Slam Intro

Falling Higher by Helloween plays throughout the arena as Gemini Battle makes his way to the ring.

Zach Wavis: The former #GreatestUSChampEver is making his way to the ring, and I'm sure he's got something to say about his rematch clause. I for one can't wait to see Mikey eXtreme vs Gemini Battle II

Gemini grabs a microphone before stepping into the ring.

Gemini Battle: Some of you probably don't know but we have a hero in our midst. He took time out of his hectic schedule running for Office in Alabama to come say hi to us all. Lets hear it for the founding member of the WCF branch of the Dark Riders Gang THOMAS BATES!!!!

Crowd: DRG...DRG...DRG!!!

Gemini Battle: So when will we see you back in the ring, big guy?

Thomas Bates: Sooner than you think.

Gemini Battle: That's what I like to hear, now get back to that bag of Pork Rinds you look like you're making love to... don't gotta be in wrestling shape right now huh?

The crowd laughs as the two men share a hug before Gemini gets into the ring.

Gemini Battle: Talking about the now defunct Dark Riders Gang I'm actually here to talk about a former member of that motorcycle club, Mikey eXtreme...

21st Century Schizoid Man” by King Crimson plays as Wade Moor comes out to entrance ramp to a chorus of boos.

Wade Moor: I know you all love me and #Beachkrew...patent... APPROVED!

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!

Wade Moor: That's right everyone. Chant my name... MOOOOOR! It's all good. You see, Gemini, everyone loves me, but you. Why is that?

Gemini goes to open his mouth but it interrupted.

Wade Moor: Is it because my boy Los Tiburones beat truly beat your war record because he eliminated both himself and Spencer Adams as he left the War match? Or is it because I hold this title, and you don't hold anything anymore, #biggestpileofcrapever?

Gemini Battle: If I wanted to see a piece of shit I would have looked in my son's diaper, now if you don't mind, the big boy's are talking here, Moor, so go make like a tree ad get the fuck out of here.

Wade Moor: Nobody says no to me...

Gemini Battle: Alright white Bill Cosby, we get it, now git outta here and let me finish. If I wanted that World Title I would come down there and take it right now, but it's nothing but a useless piece of tin since you soiled it with your name. Right now the hottest commodity in the WCF is the US Championship and I will make sure that I get that title back so I can once again be the HASHTAG...


Gemini Battle: Damn fucking straight.

Moor looks pissed but determined as he leaves the area and leaves Gemini on his own.

Gemini Battle: Now that it's out of the way I believe that I have a rematch clause for the US Title match in my contract, and I am here to say that at ONE I will be fighting Mikey eXtreme for the US Title IN the MAIN EVENT!


Gemini Battle: Mikey, you earned that title last week with Wade Moor's assistance, but next time we fight I won't allow any outside interference, which is why when we fight at One we will do it under my terms. We will do it in a match that I'm undefeated in... we will do it inside of a STEEL CELL! That is... if you're not CHICKEN! buck...buck...buckAW!


Gemini Battle: Next move is on you, Mikey. What's your play?

Falling Higher plays as Gemini drops the microphone and exits the ring.

Vengeance vs Hunter Ryan vs Jason Xavier vs Terry McGuire vs Craven Blackwood

Several men are in the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing our last competitor, he.. is.. VENGEANCE!

The lights go out in the arena Vengeance appears on the titantron in red and black letters as pyros go off on the stage then red and white strobe lights flash on the entrance ramp aand red lights fill the arena the Vengeful one by disturbed starts as Vengeance slowly makes his way down to the ring as he approachs the ring he stops and looks in the ring before making his way to the ring steps. Vengeance slowly climbs the ring steps entering the ring through the second rope he walks to the center of the ring. Vengeance stops in the center of the ring the arena lights go out as a single red light shines over Vengeance stands there looking at the camera the arena lights slowly turn on.

Zach Wavis: Slam opener! Here we go!

Hunter Ryan runs at Vengeance and gets Clotheslined down. Jason Xavier is next, he runs into a Big Boot. Terry McGuire gets lifted up and dropped with a Sidewalk Slam. Lastly, Vengeance catches Blackwood and executes a mean Belly to Belly Suplex!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Vengeance is on fire right out of the gate!

Ryan and Xavier are both up, and Vengeance grabs them both by the throat.

Wavedigger: Chokeslam!

McGuire and Blackwood are both up and Vengeance grabs them by the head and slams them together. McGuire goes down but Vengeance pulls Blackwood in...

Zach Wavis: Last Rites! He hits it!

Vengeance hits his Powerbomb on Blackwood onto McGuire's body! Vengeance pins Craven Blackwood.




Freddy Bro: Short and sweet, Vengeance walks away with a decisive victory here tonight.

Vengeance gets up and gets his arm raised.

Wavedigger: And you can be sure Benjamin Atreyu isn't very happy with what he's seen here tonight.

Zach Wavis: I'm quite sure Vengeance doesn't give a damn.

B'wana Bludde vs Chad Cruise

We return from the break with Chad Cruise already in the ring, awaiting his opponent.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring next, he weighs in at 245 pounds, from Kalamazoo, Michigan, B’Wana Bludde!!

Wavedigger: The e is silent dammit!

Maroon Five’s “Animals” plays as B’wana swans down the ramp to the ring and up the steps. He gives the pelt to a stagehand and enters the ring between the ropes, after which he goes to his corner and waits for the bell.


Zach Wavis: Match underway here!

Freddy Bro: Bludde circling his opponent!

Zach Wavis: We’ve heard he’s into big game hunting and I think he may bring many of the same tactics and employ a similar approach in the ring!

Wavedigger: One of these guys is going to destroy the other, I’m calling it right now.

Freddy Bro: Cruise going for the clothesline!

Zach Wavis: Bludde ducks it and we see a barrage of a punches to the face of Chad Cruise!

Wavedigger: Bearhug by Bludde!

Zach Wavis: And Bludde drives his opponent right into the corner!

Freddy Bro: Cruise crumpling over now as Bludde stomps away at him!

Zach Wavis: Cruise trying to get to his feet, but Bludde catches him again!

Freddy Bro: Nice monkey flip from B’Wana Bludde!

Zach Wavis: And the pin!




Wavedigger: That kickout looks like it pissed Bludde off pretty good as he beats the ever living shit out of Cruise, assaulting his face with some hard shots!

Zach Wavis: It looks like he has drawn blood with those strikes! We’re just a couple minutes into this bout and Bludde is already making his opponent look like the prey!

Freddy Bro: Blood just pouring down the face of Cruise now!

Zach Wavis: Bludde lifts him to his feet and Cruise is in real bad shape!

Wavedigger: The game is a foot! That nice crane kick straight to the jaw of Chad Cruise!

Freddy Bro: No time to collapse yet though! This dude Bludde pulls him right back in!

Zach Wavis: Predation! That big powerbomb took any wind that Chad Cruise may have had right out of his sails!

Wavedigger: Bludde heading to the top rope now!

Zach Wavis: Bludde bracing himself! I think we could see something big here!


Zach Wavis: This should be stopped!

Wavedigger: Well we get a second pin attempt!




Kyle Steel: Here is your winner..

Zach Wavis: What snatching the microphone from Kyle Steel! What is he doing here?

Freddy Bro: Bludde now using the microphone as he continues to strike at that open wound on Cruise’s forehead!

Wavedigger: Absolute dominance!

Zach Wavis: The referee attempting to pull Bludde off of him now, but Bludde refuses as he pushes the ref away and continues this horrific attack!

Freddy Bro: Bludde removing that turnbuckle pad now!

Zach Wavis: What is this?!

Freddy Bro: Bludde lifting Cruise up once more!

Wavedigger: He’s got him hoisted up above his head now with a gorilla press!


Freddy Bro: Looks like medical staff is on their way down to check on Cruise as Bludde rolls out of the ring now!

We get a more close up shot of the medics checking on Cruise and Bludde celebrating on the entrance ramp as Slam goes to commercial.

Greybeard vs Bernard Core vs La Gama Blanca

Kyle Steel: This contest is a Triple Threat Match scheduled for one fall!

“Wing Fortress Zone” by Masato Nakamura plays over the loudspeaker.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Albany, New York, weighing in at 225 lbs., Bernard “Common” Core!
Upon entering the arena, Core stops at the top of the aisle with his hands behind his back and looks around the arena. He walks slowly and reservedly to the ring looking at the ignorant fans with disdain.

Crowd: Booo!

Bernard Core steps into the ring and asks Kyle Steel for the microphone. Steel hands him the mic. He lifts up his hand and the music stops.

Bernard Core: It’s not surprising to me that you fat, Texas wahoos are booing me. Texas is one of eight states not to adopt the Common Core Learning Standards, educational guidelines that were enacted to save your children from what you’ve all become: lazy, overweight ignoramuses!

Crowd: Boooooooo!

Bernard Core: They say everything is bigger in Texas. Apparently they meant your stomachs and not your brains!

Crowd: Booooooooooo!

Bernard Core: And they definitely didn’t mean your rank when it comes to education, which is 27th I might add. But all is not lost. You can still petition your governor, Greg Abbott, and demand that he propose legislation that will bring Common Core to your state! If you can’t fix childhood obesity rate, at least you can fix your children’s education!

Crowd: Booooooooooooo!

Bernard Core: You know what?! If Selena were alive today, she would have left this city and this state a long time ago!

Crowd: Booooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Zach Wavis: Did he really just say that?! What a disgusting human being! First, he makes kids cry in an elementary school and then he insults the memory of a beloved singer from right here in Corpus Christi! And he has the gall to criticize these people?!

Bernard Core hands the mic back to Kyle Steel, feeling proud of himself.

Greybeard comes to the ring to the sounds of a skilled minstrel's lute mixed with booty shaking bass.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his opponents. First, accompanied to the ring by The Alchemist and his lute boy, from The Shire, weighing in at 185 lbs., Greybeard!

The Alchemist carries an array of potions to the ring clumsily while Lute Boy prances around, playing his instrument merrily. It's over pretty quick.

“Game Over” by Lil’ Flip plays last.

Kyle Steel: And from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 120 lbs., La Gama Blanca!

La Gama Blanca steps out on the stage, his little fists held high; when he drops them to his side, white and green fireworks shoot up around him, filling the air with a green haze that hangs while he makes his way down to the ring. Using the steps to climb onto the apron, Gama scales onto the nearest turnbuckle as the chorus hits, pumping his fists along with each chant of the name Flip. On the final one, unsurprisingly, he flips off the top to land in the center of the ring, as "Game Over" is uttered one final time before silence takes over. La Gama Blanca moves to his corner following that to await the start of the match.

Freddy Bro: I think La Gama Blanca is the X factor in this match. Greybeard and Bernard Core are technical masters, but he is the lucha libre expert.

Wavedigger: Greybeard may be a technical wrestler, but he isn’t a D-III champion like Dr. Core. And as far as La Gama Blanca goes, I don’t know what kind of amateur experience he has.

Zach Wavis: Well, we’re going to find out who’s got what it takes right now.

The bell rings. The three men circle the ring staring at each other. Greybeard and La Gama Blanca stop, look at each other, and nod their heads. Then, they both dropkick Core’s legs.

Freddy Bro: I guess Blanca and Greybeard had some kind alliance worked out beforehand.

Wavedigger: I cry foul!

The two men get Core into the corner. They take turns knife edge chopping Core’s chest. They Irish whip him into the opposite corner. La Gama Blanca goes for a splash, but Core ducks out of the way. Greybeard charges Core, but Core sends Greybeard crashing into La Gama Blanca. With Greybeard sandwiched in the middle, Core grabs La Gama Blanca around the waist and executes a Double German Suplex!

Crowd: Oooooooh!

Zach Wavis: Look at the raw strength of Bernard “Common” Core!

Wavedigger: That’s what that amateur experience gets you, gentlemen.

Core pins La Gama Blanca.



La Gama Blanca kicks out. Core tries to pin Greybeard.



Greybeard kicks out. Core throws Greybeard out of the ring and goes after La Gama Blanca by stomping on his legs. He picks Blanca’s left leg up and slams it to the mat a few times. Then, he locks La Gama Blanca in an Indian Death Lock.

Zach Wavis: Core has got the Indian Death Lock on La Gama Blanca.

Wavedigger: Um, the politically correct term is Native American Death Lock, Zach.

Zach: Oh, we’re worrying about being politically correct? With #Beachkrew in charge?

Wavedigger: Just worry about the match. Look, Core has got a great strategy here. He’s going after the legs. If Blanca can’t use his legs, it takes away 99% of his offense.

La Gama Blanca is struggling to get to the ropes as Core applies pressure to the left leg. While Core has La Gama Blanca tied up, Greybeard comes back in and applies a submission move of his own to Core.


Zach Wavis: First we saw a Double German Suplex and now we’re seeing double submissions!

La Gama Blanca gets free from the Native American Death Lock and applies a Cloverleaf to Core’s legs. Core screams in extreme pain.

Wavedigger: Aaah! Two submissions on Core!

The crowd is going wild for this submission hold demonstration.

Freddy Bro: If he taps, which one of these guys wins?!

Zach Wavis: The pain that Core must be in right now is unfathomable!

Alchemist and Lute Boy pound on the mat and alert Greybeard that La Gama Blanca has a submission hold on Core, too. He releases Core and attacks La Gama Blanca from behind, releasing Core from the Cloverleaf. Core rolls out of the ring.

Greybeard sends La Gama Blanca off the ropes, but La Gama Blanca reverses, sending Greybeard off the ropes.


La Gama Blanca hooks Greybeard’s legs and goes for the cover.



Greybeard kicks out.

La Gama Blanca gets Greybeard to his feet and gives him a few knife edge chops until he gets him into the ropes. He sends Greybeard off the ropes but Greybeard reverses and gets La Gama Blanca into a side head lock. La Gama Blanca grabs Greybeard around the waist, but Greybeard slaps his arms down and executes a Tiger Spin.

Freddy Bro: Whoa! I don’t know if that was Greybeard’s magic at work, but that certainly worked like magic.

Wavedigger: Clever, Freddy.

Greybeard immediately locks in a Bow and Arrow submission on La Gama Blanca.

Wavedigger: What’s smart about this is that La Gama Blanca is small, so Greybeard can really stretch La Gama Blanca's back.

Zach Wavis: The back was not meant to stretch like that.

Greybeard pulls so hard that his shoulder blades end up on the mat and the ref begins a three count.



Greybeard releases the hold and the ref stops the count. Greybeard sends La Gama Blanca off the ropes but Bernard Core comes out of nowhere and hits a Jumping Knee Strike to La Gama Blanca. Greybeard comes charging at Core but Core executes an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Bernard Core grabs La Gama Blanca by the head and throws him out of the ring threw the ropes. Bernard Core wipes his hands cockily. He yells at the crowd.

Bernard Core: That’s why “Common” Core is the best!

Crowd: Booooo!

Core hits a delayed knee drop on Greybeard and goes for the cover.



Greybeard kicks out and Core immediately puts him in a Front Face Lock.

Zach Wavis: Core is calling on that amateur style that he knows so well. As Wavedigger mentioned before, he’s a former NCAA D-III Champion.

Alchemist and Lute Boy slap the may, trying to motivate Greybeard. The crowd claps along. Greybeard slowly makes his way to his feet and hits Core in the stomach with a few elbows. The crowd cheers but Core recovers quickly and throws Greybeard with a Double Underhook Suplex.

Freddy Bro: Bernard Core has suplexes coming out of his ears!

La Gama Blanca gets back to the apron and grabs the top rope, Core jerks the rope and flips La Gama Blanca into the ring, but La Gama Blanca lands on his feet and dropkicks Core’s legs, sending Core to his knees. Then, he hits Core with a Double Knee Facebuster. After that he runs towards Greybeard, who’s gotten to his knees, and hits him with a Shining Wizard.

Zach Wavis: He hit a Shining Wizard on the wizard!

Freddy Bro: La Gama Blanca is on fire! Or should I say “¡En fuego!”

La Gama Blanca goes for the pin on Greybeard.



Greybeard kicks out. La Gama Blanca waits for Greybeard to get to his knees. La Gama Blanca comes off the ropes and attempts another Shining Wizard, but Greybeard grabs La Gama Blanca’s legs and locks in a Reverse Figure Four Leg Lock.

Wavedigger: La Gama Blanca went to the well one too many times and now he’s paying for it.

Zach Wavis: And again, La Gama Blanca is in a submission hold that targets his legs, making his aerial offense harder to implement.
Freddy Bro: But here comes Bernard Core!

Core grabs Greybeard in a Million Dollar Dream. Greybeard releases the Reverse Figure Four. Core gets Greybeard to his feet and suplexes him.

Zach Wavis: Another suplex by “Common” Core!

Core goes for the pin.



Greybeard kicks out. Core gets Greybeard on to his feet and into the corner. He drives his shoulder into Greybeards abdomen multiple times. The ref tells Core to get Greybeard out of the corner but Core ignores him. The ref starts his five count. Core backs off at four. The ref warns Core. Core goes back to driving his shoulder into Greybeard’s abdomen. The ref starts the five count again. Once again, Core backs off at four. The ref admonishes Core but Core pushes him out of the way and walks back towards Greybeard. This time, however, Greybeard jumps at Core and rams his head into Core’s balls.


