Live from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan

Slam Intro

“300 Violin Orchestra” hits over the PA system.

Zach Davis: WELL NOW!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! I had a feeling we’d be seeing this guy tonight! What a way to start Slam 400!

The normal pageantry that comes with this entrance is missing. The lights in arena stay lit. There’s no pyro. No suspense. Simply, Jonny Fly walks out onto the stage even before his music picks up to the point in which he typically come out.

Zach Davis: Certainly, a little bit of a different look here for a Jonny Fly introduction.

Fly wastes no time doing his standard poses. The attire is the norm – suit jacket, dress shirt, slacks, and all the accompanying accoutrements. Without hesitation, he moves from the stage down the ramp to ringside. He circles the ring, receives a microphone from the ring announcer, and using the steps in the back-left corner, elevates himself onto the apron. Fly ducks under the top rope and walks to the center of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: This dude looks focused tonight. I wonder what he has in store for us?

Zach Davis: He’s certainly not wasting any time…

Inside the ring, Fly has put the microphone to his lips and begins to talk.

Jonny Fly: Slam 400, huh?

There’s a short cheer from the crowd.

Jonny Fly: What a historic occasion. 400 of these fuckin’ shows. Unbelievable. I should tell you guys, I had big plans tonight. Last month during the PPV you’ll remember I got Seth to agree to a little match that would feature Corey Black against a whole bunch of other people. Seemed fitting to me, to watch Corey Black suffer miserably on the 400th edition of this show. To be as miserable as we’ve been watching him for 400 of these things. But…it’s not going to happen.

Zach Davis: Thank god.

Freddy Whoa: Wait, what, why?

Jonny Fly: There appears to have been some booking issues. Those other guys are too important to waste their night with something as trivial as beating up on Corey Black – which I understand. Mikey is defending the belt he won by going through CD, so he’s done with him. The other guys have better opportunities. Price has a Main Event tonight. I didn’t misspeak, you heard that correctly. It seems I’ve left without what I was promised, which didn’t go over well this afternoon when I got here and confronted Seth. Like a scared child, he basically allowed me to do whatever I wanted to rectify the situation. So – here’s what I want. I want Corey Black to come out to this ring. Right now.

A still comes over the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: Oh shit, this might be about to get interesting.

Zach Davis: I’m not sure why Black would do this. He’s got other things on his plate tonight – and we all know where Fly’s heads at. He wants blood. There’s nothing to be gained by coming out here.

Freddy Whoa: Nah, Zach. Look at that man’s suit. He ain’t tryin’ to dirty that thing up. I don’t think Fly’s here to fight.

Fly stares at the stage for another moment. He scoffs, raises the microphone back up, and makes another plea.

Jonny Fly: Look, it’s this simple. The 400th edition of this show WILL NOT continue until Corey Black comes out and joins me in this ring. CD, don’t be scared. I just want to talk. For the benefit of everyone backstage, be a leader, suck it up, and get out here.

The crowd switches its eyesight from Fly inside the ring, toward the stage, and then back. There’s tension in the air as the seconds tick on by without Corey Black making an appearance.

Freddy Whoa: This sly dude apparently coerced permission from Seth to sabotage this show. It looks like we’re stuck in a waiting game until…

“Spit Out The Bone” begins to play. The crowd immediately rises to their feet. Corey Black immediately walks out onto the stage wearing his ring gear and with a microphone in his hand.

Corey Black: Are you kidding me with this shit, Fly?

Black immediately begins walking down the stage as he talks.

Corey Black: I’m backstage getting ready for my role later tonight and you have the nerve to come out here, halt this show, and make demands of me? OF ME!?

Fly doesn’t respond. But he does smirk, because, well he’s a douchebag and that’s his standard facial expression.

Corey Black: Enough is enough. You got your match at War. What else do you want? I know it’s got to be about Jonny Fly all day every day so…
At this point Black pauses mid-sentence to slide into the ring. He walks straight up to Fly.

Corey Black: …what can I do for you, princess?

Zach Davis: Corey Black is clearly not scared! He’s face to face right now with Jonny Fly!

The crowd begins to make a little noise. Their anxious to see what happens next. Suddenly, Fly’s smirk turns into a full-blown smile.

Jonny Fly: I just want to tell you a story.

Black looks confused.

Jonny Fly: It’s something that I thought I should share with you in person. Now that you’re here, I’d like to tell you this story and then we can our separate way until War. Fair?

Corey Black: Are you kidding me? Screw it, make it quick.

Fly nods his head in agreement.

Jonny Fly: So, I was grocery shopping about two months ago. I was in the hot fry aisle, which is what my local grocer kindly enough – after multiple threats of violence - now labels the snack food section, and I came across just the sweetest old lady – Eleanor.

The smirk has returned.

Jonny Fly: I’m telling you, buddy, you would have loved this lady. A true geriatric dime piece. I don’t know if you’re currently dating or anything, but I think the two of you would really hit it off. She’s about your age, 90 or so, – and height. She might have an inch or two on you, to be honest. Would that be a deal-breaker? If your 90-year-old girlfriend was looking down on you? Wait, no, forget it. I’m getting off topic. If you want to look her up later on SeniorPeopleMeet.com, let me know and I’ll give you her details. The point is this poor lady had a cart full of groceries and she could barely even walk. Being the great and caring person that I am, I took an interest in her plight and started conversation with her. I first asked her why she had to do her own grocery shopping.

Fly pauses for a moment. There’s a hint of sadness on his face.

Jonny Fly: Do you know what she told me? That if you want something done right, you must do it yourself. I replied, “but you’re old.” She just waved me off and told me she was perfectly capable of doing anything for herself. I had to press her further. I asked, “but shouldn’t you be in a nursing home, relaxing, playing cards, and watching soap operas? And why in the hell are you driving? Are you trying to kill people?” She took all my questions in stride and proceeded to complain about her family. Her kids are fuck ups. Her grandkids are lazy and unhelpful. They still call her for things. They’re using her credit for car loans and shit. It’s a sad situation.

She said she’s asked them to get her some things from the store before when she was sick, but they always mess it up. So, she figures its decent exercise. Keeps her moving and keeps her alive – plus, she’ll get the grocery shopping done right. This was an eye-opening experience for me. I didn’t even know old bitches need groceries. I thought they fuckin’ ate food they canned themselves decades earlier and Necco wafers. This lady was in the HOT FRY aisle. Which was a tough break for her, because she had the last bag in the whole place, which I had to forcefully commandeer from her. But on my way out the door with her shit, I reflected on our conversation.

“If you want something done right, you must do it yourself.”

Black interjects.

Corey Black: Is there a point to any of this?

Jonny Fly: Patience, my friend. Of course I have a point. Do you know what occurred on the 300th edition of this show? You received a World Title shot, did you not?

Corey Black: I did.

Jonny Fly: Oh yeah, I bet you remember that. ICE Beckman waxed the mat with you. A beating like that is hard to forget. Do you remember how you got that match?

Corey Black: I…

He’s cut off before he can finish.

Jonny Fly: Nothing. You did nothing of note. Meanwhile, just before Slam 300 Bobby Cairo won War - WAR! - to earn a title shot at Beckman at One. HE HAD TO WIN WAR. Do you know what winning War in 2014 entailed, CD? It meant beating Jonny. Mothfucking. Fly. That’s the literal dictionary entry for the phrase ‘doing the impossible.’ Cairo pinned me in the finals. He prevented me from winning an unprecedented two straight War matches. Now years later, I can see that it was poetic. He won that title shot, and the first War win of his Hall of Fame career, by going through the path of MOST resistance. You – you were handed one. Worse, Cairo had to wait and see if Beckman was actually going to win the match. That’s the guy he wanted. He scraped his ass off in War to face Beckamn, not Black. That was the match of the year…

Fly pauses and shakes his head in disgust.

Jonny Fly: …but there you were. Right in the middle of it. Given a title shot you didn’t deserve. You've never won War. You're good enough. But Bobby Cairo - a better wrestler than you, Logan, or anyone else - on the heels of winning the biggest match of the year 0 had to wait in line for Corey Black to get a title shot he didn't deserve nor earn. Sound familiar? This same shit happened again last month with the Omega title, didn't it? A host of wrestlers earned their way into that match. Then, Corey Black comes out and says he's getting a shot. Just like that!

Fly turns away from CD and looks toward the stage.

Jonny Fly: For all of you in the back - listen to me. You don't have to know me, like me, or respect me. I'm not here for that. I'm not that person. But understand that in a world of untruths, fake news, and misleading statements, what I'm saying is fact. Check the archives. Read up on your history. Corey Black is a leech. He takes what he does not earn or deserve. He doesn't take from me. I've been gone for a long time. He takes from you - and you're letting him do it.

Fly now turns back to Corey Black.

Jonny Fly: I’ve been gone for two years. Nothing has changed. I’m convinced that it will be this way until the end of time. You don’t fool me. I’m not naive. Retiring? Maybe you’ll do less – which is hard considering how little you actually do now – but you’ll be here. If I don’t do anything about it, you’ll die with this place. On your gravestone in the basement of WCF Headquarters, Seth will be standing there asking you if he can dig up your corpse and give it a Hardcore Title shot. Right? What’s more hardcore than a bearded skeleton with a bionic elbow wielding a machete? Buyrates, baby.

Jonny Fly: So, I say, “if you want something done right, you must do it yourself.” This isn’t about our last match, CD. This isn’t about my wrestling career or the way it ended. I’m at peace with MOST of what occurred during and after my career. But this is the exception. I only temporarily stopped this nonsense. I only temporarily stopped you. I see that clearly now. It’s time to finish the job. I’m going to humiliate you in a way that nobody else can. This – CD – is your fate. This is your penance. You’ve had a fun little retirement tour, right? But for you, and you’ll appreciate this, in two weeks – the bell tolls.

Fly brings the microphone down. Corey Black is about to speak, but Fly cuts him off.

Jonny Fly: Shit! I almost forgot….


Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Zach Davis: Jonny Fly just struck Corey Black with a MASSIVE right hand!

Black staggers backward from the blow. He was just a second late trying to deflect. Fly is already back on him. He clubs Black over the head and pushes him into the corner. Fly begins a series of high energy strikes down on to Black’s forehead and nose area. He rears back looking for a little extra for his next punch…

Zach Davis: Black just dropped down and rolled out of the ring!

Indeed, Corey Black has escaped. He stumbles to his feet on the outside and leans against the ringside barrier – facing toward Jonny Fly inside the ring who has just begun to smile.


There’s a familiar figure sitting in the crowd behind where Corey Black is propped up against the barrier. The man swings – or perhaps more accurately – slaps Black with a vicious blow to the back of his head. Corey Black immediately drops to the ground. Fly slides out the ring and the camera swings around to look into the crowd.


Freddy Whoa: …and wouldn’t you know it, my man’s got himself a basket of some delicious lookin’ chicken wings!

That’s right. Orbit has crushed about a half-dozen wings and is currently in the process of licking his fingers clean. Fly approaches the WCF legend, and his own half-brother. The two exchange a way too complicated series of handshakes. As it ends, Orbit hands Fly a chicken wing. He takes another one for himself and the two destroy their wings simultaneously.

Zach Davis: Shades of War 2015 right here, when Fly and Orbit spent the whole evening sitting on the stage eating chicken wings and watching the action.

Freddy Whoa: Oh man, I remember that. Good times!

Steve Orbit: Bro, finish that dude off.

On command from his brother, Jonny Fly discards his chicken wing bone and reaches down and gathers Corey Black. Front-to-front, Fly lifts CD straight up as far as he can, and then takes him right back down to the ringside area with a spinebuster. He pops right back up, jumps onto the apron, and then with two small additional hops finds himself all the way onto the top of the turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: I think we all know where this is headed.

Zach Davis: Oh shit. Come on, Fly. This isn’t necessary. You’re going to get to face him in two weeks! He has to referee a match later today for Christ sake!

Fly leaps from the turnbuckle, contorting his body into a missile-like position. Cameras across the arena begin to snap and for a moment – we’re frozen in time. Jonny Fly glides through mid-air taking aim down upon Corey Black all the way down at ringside. As he falls he strikes the heart of Corey Black with his head and body weight.

Freddy Whoa: THE. FLY. SWATTER.

Zach Davis: Unreal. Just a completely cowardice attack.

Fly rolls off Corey Black and immediately rises to his feet. Smirking again, he looks down at CD who’s writhing around on the ground holding his chest in pain. Satisfied, for now, Fly turns and begins his walk back up the ramp.

Zach Davis: These two men will see each other again at War. If I know anything about Corey Black, it’s that he’s the most resilient wrestler we’ve ever seen in this company. This attack is only going to fuel him. That’s for damn sure.

Freddy Whoa: In an unrelated note, do you think if I go over and say hello, Orbit will hook me up with one of those wings?

Agimat vs Red Dragon vs Bryan Devlin

Freddy Whoa: I'm looking forward to the first match here at Slam 400, Zach, as we've got three big debuts, including the first WCF appearance of Kyle O' Reilly and Bobby Fish, better known as the tag team of Red Dragon!

Zach Davis: That's . . . not even close to accurate. You've confused the tag team, reDRagon, which consists of two men, with the wrestler getting ready to make his WCF debut, Red Dragon, who is one man.

Freddy Whoa: Wait, so you mean that the tag team is reDRagon and not Red Dragon?

Zach Davis: That's correct.

Freddy Whoa: What in the world does "re-dragon" mean? Like they've dragoned in the past and now they're going to dragon again?

Zach Davis: You're getting sidetracked. Let's just focus on kicking off the in-ring action on this most historic of shows!

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a triple threat match that is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first . . .

As the intro to "War of Change" by Thousand Foot Krutch plays, the lights go dim. As the third line of the song is sung, Agimat enters with arms outstretched. White lights strobe in random places in the crowd in tune with the guitar as he makes his way to the ring, giving high-fives to some fans. By the time the chorus hits, Agimat is on the top turnbuckle, pointing to the ceiling before stretching his arms with eyes closed, as if to absorb the energy of the fans who came to see him.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in this evening at 187 pounds and originally hailing from Manila in the Philippines but now residing in Yorktown, Virginia, he is . . . Agimat!

Zach Davis: This young masked man is not only making his debut for the WCF but is also wrestling his first match for a major U.S.-based promotion, as he has previously competed in Mexico and Japan.

Freddy Whoa: And you can tell he's proud of his Filipino heritage and ready to represent his home country on a major stage.

The arena fades to almost complete darkness as lightning flashes on the video wall. Thunderclaps are heard as "All the Devil's Toys" by Deathstars begins to play throughout the arena. Lightning continues to flash on the video wall as a cemetery is panned through. The stage erupts in flames as Red Dragon rises to the stage from below. Around his waist is the SAW Heavyweight Title belt and on his right shoulder is the PWI Heavyweight Title belt. Scanning the crowd, he grins and begins a slow walk towards the ring as a blood red spotlight is on him. Once at ringside he slides under the bottom rope and rolls up to his feet as a Pentagram appears in the middle of the ring. Fire erupts from all four corner post as he takes the title belts off, putting them in the corner before leaning against the ropes with the bloody femur in his hands waiting on his opponent.

Kyle Steel: And his first opponent, hailing from parts unknown and weighing 237 pounds, he is the "Minister of Darkness" Red Dragon!

Freddy Whoa: Where does one purchase a bloody femur in Japan?

Zach Davis: I'm going to hope that the answer is the butcher and that we're looking at a cow's femur.

"Breakdown of Sanity" by Restless plays as Bryan Devlin walks out from the back, flipping off the fans. When he gets into the ring, he climbs to the second rope and yells out, "Simply Better!"

Kyle Steel: And finally, hailing from Miami, Florida, and weighing in at 145 pounds, here is Bryan Devlin!

Zach Davis: Devlin is coming into this match with a pretty decided size disadvantage, standing only 5'5" and giving up close to 100 pounds to Red Dragon.

The bell sounds. All three men circle the ring for a few moments, each one of them looking for an opening to make the first maneuver. After a few moments, Agimat and Devlin shoot a knowing look at each other and simultaneously charge at Red Dragon, with Agimat throwing a series of tae kwon do-inspired kicks to Dragon's left leg while Devlin chops him across the chest.

Zach Davis: It looks like we might have a little bit of an alliance forming early on, which makes some sense, because the Minister of Darkness is significantly larger than both of his opponents.

After a few more strikes, Devlin and Agimat cooperate in whipping Red Dragon off of the ropes, and, when the Dragon bounces back, Devlin catches him with a forearm, which Agimat follows with a running European uppercut. The big man goes down and rolls underneath the bottom rope to catch a breather. Agimat walks over the ropes and looks down over them at his fallen opponent, engaging in a little bit of trash talk.

Zach Davis: Bryan Devlin and Agimat have been successful as a unit so far, but what is going to happen when they have to face off against each other?

As if to answer that question, while Agimat has his back turned to Devlin, the undersized heel from Miami comes up behind the Filipino star, grabs him by the back of the mask, and yanks him backwards, slamming his head down into the mat.

Freddy Whoa: Well, there's the answer to that question! Bryan Devlin is not going to be playing nice here!

Not having taken much offense in the match up to this point, Agimat is quick to roll off of his back and on to his knees, but, as soon as he does, Devlin is ready to meet him with a basement dropkick that sends Agigmat falling back down to the mat. Seeking to wear down his opponent, Devlin slides over and applies an armbar.

Zach Davis: Now we've got Devlin trying to set his own pace for the matchup, maintaining dominance over Agimat while Red Dragon continues to regroup on the outside.

Freddy Whoa: Devlin can try to control whatever he wants, but I don't think that his plan will work for too long if it fails to account for the big, angry lizard man who could reinsert himself into this battle at any time!

Putting his technical acumen to good use, Agimat makes several attempts at reversing the armbar, but Devlin is no slouch in that department either and manages to keep the hold applied. Eventually, Agimat is forced to take a different tactic and reaches his left leg out to the ring ropes managing to place his toes on the bottom strand.

Zach Davis: Our official is asking Devlin to give a clean break on the armbar now, and you have to wonder if he'll be willing to do that after we saw him cheap shot Agimat earlier.

Before we can find out the answer to that question, Red Dragon reaches into the ring from the outside and grabs the leg of Agimat that is touching the bottom rope. Dragon begins pulling on the limb and eventually freeing Agimat from Devlin's grasp and yanking him out to the arena floor.

Freddy Whoa: Did Red Dragon just give the assist to Agimat?

Zach Davis: I guess that masked men have to stick together.

Just as we thought Dragon might be assisting his opponent, he grabs Agi and plants him with a huge running powerslam on the arena floor.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! That'll have Agimat coughing up his dinuguan!

Zach Davis: Careful, Freddy, remarks like that could be seen as being culturally insensitive.

With Agimat now being crushed Agi-flat, Red Dragon climbs up on to the ring apron and seeks to reenter the ring. However, before he can do that, Bryan Devlin jumps upon on to the second rope and from there springboards into a knee strike to the side of Red Dragon's head. The big man falls backwards like a redwood, careening off the apron and down to the floor, where he lies flat on his back next to Agimat.

Freddy Whoa: And, just like that, the smallest man in the match is standing tall over both of his opponents!

Bryan Devlin: Count 'em, ref!

Freddy Whoa: Wait, what?

Zach Davis: You don't often see this in a triple threat match, but with both Agimat and Red Dragon down on the floor of Korakuen Hall, referee Stanley Moser is applying the count to them!


Freddy Whoa: Is that even supposed to happen under these rules?


Zach Davis: I'm not entirely certain, but, as they often say in wrestling, the referee's decision is final!


Agimat begins to stir and uses the ring skirt to pull himself up to his knees, then slapping his right hand down on the ring apron. As soon as that happens, Bryan Devlin runs forward and stamps his boot down flat over Agimat's fingers.

Zach Davis: Well, that just seemed brutal and unnecessary.

Freddy Whoa: It might not have been the smartest move if Devlin was trying to get a double count out victory, either, because it caused the referee to break his count.

Zach Davis: It may also have broken one or more of Agimat's fingers.

While Agimat tends to his newly-injured hand, Red Dragon begins to stir, getting up to his knees, which puts his face into the perfect position for Devlin to run forward and catch him with a baseball slide dropkick. However, before Devlin can stand up following the move, Agimat runs forward and grabs Devlin's leg pulling him out of the ring and dropping them so that he falls and lands on top of Red Dragon.

Zach Davis: So much for Bryan Devlin's little reign of dominance there.

Agimat wastes no time in running over to the ring steps and climbing to the top of them and leaping off with a splash on to both of his opponents, who are piled up on the floor.

Freddy Whoa: Miniature frog splash!

