Slam Intro

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer hits the speakers as Occulo steps out on to the stage, microphone in hand.

Freddy Whoa: Occulo kicking things off for us here tonight. We very rarely see him making an appearance with the microphone and now he's done it two weeks running

Zach Davis: He's been in a war of words with the insufferable Dag Riddik all week and eventually its going to blow up. You absolutely cannot fault his persistence.

The crowd cheer him and we see a few signs reading "Occulo - International Champion" on them. He nods at the sign's holders and slides in to the ring. The music fades and he holds up the mic

Occulo: Last week I came to the ring and I responded to Duck Riddik's open challenge. I told him square in the face that I was the one to take his belt and I challenge HIM to be a man and roll with it. Now as you've all read all week he has responded with nonsensical, political, ridiculous detritus. Riddik is breaking records with the highest bullshit to word ratio in WCF history. Blabbering on about his circus movement, trying desperately to distract and confuse me with flashcard nordicist autocue speak. The guy is what you'd get if you Googled "Diarrhoea Soundboard". He thinks he is part of a major political movement that kids will be reading about in a hundred years with awkward glances to the neo neo arians in the classroom. It has about as much political power as a petition to make the back of stamps taste more like champagne. It's ridiculous. It's unnecessary. It's self-important and it's irrelevant, it's ancient, yet every fucking week he shoves down your throats and calls you scum if you don't have the same opinion as him.

And this guy is getting paid to be here, and to make it worse this guy is your International Champion. I'm here only to improve with every match, and entertain you all with every match and to meet and network with the right people to make the best show possible with every, damn, match. I've been halfway around the globe to bring a new and fresh style of fighting to raise the profile of this company. Whether my opponent or partner is a different race to me or not, who fucking cares? This is 2016 and the only skin that belt should not be on is the racist scaly skin of Duck Riddik. The International Championship is trapped, its entire meaning is being thrown into disrepute. It stands for people of all nationalities and all races. It should NOT be around his waist and I'M GOING TO TAKE IT FROM HIM, AND I'M GOING TO FREE THE INTERNATIONAL TITLE AND BRING IT BACK TO YOU.

The crowd erupts and they chant Occulo's name in unison


He angrily throws the microphone down as he awaits his teammates.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Dustin Beaver/Occulo/Benjamin Atreyu vs CJ Phoenix/Cormack MacNeill/Shadowlove

Corey Black: And here we go with the clusterfuck of insanity that Seth calls the Trios Tournament...that I'm going to win by the way.

Zach Davis: Well, these two teams are looking to prove you wrong as they face each other to start the tourney.

Corey Black: They can eat dicks. All of them. My team can run circles around all six of those clowns.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa. Save it for your match, buddy.

Corey Black: We ain't buddies.

"Suicide Penguin" by Schizoid Lloyd plays over the sound system. Benjamin emerges onto the entrance ramp, spitting in the direction of the audience. He drops down onto his knees at the top of the ramp and takes a moment looking down before slamming his fists on the ground a few times, leaping back up onto his feet. He moves down the entrance ramp.

Kyle Steele: The following contest is the first match of the Trios Tournament! Making his way to the ring, reigning from St. Paul, Minnesota; "The Mad God" BENJAMIN ATREYU!

Benjamin climbs the ring steps before slipping between the top and middle rope. Without fan fare, he moves to his corner, waiting for his teammates.

Music hits, then a spotlight shines at the beginning of the entrance ramp, awaiting "The Beavs" to walk into it. He enters the light, points to the crowd on the left and then to the crowd on the right.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his partners. First, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...weighing in at 210lbs, Dustin Beaver!

Dustin enters the ring and continues to point at the crowd while awaiting the third member of their team.

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Kyle Steel: From Washington DC...weighing in at 220lbs...Occulo!!

He walks down the ramp, spotlights following, addressing the fans as he does. He climbs up the steel steps in the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He takes out a microphone and says "Sentinels stand for the fallen. Sentinels stand against the rising". He tosses the microphone to the outside and waits for action.

Zach Davis: These three guys call themselves Team BOA. They look to squeeze the life out of their opponents tonight.

Freddy Whoa: That's right, Zach. The question is, will they be able to get the job done and move on?

Kyle Steel: Introducing their opponents. First....Fighting out of Halifax, Nova Scotia...weighing in at 275lbs...Cormack MacNeill!

The drone of the pipes fills the air as MacNeill slowly walks out onto the entrance ramp. He stops and looks around at the raucous cheering crowd. He takes a moment and raises his fist in salute.

As the drums kick in, MacNeill walks slowly down to the ring, stopping at the end of the ramp to eye the his opponents before climbing up and sliding into the ring. He takes up a position in his corner and uses the ropes to stretch out and warm up.

"BEHIND BLUE EYES" by The Who begins to play throughout the darkened arena. A mixture of multicolored laser lights and strobe lights illuminate the arena along with theatrical smoke and fog sets the scene like a Four Season Fashion Show.

The Audience throughout the Arena stand in anticipation for what is about to be the "New" wrestling trend in the World Championship Federation.

Coming through the theatrical smoke and fog and appearing under the fashion show lighting is the one and only, "Dynamic Duo" in all of sports entertainment, "The Handsome Half-breed" Shadowlove, along with his personal bodyguard/valet, Ms. Miyamoto, stopping for a second, taking in the aura of the Arena, pose like fashion models on a catwalk.

The Audience throughout the Arena begin clicking away with their cameras like the paparazzi during a "Hollywood" premiere.

Ms. Miyamoto leads the way down the aisle with "flirty" confidence as Shadowlove, a few steps behind her, enjoying the view. The "Dynamic Duo" make their way to the squared circle. Shadowlove slides into the ring like a snake. Ms. Miyamoto, with catlike precision, walks up the ringside steps and seductively enters the ring through the second rope.

The Audience (goes wild) chants: BREED! BREED! BREED!

"HER STRUT" by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band begins to play throughout the arena.

The Audience (grows more wild) chanting: OMG! OMFG! OMG! OMFG! OMG!

Shadowlove stands in the middle of the ring, spreads his arms straight out and bows his head, as if, being crucified on a cross. Ms. Miyamoto, exuding fantastic supermodel energy, as she walks with a stiff, erect, and apparently arrogant and conceited "Strut" around "The Handsome Half-breed", to a rousing Standing Ovation from the crowd. She lowers her RayBan sunglasses, showing off her incandescent green eyes, nodding in approval at such a Magnificent Specimen, Shadowlove, while tapping a rolled-up copy of the Wall St. Journal in the palm of her hand.

The Audience appears to be. . . STUNNED SILENT!

Ms. Miyamoto cradles up against Shadowlove's body, caressing his muscular chest with her fingers, raises up her RayBan sunglasses with her middle finger. Shadowlove raises his head, with his classically masculine and modern mussed, razor-textured, choppy finished dark brown hair. He shows off his fighters face, with an ice cold stare which radiants from his blue eyes. A malevolent, tight wolfish, whiplash smile, slowly appearing on his lips showing off perfectly white even teeth as he strips off the black leather trench-coat like a Chippendale's dancer.

The Audience (all at once): DING! DING!

"Turn Down for Dum Dee Dum" begins playing. Phoenix runs out onto the stage when the beat drops.

Kyle Steel: And their partner, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, weighing in at 205lbs, CJ Phoenix!

He stretches his arms out as he looks at the crowd before running down the ramp with his arms stretched out and flames following him on each side until he reaches the end of the ramp. He slides into the ring and runs up to Occulo. The two immediately begin exchanging blows as Cormack and Benjamin begin striking each other while Dustin and Shadowlove battle on the other side of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! The bell hasn't even rung yet and these guys have already broken out into a brawl!

Corey Black: What you think they were gonna shake hands? Hell no! Ring the bell ref!

Eventually, the referee manages to separate the competitors. It is determined that Shadowlove and Dustin Beaver will start the match for their respective teams.


The two men lock up with The Beavs getting the early advantage. He unleashes a fury of Forearm Chops before finishing the combo with a Double Arm DDT. Shadowlove gets up and retaliates with a combo of European Uppercuts that ends with an Enziguri. Immediately afterward, Shadowlove taunts the crowd, drawing in boos. Dustin gets up and the two circle the ring. Shadowlove connects on a few punches before attempting a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, but Beaver counters and follows up with a Hurricanrana. He then drags Shadowlove to the corner and tags in Benjamin Atreyu. The two execute a Clothesline/Leg Sweep combo that precedes a series of stomps.

Zach Davis: Nice double team there by team BOA. Atreyu goes for the early pin.


Kickout by Shadowlove. Benjamin lifts him up and nails him with a Snap Powerbowb. Seeing an opportunity, he follows this with a Texas Cloverleaf.

Zach Davis: Atreyu looking to put away Shadowlove with the Texas Cloverleaf.

Corey Black: He's got it locked in pretty well. Not well enough to do something to me, but well enough for this match.

Freddy Whoa: Shadowlove aching in pain right now trying to get to that corner. He's willing his way there annnnnd got it!

Shadowlove grabs the bottom rope, forcing Atreyu to break the hold. Benjamin attempts to pick up Shadowlove, but he gets a thumb to the eye as the referee didn't see it happen as he was standing behind Benjamin. This gives Shadowlove the opening he needs to tag in Cormack MacNeill.

Zach Davis: Here comes the muscle of the group! Cormack with a decapitating Clothesline to Atreyu! He picks him up, and he puts him back down with a Body Slam.

Cormack brings Atreyu to his corner and tags in CJ Phoenix. Then, MacNeill executes a Powerbomb in which Phoenix follows with a Standing Moonsault.

Zach Davis: A little innovation there between MacNeill and Phoenix.

Corey Black: It was nice. I could do it better, but it was pretty nice.

Zach Davis: Must you always downplay the moves in this match?

Corey Black: Of course. This is psychological warfare.

Meanwhile, CJ Phoenix stares down Occulo, points at him, and then flips him off while laughing. Then, he clocks Benjamin with a Spinning Wheel Kick as he gets up. Strangely, he walks over to Occulo and Beaver and sits down Indian style in front of him with a smirk on his face. However, his arrogance would get to him. When he gets up to try to inflict more pain on Benjamin, Atreyu catches him and drops him with a Fallaway Slam.

Freddy Whoa: Atreyu with a chance to tag out, and yes! There's the tag to the fresh man, Occulo!

Occulo comes in hot, starting his onslaught with a Swinging DDT to Phoenix. The fans cheer as he unleashes a myriad of punches before hopping back to his feet. Phoenix dizzily gets up, only to get knocked back down with a Powerslam. He drags Phoenix to the corner and tags in Beaver. The two begin stomping a mudhole in CJ before propping him on the turnbuckle and executing a Double Superplex. Beaver watches as Occulo lifts Phoenix up and executes the Oesophagus Bureau. Dusting capitalizes and goes for the pin.



Freddy Whoa: Shadowlove breaking up the count and saving the match!

Beaver gets up and tags Occulo back in. He lifts Phoenix up and puts him in a Sleeper Hold. As the seconds pass, CJ seems to be fading. Suddenly, it appears that he has caught second wind as he barely manages to back Occulo into a corner. As CJ Phoenix stumbles, Occulo charges at him, only to be caught by Phoenix who stops the momentum with a Powerslam of his own.

Zach Davis: Both men down. Each of them crawling to his corner. Tag made to Cormack! Tag made to Beaver!

Cormack charges at Beaver and hits him with a string of Clotheslines. He Irish whips Beaver into the ropes, and then nails him with a thunderous Back Drop. He follows this with some Mounted Punches and then goes for the pin.



Zach Davis: The count's broken up by Atreyu at the last second, and here we go again! All Six competitors in the ring battling it out! The ref trying his hardest to contain this match!

Occulo runs in to attack Cormack, only to be met with a Spear by CJ Phoenix. However, after the Spear, Atreyu flatlines Phoenix with the Black Eye Sonata. He does the same to Shadowlove, only for it to be followed by the Go, Ninja, Go, Ninja, Catfight! from Ms. Miyamoto's interference.

Corey Black: Forget the madness, watch the legal men.

Amongst it all, Dustin Beaver rolls Cormack MacNeill up.




Freddy Whoa: WHAT?! That was out of nowhere!

Corey Black: There was chaos! I told you, watch the legal men!

Occulo, Beaver and Atreyu celebrate as we go to commercial.

Zach Davis: I don't understand this team and I never will, but they won. What other surprises await us tonight?

Kyle Kemp Segment

"Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and Kyle Kemp walks out onto the stage, dressed in a 3 piece gray suit with a black dress shirt and a red tie. Kemp saunters down the ramp and mockingly panders to the crowd as he climbs into the ring. Kemp walks over to the ropes and takes a mic from a person at ringside.

Zach Davis: What does he want?! This isn't his scheduled time!

Kyle Kemp: Ladies and gentlemen I come before you today with sadness in my heart. I know that my efforts to defeat my #BeachKrew brother this past Sunday at Aftermath fell short and I do not stand before you as the Trilogy Cup winner. For that I apologize. However during the past week as I recuperated from my injuries of that night I have wondered what I am going to do next. It was not until I ventured out and ran into some fans that I realized what my new mission should be.

Kyle Kemp: These fans were trash and being that this is Mexico City, you all should know what that is like. They were worse than the grime stuck to the bottom of my shoe. They were bragging to me about how great everything is in the WCF right now. How Joey Flash is a perfect World Champion. How Andre Holmes has two belts. How I supposedly am a loser. Well in that moment in my hometown of Chicago I knew that my next mission should be simple....I need to put all of these little punks back in thier place.

Zach Davis: This is ridiculous!

Kemp looks out at the crowd with a smile as the crowd boos with ferocity.

