Deep voiceover "To define a Champion.. is to find his inner self. From his inner self comes strength... violence.. the urge and will to overcome any obstacle or any odds set against you.. and win. To define a Champion.. is to define yourself.. However, when one man looks inside himself.. he becomes the detanator to his own decisive fate. He takes his own destiny within his own hands and controls his future.. and it could end .. in a blink of an eye. To define a Champion is to wrap your hands around a ticking time bomb and defuse it.. before it explodes. The clock is ticking.. and the future.. is yours. Who defines as Champion.. and who becomes thier own.. timebomb.."

ONE SINGLE LOUD EXPLOSION IS HEARD! The fans erupt and all of a sudden 25 seconds worth of loud ass motherfucking explosions go off around the Dallas Cowboys Stadium! Fireworks fly from the roof to the 40 foot stage that has a ramp leading down to the ring dead center of the stadium. More explosions are heard as Hell Yeah by Rev Theory hits the speakers and the crowd goes wild. We cut to Bobby Cairo and Zach Davis!








'Frontline' by Pillar hits the speakers.. The crowd goes APESHIT nuts!


Tag Team Championship
Club Cool vs Troy Malenko & Gravedigger (c)

'Frontline' by Pillar continues to play as Roy Speede, and his partner, Alex Haden step out on stage. They both cross their arms across their chests in Xs, and tuck their heads into the creases of the Xs. They both smile as BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Three sets of Fireworks go off and The two each drop their right arms, and do their signature poses. Roy raises his left arm in the air, and extends the pointer, middle, and pinky fingers on his left hand. Alex does a standing backflip, and points ahead with his left hand. They drop their poses, and jog to the ring, Roy on the left, Alex on the right, and high-five fans as they go. Once they get to the ring, they slide under the bottom rope, and climb to the second ropes at the turnbuckles. Roy extends his left arm in his signature pose, and Alex does a backflip off the turnbuckle before pointing out at the crowd, straight ahead. Roy jumps off the turnbuckle, turning toward Alex, and they high-five mid-ring.


“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor hits the speakers and out walks Troy Malenko and Gravedigger the current WCF Tag Team Champions. They stop at the top of the ramp. At certain points in the beginning of the song, fireworks shoot from the ramp all the way across simultaneously. When the first set goes off, Troy throws his arms back in a cocky manner, knocking the robe off of his body. When the second set of fireworks hits, he starts walking down the ramp and Gravedigger follows. The crowd boos hard as Troy and Gravedigger step into the ring.

Bobby Cairo: These two are mean! They're vicious and they are certainly the defending and current Tag Team Champions for a reason! They're methodical in what they do, they don't hesitate when they see an opening to take an advantage!

The ref rings the bell as he hands the Tag Team Championships to the official on the outside. Troy and Gravedigger can't decide on which one to tag in first so they both just clothesline Haden and Speede! They taunt but Speede and Haden get to their feet and hit the ropes! Both men fly with dropkicks sending Malenko out of the ring and Gravedigger facedown in the middle of the turnbuckles in the corner. Speede and Haden in a single line run at Gravedigger whose on his knees bent down. Speede springboards off the back of Gravedigger to the top rope then springboards into a corkscrew moonsault out of the ring onto Troy! As he was in mid-air Speede runs and springboards off the back of Gravedigger back into the ring on his feet, GD gets up, turns around and Speede runs and GD throws Speede into the corner where Speede then springboards off the corner and moonsaults onto Gravedigger!



Gravedigger gets to his feet and turns around and Speede hits a Tornado DDT just as Haden gets on the top rope! All sixty thousand stand to their feet and look as Haden hits a Shooting Star Frogsplash! Troy Malenko gets into the ring just as Speede and Haden get to their feet and they hit the CCC!

Zach Davis: OH MY! OH MY!

Club Cool's Haden pins Troy, and Speede pins Gravedigger!







Speede and Haden grab the Tag Team Championship Titles and run into the crowd! The sold-out record breaking crowd celebrate with Club Cool! They run around for nearly two minutes and finally get back to the ramp where they raise their Championship belts back in the air and the crowd goes crazy!

Zach Davis: I can't believe it, Bobby! We have new Tag Team Champions!

Bobby Cairo: Look in the ring! Gravedigger and Troy are moving around and I believe they just realized what happened!

Club Cool leaves the arena through the curtain as Troy and GD look pissed off. The crowd boos as Gravedigger and Troy Malenko collect themselves at ringside, still getting over the shock of being defeated for their tag team titles. Gravedigger stops as the boos grow louder and he looks around for a few seconds with a look of disgust.

Gravedigger turns and walks over to the announcer's table and asks for a microphone. He lifts it up and points out at the crowd.

Gravedigger: You people are nothing more than scum-sucking leeches and I'm sick and tired of you!

The crowd boos even louder.

Gravedigger: You want to know why I'm sick and tired of you all? I may have had people beaten half to death. I may have burned Seth Lerch's house down. I may have started a riot here in the arena and gotten people seriously injured. I may have taken the company away from Seth for a while, ruling it with an iron fist. I even may have been partially responsible for the loss of Shannan Lerch's child. But the one thing I have done through all that is given you all a reason to show up. I have spent years of my life in this ring entertaining you and making this place much better than it would be if I had never been here, and what thanks do I get? I get incessantly booed. I get spat upon. I deliver five star matches nearly every time I enter this ring. It's one thing to get booed, but I get shown ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT! You know what? I'm done with this. I QUIT!!!

Gravedigger hurls the microphone back at the ringside attendant and walks back over to Troy Malenko who grabs a nearby camera and yells into the lens.

Troy: Forget this place! I quit, too!

Gravedigger and Troy Malenko walk up the ramp to a shower of boos, flashing middle fingers to all the fans as they walk to the back for what could be the last time.

Zach Davis: WHAT?!


GD and Troy flip off the crowd and exit the ring. The sold-out staduim now begins to sing "Na-na-na-na! Na-na-na-na! HAY HAY HAAYYYY... GOOOOODD BYYEEE!". GD and Troy take one look back on the top of the ramp.. and they spit on the ground before heading to the back.

Zach Davis: I ... I can't believe what I just heard!

Bobby Cairo: Gravedigger and Troy Malenko have just QUIT The Wrestling Championship Federation!

Zach Davis: And this is only the beginning of the night!

The Devil's Keeper vs Wyatt Nolan

‘Dance With the Devil’ by Breaking Benjamin roars through the speakers as The Devil’s Keeper steps out onto the stage.

Zach Davis: And we're kicking off what might just be the biggest PPV in WCF history with two of the up and comers in WCF.

He slowly walks to the ring, and once he reaches the ring, climbs the steps one by one. He climbs between the ropes, and climbs the turnbuckle in one corner.

Bobby Cairo: That's right Zach. The Devil's Keeper versus Wyatt Nolan in what should be a fun match up.

He raises his fist high in the air, before removing his spiked jacket.

Over the Edge by Jim Johnston is blasted through the arena. Wyatt Nolan comes out of the arena with a random guitar in his hand. He walks down the ramp while showing off his guitar.

Zach Davis: That's a mighty fine instrument Mr. Nolan's bringing out here with him.

Bobby Cairo: If you think that's a fine instrument, then you should see my...

Zach Davis: That won't be necessary.

He goes to the back of the ring and puts his guitar on the commentator's booth. He rolls to the inside of the stage. He jumps and does a spinning high kick.

Referee Sammy Jackson calls for the bell...


...and this match is officially underway.

Nolan immediately goes on the attack with a barrage of quick punches that catch TDK off guard. Nolan backs him into the corner and catches him with a quick kick to the midsection.

Zach Davis: Wyatt Nolan is on fire right out of the gate!

Nolan backs off and then runs right at TDK before leaping up and connecting with a flying clothesline. The crowd is going nuts as TD drops to a sitting position in the corner. Nolan again backs off and runs at him, this time connecting with a low dropkick to the chest. Nolan pulls him away from the ropes and goes for the first pin attempt of the match.

Sammy Jackson: ONE! TWO! TH-

And TDK gets a shoulder up before the two count.

Bobby Cairo: Wow, I was not expecting things to be this one sided at all.

Nolan gets back to his feet, pulling TDK with him. Nolan goes for a DDT but TDK blocks it and counters with a rake of the eyes. Referee Sammy Jackson steps in to warn TDK, who ignores him and drops the slightly blinded Nolan with a big running DDT. TDK now with the pin attempt.

Sammy Jackson: ONE! TWO! T-

And Nolan kicks out. Both men back up to their feet, Nolan still rubbing his eyes in discomfort. TDK tries to capitalize with a big boot to the head but Nolan sees it coming and ducks it. Nolan gets behind him and when TDK spins around, Nolan catches him with a superkick square on the chin.

Zach Davis: Wow! Did you hear the sound from that kick?

Bobby Cairo: A mighty impressive kick it was.

Somehow TDK is still on his feet, stumbling and obviously disoriented, but still upright. Nolan bounces off of the ropes behind him and runs at TDK before jumping up and connecting with the Stealth Kill. The referee checks on TDK as Nolan clinches in the armbar.

Zach Davis: TDK is in the center of the ring, a long way from the ropes.

And TDK finally gives in and taps. Referee Sammy Davis signals for the bell. "Over The Edge" hits the speakers as Nolan releases the hold and gets up to celebrate. As the referee checks on TDK, Nolan exits the ring and hops the barricade as he celebrates with the fans at ringside.

Bobby Cairo: And there you have it, Wyatt Nolan, a man of the people and tonight the victor.

WCF Classic Tournament - First Round
Buzzsaw Bundy vs El Matador

Kyle Steel: The following is a WCF Classic Tournament first round match!

Zach Davis: Now things get cookin!

Bobby Cairo: That we are, Zach! After an incredible opening match, we get the opportunity to introduce to you right now the WCF Classic Tournament!

The sound of a chainsaw being pull started reverberates through the arena, as The Lumberjack starts.

Zach Davis: Well, for those who don’t know, the WCF Classic Tournament is, as its name implies, a tournament. The tournament consists of the best WCF has to offer, going up against one another in one-on-one matches, where the winner advances, and the last man, or woman, standing is the winner.

With the start of the lyrics Buzzsaw walks out, pausing on the stage to raise a fist.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, weighing in at three hundred sixty-five pounds, originally from Forks, Washington..... BUUUZZZSSSSSAAAWWWW BUUUUUNNNDYYY!

As the crowd pops, he makes his way to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans.

Bobby Cairo: That’s not all. The winner of the tournament will receive a guaranteed title shot to be cashed in at the time of his choosing any time in the next year!

Zach Davis: That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Now for the first match in the tournament, we have a good matchup here between Buzzsaw Bundy and El Matador!

Grabbing the top rope, Buzzsaw steps onto the apron, and over the top rope into the ring. As he prepares for his match, he removes his flannel shirt, revealing his muscled body.

Bobby Cairo: The man known as Buzzsaw Bundy shows up first to the party, and he looks like he’s ready for this.

The ‘My Time’ remix concocted by the DX Band hits the speakers, and the crowd begins chorusing with boos. The man known as El Matador steps out onto center stage.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred twenty-one pounds, from Mexico City, Mexico, EEEEEELLLLL MAAAAAATAAAAAADOOOOOOOORRRR!

Zach Davis: And here comes El Matador; this guy is gonna be looking to pick up the big win tonight!

Bobby Cairo: Big is right! Buzzsaw has at least a hundred thirty pounds on this guy.

El Matador makes his way to the ring, and steps between the ropes.


Buzzsaw and El Matador lock horns mid-ring, but Buzzsaw quickly gains the upper hand with his size advantage, shoving El Matador backwards and down to the mat. Matador rolls backward, and gets to his feet. He dashes at Buzzsaw, but is met with a big boot to the face.

Zach Davis: And Buzzsaw starts this thing off on fire; El Matador is in trouble!

Buzzsaw lifts El Matador back to his feet, and lifts him up into a powerbomb position atop his shoulders. El Matador fights back, and breaks out, flipping Bundy to the mat with a hurricanrana in the process.


Buzzsaw hits the mat back first, and sits up almost immediately. El Matador gets to his feet, and dropkicks the sitting Buzzsaw in the chest, sending him back down to a horizontal position. El Matador gets to his feet, and climbs the top turnbuckle. Buzzsaw gets to his feet, and Matador leaps, looking for some kind of cross-body or something, but Buzzsaw catches him, and powers him down with a falling powerslam. He goes for the cover.



El Matador kicks out, and Bundy goes back on the offense. He lifts Matador up, and hits a quick piledriver, before climbing to the second rope. He leaps, looking to hit a splash-type move, but Matador rolls out of the way at the last second, and Buzzsaw lands hard. Matador gets to the top rope, and leaps off, hitting Buzzsaw with a wicked moonsault.

