Live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Slam Intro

Slayer's "South of Heaven" by the String Quartet starts playing as Junior rolls out in his black Chevy Silverado Power Wheel all dressed up. He wheels around the ring then right up to Zach Davis and hands him a note before rolling back on out of the arena.

Freddy Whoa: What is it?

Zach opens it up and reads it aloud.

Zach Davis: He's here?

"Simple Man" starts playing and a singlet white light filters threw smoke at the entrance and the arena becomes stone cold. The jumbotron then reads "Our time is coming." The arena lights go pitch black and then all of a sudden come back on.

“ When the Levee Breaks” hits the PA system!

Zach Davis: Well moving on, to start the show tonight.... We’re about to be graced by the WCF Internet Champion! The King of all Media is here in the WCF arena!

Teddy Blaze walks out on stage in a light blue dress shirt, black slacks, shoes, and the classic red glasses. He carries the Internet Championship on his shoulder as the crowd give out to him.


Teddy smiles and waves to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring and gets a microphone from Kyle Steel.

Teddy Blaze: Hello Wells Fargo! Man, is it good to be here today with all of you. Wow, it’s a fresh start in twenty seventeen tonight; I’ll tell you what. I am just so honored to be here tonight with all of you as we put the past behind us and new forward into that great unknown. And speaking of the past, lets give it up for Zombie McMorris who successfully lost to me at the biggest pay per view of the year, ONE! I mean, it takes a big man, not necessary a talented one but a tall, gangly lookin’ one to step into the ring with the King of All Media and know that the only way out of that match is break your own neck. So I want to thank you.. wait, no. I want you to thank yourself for giving yourself that opportunity and taking it. But I don’t want to talk about that. It doesn’t matter who wins and who loses. Its about all of you fans. Did you all enjoy ONE?

The fans cheer for the cheap pop.

Teddy Blaze: So did I; clearly. But truthfully and all kidding aside, I do not think that Zombie McMorris gets enough credit for all the good that he has done in this division. He is a pioneer and a trend setter. He brought us the Shia Clap and the Booty, Trombone, whatever… but most of all, he paved the way for Teddy Blaze. So in all honesty ZMAC, thank you for all that you have done. I mean that, completely, I do.

The mysterious Pantheon Theme hits the PA system as Zombie McMorris walks out on stage in an expensive looking brown suit, brown shoes and his hair pulled back in in short bleach blonde braids.

Zach Davis: Well this is, um, highly irregular for the Coked Up Mad Man.

Freddy Whoa: Are those fine Italian leather shoes? I think he took those from my closet.

Zach Davis: This is not the kind of look that we’re used to seeing, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Not at all.

Zombie McMorris gets into the ring slowly, crosses between the middle rope.

Teddy Blaze: Come to take your praise in person, I see. I do not blame you. It is not everyday that Teddy Blaze hands out such compliments. However, Zombie, you deserve each and every one of them. You are an inspiration, more than you know. Thank you for all that yo--

without warning ZMAC hugs Teddy Blaze. He does so very close and uncomfortable like. ZMAC has a cold stare in his eyes and an motionless face.

Freddy Whoa: Folks, if you have small children at home I suggest they avert their eyes. This could and will get bad. ZMACS just lulling Teddy Blaze into a false sense of security right now.

Zach Davis: I don’t know, Freddy. I think ZMAC’s actually hugging Teddy Blaze.

Freddy Whoa: Zach, I have seen some crazy things in my life, growing up in the hood but this right here is messed up.

The hug is too close, it is too awkward, it goes on too long and it is silent. Everything is silent until ZMAC lets Teddy go before turning around and leaving just as quickly and quietly as he arrived; leaving Teddy Blaze by himself as we cut to commercial.

Of The Year Awards: Champions









Ryan O'Callaghan vs Captain Rump vs Vinnie Jones vs Axel Blackwood

Zach Davis: Let's get started!

"Sail" by AWOLNATION plays as Roc comes out and panders to the crowd. He tries to get to as many fans as possible as he makes his way to the ring. He then slides under the bottom rope and holds his arms out wide while spinning around taking in the majesty of it all.

"Ass Man" fills the arena as Captain Rump's titantron appears on the stage. Various clips appear across the stage showing some of Rump's previous matches. The crowd boos as he makes his way out from backstage and into the arena. Captain Rump stands proudly at the entrance wearing his normal attire, which consists of a red and black mask, skin tight full body red spandex, masked by a pair of black briefs, black boots, and black gloves. A black cape wraps around and hangs down a few inches away from the floor. He turns himself around and shakes his massive rump for a few seconds which causes the crowd to boo once more. He smiles at his own action and soaks in the crowd's hateful energy as he makes his way down to the ring. Captain Rump makes his way toward the center of the ring. He removes his cape and drapes it over the nearby corner turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: Where do we find these guys?

Ich Will can be heard as it echoes through the arena, the spotlight will shine on the entrance way as the arena goes black. The fans stand up as they anticipate the arrival of Vinnie Jones and not knowing what split personality it will be. He comes walking to the arena as he looks around at the crowd and smiles. He raises his arms in the air and waits for the pyro to happen before starting to punch in the air before walking to the ring. The fans cheer this version as he gets to the ring and jumps up and down before jumping on the ring apron and gets in the ring. There he takes off his sweater and prepares for his match/stares into the eyes of his opponent.

When Axel Blackwood comes out there is red mist everywhere and then a bunch of weapons are thrown out onto the ramp and then my manager Christopher Omega comes out and starts introducing him and his music plays. He walks down the ramp and puts his hands out before walking in the ring and climbing the turnbuckles and doing the same taunt.

Zach Davis: Here we go!

Captain Rump runs at Axel and executes a Hip Attack. Captain Rump then hits Ryan O'Callaghan with a Hip Attack as well. He runs at Vinnie Jones and goes for a third Hip Attack but Jones sidesteps it before kicking Rump in the, well, rump. Captain Rump flies out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Newcomer Vinnie Jones in the driver's seat now.

Vinnie Jones then grabs Ryan O'Callaghan and puts him into a Bearhug.

Zach Davis: No - here comes Axel Blackwood!

Blackwood hits Jones in the back with a Dropkick! Jones drops Callaghan and Blackwood spins him around. He lifts him up for a Brainbuster, but Jones shifts his weight and lands behind him.

Freddy Whoa: Axel Blackwood turns - Spinebuster from Jones! Jones with the pin!



No!, broken up by O'Callaghan. O'Callaghan lifts Jones up and hits him with a few forearms before kicking him and hitting a DDT! O'Callaghan is spun around by the returning Captain Rump.

Zach Davis: Captain Rump back in it now!

Rump grabs O'Callaghan and lifts him up... Chokeslam! He then hits the ropes and drops a leg!

Freddy Whoa: Captain Rump's huge body crashing onto Ryan O'Callaghan!

Into the pin.



No!, broken up by Vinnie Jones! Jones grabs the big man and hits an Empaler DDT!

Zach Davis: Beautiful DDT there! Impressive!

Jones goes for a pin now!



Broken up by Blackwood!

Freddy Whoa: Nearfalls coming quickly here, but constantly broken up! You've gotta have eyes in the back of your head in a match like this!

Ryan O'Callaghan runs at Blackwood and Clotheslines him down. Captain Rump runs at O'Callaghan but O'Callaghan drops down and pulls the top rope, sending Rump flying out.

Zach Davis: Here comes Vinnie Jones!

No!, O'Callaghan stops him short with a Dropkick. Jones rolls out of the ring as O'Callaghan climbs to the top.


O'Callaghan pins Blackwood.




Zach Davis: Ryan O'Callaghan wins it!

O'Callaghan gets up and gets his arm raised.

Freddy Whoa: Great effort by all of these men but tonight was Ryan O'Callaghan's night!

O'Callaghan climbs up one turnbuckle and raises his arms, playing to the crowd.

Zach Davis: That was our first four way match of the night, but we have many more! We've got five four way over-the-top-rope elimination matches coming up too!

We go to commercial.

Udy vs Stalker

The Wells Fargo Arena are the host of Sunday Night Slam of the WCF. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is entirely here selling out the arena for one of the most prestigious companies to ever host their weekly show in such a worldwide arena. The cameras cut to Zach Davis and Freddy Whoa seated behind the announce table ready to call the action of the next match on the card.

Freddy Whoa: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back from the break. Sunday Night Slam is live in the Wells Fargo Arena here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tonight we introduce a brand new match to kick off 2017. The infamous New Years Bash match.

Zach Davis: But don’t forget we have the WCF World Championship on the line in the main event. Joey Flash will defending the belt against Gravedigger but to make matters worse, Final Destination winner David Sanchez has been named the official referee. If things go his way, we may definitely see a new world Final Destination champion tonight!

Freddy Whoa: Truth but for now, we have a very interesting match between two rookies of the WCF. Surprisingly weird names as well. Next we have Udy vs Stalker. Ugh, what?

Zach Davis: They don’t pay us enough for this. Anyways, let's cut to Kyle Steel for the match introductions!

The cameras cut back to Kyle Steel standing in the center of the ring wearing his signature Black Tuxedo. He receives the cue from production to begin with the match introductions as he raises the microphone up to his lips.

Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall!

The lights in the arena are shut off with church bells slowly ringing. The stage gets covered in fog as blue lights highlight everything in the interior of the Wells Fargo Arena. An eerie song representing Death Valley begins setting in that eerie mood when a large tall man walks out with a black hat on his head and that black trench coat following behind him. Standing center stage, his eyes are of certain death.


Stalker walks down to the ring very slowly, moving through that heavy fog covering the entrance path. The lights start flashing around with the sound effects of thunder booming across the arena then fire emerges in a single line fashion on the stage behind him. He continues walking down to the ring with his gloves on, black single wrestling gear on until Stalker stops before the apron to stare around the arena.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first! Hailing from Salisbury, Maryland! At six feet, five inches tall, weighing in at 298 pounds. He is Stalker!

Stalker is already climbing up the steel steps before stopping in front of the steel post. He raises his arms and the lights slowly return to normal with thundering drops echoing around the arena. Stalker moves through the ropes then takes off his trench coat, handing it to the ringside; He looks down until removing his large black hat to reveal those pure white eyes scaring even the referee inside the ring. Once his music fades, he stays in his designated corner prepared for his opponent, Udy.

Zach Davis: Is this me or does this seem very similar? This entrance, how he dressed, his style? Something about him is weird and similar.

Freddy Whoa: Must be the hair. Anyways, I definitely want to see what Stalker has in stored for this match especially against another potential top prospect Udy.

“Wolf Moon” by Type-O Negative immediately takes over the surround sound system of the Wells Fargo Arena. Blue colored fire and pyrotechnics blasts out from the stage then followed with blue fog covering it. The lights immediately become dark except a spotlight emerges on the stage revealing a cloaked figure kneeled down on his knee until standing up to scream a wolf howl to the crowd.


Another set of blue fireworks emerge on each side of his body while he howls. Udy walks down to the ring with that black trench coat tailing behind him and also a black skull cap covering his long black raven hair. He walks down to the ring with that spotlight still emerged over his body ready to face his opponent, Stalker, inside the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his opponent! Hailing from Wasteland! At six feet tall, weighing in at 196 pounds, he is “The Demon Wolf” Udy!

Udy slides into the ring from under the bottom rope and stands on that right knee in the center of it. He gets up to unleash another wolf howl before backing up into his own corner. With the music gone and both men in their wrestling attire, the referee is ready to get the match underway.

Freddy Whoa: And here we have Udy, another potential WCF top prospect channeling the spirit of the Wolf. He has lineage to his Native American background and also is a very skilled man in the striking area of Martial Arts.

Zach Davis: Maybe he could use his footwork to go in and out against the much larger opponent. Either way, this match is underway!

Ding Ding Ding!

Udy and Stalker both leave their corners respectively and starts circling the ring. Udy is using more of that Kickboxing footwork while Stalker is moving around by the ropes trying to find ways of getting him into that grappling game. Already in the center of the ring, Udy starts unloading with Leg Kicks into Stalker then overwhelming him multiple kicking combinations nearly pushing Stalker back into the corner.


Once Stalker is leaned against the turnbuckles in the corner, Udy charges into the opposing corner where his back slams against the turnbuckles for that added spring. He leaps up to drive a High Knee upwards into the chin of Stalker nearly knocking him down to the mat but he still manages to remain on his feet especially after that echoing shot.

Zach Davis: The match has already started and Udy has got Stalker trapped in the corner from those quick strikes from his Kickboxing background. What a great High Knee nearly exploding the chin off Stalker!

Udy tries to repeat the same action but when he leaps up, Stalker catches him in the air. He gets slumped onto his shoulders before dropped face first into the top turnbuckle. Udy falls down onto the canvas covering his face then tries to get up on his feet as quickly as possible only to suffer a strong Clothesline smacking him down onto the canvas.

Freddy Whoa: Spoke too soon their Zach. Size does matter in these type of matches because Stalker nearly took his head off with a sick Clothesline straight into the face of Udy.

He helps Udy back onto his feet then whips him down into the ropes. Udy manages to duck under another clothesline but off the rebound, Stalker charges forward then quickly shoves a Big Boot straight into the face of Stalker turning him inside out. His body lands down onto the canvas harshly nearly causing everyone in the Wells Fargo Arena in awe.





Udy manages to kick out of the pin attempt nearly shocking everyone around the arena. Stalker couldn’t believe it either but now he has to put an end to it. He gets up but also helps Udy back onto his feet before scooping him over his right shoulder.

Stalker holds him upside down in front of his chest and grasps his arms around his back. He snaps down onto his knees spiking Udy onto the top of his head thus finishing him off with a Tombstone Piledriver in the center of the ring. Udy’s body slumps down down onto the mat completely knocked out and limb while Stalker places his arms crossed over his chest.





Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, Stalker!

Stalker immediately gets off and gets his arm raised. He bows down on his right knee while the lights turn blue and he looks down at his fallen victim.

Zach Davis: Stalker has finished his opponent off all too easy, Udy gave a fight but in the end Stalker has proven to be dominant in the end.

Thomas Uriel Bates Segment

Hank Brown: Don’t do it!

The backstage interviewer is easily pushed to the side as the massive, and angry, giant storms through the hall. Thomas Uriel Bates has the look of not just your typical anger, but one that transcends fury. He has the look of a killer, stalking his prey.

Hank Brown: Please, Mister Bates! Don’t do it!

His words fall on deaf ears as Bates continues to storm down the hall, until running into the Senior Referee, Stanley Moser. He stares down the respected referee and growls the names,

Thomas Uriel Bates: Joey Flash, Jared Holmes, Wade Moor, Johnny Rabid, David Sanchez.

Moser is trapped between fear and shock. This was not something he’d expect from Bates.

Stanley Moser: Um… what about them?

The giant yells, sounding more like a lion’s roar.

Thomas Uriel Bates: Where are they?!

Stanley jumps back, terrified. He whimpers the next words, unusual for the veteran referee.

Stanley Moser: Flash’s room.

Bates doesn’t hesitate, he passes the referee and heads further down the hall. He stops right before a door with a plaque reading “Joey Flash”. He kicks the door down with such force that the door explodes. Bates enters the room, ready not for a fight, but for the kill.

Instead of finding his prey, he finds Seth Lerch, and a large number of security blocking his path. His targets are not in the room.

Seth Lerch: Bates, please. Don’t do this.

The giant just stands there, fists clinched.

Seth Lerch: If it’s a rematch you want, you got it!

The giant is unsatisfied.

Seth Lerch: Any kind of match you want, Bates, you’ll have it. Joey Flash versus Thomas Uriel Bates, Hell in a Cell, Street Fight, Junkyard Brawl, whatever your heart desires. You can have him, in the ring!

The giant locks eyes on Seth. He growls yet again.

Thomas Uriel Bates: I don’t want a match. I want blood!

Seth Lerch: Lucille on a Pole match! I love it!

Thomas Uriel Bates: No! They killed Gemini. I don’t want a match. I don’t want to beat them in the middle of that ring. I want to rip their skulls from their bodies and grind them to dust!

Seth looks over to his security, then to Bates, while hiding behind a desk.

Seth Lerch: I can’t let you do that, they’re top earners! I can give you a match, but I won’t let you kill them!

Thomas Uriel Bates: Where are they!?

The giant yells again, prompting security to move forward. Bates begins to swing his massive fists, taking out security easily.

Seth Lerch: You know these men! They’re your friends, their your people!

Bates is not listening as he tosses more and more security like rag dolls.

Seth Lerch: What happened to being Pro-WCF? These are your people and you’re hurting them!

Bates tosses a security guard towards Seth, breaking the desk. Seth stands back up, and looks at Bates with terror and a little bit of courage.

Seth Lerch: This isn’t the Bates I know! You’re supposed to be the paladin, the Knight in shiny armor! Protector of all that is good and sacred. That’s not what you’re doing now. That’s not the Bates we all know and love!

Bates grabs Seth and lifts him up. The anger in the giant’s eyes outweigh his reason.

Thomas Uriel Bates: You’re right about one thing. I’m not the Bates you know, and you have Pantheon to thank for that!

Bates tosses Seth down, into the broken desk. Seth grabs his back as Bates steps out of the room, going back on the hunt for his prey. Seth makes his way back to the door and yells out to Bates.

Seth Lerch: That’s it, you’re fired!

The Mountain of WCF stops, briefly, and turns his head towards Seth. He stares him down with no care.

Thomas Uriel Bates: So be it.

Bates turns back around, and continues on his hunt. Seth stares down at his destroyed security as the plaque with Joey Flash’s name falls down, revealing another plaque with Seth Lerch’s name instead.

Rise/Diaboli vs Adam Burnett/Jason O'Neal

"Bodies" by Drowning Pool, Arena goes dark with dim blue lighting as the music hits. As soon as the music picks up fire flares flash from the stage atop the ramp where Rise will be seen with his arms folded across his chest. He scans the crowd for a moment then makes his day down the ramp high fiving a few fans along the way. He circles the ring before flat foot jumping up onto the apron and entering between the 2nd and 3rd ropes.

Zach Davis: And here we go with the next match. Rise and Diaboli versus the two men who will square off for the Alpha Title.

Freddy Whoa: I think, Diaboli is coming out now. There’s no music just a guy walking down the ramp.

