Live from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio

Seth Lerch Segment


WCF Corporate Headquarters - Reading, Pennsylvania

It's still very early in the afternoon as the cameras open to Seth Lerch sitting in his office on the phone. He's tossing back a Jack and Coke as he rifles through some paperwork laid out in front of him. We cut into the middle of his conversation.

Seth Lerch: Wonderful! Can you be at Slam tonight?

There is a brief pause as Seth listens to the person on the line, taking another deep swig of his beverage.

Seth Lerch: I'll double the contract offer if you're in Columbus tonight. C'mon that's the largest sum I've offered anyone in ten years!

As the conversation continues on there is a knock at Seth's door.

Seth Lerch: to person on phone Hang on a sec. ... I'm on a business call!

There is a voice from the other side of the door who urgently calls out to Seth.

Voice: Seth, it's Raymond, Raymond Farrow ... from the board. We really need to speak, right now.

Seth swallows the rest of his Jack and Coke and looks visibly frustrated.

Seth Lerch: You have to wait! This is important!

He returns his attention to his phone call.

Seth Lerch: Okay great ... be at Slam tonight and the contract is doubled ...

The door to Seth's office is opened and Raymond Farrow, a member of the board of director's enters the room accompanied by a few men who look something like ordlerlies from a hospital.

Raymond Farrow: Seth we can't ignore this situation any longer. We held a meeting this morning and we've all come to a concensus. You're going to have to attend rehab.

Seth is still trying to conduct business on the phone until he hears the word "rehab" mentioned.

Seth Lerch: What the hell are you talking about? I'm perfectly fine!

Seth of course reeks of liquor and the empty bottles of Jack Daniels and other liquors strewn around his office don't help matters.

Raymond Farrow: It's been decided Seth. The investors are up in arms ... the debacle we had earlier this year. We can't say that your judgement is exactly ... of sound mind. You're going to have to join these men. A nice room is waiting for you at Valley Sanctuary. Ninety days to clear your mind and get it together. We need a competent leader if we're going to turn things around.

Seth is about to lose his mind as he hears this news. He still has someone on the other end of the line and he isn't about to just hand over control of WCF to the board of directors.

Seth Lerch: frantically Are you still there?! ... GOOD! Listen, change of plans ... you're in charge of WCF for the next few months.

Brief pause.

Seth Lerch: I don't have time to explain just ... contract offer is tripled! Just be at Slam tonight, you're running the show now.

Seth nods his head several times on the phone as he quickly signs his name to the papers on his desk and makes some changes to reflect what he needed and what he was offering.

Seth Lerch: Paperwork is signed and ready to go, it's a done deal! Everything you need is here... just make sure you're at Slam! God knows what will happen if you're not.

Raymond Farrow: Alright Seth, it's time.

The two orderlies make their way towards Seth who obviously doesn't want to leave but he is dragged out of the room anyway.

A few moments go by and we see Biohazard and Tyler Walker enter the room. Biohazard looks down at all of the items left for the new boss and he takes the corporate badge and put it around his neck. Tyler Walker looks down at the paperwork and shakes his head.

Tyler Walker: Think this is a good idea?

Biohazard shrugs.

Biohazard: They won't be here till later anyway. We got time to have some fun.

Tyler Walker shrugs now.

Biohazard: Biowalker is the boss!

Feed cuts out.

Slam Intro

"Duality" by Slipknot plays throughout the arena as WCF World Champion Gemini Battle steps through the curtain to a raucous of applause. He embraces the fans but keeps a look of disdain on his face as he walks down the entrance ramp. He enters the ring and grabs the microphone waiting for him.

Gemini: Ladies and Gentlemen it's time for me to call out a few people here in the WCF. First of all, Doc Henry...

Fans: DOC...DOC...DOC!!!

Gemini: Yes, cheer for the man, because he's back and ready to fight, right? Well, Doc, after I beat Bates and Alpine next week at Revenge I'll give you a shot too. You want to come in and demand title shots that you don't deserve... good for you, I'll fucking take you out back and beat you like the dog you are and prove that you ain't nothin' but a bitch. I beat you as Grayson Pierce, and I'll beat you again worse now!

And talking about people not knowing when to keep their mouths shut, Kira Izumi... you fucking got kicked out of Zero Tolerance and then you call out Big Train... the hottest free agent in wrestling today. You've must got a death wish... but as I said if somehow you manage to prevail then I will entertain giving you a title shot as well.

You see, folks I'm a fighting Champion. There is no fight to small or too big...

The sound of Motorcycles plays as Thomas Bates take 'too Big' and his cue to interrupt Gemini Battle. He remains at the entrance curtain with a microphone in his hand...

Thomas Bates: You better hope that there's no fight too big because it doesn't get any bigger than this fight right here!

The crowd cheers.

Thomas Bates: Listen, Gem. I've come out here because I wanted to tell you something...

Gemini: What the fuck are you doing out here, Bates?

Bates sighs...

Thomas Bates: *sigh* As I was saying I want to tell you that I understand your frustration and I appreciate what you've gone through...

Gemini: Appreciate what I've gone through? Are you fucking kidding me?

Thomas Bates: ENOUGH!

He bellows shaking the arena with his baritone voice.

Thomas Bates: I get it, Gem. I'm done apologizing to you. Obviously neither my words nor my actions can make anything better between us. So I'm done. Our friendship... our bond is broken and it can't be mended. I get it. And that, my friend... is why I'm not going to take it easy on you like I did at Ultimate Showdown, and why I'm going to be walking out of Revenge as the WCF World Champion!

Static fills the arena as the face of Brent Alpine fills the screen above Bates' head. The sight of him provokes the Columbus crowd into fury.

Brent Alpine: Well, well, well. Isn't this cute? Friends reunited! This little gathering reeks of more incest than an Alabama pig farm. No offence Percy...

Alpine lifts Percy Micro up onto his shoulder. His head set is turned on.

Percy Micro: None taken, Mr. Alpine.

Brent Alpine: You guys seem to be forgetting someone. Another case of the two narcissists playing their own game and conspiring to keep me out of it. Well I'm not only in the game, but I'm going to win it.

It's become crystal clear to me that you, Gemini, got wind of Seth's decision to award me a World Title shot for Revenge. Or perhaps you're simply smart enough to know that, as the most infinitely supreme superstar in the WCF, it's only natural that I would be next in line now the Spiderweb is losing its power.

Evidently, you pre-arranged your inbred mongrel brother over there to butt into our match. You couldn't face me alone. You just spoke about being a fighting Champion... well, I am the real, uncrowned fighting Champion and you exploited my competitive instincts. You knew I couldn't resist allowing old Tubby into the match, even though it's tantamount to a handicapped match. How apt, as handicapped best sums you up, Bates.

Your bedroom tiff is merely a sideshow. Everyone knows you are bedfellows; we all see through the collusion. But I sincerely hope you are secure in your safety in numbers. But, at Revenge, your safety will be a mirage that will disappear in front of your eyes. If I have to destroy both of you, I will happily do just that. I AM The Shine and I AM the next WCF World Champion. Once I get my belt, it will stay with me to the grave.

Thomas Uriel Bates: Alpine, there is no conspiracy. You lost fair and square. Are you really that dull?

Brent Alpine: Dull? Even dead, I would have more SHINE than you two dullards.

You know what, if this tension between you is indeed genuine, it's making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that I will force your reconciliation by my radical effervescence in the ring at Revenge. After a few moments of chasing shadows and being physically and mentally obliterated, you will realise that your only hope is to unite against me. Afterwards, when the crippling realisation dawns that you have individually and collectively fallen, at least you'll take comfort in having fallen together. You can talk through all your problems in neighbouring hospital beds that night. Hey, maybe you can invite your little simpleton friends for a DRG reunion!

Thomas Uriel Bates: Brent, I know you think you’re this great wrestler and that you were cheated out of victory at Ultimate Showdown, but you forget one important thing. I’m the one that dropped you with The Badge and I’m the one that pinned you. What makes you think that won’t happen again?

Brent Alpine: The answer to that question is quite simple. Errm...

Alpine makes feedback/static noises with his mouth. He grabs the camera in front of him and shakes it.

Brent Alpine: We appear to be experiencing technical difficulties. Stupid WCF technology! See you at Revenge boys!

The feed cuts, leaving Bates and Battle looking distinctly unimpressed by their upcoming opponent.

Zach Davis: Unusual strategy from Alpine. If he really believes that Battle and Bates will be tempted to double team him, surely it makes more sense strategically to divide and conquer?

Freddy Whoa: When has Brent Alpine ever made sense?

Zach Davis: Good point.

Bates turns back to Gemini.

Thomas Uriel Bates: You know what, Gemini? I’m done talking to you too. At Revenge, I’m going to show you just how much I held back out of what I thought was our friendship. I’m going to show you that it really is over, and I’m going to show you this by taking away…

Bates pokes the World title on Gemini’s shoulder with his finger, shoving Gemini back quite a bit.

Thomas Uriel Bates: This pretty little gold belt.

Bates turns to exit the ring and Gemini raises the belt to strike him in the head. Bates turns around and with a stare stops the attack. Gemini laughs as Bates steps over the top rope and walks down the steps. Bates simply shakes his head in response to his now former friend’s laughter.

Dion Necurat vs Chaos vs Logan Burgess

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a triple threat match for one fall. Already in the ring, weighing in at two hundred and seventeen pounds and standing at six foot, three inches; Logan Burgess!

Logan Burgess paces around the ring as “This Love” by Pantera begins to play. For the first couple of seconds, the stage is blank, only an image of the name “ChAos” covered in barbed wire shows, then the lights go up and Chaos is just standing there, just before the rock starts. When the rock kicks in, he does a Roman Reigns style roar, with the Extreme Championship around his waist, and a trash can full of weapons.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from London, England, United Kingdom. Standing at six foot ten inches and weighing in at three hundred and twenty-one pounds. The self-proclaimed WCF Extreme Champion; Choas!

