Slam Intro

The scene cuts to the arena after coming back from break. The lights are dimmed, just a sea of blue, green, and purple lights playing on the ring. Wade Moor sits in a steel chair in the middle of the ring with mic in hand. He puts the mic to his lips and begins speaking.

Wade Moor: Last week...you all saw the lengths I went to last week to ensure that I had a hand picked competitor for One. Thomas Bates...

Crowd POP for Bates.

Wade Moor: Your Southern America Hero! The Impassable Mountain...crumbled at my hand.

Crowd BOOS Wade.

Wade Moor: My fists are I.E.D'S and my words are the train! You all know why I did what I did. Because your false champion, Gemini Battle...

Crowd breaks into a raucous chant.


Wade Moor: SHUT THE HELL UP! Your voices mean nothing. Your words are empty! Your challengers are false! I picked Gemini Battle as my opponent because he showed two qualities that others have forgone...hesitancy and fear. He was hesitant to step into the ring with The Leviathan when I have Dune literally knocking down my door to get a shot at the title...and that just doesn't sit right with me.

When a golden opportunity falls into your lap, you don't just throw it to the way side. Gemini Battle wants his United States title rematch clause because it's his safest bet. If he has to step up to BROSEIDON, he knows he's in for an actual fight. So he played it safe...

But there is no way in Hell his little nothing belt will main event the biggest event of the year. One...

Crowd POP for One.

Wade Moor: ...Will go down in history as the night GodNilla cements his legacy in this business and seals Gemini's fate at the same damn time. But first...I want to see if he wants this match, or if he just wants to get his hands on me like every other fuccboi in the back.

Tonight, Gemini Battle will fight for his number one contendership against a man who will MAKE him fight for it. You all know who I'm talking about. Gemini will face DUNE tonight for the OPPORTUNITY to face me at One!

Wish him luck...he's going to need it.

"21st Century Schizoid Man" hits the P.A. as the scene fades out.

Raymond Hatcher/Adam Young Segment

We hear "Dirty Angel" by Voodoo Johnson begin to play as the camera cuts to the entrance stage.

Zach Wavis: So here we go, folks, two of the eight men that will be involved in TLC two weeks from now at One.

We see a graphic pop up on the screen promoting One.

Zach Wavis: That’s December 20th, folks, live on pay-per-view from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Freddy Whoa: This is shaping up to be one Hell of a pay-per-view, the TLC match alone is worth the price of admission.

The graphic disappears as we see Raymond Hatcher walk out onto the stage with a microphone in hand, he’s wearing a black, three-piece Ermenegildo Zegna suit with a gold tie.

Raymond Hatcher: Okay, cut the music.

The music ends.

Raymond Hatcher: Well, hello, New Mexico.

The crowd greets Hatcher with boos. To which Hatcher just smile brightly.

Raymond Hatcher: Great I’m glad to see I am so welcomed in this part of the country.

More boos.

Raymond Hatcher: In two weeks at WCF’s biggest show, One, which of course will take place in splendid hometown of Los Angeles, California…

The crowd boos.

Raymond Hatcher: …my partner and I will walk out of what is sure to be a grueling TLC Match as your new Tag Team Champions of the World! Isn’t that exciting?!

The boos are ear-shattering now.

Raymond Hatcher: Come on, you’ll have to be a bit more excited than that. Now there are three other teams in this match, you’ve got Preecha and Patrill; you’ve got Kemp and Rabid; and you’ve got of course, Spencer Adams and Vic Venable.

The crowd cheers for Spencer and Vic.

Raymond Hatcher: O, you like those guys, do ya’?

The crowd cheers again.

Raymond Hatcher: Well, this place is pretty trashy so that makes sense.

The crowd boos.

Raymond Hatcher: Let me just tell you what all three of those teams have in common. They’re all garbage. Bring it out.

Suddenly we see Adam Young wearing his ring gear wheel out a large red and black dumpster, the crowd boos Young’s arrival on the scene.

Crowd: You sick bastard! You sick bastard!

Raymond Hatcher: So what do we do with the garbage around here? We throw it away. Let’s take a look at some of the garbage we have in here.

Adam Young slides open a side door on the dumpster exposing its contents. Inside we see crash test dummies. Two dummies dressed in attire similar to Preecha and Patrilli, another set dressed like Rabid and Kemp, and another set closest to the door dressed like Spencer and Venable.

Raymond Hatcher: And there they are. Our opponents at One in the one place they belong, the dumpster. So how do you feel about your new home, Spencer?

Adam Young grabs a hold of the Spencer dummy and starts speaking for it in a goofy voice.

Adam “Spencer” Young: O’ well, this seems like just the right place for me. The Antidote’s career is garbage right now so what other place should I be than a dumpster? Thank you so much, Mr. Hatcher, for finding me this new home, I just hope you’ll let my mommy know where I am living now, I don’t want to get in trouble for violating my curfew.

Raymond Hatcher: I sure will, I hope you didn’t get your mother and sister tickets to One. I’d hate for them to watch you get brutalized like you did the last time we were in the ring together.

Adam “Spencer” Young: No, I didn’t, Mr. Hatcher, and I probably won’t even show up at One.

Raymond Hatcher: Well, that would be a pretty smart move on your part. Now how’s that leg of yours doing Spence?

Adam Young reaches into the dumpster and pulls the dummies leg off and holds it up.

Adam “Spencer” Young: You beat my leg up so bad I don’t think I’ll need it anymore, Mr. Hatcher, here you guys can have it.

Young hands the leg to Hatcher who smashes it on the stage.

Raymond Hatcher: I certainly won’t be needing that piece of trash. You filthy people in New Mexico can have it.

Hatcher chucks the dummy leg into the crowd.

Raymond Hatcher: Alright that’s enough from the man-boy Spencer.

Adam Young punches the dummy in the face a few times before chucking it into the back of the dumpster.

Raymond Hatcher: Okay, so who should we talk to next?

Adam Young reaches in and pulls forward the Kyle Kemp dummy.

Adam “Kemp” Young: Talk about me, Mr. Hatcher, talk about me. Let me take my shirt off and show you my abs.

Raymond Hatcher: No, no, that’s quite alright, please don’t do that. I don’t think I can stomach it. Now, Kemp, the duel sport athlete, let me ask you something. How does it feel to be a tag team champion?

Adam “Kemp” Young: Well, it’s just great, Mr. Hatcher. I’m impressing all the girls with this big thing I carry around.

Raymond Hatcher: Please, tell me you’re talking about the tag team belt and not, you know, your—

Hatcher points to his crotch.

Adam “Kemp” Young: Yes, the tag team titles of course, my pecker isn’t impressive at all that’s why I over compensate with my crunches, look, look at my abs.

Adam starts to make the dummy pull up his shirt, but Hatcher reaches in and stops him.

Raymond Hatcher: No, please, don’t, please no one wants to see ‘em.

Adam “Kemp” Young: But please, Mr. Hatcher, ninety-nine percent of my self-worth is in my abs.

Raymond Hatcher: Yeah, I’m sure it is, but we still don’t want to see them. I think we’ve heard enough from you anyway.

Adam Young bends the dummy over and shoves its face into its butt.

Raymond Hatcher: Yeah, there’ya go, Young, he’s always had his head up his ass.

Young shoves the dummy back.

Raymond Hatcher: So, who’s next?

Adam Young pulls the Patrilli dummy forward. Hatcher just starts laughing.

Raymond Hatcher: Haha, Patrilli, haha. Yeah, there’s no way he’s going to have anything meaningful to say. I’m not going to waste everyone’s time with your gibberish, Hell, you’ll probably forget how to get to the arena at One let alone put up a meaningful fight. Throw ‘em back Young like his mother did when the doctor handed him to her.

Young shoves the dummy back.

Raymond Hatcher: I’ve had about enough of this anyway. Let’s get on with the show.

Adam Young slams shut the door on the dumpster and then closes the lids on the top.

Hatcher comes over and the two of them grab a hold of the dumpster, then run it to the edge of the stage and send it flying off crashing down to the floor with a horrible thud.

Raymond Hatcher: You see that? That’s exactly what’s going to happen at One, our opponents will go up that ladder only to come crashing down. You all thought this tag team partnership was doomed from the start, that we’re a joke. Well, this is no joke!

Hatcher is angry yelling now, a furry in his eyes.

Raymond Hatcher: Do we look funny? Did it look funny when we left Spencer Adams lying in a pool of his own blood, huh? Here’s the scoop folks, get on the boards and start making you’re predictions now. This is what’s going to happen at One, The Outlaw Gentlemen are going to climb to the top of that ladder and we’re going to stake our claim as the top tag team in the company. The tag titles are coming home with The Gentlemen. You think we are a joke, well the jokes on all of you. Take a look, take a damn good look, you are looking at the future of the WCF tag team division, you’re looking at the next WCF Tag Team Champions of the World.

Hatcher walks to the edge of the stage and throws the microphone at the dumpster as “Dirty Angel” by Voodoo Johnson begins to play. Raymond Hatcher stares down at the dented dumpster while Adam Young poses around on the stage and starts shouting obscenities at the fans.

Zach Wavis: Some strong words from The Outlaw Gentlemen.

Freddy Bro: Some strong actions too.

Wavedigger: The Beach Krew are going to destroy them, so who cares.

Andre Holmes vs Rage Maxx vs Roland von Erich

The Santa Ana Center is awaiting the opening bout for the Slam event in New Mexico, and the cameras focus their lenses on Kyle Steel standing in the middle of the ring, and given the cue to announce the opening match.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is our opening Triple Threat match scheduled for one fall.

The opening guitar riffs of "Relentless" by New Years Day introduces the lights dimming to cover the arena in darkness until the stage is brightened. The lights then start to dance in cue with the rhythm of the song, and the crowd are interested to know who is this new comer. Andre Holmes steps out from the back stage to receive a mild level of cheer from the recent WCF exclusive introduction, and loyal followers back from his old days. Dressed in his casual attire along with his black vest with his "Relentless" printed on the front, and "Holmes" printed on the back in red.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, hailing from Houston, Texas, at five feet nine inches tall, weighing in at 201 pounds, he is "Relentless" Andre Holmes!

Andre Holmes continues his walk to the ring after the signature pose followed by the parallel flash of pyrotechnics behind him.

Zach Wavis: Our opening match features not one, not two but three new talent signings to WCF. Tonight, we get to see who here is willing to make an impact in the WCF ring.

Freddy Bro: Agreed Zach. You never know what these new guys can do in the ring, and what they could do for the future of WCF.

Wavedigger: You guys focus on the little cliche future, what really matters is who is best fit to even be considered into the #BeachKrew.

While Andre removes his vest, and hands it to ringside, the lights return to brighten the entire arena. He seems comfortable for his first time in the ring, and waiting for his other opponents. "CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES, THIS IS MY LAST RESORT!" captures the attention of every person in the arena for the popular "Last Resort" by Papa Roach blares off from the sound systems. Rage Maxx is the second person to walk from the back dressed in cargo pants with the traditional boots, and waving around a black bat labelled "Mofo" at the top.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the second participant, hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, at six feet, two inches, he is Rage Maxx!

Rage interacts with a few fans while passing by, and quickly slides into the ring. He immediately pops up onto his feet, and climbs up onto the second rope yelling at the top of voice, and beating his fist against the chest.

Wavedigger: The hell is he supposed to be? The next Conan the Barbarian?

Freddy Bro: That's Rage Maxx. One of our new talents whose made himself known to the WCF crowd but the story here is the war of words between him, and Andre Holmes.

Zach Wavis: For those who didn't see the WCF exclusive, Rage addressed the Triple Threat, and directed his opinions to Andre. Andre responded calling Rage fake, and insecure about being scared to lose against him. After that, both men have been bashing each other ever since.

Wavedigger: A little chaos before your debut match? Check!

Andre leans back against his occupied corner turnbuckles grasping each side of the top rope while leaning forward. Rage hands his bat to a ringside member, and is staring Andre across from the ring. They both lock eyes from the distance between them, and the music fades away while the crowd is half, and half on who to support. On one side you hear "Let's go Andre", the opposing is "Lets go Maxx!". It continues for a little moment until a classic guitar riff plays off the systems, and the cameras are panning around the arena. Most of the crowd stand up due to that one classic song which is "Guns N' Roses" by Welcome to the Jungle. Andre, and Rage are looking at the entrance, and yet no one is coming out. Either their final opponent is lost or he's planning something else. A loud cheer changes the direction of the cameras when security is escorting Roland Von Erich through the crowd sections on the left side of the announcer's table.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the final participant, from Chernobyl, Ukraine, at seven feet tall, weighing in at 345 pounds, Roland Von Erich!

Rage, and Andre are sort of surprise at the outstanding physical attributes of Roland as security is barging through crowd members to clear a way for their high profile escort. Roland hops over the barricade, and climbs up the steel steps to stand on the apron, and eye down the two opponents in the ring. He pushes down the top rope to step over it, and stands in an unoccupied corner while tightening the straps on his gloves. Without any more interference, the referee waves his arm in the air for the match to begin.

