Slam Intro

Slam opens up... not with a bang, but with a whimper. We're seeing Seth in a hospital bed.

Zach Davis: Fans, last week, we saw Seth announce that Jayson Price would be competing at Fifteen in a World Title match against Wade Moor. Seth made the announcement, adding that if Price couldn't get the job done, he'd be barred from ever competing for the World Title in the Wrestling Championship Federation ever again.

Freddy Whoa: Price followed up by hitting him with a Downfall.

Gravedigger: Seth suffered some kind of injury - he's not telling us what it is - but it IS keeping him out of action this week. Maybe he just wanted a week off and paid the hospital for a bed? I don't know.

The fans boo as Seth begins to speak.

Seth Lerch: As you can all tell, I'm not live at Slam tonight - I'm stuck in a hospital after Jayson Price's unprovoked attacks. I've asked for this time to announce Jayson Price's match for next week.

Murmurs from the crowd.

Zach Davis: He hasn't even competed THIS week yet!

Seth Lerch: I was kind enough to give Price the Title shot - a decision I already regret - but after what Price did to me, it's going to cost him. Next week, Jayson Price is going to put his Cruiserweight Title on the line... against Mr. Holden!

Pop from the crowd! Seth holds his neck in pain as his video ends.

Zach Davis: What about that!? Jayson Price has a rare Cruiserweight Title match next week!

Gravedigger: The only reason he has that stupid belt is because he's a glory hog who just HAD to say he won it. Can he defeat Mr. Holden though!?

Freddy Whoa: We'll find out next week. Let's get started tonight!

Brao Kitt vs Asshole Ronson vs Jordan Wolfram vs Chance von Crank vs Tiffany White

Zach Davis: Welcome back to WCF Slam! Our first match of the evening will include five new WCF superstars.

Gravedigger: Now a couple have already had a match but for the most part this is all new blood.

Freddy Whoa: Here comes Jordan Wolfram!

The bright lights of the arena get even brighter as “Never Again” by Nickelback plays over the arena loudspeakers. Outcomes Jordan Wolfram down the entrance ramp. The crowd boos as they see him, many from not knowing who he is, and the rest from knowing. He climbs up the steps as he gets to the ring and wipes his feet on the outside mat before stepping between the ropes, and raising both hands in the air to an arousing display of jeers from the live audience. He brushes it off as he awaits the beginning bell of the match.

Gravedigger: This crowd does not like Jordan. They all sound bitter.

Zach Davis: Bitter? I doubt that. Wolfram is looking to continue his hot start.

The manager of "The Bad Yelp Reviewer" Asshole Bronson, Buck Russell, comes walking from behind the curtain with a microphone in hand. Buck Russell looks out to an audience who is waiting to hear a man speak into a microphone about the gladiator he is an advocate of. Buck Russell then brings the microphone to his mouth slowly as if he is waiting to have the complete and undivided attention of the audience before speaking. Just as it seems Buck Russell is about to speak, Asshole Bronson walks from behind the curtain and is handed the microphone by a cackling Buck Russell who knows exactly what he just got the poor WCF fans into. Asshole Bronson takes the microphone and twirls it around in his hand just a couple of times before looking out to the crowd and belittling them

Freddy Whoa: He loves to hear himself talk.

Zach Davis: He sure does. This crowd continues to hate on the new blood. This new guys will have to prove themselves to the North Carolina faithful.

With a microphone in hand, Asshole Bronson approaches the ring with Buck Russell and just when he is exhausted of tearing an audience apart, passes the microphone. Buck Russell calls Asshole Ronson "the best thing since the Devil himself." Asshole Bronson has jumped onto a knee on the apron before wiping his feet on the apron and stepping between the ropes entering the ring (Buck Russell proding at the fans in the front rows in different ways which will also be changed accordingly for shows pending on the WCF show location or opponent fanbase.)

Gravedigger: Asshole Bronson is looking to impress here tonight.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa. When is he going to get started with that?

Zach Davis:Buck Russell continues to get his guy ready. Asshole Bronson wants to win and stick it to this crowd.

♫ ”I’m Broken” by Pantera ♫


Pixie Paradoxx sticks her head through the curtain. She has her face hidden underneath a rubber Ronald Reagan mask. She steps out and swings both arms around pointing back at the curtain. Chance Von Crank emerges to swarms of boos.

Zach Davis: Chance Von Crank has just arrived in WCF and already is this hated? What gives?

Gravedigger: This is the bible belt. That promo with the bible bit has protesters outside and in here as well.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa.

Chance comes down the ramp with Pixie hiding behind him. Fans throw different items at the pair, outraged by his blasphemy. Crank taunts the crowd causing further rage. Pixie blows a kiss at Buck Russell. Chance walks up the ramp and disrobes. He hands the rhinestone robe over to Pixie then climbs through the ropes.

Gravedigger: These two are sick. We are in the wrong part of the US for a stunt like cVc pulled.

Zach Davis: He has created a hostile environment here for sure.

A subtle sweet scent pumps through the arena. Members of the audience begin to notice the scent, passing awkward and uncomfortable glances to each other as their senses are violated. Those who know frown or sigh. Those who do not simply scan the irritated faces for some semblance of context. Then the triumphant angelic voice of Alicia Keys swims through the ears of everyone in attendance. The song is 'Sure Looks Good to Me' an optimistic piece about accepting the ups and downs of life. Though to Brao Kitt it is a device to draw attention to his physical appearance, as he stands with arms spread, slowly strolling through the smoke plume engulfing the top of the entrance ramp. With his head slung back Kitt drinks in the perceived admiration of every woman in the arena and the sheer envy of every man. He walks maintaining this posture until his intuition lets him know he's probably got his point across and trots up the steel steps and slithers around the ropes, entering the ring. He steps to the center and stands, waiting, confident, slightly arrogant, but also somewhat dead inside; his eyes convey a coldness that makes his plain face seem lifeless and statuesque.

Freddy Whoa: That took a minute.

Gravedigger: These women sure do love him. Listen to the cat calls.

"Lean On" hits the airwaves, as Tiffany White emerges from the curtains, pink strobe lights engulfing the arena. Tiffany blows a few kisses to any attractive females she comes across, but those are few and far between. As she climbs the ring and gets to the ropes, she hears a man in the front row wolf whistle at her, prompting her to flip him a quick middle finger. She stands in the ring and waits for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: White has quite the following. She looks to be all business here tonight.

Gravedigger: All of these superstars are up and coming. Tonight someone will stick out above the rest. A win here could really set one of them apart.

Freddy Whoa: The referee is calling for the bell. Five walk in, one will walk out the winner. LET’S GO!

The bell rings and Tiffany White dashes for Crank. She swings a wild elbow nailing him across the bridge of his nose. His nose begins to bleed as he shakes it off and irish whips her towards the ropes. On the return, cVc catches White for a brutal knee smash.

Zach Davis: White has drawn first blood! Crank with a nice counter!

Gravedigger: Watch out!

Crank turns around and is popped by Wolfram! Brao begins to strike Bronson with sharp kicks in the corner while White slowly gets back to her feet. Jordan continues to work Crank towards the ropes with calculated shots. Bronson twirls his feet and slings Kitt into the corner. Asshole begins to chop him across the chest. The shots can be heard throughout.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa, you can feel those chops! Nasty!

Gravedigger: White is now back to her feet!

Zach Davis: Jordan nails Crank with a final shot sending him through the ropes and to the apron!

Chance sits on the apron holding himself up by only the middle rope. He pulls himself up as White whistles towards him. He looks up just as Tiffany hits the ropes just behind her. Then she hits Crank with a devastating shining wizard through the ropes! He bounces off the apron and onto the unforgiving floor. Wolfram wraps both arms around an unsuspecting Tiffany White. She reaches desperately for the ropes, missing them completely. The belly to back suplex shakes the entire ring. Ronson leaves Kitt in the corner and begins to stomp on Jordan.

Gravedigger: Here comes Brao!

Kitt charges at Bronson bulldogging him from behind. Brao locks in a armbar after both men hit the mat. Asshole Bronson is in the middle of the ring unable to reach the ropes. He slings his free arm about reaching for ropes. Wolfram reluctantly stomps Kitt to break the hold just before Asshole can tap. Chance is now back to his feet. He walks over to pixie using her tight t-shirt to wipe the blood from his busted nose and face. The referee’s count on Chance reaches 9 before he slides back in the ring.

Freddy Whoa: I thought Chance was going to get counted out.

Zach Davis: He just made the count. Ronson is now favoring that right arm!

Jordan rushes towards Crank but is tripped by Tiffany White. Chance catches him mid fall, DDTing him to the mat. The crowd is wowed but still boo. Bronson begins to hammer Crank as he attempts to back to his feet. Kitt and White are now throwing punches in the corner.

Gravedigger: They are fighting all over the place! Ronson allows cVc to get to his knees before hitting the ropes. Asshole lifts his knee slightly but Crank ducks it! Jordan Wolfram nails Bronson with a huge clothesline after the miss.

Zach Davis: They all wanna win! This crowd knows it!

Jordan continues to kick and stomp Bronson. Asshole snatches one leg out from under Wolfram. He falls to the mat so Bronson follows up with a elbow across the chest. Kitt has White in the corner now hitting her with sharp kicks. She tries to block the barrage off to no avail. She sits flat on her bottom while Brao continues to kick and knee her as the referee rushes in. Meanwhile, Bronson rolls out the ring to gather himself with Russell. Then he notices an opportunity. Asshole jumps back up on the apron suddenly. He pulls Kitt over choking him on the top rope as he dives off the apron, still holding Brao’s head. White all the while climbed to the top rope. She dives off hitting both Russell and Asshole simultaneously.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! She took them both down!

Gravedigger: All three are now down on the outside!

Zach Davis: Brao Kitt is down in the ring! He looks like he is trying to get air!

Kitt attempts to catch his breath after nearly having his head ripped off by the top rope. White, Russell and Bronson all roll around on the outside trying to shake it off. Back in the ring, Kitt finally gets back to his feet. He and Wolfram are now fighting while Crank climbs the corner turnbuckle. He sets up waiting to nail Kitt or Jordan with a double ax chop. Jordan suddenly nails Kitt with a sharp elbow sending him towards Crank. Wolfram hits the ropes after doing this to build momentum towards the two men. Chance dives off the turnbuckle but is caught in mid air by a huge spear from Wolfram at the last possible second. Wolfram completely avoided Kitt somehow. Crank bounces through the ropes and to the outside. Kitt rushes Wolfram after he gets back to his feet. Brao attempts a clothesline while Jordan slouches on the ropes catching his breath. The momentum of Kitt sends both men over the ropes and to the outside.

Zach Davis: Everyone is down! The referee begins his count!

Gravedigger: No! it can’t end this way! GET UP!

After several moments White takes Kitt down in the middle of the ring before climbing to the top...


White pins Kitt!




Zach Davis: Tiffany White wins her debut match!

White's music hits as she gets up and gets her arm raised!

Gravedigger: Great debut by White, but Chance von Crank also impressed me greatly here. I see great futures for both of these competitors as we go into Fifteen!

Wade Moor Arrives

The scene fades to the parking lot backstage where a murdered out black Camaro pulls into the lot.

Zach Davis: Who is this Freddy? What's going on?

The door to the Camaro opens and Wade Moor steps out, World Championship draped over his shoulder.

Gravedigger: It's Wade Moor, the Whirlpool Champion! He's in the building folks!

Freddy Whoa: Do you think he's ready for his match against Torture tonight?

Gravedigger: I heard it from the horses mouth: he's ready!

Zach Davis: I think regardless of how this match ends, these two are going to take each other to the limit tonight!

Freddy Whoa: Not if Wade decides to end this one nefariously...

Gravedigger: Hey Freddy, that is the World Champion. You show that man some respect, damn it!

Wade pushes through a set of double doors and heads into the arena.

DeMarcus Jordan/Bad News Benson vs Incredible Minx/Nagaski

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam, we have tag team action coming up next!

#1 by Nelly blares over the PA system as DeMarcus comes out and does a superman pose on the stage. The fans boo for the most part, minus the small few who try to cheer as much as the ones who are booing. He walks down the ramp, taking his time, not really caring what people think, talking trash to the audience. He walks up the steps and steps in the ring, he does another pose as his music dies out.

Gravedigger: I like, DeMarcus! Good kid!

Zach Davis: Here comes his teammate!

No music or anything just stomps down like hes pissed off at men women children animals and gods he does take to stopping to harass fans occasionally.

Freddy Whoa: Jordan and Benson will be a team here, and you can tell Jordan has no idea what to even say to Bensen as they decide who will start.

"Kabuki Gomen-Jyo" by Wadaiko Matsuriza hits the PA as a compilation of Nagasaki's past sumo victories is played on the jumbotron. He then lumbers on to the stage and begins the sumo war dance, then bows to show respect to the audience. He walks down the ramp, climbs the steps of the ring, hoists the top rope up and steps between it and the middle rope. Once on the ring he faces where his opponent will enter and begins another war dance.

Zach Davis: And one of their opponents, Nagasaki enters the ring.

Gravedigger: I like Nagasaki too! I have no idea what music or whatever it's called that plays for his entrance, but I like Nagasaki!

Freddy Whoa: Why do you sound so weird?

Gravedigger: Off night, I guess.

The Legend of Xanadu by Dave, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch, no words.
I stroke the arms of the attendant fans in a luxuriously velvety way, my long blue fingernails slowly caressing their arms and fingers as they await me. I kiss the final woman I see, she inevitably faints.

Zach Davis: Nagasaki's partner is Incredible Minx.

Gravedigger: Did that woman just faint?!

Freddy Whoa: I think she did.

Gravedigger: That IS incredible.

Zach Davis: Looks like Minx will start as will Jordan.


Jordan and Minx tie up before Minx gets the upperhand and puts Jordan in the corner. The ref splits them apart but Minx connects with an incredible slap across Jordans face. Crowd OOOHHS AND AAHHHHHS but Jordan smiles and wipes it off and the two circle back to the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Trying to get into Jordans head, I think.

They tie up once more this time with Jordan getting the upper hand pushing Minx back into a corner. The ref splits them apart and Jordan flenches for a slap but pulls back and smirks. Minx connects with a slap across Jordans face sending him back and the crowd OOOHHHs again. Jordan looks back and smirks once more.

Zach Davis: Still trying to get into his head, but I don't think Jordan will let em'.

They tie up for a third time and Minx gets the upperhand and shoves Jordan back into the corner. The ref splits them apart and Minx connects with a third slap across the face as the crowd OOOHhss but Jordan blasts out of the corner like a rocketship and starts in with right hands! Right hands! Minx reels back across the ring as Jordan unleashes a fury of rights and lefts! Jordan throws Minx across the ring into the other corner.. Minx hits chest first and stumbles back out of the corner and Jordan runs hitting a running bulldog! Minx goes down and rolls out of the ring. Jordan jumps up and the sold out arena goes crazy for DeMarcus!

Zach Davis: Jordan on fire!

Gravedigger: It was only a matter of time for him to snap! You can't get under his skin!


DeMarcus sizes Minx up on the outside and runs hitting a flying suicide dive over the top rope smashing on Minx! DeMarcus jumps up with another taunt and slides back into the ring! Nagasaki gets off the apron and helps Minx to their feet. Benson gets into the ring and stomps madly around DeMarcus as the crowd is still popping!

Zach Davis: More tag team action when we come back here on WCF Slam!

We take a commercial break and when we come back from a commercial break..

Zach Davis: Welcome back to WCF Slam where Nagasaki is in control of this tag match!

Nagasaki has Benson in a chinlock but Benseon starts to fight out of it. Benson breaks free and hits the ropes but when he returns, Naga hits a bear hug into a belly to belly suplex! Naga pins but DeMarcus breaks it up. The ref gets DeMarcus back into his corner as Naga tags Minx in. Minx gets into the ring and hits a few quick strikes before throwing Benson to the ropes and hitting a clothesline. DeMarcus jumps in and the ref tries to break them apart but Benson gets the upper hand on Minx and hits a few moves throwing Minx out of the ring!

Zach Davis: This match is kind of breaking down!

The ref can't control DeMarcus who gets back into the ring as Minx hits another slap and then throws Jordan out of the ring who accidentally lands on Benson! They stand up and push each other and begin to the argue. Minx rolls out of the ring and slaps both of them before they all three start fighting!

Zach Davis: What the hell is going on?!

Gravedigger: I think Minx is trying to fight Jordan but Benson is pissed that Jordan landed on him!

Freddy Whoa: It was purely an accident!

DeMarcus gets in a few shows on Minx and throws em' into the ring. DeMarcus gets into the ring and Minx tags in Nagasaki but Jordan didn't see it. The ref did however!

Zach Davis: I think we have a tag here!

DeMarcus picks up Minx but Minx shoves Jordan back and he bumps into Benson who was just getting into the ring. Benson is pissed off and Jordan tries to state his case but Benson shoves Jordan down to the mat. Benson clotheslines Minx! Benson stomps his way out of the ring and up the ramp.

Zach Davis: What the hell?!

Minx rolls out of the ring as Nagasaki grabs Jordan and scoop slams him down onto the mat before climbing up the ropes and hitting his The Fat Man!

Crowd pops.

Zach Davis: Well that will do it.




Gravedigger: Nagasaki with a steal right there..

Zach Davis: The match broke down, the teammates couldn't handle it, and Nagasaki took advantage.

Gravedigger: And that's how you win in WCF.

Freddy Whoa: He's a big bad man, folks!

Zach Davis: That he is!

Minx is staring at Nagasaki taunting as Benson is still on the ramp pissed off at DeMarcus Jordan who is still recovering from the Bonzai drop.

Zach Davis: More action here in WCF when we return!

Andre Jenson Segment

The PA system booms out the distinctive voice of Christopher Lee:

Christopher Lee: In the world of the fantasy land of Kem begot a new type of warrior, one which was created from the fires of the star Elume and forged in the great battles of the third age. A warrior so daring and so brave that King Dennis the maker himself would try to destroy him and fail. This man is more than man, he is legend

This is quickly followed by the Ride of the Rohirrim tune from Lord of the Rings as a mist begins to envelop the stage and ramp area.

Gravedigger: Oh man, not this guy!

Zach Davis: Folks, looks like Andre Jenson is coming down to the ring, we haven't seen him since One.

Gravedigger: And what a week it was! No nerd, no dice! No Dragons! It was so beautiful!

Freddy Whoa: In fairness, we did have Greybeard.

Gravedigger: That happened? That was a thing? I thought I was just hallucinating!

Andre makes it to the ring at this point and kneels in the centre of the ring, while rolling a dice. He shakes his head and asks for a mic.

Zach Davis: Wonder what the dice say!

Gravedigger: That he aint getting laid tonight.

Andre's music fades as he taps the mic. He then tries to speak, but no one can really hear him.

Gravedigger: Turn the mic on, genius!

Andre is still trying to talk, but there is nothing coming from the speakers, the crowd are starting to chant:

Crowd: PUT YOUR MIC ON!!!*Clap clap clap clap clap*

Andre investigates the mic, trying desperately to find out where the on button is. He shrugs and gets out a d20.

Gravedigger: He isn't?

Freddy Whoa: Looks like he is! I think he's doing an investigation check on his mic!

Gravedigger: I... How would you even know this?

Andre rolls the dice and smiles, then almost immediately finds the “on switch” to his mic.

Andre Jenson: Hello!

He mumbles this, while looking at the floor.

Zach Davis: Freddy, you seem to be the resident expert, what's going on here?

Freddy Whoa: I think he failed his Charisma check when he got in the ring. He did seem a little glum at least.

Gravedigger: Again, HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW THIS?

Andre meanwhile is struggling on the mic, mumbling away and no one really knows what he's saying. Again, he holds up a finger and looks in his bag. He pulls out a new mic, one that's in the shape of a mace and drops the original mic.

Andre Jenson: Hello!! And Welcome to the first edition of The Wizard's sleeve!

Freddy Whoa: He's got the mace of eternal Charisma!

Gravedigger: …

Andre Jenson: I've got a special treat for you tonight, in order to celebrate my freedom from the Intergalactic space creatures that possessed my body and had a blood lust for Bonnie Blue. Sorry Bonnie. I'm going to make my peace with Oblivion.

The crowd boo as soon as they hear this name while Andre puts his hand up to calm the crowd down.

Andre Jenson: Unfortunately, Oblivion can't make it. Something to do with him having to find a new target to stalk, or something. I don't know I zoned out. Either way, he sent one of his friends to parley on his behalf! So without further ado, here is one half of your tag team champions and an esteemed member of Beach Krew, here's Kyyyyyyyyyle Keeeeeeeeeeeemp!

"Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and Kyle Kemp walks out with a slick smile on his face. It's not the usual cocky smile but a smile of disbelief. He is wearing dark jeans, a white t-shirt, a black cut off hoodie and white Nike Air Force One's. Kemp has a pair of black Ray Ban sunglasses on his face and walks down to the ring. He climbs in and just stares at Andre Jenson.

