Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai hits.


The lights in the arena go out.

Freddy Whoa: Whats going on? We haven't even started the show and we have our first blackout of the evening.

Zach Davis: Who could this be?

The WCF tron goes static and the crowd starts to stir.

Freddy Whoa: Well, this could be legit. Ive been hearing rumors all week that the whole locker room is sick and tired of these static interruptions, and all the internet "self promotion", so maybe we got someone just trying to pull an imitation.

The WCF tron goes to a black screen after 20 seconds of static. A bunch of candles start to flicker and illuminate a bunch of kids who all have their face's painted like The Crow. After a few moments, they all start to sing in unison


Freddy Whoa: What the hell is the Cult of Crazy Kids?

Zach Davis: I don't know, Freddy, but this is not good. I'm already starting to get freaked out here.

The crowd continues to stir. The singing kids continue as one walks in the foreground, his face also painted up and is holding a candle. He turns and looks at the camera

Child: STOP!

the singing stops

Child: He is here!

Freddy Whoa: Who is HE?

Zach Davis: I think you know.

Freddy Whoa: That guy who's been over hyping himself and pissing everyone off by it?

Zach Davis: That guy who needs to suck on Zombie's dick.

Freddy Whoa: I think that's the one, yep.

The candles are all blown out by the kids and fog starts to fill the arena as the sounds of rain and thunder start to echo. After a minute passes by, the song "Heavy Metal Machine" by The Smashing Pumpkins starts to play. The fans blow the roof off of the arena

Freddy Whoa: WHAT THE HELL?

Zach Davis: See, its that faggot loser who cant even hold his own, he's here.

Freddy Whoa: Why the hell did the WCF sign this idiot. I mean, come on, he doesn't even know what a gag order is.

Zach Davis: That and he's a real piece of shit too. Guaranteed world title shots, multi-million dollar contract, the whole shebang and everyone is getting pissed off about it.

The fans start singing along to the song

Crowd: If I where Alive. If I where Real? Would you Survive? What would you do?

A bolt of lighting strikes the stage and "The Heavy Metal Machine" Logan appears almost out of thin air, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall, wearing black jeans, black tank top, his face painted up like The Crow, and wearing an Undertaker-esque cape/robe. A black light shines on him and his pure white contacts react, giving off an eerie glow.


Freddy Whoa: Folks, I'm also being told that apparently the multi-million dollar lawsuit, the guaranteed world title shots, and all this hype build up came with a stipulation.

Zach Davis: Oh, what was the stipulation?

Freddy Whoa: I don't know, they wont tell me.

'The Heavy Metal Machine' Logan slides into the ring and stands in the center of it. He looks directly into the main boom camera, and quickly raises his hands up to the sky and slams them back down ala Kane. Lightning streaks down and hits the ring posts, which causes 7 foot flames to shoot up into the sky for several moments. The music starts to die down as the song comes to an end, and 'The Heavy Metal Machine' Logan pulls out a mic from his pocket.

Freddy Whoa: He's actually going to speak, assuming he knows how to speak.

Zach Davis: Wake me when its over. sets his head down and starts to take a nap

HMM: All I've been hearing all week, is how i need to do this, how I need to do that, how I cant hold my own, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

He chuckles for a brief second.

HMM:Funny because if i knew this place was going to be like High School all over again, I would have done a whole month's worth of a smear campaign all over the locker room.

Freddy Whoa: Well, ok?

Zach Davis: zzzzzzzzzzzzz

HMM: We got a few guys back there who are already talking about nothing more then getting me to suck them off and trying to call me a faggot. Sounds like you boys need a little bit of alone time together with how much you talk about each others dicks. All of these people here, however..

He points to the fans.

HMM: They know for a fact that you're all jealous.

Freddy Whoa: Ok, this is... getting *yawn*

HMM turns and glares a hole right though Freddy before looking back at the camera.

HMM: You're all Jealous because I own the rights to the name: The Cult Of Crazy Kids.

Logan grins.

HMM: Which means all the superstars in the back, especially all the crazy women in this joint, are now all going to bow down... before my..

He holds the mic up and the crowd all shout

Crowd:: COCK!

Zach Davis: zzzznnzkkkktkkt huh?

HMM: You will all bow down and worship... my

Crowd: COCK!

HMM: Sooner or later, someone will also get to have a nice shot of my Special Pomegranate Eggplant Remedy Mix, and ladies, if your lucky, you may just get to have two.

Zach Davis: Eggplant? I like eggplant...

Freddy Whoa: He's not talking about eggplant, Zach...

HMM: But hey, I could stand out here all night long and go over all my accomplishments, all my accolades, but its become apparent that if you're not from WCF, then quite frankly, you and the rest of the world don't exist. All the wrestlers in the back are so caught up in their own little world that is the WCF that not only do they not recognize other companies, but the sheer mention of another Logan entering the company is like the thought of a second Jesus walking the earth at the same time as Jesus Christ. To you bitches in the back, its like a sin.

The crowd starts to get riled up

HMM: Because you see, now that I have appeared in the WCF, its only going to be a matter of time before the body count starts to rise.

A bunch of fans start a soft chant, which can't be made out at first

HMM: Some of you people know just who I am talking about, but the wrestlers in the back who only live in the confines of the WCF, they don't know, and that makes this little... game... even more interesting. The body count will rise, and so will my ascension to the TOP of the WCF.

The fans chanting is now starting to build up

Crowd: We want Mantis clap clap clap-clap-clapWe want Mantis clap clap clap-clap-clap

HMM: Fear not my Crazy Kids, for HE WILL be here. Until then, I'm serving notice to all the bitches in the back, you step into this ring with me and come hell or high water, you will find out first hand, just like all the others, when you face me.

Logan grins

HMM: Resistance..

He holds the mic up


He drops the mic and the black light goes out, sending the arena back into darkness. A bolt of lighting soars down and strikes him, and seconds later, when the lights come back on, he's gone.

The Empire vs Chuck Alexander/Severan King


As the camera pans over the stage and crowd we go finally to the ring where Severan King and Chuck Alexander chat idly in a corner, we cut to the announcers.

Zach Davis: WCF fans welcome to a massive night of action, there is so much on the line here this evening

Freddy Whoa: It's contendership and title matches galore TV title, peoples title hardcore title massive implications for all those belts leading up to one massive main event

Zach Davis: In a WCF classic tournament match up Brand new WCF champion Oblivion, just 7 days after capturing the belt will put the WCF world heavyweight title on the line against WCF's worst nightmare's own personal nightmare of an opponent in the former 2 time WCF champion Jeff Purse!

"Cult of Personality" by Living Colour kicks in

Freddy Whoa: But right now we have tag team action for you in the ring

We switch up to the ramp and the "EMPIRE" logo appears on the jumbotron. Out rides Benjamin Vanderbilt in a black leather suit jacket, black t-shirt with "EMPIRE" written on it in gold, black jeans,black boots, and blacked out Oakley shades on a blacked out Can-Am. He starts playing a air guitar and then the three wrestlers making up the Empire stand behind him. A bell sounds throughout the arena

Kyle Steele: Ladies and Gentlemen this is your opening contest of the evening, introducing first in the ring Severan King And Chuck THE REAL DEAL Alexander!

Back on the ramp Benjamin kneels down and then pops up as he then walks towards the ring followed by the three ice cold men in his employ. They circle the ring with Adam Young being the first to climb into the ring followed by Jinder and Peter.

Freddy Whoa: Not a friendly reaction for these 4 men, but last week they showed what they where capable of leaving 2 of the 3 men in the People's title contendership match tonight laying at their feet

Zach Davis: Adam Young actually told Excalibur to hit the bricks, after that match I'm glad he didn't!

Kyle Steele: Now entering the ring accompanied by Benjamin Vanderbilt and Adam Young! Peter PURE PERFECTION Pinkerton and THE MIDDLE EASTERN NIGHTMARE Jinder Singh!

Freddy Whoa: Kyle gets out of the ring and here we go

The bell sounds and we start off with Pinkerton and chuck, they circle and go in for a lock up but Chuck throws a slap instead and then scrambles to his corner tagging in King and diving out of the the ring and out of harms way before throwing his arms in the air and celebrating mocking pink

Zach Davis: A real show of disrespect here to start slam

Peter ignores King and goes to chase Chuck a decision that proves to be a mistake, King kicks Pink in the side of the head and he bounces off the ropes back into the ring, an aggravated Jinder goes to enter but severan is smart and drop kicks the top rope as Singh steps over crotching him

Freddy Whoa: Considering the actions of Adam Young and his crew last week I think it's safe to say nobody in the arena will be crying over that

Zach Davis: King and Alexander are new but they aren't stupid they know what The Empires game is and they wanna prove they play it better

Chuck rushes in and shoulder blocks Singh to the floor then goes back out to the apron

Zach Davis: Severan is just beating the shit out of Pinkerton in the ring!

