Slam Intro

The show opens to a video of the back of the arena, as a long black limousine rolls up into the docking zone. Jim Thuggin, Johnny Rabid, Sandy Coconutz, and Andre Aquarius stand in wait, the Swagged Out Sabbatic Goat and Jolly Rogers flags of #BeachKrew held high as the vehicle stops. The back door opens, and Kyle Kemp is first to step out - dressed in a sharp suit and Ray Bans, his title draped over his shoulder - followed by Wade Moor and his #WhirlpoolChampionship. Finally, Jared "Los Tiburones" Holmes steps out of the limousine to the cheers of Andre and Sandy and the clapping of Rabid. Jared grins, a cherrywood pipe clenched in his teeth like a true executive and briefcase in hand.. He walks to the group, throwing his arms around the shoulders of Sandy and Andre.

Andre Aquarius: Damn, bruh! You three lookin' clean AF in dem WSeaF white collar shit.

Jared "Los Tiburones" Holmes: If I'm going to be owner, I gotta look the part! I think the tie really adds an "I'll fire your father on Christmas Eve, don't fuck with me" vibe to the whole outfit.

Hacksaw Jim Thuggin: Favorite Earth Children Jared, Wade, and Kyle, you have proven yourselves truly inspired and powerful under the leadership of Earth Child Johnny. Now, with the WSeaF under our control, the weak shall tremble.

Kemp, Jared, and Wade look amongst themselves, smiling with sly and wicked intent.

Kyle Kemp: Yeah. About that Jim. See, we looked the contract over.

Jared hoists his briefcase up for Wade to open and retrieve the contracts. Pulling out them dank #intellectual reading glasses, he squints at the page.

Wade Moor: See, the contract says that the winning team is in control of the WSeaF. Not the winning team's faction.

Rabid blanches, his confident smile dropping and slowly replacing itself with a look of annoyance.

Johnny Rabid: Are you kidding me? After all this man has done for you, you're going to strong arm him out?

Jared smiles as he steps forward, his nose inches from Rabid's. He smiles, a calm and content leer of a man with a royal flush.

Jared "Los Tiburones" Holmes: I'm sorry, employee, but I don't think that's a proper tone to take with your boss. See, you may be leader of #BeachKrew... but I'm in control of the WSeaF. So you're not my boss, Rabbit.

The two continue to stare in silence before Rabid's frown slackens and brow darkens.

Johnny Rabid: Fine. You're the boss. I can deal. Let's get to work.

Jared and Rabid hold the stare for a moment, Jared's grin faltering slightly before giving a quiet nod of approval in his direction. Jared turns and leaves with Wade and Kemp down the hall. Rabid watches quietly. Thuggin smiles.

Arch Angel vs David Lionheart vs Harley Jack vs Rey de Reyes

The bell rings as Zach Davis begins to speak.

Zach Davis: I’m Zach Davis and welcome to-

Wavedigger shoots a punch into Zach’s gut.

Wavedigger: Bitch, you’re Zach WAVis now.

Zach Davis: No I’m-

Wavedigger: Do you want to die?

Zach Wavis: ...No, sorry.

Wavedigger: That’s what I thought.

Freddy Bro: Dumbass nigga, for the rest of yo career you WACK WAVIS my nigga.

Wavedigger: See, Freddy read the memo at least.

We see Arch Angel, David Lionheart, and Harley Jack in the ring ready to go.

Freddy Bro: If a homeboy didn’t know any better I’d think these niggas is just fodder for the guy whose entrance is going to be televised.

Hollywood Undead Day of the Dead blares across the PA. Rey de Reyes waits a couple seconds to come out the curtain, then pyro explodes. He walks down to the ring slowly enough for the fans to bask in his glory. Slides gracefully into the ring and Climbs the turnbuckle closest to him and lets the fans bask in his glory once again.

Zach Wavis: Here comes Rey de Reyes, in his promo he demanded respect but the audience seems to be showing nothing but apathy right now.

Freddy Bro: This nigga Rey he a real nigga, he punked all these fools this week, it felt like Jay Omega’s reign as World Champ how he killed these fools.

Wavedigger: What’s that?

Freddy Bro: Like white boy dick, short and sweet.

Zach Wavis: How do you know it’s sweet?

Freddy: Trick or treat nigga.

Wavedigger: That explained fucking nothing.


Arch Angel, David Lionheart, and Harley Jack all charge at Rey de Reyes, kicking him in the skull with a triple superkick, which he immediately pops back up from as he looks pumped and ready to fight.

Freddy Bro: BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zach Wavis: That doesn’t feel quite the same…

Wavedigger: Say it right.

Zach Wavis: *sigh* That doesn’t feel quite motherfucking right.

Wavedigger: Motherfucking right. Ohhh, news just in through the headset...yeah this happens, Jared Holmes just announced that this match will be no disqualification to ‘weed out the fuckboys’, in that case Zach, time for you to leave!

Zach Wavis: Just call the match.

Wavedigger: Say i-

Zach Wavis: Call the motherfucking match.

Wavedigger: Good.

The three men charge at Rey again, this time hitting him with a triple superman punch upside the temple. They all pile on top of him as they go for the pin.


Zach Wavis: He’s like the fucking Hulk on steroids!

Wavedigger: He makes Thomas Bates look like Jeff Purses cock.

Freddy Bro: What’s that?

Wavedigger: Small and useless.

They charge at Rey once again who jumps up and hits a triple enzuigiri across all of there heads.

Wavedigger: Damn he took three heads at once!

Freddy Bro: What’s that?

Wavedigger: Alex Richards at a house party.

Zach Wavis: Can you please stop trivialising the hurt and pain that man went through it-

Wavedigger: He asked for it.

Rey lifts David and Harley to their feet and launches them out of the ring.

Wavedigger: They got tossed like Jay Omega’s dignity.

Freddy Bro: What’s-

Wavedigger: Self explanatory.

Rey stomps away at Arch Angel before leaping into the air for a backflip and landing on his opponent with a leg drop.

Zach Wavis: Great leg drop on him here.

Freddy Bro: What’s that?

Zach Wavis: Standard wrestling play by play commentary.

Rey picks up Arch Angel and immediately drops him with a Rey cutter which one can only assume is a standard cutter that is named after himself for profit.

Wavedigger: He got cut like Alex Richards innocence!

Freddy Bro: What’s that?

Wavedigger: No punchline needed.

He looks out at ringside towards David and Harley. Rey bounces off the ropes and goes flying over the top rope, landing on both men with a crossbody that drives them through the barricade breaking them in half, maggal!

Zach Wavis: I feel this match has been a one sided bias commentary against Pantheon without really calling the action in the ring.

Freddy Bro: Nigga who’s writin ya checks?

Zach Wavis: Se-....Jared Holmes.

Wavedigger: So…

Zach Wavis: … Corey Black is ugly and needs a shave.

Arch Angel rolls out of the ring and goes after Rey. He lifts him up and slams him into the makeshift lazy river that his been installed in the place of the first row.

Wavedigger: #BeachKrew are great interior designers.

Freddy Bro: What’s that?

Wavedigger: Do my house.

Rey shows great resilience as he leaps from the water and punches Arch Angel in the teeth, sending him into the ring apron.

Zach Wavis: There is no funny Pantheon insulting thing I can say here what do you want me to-

Wavedigger: Insult Jonny Fly.

Zach Wavis: He’s not even a member of Pan-

Freddy Bro: Fly a faggot straight up, he suck Joey Flashes dick like a fuckin vacuum,

David and Harley rise to their feet and go after Rey sending him to the ground with a double boot. They lift Rey over their heads carrying him up the entrance ramp. Arch Angel remains at ringside, still broken in half...maggle.

Zach Wavis: Arch Angel is broken in-

Freddy Bro: WHAT’S THAT?!

Zach Wavis:...like Alex Richards rectum.

They climb up to the top of the stage before hitting a double powerbomb that sends Rey off the top of the set and through the stage. It appears as though his halves have been broken in half, maggle. Rey expresses no sign of pain as he climbs out of the hole and climbs up the set after David and Harley.

Wavedigger: He’s fucking inhuman!

Freddy Bro: What’s that?

Wavedigger: Man who isn’t human.

Freddy Bro: Nigga we out of Pantheon shit already?

Wavedigger: Not at all, just watch their match latter.

Freddy Bro: DAYUM! You got burned, Wavenigga fucking killed you.

David and Harley taunt him as Rey reaches the top. They go to powerbomb him again, but can’t manage to lift him. Rey grabs both men by the throat and launches them both off the stage, sending them into a straight up Jayson Price state of mind.

Freddy Bro: BRO!!!!!!!!!!!

Wavedigger: I hope they’re dead.

Freddy Bro: What’s that?

Wavedigger: Pantheon’s future.

Arch Angel continues to lay on the outside of the ring as Rey jumps off the set and charges down to the ring. He picks up Arch Angel and throws him back into the ring before climbing to the top rope, jumping off with his shooting star press finisher.

Zach Wavis: Shooting Star!

Freddy Bro: WHAT’S THAT?

Zach Davis: ...something Pantheon will never have in their ranks again.

The ref drops down to count the pin.




Day of the Dead by Hollywood Undead hits as the ref raises Rey’s hand. Rey does his cocky strut to the back as Slam goes to commercial.

Zach Wavis: Do we have to do this Sea schtick all night?

Wavedigger: Eh, let's just randomly go in and out of it.

Caliban Segment

We come back to the announcers talking to the cameras about the opening to hellimination last sunday night and the scenes from Caliban's concussion test.

Zach Davis: In the wake of these events WCF on friday night received a memory stick via an anonymous drop off at head offices.

Freddy Whoa: In truth folks we don't know what to make of this so we will simply let you decide.

The shot cuts to black for a second and then we open on a dirty derelict room in an undisclosed location, the time and date stamps on the video confirm the pictures were recorded the previous wednesday but beyond that information is scarce. The room's interior is disgusting and the white and black wall tiles that are still half hanging on for dear life are cracked and withered but the decor is not what we are meant to see. Sitting in the middle of the room is 2 men, 1 the camera man who disappeared at Hellimination, the second has a hood up obscuring his face from the shot for the moment but from the build and tattoos on his exposed lower arms it's pretty obvious it's Jordan Caliban. Jones has his hands secured behind his back and both his legs are tied to the legs of the chair, the man across from him however is in a set of 4 point chains hands and feet both shackled tight enough that his wrists are bleeding. As Jones comes round he notices the figure in front of him and tries to get his attention.

Jones: Hey, Hey you, where the hell are we?

The man in front of him seems unresponsive at first but then slowly twitches into life, as he raises his head we finally see his face.

Jones: Cal.... Caliban? I don't understand, you.... you have been the one doing all of this to me, how in the shit are you in front of me in chains.

Caliban looks straight at the man and shakes his head mumbling.

Caliban: It's not me.

Jones: What? Speak up.

Caliban (screaming): IT'S NOT ME!

Jones: But... But the Tattoos, the piercings, the masks from your past and promos, it's all you man.

Caliban: No it isn't, it's my body but trust me it.....

And with that Caliban fades away his eyes turning a milky white and then come back to clear but this time his iris's have been altered, his eye color is brilliant orange instead of the bright blue they normally are. The laughter starts slow building until it's louder than Caliban's screaming earlier, he stands up looking around and then shuffles slow and painful to a corner of the room, his ankles are so messed up from the iron shackles that he leaves a trail of bloody footprints in his wake. Once there he reaches for a box with a combo lock undoing it and pulling out a key.

Jones: Caliban what kind of sick game is this? Some kind of experiment on forced stockholm syndrome.

The voice that answers him would terrify a gorilla, the octave, the tone like a thousand locusts swarming from his voice box to envelope everything within hearing distance.

Punkin: Lemme make one thing really, REALLY FUCKING CLEAR HERE, my name is not Jordan effing Caliban do you understand me?

Jones looks at the floor as Punkin advances on him the chains dropping from his limbs one by one.

Punkin: I AM THE PUNKIN! Crowned prince of Goreyville the place where everything that exists to make your day shittier is created and you Johnston Jones or as Caliban likes to call you, Frankie, are my new employee.

Jones: Wait a minute I...

Punkin shushes him.

Punkin: For years I sat behind these eyes and listened to that kid talk shit in his own specially retarded way and I am done with it, now you are gunna push the record button for me just like you did him. You see all that's left of Caliban was what you saw sitting in that chair, this face.

He points at his own grill with disgust.

Punkin: This face is now the mask do you understand me?!

He grabs Jones by the face mashing his lips and cheeks together hard.


Jone's doesn't chance speaking and instead just nods violently.

Punkin: Good.

With his hand still on Jones face Punkin reaches up into the hood he is wearing and grips something pulling it down over his face, it's a white and red mask, more terrifying than the black ones we normally see.

Punkin: Next week this body comes back to WCF but this mind, this creature that stands before you, this living embodiment of bloodlust will make his debut.

He turns and faces the camera directly storming towards it grabbing the lens so hard he almost knocks the equipment over.


And with that Punkin spins round back handing Jones into unconsciousness and the shot cuts out sending us back to the arena.

Zach Davies: Emmmm I think Caliban's snapped.

