Live from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Slam Intro

The Risen vs El Enigmatico/Comet

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit.

"Self-Destruct" by This Cold Life plays throughout the arena, and The Risen makes their way from the back, with Kyle Madden having his back to the crowd and RH Marius walking out with a smirk on his face. They are soon joined by Theresa McShane, who looks on with a smile on her face and her arms folded. Madden turns to see the crowd, then stands in front of Marius, who throws his arms up repeatedly to hype up the crowd. Madden drops to one knee and lowers his head, and Marius stands behind him with his head lowered. At the :16 mark of the song, they both throw their heads up and spread their arms apart, making gun gestures with their hands. McShane stands behind them, making the same gun gestures pointed forward. Madden springs up to his feet, and the trio then goes down the ramp, tagging hands with the fans they pass by. Madden and Marius soon enter the ring and hop onto separate turnbuckles, spreading their arms apart with the same gun gestures as before. The Risen hops down onto the ring and remove their vests, which are received by McShane, before preparing for the match.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, weighing in tonight at a combined 463 pounds and being accompanied to the ring by Theresa McShane, they are RH Marius and Kyle Madden . . . THE RISEN!

Zach Davis: And here come our young, hungry Canadian competitors, the Risen!

Freddy Whoa: That reminds me, Zach, I need to make sure that we plug our sponsor for this week, Tim Horton's. Tim Horton's - it's where hungry young Canadians go!

Zach Davis: Well that was random.

Freddy Whoa: You ever have a Tim Horton's honey cruller, Zach? Great stuff.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents . . .

Fans roar to a loud announcement, “Fellows of the Galaxy, we come in peace!” Music follows, namely “War” by Grandson. The area suddenly flashes bright green with a video of lunar surface, colored purple, rotates with the names “Comet” and “Enigmatico” in fluorescent red. Lasers lights flash to the appearance of Comet carrying Maktak the Galactic Warlord over his left shoulder and El Enigmatico over his right shoulder. Comet flashes two fist forward, then takes a starting pose, before darting to the ring. Comet makes whooshing rocket noises as they rush to the ring.

At the apron, Comet removes the carrying baskets before taking a seat on the apron. Comet then hoists Maktak above his head, whom in turn flashes his necklace “the Grand Core” to the crowd. Fans bow and chant “we are not worthy” until Comet lets his master back onto stable ground. He then rolls under the ropes and takes center stage to several firework flares streaking across the arena. Comet then goes to a corner in preparation for the bout, where Enigmatico was already waiting for him.

Kyle Steel: They weigh in this evening at a total combined 567 pounds . . . EL ENIGMATICO AND COMET!

Zach Davis: We've got tag team action to open up Slam this week, as the Risen take on the duo of Comet and El Enigmatico.

Freddy Whoa: This is actually the second matchup between these two teams, as the Risen were able to pin El Enigmatico in their first encounter back on November 12.

Zach Davis: The winner here could wind up in Tag Team Title contention, as Comet and Enigmatico have unseated members of Adam Young's Chaos stable recently, while the Risen looked pretty damn good in their first effort against reigning champions Kyle Kemp and Teo Del Sol.

RH Marius and El Enigmatico start the match for their respective teams, with punctual Pakistani-American referee Asif Oncue calling for the bell. Marius reaches out in an attempt to engage Enigmatico in a collar and elbow tie-up, but the luchador performs a somersault underneath his opponent's arms and then pops up to his feet, delivering a quick kick to the back of Marius' calf.

Zach Davis: As the smallest man in this match, El Enigmatico is going to have to rely on his speed in order to get things done.

Freddy Whoa: Or he could rely on the four-hundred-pounder standing in his corner.

The masked man fires off two more quick kicks to the same part of his opponent's body, with the third causing RH Marius to drop to a knee. Sensing an opportunity, Enigmatico hits the ropes and attempts a shining wizard, but Marius isn't quite softened up enough and sees it coming, moving out of the way and causing Enigmatico to crash and burn.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like our Mexican superstar got a little overly confident!

Zach Davis: He was looking for the move that he calls the Riddle Box, but he got absolutely none of it.

As Enigmatico flails on the mat, Marius drops an elbow into his sternum and then rolls over, applying a side headlock.

Zach Davis: Now that he's established control, RH Marius of the Risen is looking to control the pace of this matchup and wear his opponent down.

From the ring apron, Comet begins clapping his hands over his head, which in turn causes the audience to begin slapping their hands in rhythm. Energized by this, Enigmatico manages to fight his way back up off of his feet.

Zach Davis: It looks like Enigmatico might be in the process of powering out of this one, despite his size disadvantage!

The luchador shoves Marius's back into the ropes and shoves him off, sending RH running across the ring. However, unbeknownst to El Enigmatico, while Marius was up against the strands, Kyle Madden slapped his opponent's shoulder, which the official is counting as a tag.

Freddy Whoa: Look out, Enigmatico!

RH Marius bounces off of the ropes and begins running back towards Enigmatico, who is bracing himself for an attack. However, before he can make that attack, Kyle Madden grabs him from behind in a waistlock. Marius then charges forward and connects with a big lariat on Enigmatico, with Madden then using the momentum from the strike to snap Enigmatico back into a German suplex.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Enigmatico just got dumped on the back of his head!

Zach Davis: And Kyle Madden bridges in to the pinfall attempt!



Freddy Whoa: Comet is in the ring to punt Madden in the ribs and break up the pin!

Zach Davis: He moved remarkably quickly for a man of his size just there.

While Kyle Madden tends to his injured midsection, RH Marius runs at Comet, but the seven-footer grabs him by the throat.


Both members of the Risen roll out of the ring underneath the bottom rope seeking to regroup. Their manager, Theresa McShane, comes over to discuss strategy with them while they recoup.

Freddy Whoa: Wait a second, here comes Comet's corner man Maktak the Galactic Wizard. What is he up to?

Maktak grabs Theresa McShane and flings her over his shoulder, which is a bit awkward since she's three inches taller than he is. The Risen turn to give chase to Maktak, but, before they can get anywhere, El Enigmatico flies through the air and wipes them both out with . . .


Zach Davis: Wait, so was Maktak distracting the Risen, or was he simply pulling Theresa out of the way and to safety?

Freddy Whoa: He and Comet are both members of the Galactic Protectors, so I'm guessing that they're good guys and probably just wanted to make sure the woman was unharmed.

Zach Davis: If they're Galactic Protectors, why aren't they doing anything about Jared Holmes?

Freddy Whoa: The less we think about that sort of thing, the better.

Now that she is in the clear, Maktak lets Theresa McShane back down, and she immediately slaps him across the face, which draws the ire of Comet.

Zach Davis: Comet just stepped over the top rope and jumped down to the arena floor, and it looks like he's going to try to protect Maktak from any further assault by Theresa McShane!

With all four competitors on the arena floor, Asif Oncue begins applying the ten count.



Zach Davis: Comet has extended his finger towards Theresa McShane, and he is sternly lecturing her about how Maktak was just doing her a favor!

Freddy Whoa: I love it when I go to see a fight and a stern lecture breaks out.

Zach Davis: Meanwhile, Kyle Madden and El Enigmatico are brawling over by the barricade.



Freddy Whoa: Wait a second, RH Marius has climbed up on to the ring apron, and it looks like he's measuring Comet for something!

Zach Davis: All while Comet is distracted with Theresa McShane!


Marius runs the length of the ring apron, then launching himself towards Comet with a rolling cannonball dive. However, before the move connects, Maktak the Galactic Wizard yells out to his protégé.

Zach Davis: Comet turns around . . .


Because he sees the flying RH Marius coming, the massive Comet is able to grab him out of the air in mid-cannonball, holding him around the waist while Marius is upside down.

Freddy Whoa: I don't see this one ending well.


Freddy Whoa: He just flattened at least seven fans!


The audience - or at least the members who weren't just taken out of that commission by that maneuver - takes up a chant.