Andre offers Kemp a hand after giving him a mic, one which was refused with a smirk.

Andre Jenson: Welcome to the show Kyle! As you're aware, Oblivion and I had a bit of a set to while I was possessed by pan dimensional alien beings that had a blood lust for Bonnie blue. That's now in the past. As his official representative, what's his take on the past few months?

Kyle Kemp: First of all I'm no one's representative. I'm Kyle Kemp. I don't serve anyone. So number one, get that through your head. Number two, Oblivion could take you whenever he wants so let's make that known. I suggest you move on and take your little games somewhere else.

Andre nods and rolls a dice, he then smiles and continues

Gravediger: What's that about?

Zach Davis: Beats me!

Freddy Whoa: He's just figuring out what question to ask next is all, the roll of the dice corresponds to what question he has on his sheet and it's a classic way of keeping the conversation flowing.

You could almost hear the incredulous look Gravedigger gives Freddy right now, the kinda look as if to say “What...the....fuck...”

Andre Jenson: Very good! So tell me a little about yourself, Mr Kemp. I hear you used to play baseball or something? Our crowd would like to know a little about how you tick, what your motivation is, what drives you and whether or not you choose the faction of the holy light or the faction of the dark lords of Scion!

Kyle Kemp: Are you out of your mind? I don't care what these people want but I can tell you that they don't care about you. They may not like me but they respect the fact that I am a Tag Team Champion here and I'm part of the most dominant group that this industry has ever seen #BeachKrew. You are nothing more than another nerd that thought he could step into this ring and things would be different. That you would have some kind of success. To bad you were wrong. This is just another place where you are going to be a loser.

Andre pauses for a second, and again rolls his dice. Pursing his lips as he does. He then smiles again and carries on.

Andre Jenson: And what are your plans for the foreseeable future. You have a great tag team, probably one of the best in wrestling, you're in Beach Krew, which let's be frank are dominant right now. What does the future hold for you?

Kyle Kemp: The future is what it has always been. Me and the rest of #BeachKrew dominating and me and Rabid turning away all oncomers. It's me being better than all of you.

Jenson purses his lips again and rolls the dice. Then looks up to Kyle with a massive shit eating grin. He then squares up to him.

Andre Jenson: The reason I asked, Kyle is because you seem to be the junior partner in your relationship with Rabid. He's off fighting at Final Destination, while you're here scratching yourself and wishing that Beach Krew would see to your whispering eye! How does it feel to know that even Sandy Coconutz is more relevant in Beach Krew than you are?


Freddy Whoa: I think he just did!

Zach Davis: You don't want to poke the....OH MY GOD KYLE KEMP JUST TOOK OUT ANDRE WITH THAT MIC!

Kyle is now on top of AJ hammering away at his face with the microphone, hatred on his face as he slams the mic down again and again. Andre is trying to fight back though but Kemp caught him off guard and is too manic.

Zach Davis: Here come the officials to try and stop this!

A bunch of referees come from the back and drag Kyle Kemp off of Jenson's prone body, dragging him to a corner. Jenson wearily gets back to his knees with his bag in hand. He pulls out a vial of clear liquid.

Freddy Whoa: Guys, shit's going to get real right now.

Gravedigger: What? Why?

Jenson swigs the vial and then jumps up to his feet and flies at Kemp in the corner, over the referees. He starts wailing at him while being held up in the air by the mass bodies. His fists are flying and he takes more than a few refs out at the same time. Kemp fights back as you hear nothing but a deafening roar from the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: He took a potion of Resilient rage! It restored his HP and as a side affect made him angry!

Gravedigger: I don't know what's happening any more!

Zach Davis: I can see the refs are finally getting a handle on this, they are pulling both guys to the corners now! We're just waiting for the ring to finally clear.

Freddy Whoa: Yes! But Andre is trying to put a spell on him from his side of the corner! I don't think he can see the dice roll though! So who knows if it hit!

Gravedigger: I do, I know it didn't. BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING STUPID!

The camera pans to the announce table now, as they finally clear the ring

Zach Davis: However it goes, I don't think we've seen the last of this! Kyle Kemp just seemed to snap when Andre dared to mention Rabid going off to Final Destination.

Gravedigger: Whatever, that's a bad host right there. He should never insult the talent, never mind attack him.

Zach Davis: In fairness, Kemp did say some pretty derogatory things to him, and attack first.

Gravedigger: He just told the truth. If Jenson can't handle the truth, he should go back to Hobbiton or wherever he's from, the stupid troll!

Freddy Whoa: He can't be a troll if he's from Hobbiton, he can only really be a Hobbit. Trolls are generally out in the wild or at Mordor.

Gravedigger turns to look at Freddy.

Gravedigger: How the fu...


Stuart Slane vs Travis Tusk

“Conquistador” by Procol Harum plays as Slane walks out from gorilla to a Conway Pop. All business and focused on whomever is in the ring; he makes his way down the ramp and up the steps. After wiping his feet on the apron he then enters between the ropes. Moving to his corner, Slane loosens up by engaging in some old time calisthenics.

Gravedigger: Are those toe touches?

Zach Davis: Real deep knee bends too.

The lights dim and "Night Call" by Kavinsky plays. The entrance ramp is bathed in pink light as Travis Tusk walks out wearing Wayfarer sunglasses. He stops at the top of the ramp and folds his arms while red and white pyro goes off, then walks down the ramp as the house lights gradually get brighter. He climbs up the steps and up the middle turnbuckle, looking at the crowd and soaking in the atmosphere. He takes off his sunglasses and puts them in his jacket pocket. He then climbs down and takes off his jacket, folds it and leaves it on the top of the steps before stepping between the ropes and mentally preparing himself.

Zach Davis: This looks to be a good match up.

Gravedigger: The key for Travis here is to not put himself in a position for the veteran to take advantage of.

Freddy Whoa: Travis should take the fight to him!

The ref rings the bell and the two tie up before bouncing each other off the ropes with shoulder tackles and hip tosses. Finally, Travis gets the upperhand with a chinlock but is shoved into the corner by Slane. Slane grabs Travis and hits a belly to belly suplex out of the corner and only gets a two count.

Gravedigger: Travis is going to need to stay off his back.

Zach Davis: Slane looking to put him away early!

Slane picks up Travis and hits a pumphandle gutbuster before picking him back up into a bear hug! The ref checking on Travis to see if he's going to give up.

Zach Davis: Travis could tap out right here!

Travis looks to be passing out slowly. Slane keeps the bear hug locked in. Travis arm drops done.


Zach Davis: That don't look good!

Travis arm goes up and falls back down.


Gravedigger: He needs to get out of there!

The ref raises Travis' arm a third time but it stays up and the crowd pops! Travis hits a right, a left, a right and another right.. AND ANOTHER RIGHT and breaks free! He goes to hit the ropes but Slane hits a big boot dead on with Travis face!


Slane pins! ONE! TWO! and it's only a two count as Travis kicks up and rolls to the edge of the ring. Slane goes to pick him up from the midsection but Travis hangs on to the ropes! Slane struggles to get him away from the ropes but finally lets up as Travis sends a back elbow to Slane knocking him back. Slane is sent back stumbling and finally comes to when Travis runs and baseball slides through his legs! Travis gets to his feet and sends a knee to the back of Slane shoving Slane forward into the corner! Travis hits a Russian Leg Sweep when Slane stumbles back out of the corner and Travis rolls through and locks on an armbar before rolling back through and grabbing the ankle in some sort of modified ankle lock, Slane reaches the ropes and the ref has to break it.

Gravedigger: Tusk is looking good!

Slane gets to and Tusk hits a dropkick sending Slane back into the corner. Tusk gets to his feet and runs at Slane, but Slane comes out of the corner with a clothesline! Tusk ducks the clothesline, and Slane continues running to the ropes, rebounds and upon his return Tusk hits the Night Call!!

Zach Davis: NIGHT CALL!

Freddy Whoa: I love that superkick!

Gravedigger: Slane looks stunned!

Slane stumbles forward and Tusk slides in behind and hits Dynamite Roll!

Zach Davis: The Dynamite Roll! What a combo!

Gravedigger: Almost like the Tortures Device!


Zach Davis: Slane kicks out!

Tusk gets to his feet and picks up Slane and throws him to the corner! Slane stays put as Tusk goes running but Slane sprints out of the corner to meet Tusk half way and hits Tusk with the Runaway Slane!


Gravedigger: Tusk looks to be knocked out!



Kick out. Tusk gets his shoulder up, so Slane grabs Tusk and hits a snap suplex!

Zach Davis: Slane is in control, he's picking up Tusk!

Slane picks up Tusk, and hits the Slane Slam!

Gravedigger: Oh, now Tusk looks out cold!

Freddy Whoa: That should do it!

Slane hooks the leg and pins Tusk.




Zach Davis: Slane is victorious here tonight!

Gravedigger: Tusk put up a good fight, but it wasn't enough for him to get the win.

Slane rolls out of the ring and celebrates up the ramp.

Last Week on Slam...

Zach Davis: We're getting word, that we have video of what happened after Slam went of the air.

Gravedigger: Who does this involve?

Zach Davis: I don't know? This is the first I know of such video.

Freddy Whoa: Interesting things always happen around here, after Slam goes off the air.

Gravedigger: Sometimes, the best things happen when people don't think when other people are not watching.

Video plays.... The WCF trucks are being filled, as Slam ended. People leaving. Competitors and WCF officials are leaving, as Oblivion walks out of the elevator with personal item bag in hand. Slightly limping, as the Trios Titles Match ended with having tons of action. Oblivion takes a single step, out of the elevator...


Oblivion immediately drops IT's duffle bag, raising hands up. Only two beams, coming from two flashlights, glare in the eyes of The Monster. Not only does the parking lot cameras catch the action, a line cameraman hides behind a concrete beam.

Lead FBI Agent: DON'T MOVE MOTHERFU<bleep>ER!!

Freddy Whoa: That explains why we got reports why The Monster would not be here at Slam.


Associate FBI Agent: We finally got him, Smith!!

Lead Agent Smith: We sure do, Agent Jones!! After years, this son of a bitch making the FBI look like fools. All those people that monster killed. First it was those two psychiatrists from Withlacoochee Hospital, that needed to bring back Lister back.

Agent Jones: But, it came out that the facility were giving out fake medications. Lister gets let out by a mistake, in 2009. Within a year later, The Facility had the two lead psychiatrist and psychologist found Lister, who ended up killing them, which started the killing spree.

Oblivion: Are we doing this or are we gonna play some Tug and Pull?!

Oblivion drops down to grab for IT's bag. The two FBI agents freak out and pull out their tasers.

Lead Agent Smith: We said.... DON'T MOVE MOTHERF<bleep>ER!!

Zach Davis: Oblivion looks like IT's in trouble!!

Agent Jones: Smith!! What are we doing?! We're not even agents anymore!!

Lead Agent Smith: Hey, look... That's the fun part!! We're rogue agents!! Years of chasing this asshole... Now, we got him!! Hey, Lister!! We got you!! No one knows we're here!! Your ass belongs to us!! Call it revenge... retribution!! But, we got you!!

Agent Jones looks at the other Agent, before walking away.

Freddy Whoa: What's going on?

Zach Davis: I don't know.

Oblivion: Hey, asshole. IT doesn't have time for your.... F<bleep>ING BULLS<bleep>T!!

Oblivion charges Agent Smith....


Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!! Those rogue FBI Agentsj just knocked out Oblivion!!


The FBI Agents quickly turned around towards the direction, of the cough.

Agent Smith: Who is there?!

The cameraman peeks face and camera around the concrete beam.

Agent Jones: Give us that camera!! Oblivion is a murderer!! Rapist!! That monster even raped two fellow female wrestlers. Did you all forget that?! Nightmare, Polar Phantasm's wife. Haruna, Kira Sakakazi's sister. Plus, we got TONS of evidence of potential more victims. Ana Valentine was next on the list. Lilith and Sarah Twilight was also on the list. That was before they flaked out and left. Now, WCF has two female employees that Oblivion has been physically aggressive against. We had to stop Jakob Lister, Oblivion whatever you wanna call him. Years.. years of what THAT monster did to lots of people. Now... GIVE ME THAT DAMN CAMERA!!

Cameraman: NO!!

Agent Smith: FINE!!


Agent Smith punches camera, knocking the cameraman down.

Agent Jones: Look, no one knows any of this. This WHOLE ordeal is WAAAAAY much bigger than anyone really knows. You think the FBI is the only agency that is after Oblivion?! The CIA, the FBI, NSA, the American Government is after Oblivion. Smith and I have given our lives.... OUR LIVES to capture that son a bitch!! But, what everything everyone went to capture him.... WE GOT HIM!!! NOW... GIVE US THAT CAMERA!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!!


A tin can was kicked...


Agent Smith kicks the face, of the cameraman, taking the camera. A second camera walks out, of the shadows, to watch a figure walk out, from the dark...

Gravedigger: Who is that?!

The Arena is quiet as they continue to watch the tape of last week. The crowd gasps extremely loud...

Some of the crowd: HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!!

Katherine Phoenix walks out, slinking out, watching the two rogue FBI agents flee the area. Phoenix quickly moves towards a knocked out Oblivion. Katherine kneels down, pets The Monster...


Katherine Phoenix: Awwww... Obi Teddy got a boo-boo?! What a shame! Who would want to hurt you?! This makes me angry!! Very very angry!! No one should hurt you.... EVER AGAIN!!!

Oblivion begins to move around and looks up, seeing Katherine Phoenix looking down at IT. Oblivion's mouth gets covered by Katherine's left hand...

Gravedigger: HOLY SH....

Katherine pulls out something from her bag...

The crowd gasps...

Zach Davis: She has a syringe!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!

Gravedigger: NOOO!! What is she gonna do to Oblivion?!


Katherine takes the syringe a proceeds to stick Oblivion, who quickly thrashes around, then slowly shakes...


Freddy Whoa: We are watching Katherine Phoenix stick Oblivion with a needle... The Monster is convulsing. OBLIVION IS HAVING A SEIZURE AND KATHERINE PHOENIX IS HOLDING OBLIVION DOWN!!

Gravedigger: THAT BITCH!!

Katherine stands up, whistling as she grabs Oblivion under IT's armpits, dragging the motionless body away. Katherine is seen smiling and laughing, while pulling Oblivion's body out of camera range.

Zach Davis: WHAT... THE HELL?!

Freddy Whoa: Did we just witness a...

Gravedigger: Possible homicide?

Zach Davis: Naaah!! No?

Freddy Whoa: Wait... Naaah!!

Gravedigger: That bitch!! No wonder Oblivion is not here!!

Zach Davis: As soon as we find out anything... We'll let everyone know.

Stampy/Lute Boy vs Greybeard/Alchemist

Zach Davis: Alright we are back!

Stampy and Lute Boy are already in the ring getting loose when the lights dim. A giant purple potion appears on the screen and tips over, bringing up smoke from the stage. The Alchemist and Greybeard emerge. Greybeard looks annoyed and walks quickly to the ring, ignoring the crowd. He has his purple hat pulled down tight, obscuring his face. The Alchemist lumbers own the aisle, slapping hi-5's and breathing heavily already.

Freddy Whoa: Alchemist faced off against Lute Boy last week, but Greybeard no showed. He was supposed to be in his corner.

Zach Davis: It made a huge difference, Stampy and Lute Boy put a -beating- on him.

Greybeard gets into the ring urging the Alchemist to hurry.

Zach Davis: He certainly has been acting strange lately, he had some harsh words for Al this week.

The Alchemist rolls in and gets up. The two teams talk among themselves and the bell rings. Greybeard informs Al he will be starting and Stampy orders Lute Boy out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Stampy and the Alchemist again. Not the feud I thought would be starting this year off, but here we are.

The two lock up, Stampy gaining a headlock. He squeezes for awhile, wearing Al down. He backs him into the corner and lands some shoulders to the midsection.

Zach Davis: Lots of padding there for Al, but those still gotta hurt.

Freddy Whoa: Stampy looking vicious as always.

Stampy makes the tag to Lute Boy who hops over the top rope and begins landing some punches to the defenseless Alchemist. The Alchemist clumsily staggers over to his team's corner, but Greybeard is busy lighting a cigarette and fails to make the tag. Lute Boy laughs and whips him back into the corner, face first. He lands a running double knee to his back that forces Al to the ground.

Zach Davis: Lute Boy definitely has an athleticism advantage in this match today.

Freddy Whoa: He looks like the best wrestler out of the bunch somehow.

Lute Boy hops to the top rope and comes down with an elbow drop, making a cover quickly after.



Alchemist powers out. Lute Boy helps him up and hits a standing drop kick. He tags in Stampy.

Stampy lets out a loud elephant noise and begins stomping all over the Alchemist, making sure to hit every part.

Freddy Whoa: The ol' Garvin stomp!

Zach Davis: You mean the Orton stomp?

Freddy Whoa: No....

Stampy lifts the Alchemist to his feet and backs up a bit, stomping his foot. He sprints forward, attempting a gore but misses!

The Alchemist stumbles to the ground and begins crawling to the corner. The crowd cheers him on and Greybeard has his arm extended, reaching his fingertips out. Al dives for the tag but Stampy pulls him back at the last minute. He delivers some mounted punches to the head, garnering a warning from the ref. He gets up and has some words for the ref, getting in his face.

Freddy Whoa: He may need to calm down, he doesn't wanna get a dq here!

Stampy tags in Lute Boy who heads right for a bewildered Alchemist. He locks in a crossface, pulling back, straining with all of his strength.

Freddy Whoa: Lute boy is about a buck fifty and Al is pushing three hundred. This is pitiful.

Lute Boy releases the hold and switches to a fujiwara armbar.

The referee leans in checking to see if Al will concede, but he will not. Lute Boy releases the hold and gets up, stomping on Al's shoulder as he does. Lute Boy goes to his corner, climbing to the top. Stampy moves into position to launch him.

Zach Davis: Looks like a rocket launcher type maneuver coming here!

Al clambers to his feet and Lute Boy goes sailing. Al manages to evade as Lute Boy comes toward him and lands a hay-maker on Stampy as he moves forward.

The crowd pops lightly.

Freddy Whoa: This is the opening the Alchemist needed!

Greybeard is in his corner jumping up and down. His hat holding in places, cigarette burnt down considerably. The crowd cheers as Al stumbles to make the tag!

Instead, Greybeard leans back, putting his cigarette out on Al's head when he rebounds which sends Al back into the center of the ring in pain.

Zach Davis: What the hell was that?

Freddy Whoa: I'm not sure? He put his cigarette out on his forehead for some reason.

Lute Boy throws Al to the ground, locking in the anaconda vice. The ref leans in looking for Al to give up, but he will not!

Zach Davis: Al is trying to fight out of this!

Lute Boy continues to strain, gritting his teeth. The extra toque is enough and Al signals for the ref by tapping out.


Zach Davis: That's it I guess....

Freddy Whoa: Al fought the good fight, but it wasn't enough.

Lute Boy and Stampy celebrate, heading to the back. Meanwhile, Greybeard climbs in the ring with the microphone.

Greybeard: You didn't deserve to win that match Alchemist, that's why I didn't tag in. You're pathetic!

The crowd boo's lightly.

Greybeard: Get your shit together you fat bitch.

He leans down to get in Al's face. Al has a look that hasn't been shown before, his chest heaves up and down as he climbs to his feet. Greybeard stands his ground, purple hat still pulled down tight.

Greybeard: You have something to say fatty?

Al goes berserk and flips back the hat and pulls off the obviously fake beard.

The crowd cheers.

As Greybeard is exposed, something is off. He tries to cover his face.

Zach Davis: Is that......IS THAT....

Freddy Whoa: THAT'S GRIME!

"Greybeard" runs to the back.

Zach Davis: What the heck is going on here!?

K.L. Henson Segment

The camera fades in to Andre Holmes preparing for his match in the locker room. A knock reverbs off the concrete walls. In the door way stands K. L. Henson.

K.. L. Henson: Hey, Andre. I need to talk to you...If you can step out here...

Andre rolls his eyes as he steps out of the lockerroom and faces Henson who is rubbing his chin in a way almost more of a mimic of a person in an official position rather than with any sincerity, giving off a patronizing vibe as he is about to give an employing a scolding.

K.. L. Henson: Now, Andre...

Andre Holmes: Please don't tell me...

K.. L. Henson: Hm?...

Andre Holmes: You're not still pissed about the Twitter thing, are you?

K.. L. Henson: No, no, no Mr. Holmes.

Andre nods his head with shrug of his shoulder.

K.. L. Henson: I'm going to fine you.

Andre Homles: You're kidding me?!

K.. L. Henson: Mr. Holmes! We set ground rules when Katherine and I took control of our position and you EXPLICITLY broke those rules while being aware of the consequences. Whether if it was because you didn't take us seriously or not is only your own fault. But to make sure it doesn't happen again, I have to enforce the punishment set. Now, I would like your payments by...

Andre Holmes: Payments?! The only payments you're getting is a big wap of FUCK YOU!

