!

Freddy Whoa: That is STILL the only move that he knows!

Vacher slips behind Patrilli and throws him out of the ring. Lance Savage spins him around.

Gravedigger: SHINING WIZARD!

Savage drops Vacher.



No!, Vacher kicks out. Arch-Angels picks Savage up and drops him with a Big Boot. He then climbs up and hits a Moonsault into a pin.



No!, a kickout!

Zach Davis: Every match matters here in WCF. One victory could catapult you into a Title match!, so who knows!

Freddy Whoa: Especially with the Disruptor Battle Royal looming!

Savage stands up as Preecha runs at him.

Gravedigger: KAMON KANNON!

But Savage is able to roll Preecha up from behind!



No!, both men escape! They circle each other before Preecha gets up and hits savage with a high kick, knocking him to the ground. Patrilli rolls back into the ring and Preecha is about to attack but the two eye each other and smile.

Gravedigger: Oh, this looks interesting.

Zach Davis: Well, Armand has recently taken an interest in Patrilli lately, so technically they are being backed by the same guy. Would only make sense that they would think of teaming up for the win.

Preecha and Patrilli turn to their opponents. They turn to Arch Angel who sees it as it is happening and tries to charge the two but is met with a reaction of momentum and they throw him through the ropes. Vacher is up to his feet and comes after the two but Patrilli quickly goes after the monster by drop kicking him at the shin which causes him to go down as Preecha follows up with a knee to the face.

Freddy Whoa: Kamon Kannon!

The big guy rolls out of the ring. The two follow after and start beating on their downed opponents as they begin to get up. Savage, still in the ring, backs up and comes running, jumping through with a suicide dive at the mass but both Patrilli and Preecha move out of the way, causing Savage to collide with the other two. The Ref has begun his count.




Patrilli lifts up Savage and whips him to Preecha who hits him with a spinning back elbow.



Preecha lifts up Arch Angel and holds his hands behind is back with in chicken wings as Patrilli gives a fury of blows to the gut of the angel of truth.



Preecha throws Angel over the railing and both Patrilli and Preecha stomp away at Vacher who remains on the ground.




Gravedigger: The ref calls for the bell! It is a no contest! But I would say it is pretty easy to tell who dominated here.

Both competitors jump back into the ring as Armand walks up the steps with the mic and steps through the ropes before moving to the center of the ring.

Armand De La Fontaine: Let me introduce myself. I am Armand De La Fontaine! These two here are my clients, Mr. Kamon and Mr. Patrilli! How about that? These two brutalized tonight! And let me just say this was a nice little treat that the WCF set up for us here. Nothing says welcome like a "win" served up on a silver platter...which is exactly why we didn't take it! We don't really feel like bothering with this jobber matches! We came here to impress and we want an opportunity to do that! Preecha is too good of a fighter to waste down at the bottom of the card! Championship talent! And Patrilli is too much of a shit kicker to trust against these jobbers. If you want a low card to last much longer, you waste your time giving these guys a proper spot. We are like the Eastern Winds that way. We come through and brush away those who are not worthy. We are not here to respect the qualities and traditions this place has, so if any of the legends want to "teach us a lesson" get that out of your head right now because it is not happening! And if anyone in the offices want to bury us, then it is only yourselves who you are hurting because we take what we want. If tonight has not convinced you of that? Then keep booking us in these sad sack matches and I assure you that people will be hospitalized and it will be on you!

Armand looks two his two clients and smirks as the crowd slowly swells with booing.

Armand De La Fontaine: I know, big words. Means nothing right now. We will eat them as soon as you can say "world title shot" but consider it a bet of sorts. I am staking my reputation that in the next few months, you will see these men do great things and that this will be the moment it all began. You laugh now but someday you will wish you took my words I little bit more seriously. You don't have to believe me now. That is fine. I will take all the ridicule for empty words because I know they won't seem empty much longer. Fuck this, lets get out of here.

Armand drops the mic as all three men exit the ring and walk up the ramp with "The Master" by GosT blasting over the PA system.

Introducing the Head of Talent Relations

Master of Puppets plays.

Gravedigger: This is Seth's last week in charge until after One. Looks like he has some work to do!

Seth stumbles out and walks.. not TOO drunkenly.. to the ring. He slaps sound fans' hands and slides in, grabbing a mic.

Seth Lerch: One week from now.. one faction will control this company. Either Pantheon, the Angels of Death, the Beach Krew, or some random fucking team, I don't know. Either way, I know they'll need help. And I know this man will be able to help them.

Gravedigger: Uh..

Zach Davis: We thought whoever won would have unlimited control, but is that indeed the case?

Seth Lerch: I've got someone else to introduce! We've got the new Head of Talent Relations!

"21st Century Schizoid Man" by King Crimson explodes onto the PA system and the crowd erupts with their displeasure as Benjamin Atreyu emerges from behind the curtain onto the entrance ramp, giving a wave as he descends to the ring in a black three piece suit with white pin stripes, a white button up shirt under it, a red tie which he adjusts as he approaches the ring, and leather shoes which he brushes off before climbing the metal steps.

He steps onto the ring apron, looking around once more at the arena before changing his gaze over at Seth Lerch, to whom he gives a friendly point and smile, before slipping between the top and middle ropes and into the ring. He gives Seth a firm handshake before taking the microphone, letting the music and the crowd die down in volume before lifting it to his lips to speak.

Benjamin Atreyu: I would like to thank Mister Lerch for that lovely introduction. It is truly an honor to be given the chance to be a member of a company headed by such an intelligent and trailblazing individual, and to work such a vital position in it. I promise I will do my best to bridge that communication gap between the staff and the talent in order to create a more efficient Wrestling Championship Federation.

The crowd builds up with jeers and boos, making their displeasure clear, but Benjamin raises a hand calling for silence, waiting for the audience to follow suit.

Benjamin Atreyu: Now, I know my history with this company is a bit...sketchy. My presence has been a bit scattered, I'm not the most popular with the audience or the locker room, but those very things are the reasons why I was picked to be the head of talent-relations.

Benjamin motions as if presenting himself for the consideration of the audience before speaking again.

Benjamin Atreyu: See, if Seth had pulled out a current talent from the roster, stuffed the individual into a suit, and told him to try and do this job, it would end in disaster; nepotism, bias, breakdowns in communication, probably murder, I don't know, most of them lack even the most basic understandings of the fundamentals of business; could they really be trusted?

Benjamin taps his temple highlighting the information he has given to the audience and the thinking that went into it.

On the other hand, if Seth took a current staff member and put him in the same position as myself, the disconnect would be so apparent, I imagine that a lot of the talent would feel insulted by such a half-hearted attempt. My separation from both sides, my natural charisma, my incredible problem solving abilities, and my absolute dedication to doing. the. right. thing. is what makes me the best choice for this role in our beloved company!

Benjamin motions to the crowd to encourage cheers, but is met, instead, with more hate. He shakes his head and raises the microphone back to his lips.

Benjamin Atreyu: I know what the problem is. "Mister Atreyu, are you just going to leave again after a few weeks. You've broken our hearts before, we're not sure if we can take that again."

Benjamin places a hand over his heart, toughed by the made-up sympathy from the audience.

Benjamin Atreyu: Fear not, WCF Galaxy, with my new position, I've found a perfect mix between being in the industry I cherish so and an appropriate enough distance as to not feel buried under the immense stress of being one of the greatest competitors in the company. Not only will being the head of talent-relations promise a long lasting spot in the company, but will also allow me to retire...with healthy knees!

Benjamin Atreyu motions to the screen above the entrance ramp as it begins to blink "#RetireWithHealthyKnees" over and over again.

Benjamin Atreyu: That's right, I get to have my cake and eat it too! Which will allow not only a sturdy relationship between the talent and the staff, but also between you, the WCF galaxy - a name of my own design by the way - and I, you're humble worker. I can only hope that, with time, you will learn to get over your petty hate for me and accept me as the change that WCF desperately needs, because I just want the best for this company and the best for you guys, even if that means tough love sometimes.

Once more the crowd defies Benjamin's wishes for civility and overwhelm him with jeers. He pays them no mind and turns around towards Seth, whom he shakes hands with again as his entrance theme plays once more, allowing him to exit the ring with his hands held high in his own sort of victory.

Dexter Radcliffe/Gunther Blythe vs Kenny Drake/Bad News Benson
Special Guest Referee: Zombie McMorris

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, later tonight we have some extreme tag team action with Beach Krew taking battling against Pantheon. But right here, right now we have some hot tag team action.

Freddy Whoa: Dexter Radcliff and Gunther B-lite, bithe? Blythe? Yah, Gunther Blythe taking on Kenny Drake and Bad News Benson.

Gravedigger: But that’s not all. Seth knew this match would suck. He knew that he would lose money on it so he went and made a special guest referee for this match. Zombie McMorris, the Honey Badger, THEE Premier champion in WCF. It’s like I died and went to heaven, except you two are still here so I guess I’m in the other place.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentleman. The following is a tag team contest. On his way to the ring first is the special guest referee. From New Orleans, Lousiana… Zombie.. McMorris!!!!

“ Ms New Booty” By Bubbah Sparxxx hits the PA system as makes his way out to the ring. ZMAC is wearing a ref shirt and zumbas pants, complete with his Internet Title. Behind him is a conga line of big titty BBW Latina bitches..

Zach Davis: Please, lord. Don’t tell me. ZMAC has a trombone player in a cowboy hat playing him down to the ring.

Gravedigger: There it is! We have it! Boooty! Trombone! Cowboyhat. The dream is real. History is right in front of us.

ZMAC climbs into the ring as the women and trombone player dance around the ring for a moment before heading back up the ramp.

Freddy Whoa: Thank God that’s over. I hate the trombone. You can tell it’s a white man’s instrument. Its loud, obnoxious and not good for anything.

Gravedigger: Honey-Digger don’t give a shit! I love it.

Zach Davis: Point taken, Freddy.

An instrumental version of "The Mysterious Pantheon Theme" begins to play throughout the arena as Dexter Radcliffe and Gunther Blythe comes out from the back, arms raised into the air, to a pop from the crowd. They lowers their arms as Dexter takes off down the ramp at full speed before sliding under the bottom rope and popping up to his feet. Gunther walks slowly with a serious look on his face. Gunther climbs into the ring as Dexter runs over to the nearest corner and hop up onto the second rope before gesturing to the Pantheon logo on his t-shirt. Then he'll climb up onto the top rope and back flip to the center of the ring as his music fades out.

Zach Davis: Well those are two Pantheon upstarts and wow.. they couldn’t be more opposite. Dexter is high energy and Gunther is very serious and straight business, it seems.

Freddy Whoa: They might be Pantheon upstarts but can they take on Kenny Drake and Bad News Benson.

