Slam Intro

The show opens to a shot of the interior of the Dakota Dome. The audience roars with in anticipation of the beginning of the show as the camera settles on the announce team.

Zach Wavis: Good evening, fucking everyone. This is goddamn Zach Wavis, still forced to fucking swear once a sentence by #BeachKrew, joined by that bitch Wavedigger and Freddy Bro.

Freddy Bro: Ayyy El em aye oh.

Wavedigger: Not bad, Freddy. Getting the hang of it.

Zach Wavis: Last week our pussy leader shocked the fucking WSeaF Galaxy when he fired fucking Corey Black.

Freddy Bro: That’s some straight buster shit, ya feel me?

Zach Wavis: For those bitches who missed last Slam, here’s a recap.

The camera cuts to black-and-white slow-motion footage with that echo-y, ominous audio. The footage shows #BeachKrew, Patrili, and Preecha Kamon beating down Spencer Adams and Vic Venable. Suddenly, the audience roars as “Push Pull Destroy” hits and Corey runs out.

Wavedigger: Get the fuck out of here, Corey! No one likes you!

Several images flash showing Corey fighting off Los Tiburones, Patrili, and Preecha Kamon before showing Corey lifting Wade Moor up for the Burning Hammer. A Cliché Kick lays him out before images flash of the punishment heaped on him by #BeachKrew. A voiceover plays over the images.

Los Tiburones: Let me be fucking clear: at first, I was just going to cancel XIII – oh yeah, XIII is FUCKING. CANCELLED.

Footage of Los Tiburones and Wade leering over Corey Black. Corey spits defiantly in Tiburones’ face.

Los Tiburones: You’re FIRED! To the unemployment office, fuccboi!

Shots of crowd reactions: booing and looks of shock.

Zach Wavis: …Fired? Are you kidding me? Th-they… They can’t do this! They can’t fire this man! This man who helped build this company! The man who laid the groundwork for these entitled babies to get where they are!

The video package ends. “Hot One” by Shudder to Think hits the P.A. as the audience goes wild with booing.

Zach Wavis: And here’s this bitch – Jared Holmes, the motherfucker who runs the WSeaF.

The curtain parts as Los Tiburones steps onto the stage flanked by Andre Aquarius and Jim Thuggin, raising dem #BeachKrew colors. Los Tiburones has forgone his usual wrestling attire, instead wearing a tailored navy suit; he carries a microphone in his hand.

Wavedigger: Damn, my boy Jared looks fresh as a motherfucker tonight.

Freddy Bro: That’s one swagidelic suit, mah du. But Jared a sucka fur real.

Upon reaching the ring, Jared enters up the steps as Andre and Thuggin slide under the ropes, holding the banners behind Jared as Thuggin sheds a single manly tear of fatherly pride. Jared raises the microphone.

Los Tiburones: I hope last week was a statement to all of you that we’re not playing games. Since Hellimination, both you fans and the people in the locker room have been undermining my authority. You’ve treated this as a joke. Cornelius Black treated this as a joke until last week… when I FIRED him.

The audience boos wildly as Jared grins. Thuggin and Andre applaud him.

Los Tiburones: But the disrespect has not stopped there. No, far from it. Bonnie Blue has been intentionally trying to provoke us. Adams, Venable, and Teo still have those smug smirks on their faces. Pisces Battle is trying to fight us with a pipe. Richards still thinks he’s so fucking clever calling us “Bitch Krew”, like we didn’t make that joke in week one. And now, I hear talk of a rumored underground XIII meant to undermine #BeachMania.

The crowd goes crazy at the mention of XIII.



“Survival” by Eminem hits to a huge pop by the crowd. The curtain opens, and Jeff Purse walks out, staring down the members of #BeachKrew in the ring as he walks down the ramp.

Freddy Bro: Aw, sheyit, that nicca Jeff Purse in the house.

Wavedigger: Come to sign a death warrant, has he?

Sliding in, Purse gets to his feet and comes chest-to-chest with Tiburones, staring him in the face.

Jeff Purse: Let me make something clear, Sharkboy: you can fire Corey Black. You can injure Jay Omega. You can MURDER one of my best friends. But you will NEVER break Pantheon.

The crowd goes wild.


Jeff Purse: You’ve come out here talking about how no one respects you or takes you seriously as you walk around in a shark mask with a bunch of doped-up sycophants, cheating your way to victory. Jared, what did you expect? That we’d bow down and accept your authority? That we’d suddenly change our minds on how we feel about you? Are you really that stupid?

Los Tiburones: You listen to me, Purse, you fucking fa-

THE SPOKE! Jared barely ducks it as Andre rushes Purse! Purse throws Andre off him and begins backing him into the corner, nailing him with rights and lefts before blasting him with the Spoke in the corner!

Zach Wavis: Jeff Purse just took Andre’s fucking head off! Suck a dick, #BeachKrew!

Purse turns to get hit with a Cliché Kick from Tiburones. Doubled over, Tiburones shoves him into position and nails the Dolphin Driver to a chorus of boos! Purse goes limp as Tiburones grabs one of the #BeachKrew flags from Thuggin and begins beating him with it. Andre Aquarius is quick to join in.

Hacksaw Jim Thuggin: Foolish effete Earth male. You calculated that you would be stronger than my Favorite Earth Child Jared and Least Favorite Earth Child Andre. You have made a miscalculation. For this, you are being physically assaulted.

Jared pulls Purse to his feet as Andre rubs him elbow. Whipping Purse at the ropes, Andre jumps to nail the #Fuccbouyant, his elbow crashing into Purse’s temple and glazing his eyes over as he collapses back to the matt.

Hacksaw Jim Thuggin: And what have you now, Jeff Purse? You have a concussion. Pantheon is now simply Alex Richards. #BeachKrew has won the Stable Wars and shall broadcast the greatest event in Earth television programming history!

The audience goes wild with booing as Thuggin grins.

Hacksaw Jim Thuggin: We shall waste no more time. Begin the first match.

Bad News Benson vs Rey de Reyes vs Punkin

Bad News Benson stomps out without any music. He's just super pissed off.

Zach Wavis: What is this guy always so mad about?

Wavedigger: Maybe instead of someone that always delivers bad news, he's someone that always GETS bad news? Like, he's just unlucky maybe?

Rey de Reyes waits a couple seconds to come out the curtain, then pyro explodes. He walks down to the ring slowly enough for the fans to bask in his glory. Slides gracefully into the ring and Climbs the turnbuckle closest to him and lets the fans bask in his glory once again.

The Arena goes black and only the titan tron shows any light, a bright white circle of it at the end of a tunnel, the screen flickers with some static a couple of times showing a man in black advancing with every break in the video until he is standing before us with his fists raised to the screen with white tape on his knuckles and the words "DEFO DEAD" written across them in black marker

Kyle Steel: Making his way to ring at this time, from Goreyville by way of Coleraine, Northern Ireland and the deepest recesses of a broken young man's mind, THIS IS THE PUNKIN!

A screaming laughter fills the arena as the song kicks in and a tall masked man falls out through the curtain almost capering instead of his counterparts Swagger filled stroll, he makes his way to the ring all the while talking either to himself or screaming indecipherable phrases at the crowd, he doesn't waste anytime lifting his battle armour off setting it on the ring apron in front of him. He steps back almost tripping over his own feet sizing up the armour shadow boxing with it in a ridiculous fashion before rolling into the ring and climbing up on the top rope showing off the badly spelled words on his knuckles again before sitting down on the top turnbuckle with his back to the ring, hooks his legs underneath the bolt then lays back in the tree of woe with his arms crossed talking to himself and waiting for the bell.

Zach Wavis: We've got a lot of guys off their rocker, but Punkin has to be up there as far as wackos.

Bad News Benson, inexplicably angry, runs at Punkin and Clotheslines him down. Punkin gets back up and gets his eyes gouged by Benson before Benson grabs him by the throat and tosses him out of the ring. Rey de Reyes runs at Benson next and hits a Missile Dropkick but Benson sidesteps it. Reyes gets back up and Benson boots him right in the groin and then Powerbombs him!

Wavedigger: I like this Benson guy. I like the cut of his jib.

Benson pins Reyes.



No!, Punkin is back in the ring and breaks it up.

Freddy Bro: Thanks to the Goreyville Gourd this isn't over yet!

Benson gets back up and swings at Punkin, who ducks it and drops Benson with a Cutter! Reyes has stumbled up as well and punkin runs at him and hits a Running Dropsault. Reyes hits the ropes and bounces forward, allowing Punkin to grab him and lift him up...


Into the pin!



No!, Benson breaks this one up! Benson kicks Punkin right in the spine, causing him to break the pinfall. Benson backs off and as Punkin gets back up....

Freddy Bro: WHOA! Punt to the head!

No!, Punkin rolls away and avoids it. He gets to his feet and hits Benson with a variety of martial arts kicks, ending with a Psychlone Kick!

Wavedigger: Benson is sent flying out of the ring!

Rey de Reyes is up and runs at Punkin, but Punkin drops him with a Superkick. Punkin yells "dead!" before climbing to the top.

Zach Wavis: Going high risk here... What does he have in mind?

He hits a Double Rotation Shooting Star Press!





Wavedigger: Punkin wins his "debut" in an impressive fashion!

Punkin gets up and gets his arm raised as Bad News Benson angrily stomps away.

Alex Richards Segment

Dangerous by Shaman's Harvest begins to play as the crowd erupts for the now senior statesman of Pantheon's theme song. The announcers also react..a different way.

Wavedigger: The Beach Krew are gracious enough to let this guy wrestle on their shows. But he goes and repays their kindness by wasting television time with some non sense rant.

Zach Wavis: I don't know..

Wavedigger: You should know what your boss want you to say.

Zach Wavis: Yeah.. fuck that drunk #PantheonLoser

Freddy Bro: Those guys always keep a brother down.

Wavedigger: That's more like it.

Alex Richards does indeed emerge from the back, carrying his trademark doctor's bag but looks all business here tonight. He walks towards the ring but instead stops at the broadcast booth.

Alex Richards: Zach.. Freddy, you guys should remember this. You can say what the Beach Krew wants you to say now. But they won't be in power forever. And some of us.. we have long memories.

Zach visibly gulps and even Freddy looks worried. Wavedigger however just grins.

Wavedigger: Don't worry guys, I'll protect you.

Freddy Bro: No, you won't! You can't trust the man!

Wavedigger: You're right. But I will kick your ass if you stop.

Alex however has left the broadcast crew alone and entered the ring mic in hand obviously having something on his mind.

Alex Richards: Everyone knows the war on the Beach Krew starts tonight. And if you know the Archduke of Mass Confusion you should know who I'm starting with. That imposter to the title of greatest internet champion of all time... Sea Mac. I was going come out here during his match. But then I figured. Why bother. I mean if I came out during his match we all know what would happen. He would run from the ring screaming like a little girl. Then later, he would talk about how he somehow owned me using logic a four year old would even think was suspect. That shit gets tiresome. So instead, I'm going to leave him a little present.

Alex reaches into his doctor's bag and pulls out two rubber balls which he places in one of the corners near the ring post.

Alex Richards: I'll leave these out here for you. You seem to be missing something. Maybe this way you'll finally get the balls to actually face me instead of just pretending you want a match with me. Sea Mac... Beach Krew.. I promise you... this is only the beginning.

Dangerous starts to play again as Alex stalks to the back his point made.

Freddy Bro: That fool doesn't know what he just did. Sea Mac will straight up murk that sucka.

United States Title Match
BioWalker vs Gemini Battle

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is a Handicap Match Scheduled for one fall and is for the ATLANTIS CHAMPIONSHIP! The rules state that the team of Bio Walker can bring and use any weapons that they desire meanwhile Gemini Battle cannot use any. Also, if Gemini Battle loses tonight, he will be henceforth be known as Pisces Battle as long as #BeachKrew has control of the W SEA F.

Zach Wavis: Welcome back to the second match of the night, Gemini has an uphill battle tonight.

Wavedigger: You said it, my boys at BeachKrew do NOT want that Atlantis Championship around Gemini’s waist… I can’t wait to start calling him Pisces!

Kyle Steel: Introducing First, the challengers… BIOWALKER

Various weapons fall from the sky such as pool noodles, scuba gear, and a fire hydrant among other things and land in the center of the ring scattering around. Then Biohazard and Tyler Walker descend from the rafter singing an angelic hymn.

Wavedigger: That’s the mermaid song of San Alto Palo. A beautiful tune that can only be sung by true aquatic beings.

Freddy Bro: Da Shit we gotta say now, huh?

Suddenly “Falling Higher” by Helloween plays and Gemini Battle makes his way through the entrance Curtain.