Henson looks to the ground and shakes his head.

K.. L. Henson: I was afraid of that Mr. Holmes...so here is what I am going to do...George...

All of a sudden, George! of the Nerd Smashers appears behind Andre and quickly grabs him in a chicken wing hold as Henson pulls duct tape out of his pocket and begins wrapping it around Andres head, covering his mouth. After a few wraps, Henson grabs Andre by the chin.

K.. L. Henson: Haha, I was able to convince George! Here earlier today that if he joins me as my secretary, I promised an endless line of nerds to smash. Let's get one thing clear for you AND the rest of the roster! I am not a regular corporate stooge! I will do things as I see fit! I am not going to be held back by fines and other stupid superficial means! I am not here to enforce the rules! I am here to change them! You and the rest of these fucks shouldn't take me likely because it only gets worse from here! And guess what...There isn't a fucking thing you can do about it! So get over it now and learn to follow the rules or I will make it so you don't have a choice!...The WCF galaxy should be afraid...they should be very afraid...

Andre snorts before backs up and twists out of George!'s hold and elbows him in the face then tosses him away before quickly turning around and grabbing Henson by the collar.

K.. L. Henson: No Mr. Holmes! You strike me and you risk your career! I promise you that! If you attack me then I will make sure you never wrestle another match in the WCF!

Andre hesitates for a moment before reluctantly letting go. He begins to tear the duct tape off his face while Henson approaches George! And leads him away.

Hardcore Title Match
Bobby Cairo vs Barbwirefreak

Zach Davis: They're not waiting for the bell to ring! These two HorrorGORE legends are duking it out in the hallway in the back of the arena!

Barbwirefreak, the seven foot tall brick shithouse of a masked destroyer, is pummeling Cairo with huge punches while The Godfather struggles to remain vertical.

Gravedigger: They didn't even wait to get out to the ring. These two maniacs bumped into each other in the hall on the way to the shitter and they started fighting without there even being a ref around to officiate.

Freddy Whoa: Well as we can see, Stanley Moser, the senior WCF referee, has joined Cairo and B-Wire and right now it's B-Wire getting the advantage. WHOA! He just clocked Cairo with a huge uppercut! The Godfather was damn near decapitated by that strike!

Zach Davis: Has B-Wire joined ISIS?

Gravedigger: It would explain the stack of Qurans and the seventy-two virgin whores in his locker room, Miggal.

Freddy Whoa: I'm pretty sure Cairo sent him those whores as a pre-match distraction, John. A little bit of psychological gamesmanship from The Godfather.

Gravedigger: Well they're dead now all the same, Miggal.

Barbwirefreak lifts Cairo from the ground with ease. B-Wire gorilla presses Cairo above his head half a dozen times, showing off his incredible strength, and then dumps the HorrorGORE Champ-YUM and Dub Sea Eff Hall of Famer through a craft table, devastating the spread of guac and chips.

Zach Davis: That guac had a family damn it! Barbwirefreak is a straight up savage!

Freddy Whoa: Dat nigguh has NO CHILL.

Gravedigger: This is what it takes when you're going mano y mano against a legend with all of the wumunz and gold on the line. You ain't gettin to Heaven by finishing in second place, now that's for Godfatherdamned sure. And look at B-Wire: He's grinding that barbed wire wrist tape of his into Cairo's face and forehead. Bobby Cairo ain't gonna be pretty no mo!

Zach Davis: Look at all that Jewish blood spilling onto concrete. Mien Fuhrer would be proud.

Freddy Whoa: You're one racist bastard, Zach.

Gravedigger: Yeah that's some kinda fucked up shit that I would say, Miggal.

Zach Davis: Hey, my cousin is half-Jewish! I can make Jew jokes!

Bobby Cairo: Davis, Imma cut you, nigguh.

Cairo kips up to his feet and spams European uppercuts that rock the seven-foot, Oblivion-style monster.

Gravedigger: B-Wire's noggin is takin' a floggin right now, Miggal!

Freddy Whoa: John, we haven't seen a Jew put a beating like this on an Aryan superman since Poonglourious Basterds.

Zach Davis: Great film. Wonderful ode to my Semitic brethren.

Freddy Whoa: Too late to suck up now, Zach. Cairo's gonna kill yew.

Gravedigger: He rite doe, Miggal.

Cairo tells B-Wire to COME AT ME BRO. B-Wire charges. Cairo measures him.

Zach Davis: SPINE BUSTAH! SPINE BUSTAH! Cairo just SPINE BUSTAH'D a four-hundred pound man onto concrete!

Freddy Whoa: And now he's reaching for that chainsaw. He's about to sever some limbs. This is gonna be some gnarly, Texas Chainsaw Massacre kinda sheet right hurr.

Gravedigger: B-Wire signed up for this. He knew what he was getting himself into. He's just lucky he's not facing Switchfever or Phillip Baines. He'd be liable to get a bleach-filled needle stabbed into his gray matter. Granted, he still might walk outta here tonight as an amputee... or not walk so much, for that matter.

Gravey scratches an itch on his forehead as Cairo revs the chainsaw on some RRRRNNNNN RNNNNNN NIGGUH RNNNNNN RNNNNNNNN RNNNNNNNNNN kinda jazz.

Zach Davis: Cairo's digging into B-Wire's leg meat with the chainsaw! This is gruesome!

Crowd: BOB-B! BOB-B! BOB-B!

Freddy Whoa: He's gonna cut his damn leg off! NOOO!


Gravedigger: FIYAH BALL! B-Wire just threw a FIYAH BALL at Cairo! The Godfather's hurt!

Blood gushes like a fountain from B-Wire's leg meat, but he shows remarkable fortitude by getting to his feet and clobbering the hobbled Godfather with pummeling Amurrican style punches. Then he reels Cairo in and hits a HUGE short-arm clothesline that makes Cairo do a flippy doodle into a puddle of blood.

Zach Davis: Both men are leaking plasma at an unGodfatherly rate. We might need Red Cross in here to give 'em a transfusion.

Gravedigger: Well yah, Miggal. I mean this match is a little more important than some nobody at a hospital who might need an emergency transfusion. These men are professional athletes, dammit.

Digger pounds the announce table with his fist whilst ordering another round of Poonglourious Whiskey.

Gravedigger: Leave the bottle.

Digger pats the waitress on her skank bottom as she do. Meanwhile, B-Wire guzzles Cairo and anybody who's ever watched a Taker or Kane match knows what that means.


Barbwirefreak covers Cairo amid blood, carnage and ruin.




Zach Davis: Cairo kicked out! He's not conceding a damn thing to his monstuh of a HorrorGORE Tidal challenguh!

Freddy Whoa: He's wincing though, Zach. You can see The Godfather's eyebrows have been singed and you know he's feelin' it right now.

Gravedigger: Ain't no singed eyebrow gonna stop a Robert Herk-a-lee, ya fool muddafukka.

B-Wire does the throat slit gesture and the crowd reacts with boos, sensing that the end could be nigh.

Zach Davis: He's signaling for the Tombstone! Barbwirefreak could be moments away from defeating Bobby Cairo and capturing the most prestigious championship in this industry!


Freddy Whoa: LOW BLOW! LOW BLOW by Bobby! The Dirtiest Player in the Game still has a few tricks left up his sleeve!


Gravedigger: Some crowds WOO!; a Bobby Cairo crowd POON!'s. And that's the difference that a GodFodduh makes, his children.

Cairo wastes no time further jacking up B-Wire's leg with a shinbreaker, followed by a dragon screw.

Zach Davis: Could Cairo be setting up for the- YES! CAIRO PRACTUH! He's got it locked in!

Freddy Whoa: B-Wire's digging deep-

Gravedigger: Dat lil nigguh jackin my gimmick.

Freddy Whoa: Well he's reachin for that chainsaw, tryin to sever any limb that he can get his blade on, and I'm sure he'd love to sever the thick. That'd be like cutting the head off a serpent.

Crowd: TAP! TAP! TAP!

Zach Davis: B-Wire's got one hand on the chainsaw! Can he reel it in and cut off Robert Cairo's penis?!



"Killing in the Name" hits the PA and the Raleigh crowd goes apeshit bananas.


Cairo climbs to the highest point of his porcelain throne once inside that john and drops a MASSIVE championship caliber deuce. The crowd serenades him all the while with that Rageful tune.

Oblivion Segment

Zach Davis: What a night so far.

Freddy Whoa: Zach!! 'Digger!! It seems we are about to get another video.

Gravedigger: No one knows where is exactly THIS new video coming from...

Video starts coming from a shaky handheld.

Oblivion: What the Hell?! Where am I?!

The hand held camera pans around and several teddy bears are seen. Oblivion visuals darken, as IT's eyes close, for just a second.

Zach Davis: Does the place look kind of creepy?

Freddy Whoa: From what we saw earlier. The teddy bears?

Gravedigger: Isn't it obvious?

Oblivion wakes up and screams....


Gravedigger: Apparently whatever Katherine Phoenix drugged The Monster with, is making Oblivion think that the teddy bears are sitting closer.

The Dark Messiah sees the teddy bears move closer towards Oblivion and the bears have angry facial expressions. The Monster is freaking out.

Oblivion: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! HEY!! IT's handcuffed. IT's head hurts and feels woozy. The last thing I remember was talking to... to... who was it?

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion can't remember anything!

Oblivion: Why am I handcuffed?! These teddy bea.... HOLY SHIT!! KATHERINE PHOENIX HAS ME HOSTAGE!!!


Oblivion: My head is still spinning...

Zach Davis: The Monster passed out again!!

Freddy Whoa: What the Hell did she drug Oblivion with?

Gravedigger: Whatever it was... is making Oblivion think that the teddy bear army of Katherine Phoenix is stalking him.

The Monster shakes IT's head, as the eyes of Oblivion enlarge.

Zach Davis: What's wrong with Oblivion?!

The Monster tries to sit up and look around. Oblivion thinks IT hears music. The teddy bears, with menacing looks across their faces. One bear looks at the other teddy bears...

Teddy Bear: Maybe we should leave Oblivion alone. Mama Bear would not be too happy if we hurt him.

Music begins to play...


Loud industrial club music plays,as one teddy bear creeps up behind the previously talking teddy bear...


One teddy bear snaps the neck of the other teddy bear. The bears go into a frenzy, tearing into the dead teddy bear. The physically dominant teddy grabs a pawful of teddy fluff and shoves it into the face of Oblivion. Everyone just sees Oblivion thrashing around. The Monster screams out...

Gravedigger: What the Hell did Katherine Phoenix drug Oblivion with?!

Oblivion spits out the teddy bear fluff, as the rest of the teddy bears lear down, with mouth full of teeth, growling. The bedroom door creaks open. Oblivion abruptly opens IT's eyes and sees the teddy where they had been, motionless on their shelves. There is no dead teddy bear or fluff any where. The Monster turns to IT's left...

Oblivion: AHHHHHH!!!

Katherine Phoenix: Hey there silly bear!! You been having sweet dreams. My teddy bears protecting you from the boogeyman?! You slept all day! I have to go to slam and beat up some meanies. You be a good Obi Teddy and to make sure, you don't leave and hurt yourself, I have you handcuffed. I must leave now. You be on your best behavior. My teddies will make sure they keep an eye on you. You behave yourself Obi Teddy!! Buh-bye!! Teddies keep a close eye on Obi Bear!!

Katherine Phoenix kisses top of Oblivion's head. The Monster cringes. Katherine leaves the room. Oblivion turns away....

Oblivion: The Monster is gonna die here.

Zach Davis: WOW!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!!

Gravedigger: We need to go rescue Oblivion!!

Zach Davis: We don't know where Oblivion's location is...

Steve Orbit vs BioWalker

As we come back from commercial, Tyler Walker and biohazard are already in the ring.

Kyle Steel: ... BIOWALKER!

Freddy Whoa: The old jobber entrance for BioWalker. Not the way they wanted to start 2016 I'm sure, but it fits.

Gravedigger: The story here is the return of one of the best to ever do it. The return of "The Mack" Steve Orbit.


The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Watch the Throne hits the PA. Small pink lasers swirl throughout the arena and eventually converge on the stage, forming one large pink spotlight. The crowd pops as "The Mack" Steve Orbit steps out from behind the curtain. He's draped in gold and a long mink over his custom 'gator skin ring gear.

Freddy Whoa: Welcome back, Steve Orbit!

Zach Davis: I don't have to list this man's accomplishments at this point, but I will anyway. Two time World champion. Two time Television Champion. Two time Tag Team champion, former United States champion, former Hardcore Champion. 2013 Wrestler of the Year, 2013 and 2014 World Champion of the year, among many, many other accolades.

Gravedigger: Don't forget he main evented One in an absolute classic against Jonny Fly. All of those are great accomplishments but I know Steve Orbit well. He's never won War. He's never won Ultimate Showdown. He's never been the last man standing in any of those big, multi-man situations-- but he has a chance to do that at the end of this month at Fifteen, in the first-ever Final Destination match.

Orbit makes his way to the ring, leaving his mink coat and gold chains at ringside. He climbs into the ring and goes to his corner.

Kyle Steel: And their opponent... from Oakland, California... weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... THE MACK... STEVE ORBIT!


Walker and biohazard approach Orbit. Orbit tells them to bring it. After a brief stand-off, Orbit kicks things off with a right hand to Walker! Right hand to biohazard! Flurry of right hands to both men. Orbit backs Walker into the corner-- springboard corner dropkick sends Tyler through the ropes to the outside!

Zach Davis: This is awesome. Steve Orbit, back in a WCF ring.

biohazard grabs Orbit's shoulder and spins him around. He throws a right hand, Orbit blocks it and shoves biohazard away-- PIMP SLAP! biohazard stumbles back, Orbit quickly grabs his head and leaps up for a Codebreaker!

Gravedigger: That combo has stunned so many greats over the years.

Orbit rebounds off the ropes, leaping knee drop to biohazard. Orbit covers.



Zach Davis: Tyler Walker breaks it up!

Walker pulls Orbit off of biohazard and hits him with a knee lift, and another. Walker slips behind Orbit with a waistlock-- he lifts Orbit for a German suplex!

Freddy Whoa: BIG suplex by the Space Werewolf.

Walker pulls Orbit up and walks him to the corner. He goes for a turnbuckle smash-- Orbit blocks it with his foot on the turnbuckle, and smashes Tyler's head into the turnbuckle instead! Walker turns around... PIMP SLAP!

Gravedigger: Walker's reeling!

Orbit grabs Walker by the head, springboards off the ropes--

Freddy Whoa: ORBITAL DDT!

Zach Davis: Beautifully executed.

Walker is laid out, Orbit turns his attention to biohazard. biohazard charges at Orbit-- Orbit with an arm drag. biohazard kips up-- RIGHT INTO A PIMP SLAP! Orbit pulls up biohazard, puts him in a half-nelson and walks him close to the corner...

Freddy Whoa: HONEY DIP! Right into the turnbuckles!

Gravedigger: Steve Orbit is having his way with BioWalker. Not that we expected anything less.

Orbit drags biohazard out of the corner and lays him on top of Tyler Walker. He heads back to the corner and scales the turnbuckles... the crowd roars.

Zach Davis: Here it is--

Orbit leaps off with the somersault senton on top of both men!


Orbit covers BioWalker.





"Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z hits the PA once again.

Freddy Whoa: That's it, Steve Orbit picks up a win in his WCF return match.

Gravedigger: No surprise here, but the competition is going to get much more... well, competitive, from here on out.

Zach Davis: I can't help but wonder how Steve Orbit will fare against some of the top talent of the moment. Steve Orbit versus Gemini Battle? Versus Joey Flash, or Dune?!

Freddy Whoa: And that's not even considering the guys who he will definitely face at Fifteen-- Johnny Rabid, Spencer Adams, and a man who actually holds a number of victories over Steve Orbit-- Benjamin Atreyu.

Gravedigger: Fifteen is shaping up to be quite the event, as it should be-- fifteen years in the making!

Orbit celebrates in the ring as the crowd pops.

DeMarcus Jordan Segment

#1 by Nelly hits the PA as DeMarcus Jordan struts out to the ring, with all the confidence in the world.

Zach Davis: Here comes newcomer DeMarcus Jordan, who promises to be on top of this company in six months.

Gravedigger: All of them, all of them promise that.

Zach Davis: Well, he did win his first match here, which was a four way.

DeMarcus rolls in the ring to mixed reactions, the crowd still unsure how to take DeMarcus. He grabs a mic as his music dies down. He raises the mic to his lips, and opens his mouth to talk, but just then...

Never Again by Nickelback plays on the overhead, and DeMarcus lowers his mic, disgusted. Jordan Wolfram walks out onto the stage to a chorus of boos. He is wearing a crimson and black Clergy Cassock with the hood down on his back. He has incents fogging his path as he makes his way towards the ring.

Zach Davis: It’s not hard to hate this guy.

Gravedigger: I think he is alright.

Freddy Whoa: What are you trying to say Gravedigger?


Jordan has a mic as his music dies down and he puts his mic up to start talking, and as he is talking, he walks down the ramp toward the ring.

Jordan Wolfram: STG, I thought I took care of you last week…

DeMarcus Jordan: Bitch, if you don’t know my name I’ll fucking show you!

Jordan Wolfram: I’m sorry, all of you look the same to me. Regardless of what name your crackhead mother gave you before she traded you for one last puff one simple fact remains clear. Your kind don’t belong on television. You are a walking stereotype of the worst kind of person that every walked on the face of God’s green Earth. Not only that, you don’t seem to see it at all. You tell everyone that in 6 months you will be the greatest in this company, and want people to worship you, a false idol… a BLACK false idol. That, my son, is blasphemous.

Jordan, now at the ring, places the incents down begins to climb the steps and work his way into the ring.

Jordan Wolfram: And I am afraid I cannot allow your kind to constantly break the rules. I am sick of you people thinking you can do whatever you want. It makes me sick.

At this point, Jordan is in DeMarcus's face. DeMarcus raises his mic.

DeMarcus Jordan: Man, you need some breath mints! Your breath stink like a donkeys asshole.

Jordan Wolfram: You shouldn’t even be allowed to SPEAK to me, yet alone speak to me in such a manner!

Jordan smacks DeMarcus across the face. DeMarcus looks at Jordan, smiling.

Jordan Wolfram: I’ll wipe that smile off your face!

He charges at DeMarcus, and Demarcus slides out of the way. He laughs and yells “OLE” and takes off his jacket holding it like a matador’s cape. Jordan comes charging back at DeMarcus with a frustrated look on his face and Demarcus tosses the jacket at him, then clotheslines Jordan sending him to the ground. The crowd cheers.

Zach Davis: Finally, that arrogant prick got what he deserved.

Suddenly and swiftly Wolfram gets to his feet. He sees DeMarcus gloating to the fans and wipes some sweat off his mouth. He taps DeMarcus on the shoulder and he turns around with a bit of a shocked look on his face. He only pauses for a moment before lacing into Wolfram with lefts and rights that hardly seem to effect the man. Wolfram throws DeMarcus back hard into the turnbuckle. DeMarcus comes charging back only to be met with a vicious spear knocking the wind out of him. The crowd issues a chorus of boos.

Zach Davis: That’s the same move he took him out with last week.

Gravedigger: And it looks like he’s not quite done yet.

Jordan Wolfram reaches inside his cassock and pulls something out to the collective gasp of the crowd.

Gravedigger: Is that what I think it is?

Freddy Whoa: If you think it’s a whip then yes, it’s exactly what you think it is.

Wolfram unravels it and cracks it in the air with precision. The sound echoes throughout the arena and the crowd turns to a sudden hush. He then lines up his prey, he reaches up and comes down hard on the back of Demarcus.


He grabs a microphone.

Jordan Wolfram: I don’t want you all to get the wrong idea…


He whips the back of DeMarcus and a groan of pain follows.

Jordan Wolfram: I’m not a bad guy.


DeMarcus tries to get to his feet but can hardly get up at this point.

Jordan Wolfram: This has nothing to do with race, but it does have to do with equality.


DeMarcus cries out profanities as he tries to get away, but Jordan puts a size 12 on the small of his back.

Jordan Wolfram: Because I was bred for Battle, and trained for war and you and I will NEVER be equals…

Freddy Whoa: Fuck this!

Freddy tries to get up but Zach Davis holds him down.

Zach Davis: You don't want to get hit either.


After the fifth whip, the crowd erupts as Bonnie Blue and Grayson Pierce come running out from the back.

Zach Davis: The Vigilantes!

Jordan notices this and rolls out of the ring as Livewire and Blue roll in. He leaves back up the ramp while nodding and watching DeMarcus writhe on the ground. Grayson and Bonnie help DeMarcus to his feet, but he holds his back, where he had been whipped five times. DeMarcus nods respect at them, shaking their hands in appreciation. Grayson whispers something in his ear, and pats him on the shoulder. DeMarcus shakes his head, saying something, and pats Grayson on the back. He nods at Bonnie and exits the ring.

