Live from the Mohawk in Austin, Texas

Slam Intro

Every light in the Mohawk goes black. The venue is engulfed in darkness for three, four, five, and eventually ten seconds as fans begin to chatter about what is going on. Eventually, cell phone flashlights start to offer some minimal illumination, but, still, darkness is the order of the day. Finally, just before the crowd was ready to turn on the situation and begin jeering, a bright white spotlight cuts through the void and illuminates the curtain separating the gorilla position from the entrance ramp. From behind the curtain and into the spotlight steps Sidney J. Warwick, wearing a white button up shirt and corduroy pants connected by suspenders, as well as a green knit beanie atop his head to complete the look. The Omega Championship belt is in an unusual position, wrapped around the front of his suspenders so that Sidney is essentially wearing the prize across his chest.

Warwick walks towards the ring with the white spotlight following him all the way, as "Both Hands" by Ani DiFranco plays.

Zach Davis: And, here he is Freddy, the man who outlasted fifty-four others to walk out the winner of the sixteenth War match, earning himself the biggest championship opportunity possible on the biggest show possible.

Freddy Whoa: But, despite the tremendous victory at War, it sounds like none of these fans have developed any newfound respect for Sidney, as he's still drowning in boos.

SJW enters the ring and stands at its center, raising both of his hands above his head, causing a spike in the negative reaction from the crowd. After a few moments, the venue lights come back up and the spotlight simultaneously dissipates. The Omega champion produces a microphone from his back pocket and addresses the assembled masses.

Sidney: Here we are in AUSTIN, TEXAS, a place that I have always considered to be my kind of city!

WCF Galaxy: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

One hipster fan in the audience throws a mason jar full of cold brew coffee at Sidney's head, though Warwick manages to dodge it, and it shatters against the turnbuckle. Sidney turns towards the offending fan.

Sidney: Oh, so we've got a tough guy in the crowd, huh?! Why don't we see how tough you are when . . . when . . . when security hauls out of here!

Noticing that Warwick refuses to fight his own battles, the WCF Galaxy jeers him even more, particularly when three security guards swarm the fan who threw the jar and escort him out.

Sidney: Not even an interloper like that can harsh my buzz, though, because I am here to celebrate, guys, gals, and gender non-binary pals. I am here to celebrate pinning the former World Champion, Stephen Singh. I am here to celebrate pinning the Hall of Famer Gravedigger. I am here to celebrate becoming the one and only number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating the entire WCF roster, most of the UCI roster, and a bunch of unaffiliated legends to go down in history as the fourteenth man to win at War!

Granted, I wanted to have this celebration last week, but SOMEBODY told me that, for reasons I still don't fully understand, John Rabid commemorating his World Title victory was more important. However, we're here now, and that's all that really matters. I'm not just here to talk about myself, though.

As Sidney completes this sentence, he walks several feet to his left and looks up to the ceiling of the Mohawk. Once he does so, a large wooden crate is lowered down from the ceiling to the ring, where it is placed next to the Prince of Poughkeepsie.

Sidney: You see, I'm part of a generation and I'm part of a movement that acknowledges that all people have worth, and all people have accomplished things that are worthy of celebration. That's why, with a portion of my winner's purse from the War match, I went to my local awards company and commissioned them to create a series of fifty-four very special participation trophies, which I will now award to everybody who so nobly competed in War alongside me but ultimately came up short. That's right, my friends, in Sidney Warwick's WCF, everybody gets a trophy!

Zach Davis: If that's how Sidney was raised, I think we just discovered a big cause of what's wrong with him.

Freddy Whoa: Is it really all that wrong to let you know that your opponents know that you appreciate them? It just seems like good sportsmanship to me.

Sidney has retrieved one of the trophies from the crate. It is about eighteen inches tall and looks like a bowling trophy, except that it has a small golden figurine of Sidney on top of it and the word "Participant" engraved across the base in large block letters.

Sidney: Introducing now, the first individual here this evening to accept his participation trophy . . . Derrick Tuff!

"All Star" by Smash Mouth hits on the sound system and Derrick Tuff runs down the aisle with a dopey grin on his face. He enters the ring next to Sidney and shakes his hand before gleefully accepting the participation trophy and pumping it high into the air.

Zach Davis: This is the very definition of a man who does not deserve to be acknowledged for his "work" in War. He was eliminated almost immediately!

Sidney: Let's hear it one more time for Derrick Tuff, folks! And now, your second participation trophy winner - he's somebody who will be pretty familiar to Derrick here - he is Tanner Tall!

Once again, "All Star" by Smash Mouth plays, and Tanner Tall heads down to the ring. Despite his name, he's only about an inch taller than Sidney. SJW takes a second trophy out of the crate and hands it to Tall, who appears just as excited as Tuff. The tag team partners high five each other and give a stereo thumbs up to the crowd.

Zach Davis: Are we really going to have to watch this fifty-two more times?

Freddy Whoa: Oh, I doubt that. This is professional wrestling, after all.

Sidney: Coming to the ring at this time is participation trophy recipient number three. He is the pride of the Philippines and the battler of Yorktown . . . Agimat!

Thousand Foot Krutch's "War of Change" fills the venue, signaling the entrance of Agimat. While Tuff and Tall were apparently willing participants in this segment, Agimat looks perturbed, though he does walk down the aisle and enter the ring. Once he does so, Sidney attempts to hand him a participation trophy, but Agimat just stares at the award in Warwick's hands and refuses to touch it.

Zach Davis: Wariwck better be careful. Agmat isn't a joke like Tall and Tough. He's a game young competitor making waves in the WCF!

Sidney: Come on, Aggy, accept your well-deserved prize! I know that you have difficulty keeping track of how we do things around here, but the sooner we get this accomplished, the sooner that you can get home and enjoy a dish of your mother's famous, blue ribbon dinuguan.

Agimat: I don't need you to talk down to me, you smug prick!

Agimat suddenly reaches out and snatches the participation trophy from Sidney's hands, then snapping it over his knee and throwing the two broken halves into the Omega Champion's face. Then, with Sidney somewhat thrown off balance, Agimat gives him a roundhouse kick to the mouth that knock Warwick on to his duff. Though Agimat could clearly take further advantage of the fallen champion if he wanted to, he instead opts to storm out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Agimat is not going to take any shit from the Omega Champion!

