Slam Intro

A sign flickers on the screen like a busted old bar light and the green of WCF is seen flickering and then goes dark as the intro video begins and Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai blasts on the screen, we are treated to different highlights from the last year and the cast of the show and then we are in the arena with the fireworks exploding and the people going crazy, as has become usual for slam we can see the ring is already full of people as the camera goes through its panning Ariel shot over the the fans and down to the announcers


Freddy Whoa: That's right folks we are pouring on the title matches this evening and have something special for the main event.

Zach Davis: Folks tonight we will see the TV title and Tag titles decided but in the afore mentioned main event we have something that doesn't happen often as the WCF hardcore title will bring its circus of brutality to the top of the card!

Freddy Whoa: Mikey Extreme could have some trouble with his challenger tonight Nathan Chambers has not slept on anything since he started here in WCF I am predicting a new champ. Let's start the show!

'Survival' by Eminem hits the PA and the fans get on their feet and begin cheering. Jeff Purse comes flying out of the stage with a bang.

Zach Davis: There he is, the former champion Jeff Purse.

Freddy Whoa: What is he doing coming out here?

Zach Davis: I don't know...I am not psychic Freddy.

Jeff walks down the ramp, interacting with the fans, slapping hands and just being overall friendly. He walks up the steps and jumps over the top rope to a pretty good reception. Jeff grabs a mic and waits for the crowd to die down.

Jeff Purse: When you are champion, there is no stopping the little people chomping at the bit. Everyone not only thinks that they can hang, but they all think they are deserving. Not even one of them are usually deserving. However, that is one man that was very deserving of the title, and he showed it by pinning me in the middle of this very ring.

The crowd beings to get loud again.


The opening guitar riff to Procol Harum’s “Conquistdor” blasts through the Prudential Center’s speakers, inducing a Pavlonian pop from the fans which quickly subsides. Stepping out onto the stage in a blue suit too short for his rangy arms and too long for his bowed legs is the new WCF World Champion.

Zach Davis: Stuart Slane has been a part of WCF off and on since 2012, and has won several titles during that time. But I never thought I'd see him holding the belt that is the prize everyone in the sport aspires to possess.

Slane smiles despite the somewhat tepid reaction to his entrance. He takes the WCF Title from his shoulder and holds it high above his head, before resetting it and walking down the ramp.

Freddy Whoa: Last week’s Blast Pay Per View saw Stuart Slane win the WCF Classic Tournament to become Wrestling Championship Federation’s World Champion. It was an amazing match involving three of this company’s brightest stars, with the former Scoutmaster eking out a victory against the man who just introduced him, the previous champ Jeff Purse, and current Hardcore Title holder Nathan Chambers.

When he reaches the bottom of the ramp Stuart strides to the timekeeper’s table, where he is given a microphone. Then he climbs the ring steps, carefully maneuvers his way between the ropes, and moves his way to the center of the ring. He says something off mic to Jeff. The two smile and shake hands warmly. Then Slane addresses the crowd.

Stuart Slane: Hello, Newark!

There’s the standard cheap hometown pop. Stu adjusts his red and white striped tie.

Stuart Slane: And Happy Fourth of July!

There’s the standard cheap jingoistic pop along with a scattered ‘USA! USA!” chant that lasts for a few seconds.

Stuart Slane: I know you all are here to see fireworks of a different sort, so I will be brief. In four weeks, this title-

He holds up the WCF Championship again.

Stuart Slane: -along with every other Wrestling Championship Federation title will be defended in a match unlike any other in the sport: Ultimate Showdown. It is a marquee event on the WCF calendar, one no fan should ever miss, and no wrestler should want to pass on. But, and here’s the problem- I’m not interested in waiting until Ultimate Showdown to defend the WCF Title. And I’m sure the WCF Galaxy does not want to wait until Ultimate Showdown to see the title defended.

The fans do give a loud ovation to Slane’s last statement. He nods.

Stuart Slane: I figured that. You know who else feels the same way you do? Every single wrestler in the back who would love the privilege to fight for the grandest prize in all of pro-wrestling! That’s why, tonight, one day before the recognized anniversary of the founding of the United States of America, the Land of Opportunity; I’m issuing an OPEN CHALLENGE to the WCF locker room!

Huge pop from the Newark crowd! Jeff who is still in the ring, cocks an eyebrow, but applauds the announcement.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Stuart Slane is giving the entire WCF roster a chance to fight for the World Title! Can he do that?

Zach Davis: Who knows, but he just did!

Stuart Slane: Any man or woman who wants this opportunity can come on out and stake their claim RIGHT NOW! Erm, first make sure the technicians have your entrance music and any accompanying ballyhoo cued up and ready to go. Rules are rules, after all.

There’s a cheer in appreciation of following the conventions of the sport! The WCF Galaxy waits eagerly to see who will step out to accept Slane’s challenge.

Ain't No Grave by Johnny Cash begins to play. Out walks Severan King wearing his usual white suit. Instead of doing his showboating on the stage he keeps his eyes focused on Stuart Slane standing in the ring and makes his way down.

Zach Davis: This is not someone I expected to come out here.

King climbs into the ring and motions for the sound techs to cut the music.

Severan King: Mr. Slane it is nice to see you. Congrats on the title win by the way. I will say it is a very brave move issuing an open challenge for just anyone to walk out here and take it away from you. Now I will admit you are right, a lot of people back there were scrambling to get their music played so they can come running out here and throw down a challenge. Luckily for me the sound guy is a buddy of mine.

King walks around the ring for a moment looking as though he is lost in thought

Severan King: I will tell you what Mr. Slane, I will accept your challenge. Only because I know that losing to me would look a lot better than losing to anyone else in that locker room. I've become the master of the triple threat match here recently so taking on just one of you should be no problem whatsoever.

King's last statement causes Stuart to smirk slightly. He exchanges glances with Jeff, who shrugs.

Stuart Slane: I'll say this for you, Mister King: you're confident. It must be because of that undefeated streak you have going. If I were new to WCF I'd be proud of that accomplishment too. But you're not going to be wrestling Heavy Metal Machine or Greg St. Mathews for the World Championship. You're going to be wrestling me. Sure you're up for that?

Severan King: Of course I won't be wrestling either of them. They don't have something I want. You do, Mr. Slane. I think you'd be a fool to dismiss God's favorite son so easily.

Stuart is about to reply when he's interrupted. The Loud Speaker blares with Killing Joke’s “Pandemonium.” ---”I can see tomorrow, I can see the world to come. I can see tomorrow, hear the Pandemonium!”

Zach Davis: Hold on, folks! We have someone else answering Slane’s call-out for a challenger, and it’s “The Baron” Henker von Massaker!!!

Freddy Whoa: Well, The Baron has a resume that is impressive, and he nearly won the Battle Royal at Blast, but...He IS 0-2 in WCF, and will Slane even consider him a challenger as The Baron hasn’t even won a match yet?

Zach Davis: Freddy, I agree, but damn...The Baron has not given up yet. Well, what the hell is he doing? He just walked down the ramp, and up the ramp right outside the corner post. The Baron is just staring at Slane right now.

Freddy Whoa: Is he going to go inside the ring? Or, just stare at Slane like a deer in headlights?

Zach Davis: The Baron is one guy I haven’t figured out yet, but he has made himself known….somewhat. He’s blowing up social media like crazy, but will it translate to the ring?

At this time, The Baron interrupts Zach as he has the mic and starts to speak

The Baron: Hey Newark!!! Am I Unknown now??

The crowd has a mixed response

The Baron: So….Slane. Congrats, but... Mr. World Champ, you are issuing an open challenge for the belt? Well, count me in! I am here, I have arrived, and I will give you such a hard sitout powerbomb, the already cheap ass ring will fall apart and break, as I put you completely through the ring like a boulder to a sheet of glass!

Slane tries to interrupt The Baron, but to no avail.

The Baron: You want me to just mop the floor with you, and expose you as a short-reign champ….Right in front of the WCF Galaxy and Newark? The crowd boos Listen, Newark…. I am NOT a bad guy, nor do I hate Mr. Slane, I don’t whine, or disrespect anyone! This includes all of you fans and, yes...even Slane. But, facts are facts! I am going to be blunt! I am here to FIGHT for justice in WCF, I am here to kick ass, and I bulldoze ANYONE over trying to stand in my way to get what is rightfully mine…The coveted WCF World Heavyweight Championship! I might’ve been born in Germany, but my Dad was an American citizen…..and, I too AM an American...An American that is proud to have fought for Democracy with my German heritage! So, Slane….we have a lot in common regarding working hard, and I respect you as a wrestler...But, when it comes to that BELT that you are borrowing for now...I will be that Blitzkreig that will beat you from pillar to post, and….before you know it, I will have your shoulders down on the mat...1, 2, 3! And, THE NEW champ….”The Baron” Henker von Massaker! I will win it for you Newark! I will win it like my Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins and MY hometown city of Pittsburgh and my birth city of Cologne, Germany...But, most of all, YOU….the WCF Galaxy! I truly believe You all have been waiting for a champ like me. A champ that is NO nonsense, No whining, takes NO crap off anyone, and a champ that has unbridled Integrity, Honor, and just pure POWER… A fighting champ! So Slane….we can settle this now in Newark...Right damn NOW!!! If not now, HELL, I will even wrestle you in a Wal-Mart parking lot, an abandoned warehouse, or ANY PLACE, ANY TIME, AND ANY DAY….even if it’s in the middle of the night. I am hungry, and I am ready to claim MY Belt, Slane!!

The Baron walks through the ropes... Stands by himself, and scowls at Slane, as if The Baron's telling Slane...Are you ready??

Freddy Whoa: I am speechless… That announcement was forceful, and the Newark crowd was impressed by The Baron’s motives and determination…. The crowd is actually yelling in excitement. Wow, NJ is a state of no nonsense and no bullshit, and ...The Baron delivered!!

Zach Davis: It appears that NJ, and even the WCF Galaxy is ready for someone to step up, and NOT sugar-coat an waiting for…. The crowd is on their feet and...yelling, 'Baron!'.

Stuart seems amused by the reaction the Baron is getting. Purse just rolls his eyes. The Champ looks to the cheering crowd before turning his attention back to his latest challenger.

Stuart Slane: Well, Baron, you definitely have the support of the fans. I'm a little jealous of your ability to sway their opinion. They want to see you get that shot at becoming World Champion. But, and I'll be blunt sir, at no point during these, uh, two weeks of being part of the WCF Galaxy have you shown anything that makes me think you are capable of even coming close to beating me. Why should a man who has yet to win a match in Wrestling Championship Federation be allowed to fight for the company's highest honor, when there might be others more deserving?

At this point Destruction Overdrive by Black Label Society hits the P.A. System and the lights flicker in accordance while the tune plays through the airwaves. Danny Anderson walks out onto the stage and adjusts his wrist tape before sprinting down the ramp as his theme song picks up.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa looks like business is going to pick up here.

Zach Davis: It's DANNY AN-DURR-SON?!!?!? He's back!

The Disturbed One looks out into the WCF Galaxy who greets him with a big pop. Danny responds with a grin before walking up the ring steps onto the apron. He dusts his feet off and then enters through the ropes. Once in the ring he locks eyes with Stuart Slane and smiles crazy style before extending his hand out for a handshake, which Slane after a beat accepts.

Danny Anderson: Hey Champ congrats on winning the 2016 WCF Classic and that World Heavyweight title you got right there.

Danny pauses and asks the crowd to give Stuart Slane a round of applause. They oblige of course.

Danny Anderson: You know this is a pretty commendable thing you're doing issuing an open challenge and embodying what it really means to be American. Yeah. The land of opportunity much like WCF is right now.

Danny chuckles.

Danny Anderson: Hell that's why I picked now to return, the Dub has been through change with new champions being crowned and the return of other titles like the US and Tag. My how the field at Ultimate Showdown is shaping up to be. Stuart Slane, Teddy Blaze, Brent Alpine, and even Kevin Bishop all look to have their spot in the match.

Danny continues speaking.

Danny Anderson: Now Stu? Can I call you Stu? You could have chosen to keep your head down and just stroll right into Ultimate Showdown. But no, here we have a fighting champion.

Danny pauses and smiles like he just heard his favorite word.

Danny Anderson: And if there's one thing you outta know about me is that I love a good fight. That's what wrestling is all about right? We fight as we all look to climb the ladder and break through the glass ceiling.

