Slam Intro

The arena suddenly erupts in applause as the riff to "Kickstart my Heart" blares through the arena! All eyes move to the entrance ramp, where Teo del Sol walks from the back, holding the People's Championship proudly over his head. He whistles to the back, and from the arena WCF staff appear, throwing T-shirts and masks to the crowd as he walks towards the ring, High fiving and taking selfies with the front row!

Zach Davis: The People's champion is here, and he's brought party favors!

Teo bows humbly and waves to the people as his music fades, signalling for a microphone.

Teo Del Sol: Talk about a crowd! Thank you, truly. It is an honor to be here tonight as your People's Champion.

The crowd roars in approval as Teo smiles, bowing humbly once again and placing the belt on his shoulder.

Teo Del Sol: Now I know alot of people have said alot of things about the People's Choice these past few weeks- And I'll admit, we've seen better days. This time last month we were your Trios Champions!

The crowd pops in response to Teo's excitement.

Teo Del Sol: But belts are fleeting things, my friends. The sentinels beat us fair and square, but there's not a person in the world who can't say that the People's choice were not fighting champions.

Which brings me to my discussion tonight. You see I've spent the better part of 2 months wrenching this belt from Beach Krew, and I have the scars to prove it, but I would do it all again because it means that you have a champion who actually cares about what this belt represents!

The crowd roars.

Teo Del Sol: What it means!

The crowd cheers!

Teo Del Sol: And just how important it is to this company and its heritage! So to each and every person who believed in me, I would like to take this opportunity to say, thank you.

But time does not reward the man who sits idly by and rests on his laurels. We were fighting Trios champions up to the very end, and what kind of People's Champion could I call myself if I was not a fighting champion? I fight for the greatest audience under God's green earth, and you fans, you deserve a fighting champion.

The crowd roars in anticipation, wondering what Teo might say next.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to offer any wrestler, any man, woman, child, or beast who understands, who knows what this belt represents and what an honor, nay, a privelege it is to call yourself champion- to come out to this ring right now.

These people deserve to see this belt defended at Fifteen! So! Who wants to make history??

The camera cuts to the crowd as the lights flicker and Kings of Leon's Crawl hits and everyone stands back to their feet and cheers!

Zach Davis: No way!

Gravedigger: He's bouncing from Title to Title isn't he?

Freddy Whoa: You gotta be kidding me!


Torture steps out from behind the curtain smiling and taunting to the crowd! He begins to high five some crowd as he makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring. Quick camera cuts to Teo and he's smiling and clapping along.

Zach Davis: I don't think Teo expected this!

Gravedigger: Why does Torture get this? This has to be unfair, right?

Freddy Whoa: Oh shut it, Digger, this is awesome!

Zach Davis: Is he really accepting the challenge?!

Torture gets into the ring and goes right to the corner and taunts! The crowd pops once again as Torture turns around and grabs a mic from one of the officials ring side. Torture grabs the mic and takes his sunglasses off and puts them on his shirt collar. Torture's music fades and he begins to speak.

Torture: I-


Torture smiles as Teo smiles as well.

Zach Davis: Ohhhh yeah! Raleigh, North Carolina is CRAZY tonight!

Freddy Whoa: You know the entire WCF fan base wants this just as bad!

Gravedigger: Bleh.

Torture starts to calm them down..

Torture: Teo Del Sol.. Brother, you're amazing and might I add this open challenge for Fifteen is a SICK idea!

Crowd starts to cheer.

Torture: I mean, just a week ago I took the World Champion to his limits..

Crowd boos.

Torture: Now, now.. I'm sure there may be more opportunities down the line for that match to happen again.

Torture winks at the hard-camera and the crowd pops once again.

Torture: But I think ahead to Fifteen, Teo and I don't have an opponent..

Crowd cheers.

Torture: You're issuing an open Challenge...

Crowd cheers.

Torture: You're the Peoples Champion..

Crowd cheers.

Torture: I'm the first Peoples Champion..

Crowd cheers.

Torture: The first two time Peoples Champion..

Crowd cheers.

Torture: Probably the greatest Peoples Champion..

Crowd cheers as Torture laughs it off.

Torture: Just kidding, I'm kidding, but Teo.. if you're looking for an opponent at Fifteen, then look no further, I'd be honored to get in the ring with you and burn down THE HOUSE IN PHILADELPHIA AT FIFTEEN!

Crowd pops.

Torture: And if you want assurance that this match should happen, Teo, why don't we do this Peoples-Title-Style.. let's ask you, North Carolina..

Cheap pop.


Crowd pops.


The camera cuts to the sold out arena all chanting in unison. So loud. So crazy.



Torture: Much respect, Teo, I admire your game, you're one of the best wrestlers here today so it would be an honor to burn down Fifteen with you my friend. I'm in if you're in!

Torture awaits the response as the crowd goes crazy.

Zach Davis: Well Teo did issue the challenge!

Gravedigger: And he shouldn't accept it! Torture shouldn't be fighting for titles in 2016! What the hell is going on in this place?

Freddy Whoa: Teo and Torture! This ish would be amazing!

Final Destination Segment


The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Watch the Throne hits the PA. Pink lasers swirl around the arena, eventually converging into a large pink spotlight at the entrance. After a few moments of suspense, Steve Orbit appears at the top of the ramp. He's wearing a long mink, tons of gold, over his ring gear and has his hat with a feather.

Freddy Whoa: It's Steve Orbit!

Orbit makes his way to the ring, entering via the ring steps. He looks around at the crowd and then calls for a mic, which is brought to him by a ring hand. The crowd finally dies down and he begins to speak.

Steve Orbit: What's up Raleigh?

The crowd pops. "OR-BIT" chants.

Steve Orbit: I'ma get right to it. I know I been gone for a while, and I'm finally starting to get reacquainted with everybody backstage. I'm meeting the new guys, I'm makin' some new friends-- guys like Spencer Adams, who I'ma be tagging with later tonight.

The crowd pops at the mention of Spencer.

Steve Orbit: Yeah, he's good. Real good. The whole locker room is really on another level right now, for real, and I'm really glad I came back to be a part of this great time in WCF. Because even though the #BeachKrew is around...

The crowd boos.

Steve Orbit: And their own Wade Moor has a hold on that World title... there's hope. Now I ain't talkin' about Jayson Price...

Orbit laughs as the crowd boos. "FUCK YOU PRICE" chants start.

Steve Orbit: Obviously I ain't talkin' about him, but I AM talkin' about Fifteen. In two weeks, I'ma be involved in the first ever Final Destination match, where the winner will get a SHOT AT THE WORLD TITLE!

Big pop.

Steve Orbit: I came back to WCF because I missed competing, I missed testing myself-- and also because I want to add to my legacy. I mean, I'm still young. I always thought "you ain't never too young to retire", but... turns out, when your occupation is something that you LOVE as much as I love this company, it's pretty damn hard to stay at home.

Crowd pops. Face Orbit reestablished.

Steve Orbit: I still have goals. Win War. Win Ultimate Showdown. Do three girls at once... just kidding, I literally do that every day. But seriously, winning the very first Final Destination match sounds like a pretty good God damn addition to my resume, to my legacy. And you know, being a two-time World Champ is nice-- but being a THREE time World Champ sounds even better! And I'ma do it, I'ma win Final Destination, because--

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as Johnny Rabid walks calmly out onto the stage. He’s dressed in his wrestling garb, complete with silver sparkle shirt and red rimed sunglasses to add some much needed seventies retro style glam to proceedings. Johnny smirks as he music lowers.

Johnny Rabid: No, no...let the music play on. I want this crowd to hear all five minutes and twenty seconds.Silence please.

The music volume rises as Johnny just stands there listening and rocking out to his own theme music as the boo’s rise in intensity.

Johnny Rabid: Silence please.


Johnny Rabid: Silence please, thank you.


Johnny Rabid: That sounds like booing. I requested silence. Another three minutes to go people. Thank you.


Rabid just shakes his head and folds his arms as his head bobs to the music. After three minutes of this, the theme is finally done, and Rabid beings to speak.

Johnny Rabid: I wanted these people to hear my music and learn it for a reason, Orbit. I wanted them to know what a champion sounds like. To make them understand, to train them for the new regime that awaits them on the horizon. Not your future Orbit, not your hopes and dreams. Because that's a waste of time. You stand there, Orbit, talking about a third title reign; answer me this, Orbit. What does your mom think of that idea? She happy that the notion of her attacker, the man that attempted to kill her just sweeping it all under the carpet and whistling a merry tune? Did you honesty think we’d forget about that just because you want us to? And what of Buddy Roman, the man that loved you like a son? Is he just another abandoned footnote in the sordid history of Steve Orbit; the pimp that wanted to murder his mother, and abandoned his father. Not to mention the man that was once stalked by a transvestite. Least we not forget that.

You Orbit, are a sex offender, and a joke. You’re Snoop Dogg without the talent. You pull the wool over the eyes of these people because, for many of them, the “service” you once provided was the only chance they had of a regular sex life.


Johnny Rabid: Face facts people. Steve Orbit sold you sex for fame, and you all brought into it. He made you all his bitches, and you don’t want to acknowledge that. Raleigh you need to listen; you’re nothing but a gaggle of battered wives; suckeling on a block of lard you call a diet, and hoping you don't live long enough to see your gastric bands snap. You’re fat, you’re lazy. And you’re perfect for Steve Orbit. You’re also mostly male, so there’s another box ticked.


Johnny Rabid: Steve, I want you to know that at Final Destination? I’m coming for you. When your head cracks open on that mat, and your guts explode, that's because of me. I have that nightmare for you all set. Because the others in this match; they’re just the extras. The walk on parts. You? You’re the supposed legend. The Oakland Mack. Destroying you makes me more than just the fastest rising WCF superstar in history. It makes me the hero, whether these people like it, or not.

Mic drop by Rabid as he bows to the crowd and leaves the stage, just as--

Supremacy by Muse hits the PA as Spencer Adams steps through, mic in hand. The crowd pops as he makes his way down to the ring. He steps through the ropes with the other two looking on. Spencer motions towards the competitors as he lifts the mic to his mouth.

Spencer Adams: Is this what you guys paid for?

The crowd starts in with "Antidote" chants as Spencer smiles.

Spencer Adams: I'll make it short. Orbit, you're a legend. Rabid, you're a respectable in ring talent in your own right. Here's the thing though, nobody wants to see another #BeachKrew member hoisting that belt up any time soon and Orbit, you've had your time. I'm not saying that time is up, but this isn't your match, man. Final Destination means opportunity for the next up and comer and that's the man speaking the words into the microphone. If either of you try to prevent the inevitable, you're getting derailed.

"Suicide Penguin" by Schizoid Lloyd blares over the sound system. Benjamin Atreyu emerges onto the entrance ramp, dawning his black three piece suit, microphone already in hand. The crowd boos vehemently and he just waves with a snarky friendliness, waiting for his theme to die down.

Benjamin Atreyu: There seems to be a lot of talking going on. An AWFUL lot of talking. Now, there isn't any sin in talking, but it seems someone is getting overlooked. That someone, of course, being me; "God Given Greatness" Benjamin Atreyu.

Benjamin makes his way down the ramp, taking his time.

Benjamin Atreyu: I would hope that men of your ability, being quite the talented individuals, won't make the mistake of overlooking me during such a pivotal match, or, who knows, you might disappoint fans around the world by letting little ole' me win his way to the World title...

Crowd: Booooooo!

Benjamin Atreyu: See. Jeez, what a tragedy it would be if you guys all ended up slipping on one of the most important matches of your career.

Benjamin ascends the ring steps and slips between the top and middle rope, putting himself between his future opponents.

Benjamin Atreyu: I jest of course, whether you are on your game or not, you've got quite a...heh...up hill battle. Now, we are not uncivilized men, despite what crimes or unsavory activities we may be associated with, but I imagine when Fifteen comes and its a mere ladder between us and future success...well, it'll inspire us like blood inspires a shark. These jokes we tell at each other's expense will melt away, our prodding at the ribs of the other will be a thing of the past, and suddenly, as we crash down upon metal like it will crash down upon us, this will all seem far less funny, won't it.

Benjamin takes a moment, looking around at his opponents.

Benjamin Atreyu: Because, I see four men willing to thrash upon the precipice of death to see heaven, and at the end of the night, through blood, broken bone, and indescribable pain, indeed one of us will see heaven. Can you say it will be you?

Benjamin points at Rabid.

Benjamin Atreyu: How about you?

Benjamin points at Adams.

Benjamin Atreyu: Or you, Mack?

Benjamin points at Orbit.

Benjamin Atreyu: Melodramatic imagery aside, this will be a hellish fight, and if there is anything I love, its a GOOD. HELLISH. FIGHT.

Benjamin drops the microphone, all four men standing in the ring, staring each other down, the match deep in their thoughts as the show goes to commercial.

Cormack MacNeill vs Rey de Reyes vs Mitsubushi Nintendo vs Bad News Benson

Zach Davis: Welcome back to SLAM! Next up we have a fatal fourway.

Gravedigger: This match should be a good one.

Freddy Whoa: We also have a WCF debut in this match.

Gravedigger: Who?

Zach Davis: It’s a surprise.

Bad News Benson just stomps down the ramp like he's pissed off at the entire planet.


Zach Davis: Bad NEWS!

Benson stomps down the ramp barreling toward the ring. He jumps on the steps then slides through the ropes.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first… From any ghetto or skidrow in the world…. BADDDDD NEWWWSSSS BENSON!

Freddy Whoa: He always appears upset.

Gravedigger: Upset? Benson is here to Murder Death Kill.

The Drop Kick Murphy’s hits the speakers.

Kyle Steel: Now Introducing ....Fighting out of Halifax, Nova Scotia...weighing in at 275lbs...Cormack MacNeill!

The drone of the pipes fills the air as MacNeill slowly walks out onto the entrance ramp. He stops and looks around at the raucous crowd who are cheering and booing him in equal numbers.

Gravedigger: I can’t tell if they hate him or love him?

Zach Davis: A little bit a both, it appears.

As the drums kick in, MacNeill walks slowly down to the ring, stopping at the end of the ramp to eye the ring at Benson before climbing up and sliding into the ring. He takes up a position in his corner and uses the ropes to stretch out and warm up.

Hollywood Undead’s, “Day of the dead” fills the arena. The fans begin to boo as they await Rey de Reyes.

Kyle Steel: Now making his way to the ring… hailing from Monterrey, Mexico… REY DE REYES!

Gravedigger: Where is he?

He waits a couple seconds to come out the curtain, then pyro explodes. Walks down to the ring slowly enough for the fans to bask in all his glory. Slides gracefully into the ring then begins to climb the turnbuckle closest to him and lets the fans bask in his glory once again.

Zach Davis: Look at this guy.

Gravedigger: I’m looking. He sure does think highly of himself.

Freddy Whoa: I would too.

The original Super Mario Brother’s theme song blasts throughout the arena. The fan’s immediately respond with cheers. The nostalgic value is immediately evident.

Freddy Whoa: Sorry Mario… But the Princess is at another castle.

Gravedigger: What?

Freddy Whoa: Nothin.

Kyle Steel: And… Now making his SLAM debut… hailing from Tokyo, Japan…. MIIITTTSSSUUUBISHIIIIII NINTENDO!!!!!

When his music hits, Mitsubishi Nintendo runs out from the back and straight down the ramp before sliding into the ring, desperate to have his terrible music cut quickly. The fans continue to cheer further confusing Nintendo.

Zach Davis: We have a WCF debut! Mitsubishi Nintendo is a legend in Japan.

Gravedigger: How did he get past Trump’s wall?

Freddy Whoa: They haven’t build that yet.

The four wrestlers all stand in a different corner of the ring. The referee calls for the bell. The four square off.

Zach Davis: Who do you have in this one, Gravedigger?

Gravedigger: No clue. This nintendo guy has got this crowd going. We will see what he can do here tonight.

Nintendo rushes towards Bad News Benson. Bad News counters with a eye poke. The referee misses the blatant foul due to position. Bad news follows up by grappling Mitsubishi into a piledriver position. As Benson drops, Rey de Reyes rushes over to pull down both of Nintendo’s feet, causing the force in which his skull bounces of the mat to double.

Freddy Whoa: They are breaking in the rookie now. Rey de Reyes steals a pin opportunity away from Benson!

Gravedigger: Cormack breaks up the pin!

MacNeil breaks the pin up at a count of one. Benson rushes over in attempt to clothesline Cormack. MacNeil strikes first however, mounted punches across the top of Benson’s skull. Bad News begins to backup from the force of the shots. He trips suddenly over Mistubishi Nintendo, who in turn rolls him up in a pin.

Zach Davis: ONE!

Gravedigger: TWO!

Freddy Whoa: Broken up by MacNeil! That’s twice now he has saved this matchup from an early conclusion.

Cormack grapples Benson back to his feet. Bad News spits in his face then headbutts MacNeil sending him in the opposite direction lost in a daze. Mitsubishi now back to his feet, hammers MacNeil with a huge knee shot. The crowd pops.

Gravedigger: They just love Nintendo.

Freddy Whoa: That’s true, everyone loves Nintendo.

Nintendo continues his assault on MacNeil until Rey de Reyes hits him on the chin with a standing missile drop kick. Mitsubishi falls through the ropes then bounces off the apron. He lands in a pile on the outside of the ring.

Zach Davis: Did you see that DROPKICK!

Benson gets ahold of Rey just before he can get back to his feet. A sharp chop across the throat causes Rey to stumble backwards clutching at his own throat. The vicious shot takes the wind from de Reyes. MacNeil has gathered himself in the corner. Rey stumbles right into the arms of Cormack. Rey is then swallowed up in a bear hug. The larger MacNeil has no problem slinging de Reyes back and forth attempting to squeeze him in two.

Freddy Whoa: Rey is turning blue. The referee rushes in to observe a possible tap. Rey continues to shake his head while attempting to twist his body out of the big man’s grip.

Gravedigger: Here comes Benson!

Bad News Benson charges towards the two men but is promptly cut off by Mitsubishi. Nintendo hammers Benson with a huge elbow, then another. Rey continues to be resilient in the corner opposite Benson and Nintendo. He fights then begins throwing his head back at Cormack. Now desperate, he begins to aim at MacNeil with headbutts with little success at first.. De Reyes finally connects the back of his head to the forehead of Cormack. The shot instantly causes MacNeil to drop De Reyes.

Zach Davis: He has freed himself. I thought he was going to tap for sure.

Gravedigger: He was turning a different color, and that’s always a bad sign.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa. That was close.

De Reyes gathers himself just out from Nintendo and Benson, who continue to swap blows in the corner. Benson finally gets the upperhand with a close fisted low blow. The referee misses the shot while checking on de Reyes. Bad News follows up with a DDT!

Gravedigger: Benson goes for the pin!

Freddy Whoa: ONE!

Zach Davis: Broken up by MacNeil! Rey looks alright just a tad dazed. Cormack took all his air and then some.

MacNeil continues to hit Benson with more mounted shots. Bad News rolls over his back and Cormack straddles his chest. MacNeil rains down shot after vicious shot. Nintendo stumbles back to his feet. He slides down the ropes reaching in a foggy haze for the corner to balance himself. Bad News gets back to his feet and charges at Mitsubishi, who finally gains his balance in the corner. Nintendo feels the ring beneath him shake as Benson continues his charge. At the last possible second, Nintendo dodges the cheap shot. He sends Bad News towards to the corner. He spins Benson around to face him, then gives him rapid elbow shots in the corner!

Freddy Whoa: Naka Naka On Your Face!!!!!

Gravedigger: What?

Zach Davis: That is what Mitsubishi call that move.

Gravedigger: I have a mitsubishi tv.

Zach Davis: [laughs]

Nintendo stops his barrage allowing Benson to dead fall to the mat. Mitsubishi then goes for a quick roll up pin,

Gravedigger: ONE!

Freddy Whoa: TWO!

Zach Davis: TWO AND A HALF! MacNeil has broken up three pins now.

Cormack continues to stomp Nintendo even after breaking up the pin. Benson is still down and not moving. Rey de Reyes watches on as MacNeil leg drops Nintendo across the neck. The crowd is wowed by the shot. Rey whistles at Cormack, who turns instantly after reaching his feet. De Reyes catches him with a wicked hurricanrana. MacNeil spins in the air hitting the mat with a loud thud. Rey follows up by hitting the ropes just behind him to slingshot himself towards Cormack. Halfway into his destination, Benson trips him slightly with all he has left. This causes Rey to trip and land face first on the mat!

Freddy Whoa: All men are down! The referee begins his count as all four men struggle to get up.

Cormack MacNeill is up, as is Nintendo...


MacNeill pins Nintendo.




Gravedigger: Cormack MacNeill wins in his return match!

Cormack gets his arm raised as we go to commercial.

Dustin Beaver/Andre Holmes Segment

In the public locker room, Andre is currently preparing for his upcoming eight man tag match. He's all dressed in his in-ring attire exercising a quick warm-up by throwing combination strikes in Boxing, and Muay Thai with short elbows, and fast knees. Turning around to leave, Dustin enters into the locker room with the WCF Television title over his shoulder, and he's smiling to see Andre face to face who isn't sharing the facial gesture.

Dustin Beaver: Well look who it is, the "top prospect" in WCF, and the number one contender to the Supreme Beavliever's WSeaF Television Championship. I know, I know. The honor is all yours, and you're excited to be this close to the title so I just wanna say good luck.

He rubs his hands, and extends out his right palm for a friendly handshake with that slick smirk. Andre looks down to the hand then back to him, and shakes his head.

Andre Holmes: You really think I'm gonna shake your hand?

Dustin Beaver: You should because this is the closest you're ever going to get to the WSeaF Television Title. You think I'm going to let all my hard work, and success be ruined by a nobody? An ugly one at that too. Get real. I'm Dustin Beaver. The Supreme Beavliever who leaves my opponents in stitches, and is wanted by bitches. So when I ALLOW you to shake my hand, you take it.

The crowd is booing him from that arrogant statement he made, and Andre sighs. He pretends to go along with the idea until he slaps his hand away, and gets up in his face as Dustin is taller than him but that doesn't stop him from standing his ground.

Andre Holmes: You're right. Dustin is the WCF Television Champion, and he's beaten people who is considered better than I am now. The only difference between me, and them is simple. I'm Relentless. In other words, you're in here now because you know that I'm a hotter commodity than you are, and it makes you jealous.

Dustin Beaver: Please, save the good guy speech for Hollywood.

Andre Holmes: Okay. I'll make it simple. I'm going to kick that pretty little face of yours at Fifteen, and become the new WCF Television Champion. I can promise you that. Oh, one more thing. The Caitlyn Jenner thing was sooo last year. No worries, we accept you for who you are. A fake. Good luck at Fifteen.

He extends his right hand, mimicking what Dustin did before. Dustin looks down at the hand, and just leaves the locker room completely pissed off from the disrespected Andre lashed at him. He smirks while the Television Champion barges out of the room, and the cameras cut to commercial.

