Slam Intro

The entire roster stands at the entrance way of Ringside Area dressed in their gear except for four men. Gemini Battle, Thomas Uriel Bates, Mikey eXtreme, and Doug Murdock, who are dressed in their Sunday Best while sporting their Dark Riders Gang cuts. Thomas Bates has a microphone as the 3 men flanking him bow their heads.

Thomas Bates: Last week we were all informed of the passing of a great wrestler and a great man. He rode with us for some time and was died the President of the Nomad Sector of the WCF Chapter of the DRG. He helped lead us to victory in the Trio’s Tournament, but more than that he was a great friend…

Gemini Battle: Gonzo was there for me through my darkest hour, even without his presence he brought us his brother who stepped in and spoke for him and did an amazing job. We will never forget the memory of Deuce Murdock.

Doug Murdock: My brother… George was a personal hero of mine, which was sometimes difficult to deal with growing up. You never really want to ever meet and know your heroes, but he was a true hero in every aspect that really mattered. It did not matter his bad traits, which were numerous and well-documented, and he even had a few that he was able to keep from the public eye. But rather than dwell on those traits, I want to remember him for his good traits, for the mentorship and training that he provided to myself and others that share the stage with us, as well as those who cannot be here for whatever reason.

I remember him as a man who won numerous singles titles, to include World Titles all over the world. But he took the most pride in bringing others to his level, which is truly a rare trait in the cut-throat world of professional wrestling. And it showed with the numerous Tag Team Titles and the Trios Titles here that he can lay claim to all over the world. I will miss him, not only as a professional wrestler, but as a friend and brother that I would not trade for anyone else in the world. I love you, Brother, and you will be missed by many...

A vignette plays showing Gonzo’s various accomplishments. The vignette includes moments both in the WCF and in other organizations. WCF highlights are to include back to back eliminations at War against Cormack McNeil and Ultimate Destroyer; eliminating Jay Omega before eliminating himself at Hellimination; winning the WCF Classic Final against Roy Speede for the vacated United States Title; the daring and wild Ladder Match at One in defense of the United States Title against Roy Speede and Zombie McMorris; two more matches with Jay Omega, where both men left the ring bloodied from the battles; picking up the pinfall over Two and a Half Black Men to secure the inaugural Trios Title reign and a World Title shot for the Dark Riders Gang after being written off before the tournament started; and finally, moments in his World Title match with Dune, to include the end where both men were bloodied from the battle inside of the ring

The vignette ends, as the screen goes black save for his full given name, military service statistics, and his birth and death day...

Dr. George Spencer "Gonzo Deuce" Murdock II
March 31, 1983 - December 4, 2015

Thomas Bates: Please join with us in a moment of silence, as we toll the bell ten times in honor to a great wrestler and a great man.











Doug Murdock: Thank you very much. He truly loved you all.

The segment ends, as "Born In The USA" by Bruce Springsteen begins to play. The fans begin to chant Gonzo's name, as the scene fades from the screen...

Bernard Core vs Wolf Ryder

The opening horns of “Wing Fortress Zone” by Masato Nakamura begin the night. Upon entering the arena, Core stops at the top of the aisle, with his hands behind his back, and looks around the arena. He walks slowly and reservedly to the ring looking at the ignorant fans with disdain.

Kyle Steel: Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Albany, New York, weighing in at 225 pounds, Bernard “Common” Core!

Zach Wavis: We’ve got an intriguing match-up here. Bernard Core, who has not been pinned and who has not tapped out in his first four weeks in the WCF, requested a match against Wolf Ryder, the man we used to simply call “Wolf.” Apparently, this all stemmed from a fight the two had at a bar in Corpus Christi, Texas two weeks ago.

Wavedigger: Wolf Ryder? In a bar? Noooooo.

Core steals the microphone from Kyle Steel and addresses the crowd.

Bernard Core: The past seven days have been the worst week in the history of education. First, our United States Congress, which can’t even agree on what time of the day, passed a bill called the “Every Student Succeeds Act.” Now, I know that if I tried to explain how a bill becomes a law to you all you people, you wouldn’t be able to comprehend it.

Crowd: Booooooo.

Bernard Core: So I’ll keep this short and simple. Basically, the federal government, the one in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., will not be allowed to require states to evaluate teachers based on their students’ test scores!

The crowd cheers.

Bernard Core: Oh, yeah, go ahead. Cheer! Cheer for the fact that the teachers of this nation, who have been failing your children for years and years, will be allowed to be complacent in perpetuity. That means “forever.”

Zach Wavis: Does he think everyone but him is an idiot?

Wavedigger: I believe the correct word is “he,” not “him.”

Zach Wavis: Screw you!

Bernard Core: Secondly, my home state, New York, the state whose education department I led, is on the verge of putting a moratorium, which means a “halt” or a “suspension,” on grading teachers based on the performance of their students!

The crowd cheers again.

Bernard Core: And you know who I have to blame for all this? You people.

He points at the crowd.

Bernard Core: You whiny mothers, you lazy teachers who are backed up by your obstructionist unions, you little snot nosed kids who can’t handle academic rigor, you are all responsible for the decay of our culture, the low standing of our nation, the idiocy of our citizenry!

Crowd: Booooooooooo!

Bernard Core: Do you hear yourselves? Do you hear how you are responding to someone who has America’s best interests at heart? I wouldn’t expect anything less from a bunch of Indiana ignoramuses.

Crowd: Booooooooooooo!

Zach Wavis: Bernard Core, always the charmer.

Core tosses the microphone back to Kyle Steel.

“Awoooo woo woo- I SMOKE IT.”

“Junkhead” by Alice in Chains plays over the speakers. Wolf Ryder stumbles out to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Um…from wherever he passes out, weighing in at 235 pounds, Wolf Ryder.

Freddy Bro: 235? He’s gained 15 pounds since he debuted in August and it ain’t muscle.

Zach Wavis: My God. We haven’t seen Wolf Ryder since November 8, and as you can see the last month has been less than kind to him.

Wavedigger: This guy was on his way up after War XIV, but he had two quick defeats and then fell off the face of the earth.

Freddy Bro: And landed in a bar.

Wavedigger: Or a crack den.

Zach Wavis: I mean, look at him. He’s barely recognizable. He’s coming out to the ring in a tank top, mesh shorts, and sandles. He’s wearing shades to the ring. He’s got that Paulie D., Jersey Short type of hair style going on. That intense stare that he used to have when he came down to the ring is gone, replaced by some lost, faraway look. I can’t believe this is the guy that gave me The Kill three months ago.

Wavedigger: Don’t kid yourself, Zach. He could still kick your ass.

Wolf Ryder has trouble climbing through the ropes, almost falling on his way in.

Zach Wavis: This is just sad, guys.

Wolf Ryder tries to stand on the second rope and pose for the crowd, but he settles for the bottom rope. The crowd doesn’t know what to make of the man who once walked with a purpose to the sounds of Metallica. The ref has to tell Wolf to stop posing so that he can start the match. He tells Wolf to take the sunglasses off. Wolf looks dazed and confused by the ref’s instructions. The ref gives up and goes to signal for the bell to start the match, but Core stops him and tells Kyle Steel to give him the mic.

Bernard Core: Hold on, hold on.

The ref looks confused. Wolf Ryder doesn’t seem fazed.

Bernard Core: I have to be honest, Wolf. I can’t in good conscience fight you. In fact, the only reason I asked for this match was because I wanted to meet you in a neutral place, and seeing as you have a penchant for getting lost in bars or wherever there are illegal substances, this is the only place I knew that I could find you.

I’ve been looking into your short career here in the WCF over the past week. I have to say, I was impressed, and I’m not someone that’s easily impressed. You started off slow, but you were showing people that you were someone to pay attention to. War XIV, my goodness, I watched your entire two hour, seven minute, eleven second tour de force. I was sad when you were eliminated, but not as sad as I felt when I saw how quickly you fell into this degenerative state of drug and alcohol abuse.

The camera picks up Wolf saying the words “I don’t do drugs.”

Bernard Core: Wolf, Wolf, you don’t have deny anymore. Everyone knows. You’re in front of thousands of people in this arena, millions of people watching on their TVs. You can’t hide. You don’t HAVE to hide anymore. I think you came out here and answered my challenge because you’re looking for help. And guess what? I can be the one who helps you!

You are a representation of America in 2015. You were once great and strong. America was once great and strong. You excelled at War. America excelled at war until the hippies and bleeding hearts began undermining our military. You have given up on yourself. America has stopped living up to its standards and has given up on herself. If you join me and you live by the principles of Common Core, the principles that were created to improve America and her people, you could be an inspiration to those who have settled for mediocrity. You, you Wolf, can make America great again.

Wolf looks unsure and apprehensive.

Bernard Core: Look, I don’t know what happened to you. Maybe you couldn’t handle the pressure of being an up and comer. Maybe it’s a personal issue that you have to deal with. Whatever it is, it’s caused you to be the man you are right now. Is that what you want? Do you want to be the laughingstock of the WCF? Do you want to be known as the man that could have been or the man that still can be? Join me and make something of your life! Join me and do something greater than looking for that next high! I promise you, the high you’ll get from promoting the Common Core Standards will be the greatest high of your life! Take off those silly sunglasses, look me in the eye, shake my hand, and let’s walk out of this ring together and into greatness.

Wolf looks around. The fans are trying to discourage him from joining Core.

He walks slowly up to Core…

Takes off the sunglasses…

And shakes Bernard Core’s hand.

The crowd sounds their displeasure at the turn of events.

The two of them walk out of the ring and down the aisle. Core has a smile on his face as if to say “Mission Accomplished.” Wolf still looks a little unsure, but he’s going along with the moment.

Zach Wavis: We've just seen the beginning of an unlikely alliance between two divergent personalities. What do you think, guys? Can Bernard Core help Wolf Ryder recover?

Freddy Bro: I don't know. He failed to convince the people to buy into the Common Core Learning Standards. I don't know if he can convince Wolf to change his ways.

Wavedigger: He didn't fail, he just hit a bump in the road. And I think he can help Wolf return to prominence. I believe in "Common" Core. He's going to save America AND Wolf. A true genius, that man.

Night Rider Segment

The lights in the arena dimmed as 'Orion' by Mettalica begins playing on the Jumbo-Tron Suddenly blue smoke began ti rise from under the ring. The four ring posts exploded in a fury of pyrotechnics. The lights come back on and Night Rider can be seen standing inside the ring with a microphone in his hands.

Night Rider: Okay, okay. I hear you. I won't keep you long. You see, the Night Rider has been thinking about hanging it up for a while now. I figured there would be no better time than the present. I have had a pretty successful career. I've done more than most can dream about doing. I've lived the life and traveled that road. Now it's time for this traveler to settle down and enjoy the good life. However there is one last thing that I would like to do. Oblivion, can you come out here please.

Night Rider lowers his microphone and waits. Before long the lights dim...

Zach Wavis: What's going on?!

Lightning flickers, as sounds of thunder rolls. "Oblivion" by Mastadon begins to play. Some, of the crowd, cheers.

Wavedigger: For the first time in a long time, I personally am speechless.

Oblivion slowly walks out in street clothes, with IT's hands on hips, while holding a chair. With a "Don't give a shit" look across IT's face, The Dark Messiah slowly walks down the ramp towards the ring. With a look of complete concentration, The Monster enters the ring and gets face to face with Night Rider.

Night Rider: Oblivion, you and I have been friends and partners for a long time. We have had our differences and have battled. Only, I don't think you gave me the best that you could give. I think you held back a little bit.

Oblivion chuckles with total disrespect. Several ring techs come out and proceeds to up several strands of barbed wire around the ring ropes

Night Rider: I want to challenge you right here and now to an impromptu match. A hardcore barbed wire match. Just for a little fun?

Night Rider tosses the mic to Oblivion...

Freddy Bro: This will be interesting.

Zach Wavis: There is barbed wire wrapped around the ring ropes.

The crowd begins to murmur.

Oblivion: If it's a fight you want...

The crowd begins to cheer...


Wavedigger: Get ready...

Oblivion: ...then it's a fight you're gonna get!!


Oblivion slams the mic against the skull, of Night Rider. Night Rider falls backwards but catches himself just as Oblivion hits him with a thundering clothesline. Night Rider hits the mat. Oblivion picks up Night Rider and slams Night Rider hard down with a ddt on a chair, on the mat. Night Rider screams and grabs his back and head, checking for blood, as Oblivion drops an elbow across his chest.

Freddy Bro: Brooooo.

Zach Wavis: That one had to hurt.

Freddy Bro: Night Rider may regret calling out Oblivion. He wanted a battle and it looks like he's getting one.

Oblivion picks up Night Rider, gripping his face tightly.


Nigh Rider spits in the face, of Oblivion. The Monster wipes IT's face and then kicking the gut of Night Rider. The Dark Messiah places the head, of Night Rider between IT's thighs.


Oblivion connects with a powerful piledriver. Oblivion drops down to pick up Night Rider once again. Out of instinct, Night Rider hooks him and wraps him up in a small package. The referee, with some confusion, looks around, then quickly moves in for the count just before Oblivion powers his way out. Oblivion grabs Night Rider by the arm and drags him to his feet before sending him flying into the corner. Night Rider screams in agony as the barbed wire cuts into his skin.

Oblivion charges with chair in hand, at full speed and just about smashes into Night Rider. Night Rider drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring as Oblivions body and the barbed wire are introduced. Trickles of blood begin making their way down his chest and stomach.

Zach Wavis: Both men are bleeding now. We knew it wouldn't take long.

Freddy Bro: Nothing like a little blood between friends.

Night Rider grabs Oblivion by the leg and pulls him down onto the concrete floor. Night Rider with a kick to the groin area that was definitely below the belt. Night Rider slams Oblivion into the steel railing surrounding the ring. Night Rider picks up Oblivion and throws him into the ring over the top rope. Night Rider climbs the ropes to the top turnbuckle and waits. He times it perfectly just as Oblivion got to his feet Night Rider hits him with a missile drop kick that sends him hard onto the mat. Night Rider with the cover as the referee slides into position.



No, Oblivion powers his way out throwing Night Rider off. Night Rider slams his fist into the mat out of frustration as Oblivion gets to his feet. Oblivion grabs Night Rider by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Oblivion slams a hard left into the jaw of Night Rider before picking him up and connecting with a vertical suplex. Oblivion goes for the cover.



No. Night Rider gets his shoulder up just in time.

Oblivion picks up Night Rider and sends him flying into the ropes. Night Rider reverses and sends Oblivion into the wire just before catching him coming off with a clothesline that sends him to the mat. Night Rider grabs Oblivion and attempts to drag his head along the barbed wire. Oblivion blocks it and it's Night Rider's head that scrapes along the metal as it cuts deep into his forehead. Night Rider screams and then smiles as the blood begins pouring down his face. Oblivion sends Night Rider hard into the turnbuckle and waits. As Night Rider begins coming out Oblivion hits him with a clothesline. Night Rider hits the mat hard.

Oblivion picks up Night Rider and attempts to slam him down. Night Rider begins shaking his legs and shifting his weight enough to send Oblivion off balance. Oblivion crashes to the mat with Night Rider on top of him. Night Rider hooks the leg as he goes for the pin. The referee slides into position.



3 No. Somehow Oblivion gets the shoulder up.
Night Rider grabs Oblivion and drags him over to the ropes. He picks up Oblivion just enough to scrape his forehead across the ropes. Skin tears and blood flows freely as Oblivion screams in pain. The Monster elbows Night Rider, then grabs him, grabbing a strand of barbed wire, digging it deep into the head of a horrified screaming Night Rider. The eyes of The Monster is rolled back, as Oblivion squeals out in a horrific gleeful laugh. Night Rider squirms around, as Oblivion is determined to cause pain.

Zach Wavis: The ring looks like a war zone. There is blood all over the place. I'm surprised the ref is allowing this to continue.

Wavedigger: As if this was a sanctioned match to begin with.

Freddy Bro: Bro, both men have lost a lot of blood. It has to take a toll on them.

Zach Wavis: We'll see what happens.

Night Rider breaks free and picks up Oblivion and begins climbing the ropes. When he reaches the top he looks down, before leaping off and connecting with the 'Drop of Death'!!

Night Rider collapses on top of Oblivion as the referee slides into position, with some hesitation...



Zach Wavis: Yes. Er wait, something is going on. Seth Lerch had been watching all of this. Seth is shaking his head and walking towards the ring. He is about to speak, to the referee.

Seth Lerch walks over and grabs the microphone out of Zach Davis's hand.

Seth Lerch: This match is NOT a sanctioned match within WCF boundaries therefore I can not allow this match to continue.

The crowd boos as the lights come on and Seth Lerch makes his way to the back. Night Rider rolls off of Oblivion and collapses back down. The referee calls for help and members of security along with medical staff come out to assist both men. Night Rider and Oblivion get to their feet and make their way back to the locker room.