Ding ding ding!

Roland is the first one to step up in the center of the ring, and he's inviting both men to try, and take him down. Andre, and Rage know the game plan, and so they start to surround Roland on each side. He couldn't help but smile as he thought both men could even think of taking the seven feet powerhouse down. Rage is the first one to sprint at Roland, and barrage him with multiple forearm strikes into the chest but succeeds in getting thrown back into the canvas by Roland. Afterwards, Andre takes his chance with a series of kicks into the left thigh but Roland does the same to Andre as he did to Rage. Both men back up, they try to attack him at the same time but Roland floors them both with a vicious clothesline into each of their torsos.

Crowd: Oooooh!

Zach Wavis: Dear god! Roland went through both men like they were nothing!

Freddy Bro: Andre, and Rage tried to take Roland down but nothing came through. They have to figure out something to take him out for a better chance of getting the win!

Wavedigger: A little cockiness from Roland but hell, I would be too after what he just did. However, cockiness isn't enough to get the win.

Roland focuses his attention on the downed body of Andre by picking him up off the canvas, and launching his smaller weight into the corner. Andre's back is glued to the turnbuckle, and his chest met with an overhand slap from Roland that sounds off the entire arena.

Crowd: OOOOH!

Another slap on the chest, and his torso is on fire. However, Rage is back on his feet, and strikes Roland on the back with a running forearm that currently stuns him into Andre again. Using the open window, Andre slips out from the corner to be on the apron while Rage bends Roland over after delivering back to back kicks into his ribs. After he's bent, Andre hops onto the top rope, and springboards off over to Roland to Ghetto Stomp his boots into the back of his head, driving the giant's face into the mat with a curb stomp variation.

Freddy Bro: What team work presented by both men! Especially Andre's flying curb stomp.

Zach Wavis: Andre Holmes is one of those high flyers who are amazing in the air but also technical in the ring. However, Rage has the power behind him along with the aerial assault.

After Roland is down, Andre rolls over while Rage quickly covers Roland.



Andre drags Rage off, and goes for the pin on Roland himself.



Rage drags Andre off, and the two start arguing. They are up in each other's faces until Rage pushes Andre's face away. He isn't happy about that, and just starts firing multiple elbows into Rage barging him back into the ropes. Once pinned on the ropes, he tries to whip Rage into the opposing but he spins around to throw Andre into the ropes instead. Off the rebound, Rage tosses Andre up and over behind him with a Back Body Drop that cringes the spine when he sits up yelling in pain.

Wavedigger: I'm seeing what I like so far. These two are on the radar for now.

Freddy Bro: For once, all of us can agree that these new signees are putting on a show.

Roland is back up, and using the corner to keep him standing after the mind shattering curb stomp. Rage sees the giant back up, and is bowing down in the opposing corner. The crowd understands the Three Point Stance, and is hyping him up.

Crowd: Spear! Spear! Spear!

Rage bursts from his corner, and charges across the ring to Roland only to be completely destroyed by a Running Big Boot into the face of Maxx. The impact of the connection silenced the entire arena, and Roland hops on top of him to get another pin attempt.



Andre disrupts the pin, and Roland rolls off from Rage. Now it's a battle between David, and Goliath. He uses his speed to quickly kick Roland in the chest over, and over while he's on his knees. Roland is currently recovering from the kicks until he is met with a Roundhouse kick into the skull. He's tipping over, and another kick into the skull almost puts him on his back. Andre backs up a few steps, and starts to spin in a full circle motion to deliver a Tornado Kick into the temple which throws Roland into the canvas, and even out of the ring.

Wavedigger: A brutal spinning kick variation by Andre. I gotta admit, he's more of a striker than I thought.

Freddy Bro: But wait, Rage is coming!

Although the kick was pretty strong, Roland gets up still. Andre turns around to Rage coming right at him but tries to lariat him down to the mat. His quick reflexes tells him to duck under the arm of Holmes, and then he shoots through the top, and middle rope to Suicide Dive onto Roland flooring both of them down.


Zach Wavis: A suicide dive by Rage Maxx! We knew how powerful he is in the ring but his agility is as equally matched.

Wavedigger: If you want to talk about agility, look at what Andre is going for!

Yes indeed. Outside on the apron, Andre starts climbing up the turnbuckle to stay on the top rope. Roland, and Rage equally get up at the same time, and then Andre leaps into the air flipping backwards for a picture perfect Shooting Star Press collapsing all three men just near the announce table.


Freddy Bro: Is there anything these three can't do? Ten minutes into the match, and we're already seeing some crazy stuff!

Andre gets up first with an arm covering his pained ribs from the landing. He changes his attention to Roland, and tries to get him into the ring. However, Roland fires a huge elbow shot that stuns Andre near the announce table. Enough games, he rag dolls Andre into the barricade section near the time keeper's area, and Holmes' body flips back from the harsh landing. Walking over, he clamps his hand around the throat of Andre, and uplifts him in the air with one arm with an intention to end his career early with a choke slam onto the concrete.

Zach Wavis: Roland is going to choke slam Andre into the crowd section. There's no padding just concrete!

Wavedigger: This man has a killer instinct too? Check--

The unthinkable happens. Roland turns around, and Rage spears Roland through the barricade releasing Holmes from his doom. Both men are now in the crowd section breathing heavily, and Rage is the one who recovers first.


Andre, and Rage are back in the ring while medical check on Roland who is unresponsive for the time being. Rage catches the foot of Andre as he tried for another Roundhouse kick, and uses the leg as an advantage for a Choke Slam in the center of the ring. Another pin attempt is made.




Andre kicks out yet again, and Rage has no more time to waste. He picks up Andre, and launches him into the ropes. Another rebound, and Andre is met with another kick into the face that turns him around. Out of nowhere, he kicks off the mat backwards with a Pele Kick that pushes Rage back into a corner. He shakes his head until his head is kicked back with a Yakuza Kick from Andre that has an ear shattering impact.


After, Rage collapses to the canvas on his back, and Andre quickly climbs up to the top rope again.

Freddy Bro: Oh no, Andre's going for another high flying move.

Zach Wavis: Wait, I've seen this before! It's one of his signature moves, he calls it the "Deadline Trap".

Wavedigger: What in the hell is a "Deadline Trap"?

Freddy Bro: I think we're about to see.

Andre leaps backwards off the top rope corkscrewing into a 450 flip motion, in other words he lands a Phoenix Splash on Rage. Thus completing his two move pieced signature move, "Deadline Trap". On top of Rage, he hooks his leg up while nodding his head quickly.




Rage shoots up his left shoulder at the last second, and Andre can't believe it. He's heavily pissed off, and frustrated that Rage is resilient enough to even survive that. Andre quickly gets up from the mat, and gives a little space while Rage is figuring out where he is. As the moment Rage stands on his knees, Andre side steps with a boot to only be grabbed by Rage, and spun around with Rage popping up, and driving his head down into the mat so hard that he stands on his head until timbering over onto a back with a serious Impaler DDT.

Wavedigger: What a beautiful counter!

Rage yelled out as he was fired up to even stand. He picked Andre up, and slide his right arm across the chest of him, standing side by side. As he leaned forward, Andre broke off from the arm, and clocked him with a Rolling Elbow to his temple that stood him on his knees. No hesitation. Rage was pushed to the mat with a side step superkick, hence the finisher of Andre Holmes, "Thrust Kick".

Zach Wavis: "THRUST KICK!", the finisher of Andre. Rage is down! Rage is down!

Freddy Bro: Is this it?! Is it over?! Here's the pin!




Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, Andre Holmes.

Wavedigger: After everything, Andre comes out on top. A great showing by Rage, and Roland was taken to medical after being speared by Rage. However, the real question is what's next for Andre, and Rage as Andre got the upper hand.

Freddy Bro: A great question but right now, Andre has sent a message to WCF that he's here, and he's not going to be another attraction on the side.

Zach Wavis: Amazing competition from all three. The future of WCF is looking bright.

Doug the Thug Segment

"Marine Corps Hymn" begins to play without warning, as the man known as Doug "The Thug" Murdock comes out on to the stage, dressed in his Blue Dress Uniform, and sporting a single medal and the rank of Lance Corporal. However, his eyes are swollen, as he stands and waits for the crowd to die down from all of the cheering, with Gravedigger stating...

Wavedigger: What is HE doing here? I thought Seth Lerch canned his ass!

Zach Wavis: It is strange, considering I last heard he was still engaged in his initial training!

Freddy Bro: Whoa, whoa, whoa... I don't think this is a return. He has a mic, so let's hear what he has to say...

Doug lifts the microphone up to his face, before dropping it, and covering his face with a white-gloved hand. The fans begin to cheer...


He raises the microphone back up to his face, and says...

Doug Murdock: It is with great sadness that I return to the WCF to bring this news...

Doug lowers the microphone, as tears can be seen visibly run down his face, as the commentators state...

Zach Wavis: Oh no...

Wavedigger: Is this what I think it is? They recovered Gonzo's body?

Freddy Bro: Oh my God...

Doug Murdock: Yesterday afternoon, on December 5, I had to make the hardest decision I have ever had to make...

My brother George survived the attack that took place on our farm, but was in a comatose state. We did not reveal his condition for fear of reprisals from his enemies near and far. But yesterday, I...

Doug breaks off, and seems to gag a bit at the next words he is going to say...

Doug Murdock: Yesterday, after several months on life support...

He begins to openly cry, as he shouts to get it out...

Doug Murdock: Gonzo Murdock is no longer with us!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?! GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!

The crowd falls silent, as Gravedigger says...

Wavedigger: He killed his brother?

Zach Wavis: Find your heart! This man made a difficult decision to end his suffering or let him live!

Freddy Bro: Whoa...

The fans then end their silence, as they begin to chant...

Crowd: GONZO... GONZO... GONZO... GONZO...

Doug raises the microphone up to say something else, then drops his hands, and the microphone with a loud "THUD" heard over the PA system. The crowd still chants, as Alexander James and Vinnie Briggs comes out to console the heartbroken Marine. The chanting continues, as they return backstage. Zach Davis follows up with...

Zach Wavis: Ladies and Gentlemen at home, we had no idea of the situation that has just developed, but George "Gonzo Deuce" Murdock has just been recently reported deceased by his younger brother, current Marine, and former WCF competitor Doug "The Thug" Murdock! We will find out as much as we can following this broadcast.

Freddy Bro: Whoa...

Wavedigger: Get your head back in the game, Freddy! We still have a show!

Zach Wavis: Tons of heart you have, Digger...

Wavedigger: Gonzo was always riding on the edge. It was bound to happen sooner or later. And everybody dies, except for Zombie McMorris.

Zach Wavis: You do have a point, in that the show must go on. But I think we're going to take this opportunity to have a break, give ourselves some time to get over the shock of the news. We're going to go to commercial, but stick around! We have more matches coming up!

The scene ends, with the fans still chanting...

Crowd: GONZO... GONZO... GONZO...

Stampy/Greybeard vs La Gama Blanca/Andre Jenson

Freddy Bro: Alright! A debut I've been waiting for!

"Warriors" by Imagine Dragons begin to play over the PA system as La Gama Blanca in his lucha suit slowly steps out onto the stage. Andre Jenson however is nowhere to be seen. La Gama Blanca charges forward and leaps beneath the bottom rope, rolling forward to a crouched position, looking around for a moment and then back to the entrance . He rests for a moment before heading to his corner.

Zach Wavis: I'm not sure what the deal is, where is Andre Jenson?

Freddy Bro: I'm sure La Gama Blanca would like to know also.

Greybeard emerges from the entrance, accompanied by the Alchemist and his wagon of potions. The usual merry tunes of the Lute Boy's repertoire that accompany Greybeard cannot be heard. Instead, a somber Greybeard walks to the ring accompanied by his staff. He pauses by the stairs and looks back to the entrance with a huff.

Baby Elephant walk by Slayer blares on the speaker, yellow smoke shoots out into the entrance and a figure emerges, engulfed in it. He lifts his head to reveal a large elephant mask and lurches forward, dragging Lute Boy who has his wrists tied with a chain and has been gagged with a sock. He locks the man to the stairs while yelling at Greybeard and Al.

Once in the ring, Greybeard informs Stampy he wants to lead off, which Stampy agrees to. La Gama Blanca continues to pace about, glancing occasionally to the entrance while continuing to prepare. The bell rings.

Greybeard comes forward and extends his hand toward La Gama Blanca. He looks around for a moment to the crowd before extending his and engaging in a handshake. They back up a few steps and begin to circle.

The two meet in the middle of the ring and engage in a collar and elbow tieup. Greybeard pushes La Gama Blanca against the ropes and shoots him across the ring. Blanca bounces off and Greybeard turns sideways and hip tosses La Gama Blanca to the mat.