Zach Davis: Yep. That’s him and he gives me the creeps.

You Can't Stop Me" by Andy Mineo hits on the speaker and Adam Burnett bounces out onto the stage. He bounces on his feet as the music gets him going. He waves his arms up and down, pumping up the crowd before taking off on a dead sprint towards the ring. He slaps hands with fans who have stuck their hands out on his way and slides into the ring. He runs up one of the turnbuckles and poses at the top with his arms extended. He's smiling the whole time and the fans can sense his intensity and passion.

Zach Davis: Did you hear the pop of the crowd when Burnett came from behind the curtain? Holy Hell this guy is talented and a fan favorite.

#1 by Nelly hits and O’Neal walks arrogantly down the ramp…

Freddy Whoa: Is he kicking the Alpha Title down the ramp?

Zach Davis: The degenerate. I hope Burnett buries him and takes the title back and brings prestige to the title.

Jason O’Neal picks up the title, walks to the announcer’s table and tosses the Alpha Title to the corner. He joins the other three competitors in the ring as they await the start of the match.

Zach Davis: Rise and Diaboli make Burnett and O’Neal look short and those guys are 6’3” and 6’2” respectively.

Freddy Whoa: They are huge.

The bell sounds and O’Neal sits on the middle rope and arrogantly motions for Burnett to leave the ring. You can read his lips saying, “I got this rookie. Stand aside.” Burnett obviously thinks it is a dick move but obliges anyway.

Zach Davis: Looks like O’Neal and Rise will start things off.

Freddy Whoa: Earlier this week O’Neal called Rise nothing more than a place holder in a hype match between he and Burnett.

Zach Davis: I don’t see that, Rise is a hell of a competitor.

Rise and O’Neal circle each other trying to gain some sort of leverage. They lock up and Rise forces O’Neal to his own corner.

Zach Davis: The last time I saw O’Neal thrown around like that was against Bates in that one sided match.

Rise lets him out of the corner and Jason walks half way back to rise and POW!!!


Burnett topples to the floor after the superkick. O’Neal turns to ref and insists that the tag was made. Jason rolls ring and walks back up the ramp. He gets halfway up and notices the ref isn’t counting the count out. He demands that the ref begin the ten count on Burnett. Rise and Diaboli are anticipating an easy win.







Meanwhile, Jason O’Neal has gotten himself a chair and parked it right at the entrance way. He sits arrogantly watching the mayhem he created.



Zach Davis: What a way for this match to end.


Freddy Whoa: Wait Burnett is up and in the ring!!!

A huge crowd pop!!

Zach Davis: Jason O’Neal can’t believe it. He is beside himself. That scum thought he could take out Burnett like that.

Freddy Whoa: Go easy on O’Neal. He is just trying to get Burnett acclimated to the big leagues.

Zach Davis: Looks like Burnett is going to take these two on by himself.

Freddy Whoa: Jason O’Neal has walked out on partners before and it didn’t work out to well for his partners.

Zach Davis: We will see if Burnett can regroup here.

Diaboli is the legal man along with the sole man from the Burnett and O’Neal team. A drop kick to Diaboli barely fazes the giant. Burnett uses his quickness against the almost seven footer and nothing seems to be working. The kicks and punches seem to bounce right off. Burnett gets into position for a German Suplex.

Zach Davis: He definitely has the strength to get him up and over.

But no! Reversal into the sidewalk slam. Diaboli has the leg hooked and the ref starts the count.




Freddy Whoa: Lots of heart from the rookie, but Rise, a fresh man, has been tagged in.

Rise comes roaring at Burnett. Burnett’s quickness drops the big man with a drop toe hold. Burnett capitalizes into calf crusher submission hold. The ref gets into permission to get a clear image of any tapping.

Zach Davis: THE AB!!! This could be it!! Why the hell would Jason O’Neal be on the apron now?

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know but he has the ref’s attention.

Rise is seconds away from tapping when Diaboli breaks the hold and picks Burnett up with an over-head press. He tosses Burnett a few feet and Burnett bounces off the canvas. Jason O’Neal satisfied with what he has seen heads back to his chair on the head of the ramp.

Zach Davis: Rise and Burnett are the legal men and Burnett is still reeling from the over-head press throw from Diaboli.

Freddy Whoa: O’Neal obviously had a safety issue he had to raise. That would be the only important thing to talk to the ref about during the match.

The action in the ring continues with Rise showing a bit of offense. Irish whip into a ferocious clothesline flat lines Burnett. A pin attempt by Rise.





Zach Davis: I don’t know how much more of this Burnett can take. Diaboli has been tagged back into the match. Burnett doesn’t have a fresh partner to tag in.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know, Zach, O’Neal looks pretty fresh in that chair.

Burnett attacks the knee of the giant with alternating flying dives into Diaboli’s right knee.

Zach Davis: Down goes the giant. Technician at work. Creating Pin pointing a weakness and capitalizing on it.

Freddy Whoa: He is definitely softening up the leg for The AB.

The AB is locked in on Diaboli and Burnett torques the hell out of the calf and leg of Diaboli. The Devil has never seen such pain. Rise is in to break up the hold with a punch to the back of Burnett’s head. Rise wants to continue the attack, but the referee forbids it.

Meanwhile, when the ref is distracted out of nowhere, a Lagniappe catches Burnett off guard. Burnett is stunned and out.

Zach Davis: While the ref was distracted…that bastard, Jason O’Neal just hit Burnett with his version of a falling cutter.

Freddy Whoa: He definitely knows how to keep things interesting.

Daiboli stumbles to his feet and WHAM!! He is off them again.

Freddy Whoa: Sensation to Diaboli!! The match is over, thank God for O’Neal or Burnett would have lost the match.





Zach Davis: What are you talking about? Burnett single handily almost won. He didn’t need O’Neal.

Freddy Whoa: There you have it folks, your winner, Jason O’Neal and his partner Adam Burnett.

As Jason celebrates boastfully and Rise and Diaboli lick their wounds, Burnett hits Jason from behind and locks in the AB. The crowd goes wild!!

Freddy Whoa: That animal just snuck O’Neal from behind. What kind of partner would attack an innocent man who just won the match for his team?

Zach Davis: You cannot be serious right now, Freddy… Are you?

Jason O’Neal is tapping furiously as the bell sounds for Burnett to break the hold. The crowd almost drowns out the bell.

Freddy Whoa: The match is over Burnett break the hold.

Zach Davis: He should break O’Neal’s leg.

Finally security gets Burnett to break the hold and gets Burnett to leave the ring up the ramp. Jason staggers to his feet inside the ring. He is in shock that Burnett got the upper hand. Burnett simply smirks walking backward up the ramp as O’Neal jaws at Burnett.

Zach Davis: This is definitely a powder keg set to explode any time now.

Crazy J vs Kidd Krazzy

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is a non title match coming to the ring at this time he is a member of the brother hood he is Kidd Krazzy!

Lavender town theme starts with no words to the sound and the arena lights darken a little as Kidd steps out dressed as the Crow with this week’s Cosplay outfit on. Kidd Krazzy face is painted to look like the crow and fans look on shocked a little as the normal happy going Kidd Krazzy is not what they see tonight. A kid holds up a huge pokemon ball and Kidd stops and looks at the child for a minute before he finally gives him a thumbs up. Kidd gets in the ring and removes the black leather coat but remains dressed in all black.

Zach Davis: ZT, especially Crazy J may not take kind to the face paint?

Freddy Whoa: J spent the week mocking the Kidd anyways pretending to be a face wrestler.

Kyle Steel: and his opponent he is the hardcore champion and he is a member of Zero Tolerance… He is Crazy J.

Hozier’s take me to church starts playing as the word Jay Wonderful flashes on the screen. Crazy J steps out dressed in all white and his face is white with a cross outline on it. He has on a WCF t shirt that he cut the sleeves off and cut the sides. He walks towards the ring and he see a young child and Jay stops and he takes the cut off shirt off and puts it over the kids head and gives him a high five. He then shakes hands with the fans then he rolls into the ring and he stands up on the turn buckle and he looks up and make the sign of the cross and then he drops down to one knee and says a quick prayer.

Kidd isn’t sure what to think and he doesn’t seem to really care. The ref calls for the bell and Jay walks towards Kidd and he offers his hand. Kidd doesn’t trust him so he doesn’t take his hand.

Zach Davis: How long will this stunt last for Crazy J pretending to be Jay Wonderful

Freddy Whoa: Well Wonderful was the neighbor last name that J looked up to and is the girl griends last name so this is odd….

Kidd and Jay Wonderful both lock up and Jay Wonderful is towering over him and pushes him down. However Jay wonferful moves in and reaches down and helps kid up. They lock up this time and Jay sends kidd into the ropes and he comes off of the ropes and ducks a big boot from Jay and bounces off of the rope and hits jay wonderful in the back of the knee. He stumbles as kidd runs in and does a swinging neck breaker on jay wonderful and Jay hits the ring hard. Kidd then drops an elbow to the back of his head.

Zach Davis: Well this is going to bring out the real Crazy J any moment now.

Freddy Whoa: he is back on his feet and he doesn’t look angry. This really is strange how this is going down.

Jay wonderful claps his hands and tells him great job. Kidd comes in and Jay grabs him and delivers a belly to back suplex and then he backs up and lets Kidd stand up and he grabs him once more and delivers another suplex to the smaller Kidd. J backs off once more.

Zach Davis: why does he keep backing off.

Freddy Whoa: this has to be a mind game.

Jay moves in closer to Kidd and he picks him up and throws him againt the ropes once more and kidd goes cross body and Jay catches him and he sets him back down. Kidd runs at the ropes and tries it once more and this time he catches him with a clothesline and sends J down. Jay rolls and stands back up and he grabs Kidd and pushes him against the ropes. J hits him in the side and then another and Kidd slides between the ropes … the ref is quick to start counting. Jay rolls out of the ring and he picks Kidd up and helps him back in the ring.

Zach Davis: this is going too far

Freddy Whoa: What if this isn’t a stunt?

Kidd has a puzzled look he isn’t sure what to think but the two men lock back up and J throws him into the ropes and he bounces off of the rope. He does some kind of clothesline attempt at the same time as Jay wonderful they both hit each other but kidd grabs the head of J and drives it down. Both men are down. Jay stands up and he walks over to grab the leg of kidd and Kick his leg free and J does a splash and lands on Kidd and rolls off of him. He then picks up Kidd and tosses him into the corner and Jay goes running in and splashes into kidd. J resets him up and goes to the opposite corner and runs as fast as he can at Kidd and Kidd does a jump kick like move that drops Jay down. Kidd climbs the turnbuckle and jumps off as J stands up for a cross body and Jay wonderful catches him and slams him down with force. Just then Shep, cash and Vinnie come down to the ring side. They are standing in one corner.

Zach Davis: Well ZT has hit wring side and business is about to pick up

Freddy Whoa: And now the Brother hood is on their way out.

Kevin bishop, Pomp and DK make their way to the opposite side of the ring. Jay Wonderferul picks up Kidd Krazzy and throws him into the corner again and J delivers a large splash to kidd and he hits the ring and he rolls out but he doesn’t know it’s the zt side. Jay notices it and quickly goes outside and grabs Kidd and rolls him back in before the ZT guys can do anything.

Zach Davis: maybe this Wonderful is real

Freddy Whoa: yeah just another messed up personality in J mind.

Kidd is up and he has J locked up and he swipes the leg of J and he drops a leg across the chest of Jay Wonderful. Then Kidd does the Worm on Jay Wonderful and the fans are cheering and Kidd finally has a bit of a smile on his face…. Kidd turns around and goes for standing moonsault and J gets his knees up and Kid rolls on his back in pain. Jay Wonderful rolls him over and he puts Kidd arms out like a cross and then sits on his back and pulls back on his arms. Jay wonderful then stands him up and goes for what looks like a razor edge and he delivers it and slams Kidd down.

Zach Davis: I am being told that he calls that move the crucifix bomb

Freddy Whoa: that move is devastating Kidd is just starting to move.

Jay wonderful grabs Kidd and puts him on the top rope facing out of the ring and j climbs the second rope and has Kidd set up for what looks to be a higher crucifix bomb. Jay wonderful jumps off with Kidd and slams him down in the center of the ring. He goes in for the cover and the ref starts counting




Zt rolls in the ring as the bell sounds and so does the brother hood both sides are screaming and Jay Wonderful is standing over kid. Jay helps Kidd up and he shoves him over to the brother hood and Shep, Cash and Vinnie are screaming and coming closer Jay puts his hands out to stop them and Bishop and company step forward and J puts his hand out as well. The two sides are getting closer and Jay grabs Kidd Krazy and lifts his arm. Shep smiles and rolls out of the ring and Cash and Vinnie follow as Jay wonderful rolls out as well and joins his stable mates.

Freddy Whoa: Wow Jay wonderful didn’t want ZT to attack….

Zach Davis: Shep couldn’t believe it but he figures they got the win and he is headed to the back they have their own matches tonight to worry about.

Brother hood all have a puzzled look as to what is going on with Jay Wonderful. They head to the back as a group.

Kyle Steel: The Winner of the match is Jay Wonderful.

Adam Burnett Segment

Slam cuts backstage where Adam Burnett, still in his ring gear, standing beside resident WCF interviewer Hank Brown. Mic at the ready, Hank turns to look up at the Nebraskan native.

Hank Brown: First off, Adam, I'd just like to congratulate on your most recent victory tonight against the team of Rise and Diaboli. How does it feel to be on such a win streak in your first few weeks here in the WCF.

Adam Burnett: I think surreal best describes it, Hank. I've had win streaks before in my career, back when I was still wrestling in the midwest, but this is different. Here, in the WCF, the fans don't know me from--

Adam pauses and chuckles to himself.

Adam Burnett: Well, from Adam. To have this opportunity so early on to show the WCF universe the fruit of my hard work has just been amazing.

Hank nods.

Hank Brown: Let's not forget you've reaped a few rewards from your efforts already. You're the current Number One Contender for the Alpha Championship. Have any thoughts on Jason O'Neal and your impending clash with him?

Adam Burnett: Well I can say I'm looking forward to the opportunity. Jason proved himself to be more than a capable champion at One after outlasting three other men. I got to work in the same ring with him tonight, though I don't think it'll have the same vibe when we meet as opponents instead of partners.

Hank Brown: Speaking of partners, there has been talk backstage that you're making efforts backstage to try and get your friend Stephen Anderson signed to the company. Do you think it wise to pull strings like that so soon after joining the company yourself.

Adam shakes his head.

Adam Burnett: I hope it doesn't come off that way, Hank. I make no claim to know much about politics backstage. But I can speak for Stephen's love of this sport and his passion when he steps between those ropes. I just thought that if the WCF saw worth in me, then I'd try my darnedest to try and help Stephen get the same opportunity. I think he belongs in this company just as much as I do.

Voice: Sounds like the cornhusker misses his boy toy.

The camera angle widens as Sebastian Knight steps into the camera shot. Adam Burnett turns to look at the newcomer.

Sebastian Knight: Need someone to hold you closely, keep you warm back here after you open the show and then sit around doing nothing for two hours.

Adam Burnett's expression is hard to read as he looks into Knight's eyes.

Adam Burnett: You know, I'm having trouble figuring out why its even necessary for you to be here interupting my interview.

Sebastian Knight: Because I am doing the WCF a favor.

Knight nods.

Sebastian Knight: I am making my best effort to prevent a no-talent hack from opening the door for another no-talent hack to join the WCF. We're oversaturated enough as is without adding--what was his name?--oh right, Stephen fucking Anderson to the evergrowing list of one and dones.

Tension hangs in the air before Adam finally grins and takes a step back.

Adam Burnett: You're entitled to your opinion, I guess. From what I've seen, entitled is the best word all-together to describe you.

Viewers can tell that the jab has hit home with Knight, but he doesn't move after Burnett.

Adam Burnett: But it it really bothers you, just call your Dad up and talk to him about. Maybe he'll pull strings for you this time like he did with that fancy entrance at One you had. Me? I'm here to wrestle.

Adam looks over at Hank.

Adam Burnett: Thanks for the interview, Hank.

Adam walks off-screen, leaving Hank Brown and Sebastian Knight alone on the set. Hank looks at Knight and after a moment's hesitation, holds the mic up to Knight. Sebastian only shakes his head in disgust and walks off-camera as well.

Zach Davis: An interesting interaction between two of WCF's newest names.

Freddy Whoa: Adam Burnett was smart to walk away, though. He's got a better opportunity lined up with Jason O'Neal in the next few weeks, and there's no point in riling up someone else who may and cost you your chance at championship gold.

Psychopomp/Joe Smarts vs Game Over

Kyle Steel: The next contest is a tag team match introducing first representing the Brotherhood, Psychopomp and Joe Smartsssssssssss

Avenge Sevenfold A Symphonic Tribute plays as Pomp drags Smarts, who keeps trying to tell jokes to the crowd, to the ring.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents, Skywalker and Misery, Game Overrrrrrrr!

The jumbotron reads GAME OVER and then the lights fade out quickly. Multi colored lasers fill the entrance thru the smoke. "Jam on it" by Newcleus starts playing as the lights fade up as Skywalker and Misery step out into the arena followed by Andy. Skywalker starts break dancing and Misery is standing there with his left thumb across his throat. Andy points up into a luxury box where the curtains are pulled but a shadow figure of The Money is standing. Game Over starts towards the ring with Skywalker dancing and shaking hands with the kids. Misery has climber into the ring as Skywalker flips over the top rope. They look at each other and the lights fade all the way back up and the sound of Pacman dying hits.

Zach Davis: We have a great tag team competition for you here on this of the year special edition of SLAM!

Freddy Whoa: And looks like Skywalker and Smarts will start this off, Rest in peace Carrie Fisher may the force be with you and with this Skywalker.

Skywalker and Smarts tie up. Joe gets Skywalker in a side headlock. As Joe cranks on the neck Skywalker lifts him up and nails a back slam. Skywalker rebounds off the ropes and slams his knee into a seated Smarts. Skywalker picks up the man and picks Joe up for a running powerslam.

Zach Davis: Skywalker in early control here.

Freddie Whoa: Yea and look they got my name right this week!

Zach Davis: Whaa. oh never mind.

Back in the ring Skywalker is perched on the top rope and goes for a diving summersualt leg drop. He lands the move and goes for a pin.