Crowd: Thank you!! Thank you!

Lesean Urban/Colton Moore vs Lucious Starr/Jade Shocker vs Xander Erik/Loco

Lesean Urban is running down the ramp and sliding in the ring then doing black flips of the turnbuckles and music doesn't matter as long as it's up beat. So let's say, uh, he entered to Call Me Maybe.

Colton Moore walks out and keeps his head bowed going to the ring with zero taunting and music doesn't matter. So let's say the Macarena is playing.

The Greatest by Futuristic hits and Lucious Starr appears out of nowhere!

Explosive fireworks rock the stage area and "Bad Things" by Wednesday 13 rings out through the arena.

"A bullet in your head..."

Jade Shocker walks out onto the stage with a smug look on his face. The crowd does not sound happy to see him. He walks very slowly to the ring pretending to go for high fives with fans and laughing as he pulls his hand away. He walks up the steps and wipes his feet on the side of the apron before stepping under the top rope and doing a quick turn before throwing his hands to his side and slapping the referee on the ass as he has made a ritual of doing in the past. As usual, the referee doesn't like it. He climbs the turnbuckle to the second rope and removes his tshirt, throwing it on the announce table. He jumps down.

"Bow Down" by Westside Connection starts playing as Loco steps out with a Skull face cover and a black Oakland Raiders cap on threw the smoke . He throws up the LA sign and starts walking towards the ring grabbing his crotch area yelling slurs at the fans in Spanish. He reaches the ring and throws the LA sign again and then creeps around the ring. He climbs up the ring steps and threw the ropes right into the center of the ring. He throws up the LA sign again and fakes throwing his cap into the crowd. Loco throws up a double bird and then takes of his face cover.

He walks out as the guitar begins at the start, an atmosphere of intimidation immediately hits the crowd. He glares up as the scream and heavy guitar hits, pyro to his sides goes off as he looks up, and makes his way to the ring slowly after a few seconds. As he walks down the ramp he looks around at the crowd with an unbreaking, ice cold stare. He climbs the steel steps and enters the ring, holds his arms across eachother forming an X and showing the X's on his handwraps, then simply waits in the corner for his opponent.

Zach Wavis: Here we go!

The bell sounds and all hell breaks loose. Urban and Starr brawl, Moore and Loco, and Shocker and Erik all pair off!, brawling their hearts out, fists flying everywhere.

Freddy Bro: We've got Torneo Cibernetico coming up at One, a win here would be big - but if any of these men get entered in Torneo Cibernetico and win THAT?

Starr takes Urban down with a Double Arm DDT as Moore is taken down with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex from Loco. Shocker drops Erik with a Spinebuster.

Wavedigger: Starr, Loco, and Shocker standing tall - not good for Loco!

Shocker and Starr run at Loco and Clothesline him down. He gets back up but Shocker hits him with a Discus Punch, which doesn't quite send him down - until Starr hits him with a Superkick!

Zach Wavis: Lucious Starr goes for the pin!



No!, broken up by both Colton and Urban. They lift Starr up and throw him out of the ring. Shocker runs at them and gets a double boot to the gut for his trouble followed by a Double Suplex.

Freddy Bro: The Knockout Kings are the only "real" team in this match, which gives them a bit of an advantage.

Loco is to his feet and runs, Clotheslining both of them down! Loco stomps at both of the Knockout Kings before letting them both get to their feet. Urban is up first, Loco runs at him and Clotheslines him out of the ring. Next Moore is up and goes for a kick. Loco catches it and spins him around, kicks him in the gut - Ace Crusher!

Wavedigger: Pin from Loco!



No!, broken up by Shocker. Shocker lifts Loco up but Loco shoves him away and grabs his arms... LAST CALL GRINGO!

Zach Wavis: That's his move!

Loco pins Shocker!



NO!, broken up by Lucious Starr now. Starr lifts Loco up but Loco shoves him away and takes a wild swing. Starr ducks it and executes a German Suplex.

Freddy Bro: Lucious Starr in the driver's seat!

Moore runs at Starr and gets a Thesz Press for his trouble! Lesean Urban lifts Starr up but Starr is able to grab him.. Pullback Discus Elbow! Urban rolls out as Moore stumbles up ...

Zach Wavis: Hell's Wrath to Colton Moore!

Lucious Starr pins Moore.




Wavedigger: Lucious Starr wins this match for himself and Jade Shocker!

The bell sounds!

Freddy Bro: And there you have it! Lucious Starr gets the pin!

Starr raises his arm in the air.

Zach Wavis: Will this newcomer get entered into One's Torneo Cibernetico? Maybe pull out a win there? Time will tell!

Jeff Purse Segment

“Survival” by Eminem hits the PA, and Jeff Purse comes out of the back, not pandering, not fixing any body’s hats or shirts, he rolls into the ring, a mic already in hand.

Freddy Bro: Jeff Purse looks like he means business.

Wavedigger: So?

Jeff Purse is pacing around the ring, clearly with something on his mind. He lifts the mic to his lips as the crowd quiets down.

Jeff Purse: First and foremost, GRAVEdigger, FUCK YOU!

He directs this right at Gravedigger who is sitting at the announcers table. The crowd absolutely explodes at this.

Wavedigger: Fuck you too you little pussy.

Zach Wavis: I wonder what that was about?

Jeff Purse: And fuck all of the BeachKrew fuckers running around here. Wade Moor, you suck. Johnny Rabid and Kyle Kemp, you both suck. All of you suck. Obliv-sea-ion, or whatever the fuck you want to call yourself, you SUCK!

Wavedigger: Those people who suck are the same people who have been whooping Jeff’s ass the last couple of weeks.

Freddy Bro: Well, I mean, yeah…but that doesn’t mean anything.

Jeff Purse: All I see backstage is BeachKrew this, and BeachKrew that. BeachKrew is nothing but a discount Pantheon run by a fucking alien. So fucking stupid. Get out of here. None of you can hold a candle to anyone in Pantheon. After One, I am going to make it my mission to rid this fucking place of BeachKrew. I know, I know, ‘but Jeff, how are you going to do that, you are sucking up a big suck right now.’ That is true.

Wavedigger: At least he admits it.

Jeff Purse: None of that matters, because as of late I have been very, very distracted. But after One…after the fucking fight of my life…that distraction will be dealt with. That distraction is actually why I am here now. So before I talk about that, I just have one more thing to say. FUCK YOU GRAVEDIGGER!

Jeff turns to Wavedigger and gives him two middle fingers for about seven seconds.

Wavedigger: Fuck you you little pansy ass bitch! You are lucky I don’t come in the ring and teach you a lesson.

Zach Wavis: Didn’t he beat you last time you guys—

Wavedigger punches Zach in the arm. Zach shuts up. The crowd dying down from the cheering they were doing from the last fuck you to Wavedigger.

Jeff Purse: Anyway, there is something I need to address. Nathan von Liebert. You are a son of a bitch. A SON OF A BITCH! How dare you, how DARE YOU think that you have any right to text my fiancée, who is now in the fucking hospital after a difficult birth. You are a dirty, rotten little son of a—

Suddenly there are screams heard, and Jeff knows what that means. He turns, ready for a fight, and out onto the stage walks Nathan von Liebert himself, smiling. Jeff rolls out of the ring and charges at NvL, but NvL just stands there, waiting. Jeff takes a swing and his fist goes right through NvL. It’s a hologram. Jeff looks at the figure with disgust and takes more frustrated swings, but to no avail. Suddenly, a laughter is heard, and a video feed of Nathan von Liebert inside of Kari’s hospital room appears on the titon tron.

NvL: A man . . . a man dares to curse the sea when, right beneath his very nose, he was being consumed by fire. It confuses me.

Nathan was sitting on the edge of the bed, his hand resting on the knee of the comatose Kari, a sense of gentleness behind the gesture. The way the hand ran along the joint, hardly wavering from its location, though for breathes of moments, it would slide and hover higher, before returning to its chosen rest. To an outsider's perspective, it was endearing, almost loving in its performance. To those watching, most of all Jeff Purse, who was beyond himself below the tron as he looked up, helpless.

NvL: I thought my message had been as plain as day, Jeff; I would bring you back to reality. I would make you step out of The Myth, out of XIII, where fairy tales seemed to exist amongst the blood and the brutality. You won our match Jeff, but you didn't beat me, and my textual declaration was nothing more than that: a reality check. It showed that despite it all, despite your sense of security, My hand could still reach out and touch every. single. Person you hold dear to you, Jeff, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

Nathan grins.

NvL: But fuck Gravedigger, right?

The grin widens.

NvL: But I bore of your wife, Jeff. What am I to do with silence? No, I long for the kicking and screaming and I know exactly where to go and get it. I could do so this very night, before you could even fathom a defense. But where is the fun in that, Jeff? Let's at least let these people think predestination isn't a thing in my realm.

Nathan holds up a single finger.

NvL: One, Jeff. I'll see you there.

And the feed cuts.

Wallace vs B'Wana Bludde vs Rage Maxx

Wallace rides out on a unicyle with a GIANT oversized rainbow lolipop, rides around in a circle around the outside of the ring highfiving everyone, starting from the aisle and ramp, even highfiving the bell keeper and play by play team, he then parks the unicyle handing the lolipop to a fan and slides into the ring.

Maroon Five’s “Animals” plays as B’wana swans down the ramp to the ring and up the steps. He gives the pelt to a stagehand and enters the ring between the ropes, after which he goes to his corner and waits.

Last Resort by Papa Roach. "Rage Maxx emerges from the entrance slowly and stops and then looks from one side of the arena to the other. After this pause the energy quicks in and Maxx throws his arms in the air and his head straight back usually screaming something indiscernible. Rage proceeds slowly albeit with high intensity slapping hands with fans. He then enters the ring ascending to the second turnbuckle and mouthing with fans."

Zach Wavis: We were just talking about Torneo Cibernetico, and none of these competitors are booked for One yet - perhaps they could get involved?

Freddy Bro: The result of this match could make it so!

Wallace goes to tie up with B'Wana Bludde but instead Bludde just kicks him in the gut. Wallace doubles over and Bludde hits a Snapmare before kicking him in the spine. Rage Maxx runs at Bludde and Spears him down!, to a big pop! Rage Maxx pins Bludde.



No!, Bludde kicks out. Maxx picks Bludde up but Bludde counters with a Jumping Calf Kick! This sends Maxx into the corner and Bludde runs at him and hits a Bronco Buster!

Wavedigger: Adding insult to injury there with this move!

Bludde rolls away and runs at Maxx to go for a Dropkick but Maxx drops and rolls away, causing Bludde to Dropkick the turnbuckle. Maxx measures Bludde until he's rolled up from behind by Wallace!



NO!, Maxx kicks out. Both men are to their feet and Maxx takes Wallace down with a Big Boot. Wallace gets back to his feet and Maxx drops him with an Impaler DDT!

Zach Wavis: Into the pin!



NO!, broken up by Bludde now! Bludde lifts Maxx up and pulls him in...





NO!, broken up by Wallace! Wallace hits Bludde with a stiff kick to the head. Wallace lifts Bludde up and executes an Alabama Slam.

Wavedigger: He calls that the Elevator Fun Drop!

Rage Maxx spins Wallace around and executes a Reverse Russian Legsweep! He goes for a quick pin!




Zach Wavis: Rage Maxx wins it!

The bell sounds.

Freddy Bro: Big victory for Rage Maxx!

Wavedigger: As we go into One, can he make that victory count? Time will tell!

Benjamin gestures to his guards and they walk off screen with him. The camera moves up to Vengeance, who has moved himself up against a wall, and is smiling.

Andre Holmes vs Dexter Radcliffe

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The opening sound effects of "Relentless" by New Years Day begins signaling to the WCF fans that Andre Holmes is in the house. The lights dim to cover the arena in a blanket of darkness while the strobe lights waver around in a synchronized dance to the rhythm of the song. Andre Holmes walks out wearing his usual smile. He looks around the arena absorbing a chorus of cheers. He is dressed in his ring attire with a black vest zipped up with his name on it. He walks down the ramp and he raises his arms in the air in unison with his theme song, with an eruption of pyro.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring at this time weighing in at 201 pounds, from Houston Texas......"Relentless" Andre Holmes!

Zach Wavis: An impressive victory in his first match by this man. Andre Holmes! Can he produce those same results here tonight, one week later?

Freddy Bro: Absolutely no way that Andre Holmes will go the distance with his opponent Dexter Radcliffe.

He continues his path to the ring meeting with fans as he does, and hops onto the apron as he arrives. After making his way through the ropes, he runs to the corner and hops up to the second turnbuckle singing with his theme. He then returns to the canvas and the lights come back up as Andre unzips his black vest and hands it to the ringside crew. After the music fades, he rests back in the corner preparing for his opponent while the crowd chants his name.

"The Mysterious Pantheon Theme" begins to playing and Dexter Radcliffe comes out from the back, with his arms raised and the crowd cheering. He then sprints at full speed to the ring

Kyle Steel: And his opponent weighing in at 210 pounds from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.....Dexter Radcliffe!

Zach Wavis: Another young talent here in the WCF set to give Andre Holmes his first one on one bout for the WCF fans...Wave Digger, how do you see this one playing out?

Wavedigger: I gotta say I think Dexter Radcliffe is the top dog here and I gotta give it to him. Holmes is a great athelete but Dexter Radcliffe will score the win here tonight.

He slides under the bottom rope hopping to his feet quickly after. He run over to the corner and jumps onto the second turnbuckle and begins pointing at the Pantheon logo on his shirt. He then steps up to the top rope and proceeds to back flip into the center of the ring and his theme comes to an end.

Ding Ding!

The two men approach each other at the center of the ring and circle around. The two look like an even match with Radcliffe standing just a bit taller than Holmes. They both stick there hands out and shake and return to the predatory circle pending the first move. The two men tie up and are locked tightly. Radcliffe gets the initial advantage as he pulls Holmes into a side headlock. He begins working his wrist into the side of Holmes head. Holmes quickly begins sending shuddering blows to the ribs of Radcliffe and manages to escape.

Freddy Bro: Wow, such quick action between these two. Holmes wasted no time in managing to escape from a great side headlock from Radcliffe.

Zach Wavis: This bout promises to be a good one.

The two men are both smiling and once again return to the center of the ring. Holmes challenges Radcliffe to a test of strength. Radcliffe steps back looks at the crowd urging him to accept. Radcliffe then steps forward and puts his hand up. The two men lock hands and after some struggle Holmes begins to get the upper hand. Radcliffe is quick to respond by driving a well placed kick into the midsection of Andre Holmes.


Wavedigger: That's the sort of tenacity it takes to beat an opponent like Holmes. A fair fight is a sure way to lose against a well rounded competitor like Holmes. Radcliffe knows this.

Zach Wavis: You would say that. Radcliffe may have reversed his predicament but at the cost of the fans approval.

Immediately following kicking Andre Holmes with vigorous force he then lands a DDT on him driving his head into the mat with incredible impact. Admiring his handy work Radcliffe proceeds to stomp the head of Holmes and follows up with a double foot stomp. He grabs Holmes by the head and picks him up and throws a right hand that a dazed Holmes blocks and then returns fire by landing a left hook followed by a lighting fast Irish whip. Radcliffe rebounds off the ropes and Holmes lands a brutal Enguiziri dropping Dexter Radcliffe to his knees and then falling to his face.

Crowd: Ohhhh!

Freddy Bro: Gaining the upper hand with style, Holmes is showing what the WCF talent department saw in him.

Zach Wavis: An incredible talent here in WCF. Dexter Radcliffe will be feeling that Enguiziri for a few days.

Wavedigger: And guys this is why I told you Andre Holmes had this in the bag!

Freddy Bro: But you said.........never mind. Back to the action.

After a couple of stomps to the back of Radcliffe's head, Holmes walks to the legs of his opponent and applies a Boston Crab to the delight of the fans. Holmes arches the back of his opponent while pulling his legs further back. Radcliffe screams in agony. The ref hits a knee asking Radcliffe if he submits. Radcliffe shakes his head and begins pulling himself towards the ropes. Holmes struggles with Radcliffe but as Radcliffe approaches the ropes Holmes chooses to release the submission. He then pulls Radcliffe up to his feet and backs him into the ropes. He launches Radcliffe across the ring, Radcliffe hits the ropes and on the rebound ducks a fierce clothes line. Radcliffe manages to springboard off the second rope as he approaches it and delivers a forearm smash to Holmes. Holmes staggers but stays upright. Radcliffe then hits the ropes again and proceeds to deliver a drop kick to Holmes that succeeds in dropping him. He goes for the pin.



Holmes kicks out.

Zach Wavis: He is going to try harder than that if he wants to win this bout.

Freddy Bro: There is no doubt there Zach, remember Holmes defeated not just one but two separate opponents in his opening bout.