WCF Galaxy: PLEASE DON'T KILL US! *clap clap clapclapclap* PLEASE DON'T KILL US *clap clap clapclapclap*

Zach Davis: A reasonable request, I suppose.

El Enigmatico rolls Kyle Madden back into the ring, breaking the referee's count. Having dispatched RH Marius, Comet climbs back up on to the ring apron and hangs out in his team's corner.

Zach Davis: We were distracted there by Comet taking out RH Marius and several paying ticketholders, but, while we weren't looking, El Enigmatico also managed to maintain his offensive advantage over Kyle Madden.

Freddy Whoa: Now that they're back in the ring, Enigmatico grabs Madden by the head . . . BULLDOG!

Rather than going for the cover after the bulldog, the luchador instead heads over to the corner and tags in Comet.

Zach Davis: Here comes the big man, entering this match legally for the first time.

With RH Marius out of commission and Kyle Madden momentarily down, Comet decides that he's going to take a few minutes to dance for the audience, beginning to slowly perform the Macarena.

Zach Davis: Where does a space alien learn to dance like that?

Freddy Whoa: Pretty sure that he's not an alien. He's from Delaware.

Zach Davis: Close enough.

Once he's finished up his dance party, Comet moves over to the center of the ring and gets into position as El Enigmatico picks up Kyle Madden and whips him off the ropes towards his tag team partner. When Madden reaches Comet, the huge man pops him up into the air but then immediately slams him back down with a spinning double axe handle blow.


Freddy Whoa: Comet goes for the cover!



Zach Davis: Kyle Madden barely kicks out!

Somewhat surprised by the fact that the Gravity Surge didn't get the job done, Comet grabs his own tag team partner, El Enigmatico, and hoists him up into a press slam position. Comet does three military press reps with Enigmatico, pressing him high up in to the air and letting him go on the last rep.

Freddy Whoa: Comet drops Enigmatico down into a frog splash on Kyle Madden!

Zach Davis: Comet puts his big Size 14EEE boot down on Madden's chest! He's not even dropping down for the pin attempt, and I don't think he has to!


Before the three count can be registered, Theresa McShane pops up on to the ring apron and begins gyrating, shaking her "assets" towards Comet, who predictably takes his foot off of Madden's chest to move towards the beautiful woman.

Zach Davis: Come on, Comet, you have to know that she's just not that into you.

El Enigmatico interjects, placing himself in between McShane and Comet before her antics can derail the match too much. However, it's a bit too late, as Comet has already closed his eyes and begun moving in for a kiss on Theresa. Not seeing that his partner has intervened, Comet inadvertently grabs Enigmatco's head in his hands and begins French kissing him. Enigmatico begins flailing his arms about but is unable to escape the powerful wrestler's grasp.

Zach Davis: Oh boy.

Freddy Whoa: The worst part of this is that Enigmatico's mask doesn't have a mouth hole, so we we're just watching Comet's tongue dart back and forth over a piece of cheap fabric here.

Zach Davis: Wait a second, Kyle Madden is back up!

Madden grabs Comet from behind with a waistlock and quickly spins him around, holding on to his arm and clubbing him with a big lariat to the jaw.

Zach Davis: CLIP UNLOAD!

Due to the size differential, Comet doesn't go down. Instead, he's stunned and stumbles backwards, colliding with El Enigmatico and causing Enigmatico to go tumbling out of the ring. Comet staggers back towards Kyle Madden, who somehow compresses the giant into a small package.

Freddy Whoa: This could be it!



Zach Davis: Comet kicks out!

Upon kicking out, Comet gets up into a kneeling position, but Madden stays on top of him, firing off a series of quick kicks to Comet's chest as he continues to kneel on the mat. After a fifth kick, Kyle Madden hits the ropes and blasts the still-kneeling Comet in the face with a single leg drop kick.

Freddy Whoa: NEW GUN! That's his finish!

Zach Davis: Madden goes for the cover again!



Zach Davis: Comet just got his foot on the ropes! Asif Oncue sees it, and he's stopped the count!

Freddy Whoa: That's one of the advantages of being as tall as Comet. He can reach the ropes with his leg from just about anywhere in the ring!

Kyle Madden looks somewhat frustrated that his big move didn't get the job done, but he doesn't relent, leaping on to the downed Comet and burying a series of knees into the side of his head.

Zach Davis: One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five! Comet isn't defending himself here! The referee needs to stop the match!

Freddy Whoa: Wait a second, here comes El Enigmatico to make a save, but he's not to the legal man!


Seeming out of nowhere, RH Marius hits the ring and sacks Enigmatico with a rolling forearm strikes that immediately drops him and causes him to roll out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: How the hell did he come back after taking that powerbomb into the crowd?!

Zach Davis: I don't know, but here he is!

The Risen cooperate to get Comet back up to his feet. Once he's there, both men hit opposite sets of ropes and run towards the center of the ring, where Marius drops down and chop blocks Comet while Madden simultaneously gives him another single leg dropkick to the mush.

Zach Davis: DOUBLE TEAM NEW GUN! They hit it!

Freddy Whoa: Madden drops down on Comet!




Kyle Steel: The winners of this match, as the result of a pinfall, THE RISEN!

Kyle Congdon vs Charlie Rossi vs Switchblade vs John Tolly vs Jacob Black

Freddy Whoa: An absolute WCF classic coming up next here, Zach!

Zach Davis: How is this “a classic?” Everybody in it is basically brand new and half of them didn’t even put out a promo this week!

Freddy Whoa: Classic WCF! A rookie four way match! Nothing to lose! Everything to prove! Next week one of them will probably get a TV title shot though it won’t necessarily even be the winner!

Zach Davis: Classic WCF.

In the ring, the four competitors have already completed their entrances and taken their respective corners. The referee calls for the bell and all four men charges to the middle at once. Switchblade goes for a dropkick on Congdon but he ducks and pulls Black directly into the path of the dropkick. Jacob Black hit the mat and Switchblade bounces up only to be met with a hard right hand from Charlie Rossi. Switchblade is turned around by the right hand and is then met with a right hand from Congdon.

Freddy Whoa: Switchblade can’t seem to catch a break, being bounced back and forth between the stiff right hands of Congdon and Rossi!

Zach Davis: Jacob Black is back up and locks Congdon in a waist lock before hoisting him for a german suplex but Congdon drops his center of gravity before peppering him with elbows. But Black isn’t breaking the hold.

During their scuffle Switchblade managed to get the upperhand on Rossi with a few well-placed european uppercuts and then followed by a nasty superkick flooring Rossi. Switbhblade quickly turns his attention to Congdon who’s trying to break free of Black’s grasp.

Freddy Whoa: Superkick to Congdon! NO! He ducked out of the way at the last second and Switchblade just took Jacob Black’s head absolutely off!

Without missing a beat, Switchblade tries to fire a third one off at Congdon but he ducks behind it and sends Switchblade down with a russian leg sweep. Congdon rolls backward through it and ends up back on his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Smooth move by Congdon but he didn’t see Charlie Rossi right behind him who snaps the man nearly in half with a backstabber! Congdon isn’t down for long though as Rossi picks him back up and drives him into the mat with a cradle piledriver. And a cover!



Broken up by Jacob Black with an elbow to the back of Rossi’s head!

Zach Davis: Black pulls Rossie up but eats a flying forearm to the back of his head from Switchblade! Black fires back though with rights of his own backing Switchblade all the way to the ropes. Black then takes a step back before charging in again with a clothesline sending both men over the top rope and to the floor below.

As the duo barrels over the top, Rossi is putting the boots to the downed Congdon. A few kicks to the ribs and then he lines up a hard stomp to the head but Congdon is able to roll out of the ay at the last moment and begins scrambling to his feet. Rossi comes rushing toward him with a leg lariat.