Wavedigger: Hey, is that legal?!

Greybeard hits Dragon’s Breath four more times until Core falls on his butt into the opposite corner. La Gama Blanca runs from the other side of the ring and dropkicks Core right in the jaw.

Freddy Bro: ¡BOCA LLENA!

Bernard Core rolls out of the ring. La Gama Blanca gets up but Greybeard meets him with a forearm to the face. Greybeard Irish whips La Gama Blanca into the opposite corner. Greybeard charges but La Gama Blanca hits a drop toe hold, sending Greybeard’s face into the second turnbuckle. Greybeard falls backward. La Gama Blanca looks at Greybeard, looks at the top turnbuckle, and the looks at the crowd. The crowd knows he wants to go to the top rope and encourage him. La Gama Blanca begins climbing to the top rope, but he takes a long time.

Zach Wavis: This is where those earlier submission moves are coming into play. His legs have been so badly damaged that he’s taking longer than he should to get up those ropes.

Freddy Bro: He better hurry up because Greybeard is coming to.

La Gama Blanca makes it to the top, buy Greybeard gets to his feet and runs into the top rope, causing La Gama Blanca to crotch the top turnbuckle.

Wavedigger: Uh-oh His “huevos” just cracked.

Greybeard winds up for a ridiculous amount of time with his right hand and then jabs La Gama Blanca with his left hand.


Wavedigger: Now he’s got to get him off the turnbuckle and go for a pin.

Zach Wavis: I don’t think he’s going to do that.

Greybeard starts to climb the rope himself and sets La Gama Blanca up for a Superplex, but La Gama Blanca hits him in the gut. Greybeard swings his right leg over the top rope to keep his balance. The two men begin exchanging right hands.

Zach Wavis: This is a very dangerous position for these men to be in.

Bernard Core enters the ring, runs across the ring, jumps onto the second rope, and knocks both men’s heads together. He then drapes both men’s arms over his neck and drapes his arms over both men’s necks.

Freddy Bro: No way! He’s not…

Wavedigger: I think he is!

The crowd gets to their feet. Core lifts up both men and falls backwards onto the mat below.

Zach Wavis: DOUBLE SUPERPLEX! Oh my God!!!

Freddy Bro: He is a freak of nature!

Wavedigger: That’s what living the Common Core way gets you! I think I’m a convert!


Bernard Core not only took his opponents out, but he’s taken himself out to.

Zach Wavis: All three men are down. Which one will get up first?

Bernard Core gets to his feet first and pulls La Gama Blanca to his feet. Out of nowhere, La Gama Blanca frees himself from Bernard Core’s grasp and dropkicks him out of the ring.

Zach Wavis: And out goes Bernard Core!

Freddy Bro: But here comes Greybeard!

Greybeard charges at La Gama Blanca, but La Gama Blanca turns around just in time to flip Greybeard over the top rope. Greybeard lands on his feet but stumbles and hits the guardrail. He gets to one knee and slowly gets to his feet. Meanwhile, La Gama Blanca begins to clap his hands and encourages the fans to do the same.

Zach Wavis: I think he’s getting ready to do something big here!

La Gama Blanca comes off the ropes, runs across the ring, and attempts a Topé Suicida on Greybeard but Bernard Core pulls Greybeard out of the way, causing La Gama Blanca to land headfirst into the railing.

Crowd: Oooooooh!

Zach Wavis: My God, he could be paralyzed!

Bernard Core pulls Greybeard up and sends him crashing into the ring post. He then throws La Gama Blanca back into the ring and pulls him to the center of the ring.

Zach Wavis: Oh, no! Don’t do this, Bernard!

Freddy Bro: He’s got him up!


Zach Wavis: He dropped him right on his head; and that came after that missed Topé Suicida!

Wavedigger: If his brain ain’t busted, his neck damn sure as hell is.

Zach Wavis: Wait, now what is he doing? Just go for the cover, Bernard! Why put this young man through anymore pain?!
Wavedigger: Dr. Core isn’t done with his lesson yet, can’t you see Zach? I believe this is what people in the education field call the “closure.”

Freddy Bro: This is going to close it, alright!

Bernard Core locks in an over the shoulder, single leg Boston Crab on La Gama Blanca.

Wavedigger: THE COMMON CRAB!

Zach Wavis: La Gama Blanca is so small that Core is practically sitting on his neck!

La Gama Blanca quickly taps out to the submission hold. The bell rings and Bernard Core’s music begins to play, but he keeps the submission hold on for a few more seconds before finally releasing. The referee lifts his hand while he fixes his hair with the other hand.

Kyle Steel: The winner of this contest, as a result of a submission, Bernard “Common” Core!

Zach Wavis: That was a hell of a match, but Bernard “Common” Core is merciless!

Wavedigger: Hey, a man as accomplished in life as “Common” Core didn’t get to where he is by being soft on people, which is what’s wrong with this country and why he’s going to save it!

Zach Wavis: Oh god, how about you save me from having to listen to your bullshit. And I’m not just cursing because #Beachkrew told me so!

Freddy Bro: Well, either way, Greybeard and La Gama Blanca couldn’t be saved from a loss tonight.

Bonnie Blue Segment

The speakers come to life with the opening guitar riff of "Heavy Metal Meets Doctor Who" as Bonnie Blue steps onto the stage. Clad still in her street clothes, she pauses, arms upraised, to soak in the crowd's cheers before she starts down the ramp and climbs into the ring. Applause recedes reluctantly as she brings a microphone to her lips.

Bonnie Blue: Corpus Christi, what's up?!

Of course, the crowd cheers even more.

Wavedigger: Shameless pandering. Ten.

Bonnie Blue: Hell yeah! Some damn good matches tonight, huh?

Another big pop.

Wavedigger: Ugh, pathetic. Attention seeking little... Nine.

Bonnie Blue: Y'all ain't seen nothin' yet! When I step into the ring with Dustin Beaver, we gonna tear it up, ya better BEAV-lieve it. Oh.. no. I ain't doin' that again. That's just awkward. Beaver don't feel right on my tongue.

Freddy Bro: Whoa!

A big, shameless grin spreads across Bonnie's face.

Wavedigger: I know what that bitch can do with her tongue -- shut the fuck up. Eight.

Zach Wavis: Ok, I give up. What's with the numbers, 'Digger?

Wavedigger: Seven. I'm counting down.

Zach Wavis: Until...?

Wavedigger: Until the Monster Guardian of the Brocean gets his big ass out here to silence that mouthy little whore. Six.

Bonnie Blue: Ok, ok, jokes aside... I ain't gonna wind up like Occulo, couple weeks ago. 'Cause I ain't plannin' to turn my back on that sneaky little bastard. Dustin won't get the chance to knock my head in with his shiny belt, 'cause I'm gonna take it from him, first an' foremost. Cocky prick, just like the rest of the Bitch Krew. Goddamnit, I'm startin' to sound like Steve Austin, who exists in a whole other universe, so that makes no sense to y'all. This is Beach Krew's fault. It's like their very presence infects everything; alters an' twists things -- people -- into their basest forms.

Wavedigger: Five. Where is IT? Four.

Bonnie Blue: Last week, for example. Richards was... well, his usual self, I reckon. But Purse was downright cruel. Kemp? If I cared what he thought, I mighta cried. An' Rabid... I let him get under my skin, in my head -- it makes me feel so dirty -- ew.

A visible shudder runs through her body, and is quickly suppressed.

Bonnie Blue: Ain't gonna happen again. That shit with the head games works exactly once. Now that I'm wise to it, you got no advantage. And I want to go again, belts or no belts. In fact, to make it really fair... I'll take y'all on without a partner. When it comes to handicap matches with the Beach Boys, well...

Her most charming smile asserts itself, as dazzling as the lights around the ring.

Wavedigger: Three, two... Seriously?

Bonnie Blue: Now, I know, y'all want me to address the situation with ...Oblivion. Look, I beat the Monster already. Put IT down for the one-two-three. He's the one can't seem to let go. I get it, one of them rare times a woman has willingly put her hands on him, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? It's over, I won, old news. There ain't nothin' more to say.

The arena lights flicker, but nothing else happens. Bonnie rolls her eyes.

Bonnie Blue: Really? Come on, you can do better'n that.

Wavedigger: NOW!

This time, a peal of thunder accompanies the flickering. Bonnie fails to look impressed; she gives an exaggerated shrug of supreme non-concern.

Bonnie Blue: Meh. Now, as I was sayin' --

A bolt of blue electricity strikes a ringpost, throwing sparks everywhere. The Daughter of Time glances around warily, but when nothing else happens, she relaxes.

Bonnie Blue: Are we gonna do this EVERY time? I ain't afraid of you, Oblivion! When are ya gonna get that through your thick skull? You been hit in the head too often? Can't understand simple concepts? I'm done with you. Think these nice people wanna watch me whoop your ass a second time?

An almighty roar of approval goes up from the crowd at this idea.

Bonnie Blue: Well, ok, maybe they do. But you gotta wait your turn. Tonight, I deprive your friend, the Beaver, of his precious TEE-VEE Title. Next Sunday, if the Fates are kind...then we'll see. Until then, let me reiterate -- I am NOT afraid of Oblivion!

At that moment, the arena is plunged into utter blackness. Sounds of crackling of pending lightning echoes out. People in the crowd scream. Thunder rumbles again, and several bolts of lightning hit the ring. When the lights come back on again, a haze of smoke highlights a tableau: Oblivion standing in the middle of the canvas, one massive hand wrapped securely around Bonnie Blue's slender neck, ITS malevolent gaze fixed on hers; simultaneously frightened and defiant.

Wavedigger: YES!!!

Oblivion: It's about time someone shuts you up. I will teach you, the hard way, to respect the ways of Beachkrew!! You act as if you're not afraid of monsters.

With ITS free hand, the Monster punctuates each phrase with a slap across the girl's face, hard enough to turn her head.

Bonnie Blue: I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!!

OblivSEAon's grip tightens on Bonnie's throat, cutting off any further words. She claws at ITS hand, trying to pry loose the fingers digging into her windpipe.

Oblivion: Well, you should be!! Once and for all, The Monster is going to send you... STRAIGHT... TO HELLLLLLL!! All you need to do is...

Oblivion stares at Bonnie Blue, before picking her up for a choke slam..


People scream out in horrific terror.

Zach Wavis: What the Hell?!



The crowd roar out with cheers as the camera quickly pans towards the direction of The Monster.

Zach Wavis: Oblivion is tied up in a corner!!

Freddy Bro: Bonnie Blue has the top of a folded chair, under the chin of The Monster.

Bonnie Blue: Give me a reason to split your skull.

Oblivion spats on the face of Bonnie Blue. A glob of greenish mucus drips off the face of Bonnie Blue. She wipes it away with the back of her hand, teeth clenched in mounting rage as she glowers at the Monster.

Zach Wavis: Ewwwww!! That's so disgusting!!

Wavedigger: Yes!! Awesome!! Even tied up, The Monster is defiant!!

Oblivion: SCREW YOU BITCH!!!


Freddy Bro: WHOA!! Bonnie Blue cracks the chair across the skull.

Oblivion slumps over. The ropes are the only thing holding up The Dark Messiah.


Oblivion struggles....

Zach Wavis: What is The Monster doing?

Oblivion continues to move around.

Bonnie Blue: There ain't no use. I got ya.... We ALL got ya right where ya deserve to be!!


OblivSEAon thrashes around...





Oblivion roars out and with ropes hanging off of IT's body, Oblivion charges at Bonnie Blue...


Wavedigger: Another chair shot to the cranium of The Monster!!

Oblivion drops to one knee, as blood drips from off IT's head.

Zach Wavis: OblivSEAon looks hurt. Bonnie Blue is slowly approaching The Dark Messiah with the chair above her head, ready to swing down onto OblivSEAon.

The Monster looks up at Bonnie Blue, her features twisted into a mask of absolute hatred, chest heaving with each quickened breath. Mocking laughter rises from Oblivion's throat, and she tenses, ready to bring the chair crashing down one final time. Then, slowly, she lowers it, shaking her head.

Bonnie Blue: Not like this. Ain't gonna give ya the satisfaction. This is what ya want, me actin' like you. No... we gonna settle this the right way. You have been stalkin' me, harassin' me, from the very first moment I stepped into a WCF ring. If it's a fight ya want, OLD-blivion, it's a fight ya got. But let's make it real interestin' -- you an' me, one-on-one -- at One.

She backs off, letting Oblivion get back to ITS feet. Then, unexpectedly, Bonnie sticks out her hand.

Bonnie Blue: What d'ya say?

A moment's contemplation, and then the Monster roughly grasps Bonnie's outstretched hand, squeezing hard -- hard enough to make her wince. IT releases her a few seconds later and steps away. The arena goes dark one more time, and Oblivion is gone.

Freddy Bro: WHOA! I don't believe it! Bonnie Blue just challenged OblivSEAon to a match at ONE! AND THE MONSTER ACCEPTED! OH MY GAWD!

Night Rider vs Bad News Benson vs Adam Young vs Doc Henry

The lights in the arena begin flashing as Bad News Benson steps through the curtains and begins stomping his way towards the ring. The look of intensity burning in his eyes as he climbs through the ropes and heads to his corner.

Child's Voice: He watches his flock..

The opening notes of "Symphony of Destruction (Extended Gristle Mix)" by Megadeth starts playing and the arena goes pitch black. A single white light hits the entrance threw the smoke rising from the entrance and then "Adam Young" appears on the WCFtron and the arena lights fade back up with red lights flying around the arena. Adam holds up his trusty kendo stick and then starts towards the ring with echo chants of "You Sick Bastard" threw out the arena with Myra right behind him with Adam's big Rottweiler "Shine" beside her . Adam circles the ring side area looking into a dark abyss of nothing. He reaches the ring steps and climbs up on the apron as Myra crawls under the bottom rope to open up the ropes for him. He stands there and wipes his feet before he climbs into the ring and leans into Myra's cleaveage and then kisses her on the lips. He walks to the middle of the ring and then to the other side of the ring and holds up the kendo stick again. He walks over to the corner places the kendo stick down and takes his black vest. Adam stands in the corner as Myra crawls on her hands and knees over to him and kisses all over his body before Adam pulls her hair back as he licks her neck.

Suddenly the place goes totally dark as 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing on the jumbo tron. The sound of scuffling can be heard just before the lights come back on. Adam Young and Night Rider are already going at it outside the ring. Young grabs Night Rider and send him hard into the side of the ring. Security and other referees come out to restore order. All wrestlers head to their corners as Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Master Ryushi emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises his fists in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he hops the turnbuckle and 'gets loose' as he waits for the bell to ring.

As the bell ring all four begin squaring off in the middle of the ring. Benson sends Doc into the corner as Young and Night Rider trade blows. Young gets the advantage and hits Night Rider with a backbreaker. Night Rider screams in agony and grabs his back as Young goes in for the pin. The referee slides in and begins to count.



3..not quite. Night Rider seems to roll his shoulder out of instinct as Young complains to the referee about a slow count. Benson stands on the second rope pounding Doc with lefts as the referee tries breaking it up. Henry grabs Benson and drops him down on his knee. Benson screams and grabs his nuts as Doc hits him with an uppercut. Benson hits the mat and Doc goes in for the cover.



Doc looks around for the referee and swears as he sees him on the other side of the ring breaking up Night Rider and Young. Doc screams and runs over to get his attention thens goes back in for the cover.



No Benson gets his shoulder up. Suddenly from out of nowhere Night Rider comes flying across the mat from being pushed by Young and hits head to head with Doc. Both wrestlers fall to the mat. Night Rider instinctively rolls to the outside and hits the arena floor. Doc slowly makes his way to the ropes and tries to pull himself up as Young grabs Benson and sends him into the opposite corner. Benson hits with a thud and grabs his back just before Young slams into him. Young steps back and Benson falls to the mat. Young picks him up and hits him with a piledriver. He goes for the pin as the ref slides into position.



No Benson gets his foot on the ropes just in time. Young pounds the mat in frustration as he picks up Benson. Benson grabs Young in a small package and the ref is in position.



No Night Rider breaks it up as he throws Benson across the ring and picks up Young. Night Rider screams in Youngs face as he lands lefts and rights continuously. Young can barely stand as Night Rider hits him with a standing drop kick. Night Rider picks up Young and suddenly collapses as Young lands on top of him. Night Rider throws Young off and screams as he grabs his back. Doc grabs Night Rider and sends him flying into the turnbuckle. Night Rider collapses to the mat just as Doc comes rushing in. Doc misses and slams into the metal post before landing on the arena floor. Young shakes his head trying hard to get rid of the cobwebs. Benson sits up in the corner as Night Rider slowly gets to his feet. Night Rider picks up Benson and hits him with a DDT. Night Rider with the cover.



3..no! Benson somehow gets his shoulder up moments before the refs hand hits the mat for the third time.