Freddy Whoa: I know Caliban, I think we are gunna see something we have only seen flashes of before.

Zach Davies: A lot of chaos coming WCF's way, next week is it Caliban returns and does The Punkin Debut?

We go to commercial.

The Rejects vs Oblivion/Night Rider

Zach Davis: This following match is gonna be... Well... With four brawlers, we might as well leave this, because...

Gravedigger: Because, this next match is gonna start in the ring, but it's gonna be a... BARN BURNER!!

Freddy Whoa: Whaaa...

Both Freddy and Zach look strangely at Gravedigger.

Gravedigger: What?!

Voice: BANG-BANG!!

Multiple eyes moves around on the jumbo-tron as music blares throughout the Marriot Center. Judas and Samael comes out, from the back in a rush, stopping abruptly on the entrance stage. Judas looks around, as his tongue rolls around his partially toothed mouth.

Samael just continued walking with heavy long strides.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in a combined weight of 570 pounds. This is Samael and Judas.

The Rejects stop at the end of the entrance ramp. Both give a strange look around.

Zach Davis: These two are one strange tag team.

Samael and Judas separate and enter the ring through two different sides.

Gravedigger: If you think those two are strange...

"Orion" by Metallica begins to play. Smoke begins to trail onto the stage and slowly flows down the ramp. Lasers flash and pulse along with the music. The smoke gets thick on the stage as three images walk out. The music slowly changes, transfers into "Oblivion" by Mastadon. The guitar roars out. Night Rider and Oblivion walks out.

Zach Davis: I can see Oblivion and Night Rider, but who is the third individual?

Freddy Whoa: Just wait.

Zach Davis: Why?

Gravedigger: It will completely catch you off guard.

Through the smoke walks out the third individual. The Marriot Center explodes with a mixed reaction.

Zach Davis: Oh my God!! It's Synn. It's Terry Roberts!!

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring accompanied by Synn, weighing in a combined weight of six hundred and thirty five pounds... Night Rider... Oblivion... This is... the AoD!

Oblivion and Night Rider look at one another.

Gravedigger: Here we go!!

Zach Davis: Why?!

Gravedigger: Watch...

Night Rider and Oblivion charge the ring. Instantly, all four match participants begin to throw fists and feet.

Freddy Whoa: WCF Senior Referee Stanley Moser looks completely bewildered!!

Gravedigger: Like over a half a ton human mass are throwing down in the middle, of the ring.

Oblivion goes after Samael, as Judas brawls with Night Rider. Judas nails Night Rider with a running elbow smash. Rider stumbles back bouncing off the ropes as Judas charges forward...


Zach Davis: Dropkick by Night Rider.

Judas stumbles back. Oblivion nails Samael with forearm smash, followed with a kick to the gut.

Freddy Whoa: Samael follows up with a single leg drop kick.

The Monster stumbles back bouncing off the ropes...


Gravedigger: Clothesline from Hell from Oblivion. Samael drops to the mat.

Night Rider races towards a stunned Judas and nails him with a clothesline which causes both of them flying over the top rope. Judas flips over slamming his right side, of his body on the ring apron. Night Rider collapses right after Judas.

Zach Davis: Told you guys, get ready to scatter.

Oblivion nails Samael with a quick jab followed up with a spinning back fist.

Zach Davis: Samael swings errantly, but misses. Oblivion nails his opponent with a short kick to the mid-section of Samael.

The Tabernash, Colorado resident buckles over as The Monster nails Samael with a European uppercut. Oblivion grabs IT's opponent...


Gravedigger: Short-arm clothesline by Oblivion.

Night Rider nails Judas with a forearm smash. Judas counters with scoop slam. Judas drops with an elbow. Judas drops again...

Freddy Whoa: Night Rider moves out of the way.

Night Rider grabs Judas...

Zach Davis: Night Rider whips Judas right towards the steel ring steps!!



Gravedigger: Night Rider collides hard into the ring steps!!

The top part of the steps are now dislodged. Judas smiles and stares at the commentary. Night Rider moves around.

Gravedigger: Fellas, I have this feeling...

Night Rider bolts away from the steps and charges right at Judas.

Zach Davis: RUUUUUNNN!!

Zach Davis, Freddy Whoa, and Gravedigger drop their headsets as Night Rider flies through the air...


Gravedigger: Flying clothesline!!!

Night Rider nails Judas and they crash through Davis, Gravedigger, and Whoa, landing between the commentary desk and security railing.

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion grabs Samael...


Zach Davis: Belly to belly suplex!!

With Samael in the mat, Oblivion races off bouncing off the ropes...


Gravedigger: The Monster Leg Drop!!

Oblivion dropped both legs across the chest if Samael. Night Rider and Judas begin to stir, as both throw fists, gnawing on each other. They throw each other on the commentary table. Both stand with wobbly legs on the commentary table. Judas nails Night Rider with an elbow, picks up Night Rider slamming him on the commentary table which shakes but doesn't collapse.

Zach Davis: Oblivion begins to stomp down in Samael.


Oblivion backs away as Samael struggles standing up. Samael stands up, stumbling around...


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! CHECK OUT TIME!!

Oblivion nails Samael with a super kick. Night Rider grabs Judas, spinning him around...



Zach Davis: The commentary table is in several pieces!!

Gravedigger: END OF TIME!!

Freddy Whoa: Cutter!!

Both Judas and Night Rider are motionless.

Gravedigger: Oblivion is beginning to stalk a fallen Samael.

Oblivion picks up Samael and places him in a fireman's carry...

Gravedigger: Here it comes!!


Zach Davis: Judas and Night Rider are standing, fighting tooth and nail.

Judas and Night Rider get to ring side. Night Rider nails Judas in the gut with a boot.


Zach Davis: DROP OF DEATH!!

Freddy Whoa: FACE FIRST DDT!!

Gravedigger: Oblivion covers Samael.

The crowd: ONE!!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREEEE!!


Kyle Kemp Segment

"Better Than You" begins to play over the speakers in the arena and Kyle Kemp slowly walks out onto the stage. He is grinning and is still wearing the suit and sunglasses from earlier in the night. The People's Title is on his shoulder and he taunts the fans lining the ramp down to the ring. Kemp climbs into the ring with a microphone in hand.

Kyle Kemp: Ladies and Gentlemen I have an impotant news bulletin for you! This past Sunday at Hellimination I did not just elminate two People's Choice members en route to our victory but I eliminated Teo Del Sol.

The crowd begins to boo and Kemp smirks at them.

Kyle Kemp: I know that it must pain all of you to hear me say that but here is what all of you need to understand.

Kemp raises the People's Title in the air.

Kyle Kemp: This title means that I am the gold standard when it comes to not only professional wrestlers, but people on this planet as well. This is not about being the person that you want me to be or the likeable guy you can all get behind. This is about being the People's Champ that you deserve and you all deserve Kyle Kemp as that champion. Not some goofball in a mask like Teo Del Sol. That is why I am out here right now. Teo Del Sol has been running his mouth that I do not defend the People's Title enough and that I am running scared.

Kemp takes off his jacket and drapes it on one of the turnbuckles. He begins to roll up his sleeves as the buzz of anticipation vibes throughout the crowd. They can tell something special is about to happen.

Kyle Kemp: That's right everyone I am going to have an impromptu People's Title match right now and as one of the bosses in the WCF right now, I demand a referee get down here now.

An official runs down to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Are we really going to see a People's Title match?

Wavedigger: Yes you idiot. Were you not listening?

Kyle Kemp: Now I know all of you expect me to fight Teo Del Sol tonight but that is not happening. I have pinned him twice in the last month and he does not deserve this opportunity. No....do you know who does? A newcomer. Someone that can try to make an impact on their first day here.

Zach Davis: I want to know who it is!

Suddenly a man in a yellow luchador mask runs down to the ring. He is wearing a t-shirt for Teo Del Sol's wrestling school and he slides into the ring quickly. Kemp stares him down and continues to smile.

Kyle Kemp: Ladies and gentlemen my opponent tonight is young Jorge Juarez and he is a man trying to bring respect towards Teo Del Sol's wrestling school by beating me tonight.

Kemp tosses the mic out to the ring announcer as Jorge bounces up and down. The referee asks both men to the center of the ring. As they get close and the official begins to discuss things with them, Kemp kicks Juarez in the nuts, dropping him to the ground. Kemp backs up and runs forward with verocity and hits the Back to the Minors.

Wavedigger: Look how smart Kemp is! He got the jump on him!

Kemp covers him and looks up at the ref. Kemp orders him to count and the ref relunctantly counts to 3. Kemp stands up and salutes the crowd mockingly. They boo loudly as Kemp laughs. Jorge begins to stir at his feet and Kemp mounts him. He begins to repeatedly hit him in the face with punches. Blood begins to seep out of the mask as Kemp is heard talking trash.

Kyle Kemp: Did you really think Teo would save you? Did you think you were better than me?

Kemp pulls the young man up by his head and continues to yell at him but Jorge slumps to the ground. Kemp mounts him once again and hits a few more punches as blood flies in the air with each punch. Kemp finally rips off Jorge's mask, walks over and picks up the People Title. He looks at both and raises them in the air.

Zach Davis: Kemp has sent a message here tonight and that is he will not be losing that People's Title for a long time.

Suddenly Teo Del Sol runs out and down the ramp towards Kemp. He slides into the ring as Kemp slides out. Teo looks at Jorge and then at Kemp and does the right thing which is to tend to Jorge. Kemp walks around the ring and backs up the ramp. He continues to hold both the title and the mask in the air as we transition into a commercial.

Television Title Match
Bad News Benson vs Andre Jenson

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall and is for your Television Champion. Introducing first, the challenger . . .

No music, no theatrics, no show; it was simply Bad News Benson storming out onto the stage, pushing down the ramp as if he was angry with men, women, children, animals, and Gods. Rolling under the bottom rope, he stomps once to emphasize his anger before moving off to his corner to await the start of the match.

Kyle Steel: From the skid row of Anywhere, USA, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he is Bad News BENSON

Zach Davis: Benson has been rather quiet, save for his twitter quips here and there, since attacking #BeachKrew a month ago.

Gravedigger: Good.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, your Television champion . . .

A deep voice booms from the PA system "In the world of the fantasy land of Kem begot a new type of warrior, one which was created from the fires of the star Elume and forged in the great battles of the third age. A warrior so daring and so brave that King Dennis the maker himself would try to destroy him and fail. This man is more than man, he is legend"

The Dovakiin Theme song of the hit video game Skyrim starts to play as mist slowly rolls up the entrance ramp while Andre Jenson appears from behind the curtain, dressed like he was an Acolyte out of the College of Winterhold. Andre looks around to the crowd with a stoney stare before meandering to the ring while waving the Staff of Fire he wielded, heading down to the ring in the process

He enters the ring after looking under the ring, presumably for a secret door via rolling under the bottom rope. When in the ring he looks at Benson, who never leaves the corner, and tries to Fus ro Doh him out of the ring; of course, nothing happens.

Freddy Whoa: Man, I just cannot wrap my head around this cat. In fact, I’m surprised he hasn’t shown up dressed like one.

Zach Davis: Don’t dismiss the art of LARPing, Freddy; It’s a form of expression and entertainment, not to dress up like the common domestic creature. Halloween was last night.

Gravedigger: I’ve said it before, but I hate you both.

While Jenson hands off his staff and his shield of Television gold, Kyle Steel begins to introduce him.

Kyle Steel: From the Isle of Kem, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds, he is Andre JENSON!

With his back turned Benson, who was angry at being shouted at, charged in and leveled Jenson with a clothesline in the back of head, sending him crashing to the mat. The staff lands in the ring where Benson snatches it up and breaks it over his knee as the referee calls for the bell.


Tossing the staff to the outside, Benson begins to lay into the champ with his signature stomps, hoping to wear him down for an early pin. Jenson rolls onto the apron, using to ropes to pull himself up on the outside; Benson, being the gentleman that he is, attempts to help him to his feet by his air, but Jenson grabs ahold of Benson’s head and drops back to his knees with a jawbreaker. Benson stumbles back clutching at his jaw, moving into the perfect position to eat a smooth springboard crossbody that Jenson quickly transitions into a pin attempt.




Benson slips out from the pinfall, reaching his feet before the champ. Andre eats a big boot across the side of his head for the trouble, sending him back to the mat where Benson proceeds to stomp away at him again, aiming primarily for the torso area. Andre attempts to drag himself to the rope, but Benson grabs him by the ankle, pulling him back into the center of the ring before stomping hard on the back of Jenson’s head.

Gravedigger: I think if Bad News Benson lost both of his arms, he could still compete, given his offense thus far.

Freddy Whoa: How could’ve he had dragged Jenson back to the center without arms

Gravedigger: Probably by stomping on him.

Benson points to the top rope, signaling for a high risk maneuver. Climbing him, he waits as a stunned Jenson rolls onto his back, before leaping off with a top-rope double foot stomp in mind. But Jenson rolls out of the way! Benson lands hard on his leg, jarring his knee, with the champ immediately targets with a low dropkick, forcing Benson into a kneeling position. A spinning heel kick sends Benson to the mat, with a pinfall to follow.