Gravedigger: I’m going with yes.

no music or anything just stomps down like hes pissed off at men women children animals and gods he does take to stopping to harass fans occasionally

Gravedigger: And here comes Bad News, looking cheerful today. No music, no introduction. Just get out here and get buried. I like that spirit.

Zach Davis: Nothing ever good came from a guy without entrance music.

Gravedigger: Like that Evan Vayne, guy?

Freddy Whoa: What ever happened to him?

Zach Davis: Me. I happened to him.

Gravedigger: I can only imagine in what could have been very violent and pornographic and you’re a sick fuck for bringing that up, Davis. What the hell is wrong with you?

"Superstar (Instrumental)" from Jesus Christ Superstar Hits the PA system. The opening notes strike like lightning and the lights in the arena go out, causing the fans to erupt in boos. The lights around the entrance begin to strobe and Kenny Drake strides out, head down, hood up. Kenny slowly raises his head and looks around at the jeering fans, before racking his neck and knuckles. He removes his hood and stares at the ring as he begins his slow walk down.

Zach Davis: And an impressive looking Kenny Drake.

Gravedigger: He cant hear you. You don’t have to kiss is ass. Just be honest.

Zach Davis: You’re an asshole, you know that? Its my job to call it down the middle.

Gravedigger: Christ, Zach. Lighten up. Its MY job to add a little color to the commentary.

Freddy Whoa: I thought I added the color? I’m the brotha.

Gravedigger: No, you just allow us to take welfare checks and food stamps at the merch tables. My three week Mexican cruise thanks you. I’ll be thinking of you when I’m getting drunk and yelling at illegals from the safety of a boat.

Freddy Whoa: How are they illegal if they’re IN Mexico?

Gravedigger: They’re always illegal. Mexico isn’t a legitimate country. They prolly snuck back in so they could try to steal my wallet and my job.

ZMAC calls for the bell.


Benson and Gunther start things off as ZMAC stands over in the corner. Gunther and Benson lock up and look fairly even but that Japanese hard style wins the day as Gunther breaks the lock up and cracks Benson over the head with an elbow into some modified kicks that chop Benson down to a wobble but an eye rake by Benson evens the score. Gunther takes control with a side headlock. Benson shoots Gunther off the ropes as Dexter makes the blind tag. Gunther comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle into knee drop as Dexter comes off the top rope with a leg drop into the pin.

the pin. ZMAC with the count.


Benson with the shoulder up.

Zach Davis: Benson get a one count.

Dexter picks Benson up and whips him into the ropes but Dexter gets clotheslined on the rebound. Benson goes to make a tag but Dexter grabs his leg. Benson manages to fight him off and tags in Kenny Drake.

Freddy Whoa: ZMAC acknowledges the tag

Kenny Drake hits the ring and hits Dexter with a tiltawhirl back breaker and then picks Dexter up into a side suplex.

the pin.




Drake picks Dexter up but Dexter fights back with elbows to the the face before he takes off for the ropes. Dexter does the same and they both connect with each other.

Zach Davis: Running stiff lariats from both men. Both are down.

Freddy Whoa: ZMACs gonna have to start the ten count.

In the ring ZMAC walks over to the two men and puts Drakes arm over Dexter.

The cover. The pin..



ZMAC lifts Dexters arm up and signals a two count kick out.

ZMAC kicks Drake off of Dexter and drags him over towards Gunther and slaps Dexters hand against Gunthers leg and signals for a tag.

Gunther gets in the ring and goes on the attack as Drake gets to feet over in the adjacent corner as the two start trading blows. Gunther has Drake in the corner and uses the middle rope for a step up knee smash.

Zach Davis: These two guys are really going at it.

ZMAC: I know. Its pretty chill.

Zach Davis: Z, shouldn’t you be reffing the match?

ZMAC: I am. They only need me to count pins. What I do in my spare time is my business.

Gunther whips Drake into the other turnbuckle but Drake reverses and connects with a tornado lariat.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA Drake with the Pendelton Roundup.

The pin.

Zach Davis: Umm.. Z. The pin. Shouldn’t you be in there?

ZMAC: Nah. Who wins with a tornado lariat?

Freddy Whoa: Maybe Drake, if you count the pin.

Gravedigger: Hey! Whose the ref? This man is a WCF official. He’ll have your job, Freddy. You respect the man or get beaten down by the man.

Zach Davis: In the mean time, the crowd doing your job.

Crowd:.. 4..5..6…

ZMAC: See. Told you no one wins with a lariat.

ZMAC takes off the head set and rolls back into the ring only to be confronted by Drake. ZMAC motions that refs the ref bit Drake doesn’t care and shoves ZMAC.

Gravedigger: Probably shouldn’t have done that.

Zach Davis: And ZMAC unloads on Drake with some vicious right hands.

Benson hits the ring but ZMAC gets up and smashes him with the Internet Title.

Freddy Whoa: And ZMAC is leaving the ring.

Gravedigger: And why shouldn’t he? The man was not only disrespected but also attacked. Its not safe in thre. He’s only a referee.

Zach Davis: He’s the Internet Champion.

Gravedigger: And as Internet Champion, he doesn’t have to put up with that sorta thing.

ZMAC rolls out of the ring and heads towards the back as a real WCF official runs down the ramp and into the ring.

Drake gets to his feet as Gunther sizes him up and connects with the bicycle knee strike.

the pin.



3 !!!!

Zach Davis: And young Pantheon picks up the win over Benson and Drake.

Legion Segment

Slam cuts backstage where viewers find Hank Brown standing by with Atticus Sinclair and, a little behind them both, Legion who was staring at a wall, muttering to himself. Hank glances back at the big man, confused by it all, before focusing in on Atticus, who seemed to be doing the talking this week.

Hank Brown: Atticus, you wished to speak with me about recent happenings in the WCF. Does this mean that you and Legion have gotten closer to the meaning behind the numbers tormenting his mind?

Atticus: That answer will come in time, Hank, so at least give it that. No, I've come here to address on Legion's behalf an issue that has arisen since War: the underestimation of the Lord's Messenger and his abilities in the ring.

Atticus points to Legion standing behind him.

Atticus: A man who finished sixth in War is not fit to be partaking in the 'bathroom break' matches like the ones he has competed in the last two weeks. No one wished to see Legion utterly decimate Adam Young without breaking a sweat. No one wishes to see him do the same to Billy and Johnny Rabid. They may not want to see him succeed but they won't see him fail if this trend continues the way is has.

Hank Brown: So what, then? Are you requesting stiffer competition for Legion?

Atticus: I'm simply giving Seth Lerch a choice. Either give Legion real opponents where his dominance can better be wrought.

A dramatic pause, with accompanying zoom in on Atticus' face

Atticus: Or put Legion in the Disruptor Battle Royal at Hellimination next week. At least then he can have the pleasure of utterly dominating a whole horde of these degenerates, breaking them with the weapons provided for the entertainment of the crowd, before getting that 'stiff competition' you alluded to, Hank. Legion will find himself in the upper echelons of this company either way. The question to be asked, Hank, is this: how many bodies is Seth willing to sacrifice before he opens his eyes and realizes what is truly before him.

And with that, the pair exit, leaving Hank Brown alone backstage.

Hank Brown: And there you have it folks; Legion has put his name forward as a possible competitor in the Disruptor Battle Royal next week, where the winner will be granted a future World Title shot. We can only wait and see Seth's resp--

Hank is interrupted by the return of Legion, who looms over the big man. Gesturing for the mic to be held close to him, Legion speaks softly into it.

Legion: Six Three, Three Six.

And just like that, he's gone again. Hank Brown only shakes his head, relieved by his solitude.

Hank Brown: Let's return to the action.

John Gable Segment

Jay Omega is walking down a hall but then suddenly stops and the camera pans over to reveal John Gable standing in front of Seth's office about to knock but upon seeing Omega, he refrains and turns to address Omega.

John Gable: Hey look, I feel last week after the shoe we got off on the wrong foot.

Jay Omega: Something tells me it won't be much different now...

John Gable: All I was trying to do was congratulate you. I am not here to claim that I would have won if it wasn't for a few traveling set backs keeping me from competing. I am not here to make excuses. In fact, I am glad it happened because it gave me time to think and realize what an asshole I have been around here. I decided on my time gone that I am going to change...IN FACT! I have a proposition!...

Jay Omega: You are going to drop the Paramount lawsuit and leave?

John Gable: Close!...Actually no. I was just going to ask Seth if he could give me a special match next week but I guess I will skip that and just ask you right here...

Jay Omega: I don't like where this is going...

John Gable: I want to join Pantheon!

Gable smiles with his arm are held out in anticipation of a reply to what he feels is an amazing offer. A mount of awkward silence passes.

Jay Omega: ...No...

John Gable: Oh come on! It would be amazing!

Omega begins to rub the bridge of his nose.

Jay Omega: I am going to make this as simple as possible. I simply don't trust you...

John Gable: I completely understand! But that is why I am here, to talk to Seth and...

Seth opens the door to his office and sticks his head out.

Seth Lerch: What the hell is going on out here!?

John Gable: I am just trying to convince Omega to let me join Pantheon.

Seth Lerch: What did he say?

John Gable: He said no...

Seth turns to Omega

Seth Lerch: Oh come on! It would be amazing!

John Gable: That is what I said! But he doesn't trust me apparently!

Seth Lerch: Really? Gable is the most trustworthy guy in the fed!

Jay Omega: Except for the time he pretended to think he was turning into a turkey to throw Cheetah Fighter off his guard.

John Gable: I guess I did do that.

Jay Omega: Or that time he pretended to be an offense Jewish stereotype of a Lawyer to again catch WCF off their guard.

Seth Lerch: Well, that did happen.

Jay Omega: And the countless other times he has screwed over teammates for his own benefit.

John Gable: I do that A LOT...

Jay Omega: And there was that time with a bear and a rubber glove covered in...

Seth Lerch: OKAY! I get it!...But you know what I think, Omega?

Jay Omega: Nothing?

Seth Lerch: I think you have trust issues! So I am going to do something for you. Next week, you and Gable are to team next week in a tag team match playa!

John Gable: That is exactly what I was going to suggest!

Seth Lerch: Good luck!

Seth withdraws his head and slams the door.

John Gable: Exciting! Looking forward to it! Partner!

Gable goes to pat Omega on the shoulder but Omega knocks the hand away and rolls his eyes as he walks away.

Billy/Johnny Rabid vs Legion/Adam Young

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall. Already in the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and ten pounds, they are Adam YOUNG & LEGION!

Inside the ring, Adam Young is making out with Myra without a care in the world while Legion stands a short distance away, muttering those dreaded numbers to himself.

Freddy Whoa: They sure are an odd bunch.