Kyle Steel: And their opponent, the WSEAF ATLANTIS CHAMPION…GEMINI BATTLE!

Wavedigger: THAT’S NOT FAIR!

Gemini puts a mask on and runs to the ring, leaving his title at the base of the ramp, and he slides in and immediately tackles Tyler Walker.

Zach Wavis: He’s wearing a mask, which pretty much makes BioHazard a glorified paperweight in this match. IF there’s one thing we all know about BioHazard it’s that his sole weakness is another wrestler wearing a mask. It’s his kryptonite!

BioHazard lies in the middle of the ring convulsing as Gemini pounds away at Tyler Walker. He rolls walker out of the ring and makes his way towards BioHazard. He grabs his opponent by the face and he unleashes a horrible scream. Gemini lets go and holds his ears, trying to block out the sound.

Wavedigger: The screech of the banshee. It was foretold centuries ago that a single man would be able to harness this energy and use it for great and wonderful things. However it got into the wrong hands and for millennia the power has been passed on to those most worthy of the power. BioHazard stumbled across these powers while traversing the wilderness of the Himalaya mountains when he came across an old gypsy woman. She told him that he had to prove his strength, so he pulled a stump out of the ground with his bare hands. Then he had to prove his speed so he ran around the world in the blink of an eye. Then he had to prove his wisdom so he wrote a prose epic poem to rival the ones written by Sophocles himself. Then, and only then was this power bestowed to him, and he has brought it here to the WSEAF where he has unleashed it and focused it in all its glory onto on man, Gemini Battle!

Zach Wavis: Well the match is over now.

Wavedigger: WHAT!?!?

Freddy Bro: Yea, nicca, you missed the whole thing during that monologue. Let’s check out the replay…

Zach Wavis: Gemini recovered from the scream of the banshee and by kicking BioHazard in the head. Meanwhile Tyler Walker put on the scuba gear and started ‘swimming’ across the ring, seemingly unbeknownst to Gemini. He got to his feet and hit him with vicious strikes from the pool noodle which seemed to hurt Gemini a surprisingly large amount. Because, it turned out that there was a lead pipe in the noodle the whole time. While Tyler Walker posed to the crowd Gemini then recovered again and hit Tyler Walker with a High Voltage Tornado Kick.

Wavedigger: Then the fun stuff happened. Los Tiburones and Wade Moor made their appearance and they interfered in the match. Just when it seemed that Gemini Battle was going to win they stopped that from happening…

Freddy Bro: Yea, by attacking Tyler Walker causing the referee to have to stop the match. And now we have our leaders telling Kyle Steele the decision themselves with stupid little smirks on their faces.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen the winners of this match by result of a disqualification…BIOWALKER! HOWEVER since the Atlantis Championship can only be won via pin fall or submission STILL your ATLANTIS CHAMPION…PISCES BATTLE!

Wavedigger: HA! Pisces! He lost the match, he can keep that crappy piece of tin, but now he has to be an honorary member of BeachKrew. They’re going to call him Pisces instead of Gemini. Classic!

Gemini Battle: BULLSHIT! I had this match won! I was going to pin one of these asshats!

Los Tiburones: You wanted to try to get out of listening to us through a ‘technicality’ well here’s a ‘technicality’ for ya!

Wade Moor: TECHNICALLY you lost… so OFFICIALLY you’re Pisces Battle. End

Los Tiburones: OF


Pisces Battle: God, you guys are so fucking annoying!

Los Tiburones: Annoying all the way to the bank.

Wade Moor: Nailed it!

Los Tiburones: I know!

Pisces Battle: Fuck it, call me whatever the fuck you want, because when it’s all said and done you’ll have no choice but to call me the #GreatestUSChampEver! So suck on that one, bitches!

Los Tiburones: Oh, you think we’re done with you and the Atlantis Championship… oh no… not by a long shot.

Wade Moor: Just wait to see what we have in store for you…No go swim with the fishes, we’ve got more important business to handle!

Pisces Battle: The plural of fish is fish, idiot!

Wade Moor rushes towards the ring, but Los Tiburones holds him back


Los Tiburones: Easy, boy. It’s okay, buddy. We’ll get him soon. You just calm down.

Wade Moor: He’s just such a dick, it drives me crazy sometimes.

Los Tiburones: I know, it’s okay.

Los Tiburones strokes Wade Moor’s head as he walks him down the aisle and out of sight leaving Gemini…excuse me…Pisces Battle alone in the ring holding his United States... Excuse me... Atlantis Championship Belt

Legion Segment

The scene opens backstage to a close-up shot of the plaque that reads “Seth Lerch’s office,” though the name had been scratched out and spray painted over by the name #BeachKrew.

Zach Wavis: A fitting display from our overlords.

The scene pans out to reveal two rather large men standing on either side of the door as if guarding it from outside interference. This comes in the form of none other than Legion, who steps into the frame like a silent giant, eyeing the door these two men defended.

Legion: Your boss in?

The pair eye him, moving closer towards the door.

SeaGrunt: Mister Holmes is not to be disturbed.

Legion grins.

Legion: That’s all I wanted to know.

Legion launches a sudden haymaker that rocks the first grunt, sending him stumbling back before blocking a clubbing blow from the second man. Grabbing him by the head, Legion rams it into the door, sending the plaque crashing to the ground, before doubling the man over with a heavy knee to the stomach. The first grunt grabs him from behind, but a back elbow sends him flying back long enough to knock the first man unconscious with a massive big boot. The turning to face the first, he finishes him off with a stomp across the nose that would make Bad News Benson proud. Legion observes the carnage around him before opening the office door.

He steps into an empty office, with no Los Tiburones in sight.

Taking a look around, he grins before exiting, shutting the door gently behind him and stepping around the growing pools of blood at his feet.

Freddy Bro: Well that was ominous.

Television Title Match
Dustin Beaver vs Andre Jenson

Screen pans in on a graphic of the WSeaF #SEAVCHAMPIONSHIP

Zach Wavis: We have a #SEAV Title Match coming up!

Wavedigger: You're making great strides Zaggry!

Zach Wavis: I was warned if I got the name wrong that I would have to spend all of the next broadcast wearing children's Ninja Turtle underwear!

Wavedigger: T-U-R-T-L-E POWER! I LOVE IT ZAGGRY!!!

Freddy Bro: YUH NINJAS AND TURTLES AND MUTANTS AND SHIT! (I have a PHd for fucks sake!)

Music hits, then a spotlight shines at the beginning of the entrance ramp, awaiting "The Beavs" to walk into it. He enters the light, points to the crowd on the left and then to the crowd on the right. He then points with both hands at the stage, he looks and walks straight ahead, scowling at the stage.

Zach Wavis: Dustin Beaver could be the man to dethrone Andre Jenson as #SEAVCHAMPION! Despite his "on again/off again" relationship with #BeachKrew, he's a great competitor!

Wavedigger: All of #BeachKrew are great competitors! They have all had illustrious careers so far!

Zach Wavis: Illustrious isn't the word I would use...but Beaver's amazing! I Beavlieve!

A deep voice booms from the PA system "In the world of the fantasy land of Kem begot a new type of warrior, one which was created from the fires of the star Elume and forged in the great battles of the third age. A warrior so daring and so brave that King Dennis the maker himself would try to destroy him and fail. This man is more than man, he is legend"

Some sort of fantasy based music then starts to play as mist slowly rolls up the entrance ramp while Andre Jenson appears from behind the curtain. Andre looks around to the crowd with a stoney stare before meandering to the ring while waving the weapon he is brandishing today.

He enters the ring after looking under the ring, presumably for a secret door via rolling under the bottom rope. When in the ring he kneels and attempts to summon something, of course nothing happens, but he looks happy enough with himself that something is going to help him later on.

Zach Wavis: He's an odd character...

Wavedigger: Depending on who he's playing in a week...wait, fighting! BAH! Fuck you ZAGGRY U NUUUURD!!!

The ref holds the #SEAVCHAMPIONSHIP high to a decent crowd pop. They know they're in for a treat as the ref calls for the bell. Andre Jensom and The Beavs start circling each other in the ring, Andre lunges for a grapple, but Beavs sidesteps and bounds off the ropes with a spinning heel kick. Andre climbs to his feet and Beavs nails him with an spin kick, doubling Andrw over. A kick to the chest sends Andre into the ropes, bounding off into a leg hook suplex and a pin attempt from the Beavs!



Zach Wavis: a kickout from Andre and this one continues!

Beavs gets to his feet and awaits Andre, who steadily gets to his. A quick grapple around the back and Dustin pulls Andre into the center of the ring! Back drop suplex...but Andre floats over, landing on his feet behind Beavs! Beavs turns around into an enziguiri from Andre! Andre picks Dustin up and plants him back down to the mat with a jumping elbow to the head! He quickly covers Dustin.



Zach Wavis: Shoulder up from the Beavs! He Beavlieved he would shoulder out!

Beavs gets to his feet as Andre grabs him from behind with a neck lock rest hold, dropping down to a knee for leverage! Andre wrenches the hold as Beavs reaches for the ropes! Beavs puts himself in a precarious position, but manages to slide a boot on the ropes! The ref calls for Andre to break the hold, which he begrudgingly does!

Zach Wavis: He had his championship to think about...a long forgotten rule, the #SEAVCHAMPIONSHIP can change hands on a disqualification.

Wavedigger: God damn.

Freddy Bro: BRO! (Shoot me!)

Andre quickly grabs Beavs and throws him into the turnbuckle, charging after him with a plancha splash!...but Beavs steps out of the turnbuckle and Andre crashes face first into the top belt! Beavs grabs him around the neck and drops him to the mat, quickly floating over with a pinfall.



Zach Wavis: Another shoulder up!

Andre kicks the Beavs in the head as he bends over to grab him and quickly catches him with a roll up!




Zach Wavis: BEAVS KICKS OUT! That was a close call!

They both fly to their feet and stare each other down!

[win scenario 1 - Dustin Beavs wins via pinfall]

Andre kicks the Beavs into the turnbuckle and charges again, but a quick thrust from Beavs sends Andre to the top turnbuckle! A backfist from Beavs knocks a screw loose in Andre's head! Beavs quicklt ascends the turnbuckle!

Zach Wavis: THE BASS DROP!

Wavedigger: He nails him!

Zach Wavis: Beavs covers...






Zach Wavis: The Beavs has done it! Beavlieve that!

The ring hand hands the SEAV championship to the ref, who hands it to Beaver, who drops to his knees cradling tye belt!

Zach Wavis: After a long ardous hunt for championship gold, the Beavs has done it here tonight!

Wavedigger: He made Beavliever's out of all us Zaggry!

Hacksaw Jim Thuggin walks out on the stage, clapping for The Beavs! The scene fades out with Beaver celebrating his championship victory, pointing towards Jim as he does!

D'Angelo Hall Segment

We cut to the backstage area where we see D’Angelo Hall pacing about.

D’Angelo Hall: Where you at, bitch ass nigga?

He is suddenly blindsided by Andre Aquarius who strikes him over the head with a chair. Andre wheels out a bag containing a couple heavy looking objects.

Andre Aquarius: Who’s the bitch now?!

He pulls out an open bucket of tan colored paint, launching it on the unconscious Hall, covering him in it. He reaches in again, pulling out a can of black spray paint and holding it against D’Angelo’s back.

Andre Aquarius: Now lay there till that shit dry!

The camera pans out to a shot of Hall’s back which is now much lighter toned and reads “#LightskinsTheRightSkin” in black spray paint as we fade to black.

Night Rider vs Teo Del Sol vs Mikey eXtreme

The lights in the arena begin to flash on and off as 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing on the Jumbo tron. Night Rider steps out from behind the curtain as Pyrotechnics explode up and down the ramp. He pulls a microphone out of his jacket and begins speaking.

Night Rider: Right now I want everyone in here to shut the hell up because I have something to say. Since Angel Fyre had to be stupid and meet an untimely demise. At this time please welcome the new manager for the Angels of Death. The one and only Synn!

Terry Roberts steps out from behind the curtain as the crowd goes wild. The two make their way down to the ring and climb in as the four corner posts explode shooting red pyrotechnics into the air. Synn steps out of the ring as Night Rider moves to his corner waiting for the match to begin.

Wavedigger: We all need to stop doing LSD before Night Rider matches, guys. I keep seeing Terry Roberts.

Zach Wavis: I always see Al Envy, myself.

Freddy Bro: Who?

The Screen Suddenly cuts to a news desk, where a very serious News Anchor shuffles his papers impatiently. After a few moments he turns towards the camera.

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we Interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the following important broadcast..."