Kyle Kemp Segment

We pick up on Kyle Kemp walking up to the PNC Arena with a smile. He is wearing a throwback Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey, dark jeans and purple Nike shoes. We see that Andre Jenson is also walking up to the arena and Kemp can see him about 20 yards away. Jenson is wearing a brown jerkin and jeans. He looks a little frazzled but in a nerdy way. Kemp snorts at him and shouts over to him.

Kyle Kemp: Oh look! Goodwill Hunting is here!

Jenson's head shoots up as he looks to see whose yelling at him and sees Kemp. His face turns down.

Andre Jenson: Oh look....the jock is trying to show the world what an overgrown penis he has, while picking on someone different. What a cliche!

Kyle Kemp: The only cliche is the coming of age movie you're trying to live here. Newsflash man....you're not Freddie Prinze Jr!

Jenson snorts at Kemp and flips him off. Kemp laughs and continues.

Kyle Kemp: Not only that but do you really think you and that has been are going to beat me and a fucking monster?

Jenson pulls his dice out of his pocket and rolls them. Kemp immediately has a flashback to last week with the interview and begins to laugh. By this time they are right next to each other and Kemp kicks the dice away. As Jenson begins to pick them up, Kemp runs inside the arena door and slams it shut. Jenson runs up and realizes that Kemp has locked the door. He laughs and points at Jenson through the small window in the door. Jenson is fuming.

Gravedigger: Way to fall for the oldest trick in the book Jenson!

Zach Davis: That's just disrespectful!

Kemp gives Jenson a thumbs up and walks away as Jensen runs to find another door to get inside.

Nagaski vs Chance von Crank

Zach Davis: Coming up next on Slam, we have a collision of two very promising new stars here in WCF: the manipulative Chance Von Crank vs. the jovial Nagasaki!

Gravedigger: I'd hardly call Nagasaki promising.

Zach Davis: I thought you said you liked him last week?

Gravedigger: Yeah, well I told you it was an off week.

Freddy Whoa: Call him what you want, but I guarantee they're about to put on a great match that will prove you wrong.

Gravedigger: I'll believe it when I see it.

”I’m Broken” by Pantera hits the sound system as CvC comes out adorned in his luxurious, most-csrtainly-attained-with-ill-gotten-funds rhinestone robe. Crank heads down the ramp towards the ring. The Shock N' Rolla strolls to the ring ignoring the boos completely. On the apron, he throws his robe on the steps then begins to taunt the crowd.

Gravedigger: At least this guy has a good tase in music.

"Kabuki Gomen-Jyo" by Wadaiko Matsuriza hits the PA as a compilation of Nagasaki's past sumo victories is played on the jumbotron. He then lumbers on to the stage with his manager Mr. Nobunaga, Nobunaga is carrying a box in his left hand and a sword in the other. Nagasaki begins the sumo war dance, then bows to show respect to the audience. He walks down the ramp, climbs the steps of the ring, hoists the top rope up and steps between it and the middle rope. Once on the ring he faces where his opponent will enter, puts on the headband and mask and begins another war dance.

Freddy Whoa: The ball has sounded and this one is underway!

Chance runs right toward Nagasaki, sidesteps past the larger competitor as Naga tries to catch him, and hits three well placed kicks to his legs before Naga turns around almost traps him in the corner.

Zach Davis: CvC doesn't look to be intimidated by Nagasaki at all!

Gravedigger: Well I know from experience, the best way to fight a larger opponent is by taking the fight right to them and using your speed advantage as much as possible.

CvC escapes the corner as Naga turns back toward him. CvC is standing in the middle of the ring now, taunting Naga to come after him. Nagasaki doesn't like the challenge to his honor and garners a full speed charge at the redneck. CvC easily sidesteps again and lands two more brutal kicks to Naga's leg, almost causing him to trip. Nagasaki slows himself down before he can hurt himself from the impact with the corner turnbuckle. He is getting aggitated at the challenge this smaller competitor is giving him, but he maintains his stoic and respectful mood.

Zach Davis: Nagasaki's going to have to outsmart Chance von Crank if he wants to turn this around.

CvC is back in the middle of the ring, taunting the sumo master again. Nagasaki stalks towards him, but CvC just walks away shaking his head as the crowd starts to boo. Nagasaki musters a lot of strength and jumps towards him, forcing Chance to hop away, hitting the ropes and rebounding. He tries to sidestep Nagasaki, but the rotund wrestler simply falls over on his side, smashing CvC's legs as he tries to duck under him.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Talk about unorthodox!

Gravedigger: That's just cheap.

Zach Davis: It's effective! CvC will have a much harder time playing his games now.

Nagasaki stands up off his victim and bounces off the ropes. Before Crank can recover, Nagasaki hits a full body splash. As he gets ready to hit another one, Chance manages to desperately roll outside the ring.

Gravedigger: That's the smartest thing he's done so far.

As Nagasaki's momentum keeps him bouncing off the ropes one more time, CvC gets a much needed breather.

CvC rolls back in after gaining his composure. Nagasaki tries to catch him, but Chance dodges and hits two more kicks to Nagasaki's legs. The mostrous man is stsrting to feel them, but it's not newrly enough to stop him from hitting the ropes again and rebounding into a powerful clothesline, knocking CvC to the mat.

Nagaski bounces off the ropes yet again and gets some air for a big leg drop, but CvC rolls out of the way and Naga takes a hard impact with the mat. CvC stomps on Naga's outstretched leg. Naga bats him away lightly, but Chance hits back with a vicious kick to the chest, knocking the huge man down on his back. He runs to the nearest ropes and hops to the middle one, jumps, and lands a pointed elbow drop to the chest of his huge opponent.

Zach Davis: A big move like that is just what Chance von Crank needed to even things out.

Chance von Crank gets up and stomps on Naga's legs again. Nagasaki shoves him away and tries to get to his feet. Chance hits the dazed sumo wrestler with some sharp chops to his chest before being batted away with a vicious palm strike. Chance backs off, then comes charging back and hits a running thrust lariat. Nagasaki doesn't go down, so Chance lines up for another one. As he runs back, Nagasaki catches him with a perfectly executed belly to belly suplex, landing all his weight on the trailerpark prodigy. He goes for a pin, hoping this was enough to defeat his conniving opponent.



shoulder up! He's up!

Freddy Whoa: He put a lot of effort into that and I have a feeling it's going to pay off! But, it'll take more than that to keep CvC down.

Nagasaki lifts CvC to his feet only and grips his head. The jolly sumo lets out a warcry and smacks his own head with his hand, then lines up Chance for a vicious headbutt, knocking the dazed white trash maniac to the mat. Nagasaki lifts him up again and whips him into the ropes, catching him into a scoop slam on the rebound. He backs up and hits a leg drop, then a Giant Step. He lifts the worn out opponent and whips him hard into the corner. He walks over and delivers eversl chops to Chance's chest until CvC collapses against the bottom rope. Nagasaki smiles and motions for the crowd to get ready for a big move.

Zach Davis: I think we know what's coming next!

Nagasaki backs up to the other corner across the ring, the charges full speed ahead towards his victim. He manages to throw his kegs out ahead of him, ready to crush Chance von Crank with a massive dropkick. He gets closer and closer, but no! At the last second, Chance vonc Crank grabs the bottome rope and pulls himself out of the ring, leaving Nagasaki to collide feet first with the steel ring post. Chance von Crank points to his head, as if he had a brilliant plan all along, causing the crowd to boo. He then grabs Nagasaki's right leg and slams it repeatedly against the post. Nagasaki winces in pain but does his best no to let his ancestors down by showing his emotions too much.

Zach Davis: I don't know how much more damage Nagasaki can take to his legs before he can't even stand up!

Chance von Crank hits the sumo master's leg off the post one more time before climbing back in the ring so the ref can't count him out. He hits a small elbow drop on Nagasaki's chest, but still the massive wrestler manages to shove him off. Chance von Crank takes a step back as Nagasaki tries to get to his feet. CvC thinks up a plan and goes for it, letting Nagasaki up. The sumo wrestler carefully charges Crank, but he ducks under and hits a chop block, knocking the bigger man down face first. He decides he can start to get serious about finishing the big guy off. He just barely helps him to his feet, only to deliver brutal back elbows to the side of his neck. Then he strong arms him into position for a flowing snap DDT, executing it perfectly.

Freddy Whoa: Nagasaki's got to think of something to turn this around!

Gravedigger: I'm sure he's thought of something, but the question is, does he have any energy in that hot air balloon of a body to pull it off?

Nagasaki manages to get to his feet again, but gets caught in a lock up with Chance von Crank again. Suddenly CvC steps on Nagasaki's toes and pushes him back over his knee.

Gravedigger: Can he hit it? There's no way he can maneuver that big guy into the GodBooked!

Freddy Whoa: He's got to try if he wants to win this close match! It'll take more than any old move to keep Nagasaki down for a three count.

Nagasaki tries to fight out of it, but CvC lands clubbing forearms across the bigger competitor's chest. Nagasaki appears to be worn out, so Chance von Crank tries to hit his finishing maneuver!

Zach Davis: GodBooked! He hits it!

Chance von Crank pins Nagaski.




The bell sounds.

Gravedigger: Awesome match by these two!, but tonight CvC walks away victorious!

Chance stands up and gets his arm lifted.

Freddy Whoa: As we go into Fifteen, every win matters. We've said it before but Fifteen will be a career making night for someone, and these newcomers to the company have a huge opportunity. Every win at Slam is one step closer to that!

Livewire Segment

The camera turns on backstage of a door with a Big Star on it. Within the star are the words “Seth Lerch: WCF Owner and President and All Around Badass”

The crowd jeers at the sight and then a fist comes into view banging on the door. The camera pans out and the form of Grayson Pierce comes into view. The crowd cheers at the sight and you finally hear.


Pierce opens the door anyway and the camera follows him. Seth is on the phone with his hand down his pants.

Seth Lerch: Granny Panties, huh? What are you going to do to me, Betty?


Seth Lerch: Oh yea baby, put those in my… uh… I’ll call you back. Hold that thought.

He takes his hand out of his pants suddenly and hangs up the phone. He looks pissed off in the direction of Pierce.

Seth Lerch: Gemini Battle, so good to see you.

He lied.

Grayson Pierce: Betty Adams, huh? Still hittin’ that?

Seth Lerch: What can I say? She knows how to treat a guy. So what do I owe the pleasure.

Grayson Pierce: I wanted to talk to you about my ‘One’ paycheck, or rather, the lack thereof.

Seth Lerch: Yea, you’ll have to talk to the head of talent relations about that.

Grayson Pierce: Listen, I main evented your precious PPV, and even though I didn’t win I’m supposed to get a hefty paycheck for that shit. I know Beach Krew and Steve Orbit got paid, why is my check held up.

Seth Lerch: Yea, you’ll gave to talk to the head of talent relations about that.

Grayson Pierce: Seth, I deserve that money, I earned it!

Seth Lerch: Yea, you’ll have to talk to the head of talent relations about that.

He repeated a third time, with a mix of joviality and suspense in his voice.

Grayson Pierce: You’re such a piece of shit, you know that?

Seth Lerch: I’ve been called worse.

Grayson Pierce: Finally, you say something else. Now, the paycheck.

Seth Lerch: Yea, you’ll have to talk to the head of talent relations about that.

He can hardly contain his laughter at this point.

Grayson Pierce: Ugh, fine, how do I find him?

Seth points and the camera widens. Standing behind him is KL Henson with a clipboard in hand.

KL Henson: Ah, Mr. Pierce, formerly Gemini Battle. I see your paycheck information right here…

Grayson Pierce: No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. No. No…NO! No. No. Who else can I talk to?

Enter Katherine Phoenix

Katherine Phoenix: Gray Bear, how can I help you?

Grayson Pierce: Fuck this!

Grayson storms out of the room slamming the door behind him leaving KL Henson, Katherine Phoenix, and Seth alone in the office. KL Henson writes something down on his clipboard.

KL Henson: Interesting…very interesting.

Katherine Phoenix: Looks like certain bear needs to go into hibernation mode, huh?

Seth Lerch: *Ahem*

Both KL and KP look over at Seth who is motioning with his hands to get out.

Katherine Phoenix: Are you drying your nails?


Henson writes on his clipboard before leaving.

KL Henson: Interesting…

Katherine Phoenix skips out behind him.

Katherine Phoenix: Wait for me, Koala Lion!

The door closes leaving Seth alone in the office. He dials the phone and waits a moment.

Seth Lerch: Betty, hey babygurl. What are you wearing…

Celeste vs "Grimebeard"

Celeste takes the walk up to the ring like a model takes to a runway. Her feet stride with effortless confidence, her chin tilted upwards and shoulders pushed back elongate her neck and expose her jugular to tempt , to dare her appointment to either kiss or mangle her throat. Not a drop of sweat escapes her pours, no fear beats within her breast, almost as if she were not human but a divine creation. She removes her over-sized shades only moments before slinking under the rope, with an elegance so captivating it is hypnotic.

Greybeard's music hits, and it is the man now known as Grimebeard that enters the arena.

Zach Davis: I... really don't know what to make of this man. Is he really Grime? Why would he be doing this?

Freddy Whoa: Who knows when we'll find out. Either way Grime and Celeste were never the best of friends, so I'm sure how this is going to go.

As soon as Grimebeard enters the ring, Celeste runs at him but he is able to stop her with a quick right hook. He then runs at her and hits a Dropkick. She goes down and he goes for a pin.



No, Celeste kicks out.

Gravedigger: Celeste is no joke, guys - she did get a victory at One. No matter what is going on with this Grimebeard fellow he better not take her lightly.

Grimebeard gets back to his feet and is treated to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He pulls Celeste in and drops her with an Anaconda Vice.

Zach Davis: Submission applied!

Celeste yells out in pain but refuses to give up, especially this early in the match. After several moments she's able to reach the ropes and force Grimebeard to break the hold.

Gravedigger: No matter what he's calling himself, Grimebeard is a submission master.

He lifts her up but Celeste pokes him in the eye. She quickly hits a Snapmare before putting him into a Dragon Sleeper!

Freddy Whoa: Celeste is no slouch with submissions herself!

Grimebeard is able to reach the ropes as well though, forcing a break by Celeste. She runs at him and he catches her with a Belly to Belly! She's thrown into the corner, stumbles up, Grimebeard runs at her...


Grimebeard pins Celeste!




Gravedigger: Grimebeard wins it!

The bell sounds as Grimebeard gets to his feet and gets his arm raised.

Freddy Whoa: In the beginning, as Greybeard, this man had a bright future in WCF, with the Alchemist and Lute Boy by his side. But now? I just don't know.

Bonnie Blue/Johnny Rabid Segment

At an unmarked door -- one of many lining the mazelike corridors of the PNC Arena, and identical to the rest -- Bonnie hesitates before knocking. There is no reply, but the door unlatches audibly and inches inward. She pushes it the rest of the way and cautiously steps in. Bonnie isn't sure what she'd been expecting -- stone walls glistening with seepage, candelabras draped in years' worth of melted wax, an abundance of cobwebs, and perhaps for added effect, an elderly pipe organ groaning out the strains of a Mozart dirge under the frenzied playing of a madman. What greets her, instead, is a very unremarkable room; plain and furnished only with a long table and a couple of padded folding chairs. And waiting for her, wearing an expression of detached curiosity, is Johnny Rabid.

Johnny Rabid: This is quite ...unorthodox, Miss Blue. Might I enquire --

Bonnie cuts him off by dropping a flash drive on the table and sliding it toward him.

Bonnie Blue: Information, Mr. Rabid. And yes, that's a copy. I'm not foolish enough to hand over the originals.

Johnny Rabid: Of course not.

He slips the flash drive into a pocket and regards her with a level gaze.

Johnny Rabid: So you've had me investigated, and to what end, Miss Blue? Surely not blackmail?

She hesitates. Honestly, Bonnie doesn't know, herself, what to do. The gumshoe had given her just enough to tantalize, to fire the imagination, but nothing quite solid.

Bonnie Blue: I also know about the bargain you made with Chelsea Armstrong.

Johnny Rabid: You believe the ravings of a woman who had suffered a terrible concussion only moments before? Do you think that wise?

Bonnie Blue: She wasn't delusional. She knew 'zactly what she was sayin'.

Johnny Rabid: Then what is it, I ask again, that you want from me, Miss Blue?

Bonnie Blue: I want you to stop meddlin' in the affairs of normal human beings. You ain't, and you shouldn't be here.

Johnny Rabid: Ah, hypocrisy... We've more in common than you think, so let me give you the courtesy of a warning. You're playing a very dangerous game, Time Witch. I suggest you let this go.

Bonnie lifts her gaze to meet his, holding it for several seconds.

Bonnie Blue: This ain't over, Mr. Rabid.

Without a further word, she turns her back on him and walks out the door, leaving Johnny Rabid to stare after her with an unreadable look on his face.

Jordan Wolfram Segment

Zach Davis: And now we have a word from Hank Brown .

Jordan Wolfram shows up on screen in front of a generic blue background.

Hank Brown: I’m here with Jordan Wolfram… Jordan.

Jordan Wolfram: Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at an undefeated wrestler!

Hank Brown: You lost last week?

Jordan Wolfram: Were we watching the same thing? Oh, I get it, you were looking at the hard camera set up in the ring. But look at this cell phone video sent by a fan…

You see Brao Kitt clothesline Wolfram over the top rope. Wolfram lands hard on Asshole Ronson who has laid out below. The camera pans out and you see Tiffany White hit her finisher on Kitt and the referee count the pin.

Jordan Wolfram: As you can see there, I was clearly covering whoever that is and I should be decalred the winner!

Hank Brown: That’s not how this works, Jordan.

Jordan Wolfram: There were no rules stating that the pin had to happen IN the ring.

Hank Brown: It’s implied when it’s not a falls count anywhere match…

Jordan Wolfram: Implications do not designate truth. Truth can only be found on the day of judgement. I, am undefeated in the WCF, and I will NEVER, EVER lose, Mr. Brown. And that includes at Fifteen when I finally will allow DeMarcus Jordan to step into the ring against me in a one on one standard rules match. In a match where the pin MUST happen in the ring, it’s in the rules clearly!

Hank Brown: Well, that’s quite the announcement. But you’re facing him tonight too. What if he gets his hands on you then?

Jordan Wolfram: Oh, silly boy. DeMarcus is a loser, and he probably will be too cranked out of crack cocaine to even get to the ring. You see, once a loser, always a loser. He and the rest of the Crips or Bloods, or whatever gang he’s affiliated with will probably be arrested before the match even begins.

Hank Brown: I feel like you’re crossing the line with your gross generalizations on the black community.

Jordan Wolfram: Community? You mean prison cell? And no, you misunderstand me. I don’t hate black people. I know a black guy that I don’t hate very much at my church. He has seen the light. What I do hate is N****Rs . N****RS are the worst. N*****Rs are what ruins America, and N*****Rs get what they deserve, which is nothing!

Hank Brown: I don’t think I can talk to you any more…

Hank Brown walks away.

Jordan Wolfram: You coward. You’re just afraid to hear the truth. And the truth SHALL SET YOU FREE!

The scene pans away from backstage back to the announcers.

Gravedigger: That guy is much even for me.

Freddy Whoa: This mother fucker needs to be stopped.

Zach Davis: Well at Fifteen DeMarcus Jordan will have the opportunity to shut him up once and for all. I know that I’m supposed to be an unbiased journalist, but I hope he does.

Freddy Whoa: Fuck being unbiased. That shit head deserves to be hospitalized for the things he says. I can’t wait for DeMarcus to take him out!

Zach Davis: Folks, I sincerely apologize on behalf of the WCF for allowing such savagery here. His views certainly do not represent the views of us here in the WCF.

Tiffany White vs Benjamin Atreyu

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam!

Gravedigger: This next match could be a good one, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Agreed. Tiffany is looking for a second win while Atreyu hopes to bounce back.

“Lean On” hits the airwaves as Tiffany White emerges from the curtains, pink strobe lights engulfing the arena. Tiffany blows a few kisses to any attractive females she comes across, but those are few and far between. As she climbs the ring and gets to the ropes, she hears a man in the front row wolf whistle at her, prompting her to flip him a quick middle finger. She stands in the ring and waits for the match to start.

Kyle Steele: Now making her way to the ring, reigning from Sin City; TIFFANY WHITE!

Gravedigger: Tiffany White impressed last week. She went in the ring with four other newcomers and came out the victor.

Zach Davis: The first blow she threw in WCF broke Chance Von Crank’s nose.

“Suicide Penguin” by Schizoid Lloyd plays over the sound system. Benjamin emerges onto the entrance ramp, staring with a fixed focus on the ring as he descends the stage.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, reigning from St. Paul, Minnesota; “God Given Greatness!” BENJAMIN ATREYU!

Freddy Whoa: Atreyu looking ready to go!

Gravedigger: He wants to right his ship here tonight.

Zach Davis: White may have other plans.

The referee calls for the bell. Tiffany charges in with a sharp elbow but Atreyu promptly dodges it. He ends up behind White. Ben locks both hands around her waist. He then flips her backwards suddenly. Tiffany lands skull first against the mat from the violent german suplex. The impact shakes the entire ring.

Zach Davis: God’s Given Greatness strikes first! He counters the elbow with a brutal german suplex.

Gravedigger: She’s back up!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa.

Atreyu gets back to his feet quickly after the suplex but turns his back away from Tiffany for just a brief moment. She gets back to her feet quickly and rushes towards him. As he turns, White nails him with a knee to the kidneys! He bends slightly so she hip tosses him to the mat. Tiffany follows up with solid stomps to the already sore kidneys, twice. She quickly gets to the corner and leaps up onto the top turnbuckle. She extends both arms out from herself to gain complete balance.

Freddy Whoa: White is on the offensive now!

Tiffany leaps off the top turnbuckle just as Atreyu begins to stir; he leaps up and catches her with a sharp european uppercut! White lands flat on her back. Ben quickly hooks a leg for a pin!

Zach Davis: One!

Gravedigger: TWO!

Freddy Whoa: Kickout! White gets a shoulder up at two and a half.

White rolls to her side after kicking out. She desperately attempts to shake the daze that rattles around in her skull. Atreyu grapples her back to her feet. He then stands up still holding her hand out from him. Ben then pulls White to him suddenly nearly taking her head off with his other free arm. The force of clothesline and weight difference causes Tiffany to do a complete front flip in the air.

Gravedigger: He damn near took her head off!

Zach Davis: Benjamin Atreyu goes in for another pin!

Freddy Whoa: She kicks out at 1! Ladies and Gentlemen, that was a violent shot she just took to the face.

Gravedigger: Ha.