While Sidney sits in the corner rubbing his jaw, Derrick Tuff and Tanner Tall begin laughing in an obnoxiously loud fashion, with Tall doubled over and holding his gut while Tuff lays down and rolls on his back while howling. Annoyed, Sidney stomps over to the two men and lunges at them. He doesn't make contact, but Tuff and Tall are physically threatened enough that they stop laughing and flinch.

Sidney: OUT!

Warwick makes a grand gesture pointing the two men back to the locker room, and they comply, sticking their tails in between their legs and walking off, leaving Sidney all alone in the ring.

Sidney: You know what? I tried to be a nice guy. I tried to play by the rules. Well, enough is enough, and it's time for a change! I have always tried my best to show respect to my opponents and locker-room-mates in this promotion, only to be met with disdain and scorn! I cannot let that get the better of me, though. I must continue to center myself and love my fellow person within the WCF.

However, as much as we may all may have to labor to make the world a better place, and as much as I may have to labor to turn my anger inward when dealing with some of the more aggravating wrestlers here, self-care is still important. I need an outlet. I need something that I can take out all of my frustrations on so that they do not eat me alive . . .

Sidney looks down at the mat for a few seconds, contemplatively, before looking back up at the audience.

Sidney: Of course. I know exactly what I can take my frustrations out on! I may be attempting to maintain decorum and professional relationships within the WCF, but what if I were to have an opportunity to unload some of my emotional baggage on folks from outside the company? What if I were to have an opportunity to do that in a multi-man, inter-promotional tag team match being held live on pay per view? I think that's exactly what I'm going to do.

For four months here now, I have been the butt of every joke. I have been muted, minimalized, and marginalized, but I have always tried to be the bigger person. For one night at Hellimination, that will change, though, because I will be across the ring from a team of competitors, who, for the one time in my life, I am fairly confident are not entitled to the same level of respect that every other human being is, regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation. I'm talking, of course, about Team UCI. Bring Kevin Bishop. Bring Zombie McMorris. Bring whatever other gaggle of miscreants and morons you are able to wrangle from that island of misfit toys and lay them at my feet so that they can be the conduit for everything in the world that bothers me.

Three of you have already walked into our WCF ring as though you are entitled to everything in the world, as though you own the place . . . as though you are the most privileged human beings on the planet. Some of you in the UCI may not know who Sidney J. Warwick is, but, let me give a quick word to these invading masses. If there's one thing that Sidney J. Warwick does, it is put people's privilege in check, and, Team UCI, in just two weeks you will be the latest wrestlers to receive that treatment. See you . . . at Hellimination.

"Both Hands" by Ani DiFranco plays again as Sidney drops the microphone to the mat and proudly taps the Omega Championship belt hanging from his suspenders before the segment comes to a conclusion.

Television Title Match
Johnny Chinlock vs John Rabid

In The Garden of Eden by I. Ron Butterfly hits.

Zach Davis: Oohh! New theme.

Johnny Chinlock steps out and begins his legendary entrance. He talks to every person as he walks down the ramp, asking them how their night is going and making general small talk.

Freddy Whoa: This is the War rematch no one wanted, Zach! But we're getting it! This super long entrance doesn't make any god damn sense!

Johnny Chinlock puts a fan in a chinlock while his friend takes a picture.

Zach Davis: I'm not sure it made sense to begin with, Freddy.

Johnny Chinlock makes it to the ringside area about ten minutes into the music. He takes a seat on the ring stairs and begins his mid entrance nap.

Freddy Whoa: Well, we saw John Rabid defend his World Title against former Champion Steve Orbit at XIII. I'm not going to call this an EASY defense, but... You know..

After his nap ends, Johnny Chinlock gets into the ring. He jokingly puts Kyle into a chinlock before climbing up one turnbuckle and posing there for a full minute. He climbs up the second turnbuckle and poses there for another minute. He climbs up the third turnbuckle and poses for another minute. He climbs up the last turnbuckle and poses for another minute.

Zach Davis: We didn't get his full entrance at War but we got it here tonight. That was magnificent.

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron. As the smoke clears, we see John Rabid standing tall; arms outstretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as John's name appears on a Slam graphic. Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's The Ripper hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Lon Chaney in Tod Browning's "London After Midnight" (1927). Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the cheer's from the crowd before taking off his black trench-coat and shades and waving his hapless opponent on with a cocky smirk on his face.

Freddy Whoa: John Rabid hands both of his belts to the timekeeper, and here we go!

Zach Davis: Wait, no, Johnny has a mic.

The crowd boos.

Johnny Chinlock: Thank you, thank you. Dear friends, I regret to inform you that I am retiring the name and persona of Johnny Chinlock.

The crowd cheers!

Johnny Chinlock: I am announcing the Johnny Chinlock Memorial Tournament, hosted by the WCF. It will be a twenty three day round robin tournament with sixty five competitors. Each competitor will start the tournament out in Africa and make their way around the world in a footrace mixed with wrestling competitions throughout. Whoever wins will be able to claim the name of Johnny Chinlock!

Now everyone is just confused. Rabid is left once again tapping his foot.

Johnny Chinlock: You see, after tonight my new name will be JOHNNY TELEVISION CHAMPION!

With that, Johnny Chinlock grabs the unsuspecting John Rabid and drops him with a Jawbreaker. Rabid is up on his feet, rubbing his chin, and Johnny Chinlock hits a SWEET CHIN MUSIC!

Freddy Whoa: OH MY GOD!

Zach Davis: He's setting him up for the biggest upset in WCF history!

Rabid goes to the ground and Johnny quickly wraps him into the Chinlock!


Rabid is able to work his way up as the crowd chants his name. Rabid elbows his way out of it.

Zach Davis: Eh, guess not.

Rabid is able to hit Johnny with a Spinning Heel Kick before hitting the ropes and smashing him with a V Trigger on the way back, breaking Johnny's face. He keeps going, Springboards, and hits a Calf Kick.

Freddy Whoa: Greetings From London!

Rabid eyes Johnny as he tries to stumble up, possibly crying that his master plan didn't work out.


Rabid pins Johnny, hooking the leg.




Freddy Whoa: A few short days after defeating Steve Orbit, John Rabid is victorious yet again.

The crowd cheers as Rabid gets back to his feet.

Zach Davis: As we head into Hellimination, one of the biggest nights for WCF's future, Rabid heads in as our most decorated Champion. He needs motivation on his side, because of he fails WCF, I doubt Seth will be all that happy.

Freddy Whoa: Who cares if Seth is happy?

Zach Davis: Touche.