Jenson rolls off of Benson and pulls the man to his feet, putting his head in a suplex position. Instead of immediately going for it, though, Jenson waves his closed fist around like he’s rolling a dice.

Zach Davis: Andre Jenson perhaps signaling for the D20

Gravedigger: Or he’s about to jerk Benson off.

Alas, it was Benson who hits Jenson in the junk, dropping to his knees to deliver a vicious low blow right in the front of the referee, who tries to intervene, but Bad News Benson was having none of it. Kicking Jenson in the stomach, he heaves the champ up and drives him to the mat with a vicious release powerbomb.

Freddy Whoa: And no stomp!

And then Benson stomps on Jenson for good measure before making the pin.

Gravedigger: There it is





Zach Davis: But the champ is still in it!

Benson rises to his feet and stomps on the mat in frustration before pulling Jenson to his feet and whipping him into the corner. Moving to him, Benson lifts Jenson onto the top before following suit.

Zach Davis: Benson is looking for The Ghetto Bomb

Gravedigger: I almost want to see him hit it for the sake of variety.

But, to the surprise of many, even Andre, the champ casts a fireball and throws it into the face of Benson! In actuality, it was just flash paper that the champ lit with a lighter tucked away in his trunks, but it elicits a massive pop from the crowd as Benson falls back to the mat. Rising to his feet, Jenson slaps his elbow for a +2 in suspense before leaping off the top with a massive elbow drop onto Benson. He rolls through with, landing across the ring with a grin across his face.

Zach Davis: The champ is looking for that Critical Hit.

Jenson waits long enough for Benson to reaching a seated position before charging forward, driving his knee into the face of the man with magical force. Benson slams back to the mat, where Andre proceeds to pin him as the crowd cheers him on.




Oblivion Interview

A cameraman stands in front of the commentary table.

Zach Davis: It seems we have Hank Brown, backstage, with a very special guest.

Freddy Whoa: Special wouldn't be the word I would use.

Gravedigger: Who are we talking about?

Zach Davis: You're about to see. Take it away, Hank Brown.

A cameraman is a few feet away from Hank Brown.

Hank Brown: Thank you, Zach. Walking up to me, at this moment...

Oblivion proceeds to walk up to Hank.

Hank Brown: Ladies and gentlemen, former World Heavyweight Champion, eight time hardcore champion, a triple crown winner... The Monster Oblivion.

A very loud explosive mixed reaction from the crowd is heard.

Oblivion: Meatsacks!! Let The Monster hear you!!!

The crowd reacts again.

Hank Brown: It seems wherever you go, you can rile up the crowd.

Oblivion: Well, after six years, The Monster has practically done everything there is to be done, here in WCF!!

Hank Brown: It seems as if you are being distracted in multiple directions.

Oblivion: Albeit Bonnie Blue and Andre Jenson. Or challenging Gemini Battle for the US Championship. Or later tonight, The Monster has a meeting with the bosses in charge... Beachkrew.


Oblivion: But, for right now, IT's attention is right at Ms. Bonnie and Andre Jenson. It seems that the three of us are at each others throats.

Hank Brown: For what reason for the rift between you three?

Oblivion: Does it really matter?

Crowd: NO!!

Oblivion: IT asks you... DOES IT TRULY REALLY MATTER?!

Crowd: HELL NO!!

Hank Brown: Then what seems to be the problem between you three?

Oblivion grabs the mic and pushes Hank Brown away and looks into the camera....

Oblivion: Bonnie Blue claims to be a descendant of Johnny Reb. FUCK JOHNNY REB!! We had a nasty war. A bloody war, back in the day!! He's gone and The Monster is still standing. Now, that annoying little bitch...

Hank Brown tries to walk up...

Hank Brown: Oblivion you cannot say bitch... OOOFF!!

Oblivion pushes Hank Brown away again.

Oblivion: Bonnie Blue, that annoying little cow, wants to finish the job Johnny Reb couldn't do. What she doesn't know, but what The Dark Messiah can see, is the inevitable... Her absolute collapse. HER ULTIMATE DOWNFALL!!

Now, Andre Jenson wants to stick his nose involved. That's fine!! Not only will that wanna spooky bitch....

Bonnie appears as if on cue, already in her ring gear and stalking toward them at a brisk pace. She doesn't stop until she's right in front of Oblivion, tilting her head back to look up at IT for a moment before speaking.

Bonnie Blue: Y'oughta learn when to shut your damn mouth, Oblivion! You ain't worthy to speak my name. Your lyin' bastard tongue sullies it. Damn, son, you ain't even worthy of breathin' the same air. I'm about sick of your constant harassment. First that shit you pulled the night I debuted, an' then last week, you cost me the TV Title! There's a damned DQ on my record 'cause of you! Folks are gonna get the wrong idea... Now, if'n you want a piece of me -- wait. Lemme rephrase that. You wanna fight? I ain't hidin'. Let's go! Right now!

Bonnie punctuates this last statement with a somewhat ineffectual shove. When the Monster fails to rise to the bait, she storms away, her face a mask of barely-conrolled fury.

Oblivion: WCF!! Did you all see that?! Meatsacks did YOU see that?!

Crowd: HELL YEA!!

Oblivion: Bonnie Blue, you crazy bitch!! Don't you realize your personal fate?! You keep poking The Monster with a stick you will end up in a situation that you cannot get out of.

The crowd cheers as Andre Jenson walks up, but keeps a safe distance from Oblivion. Jenson just stands there, saying nothing, but stares at Oblivion.

Oblivion: What Jenson?! You afraid to step up to The Monster.

Jenson doesn't move. Instead, he directs a focused gaze at Oblivion, his lips moving just noticeably.

Oblivion: Jenson!! You coward!! MOOOOOVE!!! DO SOMETHING!! SAAAY SOMETHIIIING!!

AJ brings his hands up, making a series of odd gestures; progressing from subtle to outright flailing. And then abruptly, he stops, chuckling with wry amusement


Jenson points behind Oblivion and continues laughing.

Oblivion: What?! WHAT?! What's behind Oblivion?! Quit laughing!! COME FIGHT ME!! FIGHT MEEEEEE!!!

Then out of no where... THWACK! A kendo stick smashes against Oblivion's broad shoulders, getting the Monster's attention. As IT turns, Bonnie Blue swings the shinai again; the impact reduces the weapon to kindling. The Monster growls, and Bonnie gives IT a feral smile in return -- about a split second before she swings a hard right at Oblivion's face. Hank makes a prudent escape as Oblivion's massive fist cleaves the air, rocketing toward Blue. But the momentum stops when Jenson steps between them and intercepts the punch.

Bonnie and AJ exchange a glance, then both go on the attack. Oblivion retaliates, blow for blow, but is forced to give ground under the dual onslaught. Without warning, Andre Jenson stops dead; his gaze loses focus; his right hand clenches, shaking, into a fist. He turns toward Bonnie, eyes alight with sudden and overwhelming rage, and levels a haymaker at the girl. She ducks -- barely -- and stares at AJ, who looks shocked at his own actions. He takes a step away from her, and right into the Monster's waiting hands. Before anyone can react, Oblivion lifts Jenson from the ground and slams him into Bonnie in a single, fluid motion. IT glances down at ITs handiwork, and, with a satisfied smirk, the Monster walks away; leaving ITs dazed victims to sort themselves out. The scene on the Jumbotron fades away.

Zach Davis: Well, that was, um... that happened...

Doc Henry vs Dustin Beaver

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Master Ryushi emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises his fists in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he hops the turnbuckle and 'gets loose' awaiting his opponent.

Music hits, then a spotlight shines at the beginning of the entrance ramp, awaiting "The Beavs" to walk into it. He enters the light, points to the crowd on the left and then to the crowd on the right. He then points with both hands at the opponent in the ring, he looks and walks straight ahead, scowling at the opponent.

Zach Davis: Here we go. Dustin Beaver and Doc Henry!

The two circle and tie up.

Wavedigger: Doc Henry is a veteran of WCF. He's been in main events, he's won belts, he's done a lot. A victory for Dustin Beaver here could be huge.

Doc Henry gains the upper hand. He moves Beaver to the ropes and then whips him across the wing. As Beaver comes back Henry catches him and executes a Backdrop Suplex. He goes for the pin.



No!, Beaver kicks out. Henry backs up and pulls Beaver in as he begins getting to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Pedigree!

No!, Beaver reverses it with a Back Bodydrop. Henry gets to his feet and Beaver runs at him, but Henry hits him with a Spinning Heel Kick. Doc then drops Beaver with a Neckbreaker. Into another pin.



No!, Beaver kicks out again!

Wavedigger: Dustin Beaver won't stay down.

Henry lifts Beaver up and hooks him for the Gambler's Hand!, but Beaver elbows him away. Henry runs at Beaver but Dustin hits a Spinning Punch. Henry is sent sprawling and Beaver runs at him and hits a Flying Headscissors. Beaver goes for the pin.



No!, Henry kicks out now.

Zach Davis: Back and forth!

The Beavs sits himself up on the top turnbuckle as Henry stumbles towards him...

Wavedigger: BASS DROP!

Beavs quickly pins Henry.




Freddy Whoa: Dustin Beaver gets the win!

The bell sounds as Beaver stands up and gets his arm raised.

Zach Davis: I've said it plenty of times, people may think he's a joke but Dustin Beaver is the real deal in the ring. And he proved it here tonight.

D'Angelo Hall Segment

We cut to the #BeachKrew locker room where we see a 7/10 chick emerge from behind the door...right into a baseball bat that knocks her straight out, the wielder of the bat: a masked up D'Angelo Hall steps into view. He turns to the camera.

Gangsta Nation: You already know what it is. Time to show this puppy we all about that bite life.

He kicks the door open to find an incredulous Andre Aquarius zipping his pants back up, a hot flush across the face of Prince Lightskin.

Gangsta Nation: Home run nigga.

He smashes the bat across Andre's face sending him crumpling to the floor before stomping on him a couple of times. He turns once more to the camera.

Gangsta Nation: Goon squad for life.

Throwing up some bizarre gang signs, D'Angelo leaves the room and the prone 7/10 and Andre unconscious.

Raymond Hatcher vs Occulo vs Bonnie Blue

"Doctor Who Meets Metal" by erock starts to play. Smoke covers the stage as the music begins; blue and white strobes flare in time to the beat. Bonnie Blue appears from the haze, clad in a hooded, ankle length coat of azure, a silver star emblazoned on the back. Throwing back the hood, she raises her arms to the crowd, soaking in the cheers for a moment. Then, she sprints down the ramp and leaps onto the ring apron.

Kyle Steel: Making her way into the ring, weighing in at one hundred forty-three pounds, hailing from parts unknown…Bonnie Blue!

Bonnie turns to face the audience; she gives them a dazzling smile and shrugs out of the coat before slipping through the ropes into the ring. "Doctor Who Meets Metal" by erock fades out.

“Destruction” by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off.

Zach Davis: Wait! What’s this?

Raymond Hatcher storms the ring from the crowd and catches Bonnie Blue from behind with a clubbing forearm to the back of her head, the bell rings.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Raymond Hatcher coming from the crowd.

Hatcher spins Bonnie around, BRAIN BUSTER!!!


Hatcher immediately covers Bonnie for the win.




Zach Davis: Occulo able to get to the ring in time to stop the count.

Gravedigger: Raymond Hatcher isn’t waiting for anything.

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher a true opportunist.

Occulo and Hatcher start battling blow for blow, Occulo backs Hatcher to the ropes, but Hatcher fights away by dropping to his knees and nailing Occulo with a low blow.

Zach Davis: Hatcher with a cheap shot.

Occulo tumbles to the mat holding his crotch Hatcher starts stomping away on him before going to the outside and grabbing a chair. Hatcher returns to the ring and swings the chair at Occulo who rolls out of the way. Hatcher takes a step and swings the chair, but Occulo rolls away again. Hurracanrana by Bonnie Blue from nowhere.

Zach Davis: Bonnie Blue getting back into this match and taking out Hatcher.

Bonnie heads to the top rope and dives off with an elbow drop to Hatcher. Bonnie goes for the cover.



Hatcher kicks out. Bonnie pulls him back to his feet and twists his arm into an arm-ringer and starts nailing him with kicks to the chest. After several kicks Bonnie shoots Hatcher to the ropes, but Hatcher reverses and throws Bonnie to the ropes. Bonnie hangs onto the ropes and Hatcher charges in with a clothesline, but Bonnie sends him over the top with a back drop.

Freddy Whoa: Raymond Hatcher getting dumped outside.

Bonnie Blue climbs through the ropes to the apron, Hatcher sweeps her leg causing her to drop to the apron and fall to the floor. Hatcher immediately hops up on the apron and starts screaming for Bonnie to get up.

Gravedigger: Hatcher setting up for the clothesline off the apron.

Hatcher gets dropkicked from the apron by Occulo and he slams into the guardrail. Bonnie is up to her feet now, as Occulo slides out of the ring. Bonnie catches Occulo with a huge forearm to the face and he stumbles back to the guardrail next to Hatcher. Bonnie jumps onto the ring apron and dives off with a crossbody block on both men, but Occulo moves and she just catches Hatcher causing the two to tumble over the guardrail into the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: WCF bringing the action right to the fans.