Kyle Kemp: You see this is where being from Mexico City makes all of this over your heads. You guys have no structure or sensibility here. You still believe that if you work hard and scrap some money together than you can come running across the border into a country where anything can happen. Where you can dream! Where you can make something of yourself! You've been led to believe that you can achieve your own American dream. I'm here to put a stop to that. I'm here to make sure people like you and the people back home who believe in this same crap are put back in their place. Do you know what the real American dream is? It's my life!

Kyle Kemp: I am a rich, young star who is better than everyone else. I use my money and power to keep people like you down and do whatever I want. The parties, private planes, all night benders with my #BeachKrew brothers, that is what America is all about. If you have the power than you have the means to be whatever you want. I'm tired of trash like you believing you can have whatever you want. The only way to completely get that point across is to take on even more power. I can't think of a more power move than to take what so many look up to. That is why today I stand here and let you all know that I, Kyle Kemp, will be taking the United States Championship. I don't care who has it when I get my title match but I can guarantee that when that happens, I'll be taking it for myself. Why? Because I'm Kyle Kemp and I'm better than you!

Kemp drops the mic and walks out of the ring as the camera fades to commerical.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Zombie McMorris/Kaz Mazy/Scarecrow vs Caleb Ronan/Tomohawk/Justin Sane

Scene fades into the packed Slam arena in Me-Hi-CROW City and switches to the commentary table.

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Sunday Night Slam where we're HOT into the Trio's Tournament already!

Freddy Whoa: That's right Zach, the first team eliminated was...

Freddy looks around confused as the audio on his headset cuts out. He tap-a-tap-taps the side of it, but nothing happens.



"Talk Shit, Get Shot" by Body Count hits the P.A. to a massive crowd POP from the Mexico crowd. The spotlights scan the arena and land on the balcony, but instead three ropes drop from the top of the arena and The Poondock Kings zip down to the ring! They land on their feet and take a corner each, posing up HAHD for their foreign loyal!

Zach Davis: ...looks like we got audio back Freddy!

Freddy Whoa: That was weird...what was I saying?

Zach Davis: Who cares mothafucka, the PDK are in the ring!

The Poondocks start conversin with each other as "Some Nights" by FUN hits the speakers to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Caleb walks out from behind the curtain looking at his smartphone the entire time. He climbs into the ring as

"Spirit Horse of the Cherokee" by Manowar hits the P.A. Rain dances down the entryway and around the ring. Tom steps up to the mat from the floor, leans back against the top rope and backward-salts into the ring over the rope. Centers himself in the ring and pumps his fist into the air four times, seeking approval of his great ancestors.

Zach Davis: Two out of three of this darkhorse team in the ring now!

"Hard To See" by Five Finger Death Punch plays throughout the arena. After a few seconds of play, Sane comes from behind the screens. He walks to the center of the runway and drops to a knee he closes his eyes and says a quick prayer. When he opens his eyes he stares down his opponent in the ring. He then runs towards the ring and slides under the bottom rope. After sliding in he runs to a turn buckle to climb up and raise his hands. He stares down the crowd with an intense look on his face. He jumps down turning and waits until the match begins.

Zach Davis: It looks like Kaz and Caleb are going to start this match off!

Freddy Whoa: ...but Caleb won't get off his phone!

Kaz looks towards the other Poondocks making a "jackin' it" sign with his right hand. Kaz turns back to Caleb and rips the phone out of his hand. He crushes it in his fist, which cause Caleb to shout.


Caleb launches at Kaz as the bell rings and the match starts! They trade right hands before Kaz catches Caleb's arm and twists it behind his back. He kicks Caleb's leg out from underneath him and wrenches his arm behind his head.

Zach Davis: Kaz employing veteran maneuvers here!

Freddy Whoa: You absolutely have to watch out for this man!

Kaz lifts Caleb to his feet and rolls in front of him, kipping up to his feet and flips Caleb over onto his back. Caleb hits the ground, rolls to his corner, and tags in Justin Sane.

Zach Davis: Sane in the ring now!

Sane charges Kaz and goes for a lariat, but Kaz ducks and runs off the ropes. He comes back to dodge another lariat from Sane, bounces off the ropes again, and Justin drops him with a shoulder block that sends Kaz reeling through the air. Justin beats his chest and "OOHS!" to the crowd before turning on Kaz and stomps his back! Kaz rolls away, but Sane is on top of him with another massive stomp and a kick to the stomach. Kaz rolls to the corner.

Zach Davis: Sane has a clear size advantage over The Godson! He doesn't want this to turn into a fight!

Freddy Whoa: He needs to regain the advantage or tag in one of his partners!

Justin Sane begins to drop massive boots into the cornered Kaz. He lifts him up and tosses him back into the turnbuckle, planting some low uppercuts into the abdomen of Kaz. He plants an elbow into Kaz's neck and tosses him into the opposite turnbuckle. Justin charges Kaz with a shoulder tackle, but Kaz leaps up and rolls over Sane. Sane whips around to eat a pele kick to the side of the head which topples him back into the turnbuckle. Kaz crawls to his corner and tags in Crow to POP from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Crow's in the ring!!!

Freddy Whoa: Business is picking up!

Crow charges Sane and plants a fist directly into his gut. Sane doubles over to eat a kick to the chest, bounces up and gets a spinning backfist for his trouble. Sane bounds back into the turnbuckle where Tom-O-Hawk tags himself in! He leaps over the ropes and meets Crow in the middle of the ring. They trade blows before Tom catches Crow in a clinch and plants a knee into his face. Crow bounces back, drops of blood dripping from his nose. Crow smiles and motions for Tom to come at him.

Zach Davis: Crow's a bloodied mad man!

Freddy Whoa: He wants this tournament! Bring on the pain, he says! He wants it! Craves it! He's the son of Zombie McMorris! He's no stranger to pain!

Tom charges and starts trading blows with Crow! They lock up, Crow whips him into a headlock, but Tom bounces him off the ropes and whips him forward. Tom goes for a high knee, but Crow ducks it, tags in ZMAC and jumps off the ropes with a springboard forearm. ZMAC jumps the ropes with murder in his eyes and heads for Tom. He drops a knee to the head of Tom, grabbing his sack on the way down! ZMAC rolls to his feet and pulls Tom up. He drives his arm into Tom's throat and pushes him back!

Zach Davis: ZMAC charging up!

Freddy Whoa: What's he got in mind?!

ZMAC charges Tom, but Tom flips him over the ropes with a hip toss! ZMAC hits the mat with a thud before bounding off the ropes and leaping through with a suicide dive, driving ZMAC into the barricade. Sane and Crow both charge into the ring and start trading punches!

Zach Davis: The referee is losing control of this one!

Freddy Whoa: He looks flustered!

Sane drives a fist into the face of Crow and charges with a lariat, driving both of them over the ropes and out of the ring! Caleb jumps down and approaches the four men outside of it, trying to split them up. All four men duke it out outside of the ring, Caleb flailing wildly at them all as Kaz climbs to the top turnbuckle!

Zach Davis: Kaz going up high!

Freddy Whoa: What's he doing?!


The six men fall to the ground as referees and ring hands check on them!


Zach Davis: This is awesome! All these guys want the Trios Tournament and a shot at the World Championship!

The men all start to stir, Crow the first one to his feet. He lifts Tom to his feet and tosses him in the ring. The rest of the men all start to stir.

Zach Davis: This match could go any way here!

Crow pins Tom.



Tom kicks out!

Corey Black:: I'm not usually a fun of new guys, but Tom-O-Hawk is showing some promise. I don't see a Burning Hammer in his future.

Justin Sane is next in and clubs Crow from behind. Sane spins Crow around and lifts him for a Vertical Suplex, but Crow shifts his weight and lands behind, spins him around-


Corey Black: BANG!

Crow drops down and pins Sane.





The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: What a Trios team. They advance. Crow McMorris wins it for his team.

Crow gets to his feet and is quickly embraced by ZMAC. Kaz joins them as we go to commercial.

Night Rider Segment

The lights in the arena dim. Everyone is expecting something from the participants in the next match. That is until the red spotlights begin panning across the audience and "Light Em Up" by Falloutboy begins playing on the jumbo-tron. Gray smoke fills the arena. Only to dissipate as soon as the lights come on to reveal Night Rider and Denise D'Evil standing in the center of the ring. The two of them raise their hands high as lightening hits all four posts sending flames up towards the ceiling. Night Rider takes a microphone out of his jacket pocket. The crowd goes wild as he begins to speak.

Night Rider: Surprise! Guess who's back! I bet you never thought you would see us back here again did you?

He hands the microphone to Denise as the announcers at ringside are trying to figure out why their mikes won't work.

Denise D'Evil: You thought we faded away into the darkness where we belonged, but we have stepped back into the light, just cause chaos once again. You see Seth didn't want to sign us back on... But here we are... Free once more to destroy everyone that stands in our path and to keep us from getting the gold, but not this time! We are here for the long haul and there isn't anything that any of you can do to stop us.

Night Rider: We can care less if you are a face or a heel or whatever the hell you want to be. If you get in our way you will be removed. If you have something we want we are going to take it! Whether you like us or hate us doesn't matter. This isn't a damn popularity contest. This is wrestling! Get ready WCF, here we come again!

The lights dim once more as red strobe lights pan the audience. The four corner posts explode in a flurry of red pyrotechnics. In a flash the lights come back on and the ring is empty.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Kyle Kemp/John Gable/Greybeard vs Jay Omega/Bonnie Blue/DeMarcus Jordan

Zach Davis: The first round of the Trios Tournament is in full swing. We’ve seen some fast-paced action already tonight, and this next match up promises to be no different.

Freddy Whoa: That’s right. We’ve got the team of Kyle Kemp, John Gable, and, uh, Greybeard of all people, taking on the team of DeMarcus Jordan, Bonnie Blue, and... Jay Omega? For real? Isn’t he dead?

Corey Black:: That’s what I heard. But I guess rumors of his demise have been exaggerated.

"A Little God in My Hands" by Swans BOOMS over the PA system as John Gable walks past the curtain with Lisa Seymour following close behind. He stops on the stage and raises his fists in the air with a battle cry that is slightly muffled by the mouth guard he wears.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first; from Cleveland, Ohio. Standing five feet, eleven inches tall, and weighing in at two-hundred, twenty one pounds, and being accompanied by Lisa Seymour...JOHN GABLE!!!

Zach Davis: For all his faults, it is undeniable that John Gable is a tremendous competitor.

Freddy Whoa: That’s true. Some call him one of the best wrestlers to never hold a World Championship.

Corey Black:: BAHAHAHA!!! … Sorry, sorry. I was just thinking about John Gobble.

King Leukemia slowly walks down the ramp with a smirk on his face as he sees the booing fans. He walks up the ring steps and takes one last look at the crowd before entering the ring and shadow boxing with the turnbuckle.

Kyle Steel: And his Trios partners…

The lights go out and a spotlight shines on the stage. "Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and gold lights start blinking around the arena.

Kyle Steel: From Chicago, Illinois, standing six feet, four inches tall, and weighing in at two hundred ten pounds… KYLE KEMP!!!

Zach Davis: Kyle Kemp has shown steady improvement over his time with the company, due in part to the tenacity he showed back when he faced Alex Richards for the Internet Championship three weeks in a row.

Freddy Whoa: His stock rose pretty quick once he joined #BeachKrew, too.

Corey Black:: Fuck #BeachKrew.

Kemp slowly walks out onto the stage and comes to a stop in the spotlight and crosses his arms. He smiles smugly at the crowd and begins to shake his head up and down. He struts down the aisle glaring at fans and rolls into the ring. The lights all come back on as he extends both of his arms out to his side and begins to laugh. He walks over to the corner where Gable waits, and leans casually against the turnbuckle while they await their final partner.

Kyle Steel: And their partner, hailing from Dragonia…

The lights go out and a light cheer erupts from the crowd. A purple potion appears on the ‘Tron; its bubbling echoing through the arena. As the potion tips over on the screen, smoke seems to appear where the liquid would land. After the potion empties, a lightning bolt erupts from the smoke, somehow turning the lights on. As the smoke clears it becomes evident that the bolt emanated from Greybeard's staff. When the lights snap on, “CREAM” by Wu-Tang Clan hits the speakers.

Kyle Steel: Standing six feet tall, and weighing in at one hundred eighty-five pounds… GREYBEARD!!!

The wizard begins to shuffle toward the ring, when the Alchemist trundles out from the back, hauling a wagon full of potions. A brief argument ensues, ended with Greybeard harshly ordering the Alchemist away. The rotund man hangs his head sullenly, but does as he is bid.

Corey Black:: Hahaha! What the actual fuck is this? Odin Balfore’s inbred second cousin?

Zach Davis: We haven’t seen Greybeard in a WCF ring for quite some time now, and there was some speculation as to where he had gone.

Freddy Whoa: No there wasn’t. Maybe you wondered, but I don’t think most people even noticed

Kyle Steel: And their opponents, hailing from a wretched hive of scum and villainy…

The Noisy Freaks’ remix of “Duel of the Fates” begins to play and the house lights dim a little, as spotlights in a variety of colors cut through the crowd in random patterns. The ‘Tron shows an image of a Rebel Alliance insignia, of Star Wars fame, before it cuts to highlights of the approaching team’s members.

Kyle Steel: At a combined weight of five hundred, ninety-four pounds; DeMarcus Jordan, Bonnie Blue, and Jay Omega, they are… REBEL SCUM!!!

Corey Black:: That’s a stupid name if I ever heard one.

Zach Davis: Better than half of the team names that have been used in WCF history.

Corey Black:: Fair enough.

Rebel Scum make their way down the ramp, slapping hands to either side of the aisle. At ringside, DeMarcus and Omega hop up onto the apron, then both extend an arm down to Bonnie, and lift her up to join them. The two men then sit on the middle rope, allowing Blue to enter the ring with dignity and class. Jordan slips through the ropes after her, while Jay vaults over them. The two Trios come together in the middle of the ring to glare at each other while the ref goes through the pre-match rundown, and then retreat into their respective corners. Kyle Kemp loses a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors and has to start, while Bonnie simply asks her partners for permission.