The Munchkin/Petrina Nasso vs Dan Capello/Jacob Black

The music hits and the lights go out in the arena, a video package plays on the screen that’s above the stage, after a few moments a spotlight hits the middle of the entrance ramp at the top and the munchkin walks into it, after a few moments the rest of the lights come up, as the music kicks in the Munchkin focuses on the ring, he heads down the entrance ramp ignoring the crowd, he arrives at the side of the ring and climbs the steps, through the top and middle rope he stands in the middle of the ring looks around the arena heads over to a turnbuckle and climbs to the middle and looks out into the crowd. He jumps down and turns to await his opponent or faces his opponent if he’s the second person in.

"Queen" by Flint Eastwood hits as Petrina Nasso high fives everyone nearest her sprint to the ring. She pulls herself to the apron then hurdle the 3rd rope. Once inside, Petrina goes straight into her corner and awaits opponents.

Smoke begins to fill the entrance ramp as 'Eyes on Fire' by Zed as Dead begins to play. The arena goes dark for a few seconds, before a spotlight shines at the top of the entrance. Osamu Arcichida appears in the spotlight with his head held down, wearing a mask resembling a dragon. As soon as the bass from the entrance theme drops, all of the lights in the arena come on and Osamu removes the mask to reveal his face, which is filled with rage. He begins walking down to the ring, glaring at fans as they reach their arms out at him.

The NFL theme hits as Dan Capello makes his way onto the stage, semi-awkwardly waving at the fans as he squints up at the bright lights. While making his way down the entrance ramp, Dan shakes his head a bit, questioning his own sanity and choices in life. He walks up the ring steps and steps through, careful not to trip himself up. He gives the opponent a nod as he takes to his corner and quietly tries to give himself a pep talk.

Zach Davis: Four newcomers to the WCF! Who's gonna impress?

The Munchkin starts for his team and Dan Capello for his. The two approach each other and Dan, not quite knowing how to start a match, throws some punches. Munchkin sidesteps each of them and instead instructs Dan on how to do a collar and elbow tie up.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know about you guys, but I think Dan Capello is a shoe in to win the Johnny Chinlock Memorial Tournament.

Dan and Munchkin go into the tie up but Munchkin easily takes control. He pushes Dan to the ropes and then irish whips him. Not knowing wrestling protocol, however, Dan only runs a short distance and then stops himself, since he's a normal human being and is able to control whether he is running or not. Munchkin runs him but Dan is able to kick Munchkin in the gut, doubling him over. Sensing a big opportunity Dan pulls him in and hits a DDT!

Zach Davis: It was sloppy, but he smashed another man's head into the mat so I mean, it doesn't really need to look good. The worse it looks, the more painful it probably is!

Dan goes for the pin.



No!, kickout from Munchkin. Dan Capello quickly tags in Jacob Black.

Freddy Whoa: I'm pretty sure Dan is happy this ordeal is over. For now.

Black enters the ring and measures up Munchkin as he gets back to his feet. He hits a Calf Kick followed by a Snap Suplex, floating over for another pin attempt.



No, another kickout from Munchkin.

Zach Davis: The lightest powerhouse in the company gets his shoulder up!

Black lifts Munchkin to his feet but Munchkin fires off a series of forearms. Munchkin then irish whips him into the corner. He follows him in and strikes him with a knee. Black stumbles out and Munchkin grapples him from behind and hits a German Suplex!

Freddy Whoa: Bridge pin! One! Two!

Zach Davis: Kickout from Jacob Black.

Munchkin waits for Black to stumble up...

Freddy Whoa: M-LINE! HE HITS IT!

Munchkin gives Petrina Nasso the hot tag as the fans think the end is coming. She runs at Black.


NO!, Black has it scouted. He kicks her as she runs at him to apply the move. Black then grapples her and executes a Belly to Belly!

Freddy Whoa: That was close, but no cigar.

Jacob tags Dan Capello back in. Capello stomps his feet and waits for Petrina to get back to her feet.

Zach Davis: He runs at her... Every Other Weekend spear!

No!, she leapfrogs him. Nasso is able to grapple him from behind and execute a Dragon Suplex!

Freddy Whoa: Bridge pin!



Zach Davis: No, Dan Capello has learned how to kick out, luckily for his team!

Nasso lifts Dan up and throws him to the ropes. She hits a hip toss, then another. She anticipates a kick from Dan that doesn't come, he doesn't know what he's supposed to do and just runs at her and kicks her head off.

Freddy Whoa: Field Goal kick!

Dan tags Black in again. Nasso has stumbled up and Black hits a Dropkick. She goes down, gets back up, gets another Dropkick. Goes down, gets back up, BOOM, third Dropkick!, sending her flying into the neutral corner.

Zach Davis: Triple Dropkicks!, Black lifts her up onto the top and has her hooked..


Freddy Whoa: He hits it!

Black pins her, hooking the leg.




The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: The team of Dan Capello and Jacob Black are succesful here tonight! What a debut for these two men!

The bell sounds and Dan Capello goes crazy celebrating as if he just won the superbowl; Jacob Black simply raises his arm in victory.

Red Dragon vs Matthew Drake vs Trey Carter vs Jay West

The arena fades to almost complete darkness as lightning flashes on the video wall. Thunderclaps are heard as all the devils toys by deathstars begins to play throughout the arena. Lightning continues to flash on the video wall as a cemetery is panned through. The stage erupts in flames as Red Dragon rises to the stage from below. Around his waist is the SAW heavyweight title and on his right, should is the PWI heavyweight title. Scanning the crowd he grins and begins a slow walk towards the ring as a blood red spotlight is on him. Once at ringside he slides under the bottom rope and rolls up to his feet as a Pentagram appears in the middle of the ring. Fire erupts from all four corner post as he takes the titles off putting them in the corner before leaning against the ropes with the bloody femur in his hands waiting on his opponents.

"Look At Me" by XXXTENTACION starts playing strobe lights of all colors are flashing then the lights completely shut off and pyro at the stage starts and shoots down the ramp and Matthew Drake appears. He walks down the ramp with a very cocker swagger about him the women cheer because he is hot and the guys boo cause they wanna be him. He gets to the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and holds his arms up in victory before the match even starts he knows how good he is he jumps down and walks to the middle of the ring and holds his arms out and shines his cocky smirk to the fans.