Chaos walks to the ring, throws the trash can inside, and climbs in via the steps prepared to fight.

Zach Davis: Our first two opponents already in the ring.

“Battle Metal” by Turisas plays over the PA system as Dion Necurat enters at the beginning of the verse. He raises his fre arm to the crowd, then focuses his attention to the ring. He walks down the ramp, no taking his eyes off his opponents.

Kyle Steel: On his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Standing at six foot five inches and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds. He is the Urban Gladiator, The Crimson Liontamer; Dion Necurat!

Before entering the ring, Dion removes the shield from his arm, setting it aside against the ring steps. Dion slides ito the ring, raising an arm in the air. He then walks over to his corner, mentally preparing for the match.

Zach Davis: All three men are now in the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

Logan Burgess and Chaos move towards each other as Dion Necurat waits in his corner. Logan and Chaos tie up. The two struggle back and forth briefly before Chaos locks on a basic headlock. Logan pushes him to the ropes, and whips him across the ring. As Chaos returns, he moves out his arm for a clothesline, of which Logan ducks. As Chaos nears the ropes, Dion jumps forward and pulls down on the rope, sending Chaos outside the ring. Dion quickly moves in with a schoolboy pin on Logan. The referee jumps to start the count.



Freddy Whoa: Kickout!

Zach Davis: Dion Necurat is looking to score a quick victory here.

Chaos reaches in and grabs Dion’s legs, pulling him out of the ring. Chaos tries to swing the ring announcer’s bell at Dion’s head, but Dion blocks and follows with a kick to the gut. Dion whips Chaos into the steel guardrails and slides back into the ring to a waiting Logan Burgess. Logan moves in for a wide hook, but Dion ducks and takes Logan down with another schoolboy pin.



Zach Davis: Another kickout by Logan Burgess!

Dion quickly moves in on the recovering Logan and locks on a Crossface. The referee moves in to check on Logan, but Dion is kicked in the back of the head by Chaos.

Freddy Whoa: Chaos is back in the ring!

Chaos helps Dion up only to spin him around for a Spinebuster. Chaos moves in on Logan, and quickly hits a Belly to Belly Suplex. Chaos makes his way back to Logan, but Logan shoots up and goes for a RKO. Chaos counters by shoving Logan, who lands on his butt. Dion Necurat quickly jumps in and hits Chaos with a Backslide Driver.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! The Praetorian Driver!

Rather than moving for the pin on Chaos, Dion quickly moves in on the stunned Logan and locks on a Death Star.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Sanctions! This could all be over soon!

The referee checks on Logan, who quickly taps out.

Zach Davis: It’s over! Logan Burgess taps out, Dion Necurat wins!

CJ Phoenix/Teddy Blaze Segment

CJ Phoenix is walking through the halls of the arena in search of his tag partner for the evening, Teddy Blaze.

CJ Phoenix: Teddy! Where the hell you at, man!? You puff puffing and not passing? I told you that's not what I meant when I said we gotta Blaze it.

Phoenix chuckles to himself at his turn of phrase but gets no response as he walks by the bathroom and stops. He turns toward the bathroom without going inside.

CJ Phoenix: Teddy! You in there? You got the bubble guts? Yo asshole blazing it? Should I bring some air freshener?

He waits for a moment, but still gets no response. He extends his hand as if to knock, but seems to think better of it, shrugging his shoulders and turning back towards the locker room.

CJ Phoenix: Fine. Ignore me with ya constipated ass.

CJ keeps walking and enters the locker room. He notices a bag in Teddy Blaze's locker. He walks up to it and picks it up, turning it over slowly with a look of confusion. Slowly he undoes the fine rope, and let's the bag fall open...

The locker room is suddenly consumed by fine grey powder as the contents of the bag pour onto the ground, hanging in the air like a ghost.

Finally, out of the bottom of the bag falls a small paper note, upon which is hastily scrawled...

"Ashes for the Phoenix. From Ashes to Ashes. Stay away from the fire."

Phoenix stares at the mysterious note, allowing a look of confusion to creep over his face for only an instant before burying it beneath his usual confident smile.

CJ Phoenix: Oh...okay. I get it now. Teddy got me a gift. Not bad, Teddy. Not bad at all. Some ribs would've been better though. I'll go get some myself.

Phoenix walks out of the locker room in search of a pre-match meal, pausing to shake off the soot as he walks. The remaining ashes float slowly through the air, obscuring the light.

Mark Gallagher vs Captain WCF


Kyle Steel: Ladies & Gentleman, our next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Tokyo, Japan... Captain WCF!

Over the PA system CarmellDansen plays..

Capt. WCF runs down the ramp, and slides under the ring ropes, and does his trademark Superhero pose...

Kyle Steel: And, his challenger, from Sheffield, England... "Main Event" Mark Gallagher!!

The lights go out for a few seconds, and a red light appears at the top of the ramp entrance... As the PA blasts, "Wait and Bleed" by Skipknot.

Mark walks down the ramp with his shaved head, long white tight pants with a bloodied st George's cross down both legs.

He gives a cocky wink to the crowd, and then puts his head down as he climbs in the ring.

Crowd bio's loud and chants, 'USA! USA!'

Freddy Whoa: Well, folks.. There has been major hype about the "Main Event," and this crowd does not like this Brit at all it appears!

Zach Davis: I agree, Freddy. They rather ship him back like the Boston Tea Party!

Freddy Whoa: Well, tea would be fine here, and much better than Psychopomp's cookie munching from last week...

Zach Davis: No doubt...OK, up to the ring now for the match as the bell rings!

Capt. WCF refuses to take his cape off.. As the ref starts counting, and threatening to DQ him if he does not comply.

Gallagher walks up to Capt. because he is ready to go, as Gallagher approaches.. Capt. hits him with a discus punch.. And, then finally the Capt. removes his cape.

Gallagher is only slightly dazed, and looks more angry than anything.. Gallagher pretends he's going to charge Capt., which puts Capt. in a defense stance..But, wait.. Gallagher stops, measures Capt., and hits a Superkick out of nowhere!

Freddy Whoa: Damn! A little ring psychology by Gallagher, and nails Captain right in the temple area!

Zach Davis: Now, that was smart by Gallagher! And, that kick... I think he dropped Captain like Fat Boy and Little Man...all the way back to Japan!

Freddy Whoa: That's a sick joke...Sorry folks that are listening in Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

Gallagher picks up Captain, and sets him up for a belly-to-belly suplex. And, down goes Captain...

Gallagher mounts Captain and gives him a flurry of right and left hand punches... The Ref counts...



And, finally Gallagher stops, but tosses Captain out of the ring.. Gallagher lifts up Captain, and piledrives him to the ground!

Freddy Whoa: Incredible! Gallagher unrelenting on Captain!

Gallagher slides back in the ring and starts jawing at the Ref because he was being chastised for throwing Captain out of the ring. However, the ref ignores Gallagher and starts counting out Captain...







Captain is slowly getting up, and trying to crawl up the ring steps..




Captain barely makes it back inside the ring..

Gallagher is furious, and picks up Captain and double under hooks him for ....it appears his Double-Arm DDT.. The arms are locked in, but ....wait..

Freddy Whoa: What a surprising desperation move by Captain! He drops to his knees, and gives Gallagher a jawbreaker!!!

Zach Davis: Wow! But, Captain is taking his time... His stamina is very low right now.

Captain drops an elbow to Gallagher's sternum, and then...Captain runs to the ropes, bounces off..and, drops a leg on Gallagher's throat.. Captain is going for the pin!



Gallagher barely kicks out.. Captain is exhausted at this point... But, hold on..

Gallagher reaches over and cradles Captain into a small package!



Captain kicks out... Gallagher gets up, and stares at Captain, then he glares at the crowd...and he starts stomping Captain.. Shoulder, arm, ribs, ...

Zach Davis: I have not witnessed this in 20 years... Gallagher is performing Ronnie Garvin's infamous Stomp! Well, scratch my back with a hacksaw... Tell Mama the Bingo game is about to start!!

Freddy Whoa: What did you smoke tonight, Zach??

Gallagher picks up Captain and gives him a European uppercut, and then Irish whips Captain against the ropes... And, Gallagher clotheslines him down hard.

Gallagher goes for a quick cover, and pulls Captain's tights in the back..



3.......wait ...NO! Captain barely got his left shoulder up.

Gallagher starts arguing with the Ref.. And, Captain comes from underneath, and flips him over into a small package...




Kyle Steel: The winner of the match by way of pinfall, Captain WCF!

BioWalker Segment

We cut backstage to Biowalker lounging in the corporate suite that was normally reserved for Seth Lerch. Biohazard is stretched out on the leather sofa eating cocktail shrimp as Tyler Walker sits across from him, still looking a bit concerned.

Tyler Walker: Man, this isn't gonna end well. We shouldn't be here. That contract wasn't for us man.

Biohazard: C'mon, we deserve this. Look at how living is at the top.

Biohazard enjoys another piece of shrimp.

Biohazard: It's about time we took control of our own destinies. Seth isn't here, we run this show now.

Tyler shakes his head and sighs.

Tyler Walker: But the person he chose is gonna be here soon.

Biohazard: There are two of us, and one of them. Biowalker runs the show now!

Tyler Walker still doesn't look on board with this as Biohazard continues to enjoy the good life. We cut back to ringside.

Kira Izumi vs Big Train

We return from commercial to footage from last week of Zero Tolerance attacking Kira Izumi..

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam everybody, and it sure has been an interesting week to say the least for Kira Izumi!

Freddy Whoa: Thats an understatement! After getting jumped out of Zero Tolerance, Izumi then decided to take the Big Train challenge!

Cut to the ring, where Big Train is playing to the crowd

Zach Davis: Its great to see Big Train back in the WCF! The fans love him!


Crowd with a good pop, Big Train does a little shimmy in acknowledgement, but goes to his corner, game face on..