“Buy Me A Boat” by Chris Janson hits the speakers and the crowd hops to their feet as Billy steps out from the back. He takes off his cowboy hat and waves to the crowd, acknowledging the cheers. He places the hat back on his head and walks down the ramp, slapping hands. Every 10 or so feet, he stops and takes a breather due to his immense girth. Eventually he makes it down to the ring and slowly walks up the ring steps. He takes another breather at this point and then finally steps between the middle and top ropes.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents . . . Introducing first, weighing in at four hundred and seventy five pounds . . . BILLY!

Billy walks over to the nearby turnbuckle and tries to climb them to play to the crowd, but he can’t quite get up there. He eventually gives up and just settles for acknowledging the crowd at each side of the ring. The crowd pops as he raises his arms at each side of the ring. He finally walks over to the nearby turnbuckle and takes another breather, waiting for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: It’s hard to believe that Billy almost weighs as much as both of his opponents combined.

Gravedigger: Look at him, Zach; I’d say it’s terribly easy to believe, actually.

“Anarchy in the U.K" by The Sex Pistols hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron. As the smoke clears, we see Johnny Rabid standing tall; arms out stretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as Johnny's name appears on a Slam Graphic. Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's Johnny hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Big Ben exploding. Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the boo's from the crowd before taking off his sparkle shirt and shades and waving his hapless opponent on with a cocky smirk on his face.

Kyle Steel: And his partner, weighing it at two hundred and twenty six pounds . . . he is Johnny RABID!

Gravedigger: At least one of them looks like a real wrestler.

Zach Davis: It’s definitely going to be an interesting match as the two teams decide on who is going to start the match.

This proved an easy decision between both teams as Johnny Rabid pushes Billy forcibly into the center of the ring to start the match, right into a bulldozing Young, who made the decision without consulting Legion. Adam Young’s flying running forearm coliaded with Billy’s jaw at the very moment the bell rang.

Freddy Whoa: And this fiasco has officially begun!


Young lands a solid blow on the jaw of Billy, sending the big man stumbling back, though not without some consequence; the sheer girth of Billy sent Adam bouncing to the mat, though the in-ring veteran was quick to find his feet again. Coming back slower this go round, Adam Young comes in close with heavy haymakers across the chin of the Taco Bowl victor. Billy backs away, seeking safety in the closest corner of the ring, with Adam close on his heels. Back against the turnbuckles, Billy can do little but eat the blows to the face until he suddenly gets his hands around Adam’s head. Stepping out of the corner, Billy tosses Adam back first into the turnbuckle before giving him, to put it bluntly, a chest bump that pinned the former tag champion between four hundred pounds of fat and the unforgiving steel.

Zach Davis: It was unorthodox, but it works.

Billy steps out of the corner, allowing the ragdoll Young to fall onto the mat face first. Adam rolls onto his back just in time to eat the splash from Billy, who was really just landing on top of him to make the pinfall.

Freddy Whoa: Even a roll-up can finish a match for Billy



Foot on rope!

Adam Young, with it being nearly impossible to get a shoulder out from under Billy, utilized the ropes to break the pinfall and continue this match. Billy rolls off of Adam and rises slow to his feet, holding his hands up for a breather while Young tries to find his lungs on the ground as well. Rabid calls for the Billy, which the big man willingly obliges; the newcomer to the WCF springboards into the ring and immediately begins to bring the boots to the downed Young. This only seems to irritate Adam, who begins to push himself to his feet.

Gravedigger: Adam Young no selling those boots—

Zach Davis: --You mean, he’s making a comeback.

His ascent apparent, Rabid takes a step back, waiting for Young to find his feet. Then running forward, Rabid leaps onto Young’s back, a crucifix transitioned into something in mind. Young, being close to the rope, holds onto Rabid and backs into them until the horizontal hanging Rabid was pushed through the gap between the middle and top rope. Johnny releases the crucifix, landing on the apron, only to eat a heavy big boot from the charging Legion, sending him tumbling to the concrete below.

Zach Davis: Innovative teamwork from those two, despite their obvious dislike of one another.

Legion tags himself into the match before leaping off the apron with a diving elbow drop onto the downed Rabid on the outside. The referee begins the ten count, but doesn’t even reach two before Legion had found his feet and rolled Johnny into the ring. Following closely behind, Legion goes for the quick pin.



Kickout! Rabid pushes out his shoulder and then, with a show of technical mat-work, transitions it into a pinfall of his own.




Legion pushes Rabid off of him, rolling into a crouch as Johnny kips to his feet. The pair share a stare before Legion rises to his full height, stepping forward to meet his new fow.

Zach Davis: Let a display of wrestling commence.

The pair lock up in a test of strength, one that Legion easily overcomes, locking Rabid into a wrenching side headlock. Johnny pushes Legion off of him into a shoot of the ropes, only to eat a shoulder block from the returning Legion. Rabid takes the blunt of the blow through and hits the mats shoulder first in a rigid state, allowing him to use the momentum to tumble backwards into a standing positon. With incredible speed and accuracy, the rising Rabid lands an enzuigri across the back of Legion’s head, sending the big man stumbling back. Rabid charges forward, a clothesline over the ropes in mind, but Legion grabs him by the waist and tosses him over the top. Johnny latches onto to the ropes with his hands, transitioning the momentum so he lands feet first on the apron. A second enzuigiri backs Legion into the center of the ring, leading to a springboard crossbody that sends the pair to the back.

Zach Davis: What a sequences from the pair, and it isn’t done yet!

Indeed, it was Legion’s turn to wow the crowd here in Boise as Legion tumbles through the crossbody, rolling to his feet while still holding onto Johnny Rabid! In the perfect position, Legion throws Rabid back in a release Fallaway Slam.

Freddy Whoa: Hog Toss!

Gravedigger: But the newcomer has landed on his feet.

With a show of his cat-like reflexes, Johnny Rabid landed on his feet behind the still standing Legion. Charging forward, Rabid connects with a low dropkick in the back of Legion’s knee, sending the big man to a crouching position. Shooting the ropes, Rabid returns with a lights out shining wizard that put the big man on his back. The crowd was electric now for the sheer pace of the match alone, so Johnny Rabid didn’t go for the pin; instead, he ascended the top rope.

Zach Davis: The Apex Predator is looking to fly!

And Your Sunday Night Hero leaps high with a Phoenix Splash . . . only to come crashing down onto the awaiting knees of the still stunned Legion. Rabid rolls off of Legion, who is still trying to find his wits about him. The pair start dragging themselves to their respective corners, building up the suspense, until they finally leap forward, tagging in their partners to a big pop from the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: Well we know who the fan favorite is between these competitors. Here comes Billy!

The big man comes in charging, knocking Adam Young to the mat with a heavy shoulder block. Adam Young is quick to his feet, only to eat a second shoulder charge from Billy, who was bouncing around the ring like a human pinfall now. Adam Young is on his feet for a third time, sidestepping Billy who finally was slowing down to catch his breath. Charging forward, Adam Young has a leaping forearm smash in mind, but Billy catches him and, with unforeseen technical prowess, throws Young up and over with a massive belly to belly suplex.

Gravedigger: It’s great to see Billy actually perform a real wrestling move.

Billy, already on the ground, rolls over to Young and drapes an arm across the former champ’s chest, failing to utilize his girth.





Even then, it was a close kickout as Young rolls over to the corner, using the turnbuckle to pull himself to his feet. Somehow, Billy finds his feet first and waits for Young to do the same. Then, charging forward, Billy comes crashing in, an Avalanche in mind, but Young somehow gets out of the way. Billy bounces chest first onto the turnbuckles bouncing back in a one eighty to eat a super kick from Young. Even then, Billy doesn’t lose his footing, forcing Young to shoot his ropes to strengthen his next strike. He doesn’t get the chance as when he hits the ropes, Rabid lashes out with a brutal kick to the back of his head.

Zach Davis: And just like that, Johnny takes away all the momentum Young was building.

Legion, inflamed by the blatant cheating from Rabid, tries to climb into the ring but is forcibly stopped by the referee, with Billy watching behind him to make sure Legion doesn’t attack him from behind. With the referee out of the picture for the moment, Rabid steps into the ring and begins to lay into Adam with closed fists, backing the former champ into the corner. He hammers on him until Young finally collapses onto the mat, quickly transitioning into stomps. Billy turns at the sound, and with a wave of a fat finger, charges in to break up Rabid’s onslaught.

Zach Davis: Billy looking to stop the cheating by Rabid.

Freddy Whoa: And Rabid with a drop-toe hold . . . onto Billy?!

Indeed, with a full steam Billy coming in hot, Rabid ducks low and trips up his own partner, sending him crashing onto the downed Young. Rabid quickly follows it up with a standing shooting star press, adding an extra two hundred pounds to the pile squishing Young. Rabid rolls onto the apron to observe while the referee is finally aware of the pinfall and counts it.

Legion comes fully into the ring, only to eat a springboard dropkick from Rabid, who leaps over the sliding referee who counts the pinfall.




Gravedigger: This new tag team gets the win!

With Adam Young about to leave the ring, Johnny cold clocks the villain with a brutal uppercut, the shot sends Adam bouncing off the ropes in a haze of confusion. Johnny hits Young on the rebound with a Canadian Destroyer variant; bouncing Adam's head off the mat and knocking the opponent out for the count.

Zac Davis: Rabid just drilled Young right into the mat!

Gravedigger: Sometimes a message has to be sent. Adam was the exclamation point. He should feel honoured...once he's able to feel again.

Rabid stands tall in the centre of the ring. Billy and Barber watch on confused and in shock as Rabid climbs a turn buckle and soaks up the boos (and a few cheers) from the crowd. A few clicks of his fingers later, and a microphone is handed to him.

Johnny Rabid: When I look upon an Adam Young; I see a cautionary tale ladies and gentlemen. I see what can happens when ambition outstrips talent. When those unwilling to learn suffer the same fate over and over again. Last week on Slam; my new charges in #beachkrew suffered a damning loss. Now, with the help of Billy, I will teach this company; and those that I consider compatriots, a valuable lesson; that to succeed, it takes more than just bold claims; it takes true vision. #Beachkrew now has that vision...bestowed upon me by a genius named Jimophy Thuggin'. My mentor. My surrogate father. My friend.

Billy: Shitfire!

A tall shaft of light looms down onto the ramp, now the only illumination in the building. Johnny climbs down from the turn buckle, smiling at Jimpohy as he salters past a stunned Billy.

Johnny Rabid: Next week, Billy. Our teachings continue.

Johnny drops his microphone and exits the ring; he walks back up the ramp and leaves with Thuggin' as the light disappears. Plunging the confused crowd into an uncertain darkness.

Gravedigger: That Billy, he's one lucky fat bastard!

Billy Segment

The scene opens up backstage with WCF’s Billy. He’s standing at the parking lot entrance for WCF wrestlers and staff, patiently awaiting the arrival of someone. The camera zooms out slightly as Hank Brown walks on-screen. Billy turns and grins.