Zach Davis: What a shot! Matador is getting back on the right track!

Bobby Cairo: Yes, but he’s still got his work cut out for him due to size difference.

Matador pulls Buzzsaw back to his knees, before bounding off the rope in front of Buzzsaw and hitting him with a step-up enzuigirl. Buzzsaw falls to the mat face-first, and Matador goes for the cover.


TW - NO!

The crowd pops as Buzzsaw kicks out.

Bobby Cairo: And Matador with the near-fall, but Bundy kicks out with authority. Matador needs to keep it up.

Zach Davis: Bobby, I know you’re trying to be impartial, but I just don’t see a way for El Matador to keep this up.

Matador tries to keep up the offense, rolling Buzzsaw over on his back before climbing the turnbuckle. He leaps, looking to hit a moonsault, but Buzzsaw gets his knees up, and El Matador lands hard. Buzzsaw gets to his feet first, and lift El Matador up by the throat. He chokeslams him back down, and goes for the pin.



El Matador shows his resilience, kicking out before the three. Buzzsaw kneels, and punches El Matador in the face several times, and goes right back to cover.



El Matador kicks out again. Buzzsaw pounds his fist on the mat a couple times in anger, before turning as if to punch the ref. El Matador gets to one knee while Buzzsaw’s back is turned, and hits a low blow on the big man, and the referee doesn’t see it, due to looking up into the face of Buzzsaw. El Matador goes for the cover on the fallen giant.




The crowd pops as Buzzsaw gets the shoulder up at the last possible second, but El Matador climbs the turnbuckle with his back turned celebrating, thinking he’s won.

Bobby Cairo: What is El Matador doing? Does he... does he think he won the match?

Zach Davis: Apparently, Bobby, but Buzzsaw got the shoulder up. Buzzsaw is getting to his feet, and El Matador is in some serious trouble if he doesn’t realize the match is still going on.

Buzzsaw makes it to his feet, without the knowledge of El Matador. El Matador steps off the turnbuckle, and turns around to be met with a hard knee to the gut, courtesy of Buzzsaw Bundy. He lifts El Matador up into a powerbomb position, before slamming him to the mat. He doesn’t let go, lifting him into the same powerbomb position, and dropping him again. Buzzsaw lifts him up a third time, and powerbombs him a final time before going for the pin.

Bobby Cairo: Felling of the Forest, and the crowd goes wild for Buzzsaw Bunday as he goes for the pin!

Zach Davis: This has got to be it; El Matador put up a good fight, but that has got to be painful.




Kyle Steel: The winner of this match, BUUUUZZZZZSAAAAWWW BUUUUUUNDY!!!

Zach Davis: What a match! Buzzsaw Bundy moves on to the next round in the WCF Classic Tournament!

Television Championship
Jason Kash vs Shane Borderland (c)

Zach Davis: It's time now for our Television Championship match as Jamaican Joe defends the title that he won under controversial circumstances last week against the man who helped him win it, Jason Kash! All of the pundits have been picking Kash to win this match, Bobby. It's one of the few instances where the champion is a decided underdog going into a title defense. The last time that I can recall that happening was Torture vs. Slickie T at One in 2009.

Bobby Cairo: Of course Torture won that match and retained his World Championship in a classic battle, but Jamaican Joe is no Torture. Then again Jason Kash is no Slickie T. I have to say that as a former WCF Television Champion I wasn't pleased with what I saw on Slam last Monday night. The Television Championship is a prestigious title with a storied lineage and it was turned into an absolute sham by the antics of Jason Kash. If you want to smoke pot and crack jokes on your own time then that's your business, but when you're reffing a match for a championship that Bobby Cairo held you show some goddamn respect! And as for Joe, he has yet to prove that he's worthy of the belt.

Zach Davis: Strong words from Bobby Cairo!

Bobby Cairo: Would you expect anything less, Zach?

Zach Davis: No, sir!

As the beat begins to thump throughout the entire arena, smoke begins to seep out of the stage. The fans get to their feet in mixed reaction as Jason Kash comes out from the back. He stops at the middle of the stage and leans forward, touching the steel path leading to the ring. He pulls up, takes two hits off his 2 Finger "Air Joint" twice and then throws his arms up above his head in celebration. He jumps up as the green flash fireworks shoot twice, one on each side of him. He lands on his feet and punches forward aggressively.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF Television Championship! Introducing first... from Atlanta... here is JAAASSOOOON KAAAAAASSSSSH!!!!!!!!!!!

He heads down the aisle way, eyes directly on the ring. He walks to the corner of the outside of the ring and jogs to the top of the steel steps. He walks along the ring apron and bounces on the middle rope entering the ring. Once again he hits his "Air Joint" twice and as his chest leans against the ropes he throws his arms up in the air once again. He stretches on the ropes before the match begins.

Bobby Cairo: Kash's eyes look clear and he has a serious expression on his face as if he means business. Is it possible that Kash is sober right now, Zach?

Zach Davis: Well, Kash had some strong words for Joe during the past week, Bobby. He seems to be taking this match seriously as if determined to make the most of his title opportunity.

"I Am The Champion" by B.O.B sounds off through the arena as Jamaican Joe emerges from the crowd, his presence is seen as he stands taller than the majority of the audience. He slaps hands with fans who are just excited to be next to the WCF Television Champion!

Kyle Steel: And his opponent... from Kingston, Jamaica... he is the reigning WCF Television Champion! Here is JAAMAAAIIICAAAN JOOOOOOEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe steps over the guard rail like they are ropes, he grabs the top rope and pulls himself up onto the ring apron. Once inside the ring Joe calls for a microphone.

Zach Davis: Joe is going to talk? We haven't heard him say a word in weeks!

Joe raises the mike to his lips and takes a moment to soak in the cheers from his fans before speaking.

Jamaican Joe: Hey, mon! I wanna tank all-a my fans for ze support! I'm-a make ya proud an' kick Kash in he ass, mon! Ze TV Title ez comin' back ta Jamaica! Tis match ez dedicated to ze Rastafari people, mon! Praise Jah!

Joe hands the mike to a ringside attendant. He kisses the Television Championship belt and hands it to referee Zip Wingdinger, who holds the belt up for all to see.

Bobby Cairo: I'm glad to see that Joe made up for Kash not being stoned. I didn't want to be the only high person on tonight's broadcast.

Zach Davis: How do you rate Joe's chances of making a successful title defense tonight, Bobby?

Bobby Cairo: I'd say they're as good as Duke's chances of repeating as NCAA men's basketball champions.

Zach Davis: Didn't Duke lose to Arizona in the Sweet 16?

Bobby Cairo: Exactly, Zach. Exactly.

Referee Zip Wingdinger searches both combatants for international objects. Upon finding none Zip issues his final instructions and calls for the bell.


Joe and Kash circle the ring a bit before moving in for the lock-up. Joe, being the much larger man, is able to overpower Kash. Joe locks Kash in one of his favorite moves, a headlock. Kash counters with a knee to the nuts. Zip Wingdinger immediately warns Kash, who claims that the knee was above the belt. Nonetheless Joe's Jamaican nuts are hurting right now.

Zach Davis: There's nothing technical about that!

Bobby Cairo: Nope, just a good old-fashioned nut shot.

Kash drills Joe in the face with a knee and then spins him around. Kash plants Joe with a reverse DDT.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Joe does a powerful kick out and gets to his feet. Kash gets Joe in a Muay Thai clinch and softens him up with some powerful knee strikes.

Bobby Cairo: Nice form here by Kash! Joe is a big, strong man but he seems to be having trouble escaping Kash's clinch and Kash is just beating him up with those knees!

Kash lets Joe out of the clinch only to drill him with a stiff short-arm lariat.

Zach Davis: Nice lariat from Kash! The crowd was impressed by that one! Kash makes the cover!

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Joe kicks out again with authority. Kash shows no let up. He takes Joe down with a Russian leg sweep near the corner of the ring and then climbs onto the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: Kash is going high risk! What does he have in mind?

Kash hits a textbook flying legdrop and makes the cover on Joe.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Joe gets his shoulder up.

Zach Davis: Kash is dominating the champion in the early going here, Bobby! What does Joe have to do to get into this match?

Kash drops repeated hard knees to Joe's head while Joe is on the ground.

Bobby Cairo: Joe needs to get off his ass and start exerting his will! You're a champion -- act like it, damn it!

Kash nails Joe with a brutal curb stomp, causing the crowd to collectively gasp.

Zach Davis: Good night! That was nasty!

Kash chuckles while looking at his hapless foe whose face he just smashed. Kash points at Joe and laughs, then asks the crowd which moves they want to see. Someone calls out "T-Bone suplex!" and Kash nods his head.

Zach Davis: Kash isn't actually taking suggestions from the audience, is he?!

Bobby Cairo: When your opponent offers no resistance you can pretty much do whatever you want!

Kash whips Joe into the ropes. Kash catches Joe on the rebound and absolutely obliterates him with a T-Bone suplex. Joe's head impacts the canvas like a watermelon on the sidewalk. Kash isn't done. He prompts the crowd for more suggestions. A bearded, balding man demands to see an Anderson spinebuster.

Bobby Cairo: Oh, I'm a proponent of that move myself!

Kash nods his head. He waits for Joe to get up. Joe turns around and walks right into Kash's clutches. Kash spikes Joe with a nasty spinebuster and then makes the cover.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Joe got his foot on the rope! Those long legs of his came in handy that time! I thought we had a new champ!

Kash has a disappointed look on his face but he's not taking out his frustrations on the referee like so many other superstars do. Kash lays into Joe with some ground and pound style punches, opening up a cut on the Jamaican giant's face in the process.

Zach Davis: Jamaican Joe has been busted open by the furious fists of Jason Kash!

Bobby Cairo: Don't worry, Zach. The ring crew has a full supply of Lysol on hand. They'll clean up that blood. I bought it for them myself. I have obsessive compulsive disorder, you know? I need cleanliness and order!

Jamaican Joe is taking a pounding from Kash, who seems content to punch Joe in the face until he can't feel his hands anymore. After a while Kash grows bored of bloodying Joe's face and jumps to his feet. Kash solicits suggestions from the crowd once again. A large-breasted, red-haired woman yells out for the Celtic Cross.

Bobby Cairo: Ooh! Irish chick! Nice!

Kash nods his head and smiles. He's all too happy to comply with the buxom redhead's request. Kash pulls Joe to his feet, lifts the big man onto his shoulders and buries him in the middle of the ring with a Celtic Cross. Kash jumps to his feet and lets out a primal scream, drawing a mixture of cheers and boos from the fans. Kash is taunting Joe, telling him to get up and fight like a man.

Bobby Cairo: Kash is angry, Zach. He wanted a challenge tonight. Not too much of a challenge of course, but Joe hasn't shown us anything.

A chant comes up from the Jamaican contingent in attendance at Cowboys Stadium. "JA-MAI-CAN JOE! JA-MAI-CAN JOE! JA-MAI-CAN JOE!" Kash joins them, half mockingly and half imploring Joe to get up and give him a fight.

Zach Davis: I just don't know if Joe has anything left, Bobby. He's gotten his ass kicked tonight, plain and simple.

Jamaican Joe does a zombie sit-up, drawing the cheers of his diehard fans. Kash does a double-take. He clearly wasn't expecting to see that. Joe wipes the blood from his face and licks it from his fingers. Yep, it's blood. Joe looks around, trying to gain his bearings, then he sees Kash. Joe locks his eyes on Kash and stands up. Kash reassures himself then lets out a yell as he charges at Joe with both arms raised above his head. Joe sticks out his hand and grabs Kash by the neck. Kash struggles to escape but Joe lifts him in the air and plants him with a vicious chokeslam.

Zach Davis: Jamaican Joe has come to life! The Television Champion is showing his grit!

Bobby Cairo: WTF just happened?

Jamaican Joe isn't finished. Joe whips Kash into the ropes, waits for him on the rebound and hits a powerslam. Joe hooks a leg as he makes the pin.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Kash kicks out. Joe keeps up his onslaught with a suplex, then he waits for Kash to get up and hits a powerful clothesline that throttles the challenger. Joe makes another cover.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Kash kicks out! This is quite a turnaround, Bobby Cairo! Kash was in thorough control of this match, but Kash gave Joe an opening and Joe has taken full advantage!

Bobby Cairo: I'm stunned. I'm more than stunned, I'm mindfucked. I did not expect this at all.

Joe waits for Kash to get to his feet, sneaks up from behind and rolls him up.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Joe almost beat Kash with the roll up! That's Joe's trademark move but Kash kicked out!