La Gama Blanca bounces right back up and the two men tie up in the center of the ring again. Greybeard once more irish whips La Gama Blanca. La Gama Blanca bounces off the ropes, and ducks a clothesline attempt. As he approaches the opposite ropes, he springboards off and catches Greybeard with a spinning heel kick!

Greybeard gets up and catches a dropkick to the knee. He bounces up again and catches another. La Gama Blanca builds up some steam and bounces off the ropes and delivers a third dropkick to the knee just as Greybeard regains verticality.

Greybeard rolls to his corner and extends a hand out to Stampy, who looks disappointed. However, without hesitation he tags in. He enters slowly and lumbers toward the diminutive La Gama Blanca. Without anyone to tag, he must engage. Stampy lunges forward to grab Blanca, but he ducks under and lands a kick to Stampy's knee. Stampy shakes it off and lunges once more. La Gama's quickness is too much and he avoids him again, stomping on Stampy's foot and hitting an enziguri that sends Stampy down onto his face. La Gama Blanca capitalizes on his momentum and leaps up and heads toward the apron. He waits for Stampy to get to his feet and springboards into the ring toward Stampy. Perhaps playing a game of possum, Stampy gets up with urgency and lands a massive boot as La Gama Blanca sails toward him.

Stampy picks up La Gama Blanca and props him up on the second turnbuckle, landing repeated shoulder blocks. He backs up and La Gama Blanca falls onto the mat. Stampy drags him to the middle of the ring and begins to stomp him, making his way all around the prone foe.

Greybeard tags in and with a look of remorse picks La Gama Blanca up and plants him with a bodyslam. He goes for a quick pin.


La Gama Blanca squirts out quickly. Greybeard gets to his feet and lands a dragon screw legwhip and chains it with an elbow drop to the inside of the leg of La Gama Blanca. He pulls him to the corner and tags Stampy back in after a quick break.

Greybeard holds La Gama Blanca and allows Stampy to land a solid blow to his abdomen.

Freddy Bro: The numbers are just too much. I like La Gama Blanca's odds in a one on one matchup, but this is just too much for him.

Stampy lifts La Gama Blanca up on his shoulder and slams him back down with The Elephant's Graveyard, his take on the dominator. He goes for the pin.




It's Andre Jenson!

He enters like a mad man! He lands a forearm on Greybeard that sends him off the apron and then turns back for Stampy. He lands a dropkick that sends him to the corner on his ass. Andre looks around for a moment and zeroes in on the Alchemist on the outside. Without a thought he runs toward Al and hits a suicide dive!

The crowd goes nuts!

Andre runs to his corner and is begging for a tag! Greybeard shambles up the steps and waits for Stampy to make his way toward him. Stampy begins his crawl. The tag is made! It's Andre Jeson tagging in from La Gama Blanca! He hops over the top rope and runs toward the opposite corner. He leaps off the back of Stampy and lands a forearm that sends Greybeard tumbling once again. He turns around to find Stampy has gotten up. Stampy engages Andre and hefts him up on his shoulder for a torture rack. Stampy jostles with Andre for awhile, trying to lock it in, but Andre squirts out, spins around, and lands a belly to belly suplex. Stampy lingers on the ground. Andre backs up into the corner and prepares for the Critical Hit! He begins to sprint toward Stampy but is tripped by Greybeard who has gotten up on the outside. Andre crashes to the ground and Greybeard hurriedly goes to the top to land the Magic Missile Dropkick. He sails through the air on target until Andre hits the deck, causing Greybeard to connect to the chest of Stampy. Seemingly out of nowhere, La Gama Blanca comes in and clears Greybeard from the ring. Andre picks up the limp body of Stampy and hits the D20, this one is over!




Andre and La Gama Blanca exit victorious while a distraught Greybeard makes his way back into the ring. When Stampy come to, he reminds Greybeard that Lute Boy is his forever now and leads him to the back in his shackles.

Kyle Kemp Segment

The camera picks up on Kyle Kemp walking in the back door wearing dark jeans, a gray t-shirt with a black leather jacket on over it and black shoes. Kemp smiles at the camera and holds up a briefcase with a smile.

Zach Wavis: That's got to be Teo's mask in there!

Wavedigger: No Zach....it's really important papers. Of course it's the mask you idiot!

Kemp continues to walk through the backstage area when we hear someone yell his name behind him. He turns only to be surprised by a hooded figure running by him and grabbing the briefcase out of his hand and continue running. Kemp turns to give chase only to slip as he plants his leg to run. Kemp looks up at the figure running down the hall with a disgusted look on his face.

Zach Wavis: Kemp just lost the mask!

Wavedigger: Someone stop him! That's grand larceny right there!

The camera fades away with Kemp screaming in frustration.

Bad News Benson vs Adam Young vs Patrilli

No music or anything. Bad News Benson just stomps down like hes pissed off at men women children animals and gods he does take to stopping to harass fans occasionally.

Child's Voice: He dines on pain and snacks on souls.

The arena goes pitch black. Short bursts of red strobe lights flash multiple times and then stop. A single red light hits the entrance filtering threw the smoke as "Symphony of Destruction (Gristle Extended mix)" by Megadeth vs Nine Inch Nails starts playing and the jumbotron reads "One Sick Bastard". Out steps Adam Young and Myra. Myra rubs her right hand on Adam's chest and then starts towards the ring. Adam takes his gas mask off his head and drops it. He wipes his mouth and then stares into the ring. Myra motions for him to come to her as she stands on the ring apron. Adam slowly makes his way to the ring.

Crowd: Your a sick bastard!

Adam smirks as he climbs up onto the ring apron. Myra holds the ropes open for him as he wipes his feet before kissing her on the lips. Adam slides into the ring and throws he's t-shirt into the face of the ring announcer.

Arena goes black as Sober by Tool starts to play over the PA. An explosion and bright blinding white light explodes from the ring corners. Patrilli walks out from the back stage and walks down to the ring.

Zach Wavis: Here we go!

All three men meet in the middle of the ring and begin brawling.

Wavedigger: Patrilli and Adam Young are set to be in One's Tag Team Titles match. Spoiler alert, they're jobbing to the #beachkrew.

With Young and Patrilli focusing on each other, it gives Benson the advantage. He throws both men to the ropes and then Clotheslines them down. They both stumble up and he grabs them by the head and DDTs them both to the mat!

Freddy Bro: Bad News Benson taking advantage!

Benson pins Young.



Young kicks out!

Benson pins Patrilli.



Patrilli kicks out!

Zach Wavis: He almost had this match won twice!

Bad News Benson pulls Patrilli in and lifts him up, Powerbombing him down. Benson goes for the pin again.



No!, Adam Young breaks it up! Young picks Benson up and drops him with a Reverse DDT. Young then puts Benson in a Chinlock.


Wavedigger: It looks like Bad News has gotten over with the WCF fans!

Zach Wavis: That isn't a good sign for his career, it would seem.

Benson works his way up and escapes Young's hold. Benson hits the ropes and runs at Young who hits a Superkick!, leaving the crowd in awe. Young then executes a Sitout Jawbreaker before pulling Benson in and hitting a Sitout Powerbomb!

Freddy Bro: How did he even do that!?

Young doesn't go for the pin. Instead he goes to the turnbuckle.

Crowd: BEST!


Crowd: EVER!

The crowd marks for the move even though they hate Adam Young. Into the pin.



NO!, broken up by Patrilli. Patrilli goes to pull Adam Young in for the only move he knows, the F5, but Adam Young shifts his weight, as all of Patrilli's opponents do, and lands behind him. Adam Young hits Patrilli with a Low Blow before spinning him around and kicking him right in the jaw with a Superkick. Young pins Patrilli.



NO!, Patrilli kicks out!

Zach Wavis: Very important match for these men. Both Patrilli and Adam Young are going into One to fight in the Tag Team Titles match!

Wavedigger: What if Bad News Benson wins?

Zach Wavis: Maybe if he finds a partner he could enter too!

Young begins trying to lock in the Run Rabbit Run but Patrilli rolls out of the ring. Young gets up and gets his eyes gouged by Bad News Benson!, causing him to drop. Benson shoves him into the corner and splits his legs.

Freddy Bro: Going for the Field Goal now...

As Benson runs at Young, Young rolls out of the ring, causing Benson to kick the corner. Young slides back in and rolls Benson up.



Patrilli enters the ring and breaks it up. Young and Benson get to their feet and Patrilli Clotheslines the both of them down. Young rolls out of the ring as Benson stumbles up.

Wavedigger: Patrilli lifts Benson up... OH MY GOD HE HITS THE ONLY MOVE HE KNOWS!

Patrilli hits the Eraser on Bad News Benson! He goes for the pin.




The bell sounds.

Zach Wavis: There it is! Patrilli gets the win!

Patrilli gets to his feet and gets his arm raised.

Wavedigger: Looks like Patrilli and Preecha Kamon would have the advantage going into the Tag Team Titles match... if #beachkrew wasn't involved.

Teo Del Sol/Spencer Adams vs Bernard Core/Night Rider vs Zombie McMorris/Punkin

Kyle Steel: The following is a triple threat tag team match!

The lights in the arena begin to flash on and off as 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing on the Jumbo tron. Night Rider steps out from behind the curtain as Pyrotechnics explode up and down the ramp. He pulls a microphone out of his jacket and begins speaking, insulting people in the front row and cursing at the top of his lungs. Before long the microphone falls silent and he throws it over his shoulder out of the ring.

Zach Wavis: Night Rider fired up here tonight, Freddy!

Freddy Bro: Yeah, and now here comes his partner!

“Wing Fortress Zone” begins playing through the arena, signaling the arrival of Bernard “Common” Core as the audience roars in disapproval.

Upon entering the arena, Core stops at the top of the aisle with his hands behind his back and looks around the arena. He walks slowly and reservedly to the ring looking at the ignorant fans with disdain.

Zach Wavis: We’re expecting big things from this newcomer, he has put the locker room on notice in the short time he’s been here.

Wavedigger: I like his attitude, he doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

Bernard Core grabs the microphone from Kyle Steel once he gets in the ring. He puts his hand up and the music stops.

Zach Wavis: Oh God, which dead singer is he going to insult tonight?

Bernard Core: I didn't think it could get any worse than Texas, but it has. Your beloved state of New Mexico, this state nicknamed the Land of Enchantment, ranks 49th in the nation in educational achievement. In fact, when it comes to the category of grade level reading. In this desert covered landfill is 50th in the nation when it comes to reading on grade level! Do you know what that means?! You people are the worst readers in America! Land of Enchantment my rear end!

Crowd: Booooo!

Bernard Core: Yes, you should boo. You should boo your failure at getting yourselves and your children to read! And this is a state that has adopted the Common Core Learning Standards! Maybe you haven't implemented them correctly because you can't read them. And it's not for lack of trying at the government level. You governor, Susana Martinez, tried to get your Senate to pass a law that would have retained third graders. Do you think they passed it? Huh? Go ahead and tell me.

Core holds out the microphone and puts his hand up to his ear while the fans yell at him.

Bernard Core: Can't come to a consensus? No big surprise there. Here's the answer: NO! They didn't! Now you will have third graders who can't read permeating the higher grades, dragging down your state even further! Maybe you can make it to 50 in overall education. You can do it! I believe in you!

Crowd: Boooooo!

Bernard Core: If I were in charge, students would not be moved up to any grade unless then could read! You people would be in school until you were 40, and I'm not even sure you'd be able to read if you were kept in school that long! Hell, if I were in charge, I would offer this state back to Mexico, FREE OF CHARGE

Crowd: Booooooooooo!

Zach Wavis: Well, that wasn't as bad as invoking the name of Selena, but still pretty horrible.

Wavedigger: The truth hurts.

Bernard Core looks at Night Rider with a cocked eyebrow, then shrugs his shoulders and waves him on to start the match, stepping onto the apron.

The Arena goes black and only the titan tron shows any light, a bright white circle of it at the end of a tunnel, the screen flickers with some static a couple of times showing a man in black advancing with every break in the video until he is standing before us with his fists raised to the screen with white tape on his knuckles and the words "DEFO DEAD" written across them in black marker.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to ring at this time, from Goreyville by way of Coleraine, Northern Ireland and the deepest recesses of a broken young man's mind, THIS IS THE PUNKIN!

A screaming laughter fills the arena as the song kicks in and a tall masked man falls out through the curtain almost capering instead of his counterparts Swagger filled stroll, he makes his way to the ring all the while talking either to himself or screaming indecipherable phrases at the crowd, he doesn't waste anytime lifting his battle armour off setting it on the ring apron in front of him.

Zach Wavis: And here we have Punkin- one of the more controversial stars in the WCF.

Freddy Bro: If by Controversial you mean coocoo for Coco Puffs.

Wavedigger: Watch it Freddy! Beach Krew ain’t paying no royalties for you.

He steps back almost tripping over his own feet sizing up the armour shadow boxing with it in a ridiculous fashion before rolling into the ring and climbing up on the top rope showing off the badly spelled words on his knuckles again before sitting down on the top turnbuckle with his back to the ring, hooks his legs underneath the bolt then lays back in the tree of woe with his arms crossed talking to himself and waiting for the bell.