Ruten No Tou Acustic Version By Dir En Grey begins to play

We zoom in on the Titatron showing Various Yokai and Warriors.We see a man with a scythe.It zooms in and we pan across Kiras face with his eyes closed.Words come across the Screen and we see "Kira Izumi" Kira Walks out with a Katana much like the bankai of ichigo from bleach He is wearing His black Oni Mask and A black jacket as well.He starts to to walk down the aisle only acknowledging a few fans.He enters the ring and takes his mask off revealing a pissed off face and black eye balls with a red iris,He spits out red mist as the camera zooms in and out he walks over to his corner waiting for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: What must be going through the mind of Kira Izumi tonight...

Freddy Whoa: Hopefully not his teeth from a Big Train spear..

Zach Davis: HERE WE GO!


The bell rings..the two men pace around the ring, measuring each other..after a moment, Big Train smiles and starts playing to the crowd, to a huge reaction..Izumi stands motionless, unimpressed...Big Train chuckles and motions Izumi to come get him..Izumi obliges with a barrage of punches and kicks that send Big Train to one corner and Big Train responds with a huge slap to the chest of Izumi.. *THWACK*

Zach Davis: YIKES! The folks in the cheap seats felt that one! And now the big man on the offensive..

Big Train grabs a stunned Izumi and flips him with a single arm lariat, followed by an elbow drop..

Zach Davis: Izumi moved out of the way! Izumi has him on the ground..IZUMI SPECIAL! He is looking to put Big Train away early!

Freddy Whoa: But Big Train ain't no slouch!

Train powers up, getting to a vertical base, lifting Izumi with one arm, slinging him across his back and hitting a ferocious samoan drop!

Zach Davis: COVER



Zach Davis: Kickout at 2!

From there, Train hooks Izumi up and lifts him for a standing suplex..Izumi starts fighting out of it with knee strikes..again..and again...After the 3rd one, Izumi drops behind Train..Train Turns..

Zach Davis: AN ENZIGURI BY IZUMI! That stumbles the big man! Izumi off the ropes..SPINNING HEEL KICK..

Freddy Whoa: That almost did it..

Zach Davis: Still on his feet is Big Train..Leg sweep took care of That! Now whats he doing?

Izumi runs..scales the turnbuckle..turns around, leaps..



Zach Davis: Kickout with authority there partner...

Freddy Whoa: Train still a bit dazed..Izumi proving up to the challenge thus far..OOOF!

Izumi hits a standing spin kick to the midsection followed by a Vertical Enziguri that sends Train to the mat...

Zach Davis: Izumi now perhaps taking his aggressions out on Big Train by pounding him with fists!

Freddy Whoa: Trains getting up..HAS HIM BY THE THROAT

Izumi is still pounding as Train lifts him to a vertical base with a double chokehold...Then he lifts Izumi high...

Zach Davis: SIT DOWN POWERBOMB! Forget about it!



Freddy Whoa: WOAH! Kickout by Izumi!

Train, frustrated, Picks Izumi up by his head and throws him over the top rope...While Train turns his back trying to gather himself, he doesen't notice that Izumi held on to the top rope and is hanging from it outside the ring..Big Train turns around and charges..


Freddy Whoa: Train rolls to the Apron..Izumi going up top...

Izumi turns his back to Train..not noticing that Train has used the ropes to climb to his feet...Izumi looks back, sees this, leaps anyway..

Zach Davis: MOONSAULT..

Freddy Whoa: CAUGHT!

Train then performs a sick Powerslam Variation, landing on his feet on the outside while Izumi writhes in pain..


Freddy Whoa: I think he's done messing around...

Big Train rolls Izumi into the ring, climbs inside and tosses him like a rag doll towards the far corner..He signals...

Zach Davis: ALL ABOARD!


Zach Davis: STAY DOWN KIRA...

Kira stands up..charges toward Train and hits..



Zach Davis: COVER!


Freddy Whoa: NO WAY...


Zach Davis: NO WAY...


Freddy Whoa: IZUMI HAS DONE IT!!!!




Izumi leaves the ring to cheers from the crowd..Train is sitting on his ass shocked in the ring as the scene fades to black.

Mystery Segment

The arena all of a sudden goes pitch black. A creepy evil laugh echoes threw the arena and then "Their coming to take me away" by the Butcher Babies starts playing and the arena lights flash on and off. All of a sudden they stay on and the jumbotron pops on reading "It is not my sins that I regret, but those which I have had no occasion to oblige." written in what looks like dripping blood. A creepy evil laugh echoes again and the jumbotron shows a live shot of The Baron's locker room area, which has been trashed and a pig's head is stuck on a metal rod in the middle of the room with the words "Their coming to take me way haha!" in dried blood.

Arrival Segment

As we cut backstage to the corporate suite where Biohazard and Tyler Walker were enjoying their evening as the bosses of WCF. Tyler gets up to use the restroom and exits off camera as a production crew member bursts through the door. Biohazard jumps up, startled.

Production Member: Listen up, Seth Lerch was going to make an announcement after the next match. We have no idea who he intended that for, but they aren't here so you two need to handle this.

With that, the crew member retreats and closes the door. Biohazard looks elated as he calls out to his friend in the restroom.

Biohazard: You hear that? We're the boss! We have to make an announcement now.

Biohazard, straightens his shirt and looks poised and ready to go as he opens the door to their suite to make his impact on the world. As he opens the door, however, he is sent flying across the room and his head smacks into the wall, rendering him unconscious.

A few moments later, Tyler Walker comes back from his restroom break.

Tyler Walker: What did you say bro? Didn't hear ya.

He notices Biohazard down and out and as he turns his head he too is slammed into the wall.

Zac Davis: Well whoever Seth Lerch hired as the new boss ... they just eliminated Biowalker!

Freddy Whoa: Things just took a major turn ... WHOA!

Lilith vs The Baron

Freddy Whoa: Up next, the returning Lilith squares off against "The Baron.!

Zach Davis: This is going to be a tough one on both ends. That's for sure.

Freddy Whoa: Oh please, what has The Baron OR Lilith ever done around here?

Zach Davis: It's no secret that Lilith has always been a force to be recocked with. From what I understand has been training intensly. It's definitely showing with her performances.

Freddy Whoa: We'll see.

Zach Davis: I don't see either one of these two being pushovers.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall ...

"Raing Blood" by Slayer plays as "The Baron" Massaker makes his way out from the back and slowly stalks his way toward the ring.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring ... residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... weighing in at two hundred fifty two pounds.... he is "The Baron" HENKER VON MASSAKER!

He slowly makes their way down to ringside before The Baron rolls under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle and raising his arms in a cocky fashion before stepping down and waiting on his opponent.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent ...

The house lights go down as colorful lights start flashing all around the area. "Imaginary" by Evanescence begins to play, as Lilith appears at the top of the entrance ramp. She is wearing a black miniskirt, burgundy leggings, an extremely tight low cut tank top and black leather heeled ankle boots. Lilith proceeds to skips down to the ring holding a giant lollypop in one hand and a teddy bear in the other. The crowd look on confused but begin to boo her despite the fact that she looks so cheerful.

Kyle Steel: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California, and weighing in at one hundred thirty two pounds, she is ... LILITH!!!

Lilith eventually reaches the ring and locates a child sitting front row, she passes him her giant lollypop. Lilith then skips around the outside of the ring, placing her teddy bear on the turnbuckle and bounces up onto the ring apron, waving to the crowd and blowing kisses to them all. She climbs through the ropes still smiling and waving to everyone whilst waiting for the match to begin.

Freddy Whoa: Here is an interesting statistic ... Baron outweighs Lilith by about a hundred pounds ... and yet with Lilith's history in WCF, Baron is the underdog in this match.

Zach Davis: What Lilith lacks in size she makes up for in pure insanity. Though Massaker's size compared to her is just very intimidating. He came to fight, that's for sure!

Freddy Whoa: Really? Because it doesn't appear to me that Lilith is intimidated.

Refree calls for the opening bell and an enraged Baron immediately rushes at Lilith. She drops him down to the canvas with a quickly executed drop toe hold. Baron's face meet the mat. He shakes it off, becoming more angered. As he pushes himself up from the mat, he is met by a vicious snap kick to the side of the face courtesy of the raven haired beauty.

Freddy Whoa: That is the veteran ring awareness of Lilith, who has been learning a LOT from her training. Baron coming into this thing with emotion and Lilith is exploiting it.

Zach Davis: Well she'd better keep him off of his feet because he is one pissed off madman. And by the looks of things, keeping him down isn't going to be easy.

Baron shakes off the cobwebs after being kicked in the face and again pushes himself up. This time he does get to his feet. He charges Lilith for a clothesline but she ducks under the attempt and instead pulls him down with a neckbreaker. She immediately goes for the quick cover. Refslides into position.



Baron easily launches the much smaller Lilith off of him. But she is back on him in a hiccup as she dives in with a low, baseball slide dropkick that catches him in the head as he was still prone.

Zach Davis: That speed advantage is effectively being used here. Lilith is going to try and pick Baron apart little by little. Make the size difference ineffective for him.

Freddy Whoa: And she has to keep at this. If he gets an opportunity, Lilith may be toast!

Zach Davis: Indeed. Smart strategy by Lilith ... as awkward as that is to say.

Baron has yet to be able to keep a vertical base, and as he again pushes himself up, Lilith is back on him. This time running at him and using her momentum to grab hold of his head as he is knealt and DRIVE him face first into the canvas with a DDT. Once again, she goes for a quick pinfall. Again ref is in position.




Baron launches Lilith off of him again, though with a bit less "umph" than the first time.

Freddy Whoa: And she is effectively wearing him down already. He can't keep up with her offense.

Zach Davis: But how long can Lilith keep up that pace? She isn't going to lift Baron ... he's far too big ... even for someone as tenacious as she is. A good deal of the devastating offense she normally has at her disposal is basically null.

Freddy Whoa: Oh please, she's much better than this guy.