Freddy Whoa: Ducked by Kyle! Charlie is back to his feet and Congdon all but decapitates him with a discus clothesline! Kyle Congdon is quick to follow up with a standing senton and then an immediate lionsault into a cover!



Zach Davis: Kickout by The Ghost! Congdon is frustrated and hoists him back up and locks in a tiger suplex.

Freddy Whoa: Rossi is sent way overhead but lands on his feet behind Kyle Congdon! He immediately reaches behind him and snaps Congdon to the mat with a neckbreaker. Back on his feet quickly, Rossi nails a 450 splash on the downed opponent.

Meanwhile, on the outside of the ring, Switchblade and Jacob Black are back up and getting into it. They’re brawling all over the outside of the ring, trading rights and lefts. Black throws Switchblade into the steel stairs and then hovers over him, raining right hands down.

Zach Davis: In the ring, Rossi pulls Congdon to his feet and whips him off the ropes. As Rossi come back, he drills him with a 360 tiltawhirl backbreaker! What a move!

Freddy Whoa: And that’s how he sets up for Decapitation! He’s looking to end it! He’s stalking Congdon, waiting for him to get back to his feet…

Zach Davis: NO! Jacob Black saw what he was setting up for and floored Charlie Rossi with a spear! Black stays on him with mounted punches!

Freddy Whoa: And now Switchblade is in the ring! And he’s all over Kyle Congdon now with mounted punches! It looks like we’ve switched dance partners but the music’s just as violent!
Zach Davis: How can music be violent?

Freddy Whoa: Why can’t we have music with violins

Zach Davis: What are you talking about? Are you saying violins or violence?

Freddy Whoa: Yes.

While the idiots blather, Black and Switchblade each pull their respective opponents up. They exchange a quick nod and then irish whip the men toward each other.

Freddy Whoa: No! Congdon leapfrogs over Charlie Rossi! Rossi with a spear to Switchblade!

Zach Davis: And Kyle Congdon with spinning heel kick to the face of Jacob Black! Congdon and Rossi each yank their opponents up off the mat and then exchange a cursory, suspicious glance.

Freddy Whoa: DRAGON RUSH!


Freddy Whoa: WHOAMYGAWD, these two men each just hit their finisher on an opponent! Black and Switchblade are out!

Zach Davis: Again, Rossi and Congdon look at each other. They both know that there’s no way they’ll get a three count while the other one is standing. They’re going to have to go through each other if they want to end this!

The two rush at each again as the other two competitors roll to the floor outside the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Right hands from Congon! He’s got the upperhand!

Zach Davis: No! Here comes Rossi! The Ghost is in control! Boot from Rossi! He’s going for Decapitation! He’s got him up in the tiger suplex! NO! Congdon used his moment to get his legs wrapped around Rossi’s head and whipped him to the ground!

Freddy Whoa: Rossi is quickly back up to his feet and comes in for a clothesline but it’s ducked under by Kyle who drops him into a crossface! ODE TO THE WOLVERINE! He’s trying to lock it in! But The Ghost is fighting him off….KYLE HAS IT!

Zach Davis: NO! Rossi is able to somersault forward, breaking the hold and is now on his feet! Congdon rushes him but Rossi catches him in that tilt-a-whirl backbreaker again!

Freddy Whoa: Reversed into a DDT by Congdon! Rossi is out! And Congdon is heading to the top rope! He’s going for his 450 splash, The John Stamos Special!

Zach Davis: He’s trying to put on a show for our Full House here tonight!

Freddy Whoa: Terrible! Congdon finally to the top and...NO! Rossi hits the ropes and Congdon crotches himself on the top allowing Rossi to get over to the ropes and...SUPERPLEX! Both men are down!

Zach Davis: There’s still fight left in them both as they’re both stirring...and are now both back to their feet and face to face! The crowd is giving it up for these newcomers giving it everything they’ve got!

Freddy Whoa: A knee lift to the gut by Kyle Congdon stuns Rossi! Congdon throws an arm over his head in a suplex, hooks the leg, here comes a Dragon Rush!

Zach Davis: NO! As soon as Rossi’s feet leave the mat, he’s kicking and flailing! He’s back down and nails a boot to the stomach of Congdon! Underhooks! Tiger suplex aaaaand... DECAPITATION! THE PIN!




Freddy Whoa: That’s it! After both these men threw everything at each other, Charlie “The Ghost” Rossi manages to eke out a victory!

Zach Davis: Both of these wrestlers have a bright WCF future ahead of them!

Matthew Black vs Johnny Alpha

“Root of All Evil” by CFO$ begins to play the arena is pitch black with a dim light on the ramp. All of a sudden a man appears under the light. Matthew Black looks up slowly towards the ring and his next target and slowly and meticulously walks to the ring. He gets to the ropes and flips over the rope and lands in a sitting position in the middle of the ring he peers towards the crowd and he slides to his corner and raises as if possessed by a deeper and darker power.

Johnny Alpha comes out to Centuries by fall out boy he brings a towel to the ring but when he enters the ring throw it to the fans but after spitting his gum into it.

Zach Davis: This is Matthew Black's return to the ring! We're glad to have him back. Let's see if he can defeat Johnny Alpha!

The bell sounds. The Dark King rushes Alpha and tackles him down, hitting him with a series of punches to start things off.

Freddy Whoa: Well he's looking to make a splash to start things off.

Once Matthew gets back to his feet Alpha rolls out. This allows Matthew to run to the ropes and execute a SUICIDE DIVE!

Zach Davis: Look at him fly!

Black taunts the fans as he gets back up and lifts Alpha with him. He throws Alpha into the ring and climbs in with him and goes for a pin.




Freddy Whoa: We've seen a lot of greatness from Johnny Alpha!, he won't go down easily.

Matthew Black lifts him up and into the Vertical Suplex position before transitioning into a BRAINBUSTER! He doesn't go for another pin yet - instead he climbs to the top rope.

Zach Davis: What else does Matthew Black have in store for us?

He flies.


NO!, Johnny Alpha rolls away! Alpha is to his feet and he's able to grapple Black as he's up, hitting a Uranage Suplex! Alpha pins Black!



No!, kickout from Black.

Zach Davis: Matthew Black's return was almost handed a loss right here and now!

Alpha lifts Black up and kicks him to start a Stunner but Black grabs the foot. He spins Alpha around and grapples him, hitting a German Suplex. Alpha stumbles up and Black catches him..

Freddy Whoa: He hits the Kingslayer!, RKO followed by a knee to the head!

He finally ends it with a BLACK MASS kick! He pins Alpha, hooking the leg.




The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: There you have it. Whatever name he goes by, Matthew Black has returned to his winning ways!

Black stands up and has the ref raise his arm as the crowd begins to boo him.

Freddy Whoa: What does he have in store for the rest of the WCF?

We go to commercial.

Leon Hayze/Luke Force vs Very British Security

The lights in the arena go out, a mock 7-11 logo that says “kickin ass 24-7” appears on the jumbo screen. A singular green tinted spotlight shines to Luke “The Irresistible” Force standing on the entrance ramp as smoke surrounds him. “Irresistible Force” by The Too Skinnee J’s begins to play. As the beat kicks into high gear, pyro explodes as Luke busts through the smoke and down the ramp. The spotlight follows Luke to ringside where Luke pauses and surveys the scene. He hops to the apron, with his back to the ropes and facing the crowd, Luke raises his arms in concert with the pyro. Luke enters the ring with the arena stilled blacked out except for the spotlight on Luke. He climbs to the second rope and raises his arms again and the house lights flash on as the ring pyro explodes. As Luke stretches his massive arms out and extends his chest as if he were going to beat on it, we see him in on his glory against the house lights. The house lights go out, and Luke heads to the middle of the ring still in the spotlight.