Occulo drags the guardrail back leaving more room between it and the front row. Occulo hops over the guardrail and pulls Bonnie to her feet and hits her with a belly to back suplex on the floor.

Zach Davis: Right to the concrete, folks, there are no mats out there to protect these competitors.

Hatcher has crawled back over the guardrail and is trying to climb into the ring. Occulo sees him and goes after Hatcher. Occulo gets to the ring and Hatcher catches him with a chair shot to the face taking him down.

Gravedigger: A viscous chair shot to Occulo.

Hatcher throws the chair to the mat and then pulls Occulo to his feet and hits him with a double underhook suplex on the chair and immediately into the cover.

Zach Davis: This could be it right here.



KICKOUT! Hatcher yanks the chair out from under Occulo and then starts wailing on him with it.

Gravedigger: You can hear the sound of metal on flesh echoing through the building.

After several shots the chair starts breaking apart and Hatcher throws it away before heading out of the ring and searching underneath it. Hatcher pulls out a table and slides it into the ring. Bonnie hops up to the guardrail and dives off with a clothesline to the back of Hatcher’s head knocking him forward into the ring apron which keeps him on his feet. Bonnie throws Hatcher back into the ring and follows after. Bonnie grabs Hatcher by the hair and starts pulling him to his feet, Hatcher cheap shots with a low blow.

Zach Davis: I don’t know how smart an idea that was.

Bonnie just laughs at Hatcher’s failed attempt to stifle her offense. Bonnie drops Hatcher with a springboard bulldog.

Gravedigger: Hatcher paying for that attempted cheapshot.

Bonnie points to the table and the crowd pops. Bonnie sets up the table parallel to the ropes, she turns around and looks at both Occulo and Hatcher laying on the mat, she points to Occulo and the crowd cheers a little, then she points at Hatcher and the crowd goes wild, she smiles and yanks Hatcher to his feet.

Zach Davis: It looks like Hatcher is going through the table.

Bonnie hooks Hatcher for a vertical suplex through the table, she tries to lift him, but isn’t strong enough to get him up, Hatcher fights away and then hooks Bonnie’s head between his legs.

Zach Davis: Hatcher has some evil intentions here.

Gravedigger: It looks like he’s going for a powerbomb.

Freddy Whoa: He’s gonna break Bonnie Blue in half.

Hatcher flips Bonnie to his shoulders, but Bonnie fights back with rights to the face, Hatcher starts stumbling backwards and trips over Occulo with Bonnie coming down on his shoulders pinning them to the mat.



KICKOUT! Bonnie hops through the ropes to the apron and starts climbing to the top, Occulo cuts her off and she drops across the top turnbuckle. Occulo climbs to the second rope and hooks Bonnie’s head for a superplex. Hatcher stops Occulo before he can finish the move. Hatcher hooks his head under Occulo’s legs and lifts him up in an electric chair position. Bonnie hops to the top rope in one quick move, DOOMSDAY DEVICE!

Zach Davis: Bonnie and Hatcher channeling the Road Warriors.

Bonnie goes for the cover.



NO! Hatcher punts the side of Bonnie’s head throwing her off and then drops down himself for the cover on Occulo.



KICKOUT! Hatcher is a bit frustrated and slaps the mat before yelling at the referee.

Zach Davis: That was close, but only a two.

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher thinks it was three, I believe him.

Bonnie comes from behind and hits Hatcher with an inverted facelock elbow drop.

Zach Davis: PARADOX!

Freddy Whoa: That’s gotta be it.

Bonnie Blue covers Hatcher.



NOOO! Occulo breaks up the pin. Occulo lifts Bonnie up and hits a swinging DDT.

Zach Davis: Bonnie getting dropped with a big swinging DDT from Occulo.

Occulo goes after Hatcher pulling him to his feet and pulling him over to the table, Occulo lifts Hatcher up for a bodyslam through the table, but Hatcher slips out behind and charges to the ropes, comes off and is dropped with a clothesline from Occulo. Hatcher gets right back to his feet and runs into a sleeper hold.

Gravedigger: Occulo looking to put Hatcher to bed.

Hatcher is fading fast dropping to one knee then two. Bonnie charges in with a dropkick catching Occulo in the face breaking up the sleeper. Bonnie makes a quick cover on Hatcher who looks to be out.

Freddy Whoa: Bonnie could slip out the back door with a quick pin.




Zach Davis: There’s still some life left in Raymond Hatcher.

Bonnie gets to her feet and Occulo comes up from behind with a release German suplex, but Bonnie lands on her feet, Hatcher hits a clothesline on Bonnie from behind. Occulo hits Hatcher with rights to the face and the two battle through the ropes to ringside.

Gravedigger: Hatcher and Occulo battling back and forth neither man gaining the advantage.

Bonnie gets to her feet and runs to the ropes, SUICIDE PLANCHA!

Zach Davis: The crowd is going wild as Bonnie Blue takes out both men at ringside.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, but how much did that take out of her, all three of these competitors look spent.

Zach Davis: Well, with the pace of this match that’s not surprising. These three have been going full force since the opening bell.

Gravedigger: Since before the opening bell.

Zach Davis: I stand corrected.

Freddy Whoa: But you’re sitting down.

Three competitors start crawling away from each other at ringside. They all three climb back into the ring, but all on different sides. They all spot each other.

Gravedigger: We’ve got an old fashion Mexican stand-off here.

Hatcher starts trying to coach Occulo into teaming with him against Bonnie Blue who knows she’s outmatch by these two men combined. Hatcher and Occulo hone in on Bonnie and start stalking her.

Zach Davis: The devious Hatcher making a pack with Occulo.

Freddy Whoa: Bonnie is in a lot of trouble here.

Hatcher and Occulo crowd in on Bonnie keeping her trapped in a corner. Hatcher grabs Bonnie by the hair viscously and pulls her from the corner, the crowd boos. Dropkick to the face of Hatcher by Occulo.

Gravedigger: It was a swerve.

Bonnie looks on completely surprised, Occulo signals for her to come and help as he pulls Hatcher to his feet. Bonnie joins in and they drag Hatcher over to the table.

Zach Davis: Could this table finally come into play?

Bonnie and Occulo lift Hatcher up for a devastating vertical suplex through the table.

Gravedigger: A bit of irony here as Hatcher is put through the very table he brought into the match.

Occulo immediately goes for the cover on Hatcher.


NO! Bonnie hooks Occulo with a La magistral roll-up.



NO! Occulo reverses it rolling back on top of Bonnie, hooking her head and then legs for a roll-up of his own.




Zach Davis: Bonnie and Occulo trading roll-ups.

Freddy Whoa: That partnership didn’t last long.

Bonnie and Occulo both get to their feet and start trading blows with Occulo getting the advantage and whipping Bonnie to a corner. Occulo charges in with a clothesline, and Bonnie drops into a seated position at the bottom of the corner. Occulo starts stomping on Bonnie until she lifelessly rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Occulo stomping the life out of Bonnie Blue.

Hatcher sneaks up from behind with a lungblower, but Occulo holds onto the top rope and Hatcher just falls to his back.

Zach Davis: Hatcher misses with the lungblower.

Occulo spins around and SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE!

Gravedigger: That’s gotta be it!



NOOOOO!!! Bonnie yanks Occulo out of the ring and slides in herself and hooks in the TIMELOCK!

Zach Davis: Bonnie makes the save and is stretching Hatcher now.

Occulo gets back into the ring and starts stomping on Bonnie.

Freddy Whoa: Look at this, Occulo on the attack, but Bonnie is refusing to let go of the hold.

Zach Davis: Hatcher could tap at any moment.

Occulo gets desperate and starts digging his fingers into Bonnie’s eyes and pulling her hair, she finally lets go. Occulo goes for the Subliminal Message, but Bonnie fights away and hits the TIMELOCK!


Zach Davis: Is this enough to put away Occulo?

Hatcher nails Bonnie from behind with a big chunk of the destroyed table, she drops to his knees and Hatcher pulls her to her feet and hits a Gutwrench BUCKLEBOMB! Bonnie stumbles forward right into the IMPROVEMENT-PLEX!




The bell rings and the crowd boos!

Zach Davis: And out of nowhere Hatcher comes back to get the victory with the Improvement-Plex.

Gravedigger: I didn’t see that coming.

Freddy Whoa: I did.

Gravedigger: You’re so full of it.

Zach Davis: Well, Raymond Hatcher getting a big win, but the fans don’t seem to like it.

Hatcher climbs to his feet and throws his hands in the air as a chorus of boos echo through the arena.

Oblivion/Gemini Battle Segment

Gravedigger: My opinion is simple. What I was thinking...

The lights above the ring, begin to flash. The lights, of the Marriot Center flash as "Oblivion" by Mastadon blares out. A thunderous mixed reaction, from the crowd roars out, as Oblivion slinks out. The Monster's minions, the shadowy creatures, The Gathering slinks out, blending in with the barely lit part, of the entrance ramp. Several creatures push and pull a medium sized cart, with a model of a cage. The cage is about the same size as a shark diving cage, is going to be used for a demonstration.

Zach Davis: This looks interesting.

Gravedigger: Promising.

Oblivion enters the ring, as several Gathering members anchors the cage, as the cage is raised and slowly hanging over the ropes and is slowly placed in the ring. The Gathering members circle the ring. The music slowly fades out.

Oblivion: Coming up on Friday the thirteenth in November, less than two weeks away. At XIII, yours truly will step into a cage that us multiple times bigger than this cage, right here. Oblivion verses Gemini Battle will step into a cage, when one of the sides will randomly be electrified. We will NOT know which side will be charged up...



Oblivion: Now, right now, one side is electrified Let's find out which side is electrified.

Zach Davis: WHAT?!

Gravedigger: YES!!!

Oblivion whistles and one of the Gathering members tosses a bag, which is squirming, to The Monster.

Freddy Whoa: What's in the bag?

Zach Davis: What does that have to do with the cage?

Gravedigger: Electrified cage mind you.

Oblivion opens the bag and pulls out a large pigmy rat. The Monster walks up to the cage, in which you can hear the electrified cage sizzle.

Oblivion: Let's see if this is the side that is electric.


Oblivion slams the rat against the side, of the cage. Nothing happens. The crowd gives gives out a collects sigh.

Zach Davis: That was close.

Gravedigger: FRY THAT RAT!! FRY THAT RAT!!

Oblivion: Now, let's try another side, shall we? This is what is gonna happen to Gemini Battle.

Crowd: NOOOOOOO!!!

Oblivion slams the rat against the side, of the cage.

Oblivion: What a damn shame, Mickey didn't get fried.

Gravedigger: HAHAHAHA!! Oblivion called the rat Mickey!!

Oblivion: Gemini Battle!!! On XIII, IT will get to shred your body and your face on the jagged sides, of the cage. Hopefully, one of the sides will be electrified!! Battle will end up as a crispy critter!!



Oblivion: The Monster will defeat you!! Destroy you!! Electrify you!! Oblivion will watch you twitch in pain. Then Oblivion will pin you for the WCF United States Championship. Well, let's see if this is the side will be the one.

Oblivion grabs the rat and walks up to the cage...

"Falling higher" by Halloween blasts through the arena as Gemini Battle makes his way to the entrance ramp and stops at the stage.

Gemini Battle: Hold up right there, Monster!! I bet you feel tough man terrifying the crowd with the prospect of electrifying a rat. It's clear they don't want to see that happen.

Crowd: Save the rat!! Save the rat!!

Gemini Battle: But, it's funny how they react when I give them the prospect of tossing you into the electrified side of the cage, at XIII!!!


Gemini Battle: And don't forget... It's bring your own weapons and I've got something special planned for you, in this here burlap sack.

Oblivion: It doesn't matter what you bring, your ass will belong to The Monster and the US title will come back home to The Darkness!!

Gemini Battle: Bring it, bitch!!

Oblivion: FUCK YOU, BATTLE!!!

The Monster grabs the rat and smashes it into the cage, which the side POPS and CRACKS violently, as the rat practically fries, which causes Oblivion to drop the rat.

Gravedigger: Ladies and gentlemen look at the rat... That might happen to either Oblivion or Gemini Battle.

Hardcore Match
Zombie McMorris vs Vengeance

The scene opens on the packed arena in Georgia, with an assortment of weapons around the ring.

Wavedigger: We already have weapons surrounding the ring for the upcoming match!

Kyle Steele stands in the ring.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a HARDCORE MATCH and it is set for one fall!

The lights go out in the arena Vengeance appears on the titantron in red and black letters as pyros go off on the stage then red and white strobe lights flash on the entrance ramp aand red lights fill the arena the Vengeful one by disturbed starts as Vengeance slowly makes his way down to the ring as he approachs the ring he stops and looks in the ring before making his way to the ring steps.

Kyle Steel: On his way to the ring...from parts unknown...he is the "The Hardcore Messiah" VENNNNGEAAAANCE!!!

Vengeance slowly climbs the ring steps entering the ring through the second rope he walks to the center of the ring. Vengeance stops in the center of the ring the arena lights go out as a single red light shines over Vengeance stands there looking at the camera as the arena lights slowly turn on.