Bobby Cairo: How the hell is a roll up somebody's trademark move? It's a roll up for fuck's sake!

Zach Davis: Joe is setting up for the Gutwrench DDT now! This could be the end of the match if he hits it!

Joe is going for his finisher, but Kash blocks it and breaks free from Joe's grip. Kash lands a kick to Joe's midsection and then lifts him up and hits the Kashed Out.

Zach Davis: Kashed Out from out of nowhere by Kash!

Bobby Cairo: Kash is done playing now, Zach. He's ready to win himself the WCF Television Championship.

Kash stalks Joe, waiting for him to get to his feet. Joe stands up and quickly doubles over from pain. Kash pounces and hits the Under The Influence.

Zach Davis: Under The Influence! Will that do it?!

Bobby Cairo: No, no, no. Kash isn't done yet, Zach. He's sending a message now.

Kash pulls Joe to his feet and hits a spinning fisherman suplex into a bridging pin.

Zach Davis: Influenced!

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...




Zach Davis: Kash wins! New champ!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner and --NEW!!-- WCF Television Champion... JAAASSOOOON KAAAAAASSSSSH!!!!!!!!!!!

Kash gets to his feet as his music hits the PA. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to the new Television Champion as Kash gets his hand raised by the ref and is handed his title belt. Kash looks at the Television Championship belt and smiles. Kash walks over to the corner and climbs onto the turnbuckles. He raises the TV Title high into the air with one hand and with his other hand he takes two hits off his 2 Finger "Air Joint".


Zach Davis: God help us all...

The referee grabs the belt from the Time Keeper and raises Kash's hand in victory, handing him his new Championship. Kash grabs the belt and gives it a long stare before raising it up in the air with one arm. "Can't Be Touched" begins to play which is DangerTainment's music not Kash's and Kash turns towards the entrance way as a masked man wearing a Black Trench Coat and Black Leather Pants come out from the back. Kash throws his arms in the air towards the masked man as he approaches the ring. Kash walks over and sits on the middle rope, holding it for his masked guest as the man steps into the ring. Kash buckles his new Championship around his own waist and then heads over and grabs a microphone from the Time Keeper. He steps into the middle of the ring as the Masked Man stands behind him looking around the arena.

Jason Kash: WCF!! WOOO! I AM YOUR NEW WCF TELEVISION CHAMPION! HOW BOUT THAT!! Now before we all go out and celebrate this great moment we need to remember that Donald Deruty has his moment coming later tonight. Lets not get ahead of ourselves though..(Turns towards the masked man) I'm sure some of you might be wondering who's the man behind the mask? Well this is someone who has stepped up as of late, showed his loyalties to not only DangerTainment but to Success. This man is a huge reason why I am here today as your new Television Champion, his hard work to show his worth has been a wonderful thing to watch. His name is Masked...

"The Biggest, The Best" by Clawfinger blasts over the Arena Speakers and Kash freezes as the music becomes recognizable. Slowly Kash turns around towards the entrance ramp as the entire arena erupt upon hearing Shane Borderland's theme music.

Zach Davis: It's about time, someone needs to teach this "Influence" a lesson...

Bobby Cairo: Kash has backup in the ring, Borderland better bring an army!!

Kash approaches the ropes closest to the entry ramp and watches, waiting for Borderland to make an appearance. The Masked Man looks around in the arena and he begins to slowly remove his mask to reveal his face.


Bobby Cairo: KASH TURN AROUND!!!

Still looking at the entrance ramp the fans eruption cause Kash to shrug at them confused as to why they'd be cheering. He turns around casually and his jaw drops as Shane Borderland comes into his view. Kash's eyes bulge open wide as he throws up his hands as if asking for a time out or begging for mercy. Borderland throws down the mask and steps towards Kash. Kash leans against the ropes away from Borderland until he cannot back away any further. Borderland gets arms length to Kash and stops. Borderland begins to unbutton his trench coat and rips it off revealing a DangerTainment T-Shirt. The crowd immediately begins to boo as Kash laughs and Kash jumps on Borderland in celebration.

Zach Davis: NOOO!!!!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!

Bobby Cairo: Haha! He had you fooled, he had everyone fooled...This is crazy! Shane Borderland is a member of DangerTainment! It's now Jason Kash, Donald Deruty, and Shane Borderland! WCF should take notice because this is a threat, this is going to be a dominate faction!

Zach Davis: I hate you...

Picking up the microphone, Kash laughs more as Borderland slaps the Television Title around Kash's waist. Congratulating him on his victory. Kash speaks into the mic as he has to speak over the booing crowd.

Jason Kash: IT'S BEEN IN THE PLANS FOR A MONTH NOW...WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT UP!! First off I hate Dallas so all of you people can eat shit and die as far as I'm concerned...Like I was saying...Jesus Christ...

Fans Boo even louder, vibrating the entire building with boos and stomps of the feet. Garbage begins to fly through the air, hitting the ring and Kash dodges a water bottle and decides to not even give these people the time of day.


Kash tosses the mic like he's shooting a basket and it soars across the ring. Borderland and Kash both exit the ring as a few fans exchange words with them as they make their way up the entrance ramp.


A Challenger Appears!

Bobby Cairo is laughing his ass off.

Zach Davis: What are you laughing at?

Bobby Cairo: Oblivion is backstage.

Zach Davis: What's so funny about Oblivion being backstage?

Bobby Cairo: Wait and see.

The cameraview changes to the backstage area. The area is smothered in fog. The Gathering are flying everywhere, breaking stuff and terrorizing the technical team for WCF, Occasionally a Gathering member would leave their shadows and sniff around the cameraman. The Vixen, despite being a few women short, they are still breaking hearts with just a few of them. With the Gathering and The Vixen scattered in the backstage area, Oblivion has tied up Hank Brown. The veteran reporter is tied up and hanging upside down. hank is screaming through the gag. He looks terrified under all the rope. the crowd is laughing...


Oblivion: Nah!! No, sorry Hank. Not gonna happen!! You see, WCF. Oblivion is in a pissy mood!! In fact, Oblivion is in one of those moods, that your truly don't give a f*ck about anything?! Oblivion does. In FACT, Oblivion feels like that RIGHT NOW!! Johnny Reb!! Mr. World Champion, this is time for Oblivion, your Dark One!! This the time, where Oblivion proves all his critics wrong!!

There is a slight electric energy, in the crowd. The fans can sense it!!

Oblivion: Can you feel that, Johnny?! That's momentum swinging my way!! Tonight, Johnny Reb!! Is the night that Oblivion shows the entire WCF, that Oblivion CAN win a second WCF World Heavyweight Championship!! Tonight, at Timebomb, in front of tens of thousands of Oblivion's Meat sacks in attendance, screaming for their Lord and Master to obtain victory over the championship pretender, Johnny Reb!! The millions at home, can scream at the TVs, rooting for Oblivion to end Johnny Reb's miserable existence. Although, Reb craves the world championship, but he cannot handle a monster like Oblivion!! Johnny Reb, tonight your championship reign ends tonight!! And that, you can choke on!!!

Oblivion holds out the mic and the crowd screams out....

The crowd: BI-I-I-ITCHEE-E-ESS-S-S-S!!!

Oblivion looks deep into the camera.

Oblivion: TONIGHT!! Oblivion and Johnny Reb WILL rip each other apart to be the world champion!! Johnny Reb, you may have heart, but..... <Oblivion talks in a creepy voice> How much pain and discomfort are you willing to go through, Johnny? How much pain is too much pain? Can you deal with pain and suffering, enough to keep a death's grip on the title? You see, Johnny... Oblivion is willing to die for this championship. Putting everything on the line!! It's put up or shut up time!! Johnny? tick-tock... tick-tock!!

Submission Match
Adam Young vs Terry Roberts vs Kevin Wish

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Zach Davis: Our next match is the triple threat submission match.

Bobby Cairo: Here comes our first participant...

“Out of the Flames” by Jim Johnson begins to play. The intro of the song, comes and the fire pyro shoots up on stage.

Kyle Steel: Introducing, first.... From Parts Unknown, weighing 264 pounds...... KE-E-E-VI-I-IN WI-I-ISH-HH-H!!

Kevin Wish walks down to the ring and slides under the ringropes and get’s up and waits for his opponent.

Zach Davis: Big man from Parts Unknown looks prepared.

Bobby Cairo: He better be!! Adam Young will take advantage of your weaknesses. This once Big Time Jerk, is a force to be reckoned with.

The lights dim down as "Anarchy" by KMFDM starts playing and smoke fills the entrance. Out walks Adam Young and VKM. Adam throws his arms out and VKM moves in front of him. She throws her head back and they kiss. They walk to the ring and Adam holds the ropes for VKM. Adam climbs in and goes to the second rope. Adam drops back to the mat and VKM hugs him and kisses him again.

Zach Davis: VKM looks great tonight!!

Bobby Cairo: Yea, whatever.

"Swamped" by Lacuna Coil begins to play.

There is a mixed reaction, as there are some boos mixed along with some cheers.

Bobby Cairo: Here comes Terry Roberts.

Kyle Steel: From Birmingham, Alabama, weighing in at 275 pounds.... TER-ER-ERRYY-Y-Y-Y RO-O-OBER-ER-ERTT-TS-S!!

Bobby Cairo: Young and Wish better on their A game, tonight!!

Zach Davis: Where is he? He's not.....

The crowd begins to stir, as the cameramen finds Terry Roberts walking through the crowd, as Adam Young and Kevin Wish keep looking towards the entrance ramp.

Bobby Cairo: The crowd is going crazy.

Zach Davis: Roberts is hopping over the guardrail and is walking to the ringsteps.

Bobby Cairo: Terry Roberts is playing mindgames with Adam Young and Kevin Wish.

Zach Davis: How?

Terry Roberts blows a huge fireball into the air.

Bobby Cairo: Fireball ala Gene Simmons.

Zach Davis: Terry Roberts uses a specialized finger lighter ignitor and small capsules with flammables instead of kerosene.

Roberts enters the ring, slithering to the closest corner where he crouches, like a predator, waiting for the bell to pounce on his prey.

Bobby Cairo: This match will be very entertaining!! This will be a submission match!!


Zach Davis: This triple threat match begins.

All three men circle the ring. The fans scoot up in their seats, as most of the fans are standing and cheering.

Bobby cairo: All three men charge at each other.


Bobby Cairo: SURE SHOT!!

Zach Davis: A spot on superkick!! Young Irish-whips Roberts into the ropes....



Terry Roberts is writhing pain, as Adam Young races over to Kevin Wish and....


Zach Davis: Another tilt a whirl backbreaker!! This time on Kevin Wish!!

Kevin wish ends up falling out of the ring and is now motionless on the ringside area. Adam Young goes back to Terry Roberts...

Zach Davis: Terry Roberts has caught Adam Young!!

Bobby Cairo: Although usually both men are on the mat, but someone that is on the mat and sinches in No Man's Land!!

Zach Davis: Adam Young is struggling!!

Bobby Cairo: He has no where to go to!! Kevin Wish is out cold, at ringside!


Zach Davis: That's it!! Adam Young put up one hell of a fight, from the get go!! But, it wasn't meant to be!!

Bobby Cairo: Terry Roberts, you're winner by submission!!

Roberts gets up and Wish crawls into the ring and Roberts kicks Wish in the midsection before hitting a T-bone suplex. Roberts slaps Kevin Wish with the No Mans Land and Wish screams in pain and begins to tap out. Adam Young and Terry Roberts gives a No Mans Land to him as well! Both Wish and Young are in pain and Roberts is finally forced to get off of Young when a man slides into the ring.

Zach Davis: That's Austin Adams!

Bobby Cairo: What the hell is he doing back in WCF?

Zach Davis: Helping out his former tag team partner, that's what!

Roberts claps his hands together a few times as if he's happy that Austin is back. Roberts slides his thumb across his throat as if to say "Austin is next and dead on arrival." Adams tries to help up Young but he's in too much pain.

Zach Davis: Terry Roberts is a dangerous man.

Bobby Cairo: He's in the zone!

Hardcore Championship
John Thomas vs Devils Keeper vs Greenfever (c)

Bobby Cairo: What a night, so far! This crowd is out of their minds!

Zach Davis: And a match for the WcF Hardcore Championship is up next! These people are going to burn this place to the ground!

With the loud guitars of "You Know My Name" backing him up, the man known as Mr. FPV emerges to begin his fight. He looks around the crowd for a few seconds, as if to scan the crowd, and then starts to walk toward the ring. Just before coming close to the ring, he gets a running start and slides into the ring from under the first rope.