King tags Alexander and then using all the adrenalin built up from beating down Pink he runs the ropes and torpedoes himself through the bottom with a Lopez suicida. Chuck after all this gets in the ring nice and slow and makes a performance of placing a chinlock on Pinkerton

Zach Davis: Vanderbilt and Young are panicking outside the ring

Freddy Whoa: They where dominant last week and now they can't get going the money on the outside is starting to get scared

Vanderbilt jumps up on the apron trash talking Chuck but Alexander just sits in the hold, the ref however gets in Ben's face leaving Adam open to rush in the ring and deliver a shining wizard to Alexander and scramble out again. Jinder finally gets up on the apron again and manages to get a tag from Pinkerton, he hits the ring with all the fury of a man who just got rattled in the knackers, Chuck coming round from Adams strike to his head panics realizing a very angry Middle eastern man is coming for him and tries to dive for King again but this time he doesn't get his lucky escape Singh grabs him by the belt and pulls him back and up into Blue Thunder style Jinder bomb

Zach Davis: at some point people will learn to stop pissing this man off

Freddy Whoa: lateral press!



Zach Davis: No! Severan saving this one for his team

Freddy Whoa: Singh took just a second to switch to a stronger pin that cost him

All 4 men end up in the ring together brawling until Jinder hits a Knee strike that knocks Severan back and then rushes him sending him backwards over the top rope to the floor and as the refs distracted in the ring Young puts him out of commission with a super kick

Freddy Whoa: this is not looking good for Chuck!

At this point Alexander is actually getting the better of Pinkerton but gets stabbed in the eye with Peters thumb, Pink looks behind him to see where his partner is

Zach Davis: Last week we saw an insane finish out of the empire duo

Peter throws Alexander at the ropes and as he comes back pops him up onto Singh's shoulders

Freddy Whoa: WHOAH! These Empire guys have it together



Freddy Whoa: Alexander has been poking Pinkerton this entire match right from the bell, he just snapped and broke Chuck in 2!




As the official announcement rings through the arena declaring The Empire the winner Severan is just sitting at ringside watching as Vanderbilt and Adam Young Join Pink and Singh in the ring.

Zach Davis: WAIT! WHO IS THAT!

WCF newcomer Greg St. Matthews has attacked Severan King! St. Matthews throws Severan King into the guardrail before tackling him down and hitting him with several rights and lefts.

Freddy Whoa: What the hell is this!?

Severan King starts to stumble up... but St. Matthews runs at him and executes a Running Cutter!


Freddy Whoa: This Greg St. Matthews guy JUST got signed and hasn't even had a match yet, what was this about? What beef does he have?

Zach Davis: Hopefully we'll find out!

We go to commercial.

People's Title Contendership Match
Drax Durant vs Excalibur vs Jon Davenport

We are back in the arena with A New Level by Pantera playing and Drax Durant on the middle ropes looking out over the crowd with a 1000 yard stare and a look of being thoroughly unimpressed



Crowd pop

Kyle Steele: Currently in the ring fighting out of Newark New Jersey, THIS IS DRAX DURANT!

Zach Davis: This man along with one of his opponents tonight was part of a barn burner of a triangle tag to open the show last week but unfortunately came out on the wrong end of the victory


Pantera is replaced with Dre and Excalibur makes his entrance

Zach Davis: Speaking of last weeks opener here comes his partner in that match

He slowly walks onto the stage and looks around him, he spits on the stage and energetically runs down the ramp. He jumps up onto the apron as he reaches the ring,

Kyle Steele: This is Excalibur!!!!!

He enters the ring normally. He gets up onto the top rope and looks around him.

Kyle Steele: AND FINALLY!

John Denver's "Thank God I'm a country boy" begins to play and Jon comes out from behind the curtain all smiles.

Kyle Steele: Making his way to the ring! Jon Davenport!

Freddy Whoa: Maybe the favourite to win this thing or at least maybe dominate it he has a large task ahead of him though

Jon begins to clap and stomp one foot in unison trying to get the crowd fired up before slowly making his way to the ring. High fiving fans and eyeballing women along the way, he slides into the ring and plays to the fans for a bit the ref gives a final word to the competitors and calls for the bell as the 3 men meet in the ring Drax and Excalibur look at each other unsure of what the others gunna do, Davenport is standing in front of both of them

Zach Davis: Tag partners last week now what are they gunna do!

Excalibur takes a forearm shot at Jon but Drax kicks excalibur in the gut only to be met with a straight right hand from davenport

Freddy Whoa: All 3 men starting this match on spaghetti legs

Jon elbows Excalibur and clotheslines Durant then runs the ropes looking for a double clothesline, the 2 smaller men matrix move to avoid him and then quickly chase him into the ropes catching him with a double clothesline over the top rope as he turns to come back for another attack

Zach Davis: This big mans taking a battering but hes still on his feet


Durant goes through the middle ropes hitting Davenport perfectly but the larger man is ready catching him out of mid air and slapping on a bear hug on the outside of the ring

Zach Davis: Durant is completely at Big Jon's mercy right now

Davenport runs Drax's back into the post as Excalibur looks on, he waits until Jon releases Drax via a massive belly to belly slam on the outside then runs the ropes himself


Freddy Whoa: Well that definitely translates into something I can't say on TV


Excalibur ran the ropes screaming and threw himself through them this time with a Cannon ball suicida! He hits Jon Davenport square in the chest with so much force and he is wound up so tightly he almost rebounds like a pinball, Davenport goes flying backwards over the announce table and some how through all the odds Drax Durant slides back into the ring and lays down laughing he doesn't notice the supposedly made of rubber Excalibur hop back up onto his feet onto the apron and come over the top Guerrero style onto him. He quickly raises Drax back to his feet and and whips him into the turnbuckle, as he runs in after him Durant uses the ropes to go over the top and as Excalibur comes back to meet him Durant drives a high knee up into his face sending him back into the corner he elevates him to the top rope but thats as far as it goes

Freddy Whoa: Davenport from nowhere with a running splash to Durants back in the corner!

Excalibur barely manages to hold onto the top rope but at the same time Durants head crashed into his gut, as Drax rolls out of the ring trying to breath Excalibur is left all alone with a very angry Georgian who beals him right off the top rope so hard Excalibur's feet collide with the opposite bottom turnbuckle, its all Excalibur can do to haul himself into a seated position but the big man shows no mercy tossing himself across the ring

Zach Davis: Cannonball in the corner! PIN!



Zach Davis: Elbow drop off the top rope from Durant breaks up the pin!

Davenport rolls out of the way and Drax goes for the pin!




Freddy Whoa: Thats what the peoples title means to these guys! What being a champion means to these guys!

Zach Davis: Not to mention Excalibur was told by a possible future WCF hall of famer that he wasn't welcome here so tonight he has something extra to prove folks theres my pick in this one Excaliburs taking it

As the announcers go on and on all 3 men are down, Excalibur exits smacking the floor as he falls from the ring Davenport rolls onto his stomach and stares across the ring at Drax who is arguing with the ref that his count was slow

Freddy Whoa: Look at the look in Jon's eyes right now!

Davenport stands up and goes in behind Durant grabbing his head and kicking his legs out from beneath him

Zach Davis: Davenport has had enough, I have never seen someone put together a rear chin lock so efficiently and with that much malice, he just took total control because he wanted too

Freddy Whoa: That's the life of a 6,4 240 pound man all you have to do is get the right drive to take that control

Davenport pretty much drags Durant by his head and neck to the center of the ring and then applies a disgusting looking camel clutch

Zach Davis: Excalibur is starting to stir on the floor but he might be too late Davenport has that thing on tight!

Excalibur tries with all his might to get back into the ring and as he does he goes over to face Davenport who just looks at him screaming refusing to break the hold

Freddy Whoa: He is gunna start kicking in a minute!

Excalibur almost bows to Jon Davenport as he puts a finger to his lips

Excalibur: SHHHHH!


Freddy Whoa: THAT'S 2

Both announcers: ENZUIGIRI!

Jon falls out of the hold and into the crook of Excalibur's arm





Zach Davis: HE DID IT!!!!! Excalibur proving he is the cream of the new crop


Excalibur is climbing out of the ring when "Don't get in my way" by Zack Hemsey starts playing. The crowd jumps to their feet as the Rebel flag starts flying on the jumbotron. Out steps Benjamin Vanderbilt and Adam Young.

Crowd: You Sick Bastard!

Adam smirks as Excalibur backs up in the ring not knowing what Adam is up to this time. Benjamin pulls a mic out of his jacket pocket.

Benjamin: Reading, Pa its time for a good ole Southern BBQ!

Crowd: Let him go!

Benjamin: Excalibur do you feel it?

Crowd: Adam's gonna kill ya!

Adam's smirk gets bigger.

Benjamin: This right here is WCF!

Adam starts walking towards the ring and Excalibur gets in a fighting stance. Adam climbs up on the ring apron and smiles at Excalibur. Adam drops back down smirking.

Benjamin: Look's like tonight is your lucky night son. We'll be seeing you real soon though.

Adam and Benjamin walk away leaving Excalibur wondering what is to come.

Captain WCF vs Dag Riddik

“Aenima” by Tool plays as the titantron shows training clips mixed with images representing Dag Riddik’s anti-liberal values and him holding the International Championship. He casually walks on the stage with is belt on his shoulder, cracks his neck, smirks, and thrusts the title in the air. He points to it and shouts ‘Bow to the whims of America’s savior, the International Champion, leader of the world’s nations!” He marches army-style to the ring.