Stuart Slane: Yes, that's all very true Mister Anderson, but there is the question about your involvement in this open challenge that needs to be asked: why do you think you deserve a shot at being World Champion of WCF when you just returned to the company and haven't even had a match yet?

The fans "oooh" as Stuart just shuts Danny down.

Danny Anderson: Why do I deserve a shot? Yeah I'm just returning after a break but I'm rested and focused. My sight is set on that...

Danny points at the WCF title belt.

Danny Anderson: I don't care if I have to fight every guy in this ring just to earn this shot. Every wrestler dreams of winning the big one and it's high time I work on making that a reality. So what do you say Slane, you wanna do this or what?

Danny drops the microphone as he waits for the Champ to speak. Severan King looks around at the other people in the ring.

Severan King: I'm sorry am I the only one here who sees what is happening? I come out here and lay down a challenge and then like normal everyone else decides to follow my lead. I'm the only one here deserving of a title shot. I'm the only one here hand picked by God to be in this ring. I'm the only one riding an undefeated singles streak.

King points to Baron.

Severan King: This goofball hasn't even won a single match so I'm not quite sure why he is even out here. Everyone else in this ring deserves to be here. Me more so than everyone else but I digress.

Slane lowers the microphone and says something to Jeff Purse. The two go back and forth. Finally, Stuart again speaks to the WCF Galaxy.

Stuart Slane: Alright, this is certainly an eclectic group. Three men that conventional wisdom wouldn't see as likely challengers for the WCF Title. But if there was ever a time to put our faith in underdogs, it would be the Fourth of July, which commemorates the beginning of the long shot that is the American Experiment. That's why if I have my way you will all get-

Master of Puppets cuts Stuart off, eliciting huge boos from the crowd. The anger of the Newark fans increases when Seth, wearing a "PUTTING FAMILY FIRST" tee shirt, stalks out onto the stage. He paces back and forth angrily before taking up his own microphone.

Seth Lerch: Cut my music! And cut their mics! Stuart, your little charity drive has gone on long enough. You don't have the authority to dole out title shots. That's my decision to make. And I'm telling all of you there will be no match for the WCF Title tonight.

More booing. A "Seth Sucks!" chant starts up. Lerch grins evilly.

Seth Lerch: However, since you seem so determined to prove you're a 'fighting champion'-

WCF's owner does the air quotes gesture.

Seth Lerch: I'll consider booking you some title defenses before Ultimate Showdown. Whether it's these guys, or someone else. Sound fair?

The men look to each other before finally agreeing to Lerch's terms.

Seth Lerch: Good! Now get the hell out of my ring! I'm trying to run a wrestling show here!

The five warily slip between the ropes and head up the ramp towards the back. Seth scurries out of sight.

Zach Davis: Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Seth says he is open to letting Stuart Slane defend the WCF Title before Ultimate Showdown, provided he determines the time and place.

Freddy Whoa: And the opponents. Will he give Severan King, Baron Henker von Massaker, or Danny Anderson a shot at challenging Slane for the belt, or will that opportunity fall to someone else? We'll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, Slam rolls on!

We go to commercial.

Jonny V/Colton James/Chris Kane vs Henry Chambers/Shane Washington/Doctor Bones

Zach Davis: We're back from commercial and right now we got a ring full of wrestlers lets kick this off with a 6 man tag!

Ding Ding Ding!

Zach Davis: let's send you up to Kyle Steele in the ring

Kyle Steel: ladies and gentlemen your opening match scheduled for one fall is a Welcome To WCF 6 man tag team match!

Crowd pop

Kyle Steel: currently in the ring the team of Colton James, Chris Kane and Jonny V!

The 3 guys pose for the crowd as they give a round of applause

Kyle Steel: And their opponents also currently in the ring the team of Doctor Bones, Shane Washington and Henry Chambers

The 3 all walk forward and flip the crowd off in unison before rushing their opponents

Zach Davis: we got a jump start here!

As 4 men fall out of the ring Chambers and Kane are in a hockey fight until chambers pushes Kane off


Freddy Whoa: my line bitch

Chambers begs off walking towards Kane but swings a last minute shot missing and spinning round being lifted up in a backdrop and dumped over the top to the congregated members of each team on the floor, Kane stomps his feet a few times then runs the ropes stepping off the middle one and twisting with a corkscrew late tope con halo wiping out every body!


Freddy Whoa: Folks we are kicking things off quick here! We will be right back!

The final shot is of all 6 men struggling with the others to get to his feet and find some breathing space

We get a commercial for tide then a trailer for the Pantheon collection on the WCF network before going back to the action. When we return to the action we see Colton James and Doctor Bones in the ring

Freddy Whoa: Colton James giving up about 70 lbs to the good doctor here

Zach Davis: Bones needs to be careful not to take advantage of that to much everything we know about James points to the unpredictable

The ref finally satisfied calls for the match up to officially start and Bones charges right for his opponent, James rolls below his arm staying on his knees, Bones comes back trying for a boot to the back of the head but James suckers him in rolling backwards and right up to his feet catching bones with a 2 footed dropsault as the big man rebounds off the ropes knocking him back onto them but this time he hangs there instead of coming back. Kane moves to the opposite post from their tag corner so the 3 members of his team can act in unison, Kane and V deliver double rope assisted enzugiris and Colton meets him coming out with a spear somehow taking the big man down this brings in Bones team mates

Freddy Whoa: and it all breaks down again!

Washington rushes the 2 on the apron as chambers springboards taking Colton out with a knee to the face then a short start cannonball suicida to the outside as Bones gets back to his feet and grabs Colton tossing him too Washington who lifts him up into an airplane spin while bones goes up top

Freddy Whoa: 404 driver!!!!!

Zach Davis: Doc bones up top! Heart attack double foot stomp that's gotta be it!!!!


V tries to enter the ring as Kane has Chambers locked in a submission on the floor, Washington tries to stop V entering


V dodges the shot of Washington then hits a hot shot pulling his throat down across the top rope sending Washington stumbling back and crashing into Bones to break the pin V then turns and frog splashes Chambers as he is held in place by Kane taking him out while Kane gets up top and jumps off with a shooting star to bones as the man gets to all fours putting him back down

Zach Davis: Brutal and dangerous shooting star press form Kane!

Freddy Whoa: and now Coltons on his feet looking determined!

He somehow gets bones up and into a fireman a carry turning to the hard cam. Washington tries to attack him from behind but Kane intercepts and knocks him back out of the ring where chambers and V are still fighting then finishes it off with a Saskue special over the top taking all 3 men and himself out as Colton screams to the hard cam





Zach Davis: total and utter chaos tell the story of our opening match!

Freddy Whoa: everyone in this thing hit the ground running great win for this team

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen your winners! JONNY V! COLTON JAMES! AND CHRIS KANE!

Dee Norm vs Drax Durant vs Excalibur vs Bad News Benson

Sorry Not Sorry by Bryson Tiller hits and Dee Norm walks to the ring insulting the crowd.

A New Level by Pantera, plays as Drax Durant walks down slowly with that smug look on his face. As he enters the ring he looks at the crowd in disgust.

Next episode by dr dre. He slowly walks onto the stage and looks around him, he spits on the stage and energetically runs down the ramp. He jumps up onto the apron as he reaches the ring, and enters the ring normally. He gets up onto the top rope and looks around him.

No music plays as Bad News Benson angrily stomps to the ring.

Zach Davis: Here we go!

All hell breaks loose as per usual in these matches. Dee Norm attacks Excalibur as Bad News Benson attacks Drax Durant.

Freddy Whoa: Dee Norm sends Excalibur to the ropes.... Codebreaker!

Zach Davis: Bad News Benson with a painful looking DDT to Durant!

Freddy Whoa: Dee Norm and Benson going at it now... Benson kicks Norm in the gut, Powerbomb!

Bad News Benson stands tall until Excalibur low blows him from behind. Excalibur takes Destroyer down with a Superkick. He then turns and gets a Go To Sleep from Drax Durant!

Zach Davis: Big moves coming left and right here!

Drax gets back to his feet, but as he does, a hooded figure hops over the barricade.

Freddy Whoa: Oh no.

He slides into the ring and charges Drax, elbowing him right in the back of the head.

Zach Davis: Corey Black with another unprovoked attack! With the most vicious elbow in the business!

He turns to Dee Norm and drops him with a Superkick. BOOM, he drops Excalibur with a Superkick now too. BOOM!, one more Superkick, this time to Bad News Benson who won't go down. CD follows up with a Discus Lariat, but again, Benson won't go down. Corey runs at Benson and hits a Yakuza Kick!, sending the giant flying over the top rope!

Freddy Whoa: Needless to say, this match has been thrown out. Thanks, Corey. You should've stayed here at the commentary booth.

To make one final statement, Corey lifts Excalibur up onto his shoulders....


The fans are speechless, and once again, so is Corey Black. After dropping Excalibur he simply drops to the mat and rolls out, heading back through the crowd once more.

Freddy Whoa: Last week we saw Corey attack Vic Viceroy, now this. What is his deal?

Zach Davis: Maybe we'll find out one of these days...

Lester Parish/Trevor Browning/Greg St. Matthews vs Captain WCF/BioWalker

Zach Davis: Time for some six man tag team action!

The arena dims until only ambient light glows from the main screen. Parish—his back turned to the viewer—plays Chopin’s “Nocturne in F Minor”. The screen then cuts to his blue eyes behind a dark, latex mask. He speaks in his scratchy voice, "Even good steel can rust." Spotlights follow Lester Parish down the ramp. Chopin’s tune continues as he lumbers down to the steps and into the ring. Once under the ropes, the lights go back on and Parish awaits the opponent in his corner.

Hard Row by The Black Keys hits the PA. St. Matthews walks to the stage stands and looks around then runs straight to the ring and jumps to the middle rope and lifts his arms to the crowd.

Trevor Browning enters the stage looking left and right to the crowd as "Rebel Son" plays. He makes his way to the ring making sure the fans know how pathetic they are throughout his entrance. As he enters the ring he pumps his chest with his fist and tells everyone that they are about to be "Brown and Out"

Captain WCF runs from the back as soon as his music hits, straight to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He then gets in the middle of the ring and does a super hero pose before running to his corner.

The lights dim as "Gonna Make You Sweat" by C&C Music Factory hits the PA. biohazard runs out onto the stage and spits some ooze in the air, followed by Walker who flexes in front of him. The two men hug for a little bit too long before making their way down the aisle. Walker enters the ring and bullies the ref as biohazard does some flippy lucha shit on the ropes. Finally they settle down and wait in the corner for the match to start.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like Lester Parish is starting the match for his team; Biohazard for his.

The two meet in the middle of the ring and Biohazard pounds his chest like a maniac before running at Lester. Lester responds by poking him in the eyes before laughing and taking him down with a Russian Legsweep.

Zach Davis: Lester Parish is as dirty as they come.

The fans boo as Lester stomps at Biohazard. Biohazard begins crawling towards his corner but Parish picks him up before he can tag and throws him to the ropes. As Biohazard comes back Parish fires off a beautiful Standing Dropkick. He then tags in Greg St. Matthews.

Freddy Whoa: Guess he'd rather let someone else do the work.

Biohazard is stumbling up and Greg St. Matthews runs at him and hits a Running Dropkick now, sending Biohazard flying out of the ring. The fans are on their feet as Greg St. Matthews runs and flies between the ropes.


Matthews quickly rolls Biohazard back into the ring before going for a pin.



No, Tyler Walker breaks it up.

Freddy Whoa: Bros bein' bros.

Tyler yells at Greg to leave Biohazard alone before getting back on the apron. Matthews gears up for a Superkick as Biohazard gets to his feet.. but Trevor Browning tags himself in.

Zach Davis: Parish, St. Matthews and Browning may not be a perfectly cohesive unit, they better watch it.

Browning enters the ring and goes for a Side Kick, but Biohazard ducks it, rolls and tags in Tyler Walker!

Freddy Whoa: There's the hot tag!

Tyler Walker enters and runs at Browning. Browning ducks a Clothesline from him and then grapples, executing a German Suplex!

Zach Davis: So much for the comeback.

Browning gets up as the fans boo. He lifts Tyler Walker for a Vertical Suplex and delays it for several moments.

Freddy Whoa: He's leaving the Space Werewolf himself hanging...

He drops him after several moments and floats over for a pin.



No!, broken up by Biohazard now!

Zach Davis: Those two just won't quit each other.