FPV talks a quick walk around the ring, waving the any fan who he makes eye contact with, and then sits down in a lotus position, waiting for the match to begin.

Bobby Cairo: FPV has come out of nowhere and made an immediate impact here. He certainly could walk away from this with championship gold wrapped around his waist.

Zach Davis: No question about it, Bobby. FPV is a dangerous man. Oh, I think I hear John Thomas’ music!

The Lights cut out in the arena then the opening chords of “Country Boy Can Survive” blast through the arena as a Rebel Flag lights up the Tron

The preacher man says its the end of time
and the Mississippi River she's a going dry.
The interest is up and the stock markets down
and you only get mugged if you go downtown.

I live back in the woods you see,
my woman, and the kids and the dogs and me.
I got a shotgun and a rifle and a four wheel drive
and a country boy can survive. Country folks can survive.

John Thomas walks out of the ramp wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black tank top, and his black cowboy hat pulled down around his eyes , and with a rebel flag bandanna covering his face, along with Vanessa Lee by his side, and his arm around her waist.

I can plow a field all day long,
I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn.
Make our own whiskey and our own smoke too
ain't to many things these boys can't do.
We grow good old tomatoes and homemade wine
and country boy can survive, country folk can survive.

Because you can't stomp us out and you can't make us run,
cause we're them ole boys raised on shotguns.
We say grace and we say mam
and if you ain't into that we don't give a damn.

John and Vanessa walk halfway down the ramp and stop to share a passionate kiss.

We came from the West Virginia coal mines
and the Rocky Mountains and the Western skies
and we can skin a buck, we can run a trout line
and a countryboy can survive, country folks can survive.

John continues to walk down the ring and slides into the ring then holds down the middle rope for Vanessa to climb into the ring.

Bobby Cairo: John’s in top physical form and Vanessa’s looking pretty fit herself.

Zach Davis: John’s had a rough few weeks but, I think this is where we see him really bloom and find his rhythm.

The lights drop as "Run Rabbit Run" by Rob Zombie begins over the P.A. system. "Huntin' Humans? Ain't nuthin but nuthin'. They all run like scared little rabbits. Run rabbit run. RUN RABBIT RUN!" The aggressive drums kick in and Greenfever emerges from the darkness. His face and hands are smeared with blood. The WcF Hardcore Championship Title is slung over his shoulder. It too, is smeared with blood. The crowd is incited into a screaming mob. The audience begins to throwing garbage down at him as he makes his way to the ring.

Bobby Cairo: Greenfever ladies and gentlemen! He has single handedly ratcheted up what it is to be Hardcore here in the WcF. This man has only one thing on his mind at all times; mayhem.

Zach Davis: He’s no stranger to violence. However, as the champion here in this three way dance, the cards are stacked against him. If I had to guess, this will be the night where we see his stranglehold on the Hardcore division slip.

Bobby Cairo: Looks like Greenfever is screaming something at the crowd. He’s calling for the chairs!

The crowd is screaming. Hundreds of chairs are given flight. They slam down into the ring loudly until the entire ring is covered.

Zach Davis: This is going to be even more violent than I could have imagined.

Zach Davis puts on a pair of bulky safety goggles.

Bobby Cairo: Going to be doing a little carpentry during the match?

Zach Davis: Safety first, Bobby! I’ve got an extra pair for ya if you’d like’em.

Bobby Cairo: Pass. Alright, looks like all three men are in the ring and ready for action.


Greenfever and John Thomas each pick up a steel chair. FPV pulls his fighting stance up. All three men circle the ring. Greenfever swings his chair at John Thomas but, Thomas blocks it and parries by smashing Greenfever in the face. FPV socks Thomas in the side of the head and Side-Russian leg-sweeps him down. FPV quickly mounts Thomas and begins firing punches down onto him. Greenfever slams the chair down onto FPV and pulls him off Thomas. Greenfever swings the chair down onto Thomas but, Thomas rolls out of the way. FPV Ddt’s Greenfever face-first into his own chair. Greenfever’s forehead sprays blood.

Bobby Cairo: It’s getting ugly quick!

John Thomas soccer-kicks FPV in the head and picks him up. Thomas lifts FPV in a fireman’s-carry.

Zach Davis: Death-Valley-Driver on about seven chairs!

Thomas rolls to his feet with a steel chair in his hand. He swings it down onto FPV but, FPV manages to kick it out of Thomas’ hands. FPV sweeps Thomas and kicks himself up to his feet. Greenfever comes out of nowhere and clotheslines FPV down harshly. Greenfever grabs a chair and slings into Thomas’ face. Thomas drops back to his knees and Greenfever digs a fierce shoulder-block into him. FPV kicks Greenfever in the back and whips him into the turnbuckles. FPV charges and smashes Greenfever with a knee-lift. FPV pushes Greenfever up to the second rope and Ddt’s him obscenely onto the steel covered ring! The chairs ripple and slide around the canvas.

Bobby Cairo: Oh MY! What a Ddt!

Thomas runs up the turnbuckles with a chair in hand. He dives off, positioning the chair under his elbow. FPV manages to slide away as Thomas spikes the chair down onto the back of Greenfever’s head. FPV wastes no time and lunges onto Thomas. FPV and Thomas trade punches. Thomas rolls FPV and begins raining down stiff jabs. FPV rolls Thomas and they both slide off the side of the ring.

Zach Davis: There they go!

FPV is the first to his feet. He pulls Thomas up and punches him stiffly in his gut. FPV german suplexes Thomas into the guardrail. Thomas reels in pain. FPV turns just in time to watch Greenfever’s boot kick him in the face. FPV is sent over the guardrail and into the chair-less fans.

Crowd: WcF! WcF! WcF!

Bobby Cairo: Greenfever just leaped off the apron and kicked the hell out of FPV!

Greenfever pulls Thomas to his feet and whips him toward the ring. Thomas leaps onto the apron and catapults himself backward into Greenfever.

Zach Davis: Quick thinking by Thomas!

The crowd lifts FPV to his feet and slap his back in encouragement. FPV shakes a child’s hand before leaping onto the guardrail. FPV crashes into Thomas and Greenfever with a big dropkick. FPV rolls and jumps onto the side of the ring. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and gives the crowd a quick fist pump. The crowd roars in approval. FPV jumps off and stomps his feet squarely into Greenfever’s chest.

Bobby Cairo: Was that cracking sound Greenfever’s ribcage!?

Thomas drags FPV down with a headlock. Thomas peppers FPV’s face with punches. Thomas hip-tosses FPV over to the exposed concrete while keeping the headlock tight. FPV tries to spin out of it but, Thomas wrenches it down. FPV yells in frustration. The crowd begins chanting for FPV.

Crowd: FPV! FPV!

FPV begins to muscle himself back up to his feet.

Crowd: FPV! FPV!

FPV throws a couple of elbows into Thomas’ ribs and frees himself from the headlock. FPV suplexes Thomas onto the ring-steps. Thomas rolls off in agony. Greenfever is back up. He slides into the ring and picks up a chair. FPV locks eyes with Greenfever. FPV points at Greenfever.

Crowd: FPV! FPV!

FPV points out at the crowd. They’re screaming for him.

Bobby Cairo: These fans are going wild for FPV!

Greenfever uses a single finger to compel FPV into the ring. FPV moves to slide in but, Greenfever lunges and spikes the chair down right in front of him.

Crowd: BOO!

FPV backs away from the side of the ring. FPV shrugs and flops down onto the fallen John Thomas.

Bobby Cairo: He’s going for the pin! Genius!

Crowd: FPV! FPV!


Crowd: FPV! FPV!


Crowd: Aww!

Greenfever slides out of the ring and slams a chair down toward FVP and Thomas. FVP manages to roll out of the way and the chair crashes down onto Thomas.

Zach Davis: Thomas sure didn’t need that!

FPV side-kicks Greenfever and slings him into the guardrail. FPV rams himself into Greenfever. Greenfever’s back slams into the unforgiving metal. Greenfever lands a combo of punches sending FPV back a few feet. FPV lunges at Greenfever but, Greenfever pulls a child from the crowd and uses him as a human shield. FPV screams at Greenfever to put the child down. John Thomas cranks FPV with a barb-wire baseball bat.

Bobby Cairo: Where’d he get that!?

Zach Davis: From under the ring I’d guess.

Bobby Cairo: Are you telling me, that at some point while constructing this ring, someone turns to someone else and says “Hey hand me that baseball-bat wrapped in barbed wire.”?

Zach Davis: They’re non-Union. I believe.

The crowd pulls the child away from Greenfever. Thomas cracks Greenfever in the face with the bat. Thomas threads the bat around Greenfever’s throat and whips him backward with a fierce side Russian leg-sweep. Thomas lifts Greenfever and locks on a dragon-sleeper.

Bobby Cairo: Thomas has that bat pinned against Greenfever’s windpipe! This could be it!

Greenfever flails, trying to release himself from the excruciating hold. FPV clotheslines Greenfever and Thomas down. FPV pummels Thomas with a few expertly placed kicks. FPV lifts Greenfever and kicks away the padding from the concrete. FPV lifts Greenfever for a pile-driver.

Zach Davis: Jumping piledriver on the bare concrete! Greenfever is out of it! His brains are scrambled, Bobby!

Bobby Cairo: Greenfever’s brains have been scrambled for a long time, Zach. Now, they’ve gotta be poached, sunny-side up or some kind of whacked-out western omelet!

Crowd: FPV! FPV!

FPV pins Greenfever.




Crowd: AWW!

Bobby Cairo: Just a little more, FPV! It doesn’t look like Greenfever has much left in the tank!

FPV lifts Greenfever for a vertical suplex. FPV stalls with Greenfever hanging in the air.

Zach Davis: Could this be The Duster!?

Crowd: FPV! FPV!

John Thomas clips FPV’s left knee out from under him. Greenfever is spiked down with a clumsy brain-buster. Thomas throws FPV into the side of the ring and powers him up onto the canvas. Thomas rolls in behind him and picks up a chair. Thomas clobbers FPV with the chair. Greenfever pulls himself up into the ring. Thomas slings a chair at him but, Greenfever ducks it. Greenfever rolls and leaps, socking Thomas with a spectacular uppercut. Greenfever spikes Thomas down with a death-drop.

Zach Davis: Death-drop on a chair!

Greenfever lifts Thomas as if he’s going to do an electric-chair drop but, spins Thomas around and powers him down with a devastating power-bomb!

Bobby Cairo: Electric power-bomb!!

Greenfever goes for the pin.



FPV misses a dropkick to Greenfever. Greenfever rolls backward and to his feet. FPV throws a flurry of punches at Greenfever. Greenfever manages to block a few of them but, FPV lands a stiff one to Greenfever’s jaw. Greenfever stumbles. FPV lifts Greenfever in a vertical suplex.

Zach Davis: THE DUSTER!?

Greenfever jams a thumb into FPV’s eyes and lands on his feet behind him. Greenfever german suplexes FPV.

Bobby Cairo: Greenfever’s keeping that German suplex locked on!

Greenfever slings FPV off the mat and back down into another german suplex.

Bobby Cairo: Ground to Ground German suplex! And another!

Greenfever slings FPV over into another german suplex. Greenfever bridges with the suplex and pins FPV!




Zach Davis: That was close! Too close!

Greenfever slaps the mat in anger. He stands and lifts FPV. John Thomas swings a big lariat at Greenfever, but Greenfever ducks it. John Thomas jumps on Greenfever’s back and locks a choke-hold onto him. FPV kicks Greenfever in the stomach.Greenfever pulls FPV in and knee’s him in the balls. Greenfever’s face is red and his eyes are glassy. Thomas wrenches the rear-choke. Greenfever folds FPV over and lifts him. Greenfever kicks his legs out and spikes FPV down with a Side-Cradle Pile-driver.

Bobby Cairo: Greenfever just used Thomas’ weight to amplify a Side-Cradle Pile-Driver! FPV is unconscious!

Crowd: Noo!

Greenfever struggles to get Thomas off his back to no avail. Greenfever yanks Thomas over his head and forces him into position for a tombstone! Greenfever jumps and spikes Thomas’ head into several steel chairs!

Zach Davis: Oh MY GOD! JUMPING TOMBSTONE! Greenfever goes for the pin!




Crowd: BOO!!!


Greenfever is handed the WcF Hardcore Championship belt and he raises it in victory. Camera flashes wash through the crowd.

Bobby Cairo: Greenfever retains the WcF Hardcore Championship title! What a match! What a night!

Zach Davis: I can’t believe it! These guys tore themselves apart! What a match indeed! Greenfever, once again, showed us that he defines what the WcF Hardcore Championship stands for.