Atreyu grabs the back of White’s head. He pulls her up to him using a handful of hair in order to set her for a powerbomb. He lifts her high into the air as camera flashes illuminate throughout the arena. At the highest point of the powerbomb, White kicks Ben in both ribs, simultaneously. When he drops his arms early she wraps both arms around his head. The face buster she counters with wows the entire crowd.


Gravedigger: That was a nasty face buster. That counter was amazing, but now both are down.

Freddy Whoa: The referee rushes in to do his count.

Both wrestlers are now down. White is the first to stir as the referee’s count reaches four. She gets to one knee then falls. Tiffany lands across the top of Benjamin Atreyu! The ref then hits his belly to make the count.

Freddy Whoa: One!

Zach Davis: TWO!

Gravedigger: Late Late Kick Out! She almost got him! White just pulled off one of the sickest counters I’ve ever seen to keep her hopes alive here. She has Atreyu dazed!

White gets back to her feet first then heads for the corner. She notices that Atreyu has began to stir, so she patiently waits. Benjamin uses both hands flat on the mat to balance himself on one knee. He looks up just as White takes flight. Tiffany catches him flush on the jaw with a huge missile dropkick! Ben hits the mat flat on his belly. White pushes him over to his back then stops. She looks over at the turnbuckle then back at Atreyu again. Tiffany decides against the pin and quickly heads for the corner. She climbs the ropes now slower than before. Tiffany steadies herself once more then jumps off the top turnbuckle performing a picture perfect moonsault! Ben lifts both knees at the last possible second causing Tiffany to crash and burn.

Zach Davis: Atreyu with a counter of his own! Tiffany was looking to finish but Ben has other plans.

Freddy Whoa: Ben is now back to his feet!

Benjamin now hovers over White as she sits on her elbows. She slowly begins to sit up just as he drops a solid elbow in her spine! Tiffany flops around a bit after the painful shot. Ben grapples her back to her feet. Before she can fall forward, he irish whips her towards the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. White bounces off the ropes and heads straight back towards Atreyu on the return. He catches her with a big boot right between the eyes.

Gravedigger: Uh oh… Atreyu rolls her over on her back.

Zach Davis: She continues to fight even on her stomach!

Gravedigger: Doesn’t matter, he now has her locked up in a texas cloverleaf!

White extends both her arms out towards the ropes. Ben just drags her closer to the middle of the ring. She attempts to twist her body around while still reaching and digging for the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: White continues to fight for the ropes. The crowd is loving this one.

Zach Davis: They sure do. White is now digging her nails into the mat attempting to position herself slightly closer to the ropes!

Gravedigger: This one is over she just can’t reach them.

Tiffany continues attempting to spin her hips. Atreyu adjusts his legs to sit down to apply more pressure. White digs in and actually begins to pull Atreyu towards the ropes. He squats further attempting to counter her new momentum. She reaches again desperately searching for the safety of the ropes…

Gravedigger: She is going to tap.

Freddy Whoa: She’s so close…

Zach Davis: Reaching… Digging… Reaching… Digging…

White grabs the ropes. The referee taps on Atreyu’s back warning him to break the hold. Ben drops both of her legs finally, releasing the hold. The crowd begins to cheer slightly for White after this display.

Zach Davis: She is winning over the Carolina faithful, Digger.

Gravedigger: She deserves it after that. I thought God’s Given Greatness was gonna cause her to tap. He almost had her.

Freddy Whoa: He sure did.

The referee stands them both up. White has a slight limp now from the hold. She walks best she can to disguise her now injured leg. Ben dashes at her suddenly causing her to take off towards him. The game of chicken ends suddenly as she slides between his legs. Atreyu bends over slightly to witness her slide through. Before he can turn back around she bounces off the ropes just behind him. White hits him with a nasty slingshot bulldog. The maneuver drives Ben’s face into the mat with full force. The crowd pops as she slowly gets back to her feet. Tiffany hits the ropes and rolls on the mat, then rolls again towards her opponent. After the second roll she ends up hovering right beside Ben. She does a front flip landing across Atreyu!

Freddy Whoa: ON THE BUTTON! She is headed for that corner again!

Zach Davis: She’s headed for that turnbuckle again!

Gravedigger: She is favoring that left knee. This could be a mistake.

Tiffany White signals for Bad Beat! The crowd is worked up just before she takes her leap. Atreyu jumps to his feet suddenly causing White to leap down from the turnbuckle. Ben dashes towards her with a roaring elbow! The Black Eye Sonata hits its mark sending her to the mat. Atreyu then hooks her for his signature, A Seraphim’s Call!

Freddy Whoa: A Seraphim’s Call! THIS ONE IS OVER!

Zach Davis: Ben goes for the pin!

Gravedigger: One! TWO!

Freddy Whoa: THREE!

Kyle Steel: Winner via pinfall, BENJAMIN ATREYU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gravedigger: Called it, I knew it.

Zach Davis: You didn’t know… She almost got him a time or two. Benjamin Atreyu has defeated Tiffany White. Something should be said about her valiant effort.

Gravedigger: Okay… She lost. There I said something about her “valiant effort”

Freddy Whoa: Whoa.

Steve Orbit Segment

Establishing shot: the door to Steve Orbit's private locker room. The crowd in attendance gives a loud enough pop for the mics backstage to pick up, and the cheer grows even louder when the door swings open and out steps the man himself. He's dressed in his ring gear and iconic accessories: the floor length mink coat, the rakish pimp hat, the diamond encrusted crucifix and the bejeweled cane. He struts down the hallway, an easy smile on his face.

Several female voices squeeing at once: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

A scrum of young ladies hustle into the shot, clearly excited to be in the presence of "The Mack".

Betty: It's him! It's him!

Veronica: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Steve!

Ginger: I can't believe it. So cool to meet you!

Mary-Ann: Good luck in your match tonight!

Orbit stops, putting his hands on his hips.

Steve Orbit: How did y'all get past security?!

Betty: We'd do anything to meet you!

Steve Orbit: Oh yeah? You're some naughty bitches, huh?

The expressions on the girls' faces drops. They turn around and form a huddle, away from Orbit.

Veronica: Oh my God... he called us bitches.

A moment later, they begin screaming and jumping up and down.

Mary-Ann: This is the best day of my life!

They turn back around, to face Orbit, recomposed.

Steve Orbit: So what, y'all want me to sign your titties or somethin'?

The girls nod their heads, agreeing.

Steve Orbit: Aight, who's got a pen?

One of the girls starts fumbling through her purse. She pulls out a Sharpie... when something, or someone, catches Orbit's eye in the distance.

Betty: Here you go!

She hands him the Sharpie, but his eyes remain fixated elsewhere. This causes the girls to notice, and they turn around to look in the same direction. The camera widens... and we see Stuart Slane, standing firm in front of some production equipment, eyeing the scene.

Steve Orbit: Son of a bitch. Wait here, girls.

Orbit breaks from the girls and walks towards Slane, a curious look on Orbit's face. Slane awkwardly looks away, and then down at the floor, and then back at Orbit. The two men stand face to face.

Steve Orbit: Well look who the mother fuckin' cat drug in. Stuart Slane. The last boy scout. You still touchin' little boys and all that?

Stuart Slane: That's not funny.

Steve Orbit: Nah, what's funny is you standin' in the corner over here. I wanna know, what the fuck are you lookin' at Slane?

Slane is flush from a mixture of embarrassment and anger. He rubs his jawline worriedly before replying.

Stuart Slane: Perhaps you are aware that I have recently undergone a change of heart in regards to how I wish to relate to the WCF Galaxy.

Steve Orbit: Yeah, I heard somethin. You're tryin' to get folks to think you're a "good guy" now.

Stuart Slane: Correct. However, despite my sincerity, there seems to be some resistance from the people towards accepting my intentions.

Steve Orbit: Can't convince the fans to buy what you're sellin'? What a shock.

Stuart Slane: Therefore, I have made the decision to observe interactions between fans and the more, ah, well-regarded performers on the roster in an attempt to see if there is anything I can learn from them.

The statement amuses Steve greatly. He chuckles and shakes his head.

Steve Orbit: You tryin to be like The Mack? You? The biggest Square in Squaresville? Come on, son.

Slane smirks and folds his arms.

Stuart Slane: Not entirely like you. After all, I've already proven I'm your superior in the ring. Remember One? Remember me pinning you for your United States Title?

Steve isn't laughing any more. He steps up to the bigger man.

Steve Orbit: A win over me don't make us equals, Slane. It ain't even close. Take a look at my record, and then look at yours. I've made history in WCF. I was must-see before you got here and kept it up loooooonnnnngggggg after you split. You, you've always been a novelty act, no matter what the fuck you dressed up as.

Stuart's eyes widen. There's a persistent tic in his left cheek, and his entire body is trembling with rage.

Stuart Slane: You are in my personal space.

Steve Orbit: I know. What you gonna do about it?

After a brief standoff...with the tapping of a cane, from the shadows, around the corner comes a figure.

?: Whoa, whoa, hold on there.

Steve Orbit: Who the...is that...

The figure steps into the light, being revealed as no other than Jeff Purse.

Steve Orbit: HEY! What the hell happened to you homie?

Jeff Purse: I was stabbed, Steve, with a shard of glass...clean through my calf. By Nathan von Liebert. Im surprised I am able to walk at all.

Jeff sits up on some speaker cases, taking the weight off of his calf.

Steve Orbit: So, why are you stoppin' me from stomping this fool?

Jeff Purse: Easy. I am training him.

Stuart Slane: Yup.

Steve Orbit: Yeah but...

Jeff Purse: You know how big of a fan I was of Slane. Remember when they took away his internet privileges? Remember who gave it right back? The Scoutmaster always made me laugh.

Stuart Slane: I prefer...

Jeff Purse: Take the compliment.

Stuart Slane: Right, right. Thank you Jeffery.

Jeff Purse: Just...call me Jeff.

Steve Orbit: Y'all been hittin' the pipe too hard.

Orbit throws his hands up, and looks over towards where the girls were standing before. They're gone.

Steve Orbit: Man! I had four young bitches over there ready to shake, rattle, and roll. Now they disappeared and it's Slane's fault for standin' over here in the dark like a some kinda creep. And now here comes Jeff Purse of all people, out the shadows, worryin' about me givin' Stuey over here a two-piece and a biscuit.

Orbit throws a few mock punches to accentuate the last part.

Steve Orbit: Somebody better explain just what the hell is goin' on, and quick. Y'all makin' me nervous.

Stuart Slane: I said already. You chose not to believe me.

Jeff Purse: Ahem.

Stuart Slane: Er, with good reason I suppose.

The Mack eyes both Slane and Purse up and down. Then he shrugs.

Steve Orbit: Shit, guess Stu turnin ain't the craziest thing that's ever happened around here. Remember when Eric Price was a good guy?

All three men laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh.

Stuart Slane: But seriously, I am, ah, serious about making a change. I want to be better. I know I have a lot to learn. We have never been on the same side, Mister Orbit-

Steve Orbit: 'cept that time we tagged against The Misfits and you beat me down afterwards.

Jeff Purse: Ahem.

Stuart Slane: - but I always respected how you did business in the ring. Same with Mist- Jeff. Just as I studied and learned from you then, I hope to learn from you now, and become a wrestler the WCF Galaxy feels worth cheering.

Slane holds out his hand. Orbit stares. He doesn't seem wholly convinced. Still, he takes and shakes the proffered paw.

Steve Orbit: Guess I'm the last man who should say a body doesn't deserve a chance at makin good. Look at me. Hell, look at me and my family. I forgave Jonny for- Ah!! What the hell, Slane?!

Orbit snatches his hand away from Stu's suddenly vise-like grip. He examines his fingers, and then glares angrily at the sheepish Ex-Scoutmaster.

Jeff Purse: Yeah, uhm, there's still a few issues we need to hash out regarding.... things.

Fade to commerical.

Hardcore Title Match
Mystery Opponent vs Bobby Cairo

The ominous cowbell of anarchy hits the PA system and the crowd jumps to its feet and begins to chant--


"Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine kicks into gear. A spotlight singles out "The Godfather of Professional Wrestling" Bobby Cairo as he makes his way through the crowd. The fans react with a loud cheer and chant even louder--


The "BO-LIEVE IN BOBBY CAIRO!" signs are out in full force as Bobby slaps hands with his supporters, gropes tits and asses, and generally makes a spectacle of himself while navigating his way through the audience. Cairo reaches the fan barrier, hops over it and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He climbs the turnbuckles and salutes the fans, soliciting another loud cheer, before hopping down and readying himself for the match.

He waits for his mystery opponent.

Zach Davis: Who's it gonna be? Speculation has been running rampant all week. Some say it's going to be Sting. Others say it's going to be Scarecrow returning from beyond the grave. Others say what's the difference between those two scenarios?

Freddy Whoa: HIYOOOOOO!

Gravedigger: I am Scarecrow, Miggal. We are all Scarecrow. #PrayForScarecrow #NevuhFuhget

Zach Davis: Are you drunk, John?

Gravedigger: Drunk on that Sandy Coconutz emergency room poon, yes I am.

Cairo grabs a mic from ringside and goes about verbally lambasting his enemies whilst waving his arms about in a frenzied manner like Bernie Sanders.

Bobby Cairo: I wanna know who it is! Seth won't give me any information! And them dirt sheets on the internet are totally worthless! I wanna know who my opponent is! Is it you, Scarecrow?! You been haunting a BobFodduh's dreams, that's for Godfatherdamned sure! I can't sleep a wink! Is that what chu wanna hear, you dead and bloated little pissant? I wanna know who it is! Lemme know who it is, I wanna know my opponent!

All of a sudden "Killing in the Name" hits the PA again and a second Bobby Cairo comes out from the crowd!

Zach Davis: What in the hell is this?! A second Robert Cairo has emerged from this capacity crowd in Raleigh, North Carolina!

Freddy Whoa: It's a gh-gh-gh-gh-ghost!

Gravedigger: That ain't no ghost, Miggal. That's gotta be an actor. Gotta be! It's an actor or a ghost. One or the other, but it is absolutely NOT a ghost!

The two Bobby's get nose to nose inside of the ring.

Bobby Cairo: Who the hell do you think you are walking around here impersonating me? You think that's funny? You think this is some kind of a joke, asshole?!

The second Bobby suddenly pulls his face off, revealing that in fact it was actually a rubber mask... and revealing himself to be none other than Biohazard!... Biohazard in his Biohazard mask!

Zach Davis: Biohazard! Biohazard is the mystery opponent! But why? He's a terrible wrestler!

Bhaz then pulls his mask off to reveal...

Freddy Whoa: Tyler Walker! That wasn't Biohazard at all, it was his tag team partner! What the hell is going on around here?!

Before Bobby can react, the real Bhaz attacks Bobby from behind with a springboard flippy doodle flying kick. WCF senior referee Stanley Moser rings the bell-


And both members of BioWalker begin beating the everloving shit out of Bobby Cairo with double team tactics.




Zach Davis: BioWalker takin' it to the reigning WZF HorrorGORE Champ-YUM right now, fellas! I'm shocked by what I'm seeing.

Freddy Whoa: Could a New Day be upon us, Zach? Could BioWalker finally be putting it all together and tapping into their potential as Whirleds Championship contenders?


Zach Davis: Double R-CAIRO! Double R-CAIRO! Both members of BioWalker are down and out!

Gravedigger: Playtime is over, his children. You don't piss on Superthick's cape and think you're gonna avoid the repercussions.

Bobby grabs his Poon Guinean walking thick from the stack of weapons that barricade the ring in any direction. Bobby proceeds to pummel both Walker and Bhaz about the head and torso whilst blood spatters upon the ring surface.

Zach Davis: This is getting ugly now. Bobby has these men beat. He could pin them at any moment. They're not real wrestlers, after all, just comedic fodder.

Gravedigger: Well nobody's laughing now are they, Miggal? Except for me because I'm a sick sick man. Muhahahahahahahaha!

Freddy Whoa: John, even you have to admit that BioWalker don't deserve to have their lungs and kidneys waylaid like this. These men have families. These men have friends. They have people who care about them, people to bring them flowers and XBox's while they're in the hospital recooping. They don't need to be treated like this.


Zach Davis: Bobby C. with the one-man BioWalker chant as he drives that walking thick right into Walker's nads. If Walker wasn't already sterile from years of steroid and HGH abuse, he will be now for sure.

Freddy Whoa: Well thankfully it looks like Bobby is growing bored with this exercise. He's got both men set up with that walking thick anddddd-


Gravedigger: Shades of the late great Sandman! I like it, Miggal! I like it a lot!

Bobby splays his thick atop both members of BioWalker.





Zach Davis: Well, Bobby retains obviously and I suppose the question now is why was this match booked in the first place?

Gravedigger: My guess is that Scarecrow missed the last flight from Hell and this match-up was the best that Seth could book on short notice. Remember, Bobby has been clearing out the HorrorGORE division ever since he took the strap from ZMAC, so there's not exactly a lot of top contenders remaining. Quite frankly, I don't know who can possibly provide an adequate challenge for a man like Bobby Cairo-

"Killed by Death" by Motorhead hits the PA.

Zach Davis: Dafuqisdis?!

Freddy Whoa: Zombie DankMorris! He's in the house! This is the first time we've seen him on WCF programming since ONE! He's not only alive, he's being surfed down to the ring by them Bee-Bee-Dub bitches like he never missed a beat!

ZMAC gets surfed down to the ring and grabs a mic.

ZMAC: Nigguh, I ain't out here to jibbah jabbah wit chu on sum foo shit. I make dis real simple and real clear. Z-MAC! WANT! REMATCH! I want that HorrorGORE strap you been misrepresentin' like a straight up #Romo, and I'mma get it back at F15teen!


Bobby Cairo: You want a rematch, SeaBass? You got it! But we ain't doin it in that rat's nest in Philadelphia. You wanna fight me, you're doing it on my turf! We're going to Poon Guinea and we're throwing down inside of Mount Poonsuvius, the world's largest active volcano! Whattaya think of that, ya dumpster diving Twitter troll?

Zach Davis: A volcano match? Is that even legal?

Gravedigger: If its in PoonGuinea, it is.

Zach Davis: Our insurance is going to drop us for sure.

Freddy Whoa: What do you mean, ours, white bread? I ain’t goin nowhere near no volcano. Diggz prolly try to throw me in a sommabitch.

Gravedigger: Hes not wrong. I can tell you that much.

ZMAC: Honey Badger think dat fools wana get roasted ALIVE up in dis bitch! Dats what chu want, Bubby, Dats what chu gone get. One way or da other, dat HOORORKORE strap is kummin back around the Coked Up Mad Mans THICK .

McMorris exits the arena as Bobby Cairo paces around inside of it.

Zach Davis: Well, there you have it! I can't imagine Bobby Cairo in a more appropriate match celebrating fifteen years of WCF.

Bobby Cairo soaks up the reaction from the crowd as he leans back against the ropes and takes in the adulation. Even after everything, they still love him; or at least the legacy he’s built. After a few moments Bobby gathers his breath and begins to exit the ring as:

The Jumbo tron comes alive with static; after a few moments a familiar face is seen via satellite. The arena erupts and goes batshit crazy as KAZ MAZY appears on screen. His face is like stone. Knotted up with rage. He glares down on Bobby like an angry God as he begins to speak.

Kaz Mazy: I see you have that hardcore title now, I see you back doing what you love...with no remorse; no guilt. You just don't care, do you? You're still Thick Bobby Cairo, I'll give you that...but you ain’t no Godfaddah.

The Godfaddah I knew...see, he kept it real thick. He knew when shit got rough, you didn't back out of your responsibility. We were tag team champions, we were friends Bobby...but you left me in the lerch with a dying Imperium and that snake Joey Flash.

But I succeeded despite it all. I claimed a second United States Championship, I held up those Tag Team Championships, and I did it WITHOUT YOU!

All that time, I thought I needed you...but you were the one who needed me....you weren't the only one though Cairo. I had a girl at home, slowly slipping away. I had three KazMonstuhs on the way that I needed to be there for. I had to step away for my family...

But all you ever did was run away from yours. Ghosts of your past always haunt you Cairo, and there's no running away this time, because there’s a ghost that knows you Bobby. Knows you very well. And he’s going to make you pay for what you’ve done.


Kaz Mazy: Next Week on Slam, I’m going to be in that ring, with you Bobby. Man to man. Or man, to whatever you are now. I’m going to say what I’ve wanting to say to you for a long damn time. And then? We’ll let justice take it’s course. #Wrestlesmart, Bobby...my “Godfaddah”. Ya gonna need it”.

The tron’ cuts back to static as the crowd erupts with a massive KAZ! KAZ! KAZ! Chant. Bobby Scowls at the masses and leaves the ring, head bowed.

Zach Davis: Oh my gawd! Next week, on Slam! Kaz Mazy and Bobby Cairo: the confrontation...inside the ring!

Dag Riddik Segment

Zach Davis: What a night it has been so far.

Freddy Whoa: Things are heating up leading into Fifteen that’s for sure. Which of course you can watch on the WCF Network for just $10.01!

Gravedigger: $10.01 a month? What a bargain!

Dag Riddik's music takes over the sound in the arena, commanding the audience's attention. By now they most surely associate this prick of a song with the hateful man who walks to the ring by it. Shortly after the instruments pick up, Dag completes the cycle and brashly stalks from behind the set onto the stage. He walks errogantly down the ramp, snubbing the morons surrounding him on both sides. As he nears the ring, instead of climbing into it he walks around to the assistant area. He stomps up to the tech box and yanks a microphone from it. Finally he walks up the steps and enters the ring to begin speaking.

Dag Riddik: Yeah, yeah, you're happy to see me, right? I did tell you morons that I had unfinished business to take care of. I promised you pathetic fools I'd be out here to humiliate a certain assistant of talent relations, and as I always do, I followed through. Let's cut to the chase. Katherine Phoenix, I've had it with your mind numbing word vomit. I don't know who the hell you think you are, but even if you were the god damn president of this dying country, you'd have no right to do what you're doing to me. You literally do not even have a single reason to be targeting me. You're just trying to make yourself look important by associating yourself with the company's newest rising star. Yet, at the same time, you're doing everything in your power to hold me back.

Zach Davis: Dag Riddik coming out here and trash talking our wonderful Assistant of Talent Relations is not going to end well for him…

Gravedigger: Katherine? Wonderful?! She gave you a pay rise didn’t she Zach.

Zach Davis: Now is not the place to discuss my financial situation, Digger.

Dag Riddik: Katherine you're a teddy bear humping schizo who couldn't make a sound business decision to save your life. You better get a hold of all those typical woman weaknesses honey, because I'm going to give you a serious business decision, and I'd like you to at least pretend that, even though you're a girl, you have some kind of understanding of how a corporation is run. How do you handle yourself under pressure? Will your bipolar let you pick one of the options I'm about to lie down for you? But before we get to that, let me get a couple things off my chest first.

Gravedigger: Oh god. Can someone PLEASE cut off his mic? I’m so bored of this guy.