Dexter struts around the ring smiling at his achievement. He points up in the air signaling that he is going up. He ascends to the top top turnbuckle and positions himself for a moonsault.

Zach Wavis: He is wasting a lot of time here.

Wavedigger: I never doubted Dexter Radcliffe would take this victory home tonight.

Freddy Bro: You can't be serious.

Radcliffe launches in a perfect moonsault with precision and at the very last second Holmes pulls his knees up using Dexter's full weight and force against him. Radcliffe rolls back reeling in pain. Both men down now. Radcliffe in sheer agony. Holmes taking the chance to rest. The ref starts the count.


Holmes begins getting up to his feet.


Dexter quickly begins to get to his feet to avoid being counted out. Both men are up and on their feet at the 8 count.

Dexter is dazed but on his feet. Holmes appears to be focused now. The two men tie up. Radcliffe applies a hammer lock to Holmes who then reverses and applies a hammer lock to Radcliffe who after a few seconds launches a flurry of elbows to the head of Holmes. Radcliffe hits the ropes and returns only to be received by Andre Holmes with a perfect belly to belly suplex. Holmes returns to his feet. He grabs Dexter by the head picking him up and delivers a Death Valley Driver directly onto his knee. Radcliffe goes completely limp and hits the mat.

Zach Wavis: Holmes on the range! Holmes on the range! He nailed it!

Wavedigger: Flawlessly executed! I told you guys Andre Holmes had this in the bag!

Freddy Bro: .......Right.

Wavedigger: What?

Holmes looks around at the crowd in attendance at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse he wipes the sweat from his face and approaches Dexter Radcliffe's legs. He then manages to apply an inverted Texas Cloverleaf.

Freddy Bro: He has it locked in. The signature Holmes sweet Holmes. One of the most viscous submission maneuvers in this sport.

Zach Wavis: Can he ecscape it? How much can he possibly have left.

The ref approaches Radcliffe but before he can even ask Radcliffe is frantically tapping out. The ref calls for the bell and Holmes lets go as soon as he hears it and launches his arms directly into the air. New Years Day begins playing and Andre Holmes is celebrating with a cheering crowd. He approaches the corner of the ring and hops up to the second turn buckle and sings with along with his theme. He is clearly pleased with this victory.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner....Andre Holmes!

Zach Wavis: There you have it. Andre Holmes with his second victory in WCF. What a match. What a victory. The fans are solidly behind him.

Freddy Bro: I expect great things from Andre here in WCF. A second impressive showing.

Wavedigger: I'll say it, the future is bright for the"Relentless" Andre Holmes.

Andre makes his way out of the ring and returns to the back celebrating with the fans the whole way. He slaps hands and even stops to allow a fan to take a selfie with him. He is all smiles. At the entrance ramp he stops and turns around placing his hands on his hips and taking in the crowds approval. The crowd roar is deafening. He waits a second longer and then steps back through the curtain. Roughly around this time Dexter Radcliffe is returning to his feet but is crouched over and favoring his midsection obviously still in agony after suffering an inverted Texas Clover Leaf. He slowly and quietly makes his way to the back.

Stampy vs Greybeard

Zach Wavis: Alright we're back! Let's get this one over with.

Freddy Bro: There is a lot of bad blood here. Greybeard's friend was taken hostage last week by the maniacal Stampy.

Zach Wavis: What do you think he's doing with him?

Freddy Bro: I don't want to think about it.

Zach Wavis: Torture? Sodomy? Sodomy torture?

Suddenly the distinctive heavy distortion of Slayer fills the arena. Their confusing rendition of Henry Mancini's boogie woogie classic blares over the speakers as Stampy emerges. He lingers for a moment before stomping toward the ring, pausing periodically to do a wild elephant call with his mouth. On his way to the ring, a fat kid starts taunting him. Stampy makes his way to the child and fires one final elephant noise toward him. The child stands still as a barrage of spittle rains upon his face. Stampy heads up the steps with a groan and heads to his corner to await his opponent.

After a slight pause, an old school rap beat hits and out comes Greybeard, accompanied by the Alchemist. Greybeard breaks off a few dance moves and makes his way toward the ring assisted by his staff. Al wheels his wagon of potions around the ring and takes his seat on a stool. Greybeard places his staff on the ring apron near the corner and disrobes. He and Stampy then make their way to the middle of the ring and start talking trash to each other. The referee quickly separates them and the bell rings.

Stampy and Greybeard circle and lockup in the center of the ring. Stampy sends Greybeard flying backward with shove and display of brute strength. He lets loose another elephant call.

Freddy Bro: How many more times do you think he's gonna do that?

Greybeard gets up and dusts himself off and gets up, locking horns with the beast Stampy once more. Stampy out powers him and lands a backbreaker followed quickly by rolling senton. He lifts Greybeard and pulls him into a shoulder block that knocks Greybeard into the corner. He backs up and sprints toward the corner, landing a vicious avalanche. Greybeard crumbles out of the corner and collapses on the ground.

Zach Wavis: Greybeard's will may be broken without Lute Boy in his corner Freddy.

Freddy Bro: It certainly looks like it.

Stampy circles Greybeard, landing stomps all around as he moves all around his prone opponent before lifting him up. He hoists Greybeard onto his shoulder, ready to deliver his version of the dominator.

Freddy Bro: If he lands this, it's over!

Stampy prepares to slam Greybeard downward but first, takes a moment to celebrate, belting out his loudest and most obnoxious elephant call of the evening. Wait...The Alchemist is up on the apron! He funneled a potion to the upside down Greybeard while Stampy was preoccupied! A suddenly rejuvenated Greybeard wiggles off of Stampy's shoulder and rolls up with a school boy!




The referee heads to the apron to get rid of The Alchemist, Greybeard crawls for his corner, and Stampy looks bewildered all of the sudden. After regaing his senses, Stampy charges toward the corner. Greybeard turns around in time to brandish his staff which lets loose a blinding light and temporarily stuns his foe. Once Al is off the apron the ref turns around to find Greybeard roll Stampy in a small package.




Zach Wavis: Wait a minute! Those aren't the tactics of an honor bound mage!

Freddy Bro: He did say he was going to have to lean on something new this week to right the ship and he did! His staff!

Greybeard and The Alchemist get the hell out of there and make their way to the back as Stampy writhes in pain.

Raymond Hatcher vs Bad News Benson

We cut to the ring where we see referee Rob Livingston, Kyle Steel, and Bad News Benson.

Kyle Steel: This next contest is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Our first competitor standing in the ring to my right, he weighs in at two hundred twenty pounds he come from any skid row ghetto in the world…Bad News Benson.

Bad News Benson walks out to the center of the ring and holds his fist in the air, he’s greeted with boos.

The shot cuts to the entry way as we hear “Chariots Of Fire” by Faith No More begin to play, after a few chords we see Raymond Hatcher come walking through the curtain, he has his hands wrapped in black athletic tape and is wearing a black robe laced with gold trim underneath which are his simple black trunks, kneepads, boots and one elbow pad on his left arm. Hatcher stands there on the stage for a moment before turning back to the curtain and holds his hand out. Out walks Myra dressed in her aggressive punk-style attire. Myra and Hatcher stroll down to the ring at a steady pace. Hatcher heads up the ring steps walking out onto the apron while looking out at the crowd. Myra simply rolls into the ring. Hatcher wipes his feet on the apron and climbs through the ropes.

Kyle Steel: Making his way into the ring, weighing in at two hundred thirty-six pounds, he hails from Los Angeles, California...The Real DealRaymond Hatcher!

Hatcher heads to his corner and Myra pulls his robe off for him before handing it off to an attendant at ringside. Myra then heads out of the ring and walks over to the timekeeper’s table and retrieves a microphone before returning the ring apron and handing it to Raymond Hatcher.

Raymond Hatcher: Well, well, well. Here we are in this town of thieves…Indianapolis. What could I be talking about you might think. Well I’m talking about a town that raped and pillaged their entire football legacy from Baltimore.

Massive boos come from the crowd.

Raymond Hatcher: Hey no worries, Luck was throwing really great this week…from the sideline.

Crowd boos Hatcher again.

Raymond Hatcher: Yeah, the truth is hard to swallow, huh? A few of you out there might be wondering why I’m out here with just Myra. Where’s Adam Young? Well even Adam’s relationship with Seth wasn’t enough clout to get him over with the Indiana State Athletic Commission. They said since he doesn’t have a manager’s license, whatever in the Hell that means, he wouldn’t be permitted at ringside. They said he’s already been a liability at ringside and they said if I tried to bring him out they’d consider the contest forfeited. What a load of shit. That’s quite alright though, because I’m more than happy to be accompanied to the ring by this lovely lady.

Crowd: She’s a crack whore! She’s a crack whore!

A sour look builds on Myra’s face as the chants continue. Hatcher talks on as if he can’t hear them.

Raymond Hatcher: It’s not like I’m going to need any help eviscerating my opponent here tonight anyway. I mean look at him, folks. He’s just some short, little, tubby bastard. Why is the WCF just throwing this guy to the wolves?

Benson turns and looks out at the crowd with a who-does-this-guy-think-he-is expression. With Benson’s back turned Hatcher charges and nails him in the back of the head with the microphone. Rob Livingston signals for the bell as Kyle Steel and Myra scramble from the ring.

Zach Wavis: And in typical fashion, Hatcher taking the low road and attacking before the bell.

Hatcher starts smashing knees into the mid-section of Benson and shoves him back into a corner. Hatcher starts laying in massive knife-edge chops to the chest. Rob Livingston orders Hatcher to back away from the corner, but Hatcher isn’t listening. After a few more knife-edge chops, Hatcher whips Benson across to the opposite corner. Benson hits the corner back-first, and Hatcher charges in with a clothesline, but Benson catches him with a hard back-elbow sending Hatcher tumbling ass over end. Hatcher rolls back to his feet in time to catch a big clothesline from Benson.

Zach Wavis: Benson turning the tables on Hatcher.

Hatcher gets turned inside out from the big clothesline and Benson immediately drops down for the cover.



Hatcher kicks out.

Freddy Bro: You’re gonna need more than a clothesline to put Raymond Hatcher down for a three count.

Benson pulls Hatcher up to his feet and lifts him up in a bear hug position and then rams Hatcher back first into the nearest corner. Benson follows up with repeated shoulder thrusts to Hatcher’s abdomen in the corner. Rob Livingston is ordering Benson to let Hatcher out of the corner, but Benson pays no mind.

Zach Wavis: Neither of these men are too keen on following the rules.

Finally after repeated warnings Rob Livingston starts counting.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three! Four!

Benson pulls away from Hatcher and starts stalking Rob Livingston who immediately retreats, Hatcher lurches out of the corner and chop blocks Benson’s leg out from under him.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher taking advantage of a distracted Bad News Benson.

Wavedigger: You can never take your eye off your opponent.

Hatcher grabs Benson’s ankle and lifts his leg up and smashes it down knee-first into the mat. Benson tries to climb to his feet, but Hatcher stops him with a stiff kick into the side. Hatcher pulls Benson to his feet and lifts him up for a shin-breaker, but Benson rakes his eyes. Hatcher drops Benson on his feet and he immediately strikes Hatcher with two stiff shots to the kidneys.

Zach Wavis: Bad New Benson rakes Hatcher’s eyes and is able to regain control of this bout.

Benson lifts Hatcher up and drops him with a body-slam. Benson runs to the ropes and lays a big elbow drop to Hatcher’s chest. Benson lies on top for the pin.


Hatcher kicks out.

Zach Wavis: Only a one count.

Benson pulls Hatcher up to his feet by the hair, Hatcher fights back with an elbow to the gut, but Benson drops Hatcher to his knees with a big clubbing blow to the back. Benson grabs Hatcher’s hair and pulls his head back then rams his elbow down onto Hatcher’s head, Hatcher slumps to his side holding his face.

Freddy Bro: Bad News Benson in complete control of Hatcher here.

Zach Wavis: He better stay wary, Hatcher usually has something up his sleeve.

Benson uses his boot to roll Hatcher to his back. Benson drops another big elbow to the chest. Benson sits there for a moment’s rest before rolling to his knees and then choking Hatcher. Rob Livingston warns Benson to stop and is forced to lay in a count.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three! Four!

Benson pulls his hand from Hatcher’s neck only to go right back to the choke a couple seconds later.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three! Four!

Benson lets go of Hatcher and this time Rob Livingston is really reading him the riot act. Benson climbs to his feet and shrugs off the referee’s reprimand. Benson starts laying some big stomps into Hatcher as he tries to crawl away to the safety of the ropes.

Zach Wavis: Bad News Benson is really bending the rules here.

Wavedigger: You can bend ‘em as long as they don’t break, Hell, you can even break ‘em as long as the referee doesn’t see it.

Hatcher gets to the ropes and pulls himself up to his knees with a hold of the middle rope. Benson lays his leg over the back of Hatcher’s head forcing his throat down across the middle rope. Benson adds even more pressure by pushing up on the top rope.

Freddy Bro: And there Bad News Benson goes again trying to choke the life out of Hatcher. It’s a pretty sound strategy if the referee keeps letting him get away with it.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three! Four!

Benson climbs off of Hatcher and shoos away referee Rob Livingston before heading to the ropes. Benson rebounds off the ropes and then comes crashing down with his posterior along the back of Hatcher’s head forcing him into the middle rope. Benson climbs off and Hatcher slumps to the mat. Benson drops down to the mat and covers Hatcher with a very lazy lateral press. Livingston counts the pin.



Hatcher kicks out. Benson immediately mounts Hatcher and lays in several fists to the head before climbing back to his feet and heading to the second rope. Benson comes off the middle rope dropping the point of his elbow on Hatcher.

Freddy Bro: Oww.

Zach Wavis: It looks like Benson dropped the point of that elbow right into the throat of Raymond Hatcher.

Wavedigger: I think it was the collar-bone.

Zach Wavis: I don’t think so, but it looks like that’s the same argument Bad News is giving to the referee. You can cause some serious damage with shots like that to the throat.

Benson walks over to Hatcher’s feet and lefts them both up in the air before dropping a headbutt.

Zach Wavis: And an even more controversial move right there by Bad News.

Wavedigger: O shut up Zach, that’s was clearly a headbutt to the mid-section totally legal.

Zach Wavis: I think you need to get some glasses.

Wavedigger: That’s a good idea…I am pretty thirsty.

Benson steps back to his feet and then stomps down on Hatcher and starts grinding his boot into his abdomen, before finishing it with one more devastating stomp. Hatcher clutches his stomach and rolls to his side to protect it.

Zach Wavis: Bad News Benson a real rough character, he just likes to brawl in the ring.

Wavedigger: I love it, a good ol’ fashion street fighter.

Benson stomps around the ring taking his time to gloat to the crowd as Hatcher tries to climb to his feet. Hatcher gets to his knees and Benson yanks him up to his feet. Benson nails Hatcher with a big right to the face and Hatcher stumbles backwards to the ropes. Benson comes in and whips Hatcher across the ring.

Zach Wavis: Bad News Benson shoots Hatcher to the ropes.

Hatcher comes off the ropes and Benson goes for a clothesline, but Hatcher ducks and keeps running. Hatcher comes off the ropes again and hits Benson with a big drop-kick.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher ducks the clothesline and fires back with a big drop-kick.

Benson climbs back to his feet stumbling to the ropes, Hatcher charges in and clotheslines Benson over the top rope to the floor.

Freddy Bro: Benson going for a ride over the top rope.

Rob Livingston: One!

Zach Wavis: We know Hatcher isn’t afraid to take things to the floor…

Hatcher climbs through the ropes to the apron.

Zach Wavis: …and there he goes without skipping a beat.

Benson stumbles back up to his feet, and Hatcher charges across the apron diving off with a big clothesline.

Zach Wavis: There’s that trademark clothesline from the apron.

Rob Livingston: One!

Freddy Bro: Hatcher taking back control of this match in a big way.

Rob Livingston: Two!

Hatcher takes a minute to catch his breath before going back to Benson. Hatcher starts pulling Benson to his feet, but Benson shoves Hatcher back-first into the ring post. Hatcher slumps to his hands and knees at ringside.

Rob Livingston: Three!

Wavedigger: And that’s how you stop someone’s momentum.

Freddy Bro: That definitely gets the job done.

Rob Livingston: Four!

Benson is still recovering from the clothesline as Hatcher is reeling from the shove into the post. Benson grabs Hatcher by the hair and the back of the trunks, pulls him to his feet and then throws him into the guardrail.

Rob Livingston: Five!

Myra looks distraught at ringside watching Hatcher get man-handled. Myra starts shouting at Bad News Benson.

Rob Livingston: Six!

Benson is distracted by Myra and starts stalking her.

Zach Wavis: Myra is wisely backing away from Bad News Benson, one can only imagine what he might do to her.

Benson stalks Myra over to the commentary area before heading back over to Hatcher who is trying to use the guardrail to get to his feet.