Zach Davis: Well thank god for Bonnie Blue and Grayson Pierce. These vigilantes did just what they said they would do in helping the helpless of the WCF this time.

Freddy Whoa: I'll say. DeMarcus better beat the living shit out of Wolfram.

Gravedigger: Even I thought that was a little excessive...And that’s ME!

Grayson Pierce picks up the microphone.

Livewire: It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from. We ALL are equal in the WCF and we all deserve a fair shake at success.

Bonnie Blue: Call us vigilantes or whatever you want. The fact of the matter is that me and Livewire here are not gon’ stop ‘till we’re dun cleaning the trash ‘round here!

They stare down at DeMarcus who is walking down the ramp.

Livewire: Keep fighting the good fight, my man. Though you’re an army of one with us…

Bonnie Blue: There is no more going it solo. As long as we’re here, and as long as we continue our Rebellution… you’re not an army of one…you’re an army of three!

Jayson Price vs Sandy Coconutz

Live from the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, the fans are just enjoying every segment, and match that the WCF has to offer. This special edition of Slam features the Hardcore, Television, and also the World title on the line. However, the next match is about to begin with Kyle Steel standing in the center of the ring dressed for the occasion, and also having a microphone in his hand.

The lights in the arena are darkened as “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold immediately blasts off the sound systems in the PNC Arena. The crowd knows exactly who this is, and the rains of hatred shower over the music. Jayson Price walks out, still holding the WCF Cruiserweight Championship belt over his right shoulder, and he smirks as he stands on the stage to survey the number of fans religious tearing him down with their boos.

Kyle Steel: Ladies, and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At six feet, five inches, weighing in at 220 pounds. He is the longest reighing WCF Cruiserweight Champion, and the only man in the history of WCF to hold nine titles! JAYSON PRICE!

Jayson keeps walking down to the ring, mocking fans as they continuously demolish him with heat. He doesn’t care at all, he’s basically enjoying the reaction.

Freddy Whoa: Welcome back to Slam where we have yet another match on the way. The man who has held nine championships in the WCF is facing against #BeachKrew’s Sandy Cooconutz.

Gravedigger: This matchup shouldn’t even be considered a match. “Mr. Every Title” has no pride to even take on an actual competitor so he chooses Sandy. What kind of man does that?!

Zach Davis: I’m pretty sure this is a message to #BeachKrew. Jayson will do anything to ensure that he will become World Champion. This is his last shot, and he needs to take it.

In the ring, he is awaiting Sandy. The crowd is still showering him with the hatred of the entire world after his music fades. He doesn’t care, and he’s smirking for one thing is at mind. The WCF World Championship. He’s wearing a traditional ring attire. A black trunks, black boots with white laces, and black kneepads. Pacing back and forth in his corner, the impatience is growing more. Suddenly, the classical song, as also heard on “Family Guy”, “Bird is the Word” by Trashmen starts from the surround systems, and the crowd immediately starts boo’ing already.

Gravedigger: Jesus Christ! No! Anyone but her! Call my ex-girlfriend or something. I’m fine with that but not her!
Freddy Whoa: I’m one to try, and hype everything. I literally cannot find the words to describe this.

Sandy walks out in a tight dress with flats on, and alcohol spills all over. She comes out dancing like a hooker to the song, and is fist pumping in the air while drinking that Corona in her right hand. Sandy almost topples over, walking sloppily while carrying on that dreadful behavior of a typical shore person.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his opponent. From Honolulu, Hawaii. At four feet, eleven inches, weighing in at 125 pounds. Sandy Cooconutz!

She throws the empty bottle into the crowd, and stumbles on the way up of climbing the steel steps. Entering into the ring, she trips over the middle rope, and lands on her back. The referee is needed to help her stand in her corner, and she throws off her hat to the ringside crew. Jayson can’t help but laugh at her tomfoolery, and clumsiness.

Zach Davis: Both competitors are ready, and now Kyle is out of the ring. Jayson’s laughing at Sandy who seems fired up to even take him down.

Ding Ding Ding!


Jayson is in the center of the ring, and Sandy meets up with him as well. The clear difference in height is too obvious, and Sandy puts up her fist in a drunken stance, egging him to fight. He leans forward, and taps his chin for the first hit. He doesn’t take her serious until he gets slapped so hard on the cheek, her hand leaves a red imprint on the face.

Zach Davis: Daaaaaaaamn!

Gravedigger: Rest in peace Sandy.

He turns around, and rubs his cheek from that slap. Sandy is hopping up and down, thinking she has this in the bag until she gets floored into the canvas with a Rolling Elbow from Jayson. Her head ricochets off the landing, and he drops to his knees to ground, and pound her from side control with multiple elbows above her right eye. The crowd is in awe, and all eyes are glued to Sandy kicking, and panicking from the elbows colliding over, and over on her forehead. Jayson lets off, and the referee is checking on the small cut she sustained above her right eye.

Freddy Whoa: What the hell is wrong with this man?! Brutalizing a poor defenseless woman in the ring. The referee should just stop the match, and save her before more harm is done.
Gravedigger: Better question is why is she standing up?! Just stay down Sandy, STAY DOWN!

Sandy is on wobbling legs, and she is thrown down to the mat with clothesline into her chest. Jayson picks her off the mat wrapping his hand in her hair, and digs his right knee into her gut. She drops to her left knee, coughing as if all the air was taken out of her. Out of nowhere, he quickly tosses her into the nearest corner, and she ricochets off the turnbuckles. She holds onto each side of the top rope to prevent her from landing until her chin is uppercutted with the right knee from Jayson. Her body slumps into a seated position, looking like a carcass.

Zach Davis: Jayson Price opened up a cut with those elbows. Medical attention is trying to be involved but here comes JAYSON!

Jayson runs from one end of the ring to Sandy, and nearly breaks her neck with a Basement Dropkick, kicking his feet straight into her skull. He lands on his back while she rolls out of the ring, and the crowd just screaming in horror. He also rolls out from the ring, and licks some of her blood from off his right arm.


Sandy is crawling until she is grabbed by the back of her neck, and waist. Jayson runs her into the steel steps, and uses her as a battering ram throwing the steps apart as her body ricochets near the announce table. She’s on her chest, bleeding, and he’s clapping his hands to mock her spirit in still fighting. The referee reaches up to five until the count is broken when Jayson rolls in, and rolls out.

Gravedigger: This is too much! Her body just broke in half when she collided into the steel steps. Jayson, enough man!

Jayson helps her, and turns her back to the announcer’s table. Placing his hand behind her head, he continuously braces her head against his knee, uppercutting it into her face multiple times in a modified Muay Thai clinch. When she’s rocked, he quickly snaps back with her head hitting the announce table from behind, and rebounding back to the floor with the Russian Leg Sweep.

Freddy Whoa: The back of her head landed on the table edge, and I think she’s out. Wait WHAT?! How is she still getting up?!

Some of the fans are screaming for her to stay down but she doesn’t listen. Sandy gets back on her feet, holding onto the announce table to avoid being sent down. Instead, Jayson runs at her again, and Dropkicks her so hard in the chest, she’s blasted over the announce table, and crashes into the steel chairs beside it. The medical staff immediately jump in to check her condition, and Jayson is laughing maniacally. The referee stops his count, and also assist the rest of medical staff to Sandy who is nothing but a crash site with the bent steel chairs beside the announce table.

Gravedigger: Is this what we really wanted to see? Sandy completely torn apart in pieces?!

Zach Davis: Thank God the referee is going to put an end to the match, she’s completely down.

Jayson quickly intervenes into the medical staff, and rips her away from their clutches. He stands her on her knees, and wraps her hands around her neck before barraged her with multiple rapid knees uppercutting her chin, and nose. He pulled back, and some of the staff try to hold him down. Eventually, Jayson breaks out from their grip, and sprints straight into her path to deliver his final knee with the running velocity behind it to flip her over onto her chest. She’s barely breathing, and not even responding to the crowd’s concern.


He doesn’t. It’s time. He grabs her by the head, and arm, and takes her up onto the apron. He has to do all the work as she’s barely responding to any movement, and quickly puts her in a suplex position.

Zach Davis: No...no...he’s not gonna do it. This could kill her, Jayson enough. Jayson, just leave her alone, and walk away. It’s not worth it!

No more seconds to waste, he quickly lifts her vertical in the air, and drops his weight to ringside while Sandy piledrives herself on the edge of the apron before sloppily falling through the ropes into the ring.



The referee quickly goes into the ring, and is forced to make the count as Jayson gets the pin.




Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, Jayson Price!

"Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the arena speakers as Price rolls off of Sandy. The referee quickly moves in to check on her as Price rolls right on out of the ring and heads for the announce table.

Zach Davis: Oh shit! Look out!

Price grabs hold of the timekeeper and throws him out of his chair before folding it up and heading back into the ring. The referee gets to his feet and tries to put himself between Price and Sandy but ends up eating a chair shot. The referee drops like a sack of potatoes as officials run out from the back to defuse the situation. The first one to slide into the ring gets a chair shot to the back of the head and the rest stop in their tracks.

Freddy Whoa: He's gone insane! Somebody do something!

Zach Davis: Are you volunteering?

Freddy Whoa: Well, I mean, no, I'm not a wrestler. I'm just an announcer!

Price banging the chair on the mat, daring anyone to try and get in the ring. The officials all share a look and remain outside the ring as Price opens the chair back up and sets it down over the fallen body of Sandy Coconutz. Price calls for a microphone and one is tossed to him as he takes a seat. With a swipe of his brow, a smile comes over his face as he listens to the boos from the crowd.

Jayson Price: What? You people actually feel sorry for this trash?

Price gestures to the fallen Sandy, who's still unconscious under his chair.

Jayson Price: You see that's the problem with you people. You cheer for all the wrong people. You admire the loveable losers. You hand over handfuls of your money to buy the merchandise of people like this Snooki rip-off that's laid out under me. And why? Why do you do it? Is it because of their loveable catchphrases? Is it because the bright lights and the pretty colors are like catnip for you morons?

The crowds booing picks up.

Jayson Price: Oh yes, boo me. Boo me because I'm pointing out just how gullible and moronic you fans are. At the snap of a finger you people will switch from cheering to booing anyone that walks out from the back because you're incapable of thinking for yourselves. Years of lackluster stars in this company have you eating out of the palms of any two bit wrestler that can string together a semi-coherent thought. But the fact is that for the last 6 years I've been one of the only constants in this company.


Jayson Price: Fuck me? No, fuck all of you. For 6 years now I've been doing one thing and one thing only and that's wrestle at the top of my game. I never sold out to you morons like the rest of them. I never became like Logan and spewed out barely thought out catchphrases like "SHUT UP"!" I was always the one person in this company that refused to pander himself to you people. It was never about, nothing I did was for you fans. Everything that I've ever done, everything that I've accomplished, all of it was ever for was the only person that matters. Me.


Jayson Price: I had my neck broken. Twice. I got put into a coma when three dickbags decided to try superkicking my head off of my shoulders. I've moonsaulted off of steel cages, competed in the most dangerous matches in WCF history and, for a brief time, even lowered myself to joining forces with Pantheon. And why did I do all of that? Because everything that I've ever done was done for the sole purpose of getting to the top. I looked out for myself my whole career and look where it's gotten me. Right back in the World Title picture.

Crowd: BOOOOO!

Jayson Price: Oh yes, I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting seeing either Torture or Wade Moor be the one to make it so that I can never again chase the WCF World Title. You've all got your little signs ready, the confetti is ready to be tossed and the banners waiting to be unfurled. You just can't wait to celebrate what would be my misery. Aren't you?

The crowd cheers for the first time. Price smiles at their glee.

Jayson Price: Well you're not going to get the pleasure!

Price stomps down on the chest of the slowly recovering Sandy Coconutz. He stands up and picks his chair back up before setting it down so that the bar presses down on Sandy's throat.

Jayson Price: You think that I'm going to be humiliated by the leader of a group that's name begins with a hashtag? You think that I fear Wade Moor? When this is the kind of people he surrounds himself with.

The officials at ringside are pleading with Price to let up on Sandy. Price shoves down on the chair once more before letting it fall to side. Sandy once again goes limp as Price wipes the sweat from his face.

Jayson Price: At Fifteen, I don't care if it's Torture or if it's Wade Moor, I'm going to defeat the World Champion and become a two time WCF World Champion. I'm going to reclaim the World Title and give WCF the first real World Champion that it's had since my first reign. And just like everything else that I've ever done, I'm doing this for me. You people will be the witnesses to the rebirth of the Era Of Price.

Price drops his microphone onto the chest of Sandy with a thud and heads for the ropes. The officials scatter to the other sides of the ring and then slide in to check on Sandy as Price heads up the ramp. The crowd boos as "Nightmare" begins to play once again.

Zach Davis: I know Wade Moor is getting ready for his match against Torture later, but I can't help but think what he's going to do when he hears about what just happened out here.

Freddy Whoa: Seth's announcement that if Price loses at Fifteen he'll never have another chance at the World Title seems to have brought out something terrifying in Price. I wonder just what he's capable of doing and if this was just a preview of what's to come.

Medics arrive to tend to Sandy as Slam goes to commercial.

Katherine Phoenix Segment

We cut backstage to find Dag Riddik walking backstage with a purpose, he pushes past several backstage crew members and finally stops outside an office door which has "Assistant of Talent Relations - Katherine Phoenix" written on it in pink writing. Without knocking Dag just pushes his way through the door clearly showing no respect but Katherine immediately yells at him from the inside of her office.

Katherine Phoenix: Hey! HEY!!! You see that door there?! You're supposed to knock on him! ...I'm not really sure why but I bet it'd please him if you did. You don't want to hurt his feelings do you, Daggy?!

Dag just raises an eyebrow at the brunette woman as he completely ignores her and takes a seat in front of Katherines desk. Sitting opposite to him Katherine sits wearing her body hugging business suit. Sitting on the desk next to her sits her favorite bear, Teddy who is also wearing a business suit looking all smart and professional.

Katherine Phoenix: Oh yeah sure, just take a seat. Unbelievable.

Katherine shakes her head at him a moment whilst leaning over towards her bear.

Katherine Phoenix: Oh yeah sure I agree, but acting like that's not going to get him anywhere... Especially not with me.

Dag just sits there looking between Katherine and her bear for a moment not understanding what's going on.

Dag Riddik: Who the fuck are you talking to?

Katherine Phoenix: SHUT UP! Now...

Katherine shuffles through a bunch of papers, most of which just have pictures drawn on them with her glittery crayons, and finally finds what shes looking for.

Katherine Phoenix: Now it'd seem you've been a very naughty bear recently, Daggy. If fighting for that worthless piece of trash Internet title wasn't bad enough, youve also been rude and mean on twitter and have ignored my rules and warnings every chance you got. You see this?

Katherine points down at one of her drawings.

Katherine Phoenix: That is a picture of a stormy cloud. You get a stormy cloud... you're going to have a bad time. So obviously...

Dag cuts her off, clearly at his wits end with her immature games.

Dag Riddik: For the love of a nonexistent god, would you please cut the horse shit! I shouldn't even have given you the time of day to march down to your damn mad house, but against my better judgement I decided to try and handle this myself. Now you put that got damn drawing down and look at me in the eye when I'm talking to you! I deserve respect, not you! When you start showing me some respect then maybe, maybe I'll listen to you. 'Til then you're gonna be a good girl, sit back, and listen to what the man has to say, alright honey?

Katherine immediately bursts out laughing, just angering Dag even more so.

Katherine Phoenix: Hahahaha I should respect YOU?! Are you sure you used the right word there, Daggy? Cos I don't see any reason why anyone, let alone me... The Assistant of Talent Relations, should respect you in any way. What you think you're special because you're fighting for the jobberiest jobber bear title in all the jobber bear universe? Ummmmm, nope. Think again Daggy Bear. I guess you either thought I was joking or you were just too silly to read the new rule about you jobber bears being paid in cookies now, huh? Oh by the way speaking of which... I kinda accidentally ate your pay packet. But don't worry about that, you weren't going to get any of it anyway.

Katherine just sits there and smugly grins at Dag who now looks furious.

Dag Riddik: There is something severely wrong with you. I don't know what it is; I'm not a doctor and I don't care enough to investigate either. Whatever it is, I'm gonna get past it and shove you aside while I'm at it. You're going to come to a shockingly abrupt collision with reality in a very short time here. I'm going to break your pyschotic little mind. I hope you enjoy every last second of "happiful" moments you have left, because it isn't a lot. Your world is going to come crashing down upon you by my hand, burying you beneath a heaping pile of irrelevancy. Your greatest moments are behind, young Katherine. I'm going to bury you in the memories of your past and weigh you down with the very moronic concepts you lived by. No one will remember you. No one will seek you out. When someone acts like you, they don't exactly leave an air of importance which begs those they leave behind to hunt them down and liberate them. Beneath your combustible elements, I will burn you. And Ms. Phoenix will never rise again. You will be forever shattered, wandering aimlessly through the broken pieces of your pathetic life. You will be rendered beneath me, under my thumb, to do with as I please. Your fragile mind is still waiting to be shaped, and I am just the man to do it. Or... Are you going to come to your senses?

Dag leans back in his chair and exhales a long, slow heavy sigh waiting for Katherines response.

Katherine Phoenix: Hmmmmmm, yes... interesting. Very very interesting...

Katherine sits back in her chair placing her finger tips together and looking quite bemused. After a few minutes of her sitting like this she finally sits back up ready to continue.

Katherine Phoenix: I...

Suddenly a little alarm bell goes off next to her as Katherine reaches down and picks up a Mickey Mouse egg timer turning it off. She looks back at Dag with a sweet smile on her face.

Katherine Phoenix: Well Daggy that is all we have time for today I'm afraid. The Mickey Mouse went off and that means it's time to say goodbye. Do not worry though, if you speak to my assistant he will be happy to book you in for another appointment to see me and we can finally get to the bottom of why you're such a miserable little grrrrrrr bear. Spoilers... Im pretty sure it's because you were molested by your uncle.

Katherine sits back in her chair once again placing her feet up onto the desk.

Katherine Phoenix: Damn I'm good at my job.

Katherine looks over at her Teddy and nods her head.

Katherine Phoenix: Yes I'm available then... Daggy, Teddy would like to know if you're available next Thursday at about 3pm? Honestly you're lucky that I've got a free slot so soon, most of my week has been taken up by Obi Teddy trying to get to the bottom of why he's such a weak little peanut butter bitch bear. You wouldn't believe the progress he's made.

Dag lets out a very slow sigh through his nose, sitting back in his chair. He stares at Katherine who just continues to sit there grinning at him. Dag quickly stands up and slams both his fists into the table. He gets right into Katherine face, and this causes her to wheel her chair back from the her desk by reaction. He leans over the desk and grabs her business suit lapels and easily muscles her right back up to his face.

Dag Riddik: No one makes a fool out of Dag Riddik! Do you understand what you're messing with? You sit here with your little games and your childish bullshit trying to blow me off and belittle me as if you can do so without consequence, but you've only sealed your fate! No one! NO one makes a fool of me! I am the new muscle of this place, on my way to the top with or without your help, do you understand me? I will not tolerate your horse shit! I am in control of my destiny, and no one can take that from me, sure as hell not a sex pot with a five year old's mentality! What don't you understand?"

Dag is dangerously losing control of his temper as he starts violently shaking Katherine by her lapels. He is finally realizing just how stupid this woman is trying to make him look.

Dag Riddik: Absolutely no woman of any stature holds power of me! That's the only reason you're in this spot! You're a slut to that otaku gender fluid psychopath, aren't you? You worthless, irrelevant, bratty, immature, retarded whore! You listen right here, to the man speaking, do you understand me? ANSWER ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!"

Katherine doesn't say a thing she just remains face to face with Dag as he continues to blow up in front of her.

Dag Riddik: Maybe you'll get it now! Maybe you'll understand that no woman like yourself deserves any kind of spot like what you have! You are a black stain on the fabric of the integrity of this company! You will be cleansed from the system, one way or another!

Dag finally throws Katherine back into her chair. He abruptly begins walking out of the office, but stops and turns.

Dag Riddik: Oh... And I'll see you Thursday to address my payment situation. Can't wait, honey.

He walks out and slams the door. As soon as Dag leaves the room Katherine bursts out laughing at what had just happened, she brushes down her jacket and stretches out making herself comfortable in her chair.

Katherine Phoenix: That jobber bear cracks me up! Hahahaha!

Rey de Reyes vs Andre Jenson

"Day Of The Dead" by Hollywood Undead hits the arena speakers. Rey de Reyes waits a couple seconds to come out the curtain, then pyro explodes. Reyes walks down to the ring slowly enough for the fans to bask in his glory.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Monterrey, Mexico, weighing in at 186 pounds...REY de REYES!

He then slides gracefully into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle closest to him and lets the fans bask in his glory once again.

Kyle Steel: And introducing his opponent...