3/28/11 vs Anthony Royal

Anthony Royal's music hits. He starts walking down the ramp in his typical wrestling gear.

Anthony Royal: Shut up, quit booing me! All of you! You're so retarded! Quit booing me! CUT MY DAMN MUSIC OFF!

Zach Davis: Royal is certainly in a good mood.. notice my sarcasm.

Bobby Cairo: He's a royal pain in my ass.

Zach Davis: I see what you did there..

Bobby Cairo: No really. I don't like him.

Anthony Royal: As I walk down this ramp, I want all of you to know that unlike you, I am a winner, and true royalty so whomever this piece of trash is thats trying to surprise all of us, I want you to know I'm going to defeat him with ease.

Royal steps into the ring and taunts. The crowd is on fire tonight and just boo as loud as they can.

Anthony Royal: So go ahead and bring him down here. Whoever the hell he is, he surely isn't as good as me! I'll tell you that right now!

The lights go out. The entire arena is dark and the crowd goes nuts. They eventually die down and a spotlight flashes onto a box that stands about five feet high between the announcers table and the ring.

Zach Davis: What the hell is that?

The lights go out one more time. It's completely dark for fifteen seconds. The lights come back on.

Bobby Cairo: Look what's on the box!!!

That box now is holding a Crown. A Kings Crown.

Zach Davis: That's a crown?! Where the hell did it come from!?

The lights go out and two spotlights hit the stage and the crowd goes crazy. White smoke barrels out from the doors and fills the stage and the lights go out one more time. The HUGE jumbo screen above the stage lights up and flashes the "3/28/11" Logo. The crowd murmers in anticipation.

Zach Davis: Well who the hell is it!?


The jumbotron fades out on the numbers but stays a white bright screen. A horse is heard. "HHEEEEEHHHHHHHNNAAYYYYYYYYYY"


The crowd goes crazy as the jumbotron lights up with a picture of his face.


Zach Davis: OH NO WAY!

Bobby Cairo: YES! YES! YES! YES!

King Jimmy Dean is sitting high a top a horse as Daft Punks "Flynn Lives" hits the speakers and the crowd goes apeshit fucking nutso bat-shit crazy! Jimmy Dean hops off his horse and points at Royal in the ring whose confused as fuck!


Zach Davis: Calm down Bobby!!


Jimmy Dean walks down the ramp to over sixty thousand fans screaming at the top of their lungs. Jimmy Deans tops half way down and looks to his left where the crowd even gets louder. Fireworks and a golden shower spray down behind him. The camera shows fans way up in the rafters jumping up and down and hugging each other! Another shot of a few fans tearing up in excitement. Jimmy Dean continues down the ring and steps foot inside. We cut to Zach Davis on his feet applauding and Bobby high fiving the crowd behind him! Bobby turns around and just yells out in excitement!


Royal talks shit and goes for a clothesline but Dean ducks and turns Royal around and hits The Sausage Slammer! (Stone Cold Stunner).


Zach Davis: The ref has rang the bell! This match is official! My GAWD listen to damn crowd! THEY LOVEEE Jimmy Dean!

Royal struggles to his feet and Dean calls for it! Royal turns around and Dean goes face to face with him for two seconds before hitting the THE BACONATOR! (Rock Bottom)


Dean holds one foot on Royals chest and the ref counts to sixty thousand fans screaming at the top of their lungs in unison.




ding ding ding ding!


Bobby Cairo: YES HE IS! YES HE IS!

Dean turns around and locks his eyes on the crowd.



Dean walks over and slowly bends through the ropes and steps off the apron. He grabs the crown and looks to his right to the fans and Davis and Cairo yelling and clapping. Dean picks up the crown and holds it on his head. He fixes it and smiles under his big plastic King mask.


Zach Davis: You're DAMN RIGHT!


Dean high fives Zach and high fives Cairo before the two of them hug. King Jimmy Dean walks around the ring and back to the ramp and walks up as Flynn Lives by Daft Punk is playing over the speakers. Dean turns back around towards the crowd and they're all chanting "KING! KING! KING! KING! KING! KING!". He bows and raises both of his arms towards them.. The entire crowd bows in unison and screams their fucking heads off. Dean disappears behind the curtain.



Zach Davis: Well fans, we have just a few more matches to go, so here's a look ahead and Live WCF Events!

We cut from the announcers to a promotional ad advertising the next PPV and the next few slams taking place in Mexico.

#1 Contender - World Heavyweight Championship
Jay Williams vs Jay Price

Zach Davis: And so it's come to this... two Jays, Williams and Price, are set to square off with the winner becoming number one contender for the most prestigious title in this business, the WCF World Championship!

Bobby Cairo: The stakes could not be higher for these two young men, Zachary. The pressure alone is enough to make most men crack, but these two Jays are a special breed. I have a feeling that they will rise to the occasion and give us a classic match tonight.

Zach Davis: I'm with you there, Bobby. Of course the stage was set for this match two weeks ago on Slam when Price and Williams were participants in a four-way match to crown a number one contender for the World Title. Williams ended up on the short end of the stick that night in his hometown of St. Louis when he was pinned by Oblivion. Price blamed Williams for losing that match and depriving him of the opportunity to compete against Johnny Reb for the World Title tonight.

Bobby Cairo: Williams took the pin in that match, but as we've seen during his promos and interviews these last two weeks he remains markedly upbeat. Williams is a gamer nerd so the only thing that brings him down is when his Wi-Fi crashes. Price on the other hand is a man who is perpetually on a mission, driven by his goal to become the WCF World Champion. Both men have the opportunity to move one step closer to that goal tonight

The lights immediately go out now inside the arena. Everybody officially goes ape crazy, because some know who it is, and the rest...well, they like when lights go out. They think it's cool, you know. As the lights are out, spotlights fill the arena, white lightning as the sound of thunder crackles along the PA system. More spotlights come as more thunder is played along the system. It's when guitars fill up and the following is heard.


All of a sudden, the sounds of Megadeth's cover of the theme to Duke Nukem 3D kicks on the PA system as white smoke fills the entrance ramp. It's to the point where the white spotlights are strobing to the beat of the song. But when the song finally kicks in, the strobelights are going mad as out from the white smoke, is Jay Williams, his wife Amy in tow, hoodie on over his ring gear as he gives off a wicked smile to the crowd and jumps up and down, adrenaline pumping inside of him.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. The winner will become the number one contender for the WCF World Championship! Introducing first... from Philadelphia, by way of St. Louis... here is "THE GAMER" JAAAAAAY WIILLLLIIIAAAAAMMSSS!!!!!!!!!

He run up the ring steps now and perches himself on top of the nearest turnbuckle, like a hawk ready to strike. He keeps smiling to the crowd as he takes the time to sit on the top turnbuckle, looking at whoever's in the ring with him as he takes off his hoodie, setting it near Amy and throwing his shirt into the crowd for a lucky fan, as he jumps off, ready to game on.

Zach Davis: Williams looks like he's in good spirits, Bobby.

Bobby Cairo: Indeed, and why shouldn't he be? Williams has come a long way in a short time since his return. I just hope that he doesn't become overwhelmed by the moment once he sees Jay Price standing across the ring from him.

All of the lights in the arena go out, sending the crowd into panic mode. A series of red lights slowly begin to come on, starting around the ring and then moving up the ramp toward the stage. Out of nowhere "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System which instantly draws a chorus of boos and derogative chants from the crowd. The jumbotron flickers to life as highlights of Price's career begin to play, much to the displeasure of the crowd. The booing only intensifies as Price makes his way out onto the stage, his head and most of his face hidden under the hood of a black sweatjacket. He pauses and takes a look out at the crowd, a bit of a grin on his face, before making his way down the ramp toward the ring.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent... from Philadelphia... here is "THE FUTURE" JAAAAAAY PRRIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Along the way he mockingly attempts to slap a few children's hands before pulling his hand back at the last moment. He finally reaches the ring steps and climbs them, makes his way through the ropes, and then climbs up the nearest corner to the second turnbuckle. He glares around at the crowd, smirking at the boos and chants, before slowly raising a middle finger for all to see. Finally he hops out of the corner and removes his jacket, choosing to throw it into the referee's face rather than into the crowd, before beginning to stretch to get ready for his match.

Zach Davis: The stakes couldn't be higher for this match but Price always has time to screw with the fans.

Bobby Cairo: Would you expect anything less? Price is from Philadelphia and we're here at Cowboys Stadium. You think Price isn't still pissed about the Eagles losing to the Cowboys in the playoffs two seasons ago?

Price and Williams glare at each other from opposite corners of the ring while WCF senior referee Stanley Moser does his thing, checking both men for weapons and issuing his final instructions to them.

Zach Davis: The tension between these two men is palpable, Bobby!

Bobby Cairo: You can taste it, can't ya, Zach? I miss that feeling of standing across from a hated rival, aching for the bell to ring, just knowing that I'm seconds away from ripping his head off.

Moser calls for the bell.


Zach Davis: This match is underway!

Williams wastes no time; he charges at Price and narrowly misses with a flying front kick.

Bobby Cairo: Williams isn't playing around! He tried to take Price's head off in the opening seconds of this match!

Following Williams' miss Price spins Williams around and plants him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Price has a sly smile on his face as he makes the first cover of the match.

Stanley Moser: ONE...



Zach Davis: Williams kicks out!

Bobby Cairo: Price knew he wasn't going to pin him, Zach. He was sending a message to Williams: "Don't try that crazy Anderson Silva shit with me or I'll make you pay!"

Price scoops Williams up and slams him down then shoots off the ropes and drops a knee across one of Williams' legs, obviously trying to soften up the limb. Price makes another cover.

Stanley Moser: ONE...



Williams kicks out again. Price whips Williams into the ropes... no, Williams reverses it and sends Price into the ropes. Williams runs at Price and tries for the flying front kick again. This time he connects, with his foot hitting Price flush in the jaw. The Dallas proud pops for Williams' impressive display of striking prowess and Amy is bouncing up and down at ringside.

Bobby Cairo: Williams went for the front kick again and this time it paid off! The kid is persistent, you've gotta give him that!

Williams stands over Price and taunts him a bit while Price holds his jaw and glares up at Williams. Both men are back to their feet and they finally lock up for the first time. Price gains the advantage with a knee to the midsection and follows it up with a pair of European uppercuts.

Zach Davis: Price is a beast in the clinch, Bobby. When you lock up with him you're putting your health and safety into the hands of a madman!

Price quickly switches positions and hits a Russian legsweep on Williams. Price then grabs Williams' head and delivers a series of knee strikes.

Bobby Cairo: Jay Price is getting his groove on!

Price shoots a wicked grin to the fans, eliciting loud boos from the pro-Williams, Dallas crowd. Amy looks on from ringside, a concerned expression on her face. Price chokes Williams by pressing his knee across Williams' throat, causing Moser to issue a warning. Price takes a four-count from the ref before abandoning the illegal choke and making a cover on Williams.

Stanley Moser: ONE...



Zach Davis: Kick out by Williams! Price isn't giving Williams much room to operate here, Bobby.

Bobby Cairo: No, he isn't and I like that. Price is using a methodical approach. He's slowing down the pace of this match and smothering Williams. It's good strategy and it forces Williams to adjust his gameplan.

Price lets Williams to his feet only to drop him with a nasty-looking reverse DDT. The crowd winces but Price doesn't waste any time acknowledging them. Price makes his way over to the turnbuckles and climbs to the second rope. Price leaps into the air and hits a crisp legdrop on Williams. Price hooks the leg as he covers Williams.

Stanley Moser: ONE...



Zach Davis: Williams kicks out again, but he's really starting to take some punishment here from Price.

Bobby Cairo: I thought it was important for Williams to get off to a strong start in this match from a psychological standpoint, Zach. The fact is that Williams was the underdog coming into this match. Almost everyone picked Price to win and I'm sure that even Williams had some doubt creeping into his mind about whether he deserved to be wrestling Price for a World Title shot. As Price continues to dictate this match that doubt is going to wear on Williams mentally, in addition to the physical toll that his body is paying.

Price drills Williams with a snap suplex, holds onto it, stands up with Williams in his clutches and hits another snap suplex. Price then gets to his feet, eschewing the cover. Price taunts Williams, paintbrushing him with slaps and telling him "I told you, Williams! I told you you don't belong in here with me, you jobber! I'm the future of this company, not you!" Price punctuates his comments with a brutal stomp to Williams' head. The crowd boos Price's arrogant display and Amy screams at him from ringside. Price dismisses his critics with a pair of middle fingers and the boos grow louder.

Zach Davis: Price is really playing up the asshole role tonight.