The News Anchor falls silent as the opening riff to "Kickstart my Heart" suddenly blares. The Screen crashes to static before bringing up the view of the entrance ramp, which is engulfed with a burst of Pyro as Teo del Sol, His trademark white Jacket and white mask shining like the sun itself, steps through the curtain. The corner of the screen bears his wrestling mask with the logo TEO TV emblazoned across it, and he holds one hand high over his head, with a camera in the other. The feed then cuts to a live broadcast from the camera, encompassing the screaming fans all around the arena, waving as they appear not only on the TV screen, but on the large 'Tron above Teo. He begins walking down the ramp, reaching out to shake fans hands and sign autographs, all seen from the viewpoint of the camera, at last he makes it to the ring and the view cuts back to the regular feed.

The audience goes wild as he steps through the ropes, taking a deep bow, before running into the corner to raise his hands victoriously! He claps his hands in gratitude, applauding the audience that applauds him, and rolls with a quick backflip, landing in the center of the ring. He pushes down with his hands and springs to his feet, bouncing off of the ropes running to the turnbuckle He removes the jacket and hands it to one of the ring crew before settling into his corner, bouncing back and forth in anticipation.

As the lights in the arena go out, "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins to blare over the crowd. A flash of light shoots towards the center of the ring and you can make out the shape of Freakshow. The arena stays blanketed in darkness until a red light hits the stage, a light fog begins to drift out and engulf the stage. Mikey eXtreme walks out as "lightning" begins to crash into the stage. Freakshow, who appeared to be in the ring just moments ago is now slowly following Mikey to the ring. Mikey does not make eye contact with anyone in the crowd and ignores their requests for any interaction. Mikey slides into the ring and rolls to the corner where he sits, leaning against the bottom rope. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at Mikey's opponents.

Zach Wavis: I can't believe Mikey eXtreme not only attacked Gemini Battle last week, but seemed to expect a Tag Titles match? Ridiculous.

Wavedigger: The DRG was simply a stable meant to cleanse WCF's stable palate after the abortion known as Pantheon so we could be ready for the #beachkrew.

The bell sounds. Each of the men circle each other before Teo takes the initiative and runs at eXtreme. Teo hits him with a few rights and lefts before eXtreme manages to block some strikes and fire back with his own. Teo is sent reeling backwards into Night Rider, who catches him from behind and drops him with a Reverse DDT. Both eXtreme and Night Rider begin stomping on Teo.

Freddy Bro: Looks like neither Night Rider nor Mikey eXtreme are fans of the People's Choice.

Night Rider drops down and goes for a pin.


Nope!, Mikey breaks that up real fast. Mikey drops and goes for a pin.


Nope!, Night Rider breaks that up. Night Rider and eXtreme begin arguing.

Zach Wavis: What did they expect?

Since their attention is off Teo, Teo is able to roll them both up simultaneously!



NO! NO! Both men escape their pinning predicaments. They get to their feet and run at Teo, going for a Linked Clothesline, but Teo duck it, keeps running, and Springboards, hitting Night Rider and Mikey eXtreme with one foot each with an amazing Dropkick!

Wavedigger: Teo Del Sol may be fighting the number's game well enough now, but he can't last forever.

Teo Del Sol pulls in Night Rider as Mikey eXtreme rolls out of the ring. Teo goes for the pin.



No!, Night Rider kicks out.

Zach Wavis: Night Rider is a veteran of WCF, and Teo is going to have to pull out more than that to beat him!

Both Teo and Night Rider are to their feet. Night Rider runs at Teo but Teo executes a Drop Toehold. Teo hits the ropes as Night Rider gets to his feet once more and as he comes back Teo hooks his head and hits a Running DDT!

Freddy Bro: Beautifully executed!

Into another pin!



NO!, this time Mikey eXtreme breaks it up. eXtreme goes to throw Teo to the ropes, but Teo reverses it, sending Mikey to the ropes instead. As he comes back Teo hits a Dropkick!, sending Mikey flailing backwards and out of the ring once more. Teo turns to Night Rider who hits him with a vicious Knife Edge Chop before grabbing him by the throat.

Wavedigger: CHOKESLAM!

Night Rider hits it and then bounces off the ropes and hits a Leg Drop!, staying on top of Teo, going for the pin!



No!, Teo kicks out!

Zach Wavis: Night Rider may be a veteran, but Teo Del Sol has proven himself a force to be reckoned with here in the Wrestling Championship Federation.

Night Rider gets up as Teo uses the ropes to work his way to his feet. Teo turns and Night Rider takes him down with a Body Slam. Night Rider follows up with an elbow drop, and another, and another. The fans begin to boo.

Freddy Bro: Night Rider is firmly in control of the match at this point.

Night Rider lifts Teo Del Sol up and throws him to the ropes.


Indeed, Teo Del Sol used the momentum from Night Rider's irish whip and flew out of the ring, catching Mikey unaware! The fans chant.

Crowd: TEO! TEO! TEO!

Teo quickly lifts up the dazed Mikey and rolls him into the ring. Night Rider runs at Teo but Teo pulls the top rope down, sending Rider flying out of the ring. Mikey eXtreme has absent mindedly stumbled up and Teo is able to grab him and execute a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex!

Zach Wavis: HERE IT IS!



NO! Mikey kicks out!

Zach Wavis: Damn. I thought Teo had the win!

Wavedigger: Could you stop your obvious favoritism, Zach? Remember who signs your checks.

Teo rolls away and signals that he's ready to put Mikey away.


NO!, Mikey ducks it! He's able to quickly grab Teo by the back of the neck...


Mikey collapses onto Teo Del Sol, hooking the leg.



NO!, Night Rider breaks it up!

Wavedigger: Night Rider saves the match!

Teo rolls out of the ring before someone can attempt another pin or he can take more damage. Mikey begins getting to his feet and Night Rider measures him...

Freddy Bro: END OF TIMES!

No!, Mikey reverses that too!, shoving Night Rider away. Night Rider turns right into a Superkick!

Zach Wavis: OOF!

Mikey quickly positions himself on the top rope and flies off...

Wavedigger: eXit Strategy! He hits it!

eXtreme pins Night Rider, hooking the leg.




Freddy Bro: And there you have it! Mikey eXtreme picks up the victory!

Mikey's music hits as he gets to his feet and gets his arm raised, staring daggers into the camera.

Zach Wavis: Whether it's a Tag Team Titles shot or a United States Title shot, you've got to assume something will be coming Mikey's way soon after that victory.

Wavedigger: Only if the #beachkrew deems it so, Zach.

Kyle Kemp/Andre Jenson Segment

The scene cuts backstage where viewers see Kyle Kemp standing alongside, of all things, a mini luchador in full garb, sitting on a tech’s rolling cart.

Kyle Kemp: Alright, little guy, all you’re going to do is go out there and suck in the ring like Teo del Sol. Shouldn’t be too hard.

As if this scene couldn’t get stranger than it already was, Andre Jenson steps into the scene. He seems to be in his own little world until he sees the dwarf. Then, stopping short, he stomps over to the pair.

Andre Jenson: Sir, I request to buy your dwarf for use on my island.

The pair of men just stare at Jenson, who has a stony seriousness about him.

Kyle Kemp: Dude, I’m not that kind of white person! I don’t sell people.

LGB: Can I have a golden axe?

Kemp only stares harder at the midget who seemed to know who Andre Jenson was. AJ grins, nodding. Without a second thought, the luchador drops off the cart beside Andre Jenson and holds his hand out.

LGB: La Gama Blanca at your service.

And leaving Kyle Kemp utterly confused, the new friends walk off-stage, talking about how Blanca would look in a beard.

Zach Wavis: Well . . . that was interesting, to say the least.

Wavedigger: I wish I had a mini Wavedigger.

Bonnie Blue Segment

"Doctor Who Meets Heavy Metal" by Erock filters through the speakers as Bonnie Blue steps through the curtain, microphone in hand, and makes her way down the ramp. She climbs into the ring and gestures for the music to stop.

Bonnie Blue: Vermillion, South Dakota, make some noise!

She grins as the audience responds with a respectable cheer.

Bonnie Blue: Yeah! Right on! How y'all doin'?

Another moderate pop from the crowd.

Bonnie Blue: Good! Good. Now... I reckoned that, bein' as I been with y'all nice people of the WCF Galaxy for nearly a month, it was about time I formally introduced myself. I'm Bonnie Blue, an' as y'all may or may not know, I'm a ...descendant of Johnny Reb. Y'all loved ol' Johnny Reb, right?

This time the crowd explodes! Bonnie paces back and forth in the ring, waiting for the fervor to die down.

Bonnie Blue: That's what I thought. An' that is a heavy weight to carry. That legacy is... there's no word for it but profound. Judgin' by the fact that I'm in the main event -- that I've already had a shot at a prestigious title -- that all tells me I might be well on my way to livin' up to that legacy. Not that I'm anywhere near ready to take it easy. Quite the opposite; I'm just gettin' warmed up. It ain't enough to shoulder the burden of the Inveterate Confederate's shadow. I have to surpass it. My star has to shine so bright it burns away that shadow. An' that begins tonight, when me an' Preecha Kamon take on World Champ Wade Moor an' ...Oblivion.

Bonnie's lip curls in evident disgust at even having to mention the Monster.

Bonnie Blue: But that's later. Right this moment, there is one other matter I'd like to address. For the last couple of weeks, a certain Television Champion has been behavin'... well, a little strangely. Every time he gets in front of a camera, it's like he's lost his damn mind. These threats, the curses; it's gettin' to a point where I'm startin' to take it real serious. An' who can forget last Sunday, at Slam, when it seemed like he was doin' the chivalrous thing an' gettin' between me an' the Monster; but apparently it was only so he could turn around an' do the same damn thing! Before that, I thought he was just, y'know, playin'. So... Andre Jenson, I'd like you to come out here an' explain yourself!

She turns and looks expectantly toward the stage. Moments pass; Bonnie starts to get impatient. As she is about to repeat her demand, "The Bard's Song" by Blind Guardian plays over the sound system. AJ walks out, making his way to the ring at a dignified pace. He slips through the ropes and promptly gives Bonnie a courtly bow.

AJ: My lady, I know not what offence I have done you, but take my assurance that it was the very last of my intentions. We are warriors, the both of us, and what is said in the heat of battle is of no more consequence than the love of a wood nymph -- fleeting and illusory. But this... Lady Blue, should you continue to heap such slander and calumny upon my good name, I shall be forced to respond.

Bonnie Blue: D'ya 'spect me to believe you got no idea what I'm talkin' about? All that nonsense 'bout burnin' in Hell, an' -- aw, damn. What now?

The lights flicker, dim, then go out, plunging the arena into near total darkness. Purple lightning spears toward the ring, strikes one ringpost, then arcs to the next, and the next; until the whole ring is wreathed in electricity -- briefly. The current fades away, and the lights come back up to reveal Oblivion standing directly between Bonnie and Jenson.

Zach Wavis: Well, this was inevitable. Oblivion --

Wavedigger: Ahem.

Zach Wavis: *sigh* OblivSEAon has been dogging Bonnie Blue from day one here at W-Sea-F, and has made no secret of ITs intentions. Looks like the Monster couldn't wait any longer.

Wavedigger: You can't blame him, Zach. Bonnie has repeatedly been insubordinate in the face of the expansive magnanimity of #BeachKrew. Chances were given, Zach Waveis. What happens next is on her own head. An example must be made.

In the ring, Oblivion advances menacingly on Bonnie, backing her up against the ropes. She flinches, just perceptibly, as the Monster raises a hand... to bring a microphone to ITs mouth.

Oblivion: Your defiance ends TONIGHT, little girl...

AJ: Hey! You can't just --

Oblivion: SILENCE, meatsack!

Stunned, Jenson hesitates, uncertainty written across his face. Ignoring him, Oblivion leans in close to Bonnie, reaching out to grasp her chin in one massive hand. She pulls away; the Monster bares ITs teeth in a wicked grin.

Oblivion: Enjoy your... final moments.

Slowly, the Monster backs away, a deep, sinister laugh rising from ITs throat. The lights cut out again, another flash of lightning lances down from above, and when the arena is illuminated once more, Oblivion is nowhere to be seen. Bonnie Blue shoots Andre Jenson an unfathomable look, before the two of them leave the ring, heading in opposite directions.

Hardcore Match
Doc Henry vs Adam Young vs Zombie McMorris

Zach Wavis: Get ready everyone, the following match is a triple threat hardcore match!!

Freddy Bro: Hell yeah!! Whoa bro!!

Wavedigger: Adam Young, SeaMac and Doc Henry are gonna tear each other up!!

Zach Wavis: Let's get ready, WCF!!

Child's voice: He's watching over the flock.