Billy: Oh hey, Hank Brown!

Hank Brown: Well hey, Billy! Fancy meeting you here.

Hank Brown looks around all suspicious and reaches into his jacket and pulls out a footlong submarine sandwich. Billy pushes Hank’s arm down, looking around to see if anyone is looking. They trade the sandwich between them to Billy. Billy reaches up and pulls away his jacket to slide it in, but then looks down and remembers he’s wearing a t-shirt and just awkwardly holds it to the side.

Hank Brown: Ok, a deal’s a deal. You said that if I brought you the sandwich you’d let me in on your secret. Who is your new trainer? Who is this mystery person?

Billy grins sheepishly and shrugs.

Billy: Well, see, here’s the thing. While you were gone to get me the sandwich, he text messaged me and he’s walking in now.

Hank Brown glares at Billy.

Hank Brown: Well in that case, give me back the sandwich.

Hank Brown reaches for the sandwich, but Billy quickly pulls it away, out of Hank’s reach.

Billy: No, sir. A deal is a dea---

Billy is interrupted as a hand appears off-screen and snatches the sandwich away.

Voice: If I’m going to be your trainer, there’s no cheating on your diet.

Despite knowing who it is, Billy has just as shocked of a look on his face as Hank Brown, whose jaw drops.

Hank Brown: How-how-how-how—

The camera zooms out a little further to include former WCF wrestler HOWARD BLACK on the screen. The crowd in attendance pops loud. Howard’s left arm is in a sling, a reminder of what Joey Flash did a while back.

Howard Black: Howard Black, Hank. Has it been that long that you couldn’t remember my name?

Hank finally regains his composure and puts his hand out, shaking hands with Howard Black.

Hank Brown: Wow, I can’t believe this! YOU’RE Billy’s new trainer?

Howard Black: Yes I am. Billy, let’s go. We need to get you ready for your match later.

Hank Brown: Wait, wait, wait. Can I get a few moments of your time? This is huge that you’ve returned, fans have wanted to hear about you for months!

Howard Black holds a hand up.

Howard Black: No, Hank. This isn’t about me. I’m here to help Billy. Maybe we can eventually sit down and talk, but right now this is about Billy.

Billy can’t contain his excitement and grabs Howard in a hug. Howard screams out in pain, causing Billy to quickly let go.

Billy: Shit, sorry, Mr. Black.

Howard winces in pain, grinning anyway as he shakes his head.

Howard Black: Don’t worry, Billy. I didn’t want that arm to get better anyway. Let’s go.

Billy grins sheepishly and shrugs at Hank Brown before walking off-screen. Hank Brown mouths the word “wow” as the cameras go back to ringside.

Bonnie Blue vs Vic Venable

Zach Davis: Our next match pits the new comer Bonnie Blue against an established Vic Venable.

Freddy Whoa: This should be a crowd pleaser.

Gravedigger: This better be a match that keeps my total attention, inside the ring and out.

Zach Davis: These two competitors are fan favorites. They give these fans their monies worth.

A metal remix of the Doctor Who theme begins to play. Smoke begins to cover the stage. Blue and white strobe lights flash in time with the beat, of the music. Bonnie Blue appears from the haze, wearing a hooded ankle length coat of azure. A silver star is emblazoned, in the back, of the coat. Throwing back the hood, Blue raises her arms to the crowd, soaking in the cheers, for the moment. Bonnie sprints down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: The following match is for one fall. The first match participant is from Parts Unknown and weighs in at one hundred and forty three pounds. This is... BOOONIIIEEE BLUUUUUE!!

Bonnie makes it into the ring, sliding under the bottom ringrope. Blue climbs up to the second turnbuckle and raises her hands to the crowd. Bonnie jumps down and waits for her opponent.

Zach Davis: This newcomer looks ready for a fight.

Gravedigger: I wonder what other talents she has.

"Struck a nerve" hits the P.A. system as the lights go a dark shade of blue, as smoke fills the entrance way. Out from behind the curtains comes Vic Venable.

Freddy Whoa: Here comes Vic Venable and listen to that crowd.

With an ever so confident smirk on his face, Vic makes his way through the smoke and down the ramp, towards the ring.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at one hundred and seventy five pounds, this is... Vic Veeenablllle!!!

The fans cheer him on, as he slaps hands, from the fans, as he make his way down to the ring. Venable quickly readies himself by pounding his own chest.

Zach Davis: WCF Senior referee Stanley Moser notifies Kyle Steel to ring the bell.


Freddy Whoa: And this match is under way.

Gravedigger: It's about damn time!!

Both participants circle the ring, after shaking hands.

Zach Davis: You see Gravedigger, sportsmanship.

Gravedigger: Oh, whatever!! By half way through this match they will be throwing fists and everything else. Don't give me that sportsmanship garbage!!

Blue and Venable hook up, collar and elbow, in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: Vic Venable connects with stiff jab to the jaw. Another jab to the jaw.

Freddy Whoa: Bonnie Blue retaliates with a knee to the mid-section of her opponent.

Blue grabs Venable and throws him to the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Vic Venable roars out, bouncing off the ropes and connects with a running clothesline.

Gravedigger: Alright some action!!

Bonnie Blue falls to the mat. Venable quickly attempts an elbow drop...

Gravedigger: But Vic Venable misses with the elbow drop.

Bonnie quickly stands up and bolts for the ropes, bouncing off of them.

Zach Davis: Vic Venable swings errantly with a clothesline attempt.

Blue bounces off the ropes again and flies towards Venable...

Gravedigger: Sunset flip. Pin cover

Crowd: On-....

Freddy Whoa: Not even a one count!

Both competitors stand up...


Gravedigger: Dropkick!!


Gravedigger: Another drop kick!!


The crowd: Ouuuuu!!

Zach Davis: Bonnie Blue smacks the drop kick attempt away!!

Bonnie bolts for the ropes, catapults off and collides with Vic Venable.

Freddy Whoa: Springboard crossbody!!

Crowd: One!!

Crowd: Tw-...


Gravedigger: One and half!!

Both scramble up...


Zach Davis: Scoop slam!!


Freddy Whoa: FIST DROP!!


Zach Davis: Another fist drop!!


Gravedigger: A third fist drop. Pin cover!!

Crowd: On-... NOOOOO!!!


Venable grabs Blue...


Freddy Whoa: Snapmare. Venable runs to the ropes.

Venable bounces off the ropes...


Gravedigger: Alright!! Dropkick to the face of Bonnie Blue!!


Zach Davis: Kneedrop to the head of Bonnie Blue.

Venable grabs Blue tosses her, from a short distance....

Freddy Whoa: Vic Venable is setting Bonnie Blue up for something..

Blue runs towards the ropes. Venable waits for Bonnie to bounce off the ropes, but Bonnie Blue springboard off the ropes connects with Vic Venable.

Gravedigger: Springboard bulldog.

The crowd cheers.

Half of crowd: Let's go Bonnie!!

Other half of crowd: Let's go Vic!!

Bonnie picks up Vic and tosses him into the ropes. Bonnie chases after him. Venable springboard off the ropes.


Zach Davis: Springboard drop kick!!

Vic Venable short-arm whips her and drop toe hold Bonnie Blue...

Freddy Whoa: Drop toehold sleeper.

Bonnie Blue flailing around. Venable cinches in, squeezes harder. The referee checks on Blue, but she reaches out and grabs for the ropes.

Stanley Moser: Alright, Venable let go!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!!

Venable let's go of Bonnie Blue. Bonnie slowly gets up as Vic gets closer...


Zach Davis: Back kick from Bonnie Blue.

Venable backs up. Bonnie Blue nails Vic with hurricanranna.

Zach Davis: BOSTON CRAB!!!

Vic Venable screams out in pain. Slowly, Venable class and scrapes towards the ropes. No matter how hard Bonnie Blue tanks on the legs of Venable...

Stanley Moser: Alright Venable let go.

Venable collapses, as both competitors lie on the mat. But, before anyone can blink both charges at one another....



Both slowly stand up, Blue nails a boot to the gut of Venable...

Zach Davis: DDT!!

Bonnie flies to a corner and quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle...


Freddy Whoa: MOONSAULT!!

Blue grabs Venable throws towards the ropes. Vic bounces off the ropes...

Zach Davis: Crossbody block!!

Venable picks up Blue...


Gravedigger: Inverted ddt!!!

Venable picks up Blue...


Freddy Whoa: Half nelson slam!!

Venable bends down grabbing for Bonnie Blue....

Zach Davis: COBRA CLUTCH!!

Bonnie pulls down Vic. Bonnie proceeds to bridge....

Gravedigger: Vic Venable is screaming out bloody murder!!


Venable slips under the ropes and out of the ring. Blue climbs up to the top turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: Vic Venable stands up.

Gravedigger: INCOMING!!

Blue flies nails Venable. Both stand up. Bonnie grand Vic and pushes her...


...right into the edge of the ring apron.. Venable grabs Blue...


Zach Davis: Double knee gutbuster!!

Venable grabs Blue...


Bonnie Blue nails Venable on the jaw. Blue rolls in Venable. Bonnie picks up Vic...

Gravedigger: TIMELOG!!

Blue has Venable in a bridging chicken wing. After a few minutes, Bonnie moves around and has Venable in an inverted facelock...


Zach Davis: Elbow drop!! PARADOX!! Bonnie Blue makes the pin!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!!


Kyle Steel: The winner of the match.... Bonnie Blue!!

Bonnie Blue stands up and the giant screen, the Titan Tron glows and the image smokes and laughter is heard.

Zach Davis: What's this?!

Voice: Bonnie!! Bonnie Blue!!

The half masked face of Oblivion shows. The crowd reacts with a mixture of reactions. Bonnie Blue turns to the giant screen.

Oblivion: Bonnie Blue!! IT would like to welcome you to WCF!!!

The Gathering comes out of no where and begins to surround Bonnie Blue. The Vixens begin to giggle and scowl at Bonnie Blue.

Oblivion: Like it or not, you will see more of The Monster Oblivion. To make sure you won't forget Oblivion.

Bonnie Blue: How?


A large wave of sticky gooey red goo drops on Bonnie Blue, who screams out. Oblivion laughs out, as the screen dims out. Gravedigger laughs out loud.

Gemini Battle Segment

Kenny the intern is seen running through the hallways of the backstage area of Slam. He finally gets to a room marked US Champion. He enters the room panting.

Kenny: Hey, Mr. Battle. Doc Henry sent me after he saw what happened with the AoD on the monitors earlier. He said that he didn’t want to win the US Title like that… wait a minute?

The scene opens up and you can see Gemini Battle sitting patiently in his room waiting for time to be called to the ring. There is a shattered beam in the room and Gemini snatches the hand cuff key from Kenny’s hand and releases his shackles.