When Purple Haze starts playing over the PA, the lights dim dramatically low—nearly to total darkness—as smoke slowly starts building up on the stage and near ringside, and the ‘tron comes to life with Leon’s video package. At 34 seconds, when Jimmi starts in with his lyrics, an explosion happens at the pyro and as soon as Leon “Purple” Hayze first is revealed from the smoke, two single pillars of purple fire shoot to either side of him as he spins around twice with his arms outstretched. He lurches back and forth from side to side, as if stoned, slapping hands with the fans down the aisle. When he hits the ring, he hops up onto the apron in a smooth motion, springs up to the top rope, and jumps into the ring. As he lands to his feet, he runs over and hits the second rope on a turnbuckle that faces the ramp, waiting for his opponent with a big grin on his face, randomly pointing to different fans until the match starts, whether he is out first or last.

The lights dimmer as a spotlight shines towards the entrance ramp. The Republic of Irelands national anthem starts playing and The Very British Security walk into the spotlight and gleefully listen to the song they believe is the UK national anthem. After about 20 or so seconds the lights come back on and VBS march down to the ring.

Zach Davis: Luke Force and VBS fought last week - which ended with VBS forfeiting their match due to laxatives fed to them by Force.

Freddy Whoa: I, just... What ... What are we even doing here? What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of WCF?

William starts the match for his team, and demands that Luke Force start for his. Force refuses and Hayze starts instead. Hayze runs at William and goes to Dropkick his leg, but William sidesteps it. William hits a huge knee to Hayze's stomach before executing a Pump Handle Slam! He follows up with a pin attempt.



No!, kickout from the Alpha Champion.

Zach Davis: Very few men can go toe to toe with William the Behemoth, and the Alpha Champion is finding out exactly why.

William hits the ropes and executes a Running Splash into another pin attempt!



No, another kickout.

Freddy Whoa: That said, very few men have the heart of Leon Hayze! Never give up.

William tags in Ainsley. Ainsley hits a Running Senton before beginning to climb to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Oh lord....

Freddy Whoa: Did you know WCF had to buy a specially reinforced ring just for these two men?

He reaches the top and "jumps" off as Hayze gets to his feet!


He hits it! He flops down and pins Leon Hayze.



NO!, another kickout.

Freddy Whoa: Whatever these two fatasses- er, I mean, men of large stature - do, Leon Hayze isn't letting himself go down.

Ainsley lifts Leon up and kicks him in the gut before hitting a Stunner!- no, Leon pushes him off. Ainsley hits the ropes and then hits a Running Knee into a Neckbreaker.


Ainsley tags in William. William enters the ring and then climbs up onto the second rope.

Freddy Whoa: Here we go...



Freddy Whoa: Hope he brought his laxatives!

Force flies off the top and hits a Dropkick on William, who rolls out of the ring. Ainsley enters and runs at Force but Force ducks it and then Clotheslines him. Ainsley won't go down and Force executes a Russian Legsweep, forcing him to the mat.

Zach Davis: Now Force is letting the big man fight to his feet, which uses A LOT of energy.

Ainsley is up...

Freddy Whoa: FU RKO!

NO!, Ainsley shoves Force off. Force hits the ropes and bounces back-

Zach Davis: FOOT OF FORCE!

This sends Ainsley flying into the ropes, but he bounces off of them and falls on top of Luke Force, almost crushing him, totally dead weight. The ref counts the pin.




Freddy Whoa: NO!, Force somehow gets his shoulder free at the last second.

He desperately crawls out from under Ainsley's body to tag in Leon Hayze. Hayze climbs to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Here it comes... HAYZED AND CONFUSED!

NO!, Ainsley is awake enough to roll away and tag in William. William locks in the Texas Cloverleaf as Ainsley punt kicks Hayze.

Freddy Whoa: GIANT PUNT!

Hayze has no choice!, he's gotta tap!

Zach Davis: There's the bell. Very British Security win it!

Luke Force escapes, backpeddling up the ramp after nearly suffocating to death under Ainsley's girth. VBS celebrate.

Freddy Whoa: Somehow I don't think the problems are over between these men!

Marshall Gates vs Jay West

Zach Davis: Next up it’s Marshall Gates squaring off against Jay West!

Freddy Whoa: This should be a scorcher Zach! Gates is a hoss and a true powerhouse in the ring while West is more of a jack of all trades.

Zach Davis: Both men looking to prove themselves here tonight.

Limp Bizkit: 'Rollin starts to blare across the PA system as the megatron lights up and shows highlights of Marshall's wrestling career from 15 years ago as well as his highlights as a no holds barred cage fighter.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring…MARSHAAAALL GGAAAATES!!!

Fog begins to take over the entrance ramp and holograms of lighting strike down from the ceiling of the building. He emerges through the smoke throwing his arms back and howling like a wolf as pyrotechnics sound off across stage front. He takes a sprint down the aisle with pyrotechnics sounding off on either side of him as he makes his way to the ring. Once there he jumps onto the apron angrily grabbing the top rope and shaking them with a mad yell. He hopes over the top rope landing on two feet and runs to a corner turner buckle to jump on the second one and rant, rave, and talk bullshit before hopping down, waiting on his opponent.

Freddy Whoa: Gates has all the size you’d ever need to be successful in the WCF. Time will tell if he’s got the skill to back it up.

Zach Davis: So far so good though.

“Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence hits over the PA as the lights go out, then Jay walks out as the song starts, then the lights turn on with the dark blue tint and Jay walks down the ramp stopping halfway looking out at the crowd before continuing to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring….JAAAAY WWWEEEST!!!!

Once there he slowly crawls in as blue smoke appears at ring. Then he stands up snatching the mask off then covering his face with hood before revealing his face.

Zach Davis: West still has a lot to prove, let’s see if he can start by besting the talented newcomer.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, and - WHOA!

Jay West charges Gates before the bell, driving him into the corner and throwing a flurry of punches at Gates’s midsection.


Zach Davis: And we’re underway! West being the aggressor early!

Freddy Whoa: Smart move - catch the big man off guard.

But Gates throws a hard forearm that knocks West off balance, then follows it up with a mighty clothesline that flattens West.

Zach Davis: Gates showing off his power - oof! That’s gotta hurt!

West tries to get to his feet, but Gates grabs hold of him before he’s able to. He wraps his huge arms around West’s gut and hits a suplex, sending West flying. West rolls out of the room as the crowd boos.

Freddy Whoa: West didn’t want any of that noise. He’s trying to regroup.

Zach Davis: Or escape!

Gates follows him out, but just as his legs hit the floor, West turns and lands a stiff spin kick to Gates’s knee. The big man stumbles, and West leaps and hits Gates with a dropkick that knocks the big man off his feet.

Zach Davis: Lookout! Escape? I’d say West was trying to lure Gates out of the ring by design.

Freddy Whoa: Hey, whatever works.

With Gates down, West immediately leaps onto the apron and performs a moonsault, landing right on top of Gates. The crowd pops for the athletic maneuver as West slides back in the ring, and the ref begins to count.





Gates is on his feet, but just as he grabs hold of the bottom rope, West charges.

Freddy Whoa: Here it comes!

West slides in an attempt to nail Gates square in the face, but at the last possible moment Gates dodges and grabs hold of West’s legs, using his momentum against him and flinging him into the guardrail outside. West lands hard, and Gates stomps on him a few times before lifting him up.

Zach Davis: Gates on the offensive now. How quickly the tables can turn when two professionals go at it in the ring.

Gates sets the dazed West up against the apron and begins throwing haymakers at West. The ring is the only thing keeping West from falling over, but the force of the third blow to his head sends him to the canvas, and Gates hops in the ring as the ref begins to count.




Zach Davis: West is somehow moving - I figured there was no way he could get up from that!




West instinctively manages to find his feet, though his balance is still lacking as he wobbles to and fro, reaching out for something to grab onto to steady himself.



Freddy Whoa: West is almost there!


Just before the ref counts the ten, West rolls back in the ring, where Gates is waiting for him. He wraps him up and lifts him in a bearhug, squeezing as tight as he can. After a few seconds he throws West to the mat, who lies flat on his back as Gates makes the cover. The ref slides down.