A deep voice booms from the PA system "In the world of the fantasy land of Kem begot a new type of warrior, one which was created from the fires of the star Elume and forged in the great battles of the third age. A warrior so daring and so brave that King Dennis the maker himself would try to destroy him and fail. This man is more than man, he is legend"

Some sort of fantasy based music then starts to play as mist slowly rolls up the entrance ramp while Andre Jenson appears from behind the curtain. Andre looks around to the crowd with a stony stare before meandering to the ring while waving the weapon he is brandishing today.

Kyle Steel: From The Fantastical Island Of Kem, weighing in at 205 pounds...ANDRE JENSON!

He enters the ring after looking underneath. He finds what he's looking for, a small money pouch before rolling under the bottom rope. When in the ring he takes a few dice from the pouch and rolls them. He looks at them appraisingly before smiling, turning to the crowd and doing a very manly fist pump. He shakes the referee's hand, forearm to forearm.

Zach Davis: And this Jenson guy is a bit on the odd side, wouldn't you say?

Gravedigger: Odd? I suppose that's the PC way of putting it.

Zach Davis: And how exactly would you put it?

Freddy Whoa: In the vagina!

Gravedigger: Quit stealing my jokes, damn it!

Zach Davis: And with that, there's the bell!


Both men come out of their corners and circle the ring once before moving in for the tie-up. Jenson a bit aggressive going for a headlock and Reyes shoves him off and into the ropes. Reyes with the leapfrog and then spins around, trying to hit Jenson with a standing dropkick as he rebounds off the ropes. But Jenson had the high flyer scouted and hangs onto the ropes, leaving Reyes to fall to the mat. Rey tries to sit up but Jenson takes him back to the mat with a running dropkick to the ribs.

Zach Davis: Oof!

Jenson back up to his feet and he quickly drops back down with an elbow to the chest. Jenson right back up and he drops a second elbow. And then a third before shoving Reyes shoulders to the mat for the pin attempt.


Freddy Whoa: No! Kick out!

Jenson back up to his feet as Reyes tries to get to his. Jenson with a front facelock and he pulls Reyes upright and starts to go for a DDT. But Reyes with the counter, grabbing Jenson by the legs. Jenson with a forearm to the back and then he tries to lift Reyes up for a suplex but Reyes again counters, kneeing Jenson in the face and dropping back to his feet. Reyes with a knee to the gut, doubling over Jenson, and follows it up with a snap DDT. Reyes with the pin attempt.


Zach Davis: No! Kick out!

Reyes back up to his feet and he pulls Jenson up with him. Reyes throws Jenson into the ropes and tries to set him up for a clothesline but Jenson ducks it. Jenson spins him around and hits him with a forearm to the face. Jenson now pulling him in and he hits a suplex cutter.

Freddy Whoa: The D20!

Reyes still moving on the mat as Jenson takes a step back and measures him up. Reyes sitting up and Jenson runs right at him.

Zach Davis: Critical Hit!

Jenson with a running knee strike to the face before falling backward onto Reyes for the pin attempt.




Freddy Whoa: And Andre Jenson gets the win!

Andre's fantasy music hits the speakers as he gets to his feet, arms raised in victory. Reyes rolls out of the ring looking rather dejected as Andre bows to the crowd.

Zach Davis: Well he may be odd but he certainly looked impressive tonight.

Gravedigger: Sigh. The kind of people this company attracts.

Slam goes to commercial.

Mystery Segment

Zach Davis: Some great action as usual here for Slam!

Freddy Whoa: This again?!

The lights go out and the camera turns it’s attention towards the big screen which has gone black and begins to display a bold, cryptic message.




The lights come back on as confusion fills the air once again and Slam cuts to commercial.

Adam Young vs Spencer Adams

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall!!!

Child's Voice: He is One Sick Bastard. He loves to hunt. May God have mercy on your soul for he will not.

The arena goes pitch black. Short bursts of green, white, and orange strobe lights flash multiple times and then stop. A single green light hits the entrance filtering threw the smoke "God is Dead?" by Black Sabbath starts playing and the jumbotron reads "One Sick Bastard". Out steps Adam Young and Myra. Myra rubs her right hand on Adam's chest and then starts towards the ring. Adam takes his gas mask off his head and drops it. He wipes his mouth and then stares into the ring. Myra motions for him to come to her as she stands on the ring apron. Adam slowly makes his way to the ring.

Crowd: You’re a sick bastard!

Adam smirks as he climbs up onto the ring apron. Myra holds the ropes open for him as he wipes his feet before kissing her on the lips. Adam slides into the ring and throws he's t-shirt into the face of the ring announcer.

Zach Davis: It’s time guys! We finally get to see one of the bigger grudge matches in recent history taking place on Slam!

Freddy Whoa: This should be a good one!

Gravedigger: Meh.

The opening riff to Supremacy by Muse hits the PA as strobe lights flicker and a blue smoke fills the stage. As the song picks up, Spencer steps onto the stage and lifts his right arm high into the air with a microphone in the left.

Spencer Adams: Adam! It’s finally time and I have good news for you, buddy!

Young cocks his head, looking down the ramp at Spencer.

Spencer Adams: Yeah, that’s right! You know, you’ve been bitching and making up nothing but excuses for why you don’t walk away with the victory when you’re competing against Spencer Adams and I just thought I’d let you know that you don’t have to worry about any of that. You won’t have to worry about any of my allies running down to assist me and if Bad News Benson or anybody else wants to come down and supply you with even the slightest bullshit excuse, I’ll fucking crush them myself. So this is it! One final fucking showdown!

Spencer throws the mic aside and makes his way down the ramp, jumping up onto different spots on the barricade and high fiving fans before charging into the ring and climbing the turnbuckle. He motions for the fans to make some noise before leaping down and waiting for the bell.

Zach Davis: Myra arguing with the referee now!

Freddy Whoa: These two exchanging words!

Zach Davis: The ref pointing towards the ramp, is he..?!

Freddy Whoa: He is! It looks like Myra is banned from ringside!

Zach Davis: That should help keep things a bit more under control tonight!

Freddy Whoa: That could be a huge factor in this match, Zach!

Zach Davis: I think it definitely will be!

Freddy Whoa: Now it’s just these two men ready to beat the hell out of each other!

Zach Davis: Here we go! Spencer Adams! Adam Young! It’s time!

Before the match can start, a man walks out in a black tuxedo standing half way up the entrance way just staring at Adam Young.

Adam Young: Why the hell you fucking with me? Get the hell out of here.

Adam drops down out of the ring and starts walking towards the man. The ref is making sure Spencer Adams stays in the ring when this huge man nails Adam in the head with a right closed fist and jumps the rail. The man in the tux motions for the monster to continue the assault. He picks Adam up and nails a power bomb into the steel post knocking Adam completely out. The ref turns around and begins the ten count. Spencer stops the count and the ref pushes him back. As the ref is turned around the monster picks Adam up and power bombs him onto the ring apron this time and throws him over the second rope into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: The ref trying to keep these men at bay as they approach each other! They don’t look like they even want to wait for the bell!

Spencer picks Young up but Young angrily spits in his face!

Freddy Whoa: Adam Young spitting in the face of Spencer Adams! What disrespect!

Zach Davis: And trying his best to keep Spencer back as Adams appears ready to rip Young’s head off!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer backs up as he wipes away the spit, but he is not happy right now, Zach!

Zach Davis: Get ready! This is going to get ugly!



Zach Davis: Spencer staying right on him! Not letting up at all!

Freddy Whoa: Thesz press from Adams and he is just laying into Young right now with some hard rights!

Zach Davis: The ref trying to calm Spencer Adams down a bit as he gets off of Adam Young!

Freddy Whoa: We can already see blood pouring down Young’s face from those blows!

Zach Davis: The ref talking to Spencer who just stands there with anger in his eyes as Adam Young pulls himself to his feet!

Freddy Whoa: Ref backing up now!

Zach Davis: And they charge at each other again, this time with a hard tie up!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer gains control with a tight headlock!

Zach Davis: Looking to take control of this one from the start!

Freddy Whoa: And Spencer throws Young over the top rope now! Young sent to the outside!

Zach Davis: Spencer preparing to fly here!


Freddy Whoa: Spencer running now and he leaps!


Zach Davis: And Young with a hard blow to the head as Spencer Adams dives through the middle rope!


Freddy Whoa: Holy shit! That’s one way to get some momentum on your side!


Zach Davis: He needed that counter there!


Freddy Whoa: Young pulling Spencer up now and rolling him back into the ring!

Zach Davis: Adam Young following him back in as he stumbles around a bit more, the blood continuing to run down his face!

Freddy Whoa: Those shots at the beginning of this match sure don’t help things out for Adam Young!

Zach Davis: Adam Young stomping away at Spencer Adams now!

Freddy Whoa: It looked like it would be all Spencer Adams at first, but Adam Young took advantage of an opening and it’s paying off here!

Zach Davis: Adam Young dropping down and applying a headlock of his own as Spencer struggles on the ground!

Freddy Whoa: Young applying a lot of pressure on the neck there!

Zach Davis: The crowd clapping and stomping their feet now in support of Spencer Adams!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer fighting to get to his feet as Young keeps control of the head!

Zach Davis: Spencer pushing him off the ropes now!

Freddy Whoa: Young bounces off the ropes!

Zach Davis: Clothesline!

Freddy Whoa: No! Adams ducks it!

Zach Davis: Young bouncing again!

Freddy Whoa: Adams leaping over him!

Zach Davis: Young bounces off the ropes once more!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer jumping over Young again!

Zach Davis: Young coming back again!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer drops down to duck it!

Zach Davis: Adam Young with that low dropkick! Young scouts Spencer and takes him down again!

Freddy Whoa: And a cover here!



Zach Davis: Young pounds the mat in frustration!

Freddy Whoa: He pulls Spencer back to his feet!

Zach Davis: Hard irish whip to the corner!

Freddy Whoa: Young runs at him!

Zach Davis: Hard clothesline to Spencer Adams in the corner there!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer dropping down against that corner now!

Zach Davis: And Adam Young pressing the bottom of that boot into Spencer’s face!

Freddy Whoa: The ref counting now!





Zach Davis: And Adam Young lets up just in time to avoid getting himself disqualified!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer with a look of pain from that one!

Zach Davis: And Adam Young right back at him, pressing that boot under the chin again!





Freddy Whoa: Young let’s up again!

Zach Davis: Such disrespect here from Adam Young!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer Adams called this a grudge match and he wasn’t lying! These two men want to destroy each other!

Zach Davis: Young running at that corner again!

Freddy Whoa: Baseball slide dropkick!

Zach Davis: and Spencer rolls out of the way as Young goes sliding right into the post!

Freddy Whoa: That is not a place that you want to be hit!

Zach Davis: Adams finally able to turn this match in his favor again as he gets a moment to catch his breath outside the ring!




Freddy Whoa: Adams grabbing Young’s leg now as he pulls it back!


Zach Davis: And the leg flung hard into the post as Adam Young shouts out in pain!


Freddy Whoa: And again sending that leg into the post!


Zach Davis: Spencer sliding back into the ring!

Freddy Whoa: And Spencer stomping away at Adam Young now!

Zach Davis: Great action here in this one so far!

Freddy Whoa: These men are putting a lot into this one, really leaving it all in the ring!

Zach Davis: Adams picks up Young!

Freddy Whoa: Going for that scoop slam!

Zach Davis: And Young drops behind!

Freddy Whoa: Neckbreaker reversal from Adam Young and the cover!




Zach Davis: Adam Young can be tough as hell when motivated like this, but Spencer Adams has that high level of resiliency that is going to make it difficult for anybody to put him away, it will not be easy!

Freddy Whoa: Such a great on paper matchup really that’s translating even better in real life! For all the shit that people give Adam Young about his shortcomings, he’s got that veteran experience on his side and it’s really making for some great in ring work from both of these guys here tonight!

Zach Davis: Adam Young bouncing off the ropes!

Freddy Whoa: Big elbow drop to the midsection!

Zach Davis: And another cover!




Freddy Whoa: The nearfalls appear to really be getting to Adam Young here!

Zach Davis: Young picking Spencer up now!

Freddy Whoa: Going for a running bulldog on the top rope!

Zach Davis: and Spencer lifts Young up and over, dropping him right on his back outside the ring!

Freddy Whoa: Another shift in momentum here it looks like!


Zach Davis: Spencer is feeling it!



Crowd: An-tuh-dote! An-tuh-dote! An-tuh-dote! An-tuh-dote!


Freddy Whoa: He runs off the ropes!


Zach Davis: Somersault plancha onto Adam Young!

Freddy Whoa: Adams getting back to his feet! Big move there!


Crowd: This is awesome! *clap clap clap clap clap* This is awesome! *clap clap clap clap clap*



Zach Davis: Awesome indeed!


Freddy Whoa: Adams lifting Young up!


Zach Davis: Launching Young into that barricade!

Freddy Whoa: But Young reverses it and throws Spencer into the barricade!

Zach Davis: And a hard crash!


Freddy Whoa: Adam Young rolling back into the ring now! Spencer Adams needs to hurry up and get himself back in!


Zach Davis: Adam Young using that top rope to help stand himself up as the count continues! Don’t let it end like this!


Freddy Whoa: Come on, Adams!

Zach Davis: Showing a sign of life here as he uses the barricade to pull himself up!


Freddy Whoa: And he recognizes the count and barely slides back in as the ref was ready to count him out!

Zach Davis: Young and Adams gaining their footing!

Freddy Whoa: They’re both to their feet now!

Zach Davis: Young moving to that corner as Spencer appears a bit unsteady!

Freddy Whoa: The ref checking on Adams!

Zach Davis: And what is Adam Young doing?! Look at this man!

Freddy Whoa: Adam Young removing that turnbuckle cover as the ref is distracted from checking on Adams!

Zach Davis: Spencer waves off the referee, looks like he’s good to go!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer going for a clothesline into the corner now!

Zach Davis: Young ducks it!

Freddy Whoa: Adams braces himself! Seeing that exposed turnbuckle in time and avoiding some major damage there!

Zach Davis: Adam Young rolling him up from behind!




Freddy Whoa: Just barely! The element of surprise almost had him!

Zach Davis: Spencer rolls back and to his feet now!

Freddy Whoa: Young to his feet as well!


Freddy Whoa: NO! YOUNG DUCKS IT!

Zach Davis: Adam Young countering with some hard chops to the chest now!

Freddy Whoa: Those chops are just echoing through the arena!

Zach Davis: Young with an irish whip now!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer off the ropes!

Zach Davis: Hard STO from Adam Young! He goes for another pinfall attempt!




Freddy Whoa: Spencer Adams will just not stay down!

Zach Davis: This is a real bad blood match and neither man wants to give up on this one!

Freddy Whoa: Young taunting to the crowd, heavy boos here now!

Zach Davis: He approaches Adams!


Zach Davis: Young struggles! He’s fading quick as Spencer sinks that one in deep!

Freddy Whoa: Young crawling!

Zach Davis: He’s almost there!


Zach Davis: Young needs to get out of this quick!

Freddy Whoa: He continues to crawl, but this has to be sucking the life out of him right now!

Zach Davis: Young getting close again!

Freddy Whoa: He’s just fingertips away now!


Freddy Whoa: Spencer lets go as the ref goes to count it!

Zach Davis: You’ve gotta wonder what it will take for one of these men to walk away victorious!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer on his feet now! Waiting for Young to get up!

Zach Davis: And Young gets to his feet!

Freddy Whoa: Running at Spencer Adams again, shoulder block attempt here!

Zach Davis: Spencer ducks down and catches him though!

Freddy Whoa: VACCINE!


Freddy Whoa: Spinning Spencer around!


Freddy Whoa: Adams stumbling over to the corner, barely able to remain on his feet here!

Zach Davis: Pulling him in for the Hand of God!

Freddy Whoa: He lifts him up!



Zach Davis: Spencer back to his feet as Young flies into the corner now!

Freddy Whoa: Adams goes running!

Zach Davis: Young getting out of the way!


Zach Davis: Young running at him this time!


Zach Davis: The two charge at each other!







Kyle Steel: Your winner, “The Antidote” Spencer Adams!

Freddy Whoa: What a match these two put on here tonight!

Zach Davis: That was a war, Freddy! Hats off to these two men!

Freddy Whoa: Adam Young in the middle of the ring as Spencer gets to his feet, pointing upward now!

Zach Davis: A little message for his opponents in the Final Destination match at Fifteen perhaps!

Spencer Adams goes to leave.The two men just keep their eyes on Adam Young as Spencer Adams walks by. The man in the tux motions for the monster to finish it. He jumps up onto the apron and steps threw the ropes. He cracks his neck and then power bombs Adam into the corner into a Doctor bomb in the middle of the ring. The man in the tux snaps his fingers and the monster climbs out of the ring. They exit threw the crowd never saying a word.

Core Institute Segment

“Wing Fortress Zone” by Masato Nakamura plays over the loudspeakers. Bernard “Common” Core comes out dressed in a three piece suit, accompanied by Jeffrey Cornelius, who has once again come out carrying the American flag.

Zach Davis: Seriously? He doesn’t even have a match tonight!

Gravedigger: Great men don’t take the night off, Zach.

Freddy Whoa: Bernard Core had a hell of a match against Mikey eXtreme for the United States Championship, but unfortunately a controversial ending led to a draw and the two started brawling as the refs were trying to figure out who won the contest. I hope we can see the two of them again and find out who’s truly the better man.

Gravedigger: Freddy, that’s the first smart thing you’ve said so far this year.

Freddy Whoa: Thank y— hey!

Bernard Core and Jeffrey Cornelius enter the ring and a ringside official gives Core a microphone.

Bernard Core: Before I say anything else, I have to address the end of my match last week for the Championship of the United States against the incumbent champion, Mikey eXtreme. It is clear to me and any intelligent human being that I was the winner of that match. Why there were two referees counting the pinfall is beyond me, but the way I see it, once the first referee was incapacitated and the second referee took over the duties of officiating the match, then the second referee’s decision should have been the official decision. Mikey eXtreme was given a gift in the form of sanctioned incompetence. I would have been fine with starting the match over again, but Mikey eXtreme caused a brawl between he and myself in the hopes of getting himself out of having to continue the match, and lo and behold, he succeeded. It’s been seven days since then and I haven’t heard one word about a rematch for the Championship of the United States! I would hope that if Mikey eXtreme were a real man, if Mikey eXtreme were a real AMERICAN, he would at least acknowledge the fact that he wrestled me to a draw, even though I was the real winner, and declare that he will put that title on the line against me again!

Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, let’s get down the real reason that I’m out here. I have a major announcement to make, one that I’ve been hoping to make for the last month now. As all of you know, I came into this promotion hoping to promote the virtues of the Common Core Learning Standards, but no matter what I say, no matter how many matches I win, no matter how much I prove each and every week that I’m better than all of you, you haven’t been receiving the message. It’s not being received in the arenas across America and more importantly it’s not being received in our schools. Well, as the saying goes, “if you want something done right,” you have to do it yourself, which is exactly what I’m doing.

I would like to announce the creation of new school, a revolutionary school, one that will be the cradle of progress and advancement here in the United States. A school that embodies the values of America, which were lost so long ago. A school where uniformity and standardization will be enforced. A school where the academic rigor so lacking in our public schools will be the number one priority. A school that could only be run by someone like me who has guts to swim against the current, complacent tide of American education. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you…

Bernard Core points to the jumbotron.


An image appears on the screen. The words “The Core Institute” are displayed on top. Below the words is a circular crest. Inside the circle is a picture of a fasces with the words “Uniformitatem pro omnibus” surrounding it.

Crowd: Booooooo!

Bernard Core: The Core Institute will be a model for all other schools in this country, both public and private. The work will we do will be on par with the work being done in the halls of our greatest institutions, including Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford. And of course, it will be run entirely by me. I will be the school’s headmaster. Therefore, I no longer wish to be referred to simply as Bernard Core. From now on, all of you will address me just like the students of the Core Institute will address me- as HEADMASTER Bernard Core.

Crowd: Booooooo!

Bernard Core: My vision, my standards, my rules will govern the student body and all of the schools activities. The curriculum will be decided by me. The teachers will teach the way that I want them to teach. The students will learn the way that I want them to learn.

Crowd: Booooooo!

Bernard Core: Now, I know this may be hard for some of you to believe, but even I cannot run the entire school by myself. You may have noticed that recently, I’ve been accompanied by the young man that you see to my right. This young man is my son, Jeffrey Cornelius, and he will act as my administrative assistant!

The crowd boos as Jeffrey Cornelius continues staring straight ahead, holding the American flag.

Bernard Core: The next man I want to introduce to you is my dean of discipline. Every great institution needs to have a code of conduct and someone to enforce that code of conduct. Without this type of person, order will break down and the goals of the institution will not be met. While I am in charge of forming the vision of my school, I need someone to enforce that vision, and when I created the position of dean of discipline, I looked far and wide for the best person for the job. Little did I know that I didn’t need to look any further than right here in the WCF. The man that I have picked to be my dean of discipline is tough. He’s mean. He doesn’t take any nonsense from anybody, and in this day and age, when students seem to be taking advantage of authority more than any other time in our nation’s history, I need a man who’s willing to stand on the front lines against insubordination. Without any further adieu, I’d like to bring him out right now.