Freddy Whoa: You mean breaking up pins for each other?

Zach Davis: Yeah...

Browning begins climbing to the top.

Freddy Whoa: Going high risk now... is he going for his patented Missile Dropkick?

Once Browning is all the way up, Parish reaches over and tags himself in! Browning doesn't notice and jumps off and hits the BROWNTOWN! on Tyler Walker. He goes for the pin but the referee doesn't count since Parish is legal now. Once Browning realizes what happened Parish lifts Walker violently to his feet and sets him up.


Parish pins Walker.



NO!, broken up by Captain WCF now! The fans roar as Captain WCF enters the ring. Greg St. Matthews enters next but Captain WCF Clotheslines him down. Trevor Browning goes to attack him but Captain WCF hits him with a Dropkick. Matthews is back up and Captain WCF hits a Hip Toss, causing him to roll out of the ring. Captain WCF then runs at Lester Parish and hits him with a Big Boot!

Freddy Whoa: BOOM!

Captain WCF pulls Tyler Walker over Parish before leaving the ring so the referee can count.



NO!, Parish kicks out!

Zach Davis: Captain WCF almost won it for his team! He's coming off the biggest win of his career against Sarah Twilight at Blast!

Captain WCF gets back on the apron and urges Tyler Walker to crawl over and make the tag. Tyler is crawling... Parish is going to his side as well...

Freddy Whoa: Both men make it!

WALKER TAGS IN CAPTAIN WCF!, Parish tags in St. Matthews! The two men meet in the middle of the ring and start trading blows. Captain WCF sends Greg to the ropes and then executes an Inverted Atomic Drop followed by a Discus Punch and then finally a Leg Drop!

Zach Davis: Captain WCF with the pin!



No!, Greg St. Matthews kicks out. Captain WCF climbs to the top.

Freddy Whoa: He's going for his BANZAI!

No!, Trevor Browning shoves him off! He crashes to the mat which allows Greg St. Matthews to hit a Spinning Heel Kick to his temple as he stumbles up. Captain WCF is sent flying into the corner where Biohazard tags himself in. Biohazard runs at St. Matthews who kicks him in the gut.


Lester Parish quickly tags himself in again. He pins Biohazard before St. Matthews can react.




Freddy Whoa: And there are your winners!

Greg St. Matthews gets in Lester Parish's face about the steal but Parish shrugs him off and leaves. Trevor Browning soaks in the victory. Captain WCF regroups with the BioWalker boys.

Henker von Massaker vs Heavy Metal Machine



Kyle Steel: Currently making his way to the ring hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, via Cologne, Germany! His height is 6’4” and weighing in at 252 lbs. HE IS “THE BARON” HENKER von Massaker!!!

The loudspeaker blares with, Rammstein’s--Reise, Reise

“The Baron” walks down the ramp looking determined wearing his druid robe from “The Unknown” days, but the initials ‘DRG’ on the back…

The Baron enters the rings and walks to each ring post, and rests his foot on the lower ring rope looking at the crowd, and raising his hand. The crowd has mix of boos & cheers. The Baron takes off his druid robe, and displays his Black short-sleeve DRG shirt, but left arm is covered with completely black 'wrap', and wears black gloves on both hands. The boots are all black, but with a chrome bat-wing style tip.

Kyle Steel: And, now introducing from parts unknown. His height is at 6’2” and weighing in at 240 lbs. “The Heavy Metal Machine” Logan!

Once inside, he stands at the center of the ring as a black light shines on him, his eyes gazing directly into the camera as if looking directly into the eyes of all the fans at home. He suddenly raises his hands up above his head and back down again, bringing thunder bolts down onto the ring posts which causes a chain reaction and shoots flames up. The lights come up.

Freddy Whoa: Well, we have 2 big men in the squared-circle right now, but both coming off tough losses at Blast, The Baron is still winless in 2 consecutive battle royals, and Logan coming off that brutal NO DQ Triple Threat match.

Zach Davis: I agree, Freddy. Both of these guys have something to prove tonight, and I think it’s going to be a slobberknocker!

Freddy Whoa: Slobberknocker? You sound like that other commentator I know…

Zach Davis: And, we are about to begin our match now!

The bell rings to begin the match!

The Baron and HMM stalk each other in the ring, and unsure who will make the first move. Heavy Metal Machine goes for a boot to the mid-section of The Baron, but The Baron catches it, and sweeps his other leg down. HMM falls to the mat, but The Baron still has both legs and slingshots him to the to the corner.

Freddy Whoa: Wow! What a counter from The Baron. Logan is dazed in the corner!

The Baron runs full force towards Logan, but at the last second, Logan gives him an elbow to the head…and, follows up with up with a Clothesline From Hell! Logan goes for the quick pin.



The Baron kicks out, but is dazed. Logan follows up with a German Suplex, then a Dragon Suplex, then a belly-to-back Suplex…
Zach Davis: Logan has brought the goods tonight! He’s taking him to the Suplex school of hard knocks!

Freddy Whoa: You got the right, Freddy. Wait..wait, what is The Baron doing now?

The Baron gets up wobbly, but gives Logan an MMA-style open drum punch to the ear & temple area. This knocks Logan into confusion like his drunk!

Zach Davis: Well, we do know that The Baron was in the German Army, and still keeps up with MMA training. He used that as an act of desperation, and it worked in his favor. But, can The Baron capitalize on it?’

Logan goes towards The Baron and kicks him twice in the mid-section, and….PICKS HIM UP FOR THE DARK DAYS!! The Baron tries to kick out, but.. The Heavy Metal Machine nails The Baron down hard into the mat!



2 ½……

The Baron barely kicks out!

Freddy Whoa: Holy shit! How did The Baron kick out of that?

Zach Davis: Wow, this turned out to be a very action-packed match, and the crowd is mixed on who they are rooting for, but they are applauding both men for their hard-fought match!

The Baron gets up slowly, and walks near Logan…and, he under-hooks both arms of Logan’s arms. The Baron is going for his “Iron Cross!!” The Baron just needs to hook his ankle inside Logan’s ankle, and Logan will be cinched in. Logan suddenly backslides The Baron for a pin attempt..


The Baron easily kicks out. Both men are running on adrenaline right now. The Baron hits Logan with a quick DDT, but is slow to capitalize. Then, Logan grabs The Baron's legs and puts him in the Sharpshooter. The ref checks in, but The Baron will not give up. Logan applies pressure harder and squats down.. The Baron inches slowly towards the bottom rope.. until he finally reaches it. The ref stops the hold. but then The Baron grabs Logan and gives him a Russian Leg Sweep, and then drops an elbow across Logan's chest. Then, The Baron picks up Logan and Irish Whips him into the corner.

The Baron starts climbing the top rope.

Freddy Whoa: Oh, Dammit! Is The Baron going for his finisher, “The Blackout?!!?!?”

Zach Davis: It appears so, and damn… this could be the end for Heavy Metal Machine!

The Baron executes the “The Blackout” on Logan, and almost snaps his head off with that vicious neckbreaker. The Baron quickly goes for the pin.




Kyle Steel: The winner of our match, “THE BARON” HENKER von MASSAKER!!!

The crowd applauds for the great match they witnessed, and you hear sporadic yells for “Baron!” Baron!”

Neforian Segment

We return from the commercial break to find Neforian standing in the middle of the ring. He is dressed in normal street attire and is holding a microphone in his hand.

Neforian: Last week I made a promise. I made a promise to my mother. I made a promise to myself. I made a promise to everyone who has ever let themselves down that i would find redemption for them.

I walked into Blast the WCF Television champion and and I promised that I would find a way to make my mother proud of me. I promised that i would give ever ounce of fight I had to keep that belt. That iI would give everything i had to walk out of there with the belt around my waist and in doing so i would redeem myself.

And I failed..........

Neforian takes a long pause and looks out sadly at the crowd.

Neforian: But then something incredible happened. As I sat at home wondering what went wrong I felt the familiar darkness washing over me. I felt the desire to crawl into that little hole that I had created for myself to disappear. I found myself wanting to give in to that darkness once again.

In an attempt to distract myself from it all I decided, for the first time, to look at the tweets of the WCF galaxy. In my sadness and despair I expected, almost hoped, to see words of hate. I expected to see the bullies out in full force. I expected to be belittled, made fun of, excluded.

But what I found instead was support.

The crowd cheers.

Neforian: What I found instead was encouragement. I found words of encouragement from the members of the WCF Galaxy and for the first time in my life I didnt feel alone anymore. For the first time in my life I saw the good in people. For the first time in my life I felt accepted.

The crowd begins to chant.

Crowd: MAGGIE SPEARMAN (clap clap clapclap clap)

Crowd: MAGGIE SPEARMAN (clap clap clapclap clap)

Crowd: MAGGIE SPEARMAN (clap clap clapclap clap)

Neforian is visibly moved by the outpouring of support from the crowd.

Neforian: Every one of you here tonight and every one of you at home that tweeted your words of encouragement have opened my eyes to the true character of people. I want to take this moment right now to tell each and every one of you how grateful I am to you for that.

If my mother were here tonight I know that she would be proud of the things I have accomplished so far in my short career but I know that she would be even more proud of what has taken place over the last week. I owe that to you the fans. Thank you for your support. Thank you for showing me that there are people in this world who have hearts. Thank you for allowing me to find redemption.

Neforian is dead. Henry Spearman is here in his stead. I will not let you down.....


Henry drops the microphone and steps out of the ring to the cheers of the crowd. He shakes hands with some of the fans in the front row and makes his way up the ramp. Before going back behind the curtain he turns and faces the crowd once again. He raises his arms in victory as the crowd continues to cheer and chant his name.

Psychopomp vs Ace vs Severan King

“Who I Am” by Slur blares over the PA System as Ace slowly walks out, stopping at the top of the ramp to look around with arrogant smirk.

Kyle Steel: From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, standing at six foot one inches and weighing in at two hundred and seven pounds; Ace!

Ace enters the ring and makes his way to the corner, observing his surrounds. He smirks just before the arena goes pitch black.

Kyle Steel: His opponent, from Jackson, Mississippi, standing at six foot two inches and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds; Severan King!

Ain't No Grave by Johnny Cash plays over the speakers. After a few moments of the song playing a bright light shines from behind the ramp creating a silhouette of a man standing there. The house lights brighten back up and we see Severan King on the ramp. He slowly walks down the ramp and then enters the ring, getting into Ace’s face from the get go. The two separate once the lights go out again.

Kyle Steel: And their opponent, from Toronot, Ontario, Canada, standing at Six foot three inches and weighing in at two hundred and twenty three pounds; Pyschopomp!

Bleed Well of H.I.M starts playing from the speakers. Beams of lights of different color starts going off to the rhythm of the guitar and Psychopomp walks out to the stage with a black trashcan on wheels, which looks to be full of items from a hardware store, light beams, wet floor signs, a mop, a nail gun, a fire extinguisher, and a 2X2 board. The lights turn back on back and he walks towards the ring with a crazy smile on his face.

Zach Davis: Pomp looking to go extreme here partner!

Freddy Whoa: I think Mikey eXtreme had a lasting effect on old Pyschopomp… Is that a kitchen sink I see in that trash can?

Zach Davis: Among a ton of other things, yes, yes it is.

King and Ace both hold their arms out at the very thought of Pomp walking down the ramp with his trash can full of toys and Pomp hasn’t a care in the world as he parks it next to the steel stairs. He quickly slides in to the ring and he stands next to Ace and pats him on the chest, then points to Ace.

Zach Davis: I think Pomp… I think Pomp thinks this is a handicap match.

Freddy Whoa: There’s only one handicap person in this match, from what I can see…

The ref backs all three men back and he signals for the bell.

Zach Davis: Here we go.

Ace and King lock up in the middle of the ring as Pomp backs away to the corner to watch.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like someone should get Pomp some pop corn, he’s playing spectator right here.

Ace backs King up to the ropes and he irish whips him across the ring. Ace lowers his shoulder and King leaps over then comes back with a high knee, sending Ace to the outside of the ring. Pomp laughs and points at Ace who lays on the outside and he turns to look at King.

Zach Davis: Looks like Pomp is about to get into the mix here.

Pomp spars with the turnbuckle for a second before cracking his neck and stepping toward Severan. The two lock up and Pomp gets the upper hand. He takes Severan over with a head lock and he begins to slow the match down.