"Never Gonna Stop" hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area. He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived.

He holds the internet title high over his head before running a full sprint into the ring, stopping just before sliding under the ropes, then turning and holding his arms out as the crowd roars, a mix of cheers and boos.

Zach Wavis: Polarizing is the word, you either love or hate Zombie McMorris, but good luck finding anyone who’s middle of the road.

Wavedigger: Who could hate Zombie McMorris? Honey Badger don’t give a-

Freddy Bro: Watch your mouth!

Zombie stares at Punkin, his face a look of disbelief and condescending arrogance. He laughs at the top of his lungs and steps onto the apron, sarcastically urging Punkin to begin the match.

The opening riff to Supremacy by Muse hits the PA as strobe lights flicker and a blue smoke fills the stage. As the song picks up, Spencer steps onto the stage and lifts his right arm high into the air. A few moments later, his tag team Partner Teo del Sol steps through the curtain and holds his hands up.

Zach Wavis: Teo’s mask looks a little crooked.

Freddy Bro: Wait, his mask??

Indeed, the Luchador now wears his trademark signature White and Gold mask, recovered from Kyle Kemp! He adjusts the ties as Spencer tries to help him, but Teo quickly shoves Spencer away!

Spencer looks at Teo in shock but holds his hands out.

Zach Wavis: Uh…clearly Teo is touchy about the mask.

The two make their way to the ring, Spencer slapping high fives, but Teo walks more purposefully, striding past fans, even accidentally knocking over one unlucky fan’s drink!

Wavedigger: That’s an assumed risk.

Zach Wavis: Teo’s acting kind of weird, wouldn’t you say?

Wavedigger: He always acts weird

Spencer makes his way down the ramp, jumping up onto different spots on the barricade and high fiving fans before charging into the ring and climbing the turnbuckle. He motions for the fans to make some noise before leaping down and waiting for his opponent. Teo makes a rude gesture at Spencer, and Spencer cocks an eyebrow at the Luchador. Teo throws his arms down dismissively and steps onto the apron, letting Spencer start the match.

Freddy Bro: Does Teo even want to be here?

Teo turns and flips off one of the audience members holding out an autograph pad, causing the arena to let out a collective gasp!

Zach Wavis: Uh…

Freddy Bro: Uh…

Wavedigger: Right on, Teo!


The match begins, with Punkin, Spencer, and Bernard measuring each other up. All three are hesitant to engage, as not to give the other an opportunity, but suddenly without warning Punkin turns and rushes full tilt at Adams!

Spencer ducks a hard forearm smash, rolling into a somersault as Punkin rebounds off the ropes- Punkin runs back and Spencer throws a high dropkick! Punkin crashes to the ground as Zombie laughs, slapping the turnbuckle in amusement.

Punkin is rattled, rolling from the ring to the outside- but before Spencer can make it back to his feet, Bernard capitalizes! He grabs Spencer in a front headlock, turning it into a guillotine choke! Spencer struggles but the submission specialist has locked the hold in tight!

Zach Wavis: Bernard Core looking to end this one early!

Freddy Bro: But why isn’t Teo helping?

Indeed, Teo stands on the apron, looking rather disinterested as his partner helplessly struggles in the serpentlike grip of core! He shrugs his shoulders and turns to the front row, urging the fan to toss him a water bottle.

Zach Wavis: What the-? What is Teo doing!? Spencer is in deep trouble!

Wavedigger: He’s getting a drink, Zach, what’s it look like?

Spencer finally manages to wrench an arm free, and he reaches out to his corner, pushing through the hold! Bernard cinches up the lock, but Spencer grits his teeth and keeps pushing! He moves one foot forward after the other, hand outstretched. Teo holds his out in anticipation of the tag, and Spencer shoves forward with a hard push!

Freddy Bro: He’s gonna make it!

But no! Without warning Teo suddenly turns and jumps off the apron, throwing up a middle finger over his shoulder, a gesture which draws a roar of boos from the crowd…and approving applause from McMorris.

Zach Wavis: Is Teo abandoning Spencer?! What’s going on?

Wavedigger: You know what, I think I might start to like this del Sol character.

Suddenly the opening riff to “Kickstart my Heart blares through the arena! All eyes turn towards the stage, where another figure emerges!

Freddy Bro: It’s…Teo del Sol?

Indeed, a significantly bloodied Teo del Sol, no mask to hide the damage now stands on the entrance ramp, a look of furious vengeance plainly visible on his face. The masked Teo quickly tries to run into the crowd, but Teo is on him in an instant, reigning punches on the impostor before grabbing the mask and yanking it from his head.

Zach Wavis: It’s Kyle Kemp!

Indeed, the man beneath the mask is revealed not to be Teo del Sol, but the former People’s Champion! Kemp quickly grabs the mask, and the two engage in a vicious tug of war on the entrance ramp!

Wavedigger: Don’t let go, Kyle!

Zach Wavis: Guys, the match!

But back in the ring, the hold has finally taken its toll on Spencer, though he refuses to tap, there is no one to help him, and he begins fading under the excruciating punishment! Teo looks at Kyle as the ref raises Spencer’s arm and drops it limply as the audience shouts.

Crowd: One!!

Teo, torn between the mask and his partner, stares at Kemp with a look of utter contempt as Kemp flashes a wicked grin. Spencer’s arm is lifted and drops again.

Crowd: Two!!!

Teo has no choice, and lets go of the mask, Kemp flees as Teo flings himself in the ring, knocking Bernard loose before Spencer’s hand can drop again! He runs at Core, who backs away quickly, tagging Night Rider. Teo helps Spencer to the corner and tags himself in as Punkin, now recovered, makes his way back into the ring.

Zach Wavis: It looks like order has been restored in this one, ‘digger.

Wavedigger: Pssht. Who needs Order. Beach World Order, am I right?

Night Rider, happy to finally be involved in the action, quickly points at both men, before holding his hands out palm up and beckoning them.

Zach Wavis: Night Rider asking both men to bring it here!

Teo and Punkin look at one another, then back to the giant man standing across from them, before shrugging their shoulders and charging in unison! Night Rider catches one man in each arm as they shove him towards the ropes, rebounding and hurling him with an Irish whip!

But Night Rider comes back hard, taking out both men with a clothesline! Punkin and Teo both go flying head over heels as Night Rider approaches his corner and arrogantly slaps his own chest in triumph.

Core nods and gives an approving thumbs up, but rolls his eyes as Night Rider turns back to the men in the ring. Punkin is the first to his feet, and rushes Night Rider, but Night rider grabs him and hurls him through the middle rope, nearly crashing into Zombie as he collides with the outside!

Zombie looks angrily at Night Rider and charges through the ropes, but Night Rider catches him as he walks and hurls him over the top rope! Teo is next to his feet, but he barely has time to stand before Night Rider hurls him over the top rope!

Zach Wavis: And Night Rider clearing house here! This one’s getting out of hand!

Bernard Core steps through the ropes, grinning at his tag team partner, clapping in mock approval.

Zach Wavis: What’s Core doing? He was dismissing Night Rider from the outset!

Wavedigger: Yeah, but he knows a good thing when he sees it, he may have found a new business partner!

Core grabs Night Rider by the hand and raises it as if in victory. The crowd begins booing, throwing food and empty beer cups.

Night Rider looks at the man holding his hand up…And quickly grabs Core by the head, hurling him over the top rope!

Freddy Bro: Whoa! And Night Rider making it known that he will not be patronized!

Zach Wavis: That’s all well and good, but he might have wanted to wait till after the match!

Zach’s words quickly prove prophetic, as Zombie has made it back into the ring, and slams Night Rider from behind with a hard elbow to the back of the head! Night Rider stumbles, and Mcmorris follows it up with an Axe Handle to the back! Night Rider tries to turn towards his foe, but Zombie responds with an eye rake! The ref quickly grabs ahold of zombie, warning him about the illegal tactic, but Zombie boots the ref with a low blow like he was going for a field goal!

Zach Wavis: Oh my god! Zombie may have just killed the ref!

Freddy Bro: He definitely killed any future kids, that’s for sure, but isn’t he worried about getting disqualified?

Wavedigger: Nah, Honey badger don’t give a-

Zach Wavis: Watch your mouth!

Zombie turns back towards the still shaken Night Rider, and grabs him around the throat with one arm and begins punching him with the other! He pounds Night Rider mercilessly, and blood begins to trickle from a cut above Rider’s right eye.

Zombie is so caught up in punishing Rider that he doesn’t notice Teo del Sol tag in a fresh Spencer Adams! Adams roars out of the corner and throws himself at McMorris with a flying crossbody, taking him off his feet! Night Rider falls to his knees as a result of the constant punishment.

Spencer turns towards Teo and signals, and Teo nods, running forward. Spencer holds his hands out as Teo uses the fallen Night Rider as a step, Spencer boosts him up and he flies over the top rope to the outside, taking out Bernard Core! Both men crash in a pile at ringside as Spencer turns his attention back towards Zombie.

Spencer grabs Zombie by the head and lifts him up with a high Suplex! Zombie crashes to the mat and rolls from the ring, landing by Punkin, who is clearly fed up with Zombie’s disrespect! Punkin grabs the Internet champion and throws him into the steel stops with a hard Irish whip!

Zach Wavis: Will these people stop attacking their own partners??

Teo has made his way back to the apron, and Spencer grabs Night Rider, throwing him with an Irish whip. The barely conscious Night Rider runs into Spencer who lifts him up with a flapjack!

But Teo jumps off the top rope and hits Night Rider back down to earth with a midair slingshot crossbody! He rolls from the ring as Spencer grabs the cover!



Bernard Core starts to slide under the ropes!


But Core stops, shaking his head in disdain and walking from the match.

Zach Wavis: People’s choice pick up the win!

Freddy Bro: In the end it came down to the team with the best teamwork, Zach.

Wavedigger: How can these people cheer Teo, what about poor Kyle Kemp?

Teo and Spencer hold their arms up in victory as Slam cuts to commercial.

United States Title Contendership Match
Doc Henry vs Chelsea Armstrong

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall and is for your United States Championship Number One Contendership! Introducing first . . .

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Master Ryushi emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises his fists in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he hops the turnbuckle and 'gets loose' awaiting his opponent.

Kyle Steel: From Griffen, Georgia, standing at six foot five inches and weighing in at two-hundred and forty five pounds, he is Doc HENRY!

Zach Wavis: This former US Champion and five-time tag team champion looking to earn some singles gold once more.

Freddy Bro: And he only has one of the most impressive female competitors to get past to earn this shot at the gold.

The Devil within by Digital Daggers begins to play through the speakers as Chelsea Armstrong begins to slowly make her way from backstage. She shows no emotion on her face and her arms hang by her side as she makes her way to the ring keeping her eyes on an object she has chosen in front of her. As she climbs into the ring she makes no attempt to climb the turnbuckle but instead sits against the ropes staring off at the ceiling and whispering to herself as she awaits her opponent.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, Chelsea ARMSTRONG!

Wavedigger: Another wannabe member from Pantheon trying to remain relevant? The Cock has got this match in the bag.

Freddy Bro: Bet you wished you had a cock in the bag, too.

The two competitors step forward as the referee runs through the rules of the match. There was little tension between these two, allowing for a smooth transition into the match. The referee calls for the bell without any difficulty as the opponents already been to circle one another.


The two continue to circle one another, sizing each other up; Doc Henry had the size and strength advantage, as to be expected, but Chelsea had speed and technical prowess in her corner. She had her youth, as well, that yielded impatience as she suddenly stepped forward, lashing out with a sharp kick aimed for Doc’s side. The veteran slaps it aside and scoots in close, getting behind Chelsea and grabbing her by the waist. He heaves her up with ease and twists, looking to slam her on her stomach Greco-Roman style, but Chelsea had other plans. She breaks Doc’s grip on her waist in the air and then, holding to his arm, twists and throws the big man down with an armdrag that she follows through into an armbar with.

Zach Wavis: Impressive move from the People’s Champion of the year in 2014

Doc was nowhere near submission, rolling over so that he was on his knees with Chelsea wrenching away underneath him. Getting his feet under him, Doc pushes himself to his feet with Armstrong clinging to him, basically deadlifting her with a single arm. Steadying her with his free hand, Doc charges and slams Chelsea back first into the turnbuckle. From there, it was only a slight lift to sit Chelsea on the top turnbuckle.

Freddy Bro: Doc looking to make this a physical, high impact match early on.

Wavedigger: Can you expect anything less when a lady’s man wrestles a lady?

Doc draws close, looking to scale to the top as well, but Chelsea kicks him in the face to halt the momentum. Henry stumbles back, clutching his jaw as Armstrong rises to her full height on the top turnbuckle before flying off with a diving crossbody . . . right into the awaiting arms of Doc Henry, who rotates and spikes Chelsea to the mat with a heavy powerslam, directly into the pinfall.




Zach Wavis: Chelsea Armstrong still in this one.