Young grabs Benson from behind as Doc clotheslines him from behind. Young and Benson hit the mat as Doc goes in to cover both of them. Night Rider leaps from the top rope as Doc gets up at the last second. Night Rider slams on top of Young and Benson. Doc grabs Night Rider and DDT's him on top of the other two. Doc covers all three as the ref slides into position.



3.. no, the ref breaks the pin as Night Rider somehow gets his foot on the ropes.

Zach Wavis: Doc Henry to the turnbuckle now..

Doc Henry flies off the top with an All-In onto Bad News Benson!




Wavedigger: DOC HENRY WINS IT!

The bell sounds as Doc Henry gets up and gets his arm raised.

Freddy Bro: Everyone in this match gave it their all, I feel, but it was Doc Henry that walks out with the victory.

Oblivion vs Punkin

Zach Wavis: Our next match will be a very interesting match.

Freddy Bro: Yes, very VERY interesting indeed.

Wavedigger: All I know, is that we have a couple fruitloopie individuals that are willing to tear each other apart just for the simple fact of competition.

The arena goes black; pitch black and only the Titan-Tron shows any light. A white circle, if it at the end of a tunnel, begins to show. The screen flickers with some static, a couple of times. Through the static, shows a man, in black, advancing with every break, in the video. The man in black is standing before us, with fists raised to the screen, with whit tape on his knuckles. The words "DEFO DEAD" are written with black marker, on the taped up knuckles.

Kyle Steel: Making his way, to the ring... From Goreyville, by the way Colezaine, Northern Ireland and through the deepest recesses of a broken young man's mind... THIS IS PUUUUUUUNKIIIIIN!!!

Screaming laughter fills the arena, as the song starts to kick in. A tall masked man falls through the curtains. Punkin makes his way, to the ring, screaming at the nearby fans.

Freddy Bro: WHOA!! This Punkin Caliban is off his rocker!!

Wavedigger: Not as nuts as his opponent tonight.

Zach Wavis: That's for sure!! He's actually yelling at the crowd.

Punkin Caliban: Hey.. Give me a cheeseburger today and I'll give you a nickel tomorrow. You CAN check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. Hear ye... Hear ye!! The sky is falling... The sky is falling!! Cannot anyone hear me? Hello... Hello... Hello... Is there anybody that can hear me? Is there anyone home?

Punkin doesn't waste any time, lifting his battle armor off and setting it on the ring apron, in front of him. Punkin steps back, almost tripping over his own feet, sizing up the armor, shadow boxing with it in an ridiculous fashion. Punkin proceeds to climb up the turnbuckles, sitting on the top turnbuckle, waiting for his opponent.

Zach Wavis: This Pinkin is out there!!

Freddy Bro: Way out there!! WHOA!!

Wavedigger: Not as nuts as this competitor...

Tornado sirens roar out as Oblivion by Mastadon begins to play... Black cloaked individuals slowly walk out singing...

Children singing: When the lights are out it's less dangerous... We were are now, entertain us. Acting stupid and contagious... We were are now, entertain us. A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito... MY LIBIDO!!

The black cloaked individuals stopped at the end, of the entrance ramp. Dropping to their knees, with their arms raised up. Lightning flashes throughout the arena. Thunder rolls. Oblivion slowly begins to slink out, from the curtains and slowly partially crawl to the edge, of the stage. Oblivion slowly stands, as IT's neck slightly contorts. Oblivion begins to walk down the ramp...

Kyle Steel: From a sick man's psyche... Weighing in at 310 pounds... THIS IS THE MONSTER... OOOOOBLIIIIVIOOOON!!!

Oblivion slowly walks up the ring steps, carefully keeping an eye on Punkin Caliban. Oblivion enters the ring, off balanced...


Wavedigger: Action starts early, as Caliban starts first with a back hand spring elbow, striking Oblivion.

Zach Wavis: That co tact knocks The Monster back.

Punkin screams out and charges at Oblivion.


Freddy Bro: The Minster charges at Punkin Caliban...


Wavedigger: Clothesline from Hell!!

Oblivion picks up a stunned Punkin and nails him with two quick jabs, follows that up with a spinning back hand.

Zach Wavis: OblivSEAon kicks the gut of Punkin Caliban, but the kick was blocked.

Caliban steps back and runs at The Monster and nails him with a knee to the jaw and a quick left-right to the mid-section.


Wavedigger: Hurricanranna!!! Punkin is already going for the pin.

Stanley Moser slides into position.

Crowd: On-...

Zach Wavis: Not even a one count.

Oblivion kicks out, sending Punkin Caliban, slightly sky high. Caliban lands hard on the mat.

Freddy Bro: Caliban quickly gets up and charges at Oblivion...



Oblivion hits the mat hard.

Freddy Bro: WHOA!!! Punkin is not finished yet...

Caliban charges at Oblivion...


Zach Wavis: Oblivion tossed Caliban with a modified back body drop.

Wavedigger: But Punkin Caliban lands foot first on the ring apron.

Oblivion charges toward Punkin, who nails the monster with a shoulder to the solar plexus.


Punkin flips over the ropes, rolls over Oblivion and lands in the ring...


Wavedigger: WIPEOOOOOUT!!

OblivSEAon nails Caliban with a super kick, which causes Punkin to stumble into the ropes, right as Oblivion races towards, colliding with Csluban with a clothesline, causing for both of them to topple over the rope and both fallen and lands hard, on the ringside mats.

Zach Wavis: They are right in front if us Wavedigger.

Caliban gets up first striking, hitting the monster with martial art strikes.


Freddy Bro: Caliban pushed The Monster away. But, Oblivion charges at Caliban...


Zach Wavis: Punkin Caliban just tossed The Monster with an over the head quick release belly to belly suplex!!

Oblivion lands hard, as it got tossed against the ring apron.

Wavedigger: Oblivion slowly gets up. Both IT and Punkin charge one another...


Wavedigger: HOLY SHHHHH... Oblivion just back body dropped Caliban into the ropes, which he bounce off the ropes, crashed onto the ring aoron and onto the ringside mats!!

Punkin uses every piece of equipment, for balance. Oblivion charges at Punkin Caliban...


Freddy Bro: WHOA!! Oblivion just got dropped onto the now, dislodged steel steps!!!

Punkin flies into the ring and waits for Oblivion to stand. Punkin flies towards a corner, climbing the turnbuckles, until was at the top, in which he flew off with a plancha right on Oblivion, knocking him down to the ringside mats.

Freddy Bro: The Monster gets to one knee as Punkin charges...


Wavedigger: T-bone suplex!!!

Oblivion follows up by climbing to the top.

Zach Wavis: OBI-SAULT!

Onto the body of Punkin!




Freddy Bro: Oblivion wins it!

The bell sounds and Oblivion rolls off of Punkin.

Wavedigger: Great showing by The Monster here tonight!

Television Title Match
Bonnie Blue vs Dustin Beaver

The scene opens on a Bonnie vs Dustin Beaver graphic.

Zach Wavis: We have a SeaV Championship match coming up!

Wavedigger: My man Dusty Seaver is about to knock this Time Witch down a few pegs! Just how it should be!

Freddy Bro: Don't count Bonnie Blue out at all, Wavey!!!...she's been on an impressive roll lately and just may be the one to dethrone Dustin Beaver!

Wavedigger: Uhh...no?

Smoke covers the stage as the music begins; blue and white strobes flare in time to the beat. Bonnie Blue appears from the haze, clad in a hooded, ankle length coat of azure, a silver star emblazoned on the back. Throwing back the hood, she raises her arms to the crowd, soaking in the cheers for a moment. Then, she sprints down the ramp and leaps onto the ring apron. Turning to face the audience, she gives them a dazzling smile and shrugs out of the coat before slipping through the ropes into the ring.

Zach Wavis: Here's the challenger now!

Wavedigger: BOO! Get out of the ring, ammirite?!

Freddy Bro: As I mentioned earlier, she has a couple of impressive victories under her belt already...including over Beaver's team mates, Wade Moor and OblivSEAon!

Wavedigger: That was a damn fluke!!! She capitalized on confusion! She's a witch for christs sake!

Music hits, then a spotlight shines at the beginning of the entrance ramp, awaiting "The Beavs" to walk into it. He enters the light, SeaV Championship over his shoulder, points to the crowd on the left and then to the crowd on the right. He then points with both hands at the opponent in the ring, he looks and walks straight ahead, scowling at the opponent.

Wavedigger: Stand and clap, gentlemen! “The SeaVs” is on the way to the ring!

Zach Wavis: I'll clap when I'm dead...

Wavedigger: That could be arranged Zaggry...

Freddy Bro stands to clap.

Wavedigger: Freddy knows what's up!

Dustin Beaver slides into the ring and hands his Television Championship to the referee, who holds it high for a decent crowd POP. As the referee calls for the bell, The Beavs immediately jumps on Bonnie Blue and hits her with a hard lariat to the back! He lifts her up and jams her into the turnbuckle, shoulder first, and begins laying into her with hard rights wherever they can land!

Zach Wavis: What a cheap shot!

Wavedigger: A cheap shot? Man's defending his title! You have to be ruthless, but I wouldn't expect you to know anything about what happens between those ropes!

Zach Wavis: Call it what you want...but I'll call it cheap.


Beaver grabs Bonnie by the neck and pulls her out of the turnbuckle. He grabs her underneath the leg and performs a suplex, driving Bonnie neck first into the turnbuckle!

Zach Wavis: This is sickening! I can't believe Beaver right now!...

Wavedigger: What? The man is winning! Are you blind man?!

Freddy Bro: Bonnie Blue needs to start recovering and coming up with a game plan!

Zach Wavis: She didn't expect to see this side to Beaver!

Beaver lifts Bonnie to her feet and bounces her off the ropes. He yanks her back by the arm and drives an elbow directly into Bonnie's face! Her head snaps back and Beaver goes for a spinning wheel kick!...but Bonnie ducks at the last second and Beaver crashes into the mat! She falls against the rope and begins shaking her head, trying to recover from the last few shots by Beaver. Beaver slips up behind with a roll up...but Bonnie holds on to the ropes and Beaver falls to the mat once again. On his way up, Bonnie springs off the ropes and drops him with a crossbody! She hooks the leg...



Zach Wavis: No! Barely a two count!

Wavedigger: I like this side to Beaver! This vicious edge that he's picked up from #BeachKrew will do wonders for his career!

Freddy Bro: And wreak havoc on others...

Wavedigger: It doesn't matter, Freddy! Whatever you have to do to get YOURSELF ahead. That's the name of the game.

Bonnie lifts Beaver to his feet and drives his knee into his gut! Beaver bends over and Bonnie nails him with a kick to the chest! Beaver bounds back and Bonnie runs at him with a dropkick...but Beaver spins and Bonnie slips through the ropes! She grabs on and lands on the apron. Beaver moves to grab her, but Bonnie punches him and knocks him back. She flips over the rope and catches her legs around Beaver's neck, going for a hurricanrana...but Beaver holds on! He lifts her up and powerbombs her directly into the turnbuckle, knocking her to the mat! Beaver drops down and goes for the pin.



Zach Wavis: NO! Shoulder up from Bonnie!

Freddy Bro: She's displaying incredible heart against The SeaVs here tonight!

Wavedigger: I think she's displaying incredible stupidity! Give up time witch!

The scene cuts to a backstage camera, where Wade stands staring at the monitor intently. He scratches his beard and the scene cuts back to the match, where Beaver has Bonnie in a head lock, wrenching the hold softly, trying to get Bonnie to expend her energy! She tries to roll towards the ropes, but Beavs pulls her back! She goes again, but another wrench from Beaver pulls her back in again! She gets a knee under her for leverage! She starts to lift Beaver to his feet! Beavs wrenches the hold again!...but Bonnie hits him with an elbow and flips him in front of her! She runs towards the ropes and springs off with a moonsault, crashing down on top of Beavs with intensity! She hooks the leg...





Wavedigger: NO! He had his foot on the ropes! Fantastic ring awareness from The Beavs!

Freddy Bro: I call it luck!

Wavedigger: Call it whatever you want, Beavs is still the champ!

Bonnie lifts Beaver to his feet and whips him off the ropes! As he comes back, she jumps him with that leap frog. Beavs bounces off the ropes again and Bonnie flies backwards with a pele kick, knocking Beaver directly to the mat! She gets to her feet again and does a standing moonsault to Beaver...but Beaver lifts his knees and sends Bonnie bouncing forward, arm nursing her stomach! She attempts to stand, but a snarling Beaver kicks her directly in the stomach!

Zach Wavis: Oh god! Beaver looks like a man possessed right now!

Wavedigger: That's just the look he gets when he's Beavlieving in himself!

Beaver lifts Bonnie to her feet and drives his knee directly into her gut, then throws her into a seated position in the turnbuckle! He starts dropping rough boots anywhere he can land them! Stomach! Chest! Shoulder! Knee! Face! Bonnie is reeling in her seated position! Beavs lifts her to her feet and throws her into the center of the ring! Beaver holds his arms out and shouts to the crowd.

Dustin Beaver: Are you a Beavliever now?!

Crowd hits him back with a round of BOOS!

Beaver shrugs it off and lifts Bonnie Blue to her feet. He bounces her off the ropes, barreling his elbow into her neck. He whips her into the opposite corner and performs the same move once again!

Zach Wavis: Bonnie's neck must be screaming in pain!

Beaver goes for it once again, but Bonnie dodges and catches his leg with a dragon leg corkscrew! Beaver hits the mat, followed by Bonnie who is trying to nurse the harmed parts of her body. She slowly stands to her feet, using the ropes as support. Beaver climbs up, that edge still in his eye as he turns around...straight into a superkick from Bonnie!...

...but Beavs ducks! Bonnie ends up with her back to Beav who drops her with a back cracker! He keeps the hold in, catching her in Thats A Wrap! He wrenches the hold!...

Zach Wavis: He's got it locked in!

Wavedigger: That's my man Seavs!

Freddy Bro: Don't give up Bonnie!

But Beaver has it locked in too tight! He wrenches even harder...Bonnie taps!


Wavedigger: He's done it! Dustin Beaver retains the Television Championship with gusto!

Zach Wavis: He still hasn't let go of that hold yet!

Beaver continues to wrench the hold and the referee attempts to separate them to no avail! Beavs continues wrenching the hold!...

“Destruction” by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers to a huge crowd POP!

Zach Wavis: It's OCCULO!

Beaver releases the hold as Occulo storms the ring and the two start duking it out! Occulo hits a gut kick and goes for the Oesophagus Bureau!...but Beaver ducks! He slides out of the ring and the ref hands him the SeaV Championship! Dustin walks backwards out of the ring area, holding a sinister smile and an ice coldness in his eyes!

Wavedigger: What a tactical retreat!

Zach Wavis: Tactical retreat?! That was cowardice!

Freddy Bro: Whatever it was, we haven't seen the last of these two in that ring!

Occulo helps Bonnie Blue to her feet as the scene fades to black.

Zombie McMorris Segment

“ Never Gonna Stop” Hits the PA system.

Wavedigger: It’s the champ! The Horror Kore-Internet Champion has arrived!

Zach Wavis: Probably to gloat.

Freddy Woah: I think all signs point to yes.

ZMAC and Buddy Roman make their way from the back and down to the ring as the Ultimate Anti-hero and the Ultimate Jew make their way to the ring with Buddy Roman holding both of the championships. They get into the ring as ZMAC grabs a mic.

ZMAC: Texas, whats been goin on? Do you like all the new fuckin hardware I got? Last week was the night of Zomb(SEA) champions and championships did I collect. Not only was I successful at retaining my Internet title but I was also successful in my Hardcore endeavor. Take a good look, WCF. This is what a living FULL TIME legend, looks like.

Zach Wavis: Christ, This is insufferable.

Wavedigger: This is awesome! I love it!

Buddy Roman: Truly last week was a historic week to end all historic weeks as Zombie McMorris captured his eight W-Sea-F championship. It was historic as My client added to the legacy that he created almost four years ago. Not only is my client the Internet champion but the HORROR KORE champion, as well. The Horror Kore Championship is the THEE premier flag ship title of the W-C-F, that’s the letter, ‘C’ and not the ocean. And the reason why MY client is the Horror Kore champion is because there is a lot of pretenders to the seated throne of the company. I’m sorry Wade Moor and I’mma let you finish but Zombie McMorris IS THEE champion in WCF both in letter and in ocean. It is nothing against you and its nothing against beach krew. We like you. I like you but this Horror Kore championship is and always has been the very essence of the company. Now the very being that embodies that time honored spirit finally IS champion. Finally The Evil Incarnate dethrones lesser men and faulty champions. Champions like Omega, obviously. Champions like Mark Mayhem and Danm Van Slade, obviously and yes even so called legends like Torture. And don’t take this as a bitter ‘has been’ rant; this isn’t about that. It’s just Torture ain’t the man that he was five, six, a million years ago. Look me in the eyes. Look me in the eyes when I say this…

The camera gets a close up of Buddy Roman.