Zach Davis: Pomp looking to slow the match down at the beginning…

Freddy Whoa: It’s a bold strategy, Zack.

As Pomp is grinding King out, he is quickly stopped by a springboard knee to the side of the head by Ace, who reenters the fray.

Zach Davis: What a springboard knee there by Ace.

Ace picks up King and tosses him to the outside. He returns to Pomp who is just getting to his feet and he connects with a slew of knife edge chops that back him into the corner. Ace lands an elbow that drops Pomp down to a sitting position and Ace backs away. He runs against the far corner and comes back to Pomp with a full speed flipping cannonball. As Ace stands up he his met with a forearm to the face by Severan King who is standing on the ring apron. Ace stumbles back and Severan springboards over Ace and lands a blockbuster. The ref drops down as King covers for the pin attempt on Ace.



Pomp shoves King off for the save and Pomp quickly lifts King up to his feet. He connects with a combination of chops and punches that pushes King back against the ropes. As Pomp holds King against the ropes the ref comes between them and as he pushes Pomp away, King lands a forearm to Pomp’s face. Pomp stumbles back and as King is going for a flying forearm, Ace schoolboy roll ups Pomp and the ref drops down.




Pomp rolls away to the outside of the ring, landing right next to his trash can of hardware store toys. As he is looking at it, he notices a sign made of a dry erase board being held by a fan standing behind a guy in the front row. It reads, “HEY, POMP! IT’S THE HARDWARE STORE CLERK!” with an arrow pointing down to the guy in the front row.

Zach Davis: Holy hell, of all the places to be seated, the sales clerk from the hardware store in Reading, is here in New Jersey tonight.

Freddy Whoa: He’s probably still pissed about giving Pomp that gift card.

Pomp walks up to the clerk and he notices the clerk brought the preused wrench that Pomp used on Mikey in his last match. Pomp quickly grabs it from the clerk’s hands and he holds it in the air. The fans go nuts in attendance and Pomp rolls back into the ring. He watches Ace get to his feet and Pomp nails him in the stomach and Ace doubles over. Pomp wraps the wrench around Ace’s throat and he drops him down into a ddt. As he stands back up King catches Pomp with a release german suplex which causes the wrench to fly off out of the ring. Pomp rolls to the ring apron who is followed up by Severan King stepping through the ropes behind him. King grabs Pomp up and he picks him up in a fireman’s carry.

Zach Davis: Don’t tell me he’s about to do what I think he’s about to do?!

Freddy Whoa: We could have our WHOA MOMENT HERE FOLKS!

Ace stands up grogly and he notices King staring back at him. King drops Pomp with The Exorcism onto the ring apron and he quickly crumbles to the outside. King drops to the floor and he holds his arms out to pander to the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: Impressive move, but I don’t think it’s smart to take your eyes off the other guy…

King turns around just in time to be met with a suicide dive from Ace who takes King back first into the barrier.

Zach Davis: My god, it’s like a damn train wreck out there, all three men are down.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like Pomp is to his feet and he’s staring down at Ace and King who both are flat on their backs.

Pomp climbs the apron and then takes to the top rope. He stares down he crosses his fingers across his chest before he takes a leap.

Zach Davis: Pomp with The Sacrament onto the fallen Ace and King.

Freddy Whoa: A hell of a spinning leg drop there folks.

Pomp finds himself to his feet and he stumbles over to the barricade where the hardware clerk is sitting eating a bag of popcorn. Pomp grabs a handful of the guy’s popcorn and jams it into his mouth. He gives the clerk an A. OK gesture and he returns to his fallen opponents.

Zach Davis: He should be spending less time eating the fans’ popcorn and more on this match, I’d say.

As Pomp comes in he is met by an eye rake from King and King irish whips Pomp into the corner of the barricade. King runs in and he disposes of Pomp over the barricade with a clothesline. As Severan turns around to look for Ace, Ace is charging in looking to capitalize and King turns his momentum against him. King lifts Ace up with an impaler ddt and he drops him down onto the ring steps. King picks Ace up and he rolls him into the ring. He turns and notices Pomp starting to climb over the barricade and he meets him with a super kick that drops him back down.

Freddy Whoa: King looking to keep Pomp down there.

King rolls into the ring and he picks Ace up by the hair. He pushes a dazed Ace forward and he drops him back down with a discus clothesline. King panders to the crowd again with his arms held wide and Ace lies limp through it all. King picks Ace up again and he places his head between his legs.

Zach Davis: Looks like King wants to end this one here Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: He’s setting him up for that crucifix power bomb, Hail to The HOLY!

King runs forward and he tosses Ace across the ring while in the process Pomp lands a springboard moonsault onto the freshly disposed of Ace. The ref drops down for the pin.




Severan breaks up the pin and shoves Pomp to the outside of the ring. Severan follows after him and the two start throwing punches at each other. Pomp hits King in the stomach with a well placed knee that causes him to double over. Pomp looks to his left and notices his trash can, which he quickly pulls out his 2X2. He cracks King in the back with it and King falls to the mat.

Zach Davis: Things could be changing here soon…

Pomp grabs two steel chairs out of the trash can and he throws them into the ring. Pomp looks down to King and returns back to his trash can, this time grabbing a handful of light tubes, which he slides into the ring. Pomp gets into the ring and he kicks away at Ace who still lies on the mat.

Zach Davis: Chairs… light tubes… I can only imagine partner…

Pomp sets the two steel chairs up and he places the light tubes across the seats, creating a makeshift light tube table. Ace starts to come to and he is met by a pair of hands lifting him up by the hair. Pomp grabs Ace in a front face lock and he attempts to lift him up, but Ace shakes him off. Ace uppercuts Pomp which rocks him back to the ropes and Ace follows up with another uppercut. Ace backs away and measures Pomp up and he comes at him with a clothesline attempt, but Pomp catches him with a belly to belly, sending Ace up and over to the outside. Pomp starts throwing his hands in the air to get the fans behind him and as he turns around he is met with a big boot from Severan King. King grabs Pomp up into a fireman’s carry and he stands next to the makeshift light tube table.

Zach Davis: DON’T DO IT, KING!


King tries to drop Pomp down, but Pomp slides out the back and he tosses King with a german suplex. King rolls to the outside and Pomp is left standing alone in the ring.

Zach Davis: Looks like Ace is coming to, there on the ring apron.

Ace waits for Pomp to turn around and he springboards in, but Pomp catches him, using is momentum against him he connects with a spine buster on Ace through the makeshift light tube table. Pomp quickly runs to the turnbuckle and ascends it. Pomp leaps off and connects with his 360 leg drop, then goes for the cover.




Zach Davis: There you have it folks, a hell of a war here tonight between these three men, but it is Psychopomp walking out with the win here.

Freddy Whoa: A brutal match to say the least and what an extreme showing from Pyschopomp… Looks like Mikey rubbed off on him here.

King is pissed off outside the ring.

Zach Davis: Well, Severan King may not be a winner but he's not a loser either; he leaves once again undefeated.

Gemini Battle Segment

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is for the vacant WCF Tag Team Championship!

“Tubular hell” by Van Helsing’s curse plays throughout the Arena.

Zach Davis: Who is this?

Suddenly a slew of masked seductresses come out wearing gold bikini’s and many holding giant flower fans. They start waving them around at the crowd and two of them stop at the top of the entrance ramp holding the feathers in front of it and shaking them wildly.

As soon as the organs hit in the music Gemini Battle bursts through the feathery curtain holding 2 title belts over his shoulders.

Freddy Whoa: Gemini battle was the last man to hold the tag titles along with Andre Holmes before the mass exodus forced upon the WCF by Seth.

Zach Davis: Some fans would say that this is the new WCF, and they don’t want to see any of that old shit back!

Gemini makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone. The crowd chants his name but he puts up a finger to silence the masses. They of course oblige because he’s Gemini, mother fucking Battle, the man that holds the record for the most eliminations in a War match EVER! FACT!

Gemini Battle: Many of you saw me return last week with the DRG. Cool, that shit happened. We’re not going to dwell on that right now. I’m a card carrying nomad member, and things will stay that way for the time being. However, and many of you may see, there’s something much more important going on right now.

You see, there’s a tag team title match going on, but I’m here left without a title. So these mother fuckers are going to come down and expect to win a title that the champions never lost! I wasn’t even consulted on this and I’m still in the fucking fed. So to bring it back a minute, you want to know why I chose Thomas Bates, even though he’s… and I mean this with all due respect… he’s a giant log of shit, over Seth? Because of these!

He holds the titles up over his head and the crowd chants.

Gemini Battle: Andre Holmes is gone. Finished. No mas! So I need a new partner. That’s why I’m officially announcing the Gemini Battle Invitation Tournament to Name Who Will Become the Second Half of the WCF Tag Team Champions Battle Royal… or the GBITTNWWBTSHOTWCFTTC Battle Royal...patent APPROVED!

I will only be inviting the best that the WCF has to offer, and they have all been notified already on who they are. For example. Fister Mantastic... The Job City Jobbers... Enterprise Spock, and many more will be called upon. The people who don't normally get their day in the sun will now be brought into the abyss of hell along with me...

As I understand the team of miscreants that win the upcoming match will become the ‘Tag Team Champions.’ Well, if they think they’re the Tag Team Champions, and I KNOW I’m one half of the tag team champions there may be some confusion concerning who will be entered into Ultimate Showdown. Well, I’ll happily alleviate any cause for concern, because whoever wins tonight can challenge me and my partner the Slam before Ultimate Showdown to try to win their spot in the match. You’ll lose… miserably… but you will have an opportunity.

So enjoy this moment you misfits, because reality is fleeting and the dawn of darkness is coming back to reign over the WCF!

He holds his titles over his head as “Duality” by Slipknot plays throughout the arena and he exits through the crowd, presumably to avoid the incoming contenders for the ACTUAL Tag Team Titles.

Tag Team Titles Match
Adam Young/Psycho Dragon vs Freezer Burn/Night Rider

"Sound of madness" by Shinedown starts playing and out steps Benjamin Vanderbilt and Myra covered in multi colored lights. The fans are standing and screaming as Adam Young steps out.

Crowd: One Sick Bastard!

Then Psycho Dragon steps out and the pair shake hands before heading towards the ring. Dragon stops and knocks a soda out of the hand of a young kid and Adam start's laughing. Dragon looks at the kid and then flips the bird in their face.

Crowd: Psycho Dragon!

Adam begins to circle the ring and Dragon stops next to the time keeper and flips them the bird as well. Adam is inside the ring with Benjamin and Myra as Dragon is looking for another victim. Dragon spots a guy in the second row wearing a Beach Krew t-shirt and he stops right in front of them. Dragon is just standing there when he grabs a beer from a lady in the front row and throws it on the fan in the BK tee.

Crowd: Psycho Dragon!

Dragon slides into the ring and walks right up to the referee and flips the bird in his face.

The lights go down as a countdown begins on the jumbo-tron. As it reaches zero 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing. Pyrotechnics explode across the stage and down the ramp as Diablo steps out from behind the curtains with a microphone in his hands. A chorus of boos erupts throughout the arena.

Diablo: you fans need to shut the hell up because i have something to say. Allow me to introduce your next WCF World Tag Team Champions, Freezer Burn and Night Rider. They are the Angels of Death!

Freezer Burn and Night Rider step out from behind the curtain and make their way to the ring being led by Diablo. The duo enters the ring as Diablo stands at ringside.

Kyle Steel: Our next match is for the WCF World Tag Team Championship. Introducing first. Hot Stuff International, Adam Young and Psycho Dragon.

A mixed eruption of cheers and boos comes from the crowd as Adam Young yells at them from the ring.

Kyle Steel: Their opponents, The Angels of Death. Night Rider and Freezer Burn.

The crowd boos as the referee explains the rules to both teams. A ring girl walks around the ring holding up the belts before exiting as the crowd applauds.

Freezer Burn and Psycho Dragon start it off. Psycho Dragon with a kick to the mid section followed by a forearm uppercut that rocks Freezer Burn. Psycho Dragon with a standing drop kick that sends Freezer Burn into the ropes. Psycho Dragon catches his as he comes off and sends Freezer Burn into the ropes on the opposite side. Psycho Dragon catches Freezer Burn as he comes off the ropes and hits him with a power slam. Psycho Dragon with a quick cover but Freezer Burn throws him off before the ref can even begin counting.