Doc Henry attempts to pull Chelsea to her feet, only to be utterly surprised by a small package from Chelsea!




The two separate as Doc kicks out, both rising to their feet. Doc steps forward, grabbing Chelsea by the hand and whipping her into the ropes. On the rebound, Doc drops down, looking for the back body drop, allowing Chelsea to dive over with a sunset flip, landing on her feet in an arch with her arms around Doc, who was too big for her to flip. Instead, she releases, landing on her back behind Doc and, using his ankles as support, drags herself through Doc’s legs until she was prone in front of him. A double kick to the stomach gives her the space to rise to her feet, only to drop immediately back down with a double knee facebreaker to Doc, who still doesn’t go down!

Wavedigger: Doc Henry showing us he never goes limp.

Kipping to her feet, Chelsea steps in behind Doc, who had gotten turned around after the Codebreaker, grabbing him by the head. Then leaping forward, Chelsea uses her body weight to drag Doc to the mat with her signature bulldog.

Zach Wavis: Beautiful Disaster! And the pin attempt.





Rolling to her feet, Chelsea pulls Doc up by the hair and tries to lock him in an Octopus Hold, but Doc shoves her away. Chelsea comes flying back in with a heavy forearm smash, which is responded to by a chop across the chest from Doc. The two begin to light one another up with their respective blows until Chelsea seemed to be getting the upper hand, but Doc still wasn’t going down. Knowing she needed more, Chelsea shoots the ropes, rebounding with a flying lariat. And she flies straight into a Rock Bottom from Doc Henry that shakes the ring.

Freddy Bro: Gambler’s Hand!

Doc goes for a pin attempt, hoping that this was the end for this match.





Doc only shakes his head, knowing he had been so close and that there was only one thing he could do next: ascend to the top. Climbing high, Doc remains perched for the briefest of moments before launching off with a Shooting Star Press.

Wavedigger: Doc puts that dick All-In.

Freddy Bro: But gets cock blocked! Chelsea gets the knees up.

Transitioning immediately, Chelsea locks in the Triangle Choke Hold, wrenching away at the head and neck of Doc while he was still stunned.

Zach Wavis: Chelsea realizes she cannot win this match standing up, so she’s looking to choke Henry out on the ground.

It doesn’t get that far though because after a few excruciating seconds in the hold, Doc Henry taps out.

Wavedigger: THERE IT IS!

Chelsea stands up and gets her arm raised.

Zach Wavis: Say what you want about Pantheon, but Chelsea Armstrong is getting a shot at the United States Title at One!

Freddy Bro: That match may be Pantheon's last hurrah, Zach. Can Pantheon regain WCF gold? Or will Mikey eXtreme, formerly of the DRG, extinguish Pantheon once and for all?

Jeff Purse vs Oblivion

Zach Wavis: Coming up next...

Wavedigger: You talk to slow... Up next.... Purse... Oblivion... The Monster Guardian is gonna f<bleep>k some sh<bleep>T up!!

Freddy Bro: WHOA!!

Zach Wavis: The Future verses The Monster...

Wavedigger: NEEEEEXT!!

"Survival" by Eminem blares on the PA system.

"This is survival of the fittest
This is do or die
This is winner takes all
So take it all"

Pyro goes off and up through the stage, Jeff Purse comes flying out. Kari slowly comes slowly out from the back, as Jeff walks down the aisle, pandering to the crowd.

"Wasn't ready to be no millionaire
I was ill-prepared.
I was prepared
ill-through, the skill was there
From the beginning, it wasn't 'bout the ends"

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring, accompanied by the lovely Kari.

Zach Wavis: Wow!!

Wavedigger: Bustin' out!!

Freddy Bro: WHOA!!

Kyle Steel: From Venice Beach, California... Weighing in at 215 pounds.. He is The Future... JEEEEFFF PUUUUURSE!!!

Upon entering the ring, he throws his hands up, in the middle, of the ring. Corner pyros of red and green shoot out. He takes off his aviator sunglasses and throws them in the crowd. He turns and sits up on the turnbuckle.

Wavedigger: Looks like The Future is ready!!

Freddy Bro: Is he ready for OblivSEAon?

Zach Wavis: We're about to find out.

The majority of the arena's lights flicker out. The lights above the ring shine. A tornado siren echoes, as the beginning guitar riff of "Oblivion" by Mastadon begins to play. Flickering lightning lights up the arena, as thunder echoes out. Lasers flash, as six dark cloaked individuals slowly walk out. As the druid-like individuals get halfway down the aisle, the music picks up faster. Oblivion slinks out, from the back and instantly the majority, of the crowd, screams out thunderous boos.


As Oblivion slowly walks down, with an arrogant smirk across IT's face, The Monster begins to get pelted with garbage.

Zach Wavis: Can you believe this?!

Freddy Bro: WHOA!!

Wavedigger: Those boos are a sign, that Oblivion... OblivSEAon is doing something right!! But, you don't just hear boos. OblivSEAon has IT's devoted Meatsacks. This will be an awesome match!!

OblivSEAon walks arrogantly down the ramp, notices a nearby cameraman. The Monster sneers as IT walks past the cameraman.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring... From the darkest, deepest part of sick man's psyche... The Monster Guardian of the Brocean.... OOOOOOBLIIIIIVIOOOOON!!!

Zach Wavis: Oblivion looks nasty. Looks mean and looks ready to hurt somebody!!

Freddy Bro: Beachkrew did not make any mistakes bringing in OblivSEAon into the fold.

Wavedigger: With new life brewing inside Oblivion, The Monster is ready to bring some pain.

OblivSEAon slowly walks up the ringsteps, jumps up and slams IT's boots down onto the metal ring step, the same time pyro explodes from the ring post.

Zach Wavis: WOW!!

Freddy Bro: WHOA!!

Wavedigger: Awesome!!

Oblivion enters the ring, walks past Jeff Purse to a nearby corner. The Monster climbs up to the second turnbuckle, raise IT's massive arms to the mixture reaction, from the crowd. OblivSEAon jumps down...


Zach Wavis: This match is underway.

Both Oblivion and Jeff Purse circle the ring, before lunging towards each other...

Freddy Bro: Both competitors lock up in collar and elbow tie up...


Wavedigger: Jeff Purse moves out of the way.


Jeff Purse strikes The Monsters several times. Purse flies towards the ropes, Oblivion follows behind.

Freddy Bro: The Future bounces off the ropes...

Wavedigger: The Monster swings errantly with a wild clothesline attempt.

Zach Wavis: Jeff Purse bounces off the ropes, charges towards OblivSEAon, who leap up with a frogleap...

Freddy Bro: Jeff Purse continues to charge for the ropes, bouncing off the ropes.

Oblivion drops down, as Jeff Purse leaps over and bounces off the ropes. The crowd becomes more electric.

Wavedigger: This crowd appreciates the action, so far.

Jeff Purse bounces off the ropes, charges at Oblivion...


Zach Wavis: Clothesline from Atlantis!!

Oblivion picks up Jeff Purse...


Jeff Purse strikes Oblivion, who stumbles backwards. Purse scrambled to the top turnbuckle...



Oblivion slowly gets to one knee, as Purse charges at The Monster...


Freddy Bro: Enziguiri!! Jeff Purse making a pin cover...

WCF Senior Referee Stanley Moser slides into position...

Crowd: ON-.... NOOOOO!!!


Purse flies to the ropes, flies towards Oblivion....


Wavedigger: Back bodydrop!!

Purse sees The Monster charges at IT...


OblivSEAon nails an armdrag...


Freddy Bro: Hiptoss!!

Purse spins around, as he stands up...


Wavedigger: SCOOP SLAM!!

Purse turns around...


Zach Wavis: Damn it to Hell!! Poke in the eye!!

The crowds boos wildly.

Oblivion grabs Jeff Purse and Irish whips The Future hard into a corner...

Freddy Bro: The God of Insanity charges at Jeff Purse...


Wavedigger: Jeff Purse moved out, of the way!! The crowd cheers wildly. Shouting out encouragement.

The momentum causes The Monster to bounce off the turnbuckles...


Zach Wavis: Belly to belly duplex!!

Freddy Bro: WHOA!! Oblivion...

Wavedigger: OblivSEAon!!

Freddy Bro: OblivSEAon just quickly stood up!!

Purse charges Oblivion, as The Monster charges at The Future...


Zach Wavis: OblivSEAon just engulfed Jeff Purse!!

Oblivion grabs a stunned Purse and whips him into the ropes. Purse bounces off the ropes...



Wavedigger: Jeff Purse attempted a cross body lock, but The Monster caught him!!

Oblivion proceeds to press Purse over IT's head.

Freddy Bro: Oblivion is slowly walking around... NO-NO-NO-NO-NO!!

Zach Wavis: OblivSEAon is gonna throw Jeff Purse over the top rope, from a full press position!!


Crowd: S! T! O! M! P!!

Zach Wavis: Survive Treacherous Overwhelming Monstrous Psychopaths!!

Oblivion picks up a stunned Jeff Purse with a gutwrench...


...right into a powerbomb.

Crowd: OUUUUUU!!!

Wavedigger: TSUNAMI!!

Oblivion whips Jeff Purse into the ropes...

Zach Wavis: For most, of the match, it's been mostly all OblivSEAon!!

...Purse bounces off the ropes. Oblivion roars out, as IT grabs The Future by both of his legs, rotates him around...


Freddy Bro: DDT!! HURRICANE!!

OblivSEAon begins to roll back IT's eyes, twitching, before grabbing Purse, double under-hooking his arms...


Wavedigger: SURFNAP!!

Jeff Purse's head connects with the mat. OblivSEAon sneers, while rolling IT's eyes back and sticking tongue out...

Zach Wavis: The Monster Guardian of the Brocean quickly grab Jeff Purse, roars out again, before placing Purse in a fireman's carry...


Wavedigger: HAWAII 5-0!!!

OblivSEAon makes a pinfall cover...

Zach Wavis: This could be it!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!



Kyle Steel: The winner, of the match, The Monster OOOOOOBLIIIIVIOOOOONNN!!

Wavedigger: I told everybody, no matter what the circumstance is... OBLIVION WILL OVERCOME ALL!! OblivSEAon is becoming more of a monster, each and every week!!

Zach Wavis: WCF better pay attention... Oblivion... Excuse me, OblivSEAon... The Monster Guardian of the Brocean is on a tear. Beachkrew means business, the quicker WCF acknowledges that, the better off we will be!!

Freddy Bro: WHOA!!!

Television Title on the Line
Wade Moor/Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp/Dustin Beaver vs Preecha Kamon/Bonnie Blue/Occulo/Mikey eXtreme

Zach Wavis: We've got a hell of a match coming up!

Wavedigger: Do we? The way I see it, we have a jobberkill. This match should've been the first on the card, because it is simply to showcase the #beachkrew's dominance.

Freddy Bro: Uh... You know they're facing Preecha Kamon, Bonnie Blue, Occulo, and Mikey eXtreme, right? Mikey is the US Champion, Kamon took Wade to the limit, Blue took Beaver to the limit, Occulo fought Joey Flash in an incredible feud a few months ago....

Wavedigger: Those names don't ring a bell. Sound like jobbers to me.

The lights in the arena dim as the opening to “21st Century Schizoid Man” by King Crimson starts playing over the P.A. Wade Moor slips out from behind the curtain – Hacksaw Jim Thuggin by his side and that black acoustic guitar strapped to his back - and lumbers out onto the stage. World Title around his waist.


He stares out to the hot “booing” crowd, eyes always scanning, never relenting. A smile creeps up the side of his face, blaring with deep blue strobe lights, as he starts his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring from The Everglades, weighing in at 280 lbs….WAAAADE POSEIDON MMMOOOOOORRRRRRR!!!!!

Wade puts his hand on the apron, slides his guitar in, and then slides in himself, slithering towards the center of the ring. He hikes up on one knee and holds his hand out to his sides and yells to the crowd.


He removes his straw hat and hands his effects to Hacksaw Jim Thuggin. He starts stretching out the ropes as
he awaits the start of the match.

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron. As the smoke clears, we see Johnny Rabid standing tall; arms out stretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as Johnny's name appears on a Slam Graphic. Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's Johnny hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Lon Chaney in Tod Browning's "London After Midnight" (1927). Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the boo's from the crowd before taking off his black trench-coat and shades and waving his hapless opponent on with a cocky smirk on his face.

The lights go out and a spot light shines on the stage. "Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and gold lights start blinking around the arena. Kemp slowly walks out onto the stage and comes to a stop in the spotlight and crosses his arms. He smiles smugly at the crowd and begins to shake his head up and down. He struts down the aisle glaring at fans and rolls into the ring. The lights all come back on as he extends both of his arms out to his side and begins to laugh. He walks over to the corner and leans on it as the song ends.

Zach Wavis: And here are the Tag Team Champions. For now.

Wavedigger: What do you mean, "for now"?