Kemp and Bonnie square off and circle around each other, looking for an opening or preparing their first move, then Kyle decides to stand up with his hands on his hips looking at Bonnie with a frown of consideration. He looks at his hand and then back to Bonnie, before walking forward with it extended, an obviously insincere smile on his face.

Zach Davis: Really? What is he doing? These two have never really gotten along, and good sportsmanship is not something we’ve come to expect from Kyle Kemp.

Freddy Whoa: People change. Sometimes. The real question is will she take it?

Corey Black:: Not if she’s smart. But she’s a Reb, so who knows?

Bonnie stays in a ready position, warily regarding her opponent. When Kyle comes near, she slaps away the proffered hand so hard, Kemp turns 90 degrees. Blue fires off a quick jab before Kyle can react, and both competitors go right into a lock up from there. Kemp muscles her off into the ropes and attempts a boot on the way back, Bonnie rolls through and then handsprings back into a headscissors taking Kyle down into an armbar from which he hastily escapes. He kips up and tries a kick as Bonnie sits up only for her to lay right back down, and then kip right up into a thrusting kick square in Kyle’s mouth, from a prone position.

Freddy Whoa: HOLY SHIT!

Corey Black:: Yeah, that was pretty tubular.

Zach Davis: Kemp literally scrambling out of the ring holding his jaw! He makes a tag on his way and-- Wait, did you just say “tubular”?

As Bonnie poses for the crowd, Gable enters the ring. Not being stupidly prideful, Blue steps back and tags in Jay Omega. Jay gives a wide, almost feral grin, and Gable responds with a condescending smirk as the two men go toe to toe.

Zach Davis: This is the first legitimate meeting of these athletes. For months after his debut, Jay Omega was constantly antagonizing John Gable, hoping for a shot at the Television Championship John held at the time.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, that didn’t pan out for him.

Corey Black:: Which is lucky for Gable; Omega would’ve wrecked his shit.

The two men in the ring decide to give a display of machismo; Gable delivers massive open handed slap to Jay’s chest, and Omega returns in kind with a knife-edge chop, then thumps his chest with a fist, and yells at Gable to hit him again. John shoots the ropes first, and comes back with a full head of steam.

Zach Davis: Jay holds a slight height advantage here, and is about five pounds heavier than Gable, but giving your opponent a free shot could be a mistake!


Jay stands headstrong against the oncoming shoulder block, which barely seems to rock him. Gable beckons at him to have a go, and Jay does so with almost the exact same result. Except Omega's own momentum knocks him back into the ropes after the collision. He falls through and snags the top rope to catch himself; Gable charges forward looking for a forearm smash, but Jay is waiting and drops down, pulling the top rope low enough to send the actor/wrestler tumbling to the outside.

Zach Davis: Greybeard's in the ring now, although no tag was made.

Corey Black:: It’s Trios; sometimes you just have to let things slide.

Freddy Whoa: Jay completely ignores Greybeard and hits an Asai moonsault onto Gable on the outside! That fight may go on for the rest of the night!

DeMarcus springs into the ring as Greybeard attempts to rush the Rebel Scum corner. He catches the bearded wizard an attempted hurricanrana but the fresh Greybeard immediately drops down with a sitout powerbomb. Jordan drives a heel into Greybeard’s face to break up the pin before the ref can even get into position, and the two men roll away from each other. The camera switches quickly to the outside to show Jay slamming Gable into the ring apron and then into the crowd barrier. Omega pulls him away from the corner and then headbutts the brawny Chicagoan, Bonnie jumps off the apron and runs round to help out, and the two prepare to double whip Gable.

Freddy Whoa: Incoming Kemp!

Kyle runs along the apron and leaps, just as Bonnie and Jay send Gable into the ring steps, blasting the heavy steel hard with a clang and sending the top half flying up the entrance aisle. Kemp sails over the top of Gable’s head as he passes by, and hits a diving crossbody from the apron onto Jay and Bonnie on the floor, though his momentum takes him tumbling into the barricade as well.

Zach Davis: Everyone on the floor is out! DeMarcus has Greybeard on the mat in a headlock in the ring!

The shot goes back to the center of the ring and Greybeard is just starting to find his feet with Jordan wrapped around his neck. Greybeard hauls DeMarcus all the way up to a standing position, then hoists him up and over with a Backdrop Driver that leaves both men motionless in the middle of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Now everybody’s laid out! The first person back to their feet is gonna have a huge advantage here.

Corey Black:: Unless it’s Greybeard. How the hell did he even become part of this team?

Zach Davis: We could ask you the very same thing. There are more than a few similarities between Greybeard’s team and your own.

Corey Black:: Okay, MAYBE Price and Greybeard have some similarities. But you can’t compare Teo and I to Kemp and Gable. That’s like comparing Diet Coke and Taylor Swift to Zima and Kate Winslet.

In the ring, the ref is about halfway through the standard ten count, when Bonnie Blue rolls under the bottom rope, and pulls herself to her feet. Bonnie takes hold of DeMarcus’ foot and drags him toward their corner, then props him up against the bottom turnbuckle. Blue climbs out onto the apron, reaches over to tag herself in, then re-enters the ring as the legal competitor.

Zach Davis: Wait, aren’t Jay Omega and John Gable still the legal men?

Corey Black:: I told you; it’s Trios. You gotta let some things slide.

Bonnie drags the wizard to his feet, and recoils in surprise as Greybeard casts a fireball at her. Actually just a piece of flash paper, but the flaming prop provides the necessary distraction that allows Greybeard to start winding up with his right arm. Blue clears her vision and shakes her head, then sees the arm winding up, and instinctively moves to block, allowing Greybeard to attack with a quick left jab.

Zach Davis: Critical Strike!

Corey Black:: Wait, that’s seriously one of his moves? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, it’s not super effective.

Incensed, Bonnie responds with a quick jab of her own, and follows it up with a heavy kick to Greybeard’s midsection. A snap DDT puts the bearded man down and momentarily out, and Blue rolls into a cover.


Kyle Kemp reaches under the bottom rope to grab Bonnie by the leg, and hauls her off his teammate. Jay Omega is right there with a running forearm club to the back of Kemp’s head, sending Kyle sprawling to the floor. Jay has only a moment’s respite before Gable buries a foot in his gut, and clocks him alongside the jaw with a stiff right hand. While John and Omega trade blows, Kemp pulls himself back up into his corner, where the dazed Greybeard is looking to make a tag.

Zach Davis: Kyle Kemp now back in the ring. Bonnie Blue moves to intercept, and ooh! What a backhand chop from Kemp!

Freddy Whoa: Damn man! I felt that!

Kyle quickly takes advantage; slapping on a side headlock and wrenching for all he’s worth. Bonnie fights him off as best she can, throwing elbows with wild abandon. She manages to back Kemp into the ropes, forcing a break, then fires him across the ring. Blue follows in right on his heels and when Kyle rebounds, he takes a heavy knee strike to the sternum. Bonnie quickly shoots the ropes parallel to where Kemp stands hunched over, trying to catch his breath, and latches onto Kyle’s head as she returns, taking him to the canvas hard with a swinging neckbreaker. By now DeMarcus seems to have recovered, and is practically begging for a tag. Blue obliges, and Jordan enters the ring already in an excited frenzy.

Zach Davis: Kyle Kemp back on his feet, and DeMarcus drives him right back down with a stiff lariat!

Freddy Whoa: He’s not staying down, though; Jordan hits the ropes, and there’s another lariat on Kyle. DeMarcus into the ropes again--

Corey Black:: But Gable grabs him by the ankles. Boom, DeMarcus eats canvas. And here’s Jay again, whaling on Gable like a savage!

Omega rolls John into the ring, and follows him in. Jay fires King Leukemia into one of the neutral corners and charges in looking for a Stinger Splash, but Gable sidesteps at the last minute and tries to lock in a crossface chicken wing as Omega staggers out of the corner. Bonnie enters the ring to save the day, and Greybeard rejoins the fray as well. DeMarcus and Kemp also get involved, and the match devolves into a disorganized brawl between the six competitors.

Zach Davis: Well, the official has lost control of this one.

Corey Black:: Yeah, but the match got a lot more interesting.

DeMarcus ducks under a wild swing from Kemp, and dumps Kyle out of the ring with a back body drop. Gable tries to lift Bonnie with a gutwrench suplex, but she reverses into a spinning headscissors that throws John clear through the ropes, and into a belly flop onto the unforgiving arena floor. Greybeard tries to lock up with Omega, and eats a superkick for his troubles. Stunned, the wizard turns right into DeMarcus, who leaps up and grabs hold of Greybeard’s head. The sorcerer’s skull collides with Jordan’s knees as he hits The Best Move Ever, and Greybeard bounces up and back, his momentum taking him directly into Bonnie Blue’s clutches.

Zach Davis: The Paradox! And a cover! I’d say this one is academic at this point!

Freddy Whoa: Hell yeah, there’s not much #BeachKrew can do to stop it now.





“Duel of the Fates” plays again, as Bonnie rises to her feet. Both Omega and DeMarcus crush her between them with a pair of jubilant hugs, and the trio allows the referee the raise their arms in victory, before DeMarcus and Jay hoist Bonnie onto their shoulders, and parade her around the ring. The team of #BeachBeard sullenly clear the ringside area and painfully make their way to the back, leaving rebel Scum to their celebration.

International Championship Open Challenge

Zach Davis: Up next we have the first ever International Championship Open Challenge!

Corey Black:: Jesus fuck. Fucking shoot me now. I don't have time for this bullshit.

Freddy Whoa: Now don't jump to conclusions, Corey, it's an open challenge, anything can happen!

Corey Black:: Fucking kill yourself you stupid piece of shit.

Zach Davis: Aaand the camera is back on the ramp now, as we await Dagvald Riddik!

Dag steps onto the ramp as his music blares, and he bobs his head in time, a big smirk across his face and his International Championship held high.

Freddy Whoa: Dag actually looks to be in a good mood right now.

Corey Black:: Only until I beat the ever loving fuck out of him later tonight.

Dag continues down the ramp, arrogantly waving to the fans and smiling wide. He walks past the time keeper and yanks a microphone off the desk before stepping into the ring.

He turns to the hard cam and begins his speech.

Dag Riddik: Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of the International Community Excluding Japland, tonight is the start of something truly special! All those people who claim I'm not a fighting champion will no longer have a word to say about my greatness and in ring domination. I am the most brutal and physical force to step foot in this ring in a long time, and starting tonight, I'm going to prove that not once, but twice, every single Slam.

Dag Riddik: First, I'll come out and give everyone in the back with the correct credentials the opportunity to shut my big mouth that everyone seems to detest so much, and then in whatever shit show Seth books me in I'll fucking wipe the floor with the competition. This is how I will operate from now on. I know just how damn good I am, and I'm going to prove it night in and night out. And that doesn't mean succumbing to the bullshit of those who want a shot at me. Gable? Occulo? Fuck off, kids. You guys are immature twats who are throwing temper tantrums because you're not getting what you think you're entitled too after being coddled and spoiled little twats your entire childhoods.

Dag Riddik: But hey, since everyone hates me so god damn much just because I have a different opinion than them, then maybe one of them will step onto that ramp up their and try to shut me up, eh? Will any of them have the balls? I highly, highly doubt it, but let's quit wasting time and see who it is!

The camera cuts up to the ramp, and silence persists, until Colors by Ice T comes on the arena wide speaker system and Andre the Pliant meanders onto the stage.

Corey Black:: I FUCKING TOLD YOU! This piece of shit is all talk and no game!

Freddy Whoa: Calm down, Corey, Andre's a big guy. He could pull off a major upset tonight.

Corey Black:: I've been here less than two hours and I want to fucking strangle the blood out of your cornias.

Zach Davis: Aaand let's see what Dag thinks about the man to accept his challenge tonight!

Dag Riddik: This?! THIS is what you give me? Who even is this jackass? So everybody in the back is just itching to get their grubby hands on me, but only this no name fucktard has the balls to do something about it? Well, alright then, let's get this shit started.

Andre manages to enter the ring without collapsing, and the ref goes to start the prematch rituals. When he goes to receive the International Championship from Dag, however, Dag holds the microphone up to his mouth once more and proclaims,

Dag Riddik: I almost forgot- the first ever International Title Open Challenge will be my specialty, a Last Man Standing Match!

Dag bursts over to Andre and nails him with the belt, knocking the awkwardly proportioned man over and sending him tumbling outside of the ring. The bell rings.

Corey Black:: How fucking convenient.

Dag quickly climbs the top turnbuckle and launches himself off, landing with the title smashing into the skull of Andre. Dag gets up and looks under the ring apron, finding a toolbox in little time. As Andre tries to get up, Dag nails him across the head with it, sending him crashing back to the floor. Dag just throws the box at him and looks for another weapon. A chair is pulled out, and Dag goes quickly to work pulverizing the thin skin of the giant Indian.

Suddenly Andre seems to get a burst of adrenaline and reaches up, grabbing te chair and ripping it from Dag's unexpectant arms. Andre just manages to lift the chair up, but the bearded Norsemen grabs the toolbox and throws it at the chair, which bounces back and hits the Pliant in the face with a thud. Andre leans against the ring, and Dag punches him in the head repeatedly until he busts him open with his bare knuckles, then shoves him into the ring. He grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and climbs in.

He puts the stick to use whacking the left arm of Andre as he screams in agony. Several, perhaps two dozen stinging whips are unleashed on the flexible arms of Dag's opponent until he's satisfied that his victim is ready for his next dissection. He has to strain himself to lift the seven foot tall Sikh, but as soon as he has him up he locks in the Trump card and viciously wrenches the arm as he falls onto his back and grapevines. His face strains in intense focus, and Andre begins to lose his breath as blood coats his face. He taps, but that won't end this match.