Zach Davis: Bryan Devlin took some damage there, as Agimat landed on him, but Red Dragon probably got it even worse, because he was caught underneath both of his opponents!

Perhaps unexpectedly after taking such a significant amount of offense from his opponents, Red Dragon begins stirring. Despite the fact that he has two men laying on him, he begins to stand, simultaneously holding both of his opponents in a bodyslam position.

Freddy Whoa: WHAT THE HELL?!

Zach Davis: How in the world is Red Dragon summoning in the strength to do this? It's like he recuperated out of nowhere!

The Dragon runs forward, crushing both of his opponents into the ringpost, with Agimat's back connecting with the steel and Devlin getting sandwiched in between Agimat and the Dragon. The big man then rolls both of his smaller oponnets into the ring, where he makes sure that Agimat is laying down face first in the ring and Devlin is laying down face first on top of Agimat.

Zach Davis: I don't think that this is going to end well for either Agimat or Bryan Devlin . . .

Red Dragon straddles both of his prone opponents and grabs their heads underneath his right arm, then sitting down and pulling back on the men, simultaneously holding them both in a torturous hybrid of the camel clutch and the dragon sleeper.

Zach Davis: He calls that the Carnage Clutch!

Both Devlin and Agimat almost immediately begin tapping out.

Kyle Steel: The winner of this match, as the result of a submission, RED DRAGON!

World Champion Returns

The lights go dark in the entire arena causing a chill to rush over the WCF Galaxy and suddenly red fog bellows out of the stage. A cloaked figure rises through the fog and stands covered in a black shroud. Wailing screams can be heard and three hooded women in white cloaks run to the shrouded figure and they begin to tear its shroud away. As they finish ripping it away, they scurry off to the back leaving a man standing with his face painted white with black circles over his eyes and black streaks down his face. His hood rests softly on his head and he stands for a minute watching the fans in attendance.

Zach Davis: Is that who I think it is partner?

Freddy Whoa: I think we're about to find out for sure.

Event Horizon by Stitched Up Heart plays and the cloaked figure pulls open his robe showing off his UCI World Heavyweight Championship.

Zach Davis: It’s UCI’s World champion here at Slam 400! It looks like Kevin Bishop has returned to WCF.

Freddy Whoa: WAR always brings them back, you know that Davis.

Zach Davis: The second longest reigning People’s Champion has been gone but he’s definitely been active if that title around his waist is any kind of indication.

Kevin spreads his arms as he walks down the ramp and the fans in attendance are yelling out at him. Kevin circles the ring and stands by the stairs for a second to take in the crowd's admiration.

Zach Davis: Looks like his people missed him in a WCF ring.

Kevin grabs a microphone off the stairs and quickly gets into the ring. He pats his title belt and takes to the center of the ring. As he slowly lifts the microphone he is taken back by the fans cheering.

Crowd: Wel-Come Back! Wel-Come Back!

Kevin calms the crowd with his hands.

Kevin Bishop: WAR!!!

The fans pop.

Kevin Bishop: Every year THIS is the moment every superstar new and old tries to make their mark. It calls us to it like a seductive siren making false promises of opportunities that can be had. Only a select few can claim that this grand prize has paid off for them… The likes of Mace, Hellz Angel, Logan three freaking times, my boy Gravedigger, Epic, Skyler Striker, Slickie T, Johnny Reb, Jeff Purse, Jonny Fly, Bobby Cairo, Jay Omega, and last year Joey Flash… WELL I'm back to add my name to that illustrious list! My return has BEEN FORETOLD!

Kevin unstraps his title belt and he holds it up to the crowd.

Kevin Bishop: You WILL see the UCI World champion versus the WCF World champion! It starts with me being the last man standing at WAR!

Kevin stands taking in the roar from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Bold words from UCI’s World Champion, declaring his inevitable victory at WAR.

Freddy Whoa: WAR brings them all back and we are happy to have The King of The Brotherhood answer the call.

Alpha Title Match
Battle Royal
Taylor Wright vs Rumpke vs Johnny Alpha vs Luke Force vs Jim Brantelli vs Udy

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is an over-the-top battle royal! It will determine the WCF Alpha Championship!! Please give a round of applause for our three officials this evening.

First WCF’s senior official Stanly Moser!!!

The crowd does not give a shit as there is almost no reaction.

And now our 2 guest referees, please give a warm welcome to Boxing Hall of Fame referees… Mills Lane and Richard Steele!

The crowd explodes, these Japanese fans are quite familiar with the work of these men, as the popularity of boxing in Japan exploded in the early 90’s.

Music that sounds like that of a confident man breaks the silence as Johnny Alpha struts down the aisle as he if he were the Emperor of Japan. He exudes confidence as he approaches the ring.

Kyle Steel: Our first contestant is from Atlanta, Georgia. He weighs 235 pounds and stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall. Ladies and gentlemen…Johnny Alpha!!

The crowd is generally pumped. The 400th Slam is clearly an event these fans are celebrating. They boo as Alpha struts to the ring.

Zach Davis: Alpha has been on a bit of a losing streak lately. It’s nice to see he still has that high level of confidence.

Freddy Whoa: He hasn’t picked up his first win here in WCF, but this guy has had success all over the world. It is only a matter of time before he breaks through and gets that win.

Zach Davis: And once he does, he could really be a dominant figure here in WCF.

The lights goes out. Demonic Chants mashed with a howl is heard before blue pyro explode. "The Evil within/psycho break theme song Long Way Down" by Gary Numan starts plays (titantron shows weird demonic signs and figures). Blue smoke fills the arena and spot light focuses on a figure on one knee. Udy howls by as another set of blue pyro explode. Udy makes his way slowly down the aisle before rolling in and kneels at middle of ring. Howls again as light comes back and music fades.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen! This is UDY!!!!

Zach Davis: Udy has had an interesting couple of weeks lately.

Freddy Whoa: He won his singles match against Wolf, but couldn’t put together victories in his tag match and his 4-way dance last week.

Zach Davis: No time like the present to get back in the winner’s column

"We Are" by American Nightmare pumps through the PA system. The light dims into a purple light hue and smoke fills up the ramp leading to the ring. Halfway on the ramp slowly The Hellraiser Jim Brantelli and Joey Tanner come from the ground up. The arena goes completely black for a couple seconds. As the light turn back on Jim and Joey on each turnbuckle posing with an arm raised up as the crowd cheers and woo.

Zach Davis: Speaking of the winner’s column, Brantelli has found himself there a couple of times lately.

Freddy Whoa: He seems to be a Battle Royal specialist. He not only won a 6-man, but also a 10-man battle royal.

Zach Davis: At this rate he is primed to win a 14-man battle royal!

Freddy Whoa: He won’t need to win a 14 man battle royal, just this 6-man.

Zach Davis: I think if you told Jim Brantelli that he would be one battle royal win away from becoming the Alpha Champion, I think he would be down with that.

FREDDY WHOA: True, but look at how he just got into the ring. He couldn’t use his right shoulder at all. I’m pretty sure that is a result of his match against Rumpke against a week ago.

Zach Davis: Even if you’re the king of the battle royal, it’s not good to come into one with a shoulder injury.

Last call for Alcohol by Hardcore Superstar hits the P.A. System. Moments later, Rumpke emerges from behind the curtain drinking a bottle of Kentucky Cornshine and a second bottle in his other hand. He walks down to the ring and kills the one bottle before he reaches the steps. Rumpke stands at the bottom of the steps. He looks down momentarily and then looks up at his opponent before the second bottle is opened. Rumpke raises the bottle up briefly before he goes into a long chug. Before we know it the second bottle is gone and Rumpke is walking up the steps as glares at his opponent. From there, Rumpke climbs into the ring and awaits the beginning of the match.

Freddy Whoa: This is the only man who comes into this match on a winning streak.

Zach Davis: Is winning your debut really considered a winning streak?

Freddy Whoa: I’m just saying that a winning streak is a winning streak, and he is on one.

The lights in the arena go out, a mock 7-11 logo that says “kickin ass 24-7” appears on the jumbo screen. A singular green tinted spotlight shines to Luke “The Irresistible” Force standing on the entrance ramp as smoke surrounds him. He has the FUTV Championship belt slung over his left shoulder. “Irresistible Force” by The Too Skinnee J’s begins to play. As the beat kicks into high gear, pyro explodes as Luke busts through the smoke from the pyro and down the ramp. The spotlight follows Luke to ringside where he pauses and surveys the scene. He hops to the apron, with his back to the ropes and facing the crowd, Luke raises his arms in concert with the pyro. Luke enters the ring with the arena stilled blacked out except for the spotlight on Luke. He climbs to the second rope and raises his arms again and the house lights flash on as the ring pyro explodes. As Luke stretches his massive arms out and extends his chest as if he were going to beat on it, we see him in on his glory against the house lights. The house lights go out, and Luke heads to the middle of the ring still in the spotlight.

Zach Davis: Jerk alert! Jerk alert!

Freddy Whoa: Relax Zack, what did Force ever do to you?

Zach Davis: He exists, that’s enough. He’s a windbag, who talks about himself all day, every day.

Freddy Whoa: He is the FUTV Champion.

Zach Davis: Stop calling him that! It’s a made-up title. He bought the belt and crowned himself.

Taylor Wright enters the arena while "Hell Song" by Sum 41 plays. He walks to the ring with authority and slides under the bottom rope waiting for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Taylor Wright has seen some success here lately, especially when it comes to tag matches. He and Pascal Bale have been unbeatable lately as a tag team.

Freddy Whoa: He also has a recent singles win over Jim Brantelli. I wonder of Brantelli will have revenge on his mind.

Zach Davis: I think that answers your question

JIM BRANTELLI rushes right toward TAYLOR WRIGHT and hits him with a running forearm that sends him to the outside through the second rope, JIM BRANTELLI Follows and lands a boot to head. JIM BRANTELLI Gives a few more kicks to the skull before picking the dazed TAYLOR WRIGHT.

Inside the ring, Johnny Alpha has paired up with UDY and the two are going toe to toe in the middle of the ring. They are taking turns delivering closed fist punches to the head. They take turns, each getting about 10 punches in before UDY decides he has had enough and kicks JOHNNY ALPHA In the gut. This doubles ALPHA over and this sets him up perfectly for a DDT from UDY.

LUKE FORCE and RUMPKE look at each other and Luke begins to head to the outside to avoid RUMPKE. RUMPKE sees what Luke is up to and rushes him. He connects with a knee to the back that sends Luke against the ropes and then stumbling back where he crashes into ALPHA and UDY. ALPHA sees the fallen FORCE and pounces on him with some ground and pound punches.

Zach Davis: Look at Alpha! He is really taking it to LUKE FORCE. He looks like a new man

Freddy Whoa: This guy is the most improved wrestler in the WCF! How did that happen?

Zach Davis: Well he took a small break from WCF and trained all over the world. This new Johnny Alpha is the product of that.

Back on the outside, JIM BERTELLI has TAYLOR WRIGHT up and delivers a super kick with a smack to the side of the head. TAYLOR WRIGHT would have fallen but JIM BERTELLI Grabbed him and rolled him back into the ring. He rolls directly into UDY who tries for a kick to head but TAYLOR WRIGHT Is able to roll out the way and sweep UDY’s leg bringing him to the canvas. TAYLOR WRIGHT Uses seating heel kicks to beat the body and chest of UDY. These quick kicks allow TAYLOR WRIGHT to get to his feet and land a knee drop on UDY. TAYLOR WRIGHT delivers a pair of elbow drops before he picks UDY up.

Zach Davis: Wright has UDY by the neck and he tosses him over the top rope. Looks like UDY is the first..

Freddy Whoa: No, UDY rolled back in under the bottom rope. I don’t think Wright knows that UDY is still in.

Zach Davis: If he turns around he’ll find out

TAYLOR WRIGHT did find out, as soon as he turned around, UDY’s forearm was bashing against WRIGHT’s forehead. TAYLOR WRIGHT is back on the mat and as UDY moves into capitalize he is introduced to RUMPKE’s left knee. Although stunned, UDY is still standing and RUMPKE nails him with a snap suplex. Before RUMPKE can get to his feet his head is nearly kicked off of it’s neck with a boot from Johnny Alpha. Alpha immediately picks RUMPKE and hits the Alpha Crusher, his version of a swinging neckbreaker. ALPHA bounces up to administer more offense when he met by a Superkick from LUKE FORCE. This sends ALPHA crashing against the turnbuckle and then crumbling to the mat. Luke now approaches UDY and nails him with a Forcedriver, a variation of a cradle piledriver. FORCE is back to his feet to choose his next victim from the four who lay motionless on the mat.

Freddy Whoa: Luke thinks he has time pick and choose. He doesn’t. Brantelli is on the top rope, Luke doesn’t see him. Oh snap!

Zach Davis: Yes, nice!! I mean..oh my, Luke really took that dropkick from the top rope hard. He has joined the fallen four on the mat and now Brantelli is shopping for someone to administer pain to.

BERTELLI chooses FORCE and he starts with a swift kick to the head. He goes to pick LUKE up by the hair with his right shoulder but winces in pain when he tries. LUKE is able to take advantage with an arm bar that FORCE rolls into crossface chicken wing, putting maximum stress on the shoulder. BERTELLI unsuccessfully reaches for the ropes, but FORCE just cinches in the hold. RUMPKE is back up and slowly, like a drunk, sizes up the situation he decides the best course of action would be to land a body splash equally on FORCE and BERTELLI providing equal pain and anguish for both victims. BERTELLI is flopping on the canvas like fish because of the pain his shoulder is in. RUMPKE celebrates by simulating as if her taking shots of liquor and then looks for FORCE. LUKE has slipped out of the ring through the bottom rope. As he stands on the outside he is pelted with Sapparo bottles, chopsticks and both empty and half full food containers.

Zach Davis: You’ve got to love it! The Irresistible Coward tries to slide out of the ring and the Japanese fans are having none of it. Look at all of the trash. Wow, someone just threw a completely full trash bag at Luke.

Freddy Whoa: Who the hell brings a full trash bag to a wrestling match? Well, it certainly is a quality trash bag. It stayed tied and didn’t break on impact

Simultaneously, UDY has reached his feet and is really taking in to TAYLOR WRIGHT. He is in complete control of WRIGHT. He delivers two stunners followed by and Uranage and a powerbomb. UDY is jacked up. He sprints against the ropes prepping for a running elbow drop….

As UDY connects with the ropes FORCE pulls on the rope to get back in the ring. UDY goes flying over the top rope and right on the floor crushing a few food cartons as he lands and slides into the guardrail. Guest referee RICHARD STEELE gives STANLEY MOSER the elimination signal and MOSER signals to KYLE STEEL. The knowledgeable Japanese wrestling cheer loudly for UDY because of the great effort he gave.

Kyle Steel: at 11 minutes and 23 seconds, UDY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. There are 5 contestants remaining. Five contestants remaining.

Zach Davis: That, that right there is why I hate Luke Force. He shouldn’t even be on the outside and that cost Udy the match. It looked to me that Udy was poised to win this thing. I wouldn’t want to be Luke Force after this match. Udy is going to want his revenge.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t think any rules were broken. Except maybe that fan bringing a bag of trash to the arena., Ouch! But that cannonball Alpha just gave to Taylor Wright may have broken something.

ALPHA works on an already depleted Taylor Wright and RUMPKE decides to join in and double team WRIGHT. A double suplex and then a double backdrop. RUMPKE whips WRIGHT into ALPHA for a clothesline and ALPHA does the same for RUMPKE. BRANTELLI has managed to pull himself out of the corner with his one good hand and delivers a series of boots to LUKE FORCE’s head as LUKE slides back into the ring. He allows LUKE to get to his knees and give him a punter’s kick right to the solar plexis. This drops LUKE to the canvas. BERTELLI uses his good arm to lift LUKE up by the hair. LUKE is clearly dazed, and does not appear top notice BERTELLI charging at him prepping for a monster clothesline. But LUKE does notice and ducks out of the way sending BERTELLI over the top rope.

Zach Davis: Bertelli is ou..no wait, he hooked the rope with his left arm and saved himself, he rolls back into the ring as Mills Lane gives the all good sign to Stanley Moser.

Freddy Whoa: Great job of Bertelli saving himself. He’s going back after a dazed Luke Force.

LUKE isn’t as dazed as he appeared and he meets Bertelli with a Foot of Force super kick that stops Bertelli in his tracks but does not drop him. FORCE wind up for another Foot of Force and this one lands directly on the forehead and opens up a gash above BERTELLI’s right eye. BERTELLI collapses into the corner. RUMPKE sees this and heads directly toward the bleeding BERTELLI. Foot stomps to the already bloody BERTELLI only increase the size of the gash above his eye. JOHNNY ALPHA is sizing up TAYLOR WRIGHT, but it takes too long and LUKE hits a reverse DDT to ALPHA. A spared wright joins FORCE in double teaming ALPHA. FORCE holds ALPHA up while WRIGHT punches him the face. FORCE tosses ALPHA to WRIGHT as if he were a bag of laundry. WRIGHT holds ALPHA so FORCE can get about 10 punches to the face. As the last punch connects, WRIGHT lets go of ALPHA and he crumbles to the canvas. WRIGHT and FORCE takes turns stomping on the helpless JOHNNY ALPHA. WRIGHT picks the limp carcass of ALPHA and says something to LUKE.

Zach Davis: Force and Wright are working well together and that does not bode well for Johnny Alpha. Luke is holding Alpha up and Taylor Wright is running at full speed toward them! He lands his running knee to the Alpha’s dome, that’s the Wright Stuff, Forces suggests he do it again, and he does. Luke picks Alpha up again and again he suggests Wright give a third Wright Stuff

Freddy Whoa: The first time was a great time, second time was a blast, third time…Luke drops Alpha and crushes Wright with a clothesline!

Zach Davis: Did you just work the lyrics from “Right Stuff” by the New Kids on the Block into your commentary.

Freddy Whoa: Actually the song title is “You Got It”, but yeah those boys had talent. Look, that clothesline really hurt Taylor, but he is ‘Hangin Tough’.

Zach Davis: Please stop!

Freddy Whoa: ‘You Got It’, but ‘Step by Step’ Luke is getting closer to Wright.

Luke gets to WRIGHT and picks him up and delivers a snap suplex, a knee drop, and another knee drop. ALPHA apprears to be out cold and RUMPKE and BERTELLI are going at in the corner as each man take his turn hitting the other in the face. After about the sixth blow, BERTELLI runs against the ropes and lands a knee to RUMPKE’s face that instantly busts his head open and blood is flowing. BERTELLI is clearly thrilled about the blood and attempts a reverse DDT, but RUMPKE is able to reverse it into an armbar putting a lot of pressure on BERTELLI’s injured shoulder. BERTELLI shrieks in pain.

Zach Davis: I’m not saying Bertelli would give up if he could, but he can’t so he won’t.

Freddy Whoa: You know who else can’t give up? Alpha, he is still out cold. Looks like Luke is prepping Wright for something vicious.

Luke smashes WRIGHT with a Forcedriver, his cradled brainbuster. WRIGHT is nearly deadweight as LUKE whips him into the ropes. At this moment ALPHA has stumbled to his feet. ALPHA looks like the escaped prisoner who comes up through the manhole in the middle of the highway as he sees WRIGHT barreling toward him. By instinct ALPHA ducks and gives WRIGHT a back bod drop that sends WRIGHT over the top rope and onto the floor. Special referee MILLS LANE gives the sign to STANLEY MOSER, MOSER gives the sign to KYLE STEEL.

Kyle Steel: at 14 minutes and 18 seconds, TAYLOR WRIGHT HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. There are 4 contestants remaining. Four contestants remaining.

Freddy Whoa: The final four! Only Luke Force, Johnny Alpha, Jim Bertelli and Rumpke still remain!

Zach Davis: These men are exhausted. 15 minutes of battle and they are spent. Luke is headed toward Johnny Alpha, lookout Johnny!

ALPHA still appears out of it, almost unaware that he just eliminated someone. LUKE approaches Johnny and we learn what we already knew, appearances can be deceiving. ALPHA is not all that dazed after all and kicks Luke in the gut, followed by a curb stomp and then a knee to the back of Luke’s head. JOHNNY is on fire and the crowd is seemingly supporting him. ALPHA is feeding off of their energy and sets LUKE up for the Alpha Driver Handlock Piledriver, like Cesaro’s neutralizer, only it ends up in a piledriver. He has LUKE up and has his hands locked in position.

Zach Davis: Yes, yes, yes! He did it he hit Luke with his finisher! The crowd loves it. Now he has to find a way to get Force over the top rope.