Gemini Battle: He did, did he? He thinks that if I make it out to the ring that he stands a snowball’s chance in hell to win this title off of me? Well tell him thanks for the effort; but that it’s the second mistake he’s made today… first being agreeing to this match. Henry, I’ll see you in the ring… and that’s where I’ll leave you!

He tosses the key back at Kenny who simply stands there stunned as Gemini goes to exit.

Kenny: Mr. Battle, you left this here!

Battle turns around and Kenny tosses the US Title that Omega brought to him. Gemini catches it and then a hissing sound, like burning skin is heard as he drops it to the ground.

Gemini Battle: OUCH! What the fuck, Kenny?

Kenny: I didn’t mean to throw it so hard.

Gemini Battle: You think you’re that strong… no… it was…NEVERMIND. Just get that shitty piece of Tin back to the Maniac where it belongs.

Kenny: Who?

Gemini Battle: The Maniac… I mean.. The Omega Man… OK, Kenny?

He says the last part very slowly and patronizing and Kenny simply nods in fear as Gemini leaves the room leaving Kenny alone holding the Omega Commissioned United States title in his hands.

United States Title Match
Doc Henry vs Gemini Battle

Slam comes back to a panning shot of the crowd in Idaho!

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Master Ryushi emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises his fists in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he hops the turnbuckle and 'gets loose' awaiting his opponent.

Zach Davis: And we're getting right into the action here. It was announced earlier in the week that Gemini Battle would be defending his newly won United States Championship against in ring veteran Doc Henry...and this could be his toughest challenge so far as US Champion!

Wavedigger: Are you kidding me? Doc Henry has to make up belts to feel important! The Confederate Champion? Give me a break Zach!

Freddy Whoa: Remember, this is a championship that Doc Henry has held before so he know's exactly what it takes to get the job done in a match of this caliber!

“Falling Higher” by Helloween plays throughout the arena as Gemini Battle makes his way through the entrance curtain. The crowd cheers as he accepts the praise of the fans by slapping their hands, but never smiles as he heads to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and slithers like a snake into the corner where he sits in the corner and meditates until it’s time to get up and ready to fight.

Zach Davis: Gemini looks calm cool and collected tonight. He must have been preparing for this fight all week.

Wavedigger: He could have been sitting on his sofa all week to prepare for THIS match!

Freddy Whoa: Something tells me he wasn't doing that! Gemini looks ready to go!

Gemini gets up from his seated position and meets Doc in the middle of the ring. Gemini extends his hand to Doc Henry.

Zach Davis: What a true gentlemen! He respects the legend that Doc Henry represents!

Wavedigger: PSH, what a tool! Get it together Gemini!

Doc extends his hand and shakes Gemini's. The crowd starts to heat up as the ref calls for the bell! Gemini and Doc lock up right off the bat. Doc pushes Gemini to the ropes and whips him off! Gemini comes back to a hard shoulder tackle from Doc that knocks Gemini to the mat. Quick roll and Gemini's on his feet! Another tangle! Gemini gets an arm lock advantage...but Doc reverses it and gains a waist lock advantage over Gemini! Back suplex...but Gemini flips through it!

Zach Davis: Incredible back and forth!

Freddy Whoa: This one's going to be a clincher!

Doc turns and Gemini goes for a hard lariat...but Doc ducks! He bounds off the ropes and comes hard at Gemini with a big boot!...

Zach Davis: Gemini ducks!

Freddy Whoa: Pele kick from Gemini!

Zach Davis: But Doc moves!

Freddy Whoa: Commanding ring presence from both men here!

Gemini scurries to his feet but Doc is on top of him with over a foot height advantage. He grabs Gemini around the shoulders and pushes him into the turnbuckle! A quick right jab and a gut punch send Gemini reeling! Doc whips him hard into the opposite turnbuckle and comes flying with a crushing lariat! It comnects and Gemini falls seated into the turnbuckle!

Wavedigger: Gemini Battle's going to die the way he lives...sitting in that turnbuckle!

Doc puts the stomps to Gemini before doing a quick spin and hitting Battle with a face wash boot! Doc drags Gemini out of the corner and goes for a cover.


Zach Davis: Shoulder up from Battle and this one continues!

Doc stands Gemini to his feet and hits him eith an elbow to the head! Gemini bounds backwards, but Doc is quick on his feet and hits Gemini with a spinning clothesline! Gemini drops to the mat again and Doc goes for another cover!


Zach Davis: Another cover broken by the shoulder up!

Freddy Whoa: This is Gemini's second defense in two weeks! You have to wonder if it just might be too much of a physical toll on the conpetitor!

Zach Davis: Not too mention the mental preperation that goes into a title defense!

Wavedigger: Battle is barely hanging by a thread in that department!

Zach Davis: ...But he's hanging in there!

Doc lifts Battle to his feet and drops him on the ropes with a flapjack! Battle flies off holding his throat and Doc drops him with a reverse atomic drop! Doc with a hard back suplex and Battle's on the mat again!

Freddy Whoa: Doc is controlling the pace of this match! Battle needs to get something going! He can't let Doc keep this up!

Zach Davis: That's Doc's signature crushing offence! A few more moves like that and Battle could be on dream street!

Doc drops to the mat and locks in a camel clutch!

Zach Davis: Doc has that locked in tight! This could be it for Battle!

Battle tries to crawl towards the ropes, but Doc's weight is too much for him to move! Doc uses some leverage to crank the hold even harder! Battle's reaching his hand out!

Crowd: Let's go Battle! Let's go Battle! Let's go Battle!

Gemini reaches out as the crowd starts clapping him on! His hand hits the mat!...

Zach Davis: Is he tapping?! We could have a new US Champion!

But Gemini doesn't tap! He uses the mat to push himself up! The look Doc's face says it all as Gemini hoists him and himself off the ground and drops backwards! Doc releases the hold as Gemini gets to his feet!

Zach Davis: Doc's on his feet, but that back drop looks like it run his bell!

Gemini flies at Doc with a crossbody, knocking him to the ground! Gemini rolls on the apron and flips up and over the top rope with a plancha splash! They both bound to their feet! Spinning wheel kick from Gemini sending Doc into the ropes!

Zach Davis: Knife edge chop from Battle!

Gemini quickly hits a series of knife edge chops on Doc! He backs up a few steps and rushes him out of the ring with a lariat! Doc lands on his feet outside! Gemini looks to him and the crowd! He rushes the ropes and comes flying back with a moonsault suicide dive to a HUGE CROWD POP!...but Doc catches him mid air and drops him on the apron with an Oklahoma slam!

Zach Davis: Doc with a quick comeback!

Freddy Whoa: That match looked like it was almost Gemini's there! This one could go either way!

Doc hits a overhand chops to Gemini's chest before knocking him with a big boot back into the ring! Doc slides in and goes for the cover, Ryushi cheering him on as he does!


Zach Davis: Shoulder up from Battle again! This one continues!

Doc lifts Gemini by the legs up and over his shoulders...

Zach Davis: Is he going for the Jackpot?

But Gemini moves with the momentun and rolls Doc in a somersault powerbomb! Gemini keeps the legs hooked for a cover.


Zach Davis: Doc rolls out of it at the last millisecond!

Freddy Whoa: Doc on his feet! Big Boot to Gemini!

Zach Davis: Gemini ducks! Springs off the ropes! Enziguiri! Doc is reeling!

Doc spins around and Gemini grabs his head!


He goes for the cover.



Zach Davis: He's done it! Gemini successfully retains again!

Freddy Whoa: What a match from both men! That could have gone either way, but Gemini picks up a huge win for his reign against Doc Henry tonight!

Zach Davis: We haven't seen Doc Henry in prime form like this for a while! Could this be a sign of things to come?

Freddy Whoa: Only time will tell!

The scene fades on Gemini celebrating with the US Championship!

Jeff Purse Segment

Slam cuts backstage to Jeff Purse making his way to the Pantheon locker room before his Main Event match this evening, still dressed in his street clothes. Pushing through the door, he stops short at the scene before him: Seated on a steel chair in the center of the empty room was a baby doll, staring at Jeff Purse. It was a normal doll save for the red hand painted across its face, as if marking ownership of the child. A name tag was clipped to its chest, though it was illegible for this distance. Jeff Purse moves closer warily, holding the baby in his hand as he read the name.

Freddy Whoa: What does it say?

Zach Davis: Looks like Patrick Gage. Name doesn't ring a bell.

The name has an effect on Jeff Purse, though, if not anyone else. He holds the child close, nestling it to his chest, pushing the camera back towards the door. The cameraman finds himself ousted from the locker room and the door slammed shut in front him, leaving him only with a shot of Pantheon plaque hanging on the wooden barrier.

Zach Davis: A week away from the biggest match in recent memory for Jeff Purse and all he can think about is Nathan von Liebert. What does this mean in the coming weeks?

Gravedigger: That that baby's face won't be the only one covered in red by the end of it. We're about to have a War on our hands, folks, but the only question is when?

Freddy Whoa: Soon, 'digger. That has been the message since the beginning. Soon, Nathan will return, and he's going to bring Hell with him.

Television Title Match
Andre Jenson vs Teo Del Sol

A deep voice booms from the PA system "In the world of the fantasy land of Kem begot a new type of warrior, one which was created from the fires of the star Elume and forged in the great battles of the third age. A warrior so daring and so brave that King Dennis the maker himself would try to destroy him and fail. This man is more than man, he is legend"

Zach Davis: Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for a Television Title match!

Gravedigger: Not this nerd again, come on, who gave him a title shot?

Freddy Whoa: He did win that Fatal 4-way last week.

The overture from Skyrim then starts to play as mist slowly rolls up the entrance ramp while Andre Jenson appears from behind the curtain. Andre looks around to the crowd with a stoney stare before meandering to the ring while waving the weapon he is brandishing today, an ornately carved wooden staff with a large Ruby.

Gravedigger: And will this guy just pick a song already?

Zach Davis: Anyway… This should be a heck of a match!

He enters the ring after looking under the ring, presumably for a secret door via rolling under the bottom rope. When in the ring he kneels and attempts to summon something, of course nothing happens, but he looks happy enough with himself that something is going to help him later on.

Freddy Whoa: Hey, this could be our next Television Champion guys, don’t joke too much.

The Screen Suddenly cuts to a news desk, where a very serious News Anchor shuffles his papers impatiently. After a few moments he turns towards the camera.

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we Interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the following important broadcast..."