The opening notes of "Jeckyll and Hyde" by Five Finger Death Punch starts playing and the arena goes pitch black. A single white light hits the entrance area, through smoke that is rising from the entrance area. The words "ADAM YOUNG" appears on the WCFtron and the arena lights fade back up with red lights flying around the arena. Adam holds up his trusty kendo stick and then starts towards the ring, with echo chants, from the crowd, throughout the arena.

Crowd: YOU SICK BASTARD!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> YOU SICK BASTARD!!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap>

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring, Myra walking with him. From Abiliene, Texas weighing in at 230 pounds, The Redneck... ADAAAM YOOOUNG!!

Myra walks right behind Adam, who circles the ringside area, looking into the abyss of nothing. He reaches the ringsteps and climbs up on the ring apron, as Myra crawls under the bottom ringrope, to open up the ropes for Adam. He stands there and wipes his feet before he climbs into the ring. Young leans into Myra:s cleavage and then kisses her, on the lips. Adam walks to the center, of the ring and walks to the other side, of the ring and holds up the kendo stick. Adam walks over to the corner placing down the kendo stick and takes off his black vest. Adam stands in the corner, as Myra crawls on her hands and knees over to him, kissing all over Adam's body, before Young her hair back, as he licks her neck.

Zach Wavis: The Redneck looks focused.

Freddy Bro: Now, were waiting on his opponents.

A remix of "Never gonna stop" by Rob Zombie hits the PA system, as the arena begin to fill with smoke. Then vocals smash through the speakers, as the spotlight is shown. ZMac, who stands in the middle section, of the crowd area. He begins to walk towards the ring, when he gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. The Coked up Madman hops over the barrier and slides into the ring.

Wavedigger: The Honey Badger has arrived!!

Freddy Bro: Now, we wait for Doc Henry...

"Dr. Feelgood" by Mötley Crüe hits the speakers. The main guitar riff blasts through the arena. Doc and Master Ryoshi emerge on the stage. Looking around, Doc raises his fist in the air, the crowd cheering wildly, as he leads the way, to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring, with Master Ryoshi. Hailing from Griffen, Georgia weighing in at 245 pounds... This is DOOOOOC HENRYYYYY!!!

Climbing up the steps, Doc hops the turnbuckle and "gets loose" as Doc waits for the bell.

Wavedigger: This match in itself is going to be worth the value of the price, of the ticket.


Freddy Bro: And this match is underway.

Very quickly, Adam Young dives for his trusty kendo stick. Doc Henry flies towards The Redneck...


Wavedigger: Adam Young connects with the kendo stick.

Doc Henry stumbles back...


Freddy Bro: Adam Young cracks the kendo stick across the skull if Doc Henry.

Doc stumbles back, dropping to one knee. The Redneck charges Doc...




Zach Wavis: Adam Young is down!!!

Doc Henry slowly moves around.

Freddy Bro: WHOA BRO!! This match has started fast and furious.

Wavedigger: ZMAC walks over to Adam Young, grabbing him...


McMorris presses Young over his head, guillotining The Redneck on the toprope. Young flails around, grabbing his neck.

Zach Wavis: Doc Henry quickly stands up and bolts over to the other two combatants.


Freddy Bro: Down goes ZMAC with a chopblock from Doc Henry!!

Adam Young stands up, gasping for a breath...


Wavedigger: Doc Henry knocks Adam Young over the top rope with a spinning heel kick.

The moment Adam Young hits the ringside mats, Zombie McMorris spins Doc Henry around.


In a flurry, McMorris lands a jab, a chop and shin kick. The Honey Badger follows that up with a poke to the eye.

Zach Wavis: ZMAC is laughing at a struggling Doc Henry, before...


...before striking Doc with a double arm spike ddt. With all this continuous action, the crowd cheers. ZMAC doesn't waste a second, bolts over to a corner climbing up to the second turnbuckle, leaping off and landing with a knee drop on a fallen Doc Henry. Adam Young stumbles around, which McMirris notices and flies over to a nearby corner.

Freddy Bro: Adam Young stands up, briefly looking up. By then, Zombie McMorris is already flying down, connecting with a flying crossbody.

Zach Wavis: Doc Henry standing, looks at the other two battered bodies.

Doc flies to the corner, climbing quickly to the top turnbuckle. Doc flies off with a stage dive, colliding with Adam Young and Zombie McMorris.

Wavedigger: All three competitors are on the ringside mats, not moving!!

Adam Young is the first one to stand up, reaching under the ring...

Freddy Bro: What did grab for?

The Redneck pulls out...

Zach Wavis: A LADDER!!

The crowd roars as Young turns around...


Wavedigger: ZMAC WITH A CHAIR!!


Zach Wavis: McMorris strikes Adam Young again!!

Young, now with blood streaming down his face, drops the ladder. ZMAC grabs the ladder and smashes it across the lacerated skull of The Redneck. McMorris takes the long ladder, placing it horizontally, placing it on the edge of the ring apron and across to the edge of the security barrier.

Freddy Bro: Zombie McMorris doesn't see it.

Wavedigger: ZMAC is a veteran. He knows it. He senses it...

McMorris takes a quick breather. Footsteps are heard. ZMAC looks down, as the footsteps get closer.

Zach Wavis: ZMAC has a chair...

Freddy Bro: Doc Henry charges!!!

ZMAC swings the chair at Doc, who ducks...



Wavedigger: HOLY SHIT!!


Zach Wavis: Doc with a spear into Zombie McMorris, into the ladder.

Adam Young crawls into the ring, near the corner. Doc Henry places ZMAC on the ladder. Henry quickly climbs up to the ring apron, at the same time Adam Young climbs to the top turnbuckle. Henry runs, flies off the ring apron flying towards a prone Zombie McMorris. At the same micro-second timing, The Redneck flies off the top turnbuckle...

Freddy Bro: OH MY GOD!!!



Zach Wavis: First, Doc Henry flew off the ring apron with a crazy plancha, Adam Young flew off the top turnbuckle with a moonsault. But, at the very last second, Doc Henry moved out of the way.

Zombie McMorris and Adam Young lie motionless on a mound of broken and twisted metal.

Freddy Bro: Doc Henry grabs Zombie McMorris and throws him into the ring.

Doc Henry stands ZMAC up and backs up a few feet.

Wavedigger: What's Doc Henry doing?


Zach Wavis: SPEAR!! SPEAR!! SPEAR!!

Without wasting anytime Doc bolts to the corner, climbs up to the top turnbuckle...



Doc makes the cover...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!



Kyle Steel: The winner of the match... DOOOOC HEEENRYYY!!!

Warpath Return Segment

Freddy Bro: Alright folks, next up we’ve got what’s sure to be a heated affair. It’s -

The lights in the arena dim as “Tip the Scales” by Rise Against blasts over the PA. An explosion of pyrotechnics jolts the crowd, and a giant, glowing “W” appears on the stage as a man with a white mask, white gloves, and black attire parts the curtain.

Wavedigger: Is that a...mime?

Freddy Bro: No you idiot - it’s WARPATH!

Zach Wavis: Who?

Freddy Bro: The undefeated one-match-wonder who hasn’t been seen since the first week of 2015!

Wavedigger: Uh...

Freddy Bro: Shh...it looks like ‘Path has something to say…

From the stage, the emotionless white mask of Warpath looks over the crowd, nodding before touching a white cloth glove to his plastic lips. The crowd, however, is already silent with confusion. Warpath holds the mic up and begins to speak.

Warpath: Some of you may remember me; some of you may not. To all of you I say: I am WARPATH! I’m not like the rest that come and go from the WCF. I may have left after dominating my opponents in my debut match, but now I’m back and I’m here to stay!

The crowd cheers a bit.

Warpath: As a man of war I know it always serves to study up on history. The WCF has a rich one, full of some of the most skilled wrestlers to have laced up their boots. But when you take a look at the names of recent World Champions, this place seems pretty damn empty, doesn’t it? Where are Steve Orbit and Jonny Fly these days?

The mere mention of the legends’ names gets a pop from the fans.

Warpath: Not here. But I am. Where’s Bobby Cairo, the supposed Godfather of Professional Wrestling?

Another pop.

Warpath: He’s not here either. But I am. Where’s Natural ICE Beckman, the man who was supposed to carry this company for years to come? Yeah, you guessed it: gone. And how about the man who drove him out; the man whose team I bested in my debut match; the man they call -

His voice is drowned out by the deep, collective bellow that rises up from the WCF Faithful.


The name echoes around the room, and as it begins to fade…

Warpath: Yeah, where’s he?!

...so too do the lights. The crowd loses its shit, and without further ado Angelo Badalementi’s “The Pink Room” hits over the PA. The sustained roar of the crowd is deafening as the former WCF World Champion parts the curtain and closes on Warpath, who backs away slowly from the dimly lit stage.

Freddy Bro: WHOA!!! Dune is here! We’ve not seen him since Joey Flash took him out of commission at WAR!

Zach Wavis: No question he and Flash have unfinished business, but it’s Warpath who’s unlucky enough to be in his sights now.

Dune reaches Warpath and lands a heavy tornado kick to the side of his white mask. Dune lifts him up and locks him in a standing headscissors hold before scanning the crowd, who are still going berserk. Without warning he lifts Warpath over his head and Crucifix-Powerbombs him, sending him flying from the stage to the floor.

Freddy Bro: My GAWD! Sandstorm off the stage onto the bare concrete below! Somebody get a medical team out here! This is total carnage!

Wavedigger: In all it’s glory…

Dune walks over and picks the microphone up, and the crowd quiets down just enough to hear him speak a few words.

Dune: Wade Moor...I want my Title back.

The crowd noise once more becomes deafening as he turns and makes to exit the stage. He stops just before the curtain, slowly turning to face the crowd.

Dune: Oh, and Joey Flash... you’re a dead man. Like father, like son.

With that he disappears behind the curtain.

Zach Wavis: He’s back…

Wavedigger: Question is, how will the Champ and #BeachKrew respond?

Freddy Bro: And harsh words for one Joey Flash - very harsh...though sadly we’ll have to wait until XIII at the earliest for a response from him.

Slam cuts away.

Vengeance vs Legion

We see announcer Kyle Steel and referee Rob Livingston in the ring.

Kyle Steel: Our next contest is one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.

The obnoxious sound of pig grunts and squeals begin to blare over the PA system as Legion steps out onto the ramp with little theatrics. The track shifts to some generic country song that the techies thought would add to the Redneck vibe, though he does little to encourage the image as he makes his way down to the ring, staring straight ahead and ignoring the outstretched hands and jeers from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Our first competitor, making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred eighty pounds, from Paradise, Mississippi…Legion!

Legion climbs into the ring via the steel steps, Legion moves straight to the corner, back against the turnbuckle and waits for his match to begin. The generic country music fades out and “The Vengeful One” by Disturbed begins to play.

The lights go out in the arena, Vengeance appears on the titantron in red and black letters as pyros go off on the stage then red and white strobe lights flash on the entrance ramp and red lights fill the arena the Vengeful one by disturbed starts as Vengeance slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, coming down the aisle, he weighs in at three hundred twenty-five pounds, from parts unknown…Vengeance!

As Vengeance approaches the ring he stops and looks in the ring before making his way to the ring steps. Vengeance slowly climbs the ring steps entering the ring through the second rope he walks to the center of the ring. Vengeance stops in the center of the ring the arena lights go out as a single red light shines over Vengeance stands there looking at the camera the arena lights slowly turn on.

Kyle Steel vacates the ring as Rob Livingston approaches Legion and pats him down checking for any illegal objects. Next Rob approaches Vengeance to do the same, but Vengeance doesn’t want any part of it and threatens Rob with a raised hand. Referee Rob Livingston backs up for a moment, but eventually stands his ground and Vengeance allows him to do his job. Livingston makes it back to the center of the ring and calls for the bell. Ding Ding!

Zach Wavis: And here we go folks. The pig farmer versus “The Master Of Mind Games”.

Wavedigger: You’ve got two huge men here, this should be a match of brute force versus power.

Legion comes out to the middle of the ring ready to start the match, but Vengeance waits in the corner for a moment before slowly walking towards Legion. Legion is hesitant at first as Vengeance is very hard to read, but Legion doesn’t hold back for long. Before Vengeance can make it to the center of the ring Legion goes on the attack. Legion barrels towards Vengeance with closed fists to the stomach before using his shoulder to shove Vengeance back into a corner. The ref is in there immediately calling for a break, but Legion, doesn’t relent as he pounds on Vengeance in the corner. Eventually Rob Livingston is able to rein Legion in and get him to back out of the corner. Vengeance steps out of the corner as if nothing has happened, no response to the beating Legion just delivered to him.