Freddy Whoa: He has Luke by the hair and Force appears to not know where he is. Alpha rears back and tosses Luke over the top rope! Luke can’t hang on to the rope and he is out!

Zach Davis: Yes. Yes. Yes. And now Mills Lane gives…th..s…Why is special guest referee Mills Lane not giving Stanley Moser the sign that Luke is out?

Freddy Whoa: I just don’t know. From our vantage point here at ring we see what looks to be an unconscious Luke Force sort of bent over the apron. We are on the other side of the ring and don’t have the same vantage point as Mills Lane so we…

(Zack interrupts)

Zach Davis: I think I’m gonna be sick. Look at your monitor Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Unbelievable! Luke Force is essentially out cold being supported by the ring apron, but his feet are firmly planted on that bag of garbage that a fan threw at his earlier. Mills Lane is right to not to make the call, Luke’s feet have not touched the ground!

JOHNNY does not realize that LUKE is not out of the match. And he heads over the fracas that the other two are involved in BERTELLI is still in the clutches of the arm bar and he is on the brink of passing out. ALPHA drops and elbow directly on BERTELLI’s shoulder that causes RUMPKE to break the hold.

Zach Davis: Bertelli’s shoulder does not look the same shape as it did about 20 minutes ago.

Freddy Whoa: Everything changes in a battle royal. Look, here is Johnny Alpha and Rumpke working together to push Bertelli over the top, and they got him! Mills Lane is right there and he lets Stanly Moser know.

Kyle Steel: at 22 minutes and22 seconds, JIM BERTELLI HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. There are 3 contestants remaining. Three contestants remaining.

Zach Davis: I don’t think Rumpke and Alpha heard or understood what Kyle Steel just said, he just said there 3 remaining. And look at what that snake Luke Force just did.

Freddy Whoa: You say snake, I say brilliant. He just slid back into the ring and slid right back out. And he did it without the other two knowing He established himself back into the ring and returned to the outside under the bottom rope, so he is free to roam around. I’ll bet he’s thrilled that a fan threw a bag of garbage at him now.

Zach Davis: I’m ot

RUMPKE gloats for a second as he watches someone who has become both a rival and “blood brother” over the past few weeks writhe on the floor in pain. RUMPKE is done gloating over BERTELLI and turns round to find ALPHA, RUMPKE is too late, ALPHA has found RUMPKE with a running dropkick that sends RUMPKE directly over the top and to the floor. RICHARD STEELE is emphatic as is STANLEY MOSER

Kyle Steel: at 25 minutes and 42 seconds, RUMPKE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. There are 2 contestants remaining. Two contestants.

AN exhausted ALPHA slumps in the middle of the ring as he awaits STANLEY MOSER to present him the ALPHA Championship belt. Too tired to stand or even open his eyes. He waits. As he waits. KYLE STEEL speaks up again.

Kyle Steel: Ahem, cough cough. Ladies and Gentlemen. There are…

LUKE FORCE smacks the mic out of STEEL’s hand, grabs the Alpha Title belt and slides into the ring. He approaches ALPHA as if he is going to be the one to present him the belt. Luke reaches out for a congratulatory handshake and instead drops the belt and nails ALPHA with and FU – Luke’s RKO – that lands right on the belt. Luke immediately picks ALPHA up and tosses him over the top rope onto the floor. Slowly, and with very little excitement, Kyle Steel speaks.


The crowd is enraged, and they again pelt LUKE with garbage as he snatches the now bloodied Alpha Championship, insists on a quick hand raise from a reluctant Moser, and high tails it out the Tokyo Dome.

Zach Davis: I am both saddened and disgusted. Let’s get a crew in here to sweep up this garbage.

Omega Title Contendership Match
Kyle Kemp vs Trey Carter

"Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and Kyle Kemp walks out slowly to the top of the stage. He stands with his arms out and soaks in boos from the crowd. He slowly saunters his way down to the ring, taunting the fans. He walks up the steps and gets in the ring with a smile and just leans on one of the turnbuckles, indifferent to anything that anyone is saying to him and waiting for the match to start. The fans hate how he's not responding to them and continue to boo louder.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the first contestant stands at six feet, five inches tall and weighs 208 and pounds. He comes back to us from Chicago Illinois, please welcome Kyle Kemp!!

Kemp get a few applause from the crowd, most likely out of sympathy for his recent family tragedy. Mostly, however, the response is negative.

The arena goes dark as the music begins to play. The silhouette of Trey slowly walks down the ramp, almost dragging like a zombie. Trey stops in the middle of the ramp as the song starts to climax. He bends to his knees as he's engulfed in bright red smoke. When "Doomsday" is heard in the song, the lights in the arena continuously flash red. The fog clears and Trey emerges. Trey has an evil smile on his face as he continues down the ramp and climbs into the ring. Trey takes his time traveling to the middle of the ring and hunches over so that his arms are dangling towards his feet. All of a sudden he straightens out with his head looking up and his arms extended and pointing at either side while the turnbuckles shoot out pyro. He stands in the middle and laughs maliciously.

Kyle Steel: And from Anaheim, California weighing 220 pounds and standing 6 feet five inches tall. This is Trey Carter.

Again, a mixed reaction, some in the crowd respect his recent run as of late, but many still dislike him.

KYLE KEMP Wastes no time in getting his return underway as he lands a belly to belly right off the bat and then two crushing elbow drops.

Zach Davis: Wow, doesn’t look like any ring rust tonight. Kemp looks impressive.

FW: Well that knee drop very well may have left an impression on Carter’s face.

KYLE KEMP Continues to connect on moves of all kinds. From drop kicks, to t-bone suplexes. KYLE KEMP Is move after move on TREY CARTER. Not surprisingly, KYLE KEMP Attempts a pinfall




Zach Davis: Carter kicked out but Kemp still has the advantage and lands a nice European Uppercut.

Freddy Whoa: I must say that am surprised at the lack of ring rust in Kyle Kemp, he seems right on point tonight.

Zach Davis: You know I can never figure Trey Carter out. One second he is completely out of it and the next he all over his opponent. Strange days indeed.

KYLE KEMP Continues his assault with a piledriver and then a legdrop onto the back of CARTER’s head. KEMP hurls CARTER into the corner where is crumbles. KYLE KEMP Takes some time to let the crowd know that he is better than they are.TREY CARTER stumbles out of the corner, clearly very dazed on his feet. CARTER stumbles towards KYLE KEMP. KYLE KEMP sets him up into a front face lock. But TREY CARTER pushes him off, and he runs towards KYLE KEMP. KEMP ducks under, jumps up, and connects with a Pele kick to the back of the head of TREY CARTER. The sound of boot hitting the back of his head makes a loud sound, and CARTER falls to a knee, KEMP gets to his feet, and he hooks up TREY CARTER to his feet. He lifts him up, and drops him face first into the mat with an impaler DDT. KEMP pushes CARTER onto his back. KEMP goes into the cover on CARTER. The ref goes into position.




Zach Davis: KEMP really thought he had enough to get the 3 count there, but he didn’t, he is back to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Is Trey Carter laughing?

Zach Davis: You know what, I think he is laughing. It looks like he talking to someone. Who is he talking to?

Freddy Whoa: Do you mean, WHAT, is he talking to?

KYLE KEMP Shrugs off the fact that CARTER is having conversation with someone who we can’t see and approaches CARTER who is still on the ground. As he leans in the pick up CARTER, TREY lands a quick throat chop that sends KYLE KEMP Reeling. An immediate DDT follows, and then a second rope axe handle smash. A few swift kicks all about KEMP’s body send him back to the canvas and CARTER is moving with catlike reflexes, not like a man who spent the last few minutes on the wrong end of a beatdown. German Suplexes are followed by an atomic drop and a belly to belly.

Freddy Whoa: Do you see CARTER’s eyes? They look different, I’ve been saying it for weeks. If this were baseball, he would banned for PED’s.

Zach Davis: Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Freddy Whoa: No, a Performance Enhancing Demon

With KYLE KEMP On the mat CARTER climbs to the top rope and waits for KYLE KEMP To recover just enough to stand. When he does CARTER lands the Crimson Knox - CARTER’s top rope Superman punch – Oddly the move seemed to as much out of CARTER as it did KYLE KEMP. Rather than go for a pinfall or even a follow up move TREY CARTER is attempting to shake the cobwebs out of his head. His face look tired like it just woke from a dream. Whereas in past weeks CARTER has seemed exhausted when he comes out of the “altered states” this time, although he appears a little dazed, he looks rested, his eyes , however, look empty.

Zach Davis: That dropkick directly to CARTER’s head should help get some cobwebs out.

Freddy Whoa: What on earth, or not on earth is Trey Carter going through.

Zach Davis: He’s going through the second rope, because KK! Just dropkicked him through it.

On the outside now, TREY CARTER is laying on the floor. KK! Joins TC! On the outside. KK! Gives a neckbreaker. The Japanese fans react squeamishly when KEMP lands a piledriver onto the arena floor. KK! Rolls carter’s lifeless body back into the ring and immediately follows.

Zach Davis: Kemp whips Carter into the rope, Carter doesn’t appear to be looking all that good.

Freddy Whoa: Kemp landed the Stun Gun and that puts Carter on his knees. He just sent CARTER “Back to the Minors – specialized punt kick)

Zach Davis: Wastes no time in going for the cover.




Zach Davis: Kyle Kemp is victorious in his return to WCF.

Freddy Whoa: Will he face Mikey eXtreme or Sidney J. Warwick??

Dag Riddik Segment

The crowd’s attention is drawn to the titantron, where a prerecorded video takes over. The scene is a hospital room. Armed security guards are standing between the (hesitantly) authorized cameraman, and the patient lying half sentient in the treatment bed. An IV, not to mention the shackles and straps, secure the red haired man in place.

Footsteps can be heard behind the cameraman, who turns to meet with a hospital nurse carrying a mobile phone. She whispers to the head guard, and is allowed to transfer the phone to the patient. Finally the movement of people allows a clear shot of the damaged man. The crowd recognizes him as the long mentally damaged individual they have hated for so long.

“Dagvald Riddik speaking.” The phone has been placed beside his head, and on speaker so the guards can monitor the conversation.

“Daggy boy. Glad to hear your voice. I heard you visited me in the hospital, so I’m returning the favor. The best I can, anyway. I knew you were, let’s say, under supervision, and the fewer people who know I’m still alive, the better. Know what I’m sayin’?”

Dag is visibly surprised, and mixes shock and relief. His excitement overcomes his struggle to speak. “You? Ho-lee shit. Yeah, I’m on lock down, and I agree completely. Consider me honored you’d entrust me with this information. So, what’s on your mind?”

The somewhat distorted voice on the other end replies, “I heard you fought in a war, Daggy boy, and were on the winning side, but you weren’t the one who won it. Shit happens. I don’t want you blaming yourself or any of that shit. I know how you are.”

“DethWar. Yeah, we won, but I was the one who should have slain the beast and freed my people-”

“Don’t go all b- well, before I give myself away, just don’t be a bitch. Look, I know you crave the spotlight and attention. Winning a war isn’t good enough for you unless you single handedly deliver the enemy’s ass to them on a silver platter. You’d prefer it if all your allies died so you could overcome overwhelming odds all by yourself and be the hero. That’s why I called you: there’s a perfect opportunity coming up for you to do just that.”

“And that is?”

“WCF WAR. Just imagine… Dagvald Riddik, defeating the entire roster, and headlining the pay per view he debuted in and returned at. The glory, the fame, the honor. It’s everything a viking could dream of.”

“For fuck’s sake…”

“I’m serious! Don’t act like you’ve rid yourself of WCF. I bet there’s a cameraman there right now. You just can’t escape them, it’s like a parasite which slowly consumes your mental capacity for years on end until it’s all you have. You already have been infected; you may as well make it symbiotic.”

“Christ. I’m mad because you’re right, man. That’s the way I am. Winning WAR, claiming the championship I’ve come so close to… not to mention all the people I can piss off. It would be glorious.”

“And don’t worry. Just like old times, you won’t be alone. I have a plan. So, are you in?”

“I guess I am.”

“That’s all I need to hear. I better go before my phone line gets traced. Good luck with the recovery Daggy boy.”

The phone goes to dial tone and is returned to the nurse. The feed switches back to the WCF placeholder.

Adam Young Segment

Crazy Sanger is in the ring hitting the ropes when the lights go out.

Voice: Did you miss me!

"Ghost of Tom Joad" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play and red strobe lights fill the arena. The fans jump to their feet and begin chanting.

Crowd: You Sick Bastard!

Out steps Adam Young in blue jeans, a black "Sick Bastard" t-shirt, black Justin boots, and a championship belt on his left shoulder. He slowly walks to the ring letting the fans touch him as he does. He climbs into the ring and Sanger steps into the far corner. Adam climbs up on the middle rope and holds his championship up in the air.

Crowd: You Sick Bastard!

Adam drops down and Sanger walks over with his right hand extended out to shake Adam's. Adam looks at Sanger and then looks to shake his hand but pulls him in for a implant DDT and the fans erupt. Adam picks him up and nails a Death Blow. Adam sits up laughing.

Crowd: You Sick Bastard!

Adam looks towards the turnbuckle and starts laughing harder now. He points and the crowd is going crazy knowing what he is thinking now.

Crowd: Do it! Do it!

Adam is at the turnbuckle and hits a Bastard Bomb onto Sanger who starts spitting up blood. Adam takes his t-shirt off revealing a attached steal plate on his stomach.

Adam Young: A little birdie reminded me what was coming up in the near future here in WCF, WAR. Now you know you can't have a WAR without 1 Sick Bastard, so guess who's back bitches!

Crowd starts chanting again and Adam leaves threw the crowd.

Alpha Title Contendership Match
No Disqualification
Damian Simmons vs Matthew Drake

Freddy Whoa: Next up is another match in what has already been a heated rivalry between two of the WCF’s freshest faces!

Zach Davis: Freshest faces? Do you think this is a Noxzema commercial?

Freddy Whoa: If it were, you could be the before photo! Burn notice! Whoa brings the heat!

Zach Davis: This might be the worst opening to a match we’ve ever had…

Freddy Whoa: Actually, I feel like we’ve had this EXACT opening to a match before.

Zach Davis: Really? This exact opening?

Freddy Whoa: Well up until the point where I said we’ve had this exact opening to a match before.

Zach Davis: That seems crazy.

Freddy Whoa: Does it? Or is time a flat circle? Or do we live in the Matrix? Or maybe these two are taking a “FIGHT FOREVER” chant literally?

The lights go out. The fans begin to use their phone flashlights, illuminating the crowd with bright orbs of white light.

After a few seconds, a voiceover begins to play, the words also being written on the tron.

"This... is a message for those of you who remain silent. This is for those who believe their opinion is meaningless. This is for those who were forced into believing they are nothing in the grand scheme of things... You are wrong. Your voice alone may be small, but as a group, you can be louder than a lion's roar. I am here to bring that out of you. I am here to represent the silent. majority.”

The tron goes black. Everything is quiet until the music bursts to life, filling the silence. The arena is flooded with red light. Simmons steps out from behind the curtain, a white spotlight cutting through the red and shines on him. Raising his fists overhead, he lets the cheers roar out before beginning his walk to the ring. Walking down the ramp, Simmons points high into the crowd. His voice is picked up on the camera saying: "Your voice is not useless!" Walking up the steps, Simmons enters the ring over the top rope. Walking to the center of the ring, he lifts his fists overhead once more, posing to the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: These two have been forced to tag together, they’ve put each other through hell in the ring but the stakes have never been higher for these two than they are tonight!

Zach Davis: The winner of this match will be named the Number One Contender to the Alpha Title and will likely face the winner of tonight’s Battle Royale in the near future!

"Forever" by Drake starts playing strobe lights of all colors are flashing then the lights completely shut off and pyro at the stage starts and shoots down the ramp and Matthew Drake appears. He walks down the ramp with a very cocker swagger about him the women cheer because he is hot and the guys boo cause they wanna be him. He gets to the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and holds his arms up in victory before the match even starts he knows how good he is he jumps down and walks to the middle of the ring and holds his arms out and shines his cocky smirk to the fans.

Zach Davis: There may be no love lost between the competitors tonight but I’d be willing to be we’re going to see some blood lost as this match is NO DISQUALIFICATIONS!

Just as the referee is about to call for the bell, Drake comes flying in at the Colossal Cruiserweight. A flying forearm followed up by a flurry of rights and lefts backing Simmons up into the corner.

Freddy Whoa: Matthew Drake a house of fire to start this off! He pulls Simmons out of the corner, a kick to the gut and….TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB! All seven feet of Simmons just bounced off that turnbuckle!

Drake pulls Simmons away from the corner and quickly heads to the top rope then launches himself off.

Zach Davis: Phoenix Splash! Into a cover!





Freddy Whoa: That was almost it! Drake’s early onslaught was almost enough to put Simmons away!

Zach Davis: It wasn’t though and a frustrated Drake slides to the outside of the ring and lifts up the ring apron, ready to put these No DQ rules to use. As Simmons gets back to his feet in the ring, Drake has a chair in hand and slides back in the ring. He takes a run at Simmons but Damian with a big boot slamming the chair into Drake’s face!

Drake goes down hard and Simmons lays the steel chair across his face before hitting a leg drop on top of it, again slamming the steel against Drake’s head. Another leg drop on the chair and another. Simmons rolls off, holding his leg slightly but then slides into a cover.

Freddy Whoa: ONE!


Kickout from Drake! Both of these men know what’s at stake in this match up and aren’t going to let it slip through their hands!

Zach Davis: Speaking of hands, Simmons has his wrapped around the neck of Drake, dragging him to his feet before tossing him into the corner and then peppering him with lefts and rights. He pulls him out then whips Drake across the ring and follows up with a bionic elbow sending Drake down!

Trying to avoid another pin attempt, Drake rolls to the outside of the ring to catch a breather. Simmons isn’t interested in letting him off the hook though and launches himself over the top rope with a flipping senton sending both men crashing to the floor.


Freddy Whoa: Damian is first to his feet and then drags Matthew Drake up with him. He sets him up for a double underhook DDT but NO! Drake bullrushes and slams Simmons back first into the steel post! Again! And again! Simmons goes down holding his back and Drake just smiles and puts the boots to his downed rival!

Zach Davis: And now he just plucked a monitor from our announce table...and is waiting for Simmons to get back up and….he just tattooed that monitor across Simmons’ face! And Damian Simmons is busted wide open!

Drake smiles at the blood stain on the monitor as he holds it up to the booing crowd.

Freddy Whoa: Drake is now stalking Simmons from behind as the big man struggles to his feet...Drake still with the monitor and NECKBREAKER ONTO THE MONITOR! Vicious!

Zach Davis: It looks like Drake may’ve clipped his shoulder a bit on that move as well, holding it as he gets back to his feet slowly...Drake now pulling up Simmons again and rolling him into the ring. Drake pulls up the bloodied Simmons and then PLANTS him with a falcon’s arrow! A pin!




NO! His foot was on the ropes! Simmons just barely got his foot on the ropes! Drake is up an celebrating but this match isn’t over! He thinks he’s the number one contender to the Alpha Championship!

As the referee tries to get Drake’s attention to tell him about the foot on the rope, Simmons stirs. Drake finally listens to the referee and is livid. He’s yelling and pointing at the referee as Damian is finally to all fours. Seeing his opportunity, Drake comes charging in for a curb stomp.

Freddy Whoa: Lights out! NO! Simmons stood up launching Matthew Drake into the air! And he caught him on the way down with an argentine backbreaker! SPINE SPLINTER! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! The referee starts his count!




Some movement from each competitor….




Simmons rolls to his stomach first and begins pushing himself up off the mat as Drake starts to do the same.



Zach Davis: Instead of getting all the way to his feet, Simmons rushes over to Drake and slaps him into Cattle Mutilation! He’s got it locked in! He’s torqueing those shoulders!

Freddy Whoa: Including that one Drake may’ve hurt earlier in the match! Drake has his legs wrapped around the bottom rope looking for a break but this is no DQ! Simmons doesn’t have to break the hold! Drake is writhing in pain! HE’S GONNA TAP! HE’S GONNA TAP!

Realizing there’s no rope break coming, Drake gathers everything he has and starts to work to his feet, standing Damian Simmons up out of a bridge position and eventually breaking his arms free which he quickly uses to complete a reverse DDT sending Simmons down again and into a pin.




Zach Davis: Both men are exhausted! Both men have pushed themselves and each other to their breaking point in hopes of a shot at the Alpha Title! And it looks like Drake is done playing games! He grabs that steel chair he drug into the ring earlier and is waiting for Simmons to get back up.