Psycho Dragon picks up Freezer Burn and sends him flying into the ropes. Freezer Burn grabs the ropes and holds on as Psycho Dragon attempts a drop kick and comes up empty. Psycho Dragon hits the mat with a thud as Freezer Burn closes in. Freezer Burn drops a quick knee to the groin area and is warned by the referee. Freezer Burn picks up Psycho Dragon and hits him with a power suplex.

Freezer Burn picks Psycho Dragon up by the top of the mask and hits him with a clothesline before going over and tagging in Night Rider. Freezer Burn taunts Adam Young into entering the ring before going near his own corner as the ref runs Adam Young out. Freezer Burn sends Psycho Dragon into the ropes and drops down. As Psycho Dragon jumps over Freezer Burn Night Rider connects with a drop kick to the gut that knocks the breath out of Psycho Dragon.

Night Rider bends to pick up Psycho Dragon. Psycho Dragon wraps Night Rider up in a small paclage and the ref slides into position.



Night Rider powers out and hits Psycho Dragon with a hard left to the jaw. The referee warns Night Rider who argues back with him as Freezer Burn jumps into the ring and power slams Psycho Dragon. Bight Rider picks up Freezer Burn and hits him with a DDT. Night Rider with the cover.



No, Adam Young breaks up the pin.

Night Rider picks up Psycho Dragon and sends him into the ropes. Psycho Dragon slides under the ropes and goes around to his corner before re entering the ring and tagging Adam Young. Adam Young jumps over the ropes and hits a charging Night Rider with a drop kick. Night Rider falls to the mat. Adam Young picks up Night Rider and hits him with a standing drop kick. Adam Young picks Night Rider up again and sends him hard into the corner turnbuckle. Adam Young follows him in with a splash.

Adam Young grabs Night Rider by the back of the head and begins pounding as the crowd counts along.





Night Rider drops to his knees. Adam Young picks up Night Rider and slams him down hard to the mat. Adam Young climbs to the second rope and jumps off onto Night Riders left knee. Night Rider screams in agony as Adam Young drops an elbow on the same knee. Adam Young grabs Night Riders left leg and begins twisting as he yells for the referee to ask him. Night Rider screams out hell no and begins trying to reach the ropes that are just out of reach. Adam Young increases the pressure as Night Rider screams out. Night Rider drops his shoulders to the mat and the ref begins counting.



No, Night Rider gets the shoulder up.

Night Rider gives it everything he has and makes one more stretch for the ropes and grabs ahold of the bottom one real tight. The referee breaks the hold. Adam Young sends Night Rider towards the corner. Night Rider reverses and sends Adam Young into the corner. Night Rider falls to the mat as Adam Young hits the turnbuckles and goes flying over onto the arena floor. Night Rider crawls slowly to his corner as Adam Young gets to his feet and makes his way back to the ring. Night Rider makes the tag just as Adam Young gets back in the ring.

Here comes Freezer Burn. He tags Young down. Young rolls away and tags in Psycho Dragon. Dragon hits the ring and runs at Freezer Burn but he catches him in a Tiltawhirl Reverse DDT!

Zach Davis: I've gotta call it - that's the BLASPHEMER!

Adam Young gets back in the ring and is going to attack Freezer Burn from behind but Night Rider runs at him and Clotheslines him out. Freezer Burn lifts Pyscho Dragon onto his shoulders.

Freddy Whoa: Reverse Death Valley Driver position..

Night Rider hits the ropes, runs at the two men and hits a Big Boot to Psycho Dragon a split second before Freezer Burn drops him with the ABSOLUTE ZERO! Freezer Burn makes the pin.





The music plays as Freezer Burn and Night Rider are handed the formerly vacant belts.

Freddy Whoa: We questioned Freezer Burn waiting to use his Title opportunity for so long but it paid off! He got a Tag Team Title shot and he took those belts home with him!, and now he and Night Rider are heading to Ultimate Showdown!

Zach Davis: Don't forget, they have Gemini Battle breathing down their neck.

Freezer Burn and Night Rider celebrate as we go to commercial.

Television Title Match
Vic Viceroy vs Brent Alpine

We come back from break to the sound of a bell ringing, the crowd falls silent as Kyle makes his way into the ring to stand in a spotlight for the second time that night


A graphic comes across the screen confirming what Steele's already announced

Kyle Steel: Introducing first

"Ladies and Gentlemen" By Saliva plays and Viceroy comes to the center of the stage slowly...

Kyle Steel: Currently on the stage hailing from ST Louis MO, he weighs in at 275 pounds this is VIC VICEROY!!!!!!

He raises his arms into a V and then brings both hands into guns and 'fires' them towards the ring before sauntering to the ring.

Zach Davis: This man has been somewhat impressive since his debut here

Freddy Whoa: We saw him in a very hard fought match against Unknown and Lester Parish a few weeks back that turned a few heads

Zach Davis: But this is Brent Alpine's first title defense you know he is gunna be looking to pull it out of the bag here tonight and hold that title he dreamt about for 2 years straight but Viceroy is a serious obstacle to scale

Vic climbs up into the ring as the music shuts off and the first keyboard chord of Prince's 'Gold' blares as a red shooting star firework darts up from the entrance-way to the left rafters. The second chord chimes as the arena lights flash red. The third chord accompanies a light blue star shoots to the upper right of the arena. Blue lights flash to greet the fourth chord.


Freddy Whoa: That god damn pig!

Percy Micro, a micro pig with an electronic voice-box, scurries down the ramp to laughs and an ironic pop from the crowd. He is followed by the rest of the E.M.S. entourage, 'The Vulture' Dallas Culture and Esther

Zach Davis: And here comes the rest of EMS

Freddy Whoa: Even for a man like Viceroy a group like this can be dangerous, he is gunna have to watch his back tonight

As the main tune commences, a yellow spotlight covers the entrance as 'The Shine' Brent Alpine steps out from the back to sneers holding the TV title high in the air. A shower of sparks surround him, eliciting a brief pop at the spectacle. Alpine keeps walking, slides into the ring and jumps onto the turnbuckle. The pig 'speaks' in a robotic tone.

Percy Micro: Introducing our cherished commodity, he is the current reigning and defending WCF TV Champion! From Rockhampton, Australia, weighing 259 pounds... 'The Shine'... Brent... Alpine!

'The Shine' glares in comical intensity and lifts up the back of his suit jacket like a Batman cape. He dismounts and hangs his jacket on the turnbuckle. He leaps onto the opposite turnbuckle. He removes his tie and long white shirt and throws them into the crowd, now ready for the match ahead. Percy hides under the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Apart from very small numbers on a couple of different stats mainly height and weight these 2 men are almost equals where they stand

Zach Davis: Thats a couple of very burley humans in the ring Freddy this thing could get ugly

Brent is now standing in the center of the ring as his music slowly turns off holding the TV title high and smiling at Viceroy and holding his other hand up to flip of the Jeering crowd surrounding him


Brent hands his belt off to the Vulture as Viceroy picks something from his teeth while staring a hole through Alpine who begins ironically clapping to try and get the crowd going succeeding and being drowned in boos

Freddy Whoa: Nobody ever said Shine was a liked guy but that won't make him any easier to beat for Vic here tonight

Zach Davis: He may actually gain a slight advantage here, Shine's been around here before, this crowd knows him and wouldn't mind seeing him get his head kicked in tonight I'm sure

Freddy Whoa: Viceroy may not be used to having the crowd on his side we will have too see how that plays out

The 2 men jaw at each other across the ring egging each other on to throw the first punch with Alpine putting his hands behind his back and sticking his jaw out motioning with his chin for Viceroy to take a shot, Vic does but Alpine swing his head away avoiding it still smiling at Vic, he does it again, Vic throws a kick at his legs and he hops it so Viceroy shrugs and chops Alpine so hard he falls face down on the mat clutching his chest, Viceroy then puts a foot on his back and poses for the fans tapping his sole on the top of Shines head as he lets him up at the request of the referee

Zach Davis: Viceroy telling Shine he wont be taking any of his shit this evening

Shine gets to his feet and rushes right past the ref clobbering Viceroy into the corner pounding on him with shot after shot hitting him high and low every until Vic grabs his head and pulls a switch taking over with hey makers Shine tackles him out of the corner and into the ring. Viceroy puts on a sort of Kimura headlock lock as they collide with the mat while shine is raining elbows down on his ribs, shine flips his body to break the hold and both men end up on their backs, they scramble to get up but Viceroy is just that little bit quicker and after running the ropes meets Shine in the middle of the ring with a European lifter, he then runs the ropes himself looking for a big boot but Vic catches his leg and hoists him up and down with a power bomb of the greatest authority

Freddy Whoa: Nothing but vicious malicious intent in that maneuver

Zach Davis: Attempting to turn him over into a Boston Crab here

Shine comes back to his senses just before being turned over and starts to fight it,

Freddy Whoa: Shine catching himself just in time there he must of felt the title slipping away to bring himself back round on instinct

Viceroy changes his strategy and goes for a catapult but shine rolls through it onto his knees giving a dab in the ring as Viceroy hits the ropes

Zach Davis: Shining Wiz.....


Shine somehow from one knee hoists Viceroy up into the air and gives him a power bomb of his own and then quickly turns it into a sharpshooter


The crowd half pops and half cheers for the feat of wrestling just displayed as Viceroy uses all the strength he has to pull himself quickly to the ropes cradling them desperately and pulls himself out through the bottom ropes as soon as the holds releases at a count of 4 of course

Freddy Whoa: I dunno how smart this is we have every member of EMS at ringside waiting to pounce here, we have even seen the fucking pig get involved in matches in the past

Zach Davis: Did you just swear on live TV?

Freddy Whoa: What can I say I hate that swine

As if on cue Percy pops out from below the apron to nip at Viceroys heels then spins and runs back under the ring again, Viceroy tries to follow but Vulture is caught in the corner of his eye waiting for an opportunity to pounce, Shine simply walks to the ropes sitting on them to invite him back in the ring so Viceroy politely spits in his face using the distraction to grab a foot and pull him off his feet and out of the ring picking him up and running at Vulture who is caught of guard and barrels Shine into Vulture sending Vulture into the ring post he then drives Vine into the ring apron and rolls back into the ring going over and making a point of intimidating Esther in case she gets any ideas then walks to the ropes and holds them open for shine.

Zach Davis: I hate to say it folks but we need to take a break from this action we will be right back!

We flash to a promo for Freezer Burns WCF Network reclaimed meat grilling show with a huge shot of him and a full side of Cow and a flame thrower, we then get an Advertisement for the DVD and Blu Ray release of Blast then we are back in the arena. In the ring we see Shine being held in place by a rear chin lock

Zach Davis: Folks as we rejoin this match Brent Alpine has taken complete control

Freddy Whoa: Just watch and see what happens here during the break

We switch to a split screen showing a minute or so previous with Shine still outside the ring he goads Vic to come out and join him just as Vic puts his legs through the middle rope Esther jumps up in front of the ref and Shine grabs the rope and slingshots it up into Vic's nuts he then quickly jumped up on the apron and slingshots himself into a DDT spiking Vic into the mat then we go back to live action

Freddy Whoa: Ever since that point Shine's been keeping Viceroy down on the mat

Vic finally starts to come round in the headlock and grabs hold of Shines hands stumbling himself up but not exactly vertical then drops bringing Shines head down on top of his skull in a jawbreaker but the Shine laughs it off and holds on but now Vic's in a better position he throws his legs back and wraps them round his opponents neck flipping him over into an arm bar which shine is quick to escape from and both guys back off seething into a corner collecting themselves and then they make their way back across the ring throwing insults back and forth and then they meet in the ring going back to throwing bombs

Zach Davis: We are heading down the home stretch here folks you can see the knees on these men starting to give if one makes a mistake now this thing will be over in a hurry

Shine tosses a punch and Viceroy kicks it away hitting an elbow shot of his own, shine falls back through the ropes then bounces back up with a clothesline of his own knocking viceroy back and he rebounds off the ropes himself bicycle kicking Shine who stands up to it but rocks back and throws a forearm the point of his elbow colliding with Viceroys Jaw Vic grabs Shines head and hits a forearm Shines retaliates in kind and they go back and forth till both men drop to their knees and the crowd cheers them along as they just keep throwing shots until Alpine drives his head into Viceroy's nose

Zach Davis: His eyes just crossed then rolled back into his head!

Freddy Whoa: Pin!





Kyle Steel: Your winner and still Television Champion... BRENT ALPINE!