Dag Riddik: Katherine you're the sole reason that I have to deal with a tsunami of morons harassing me every night, claiming that I'm a 'loser' and I don't deliver. I only have one loss, which is your fault by the way. I have a record of 1-1-1, and if it wasn't for you booking me in a retarded tag team match and Punkin's sudden lack of giving-a-shit, I'd be 2-1-0 and on my way to watch Punkin kill Zmac again until I jump in and pin him. I wouldn't have to deal with ridiculous exaggerated claims from people who just want my attention, people who want to get in my head and convince me that I'm not capable of everything I actually am.

Gravedigger: No one wants your attention Dag. They’re telling you that you suck because it’s the truth.

Zach Davis: Oh come on. Is that really necessary?

Gravedigger: Yes, yes it is.

Dag Riddik: Later tonight everyone will watch my team kick ass. But, I still feel like I need to stomp out that persistent little cockroach, Andre Holmes. He's on my pages every single night making shit up and slinging ridiculously unbacked claims at me in hopes of making himself look better by comparison. He's no better than a pathetic school yard bully. He's a bit like you in fact, Katherine. I'd love nothing more than to kick both of you out of my career and my life permanently. If I ses you write on your little princess phone that I'm not getting paid, I'm getting paid in cookies, or any other bullshit, I'm going to literally eat your teddy bear. Literally put salt on the fucker, hard boil it and consume it. Then I'll probably have to vomit it up all over your desk. You don't want that, do you?

Gravedigger: Did he just say that he’s going to eat a teddy bear? My god this guy sucks.

Dag Riddik: Therefore, I have an idea. It's more of an offer to you, Ms. Phoenix. I think I called it an offer you can't refuse. It's about time you make a sound business decision. There are two choices, but only one of them is beneficial to you. Naturally both are fine with me. I'm going to give you the choices, then you can walk your skinny little ass down that ramp in your heels and tell me what you think. So number one: you put me, Dag Riddik, and that kid with the obession over me, Andre Holmes, in a match- with you, Katherine Poenix! A triple threat match between three people who absolutely hate eachother. Sounds like money right? Speaking of money, I also have a little stipulation to add on: When I win, you put this god damn bullshit about not paying me to rest once and for all, and you give me a well deserved raise of... Oh, I don't care, just so long as I'm makin more money than Andre Holmes.

Gravedigger: Katherine has really got into his head with the whole payment situation hasn’t she?

Zach Davis: How much are you getting paid now, Digger?

Gravedigger: …I don’t want to talk about it.

Dag Riddik: Oh, you have another choice, one you won't like, but I'll give it to you anyway because I like it and the world doesn't revolve around you. You can either book the match, or you can come out here and tell me no to my face, and face the consequences. By that, I, of course, am referring to a violent beat down. Regardless of when it happens, I'm going to violently brutalize you, either in a match next week or right here, right now, just for stress relief. So why don't you take a moment to reflect on your well being before coming out here to take your pick? Alright, time's up, honey. Get the hell out down here now.

Zach Davis: Dag Riddik is calling out Katherine Phoenix!

Freddy Whoa: This guy has got to be out of his mind. This isn’t going end well for him at all.

Dag Riddik: Get out here “Ms. Phoenix”…

The house lights go down as colorful beams start flashing all around the area. "Storytime" by Nightwish begins to play, as Katherine Phoenix appears at the top of the entrance ramp holding a microphone. She is wearing a white low cut blouse, a black tight miniskirt and black leather stiletto heels. Katherine just stays at the top of the ramp as the crowd give her a bit of a mixed reaction, however surprisingly most of them appear to be cheering her.

Gravedigger: I never thought I’d be happy to see her face

Zach Davis: The enemy of your enemy is your friend, right?

Gravedigger: Errrrrrr no.

Katherine lifts her microphone up as the crowd continue to cheer her. Katherine looks around the arena a bit confused as she looks back down at Dag Riddik with a smug look on her face.

Katherine Phoenix: Oh my god do you EVER shut up, Daggy?! Jeeeeeeez way to put the entire WCF Galaxy to sleep with your nonstop bad mood bear rant!

The crowd continue to cheer her.

Katherine Phoenix: You want to come out her and cry because I, the Assistant of Talent Relations… made everyone think that you suck? Ummmmmmmmmm… no. No no no no no!!! These silly little bears out here think you suck… BECAUSE YOU SUCK!!!


Gravedigger: You know she kind of has a point.

Zach Davis: The WCF Galaxy cheering Kat… Gravedigger agreeing with Kat on something… this has to be a dream.

Katherine Phoenix: You know Daggy… because of you a new HAPPIFUL era has begun here in the WCF. The happiful little bears out there are agreeing and siding with the bad mood bears. Beachkrew have stopped shoving starfish up their ass to be happiful---ISH. These idiots out here are cheering me for once in their worthless little lives… it’s GREAT!!!


Zach Davis: Well that didn’t last for long.

Katherine Phoenix: Oh come on don’t be like that. You know I love you all reallyyyyyyyyy. Talking of loving someone, I’d like to just take five minutes to say hello to someone.

Katherine looks around the ring and eventually finds Gravedigger who is sitting at the other end of the arena. She shoots her hand up into the air and waves at him happily.

Katherine Phoenix: Hi Digger Bear!!!

Gravedigger: Oh god.

Katherine Phoenix: Anyway where was I? Oh yeah Daggy bitching and crying like a little girl. Daggy honestly as good as you’ve been to the WCF with making everyone get along and stuff… you’re still damn annoying! You’ve done nothing but lose matches since you came here... you’ve done nothing but break my rules too! And yet for some silly reason you think that YOU can boss me around?! Hahahahaha don’t make me laugh! Did you forget who I am Daggy? I am the ASSISTANT OF TALENT RELATIONS!!! You know what that means, right? It means that I don’t deal with stupid little bears like you myself… I get and PAY others do to it for me…

Zach Davis: Huh? Wha---

Gravedigger: GEORGE!!! He is smashing the hell out of that NERD!

George continues to beat down Dag Riddik in the ring whilst randomly shouting “NERD!” at the downed wrestler. George picks Dag up off the canvas and throws him hard into the turnbuckle, repeatedly smashing his head off of the ring post. Dag Riddik eventually collapses to the floor as George continues mocking him.

Katherine Phoenix: You want to get paid, Daggy? George… give him his payment!

At Katherines command George pulls a large chocolate chip cookie out of his pants and smashes it into Dag Riddiks face. George continues to mock him as he rubs the cookie pieces into Dags flesh.

Katherine Phoenix: That’s enough now, Georgie. End this.

George nods his head as he looks back down at Dag, he picks him up off the canvas once more and yanks him up into the air…

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!

Gravedigger: Hahahaha George just powerbombed Dag Riddik out of the ring! He smashed that NERD good.

Freddy Whoa: How did I know that you’d encourage this. We need help out here, Dag Riddik isn’t moving!

Katherine bursts out laughing as she begins to walk down to the ring. She and George just mock the now unconscious Dag, who is now just lying motionless on the concrete floor.

Katherine Phoenix: Awwwwwww is little Daggy enjoying his nap? Hahahahaha!

Katherine grabs Dag Riddik and climbs on top of him, pressing her knee hard against Dags crotch. Dag grimaces in pain as Katherine wraps her hand around his neck pinning him down.

Katherine Phoenix: Let me get one thing clear with you right now, Daggy. I will ALWAYS be better than you… ALWAYS! You’re nothing but a meaningless, worthless little BITCH bear and you WILL answer to me… even if I need to continuously beat the living hell out of you until you do so! You want to bitch and cry about being a loser?! I’m sick of you being a fucking loser too! You’re a waste of good cookies! That is why at Fifteen… if you lose your match… YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!!

Gravedigger: Hmmmmm maybe Katherine isn’t as bad as I thought…

Zach Davis: Really?

Gravedigger: No. She’s still a bitch.

Katherine Phoenix: Oh and Daggy? One more thing… this match you have at the PPV? I’m going to be the special guest referee! Good stuff right?

Katherine bends down and plants a HARD kiss right onto Dags lips and then immediately punches him straight into his forehead, causing him to bang his head off the ground. Katherine pushes herself up off of Dag as she begins to walk up the ramp with George following closely behind her.

Katherine Phoenix: Good luck with your match, Daggy… it’s next!

Zach Davis: What? His match is next? The guy needs medical assistance!

Freddy Whoa: I agree, he is in state to compete now that’s for sure.

Gravedigger: Oh be quiet, this is the WCF not a damn kindergarten. Dag needs to man up.

Zach Davis: Oh whatever. We’ll be back after the break. Someone send out some medics damnit.

Television Title Match
Stuart Slane vs Dustin Beaver

Zach Davis: Time for our Television Title contest for the evening!

“Conquistador” by Procol Harum plays as Slane walks out from gorilla to a Conway Pop. All business and focused on whomever is in the ring; he makes his way down the ramp and up the steps. After wiping his feet on the apron he then enters between the ropes. Moving to his corner, Slane loosens up by engaging in some old time calisthenics (toe touches, torso twists, deep knee bends, etc).

Where Are U Now hits, then a spotlight shines at the beginning of the entrance ramp, awaiting "The Beavs" to walk into it. He enters the light, points to the crowd on the left and then to the crowd on the right. He then points with both hands at the opponent in the ring, he looks and walks straight ahead, scowling at the opponent.

Gravedigger: Dustin Beaver has held that belt since November 8th, which means he's had the longest reign of any Television Champion since Joey Flash himself.

Freddy Whoa: On the other hand, the man formerly known as The Scoutmaster has had great success in WCF as well, capturing many, many Titles in his years here. This could be the match of the night.

Beaver and Slane tie up, and Slane quickly overpowers the smaller man, pushing him into the corner. The ref calls for a clean break; Slane obliges, only for Beaver to slap him in the face! Slane angrily runs forward but Beaver takes him down with a Drop Toehold before dropping an elbow on his back and putting him in a Side Chinlock.

Zach Davis: The Scoutmaster was also one of the most hated men in the company, and as evidenced by that clean break, he's looking to change his image. And it cost him that time!

The crowd hesitantly begins clapping for Slane, and he pumps his fist, harnessing their energy and working his way to his feet. He elbows Beaver away and hits the ropes, comes back and drops Beaver with a Shoulderblock. Beaver gets back to his feet and runs at Slane; Slane executes a Flapjack into a Powerslam pin!



No!, Beaver kicks out.

Gravedigger: Yeah!

Slane lifts Beaver up but the referee isn't paying attention; Beaver is able to low blow Slane. The crowd boos as Slane drops to his knees. Beaver runs to the ropes and then Dropkicks Slane right in his face! Beaver follows up by positioning himself on the ropes and jumping off with another Missile Dropkick as Slane was getting to his feet. He then goes for a pin.



No!, Slane kicks out.

Zach Davis: Aanndd a kickout from Slane.

Freddy Whoa: You've got to think that Andre Holmes is watching this match from the back, as it has huge implications for Fifteen. What if Beaver loses here? What happens to their Fifteen match?

Gravedigger: That is always an issue when someone becomes the number one contender for the Television Title and has to wait until a PPV! But it doesn't matter, this is Dustin Beaver we're talking about.

Beaver begins choking Slane, even going so far as to put his feet on the ropes to add pressure. The ref yells at him to stop, reminding him that the #beachkrew doesn't run things anymore. Beaver backs off and positions himself on the top rope again; this time as Slane is getting up Beaver flies off with a Diving Bulldog!

Gravedigger: Beaver with another big offensive move!

Zach Davis: Yes, but Gravedigger, Stuart Slane isn't staying down! He's taking everything Dustin Beaver is throwing at him!

Beaver gets back to his feet and pulls Slane in, positioning himself once more on the top turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: Beaver going to the well once again, here comes the Bass Drop!

NO!, Slane overpowers him and hits a Back Bodydrop!, sending Beaver flying back into the center of the ring! Slane takes a few deep breaths as Beaver gets back to his feet and runs at him... Big Boot!

Gravedigger: No! Damnit!

Beaver stumbles up on pure instinct alone only for Slane to grab him and execute a huge Belly to Belly Side Suplex! He drops down and pins him!



NO!, kickout from Dustin Beaver!

Gravedigger: YES! All of WCF has Beaver Fever and this party isn't ending tonight!

Slane backs off, not giving up, obviously. He waits for Beaver to get to his feet...


NO!, Beaver sidesteps the Spear attempt and Slane runs right into the turnbuckle! Beaver rolls Slane up!



Freddy Whoa: Beaver's feet are on the ropes!

Gravedigger: THREE!

NO!, Slane kicks out at the last minute! Beaver rolls away, disbelief turning to anger as he begins arguing with the referee.

Zach Davis: Maybe if Beaver stayed on the attack instead of arguing with our official so much he'd have won by now.

Beaver goes to lift Slane up, but Slane is practically dead weight; he may be out. Beaver climbs up to the top rope yet again.

Gravedigger: Dustin Beaver is ending this.

He's got him in the Double Underhook position...

Freddy Whoa: BASS DROP!

Beaver scrambles to cover Slane, hooking the leg.



Gravedigger: THREE!

NO! SLANE KICKS OUT AGAIN! The crowd is on their feet, they can't believe it. Beaver is too unhappy to even argue with the ref this time.


Zach Davis: Stuart Slane is winning the crowd over with his refusal to give up here tonight!

Beaver lets Slane work his way to his feet one more time; the Beavs has determination on his face. He grabs the former Scoutmaster-

Gravedigger: BEAVER TO BELLY!

NO!, Slane is too big! Slane shoves Beaver away, who hits the ropes, comes back -

Freddy Whoa: SLANE SLAM!

Slane drops down and pins Beaver.




Gravedigger: NOOOO!

Slane's music hits!


The crowd can barely believe it!

Gravedigger: I was just talking about what an epic Television Title reign Beaver has been having! He was supposed to surpass Joey Flash! This is ridiculous!

Slane stands up and he's handed the belt, which he raises high in the air.

Freddy Whoa: Slane's new attitude paid off! He's become the Television Champion for the first time in his career!

Before Slane can soak it in, Dustin Beaver rips the belt out from his hands. And before Slane can protest, Dustin Beaver smashes the belt into his face!

Zach Davis: COME ON!

The fans boo as Beaver stomps away at Slane. Once Slane is sufficiently hurt, Beaver climbs to the top with the Television Title and raises it in the air himself, yelling that no one is ever taking the belt away from him!

Gravedigger: Possession is 9/10ths of the law, Zach and Freddy! He's got the belt, I say he's the Champion!

Freddy Whoa: Well, the history books are going to say that Stuart Slane is, but... looks like Beaver IS holding the belt hostage!

Beaver climbs off the turnbuckle and stomps at Slane a few more times before angrily rolling out of the ring and leaving to the back.

Bernard Core Segment

“Wing Fortress Zone” by Masato Nakamura plays over the speaker. Out through the curtain comes The Core Institute, the new stable consisting of Headmaster Bernard Core, Dean Wolf, and Administrative Assistant Jeffrey Cornelius. Wolf and Jeffrey walk behind as Core leads the way. Jeffrey is holding the American flag.

Gravedigger: Stand at attention, the Core Institute is here!

Freddie Whoa: After what they did last week to Mikey eXtreme, they got my attention real quick.

The three men enter the ring. From the outside, Kyle Steel hands Core the microphone. Core stands in the middle of the ring, with Jeffrey and Wolf standing behind him, one man on either side of him. Core has a smug grin as the fans boo profusely.

Bernard Core: Last week…

Suddenly, “Get Born Again” by Alice in Chains signals the arrival of Mikey eXtreme. He wastes no time in getting to the ring, followed by Vidalia and Freakshow, who is holding Mikey’s American flag kendo stick. Core is staring daggers at the man who is rudely interrupting his TV time. Mikey walks up to Kyle Steel and demands a microphone of his own, then enters the ring with his cohorts. The three of them mirror The Core Institute, with the leader standing in front while the followers stand behind him on opposite sides. Mikey and Core stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring. The music stops and the two stare at each other for half a minute before Core begins to speak.

Bernard Core: Do you know who I am? Maybe that beating we gave you last week caused some memory loss. Let me remind you. I am Headmaster Bernard Core, the leader of the Core Institute, the most superior wrestler in the WCF, the man who had you pinned TWICE two weeks ago and the rightful Champion of the United States! You are an inferior American who doesn’t even deserve to tie my boots up let alone hold the Championship of the United States! You need to learn your place and get the hell out of MY RING!

Crowd: Boooooooo.

Mikey stares at Core for a few seconds and then lifts the microphone to his mouth.

Mikey eXtreme: There aren’t a lot of people who like my views, but I think everyone can at least agree with me when I say that you’re nothing but a big American BITCH.

Crowd: Oooooooooooh!

Dean Wolf charges at Mikey but Core restrains him and tells him to step back.

Mikey eXtreme: Hey, do what Daddy says and back up, Teen Wolf.

The crowd cheers at the swipe that Mikey just took at Wolf.


Wolf loses his mind and can be heard telling the fans to “Shut up!” Core orders him to compose himself. Wolf settles down but is still seething.

Mikey eXtreme: You need to understand that in this business, you’re not superior just because you think you’re better than everybody. You’re superior when you’re the champion; and seeing as I’m the one holding the title and you’re not, you should listen to YOUR superior and SHUT THE HELL UP.

The crowd cheers.

Mikey eXtreme: You didn’t get what you wanted two weeks ago, so last week you decided to do what bitches do. First, you whined and complained that you were treated unfairly when in reality you couldn’t get the job done. Then, you brought out your new bestie so that he could stroke your ego and give you a huge blow job right in the middle of the ring.

Crowd: Ohhhhhhhhh!

Mikey eXtreme: Later on, you further validated your bitchiness by attacking me from behind and beating me with my own kendo stick. And of course, like all bitches do, you ran off when someone came down to chase you off.

I have every right to say “Fuck you and your rematch” and no one would disagree with me. In fact, the man I’m facing tonight in my non-title match, Vengeance, deserves a title shot more than you do. But I let myself think about it for a few days and two things occurred to me. One, I didn’t beat you two weeks ago. Two, after what you did to me last week, I really just want to kick the shit out of you.

So here’s my solution to both problems: I will give you a rematch for the United States Championship at Fifteen in two weeks, but you’re going to have to step into Mikey’s America if you want the title. That means that you and I are going to compete in an All-American Weapons Match! You bring your American flag and I’ll bring mine!

The crowd cheers.

Mikey eXtreme: And since I don’t want the beating I’m going to give you to last just one fall, this match is going to be two out of three falls. You score a fall, you get to use your weapon the rest of the match. The way I see it, I don't necessarily need my kendo stick to beat you, so I’m going to out-wrestle you in the first fall and show you why I’m the superior American athlete in the WCF. Then, after I win that first fall, I’m going to have some fun and introduce my trusty old kendo stick to the ring and dish out the most painful torture since Abu Ghraib! Then, and only when I feel like it, I will pin your ass to the mat for a second time and walk out as not just the United States Champion, but as the proven, greatest American in the WCF!

What do you say, “Headmaster?” Are you going to grow some hair on your balls and accept my terms or are you going to prove to everyone right now in front of the world that you’re just a red, white, and blue PUSSY?

Crowd: Ohhhhhhhh!

For the first time in the WCF, Core looks apprehensive. He stares around the arena.


He brings the microphone halfway to his mouth twice, but stops before he can say something both times. Finally, Wolf can’t take it anymore and grabs the microphone out of Core’s hand.


Core stares at Wolf furiously while the crowd cheers.

Mikey eXtreme: Good. Get your affairs settled and buy yourself a one way ticket to Mikey’s America, because after Fifteen, you’re going back to Albany in a body bag!

“Get Born Again” plays while Mikey, Vidalia, and Freakshow exit the ring. Mikey looks back to the ring and laughs while Core can be seen looking at Wolf and mouthing the words “What have you done to me?” Wolf mouths back “It’ll be okay.”

Zach Davis: For the first time, Headmaster Bernard Core looks worried. No one’s called him out on his BS until now, and he’s either got to step up to the plate and be a man or chicken out and call it quits.

Freddy Whoa: We're going to commercial, but up next is Vengeance versus Mikey eXtreme!

Non-Title Match
Vengeance vs Mikey eXtreme

Kyle Steel: Ladies, and gentlemen! This match is scheduled for one-fall!

The arena has entered itself into an atmosphere of darkness. No one knows what is going until the titantron starts to drip in blood until it leaves a name. “Vengeance”. Once seeing that name, the crowd erupts in a mix of praise, and heat while a flash of fireworks ignite up in the air in a sequence of red, and white. “The Vengeful One” by Disturbed starts blasting off the surround systems as Vengeance walks to a light show of red, and white circling around the arena as he’s in his in-ring attire.

Kyle Steel: Introducing next! From Parts Unknown. At six feet, eight inches tall, weighing in at 325 pounds. He is “The Hardcore Messiah” Vengeance!!!

Vengeance’s highly tall figure walks down the entrance path, and pays no attention to the fans begging to meet him.

Freddy Whoa: What a match we have here before us. Vengeance will be facing against our current WCF United States Champion, Mikey eXtreme!

Gravedigger: I don’t know but this match could go either really good or really good.

Zach Davis: I’m interested to see how Mikey will face off against Vengeance. A man who is almost twice his size, and equally having the same experience he has.Last week, we witnessed an amazing match between Mikey, and Bernard as the United States Championship was on the line. Back, and forth until the end where a double pin was made, and a winner could not be decided.

Freddy Whoa: Let’s not forget about the crazy antics that also happened inside the ring. Both men used their own flag poles to whack each other in the head but Bernard succeeded in that brawl.

Mikey is already in the ring while Vengeance is warming up for this match. Mikey stands in the center not only raising the American flag but also the United States Championship his other hand. Freakshow, who is the usual company of Mikey’s, is handed the United States Championship belt, and the flag pole for the match to be underway!

Ding Ding Ding!

Both men are leaving their corners, and circling the ring as they are figuring out the game plan to get an advantage over one another. Mikey is thinking about using his striking, and speed while Vengeance might be plotting a full force attack with brute strength. As they go into the center, Vengeance slaps his chest as a gesture for him to try, and take the giant down. No response from Mikey until he comes closer. It was a trap realized by the United States Champion as he managed to duck under a grasping attack from his opponent, and create more space between them.

Crowd: USA! USA! USA!

Gravedigger: I like what Mikey is doing. He know he’s the heavier opponent so he needs to be careful. Good footwork displayed as well.

Freddy Whoa: That’s smart by the United States Champion. Vengeance will do everything his power to slow him down, and work on where he hurts best.

Unfortunately, Mikey tries to go for some quick forearms shot but Vengeance presses his hands on his chest, and uses his power to shove him halfway across the ring into the nearest corner. Turning him around, Vengeance focuses on his exposed back with a flurry of forearm straight into his lower back. Each shot stings harder, and harder. Mikey is yelling out trying to figure something to do but Vengeance finishes with one last forearm shot into the spine. He backs up for a moment, leaving Mikey to lean chest first against the turnbuckles until colliding his weight against his back. Squashing him down in the corner with a gigantic Avalanche that slumps Mikey to the mat.