Rob Livingston: Seven!

By the time Benson gets back to Hatcher he’s already on his feet hunched over holding the guardrail. Benson approaches and Hatcher nails him with a kick to the gut then follows up with a big European uppercut.

Rob Livingston: Eight!

Benson is dazed and Hatcher quickly dives back into the ring.

Rob Livingston: Nine!

Zach Wavis: Hatcher gets back in the ring, but Bad News could get counted out right here.

Benson shakes off his daze and rolls back into the ring.

Zach Wavis: And he makes it back just in time.

Freddy Bro: That was really close.

Hatcher starts stomping on Benson before he can get to his feet. Hatcher then pulls him up to his feet and takes him down with a double-underhook suplex.

Zach Wavis: A big time suplex takes Benson down to the mat.

Hatcher pulls Benson up to a sitting position and then runs to the ropes and rebounds with a basement European uppercut to the back of Benson’s head. Benson slumps to his side rolling to his belly.

Freddy Bro: Damn that looked viscous.

Zach Wavis: A big time European uppercut catching Benson from behind.

Hatcher hooks Benson in a waist-lock on the mat and then pulls him to his feet and back down to the mat with a big German suplex bridging for a pin.

Zach Wavis: Big German suplex with a cover.



Benson kicks out.

Zach Wavis: And that’s not enough to put Benson away.

Hatcher pulls Benson back to his feet and hooks him in a full nelson.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher looks to be going for a dragon suplex.

Hatcher goes to lift Benson, but Benson hooks his toe around Hatcher’s calf. Benson then stomps on Hatcher’s foot and then spins around and hits Hatcher with a right to the face, but Hatcher blocks it and catches Benson with a boot to the gut. Hatcher runs back to the ropes, comes off and gets caught with a big back-drop from Benson.

Freddy Bro: Bad News propelling Hatcher way up into the air with that back-drop.

Hatcher stumbles up to his feet and Benson nails him with a kick to the gut and drops him with a DDT.

Wavedigger: Damn.

Zach Wavis: Bad News Benson spiking Hatcher right on the top of his head.

Benson rolls Hatcher over and covers him hooking the far leg.



Hatcher kicks out.

Freddy Bro: That was a viscous DDT.

Benson climbs back to his feet and argues with the referee over the count.

Wavedigger: Bad News Benson says it was a three.

Benson pulls Hatcher up to his feet and whips him to a corner.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher hitting the corner hard.

Benson charges and squashes Hatcher with a big clothesline in the corner.

Wavedigger: Benson with that hard-hitting smash-mouth style.

Benson starts laying big rights to the head of Hatcher. Rob Livingston warns Benson to get Hatcher out of the corner and Benson whips him across the ring to the opposite corner.

Zach Wavis: Hatcher sent flying across the ring.

Hatcher hits the corner back-first and Benson charges in with another clothesline. At the last second Hatcher hops up to the middle rope and dives off with a big European uppercut.

Zach Wavis: Raymond Hatcher coming back out of nowhere.

Freddy Bro: Whoa, Benson could be knocked out.

Hatcher scrambles for a cover hooking both legs, Livingston counts.



No! Benson kicks out.

Zach Wavis: Bad News Benson kicks out just before three.

Hatcher takes a moment to get back to his feet and then pulls Benson up…GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!

Zach Wavis: The Gutwrench Powerbomb! That could be it!

Hatcher forces Benson’s shoulders to the mat with a prawn hold. Rob Livingston drops down for the count.




No! Livingston realizes Benson’s left hand is under the ropes.

Zach Wavis: That’s it!

Freddy Bro: No wait, his hand was under the ropes.

Hatcher throws Benson onto his belly, drags him by his right foot out to the middle of the ring, and in one fell swoop drops down hooking in the STF!

Freddy Bro: There’s the STF!

Zach Wavis: He could make Benson tap right here.

Hatcher pulls back on the STF and Benson squeals in pain and tries to pry Hatcher’s hands off his face.

Zach Wavis: Bad News Benson doing everything he can to fight out of this hold.

Benson is unable to pry Hatcher’s hands away and starts trying to crawl to the ropes.

Wavedigger: Bad News Benson clawing for dear life.

Benson crawls close to the ropes and reaches out.

Zach Wavis: Can Benson reach the ropes?!

Benson is just short of the ropes.

Freddy Bro: No!

Benson makes one last ditch effort to pry Hatcher’s hands away, but he can’t and he starts slapping the mat wildly.

Zach Wavis: And that’s it!

We hear the bell ring and referee Rob Livingston starts trying to pull Hatcher off of Benson, but Hatcher won’t let go.

Zach Wavis: Bad News Benson being forced to tap to the STF!

Hatcher finally lets go of the hold and climbs to his feet as Myra slides into the ring and congratulates him by holding his hand in the air.

Kyle Steel: Your winner of the match…Raymond Hatcher!!!

Rob Livingston checks on Bad News Benson who is clutching the back of his neck. We hear “Chariots Of Fire” by Faith No More begin to play and suddenly we see Adam Young storm down to ringside. Young lifts the ring skirt up and pulls out a ladder that he slides it into the ring.

Freddy Bro: It looks like we have some company.

Adam Young climbs up to the apron and into the ring to the delight of Myra and the distain of the crowd. Young picks up the ladder and leans it against the ropes.

Zach Wavis: Young’s match isn’t until later tonight, God only knows what he’s doing out here.

Adam Young immediately starts pulling Benson to his feet, Hatcher comes over to help. The whole time referee Rob Livingston is yelling at them to leave him alone.

Wavedigger: Here we go, the Outlaw Gentlemen kicking a man when he’s down.

Freddy Bro: He’s not down, they just picked him up, maybe they’re gonna help him out of the ring.

Young and Hatcher get Benson to his feet and then veal him onto the ladder. Benson bounces off the ladder landing on the back of his head on the mat.

Zach Wavis: O’ come on this is completely uncalled for.

Hatcher’s music cuts out as Young slides out of the ring and starts searching under the ring. Hatcher heads to ringside as well as Myra lays her stiletto heels into Benson. Adam Young pulls a table out from under the ring, as Hatcher goes over to the commentary area and takes a chair. Young and Hatcher both return to the ring with their weapons.

Freddy Bro: Young grabbing a table, Hatcher with a chair, must be preparing for their own TLC right here on Slam.

Adam Young and Myra start setting up the table as Hatcher begins beating on Bad News Benson with the chair.

Zach Wavis: O’ come on, would somebody put an end to this mess.

Wavedigger: I don’t think Bad News Benson has too many friends in the lockerroom who would be willing to come out and stop this.

Zach Wavis: Where is the security?

Myra and Young get the table set-up and then Young grabs the ladder and lays it on top of the table, Hatcher is just relentlessly beating Benson in a blind rage. It takes Adam Young intervening to stop the assault. Young pulls the chair from Hatcher and then lays it on top of the ladder on top of the table. Adam Young heads over to a corner as Hatcher pulls Benson to his feet. Hatcher lifts Benson up and hits Gutwrench Powerbomb onto the table/chair/ladder combo while Young simultaneously hits a Cut The Cord moonsault. The weight of the two men isn’t enough to break the ladder, but it bends it significantly and causes the legs of the table to buckle bring the structure crashing down to the mat and cracking the table in the center. The crowd gasps in horror.

Zach Wavis: Dear God I think they broke him in half.

Freddy Bro: Damn! That’s no way to end your night.

Wavedigger: End the night that might have ended his career.

Young is a bit sore from his onslaught and Myra helps him up to his feet as he holds his mid-section. The three stand tall in the ring.

Zach Wavis: The Outlaw Gentlemen causing mayhem once again.

Benson wins!

Television Title Match
Occulo vs Dustin Beaver

The scene opens with a graphic of the SeaV Title.

Zach Wavis: And here we go, Occulo vs. Dustin Beaver for the SeaV Title is next!

Wavedigger: Yes! We get to see my man, Dusty Seaver, bust open Occulo all over again!

Freddy Bro: Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, Wavey; I think Occulo is going to come out with something to prove after what Dustin did to him last week!

Wavedigger: Well that’s too bad for, Occulo, because Dusty is going to take that mean streak he’s acquired and just keep turning it up!

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Kyle Steel: From Washington DC...weighing in at 220lbs…Occulo!!

He walks down the ramp, spotlights following, addressing the fans as he does. He climbs up the steel steps in the corner and climbs the turnbuckle.

Wavedigger: Ha ha ha! Look at that bandage on Occulo’s forehead; he might as well paint a target on himself!

Freddy Bro: Occulo is obviously looking worse for the wear, but I still believe he shouldn’t be counted out in this one.

Where Are Ü Now by Jack Ü hits, then a spotlight shines at the beginning of the entrance ramp, awaiting "The Beavs" to walk into it. He enters the light, the SeaV Championship around his waist, points to the crowd on the left and then to the crowd on the right. He then points with both hands at the opponent in the ring; he looks and walks straight ahead, scowling at Occulo.

Kyle Steel: And from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at 210 pounds, he is the WSeaF SeaV Champion…Dustin Beaver!

Wavedigger: Dusty looks focused tonight, that’s a real champion we’re seeing right there!

Zach Wavis: He’s held that…SeaV title for some time now, but that may all change tonight!

Wavedigger: You bite your tongue, Zaggry!

Dustin Beaver quickly slides into the ring and takes off the SeaV title belt, handing it to the referee. Beaver smirks at Occulo as he notices the bandage on Occulo’s forehead. The ref holds up the SeaV title belt and receives a nice POP from the audience. The referee then calls for the bell. Ding! Ding!

Beaver and Occulo stare each other down for a few seconds as the crowd begins to get behind the intensity. Occulo takes one step forward, when all of a sudden, music again hits the PA.

The classic strings of the Ironside TV theme plays for a few seconds before a #beachkrew reworking of "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio kicks in, "I'm spending most my life, livin' in a fuccboi genocide"

Freddy Bro: Bro! What is going on here?

Wavedigger: I know that music! Could it really be him?!

Rico Rojas appears at the top of the entrance ramp. He’s yelling something inaudibly but he has gotten the attention of both men in the ring. Rojas storms down the entrance ramp, pointing and yelling the whole way.

Zach Wavis: That’s definitely Rico Rojas, and he appears to be irate about something. I wonder what’s going on here.

Wavedigger: I dunno, but it’s good to see another familiar #beachkrew face out here!

Rojas reaches the apron and pulls himself up. It is now clear that Rojas is yelling and pointing at the Beavs.

Rico Rojas: You stole my spot, Pandejo! I’m the real #beachkrew member, not you, punto!

Dustin Beaver: Whoa, what the hell, man. I didn’t even know you were still around!

Rojas now climbs in the ring and gets into Beaver’s face.

Zach Wavis: It looks like Rico has some issues with Beaver being in #beachkrew and himself on the outside looking in.

Freddy Bro: Well this is certainly an interesting development!

Occulo continues to stand in the corner but asks the referee to do something about the situation unfolding in front of them. The referee begins to yell at Rojas to exit the ring, as Rico continues to berate Beaver.

Rico Rojas: I’m done talking, suck on this, Vato!

Rojas delivers a stiff looking eye poke to Beaver. Beaver falls to a knee and clutches at his face.

Wavedigger: Eye poke of doom! That was vicious looking! I hope the SeaV champ is ok!

The referee calls for the bell. Ding! Ding! Ding!

Zach Wavis: Well now the ref is calling for the bell, let’s see what the call is here.

The ref walks over to Kyle Steel and they speak for a moment.

Freddy Bro: Well Occulo is still standing in his corner; he looks very agitated with everything going down. Beaver is still on the ground, holding his face and Rojas has backed up a little bit; it looks like he’s waiting for Beaver to stand up to unleash a big move.

Wavedigger: What a clusterfuck this has turned into!

Kyle Steel: The referee has called an end to this match. Your winner by disqualification, Dustin Beaver!

Zach Wavis: Well there had to be a call made there, I guess that’s the one he had to make.

Wavedigger: And still your SeaV champ, see, I told you guys he was going to win!

Beaver is now standing up. He blinks a few times and then stares daggers through Rico Rojas, as Rico still looks poised to land a big move.

Zach Wavis: There’s a lot of tension in that ring right now, what’s about to happen?!

All of a sudden, Beaver and Rojas charge each other and embrace in a bro hug.

Freddy Bro: Bro! What the hell is this?!

Beaver and Rojas begin to laugh and point at Occulo, as Occulo gets the attention of the referee to show him what’s going on. The referee can only shrug his shoulders, as the end to the match has already been made official.

Wavedigger: Ha ha ha! Beaver destroyed Occulo physically last week, and this week he does it mentally! What great work done here tonight by the SeaV champ and #beachkrew!

Zach Wavis: This is ridiculous; Occulo was never even given a chance tonight.

Occulo has reached his boiling point. Out of nowhere, Occulo charges Beaver and Rojas. Beavs manages to see what’s happening just in time as he ducks behind Rojas, Occulo then hits Rico with the Oesophagus Bureau!

Zach Wavis: An Oesophagus Bureau from Occulo! He nailed Rojas with that one!

Wavedigger: What a cheap shot by Occulo, he should be fined for that!

Beaver snatches up his SeaV title from the announcer’s table and is now halfway up the ramp, staring at the action in the ring. Occulo stares back at Beaver and motions with his hand for Beaver to rejoin him in the ring. Beavs shakes his head no and continues to watch Occulo’s every move. Occulo looks down at Rojas and hits him with the Subliminal Message!

Zach Wavis: Oh a Subliminal Message! Rojas has to be out cold after that brutal maneuver!

Wavedigger: This is disgusting; security needs to remove that jerk from the building for attacking someone not even in the match!

Beaver shudders at the Subliminal Message Rojas is hit with, but then continues to walk backwards up the ramp.

Suddenly Master of Puppets plays over the loudspeakers and the crowd gives a POP for the music. Seth Lerch comes through the curtain, frowning at Beaver. Beavs turns around and meets Seth’s gaze.

Seth Lerch: Oh no you don’t, Dustin. You’re not going to escape Occulo with a cheap trick like that. It’s going to be you vs. Occulo at One...no disqualification match.

There’s a big POP from the crowd upon hearing the match announcement.

Seth Lerch: Good luck, gentlemen.

Just like that Seth once again disappears behind the curtain. Beaver is shouting no and shaking his head back and forth. Occulo continues to stand in the ring, shaking his head up and down with a huge smile on his face.

Zach Wavis: Well there you have it; Occulo will get a legit shot at that Television Title at One, as he will face Beaver in a no dq match!

Wavedigger: Oh well, just one more match where Dusty will prove why he’s the SeaV champ!

Zombie McMorris/Punkin vs Preecha Kamon/Patrilli

Kyle Steel: This next Tag match is scheduled for one fall introducing first

"Never Gonna Stop" hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area. He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived.

Kyle Steel: Entering the ring weighing in at 220 pounds he is the current WCF internet and hardcore champion Zombie SEAMACMORRIS!

The Arena goes black and only the titan tron shows any light, a bright white circle of it at the end of a tunnel, the screen flickers with some static a couple of times showing a man in black advancing with every break in the video until he is standing before us with his fists raised to the screen with white tape on his knuckles and the words "STAY DEAD" written across them in black marker

Kyle Steel: Making his way to ring at this time, from Goreyville by way of Coleraine, Northern Ireland and the deepest recesses of a broken young man's mind, THIS IS THE PUNKIN!

A screaming laughter fills the arena as the song kicks in and a tall masked man falls out through the curtain almost capering instead of his counterparts Swagger filled stroll, he makes his way to the ring all the while talking either to himself or screaming indecipherable phrases at the crowd, he doesn't waste any time lifting his battle armour off setting it on the ring apron in front of him. He steps back almost tripping over his own feet sizing up the armour shadow boxing with it in a ridiculous fashion before rolling into the ring and climbing up on the top rope showing off the badly spelled words on his knuckles again he then jumps down and walks right up to his partner


Wavedigger: holy shit Punkin just slapped Zmac right in the face

Zach Wavis: Zombie with a straight slap back!


Wavedigger: Sunkin Taliban just made a massive mistake sacrificing the help of the seamonstermac!

Freddy Bro: Here comes Preecha and Patrilli hitting the ring and their opponents fast and hard! This whole thing is breaking down, chaos reigns supreme, we will be right back folks!