As Alpine receives his Title and rolls out of the ring, the crowd applauds Vic Viceroy's effort. That is, until their attention is turned inward as someone is rushing through the crowd.


Black ends up behind Viceroy and delivers a vicious elbow to the back of his head. Just like earlier tonight in the four way match, Corey lifts Vic up....


Corey Black drops Viceroy.

Zach Davis: What is he doing? TWO matches interfered in now!? This is the second week in a row he's attacked Viceroy!

Freddy Whoa: Viceroy, who got a TV Title shot despite being so new to the company. And the other guys he attacked were very new too... besides Bad News, who maybe was in the wrong place at the wrong time? I'm sensing a pattern.

Zach Davis: We won't know until Corey speaks.

Corey once again leaves throughout the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: Last week may have been chance, but this week made it personal. I doubt Vic Viceroy is going to let Corey Black attack him again.

Danny Anderson vs Spencer Adams

Slam returns from a commercial.

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam. This next match between two returning WCF superstars could have huge implications for Ultimate Showdown.

Freddy Whoa: You’re 100% correct, Zach. Both of these men are currently on the outside looking in at the match where every WCF title is defended, and both have made it clear entering Showdown is their goal.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Coming out first, from Chicago, Illinois, and weighing 190 pounds- Spencer Adams!!

The opening riff to Supremacy by Muse hits the PA as strobe lights flicker and a blue smoke fills the stage. As the song picks up, Spencer steps onto the stage and lifts his arms up in front of them, crossing them over one another in an "X" formation before swiping them down away from his body.

Zach Davis: “The Antidote” is back in WCF, and the crowd could not be happier!

Spencer makes his way down the ramp, jumping up onto different spots on the barricade and high fiving fans before charging into the ring and climbing the turnbuckle. He motions for the fans to make some noise before leaping down and waiting for his opponent.

Freddy Whoa: A fan favorite for his frenetic, high risk style of combat, Adams has been People’s, Trios, and Tag Champ during his time here. He wants more though, and he knows the best way to do that is to enter Ultimate Showdown.

"Destruction Overdrive" by Black Label Society hits the P.A. System and the lights flicker in accordance while the tune plays through the airwaves. Danny Anderson walks out onto the stage and adjusts his wrist tape before sprinting down the ramp as his theme song picks up.

Zach Davis: This man might have something to say about those plans. “The Disturbed One” is in the house!!

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois weighing in at a two-hundred forty five pounds, he is The Unpredictable...DANNY AN-DURR-SON?!!?!?

The Disturbed One looks out into the WCF Galaxy who greets him with a mixed reaction. Danny responds with a grin before walking up the ring steps onto the apron. He dusts his feet off and then enters through the ropes. Once in the ring he cracks his knuckles and smiles crazy style playing to the crowd one last time before preparing for the match.

Freddy Whoa: Danny Anderson grinning like the lunatic he is! This is a man who lives to fight, who loves to dole out pain. There would be no better venue for him to demonstrate those interests than at Showdown!

Referee Joe Bleaux calls both Adams and Anderson to the middle of the ring to go over rules. He then motions for the match to start. The two begin exchanging blows, with Anderson getting the upper hand. He stuns Spencer with a jab to the face, follows that up with a double leg take down. He tries to mount Adams for some punches but the smaller man transitions this into a small package pin. One! Two! Danny kicks out. He muscles free and steps back, clearly surprised that Adams almost beat him so quick. Spencer kips up and makes a beckoning gesture towards his opponent.

Zach Davis: That was close. Danny Anderson is a take no prisoners brawler who can trade punches with the best of them, but he’s got to watch out for the speed and technical prowess of Spencer Adams.

The Disturbed One grins at Adams’s challenge. He rushes forward and tries for a lariat, but Adams ducks it and catches Anderson for a crucifix pin. One! Two! Danny kicks out. He flips over to stand, only to get hit by a dropkick from the already standing Adams. Stumbling back to the ropes, he bounces off and caroms back towards Spencer. Adams springs to his feet and hits a clothesline, which stops his larger opponent in his tracks. He starts throwing quick elbow strikes and kicks. Danny stops him dead with a wicked European upper cut that snaps his head back. Grabbing Spencer by the hair he smashes his brow into his, and then begins pummeling him with heavy forearm clubs.

Freddy Whoa: After a strong start by Spencer Adams, Danny Anderson has recovered and is taking it to his former DRG stablemate.

Anderson sends Adams sprawling with a kneelift. Still on the offensive, he pursues the smaller man, whipping him to the corner and following that up with an attempted corner clothesline. Spencer slips between the ropes to the outside apron, and catches Anderson with a pendulum kick. Adams then leaps over the ropes and tries for the sunset flip pin. Anderson flails wildly to keep his balance. After several seconds of “Aloha-ing” (copyright OSW) he finally manages to grab hold of the ropes. Even before Referee Bleaux can tell Adams to give up on the pin The Antidote is on his feet. When Danny turns around Adams dropkicks him out of the ring. Anderson lands on his feet though, and when Adams tries for a springboard plancha he catches Spencer and drives him to the floor with a spinning side slam!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Destruction Overdrive on the outside! Even with the padding around the ring, that had to be painful as hell for Adams.

Zach Davis: No doubt, Freddy. This could be what Danny Anderson needs to take control of this match.

Danny gets to his feet and studies Adams as he writhes in agony. He stomps on Spencer’s stomach several times before pulling him to his feet and throwing him hard against the ring apron. He then starts chopping away at The Antidote’s chest. The referee after several failed warnings, starts to count both men out. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Anderson stops hacking away at his foe and shoves him inside the ring. He follows, kicking at Adams while he’s on his belly before doing a snap elbow drop on the small of his back. Anderson then rises to his feet and put Adams in a standing headscissors. He lifts and flips Spencer up and then raises him higher for a crucifix bomb.

Zach Davis: Danny Anderson trying to soften up Spencer’s back more with the Bridge to Cross!

Only not! Adams drives his own heels into the back of Danny’s knees, then grapevines his arms. When Anderson stumbles Spence uses momentum to try for a backslide pin. One! Two! Danny kicks out. The two men roll away from each other. Spencer is still in clear pain from the attacks on his back, while Danny wears a stunned expression over once again almost losing this match from an out of nowhere pin. He moves to a corner and waits for Adams to get to his feet. When he does The Disturbed One charges out to try for a body block, only Spencer jukes out of the way. Anderson crashes into the corner, staggers back, turns, and gets hit by an enziguri. Danny topples to the mat. Spencer pulls himself up by the ropes and hits a standing moonsault onto Anderson’s back, knocking the wind out of him. Pulling Anderson up, he backs into the corner, climbs the ropes, and hits an avalanche ddt. Adams flips him over and makes the cover. One! Two! Anderson gets his foot on the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Oh, so close!

Spencer sits up and puts his hands on his hips, upset with himself. He gingerly makes his way to his feet and, begins to pull Anderson towards the middle of the ring. When Danny starts to resist The Antidote lets go and connects with a kick right to the kneeling Anderson’s jaw.

Zach Davis: Super Duper Kick!

Adams falls down and covers Danny with a lateral press. One! Two! Danny gets a shoulder up. Again Spencer shakes his head. He slowly stands and walks away from his downed opponent, trying to walk off the pain in his back. Shooting a look back to Anderson, who is still down, Adams goes to the nearest corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He waits for Danny to stand. When he does Adams executes a shooting star press that ends with him driving Anderson face first to the mat.

Freddy Whoa: Spencer Adams hits the Quarantine. Cover! One! Two! Three!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner…. Spencer Adams!!

As “Supremacy” is played Antidote rises slowly to his feet. The referee raises his hand in victory. Meanwhile, Danny Anderson rolls his way out of the ring and walks up to the back.

Zach Davis: Spencer Adams has returned to WCF and has picked up right where he left off: demonstrating to everyone he is a man to be reckoned with.

Freddy Whoa: But will this win be enough to get him what he wants, a chance to enter Ultimate Showdown?

Spencer Adams climbs the nearest turnbuckle and celebrates his win with the cheering crowd as Slam moves to its next segment.

Kevin Bishop/Zombie McMorris vs Teddy Blaze/Thomas Uriel Bates

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a tag team match for one fall.

The lights in the arena go black and a hush falls upon the fans when the tron lights up pure white. “Unholy Confessions” by Avenged Sevenfold blares overhead and white strobes beam down on “The Plague” Kevin Bishop as he steps onto the stage. He wears his black studded leather vest and his hair drips wet as he shakes his head to the music. Kevin applies his wrist tape as he makes his way down the ramp blowing off the crowd as they reach out to him.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from New York, New York. Weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds and standing at six foot three inches. He is the WCF United States Champion; “The Plague” Kevin Bishop!

Towards the end of the ramp Kevin runs to the ring and slides in. He stands in the middle of the ring and he just stares around the arena shaking his head at the masses. Finally he lifts his arms and a barrage of sparks rain down onto him and the ring. He makes his way to the far corner and awaits his tag team partner and his opponents.

Zach Davis: Just last week Kevin Bishop stood side by side with one of his opponents this week. You have to think this is a plan by Seth Lerch to destroy the opposition.

“Killed by Death” hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the arena. He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier.

Kyle Steel: His tag team partner; standing at six foot six inches and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he is the WCF Internet Champion, the “Duke of New York”, “The Evil Incarnate”, the “Coked Up Mad Man” the “Honey Badger”; Zombie McMorris!!!

Zombie McMorris hops the barrier and slides into the ring.

“When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin blares over the PA System, interrupting Zombie McMorris. The crowd explodes as a pounding drum beat ecoes throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of Teddy Blaze! The lights drop, enveloping the arena in darkness as they turn towards the entrance ramp.

With a crescendo and burst of flame, Blaze appears before them, holding his hands out over his head and bathing in the applause.

Kyle Steel: Their opponent, from Houston, Texas. Standing at six feet tall and weighing one hundred and eighty-eight pounds, he is the WCF People’s Champion; Teddy Blaze!!!

Teddy Blaze takes a deep bow and walks towards the ring, waving to the fans along the way. He wears an almost cocky grin as he rolls between the ropes, offering both Kevin Bishop and Zombie McMorris an extended handshake before shrugging and walking to the turnbuckle.

He holds his arms over his head and yells out “WCF Forever!” as he does so, eliciting a cheer from the audience as the music reaches its zenith. He turns and steps back into the ring, waiting for his tag team partner.

Zach Davis: It is a wonder how these two have not teamed up already.

“Midnight Rider” by the Allman Brothers Band blares over the PA system as the titron begins showing clips of Thomas Uriel Bates riding his motorcycle along a deserted highway. The titron displays images from previous matches against Bobby Cairo, ICE Beckman, Corey Black, Jonny Fly, Gemini Battle, Joey Flash, Zombie McMorris, and more. As the titron plays clips from previous matches, and from the deserted highway ride; Thomas Uriel Bates steps out on the stage.

Kyle Steel: His tag team partner, from Huntsville, Alabama, standing at six foot nine inches, and weighing four hundred and thirty pounds, he is the WCF’s Strongest Man, the Mountain of WCF; Thomas Uriel Bates!!!

Bates glares down at the ring with intensity before finally walking to the ring. He arrives at the ring, climbs up the steps and walks to the center of the apron. He steps over the top rope and enters the ring. Bates looks towards Zombie McMorris, stretches out his arms, and roars. The crowd joins in, amplifying the thunderous effect.

Zombie McMorris is having none of it, and sends his foot right into Bates’ midsection, cutting off the roar. The referee quickly tries to separate them, but instead is forced to call for the bell as Bates wraps his hand around Zombie’s head.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Zombie and Bates seem to be in a hurry!

Kevin Bishop and Teddy Blaze step back to their respective corner as Thomas Uriel Bates and Zombie McMorris exchanges blows in the middle of the ring. Bates’ size gives him the advantage, and he is able to toss Zombie McMorris into an unoccupied turnbuckle. McMorris attempts to block a series of body blows, but is unsuccessful. Bates ends his relentless assault with a headbutt, sending Zombie to the mat.

Zach Davis: Bates establishing dominance early in this match.

Bates reaches down, and applies an Armbar Stretch to Zombie McMorris. McMorris grabs the rope, forcing Bates to break the hold. Bates moves back in to apply another grapple hold to McMorris, but is met with an eye poke. Bates stumbles back.

Freddy Whoa: McMorris looking to blind the bigger man!