Joe barely gets the shoulder up. Skywalker tags in Misery. Misery raises Smarts but Smarts retaliates with shots to the mid section. Smarts now standing hits a wicked meat hook closeline.

Freddy Whoa: OH! And Smarts getting back in this thing!.

Zach Davis: And Smarts is lifting Misery up and hits a brainbuster!

Smarts floats over into a pin.


Kickout! Misery scrambles to his feet. The two face off and circle each other. Smarts attempts a handshake which Misery uses to pull him in and hit a STO. Smarts pops up from the impact then takes two steps forward and falls flat on his face. Misery stomps on Smarts lower back getting him to turn over . Misery goes to stomp again but is rolled up.



Misery kicks out.

Zach Davis: Wow looks like Smarts was playing possum.

Freddy Whoa: Yea now look Smarts slams Misery down with a northern lights suplex.

Smarts then attempts to crawl to Pomp for the tag but is cut off. Misery picks him up and lands a DDT planting Smarts hard on his head. Misery then hits the man with a standing moonsault.

Zach Davis: Game over is really taking it to Joe Smarts. The man needs a tag desperately

Freddy Whoa: And now Game Over has Joe in their corner and oh!!!!!! A double superplex!

Skywalker now the legal man goes for a pin..




No! Smarts gets a foot on the ropes. Skywalker raises the beaten man but receives a headbutt and blood oozes from the man's nose. Smarts gets the tag and Pomp closelines Skywalker, he then dropkicks Misery off the apron. Pomp fire up picks up Skywalker and suplexes the bloody man.

Zach Davis: Look out Psychopomp here comes Misery!

Freddy Whoa: OH! But Pomp hears him coming and nails him with a stargazer!

Pomp then turns his attention back to SKywalker who hits Pomp with a step up enziguri. Pomp stumbles back and falls tween the top and middle rope, but rebounds back into the ring closelineing Skywalker.. Pomp then goes for a springboard moonsault but Skywalker moves out the way and goes for the tag..

Zack Davis: OH SKywalker goes for the tag but Misery is still missing from that dropkick earlier.

Freddy Whoa: OH and Psychopomp capitalizes on that with a reverse neckbreaker.

Pomp then climbs the turnbuckle but Misery is back up and swipes his leg racking the man on the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: OH Beautiful frankensteiner by Skywalker! And finally get the tag to Misery, who looks to bring just that Freddie!

Freddy Whoa: Well look at that!

Zach Davis: What that fantastic 450 splash that misery just did?

Freddy Whoa: No you got my name right in this whole match, Seth should be proud if he isnt drunk.

Zach Davis: Oh well I'm trying hard, and when isn’t he drunk, anyway back to the action Misery got a 2 count in ad now is lifting up Psychopomp for a powerbo...NO!!!! Pomp reverses into a hurricanrana!

Pomp goes for the springboard moonsault again and nails it this time.



Kick Out, but just barely. Pomp stomps Misery a few times then locks in the hands of faith.

Zack Davis: Hands of Faith locked in!

Freddy Whoa: But Skywalker is top rope bound, and here comes Smarts!

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Zach Davis: OMG! Rainmaker hits a standing Joe Smarts! Wiping him out! Game Over really wants this win Freddie.

Freddy Whoa: Ya but Misery is still in the Hands of Faith, Zack!

Pomp releases the hold and rushes Skywalker who hits him with a Superkick. Skywalker quickly climbs up and hits a O.G.!

Zach Davis: Diving Moonsault Press!




The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: GAME OVER WINS IT!, they bring the win in for the Hounds of Justice!

Of The Year Awards: Moments



FEUD OF THE YEAR: Corey Black vs Thomas Uriel Bates and Bernard Core vs Mikey eXtreme (TIE)

MOMENT OF THE YEAR: Pantheon Reforms at War

RP OF THE YEAR: Seven Deadly Sins Series by Corey Black

New Year Bash Qualifier Match
Adrian Archer vs Johnny Blaze vs Fuego Del Eterno Infierno Silencioso vs Jay West

Kyle Steel: The Next match is a Qualifer match for the New Years Bash! Introducing first from the City of Angels Adrian Archer!

A pyro explodes from either side of the entranceway as the song "If Only" by Everlasting Blaze starts to play. As the female vocals start after the brief intro, out walks Adrian Archer. Clad in his wrestling attire, he looks to his right and left at the crowd . He allows a slight smirk to cross his face and starts to walk to the ring. He enters the ring from the steps and plays to the crowd a bit before removing his large red and black leather cloak.

Kyle Steel: Introducing next from Detroit Michigan, Johnnny Blllazzzzzzzzzzzzzze!

Fire by Scooter begins playing as Johnny Blaze steps through the curtains and begins making his way towards the ring. He shakes hands with the few who offer but keeps his focus on the moment at hand. He enters the ring and moves to his corner.

Kyle Steel: Introducing from parts unknown to the rest of us, Feugo Del Eternooooooooo!

FDEI comes down to a cacophony various of fire alarms doing somersaults and flippy moves showing off he'll also occasionally stop and show off his fire skills by shooting a stream of fire through the air.

Kyle Steel: And lastly from Macon, GA Jay Wessssssssssssst!

the lights flashing gold before the lights go out, then Jay walks out and turns his jacket on, then the lights turn on with the gold tint and Jay walks down the ramp stopping halfway putting his hands up while sparks fall on the entrance way (similar to the Randy Orton Legend Killer gimmick), continues to the ring and gets and down the AJ Styles taunt from TNA.

Archer goes after West, they get into a brawl, as FDEI and BLaze brawl on the opposite side. Archer about eliminates West but West crawls back in and nails a Zigzag.

Zach Davis: These qualifier matches are so crazy!

Freddy Whoa: I agree, Let's hope my dementia doesn't kick in and I’ll remember this all in the final match!

Blaze snapmares FDEI then slams a knee into his back. Archer closelines Johnny Blaze sending him over the top rope, and turns around to receive a enziguri form FDEI. Blaze rolls in and dropkicks FDEI. West running closelines Blaze over the top rope.

Zach Davis: BLaze has been eliminated!
Freddie Whoa: Jay West rolled back in though!

Archer tosses FDEI through the ropes and then springboards off the ropes on the other side the corner, and nails a sprind board ddt on the apron.

Zach Davis: OUCH! The Drop! On the apron!

Freddie Whoa: Riskie move Archer almost eliminated himself there too!

Zack Davis: Yes but it payed off and now it just Archer and West left!

West rushes Archer and Archer throws him over the top!

Freddy Whoa: ARCHER WINS IT!

The bell sounds and Archer collapses begins to celebrate.

Zach Davis: Adrian Archer moves onto the New Year Bash match! But can he go all the way!?

Freddy Whoa: We'll find out soon!

We go to commercial.

New Year Bash Qualifier Match
Andre Holmes vs Dion Necurat vs CJ Phoenix vs Anon Y. Mous

A slow but assuring guitar riff broken up in a DJent pattern starts playing with the lights in the arena shutting off to illuminate gray colored images of Andre Holmes on the titantron. "Relentless" by New Years Day suddenly begins with lights flashing, and dancing around highlighting different sections of the arena. He walks out from the back wearing the black hoodie over his head, his ring attire on. Cheers are increasing like giant waves on the beach to him as he stands on the center stage surveying the crowd with a big smile on his face. Walking down the entrance path, he pauses until hearing the lyrics "Tear Me Down, It Won't Build You Up...." He releaes a thundering primal scream. A flash of white, and red colored fireworks emerges behind him in single-line fashion.

Afterwards, the lights return back to normal, and he walks down to the ring keeping both titles in his left hand while mingling with some of his fans at ringside. Climbing up onto the apron, he quickly runs to leap onto the middle rope. Taking both championships in each hand, he raises the belts high while a spotlight emerges behind him to cloak him in a silhouette with smoke pushing upwards for that shadow effect. Hopping over the top rope, he lands inside the ring to stay in an unoccupied corner where he removes his hoodie, and tosses it to the outside. There, Andre warms up while his championships hang on the top rope, and he tightens the strap on his MMA Gloves waiting for his opponent to come out.

"Domination" by Symphony X begins to play throughout the Arena. "The Legion", 20 Centurion guards march down the aisle, lining up 10 on one side and 10 on the other leading down to the ring and stand at attention.

A quadriga of four Clydesdale horses pulling a chariot made of gold appears carrying "The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat and makes its way down the aisle as if entering the Roman Colosseum ready to do battle and circles the ring and stops.

"The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat enters the ring. The quadriga of four Clydesdale horses pulling a chariot made of gold makes its way back up the aisle and disappears followed by "The Legion", 20 Centurion guards marching in a two by two formation.

"The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat, standing in the middle of the ring, drawing a Gladius from the hip and starts banging the hilt against a custom made Vibranium/steel alloy Spartan shield calling out his opponent to engage him into a fight to the death.

"The Legion" of "The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat's fans stand in unison to cheer their warrior as gold coins in Dion Necurat's likeness rains down on him in the center of the ring. He looks out to "The Legion", "The Legion" gives "The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat the thumbs up and gives his opponent the thumbs down, meaning "Death!"

"The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat raises both arms holding the Gladius and custom made Spartan shield wide out over his head in praise to the crowd and let's out a Gladiator bloodcurdling scream.

"Re-education Through Labor" begins to play as the cameras pan through the crowd. Then, 13 seconds into the song, Phoenix runs out onto the stage as the beat drops. He stretches his arms out as he looks at the crowd before running down the ramp with his arms stretched out and flames following him on each side until he reaches the end of the ramp. He slides into the ring and runs up one of the turnbuckles. He then does a cross sign with his hands before pointing upward and hopping off the turnbuckle into the ring.

Gemini Syndrome's "Anonymous" hits the speakers as a hooded, masked figure walks down the ramp to the ring, reacting to no one and responding to nobody. He slides under the bottom rope and waits for the bell.

Zach Davis: There's the bell!

Andre Holmes is the first on the attack, Clotheslining down Anon Y. Mous. Dion Necurat runs at him and Holmes hits a Roundhouse Kick. Necurat ducks it and hits the ropes, taking Holmes down with a Lariat as he comes back. He gets up and turns - only to be hit with a Dropkick from Phoenix!

Freddy Whoa: A flurry of strikes to start this match off.

Zach Davis: And it ends with the first Alpha Champion standing tall!

Anon Y. Mous runs at Phoenix next but Phoenix catches him in a Powerslam. Phoenix spots Holmes stumbling up and runs at him, taking him down with a Running STO. Necurat is back up as well and Phoenix grapples him from behind.

Freddy Whoa: CJ Phoenix goes for a German Suplex - but no, Necurat elbows his way out of it!

Necurat levels Phoenix with a Big Boot as the two men turn to face each other. Anon Y. Mous runs at Necurat but Necurat catches him with a Hip Toss.

Zach Davis: Andre Holmes spins Dion around now - he's got him hooked for a Uranage.

No, Dion elbows his way out of the Uranage Suplex attempt and escapes it. Andre rushes him but Dion catches him and crushes him into the mat with a Spinebuster.

Freddy Whoa: Dion gets to his feet - but Anon Y. Mous will not be denied!, he he's right back on the attack and hitting him with forearms to the back.

Finally Anon Y. Mous goes for a Cutter-

Zach Davis: NO! Dion throws him out!

Anon Y. Mous crashes to the outside of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: First elimination!

Andre Holmes tosses out Dion Necurat!

Zach Davis: Second elimination!

NO!, Dion holds on and lands on the apron. Andre runs at him but Dion shoulder jabs him through the middle rope. Necurat climbs back into the ring and grabs Holmes by the throat.

Freddy Whoa: Vicious Chokeslam!

Phoenix runs at Necurat next and Necurat grabs him too. Phoenix is able to reverse it on the way up, however, and DDTs Necurat down!

Zach Davis: CJ Phoenix in the driver's seat now!

Phoenix lifts Holmes up and goes to throw him over but Holmes fights back, hitting a few strikes focused on the head. He hits a series of forearms before shoving Phoenix into the ropes. Phoenix bounces off and stumbles forward into a boot to the midsection. Holmes pulls him in and executes a Snap Suplex. Holmes then lifts Necurat up and takes him down with a Snap DDT.

Freddy Whoa: Until now, Andre Holmes struggled to get offense in but now he has Phoenix and Necurat down on the mat.

Zach Davis: Unfortunately, this is an over the top match, Freddy - down on the mat isn't gonna help very much.

Holmes picks the smaller CJ Phoenix up first and goes to throw him out first - but Phoenix is able to latch onto the top rope and hold on. He skins the cat back up into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Each of these men want to make 2017 their year, and they're doing everything they can to reach that end.

Holmes rushes him and Phoenix executes a Back Bodydrop, sending Holmes over!

Zach Davis: Andre Holmes lands on the apron next!

Both Dion and Phoenix run at Holmes to shove him off, but Holmes Springboards back into the ring and takes them both down with a Clothesline, one arm for each of them!

Freddy Whoa: Relentless, indeed!

Phoenix gets to his feet and as he faces Holmes, he runs at him and Spears him down!

Zach Davis: Spear! Spear from Phoenix!

Dion has stumbled up and Phoenix runs at him too.

Freddy Whoa: Spear - NO! DION LIFTS HIM!

Dion Necurat has CJ Phoenix on his shoulders.

Zach Davis: He's going for the Godslayer - wait, no, he may be throwing Phoenix right out of the ring!

Holmes runs at Dion and Superkicks him!, sending both he and Phoenix tumbling to the outside!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!


Holmes drops down, slightly exhausted as his music begins to play.

Freddy Whoa: After returning at One, Andre Holmes advances to the New Year Bash match!

Holmes gets back to his feet and begins to celebrate.

Zach Davis: Some may say he got lucky there - or maybe some will say he picked his spot. Either way, we saw many near eliminations and it could've gone to Phoenix or Necurat very easily.

Freddy Whoa: And as the night continues on, who else will join Holmes?

We go to commercial.

New Year Bash Qualifier Match
Ethan King vs Damian Kaine vs Sebastian Knight vs Dag Riddik

The scene pans over the hot Slam crowd as Zach Davis cuts in.

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam, where we're about to get into our final qualifier for the New Years Bash match happening later this evening.

Freddy Whoa: We have four burgeoning superstars fighting for a match where the only thing on the line is their name and their pride!

Zach Davis: With the four guys in this match, this will easily be a match of the week contender!

Scene fades to Kyle Steele in the ring.

Kyle Steel: The following match up is a New Years Bash contendership match!

The start to “Become A Legend” plays triumphantly throughout the arena, extracting a mixed reaction from the crowd, split between the short-lived memories of Ethan King’s former persona, and the darker one the now rules over him. The lights gradually begin to dim, coming down to a dark hue that places extra emphasis on the stage. Large, golden letters flash over the black titantron.


A quick montage of Ethan King’s in-ring exploits take place, showing him hitting flashy combinations of Moonsaults, Diving Neckbreakers, Pele Kicks and Sling Blades.

The image turns to grey as footage of King hoisting the United States Championship in a pose of victory, a cocky grin spread over his face, the image transitions to one of Ethan King, alone in darkness.

Devilish grin.

Wild eyes.


A flash of golden pyro goes off as “The Revealed’ makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp from the backstage area, all-knowing smile spread over his face as he holds both arms out in a welcoming gesture, bathing in both the adulation and spite from the crowd. The young superstar begins his descent down the ramp, arms still held out by his side as he ignores the few hands of fans reaching over the barricade to try and get a touch of the sensation.

He bounds up onto the apron of the ring, mouthing the words “Showtime” to the camera arrogantly before leaping and swinging himself over the top rope, he lands elegantly and spins around, holding his arms out once more before coming to a complete stop in the centre of the ring.

He smiles once more before retreating to his own corner of the ring, sitting down with a look of amusement on his face as he awaits for the bell to ring.

Zach Davis: First man out to the ring tonight is Ethan King, and man, does he look confident.

Freddy Whoa: Ethan is a former United States Champion, he has bigger goals in mind this time around. A confidence like that may take him all the way tonight.

"Guardians at the Gate" by Audiomachine fills the arena via the PA system as Sebastian Knight steps through the curtian with a noticeable lack of theatrics. His gait was focused as he moved down the entrance ramp, ignoring the calls and jeers the closest fans tossed at him, while the music increased intensity around him. Once at ringside, Knight uses the steel steps to climb onto the apron. He grabs onto the top rope and lifts his leg to step through, before hesitating a moment. He finally acknowledges the crowd, panning the sea of faces for a brief moment. The chorus kicks in, and Knight completes his entrance into the ring, moving to the corner with his focus turned inward once more. The music fades out a few moments later as Knight waits, stony-faced, for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Knight and King sharing a thousand yard stare in the ring right now.

Freddy Whoa: This is giving me goosebumps. You know both guys want to win tonight...how far are they willing to go to do it?

Every bit of illuminating technology goes out in the arena as the crowd falls dead silent. Becky Hanson's version of "I started a Joke" echoes throughout the arena.

"I started a joke....
That started the whole world crying....
But I couldn't see....
That the joke was on me...."

The silence creeps in again as the music cuts, and then...

"I torture you-oo-oo-oo"

Damian Kaine walks out onto the stage with his hood up. He stands straight and still at the top of the ramp.

"Take my hand through the flames.
I torture you-oo-oo-oo.
I'm a slave to your games. (I'm just a sucker for pain.)
I wanna chain you up. I wanna tie you down...
I'm just a sucker for pain!"

As the bass drops, Damian throws his hood off and the crowd pops. He walks down the ramp, high-fiving fans. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and climbs into his corner.

Zach Davis: Damian Kaine, a fresh young upstart, promising talent of The Brotherhood, really cemented himself at One when he put an exclamation point on his rivalry with Adrian Archer.

Freddy Whoa: Can Damian carry that momentum forward here tonight? Will he go all the way to the finals tonight?

Zach Davis: Keep your eye on him here tonight. He's hungry, and he's ready to sink his teeth into any opportunity.

“Heil Odin” by Burzum begins to play as Dagvald Riddick saunters on to the stage, wrapped in various spots of his body in bandaging.

Zach Davis: What the hell? Is he hurt? Can he even compete?

Freddy Whoa: He's climbing into the ring...Dag's ready to go tonight! He's ready to march onward, a man on the call of duty, ready to deliver theine Odin's dear raven upon his opponents craniums.