Freddy Bro: Vengeance not even affected by the attack.

Zach Wavis: Some mind games by Vengeance.

Legion looks perplexed, so he dives right back into the fight by charging Vengeance with a clothesline, Vengeance takes the hit and stumbles back to the ropes. Legion charges at Vengeance again, but Vengeance grabs Legion by the throat.

Zach Wavis: Vengeance going for a chokeslam early on.

Vengeance lifts Legion up, but Legion fights away with elbows to the side of Vengeance’s head. Legion drops to his feet and keeps pounding on Vengeance knocking the big man down to one knee. Legion lays in a huge kick to the side of the head, but it still is not enough to bring Vengeance to the mat. Legion allows Vengeance to climb up to both feet and then lifts him up and delivers a body slam. Vengeance gets right back up from the body slam.

Freddy Bro: That body slam having almost no affect on Vengeance.

Legion delivers another body slam to Vengeance, and then runs to the ropes and comes off with a big splash. Legion covers Vengeance, Rob Livingston counts.


Vengeance kicks out. Legion mounts Vengeance and just starts laying in haymakers to the face. Livingston is warning him about the closed fist, but Legion doesn’t seem to care.

Zach Wavis: Vengeance is taking a pounding here, he looks to be out.

Legion covers Vengeance again.



Vengeance throws Legion off, lifting him completely in the air and tossing him backwards.

Wavedigger: What display of power by Vengeance.

Vengeance and Legion get to their feet and Legion is on the attack again, but Vengeance starts battling back and the two men trade fists in the middle of the ring. Eventually Legion gets the upper hand and whips Vengeance to a corner, but is reversed and sent back-first to the buckle. Vengeance charges in with a big clothesline, smashing Legion in the corner. Vengeance starts laying in massive rights to the face, Legion’s head is whiplashing violently.

Zach Wavis: Vengeance coming to life for the first time in this match.

Vengeance lays a big knee to the gut of Legion toppling him over. Legion falls to his knees holding his gut, but Vengeance isn’t finished with him, he pulls him right back up into the corner, and starts smashing him with knife-edge chops to the chest while completely ignoring Rob Livingston’s pleas to let the man out of the corner.

Freddy Bro: WHOA! Listen to those chops, he’s gonna take his skin off with those.

Wavedigger: And then he’ll probably fashion it into a nice lamp shade.

Vengeance is brutal with the chops and we can see Legion’s chest blistering already. Legion can take only so much and fights back with a kick to the gut giving himself time to vacate the corner before Vengeance can do any more damage. Legion walks along the ropes holding his chest and Vengeance charges in with a clothesline sending Legion over the top to the outside. Legion lands on his feet and stumbles backwards into the guardrail.

Zach Wavis: Legion getting sent to the outside.

Legion is dazed for only a second and immediately slides back into the ring. Legion gets to his feet being met with a kick to the gut and followed with a side walk slam. Vengeance covers Legion hooking a leg. Livingston counts it off.



Legion is quick to kick out not allowing Livingston to get anywhere near a three.

Wavedigger: Legion not laying down here.

Vengeance pulls Legion to his feet and delivers a backbreaker. After executing the backbreaker Vengeance holds Legion over his knee while pushing down on Legion’s chest and his knees trying to force a submission.

Zach Wavis: Legion is in a very precarious position here.

Vengeance is putting a lot of pressure on Legion’s back, but he’s refusing to submit. Livingston is right in there asking him repeatedly, but there’s no sign of him giving up. Vengeance throws Legion off his knee.

Zach Wavis: Vengeance realizes he’s not going to get a submission on Legion just yet.

Vengeance stomps down on Legion’s back as Legion tries to crawl to the ropes. Vengeance steps over top of Legion and pulls his chin up into a camel clutch.

Wavedigger: Vengeance really targeting the back now.

Legion starts crawling to the ropes as Vengeance holds him in the camel clutch, Legion eventually makes it to the ropes, but Vengeance refuses to the break the hold, Legion is able to yank himself through the ropes, clotheslining Vengeance on the middle ropes.

Freddy Bro: Legion using the ropes to escape the camel clutch.

Wavedigger: A pretty smart move by the pig farmer.

Legion gets a few moments to catch his breath as Vengeance holds his throat in the ring.

Rob Livingston: One! Two!

Vengeance recovers and rolls to the outside just as Legion is steadying himself. Vengeance rams Legion back-first into the guardrail and then whips him into the ring apron, Legion collapses to his knees.

Rob Livingston: Three! Four!

Vengeance pulls Legion back to his feet and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor.

Rob Livingston: Five! Six!

Wavedigger: These two need to stay mindful of the count.

Rob Livingston: Seven!

Vengeance climbs back into the ring.

Zach Wavis: It looks like Vengeance is leaving Legion to be counted out.

Freddy Bro: If Legion was a smart man he’d lay there and let it happen.

Rob Livingston: Eight!

Legion starts using the ring curtain to pull himself to his feet.

Rob Livingston: Nine!

Zach Wavis: This could be all over right here folks.

Legion rolls back into the ring at the last second. Vengeance doesn’t seem too bothered by this as he viscously continues his assault with a scoop slam. Legion is arching his back in pain, and Vengeance lazily places his foot over Legion’s chest for a cover. Rob Livingston counts it off.


Legion easily pushes Vengeance’s foot off.

Zach Wavis: Vengeance isn’t going to get anywhere with that kind of cover.

Vengeance pulls Legion to his feet, and gets caught with an eye gouge.

Wavedigger: Legion is a bit desperate to stifle Vengeance’s offense.

Freddy Bro: It’s a cheap shot, but it’s affective.

Vengeance is blinded for a moment giving Legion enough time to nail a short-arm clothesline.

Legion pulls Vengeance right back to his feet and delivers another short-arm clothesline. Legion isn’t done, he pulls Vengeance right back up and into a half-nelson suplex.

Zach Wavis: And what a way to come back into this match. A big time half-nelson suplex from the big pig farmer.

Wavedigger: Yeah, but that offensive flurry seems to have taken a lot out of Legion.

The two men lay there motionless on the mat.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three!

Zach Wavis: Legion took a lot of damage to the back and is struggling to follow up on that bit of offense.

Rob Livingston: Four! Five!

Legion crawls to the ropes and to his feet breaking the count. Vengeance is nearly to his feet when Legion nails him with a double axe-handle to the back, knocking the big man back down. Legion leans on the ropes for a minute still recovering a bit, finally he goes back after Vengeance pulling him to his feet, but Vengeance reverses with a jaw breaker, and Legion stumbles back into a corner.

Zach Wavis: Vengeance turning the tables again.

Vengeance charges at Legion in the corner, but Legion moves out of the way and Vengeance hits the corner chest first.

Zach Wavis: Legion with a reversal of his own.

Legion charges in with a splash to Vengeance’s back. Vengeance slumps over in the corner, but Legion props him up, turns him around and Irish whips him to the opposite corner. Vengeance hits the corner back-first and Legion charges in with a big splash followed by a bulldog.

Wavedigger: The STAMPEDE!

Legion rolls Vengeance over and covers him.



Vengeance gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Zach Wavis: Vengeance’s ring-awareness saving him that time.

Wavedigger: That’s the kind of knowledge a veteran brings to the ring.

Legion is a bit frustrated as he pulls Vengeance to his feet and goes for his gutwrench piledriver finisher.


Vengeance fights away before Legion can get him up in the air. Legion fights back aswell with a short-arm clothesline, but Vengeance ducks under and comes behind Legion with a German suplex.

Zach Wavis: Reversal into a devastating German suplex!

Legion doesn’t stay down though, we can see the fighting spirit in him as he rolls back to his feet, he charges at Vengeance and right into a big boot.

Freddy Bro: That’ll rearrange your face.

Legion still isn’t done, he refuses to stay down, getting up to his feet again and Vengeance nails him with a kick to the gut, jack knife powerbomb: LAST RITES!


Vengeances covers Legion hooking both legs, Rob Livingston lays in the count.




The bell rings and it’s over.

Kyle Steel: You winner of the match…VENGEANCE!

Wavedigger: These two titans battling it out, but in the end Vengeance picks up the win.

Kyle Kemp Segment

As we come back from commercial Kyle Kemp is sitting in the ring with a spotlight shining down on him. He is sitting on a steel chair and has the People's Title draped over his right shoulder and the mask of the beaten luchador from last week. There is blood stained on the mask and Kemp begins to speak.

Kyle Kemp: This mask and the soil that covers it shows exactly why I am the man that I am. Why I am the People's Champ and Teo Del Sol is nothing! Why I am better than him! What is more infuriating is that you people continue to cheer him and boo me like I did something wrong. Like I have some sort of bad quality. Let me ask all of you people this. Is it bad to be better than you? Is it?

The fans begin to boo and Kemp seems to get even madder.

Kyle Kemp: You see all of you people continue to show Teo Del Sol this blind faith like he is someone that you can get behind but a true role model is someone that you can look up to. Someone who does better than you and gives you something to strive for. That is what I do every day in this ring. That is why I did what I did last week. I came out and here and gave all of you people an impromptu People's Title match and I put on a show. Did I put a green wrestler in the hospital? Your damn right I did. Do you know why? Because I could. Because it was the right thing to do!

Kemp's hand begins to shake as he holds the mask above his head.

Kyle Kemp: This mask represents the failures of Teo Del Sol as a teacher and as a role model. He couldn't stop me from beating Juarez to a bloody pulp and do you all want to know the truth? He took his time coming out. He could have stopped it before it even started but he didn't have the balls to come out here and face me. He sat in the back, hoping that little Juarez could stop me and do what he could not at WAR or at Hellimination. That is beat me. He knows that I have his number and he knows that the blood of Juarez is on his hands. Let me tell you this Teo. This will not stop until I expose to all of these people who the true role model is. Who the true People's Champion is. I will not stop until the blood of you is on my hands because it is what these people need to see in order to realize that I am better than you.

Zach Wavis: What a despicable display from Kyle Kemp

The crowd erupts as the opening riff to 'kickstart my heart' blares through the arena!

Freddy Bro: Here comes Teo!

Zach Wavis: But he does not look happy!

Teo begins walking down the ramp with a purposeful look in his eyes, for once not stopping to shake hands with the WCF fans.

Kyle Kemp: Aw, I'm sorry Teo, did I touch a nerve? I tell oh what, why don't you take this microphone and tell me just how mad it made you to realize I am better than every one of your students.

Teo steps through the ropes as Kyle extends the microphone out to him. Teo pauses, staring at it in silence.

Kyle Kemp: Go on, take-

Without warning Teo reels back and punches Kemp right in the face!

Kemp recoils clutching at his nose, which has begun bleeding

Kyle Kemp: What the? I thought you were the good gu-

Kemp is once again interrupted as Teo tackles him roughly to the ground, raining punches mercilessly as Kemp tries to roll free. After a few moments, Security arrives in the ring, pulling Teo off and restraining him. A battered Kyle Kemp makes his way to his feet, and seeing Teo held back, tattoos him across the face with a hard slap! Teo struggles against the security but is held barely back.

Kyle Kemp: So you wanna fight, do ya? Alright. I already proved I'm better than Jorge, so what say I offer you the same deal?

Kemp suddenly blasts Teo upside the head with the people's title! Teo slumps in the security guards arms. Kemp grins evilly and presses the belt up against Teo's face.

Kyle Kemp: You. Me. People's Title. Heck, I'll even do it at XIII, just so you can't make any excuses. Try and get another cheap shot like that and see what happens.

Kemp wipes the blood from his nose and walks back towards the corner.

Kyle Kemp: But for right now? Security, get him out of my building, I'm tired of looking at him!

Teo is dragged roughly from the ring as Kyle Kemp laughs and the crowd boos.

Zach Wavis: Teo has been ejected from the building!

Wavedigger: I have ears, Zachary.

Freddy Bro: but that leaves the people's choice with no backup for tonight's tag title match!

Slam cuts to commercial on this thought.

Dexter Radcliffe/Alex Richards vs Wolf/Occulo

An instrumental version of "The Mysterious Pantheon Theme" begins to play throughout the arena as Dexter Radcliffe comes out from the back, arms raised into the air, to a pop from the crowd. He lowers his arms and then takes off down the ramp at full speed before sliding under the bottom rope and popping up to his feet. He'll then run over to the nearest corner and hop up onto the second rope before gesturing to the Pantheon logo on his t-shirt. Then he'll climb up onto the top rope and back flip to the center of the ring as his music fades out.

The opening bars of Dangerous by Shaman's Harvest begins and Alex Richards walks towards the ring with a huge smile on his smile. He holds his doctor's bag in one hand and with the other he takes turns slapping hands, hugging, signing autographs, high fiving, and occasionally delivering a more good natured then used to hard slap to a fan's hand. He walks towards the ring with what appears to be an attempt at looking serious but it's more than likely he's putting it on.