Kyle Steele: Making his way to the ring from Roanoke, Virginia by way of Oslo, Norway and weighting in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds and standing at six foot two inches; Dagvald RRRRIIIDDDDDDDIIIIKKKK!!!!!!!!!

Dag Riddik enters the ring and gives a bent-arm communist salute. He grabs the microphone and gets ready to speak, but is interrupted by Captain WCF’s music.

Dag Riddik: What is this awful music?

Captain WCF runs from the back as soon as his music hits, straight to the ring and sides under the bottom rope. He runs to the middle of the ring and does a super hero pose before running to his corner. Dag Riddik just looks dumbfounded.

Zach Davis: Dag Riddik does not look like he knows what to do with Captain WCF.

Freddy Whoa: I still don’t know what to do with Captain WCF.

Dag Riddik rushes forward to grab Captain WCF but both men are interrupted by “Midnight Rider” by the Allman Brothers Band blaring over the PA system.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! It’s Thomas Uriel Bates!

Zach Davis: He must not have been satisfied beating Dag RIddik last week, he’s back to do it again!

Dag Riddik prepares himself for an attack as Captain WCF just stands in the corner, not really sure what was happening. The titron plays Bates’ video as he slowly makes his way to the ring not in his ring attire, but wearing slacks and a grey Oxford shirt. He casually ignores Dag Riddik in the ring and makes his way to the announcer’s table. Dag pays too much attention to Bates as he places headpiece on and greets the announcers, allowing Captain WCF to roll him up for a quick pin.


Dag Riddik kicks out quickly and stumbles back towards the rope as Captain WCF prepares for an assault.

Zach Davis: We appear to be joined by WCF superstar Thomas Uriel Bates.

Thomas Uriel Bates: Yes, thank you. I just felt it proper that I come down here and try to figure this match out with the two of you.

Captain WCF runs towards Dag, but is caught with a gut punch. Dag follows through with a knee strike to the face, followed with an elbow strike to the face which sends Captain WCF flat on his back. Dag quickly taunts the crowd.

Zach Davis: Dag Riddik quickly taking charge of this match.

Thomas Uriel Bates: I made the mistake of thinking Captain WCF was nothing but a joke at first. He turned that joke around quick though.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Dag Riddick goes to flip Captain WCF on his stomach but is met with a kick to the face. Dag stumbles back as Captain WCF jumps up and hits Dag with a jumping elbow strike to the face, planting Dag to the mat. Dag gets up quickly, and is met with a body slam from Captain WCF.

Thomas Uriel Bates: Looks like Captain WCF is taking control of the match.

Zach Davis: It does indeed. Dag Riddik not sure how to take this as Captain WCF takes charge.

Captain WCF hits the fallen Dag with an elbow drop, then hits him with a leg drop, then an elbow drop, then leg drop, then elbow drop…

Freddy Whoa: Whoa, Captain WCF is not letting go!

As Captain WCF tries to drop another leg drop, Dag slides out of the ring, forcing Captain WCF to land flat on his rear end.

Zach Davis: Dag Riddik escapes the relentless assault by Captain WCF!

Dag walks it off around the ring as the referee counts.



Dag walks towards the announcers table.


Dag starts shouting at Bates, who stands up.


Thomas Uriel Bates: Your family’s not here to protect you now Dag. Logan ran like the scared rat he is. You’re on your own!


Dag tries to get in Bates’ face, but is grabbed by Captain WCF and tossed back in the ring. Captain WCF follows quickly and slides into the ring. As Captain WCF stands up he is met by a big boot to the face, sending right back out of the ring. Dag slides out of the ring and grabs Captain WCF, sending in flying into the steel steps.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Dag Riddik sending a message now!

Dag grabs Captain WCF and whips him into the steel ring post. Dag tosses Captain WCF back into the ring and slides in after him. Dag locks Captain WCF in a full nelson and begins slamming his head into the mat repeatedly.

Zach Davis: This looks to be a massacre now.

Dag stops, and lets Captain WCF slowly stand up, catching the ropes as he stumbles around. Dag bounces off the ropes and runs up to the back of the stunned Captain WCF, grips should, nearly flipping him over while holding on and extending legs into the air, then forcefully rotating back down and thrusting both knees into the opponent’s upper back.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! The Border Hopper!

Dag instantly locks on a Kimura lock.

Zach Davis: The Trump Card!

Thomas Uriel Bates: Why am I not surprised his finisher is named after Donald Trump?

Freddy Whoa: Aren’t you a Republican?

Thomas Uriel Bates: No, especially not a Donald Trump supporting Rino.

After a long struggle, Captain WCF finally taps.

Zach Davis: Captain WCF taps out! Dag Riddick has won the match!

Dag keeps the lock on, refusing to let go as he stares at Bates. The mountain of WCF stands, takes off the headpiece, and walks towards the ring. The two men stare each other down before Dag Riddik finally releasing the hold and walks backwards out of the ring. Bates steps over the top rope and checks on Captain WCF.

Hardcore Title Contendership Match
Mikey eXtreme vs Apocalypse

Zach Davis: Next up, we've got a match to determine who the next contender for the Hardcore Title...

Freddy Whoa: Or as Nathan Chambers calls it, the "Perfection Title"...

Zach Davis: Whatever he wants to call it, he'll be paying attention to this upcoming match-up, as his next opponent for that title will come out of this. It'll be either Mikey eXtreme, or this man who's making his way to the ring now...

"All Nightmare Long" hits the P.A. system as smoke begins to appear on the stage and ramp. As the song gets into gear the lights cut out in the arena and red fog light shines on the stage revealing Apocalypse slowly crawling out from the back mesmerizing the fans with his war paint. Kyle Steel announces the match and Apocalypse's arrival...

Kyle Steele: The next match is scheduled for ONE FALL, and it is to determine the next contender for the HARDCORE TITLE!!! INTRODUCING FIRST!!! Weighing in at 190 pounds and coming to us from St. Petersburg, Florida! APOCALYPSE!!!

Apocalypse makes his way to the ring and when he gets to the end of the ramp in tune with the words "Luck. Runs. Out", the lights come on, Apocalypse looks to the ceiling with arms outstretched and utters "Apocalypse Now!" before finally sliding into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Apocalypse is twisted and weird.

Zach Davis: But so is Mikey eXtreme. We've seen the type of destruction he can leave in his wake, as well...

The lights begin to slowly go off, section by section, until the arena is completely black. "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains blares over the PA system as the lights on the stage begin to slowly flash on and off. Mikey eXtreme steps out onto the stage with his arms held out and his head titled back as he looks to the ceiling. Vidalia and Freakshow flank him as they make their way ringside.

Kyle Steele: Making his way down to the ring being accompanied by Vidalia and Freakshow, hailing from Brooklyn, New York and weighing in at 225 lbs, Mikey eXtreme!

Mikey ignores the fans trying to reach out to touch him. He throws the kendo stick into the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, crawling to the corner where he sits laughing and rocking back and forth. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at Mikey's opponent(s) as Vidalia whispers some kind of plan into Mikey's ear.

Zach Davis: Mikey eXtreme recently eliminated from the WCF Classic, so how important is this match to him to win?

Freddy Whoa: Very important, no question about it! He's got to rebound here if he wants to stay competitive in the WCF. Apocalypse is coming off of a very big win in a four-way match last week, so momentum is on his side, so to speak...

The referee calls for the bell, as both men charge into the middle of the ring at each other...


Apocalypse charges forward, as Mikey takes his kendo stick from Vidalia and quickly cracks Apocalypse over the head with it as he charges forth...




Zach Davis: Well, that didn't take long, but this is a Hardcore Rules match, so almost anything goes here...

Freddy Whoa: And a White Russian Legsweep my Mikey, and a cover...




Mikey picks up his kendo stick and continues to pummel Apocalypse with it in the middle of the ring...



On the third strike, Apocalypse grabs the kendo stick and rolls, taking it unexpectedly out of the hands of Mikey. Apocalypse is in obvious pain, but has an angry look on his face, as Mikey starts to beg off...

Zach Davis: Looks like Mikey doesn't want any of his own medicine that he doled out on Apoc...


Mikey smiles, as his entourage was obviously responsible for the trashcan attack. Apocalypse uses the kendo stick to recover, only for Mikey to superkick Apocalypse in the middle of the ring...

Zach Davis: X MARKS THE SPOT!!!

Freddy Whoa: Mikey grabs the kendo stick, but where's he going?

Zach Davis: He's going to the top rope!!!


Zach Davis: And now with the submission hold, as he strikes the forehead of Apocalypse with that damned stick!!!

Referee checks for responses from Apocalypse, but somewhere along the line he lost consciousness from the excessive offense that Mikey tossed at him. The referee calls for the bell...




Zach Davis: Mikey's screaming something inside of the ring...


Mikey lets go of the hold before the referee begins to reverse the decision, as Kyle Steel announces the results of the match...

Kyle Steele: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! Your WINNER, as a result of a SUBMISSION and the NEW NUMBER 1 CONTENDER FOR THE HARDCORE TITLE... MIKEY ExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTREME!!!!!!

Zach Davis: Poor Apocalypse couldn't get liftoff in the match.