Bobby Cairo: That's his prerogative but he better not get overconfident. Williams is a dangerous opponent even when he's down.

Price paws at Williams with his foot, almost playfully like a big dog bullying a smaller dog. Williams gets to his knees and flurries with a rapid-fire succession of punches to Price's midsection, drawing a cheer from the crowd, but Price shrugs him off and ends his flurry with a rake of the eyes. Moser warns Price. Price shows Moser his middle finger. Price shoots off the ropes and hits a running dropkick to Williams' face.

Zach Davis: Oh my! The impact of that dropkick was sick!

Bobby Cairo: That was stiff, Zach. Williams might be out cold right now.

Price sneers as he makes the cover.

Stanley Moser: ONE...



Williams gets his shoulder up before the three and Price is livid. He immediately begins barking at the ref.

Zach Davis: Williams is still alive in this match! We thought he might be out but Williams had just enough left to get his shoulder up!

Bobby Cairo: Price is screaming at Stanley Moser but he has nobody to blame but himself for that arrogant pin attempt. He didn't even bother to hook Williams' leg!

While Price screams at Moser, Williams uses the time to recover. Williams sneaks up behind Price and rolls him up in a pin attempt. Moser is all too eager to make the count.

Stanley Moser: ONE...



Price looks like he's seen a ghost as he frantically kicks out and scrambles to his feet. Williams however has come to life and he lights Price up with stiff, lighting-fast kicks, punctuated by a roundhouse to the face that drops Price to the mat. The crowd and Amy roar their approval.

Zach Davis: It's game on for Jay Williams as he's suddenly gained his second wind and he's giving Price all that he can handle!

Bobby Cairo: This is why you don't fuck around when you have a man down and almost out. Goddamn it, why don't these kids learn the fundamentals of the sport?!

Price gets back to this feet and tries to shake Williams off but Williams will have none of it. Williams spins Price around and plants him with a German suplex. Williams doesn't let go of it, he lifts Price up and hits another German to make up for the two snap suplexes that Price gave him minutes ago, then bridges into a pin.

Stanley Moser: ONE...

Zach Davis: RollingGermansbyWilliamscanhegetthepin?!?!

Stanley Moser: TWO...


Zach Davis: Price kicks out and Williams really has him on the defensive now, Bobby!

Bobby Cairo: Well this is now officially a wrestling match. It was a one-sided beatdown for awhile but Williams is proving that he belongs in there with Price.

Price gets to his feet only to get drilled by a rolling clothesline from Williams.

Zach Davis: Price damn near got decapitated by that one and Williams makes the cover!

Stanley Moser: ONE...



Price kicks out and stumbles to his feet. Williams spins Price around and drills him with an inverted DDT. Williams bounds onto the ropes, waits for Price to get up then hits Price with a beautiful Cannonball dropkick that makes the crowd OOH and AHH in delight.

Zach Davis: What a move by Williams! The kid can fly!

Williams makes the cover on Price, cradling his head and legs in order to gain greater leverage on the pin attempt.

Stanley Moser: ONE...



Zach Davis: Price escapes from the jaws of defeat once again, but that was close!

Bobby Cairo: Williams is going up top, Zachy. He's pulling out all the stops tonight! He wants the win so bad he can taste it!

Williams perches himself on the top rope but as he does Price leaps to his feet with a sudden burst of energy and charges into the ropes, causing Williams to lose his balance and become crotched on the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Ooh! That had to hurt!

Bobby Cairo: Ugh... that's something that even I wouldn't pay to have done to me!

The men in the audience shift uncomfortably in their seats while the women gasp for their beloved Jay Williams, especially Williams' wife Amy. Price manages a sadistic smile even in his semi-lucid state as he takes a moment to recover.

Bobby Cairo: Price is someone who can never be counted out, Zach. He's almost always one step ahead of the game. His only weakness is that he gets a little cocky at times, but it's hard not to when you're a Big Dick Superstar. Get it? Cocky? Big dick? Hahahaha!

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentleman, I am rolling my eyes at the sage words of Mr. Bobby Cairo.

Price shifts into gear and climbs the ropes, meeting Williams at the top. They exchange a wild series of punches which draws a raucous cheer from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Williams and Price are going at it like a pair of barroom brawlers while perched on the top rope! This is awesome!

A "Dub See Eff!" chant breaks out while Williams and Price continue to exchange fists in an epic battle for control. Finally Price begins to overwhelm Williams, his experience in bare-knuckle Philadelphia street fights no doubt making the difference.

Zach Davis: Price has control now and it looks like he's... Oh Noes! He's going for a superplex!

Bobby Cairo: It's a dangerous move, Zach, because it puts both men at risk but Price is just saying "Fuck it!" and throwing caution to the wind at this point! I love it!

Price hoists Williams up for a vertical suplex while standing on the top turnbuckle, their two bodies destined to crash upon the canvas far below them. Price lets the blood rush to Williams' head for a few moments, then with a grimace and a grunt Price leaps into the air as high as he can while retaining control of Williams' body. Flashbulbs go off across Cowboys Stadium, creating the illusion of lightning as Price and Williams hang in the air for what feels like an eternity (though it's really just seconds) then crash onto the mat with all of the impact of a head-on automobile collision. The "Dub See Eff!" chant is replaced by a chant of "Holy shit!" from nearly every spectator in attendance, as the mangled bodies of Price and Williams lie motionless in the ring.

Zach Davis: Holy shit indeed! You can add that one to the highlight reel!

Bobby Cairo: It was amazing to watch, Zach, but both men have paid a heavy price, no pun intended. They're not even moving right now. Judging by the aftermath I think it took as much out of Price as it did Williams!

Moser looks down at both of the lifeless competitors and then sighs. He has no choice but to begin his count.

Stanley Moser: ONE...


Zach Davis: Oh no!

Stanley Moser: THREE...

Zach Davis: Moser is counting!

Stanley Moser: FOUR...

Zach Davis: Sweet Jesus, don't let it end--

Stanley Moser: FIVE...

Zach Davis: Like this!

Stanley Moser: SIX...

Bobby Cairo: We saw a double countout--

Stanley Moser: SEVEN...

Bobby Cairo: In Slickie/Evans. Sometimes it--

Stanley Moser: EIGHT...

Bobby Cairo: Just works out that way!

Stanley Moser: NINE...

Price begins stirring, prompting Moser to cease his count.

Zach Davis: Price is up and this match continues!

Price crawls over to Williams and drapes an arm across his chest. The crowd holds its collective breath.

Stanley Moser: ONE...

Zach Davis: Can Williams kick out?!

Stanley Moser: TWO...


Zach Davis: Shoulder up! Shoulder up! For the love of Xbox, Jay Williams got his shoulder up!

The crowd erupts for Williams. Amy is beyond excited at ringside. Price is too fatigued to even protest. Price pulls himself up to a kneeling position on the mat and looks at Williams. Price has a look of disdain on his face; he shakes his head as he stares down at that stubborn man.

Bobby Cairo: Price can't quite believe it, Zach. He can't believe that Williams is still with him, albeit in a compromised position, but nonetheless Williams is still not giving up!

The look of disdain on Price's face suddenly gives way to his trademark grin.

Zach Davis: Uh-oh. Price looks like he's got something on his mind and I'm guessing that it's not good for Williams' health.

Bobby Cairo: Price is looking toward the corner, Zach. You don't suppose that he's planning on going high-risk again, do you?

Zach Davis: Well the Suplex From Hell is one of his signature moves but after what just happened--

Bobby Cairo: Price just pulled Williams to his feet and now he's carrying him to the corner! Price is going for it, Zach! He's going for the Suplex From Hell! He wants to end this match and Jay Williams' career in the process!

Price carries Williams' lifeless body to the top rope. The fans boo as they sense that their favored grappler is about to meet his end. Amy grits her teeth as she looks on helplessly. Once Price and Williams are on the top turnbuckle, Price wraps up Williams as if going for a belly-to-belly suplex. Williams suddenly comes to life, nailing Price with a pair of headbutts and shoving him to the mat below. The crowd explodes.

Zach Davis: Jay Williams is alive! Jay William is alive! I don't believe it!

Bobby Cairo: Calm yourself, Zach! You're frothing at the mouth!

Zach Davis: I don't give a damn! Jay Williams, baby!

Williams leaps into the air as a plethora of flashbulbs go off and lands with a double foot stomp on Jay Price's chest cavity.

Zach Davis: Goomba Stomp! Williams hit it! He makes the cover!

Stanley Moser: ONE...



Zach Davis: Price kicked out! I don't know how the hell he did it, but Price kicked out!

Williams looks as shocked as everyone else in Cowboys Stadium, but he doesn't lose his composure. Williams pulls Price to his feet and sets up for the Williams Driver Classic as a cheer goes up.

Zach Davis: Williams Driver! Jay is going for it!

Price blocks the Williams Driver and then counters with a back body drop that sends Williams over the ropes to the floor outside the ring. The audience collectively gasps. Amy looks horrified.

Zach Davis: What a counter by Price! Williams is hurt outside the ring!

Bobby Cairo: He hit his head on the floor, Zach! He could have a concussion!

Price shakes off the cobwebs as he rises to his feet. At first he's confused when he doesn't see Williams in the ring, but then Price looks outside the ring and sees Williams grasping his head in pain on the floor. Price snickers and the fans voice their displeasure toward him.

Zach Davis: Jay Price is a sick, sick man! It's one thing to try to beat your opponent, but Price honestly takes pleasure in hurting people!

Bobby Cairo: When you hang out with Torture it rubs off on you, Zach.

Price looks at the far ropes of the ring and then at Williams. An idea clicks in his head.

Zach Davis: What's Price thinking? What does he have up his sleeve now?

Bobby Cairo: Oh, I think I know, Zach. Get your flashbulbs ready for this!

Price charges toward the far ropes, shoots off of them, builds up a head of steam and flies over the top rope with a suicide dive. Williams moves out of the way at the last second and Price hits the floor... HARD.

Zach Davis: Price missed! He went for a suicide dive but he missed!

Bobby Cairo: Turnabout is fairplay, Zach. First Williams took a spill on the floor and then Price did. Now they're even!

Williams and Price are both hurting outside the ring and Moser begins counting them out.

Stanley Moser: ONE...



Williams alertly rolls Price into the ring and quickly follows.

Zach Davis: Williams makes the cover on Price!

Stanley Moser: ONE...

Zach Davis: Will it be enough?!

Stanley Moser: TWO...

The fans are on the edge of their seats.

Stanley Moser: THREE


Zach Davis: No! Price got his foot on the rope!

The crowd lets out a collective groan.

Bobby Cairo: Goddamn that was close! Jay Price, even with a rattled noggin, had the awareness to get his foot on the rope in the nick of time!

Zach Davis: Barely! Barely!

Bobby Cairo: But he did it, Zach! Give the man credit!

Williams takes a deep breath and looks out to the crowd. They respond with a loud cheer. Williams nods at them. He knows that it's time to end this match. Williams sets Price up for the Williams Driver II.

Zach Davis: He's going for WDII!

Price blocks it, spins Williams around and goes for The Downfall. Williams slips out of it, kicks Price in the midsection and sets up for the Williams Driver Classic.

Zach Davis: Williams is going classic!

Williams lifts Price up and hits an especially stiff Williams Driver to the delight of the capacity crowd.

Zach Davis: Williams hit it! Here's the cover!

Stanley Moser: ONE...




Zach Davis: It's over! Williams defeats Price!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner and number one contender for the WCF World Championship... "THE GAMER" JAAAAAAY WIILLLLIIIAAAAAMMSSS!!!!!!!!!

The Duke Nukem 3D theme hits the PA and Williams bounces to his feet. He's a bit groggy but he quickly gathers himself. Moser raises Williams' hand and the Arlington crowd showers Williams with cheers. Williams smiles at them and then embraces his loving wife Amy.

Zach Davis: Sometimes good guys CAN finish first! Jay Williams has earned himself a shot at the WCF World Championship by defeating one of the best that this sport has to offer!

Bobby Cairo: I'm not going to lie, Zach, I'm surprised. I thought Price would win but anything can happen in this sport and Jay Williams has launched a comeback for the ages!

Williams walks over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles. He raises both hands into the air and salutes his adoring fans, drawing a near-deafening cheer. Meanwhile, Price is coming to on the mat. He sees Williams celebrating and lets out a defeated sigh. Jay Price stares at the ring mat in disbelief. Just sitting and staring. Jay Williams goes to the back and Jay Price just rolls out of the ring slowly. He walks to the back with his head lowered in utter.. utter disbelief.

Zach Davis: Hate to see a man broken.. but its Jay Price so he can screw off.