The News Anchor falls silent as the opening riff to "Kickstart my Heart" suddenly blares. The Screen crashes to static before bringing up the view of the entrance ramp, which is engulfed with a burst of Pyro as Teo del Sol, His trademark white Jacket and white mask shining like the sun itself, steps through the curtain. The corner of the screen bears his wrestling mask with the logo TEO TV emblazoned across it, and he holds the Television title high over his head, and a camera in the other. The feed then cuts to a live broadcast from the camera, encompassing the screaming fans all around the arena, waving as they appear not only on the TV screen, but on the large 'Tron above Teo. He begins walking down the ramp, reaching out to shake fans hands and sign autographs, all seen from the viewpoint of the camera, at last he makes it to the ring and the view cuts back to the regular feed.

Zach Davis: And representing the People’s choice, here we have Teo del Sol! He’s been on fire since winning back that Television title, and really seems to be embracing the role, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: That he is, Zach, but this is a fickle belt if there ever was one, who knows what could happen?

The audience goes wild as he steps through the ropes, holding the Televsion title out with one hand and taking a deep bow, before running into the corner to raise his hands victoriously! He claps his hands in gratitude, applauding the audience that applauds him, and rolls with a quick backflip, landing in the center of the ring. He pushes down with his hands and springs to his feet, bouncing off of the ropes running to the turnbuckle He removes the jacket and hands it to one of the ring crew before settling into his corner, bouncing back and forth in anticipation.

The referee holds the belt in the air to signal the title match and calls for the bell. Teo and Andre circle each other warily before locking up. Andre quickly slips his hands under Teo’s and picks him up in a bearhug, trying to squeeze the life out of him!

Freddy Whoa: Andre showing off a bit of that technical prowess here!

But Teo quickly boxes Andre’s ears with a clap, and Andre releases the hold as Teo leaps up and connects with a high drop kick! Andre stumbles backwards against the ropes, and Teo runs forward with a baseball slide, going through Andre’s legs to the outside! Andre turns around, and Teo jumps up with a roundhouse, using the ropes to connect!

Zach Davis: Teo del Sol with that innovative offense we’ve come to expect!

Andre stumbles to the corner as Teo goes to the top rope, Andre walks forward and into a flying headscissors from the top turnbuckle!

But no! Andre just barely manages to stay on his feet, leaving Teo hanging upside down! Andre falls forward into a makeshift tombstone piledriver!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Talk about high risk, high reward Gravedigger!

Andre delays going for the cover, shaking the cobwebs loose from his head and going towards the corner, where a small bag is. He shuffles around and withdraws a small bottle of red liquid, uncorking it and swallowing it quickly. He then flexes his biceps for the crowd!

Zach Davis: I think he just took a Strength Potion, gravedigger!

Gravedigger: He should be going for the cover is what he should be doing!

Andre begins winding up his arm as Teo makes his way to his feet, he manages to turn towards Andre as Andre runs full speed with a massive clothesline! The impact flips Teo del Sol head over heels, and he crumples in a heap on the mat!

This time Andre wastes no time in going for the cover!



No! Teo gets a shoulder up, keeping the match alive. Teo rolls towards the ropes as Andre looks in disbelief at the arm which landed the clothesline, and in the distraction, Teo manages to grab the top rope! Andre regains his focus and runs forward, but this time Teo ducks it! Andre’s arm gets tangled in the top rope, and Teo spins around, delivering roundhouses to the midsection as the audience counts!




Teo finally stops as Andre doubles over, clutching at his abdomen. Teo lets out a loud WOOO! And runs towards the other end of the ring…

Zach Davis: Teo going full steam ahead!

Teo jumps into a flying forearm smash!

But Andre frees his arm and grabs Teo by the throat, lifting him up into a chokeslam! Teo thuds against the ring as Andre rolls into another cover!



No! Teo kicks out again, but this time less emphatically!

Freddy Whoa: This is smart, Andre is trying to wear Teo down, make him keep kicking out.

Zach Davis: Well, you know playing those games has made him into somewhat of a strategist.

Freddy Whoa: I might look into it sometime, seems like fun.

Gravedigger: I don’t know you two anymore.

Andre lifts Teo up to his feet, and prepares to set him up for a shining wizard! Andre Irish whips Teo across the ring…

But Teo responds with a cartwheel, richoceting off the ropes before Andre can react and connecting with a flying forearm smash!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Both men are down!

Zach Davis: This match has been back and forth since the bell!

The audience begins chanting Teo’s name, and as if awakened by their pleas, he slams his hands against the mat and springs to his feet with a kip-up! He turns and measures Andre, and jumps into a standing moonsault as the crowd goes wild! But instead of going for a cover, Teo turns and points towards the top turnbuckle! The crowd explodes as Teo begins ascending the rope! Teo makes it to the top rope but Andre isn’t as hurt as he looks, before Teo has a chance to respond, Andre is back on his feet and runs, connecting with a Critical Hit while Teo is still seated on the turnbuckle!

Freddy Whoa: Critical Hit! Andre nails it!

Teo slumps forward and Andre catches him, lifting him up into the D20! Teo falls flat on the mat, finally unable to stand as Andre rolls over into the cover.




Freddy Whoa: He did it! Andre did it! He’s the new TV champion!

Zach Davis: What an upset here by the rookie!

Andre turns as the ref hands him the Television Title, and he grins, holding it high in the air! He slides out and before Andre can recover from the match however, a figure jumps in the ring, smashing him from behind with a chair!

Zach Davis: Is that, it is!

Freddy Whoa: Kyle Kemp! He’s going right after Andre Jenson, he said earlier that he should be the next in line for a TV Title shot, and now he’s going to take out the other challengers! Starting with the Champ!

Kemp places Andre’s head inside the chair and props him up in the corner, signaling for a Back to the Minors!

Zach Davis: Oh no, he’s going to end Andre’s career!

But before he can do anything, Teo comes storming in! Kemp barely manages to roll out of the ring to avoid him!

Zach Davis: What a cowardly tactic! Come on, Kyle Kemp, some People's Champion you are.

Freddy Whoa: Well he now has the attention of both Teo Del Sol and Andre Jenson, I'd say!

Teo turns and frees Andre from his predicament, helping him to his feet. Andre turns and rolls out of the ring, but Teo calls him back, and extends his hand in a gesture of sportsmanship. Andre looks at Teo and then to the crowd, and accepts the handshake as the crowd explodes in support!

Freddy Whoa: What a show of Sportsmanship from these athletes!

Zach Davis: These guys beat the hell out of each other, but at the end of the day, they can still be friends.

Gravedigger: Give me a break, Zach, Kyle Kemp is gonna mop the floor with these guys.

Freddy Whoa: Well don’t forget, we might see Kyle Kemp and Teo in the ring with each other this Sunday if both their teams win!

Zach Davis: Man I can’t wait for Hellimination!

Fear Me

The lights in the arena begin to slowly click off. Section by section, darkness begins to engulf the arena.

Zach Davis: What's going on?

Gravedigger: It looks like the WCF didn't pay their electric bill!... again...

A slight fog begins to emit on the stage, making it's way down the ramp and into the crowd. Fear begins to settle over the arena but just before panic takes over, the titan tron returns to life.

There is a figure lurking in the background, but his features cannot be made out. He is pacing back and forth, his head hung low. He slowly begins to turn towards the camera but the image quickly cuts away and is replaced with words:

"Fear Me."

A weird clicking sound begins to play as the words fade from the screen. Lights begin to pop back on, until all the lights have returned.

Kyle Kemp Segment

We see Kemp laughing in the back, walking through the hallway as a cameraman rushes up to him filming him. Kemp can’t stop laughing.

Kyle Kemp: Did you all see what I did out there? Did you see it! I showed everyone why Kyle Kemp is better than all of you. I showed why Kyle Kemp is better than a punk like Andre Jensen. I showed why Kyle Kemp is better than Teo Del Sol. I have been wondering since WAR about one thing.

Kemp pauses for dramatic effect and to laugh once more.

Kyle Kemp: I have wondered why I have not received a shot at Teo Del Sol. I pinned him at WAR. I proved that the People’s Champ is better than the TV Title holder. I deserved a shot to take the TV Title home, back to #BeachKrew. And Andre Jenson beat me to it!?

Kemp takes a second to take a deep breath as the laughter has caused him to be out of breath.

Kyle Kemp: I attacked Andre Jensen because he didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve the opportunity. What has he done? Nothing. I’ve beaten Teo Del Sol. I am the People’s Champion. And you know what? I’m greedy. I want more gold. Be it Teo Del Sol, Andre Jenson.. whichever flavor of the month gets a shot next. Television Title division, you’ve been put on notice. I want the TV Title and until I get my shot….you will be seeing a lot more of me. Just remember that I am Kyle Kemp and I am better than you. Choke on that.

Kemp walks off as we transition into a commercial.

Occulo vs Wolf

The theme music is Metallica’s “Of Wolf and Man.” The song begins with James Hetfield screaming "So seek the wolf in thyself." Then the song goes to the second half of the first verse (when Lars Ulrich's drums come in) and continues to play from there. Wolf walks down to the ring with a wide eyed, intense look on his face and breathing hard. He enters the ring by rolling under the bottom rope. He comes to his feet, walks across to the other side of the ring, leans his chest onto the top rope, and gives a one thousand yard stare into the crowd, continuing to breathe hard.

Crowd: AWOOOO!

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Zach Davis: War was big for both of these men. Occulo made his return, and Wolf made a name for himself.

The two tie up.

Gravedigger: And Wolf was eliminated by Occulo, of course!

Occulo gets the upper hand and throws Wolf to the ropes. As Wolf comes back Occulo hits a Powerslam.



No!, Wolf kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: Super impressive performance from Wolf at War! Occulo won't beat him that easily!

Wolf stumbles up and Occulo hits him for a Swinging DDT, but Wolf jabs him away. Occulo runs at Wolf but Wolf grabs him and hits a Double A Spinebuster! Into the pin!



No!, Occulo kicks out too!

Zach Davis: These are two evenly matched competitors!

Both men are to their feet and Wolf runs at Occulo and hits a Cactus Clothesline, sending both men outside. Both men are to their feet and Wolf runs at Occulo, and Occulo wraps him in a Sleeperhold.


Gravedigger: Uh, being on the outside doesn't make it any more painful or anything..

Regardless, Occulo drops him with it!

Zach Davis: But THAT does.

Occulo rolls Wolf into the ring. Wolf slowly stumbles up and Occulo runs at him and delivers an elbow to his throat, causing Wolf to cough.


With Wolf down, Occulo wraps him up... and puts him in The Epitome.

Gravedigger: He has it applied!

Within a few moments, Wolf is forced to tap out.


Occulo gets up and gets his arm raised in the air. The crowd roars as he does.

Freddy Whoa: Amazing return at War, amazing victory tonight against a man who impressed everyone at War.. what is next for Occulo?

We go to commercial.

Torture/Jayson Price Segment

Slam comes back from commercial with a shot of the announce table.

Zach Davis: Well we've had ourselves a great show thus far. Lots of exciting action and-

Jayson Price: Shut up Zach.