Lilith remains on the offensive, moving back in at Baron as she reaches down and starts yanking him to his feet. Though once mostly vertical, Baron SHOVES Lilith back with such force it sends her bouncing into the ropes. On the return she hops up for a leapfrog and Baron catches her! He PLANTS her down HARD with a powerbomb! The crowd actually cheers in some sections.

Zach Davis: And that is the beginning of the end from what I can see. Lilith is done!

Freddy Whoa: No! She's got plenty left. He ... he just got lucky is all.

Zach Davis: You don't sound very confident.

Baron again shakes off the cobwebs after the initial onslaught and he drops down, covering Lilith for the pinfall ... now having demolished her with the devasating powerbomb. Ref once again drop into position.




Lilith shoots her shoulder up off of the canvas. Baron SLAPS the canvas in frustration.

Freddy Whoa: She kicks out!

Zach Davis: Baron finding out that it might take a bit more to put Lilith away.

Baron hauls Lilith to her feet, still very frustrated that this hadn't yet ended. As he pulls her up, she unexpectedly sends a hard knee to his gut ... and then another. He backs away from her momentarily ... but she remains aggressive, now pulling his head down and sending knee after knee into his face. One good one that catches him in the nose sending him stumbling back a few paces as he tries to shake it off.

Zach Davis: That one rattled him it seems.

Freddy Whoa: It is that adaptive offense. Lilith is just amazing in that ring.

Zach Davis: Well, for anyone else who is sick of hearing Freddy ramble on about how great Lilith is ... let's talk about the other participant in this match. Baron is a very technically skilled competitor... and he employs a very straight forward offense that relies on his dexterity and maneuverability with which to decimate the opposition. Now maybe we can get back to actually calling this match from both sides.

Freddy Whoa: Rude!

Lilith continues to stalk Baron as he moves away by a good number of steps. As he turns around, he suddenly rushes Lilith out of nowhere and he CONNECTS with a running knee strike. Lilith is damn near broken as the knee connects with her head. Massaker wastes no time and covers her emphatically as he looks at the ref, who slides into position.

Freddy Whoa: Damn, he got her here!

Zach Davis: She might have her lights knocked out!




Lilith shoots her shoulder up!

Zach Davis: WHOA!

Freddy Whoa: THAT'S MY LINE!

Baron is BESIDE himself. He rushes up and grabs the Ref by the shirt, demanding that it was three. Ref is shaken up, but he asserts himself and holds firm that it was only a two count.

Freddy Whoa: And here is where he falls apart.

After realizing he is getting nowhere with the arguing, Baron returns to Lilith and hauls her up. Deciding to put the final exclamation on this ... he lifts her easily for THE BLITZKRIEG. But instead, she shifts her weight and drops herself down behind him as she is near the turnbuckle now, sending a dropkick into his back and staggers him forward a few steps.

Freddy Whoa: And Lilith gets herself out of that predicament. Baron really wanting to end this.

Zach Davis: Oh, are we actually calling the match now? Well damn, took you long enough.

Baron turns around and he rushes Lilith again this time for a shoulder tackle. She sidesteps at the last moment and Baron connects with the ringpost shoulder first ... even appearsing to graze the side of his head on the steel as he staggers out of the corner and teeters on the ropes for balance, glossy eyed.

Freddy Whoa: Nobody home and now he's in trouble. He may have hit his head on the ring post.

Zach Davis: He went to that well once too often. Can Lilith capitalize here?

As Baron teeters, Lilith grabs hold of him by the back of the head and she walks him back to the turnbuckle SMASHING his head into it.

Zach Davis: She looks like she's lost it now!

Freddy Whoa: Teddy Bear Triumph!

Over and over and over again she smashes his head against the turnbuckle. She pulls him out of one corner and into another, smiling and laughing the entire time. Chase's head is bounced off of every corner of the wing until he is barely even able to stand any longer.

Zach Davis: DAMN!

Baron staggers back into her after being beaten around the ring like one of Lilith's teddies, and right into a sarcastic blown kiss from her. She grabs him up and ... right into a spike DDT!

Freddy Whoa: Well ... blown Kiss of Death? I can't blame her for not wanting to touch his lips!

Zach Davis: Oh will you stop?!

She rolls him over slowly and drops over him for the cover. Ref again in position.




Bell rings.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner ... LILITH!!!

Freddy Whoa: And another one in the books for Lilith. That was ... that was just amazing.

Zach Davis: I still don't believe I just saw that.

Freddy Whoa: Baron giving his best against the returning star. And actually, he did quite well.

Zach Davis: Hell of a performance. No shame at all in a defeat like that. Anytime you step into that ring you gotta bring your game. I think that he did just that.

As the music dies down after the match, Lilith demands a microphone. Reluctantly, a stagehand gives her one.

Lilith: Now, I don't care about stupid little bitch bears like Barrington. And I don't care if Sethykins or anyone else is in charge ... I want ... no I DEMAND that I have a tag team championship match! And I am not leaving this ring until I get one!

Zach Davis: Oh dear God ... do we really have to sit through this?

Freddy Whoa: This chick has always been a few sandwiches short of a full picnic basket. I don't know WHAT she's thinking. She just got back, and she has no partner. She has no claim to the tag championships.

Zach Davis: Whoever is in charge now .. after Seth's unexpected departure needs to handle this.

Freddy Whoa: We saw Biowalker taken out earlier. IS the person in charge here or what?

Lilith begins pouting inside the ring as she paces back and forth.

Lilith: I will stay here all night if I have to! Somebody better come out here and give me what I want or they will NOT have a very nice night!

Lilith waits and continues to pace the ring, very impatient.

Lilith: I said I want a tag team title match ... and I want it NOW! So any stupid Sethykins bears BETTER come out here and give me what I want RIGHT NOW!

Zach Davis: Seth Lerch obviously not here after what occurred earlier today. But someone has to get this looney tune out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: She only JUST came back, why she would think anything she demands would be taken seri...

Freddy is cut of as the lights go out as a spotlight centers on stage. Piano chords begin a haunting melody, accompanied by heavy drum beats. The crowd greets her with MASSIVE boos as the video wall displays the words THE ONLY ONE.

Zach Davis: WHAT?! NO!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!!! I ... WHOA I CAN'T EVEN!

Pyros shoot up from the stage as our melody finally kicks into guitar. "The Only One" by Evanescence continues to play as Sarah finally walks out onto the stage. Lilith looks as happy as a pig in shit as Sarah swaggers down the ramp to a HUGE mixture of cheers and boos.

Zach Davis: Is this ... no it can't be!

Freddy Whoa: It looks as if SARAH TWILIGHT is the new boss!

Zach Davis: God help us ..

Sarah makes her way into the ring and Lilith is still grinning EAR TO EAR.

Lilith: Me and my Sare Bear are going to OWN this place and become WCF Tag Team Champions!!!

Sarah takes up a microphone as she enters the ring. Lilith still grinning like a chesire cat.


Sarah smirks and shakes her head as she looks at Lilith. Lilith suddenly looks confused.

Sarah Twilight: I am not your tag team partner.

Lilith looks devastated and completely in shock.

Lilith: But at home you said ...

Sarah cuts her off.

Sarah Twilight: You can fill yourself with as many delusions as you'd like. I don't give a shit. I am NOT your lover, or your tag team partner, or whatever else you have swirling around in that fucked up head of yours. You and I have ONE relationship ... and it is the same one I share with every other person in the back ... I am your BOSS!

The crowd actually cheers ... as unexpected as that was.

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight in charge? WCF is in for it's darkest days ...

Freddy Whoa: Maybe Seth DID need rehab if he's making decisions like this.

Lilith still didn't get it, and fully expected that the woman she so devoted herself to, would shower her with favoritism.

Lilith But Saaaaaraaaaahhhh ....

She is cut off one again.

Sarah Twilight: SHUT UP! I'm not here to address you, you fucking twit.

Lilith looks almost ready to cry as Sarah casts her concerns to the side and steps forward to the center of the ring to make her announcements.

Sarah Twilight: I have been at the helm of WCF before ... and I have done whatever the fuck I wanted to do because that is who I am. I can easily remove rules from matches as I did before ... I can make everyone's life a living fucking hell if I so choose.

The crowd boos.

Sarah Twilight: I'm not going to do that this time ... there are ... several things that have been left unaddressed due to Seth's unfortunate situation. I am going to address them now.

Zach Davis: Uh oh ... you just never know what to expect with Sarah Twilight.

Freddy Whoa: Yes you can ... bad, badder, and more bad.

Sarah Twilight: Seth, he wanted to be here to address these things ... and he left me a list of what he'd like me to do ...

She holds up a sheet of paper. Suddenly, she rips it in half and tosses it behind her.

Sarah Twilight: Fuck that, I do what I want to do. So as of right now, Nathan Chambers is suspended INDEFINITELY just because he is a complete waste of WCF time. He has absolutely NO talent and the fact that he LOST a tag team championship match to ONE person disgusts me. Nathan Chambers will NOT be appearing her again.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Sarah Twilight: And Stuart Slane? You're FIRED! Fuck the Boy Scouts and Fuck you! I never liked that do-gooder bullshit anyhow.

Lilith decides to interrupt Sarah as she had her own wants and needs.

Lilith: But Saaaraaaahhhhhh ...

Sarah shoots her a DEATH GLARE and it shuts the teddy bear team leader up real fast.

Sarah Twilight: Now ... being as the two men I just removed from the roster were so absolutely WORTHLESS as to lose a match to ONE opponent ... it seems I need to address THAT fucking debacle.

Zach Davis: Tom-O-Hawk accomplished the WORLD with that victory ... and now Sarah Twilight wants to demolish THAT?

Freddy Whoa: Nothing good EVER comes out of this woman being in charge.

Sarah Twilight: I don't know Tom-O-Hawk, nor do I care about him. SOMEHOW he holds the tag championships by himself. Probably because the two men I just removed from the roster are complete shit. IN ANY CASE ... ONE person is NOT going to hold the tag team championships alone. And well, I don't care about anyone here enough to name someone for the dumb fuck ... so I'll just let you people decide. Not as if it matters anyway.