Zach Davis: West JUST managed to get his shoulder up! He’s exhausted though - I’m not sure how much more he can take!

Gates lifts West up and catches him in a standing headscissors. He wraps his arms around West’s gut and lifts him high overhead, slamming him down with a devastating powerbomb. Instead of pinning him, he lifts him off the mat again, once more catching him in a standing headscissors. He lifts him high overhead once more...though this time West manages to wriggle away and catch Gates’s head under his armpit, and he drives his head into the mat with a brutal DDT.

Zach Davis: Signs of life from West!

Freddy Whoa: This ain’t over yet!

West drives his knees into Gates, who struggles to find his feet. When he does, West charges and hits a devastating superman punch. Gates stumbles but doesn’t go down, and West charges again, this time hitting a running European uppercut. Gates stumbles backward but doesn’t fall.

Zach Davis: Gates won’t go down despite shot after shot from West!

West grabs Gates by the hand and whips him across the ring. Gates bounces off the ropes and is flung back toward West, who leaps onto the top rope and propels himself toward Gates, landing a springboard forearm to Gates’s skull. The big man finally goes down, and West makes the cover. The ref slide in.





Freddy Whoa: Holy shit - he’s a braver man than I!

West immediately covers Gates again.



Zach Davis: No sir! Gates kicks out again!

Gates gets his hands under West’s torso and presses him a few feet away. Both men find their feet and charge, but it’s West who gets the better of the exchange, spearing Gates whose skull hits the mat with a sickening thud.

Zach Davis: OOF! And Gates goes down!

West distances himself from Gates and bends at the knees and waist.

Freddy Whoa: West seems ready to pounce!

Gates struggles to find his feet, and when he finally does, West lands a vicious superkick to the big man’s jaw.

Zach Davis: CODE OF SILENCE! And Gates is down!

But West doesn’t go for the pin. Instead he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and squares up his target. After a brief pause, he leaps off the top turnbuckle and performs a corkscrew leg drop that lands on the money.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!!

Zach Davis: BAH GAWD! THE DEVIL’S CALLING! West covers!




Zach Davis: West wins! West wins!


West finds his feet and the ref raises his arm.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner….JAAAY WWWWWEEEST!!!

Zach Davis: An impressive showing by West here tonight.

Freddy Whoa: If he keeps it up, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Watch out, WCF.

Television Title Match
Jack Smith vs John Rabid

Jack Smith enters the arena.

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron. As the smoke clears, we see John Rabid standing tall; arms outstretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as John's name appears on a Slam graphic. Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's The Ripper hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Lon Chaney in Tod Browning's "London After Midnight" (1927). Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the cheer's from the crowd before taking off his black trench-coat and shades and waving his hapless opponent on with a cocky smirk on his face.

Zach Davis: Very few men get a chance to go one on one with the World Champion, usually. Thanks to John Rabid's status as a double Champion, however, quite a few men have gotten a crack at him. How will The Professional do?

John Rabid stares cockily at his opponent, waiting for him to make a move. Smith runs at him and Clotheslines him down - no, Rabid sidesteps him. Smith is able to hit a Discus Elbow, surprising Rabid! Smith then hits an Open Hand Ear Slap!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa now!

Next up Smith hits a Spinning Capoeira Kick!, but no!, Rabid is able to sidestep that. Rabid hits the V Trigger. Smith doesn't go down, and Rabid hits the ropes and follows up with a Sling Blade. Rabid goes for the pin.



No, kickout by Smith. Smith begins getting to his feet and Rabid hits the ropes.


Rabid hits it and quickly begins deadlifting Smith up. He hits a Gutwrench Sitout Powerbomb.

Freddy Whoa: BREXIT BOMB!

Into the pin.




The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: That was a short one - John Rabid retains the Television Champion!

The bell sounds as Rabid gets up and is handed his belt.

Freddy Whoa: One more notch in John Rabid's belt. I can't imagine how this Championship reign can possibly end!

TLC Tag Team Titles Match
Ethan King/Jayson Price vs Hajeet/Petrov vs Teo del Sol/Kyle Kemp
Special Guest Referee: Mikey eXtreme

Doobak Mota's Hukert Man Breathe Lonfer hits speakers and crowd cheers! They love me. I'm like them. I come to America in search of dream! So as I walk down ramp they cheer me and support me. not a lot of cheers because I'm not famous as other wrestlers in wcf but I will get there one day! so they cheer me and support me and want me to do good. I want them to do good as well so I give them thumbs up and big smiles all time too. I get in ring and perform a taunting or two and make sure my opponent knows I mean business but I am also good guy so I don't want to over do it. I stand in corner and await the bell to sound so I can wrestle.

Petrov's voice can be heard over the PA saying in a calm but intimidating voice "Total. Fucking. Badass." as Blind by Korn starts to play. The crowd begins to talk amongst themselves in anticipation as the intro plays out before the words "ARE YOU READY!?" are shouted and the song drops in as Petrov emerges from the curtain and leans back and let's out a deep voiced shout and walks to the ring with a serious look on his face. He runs up the steps and climbs between the ropes as he paces about while shadowboxing and waiting for his opponent.

"Judas" by Fozzy hits the arena speakers as the lights dim down until the guitars and drums kick in and pyro goes off from the titantron and stage. The crowd lets out a mixed reaction as a spotlight comes down onto the stage as Jayson Price steps out from the back. He pauses at the top of the stage and soaks in the crowd reaction, even waving them on so they'll get louder for him.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 243 pounds, hailing from Price Tower in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he is the only man to win 9 different titles in WCF and one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions ...JAYSON PRICE!

Price slaps the Tag Title Title around his waist and rubs his hand over the face plate before he starts walking down the ramp, ignoring the outstretched hands of the fans, until he knocks the cell phone out of the hand of a selfie taking fan and then laughs. Finally he'll climb up onto the apron and step through the ropes into the ring where he walks over to the nearby corner and climbs up onto the top turnbuckle where he takes a seat. He'll unstrap his Tag Title and throw it over his shoulder as he waits for the match to start.

The beginning of "Alone With All The World” plays triumphantly throughout the arena, enticing a raucous wave of cheers from the crowd. The lights gradually begin to dim, coming down to a dark hue that places extra emphasis on the stage. Large, golden letters flash over the black titantron.


A flash of golden pyro goes off as Ethan King makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp from the backstage area, all-knowing smile spread over his face as he holds both arms out in a welcoming gesture, bathing in both the admiration and awe from the audience in attendance.

Kyle Steel: Introducing now the REIGNING Hardcore Champion! Hailing from Los Angeles, California. He is 'The Iron Heart'... ETHAN KING!"

The young superstar begins his descent down the ramp, Hardcore Title held over his shoulder, stopping occasionally to tag or shake the hands of the fans reaching over the barricade towards him.

He bounds up onto the apron of the ring, mouthing the words “Showtime” to the camera before leaping and swinging himself over the top rope, he lands elegantly and spins around, holding his arms out once more before coming to a complete stop in the center of the ring. He shrugs his Hardcore Title off his shoulder, raising it high above his head with one arm, before handing it over to the official.

He smiles once more before retreating to his own corner of the ring, sitting down with a look of amusement on his face as he awaits for the match to commence.

"Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and Kyle Kemp walks out slowly to the top of the stage. He stands with his arms out and soaks in boos from the crowd. He slowly saunters his way down to the ring, taunting the fans. He walks up the steps and gets in the ring with a smile and just leans on one of the turnbuckles, indifferent to anything that anyone is saying to him and waiting for the match to start. The fans hate how he's not responding to them and continue to boo louder.

The Crowd explodes as a pounding drum beat tears throughout the arena, signalling the arrival of the one and only Teo del Sol! The lights drop, enveloping the arena in darkness as they turn towards the entrance ramp. "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters echoing throughout the arena.