Zach Davis: Sickening Avalanche straight into the back of Mikey, and he’s down. The champion is getting rallied like a ragdoll, and needs to get back on his feet.

Freddy Whoa: This is what Mikey feared. Being slowed down, and controlled by a man whose heavier, stronger.

Mikey’s hair is clustered in Vengeance’s hand, and he’s brutally dragged across the ring to the center where the first pin is made.


He kicks out, and a Side Headlock is already implemented by Vengeance. After a few moments, Mikey finds the strength bring themselves back up to their feet. A few forearms into the midsection of Vengeance weakens his grip, giving Mikey the opportunity to slip out from behind and Dropkick him straight into the ropes. After being propelled, he bounces off the ropes only to find another Dropkick into the skull from the Champion knocking Vengeance into the mat.

Gravedigger: Beautiful Dropkick by Mikey eXtreme.

Once the giant is down, Mikey stomps down on his stomach. A great target for his own finishing move. He continuously fires down his foot into the ribs of Vengeance that keeps him down temporarily enough to allow Mikey to run back to the ropes behind him, and use the middle rope as a springboard for a diving Splash onto the ribs. Once landing, the pin is made quickly.



He gets shoved off by Vengeance, and both men are back up again. Mikey tries to throw his opponent into the ropes but it backfires as he spun around, and now the Champion is thrown into the ropes instead. He uses his perfect opportunity to repeat the same springboard motion for a Springboard Dropkick straight into the chest of Vengeance that tosses him down into the mat yet again.

Zach Davis: That technical agility, and striking combined in one is what Mikey is using to keep Vengeance down on the mat.

One more time an opportunity present itself. Mikey prepares, and breaks out into full velocity of a sprint only to be slammed so badly on the canvas with a Twisting Spinebuster by Vengeance. The impact causes the entire ring, and ropes to shake while the crowd goes in awe from the brute power displayed.

Freddy Whoa: Jesus Christ! Mikey’s back got destroyed.

Vengeance rubs his face, and wants to continue the pain. He gets back up, and rolls Mikey over onto his chest to expose his back. He stands on his back, pushing down all his body weight down to his spine. He’s yelling out in pain, and Vengeance keeps standing until the referee reaches four in the count. Afterwards, he finds himself with a knee digged down into his spinal cord, and his chin pulled up with Vengeance’s hands around them in his version of Surfboard.

Freddy Whoa: The Modified Surfboard submission is locked in, and Mikey has nowhere to go with all that weight coming down on his body. This is torture for the United States Champion!

Zach Davis: The knee used to hold him down in the center of the ring, and also pulling his chin to add torque to the submission. Mikey either needs to get out or tap or worse, snap.

Mikey stretches out his hand to where Freakshow is building up a rhythm to encourage by banging his hands on the edge of the apron repeatedly. Suddenly, his arms wrap around the Champion’s waist, and pulls him up to stand before lifting him backwards over him onto his shoulders with a German Suplex. After landing, he quickly scours himself on top of Mikey for another quick pin attempt.



He kicks out, and Vengeance is getting pissed. He doesn’t want to waste any more time, and so he pulls up Mikey again to lift him horizontally across his chest, and Backbreak him on his right knee. Vengeance keeps him across his chest, and swings him around to deliver that Sidewalk Slam down in the center of the ring. He leans his body on his chest, and hooks up the Champion’s right leg for another consecutive pin attempt.



Another kick out, and Vengeance looks like he is about to explode.

Gravedigger: Commendable resilience by the United States Champion. Mikey isn’t going down with a loss.

Vengeance builds him up again, and has him desperately in a Butterfly Hold with his head tucked into the pit. Out of nowhere, Mikey spins out of the grip with enough space to deliver a whopping Superkick into the jaw that temporarily forces Vengeance onto his hands, and knees.

Gravedigger: X MARKS THE SPOT! He’s got it on Vengeance whose barely starting to get back up.

While Gravedigger is crawling down into the canvas, he gets struck by a Basement Dropkick that rolls him over onto his back.

Zach Wavis: eXtinguished! He’s got him down, and now Mikey is going at the top!

Mikey barely climbs up to the top rope, and he’s perched on it with his back directly facing Vengeance down on the mat. He leaps backwards into the air performing a Moonsault that quickly cuts into a another backflip where he drives his back deep into the canvas as Vengeance gets out of the way. The champion squirms around, and makes it back up to his feet only to be kicked into the stomach. He wraps his arms around the waist, and flips him onto his shoulders to let his body voluntarily crash into the center of the ring with a Jacknife Powerbomb.

Freddy Whoa: LAST RITES! Vengeance caught the champion with a quick Last Rides, the Jacknife Powerbomb!

Getting the pin, the referee has no hesitation.




Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, Vengeance!

Vengeance gets up, and raises his arm while placing his foot over the head of Mikey to mock him.

Gravedigger: An amazing match but Vengeance pinned the United States Champion which could earn him a shot in the future.

Zach Davis: Mikey was not prepared especially after last week when that controversial match ended in a brawl with Bernard. The Board of Directors need to come to a decision before worse things happens.

Freddy Whoa: Now we go to commercial.

Mystery Segment

Zach Davis: We’re just a couple weeks away from Fifteen and the build is really heating up!

Freddy Whoa: It’s going to be one for the record books for sure!

The lights go out and the camera turns it’s attention towards the big screen which has gone black and begins to display a bold, cryptic message.




The screen returns to normal as Slam goes to commercial.

Bernard Core/Dag Riddik/Lucious Starr/Jordan Wolfram vs Grayson Pierce/Bonnie Blue/Andre Holmes/DeMarcus Jordan

Upon entering the arena, Bernard Core stops at the top of the aisle with his hands behind his back and looks around the arena. He walks slowly and reservedly to the ring looking at the ignorant fans with disdain. Following behind are Jeffrey Cornelius, who carries an American flag attached to a steel pole, and Dean Wolf.

Aenima by Tool hits. Titantron plays training clips mixed with images representing his anti-liberal values. He casually walks out, cracks his neck, smirks, and walks to the ring with his arms out taunting the audience. He usually jumps in the ring and grabs a microphone with something incredibly offensive to say to individual audience members.

"The Greatest" by Futuristic hits the PA, pyros flying in all directions as the word 'underrated' finishes. Lucious Start walks out from backstage, surveying the crowd. He nods, pointing to the ring. He starts down the ramp, slapping his chest and pointing out to the crowd. He reaches the bottom of the ramp, stopping to take in the moment. A deep breath, and he jumps up to the apron (a LA Lesnar). He then pops up over the top rope, running to the nearest turnbuckle, saluting and waving to the crowd. He drops, waiting for his match to begin.

The bright lights of the arena get even brighter as “Never Again” by Nickelback plays over the arena loudspeakers. Out comes Jordan Wolfram down the entrance ramp. The crowd boos as they see him, many from not knowing who he is, and the rest from knowing. He climbs up the steps as he gets to the ring and wipes his feet on the outside mat before stepping between the ropes, and raising both hands in the air to an arousing display of jeers from the live audience. He brushes it off as he awaits the beginning bell of the match.

Zach Davis: This team is the best of the best of the newcomers that have come our way as of late. Bernard Core who is no doubt one of the best and most controversial leads this team of a National Champion, and two badass wrestlers always ready for a fight.

Gravedigger: I couldn’t have said it better myself. These guys are going to destroy those vigilantes.

"Bones" by Young Guns immediately blast off from the introduction, and four members come out together dressed in blue, and black. Grayson Pierce, Bonnie Blue, Andre Holmes, and Demarcus Jordan come out together in their respective attires with a few changes made to it. Their in-ring attires are now Black, and Blue with the word "Rebellution" added on in their graphical designs. They all stand beside each other, and the crowd are going nuts in their praise.

Gravedigger: I cannot believe what we are seeing. Ladies, and gentlemen, this is something that may go down forever in the history books of WCF.

Zach Davis: Who would ever thought these four would be together?

Demarcus Jordan is the first to speak but he has to pause when the crowd breaks out in chant.


Freddy Whoa: Ain't no disagreeing with that. This is truly awesome!

They eventually calm down, and Demarcus speaks.

DeMarcus Jordan: I am in this company for TWO WEEKS and this group of fine individuals asked me to join them in the good fight against the shit stains on the underwear of WCF. I promised to be at the top of this company in six months and I am well on my way there. This partnership is only helping my grasp for the top prize, however, that is NOT the only reason I decided to join up with these men and this woman. These people in front of me...they stand for justice, they stand for unity, they stand against hate and segregation and oppression. I have always been an advocate of civil rights and punished those who talked out their asses, and now I can help that fight on a grander scale. WCF has never seen anything like this. As for the Klan leader Jordan Wolfram, I am going to get in that ring and show you what hundreds and hundreds of years of oppression being unleashed on you through me. I am a vessel to punish pieces of shit like you, like Dag, and any other BITCH out there who thinks that they can treat people like they are pieces of trash. We are here to fight the good fight...get ready for a change WCF. A big change.

Andre Holmes: For years, you all had to put up with the constant bull-crap that happens not only in the locker room but also in that ring. The four of us have finally banded together to be that change, and now we will do everything in power to ensure that change has come sooner than later.

Bonnie Blue: You were promised change before, WCF Galaxy! Change! And what did you get? More of the same! The same deceit, the same underhanded trickery, the same petty backstabbin' that has plagued this comp'ny throughout its fifteen year hist'ry! It's about damn time somebody did somethin' about it. That somebody is us, an' that time is right now.

Grayson Pierce: We are REBELLUTION. No more will we fight alone. You four in the ring proved time and time again that you are not to be trusted, and worse, you felt that the numbers game were your greatest asset. Well we’ve got four warriors here to prove to you that it’s not just the numbers but the unity between them that make you a star. If we lose it will be as a team, but far more likely, WHEN we win… it will be as a team.

They head towards the ring and slide under the bottom rope causing the team of heels to scatter from the ring, all keeping a close eye on what is going on in the ring.

Zach Davis: So they’re called Rebellution, everyone. Get your T Shirts on WCF.com.

Eventually everyone finds their bearing and gets to their respective corners. Jordan Wolfram starts for team villain and Grayson Pierce takes the reigns for Rebellution.

Zach Davis: The Livewire and The One start the match off… or…

That is until the boisterous voice of DeMarcus Jordan is heard yelling to be let in. The crowd cheers at this prospect as Pierce asks them for their approval. He makes a big motion and tags his partner in. Wolfram slaps Lucy Starr on the back and slides out under the bottom rope. Starr looks down in disgust at his partner as he steps into the ring. DeMarcus shrugs and the two lock up.

Zach Davis: Wolfram couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Freddy Whoa: But this is a match up a lot of us can look forward to, between two natural athletes like this.

A collar and elbow lock up force the two to jock for position. DeMarcus finally gets Starr in a headlock. Starr pushes Jordan off into the ropes. When they meet in the center Jordan shoulder blocks Starr to the ground. He runs off the opposite side ropes. Starr barely gets up and leaps towards his feet which Jordan hops over. Starr gets to his feet and jumps over the head of a returning Jordan.

DeMarcus stops short behind Starr, and when he turns around is met with a hip toss. Starr lands on his feet and delivers a clothesline turning Jordan inside out and into his corner. Holmes tags himself in and charges towards Lucy.

Zach Davis: These two teamed up last week. Somehow, Starr drew the short straw and ended up on this team of people he doesn’t exactly get along with.

Freddy Whoa: But Starr didn’t get along with Holmes last week either, but he stated that if it’s a fight then he’s up for anything. I don’t think he cares who he’s with, a W is a W in his book.

Gravedigger: Spoken like a true fighter.

The two lock up, and Holmes pushes him off. Starr goes to go in again, but thinks against it and reaches out for a tag behind him. No one tags themselves in.

Zach Davis: The team of villains, as they’ve been called on the internet this week, don’t seem to be on the same page. Something tells me that Starr has too much respect for Holmes to get to physical after their hellacious match 2 weeks ago where Holmes barely bested him earning the number one contender spot.

Eventually, Bernard Core, after scolding the rest of his team in a demeaning manner tags himself in and gets in the ring. He goes to lock up with Holmes but delivers a quick jab to the eye of Holmes before putting him in a head lock. He drags him into the corner and tags in Dag Riddick who is quick to enter at this point.

Bernard holds up Holmes’ arm and Dag gives a clean shot to the kidneys before grabbing his arm and wrenching in a tight armbar. Holmes reaches for a shot at Dag who stays just out of arm’s reach. He drags Holmes into the corner and tags in Jordan Wolfram.

Gravedigger: What was that about them not working as a team?

Zach Davis: Touche. They’re really working well together now.

Wolfram climbs to the second turnbuckle and comes down on Holmes’ arm and then grabs it again in an armbar. He cinches it in tight and forces Holmes to his knees. He yells “HERETIC” at Holmes before delivering a boot to the kidneys. Then he tags in Dag Riddick again.

Holmes somehow gets out of the hold and backs up out of harm’s way. His teammates reach out for a tag, but Holmes makes eye contact with Dag and charges at him.

Zach Davis: Livewire was reaching out for the tag, but Holmes completely disregarded him. Holmes wants Dag and he’s getting it!

Freddy Whoa: He’s an army of one, but joined this group.

The crowd boos a bit, but then is completely turned around when Holmes takes Dag down and punches at him hard. Dag turns him around and takes his own shots at him, but Holmes turns him over again. The two men finally get off of each other and then to their feet.

Zach Davis: Blind tag!

Holmes runs off the ropes and Grayson tags him as he hits the ropes. When Holmes gets to the middle of the ring he is met with a spine buster from Dag and he goes for the pin. But Pierce drops an elbow on the back of Dag’s head. He lifts Dag up to his feet and tosses him into the ropes. When he returns to the middle Dag tries to shoulder tackle Pierce but he side steps and pushes him into the ropes on the other side, and when he returns again in the middle Pierce delivers a standing dropkick hitting Dag right in the face. He drops for the pin.



Dag rolls away and into the corner where Bernard Core happily tags in. Grayson motions towards Core to come over and he sinisterly smiles back towards him before making his way. He goes for another thumb to the eye that worked so well on Holmes earlier but Pierce ducks out of the way and backs out.

Core looks pissed and starts yelling at the laughing crowd. They meet again in a collar and elbow tie up and Core quickly gains the upper hand and starts pounding down on the back of Pierce. Pierce drops to a knee, and eventually to the floor, and Core reaches over and tags in Jordan Wolfram. He leaps over the top rope and drops to the floor putting Pierce in a front headlock. He turns over taking Pierce with him and ends up in a front headlock again.

Zach Davis: Another burst of offence for the makeshift team and they’re proving that with a common goal of destruction that anything is possible.

Another turn brings him back to his corner as he reaches up and Lucy Starr tags himself in. He climbs to the top rope. Wolfram holds him for just long enough for Starr to jump off and Wolfram rolls away and Starr nails Pierce with an elbow drop. He then goes for the pin.




Starr quickly gets up, and grabs pierce by the arm and tags in Dag Riddick. Dag delivers vicious boots to the side and back of Pierce and tags in Core. Core comes in and starts stomping away at the hands and feet of Pierce and tags in Wolfram. Wolfram comes in and stomps away at the head of Pierce. Then he starts rubbing his face into the mat.

He reaches up for a tag from Lucy Starr. He has hesitance in his eyes, but eventually tags himself in. He goes over and Wolfram calls for him to stomp away. The rest of his team yell, cheering him on, finally a unit.

Zach Davis: Starr looks hesitant to take those dirty tactics such as the rest of his team.

But Starr lifts Pierce to his feet.

Zach Davis: Big Mistake!

Piece delivers a standing enzeguiri to Starr causing him to fall forward, away from his corner and both men lay motionless in the center of the ring. The referee starts counting the men out. By the time he gets to 5 Starr tags in Jordan Wolfram, and Pierce leaps out to the outstretched hand of Bonnie Blue.

The crowd goes nuts!

Freddy Whoa: HERE SHE COMES!

Bonnie comes in and ducks under a clothesline from Jordan Wolfram. She runs off the other side and returns with a flying forearm catching him on the head. Wolfram rolls towards the hostile corner and DeMarcus Jordan reaches out to take a swipe. Wolfram turns around and delivers a shot at DeMarcus causing him to come into the ring. The referee is forced to go over and stop DeMarcus as Wolfram charges and brings Bonnie into his corner, and he, Core and Dag begin taking shots at her.

The referee finally turns around and Bonnie forces herself out of the situation, delivering a blow to Wolfram, then to Core, then to Dag and to Starr knocking them off their perches. She runs towards Wolfram and delivers a dropkick sending him back.

Zach Davis: The referee has totally lost control here!

Suddenly she is attacked by Dag Riddick from behind with a double axe handle to the back. Then Andre Holmes makes his way into the ring and clotheslines Dag over the top rope. Wolfram comes in from behind and delivers a vicious spear to Holmes knocking him down. DeMarcus Joran happily joins in on the fun as he charges towards Wolfram.

Wolfram slides under the bottom rope, and runs off around the ring. DeMarcus slides under the bottom rope and follows him, chasing him around the ring. Wolfram gets back into the ring and DeMarcus slides underneath following suit. Jordan runs at him for a clothesline but DeMarcus ducks, and delivers a clothesline of his own over the top rope and down to the floor below.

Then out of nowhere is met with a super kick from a diffident Lucy Starr. He looks a bit disappointed as he stands next to Bernard Core and Jordan Wolfram who have gotten back into the ring staring down the team of Bonnie Blue and Grayson Pierce.

Grayson leaps over the top rope and stands next to Bonnie and stares down Wolfram, Core and Starr. He counts on his fingers. 1.2.3. He points at Bonnie and counts on his fingers. 1.2. The two shrug and charge towards each other. Grayson charges towards Bernard Core and Wolfram intercepts and takes down Bonnie.

Grayson and Core topple through the ropes and to the floor below leaving Starr and Wolfram to face off against Bonnie. As Wolfram and Blue struggle Starr stands idly by watching it, waiting for his moment to strike.

Wolfram finally gets the upperhand over his smaller opponent and holds her arms open. He yells towards Starr to take the free shot. He stands in front and clenches his fist. He looks in Bonnie’s eyes, full of fury getting ready to take the unfair shot.

Starr hesitates… just for a moment giving Blue the opportunity to lift her feet in the air and kick him out of the ring. She uses the momentum of the kick to deliver an inverted facelock elbow drop to Wolfram at the same time.

Zach Davis: PARADOX!

She rolls over on top and goes for the pin.





Kyle Steel: The winners of this match… REBELLUTION!

All the remaining members of the group dispatch their opponents and slide into the ring to join their victorious partner. They all grab hands and raise them in the air.

Zach Davis: The team of Wolfram, Core, Riddick and Starr put up a hell of an effort. In the end, they just couldn’t work well enough as a unit, differing values and such took this match away from them.

Gravedigger: And this group of fools won somehow. Whatever. They’ll get theirs, I’m sure!

Freddy Whoa: But for now Holmes is looking forward to that Television Title shot, and Pierce for his number one contender spot. DeMarcus can’t wait to get his hands on that Wolfram character and the sky’s the limit for the time bender herself. This team is strong… and I mean STRAWNG!

Tiffany White Segment

The camera cuts outside, where the temperature continues to drop by the minute. Outside the PNC arena, a woman shivers, unable to get a hold of a proper jacket, she has to contend with just her t shirt, which isn't helping anything right now. Finally, the door behind her opens, and Tiffany White steps out.

Tiffany White: Pixie, right?

Pixie Paradoxxx: Right. Thanks for dropping me a message on Facebook.

Tiffany White: It's nothing. Once I saw that whole incident I knew talking with you would be the best thing to do. How are you holding up?

Pixie Paradoxxx: Okay, I guess. Not great, obviously.

Tiffany White: Right, right.

Tiffany notices Pixie shivering out of her mind. She instinctively takes off her jacket and gives it to her. Pixie graciously puts it on.

Pixie Paradoxx: Thanks a bunch. You sure you're gonna be all right?

Tiffany White: I'll be fine, don't worry about me.

Pixie Paradoxxx: Did you get in touch with that Phoenix girl.

Tiffany White: I did. She gave Chance and I the one-on-one at Fifteen. I'll take care of him, don't worry. You oughta find a place you can lay low so he can't get to you, he's way too violent to be around right now.

Pixie Paradoxxx: Where can I go though?

Tiffany White: I know a hotel in Vegas. It's really off-the-grid, you can stay there as long as you need to until I deal with Chance.

Pixie Paradoxxx: Okay. Just get me anywhere away from him.

Tiffany White: Don't worry, we'll get this whole thing sorted out.

Pixie nods, and instinctively goes into her pockets grabbing a lighter and a box of cigarettes, and is about to take one out until Tiffany stops her.

Tiffany White: You really shouldn't do that. Y'know, for your kid.

Pixie looks at Tiffany sadly, yet nods and drops the cigarette, crushing it with her foot.

Tiffany White: Good. I'm headed to Vegas now, I'll get you a plane ticket with me and we can head to the airport now.

Pixie Paradoxxx: I'd like that, I'd like that a lot.

Tiffany takes Pixie by the hand and begins making her way to her car as the feed cuts to commercial.

Cruiserweight Title Match
Mr. Holden vs Jayson Price

The arena's lights start to flicker and dim until they are producing a faded yellow light that is associated with a old light bulb. Four Rustic Horses begins to Play as Mr. Holden walks out. The lights flicker as he makes his way to the ring.

Kyle Steel: The following is a WCF Cruiserweight Title Match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 215 pounds...MR. HOLDEN!

Mr. Holden walks down to the ring unphased by the crowd of the size of the moment. The emotionless man slides into the ring under the bottom rope and waits for his opponent.

Kyle Steel: And introducing his opponent...

All of the lights in the arena drop as "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the arena speakers. The crowd immediately bursts into boos of the most hated variety as a spotlight shines on the stage. Minutes pass until Jayson Price emerges from the back, taking his time as he soaks in the hatred from the crowd. Chants of "Fuck You Price" and "Die Price Die" start up as Price gestures to the crowd to get even louder.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in tonight at 220 pounds, he is the longest reigning WCF Cruiserweight Champion in WCF history and the only man to win 9 different titles in WCF history...JAYSON PRICE!

Price finally begins the walk down the ramp toward the ring, moving slowly to anger the crowd even more. He stops to egg on a random fan, daring him to hop the barricade. He then grabs a bag of popcorn from another fan before dumping it on the ramp, remarking how the poor fan probably spent his paycheck on his snack. Finally Price rolls in under the bottom rope and heads for his corner as his music dies down. The referee comes over to Price and takes the Cruiserweight Title.