Freddy Whoa: Wait is Sarah Twilight of ALL PEOPLE letting the WCF Galaxy choose Tom-O-Hawk's partner?

Zach Davis: It appears so ...

Sarah Twilight: So over the next twenty four hours ... you will choose between whoever I damn well choose as the person who will team with Tom-O-Hawk to defend the WCF Tag Team Championships!

The crowd EXPLODES with CHEERS at this announcement.

Zach Davis: I have to admit .. like her or not ... that was a brilliant decision by our new boss.

Freddy Whoa: I would NEVER have expected Sarah Twilight to leave ANY decision up to the WCF Galaxy, but here she has and it could shape up a VERY awesome Revenge!!!

Lilith laughs and takes up her mic, now more confident than ever.

Lilith: That was sooooo cute! My Sare Bear giving these worthless idiot a chance. Now when me and my Sare DESTROY all of them and become the most unstoppable tag team in WCF HISTORY we will ...

Sarah grabs hold of Lilith, cutting her off.

Sarah Twilight: Idiot ... I'm not your tag team partner.

Lilith looks shocked ... she can't even believe it.

Lilith: You can stop teasing me hunny, I know we're gonna be partners.

Sarah's demeanor does not change and it takes Lilith a bit, but she finally realizes Sarah is serious.

Lilith: But whyyyyyyyyy?

Sarah: You will have a tag team match AT Revenge against WHOEVER i WANT.... IF you SOMEHOW win that match then MAYBE You will be considered for a contendership for the Tag Championships ... MAYBE.

Lilith: But ... but ... who's my partner gonna be?

Sarah smirks heavily as she waves her hand toward the entrance ramp.

Sarah Twilight: Him!

"Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice begins to play as SKITTLEZ walks out onto the stage wearing a backwards baseball cap and a New York Yankees Jersey to MASSIVE boos. Lilith looks completely MORTIFIED as she realizes that Skittlez is her tag team partner. The wannabe white rapper dances himself to the ring in complete confidence.

Zach Davis: Lilith ... you might as well call in sick.

Freddy Whoa: This would be Skittlez' first Pay Per View ... hell it's his first Slam! He's only competed on Wednesday Night and out of the twenty seven matches he's had ... he's lost all of them.

Zach Davis: Hired as enhancement talent he certainly won't be doing anything to enhance Lilith's career come next Sunday.

Lilith is still in shock and can't believe Sarah would do such a thing to her. The Mistress of Mischief and WCF's new head bitch in charge exits the ring, leaning herself back for a brief moment to smirk at Lilith devilishly as she remarks ...

Sarah Twilight: Good luck!

We fade to commercial.

The Purge vs Sweet Annihilation

Returning from commercial, Sweet Annihilation along with Kandi Washington, and The Purge..Damian Kaine and Adrian Archer, are in their seperate corners..Ice appears to be bickering with Kandi while Drake Knight stands in the ring, focused on Damian Kaine who stans ready in the ring..

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam..Freddy...hello?

Freddy Whoa: Uhm...yeah yeah great ass we have here..wait..tag tit..

Zach Davis: Nevermind!


Zach Davis: Very interesting match this evening between the debuting Sweet Annihilation and a Purge team that is looking to make a statement!

Freddy Whoa: Kandi doesn't have to say a damn word to make a statement...

Kaine and Knight circle each other..the size disparity is almost uncomfortable..Kaine attempt a shoulder block and falls on his back..Kipping right up he runs at Knight again, and again hits a wall of flesh and hits the mat..This time..he attempts a cross body..Knight catches him with arm and plows him to the mat with a sidewalk slam..

Zach Davis: What an impact! Knight is laughing as he picks up young Kaine by the hair..vicious chop..another..and Kaine is whipped into the boot of Ice!

Freddy Whoa: Tag made here comes the lovely russian...double gutbuster!

Zach Davis: This team comes with quite a resume and Ice is working the smaller Kaine over in the corner..

Ice tags in Knight..double elbows from both to Kaine who is winded in the corner..cut to Kandi Washington on the outside on her cell phone, but looks up quick enough to give a half hearted clap and cheer..In the ring, Knight and Ice continue to work Kaine over various double team maneuvers until suddenly..

Zach Davis: Knight whips Kane into the corner..here he comes..Kaine leaps up top turnbuckle..Knight misses..SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!!!

Freddy Whoa: Holy...

Zach Davis: Considering the size differential, a great use of momentum there by Kaine! Hes gotta make a tag..crawling...crawling...Knight is up...TAG!

Archer comes in like a man possessed...Pounding Knight with forearms...Knight shoves him away...But Archer gets up and hits a flying forearm, then clocks Ice for good measure..this gives Knight an opening...he grabs Archer and hits him with a hard German suplex..wasting no time, Knight goes down and applies a chin lock to Archer...as Archer fades..all of a sudden, he starts hitting Knight with knees over his head then breaks the hold...quickly up, Archer hits a hard DDT..cover...2 count...Archer then proceeds to try and wear Knight down with a sleeper hold..Knight gets up and backs Archer into his own corner..once...twice...Archer won't let go..three times..then Ice starts elbowing his face..finally Archer relents..

Zach Davis: Tag made..here comes Ice...Ice..calling over to Kandi..what's this?

Freddy Whoa: Yess Kandi...climb up that apron..I love our vantage point..so close to the ass..er..action..

Ice holds Archer..Kandi gets up on the apron to exact some social justice..takes her cell phone..



Freddy Whoa: ROLLUP..


Archer gets up..goes over to Washington and plants a kiss on her..she falls to the floor disgusted..




Archer is showing some cockiness taunting Washington..Ice hits a stiff kick..Ice goes to tag Knight but he is on the floor with Kaine..thrashing him about the barriers..Archer uses this opportunity..

Zach Davis: WAIT..ARCHER..KICK TO THE GUT..DDT!!! COVER..NObody there to count! Wait..Here comes Kandi...ArCher doesn't see her...KANDI KANED!!! WHAT A BRUTAL KICK!






The ref signals for the bell..Ice pulls Knight out of the way just as Kaine hits Archer...Sweet Annihilation is announced the victors, rolling out of the ring..Kandi is still wiping her face, lipstick in a joker grin, disgusted..Ice and Knight are all smiles..taunting their opponents back up the ramp. Kaine sits next to the recovering Archer, head in hands..Archer sits up next to him, gives him a hug..they stand up together to a.mild pop when...


Archer sits back down this time Indian style next to Kaine..he requests Kyle Steels mic and gets it..he talks to the unconscious Kaine..

Archer: So this is the thanks I get huh? Nice...Can't even help a guy out without FUCKING UP!!!

Crowd boos..Archer slaps Kaine on the back of the head..

Archer: You little fucking knucklehead...Look it's nothing personal Damian..I've just..let's say...moved on from this relationship..because..even though you don't weigh that much...you were still an anchor...

Now Archer addresses the crowd

Archer: So..I wanna be honest with the 8 or so people who watch this shit show...When I first came in, they set me up with some folks..folks I could grow with..folks I could build the next generation with.."hey..do a cool thing with your name..call it..triple a..we will even give you a fake nickname like..Augustus..because folks in case.you.weren't aware..this is all.a show...

Zach Davis: WOW...somebody call anti terrorism..looks like we have a pipebomb in the ring...

Archer: So they gave me this little name..and this little movement..and this....little man...

The fans buzz.

Archer: After the Deathmatch tournament I realized something..I realized I was better than labels..better that stables..willing and able..to disable! But I couldn't do that with this... this man boy...there's a reason I live alone..train mostly alone. Because these days...you can't count on anyone but yourself. I know how damn good I am..yet the powers in the back wanna push Zero Toleracne .2 clowns and a drunk..THAT is why this company is failing ..Great fucking talent..stuck in mid card and terrible gimmicks. Now that the OGS are starting to trickle in, just watch how many of us get BURIED..Seth..you know how good I am..You guys in the BACK know how good I am...But..you know...

Mic cuts off..10 security guards surround the ring..Archer gives them a sheepish grin, says allright, gets up, and drops the mic to deafening feedback..Laughing, he agreeably goes with security...as he walks up the ramp, he laughs and yells at the camera..


Zach Davis: Wow..what is up with that guy...more to come don't go away!

Oblivion vs Doc Henry vs Henry Spearman

Zach Davis: Our triple threat match is next.

Freddy Whoa: A lot of trash talking between all three match participants.

Zach Davis: Freddy didn't it seem to you, all week that Doc Henry seemed more relaxed than match ready.

Freddy Whoa: What about Henry Spearman? Is he over is head with two veterans in this match? Is Oblivion the key to this match?


"Headstrong" by Trapt blares over the loud speakers and a burst of pyro explodes from the entrance way Henry jogs out from behind the curtain and points and yells into the crowd. He walks from one side of the ramp to the other. He makes a fist with his right hand over his chest, pointing to the crowd with the other hand. He does this on both sides of the ramp before walking down the ramp, before walking down the aisle.

Kyle Steel is in the ring.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... From Manassas, Virginia... Weighing in at 250... This is... HENRYYYY SPEAAARRRMAAAAAN!!

Grabbing onto the middle rope Henry pulls himself up onto the apron and points out into the crowd before climbing into the ring. He climbs the Turnbull and makes the sign with his chest again. He points into the crowd and claps his hands.

Zach Davis: We have Henry Spearman...

Freddy Whoa: Who's next?

"Dr. Feingold" hits the speakers and as the main riff blast through the arena, Doc, and Master Ryushi emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raised his fists in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring.

Kyle Steel: With Master Ryushi... From Griffen, Georgia... Weighing in at 245 pounds The Southern Rogue... Doc Henryyy!!!

Zach Davis: We all know who's next!!

The Nationwide Arena begins to shake.

The crowd: OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!!

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around the jam packed The Nationwide Arena. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and the crowd is cheering.