Freddy Whoa: Simmons back up and Drake cocks back the chair but Simmons meets him with a boot to the gut and a quick double underhook DDT! Drake is down and Simmons lays the chair on the mat before pulling Drake back to his feet….

Zach Davis: KINGSLAYER OUT OF NOWHERE! NO! Simmons has it scouted and shoves him off into the ropes! Drake comes back to a full nelson lock and Simmons launches him into the air for Elevation!

Freddy Whoa: NO! Drake has THAT scouted and on the way down catches Simmons with the Kingslayer RKO! It bounces Simmons off the mat and back to his knees where Drake then meets him with a vicious knee to the temple utilizing that steel chair! Drake collapses onto Simmons for a pin!





Zach Davis: Matthew Drake has done it! He is your number one contender to the Alpha Title and may have finally put the nail in the coffin on this rivalry with Damian Simmons! What a match!

Biohazard vs Oblivion

Zach Davis: Our next match is a very unusual match.

Freddy Whoa: Unusual won't be the word I would use!!

Zach Davis: For SOME reason, unbeknownst to us, Biohazard lost his mind and became totally insane!!

Freddy Whoa: Absolutely correct!! Biohazard gone off and challenged The Monster Oblivion!! He was so petrified in his challenge, he thought this Slam 400 was Slam 500.

Zach Davis: Poor dumb stupid sum bitch!!

Toxic city by system of a down begins to play as Biohazard runs out onto the stage and spits some ooze in the air.

Kyle Steel: Residing from the toxic dump in New Jersey... Weighing in at three hundred pounds... BIOHAAAAZAAAAARD!!

Biohazard slides into the ring and immediately looks down the ring, for Oblivion.

Freddy Whoa: Does Biohazard really understand... TRULY UNDERSTAND what he's getting himself into?!

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around the jam packed Korakuen Hall. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and the crowd is cheering. "Walk on Water" by 30 Seconds to Mars begins to play. The blaring guitar begins to play.

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...


Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly comes, with a dead stare. The music continues the blare out and rattled the arena.

Oblivion slowly begins to walk down to the edge of the entrance stage, bringing in the cheers, of the crowd...

Zach Davis: What is that Oblivion is dragging behind IT?!

Freddy Whoa: God helps us all!!

Crowd: OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!!

Past the entrance stage there are sixteen hooded cloaked individuals, eight on each side of the aisle, with their heads down. Chanting...

Hooded individuals: A-WHOO!! AWHOO!! AWHOO!!

Kyle Steel: From The Deepest and Darkest Side of a Sick Man's Mind... Weighing in at 325 pounds... IT is The Monster... Oblivion!!

Oblivion is walking down the aisle, dragging an individual who looks to be in his early thirties. Somewhat tall. Somewhat thin. Wearing a thin neatly trimmed beard. This individual proceeds to scream.

Dragged individual: Get your CRASH-BOOM-BANG hands off of me, you stupid burned up bear!! Crispy Bear!!

Zach Davis: NOOOOOO... That can't be!!!

Freddy Whoa: HAHAHAHA!!

The Monster snears at a nearby camera, flipping off the camera, right before Oblivion slowly​ run up the steel steps and climb the turnbuckle from out the ring, once again throwing up IT's massive right arm.

Crowd: OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!!

Oblivion leaps into the ring, stomping around, taking long strides, barking, shaking the top ring rope.


Biohazard is looking at the fans...


Zach Davis: HOLY SH-...

Freddy Whoa: DAMN!!! SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST!! Biohazard just got squished in the corner!!

Biohazard was near the corner, not paying attention, when The Monster charged, full speed, connecting; colliding, knocking down Biohazard.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is about to pick up Biohazard...


Freddy Whoa: Biohazard just poked The Monster in the eye!!


Zach Davis: Side kick!! That caught Oblivion off guard!!

Biohazard quickly bounces himself off the ropes...


Freddy Whoa: Big Boot!!

Zach Davis: Wow!! This is not what we expected!! Biohazard goes for a pin cover!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Freddy Davis: Wait...

Crowd: TWO!!

Zach Davis: Is it possible?



Biohazard picks up Oblivion...


Freddy Whoa: CAN U SAY NITE-NITE?!

The Monster nailed Biohazard with a superkick. Oblivion grabs Biohazard with a inverted suplex...


...into a stunner!!

Zach Davis: SOULTAKER!!

Oblivion puts Biohazard on IT's shoulders with a fireman's carry...


Freddy Whoa: 5150!!

Oblivion goes for the pin cover using just one finger...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!


Kyle Steel: Winner of the match... The Monster Oblivion!!

Internet Title Match
William the Behemoth vs David Sanchez

Rock Out by Motorhead plays over the PA and Silva walks to the ramp and let's out a roar followed by some pyro. He then slowly walks to the ring.

Zach Davis: William the Behemoth is a former Internet Champion, having defeated Lilith for the belt.

Freddy Whoa: Well, kinda - the Very Big Alliance themselves were Champion, not just William!

The arena falls into a tepid silence as the opening guitar riff to Royal Blood’s “Out of the Black” begins to trickle out of the PA system, starting quiet and building to a thunderous din as the words kick into action. The crowd are perplexed at first until the screen does the legwork in identifying who is coming to the ring by showing highlights from the career of David Sanchez’ various matches..

The song plays on as the audience erupts into a sea of distasteful chants and a rapture of hissing, gesturing and miscellaneous disapproving noises. David Sanchez appears center stage, his eyes unblinking as he soaks in the loathing. Dressed in his simple wrestling gear of purple cage-fighting shorts, taped wrists, Black and purple boots, capped with cut-off, black gloves he appears a much different man than he does behind the curtain. In contrast to his drug-addled antics of promos both past and present, as well as the everyday struggles and politics of being the mayor, this impressive specimen wears only one additional item to approach the ring, a T-shirt he had launched through his wives’ online fashion outlet. The slogan branded on this simple black garment reads “[FEAR] Fuck Empathy” in purple font.

David’s emotionless stare at the crowd turns into a grimace at hearing their hatred towards him, even as he rebuilds their city, he was still always known as the bad guy. He begins a slow pace to the ring. No pyrotechnics are launched, nor do the lights flicker. He believed simplicity was more intimidating than flashing strobes, smoke and fireworks. As he walks he removes the aforementioned T-shirt, an action which draws a slight stirring from the fans closest to the ramp who believe they may be given this item of clothing. Instead, upon acknowledging this optimism, Sanchez simply hangs the T-shirt over the optical lens of the cameraman who had been documenting his walk to the ring, causing a momentary fault in focus which is quickly dealt with as the low hissing turns into a tidal wave of boos by those disheartened by his inability to share.

As the music shifts back to a heavy guitar solo, David Sanchez slides under the bottom ropes and leaps back to his feet, staring down the ring announcer without so much as batting an eyelid at the audience. With this final blatant disregard for showmanship he turns back to the stage, awaiting his opponent whilst stretching out his limbs in a warm-up. He acts as though the arena is empty, as if this was simply a practice run. A slightly troubling smile appears on his previously void of emotion complexion as the music ceases and the crowd’s obvious resentment for his presence surrounds him like a warm blanket of hate.

Zach Davis: Alright, here we go. The leader of Everest versus Steven Singh's security!

David Sanchez walks cockily up to William, rolling his neck. He lifts his arm up in the air to do a test of strength.

Freddy Whoa: What in the world is he thinking?

William obliges, but Sanchez kicks him in the gut. No - William sees it coming and catches the leg. William spins him around and kicks him in the gut before DDTing him to the mat!

Zach Davis: Way to be cocky, David.

William lifts Sanchez up and pushes him into the corner before running at him and going for a Running Splash! However, David Sanchez saunters away, lazily, laughing to himself as William crashes into the turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: It is clear that David Sanchez isn't taking this match seriously.

David Sanchez runs towards William, who is slumped in the corner. William gets the leg up, however!, Sanchez runs right into it and hits the mat. William runs out from the corner and hits a Running Senton! He keeps going and runs to the ropes and climbs up to the second rope.

Zach Davis: Oh my goodness, here he goes!


All 570 pounds of William the Behemoth crash onto David Sanchez!

Zach Davis: David Sanchez isn't even moving. This man is destined to win War, is he not? He can't let himself get hurt here like this!

Sanchez is lifted up by William who puts him in the Tree of Woe position.

Freddy Whoa: Oh man, oh man, here he goes...

William runs at him.


William pulls Sanchez away from the ropes and pins him, hooking the leg.




Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: WHAT AN UPSET!

Freddy Whoa: WILLIAM THE BEHEMOTH HAS DONE IT! We've got a new Internet Champion!

David Sanchez rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: I'm not totally sure Sanchez even cares. He... was not a fan of this belt, to say the least.

Freddy Whoa: The CHOKE Arteest has done it again!

William is handed his title which he raises above his head in celebration.

Zach Davis: Does that thing even fit him?

We go to commercial.

Hardcore Title Match
Andre Holmes vs Ethan King

The Korakuen Hall has been sold out ever since WCF announced SLAM 400 coming to Tokyo, Japan. The entire arena is filled with the local home crowd who are passionate about the WCF and more passionate about professional wrestling. However, they will get a small taste of the traditional hardcore culture born from FMW and BJW as the WCF Hardcore Championship is on the line. The cameras cut over to Freddy Whoa and Zach Davis seated behind the announce table.

Freddy Whoa: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the special edition of the 400th episode of Sunday Night SLAM. Tonight features every championship on the line including the next one which features a great story. Ethan King versus Andre Holmes. The current hardcore champion against the former undefeated hardcore champion.

Zach Davis: Hell yeah. Andre has wanted a shot back at the title he said he never got pinned or submitted for and Ethan wants to be the next world champion. These men have a lot to prove on the line and what better match than hardcore rules. It’s a battle of who can get their message across more.

Freddy Whoa: As much as I hate to say it, I don’t have a winner for this match! This is going to be one hell of a battle between two equally deserving men. What do you think Zach?

Zach Davis: I say we stop talking and get to the match immediately! Let’s take it over to Kyle Steel.

The cameras switch over from the announce table to a ringside view where Kyle Steel is standing in the center of the ring. He gets the nod from production to begin with the match introductions as the Japanese audience are patiently waiting.

Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: The following contested is a hardcore match scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF Hardcore Championship!

The introductory guitar riff gathers the attention of all the Japanese fans in the audience before “Relentless” by New Years Day plays around the interior. A series of loud applause and cheers stem from the entertained audience as they witness Andre Holmes walking out from the corner of the arena dressed in that leather black hoodie with the tag team championship belt over his right shoulder.


He stops near the passageway between the barricade and the announce table. Surveying the ecstatic crowd, he starts walking down the ringside aisle looking into the camera backing away from him. Andre mouths to the camera stating he is going to be a double reigning champion like before then slowly climbs the steel steps all the way to the apron.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first! Hailing from Houston, Texas, USA! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at 201 pounds. He is one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions, “Relentless”Andre Holmes!

Wearing a simple black, and red design underwear with a long sleeve black arm wear covering his right forearm with "Holmes" engraved in red across it. His MMA gloves sponsored by tap-out representing his striking background. Along with that, "Relentless" is tattooed down his spine, and his black knee pads are custom-made with his insignia of his graphically designed initials on each pad. Finally, his leg padding covers the lower part of his legs, and his boots are striped in red, and black together.

Zach Davis: The former WCF Hardcore Champion who held the title for over 180 days. Andre has waited for his rematch ever since he lost the belt at Ultimate Showdown. He said that Ethan King saw the belt as a demotion and doesn’t value the belt as much as he did. If Ethan King beats Andre Holmes, his reign is cemented already.

Standing on top of the middle rope outside the corner, Andre removes the belt from off his shoulder and raises the strap in his right hand. The Japanese audience applauds again then he hops over the top rope into the corner. He sidesteps around the ring; Warms up in his own corner waiting for Ethan to come out as his music fades away.

Freddy Whoa: Andre Holmes has made such progress and success as a two-time WCF Hardcore Champion. Tonight he wants to add a third reign and put himself down as another double reigning champion. Could this be the night he repeats the same success when he first started?

“Alone With All The World” by Instrumental Core immediately plays throughout of the interior of the arena already garnering a chorus of boos. Storming out from the corner of the large hall is Ethan King with the hardcore championship belt wrapped tightly around his waist. He pauses in his walk to look at the Japanese fans showing discomfort and displeasure to him in Tokyo.


Continuing on his walk down the narrow passage between the ring and the barricade, he ignores the fans but keeps his eyes on Andre who stares him down. Ethan knows and understands how important this title defense is, possibly the best defense of his hardcore title reign. He slowly climbs up the steel steps then takes a moment to wipe his feet on the apron.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his opponent! Hailing from Los Angeles, California, USA! At six feet, two inches tall, weighing in at 210 pounds. He is the WCF Hardcore Champion, “The Future King” Ethan King!

Wearing black and gold wrestling tights, he stands on the middle turnbuckle outside of the corner and mouths “SHOWTIME” to the audience. Ethan hops over the top rope into the center of the ring landing perfectly. He raises the belt from around his waist and holds it high above his head staring right into the eyes of Holmes.

Freddy Whoa: Piece together all the accolades Ethan has received in WCF and you’ll still see a hole in the picture. The missing piece is the WCF World Championship. The final piece will make him one of the best athletes to ever set foot in the WCF promotion. WAR offers that opportunity and beating Andre Holmes gives him that momentum.

After Ethan’s music fades away, he hands the belt over to the referee who takes it by both straps and raises it over his head. Andre and Ethan are officially ready as the referee points at both of them. The Japanese audience are ready for the action!

Zach Davis: Ethan King, Andre Holmes, WCF Hardcore Championship on the line! Here we go!

Ding Ding Ding!

Both men leave their corner at the same time and start circling the ring together. They’re not sure how to get a hold on each other early in the pace so they mutually meet in the center of the ring. Through a traditional lock up, it becomes a complete stalemate until Ethan uses his height advantage to pull Andre’s head for a side headlock.


Using his strength, Holmes drags Ethan back to the ropes where he uses the spring to push him off. King rebounds off the ropes and shoulder barges his smaller opponent down to the mat. When he runs off to the ropes at his right side, he leaps over the turned body of Andre who kips back up and dropkicks him down to the mat putting both feet in his chest. Ethan rolls out of the ring.


Freddy Whoa: The match has already begun and we talked about the quickness and agility with Andre Holmes. His wrestling style is very technical so expect him to mix it up. Like right now because Andre is looking to fly!

Of course, Ethan uses the small time to recover and he turns around to see Andre running to the ropes ahead of him. With a dive through the small and middle ropes, he spears him in the chest producing a crash of bodies against the barricade. The suicide dive better known as the Heat Seeking Missile helps Andre to land on his feet while Ethan sits against the barricade.


Zach Davis: Heat Seeking Missile! The trademark dive of Andre Holmes which is pretty high risk especially for him. This match is under hardcore rules meaning there are no rules. Falls can be counted anywhere so expect the referee to follow him.

Andre takes a moment to look under the ring but he has something in mind first. Where Ethan King is seated opens an opportunity of attack; He hops onto the apron and bends forward measuring him up. Andre charges across the apron then leaps into the air only to have Ethan toss the chair into his face. A huge clash of steel against flesh is heard letting Andre crash onto the ringside mat.


Freddy Whoa: Oh my God! Did you hear the collision of that steel chair shot and his face?! Jesus Ethan is more savage than we thought! Here comes the pin attempt!



He kicks out and Ethan helps him back up to his feet. Taking the right arm, he whips him into the steel steps and Andre flips over it after a serious collision. Ethan slides the chair into the ring and after searching under the ring, he pulls out a table as well. Andre tries to get up but Ethan manages to roll him into the ring. After both men are up, Andre eats a swinging neckbreaker!


Zach Davis: Swinging Neckbreaker by Ethan King and it’s going to be one hell of a match already!

Ethan gets back up on his feet and picks up the steel chair in his arms. He wedges the chair in between the turnbuckles of a corner. King picks up Andre and whips him over to the corner but he stops. Turning around, King tries to shove him into the chair but eats a roundhouse kick stopping him in his tracks. To make matters worse, Andre does an exploder suplex into the corner letting King’s back hit off the steel chair thus forcing it to drop ringside!


Freddy Whoa: Exploder Suplex into the corner and King felt every bit of the chair into his spine. Now comes Andre with the pin attempt!



He kicks out again and Andre stands up on his feet waiting for Ethan to stand. When King stands on his knees, Holmes starts delivering back to back roundhouse kicks into the chest. Before the last kick, he backs up then goes for a tornado kick. Ethan ducks under it then manages to catch him from behind before lifting him up and dropping him on the back of his head with a backdrop driver!


Zach Davis: BLEAK FUTURE! BLEAK FUTURE! The Backdrop Driver signature move and Andre landed on the back of his head! Here comes the bridge, Ethan might retain the belt!




Andre kicks out of the pin attempt again and Ethan is having enough. He stands on his feet then walks over to the table that is in the center of the ring. Setting it up in the corner, Ethan then drags Andre over to the table before putting him on top of it. He exits through the ropes, climbs all the way to the top rope and remains perched until Andre jumps off and kicks his head in with a yakuza kick!



Ethan can barely move and Andre climbs up to the middle turnbuckle attempting to have him across his shoulders. Ethan drops two elbows on the back of his head then shoves him putting him back in his original position. With one great leap off the top rope, he flips backwards twice in the air then crashing his body on top of Andre through the table with a double moonsault.



Andre rolls away as Ethan crashes through.

Ref: One.. Two...

Zach Davis: Someone has to get to their feet!

Ref:: Three.. Four..

The referee can just tell no one is moving and doesnt bother continuing to count. He calls for it.

Freddy Whoa: This match is a draw!

Zach Davis: On Slam 400? What a match it was.. we just saw two of the best fight!

Bonnie Blue vs Jay Omega

Freddy Whoa: Alright, next up we have a match between two relatively big names, in a surprise bout with no lead up.

Zach Davis: That’s right, we’ve got former World Champion, and winner of the fourteenth War event, Jay Omega taking on Bonnie Blue; the genetically identical offspring of our own Johnny Reb, who is himself a former World Champion, and was winner of the tenth War event. It’s said that Bonnie is just as skilled as her, uh, father, possibly even moreso. Will she have what it takes to--

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! What is this?!?

The arena goes completely black for a moment, when the speakers begin to blare out a kazookeylele cover of “The Final Countdown”, as performed by Pockets. An orange glow lights up the arena with a strobe effect during the intro, with the lights returning to full and a burst of golden glitter erupting from the stage synchronized with the kazoo joining the music, as a wiry man in a referee’s uniform bounds onto the stage, full of exuberant energy.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, hailing from a treehouse in Yellowstone National Park; he is the hoopiest of froods and the fairest of dudes, the Concentration of Officiation... SPANKY O'SHAUGHNESSY!!!

Zach Davis: Who?

Freddy Whoa: Why is this random referee getting such an extravagant entrance?

Gravedigger: Beats me, but the strippers are a nice touch.

Zach Davis: We can’t actually show most of this to the folks at home, censorship laws being what they are, but I imagine the people lucky enough to be here with us today will never forget this show.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! The first three rows just became a splash zone!

Gravedigger: Just putting this out there, if that frog thing with the dildo fingers comes anywhere near me, I might be going to jail tonight.

Freddy Whoa: If you want to get that Cher lookalike in the top hat while you’re at it, I’ll bail you out.

At length, the referee enters the ring, and dismisses his entourage. Some of them seem to be reluctant to go, causing Spanky to lose his temper, and bar the entire lot from ringside. A cluster of security appears, and begins to escort the assortment of half-naked oddities backstage. Once the ringside area has been cleared, O’Shaughnessy graciously gives Kyle Steel the go ahead to continue. The arena lights dim once more, and the slow beat of Rihanna's "Same Ol' Mistakes" rolls through the arena as blue and white spotlights, synchronized to the music, flare on and off against a darkened stage.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, operating out of Chicago, Illinois, standing five feet, eight inches tall, and weighing in at one hundred thirty-two pounds; she is the Hardcore Queen, the Daughter of Time… BONNIE BLUE!!!

Bonnie Blue appears, peering at the audience over the rims of a pair of teal shutter shades. A mixture of boos and cheers pours forth from all directions as she surveys her domain, a defiant smirk on pink-glossed lips.

I can just hear them now / "How could you let us down?"
They don't know what I felt / Or see it from this way round

Sliding the shades back up, Bonnie makes her way along the aisle with a confident swagger, posing for a few selfies with fans as she reaches ringside.