The arena goes dark as the music begins to play. The silhouette of Trey slowly walks down the ramp, almost dragging like a zombie. Trey stops in the middle of the ramp as the song starts to climax. He bends to his knees as he's engulfed in bright red smoke. When "Doomsday" is heard in the song, the lights in the arena continuously flash red. The fog clears and Trey emerges. Trey has an evil smile on his face as he continues down the ramp and climbs into the ring. Trey takes his time traveling to the middle of the ring and hunches over so that his arms are dangling towards his feet. All of a sudden he straightens out with his head looking up and his arms extended and pointing at either side while the turnbuckles shoot out pyro. He stands in the middle and laughs maliciously.

The lights go out, then Jay walks out as the song starts, then the lights turn on with the dark blue tint and Jay walks down the ramp stopping halfway looking out at the crowd before continuing to the ring. Once there he slowly crawls in as blue smoke appears at ring. Then he stands up snatching the mask off then covering his face with hood before revealing his face.

Zach Davis: Alright! Big four way match here! Here we go!

Red Dragon runs at Trey Carter who catches him in a Belly to Belly Suplex, throwing him out of the ring. Trey Carter is spun around by Matthew Drake, who lifts him with a Falcon Arrow. As Carter stumbles up Drake runs at him and hits a Lights Out Curb Stomp, causing Carter to roll out. Drake then turns and is met with a SUPERKICK! from Jay West. Jay West quickly climbs to the top and executes a Corkscrew Legdrop.


Into the pin.




Zach Davis: Oh. Well okay then! That was fast.

Freddy Whoa: Jay West wins it, and wins it quickly!

We go to commercial, since the match was so short Seth figures he can add some extra commercials and get a few extra bucks.

Agimat vs Leon Hayze vs Gemu

Zach Davis: And now we're going to head back to the ring for a three-way contest between a group of individuals who are movers and shakers in the Alpha Title division.

Freddy Whoa: It's been quite a while since there has been this much competition for the Alpha belt, and a win here could put any of these three over the top and into a match with the champion, Luke Force.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, originally from Manilla in the Philippines and now residing in Yorktown, Virginia, he weighs in tonight at 187 pounds . . . AGIMAT!

The intro to "War of Change" by Thousand Foot Krutch plays, as the lights go dim. As the third line of the song - and we all know what that is - is sung, Agimat enters with arms outstretched. White lights strobe in random places in the crowd in tune with the guitar as he makes his way to the ring, giving high-fives to some fans. By the time the chorus hits, Agimat is on the top turnbuckle, pointing to the ceiling before stretching his arms with eyes closed, as if to absorb the energy of the fans who came to see him.

Zach Davis: This man has wrestled in Japan, he has wrestled in Mexico, he has competed in mixed marital arts, and now he's bringing all of that experience to the world of American professional wrestling.

Freddy Whoa: We're all glad that he found out he was booked this week and showed up in Austin.

"Hades the Bloody Rage" by Yousei Teikoku begins to play. As the intro finishes, a large cloud of smoke comes up from the stage. As it begins to clear, Gemu runs through the smoke and continues his stride to the ring, not stopping for anything. He slides belly first into the ring, gets to his feet, and runs the ropes.

Kyle Steel: And his first opponent . . . hailing from Sapporo, Japan and weighing in at 202 pounds . . . GEMU!

As Gemu's name is uttered, he breaks into a cartwheel routine that ends with a backflip in the middle of the ring, which draws some awe, but mostly boos. Gemu raises some middle fingers to the crowd and in the general direction of Agimat in response to the boos.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know why Gemu is giving Agimat the finger. It's not like he was responsible for the crowd's negative reaction to the Japanese star. Heck, he's not even American.

Zach Davis: You're right, Freddy. I'm pretty sure that the WCF Galaxy's negative view of Gemu relates directly to Gemu's attitude and nothing else.

"Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix starts playing over the PA, and the lights dim dramatically low—nearly to total darkness—as smoke slowly starts building up on the stage and near ringside, and the ‘tron comes to life with Leon’s video package. When Jimi starts in with the lyrics, pyro explodes and Leon “Purple” Hayze is revealed from the smoke. Two pillars of purple fire shoot to either side of him as he spins around twice with his arms outstretched. He lurches back and forth from side to side, as if stoned, slapping hands with the fans down the aisle. When he hits the ring, he hops up onto the apron in a smooth motion, springs up to the top rope, and jumps into the ring.

Kyle Steel: And, finally, originally from Albany, Oregon but now residing in Portland, Oregon - which I'm sure was one hell of a move - he weighs in at 265 pounds . . . LEON "PURPLE" HAYZE!

Zach Davis: After almost eight years out of professional wrestling, Leon Hayze has made a new home for himself in the WCF, with one of the most impressive showings of the whole roster in the War match a couple of weeks ago.

Freddy Whoa: Did you notice that Leon coming out of retirement occurred right around the same time that recreational pot was legalized throughout much of the country? I don't think that's a coincidence.

Zach Davis: It's a lot easier to tour the nation as a professional wrestler when you're not constantly worried about being busted for holding, Freddy!

The three wrestlers each stand in a separate corner of the ring, awaiting the beginning of their contest. Once the bell rings, they advance to the center of the squared circle, each one looking for an opening to make the first move.

Zach Davis: The first few moments of a triple threat match are always very intense, Freddy. There are a lot of directions the bout could go in, and you never really know how that tension is going to break.

Freddy Whoa: You've got an interesting size dynamic here as well, as Gemu and Agimat would both qualify as junior heavyweights if we had weight classes in the WCF, while Leon Hayze would be solidly within that heavyweight division.

Suddenly and without warning, Hayze walks away from his two opponents and climbs up on to the second rope, facing out towards the crowd.

Zach Davis: What is going on here?

Leon Hayze: U! S! A!

WCF Galaxy: U! S! A! U! S! A! U! S! A!

The "USA" chants continue as Leon hops off of the ropes with a smirk on his face, landing on his feet.

Zach Davis: Funny, though he is an American, I never would have figured Purple Hayze for a big patriot.

Freddy Whoa: I don't think he is. That may have been more of a strategic move.

Confirming what Freddy has just said, Gemu begins flipping out upon hearing support for the country that he despises, shaking the ropes and stomping his feet in frustration. He suddenly pops up on to the second rope himself to tell the fans to shut up.

Zach Davis: Wait a second, here comes Agimat up behind Gemu . . . and he pulls Gemu off the ropes with a big folding powerbomb!

Freddy Whoa: ORIGAMI BOMB! Agimat stays on top of him for the cover . . .


Zach Davis: Leon Hayze is right there to drop an elbow on Agimat's back!