"Click click boom" by Saliva begins to play. The blaring guitar begins to play. The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to jam out. The fans continue to thrash out.


Explosive fire pyro shoot straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Oblivion bolts out onto the entrance stage.

The crowd: OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!!

As the song continues to rock out, Oblivion thrashed around as he marches down the ramp...

Kyle Steel: From Euphoria... Weighing in at 325 pounds!! IT is the God of Enlightenment... Oooooobliiiiviooooooon!!!

Oblivion takes massive long stride stomps. Clearing the ring. Oblivion grabs the top ringtone, shaking it vigorously!! Oblivion makes wild noises towards the crowd, the crowd responses back.


All three competitors circles the ring. Doc Henry and Henry Spearman look at one another and nodded.

Zach Davis: It looks like those have a plan.

Doc Henry and Henry Spearman charge Oblivion...



Zach Davis: That shook up both men, but both men quickly recover.

Doc Henry sneak up behind Spearman...


Freddy WHAM: WHOA!!! German suplex on Henry Spearman!!

Oblivion grabs Doc throws him out of the ring.

Zach Davis: The Monster just tossed Doc Henry out of the ring and now is making pin cover.

Stanley Moser slides in to make the count.

The crowd ON-NOOOO!!!

Freddy Whoa: Doc Henry just made a desperate flying elbow drop on Oblivion!!!

Doc Henry grabs Oblivion...


Zach Davis: Devastating DDT!!

Doc Henry throws Oblivion into the ropes...

Freddy Whoa: Where in the did Henry Spearman come from?!

Spearman knocks down The Southern Rogue with a clothesline. Follows that up with a legroom.

Zach Davis: Henry Spearman picks up ol' Doc for what looks like a Samoan Drop...

Freddy Whoa: But... WHOA!!!


Oblivion barrels right through Henry Spearman. Oblivion grabs Spearman and throws him into a nearby corner.


Freddy Whoa: Daaaamn!!! That boy hit that corner hard!!!

Oblivion charges towards for the corner.



Henry Spearman falls down to the mat and rolls out of the ring where Doc Henry is already waiting for him, perched on the top turnbuckle...



Oblivion stands on the top Turnbull looking down at a almost dead Henry Spearman and partially standing Doc Henry, the crowd is shouting...

The crowd: DO IT!!! DO IT!! DO IT!! DO IT!!

Oblivion flies off with a OBI-sault... crashing down onto Doc Henry and Henry Spearman!!

The Nationwide Arena goes absolutely crazy!!


All three, Doc Henry, Henry Spearman and Oblivion struggle to stand up.

Zach Davis: These three struggle to stand.

Freddy Whoa: But... they do.


They proceed to fight as they enter the ring. Henry Spearman is already perched, squatting in a corner, waiting for somebody... ANYBODY... AH!!!


Zach Davis: SPEAR!! SPEAR!! SPEAR!! SPEAR on Doc Henry!!

Freddy Whoa: OH HELL!! Here comes Oblivion!!

The Monster grabs Henry Spearman, puts him in a firemen's carry...


Zach Davis: 5150!!

Freddy Whoa: From out of nowhere!!


Zach Davis: Another SPEAR!! SPEAR!! SPEAR!!

Doc Henry quickly runs up stands up on the top turnbuckle, flying off of it quickly, executing an almost picture perfect Shooting Star Press.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! ALL IN!!

Doc Henry is holding his live-action, while Oblivion is writhing around in pain. Henry Spearmaxn is slowly moving and moaning in pain.

Zach Davis: I say by the looks of these three match participants, these Colombus locals have got what they paid for.

Doc Henry somehow finds himself on the top rope again and dives.


Into the pin.





Henry Spearman rolls to a sitting position and takes in the loss. he begins to get to his feet and as he does, Mikey Extreme jumps the barrier from the crowd and slides in behind him. Henry Stands and Turns..........

X MARKS THE SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extreme finnaly connects with the kick and Henry drops in a heap. Mikey spins around and celbrates after hitting the kick at last. He grabs a microphone.

Mikey eXtreme: Henry Spearman....I told you that I would land that super kick eventually and I followed through on that promise. Everyone here tonight is witness to what these feet are capable of but its not enough. You embarrassed me in front of everyone when you beat me with my own move. One superkick tonight isn't enough. Next week at Revenge, you and I will go one on one again. Only this time, the winner will enter WAR as the final entry.

The crowd goes wild at the announcement!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! What a stipulation!

Mikey eXtreme: Oh, and one more thing. Let the world be witness to this final statement. With approval from Seth himself, if you so much as think about using my superkick in that match, you will be disqualified AND forced to enter WAR at NUMBER ONE!!!!"

Mikey drops the mike onto Henry who is only just now beginning to stir and heads to the back.

Tomohawk vs Greg St. Matthews

Return from commercial..

Hard Row by The Black Keys hits the PA.


St. Matthews walks to the stage stands and looks around then runs straight to the ring and jumps to the middle rope and lifts his arms to the crowd.

Zach Davis: Welcome back WCF Fans and welcome back Greg St Matthews!

Freddy Whoa: A night of huge returns..and we still have the main event to come!!!


Spirit Horse of the Cherokee by Manowar his the arena

Tom-O-Hawk, one tag team title on each shoulder....Rain dances down the entryway and around the ring. Steps up to the mat from the floor, leans back against the top rope and backward-salts into the ring over the ropeStill holding onto the belts...Impressive!. Centers himself in the ring and pumps his fist into the air four times, seeking approval of his great ancestors.

Zach Davis: Interesting matchup here partner..Tom O Hawk, whos found himself with both tag titles...Set to go in this..I guess..Non Title match against Greg Saint Matthews?


Zach Davis: Belts safely in the hands of the time keeper here we go!

St Matthews circles around Tom O Hawk, feigning a leg sweep or two before they finally tangle in a collar and elbow..Hawk shoves GSM down to the mat...GSM rolls to the ropes..Looks around...then runs at Hawk again, who knocks him down with a stuff shoulder block..GSM goes off the ropes again..this time, baseball sliding between Hawks legs and his him with a standing drop kick..up comes Hawk..another dropkick..Hawk rolls to the outside to collect himself..

Freddy Whoa: Hawk may not be safe out there..


Freddy Whoa: Matthews coming out like a ball of fire tonight as he gathers Hawk and rolls him into the ring

GSM moves over to Hawk but Hawk snags his legs out from under him, kips up and drills GSM with an elbow to the knee..then another..then several strikes to the knee

Zach Davis: Now Hawk trying to ground GSM..Smart move here...

Hawk lifts his opponent...dragon leg whip...GSM up..another Dragon Leg Whip..GSM up a little slower..Hawk comes Over..Lifts him up and delivers a ring rocking spinebuster..Cover...1 count...

Freddy Whoa: Can't put away GSM that easily..

Zach Davis: Hawk now using the power game..has GSM up..Way up..CRUCIFIX POWERBOMb! COver again!



Freddy Whoa: 2-1/2!!!

GSM gets to hims knees and strikes a standing Hawk..the strikes barely effect him as he no sells them, scooping GSM up high into a military press and dropping him neck first off the top rope then hits on his groggy opponent..



Zach Davis: COVER..



Freddy Whoa: Another kickout by GSM!

Hawk picks GSM whips him in the corner going for The Tomohawk Buster..

Zach Davis: NOBODY HOME...GSM..All of a sudden alive again..springboard...TORNADO DDT! Up quick...STANDING MOONSAULT! COVER!



Freddy Whoa: WOAH NO!

Zach Davis: GSM now going for broke as always..CLIMBING THE TURNBUCKLE..

Hawk gathers himself..GSM setting up for the moonsault but Hawk comes up behind him and chops his leg, causing GSM to sit on the turnbuckle..Hawk grabs the top rope..leaps up...



GSM falls backward...Hawk hooks him in the tree of woe..which can only mean...


Hits it.




Freddy Whoa: Tomohawk with the win!

Zach Davis: Who will be his Tag Team partner?!

Night Rider/Adam Young vs Teddy Blaze/CJ Phoenix

The lights in the arena go out. A red spotlight begins panning the audience as 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing on the jumbo tron. Red pyrotechnics explode up and down the entrance ramp as the curtains open. There is a loud explosion as Night Rider steps out and makes his way to the ring. He grabs a microphone from ringside and steps through the ropes.

Night Rider: I can care less if you fans like me or not. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to kick some @$$! Now bring out my opponent and lets get down to business!

The house lights lower down to one single white light hitting the entrance.

Ronald Reagan's voice- Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

"You can't judge a book by the cover" by Hank Williams Jr. starts playing and the single white light begins to flicker threw the smoke filling up the entrance. The jumbotron lights up with a waving American flag and the words "Revenge" written over it. Out steps Adam Young in his red, white, and blue camo pants, black combat boots, black "Common Folk" tee shirt, and black zipper hoodie over his head. The song kicks in and Adam pulls the hood off his head and begins walking towards the ring with his famous icy stare towards the ring.

Crowd: One Sick Bastard!

Adam arrives at the ring and circles it before climbing up on the ring apron where he wipes his feet before climbing into the ring. Adam walks to the center of the ring and throws his arms wide open before taking the hooded jacket off and handing it to Myra.

The Crowd explodes as a pounding drum beat echoes throughout the arena, signalling the arrive of Teddy Blaze! The lights drop, enveloping the arena in darkness as they turn towards the entrance ramp.

With a crescendo and a burst of flame, Blaze appears before them, holding his hands out over his head and bathing in the applause. He takes a deep bow and walks towards the ring, waving to the fans along the way. He wears an almost cocky grin as he rolls between the ropes, offering his opponent an extended handshake before shrugging and walking to the turnbuckle.

He holds his arms over his head and yells out "WCF Forever!" as he does so, eliciting a cheer from the audience as the music reaches its zenith. He turns and steps back into the ring, waiting for the bell.