Zach Wavis: Vengeance was an inch away from winning the Disruptor Battle Royal at Helloween and earning a WHIRLPOOL Championship match against Wade Moor.

Wavedigger: Inches add up, Zach.

Freddy Bro: But he has a chance to make up some ground tonight against his opponent tonight in this hardcore match.

"Never Gonna Stop" hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent...he is the Internet Champion and King of All Things Bitches and Coke...THE HONEY BADGER SEAAAAAAMAAAAAAACCC!!!

He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived.

Vengeance and SeaMAC inch closer to each other, standing nearly chest to chest.

Zach Wavis: These two in-ring veterans are here to make a statement tonight...

Freddy Bro: I don't even think SeaMAC cares about winning this match. He don't give an F about nothin! Only thing on his mind is hurting his opponent as much and as often as possible!

Wavedigger: That's my dude, SeaMAC. Be killin' it HB style in that ring!

Vengeance hits Z with a potshot and the ref calls for the bell! Vengeance shoves Z into the ropes and drives his knee to MAC's gut, doubling him over before Vengeance clocks him with an elbow! ZMAC reels and Vengeance uses the momentum to shove ZMAC over the top rope and out of the ring! Z spills to the floor, but lands upright on his feet with Honey Badger reflexes. Fuck yo pain and gravity, his body language speaks volumes!

Vengeance bounds off the opposite end of the ring and leaps over the top rope onto Z...but Z sidesteps and Vengeance hits the mat with a sick thud! Z lands a couple of boots on Vengeance before getting him to his feet and tossing him into the ring steps! Vengeance hits with a crash and a crowd pop! Z picks a steel chair off the ground as Vengeance gets to his feet! Z swings....but Vemgeance dips! He clocks Z in the gut with an uppercut and Zmac drops the chair. Vengeance picks it up and cracks ZMAC over the back, knocking him into the steel steps! He brings the chair down on MAC, but Z percieves it and ducks out of the way, causing the chair to bounce off the steps and temporarily stun Vengeance! ZMAC hits Vengeance with a discus elbow and knocks him to the mat!

Zach Wavis: The momentum keeps trading back and forth in this match!

Freddy Bro: You have to think that any one of those weapons or a big move could end this match at any time!

Wavedigger: Are you kidding?! This is WSeaF! This is HORRORKORE! These two will go until they can't stand on their own two feet! It's gonna be a bloodbath!

ZMAC grabs the chair from the ground and cracks it over Vengeance's leg! shoulder! Back! Taking advantage of any piece of flesh available to hit! He stands Vengeance to his feet and throws him into the barricade! He rushes him with a lariat!...

Zach Wavis: Hiptoss from Vengeance sending ZMAC into the crowd!

Freddy Bro: But the Loyal catch him and surf him back!

They set ZMAC down on the barricade. Vengeance doesn't notice in his recovery state. He turns!

Zach Wavis: ZMAC leaps!

Freddy Bro: Hurricanrana from the barricade!...

Wavedigger: But Vengeance holds on! He's got the Honey Badger in a trap! Watch out SeaMAC!

Vengeance lurches forward and bombs ZMAC through a table angled against the barricade, folding it in two as wood splinters fly all over the arena floor! Vengeance drags ZMAC away from the mess and goes for the pin...



Zach Wavis: Shoulder up from ZMAC!

Wavedigger: Excuse...


Vengeance lifts ZMAC to his feet and tosses him into the ring apron. ZMAC holds himself up, but Vengeance begins laying into him with strike after strike! ZMAC blocks and hits Vengeance in the gut with an elbow, knocking him back, and ZMAC uses the opportunity to boot Vengeance right in the face! Vengeance stumbles back losing his balance in front of a metal trash can! ZMAC leaps on the apron and flies off onto Vengeance with a crossbody, crushing the trash can underneath both of them! ZMAC throws his arm over Vengeance for the pin...



Zach Wavis: Shoulder up from Vengeance! How are they still going?!

ZMAC gets to his feet and lifts Vengeance up, tossing him onto the barricade! Vengeance hangs over the edge as ZMAC grabs a crutch off the ground and cracks it over Vengeance's back to a loud "OOOH!!!" from the crowd! The crutch breaks and ZMAC grabs a kendo off the ground and smashes it over Vengeance's back to another loud "OOOH!!!". The kendo splinters, cracks and ZMAC tosses it to the side. He grabs a steel folding chair off the ground and climbs up on the barricade!

Zach Wavis: MYGAWD what's he doing?!

ZMAC leaps up and slides the chair under his leg, landing on Vengeance's back with a morbid leg drop! Vengeance slips off the barricade and ZMAC covers him one more time...






Wavedigger: No get back up! This is awesome!

Zach Wavis: This demented crowd agrees with you!


ZMAC lifts Vengeance up one more time and grabs the broken end of the kendo stick. He lifts it and jabs it at Vengeance's mid section...but Vengeance dodges at the last second!

Zach Wavis: Did SeaMAC just try to stab Vengeance?!?!

Wavedigger: No holds barred!

Vengeance whips around and smacks the stick out of ZMAC's hand and rushes him with a lariat, driving them both to the arena floor! ZMAC tries to collect himself as Vemgeance slowly gets to his feet!

Zach Wavis: I think the winds just changed here!

Vengeance grabs ZMAC and throws him into the barricade! ZMAC bounds off, but stays on his feet and Vengeance grabs him from behind and tosses him into the steel steps!...but ZMAC stops himself and drives his head back into Vengeance's face, causing the first bloodshed of the evening! Vengeance's nose starts to drip as ZMAC turns around and cracks him in the face with a jab! Vengeance reels back as ZMAC charges...but Vengeance catches ZMAC around the throat! He lifts him off his feet...

Zach Wavis: Chokeslam to the ring apron!

As Vengeance completes the move, he collapses to the ground next to ZMAC! They both start to stir as the crowd claps them to their feet!

Freddy Bro: Vengeance pulls him in... LAST RIGHTS POWERBOMB ONTO THE RING APRON!

Vengeance pins McMorris.




Wavedigger: Vengeance picks up a huge victory!

The bell sounds as Vengeance stumbles away, lucky to escape with his life.

Oblivion Segment

Zach Wavis: Okay, gentlemen we're getting word there's some strange activities going on backstage.

Freddy Bro: What kind of activity?

Zach Wavis: From what I'm hearing... Oblivion is involved.

Freddy Bro: If Oblivion is involved, this could end up not being good. Someone could end up getting hurt, missing, or even worse.

Wavedigger: With Oblivion getting involved in something, awesome things are about to happen.

Zach Wavis: Alright, it seems we have a camera backstage.

Oblivion is shown. Explosive mixed reactions, from the crowd are heard. The camera pans slightly to the left and...

Wavedigger: Whoa!!

Freddy Bro: Hey!!

Wavedigger: It seems that Oblivion has five of our, you can say our jobber squad on barb wired wrapped metal chains being walked like dogs.

As The Monster continues walking, Cryboy McEmo, Hardcore McMurderkill, Liv3ratt, "The Fuzzy Wuzzy" Googley Moogley, and El Taco de Genial are walking in front acting erratic.

Freddy Bro: All of them are acting pretty strange, even for these five.

Wavedigger: Look at them!! I bet Oblivion hasn't fed them in a couple days.

If anyone got close, all five would swing, reach, and snap at a passerby.

Zach Wavis: Oblivion needs to feed those five some cheeseburgers.

Oblivion walks the five for several more feet, when the camera quickly pans to the left, when the crowd boos loudly when Wade Moor and the rest of Beachkrew is seen.

Freddy Bro: Uh-oh.

Zach Wavis: This could be very interesting.

Wavedigger: Awesome!!

As Oblivion approaches Beachkrew, the new WCF regime looks curiously at Oblivion and the five individuals that The Monster is walking. The volume, of the crowd, begins to rise up. They begin to chant....


Oblivion, with a snear across IT's face, strolls up, yanking on the chain. All five on chains sits down. Their heads are down. Oblivion flexes up a bit. The crowd, now on their feet, screaming and shouting with anticipation as Oblivion walks up to the WCF World Champion...

Zach Wavis: Oblivion is nose to nose with the World Champion!!

Freddy Bro: WHOA!! The tension is so thick you can barely cut it with a chainsaw.

The rest of Beachkrew gets in front, of the World Champion.

Wavedigger: This is awesome!! Oblivion is about to either sick those five food deprived individuals on Wade Moor and the rest of Beachkrew or fight them ITself.


Oblivion quickly steps up...

Zach Wavis: Here we go gentlemen.

...Oblivion quickly steps back then drops to one knee.

Crowd gasps.

Freddy Bro: WHAT?!! NO!!

Wavedigger: Whoa!!!

Zach Wavis: I cannot believe this.

Oblivion is on one knee and drops his head, giving the reigns, the barb wired chains to Wade Moor.

Zach Wavis: What's going on?! I'm totally confused!!

Freddy Bro: WHOA!!

Wavedigger: I think Oblivion is giving the #BeachKrew overlords a gift, of some sorts.

Oblivion hands over the five on chains over to Wade Moor. Oblivion is still kneeling with IT's head bent down in respect.

Los Tiburones: That's...that's how you do that shit!

Los Tiburones claps Wade on the shoulder blade and points towards Oblivion.

Wade Moor: Do we have the Monster in our midst? Please, stand up.

Oblivion gets out of the kneeling position and looks towards #BeachKrew.

Los Tiburones: We now dub thee OblivSEAon, Monster Guardian of the Brocean!

Zach Wavis: OblivSEAon? Are you serious?! What the hell is happening to the WCF?!

Freddy Bro: It's some kind of Fourth Reich straight up Beach World Order in this mess nigga! Straight up!

Wavedigger: OblivSEAon is a smart man. With #BeachKrew in charge, it's either get behind...or get left behind. He understands that! I applaud OblivSEAon's tenacity and gumption!

Zach Wavis: You're the only one, this is sick Grave...

Wavedigger: Excuse me?

Zach Wavis: err...Wavedigger...

Wavedigger: That's more like it!

Wade Moor gestures towards OblivSEAon and they consummate their unholy unity with a BroHug straight out of hell ITself. The scene fades on the three men looking over their offerings.

Non-Title Match
Alex Richards/Gunther Blythe/Dexter Radcliffe vs Teo Del Sol/Spencer Adams/Vic Venable

Kyle Steel: The following match is schedule for one fall! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, Spencer Adams!!

The opening riff to Supremacy by Muse hits the PA as strobe lights flicker and a blue smoke fills the stage. As the song picks up, Spencer steps onto the stage and lifts his arms high into the air, holding up his trios and tag team belts.

Spencer makes his way down the ramp, jumping up onto different spots on the barricade and shouting out to fans before charging into the ring and climbing the turnbuckle. He motions for the fans to make some noise before leaping down and waiting for his opponent.

Wavedigger: Booooooo!!!!

Kyle Steel: Annd his partner, from Atlanta, Georgia, Vic Venable!!

"Struck a Nerve" hits the P.A, as the lights go a dark shade of blue, as smoke fills the entrance way. Out of the curtains comes Vic Venable, his ever so confident smirk on his face, and he begins making his way though the smoke to the ring, holding up both of his straps as well as the fans cheer him on. While Vic slaps a few hands on his way down, he doesn't linger among them, focused on the goal at hand. He makes it to the ring and climbs on in, and quickly readies himself in the corner, pounding his chest "Wolf of Wall Street" style, as he waits for his opponent.

Kyle Steel: Annnd their partner, from Houston, Texas, Teo Del Sol!!

Kickstart my Heart by Motley Crue is the music, assuming we're allowed copyrights.

The Screen Suddenly cuts to a news desk, where a very serious News Anchor shuffles his papers impatiently. After a few moments he turns towards the camera.

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we Interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the following important broadcast..."

The News Anchor falls silent as the opening riff to "Kickstart my Heart" suddenly blares. The Screen crashes to static before bringing up the view of the entrance ramp, which is engulfed with a burst of Pyro as Teo del Sol, His trademark white Jacket and white mask shining like the sun itself, steps through the curtain. The corner of the screen bears his wrestling mask with the logo TEO TV emblazoned across it, and he holds one hand high over his head, with a camera in the other. The feed then cuts to a live broadcast from the camera, encompassing the screaming fans all around the arena, waving as they appear not only on the TV screen, but on the large 'Tron above Teo. He begins walking down the ramp, reaching out to shake fans hands and sign autographs, all seen from the viewpoint of the camera, at last he makes it to the ring and the view cuts back to the regular feed.

The audience goes wild as he steps through the ropes, taking a deep bow, before running into the corner to raise his hands victoriously! He claps his hands in gratitude, applauding the audience that applauds him, and rolls with a quick backflip, landing in the center of the ring. He pushes down with his hands and springs to his feet, bouncing off of the ropes running to the turnbuckle He removes the jacket and hands it to one of the ring crew before settling into his corner, bouncing back and forth in anticipation.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents, they are the Earth’s mightiest wrestling stable, Pantheon!!!