Zach Davis: Where'd you go Freddy? We lost you there.

Dag situates himself in his corner as his opponents look on him in confusion. Dag bucks his chest out, making his way to the center of the ring as King, Knight, and Kaine all join him.

Zach Davis: It's a meeting of the KK...

Freddy Whoa: Zach. Don't.

Zach Davis: wait, wuh...

Freddy Whoa: Just. Don't.

Zach Davis: Back to the action at hand...

Back in the ring, Dag is arguing with all three men, telling them how he's going to make this squared circle great again...as the three men all turn and light him up with punches.


The match officially starts as Dag bounds back into his corner and Damian plants him with a splash in the corner. King and Knight turn on each other, hitting each other with stiff uppercuts. Damian lifts Dag underneath the leg and flips him over the top rope...

Zach Davis: He's going over!...

...but Dag catches the ropes and swiftly rolls back in the ring!

Freddy Whoa: That was a close one...what do you think happened to Dag anyways?

Zach Davis: Seriously? Watch a promo or something, JEEZUS!!!

Dag quickly crawls into the center of the ring as Damian approaches him with a stiff right hand...but Dag catches it and plants him in the gut with a firm elbow. As Damian turns away, Dag leaps up and drops Kaine to the mat with a neckbreaker! Meanwhile, King is trying his best to flip Knight over the top rope, but Knight nimbly plants a foot in Ethan's chest, knocking him away. As Ethan comes bounding back, Knight rolls behind him and drops him hard on the mat with a back suplex.

Freddy Whoa: What impact!

Zach Davis: These moves might not seem like much at first, but eventually they'll wear you down. You're lucky to be breathing five minutes in!

Dag lifts Kaine to his feet by the length of his hair and slams him hard into the turnbuckle! As Kaine tries to recover, Dag plants a hard knee into his ribs, causing him to audibly groan to the crowd.

Crowd: OOOOHHH!!!

Freddy Whoa: Rough hit.

Zach Davis: Dag's not flashy. He's not here to shake your hand, he's here to win.

Dag rolls Kaine over the top rope and turns around to celebrate...but Kaine lands on his feet on the apron. As Dag turns around, Kaine flies over the top rope and takes Riddick to the ground with a rough crossbody, driving them both into the mat.

Zach Davis: Stiff landing!

Freddy Whoa: Kaine better not risk life and limb just yet...he still might have another match tonight!

Kaine gets to his feet, holding his ribs...to eat a crushing german suplex from Knight! Knight drives him into the mat, gets to his feet, and observes his destruction. King pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes. Knight methodically approaches, as King hits a juking right hook to his face. Knight bounds back, shaking off the hit, as King comes flying with a spinning heel kick, knocking Knight right to the ground.

Freddy Whoa: Now it's King turning the tables!

Zach Davis: He's just as hungry as the rest of the lions in this den!

King turns on Kaine, who's starting to get back to his feet and drives his fist into his face...but Kaine catches it and leaps up with an uppercut. He leaps for a dropkick, but King sidesteps it, but Kaine quick to his feet catches King in a test of strength. They vie, but Knight is back on his feet and breaks it up by delivering a swift kick to Kaine's ribs and a stiff punch to King. The three of them start to trade back and forth, but Dag runs in with a series of punches to the three of them, exacting a measure of revenge from the beginning of the match.

Zach Davis: Dag's in control!...

Freddy Whoa: But it's three on one!

The three turn on Dag and throw him over the top rope...but Dag catches Kaine's head on the way down, who pulls on to King, but King grabs on to Knight and the four of them tumble over!

Freddy Whoa: OHWOWOWW!

Kaine barely catches the middle rope, landing on his back on the apron. Dag grabs a hold of the turnbuckle as King and Knight both grab the top rope and hold on for dear life.

Freddy Whoa: WOWOW WAIT!!!...

Knight holds on with one hand - and shoves all of the rest off!


Kaine, Dag, and King all fall down to the mat as Knight climbs back in.

Freddy Whoa: That was pure luck!

Zach Davis: It may have been, but Sebastian Knight was the one who took advantage!

Sebastian Knight celebrates as his music begins to play.

Freddy Whoa: Another qualifier done, and Sebastian Knight has won his second ever match in the WCF!

New Year Bash Qualifier Match
Jaice Wilds vs John Gable vs Teddy Blaze vs Oblivion

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is a New Year Bash Qualifier Match… introducing first… Puerto Vehlo, Brazil… weighing in at one hundred and eighty four pounds… he is… “The Xtreme Aerialist"... Jaice Wilds!

Jaice raises his arms into the air as he is met with a mixed reaction from the crowd.

“Nexus” by Scuare swells over the PA system as John Gable walks past the curtain. He stops on the stage and inhales a deep breath before a quick huff.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring at five feet and eleven inches and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty one pounds; hailing from Cleveland, Ohio...JOHN GABLE!!!

He slowly walks down the ramp with a stoic gaze, refusing to remove his eyes from the ring. He walks up the ring steps and takes one last look at the crowd before entering the ring and shadow boxing with the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: John Gable looking like a million bucks here tonight, this man has been nothing but impressive since his long awaited return.

Freddy Whoa: I agree, Zach. Many say that Gable is the favorite to win this match, let's see what he's got in store for us.

The Crowd explodes as a pounding drum beat echoes throughout the arena, signalling the arrive of Teddy Blaze! The lights drop, enveloping the arena in darkness as they turn towards the entrance ramp.

With a crescendo and a burst of flame, Blaze appears before them, holding his hands out over his head and bathing in the applause. He takes a deep bow and walks towards the ring, waving to the fans along the way. He wears an almost cocky grin as he rolls between the ropes, offering his opponent an extended handshake before shrugging and walking to the turnbuckle.

He holds his arms over his head and yells out "WCF Forever!" as he does so, eliciting a cheer from the audience as the music reaches its zenith. He turns and steps back into the ring, waiting for the bell.


Freddy Whoa: And this thing is under way! John Gable immediately setting his sights onto the Internet Champion, Teddy Blaze…

Zach Davis: Whoa! Did you see that right hand?! Blaze had to feel that!

Freddy Whoa: ...don't use my catchphrases, Zach.

Zach Davis: Right. Folks, I'd like to just take this moment to talk about The Monster, Oblivion, who sadly passed away earlier this week…

Freddy Whoa: Passed away? The man was shot in cold blood. The guy was murdered, Zach. SNAP SUPLEX FROM WILDS ONTO GABLE! That had to hurt!

Zach Davis: I know, Freddy. I was trying to keep it light for our audience. Unbelievable. Anyway, had Oblivion been here tonight this match would have been a four man match up, instead it had to become a triple threat.

Freddy Whoa: DDT! Gable just hit Wilds with one hell of a DDT! He's going for the cover…




Freddy Whoa: No, Wilds kicked out! That was a close one!

Suddenly the arena lights go out leaving the live audience in complete darkness.

Zach Davis: Errrrrr, what's this?

"Click click boom" by Saliva begins to play. The blaring guitar begins to play as the crowd lose their minds, filling the arena up with pure electric energy.

Freddy Whoa: Wh---WHAT?! Oblivion?! But… how is this even possible?!

Zach Davis: I… I have no idea.

The crowd continues to cheer loudly as strobe lights begin to flash, bright white lasers all around the arena. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...


Once again everything cuts out, no lasers, no music, nothing but pitch darkness. Finally something changes amongst the darkness, as we start to hear the sound of laughter. Deep guttural laughter. The live audience begins to boo loudly as they hear the laughter slowly turn more femenine, clearly not that of Oblivions as the words “I'm Not Dead” appear on the screen in what appears to be blood. Finally the lights turn back on as all three competitors stand watching the screen, a mixture of anger and annoyance on their faces.

Zach Davis: What the hell did we just witness?!

Freddy Whoa: I have no idea but I have a strange feeling that that was not Oblivion…

Zach Davis: You think?! Jaice Wilds just rolled Teddy Blaze up whilst he was getting his bearings! The referee is making the count…



The referee remembers this is an over the top rope match and stops counting.

Zach Davis: He's sobering up! The ref remembers the rules now!

Wilds Dropkicks Blaze out of the ring. Gable rushes him and Jaice throws him out too!


The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: He used the element of surprise - and the ref's ineptitude - to eliminate two WCF mainstays!

Wilds begins to celebrate!

Freddy Whoa: Jaice Wilds is going to the New Year Bash - but who else will be joining him?

New Year Bash Qualifier Match
Captain Pantheon vs Steven Singh vs Salem Shepard vs Jason Cash

Freddy Whoa: It’s time for our fifth and final New Year Bash qualifying match!

Hillbilly Deluxe hits on the PA system. Jason Cash walks out of the curtain with a huge smirk across his face. He looks around to the crowd before taking a large drink of his beer. He then makes his way down to the ring. Once inside, he reaches into his boot and takes out his can of cherry skoal. He gets himself a dip and he is ready to fight. The lights in the arena go out as red lights and fog cover the ramp as Grazen Image by Zack Hemsey plays for several moments as he makes the crowd wait. Salem comes out with a sick smile on his face, eyes wide. Not pay attention to the fans as he walks to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Our first two competitors are former Trios Champs and long time stablemates, tag partners and friends. I’ve got to think that gives them them an advantage going in.

“Cold gettin’ dumb” blasts through the speakers and “Superstar” Steven Singh steps out to the “Supervillain Theme” by Madvillain. As fountains of golden pyros fill the stage, Singh raises his title over his head in his right hand, soaking in the boos of the crowd. He’s in his usual wrestling tights but also wears a black t-shirt whose front reads “IS JASON CASH IS ADAM YOUNG?” He spins around, showing the text on the back, “OR IS ADAM YOUNG JASON CASH?!” Half way down the ramp, Singh stops, pops off his shirt and tosses casually tosses it in the face of a tween girl wearing a cowboy hat and a “Save Water, Drink Beer” shirt. “CaramellDansen” hits the speakers and Captain Pantheon come running out, amped up for his match. Tag Title over his shoulder, he pats Singh on the back and gives a thumbs up as the two head down to the ring together.

Zach Davis: See, Freddy? There’s no advantage for Zero Tolerance in this one; these are our TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. They’re going to get this one done as a well-oiled unit.

Freddy Whoa: Singh may be a passable teammate when there’s gold on the line but do you think Cap can really trust him in this match? Where there’s only one winner?

In the ring, after posing momentarily with their titles, Cap leans out of the ring and hands his over to the timekeeper. Singh however….

Freddy Whoa: OH COME ON! Singh just took a cheap shot at Salem with that damn Tag Title! Shep had his back turned, talking strategy with Cash and Thievin Steven blindsided him!

Shepard is down after taking a shot to the back of the head with the tag title but Jason Cash is all over Singh with hard right hands. SSS drops the title which is snatched from the ring quickly by the timekeeper. Cash pummels Singh all the way back into the corner with the rights as Singh plops down onto his butt from the relentless assault.

Zach Davis: Singh is down and it looks like it’s mudhole stomping time!

The crowd pops as Cash begins putting the boots to Singh. Finally seeing what has transpired, Captain Pantheon pulls Cash off of Singh but is met with another flurry of rights and lefts from Cash. Cap stumbles backwards and Cash lands a boot to the gut, doubling him over.

Freddy Whoa: Cash is setting up for a powerbomb!

Zach Davis: No! Singh with a chop block to the back of Cash’s knee takes him out!

Freddy Whoa: With Salem still in the corner trying to recover from that cheap shot that started the match, the numbers are too much for Cash.

Singh applies a spinning toe hold, torqueing the knee of Cash then slaps on a leg grapevine as he points to the turnbuckle and Captain nods. Cap gets up on the second turnbuckle, readying to come down onto that knee of Jason Cash.


Freddy Whoa: No! It looks like Cap just managed to hang on to the top rope and landed himself on the apron.

Seeing Shep back up, Singh releases the leg grapevine on Cash and rushes at the other ZT member who meets him with a hard clothesline. Singh back up and another clothesline from Shep. Singh bounces back up and Shep this time goes for a hip toss.

Freddy Whoa: Hip toss attempt blocked by Singh who then takes a big swing at Shep with his free arm. Shep ducks under and slaps on a waistlock...NASTY belly to back suplex!

Cash is back up, bending and straightening the knee Singh was working on for a moment. Captain Pantheon has rolled back into the ring and goes after Shep who had just suplexed Singh. Captain lands a few shots to the back of Shep and then spins around for a discus punch but as he turns his back, Cash DRILLS him with a superkick.

Freddy Whoa: No tobacco-spit so it’s not quite Sweet Chin Sauce but man what a shot!

Zach Davis: What a nasty habit.

Freddy Whoa: Don’t be such a nancy, Davis. Real men chew.

The Zero Tolerance stablemates each pull up one of the tag team champs and hit them with simultaneous piledrivers. The duo picks up their opponents again and lifts them high for vertical suplexes.

Zach Davis: Reversed by Singh! And reversed by Cap!

Both tag champs manage to drop down behind their opponents. Singh hops onto Shepard with a rear naked choke as Cap stumbles Cash with an ear clap. Shep fades down to one knee as Cash turns around to face Cap only to be me with an inverted atomic drop.

Freddy Whoa: Singh keeps locking in these submission maneuvers but they’re not going to win him this match!

Zach Davis: You think he doesn’t know that?! He knows that! It’s called a STRATEGY, Freddy. But I wouldn’t expect you to be able to understand The Golden God’s intentions.

As Cap whips Cash into the corner, Shep stumbles backwards towards the turnbuckle to slam Singh onto it. As he’s doing so, Singh slides off his back and pushes Shep into the corner. From opposite corners the Tag Champs are alternating loud, harsh chops across the chests of their opponents, the crowd ‘woo’ing in response to each one. Looking over their shoulders to each other, they irish whip their opponents into each in the middle of the ring. Reacting quickly, Shepard leapfrogs over Cash who ducks down and both surprise the tag champs in opposite corners. Shepard with a huge splash, smashing Cap into the turnbuckle. And Jason Cash hits a lou thesz press onto Singh following it up with a barrage of rights from the mounted position.

Freddy Whoa: This one has been back and forth and back again!

Zach Davis: Just like your wife, Freddy!

Singh pushes Cash back a bit into full guard but Cash swings again only to have his arm trapped in a triangle joke from Singh.

Freddy Whoa: He’s looking for the 15 Minutes of Fame!

Zach Davis: He’s got it locked in!

Freddy Whoa: But Cash is lifting him up! What power by Cash!

Jason Cash has Singh up and is carrying him towards the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Cash dumps Singh over the top rope! But Singh is holding on!

Singh still has the triangle choke locked in, upside down over the top rope as Cash tries to shake him off. From the other side of the ring, Captain shoves Salem away and rushes over to save his partner. Captain is lifting Cash up by the waist and over the rope.

Zach Davis: Cap is struggling to toss Cash out! But Singh is still hanging onto that choke ont he outside!

Freddy Whoa: Here comes the Schizo! HE TOSSES ALL THREE MEN OVER THE TOP ROPE! Salem has tossed all three men and he’s celebrating accordingly!

Zach Davis: But they all land on the apron! And he has no idea!

Cap is the first one back in and is stalking Shep who turns around slowly and gets nailed with a big boot!

Freddy Whoa: BOOM! Salem is levelled by Cap!

Cash has slid back into the ring and catches Captain Pantheon off guard with a devastating spinebuster.

Freddy Whoa: Rebel Yell!

As Singh begins stepping through the middle ropes Cash catches him with a knee to the ribs as Singh falls into the ring. Cash then hits a quick reverse choke slam. Cash grabs him by the head and sets him up for a brainbuster but Singh blocks it and drops Cash with a fisherman’s brainbuster.

Zach Davis: And all four men are down, struggling to score that first elimination!

Singh stumbles to his feet. He picks Cash up and throws him to the ropes, but Cash reverses it and sends Singh to the ropes instead. Singh flies over the top but lands on the apron.

Freddy Whoa: There goes Thievin' Steven!

Cash runs at him to knock him out but no! Captain Pantheon runs at Cash and hits a Cross Bodyblock. Both Cash and Captain fly to the outside!

Zach Davis: Captain and Cash both eliminated!

Salem Shepard runs at Singh in an attempt to take him out but Singh pulls down the top rope, sending Shep flying to the outside as well.

Freddy Whoa: SINGH WINS IT!

Singh steps back into the ring after going from almost being the first eliminated to winning the whole thing. He is handed his Tag Title before Captain Pantheon re-enters the ring to help him celebrate.

Zach Davis: We have the New Year Bash match set! We've got a Television Title match first but I can't wait!

Freddy Whoa: Captain Pantheon sacrificed himself for Steven Singh to get here! I can't believe it!

We go to commercial.

Brotherhood Segment

We cut backstage as the camera pans in on The Brotherhood locker room door. After several moments focusing on the plaque which reads “The Brotherhood”, the door finally opens as Damian Kaine steps out into the corridor by himself, closing the door behind him. Damian appears to be on the phone as he slowly walks down a now empty hallway.

Damian Kaine: Yea getting ready meet DIon and Bishop. Going to treat Kev to steak at that local Sreakhouse to celebrate his big title win.

The corridor lights begin to flicker, causing Damian to stop in his tracks.

Damian Kaine: What the…. huh? The lights are going crazy over here, must be faulty wi---

The lights completely cut out leaving Damian Kaine in total darkness. Not a single thing can be heard except for what sounds like a distant rush of water but Damian can tell that he is not alone.

Damian Kaine: Who’s there?!

In the distance a voice can be heard, though it is very quiet, almost whispering,

Voice: Shhhhhhh, can't you see that she's sleeping?

Damian Kaine: I said who's there?!

A pause. Dead silence. It seems to last for an eternity. Finally whoever it was gets right into Damians ear, he can hear heavy breathing. The lights flicker once more and Damian sees her, a female figure in full Oblivion gear, mask and all. The lights cut out again.

Voice: ME!

The sound of Damians phone dropping to the floor can be heard as a struggle breaks out for several seconds before CRASH! the sound of smashed glass echoes through the hallway as if something, or someone had just been thrown against, or through a nearby window. And then there was silence again. The lights come back on to normal as the womans laughter is heard in the far distance leaving the area. The scene ends as the camera pans to find Damian Kaine, who's body had just been thrown through a nearby window, glass and blood covering his unconscious body as he lays unmoving in the now glass covered room.