Zach Wavis: They've got a TLC match scheduled for One, Gravedigger, and they have some stiff competition. Raymond Hatcher and Adam Young? Young is one of the most prolific tag team wrestlers in WCF history. Vic Venable and Spencer Adams? Former Champs. And now Preecha Kamon and Patrilli have been added to the match too!

Where Are U Now hits, then a spotlight shines at the beginning of the entrance ramp, awaiting "The Beavs" to walk into it. He enters the light, points to the crowd on the left and then to the crowd on the right. He then takes off his Television Title and raises it in the air before joining his teammates in the ring.

Freddy Bro: Walking into One as a Champion is an honor, and if Beaver can retain this week and next, he will do just that. Who would have thought it? Dustin friggin Beaver.

Wavedigger: Watch your mouth. Here come the jobbers.

"The Master" by GosT booms violently over the PA system as lights flash to the pulse of the aggressive music. Preecha steps past the curtain followed closely behind by Armand who pats him on the shoulder before hyping him up to the audience. Slowly they walk down to the ring and climb the steps. Armand sits on the second ropes as Preecha stops through before shadow boxing with the turnbuckle then lift his arms, unable to hear the boo of the crowd.

Smoke covers the stage as the music begins; blue and white strobes flare in time to the beat. Bonnie Blue appears from the haze, clad in a hooded, ankle length coat of azure, a silver star emblazoned on the back. Throwing back the hood, she raises her arms to the crowd, soaking in the cheers for a moment. Then, she sprints down the ramp and leaps onto the ring apron. Turning to face the audience, she gives them a dazzling smile and shrugs out of the coat before slipping through the ropes into the ring.

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Kyle Steel: From Washington DC... weighing in at 220lbs..... Occulo!!

He walks down the ramp, spotlights following, addressing the fans as he does. He climbs up the steel steps in the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, playing to the crowd.

The arena is blanketed in darkness as "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains hits the PA system. Lightning crashes into the stage as an American Flag takes over the titantron. Almost instantly, Mikey eXtreme steps out onto the stage carrying a kendo stick with an American Flag on the end. The United States championship sits around his waist. There is a mixed reaction as the crowd wants to boo, but the American Flag wins over some members of the audience. Mikey makes his way down to the ring as Freakshow and Vidalia trail behind. Mikey rolls into the ring as Vidalia grabs the kendo stick flag and heads to his corner. Freakshow begins to circle the ring, staring at Mikey's opponents.

Zach Wavis: Welp, here we go!

Preecha Kamon starts the match for his team, as does Wade Moor for his.

Wavedigger: Let's see if this young upstart Kreecha Prammon has what it takes to face off against the WCF World Champion!

Freddy Bro: ...What is wrong with you? They fought LAST WEEK!

Preecha rushes Moor, but Moor saw it coming and sidesteps him. Preecha turns and gets a poke to his eyes as Moor tags in Rabid. Rabid Springboards in, hitting a Double Axehandle onto Preecha, taking him down to the mat. With no regard to the rules, Rabid and Moor lift Kamon up and execute a Double Suplex. Rabid floats over for the pin as Moor exits the ring.



No!, Kamon gets the shoulder up.

Zach Wavis: If these guys are jobbers, why did the World Champion just try to take a shortcut by double teaming one of them?

Wavedigger: That was no shortcut. That was solid tag team wrestling.

Rabid lifts Kamon up and hits him with a stiff forearm shot to the head before pushing him into the ropes and sending him across the ring. As Kamon comes back he goes for a martial arts kick but Rabid has it scouted; he catches Kamon's kick and executes a Dragonscrew Legwhip.

Freddy Bro: One shortcoming to Preecha Kamon is that his offense is limited; he's a striker. A damn good striker!, but he's a striker. You know what's coming, and if you can effectively counter it, you've got a huge advantage.

Rabid tags in Kemp. Kemp comes in as Rabid grabs the leg he just whipped and lifts it, allowing Kemp to kick at it repeatedly. Both Kemp and Rabid grab a leg and then hit a Wishbone Split.

Zach Wavis: OOF. I hate seeing that.

Rabid gets onto the apron as Kemp continuously stomps Preecha's leg. Kemp grabs his leg and lifts it up, dropping an elbow onto it. He tags Rabid back in.

Wavedigger: The Krew have a gameplan and as you can see, they're sticking to it flawlessly.

Rabid comes in and grabs Preecha's leg now, putting him into a Single Leg Grapevine. The fans begin chanting.


Rabid, seemingly annoyed at the chants, yell that it doesn't matter. Kamon reaches towards the ropes but he's too far away - the #beachkrew has too effectively cut him off. Not wanting the match to end that quickly, Bonnie Blue finally enters and stomps him off.

Freddy Bro: Bonnie Blue, saving the match for her team!

Wade Moor, Dustin Beaver, and Kyle Kemp IMMEDIATELY enter the ring.. and yell at the ref for allowing Blue to enter the match, telling him to disqualify her. The ref, for his part, refuses.

Zach Wavis: Come on...

Blue angrily runs at Moor, Beaver, and Kemp for their audacity; but they're able to grab her and throw her over the top. They then turn their attention to Preecha Kamon and begin stomping on him viciously, all four of them.

Wavedigger: Get him! Get him, #beachkrew! Get him!

The fans boo heavily.

Freddy Bro: What hypocrites! Unbelievable. They want the ref to DQ Bonnie Blue and they do this!?

After several moments the #krew members realize the ref may indeed disqualify them after all and exit the ring, leaving only Rabid. Rabid grins as Preecha Kamon crawls towards him, dazed. Rabid runs at him.... and sidesteps him, running at both eXtreme and Occulo, knocking them off the apron!.. before turning and grabbing Kamon's leg.


Preecha Kamon yells out in pain as Johnny Rabid pulls back on the leg. The fans chant.


Kamon is facing his partners, whom he crawls toward. He dives!, but he can't quite make it. Rabid pulls him back in and Grapevines the leg.

Wavedigger: HE TAPS! HE TAPS!

No he doesn't!, and Occulo finally enters the match, breaking it up! This again brings the entire #beachkrew into the match, as Moor, Beaver, and Kemp attack him. Moor Clotheslines him down as the other two begin stomping on him, quickly joined by the Champ himself. Moor lifts Occulo up after several stiff shots to him and holds him from behind, allowing Dustin Beaver to pick a few stiff strikes, adding insult to injury. Dustin Beaver hits a Spinning Punch!

Freddy Bro: The #beachkrew knows the referee has to let them do whatever they want since they're running the company... This is just asinine.

Dustin Beaver positions himself on the top rope as Rabid, Kemp, and Moor lift Occulo up again. Beaver points at Occulo before jumping off and hitting a Missile Dropkick!


Preecha Kamon is up and grabs Dustin Beaver by the leg, but Beaver angrily kicks him away. The rest of the #beachkrew quickly kicks Kamon out of the ring. They turn their attention back to Occulo, but the referee again begins admonishing them.

Wavedigger: He better watch it...

INDEED!, boom, Dustin Beaver decks the ref, knocking him out. The fans boo as Beaver then grabs his Television Title from ringside and rolls back in as Kemp and Rabid lift Occulo up.

Zach Wavis: So is this simply a mugging now?

Bonnie Blue attempts to help her partner but Wade Moor cuts Blue off with a Lariat. Beaver runs at Occulo and BOOM!, belt shot to Occulo's face! Occulo drops to the mat, holding his face and writhing around on the mat. Beaver places the belt on the ground before perching on the turnbuckle again as the other #beachkrew members pick Occulo up and toss him to him. Beaver grabs Occulo...

Freddy Bro: No... Come on!

Dustin Beaver hits the Bass Drop on Occulo onto the Television Title! Occulo's face is planted perfectly on the belt, which is now sprayed with blood. Occulo rolls out of the ring as the #beachkrew taunts the fans.

Wavedigger: TOLD YOU! Jobbers!

Medics rush to ringside to check on the status of Occulo. Preecha Kamon has stumbled up and he's conscious, he's putting up his fists, daring the #beachkrew to bring it.

Zach Wavis: Where is the United States Champion in all of this?

Wavedigger: What does he have to do with what happens to Preecha Kamon or Occulo? He's been standing on the apron and waiting until he gets tagged, minding his own business.

Freddy Bro: Minding his own business? That doesn't sound very much like the United States.

Wavedigger: Leave politics out of this, Freddy!

The medics seem to think Occulo may have a serious injury and have begun taking him to the back. The fans boo.

Crowd: OCC-U-LO! OCC-U-LO!

Zach Wavis: Occulo seems to have been taken out tonight at the hands of the #beachkrew and Dustin Beaver. Disgusting. I don't think he's injured enough to miss time, but he can't compete for the rest of the night, that's for sure.

Freddy Bro: Which means this match has become a handicapped match.

Johnny Rabid, still the legal man, invites Kamon to bring it. Preecha runs at him and Rabid ducks it. He turns - incredibly quickly - and is able to run at Preecha as Preecha stops in his tracks, and Chop Blocks him down.

Zach Wavis: Incredible speed by Rabid there, I'll give the devil his due.

Rabid taunts the crowd as he signals... and Hacksaw Jim Thuggin, all of a sudden wearing a referee shirt, enters the ring. Rabid pins Preecha.




Wavedigger: Slow count by Thuggin!

Zach Wavis: ARE YOU KIDDING!? I'm surprised Thuggin didn't count three anyway!

Freddy Bro: It seems he's our new referee in what has become a handicapped match...

Rabid tags in Dustin Beaver. Beaver comes in and walks towards Preecha Kamon, hitting him with a few cocky slaps. Thuggin laughs... until Preecha runs at Beaver and hits him with a KAMON KANNON!


Kamon pins Beaver!

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!

Crowd: THREE!

...But it doesn't matter. Thuggin just counted One.


Zach Wavis: We should have a new Television Champion!

The fans boo as both men get to their feet. Beaver runs at Kamon but Kamon hits him with a stiff kick right to the jaw!, before diving...



Bonnie Blue Springboards into the ring and rolls away from Dustin Beaver before Springboarding and hitting him with a Dropkick. Beaver gets back up and Blue runs at him and hits a Hurricanrana. Blue Springboards again and drops him once more with a Bulldog!


Bonnie Blue goes for the pin.

Crowd: One...

Crowd: Two...

It doesn't matter. Jim Thuggin isn't counting. Bonnie Blue gets up and gets right in Thuggin's face, but Thuggin doesn't care. Blue kicks at Beaver a few times before climbing to the top.

Wavedigger: Why are these jobbers even trying?

Zach Wavis: Are you kidding? The #beachkrew are doing whatever they can to stop these so-called "jobbers" from winning this match...

Blue flies off the top with a Moonsault!, into another pin!

Crowd: One..

Crowd: Two..

AGAIN, Thuggin won't count. Bonnie Blue gets to her feet and shoves Hacksaw Jim Thuggin. Thuggin looks into the camera.

Freddy Bro: He's signalling something? Uh oh-

The lights go out.

Zach Wavis: This could only be one thing.

Wavedigger: OBLIV-SEA-ON!

The lights come back on and OBLIVION IS IN THE RING! Bonnie Blue's eyes go wide as Oblivion hits a Superkick!

Wavedigger: WIPEOUT!

Oblivion taunts the crowd as Hacksaw Jim Thuggin gestures towards him.

Freddy Bro: What an awesome referee, not even DQing the guy who interfered..

The lights go out again.

Zach Wavis: What does the #beachkrew have in store now?

The lights come back on.... only for Andre Jenson to already have Jim Thuggin down on the mat, punching him in the face. He gets off as Oblivion rushes him, pulling the ropes down and sending Oblivion out of the ring!

Wavedigger: Andre Jenson here to save Bonnie Blue!? What the hell!?

Freddy Bro: Maybe they've joined forces to defeat the undefeatable Oblivion!

Not likely. As Bonnie Blue has stumbled up, Andre Jenson grabs her and takes her down with a Suplex Cutter!

Zach Wavis: D20! Andre Jenson takes Bonnie Blue down!

Jenson measures Blue as she stumbles up and then runs at her.


There is no referee and Jenson stomps viciously at Bonnie Blue, Preecha Kamon still too hurt to help her and Mikey eXtreme seemingly uncaring. Andre Jenson looks down at Blue, something animal in his eyes, before dropping and leaving the ring. Beaver slings his arm over Blue.

Crowd: ...

Crowd: ...

Freddy Bro: They won't count for the #beachkrew!

A WCF referee hits the ring!



NO!, no! Bonnie Blue kicks out!

Zach Wavis: SO CLOSE!

Both Bonnie Blue and Dustin Beaver roll towards their respective corners... Blue tags in eXtreme as Beaver tags in Kemp!

Wavedigger: The so-called United States Champion finally enters the match!

Freddy Bro: A second ago you were saying he was smart for minding his own business!

eXtreme and Kemp meet in the middle of the ring and begin trading blows.

Zach Wavis: Say what you want, but the #beachkrew and the DRG are about as opposite as you can get. No love lost between these men.