Hayze stays right on top of Agimat, effortlessly lifting him up off of the mat and placing him over his shoulder for what looks like it might be a powerslam. However, before the move can connect, Agimat slides off of Leon's back and lands on his feet behind the larger man. From that position, Agimat shoves Hayze from behind, causing him to stumble forward and trip over the prone body of Gemu, as a result of which Leon falls flat on his face.

Freddy Whoa: A clever escape and even more clever counter there by Agimat!

Leaping over Gemu's body himself, Agimat goes to the mat and begins wrenching on one of Leon's limbs.

Zach Davis: Fujiwara armbar by Agimat applied on Leon Hayze!

Freddy Whoa: We're only a minute into this match, and already Agimat has had both of his opponents in near-compromising positions.

Leon reaches out for the ring ropes with his free hand and then his legs, but, out of nowhere, Gemu charges towards both of his opponents and throws himself down on top of both of them with a standing senton splash.

Freddy Whoa: That's one way to break up a submission hold!

Before either Agimat or Hayze can move off of the mat, Gemu pops back, bounces off of the ropes and hits Agimat with a basement dropkick to the face while Agimat is still down on the mat. Showing some lightning-fast reflexes, Gemu is then able to do the exact same thing for a second time, this time planting the dropkick into Hayze's kisser.

Zach Davis: Our new Japanese star may now be in the driver's seat for this matchup.

Gemu hits the ropes again, this time dropping down with a baseball slide kick that sees the soles of his feet buried into the ribs of a prone Leon Hayze. As a result of that move, Leon is forced to roll out of the ring and down to the arena floor.

Freddy Whoa: And now Gemu has removed the bigger of his two opponents from the equation for the time being, presumably so that he can pick on the guy who's a little bit more his size.

Gemu backs up and runs towards the rope one more time, going for a move that we will never be able to identify, because Agimat is able to pop up and run to meet him with a kitchen sink kneelift right into the breadbasket.

Zach Davis: Agimat grabs a leg now . . . dragon screw leg whip!

Gemu goes down, and Agimat stalks over to him looking to follow up on the takedown, but, from the mat, Gemu is able to grab Agimat's leg before quickly returning to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Dragon screw leg whip by Gemu on Agimat now!

Zach Davis: These two men both have fairly similarly backgrounds coming from the world of puroresu, so it's not surprising that we're seeing them use a few of the same counters.

Gemu picks Agimat back up off the mat and tries to position him for his next offensive maneuver, but then, out of nowhere . . .

Freddy Whoa: And Agimat hits another dragon screw leg whip!

Zach Davis: But as Agimat attempts to walk over to Gemu, his leg buckles and he falls to his knees!

Agimat and Gemu take a few seconds to stare at each other as both of them are crouching on the mat. Slowly, they both use the ring ropes to help themselves back up to their feet, with both of them clearly attempting to avoid placing their full body weight on their respective legs that have just been whipped repeatedly and are therefore damaged.

Freddy Whoa: Both wrestlers are showing negative effects of having their knees wrenched so many times now, but neither one of them is willing to give up.

The two men limp towards the center of the ring where they stare each other down.

Zach Davis: And Agimat hits a big chop!

Freddy Whoa: Responsive chop by Gemu!

Zach Davis: Chop!

Freddy Whoa: Chop!

Zach Davis: These two men are lighting up each other's chests!

Freddy Whoa: But they forgot about Leon Hayze!

In fact, Hayze has hit the ring and stands behind Gemu as he engages in the chop battle with Agimat. Hayze eventually charges forward and clubs Gemu with a big lariat to the back of the head. The lariat knock Gemu off balance and sends him stumbling forward into Agimat. Agimat catches Gemu, though that leaves Agimat open to also eat a lariat by Haze, which sends the pile of Gemu and Agimat staggering back into the corner.

Zach Davis: And Leon follows them in with a massive Stinger Splash that crushes both of his opponents!

Hayze scoops up Gemu and places him in the tree of woe position, then grabbing Agimat and doing the same in the opposite corner. Then, he runs back towards Gemu and unleashes a ferocious dropkick into his face as he continues to hang in the tree of woe.

Freddy Whoa: Leon calls that the Shatter O.G.!

Gemu remains hanging in the tree of woe while Purple Hayze changes directions and charges forward, hitting a second Shatter O.G. on Agimat. Whereas Gemu continued to hang in the tree of woe after taking the move, the force with which Hayze delivered it to Agimat causes the Filipino star to fall forward and into a heap in front of the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: Hayze positions himself up on the top rope now, perhaps looking for the shooting star press that he calls Hayzed and Confused!

Freddy Whoa: But, wait, a second, there's Gemu! He somehow managed to free himself from the tree of woe!

Gemu runs up the ropes to meet Leon Hayze and shoves him, causing the Oregonian to fall to the arena floor, crashing into the guardrail on his way down.

Zach Davis: Gemu had better keep an eye out, though, because Agimat is slowly getting back up to his feet . . .

As soon as Agimat reaches a vertical base, Gemu jumps off of the top rope into a shooting star-esque flip, but, rather than hitting a splash, he continues to rotate until he is in perfect position to grab Agimat's head and neck, eventually dropping him down with a DDT.

Zach Davis: GEMUOBA!

Freddy Whoa: Gesundheit!

Zach Davis: That's the kind of racism that makes Gemu hate our country!

Freddy Whoa: And he goes in for the pin!




Kyle Steel: The winner of this match, GEMU!

Adam Young vs Bomber

Voice: Who's ready to get sick?

The crowd gives Adam Young a monstruous ovation.

"Notorious" by Adelitas Way starts playing as the lights fade down to just one single white light at the entrance and smoke filtering threw it. Out steps Adam Young. He's flanked by memories of the Texas Army National Guard.


Adam smiles as the music kicks in and several white lights start flying around the arena. A single spot light is right on every move of Adam as he heads towards the ring with Reggie right behind him with Adam's pet Anatolian goat, Pepe.


Adam stops and pets Pepe just before kissing him on the top of his head right between his horns. Pepe is wearing a "1 Sick Bastard" plackard. Adam circles the ring twice and then climbs up on the apron where he wipes his feet before stepping inside the squared circle. Adam walks to the middle of the ring and the fans start throwing streamers towards him.

Highway to Hell by ACDC plays.

Zach Davis: The fans are resisting their natural urge to cheer AC/DC and they're booing the New Yorker.

Bomber comes running down the ramp. He smack hands with the fans before he slides into the ring and stare intently at Adam Young and the Texas Army National Guard.

Freddy Whoa: Well-

The fans are too loud, we can't even hear the announcers.