Freddy Whoa: Trashcan to the dome'll do that, but Mikey eXtreme is our next challenger for the Hardcore, er I mean, PERFECTION Title at a date to be determined later!

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, we've got more action coming up after this break. Stay tuned!

Television Title Match
Night Rider vs Neforian


As the camera pans over the stage and crowd we go finally to the ring where Severan King and Chuck Alexander chat idly in a corner, we cut to the announcers

Freddy Whoa: Ladies and gentlemen good evening my name is Freddy Whoa joined as always by Zach Davies we would like to welcome you to The Santander Arena in sunny Reading PA!

Zach Davis: WCF fans welcome to a massive night of action, there is so much on the line here this evening

Freddy Whoa: It's contendership and title matches galore TV title, peoples title hardcore title massive implications for all those belts leading up to one massive main event

Zach Davis: In a WCF classic tournament match up Brand new WCF champion Oblivion, just 7 days after capturing the belt will put the WCF world heavyweight title on the line against WCF's worst nightmare's own personal nightmare of an opponent in the former 2 time WCF champion Jeff Purse!

The lights in the arena go out. A red spotlight begins panning the audience as 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing on the jumbo tron. Red pyrotechnics explode up and down the entrance ramp as the curtains open. There is a loud explosion as Night Rider steps out and makes his way to the ring.

Kyle Steele: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF TELEVISION TITLE! Introducing first, THE CHALLENGER!!! Weighing in at 335 pounds and hailing from Parts Unknown... NIGHT RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDERRRRRRRR!!!

As he gets to the ring, he grabs a microphone from ringside and steps through the ropes.

Night Rider: I can care less if you fans like me or not. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to kick some @$$! Now bring out my opponent and lets get down to business!

Zach Davis: Night Rider here and ready to challenge for the Television Title. Last week, he challenged for it, but was unable to break up the pinfall that Neforian picked up against Bad News Benson. Tonight, he may be able to right a wrong in his eyes. What is your take, Freddy?

Freddy Whoa: I thought that Night Rider's claim that he broke up the pinfall had some merit to it, but the referee did make the call. Fortunately, Seth has made this call to determine if Night Rider's claim had merit and can become the next Television Champ in a one-on-one match-up. Only now without the added distraction of yet another opponent in a clusterfuck of a match. We'll see if Night Rider can pick up the title here.

Beethovens "Moonlight Sonata" plays over the arena loudspeakers and the lights go out.

A single spotlight shines light onto the entrance ramp and Neforian appears. He is focused but oddly relaxed, almost as if he is knows there is a fight coming but isn't really aware that he is involved in it.

Kyle Steele: His opponent, making his way to the ring from Manassas, Virginia and weighing in at 250 pounds. He is the current and reigning WCF TELEVISION CHAMPION!!! NEEEEFORIANNNNNNNNNNN!

Neforian walks slowly down to the ring. He makes no eye contact with the crowd, barely acknowledges their presence. He grabs the bottom rope but doesn't pull himself up. He simply walks along the apron with the rope in his hand. There is a sadness in the way he looks at the ring.

Finally he pulls himself up onto the canvas and enters the ring. He stands in the center of the ring before finally raising his head up and looking out into the crowd. His beautiful blue eyes sparkle in the reflection of the spotlight. Neforian takes a deep breath in and slowly releases it before walking to his corner and waiting for the bell.

Zach Davis: He looks confident as he did last week when he picked up the win against Benson. What do you think the chances are this week that Neforian retains?

Freddy Whoa: I don't honestly know. After last week, when Night Rider lost his cool with the referee, he may be dealing with a much more focused opponent than last week. His one bonus is now he only has to focus on one opponent rather than two. The hard part of winning the title is essentially past him, and now for his first title defense.

Zach Davis: Referee calls for the bell, and we're set to get ready for what has the makings of a slobberknocker...


Both men move into the center of the ring and lock up. Night Rider easily powers Neforian into a corner, where the referee prompts for a break, as commentary states...

Zach Davis: Neforian not a weakling, but easily moved around by Rider's girth... AND A CHEAP SHOT BY NIGHT RIDER!

Freddy Whoa: NEFORIAN DUCKS!!! And now Jimmy Neforian pounding away at Night Rider in the corner!

Zach Davis: He's going to whip Night Rider across the ring...


Neforian raises a foot at the charging Night Rider, who slams into it face first. Night Rider moves into the center of the ring, but as he turns, Neforian scoops him up and slams him in the middle of the ring. He follows it up with a leg drop and a quick cover...




Zach Davis: A two-count for Neforian!

Freddy Whoa: Barely a two-count! Ref hadn't even raised his hand for the three.

Neforian goes back to work on Night Rider, picking him up and slamming a forearm over the back of Night Rider before whipping him into the ropes...

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Neforian bent over, and got a gutwrench side suplex for his troubles! Referee counting the pinfall attempt...




Freddy Whoa: Another two-count kickout at the count of two, but this one for Night Rider!

Night Rider wastes no time getting Neforian to his feet before slinging him into a corner, where he crashes into Neforian with an avalanche splash. He then slings him into the other corner, and repeats the same maneuver, before backing out of the corner with Neforian and executing a...

Zach Davis: Belly to belly suplex after going coast to coast with Neforian!

Freddy Whoa: The cover!




Zach Davis: Closer to the three, but no cigar or title change for Night Rider!

The crowd reacts to something happening at the entrance to the arena, as Freddy says...

Freddy Whoa: What in the hell?

Bad News Benson comes marching down to the ring with a steel chair in hand, as Zach Davis says...

Zach Davis: What is Bad News Benson doing here?

Freddy Whoa: I heard he was sore about losing last week, so maybe he's coming down to scout his future opponents!

Bad News Benson comes into the ring with the steel chair, as the referee cuts him off from the competitors. Benson just shoves the referee back, before clobbering him over the head with the steel chair! The fans rain down boos on him for his efforts as commentary states...

Freddy Whoa: And the referee is down! Benson goes to swing on Night Rider...

Zach Davis: Night Rider is having none of that, as he boots a swinging Benson right in the kisser!

Freddy Whoa: Neforian is up, and Benson tries to swing on him...

Zach Davis: Neforian catches the chair, as he kicks Benson in the family jewels!

Neforian tosses the chair out of the ring, before he rocks Benson with a right hook. Benson stumbles back into a shot by Night Rider to the face, courtesy of his own right hook. This continues for a few more turns, before Benson falls down from all of the head trauma received by both men...

Zach Davis: Seems like neither of these competitors in this match appreciated the interference by Bad News Benson!

Freddy Whoa: I'll say! Oh, and the bad times have yet to start for Benson!!!

Night Rider grabs up Benson, slings him into a corner and hits a stinger splash on him. Rider then sets him on top of the turnbuckles, as commentary does what it does...

Zach Davis: We've seen this before...


Night Rider then gets to his feet, when he turns and finds Neforian right behind him. Neforian kicks Night Rider, before he lifts him up, and runs towards a corner before coming down with a...






Zach Davis: It's over! Neforian retains in his first defense!

Freddy Whoa: Even with the interference of Bad News Benson, he pulls it off and proves to the world that his title win wasn't a fluke!

Zach Davis: We still got plenty of wrestling action ahead! Stay tuned, you folks at home!!!

Television Title Contendership Match
Brent Alpine vs Steve Orbit

Zach Davis: Coming up next, a huge match that has arguably been in the making for two years. These two men feuded as part of Pantheon and Sequitus but never met one on one.

Freddy Whoa: I'm surprised by that. It was regarded as a dream match back then - appearing in many fan's fantasy One cards. But now, is it fair to say it's lost its lustre a little?

Zach Davis: I think it is fair. Brent Alpine has been hit and miss since his return and there's many rumours going round about Steve Orbit potentially drawing an end to his illustrious career. Still, the chance at a TV Title shot adds some prestige, even if both men have had loftier places on the card in the past.

Freddy Whoa: Yep. I'd suggest that it's a must not lose match and both men are fighting for their careers.

A ghostly synth breathes over the PA.

The first keyboard chord of Prince's 'Gold' blares as a red shooting star firework darts up from the entrance-way to the left rafters. The second chord chimes as the arena lights flash red. The third chord accompanies a light blue star shoots to the upper right of the arena. Blue lights flash to greet the fourth chord.

Percy Micro, a micro pig with an electronic voice-box, scurries down the ramp to laughs and an ironic pop from the crowd. He is followed by the rest of the E.M.S. entourage, 'The Vulture' Dallas Culture and Esther.

As the main tune commences, a yellow spotlight covers the entrance as 'The Shine' Brent Alpine steps out from the back to sneers. A shower of sparks surround him, eliciting a brief pop at the spectacle. Alpine keeps walking, slides into the ring and jumps onto the turnbuckle. The pig 'speaks' in a robotic tone.

Percy Micro: Introducing our cherished commodity, from Rockhampton, Australia, weighing 259 pounds... 'The Shine'... Brent... Alpine!

'The Shine' glares in comical intensity and lifts up the back of his suit jacket like a Batman cape. He dismounts and hangs his jacket on the turnbuckle. He leaps onto the opposite turnbuckle. He removes his tie and long white shirt and throws them into the crowd, now ready for the match ahead. Percy is sheltered in Esther's arms.