With a crescendo and a burst of flame, Teo del Sol springs onto the entrance ramp, the red and white scarred mask covering his face. The audience roars as he holds his arms out and bathing momentarily in the applause before heading towards the ramp with a sprint.

He makes a lap around the side of the ring high fiving the fans along the way. The mask wears a happy grin as he rolls between the ropes, staring out into the arena before shrugging and walking to the turnbuckle.

He holds his arms over his head and yells out a cry, which the fans all join in on, eliciting a cheer from the audience as the music reaches its crescendo. Just as the lyrics hit their zenith, he stands atop the turnbuckle and removes the mask to reveal the wrestler beneath. He turns and steps back into the ring, waiting for the bell.

The lights begin to slowly go off, section by section, until the arena is completely black. "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains blares over the PA system as the lights on the stage begin to slowly flash on and off. Mikey eXtreme steps out onto the stage with his arms held out and his head titled back as he looks to the ceiling. Vidalia and Freakshow flank him as they make their way ringside.

Kyle Steel: Making his way down to the ring being accompanied by Vidalia and Freakshow, hailing from Brooklyn, New York and weighing in at 225 lbs, Mikey eXtreme!

Mikey ignores the fans trying to reach out to touch him. He throws the kendo stick into the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, crawling to the corner where he sits laughing and rocking back and forth. Freakshow circles the ring as Vidalia whispers some kind of plan into Mikey's ear.

Zach Davis: Alright! Everyone is here, huge match incoming.

Freddy Whoa: Teo and Kemp are opponents at One, with Mikey eXtreme as the ref here. Probably not a good sign for the Champions.

Zach Davis: Jayson Price and Ethan King seem like an odd pairing. They're connected by Andre Holmes - Price's former partner and the man King was originally scheduled to face at One.

Immediately, Hajeet and Petrov run at Jayson Price. They Clothesline him out of the ring and then climb out after him and begin stomping away.

Freddy Whoa: This leaves the Hardcore Champion alone with the Tag Team Champions.

Teo gets on the apron, leaving Kemp and King to square off. They immediately begin brawling, giving into the clusterfuck nature of this match, not even trying to wrestle. Kemp gains the upper hand and pushes King into the ropes before throwing him across the ring and executing a Spinebuster. Kemp immediately tags Teo in as King begins getting to his feet, perfectly timed - Teo Springboards in and executes a Tornado DDT!

Zach Davis: I'm honestly surprised at how well Kemp and Teo have been able to work together thus far in their reign - they've been fighting Champions, too.

Kemp, avoiding the Price/Hajeet/Petrov shenanigans, leaves the ring and grabs a ladder, sliding it in. Teo sets it up and climbs halfway before executing a Moonsault onto King!

Freddy Whoa: Is that even possible!?

Zach Davis: We just saw it!

Teo tags Kemp in. Kemp lifts King to his feet and hits a stiff knife edge chop.

Crowd: WHOO!

Hits another one.

Crowd: WHOO!

Hits another one.

Crowd: WHOO!

This one spins King around. Kemp grapples King and hits a German Suplex!, Suplexing him right into the ladder!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

On the outside, Hajeet and Petrov have set up a table. They hit a Double Powerbomb, sending Price through it!

Zach Davis: Why does Hajeet in particular seem to despise Jayson Price? Who knows.

Hajeet and Petrov now pull Teo off the apron and throw him into the ring steps. They climb into the ring and grab Kemp, spinning him around before hitting a Double Suplex. They then start stomping away at him.

Freddy Whoa: King grabs a chair!

BOOM!, chairshot to Hajeet. BOOM!, chairshot to Petrov. The Hardcore Champion throws the chair to the ground. He then throws Hajeet to the ropes and hits an Exploder Suplex onto the chair! Petrov is up, King kicks him in the gut - Jumping DDT onto the chair!

Zach Davis: Ethan King single handedly takes out the best friends!

King quickly gets the ladder positioned and begins climbing up.

Freddy Whoa: Will Hajeet and Petrov's tomfoolery lead us to new Tag Team Champions?

Mikey eXtreme watches as King climbs.

Zach Davis: Why do we even have Mikey eXtreme out here? I mean, a ref in this match... Really doesn't do anything.

Freddy Whoa: Because DRAMA!

Teo Springboards into the ring and lands on the ladder right as King reaches the top. The two begin trading blows.

Zach Davis: This could end the match right here!

King is able to get the upper hand and smashes Teo's face into the top of the ladder. He throws Teo off.

Freddy Whoa: KING HAS IT!

NO!, Kemp pulls King down a bit and is able to grapple him enough to Powerbomb him off the ladder!

Zach Davis: SO close. If only Ethan King had a partner to help him!, but Jayson Price has been laid out.

This leaves Kyle Kemp as the only man left standing. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a table. For no good reason, Mikey decides to make things interesting and grabs some tables too.

Freddy Whoa: I think Mikey was just getting bored.

We've now got four tables in the ring. Kemp sets one up in the corner, leaning against the turnbuckle. Mikey sets one up near the edge of the ring, actually standing like normal. Mikey sets another one up on top of that. The third gets set up nearby just like normal.

Zach Davis: This is crazyness.

Everyone was too busy setting up ladders, Hajeet and Petrov are on the top. Both of them. Kyle Kemp notices as they begin to reach and quickly leans the ladder over, sending both of them flying off and crashing through the double decker tables that Mikey had just set up!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

King has stumbled to his feet and Kemp runs at him, swinging a chair!, but no! King ducks it and the chair connects with Mikey instead!

Zach Davis: Uhh ohhhh.

King quickly hits Kemp with a Spinning Heel Kick to the gut, followed by a Pele!

Freddy Whoa: REVELATION!

He begins climbing again. But Teo, once again, begins climbing up to meet him. The two are soon to the top of the ladder yet again, but now literally everyone in the match is laid out except the both of them. They trade blows, each nearly falling off the ladder each time.

Zach Davis: Ethan King gets the upper hand.. oh my God, what is he doing?

He lifts Teo for the Vertical Suplex position...


NO!, super athletic Teo is able to shift his weight and SOMEHOW drops down behind King, still landing on the ladder, just a little below him. Teo clubs him several times in the back before dropping down, running to the ropes, Springboarding...



King is sent through the table, and now Teo is the only man alive! He looks up to the top of the ladder and begins climbing one more time!

Zach Davis: There's no one to stop him now!

Teo Del Sol reaches the top as his partner, Kyle Kemp, gets to his feet. Kemp watches to make sure King doesn't get to his feet or Price or Hajeet or Petrov try to reenter.


As revenge for the chair shot, Mikey eXtreme hits his Superkick! Kemp is sent flying into the ladder, which knocks the unsuspecting Teo Del Sol off, sending him flying outside the ring and through the nearby Hungarian announcer's table!

Zach Davis: SHIT!

Mikey eXtreme looks down at Kyle Kemp before picking him up by the back of the neck and executing the eXplosion! He then drops down and leaves the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Welp.. Guess Mikey has had enough.

Ethan King, despite taking a shitload of punishment, struggles up - he is the Hardcore Champion, after all. He crawls towards the ladder and begins climbing.

Zach Davis: He's up top... No one can stop him.

Ethan King grabs the belts.


The bell sounds. Ethan King climbs down with his belts.

Zach Davis: This is unbelievable! What madness. Kemp and Teo did their best to hold the Tag Titles with dignity, but the clusterfuckness of this match - plus Mikey eXtreme - took that away from them!

Jayson Price hits the ring, having finally recovered. Was he ever really that hurt? Either way he takes his belt and begins celebrating like he just won the World Series, while Ethan King is still nursing his injuries.

Freddy Whoa: He... didn't even do anything.

Zach Davis: Classic Jeff Purse.

We go to commercial as Ethan King holds up both of his Championships.