Zach Davis: Adam Young, getting a hero's welcome here in Austin, Texas.

Bomber throws his T-shirt into the crowd but they throw it back at him.


Adam Young laughs.

Freddy Whoa: I'm pretty sure they're only chanting "Let's Go Bomber" ironically.

Zach Davis: BIG FIGHT FEEL HERE IN TEXAS, let's get this started!

Bomber starts the match off by hitting a Tornado Punch, following up by putting Adam Young in the Iron Claw. The fans boo mercilessly.

Freddy Whoa: SHADES OF KERRY VON ERICH! Get your own god damn moves, Bomber!

Bomber pins Adam.



Zach Davis: Kickout!

Adam Young summons the power of Texas to get to his feet. He points at Bomber who goes to hit some punches but Adam Young blocks them and takes him down with an STO.

Freddy Whoa: Bomber is no slouch, he fights his way up.

Bomber runs at Adam and goes for a Clothesline, but Adam ducks it and grapples Bomber from behind before hitting the Last Rites.

Zach Davis: FUCK OFF!

Freddy Whoa: Excuse me?

Zach Davis: No, sorry. That's just the name of the move.

Adam Young then hops up the turnbuckle and hits the Best Moonsault Ever.

Freddy Whoa: BASTARD BOMB!

Zach Davis: Those are the moves of an original, Bomber!

Into the pin!





The fans begin to boo.

Zach Davis: Wow!

Adam Young begins lifting Bomber up and Bomber uses his courage and power to counter it and lift Adam Young up onto his shoulders and he drops him with the AA.


Bomber pins Adam.




Bomber is shocked! He gets to his feet and grabs a chair from ringside.

Freddy Whoa: Oh no!

The Texas Army National Guard is about to stop him before they see that someone else has the situation in control.

Zach Davis: Bomber senses someone is behind him and he turns around before hitting Adam with the chair.


Freddy Whoa: WWHHOOAA!!!!!

The chair flies out of the ring as Pepe exits. Adam Young has gotten to his feet and he pulls Bomber in.

Zach Davis: DEATH BLOW!

Adam Young falls on top of Bomber and hooks his legs.

Crowd: ONE.

Crowd: TWO.

Crowd: THREE.


Freddy Whoa: ADAM YOUNG WINS!!!

Adam Young gets to his feet and Miss Texas joins him to celebrate, as does porn star Alexis Texas!

Zach Davis: Looks like the night just got started for Adam Young! I just hope Miss Texas keeps her Donald Trump opinions to herself for now!

Adam Young grabs a mic as security takes away several women who are trying to jump the guardrail to join him in the ring.

Adam Young: Sidney J. Warwick, you're next, boy.

Adam Young drops the mic to a huge ovation.


Miss Texas and Alexis Texas each take Adam by an arm and lead him out of the ring. Pepe is joined by a nondescript female goat that sources say is the Alexis Texas of bestiality porn. Only the best for Pepe.

Hellimination Segment

Zach Davis: And we’re back from commercial, ladies and gentlemen and here in the ring we have quite the treat for you!

The camera cuts to the ring where WCF World Champion, John Rabid, and Sidney J. Warwick of Team WCF and Seth Lerch are standing across the ring from UCI World Champion Zombie McMorris and Kevin Bishop of Team UCI and Spencer Adams.

Freddy Whoa: Wait, did you say treat? You’re hurlilng out puns already when we have the two teams for Hellimination standing in the ring?

Zach doesn’t respond as Seth lifts the mic to speak.

Seth Lerch: Ok, so last week both teams picked their co-captains and now it’s time for us to each make our third pick for our respective teams. Since, UCI is CLEARLY inferior and CLEARLY the underdog and has ZERO CHANCE of winning this match, I’ll let you guys pick first.

The crowd boos at Seth’s insults towards Team UCI. Spencer goes to speak into his mic but Zombie McMorris snatches it away. ZMac stares down Seth as he speaks.

Zombie McMorris: Seth, Boi, I think you got this shit all mother fuckin twisted. You think you’re high and mighty when UCI is made up people who found success in the Dub. I mean, I know you got that lil’ FGT SJW by your side but tell me something, Seth, how have your hand picked champions worked out for you in the past? Not well, I can tell you that fuckin much. Then how about ol’ Z; Seth? Six years in the Dub, six years of waxing the floor with your talents and kickin them to the curb and you can’t even toss ol’ Z the one thing you know he deserves. Shut the fuck up, Seth, I’ll break your fucking back in three if you so much as look at me wrong.

Six years, two hundred a week. No travel pay, no bonus, no nothing. And what did I do with that? I turned chicken shit into chicken a la king. I was the lowest paid guy on the roster and I showed up every week and did my fuckin’ thang because that’s part of my code. And you, Seth? Pullin up that Harvey Weinstein cheddah so when an offer came along – one that fuckin paid – I took it. Now here I stand world champion.

So when your boi, JRAB wants a shot, feel free to send his punk ass on over and I’ll mop the floor with him just like I do with everyone else. So don’t you make this out to be a second rate or second class fed coming at chu. THIS IS THE HEART AND SOUL OF THE DUB Z WREK’IN YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT. And you know dat ol’ Z iz bettah at wrek’in foo’s den anybody else.

ZMac hands the mic towards Spencer without taking his eyes off of Seth. Seth looks pissed and wants to respond, but sticks to letting Spencer make his pick.

Spence Adamsr: Well, that was interesting. I guess there’s no love lost here? Anyway, I thought long and hard about who else should be on Team UCI and there’s one person I know without a shadow of a doubt is just make for Team UCI and will represent UCI well. She is one of the hottest stars in UCI history and will help us to earn the respect we deserve. I present, former UCI World Champion and CURRENT UCI Tag Tea Champion….BONNIE BLUE!

The slow beat of Rihanna's "Same Ol' Mistakes" rolls through the arena as blue and white spotlights, synchronized to the music, flare on and off against a darkened stage. Bonnie Blue appears, peering at the audience over the rims of a pair of teal shutter shades. A mixture of boos and cheers pours forth from all directions as she surveys her domain, a defiant smirk on pink-glossed lips.

Unlike her usual entrance, she walks down to the ring and jogs up the ring steps and dips in between the ropes. She walks over and stands beside ZMac and Kevin Bishop who both nod respectfully towards her. Spencer grins, shrugging, as he gestures for Seth to take his turn.

Before Seth can say a word, John Rabid snatches the mic from him and speaks.