Zach Davis: The Shine's been urged to be more ruthless by Percy Micro. But it looks like there's some emerging chemistry between him and his nurse Esther.

Freddy Whoa: Can you blame him? Esther draws some chemical reactions from me, that's for sure!


The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight. Yet no one comes out.

Freddy Whoa: Has Orbit missed his cue?

The song continues and still Orbit does not emerge into the entranceway.

Zach Davis: He's definitely in the building... or has been in the building this evening. I saw him earlier.

The lights come back on and the music stops. Ring announcer Kyle Steel takes direction through an earpiece.

Kyle Steele: Ladies and gentleman, I am ruling this match as a forfeit. Therefore, your winner and new number 1 contender to the Television Title, 'The Shine' B...


The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight.

Freddy Whoa: Orbit's coming!

Instead of Steve Orbit, a figure in a druid's cloak with a sinister pig mask ventures out onto the ramp. Alpine looks on in a disturbed intrigue. The swinish druid is rolling a long rectangular barbecue girl on wheels down the ramp. An unfortunate victim lays face first on top of it.

Zach Davis: WAIT! Is that Steve Orbit on a BBQ?

Orbit is lying prone and unconscious on the grill. His chin is pressed uncomfortably into the steel bars and he appears to have his mouth propped open with an apple. His hair is soaked in blood and specks cover his body.

Freddy Whoa: Orbit has been savagely attacked. He looks like he's being roasted.

Zach Davis: This is brutal and demeaning. Who is that guy in the mask?

Freddy Whoa: I can only speculate it's the man behind Percy Micro.

The masked figure continues to roll Orbit's motionless and decimated body to the ring. As he gets there, he hurls Orbit off the grill and into the ring. He signals to the timekeeper to ring the bell.

Zach Davis: NO! We can't have a match here! This is insane!

Confused, the timekeeper rings the bell. The pig masked druid gestures to Alpine. Percy Micro's microphone turns red and, still in Esther's arms, he speaks.

Percy Micro: Mr. Alpine, don't think he wouldn't do this to you! PIN HIM!

Begrudgingly, Alpine lies on top of the motionless Orbit. The referee hesitates before counting.




The timekeeper rings the bell once more; again lacking conviction in his actions. The druid motions towards Kyle Steel.

Kyle Steele: Err, ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and new number 1 contender to the Television Title, 'The Shine' Brent Alpine!

The druid rolls the barbecue to the back. Alpine doesn't even celebrate. He converses with Esther and Dallas Culture as if he's unsure what just happened.

Zach Davis: This is an injustice! Steve Orbit's seriously hurt and the match should never have started.

As Alpine and E.M.S. leave, the medical team run down to the ring and place Steve Orbit onto a stretcher. He is swiftly led backstage for urgent treatment.

Freddy Whoa: I fear for Orbit. Who the hell was the druid in the creepy mask? Is it Percy Micro - or Macro as I guess he's called?

Zach Davis: Something stinks rotten about this.

Nathan Chambers/James Chevalier/Stuart Slane vs Teddy Blaze/Zombie McMorris/Freezer Burn

Live from the Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania. WCF Slam returns back to the home crowd of Pennsylvania as they await another great show. From the series of matches, they’ve been nothing given short of satisfaction. They are hungry for more, and also mean the thousands of fans watching at home who want to fill on their bloodlust for entertainment. Kyle Steel stands in the center of the ring awaiting the cue to announce the introductions for the upcoming six man tag match. Always wearing that signature Tuxedo, and even holding that microphone in his right hand.

Freddy Whoa: Ladies, and gentlemen. Welcome back to Sunday Night Slam, and I believe it’s time for our pre-main event. We have Freezer Burn, the WCF Internet Champion, Zombie McMorris, and the WCF People’s Champion, Teddy Blaze.

Zach Davis: And they will be facing three of the four men competing for the World Championship at WCF Blast. Stuart Slane, James Chevalier, and the WCF Hard-- excuse me. The WCF Perfection Champion, Nathan Chambers.

Freddy Whoa: Very weird that he renamed the Hardcore Title but what’s even more weird is how James, Stuart, and Nathan will operate as a team as they really don’t want nothing to do with each other.

Zach Davis: And when Freddy means they. He means Nathan. They’re gonna need to work together against a strong team like Freezer, Zombie, and Teddy. If not, consider their momentum goodbye.

Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Ladies, and gentlemen. This match is a six-man Tag Team match scheduled for one fall!

“Ugly Kid Joe” by Tomorrow’s World is the first of the six entrance music to play in the Santander Arena surround system. Freezer Burn walks out to the crowd throwing every boo their can at him. He stands center stage with his arms stretched out, soaking in the negative crowd reaction as it entices him to bring out that sadistic smirk on his face. Letting his arms down, he continues forth on to the ring where a line of blue, and red colored fireworks fire up in the air simultaneously in a straight line.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the first team! First! Hailing from Wherever He May Roam! At six feet, four inches tall. Weighing in at 235 Pounds. He is “Freezer Burn” Wayne Hammon!


Freezer immediately climbs up the steels steps. He stops at the ring post to look at the crowd with that smirk as the fans at ringside are doing their best to show much they hate him. The first contestant swoops through the ropes, and walks over to his designated to stand on top of the middle rope.

Zach Davis: A lot could be said about Freezer Burn. He still has that title shot guaranteed for any championship except the World Title. So he could challenge Teddy Blaze for the People’s Title, Zombie McMorris for the Internet Title or even Nathan Chambers for the Perfection Title. All in all, Freezer holds the fate of each championship match in his hands with one single choice.

He hops off the middle turnbuckle, and warms up in his own corner as his music fades away. “Killed by Death” by Motorhead immediately blasts out from the surround systems, and the crowd know exactly who this is. The Honey Badger is being looked for by the cameras, and suddenly, they catch him standing on the stairs section of the crowd with the Internet Title raised high. Security do their best to ensure no one touches him as he walks down the stairs, flicking off all the fans too.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his partner. Hailing from New York City, New York! At six feet, six inches tall. Weighing in at 220 pounds. He is the WCF Internet Champion, “The Honey Badger” Zombie McMorris!

McMorris storms through the audience, and the fans at ringside. He even brushes some out of the way before reaching the barricade. He rail jumps it, and raises the Internet title belt high in his right hand.

Freddy Whoa: The four time, and longest reigning WCF Internet Champion. Zombie McMorris is possibly the greatest WCF Internet Champion of all time but also he’s a former two time WCF Hardcore Champion. Expect him to come at Nathan for changing the division into the Perfection division.

Freezer, and Zombie have teamed before so they don’t owe each other anything. They just simply relax, and them do their own thing. Once the music fades, you can hear the crowd throwing a lot of hate at them both.


The lights slowly go out as “Kickstart my Heart” by Motley Crue blasts onto the arena. Teddy Blaze shoots from under the stage with fireworks exploding away. He lands onto the stage in his wrestling attire with the WCF People’s Championship around his waist. The lights return back to normal as he unstraps the belt, and holds it around his right shoulder. Of course the fans in Philly would be extremely happy to welcome him back.


Teddy walks down the entrance path. He takes the time to mingle with fans. Shaking a few hands, taking pictures. Freezer, and Zombie roll their eyes, and make smart remarks about Teddy as he’s busy even circling the ring to just greet every fan who paid their ringside tickets.

Kyle Steel: Introducing their final partner. Hailing from Houston, Texas! At six feet, one inch tall. Weighing in at 180 pounds. He is the WCF People’s Champion, Teddy Blaze!

Teddy slides into the ring with the People’s Title, and gets back up on his feet. He sprints to the ropes, and hops onto the middle rope to raise his championship high to the fans at ringside.

Zach Davis: What do you think of this new persona?

Freddy Whoa: We don’t know who this Teddy Blaze is but he’s still our People’s Champion. I believe the only person we have to worry about is Nathan because if you recall, he put Teo Del Sol to sleep on his debut.

Teddy, Zombie, and Freezer are all discussing the game plan for their opponents.


It’s obvious this team is showing more willingness to work together to take out the three contenders for the World Champion at WCF Blast. “Journey to Silius” by Stage 2 captures the attention of their opponents. The arena shatters into darkness only for it to be cut with flickering green, and red lasers flashing everywhere. James walks out from the backstage, moving through the curtains with a very relaxed, and calm smile on his face.


James stands center stage with his arms stretched out, and he is smiling from the beautiful praise of the fans in Pennsylvania. He walks down the entrance path, fully dressed in his wrestling attire for the occasions. Some of the fans manage to score a high five but James looks at all three of his opponents in the ring, and quickly hops onto the apron before standing on the middle turnbuckle outside of the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing their opponents! The first member! Hailing from Portland, Maine! At five feet, nine inches tall. Weighing in at 178 pounds. He is “The Game” James Chevalier!

James is positioned on the middle turnbuckle outside of the ring, and near his corner. He raises his arms high to the camera poised on him, and the crowd praise him even more. Now destined in his corner, the lights slowly brighten up, and the lasers disappear.