The crowd boos as Jayson Price and Torture appear on the jumbotron. Price adjusts the Cruiserweight Title draped over his shoulder as Torture shines his Hardcore Title.

Jayson Price: Yeah, yeah, boo us. Get some new material you worthless peons.

More booing.

Jayson Price: Now it's come to the attention of Torture and I that some of you people are accusing of us ducking competition. That we're holding these titles, titles that we won fair and square, hostage and not being real champions.

Torture: You're idiots! All of you!

Jayson Price: You people forget that Torture and I aren't like the other little rinky dink champions in WCF. We don't answer to you people or to Seth Lerch, we answer only to ourselves. We're prize fighters that don't show up on Slam to fight some Joe Schmo in a 2 minute laughter.

Torture: You don't get to see the World Heavyweight Hardcore Champion in action unless it's on Pay Per View and I'm getting paid, suckers. I've earned that right by being the best god damn wrestler in the entire world.

Jayson Price: That's right. The Man Made Gods aren't here for your entertainment and enjoyment, we're here to get paid and to laugh at all of you plebes trying to knock us down with your short little arms.

Torture: But just because Price and I have decided to be generous, we're here tonight to announce that we're going against our normal ways and actually wrestling on Slam.

Jayson Price: And that's not all. Torture and I have talked to Seth and we're going to be putting both the Cruiserweight Title and the Hardcore Title on the line...in a tag team match.

Torture: And that match is going to happen right about-

Torture stops to look at his watch.

Torture: Now.

Jayson Price: So any and all tag teams that can hear our voices, you've got exactly 10 seconds to get down to this ring and face us in this once in a lifetime match.

Zach Davis: Wait. Is this legit? Are we really about to have a match.

Jayson Price: 10. 9. 8. 7.

Freddy Whoa: Well someone had better hurry up and get to the ring!

Jayson Price: 4. 3. 2.

Some Hawaiian music begins to play as the crowd looks around in confusion.

Zach Davis: Well I'm hearing music but I don't recognize it.

Gravedigger: Is that even in the arena?

The camera filming Torture and Price pulls back to reveal that they're standing in front of a backdrop on a beach. They reach back and knock it over as we see a sign set up behind them.

Freddy Whoa: Hawaiian Midget Wrestling Federation?

Gravedigger: Oh god damn it.

The camera pans around to reveal a pair of midgets already in the small ring.

Jayson Price: I don't know Tort, they look pretty intimidating.

Torture: But that's the point. The people demand we face top notch competition and these are two of the best wrestlers in all of Hawaii.

Jayson Price: Well if me must.

Torture and Price bump fists and head down the tiny ramp as "Home" by Three Days Grace begins to play. Both step over the top rope as the midget wrestlers charge them. A tiny bell is rung as they begin to brawl. Price picks up one by the ears and throws him over the top rope.

Zach Davis: Are we actually watching this? Can't we cut the feed?

Freddy Whoa: I'm being told no.

Torture has the other set up for the Torture Device. He hits it and then places a foot on the midget's chest.




"Home" starts to play again as Torture and Price are handed their title belts. They bump fists as they celebrate yet another victory.

Jayson Price: Longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion of all time bitches!


Price and Torture touch belts and then leave the ring as the feed cuts.

Zach Davis: And that's that. Whatever that was.

Freddy Whoa: If Torture actually beats Jay Omega at One, we're never going to hear the end of it.

Slam goes to commercial.

Hacksaw Jim Thuggin Returns

The #BeachKrew pre-match warm-up was In full swing, it was five minutes to show time and the main event was drawing nigh, all the #Krew are going through their rituals. Jared Holmes runs a hand through his golden mane as he picks up his ‘Los Tiburones’ persona in his other. The meandering music of ‘On Sight’ by Kanye swelled through the room and carried him into his kill zone. His zone was quickly dispelled by the flickering of the lights and the sudden silence as the music shut itself off.

Wade Moor: What the fuck?

Kyle Kemp: Power cut?

Andre Aquarius: Nigga, this is killin my buzz, why does this shit always happen to us?

Kyle Kemp: It’s just a power cut, calm down.

Jared closed his eyes and spoke.

Jared Holmes: It’s not a power cut.

He opened them and threw his gaze toward the door as stood waiting for them was their manager Hacksaw Jim Thuggin.

Andre sprinted toward Thuggin like a young black male whose father left for a pack of cigarettes fifteen years ago and never came back…so, like Andre Aquarius.

Andre: Pops! You’re back!

Andre never got to hug his real father, and this was no different as he is sent flying backward with a kick straight to the jaw.

Wade Moor: Andre!

Wade and Kemp rush to the fallen Andre Aquarius who is struggling for breath on the floor. Looking upward they see the reason for his pain, stood in front of Jim Thuggin with a stone cold look across his handsome features is a 6’2 wrestling machine we saw in the ring for the first time earlier tonight. Wade stands up and takes a step forward toward him.

Wade Moor: You made a big fuckin mistake pal.

With this Jim Thuggin makes a motion with his hand and we see Wade Moor frozen in place for a moment before seeming to regain control of himself, he shoots a glance toward Jim Thuggin.

Wade Moor: I didn’t-

Jim Thuggin: You didn’t what? Win War?

Thuggin takes a step toward Wade.

Jim Thuggin: You didn’t what? Win the Tag Team titles? We have somewhat of a conundrum here, do I continue to believe you? What if you lose tonight? What then? I think we need a little change here. It seems I’ve been relying on my heart rather than my head for the past few months. If you held the World Title and the Tag Team Titles right now I could happily rest knowing my heart was strong and pure. My heart told me ‘trust the child from California’ my head told me ‘contingency plan’.

He turns toward Jared who is stood aghast in shock for the first time in months.

Jared Holmes: Look, Jim, I have this in the palm of my fucking hand, it’s all going to pla-

Jim Thuggin: Failure is never a plan, Earth Child Jared. For years I have watched you grow, I have watched you mature and flourish, it made me happy and it made me so proud. However do you think me not diligent? You are self-destructive.

He chuckles out a gravely laugh.

Jim Thuggin: The same time I’ve spent with you…

He turns to the man known as Johnny Rabid.

Jim Thuggin: I’ve spent creating a backup plan.

Jared’s face contorts in (for just the slightest of moments) hurt then is washed away by iron faced stoicism. Thuggin rests his hand on Johnny Rabid’s shoulder.

Jim Thuggin: This man is my masterpiece.

Wade Moor: What the fuck Jim?

Jim Thuggin: From henceforth this man will be for all intents and purposes the leader of #BeachKrew. The words he speaks, consider them as if they were my own.

Wade Moor: FUCK THAT, who the fuck is this guy, we’ve never met him let alone…fucking leader? Nah fuck this.

Kyle Kemp: This guy? Jim, what are you thinking?

Wade is growing more and more angry.

Wade Moor: No, fuck this shit, Jared has been here with us from day one, I’m not letting this motherfucker come in and just boss us about, I’ve had it up to fuckin here with this-

Wade was quietened by a calm monotone voice from across the room.

Jared Holmes: Sure Jim.

Wade Moor: WHAT?

Jared flashes a smile at Wade and the others, then at Jim.

Jared Holmes: You’re the boss.

Jared steps toward Johnny Rabid and the two men are face to face for the first time. Rabid finally speaks.

Johnny Rabid: No hard feelings eh? It’s what has to be done.

Jared smiles at him and pulls the Los Tiburones mask over his head and shoulder barges past Rabid.

Jared Holmes: You’ve gone and done it now.

Jim Thuggin: Hmmm?

Jared Holmes: Signed the death warrant of Pantheon and AoD. Rabid was it?

Johnny Rabid nods.

Jared Holmes: Let me set the bar for you, leader.

He pulls the shark mask over his face, and swept from the room, his heart beating a tempo of pain. There was no need for a warmup, for preparation. Since Jim’s bombshell Jared Holmes has been deeper than he ever had in his kill zone.

Team #beachkrew vs Team Pantheon of Death
Wade Moor/Los Tiburones/Kyle Kemp/Andre Aquarius/Sandy Coconutz/Dustin Beaver vs Jay Omega/Alex Richards/Jeff Purse/Oblivion/Night Rider/Denise D'Evil

As we come back from commercial, all ten men are in the ring.

Zach Davis: All ten COMPETITORS, that is. Denise D'Evil and Sandy Coconutz are women. Let's not be sexist.

Freddy Whoa: ...Who are you talking to?

Zach Davis: The narrarator.

Freddy Whoa: What?

The bell sounds and the match is underway! Sandy Coconutz and Denise D'Evil start it. They circle around the ring and tie up.


Denise switches behind Sandy and executes a German Suplex!, nearly killing her. She stumbles up on purse instinct and is met with a kick to the gut by Denise and a Powerbomb. Denise pins.



No!, Los Tiburones kicks her off. She rolls away and tags in Night Rider as Sandy rolls out.

Gravedigger: Side note, this match is being contested under Lucha rules, which means rolling out allows someone else to be active. No tags needed.

Night Rider and Los Tiburones meet and Night Rider gouges his eyes. Tiburones is sent reeling and Night Rider runs at him and Clotheslines him down. Night Rider then drops an elbow on him. No!, Tiburones rolls away. Both men face each other and Tiburones runs at him and takes him down with a Running STO. Night Rider rolls away and Alex Richards enters the match.


Richards runs at Tiburones and takes him down with a Lariat. Tiburones gets back up and runs at Richards, Richards lifts him and Hotshots him onto the ropes! The crowd roars and Richards plays to them for a second - before Tiburones spins him around and kicks him in the gut before lifting him up for a Brainbuster.

Freddy Whoa: Most dangerous move in wrestling, coming up!

No!, Richards reverses it by landing behind him. Tiburones turns and runs at him and gets a T-Bone Suplex! Los Tiburones rolls out as Dustin Beaver enters.

Gravedigger: He's cocky, which is something you can't afford to be in this match.

Beaver runs at Richards and hits a Flying Headscissors. Richards gets back up and Beaver drops him with a Sitout Jawbreaker! Beaver then drops him with a Double Arm DDT!

Zach Davis: Sweet moves from The Beevs!

Gravedigger: He IS cocky, like I just said, but also, people don't take him seriously... and he can use that to his advantage.

Beaver pins Richards.



No!, Jeff Purse breaks it up!

Freddy Whoa: Pantheon's teamwork is on point, as always.

The ref yells at Purse to get out for some reason which allows Tiburones, Moor, Kemp, and Aquarius to come in and start stomping at Richards. The fans boo. The ref turns around and they quickly scatter.

Zach Davis: No matter what we say about teamwork, Team #beachkrew is the better team. They're cohesive.

Gravedigger: Besides Dustin Beaver. Why is he even there? They don't get along at all!