John Rabid: Ol’ Z. Better...at wrecking fools...than anyone else. I find it hilarious that you can stand there, with your white man dreadlocks, yellow teeth and nonsensical accent like a meth addicted Jack Sparrow, and attempt to pretend to be anything else than the broken down curtain jerker from twelve months ago. The same used up twat that was body bagged by Katherine Phoenix for shits and giggles like a chump bitch. The same hobo clot that had his precious “Horrokore” title ripped from his grasp. What happened, Zee? That match was supposed to be your speciality. Yeah, some of us actually have a memory, Zee. Some of us remember how utterly pathetic you were, and still are. Don’t deny getting emasculated by Phoenix. That was you, “Ol’ Zee’, the same Ol’ Zee that was afforded chance after chance at the WCF World title.

But guess what? You blew em’, all of them. You stood toe to toe with Dune, and lost. You stood toe to toe with Bobby Cairo and Kaz Mazy, and lost. But hey, no one remembers those days so I guess you can stand here and cry about never getting your due, right? Well not today, ZMAC. Not in this ring. Here’s some facts for you. You couldn’t beat Dune. I retired him. You couldn’t win the WCF world title. I own it. You lost the stomach for the fight and stepped down, you regressed into the UCI shadows and there you sulk. While I stand here, bathed by the WCF light. I outclass you on every conceivable level.

You want to threaten to mop the floor with me? Go ahead and try prick. The difference between me and you is simple. All you can do is threaten. While I go out there and accomplish. Night after night. And when we’ve faced each other? I’ve torn you to shreds more times than you’ve left hookers, corpses. At Helloween, I’m going to annihilate you, you stupid fucking cunt. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be on a leash barking for pennies. Heart and soul of the WCF? Nah, Zee. You were nothing but the fed’s toilet. Just a floater that never knew when to stay flushed.

John Rabid finishes and hands the mic to Seth. Seth glares at the earlier interruption from Rabid and turns back towards Spencer as he speaks.

Seth Lerch: You know, that’s all well and great that you picked Bonnie Blue, but my pick for the third member of Team WCF is more talented than all three of your picks thus far combined! He has more talent in his pinky finger than ZMac does in his entire drug-infested excuse for a meat sleeve.

Zach Davis: Did he say meat sleeve?

Freddy Whoa: I ain’t even trying to understand that one.

Seth Lerch: With that said, my third pick for Team WCF is one of the top talents in the company today. I present to you from Everest….ETHAN KING!!

The beginning of "Alone With All The World” plays triumphantly throughout the arena, enticing a raucous wave of boos from the crowd. The lights gradually begin to dim, coming down to a dark hue that places extra emphasis on the stage. Large, golden letters flash over the black titantron.


A flash of golden pyro goes off as Ethan King makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp from the backstage area, all-knowing smile spread over his face as he holds both arms out in a welcoming gesture, bathing in both the adulation and spite from the crowd.

Ethan walks down to the ring exuding confidence with the WCF Hardcore title over his shoulder. He bounds up the ring steps and hops through the ropes. He smirks at the members of Team UCI as he walks past them. He turns and nods at John Rabid and SJW who both return the nod and turns towards Team UCI.

Seth Lerch: Well, clearly we have the advantage right now. I’ve seriously thought about doubling the number of wrestlers that UCI can have, but we’ll see about that. So, next week we will announce the final two members of each team!

Slam’s theme music plays as the two teams stare each other down across the ring. Slam goes to commercial.

Kyle Kemp vs Johnny Alpha

“Irresistible Force” by the Too Skinnee Jays pumps through the Mohawk and the place explodes in a chorus of boos. There is no pyro, Luke appears at the ramp with the WCF Alpha Championship belt slung over his shoulder, “fu” is still spray painted on the belt. Luke is wearing a light grey suit with no tie and sun glasses. He stops to soak in the boos and they do not quiet as he walks to the ring. He gets in the rings and does that fake body lunge thing, the one that often ends with the asshole saying “2 for flinching” and delivering 2 slugs to the shoulder, at Kyle Steel. Steel doesn’t flinch an inch but calmly offers Luke center ring and retreats to the corner. Luke stares Steel down nodding for him to get out of the ring. Steel stares back and motions for Luke to carry on with whatever he came to do, but he’s not moving. Luke sorts of snickers or snorts as if to say “OK, you got a pair, stay there”.

Luke Force: What I’d like to…

The boos make it too loud for Luke to continue. He waits a good 30 seconds before he speaks again. The boos are still there, but not loud enough to prevent Luke from speaking.

Luke Force: What I’d like to have right now, is for all of you Austin asshats to grab that Texas Tart you’ve got standing next to you and bot of you sit down and shut up so you can hear what a real man has to say.

Aagain with the chorus of boos.

Luke Force: I know of lot you saw that debacle of show the other night where they disqualified me for not showing up. Well let me clear something up, Luke The Irresistible Force showed up. But when I got there and they said it was some Age of Clowntron match, I said hell no. I’m the WCF Alpha Champion, I’m not going to risk my welfare is some gimmick match in Mexico. I’ll tell you what I will do. I’ll carry my ass to ringside and join my man Freddy Whoa and that joke that sits next him and call tonight’s main event. Do your thing Steel.

Luke tosses his mic to Steel who just sidesteps it and watches to fall to the floor where some black clad stage hand picks it up.)

Centuries by fall out boy blares over the PA system. Johnny Alpha comes through the curtain in his red shirt with the Alpha logo on it. Alpha brings a towel to the ring but when he enters the ring, he throws it to the fans but after spitting his gum into it.

Kyle Steel: ladies and gentlemen, this next match is the main event of the evening! It is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring weighing in at 235 pounds and standing six feet one inch tall . From Atlanta Georgia, this is Johnny Alpha!!!

The Texas crowd offers a solid cheer for Alpha, there is even a few signs in the audience that say “I want your gum”. Luke Force is now at ringside sitting in between Freddy and Zack.

Freddy Whoa: Welcome Luke, it’s great to have you. You will have to excuse my partner if he is a little rude, I think he hates you.

Zach Davis: I absolutely do not..

Luke Force: Shut up you moron, no one asked you because no one cares. I’m gonna treat your dumbass with as much respect as I can muster during this match because I’m a damn professional. Now explain something to me Zacky. Why in the hell does this WCF universe like Johnny Alpha so much?

Zach Davis: Luke uh, well, er.. great question. I thinks it because all this guy wants to do is get better and I think WCF fans really like to see that.

Luke Force: He a nuisance that makes me want to puke.

"Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and Kyle Kemp walks out slowly to the top of the stage. He stands with his arms out and soaks in boos from the crowd. He slowly saunters his way down to the ring, taunting the fans. He walks up the steps and gets in the ring with a smile and just leans on one of the turnbuckles, indifferent to anything that anyone is saying to him and waiting for the match to start. The fans hate how he's not responding to them and continue to boo louder.

Kyle Steel: And from the city of Angels, Los Angeles California, he stands six feet 5 inches tall and weighs 208 pounds. This is Kyle Kemp!!

The arena blows up in a chorus of boos and King loves it. He is soaking it in like boos were the sun and he were George Hamilton.

Zach Davis: I haven’t heard a fan reaction like that since..wel to be honest since about 5 minutes ago, when you came in Luke.

Luke Force: Yeah, Ain’t like grand. So tell me, why do these same fans that love Alpha for just trying to get better, hate Ethan King? Isn’t he just trying to get better?

Zach Davis: Well I think it’s the way he goes about it. He seems to align himself with people who can advance his career rather than just go out there and put in the hard work.

Luke Force: Fans are sheep.

Kyle Kemp and JOHNNY ALPHA meet in the middle of ring. Johnny Alpha is looking for a handshake, Kemp offers but then blasts Alpha with a chop to the neck and a dropkick that puts Alpha into the corner

Luke Force: Nobody puts Johnny in a corner, we miss you Patrick Sawayze.

Kemp follows Alpha to the corner where Alpha is able to kip up and meet Kemp forearm to forehead. Kyle Kemp stumbles back and Alpha pursues with a dropkick, Kemp is now in the corner and Alpha charges and lands a knee to Kemps head. As Kemp shakes the cobwebs out Alpha climbs to the second turnbuckle and rears back to elbow Kemp’s head. Kemp is too quick and grabs Alpha off of the ropes and delivers a running powerbomb into a pin. Stanley Moser with the count



THR..KICKOUT by Alpha.

Freddy Whoa: Alpha just kicked out of that one in the nick of time.

Zach Davis: Almost a quick win for Kemp there.

Luke Force: Kemp didn’t get the pin, but he’s not done. He’s stomping on Alpha pretty good right now.

Kemp continues his assault on the grounded Alpha with knees and leg drops to the head. Kemp picks Alpha up and hits him with a spinebuster. Kemp looks at the crowd and they are disgusted, and Kemp loves it. The crowd is in a furor and Kemp continues to drink it up. Alpha has manged his way back to his feet and although dazed, is able to connect with a dropkick to Kemp’s back that send him through the ropes and onto the floor.

Zach Davis: I’m not sure that hurt Kemp’s body as much as it hurt his pride?

Luke Force: That is a stupid thing to say you moron.

Freddy Whoa: Now Luke, you did say you were going to show Zack some respect.

Luke Force: You’re right Freddy. I apologize Zack. With all due respect, that is a stupid thing to say you moron. Have you ever been kicked in the back and then fallen five or six feet to a hard, concrete floor?

Zach Davis: Well no, but I ..

Luke Force: Thought not, you dope. Maybe you shouldn’t be talking so much about what hurts people and what doesn’t.

Despite Luke’s tirade, Kyle does not appear to be too worse for wear after hitting the floor. The crowd is again at full throttle as they Kemp have it. Kemp is just barely able to avoid some fan dumping popcorn on his head. Alpha wisely does not follow Kemp to the floor, but motions for him to get back in the ring. Kemp slides back in the ring and Alpha quickly connects with two stomps to the back Alpha tries a single leg grapevine but Kemp blocks and send Alpha against the ropes. As Alpha bounces off a grounded Kemp hits a monkey flip and quickly gets to his feet as Alpha lands on his back. Alpha is able to get to his but Kemps flattens him with a clothesline.

Zach Davis: kemp is on fore right now, Alpha can’t seem to put anything together.

Freddy Whoa: Kemp is absolutely on his game tonight. Every move he hits, he hits with pinpoint accuracy which just maximizes the damage it does.

Luke Force: You know, I’ve actually got to hand Kemp some credit. While many of the other WCF Superstars, myself included, were chasing fame at XIII, Kemp stayed here and represented his brand.

Kemp picks up Alpha only to drop him again with a belly to belly suplex. After a kneedrop to the head, Kemp picks up Alpha and lands a German suplex. Kemp does not release the grip and hits 5 more Germans before finally releasing. The crowd is not pleased and Kemp is motioning for them make some noise, to which they respond with boos and blurred out hand gestures. Kemp picks Alpha up and sets him up and nails his version of the stun gun, The Kemp Gun. Alpha is up to his hands and knees holding his throat and Kemp is running toward him, no doubt looking to hit his punt to the face he calls Back to the Minors.

Zach Davis: Oh no! Here it comes, it’s Back to the Minors time

Freddy Whoa: No it’s not Zacky Boy, Alpha was able to move out the way just in time and Kemp kicks but nothing is there.

Luke Force: He looks like Charlie Brown trying to kick a field goal!

Zach Davis: Alpha is up and Kemp is unaware. Alpha lands a clubbing forearm to the back of the head. The crowd is loving this. Alpha follows up with kick to the head and he picks Kemp and hits a stunner. The crowd reacts and Alpha acknowledges with a fist pump to the air. He has Kemp back up and has him set up for a powerbomb. Kemp is able to land a few punches to Alpha’s head. He is able slide out of the powerbomb predicament and land a DDT of his own. He quickly lifts Alpha up and it’s another Kemp Gun. Kemp quickly goes for the Back to the minors and nails it. It’s an immediate cover from Kemp. Moser with the count.



THREE!!! Kyle Kemp with the win!!

Zach Davis: There it is folks! Kyle Kemp picks up the pinfall victory over Johnny Alpha!! Thanks Luke for..

Luke Force: Shut it Davis! It was your pleasure having me here, and don’t ever forget that! Go to commercial and end this thing.

Slam does indeed fade to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Television Title Match: Johnny Chinlock vs John Rabid

The Munchkin/Petrina Nasso vs Dan Capello/Jacob Black

Red Dragon vs Matthew Drake vs Trey Carter vs Jay West

Agimat vs Leon Hayze vs Gemu

Adam Young vs Bomber

Hellimination Segment

Kyle Kemp vs Johnny Alpha

Of The Week

Adam Young
Agimat vs Hayze vs Gemu



John Rabid
Sidney J. Warwick
John Rabid
Ethan King
William the Behemoth
Luke Force
Tag Team:
Mushroom Mangino