Freddy Whoa: One of the three men going into the World Title match, and could very well be the 2016 WCF Classic Winner. This is going to be one hell of a team between him, Slane, and Nathan.

Zach Davis: Well. James hasn’t lost a match yet in WCF, and not to mention, he’s also associated with the Family. If he wins the World Title, and the WCF Classic, he’ll cement his legacy in no time. Faster than anyone I’ve ever seen in all my years of commentating for WCF.

James is warming up in the corner while his opponents are mouthing off about what they are going to do to him -- although Teddy is chillin. “Conquistador” by Procol Harum is the second entrance music of the team to go off. James nod his head along to the crowd cheering. Finally. Stuart Slane steps from the back, and into the eyes, and love of the crowd welcoming him back to the Satander Arena. He walks down the entrance path, and does his best to mingle with the fans along the way.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his partner! Hailing from Grant, Iowa! At six feet, six inches tall. Weighing in at 270 pounds. He is Stuart Slane!

Zach Davis: Who could remember the Slane? The former WCF Television Champion whose now in the finals alongside James Chevalier. He’s one of the favourites to win the World Title but if he doesn’t work together, they might not even make it to Blast.

Freddy Whoa: A lot is riding on this match but James, and Stuart are dead set on securing the win for the sake of their team tonight in Pennsylvania.

James, and Stuart greet each other, and assure their chemistry. The music fades, and now the crowd is getting ready to boo the one man they hate the most in this match. The lights go down as “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris & The Disciples start playing. As always, the models dressed in Bikinis spin onto the stage to welcome Nathan who walks out center stage with the spotlight only on him. They spin into his arms, and wrap the Perfection championship around his waist as he solely walks down to the ring avoiding any fans who try to touch him.

Kyle Steel: Introducing their final partner. Hailing from Hollywood, California. At six feet, one inch tall. Weighing in at 232 pounds. He is the WCF Perfection Champion, Nathan “Perfection” Chambers!


Nathan climbs up the steel steps, and waves off his own team mates before climbing into the ring. He stands in the center to raise up the WCF Hardcore Championship as the spotlight continues on him only. The rest of competitors are dying to get their hands on Nathan who hand all his belongings to the ringside crew. James, and Stuart are staying on the apron, and so is Zombie, and Freezer. The starting two are Nathan, and Teddy. His music fades, and the lights go back to normal. Kyle out of the ring, and we are good to go.

Zach Davis: As much as I hate to admit, Nathan is doing a lot of success in WCF but all that will come into question at Blast. He’s already the WCF Hard-- I mean WCF Perfection Champion but what happens if he wins the WCF World Title?

Freddy Whoa: In order to find that out. He needs to go through James, Stuart, and whoever wins the World Title match after this but enough talking, let's get the match underway!

Ding Ding Ding!

Teddy steps up into the center of the ring demanding Nathan to step into the ring. He nods his head, and respects the demand. Nathan steps up until he slaps his hand on the chest of Stuart, the referee counting that as a Tag.


Stuart gets into the ring, and Nathan stands on the apron smirking while Teddy is pissed. So Teddy, and Stuart start off the match for both teams officially. The two competitors inside the ring are side stepping, and hopping around the ring to get the warm up in their legs done with. No more hesitation, they lock up inside of the ring. Stuart uses his weight, and weight advantage to push Teddy back into an unoccupied corner where the referee interferes.

Zach Davis: Stuart Slane, and Teddy Blaze are being the ones to start off for the match. Nathan was originally the one to start off for his team but he coward out when Teddy stepped up to him.

Freddy Whoa: Others would argue that Nathan is trying to get inside the head of Teddy Blaze who was arguably created by Nathan.

Releasing his hands, Stuart backs off allowing Teddy some distance. They meet back up in the center again, and this time, they lock up. Stuart takes the head of Teddy, and locks his arm over it to apply a Side Headlock. He’s throwing forearms shots into the right side of Slane which loosens the hold. Thus, he pulls his head out, and Drop kicks his opponents into the ropes. Stuart bounces back into Teddy only for him to get Hurricarana onto the canvas.


Stuart gets back up off the canvas from the momentum of the high-flying move. When he turns around, there’s Teo doing his best with a series of kicks into the thighs of Slane. However, it’s not enough as his own opponent delivers a kick into his own ribs. Holding onto the right arm of Teddy, he is launched into his team’s corner as his back hits against the turnbuckles.

Freddy Whoa: Now Teddy is stuck in the one place he doesn’t want to be. Now James, Nathan, and Slane has the opportunity to continue the assault, and keep him trapped in the corner right there.

Slane attempts to nail him down with a few strikes but Nathan jumps the gun, and tags himself in by slapping him on the right shoulder. The referee calls the tag, and Slane is forced out onto the apron.


Nathan unloads with multiple kicks into the ribs of Teddy that sits him down in the corner. He even places his foot against his throat, and starts choking him out. The referee shoves Nathan off but he shoves the referee back for even interfering with him. Teddy bursts out from the corner, and knocks him down with a vicious clothesline that plants him down the mat hard.


Zach Davis: And Teddy Blaze find the courage to knock Nathan Chambers down into the canvas. About damn time someone gets his hands on him.

Nathan quickly crawls over to his corner, and tags in James to go into the ring. While James enters, the WCF Perfection Champion rolls out of the ring to recover from the harsh clothesline. He even argues with a few fans who are dead set on ridiculing him. Teddy also tagged in Zombie who swooped through the ropes, and shouting a crap load of expletives at James.


Zombie tries to knock him down with a clothesline but James ducks under his right arm. He continues his sprint into the ropes, and springs off them for the extra velocity. He leaps sideways off the canvas, and slaps the back of his leg off the chest of Zombie that takes him down with a good Flying Leg Lariat. Securing the top position, James gets the first pin attempt of the match.


Zombie kicks out, and Freezer is giving his best trying to get some courage into his partner. He helped him back up to his feet, and threw Zombie into the nearest unoccupied corner. Charging after him, Zombie side stepped him, and he collapsed into the turnbuckles chest first. James unfortunately is picked up at the right side of Zombie only to suffer his back printed into the canvas with a textbook Sidewalk Slam.


Freddy Whoa: Zombie McMorris with the great Sidewalk Slam on James Chevalier, and now going for the pin attempt of his own team.



James kicked out, and Zombie took the mount position to drop multiple fists down onto his skull. If that wasn’t enough, he continued the onslaught with a series of stomps down into the chest of James whose body look like a fish out of water. He dragged him into his corner where he tagged in Freezer Burn for some of the action. Holding him vulnerable, Freezer quickly sliced his leg across the chest of James with a snap Leg Drop.

Zach Davis: Now Freezer Burn is getting the offense in, and good team work shown by Zombie isolating that leg with Freezer dropping the Leg Drop onto his chest.

Freezer continues the onslaught by picking him up off the canvas, and launching him into the ropes. Off the rebound, he lifted him off the mat, and spun him around until dropping his back against his knee with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. James snapped off his knee, and he rolled around in sickening pain. To make matters worse, Freezer turned him over on his chest, and sat down on his back to lock in the Camel Clutch.


Freddy Whoa: Freezer Burn has the Camel Clutch applied on James Chevalier, and he has nowhere to go. James needs to figure out something quick because if this continues, he might tap out.

Zach Davis: Seriously James, figure it out. He needs to get the tag, and quic-- oh wait. Nathan is sliding into the ring.

Nathan gets through the ropes, and charges straight into Freezer Burn from behind to Big Boot him in the back of his head, successfully breaking the submission. Zombie, and Teddy rush into the ring but the referee stops him. While they are distracted, Nathan grabs Freezer Burn by the head, and shoulders to place his head under his pit, and snap his head onto the canvas with a DDT; The cunning Nathan slipped back onto the apron.

Zach Davis: Nathan Chambers broke the pin, and even scored a DDT on Freezer Burn. Even though he did it for his own intention, he managed to save James Chevalier from a gruesome submission hold.

Freddy Whoa: And now James is crawling to the corner for the tag!


He leaps into Stuart Slane, and the tag was made. Stuart runs into Zombie, and Teddy knocking them off the apron, and then returns to Freezer who just got up to Big Boot him down into the mat again. Picking him up, Stuart tosses Freezer into the ropes. Off the rebound, he lifts him up into a Flapjack before catching his body, and spinning him into the mat with a Powerslam. The pin is made.



Freezer kicks out, and Zombie even breaks up the pin. Nathan goes into the ring, and immediately Dropkicks Zombie McMorris through the ropes to ringside. When he turns around, Teddy Blaze quickly leaps onto the top rope, and springboards into the air to catch Nathan’s head in his arm, and spin him around to Tornado DDT him into the canvas.


Freddy Whoa: Beautiful Tornado DDT by Teddy Blaze. Both Zombie, and Nathan are outside the ring.

Teo gets back up off the momentum. Unfortunately, Slane had other ideas. He clotheslined Teddy over the top rope, and then Freezer got up to clothesline him over the top rope too. He left the ring, and now all five men are outside battling with each other while James starts to get up on the apron before moving to the nearest steel post to climb onto the top rope.


James quickly leaps forward into the air, and shoots his back to Senton Splash all five men down into the ringside mat causing a major car wreck.