We cut to a break as Punkin and Seamac evacuate the ring and we get a ONE promo before coming back to a more settled scene, Preecha and Pat are in their corner Preecha in the ring Pat on the apron, on the other side Caliban and Seamac are glaring at each other, Punkin jumps out of the ring demanding Zmac start, he shrugs and turns to face Preecha, they circle as the bell rings

Wavedigger: Look at the intelligence of Seamac tagging right out of the match

Freddy Bro: Much to the anger of Punkin who jumps back in the ring

Preecha and Punkin circle and then Caliban discuss forearms hardcore champ in the jaw stunning him Preecha takes advantage and nails Caliban from behind with a hard open palm strike to the back of the head knocking him into the ropes and then catching the gourd on the rebound with a German suplex tossing him back across the ring to land on the back of his head

Wavedigger: Seamac clearly enjoying that

Zach Wavis: I'm surprised he is still here

Wavedigger: Front row seat to watch Sunken Taliban get his ass handed to him by 2 guys who would walk away from that

Preecha tags in Patrilli and they launch Punkin hard into the turnbuckle following it up with a shoulder charge from Pat to hold him in place for a running step up knee strike to the face from Preecha to Punkin, they try the same thing but Caliban hops to the top rope to avoid Patrilli and nailing a meteor diving double knees to a charging Kamon, he tosses Kamon out of the ring super kicks Patrilli in the face and then hits the ropes


Zach Wavis: What?

Wavedigger: I think the ref's signalling a tag!

The replay of the dive shows Punkin's hand smacking Seamac on the way over the top rope

Zach Wavis: That was a tag! Seamac's legal!

Wavedigger: Caliban gift wrapped it for the IT champ! BOOT PARTY!

Seamac goes to work on Patrilli and then hooks him up for the curb stomp

Zach Wavis: Pat's head bouncing off the mat!

Freddy Bro: PIN!



Zach Wavis: KICK OUT!

Seamac makes his way to the outside and springs to the top rope

Wavedigger: Caliban just stole a tag

Freddy Bro: Diving spike head scissors PIN!

Wavedigger: Sunken's legal the ref's waving the pin off!

Caliban dives into the ring and hits the ropes nailing his partner hard with a shotgun drop kick, he picks him up and
spins him around sending him shoulder first into Preecha Kamon who has picked himself back up onto the ring apron

Freddy Bro: Dangerous business kick from Caliban sends Preecha back to the floor

Patrilli back up charging for Punkin but Punkin dodges and Pat hits the ropes

Wavedigger: Caliban over the top

Freddy Bro: drop kick from Punkin right to Pat's face

Caliban goes to the 2nd rope but before he can jump for Spiralling death Seamac Steals another tag, Caliban hits the 2nd rope 630 and seamac enters the ring tossing Caliban aside and taking over


Freddy Bro: Seamac Celebrating the death blow


Crowd: DEAD!


Zach Wavis: PIN!




Punkin's already half way up the ramp laughing as the ref pulls the IT Hardcore champ off Patrilli and raises his hand as Punkin gives him the finger from the ramp and laughs at the dazed look on Seamac's face

Wavedigger: They get the win but I can promise you this is far from over between Seamac and Punkin

Jeff Purse vs Adam Young

"Survival" by Eminem blares on the PA.

"This is survival of the fittest
This is do or die
This is the winner takes it all
So take it all"

A pyro goes off and up through the stage in Rey Mysterio fashion, Jeff Purse comes flying. Kari comes out from the back as Jeff walks down the aisles, pandering to the crowd.

"Wasn't ready to be no millionaire, I was ill-prepared
I was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there
From the beginning, it wasn't 'bout the ends"

Upon entering the ring, he throws his hands up in the middle of the ring, corner pyros of red and green shoot out. He takes off his aviator sunglasses and throws them in the audience. He turns and sits up on the turnbuckle, waiting for his opponent.

Child's Voice: He dines on pain and snacks on souls.

The arena goes pitch black. Short bursts of red strobe lights flash multiple times and then stop. A single red light hits the entrance filtering threw the smoke as "The Vengeful One" by Disturbed starts playing and the jumbotron reads "One Sick Bastard". Out steps Adam Young and Myra. Myra rubs her right hand on Adam's chest and then starts towards the ring. Adam takes his gas mask off his head and drops it. He wipes his mouth and then stares into the ring. Myra motions for him to come to her as she stands on the ring apron. Adam slowly makes his way to the ring.

Crowd: Your a sick bastard!

Adam smirks as he climbs up onto the ring apron. Myra holds the ropes open for him as he wipes his feet before kissing her on the lips. Adam slides into the ring and throws he's t-shirt into the face of the ring announcer.

The bell sounds and the two men circle each other.

Zach Wavis: This is a match between two WCF veterans. Adam Young came into this company before Jeff Purse and has done it all - he's one of the most consistent forces in WCF history. Jeff Purse, however, has had more success; Jeff Purse has main evented One. Jeff Purse has been a World Champion.

Young twists Purse's arm and then flips him over and drops a leg onto it. Young gets up and grabs his arm and slams it into the mat before going for an early pin.



No!, Purse gets the shoulder up. Young lifts Purse up and throws him to the ropes and as Purse comes back Young drops him with a Superkick-

Freddy Bro: NO!, Purse catches it!

Purse spins Young around and fires off a Spoke!

Wavedigger: OUT OF NOWHERE!

NO!, Young ducks it. He's behind Purse now and drops him with a Reverse DDT before floating over for a pin.



Purse kicks out.

Zach Wavis: Good back and forth thus far between these two.

Young lifts Purse up and lifts him before executing a Sidewalk Slam. He leans over and hooks Purse's leg for another pin.



No!, another kickout.


Young shakes his head as he kicks at Jeff.

Freddy Bro: Both of these two have big One matches coming up. Adam Young has the chance to once again become Tag Champion in one of the biggest Tag Titles matches in One history, and Jeff Purse faces off against an arch nemesis, Nathan von Liebert.

Young jumps up to the turnbuckle.


No!, Purse rolls away! Young hits the mat and Purse runs to the ropes and Springboards, hitting a Clothesline onto Young as he gets back up. The crowd roars as Purse follows up with a Spinning Heel Kick, dazing Young but not taking him down. Purse runs at him and hits a Running Neckbreaker. He then measures Young as he gets up.

Freddy Bro: Jeff Purse ends Adam Young into the corner-

No!, Young reverses it, sending Purse into the corner instead. Purse jumps.


Purse hits his Whisper in the Wind! He rolls away, far enough so that he's right at a turnbuckle. He climbs, in perfect position...


Purse lands on top of Young!




Freddy Bro: Jeff Purse wins this epic encounter!

Jeff's music plays as he gets to his feet.

Wavedigger: Going into One, going into a battle with Nathan von Liebert, he needs all the hope he can get.

Teo Del Sol vs Vengeance

The Screen Suddenly cuts to a news desk, where a very serious News Anchor shuffles his papers impatiently. After a few moments he turns towards the camera.

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we Interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the following important broadcast..."

The News Anchor falls silent as the opening riff to "Kickstart my Heart" suddenly blares. The Screen crashes to static before bringing up the view of the entrance ramp, which is engulfed with a burst of Pyro as Teo del Sol, His trademark white Jacket and white mask shining like the sun itself, steps through the curtain. The corner of the screen bears his wrestling mask with the logo TEO TV emblazoned across it, and he holds one hand high over his head, with a camera in the other. The feed then cuts to a live broadcast from the camera, encompassing the screaming fans all around the arena, waving as they appear not only on the TV screen, but on the large 'Tron above Teo. He begins walking down the ramp, reaching out to shake fans hands and sign autographs, all seen from the viewpoint of the camera, at last he makes it to the ring and the view cuts back to the regular feed.

Zach Wavis: And here we are! These two faced off two weeks ago for the People’s title, and Vengeance might have won too, if not for the, let’s call it timely interference of Benjamin Atreyu.

Wavedigger: Teo should be thanking his lucky stars that our director of Talent Relations has such a good head on his shoulders, can you imagine Vengeance as the People’s Champion?

Freddy Bro: Crazier things have happened, ‘digger.

The audience goes wild as he steps through the ropes, taking a deep bow, before running into the corner to raise his hands victoriously! He claps his hands in gratitude, applauding the audience that applauds him, and rolls with a quick backflip, landing in the center of the ring. He pushes down with his hands and springs to his feet, bouncing off of the ropes running to the turnbuckle He removes the jacket and hands it to one of the ring crew before settling into his corner, bouncing back and forth in anticipation.

But Vengeance’s music doesn’t hit, instead, the sound of “Suicide Penguin” echoes throughout the arena.

Zach Wavis: What the? Oh not again…

Instead of Vengeance, the Slam! Arena is greeted by the director of Talent Relations, Benjamin Atreyu. He steps through the curtain with a microphone in his hand and quickly calls to cut the music.

Benjamin Atreyu: Teo! How’s it going? Big fan by the way. Listen, I know you were all pumped up for your little showdown tonight…but Mr. Vengeance has been quite the troublemaker in recent weeks. So we here at WCF feel it would be best for everyone if he were to….take a little time off. So I’m afraid this match will not be happening.

The fans boo the director, who looks at them with a knowing sneer. He quickly holds his hand out, asking for more time to talk.

Zach Wavis: What? What’s he talking about? Can he do that?

Freddy Bro: Teo does not look happy about this!

Benjamin Atreyu: But I tell you what, if you really want to get in the ring with someone, I decided to…oh, how would you put it? Give the people what they want?

The lights go out and a spot light shines on the stage. "Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and gold lights start blinking around the arena.

Zach Wavis: Uh-Oh! You know what this means, guys!

Kyle Kemp slowly walks out onto the stage and comes to a stop in the spotlight and crosses his arms. Benjamin grins and walks back to the backstage area as Kemp holds up Teo’s mask, beaten and torn from the abuse at the hands of the former People’s champ. He smiles smugly at the crowd and begins to shake his head up and down. He struts down the aisle glaring at fans and rolls into the ring. The lights all come back on as he extends both of his arms out to his side and begins to laugh. He walks over to the corner and leans on it as the song ends. Teo stares lividly at his enemy as Kemp signals for a microphone.

Kyle Kemp: Whoa whoa Teo! Calm down, you’re gonna pop a blood vessel.

Teo stares daggers through Kemp as the audience rains down boos.

Kyle Kemp: Look, I know you’re waiting for me to pick up this microphone and tell each and every one of these people how I masterminded a plan last week to ruin your reputation, to steal back the belt that you STOLE from me at that bootleg event…

The Fans begin chanting ”XIIII” as Kemp’s lip curls into a look of disgust.

Kyle Kemp: But Teo, you just don’t understand- You have spent so many hours, so many weeks talking about how important that belt is, how it’s a symbol of this and that and blah dee blah dee blah! You think any one of these people is listening to you ramble on about how important that belt is?

Teo looks down at the belt, still around his waist, as Kyle Kemp loosens the tag team title from around his waist.

Kyle Kemp: No Teo. This! This is a belt. You and that little stable of yours thought that you were so special, but look at how easily Rabid and I proved you wrong. If I wanted to, I could have that People’s title back tonight, and there’s not a damned thing you could do to stop me- because….say it with me, I. Am. Better. Than. You.

Kemp lowers the microphone as a ring crew member hands Teo one to respond. Teo brings the microphone slowly to his lips as the audience continues chanting.

Teo del Sol: Kyle Kemp…Do you…EVER shut the hell up?!

The audience explodes with cheers as Teo continues.

Teo del Sol: How many weeks? How many times have you tried to turn these people against me? You have broken my body, have beaten me senseless, and have ripped away EVERYTHING that I have ever cared about…you have done almost everything that you could possibly do to a man…

Kyle Kemp: Almost?

Teo del Sol: Almost! You seem to have forgotten the most important detail in your haste, Kyle Kemp…You forgot to finish the job.

Kemp grins, smiling cockily and suddenly breaks on into a full-on fit of laughter, tears rolling down his face as he roars with laughter. The audience rains down boos but he finally lifts the microphone back up to speak.

Kyle Kemp: Finish the Job? Teo, you haven’t gotten a win over me since XIII, and even then, you were nothing more than a smear on the canvas when I was done with you. You wanna try and call me out?

As if for emphasis, Kyle Kemp pulls the mask from his pocket and tosses it on the ground, stepping on it and grinding it with the toe of his boot.

Kyle Kemp: ….Do you wanna end up like Jorge?

The crowds boos are louder than ever as Teo barely manages to restrain himself.

Teo del Sol: You’re goddamned right.

Kemp raises an eyebrow as if in appreciation, but he holds his arms out, letting Teo continue.

Teo del Sol: But if we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right. You and me…One!

The Crowd explodes at Teo’s challenge, eager to see him get revenge on the grandest stage in Wrestling.

Teo del Sol: But it’s not just gonna be a match! Oh no, you and I, we’ve moved past that….

For you, I’m going to do something special, I’m going to revive a classic. Teo del Sol. Kyle Kemp. No disqualifications, no countouts…

Zach Wavis: Uh-oh, I think I know where this is going.

Teo del Sol: And every single member of the front row…will be armed and dangerous! We are going to face off in the same match that let me Punish David Sanchez, a People’s Punishment match!

The Crowd roars as Teo drops his microphone, holding up his People’s title over his head and stepping forward to Kyle Kemp! The two men stare each other dead in the eye, foreheads pressed together, barely holding back.

Zach Wavis: Holy Cow! I think ONE just got a little bigger guys!

Freddy Bro: Teo del Sol vs. Kemp in a People’s Punishment! I can’t wait!

The slam fades to commercial, the last image hanging on Teo del Sol and Kyle Kemp staring daggers into each other.

Bonnie Blue/Doc Henry vs Andre Jenson/La Gama Blanca vs Wade Moor/Oblivion

Zach Wavis: We are coming to the triple threat tag team. A match that features our WSeaF Whirlpool Champion Wade Moor!!

Freddy Bro: With those who are involved in this match, we might as well bolt things down. Because we have Bonnie Blue, Andre Jenson and The Monster OblivSEAon who are in the process of tearing each other apart. Bonnie Blue and OblivSEAon are guaranteed to rip each other apart. Wade Moor is going to lead the way, Beachkrew style!!

Wavedigger: Don't get too comfortable gentlemen. I guarantee we will be bolting out of the way. We have match that has potential of tearing down this entire arena!!

The Mario Brothers death music plays, followed by the opening track of "Game Over" by Lil Flip as La Gama Blanca stomps out onto the stage. He throws up his little fists, before dropping them to his side. Green and white fireworks shot up around him, filling the air with a green haze, that hangs while he makes his way down to the ring, but stops. The music fades, as a deep voice booms from the PA system. Fantasy based music begins to play, as mist slowly rolls down the entrance ramp, Andre Jenson appears from behind the curtain and looks around to the crowd. Jenson meanders to La Gama Blanca.

Kyle Steel: With a combined weight of 325 pounds, this is La Gama Blanca and Andreeeee Jeeeeenseeeen!!! They run to the ring and rolls under the ropes.

Zach Wavis: We have one team!!

Smoke covers the stage, as the music begins. Blue and white strobes flare in time of the beat. Bonnie Blue and Doc Henry appears, from the haze. They raise their arms to the crowd. The crowd cheers. Doc Henry continues walking, as Bonnie Blue bolts towards the ring.

Kyle Steel: With a combined weight of 375 pounds... This is Bonnie Bluuuuuue and Dooooc Henryyyy!!! Blue leaps onto the ring apron, as Doc gets to ringside. Bonnie turns to the crowd and gives them a dazzling smile. Both Doc Henry and Bonnie Blue slips into the ring.

Freddy Bro: We have two teams.

Wavedigger: Now, we wait for Beachkrew!! The lights, in the arena dim, as the opening to "21st Century Schizoid Man" by King Crimson starts playing over the PA system. Wade Moor, Hacksaw Jim Thuggin, and The Monster Oblivion lumber out to the stage. All three stare out to the boo in crowd. All three smile, as they walk down the ramp....

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... Representing Beachkrew... Hacksaw Jim Thuggin represents... The Monster Guardian of the Brocean Oblivion and the Whirlpool Champion Wade Broseidon Moor... Weighing in at a combined weight of 595 pounds!! BEEEEAAACHKREEEEWWW!! Both Moor and OblivSEAon slither into the center, of the ring...


The champion hands his effects to Hacksaw. Both OblivSEAon and the Whirlpool Champion shake hands, with respect.

Wavedigger: This team representing Beachkrew is ready for complete action!!


Zach Wavis: This match is under triple threat rules. No DQ. Three competitors in the ring, at once.

Freddy Bro: With the introductions out, of the way... La Gama Blanca, Bonnie Blue and The Monster Oblivion will start off this match.

Immediately La Gama Blanca charges towards Bonnie Blue...

La Gama Blanca: ARRRRRRGH!!

Blanca charges Blue...


Bonnie Blue connects with a spinning heel kick. The miniscule luchadore flips in two rotations, from the impact, of the heel kick.

Bonnie Blue grabs La Gama Blanca and throws him towards The Monster Oblivion...


Zach Wavis: WIPEOUT!!

Wavedigger: SUPERKICK!!

Bonnie Blue slowly turns around...



OblivSEAon grabs Bonnie Blue and throws her into the ropes. Bonnie bounces off the ropes, The Monster swings, misses, Bonnie runs, bounces off the ropes, springboards off the ropes....