Feeling it overtake / All that I used to hate
Wonder what if we trade / I tried but it's way too late

Bonnie's steady pace takes her midway around the ring. Without hesitation, she leaps up onto the ring apron and kneels to strike a cocky pose, leaning against the middle rope. She gazes out across the audience for a moment before slipping through the ropes.

All the slides I don't read / Two sides of me can't agree
When I breathe in too deep / Going with what I always longed for...

Haughtily, she saunters to her corner, where she hands off her effects to the official.

Zach Davis: As I was saying before; it’s said that Bonnie is just as, and possibly even more skilled than her father, Johnny Reb. She has toppled some of the biggest names in the business, and is a formidable opponent in her own right, but does she have what it takes to overcome The Omega Man here tonight?

Freddy Whoa: Only one way to find out, Zach.

Kyle Steel: And her opponent...

The arena lights dim to about half, and "Bulletproof" by Blue Stahli hits the P.A. system. Neon lights in a range of colors strobe in random places throughout the crowd in time with the synthesizer.

Kyle Steel: Now residing in deep space, he stands six feet, one inch tall, and weighs in at two hundred twenty-six pounds; he is the Interstellar Casanova, The Omega Man… JAY OMEGA!!!

A thin layer of fog floats across the stage, and Jay Omega struts out to the top of the ramp as the music kicks in in full. Omega stands on the stage for a moment with his hands on his hips and a cocky smirk on his face, then casually makes his way down the ramp, crossing back and forth to slap hands with fans. At ringside Jay hops up onto the apron, then vaults over the ropes before crossing the ring and climbing up to the second turnbuckle. Omega poses for the crowd amidst a flickering strobe effect from thousands of cameraphone flashbulbs, then drops down and leans back into the corner to await the bell. Spanky O’Shaughnessy approaches Bonnie asking to be frisked for foreign objects, and Blue responds with confusion.

Zach Davis: Rather oddly, it seems our referee is a bit backward on how things are supposed to work.

Freddy Whoa: Either that, or it’s a really bad attempt to hit on Bonnie.

Spanky tries to insist Bonnie search him, while Omega tries to convince him it’s the other way around, until O’Shaughnessy just throws up his hands, then reaches into his pocket to pull out a bouquet of flowers much like a magician. His surprise ruined, the referee throws the bouquet to the mat, and calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: This match is now officially underway, and it looks like Jay Omega wants to start things off with a show of sportsmanship, by offering Bonnie a handshake.

Gravedigger: And Blue kicks him in the gut for his trouble. Smart move; when your opponent outweighs you by almost a hundred pounds, you’ve got to take advantage early, and never give it up.

Blue presses her advantage, delivering a trio of rapid fire forearm shivers along Omega’s jaw before he retaliates with a simple shove. The space between the two quickly diminishes as both competitors surge forward to lock up in a classic collar-and-elbow. Jay immediately takes control, his greater mass forcing Bonnie back and down to one knee, but the Daughter of Time puts her speed advantage to good use and slips out the back, wringing Omega’s arm into a hammerlock. The Omega Man throws a back elbow, hoping to dislodge his attacker, but Bonnie ducks away from the strike and wrenches the arm.

Gravedigger: See there? Blue’s got some great leverage on Omega right now; because of the size difference, she’s just too low for him to get a good swing at.

Zach Davis: Which is quite the advantage when you take into account the fact that most of Jay Omega’s repertoire relies on strikes.

Freddy Whoa: Let’s not pretend that’s all he can do, though; Jay Omega’s got a background in high flying, technical mat work, and a very impressive track record in the Hardcore division.

Jay drops to one knee, forcing Bonnie to bend down in order to keep her grip. This allows Omega to wrap an arm around her head before he springs upward, kicking his feet forward for enough momentum to turn the motion into a snapmare of sorts. Blue lands sharply on her back, but quickly scrambles to a vertical base, reaching her feet before Jay does. The Omega Man charges, but the Daughter of Time drops out of the way, pulling the top rope down as she does so. Unable to stop himself, Omega stumbles over Bonnie, falls over the top rope, and clips the apron with his face on the way to the floor.

Freddy Whoa: Low bridge!

Zach Davis: The Omega Man looks like he’s seeing stars after that, judging by his dazed expression.

Blue doesn’t give him time to recover, instead sprinting across the ring to pick up speed. Bonnie rebounds with a full head of steam, crosses the ring in an eyeblink, and takes to the sky; vaulting easily over the top rope to take Jay down with a Tope con Hilo. Enthralled by her athletic display, Spanky O’Shaughnessy claps with glee, then follows suit by practically scampering up the turnbuckles on the opposite side of the ring, only to leap off with a diving cross body block on Kyle Steel at ringside. The Daughter of Time hauls The Omega Man to his feet at the end of the ramp and tries to roll him into the ring, only to have Omega come to his senses, and begin fighting her off.

Spanky O’Shaughnessy: Good golly, miss Molly! That’s a grade A, hundred percent homegrown ass-whooping that man is laying down! Just look at the strombulent way El Hombre Omeguloso is feeding Bonnie chops! And not pork chops, either!

Zach Davis: … We, um, we seem to have been joined at the announce table by Spanky O’Shaughnessy; the man who is supposed to be refereeing the match currently underway.

Spanky O’Shaughnessy: Good to be here, thanks for asking, Ezekiel!

Zach Davis: That’s not my name.

Spanky O’Shaughnessy: Good point, don’t care. Hey Diggsy, I’m an avid scrapbooker, and I’ve got a whole volume dedicated to you, but to really make it pop, I’m gonna need something you’ve actually used.

Gravedigger: Call me “Diggsy” again, and what you’re gonna need is medical attention.

Freddy Whoa: Speaking of which, y’think somebody should check on Kyle?

Spanky O’Shaughnessy: Bah, he’s fine, don’t worry about it. Anyhoo, gotta get back to work. See ya later, masturbator!

The ref rolls back into the ring, crosses over to where Jay and Bonnie are sluggishly trading knife edge chops by the ring steps, and begins to count.






Blue and Omega pause in their battle to turn almost identical deadpan expressions in the official’s direction, and receive a vapid grin in response. Spanky raises his hands in preparation, then seems crestfallen when no one throws him a football. Bonnie is the first to get her head back in the right place, and tackles Jay into the solid steel steps. A few well placed punches later, and the Daughter of Time rolls a very groggy Omega into the ring, then climbs up onto the apron.

Zach Davis: I think Bonnie’s looking for the Sonic Screwdriver here; if she hits this, it could be all over for Omega. Great elevation on the springboard...

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Somebody call a chiropractor!

Gravedigger: And that’s why they call it high risk. It might have ended the match if she’d landed it, but Omega got those knees up in time, and now Bonnie’s the one hurting.

Jay slowly gets to his feet, slightly favoring his left leg, and moves to haul Bonnie to her feet. Playing possum, the Daughter of Time jabs Omega in the eye with her thumb as he gets close, and slips back out of the ring. Spanky seems to take this as an invitation to do the same, and the official raises his hands in a T formation, before sending a ring technician over to the beer vendor. Jay stands in the ring in a state of incomprehension, and thus doesn’t see Blue re-enter the ring behind him, wielding a steel chair.

Zach Davis: This doesn’t look good for The Omega Man.

Gravedigger: Your face doesn’t look good.

Fortunately for Jay, Spanky glances over his shoulder at just the right time, and stops Bonnie in her tracks with a shout. Omega spins around warily, while Blue freezes, unsure of whether to drop the chair, or continue her attack. O’Shaughnessy takes the decision out of her hands by grabbing another steel chair from under the ring and sliding it toward Jay before he turns back to waiting for his beer. Sensing that a disqualification is unlikely, the Daughter of Time grins wickedly and rushes Omega before he can retrieve the offered weapon. As Bonnie approaches, Jay changes direction; meeting the charge with a Thunderclap that drives the upraised steel chair into Blue’s face.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! That HAS to be it! I could feel that impact from here!

Zach Davis: I think you’re right, Freddy; that kick is devastating on its own, let alone with a chair involved. Omega makes the cover, and the referee slides into posit-- what is he doing?

Spanky pulls The Omega Man off the supine Bonnie Blue, then covers her himself and insists Jay count the pin. Omega stares at him blankly for a full second, then shrugs and drops down to make the count.



And Bonnie kicks out. Spanky checks with Omega, who confirms a two count, and O’Shaughnessy slaps the mat in frustration. The zebra-striped official climbs to his feet and gets in Jay’s face, complaining about a slow count. Spanky pokes Omega in the chest twice and makes to do so a third time, when Jay threatens to disqualify him, which causes the ref to raise his hands and back off defensively.

Gravedigger: Okay, what the actual fuck is going on here?

Zach Davis: I am just as confused as you are.

The two men in the ring decide it would be better if Spanky stuck to officiating, just in time for Bonnie to deliver a double clothesline that takes all three of them to the mat. With Omega off his feet, Blue wriggles into position to apply a chicken wing before bridging backward, stretching Jay’s spine in a direction it wasn’t meant to bend. Omega struggles against the pain, while Spanky regains enough wherewithal to realize that the ring technician has returned with his beer, and eagerly pulls himself out of the ring. When Jay goes limp in her hands, the Daughter of Time realizes that the referee’s inattention may have just cost her the match and rises to her feet, her face a mask of fury

Zach Davis: This doesn’t look like it will end well; lax as he seems to be on the rules, even Spanky O’Shaughnessy is likely to disqualify Bonnie if she attacks him in earnest.

Gravedigger: Hey, if she can’t keep her focus on her opponent, she deserves everything she gets.

Freddy Whoa: Look out! The Omega Man was faking it!

Indeed, while Bonnie stalks over to the ropes in order to scream at Spanky, Omega pops to his feet and places a hand on his neck, rolling his head around a few times, before he slowly sneaks up on Blue, massaging his throat all the while. Caught up in her tirade, Bonnie remains unaware of Jay’s proximity until O’Shaughnessy nonchalantly points behind her. The Daughter of Time whips around, and Omega spews a cloud of green mist in Bonnie’s face. Clapping her hands over her eyes, Blue lets out a shriek of pain as she turns away and furiously scrubs at her face to no avail.

Zach Davis: Oh my! Bonnie Blue just took a full blast of that green mist, flush in the face! Freddy, you’re in the know about these sorts of things, what’s so special about green mist?

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, there’s a bunch of different mists, y’know, and they all do different stuff. The green mist we just saw causes temporary blindness, and intense burning.

Gravedigger: So it’s basically syphilis. Gross. Oh shit! And Bonnie shows that two can play that game!

As The Omega Man takes hold of Bonnie’s shoulder, she spins and fires off a wild spray of blue mist, a good portion of it smearing across Jay’s eyes. Omega stumbles backward, the effects of the mist taking hold almost immediately, and slumps down into the corner. Jay tries weakly to get back to his feet, but his muscles seem to lack the strength. Soon his head lolls against the middle turnbuckle, and a soft snore escapes his throat.

Gravedigger: Is he seriously sleeping in the middle of a match?

Freddy Whoa: Well yeah, that’s what the blue mist does; puts you to sleep. And I gotta say, that was a damn good shot, considering she couldn’t see him.

Zach Davis: Well, regardless, I think we can all agree that-- UGH! What the hell?!?

Wanting to get in on the mist-spraying fun, Spanky had snuck up to the announce table and spewed a mouthful of beer in Zach Davis’ face. Pleased with himself, O’Shaughnessy rolls into the ring, stands up and dusts himself off, and is immediately latched onto by a still blind Bonnie Blue. His eyes wide with panic, Spanky tries to fend off Bonnie’s grip until she kicks him in the midsection to double him up, then the Daughter of Time drops the Concentration of Officiation to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. The impact jostles Omega awake with a snort, and The Omega Man yawns sleepily as he rises to his feet, stretching his arms up and out ot the sides. At the same time, Blue’s vision begins to clear; the burning in her face subsiding.

Freddy Whoa: Oh yeah, another thing about the mist; it doesn’t last very long. Of course, it doesn’t need to, so whatever, right?

Gravedigger: I’m betting both Blue and Omega are wishing it lasted a little longer right about now.

Zach Davis: I’m going to smell like a brewery for the rest of the night.

Gravedigger: Well that’s an improvement over your usual smell, so shut up and take the win.

Bonnie and Jay lock eyes from across the ring, then both of them look down at the semi-conscious referee, back at each other, down at the pair of discarded steel chairs, then back at each other again. Blue feints for the closest chair and Omega moves to intercept her, only to have Bonnie switch tactics and rake his eyes when he gets within range. The Daughter of Time snatches up the closest weapon and delivers a bone-jarring shot to The Omega Man’s back, causing him to arch his spine and drop to one knee.

Zach Davis: Bonnie Blue making use of an equalizer, a tactic that seems out of line with the former member of Rebellution.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, the Bonnie I remember would have tried to fight a clean match, but I guess people change.

Gravedigger: She got smart, if you ask me. Omega’s got half a foot and almost a hundred pounds on her; she’d be an idiot if she DIDN’T use everything at her disposal. Besides, it’s not cheating if the ref doesn’t see it. Or if he's the one who gave you the chair in the first place.

With Jay down on one knee, Blue dashes across the ring, steel chair still in hand, rebounds off the ropes, and perfectly positions the chair as she leaps into a basement dropkick, driving the steel into Omega’s face with force. Bonnie lays the bent and battered chair over Jay’s chest, then steps out onto the apron. Blue springboards off the top rope into a graceful corkscrew senton, but some flicker of instinct with Omega’s mind causes him to grab the chair off his chest, and attempt a weak swing at Bonnie as she plummets toward him. The steel connects with the back of Blue’s head and shoulders and achieves the desired effect of knocking her senseless, but her inexorable downward momentum drives the chair back into Jay’s face as well.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! A desperation reversal from Omega just took both of them out of action!

Zach Davis: And it seems our referee has managed to get his wits about him, not a moment too soon.

Spanky kips to his feet, tilts his head left and right to crack his neck, then surveys the carnage around him. Seeing both the Daughter of Time and The Omega Man lying next to each other, only half-conscious between them, O’Shaughnessy tiptoes over, and nudges Jay lightly with his foot. When Omega doesn’t respond, Spanky moves on to Bonnie, and waves a hand in front of her face a few times, receiving no reaction. Spanky then shrugs his shoulders, beckons Kyle Steel over, and calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: What’s with this?

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match has been declared a No Contest, due to… the referee being bored.

Freddy Whoa: Can… can he do that?

Zach Davis: I think he just did.

Gravedigger: I’m fine with that, I found this whole ordeal to be confusing and irritating, and now I’m kind of pissed off. It’s a good thing my match is up next, or else you’d have a pretty rough time for the next fifteen minutes or so, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Thank God for small miracles.

Zach Davis: We have to take a short break, folks, but when we return, our very own Gravedigger will be defending his People’s Championship against Bishop, inside the monstrous construct known as Hell In A Cell. Stick around!

People's Title Match
Hell in a Cell
Bishop vs Gravedigger

The lights go out and the sound of drum banging and a spot light follows Bishop to the ring.

The lights go out. They stay off for about 15 seconds or so before "Change" by Deftones starts playing throughout the arena. A spotlight hits the entranceway and Gravedigger emerges from the back with a pair of MS-13 bikers in tow. He throws his arms out and yells out with a look of rage on his face. The crowd drowns the Legend in boos and his face quickly turns into a smirk as he looks out at the crowd before finally focusing in on the ring.

Gravedigger starts slowly walking down the ring, the air still thick with boos as the smirk is etched on his hardened face. As the trio reaches the ringside area, the two bikers walk off to one side as Gravedigger jogs up the nearby ring steps. He steps in between the top and middle rope and bounces into the ring. He walks around the ring looking out at the crowd before finally stopping at one of the turnbuckles. He stands on the middle pad and smirks out at the crowd as they continue to rain boos down upon him.

Zach Davis: In the WCF, Gravedigger has done it all. He's accomplished everything there is to accomplish.. AND I haven't fact checked this but I'm willing to bet he's been in more Hell in a Cell matches than anyone else in the company.

Freddy Whoa: He's up against one of his oldest friends, and these two have become bitter rivals now. Bishop has been manhandling him lately, and it is rare to see Gravedigger as an underdog, but Bishop might have his number and win his first singles belt here in the WCF.

As the cell begins to lower, both men begin brawling right away!, not even waiting for it to go all the way down. Bishop is able to drop Gravedigger immediately with a Big Boot that takes his head off!

Zach Davis: Wait, where is he going?

Bishop rolls out of the ring and ducks under the cell. He grabs a chair from ringside and quickly gets back inside. Gravedigger has stumbled up and the Cell is all the way lowered. Bishop swings the chair wildly at Gravedigger, BOOM!, clocks him right in the face!

Freddy Whoa: DAMN! What a chairshot!

Gravedigger goes down and Bishop slams the chair to the mat. He lifts Gravedigger up and saunters around the ring for a moment before dropping Gravedigger with a Sidewalk Slam onto the chair!

Zach Davis: Jesus..

Bishop pulls Gravedigger off the chair so his shoulders can touch the mat and pins him.



No!, kickout.

Freddy Whoa: Bishop may have Gravedigger down, but it'll take a lot more to take him out.

Gravedigger rolls out of the ring, looking to regroup. Bishop stays right on him though and rolls out after him. He grabs Gravedigger's head and tries to slam him into the metal grating of the cell, but Gravedigger puts his hands up and stops himself. He jabs Bishop in the gut before grabbing Bishop's head and slamming him in instead! Bishop perserveres and fights off the pain long enough to grab Gravedigger and slam him face first into it as well. He then hits a few stiff forearms to Gravedigger's head before pushing him into the cell face first, with his back to Bishop. Gravedigger rests against the cell as Bishop backs up a few paces.

Zach Davis: What does he have planned here?...

Bishop runs at Gravedigger and Big Boots him in the back of the head! There's no give, Gravedigger's head is sandwhiched between Bishop's boot and the metal cell wall.

Freddy Whoa: Concussion city.... Bishop might be looking to totally end Gravedigger here.

As Gravedigger falls to the mat we can see that his face is busted open after being smashed into the cell. Bishop grins at him as he gets up and runs at him, kneeing him in the face, just causing more bloodflow. Bishop lifts Gravedigger up and rolls him into the ring before sliding in after him. He goes for another pin.



No!, Gravedigger gets the shoulder up.

Zach Davis: The wrestlers talk about their "bump card" and you've only got so many bumps on it. We've seen Gravedigger kick out of any move you can imagine, but at some point, some day, he's not going to anymore and someone's going to take him down for good - and Bishop is, indeed, looking to make sure that man is him.

Bishop once again glares at Gravedigger and waits for the Hall of Famer to get on his feet. As soon as Gravedigger is to a vertical base, Bishop runs at him.


The crowd boos the disrespect as Bishop drops down and pins Gravedigger yet again.




Zach Davis: Gravedigger sure as hell isn't losing to his own move!

Bishop grabs the chair he used earlier and bangs the mat a few times, urging Gravedigger to get to his feet. Gravedigger stumbles up yet again, his face bleeding way too much for being so early in the match. Bishop takes a big swing.


As Bishop turns back around Gravedigger hooks him.

Zach Davis: RESPECTO!

Gravedigger pins Bishop now!



NO!, Bishop with the shoulder up!

Freddy Whoa: Gravedigger spotted an opportunity and he took it! Can he regain the momentum now?

Both men lay on the mat for several moments, neither moving.


Gravedigger works his way to his feet and begins brawling once again with Bishop, who is now weakened. Gravedigger gains the upper hand and pushes Bishop into the ropes. He throws Bishop to the ropes, running directly behind him, and as Bishop hits the rope and turns Gravedigger hits his own GRAVEMARKER!, sending both men flying over the top!

Zach Davis: Back to the outside!

Gravedigger is to his feet first and now he's feeling it. He picks up the ring steps and throws them at Bishop, they hit and Bishop is sent flailing. Gravedigger sets the steps back up and then grabs Bishop and executes a Russian Legsweep, hitting the back of Bishop's head on the stairs!

Freddy Whoa: I doubt either of these men are going to remember this match.

Zach Davis: But we sure will!

Gravedigger climbs back into the ring. He waits for Bishop to get to his feet on the outside.

Zach Davis: Looks like Gravedigger has some kind of plan...

Once Bishop is up Gravedigger runs towards the ropes and dives through them!


Gravedigger crashes into Bishop and the two super heavyweights crash into the cell wall! That section is broken up and they spill to the outside!

Zach Davis: Just like in a videogame, that wall took too much damage and they've broken through!

Both men lay on the outside for a few moments yet again.

Freddy Whoa: The referee is yelling at them to get back in the ring as if they'd listen.