Zach Davis: Well as we watch the referee show the Cruiserweight Title to Mr. Holden and now the crowd, let's take a look at the tale of the tape, shall we.

Freddy Whoa: Well Price has the height and weight advantage on Mr. Holden, but at the same time his well documented neck injuries leave a fairly large target. Does it even things out? Maybe...maybe not.

Gravedigger: Let's hope for another broken neck!

Zach Davis: Even coming from you that sounds harsh.


Freddy Whoa: And there's the bell!

Holden and Price both out from their corners and they circle each twice before they move in for the tie-up. Both men fighting for control until Holden gets Price in a hammerlock. Price though with the reversal and now it's Holden in a rear waist lock. Price tries for a German suplex but Holden blocks it. Holden with an elbow to the face and then a hip toss, taking Price to the mat. Price hops back up to his feet in time to duck a clothesline attempt from Holden and reverse it into an Irish whip. Holden into the ropes and he comes back, Price leapfrogging over him. Holden again hits the ropes and this time Price takes him to the mat with an arm drag. Price holding on to the arm and he torques it.

Zach Davis: And the technical ability from both of these guys is on display.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah both these guys seem pretty even on paper in the technical department, it may end up coming down to who has that extra bit at the end.

The referee gets waved off by Holden as he fights to get back up to his feet, Price still with the hold locked in. Holden trying to reverse the hold into something else but Price lets him go, spinning Holden around in the process. Price with a European uppercut to the chin, knocking Holden back a step. But Holden just shakes it off and responds with a powerful right hand.

Zach Davis: What an absolute bomb!

Price spun around and he bounces chest first off the ropes. Holden quick to act grabbing Price from behind and executing a German suplex. He bridges it for the pin attempt.


Freddy Whoa: NO! KICK OUT!

Price quick to try getting back to his feet and he beats Holden up. Price with an elbow to the back of the head, followed up by a knee to the face. Holden momentarily dazed and Price takes advantage, whipping Holden into the corner. Price running straight at him, looking to follow up with a Yakuza kick. But Holden ducks out of the way! Price with his foot up on the top rope in a rather uncomfortable position. Holden again getting Price from behind and he lifts him up onto the top rope in a seated position. Holden now climbing up onto the second rope.

Zach Davis: Oh we might see something big here!

Holden with his arms around Price's waist and it looks like he's trying for a German off the top rope. The crowd up on their feet as Price tries to fight back, throwing elbows wildly. Price with a headbutt back into the face of Holden and he falls to his feet. Price with a moonsault and he crashes into Holden as the crowd pops.

Freddy Whoa: Holy hell! We haven't seen Price pull off that WTF Maneuver in years.

Zach Davis: Well it is a title match!

Price pulls Holden's legs away from the ropes and goes for the pin attempt.


Freddy Whoa: NO! KICK OUT!

Price looks to the referee and then shoves Holden back down to the mat for another pin attempt.


Zach Davis: NO! KICK OUT!

Price back up to his feet, pulling Holden up with him. But Holden with an elbow to the gut and he rolls Price up with a school boy.



Freddy Whoa: KICK OUT!

Holden to his feet and he grabs Price as he tries to get up. Holden lifting Price onto his shoulders and tries for a death valley driver. But Price grabs hold of the ropes and Holden can't flip him. Holden tries to throw him the other way and over the ropes to the floor. Price lands on the apron and Holden is oblivious. Price grabs Holden from behind, spins him around and hits a Downfall onto the top rope.

Zach Davis: OH! Downfall!

Holden's head violently snaps back and he falls to the mat as Price lands on the floor. Price quick to slide back in the ring and he hooks the leg for the pin attempt.



Zach Davis: NO! KICK OUT!

Freddy Whoa: How in the world did Holden kick out after that Downfall onto the ropes? Did you see how his head snapped back?

Zach Davis: He really wants to be the one to take the Cruiserweight Title from Price.

Price looking up at the referee for answers as he can't believe Holden could kick out. Price to his feet now and he's in the referee's face arguing the count.

Freddy Whoa: And Price needs to focus on the match. The referee is being fair and unbiased with his counts, no call for this at all.

Price angrily pulls Holden in once more and hits a second Downfall! He pins Holden.




The bell sounds.

Gravedigger: Ugh.

Zach Davis: Amazing effort by Mr. Holden, but Jayson Price, the number one contender for the WCF World Title heading into Fifteen, takes the win!

The bell sounds as Jayson gets up. However, Master of Puppets plays instead of Price's music. Jayson glares angrily towards the ramp as Seth steps out.

Gravedigger: All hail our glorious leader!

Seth has a mic.

Seth Lerch: Congratulations, Price. Congratulations.

Price claps for himself. Seth claps sarcastically.

Seth Lerch: However, I regret to inform you, tonight... you fell right into my trap.

Jayson raises an eyebrow.

Seth Lerch: You see, Jayson, tonight I installed a weight detection device in our ring. And I hate to tell you this, but tonight, it registered a weight of over 440 pounds. Mr. Holden is billed at 215 pounds, so long story short, I'm making the ruling... AS OF TONIGHT, YOU NO LONGER REGISTER AS A CRUISERWEIGHT AND YOU'RE STRIPPED OF THE BELT!

The crowd boos. The referee, who hadn't given the belt back to Price yet, begins to take it up the ramp to Seth.

Seth Lerch: As far as I'm concerned, Jayson Price, Fifteen is IT for you! You either win it all or you win NOTHING!

Price is pacing.

Seth Lerch: In fact? Remember that Elite Title I once awarded you? That belt that became the International Title? I'm bringing THAT back too!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Seth Lerch: At Fifteen, any non-US champion eligible to compete for the International Title will be invited to the International Title match! Even Kira Sakazaki, the last person to hold the belt, is invited!

Price has taken a mic.

Jayson Price: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what? Take the Cruiserweight Title, Seth. Take the International, Elite, whatever you want to call it, take those Titles. At Fifteen, there is only one Title I care about. The WCF World Heavyweight Title. I'm going to win it at YOUR show, Seth, and never again - NEVER AGAIN - will you be able to dispute that I'm the greatest World Champion your God forsaken company has EVER seen.

Seth angrily drops his mic and leaves as the crowd claps for Price standing up to the boss.

Joseph Malignaggi/Andre Jenson vs Oblivion/Kyle Kemp

Zach Davis: The next match us about to get underway.

Ring Announcer Kyle Steel is in the ring...

Kyle Steel: The following tag team match is for one fall...

A deep voice booms from the PA system...

Deep voice: In the world of the fantasy land of Kem, begot a new type of warrior, one which was created from the fires of the star Elume and forged in the great battle of the third age. A warrior so daring and so brave that King Dennis, the maker himself, would try to destroy him and fail. This man is more than man, he is legend.

Some sort of fantasy based music starts to play, as mist slowly rolls up the entrance ramp while Andre Jensen appears from behind the curtain. Andre looks around to the crowd, with a stony stare, before meandering to the ring. He looks under the ring and grabs a small bag, before entering the ring after crawling under the bottom ringrope. Andre takes some dice from the bag and rolls the dice. After looking, at the dice, Andre smiles. Jensen turns to the crowd and throws a manly fist, into the air. Jensen shakes the referee's hand.

Kyle Steel: From the Island of Kem, weighing in at 205 pounds... Andre Jensen!!

Gravedigger: Andre Jensen looks ready for the match!!!

Zach Davis: Next to come to the ring....

The arena lights dim, as the crowd buzz begins to a fever pitch. "Retrograde" by James Blake begins and lingers for a moment, before Joey Flash, in all his glory, emerges from behind the curtain, staring at the crowd. Malignaggi floats regally down the aisle, bathing in the atmosphere and stopping to shake hands with the fans...

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... From the Bronx, New York... Weighing in at 220 pounds... This is Joseph Malignaaaaggiiiii!!!!

Malignaggi circles the ring twice. Joseph riled up the crowd, as he enters the ring and sits in a corner, as he waits for his opponents.

Freddy Whoa: Now, we wait for the opposing tag team!!

The arena lights go out, a spotlight shines on stage. "Better then You" by Sam Adams begins to play, gold lights and strobe lights begin to flash around the arena. Kemp slowly walks out, on the stage, followed by The Monster Oblivion. The walk up to the spotlight. They cross their arms. Kemp smiles smugly to the crowd, as Oblivion sneers at a nearby cameraman. Kemp shakes his head up and down. Kyle Kemp struts down the aisle, glaring at the fans. Both Kemp and Oblivion roll into the ring. All of the light come back on. Kemp extends both of his arms out to his side and begins to laugh. Oblivion climbs up to the second turnbuckle throwing ITs arms up in the air...

Kyle Steel: Representing Beachkrew, with a combined weight of 520 pounds.... Kyle Kemp and The Monster Oblivion!!!

Gravedigger: This will be one Hell of a match!!

Zach Davis: Looks like it will be Andre Jensen starting off against Kyle Kemp


Freddy Whoa: This match is underway!!

Both combatants charge one another, locking up in a collar and elbow tie up...


Gravedigger: Kyle Kemp makes the first move, executing a picture perfect belly to belly duplex!!

Andre Jensen bounces up, from off the mat...


Freddy Whoa: Spinning heel kick by Andre Jensen, knocking down Kyle Kemp.

Jensen charges at Kemp...

Zach Davis: Kemp stands up quickly...


Gravedigger: BACKHAND CHOP!!

Jensen stumbles back, Kemp charges at Jensen...



Jensen places his right knee on the back of Kyle Kemp...


Gravedigger: Andre Jensen tags in Joseph Malignaggi!!

Malignaggi grabs Kemp and connects with three kicks, before tossing him into the ropes...


Gravedigger: Quick release overhead belly to belly suplex!!

The body of Kyle Kemp bounces off the mat, Kemp winces in pain, but quickly gets up. Malignaggi charges at a charging Kyle Kemp...


Zach Davis: Kyle Kemp with a crossbody!!

Kemp grabs Malignaggi...


Gravedigger: DDT!! Kemp takes down Joseph Malignaggi!!


The crowd erupts...


Zach Davis: These two have extreme personal history between the two of them!!

The Monster Oblivion enters the ring! Both men scream out!! Roar out, before charging!!!


Malignaggi and Oblivion brawl all over ring. Oblivion grabs Malignaggi...


Zach Davis: Short-arm clothesline by Oblivion!!

Oblivion drops a fist on the skull of Malignaggi!!

Gravedigger: Oblivion grabs ITs opponent...


Freddy Whoa: T-BONE SUPLEX!!

Malignaggi hits the mat hard. Oblivion charges at the fallen warrior. Malignaggi grabs Oblivion by IT's waistband, causing Oblivion hits head first against the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: Oblivion charges at Malignaggi...


Gravedigger: Surgical execution with perfect precision of boxing skills!!


Freddy Whoa: Joey nails The Monster in the mid-section!!

Malignaggi bounces off the ropes...


Zach Davis: Swinging neckbreaker!!

Gravedigger: FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!

Oblivion flips around...

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion us in the ropes, Malignaggi lets go.

Flash charges at Oblivion...


Zach Davis: Knee in mid-section...


Oblivion takes the face of Joseph Malignaggi across the top rope. Oblivion picks up his opponent...



Oblivion picks up Joseph Malignaggi and drops him with a musclebuster.

Freddy Whoa: Andre Jensen charges out of his corner...


Zach Davis: KNEE TO THE FACE!!

Kyle Kemp charges in the ring, grabbing Andre Jensen, picking him up flapjacking him onto the top rope.

Gravedigger: SHOWOFF!!



Zach Davis: Here comes The Monster...


Gravedigger: 5150!!!

Oblivion pins Malignaggi.



NO!, broken up by Jenson! Jenson gets to his feet and is immediately clotheslined out by Kyle Kemp. Oblivion and Malignaggi get to their feet and Oblivion roars, he runs at Malignaggi but Malignaggi ducks down, pulling the bottom rope and sending Oblivion out of the ring. Malignaggi gets him in his sights.. runs..

Gravedigger: SUICIDE DIVE!

On one side of the ring, Malignaggi brawls with Oblivion; on the other side, Kemp and Jenson are going at it. Malignaggi goes to throw Oblivion into the ring steps, but Oblivion reverses it and sends Malignaggi into them instead. Kemp has thrown Jenson into the crowd; he climbs over the guardrail and is now brawling amongst the fans!

Zach Davis: This match has broken down!

The referee rings for the bell.

Freddy Whoa: The ref has thrown this match out! This is a no contest!

Kemp and Jenson continue to brawl up throughout the crowd as Oblivion slides the ring stairs he used earlier against Malignaggi into the ring. He throws Malignaggi into the ring next and slides in after him. The bell keeps ringing for some reason.

Gravedigger: GET HIM OBI!

Zach Davis: The match is over! What is he doing?

Oblivion lifts Malignaggi up...


GRAYSON PIERCE HITS THE RING! Grayson Pierce punches Oblivion, possibly saving the livelihood of Joseph Malignaggi. Pierce hits Oblivion with several rights and lefts, sending him reeling; Oblivion takes a wild swing, Pierce ducks; GOD's PARADOX!

Gravedigger: NO!

Zach Davis: Grayson Pierce hits the God's Paradox!

Pierce gets to his feet and pounds his chest. He lifts Malignaggi to his feet, but Malignaggi shoves him away.

Freddy Whoa: These two are facing each other at Fifteen for contendership to the WCF World Heavyweight Championship... Not a lot of love lost here.

Gravedigger: Why didn't Pierce just let Malignaggi get his brains scrambled by Oblivion? The contendership could've been his!

Pierce gets in Malignaggi's face for Malignaggi not being grateful for his help; Malignaggi argues back that he didn't NEED Pierce's help.

Zach Davis: They're about to come to blows!

Before that, they both back off.





We fade to commercials as the two men fighting for contendership stare daggers into each other.

Oblivion Segment

As we come back from commercial, Oblivion is stumbling up the entrance ramp, backwards with a wild eyed look.

Zach Davis: What a match!!

Freddy Whoa: What a match indeed!!

Katherine Phoenix runs down the entrance ramp.

Gravedigger: Who is that?!?!


Freddy Whoa: Oblivion doesn't see her coming!!


Gravedigger: Katherine Phoenix just clobbered The Monster with a metal chair!!

Kyle Kemp runs up towards Katherine Phoenix.

Zach Davis: What does she have in her hand?!

Katherine grabs a slightly bleeding, but dazed Oblivion.


Katherine Phoenix: BACK UP!! BACK UP KEMP!!

Gravedigger: Phoenix has gone completely whacko!!

Zach Davis: This has to be revenge from that impromptu sexual escapade.

Freddy Whoa: Rumors are that it seems Katherine Phoenix claims to be love with Oblivion.

Gravedigger: But, like most play as, The Monster just want to keep it physical!!

Zach Davis: But, it's apparent that Katherine Phoenix is experiencing a broken heart. She wants more from Oblivion!!

The cameras follow Katherine Phoenix pressing the blade against the neck of Oblivion, up the ramp.


Small amount of blood is trickling down the neck of The Monster.

Katherine Phoenix: You thought you could get away, huh? You thought you could screw me and leave me, Obi Teddy?! You're mine forever!! To keep forever!! You're mine!! MINE!! MINE!!

Oblivion: GET OFF ME YOU CRAZY BITCH!! IT OWES YOU NOTHING!! NOTHING!! YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A PIECE OF ASS, TO OBLIVION!! An occasional screw!! No emotions!! Nothing else!! Nothing more!! It was just sex!!

Anger flashes across Katherine's face, as she grabs The Monster and throws him hard against some electrical equipment.


Oblivion's partially seen face turns bright red, before bolting over to Katherine, slamming her against the wall. IT's massive right hand grasping her jaw tightly.

Oblivion: Listen up, bitch!! Can you smell IT's fingers?! That's you!! Your sweet aroma!! You are IT's fuck toy and nothing else!! When IT wants sex... YOU PUT OUT!! Oblivion is NOT your boyfriend!!! Get that through your thick skull!! We are not a couple!! NEVER HAPPEN... NEVER WILL!!! It's nothing but sex!! Now, leave Oblivion alone!!

Katherine begins to gasp for air as Oblivion's grasp tightens around her throat. She reaches across to Oblivion's face and digs her nails into IT's flesh, scratching hard down IT's face. The Monster yells out in pain. Katherine is dropped onto her feet. She charges at Oblivion, spearing IT, right into a nearby wall.

Katherine Phoenix: ROAR-ROAR-ROAR!!! Look at me, my name is Oblivion and I'm a bad mood bear!! Everyone fear!! HAHAHAHA!!! Obi Teddy stop being so silly, we both know that if I wanted to, I could put you back in the toy box right now!! Now... Are you gonna play nice?!

Just as Katherine was about to push herself up off Oblivion, The Monster slams a hard right into her face, causing her to stumble backwards and fall onto the floor, grabbing her face. Katherine shrieks out an ear piercing scream. She charges at The Monster...


Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!

Freddy Whoa: Katherine Phoenix just stabbed The Monster Oblivion!!

Oblivion shows IT's outward palms, which has blood on them. The Monster drops to IT's knees. Katherine freaks out, dropping the blade and takes off, running away screaming out...



Gravedigger: Someone go find Katherine Phoenix!!

Several paramedics and Seth Lerch come down to check on a bleeding Oblivion. The paramedics check IT's vitals and proceed to tend to the stab wound, temporarily.

Zach Davis: I'm getting word, that Oblivion is being transferred to the nearest medical center and/or hospital. Oblivion is in stable condition.

The gurney, with Oblivion on it, with the paramedics tending to The Monster is going up the entrance ramp.

Gravedigger: Word is that Seth Lerch has ordered Katherine Phoenix to be found and brought to his office.... IMMEDIATELY!!!

Dune vs Teo Del Sol

The Screen Suddenly cuts to a news desk, where a very serious News Anchor shuffles his papers impatiently. After a few moments he turns towards the camera.

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we Interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the following important broadcast..."

The News Anchor falls silent as the opening riff to "Kickstart my Heart" suddenly blares. The Screen crashes to static before bringing up the view of the entrance ramp, which is engulfed with a burst of Pyro as Teo del Sol, His trademark white Jacket and white mask shining like the sun itself, steps through the curtain. The corner of the screen bears his wrestling mask with the logo TEO TV emblazoned across it, and he holds one hand high over his head, with a camera in the other. The feed then cuts to a live broadcast from the camera, encompassing the screaming fans all around the arena, waving as they appear not only on the TV screen, but on the large 'Tron above Teo. He begins walking down the ramp, reaching out to shake fans hands and sign autographs, all seen from the viewpoint of the camera, at last he makes it to the ring and the view cuts back to the regular feed.

Zach Davis: And there he is! I tell you, I’ve been looking forward to this match all night, guys.

Gravedigger: Me too, Teo’s gonna get kiiilled.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know Digger, there was some speculation Dune might not even make it to the arena tonight, something about a surgery?

The audience goes wild as he steps through the ropes, taking a deep bow, before running into the corner to raise his hands victoriously! He claps his hands in gratitude, applauding the audience that applauds him, and rolls with a quick backflip, landing in the center of the ring. He pushes down with his hands and springs to his feet, bouncing off of the ropes running to the turnbuckle He removes the jacket and hands it to one of the ring crew before settling into his corner, bouncing back and forth in anticipation.

The lights fade before the opening chords of "The Pink Room" hit in the darkness. Smoke pours out in front of the deep red lights that glow just beyond the curtain. Two golden spotlights slowly scan the audience as Dune emerges from the smoke. His cold eyes remain fixed on the ring as he makes his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring...from the badlands of the Mojave Desert...weighing in at 276 pounds...DUUUUUUUNE!

Zach Davis: If Dune is weakened, he’s not showing it from his walk, Freddy.

Gravedigger: Of course not, Dune’s indestructible!

He slides in and shoots to his feet. The ring glows amidst the darkness as he walks around the inner-perimeter, looking out at the crowd and testing the ropes. He makes his way to his corner, where he slides out of his vest and drops it outside the ring.

Teo and Dune stand across the ring from each other, their eyes locked and staring daggers as the referee explains the rules to both men. Despite his efforts, the pair ignore him, refusing to break their stare as the referee calls for the bell.

Teo approaches Dune cautiously as Dune towers over Teo like a giant. Teo throws a hard kick to Dune’s midsection, but it’s a fake! Dune goes to block and Teo quickly darts in the other direction, managing to grab Dune from behind! The momentary victory is short-lived though as Dune grabs Teo’s arm and hurls him over with a hard hip toss. Teo rolls from the ring and begins circling as Dune watches like a shark watching a minnow.

Gravedigger: What did Teo think would happen there? Was he gonna throw the sandman.

Zach Davis: Still though, Dune a bit slower than usual, wouldn’t you say?

Dune leans on the opposite rope and waits for Teo to reenter the ring. Teo cautiously stays at a distance, waiting for the big man to make a move. Dune rushes forward to grab Teo, but the luchador is ready and rolls under him, throwing a chopping leg kick. Dune absorbs the blow, then turns and catches Teo by the throat, hurling him across the ring by his head! Teo slams into the corner and Dune follows up with a hard stomp! Teo clutches at his midsection as Dune bends over and begins drilling hard punches into Teo’s face!

Freddy Whoa: And Dune pouring on the pressure here early! Teo can’t take this kind of punishment for long!

Dune continues raining punches as Teo struggles to free himself from the bigger man’s grip. He flails almost involuntarily as the blows continue raining against his masked head. Suddenly, however, he brings his leg up to kick Dune away, connecting with a solid blow against Dune’s midsection, causing Dune to double over in pain! He clutches at his abdomen, finally relenting, and grabbing the top rope for support.

Zach Davis: What’s this? It looks like Dune is nursing an injury!

Freddy Whoa: Teo can capitalize here!

As Teo makes it to his feet, he notices Dune is clearly in pain and urges the referee to check on him, but as soon as the ref approaches Dune, the Sandman shoves the ref away and charges at Teo! Teo sees him coming, though, and jumps into a drop toehold! Dune is carried by his momentum, and falls to the mat with a thud! Teo quickly rolls him over, hoping to end it before the injury gets worse!

But Dune shoves him off before the referee can even get to one! Teo flies briefly through the air as Dune throws the luchador off, but manages to catch hold of the second rope! Teo goes from the apron as Dune gets to his feet, then launches off with a slingshot crossbody! Dune stumbles, but manages to catch the Luchador’s weight, turning and launching the masked man into a spinning side slam! Now it’s Dune’s turn to go for a cover!



No, kickout at two! Dune’s face is a clear mix of frustration and pain as he nurses his side, but he slowly makes his way to his feet to set up for another move. Teo makes his way up and Dune grabs his head, driving it into the mat with a hard DDT! Teo spikes like a fieldgoal post, and falls limply as Dune rolls over to go for a second cover.

Zach Davis: Good lord! Teo might need a doctor!

Gravedigger: He’s gonna need a mortician!