Television Title on the Line
Kevin Bishop/FPV vs Wade Moor/Johnny Rabid

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall and will be contested for the WCF Television Championship. Introducing first, the challengers . . .

The Mysterious Pantheon Theme begins to play over the PA system as the entirety of the Wells Fargo Center turns a neon shade of blue. The bass kicks in and the crowd pops as Johnny Rabid and Wade Moor step through curtains, their newly won Trios titles thrown over their shoulders. The pair saunter to the ring side-by-side until they reach ringside; from there, Johnny Rabid hops onto the apron from the floor while Wade Moor uses the steel steps. They come together again inside the ring, where Rabid drops to one knee while Moor stands over top; the pair hold their titles high as the music begins to fade

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and eighty-one pounds . . . they are two-thirds of your WCF Trios Champions Johnny Rabid and Wade Moor, #BEACHKREW!

Zach Davis: A mere two weeks after their history-making victory over Zero Tolerance at One, these two men get a chance to try and usurp WCF’s Television Champion from his throne tonight on the first night of the New Year

Freddy Whoa: And I think its safe to say that they’re both hungry to do just that. Crazy J’s Hardcore Championship slipped through Wade Moor’s fingers two Sundays ago. Its really hard to think that it’ll happen a second time.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents . . .

The lights in the arena go black and a hush falls upon the fans when the tron lights up pure white. “Unholy Confessions” by Avenged Sevenfold blares over head and white strobes beam down on a group of people in black hoods and Plague doctor masks. The masked figures step aside to reveal “The Plague” Kevin Bishop and the WCF Television champion FPV. The two share a glance before moving purposefully down the entrance ramp in tandem. Once at ringside, the pair run towards the nearest apron, sliding beneath the bottom rope and popping to their feet. FPV ascends a turnbuckle with his title belt held high while Bishop paces the ring, his own title belt around his waist, watching #BeachKrew in the opposite corner.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and fifty pounds . . . they are your WCF People’s Champion Kevin Bishop and your WCF Television Champion Franklin Patrick Venable, The BROTHERHOOD!

Zach Davis: I wouldn’t count out FPV quite so easily, Freddy. He himself is coming off of an absolute, must-win match against The Polar Phantasm. He’s proven himself to be a fighting champion, and there is no reason to believe that he’d back down now.

Freddy Whoa: And with the People’s Champion in his corner, we have in total what should make for one hell of a match.

It takes a few moments for the title belts to be passed to their proper places—the Trios and People’s title to the outside stagehands, and the TV title to the referee—but it all ran smoothly. After holding the Television Title up for display, it too is handed off and the referee calls for the two competitors starting the match to step forward. After a moment’s discussion between the two teams, Kevin Bishop and Johnny Rabid step to the center of the ring while Wade Moor and FPV head to their respective corners. Glancing at both men, the referee finally calls for the start of the match with a wave of his hand.


Without hesitation, the two men step into a collar and elbow lock up in the center of the ring that Johnny Rabid quickly transitions into a side headlock. Bishop uses his size advantage to shove Rabid towards the ropes, but Johnny doesn’t oblige The Plague by rebounding off of them; instead, he grabs hold to halt his momentum. Bishop moves towards The Ripper, but Rabid sticks his torso through the rope. The referee steps between the People’s Champ and Johnny, forcing Bishop to step back and allow Rabid to disentangle from the ring ropes and step back into the center of the ring.

Bishops says something to Rabid, inaudible to the crowd, that makes Rabid grin in his smug way before the pair lock up. Bishop transitions into a hammerlock, pinning Rabid’s arm against his back, but Johnny throws a sharp elbow backwards that catches Kevin between the eyes. Bishop stumbles back towards the rope and wisely sticks his own torso through the ropes before Rabid can capitalize on the strike. The trios champ advances anyway, forcing the referee to physically step between the two men, placing his hands on Rabid. The referee’s focus was on his hands against Rabid’s chest, so he doesn’t see it when Rabid reaches overhead and rakes Bishop across the eyes, before finally stepping back.

Zach Davis: Johnny Rabid doesn’t hesitate to use the referee’s blind spot to his team’s advantage tonight.

Freddy Whoa: Its frustrating to see a competitor so technically gifted who chooses to rely on such low-handed tricks.

Rabid pulls the blinded Bishop out of the ropes and into the #BeachKrew corner, tagging in Wade Moor with a quick slap across his outstretched hand. Moor steps into the ring and shoots the ropes while Rabid quickly suplexes Bishop over into the center of the ring. Johnny rolls to the outside while Moor comes flying in with a back senton that lands across the chest of the People’s Champ. The first pinfall of the night follows.



Zach Davis: Though he had very little reprieve between the combination attack, Kevin Bishop still shoulders out.

Wade Moor wasn’t deterred by his opponent’s resolve as he pulls Bishop to his feet, whipping him with brute force into the adjacent corner. Bishop hits back first with a heavy thud, grunting in pain as he steps out of the corner, only to eat a diving crossbody from the big man of #BeachKrew.

Freddy Whoa: Two weeks ago Wade Moor showed us that he could fly to the outside as well as any of our cruiserweights. This diving crossbody just goes to show that he’ll go to those lengths on more nights than just the biggest one of them all.

Moor pushes himself to his feet as Bishop rolls to his knees. Moor steps forward, driving a forearm across the head of Bishop to send him back to the mat, but The Plague doesn’t budge. “Hit me again! He shouts as Moor rears back and drives his forearm across the champ’s head. Bishop reels, but then explodes upward, slamming his head beneath the chin of Moor. The impact sends into a one eighty, and in a flash, Bishop grabs Moor around the waist and slams him to the mat with a bridging German Suplex.



Broken Pin

Zach Davis: But Johnny Rabid inserts himself into the match to break the pin

The Ripper escapes the ring before Bishop can grab ahold of the Trios champ, which allows the groggy Moor to find his feet. Wade grabs Bishop and yanks him around, pulling Kevin headfirst into the bullhammer . . . but Bishop ducks underneath.

Freddy Whoa: Poseidon Punch evaded by Bishop!

Ducking low, Bishop practically picks up the off-balanced Moor and carries him over to his own corner, slamming him back first into the turnbuckle. FPV reaches out and makes the tag by slapping Bishop across the back a moment before, with a heave, the People’s Champ twists and slams Moor to the mat with a ring-shaking spinebuster. He rolls off the Trios champ as FPV ascends to the top, leaping off as soon as he found his balance with a double foot stomp across the chest of Wade, driving the wind out of his lungs.

Zach Davis: That spinebuster/Goomba Stomp combination shows that the two members of The Brotherhood have been working on their teamwork as well. And FPV with the pinfall





Freddy Whoa: Wade Moor showing a bit of his own resolve as his partner, Rabid, returns to the #BeachKrew apron.

FPV rolls to his feet as Moor begins to push himself to his feet in the center of the ring. The crowd can feel what the Television Champion has in mind and begin to increase in volume as Wade begins to find his feet. Moor reaches his full height and turns to face The Brotherhood corner just as FPV launches himself out of the corner.

Zach Davis: Boom, Headshot!

Freddy Whoa: But Wade Moor backpedals out of Frankie’s kicking range.

Moor carries himself backwards already into the #BeachKrew corner and into the tag from Rabid, who quickly springboards into the ring to stand alongside his partner. Kevin Bishop is quick to climb into the ring himself. The referee tries to maintain control of the match and, for the briefest of moments, it looks he would. Then the four men exploded out of their corners and his efforts were null and void.

Freddy Whoa: And here we go

Bishop drives Moor against the ropes with clubbing blows while FPV and Rabid carry their brawl into the #BeachKrew corner. The Brotherhood seems to take control as Bishop takes Moor over the ropes with a Cactus clothesline, sending both men crashing to the outside. Meanwhile, FPV ducks beneath an elbow from Rabid and leaps up with an enzuigiri that sends the Trios champ stumbling back into the corner. Grabbing Rabid by the head, FPV steps onto the second turnbuckle and quickly leaps off, driving The Ripper headfirst to the mat with a tornado DDT that he quickly transitions into a pinfall.





Zach Davis: High impact move from the Television Champion still isn’t enough to secure the win.

FPV watches the slugfest between Moor and Bishop continue on the outside, with Bishop still maintaining control. Judging it safe, FPV pulls Rabid into the center of the ring and throws him into a single leg Boston Crab, looking to make Johnny tap before his partner can come to his aid. From this position, FPV can watch everything unfold on the outside of the ring.

A Russian leg sweep sends Wade Moor crashing back first into the steel steps, leaving him in a seated position while Kevin Bishop finds his feet. The Plague takes a few steps back as the crowd cheers him one, before charging in with a punt style knee strike aimed at Wade Moor’s head. But Wade ducks, and Bishop slams knee first into the steel steps with a crash. Bishop stumbles back with a loud cry, barely able to stand on his one good leg

Freddy Whoa: That was a sickening impact of Bishop’s leg against the steel.

Moor pushes himself to his feet and grabs Bishop by the head and trunks, dragging him over to the barricade. With a heave, Moor dumps Bishop over into the first row of the crowd before returning his attention to the ring. Inside the ring, FPV releases his hold on Rabid’s leg and steps around the prone trios Champ, calling loudly for Wade to get in the ring with him.

Zach Davis: An intelligent move to put Kevin Bishop on the other side of the barricade, putting an additional obstacle in his way back to the ring. It is, for all intents and purposes, a handicap match until The Plague can recover.

Freddy Whoa: But FPV is welcoming it. Win or lose, he was going to go down a fighter.

Bravado aside, FPV’s focus on Wade Moor allows Rabid to capitalize with a surprise roll-up. FPV had the wherewithal to roll through with his momentum, landing on his knees instead of his shoulders, but Johnny Rabid displayed a quickness of his own. The Ripper finds his feet and quickly steps forward with a shining wizard that nearly decapitates the Television Champion. FPV crumples and Rabid makes the pin.





Rabid can only shake his head as FPV kicks out, clutching at his head as he rolled onto his side. Wade Moor, meanwhile, slides into the ring, only to be shooed out onto the apron by the referee, who was looking to regain control of the match. Rabid circumvents the referee by tagging in Moor, who climbs into the ring and joins Johnny in stomping a mudhole into the Brotherhood member. On the outside, Bishop had hauled himself over the barricade and was slowly limping back to his corner.

Freddy Whoa: The People’s Champ is moving back to The Brotherhood corner, but a lot can still happen between now and then.

Rabid steps out of the ring at the referee’s stern urging, drawing his attention long enough to allow Moor to find his feet and press his boot across FPV’s windpipe, choking him. He holds his boot there until the referee turns around, and then until the referee’s count reaches four. Bishop had made it to the corner, but Wade charges in with a forearm that sends the big man to one knee in his corner. Then, moving back to his corner, Moor tags Rabid back into the mat.

Zach Davis: Quick tags from #BeachKrew allowing for both men to stay in the ring at the same time to double team the Television Champ.

Stepping into the ring, Moor and Rabid whip FPV into the ropes with force. FPV rebounds straight into a double clothesline from #BeachKrew that turns him inside out. Moor escapes to the apron as Rabid rolls FPV onto his back for another pinfall.




Freddy Whoa: But FPV is still in this one, despite everything #BeachKrew throws at him.

FPV rolls onto his stomach and begins to crawl towards Bishop in the corner; Rabid finds his feet and a wide smirk splits across his sweat-stained face. He stalks behind Frankie, letting him inch closer to Bishop’s outstretched hand. When FPV holds his own hand out, Rabid grabs him by the wrist and forces him to wave at his partner before pressing the hand back to the mat and stomping at it with his foot.

Zach Davis: Johnny Rabid is toying with The Brotherhood, and Kevin Bishop only has one good leg to stand on in the corner.

Pulling FPV back to the center of the ring by his ankle, Johnny Rabid circles around to stand between the champ and his corner. Then he begins to stomp his leg, signaling with blatant theatrics to the kick that Frankie was so fond of. FPV, meanwhile, begins to push himself to his feet. Rabid’s stomps increase in volume and intensity as Frankie slowly finds his feet, until Frankie was full upright and Rabid stomps one final time.

Freddy Whoa: Superkick!

NO! Johnny Rabid instead reaches out and jabs FPV in the eye, inciting the fans in a round of boos.

And then, WHAM, FPV explodes around with a spinning backfist that stuns The Ripper. The crowd pops wildly as the Television champ begins to take it to Rabid in the middle of the ring with heavy blows, until finally Wade Moor moves to intervene. A bigger pop from the crowd is heard as Kevin Bishop somehow, one a single leg, springboards into the ring at Moor, just as FPV takes a step back. The two impacts are nearly in the same moment, to a massive pop.

Zach Davis: Boom, Headshot from FPV and The Black Death from Kevin Bishop!

Freddy Whoa: They both go for the pinfall!





BUT #BEACHKREW KICKS OUT! For Rabid, it was in the last possible moment too; despite the impressive nature of Bishop’s springboard codebreaker, he wasn’t able to get all of the move and Moor kicked out at two. Bishop rolls to the outside of the ring, clutching at his aggravated knee, while Rabid rolls onto the apron across the ring. FPV pushes himself to his feet, rubbing at his face, and looks over at Wade, who was also finding his feet.

Freddy Whoa: New target in sight.

FPV waves frantically for Wade Moor to find his feet, launching immediately into the superkick that connects beneath the jaw. But Godnilla doesn’t go down! So, thinking of nothing else, FPV hits him with a second Headshot. Wade Moor staggers, but still stays on his feet! And then, running on adrenaline alone, Wade releases a feral cry and leaps in the air.

Zach Davis: Broseidon Punch!

IT CONNECTS! FPV hits the mat and, a moment later, Wade Moor does as well. The crowd is allowed a moment to look at the aftermath of that barrage of high impact moves. Then, the referee begins to count

Freddy Whoa: And now we can only wait. Who will answer the ten count?








Men begin to stir..

Zach Davis: They're both moving.

FPV dives and tags in Bishop! Moor has stumbled to his feet and turns around as Bishop Springboards into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: BLACK DEATH!







Moor gets to his feet and looks around for the ref to hand him the Television Title. He looks down and finally realizes it was Bishop whom he pinned. Bishop rolls out of the ring before Moor can attack him out of anger.

Zach Davis: Moor got lucky that he had the instincts to hit his big punch there, but he thought it was FPV he was pinning!

FPV grabs his Television Title and joins Kevin Bishop on the outside as Rabid joins Moor.

Freddy Whoa: I don't think Pantheon will be satisfied until they hold every belt in the company. FPV and Bishop are marked men as far as I'm concerned.

"OBLIVION" by Mastadon plays. The Wells Fargo Arena erupts.

Zach Davis: WHAT IS THIS?!

Freddy Whoa: Is this some kind of cruel joke?!

Zach Davis: I wouldn't past Pantheon of doing something so heinous like this!!

The song continues as FPV looks around, as everyone is looking towards the entrance ramp and stage.

Zach Davis: We saw the photos. Oblivion is dead. Shot in the head. TWICE!!

As FPV stands in the ring...

Freddy Whoa: WHAT THE HELL?!

The crowd screams. The ring canvas rips open, as underneath fire and smoke shows.


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!! IT's face is hideous!!! Half of Oblivion's face has been blown off!!!

Zach Davis: Oblivion is most definitely a monster.... NOW!!!

Oblivion pulls ITself out of the hole grabbing FPV slamming him against the corner, upside-down.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!! It looks like The Monster has barbed wired tope, wrapping FPV to the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Why is The Monster doing this?!

Oblivion leaves the ring and grabs a table and places the table against FPV....

Freddy Whoa: NO... NO!!!

Oblivion backs up and races towards FPV.



Zach Davis: A half dead Oblivion just crashed right into FPV!!

Oblivion crawls grabbing for a mic, barely able to talk...

Oblivion: Everyone wants to know why?!

The crowd: WHY?!

Oblivion: Next time...Keep your mouth shut about my matches... FOURTH WALL.... BITCHEEES!!!


Oblivion drops to the mat, face first. Several people dressed in black grabbing The Monster leaves ringside.

Zach Davis: WHAT THE HELL?!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!

Thomas Uriel Bates Attacks!

Jared Holmes stands backstage holding his telescopic stun-baton. A noise is heard off screen, and Jared jumps, baton at the ready. It appears to be nothing, so he soon relaxes. He turns back around, and stands face to chest with Thomas Uriel Bates. Jared looks up, twirls the baton, and smiles.

Jared Holmes: I’ve been waiting for you.

The giant grins, and growls out his own reply.

Thomas Uriel Bates: Good.

Jared cocks the baton back, and swings at the giant, who catches his arm and easily removes the weapon. Bates swings his arm, sending Jared sliding across the floor with a single punch. Bates doesn’t hesitate as he rushes to Jared and grabs him by the neck, lifting him up. He tosses Jared into the wall, and delivers a knee to the stomach as he bounces back.

Bates grabs Jared at the back of the head, but is caught off guard with a kick to the back of the knee. Jared sends an elbow to Bates’ stomach, then another kick to the back of the knee. Bates is un-phased, until Jared hits with a classic Low Blow. Jared then lets loose with a series of punches, kicks, and elbow strikes. As Bates is taken back, Jared grabs his arm and tried to deliver an Irish Whip into the wall. Bates reverses, and sends Jared Holmes into a set of speakers with a belly to back suplex.

The speakers explode with blue sparks that shower the entire area. Bates makes his way back up, and walks calmly over to the speakers. Bates reaches into the speaker, now in flames, and pulls out a bloodied Jared Holmes. He drags Holmes across the floor, before stopping and kneeling down next to him. He lifts Jared’s head, and delivers a powerful punch to the face. He does it again, and again, and again, and again. Jared is unconscious, and unable to put up a fight as Bates continues to wail on the fallen Pantheon member.

He continues his relentless, and brutal assault on Jared Holmes until Thursday runs over and shrieks.

Thursday: No!

She throws herself between Bates and her husband with tears in her eyes, pleading with Bates and trying to check on her husband. She shoots back at Bates,

Thursday: Who are you?!