The mysterious Pantheon theme plays as Dexter Radcliffe, Gunther Blythe, and Alex Richards all emerge from the curtain. They make their way down the entrance ramp as the crowd continues to cheer. All three men roll into the ring and staredown The People’s Choice before the ref separates them.


Zach WAVis: This match could be a good one!

Wavedigger: No it won’t! Everyone out here sucks! #LOL

The groups take a moment to discuss who will enter first as Teo Del Sol and Dexter Radcliffe stay in the ring for their teams.

Freddy Bro: #LameAF

Teo and Dexter run at each other and tie up as Dexter quickly gains control and throws Teo in a headlock. Teo pushes against Dexter, making his way out of the hold and throwing Dexter off the ropes and hitting a shoulder block.

Zach WAVis: Nice offense early on!

Wavedigger: Do your job, Zach.

Teo picks up Dexter who hits a couple quick elbows to the midsection and goes to lift Teo up for a scoop slam. Teo manages to fall behind and hit a reverse hurricanrana, dropping Dexter on his head as he goes in for the pin.




Teo stands up and makes the tag to Spencer Adams who goes for a running star press on Dexter. Radcliffe rolls out of the way as Spencer goes crashing to the mat as Dexter gets to his corner and makes a tag to Richards who upon entering, immediately starts to stomp away at Adams.

Gravedigger: I always love watching Adams getting stomped in!

Richards picks up Adams and lifts him over his head with a military press, dropping him behind him and back down to the mat. Spencer grabs his back in pain as Richards continues the aggressive offensive, stomping and kicking at Spencer’s midsection.

Freddy Bro: Spencer Adams gettin’ murked right now!

Richards drags Adams to his feet, throwing him head first towards the post as Adams collides.

Wavedigger: This guy is supposed to be a champion?

Richards runs at Adams who ducks it and uses the top rope as leverage to hit an enzuigiri to Alex Richards, causing him to slouch down into the corner. Adams runs back before charging at Richards with a dropkick.

Zach WAVis: Spencer Adams with the tag to Vic Venable!

Richards gets to his feet as Vic runs at him hitting a series of jabs before whipping him off the ropes for a clothesline.

Freddy Bro: Vic Venable...I mean…Vinegar with the offense.

As Richards stands back up and Vic goes for another Irish whip, Richards is able to block it and headbutts Vic, sending him to the mat.

Zach WAVis: Tag to Blythe!

Blythe runs in and keeps the momentum going by stomping at Vic and dropping a couple of axe handles as he drops down for the pin.




Freddy Bro: Stay down, bro!

Blythe lifts Vic to his feet.

Zach WAVis: Suplex and another pin.



Freddy Bro: I tried to tell him.

Blythe picks up Vic again, whipping him into the corner.

Wavedigger: Tag to Alex Richards..yawn..

Richards gets back in the ring and starts shoulder blocking Vic in the midsection before whipping him into his own corner as Spencer and Teo back up a bit. Richards charges over and presses Vic’s head against the turnbuckle as he mean mugs Spencer and throws Vic to the ground. He gets in Spencer face as Spencer motions for him to step back.

Zach WAVis: Bit of tension here between Adams and Richards.

Vic takes advantage and rolls Richards up from behind.




Freddy Bro: I see you, bruh.

Richards stomps away at Vic some more before lifting him up and hitting a couple of arm drags.

Wavedigger: Tell me when #BeachKrew comes out. This match is stupid.

Wavedigger puts on a sleep mask and leans back in his chair as the action continues inside the ring. Richards launches Vic around the ring a few more times before making the tag to Dexter Radcliffe who continues where Richards left off by delivering various strikes to Vic.

Zach WAVis: Pantheon appears to be in control here!

Dexter Radcliffe delivers some kicks to Vic’s chest before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a crossbody and going for the pin.




Dexter goes for a running senton as Vic stands up.

Zach WAVis: Vic catches him!

Freddy Bro: Oh shit, bro! Powerbomb!

The crowd begins stomping their feet in unison with Teo and Spencer as Vic crawls towards his corner before leaping and tagging Teo.

Wavedigger: No more commentary. This match is lame.

Wavedigger sits up and takes the headsets from WAVis and Bro, throwing them aside as the match continues without commentary. Teo runs at Dexter with a couple clotheslines before hitting a big dropkick. Teo steps over the rope and sizes up Dexter for a Habanero High Dive as Blythe runs at him and shoves him off the top and he goes crashing to the mat. Radcliffe rolls over and goes for the cover.




Teo and Dexter remain on the mat as the four other men enter the ring. Blythe is clotheslined out by Spencer who bounces off the ropes and hits a running senton plancha over the top rope as Vic clotheslines Richards over the top.

Teo and Dexter recover as Teo throws him off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Vic runs back to the corner as Teo makes the tag to Vic. Spencer rolls in as both him and Teo lift up Radcliffe for a double flapjack and Vic hits Boom! Headshot! on Radcliffe and goes for the pin.




The People’s Choice celebrate a bit in ring as Pantheon recovers and Slam goes to commercial.

Benjamin Atreyu Segment

"Suicide Penguin" by Schizoid Lloyd blares over the sound system. Benjamin Atreyu, suit and all, emerges from the curtain onto the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. The crowd voices their displeasure with uproarious defiance, but Benjamin just smiles, making his way down to the ring.

Benjamin Atreyu: Cut the music. I don't have the time for it, unfortunately.

The music dies down as Benjamin ascends the rings steps. He quickly dips between the top and middle rope, gracefully moving to the center of the ring, motioning for the crowd to quiet down, which the crowd does so begrudgingly.

Benjamin Atreyu: As you all know, I am the Wrestling Championship Federations new, and first, Head of Talent Relations. Bearing that title means that I hold a lot of power and responsibility in this corporation, and with the sudden change of power, switching from the honorable Seth Lerch to the super group that is Hashtag Beach Krew, I have a lot on my plate, so I'll make this quick.

The crowd forcefully interrupts Benjamin with jeers and boos. He just shakes his head and gestures for them to cut it.

Benjamin Atreyu: Now-now-now. I know, you guys love to display your hatred and appreciation in simple sounds and chants, playing a game of back and forth with the various members of this company, but thanks to Hashtag Beach Krew, I have been charged with the task of seeing to John Gable's demands, seeing to each individual complaint made by both our new overlords and the talent, while making sure this show runs as smoothly as possible, so if you all could just keep quiet for a little bit, that would be nice.

The crowd defies Benjamin's wishes by growing louder, but Benjamin just uses the microphone to shout over them.


The crowd dies down as the sound system over powers their mob mentality.

Benjamin Atreyu:...ahem...concerns. Over the course of the week, my...um...twitter activity...has drawn a lot of questions due to a very unprofessional break in my behavior. While dealing with both a series of fan tweets as well as the...banter from WCF stars, I became over whelmed and began to respond aggressively and out of place. I would like to start by apologizing.

Benjamin pauses and adjusts his tie, as if switching to corporate-apology-mode, showing a reluctance to do so.

Benjamin Atreyu: I'm sorry, the way I reacted was unprofessional and not only made me, but also the company, look bad. It has been a hard transition from competitor to suit, and I feel I still have some habits and pitfalls to overcome, but as your new, and first, Head of Talent Relations. I promise, from here on out, I will show only the strictest sense of professionalism for hashtag Team WCF Galaxy! Because I'm not just the Head of Talent Relations that this company needs, but also the one it deserves.

Benjamin breathes a sigh of relief.

Benjamin Atreyu: Which brings me to the second reason I've come out here. Also due to my outbursts in social media, some rumors have begun that I would like to nip in the butt before they get out of hand. Some members of the locker room as well as fans have speculated that my comments were alluding to me coming back as competitor, but I would like to squash such rumors right now by saying that I have absolutely ZERO plans of ever returning as a competitor to this company.

The crowd cheers, mocking Benjamin's pledge to not compete.

Benjamin Atreyu: I have made a vow to this company that I would act only in a professional capacity and I plan to keep it that way. I am not a fighter anymore, I have gone down that road too many times. I do love this business, which is why I am here today, but if I plan to hash tag Retire with healthy knees.

Benjamin points to the screen which begins to flash "#RetireWithHealthyKnees" much to his pleasure.

Benjamin Atreyu: Then I must remain your new, and first, Head of Talent Relations. Granted, I can't say that I haven't played around with the idea a bit, if only to show these new guys what it was like some years ago when everything was far tougher, but when I think of all the doctor visits, waking up in pain each day, the way I've seen the best competitors of my generation end up as deadbeats working the indie circuit to make a few bucks each night; I can't help and be a little self-ish, depriving the fans of my ability for the sake of my health. Let these new kids play the game, but as for me, I'm simply a humble man trying to do my best.

The lights in the arena go black as the screen lights up, Vengeance appears.

Vengeance: Would you stop already. #fuckyourhealthknees. Get rid of the suit Benjamin get rid of it now!I assure you these fans aren't fooled. It won't be long before you return to the ring. Your going to get broken down Benjamin. When you finally do snap hahahaha guess who will be there smiling in your face. I will be the one who makes you return. I will be the one to get under your skin. I will be the one Benjamin. The one man who turns your comfortable suit job into a living hell. Welcome to my world. Have a fantastic night buddy see you soon!

The darkens as the lights in the arena come back on again. Benjamin yelling at staff at ringside, dropping his microphone out of anger. He rolls out of the ring, clearly miffed by Vengeance. He storms up the entrance ramp, passed the curtain, moving backstage.

Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp vs Gemini Battle/Mikey eXtreme

Rif Raff by Aquaberry Dolphin plays as Kyle Kemp and Johnny Rabid make their way to the ring. The crowd boos, but they treat it as cheering as they accept the response of the crowd and enter the ring.

Wavedigger: My people have finally arrived in the ring! I want to personally thank them for allowing this Senor Taco truck to be placed right next to the table. They’re delicious.

Zach Davis: Yes folks, as has been drilled into our heads all week BeachKrew is indeed running the WCF…

Wavedigger: You said that wrong.

Zach Davis: No I dind’t.

Wavedigger: It’s WSeaF.

Zach Davis: That’s what I said.

The sounds of motorcycles play as Gemini and Mikey come through the curtain wearing the DRG Vests. The crowd goes nuts as they make their way down the ramp and into the ring.

Zach Davis: We have a DRG reunion here tonight folks, and the crowd is going nuts.

Crowd: DRG…DRG…DRG!!!

Wavedigger: But can they compete as a unit with a United States Title shot looming in the background.

Everyone is in the ring waiting for the match to begin when a Dubstep version of “Hail to the Chief” plays. Jared “Los Tiburones” Holmes and Wade Moor come out to the entrance ramp.

Los Tiburones: (Douchebaggery)

Wade Moor: Gemini, you claim that the Whirlpool Championship isn’t in worthy hands, and that YOU deserve to main even One over me? You think you can do that without a title around your waist? That’s why I’m going to make your life a living H-E-double fucking hockey sticks!

Crowd: BOOOO!!!!

Gemini Battle: Keep slapping your filthy gums together, this week the DRG is gonna make quick work of you Beach Bums!

Crowd: DRG…DRG…DRG!!!

Gemini Battle: To you two, and I mean this with no respect whatsoever… you guys ain’t got SHIT! The two of us are going to be fighting for the United States Championship soon because I never step away from a fight as I pave my way to be the #GreatestUSChampEVER

Los Tiburones: Uh, fine then! How about we this becomes a title match then! If you get pinned you lose that Atlantis Championship of yours!

Crowd: BOOOO!!!!

Wade Moor: Better. If Mikey gets the pin HE gets the Atlantis Championship!

Crowd: BOOOOO!!!!

Los Tiburones: Goddammit Swagrid, this is why we’re best bros!

Wade Moor: I love ya too, bruh!


Los Tiburones: Oh, you think THAT’S bullshit, FINE! IF Rabbit or Kemp win then we take away on of those eliminations off your WAR record, so eat a dick, Gemini!

Zach Davis: He can’t do that!

Wavedigger: He can do whatever he wants! It looks like Gemini Battle has it all on the line here tonight, folks.

Zach Davis: He doesn’t look too scared.

Wavedigger: He should be. Mikey Extreme is capable of anything. Even if he can somehow get past BeachKrew he will still have to get the victory himself.

Gemini and Mikey talk over whose gonna start and Kemp takes the lead for his team.

Wavedigger: It seems like Gemini is going to start for his team and Kemp for the other team.

Zach Davis: This is the first time that these two men have stepped into the ring with each other in any way. The crowd is going nuts at this.

Wavedigger: The People’s Champion vs the Atlantis Champion!

The two men lock up and Kemp immediately gains the upperhand and puts Gemini in a headlock. He starts giving Gemini a noogie and then lets go, does a cartwheel and raises his hand in the air to the extreme negative ovation of the crowd.

Gemini rushes forward and Kemp runs to his corner and sticks his body between the ropes forcing the referee to pull Gemini away and give Kemp some time. Kemp tags in Rabid who points at Mikey.

Zach Davis: Rabid wants to fight Mikey… of course he does, Gemini wants his head on a platter.

Freddy Whoa: Doesn’t Mikey want everyone’s head on a platter all the time.

Zach Davis: True too.