Kyle Steel: Currently on the way to the ring, weighing in at 345 pounds and hailing from anyplace that needs pain, suffering, pills, or Zim-Quila... "The Archduke of Mass Confusion" Alex Richards!!!

Alex eventually enters the ring after killing a few good minutes amusing himself.

The theme music is Metallica’s “Of Wolf and Man.” The song begins with James Hetfield screaming "So seek the wolf in thyself." Then the song goes to the second half of the first verse (when Lars Ulrich's drums come in) and continues to play from there. Wolf walks down to the ring with a wide eyed, intense look on his face and breathing hard. He enters the ring by rolling under the bottom rope. He comes to his feet, walks across to the other side of the ring, leans his chest onto the top rope, and gives a one thousand yard stare into the crowd, continuing to breathe hard.

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Kyle Steel: From Washington DC...weighing in at 220lbs...he is the United States Champion...Occulo!!

Zach Wavis: Damn it, Kyle, update your notes!

He walks down the ramp, spotlights following, addressing the fans as he does. He climbs up the steel steps in the corner and climbs the turnbuckle.

The bell sounds. Occulo starts the match, as does Dexter Radcliffe.

Wavedigger: Yawn. Wake me up when this one's over.

Radcliffe runs at Occulo and goes for a Clothesline. Occulo ducks it and both men turn back to one another. Radcliffe runs at Occulo again and this time Occulo is able to catch him in a Powerslam into pin.



No!, Radcliffe kicks out. Occulo then puts him into a Sleeper.

Freddy Bro: Dexter Radcliffe may be new, but he's aligned himself with Pantheon. I won't say anything nice about Pantheon just in case I could get fired, but you know.

The fans begin to chant.


The chanting allows Radcliffe to begin working his way to his feet. He elbows his way out of the Sleeper and hits the ropes again, though this time Occulo hits him with a boot to the gut as he comes back. Occulo then executes a Hurricanrana! Radcliffe gets to his feet only for Occulo to hit a Belly to Back Suplex.

Zach Wavis: Occulo is taking Dexter Radcliffe to school. Here's the pin!



No!, Radcliffe kicks out.

Freddy Bro: Sure, Dexter is taking a beating here, but as long as he's able to kick out? He's showing he can hang.

Occulo measures Radcliffe, who fights to his feet. Occulo spins him around...

Zach Wavis: Vicious Swinging DDT!

Freddy Bro: And Occulo goes for another pin.



No!, Radcliffe kicks out again!

Zach Wavis: Too bad Wavedigger's asleep, I wonder what he'd have to say.

Occulo is looking to end the match. He elbows Radcliffe's throat.

Freddy Bro: You know what's next.

Occulo bounces off the ropes and jumps into the air, but Radcliffe is able to roll away, avoid him, and tags in Alex Richards!

Zach Wavis: What a pop! Here comes Alex Richards!

Occulo rolls away after the unsuccesful finisher attempt and tags in Wolf.

Freddy Bro: Both fresh men in the ring now!

Wolf runs at Richards and eats a Running Lariat. Wolf gets back to his feet and Richards runs at him and hits him with a running knee to the head. Wolf doesn't go down and Richards follows up with a heavy Big Boot! This drops Wolf.

Zach Wavis: Pantheon is back in the driver's seat!

He stumbles back to his feet and walks right into a T-Bone Suplex from Richards. Richards floats over and goes for the pin.



No!, Wolf kicks out. Richards backs off and waits for Wolf to get to his feet. Once Wolf is up..


Richards drops down and pins Wolf.


Radcliffe enters the ring to make sure Occulo doesn't interfere; Occulo doesn't look interested in trying, unhappy with his teammate.



The bell sounds.

Zach Wavis: Say what you will about Pantheon, but they picked up the victory here tonight!

Occulo leaves as Pantheon celebrate.

Freddy Bro: What if Wolf was drugged again? He didn't seem like himself.

Zach Wavis: Time may tell, Freddy.

We go to commercial.

Adam Young Segment

We cut backstage to find Adam Young decked all out in camo, he’s fiddling with a large hunting knife, he’s just kind of digging the tip into the palm of his hand possibly seeing how long he can dig before he goes too far and draws blood: Young in true form, always riding the line. Adam Young is walking through the backstage corridors of the arena. He pulls the knife from his hand and slowly drags it along the brick walls making a scratch sound, yeah he’s dulling the blade a bit, but maybe that’s what he wants, it to be extra painful when he finally digs it into someone. Adam Young starts reciting something that goes.

Adam Young: Paaarrrttnerrr come out and play! Paarrrtnerrr come out and play! Paaarrrttnerrr come out and play! Paaarrttnerrr come out and play!

After walking along the corridor and passed catering Young slips into the lockerroom, the room is empty except for one man. A large grin rises on Young’s face he slips the knife into a holster strapped to the back of his pants. Then Adam Young approaches the lonely soul in the dressing room. Young props his foot upon the bench this individual is sitting on, he leans forward on his knee and says.

Adam Young: Titles are what this game is all about? If you ain’t got one, you just another chump walking around. I got the chance for gold, the Los Stupid Ass Bitch, little cunt Spencer Ass’dams and Dic Vulnerable want to stand up to da’ best damn thing this place has got going, and I’m gonna go all Deliverance on their asses, make ‘em squeal like little pigs. Ya’ know what I mean? Hog tie them up, torture ‘em a lil’ and put ‘em out of their motherfuckin’ misery. I’ll get some straps for doing the deed, I just need someone to carry the other half. Hell, you don’t even need to work, just be present, and you’ll get…a fucking present. So you down? Help me make a fool of those nancy boys, huh?

The camera finally pulls back to reveal who Adam Young has been sweet talking this whole time. It’s a man sitting there reading Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, the book is propped up in front of his face, but we can see that he is dressed in a suit. After a bit of a lull, Young get’s a bit impatient.

Adam Young: You hear me?

Slowly the man lowers the book to reveal a very familiar face, it’s Raymond Hatcher. We can hear the crowd’s reaction from inside the arena, it’s a bit of an owwing, gasping sound, everyone seems quite surprised and a bit intrigued. Two very, very different worlds are colliding here. Hatcher looks over at Young who is brimming with that Southern confidence of his. Hatcher slips a book mark out of his jacket and places it on his page, before closing the book and laying it down on the bench. Hatcher stares a hole through Young, and Young seems a bit taken aback, he pulls his foot from the bench and stands up straight, possibly waiting for a fight to ensue. Adam Young poses his question again, this time with a stern, very matter-of-fact tone.

Adam Young: Are you in?

Hatcher finally breaks his silence.

Raymond Hatcher: I haven’t gotten any plans for One.

With that a big smile rises back up on Adam Young’s face, it seems he’s found his man, his partner for One.

Tag Team Titles Match
Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp vs Spencer Adams/Vic Venable

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall and is for your WCF Tag Team Championship. Introducing first, the challengers . . .

“Aquaberry Dolphin” by Riff Raff hits the PA system, accompanied by blue strobe lights and smoke across the stage that gives it this aquatic feel, as Kyle Kemp and Johnny Rabid step out onto the stage. Sauntering down to the ring like they owned the place (which they kind of did), they ignored the jeers from the fans as they reach ringside. Sliding under the bottom rope, they step into their respective corner without fanfare, thinking the fans didn’t deserve any anyway.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and thirty six pounds, they are Kyle Kemp and Johnny Rabid . . . #BEACHKREW!

Wavedigger: Kyle Steel is being rebellious by not calling the tag team belts by their proper name.

Freddy Bro: I don’t think anyone knows who or what to call anything around here anymore.

Zach Attack: Yeah!

Kyle Steel: And their opponents, your Tag Team Champions!

The opening riff to Supremacy by Muse hits the PA as strobe lights flicker and a blue smoke fills the stage. As the song picks up, Spencer Adams and Vic Venable step onto the stage, their tag team titles held high in their right arms as they stare down Kemp and Rabid in the ring.

The pair make their way down to the ring, slapping the outstretched hands of fans but never lingering in their descent. Reaching ringside, Adams scales the top turnbuckle while Venable rolls under the bottom rope and moves into their corner. Adams joins him a moment later as the four men step forward in the center of the ring, with only a single referee in between them to stop them.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred and sixty five pounds, they are Spencer Adams and Vic Venable . . . The People’s CHOICE!

Adams and Venable hold their tag team titles high to a pop from this South Dakota crowd, earning a pair of sharp kicks to the stomach from Rabid and Kemp in response. The tag titles drop to the ground as the four men begin to brawl in the ring, which the referee scoops up and hands off to the stage hand on the outside, before calling for the bell for the match to officially begin.


Kemp wails on Venable until they’re near the ropes before clotheslining him over the top rope, stepping through to continue the onslaught on the outside while Rabid brings the fight to Adams on the inside.

Zach Wavis: And in typical #BeachKrew fashion, we have chaos early on into the match.

Wavedigger: I love it.

Backing Adams into the ropes as well with hammering blows, Rabid shushes the crowd before lighting up The Antidote’s chest with a stinging chop. Adams, in retaliation, chops Rabid back, but that only enrages the man. A European Uppercut rocks the tag champ, allowing Rabid to whip him into the ropes. On the rebound, Rabid grabs him around the head and throws him over with a vicious snap suplex, floating over into the quick pin.



Adams is up early though, aware of just how big this match was, throwing Rabid off of him and clawing to his corner; no Venable was there to meet him, though, as Kemp had him against the barricade with heavy elbows. Rabid calls to his partner, so Kemp slams Venable’s skull against the top of the steel for emphasis before leaving him stunned to return to his corner. Meanwhile, Rabid locks Adams in a front facelock, wearing him down with lifting knees to the chest and head, until he can pull him over to his corner for Kemp to tag in. Then, while Kemp scales to the top, Rabid takes Adams back up with a vertical suplex, holding him there for Kemp to come flying in with a crossbody, sending the champ tumbling down, immediately into a second pinfall attempt.




Freddy Bro: But Adams is still in this!

Kemp isn’t upset, though, rolling over back into his corner where he rises to his feet with a smirk across his lips. Crouching down, he waits for Adams rise to his hands and knees before launching forward, his punt kick in mind. But Adam evades it! With a drop toe hold, Adams quickly transitions into an ankle hold in the center of the ring. But Rabid is quickly in the ring, oblivious to the referee’s urging otherwise.

Zach Wavis: I miss normal tag team matches.

Wavedigger: I wish I could say I missed you, Zach. Not that I would.

But Adams wasn’t caught off-guard. Dropping Kemp to the mat, Adams blocks a strike from Rabid and then delivers a sick enzuigiri, sending him to the mat. And then he locks in an ankle lock on Rabid, wrenching away at the man’s leg. Behind him, Kemp finds his feet . . . only to eat a slingshot dropkick from a recovered Vic Venable, sending him back down to the mat.

Zach Wavis: And suddenly, The People’s Choice are back in control.

Venable and Adams share a stare as the latter tries to snap Rabid’s ankle before nodding. Then, releasing the hold, Adams steps around to stand beside his partner while Rabid rises to a kneeling position. The crowd pops a moment before the double superkick about takes the head off of The One Man Dynasty. Rabid flies back to his corner, rolling onto the apron stunned and confused.

Wavedigger: Come on ref! These two are cheating by staying in the ring for so long.

The referee doesn’t hear ‘digger from his place in the ring, but he does hear the clothesline to the back of Adams’ head from Kemp as he tries to blindside The People’s Choice. The pair turn to face him, Adams agitated more than anything, nailing Kemp with a double uppercut before throwing him into the air with a double flapjack that has the crowd rolling. Venable steps out of the ring as Adams goes for the pin.





Grabbing Kemp by the hair, Adams drags him over to his corner to tag in Venable, who launches himself into the ring as Adams whips Kemp into his awaiting arms, who throws him up and over with a vicious snap suplex of his own. Venable floats over as well into a standing position, where he raises a single fist in the air before leaping up, coming crashing down with a leg drop across Kemp’s chest. But again, he doesn’t go for the pin, instead looking to the top rope.

Freddy Bro: Why go for the win when you can wow the crowd?

Scaling the top, Venable glances over to Rabid who was still only stirring on the apron, before focusing his attention to the rising Kemp. When Kyle finds his feet, Vic leaps off, landing on Kyle’s shoulders in an electric chair position, throwing his hands over Kemp’s eyes as he jockeys for position. Kemp shows some in ring awareness, though, carefully stepping over to his corner where Rabid has found his feet! Stepping up onto the second rope, Rabid nails the champ with a sick forearm. Vic releases his hands for Kemp’s hand, who lingers in the corner long enough for Johnny to tag in and scale the top rope before stepping back.