Slowly but surely the two men get back up and again start clobbering one another. Gravedigger throws Bishop towards the guardrail but Bishop reverses it and sends Gravedigger into the guardrail instead. He crashes into it. Bishop runs at him and hits a Back Elbow before grabbing Gravedigger by the head and taking him towards the announce table.

Zach Davis: Hey! What are they coming over here for?

Bishop stops at, luckily for Zach, the spanish announce table.


Bishop knees Gravedigger in the gut, doubling him over....


The crowd gasps as Gravedigger is sent through the table! He lays motionless in the rubble. Bishop grins and marches back through the broken cell and into the ring, demanding that the referee end the match.

Zach Davis: That's a ballsy move but Bishop may be right... I think Gravedigger is out!

NO!, we see Gravedigger's arm shoot up from the wreckage and he's alive!

Freddy Whoa: Looks like he's grabbed something from the spanish announce table too.

Zach Davis: He's donned the mask of Hector Rodriguez!

Gravedigger, seemingly empowered by his alter ego, reenters the ring and marches towards Bishop. Bishop goes for a strike but Hector blocks it and executes SOUTH OF THE BORDER!

Freddy Whoa: Hector Rodriguez is in the house here in Japan! He's ingobernable!

Gravedigger plays to the crowd before climbing to the top.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger is going to fly once more...


Gravedigger hits it!




Zach Davis: Bishop not ready to lose it right here! But how'd he kick out!?

Freddy Whoa: Gravedigger flying off of the top of the cell to hit that very move back in the day is legendary, but the top rope version wasn't quite enough to put Bishop away!

Gravedigger plays to the crowd once more, indicating he's ready to end it. Bishop stumbles up...


NO!, as he's lifted up Bishop is able to shift his weight and land behind Gravedigger! As he does he grabs Gravedigger's arm and takes him down with a Crossface!



Gravedigger yells out in pain but won't tap!



Bishop cranks on the move even harder as the fans chant!

Zach Davis: Is Gravedigger going to tap to Bishop at Slam 400!?

Gravedigger begins fighting to his feet but Bishop keeps the move hooked... he won't let go, won't give up.... Gravedigger grabs him and lifts him, executing a Sidewalk Slam and breaking free!

Freddy Whoa: Gravedigger is alive!

Bishop rolls out of the ring but Gravedigger rolls right out after him. Gravedigger grabs Bishop from behind but Bishop elbows him and gets away. Bishop then grabs Gravedigger's head and again smashes it into the cell, once again causing more bloodflow. Bishop then grabs the section of cage that was broken off earlier and sets it on the apron, creating a kind of ramp from the apron down to where the cell is on the ground.

Zach Davis: Bishop has some kind of plan. He pulls Gravedigger in...

POWERBOMB ONTO THE BROKEN CELL WALL! He keeps him hooked, lifts him back up again....

Freddy Whoa: POWERBOMB ONTO THE CELL WALL! The non broken wall!

Zach Davis: LAST SERMON!

But Bishop keeps hold of him once again and spins around...


Zach Davis: The Hardest Part of the Ring! TM.

Bishop lifts Gravedigger up and throws him into the ring and quickly pins him, hooking the leg.






Freddy Whoa: How in the hell...

Bishop angrily lifts Gravedigger to his feet and pulls him in for yet another Powerbomb.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger reverses it with a Back Bodydrop!

Bishop stumbles to his feet and Gravedigger runs at him, hitting another Grave Marker! It doesn't take Bishop down but it stuns him, allowing Gravedigger to lift Bishop up onto his shoulders.


Gravedigger drops down and pins Bishop.




Zach Davis: And there you have it!

The bell sounds.


Gravedigger rolls off of Bishop, breathing heavily. After a few moments Bishop rolls out of the ring and Gravedigger is able to stumble up.

Zach Davis: Here at Slam 400, Gravedigger has vanquished his oldest friend in this business and his current rival, and he walks out as STILL the People's Champion!

Freddy Whoa: We mentioned it earlier, Gravedigger has more experience in Hell in a Cell matches than anyone else in WCF - and he was able to withstand everything Bishop threw at him.

Zach Davis: He goes into War with momentum on his side. He also is one of the most experienced War entrants as well, and a former winner.. just saying!

We go to commercial as Gravedigger holds his belt high in the air.

John Rabid Segment

The scene opens backstage within the WCF interview paddock. Standing there excitedly with a microphone in hand is a smiling Japanese interviewer named, Ushi Hirosaki. Ushi's in her mid twenties, with flowing shoulder length purple hair; she's dressed in a plaid green skirt and a tight white tee, that's strangely embossed with a scene from the following interview with...John Rabid.

Ushi Hirosaki: Welcome back to Japan, John Rabid! In two weeks you face Stephen Singh and Teo Del Sol inside the Tokyo Dome for the WCF Heavyweight title. With the odds stacked against you, how will you conquer WAR?

The Ripper, dressed in his ring attire, contemplates his answer while sipping tea, the hot beverage served to him from a Union Jack teapot by a snooty looking butler named, Cosgrove. John has his trusty cricket bat “Mr. Battersby”, slung over his shoulder; while his face is a mask of focused determination as he answers.


John Rabid: The odds are not stacked against me, Miss Hirosaki. Not this time. (Rabid hands his cup to Cosgrove) The time for pleasantries is over. The time for etiquette is over. I am your perfect English scoundrel, and with that comes a certain skill set. I am the most devious, the most underhanded individual this Federation has ever seen. I epitomise skullduggerous behaviour. I embrace it and hone it to a sharp point. For over one hundred and ninety days I have held the WCF Television championship. That takes a certain level of determination. And also a certain level of good old fashioned British villainy. Steven Singh is just a crook. Teo Del Sol is just a vigilante. They're just misdemeanors compared to me. A parking ticket and a slap on the wrist. While I am the real deal inside that ring. And on October first? Both those blighter's are going to learn what it means to be truly done over, good and proper. Now, I have a question for you Miss, was this English stereotype surrounding me good enough for you? Or should I have brought crumpets?

Ushi Hirosaki: Crumpets are nice.

John Rabid: Crumpets rule. Cricket too. And yes, I have a butler. I fly the flag and sing the anthem. But come October first? The stereotype disappears. October first sees the age of the scoundrel arrive. The reign of the Ripper. No more stereotype platitudes for the camera. Just me, kicking arse for Queen and country and those stars and stripes! Tearing apart a delusional Sun-Worshipping prat and a blind nutcase suffering with a bad case of heatstroke, and a torrid menstrual cycle! On October first, I promise the entire WCF galaxy that WAR will be won by Sir John Rabid esq. And I invite all the fans out there along for this diabolical ride! A scoundrel nation, rising as one; burying Teo Del Dickhead and Little Stevie Singh once and for bloody all! Toodle pip, and Good day!

Crowd screams RAHBID! RAHBID!RAHBID!RAHBID! As we cut to a commercial.

Omega Title Match
Sidney J. Warwick vs Mikey eXtreme

"Two Hands" by Ani DiFranco starts to play over the arena's sound system. Sidney J. Warwick enters. There is no pyro. There are no flashing lights. There is not even video playing on the big screen. Sidney walks down the aisle with a mild sneer on his face as he looks at the audience. He wipes his boots on the ring apron before entering through the ropes, then takes of his necktie and carefully folds it before handing it to the ring attendant.

Zach Davis: I'm not too sure how Sidney J. Warwick is doing. On one hand, he seemed intent on winning this matchup - but on the other, he's just come off a major depression where he could barely speak. He can't be at full strength.

Freddy Whoa: Or will his desperation propel him forward?

The lights begin to slowly go off, section by section, until the arena is completely black. "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains blares over the PA system as the lights on the stage begin to slowly flash on and off. Mikey eXtreme steps out onto the stage with his arms held out and his head titled back as he looks to the ceiling. Vidalia and Freakshow flank him as they make their way ringside.

Kyle Steel: Making his way down to the ring being accompanied by Vidalia and Freakshow, hailing from Brooklyn, New York and weighing in at 225 lbs, Mikey eXtreme!

Mikey ignores the fans trying to reach out to touch him. He throws the kendo stick into the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, crawling to the corner where he sits laughing and rocking back and forth. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at Mikey's opponent as Vidalia whispers some kind of plan into Mikey's ear.

Zach Davis: And here is Mikey eXtreme!, the first ever Omega Champion!

Freddy Whoa: Slam 400 is big, Zach, but we're going into War. Mikey eXtreme must be a favorite going into it.

Zach Davis: If Sidney J. Warwick doesn't win tonight, and doesn't win War, I'm pretty sure we'd have to put him on suicide watch.

As the bell sounds Mikey runs at Warwick, who wasn't quite expecting the onslaught, and begins pounding him with strikes to the head. Sidney angrily rolls out of the ring and grabs a pamphlet he must've hidden underneath the ring. He hands it to Mikey eXtreme - it's a pamphlet from the Concussion Legacy Foundation. Mikey tears it up and rakes Sidney's eyes before dropping him with a Reverse DDT!

Freddy Whoa: I mean... concussions are a serious issue, are we supposed to boo SJW here for bringing it up, or Mikey for stopping SJW from being a pussy?... Wait, can I even say pussy in a SJW match?

Zach Davis: 2017 is a hard year to navigate, Freddy, my n-

Freddy Whoa: I wouldn't if I were you.

Zach Davis: I was going to say nightly commentary buddy.

Mikey pins SJW.



Kickout from SJW.

Freddy Whoa: Besides Jason O'Neal, who successfully cashed in the Alpha Championship to defeat Joey Flash, Sidney J. Warwick has to be the best Alpha Champion we've got. He didn't get to challenge for the World Title thanks to John Rabid, but winning the Omega Championship may be the next stepping stone.

Mikey lifts SJW up and shoves him into a corner before hitting him with a series of Corner Clotheslines. SJW stumbles out and Mikey drops him with a Shining Wizard!, before going for another pin.



Another kickout.

Zach Davis: Mikey eXtreme firmly in the driver's seat, could this be as fast as our Internet Title match?

Sidney gets to his feet and Mikey grabs him from the back of the neck.

Freddy Whoa: EXPLOSION!

NO!, SJW reverses it into an Arm Drag. Mikey gets back to his feet and executes a Jumping Knee Strike. Mikey stumbles into the ropes and as he comes back SJW flips him with a Spinebuster! Mikey rolls over and pins.



Kickout from the Omega Champion.

Zach Davis: Sidney J. Warwick doesn't utilize a lot of high impact moves, but you need them to take down Mikey eXtreme. He's not going to get put away with a -

Gannosuke Clutch from SJW!



No, Mikey kicks out.

Zach Davis: See? Told you.

SJW starts kicking away at Mikey eXtreme's legs, he grabs him and kicks him several times in the inner thigh and then calf before applying the Figure Four Leglock!

Crowd: WHOOOO!

As Mikey leans up into it, SJW hits a Flair style chop, taking Mikey back down. Mikey yells out in pain until he begins thrashing his body from right to left.

Freddy Whoa: Can he turn it over?

INDEED HE CAN!, Mikey gets the Figure Four reverses and the pressure is on SJW now! SJW yells out until he's able to scurry towards the ropes. Mikey is forced to break the hold. He gets to his feet and waits for Sidney to get to his...


NO!, Sidney catches it and turns it into a Grapevine Leglock!

Freddy Whoa: Submission applied!

Miikey eXtreme once again yells out in pain but this time he's able to reach the ropes much quicker and Sidney is the one to have to break the hold. He does so and waits for Mikey to get to his feet. Once Mikey is up he picks him up and then rams his body into the turnbuckle before turning him.

Zach Davis: Oklahoma Stampede!

No!, Mikey is able to shift his weight so that he lands behind SJW. Mikey again grabs him by the back of the neck and lifts him but again SJW shifts his weight, this time launching himself so he lands on his feet and doesn't get slammed. Mikey is already in the process of hitting the ropes and Springboarding, he hits SJW with a Springboard Dropkick. He hits the ropes again, Springboards again, and this time hits a Guillotine Legdrop!

Freddy Whoa: Mikey eXtreme is on a roll!

He lifts SJW up and grapples him from behind, but SJW switches behind him and pushes him into the ropes before executing an O'Connor Roll!



NO!, another kickout!

Zach Davis: You jinxed him, Freddy.

Both men are free and to their feet, SJW runs into a kick to the gut from Mikey before SJW drops him with a DDT.

Freddy Whoa: Pin from the Champ!




Zach Davis: I think Sidney J. Warwick wants this belt, Freddy. He wants it bad.

Mikey eXtreme once again goes high risk by climbing up to the top as SJW gets to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Flying Crossbody!

No!, Sidney catches him. Sidney lifts him up for a Fallaway Slam-

Zach Davis: Mikey reverses it with a DDT!

Mikey waits for SJW to get to his feet again and halfway up he runs at him and hits a Shining Wizard. He runs to the ropes and Springboards yet again, hitting another Guillotine Legdrop. He backs off and stomps his foot, waiting for SJW to get up...

Freddy Whoa: You know what he's going for.

SJW is to his feet, he turns...


He hits the Superkick!




Zach Davis: NO! KICKOUT!

SJW kicks out! Mikey gets back to his feet and quickly climbs to the top rope.

Freddy Whoa: High risk, one more time...

Mikey flies off with the Moonsault into a Senton.

Zach Davis: eXit strategy!!

NO!, SJW rolls away! Mikey hits the mat before working his way up. Sidney J. Warwick is able to grapple Mikey and lift him.


Sidney J. Warwick drops down and pins Mikey eXtreme.




Zach Davis: New Omeg- NO! NO! MIKEY KICKED OUT!

Indeed, Mikey eXtreme kicked out of the White Knight! Sidney J. Warwick gets up and begins arguing with the referee. As he does so, this allows Mikey eXtreme to roll SJW up from behind!





Zach Davis: NO! SJW escapes it at the last second!

Indeed he does, and the two are once again at a stalemate. Both are to their feet and Mikey snaps off a Superkick.

Freddy Whoa: X. MARKS. THE. SPOT!

Sidney struggles up and halfway there Mikey runs at him.


Mikey rolls Sidney over and pins him.





Mikey angrily rolls away and once more climbs to the top.

Zach Davis: He's looking to finish SJW once and for all.

No, SJW rolls out of the ring. Mikey flies off with an Axe Handle Smash, but SJW jabs him in the midsection. Mikey falls and SJW hits another Jumping Knee Strike. SJW rolls him back into the ring and then slides in after him. Mikey gets to his feet and SJW grabs him.

Freddy Whoa: He has to bust out the big moves... PRIVILEGE CHECK!

No, Mikey pushes SJW off.

Zach Davis: These two have clearly studied each other!

SJW hits the ropes and bounces back backwards, Mikey grapples him.

Freddy Whoa: He's got him by the back of the neck yet again - EXPLOSION!

NO!, SJW avoids it once more and shifts so that he lands behind Mikey. He grabs his head.


SJW drops down and pins Mikey eXtreme.





Indeed!, Mikey got his foot on there at the last second. Mikey stumbles up and SJW pushes him forward - right into the referee. The ref falls and Mikey moves backwards, allowing SJW to low blow him.

Zach Davis: Come on...

SJW rolls Mikey up with a La Magistral pin!




Freddy Whoa: WHOA!


The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: I don't believe it!

Zach Davis: Believe it, Freddy. The Alpha has become The Omega.

Freddy Whoa: With these belts, how often will we have to reuse that line?

Mikey rolls out of the ring, while Warwick gets to his feet and is handed the Omega Championship. He raises the belt into the air while grinning towards the camera before celebrating by climbing a nearby turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: I guess we've witnessed the ultimate cure for depression, Freddy - winning a new Title.

Mikey stares angrily towards SJW from the ramp as SJW continues to celebrate and we go to commercial.

War Balfore Segment

“With Oden on our Side” Hits the PA system.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Zach! Zach! Can it be?

The All Father walks out on stage wearing a charcoal grey pin stripe suit. He scowls as he scans the arena.

Zach Davis: Odin doesn’t look to be in a good mood.

The All Father walks with a long and heavy stride.

Freddy Whoa: We haven’t seen Odin since early this year.

Crowd: All Fah-ther All Fah-ther

The All Father walks up the steel steps and steps over the ropes. Kyle Steel hands him a microphone as he taps it to see if it’s live. The crowd continues to chant as Odin speaks into the microphone.

Odin Balfore: All of you worthless bums in those cheap seats, sipping on and hour and half wage worth of beer – just shut your mouths.

Zach Davis: What?

Odin Balfore: All of you out there who cheer me. All of you out there who bought in to that THICKNESS. Its all just thick crap! Just like each and every one of you and every one of those parasitic slime worms in the back. I didn’t come out here to spout off a catch phrase. I didn’t come out here to play up to you worthless pieces of shit. I didn’t come out here shake the hands of your kids. Nor did I come out here to fuck your wives – but you all know deep down that I am going to. Now isn’t the time to wax the poetics of a man who didn’t know what a shower was. You do not need charisma and charm when you are seven foot tall and three hundred and forty pounds. My biggest mistake in this company was thinking that I had to placate to each and everyone of you. As if you needed that incentive to buy a ticket what watch me do what I have done for twenty years. If you need that, then you never came here to see me- You came here to see what wasn’t me.


Odin Balfore: No. Not no more. That was the me that thought any of you mattered. You out there or you vanilla jaybrones in the back, you do not matter. You are insignificant and inconsequential to the overall progress of this industry let alone this company. Perhaps I’d call you by your names but to me, you don’t have names. You are not people. You are not professional wrestlers. None of you, out there, around this world or in the locker room know what’s it’s like to be a champion on every continent. None of you have had the heartbeat of this industry depend on if you showed up to work. I know that a lot of you feel you are above that. I’m sure there are a few of you that have the ‘ next man up’ kind of mentality but let me tell you something – the man – this man – never went down. I never went away in the slightest. The Odin Balfore of old, the Nordic Tank, has always been right here each and every mother fucking day!

So, what brings me to why I am here right now. I turned on the TV one day and I didn’t see any wrestlers. I didn’t see any talent. All I have seen are little boys playing pretend. As if this was a war of sticks and pinecones. Well, it is funny that you boys want to play war because at WAR this Nordic Tank is not playing games. It is amusing to me that here at SLAM four hundred, I look around and see the same constant faces. Sure, there are a few nobodies who get a crumb but mostly the pillars of WCF remain intact. I Am one of those pillars. I debuted at SLAM 197. I debuted over two hundred SLAMS ago and let me tell you something- I will be here for two hundred more. I don’t see any champions in the locker room; I see pretenders. I see worthlessness. Well, right here, right now I announcing my return to WCF at WAR! And my return will culminate in the corrination of returning era. The World title reign of WAR Balfore!

“With Oden On our Side” hits the PA system as the segment fades to commercial.

Television Title Match
Teo del Sol vs John Rabid

Freddy Whoa: ladies and gentlemen we hope you are enjoying Slam 400!!

Zach Davis: I’m sure they are! This is a pay per view atmosphere and it’s been incredible thus far. The fans are at the edge of their seat, which as you know makes every match that much better.

Freddy Whoa: Well if the fans are already at the edge of their seats, this match will make them fall of the chair completely!

Zach Davis: That’s right, we have two veterans ready to clash today for the coveted WCF Television title. The marvelous fan favorite Teo Del Sol against the controversial yet phenomenal John Rabid. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this will easily be one of the top five non pay-per view matches in the history of this company!

Freddy Whoa: That’s a bold statement!

Kyle Steel: This next match is scheduled for a one fall and is for the WCF Television Title!

Zach Davis: Listen to this capacity crowd, they are going nuts. Chants for both competitors can be heard throughout the arena.

Freddy Whoa: This is insanity!!

Kyle Steel: Coming in first…hailing from Houston, Texas…standing at six feet, one hundred eighty-eight pounds. Ladies and gentlemen, the challenger for the WCF Television Title, Teeeeeeeeeeeeo Delllllllllll Sol!!!!!!

Kickstart my Heart plays and the crowd explodes as a roaring guitar riff tears throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of the one and only Teo del Sol! The lights drop, enveloping the arena in darkness as they turn towards the entrance ramp.

Freddy Whoa: Here comes my favorite part!!

With a crescendo and a burst of flame, Teo del Sol springs onto the entrance ramp, a white and gold jacket with a Luchador's mask emblazoned across the back. He walks forward, holding his hands out over his head and bathing in the applause.

Zach Davis: This crowd has to throw him back to his glory days in Mexico. This would be a great place to capture the Television title! Think about how big this moment would be!

He takes a deep bow and walks towards the ring, high fiving the fans along the way. He wears a happy grin as he rolls between the ropes. He holds his arms over his head and yells out a cry, which the fans all join in on, eliciting a cheer from the audience as the music reaches its crescendo. He turns and steps back into the ring, waiting for his opponent.