Buddy Roman: MY client is the champion now. All these guys, all these great hardcore champions… Torture, part time. Corey Black, part time, Steven Orbit-Roman.. May he rest in peace.. part time. Jayson Price.. Coma. In fact, the only guys that know of Tortur-mus Prime are either dead or partially retired. That’s not the spirit of WCF. That’s why the spirit of WCF was dying a slow and painful death. Again this is nothing against Beach Krew, ya’ll are doing a beautiful job but anyone who knows anything about wrestling knows that Philip Baines and Green Fever would have torn through you’re entire group in less than two seconds flat and that would be the end of that.

Buddy Roman: This is the here and now. This is to wipe away all those pretenders who’ve held this title and tainted the essence of this company. It might have been ‘hardcore’ when Jay Omega held it and he was throwing a hissy fit like a back door drama queen but that isn’t WCF. It might have been the hardcore title when Torture was going to Cancun with it and not defending it for months on it. But again, that’s not WCF. This is a throwback to a better time. A better place. A better, W-Sea-F. This is when hardcore transforms into that Horror Kore. And again this is nothing against Wade Moor, praise be onto Godnilla, but the World Championship means less now then perhaps it ever has. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not because Godnilla, praise be to him. It’s because MY client, Zombie McMorris.

Buddy Roman: So not only is MY client the Internet Champion and Horror Kore champion.. Not only is he the greatest singles champion in WCF history.. he is the greatest WCF champion in W-Sea-F, history. Both the letter and the ocean. Because these two titles in this mans’ hands means more than the rest of the titles in the company combined over the last year and a half. Better than my sons. Better than Robert Cairo and better than Wade Moore, our Godnilla Savior. This man right here, to my left is the figure head of WCF. When you think of WCF, this man is the first thing you think of. The longest active full time wrestler. No breaks, no injuries. He is the best shit talker in the business, ever. And is arguable the most destructive and reckless man WCF has ever seen. He has ended eleven careers. That’s some companies entire roster to half of their roster. That’s insane, That’s incredible. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it myself. But I have. I was there. You all were there for every step and stomp and Axe Wound. Now I don’t want to make a speech, so I’ll make this brief.

Zach Wavis: Isnt that what he’s been doing?

Buddy Roman: The Horror Kore Championship is not your average run of the mill, world heavy weight jobber title of the world held by the likes of Jay Omega and Dune where any one in line for a kuppa kawfee can just scoop it up like extra mac n cheese at the VW hall. No, No. The Horror Kore championship will be defended when WE decide to defend it. The Horror Kore championship will be on the line against those whom we deem worthy. It is a special attraction. It is a special event. It is a both a spectacle and an institution handed down from esteemed and accomplished legend to accomplished legend.
So again, Wade Moor.. and again.. Not to call you out and put you on the spot because we all know what a great job you’re doing. BUT- BUT if you think you can do a better job with your little World title than what MY client can accomplish and has already accomplished with the really REAL flag ship World title of this company then I’d like to see you try.

Buddy Roman drops the mic and heads towards the ropes to leave the ring as “ Never Gonna Stop” plays them out.

Patrilli/Preecha Kamon vs Kyle Kemp/Johnny Rabid

"The Master" by GosT booms violently over the PA system as lights flash to the pulse of the aggressive music. Preecha steps past the curtain followed closely behind by Armand who pats him on the shoulder before hyping him up to the audience. Slowly they walk down to the ring and climb the steps. Armand sits on the second ropes as Preecha stops through before shadow boxing with the turnbuckle then lift his arms, unable to hear the boo of the crowd.

Arena goes black Sober by Tool starts to play over the PA. An explosion and bright blinding white light explodes from the ring corners. Patrilli walks out from the back stage and walks down to the ring.

The lights go out and a spot light shines on the stage. "Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and gold lights start blinking around the arena. Kemp slowly walks out onto the stage and comes to a stop in the spotlight and crosses his arms. He smiles smugly at the crowd and begins to shake his head up and down. He struts down the aisle glaring at fans and rolls into the ring. The lights all come back on as he extends both of his arms out to his side and begins to laugh. He walks over to the corner and leans on it as the song ends.

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron. As the smoke clears, we see Johnny Rabid standing tall; arms out stretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as Johnny's name appears on a Slam Graphic. Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's Johnny hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Lon Chaney in Tod Browning's "London After Midnight" (1927). Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the boo's from the crowd before taking off his black trench-coat and shades and waving his hapless opponent on with a cocky smirk on his face.

Kamon starts the match for his team, Kemp for his. The two men circle around each other, Kamon going for a tieup several times with Kemp avoiding it. Kamon gets frustrated and rushes Kemp, who has goaded Kamon towards his corner; Kemp sidesteps him and allows Rabid to hit a cheap shot. With Kamon now dazed, Kemp drops him with a Scoop Slam before tagging in Rabid. Rabid slingshots in and splashes on top of Kamon before briefly taunting the fans.

Wavedigger: Preecha Kamon saw last week just how dominant the #beachkrew is. Not too sure why he's coming back for seconds.

Rabid turns around straight into a right hook from Kamon! The fans cheer as Rabid is sent sprawling onto the mat. He quickly gets up only to get a series of liver punches from Kamon, followed by an irish whip to the ropes. As Rabid comes back Kamon takes him down with a Leg Sweep. Kamon goes for a quick pin.



Zach Wavis: Kickout!

Kamon gets up and puts Rabid into a headlock before tagging in Patrilli.

Wavedigger: Coward! Kamon is running away already!

Freddy Bro: No, he's just being a smart tag team wrestler. You KNOW Preecha would rather just keep fighting, but that isn't what tag team matches are about.

Patrilli comes in and runs at Rabid, but once Patrilli gets to Rabid, Patrilli realizes he only knows one move, his finisher, the Eraser. He tries to lift Rabid up but Rabid obviously has the move scouted; Rabid shifts his weight and lands behind Patrilli. Rabid takes him down with a Chop Block.

Wavedigger: #beachkrew, the dirtiest stable in the game!

Rabid tags in Kemp. Kemp comes in as Patrilli is getting back to his feet; Kemp hits a Chop Block of his own, taking Patrilli down again. Kemp kicks at him a few times before backing up and taunting Kamon. Kamon starts to enter the ring but the referee stops him; Rabid quickly enters the ring and he and Kemp execute a Double Suplex. Seeing the double teaming, Kamon calms down so the referee will pay attention to the active participants again; Kemp is now going for a pin.



Nope!, Patrilli kicks out.

Zach Wavis: Patrilli may need to learn some new moves but he's tough as nails!

Kemp lifts Patrilli up and throws him into the corner before running at him and Clotheslining him into it. Patrilli stumbles out from the corner and Kemp kicks him in the gut before hitting a DDT!

Wavedigger: Tough or not, one DDT can scramble your brains and lead straight to a loss, quick as that. And Kemp hit it to perfection.

Kemp backs off, ready to finish Patrilli off. He runs at him...

Freddy Bro: Back to the Minors!

No!, Patrilli sidesteps it and rolls away, tagging in Kamon!


Kamon comes in and hits Kemp with a Spinning Backfist!

Zach Wavis: Shades of Brad Kane!

Kemp is spun right into Rabid, who he tags in. Rabid enters the ring and runs at Kamon but Kamon Uppercuts him. He Uppercuts him again before hitting a big Pendulum Kick. Kamon goes for a pin.



No!, another kickout

Wavedigger: Hard fought match here by all four men.. so far.

Kamon pats his elbow as he waits for Kemp to get back up. Kemp is up and turns right into an Up Elbow, followed by a Swinging Elbow, followed by a Spinning Back Elbow!

Freddy Bro: Preecha Prayer! There it is! Preecha has it!

He pins Kemp!



NO!, broken up by Johnny Rabid!

Wavedigger: Best tag team in the business!

Zach Wavis: Well, technically yes!, as they are the Tag Team Champions. This is a non-Title match but you have to think that a victory here would put them in contention REAL quick.

As the referee yells at Rabid to leave the ring, Kemp hits Kamon with a low blow. Kamon stumbles away and tags in Patrilli as Kemp now tags in Rabid.

Freddy Bro: Two fresh men coming in!

Rabid and Patrilli meet in the middle of the ring and begin brawling. Patrilli gains the upper hand and throws Rabid to the ropes, but as Rabid is coming back he runs up and hits Patrilli with a Shining Wizard!

Wavedigger: No one in WCF hits it like him!

Johnny Rabid is feeling it. He waits on Patrilli until he's able to run at him..


Rabid drops down and pins Patrilli.




Freddy Bro: The Tag Team Champions pick up the victory!

Rabid and Kemp join each other and raise their arms in victory, basking in the jeers. Patrilli and Kamon regroup on the outside.

Wavedigger: I hate to say I told you so, but..

Zach Wavis: The #beachkrew only won because they utilized dirty tactics... And even so, they better hold onto those belts, because at One, they have quite a challenge ahead of them!

Raymond Hatcher vs Spencer Adams

We cut to the ring where we see Kyle Steel alongside referee Rob Livingston.

Kyle Steel: Folks, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with twenty-five minute time limit.

Zach Wavis: These men being given twenty-five minutes tonight. This is a bit longer than the fifteen minutes we usually a lot to our no-title Slam matches

Freddy Bro: The WCF wanted to make sure they got the time they needed for us to get a clear winner.

Wavedigeer: O jeez.

We hear a muffled gagging sound.

Zach Wavis: What? What are you doing?

Wavedigger: O shit, I have to go.

Freddy Whoa: Huh?

Zach Wavis: What do you mean, you have to go?

Wavedigger: Oh, I’m gonna be sick.

Zach Wavis: Really?

Wavedigger: I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that Exxon station sushi.

Zach Wavis: Oh come on, don’t be sick over here.

We hear a clunking sound.

Zach Wavis: Well, great there goes Wavedigger.

Freddy Bro: I guess it’s just me and you, Zach.

Zach Wavis: O great.

We see Wavedigger’s head float by the bottom of our camera shot of the ring as the opening riff to “Supremacy” by Muse hits the PA and strobe lights flicker as blue smoke fills the stage. As the song picks up, Spencer steps onto the stage and lifts his right arm high into the air.

Kyle Steel: Our first competitor making his way down to the ring, he weighs in at one hundred ninety pounds, from Chicago, Illinois…”The Antidote” Spencer Adams!

Spencer makes his way down the ramp, jumping up onto different spots on the barricade and high fiving fans before charging into the ring and climbing the turnbuckle. He motions for the fans to make some noise before leaping down and waiting for his opponent as his music fades from the sound system.

We hear “Chariots Of Fire” by Faith No More begin to play, after a few chords, we see Raymond Hatcher come walking through the curtain, he has his hands wrapped in black athletic tape and is wearing a black robe laced with gold trim underneath which are his simple black trunks, kneepads, boots and one elbow pad on his left arm. Hatcher doesn't do his usual pandering to the crowd, instead he has an ice cold expression. Hatcher strolls down to the ring at a steady pace. He heads up the ring steps walking out onto the apron while looking out at the crowd. Hatcher wipes his feet on the apron and climbs through the ropes into the ring.

Kyle Steel: His opponent, making his way into the ring, weighing in at two hundred thirty-seven pounds, he hails from Los Angeles, California...The Real Deal Raymond Hatcher!

Hatcher heads to his corner and begins disrobing staring down Spencer Adams who is perched in a seated position on the top rope. After removing his robe Hatcher walks to the middle of the ropes and raises his hands, the crowd greets him with a chorus of boos. This props Spencer Adams to stand up on the middle rope and hold his arms up, the crowd goes wild.

This infuriates Hatcher who tries to march across the ring, but is blocked by Rob Livingston. Livingston orders Hatcher back to his corner and begins patting him down as Kyle Steel leaves the ring. Referee Livingston then moves across the ring and orders Spencer down from the ropes. Spencer politely follows orders and holds his legs out to be patted down by Livingston. Once the formalities are over Rob Livingston calls for the bell…ding, ding!

Zach Wavis: There’s the bell and this one is underway.

Hatcher and Spencer slowly approach the center of the ring, the two begin exchanging words we can’t hear.

Freddy Bro: You can only imagine what those two are saying to each other.

The two men start circling each other, Hatcher reaches his hand out for something and Spencer trying to be cute smacks Hatcher’s hand away with his boot, this however leaves Spencer open and Hatcher charges in for a quick single leg-takedown. Hatcher immediately takes Spencer to his belly and starts locking in an STF!

Spencer quickly scampers to the safety of the ropes before Hatcher can get the hold locked-on. Livingston calls for the break and Hatcher obliges backing up to the center of the ring and allowing Spencer to get back to his feet.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher going for the STF early in this match.

Freddy Bro: He’s trying to end it quick.

Spencer and Hatcher start circling each other again and then lock-up in a collar-elbow. The two men struggle for the advantage. Hatcher slips behind Spencer into a waist-lock, Spencer is able to reverse around Hatcher into a waist-lock of his own and then goes from that into a side headlock and then Judo tosses Hatcher over his hip and down to his back on the mat with the headlock still on.

Zach Wavis: Spencer Adams with a nice side headlock takeover.

Spencer holds tight to the side headlock, but Hatcher is able to swing his feet up and pull Spencer down to the mat in a headscissors. Spencer struggles for a bit with the headscissors, but is eventually able to roll Hatcher to his back while getting on his own feet and then rolls forward with his back meeting Hatcher’s belly which is enough for him to pop his head out from inbetween Hatcher’s thick legs. Spencer lays ontop of Hatcher leading to a cover.


Hatcher bridges up off the mat and rolls around Spencer into a backslide for a cover.


Spencer rolls out of the backslide cover to his feet as Hatcher retreats back to his feet at well and they greet each other with fighting stances. The exchange gets a spattering of applause from the crowd.

Zach Wavis: Some nice back and forth chain grappling between these two.

Freddy Bro: Just showing how evenly matched these two are.

The two men circle once more and lock-up. Spencer slips behind Hatcher into a hammer-lock. After some struggling Hatcher is able to roll out of the move and into an overhead wristlock on Spencer. Spencer has trouble finding a counter but is eventually able to slip his toe behind Hatcher’s leg and pull his feet from under him causing Hatcher to lose his grip and fall to his back. Hatcher immediately rolls over to his hands and knees to get back to his feet, but Spencer quickly drops down and hooks a waistlock on Hatcher. Hatcher is still able to muscle up to his feet in the waistlock, Hatcher is struggling hard and looks to be about to counter when Spencer decides to shove him forward to the ropes and go for a roll-up. Hatcher has other thoughts and hooks the top rope causing Spencer to just go rolling backwards over himself. Spencer rolls back to his feet and runs to the opposite ropes, as Hatcher turns around. Spencer rebounds from the ropes and gets backdropped over the top to the outside by Hatcher.

Zach Wavis: The pace starting to heat up a bit.

Spencer is able to land on the ring apron and meets Hatcher with a side kick through the ropes and Hatcher stumbles backwards holding his appendix area. Spencer takes the opportunity to leap up and springboard off the top rope with a dropkick catching Hatcher in the chest. Hatcher goes down and Spencer immediately runs over to a corner and starts climbing to the top rope.

Freddy Bro: Spencer Adams looking for something high risk.

Spencer gets caught at the top by Hatcher who crotches him on the steel rod holding the turnbuckle to the post. Hatcher takes a moment’s breath before nailing Spencer with a forearm to the side of the head and then climbing to the second rope. Hatcher hooks Spencer’s head.

Zach Wavis: Looks like The Real Deal is thinking about a superplex.

Hatcher hooks Spencer’s trunks and lifts him, but Spencer grabs the top rope and won’t let go. Spencer then nails Hatcher with rights to the stomach and lifts him up for what looks to be an inverted superplex to the arena floor.

Freddy Bro: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!

Spencer just tosses Raymond Hatcher forward out to the arena floor and Hatcher lands face-first at ringside.

Freddy Bro: Jeez for a moment there I thought Adams was going to drop him back first all way to the ring steps below.

Zach Wavis: That could have been the end of Hatcher’s career right there. I’m not even sure if Spencer just didn’t have the strength to throw him all the way back or if he was just showing some mercy.

Rob Livingston: One!

Spencer rests for a short moment on the top rope before throwing his hands in the air, the crowd cheers.

Rob Livingston: Two!

Hatcher starts slowly climbing to his feet at ringside.

Rob Livingston: Three!

Spencer climbs down from the top rope and waits in the ring for Hatcher.

Rob Livingston: Four! Five! Six!

Hatcher gets to his feet a bit dazed, but looks like he’ll beat the count. Spencer charges to the ropes, rebounds off and dives through the ropes catching Hatcher, the crowd cheers.

Zach Wavis: There we see the daredevil nature of Spencer Adams.

Spencer gets up to his feet and celebrates with the crowd. Spencer then pulls Hatcher back to his feet, tosses him into the ring, and then follows in after. Hatcher pulls himself to his feet and Spencer grabs him and whips him across the ring. Hatcher rebounds off and ducks a clothesline, before shooting back off the other ropes and gets a knee buried into his mid-section causing him to the flip over the knee and land on the mat, the crowd cheers.

Zach Wavis: Spencer Adams speeding up the pace of this bout.