Zach Davis: This is insane! Dag has brutalized this man! He's just playing with him!

Corey Black:: He couldn't do that with anyone else on this roster! He rigged this, I guarantee it!

Dag continues applying as much pressure as physically possible, and suddenly his arm surges forward, taking Andre's arm backward with it.

Freddy Whoa: Oh my God! He's broken his arm! Somebody stop this thing!


Dag throws Andre off of him and stands up. The ref begins to count, but Dag shoves him away and looks down at his handiwork. Before the ref can confront him he turns to the outside of the ring, spotting the chair laid on the ground near the corner of the ring. He turns around and grabs Andre, heaving him up and carrying his broken body to the corner. No protest comes from the practically dying man. He lifts him up the first turnbuckle, then the second...

Zach Davis: What the hell is he doing now? How could this get any worse?

Freddy Whoah: He's just showing off! He should end this now before we get pulled from cable for ratings violations!

Corey Black:: He should make a smart decision for once in his life and end this charade before I get pissed off at his face enough to do it myself.

Dag finally lifts Andre up the final turnbuckle, then nails him hard in the face with a stiff right hand. He maneuvers the entirely limp body around and locks his head beneath his right shoulder.

Crowd: You'll kill him! You'll kill him! You'll kill him!

Dag turns his head to the hard cam and smiles before mouthing, I hope I do. He bring himself crashing down to the floor outside the ring, yanking Andre hard enough to give a cement pillar a severe case of whiplash. When the two hit the ground, Dag's fall is softened by the thud of Andre's head nearly imploding against the steel chair on the floor. Dag takes a moment to regain himself before standing up and calling for the ref to count.

Zach Davis: Dear Lord! This may be the most brutal assault we've seen in months on this show!

Corey Black:: Get the fuck over yourself, what else did you expect from fucking Andre the Pliant?! I swear to God I'm about to go show Dag what a real fucking challenge is. I might not be able to wait til later.

The ref reaches the ten count, and shortly after a medical team rushes to the ring with one of those things you put people who might be dead on, whatever the hell they're called. Dag climbs back in the ring and grabs the microphone from the corner where he dropped it.

Dag Riddik: This, my friends, is what happens when you try to do get something you don't deserve in Dag's country. I am done with hand outs and welfare bullshit, so if anyone ever tries to come out and get a free shot at one of the most prestigious championships in this entire fucking sport, then this is what will happen to you! I will brutalize you, victimize you, decimate you, destroy your body, and pulverize your will to live into submission. The pain will be unbearable, and then you'll understand why I am the only man capable of holding this championship. If anybody doubts me, they can find out for themselves.

Corey Black:: Let's just see about that you son of a bitch.

Corey suddenly throws off his headset and jumps over the announce table, gunning for the ring. Dag sees this and slips out just in time, grabbing the chair and throwing it at the ropes in threat before sprinting up the ramp and stopping at the top of the stage.

Dag Riddik: Now now Corey, don't get ahead of yourself! You'll get your chance to be destroyed mentally and physically, don't you worry. Just not here, not yet. Wouldn't you like to have this mess cleaned up first? I mean look around you, there's dead sand nigger just strewn around, it's disgusting! No, this won't do at all. When I kick your ass, it will be in only the most exquisite of environments. You could call it a date, in fact. A date with destiny. Destiny is, after all, a synonym for the ultimate end. I hope you're ready for the end, Corey.

Dag walks off laughing as Corey is steaming in the ring, kicking the ropes in frustration. After a moment he heads back over to the announce table.

Zach Davis: Feel a little better?

Corey Black:: I'm going to fucking kill that kid. And it's going to be long, slow, and painful. And it's happening tonigt.

Zach Davis: Aaaaand let's go to commercial!

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Andre Holmes/Sarah Twilight/Crystal Knight vs Oblivion/Night Rider/Freezer Burn

Sunday’s Slam is out of the United States, and welcomed in the southern section of the rich cultured Arena Mexico in none other than Mexico City, Mexico. The Trios Cup Tournament, one of the most highly prestiged, and respected annual events in WCF. Not only will the winners become Trios Champion but a guaranteed WCF Tag Team, and World Title Shot. Our teams fighting in this match are some of the most talented wrestlers in WCF history. The cameras show Kyle Steel standing in the ring once again in his signature black tuxedo holding the microphone under his chin.

Freddy Whoa: Thank you for joining us again on Sunday Night Slam here in Mexico City. Tonight is very different from our usual Slams. It is the start of the Trios Tournament Cup.

Zach Davis: For those who don’t understand--

Corey Black:: Teams of three, winners become Trios Champs, Tag Shot to the persons who don’t get the pin, World Title to the winning pin or submission.

Zach Davis: You’re worse than Gravedigger.

Corey Black:: I know.

Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Ladies, and gentlemen! This match is preliminary Trios Tournament match, and it is scheduled for one fall!

“Ugly Joe Kid” by Tomorrow’s World is the first of the six many entrance music to begin playing out of the arena’s gigantic surround system. The mexican fan base are very familiar with who is who, and this man is not founded by them. Freezer Burn walks out from the back dressed in custom made battle vest silver, and black colored, tight grey pants with leather custom designed black boots. He stands center stage with his arms outstretched, and the crowd is throwing enormous amounts of hatred his way. Freezer enjoys it, that sinister little smirk bridging from ear to ear as he walks down the entrance path.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the first Trios team member! Hailing from wherever he may roam. At six feet, four inches tall, weighing in at 235 pounds. He is “Freezer Burn” Wayne Hammon!

A fan tries to touch him but he brushes his hand off, igniting more negative reactions from the large audience in Mexico. Climbing up the steel steps, he strolls along the apron until moving through the ropes.

Zach Davis: Freezer Burn has won a chance to have any championship shot of his choosing with the exception of the World Championship. It’s really interesting the decision he’s going to make especially now he has an up close evaluation of the Hardcore Champion in this match.

Corey Black:: If Freeza was smart, he’d wait for the right time. No need to rush, patience is virtue...too bad I can’t say the same bout’ XIII.

Standing in the center of the ring, he raises both his arms up to the sky. The cue for the signal. A display of red, and blue combined colored fireworks emerges from all four corners of the ring in a single flash before the audience’s eyes. Being the little smark he is, Freezer runs to a corner, and stands on the middle rope to crotch chop the crowd, and flip them off with the double birdies before standing in his corner.


Freddy Whoa: Freezer Burn is one of the newest talents in WCF who has made his presence known. Especially here in Mexico as he’s mocking the crowd.

While waiting, there’s a loud sound of an engine revving up. “It’s Time for War” by LLCOOLJ immediately breaks down the arena with the huge bass in the song. Night Rider rides out in a Harley Davidson motorbike wearing nothing but a hoodie, black shades, and black wrestling trunks with ‘AoD’ graphically designed on the back of it, and on the side of his red wrestling boots. He parks the motorbike near the barricade in front of the ring, and gets off it.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the second member! Hailing from the 335! At six feet, seven inches tall, weighing in at 335 pounds! He is Night Rider!

Climbing up the steel steps, he pauses on the final step to take off his shades, and throw it behind him. Moving through the ropes, he ignores the crowd who is booing him. Freezer, and Night Rider shake hands to work together for the victory, and Night Rider takes off his hoodie before tossing it into a ringside crew member’s face disrespectfully.

Freddy Whoa: Night Rider has returned to WCF, and we are glad to have him back! A very talented individual who caused A LOT of chaos back in the days.

Corey Black:: Pfft’, chaos? More like child’s play.

Zach Davis: Again, so mean but welcome back Night Rider. He has a keen eye on his opponents, and won’t underestimate.

While the two are conversing, the impacting drum introduction leads into “Click Click Boom” by Saliva as fire emerges upwards from the stage that almost shows blinding light. The crowd are kind of mixing their reactions. Some cheer for their loyalty to Oblivion, others because of the attack on Andre Holmes from Aftermath. Oblivion sprints from the back to the left side of the stage, moving his arms to hype up the crowd. Wearing his famous black mask with black mesh covering his nose, eyes, and mouth. Not to mention, that Slayer T-Shirt, with black jean shorts, and large black combat boots. The elbow pads, and wrist tape all in black. He runs to the right corner end of the stage hyping up the crowd until walking down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the final member! Hailing from the Euphoria! At six feet, five inches tall, weighing in at 325 pounds. He is “The God of Enlightenment” Oblivion!

Oblivion quickly marches around the ring hyping up the fans at ringside while Freezer Burn, and Night Rider even contemplate being on the same team with that maniac.

Corey Black:: Funny how a ‘monster’ is so good at being a kid’s entertainment show.

Freddy Whoa: The story with Oblivion runs deeper than we thought. The disturbed relationship he, and Katherine shared is over ever since her death, and he blames Andre Holmes as the murderer. Now he wants to extract vengeance.

Zach Davis: But Andre didn’t murder Katherine Phoenix. Oblivion just wants the Hardcore Title all to himself. No need to make excuses.

Oblivion slams his hands on the commentary table, and directly points his finger at Zach’s face.


He barges into the ring, sliding under the bottom rope before getting up to his feet. The lights go back to normal, and his music fades while Freezer, and Night keep their distance from him out of precautionary measures.

Zach Davis: Well...okay.

While all three are somehow even being in the same spot, “Ice Dance” by Jam is the first of their opponent’s entrance music to play. Crystal Knight comes out spinning in her white, and blue tutu. Looking very nice with her blonde hair with blue highlights, her blue shiny top with snowflake designed all over it, and white leather boots. Crystal skips down the entrance path, interacting with the fans along the way, and even taking a selfie with some of them.


Kyle Steel: Introducing their opponents! The first member of the Trios Team! Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska! At five feet, three inches tall, weighing in at 117 pounds. She is “The Ice Princess” Crystal Knight!

Crystal leaps onto the ring apron, and leans away blowing kisses to her fans in the audience, and mostly at ringside. She leaps over the top rope, and flip back onto her feet before climbing up onto the middle turnbuckle to wave to her fans, and keep blowing kisses to them.

Zach Davis: Corey, she’s your student. What are her keys to victory?

Corey Black:: I trained that little squirt to be tough, and brutal. Next thing I know, she goin’ on Twitter to be Madam Peacemaker? Hell nah! Corey Black don’t waste time for that, she better kick some ass in the match.

Freddy Whoa: And she’s backed by two very decorated talent in WCF. So her work for her team effort has been cut out for her.

Corey Black:: Very big shoes to fill alright.

The moment she’s waving to the fans, the lights dim a little as drums start banging with the voice of Amy Lee singing the introduction lyrics from the song “What You Want” by Evanescence. As the song officially begins, Sarah Twilight walks out to a more mixed crowd due to certain circumstances. She walks out to stand center stage with her red hair blowing from the wind for a more intimidating effect. Dressed in fitted pants, leather boots, and a tank top mid cut in green, purple, and black colouring designs. The sterling silver chain always a good luck factor, and walking down to the ring to soak in that WCF atmosphere again she missed so much.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the second member of the Trios opponents! Hailing from Los Angeles, California! At five feet, eight inches tall, weighing in at 142 pounds. She is “The Mistress of Mischief” Sarah Twilight!

Climbing up the steel steps, she removes the necklace from around her neck, and gives it to ringside crew member. Twilight moves through the ropes, and Crystal shakes her head, despising her already but Sarah pays no attention, and just leans back in her corner. The two exchange death glares, and have nothing more to say to each other than they already have.

Freddy Whoa: You can already tell that Sarah Twilight, and Crystal Knight are not on the same page, and Sarah already hates her guts. Especially when the two went out on Twitter, it’s really weird for them to even be around each other.

Sarah tells Crystal to stay on the apron, and Oblivion is standing in the center of the ring waiting for Andre. Freezer on the apron, Night leaning against the turnbuckles in his corner. The lights shut off completely for the large titantron to display grey short clips of Andre Holmes preparing backstage in his locker room until “Relentless” by New Years Day is the final entrance music to blast from the surround systems of the Mexico Arena. The crowd jump out of their seats, cheering for the top prospect who walks out from the back. Lights flashing, dancing, and flickering all around as Andre Holmes stands center stage with his black hoodie on with the red colored “Relentless” design on the back of it.

Kyle Steel: Introducing their final member! Hailing from Houston, Texas! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at 201 pounds. He is one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions, and the WCF Hardcore Champion. He is “Relentless” Andre Holmes!

Andre walks down the entrance path with the WCF Hardcore Championship around his waist, and the WCF Tag Team Championship belt in his right hand. He then takes both championship belts in his hands, and raised it high yelling at the top of his lungs. A flash of red, and white fireworks explodes in single line fashion across the stage with the stadium lights brightening once again. Interacting with some of the fans at ringside, he walks down to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Five months in WCF, and already a dual-holding champion. The progress of Andre Holmes is surely successful, and I know for a fact he is willing to put everything he has in his team effort to get the win.

Corey Black:: I’ll give credit where credit is due. He’s got talent, and he’s got respect.

Zach Davis: Oblivion wants Andre, and Andre wants Oblivion but damn sure Andre is gonna kick Oblivion’s ass for going at him on Aftemath.

Corey Black:: Aren’t you a face suck up?

Freddy Whoa: Oh boy…

Andre is standing in his corner with Crystal who pats him on the shoulder from the apron. He removes his hoodie, and politely gives it to a ringside crew member. He nods at Twilight, and both of them are sure on working together although he rolls his eyes at her animosity to Crystal. Now Andre, and Night Rider are the first two to begin for the teams, and everything is in perfect motion to begin the match!

Ding Ding Ding!