The angry giant stops, and stands. Blood, Jared’s blood, drips from his clutched fists as he stares at the wife cradling her husband. He looks over to the speakers, in full flames. He then looks over to find several staff, and other wrestlers, staring in complete shock. A mirror in the distance catches his eye, revealing his reflection. He stares at the mirror as paramedics rush in to check on Jared Holmes. Bates looks down at his blood-soaked hands, and whispers,

Thomas Uriel Bates: I don’t know.

Bates turns around, and walks out of the arena as the WCF tries to make sense of the carnage unleashed.

New Year Bash Match
Adrian Archer vs Andre Holmes vs Sebastian Knight vs Jaice Wilds vs Steven Singh

Zach Davis: And the time has come! The New Year Bash is here!

Freddy Whoa: Five men have advanced to this match - Adrian Archer, Andre Holmes, Sebastian Knight, Jaice Wilds, and Steven Singh.

The gruff voice from the 80s sample announces "Cold getting dumb..." and golden pyros form 5 ft high fountains across the stage. The menacing beat of the Supervillain Theme by Mad Villain fills the arena and The Superstar Steven Singh steps out to an enthusiastic, if mixed, reaction. Stopping on the stage he smiles wry and smug, right arm raised in the air, back of his hand to the crowd, left hand behind his back. As the gold fountains shrink back into the stage, The Superstar lowers his hand, twirling his wrist and half-bowing his head with faux gratitude to the fans. He smiles, heading down tot he ring and jawing with the crowd as his name is announced over the PA. Singh climbs the stairs to the apron, wipes his feet, steps through the ropes and then bounces up, arms extended to his sides with his palms up soaking in the alternating adulation and animosity.

Zach Davis: Adrian Archer may have been unsuccessful at One, but he's advanced to this opportunity here tonight. The year is brand new, and it may belong to Adrian Archer.

A slow but assuring guitar riff broken up in a DJent pattern starts playing with the lights in the arena shutting off to illuminate gray colored images of Andre Holmes on the titantron. "Relentless" by New Years Day suddenly begins with lights flashing, and dancing around highlighting different sections of the arena. He walks out from the back wearing the black hoodie over his head, his ring attire on. Cheers are increasing like giant waves on the beach to him as he stands on the center stage surveying the crowd with a big smile on his face. Walking down the entrance path, he pauses until hearing the lyrics "Tear Me Down, It Won't Build You Up...." He releases a thundering primal scream. A flash of white, and red colored fireworks emerges behind him in single-line fashion.

Freddy Whoa: Andre Holmes has returned to the WCF with one goal in mind: The WCF World Heavyweight Championship. He may not have been able to take a shortcut to his final destination, but winning this match would be a giant leap forward.

Afterwards, the lights return back to normal, and he walks down to the ring keeping both titles in his left hand while mingling with some of his fans at ringside. Climbing up onto the apron, he quickly runs to leap onto the middle rope. Taking both championships in each hand, he raises the belts high while a spotlight emerges behind him to cloak him in a silhouette with smoke pushing upwards for that shadow effect. Hopping over the top rope, he lands inside the ring to stay in an unoccupied corner where he removes his hoodie, and tosses it to the outside. There, Andre warms up while his championships hang on the top rope, and he tightens the strap on his MMA Gloves waiting for his opponent to come out.

Zach Davis: Sebastian Knight is next. He debuted at One, retiring one of WCF's top stars in Lester Parish. And now he's made it here.

"Guardians at the Gate" by Audiomachine fills the arena via the PA system as Sebastian Knight steps through the curtian with a noticeable lack of theatrics. His gait was focused as he moved down the entrance ramp, ignoring the calls and jeers the closest fans tossed at him, while the music increased intensity around him. Once at ringside, Knight uses the steel steps to climb onto the apron. He grabs onto the top rope and lifts his leg to step through, before hesitating a moment. He finally acknowledges the crowd, panning the sea of faces for a brief moment. The chorus kicks in, and Knight completes his entrance into the ring, moving to the corner with his focus turned inward once more. The music fades out a few moments later as Knight waits, stony-faced, for the match to begin.

Side of a Bullet by Nickelback plays as The Xtreme Aerialist heads to the ring. Jaice Wilds enters and plays to the crowd before we go to our next entrant.

Freddy Whoa: Lester Parish has been clawing his way to the top since he arrived, and he's been knocked down a few times - but he kept getting back up. And that tenacity has lead him here.

The gruff voice from the 80s sample announces "Cold getting dumb..." and golden pyros form 5 ft high fountains across the stage. The menacing beat of the Supervillain Theme by Mad Villain fills the arena and The Superstar Steven Singh steps out to an enthusiastic, if mixed, reaction. Stopping on the stage he smiles wry and smug, right arm raised in the air, back of his hand to the crowd, left hand behind his back. As the gold fountains shrink back into the stage, The Superstar lowers his hand, twirling his wrist and half-bowing his head with faux gratitude to the fans. He smiles, heading down tot he ring and jawing with the crowd as his name is announced over the PA. Singh climbs the stairs to the apron, wipes his feet, steps through the ropes and then bounces up, arms extended to his sides with his palms up soaking in the alternating adulation and animosity.

Zach Davis: Steven Singh has been pegged by some to be the future of WCF, and besides War, remains unpinned and unsubmitted. Thievin' Steven made a name for himself at War, but he's never been in quite a high profile match since War - until tonight.

The five men pace around the ring, waiting for the opening bell, until Master of Puppets plays instead. The crowd instantly begins to boo.

Freddy Whoa: What do we have here?

Seth steps out from the back, mic in hand.

Seth Lerch: This New Year Bash match was no accident. The five of you represent the best WCF has to offer. From WCF's recent past in Andre Holmes, to WCF's present with Jaice Wilds, Steven Singh and Adrian Archer, to WCF's future with Sebastian Knight. You've all earned this.

The crowd is buzzing, as they usually do when Seth speaks, especially when he's vague.

Seth Lerch: The year of 2016 was... tumultuous, to say the least. Which is why January 29th, 2017, will be WCF's newest pay per view, entitled Rise Up. The stars have aligned and the pieces have fallen into place - this company made it past War, we've made it past One, and now, we're ready for the cream of the crop to prove themselves. Which you've all done. We're ready for the best of the best to, well, rise up.

Some members of the match are tapping their toes, waiting for Seth to get to the point.

Seth Lerch: After tonight, either Joey Flash or Gravedigger - or, hell, David Sanchez? - will emerge as World Champion. And that person will need a challenger.

The participants have gone from bored of Seth's speech to keenly interested.

Seth Lerch: To cut to the chase - whoever wins this match will challenge for the WCF World Heavyweight Championship at Rise Up. Monkeys in the back, drop that ball. Men in the ring - Good luck!

With that, Seth takes his leave... and the giant ball full of weapons suspended in the rafters begins to drop. Almost immediately, Andre Holmes is the first to move - he Clotheslines down Jaice Wilds. The bell sounds!

Zach Davis: HOLY MOLY!

Freddy Whoa: Up until now this match was about bragging right - now a major World Title shot is on the line!

Steven Singh backs up and waits to see how the action plays out; Adrian Archer and Sebastian Knight begin brawling. Andre Holmes stomps a mudhole in Jaice Wilds as Wilds scurries to a corner.

Zach Davis: Let's go back over the rules of this match. The ball is being lowered - for the next nine minutes and some seconds, this match will feature over the top rope eliminations.

Freddy Whoa: But whoever lasts past the first ten minutes - IF anyone does - will then enter a sudden death situation. The ball will open, raining weapons down into the match, and whoever makes the first pin or submission will get the win....

Zach Davis: And World Title shot.

Holmes lifts Wilds up and throws him to the ropes. As Wilds is coming back he hits Holmes with a Dropkick, taking him down. Holmes stumbles back up and gets another Dropkick from Wilds.

Freddy Whoa: You have to think that if the Xtreme Aerialist makes it to the ball drop, he has a certain advantage. Weapons and no more over the top eliminations would be right up this man's alley.

Wilds lifts Holmes up and but Holmes punches him several times in the midsection. Holmes hits a few forearms to Wilds' head before executing a Snap Suplex.

Zach Davis: Andre Holmes came back to WCF with one purpose in mind, and he's just been offered a shortcut to fulfilling that purpose. Can he take advantage?

Not if Steven Singh has anything to say about it. Singh grapples the former Hardcore Champion from behind and executes a German Suplex! Singh gets back to his feet and quickly lifts Wilds up and throws him over the top.

Freddy Whoa: No!, Wilds lands on the apron.

Wilds Springboards back into the ring and takes Singh down with a Flying DDT! Wilds keeps the momentum up by running towards Knight and taking him down with a Running Bulldog.

Zach Davis: Jaice Wilds pulled off an awesome win at One, and it looks like he's ready to make the most of this opportunity as well!

This leaves Wilds and Archer to duke it out. The two men trade rights and lefts before Archer gets the upper hand. He throws Wilds to the ropes and hits a Scoop Powerslam as he comes back.

Freddy Whoa: Adrian Archer, former Zero Tolerance member with a chip on his shoulder. What would it mean to him if he went all the way here and earned the right to main event a WCF PPV against the World Champion?

Archer ducks a Clothesline attempt from Steven Singh before running at him and Clotheslining him down. Singh stumbles back up and Archer goes for a Dropkick. Singh goes down again and again stumbles up before Archer climbs to the top.

Zach Davis: The Magnificent Bastard going high risk...

Adrian Archer goes for a Diving Crossbody Block!, but Singh catches him!

Freddy Whoa: In position for the Fallaway Slam now... shades of the Bad Guy!

He's in position to Fallaway Slam Archer right out of the ring!, but Archer starts jabbing his elbow into him and slides behind him, escaping it. Archer spins Singh around and executes a Swinging Neckbreaker!

Zach Davis: Adrian Archer once again avoiding certain doom.

That is until he's elbowed in the back of the head by Sebastian Knight. Knight elbows him a few times before running to the ropes. Adrian is then taken down with a Lungblower from Knight.

Freddy Whoa: This is only Sebastian Knight's third match in the company - and he's fighting for a chance at the World Title!

Knight stomps away at Archer before lifting him up and kicking him in the gut. He quickly pulls him in and lifts him in the Vertical Suplex position before spiking him on his head.

Zach Davis: Brainbustahhhhh!

Sebastian Knight quickly runs at Jaice Wilds and knees him. Then Singh, a knee to his face too. Then a Lariat to Holmes. He finally turns back to Archer, who is stumbling to his feet, and grabs his elbow, signalling his trademark.

Freddy Whoa: Watch out, Archer!

Sebastian Knight hits his Discus Elbow!

Zach Davis: POI!

NO!, Adrian Archer rolls away from it! Knight turns and Archer Dropkicks him over the top!

Freddy Whoa: Sebastian Knight has been eliminated!

NO!, Knight holds on, just barely, and quickly reenters the ring. Archer runs at him but Knight hits him with a Spinning Backfist, taking him down.

Zach Davis: We're almost halfway through the first part of this match, the ball is dropping as we speak!

Freddy Whoa: No one eliminated yet but we've been close!

Holmes spins Sebastian Knight around and drops him with a Snap DDT. Holmes ducks a Clothesline from Wilds before kicking him in the gut and hitting a quick Tigerbomb. He rolls away as Jaice gets up and runs at him, hitting a Lariat.

Zach Davis: Andre Holmes back on top here.

Freddy Whoa: The first ten minutes of this match is crucial, you NEED to eliminate as many people as possible, and so far no one has been able to accomplish that. If we get to the end and no one has been eliminated, you have a lot less control over the outcome.

Holmes lifts Jaice up but Wilds executes a Jawbreaker before taking him down with a Jumping Russian Legsweep. Wilds runs to the ropes and comes back but Holmes hits him with a stiff Roundhouse Kick!

Zach Davis: Great reversal by "Relentless" Andre Holmes!

He's spun around by Steven Singh - who he hits with a Tornado Kick!

Freddy Whoa: Steven stumbles backwards...

Holmes runs at Singh, but Singh reverses his attack with a Back Bodydrop, sending Holmes over the top!

Zach Davis: Holmes lands on the apron!

Singh turns around and rushes him to shove him off but Holmes decks him in the face with a forearm. He Springboards back into the ring with a Double Clothesline onto Knight and Wilds!

Freddy Whoa: All five of these men have fought through hell and high water to get here - none of them are giving an inch!

Holmes motions for Knight and Wilds to bring it. Only Wilds takes him up on that - Holmes catches him with an Exploder Suplex! This allows Knight to grab him and lift him up onto his shoulders....

Zach Davis: Electric Chair Driver from Sebastian Knight!

Knight lifts Holmes up and Holmes goes to kick him, but Knight catches it and executes a Dragonscrew Legwhip!

Freddy Whoa: Take out someone's leg in a multi-man match like this and they're dead. And that was vicious.

Knight quickly locks Holmes into a Boston Crab.

Zach Davis: Sebastian Knight not going for a quick elimination, going for the long game here instead, wearing Holmes down.

That is... until he gets hit with a Superkick from Jaice Wilds!


Knight breaks the Boston Crab!, as he hits the mat. Wilds turns to survey the scene - only to be taken down with a Springboard Jumping DDT from Adrian Archer!

Zach Davis: THE DROP!

Archer picks Wilds up and throws him over the top.

Freddy Whoa: Only moments until the balls opens up!

NO!, Wilds lands on the apron! Archer runs at him but Wilds punches him right in the face. Wilds grabs him...

Zach Davis: Suplex over the top rope!

NO!, Archer lands on the apron! The two men begin trading strikes, left and right!

Freddy Whoa: Both of these men went over the top, and if either of them spill to the outside they're done. They're fighting for their survival here!

Steven Singh runs at them and shoves them both off.

Zach Davis: Jaice Wilds and Adrian Archer both eliminated!

Singh turns -


The ball opens up!


Singh hits the floor moments after the ball has opened. Two steel chairs, some singapore canes, a small cloth pouch, a baseball bat, and a sledgehammer all fall to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Steven Singh is back in the ring - what is he doing?

He grabs a chair and smacks Knight right in the back of the head with it. Holmes runs at him and Singh hits him with it next.

Zach Davis: Apparently Singh's feet hit the mat AFTER the ten minute timelimit... he's still in this!

Singh drops down and pins Holmes.




Freddy Whoa: He pins Knight now.



Zach Davis: Another kickout!

Singh gets back to his feet, pulling the chair up with him. He smashes it down onto the body of Andre Holmes.

Freddy Whoa: Steven Singh, Andre Holmes, Sebastian Knight. One of these three men will be our new Number One Contender.

He raises the chair up to smash Knight next, but Knight kicks Singh's leg out from under him. Singh drops to the mat, the chair flying away from him. He quickly gets back up, but Knight is back up too.

Zach Davis: Another Poi!

No!, Singh rolls away from it. Singh rushes Knight and gets a kick to his stomach. Knight pulls him in.

Freddy Whoa: Powerbomb position...


He drops down and pins him.



NO!, broken up by Andre Holmes!

Freddy Whoa: Holmes almost saw his World Title shot slip out of his grasp!

Holmes picks Knight up and hits him with a few forearms to the back before executing a Half Nelson Suplex! He then grabs the singapore cane.

Zach Davis: They don't call him relentless without reason.

Singh is up and BOOM!, cane to the head! Knight has gotten up as well and BOOM!, cane to his head too. Singh is back to his feet and Holmes takes him down with a White Russian Legsweep!

Freddy Whoa: Andre Holmes on fire with the kendo stick!

Zach Davis: Let's not bring fire into this.

Holmes picks up the baseball bat and waits for Sebastian Knight to get to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: This... uh, this'll end a match real fast. He's swinging for the fences.

Holmes takes a a swing!, but Knight ducks it. Knight grapples Holmes.


Holmes goes down as Knight puts him to sleep.

Freddy Whoa: Sebastian Knight has got it.

NO! Knight is smashed in the back of his head by Steven Singh with the pouch - which explodes, releasing thumbtacks all over the ring! Knight releases the hold as the back of his head begins to bleed. Steven Singh pulls him in and lifts him up.

Zach Davis: SUPERNOVA!

NO!, Holmes hits Singh with a Yakuza Kick! Knight slips out of Singh's grasp. Singh backs into the corner, on dream street. Holmes runs at him again and BAM!, another Yakuza Kick!

Freddy Whoa: We've seen this before...

Holmes begins climbing to the top rope.


Knight leaps to the top and out of nowhere executes a Superplex!, stopping Holmes from hitting his Phoenix Splash!

Freddy Whoa: Deadline Trap interrupted!

Knight with the pin.



NO!, kickout by Holmes!

Zach Davis: SO CLOSE!

Knight gets back to his feet and pulls Holmes in. He lifts him up for a Powerbomb.

Freddy Whoa: PINNACLE!

NO!, Holmes shifts his weight and drops Knight with a DDT! Knight begins working his way to his feet and Holmes senses an opening.


STEVEN SINGH WITH THE FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME TO HOLMES! Holmes is sent flying out of the ring before Singh dives onto the body of Sebastian Knight.




The bell sounds.


The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: HAPPY NEW YEAR, STEVEN SINGH! He steals another one, and he's going to Rise Up for the WCF World Title!

Singh is handed his Tag Team Title as Captain Pantheon, his trusted partner, hits the ring. Singh climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate on his own.

Freddy Whoa: Captain Pantheon is now torn between Joey Flash and his Tag Team Championship partner! Oh goodness.

Zach Davis: That's IF Joey Flash can retain tonight - we've got one more match coming up. What a main event. Will Steven Singh be facing Joey Flash or Gravedigger?

We go to commercial.

Of The Year Awards: Wrestlers

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam, and Joe Smarts appears to be on stage with a tuxedo on!

Freddy Whoa: Oh, the tie fell off.

Zach Davis: Guess he's not smart enough to tie a tie...

Joe Smarts: Hello fans of myself! I is up there to announces Stable of the Years.

Smarts gets given an envelope

Joe Smarts: Which are clearly it is Bruddahhood. I doesn't sees the points of these envelope.

Crowd: Just open it!

Joe Smarts: Okay, okay! I is gonna open it because I cans.

Joe Smarts tries to open the envelope.

Joe Smarts: SECURITY!!

Two security guards walk over to Joe Smarts.

Joe Smarts: How does you open these envelope?

One security guard snatches the envelope and rips it open. With his left pinky alone. And he's right handed.