Bobby Cairo: I'll say this.. Price is a dangerous man now.. if we even thought for one second that he was vicious, violent and dangerous before.. I don't want to be in his way in Houston, Texas next week on Slam.

Zach Davis: You got that right. Speaking of Slam, let's show you an advertisement for next weeks' Slam taking place in Houston Texas! It's WCF Classic time!

Mark Markman Adresses the WCF Roster and Fans!

The advertisement is finished and then...


The crowd goes apeshit crazy. Mark Markman shows up on the huge jumbotron on the ramp, every TV screen in the arena, AND the HUGE HD screen hanging above the stadium. Markman smiles and fixes his clip on tie that accidentally falls off into his hands, and then puts it back on. His hair combed back but still hasn't shaved the patches of hair that hangs off his chubby face.


Crowd pops big time!

Mark Markman: I'm doing great as well... I'm glad you guys are enjoying the show and since I have a few minutes I wanted to address some things we're doing different in 2011! First off congradulations to Buzzsaw Bundy for our official kick off to the Wrestling Championship Federation Classic 2011 Tournament!

Crowd pops.

Mark Markman: Next week on Monday Night Slam will have the rest of the first round of the matches and we'll continue with the WCF Classic Tournament and the winner will recieve an Instant World Title Shot that he or she can cash in at ANY point on Slams or on Pay Per Views!

Crowd cheers.

Mark Markman: Now to tweak the rules a bit, and to help evolve the WCF I'm making it official right now that the first two rounds will have any Champion defend their respective Championships against their opponents! Television Championship, Hardcore Championship or United States Championships will be defended within the first two rounds!

Crowd cheers.

Mark Markman: I'm also here to officially announce that I will be making my first live appearance inside the ring next week on Monday Night Slam from Houston, Texas!

Crowd cheers.

Mark Markman: I also want to officially announce that right now we have exactly sixty five thousand four hundred and thirteen WCF screaming fans inside this stadium, which breaks the Dallas Cowboys stadium record and the WCF record for the most fans ever at a Live event!

Crowd pops BIG time.

Mark Markman: Alright fans, enjoy the rest of the show!

Markman disappears off the trons and video screens and the crowd claps then turns to boos when..

United States Championship
Doc Henry vs Ana Valentine (c)

Zach Davis: What an announcement from Mark Markman!

As the drums hit the house lights fade, and red and blue lights strobe.

Zach Davis: Ohp! Here comes Doc Henry and his manager Mary!

At "Please allow me to introduce myself", Doc and Mary walk out onto the stage, and look back and forth over the audience. As the crowd boos, the make their way to the ring, where Doc rolls in. Standing, he grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more boos. Mocking them, he sits on the turnbuckle and awaits his opponent.

Bobby Cairo: He's ready to take back his Championship.. and speaking of that Championship, what implications will the WCF Classic Tournament have next week on Slam when these two are competing for the yearly tournament!

Zach Davis: Your right, Bobby. Doc and Ana will be competing in the tournament, and whoever wins tonight will be defending that Championship next week on Slam! Now stating that, Valentine isn't going to just hand it over, this is going to be a great ending to a brilliant rivalry!

"Don't Cha" thumps through the arena's speakers as the fans get to their feet to see their favorite WCF Female. Ana Valentine comes out from the back wearing the United States Title around her waist. Ana walks down the ramp to pink pyro’s shooting off behind her. She pauses at the steps to the ring to blow kisses to the crowd. Removing the belt, she steps into the ring bending low to slip between the middle and bottom rope. She quickly raises the belt and lifts it towards Doc as they exchange a few words. She hands the belt to the referee as he steps into the center of the ring and holds it up for all sections of the arena to view.

Bobby Cairo: Don't be naive, Zachariah, I doubt this is the ending.. these two just have way too much going on..

The sound of the bell activates both Doc and Ana. The referee hands the belt to the time keeper outside the ring as Doc and Ana lock up. Doc tries to over power her but she ducks behind him and slaps on a Sleeper Hold. Doc grabs at the back of her head and drops down, stunning Ana Valentine for her troubles. They both get to their feet with no problems, Ana grabbing her chin with one hand but not fatigued. She ducks a clothesline and they both spin around. Ana Valentine catches Doc Henry with a stiff jab and another and another. Ana switches it up and does a quick spin and flies at Doc, dropping him with an elbow. Doc bounces back up and ducks a wide right hook from Ana, he wraps his arms around her waist and puts his head under her left arm. Doc Henry lifts her up and falls back, dropping her on her shoulders and neck area.

Zach Davis: Nice back body drop by the Challenger!

Bobby Cairo: It's going to take more than that to win back the United States Championship...

Zach Davis: Just giving credit where it's due.

Doc gets to his feet as Ana rolls onto his stomach, grabbing the back of her head. Doc puts his foot on the back of her neck, holding her down. Doc stomps down on her a few times in the neck area. Doc gets on her back and applies a Camel Clutch, he pulls back on her neck with maximum force, trying to fold her back as much as possible. He releases her and she flops face first into the mat. Doc slams down a fist into her neck and her head bounces off the mat. Doc locks up the Camel Clutch again and Ana reaches out trying to grab the ropes. Her face is full of pain as her neck is being bent in a matter not natural to human beings. Her fingers touch the ropes but only her tips, she can feel the leather wrap of the ropes and tries to grab it. Doc releases the hold again and lets her fall face down one more time. Ana takes this chance and reaches the ropes and the referee steps in to get Doc off Ana's back. Doc does get up as the Referee checks on Ana. Doc doesn't waste anytime though and moves the referee, grabs Ana's hair and pulls her up to her feet. She is bent over and Doc lifts a hard knee into her face, sending her rocketing backwards and landing in the turnbuckled corner.

Doc leans forward and lifts Ana up and sits her up on the top turnbuckle. Doc begins to climb the turnbuckle infront of her but Ana shoves the palm of her hand into Doc's nose. She quickly grabs his head and leaps forward, pushing him off the turnbuckle as well. She slams his face down into the mat in a Facebuster fashion. The crowd goes wild with her sudden spark and Ana gets to her feet almost as surprised as the fans were excited. She pulls Doc Henry and lays him into the bottom turnbuckle. His neck laying against the turnbuckle padding and Ana steps towards the opposite corner of the ring. She taunts and rushes towards Doc Henry as quickly as she can run. She jumps and straddles Doc's face with a Bronco Buster. She bounces up and down and at first Doc seems to be struggling but then his struggles stop. He almost goes limp. Ana Valentine gets off his face and looks down at her Challenger to see that Doc Henry has a huge smile on his face. He's almost in a high like he had taken drugs. Ana answers his smile with a sudden big boot to the chin and Doc's smile disappears and he slumps down and falls off the bottom turnbuckle.

Bobby Cairo: What a way to go!!

Zach Davis: I guess I would have a smile on my face too...Who wouldn't?

Bobby Cairo: I'll let her kick my ass if she hit me with that move!! I beat she smells nice!

Ana pulls Doc up to his feet and slaps him so loud it was heard throughout the arena like a firework going off during someone's entrance. Doc's cheek goes red and his eyes widen and the anger in his eyes give him an energy that Ana had yet to see before. Doc rushes back to Ana and connects with a beautiful combo of shots to the body, face, and then ending the combo with a Titty punch. Ana grabs her breast and the whole arena begins chanting "SHOW YOUR BOOBS!!" repeatedly. Doc kicks her to the gut and drops her with a nicely planted DDT, once again attacking her neck area. Doc gets up to his feet and lays an elbow into the side of her back. He connects the elbow with an crossface submission and Ana screams out in pain as her neck is being tested again. She struggles but there are no ropes close enough to even consider. Ana then tries to roll Doc out of the submission and is able to pull him over and she escapes from the grip and rolls out of the ring to save herself from another quick attack. Doc smiles again but now it looks more sadistic like he's beginning to enjoy hurting his opponent of many matches. They have grown to know eachother the last month or two and both stay locked at the eyes as Ana stands outside the ring and Doc lays on his stomach inside the ring. The referee begins the 10 count on Ana.

Doc crawls towards the ropes starts to slides out of the ring, Ana doesn't wait and begins her attack, she pulls Doc's head off the edge of the ring apron and looks around as the fans realize she is about to drop him in a DDT off the ring apron and onto the ringside floor. Ana drops and Doc's body pulls out of the ring, he head crushing into the small matted floor at ringside. He doesn't bounce, he just crumbles upside down and his body flops over and he lays on his back. Ana gets up and walks away towards the steel steps. She kicks the top section of the stairs off and then goes back to Doc. She looks at the referee to see the count and it's at 7 so she rolls in and rolls out quickly to get the count restarted. Ana goes to pick Doc up and she tries whipping him towards the steel steps but he reverses the whip and whips her instead. She trips over the bottom half of the steel steps and face plants on the unforgiving steel steps. Doc watches as Ana aches in pain from meeting the steel. Doc steps over and stands on the upper section of the steel steps. He looks over at Ana and decides he is gonna jump from his position and land on Ana's neck as her heads hangs off the steps. Doc starts to jump but stops and looks behind him at the guard railing. His smile returns as he begins to climb up on the guard rail. He gets his balance and is now looking down at Ana who is still on her chest with her head hanging over the side of the steel steps.

Bobby Cairo: This will end the match if he connects!

Zach Davis: It might end her career, this could get nasty...

Bobby Cairo: Nasty but Awesome!! Hit it, JUMP!!

Security in the crowd move the people at the front row in the case that Doc slips and/or falls. Doc with his arms out by his sides prepares himself and leaps from the guard railing trying to hit a frog splash. As he comes down Ana rolls off the steel steps. Doc comes down hard onto the bottom half of the steel steps. His stomach slaps across the steel and Doc screams out in pain. The referee stops his 10 count as Doc lands, the count is at 6 as Ana grabs the side of the ring apron and pulls herself up. Her feet planted under her, she rolls slowly into the ring under the bottom rope. Ana has a few minutes to take a good long breather as Doc Henry is still hurting from that landing. The referee gets to 8 and Doc is up using the ring apron and barely gets in the ring as the referee was at 9 going to 10. The fans seem relieved that he made it, a count out sucks to see after the time already put in.

Doc leans up in the corner and grabs both sides of the ropes and pulls himself up ala Raven. Ana Valentine is up as well now and she is standing towards Doc. Doc rushes Ana and she lifts him up, hand on his chest in a Spinebuster formation. She calls "Cupids Bow" but Doc Henry calls it close as he slides to the side of her and connects with a countered neckbreaker from behind. Doc twists at the shoulders and throws an arm over Ana as the referee drops to the mat and starts the pin attempt.




Doc looks up at the referee and slaps the mat as he pushes himself slowly up onto his feet. He grabs a handful of Ana's hair and steps down on it. He reaches down and grabs her arms and while standing on her hair, he pulls her arms up, lifting her body off the ground. Doc lets go as the referee begins to count to 5, not allowing Doc to use the hair pulling as a legal action. Doc approaches the referee and they trade a few words to eachother. Doc turns around and Ana mule kicks him from the ground, her foot connecting directly in Doc's nuts. Doc stuns and drops to his knees, his eye both crooked looking at his nose. Ana hurries to her feet as Doc remains on his knees. Ana swift kicks him in the chest. She lets out a war cry like scream and kicks him repeatedly in the chest with hard swift kicks that slap against his chest. Doc grabs his chest and is tilting, almost to the point of falling over but Ana lets out another scream and then one more swift kick is heard as she swings it up and cracks him right on the side of his face. A kick heard throughout the arena and Doc goes out and tips over to his side and seems to be completely out of it.


Zach Davis: He might have a concussion....Doc might be hurt people...

Bobby Cairo: Can Ana gain the victory here? Can she retain her Championship?

Zach Davis: I'm not even sure who to cheer on right now! This is exciting!!

Ana takes a few steps and drops to a knee, she is clearly tired and ready for this match to be over. She gets off her knee and pulls Doc's limp body and rolls it onto his back. She drops down and doesn't bother hooking the leg. The referee quickly is down and slaps the mat to begin the count.




Ana gets up and leans back against the ropes. She looks down at Doc Henry wondering to herself how she can finish him off. She ducks into the ropes and steps onto the ringside apron. She's holding the ropes looking into the ring. Doc Henry gets up slowly and he sees Ana standing on the apron. He knows she wants to end the match as does he. Doc leaps from one knee towards Ana and catches her, hitting her in the gut with a fist. She still has hold of the ropes but is leaning over the ropes on her neck. Doc takes a few steps back away from Ana and rushes towards her. He leaps up, diving over her to the outside, flipping over and grabbing her at the waist while he's upside down. His feet touch the outside floor and he pulls her in what seems like an instant, slamming her down hard on the ringside floor with a sunset powerbomb.