Freddy Whoa: Diving Senton Splash right to everyone outside the ring. Everyone is down, and this looks like a car crash!

Zach Davis: Gotta give it to James for the amazing dive, and now he’s helping Stuart throw Freezer back into the ring.

Nathan, and the others are taking their times to make it to their corners while Freezer Burn is standing up in the center of the ring. Stuart was already bent down in his corner until he bursts out. Before you know it, he spins around, and knocks his back fist into the face of Stuart that knocks him out of his misery.

Freddy Whoa: K.O CHANCE! Slane is down, and might be knocked out!

Another pin attempt is made.




Nathan rushes into the ring, and tries to get the best of Freezer but surprisingly, he managed to side swipe him. It’s not until he finds himself in the middle of Teddy, Zombie, and Freezer who surrounded him. He’s looking at James for help but all James does is pull Stuart out of the ring to help him recover. Oh boy.


Teddy tries to kick Nathan but he catches it. He tries to spin him around but that only Teddy Blaze launch a Spinning Wheel Kick that nails him in the skull.


Freezer Burn spins around again, and lands his right backfist into Nathan’s face as well.

Freddy Whoa: K.O CHANCE!

And Zombie finishes it up by underhooking both arms while having Nathan’s head in his pit. He snaps down onto the canvas, and spikes his head off the mat.

Zach Davis: WORLD TOUR’69! YES!

All three men toss Nathan out of the ring through the ropes until they turn around to see James Chevalier springboarding off the top rope to Crossbody all three of them into the canvas. He rolls off them, and drags Zombie out of the ring along. So Freezer motions Teddy to go on the apron, and he eventually gets the tag.


Slane has recovered enough, and now Teddy charges into Slane trying to throw his right arm. Unfortunately, Slane sidesteps and takes that arm to lift him into a Half Nelson before catching his body on his shoulders for an Olympic Slam.


Zach Davis: HERE’S THE PIN!




Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winners, the team of James Chevalier, Stuart Slane, and Nathan Chambers!

Stuart, and James are in the ring celebrating. The two shake hands, and exchange of words honor, and respect. The referee stands between them, and raises their arms high.

Zach Davis: What a great match between both teams but the team of JAMES-- LOOK OUT!

Of course. From behind, Nathan knocks James Chevaliar to the canvas from behind by knocking him in the head with the WCF Hardcore Championship. Stuart tries to throw in a clothesline but Nathan ducks under, and also hits his face in with the title as well. Both men are down on the mat in pain but not hurt too bad as all. Nathan raises the title high, and points down at the men lying on the mat mouthing that he will be the next World Champion.

Freddy Whoa: Say what you want but Nathan has made the last laugh. We’ll go to the main event right after these messages.


Freddy Whoa: What an incredible main event awaits us shortly. Oblivion versus Jeff Purse for the World Title. Two legends colliding. The Classic has already given us one World Title change... could another be in store moments from n...

Zach Davis: Sorry to cut you off Freddy but I'm receiving word of an incident in the back.

Freddy Whoa: Uh oh, this is never good.

We cut to backstage footage. Officials and various WCF personnel surround a man who is hanging by his feet from what looks to be a punch bag hook. There is quite a bit of distress as the camera zooms in on a growing spot upon which drops of blood are relentlessly beating.

WCF Official: Cut him down NOW!!!!

A larger security guard and a WCF trainer position themselves around either side of the hung man as another official cuts the rope that binds his feet to the hook. The security guard cushions his head as he slumps to the cold arena floor.

Security Guard: Steady big guy. It'll be OK.

As they arch the man into a recovery position, we are able to see his identity. He is Stuart Slane, bloody and battered. He has an apple in his mouth, rather like Steve Orbit earlier. Also similar to Orbit is congealing blood all over his hair and head. EMTs rush into shot and attend to Slane.

We go back to ringside.

Zach Davis: The longer I'm here, the less I get appalled at some of the sick things on view in the WCF but I'd be lying if I said I'm not disturbed by this. Tonight, two WCF legends have been mauled and stretched out like pigs. Some one has to pay - whether it's Brent Alpine, Percy Micro, whoever. Justice needs to be done.

Freddy Whoa: Screw Justice. I'm just hoping we haven't seen the last of Orbit or Slane.

Adam Young/Excalibur Segment

WCF cameras have rushed to the back and catch Excalibur laid out on the floor with Adam Young squating beside him.

Adam Young: Put up or leave bitch!

Adam gets up and walks away.

Zach Davis: This rivalry sure is heating up! With Excalibur as the number one contender to the People's Title, when will we see these two fight?

We go to commercial.

WCF Classic Tournament Match
World Title Match
Jeff Purse vs Oblivion

Zach Davis: We've had a rollercoaster couple of weeks in regards to the World Title and the WCF Classic.

Freddy Whoa: First, Logan versus Oblivion ended up as a No Contest, leading to a rematch.... which Oblivion won!, unseating Logan and seemingly chasing him out of WCF perhaps.

Zach Davis: That got him the advance in the WCF Classic tournament - which brings us to Jeff Purse, his tournament opponent.

Freddy Whoa: We already know Stuart Slane, Nathan Chambers, and James Chevalier advanced to the Blast main event. The winner of this moves on to become the fourth man in that match. Who will it be?

"Survival" by Eminem blares on the PA.

"This is survival of the fittest
This is do or die
This is the winner takes it all
So take it all"

A pyro goes off and up through the stage in Rey Mysterio fashion, Jeff Purse comes flying. Kari comes out from the back as Jeff walks down the aisles, pandering to the crowd.

"Wasn't ready to be no millionaire, I was ill-prepared
I was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there
From the beginning, it wasn't 'bout the ends"

Upon entering the ring, he throws his hands up in the middle of the ring, corner pyros of red and green shoot out. He takes off his aviator sunglasses and throws them in the audience. He turns and sits up on the turnbuckle, waiting for his opponent.

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse won the World Title back in 2012, by winning that year's War match. He ended up losing it in an epic World Title match at One several months later to none other than Eric Price.

Freddy Whoa: That said, Oblivion JUST became World Champion last week, finally getting back to the top of the mountain after six long years. He's not giving it up without a fight. Jeff Purse has the credentials, but does he have the balls?

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around the jam packed Fargo Arena. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and the crowd is cheering. "Click click boom" by Saliva begins to play. The blaring guitar begins to play.

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...


Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly slinks out. The music continues the blare out and rattled the arena.

Oblivion bolts out onto the entrance stage. He raises the WCF World Title high in the air!


The crowd roars out. Oblivion goes to his left, bounces thrusting out his arms towards the crowd, bringing in their cheers... and raising the belt he took from Logan high in the air!

Crowd: OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!!

Oblivion turns around and bolts to the other end, of the stage. Once again thrusting out his arms before turning and heading downing the ramp.


On these Saturdays when kids go out and play
You I was up in my room let the stereo blaze

Kyle Steele: From Euphoria... Weighing in at 325 pounds... He is the God of Enlightenment... Oblivion!!

I was faded not jaded
Just a kid with a pad and a pen and a big imagination.
all this, I seek, I find
I push the envelope to the line

Guitar riffs ring out...


Oblivion thrashes and marches down the aisle along with the music. Oblivion walks around the ring walks up to the commentators desk and slams his hands down onto the desk furiously, grinning., then looking at the crowd, throwing his arms in the air. Obi bolts to a nearby barrier, climbing up, standing on it, nearly starting a riot.

Zach Davis: This is what a real World Champion looks like!

Oblivion jumps down and takes long strides before getting to the ring, slamming his hands on the ring apron, hyping up the crowd. Oblivion quickly run up steel steps and climb the turnbuckle from out the ring, once again hyping up the ring...

Crowd: OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!!

Oblivion stomps around, taking long strides, barking, shaking the top ring rope.

Freddy Whoa: He's a madman, and the fans love him for it.

Jeff Purse looks on, grinning a bit, despite himself. Oblivion turns and and stares at him as the bell rings. The crowd begins chanting immediately.


Crowd: OBLIV-I-ON!


Crowd: OBLIV-I-ON!

Purse and Oblivion both look out at the audience, gauging their reactions as they quickly turn their attention back to one another. They circle around and tie up.


Crowd: OBLIV-I-ON!

Stalemate. They break away, circle again, tie up again.


Crowd: OBLIV-I-ON!

Purse puts Oblivion into a headlock, but Oblivion jabs him and switches behind, hitting a Back Bodydrop. Purse gets up quickly and Oblivion whips him to the ropes but Purse reverses it, sending Oblivion in instead. As Oblivion comes back Purse fires off a beautiful Dropkick!, popping the crowd. Oblivion rolls away as Purse plays to the crowd for a brief second.

Zach Davis: Don't waste time getting cocky, Purse!

Freddy Whoa: The crowd is super into Oblivion, but Purse is a fan favorite too. If one of these guys can get the crowd's momentum on their side it could be a pretty big momentum shift actually!

Oblivion pulls himself up with the ropes and Purse goes charging in - but Oblivion gets the boot up. Purse reels away and Oblivion runs at him and hits a Big Boot to the back of his head.

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse crumbles to the mat. Oof.