Dustin Beaver pins Richards again.



This time, Richards kicks out! Beaver is pissed and as he stands up Kyle Kemp calls for the tag. Beaver grudgingly obliges. Kemp measures Richards.

Freddy Whoa: Here it comes... Kemp wants to finish this!


Gravedigger: NO! Richards avoids it!

Richards sidesteps the punt and then captures Kemp in a Sambo Suplex! Richards dives and tags in Jeff Purse!


Purse Springboards in and takes Kemp down with a Clothesline! Both men get to their feet and Purse hits a Hurricanrana into pin.



No!, Aquarius breaks it up, with a mean kick to Purse's head. Kemp rolls away as Purse reels from the head kick, Kemp hits him with a Backhand Chop before dropping him with a Scoop Slam. Purse stumbles up and Kemp grabs him and hits a Belly to Belly.

Freddy Whoa: Beach Krew, back in control.

Zach Davis: After Hellimination, they could be in control of the entire show, Freddy!

Kemp tags in Aquarius as Purse rolls out of the ring. Oblivion enters now and the two men go face to face.

Gravedigger: I've been in the ring with Oblivion on multiple occasions, and I wouldn't want to be Andre Aquarius right now.

The two begin trading blows! Oblivion gets the upper hand and he sends Aquarius to the ropes. Aquarius comes back and Oblivion lifts him.

Freddy Whoa: 5150! OBLIVION HAS HIM UP!

No, Aquarius slides behind Oblivion. Oblivion immediately elbows backwards before Aquarius can do anything, sending him reeling. Oblivion turns and spins Aquarius before kicking him..

Zach Davis: SOULTAKER!

Oblivion drops down and pins.



NO!, Tiburones and Kemp breaks it up. This brings Night Rider and Denise into the ring; they run at Tiburones and Kemp and Clothesline them out!

Gravedigger: This whole match could go south at any point if any team goes too crazy...

Night Rider, Denise D'Evil, and Oblivion lift Andre Aquarius up and each grab him by the throat.

Zach Davis: What.. what are they planning?

Before they can lift him for a three handed Chokeslam, Wade Moor and Dustin Beaver enter the ring and attack them from behind. Jeff Purse and Alex Richards quickly enter, attacking Moor and Beaver. This allows the Dark Riders Gang to lift Aquarius up and hit it!

Freddy Whoa: Dark Riders Gang, asserting dominance!

For whatever reason, Night Rider and Denise D'Evil end up in an argument with Purse and Richards.

Gravedigger: These guys could end up fighting at Hellimination, and even so, they're certainly not friends! Even if they ARE forced to team tonight.

As the teammates begin to argue, Dustin Beaver is arguing with Andre Aquarius outside about #justbeachkrewthings. Or something. Night Rider and Purse and Richards come to blows! Jay Omega and Wade Moor enter the ring and tackle each other down and begin brawling.

Zach Davis: Uh... What is going on?

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, this match is complete chaos. Teammates are fighting, opponents are fighting... I don't know who the legal men are.. This is a mess.

Gravedigger: That's the way Seth booked it, and that's the way Seth likes it!

As if on cue, Master of Puppets hits.

Gravedigger: SPEAK OF THE DEVIL!

Seth steps out from the back. Er, stumbles. As always, he's drunk. And he's got a microphone.

Seth Lerch: PRAY.. FOR.. FLASH!

No one responds. Everyone in the match keeps fighting.


Brawling still. Oblivion is now brawling outside with Jeff Purse. Night Rider and Denise D'Evil are fighting Los Tiburones and Alex Richards. Dustin Beaver and Andre Aquarius are trading blows. Wade Moor and Jay Omega are fighting in the ring.

Seth Lerch: ...this... oh God...

Seth drops down to one knee.

Seth Lerch: This is just like War.

The crowd is confused.

Gravedigger: Seth seems to be having flashbacks to War, when Joey Flash fought Dune, and Wade Moor and Jay Omega made it to the finals and Jay Omega became World Champion.

Seth gets his second wind. He steps up.

Seth Lerch: Look, I don't know what I was thinking when I booked this match. But I know what I'm thinking now. You all want to fight? FIGHT! I don't care! This is every man for themself!, outside the ring, at least. Inside the ring, let's get this right! I may not be able to fix what happened to Joey Flash, but I can fix one thing. I can make one thing right.

Gravedigger: Seth, you're drunk. What are you doing?

Seth Lerch: Everyone but Wade Moor and Jay Omega, stay outside the ring. You're lumberjacks. And you two...

The crowd buzzes.


Seth turns and begins stumbling back. Moor and Omega both look at the ref, who shrugs.

Gravedigger: What is happening?

Zach Davis: Seth feels like he needs to correct a mistake that happened at War? I don't know! All I know is that we've got a World Title match on our hands!

World Title Match
Wade Moor vs Jay Omega

Wade Moor and Jay Omega circle each other as the other eight men brawl around the ring.

Freddy Whoa: This is incredible. Neither of these men were prepared for this match, but here we are!

Both men realize what's on the line here as they tie up. Omega throws Moor to the ropes and goes to lift him in a Scrapbuster Slam, but Moor shifts his weight and manages to elbow Omega away while landing on his feet. The two turn to each other and Moor runs at Omega.

Gravedigger: POSEIDON PUNCH!!

Moor drops down and pins Jay Omega.





Freddy Whoa: Did we? Jay Omega won WAR, Zach. He's not a pushover, he won't be beaten that easily! Not by one finisher! Element of surprise be damned!

Outside the ring, Oblivion has taken down Jeff Purse. Night Rider and Denise D'Evil have both taken down Alex Richards.

Gravedigger: The lumberjacks are as much of this match as anyone, and that isn't a good thing for Jay Omega at this point.

Oblivion is attacked from behind by Los Tiburones while Andre Aquarius, Sandy Coconutz, and even Dustin Beaver attack Night Rider and Denise D'Evil.

Zach Davis: One week from tonight we've got the Angels of Destruction versus the #beachkrew!

Tiburones smashes Oblivion's face into the guardrail before throwing him into the steel stels. Aquarius, Coconutz, and Beaver take Rider and D'Evil down with a series of Suplexes.

Freddy Whoa: This isn't good for Jay Omega...

Moor grins and tosses Omega out of the ring. Aquarius, Coconutz, and Tiburones begin stomping on him as Dustin Beaver stands back and taunts the crowd.


Zach Davis: This man won War, guys! And because Seth is a drunken idiot, he's being mugged like this?!

Gravedigger: What about the One dream match? What about Jay Omega versus Torture?! What is Seth thinking!?

Freddy Whoa: Calm down, guys, Wade Moor hasn't won yet!

#beachkrew lifts Omega up as Moor pulls him in and pins.



NO!, Omega kicks out again!

Moor gets up and begins arguing with the referee, saying it was three. The referee says it wasn't, but Moor quickly punches him right in the face.

Freddy Whoa: Come on...

Aquarius, Sandy, Kemp, and Tiburones enter the ring now. All four men begin stomping on the World Champion. Wade Moor leans into the turnbuckle and grins, laughing to himself.

Zach Davis: This is fucking appalling. This is a WCF World Heavyweight Title match, and... THIS? THIS is what we get?

The lights go out.

Gravedigger: ...THIS? THIS is what we get?

They come back on.


THE AVENGER! Corey Black runs at Sandy and elbows her in the face, sending her out of the ring. Andre Aquarius runs at him next, and eats an Elbow for his trouble. Kyle Kemp runs at Corey and Corey throws him over the top. Lastly, Los Tiburones is up.

Zach Davis: The Grandaddy of Pantheon!, up against Jared Holmes!

Tiburones runs at Black but Black Dropkicks him!, sending him into the ropes before stumbling forward.. right into an elbow from Corey!

Gravedigger: Pantheon, ruining everything, as always.

Wade Moor spins Corey around, yelling that he's ruining everything, before Corey hits a Spinning Elbow right to Wade Moor!

Freddy Whoa: DAMN!

The ref is coming to as Black leaves the ring. Moor is spun into the waiting arms of Jay Omega, who gets him in the Pumphandle Position and lifts him up.


NO!, Wade throws himself so that as Omega lifts him, he's sent over Omega's shoulders and behind him. Moor hits the ropes and runs at Omega...


Wade Moor drops down and pins Jay Omega!




Freddy Whoa: WHOA!


21st Century Schizoid Men hits as Wade Moor gets to his feet and Jay Omega rolls out.


The #beachkrew enters the ring.

Freddy Whoa: This... this was... what? It was a farce! What just happened! Wade Moor doesn't deserve that!

Gravedigger: What are you talking about? He made it through interference from Corey Black! Wade Moor overcame the odds!

Zach Davis: He overcame NOTHING! He lost at War, inexplicably got a chance at the belt tonight, and used everyone around him... to capture the greatest prize this company has to offer!

Los Tiburones and Kyle Kemp lift Wade Moor up in the air as confetti falls from the rafters.

Freddy Whoa: I just... I just don't get it. We're one week away from Helloween and Hellimination, and this.. THIS is what happens?

Gravedigger: No one expected it, no one saw it coming... That's WCF, Freddy.

Zach Davis: Either Pantheon, the AoD, or the anti-beachkrew team manages to come through... or #beachkrew ends up with the World Title AND control of our company. Thanks to drunk Seth.

Freddy Whoa: What'll happen?

Zach Davis: I guess we'll find out next week. Goodnight.

Slam fades out with Wade Moor celebrating his World Title win as the #beachkrew holds him high.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Livewire Segment

Joseph Vacher vs Lance Savage vs Arch-Angel vs Preecha Kamon vs Patrilli

Introducing the Head of Talent Relations

Dexter Radcliffe/Gunther Blythe vs Kenny Drake/Bad News Benson

Legion Segment

John Gable Segment

Billy/Johnny Rabid vs Legion/Adam Young

Billy Segment

Bonnie Blue vs Vic Venable

Gemini Battle Segment

United States Title Match: Doc Henry vs Gemini Battle

Jeff Purse Segment

Television Title Match: Andre Jenson vs Teo Del Sol

Fear Me

Kyle Kemp Segment

Occulo vs Wolf

Torture/Jayson Price Segment

Hacksaw Jim Thuggin Segment

Wade Moor/Los Tiburones/Kyle Kemp/Andre Aquarius/Sandy Coconutz/Dustin Beaver vs Jay Omega/Alex Richards/Jeff Purse/Oblivion/Night Rider/Denise D'Evil


Of The Week

Wade Moor
Moor/Tiburones/Kemp/Aquarius/Conutz/Beaver vs Omega/Richards/Purse/Obi/Rider/D'Evil



Jay Omega
Teo Del Sol
United States:
Gemini Battle
Kyle Kemp
Zombie McMorris
Tag Team:
Spencer Adams/Vic Venable