Gemini looks over at Mikey and the crowd cheers. He points at him and the crowd cheers even louder. He shrugs and tags in eXtreme who climbs into the ring and stands on the opposite side of Rabid. Gemini gets out of the ring leaving the two men alone.

They lock up and suddenly Rabid falls to the floor on his back.

Wavedigger: Mikey knocked him out with a devastating collar and elbow tie up!

Rabid lay on the ground motionless as Mikey looks down at him, unsure of what to do.


Mikey looks over at Gemini who motions not to pin him. He reaches his hand out for the tag but Mikey refuses.

Zach Davis: This is exactly what BeachKrew wanted. They wanted Mikey to be looking out for himself and to take that title off of Gemini himself.

Mikey drops down and hooks the leg.



Zach Davis: The pin is broken up!

Freddy Whoa: By Gemini! The two men argue with each other. Mikey looks very calm bvut Gemini is fuming. Rabid gets up and pushes Extreme into Battle causing the two to knock heads and then rolls up Extreme from behind.




Wavedigger: Near fall there. Gemini nearly lost his elimination record at War. Then it would be aLL Jared Holmes’!

Rabid grabs Mikey in a headlock and drags him into his corner and tags in Kemp. Meanwhile Gemini is out on the floor in front of the announcer’s table holding his head. Kemp stomps down on Mikey, and then tags in Rabid. Rabid stomps down on Mikey himself and then tags in Kemp. Rabid holds up Mikey and holds his arms back. Kemp does some fancy footwork followed by an open handed slap across Mikey’s face.

Rabid lets go of Mikey and exits the ring… expecting the man to fall. But the slap seems to have rejuvenated Mikey. Meanwhile Kemp is posing to the crowd completely unaware of what is happening. Rabid is yelling towards Kemp who can’t hear over the raucous booing of the crowd.

Mikey spins Kemp around and starts delivering wild haymakers at the man who gets sent reeling. He grabs him by the arm and throws him into the ropes. When they meet in the center eXtreme hits a lariat clothesline causing Kemp to do a 360 and land on his back. Then he goes for the pin.




Zach Davis: Another near fall. It seems that Kemp wants the title to himself, whereas Rabid is simply content with screwing over Gemini.

Wavedigger: Lucky for Gemini because he’s still out on the ground in front of us. That headbutt really did a number on him.

Mikey looks in his corner for a tag, but no one is there. The momentary lapse of concentration gives Kemp the time needed to dive into his corner and tag in Rabid who delivers a superkick to the side of Mikey’s head and he drops down for the pin.



Wavedigger: Mikey doesn’t even let the 2 count hit, but Rabid is still on the attack.

Rabid lifts Mikey up and puts him in a reverse headlock, exposing his chest to wild open hand slaps to it leaving red marks on it. He then digs his nails into Mikey’s chest and scrapes up.

Zach Davis: OUCH! That hurts.

Rabid continues scratching as the referee counts for him to stop. He gets to four before Rabid lets go of the hold and the referee scolds him.

Wavedigger: A DQ of BeachKrew is pretty much the only way that Gemini leaves here unscathed tonight.

Zach Davis: That or he wins.

Wavedigger: Unlikely.

With the referee distracted by Rabid Kemp undoes the turnbuckle pad, exposing the metal ring beneath. He motions for Rabid and points at it smiling. Rabid smiles a vicious looking smile as he pushes the referee out of the way and lifts up Mikey.

The crowd begins to cheer as Gemini gets back to his feet and on the ring apron. HE starts clapping his hands and chanting D-R-G!

Crowd: DRG…DRG…DRG!!!

Rabid ignores the cheers of the fans and brings Mikey over to their corner where the exposed turnbuckle is waiting. He grabs Mikey by the hair and goes to smash his head into it, but Mikey blocks it. Rabid tries again but Mikey blocks it again. Then he elbows Rabid in the stomach, grabs him by the arm and throws him as hard as he can, chest first into the turnbuckle, tossing his own body as well leaving both men laying on the floor.

Zach Davis: Rabid is much closer to his side of the ring. He should be getting to his partner first.

Wavedigger: Come on, Rabid!

The crowd is chanting for Mikey as he crawls over to Gemini. He reaches out but Rabid makes the tag to Kemp who runs forward and Kicks Gemini off the apron. He barely misses as Gemini jumps off the apron. Kemp untangles himself from the ropes and goes for a vicious punt to the head of Mikey.


Zach Davis: NO, Mikey dodges it, and he tags Gemini!

The crowd explodes as Gemini jumps over the top rope with a single leg kick to Kemp’s chest. He runs off the ropes and delivers a flying clothesline to Kemp then runs off the other side and delivers a high cross body and goes for a quick pin.



Kemp Kicks out.

Gemini then rushes over to Rabid and delivers an enzuguiri to Rabid knocking him off the apron and hard to the floor below. Kemp then rushes forward and smashes Gemini’s Chest into the exposed turnbuckle and rolls him up.





Zach Davis: How unfortunate…

Kemp raises his hand in victory but the referee throws it down and says no. He claims that it was a two count and that Gemini got his shoulder up. Kemp reels back to argue with the ref but the referee motions at his shirt telling him to stop.

Then Gemini comes off the top rope, over the referee and hits a flying neckbreaker on Kemp.


Kemp down on his stomach Gemini hooks him up in a modified standing surfboard. He then cinches it in to a reverse headlock, wrenching Kemps neck back.

Zach Davis: That’s the Victory March. He’s beaten many opponents with this move in the past, including Mikey eXtreme back in March.

Kemp struggle but there is nowhere to go.

Meanwhile Mikey gets into the ring and stands in front of the action. The referee scolds Mikey but Gemini refuses to let go of the hold.

Wavedigger: DO IT, MIKEY. HE took your chance away earlier, take this away from him now. That title is yours!

Mikey pushes the ref out of the way and runs forward with a lariat clothesline…

That knocks Johnny Rabid out of his shoes and out of the ring.

Then Kemp has no choice but to tap out as the bell rings.


Zach Davis: That’s all she wrote. Gemini forces Kemp to tap out and he retains the United States Championship,

Wavedigger: And his precious War record.

Zach Davis: Wait...

The ref is shaking his head no.

Freddy Whoa: Uh, apparently the ref signalled for this match to be thrown out the second he got pushed. This match is a no contest.

Wavedigger: Kemp only tapped because he knew the match was already over! Obviously!

Zach Davis: BeachKrew tries their best to take everything away from Gemini tonight, but he prevailed and proved that he could fight the authority with the best of them, no matter what the referee said. The DRG reunion was a successful one!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Whoa indeed, Freddy… Whoa indeed.

Freddy Whoa: NO, I mean WHOA!

In the ring Gemini and Mikey are celebrating as the crowd chants the name of their fallen stable.

Crowd: D-R-G!!! D-R-G!!!

Gemini goes to the ropes and points out at the crowd who is chanting their names when suddenly Mikey grabs Gemini by the back of the neck in a reverse chokeslam and then lifts him up and smashes his face into the mat hard.

Wavedigger: YES! Mikey eXtreme Gale Force Winds!

Zach Davis: I don’t think he joined BeachKrew, I think he’s trying to prove a point that he’s the number one contender for the US Title and that he needs to be taken seriously.

Mikey exits the ring leaving Gemini motionless face first on the ground in the ring alone.

Night Rider Segment

The lights in the arena go out as red spotlights begin flashing over the fans. Night Rider steps out from the back and makes his way towards the ring. He stops at the announcers table and grabs a microphone before stepping over the ropes and into the ring. He waits for the crowd to quiet down before he begins to speak.

Night Rider: I come out here tonight with a heavy heart. Since my wife and partner Denise D'Evil has taken a leave of absence to take care of some personal issues and Vengeance seems to be off doing his own thing. I believe it is time to make a few changes. The Angels of Death are going to cease operations as of tonight. Now that doesn't mean that Oblivion or myself are going anywhere. Just the opposite. I am very proud of the AoD and what we were able to accomplish in the short time that we have been active here. Each and every person gave their heart and soul to keep us relevant and in contention. We were unable to procure any titles but that doesn't mean anything. The competition level here in the WCF being what it is we were doing good just to achieve what we did. Our war with the DRG will go down as one of the best rivalries ever.

Night Rider pauses as the crowd begins cheering.

Night Rider: Now it is time for a new era to begin. The time has come to stand up and start taking care of business. The time has come for Anarchy! The AoD will now be known as Anarchy! We will be recruiting new members to join us in the near future. Be prepared because things are going to get real interesting around here. You will see by our actions just what we mean. See you around.

Night Rider exits the ring and returns the microphone to the announcers table before heading back to the locker room area.

Preecha Kamon/Patrilli vs Wade Moor/Los Tiburones

Zach Waveis: And we’re back with the main event!

Wavedigger: And what a squash match it’ll be! These two goons are about to get #beachbodied by the #WhirlpoolChamp and WSeaF owners. Mark my words, folks, it’s about to be another #fuccboigenocide.

Freddy Bro: Uh… yo, dog, Kamon and Patrili about to murk these fools for realz, yo. (This is stupid, I can’t believe they’re making me do this).

Kamon and Patrili are already in the ring, Patrili on the apron as Kamon leans back in their corner. From the floor, Armand De La Fontaine grins up at his pupils. A dubstep remix of “Hail to the Chief” hits the P.A. as the crowd erupts into a massive chorus of boos.

Crowd: FUCK YOU #BEACHKREW *clap-clap clap-clap-clap* FUCK YOU #BEACHKREW

Zach Waveis: And this crowd is not happy to see our new WSeaF owners.

Wavedigger: Proper pronunciation, Waveis. Good job.

Los Tiburones and Wade step out onto the stage, Wade in his usual attire with the #WHIRLPOOLCHAMPIONSHIP slung over his shoulder as Los Tiburones wears a tailored suit and his signature shark luchador mask, pulled up to under his nose so his mouth is revealed. He raises the microphone in his hand to his mouth as they continue down the ramp.

Los Tiburones: Yo! Stop the music! Now, or I’m firing the sound guy!

The music cuts abruptly. Kamon and Patrili look less than amused.

Zach Waveis: Why isn’t Tiburones dressed for the match?

Freddy Bro: Yo, dog. Maybe the Notorious T.I.B. got his fresh azz kicks under that FUEGO suit, you feel me? (God, please kill me)

The two men slide into the ring as Jared approaches the center, Wade on his right.

Los Tiburones: So, we were in our offices, enjoying a good night of celebration by pouring bubbly on the racks of these two Asian massage birds. And then I turned to Swagrid and was like “Bruh, do we actually give a fuck about Patrili and Kamon?”

Wade raises his own microphone, grinning.

Wade Moor: And I was like, “Nah, bro, fuck these guys.”

Los Tiburones: So as for your match… No. We’re not wrestling. Because I’m owner, and I say so.

The audience erupts into another chorus of boos.

Freddy Bro: Yo that is some stale funk, hepcat.

Wavedigger: That’s really more jazz talk than modern slang. And you didn’t swear.

Freddy Bro: Uh… Yo, that is so BULLSHIT. (This is humiliating)

Patrili and Kamon look livid. Fontaine slides into the ring as Kamon and Patrili stalk towards #BeachKrew, but Tiburones raises a hand toward them as he raises his microphone.

Los Tiburones: Eeeasy there, gents. You WILL have a match, mark my words.

Wade Moor: Yeah, we were thinking in the back. I was like, “But, bruh, I need to PROVE Kamon is worthy of this title shot. We need to test him still.”

Los Tiburones: So we put our heads together and…

The two men grin at each other.

Los Tiburones/Wade Moor: You’re facing Spencer and Vic.

The crowd boos again.

Zach Waveis: Are you kidding? Spencer Adams and Vic Venable just came off a vicious match with Pantheon, and now they’re going to have to face these two?

Gravedigger: They’re lucky. My #BeachBros could’ve made this a title match.


“Assassins” by Muse hits as the crowd roars in support. Vic Venable, Spencer Adams, and Teo del Sol walk through the curtain, murderous glares on their faces, and proceed to walk down the ramp towards the ring.

Freddy Bro: Yo, you gotta give these fools mad fuckin’ props. They’re still coming out when this bitchass fuccboi owner is trying to straight BLAP them. (I hate #BeachKrew so much. Hate, hate, hate.)

Gravedigger: What choice do they have? Plus they may be brave, but they sure as hell ain’t smart.

Los Tiburones: WAIT! WAIT!

The music cuts abruptly, right as the People’s Choice get to the bottom of the ring.

Los Tiburones: We’re implementing curfew in the WSeaF. We believe a growing boy needs rest.

Wade Moor: Teo, it’s past your bedtime. Go backstage, and Vic and Spencer will come tell you a story and give you your Ovaltine after the match.

Los Tiburones: If they can even speak through the tears and broken jaws.

Teo lunges forward, held back by Adams and Venable.

Zach Waveis: Teo is NOT happy with the disrespect lumped on him by Tiburones and Moor.

Gravedigger: I don’t see what the problem is; it’s a school night. Teo should be doing his homework.

Zach Waveis: You know he’s in his 20’s, right? He’s not a little kid?