Freddy Whoa: That could’ve been the biggest entrance of his career.

Zach Davis: Yeah but this moment could mean absolute nothing if…

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron.

Kyle Steel: And now, coming from London, England…he stands at six foot two, two hundred and twenty six pounds. He is your WCF Television Champion….Joooooooohn Raaaaaaaaaabid!!!!

As the smoke clears, we see John Rabid standing tall; arms outstretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as John's name appears on a Slam graphic.

Freddy Whoa: There he goes. The man, the myth, the legend. He has proved time and time again that he is the rightful Television Champion.

Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's The Ripper hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Lon Chaney in Tod Browning's "London After Midnight" (1927). Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the cheer's from the crowd before taking off his black trench-coat and shades and waving at Teo Del Sol with a cocky smirk on his face.

Zach Davis: If you are just tuning in, this is the 400th edition of Slam and we have a pay-per view quality match getting ready to start.

The referee holds the belt in the middle of the ring and raises it over his head to the delight of the entire crowd.

Zach Davis: This is what WCF is all about! 399 shows have all cultivated to a monster classic Slam 400!

The two wrestlers slowly walk towards the middle of the ring as the ref hands the belt off to the ring announcer. Teo puts his hand out, offering it up for a shake. Rabid laughs and mocks Teo before back pedaling and leaning on the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: I could’ve called that. I don’t care what the atmosphere is, John Rabid will always be a dick.

Teo, feeling disrespected, turns towards the fans and shakes his head in disapproval. Seemingly out of nowhere, he charges at Rabid and attempts a splash. Rabid quickly moves to the side. Teo lands on the top rope and is masterfully able to keep his balance. The crowd cheers as he tightropes towards Rabid and launches off to hit a dropkick. The impact causes Rabid to fly out of the ring.

Zach Davis: And that’s why you never disrespect a luchadore…

Rabid scrambles to his feet. Teo bounces off the opposite rope and runs towards Rabid. As Teo leaps over the top rope and attempts a shooting star press, Rabid leaps onto the barricade and jumps to Teo while he’s in midair. He catches his head under his right arm and forces him down immediately for a DDT.


Freddy Whoa: OH MY GOD!!!!

The crowd screams out “holy shit” as the referee immediately goes outside of the ring to check on Teo.

Zach Davis: The referee is bypassing his duty to count the two men out to check on the well-being of Teo Del Sol.

The referee kneels over Teo, who pushes the referee away from him.

Freddy Whoa: Wow! He’s so dazed he’s attacking the ref!

Zach Davis: No Freddy…his honor will not allow him to get help when he still has a match to finish. He is a true warrior.

Freddy Whoa: Either that or he’s seeing like five or six Rabid’s right now and he doesn’t know which one to hit!

John Rabid moves the referee and stomps on Teo. Against the referee’s wishes, he lifts Teo to his feet and sets him up for a vertical suplex. He positions himself so that the barricade is right behind him and he hits a snap vertical suplex, causing Teo’s lower body to collide with it.

Zach Davis: Devastating collision there!

Freddy Whoa: The fans are watch Teo being broken in half…

Rabid picks up Teo and whips him hard into the steel steps. Teo takes the impact and favors his shoulder.

Referee: 1…………2…………

Rabid smirks and arrogantly walks towards his fallen opponent. Teo starts to get up but Rabid kicks him hard in the gut.

Referee: 3……………4……….

Teo rolls over and favors his stomach. Rabid picks Teo up and sets him up for a powerbomb.

Zach Davis: Oh no, he’s going to drop him onto the floor!

Freddy Whoa: I don’t think he can take much more of this…

Rabid lifts him up for the powerbomb, but Teo gathers enough strength and reverse it into a Hurricurana.

Zach Davis: What a reversal!

Freddy Whoa: That was completely out of desperation!

Zach Davis: I think that was all heart!

Referee: 5…………….6…………

Both wrestlers pick themselves up and advance towards each other. They trade vicious blows. Teo eventually gets the better of the exchange and kicks Rabid hard against his right leg. He then blasts Rabid with a superkick that almost takes his head off. Teo rolls back into the ring and rolls back out to break the count, not wanting to lose too much momentum. He picks up Rabid and lays him out with a hard right. Teo drags Rabid and positions him, before climbing the barricade with his back towards Rabid.

Freddy Whoa: What’s he doing here?!

Zach Davis: I don’t know…moonsault maybe?

Teo throws his hands up in the air and the capacity crowd does the same, expecting a high risk maneuver. Rabid kicks up and instinctively jumps onto the barricade beside Teo. He grabs him and immediately pulls off a release German Suplex off the barricade. Teo just misses the ring post and falls to the floor hard on his chest while Rabid favors his back.

Zach Davis: These two are absolutely giving their all! This is a main event performance on both their parts. I don’t see how they can go on.

The ref starts to count as both wrestlers drag themselves towards each other. By the time the ref get to 4, the wrestlers both struggle to their knees and throw weakened punches at each other. Rabid rakes Teo’s eyes and then chops him hard across the chest. Teo writhes in pain.

Zach Davis: He is still feeling the effects of that german suplex. His chest has to be bruised to death right now.

The ref gets to 7 and both wrestlers slide back into the ring. Rabid is the first up and picks Teo up to attempt a DDT. Teo reverses it into a suplex and holds it for the pin.

Referee: 1…………..2…………

Rabid kicks out of the count.

Freddy Whoa: Just in time! I don’t think Rabid is planning to go down that easily.

Teo gets to his feet just a Rabid fights to his knees. Teo tries to kick Rabid’s head, but he ducks at the last possible second and uses the opportunity to hit a low blow. Teo sinks to his knees holding his groin. Rabid fights to his feet and bounces off the rope to deliver a front dropkick, knocking Teo down on the mat. Again Rabid struggles to his feet. He bends over to pick up Teo, but is kicked in the face. Teo gets up and tries to capitalize with a running dropkick, but Rabid catches his legs and turns it into a Texas Deathlock.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!!!!

Zach Davis: This could be it right here!!

The referee checks on Teo as Rabid cranks up the pain in the submission hold. Teo bangs on the mat trying to garner support from the crowd. The crowd stomps on the floor to match his rhythm, chanting for Teo.

Zach Davis: Listen to this crowd! They are supporting their hero, trying to get him back into this match!

Freddy Whoa: I think they might just get a rude awakening when Rabid breaks his back! How can he get back from this?!

Teo answers his fans support and pushes off of the mat and uses all his leg strength to kick Rabid off. Both wrestlers scramble to their feet. Teo tries to kick Rabid, but he catches his foot. Teo balances himself and attempts an Enziguri. Rabid ducks it and holds on to Teo’s leg for an anklelock.

Zach Davis: Another submission!!!

Teo quickly rolls out of danger. The two meet tie up in the ring. Teo gets the better of the tie up and he whips Rabid into the ropes. As Rabid comes back, Teo tries for a superkick, but Rabid ducks the shot. He bounces on the opposite rope and both wrestlers are in each other’s heads as they both hit a hard clothesline.

Freddy Whoa: No, Rabid wraps his body around Teo, and locks in the Sleeper.

Zach Davis: Rabid could snap Teo's neck!

Teo leaps backwards and lands behind Rabid.

Freddy Whoa: Shades of their Slam 350 match-

As Teo runs at Rabid, Rabid leapfrogs him. Teo hits the ropes and as he comes back, Rabid catches him in a Crucifix and hits it.


Rabid drops down onto Teo and pins him, hooking the leg.




The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: Fifty Slams ago, Teo del Sol walked out the winner - and tonight, it is John Rabid!

Zach Davis: All that matters is War! Who walks out when Steven Singh is added to the mix?

Freddy Whoa: Time will tell!

We go to commercial as John Rabid celebrates yet another Television Title win.

Steve Orbit Segment

Zach Davis: What a show Slam 400 has been so far!

Freddy Whoa: Hold on, Zach-- I'm getting word to throw it backstage. Stay tuned fans.

Cut to the outside the arena. A modified Cadillac Escalade stretch limousine, all black and obviously custom, sits parked. We see long, manicured fingernails flicking ashes out of the sunroof, and hear the sound of females laughing and talking.

Former two-time World Champion, Steve Orbit enters the scene with the gangsta lean. He struts over to the limo-- when he's a few feet away, the camera gets shaky as the camera man ambushes Orbit.

Camera man: Excuse me, Mr. Orbit--

Orbit turns around, rubbing his chin. He's wearing a purple suit and covered in gold jewelry.

Steve Orbit: You always run up on people like that?

Camera man: Ugh, forgive me, just wanted to ask a few questions.

Orbit pulls a ticket from his pocket and flicks it at the camera man.

Steve Orbit: Just here to watch the show and support my brother. Going upside Corey Blacks head, well, it's all in fun. I owed him one anyway. Now take that ticket, it's yours, if you hurry you might catch the main event.

Orbit chuckles and puts his hand on the door to the limo.

Camera man: Uhhh... sir, I work for WCF I don't need a ticket--

Orbit throws his hands up in aggravation.

Steve Orbit: What do you want from me? ALRIGHT! You got me. You want a scoop, rookie? I just signed the papers, I'm finally gonna win the WAR this year. So run and tell that! That oughta get the dirt sheets jackin' off for the next few days.

Orbit gets in the limo, slamming the door. We catch a glimpse of the half naked women inside as smoke pours out of the vehicle.

Camera man: ... Yes!

Fade back to the arena.

Freddy Whoa: ... Whoa! Did you hear that, Zach? Another former World Champion entering WAR!

Zach Davis: Fly and Orbit both returning to WCF in the same night? In the same building? This is going to create some serious unease around here, that's for sure.

Freddy Whoa: I love it! Let's keep this show rolling along now.

World Title Match
Mystery Opponent vs Steven Singh

Freddy Whoa: Whoa baby it’s main event time! World Title match time bayyyybee!

Zach Davis: Well you’re half correct. The World Title match is up next but it is NOT the main event.

Freddy Whoa: How many times has this even happened? We have a World Title defense the week before a pay per view and it’s not even the main event? What’s going on?!

Zach Davis: Seth is sending a loud and clear message to Stephen Singh: you want to avoid responsibility? You want to duck out on your booked Slam main events? You want to hide behind lawyers? That’s fine but you’re no “main eventer” here in the WCF!

Freddy Whoa: Not only that, Thievin’ Stephen is defending against a MYSTERY opponent! Seth must be pissed!

On that note, the gruff voice from the 80s sample announces "Cold getting dumb..." as the VeryBigTron flashes the word "EVEREST" in electric blue before being replaced by a gold-tinted montage of Stephen Singh brutalizing past opponents. The menacing beat of the Supervillain Theme by Mad Villain fills the arena, golden pyros form 5 ft high fountains across the stage, and "Superstar" Stephen Singh steps out with the WCF World Title strapped around his waist to an overwhelming chorus of boos.

Kyle Steel: And introducing at this time...The Excellence of Elocution....The Shakespeare of Shoot...The Sure Thing....

Stopping on the stage he smiles wry and smug, right arm raised in the air, back of his hand to the crowd, left hand behind his back. As the gold fountains shrink back into the stage, The Superstar lowers his hand, twirling his wrist and half-bowing his head with faux gratitude to his hissing "faithful Stephenites."

Kyle Steel: And YOUR WCF World Heavyweight Champion.....THE SUPERSTAR STEPHEN SINGH!

As it's announced, Singh looks down and strokes his title with pride and the boos rain down louder, the crowd now reminded that THIS is their champion. He smiles, heading down to the ring and jawing with the hateful, ignorant crowd. Singh climbs the stairs to the apron, wipes his feet, steps through the ropes and then bounces up, arms extended to his sides with his palms up soaking in the alternating adulation and animosity. He carefully unhooks the World Title from around his waist, takes a deep look into the face plate and then tosses it over his shoulder before snatching the microphone from Kyle Steel.

Stephen Singh: I know everyone is waiting with bated breath to see who this grand “mystery opponent” is but let me give you a bit of a Maiviain spoiler, WCF: it doesn’t matter! There’s only one man in all of the WCF who could possibly take THIS

He hoists the world title high into the air.

Stephen Singh: Out of my hands...and that’s me. There’s not another soul back who is smart enough to pry this prize from its proper home around my waist. Nobody in The Ultimate Showdown could keep me from it, Teo couldn’t take it from me and John Vapid won’t do it at War. So bring out your one-eyed lapdog, Seth. Let’s do this. I’m going to put him back out of our misery and save you a lot of time and paperwork responding to the suddenly-exploding pile of sexual harassment complaints in HR. I’m going to put my foot so far up his ass that hopefully his hanger-on dingleberries like you and Lilith get flushed out of existence as well. Crack your knuckles and limber up your fingers, bloggers, you’ve got another wrestler’s obituary to write.

With that, a cold and focused champion shoves the title into the chest of the referee and tosses the microphone out of the ring. There’s silence for a moment as the crowd is quiet in anticipation of the mystery opponent. As the silence stretches on, the crowd hums with quiet chatter amongst itself, speculating to their neighbors on who it might be. Suddenly the silence is broken by Say Anything’s “Chia-Like I Shall Grow” and the crowd pops.

Freddy Whoa: He was right! That’s Logan’s music! A man we haven’t seen in well over a year!

The song continues well past the point of his normal entry but still no Logan. The crowd begins to boo as Singh smirks in the ring and shakes his head. The music fades out as Singh leans against the far ropes.

Zach Davis: Well, maybe he wasn’t right after all. So who the hell is--

The inane ramblings of Zach Davis are cut short by the sound of “Mile Zero” from Periphery and the crowd explodes. Singh’s eyes suddenly widen and fix on the ramp.

Freddy Whoa: JOEY FLASH! JOEY FLASH IS HERE! The man who beat Stephen Singh not one, but TWICE for the World Title way back at the start of this year! One of only two men to hold a pinfall over The World Champion!

Zach Davis: He’s scheduled to appear at XIII and One but he’s here tonight! At Slam 400!

As Zach gets a legitimate halfie, the entrance remains empty. Stephen’s eyes recede slightly back into his skull as there is no Joey Flash and the crowd gets restless. Silence again fills the arena until it’s whisked away this time by the somewhat grating sound of the gloating World Champion.

Stephen Singh: Look at this. All these so-called legends floating around, poking their heads into the locker room and offering their unwelcome two cents on the internet yet here we are….Slam 400 and there isn’t a single one of them who wants to step inside the ring with The Golden God. This is 2017, the Year of the Thief. With Teo and John having beat each other into oblivion already, there isn’t another single person back there stupid enough to think they stand a snowball’s chance in hell aga--

His seemingly interminable verbal peacocking is cut suddenly short. The song blasts over the speakers first but is immediately drowned out by an overwhelming roar from the crowd. The pop is so loud Singh himself flinches, his hand going to his ear out of instinct. “CaramellDansen” is barely audible beneath the deafening roar of the crowd as….


Stephen Singh tosses the microphone out of the ring with a smug, confident smile and gives a “c’mon” to his former tag team partner and co-champion. THE CAPTAIN strikes his patented superhero pose at the top of the ramp to the adulation of the WCF Galaxy.

Zach Davis: I can’t believe we’re about to see CAP-Singh three….and for the World Title! Teddy Blaze thought he was a Tag Champion last year at Helloween when Singh stole the belt AND his tag partner, THE CAPTAIN. These two men would dominate the division as Cap ‘n Crook for months before Thievin’ Stephen would unfairly blame his partner for his World Title loss to Joey Flash and their team would never recover.

Freddy Whoa: Cap would then go on to BEAT our World Champion in a ladder match for the Tag Titles, declare a certain Mister R as his heroic tag team partner before the duo would then LOSE the Tag Team Titles to Ethan King and Stephen Singh.

Zach Davis: Though Mister R and Teddy Blaze may be going by names ever-so-slightly different now, they’re the men waiting for a World Champion to face them at WAR XVI! And it’s going to be one of these two with so much shared history between them all!

As the duo provides proper exposition to their viewers, THE CAPTAIN has begun making his way down to the ring, stopping seemingly every two feet to hug or high-five the adoring fans who have missed him so dearly. Finally, he points at his old partner, the crook, the thief, the world champion and then slides under the bottom rope. Singh steps calmly toward THE CAPTAIN with a smile and the two are nose to nose.

Freddy Whoa: This place is raucous! The referee calls for the bell and we’ve got our Word Title bout is underway!

Singh jaws at his old partner through a smile while CAPTAIN’s expression remains focused and stoic. Frustrated he can’t get a reaction out of THE CAPTAIN, Singh shoves the crowd favorite to a chorus of boos. CAP steps right back to him as they’re chest to chest again and the crowd roars. Another shove from Singh but CAP simply steps right back up to his bullying ex-partner.

Zach Davis: A slap across the masked face of CAPTAIN! CAP holds the side of his face as the World Champion shoves a finger in his face and barks condescensions.

Freddy Whoa: CAP HAS HAD ENOUGH! A flurry of right hands from THE CAPTAIN! The crowd roars as CAP unloads and reels the champion to the ropes and then clotheslines him over the top!

A superhero pose and a roar from the crowd, CAP controls the ring. Outside, Singh rubs his jaw for a moment where he’d taken the right hands from the returning star. The referee is counting the champ out.




Freddy Whoa: The Champion is taking his sweet time out there…



Singh rolls his neck, gives his arms a quick stretch, and then squats a few times.




Zach Davis: Anytime here, champ….


And Singh is back up on the apron, yelling at the referee to back Cap off and give him plenty of space to enter. CAP obliges and backs off with his hands up as Singh steps through the ropes. The duo engages in a collar and elbow tie up which the champion quickly transitions into a step behind hammerlock which he quickly releases with a cuff to the back of Cap’s head as the crowd boos.

Freddy Whoa: A second ago he’s scared to get in the ring and now he’s smug again? Another collar and elbow tie up, Singh steps behind again with a hammerlock. Pele kick by THE CAPTAIN!

Zach Davis: I don’t remember Cap being able to do that!

Freddy Whoa: You can always teach an old Cap new tricks!

Singh stumbles back into the ropes again but this time comes firing back at Cap with a clothesline.

Freddy Whoa: Ducked by Cap as Singh bounces off the far ropes and tosses his opponent high into the air with a back body drop! The World Champ is back up but is met with a hip toss by Cap! Up again and another hip toss! A third one and a stunned Stephen Singh goes sprawling into the corner looking for a breather!


The CAPTAIN of course gives Singh his undeserved breather as the crowd chants his name. The champion gets back up and they go for yet another lock up but before they connect, Singh jabs the challenger in the eye with his thumb. A smile takes over the champ’s face as he slaps on a standing side headlock.

Zach Davis: Immediately reversed by the CAPTAIN into an inverted atomic drop! He picks the champ back up, and nails him with a cartwheel kick and then immediately follows it up with a discus punch!

Freddy Whoa: And Singh is popped over the top rope and to the arena floor! He’s absolutely beside himself as The CAPTAIN has been unloading on him so far here!

Zach Davis: He’s beside himself Freddy but it doesn't look like he’s going to be ringside for much longer…

As soon as Stephen Singh is back to his feet on the outside he stomps over to the timekeeper and snatches the WCF World Title from him.

Freddy Whoa: Now what the hell is he doing? He’s got his title and….oh come on. He’s heading up the ramp?!




Zach Davis: The CAPTAIN has his number! The champ can’t do a thing in there and he knows it! He’s taking the count out!





Stephen Singh turns and looks back at the ring with a smile, throwing the title over his shoulder and strutting backwards up the ramp, jawing at the CAPTAIN and the booing crowd. Suddenly though, the crowd EXPLODES in cheers as Singh continues backing up the ramp until he bumps directly into…

Freddy Whoa: JOHN RABID! Stephen Singh has stumbled backwards right into one of his WAR challengers!

Face to face with Rabid, Singh suddenly loses his smile and begins backing away from The Ripper and toward the ring.



Zach Davis: Rabid has backed Singh all the way back to the apron but the champ is still refusing to get back into the ring…


Freddy Whoa: And Rabid sends him back into the ring and nods respectfully to The CAPTAIN!

The WCF World Heavyweight Title is returned to the time keeper while in the ring, the challenger meets the champion with a scoop slam after which Singh bounces back up only to be dropped with another which is then followed up by a leg drop from The CAPTAIN who then backs off and waits for Singh.

Zach Davis: The crowd is losing at watching Thievin Stephen gets his comeuppance! And The CAPTAIN is measuring him for his BOOM! If he hits this, he’s one Banzai Splash away from The World Title! Singh is up! HERE COMES THE BOOM!