Zach Wavis: Springboard bulldog!! The Monster down!!!



Wavedigger: La Gama Blanca is incapacitated!! HERE COMES ANDRE JENSON!!


Jensen climbs up to the top turnbuckle...


Andre Jensen flies off the top turnbuckle with a suicide dive onto The Monster Oblivion.

Freddy Bro: Oblivion down!!

Jensen cheers after simple accomplishments.


Wade Moor connects with a water uppercut, knocking Andre Jensen backwards.


Zach Wavis: Bonnie Blue nails the Whirlpool Champion with a flying elbow drop, knocking Wade Moor down to the mat.

Doc Henry flies in the ring, charging after Wade Moor...


Freddy Bro: OblivSEAon caught Doc Henry and The Monster threw Doc Henry backwards, out of the ring , with quick release belly to belly duplex!!

Bonnie Blue grabs Andre Jensen and tosses him towards Oblivion, who dips down, Jensen hops over, bounces off the ropes...


Wavedigger: Bonnie Blue nails Jensen with a diving crossbody!!

La Gama Blanca sees Doc Henry, flies across the ring apron and flies towards Doc Henry...



Wade Moor grabs Andre Jensen throws him into the ropes, Jensen bounces off the ropes...


Zach Wavis: The Whirlpool Champion nails Jensen with a highlift spinebuster!!

Wavedigger: The Monster flies in the air...


Oblivion drops a massive leg across the chest of Andre Jensen.

Freddy Bro: Here comes Bonnie Blue towards The Monster...



Zach Wavis: TIMELOCK!!

Blue loses her grip and lets go of The Monster and slowly stands up...


Zach Wavis: Andre Jensen nails Bonnie Blue with a running knee to the face!!


Freddy Bro: Doc Henry nails Andre Jensen with a chopblick!!

Doc picks up Jensen...


Wavedigger: Doc Henry nails Andre Jensen with DDT!!!

OblivSEAon charges Doc Henry, kicks him in the mid-section, placing Doc in fireman's carry...


Zach Wavis: HAWAII 5-0!!!

Freddy Bro: LA GAMA BLANCA!!


Wavedigger: La Gama Blanca nails The Monster with a one handed bulldog!!



Freddy Bro: BULLHAMMER!!!


Wavedigger: D20!!! Duplex Cutter!!

Bonnie Blue flies towards Andre Jensen, grabbing him in a facelock...



Zach Wavis: PARADOX!!!

Wade Moor runs, flying towards Bonnie Blue...


Wavedigger: BROSEIDON PUNCH!!!

The Whirlpool knocks down Bonnie Blue with a Superman Punch!!



OblivSEAon grabs Doc Henry and throws him into the ringropes...


Zach Wavis: HURRICANE!!!

Doc is whipped into ropes, The Monster grabbed Henry with a double leg catch, rotating into a ddt.


Zach Wavis: OH MY GOD!!! WCF Senior Referee didn't see it coming!!!

Oblivion pins Doc.




Freddy Bro: OblivSEAon wins it for himself and the WCF World Champion!

The bell sounds as Oblivion gets to his feet, joined by Wade Moor.

Wavedigger: The big question here is... who is Wade Moor going to defeat at One? Will it be Gemini Battle, or will it be Dune?

Zach Wavis: We find out later tonight!

Benjamin Atreyu Segment

The screen cuts to Benjamin Atreyu sitting in his office, looking into the camera, a smile on his face.

Benjamin Atreyu: Hello fellow members of Hashtag Team WCF Galaxy. I hope you're enjoying the show. I just wanted to take some time out to give you a small presentation of what it takes to keep this great company of ours running.

The lights flicker a bit above Benjamin's head.

Benjamin Atreyu: Huh?...Well, I would like to start by saying that the behind scenes aspect is made up of a bunch of offices just like this one, filled with individuals who work hard to make sure we get a product to you each and every week in a timely fashion...

The lights flicker again and Benjamin signals to someone off camera to go deal with it.

Benjamin Atreyu: My job, as head of talent relations, is to make sure that the needs and demands of some of your favorite stars are met so they can perform at their fullest on Slam or one of our amazing Pay-Per-Views, like One which is just around the corner. Remember to...

The lights flicker again, quickly shutting off. The walls of Benjamin's office are lit up with neon paint in the style of Vengeance's face paint. Benjamin rises to his feet.

Benjamin Atreyu: Damn it! That's it! I can't this anymore. If that idiot wants to bring this to a head. I'm going to lodge a complaint so hard on his ass that he'll be neck deep in red tape and paper!

Benjamin moves past the camera and pushes the door open to leave his office. The camera quickly turns around just in time to see Benjamin get blind sided by Vengeance. The camera races out of the room to get a better view, watching as Vengeance beats down on Benjamin.

Vengeance backs up and waits for Benjamin to get to his hands and knees before delivering a well placed kick to his ribs, sending Benjamin doubling over in pain, clutching himself. Vengeance stomps again on Benjamin, refusing to let up.

Benjamin's two body guards run in and pull Vengeance away from him, but Vengeance fights back, clocking one of them with a well places fist to the temple. Vengeance turns to the other one and gets him with a kick to the gut, following it up with a stiff elbow to the back off the head. He faces Benjamin to continue his attack, but before he can, the first body guard he sent reeling back has regained his composure and tackles Vengeance. The other body guard piles on top of him, and then grab hold of Vengeance, pulling him to his feet.

Benjamin Atreyu: I outta break your face in Vengeance.

Benjamin slowly rises to his feet.

Benjamin Atreyu: I'm so tired of this game.

Benjamin looks up at Vengeance, held back by the guards, and Benjamin takes his chances, reeling back his fist before delivering a big blow to the forehead of his attacker. Following up with another and another. Benjamin grabs one of Vengeance's arms, ordering the body guards to let go. As they do, Benjamin pulls Vengeance in and hits him with a short arm clothesline, sending him to the ground.

Benjamin Atreyu: I gave you your chance. I warned you. God knows I did, but if this is how you want things to go down, let me oblige you. Me and you. One on one at One! That's it. You get what you wanted!

We go to commercial with one more blockbuster match scheduled for One!

Bobby Cairo Segment

"Summer time and the livin's easy..."

The chill sounds of Sublime's "Doin' Time" filled the air on a warm and sunny winter's day in Colora-DUH. This vision of picturesque domestic (read: Amurrican) beauty was gilded, such as the poon, and guided upon the buoyant bosoms of an overhead shot, dat panoramic view that showcased a lush five thousand acre ranch on the outskirts of Boul-DUH (BOLDer-- er, Boulder). Marijuana crops abounded, such was their nature, progenating throughout the landscape of the ranch, covering a plurality of the land. Dat bud. Dat grass. Dat hazy purple-green gateway to a poon-smashed Heaven and all juris-DICK-SHUN's of Duh GawdFadduh's domain. This was The House That Kush Built. This was Robert Hercules Cairo's home away from Poon Guinea. Inhale dem vaypuhz. Inhale dat intoxicatin' Rocky Mountain Reefer. Welcome to Thickness Country, his children. Well-CUM, indeed.

Cairo sat upon his front porch, once upon his throne of glowing red voodoo skulls, taking in the Poonglourious scenery, chugging back dem Odin-sent libations, dat Dansk Mjød Viking Blod, made from the finest honeypoon juices of Asgardian virgin whores. His vibrantly adorned Hawaiian shirt rippled gently in the cool breeze, the ensemble completed by shorts and flip flops, not your traditional December attire in Rocky Mountain country, but then these were not traditional times. #BeachKrew had run amok like some kinda HIGH-ANUS muddafukkas in the #DubSeaEffYew-- and their buddy El Nino was hellbent on keepin things hawt and heavy, cuz dat was how the bitches liked they weather and ya know-- errbody loves bitches. And that was one thing that Cairo could appreciate about the #BeachKrew crew, even though he'd never state it aloud. Cuz fawk a #BitchKrew.

Bobby Cairo: Bitches! Make dem asses clap! Twerk it fur mah! Bobby Ky-rewwwwwww 'bout to eat dem booties like groceries!

Cairo gestured thusly with his Poon Guinea clobbering paws, both of which guided sweetest poon made mead down his gullet, as his thick orchestrated the bitches of all races, nationalities and pigmentations much like the conductor of the PoonTown HoeDown Philharmonic Orchestra.

Bobby Cairo: Yes, bitches, yes...This gyration of assholes pleases a BobFadduh!

Hammerin' Hank Brown took it all in. WCF's resident journalist du jour admired them breasts and thighs like he was gettin' ready to gobble gobble on some Popeyes Golden Crispy. But Hank was not here for lunch. He wuddn't even here to bust a nut. Not expressly. Though the BobFadduh mighta let him. Bobbo mighta tossed Hank a couple o' them BlaccaRican biznotches, if such a BobFadduh was feelin' especially generous. A BobFadduh pondered such notions. Hank begged with cloying eyes, a ploying device, hoping to carry the day with overtures toward sympathy and the tugging of heartstrings. Alas, The GodBobber was not moved. You see, The BobGodder was a Communist: what was his was his, and what was yours was his as well. Pure and simple CUMmunism.

Besides, Cairo had already exercised a plentiful bounty of generosity toward The Hammer. For you see, Cairo had granted Hank his first spoken word interview of any forum since his abrupt departure from Tha Dub back in... fuck was it, June or someshit? Wuheva. It'd been a few months, maybe half a year, let's put it that way.

Bobby Cairo: Bitches, disperse. We will resume such whimsical adult fare in due time. Howevuh, I must now conduct business right and proper with a Hank Brown.

The bitches dispersed per orders of the GawdBobbuh-- all except for one defiant bitch. Name of Shanice. Origin of Park Street, HAHT FAHD COCONUTZ-eck-ta-kut (Hartford, Connecticut). A defiant and ornery bitch. Cute, yes. Nice rack on her. Booty wuddn't bad neither. She shook her finger and tried to mean mug a BobFadduh. She was perhaps the only one on GawdFadduh's Planet Earth who did not understand what such heresy would result in. Hank Brown gulped. Robert Cairo jumped into ack-SHUN.


Shanice was buried with thicks at full staff. The GawdBobz resumed his seat and Hammerin' Hank introduced a line of questioning.

Hank Brown: Well, Bobby, this is the first time we've chatted in eons, your first interview on WSeaF related programming in many months and you've already murdered a supple Puerto Rican poon. What have you been up to during your time away from the Dub Sea Eff Yew limelight?

Bobby Cairo: Stuff like that, mostly. Plus growin and smokin a lot of kush. Oh yeah, I also regained control of Poon Guinea from my ingrate brother Roger. Cuz that's why I left The Dub in tha first place.

Hank Brown: Uhh, yes, I vaguely remember that abruptly abandoned storyline.

Bobby Cairo: Yeah, what was up with that shit, right? No idea what I was thinking. Anyway, I'm back in black and ready to tap dat ass. You seen what me and Da All-Fadduh did to Hardcore McScreamo on Slam two weeks ago during the Thicksgiving Tag Team Invitational. You seen what we did to ISIS, with an assist from our homies ThickDigger and Sheiky. We ready to put muddafukkas on notice. #BitchKrew, we comin fa yew, nigguh!

Hank Brown: Do I understand you, sir? You and Odin are going to challenge Rabid and Kemp for the Tag Straps?

Bobby Cairo: Ain't no challenge about it, dude. We're gonna beat the brakes off-a those curtain jerkin' shoeshine boys and reclaim our rightful property, them Double Bubble Dubba-See-Fuck-a-Yew Tag Team Champ-yun-ships. And if #BitchKrew got a prollem wit dat dey can CUM and SEA Da GawdFadduh. I'll knock dey asses out for no reason, JUSS BEE CUZ. Ya ever been MURK STOMPED by a Jew? It changes your perspective on some shit real quick.

Hank Brown: I'll have to try that sometime. Now, not to get off-topic too much after that huge announcement that you've just made regarding the imminent return of The Thickness, but we do have to address the eight-hundred-pound elephant in the room.

Bobby Cairo: I already know where you're going with this, Hank, and nope-- I've never partied at Charlie Sheen's crib. Not that it would matter anyway-- I only fuck dat tight-so-tight-oh-so-tightest virgin whore poon in da first Gawd Fadduh Damn place. Y'herd?

Cairo emphasized The Tightness in graphic detail as Hank listened keenly with ears attuned and thick on HAHD. In the background, how-EVUH-- in dat background once upon a Mongoose, Evil Incarnate lurked. As this realization sank in, the look of horror upon Hank Brown's facade spoke a thousand words.


The GawdFadduh turned to face his attacker, but the ambush was already set in motion. A bike-assisted SeaMac Big Boot dropped the GawdBobbuh from his chair, spilling two bottles of mead. Now... NOW, Bobbuh was mad. You don't fukk witta grown man's mead. Not on his day off from werk. As the mead replenished itself by good grace of Odin on high, Cairo gained his bearings. ZMAC measured Bobby for that Boot Party punt kick, but Bobby tucked his thick and rolled out of harm's way. Cairo kipped up, pounced for his AWWW KYYYY REWWW, but ZMAC had it scouted. The two men were caught amidst a stand-off on Cairo's front porch.

Bobby Cairo: Fawk yew doin hurr, SeaMac?!!???!?

Blood trickled from Cairo's noggin courtesy o' dat aforementioned size thirteen big boot from ZMAC.

Zombie McMorris: Fawk yew think, nigguh?Fuck all deez Jibbah Jabbah Jobbahs who kum up here N' tryin tah knock out dat Honey Badger. I'm here to challenge ya punk ass to a match. You. Me. ONE. Da war 2 settle da skore.

Hank Brown: Holy shit!

Eyes locked into a hate-fuck. The scene abruptly faded.

Non-Title Match
Mikey eXtreme/Chelsea Armstrong vs Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp

Kyle Steel: The following is a Tag Team Match! Introducing first...

The arena is blanketed in darkness as "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains hits the PA system. Lightning crashes into the stage as an American Flag takes over the titantron. Almost instantly, Mikey eXtreme steps out onto the stage carrying a kendo stick with an American Flag on the end. The United States championship sits around his waist. There is a mixed reaction as the crowd wants to boo, but the American Flag wins over some members of the audience. Mikey makes his way down to the ring as Freakshow and Vidalia trail behind. Mikey rolls into the ring as Vidalia grabs the kendo stick flag and heads to his corner. Freakshow begins to circle the ring, as the music fades.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 230 lbs. Standing at 6'4"...originally from Brookyn, New York; but now resides in MIkey’s America, he is THEE UNITED STATES CHAMPYUN...THEEEE KEEPER OF THEEE DARKNESSSS....MIKEEEEEEY EXTREMMMMMMEEE

Mikey grabs a microphone and yells out a demand.

Mikey eXtreme: Get out here, Chelsea! Get out here and face the darkness!

The Devil within by Digital Daggers begins to play through the speakers as Chelsea Armstrong begins to slowly make her way from backstage. She shows no emotion on her face and her arms hang by her side as she makes her way to the ring keeping her eyes locked on Mikey all the time. As she climbs into the ring she makes no attempt to climb the turnbuckle but instead sits against the ropes staring off at the ceiling and whispering to herself as she awaits her opponent.

Mikey eXtreme: Wake up Chelsea! Wake up and fight for Mikey’s America!

Chelsea ignores him, still focusing on that pin point of light somewhere above.

Mikey eXtreme: Wake Up! Your daughter is DEAD! She’s been embraced by the blessed darkness...you should be happy!

Zach Wavis: Oh My God...

This snaps Chelsea out of her trance, she storms over to Mikey and knocks the microphone out of his hand, Vidalia reacts and climbs onto the apron, but eats a giant pimp slap for her trouble curiosity of Chelsea!

Stanley Moser pulls Mikey and Chelsea apart as --

“Rif Raff” by Aquaberry Dolphin hits as Kyle Kemp and Johnny Rabid storm the ring; no gloating with the titles, instead the champs get down to business, attempting to take advantage of the situation as the bell rings and the match is on!

Rabid and Mikey go at as the legal tags; Rabid with hard rights, clothesline ducked by Mikey who goes for a neckbreaker, Rabid counters and goes for a backstabber before Mikey manages to connect with another neckbreaker attempt. Mikey goes for a cover but barely gets one before Rabid kip ups and hits a German suplex. Rabid with a cover--



Kickout by Mikey: who eye pokes the champ, Rabid shakes off the attack, annoyed. Runs at Mikey, who attempts to use Rabid’s incoming momentum to catch the champ off guard by pulling down the ropes. But Rabid is playing possum, puts on the breaks and kicks Mikey square in the groin! Mikey slumps as Rabid tags in Kemp!

Zach Wavis: That’s Rabid, the sneaky bastard!

Kemp goes to work on Mikey; leg stomps as Kemp works over the legs. Locks in a death-lock and wrenches the knees!