Andre tightens the straps on his MMA Gloves, and Night Rider moves around the ring taking every step as pleasing as he likes. Using that footwork in boxing, Andre side steps around the ring while making sure Night’s teammates don’t even think about touching him. Moving around the ring, Night Rider is almost two inches away from being a foot taller, and damn sure has 139 pounds advantage on him. Meeting in the center of the ring, he ducks right under the left arm of Night Rider, and quickly pounds his left thigh with brutal outside leg kicks that gives him a little sting. Crystal is clapping, supporting Andre while Sarah is all business.

Corey Black:: Hey man. Andre’s striking don’t play around. MMA can help you a lot of ways in this match.

Zach Davis: Right. Night Rider against Andre Holmes will be a very interesting fight between the two. I bet we’re very interested on how Night Rider will do after being away from the ring, and against a very technical wrestler too.

Keeping the distance, Night Rider is closing the distance, and pushing him away into the corner. Rushing him quickly. Andre moves right to the side allowing his opponent to hit into the turnbuckles chest first. Turning around, he’s struck with continuous Roundhouse kicks right into the chest by Andre. Each kick stings his chest harder, and harder. The last one is powerful enough to drop him back into the turnbuckles leaving Andre enough time to run back to the opposing corner.

Freddy Whoa: Here comes one of Andre’s trademark moves!

Rebounding off the opposing corner’s turnbuckles, he gains enough velocity to charge across the ring, and lariat his arm into the chest of Night that sits him down in the corner. It doesn’t end there. He repeats the same action, and comes back into Night Rider this time bulging the end of his own knee into the face of his opponent, and Rider’s head snaps back until he lies down on his chest covering his nose. Andre stands in the center, and flicks off Oblivion, and Freezer who aren’t pleased.

Corey Black:: Damn! Gotta love that don’t give a shit attitude Andre is putting up.

Freddy Whoa: He just nailed Night Rider with his trademark move, “Trapped in the Corner”. A combination of a Corner Lariat followed by a Seated Corner Knee. Andre is taking control of the pacing, and being very careful not to get caught in Night Rider’s power.

Night Rider getting back up to his feet is halted with strong stomps by Andre. He takes him by the right ankle, and drags him to his own corner where Sarah Twilight slaps him on the shoulder, and the tag is made.

Crowd: WOOOO!

The two of them quickly gets Night Rider back onto his feet for Sarah Twilight to hook his right arm, and twist it over his head to hold him in a very submissive position. By the time she Roundhouse Kicks him in the chest, Andre spins around on the mat to Leg Sweep combining their striking together.

Zach Davis: Very good display of teamwork shown by both Sarah Twilight, and Andre Holmes. Oblivion is just praying to get on Andre, and Freezer has his hand out wanting the Tag as well.

As Night is on the ground, Sarah utilizes her technical grappling, and quickly applies a Rear Naked Choke to cut off the air supply. Unfortunately, Night Rider’s strength comes into the advantage of forcing them back up until just throwing her across the mat, ragdolling her. She quickly rolls over to stand on her right knee, and in the ring is Oblivion who makes the tag.

Zach Davis: Oh boy, here comes the monster Oblivion. Sarah Twilight has defeated him on countless occasions, and now they meet once again in Mexico, City.

Twilight sees a charging Oblivion coming in her direction, and ducks right under the right arm of him. Turning around, he’s Dropkicked that only pushes him a few steps back. Before you know it, he’s Dropkicked again that throws him back into their corner again. Coming up, Crystal wants to get into the action but she tags in Andre by slapping him on the shoulder, and even then he’s confused but quickly goes into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Seems we have some miscommunication. Crystal Knight wanted the tag but Sarah quickly tagged in Andre Holmes.

Corey Black:: No miscommunication. Sarah doesn’t wanna tag Crystal so I guess Andre will be getting in the ring more often.

Andre manages to lay some elbows into the mask of Oblivion that temporarily has him groggy for a few seconds until he drags him out of the corner to land a Spinning Back Kick into his ribs that forces him over a little. Seeing the opportunity, he runs to the ropes, and rebounds to snap his back on the mat while Basement Drop Kicking Oblivion in the side of his head putting him down on the mat. Crystal wants in on the match, and Andre gets up to see her ready for action. Even though Sarah is telling him no, he obliges, and makes the tag.

Zach Davis: Andre Holmes Basement Dropkicked Oblivion down to the mat, and now Crystal Knight is the legal man for the match!

Corey Black:: Alright Crystal, show me what I taught you!

Crystal sprints to one section of the ropes, and hops onto the middle rope. Springboards backwards into a Moonsault, and landed her gut across the ribs of Oblivion!


Corey Black:: That’s right! Kick his ass!

Freddy Whoa: Crystal Knight with a Springboard Moonsault!

She’s currently pointing down to a fan who has a sign up with her name, and turns around to look at Twilight.

Crystal Knight: Is that good enough for you?

Sarah rolls her eyes at the slick comment, and Crystal saw Oblivion getting up. Rushing to him, she tried to flip him over with a Headscissors but he managed to get a hold onto her body, and spin her around in the air before breaking her spine with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Pushing her limp body off his knees, he hooked her leg up for the pin attempt!



She kicked out at two, and Oblivion didn’t stop there. Sarah was just shaking her head, already annoyed with Crystal costing us the match. Freezer recently got the tag by Oblivion, and they kept her small body down in their corner to gang the beatdown. In the ring, he started stomping her continuously until putting his foot down on her throat, choking the life out of her. Releasing his foot, she sits up coughing finally getting some air back.

Corey Black:: God dammit! That’s my rookie, don’t mess her up!

Freddy Whoa: Night Rider, Oblivion, and Freezer Burn are all taking turns to work on Crystal Knight. She made a huge mistake trying to take down Oblivion, and now she’s suffering the consequences.

Continuing the work of his masterpiece, Freezer picks up Crystal, and throws her onto her back digging his hands into her hair then follows up with a Snap Elbow Drop driving his entire weight with the elbow into her chest. Hooking up the leg again, the referee started counting.



She kicked out again, and Freezer pulled her legs under his armpits to turn her over onto his chest, and sit down on her back with the Boston Crab. Crystal was yelling in pain, and she needed to get out of the submission before it’s too late. Andre was hyping up Crystal to fight it but Sarah continued to dismissively show any mercy to a girl she absolutely hates.

Zach Davis: Freezer Burn has the Boston Crab locked, and subdued Crystal Knight in the center of the ring. That added weight is gonna put more pressure on her back especially after Oblivion’s Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker.

Crystal shakes her head, and she’s really yelling at the top of his lungs. Andre decides to get involved by the referee holds him which allows Freezer to release the submission, and step on her back using all his weight.


As the referee turns around, he sees Freezer walking to the corner to stand himself onto the second rope. Leaping off from the middle turnbuckle, he spreads his legs out only to hit nothing but the canvas as Crystal moves right out of the way. Andre is jumping up and down on the apron wanting the tag, and Sarah continues to be disappointed, and annoyed with Crystal being a setback on the team. Night Rider, and Oblivion both want the tag.

Freddy Whoa: She’s almost there, and so is Freezer! Both of them are about to make the tag, and they got it! Andre, and Oblivion are in the ring!

Andre is the one who leaps onto the top rope, and Springboard off the top rope to clothesline him down into the canvas. Landing onto the mat, both men are back on their feet with Oblivion being elbowed into the face a few times before he runs back into him only to get knee’d right into the ribs that stops him in his tracks. When Oblivion comes back from running into the ropes, he is struck in the head with an Enguiziri Kick that puts him down on the mat for the pin attempt!



Night Rider steps into the ring, and drags Andre off the pin before helping him up, and spiking him down into the canvas with a vicious DDT. Rolling over onto his back, he’s left limp until Sarah Twilight quickly rushes to Dropkick Night Rider through the ropes, and onto the outside. Night lands onto his feet, and Sarah runs back into the ropes to gain more speed to Baseball Slide Dropkick him into the barricade.

Zach Davis: Absolute chaos outside of the ring! Sarah Twilight is going to work on beating down Night Rider but now Freezer Burn is getting involved on double teaming Sarah Twilight!

True. Freezer manages to sneak behind her, and wobble her with multiple overhead forearms to club down her back. However, Crystal comes around to get revenge on Freezer when she leaps on top him from behind wrapping her legs around him, and beating his head with multiple forearm shots into the back of his skull.

Corey Black:: Yeah! Yeah Crystal! Beat the shit out of that ugly ass weirdo! Be brutal as I taught you!

Oblivion finally adds the numbers advantage when the three of them continue to brawl with Sarah, and Crystal. The crowd start getting back up on their feet as Andre quickly snaps back into his senses, and gets up to walk over to the corner, and climb all the way to the top rope!

Freddy Whoa: Incoming!

He leaps off to flip backwards into a Picture Perfect Shooting Star, crashing everyone down into the ringside mat!


Zach Davis: Andre Holmes just landed a flying Shooting Star Press onto everyone, and it’s nothing but a major wreck outside!

Surprisingly, Andre fights the pain, and gets back up onto his feet. He also drags Oblivion into the ring as he’s the legal man, and now continues on his path to beat down the man! While Oblivion is standing up on his knees, he’s getting nailed with multiple Roundhouse Kicks. Each kick ignites the crowd to go wild while his opponent’s arms are flailing from being kicked over, and over into the chest. Upon the last kick, Oblivion ducks it, and Andre spins around to attempt his favourited Tornado Kick but Oblivion ducks under that as well before flipping him over with a vicious Superkick!

Corey Black:: Can you say Nite-Nite Andre?! One of the few signature moves of Oblivion!

Oblivion rolls him over onto his back, and hooks up the leg for the pin.



Sarah Twilight goes right into the ring, and jumps on top of the pin breaking it up.

Zach Davis: Just in the nick of time!

Freddy Whoa: If Sarah didn’t break the pin, that might have just eliminated them from the tournament!

Oblivion quickly gets back up, and places his hand around the throat of Sarah. Andre rolls into the corner, and Oblivion lifts Sarah up into the air before she places his head under her right arm, and snaps down into the mat to spike his face into the canvas with a DDT. Night Rider slides into the ring, and brushes Sarah to the outside trying to drag Oblivion into the corner.

Freddy Whoa: Sarah Twilight has been tossed right outside of the ring, and here Night Rider trying to get Oblivion to their corner to he can tag himself in.

Unfortunately, Night Rider looks up to see Crystal Knight leaping from off the top rope of an unoccupied corner to Missile Dropkick him down into the canvas again. Hitting her back off the mat, she had to roll out of the ring to recover.


Freezer Burn is the man who jumps onto the apron, and slaps his hand onto the shoulder of Oblivion leaned against the turnbuckles on the mat for the tag. Andre gets back up in his corner only to get Corner Splashed in the corner followed by getting struck in the face with a Left Handed Back Fist sitting him down.

Zach Davis: K.O CHANCE! How quick that back fist was?! Wow! Andre is in serious trouble here guys!

Right but Freezer backs up into his own corner, holding onto each sides of the top rope. He quickly sprints out only for Andre to stand up to deliver a Yakuza Kick into his face that stomps him in his tracks. Putting his arm over his head, and hooking the leg over, he flips him over into his corner with an Exploder Suplex. Freezer’s body hangs off the turnbuckles in a Tree of Woe, and Sarah hops onto the apron for the Tag!

Corey Black:: Sarah got the tag! Sarah is now the legal man in this match, and Night Rider watch out!

Andre quickly sees that Night Rider is back up, and he sprints at his section of the ropes to dive through the middle, and bottom rope to spear Night Rider in the chest into the barricade putting both men out of action temporarily.

Freddy Whoa: Heat Seeking Missile! Andre, and Night Rider are both down but Sarah is climbing onto the top rope.

Already on the top rope, Freezer leans his body up in that Tree of Woe for Sarah to drop down, and stomp her feet into the face of him that flips him down into the canvas, and she rolls over from the momentum.

Zach Davis: “You Don’t Matter!” Freezer is in the center of the ring, and oh my god! Watch out Sarah, Oblivion!

Oblivion charges into Twilight who ducks under the right arm, and she tries to strike him but he nails a Side Kick into her chest that pushes her all the way into her corner, and Crystal’s hand slaps off the back of her shoulder. Tag! Crystal is shocked, she didn’t really intend to get in the match but Sarah looked back and forth.


Crystal was shaking her head, and now she had no idea what to do as Twilight was arguing with the referee about the impromptu tag. So now, Oblivion quickly blindsided Sarah, and clotheslined her over the top rope with Oblivion flipping himself over too. All alone, Crystal saw Freezer down on his back, and quickly went up to the top rope before standing right on the top turnbuckle.


Crystal Knight leaps off the top turnbuckle, and flips into the air before crashing her ribs on top of Freezer’s with a 450 Splash!





Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Here are your winners, and advancing into the next round of the Trios Tournament Cup, Andre Holmes, Sarah Twilight, and Crystal Knight!

Crystal got up from off the mat, and even Andre went into the ring to raise her hand. She hugged Andre, and Crystal was very happy she got the pin. Unfortunately, Twilight recovered, and marched inside the ring to push Crystal down to the mat. Getting back up, Crystal returned the favor, and now Andre stepped in to stop the two from going at each other in the match before he quickly dragged Twilight from out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Well, ladies, and gentlemen. It’s done. Crystal Knight secured the victory for her Trios Team, and we’ll come back after this commercial break.


Trios Cup Tournament Match
The Young Family vs Cathy Fitch/Snake Venom/Bad News Benson

“Don’t cha” by The Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes plays and Cathy Fitch skips to the ring waving to the fans and high fiving them!

voodoo by godsmack rips over the pa systems across the arena, fire starts rouring from the sides of the entrence ramp, venom comes out from the back hyping the crowd up he runs straight to the ring and slides under the ropes, he stands and faces the crowd only to receive chants.

Bad News Benson stomps down to the ring acting like he's pissed off that he's even in this tournament.

Child's Voice: They're here.