"Re-education Through Labor" begins to play as the cameras pan through the crowd. Then, 13 seconds into the song, Phoenix runs out onto the stage as the beat drops. He stretches his arms out as he looks at the crowd before running down the ramp with his arms stretched out and flames following him on each side until he reaches the end of the ramp. He slides into the ring and runs up one of the turnbuckles. He then does a cross sign with his hands before pointing upward and hopping off the turnbuckle into the ring.

The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: Adam Young runs at Teddy Blaze to start things off.

Blaze elbows Young away but Young fires back with a few stiff shots and throws Blaze to the ropes. As Blaze comes back Young executes a Leaping Russian Legsweep before going for a pin.



No!, Blaze quickly kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: Teddy Blaze wants to do for the Internet Title what he did for the People's Title.

Young lifts Blaze up and throws him to the ropes. He runs at him at Lariats him down before lifting him back up and kicking him again and going for an Awesome Bomb. This time Blaze punches him a few times and rolls behind him and rolls him up for a pin!



No!, Both men are free. Both men dive and tag in their partners.

Zach Davis: Here come Phoenix and Night Rider!

The two meet in the middle of the ring and begin brawling. Night Rider gains the upper hand and executes a Standing Dropkick before Phoenix gets up and Rider hits a forearm smash. He then hits a Thrust Kick and goes for the pin.



Freddy Whoa: Kickout!

Night Rider lifts Phoenix up and throws him to the ropes again and hits a Powerslam into pin as he comes back.



No!, another kickout.

Zach Davis: Neither Night Rider nor CJ Phoenix have been able to create quite the impact they'd like to in WCF. Night Rider keeps getting stuck in factions that don't quite go how he wants them to. What's next!

Night Rider runs at CJ Phoenix and takes him down with a Bulldog before tagging in Adam Young. Young comes in and as Phoenix gets up Adam Young throws him to the ropes and lifts him up.


Young pins him.



No!, Phoenix kicks out.

Young quickly lifts Phoenix up and goes for the Common Man's Elbow but Phoenix rolls away and tags in Teddy Blaze.

Zach Davis: Here comes the former People's Champ to deal with the Common Man!

Blaze ducks another Common Elbow before Springboarding and dropping Adam Young with a Springboard Crossbody. Adam Young lifts Teddy Blaze up and hits a Fallaway Slam.

Freddy Whoa: Another pin!



No!, kickout.

Zach Davis: So many nearfalls...

Adam Young lifts Teddy Blaze and throws him to the ropes but CJ Phoenix tags himself in out of nowhere. Adam Young drops Teddy Blaze with a REDNECK RIVERIA.

Freddy Whoa: No, Adam turns-






The bell sounds as Adam Young rolls out of the ring and Night Rider angrily leaves to the back.

Freddy Whoa: Big win for Blazing Phoenix!

CJ Phoenix tries to raise Teddy Blaze's hand, but Teddy Blaze yanks it away.

Zach Davis: Indignantly!

Teddy Blaze rolls out of the ring. Phoenix shrugs and points to Blazeas if to give him credit, but Blaze just angrily leaves.

Freddy Whoa: Not sure what the deal is here but they worked well together in my book and got the win!

Television Title Match
Jason O'Neal vs Thomas Uriel Bates

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WCF Television Championship.

“Number One” by Nelly hits as Jason O’Neal steps out to some cheers, but mostly boos from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, the Challenger. From New Orleans, Louisiana. Standing at six foot two inches and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds. “The Real Deal” Jason O’Neal!

Jason O’Neal walks arrogantly to the ring.

“Midnight Rider” by the Allman Brothers Band blares over the PA system as the titron begins showing clips of Thomas Uriel Bates riding his motorcycle along a deserted highway. The titron then displays images from previous matches against the who’s who of WCF. To a cheering crowd, Thomas Uriel Bates steps out on the stage carrying the WCF Television title over his shoulder.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at four hundred and thirty pounds and standing at six foot, nine inches. From Huntsville, Alabama. He is the WCF Television Champion, The Mountain of WCF; Thomas Uriel Bates!

Bates glares down at the ring with intensity before finally walking to the ring. He arrives at the ring, climbs up the steps and walks to the center of the apron. He steps over the top rope and enters the ring, looking right in the eyes of Jason O’Neal. Bates stretches out his arms, and roars. The crowd joins in, amplifying the thunderous effect.

Zach Davis: Bates has always been an intimidating man, but you have to wonder what Jason O’Neal is thinking right now.

Freddy Whoa: I know what I would be thinking…

Zach Davis: That you wish you had a second pair of underwear?

Freddy Whoa: Yup!

Jason O’Neal steps forward and backhands Bates to the jaw, but the giant does not move.

Zach Davis: Not a very bright move by the rookie.

O’Neal cocks his arm back, and lands on Bates’ jaw with a hard right hook. Again the giant does not move.

Freddy Whoa: He may be in trouble here.

O’Neal steps back and bounces on the ropes, shooting him forward with an attempt to kick Bates in the gut. The giant simply sidesteps and holds out his arm, allowing O’Neal to run into a clothesline. Bates paces the ring as O’Neal quickly gets back up. O’Neal rushes forward, feigning a punch to the face, but ducks at the last minute and delivers a downward punch to the ribs of Bates.

Zach Davis: Bates looks like he felt that one!

Bates winces, but quickly turns around and grabs O’Neal by the waist and delivers a German Suplex that shakes the ring on contact.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! O’Neal may have just merged with the ring!

Bates stands up, reaches down, and lifts O’Neal up for a Gutwrench Powerbomb that again shakes the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! He’s going to break the ring!

Zach Davis: He might kill O’Neal first!

Bates grabs O’Neal and drags him to the center of the ring, where he locks on the Fujiwara Armbar. The referee dives down and checks on O’Neal, who screams out in pain.

Zach Davis: This may already be over!

Bates suddenly lets go, and steps back, allowing O’Neal to crawl to the corner.

Zach Davis: Bates seems to be dishing out some punishment here.

Freddy Whoa: He may have taken offense to O’Neal’s recent videos.

Bates moves forward and reaches down to grab O’Neal. O’Neal instead grabs Bates’ belt and pulls him forward, sending his head into the turnbuckle. Bates drops to his knees and grabs his head as O’Neal moves out from the corner and stands up with the help of the ropes. O’Neal moves forward and hits Bates with a roundhouse kick to the injured head, sending the big man down.

Zach Davis: Jason O’Neal may have turned this match around!

Bates immediately begins to stand, but is caught by a dropkick to the face by O’Neal, sending him back down. O’Neal quickly follows through with an armbar.

Freddy Whoa: O’Neal looking to score the submission now!

Bates turns his now bloodied head towards O’Neal, and simply grins. Bates gets to his knees, and with O’Neal still attached to his arm, stands. Bates lifts O’Neal up, and slams him into the corner breaking the hold. Bates stumbles backwards and holds the open cut on his head.

Zach Davis: This may have opened up one of the wounds he received at the hands of Brent Alpine last week.

Bates shakes it off, and approaches O’Neal again, this time grabbing him and throwing him into the ropes. As O’Neal returns, Bates hits him with a Tilt-A-Whirl Sideslam and pins him.



Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Kickout by Jason O’Neal! How did he do that?

Bates stands back up as Jason O’Neal crawls to the corner.

Bates approaches O’Neal and grabs his legs, dragging him back to the center of the ring. He lifts O’Neal up and lifts him with a Military Press.

Freddy Whoa: The Memphis Giant Slam!

Zach Davis: This will soon all be over!

Bates benches O’Neal five times before dropping him into a Gorilla Press Gutbuster. Bates holds O’Neal on his knee, not allowing him to fall to the mat. Bates locks on a full nelson.

Freddy Whoa: The Badge!

Bates lifts O’Neal up and releases him, allowing O’Neal to “fly” up high. As O’Neal falls back down, Bates grabs the neck and delivers a chokeslam that shakes the ring, forcing the referee to lose his footing. Bates simply places his hand on O’Neal’s chest as the referee crawls over and begins the count.




Zach Davis: Thomas Uriel Bates retains the title!

Brent Alpine vs Jordan Ciserano

Zach Davis: Time for the battle of the former Sequitus members.

"Back in the Picture" by The Rasmus plays and the crowd cheers. Three seconds into the song Jordan Ciserano comes out jumping, high with energy. He continues to pump the crowd up. After that the pyro begins, exploding every time one of Ciserano's jumps hits the floor. Ciserano makes his way down the aisle high-fiving any and every fan in sight. Once he makes it to the base of the ring he jumps onto the apron while pyro explodes as he hits it. He enters by spring boarding over the top rope. Following that he climbs the top turnbuckle to the top rope hold his hands over his head. The music ends and he's ready to fight.

Freddy Whoa: A few weeks ago, Brent Alpine attacked Ciserano without provocation. Brent Alpine finds himself in a World Title match at Revenge, but he's got Jordan Ciserano's wrath to deal with first.

A ghostly synth breathes over the PA.

The first keyboard chord of Prince's 'Gold' blares as a red shooting star firework darts up from the entrance-way to the left rafters. The second chord chimes as the arena lights flash red. The third chord accompanies a light blue star shoots to the upper right of the arena. Blue lights flash to greet the fourth chord.

Percy Micro, a micro pig with an electronic voice-box, scurries down the ramp to laughs and an ironic pop from the crowd. He is followed by the other member of the E.M.S. entourage, 'The Vulture' Dallas Culture.

As the main tune commences, a yellow spotlight covers the entrance as 'The Shine' Brent Alpine steps out from the back to sneers. A shower of sparks surround him, eliciting a brief pop at the spectacle. Alpine keeps walking, slides into the ring and jumps onto the turnbuckle. The pig 'speaks' in a robotic tone.

Percy Micro: Introducing our cherished commodity, from Rockhampton, Australia, weighing 259 pounds... 'The Shine'... Brent... Alpine!

'The Shine' glares in comical intensity and lifts up the back of his suit jacket like a Batman cape. He dismounts and hangs his jacket on the turnbuckle. He leaps onto the opposite turnbuckle. He removes his tie and long white shirt and throws them into the crowd, now ready for the match ahead. Dallas Culture collects Percy in his arms.