Spencer pulls Hatcher to his feet, but Hatcher fights back with a right, the fights is cut short when Spencer lays in a knee to his head. Spencer whips Hatcher into a corner, Hatcher hits back first and is caught with a running splash. Hatcher stumbles out of the corner and Spencer catches him with a hurricanrana. Hatcher goes down, but gets back to his feet relatively quickly. Spencer charges for the ropes and Hatcher drops down to the mat, Spencer steps over on his march to the other set of ropes. Spencer rebounds again and Hatcher goes for a hip-lock, but it’s blocked and Spencer pulls Hatcher’s head down and places his leg over the back of his neck. Hatcher rears back sending Spencer into a back flip. Spencer lands on his feet and Hatcher goes for a clothesline, Spencer ducks behind and catches Hatcher with Shenanigans!!!

Zach Wavis: Shenanigans! out of nowhere!

Hatcher immediately rolls from the ring and drops to the floor at ringside before Spencer can make a cover.

Freddy Bro: A tough break for Spencer Adams and a smart move by Raymond Hatcher.

Zach Wavis: That could have been the end right there, Freddy. We just got a glimpse of that ever present ring awareness Hatcher brings with him every time he steps through those ropes.

Spencer has his hands on his head with a look of disbelief, the crowd boos voicing their displeasure as well.

Rob Livingston: One!

Zach Wavis: Spencer Adams quite disappointed he didn’t get to make the cover. Say what you want about Raymond Hatcher, but he proves once again even with his short stint in this business he has the mind of a grizzled veteran.

Rob Livingston: Two! Three!

Hatcher is motionless at ringside.

Rob Livingston: Four!

Freddy Bro: I wonder if Spencer Adams is just going to let the count go, he might have done enough with the Shenanigans! to keep Hatcher out for a ten count.

Rob Livingston: Five! Six!

Spencer is patiently waiting in the ring for Hatcher to stir.

Rob Livingston: Seven!

Finally we see some life, Hatcher starts using the guardrail to pull himself up.

Zach Wavis: Knowing the fighter Spencer Adams is I doubt he wants to win this with a count out.

Spencer walks over to the ropes and climbs out onto the apron, referee Rob Livingston pulls on his arm and orders him back into the ring.

Freddy Bro: There you go, Zach, Adams doesn’t want the count out.

Rob Livingston: One!

Zach Wavis: It looks like that was enough to break the count giving Hatcher a second chance here.

Rob Livingston: Two!

Hatcher is leaning against the guardrail holding his head.

Rob Livingston: Three!

Zach Wavis: Hatcher trying to shake off the cobwebs.

Rob Livingston: Four! Five!

Hatcher slowly approaches the ring and climbs up onto the apron.

Rob Livingston: Six!

Spencer starts to approach, but Hatcher points him out to the referee who orders him to let Hatcher return to the ring, Spencer does as he’s told. Hatcher takes his time climbing through the ropes back into the ring.

Zach Wavis: And here we go, Raymond Hatcher back in the ring so we can continue this very contentious bout.

Hatcher takes a moment to adjust his trunks and reposition his elbow pad. The two men start circling each other and then lock-up. Hatcher starts pushing Spencer backwards, but Spencer slips behind into a waistlock, Hatcher rears back and catches Spencer with a hard elbow to the side of the head, this is enough for Spencer to lose the hold and Hatcher brings him down with a quick drop-toe hold and he goes straight into the STF!

Zach Wavis: The STF again!

Spencer once again is quick to scurry to the ropes knowing what danger he could be in.

Freddy Bro: That was a close call for Spencer.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher has used that STF to win titles before it’s nothing to play around with.

Hatcher climbs off Spencer as ordered by Rob Livingston, but then grabs Spencer’s leg and drags him back to the middle of the ring, Hatcher lifts the leg up and smashes it down into the mat knee first. Hatcher takes a breath as Spencer rolls onto his back and clutches his knee. Hatcher takes control of Spencer’s leg again, but this time Spencer is able to fight him off with a kick to the face using his free foot.

Zach Wavis: Spencer trying to turn the tables back into his favor.

Hatcher retreats to a corner holding his face as Spencer gets back to his. Spencer charges in, but is caught with a back elbow to the side of the face. Spencer stumbles away from the ropes and Hatcher charges in with a chop block to the back of the leg, Spencer crumbles to the mat. Hatcher immediately gets up and then grabs Spencer’s leg, places his foot on the back of the knee joint and then lifts the leg up and stomps down on it driving the knee into the mat.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher has zoned in on his target now.

Freddy Bro: It’s a smart move, ground the high-flyer.

Hatcher gets back up and starts stomping on Spencer’s leg. Hatcher rolls Spencer to his stomach and then lifts his leg up and brings his elbow crashing down on the inside of the leg. Hatcher stays on the mat and grapevines the leg. After several moments in the hold Hatcher starts pulling the kneepad of Spencer down and grinds his elbow into the socket. Spencer in excruciating pain starts pulling on Hatcher’s hair, but Hatcher reaches back and catches him with an elbow to the side of the head. Spencer lays flat on the mat holding his head.



Spencer lifts his shoulder up off the mat as Hatcher continues wrenching on the leg.

Zach Wavis: Spencer needs to keep in mind where his shoulders are at all times.

Freddy Bro: It’s hard to think of anything when someone is doing that to your leg.

Zach Wavis: Good point.

Spencer is writhing in pain, but Hatcher has played enough with the grapevine and releases the hold. Hatcher climbs to his knees and holds Spencer’s leg flat on the mat as he throws his lower body into the air and brings his knee crashing down along the prone leg. Hatcher repeats this several more times before climbing back to his while still holding the ankle and then starts kicking the back of the leg and follows up with a stump-puller.

Zach Wavis: That stump-puller stretching the tendons in the back of the legs.

Hatcher takes a moment climbing back to his feet as Spencer caters to the leg.

Zach Wavis: This is exactly Hatcher’s consistent gameplan, he likes to the slow the pace and keep the opponent on the ground.

Freddy Bro: The ol’ ground and pound routine.

Hatcher lifts Spencer up into a sitting position and then reaches over his back and pulls Spencer’s leg up off the mat towards himself while keeping Spencer’s back against his knees not allowing Spencer to lean backwards to the mat to relieve the pressure on the leg.

Zach Wavis: An interesting hold here by Hatcher just adding tons of stress to the leg.

After a few moments Hatcher releases the hold and then takes a step back nails Spencer in the back with a stiff kick. Spencer arches his back in pain as he lays back on the mat, the crowd boos.

Zach Wavis: You can hear the smack of that kick echo through the American Bank Center.

Freddy Bro: Shit you can probably hear that echo throughout all of Texas.

Hatcher makes a quick cover of Spencer not bothering to hook a leg. Rob Livingston drops down for the count.



Spencer kicks out.

Zach Wavis: A quick cover, but only a two count here.

Hatcher slowly pulls Spencer back to his feet and then drops him again with a shin-breaker. As Spencer collapses to the mat Hatcher keeps a hold of his ankle and then drops it to the mat with a DDT.

Freddy Bro: A DDT right to the ankle.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher is really taking great efforts to soften that leg up.

Hatcher drags Spencer to the ropes and places his ankle across the bottom rope, Hatcher steps on the ankle and then hops up into the air and brings his posterior down across the leg. Spencer’s leg folds like origami and he yanks it away tucking it up against his body and wrapping his arms around it like a stuffed animal.

Zach Wavis: I don’t know how much more Spencer Adams could possibly take.

Spencer is protecting his leg with the rest of his body prompting Hatcher to start stomping on his head, eventually Spencer moves his arms to protect his head leaving the leg once again exposed, Hatcher hits him with another stump-puller.

Freddy Bro: And there he goes again taking liberties with that leg.

Hatcher takes his time getting to his feet and then holds his hands up for the crowd, they greet him with boos.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher seems to think he has Adams right where he wants him even taking time to gloat to the crowd.

Hatcher finally stops toying with the audience and walks back over to Spencer. Hatcher lifts Spencer’s leg up again and spins around it into a spinning toehold. Spencer is able to fight back laying several kicks into Hatcher’s chest before hitting him in the head, hard!

Zach Wavis: Spencer Adams is fighting back now.

Hatcher drops to one knee from the blow giving Spencer Adams enough time to crawl to a corner and pull himself to his feet. Hatcher steps back to both feet and charges. Spencer nails Hatcher with a boot to the face dazing him. Spencer lifts himself, mostly with his arms, to the middle rope and dives off with a single leg dropkick, the crowd cheers.

Zach Wavis: Now Spencer Adams firing back on Hatcher.

Spencer gets back up to his feet, but is heavily favoring his bad leg. Spencer hobbles over to Hatcher as he gets up and nails him with several elbows to the face. Hatcher fires back with a forearm and Spencer fires back with a kick, but Hatcher catches the foot and Spencer hits an enziguri.

Freddy Bro: Whoa!

Zach Wavis: Spencer catching Hatcher right up side the head.

The two men lay relatively motionless on the mat.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three! Four!

Spencer starts to move first, crawling to the ropes.

Rob Livingston: Five!

Hatcher lifts his head off the mat and climbs to all fours.

Rob Livingston: Six!

Spencer is using the ropes to pull himself to his feet.

Rob Livingston: Seven!

Spencer gets to his feet first, but Hatcher isn’t far behind. Spencer meets Hatcher in the middle of the ring with a right to the face, Spencer swings with another one, but Hatcher ducks behind and dragon suplex!

Zach Wavis: A huge dragon suplex on Spencer Adams.

Hatcher bridges with the suplex for a cover.



No! Spencer kicks out.

Zach Wavis: Spencer kicking out before the three.

Freddy Bro: I thought that was it.

Hatcher slaps the mat in frustration before pulling Spencer up to his feet and shoving him into a corner. Hatcher lays in a massive series of knife edge chops.

Freddy Bro: Listen to those things, whoa!

Hatcher kicks at Spencer’s injured leg until it gives way and Spencer drops down to the bottom of the corner. Hatcher charges across the ring to the ropes, rebounds and facewash!

No! Spencer moves his head and Hatcher’s foot goes through the ropes. Spencer rolls Hatcher up with a school-boy.



Hatcher kicks out.

Zach Wavis: Spencer sneaking in the back door, but can’t get the three.

Both men get back to their feet, Spencer nails Hatcher with a hard right to the face, Hatcher fires back with a forearm, and Spencer comes back with another right, and another, and another. This dazes Hatcher and Spencer drops him with a massive DDT to a huge roar from the crowd.

Freddy Bro: Dropped him right on the top of his head, that was viscous.

Spencer rolls Hatcher over for the cover hooking the leg, Livingston counts.



Hatcher kicks out. Spencer doesn’t waste anytime even though he is moving a bit slower than usual, he scoops Hatcher up from the mat and hooks in a dragon sleeper, the crowd cheers him on.

Zach Wavis: Spencer trying to force a submission.

Freddy Bro: He could be trying to put him to sleep.

Spencer has Hatcher tight in the sleeper and Hatcher is nowhere near the ropes. After several moments Hatcher’s body looks to be going limp. Rob Livingston lifts his hand up.

It drops!

Rob Livingston lifts the hand up again.

It drops!

Zach Wavis: If his hand drops one more time this is all over.

Rob Livingston lifts the hand up a third time.

It stays up! The crowd boos, and Spencer drops Hatcher to the mat as he releases the hold.

Zach Wavis: Raymond Hatcher able to stay in the fight.

Spencer pulls Hatcher back to his feet and then gingerly lifts Hatcher up onto his shoulders carrying most of the weight on his good leg.

Zach Wavis: Spencer going for The Vaccine!

Hatcher wriggles free and drops down behind Spencer and hits him with a half-nelson suplex, but Spencer rolls out and lands on his feet. The landing is bad as Spencer’s leg buckles beneath him, Hatcher quickly shoves Spencer back into a corner.

Zach Wavis: The damage to the knee coming back to haunt Spencer.

Hatcher pulls Spencer’s leg around the middle rope and starts yanking on it.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three! Four!

Hatcher lets go of the leg and backs away from the corner for a moment as Spencer pulls his leg from the ropes. Hatcher goes back and grabs Spencer’s wrist, Hatcher whips Spencer across the ring, but Spencer can’t make the trip and collapses to the mat.

Zach Wavis: And Spencer Adams in a lot of trouble here, his leg just completely giving out.

Freddy Bro: This is bad, Hatcher looks like a shark that smells blood.

Hatcher begins laughing at the sight of Spencer on the mat.

Zach Wavis: That a sick, sadistic laugh right there, folks.

Hatcher hovers over Spencer Adams and starts slapping him in the head while screaming for him to get up.

Zach Wavis: Does Hatcher have no class at all? Just pin the man.

Freddy Bro: He’s not quite ready for that, Zach.

Hatcher starts slowly pulling Spencer up from the mat. Small package on Hatcher!



No! Hatcher kicks out.

Zach Wavis: And the small package brought the crowd to life.

Hatcher quickly gets to his feet, but Spencer isn’t as quick, he’s on the mat in a sitting position when Hatcher charges in with a big boot to the face, Spencer ducks the boot and catches Hatcher with a roll-up into a sitout pin.



Hatcher kicks out again. Spencer fights to his feet fast this time, but with only one foot he stumbles to the ropes using them to hold himself up. Hatcher charges at Spencer with a big clothesline, but Spencer ducks and sends Hatcher over the top rope. Hatcher is able to land on the apron and yanks Spencer down to the mat by the back of his hair. Hatcher immediately heads to the top rope.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher heading up top, what could this be?

Hatcher gets to the top rope and dives off with the headbutt!

Freddy Bro: Nowhere To Go But Up!

No! Spencer rolls out of the way and Hatcher hits the mat head first.

Zach Wavis: And Spencer Adams able to get out of the way just in time, what a match, folks.

Suddenly from the crowd we see Adam Young appear, he’s holding a chair.

Zach Wavis: What is this now? Get him out of here.

Adam Young slides the chair into the behind the referee’s back. Young hops up onto the ring apron and starts shouting to get the referee’s attention. Spencer crawls over to Hatcher and makes a one-armed cover, but the referee doesn’t see it.

Zach Wavis: The referee can’t see the cover. One, two, three, this thing should be over.

Spencer sees what’s happening and hobbles to his feet.

Zach Wavis: Someone please get this guy out of here, he does nothing, but cause trouble.

On one foot, Spencer hops over to the ropes and reaches over the referee nailing Adam Young with a punch to the face, Adam Young holds onto the referee’s shirt to keep himself from falling off the apron. Wham! Hatcher nails Spencer in the back of the leg with the chair.

But NO! Spencer turns around just in time to catch Hatcher with the chair in hand, Spencer nails Hatcher with a right to the face sending him to the mat. Spencer picks up the chair and the crowd cheers.

Freddy Bro: What’s he gonna do with that chair?

Zach Wavis: Hey, turn-about is fair play.

Hatcher gets back to his feet as Spencer looks at the chair, the referee still stuck in Young’s grip can’t see anything. Spencer lifts the chair up.

And tosses it out of the ring, Hatcher charges in with a big kick to the gut and then hooks Spencer’s head and lifts him up for a Brain Buster!

Zach Wavis: The Brain Buster! That’s gotta be it.

Young lets go of the referee and points to Hatcher making the cover on Spencer Adams. Livingston quickly hurries to the mat for the count.




The bell rings!

Zach Wavis: Damn it, that was a travesty! Spencer Adams had Hatcher beat.

Freddy Bro: Well, that’s not what the record books will say.

Zach Wavis: You saw what happened, that dastardly Adam Young cost Spencer the match.

Adam Young immediately enters the pulls and exhausted Hatcher to his feet.

Kyle Steel: Your winner of the match…The Real Deal Raymond Hatcher!!!

Rob Livingston comes in and holds up Hatcher’s hand as Hatcher leans on Adam Young for support.

Zach Wavis: I really just can not believe this, folks. Spencer Adams getting cheated out of a win here tonight.

Spencer holding his head is trying to climb to his feet when Adam Young kicks him in the side of the head.

Zach Wavis: O’ come on now, stop this, the match is over.

Young immediately exits the ring and returns with the metal folding chair.

Zach Wavis: What now damn it, haven’t they done enough.

Young proceeds to smash Spencer Adams repeatedly with the chair, over and over and over again, the crowd is almost silence in shock of the brutality being displayed.

Zach Wavis: Someone stop this, please.

After several more shots Young says something to Hatchers. Hatcher gets behind Spencer and pulls him to his feet holding arms back, Young nails Spencer with a shot right to the head. Hatcher backs away letting Spencer’s body drop lifelessly to the mat. We see some blood trickle from his forehead. Hatcher heads to ringside and grabs the microphone from Kyle Steel’s hand before reentering the ring.

Raymond Hatcher: So, is this the little boy you all idolize, huh? This skinny, goofy-faced punk?! Is this what the WCF wants? Well, there you go, you got it, you wanted Raymond Hatcher versus Spencer Adams, you want TLC, well, look what happens. I’ve been too nice for too long to too many. I’ve kept my mouth shut and done my job. I’ve sat back and watched as trolls like this get title shot after title shot. I’ve waited patiently in the wings for my shot, well I won’t wait any longer. At One Young and I going to prove to the WCF that we are not messing around anymore. We’re gonna prove to the WCF that we’re real threat in this federation, not scrawny little boys like Spencer Adams.