Tom Frost Segment

The lights dim as "Green Onions" hits over the PA, and old Tom Frost parts the curtain. A lit cigarette dangles from his mouth, and he wears a mean, no-nonsense look as he makes his way down the ramp. Once in the ring, he takes a final drag from the cigarette before flicking it into the crowd and calling for a mic. One is tossed to him, and he holds it to his lips as he speaks.

Tom Frost: God damn it’s good to be back.

A cheer goes up from the crowd before he continues.

Tom Frost: Something’s in the air tonight, huh? Been feeling it since I walked in. Anyway, before I start rambling, allow me to take my hat off to Dan Capello for a hard fought battle last week. The son of a bitch is tough as nails, but in the end he wasn’t able to pin little old me for three. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, seeing how no one in the WCF - past or present - can claim they’ve bested me. Surely that won’t last forever, but if I’m being honest I can’t see it changing anytime soon. And especially not tonight - as it stands - because Seth didn’t book me.

Crowd: BOOOOO!

Tom Frost: Yeah, yeah, I know. Boo’s right. But I talked to Seth before the show, and he told me we’ve got some extra time. So I’m here to issue an open challenge to any man who thinks he’s got what it takes; to any man who wants a piece of Tom Frost; to any man who -

The lights dim once more as the hollow, distorted note of a song begins over the P.A, echoing through the stadium. A sea of red lights dance back and forth across the stage and crowd, drowning them in merciless hopelessness. “Alpha and Omega” by KING 810 starts to play as a familiar figure saunters out from the back and onto the stage.

Zach Davis: Oh my...is that...


Zach Davis: R.I.P. Tom Frost...

Wade Moor makes his way down to the ring, Tom Frosts gaze never draws away from Godnilla, staring The Devil in the eyes, ready to face the challenge he issued. Wade slowly walks up the steps, entering the ring through the middle and top rope, moving towards Frost at a deliberate pace. Frost takes one - just one - step back before throwing his arms up in a defensive catch posture. Wade cracks a smile, as his hollow black eyes nearly light with the sight of new prey. The music dies as Wade stands in the middle of the ring, silently daring Frost to approach.

Zach Davis: I think Frost bit off more than he can chew here...

Freddy Whoa: I think...you might be right Zach.

Frost looks at Wade, the crowd, back to Wade, shrugs...and throws a hell of a left haymaker to an enormous crowd pop!...but Wade swiftly dodges the blow and grabs Frost under the arm and around the neck, delivering a uranage that trembles the arena floor. Frost barely has time to register the license plate of the truck that hit him before Wade has him back up on his feet, throwing him into the turnbuckle with earth shattering force. The wind jumps out of Frosts esophagus to escape the beatdown Wade is about to lay on him.

Zach Davis: Oh god, somebody stop this!

Wade lifts Frost to his feet and lands a series of blows that send Frost reeling to outer space and back before driving his head back into the turnbuckle, buckling Frosts knees and sending him sprawling to the mat. Wade lifts the poor bastard up by the throat, whispers something into his ear, and hooks his arms.

Zach Davis: OH MY!


Wade drops Frosts head directly into the mat with a package pile driver that knocks the unlucky bastard nearly into the next life. Wade sits there for a moment before rolling Frosts lifeless body away and gets to his feet, picking up Toms discarded mic as he does.

“Wade Moor”: Did you...miss me?

Crowd BOOS!

“Wade Moor”: This is just the beginning. This one asked for a challenge, but I gave him more than he could handle. I’m not just any man...

Wade smirks.

“Wade Moor”: I’m not a man at all. I’ve transcended this world, this life, became something more. Became more than any of you will ever be. Bow down.

Crowd BOOS again!

“Wade Moor”: That’s enough. I came here for one reason only. I can...smell him. That miserable scent of failure, and I’m not talking about you Jonathan, so save your bloviated chest beating for Young Warwick. He DEMANDS your attention...but I COMMAND the attention of another. Now. Get out here and face me like a dead man.

Wade drops the mic.

Silence ensues, save a few scattered boos from drunk fans too inebriated to grasp the depth of the situation. The silence persists as Wade glares at the curtain from the center of the ring. After a few more seconds, the startling sound of music shatters the silence. Wade’s lips curl into a grin as the crowd loses its shit to the tune of “The Pink Room” by David Lynch.

Zach Davis: No...it can’t be…


The roar of the crowd is deafening as Dune emerges from the curtain.

Freddy Whoa: WHOOOAAA!!!!

Zach Davis: IT IS! IT’S DUNE!!!

After a few seconds he begins to stride forward slowly, never taking his eyes of the ring and Wade Moor, who remains at its center. He comes to a stop at the top of the ramp, his icy stare offset by Wade’s hellish smile.

Zach Davis: It’s been a long time coming, folks! We haven’t seen Dune since Explosion 2016!

Freddy Whoa: First Wade Moor, now Dune! But...what did Wade mean by -

Dune holds a mic in his hand, and he raises it to his half-masked face before cutting Freddy off.

Dune: Did you miss me?

Wade reaches down and picks up his mic.

Wade Moor: Every minute of every hour, my child! I’d ask the same of you, but I already know the answer. Oh yes, I missed you, Dune...but in your stead, I’ve claimed another. He’s -

Dune: Let him go. Let him out.

Wade’s smirk instantly becomes a devilish scowl as Dune cuts him off.

Wade Moor: Afraid not. It’s too late for that. You’re too late. You failed him...just as you failed the rest.

Dune: Let him out. This is your last chance - the only one I’ll give you. Let Wade out...now.

Freddy Whoa: Wait, but...Wade’s right there. I mean, he’s talking to him. What’s going on here?

Zach Davis: I don’t know, Freddy. I have no earthly idea. Moor and Dune have no real history together, but you’d never guess it given Dune’s apparent venom for the Leviathan here tonight...

Wade Moor: But I’m having so much fun, Dune. And besides, he’s the one who so willingly let me in. This one’s unlike any other. A real treasure, a real treat.

Dune: Let him out! Find another plane to have your fun. It’s game over for you unless -

Wade Moor: NO! No, Dune...you fool. The game has only just begun. I’ll play it for as long as I like on whichever plane I like. It only ends when...well, you know how it ends. You know all too well. And when everything he holds dear is scattered to the winds - when his very essence is buried beneath the sea - the Leviathan will be nothing more than a wriggling worm set adrift upon the waves.

Freddy Whoa: This...this isn’t the Wade Moor I remember.

Zach Davis: No, it’s not....

Dune: You’re right, I was a fool - a fool for being so naive as to think I’d finished you off for good almost two years ago; a fool for allowing myself to believe the wish I coveted above all else had finally come to fruition; for allowing that false sense of relief to cloud my better judgement. Deep down, I knew it wasn’t enough. I knew you’d come back. And here you are. Here you stand...if only to allow me to end you once and for all.

Wade Moor: Sweet, sweet Dune...come to meet his maker.

Dune: Fitting, isn’t it...that I - the one whose life you shaped and molded through tragedy - should be the one to deliver the ultimate comeuppance when I repay the favor in kind?

Wade Moor: Well then, what are you waiting for?

Just then, Wade’s expression turns from gleefully sinister to one of haunted terror, and he falls to his knees before crying out.


A gasp goes up from the audience, who have no idea what to think at this point. Simultaneously, Dune tears off down the ramp, but several security guards attempt to block his path about halfway down. He bowls them over with ease, though one manages to cling on to his leg.

Zach Davis: OOOF! Those pour souls!

Dune drags the guard a few steps, never taking his eyes off the wide-eyed, cackling Wade Moor in the ring until he turns and puts the boot to the guard holding him back. The guard goes limp and lets go, but by then another wave of security guards around ringside are descending on Dune. He turns and charges the ring once more, only to be slowed by the second wave. The crowd is thrown into a crazed stupor at the sudden onslaught of action, and their audible excitement heightens as a wave of enhancement talent pours out of the back and sprints down the ramp.