Freddy Whoa: A lot of people in wrestling do beautiful, technically proficient moves. Some do flippy moves. And some people just kick other people in the head until their brains are mush.

Purse tries to get back up but Oblivion drops an elbow on his back quickly, then gets back up and immediately drops another one, then gets back up and drops another. Oblivion then transitions into a Camel Clutch.

Zach Davis: There was some good back and forth but it would seem the World Champion is firmly in control.

Purse yells out in pain but won't quit. Oblivion knows it's too early. He releases the Camel Clutch and jumps up and back down, smashing all of his weight onto the back of Jeff Purse. Purse yells out in pain and, as if encouraged, Oblivion jumps up and does it again. And again - but this time Purse is able to roll over and scurry backwards, rolling back to his feet, grappling behind Oblivion. Purse spins Oblivion around and pulls him in for a Clothesline!

Freddy Whoa: RAINMAKER!

NO!, Oblivion grabs his arm and takes him down, locking him into an Armbar!

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse went for something new and it backfired on him this time!

Purse is able to scramble to the ropes and grab it, causing Oblivion to break the hold. He does, and waits for Purse to get back up. Once Purse is up Oblivion pushes him into the corner and then hits a vicious knife edge chop.

Crowd: WHOOO!

He hits another.

Crowd: WHOO!

He hits another - no!, Jeff Purse grabs Oblivion and switches around, shoving Oblivion into the turnbuckle and then hitting a rapid fire series of chops!, too fast for the crowd to even whoooo along to!

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion stumbles out from the corner now...

Spinning Heel Kick from Purse, doubling Oblivion over. He then hits the ropes, comes back, and hits a Hurricanrana - into a pin!



No!, Oblivion breaks free.

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse with the first nearfall of the match!

Purse rolls away and Oblivion starts getting to his feet - but Purse runs at him and Dropkicks him right in the face. Oblivion goes down and Purse runs to the ropes and Springboards.

Freddy Whoa: Moonsault!, into another pin attempt!



No!, Oblivion kicks out again. Purse kicks him a few times, making sure he's dazed enough before he begins climbing to the top.

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse going high risk, as he always does....

Oblivion is working to his feet and Purse waits a second once he's up...

Freddy Whoa: Flying Dropkick!

No!, Oblivion swats him away. Purse hits the mat and Oblivion measures him as he gets back up, waiting behind him.

Zach Davis: Sleeper applied by Oblivion.... Sleeper Suplex!

Purse is face down on the mat and Oblivion drops an elbow onto his back not once, not twice, but thrice. He then starts simply kicking his back repeatedly.

Freddy Whoa: We saw that Camel Clutch earlier, and now Oblivion is once again targeting Purse's back.

Zach Davis: That said, Oblivion is indeed The Monster. He might target a specific body part for a set amount of time but I think overall he just wants to destroy. He'll hurt any and every body part he can.

Oblivion lifts Purse up and throws him to the ropes. He lifts Purse up into a Gorilla Press and then drops him into a Backbreaker.

Freddy Whoa: OOF. Damn.

Oblivion kicks at Purse a few times, who now knows he's in trouble. The World Champion lifts him again and shoves him again into the turnbuckle. He starts elbowing Purse in the face several times, slowly and methodically. After he knows Purse is dazed he lifts him up on top.

Zach Davis: He has him in position....


Oblivion goes for a pin now.



NO!, Purse kicks out.

Zach Davis: Like we said earlier, Jeff Purse is a One main eventer. He's gone through hell and back with the likes of Eric Price, Sarah Twilight, Jonny Fly, Steve Orbit.... He's been in the ring with the best of the best.

Freddy Whoa: And so has Oblivion.

Purse backs himself into the corner but Oblivion is on him. He runs at him and knees him right in the face, collapsing Purse to the mat. Oblivion then runs at him again and hits a Sliding Dropkick, sending Purse flying out of the ring.

Zach Davis: That isn't something we always see from Oblivion, but both of these men know they have to try new things to take one another down. This is a PPV calibur main event.

Oblivion quickly climbs to the outside of the ring and lifts Purse up. He whips him right into the steel ring steps, which Purse crashes into. Purse yells out in pain and this seemingly energizes Oblivion, who lifts him again and smashes him face first into the turnbuckle!

Freddy Whoa: They don't call him The Monster for nothing. The fans may like him at the moment, but he's as vicious and bloodthirsty as ever.

Oblivion rolls Purse into the ring so that his head is still hanging off the apron, then runs at him and boots him right in the skull. Oblivion climbs up onto the apron then runs at Purse, who is now face down, and drops a Guillotine Leg Drop!, sandwhiching Purse between the apron and his leg.

Zach Davis: Vicious offense there from our World Champion.

Oblivion rolls back in the ring and Purse is crawling away, barely knowing where he is. Oblivion starts stomping at him, targeting each body part, looking to wear him out completely.

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion going high risk now.... is he thinking....


Zach Davis: Into the pin!



NO!, Purse kicks out!

Freddy Whoa: I'm not sure how this match is going to end. This is a new WCF, with new opportunity, and both of these legends are looking to prove they deserve it. How can one possibly put the other away!

Oblivion backs off, letting Purse fight up under his own power.


Crowd: OBLIV-I-ON!

Oblivion kicks Purse right in the stomach, doubling him over, before hitting a Snap Suplex right into the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: The back of Jeff Purse once again targeted as it is Suplexed right into the turnbuckle... erf.

Oblivion once again kicks at Purse for several moments but Purse knows he needs to get some offense in. He starts fighting to his feet, building momentum, doing his best to overcome Oblivion's strikes. Once he's up Oblivion throws him to the corner then charges.




Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Have we ever seen anything like that before!?!?

Oblivion quickly pins Purse, legs hooked, knowing he's just retained the belt.





The fans are in disbelief!


Crowd: OBLIV-I-ON!


Crowd: OBLIV-I-ON!

Jeff Purse would be full of disbelief if he had the presence of mind to process anything, let alone what just happened. Oblivion angrily lifts him up and throws him to the ropes, but Purse - with whatever is left - is able to reverse it. Oblivion comes back towards Purse.

Zach Davis: THE SPOKE!






But Jeff Purse's boot was enough to take Oblivion out of it. Both men slowly start working their way up.

Freddy Whoa: As much of a beating Oblivion has put on Purse, Purse just hit a VERY stiff kick to Oblivion's very brain. One bad kick to the head can render an entire match's worth of momentum meaningless.

Zach Davis: Indeed - that one kick may equalized things.

As both men are to their feet, Purse goes to grab Oblivion - but Oblivion fires off a Superkick of his own!

Freddy Whoa: CAN U SAY NITE-NITE!?

Purse flies back, right into the corner. Oblivion runs at him and jumps.


Purse collapses into the middle of the ring and Oblivion pins him!




NO!, .... he is pulled out of the ring.

Zach Davis: What is Seth doing here!?

The crowd boos as Seth, who is wearing a Logan T-shirt, spits a green mist into Oblivion's face.

Freddy Whoa: A MIST!? We know Oblivion spits a Blue Haze mist, but now Seth got Oblivion with a mist of his own!?

Seth rolls Oblivion back into the ring. Jeff Purse hasn't seen what happened - he was too busy recovering on his own. Oblivion stumbles to his feet, swinging, blind. Purse is behind him and jumps.


Purse smashes Oblivion's head to the mat and then floats over and pins him in the center of the ring.




Freddy Whoa: We've got a new World Champion!

The bell sounds and Jeff Purse rolls off of the body of Oblivion. Oblivion flails, tearing at his face, trying to get rid of the green mist.

Zach Davis: Say what you will, but Jeff Purse took everything Oblivion has and he never gave up. He took everything The Monster had, and in the end, he was able to take Oblivion down for the one, two, three.

Purse is handed the World Title, which he looks down at for a moment before climbing the turnbuckle and raising it in the air!

Freddy Whoa: Jeff Purse is the World Champion once again! For the first time since early 2013!, The Future has come!

Seth Lerch backpeddles up the ramp, looking towards Oblivion and shouting, pointing at his Logan T-shirt as he does.

Zach Davis: We're out of time. Jeff Purse has become your WCF World Champion, and our WCF Classic finals are set.

Freddy Whoa: Nathan Chambers. Stuart Slane. James Chevalier. And now, Jeff Purse.

Zach Davis: We've got several weeks until then, however, and after what happened to Oblivion... there is going to be hell to pay.

Slam fades to black as Jeff Purse continues to celebrate.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

The Empire vs Chuck Alexander/Severan King

People's Title Contendership Match: Drax Durant vs Excalibur vs Jon Davenport

Captain WCF vs Dag Riddik

Hardcore Title Contendership Match: Mikey eXtreme vs Apocalypse

Television Title Match: Night Rider vs Neforian

Television Title Contendership Match: Brent Alpine vs Steve Orbit

Nathan Chambers/James Chevalier/Stuart Slane vs Teddy Blaze/Zombie McMorris/Freezer Burn

Adam Young/Excalibur Segment

WCF Classic Tournament World Title Match: Jeff Purse vs Oblivion


Of The Week

World Champion
Night Rider vs Neforian



Nathan Chambers
Teddy Blaze
Zombie McMorris