Zach Wavis: This is going to be big, I just know it.

Indeed it was. Rabid waves to Spencer in the corner before turning away for the briefest of moments. Instead of a moonsault, though, Rabid leaps back and grabs Venable’s head mid-rotation, before sending him crashing to the mat with a super Shiranui from the top rope. Kemp rolls out of the way to allow Rabid to go for the pinfall.




Broken Pin

Freddy Bro: After that, The People’s Choice are still in the match.

Rabid pulls Vic to his feet.

Zach Wavis: Oh, Vic showing that fight!

Vic immediately counters and starts throwing a series of strikes before lifting Rabid off his feet for a body slam.

Freddy Bro: Vic makes the tag!

Spencer climbs to the top rope as Kemp goes to step through the ropes. Vic charges over to the corner and Kemp leaps off the apron as Vic rolls out of the ring and slowly circles Kemp. Kemp raises his hands up as if he’s going to back off before charging at Vic. Vic raises a fist back up before heading back to his corner.

Wavedigger: Come on, Johnny!

Zach Wavis: Adams is feeling it!

Freddy Bro: Quarantine to Johnny Rabid!!!

Zach Wavis: Vic motions for the tag as he appears ready to get back in and help teach Rabid a lesson here!

Vic lifts a wobbly Rabid to his feet.


Zach Wavis: and the cover!

Kemp pulls Adams off the apron and launches him into the barrier at ringside.


As the count begins, Kemp approaches the announce table and snatches the headset off of Freddy Whoa’s head.



Kyle Kemp: Don’t you count that! You slap your hand against that mat again and you’re fired!

Vic stands up, yelling at Kemp after surveying the unconscious Rabid in the ring and the wiped out Spencer Adams at ringside.

Freddy Bro: Look out, Vic!

As Vic is busy yelling at Kemp, he is suddenly blindsided out of nowhere by OblivSEAon.

Wavedigger: Match of the year.

Zach Wavis: What are they doing?!

Before the bell can be rung, Kemp snatches it up as he continues to taunt Vic.

Kyle Kemp: How are you supposed to call a DQ without a bell?

He laughs into the mic as Vic gets to his feet.

Wavedigger: Hawaii 5-0!

OblivSEAon leans down and drags Rabid on top of Vic.

Kyle Kemp: Count it! Count it now!

The referee reluctantly drops down and counts the pin.




The crowd boos heavily as Kemp rings the bell and rolls into the ring, still taunting The People’s Choice as he rolls into the ring, pulling Rabid to his feet and announcing them as the winners.

Kyle Kemp: And your new WSeaF World Tag Team Champions, #BeachKrew!!!!!

Kemp’s face is a sinister shade of red as he throws the mic down and snatches the belts from the refs hand and Slam goes to commercial.


As we come back from the ring, the former Tag Team Champion, Spencer Adams, is about to leave the ring. "Jeckyll and Hyde" by Five Finger Death Punch starts playing and Spencer Adams rolls out of the ring up the entrance waiting for the Redneck. Out steps Myra laughing as Adam Young rolls out from under the ring and hits Spencer with a vicious chair shot to the back of the head. Adam continues to lay the chair to the back of Spencer as Myra walks down with a set of handcuffs in hand. Adam rolls Spencer into the ring as well as the steel chair. Myra places the steel chair in the center of the ring and Adam nails Spencer with the Hand of God right on top of the steel chair. Adam kneels next to a knocked out Spencer Adams with his arms out like a cross. Myra places the handcuffs in his left hand as Adam applies one side of the cuffs to Spencers left wrist as he drags him over to the corner. Adam stands Spencer up faceing the corner buckle and locks in the right wrist with the cuffs as well. Spencer is helpless as Adam crawls under the ring to return with a thick leather strap and a mic.

Adam Young: Spencer I warned you for months boy not to mess with me but you failed to listen and now you shall pay the piper bitch!

Adam begins to whip Spencer over and over again as Spencer cries out in pain. After several lashes Adam drops the strap and starts laughing.

Adam Young: See you on the thirteenth boy.

"Jeckyll and Hyde" begins playing as Adam and Myra leave to a chorus of boos as several refrees come out to help Spencer Adams.

Zach Wavis: Geez... Spencer Adams can't catch a break tonight. First he loses his Tag Team Title, now this!?

Slam takes a quick ad break for One.

Benjamin Atreyu Segment

Benjamin Atreyu is walking through the backstage area with John Gable trailing behind him at a steady pace. Benjamin appears annoyed as he stops in front of his office.

Benjamin Atreyu: Aaaaaaand thats the entire arena...honestly, I have no idea why you keep demanding I give you tours of every arena we go through.

John Gable: Because #BeachKrew demanded that you placate to my every whim while I'm considering the offer they've given me, and one of my whims is that you constantly give me pointless and time consuming tours of places instead of doing your actual job.

Benjamin Atreyu: I'd rather be doing this than my job. I mean, for godsakes, who thought a locker room full of "bad asses" would have this many complaints. Oh, so-n-so sexually harassed me, so-n-so tried to have me killed, why does everyone like so-n-so better than me, so-n-so stole my lunch.

John Gable: That was a legitimate complaint, and I will not rest until I find out who stole my Fruit Roll-ups!

Benjamin Atreyu: I just assumed that they would fight all their problems away and what they couldn't fight, they would make disappear in a body bag down the river.

John Gable: Ahhh, Vegas...and Massachusetts...and Florida. The good ole' days.

Benjamin Atreyu: This company is a giant mess, always has been always will be. The only difference now is I get to see how big of a mess it is bureaucratically.

John Gable: Its not too late to give in and let me win the bet.

Benjamin Atreyu: Shut up about the bet. Its not going to happen. I made an oa-

John Gable: You have until One.

Benjamin Atreyu: Leave it alone.

John Gable: Break, get back in the ring, and forget this non-sense about being Head of Talent Relations. You've tried being a business man outside of wrestling; it didn't work then, did it?

Benjamin Atreyu: Its not so much it didn't wo-

John Gable: You gave in and came back, and it isn't going to work now just because its in the wrestling business. You are a ring general and thats what you miss, not the industry itself. Drop the facade and compete.

Benjamin Atreyu: I'm above this stupid competition. For years, what I thought was important was win/loss records and winning titles, but now I'm in a position of real power. I see the truth now, all that running around is just reaching for imaginary brass rings that'll look good on a bullshit list of achievements.

John Gable: Don't be daft. I know you're not stupid enough to believe that, Benjy. You're trying to convince yourself its not worth it. I've put on act after act, you'll never be as good as me at lying. I'm not sure what favors you think you're doing for yourself by running around with this stupid middleman title, but it won't last forever.

Benjamin Atreyu: All people want is for me to drop everything to play this dumb, POINTLESS game.

John Gable: Because pointless games are the best to beat people at.

Benjamin Atreyu: I'm the WCF's Head of Talent Relations.

John Gable: A joke title if there ever was one. No gold or anything to come with it.

Benjamin Atreyu: See, this is the only way you wrestlers think; mind games. I use to be like that, I lost sight of the world, I let the fans cheers or boos keep me up at night. I planned attacks on people I shouldn't care about. I lost sleep when I could have been dining at a fine restaurant or sampling the cultures of the world instead of tasting the mat.

John Gable: All empty exercises in hiding a lack of happiness.

Benjamin Atreyu: Knock it off. I'm not a wrestler, I don't subscribe to the world of attack-and-counter anymore.

John Gable: A shame really.

Benjamin Atreyu: Gable, you and I have worked together before, and for that reason alone I'm willing to over look your insistence, but for the sake of my sanity, drop it. I don't need someone squawking in my ear telling me something I get from everyone else in this company.

John Gable: Fine, don't come back. Ignore the fact that I'm one of the few who have your best interest at heart.

Benjamin Atreyu: Then why repeat the mantra of the mob to me?

John Gable: They want you to come back because they want an easy win. They've forgotten. I want you to come back because I would love to see every one of those human-garbage-fires get their skulls smashed in. I know the truth: there is a god awful thing living in everyone, no matter who it is, and yours wants to be in that ring.

Benjamin refuses to respond.

John Gable: Fine, whatever, I'm wrong, ignore everything I've said. It doesn't matter, I know the truth, and you will too.

Benjamin Atreyu shakes his head and opens the door to his office, but the door suddenly swings open out of his grasp and he is blind sided by Vengeance, who throws Benjamin off of his feet to the concrete floor. John Gable steps back hurriedly out of shot.

Vengeance: You can't keep ignoring me, Benny!

Vengeance continues to stick at Benjamin on the ground before grabbing him by his head and pulling him to his feet.

Vengeance: Listen to your buddy, hang up the suit.

Vengeance pulls Benjamin along before tossing him into a wall.

Vengeance: I told you I would break you. Night after night, I've told you and I'm not going back on my promise. I want you to come back, I want you to face me, and I want you to know that the only thing you deserve is to fall by my hand, you waste of a human being.

Benjamin, sitting against the wall, receives kick after kick from Vengeance.

Vengeance: I'm not playing with you. If my taunts won't bring you back, then this will. You can't just put on some title and pretend its all over. You don't get to run away, I won't let you lie to me or yourself like that!

Vengeance delivers a well placed kick to Benjamin's head before back away. John Gable re-enters the shot and looks over Benjamin before signalling someone for help.

Preecha Kamon/Bonnie Blue vs Wade Moor/Oblivion

The scene returns to the packed Slam arena! The crowd is going wild in anticipation of the final match of the night!


Wavedigger: The next match is the biggest mix match in the history of WSeaF. On one side, you have the shemale Bonnie Blue and the fake number one contender Preecha Kamon against my boys in #BeachKrew, Wade and OblivSEAon! Are you kidding me? This match is a formality at this point!

Freddy Bro: Are you kidding me...my nigga?! (Fuck this shit. I don't get paid enough for this)

Zach Wavis: It would be unwise to count these two out against #BeachKrew. Not everyone is complying with the Beach World Order. Bonnie and Preecha have been consistent thorns in their side since they took control!

Freddy Bro: And don't forget, we had words from Dune earlier tonight concerning Wade Moor... I highly doubt Dune has left the building!

"The Master" by GosT booms violently over the PA system as lights flash to the pulse of the aggressive music. Preecha steps past the curtain followed closely behind by Armand who pats him on the shoulder before hyping him up to the audience. Slowly they walk down to the ring and climb the steps. Armand sits on the second ropes as Preecha stops through before shadow boxing with the turnbuckle then lift his arms, unable to hear the boo of the crowd.

Zach Wavis: It seems like no matter how much this man sticks it to the new authority, he is unable to gain the support of the crowd.

Wavedigger: They see the kind of company he keeps, Zaggry! Armand de la Fontain is bad people, and they know it! Don't insult their intelligence again or its curtains for ya!

Smoke covers the stage as the music begins; blue and white strobes flare in time to the beat. Bonnie Blue appears from the haze, clad in a hooded, ankle length coat of azure, a silver star emblazoned on the back. Throwing back the hood, she raises her arms to the crowd, soaking in the cheers for a moment. Then, she sprints down the ramp and leaps onto the ring apron. Turning to face the audience, she gives them a dazzling smile and shrugs out of the coat before slipping through the ropes into the ring. She bumps fists with Preecha as she paces the ring.

Zach Wavis: Good news is these two look like they're on the same page against #BeachKrew tonight.

Wavedigger: How is that good news? People are always afraid of change, but my instincts tell me people will look back on these months leading up to One fondly! WSeaF hasn't been this entertaining in months! If it wasn't for #BEEKAY, then we'd all be watching Gemini Battle parade around acting like he's the greatest champion this company has ever seen!

Zach Wavis: He is a great US Champion!

Wavedigger: Atlantis Champion, Zaggry! And sure, he just might be, but the greatest? There are unredeemable flaws in his logic!

As Zach is about to answer, red hot fire blasts out of the stage as "Oblivion" by Mastadon starts shredding over the PA. OblivSEAon steps out on to the stage, followed by Wade Moor carrying that WHIRLPOOL Championship!

Zach Wavis: Oh great...

Wavedigger: Yeah, this is great! Wade Moor and OblivSEAon coming out to the ring together? This is a match made in HELL here, and they intend on bringing it full force to Bonnie and Preecha tonight! There's nothing more bonding than making an entrance together!