Teo turns towards the back as Adams and Venable slide into the ring. They immediately square up with Tiburones and Moor, glaring at them for a moment before turning to their corners. Moor and Tiburones grin like jackals as they slide out of the ring and make their way to the announcer table.

Los Tiburones: Move the fuck over Davis. You suck.

Wade Moor: Gimme that fuckin’ headset, Woah, or I’ll have you scrubbing toilets with your barehands.

Zach Waveis and Freddy Bro begrudgingly hand over their seats and headsets as Tiburones and Moor sit down, giving hi-fives to Wavedigger and making themselves tacos as the bell rings. Venable and Kamon start off the match, circling each other before tying up.

Los Tiburones: All things considered, I think we’re pretty awesome owners.

Wade Moor: BRO! The best owners.

Kamon shoves Venable back and nails him with a right jab. Venable stumbles for a moment – fatigue and pain from his earlier bout clearly detrimental to him – before fighting back with a chop of his own. He forces Kamon back with a second chop before Kamon blocks the third chop and lays Vic out with a brutal roundhouse kick.

Wavedigger: Man, it’s so sick you guys got me this taco station. #SeaLyfe, amirite?

Wade Moor: Oh, we’re geniuses, no doubt. Could do with some better cheese.

Los Tiburones: Yeah, I’m not a fan of too much Monterey Jack in my Mexican cheese blends. We need to add Pepperjack. Fire the caterer.

Wavedigger: Best. Owners. Ever.

Kamon falls for the pin.



Broken up by Spencer Adams! Patrili climbs into the ring and rushes at him, but Adams hits him with a dropkick! Kamon gets up and immediately begins a flurry of punches on Adams, driving him back into the corner. Too focused on demolishing Spencer Adams, he hardly notices Vic Venable get to his feet. He snaps Kamon in a Cobra Clutch, spinning him towards the center of the ring and running for a bulldog! The audience goes wild with cheers.


Adams rubs his face for a moment, reorienting himself from the barrage. Venable motions for him, and Adams shakily pulls himself to the top rope, leaping off with a massive Senton Splash! Venable makes the cover!



Kickout by Kamon! Venable sits up, wiping sweat from his face before putting Kamon in a headlock. He nails a nasty Gator Roll, rolling back to his feet before nailing another in the opposite direction to wrench the neck of Kamon!

Los Tiburones: Speaking of excellent, have you played that new Super Mario Maker thing?

Wade Moor: I have, actually!

Los Tiburones: Gimme the low down. It looks pretty dope, but Nintendo has really let me down recently.

Wade Moor: So worth it. Get that shit, dude.

Los Tiburones: Yeah? Made some pretty sweet maps?

Venable sets up for a third Gator Roll, but Kamon is ready with a perfect shot straight to the gut! Venable releases the headlock, stepping back as the wind is knocked out of him. Kamon is quick to capitalize, running forward for a Superman Punch to knock him down! He drags the body of Venable to the corner and makes the tag to Patrili.

Wade Moor: Yeah, dude, I made this one where you have to jump over a whole dick-ton of Hammer Bros to face, like, three Bowsers over a pit of lava shooting Bullet Bills.

Los Tiburones: That sounds dank. Hard AF, I bet.

Wade Moor: Until you know the secret. Timing is everything, bro.

Los Tiburones: Ain’t that all Mario games.

Patrili begins stomping at Venable before pulling him up and hitting a suplex. Refusing to let go, he floats over, hoists Venable up, and nails a second suplex! Floating over once more, he plants Venable with a DDT and rolls into the pin!



Venable kicks out! Patrili pulls Venable up onto his shoulders! He’s setting up the Eraser! Life surges back into Venable’s body as he delivers an elbow to Patrili’s head! Another! Patrili’s knees falter as he lowers Venable back down. Venable capitalizes!


Venable falls into the pin.



Pulled off by Kamon. Adams cuts into the ring and a brawl between the two erupts as they trade rights and chops! Venable takes advantage of the distraction, rolling Patrili over to lock in the FYE!

Wade Moor: Very true. I disagree on Nintendo, bee-tee-dubs. The new Smash Bros was legit.

Los Tiburones: It’s not as fluid as Melee.

Wade Moor: BRUH! That game was over TEN YEARS AGO. You need to get over this. We’ll never have another Melee.

Los Tiburones: I… I know. But goddamnit that game was good.

Wade Moor: It really was, my man. But you gotta look to the future.

Los Tiburones: I should give it a chance, shouldn’t I?

Wade Moor: You really should.

Patrili screams in pain as he attempts in vain to flail for the ropes. Venable wrenches back, his face turning red with exertion as he wrenches the move. In the corner of the ring, fatigue finally overcomes Spencer Adams as Kamon beats him into the matt, turning back towards Venable to nail him with the Kamon Kannon “Execution Style”! Venable immediately goes limp, falling to the mat as he releases Patrili. Kamon goes for the pin, but not being the legal man, the ref refuses to count it! Kamon looks up and glares, standing and motioning wildly at the ref who continues to argue with the deaf man. Meanwhile Patrili climbs on top of Venable.

Los Tiburones: It’s better than Brawl, right?

Wade Moor: No trip mechanics, for one.

Los Tiburones: YES! THANK YOU!

Wade Moor: And you can turn any stage into an “Omega stage”, which makes it Final Destination with a different theme for that stage.

Los Tiburones: Interesting. But not a Battlefield?

Wade Moor: Sadly.

The ref, too busy arguing with Kamon, does not notice the pin by Patrili. On the outside, Fontaine screams and points for the ref’s attention, finally climbing up on the apron to signal him. The ref does not notice, instead approaching Fontain to yell at him to get off of the apron.

Los Tiburones: That’s a shame. I like the platforms of Battlefield.

Wade Moor: Me too, bro. Mewtwo is back.

Los Tiburones: Who cares? Mewtwo sucked in Melee.

Wade Moor: But he’s back. And Doctor Mario.

Los Tiburones: Not interested. Doctor Mario was just a shitty clone character.

Wade Moor: They just released Ryu for download.

Los Tiburones: From Street Fighter?

Wade Moor: Yep.

Los Tiburones: Now I’m interested.

Finally, the ref turns to see the pin. He falls to make the count!



Kickout by Venable. Patrili sits up, livid! He hoists Venable onto his shoulders again, ready for the Eraser but Venable shifts his weight to slide off of him! Venable grabs him in a 3/4ths Nelson and nails the Limit Break! The two men are down on the matt!


Wade Moor: And check this shit out: you can make him do his moves as though you were playing Street Fighter.


Los Tiburones: No shit? Like with the quarter circles and stuff?


Wade Moor: Just that, my man. Go Shuryuken some fuccbois with dat Z-motion+strong punch.


Los Tiburones: Okay. Super interested. Any other good characters?


Wade Moor: Pac-Man. Bro. Pac-Man.


Venable slowly crawls towards the corner where Adams extends his arm, eager for a tag. Patrili begins clawing towards his corner. Neither men have gotten to their feet.


Los Tiburones: Is he any good?

Wade Moor: Is he?! He’s dope!

They make the tags simultaneously! Kamon and Adams charge, and a dropkick from Adams lays Kamon on his back. Kipping up to his feet, Adams meets Patrili with an arm drag to send him across the ring! The crowd goes wild!


Kamon throws a fist, but Adams ducks it! Shennanigans! Adams is fired up! As Patrili gets to his feet, Adams knocks him down with a missile dropkick, and as they two men get back up, Adams lays him out with a Super Duper Kick! Kamon stumbles to his feet before Adams lifts him onto his shoulders! VACCINE!

Wade Moor: Oh shit, this is our cue.

As Adams falls for the pin, Moor and Tiburones throw off their headsets to slide into the ring! Tiburones breaks up the pin with a stomp as the bell rings, and Wade drags Adams up for a Broseidon Punch!


With his back turn, Tiburones hardly notices Venable set him up from behind! BOOM! HEADSHOT! Tiburones hits the matt, but Kamon is up with a Kamon Kannon on him, driving him down. The match descends into anarchy as Moor, Patrili, and Kamon drive away at Venable and Adams with stomps as Tiburones gets back to his feet and joins them. They drag Venable up, and Tiburones nails him with an ugly Dolphin Driver!

Wavedigger: That’s my boys! That’s my boys! Man, it’s kinda weird doing commentary alone.

Adams is dragged back up and hoisted onto Patrili’s shoulders! ERASER! The crowd boos wildly before exploding into cheers as “Push Pull Destroy” by Battlecross hits!

Wavedigger: What the fuck does he want?!

Corey Black bursts through the curtain, chair in hand as he rushes the ring! Kamon, Moor, Tiburones, and Patrili turn to await him, Tiburones loosening his tie and unbuttoning his collar in that contrived way wrestlers in suits tend to do, before throwing his jacket out of the ring. Corey slides into the ring, greeted by stomps to the back before lashing out at the shins of Kamon with the chair, knocking him down. Fighting his way to his feet, he throws the chair at Tiburones before laying into Wade with elbows to the face!

Wavedigger: Get the fuck out of here, Corey! No one likes you! BOO! BOO!

The audience is on fire! Patrili attempts to pull him off of Wade Moor, but Corey turns to nail a discuss lariat on Patrili! Wade goes for a punch but Corey Blocks it and nails him with a Superkick! Wade staggers back, dazed and confused, before Corey locks his arms and lifts him up.


No! A Cliché Kick to the back knocks Corey forward and off balance, dropping Wade Moor! As he gets to his feet and turns around, BROSEIDON PUNCH! Jared grabs Corey by a handful of hair and drags him up, nailing the Dolphin Driver to plant Corey into the matt! As the King of All Wrestlers stares foggily at the ceiling, Tiburones walks to the ropes and calls for a microphone. Wavedigger tosses him one, and he turns back to Corey.

Los Tiburones: You stupid piece of shit. You and everyone thinks this is a joke, don’t you, Corey? You think we’re Sarah Twilight or Eric Price or some shit, huh? Like we don’t RUN THIS FUCKING COMPANY?!

The boos intensify as Tiburones delivers a vicious stomp to the chest of Corey Black who sneers defiantly up at Tiburones, Wade, Kamon, and Patrili.

Wade Moor: You think we aren’t serious, huh? That you and your precious widdle pay-per-view are untouchable? Well we’re making an example out of you, Corey. Mark my fucking words.

Los Tiburones gives a smug smirk as he leers down over Corey Black.

Los Tiburones: Last words, Creeping Death?

He holds the microphone to Corey’s mouth.

Corey Black: You pussies do what you want. It’ll all end the same.

He spits up onto the shark masked face. The crowd goes wild as the smirk disappears from Tiburone. He stands back up and puts his boot on the neck of Corey Black.

Los Tiburones: Let me be fucking clear: at first, I was just going to cancel XIII – oh yeah, XIII is FUCKING. CANCELLED.

The crowd roars in boos. Wade grins like a kid on Halloween.


Booing intensifies.

Los Tiburones: But for this shit, Corey?

Tiburones lowers the microphone and grins. A keenly observant audience member could detect physical arousal.

Los Tiburones: You’re FIRED! To the Unemployment Office, fuccboi!

Wade drives a boot down on the face of Corey Black, rendering him unconscious. Booing has reached a deafening level.

Wavedigger: Oh my… oh my god.

Zach Waveis and Freddy Bro sit back down at the announcer table, pulling on their headsets and staring dumbly at the scene of #BeachKrew standing triumphantly with Kamon and Patrili over the bodies of Corey Black, Spencer Adams, and Vic Venable.

Zach Waveis: …Fired? Are you kidding me? Th-they… They can’t do this! They can’t fire this man! This man who helped build this company! The man who laid the groundwork for these entitled babies to get where they are! A man as synonymous with the WCF a-

Wavedigger: WSeaF!

Zach Waveis: Shut the fuck up, Gravedigger! As synonymous with the WCF as Logan! Or Torture! Or Fly! This is absolutely fucked up!

Wavedigger: They can do whatever they want! They run the company! And tonight they’re sending a message to any insubordinate: if Corey Black can go, you can go, too.

Zach Waveis: This is disgusting. Freddy, what do you think about this?

Freddy Bro: Fuck #BeachKrew

The show ends with Moor and Tiburones basking in the hatred of the audience, laughing like vicious hyenas and holding the Whirlpool Championship in the air.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Arch Angel vs David Lionheart vs Harley Jack vs Rey de Reyes

Caliban Segment

The Rejects vs Oblivion/Night Rider

Kyle Kemp Segment

Television Title Match: Bad News Benson vs Andre Jenson

Oblivion Interview

Doc Henry vs Dustin Beaver

D'Angelo Hall Segment

Raymond Hatcher vs Occulo vs Bonnie Blue

Oblivion/Gemini Battle Segment

Hardcore Match: Zombie McMorris vs Vengeance

Oblivion Segment

Alex Richards/Gunther Blythe/Dexter Radcliffe vs Teo Del Sol/Spencer Adams/Vic Venable

Benjamin Atreyu Segment

Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp vs Gemini Battle/Mikey eXtreme

Night Rider Segment

Preecha Kamon/Patrilli vs Wade Moor/Los Tiburones


Of The Week

Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp vs Gemini Battle/Mikey eXtreme



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