Joe Smarts: Oh, oh, okay.

Freddy Whoa: Joe, who can actually read somehow, seems a little shocked...

Joe Smarts: There's must be a mistakes.

The second security guard looks at the card with the Stable of the Year.

Security Guard: Nah, it's right.

Joe Smarts: No! NO!!!

Joe Smarts instantly goes on rage mode, and has to get dragged away by security.


Joe Smarts' voice eventually fades as Seth Lerch walks to where Joe Smarts was just standing.

Freddy Whoa: Well. That just happened.

Seth Lerch: The weirdo of the year goes to... Joe Smarts!

Crowd: Hahaha!

Seth Lerch: Well, let's do this, the Stable of the year is PANTHEON!




David Sanchez Segment

The arena falls into a tepid silence as the opening guitar riff to Royal Blood’s “Out of the Black” begins to trickle out of the PA system, starting quiet and building to a thunderous din as the words kick into action. The crowd begins to boo immediately, aware now that soon, the Mayor of Chicago will be blessing them with his presence.

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez, not dressed to compete here tonight. He’s been given a less strenuous role by Seth this evening, probably in a bid to protect his newest investment.

Zach Davis: David earned the biggest win of his career at One, beating the bookmakers and the barrage of talent he had to defeat simultaneously to claim the Final Destination contract as his own.

Freddy Whoa: What that means, is that at any time of his choosing in the next calendar year; Sanchez can cash this contract in, and take a crack at winning himself the World Championship.

The song plays on as the audience erupts into a sea of distasteful chants and a rapture of hissing, gesturing and miscellaneous disapproving noises. David Sanchez appears center stage, his eyes unblinking as he soaks in the loathing. Dressed in black dress trousers and the customary pinstriped official’s polo, he lifts a black briefcase with the words “Tomorrow’s World” splashed across it in purple font into the air. He carries the case down the ramp, shunning fans who seek to lay their hands on him all the way to the ring apron as his entrance music peaks at the chorus.

Zach Davis: This match is all kinds of messed up; I mean you’ve got Sanchez, who’s Pantheon through and through officiating a World Championship bout between Joey Flash, also of Pantheon and Gravedigger - With whom Sanchez has spent the better part of a year undermining and insulting at any opportunity.

Freddy Whoa: Add to that the fact that ‘Digger’s only been in one match this year, and the fact that he punctuated his return at One by attacking Sanchez and this gives a recipe for destruction.

As the music shifts back to a heavy guitar solo, David Sanchez slides under the bottom ropes and leaps back to his feet, staring down the ring announcer without so much as batting an eyelid at the audience. With this final blatant disregard for showmanship he takes a microphone from one of the ring crew and attempts to speak over the thunderous boos. First placing the Final Destination briefcase neatly on the canvas in front of his feet.

David Sanchez: Minnesota, how the fuck are you parasites?

The Philadelphia crowd boos even louder as Sanchez laughs under his breath, all the while clapping his hands slowly and sarcastically; feeding from the heat.

David Sanchez: Philadelphia then, whatever. It’s all the same. Scum is, as scum does. Where the hell did I get Minnesota from?

Sanchez checks his Samsung Galaxy S7, and is able to grasp that he is actually in Pennsylvania. Stunned he looks back up to the crowd without a care in the world and continues his speech regardless, occasionally shooting a passing glance downwards at the World Championship contract inside the black steel case at his feet.

David Sanchez: Well, anyway... I told you so - didn’t I? I came out here three weeks ago and promised the world that it was about to have its inner eye opened, and now; here you all sit in place, in awe of my achievement. Final Destination was only the beginning. Sooner than you can imagine, I will be more powerful than I ever dared dream to be. With Pantheon behind me, I am unstoppable, but even without them I am not so much a one man band as I am a single-soul orchestra; from brass to string section.

Crowd: Andre Holmes! Corey Black! Andre Holmes! Corey Black!

The crowd cycles through chants for two of their favourite wrestlers who also happened to be involved in the Final Destination match. The arena is lit after all of the earlier battles, and the climax of the New Year’s Bash match, as well as the Brotherhood versus Pantheon tag-team contest, but in truth they know that everything until this point has been a warm-up; a prelude to the main attraction.

David Sanchez: I know, I know. You’d have rathered that one of them had retrieved this little briefcase at my feet but I’m afraid that neither of those men were able to thwart my ascension. I have nothing but respect for Corey, and absolutely no idea why Andre Holmes was even in the match - but at the end of the day, they’re just not David Sanchez, not by a long shot.

He brushes down the pinstriped referee’s polo-shirt, and a smile begins to form on his lips as he raises the microphone once more.

David Sanchez: Now, while I’d love to just stand out here in the ring, telling everybody how great I am and how much I deserved that win - It would appear as though the boss has other plans for me this evening. Which brings me to the matter at hand. Gravedigger, you pointless investment. You lost cause looking to cash a few final cheques before the sand in the hourglass of your career settles. I might not be Joey fucking Flash, and a match with me might not be the topped billed bout of any given night but when you attacked me at One; you pretty consented to me tuning you into a slavering, mumbling puddle of brain fragments. Just. Like. Gemini.

David pauses, drawing a minor pop from the crowd at the thought of this hotly anticipated clash which has been over a year in the making.

David Sanchez: “So I did what I do, and called it what it was; a challenge. Yet when I actually made the match a possibility, at XIII no less - You wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Which, of course brings me to my black and white get-up as of this moment and the generational dream match we’re about to witness. Gravey; you don’t get to just outright shit on people’s parades with immunity anymore - I’m not Jay Price, if you piss in my IV Bag, I will straight up remove your pinky toe. This isn’t the good old days anymore pops, and this isn’t the PG Pantheon of years passed. You are playing with a force that neither you or those MS-13 fuccbois can contain. You are playing with the very people who guard the gates, the keepers of the peace, the seldom-thanked saviours of the WCF.”

More boos, this time some trash is also thrown into the ring by an angsty group of Gemini Battle fans in clown paint.

David Sanchez: “So here we are, your big return to active competition; and it’s a World Championship match of course because, I mean what else was Seth going to have you do? Earn it? The fucking audacity of anybody who suggests otherwise, Amirite? I mean, it’s not like you’ve only had one match in the last year in which you got your ass owned by Jared or something, oh wait… Yes it is.”

The crowd is split. Some cheer, but the majority boo.

David Sanchez: “Well, this is what it all boils down to now, isn’t it? The legendary Gravedigger attempts to take the newly won World Championship from a man who went forty minutes with a giant at One; how fucking noble. As you can imagine, I’ve got quite an interest in this match for a number of reasons. Primarily because I’d take no greater pleasure than pinning your artificially replaced shoulders to the mat, but also because this little piece of paper in the case at my feet says I’m now a silent factor in any and all equations that concern that particular championship. So, I ask you - who better to referee this match? Who else could possibly remain a fair and impartial official? Philly, you have my word as Mayor of a city that makes this place look like a sewer - This match will have a winner, this winner’s victory shall be granted without controversy, and then? When it’s all over and Joey leaves you lying on your back. - I’m going to strap you into the Etorphine Lock and choke the life out of you until you reconsider my little proposal for XIII. Good luck, cunt. Break a hip.”

We go to commercial before our main event.

World Title Match
Gravedigger vs Joey Flash
Special Guest Referee: David Sanchez

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is your main event of the evening with a thirty minute time limit and it is for the WCF World Championship. Introducing first; the special guest referee, already in the ring - from Bogota, Colombia. David Sanchez!

Basking in his own glory, David smiles out at the crowd and shows off his position of authority.

The lights go out. They stay off for about 15 seconds or so before "Change" by Deftones starts playing throughout the arena. A spotlight hits the entranceway and Gravedigger emerges from the back with a pair of MS-13 bikers in tow.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first; the challenger. Standing tonight at six feet and six inches tall - from Phoenix, Arizona, he is the Epitome of Hardcore and a WCF Hall of Famer… Gravedigger!

He throws his arms out and yells out with a look of rage on his face. The crowd drowns the Legend in boos and his face quickly turns into a smirk as he looks out at the crowd before finally focusing in on the ring and the man who occupies it.

Freddy Woah: Well, Gravedigger returned at One, attacking David Sanchez after his triumph in the Final Destination match so I don’t see how the big guy plans to get around the blatant obstacle in front of him.

Zach Davis: He went on to demand a World Championship opportunity from Joey Flash, who of course accepted the challenge for right here, tonight - and now we have this blockbuster main event.

Gravedigger starts slowly walking down to the ring, the air still thick with boos as the smirk is etched on his hardened face. As the trio reaches the ringside area, the two bikers walk off to one side as Gravedigger jogs up the nearby ring steps, maintaining eye contact with Sanchez the entire time.

Freddy Whoa: Can you feel that sexual tension?

Zach Davis: These two guys have had it out or one another since War 2015.

He steps in between the top and middle rope and bounces into the ring. He walks around the ring looking out at the crowd before finally stopping at one of the turnbuckles. He stands on the middle pad and smirks out at the crowd as they continue to rain boos down upon him. David’s eyes are now drawn back to the ramp, away from where Gravedigger was stretching.

“Mile Zero” by Periphery hits the speakers. The arena lights dim as the crowd buzz begins to build to fever pitch.

Zach Davis: Here comes Joey. The man who conquered the mighty mountain.

Freddy Whoa: That championship being back around his waist just feels right.

The music begins and lingers for a moment before Joey Flash in all his glory emerges from behind the curtain staring at the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Now, his opponent. Making his way to the ring tonight from the Bronx of New York. He is the pound for pound best wrestler in the world and NEW! WCF WORLD CHAMPION. JOEYYYY FlAAASSH!

He floats regally down the aisle bathing in the atmosphere and stopping to shake the hand of anyone who brushes against him in that certain way.

Freddy Whoa: I guess we should all be blessed by his very presence,

Zach Davis: Even with an opportunity to topple one of the all time greats of the WCF in front of him, he looks disinterested - like this is somehow an inconvenience

He circles the ring not once, but twice. Delaying his entrance and the match even further riling the crowd before sliding into the ring and sitting down in one of the ring corners staring at both his future foe and his friend David in the referee’s shirt. - a definitive advantage. This match had already been branded as a publicity stunt. That cast enough doubt on him already, and that simply would not do. Joey had warned David earlier in the night to suffer patiently and he could do whatever he wanted after the bell, but between those chimes. He was to call a fair match.

Ding Ding Ding

The match gets underway as the two warriors are pit chest to chest in the ring’s center; a final photographic opportunity on this most ominous of evenings. Sanchez basks in his power, pushing Gravedigger back into the corner and demanding that he frisk himself down for foreign objects. The former world champion obliges with the extension of a middle finger into the Mayor of Chicago’s face, that even Flash gets a kick out of.

Zach Davis: I don’t think Gravedigger’s a fan of Sanchez’s cards on the table take on officiating.

Freddy Whoa: Please, this match is obviously a sham anyway.

Zach Davis: Freddy?

Freddy Whoa: What? I can’t do it. This whole match smells like a reach-around.

Zach Davis: Freddy, we’re on air.

Freddy Whoa: No, I’ve seen enough of these matches to smell a rat when it’s right in front of me, and I’ve sat next to that particular rat for long enough to know what it smells like. I’m calling this right now, Gravedigger is a Pantheon lackie. Some fuckery goes down, Flash retains.

Zach Davis: Spoilers!

The minor domestic meltdown of Freddy Whoa left at the commentary table we are taken back into the ring where Joey and Gravedigger are engaged in a staredown, their eyes sizing up their opponent; scanning for weaknesses, planning, always planning. After a few moments of entertaining the makeshift official’s time wasting tactics, Gravedigger lunges forwards and grabs Flash by the scruff of his neck. The crowd gasps in shock as the veteran draws back his hulking arm and uses all of it’s power to drive one finger; the index forwards into the heart of his adversary.


Zach Davis: It’s over, new World Champion!

Freddy Whoa: Called it!

The moment his opponent’s fingertip connects with his chest, Flash first arches over, clutching at his sternum as though somebody had just removed his heart from it’s natural habitat; then finally falls to his knees, eyes rolling back in his skull as his tongue protrudes ever so slightly from the right hand side of his mouth. Gravedigger stands triumphant over the fallen body of the would-be conqueror of the WCF and roars out, without need for a microphone:

Gravedigger: Here. Lies. Joey. Flash.

With a stunned look etched on his face like carvings into stone, Sanchez can only keep his jaw from hanging open as he watches the returning hall of famer drop down and cover his friend with a lateral press. Seeing no alternative, he too falls to his knees and starts to count, just as fast, and as fair as Flash had made him promise to be.




Gravedigger steps off of the pin, allowing Flash to spring back to his feet, with a smile on his face - seemingly as fresh as a daisy. Sanchez too smiles, brushing down the dust from the body of the World Champion and waving a single finger strictly at Gravedigger, who smiles and shrugs his shoulders. The three men share a patronizing, phantom pat on the back as the audience boos frantically, their hopes and dreams dashed in one fatal moment.

With the three men in the ring now smiling at one another pointlessly, it is Sanchez who waves them back into action, a quick handshake and exchange of words between the two gladiators ensues, followed by an abrupt and all too expected dagger to the base of the spine; disguised as a hellacious clothesline that all but turns the One Punch Man into the punchline of his own joke. The champion hits the ground with a thud as a direct result of Gravedigger’s vicious, trademark lariat, whilst Sanchez; stunned and shocked by these revelations is barely able to grasp reality for long enough to realize that a pinfall is happening.




Flash, still feeling the effects of a victorious, but brutal encounter with Thomas Uriel Bates at One is barely able to pry his right shoulder from the canvas under his opponent’s weight but struggles to prevail nonetheless. Sure that Sanchez was a little slow in his counting, the former commentator gets in the face of his rival and demands the count be quicker next time - a gesture which earns him a swift and effective return on the middle finger from earlier. Flash rolls onto his back, then to the corner and finally crawls up the ropes, pulling his weight back to a standing position in a bid to finally start this match.

Freddy Whoa: Two minutes into this match and we’ve already seen a double-swerve, a Grave Marker, two middle fingers and a Finger Poke of Doom!

Zach Davis: It looks like maybe half of that sequence was planned out, but I don’t think Gravedigger cared for the ending to that particular script.

Freddy Whoa: Well, when you’re wrong - you’re wrong Zach, and tonight I was.

Furious that this ridiculous man in his pin-striped shirt and air of entitlement has seemingly screwed him over, Gravedigger places a finger from each hand between his lips and wolf whistles; a high-pitched noise echoing through the rafters. Immediately, two, and then four large men in standard biker attire leap the guardrail at ringside, surrounding the ring like a hungry pack of dogs begging for dinner scraps before receiving their master's instruction. On leaps onto the apron, just a few feet from Joey...

Freddy Whoa: Sudden Flash!

Another, a mere arm's reach from David Sanchez.

Zach Davis: Medusa's Touch!

The first two men crumble back down to the protective padding outside of the ring, but in this moment, as Flash fights off the other two MS-13 associates, Gravedigger rushes forwards, bulldozing Sanchez over the top rope with yet another Grave Marker; the Final Destination winner's second in two weeks. Sanchez hits the floor with a crash and a splat, crawling back - winded and wounded to the crowd barricade where he remains slumped in a heap.

Freddy Whoa: Well, this didn't take very long for shit to go sideways.

Zach Davis: You still owe me a steak dinner. Digger's not Pantheon, he's just a dickhead.

Throwing caution to the wind, Flash throws himself into the last of the first wave of MS-13 interference, drilling the first latino adonis with a right hand that leaves his jaw on rusted hinges, but unfortunately the final gringo is able to clutch his arms around Flash's waist and drag him kicking and screaming down to the canvas. Gravedigger stops mocking the fallen body of Sanchez and begins bounding towards his actual opponent, delivering one swift kick to the champion's temeral lobe as he fights to get back to his feet; ultimately reducing him to a puddle that vaguely resembles Joseph Flash, esquire.

Freddy Whoa: Gravedigger with a vicious kick to the side of Joey's head, and now he's thanking the MS-13 army and asking them to leave, again - how noble.

Zach Davis: The gang of hoods now, jumping back over the barricade, each of them standing firmly atop the chest of the downed referee, and using his beaten frame as a foot-stool.

Freddy Whoa: Now, finally we can get this match underway, the way it was meant to be!

Zach Davis: With a barely conscious World Champion, an incapacitated official and Gravedigger standing tall?

Freddy Whoa: More semantics!

Gravedigger stalks Flash from above, staring down at Joey's battered body like a fine meal fit for consumption, but as he reaches down to pull the mafioso to his feet he is caught off guard as the champion hooks his index and middle finger into his mouth and hauls him face-frist with a fish-hook into the middle turnbuckle before pulling himself up to his feet with the ropes.

Zach Davis: Flash taking a page out of Alessandra's book with that transitional sweep. Purely out of desperation or instinct, I'm sure.

Fredy Whoa: BDSM and professional wrestling are tuna and sweetcorn baby, they fit together like a lone jeweled glove on a paedophile's hand.

Digger tastes the padding around the corner post and shakes his head, unamused by his introduction by such an uncerimonious manner. Irritated, he bounces back to his feet just in time to receive a stiff kick to the abdomen from the still-stunned Flash who then proceeds to drag the larger man to the mat with a front facelock which as the Epitome of Violence's limbs loosen under the pressure becomes a guillotine choke that the Italian wrenches aggressively, all the way to the floor.

Freddy Whoa: Flash utilizing what brought him to the dance now, with a ruthless yet revolutionary chokehold that wasn't really seen in professional wrestling until recent years.

Zach Davis: With David Sanchez still down and out on the outside of the ring, Flash has freedom to get more bang for his buck out of this move too; something which Gravedigger didn't account for when he summoned his little plague of degenerates.

As Gravedigger fades towards the floor Flash hooks his free arm around the rope and forcefully drags the behemoth the rest of the way down, where he lands on the canvas with a crash. Outside of the ring, Sanchez starts stirring just in time to see Flash switch offense and apply a hammerlock from above that holds aspects of a much more deadly hold, the elbow joint torquing as he pops his hips every now and again in order to drive a vicious knee down into the hall of famer's cranium.

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez is finally stirring now after that brutal clothesline to the mat outside, just in time for Flash to take advantage, you can't write this shit.