The arena goes pitch black and then a single white light hits over the entrance where a Texas flag is hanging. The WCFtron pops on with "Dem Rednecks" written on it in red, white, and blue as "Screw you we're from Texas" by Ray Wylie Hubbard starts playing and the arena lights fade back up. Out walks the Gunrunners first in match red, white, and blue trunks, boots and t-shirts. They start towards the ring when out steps Adam Young.

Crowd: You Sick Bastard!

Adam throws up the horns as he is also in red, white, and blue camo. All three walk up to the ringside area and then all of them throw up the horns and tap each other. They climb up on the side of the ring and wipe their feet before they climb in.

Zach Davis: Well everyone is here, first match for the Young Family, here we go!

Adam brawls with Benson, Brad brawls with Snake Venom, and Psycho Dragon brawls with Cathy Fitch!

Freddy Whoa: All hell has broken loose and we're just getting started!

Psycho Dragon viciously Clotheslines Cathy out of the ring, both competitors spilling to the outside. Snake Venom, on the other side, runs at Brad Young - but Brad pulls down the bottom rope and Snake Venom flies out.

Zach Davis: There is our bell - Bad News Benson and Adam Young are our legal men!

The two trade fierce blows left and right!, neither giving an inch.

Freddy Whoa: These two have feuded on and off for quite a while now, and they know each other well.

Eventually Bad News Benson's superior strength gets him the advantage, he sends Young reeling and then goes for an irish whip. Young reverses the whip and brings Benson in, hitting him with a vicious elbow to the face. Benson doesn't go down. Young backs himself into the ropes, runs at Benson, and hits a Running Lariat. Benson is stunned but still won't go down. Young quickly tags in the big Brad Young.

Zach Davis: Big man versus big man!

Brad Young climbs into the ring. He hits Benson with several stiff punches to the head before throwing him to the ropes. As Benson comes back Brad hits a kick to his gut and then executes a Step Up Enziguri, finally taking him down!

Freddy Whoa: Pin!



No!, Benson kicks out. Brad quickly climbs to the top.

Zach Davis: Is this big man going to fly!?

Brad Young jumps off with a Diving Body Splash!

Freddy Whoa: Benson ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!

Benson tags in Snake Venom! Young gets back to his feet and Snake Venom runs at him and Clotheslines him, but Young roars in his face. Snake Venom them grabs him for a Belly to Belly, but Young is too heavy; Young claps his arms against Snake Venom's head, escaping it. Brad switches behind him and hits a German Suplex!

Zach Davis: OOF!

Brad gets up and tags in Psycho Dragon.

Freddy Whoa: Corey, you haven't said anything yet. Is it because you don't want us to mention the time Adam Young pinned you?

Corey Black:: .......Yes.

Zach Davis: Sorry, fans, it seems Corey Black has gone to the school of Yoshi Tatsu commentary.

Corey Black:: I will steal.

Psycho Dragon lifts Snake Venom up and hits a Drop Kick. Snake Venom fights to his feet but Psycho Dragon throws him to the ropes and then executes a Tiltawhirl Backbreaker as he comes back. Psycho Dragon goes for the pin.



Zach Davis: Kickout!

Snake Venom gets the shoulder up. Psycho Dragon viciously lifts him and throws him to the ropes yet again.

Freddy Whoa: Spinning Spinebuster!

Psycho Dragon goes for another pin.



Another kickout by Snake Venom!

Zach Davis: Close, but no cigar!

Freddy Whoa: Corey, have you ever kicked out of a move like that?

Corey Black:: ............Yes. I.... kick out... of many moves.

Freddy Whoa: And there you have it! Great insight from Corey Black!

Zach Davis: This is getting racist.

Psycho Dragon lifts Snake Venom again and measures him up...


NO!, Snake Venom ducks it and tags in Cathy Fitch! Fitch goes for a Springboard Dropkick but Psycho Dragon catches her and hits a Sitout Powerbomb!

Zach Davis: Into the pin!



No!, Fitch kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: The fresh competitor was able to kick out, even after such a hellacious powerbomb.

Psycho Dragon rolls away and tags Adam Young. Adam Young cockily enters the match and pulls Fitch in..

Zach Davis: Powerbomb!

Freddy Whoa: So far, the Young Family is having their way with this ragtag team.

Young doesn't go for the pin. Instead he jumps at the nearest turnbuckle...


FITCH ROLLS AWAY! Young hits the mat. He stumbles away and tags in Brad Young. He enters the match and motions for Fitch to bring it.

Zach Davis: She runs at him... he has her up in the Gorilla Press!

Fitch is able to slip behind Brad Young. She spins him around and knees him, bringing him to one knee.


Fitch pins Brad Young.


The other two Youngs in to break it up!


NO!, Snake Venom and Bad News Benson stop them!


Zach Davis: THERE IT IS!

The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: CATHY FITCH, SNAKE VENOM, AND Bad News Benson WIN IT!

The unlikely Trio quickly leaves the ring and begins to celebrate. The Young Family regroup in the ring.

Zach Davis: Well who will they face next week on Slam? We find out next!

We go to commercial.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Steve Orbit/Jeff Purse/Polar Phantasm vs Ethan King/Eddie Felt/Tiffany White


Zach Davis: Welp, here comes Team Panteon.

Corey Black:: What is THAT supposed to mean? Price and I wrestle later tonight.

The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as "The Mack" Steve Orbit steps out onto the stage. Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus peice, and a jewel encrusted cane. Orbit struts to the ring, taking time to interact with the fans-- especially the ladies. At ringside, he removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to a ring hang. Upon entering the ring, he climbs one of the turnbuckles and gyrates his hips as the crowd pops. He climbs down from the turnbuckle and stretches in the corner, waiting for the match to start.

Freddy Whoa: In the interest of fairness, Corey, maybe you should sit this one out.

Corey Black:: Unscheduled break? I agree!

The big screen flashes to a blank screen... with a cursor? Suddenly, text appears... "Iceberg-Seven online... accessing WCF big screen. Access granted... running program 'Polar Phantasm Entrance'." The cursor moves across the screen slowly, as if loading something... and then the screen flashes 'PHANTASM' in large frosted blue letters. "Cellphone's Dead" by Beck begins playing over the loudspeakers as two white spotlights train on the entrance. The curtain parts... and out comes the Polar Phantasm. Polar slaps a few audience members' hands on his way through the arena, then slides beneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Polar takes a quick look around the crowd... and then stares down (waits patiently for) his opponent.

"Survival" by Eminem blares on the PA.

"This is survival of the fittest
This is do or die
This is the winner takes it all
So take it all"

A pyro goes off and up through the stage in Rey Mysterio fashion, Jeff Purse comes flying. Kari comes out from the back as Jeff walks down the aisles, pandering to the crowd.

"Wasn't ready to be no millionaire, I was ill-prepared
I was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there
From the beginning, it wasn't 'bout the ends"

Upon entering the ring, he throws his hands up in the middle of the ring, corner pyros of red and green shoot out. He takes off his aviator sunglasses and throws them in the audience. He turns and sits up on the turnbuckle, waiting for his opponents.

Zach Davis: And the opposing team..

The opening beat from “Coloris” starts to echo throughout the arena, the fans start to stamp their feet and clap their hands along with the rhythm.

“Welcome To The Future.”

Out comes the man behind the King brand, Ethan King! Donning a white and gold mask, he leaps up onto the entrance ramp, all hyped up and ready to go. He points out into the sea of fans as he strides down to the ring, clapping the hands of the WCF Universe .

Kyle Steel: Making his way down to the ring... representing 'The Pride', from Los Angeles, California. Weighing in at 225 pounds... ETHAN... KING!

Upon reaching the ring, he bounds up onto the apron, pumping his fist excitedly, before swinging himself up and over the top rope, landing lightly on his feet, and bowing to the crowd. To the people on his left first, then the right, and finally, the middle.
Once finishing with the bows, he walks to the turnbuckle corner, clapping his hand against his chest, as if psyching himself up for the match to come.


The trap remix of the X-Files theme plays throughout the arena and Eddie Felt emerges from behind the curtain jamming to the dank maymay music like any sane man would. He strolls down to the ring, high-fiving fans on the way. He slides under the ropes and hops back up to his feet before ascending the nearest turnbuckle and pointing to his chest while mouthing along with esteemed ring announcer extraordinaire Kyle Steel.

Kyle Steel: In the ring now, from Los Angeles, California. Weighing in tonight at two hundred, five pounds… he is EDDIE FELT!

Eddie descends the turnbuckles and chills in the corner, waiting for the match to start as his theme dies down.

The lights go out in the arena, as "A Bolt From The Blue" hits the PA, the lights sync themselves with the intro.


The beat drops as blue strobe lights spaz out across the arena. Tiffany White finally comes out from the back, blowing kisses to any attractive ladies she sees in the crowd. A guy in the front row catcalls her, which she responds with a swift middle finger. She rushes into the ring, bouncing around in thime with the music, and as the song fades out she gets ready for the match.

Zach Davis: Here we go!

White starts the match for her team, Phantasm for his.

Freddy Whoa: I saw Polar Phantasm's promo regarding FPV. What that has to do with Tiffany White, I have no idea. I'm just saying.

The two tie up. Polar twists Tiffany's arm but Tiffany does a few fancy rolls and ends up twisting Polar's arm instead. Now HE does the fancy rolls and gets back to twisting Tiffany's arm!

Zach Davis: At least Nightmare doesn't need to get jealous since Tiffany doesn't swing Polar's way.

Polar pulls Tiffany in and Clotheslines her down. He doesn't let go of her arm and quickly drops a leg on it. He gets back up, hits the ropes, runs at her and hits an elbow drop. He quickly tags in Jeff Purse.

Freddy Whoa: Jeff Purse, however, isn't as faithful to Kari as Phantasm is to Nightmare. But that's none of my business.

Purse doesn't enter the ring, he instead climbs to the top and flies off with a Moonsault. Tiffany gets her knees up!, Purse crashes into them. Tiffany rolls away and tags in Eddie Felt.


Purse runs at Eddie but gets a clubbing blow for his trouble. Felt kicks Purse in the gut, doubling him over, and then goes for a Snap Suplex. Felt floats over and pins the former World Champ.



NO!, Purse kicks out. Felt transitions into a Chinlock.

Zach Davis: This match really is past versus future. No pun intended on Jeff Purse's nickname.

Purse works his way to his feet but once he's up, Felt throws him to the ropes. Purse jumps up.





NO!, broken up by Ethan King. The new United States Champion picks Purse up and is quickly joined by Felt; the two execute a Double Suplex. King gets on the apron for a brief moment, only for Felt to give him a legal tag. King re-enters and runs at Purse, kneeing him in the skull. He quickly lifts Purse back up and executes a European Uppercut, sending Purse into a neutral corner. Purse stumbles out and King grabs him for a Russian Legsweep; Purse elbows his way out of it. Purse goes to whip King into the corner, but King reverses it; King executes a Floatover DDT! He pins Jeff Purse!



NO!, Purse kicks out!

Zach Davis: Welcome to the Future, indeed!

King lifts Purse up but Purse drops him with a Jawbreaker. Purse then dives and tags in Steve Orbit.


Orbit drops King with a Running Clothesline! King gets back up, boom, another Clothesline. King gets up again, boom!, another Clothesline. King gets up yet again and Orbit throws him to the ropes. Orbit runs at him and as the two collide Orbit jumps and hits a Leaping DDT! After spiking King's head to the mat Orbit pins him.



NO!, King kicks out!

Zach Davis: These two, along with Mikey eXtreme, fought a war at Aftermath. However, it was a war that lead to Ethan King coming out on top. Can he do the same tonight?

Orbit backs up before running at King and dropping an elbow. Orbit gets back to his feet and grabs King by the gut, lifting him.

Freddy Whoa: Going for a power move now.. Gutwrench Powerbomb!

KING REVERSES IT INTO A HURRICANRANA! Orbit flies into his partners, knocking them off the turnbuckle, as King dives and tags in White. White sneaks up behind the stunned Orbit and rolls him up from behind.





Orbit overcomes the initial surprise and gets to his feet, and goes face to face with Tiffany White. He ducks away from a swing, then another swing.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like he's trying to talk to her. Is he... is he trying to get her to join his.. uh.. business?

White will have none of it! She slaps Orbit right in the mouth. Orbit goes for his PIMP SLAP!, but Tiffany ducks it and hits the ropes, bounces and comes back, executing a Monkey Flip as she does so. She quickly kicks the downed Steve Orbit beforerunning to the ropes, coming back...

Zach Davis: ON THE bUTTON!

NO!, Orbit gets his knees up!, and White crashes into them. Both Orbit and White roll away to their respective corners; Orbit tags in Polar while White tags in Felt.

Freddy Whoa: Fresh men, here we go!

The Polar Phantasm meets Eddie Felt in the middle of the ring and the two participants trade blows! Flurries of rights and lefts!

Zach Davis: I remember when he was Kid Phantasm. Shouldn't he be Senior Phantasm by now? Or, at least, Adult Phantasm?

Polar gets the upper hand, headbutting Felt a few times and sending him reeling. Felt roars and fires back with a punch to Phantasm's face. Felt sends Phantasm to the ropes but Phantasm springboards and executes a Springboard Dropkick!, sending Felt half way across the ring!, into his corner unfortunately. Felt tags in King.

Freddy Whoa: Once again here comes the United States Champion!

King rushes in and hits a Rolling Lariat. Phantasm stumbles back up and King throws him to the ropes; as Polar comes back King executes an Exploder Suplex! He goes for a pin!



NO!, Polar kicks out.

Zach Davis: Ethan King may be the United States Champion, but some say he got lucky. He's a rookie at heart.

King quickly climbs to the top rope.

Freddy Whoa: Going high risk here...



Phantasm tags in Jeff Purse! King is on his hands and knees and Purse grabs him by the ankle.


After several moments of yelling in agony, King is able to flip over and kick Purse away. King stumbles to his feet and Purse kicks him before taking him down with a Neckbreaker. King climbs up once more and Purse runs at him again, this time executing a Flying Headscissors, sending King into a neutral corner. Purse lifts him up and climbs up with him.