Mikey shakes his head as Moser slides in across the mat and asks if eXtreme wants to tap...



Hand on the ropes! Mikey breaks the hold as he staggers over to his corner, pulled back by Kemp who locks in a chinlock and begins to punch away at the back of the United States champ’s head!

Wavedigger: So smart, he’s setting Mikey up for the “Back to the Minors!”

Mikey screams as he digs in deep and finds a burst of inner strength, lifts up Kemp and drops him with an electric chair! Mikey dives to his corner for the hot tag as Chelsea...

Hesitates...eventually she tags herself in as Kemp cannons forward, Yakuza kick by Kemp dodged and countered with a enziguri by Chelsea; followed up by a hurricanrana. Chelsea goes for another but is caught by Kemp as he hits a kick wham power-bomb!



Kickout by Chelsea! Chelsea kip ups as Rabid smiles, Chelsea points at Rabid. Johnny calls for the tag as Rabid and Chelsea go at it. Clothesline by Rabid, ducked as Chelsea goes for a tilt and twirl; countered mid rotation into an arm drag as Chelsea goes for a spinning kick, ducked as Rabid goes for an enziguri, ducked by Chelsea. They freeze and back away studying each others stance as the crowd show their appreciation with a round of applause.

Chelsea and Rabid lock up; biel by Rabid as Chelsea rolls to her feet; shining wizard attempt, side stepped as Rabid goes for a rear choke; Chelsea with a judo throw as she locks in a teardrop suplex, goes for the cover.



Rabid springs up to his feet as Chelsea runs forward; she’s caught by a belly to belly suplex. Chelsea lands on her feet however as she goes for a springboard side kick, caught mid air by Rabid who hits the Kingdom Destroyer out of nowhere!




Zach Wavis: She kicked out! No-one has done that!

Even Rabid can’t believe it. He lifts Chelsea up to her feet by her hair as--

Chelsea with a lightning fast roll up!



Kickout! Kemp tags himself in as Mikey follows suit. Mikey with a forearm smash to Kemp, followed up by a DDT, Mikey has his second wind now as he lifts Kemp up and drops him with an eXplosion!



Kickout by Kemp! Inverted atomic drop as Mikey goes for the X Marks the spot! Connects!



Pin broken up by Rabid; who makes the save at two and a half! Rabid and Kemp in now as they prepare to double team Mikey They lift him up for a double brainbuster as--

Vidalia on the outside storms into the ring, Freakshow on the outside with the distraction to the ref as the valet swings wildly with the kendo stick at Rabid and Kemp; clocking them twice each! Vidalia, realizing what she’s done, then throws the stick into Chelsea Armstrong s hands as the ref turns and--

Stanley Moser: DQ! The winners of this match--

Mikey eXtreme: NO! NO! It can’t end like this-- I WANT JUSTICE!

A deranged Mikey hits the “X marks the spot” on Stanley moser!

Zach Wavis: Moser is out, we have no referee!

Freddy Bro: Whoa, after what happened to the last referee that tried to call a Rabid/Kemp match; I doubt anyone in black and white is gonna run out from the back!

Mikey and Chelsea argue; Chelsea points at Vidalia, who just shakes her head and plays innocent. Mikey snatches the Kendo from Chelsea and clocks her across the skull!

The bell rings again...

Kyle Steel: The match is declared a NO CONTEST!

Mikey Xtreme: You cost us this match, Chelsea! This is all your fault! We where so close to winning.. so close..SO CLOSE! But you just couldn't do it. You don’t have the edge no more! At One, the darkness will consume you. It will ENDYOU! While Mikey's America? It lives on! IT LIVES ON!

The bell rings again as Mikey raises the kendo stick above his head for another strike on the fallen Chelsea. He swings as--

Rabid clocks Mikey mid swing with a hard right to the jaw from out of nowhere! The crowd pops as Rabid and Mikey go at it with furious punches! Chelsea looks on confused, should she help? Is this a trap? Kyle wastes little time in debating the issue as he drops Freakshow with a belly to belly, he follows that up with a thunderous “Back to the Minors “ that sends the diabolical manager rolling helplessly to the outside!

Zach Wavis: Rabid and Kemp have seen enough! I never thought I’d say this, but thank God for Johnny Rabid and Kyle Kemp!

Freddy Bro: Whoa! Might be aiming that praise in the wrong direction there, Zac!

Wavedigger: Yeah, try JALAXRATKATUSIA Prime!

Johnny Rabid and Kyle Kemp hold court as Mikey and Freakshow regroup. Chelsea nods a small “thank you” but keeps her distance as--

“Voodoo Johnson” by Dirty Angel hits: out storms Adam Young and Raymond Hatcher, running down the ramp carrying steel chairs; they rush the ring and swing wildly. Kyle Kemp ducks a decapitation strength chair shot from Adam Young and catches the redneck with a pin point placed Flapjack on the flip side, a move that sends Young crashing neck first onto the ropes! Young rebounds, clutching his throat as Rabid hits him with a Tornado DDT!

Zach Wavis: Great Teamwork there by the champs!

Meanwhile Raymond Hatcher uses the calamitous moment to catch Kemp unawares with a chair shot that staggers the champ, follows that up with a chair shot attempt that’s blocked by Rabid with a Cliche kick!

Zach Wavis: Cliche Kick! Rabid has Kemp’s back!

Freddy Bro: Looks like they’re on the same page!

Kemp manages a half hearted nod of approval as--

Spencer Adams and Vic Venable join the frey; each have ladders; they side in behind ‘Beachkrew and clock them across their backs! The krew stumble as--

Preecha Kamon and Patrilli cannon into the ring from the crowd! They unload hard rights on The People’s Choice as Rabid and Kemp lock horns once again with Adam Young and Raymond Hatcher.

Zach Wavis: The ring has descended into chaos! We need some authority out here!

Rabid climbs a turnbuckle, leaps onto a ladder, and hits a Moonsault on both Patrilli and Adams!

Preecha with a Kannon on Kyle Kemp that sends him crashing though a table!

Raymond Hatcher with a missile dropkick that sends Vic Venable crashing from the ring out into a stack of unfolded chairs!

“Master of Puppets! hits as a steaming mad Seth Leach marches out onto the stage. He has a microphone in hand as he screams out his furious orders.


A stillness descends upon the ring as all eyes turn to Seth.

Seth Lerch: I knew when I made this match that it would be chaos...four corners TLC for the title is insanity. You’d need more than just a referee to Marshall it; you’d need...legends. You’d need...the greatest tag team of ALL TIME! And at ONE? That's exactly what this match will have. Allow me to re-introduce to you all our special guest referees at ONE...


Zach Wavis: Oh...


Freddy Bro: My...


Wavedigger: Yeah, whatever...oh wait, yeah.”Gawd!!!” Happy now?

THE THICKNESS hit the stage; Bobby Cairo and Odin Balfore stand either side of a stern looking Seth as the tag team competitors inside the ring appear shocked and stunned as we cut to a commercial.

Zach Wavis: But Bobby Cairo is fighting Zombie McMorris!

Freddy Bro: Well, even if Bobby ends up hurt, we've got Odin Balfore to keep order!

We go to commercial.

Jayson Price/Creeping Death/Torture Segment

Zach Wavis: And we've had ourselves one heck of a show so far tonight, wouldn't you say Gravedigger?

Wavedigger: Eh, I've seen better.

Zach Wavis: Excellent back and forth as always. Freddy, your thoughts?

Freddy Bro: Well I-

"Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the arena speakers.

Zach Wavis: Well it looks like things are about to get interesting!

The crowd boos as Jayson Price walks out from the back, smiling at the boos he's getting. He stops at the top of the stage and then turns back toward the entrance. Creeping Death walks out from the back, face expressionless as he's all business.

Freddy Bro: Last week we were shocked when it was revealed that it was Creeping Death help Jayson Price to...pardon the unfortunate wordplay...torture Torture's younger brother, Anthony.

Zach Wavis: Seeing Creeping Death and Jayson Price working together raised all kinds of questions, but none more so than what their end game is. They seem to have revealed their plan via Twitter last night when they challenged Torture to find a tag team partner to face them at One.

Wavedigger: Torture find a tag team partner? That's like asking Seth to find a dildo he doesn't like. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

Price and Creeping Death head down the ramp and roll into the ring. Kyle Steel hands Price a microphone and then exits the ring as Price's music fades out.

Jayson Price: Torture, it's time to put up or shut up already. We challenged you to find a partner to face us at One and we're out here to find out just what unlucky sap you dragged from the gutter for a suicide mission. We don't care if it's Chris Avery or Tank Reaper or even wittle Anthony in a wheelchair, you get your ass out here now and let's do this right here, right now.

Crowd pops. They want to see a god damn war.

Jayson Price: Come on out Torture. Come down to this ring right now and face us so that we can finally end you once and for all.

Zach Wavis: Has Torture found a partner? Is there anyone out there that will help him?

Wavedigger: I would, but he's kind of been a douche all year.

Freddy Bro: I don't think there's many people who would step into the ring with Jayson Price and Creeping Death. And Torture's track record of Tag Teamin' ain't too good so to speak.


Kings of Leon hits and the crowd erupts. The song plays for a few seconds before Torture steps out onto the stage and the crowd erupts a second time. Torture in his black sweatshirt hoodie, and dark blue jeans walks down the ramp never taking his stare away from either of Price or Death. Torture gets to the bottom of the ramp.

Zach Wavis: He can't do this right now, guys. Torture is a living legend but he can't take on Jayson Price and Creeping Death on his own.

Wavedigger: Who is going to team with him Zach? You need to be approachable to have a partner, and Torture has been a dickhead all year! Sure it's been fun, but no one can trust the guy! I don't blame them, but I don't feel sorry for him!

Price and Creeping Death hop in place ready to put the beat down on Torture. The crowd electric with the big fight feel buzz in the air. Torture never breaking the stare..

Jayson Price: I knew it. I knew that there wasn't a man, woman or child on this Earth that would want to be at your side. Look at you, all alone and staring at the guillotine.

Torture looks to his left... looks to his right..

Zach Wavis: He's realizing his fate, guys.

Freddy Bro: He has no one! It's two on one!

Wavedigger: It's his own problem! Get in there like a man, Tort!

Torture shrugs it off and pulls a microphone out of his hoodie pocket down by his waist. In a real deep monotone voice he speaks.

Torture: No Price.. You're wrong.. I have someone to team with me for One..

Crowd pops.

Zach Wavis: Ohhh boy.. Who is it?!

Torture: And he's probably the only wrestler in the world is just.. might be.. better than me..

Tort drops the microphone and slowly slides the hoodie off of his head but never breaks the stare at the two men in the ring.

Wavedigger: Who the hell can that be?!

Freddy Bro: There isn't a long list of names, to be honest!

Zach Wavis: It's Jay Price and Creeping Death, guys! This has to be-

The beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play.


Wavedigger: ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!!!!!!

Freddy Bro: OHH MY GODDDDD!!!!

The crowd erupts.

Jonny Fly comes sprinting down from the ramp and Torture slides into the ring just about the same time.


Torture and Price trade rights and lefts! Fly and Creeping Death trade rights and lefts!



Torture and Price go into one corner while Fly and CD work another. Fly goes for a short-arm clothesline but CD escapes somehow through the middle rope to the outside and gets to the bottom of the ramp just as Torture throws Price to the ropes but Price hangs on and escapes out of the ring and they both stand at the bottom of the ramp just as pissed as can be.


CD and Price are hearing it from the crowd who are booing just as loud as possible when Torture sprints full speed and flies over the top rope hitting a splash on both of them! Torture doesn't let up and begins giving rights and lefts to Price. CD gets to his feet and tries taking Torture off of him when a dozen or so security run out and try to stop them. Fly grabs CD off of the pile and throws him down and they begin to fight!


Torture and Price somehow make it back into the ring where the security traps Torture down but Price is free still and starts stomping on Torture! Fly gets into the ring but security stops them as well, and CD makes it in to hold Price back into a corner. Torture is demanding Price to come back for more and the crowd is now chanting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! The pile breaks and Torture and Price run at each other and meet in the middle for more violent punches before security breaks them apart again.




World Title Contendership Match
No Disqualification
Gemini Battle vs Dune

The crowd in Indianapolis are screaming, and raging for the anticipated main event of the night. They cannot even declare who will be the winner of what could be match of the night or match of the year. Gemini Battle versus Dune has been the most trending topic for the week on social media, and WCF has no more time to waste. The main event is happening NOW! Standing in the ring is the one, and only ring announcer, Kyle Steel who is dressed very formal in his white suit. All attention on him as the bell sounds, capturing the attention of every audience member, and silence blankets the atmosphere allowing the voice of WCF to be heard.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our MAIN EVENT! This bout is scheduled for one fall with NO disqualifications, and it is to declare the number one contender for the WCF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Crowd: WOOOO!

Zach Wavis: Finally! Gemini Battle versus Dune is here, and after last week, Seth Lerch has made this rematch with one stipulation. No Disqualifications. No count-outs, and everything is legal. So no one can ruin this match that is way overdue.

Freddy Bro: A brief recap of what happened last week. Wade Moor, our WCF World Champion, stopped the match by attacking not only Gemini Battle but also Dune. Enraged with the actions of Wade, Seth Lerch has made it sure that a number one contender will be declared tonight with this No Disqualifications contendership match tonight.

Wavedigger: All we know that Seth is a lying, backstabbing, cowardly man who is jealous of our champion because the #BeachKrew run WSEAF! No matter what happens, Wade will retain the World Title at One!

Suddenly, the cameras turn to the stage as the opening guitar riffs of "Falling Higher" by Helloween outbursts from the sound systems of the Life Bankers Arena. The main lights dim in complete darkness while the strobe lights are flying everywhere flashing more in a silver color. The crowd is on their feet, and are awaiting for the underdog of the match to come out. Gemini walks out from the backstage with his black sports coat covering his entire in-ring attire. Usually, he would be shaking hands, interacting with the fans but he's marching down to the ring removing his coat on the way. His blue eyes are boiling with fire, and his skin crawling to get the vengeance he does on the man who dominated him last week in New Mexico.

Freddy Bro: Look at the persona, poise, and even the marching of Gemini.

Zach Wavis: Can you blame him?! After what Dune did to him last week, he wants nothing more than to prove everyone wrong, and take down Dune once, and for all.

Wavedigger: You guys need to focus on the bigger picture. Dune or Gemini, it doesn't matter! Whoever wins is heading into a 110% failing predicament. Especially against the #BeachKrew.

Already in the ring is Gemini is warming up for the man he desperately wants to get his hands on. Pacing back and forth parallel to the ropes as his theme music fades out, and the lights brighten every aspect of the arena. His blue eyes are glued to the entrance, and he continues to pace back, and forth. The tension is growing thicker, and thicker. Every moment passing by, no, every second passing by is just Gemini wanting to get his hands on Dune, and tear him apart. Suddenly, the lights shut off instantly. The crowd exactly know who is coming, and they release all the hatred in their constant booing for the man known as Dune. The soothing yet discomforting introduction of relaxing guitar riffs (western style) are pouring into his song, "The Pink Room" by David Lynch. From beyond the curtains, there is a showcase of lighting in blood red with the silhouette of Dune lined out by the smoking emerging slowly from the curtains.

Wavedigger: This entrance bores me.

Zach Wavis: I think you meant it's sending chills down your spine.

Wavedigger: And what makes you think that?!

Freddy Bro: You're sweating...a lot.

The signature double spotlights are moving quickly across audience members, and Dune transforms from the silhouette into an actual being as he courses through the smoke, and exposes his large figure to the crowd. He's completely a giant to see, and his mask is even an artifact that resembles how many have tried to come at him yet many have fallen. He stands on the stage, staring deep into the blue eyes of Gemini who is returning back the penance stare. Every step is slow, and he doesn't even look away. The vest is immediately taken off, no more games as Dune has an opportunity to become the next WCF World Champion. The crowd is doing all they can to let Dune know they're not on his side but nothing budges him for his only purpose is to destroy, and conquer. After that long walk, he hops onto the apron, and leans against the ropes for an intimidating stare towards Gemini in his corner, pumping himself up ready for the battle to come. Dune pushes down the top rope, and walks over it to stand in the adjacent corner from Gemini as the music fades away, and the lights brighten the arena.

Crowd: Lets go GEMINI! Screw you DUNE! Lets go GEMINI! Screw you DUNE!

Zach Wavis: We are here ladies and gentlemen, and Kyle Steel with the introductions!

Kyle Steel: Ladies, and gentlemen. Introducing to my left, from the bad lands of the Mojave Dessert, at six inches five feet tall, weighing in at 276 pounds, he is Du--

Gemini immediately bursts from his corner, barging past Kyle Steel who quickly leaves, and leaps right at Dune in the corner who is struck in the head with a dropkick that temporarily stuns him down. The referee waves his arm, quickly letting the match begin. Gemini gets back up to his feet, and runs to the other corner to rebound his body off the turnbuckles as an extra spring. Adding velocity, he leaps up again, and drives both his feet into the head of Dune with another Running Dropkick which propels Dune walking out of the corner unaware of what is going on.