No! Teo still manages to get his head up. Dune slams his hand against the mat in a fury, glaring at the Luchador with contempt. He pulls the luchador roughly to his feet, then throws him in a hard Irish whip!

But no! Teo manages to use the momentum from the whip to cartwheel into the ropes, coming off with a tremendous flying forearm! The big man is staggered, but manages to stay on his feet! Teo quickly sets up for another, connecting with a second flying forearm! Dune stumbles, but manages to recover! Teo runs off the ropes one more time-

But Dune sees him coming and ducks down to prepare for a back body drop!

But Teo sees Dune preparing and jumps into a sunset flip, trying to pull Dune down for a pin!

But Dune manages to stay on his feet, and drops with all his weight down on Teo’s chest!

But Teo sees Dune coming and rolls out of the way as Dune slams into the mat!

Teo grabs the seated Dune and rolls him over with a crucifix pin!



No! Dune emphatically kicks out, the fury now turned into a white hot rage as he grabs the Luchador by the head and begins slamming it against the mat! Teo tries to break the grip, but Dune smashes it over and over again against the mat like he’s trying to break a coconut! Teo struggles as best as he can, but before long, he stops moving as the punishment continues.

But the exertion has taken a toll on Dune, and he clutches at his side, breathing heavily as he grabs the second rope to try and get to his feet!

Zach Davis: Dune cannot be doing well here, he shouldn’t have come!

Gravedigger: He’s a big boy, Zach!

Freddy Whoa: Dune making it back to his feet!

Teo rolls over, shaking his head to try and recover from the brutal punishment, but Dune runs forward and drives a kick into his spine! Teo arches his back in agony as Dune nurses his midsection. He turns towards the audience and begins signaling for the Sandstorm! The crowd offers a mixture of boos and cheers in response, but Teo is unable to heed their calls!

Dune grabs the luchador in an underhook position, and lifts him up, but rather than slamming him down, he holds him in a high crucifix and turns towards the ropes, hurling the luchador like a lawn dart to the ground below!

But no! Like a miracle Teo manages to catch the top rope on the way down! He slows his descent and manages to catch himself on the apron! Dune turns and is furious that his move has failed, and charges Teo full force!

But Teo sees it coming and jumps into a flying roundhouse kick! Using the ropes to stay on the apron, he cracks his boot across the Sandman’s face and staggers him once more, before the big man finally drops from the blow!

Zach Davis: Oh my god! Dune is in the perfect position for-

Teo jumps and catapults himself off of the top rope, jumping into a flying body splash!

Freddy Whoa: The Habanero High Dive!

But no! At the last instant, Dune holds his hands straight out, and catches the luchador before he can come down on Dune’s abdomen! He holds the luchador over his head like a weight bar before throwing him aside with burst of effort! To make matters worse, coming down on Dune’s arms has winded Teo, as he was punched with the force of the High dive! Dune finally signals to set up for the Sandstorm one more time!

Dune picks up the Luchador with a double underhook, before slamming him down hard onto his neck! Teo lays helpless at Dune’s feet as the sandman raises his arms and places his boot on Teo’s chest!




No! Teo gets his shoulder up, hanging in even through the pain!

Zach Davis: Teo barely coming to life here, but Dune’s halfhearted cover is probably why he got the shoulder up.

Gravedigger: That Luchador is crazy, I’ll give him that.

Dune grabs Teo’s limp form and sets him up for a second sandstorm, this time sending him crashing into the top turnbuckle! Teo seems to almost stop breathing as Dune pulls his ragdoll-like form into the center of the ring.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Zach Davis: Dune picking up another nice win here! Teo fought hard, and it took two sandstorms, but they call him Dune for a reason, fellas!

Dune kicks Teo’s limp form under the ropes, where he crashes to ringside as Dune raises his hands in victory.

Freddy Whoa: Credit where it’s due, Teo is a tough dude.

Gravedigger: Yeah, but it takes more than toughness to overcome the man known only as Dune!

The announcers continue talking as Slam cuts to commercial.

Jonny Fly Segment

The lights in the arena go off. After a few moments to build suspense, “300 Violin Orchestra” blasts over the PA system.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Gravedigger: Ah, about time he showed up to work.

Zach Davis: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s always a party when this guy decides to grace us with his presence.

Gravedigger: That’s how you should feel about working with me, Zach!

A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of Jonny Fly standing on the stage with a microphone in hand. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on to reveal Fly. The jumbotron changes to the words ‘The Most Dominant Wrestler in WCF History.’ The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly.

Freddy Whoa: I know me some Jonny Fly. He, Orbit, and I eat chicken wings together every Thursday. 35 cents a wing at Lena’s Soul Food Café in Oakland. You can’t beat it.

Zach Davis: Do you have a point?

Freddy Whoa: My point is, I know Fly. I’m lookin’ at this dude right now and I can see him fumin’ right now. He’s pissed. He out here for some real talk, you know what I’m sayin’?

Gravedigger: …I mean, not really. But whatever.

Slowly and deliberately Fly begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the canvas. He stops and takes a few moment to prepare himself before finally sliding into the ring. Immediately…and I mean immediately…he begins talking, drowning out his own music.

Jonny Fly: Corey Black.

The utterance of the name brings everything to a stop. The music turns off and the crowd silences. Fly momentarily brings the microphone down to his side as he scans the crowd. He scoffs, shakes his head, and continues.

Jonny Fly: I’ll never understand. In this ring, I’ve put together one of the greatest careers ever by knowing what it takes…the pain, the hurt, the sacrifice…to win. I’ve won every type of match. I’ve won every title that I’ve wanted. I’ve beaten old guys, new guys, Hall of Famer guys, jobber guys, friends, enemies, whatever the fuck you want to call Jayson Price. I know all there is to know about winning a wrestling match. But…

I’ll never fully understand what goes through the mind of a Jonny Fly opponent. There’s been stages of thought, I know that. There was the stage of “who the fuck is this new asshole?” Then there was the stage of “I’m going to show Jonny Fly he’s not as good as he thinks he is?” After that came the group running around saying “Fly might be on top now, but he’s a flash in the pan.” Then finally came the “OMG JONNY FLY, HE’S SO AWESOME, I can use this match to prove myself!” My name on the card has meant different things to different people over the years. I know that part, but I’ve never quite understood the standard wrestler’s incessant need to spout off to me. Everyone always wants to tell me why and how they’re going to beat me. They find some box to wrap it up in. It’s been a hundred different cliché rationales over the years. Today, I suppose the rationale is that I’m “old” or that I’m not out there competing every week. Like that means I couldn’t beat 99% of the motherfuckers running around here. Has it ever mattered? Do these people actually beat me?

Fly pauses briefly.

Jonny Fly: I bring this up because I’ve had this conversation with Corey Black before. I’ve said to him, CD, what the fuck is wrong with these people? What goes through their head when they open their mouth? How many fuckin’ times do I have to beat someone for them to understand the true dominance that I possess in this ring? How many titles do I need to win? How many WORLD TITLES do I need to win? Do people REALLY want me to come back and do this shit every week? The top of the card will be much more crowed, you know?

Fly smirks just a bit, clearly amused at the thought.

Jonny Fly: Black, for all of his shortcomings inside the ring over these last couple of years, has always understood that I hold a certain power. A rare power. The power to do whatever the fuck I want to any living and breathing wrestler that has ever stepped foot in this company. There are matches you see every week that make you a laugh a little on the inside. You know it’s a fuckin’ train wreck waiting to happen. You put me in the ring against any wrestler, current or historicaly, and you have no clue what the hell is going to happen. That’s my true power. I am timeless. I am infinite.

I’m telling you, Corey Black knows this. He believes this to be true, word for word. He may not be in a frame of mind these days to admit it publically, but Corey Black has been in this company for nearly 15 years. In those fifteen years, he believes that I’m the greatest wrestler that has ever stepped foot in the company. He’s said it. That’s the truth. Yet…two weeks ago, he did something absolutely idiotic for someone with that belief. Something that will assure he never makes it more than the fifteen years he’s already put in. He put his CAREER on the line…in a wrestling match…against me.

Fly begins laughing.

Jonny Fly: Can you believe this shit? I say a couple of things to this motherfucker and he goes completely off the deep end. He goes full-rookie on us. He does the same thing we’ve been laughing at wrestlers for doing since our first days together in Pantheon. You want to challenge JONNY FLY? When has that ever worked out well for someone? Look, I don’t give a shit if nobody understands the backstory here. It’s nobody’s place to understand, and it goes back much further than all but a couple of you guys backstage. Keep the pacifiers in your mouth and watch me do what I always do. Win – and send Corey Black…the pillar this company was built on out of the company, forever. You can thank me later.

"Survival" by Eminem blares on the PA, interrupting Fly.

Zach Davis: NO WAY!

Gravedigger: What the hell does he want?

Jeff Purse steps out on to the stage to a huge ovation from the crowd. Fly cocks his head to the side ever so slightly, unsure of why his one-time Pantheon partner has come out.

Jeff Purse: No, no, no. This has to stop. Fly – I have no doubt in Corey’s ability to win this match. No matter what you may think, remember the saying that a lion is fiercest at the end. He’s not just going to give you some standard run of the mill match like he’s done in the past. But that’s not the point, neither of you need to go through this. This is not what anyone wants. Neither of you need to go through with this match. There has to be another way to settle this.

Jonny Fly: Uh…thanks? Your comments are noted. Run along, Jeff. This doesn’t concern you.

Jeff Purse: You know what, man? That shame of this is once upon a time you were a leader around here. You were the guy that dozens of wrestlers looked up to. I’m not talking about on the card, I’m talking about the way you handled yourself. You stood up for what’s right. You challenged Seth when he was acting up. You were helping younger wrestlers. You were pushing people. You pushed me. You helped me. You led a revolution and started one of the more prominent eras in WCF history. Now, there isn’t a single person backstage who would give one fuck if Corey Black beat the shit out of you and sent you out of WCF forever!

A LOUD pop for the comment ensues. Inside the ring, Fly scowls as he attempts to form a response.

Jonny Fly: I don’t care, Jeff. I don’t care about what people think. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not some insecure midcarder with a severe case of OCD.

Fly sends a wink a Jeff, to accentuate the cheap shot.

Jeff Purse: It’s embarrassing what’s become of you, Fly. Is this what makes you happy these days? Sitting in the ring talking shit to someone who was once your friend, someone who’s only out here to help you see the flaws in what you’re about to do. You live a depressing existence. You’re not half of the man OR wrestler you once were. OH, and I’m not the only person who thinks that either….

A smile stretches across Purse’s face.

Zach Davis: I have a feeling some crazy shit is about to happen…

The jumbo screen flashes to a blank screen... with a cursor? Suddenly, text appears... "Iceberg-Seven online... accessing WCF big screen.

Freddy Whoa: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gravedigger: OH. MY. GOD.

Access granted... running program 'Entrance'." The cursor moves across the screen slowly, as if loading something... and then the screen clears itself once more. Then, two words appear: "POLAR PHANTASM".

The crowd absolutely EXPLODES. Every single member of the audience is on their feet awaiting their first look at the man that co-founded Pantheon. A man who hasn’t been seen on WCF television for well over a year. "Synchronicity (part 2)" by The Police begins playing over the loudspeakers as two white spotlights train on the entrance. The curtain parts... and out comes


Zach Davis: You can say it now Freddy.


Gravedigger: This is absolutely unreal. I can’t even hear myself talking right now! This place is going crazy!

Zach Davis: For those that don’t know, Jonny Fly and what was then Kid Phantasm are the original creators of the stable you know as Pantheon. The original grouping, well before your Corey Blacks, Jayson Prices, or Steve Orbits, also included Purse. Fly and Phantasm had a falling out long ago, but that’s obviously not the story here. PHANTASM IS HERE!

Jonny Fly’s eyes are as wide as Shannan Lerch’s vagina. He simply stares up the ramp, unsure of what to do, what to say…but the man known for his grace with words is happy to fill the space.

Polar Phantasm: Greetings, Flyguy.

Another HUGE pop ensues for the crowd. Phantasm takes a second to look around and take it in, beaming proudly at the audience response.

Phantasm: You’ve let the mission die, my friend. I’m disappointed in you.

Fly raises the microphone and looks as if he’s about to interject, but he holds back. Phantasm continues.

Phantasm: You’ve articulated tonight some private conversations you’ve had in the past with Corey Black. Perhaps then, in an effort to fit in, I should do the same and divulge some of our private conversations from the past? Like the one where you said you’d never turn into Logan. You know, taking a match every once in a while. Feigning importance. That whole act. No, better yet, how about the time you came to me and sold me on the idea of Corey Black joining Pantheon. You called him the greatest wrestler in history. While I was skeptical, you managed to give one hell of a sales pitch. You told me we couldn’t afford NOT have him join. You know, Fly? You were right. We needed Corey Black, because unlike you, he was fit to lead the group in a manner you’re not capable.

Gravedigger: Ouch.

Phantasm: This has always been the great Jonny Fly dilemma. Your restlessness is your curse. You don’t turn your back on people out of hatred. I’m not sure most understand that about you, but I certainly do. You do it because it’s simply something to do. It’s fresh and exciting. That’s your modus operandi. Pantheon, and the mission that it was meant to serve, never need a flake. It needed stability. Corey Black is the most stable wrestler in the history of this company. It’s of no surprise to me that the group eventually had to turn to him for leadership. You portray yourself as this great person, businessman, wrester, and so on. Great people understand their flaws. They surround themselves with people that can counteract those flaws. But you, Jonny Fly, push anyone away that doesn’t feed your ego. It’s a defense mechanism. It’s the habit of a weak mind. You need Corey Black. You need him in this company. He’s your other half, whether you like it or not. Put an end to this match. Right your wrongs – for once in your life.

Inside the ring, Fly hangs his head. But just when you think the action is reflective of Phantasm’s words sinking in, Fly raises his head and microphone simultaneously.

Jonny Fly: Well, this is some fuckin’ reunion isn’t it? So let me get this straight, we got a dude who’s been MIA for over a year – after coming back to Pantheon two summers ago for like two weeks – calling me a flake? You’re doing this while standing next to Jeff Purse, the motherfuckin’ king of one month comebacks. Like every reunion, I suppose, this one just has way too many people that I don’t really to want to see.

Fly flashes the smirk that he’s known for. Clearly, the words are not having the impact that’s desired.

Phantasm: I have no reason to be here, you understand that? I have no vested interest in the happenings of WCF. I’m here as a friend, or at least someone that once was. I’m looking out for your best interests. Remove the shades of hate and see the light. You can still fix this. Corey Black can still be a friend. But if you go through with this match – you’ve closed that door forever. There’s no flip flopping of love and hate like you’ve done with Orbit. That’s the moment of no return. One of you will never wrestle in WCF again, and frankly – that’s a sad and undeserved fate for either of you. You can’t go through with this.

Fly stares down a Phantasm for an extended period of time. It appears as if he’s thinking over Phantasm’s words.

Jonny Fly: I…

Fly stops. There’s some anxious noise from the crowd, awaiting what Fly is going to say.

Jonny Fly: I understand that this match will change everything. I even understand that despite my past wins against CD, I’m in no way guaranteed to win this match. But…

Fly smiles. Then begins laughing. Then begins laughing loudly.

Jonny Fly: HAH. I couldn’t even keep that going. Sorry, but OF COURSE I’m going to win this match. Fuckin’ christ, Corey Black is my Doc Henry. I’m wrestling this match. I’m winning this match. I’m sending Corey Black home forever. You two – Phantasm, Purse – you’re invited to be at ring side. Come watch me first hand. Watch my relationship with CD come full circle. I won my first World Title off of him, and now, I’ll end the career of this company’s most historic wrestler. It’s an event fitting for it’s placement on the Fifteen card. The full Jonny Fly experience will be action, and I’m leaving with Corey Black’s head. There’s nothing you two can say or do to change that.

Phantasm looks at Purse. Purse at Phantasm. They say a few things to one another. Phantasm finally turns back to Fly.

Phantasm: I wish, truly, for this to be the last time we ever speak on WCF programming. Our times together, it’s been something Flyguy. We’ve done good things. But that was a lifetime ago. A life, that I hope Corey Black takes from you in two weeks. I bid you farewell.

With that, Phantasm turns and disappears to the back. Purse follows, leaving Fly alone once more. He watches them leave and looks out at a crowd that has begun to boo him. A “Corey Black” chant has even broke out.

Jonny Fly: His fate is sealed. Cheer him while you’re still allowed. The curtain is closing fast.

With that, Fly drops the microphone and slides out of the ring. He begins to make his way to the back.

Zach Davis: Wow. Despite the pleas from some of his old Pantheon friends, Jonny Fly is intent of wrestling Corey Black at Fifteen.

Gravedigger: It’s the one match I may not be looking forward to, Zach. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no cheerleader of either, but they both have crafted a place in this company’s history. It shouldn’t end like this for one of them.

Steve Orbit/Spencer Adams vs Occulo/Howard Black


Freddy Whoa: The Mack is in the house!

Zach Davis: You know you're in for a treat when Steve Orbit is coming out to the ring. The man exudes talent and personifies the definition of "Main Event Superstar"!

Gravedigger: For once, I agree with you two. This is a man who has had two legendary World Title reigns, was a part of two successful stables, and had a fantastic tag team run as The Home Grown Players with Waylon Cash! You two hit the nail on the head for once in you careers.

Zach Davis: Compliments veiled with sarcasm. Never change Digger. Never change.

Gravedigger: Don't plan too child.

The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as "The Mack" Steve Orbit steps out onto the stage. Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus peice, and a jewel encrusted cane. Orbit struts to the ring, taking time to interact with the fans-- especially the ladies. At ringside, he removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to a ring hang. Upon entering the ring, he climbs one of the turnbuckles and gyrates his hips as the crowd pops. He climbs down from the turnbuckle and stretches in the corner, waiting for the match to start.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like Orbits ready to get back in the dirty tonight.

Zach Davis: Some people say he was "protected" in his match against BioWalker, but I'm certain he was shaking off the ring rust! Now he's raring to mix it up with some of WCF's hottest new talent!

The opening riff to Supremacy by Muse hits the PA as strobe lights flicker and a blue smoke fills the stage. As the song picks up, Spencer steps onto the stage and lifts his right arm high into the air. Spencer makes his way down the ramp, jumping up onto different spots on the barricade and high fiving fans before charging into the ring and climbing the turnbuckle. He motions for the fans to make some noise before leaping down. He and Orbit shake hands while waiting for their opponents.

Zach Davis: Now we have Spencer Adams in the ring!

Freddy Whoa: From what I gather, Orbit said he and Spencer have been hitting the gym hard this week to train for this tag team match tonight!

Zach Davis: That's big considering they're going to be opponents in just a few short weeks at Fifteen!

Freddy Whoa: Well, all the more reason. They need to pull out the victory tonight to show they deserve their spots in the Final Destination match! Defeating the Sentinels will go a long way in showing that, considering they are one of the hottest tag teams in the WCF today!

The lights in the arena go to black, with only the giant screen above the stage displaying the pattern of a oscilloscope matching the chaotic distortion which begins "Lost Boys" by Death Grips. As the distortion begins to settle into the beat, the words "IT'S SUCH A LONG WAY DOWN" flash over the screen as the emanate from the speakers. As the snare drum hits begin to burst forth, the lights in the arena begin to strobe in blue, white, and grayas the screen begins to show flashing black-and-white images of honey badgers in battle, paired with footage of Howard Black training or waiting in the locker room, preparing for a match. Howard Black makes his way from the back, the hood of his sweatshirt pulled over his head.

Zach Davis: Howard Black looks like he's not in the greatest of moods tonight!

Freddy Whoa: You have to imagine with the threat Dune imposes looming over your 24/7, you probably wouldn't be in the best mood either Zach.

Zach Davis: Truth.

He makes his way down the ramp as the digitized words"LOST BOYS" repeat from the speaker in succession. While his eyes remain focused on the ring, his face a mask of determination, ignoring the fans as he advances. Upon reaching the ring, he slides in and unzips his sweatshirt, tossing it aside. He stalks the ring in a calculated manner, eyeing his opponent with a sneer of contempt and rage. He retreats to his corner, takes the crucifix from his neck and places it around the turnbuckle for safe keeping during his match. He turns to face Orbit/Adams and await his partners entrance.

Zach Davis: Howard Black is filled with venom tonight. He has a respect for Spencer Adams, but it doesn't look like Orbit is high on his "Honey Do" list.

Freddy Whoa: He shouldn't be so emotional heading into a match with Orbit, or he'll be tasting the Honey Dip, ya feel?

"Destruction" by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Kyle Steel: From Washington DC...weighing in at 220lbs...Occulo!!

He walks down the ramp, spotlights following, addressing the fans as he does. He climbs up the steel steps in the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He hops down and gives Howard a one arm hug, whispering something in his ear.

Zach Davis: It looks like Occulo is trying to calm his partner down! He needs to be level headed, this is stiff competition they face tonight!

Freddy Whoa: The crowd is on fire, the stakes are high...and it looks like Spencer and Howard are starting out for their respective teams.

Zach Davis: Black no doubt wants to blow off some steam...but also he wants to see how far Spencer has come since they last faced each other in that ring...and so do I!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Zach Davis: The ref calls for the bell and this ones off! Spencer and Howie immediately lock up in the center of the ring!

Freddy Whoa: Howie flies around Spencers back and takes control of the hips!

A swift elbow from Spencer knocks Howie back, but the veteran immediately dives back in for Spencer's hips! Another back elbow, but Howie ducks and drops Spencer with a back suplex!...

Zach Davis: Spencer flowed through and landed on his feet!

Low kick to Howie's leg! Another! And another! Howie dips to the side...and a smirk crosses his face! They lock up in the center again and do another round of technical chain tactics! Howie pushes Spencer into the ropes...and jabs him in the gut, doubling him over! He whips Spencer off the ropes and as he rounds back, Howie drops him with a dropkick!...

Zach Davis: But Spencer pushes it away! Great awareness being shown by Spencer...maybe he did pick up a trick or two from Orbit...and I mean that purely in a wrestling sense.

Howie rolls to his feet and twists Spencers arm. Spencer rolls through and flips forward, straightening himself out and then blasts Howie with a pele kick! Howie falls to his back and Spencer goes for the cover!



Zach Davis: Close two count, but Howard gets the shoulder up and this one continues!

Freddy Whoa: Something has gotten into Adams tonight! He's showing great physical presence....it must be something from Orbit rubbing off on the kid!

Zach Davis: It could have been buried there all along and Orbit just helped him find it? He could have just created his own worst enemy.

Freddy Whoa: Whatever the case may be, The Sentinels have to pick it up here or they could be bested right here tonight!

Spencer lifts Howard to his feet, but he catches Spencer with an elbow to the gut and a quick uppercut. Spencer bounds back and Howie catches him with a spinning lariat!

Gravedigger: Tit for tat! Howard Black is about to pay Adams back ten fold!