McMorris makes a jump, attempting a jumping clothesline. It hits, but Bates simply stumbles back. McMorris moves back and bounces off the ropes, running towards Bates with speed. He hits a dropkick on Bates, sending the big man into the ropes, but not down.

Zach Davis: Nothing seems to be taking Bates down!

McMorris bounces off the ropes again, and jumps with another clothesline, this time connecting and sending Bates and himself outside the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! This match is going outside!

The two men struggle to get up, McMorris the first to do so. Zombie moves in with a series of kicks to the back of Bates’ knee, his ribs, and the back of his head. The referee begins the count.


The kicks continue, adding a series of punches and elbows.




McMorris grabs the back of Bates’ head, and tries to slam it into the steep steps.


Bates stops it, and grabs Zombie’s head. He pushes McMorris back and stands up.


McMorris runs to Bates, who catches him midair. Bates lifts him above his head and tosses him into the ring, clear over the top rope.


Bates rolls back into the ring and grabs the rope to stand up. He makes his way to Teddy Blaze and tags him in. Zombie crawls over to Kevin Bishop and tags him in.

Kevin Bishop rushes forward, but is hit with a Roundhouse Kick by Teddy Blaze. Blaze follows with a series of take down moves, forcing Bishop to the ground and into an elbow strike to the face. Teddy Blaze stands up and works up the crowd, allowing for Kevin Bishop to climb his way up.

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze needs to keep his eyes on Kevin Bishop, this match is still on!

Kevin Bishop interrupts Blaze’s action with a German Suplex. He follows with another German Suplex, then another, then another, and then another. With his last German Suplex, he releases the hold, sending Blaze back into the corner dazed. Bishop grabs hold of Blaze, and pulls him to the center of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! The Iron Maiden!

Bishop’s reverse suplex into a dragon sleeper takes Blaze down. The referee rushes over to check on Blaze, but moves out of the way quickly when a big boot from Thomas Uriel Bates right into the face of Kevin Bishop breaks the hold. The referee forces Bates back, as Zombie McMorris rushes into the ring to deliver a series of punches and elbows to the fallen Teddy Blaze. McMorris rushes out of the ring as the referee turns back around to find a dazed Kevin Bishop pinning a dazed Teddy Blaze.



Teddy Blaze kicks out of the hold. Both men are dazed, and begin crawling to their respective corners. Kevin Bishop is the first to make it, allowing Zombie McMoris to rush in and drag Teddy Blaze away from Bates.

McMorris hits Blaze with an axe handle, and locks him in a rear naked choke. Blaze struggles, and finally makes his way to the ropes, forcing McMorris to break the hold. McMorris drags Blaze to the center of the ring and helps him up. He grabs both arms and hooks them, setting up a double arm DDT.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! World Tour ’69!

Teddy Blaze breaks the hold, instead pulling Zombie’s legs out from under him. He sends his heel into Zombie’s midsection as he stumbles towards his corner. Zombie makes his way up, just as Blaze tags in Thomas Uriel Bates.

Bates explodes out of the corner, taking down Zombie McMorris with a clothesline and nearly knocking his head off. Bates follows with a well-placed kick to Zombie’s back, sending him into his own corner.

McMorris quickly tags Kevin Bishop. Kevin Bishop explodes out of the corner, and almost runs right into a Bates’ Boot. Bishop ducks, and crashes into the knee of Bates. Bishop attempts to lock on a triangle choke hold, but Bates overpowers him, sending him flying to the opposite side of the ring. Bates steps back and tags in Teddy Blaze.

Blaze jumps back into the ring, and right into a springboard code breaker from Kevin Bishop.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! The Black Death!

Kevin Bishop immediately follows with helping Blaze up, and hooking the arms, delivering a butterfly suplex.

Zach Davis: The Inevitable Death Nail!

Two more butterfly suplexes with the last one merging into a stalling sitout double arm DDT. Bishop immediately pins Blaze.




Zach Davis: Kevin Bishop and Zombie McMorris pull off the win!

Bates quickly steps over the ropes and approaches Kevin Bishop. The two look as if they may come to blows. Instead, Bates offers his hand. Bishop considers, and then accepts. Bates raises Bishop’s hand and congratulates him for the win.

Oblivion/Seth Lerch Segment

Seth Lerch is walking backstage. He has a brown bag in his hand, which he takes a long swig from. Until he hears a voice.


We recognize the voice quickly; as does Seth.

Seth Lerch: Oblivion?!

He looks around.

Seth Lerch: Where are you?


Seth starts jogging down the hallfway now, which, it should be mentioned, is otherwise abandoned. However, as he's about to turn a corner, Oblivion steps out. Seth nearly runs into him before he starts backing away.

Oblivion: SETH! You KNEW I was coming for you.. I warned you last week! You've made my life a living hell ever since I destroyed that PUPPET you call Logan... and Seth?

Oblivion looks around.


Oblivion grabs Seth by the shirt and lifts him, slamming him against the wall.



Seth Lerch: NO! Trust me. I have an idea.


Seth Lerch: No, you'll like this one. Stuart Slane, Oblivion! The World Champion! He needs a contender! And you never got your rematch! You can have your World Title rematch, Oblivion! BUT YOU'VE GOT TO LET ME GO! RIGHT NOW!

Oblivion leans into Seth, staring him straight in the eyes and grinning. Seth looks away, not able to look into Oblivion's monstrous face.

Oblivion: Ha... hahaha!!

Oblivion drops Seth in a heap.

Oblivion: So I leave you right here, right now, and I get my World Title rematch?

Seth Lerch: Yes! Yes! Anything! You got it!

Oblivion: You're an idiot!! You've just prolonged your death sentence - but once I get my Title rematch, Seth, I'll be coming back for you and NOTHING WILL STOP ME!!!

Oblivion walks away laughing to himself as Seth stares at him, wide eyed.

Zach Davis: Wow! We saw quite a few men come out to start the show and come after Slane for a World Title shot - but it turns out they were going for the wrong man! They should've just threatened Seth to begin with!

Freddy Whoa: No one can threaten Seth quite like The Monster, Oblivion!

We go to commercial before our main event.

Hardcore Title Match
Mikey eXtreme vs Nathan Chambers

Live from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, the crowd of one of the most hardcore die fans in all of Professional Wrestling are extremely excited for their hero, Mikey eXtreme, to restore the rightful, and hardcore tradition of the hostage taken WCF Hardcore Title. Nathan Chambers has been making demands, and even changes the rules to be in his favor but now it is time for the main event to come into play.

Crowd: WCF! WCF! WCF!

Freddy Whoa: After everything that has happened tonight, it is time for our main event of the evening. The WCF Perfection Championship will be on the line. Nathan Chambers will defend it against the number one contender, Mikey eXtreme.

Zach Davis: I cannot wait to see the look on Nathan’s face when he loses that belt. The sooner Mikey wins, the better.

Freddy Whoa: Well, Nathan said he made rules for the WCF Perfection Title Match so I’ll guess we’ll see what they are right now.

“Get Born Again” by Alice in Chains is the first entrance music of the two to play around the Prudential Center with the lights turning off, emitting the crowd in darkness. Mikey eXtreme walks out from the back, and the lights dance around the arena flickering, and flashing like crazy. Kendo Stick in his right hand, he stretches out his arms, and pulls his head back to soak in all of the fans cheering him to take the belt.


Usually they’d be against him but when you disrespect Hardcore especially in New Jersey, you’re a wanted man. Mikey walks down to the ring holding that Kendo Stick hair, whipping his long brown hair back, and forth like a madman. He was well dressed for the occasion. Jeans with black elbow pads, and black with red stripe boots.

Zach Davis: Mikey is ready. Bringing his well known singapore kendo stick, and even wearing that American face paint. Scary but it’s better to bring a weapon to a Hardcore match knowing exactly what’s gonna happen.

Freddy Whoa: A former three time WCF United States Champion whose competed against some of the best in WCF but always wanted the Hardcore Championship. Tonight, Mikey will fight with everything on the line to become the new WCF Hardcore Champion.

Already inside the ring, he’s beating the turnbuckle with the kendo stick over, and over. Perfecting his technique, and getting that right swing. He was fired up as he paced back and forth on the ropes waiting for Nathan to come out.


While the crowd is chanting everything they can, “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris & The Disciples is the final entrance music to play. Two beautiful models dressed in black bikinis, and heels each walk out to stand on each side of the stage before welcoming Nathan Chambers dressed in his pink pants, striped boots, and even white wrist tapes. Taking very kindly to his sunglasses on, pink scarf around his neck, and his black french hat on.


Once the models spins into his arms, darkness covers the entire arena with the spotlight only on him. Nathan abandons his models, and slowly walks down to the rings with his eyes fixated on Mikey pumping up to finally get his hands on the champion. Of course Nathan isn’t scared but he doesn’t want to be touched by the fans on his way to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: There he is folks. The current WCF Perfection Champion, and 2016 Classic Tournament Finalist. He did very well in the World Title match but came up a little short on getting the World Title in his grasp.

Zach Davis: As much as I hate the kid, I’ll give credit where credit is due. He is the youngest champion in WCF history, and World Title caliber but nevertheless, he has a long way to go before earning the respect backstage.

Nathan hops onto the apron, and Mikey is pointing the kendo stick at him. He sweeps through the ropes, and throws his french hat, and pink scarf at his opponent that wilds him. Mikey charges but the referee stops him, and Nathan stands in the center as his music fades.


Kyle Steele stands in the center of the ring in his signature black tuxedo, and received the cue to speak into his microphone for the introductions.

Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Ladies, and gentlemen. This is our main event, and it is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WCF Perfection Championship! However, according to the information I received, this match is now a Perfection rules match.


Zach Davis: What the hell is going on? Perfection Rules?!

Kyle Steel: The current champion, Nathan Chambers, will wrestle under Hardcore stipulations while the challenger, Mikey eXtreme, will be contested under disqualifications, and count-outs but most importantly, he is restricted under traditional rules only!


Mikey is livid. He argues with Kyle, and the referee but it’s no use as it’s made official. So he has no choice but to surrender his kendo stick which is given to the ringside crew, and now this entire arena is against Nathan who is smirking.

Zach Davis: Well this is just great! Just so great! How is Mikey able to compete under traditional rules, and Nathan has hardcore privileges? Are you kidding me, Seth?! Do something!

Freddy Whoa: First he throws away the Hardcore belt, and now this. Nathan is truly going on his word about controlling the Perfection Division.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, the challenger! Hailing from Brooklyn, New York! At six feet, four inches tall, weighing in at 225 pounds. He is Mikey eXtreme!


Mikey throws his hands up, and Nathan is just leaning back on the turnbuckles in his corner with his sunglasses on.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his opponent! Hailing from Hollywood, California! At six feet, one inch tall. Weighing in at 232 pounds, he is the WCF Perfection Championship! Nathan “Perfection” Chambers!


He starts hyping up himself before quickly removing his sunglasses off, and blowing kisses to the fans at ringside. With Kyle Steel out of the ring, and the lights back to normal, the referee calls for the bell.

Ding Ding Ding!

Mikey just flies past the referee, and quickly slams him Nathan back into the turnbuckles. From there, he bashes him down on the head repeatedly with multiple elbows straight down in his head with that fully tattooed right arm. That right elbow pad with the X was designed to hit the spot on Nathan’s forehead over, and over until kicking him into the ribcage repeatedly.


Mikey quickly takes the head of Nathan, and tosses him down to his back to continues the beat down by elbowing his head over, and over. All Nathan can do is cover himself up but the referee drags Mikey off, and warns him he will be disqualified.

Freddy Whoa: Mikey eXtreme has had enough of Nathan’s slick ways but now he’s playing in Nathan’s yard. Got to be careful not be counted out or disqualified because Nathan will retain the belt no matter what.

Zach Davis: Again. The sooner he loses it, the better.

Mikey helps him back up to his feet, and whips Nathan into the ropes. Off the rebound, Nathan ducks under the right arm, and takes the neck while running to snap them both down with a Running Neckbreaker. Both men down on the mat, and Nathan is the first one to get the pin attempt.


Mikey kicks out. It’s going to take more than a simple Neckbreaker to keep him down. So he begins to use his technical strength on applying an Arm Lock, and that’s stretching it out while torquing it. Mikey is on his right knee suffering the pain but when he stands up, he gets kicked in the ribs to keep him hunched over.