There is a pause for a few seconds throughout the arena. The crowd looks towards the entrance in anticipation to see who this mystery man could be. And then…


The crowd pops huge at the sounds of “Of Wolf and Man” by Metallica.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Gravedigger: HE’S BAAAAACK!

Stepping out from behind the curtain is Wolf with a completely new look. His red hair has been cut short. Gone are the muttonchops, replaced by stubble. He’s wearing a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. He stands at the top of the entrance way, looking around the arena before he looks straight ahead and walks toward the ring.

Zach Davis: We saw Bernard Core take Wolf under his wing a month ago, and it looks like whatever he did worked!

When he enters the ring, he stares at Headmaster Bernard Core for a few seconds before finally shaking his hand. The music stops.

Bernard Core: Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you my new dean of discipline…Dean Wolf!

Core hands Dean Wolf the microphone. There’s a mix of boos and howls from the crowd. Dean Wolf looks around the crowd for a few second, taking it all in before putting the microphone up to his lips.

Dean Wolf: Whether you’re booing me or howling, the one thing that all of you people can do right now is shut the fuck up.


Dean Wolf: I’m not out here to be liked by any of you. The only person whose opinion I care about in this building is this man right here.

He points at Bernard Core. The crowd boos some more.

Dean Wolf: A week before War XIV, I cut a promo in the locker room where I said that being Wolf was about one thing: change. When I was fifteen, I changed from a scared little boy who didn’t have the guts to stick up for himself to an ass kicking machine who beat anybody who dared to cross him. When I came into the WCF back in August, that’s exactly who I was. All of you saw it on display at War XIV. Then, for reasons that I don’t have to share with you fucking people, I got myself caught up in substance abuse. I changed, alright; I changed from being one of the most feared and fastest rising competitors in the WCF to being a complete and utter joke. Everyone saw it on display. WCF officials could see my downward spiral. The boys in the back laughed as I made a fool of myself every night. You fans would see me out at the bars and take selfies with me for your own hipster, ironic amusement. Nobody, NOBODY cared enough to help me. Everyone just wanted to mock me. It was like being that scared fifteen year old kid again, except this time I wasn’t aware of how I was being mistreated until after the fact. Finally, Headmaster Core stepped into my life and recognized that I needed help. He saw that even though I had become a common fucking junkie, I had worth. I had value. I had talent and potential that had yet to be tapped. He brought me into his home and made sure that I got back to full health; and as I spent time in his home recovering from the state that I had put myself in, I started to go through a change again. I started to seek the wolf within myself once more and when I found it, I found the man that stands in front of you right now.

Crowd: Boooooooo!

Dean Wolf: This isn’t the same Wolf that you knew back a few months ago. Is the fire to kick ass still there? Yes. Is the “take no bullshit” attitude still there? Yes. But now, all of that has a higher purpose. I’m not just fighting for myself and my own interests; I’m fighting for the interests of The Core Institute, which in turn is fighting for the survival of this entire country!

Crowd: Boooooooo!

Dean Wolf: Over the last few weeks, my eyes have been opened up by Headmaster Core. He’s shown me what America has become. It’s a nation full of soft parents who don’t know how to properly rear their children; and look at the effect. We have kids who don’t respect authority, especially in our schools. These kids are going to grow up not having any concept of rules and order. They’ll become lazy welfare recipients, thinking that life is handed to them on a silver platter. Our culture will decay quicker than it is right now, to the point where it’s completely unrecognizable. After all of that, our enemies will swoop in like vultures and pick the meat off of our country’s dead, rotting corpse.

Bernard Core nods approvingly at Dean Wolf’s words.

Dean Wolf: My job at the Core Institute is to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Any student who does not comply with the rules and regulations of the Core Institute will meet with swift and hard punishment from me!

Crowd: Booooooo!

Dean Wolf: I don’t take any disrespect! I don’t take any bullshit! Fuck with me and you’re going to get fucked! I am judge, jury, and executioner! And this isn’t just for the future students of the Core Institute. This is for all of the wrestlers here in the WCF as well. The message of Headmaster Core will be spread, and there is no man in that locker room that is going to stop it from spreading. Any man who tries to sabotage Headmaster Core’s efforts at becoming the top wrestler in the WCF will have to go through me first! This man knows how to save America! He saved me, a lost cause just like you all think America is, and I will have his back 24/7! Don’t let looks deceive you. I may be wearing a suit, but the wolf underneath is still the same. I will kick your ass if you interfere with the Core Institute’s vision! The warning is real clear, folks- COMPLY…OR DIE!

Bernard Core applauds Dean Wolf while the fans boo. Wolf hands back the microphone and the two hug.

Bernard Core: Registration for the Core Institute’s entrance lottery will begin in a few days; though I doubt any of you North Carolina clodhoppers know how to spell your kids’ names well enough to register them.

Crowd: Booooooo!

Bernard Core: Before we go and begin the work of saving America, please rise and join us in reciting the Common Core Pledge of Allegiance.

Bernard Core and Dean Wolf turn their attention towards the American flag held by Jeffrey Cornelius. The crowd boos as they recite the pledge.

Bernard Core: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the MAN for which it stands, one nation, under COMMON CORE, with UNIFORMITY and STANDARDIZATION for all.

The crowd boos.

“Wing Fortress Zone” plays while the men leave the ring and walk up the aisle.

Zach Davis: My God, what have we just witnessed?

Dag Riddik/Punkin vs Lucious Starr/Andre Holmes

Zach Davis: Our next match is about to get underway.

"The Greatest" by Futuristic hits the P.A., pyro flying in all directions, as the word "UNDERRATED" finishes. Lucious Starr walks out from backstage, surveying the crowd. He nods, pointing to the ring. Starr starts down the ramp, slapping his chest and pointing to the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... From Los Angeles, California... Weighing in at 263 pounds... This is Lucious Staaaarrr!!!. Lucious reaches the bottom, of the ramp, stopping to take in the moment. Starr stops and looks up at the entrance stage....The opening sound effects of "Relentless" by New Years Day are heard and the crowd knows what they are in store for. The moment the opening guitar riffs and drums blast the introduction, the crowd erupts in a chorus of cheers for one of their cherished athletes. The lights dim to cover the arena, in a blanket of darkness, while the strobe lights waver around in a synchronized dance to the rhythm, of the song.

Andre Holmes walks from the back, with a great smile on his face. He walks down the entrance ramp...

Kyle Steel: His partner, from Houston, Texas... Weighing in at 201 pounds... This is Andre Holmes. Both Starr and Holmes get to the ring and hop up to the ring apron. They sprint to opposite corners and climb to second turnbuckle, as they look to the cheering crowd. They both hop into the ring, as they wait for their opponents.

Freddy Whoa: It looks as if both Andre Holmes and Lucious Starr are ready for action.

"Aenima" by Tool begins to play as anti-liberal images mixed with training clips come over the jumbo-tron. Both Dag Riddick and Punkin casually walk out. Riddick cracks his neck, smirks as they both walk towards the ring. Riddick taunts the crowd, as Punkin keeps walking.

Kyle Steel: Their opponents, weighing in at 235 pounds Dag Riddick and his partner.... Punkin.

They both enter the ring. Riddick has a mic in hand...

Dag Riddick: When I look around this God forsaken arena, I just want to puke up my guts!! This place stinks!! You all stink!! You all a bunch of overweight, out of shape ignoramus'!!!

Riddick drops the mic. The referee picks up the mic, as he signals for the bell.


Instantly both Dag Riddick and Punkin attacks both Lucious Starr and Andre Holmes. Punkin slams down Holmes as Riddick knocks Lucious Starr down to the mat with a chop block.

Zach Davis: The team of Dag Riddick and Punkin takes early advantage.

Punkin and Andre Holmes leave ring, to stand at their corners.

Freddy Whoa: Dag Riddick stomps down on the back and legs of the larger Lucious Starr.

Riddick grabs Starr, standing him up...

Gravedigger: Riddick drops Lucious with a roundhouse kick. Starr gets picked up and gets slammed back down to the mat with a pumphandle neckbreaker. With Lucious Starr on his stomach, facing down, Dag Riddick roars out as he locks in a full nelson, slamming the head, of Lucious Starr, repeatedly, on the mat!!


Zach Davis: Dag Riddick tags in Punkin.

Punkin grabs Starr and whips him into the ropes. Starr bounces off the ropes, as Punkin misses with a clothesline attempt. Lucious Starr continues running, bouncing off the ropes, flying towards Punkin.

Freddy Whoa: Lucious Starr nails Punkin with a Thesz Press!! Starr going for a pin cover!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!



Gravedigger: Punkin kicks out at two and a half!!!

Starr picks up Punkin, quickly going behind him.

Zach Davis: Lucious Starr just folded Punkin in half with a German Suplex!!

Punkin staggers up...

Freddy Whoa: Lucious Starr just leveled Punkin with a pullback discus elbow.

Starr picks up a battered Punkin...

Gravedigger: Lucious Starr bounces back and just kicked the head of Punkin, nearly off his shoulders.

The impact, of the kick, causes Punkin to stumble backwards...

Zach Davis: A frustrated Dag Riddick tags himself in.

Freddy Whoa: Lucious Starr tags in Andre Holmes.

Riddick charges at Holmes, who ducks out of the way, flies to a nearby corner, bouncing off the second turnbuckle, twisting in the air, nailing Dag Ridfick with an enziguiri.

Gravedigger: Andre Holmes charges at a kneeling and nails him with a rolling elbow. Andre Holmes is going for the quick pin...

Crowd: On-...


Riddick gets up standing, about the same time Holmes executes a standing dropkick...

Freddy Whoa: Dag Riddick smacks Andre Holmes out of the way.

Riddick picks up Holmes and drops him with a t-bone duplex. Before Andre Holmes gets balanced, Dag Riddick grabs his opponent and drops him again, this time with half-nelson duplex.

Zach Davis: Dag Riddick goes for the pin...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TW-....


Holmes is picked up, from off the mat, but quickly drop Riddick the mat shaking belly to belly duplex.

Gravedigger: Andre Holmes flies to a corner, climbs to the top turnbuckle and wasting no time whatsoever flies off with a twisting moonsault, landing hard on the prone body of Dag Riddick. Holmes attempts a pin attempt.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!



Holmes whips Riddick into the ropes...

Freddy Whoa: Punkin just tagged himself in...

Punkin charges Andre Holmes...


Gravedigger: Andre Holmes just knocked out Punkin with his Thrust Kick!!!

Zach Davis: An enraged Dag Riddick charges inside the ring, bouncing off the ropes, running up to an unaware Andre Holmes, gripping his shoulders, nearly flipping over Andre Holmes, extending his own legs in the air, then forcefully rotating back down and thrusting both knees into the back of Andre Holmes!!

Lucious Starr charges into ring lifting Riddick in a duplex, dropping Riddick in a torture rack then dropping Riddick on his face.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! Here comes Punkin, staggering but spins Lucious Starr around and nails him with a double underhook ddt!!

Starr falls face first to the mat and Punkin, throws his arms in the air, to the cheering crowd, before collapsing down to the mat.

Zach Davis: Everyone, in this match, is on the mat, not moving. Stanley Moser looks around....

Gravedigger: Both Starr and Punkin stumbling up...

Starr drops Punkin with a Hades' Flame! He goes for the pin!




The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: There you have it-

Dag Riddik quickly attacks Lucky Starr from behind. Punkin soon strikes Andre from behind. Surprisingly, Riddik and Punkin both have the intention of working together to quickly throw Lucious out of the ring, and Punkin follows after Lucious.

Gravedigger: What the hell do they think they're doing?! The match is over?!

Zach Davis: After Andre, and Lucious won, they're pretty much pissed how they were defeated especially Dag who went back, and forth on social media with Andre. Boy! Did Andre had a lot to say in his WCF Exlcusive as well.

Lucious' body ricochets off the steel steps, and it implodes near the barricade. He is quickly taken out, and Dag continues to stomp down on Andre's body. He has barely any time to react, and can only cover himself up against any other shots that could hurt him badly. Punkin slides into the ring, and starts to hammer him with forearms straight into the head while Punkin keeps stomping down on his exposed mid-section.

Freddy Whoa: Is this what they want?! You're seriously being a sore loser?! I understand that having a loss is one thing--

Gravedigger: No you don't! Andre's been obliterating Dag on Twitter, and even made him look completely stupid by getting the win. He needs to make sure that Andre gets the message.

Suddenly, the chorus of "Falling Higher" by Helloween blasts from the PA system, and Grayson along with Bonnie run from backstage all the way down to the ring.


Zach Davis: It's Grayson, and Bonnie! They're here to help Andre. Punkin is leaving?!

Punkin Caliban dips through the ropes, and quickly makes his escape through the crowd. As soon as both of them slide into the ring, Dag immediately changes his attention, and goes straight for Bonnie. Unfortunately, he's met with a brutal Superkick into the jaw that tosses him through the ropes, and to ringside where he's completely useless in movement. Grayson checks to see that he isn't coming back while Bonnie helps Andre to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Bonnie, and Grayson came to the aid of Andre, and now they're at a stand off. What is Andre gonna do?

Bonnie, and Grayson stand beside each other, and they're in front of Andre who is still recovering from the brutal assault. Now, Grayson extends his hand out for a shake, the crowd are chanting "Yes". Andre looks around, hesitating until he shakes his hand with a firm grip. Bonnie immediately pats him on the back, and all three of them are standing in the ring with the crowd chanting "YES, YES, YES" behind them.

Gravedigger: Everyone in the WCF need to be put on hold. Andre Holmes has aligned himself with Bonnie Blue, and Grayson Pierce. This is something you want to remember, and something you never want to forget.

All three of them leave the ring, and the show cuts to commercial.

Oblivion Kidnapped!

Freddy Whoa: Slam has been awesome!!


Zach Davis: Who is that?!


Gravedigger: I know that voice!!

On the giant overhead screen is Oblivion's semi-masked screaming face.


Gravedigger: RUN OBI RUN!!


Mysterious voice: Hey!!

Zach Davis: I think someone is there with The Monster.

Freddy Whoa: That's not cool!! Oblivion might be in serious trouble!!

Mysterious voice: Who are you talking to?! Katherine doesn't want you blabbing your mouth!! Let's get him!!

Loud numerous unseen voices are heard.


Mysterious voice: NOBODY CAN SAVE YOU NOW!!



Zach Davis: UH-OH!!

Freddy Whoa: We need to do something!!

Gravedigger: What CAN we do?!

Katherine Phoenix vs Teo del Sol vs Benjamin Atreyu

The house lights go down as colorful lights start flashing all around the area. "Storytime" by Nightwish begins to play, as Katherine Phoenix appears at the top of the entrance ramp. She is wearing a black leather miniskirt, fishnet leggings, an extremely tight low cut tank top and black leather heeled thigh boots. Katherine proceeds to walk down to the ring taking in all of the crowds energy.

Zach Davis: And there she is! The Assistant Director of Talent Relations!

Gravedigger: That is the worst appointment Seth has made since he put Oblivion in charge of concessions.

Freddy Whoa: Did anyone ever find those children, anyway?

Kyle Steel: From Los Angeles, California… weighing in at 134 pounds.... she is KATHERINE PHOENIX!!!

Katherine quickly reaches the ring and walks around it several times taking the time check out her surroundings. She then runs around to the turnbuckle, grabbing hold of it and bouncing up onto the ring apron, glancing over at the crowd but still not really paying them much attention. But rather than stepping into the ring, she instead walks to ringside..?

Zach Davis: What are you- hey!

Katherine Phoenix: I’ll take this! Thank you Zachy Poo.

Zach tries to snatch his headset back from Katherine, but she hits him with a hard knee below the belt! She smiles and sits in his chair as he falls in a heap to the floor.

Gravedigger: Hey! What are you doing? Get in the ring!

Katherine Phoenix: Oh Gravy, is that any way to talk to the assistant head of talent relations? In my ever so humble opinion, the commentary team has been lacking in recent weeks. Don’t you worry your pretty bald head though, I’m here to help!

Freddy Whoa: This is highly unorthodox.

Gravedigger: Someone give me that chair, I’ll take care of this!

"Suicide Penguin" by Schizoid Lloyd plays over the sound system. Benjamin emerges onto the entrance ramp, staring with a fixed focus on the ring as he descends the stage.

Katherine Phoenix: And here is the former Head of Talent Relations, Koala Lion thought it would be nice to spar a little this week of course.

Gravedigger: So go do it!

Katherine Phoenix: Aw, is somebody gwumpy?

Gravedigger: Someone’s gonna bweak your widdle-

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, reigning from St. Paul, Minnesota; "God Given Greatness" BENJAMIN ATREYU!

Benjamin climbs the ring steps before slipping between the top and middle rope. Without fan fare, he moves to his corner, waiting for the bell to ring.

The Screen Suddenly cuts to a news desk, where a very serious News Anchor shuffles his papers impatiently. After a few moments he turns towards the camera.

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we Interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the following important broadcast..."

The News Anchor falls silent as the opening riff to "Kickstart my Heart" suddenly blares. The Screen crashes to static before bringing up the view of the entrance ramp, which is engulfed with a burst of Pyro as Teo del Sol, His trademark white Jacket and white mask shining like the sun itself, steps through the curtain. The corner of the screen bears his wrestling mask with the logo TEO TV emblazoned across it, and he holds the People’s Title high over his head, with a camera in the other. The feed then cuts to a live broadcast from the camera, encompassing the screaming fans all around the arena, waving as they appear not only on the TV screen, but on the large 'Tron above Teo. He begins walking down the ramp, reaching out to shake fans hands and sign autographs, all seen from the viewpoint of the camera, at last he makes it to the ring and the view cuts back to the regular feed.

Katherine Phoenix: And here we have the People’s Champion and Number 3 cookie fan in WCF, Teo del Sol!

Gravedigger: In a trunk! Off a cliff!

Freddy Whoa: I need a raise

The audience goes wild as he steps through the ropes, taking a deep bow, before running into the corner to raise his hands victoriously! He claps his hands in gratitude, applauding the audience that applauds him, and rolls with a quick backflip, landing in the center of the ring. He pushes down with his hands and springs to his feet, bouncing off of the ropes running to the turnbuckle He removes the jacket and hands it and the belt to one of the ring crew before settling into his corner, bouncing back and forth in anticipation.

The referee looks with some confusion towards the announcers desk, where Katherine offers a “go ahead” hand motion with her hands. The referee turns towards Teo, who offers a confused shrug, while Benjamin impatiently calls for the ref to ring the bell.


Teo and Benjamin approach each other tentatively. Teo holds his hand out to Benjamin in a show of sportsmanship, and Benjamin pauses for a second before accepting it. Teo nods his head and offers a thumbs up as the crowd cheers. Teo turns to look at them, and Benjamin uses the opportunity to flip Teo off with his free hand. Teo turns around but Benjamin quickly drops his hand and whistles innocently.

Katherine Phoenix: Aw, what a meanie, he’s almost as bad as Gravy.

Gravedigger: Stop calling me that!

Katherine Phoenix: Okay Sissy Butt.

Gravedigger: …You think these Mic Cords can be used for strangulation?

Teo holds his hand out to offer Benjamin a test of strength, and Benjamin slowly locks hands with Teo. The two shove against one another with all of their might, but Benjamin’s superior size quickly wins out, and Teo begins being pushed backwards, towards the mat! He arches his back as Benjamin goes to pin his shoulders down! Meanwhile though, the referee has realized that Katherine Phoenix is not in the ring and begins a count!



Katherine Phoenix: Someone give that referee a pay-cut.

Gravedigger: Ha, serves you right!

Katherine Phoenix: One for Gravy, too.

Gravedigger: You Motherfu-

Benjamin quickly realizes what is happening and releases Teo, who flops to the ground in confusion as Benjamin grabs the referee by the shoulder and begins angrily shouting. The referee gestures to Katherine but Benjamin grabs him by the shorts and points to Teo.

Who quickly grabs Benjamin in a roll-up! The ref goes for a count!



No! Benjamin kicks out, rolling to knees and looking at Teo with a furious glare. Teo gives him a grin and holds up two fingers before holding his palms out with a “bring it” gesture.

Freddy Whoa: Benjamin Atreyu better keep his mind on the task at hand, or Teo’s gonna steal it right out from under him!

Katherine Phoenix: And that, Gravy, is where babies come from.

Gravedigger: Somebody just knock me out. Take that bell, and hit me here. Wake me when she leaves.

Teo offers his hand to Benjamin in another test of strength, and Benjamin again takes it, but instead of locking up he pulls Teo into a shortarm clothesline! Teo flies head over heels and lands on the mat with a thud as Benjamin laughs arrogantly, mocking Teo by holding up two fingers.