Adam Young kneels down next to Spencer Adams and lifts his head from the mat holding it up, there’s a bit of blood coming down his face.

Raymond Hatcher: Look at that face, huh, look at those dead lifeless eyes, and we’re just getting started. This right here, this is a wake-up call, Spencer Adams. You little shit, you think you’re better than me, huh? You little moth-

Hatcher tosses the microphone down, mounts Spencer while shoving Young away and starts bludgeoning him with viscous punches to the face. We can now see the cut on Spencer Adam’s head open up more and blood come pouring out. There is an unflinching rage smeared across Hatcher’s face, he is literally foaming at the mouth. Hatcher finally stands up from Spencer’s prone body and wipes the saliva from his mouth.

Young picks the microphone up and hands it back to Hatcher.

Raymond Hatcher: Pull him up, show that face to ‘em.

Young gets down on his knees and again lifts up Spencer’s limp head.

Raymond Hatcher: You seeing red now, Spencer? Well at One you could only be so lucky. You won’t be seeing red, you’ll be seeing black.

Hatcher turns to the crowd now and walks over to the ropes as Young lets Spencer’s head falls to the mat and climbs to his feet, but not before nailing Spencer with a stiff clubbing elbow right to the forehead.

Raymond Hatcher: People want to call my partner a sick bastard. Well, you idiots that’s a fucking compliment to him. He is a sick bastard, the sickest bastard this place has ever seen. You all wanna mind your Ps and Qs around here. Well, fuck that. I don’t want to follow your rules, Hell, we both refuse to follow your rules. We’re God damn outlaws, baby. People can take the high road around here, but the real way to the top as Beach Krew has proven is on the low road. And we’re the gentleman that are gonna ride it all the way to the top. Look at that, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, NO! It’s The Outlaw Gentlemen.

There is a burning rage in Hatcher’s eyes and sneer of contempt as he drops the microphone from his face. The crowd is booing wildly and begins heaving trash into the ring. We can see some especially aggravated fans in the front row giving the men the middle finger. Hatcher takes exception to this and leans through the ropes shouting threats of bodily harm to them. Hatcher throws the microphone at one of the perpetrators, a large heavy-set white man with an “I’m The Cure” t-shirt. The microphone hits the man in the chest and he tries to climb the barricade, but security swarms him all the while Hatcher comfortably taunts him from the safety of the ring apron. Young pats Hatcher on the back, and Hatcher climbs back through the ropes and the two men shake hands over the fallen corpse of Spencer Adams, his face a crimson mess.

Zach Wavis: This behavior is reprehensible, I honestly can’t believe security and the officials in the back have allowed this to go on.

Freddy Bro: I think they’re afraid to get anywhere near these two.

We hear a clunking sound and then a familiar voice.

Wavedigger: Hey guys, what’d I miss?

Zach Wavis: Seriously?

Wavedigger: What?

Zach Wavis: Nevermind, let’s move on with the show. Wait...

Adam Young: Spencer I told you not to mess with me and now your going to pay every time I feel you should. I'm about to make you famous punk.

Adam shakes hands with Raymond as "Dirty Angel" by Voodoo Johnson starts playing.

Gemini Battle vs Occulo

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Kyle Steel: From Washington DC...weighing in at 220lbs...he is Occulo!! And his opponent from Long Island, New York… GEMINI BATTLE!

“Falling Higher” by Helloween plays throughout the arena as Gemini Battle makes his way through the entrance curtain. The crowd cheers as he accepts the praise of the fans by slapping their hands, but never smiles as he heads to the ring. He finally does smile as he gets to Thomas Bates who is sitting front row center and he shakes his hand once more. He slides under the bottom rope and slithers like a snake into the corner where he sits in the corner and meditates until it’s time to get up and ready to fight.

Zach Wavis: The internet is a buzz about this match. Two former United States Champions, one that has recently been called by himself more than others the Greatest US Champ Ever as well as a man that just last year people were screaming the same thing from the mountain tops. They’ve never met in the ring before but their styles are so similar and both are considered some of the best workers in the industry today that we should be expecting a helluva match tonight.

The referee calls the two men to the center of the ring and explains the rules. The crowd is abuzz with excitement as Gemini extends a hand out towards his opponent. Occulo looks around at the crowd and accepts his handshake to a raucous applause of the crowd as the bell rings.

Zach Wavis: Allow me to use my real name for this match, as well as you Gravedigger.

Wavedigger: Personally I hate both these men, but I respect the hell out of them in the ring. I’ll allow it just this once.

The two men lock up and vie for position. Occulo pushes Gemini towards the corner and right before he crashes him into the corner Gemini turns him around and pushes him back. The referee gets in between the two men and Gemini raises his hands and releases the hold.

Then they circle each other again. This time Gemini gains the upperhand first and pushes Occulo towards the corner and right before his back crashes into the turnbuckles Occulo reverses it and pushes Gemini hard back into the corner. The referee once again steps between the two warriors.

Suddenly Gemini leaps up to the second rop and delivers a flying clothesline over the referee and nails Occulo and quickly goes for the pin.


Immediate Kick out and Occulo rolls out of the ring.

Zach Wavis: Occulo needs to regroup. While Gemini has been gaining momentum these past few weeks Occulo is still getting into the swing with this fast paced style. He’s been facing men much bigger than he as of late, it’s the first time he’s wrestled someone with this style.

Gemini runs off the opposite side of the ropes and leaps between the top and middle ropes hitting a suicide dive right into the chest of Occulo pushing him back into the barricades. He gets up and poses for the crowd as they chant.


He grabs Occulo and rolls him under the bottom rope. He rolls in after him and again goes for a pin.


Occulo kicks out, a bit less forcefully this time and rolls to the corner. Gemini goes hard at him but the referee stops him and allows Occulo to regain his composure. He gets to his feet and Gemini comes rushing forward with a spear that Occulo narrlowly avoids causing Gemini to crash hard into the steel behind him.

Crowd: OOOH!

Wavedigger: That should be the opening a solid vet like Occulo needs, look at him take control so quickly. That’s experience for ya.

Occulo pulls Gemini out of the turnbuckles and locks in an arm bar on the mat, wrenching Gemini’s arm back. Gemini screams in agony and it only causes Occulo to wrench in the hold even tighter.

Gemini starts to crawl over to the ropes. Occulo gets to his feet, drags Gemini into the center of the ring and wrenches in the hold even tighter. With Gemini on his stomach there’s hardly anywhere to go but over.

He rolls over onto his back, bringing Occulo over with him and puts his shoulders on the mat.



Occulo has no choice but to release the hold and get out of the predicament. Both men get to their feet quickly and Occulo delivers a hard right to Gemini, who responds with a European Uppercut with his bad paw, and shakes out the pain. Occulo again delivers a hard slap again retaliated by an uppercut with the busted arm. Occulo stops this nonsense with a kick to the gut, followed by a snap DDT and a pin.




Followed by a hard headlock in the center of the ring.

Zach Wavis: The match hasn’t been going on that long but both men are giving it their all. The fans are on the edge of their seats and it’s clear both men want to be the better man tonight.

Gemini gets to his feet, bringing Occulo up with him and he tosses him into the ropes. Occulo comes back with a hard shoulder block knocking Gemini to the ground. He then runs off the other side of the ropes and leaps over the prone body of Gemini who then gets to his feet and has to leap over the running body of Occulo as they nearly collide once more. Occulo comes running back to the center of the ring and Gemini slides behind Occulo and locks in a sleeper hold.

He cinches it in and it seems to be taking effect.

Zach Wavis: Digger, tell us about this move.

Wavedigger: Well Pierce has this locked on perfectly. His arm is over the lateral dissimus parcebel which slowly drains the oxygen from one’s body causing them to fall in a sleep like trance for a moment, usually long enough to pick up a victory.

Zach Wavis: You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you.

Wavedigger: He’s fucking choking him out, can you just please let me watch the match!

Occulo drops to one knee as Gemini takes the leverage given and leans his whole bodyweight on Occulo. Occulo gets to his feet, seeing this as his only opportunity for escape, then drops hard to his rear, smashing Gemini’s arms on his shoulder, and reverses it into a Kimura Lock and twists Gemini’s arm in an uncomfortable position.

Wavedigger: With his busted arm he couldn’t hold onto that hold and now Occulo has this devastating arm bar in place and it looks like Gemini may tap out!

Gemini raises his hand in the air, then drops it and drags himself over to the bottom rope. He grabs on and Occulo is forced to break the hold.

Freddy Bro: WHAT THE FUCK!?!?

Suddenly Wade Moor comes from through the crowd and hits Thomas Bates over the back of the head with a pipe. He delivers another blow and another blow, fighting off the security that surrounds him and delivering vicious blow after vicious blow to the mountain. Gemini rolls out the bottom rope and once Wade catches his eye he flees back through the crowd.

Zach Wavis: Well earlier in the night Gemini refused Wade’s challenge, and this is how he responded. It’ll be interesting to see where Gemini goes from here.

Wavedigger: But there’s an incredible match going on right now, Occulo is still standing in the center of the ring.

The referee calls for Gemini to get back in the ring, but he ignores the plea as he checks on his fallen friend. Occulo even shouts towards Gemini to forget it and get back in the ring to no avail. The referee has no choice but to count.




Gemini calls for EMTs to come out and help Bates




Zach Wavis: What a shame to see something like this happen.

Wavedigger: I know, this match was awesome!

Zach Wavis: Not the match stoppage, the attack by Wade Moor. Why the hell would he do it.

Wavedigger: Moor will not be ignored. He proved that at War and he proved it again here tonight. He’s the Whirlpool Champion for a reason.




Zach Wavis: Well if Gemini doesn’t get in the ring soon he’s going to be counted out.


*Ding Ding*

Kyle Steel: The winner of this match, via count out… Occulo!

The referee raises his hand in the air but Occulo refuses.

Zach Wavis: Occulo wanted to finish thi fight, as did the audience here and I’m sure at home.

Occulo rolls out of the ruing and walks towards Gemini who gets to his feet and stands in between Occulo and Bates who is being hoisted up by a plethora of medics.

Wavedigger: Lord knows that The Sentinels with Howard Black didn’t exactly see eye to eye with the DRG. It looks like shit is going to go down.

Occulo merely nods at Gemini and glances over at Bates before returning his glare to Gemini.

Occulo: This isn’t over.

Gemini: Not by a long shot.

Occulo leaves and Gemini follows out the medics and his fallen brother as the scene fades.

Jeff Purse/Chelsea Armstrong vs Zombie McMorris/Mikey eXtreme

"Survival" by Eminem blares on the PA.

"This is survival of the fittest
This is do or die
This is the winner takes it all
So take it all"

A pyro goes off and up through the stage in Rey Mysterio fashion, Jeff Purse comes flying. Kari comes out from the back as Jeff walks down the aisles, pandering to the crowd.

"Wasn't ready to be no millionaire, I was ill-prepared
I was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there
From the beginning, it wasn't 'bout the ends"

Upon entering the ring, he throws his hands up in the middle of the ring, corner pyros of red and green shoot out. He takes off his aviator sunglasses and throws them in the audience. He turns and sits up on the turnbuckle, waiting for his partner.

Kyle Steel: And now, ladies and gentlemen, making her WCF return...

The crowd roars.

Crowd: Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea!


The Devil within by Digital Daggers begins to play through the speakers as Chelsea Armstrong begins to slowly make her way from backstage. She shows no emotion on her face and her arms hang by her side as she makes her way to the ring keeping her eyes on an object she has chosen in front of her. As she climbs into the ring she makes no attempt to climb the turnbuckle but instead sits against the ropes staring off at the ceiling and whispering to herself as she awaits her opponent.

Wavedigger: I hope and I prey that SEAMAC and Mikey eXtreme can put Pantheon out of their misery here tonight.

"Never Gonna Stop" hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area. He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived.

Zach Wavis: Well, Zombie McMorris had what some could consider the biggest win of his career one week ago where he pinned Torture of all people - TORTURE - for the Hardcore Title. He's now a double Champion.

As the lights in the arena go out, "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins to blare over the crowd. A flash of light shoots towards the center of the ring and you can make out the shape of Freakshow. The arena stays blanketed in darkness until a red light hits the stage, a light fog begins to drift out and engulf the stage. Mikey eXtreme walks out as "lightning" begins to crash into the stage. Freakshow, who appeared to be in the ring just moments ago is now slowly following Mikey to the ring. Mikey does not make eye contact with anyone in the crowd and ignores their requests for any interaction. Mikey slides into the ring and rolls to the corner where he sits, leaning against the bottom rope. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at Mikey's opponents.

Freddy Bro: Here we go!

Chelsea starts the match for her team, and Mikey for his. They circle and go to tie up - but Chelsea ducks away from Mikey and hits him with an Arm Drag. He gets back up and she drops him with a Clothesline. He stumbles into the corner and she runs at him and executes a Corner Splash!

Wavedigger: Enjoy the momentum while you can Chelsea!

Mikey eXtreme stumbles out from the corner and Chelsea follows up with an Enziguri followed by a pin!



No!, Mikey kicks out of it.

Zach Wavis: Too early, but pinfall attempts are always a good way to wear an opponent down. Chelsea knows this.

Chelsea picks Mikey up but he rakes her eyes, sending her turning away. He then runs at her and hits her with a Lariat to the back of her head. She goes down and he quickly stomps her head, vicious strikes right to her temple, enough to disorient her so that he has a chance to grab her leg and apply a Single Leg Crab.

Wavedigger: Chelsea's got crabs!

Zach Wavis: Er, uh, you mean, she has a Single Leg Crab applied to her, but...

Mikey is facing Jeff Purse, who he taunts as he pulls back on the leg. He yells "THIS IS HER RETURN HUH!?" and the like. Knowing she isn't going to give up quite yet, Mikey releases the hold and pulls her towards SEA-MAC. He tags McMorris in. McMorris climbs over and jumps, hitting a knee drop onto Chelsea's leg.

Freddy Bro: We didn't really expect McMorris and eXtreme to work well together when this match was announced, but it seems like they might. And they've begun the dismantling of Chelsea Armstrong.

McMorris now puts his own Single Leg Crab onto Chelsea! She yells out in pain but the second Jeff gets in to break it up, the ref is on him and forces him back onto the apron.

Wavedigger: The refs know that the #beachkrew are signing the checks.

Zach Wavis: Until One, anyway....

McMorris taunts Purse from the ring while he pulls back on Chelsea's leg, just like Mikey had. Chelsea knows she has to do something; she crawls towards the ropes.


She yells out in pain.

Freddy Bro: She NEEDS to reach the ropes if she wants to stay in this!

Right as Chelsea nears the ropes, McMorris pulls her back towards the middle. Jeff has had enough; he Springboards over the ref and hits McMorris with a Dropkick right to the back of the head!

Wavedigger: Cheater cheater!

This brings Mikey eXtreme into the ring, who runs at Purse and Clotheslines him out. Both Chelsea and McMorris are up, they turn to face each other. Chelsea runs at McMorris but her leg gives out; she throws herself at him, going for a mounted punch, but he catches her. He repositions her a bit before hitting an Exploder Suplex!

Zach Wavis: Not a usual move in McMorris' repertoire but an effective one!

He floats over and goes for the pin.



No!, Chelsea finds it in her to kick out!

Freddy Bro: This is the toughest woman to ever step into WCF. Forget Josephine Miyazaki, forget Lilith, forget Sarah Twilight.

Wavedigger: I've always been trying, Freddy, I've always been trying.

McMorris lifts Chelsea up by the arm and twists it before hitting a series of shoulder thrusts.


Chelsea drops to the mat. McMorris lifts her up, cocky now, and pushes her towards the ropes. She bounces off of them and comes towards him.. he lifts her..

Zach Wavis: Gorilla Press!

No!, Chelsea shifts her weight and lands behind him. She takes him to the mat with a Sleeper Drop!

Freddy Bro: She's got to make the tag!

Both McMorris and Chelsea rest on the mat, and begin crawling towards their teammates.

Zach Wavis: Come on, Chelsea...

Wavedigger: Stop being so biased, Zach.

McMorris dives and makes the tag!, here comes Mikey! He jumps in and just as Chelsea leaps herself, Mikey grabs her leg and pulls her back to the middle of the ring. The fans boo as Mikey drops an elbow onto her legs.

Freddy Bro: These guys clearly came into this match with a plan, which they're executing to perfection.

Mikey begins climbing up to the top.

Zach Wavis: Mikey eXtreme going high risk now..

Wavedigger: It isn't high risk when you know what you're doing, Zach.

Mikey flies off the top... FROG SPLASH!


Chelsea rolls away and tags in Jeff Purse!

Zach Wavis: Here comes the former World Champion!