Mikey eXtreme gets the early advantage and sends Kemp to the ropes. Kemp comes back and gets a Dropkick. Kemp gets right back up and Mikey runs at him and drops him with a Shining Wizard. He then hits the ropes and runs at Kemp, jumping and hitting a Leg Drop, staying dropped for the pin.



No!, broken up the Wade Moor. Mikey gets back to his feet and measures Kemp, who begins crawling up. He runs at him...

Freddy Bro: eXtinguished!

Mikey goes for another pin.



NO!, this time broken up by Johnny Rabid.

Zach Wavis: Bonnie Blue is effectively out of this match, Occulo is officially out of this match... How do these guys expect to win?

Mikey eXtreme seems to realize just how stacked the odds are against him. He taunts Wade Moor, yelling that he's a coward and that he's the real Champion of WCF. Moor takes the bait and enters the ring, running at Mikey; Mikey drops him with a Superkick!


This brings in Johnny Rabid. He runs at Mikey!


And lastly Dustin Beaver runs at Mikey too.


Zach Wavis: X PARTY! Uh, that could mean a lot of things probably.

Mikey tags in Preecha Kamon now that Kamon seems to be recovered. He measures Kemp as Kemp stumbles to his feet...

Wavedigger: No, no, no...


Kamon pins Kemp, hooking the leg.

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!

Crowd: THREE!

The crowd pops!

Wavedigger: WHAT!?

Freddy Bro: THEY'VE DONE IT!

The bell sounds.

Zach Wavis: Preecha Kamon wins it for his team!

The #beachkrew members regroup on the outside as Preecha Kamon gets to his feet. He gets his arm raised in the air as he points towards Rabid and Kemp.

Wavedigger: Hacksaw Jim Thuggin had become the official referee. This referee was a scam, he was obviously in the pocket of the anti-beachkrew group. This match was a joke.

Freddy Bro: Preecha Kamon may not have been able to win the World Title, but he has a chance at Rabid and Kemp's Tag Team Titles at One, and he's one step closer to making that dream a reality!

Zach Wavis: And what about Occulo? Will he get his revenge after what happened tonight?

We go to commercial as #beachkrew regroups and Mikey eXtreme leaves with his United States Title.

A Not At All Controversial Segment

Zach Wavis: Welcome back to Slam ladies and gent-

The lights go out and Crawl by Kings of Leon hits. The crowd erupts.


Torture steps out onto the stage from behind the curtain and the crowd goes bonkers.

Wavedigger: Torture doesn't look to be very happy..

Zach Wavis: No he does not, Digger! Would you be happy if you were turned on by Jay Price and then randomly Corey Black causes you to lose the Hardcore Title in back to back weeks?

Wavedigger: No, neither of those two make me happy, so I guess you're right.

Torture walks down the ramp with a black hoodie sweatshirt on, some dark blue jeans, and some sneakers. Torture steps into the ring and grabs a microphone from an official ring side. The music fades out and he tries to speak into the mic.


Torture stops in his tracks and smirks. The crowd grows louder with their singing.


Torture looks around and the camera pans back as the entire sold-out arena is now singing an Adele remix song.

Crowd: To tell you I'm shocked would just be a lie!! Now I know why they think you're not a nice guyyyyy...



Wavedigger: That's a Slam moment of the year!

Torture breaks it up as the crowd begins to cheer for themselves.

Torture: Okay, okay, so let me get this straight. Man Made Gods are kicking ass, and I was obviously being a douchebag but I thought everything was A-Okay.. that was until Jay Price dropped my ass at Thirteen.

Crowd boos.

Torture: The next week, I finally decided enough was enough and do the right thing for this company and for you. That was until I lost the Hardcore Championship to a zombie whos trapped in more closests than R. Kelly all thanks to Corey Black.

Crowd boos.

Torture: So last week I decided I'm just going to go home and hang out but then my boys tell me that all these dirtsheets are reporting Corey Black vs Torture at ONE, or Jay Price vs Torture at ONE and I'll tell you right now that isn't happening..

Crowd boos.

Torture: But I'm here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico..

Crowd pops.

Torture: So that means I'll gladly kick either of their asses RIGHT HERE.. RIGHT NOW!

Crowd cheers.

Torture takes off his sweatshirt and gets pumped up. The crowd goes crazy.

Zach Wavis: Is he callin' out Jay Price?

Wavedigger: Maybe he's calling out Corey?

Freddy Bro: This is going to be crazy!

Torture: So come on down you jack asses, you can take turns eating Torture Devices and sliding punches, what do ya think?

Crowd pops again as Torture throws down the mic awaiting one of them to come down the ramp.

Zach Wavis: Well who's it going to be?

Torture paces the ring, daring one of them to walk down and fight him. The crowd begins to sing "Hello" again, egging on Price. Torture stops and smiles, before moving his hands to conduct the crowd. Suddenly the jumbotron flickers on and the crowd goes quiet.

Jayson Price: Hello...

The crowd begins to boo as we Jayson Price on the screen.

Jayson Price: ...is it me you're looking for?

The crowd's booing picks up as they're clearly not fans of Price's singing.

Jayson Price: Hello, Torture. I'm assuming you're in the ring right now, probably all worked up over what's happened as of late. I wasn't too sure how you'd react after what happened at XIII. You know, I figured you'd throw a hissy fit. Maybe cry a little more. Wasn't expecting you to do an Adele cover, that was a bit of a surprise. Probably shouldn't have been though, I mean after all you're both bitches that love to write post-break up songs. Oh, no wait, that's Taylor Swift. Oh well, all you vaginas cry alike.

Freddy Bro: Well the feminists are just going to have a field day after this.

Jayson Price: But you know, I really have been disappointed in the lack of effort you've been putting behind your response to me dropping your ass at XIII. I mean, you sang a song dedicated to me and that's it. The great and mighty Torture, dropped on his face, and he sings me a song. Where's the anger Tort? Where's the vengeance? I mean, I knew you had grown soft over the years, what with the breaking down in tears in the ring. Sobbing on my shoulder when the announcers would forget to add "World" in front of Hardcore Champion during your introductions. By the way, I'm still waiting for you to reimburse me for all the damn t-shirts you ruined with your snot and your tears.

Torture now tightly gripping the top rope, his eyes staring a hole through the screen.

Jayson Price: But I'm getting away from the point here. See, I don't like seeing this broken down, hurt feelings, crying over chick flicks Torture. I want to see some rage. I want to see you get mad. Because what's the use in trying to tear down your former tag team partner if all he's going to do about it is sit on his couch, wrap himself up in a blanket and eat ice cream as he tries to fight back tears. It's no fun! I mean, it's funny, but it's just not fun. So since dropping you on your face reduced you to a crying pussy, I decided that I was going to have to take things a little bit further to try and bring out the old, angry Torture. But I can't do it alone, no. I'm going to need just a little help. Come now, say hello.

The camera pulls back to reveal a middle aged man lying in a hospital bed, his wrists and ankles secured with straps to the frame. The crowd seems confused but almost instantly Torture flies into a rage.

Zach Wavis: What in the hell? That's...that's Torture's older brother, Anthony.

Wavedigger: Well this has certainly become interesting.

Jayson Price: Oh that's right, you can't talk. Or is it that you won't talk? Let's check your chart.

Price reaches down and grabs a clipboard attached to the hospital bed. He then leans back in his chair, putting his feet up on top of Anthony's legs.

Jayson Price: Says here you suffer from elective mutism, brought on by witnessing parent's murder. Aww, did seeing mommy and daddy get Wayne'd break your wittle brain? How sad.

Price tosses the chart onto Anthony's chest. Torture's face has turned a shade of red not before seen by man as he squeezes the top rope.

Jayson Price: But now elective mutism, that means that you can talk. Your brain might be all kinds of screwed up and you've got yourself convinced that silence is what's best, but you can talk. So what's say you and I find out what it's going to take to get you to open up to the world. 'Kay?

Price reaches over and pats Anthony on the chest as he gets up to his feet.

Zach Wavis: Oh I've got a terrible feeling about this.

Price reaches down beside to the floor and pulls up a funnel. Anthony begins to squirm in his bed but Price grabs him by the throat and holds him in place.

Jayson Price: Now, now. Don't be rude to the guy that's trying to help you.

Price forces the end of the funnel into Anthony's mouth and holds it in place, watching as his eyes grow wide.

Jayson Price: Now I don't have a lot of time. See the guard that I paid off to keep quiet, something tells me that he might decide to grow a conscious. So I'm going to need to make the most of my time before he decides to poke his nose in here.

Price reaches down with his free hand and pulls up a bucket full of water. The crowd gasps as Price lifts it up and tilts it, slowly pouring water down the funnel. Anthony begins to struggle against his restraints as choking sounds can be heard. Price speeds up the pouring, smiling as he watches Anthony squirm.

Jayson Price: Now I know why they think you're not a nice guyyyyy. Damn, that is a catchy tune. Don't you think so?

Anthony continues to struggle as his choking sounds grow louder. Price stops pouring and tosses it to the side before yanking out the funnel.

Jayson Price: Well now I can't have you go and die on me. That would completely ruin the purpose of all this.

Anthony begins to puke up the water, covering himself with it as Price takes a step back.

Jayson Price: Well now that was rude. You got some on my shoes.

Price walks off screen as the camera stays focused on Anthony. He continues to gag and spit up water as Torture can't take his eyes off the screen.

Freddy Bro: This is going too far. There's lines, even in this business, and this is crossing all of them.

Price comes back into the scene, a handful of paper towels in his hand. He wipes off his shoes and then tosses them to the side. He then lays a small square on Anthony's chest.

Jayson Price: See, I'm not such a bad guy. I saved you some so you can clean yourself up. Now what do you say you and I have that talk now?

Price waits for a response but Anthony simply spits up more water.

Jayson Price: No? Well I have to say I thought that'd cure you. But don't worry, I'm not ready to give up on you just yet. I think I know exactly what we'll need.

Price reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box cutter. The crowd gasps as Price waves it in front of Anthony's face. His eyes once again go wide as he begins to make panicked grunting sounds and again strain at his bindings.

Jayson Price: Whoa! Relax, I'm not going to use this for what you think I am.

Price moves the box cutter down toward the straps around his wrist as Anthony calms for a second.

Jayson Price: Oh wait, I lied.

Price quickly moves his hand back up and places the blade on Anthony's cheek. A quick slash and blood begins to roll down his face. Anthony's terrified, panicking grunts grow louder as Price grabs him by the throat. He places the blade on his other cheek and makes a similar cut. Price begins to whistle "Whistle While You Work" as he makes quick, simple cuts all over Anthony's face.

Jayson Price: How about now? Are we ready to talk about our problems, Anthony?

Tears and blood are rolling down Anthony's cheeks as he squirms in pain.

Jayson Price: Really? Still nothing? Well you've got some serious willpower, I'll give you that. Certainly more than your brother. But the thing is, I hate willpower in people. And what I hate even more is resistance. So I'll ask you this one last time, Anthony. Are we ready to talk about our problems?

Anthony lets out an agonizing cry of pain as his tears continue to flow.

Jayson Price: Well then I guess we're going to have to resort to a more extreme kind of treatment. A near death experience broke you, then a near death experience is going to have to fix you.

Price reaches down and undoes the belt he's wearing. The shocked crowd lets out a scream as Price yanks Anthony's head up off his pillow and wraps the belt around his neck.

Jayson Price: I didn't want to have it come to this, I hope you know that. I fully expected you to cooperate sooner. But you made me do this, Anthony. You brought me to this point and I want you to remember that.

Price tightens the belt and begins to pull, choking the defenseless Anthony. He begins to thrash in his bed, trying to break free from his restraints. Choking sounds again fill the room as the crowd is forced to look away from the uncomfortable scene. Torture's face goes pale as he can't seem to be able to move.

Jayson Price: Come on Anthony, talk to me. Tell me all about what's going on in that head of yours.

Price continues to pull on the end of the belt until Anthony goes still.

Jayson Price: Anthony?

Price relaxes his grip on the belt.

Jayson Price: Yoo hoo. Anthony?

Price reaches over and undoes the belt from Anthony's neck as he remains still on the bed.

Jayson Price: Well that's not good.

Price checks Anthony's neck for a pulse.

Jayson Price: Hmm, it would seem maybe I've gone too far.

Price suddenly slaps Anthony across the face.

Jayson Price: Nothing. Well shit.

Price balls up his fist and begins to pound on Anthony's chest. After a few hits, Anthony begins to cough.

Jayson Price: Hallelujah, I'm a miracle worker.

Anthony continues to cough as Price steps back.

Jayson Price: Come on man, do you have to get that shit on me?

Anthony's head rolls to the side as a mix of water and blood begin to flow from his mouth.

Jayson Price: Well now that you've suffered another near death experience, are you ready to talk?

Anthony lets his eyes close as he coughs up a massive amount of blood and vomit. Price shakes his head and turns to the camera.