Zach Davis: More high risk...

Jeff Purse goes for a Hurricanrana!, but King holds onto the ropes, stopping himself from flipping. Purse hits the mat and runs at King but King boots him in the face before hitting a Missile Dropkick!

Freddy Whoa: The Pride member on the offensive now!

Purse gets up and King measures him....


Into the pin.



NO!, broken up by Steve Orbit! Orbit lifts King up.

Freddy Whoa: PIMP SLAP!

Eddie Felt hits the ring and runs at Orbit, hitting a big Clothesline, sending both men flying out. Polar and White both enter next and the two competitors begin brawling; their brawl leads to them spilling to the outside as well.

Zach Davis: We've just got Jeff Purse and Ethan King left in the ring!

Jeff Purse is measuring King up....


Incredibly, the move spins Ethan King around as Purse rushes him - and King is able to grapple Purse and flip....


Freddy Whoa: BOTH MEN HIT THEIR MOVES! Whoever pins first has the victory!

White and Polar continue to brawl outside, and into the crowd. Orbit and Felt are going up the ramp.


No one is moving. The ref starts the count.




Freddy Whoa: I think King is moving!

Not quite... FOUR! FIVE!

Zach Davis: Is there a light in Purse's eyes?


Freddy Whoa: Someone has to finish this! This is the Trios Cup Tournament!



Zach Davis: No! Come on!


The ref calls for the bell.

Freddy Whoa: Come on....

Several moments too late, Jeff Purse and Ethan King are using the ropes to work their way up.

Kyle Steel: This match, as a result of a ten count, has been declared... a DRAW!

The fans boo.

Zach Davis: What does this mean for the tournament!?

Kyle continues.

Kyle Steel: Seth Lerch has declared that rather than neither team moving forward, both teams will compete next week IN A TRIO OF TRIOS MATCH!, with the team of Snake Venom, Cathy Fitch, and Bad News Benson!

The crowd pops.

Zach Davis: Well, we had a hell of a match here tonight, and they're going to fight AGAIN next week?

Freddy Whoa: Against a team who scored what could be considered an upset, at that rate!

Purse and King stare daggers into each other as security tries to break up the other brawls as we go to commercial.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Logan/Dag Riddik/Game vs Corey Black/Jayson Price/Teo Del Sol

Zach Davis: It's time to keep moving right along with the first round of the WCF Trios Cup Tournament!

The slow march of a drum roll hits the speakers carrying into "Treachery" by Bleach. Logan slowly steps out onto the entrance ramp to a chorus of boos, followed by Dag Riddick and James "The Game" Chevalier.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a WCF Trios Cup Tournament Opening Round Match! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined 663 pounds, the team of Logan, Dag Riddick and The Game!

The three make their way down the ramp and then enter the ring, with Logan taking the stairs while the other two pull themselves up onto the apron. The crowd boos as they look out at the audience and then make their way to the corner.

Zach Davis: This here is a heck of a team that you're facing Corey. Do you feel like you-

Corey Black:: Not now numb nuts, Daddy has to go to work.

"Pursuit of Honor" by Battlecross begins, with the melodic guitar flowing through the arena, getting the crowd pumped up. As this goes on, the lights fade to nothing until "Push Pull Destroy" also by Battlecross kicks in. Jayson Price and Teo Del Sol come running out from the back and down the ramp. Corey Black throws off his headset and all three men slide into the ring at the same time. They get to their feet and both teams begin throwing punches. Price and Logan. Black and Game. Del Sol and Riddick.

Freddy Whoa: This match hasn't even started and already it's out of control!

The referee is trying to get a sense of order but there's fighting going on all around the ring. Black has Game in the corner and is working ribs with kicks. Logan has Price's arms tied up in the ropes and is trying to strangle him. Riddick whipping Del Sol into the ropes, but Teo handsprings backward and takes Riddick to the mat. Teo now rushing Logan from behind and he throws him over the top rope. Teo now trying to untangle Price from the ropes as Black drops Game to the mat with an elbow to the face. Dag up to his feet and he attacks Teo from behind. Teo trying to cover up as Dag throws right hands at him. Corey Black now behind Dag and he spins him around. Black with an elbow to the face and Dag gets spun back around. Teo now with the whip and Dag gets sent to Price, who lifts him up and over the top rope. Dag hits the mat as Logan tries to catch him.

Zach Davis: Come on ref! Do your job and get these guys in line!

Game now rolling out of the ring as he, Logan and Dag are trying to come up with a strategy of sorts. The referee is giving all 6 men a piece of his mind. Corey and Teo looking at each other before the run across the ring, hit the ropes and then dive through with stereo suicide dives into Game and Riddick. Price still in the ring and he's staring down Logan, inviting him into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Oh dear god, this is a feud that goes back years.

Zach Davis: Back to November of 2009 to be exact.

Freddy Whoa: Thank you Professor WCF!

Logan pulling himself up onto the apron, demanding the referee keep Price back. Price complying as Logan slowly gets into the ring. The referee quick to signal for the bell.


Price tears across the ring and Logan almost immediately rolls out of the ring. Price trying to go after him but the referee isn't letting him go. Suddenly it's Corey Black from behind throwing Logan back into the ring as the crowd pops. Price pounces on Logan, driving a forearm into the back of the head as he tries to get to his feet. Price now rolling Logan onto his back before he throws a right hand to the face. The referee with a warning about the closed fists as Price throws another. On the outside of the ring, Game and Dag have made their way to their side of the ring as Black and Teo make their way to theirs. Price now up to his feet, pulling Logan up by his hair as the referee continues to bark out warnings.

Zach Davis: And this referee is doing a lot of threatening but isn't doing much to follow up with them! Come on ref! DQ this cheating miscreant!

Price trying to lead Logan to the corner by the hair but Logan shoves the arm away and grabs Price from behind. Logan with the schoolboy pin attempt.


Freddy Whoa: NO! KICKOUT!

Logan quick up to his feet and he's heading for his corner. But it's Price from the mat grabbing him by the boot! Price getting to his feet, holding onto the foot of Logan as he hops on his free leg. Price with a bit of trash talk when from out of nowhere it's Logan with the Impact Style! Price drops to the mat as Logan crawls on top of him for the pin.





Black dives on top of Logan mere milliseconds before the three count to save the match for his team. The referee trying to get Black out of the ring as Dag and Game enter the ring. They charge across as Teo leaps off the top rope and goes for a crossbody but Dag and Game manage to catch Teo in mid-air. Dag and Game now running full speed at Corey and they clothesline him out of the ring, using Teo as a battering ram before dumping him to the mat and rolling him out of the ring. Logan now leaving to go after Black. Price up on his feet and he runs up behind Game before throwing him out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Well being that this is Trios, Price and Dag Riddick are the legal men now.

Price trying to hit a German suplex but Dag blocks it and then reverses the hold before shoving Price chest first into the ropes. Price bounces back and Dag takes him to the mat with a clothesline to the back of the head. Outside the ring Corey is trying to pull himself up using the barricade as Teo is crawling toward the ring steps. Logan behind Black and he spins him around before nailing him with a chop to the chest. Logan with another chop and then Black responds with an elbow to the face. Teo to his feet and he's up on the apron. The crowd on their feet as Teo leaps off the apron looking for a moonsault but Logan moves and Teo ends up taking out Corey.

Zach Davis: Oh damn! That looked like it hurt!

Dag now sliding out of the ring before he grabs Price by the head and pulls him out to the floor. Game to his feet and he and Dag go to work stomping on the back of Price. Logan upright and he's pulling Corey by the beard. Logan now throwing Black into the ring and then he slides in behind him. Black trying to get to his feet and Logan lets him before spinning him around. Logan going for a small package but Corey blocks it. Black now lifting Logan up and he drops him with a brainbuster. Black with the pin attempt.




Freddy Whoa: NO! Dag Riddick saving the match for Team Logan!

Dag pulling Black up to his feet and then he hits the ropes before hitting the Border Hopper! But it's a short lived celebration for Dag as Teo comes from out of nowhere and hits him with the Habanero Hurricane!

Zach Davis: It's chaos once again!

Game slides into the ring and spins Teo around before he hits him with the Shoryuken! Price slides into the ring behind Game and gets to his feet. Price spins him around and then hits him with the Downfall! Price back up and he's the only man on his feet. He looks around and not even the referee can tell at this point who's legal. Price puts his eyes on Logan and goes to work lifting The Treacherous One up.

Freddy Whoa: Price calling for the Pricebuster!

Price pulling Logan up but Logan hits him with a low blow as the referee is busy tending to the others that are laid out. Price drops to the mat holding himself as Logan falls back to the mat. All 6 men are down in the ring as the referee is left baffled by what to do next.

Zach Davis: Somebody fire this stupid referee! This should have been an easy match to call but he's screwed it all up!

Logan is up and he measures up Corey Black who stumbles up....


Zach Davis: CONNECTOR!

NO!, Corey grabs Logan and throws him out of the ring as he flips! Logan hits the cold hard concrete. Corey turns around, only to walk right into a T-Bone Suplex from Dag Riddik!, sending him flying out of the ring!

Freddy Whoa: And here comes Jayson Price! He's recovered from the low blow - Seth, in my headset, is instructing me to say this is because he doesn't actually have any testicles.

Price runs at Dag and Clotheslines him into the ropes and out!, sending both men spilling to the outside. Teo and Game are both to their feet.

Zach Davis: Logan grabs the leg of Teo! Teo's fighting back but here comes The Game!



Game hits Teo with his Jumping Uppercut! He never stops moving and uses his momentum to jump to the top. He flies.

Zach Davis: GAME OVER!

James Chevalier pins Teo.





The fans boo as Game quickly rolls out of the ring. Logan and Dag quickly hug him as the trio backs up the ramp. Price and Black re-enter the ring, checking on Teo.

Zach Davis: Not a great night for The Team That Should Not Be.

Freddy Whoa: ....Did Corey tell you to call them that?

At the top of the stage, Logan, Dag, and Game all raise their arms together in unison to a chorus of booing.

Zach Davis: I'm surprised given that Jayson Price was in this match, Seth Lerch didn't get involved, and that he wasn't out here to see his boys get the victory.

Freddy Whoa: Maybe he didn't want any part of Jayson Price after the beating he took at Slam 350!

We go to commercial before our main event.

Trios Cup Tournament Match
Thomas Uriel Bates/Grayson Pierce/Mikey eXtreme vs Joey Flash/Jared Holmes/Andre Aquarius

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is now for the WCF World Heavyweight Championship! If any member of DRG garners the decision here tonight by pinfall or submission on ANY member of the opposing team, they will become the NEW WCF World Heavyweight Champion!

HUGE POP from the crowd.

Corey Black:: This makes it interesting.

Zach Davis: Indeed it does. HUGE opportunity for all three members of DRG here tonight.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first ... the team of GRAYSON PIERCE, THOMAS URIEL BATES AND MIKEY EXTREME!

The sound of Motorcycles blare through the Arena and the crowd goes wild. Thomas Uriel Bates on the left, Mikey eXtreme on the right and Grayson Pierce in the center as the ride out on their bikes and ride their way to the ring; circle the ring one time before parking and making their way into the ring to a HUGE ovation.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents ... the team of ...

Kyle does a double take looking at his cue card, shrugs and just reads it as is.


The trio enter on a souped up moped with two side cars. Los Tiberones is driving the moped and is being flanked to his left by Andre Aquarius and to his right by Joey Splash as "Easy Rider" by Action Bronson blares throughout the arena.

Corey Black:: I like this ring entrance better.

Freddy Whoa: It is very hard to look away. It remains to be seen however, the way that Joey ... err Splash and Los Tiberones will operate as a unit, what with one being champion and the other his number one contender.

Zach Davis: Provided he is champion after tonight.

Ref calls for the bell.

Andre Aquarius starts for his team, and Mikey eXtreme for his. The two circle around the ring, and tie up. Aquarius gets control immediately, forcing eXtreme to a neutral corner. He backs off for a second before slapping Mikey in the face. Mikey storms out of the corner but gets hit with a Belly to Belly!

Freddy Whoa: Big move!

Aquarius quickly pins Mikey.



Both Pierce and Bates quickly enter and kick Aquarius off. However, The Dag Riddik Gang uses this to run from behind as Joey Splash and Los Tiberones hit Bates and Pierce with a pair of Lariats to the back of the neck. Pierce and Bates roll to the outside while The Dag Riddik Gang members, all three, stomp on Mikey.

Freddy Whoa: Triple teaming!

Corey Black:: What's the point of Trios if you aren't going to triple team? Eh.

Aquarius kicks Mikey swuare in the gut and executes a Package Piledriver.

Zach Davis: I even felt that!

Aquarius pins Mikey again, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: The Dag Riddik Gang looking for the early victory and -

No! Mikey kicks out!

Zach Davis: No one has heart like Mikey eXtreme. His run as United States Champion as exceptional as I've ever seen!

Aquarius picks eXtreme up, but Mikey had other plans, hitting him with several rights and lefts. Mikey goes for a Clothesline and Aquarius ducks it, kicks him in the gut and hits an enziguri. Meanwhile Los Tiberones has made his way around the ring and assaulted Grayson Pierce from behind, just for the hell of it. He mouths some comments at Pierce after knocking him from the apron. This draws Bates down and Los Tiberones backs off.

Zach Davis: Los Tiberones targeting Grayson Pierce!

Corey Black:: Something about an attack on Wade Moor or something. I think.

Aquarius pins Mikey eXtreme yet again, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: SO SO CLOSE!

Aquarius picks Mikey up again but Mikey strikes Aquarius in the heart several times before throwing him to the ropes and hitting a Drilling Dropkick! Mikey then dives and tags in Thomas Bates!