Dune somehow manages to break free of the pack and slides under the ropes. Wade bites his lip in excitement and gets ready to pounce, but just before Dune can shoot to his feet, he’s pulled back under the ropes by the guards and enhancement talent. The crowd is going apeshit in hopes of seeing a brawl, but their hopes are dashed when the mob begins to carry Dune up the ramp.


Dune struggles to break free as he’s carried further up the ramp, screaming through his mask as his and Wade’s eyes remain locked. Wade holds the mic up to his lips, and just before Dune is carried through the curtain, he speaks.

Wade Moor: I’ll be seeing you.

He drops the mic and exits the ring as “Alpha and Omega” by KING 810 hits over the PA once more. He steps over several bloodied bodies splayed out this way and that on his way up the ramp as the crowd fills the arena with boos.

Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Wade wears a sinister grin all the while before finally disappearing behind the curtain.

Freddy Whoa: Zach...what did we just witness?

Zach Davis: I don’t know, Freddy. But I finally get what Frost meant when he said something was in the air here tonight...and I don’t like it one bit. One thing’s for sure: the WCF just got a whole lot more dangerous with the return of Dune and the Leviathan.

Freddy Whoa: ...Whoa.

Catch as Catch Can Match
Stephen Singh vs Sidney J. Warwick

The gruff voice from the 80s sample announces "Cold getting dumb..." as the VeryBigTron flashes the word "STEPHEN SINGH" in a shimmering gold before being replaced by a gray-tinted montage of Stephen Singh brutalizing past opponents. The menacing beat of the Supervillain Theme by Mad Villain fills the arena, golden pyros form 5 ft high fountains across the stage, and "Superstar" Stephen Singh steps out with a scowl spread across his face. He pauses for a moment at the top of the stage, looking to the booing crowd with disgust.

Kyle Steel: And introducing at this time...The Excellence of Elocution....The Shakespeare of Shoot...The Sure Thing....

As the gold fountains shrink back into the stage, The Superstar begins making his way down the ramp, snarling and angrily jawing with fans on the way. He finally gets to the ring stairs and stomps up them noisily, angrily before wiping his feet on the apron and stepping through the ropes.


"Both Hands" by Ani DiFranco starts to play over the arena's sound system. Sidney J. Warwick enters. There is no pyro. There are no flashing lights. There is not even video playing on the big screen. Sidney walks down the aisle with a mild sneer on his face as he looks at the audience. He wipes his boots on the ring apron before entering through the ropes, then takes of his necktie and carefully folds it before handing it to the ring attendant.


Freddy Whoa: After a TLC match, our main event is... a Catch as Catch Can match. Who booked this?

Zach Davis: You know who, Freddy. This match means that they're encouraged to mostly stick to wrestling holds and technical wrestling. In addition, if anyone leaves the ring or their feet touch the floor, they automatically lose.

Freddy Whoa: Did you know that if you Google "catch as catch can match" one of the top results is a list of the worst match types of all time? No joke. And we've had several of them here in the WCF. What's wrong with us?

As the bell sounds, Singh and Warwick circle each other before tieing up.

Zach Davis: Stephen Singh is a former World Champion and has his sights set on reclaiming that belt. Sidney J. Warwick, of course, is heading to One to face John Rabid, looking to claim the belt for himself.

Singh puts Warwick into a Headlock and Warwick shoves him off. Singh hits the ropes and comes back with a Shoulder Block. Warwick drops to the mat and Singh hits the ropes again, this time coming back with an Elbow Drop that Warwick rolls out of the way of. Warwick is able to roll Singh up with a Schoolboy pin.



No, escape by Singh. Both men to their feet and this time Stephen is wrapped in a Small Package.



No!, escape by both men again. Warwick rushes Singh and leapfrogs over him only to turn and jump onto his shoulders.

Freddy Whoa: Victory Roll!

No, Singh had that one scouted and instead of allowing Warwick to complete it, is able to drop backwards with an Electric Chair Drop. Out of instinct Sidney begins to roll out of the ring but quickly stops himself.

Zach Davis: This isn't an "over the top rope" type stipulation. If your feet touch the mat for any reason whatsoever, that's it, you're done.

Singh pulls Warwick back towards the center of the ring and applies a Half Crab submission hold.

Freddy Whoa: After that Electric Chair Drop, Singh now looks to apply even more pressure to the back. Working the back is underutilized in wrestling - have you ever tried to do any hard work with a hurting back? It's not easy! It makes literally every move you'd use more difficult.

Warwick crawls towards the ropes, and as much as Singh fights back, he eventually reaches them. Singh releases the hold at the last second. Warwick uses the ropes to start to get back to his feet but Singh grapples him from behind and takes him down with a Belly to Back Suplex, transitioning into a Camel Clutch.

Zach Davis: Not sure if SJW would see that as cultural appropriation or not. Very possibly. Painful either way, the Camel Clutch is applied!


Freddy Whoa: ....Huh. These men showing of their wrestling prowess, but the crowd doesn't like them. I've never heard a chant like this before.

Sidney once again yells out in pain as Singh cranks on the hold. He crawls desperately towards the ropes with a little less vigor than last time. Eventually, after several excruciating moments, he's able to make it.

Zach Davis: Stephen Singh's hold broken up again, but the damage may be done.

Sidney J. Warwick once again begins struggling up, holding his back in pain. Stephen runs and him, looking to take him down with a Double Leg Takedown, but Sidney is able to grab him as he goes for it. Sidney transitions the attempt into a Dominator!


Sidney J. Warwick falls on top of Stephen Singh, pinning him.



NO!, Singh shoots the arm up.

Zach Davis: We didn't see that coming at all - and clearly neither did Stephen Singh.

Now it's Warwick's turn to pull Stephen into the middle ring. Pulls him in by the legs, then begins wrapping him up..

Freddy Whoa: Figure Four applied!

Crowd: WHOOOO!

Singh thrashes around, yelling out in pain himself now. Sidney cranks on the hold even moreso. After several moments, Singh is able to think clearly and remember that Figure Fours can be reversed. He starts shifting his weight, looking to turn the move over and reverse the pressure.

Zach Davis: He does it!

Now Sidney is the one in pain! The hold is quickly released. Sidney is getting to his feet and once he's to a vertical base Singh runs at him and grabs him from behind, hitting a Backstabber.


With that, Singh goes for the pin!



NO!, kickout by Warwick!

Zach Davis: Both men have so much on the line here - neither wants their One opponents to be able to point to a loss in this match.

Warwick begins struggling up...

Freddy Whoa: Singh is looking to end it.

Singh runs at him.

Zach Davis: SMITE!


Stephen Singh is sent flying out of the ring.. his feet hit the floor.

Zach Davis: Shit.

The bell sounds.


The fans begin to boo. Stephen Singh gets back to his feet and kicks angrily at the guardrail and ring steps, cursing this stupid match's rules for his stupid loss. Sidney J. Warwick, meanwhile, celebrates in the ring like he's just won the fight of his life.

Freddy Whoa: Sidney J. Warwick emerges with a technical victory here - the best kind of victory, I bet he'd tell you - but I don't think we've neccessarily seen who the better man is.

Zach Davis: Some will say that a win is a win, Freddy! One more victory on Sidney's way to One.

Slam fades to black with Warwick continuing to celebrate.

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Slam Intro

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Matthew Black vs Johnny Alpha

Leon Hayze/Luke Force vs Very British Security

Marshall Gates vs Jay West

Television Title Match: Jack Smith vs John Rabid

TLC Tag Team Titles Match: Ethan King/Jayson Price vs Hajeet/Petrov vs Teo del Sol/Kyle Kemp

Tom Frost Segment

Catch as Catch Can Match: Stephen Singh vs Sidney J. Warwick

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Ethan King
Stephen Singh vs Sidney J. Warwick



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John Rabid
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William the Behemoth
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