Teo tries to make his way to his feet, but Benjamin turns and grabs him from behind, launching him into a German Suplex! Teo crashes headfirst into the mat, but Benjamin isn’t done! He keeps the hold around Teo’s waist and hoists him up again, bridging into a second suplex! Teo crashes like an unstrung marionette from the force of the throw as Benjamin wipes his brow.

Freddy Whoa: Teo is in deep trouble early here! Benjamin is chaining together those suplexes like-

Katherine Phoenix: Like Daisies! A daisy chain of German Suplexes!

Gravedigger: …Fine, whatever. Just stop talking.

Benjamin approaches Teo and grabs his legs, preparing to set up for a Texas Cloverleaf as the crowd roars in disapproval!

But no! Teo suddenly comes to life with a burst of adrenaline and kicks his legs free, turning and catching Benjamin in a drop toehold! Benjamin is caught up in the second rope, and Teo rolls to his feet, rebounding off the opposite rope and driving his knees into Benjamin’s back!

Freddy Whoa: Teo with that innovative offense!

Benjamin flops next to the ropes, and Teo climbs to the apron, hopping over the rope and driving a slingshot elbow drop right into Atreyu’s chest! Benjamin coughs in exasperation and rolls to the center of the ring as Teo hops to his feet and runs forward with a flying crossbody!

But no! Benjamin manages to catch Teo mid-jump and uses the momentum to turn it into a Fallaway slam! Teo flies across the ring through the ropes! He flies from the ring as a result of the move and lands next to the announce desk.

Freddy Whoa: incoming!

Katherine Phoenix: Oooh, that looked like it hurt, are you okay, Teo?

Gravedigger: Why don’t you go check on him? Or just leave!

Teo struggles to shake the cobwebs loose as Benjamin Atreyu approaches the ropes, but instead of pursuing Teo he points angrily at Katherine Phoenix, gesturing for her to get in the ring.

Katherine Phoenix: I think he wants you to get in the ring, Freddy.

Benjamin angrily grabs his hair in frustration as a vein appears on his forehead, but he throws his arms up in exasperation.

But Teo takes advantage of the distraction to land a jumping roundhouse to Benjamin, who has left himself hanging halfway out of the ring! Benjamin’s head bobbles like his neck has turned to spaghetti, and struggles to stay standing. Teo jumps up and catches Benjamin in a midair huracanrana! Benjamin flies through the air and crashes onto the announcers table, shattering it with a splintering crash!

Crowd: OOOOOOooooooh!!!

Teo is still suffering the effects of the slam though, and struggles to regain his composure as the ref begins counting!

Katherine Phoenix: Oh no! And not one of the competitors can make it back into the ring!

Gravedigger: ….nope. Not gonna say it.

Slowly though, but surely, Teo manages to make it to his feet, grabbing Benjamin and throwing him roughly through the ropes.

Benjamin rolls to the center of the ring as Teo makes his way to the apron.

Freddy Whoa: I think we know what’s coming!

Teo hops up and- No! Without warning Katherine grabs Teo in mid leap! He is unable to maintain his balance and crashes to ringside in a heap as Katherine slides into the ring! Benjamin has started to stand, but Katherine grabs him by the head and plants a kiss right on his lips before smashing him with a spike DDT! Katherine grabs a cover as the ref begins to count!




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Freddy: And Katherine Phoenix steals one! Katherine Phoenix wi-

Gravedigger: Please don’t say it.

Katherine raises her hands in victory as Teo leans on the shattered announcers table in disappointment.

Teo: Hey, do you guys need a third?

Gravedigger: Oh HELL no, not this again! Cut to commercial!

K.L. Henson/Mr. Holden vs Mikey eXtreme/Vengeance vs Howard Black/Occulo

The lights go out in the arena Vengeance appears on the titantron in red and black letters as pyros go off on the stage then red and white strobe lights flash on the entrance ramp aand red lights fill the arena the Vengeful one by disturbed starts as Vengeance slowly makes his way down to the ring as he approachs the ring he stops and looks in the ring before making his way to the ring steps. Vengeance slowly climbs the ring steps entering the ring through the second rope he walks to the center of the ring. Vengeance stops in the center of the ring the arena lights go out as a single red light shines over Vengeance stands there looking at the camera the arena lights slowly turn on.

The arena is blanketed in darkness as "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains hits the PA system. Lightning crashes into the stage as an American Flag takes over the titantron. Almost instantly, Mikey eXtreme steps out onto the stage carrying a kendo stick with an American Flag on the end. The United States championship sits around his waist. There is a mixed reaction as the crowd wants to boo, but the American Flag wins over some members of the audience. Mikey makes his way down to the ring as Freakshow and Vidalia trail behind.

Kyle Steel: Being led down the aisle by Freakshow and Vidalia, from Brooklyn, NY, weighing in at 230 pounds, the WCF United States Champion, Mike eX---

Zach Davis: What a minute, what the hell is this!

Headmaster Bernard Core runs down the aisle and hits Mikey eXtreme across the back with his steel American flag pole. Dean Wolf follows close behind and both men start putting the boots to Mikey eXtreme’s back.

Zach Davis: Is this really necessary?! Is this how you earn a title rematch?!

Vidalia is screaming while Mikey is being beaten down. Core starts driving the butt end of his flag pole into Mikey’s lower back. Freakshow picks up Mikey’s kendo stick and tries to hit Core with it but Dean Wolf intercepts him with The Kill. Dean Wolf picks up the kendo stick. Core brings Mikey to his knees and chokes him with the flag pole while Dean Wolf takes a swing at Mikey’s abdomen with the kendo stick. Mikey collapses again while both men continue to attack him.

Zach Davis: My God, this is a mugging! I don’t agree with Mikey eXtreme’s views, but no one deserves to be attacked from behind, especially like this!

Freddy Whoa: Hold on, Zach. Here comes Grayson Pierce and Bonnie Blue!

“Livewire” Grayson Pierce and Bonnie Blue run down the aisle to stop the beating. The Core Institute runs off. Bonnie Blue helps Freakshow to his feet while Grayson Pierce helps Mikey eXtreme up, but as soon Mikey realizes who’s helping him, he pushes Pierce away.

Zach Davis: Well, this is an interesting development. Grayson Pierce and Mikey eXtreme were former allies in the DRG.

Gravedigger: And don’t forget was Grayson Pierce who lost the United States Championship to Mikey eXtreme.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t think Mikey appreciates the help.

Gravedigger: Why should he? Who asked Grayson Pierce to get involved?

Zach Davis: I think Grayson was just trying to do the right thing regardless of his personal feelings for Mikey.

Grayson Pierce and Mikey eXtreme have a staredown for a few seconds before Vidalia aids Mikey and Freakshow to the back.

Zach Davis: Mikey eXtreme seems to be taking himself out of this match and I can’t say that I blame him. He’s in no condition to wrestle.

Gravedigger: He’s got to think about that United States Championship, too. There’s no reason to risk injury and then have to vacate the title.

The Sentinels theme has the P.A. System. Howard Black and Occulo step past the curtain and done the ramp as the crowd erupts in cheers for the new trios champions. They look around the arena and soak in the crowd reaction before rolling into the ring and ready themselves for their remaining opponents.

“Grove Walker” by FLOOR BABA blares over the sound system and both Mr. Holden and K. L. Henson walk out onto the stage, Henson holding a mic. The crowd slowly swells with boos.

K.. L. Henson: Well, Poor Mikey. huh? Unfortunate but I am sure it is all for the better. Need to keep on your toes here in the WCF. Never know what is waiting for ya. Enemies are abundant in this place, that is the kind of environment this competition forms. And honestly, that is why I love this sport! It gives an extra dynamic to things. We could force you all to sit through an uninteresting clusterfuck that benefits no one...or we could do something a little bit more interesting...

Before Henson could make his point, Vengeance can be seen mouthing that looks generally like “duck miss” before jumping out of the ring and walking out through the crowd, leaving only Occulo and Howard.

K.. L. Henson: You see, Howard and Occulo, as The NEW (and second) Head of Talent Relations, I have a lot of work to catch up on and so Mr. Holden and I will not be wrestling tonight...BUT! As to not cheat the dear WCF Galaxy, I planned ahead and have a good replacement for myself...

Henson starts laughing as him and Holden walk back to behind the curtain as suddenly Occulo and Howard start rubbing their eyes and shaking their heads in obvious discomfort as some sort of dry, grainy substance leaks onto them from above.

Zach Davis: What are they doing? Is it raining in here?

Gravedigger: It’s raining alright...but that’s not water. It’s sa-

But before he can finish, a massive mound of golden sand drops down onto the two men, burying them temporarily beneath it.

Freddy Whoa: My God! What is this? What’s happened?!

Gravedigger: Do you really have to ask?

Howard and Occulo shoot to their feet...but not in time.

Zach Davis: No! Lookout!

Before they can get their bearings, Dune appears from under the ring, rolls inside and charges the two men. He leaps and lands a vicious boot to the face of Occulo, who drops back down upon the sand. The crowd violently erupts with boos.

Freddy Whoa: Dust Devil to Occulo!

Zach Davis: Get him Howard!

Howard lunges at Dune, but his feet slip on the fallen sand. Dune takes full advantage, kneeing him in the gut and locking his head beneath his armpit before lifting him high in the air.

Freddy Whoa: Hourglass! NO!

Dune sits out, planting Howard’s head onto the canvas leaving him laid out in the middle of the sand covered ring. The former World Champion raises his fists in the air as it fades to commercial.

Television Title on the Line
Grayson Pierce/Joseph Malignaggi/Bonnie Blue vs Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp/Dustin Beaver

Zach Davis: We've got Grayson Pierce and Bonnie Blue, who seemingly made an alliance last week, teaming up with the newest member of The Sentinels, Joseph Malignaggi. Kind of a mismatch, don't you think?

Freddy Whoa: Well, none of them are friends of the #BeachKrew, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, you know?

Gravedigger: Doesn't matter. An enemy of the #beachkrew jobs to the #beachkrew as far as I'm concerned!

“Falling Higher” by Helloween plays throughout the arena as Gemini Battle makes his way through the entrance curtain. The crowd cheers as he accepts the praise of the fans by slapping their hands, but never smiles as he heads to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and slithers like a snake into the corner where he sits in the corner and meditates until it’s time to get up and ready to fight.

The arena lights dim as the crowd buzz begins to build to fever pitch. The music begins and lingers for a moment before Joey Flash in all his glory emerges from behind the curtain staring at the crowd. He floats regally down the aisle bathing in the atmosphere and stopping to shake the hand of anyone who desires it.

He circles the ring not once, but twice. Delaying his entrance and the match even further riling the crowd before sliding into the ring and sitting down in one of the ring corners staring at his future foe with both apathy and disgust.

Smoke covers the stage as the music begins; blue and white strobes flare in time to the beat. Bonnie Blue appears from the haze, clad in a hooded, ankle length coat of azure, a silver star emblazoned on the back. Throwing back the hood, she raises her arms to the crowd, soaking in the cheers for a moment. Then, she sprints down the ramp and leaps onto the ring apron. Turning to face the audience, she gives them a dazzling smile and shrugs out of the coat before slipping through the ropes into the ring.

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron. As the smoke clears, we see Johnny Rabid standing tall; arms out stretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as Johnny's name appears on a Slam Graphic. Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's Johnny hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Lon Chaney in Tod Browning's "London After Midnight" (1927). Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the boo's from the crowd before taking off his black trench-coat and shades and waving his hapless opponent on with a cocky smirk on his face.

The lights go out and a spot light shines on the stage. "Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and gold lights start blinking around the arena. Kemp slowly walks out onto the stage and comes to a stop in the spotlight and crosses his arms. He smiles smugly at the crowd and begins to shake his head up and down. He struts down the aisle glaring at fans and rolls into the ring. The lights all come back on as he extends both of his arms out to his side and begins to laugh. He walks over to the corner and leans on it as the song ends.

Where Are U Now hits, then a spotlight shines at the beginning of the entrance ramp, awaiting "The Beavs" to walk into it. He enters the light, points to the crowd on the left and then to the crowd on the right. Television Title over his shoulder. He then points with both hands at the opponents in the ring, he looks and walks straight ahead, scowling at the opponents.

Zach Davis: And there is the Television Champion! If Dustin Beaver gets pinned in this match, he'll lose that belt.

Freddy Whoa: You KNOW the #beachkrew isn't gonna let that happen.

Well, Dustin Beaver seems to be feeling pretty good as he decides to start the match for his team. Bonnie Blue starts the match for hers.

Gravedigger: Bonnie Blue has never held the Television Title, but she was involved in a feud recently with the Champion at the time, Andre Jenson. She's had her eyes set on that belt for a while now.

The Beavs laughs off Blue due to her gender... only for her to run at him and hit him with a Dropkick! He hits the turnbuckle back first and stumbles out from the corner, right into a Flying Headscissors by Blue. Blue goes for the quick pin.



No, Beaver kicks out. He backpeddles into his corner, allowing Rabid to tag himself in.

Zach Davis: Beaver had the confidence... but it didn't work out for him this time!

Rabid runs at Blue next, she goes for a Dropkick but Rabid grabs her legs and lets her drop to the mat. He kicks her in the legs several times as the fans boo. He waits for her to stand up, only to run at her from behind and drop her with a Backstabber! Into the pin!



No!, kickout by Blue. She rolls towards her corner to go for the tag, but Rabid pulls her back in by the foot. She goes to flip over and kick him in the chest but he avoids that and then executes a vicious Dragonscrew Legwhip.

Freddy Whoa: Johnny Rabid has targeted Bonnie Blue's leg, and that isn't a good way to start a tag team match for a high flyer!

Rabid stomps at Blue's legs for several moments before tagging in Beaver. Beaver comes in, cocky once again. He lifts Bonnie Blue up and chops her, only for Blue to collapse due to not being able to stand on her right leg. Beaver turns to the crowd and begins taunting them as Blue fights to her feet.

Gravedigger: The #beachkrew is just.. the best. I don't understand why these fans don't see it.

Once Blue is up Beaver kicks her in the stomach and takes her down with a Double Arm DDT! He pins her.



No!, kickout by Blue.

Zach Davis: As always, what heart by.. the clone of.. the Inveterate Confederate!

Beaver positions himself on the top rope as Blue again struggles to her feet, pushing away the pain in her leg. Once she's to a vertical base Beaver jumps, going for a Diving Bulldog!, but Blue has it scouted and reverses it into an Inverted Atomic Drop!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!, great reversal!

Blue's legs nearly buckle but she has enough in the tank to dive and tag in Grayson Pierce!


Zach Davis: Stop calling him that!

Livewire enters the ring with a head of steam. He takes Beaver down with a Knife Edge Chop; Beaver rolls out of the ring. Kemp runs in and gets a Standing Dropkick. Johnny Rabid is next, he rushes Battle only to get caught in a Powerslam into a pin.



No!, kickout.

Freddy Whoa: I guess Johnny Rabid is the legal man now!, Grayson Pierce in the driver's seat!

Rabid gets to his feet quickly being relatively fresh. He takes a rest in a neutral corner. Pierce runs at him and jumps.

Gravedigger: Huge Splash - no! Rabid moves away and Gemini crashes into the corner!

Rabid rolls Livewire up!



Rabid's foot on the ropes!

No!, Pierce kicks out.

Zach Davis: Grayson Pierce has done what very, very few men have done - he's main evented One. He's proven he can hang with the best of the best, and Johnny Rabid's cheating isn't going to change that.

Rabid backs off as Pierce gets back to his feet. Pierce runs at Rabid, who ducks.... BOOM!, German Suplex.

Gravedigger: Pierce may be a One main eventer, but we're going to Fifteen. He's facing the man he's teaming with, Joseph Malignaggi, for a World Title shot... and he's currently trapped in a series of German Suplexes!

Indeed, Rabid keeps it locked and gets back to his feet. BOOM!, another German. The fans boo as Rabid takes Pierce up one more time... BOOM!, one more German Suplex.

Freddy Whoa: There's the hat trick. He's not going for the pin quite yet...

Johnny Rabid climbs to the top....

Gravedigger: Moonsault!

NO!, Pierce rolls out of the way at the last second - and tags in Joseph Malignaggi!


Malignaggi enters the ring and runs at Rabid, who just got up. Joey catches him and hits a Belly to Belly. Kemp dives off the top with a Flying Crossbody, which Joseph catches. He executes a Fallaway Slam, causing the Tag Team Champion to roll out of the ring. Dustin Beaver enters the ring next, telling Joseph Malignaggi to bring it. Malignaggi runs at him - but Beaver hits him with a Spinning Punch!

Freddy Whoa: As much as Joseph Malignaggi's attitude seems to have changed... maybe... his cockiness got the best of him there!

Beaver taunts the fans a bit before dropping down for a pin.



No!, Malignaggi kicks out. Beaver lifts him up and puts him in a Chinlock.

Zach Davis: Joey Flash's career started with his epic Television Title run, how crazy would it be if he ended up capturing that belt again here tonight?

Gravedigger: Why would you even think about it? Dustin Beaver has things firmly in control!

Malignaggi begins working his way to his feet.


Flash gets up and elbows his way out of it. He hits a series of swift kicks to Beaver before dropping him with a Neckbreaker. Rabid quickly enters the ring before Flash can make a pin attempt. The ref yells at him to get out as Beaver crawls towards Kemp. Once Beaver is within tagging distance Rabid leaves, just in time for the ref to see Beaver make the tag.

Freddy Whoa: And here comes the former People's Champion.

Kyle Kemp Clotheslines Flash down. Joseph gets back to his feet and Kemp goes for another Clothesline but Joey ducks away from it and hits an Italian Suplex!


Flash tags in Blue, who was already on the top.

Freddy Whoa: Elbow Drop!

Blue quickly runs at the other Beach Krew members, knocking each of them off the apron. She then launches herself through the ropes with a Suicide Dive!

Gravedigger: Bonnie Blue cheats her pants off and takes out Kyle Kemp and Dustin Beaver!

Grayson Pierce enters the ring and positions himself behind Kemp....


Before Pierce can go for the pin, Malignaggi tags himself in. Before Pierce can even realize it, Malignaggi has locked in his Pain is Love armbar!

Freddy Whoa: ...Pain is Love is applied.... Kyle Kemp has the Tag Team Titles to worry about!....

Kemp is forced to tap out!

Gravedigger: Smart move by Kyle Kemp! He didn't HAVE to give up there, he only did it to live to fight another day! Brilliant wrestling!

Either way, Malignaggi's music begins to play. He and Grayson Pierce begin arguing, with Pierce saying he had it under control. Beaver and Rabid pull Kemp out of the ring and begin backpeddling up the ramp.

Zach Davis: You have to think this is what the Beach Krew ultimately wanted... they've got to assume Wade Moor is beating Jayson Price, and they know Moor will have either Pierce or Malignaggi to deal with. If they can make sure Pierce and Malignaggi tear each other apart...

After several moments Joseph Malignaggi drops down and rolls out of the ring. Livewire and Bonnie begin to follow suit -- but stop midway through the ropes when Dag Riddik steps out onto the stage. Even as he strides purposefully toward the ring, the curtain twitches again, and Jordan Wolfram emerges. He spots Riddik already halfway down the ramp and hurries to catch up. Wolfram taps Riddik on the shoulder; Dag turns, fist half-cocked. Jordan steps back, out of range, shaking his head, one finger extended toward the ring. They exchange words, then Wolfram puts up a hand to interrupt, a wicked smile spreading across his face as he gestures at himself, then Riddik, and points to the ring again. Riddik gets the idea, and shrugs in a sort of tacit agreement.

Zach Davis: What is this, now? Come on..

Gravedigger: This is the sort of thing that happens when you insinuate yourself into other peoples' business, Zach. You should know that by now.

Freddy Whoa: Actions do have consequences, Zach, my man.

Bonnie and Grayson await them with grim expressions, worse for the wear of the battle just fought. Things go from bad to worse when Punkin appears somewhere in the audience, shoving his way past enthralled spectators and roving vendors. He hops, too lightly for a man of his size, over the barrier and slides into the ring behind Pierce and Blue, who are both fixed on the encroaching Dag Riddik and Jordan Wolfram.

Zach Davis: Oh, no! Come on, somebody turn around! Look, for God's sake!

Gravedigger: Shhh, Zach. Let it happen...

Stalking like a panther, slow and methodical, Punkin suddenly explodes into action, clubbing Livewire with a stiff forearm to the back of the head! At the same time, Wolfram leaps onto the ring apron, grabbing hold of Bonnie Blue by the neck. He drops to the outside, forcing her throat hard against the top rope. Riddik immediately slips behind her and locks in a full Nelson, calling to Jordan to get in the ring; in the meantime, Punkin and Pierce trade blows.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like Livewire's holding his own, but how long can he keep this up after the match we just saw?

Zach Davis: And Bonnie Blue is in real trouble, with Dag Riddik firmly in control, and Jordan Wolfram's got an evil gleam in his eye...

And as Wolfram winds up to take what is sure to be a savage swing at Bonnie Blue, there's a sudden commotion on the stage; the audience cheers loudly at the appearance of Andre Holmes, and doubly so as he is joined by DeMarcus Jordan. They exchange a glance, a nod, and the two run swiftly to the ring.