Freddy Whoa: NO! Singh hits the deck and rolls out of the ring and is heading to the timekeeper again! He’s got his World Title again but where’s he going? Rabid is standing guard at the ramp with a sinister smile.

Zach Davis: Apparently he’s going right through the crowd!

Title over his shoulder, Singh hops the barricade and is high-tailing it out of here as the referee AGAIN starts his count.




The fans are booing, popcorn being poured on the fleeing champion as he disappears into a sea of humanity.



The cameras have lost Singh entirely as the crowd boos relentlessly, disappointed by yet another World Title match and by their World Champion.



Suddenly a roar from the section Singh was trying to escape through and the cheers begin to spread through the arena.

Freddy Whoa: What’s going on? We can’t get eyes on it….

Suddenly, the crowd parts like the red sea and suddenly we get a look at Singh being backed up once again, this time by a bat to the chest being held by…

Zach Davis: TEO DEL SOL! Teo del Sol and his equalizer have escorted the champion back to ringside and the crowd is going nuts!


Singh stops for a moment at the barricade but Teo cocks the bat back sending the champ quickly hopping over to the arena floor where Rabid is waiting.


Freddy Whoa: Teo on one side! Rabid on the other! There’s nowhere for Singh to go! So he finally slides back into the ring!

Zach Davis: AND HE TATTOOS THE SIDE OF CAPTAIN’S HEAD WITH THAT WORLD TITLE! That’s it! The referee is calling for the bell! Unable to beat Cap in the ring….unable to run like a coward….Singh gets himself DQ’d….

Kyle Steel: Your winner as a result of disqualification…..THE CAAAAAPTAIN!

The crowd lets out a slight pop but it’s quickly drowned out by the boos of the seasoned fans anticipating the rest of the announcement.

Kyle Steel: But STILL your WCF World Heavyweight Champion….STEEEEEPHEN….SIIIIIIIIIINGH!

When Singh smacked Cap with the title, the challenger rolled out of the ring and the title itself went sliding to the feet of Teo del Sol now standing on the apron. The Lucky Luchador steps between the ropes, bends down and picks up the prize he has yet to wear. The crowd begins cheering again as Teo raises the belt up over his head with one hand.

Freddy Whoa: Singh finally realized where his title was and rushes over to Teo! He rips it from his War opponent’s grip but again loses his handle on it in the process sending it sliding across the ring and right to….


The Ripper bends down slowly and picks up the title he so badly covets in both his hands, looking at it with lust and reverence as the crowd frenzies.

Zach Davis: And The Superstar again snatches the title away from one of his PPV opponents! This time, he clutches it tightly to his chest with one hand while poking a finger into Rabid!

Rabid slaps away Singh’s hand and steps toward him as Singh backs up before turning to leave only to be face to face with Teo with that bat still slung over his shoulder. The three men are suddenly face to face to face with the gold close enough for any of them to smell. The crowd reaches a fever pitch as tensions mount but before a punch can be thrown, a small army of referees and WCF officials enter the ring and separate the men.

Zach Davis: Looks like we’re not going to be getting a free preview tonight….

Freddy Whoa: Maybe not Zach but these three men will face off at War for the WCF World Heavyweight Title! WiIl 2017 continue to be the Year of the Thief? Will Teo del Sol finish his long-simmering business with Stephen Singh? Or will John Rabid fulfill what many have called his destiny?!

Zach Davis: I don’t know but you can be damn sure the world will be watching!

Torture Segment

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam episode number four hundred, and WHAT A HUGE night we have had so far!

Freddy Whoa: I can NOT believe what we have seen so far! What is this that's happening next?

Zach Davis: Well Freddy, it looks like they're going to show a special video montage from all 399 previous Slams!

Freddy Whoa: Oooh, this will be good!

Zach Davis: Well, break out the popcorn and let's have-

Freddy Whoa: What the hell is going on!?

The crowd stands on their feet and begins to pop as a man is running through the crowd, jumps the barrier and takes the microphone from Kyle Steele!

Zach Davis: Hey! Wait a minute! That's Torture!


Crowd erupts.

Freddy Whoa: OOOhhhhh, we heard rumors that Slam 400 wasn't going to include Torture!

Zach Davis: Those rumors were dead ass WRONG, Freddy!


Crowd goes bananas.

Zach Davis: WOWOWOW!!!

Freddy Whoa: But he can't! Torture can't touch Seth! He can be fined, suspended, for life!

Zach Davis: I don't think Torture cares! He's been beaten up for weeks leading to WAR! He looks like he's had enough!

Just then Seth Lerch comes walking out on stage with his four security guards, well, they pose as Seth's personal security but they're WCF Power plant development wrestlers. They walk down the ramp and Torture throws the microphone back to Kyle and sheds his tight t-shirt. Torture is looking for a fight and the crowd is going crazy.


Seth has his wrestlers surround the ring slowly. Torture looking for the fight regardless and constantly turning to see which one of the guards will strike first. The four guards step up to the apron and Seth continues to call out signals and orders from the bottom of the ramp.

Zach Davis: This can't happen! Again Torture is about to be on the receiving end of a beat down at the hands of Seth and his guards!

Freddy Whoa: Torture asked for it! He wants WAR to start now!

Seth makes the call for the guards to enter the ring and just as they all four get their foot between the ropes the lights go out.

Zach Davis: What the hell?!?

Freddy Whoa: Its dark as HELL in here!


Freddy Whoa: Why are they off to begin with!? What the hell is going on?!

The lights come on. Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan GOES OOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!! THE CROWD IS THUNDEEROUSSSSS!!




Dake Ken. X-Rated. Trent Hunter. Torture. All four men stand in a united circle in the middle of the ring. The crowd is going crazy. Seth's jaw is on the floor. The guards enter the ring and begin to battle with Torture, Hunter, X and Dake! The crowd is going crazy as each man has a guard back against the turnbuckles in the corners of the ring! X-Rated and Dake throw their guards into the middle of the ring where they run into each other face first and turn around to dropkicks from both Dake and X-Rated! Both guards are picked up and thrown out of the ring towards Seth who is still in shock on the outside of the ring.




Dake and X-Rated high five as Trent Hunter hits a high-impact move in the middle of the ring and the goon rolls out of the ring and that's right when Torture throws his opponent from the corner into dual side kicks from DKX into Trent Hunters finisher in the middle of the ring! Torture picks up the piece of shit guard and throws him through the ropes and that's when the crowd goes absolutely nuts!

Zach Davis: WAIT!!!?!? WHO IS THAT?!?!


Zach Davis: MARK!!! MARKMAN!!!


Mark Markman wobbles his fatass down the ramp and grabs Seth Lerch from behind and slides him into the ring catching him off guard! The crowd pops as Seth quickly gets to his feet and is surrounded by the four Hall of Famers!

Zach Davis: OOOHHH BOOYYY!!!

Seth is pleading for them not to do anything, DKX and Trent step closer near Seth Lerch and he backs up with his hands high not wanting to be punched knowing he's completely out numbered.


Seth takes another few steps back and walks into Torture. Seth gulps big and slowly turns around. Torture flinches a punch towards Seth but stops just short of his face and Seth trips back onto his ass!


Trent Hunter picks up Lerch, as does DKX and they hold him over their heads! The crowd is going nuts.


They march him around the ring to Tortures enjoyment and then stop on the ramp side of the ring. Lerch's bodyguards get to their feet and The Elite throw Seth Lerch over the top rope to his henchmen below and the crowd pops again. Crawl by Kings of Leon hits as Torture stares a hole through Seth Lerch!



Seth limps up the ramp with his guards behind him as The Elite and Mark Markman taunt in the ring, Torture never takes his eyes off Seth.


Tokyo Street Fight
Special Guest Referee: Corey Black
Jayson Price vs FPV

Slam 400 comes back from commercial with a quick plug for the soon to be released WCF 2k18 video game, with WCF Owner Seth Lerch providing the voice over.

Seth Lerch: Buy WCF 2k18 this October so that you can play as all your favorite WCF Wrestlers! We've got everyone that you could possibly hope for, except for Torture. Nobody likes Torture because he's the worst! And new this year we've added 36 different versions of all the wrestlers in the game so that we could get our roster up over 300. Take that McMahon!

The camera switches to a shot of the WCF Universe before we finally get to the ring where Corey Black is perched atop a turnbuckle, wearing the proud stripes of a referee as he seems to be wondering why exactly he was chosen to officiate this match.

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam! As you can see Corey Black is in the ring wearing a referee's shirt because it's time for-

Freddy Whoa: OUR MAIN EVENT!


Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Sorry!

Zach Davis: Ahem. As I was saying, it is indeed time for our main event. And because it's a Tokyo Street Fight, Seth apparently felt it most appropriate to bring in one of the most experienced hardcore wrestlers we have in WCF, Corey Black, to make sure things don't get out of control.

Freddy Whoa: Aww, I was kind of hoping for a little mayhem. Shucks!

The lights dim to a blood red, as glitchy electronic noises fill the arena. Many suspect that "Ghosts n' Stuff" is about to play...until instead they get a snippet of multiple songs. First "You Know My Name," then "Mountain Song," "Ghosts 'n Stuff, "The Scott Pilgrim Anthem," and finally "Professional Griefers." These snippets play seemingly at random until all sound stops, and the lights go off completely, until three words pop up on the titantron, in big white letters.


The crowd explodes in applause as "True North" hits the P.A. The applause continues on for a few moments until the crowd realizes Frank hasn't walked out. Suddenly the music cuts as the titantron switches to a shot backstage where Franky is being held up by a maintenance worker that is mopping the hallway. Every time Frank tries to walk past, the worker puts the mop out in front of him.

FPV: Come on man! They're playing my music!

The janitor looks up and smiles as, from out of nowhere, Jayson Price comes running up behind Frank and hits him with a forearm to the back of the head. Frank goes tumbling over the mop bucket and to the floor as Price pulls a $20 from his boot and hands it off to the janitor.

Jayson Price: All right, hombre, get out of here. Andale!

Janitor: I'm from Ohio, dude.

The janitor walks off, but not before Price grabs the mop from him. Back in the arena a clearly annoyed Corey Black is hopping down out of the ring and heading up the ramp. FPV trying to get up to his feet but Price takes the mop and shoves the wet, dirty strands into his face.

Jayson Price: You got a little something on your chin there Franky, let me help you out.

FPV sputtering as Price drops the mop to the floor and delivers a kick to the ribs. Corey Black finally appears backstage and he shoves Price off and up against the wall.

Corey Black: Hey, jackass, who told you that you could start this match wherever you wanted?

Price shoves Corey back off of him.

Jayson Price: Just call for the bell you damn monkey.

Price goes to go back to attacking FPV when Corey spins him around and hits him with an elbow to the face. Price drops as FPV looks up at Black.

Corey Black: Now I'll call for the bell, monkey.

From back in the arena we can hear the sounds of the bell being rung.

Zach Davis: Uh, well I guess this match is now officially underway!

Freddy Whoa: Well it is a street fight, so I guess it makes sense that it's happening outside the ring.

Zach Davis: Absolutely! What kind of two-bit promotion would advertise a street fight but make everyone keep it in the ring?

FPV back up to his feet, cautiously throwing a look at Corey Black as he does so. Black seems to be stepping back, allowing both men to wrestle this match, which relaxes FPV enough to pull Price up to his feet. Franky shoving Price up against the wall before he unloads with a chop across the chest. You can hear the "WOOS" from the crowd as Frank begins to lay into Price with stiff chop after stiff chop before ending with an open-handed slap across the face. Price left clutching his chest as FPV reaches down and grabs the mop. Price tries to move out of the way but FPV pins him back up against the wall with the mop, shoving it into his throat.

FPV: That's right, choke. It's what you do best!

FPV's words hit a strong enough nerve that Price fights back with a kick between the legs. FPV drops the mop and doubles over as Price begin to cough after having his trachea nearly snapped in two. FPV tries to go back on the attack, hobbled and obviously in some discomfort, but Price fights him off with a right hand. Price now grabbing FPV by the hair and slamming the top of his head directly into the concrete wall. FPV still up on his feet but Price doubles him back over with a knee strike to the gut before pulling him in for a suplex. Corey backs out fo the way to give Price some space but FPV counters the suplex. FPV now driving Price back first into the wall. FPV now looking down and he sees the mop bucket from earlier. Franky pulling Price in and he hits a DDT straight into the bucket of water. With water all over the place and Price's head seemingly stuck in the bucker, Frank rolls him over and hooks the leg.

Zach Davis: Pin attempt!



Freddy Whoa: Kick out!

Price with the shoulder up before the two count but the bucket is still on his head. Franky up to his feet and he delivers a kick to the side of the bucket, rattling the skull of Price as he's trying to pull it off. With Price laid out on the floor briefly, FPV looks around and sees an equipment box nearby. He walks over to it and pushes it back over before pulling Price up to his feet and shoving him onto it.

Zach Davis: Where is FPV thinking about taking Price?

Freddy Whoa: Possibly to Applebee's where right now they're offering an incredible 2 for $20 deal!

Zach Davis: ...are you seriously doing an advertising plug mid-match?

Freddy Whoa: Don't blame me, Seth is trying to get money any way he can now.

With Price loaded up on the cart, FPV takes off running down the hall at full speed as Black tries to keep up. FPV lets go just as he approaches a set of double doors and Price goes flying through them and into the catering area where officials have to scramble to avoid being run over. The cart finally comes to a halt when it slams into the side of a catering van and Price falls off, the impact finally what it takes to get the bucket off his head.

Zach Davis: My god, did you see the speed that cart had before it crashed?

FPV stops off at one of the tables and grabs a handful of potato chips before he goes back on the attack, pulling Price to his feet. But Price fights back, throwing a right hand to the ribs. Price now with right hand after right hand, driving FPV back against the table. Price reaches down, grabs a handful of sushi and smashes it into FPV's face before slapping him across the face. In the background we can see Corey Black snacking on some hot fries as he's watching the match, obviously bored with the lack of ultraviolence. FPV blinded by a piece of a spicy tuna roll as Price pulls him in and spins around, setting up for a suplex. FPV trying to counter it but Price cuts him off with a knee to the gut before delivering a snap suplex that sends FPV through the table. Food goes flying as Price quickly hooks the leg and Corey goes in for the count.



Zach Davis: Kick out!

FPV manages to kick out rather quickly after being suplexed through the table, surprising both Price and Black. Price back up to his feet as FPV is trying to sit up amongst the pieces of table and ruined food. Price turns his attention to the nearby van and he pulls open the side door, in search of something to use.

Zach Davis: What the hell?

Dozens of stuffed Godzillas come falling out of the van and to the ground as Price looks baffled. Corey Black suddenly seems more interested in what's going on as he spots the toys. Franky now nearly up on his feet and Price shrugs his shoulders before scooping up two of them. FPV upright and Price begins swinging, smacking FPV around with stuffed Godzilla dolls in whats truly a bizarre moment in wrestling history. It isn't all that effective, more of just an annoyance, as FPV ends the shenanigans by lowering his shoulder and tackling Price around the waist. Price driven back against the side of the van before FPV slams the back of his head into the door. The owner of the van, oblivious to what's going on as he's on his phone, comes up from the other side and gets in behind the wheel. FPV pulls Price away from the van and throws him in before diving in as well. AS the van starts up, Black quickly jumps into the passenger seat.

Driver: What are you people doing?!

Corey Black: Don't mind us, just having a match in your van.

Driver: Uh...okay?

FPV in the back of the van, mounting Price and delivering right hands as the van begins to move through the backstage area and toward the exit.

Zach Davis: Are we seriously having a match in the back of a delivery van?

Freddy Whoa: God I love WCF.

FPV gets his hands on a box of WCF action figures, all of them still in their packaging, and he begins pulling them out one by one and slapping Price across the face with them.

Corey Black: Hey you see a Joey Flash in that box? I need one for my collection.

FPV: No but there's about 40 Adam Youngs in here.

Corey Black: Seems about right.

Price uses the brief exchange to get his hands on thermos that's rolling around the back of the van and he smashes FPV across the face with it. Price with another shot across the back of the head as he manages to get up off the floor, a cut across his forehead now bleeding. Price sees the blood coming from his forehead and he loses it, charging the driver. Price now choking the driver from behind as the van begins to veer toward the wall instead of the exit.

Corey Black: STOP YOU MORON!

Black decides to bail out of the passenger side door as the van crashes into the wall. It's not at full speed by any means but it's jarring enough. Black rolling around on the ground and cursing as the cameraman rushes up to the van and peers in the window. The driver is out at the wheel as Price is now no longer seen. The side door suddenly begins to slide open and FPV crawls out before falling to the ground. Medics are seen rushing toward the scene to check on the driver as FPV is coughing up blood. The cameraman points his camera inside the van and we see Price rolling toward the door. Corey Black back up to his feet and he's holding his side as he's clearly pissed about nearly dying even though he's not in the match.

Zach Davis: What the hell did we just witness?

Freddy Whoa: An enraged Jayson Price just tried to kill a delivery man by crashing his van into a wall, all in an attempt to win this match.

Zach Davis: And here I thought the King Of The Deathmatch Tournament ended!

Price finally out of the van as he rolls and falls to the ground, clearly in pain. FPV is still down but he's conscious as he's coughing up blood. Corey Black looks down at both of them and begins cursing as this match can't end by a ten count.

Corey Black: Let's go! One of you get up off your ass and end this!

It takes a bit, but Price is finally the first man to show some life as he pushes himself up to his knees. He sees that Franky is down and hurt and sees his opportunity to possibly win this match. He starts to get up when from out of nowhere he's superkicked in the jaw by a massive boot. As he falls to the ground, the camera pans over to reveal that it was Oblivion who hit him.

Oblivion: SAY NITE NITE!

Corey Black taken aback by the appearance of the monster but he steps up to keep the match in order. Oblivion daring Black to make a move before he turns and hits a massive boot to the side of FPV's skull, smashing it up against the side of the van in the process. Oblivion turning back to Black now, arms out at his sides as if to say 'Well, you going to do something about this?' as Black is weighing his options. Oblivion with a sneer and he walks off, clearly happy with his work, as FPV and Price are once again down and neither showing much life.

Zach Davis: Where the hell did Oblivion come from? And why did he decide to get involved in this match?!

Freddy Whoa: I'm not sure Zach, but I bet we'll find out soon enough. The real question is what is going to happen in this match? These two were already near dead after that van crashed, but Oblivion coming from out of nowhere and kicking their skulls in has Corey Black wondering what to do now.

Price is the first man to his feet, but FPV is up soon thereafter. The two men begin trading rights and lefts - until FPV snaps off a Superkick!

Zach Davis: BOOM!

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Price catches the leg!

Price spins FPV around and hits the Cravate Cutter!

Zach Davis: DOWNFALL!

Instead of trying to pin FPV, Price instead climbs on top of the van.

Freddy Whoa: What the hell is he doing!?

Price takes a deep breath and flies.


Price hits the Moonsault on FPV and pins him!




Freddy Whoa: Jayson Price wins the main event of Slam 400!

Zach Davis: With a small assist from the Monster, Oblivion!

Medics arrive on the scene to check FPV as Price awaits Corey to raise his arm in the air, which Corey eventually does.

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black has a date with destiny as his retirement tour rolls on and he faces the one and only JONNY FLY at War. Meanwhile.... could we see Jayson Price win the War match, or will FPV come back like only he can and pull out the victory?

Zach Davis: We find out in two weeks! See you then!

Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Agimat vs Red Dragon vs Bryan Devlin

World Champion Returns

Alpha Title Match Battle Royal: Taylor Wright vs Rumpke vs Johnny Alpha vs Luke Force vs Jim Brantelli vs Udy

Adam Young Segment

Omega Title Contendership Match: Kyle Kemp vs Trey Carter

Dag Riddik Segment

Alpha Title Contendership No Disqualification Match: Damian Simmons vs Matthew Drake

Biohazard vs Oblivion

Internet Title Match: William the Behemoth vs David Sanchez

Hardcore Title Match: Andre Holmes vs Ethan King

Bonnie Blue vs Jay Omega

People's Title Hell in a Cell Match: Bishop vs Gravedigger

John Rabid Segment

Omega Title Match: Sidney J. Warwick vs Mikey eXtreme

War Balfore Segment

Television Title Match: Teo del Sol vs John Rabid

Steve Orbit Segment

World Title Match: Mystery Opponent vs Steven Singh

Torture Segment

Tokyo Street Fight: Jayson Price vs FPV

Of The Week

Jayson Price
Sidney J. Warwick vs Mikey eXtreme



Steven Singh
Mikey eXtreme
John Rabid
Ethan King
David Sanchez
Tag Team:
Mushroom Mandingo