Zach Davis: And here is The Shine-

Before the announcers can talk about the match any more than that, Jordan Ciserano runs and attacks Brent Alpine! The crowd roars as Ciserano hits a few strikes and then a few clubbing blows to the back of Alpine, sending him reeling. Alpine is sent into the corner and Ciserano presses his body into him before throwing him with all his might across the ring. Alpine hits the corner front first and then backs up in a daze. Ciserano spins him around and goes for a Twist of Fate but Alpine shoves him off and into the ropes, Ciserano comes back and Alpine executes a quick Powerslam. Ciserano quickly gets to his feet and Alpine kicks him. Ciserano catches it but Alpine hits an Enziguri!

Freddy Whoa: Great flurry of offense of Ciserano but Alpine has taken control.

Alpine lifts Ciserano up and lifts him for a Vertical Suplex and just lets him hang there for several moments.

Zach Davis: Hanging Suplex... annndd Alpine takes him down.

Alpine floats over and goes for the pin.



No!, Ciserano kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: Jordan Ciserano took Thomas Uriel Bates to his limit and could have challenged him again - if not for Brent Alpine.

Alpine lifts Ciserano up and takes him back down again with a Russian Legsweep. Alpine goes for another cover.



No!, another kickout.

Zach Davis: Jordan Ciserano has a lot to prove against his former Sequitus counterpart.

Alpine picks Ciserano up again but Ciserano shoves him away. Alpine charges Ciserano but Ciserano counters with a Bodyslam. He then hits the ropes and goes for a Rolling Thunder but Alpine gets his knees up!, which Ciserano crashes into. Alpine with another cover.



Another kickout by Jordan Ciserano.

Freddy Whoa: I think Brent Alpine is smart enough to try to win this as quickly as possible so he doesn't risk himself for Revenge.

Alpine rolls away and both men are to their feet. Ciserano rushes Alpine again but Alpine kicks him in the gut and lifts him up.

Zach Davis: Powerbomb!

As much as he wants to end it he knows Ciserano requires more punishment. He begins to climb to the top.

Freddy Whoa: Brent Alpine.. Going high risk..

Alpine flies off the top with a Diving Leg Drop!, which Ciserano rolls away from!


Jordan Ciserano grapples Brent Alpine from behind and goes for a German Suplex!, but Brent Alpine lands on his feet. Alpine rushes Ciserano, grappling him, Ciserano hits the ropes and Alpine rolls away. Alpine quickly Dropkicks Ciserano who now hits the ropes and bounces back allowing for Alpine to roll him up.




Freddy Whoa: NO! Ciserano kicks out again!

Alpine gets to his feet and hits a Spinning Kick to Ciserano - who had gotten back up - before hitting the ropes and hitting a Cannonball Senton. Alpine gets up immediately and executes a Standing Moonsault.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Into the pin!




Zach Davis: Alpine seems frustrated.

Alpine lifts Ciserano up and kicks him in the gut-


Alpine goes for the Enziguri again but this time Ciserano ducks it and flips Alpine, Alpine landing on his feet. Ciserano runs at him and hits the Side Effect.





Freddy Whoa: What a match! So much pride on the line!

Ciserano lifts Alpine up and backs up.

Zach Davis: Here it comes...


NO! CAUGHT! Alpine spins Ciserano around!

Zach Davis: Kick to the gut for the GLOW WORM!

NO!, Ciserano has that scouted and spins Alpine after the kick to the gut.


Ciserano drops down and pins Brent Alpine, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!

Alpine immediately rolls out as Ciserano gets to his feet.


Alpine rolls out of the ring as Ciserano gets to his feet and begins his celebration.

Zach Davis: Can you imagine? What if Brent Alpine wins at Revenge - what would Jordan Ciserano have to say!?

Alpine and Percy Micro head up the ramp.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know if Brent Alpine is a man of pride, I think he may be the man with the plan - he lost the battle tonight but he's looking to win the war.

Alpine disappears behind the curtain as Jordan Ciserano stands tall.

Gemini Battle/The Brotherhood vs Zero Tolerance

As we come back from commercial, Zero Tolerance is already in the ring.

Zach Davis: We've got Crazy J, we've got Jason Cash, we've got Salem Shepart... NO Kira Izumi after he got kicked out!

Freddy Whoa: But he'll get his revenge at, well... REVENGE!

A Symphonic Tribute by Avenged Sevenfold hits and Kevin Bishop and Lester Parish enter the arena! They're all business as they head to the ring.

“Falling Higher” by Helloween plays throughout the arena as Gemini Battle makes his way through the entrance curtain. The crowd cheers as he accepts the praise of the fans by slapping their hands, but never smiles as he heads to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and slithers like a snake into the corner where he sits in the corner and meditates until it’s time to get up and ready to fight.

Zach Davis: Gemini Battle starts the match, as does Crazy J.

The two men circle each other and tie up.

Freddy Whoa: Zero Tolerance has been undersold by a lot of the people in this company I think. They're one of the most winningest groups to EVER come into WCF -if not THE most winningest - and here they are in the Slam main event.

Zach Davis: They win so much they had to kick out a loser like Kira!

Freddy Whoa: come on...

Gemini shoves Crazy J into the corner. He then throws him to the ropes and executes an Arm Drag as he comes back. Crazy J gets to his feet and tags in Salem.

Zach Davis: Zero Tolerance is a unified group. Gemini Battle and company.. not so much.

Salem comes into the ring and Gemini runs at him. Gemini gets taken down by a Clothesline. Gemini rolls back up and gets a kick to the gut by Salem and then a DDT! Salem rolls on top of him and pins.



No!, Gemini kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: Tag to Jason Cash.

Jason Cash enters the ring and Gemini Battle runs at him. Cash runs at him and Clotheslines him down. Gemini gets back up and swings at Cash but Cash executes a German Suplex into a bridge pin!

Zach Davis: ONE! TWO!

NO!, Gemini gets up and rolls away and tags in Parish.

Freddy Whoa: Here comes one half of the Brotherhood!

Parish charges Jason Cash but Cash hits him with a forearm to the face. Cash lifts him for a Brainbuster and drops him with it.

Zach Davis: One.. two.. Parish gets the shoulder up.

Cash rolls away and tags in Crazy J. Parish runs at Crazy J but Carsh J drops him with a Spinebuster. Parish stumbles up and Crazy J then drops him with a Reverse DDT!

Freddy Whoa: Pin now from Zero Tolerance!




Zach Davis: Crazy J picks Parish up and puts him in a Headlock before tagging in Jason Cash.

Freddy Whoa: Lots of quick tags here...

Cash comes into the ring and throws Parish into the turnbuckle. Parish goes to reverse it but Cash reverses the reversal and kicks Parish in the gut before hitting a Vertical Suplex. He then starts stomping a mudhole as Parish stumbles up.

Zach Davis: Brotherhood or Zero Tolerance... who is gonna stand tall?

Freddy Whoa: Or our WORLD CHAMPION?

Zach Davis: If he tags in again..

Cash throws Parish to the corner but Parish makes the tag. The new People's Champion comes into the ring and Cash rushes him. Cash goes for a Clothesline but Bishop ducks it and goes for a German but Cash has it scouted and lands on his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Bishop is a fan of the multiple germans but it didn't work out there.

Cash hits a Lariat to Bishop from behind and as Bishop stumbles up Cash goes for a Brainbuster and pins him.



No!, Bishop kicks out.

Zach Davis: He's not our People's Champion for nothing!

Bishop rolls away and up but Cash is right on him. Cash goes for the Sweet Chin Sauce.


Bishop spins Cash around and runs to the ropes, as Cash turns aroudn..

Zach Davis: BLACK DEATH!

Bishop makes the pin.



NO!, Zero Tolerance breaks it up.

Freddy Whoa: Lester Parish is in the ring!

Parish runs at Crazy J and Salem and the two men throw him out of the ring. The three turn towards Bishop and kick him in the head.

Zach Davis: OOF!

NO!, Bishop rolls away at the last second and tags in Gemini Battle! The World Champion comes in and Clotheslines down Crazy J, then Salem, then Jason Cash. Jason Cash is up and Gemini Battle kicks him and hits a Snapmare Suplex. He then climbs up for a Moonsault.


NO!, knees up from Jason Cash!

Zach Davis: What a kickout!

Cash gets to his feet and lifts Gemini up. Cash is ready for the Rebel Yell.

Freddy Whoa: GEMINI BATTLE HAS IT SCOUTED, leapfrog!

Battle rolls Cash up from behind!



NO!, Cash escapes!

Zach Davis: Both men to their feet.

Cash divesa nd tags in Salem Shepard. As the two meet Battle ducks away from him and grabs him by the back.


Gemini Battle drops down and pins Salem.





The bell sounds and he stands to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Gemini Battle won Ultimate Showdown, he is the first man to beat Zero Tolerance..

Zach Davis: I fear for Brent Alpine and Thomas Uriel Bates... can he be stopped!?

Zero Tolerance regroup on the outside as Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Seth Lerch Segment

Slam Intro

Dion Necurat vs Chaos vs Logan Burgess

CJ Phoenix/Teddy Blaze Segment

Mark Gallagher vs Captain WCF

BioWalker Segment

Kira Izumi vs Big Train

Mystery Segment

Arrival Segment

Lilith vs The Baron

The Purge vs Sweet Annihilation

Oblivion vs Doc Henry vs Henry Spearman

Tomohawk vs Greg St. Matthews

Night Rider/Adam Young vs Teddy Blaze/CJ Phoenix

Television Title Match: Jason O'Neal vs Thomas Uriel Bates

Brent Alpine vs Jordan Ciserano

Gemini Battle/The Brotherhood vs Zero Tolerance

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Jordan Ciserano
Gemini/Brotherhood vs Zero Tolerance



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Thomas Uriel Bates
Zombie McMorris
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Teddy Blaze
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