Purse Springboards into the ring and hits Mikey with a Missile Dropkick. Mikey flies halfway across the ring and tags in McMorris. McMorris comes in and runs at Purse but Purse catches him and hits him with a Belly to Belly Suplex. McMorris stumbles up and Purse follows up with a Spinning Heel Kick, though it doesn't take the coked up zombie down. Purse runs at the ropes, Springboards, and hits a Clothesline. Before McMorris can get up Purse grabs his leg and puts him in an Ankle Lock!

Freddy Bro: How the tables have turned!

But McMorris won't give up, not now, not ever. After several moments of the hold, Jeff Purse gets hit in the face by a Superkick by Mikey eXtreme!


Mikey rolls away as McMorris rolls on top of Purse.





Purse kicked out at the last second. The crowd is on Pantheon's side.


McMorris lifts Purse up and throws him to the ropes, but as Purse comes back he hits McMorris with a Hurricanrana! McMorris gets back up and Purse goes to throw him to the corner, but McMorris reverses it. Purse is sent into the corner and he jumps up...


Jeff Purse pins Zombie McMorris!



NO!, Mikey eXtreme breaks it up!

Wavedigger: What an awesome team!

Zach Wavis: Jeff Purse would have just pinned the Hardcore and Internet Champion if it wasn't for Mikey eXtreme.

eXtreme pulls Purse in and drops him with an eXplosion! He then rolls out of the ring. McMorris throws his arm over Purse.



NO!, Chelsea breaks it up now.

Freddy Bro: This is anyone's match at this point!

Chelsea gets back onto the apron after being admonished by the referee. Mikey is already there. Both men crawl towards their partners.

Wavedigger: Both men dive...

Zach Wavis: Double tag!

Chelsea and Mikey eXtreme enter the ring and meet in the middle, brawling. Mikey gets the upper hand and goes to throw her to the corner, but she reverses it and sends him into the ropes instead. He comes back and she drops him with an Arm Drag. He gets back up and she runs at him and hits a Shining Wizard! She then backs off and lets him stumble up.

Freddy Bro: Looks like Chelsea is ready to end this...

Chelsea grabs Mikey from the back of the head and runs towards the corner, jumps.


NO!, Mikey grabs her and is able to dump her out of the ring! Jeff Purse immediately enters the ring and grabs Mikey from behind, but McMorris runs at him and executes a FALCON PUNCH! out of nowhere. Jeff Purse is dazed as both he and Mikey turn around, allowing Mikey to grab him and drop him with the second eXplosion of the night!

Zach Wavis: eXplosion! Is this it!?

Mikey pins Purse.


McMorris hits a Suicide Dive onto Chelsea Armstrong!



Wavedigger: Mikey eXtreme and Zombie McMorris win it!

The bell sounds.

Mikey stands up and is handed the US Championship which he raises into the air.

Zach Wavis: Zombie McMorris and Mikey eXtreme walked into this match with all the momentum, and they're walking out of it with the momentum, too.

McMorris grabs his two belts and heads up the ramp as Chelsea checks on Jeff.

Freddy Bro: As we go into One, WCF's biggest PPV of the year... What is the status of Pantheon? Can they overcome?

Benjamin Atreyu Segment

"Suicide Penguin" by Schizoid Lloyd plays over the sound system. The audience waits for Benjamin's emergence, only to be confused by the appearance of an undistinguished man in a black suit. The man looks around cautiously before looking back behind the curtain and signaling to someone off screen. After a moment, Benjamin Atreyu emerges from behind the curtain with another man in a black suit following behind him.

Benjamin moves hesitantly down the walk way, never moving far from the two men. He ascends the ring steps and slips between the rope as one of the agents moves to ring side, grabbing a microphone and inspecting it before rolling into the ring, handing it to Benjamin. The crowd fills the arena with their displeasure, overwhelming Benjamin who whispers something to one of the men, pointing at an audience member.

The man slides out of the ring and walks up to the audience member that Benjamin was pointing at. The man separates the guard rail for the crowd member to pass through. The crowd member excitedly does so, but as soon as he does, he is patted down by the man in black before being sent back to his seat. The man then rolls back into the ring to stand next to Benjamin. The crowd's roar eventually dies down and Benjamin raises the microphone to his lips.

Benjamin Atreyu: Ladies and gentlemen, I, your new, and first, Head of Talent Relations, have graced you with my presence in order to address an incident that occurred last week at Slam.

Benjamin pauses, a smile cracking on his face.

Benjamin Atreyu: Last week, as I'm sure you all saw, I made an announcement that I would not attend any more WCF events due to Vengeance's attack a few weeks before hand, fearing for my safety. Now, if you continued watching, as I'm sure you did, during the people's title match, I ran in and attacked Vengeance. This not only showed that I had been deceitful before hand, but that my reasons for such was out of spite and not out of safety.

The WCF audience cries out, but Benjamin raises his hand, silencing the crowd and letting him continue.

Benjamin Atreyu: Due to this, there has been a lot of speculation as to me returning to the ring. At this time, I would like to immediately slap down those rumors. I am NOT returning to the ring. I have NO intention of fighting Vengeance. What I did, I did to make a point. I'm not at fault for what happened last week, Vengeance is. He caused his own suffering by attacking me. Instead of being a good employee and handling his problems professionally, he went the typical meat head wrestler's route, and that's what he got in return. See, I'm familiar with how this game works, I used to be pretty good at it. So, Vengeance, when you decided to include me in those mind games, I had no other choice than to retaliate and show you how silly this all is.

Benjamin motions to the arena in its entirety.

Benjamin Atreyu: I mean, yes, I am proud of the product this company puts out, and I think wrestling wouldn't be as interesting without the fiery passion of the fighters boiling over, but lets be honest, Vengeance, lets put the truth out there; this is a circus. You know it and I know it. Between two wrestlers, its acceptable to cause a ruckus and burn half the world for the sake of a match, but I'm not a competitor, I'm not a member of the circus, I'm the Head of Talent Relations, and when you tried to carry the circus over to me, you over stepped your bounds. Do you see it? All attacking me brought was karma back at you. Nothing good will come from this.

Benjamin sighs and shrugs.

Benjamin Atreyu: I warned you, weeks ago. I told you, be happy for every day I sat behind that desk, for every day I'm not wrestling. Count it, like a daily gift, every day the possibility of a match between you and I is none-existent. Let those days pile up as you are free to walk around. Even now, now that you know what your actions will bring back to you, enjoy those days with me behind that desk. Don't take it for granted, because if I had been a weaker, dumber man like you, I might have taken you up on your offer, and oh, how you would wish you had counted the days and blessings.

Benjamin places his hand upon the shoulder of one of the men in black.

Benjamin Atreyu: Now, I don't trust Vengeance to understand, so as added insurance against any further incidents, I have hired these two upstanding gentlemen to act as my security for the remainder of my time as your new, and first, Head of Talent Relations, which I hope will be quite a long time. Vengeance, I honestly hope that if you have any problems in the future, you contact me through the proper channels, because as far as I'm concerned, we're even.

The music plays over the sound system again as Benjamin and his body guards go to vacate the ring - until the music is cut off!

Zach Wavis: What the...

As the jumbotron turns on as you can see Vengeance sitting in a dark room with just enough light to see him. His head is looking down as he starts to speak softly.

Vengeance: Benjamin Atreyu I’m going to make this short. Last week on slam you finally decided to get revenge on me from the ass beating to suffered weeks ago. You cost me my only people’s shot, a match that I had won, then you decided to run away.

Vengeance slowly shakes his head.

Vengeance: I hope you watched the replay. All you did was make me smile. It actually felt good to get speared by you.

Vengeance slowly lifts his head and looks at the camera.

Vengeance: You claimed we are even. But the reality is you just added fuel to the fire. That kind of fire has not burned inside of me for a long time. Watch your back Benny. You won’t know when or where, but I am coming for you. But until then……

Vengeance slowly raises his hand hold a piece of paper and it reads

Certificate of Death

Date: 12/20/15

Name: Benjamin Atreyu

Cause of Death: Blunt Force Trauma.

The video fades as Atreyu glares towards the screen.

Wavedigger: Didn't Vengeance listen to Atreyu? He's not getting back in the ring!

Zach Wavis: Can we really take Atreyu at his word, Gravedigger?

Wavedigger: On this we can!

Non-Title Match
Teo Del Sol vs Wade Moor

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall and it is your Main Event. Introducing first, your People’s Champion . . .

The Screen Suddenly cuts to a news desk, where a very serious News Anchor shuffles his papers impatiently. After a few moments he turns towards the camera.

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we Interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the following important broadcast..."

The News Anchor falls silent as the opening riff to "Kickstart my Heart" suddenly blares. The Screen crashes to static before bringing up the view of the entrance ramp, which is engulfed with a burst of Pyro as Teo del Sol, still unmasked but otherwise dazzling in his trademark white jacket. The corner of the screen bears his wrestling mask with the logo TEO TV emblazoned across it, and he holds one hand high over his head, with a camera in the other. The feed then cuts to a live broadcast from the camera, encompassing the screaming fans all around the arena, waving as they appear not only on the TV screen, but on the large 'Tron above Teo. He begins walking down the ramp, reaching out to shake fans hands and sign autographs, all seen from the viewpoint of the camera (still avoiding having photos taken of him, though), at last he makes it to the ring and the view cuts back to the regular feed.

The audience goes wild as he steps through the ropes, taking a deep bow, before running into the corner to raise his hands victoriously! He claps his hands in gratitude, applauding the audience that applauds him, and rolls with a quick backflip, landing in the center of the ring. He pushes down with his hands and springs to his feet, bouncing off of the ropes running to the turnbuckle He removes the jacket and hands it to one of the ring crew before settling into his corner, bouncing back and forth in anticipation.

Kyle Steel: From Houston, Texas, standing at six feet one inches and weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds, he is Teo del SOL!

Zach Wavis: It’s nice to see Kyle still boycotting the rules laid down over a month ago. This man announces it like it should be.

Wavedigger: He should just be happy he’s only an announcer, else he’d face the same fate Teo del Sol is about to face at the hands of our Whirlpool Champion, Wade Moor: destruction.

Freddy Bro: Come on ‘digger, let’s leave this one up to the imagination. This match has five stars written all over it and Corey Black didn’t have to hijack any broadcast to bring it to us!

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, your WCF World Champion . . .

The lights in the arena dim as the opening to “21st Century Schizoid Man” by King Crimson starts playing over the P.A. Wade Moor slips out from behind the curtain – Hacksaw Jim Thuggin by his side and that black acoustic guitar strapped to his back - and lumbers out onto the stage with the WCF World Champion thrown over his shoulder. He stares out to the hot “booing” crowd, eyes always scanning, never relenting. A smile creeps up the side of his face, blaring with deep blue strobe lights, as he starts his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring from The Everglades, weighing in at 280 lbs….WAAAADE POSEIDON MMMOOOOOORRRRRRR!!!!!

Wade puts his hand on the apron, slides his guitar in, and then slides in himself, slithering towards the center of the ring. He hikes up on one knee and holds his hand out to his sides and yells to the crowd.

Wavedigger: My hero. Wade Moor is about to rid the WCF of this fake luchador disrespecting my national heritage.

Zach Wavis: Our champ doesn’t look happy today, not with Teo carrying around the title belt that was oh so recently Kyle Kemp’s belt.

Freddy Bro: Plus, with Dune biting at his heels and his best friend, Los Tiburones, sidelined with injuries, Wade Moor has been seemingly overwhelmed by the events of the last few weeks. This match with Teo, though, is to prove that he’s still floating, not sinking.

Wade Moor looks deep into Teo’s eyes as he pushes himself back to his corner on his knees, slithering back until his body was pressed into the turnbuckles, only then rising to a crouch. He doesn’t even take his eyes off of Teo while the referee runs over the rules. Teo continues to bounce in the corner as the referee, with little else to do, calls for the bell.


Teo LAUNCHES himself out of the corner as the bell tolls, blitzing with a huge leaping knee strike at the cornered Wade Moor. Broseidon expected the lightning offense, though, and steps out of the corner at the last moment. What he didn’t expect was Teo transitioning in mid-air to land on the middle turnbuckle with both feet and leap backwards almost immediately with a twisting crossbody. But Wade catches him across his body and attempts a swinging side slam before the fans even knew what was going on. Not to be outdone, though, Teo del Sol latches onto the arm of the champ and throws his body to the mat on his own accord, taking Wade with him with a huge armdrag.

Zach Wavis: …. I’m not even going to try and recap that.

Freddy Bro: The only thing you have to say, Zach, is “Whoa, look at Teo go!”

The luchador doesn’t release his hold on Moor’s arm as the champ hits the mat, instead using the grip to pull Wade back to his feet. Then, pulling him close to the corner, Teo hops onto the middle turnbuckle first and then from there onto the top rope. Tight-roping for a few steps until he was perched in the center. With a wide grin, he drops back onto the apron to land on his feet, slamming Wade Moor’s taut arm onto the top rope. Wade Moor back peddles, clutching at his aching arm, while Teo latches onto the top rope with both arms. Springboarding in, Wade Moor can only eat the corkscrew elbow strike from the high-flying People’s Champ as the People here in the American Bank Center go wild.

Zach Wavis: The fans are going crazy for Teo, who’s practically a hometown hero here in Corpus Christi.

Wavedigger: Yeah, and Stalin would still get a standing ovation if he walked into the Kremlin this very hour. One’s origins do not denote a sound morality.

Diving from his knees into a pinfall, Teo bobs his head with each slap of the referee’s hand.




Alas, Teo is only allowed two bobs of his own volition followed by a third from the force of Wade Moor’s resounding kickout as the champ practically throws the luchador off of him. Teo was riding the momentum, nevertheless, kipping to his feet to a pop from the crowd, beckoning Moor to his feet. Once Broseidon was there, Teo grabs him by the arm and whips him into the ropes. The pair then run the well-known gauntlet as Teo drops prone to the mat, Wade hopping over him by instinct. On the second pass, Teo pops up and leapfrogs over the ducking Wade Moor, turning to face him as Wade rebounds for the third time. Side-stepping the champ, Teo grabs him with both hands and plants his feet to bring Moor to a halt. Then, with a quick transition, Teo lashes out with that brutal dragon whip kick.

Freddy Bro: Habanero Hurricane!

But Wade ducks. Teo goes through with the motion, landing with his back to Moor, an open target for the malicious man. Grabbing Teo by the head, Wade extends a knee out to slam the People’s Champ back on, before pulling him back up into a neckbreaker that sends the luchador to the mat, the momentum stifled.

Zach Wavis: Wade Moor takes control of the match.

Wavedigger: Now the fun part begins.

Wade rises into a crouch, throwing his long hair out of his face as he looks down at the writhing Teo, a grin forming on his face. Reaching out, Wade grabs Teo by the hair, wrenching his neck back to reveal the naked, exposed neck. Then, with malice in his cold eyes, he chops Teo across the windpipe, sending the luchador into a wheezing fit, trying to breathe.

Freddy Bro: This is sickening.

Wavedigger: This is art. The art of breaking an opponent down until there’s nothing left.

Finding his feet, Wade Moor pulls Teo to his feet and whips him into the ropes. On the rebound, he snatches the People’s Champ up with a brutal powerslam that shakes the ring. With a yawn, Wade places one arm across Teo for a weak pin attempt.




Teo pops a shoulder up off the mat, trying to weasel out of Wade’s loose grip, but the World Champ tightens up with a side headlock, trying to keep the Sol grounded. The people are immediately behind their champ, chanting and clapping their hands as Teo wiggles free out of the headlock, rolling to his feet. Wade is to his knees too quickly, though, and with both arms sweep Teo’s legs out from under him, sending him crashing back to the mat. From there, Wade tries to lock in a second headlock, but Teo counters with a small package pin attempt!

Zach Wavis: Teo trying to steal the victory.




But Wade Moor wasn’t to be fooled, kicking out with authority and rolling to his feet. Teo rises to his knees himself, but doesn’t get any further as Wade lashes out with a huge big boot that connects with the luchador’s jaw, sending soundwaves of the fleshy collision across the arena. Teo drops to the mat as the World Champ stares down at him, the earlier look of enjoyment absent from his eyes.

Wavedigger: The little lucha wannabe has annoyed the champ. It was nice knowing him.

Pulling Teo to his feet, Wade drags him near the corner and then tosses him to the mat with a body slam to set him up in aerial range. Then, with one final glance down at the man, Wade Moor ascends to the top as Teo lies clutching his jaw on the mat. Wade rises to his full height on the top rope, holding both arms out in a crucifix position as he looks around the crowd.

Zach Wavis: This match has forced the champ to pull out new tricks out of his sleeve. What high flying maneuver are we about to see from the big man?

For added showmanship, Wade yells out “Unleash the Leviathan!” before hopping off the turnbuckle, landing on both feet before Teo, and putting a boot against the People’s Champ’s head, grinding it against the mat. Then, satisfied, Wade Moor drops back to the mat and applies a second side headlock.

Freddy Bro: I’d call that a flying headlock, Zach, with theatrics.