Zach Davis: Here comes the big man!

TUB springs into action, as he steps over the ropes. He runs at Aquarius and Clotheslines him down, and as Aquarius gets up TUB grabs him and hits a Brainbuster! He then follows up with a HUGE elbow to the heart.

Corey Black:: Hot damn!

But Bates isn't done yet!, he hauls Aquarius up and PLANTS him with a German suplex, remaining with it for the pinfall attempt.




Zach Davis: Kickout!

Aquarius stumbles up and blocks a strike from Bates; Aquarius runs to the ropes, slides under, Springboards and hits a Pele!

Corey Black:: #Pepekick! Ha!

Aquarius then dives and tags in Los Tiberones!

Zach Davis: And the number one contender to Joey ... I guess Joey Splash's World Championship enters the ring.

Los Tiberones comes in and waits for Bates to stand, and once he's up he grabs him from behind and hits a butterfly Suplex!

Corey Black:: He struggled a bit to lift that one but for Bates ... Ouch.

Los Tiberones stomps on Bates several times before picking him up and whipping him to the turnbuckle. Los Tiberones uses his boot to choke Bates. With Bates stunned a bit, he takes the time to rush the DRG corner and he NAILS Pierce with a cheap shot that again knocks him from the apron.

Zach Davis: Los Tiberones with an utter lack of respect for Grayson Pierce. Such disdain, such emnity.

Los Tiberones climbs up and begins to punch Bates, but the crowd boos. Bates steps forward and hits Los Tiberones with an HUGE Spinebuster. TUB then does what everyone wants to see and tags in Pierce as Grayson makes his way back onto the apron and is by now PISSED with how Los Tiberones has targeted him

Freddy Whoa: Grayson Pierce about to get a little sweet justice!

Corey Black:: Eh, I dunno. We'll see.

Pierce climbs the turnbuckle, measures Los Tiberones and leaps off for a HUGE leg drop. Los Tiberones rolls off to the side after impact and stumbles to his feet. Pierce is there to NAIL him with a dropkick that sends him stumbling back and Joey Splash tags himself in. Joey Splash comes in and avoids a running attack by Pierce, kicks Pierce and then executes a big Snap DDT!

Corey Black:: That was pretty obvious. Pierce getting spanked again like he did at Aftermath.

Zach Davis: I wouldn't say that's exactly what happened at Aftermath ...

Corey Black:: Enlighten me Zack, what would you call it then?

Zach Davis: Uh..

Corey Black:: Exactly. Shut up.

Joey Splash stands and stomps Pierce, repeatedly. He picks Pierce up and throws him to the ropes before lifting him up..

Zach Davis: Looking for a Death Valley Driver!

But Pierce slides behind Splash and rolls him up!



Joey Splash kicks out! Both men get to their feet and Joey Splash ducks a Clothesline, lifts Pierce up and hits that death valley driver he was going for just to make a point!

Zach Davis: Pierce drilled to the mat!

Joey Splash pins Pierce.




Mikey dives in from the turnbuckle and hits an Elbow Drop onto Splash, breaking it up!

Freddy Whoa: Mikey saves it!

Zach Davis: Close call!

Mikey stomps at Joey Splash briefly, disobeying the rules, before exiting to the apron. But it gives Pierce a chance to get up and get his bearings before he grabs Joey Splash from behind and ...


Zach Davis: The World Championship on the line! Could this be it?!

Pierce for the pinfall. Ref into position.




Aquarius and Los Tiberones on their way into the ring for the break but ...

NO! Joey Splash kicks out.

Zach Davis: Close call! That was about a hiccup away from being over!

Corey Black:: Eh.

Joey Splash staggers to his feet, knowing he was close to defeat. Pierce runs at him and Joey Splash quickly hits him with a boot, following up with SUDDEN FLASH!

Zach Davis: He HAS to be out. Flash just ... wow!

Joey Splash doesn't go for a pinfall, he instead toys with Pierce and mounts him and grabs him by his hair... and slaps him across the face repeatedly!

Corey Black:: Bitch Slap!

Joey Splash turns Pierce over and begins slamming his head into the canvas before tagging in Los Tiberones, who comes in and waits for Pierce to get back to his feet and once Pierce is up, runs at him and tackles him back down JUST cause ... mounts him, punching him repeatedly!

Zach Davis: Several stiff shots to Pierce's face!

Freddy Whoa: Grayson Pierce has become a target here.

Los Tiberones gets off Pierce and raises his arms in the air, playing to the crowd just because he can. However, Pierce rolls him up from behind.




No, Joey Splash breaks it up. Los Tiberones and Splash, pick Grayson Pierce up and hit a Double Reverse Russian Leg Sweep!

Zach Davis: Double teaming!

Los Tiberones pins Pierce.



No, Mikey enters the match again kicks Los Tiberones in the back of the head as Bates rushes at Splash, Clotheslining him over the top rope!

Zach Davis: To the outside!

Pierce dives and tags Mikey eXtreme back into the match.

Zach Davis: No one cares.

Shannan Lerch: come on-


Mikey comes in and runs at him and hits ...

Freddy Whoa: eXplosion!!!

Mikey pins Los Tiberones!




No! Los Tiberones gets a foot on the ropes!

Zach Davis: SO CLOSE!

Los Tiberones slowly to his feet and stumbles over to his corner, tagging in Andre Aquarius. Aquarius comes into the ring but gets immediately caught by a lightning quick Pierce, who just got a quick tag from Mikey. Grayson Pierce rains down blow after blow. Aquarius with a wild swing at Pierce and it misses. Pierce now with the God's Paradox But NO! Andre avoids it and sends Pierce for an Irish whip ... on the return he jumps for a HARD ELBOW!

Corey Black:: Ouch!

Freddy Whoa: #FUCCUBOYANT!

Aquarius with the pinfall immediately.




Zach Davis: And Andre Aquarius picks up the victory for his team! Wow!

Freddy Whoa: What a war in there!

Corey Black:: Eh.

Zach Davis: Really Corey?

Corey Black:: You have a problem with my commentary? Didn't think so.

Aquarius stands as he is joined in the ring by Los Tiberones and Joey Splash. Joey raises his World Championship high as the trio mock and disrespect DRG.

Zach Davis: WAIT! What is this!

Thomas Uriel Bates is back in the ring. He runs at Aquarius and boots him right in the back of the head!, sending Andre flying out of the ring. Holmes quickly turns to him but gets a Boot for his trouble as well!, right to the base of the skull.

Freddy Whoa: Talk about a sore loser!

Joey Flash spins Bates and executes the Sudden Flash!


Bates hits yet ANOTHER Big Boot!, taking Flash's head off. He's enraged. He lifts Flash up and hits him with several stiff lefts and rights, pinning Flash into the corner. Then a series of elbows. Strike after strike to Flash's head. Andre Aquarius rushes Bates from behind but Bates shoves him away. Aquarius rushes him again and Bates wraps him in the Full Nelson...

Freddy Whoa: He hits The Badge!

Andre Holmes is next. He runs at Bates but Bates lifts him up into the Military Press and executes the Memphis Giant Slam!

Corey Black:: I know this feeling. Thomas Uriel Bates was expecting great things from this return. He got a Slam main event, but he wasn't able to gain a victory. He's pissed.

Holmes rolls out of the ring. Bates turns his attention to the World Champion yet again and runs at him, driving a knee straight to Flash's skull. Flash lifts him up and drives his forearm into the Champ's nose.. repeatedly. Flash is busted open.

Zach Davis: Mikey eXtreme and Grayson Pierce have left the ringside area, I'm not sure they want any part of Bates' antics here. But someone has to stop him!

But no one comes. Bates lifts Joey up and angrily hits ANOTHER Big Boot, causing blood to splatter across Joey's face. Joey hits the mat.

Freddy Whoa: He has to be unconscious.

Bates lifts Flash up yet again and puts him into a Full Nelson. He really cranks on the submission, blood running down Joey's face, before lifting him and taking him by the throat, driving him into the mat.

Corey Black:: I'm not a fan of the guy, but Thomas Uriel Bates is an impressive physical specimen. He's just decimated Joey Flash.

Bates raises his arms and he.. finally.. begins walking up the ramp. Jared Holmes and Andre Aquarius have left ringside. Bates' music is playing.

Zach Davis: Well.... Joey Flash's DRG team has advanced, but the returning T.U.B. got the last laugh. I can't imagine we've seen the last of this feud, not after tonight.

Thomas Uriel Bates disappears behind the curtain.

Freddy Whoa: From Zach, Corey and I, goodnight-

Treachery by Bleach hits.

Corey Black:: ........no.

Logan and Seth Lerch walk out from the back.

Corey Black:: Not now.

Seth has Logan's Final Destination briefcase in his hand.

Corey Black:: NOT. NOW.

In an obviously orchestrated move, security guards arrive at the announce booth, taking Corey Black by both arms and up the ramp. Logan and Seth pay him no mind as they march to the ring quickly. Both men slide in as Logan eyes Joey Flash like a teenage virgin eyes the head cheerleader.

Zach Davis: This can't be happening.

Seth hands the briefcase to the referee and yells in his ear. Joey's body is finally starting to show signs of life. The ref turns to Kyle.

Kyle Steel: Logan has cashed in his Final Destination contract! The following match-

Seth shoves Kyle out of the ring and calls for the bell himself.


The bell sounds.

World Title Match
Logan vs Joey Flash

Logan picks the lifeless Joey Flash up. Wasting no time, he wraps him in a Sleeper.


THERE IS SOME SPARK OF LIFE IN JOEY FLASH. He is able to throw Logan as he flips. Logan lands on his feet and is ready; he immediately flips.

Freddy Whoa: IMPACT STYLE!

Logan pins Joey Flash.





The crowd is in shock.

Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash defeated Dune! Joey Flash has been through hell and back, and he's on his second World Title reign. We may not like him or his tactics, but he didn't get to where he is without being one of the best wrestlers on the planet. He's NOT giving up that World Title without a fight!

Logan angrily lifts Flash up, but Flash shoves him away. Logan hastily charges him but Flash swings.


Flash drops and lands on top of Logan in what can loosely be described as a pin.



Freddy Whoa: NO! Logan gets the shoulder up!

Logan shoves Flash away since Flash isn't able to move himself.

Zach Davis: You want to talk about Flash's accomplishments, Freddy? I've been watching Logan since DAY ONE. He's won War more times than anyone in history. He's won the World Title time and time again. I hate to say it, but he's been the backbone of this company from day one. Without Logan, there would BE no WCF, and that is a fact. He's not called Mr. WCF for nothing. Logan has put in the time, and some have called Joey Flash a flash in the pan - no pun intended.

Both men struggle to their feet.





Logan is to a vertical base first and he grapples Joey. Joey is running on nothing but instinct, but he's able to elbow his way out of it. Logan turns and Flash grapples him from behind now.

Zach Davis: He's got him - LIGHTNING BOLT!


NO!, Logan lands on his feet. He shoves Joey Flash into the corner and Flash's face smashes against the turnbuckle. Flash stumbles backwards into the waiting arms of Logan, who wraps him in a Sleeper.

Zach Davis: CONNECTOR!

Logan scrambles to maneuver himself over Joey Flash, hooking the leg.





Treachery by Bleach plays.


Joey Flash is pulled out of the ring by medics. Seth Lerch quickly joins Logan in the ring; Seth has the World Title in hand. He hands it to Logan before raising the Face of Treachery's arm high in the air.

Freddy Whoa: Is this a nightmare?

Zach Davis: LOGAN FIRST WON THE WORLD TITLE IN 2002, over FOURTEEN years ago! His last World Title win was 2010, in which he defeated none other than SLICKIE T, Allen Guiliano. And now, on May 1st, 2016, he is your WCF World Champion once again.

The crowd doesn't know what to think. Logan and Seth briefly embrace before Logan climbs the turnbuckle, raising the World Title high in the air.

Freddy Whoa: I.... I mean, we've.... What are we supposed to say here? We've got The Family versus Joey Flash's DRG next week in our main event..... I'm white girl levels of "I can't even" over here.

Logan drops down and goes to the opposite corner, climbs up, and raises the WCF Title up again.

Zach Davis: Logan defied all odds and expectations and won the Final Destination match. He waited until the time was right to cash in, and he made the most of it.

Freddy Whoa: Where the fuck is Torture when you need him!?

Logan climbs off the turnbuckle and meets Seth in the middle of the ring once more. Seth raises Logan's arm, AGAIN. The fans are sick of it, even the old fans that clamor for a return to bygone days. They boo mercilessly.

Zach Davis: Simply treacherous.

Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Dustin Beaver/Occulo/Benjamin Atreyu vs CJ Phoenix/Cormack MacNeill/Shadowlove

Kyle Kemp Segment

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Zombie McMorris/Kaz Mazy/Scarecrow vs Caleb Ronan/Tomohawk/Justin Sane

Night Rider Segment

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Kyle Kemp/John Gable/Greybeard vs Jay Omega/Bonnie Blue/DeMarcus Jordan

International Championship Open Challenge

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Andre Holmes/Sarah Twilight/Crystal Knight vs Oblivion/Night Rider/Freezer Burn

Trios Cup Tournament Match: The Young Family vs Cathy Fitch/Snake Venom/Bad News Benson

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Steve Orbit/Jeff Purse/Polar Phantasm vs Ethan King/Eddie Felt/Tiffany White

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Logan/Dag Riddik/Game vs Corey Black/Jayson Price/Teo Del Sol

Trios Cup Tournament Match: Thomas Uriel Bates/Grayson Pierce/Mikey eXtreme vs Joey Flash/Jared Holmes/Andre Aquarius


Of The Week

Unstable Pimpelments vs White Pride



Joey Flash
Andre Holmes
Johnny Rabid
United States:
Ethan King
Teo Del Sol
Zombie McMorris
Tag Team:
Grayson Pierce/Andre Holmes