Zach Davis: The champion has started his laser focus on the arm of the veteran now though, tenderizing that limb for the devastating hold he calls "Pain is Love."

Sanchez stirs once more, swinging at nothing and nobody in front of him as he falls forwards into the ring apron once before finding his feet on the second attempt. He shoots a gaze first into the ring, where Flash expertly twists and extends the arm of gravedigger simultaneously and decides one thing in that moment: Gravedigger must pay.

Freddy Whoa: Uh-oh, Sanchez heading over to the the timekeeper's position now.

Punch drunk on his feet from the earlier tumble over the ropes, Sanchez stumbles around like the town drunk, knocking over bottles of water and clipboards as he snatches his Final Destination briefcase from it's hidey-hole and rolls back into the ring with eyes fixated on the man who caused his fall moments ago.

Zach Davis: Flash sees him now, and he's releasing the hold?!

Sanchez charges forwards, swinging the steel case wildly towards where Gravedigger's skull had been, but by the time Joey is able to apply his cat-like agility; all he winds up connecting with a ring cable, which twangs untrolably with the impact as David is dragged down to the canvas courtesy of a single-leg from Flash.

Freddy Whoa: Okay... I'll bite. This I really didn't see coming.

Zach Davis: Flash telling sanchez to call a fair match now, he's saying he doesn't want David's help.

A little disheartened, Sanchez obliges - pushing his Final Destination briefcase under a turnbuckle where he leaves it to haunt the match from afar. Joey helps his friend to his feet now, and the two men compose one another verbally after this early and unexpected assault from the somehow rising Gravedigger and his merry band of MS-13 cronies.

Freddy Whoa: So, no Pantheon implosion?

Zach Davis: ... Not yet anyway. For now, it seems cooler heads have prevailed.


Flash taps Sanchez on the chest, right atop his official's emblem as if to impart some kind of bizarre sense of responsibility into his friend. Whatever happens, it seems to work though as David steps back from the situation and metaphorically wipes his hands of it; as he had agreed to earlier in the evening. It bothered him though, there was no denying that: Why should they play by the rules if Gravedigger wasn't? Fuck Flash and his need to prove he can do everything himself, why should that also be the mantra of David Sanchez? He had agreed to a professional partnership, not an adoption of principle.

He mulls the match over in his mind, and decides it isn't worth the hassle, he shouldn't risk everything he had earned on a fleeting need to break the jaw of a bald guy trying to relive his heyday. Just as the two finally break eye contact for the first time, Gravedigger is back to his feet. Flash sees this and sets on his opponent with a series of body blows, culminating with a stiff right hand to the chops which leaves the veteran dazed, clutching at the ropes and bartering with Sanchez of all people to enforce the rules.

Freddy Whoa: Is?... Is he actually expecting Sanchez to break the momentum and call this match straight from the textbook? Even after he assaulted him earlier on?

Zach Davis: By the looks of things, that's exactly what both men want - and it looks like David is going to let them both have their way; perhaps to cut 'Digger's nose off in spite of his face or perhaps as a fuck you of sorts to Flash who won't take his help.

Sanchez gets inbetween the two men, and counts to five - Flash stopping the barrage of fists just before the final number. Gravedigger sinks to his knees and then rolls out of the ring, Flash right behind him with bad intentions in mind. The very second that both men's feet mark the ringside area, Sanchez starts a count of ten - clearly taking his responsibilities more seriously now; at least in a sarcastic manner.



Freddy Whoa: Digger was trying to put some square metres between he and his opponent but Flash doesn't care for the three-time champion's tactics and closes that distance in an instant.

Or so he had thought, until his elbow strike is caught by Gravedigger who turns and with all of his might hoists Flash's body onto his shoulders in a powerslam position and runs straight into the ring post; Flash's fragile spine is the first thing to connect with the steel and then the thin rubber mat of ringside as he maintains his grip after the initial collision and drives the champion down into the ground with a deviously forceful Toluca Slam.

Zach Davis: Toluca Slam by Gravedigger, who while showing the fatigue of somebody who's more part-time than primetime these days - doesn't seem to have missed a beat in his absence or a day at gym for that matter, he's in ridiculous shape!

Freddy Whoa: For an old guy?

Zach Davis: No, just in general.

Freddy Whoa: Oh, okay.



Zach Davis: Well, you can't say David's not sticking to his word. That's about as efficient of a ten count as I've heard tonight.

Freddy Whoa: Something tells me there's a little bit more to this than a simple favour for a friend.



Knowing all too well that he cannot win the World Championship on a count-out, Gravedigger scoops Flash up from the floor and slides him under the bottom rope before following himself; thus breaking the count. He favours his right arm a little from the damage it sustained earlier but is still easily the stronger of the two men; whilst Flash could call himself the more agile of the two. It is at that realisation though that Gravedigger stops climbing the turnbuckle, after already motioning for Death from Above in a bid to seal the deal.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like the big guy had a change of heart there. He was politely gesturing to this adoring crowd that he was going for the frog splash, but I think he re-assessed the situation and decided to stay grounded.

Zach Davis: There's absolutely no need for him to deviate from the power-game. He's walked into this match with a plan and it's worked perfectly so far, even after Sanchez got himself appointed as the referee.

Keen to test if indeed Sanchez will make a fair count, he instead simply drops down and hooks the leg of Joey Flash.



It was as fair of a count as he could have hoped for, and it seemed to physically pain the makeshift official who clenches his teeth tighter with each time his palm meets the mat. Flash shrugs his shoulder up just in the nick of time, but in doing so his back spasms involuntarily and now Gravedigger now knows that winning this match is still an actual possibility.

Freddy Whoa: Two count there after that director's cut take on an old favourite! Old school is really showing these new kids on the block a thing or two tonight.

Zach Davis: How to take every shortcut imaginable on the way to a rare win? Digger hasn't changed, if anything he's just looking to hurt some more people and keep the royalties coming in for a few more years. Flash should have done his homework, instead of worrying about Sanchez and playing hide the sausage with Holmes all week.

Dragging the champion up to his feet, Digger has a fleeting smile on his face for Sanchez before driving his knee into Joey's stomach once, but as he attempts to land a second, the Italian catches his leg and delivers a picture-perfect exploder suplex into the corner. The T-bone now a thing of the past, Flash pants for breath and pushes his flowing hair out of his eyes before taking a vertical base and stomping on the legend's arm a few times for good measure.

Freddy Whoa: You just can't count Joey Flash out in a World Championship match. He can turn things around from absolutely anywhere at any given moment.

Keen to test if indeed Sanchez will make a fair count, he instead simply drops down and hooks the leg of Joey Flash.



It was as fair of a count as he could have hoped for, and it seemed to physically pain the makeshift official who clenches his teeth tighter with each time his palm meets the mat. Flash shrugs his shoulder up just in the nick of time, but in doing so his back spasms involuntarily and now Gravedigger now knows that winning this match is still an actual possibility.

Freddy Whoa: Two count there after that director's cut take on an old favourite! Old school is really showing these new kids on the block a thing or two tonight.

Zach Davis: How to take every shortcut imaginable on the way to a rare win? Digger hasn't changed, if anything he's just looking to hurt some more people and keep the royalties coming in for a few more years. Flash should have done his homework, instead of worrying about Sanchez and playing hide the sausage with Holmes all week.

Dragging the champion up to his feet, Digger has a fleeting smile on his face for Sanchez before driving his knee into Joey's stomach once, but as he attempts to land a second, the Italian catches his leg and delivers a picture-perfect exploder suplex into the corner. The T-bone now a thing of the past, Flash pants for breath and pushes his flowing hair out of his eyes before taking a vertical base and stomping on the legend's arm a few times for good measure.

Freddy Whoa: You just can't count Joey Flash out in a World Championship match. He can turn things around from absolutely anywhere at any given moment.

He too locks eyes with the official as he drives a third boot into Gravedigger's extended arm, before dropping a knee into the elbow join and pulling a modified bow and arrow lock, where Digger's body becomes the arrow tight over the bend in his leg so that the capped patella pushes into the fragile join between the elbow and the forearm. Sanchez drops to his knees and asks if the veteran would care to cut his losses, but is met only with obscenities. After a few attempts he gets back to his feet and watches on in awe as Flash torques the arm in ways it simply was not designed to show even the slightest give.

Zach Davis: Well, I don't think Gravedigger wants to quit but that might be his only course of action here I'm afraid, whatever that hold is - Flash doesn't want to let it go.

Freddy Whoa: Always the showman; I think people tend to forget that Flash is as deadly of a submission specialist as they come, and Gravedigger knows that! Shit, he was sitting right in the middle of us when Joey broke Howard Black's arm.

Flash is overcome with a grimace, and a look of concentration as he varies the pressure but manages to keep the bigger man restrained away from the ropes, up until the point where Gravedigger's raw power enables him to shunt his way across the ring to a place where he can finally claw in front of him and feel the loving release of an elasticated cable. Sanchez smiles, thinking how fun it would be watching Gravedigger just remain here, in agony as Flash breaks his arm.

Zach Davis: Sanchez sees that Gravedigger's got the rope, but I don't think he's going to...

Freddy Whoa: Hold on a minute! - Sanchez pulling the hold apart!

True to his word again, the Mayor sticks to his promise and forces the hold to be broken, allowing both men to crumble into their respective exhausted fetal forms.




Sanchez continues up to a count of seven before both men reach the peak of their vertical summit before collapsing into each other with an exchange of haymakers that again seems to favour the larger man. As punch after punch is pummeled into Flash it is on pure luck alone that he is able to weave a single strike and connect with a Sudden Flash that knocks Gravedigger south to the canvas in the same style as so many before him.

Freddy Whoa: Sudden Flash again! This time on the right guy, in the right place!

Zach Davis: Gravedigger's eyes just rolled back in his head! This is it Zach, his lights are out! Flash does it.

He drops into the pin as the audience around him assaults the two men with equal measure of hate and respect.




Gravedigger rolls his shoulder off the mat just in time to break the three count.

Freddy Whoa: There's still some fight in that old fiend yet!

Zach Davis: The legend continues here in Philadelphia, Gravedigger's got one more big match in him! One more title reign! Who knows, maybe this is just the beginning?

Freddy Whoa: Not so fast! - Armbar! - Pain is Love!

Zach Davis: He's got it locked in the center of the ring! There's nowhere for Gravedigger to go!

Flash had barely exerted a single movement in rolling from the pinning predicament to the armbar he now has Gravedigger locked in, the targeted arm from earlier finding itself once more being bent and strained in ways only imaginable to the those of a grim and gory demeanour. The crowd is fucking electric, rabid almost as Digger roars out, stretching towards the rope - his hand lifting in the air as though he may tap at any moment.


Their thoughts are echoed on Sanchez's expression as his lips form a smile on his way down to check if the legend wishes to call it a day. Staring into his eyes, David sees no give, even as the arm is hyper-extended; a faint snap with no real pop. Gravedigger weathers the storm for as long as he can until his eyes go blank and his free arm goes limp.

Zach Davis: I think he's out Freddy. Sanchez might have to call this one.

Freddy Whoa: He better make sure he's out before he does anything, we don't want any controversy now, do we?

Sanchez approaches the pained man on the mat and lifts his limp left arm once, watching it fall loosely to the floor. Twice he lifts, and twice it falls - but on the third attempt, just when it looks to touch the canvas and complete that trifecta, something stirs in Gravedigger and he comes back to life, clenching his fist and using it to grab Sanchez by the collar, pulling the official down to the canvas before using him as an obstacle, grabbing his clothes in a bid to pull himself across the ring until he can finally reach the bottom rope.

Furious, Sanchez gets back to his feet and once more makes to attack Gravedigger, only to be stopped by Flash who tells him to remain calm and do his job. A little pissed that he wasn't able to get the win by submission, Flash rethinks a thousand plans at once and bursts back into action; stomping the ground with his leading foot to signal for the infamous Bite the Dust - the very move that buried Thomas Uriel Bates the previous night.

Zach Davis: Flash setting up for that superkick now, the same one he debuted at One to put an end to the reign of his predecessor.

Freddy Whoa: Looking to make this legend in our sport the second illustrious name in this industry put to ruin in it's name.

Gravedigger finally drags himself back to his feet, just in time to sample the sole of Joey's boot as his chin is rocked by a devastating superkick that causes his head to ricochet on his neck rigidly before he falls to the floor; a broken, manshaped pile of flesh. Again wasting little time, if any time to dwell on his craftsmanship, Flash drops into the cover, allowing Sanchez to fall and begin the countdown to inevitability.



Freddy Whoa: No Way! Gravedigger got his foot on the bottom rope!

Zach Davis: a Sudden Flash, Pain is Love and now Bite the Dust! Gravedigger has kicked out of absolutely everything the World Champion has thrown at him tonight. what's it going to take to keep this legend down?

Flash has seen enough. This had to end, and end now. He steps back again as Gravedigger gets to his knees and looks somewhere between bemused and orgasmic as he unleashes a second superkick that rattles the same target as the first. Again, he covers his opponent immediately without so much as a passing glance at David.




Freddy Whoa: Finally, its over! I didn't think he was going to stay down!

Zach Davis: He almost didn't Freddy... He almost didn't.

Sanchez drags Flash up to his feet and presents him the World Championship lifting his arm in victory as his music plays triumphantly loud for what is meant to be the conclusion of Slam: New Year's Bash! Joey gazes out at the fans and feels safe and warm in the fact that not only did he beat Gravedigger; but he did it alone - through skill, and ability.

Zach Davis: Flash finally getting a moment to catch his breath for the first time since this match started.

Freddy Whoa: It’s been non-stop from the first bell, right up until the last in our first main event of the new year. A new year in which it is once again Joey Flash who stands on the top rope, the World Championship lifted high into the air.

Zach Davis: He’s exhausted Freddy. Gravedigger and MS-13 made damn sure of that, but at least now he can bring in the two-thousand seventeen in sty…

Freddy Whoa: WAIT! -

Whoa cuts his commentary partner off in the middle of his still-forming sentence as Sanchez leaves his stablemate to bask in his glory for a simple moment; a moment in which he allows Mile Zero by Periphery to serenade the crowd who in turn take their final snapshots on their phones before beginning to leave. Every eye in the building is on Joey, and so it should be - every eye but two; David’s.



Almost foaming at the mouth, David snatches the Final Destination briefcase from underneath the corner and feasts his eyes on The World, the referee’s shirt and then the case again in an endless cycle. The mental mathematics were adding up - this was his moment to strike.

Freddy Whoa: HE’S CHARGING!

Sanchez bounds forwards, swinging the steel case with all of his might and unleashes a dentist pleasing mouthful right into the incisors of an MS-13 gangbanger who had popped up on the apron whilst Joey was soaking up the attention. David’s strike startles Flash who jumps down from the corner immediately; raising his guard with belt-in-hand in a bid to defend himself, but as he turns he sees Sanchez clutching the case, and staring directly at him.

Zach Davis: Awkward!

Freddy Whoa: Does he think?

Zach Davis: Didn’t you?

Freddy Whoa: Well, maybe…

Flash stops in place and assesses the situation, only noticing the fallen gang member after a few moments. In this time frame however - Sanchez has launched himself forwards again, dropping the case at Joey’s feet as he charges forwards and drives the flat of his boot into Gravedigger’s skull with a vicious Medusa’s Touch, just as he was about to scurry from the ring; his comrade's distraction a fitting smokescreen.

Freddy Whoa: Hellacious Yakuza kick by the man in the pinstriped shirt!

Zach Davis: Flash though, he’s still staring down Sanchez, I don’t think he knows what to think.

Mile Zero kicks back into effect as Sanchez approaches Flash, the two locked in tense eye contact as David reaches down and retrieves the Final Destination briefcase from the mat. The two men smile at one another, each lifting their prize high into the air as Joey celebrates his won, and Sanchez finds satisfaction in stepping out of the shadows for a few moments in the sunny light of a historic Slam main event.

Freddy Whoa: MS-13 Again, pouring out the crowd. Three men this time, and they’re helping Gravedigger up the ramp.

Three latino men, each exceeding the six foot mark and built like they live in close vacinity to at least seven gymnasiums take an arm each - the remaining man snatching a microphone after being roared at by the raging, starry-eyed stallion who stepped back between the ropes in a valiant effort tonight. He is semi-carried half of the ramp’s length, before the third gang member catches up to him and he slumps free from their assisted idea of a standing position, falling onto his knees before lifting the microphone to his lips and uttering only a few harsh words in a tone of committed, conclusive rage.

Gravedigger: … Sanchez! … Thirteen! … You’re Mine!

The MS-13 foot soldiers help the big man back to his feet and finish helping him out of the public eye as the camera pans back to the ring to where Sanchez smiles vacantly and Joey still celebrates his historic win as the Slam and WCF logos are shown.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Of The Year Awards: Champions

Ryan O'Callaghan vs Captain Rump vs Vinnie Jones vs Axel Blackwood

Udy vs Stalker

Thomas Uriel Bates Segment

Rise/Diaboli vs Adam Burnett/Jason O'Neal

Crazy J vs Kidd Krazzy

Adam Burnett Segment

Psychopomp/Joe Smarts vs Game Over

Of The Year Awards: Moments

New Year Bash Qualifier Match: Adrian Archer vs Johnny Blaze vs Fuego Del Eterno Infierno Silencioso vs Jay West

New Year Bash Qualifier Match: Andre Holmes vs Dion Necurat vs CJ Phoenix vs Anon Y. Mous

New Year Bash Qualifier Match: Ethan King vs Damian Kaine vs Sebastian Knight vs Dag Riddik

New Year Bash Qualifier Match: Jaice Wilds vs John Gable vs Teddy Blaze vs Oblivion

New Year Bash Qualifier Match: Captain Pantheon vs Steven Singh vs Salem Shepard vs Jason Cash

Brotherhood Segment

Television Title on the Line: Kevin Bishop/FPV vs Wade Moor/Johnny Rabid

Thomas Uriel Bates Attacks!

New Year Bash Match

Of The Year Awards: Wrestlers

David Sanchez Segment

World Title Match: Gravedigger vs Joey Flash

Of The Week

New Year Bash Winner
New Year Bash Match



Joey Flash
Crazy J
Kevin Bishop
Teddy Blaze
Jason O'Neal
Tag Team:
Steven Singh /Captain WCF