The crowd boos Wade Moor loudly before inserting themselves in Teo’s corner once more, chanting for to luchador once more. With momentum building, Teo begins to push himself to his feet, despite Wade wrenching away at his neck, until they were both to a standing position. Then, pressing his hands against Wade’s stomach, Teo pushes him off of him, sending the World Champ charging towards the ropes. Wade stops short of them, stopping his momentum by grabbing onto the ropes, a moment before Teo flies over his shoulder, latching onto the head and bringing it crashing down across the top.

Zach Wavis: Teo del Sol with that modified version of skinning the cat! He’s got the World Champ pressed against the top rope with his body weight anchoring him there.

Wavedigger: Come on, ref, call for the bell! Teo is using an illegal choke.

With a huge pop, Teo begins to pull himself back into the ring, using Wade’s neck as leverage. Once he reaches the full vertical height, though, Wade suddenly rises to his full height, stepping back from the ropes. Then, with a feat of strength, Wade flips Teo around so that he was in a suplex position. Teo lashes out with a knee, trying to strike Moor atop the head, but Wade catches it, transitioning into a Fisherman position. Then, taking a step back, Wade falls to the mat, suplexing Teo back first across the top turnbuckle, dropping the stunned People’s Champ into the corner.

Freddy Bro: That Fisherman Suplex in the corner was just brutal. And Wade is on his feet now.

The World Champ steps across the ring, dropping into a crouch as Teo rolls into a seated position in the corner. Then, charging forward, Wade squishes the luchador with a cannonball splash, letting Teo slump forward to the mat before rolling him over for the pinfall.

Wavedigger: And your winner of the match . . .





Zach Wavis: Is still undetermined, because Teo kicks out!

Still, the People’s Champ was almost out of it as Wade rises to his feet, a look of pure anger across his face. Stepping into the opposite corner once more, Wade cocks the elbow, signaling for the Poseidon Punch; he only needed Teo to get to his feet. But the practically unconscious Teo has other ideas, rolling onto the apron. So Wade Moor follows him to the outside.

Freddy Bro: Oh no, with all the steel and concrete out there, Teo is only making this match worse for him.

Grabbing Teo by the hair, Wade leans the People’s Champ up against the ring post in a seated position before backing up to the other end of the apron. Then, charging forward, Wade Moor goes for a second cannonball splash, hoping to pin Teo between nearly three hundred pounds of flesh and unmoving steel.

Wavedigger: CANNONBALL!

Zach Wavis: Teo rolls out of the way, into the ring! Wade Moor crashes into the ring post and drops to the concrete.

Freddy Bro: And now Teo is back on the apron, using the ropes to pull himself to his feet.

With the crowd fully behind him, Teo finds his feet. Looking down at the supine Wade Moor, Teo points to the crowd before leaping up, coming crashing down with a 450 splash from the apron to the floored World Champ!

Freddy Bro: Whoa, what athleticism from Teo del Sol!

Wavedigger: Flashy sure, but he still has to get Wade into the ring.

For once, ‘digger gives truthful commentary as Teo finds his feet, clutching at his ribs as he looks at the writhing Wade Moor. Then, slowly but surely, Teo brings the big man to his feet and rolls him into the ring, sliding in behind him. A pinfall follows, but was the delay too late?





Wade Moor JUST gets the shoulder up as the arena lets out a collective gasp, with Teo having been so close to the victory. Rising slowly to his feet, Teo steps between the middle and top rope to the apron, earning a huge pop from the crowd. Placing his hands on the ropes, he looks once more at Wade Moor, before launching into the springboard.

Zach Wavis: Teo looking for the Habanero High Dive.

At the very moment Teo lands on the top rope Wade Moor, to the surprise of all, rolls to his feet. The momentum already built, Teo launches forward straight into a Superman Punch from the World Champ.

Wavedigger: Broseidon Punch! Lights out, Te-oh so sad.

Indeed, as Teo crumples to the mat, it was obvious that he was basically unconscious. But the World Champ wasn’t going to let the luchador off easy, not after the fight he had put up against him. Pulling Teo back to his feet, he puts him into the underhook position, before dropping Teo with the facebuster.

Freddy Bro: Unleash the Leviathan. Please let this be over.

Wade Moor mercifully goes for the pin following the technique, Teo barely moving as the referee makes the count.




Suddenly out of the crowd comes Gemini Battle running full speed to a massive pop from the crowd. He leaps over the barricade and slides under the bottom rope before spearing Wade Moor to the ground. He delivers mounted punches to Wade before Moor finally pushes Gemini off of him and both men get to their feet. Suddenly Moor comes out of nowhere with a Broseidon Punch that Gemini narrowly avoids and as Wade lands on his feet and turns around is hit with a vicious reverse crescent kick knocking him out of the ring.

Gemini rushes over to the side of the ring and calls for a mic to be tossed in. Once he gets it he simply says...

Gemini Battle: You wanted it, Moor... You fucking got it!

Moor sits outside the ring holding his jaw with a maniacal smile across his face as the Pink Room by David Lynch plays throughout the arena. Out comes Dune who marches down to the ring in a very methodical manner, and makes his way to Wade Moor who gets to his feet quickly and tries to escape through the crowd. Dune catches him and grabs him by the pants and drags him towards him. A poke to the eyes through the mask blinds Dune just enough for Wade Moor to leap over the barricade with his belt and make his escape.

Dune regains his composure and looks in the ring at Gemini who appears to be motioning to the big man to come on in.

Zach Wavis: These two men have some history already. But this is the first time that Gemini will be going toe to toe with Dune since his turn to the dark side.

Dune happily obliges and climbs onto the ring apron. As he climbs between the top and middle rope Gemini comes over and starts blasting on Dune and the crowd goes nuts.


Dune drops to a knee as Gemini delivers double axe handles to the hands neck and back. Suddenly, with the force of a bear Dune pushes Gemini back into the opposite ropes and as he returns to the center of the ring he clobbers him with the "Dust Devil" tornado kick knocking him out.

Dune slowly and methodically lifts Gemini up, and sets him up for another move before picking up the mic that Gemini had dropped earlier.

Dune: This is your number one contender? This is the man you want competing for MY world title.

He lifts Gemini up with a double under hook crucifix power bomb and drops Gemini over the top rope hard to the concrete below leaving him in a mass of humanity on the ground.

Dune: He looks like nothing but a pile of dust to me. I am the true number one contender for the World Title, and it WILL BE MINE!

He drops the microphone and leaves the ring. The scene ends with a shot of Gemini Battle laying motionless on the mat outside the ring.

Special Guests

Kyle Steel gets up from his position at the time keepers booth and enters the ring.

Zach Wavis: Folks, here and all over the world watching us live, WCF would like to thank you for your committed fandom and viewership. With Thanksgiving being this past Thursday, we understand how hard it is to get out and support your interests at time. So from us to you, thank you. We are greatful for all of you.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen in attendance, from everyone here in WCF we would like to extend our gratitude to you. The WCF loyal for all of your hardwork and commitment to our company. And for that, we want to give back to you with a very special guest.

A very familiar song comes over the PA system as three people make their way on stage.

Woman: Corpus Christi! How we all doin tonight?

The crowd cheers.

Woman: Thank you, thank you.. HIT IT!

Ready Or Not, Here I Come, You Can't Hide
Gonna Find You and Take it Slowly
Ready Or Not, Here I Come, You Can't Hide
Gonna Find You and Make you want me.

The crowd POPS! They go insane!

Freddy Bro: WHOA!

Zach Wavis: Digger, is that who I think it is!?

Wavedigger: Yup! You know it. In fact, I’m changing my name. Just call me Thickdigger!

The Thickness, Robery Hercules Cairo and Odin Balfore make their way onto the stage from the curtain to a massive pop as The Fugees continue

Now that I escape, sleepwalker awake
Those who could relate know the world ain't cake
Jail bars ain't golden gates
Those who fake, they break,
When they meet their 400 pound mate
If I could rule the world
Everyone would have a gun in the ghetto of course
When giddyupin' on their horse
I Kick a rhyme drinkin' moonshine
I pour a sip on the concrete, for the deceased
But no don't weep, Wyclef's in a state of sleep
Thinkin' 'bout the robbery that I did last week.
Money in the bag, banker looked like a drag
I want to play with pelicans from here to Baghdad
Gun blast, think fast, I think I'm hit
My girl pinched my hips to see if I still exist.
I think not, I'll send a letter to my friends,
A born again hooligan only to be king again.

I play my enemies like a game of chess, where I rest,
No stress
If you don't smoke sess, lest.
I must confess, my destiny's manifest
In some Goretex and sweats I make treks like I'm homeless
Rap orgies with Porgy and Bess,
Capture your bounty like Elliot Ness, YES
Bless you if you represent the Fu
But I'll hex you with some witch's brew if you're Doo Doo
Voo Doo,
I can do what you do, easy, BELIEVE ME
Frontin' niggas give me hee-bee-gee-bees
So while you're imitating Al Capone
I'll be Nina Simone
And defacating on your microphone.

Ready Or Not, Here I Come, You Can't Hide
Gonna Find You and Take it Slowly

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentleman, making their way to the ring.. From The Federal District of Poon Guinea…THE THICKNESS!!!!

The Thickness make their way down to the ring. They climb into the ring as they shake hands with Kyle Steel before taking the mic.

Robert Cairo: Hey yo! Children.. MY children. The God Father loves you and misses you dearly. That is why we are here with you tonight. We are here to give back. Tonight as with all nights, is a night to give thanks to your Father. But this night, is different. Tonight we have come back for one night only!


Robert Cairo: With the holiday now behind us it is a shame that we could not do this last week. However, for those in attendance, today is your lucky day. For your Father has given onto you the glory of Jam Willy Jesus. So if you were able to enjoy your Thanksgiving, I am happy. For those who have not, I weep with sorrow. But do not cry for me. I am not a poor man. No, your father is a very rich man, indeed. It is with those riches, bestowed upon me by you, the WCF loyal that I am able to do this. For those tonight that were not able to have a thanksgiving feast, tonight The Thickness brings it to you. Tonight is the return of the Thickness Thanksgiving Classic! In just a few moments The Thousand Thick-ni Army will be coming around in the isles to hand each and every one of you a Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potato, sweet potato, gravy, green beans and a Kings Poon Guinean Sweet Roll.


Odin Balfore: And while that is going on, we will be holding the Thanksgiving Day Classic. That’s right. Tonight you all get to see us wrestle.

Freddy Bro: WHOA! I don’t think anyone was expecting this tonight.

THICKdigger: I did! I knew all along. This is awesome!

Zach Wavis: Well folks, I guess we’re getting an extra special treat tonight.

THICKdigger: Oh man, that food smells great. I cant wait to get me some dark meat.

Freddy Bro: I’m a breast man, myself.

THICKdigger: Damn it, Whoa. Takin all the white meat.

Zach Wavis: You just said you wanted dark.

THICKdiger: I like options, damn it!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentleman, it is now time for THE THICKNESS Thanksgiving Day Classic.

“ Murder Train” by The Foreskins hits the PA system.

Kyle Steel: Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of three hundred and seventy five pounds… Hardcore McMurderkill and Cryboy McEmo… HARDCORE MCEMO!

Team Hardcore McEmo make their way out to the ring to mixed reactions.

Zach Wavis: We havnt seen Hardcore McEmo in a while but they were one of The THICKNESS’s biggest rivals when Wednesday Night was going.

Freddy Bro: Oh YEE. My show had it poppin and goin all sorts of crazy. These two teams were tearin it up back in the day.

Hardcore McEmo get in the ring and take to their corner as Cryboy, the smaller of the two takes the opening of the match.

THICKdigger: He’s starting off against Balfore. Its not smart

Zach Wavis: Cryboy was a coward back in the day but THICKNESS snapped him of that and he’s fearless now.


Cryboy tries to lock up with Odin but he gets thrown into the corner. Odin goes for a running boots but Cryboy slips between the ropes and he’s stopped by the ref.

Zach Wavis: That’s Senior referee Stanley Mosses. He has called all of THICKNESS’s matches.

Odin Grabs Cryboy by the head and flips him back into the ring but Cryboy lands on his feet behind Odin. Odin turns around and walks into a side kick to the stomach. Odin doubles over in pain as Cryboy connects with stiff right hands, backing the big man into the corner. He mounts the turnbuckle for a ten count punch.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 …

Odin shoves him away but Cryboy runs and leaps back on the ropes for another set of punches.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ..

Odin throws him off once more and again Cry boy runs and leaps but eats a step in European uppercut. Cryboy falls to the mat as Odin cracks his jaw and makes his way over to Cairo.

Crowd: Cairo! Cairo! Cairo!

Cairo hits the ring as Cryboy makes the tag. Hardcore is in!

Zach Wavis: Hardcore is in!

The two men lock up but Hardcore breaks it and starts connecting with knife edge chops, wearing out the hardest working man in WCF. Hardcore whips him off the ropes .. Cairo comes back for a step over and then for a leap…


The pin.




THICKdigger: Cryboy breaks it up!

Cryboy picks up Cairo and connects with an arm wrench and hook kick!

Zach Wavis: The Wrist Cutter!

Freddy Bro: WHOA! The Thousand Thick-ni Army have all jumped the barrier.

THICKdigger: They’re coming to the aid of the Governor of Poon Guinea. You don’t just break up the pin count and hit Robert Cairo with The Wrist Cutter, what are you, a savage? That’s inhumane. They’re just down here to make sure the match is called fairly.

Zach Wavis: But Stanley is..

THICKdigger: I know whose in the match. I’m just sayin that these guys can get out of control.

Zach Wavis: Oh God, Digz, ten- fifteen maybe even twenty people have just swarmed the ring.

Freddy Bro: And here comes Odin, tellin them all to get out.

Zach Wavis: I don’t think they’re listening.

THICKdigger: Its not a good idea to defy the guy who signs your checks.

Freddy Bro: But you ignore Seth all the time.

THICKdigger: That’s because te only boss of me, is me.

Zach Wavis: Hardcore McEmo look just as confused as THE THICKNESS.

THE THICKNESS look confused and frustrated as members of the Thick-ni army disobey commands. Odin walks over to the ropes and ropes them open and motions for Harcore McEmo to scram.

THICKdigger: This isn’t good. You don’t listen to the boss, you get taken out to the wood shed. This isn’t democracy. This is communism, pure and simple. These guys are about to be made an example of.

Zach Wavis: These guys don’t look to be backing down.

Freddy Bro: Wait.. one guys is taking something out..


Just like that the twenty men in the ring swarm THE THICKNESS who start fighting back.

Zach Wavis: Dear God. ISIS here in WCF. They’re trying to make a statement but THE THICKNESS is fending them off. Cairo is throwing everything he has but he’s just a normal sized guy. Odin Is just hitting head butt after head butt but the numbers game. Digger.. the numbers game.. Digger where you goin? Get back here!

THICKdigger hits the ring like a fawkin bawse.




Freddy Bro: South of the Boarder! Digger is doing all that he can.

Zach Wavis: Where the hell is security?

Freddy Bro: I think the Army is security tonight.

THICKdigger does a decent job of cleaning house and giving THICKNESS time to get in some offense.




Zach Wavis: ISIS was scattered a moment ago but here they come again. Freddy, I don’t care who you are. 3 v 20 is never good odds.

Freddy Bro: WHAT THE?

Zach Wavis: Oh my god.. Freddy… It’s the Iron Sheik. The Iron Sheik circa 1985.


The Iron Sheik runs down to the ring as most of ISIS scatters back off into the crowd as The Thick-ni army dispatches them with great haste and with out mercy. Back in the ring theres six ISIS men remaining as Sheik, THICKdigger and THE THICKNESS take out all their rage on ISIS.



two ISIS men roll out of the ring. There’s just four men left to get beat down. Sheik in the middle of the ring..

Zach Wavis: Camel Clutch! Camel Clutch by Sheik!

Freddy Bro: THE THICKNESS, now. Locking in a camel clutch of their own.

Zach Wavis: Now Digger has one lock in as well. Sheik told them not to mess with WCF. Don’t mess with WCF or Sheik break your back. And well.. ISIS.. you don’t piss the Sheik off. He’s a man of his word and so are we. Fuck you, this is what you get! Four legends in the middle of the ring, breaking your back and making you humble!

Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Vengeance vs Hunter Ryan vs Jason Xavier vs Terry McGuire vs Craven Blackwood

B'wana Bludde vs Chad Cruise

Greybeard vs Bernard Core vs La Gama Blanca

Bonnie Blue Segment

Night Rider vs Bad News Benson vs Adam Young vs Doc Henry

Oblivion vs Punkin

Television Title Match: Bonnie Blue vs Dustin Beaver

Zombie McMorris Segment

Patrilli/Preecha Kamon vs Kyle Kemp/Johnny Rabid

Raymond Hatcher vs Spencer Adams

Gemini Battle vs Occulo

Jeff Purse/Chelsea Armstrong vs Zombie McMorris/Mikey eXtreme

Benjamin Atreyu Segment

Teo Del Sol vs Wade Moor

Special Guests


Of The Week

Chelsea Armstrong
Jeff Purse/Chelsea Armstrong vs Zombie McMorris/Mikey eXtreme



Wade Moor
Zombie McMorris
Dustin Beaver
United States:
Mikey eXtreme
Teo Del Sol
Zombie McMorris
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Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp
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