Jayson Price: Well Torture, I don't even know if you're still watching. Maybe by now you've run from the arena, hell bent on getting here in time to save your dear old brother. But if you can still here me, I just want to say that Anthony here has proven to be the strong one of the family. Yeah, he might be broken mentally, but my god can he take a beating. BUT...well, you see like I said I don't like resistance. And since Anthony here doesn't want to listen to me, I'm afraid I need to take things to the next level. Since my little toys haven't done the job, I'm going to need the ultimate torture device.

The camera begins to move toward the bed before it's placed on Anthony's chest. We see Price reach down toward the camera and then spin it. A figure steps forward from the shadows.

Wavedigger: What the hell? Is that...


Armed with a machete, Creeping Death walks up to the edge of the bed and stares into the camera. He takes a massive swipe toward the camera and the screen goes black.

Freddy Bro: Oh my god.

Zach Wavis: What is this? What the hell does this mean? Creeping Death and Jayson Price? Together?

The color returns to Torture's face as he tears out of the ring and runs up the ramp. The camera tries to follow him but he loses them in the halls of the arena. Slam goes to commercial as we get a last shot of the stunned audience.

World Title Contendership Match
Gemini Battle vs Dune

Kyle Steele: The following match is the MAIN EVENT has a one hour time limit and is to determine the Number One contender for the World Title. Introducing First, Weighing in at 265 lbs from the Mohave Desert… HE.. IS…DUNE!

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!

The lights fade before the opening chords of "The Pink Room" hit in the darkness. Smoke pours out in front of the deep red lights that glow just beyond the curtain. Two golden spotlights slowly scan the audience as Dune emerges from the smoke. His cold eyes remain fixed on the ring as he makes his way down the ramp.

He slides in and shoots to his feet. The ring glows amidst the darkness as he walks around the inner-perimeter, looking out at the crowd and testing the ropes. He makes his way to his corner, where he slides out of his vest and drops it outside the ring.

Wavedigger: Ladies and Gentlemen I do not envy Gemini Battle tonight, not that I ever did, but Dune has been on an absolute tear as of late and already destroyed Oblivion recently like it was nothing.

Zach Wavis: That’s right. And with Joey Flash out of the picture for a while due to concussion protocol he is looking for some gold to be wrapped around his waist. Look at the stature of the man. He’s not a giant, but he sure presents himself as one.

Kyle Steele: And his opponent, Hailing from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 220 lbs… GEMINI BATTLE!


“Falling Higher” by Helloween blasts through the arena as Gemini Battle makes his way through the curtain. He runs halfway down the stage and stops. He looks and points to his opponent and then runs full speed to the ring, slides under the bottom rope.

Before he can even get to his feet Dune starts stomping down on the man, not allowing him to get up.

Zach Wavis: Dune is ruthless. He wants to really take it to Gemini as soon as possible. He wants to get this match over with quickly.

Dune continues to stomp down on Gemini until he rolls into the corner and the referee is forced to step in between and stop the bedlam. Dune tosses the referee aside and continues the onslaught. He delivers boots and haymakers as Gemini has no choice but to cover up. The referee intervenes again and pulls Dune off of him and begins to reprimand him.

Freddy Bro: That referee sure has some balls getting in there like that. Dune looks like he’s ready to kill.

Again Dune pushes the referee off and makes a bee line towards Gemini. Gemini responds with a thumb to the eye knocking the big man off guard. Nimbly he leaps to the top rope and jumps off with a high cross body.

Dune catches him and delivers a monstrous body slam crashing Gemini hard to the man and drops down for the pin.




Dune gets up and lifts Gemini up with him. He throws him into the ropes and delivers a lariat clothesline turning Gemini inside out. He drops down again for the pin.




Dune looks at the referee and shakes his head. He lifts Gemini up by the hair. Gemini swipes Dune’s hand away then runs towards the ropes, but Dune reaches forward, grabs another handful of hair and drops Gemini down hard to the mat. Gemini rolls out of the ring and tries to regain his composure.

Dune reaches over the top rope towards Gemini who grabs Dune by the hand and clotheslines it over the top rope. Dune topples backwards and Gemini rolls into the ring and follows it up with a jab, and a hook, and a haymaker sending Dune even more off balance.

He delivers a dropkick to the big man and he stumbles into the ropes. Gemini looks at Dune and delivers a superkick to the man’s jaw. Sending him reeling back but remaining in the ring. Gemini them runs off the opposite side of the ropes and delivers a clothesline that sends both Dune and Gemini over the top rope. Dune lands on his feet and stumbles back into the barricade and Gemini topples hard to the ground below but gets up quickly.

He slides back into the ring, he runs off the opposite side ropes and when he returns does a flipping plancha over the top rope onto Dune.

But Dune catches him in powerbomb position and crashes his back into the turnbuckle.

He shakes the cobwebs out of his head before returning to the chaos. He grabs Gemini and throws him into the barricade behind. The referee is shouting that he is at 7 as Dune slides insto the ring and then back out again. He lifts Gemini up and sets him up for another powerbomb. This time he hooks his arms and lifts him up and drops him hard before sliding back into the ring and the referee begins his count.




Zach Wavis: The Sandstorm. I don’t know if anyone has ever gotten up from that. And Gemini is losing his shot for the World Title every second that passes.




Wavedigger: Just like last week he is going to lose of a count out.

Gemini remains motionless. You see his chest moving up and down but hardly any other movement.




Suddenly like a bolt of lightning Gemini gets up and rolls under the bottom rope before the Referee gets to 10. He still remain motionless in the ring as Dune drops down for the pin.




Dune looks at the referee and scolds him for a slow count.

Wavedigger: It WAS a slow count.

Dune again lifts Gemini up sets him up for another powerbomb. But Gemini drops to the ground, unable to even stay on his feet. Dune then easily lifts Gemini up in suplex Position. He drops down with a delayed Brainbuster DDT an goes for the pin.

Zach Wavis: HOURGLASS!




Zach Wavis: UNBELIEVABLE! Dune can’t believe it either.

Wavedigger: That’s just instincts at this point. I don’t think he even knows what he’s doing. If he did he would just give up now.

Freddy Bro: Well he may have no choice soon.

Dune yells again at the referee. While distracted Gemini gets up and rolls Dune up.




Zach Wavis: He did it!

Wavedigger: NO! Dune kicked out. And he’s pissed!

Dune kicks out at the last second and sees Gemini getting to his feet. HE runs and punts him in the stomach as he crawls. He then picks Gemini up tosses him into the rope and when he returns nails him with a tornado kick.

Zach Wavis: Dust Devil!

Dune drops down for the pin.



Zach Wavis: Kickout at 1? How does he have the strength?

Gemini gets to the ropes and uses it to lift himself up to his feet. Meanwhile Dune comes over and delivers a huge downward strike to Gemini’s back dropping him back down.

But he gets up again.

Before he gets to the second rope Dune delivers a big boot stomping down on Gemini’s back.

But Gemini gets back up again.

The crowd begins to chant.

Crowd: Let’s go Gemini (clap clap clap clap clap)… Let’s go Gemini (clap clap clap clap clap)…

Zach Wavis: The crowd is really getting behind Gemini.

Wavedigger: I don’t know why, he’s hardly mounted any offense all night against this monster of a man.

Zach Wavis: But he feeds off the energy of the fans. I’ve never seen another wrestler feed off of them so much, and look. He’s getting back up.

Gemini pulls himself back up to the second rope and third rope. He turns around and has a look of determination on his face. Dune takes a wild swing and Gemini evades it and delivers a few quick jabs to Dune’s chest knocking him back a bit.

Dune takes another wild swing and Gemini evades it and delivers a boot to Dunes stomach bending him over and then a knee to Dune’s head knocking him back up. He runs off the ropes and delivers a flying knee to Dune sending him backward into the ropes. He runs off the opposite side ropes and when he returns Dune regains his composure and delivers a tornado Kick to Gemini knocking him on his ass.

Then he lifts up his opponent in a double underhook crucifix powerbomb and slams him hard into the ground. The force of the blow causes Gemini to roll out of the ring.

Zach Wavis: Luck for Gemini that he’s out of the ring. But I think we can agree that this match is all but over at this point. And it’s a shame to see such a competitor put so much into a match but get so little out of it.

Dune looks pissed, and points down at Gemini who lay motionless on the ground outside the ring. He demands the the referee begin counting, and he does.


Gemini lay still.


He begins to stir.


He gets to all fours.


Then he drops down again.


Zach Wavis: There’s just no life left in him.


Wavedigger: It would be best for his health if he didn’t get up anyway. Just be glad you had a hard fought match and let it end.


Gemini stirs.


He gets to all fours.


He gets to his feet.


He rolls under the bottom rope right before the 10 count.

The crowd goes absolutely nuts.

Zach Wavis: I’ve never seen a man with so much resolve. I’ve never seen someone want something so much. He doesn’t have any energy left, but he refuses to lose.


He lays a boot to Gemini’s back.


He lays another boot into his back.

He leans over to pick Gemini up but he grabs dune by the back of the head and rolls him up in a small package.





Zach Wavis: That may have been Gemini’s last hope. I’m not sure if there’s anything left in the tank, I’m not sure if he has any more tricks to pull out his sleeve. And I’m not sure even if he did if Dune would allow it.

Dune kicks out again at the last second. He gets up and delivers boots down on his opponent. He grabs Gemini by the legs and turns him over in a Boston crab. He posts his knee into the middle of his spine and wrenches Gemini backwards. He screams in agony.

Wavedigger: He’s got him in the center of the ring. Nowhere for him to go.


The referee asks Gemini if he wants to quit but he refuses. He pushes the referee out of his face as he screams in agony. He reaches towards the ropes but they’re so far away.

Wavedigger: Those ropes look like they’re a mile away right now to Gemini. He’s got no hope. He just should tap right here.

Dune: ASK HIM!

The referee drops down to ask Gemini again if he wants to quit. This time there’s no answer. He looks at Gemini and he appears to be completely passed out. He lifts up Gemini’s arm and it drops. The referee and the crowd all shout

Crowd: ONE!

The referee lifts up Gemini’s hand one more time and it drops again to a resounding.

Crowd: TWO!

From the crowd and referee.

Wavedigger: Just call this one already. It’s over.

He lifts up the arm one last time. He drops it and Gemini holds it up, barely before touching the mat, and lifts a giant middle finger because suddenly from through the crowd Wade Moor comes running through and he slides under the bottom rope behind Duyne and in front of Gemini who seems to have seen him and nails Dune in the back of the head with the belt before stomping on Gemini a bit. Dune tries to get up but Moor jumps on his back and delivers multiple strikes with the World Title on the back of Dune’s head knocing him out. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a microphone.

Wade Moor: This match was supposed to name who would have the honor to face ME at One. It looks like no one won the match so it looks like NO ON will be facing me at One!

Suddenly Master of Puppets plays over the loudspeakers and the crowd gives an unusual POP for the music. Seth Lerch comes through the curtain and addresses the crowd.

Seth Lerch: Not like this Wade. Just because I put in place that you will control the WCF until One does NOT mean you have the right to interfere in my Main Event. Not like this. Yes, this week the match will end in a No Decision, HOWEVER there will be a rematch next week and there WILL be a winner.

The fans give a mixed reaction.

Seth Lerch: Next week Gemini Battle and Dune will face off against each other in a No Disqualification Match and Wade, if you or any of your mermen in BeachKrew come down and interfere in the match not only will you be STRIPPED of your World Title, but you and ALL OF BEACHKREW will be banned from One. And if any of them have title on the line that week, well it looks like they’ll lose those too.


Seth Lerch: I can do whatever I damn well please. I own this company.

Wade Moor: Fine, Lerch. Have it your way. If you want one of those two losers in the main event at One against me, have it your way. They don’t look like champions to me.

The camera moves to the ring where both Gemini and Dune are laid out motionless.

Wavedigger: WHAT?! I thought Seth supported #beachkrew!

Zach Wavis: I think his opinion changes based on what liquor he's drinking.

Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Raymond Hatcher/Adam Young Segment

Andre Holmes vs Rage Maxx vs Roland von Erich

Doug the Thug Segment

Stampy/Greybeard vs La Gama Blanca/Andre Jenson

Kyle Kemp Segment

Bad News Benson vs Adam Young vs Patrilli

Teo Del Sol/Spencer Adams vs Bernard Core/Night Rider vs Zombie McMorris/Punkin

United States Title Contendership Match: Chelsea Armstrong vs Doc Henry

Jeff Purse vs Oblivion

Television Title on the Line: Wade Moor/Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp/Dustin Beaver vs Preecha Kamon/Bonnie Blue/Occulo/Mikey eXtreme

A Not At All Controversial Segment

World Title Contendership Match: Gemini Battle vs Dune


Of The Week

World Title Contender
Moor/Rabid/Kemp/Beaver vs Kamon/Blue/Occulo/eXtreme



Wade Moor
Zombie McMorris
Dustin Beaver
United States:
Mikey eXtreme
Teo Del Sol
Zombie McMorris
Tag Team:
Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp
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