Zach Davis: Here comes the cavalry! DeMarcus goes straight after Wolfram! Bonnie breaks free of Dag Riddik! Andre Holmes is now trading shots with Punkin, giving Livewire time to recover!

Bonnie Blue turns her attention to Riddik, something slightly sadistic alight in her eyes. He points at something behind her, and Bonnie turns to look. By the time she catches on, he's on the outside and backpedalling up the ramp, talking shit as he goes. Jordan Wolfram ducks a haymaker from DeMarcus, sees Bonnie coming to lend a hand, and wisely decides to make his exit, as well.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like DeMarcus isn't too happy about that. He really wanted to get his hands on that racist bastard, especially after what happened earlier.

Gravedigger: Punkin is still in, though, happily trading punches with Andre Holmes -- that is, until he realizes he's way outnumbered now. Yep, there he goes. Yeah, you're all real brave when it's four against one...

DeMarcus, Andre, Bonnie, and Grayson all shake hands before climbing out of the ring; they make their way back up the ramp, one by one.

Zach Davis: Didn't start that way, Gravedigger. We already know Livewire and Bonnie Blue have some kind of loose partnership, and the two of them have made quite the statement here tonight. That begs the question: what does the future hold for these, what some might call "vigilantes", and are they looking to add to their ranks?

Freddy Whoa: Only time will tell, Zach. Up next -- our main event! But first, these words from our sponsors...

World Title Match
Torture vs Wade Moor

Kings of Leon hits the airwaves and the crowd erupts.


The crowd goes crazy as Torture slowly walks from the back soaking it all in. He stops on the stage points out his arms to the crowd as a huge firework display goes off behind him! The crowd erupts as Torture reacts and lets out a primal roar and jogs down the ramp. "TORT-URE! TORT-URE!" TORT-URE!"

Zach Davis: He looks as focused as I've ever seen him!

Gravedigger: I go for the cheap shots, I'm not going to lie, but right now Torture looks like he's prime-Torture going for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Freddy Whoa: Back in his hay day he had a tunnel-vision and could see that Gold through a ten foot thick lead wall! This is Torture folks, this is 2016 and this is our main event, I can't believe it!

The music fades out as Torture leans in the corner and the crowd continues to chant ""TORT-URE! TORT-URE!" TORT-URE!".

Zach Davis: This is almost a home-type-game for Torture isn't it?

Freddy Whoa: This place is electric!

Torture walks out of the corner and taunts in the middle of the ring and the place erupts another time!

Zach Davis: Can Torture return to the throne that he's sat in so many times in his career! Can the man that has led this company through hell and high water be the face of WCF once more, nearly six years to the DAY from the last time he held the World Championship gold?

Gravedigger: Oh I love Zachy! We have a big fight feel here tonight!

The lights in the arena dim as the opening to “21st Century Schizoid Man” by King Crimson starts playing over the P.A. Wade Moor slips out from behind the curtain – Hacksaw Jim Thuggin by his side and that black acoustic guitar strapped to his back - and lumbers out onto the stage. He stares out to the hot “booing” crowd, eyes always scanning, never relenting. A smile creeps up the side of his face, blaring with deep blue strobe lights, as he starts his way down the ramp.

Zach Davis: And our current World Champion has defeated some of the best WCF has had to offer as of late and this will be another big test for him, won't it guys?

Freddy Whoa: Cool. Calm. Collected. There is no other World Champions in WCF history with the exception of MAYBE Jonny Fly and Torture who were ever this calm while walking down to the ring. Wade knows he's going to stick to his gameplan and take care of business tonight.. but it's not going to be easy, like you said Zach, this is a big test!

Gravedigger: Oh stop it! He's our current World Champion for a reason and mark my words he left ONE with the gold around his waist, and he'll head to Fifteen with the gold around his waist! Torture looks good, but it's yet to be seen just yet!

Wade puts his hand on the apron, slides his guitar in, and then slides in himself, slithering towards the center of the ring. He hikes up on one knee and holds his hand out to his sides and yells to the crowd.


He removes his straw hat and hands his effects to Hacksaw Jim Thuggin. Wade stands in the opposite corner and the music fades.

Zach Davis: We cut to our very own Kyle Steel in the center of the ring!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen its time for our main event and it is for.....


Crowd pops.

Freddy Whoa: This is gonna be good!

Kyle Steel: Introducing first! The Challenger! From Los Angeles, California.. TTTOOORRRRRTTUUURREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Crowd pops.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent! From The Everglades, weighing in at 280 lbs... HE.. is the current WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION..... WAAAADE!! POSEIDON!! MMMOOOOOORRRRRRR!!!!!

Crowd boos.

Zach Davis: Tonight's main event is presented by Budweiser! Reminding you to drink and drive.... responsibly! Grab some buds, enjoy the main event, it's WORLD TITLE TIME! MOOR! TORTURE! RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!

Freddy Whoa: I got my buds, I'm ready!

Gravedigger: The holy grail of Wrestling Championship Federation is about to be settled right here guys!

The ref hands the Championship belt to Kyle Steel and asks for the bell to be rang. The two circle each other before tying up. Torture pushes Wade back into the turnbuckles and Wade dips through and out. Torture backs off to the center of the ring to a chorus of boos. They circle the ring once more and tie back up with Torture going into a side headlock then rolling to the back of Wade locking both arms, but Wade hits a snapmare and puts Torture in a chinlock, but Torture gets to his feet and pushes Wade back into the corner where Wade dips out and through the ropes once more. Torture backs off but Wade goes for a wild slap, and Torture ducks and the crowd boos. The ref asks for Wade to come back out of the corner and they tie back up. Wade gets the upperhand with a side headlock and flips Torture back down to the mat and keeps a reverse chinlock. Torture lifts Wade to his feet and shoves him off to the ropes but Wade returns with a stiff shoulder block sending Torture his back! Torture flips to his stomach and Wade leaps over and hits the ropes, Torture leap frogs, Wade runs through, returns off the ropes again as Torture goes for a hip toss! Wade is down on his back and flips to his stomach as Torture leaps over to hit the ropes, Wade now goes for a hiptoss but Torture front flips, lands on his feet and keeping the arms connected, Torture brings in Wade, turns him around AND HAS HIM CONNECTED FOR THE TORTURES DEVICE!


Wade squirms out of it, and slides out of the ring through the bottom rope and takes a breather. The crowd boos Wade, your current World Champion.

Zach Davis: Torture looking good out here!

Gravedigger: Wade needs the momentum and this crowd to be out of it. Torture relies on momentum whether he's using it to propel his offense, or when he's taking momentum away from people, he's used it his entire career. Wade needs to slow it down, here.

Wade rolls back in just as Torture was exiting the ring, so Torture rolls back in and Wade stomps him a few times, but Torture gets to the corner and gets to his feet and punches back at Wade trying to get the upper hand. Wade stumbles back before Torture hits the ropes going for a big impact move, but it's cut right off when Wade delivers one stiff clothesline knocking Torture straight to the mats! Wade now in control.

Freddy Whoa: OOHHHHHHHh That took the spit damn near right out of Torture's mouth!

Zach Davis: Big move there for Wade!

Torture tries getting to his feet but Wade shoves him back into one of the corners. Wade then whips Torture into the opposite corner where Torture hits back first then stumbles out right into a kick and a stiff DDT! Wade goes for a cover but it's only a two.

Zach Davis: It's going to take more than that to keep the challenger down!

Wade picks up Torture and throws him back into the corner and stomps him a few times before picking him up and giving a back hand chop!


Back hand chop.


Back hand chop.


Back hand chop.


Wade grabs Torture, kicks him to the midsection and then throws him to the opposite corner! Wade comes rushing in but Torture hits a back elbow sending Wade back a few feet and the crowd comes back alive! Torture puts himself on the middle rope and goes for a crossbody but Wade catches him and hits a powerslam! Wade goes for a cover! ONE! TWO! Kick up.

Zach Davis: High risk move for Torture didn't pay off!

Wade gets to his feet as does Torture all while using the ropes. Wade throws a punch or two and whips Torture to the ropes, upon his return Torture ducks the Wade clothesline and hits the ropes one more time and Wade returns with a stiff back elbow sending Torture back down but Wade stumbles to the mats as well!

Zach Davis: Wade looks hurt! Is he holding his knee?

Gravedigger: That isn't good for the Champion!

Freddy Whoa: I think the Champ is hurt! Wade is hurt, guys!

Wade rolls to the apron holding his knee, and sitting on the edge of the ring as Hacksaw comes over looking at the knee as well. Torture has no idea what is happening and stumbles over to Wade and leans over the to rope. Wade was just getting to his feet where he eye-rakes Torture and then grabs him for a suplex!

Zach Davis: Wait! Wade was faking it!

Gravedigger: He was trollin' Torture!

Freddy Whoa: That's a first!

Wade lifts up Torture in a vertical position and the crowd gets to their feet as Wade suplexes Torture from inside the ring to the outside mats below! The crowd gasps, pops and reacts!


Freddy Whoa: Wade landed bad too!

Gravedigger: When you're the Champion, you do what you gotta do to keep that Championship around your waist, no ifs, ands, or buts about it! Wade right now is locked in on putting Torture down and out for the count! AT ALL COSTS!

Zach Davis: Wade is starting to move here..

Wade rolls into the ring slowly as Torure is using the guardrail to get to his feet.

Zach Davis: The count is at six!



Torture rolls into the ring and the crowd comes alive.

Freddy Whoa: This match is gonna continue guys!

Torture rolls back out of the ring as Wade signals for a suicide dive! Wade hits the ropes, begins to sprint full speed goes to fly through the middle ropes but Torture hits a stiff forearm to the face of Wade! Wade lands purely on the middle rope with his head sticking out of the ring and Torture sizes him up and runs and hits another forearm to the face of Wade sending Wade back into the ring! Torture, already exhausted, stands on the apron and waits for Wade to turn around. Torture springboards from the top rope for some sort of move, but Wade catches him and hits a sit out powerbomb! Wade hooks the leg and makes the cover!




Torture kicks out! Wade slaps the mat and takes a second before getting to his feet and signaling for the end. Wade grabs Torture from behind and locks the arms and twists/turns him around but Torture breaks the hold and knees Wade in the back bending him backwards and Torture locks on the Totures Device! EVERY SINGLE PERSON COMES OUT OF THEIR SEAT TO THEIR FEET!


Torture spins the move, but Wade shoves Torture to the ropes! Torture rebounds and Wade goes for another back elbow but Torture ducks and then grabs Wade for a suplex, but Wade blocks it and lifts Torture up for what would be a brainbuster, but Torture lands behind Wade again and goes for the Tortures Device, but before even locking the head/neck, Wade turns and shoves Torture into the corner! Wade rushes in but Torture hits a back elbow! Torture jumps to the middle rope and goes to springboard off (with his back facing Wade/ring) Wade hits an elbow to the ribcage keeping Torture on the ropes and folding him over. Wade then goes through the ropes to the apron and climbs up bring Torture up with him. Wade lifts Torture to his shoulders for what could be a death valley driver but Torture hits an elbow to the cheek of Wade! The crowd pops! Torture hits another elbow! Another elbow! Another elbowelboeelbowlelboelbobelboe AND MORE ELBOWS! The crowd is coming alive!


Torture gets back to the middle rope and grabs Wade and lifts him up for some move before Wade hits an uppercut! Another uppercut! Another uppercut! Uppercut! Uppercutuppercutuppercutuppercutuppercut! The crowd boos as Wade hits a final uppercut and Torture almost falls back off the ropes to the outside but Wade catches him and brings him in, he hooks both arms and flies backwards off the top rope hitting a double underhook suplex and Torture crashes down to the mats!

Gravedigger: OH MY!!!

Zach Davis: Torture look done!

Wade crawls over and makes a cover!




Wade can't believe it and begins to argue with the ref! Wade gets to his feet and begins to slowly bully the ref back into the corner demanding the ref to count faster! Torture gets to his feet but Wade notices and goes for a running clothesine, Torture ducks but stops Wade in his tracks and school boy pins him!





The crowd sighs as Wade gets his shoulder up from the pin, gets to his feet and half-assed big boot sends Torture back down to the mat! Wade falls to his ass in the ring and slides to the corner to take a breather and size Torture up one more time.

Zach Davis: This isn't the jokester, trollin', Torture, and I think Wade knows that now!

Gravedigger: Wade's just evolving the gameplan, this is nothing, Wade is one of the smartest World Champions we've ever had, the game plan needs to constantly be tweaked during the match and thats exactly what he's doin'!

Wade gets to his feet and picks up Torture and adjusts his arm and signals for the Bullhammer!

Zach Davis: Well the end might be coming now!

Wade throws Torture to the ropes and goes for the Bullhammer and Torture ducks and grabs Wade from behind and hits a sick german suplex! Wade rolls to his feet, stunned, dazed and confused and as he turns around Torture hits the flatliner!



Freddy Whoa: ITS OVER!

Torture crawls over and makes the cover!




Torture can't believe it and Wade kicks out of the Flatliner! A move Torture used when he just started out in WCF! Torture gets to his feet slowly and grabs Wade and throws him into the corner and when Wade stumbles out Torture hits a clothesline! Wade gets to his feet and Torture hits another clothesline! Wade gets to his feet and Torture hits a dropkick! Wade gets back to his feet and Torture runs and springboards off the middle rope into a sitout dropkick! Wade goes down but comes right back to his feet once more when Torture hits a spear!

Zach Davis: SPEAR! SPEAR!


Torture hooks the leg of the Champion and makes the cover!



TH-KICK OUT!! Wade kicks out!

Torture quickly gets to his feet and asks the ref "are you sure, bro?" They have a slightly comedic-argument over how fast the count really was, and Wade gets to his feet. Torture isn't looking as Wade goes for his own school boy pin but Torture rolls 100% of the way through and back to his feet and kicks Wade in the head as he was making his way to his feet, but before he can fall down Wade is given a bulldog by Torture to the mat! Torture bounces up and turns to the hard camera and points to the top rope! "YOU WANT IT?!" Crowd pops. "YOU WANT THE FROGSPLASH!?" The crowd pops even bigger as Torture exits to the apron and goes to the top rope!




Just before Torture does he looks out at the crowd, takes two thumbs and points to his chest and the sold out crowd chant in unison.. "SO!!! DAMN!!!! COOOOL!!" Torture leaps and nails the PICTURE-PERFECT Frogsplash on Wade Moor! The Champion is down! The Challenger is throbbing in pain, but he crawls over and makes the pin! The sold out crowd can't believe it and we have a new World Champion!




Wade gets his shoulder up just in time and the crowd gaps, responds and then sigh's in disbelief! Wade rolls to the corner where Torture leans against the ropes, exhausted to all hell, and just can't believe he didn't end it there! Torture gets up and makes his way to the opposite corner of Wade. Torture looks back out at the crowd and they all stand on their feet!

Zach Davis: NOOO WAYYY!!




Torture balls his hand up into a fist and rushes out of the corner just as Wade does, but Wade strkes first with the Superman punch!


Gravedigger: TORTURE IS OUT COLD!!!


Wade makes the cover! Hooks the leg!







Wade is beside himself and slaps the mat several times before standing to his feet and yelling out "Unleash The Leviathan!!!"

Zach Davis: Now he's callin' for the end!

Freddy Whoa: LOOK LOOK!!

Torture comes sprinting over with the Sliding Punch! Wade goes down! Torture goes down! The crowd pops the biggest it has all night!



Torture makes the cover!





Zach Davis: NO!! WADE KICKS OUT!

Torture was thrown off Wade just enough for him to fall out of the ring to the mats below. The crowd begins to chant "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!"



Wade gets to his feet and just sprints as fast as he can and suicide dives through the ropes to the outside crashing into Torture and the barricade! The crowd gasps and pops at the athletic move from the big guy and both men are out on the floor. Hacksaw comes jogging over and picks up Wade and helps him to the ring and the ref continues the count at seven!

Zach Davis: Torture is going to have to get up here to make this count!


Gravedigger: Torture is now at one knee, but he won't make it!


Torture leans onto the apron and stops the count and the crowd marks out. Torture is grabbed by Hacksaw when Wade distracts the ref and Hacksaw goes to hit Torture with the guitar!

Zach Davis: OH COME ON!

Hacksaw's guitar shot is blocked though, and Torture shoves Hacksaw back and off of him! Hacksaw falls down and the guitar is tossed to the ground too. Torture rolls into the ring and grabs the ropes and uses them to get up, but Wade cathces Torture from behind and hits Unleash The Leviathan!!!

Zach Davis: OHHH!! ITS OVER!! ITS OVER!!








Gravedigger: NEITHER DOES WADE!!

Wade sits up in completely disbelief. He looks around thinking of ways to end this bout right here, right now, and gets to his feet. It's Bullhammer time. Wade, pissed off, picks up Torture and throws him to the ropes..

Zach Davis: Poseidon Punch!!

Torture ducks, grabs Wade from behind and nails a sweet looking Tortures Device dead center of the ring!!



Torture makes the cover by just putting an arm over Wade's chest!







Torture sits up, panting, trying to catch his breath, as Wade rolls to the corner once again. Torture still uses the ropes to get to his feet, walks over to Wade and drags him to the center of the ring but Wade kicks him off sending him back into the turnbuckle, Torture bounces out and Wade goes for a move but Torture floats behind Wade and hits a second TORTURES DEVICE!


Gravedigger: OH MY GOD ITS OVER!!







Freddy Whoa: WHAT?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! GRAVEDIGGER SIT DOWN!!




Zach Davis: We know one thing for sure, Digger! Wade.. is NOT going down without a fight!

Torture is sitting in the corner wiping his brow, holding his head in his hands, he doesn't believe it. No one has ever done that, Torture gets to his feet and Wade hits a Superman Punch OUT OF NOWHERE!



Gravedigger: Wait!!! Look at this?!

Torture is back on his feet and pounding his chest as if the move gave him super human strength!!


Wade delivers the stiffest Poseidon Punch and sends Torture to his back! Torture stumbles back to his feet clearly knocked out and Wade hits Unleash The Leviathan!!!

Zach Davis: OHH That will do it for Torture!

Wade hooks the leg!





Wade rolls off Torture and the ref grabs his hand!


Gravedigger: What the hell did we just witness!?!?

Freddy Whoa: That was MATCH of the YEAR for sure!

Gravedigger: You sound like an internet nerd!

Zach Davis: Wade Moor has defeated Torture to succesfully defend his World Heavyweight Championship and I don't believe the fight that these two just put on for us right now!

Gravedigger: Check the replays! The suplex to the outside! The suicide dive! BACK TO BACK TORTURES DEVICES!

Zach Davis: And it still wasn't enough to put the Champion away..

Gravedigger: That's why he's the World Champion, Zachy, You don't just make challenges and expect to be Champion seven days later!

Freddy Whoa: The crowd applauding the effort of both men, and hey! Check this out!

Torture gets to his feet, holding his ribs, and Wade has the Championship belt on his shoulder. Torture extends a hand..

Zach Davis: Wow!

Wade looking right through Torture.... but he extends his hand and the two shake hands before Torture rolls out of the ring and Wade's music hits one more time!

Zach Davis: Incredible sportsmanship from Torture to the Champion right there!

Gravedigger: Maybe he really has turned a corner in his life..

Zach Davis: That was incredible either way you splice it, Digger and you know it!

Freddy Whoa: 2016 is off to an INCREDIBLE start, guys!

With that, Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Brao Kitt vs Asshole Ronson vs Jordan Wolfram vs Chance von Crank vs Tiffany White

Wade Moor Arrives

DeMarcus Jordan/Bad News Benson vs Incredible Minx/Nagaski

Andre Jenson Segment

Stuart Slane vs Travis Tusk

After Slam Last Week...

Stampy/Lute Boy vs Greybeard/Alchemist

K.L. Henson Segment

Hardcore Title Match: Bobby Cairo vs Barbwirefreak

Oblivion Segment

Steve Orbit vs BioWalker

DeMarcus Jordan Segment

Jayson Price vs Sandy Coconutz

Katherine Phoenix Segment

Rey de Reyes vs Andre Jenson

Mystery Segment

Adam Young vs Spencer Adams

Core Institute Segment

Dag Riddik/Punkin vs Lucious Starr/Andre Holmes

Oblivion Kidnapped!

Katherine Phoenix vs Teo del Sol vs Benjamin Atreyu

K.L. Henson/Mr. Holden vs Mikey eXtreme/Vengeance vs Howard Black/Occulo

Television Title on the Line: Grayson Pierce/Joseph Malignaggi/Bonnie Blue vs Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp/Dustin Beaver

World Title Match: Torture vs Wade Moor


Of The Week

World Champion
Dag Riddik/Punkin vs Lucious Starr/Andre Holmes



Wade Moor
Bobby Cairo
Dustin Beaver
United States:
Mikey eXtreme
Teo Del Sol
Zombie McMorris
Tag Team:
Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp
The Sentinels