The two walk down the ramp together and stop next to the apron. OblivSEAon stares in the ring, gaze fixated on Bonnie, intensity burning like the flames of a thousand pyres. Wade points toward the ring and Obi climbs onto the apron and over the rope as Wade slides in under the bottom rope. He walks passed Bonnie and Preecha who glare at him in disgust, calling for a mic as he does. He takes one and moves towards the center of the ring, to a tremendous amount of BOOS pouring in from the crowd.

Wade Moor: Who wants to see a clean fight tonight?

The crowd chants raucously in approval.

Wade Moor: You have mine and OblivSEAon's word then. Tonight will be a fair, clean fight to the finish. Do my opponents accept these terms?

Bonnie and Preecha stare contemptously at the other two, but slowly nod their heads in agreement.

Wade Moor: So be it. I promise to keep it clean. Ring the bell ref!

Wade drops the mic as the ref calls for the bell. He takes a spot on the apron as Preecha and Oblivion start off the match. Oblivion lumbers around the ring as Preecha circles him intensely. Oblivion moves to grab Preecha, but a few well placed kicks to Obi's leg pushes him back. Another grab attempt, but a knee to elbow combo stop him. Preecha, gaining a slight head of steam, rushes the Monster with a combo. Left jab, high knee, leg kick, leg kick...but Obi shrugs them off and chops Preecha in the throat and he hits the mat hard!

Zach Wavis: OH MAN! Oblivion was just playing coy with him!

Wavedigger: Of course he was Zaggry! Oblivion may be eighty percent muscle, but he's one hundred percent brain!

Zach Wavis: Probably because he eats them!

Oblivion lifts Preecha to his feet by the throat and tosses him into the turnbuckle, and a few well placed elbows to the noggin has Preecha reeling. Irish whip, Preecha comes back...

Zach Wavis: BIG BOOT BY OBI!

Preecha hits the mat and nurses his head as Obi bounds ofd the ropes, coming back with a huge leg drop!...

Zach Wavis: Preecha rolls out of the way!

Obi hits the mat, nursing his backside as Preecha quickly whips to his feet, sending his shin directly into Obi's chest!...but Obi grabs the leg and gets to his feet, holding on to it as he does!...but Preecha jumps and clocks Obi with an enziguiri, sending Obi back into the ropes! Preecha flies at him with a knee to the gut and irish whips Obi! He comes off the ropes and Preecha flips through the air with a roundhouse, knocking Oblivion to his back! Bonnie cheers in the corner and Preecha tags her in!

Zach Wavis: Bonnie legal!

Wavedigger: Is she though?!

Freddy Bro: I love them white bitches! (Dear God, kill me!)

Bonnie climbs to the top rope and flies off! Plancha splash on top of Obi and she hooks his leg!


Obi tosses Bonnie off of himself like a sack of diapers! She hits the mat gut first as Oblivion sits straight up. He gets to his feet while Bonnie nurses her gut. He grabs her by the throat and pushes her into Wade's corner, tagging him in. Wade climbs through the ropes and grabs Bonnie's left arm as Obi takes the right...

Zach Wavis: OH GOD!

Wavedigger: No God.

Wade and Obi both send a foot to the gut of Bonnie, who drops to her knees as Obi takes his place on the apron. Wade lifts her to her feet by the hair and drops her on the mat with a stalling suplex, staring at Preecha the entire time. Wade hooks her leg and the ref goes for the count...


Zach Wavis: Shoulder up from Bonnie!

Wavedigger: No worries. Even a pig struggle's with a knife to it's neck.

Wade lifts her up, uppercut to the chin, she bounds off the ropes and comes back to a huge spinebuster! Her head bounces off the mat and Wade goes for the cover.



Wavedigger: She won't last much longer!

Wade lifts her to a kneeling position! He starts slapping her while staring at Preecha.

Wade Moor: This is what you wanted, Preecha? A clean fight!

Preecha looks understandably pissed in his corner of the ring and tries to enter, but the ref stops him. Bonnie uses the opportunity while Wade laughs at Preecha to bring her arm up right into his dangling bits. Wade's eyes jut out of his skull as he falls to the mat and Bonnie goes for the cover...


"Aquaberry Dolphin" by RIFF RAFF hits the PA to a new chorus of BOOS. Bonnie lifts herself off of Wade and looks toward the stage as Los Tiburones walks out, Italian made suit, shark mask on, and a mic in his hand.

Los Tiburones: Wait, wait, wait...I thought we said this was going to be a clean fight?!

Crowd BOOS!

Los Tiburones: My best friend and cohort Wade was kind enough to keep this match clean and we expected reciprocation! Did we get it?

More BOOS!

Los Tiburones: You're right! We didn't! So now it's time to even the odds! If you want to play dirty Bonnie Blue...we can play. This match is now a handicap match! Preecha! Get the hell out of our ring, you make me sick!

BOOS as Preecha looks around confused! The ref motions for Preecha to leave the ring.

Zach Wavis: WHAT THE HELL?! This isn't fair! This is madness!

Wavedigger: What? She shouldn't have hit that low blow!

Los Tiburones: Restart the match ref! And no more dirty tricks Bonnie!

Bonnie looks as if she's about to run down the stage and kick Los Tiburones head off. Wade makes a tag to Oblivion and he climbs in the ring to take his place! Bonnie backs away from the stage...and runs right into Oblivion's massive chest. She turns around as the crowd BOOS the situation Bonnie has found herself in! Oblivion wraps his massive hawk around her throat and lifts her off the ground...but Bonnie wraps her arms around his head and keeps herself from catching the chokeslam! She knees Obi in the face and he drops her. She nimbly lands on her feet and springs off the ropes, flying at Obi with a huge crossbody...but Obi catches her midflight and drops her on his knee with a backbreaker! She hits the mat, nursing her back as she does!

Zach Wavis: This is sick! Somebody stop the dayum match!

Wavedigger: Bonnie's getting what's been coming to her! She could only be insubordinate for so long! This the Beach World Order! Either get behind...or get left behind! TM!

Oblivion covers Bonnie for the pin.


Zach Wavis: This is it!


Zach Wavis: NO! SHOULDER UP FROM BONNIE! She is truly the descendent of Reb! She has heart! She has gumption! She has...

Wavedigger: The rest of the match to look forward to!

Obi lifts Bonnie to her feet and tosses her into the turnbuckle!...

Wade goes for the BROSEIDON PUNCH...but Bonnie ducks and Wade connects with Obi instead!

Wavedigger: UH-OH!

Bonnie kicks Wade off the apron and whips around on Obi!


She stays on top of Obi for the cover.



"Dr Who Meets Metal" plays as Bonnie jumps to her feet and starts celebrating.


Wade hits the ring and Bonnie turns around into a BROSEIDON PUNCH! The rest of #BeachKrew hits the ring and start laying the stomps on her as Obi gets to his feet. They lift her up and Wade point to her and then Obi. He throws her to the God of Insanity who lifts her up...

Wavedigger: 5150!

Obi plants her into the mat and she rolls out of the ring! Wade calls for a mic and stands in the middle of the ring.

Wade Moor: Bonnie is lucky she still has a job after that conniving shit! She can keep her victory, but she won't keep her pride, or her dignity.

Crowd BOOS!

Wade Moor: Now join me as we officially coronate OblivSEAon into #BeachKrew.

More BOOS!

Wade hands the mic to Jim Thuggin.

Hacksaw Jim Thuggin: I have never seen one gain favor with my Earth Children so rapidly! This is a monumental night for #BeachKrew as we officially add OblivSEAon into our ranks. Without further ado...welcome to #BeachKrew!

Crowd continues BOOING!

Wade Moor happily takes the microphone from Hacksaw Jim Thuggin and raises it to his lips as he salivates as the fans boo his every breath.

Wade Moor: Moving on! You want to know who I’m going to be facing at One? You want to know the poor fuck who gets the undeserved privelidge of facing me for the Whirlpool Title?


Wade Moor: Well tough shit, cos guess what? I’m not even going to be defending the title at One.


Wade Moor: You’re going to pay to watch a #BeachKrew party as we run train on all these bitches, tonight a preview for you. You people keep chanting these different names, a different martyr to a wrongly appointed cross each week; none of them are my equal. There is no man in the federation who can stand against me, against the might of #BeachKrew. So who am I going to fight at One?! I am going to-

The lights in the arena fall into darkness for a moment before the lights hit once more and we find Wade Moor taking a step back, a look of shock on his face as stood in front of him is the hulking masked figure of…

Zach Wavis: IT’S DUNE!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd explodes as the former World Champion stands back in a WCF ring. He tilts his head and rips the microphone away from Wade and points at the Whirlpool Championship around Wade’s waist.

Dune: That is mine; I will be taking it back now.

Wade turns to Thuggin and lets a laugh out before launching himself toward Dune nailing him square in the jaw.


Wavedigger: This could be bad, this could be very, very bad.

Dune rather than falling simply takes a step toward an incredulous Wade who motions for help as he slides out of the ring.

Zach Wavis: Dune is a monster.

Toward Dune run Andre Aquarius and Brofessor Coach, it’s almost as if they have no idea what they are running toward, they find out quickly as Andre is lifted into a Sandstorm and brought down with an almighty bone crunching thud.

Freddy Bro: The same inhuman strength he showed against Joey Flash is still there, it’s ungodly…I think Brofessor Coach is realising this.

Dune doesn’t let Brofessor Coach enjoy any more moments of worry before replacing it with pain, grabbing him by the neatly combed hair and pulling him into a press before launching him into the air.


The screams from the corner of the ring are the only thing that pierce through the mixed cheering and shock from the audience as we see Sandy Coconutz cowering in the corner of the ring holding her hands up as the unstoppable Dune steps toward her, he plucks the microphone from the canvas and begins to speak.

Dune: This is no game.

He grabs Sandy round the throat and holds her a couple of feet off the ground as she struggles for air. Sandy in one hand, microphone in another he begins to speak.

Dune: Give me what I want Wade. If I don’t get an answer in five seconds I snap her neck. This is not a fucking game.

He clenches down on her throat.


Dune: Five.

Freddy Bro: Oh come there is no need for this shit.

Dune: Four.

Wavedigger: Fuck.

Dune: Three.

He clenches even harder and Sandy begins losing strength in the flailing of her limbs.

Dune: Two.


Dune: One.

The final word spoken by Dune echoes through the PA system as the lights in the arena fall dark once more. The silence of the darkness is broken as a song begins to filter through the arena, ‘Retrograde’ by James Blake resonates through the hall. The song plays for nigh on a minute until the lights illuminate the ring once more.

We see Dune stood with no Sandy Coconutz in his grasp, a look of absolute fury across his face. Placing the unconscious Sandy gently to the mat, the long black sweeps back away from his face as he turns to face Dune.

Zach Wavis: There are no words.

The crowd absolutely explodes in cheers and screams.


Flash looks a lot more gaunt, pale and sunken faced since his last appearance. He rises and takes a step toward Dune; the two men are now face to face.



Flash, as Dune earlier in the evening did to Wade rips the microphone from his hand.


Joey Flash: Dune…no, that’s not right. Daniel. This is not Joey Flash speaking to you, this is Joseph Malignaggi, on my honour as a person, as a husband, as a…father…I’m going to fucking kill you.

The crowd explodes again.

Joey Flash: Don’t even think about making any other plans, me and you, December 20th…Deathmatch, everything ends. Your fucking funeral will the Christmas present I’m going to give to my son.

Dune snatches the microphone back.

Dune: Speaking of your funerals and your son, I must ask…how was the service?

Flash’s stoic demeanour is broken as he snaps and fires a right hand toward Dune who simply catches it with his hand.

Dune: That won’t work on me ever again.

If Dune could smile, you get the feeling he would be ear to ear right now.

Dune: See you at One, Joseph.

With that, the show fades poignantly to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Bad News Benson vs Rey de Reyes vs Punkin

Alex Richards Segment

United States Title Match: BioWalker vs Gemini Battle

Legion Segment

Television Title Match: Dustin Beaver vs Andre Jenson

D'Angelo Hall Segment

Night Rider vs Teo Del Sol vs Mikey eXtreme

Kyle Kemp/Andre Jenson Segment

Bonnie Blue Segment

Hardcore Match: Doc Henry vs Adam Young vs Zombie McMorris

Warpath Return Segment

Vengeance vs Legion

Kyle Kemp Segment

Dexter Radcliffe/Alex Richards vs Wolf/Occulo

Adam Young Segment

Tag Team Titles Match: Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp vs Spencer Adams/Vic Venable

Benjamin Atreyu Segment

Preecha Kamon/Bonnie Blue vs Wade Moor/Oblivion


Of The Week

Dustin Beaver
Vengeance vs Legion



Wade Moor
Andre Jenson
United States:
Gemini Battle
Kyle Kemp
Zombie McMorris
Tag Team:
Spencer Adams/Vic Venable
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