He turns their bodies around, and then drops down on the mat with another snap Neckbreaker in the center of the ring. Sitting up, Nathan mocks the crowd by smirking at them or mouthing off as he rolls out to the ring to pick up the kendo stick.

Zach Davis: Oh, now he’s adding insult to injury by using Mikey’s own personal kendo stick. That’s even a low you Nathan.

Nathan slides into the ring with the kendo stick, and stands up. Stalking his prey as he spins it around in his hands. Mikey gets up turns around to get swung at but he catches the kendo stick just in time. He kicks Nathan in the ribs, and snap mares him down onto his own back.

Zach Davis: DO IT MIKEY!

Raising the kendo over his head, Nathan is begging for him not to do it but the referee grabs the kendo, and warns Mikey that he is wrestling under traditional rules, and not hardcore.


Attention focused on the referee, he suffers for it. Mikey receives a big low blow that forces him down on his knees, and Nathan gets up to grab the kendo stick before smacking it across the spine of his opponent, putting him down on the mat in sheer pain of the sting.

Freddy Whoa: And there goes Nathan using the advantages of the Perfection Rules match to bring down the pain on Mikey. Striking him in the spine with his own kendo stick.

Once again, he continues to strike the exposed back of Mikey over, and over with the kendo stick until he just breaks it over his knee, and throw the pieces outside of the ring to add insult to injury. Mikey is trying to stand on his knees, and fight back with weak elbows into his ribs but instead he gets knee’d in the face by Nathan.


Nathan continues working down on the spine with a snap Elbow Drop, digging the joint into his spine. Now utilizing his submission specialty, he sits down on the back of his opponents, and applies the Camel Clutch with his hands clasped under the chin to work even harder on destroying his back.

Freddy Whoa: Camel Clutch applied inside of the ring, and Nathan is just laughing while Mikey is struggling to even fight back after those back to back kendo shots.

Zach Davis: This is completely unfair, and totally wrong. Nathan has all the tools to win, and Mikey can barely fight fair with these bullcrap regulations. Nathan knows he can’t beat Mikey, and he’s doing this just to get an easy victory!

Freddy Whoa: Other say it’s unfair but to Nathan, it’s a new era. Hold on, Mikey is fighting back against the Camel Clutch!

It’s true. He overpowers their combined weight, and now switches him to be carried on his back just to be driven back first into the turnbuckles of a corner. Nathan releases the hold, and Mikey whips him into the opposing corner only to be splashed with his body weight on top of his. It doesn’t end there. Helping him back up to his feet, Mikey Suplexes him onto the canvas and quickly floats over for the pin attempt.



Nathan kicks out from the pin attempt, and Mikey continues with that brawling side of his. Helping Nathan up, and driving his ribs over, and over with knees into his stomach. Bent over, Mikey runs to the ropes at the side, and rebounds to Big Boot his temple, and kick him through the ropes. Nathan crashes onto the outside mat, and the ringside fans are enjoying mocking him.


Nowhere to go. Nathan uses the edge of the ring apron to help him stand but there’s a price on wasting time. Mikey leaps off from the top rope, and Cross Bodies him down on the ringside mat. He hooks the right leg but the referee won’t count the pin.

Freddy Whoa: Mikey is not getting used to these Perfection Title rules.

Zach Davis: Nobody should. Hell, they shouldn’t even be enforced.

Although he can’t be hardcore, doesn't mean other objects can’t. Breaking the count by rolling in, and out, Mikey runs with Nathan, and bulldozes his body into the steel steps that forces them to crash into the barricade. Already on the mat, Mikey wants to up the pain by dragging him to the announce table, and bashing his skull into it.


Zach Davis: Oh look out! Mikey is backing up to deliver a very strong move to Nathan. Let’s move right out of the way before we get caught in the crossfire Freddy!

And so they do. Standing by the steel post, he has enough space to really destroy the hell out of Nathan who is leaning against the table on his knees. Sweat dripping down his body, he manages to stand back up again, and scoot over to the side of table just in time. Mikey charges at him only to receive a steel chair thrown in his face, and knocking him down to the ringside mat.


Freddy Whoa: Nathan Chambers just threw a steel chair into the face of Mikey, and he’s not going to stop. Mikey can’t do anything to defend himself.

Nathan rolls Mikey into the ring yet again, and slides in the bent steel chair. Looking under the ring, only four objects are what he needed. A trash can is thrown in, another chair, a table, and surprisingly a tied up black bag before he moves inside just to pin his opponent.



Mikey somehow kicks out of the pin attempt, and Nathan is getting very upset. He takes his actions to the corner where he places the steel chair in between the top, and middle turnbuckle in one of the corner. While his opponent gets up, Nathan skips to the side, and Savate Kicks him in the ribs to keep him bent over then underhooks both his arms to Double Arm DDT on top of his head.

Zach Davis: VIP Only! The Double Arm DDT is hit, and Nathan goes for yet another pin attempt!



Another kick out by the one they call eXtreme, and Nathan is getting furious. He doesn’t know how Mikey could be fighting. It pissed him off. He wanted him to pay, and to add insult to injury was not enough. Nathan get off the mat, and moved the trash can in the center of the ring. He also dragged Mikey by a handful of hair by standing him bent with his head in between his legs.


Freddy Whoa: Oh no! Oh no, oh no! Nathan isn’t going to do what I think he is actually going to do. Don’t do this Nathan!

Zach Davis: Mikey fight back, come on Mikey please!

Just when Nathan tries to go for a Powerbomb, Mikey uses his power, and Back Body Drops him onto the trash can. Nathan’s weight crushing the trash can, flattening it out until he sits up yelling at the top of lungs cringing like a bitch.


But that isn’t enough. Mikey runs to the ropes, and rebounds back down to Nathan to deliver a very powerful Shining Wizard that knocks him out onto his back temporarily. Both men down after a gruesome match already, and recovering their breath.


Freddy Whoa: Even with the odds all against him, Mikey finds way to fight against the man who is ruining the Hardcore Championship as he said. You gotta give it to him to be the best he can.

Both men are back on their feet, and on wobbly knees. Hardly any man can barely stand up right now. Nathan first strikes him with a forearm into the chin.


Mikey replies with an elbow right into his jaw.


Another forearm shot by Nathan into the chin.


Mikey continues with an elbow shot into the chin.


Instead, Mikey continues delivering elbow shots into his chin over, and over. Repeatedly doing so to ensure Nathan doesn’t fight back but he does by digging his thumb into the right eye of to temporarily blind him.


He runs back into the ropes behind him, and rebounds into Mikey to get Rolling Elbowed into the jaw, and then German Suplexed onto the canvas with the bridge carried for a quick pin attempt!



Nathan kicks out, and Mikey is fired up. He marches around the ring nodding to the crowd, and completely on the verge of a psycho-maniac. Nodding with the crowd to get them fired up, and definitely in his hands for that extra kick on nailing his coffin.

Zach Davis: Aw yeah! Aw yeah! This is it! This is it right now! This is going to be the end of the Perfection Champion!

Nathan gets back up, and gets clotheslined down into the mat. He stands back up again, and is clotheslined right into the canvas. On the third time of getting up, Mikey spins around, and kicks him in the face that nearly topples him over into the corner where the steel chair is.


Freddy Whoa: Here comes Mikey! Ready to put him through that steel chair!

Mikey charges into Nathan but Nathan rolls out of the way. Luckily for Mikey he comes to a halt, and turns around to sidestep Nathan who spears himself head first into the steel chair. Bending it, and tossing it into ringside as his body dangles back, and forth between the turnbuckles.


Freddy Whoa: Nathan took a big risk, and it cost him dearly! He just bulldozed himself head first through the steel chair parked in the corner. Oh my god!

He can barely walk but to make matters worse, when he tries to even remove himself, and walk into the center, Mikey knocks him out with a sick Superkick into his own chin.





No! Nathan shoves his arm out at the last second, and Mikey leans on his side with his sweat dripping, and drool from the corner of his mouth. The crowd are off their feet for the competitors giving it all they got but Mikey scratches, and claws his way to the table leaned against the corner.


He barely stands up, and even has trouble setting up the table in the corner although the referee is fairly warning him not to do this or else he’ll be disqualified. Instead, he superkicks the referee out of the ring, and continues on his onslaught!

Zach Davis: Mikey just SUPERKICKED the referee out of the ring! He’s open to do the hardcore rules, dear god!

Freddy Whoa: Probably the smartest thing he could do in the match right now, and that’s going to leave him a very big opportunity as no referee is calling the match!

Picking up the other steel chair, Nathan is standing on his hands and knees yelling at the referee. Seeing there is none as he’s outside, retribution is at hand. Mikey unleashes chair shot after chair shot on whatever body part that is exposed as he keep rolling around in sheer pain.


He’s had enough, and drags him near the table with the chair in his hand still. Nathan is leaned against the table while Mikey is helping his body up on it. Unfortunately, Nathan finds the strength to poke his eye again, and get some distance between them.


Mikey rubs the same eye that was poked with, and sees Nathan coming. He holds up the chair to block him but Nathan already charged, and leaps in the air to Tornado Kick the chair into his face, and toss him on top of the table.

Freddy Whoa: MONEY SHOT! Running Tornado Kick right into the steel chair into the face of Mikey, and he’s on top of the table. What is Nathan doing?!

Nathan is leaned against the ropes until he sees the opportunity. Something deep inside just pushes him to leave the ring onto the apron, and start climbing up to the top rope. Standing on the top turnbuckle, he points his fingers up in the air until leaping off to Elbow Drop Mikey, and himself through the table. Crashing it into nothing but shattered pieces.




Both men roll off the table pieces into the center of the ring but Nathan hooks the leg up. Luckily for Mikey, the referee is still down outside the ring, and is barely even able to get up at this point. Nathan rolls off his body, and is breathing heavily. He uses the ropes as a way to stand but locks eyes on the black tied bag.

Freddy Whoa: We’ve seen chairs, steel steps, our announce table, trash cans, kendo sticks, and now table but what we haven’t seen is the black bag come into play.

Zach Davis: I don’t even want to know what’s in the black bag. I’m too scared to see.

He limps down to the black bag, and barely picks it up. Removing the tie from around the bag, he slowly turns it over….and a huge amount of thumbtacks just rain into the center of the ring. Every member in the audience on their feet, and nothing but awe. Nathan drops into the ropes for balance, and Mikey is barely even moving.

Zach Davis: Tho-those are thumbtacks. Thumbtacks.

Freddy Whoa: I guess now we know what’s in that bag.

Nathan limps all the way to Mikey, and barely brings him into the thumbtack covered center of the ring. He looks right into his face, and screams at him before everything slows down for this final moment. Nathan quickly shoves his head under his pit, and wraps his arm around the neck. Holding onto the tights, he lifts him up into the air before flipping him down back first into the hundreds of thumbtacks pincushion his body.




Mikey can barely sit up, and the blood drips from the large amount of thumbtacks sticking him in the back but Nathan pushes him deep down onto it more when he goes for the pin attempt. The referee slides into the ring, and barely counts the pin.




Ding Ding Ding!


Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, and still WCF Perfection Champion, Nathan Chambers!

Chambers gets up off the fallen Mikey, and falls into the ropes to lean against them. He can barely even stand but the crowd of New Jersey hates him more than ever.

Zach Davis: Well...he did it.

Freddy Whoa: An incredible performance by Mikey but the odds were in the favor of Perfection. Thank you to everyone for tuning in, and we’ll see you next week to follow up on the aftermath of the first title defense of Nathan “Perfection” Chambers!

Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Jonny V/Colton James/Chris Kane vs Henry Chambers/Shane Washington/Doctor Bones

Dee Norm vs Drax Durant vs Excalibur vs Bad News Benson

Lester Parish/Trevor Browning/Greg St. Matthews vs Captain WCF/BioWalker

Henker von Massaker vs Heavy Metal Machine

Neforian Segment

Psychopomp vs Ace vs Severan King

Gemini Battle Segment

Tag Team Titles Match: Adam Young/Psycho Dragon vs Freezer Burn/Night Rider

Television Title Match: Vic Viceroy vs Brent Alpine

Danny Anderson vs Spencer Adams

Kevin Bishop/Zombie McMorris vs Teddy Blaze/Thomas Uriel Bates

Oblivion/Seth Lerch Segment

Hardcore Title Match: Mikey eXtreme vs Nathan Chambers


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Mikey eXtreme vs Nathan Chambers



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