Howard bounds off the ropes and comes back with a leaping elbow drop, nailing Spencer right in the sternum! Spencer clutches his chest, ending in a sitting position. Howard comes back with a float over neckbreaker and quickly goes foe the cover.


Zach Davis: Shoulder up from Spencer!...but it looks like that move took the wind out of his sails!

Freddy Whoa: Howard might have just sealed the deal for his team with that combo!

Howard lifts Spencer to his feet and goes for a snap suplex...but Spencer lands on his feet and ends up tagging Orbit in the process to a huge POP!

Zach Davis: Here we go!

Freddy Whoa: He's about to go to Orbit!

Orbit climbs in the ring and hits Howard with a clothesline! Howard gets up to eat another clothesline from Orbit! Howard gets to his feet again, this time to a scoop slam! Once more to his feet and Orbit hits a springboard crossbody, and the crowd gets electric!

Crowd: You've still got it! You've still got it! You've still got it!

Orbit smiles and Howard uses the opportunity to tag in Occulo!

Zach Davis: The other half of The Sentinels in the ring now, a fresh Occulo!

Orbit turns around to eat a gut kick from Occy, and a whip into the corner! Occulo follows him and hits a double flying knee to Orbit's chest! He bounces out of the corner and Occulo hits a shiranui in the center of the ring. He reaches forward and grabs Orbit's leg for the cover.


Freddy Whoa: Shoulder up, this one continues!

Zach Davis: Orbit's moment almost cost his team the match. You always have to be on your guard in a WCF ring.

Occulo lifts Orbit and whips him off the ropes, he comes back to a hurricanrana that plants him on the mat. Occulo goes to the turnbuckle and dives off with an elbow drop!...

Zach Davis: Orbit percieved and rolled out of the way!

Freddy Whoa: You know that sent shock waves up Occulo's body...that mat isn't soft!

Orbit gets to his feet and plants a few stomps on Occulo, who tries to get to his feet. A few over hand rights from Orbit nix those plans real quick and Orbit goes foe the cover.



Zach Davis: Shoulder up! Neither of these four men refuse to quit!

Orbit pulls Occulo into his corner and he tags in Adams. He drops Occulo with a backbreaker and holds him in position over his knee. Adams climbs to the top rope and leaps off with a double foot stomp! Occulo hits the mat and Adams goes for the cover.




Zach Davis: No! Another shoulder up! Occulo must be reeling after a hit like that!

Freddy Whoa: Anyone who steps into a WCF ring is tough, especially Occulo. It's going to take a lot more than that to keep him down!

Spencer lifts Occulo to his feet and tosses him into the ropes. He bounds back to a leapfrog! Occulo hits the ropes again but Spencer dives to the mat! Once more off the ropes and Spencer goes for a ...

Zach Davis: Cut off by a spinning heel kick from Occulo! What a move!

Freddy Whoa: Occulo looking to tag in Howard! He's almost got it...

Zach Davis: And it's good! Howard Black back in the match!

Spencer gets to his feet and is met with a swift assault from Black! Leg kick! Spin back kick! Chest chop! Chest chop! Irish whip into a lariat...but Spencer rolls over his arm and lands on his feet! Enziguiri....but Howard ducks! Springboard crossbody off the ropes!...but Spencer dropkicks Howard out of the air! Howard hits the mat and Spencer goes for the cover!



Zach Davis: No! Another quick two count but Howard gets the shoulder up!

Freddy Whoa: This match is hot...and the message is clear! Adams wants that World Title! It doesnt matter who he has to roll through!

Zach Davis: This match could go either way at this point!

Spencer lifts Howard up.. but Howard viciously knees Spencer in the gut. Spencer backs up -

Gravedigger: SEVENTH SEAL!

Black drops down and pins Spencer.





The bell sounds as Black gets to his feet and he's joined by Occulo. Spencer Adams rolls out as Steve Orbit glares at him.

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit is leaving the ring. It looks like he's not too happy with his tag team partner, who he'll face in the Final Destination match at Fifteen.

Before Orbit is halfway up the ramp... Master of Puppets hits. Orbit stops as Seth steps out.

Seth Lerch: Steve Orbit. You think you're a big deal, huh?

Orbit cocks an eyebrow.

Seth Lerch: The fact of the matter is, despite your hot wings, I've always been a better friend to Jonny Fly than you EVER were.

Mixed reaction from the crowd, Orbit just shakes his head.

Seth Lerch: You think you're some kind of legend in this company, that you can just waltz in and insert yourself into the Final Destination match, huh?

Zach Davis: Does... does Seth have amnesia? That isn't really what happened-

Seth Lerch: Well, you know what? You're not. You're no legend, Steve, and as far as I'm concerned, you never will be. We've got one more week after tonight until Fifteen, and next week, the final two competitors for this match will be revealed. And I know one of them. And next week, Orbit? He's gunning for you.

With that, Seth leaves, leaving Orbit slightly perplexed.

Zach Davis: The Final Destination match is the first match of its type in WCF - and Seth just promised a star entering next week that will be able to hold his own against Orbit. Who is it going to be?

Gravedigger: I just hope it isn't BioWalker.

We go to commercial.

Dragon Segment

The arena lights start flickering.

Freddy Whoa: Guess Seth forgot to pay the light bill.

Gravedigger: It's this cheap building.

The arena lights go out slowly and then "Earth People" by Dr.Octagon starts playing as the lights flicker back on. Standing in the middle of the ring is a black masked figure wearing a long robe. He points towards the video board where the name Beachkrew is written in red and begins to drip like blood. The masked figure opens up his robe and on his chest area is a symbol of a dragon.

Freddy Whoa: Who the hell is this?

Gravedigger: Someone who has written his own death notice.

The lights begin to flicker again and then slowly go out. The arena lights pop back on all of a sudden and the ring is empty.

K.L. Henson/Katherine Phoenix vs Wade Moor/Johnny Rabid

Freddy Whoa: It's time for the main event!

Zach Davis: This week we have...#BeachKrew, ugh! Wade Moor and Johnny Rabid up against...great.

Freddy Whoa: Who is it?

Zach Davis: It's our new Head of Talent Relations team, K.L. Henson and Katherine Pheonix.

Freddy Whoa: Fantastic.

Gravedigger: Keep that crazy bitch away from the announce table, you feel me?

Zach Davis: I'll do everything I can but...

Gravedigger: I wasn't talking to you!

The lights in the arena dim as the opening to “21st Century Schizoid Man” by King Crimson starts playing over the P.A. Wade Moor slips out from behind the curtain – Hacksaw Jim Thuggin by his side and that black acoustic guitar strapped to his back - and lumbers out onto the stage. He stares out to the hot “booing” crowd, eyes always scanning, never relenting. A smile creeps up the side of his face, blaring with deep blue strobe lights, as he starts his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring from The Everglades, weighing in at 280 lbs….WAAAADE POSEIDON MMMOOOOOORRRRRRR!!!!!

Wade puts his hand on the apron, slides his guitar in, and then slides in himself, slithering towards the center of the ring. He hikes up on one knee and holds his hand out to his sides and yells to the crowd.


He removes his straw hat and hands his effects to Hacksaw Jim Thuggin. He starts stretching out the ropes as he awaits the start of the match.

Gravedigger: That's a World Champion right there. Always calm and collected, ready to fight whoever is put in front of him.

Zach Davis: I think he looks positively insane.

Gravedigger: Yeah, in a good way!

Freddy Whoa: There's a good way?

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron. As the smoke clears, we see Johnny Rabid standing tall; arms out stretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as Johnny's name appears on a Slam Graphic. Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's Johnny hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Lon Chaney in Tod Browning's "London After Midnight" (1927). Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the boo's from the crowd before taking off his black trench-coat and shades and waving his hapless opponent on with a cocky smirk on his face.

Freddy Whoa: Johnny Rabid in the ring now...

Zach Davis: Is it me, or does Wade look none too happy that Rabid is sharing the ring with him?

Freddy Whoa: These two are friends...but the World Championship changes your perspective on friendship.

Gravedigger: Are you kidding me? I'm sure Wade would welcome a true challenge like Johnny Rabid. Lord knows he's not getting it anywhere else!

"Grove Walker" by FLOOR BABA blasts over the PA Systems as K.L. Henson and Katherine Pheonix walk out onto the stage in their street clothes, obviously not dressed to compete. The crowd boos as K.L. Asks for them to cut the music and raises a microphone to his lips.

K.L. Henson: Thank you for showing the Head of Talent Relations your true support here tonight! We know you're upset, because it looks like we're not dressed to compete. Sadly...that is the truth.

More boos.

K.L. Henson: It just wouldn't be fair to these two. WCF is on the rocks in a typhoon in the middle of the Atlantic...and it would be terrible PR if the new Head of Talent Relations Team got in the ring and absolutely destroyed two of the brands most marketable stars!

Wade and Rabid stand in the ring laughing. Katherine holds her very own mic up to speak.

Katherine Phoenix These two are just adorable little teddy bears and we know their grrrrrrrrr is pretty high, so we have something else in mind for tonight...

K.L. Henson: You people paid for a match...and you're going to get one. Tonights main event will be Wade and Rabid...in a gauntlet match!!!

The crowd pops.

K.L. Henson: And the first round starts now!

Zach Davis: It looks like we have a gauntlet match on our hands!

Gravedigger: Are the new Talent Relations team scared of getting mollywhopped by my boys in #BeachKrew? This gauntlet match is a sham! A travesty! These are two of the best in the business and they deserve actual competition!

Katherine Phoenix and K. L. Henson walk down the ramp, around the ring and head towards the commentary table as a few fans begin to trash talk the couple.

Freddy Whoa: Uh-oh! It looks like KL and Katherine will be joining us on commentary for this main event!

Katherine immediately sits down on top of the commentary table, right in front of Gravedigger, as K. L. Henson picks Freddy Whoa out of his seat and pushes him away.

K.L. Henson: We’ll be taking over thanks.

Gravedigger: Can I go too?

Katherine Phoenix Pffffffft don’t be so silly Digger Bear… we both know how much you love sitting out here and talking to me.

Gravedigger: Nah, I think I'm going to bail.

K.L. Henson: Leave this desk and prepare to be fined, Digger.

Gravedigger: What?! This is bullsh--- .

Katherine Pheonix quickly places her finger onto Gravediggers lips silencing him.

Katherine Phoenix: Were you just about to say a naughty word, Digger Bear? I think you were weren’t you… and after I made that lovely announcement of naughty words being banned. Honestly! Don’t you listen at all?

Gravedigger: No, I always do my best to try and ignore you.

Katherine shakes her head in disbelief as back in the ring, Rabid and Moor are still waiting for their opponents...as "I'm Going In" by Lil Wayne hits the P.A. to smiles on Moor and Rabid's faces.

K.L. Henson: Here comes Big Train...and it looks like he isn't alone!

Gravedigger: Who is with him? I cant even see thanks to this stupid…

Katherine Phoenix: HEY!!! Gravedigger cant you see back there?

Gravedigger: No that’s wha---

Katherine Phoenix: SHUT UP! I don’t care.

Train, Molder, and Skull-E dance down the ramp in full Brony gear, strutting their stuff, ready to show the world their fresh new game! They stop at the apron, slap hands with each other, and slide into the ring! Molder and Skull-E charge Wade!...

K.L. Henson: Right into a double lariat! Such crippling offense in the early goings!

Katherine Phoenix What was that you said, Koala Lion? Lariat? You actually know what wrestling moves are called? Ewwwww!

Gravedigger: I oughta come over there and knock your fu-

K.L. Henson: Language Digger! There could be children watching this violent gladitorial display! We wouldn't want to affect their developing minds with such trash!

Katherine Phoenix Yeah Digger Bear! I already told you about minding your language. Did you forget to take your meds today or something?

Gravedigger: My name isn’t “Digger Bear” god damnit!

Katherine Phoenix: Oh shhhhh your noise you bad mood bear you.

Big Train makes a move on Rabid, who lays the ol boy out with a mean superkick! Train spends around directly into a BROSEIDON PUNCH from Wade and eats the mat! Rabid crawls on top of Train like a spider shadowing it's prey and goes for the cover!




K.L. Henson: And it looks like Train is out of here!

Getting quite bored of the match going on in front of her Katherine begins playing with all the bits and pieces on the commentary table much to Gravediggers annoyance. She picks up Gravediggers mug and looks at it suspiciously.

Katherine Phoenix: What the heck is even in this mug of yours, Digger Bear?

Katherine takes a mouthful of the drink and immediately spits it into the face of Gravedigger in disgust.

Katherine Phoenix: Ewwwww!!! You like coffee?! Gross!!!

Gravedigger cries out in pain as the drink was still rather hot. He tries to wipe it away from his eyes as Katherine looks at him all annoyed.

Katherine Phoenix: Would you shut up back there I’m trying to enjoy this match. Jeez some people!

K.L. Henson: Looks like Molder and Skull-E are pissed!

They charge Wade again with a combined lariat, but he ducks and they go for Rabid instead!...but he falls backwards into the mat and hits a kip up, spinning around and laying them both out with a dual shining wizard! Rabid covers one as Wade covers the other. They stare each other down as the ref goes for the count!




K.L. Henson: And there go Molder and Skull-E, fighting for their fallen Train!

Katherine Phoenix Sooooo I’m curious Digger Bear… how does it feel to sit out here watching a bunch of jobber bears and knowing that you never even reached their level? I mean it really does make me wonder why we even continue to pay you to do this job… I bet you don’t even know what an armbar is do you? Koala Lion make sure we lower Digger Bears pay to one cookie per month, I’m not willing to pay him a cookie more.

Gravedigger: I really don’t like you…

Katherine Phoenix: And I really don’t care, Cobweb Bear!

K.L. Henson: Who's next in this gauntlet match?!

Wade and Rabid continue to stare each other down as Justin Sayn and Nightmare fly down the ramp and slide in the ring. They both go for the unawares duo...but Wade flips around with a Posiedon Punch, knocking Justin Sayn flat on his ass! Nightmare attacks Rabid, getting one good kick on Johnny. He lifts Rabid up for the Package Piledriver...but Rabid floats through into the Kingdom Destroyer and utterly destroys Nightmare. Wade and Rabid cover again, the ref counts to three, and they get back up to stare each other down again.

K.L. Henson: I don't think this is a gauntlet match anymore.

Katherine Phoenix Me neither, Koala Lion. I think these two are so grrrrrr their grrrrrrr is about to overflow and go grrrrr all over each other. What do you think Danger Mouse?

Gravedigger: Danger Mouse? What the fu---

Katherine Phoenix: DIGGER BEAR!!! If I have to tell you off one more time due to your naughty words you will have ZERO cookies come payday! None! Do you understand?!

Gravedigger: Urghhhhh. I bet you two did this on purpose didn’t you. Trying to pit these two against each other…

K.L. Henson: NO NO! That wasn't our intention at all, Digger. It's a real shame what's happening right now.

Katherine Phoenix Yeah, a real shame. Just like your career… that’s a real shame too amIrite?

Gravedigger: Cut the shi...

K.L. Henson: Digger!

In the ring, Wade and Rabid are closing the distance between each other, mouthing off this and that. The crowd starts to get heated as Wade gets in Rabid's face...but the rest of the gauntlet rushes down to the ring. Crybaby McEmo, Jhon Sena, Angeldust, Red Trunks, and Mitsubishi Nintendo rush the ring, trying to make a name for themselves! Jhon Sena and Angeldust in first! Jhon goes for a flying shoulder block, but Wade dodges and sends him directly into a superkick from Rabid! Angeldust comes at Wade, and Rabid sends a high kick directly toward Angeldust...missing Wade by half an inch, only because he stepped out of the way! Crybaby, Red Trunks, and Nintendo rush in the ring!

K.L. Henson: Five on one! Can #BeachKrew survive the onslaught?!

Wade sends a BROSEIDON PUNCH at Johnny, but he ducks just in time for it to lay out Red Trunks! Crybaby and Nintendo attempt a double superkick on Johnny, but he ducks and it almost hits Wade instead. A backstep and a double BROSEIDON PUNCH makes light work of those two and they roll out of the ring!

K.L. Henson: It's all up to John Sena now!

Katherine Phoenix Sometimes I wish real life wrestling had a fast forward button.

Gravedigger: I wish the same thing sometimes…

Katherine Phoenix: Shut up!

Wade and Rabid begin to argue again as Sena slips up behind Wade. Rabid points behind Wade and Wade turns around! Sena lifts Wade off the ground...psyche! He can barely lift the World Champion to his tippy toes. Wade lifts Sena up into a flapjack directly into a codebreaker from Rabid, jobberkilling the poor mother fuck! Sena rolls out of the ring, leaving just The World Champion and Rabid alone in it. They close diatance once more and get in each other's faces!

Katherine Phoenix Are these two going to hurry up and cuddle already or what? Jeez.

K.L. Henson: Who's on the ramp? I thought that was all of our gauntlet conpetitors?

The crowd POPS as Spencer Adams flies down the ramp and into the ring! He whips Wade and Rabid around, and starts wailing on Rabid as Wade drops and rolls out of the ring. The crowd POPS again as Benjamin Atreyu runs down the ramp and joins the fray!

K.L. Henson: Final Destination preview in the ring right now!

Katherine Pheonix: Uh, Koala Lion?

An even fatter POP as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA! Steve Orbit rushes the ring and joins the fatal four way starting in the ring! Wade watches from outside with a smile as he grabs the World Championship and heads backwards up the ramp! Security rushes the ring, attempts to break up the brawl, and the scene erupts into all out chaos!

K.L. Henson: I think that's our cue Katherine!

Katherine Phoenix What?!

K.L. Henson: It's time to go! Tell Lerch I'm sorry! I never once imagined this would happen!

Katherine sulked as she stood up on the table looking down at K. L. Henson.

Katherine Phoenix But… I haven’t even done my thing yet!

Gravedigger: What thi---

Katherine immediately turns towards Gravedigger and boots him HARD right into his jaw. Gravedigger falls onto the table, blood pouring out of his nose and mouth as Kat just remains stood there laughing hysterically.

Katherine Phoenix You don’t ever forget, huh? Me neither! Have a nice little nap you bad mood bear!

K.L. and Katherine escape through the crowd as the camera shifts to Wade on the stage...but somebody is lurking behind him!

Zach Davis: Jayson Price is here!

Freddy Whoa: The number one contender for Wade's World Heavyweight Championship!

Wade backs up into Price and turns around. Wade smirks, drops the belt, and the two begin pummeling each other on the stage to another fat POP from the crowd!

Zach Davis: Fifteen is starting to heat up!

Even more security rushes the stage in attempt to split up Jayson and Wade duking it out on the stage! They successfully split the two on the stage and the four in the ring with what looks like the full might if WCF's security team!

Freddy Whoa: The Final Destination match! Wade versus Price for the World Heavyweight Championship! That's Fifteen! And this is WCF!

We go to commercial.

Dune Segment

“The Pink Room” hits over the PA as the lights in the arena dim. The crowd begins to boo as Dune parts the curtain and appears on the stage.

Freddy Whoa: Uh oh...what now?

Zach Davis: I don't like this, Freddy…

Gravedigger: Pussy. Hopefully he's coming out to put you down.

Dune strides down the ramp after a brief pause atop it. His cold eyes turn those of nearby fans away as he makes his way past them. When he reaches the ring, he slides under the bottom rope and shoots to his feet.


He motions for a mic, glaring at the announce table when he doesn't receive one promptly. Finally one of the ring crewman tosses him one, and he holds it up to his mask as his deep voice drowns out the boos.

Dune: Occulo...Howard…


An expression of rage comes over Dune’s face to hear their cheers.

Dune: Show yourselves. Get your backstabbing asses out here...now!

The crowd continues to cheer, though no one appears atop the ramp. Dune stares that way as he continues.

Dune: We’ve got a bit of a problem, don't we, boys? Well to hell with waiting any longer - let’s settle this right here, right now!


Dune continues to glare at the curtain, though still no movement can be seen. He holds the mic up to his mask again.

Dune: Just as I thought. Even when you outnumber me two to one, you still -

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!

Freddy is cut off as Mile Zero by Periphery hits across the speaker system.

Zach Davis: Holy...shit.

The song continues for a few moments as...

Gravedigger: Fucking finally.

Dune appears almost paralyzed in the ring as from behind the announce tables appears a hooded figure, lead pipe in hand. The figure slides into the ring, ducks a clothesline from Dune and then annihilates him with an almighty blast with the pipe dropping him almost unconscious on the floor. The figure, very obviously, clearly and unabashedly lowers the hood to reveal himself as Joseph Malignaggi. Joseph whips a mic up and begins to speak.

Joseph Malignaggi: I realise it now. The past couple of weeks proved it, this week proved it, One proved it. I don't have what it takes to end you as it... Joseph Malignaggi can't finish you off. This is true. You're right.

Joseph winds the lead pipe up once more as Dune begins to rise.

Joseph Malignaggi: ...but that's not who you're dealing with anymore. Joseph Malignaggi might not be enough...but Joey Flash? He's a motherfucker.

With one swing of the pipe he smacks Dune straight across the chops and renders him unconscious.

Zach Davis: THIS is Joey Flash!

Freddy Whoa: You hated him!

Zach Davis: But still!

Flash stomps on Dune's head once, twice, three times before picking up the mic once more.

Joseph Malignaggi: Your life is in the palm of my fucking hand. At Fifteen? I end it all. I end everything.

The show logo appears as the broadcast fades out!

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Final Destination Segment

Cormack MacNeill vs Rey de Reyes vs Mitsubushi Nintendo vs Bad News Benson

Dustin Beaver/Andre Holmes Segment

Kyle Kemp Segment

Nagaski vs Chance von Crank

Livewire Segment

Celeste vs "Grimebeard"

Bonnie Blue/Johnny Rabid Segment

Jordan Wolfram Segment

Tiffany White vs Benjamin Atreyu

Steve Orbit Segment

Hardcore Title Match: Mystery Opponent vs Bobby Cairo

Dag Riddik Segment

Television Title Match: Stuart Slane vs Dustin Beaver

Bernard Core Segment

Non-Title Match: Vengeance vs Mikey eXtreme

Mystery Segment

Bernard Core/Dag Riddik/Lucious Starr/Jordan Wolfram vs Grayson Pierce/Bonnie Blue/Andre Holmes/DeMarcus Jordan

Tiffany White Segment

Cruiserweight Title Match: Mr. Holden vs Jayson Price

Joseph Malignaggi/Andre Jenson vs Oblivion/Kyle Kemp

Oblivion/Katherine Phoenix Segment

Dune vs Teo Del Sol

Jonny Fly Segment

Steve Orbit/Spencer Adams vs Occulo/Howard Black

Dragon Segment

K.L. Henson/Katherine Phoenix vs Wade Moor/Johnny Rabid

Dune Segment


Of The Week

Dune vs Teo Del Sol



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Bobby Cairo
Dustin Beaver
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Mikey eXtreme
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