Freddy Bro: Gemini is wasting any time! He wants this more than ever!

Wavedigger: You gotta make sure you take out the beast as quickly as possible.

Dune is leaning against the ropes on his back, and Gemini is pounding his head with multiple forearms. Instead, he starts to mix up the striking game with a combination of forearms to the head, and knife edge chops to the exposed chest. Dune is trying a way to counter, and he pushes Gemini away who falls to the mat, and rolls backwards onto his feet. Surprisingly, he charges straight into Dune, and dropkicks his body through the ropes to ringside. Dune however, lands on his feet, and is pacing back, and forth to finally get his head in the game. Every little second counts, and Gemini sprints to the ropes behind to rebound his added speed to the returning ropes. He dives through the top, and second rope into Dune which forces his back to crash against the barricade. His right arm retracts around the top of the barricade to prevent him from falling down but Dune is not looking too good.


Freddy Bro: I can't believe what I'm seeing Zach. Gemini is controlling the pace, and also putting down a beating on Dune. This is something you can't miss, I bet the entire WCF locker room is watching this.

Zach Wavis: Try the WCF locker room, the fans here in Indianapolis, the people watching at home, and even God in Heaven enjoying this match.

Gemini continues to smother Dune with multiple forearms which forces Dune nearer to the announce table, and the commentators are keeping their distance to avoid any potential harms. When Dune is near the announce table, Gemini quickly charges again until his body is ricochet'd over the announce table into the seats as Dune side swipes his body past him. The seats are pushed away, and the cover of the announce table ripped off from the forced pressure of Gemini's body weight. Enough with the embarrassing offense, he quickly walked around to Gemini, and dragged his easily portable weight from the wreckage to the apron.

Wavedigger: Dune just launched Gemini over the announce table a like a sack of potatoes, and now Gemini is having a flashback of last week.

While Dune has Gemini leaned against the apron on his feet, he flurries him with brutal punches into the rib. Punishing Gemini with a sick look in his eyes to only torture for sheer pleasure. He collapses down onto his knees, coughing as if all the air was taken from him in one blow. Dune wraps his hand into the hair of Gemini, and just drags him while he yells out in pain. Sick, and twisted Dune exempts behavior but Gemini is the one who suffers the worst of it when his body is yet tossed into the barricade liked nothing. The impact of his back forced his body to flip once onto his chest, and Dune is enjoying every bit of the torture.


Zach Wavis: This is just another repeat. Dune is just ragdolling Gemini back, and forth.

Freddy Bro: You have to respect Gemini's fighting spirit!

Rightly so but Dune presses his foot down on the throat of Gemini choking him. Releasing the foot, he starts yacking, and coughing badly. Now Dune wants to up the painful moments, and he picks up Gemini to whiplash his body into the steel steps. He crashes his spine so hard into the steel steps that the increased velocity uplifts him over the impact, and on the other side near the announce table. Gemini is squirming on the ringside mat with his left hand down his now midly bruised up back. You can tell with the red marks lined in sequence down his back, and he starts crawling over to the announce table.

Wavedigger: Move, quick, move!

All three commentators are scurrying out of the path of Dune who is stomping his way around the wreckage made again. The moment Dune stands near to the edge of the battered up announce table, he's met with a chair stinging down his spine. The impact forces him to keep walking as this indomitable will'd beast manages to keep standing. Gemini continues to fire more shots into the back of Dune which persuades him a few feet away. Clinching tighter onto the chair, he charges with the chair up in his face which is the perfect opportunity for Dune to full force Sparta kick it into the forehead of Gemini, flooring him.


Zach Wavis: Gemini just ate STEEL by the huge kick of Dune! It's like no matter how hard he tries, he can't put down Dune.

Freddy Bro: I'm telling you Zach, this is nothing but a repeat of last week. Gemini can't beat Dune. It's only a matter of time!

Gemini is tossed back into the ring, and Dune follows in. The referee is watching everything in motion, and quickly falls to the mat for the first pin attempt of the match by none other than Dune.



Gemini kicks out from the pin attempt, and Dune stares deeply into the referee's soul who is begging him to realize that it's not his fault. No matter, Dune clamps his hands around the head of Gemini who is struggling to pry his giant fingers off. By lifting Gemini up, he controls his arms from behind with both hooks in, and bridges him over in a Tiger Suplex toss which collapses Gemini on his shoulders, and finally on his chest. Dune doesn't stop there, he repeats the same action yet again but this time with a German Suplex releasing him over on his shoulders to his chest. Finally, Dune hits a third times a charm with a Dragon Suplex killing Gemini on his neck after a brutal landing was seen by the crowd. Some of the members cannot believe the punishment Gemini has to take within that ring.

Wavedigger: I can't even look at this anymore, Gemini is done for! Just stop the match ref, and let Gemini fight another day!

Freddy Bro: If the devil invented a way of eternal pain, Dune is the answer. Three suplexes of different variations, and I don't think Gemini is even moving!

Dune just drags his lifeless body by the right arm, and kicks him over onto his back. Another pin is made, and Dune is looking like a God.




Gemini kicks out yet again, and Dune stares right into the face of him with his eyes widened, and the referee keeps telling that it's a two count. Dune seems to be the one losing his composure, and he quickly rolls out of the ring after he declares its time to put this man to rest for good. He looks under the ring, and quickly draws out a table which the crowd is so excited to see put in use. While Dune is out of the ring, Gemini is starting to bleed from the chair shot which cut a wound on his forehead. Slowly leaning up, his vision is blurry, and Dune pushes the table into the ring sliding in afterwards. Gemini tries rising up to his feet but Dune kicks him down harshly. While Dune is setting up the table, Gemini crawls to the ropes, and uses them to help him stand on his wobbly feet. Now the table is perfectly positioned in the corner, and Dune turns around to meet a foot into his mask with a powerful Super kick.

Wavedigger: Superkick by Gemini, and Dune is rocked!

Dune is timbering back, and forth. However, he's met with another Superkick into the chin which tosses him out the ring to his feet. He almost trips, and falls into the announce table. Still on his feet, Gemini falls back into the ropes with his arms tied around the top rope to keep him even standing. The blood trickling down his face, and he wipes his hand to see it in his palm. His eyes widen, and he begins to snarl.

Freddy Bro: What is he doing? What is he-- OH MY GOD, LOOK AT GEMINI!

Zach Wavis: Incoming!

Gemini takes off into a full effect sprint, and launches himself over the top rope without even a single touch to plow his body weight into Dune that finally tosses him over the announce table into the wreckage of chairs.


Wavedigger: Dune is down, he did it! Dune is down, finally! Gemini has a chance of putting down the work!

The crowd is doing all their best to rally Gemini up, and now he has an opportunity to put Dune down for good. So Gemini fights against the pain coursing on his back, neck, and head. He is wobbling when he walks, and doing his best to drag Dune across the ringside mat, and into the ring. Doing so, he follows himself into the ring as well, and knows that a simple pin cannot put him down. It's time to go big, and the table was the only way. So he wipes the blood off his face, and gets up using the aid of the top rope. Dragging Dune as much as he can, he managed to only put his upper body on top of the table, standing him on his knees.

Freddy Bro: This is one of the most amazing matches I am witnessing, and Gemini is going to the top rope!

Zach Wavis: It's do or die for Gemini.

Gemini struggles even making it to the top rope, and he nearly slips when putting his foot on the middle one. Taking his time, he finally makes it to the top rope and suddenly, Dune shoots up like nothing happened. Instantly, Dune spins on his left foot, and takes off into the air to deliver an ear-shattering impact of a Tornado Kick into the jaw of Gemini that drops him sideways hanging across the wire of the top turnbuckle. Everyone in the crowd is silenced, no one can speak after they witnessed that brutal kick which put Gemini into a lifeless state. Hence why he names it, the "Dust Devil".

Zach Wavis: Somebody stop this! Enough Dune! Please, just stop!

Freddy Bro: This might be the last time we see Gemini in WCF...

Dune climbs right up onto the second rope, and he positions Gemini on the top rope with his legs outside the top rope, and facing Dune. His body is leaning against Dune while he positions his arms in an under hook with both arms up, and his head under his right pit. The crowd are fighting their chants to throw off Dune, and now it seems all over. Until Gemini manages to slip his right arm out from the hook, and uppercut the jewels out of Dune's body which causes him to bend over on the second rope. Every member in the audience is out of their seats, and Gemini pushes up Dune's head to dig his thumbs into his eyes, temporarily blinding him. It's all or nothing, and Gemini pushes Dune off the second rope for his own body weight to destroy the table into pieces.





Dune manages to get up barely, and he's still blinded from the harsh raking of the eyes. His back is turned to Gemini who is perched on the top rope, and he leaps in the air to capture his hands under the chin while coiling his knees up to the upper back of Dune. Pulling back his weight, Dune is swept off his feet, and-


The two men turn to face each other and-

Wavedigger: What.

The lights in the arena deaden much to the gasps and cheers from the audience. A haunting voice echoes from the PA system.

Voice: It’s good news. All your symptoms are gone, the scans are perfect...you’re cleared.

The jumbotron flickers to life and we see the image of a hooded man emerging from shadows, he pulls the hood down and for the first time in months, we see that trademark grin.

Joseph Malignaggi: This World TItle shit ain’t your dance Dan, I’m your huckleberry. You tried to put me out huh? Lemme show you how it’s supposed to be done.

The lights spring back to light as we see Joseph Malignaggi winding up a baseball bat and taking aim at the head of Dune. Dune with almost preternatural sense spins round just as Joey unloads his swing. The Ruthian swing connects straight to the side of Dune’s head.

Zach Wavis: A lesser man could have been damn near killed…

Freddy Bro: ...but Dune didn’t even flinch.

Malignaggi smashes him a second time, a third, the hulking behemoth just won’t fall. On the fourth swing the bear like mitt of Dune catches the bat in mid air...before his knees buckle and he staggers and wobbles back a few steps.

Wavedigger: It DID have an effect. Good lord what will it take to put this man out?

Malignaggi, rather than engage further hops over the top rope as we see the third man in the ring finally make his move.

Zach Wavis: In the commotion of Joey, we forgot all about him…

Freddy Bro: It seems Dune did too!

Dune turns around and is met by a 360 Tornado Kick knocking him on his back by the corner, Dune’s equilibrium is completely gone at this point and he’s only barely standing.


Gemini Battle runs over to the ropes, leaps up and delivers a split legged corkscrew moonsault landing right over the man’s chest.


Zach Wavis: AND THE PIN!

Crowd: 1…

Crowd: 2…

Crowd: 3!!!

Wavedigger: NO! Dune powers out!

*Ring Ring*

Zach Wavis: But it’s too late. The referee has already signaled for the bell. He kicked out at 3 and one eighth. And the referee is raising Gemini’s hand to the delight of the crowd.


“Falling Higher” Blasts through the arena as a beaten Gemini Battle stands tall, using the ropes to hold himself up.

Zach Wavis: Lets take it to Kyle Steele for the official result.

Kyle Steel: The winner of this match, and the number one contender for the World Title at One… GEMINI BATTLE!


Zach Wavis: He did it, he conquered the biggest threat in the WCF and now he has an opportunity to take this momentum into One where he will face Wade Moor for the World Title!

Freddy Bro: My god, what a match! Gemini Battle has just proved to the world that - uh oh....this can't be good.

As the referee raises Gemini's hand, Dune shoots to his feet and charges. He shoves Gemini from behind and grabs hold of the ref by the collar.

Wavedigger: Yes! Redemption is sweet!

Dune's eyes display his rage as he screams through his mask at the ref. Meanwhile, Gemini has a shove of his own for Dune, and the two start to go at it again before the ref tries to intervene...but it's all in vain. Dune grabs hold of the referee and lifts him high into the air.

Freddy Bro: My god! Put him down, put him down!

Wavedigger: Yeah, put him down!!

And he does, slamming the ref from a gorilla press into a raised knee to the middle of his spine. The ref flops lifelessly to the floor.


Dune stomps on the ref's head once, twice...until Gemini lands a second High Velocity tornado kick to the side of Dune's head. It sends him stumbling toward the corner, where Gemini charges with ill intent. Just before he reaches him though, Dune rolls out of the ring, holding his head as he glares up at the #1 Contender, who stands poised and ready to fight in the center of the ring. Dune turns and sprints up the ramp before disappearing behind the curtain.

Zach Wavis: Dune wants no more of Gemini! Did you see that? He just ran away from him!

Freddy Bro: I think it's more likely he had one Joseph Malignaggi on his mind, don't you think?

Wavedigger: No doubt about it! But I promise you that this won’t be the last time these two meet, and next time they do, I’m sure Dune will have something to say about it.

Zach Wavis: That’s for sure, but I promise you that this will be the last time I will have to be called Zach WAVIS for as long as I live as this moment signifies the end of BeachKrew’s Reign as the people running the WCF.

Wavedigger: It’s a sad day, but I’m pumped for One.


Zach Wavis: Pumped? The #beachkrew's reign is over, and all that stands between them and dominating this company is now wrestling matches. At One, #beachkrew can get theirs.

Wavedigger: Obliv-SEA-on is going to defeat Andre Jenson and Bonnie Blue. Kemp is going to win his People's Title back against Teo Del Sol.

Freddy Bro: That's your opinion. We've officially got Vengeance vs Benjamin Atreyu booked after weeks of uncertainty, and we've got two former Champions facing in Jeff Purse vs Nathan von Liebert!

Wavedigger: In a match nobody cares about because there is no #beachkrew member, we have Chelsea Armstrong fighting Mikey eXtreme for the United States Title.

Zach Wavis: That could be Pantheon's last stand, Gravedigger. Pantheon, Wrestling's Mightiest Stable, is nearing collapse, and if Chelsea can't bring home the belt........

Freddy Bro: We've got a huge TLC match for the Tag Team Titles! The team of Patrilli and Preecha Kamon fights Adam Young and Raymond Hatcher, the former Champs in Spencer Adams and Vic Venable, and the reigning Champions, the #beachkrew, Johnny Rabid and Kyle Kemp.

Wavedigger: We've got BOBBY FUCKING CAIRO returning to the ring. Last year, he main evented One. He's a bona fide World Champion, the greatest of the great. He's fighting Zombie McMorris this year for the so-called Horror-core Championship.

Zach Wavis: We've got another match of WCF legends, too. Jayson Price and CREEPING DEATH - not Corey Black! - CREEPING DEATH have joined forces.... to take care of Torture, apparently. They seemed to think Torture wouldn't have a partner to fight them until tonight... when JONNY FLY showed up.

Freddy Bro: We haven't seen Jonny Fly for quite a while, and he's back for ONE!? Alongside Torture. Insane.

Wavedigger: Jonny Fly became the most dominant World Champion we'd seen since Torture; this match is going to feature four of the greatest wrestlers in WCF history. I can't wait.

Zach Wavis: And finally, don’t you forget Gemini Battle vs Wade Moor for the World Title, two men who 3 months ago no one would have thought would be headlining this massive Pay per View.

Freddy Bro: For all the shit that Wade Moor has put us all through these past months, he has proven a dominant force in the WCF…

Wavedigger: Fuck Gemini, he broke my War elimination record… I guess the guy who did that can headline One.

Zach Wavis: And he will… after he’s done celebrating here tonight. We’ve got two weeks until One. Keep an eye on the WCF Network for specials and I’ll see you in LA. Goodnight Folks!

Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Bernard Core vs Wolf Ryder

Night Rider Segment

Lesean Urban/Colton Moore vs Lucious Starr/Jade Shocker vs Xander Erik/Loco

Jeff Purse Segment

Wallace vs B'Wana Bludde vs Rage Maxx

Andre Holmes vs Dexter Radcliffe

Stampy vs Greybeard

Raymond Hatcher vs Bad News Benson

Television Title Match: Occulo vs Dustin Beaver

Zombie McMorris/Punkin vs Preecha Kamon/Patrilli

Jeff Purse vs Adam Young

Teo Del Sol vs Vengeance

Bonnie Blue/Doc Henry vs Andre Jenson/La Gama Blanca vs Wade Moor/Oblivion

Benjamin Atreyu Segment

Bobby Cairo Segment

Mikey eXtreme/Chelsea Armstrong vs Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp

Jayson Price/Creeping Death/Torture Segment

World Title Contendership No Disqualification Match: Gemini Battle vs Dune


Of The Week

Returning Stars
Zombie McMorris/Punkin vs Patrilli/Preecha Kamon



Wade Moor
Zombie McMorris
Dustin Beaver
United States:
Mikey eXtreme
Teo Del Sol
Zombie McMorris
Tag Team:
Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp
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