Zach Davis: HOLY HELL!!

Bobby Cairo: Psh and you thought Doc was finished....Shows what you know!!

Zach Davis: Have I ever mentioned how much I miss Shannan Lerch?

Bobby Cairo: Well I guess you could always join her on the unemployment line?

Zach Davis: Whatever, watch the match...

The referee gives a few extra seconds before he actually begins the 10 count. He gets to about 7 before either of them begin to move. Doc moves first but Ana follows almost right after. Doc gets to his feet after a brief groan of pains. He rolls into the ring as Ana gets to her feet. The referee gets to 9 going on 10 as Ana gets half way into the ring. Doc drops down with a legdrop onto the back of her head as she gets in. Quickly Doc flips her over and hooks the leg. As the referee drops to the mat, Doc picks Ana's head up with a handful of her hair. He wants to make sure she is finished before going for a pin attempt. He gets to his feet, pulling her up with him. Doc leaves her standing and runs past her trying to bounce off the ropes but Ana grabs him around the waist as he passes her. She lifts and goes for her trademark German Suplex she calls "Cupid's Arrow". She tosses him up and over but Doc lands on his feet, almost falling over, almost twisting his ankle but keeping his balance. Ana turns around and Doc strikes with a split second Spear out of nowhere.

Zach Davis: SPEAR!! SPEAR!!!

Bobby Cairo: QUEE...Ahem.

Both Ana and Doc are laid out in the center of the ring. The fans are on their feet wanting to see who will come out on top of this match. To see if either will make the 10 count before being both called for a TKO. Rarely is one of these called but it usually is better seen in Last Man Standing Matches. Same difference. Doc shrugs his shoulder, it bounces off the canvas. Again it bounces and he pushes to throw himself over to his stomach. Ana moves but only to grab her stomach in a pain that she never seen coming. Doc gets up but falls back and lands into the corner turnbuckles. He grabs on to the ropes at both sides of him to keep his feet below him. He stands up and gets vicious. He demands Ana to get to her feet. Doc is now yelling vulgarities and demands Ana to get to her feet! Finally she gets up and Doc runs at her and she hits Cupids Bow! Ana and Doc are down! Ana crawls over and makes the pin.




Doc Henry kicks up! Ana flies off from the kick up and they're both down again. Doc and Ana get up slowly and their back to vertical bases and Doc runs but Ana ducks and Doc rebounds off the ropes and Ana hits another stiff Cupids Bow!

The ref pins as Ana hooks the legs with all she has to offer!




Zach Davis: Ana did it! Valentine just beat Doc Henry!

Bobby Cairo: Doc Henry had to go down to TWO finishers! My god what fight did he have!

Zach Davis: Ana knows that first hand.. she didn't have much to offer!

Bobby Cairo: Ana Valentine is keeping that United States Championship around the beautiful waist of hers.. who the hell is that?

A man stands on top of the stage and claps his hands. No one knows who he is. Ana looks at him and seems surprised to see him. He smiles and continues clapping.
Ana gets up and walks to the back in pain but has enough energy to raise the United States Title in the air. Doc Henry is still out in the middle of the ring as refs check on him. Mary slides in and tries to wake him up. Ana celebrates one more time to the crowds approval. Doc wakes up and is still out of it. We cut to a WCF advertisment for WCF Mexico Tour 2011!

World Heavyweight Championship
Oblivion vs Johnny Reb (c)

The lights go out. In the name of God by Slayer begins to play, as the thunderous combination of the guitars, bass, and drums explode through the arena's speakers.

I want to Invite you Welcome you
To my hate To my scorn To myself
Saturate you Infest you Betray you
Stimulate you So eager for my lies
For my lies... Lies
Lies in the name of God

There are a mixture of cheers and boos, more cheers than boos. The crowd stands onto their feet and rush towards the security railings. Oblivion slowly slinks out to the entrance stage, low to the ground. The West Virginia University Coliseum explodes with cheers and some boos. Oblivion has it's arms extended outward, with it's index fingers pointing out. The Vixen are nearly undressed, as they come slithering out and walks next to Oblivion. The Vixen are dressed with bra-like bikini tops, with very short skirts. They have glitter plastered everywhere. Their makeup is smeared, but maintained to be very attractive. The guitar solo begins, lazers flash throughout the arena. Thunder-like sounds rattle the arena, as lighting strike-like sounds shake the foundation of the West Virginia University Coliseum. The music continues to thrash as The Vixen are divided in two groups. As, one group are twirling around with the insanity of the music, while the other group, of The Vixen are thrashing with the music. Their energy has the Coliseum going completely crazy! Oblivion slowly stands up, with it's arms extended outward, spins around. Oblivion, The Vixen, and The Gathering get to ringside. As IT pops IT's neck, Oblivion holds IT's arms outward. The Vixen rub their hands all over Oblivion's well sculpted abdominal muscles. A couple of girls begin to french kiss. The Gathering continues to slink around, tormenting the crowd, nearby. Oblivion proceeds to slide under the ring ropes and is walking over to a corner. The half naked women slide into the ring, in various sexual manners. Oblivion climbs up to the second turnbuckle and is raising IT's arms to an mostly cheering crowd. Oblivion jumps down and walks over to the center of the ring. The Gathering slithers away under the ring, with blood on their hands. Several thousand cameras flash throughout the arena, as Oblivion strikes a muscular pose, with The Vixen rubbing all over Oblivion. All of the women, of The Vixen, begin to kiss. The Gathering peak, from under the ring, as they begin to snarl and bark, while white foam drips out of their mouths.

Everyone around the ring seems to disappear and leave to the back as the crowd goes silent and get ready for the Champion.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is in the ring as your number one contender and he is ready.

Bobby Cairo: We heard him telling Johnny Reb earlier that the timebomb was ticking..

Zach Davis: Yes it is, but as we noticed on tonights stat of the night.. the title has only changed hands twice at this event.. out of five matches!

Bobby Cairo: Challengers are two and three at Timebomb.. not good odds for Oblivion, but we'll see whats in store!

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain, Don Jesus Luis de Guadalupe at his side. A cheer goes up from the audience at their appearance. As the two men walk down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, perching there with his arms raised high overhead.

Zach Davis: There he is, fans! The World Heavyweight Champion!

Bobby Cairo: Oh look out!

Oblivion hits a few attacks from behind. Reb drops the title and the ref rings the bell. Oblivion wasting no time and he throws Reb to the ropes and hits a huge back body drop! Oblivion picks up Reb and throws him to the corner. Oblivion hits a giant clothesline/splash in the corner! Reb stays put and Oblivion climbs up to the middle rope and hits a punch! one! two! three! four! five! six! seven! eight punches before Oblivion backs down and lets Reb stumble out into another stiff right hand! Reb goes down and Oblivion taunts and picks Reb up hitting a powerbomb! Oblivion pins! One! Two! Kick out! The crowd boos as Oblivion picks up Johnny Reb and throws him to the outside! Reb goes to the outside and crashes against the gaurdrail! Oblivion steps through the ropes and picks up Reb and throws him into the railing once more! Oblivion picks up Johnny Reb and drops him chest first on the railing! The ref is counting hte ten count so Oblivion rolls in and rolls back out.

Zach Davis: Smart move by the challenger. Can't win the title by disqualifcation!

Bobby Cairo: But you can by beating the snot out of him!

Oblivion hits a back hand chop.. another one.. and a third one and Reb is leaning back against the railing so Oblivion hits a big boot that connects and sends Reb over the railing and into the crowd. Security clears room for just enough time for Reb to duck another boot from Oblivion who is now in the crowd! Reb hits the back of the knee of Oblivion causing him to go down.. Oblivion turns around and Reb grabs him and hits a suplex on Obli sending him back over the railing into the ring area! Reb climbs up on the railing and leaps off with a crossbody once Obli stands up. Reb catches a quick breather and picks Obli up but Obli connects with a few more back hand chops before slapping Reb down face first on the announcers table! Obli turns and throws reb in just before the ten count. Obli slides in and tells the ref to back up. Obli picks up Reb and throws him to the ropes hitting the The Black Hole! Oblivion pins Johnny Reb!

One! Two! Kick out!

Zach Davis: We almost had a new World Champion!

Bobby Cairo: Very close! Very close indeed!

Oblivion picks up Johnny Reb and signals for it to be over. Obli picks up Reb on his shoulders and hits Reb with the 5150! Reb is out! Oblivion turns Reb over and pins him!



Kick out!

Zach Davis: Almost over again!

Oblivion picks up Johnny Reb and throws him into the corner but Reb runs up the turnbuckles and moonsaults over Oblivion who goes underneath and runs chest first into the turnbuckles! Reb then schoolboy pins Oblivion! One! Two! kick out! Reb and Oblivion get to their feet and Oblivion misses with a wild punch and Reb hits a back suplex! Reb gets to his feet and springboards off the ropes hitting a moonsault on the downed Obliviion! Reb hooks the leg! It's only a two count however and Oblivion kicks up. Reb ducks another clothesline from Obli and he hits the ropes so Reb goes for a crossbody but Obli catches it and smiles. Obli then goes for a black hole slam but Reb floats over uses his legs and hits a swining leg take down from oblivions neck and Obli goes flying forward into the ropes! Reb runs and springboards off Oblis back whle he's sitting in the ropes (Like someone taking the 619) and Reb flies over the top rope and hits a leg drop on the back of Oblivions head! Reb holds his thigh in a bit of pain before sliding back into the ring and slapping on an ankle lock but Oblivion reaches the ropes and Reb is forced to break it.

Bobby Cairo: Reb is now back in control but we just may have a stalemate here!

Reb calls for Oblivion to get up but he won't so Reb walks over and Oblivion grabs the trunks of Reb and pulls him into the corner and Reb bounces off the turnbuckles and stumbles backwards long enough for Oblivion to grab Reb by the head and then hits the Soultaker!

Zach Davis: SOULTAKER!

Bobby Cairo: It's over! It has to be!

Oblivion rolls Reb over and the ref counts the pin!



The ref stops and notices Rebs boot is on the bottom rope. Oblivion is pissed off and he turns around and shoves the ref! The ref doesn't like that and Reb gets to his feet so Oblivion picks up Reb and hits a wild chokeslam! Johnny Reb is out so Oblivion pins..


Obli puts his feet on the ropes for leverage!


The ref stops and notices the feet on the ropes and stops the count and tells Oblivion a second warning! Oblivion shoves the ref again but this time the ref falls down and Oblivion laughs while the crowd boos. Oblivion picks up Reb but Reb floats over and lays out on his back trying to pin Oblivion but Obli is leaning forward holding onto the ropes so he doesn't fall back! The ref kicks Oblis hands off the ropes and Reb hooks his legs into Oblis arms and pins him! The ref counts faster!



Oblivion kicks up and kicks Reb in the face. Oblivion then turns his attention on the ref and walks him back into a corner. The crowd boos as Oblivion has had enough and the ref is like come on man focus on Reb. Oblivion turns around and Reb hits a sidekick! Johnny Reb then leaps into the air and hits a tornado DDT! Reb snaps back to his feet and then leaps to the top rope! The crowd going wild!

Zach Davis: He's on the top rope!

Reb leaps and connects with the Southern Discomfort! Johnny Reb hooks the leg!

One! Two! Three!

Bobby Cairo: Johnny Reb did it! He defeated Oblivion!

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb might have stole one in Dallas, Texas!

Bobby Cairo: You may think it's stealing but I think Oblivion lost focus!

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb is celebrating with the fans!

Reb runs into the first few rows and they lift Reb up with his Championship title over his head! Oblivion gets up and kicks the turnbuckle. Oblivion looks for the ref who is now walking his way back up the ramp with Reb and he lifts Rebs arm in the air. The ref makes a quick getaway to the back as Reb stands on top of the stage and fireworks go off. Oblivion is fucking pissed in the ring!

Zach Davis: This looks far from over!

Bobby Cairo: That it does!

Hell In A Cell
Donald "D-Day" Deruty vs Torture

Bobby Cairo: Tonight has been spectacular.. a quite fascinating night if I do say so myself. Ups and downs, winners and losers, new Champions, and old friends coming back.. What a night.

Dramatic music hits with an eerie heartbeat. The lights go dark and four huge spotlights flash onto the Hell in a Cell that is now slowly lowering around the ring. The crowd goes apeshit crazy.


"I'LL MAKE YA CRAAAWWWLLLL..." screams out over the speakers as Kings of Leon now blares through.. Torture's music has hit.


The theme song continues playing as Torture steps out from behind the curtain and stages on the stage... a big red T shows on the huge video screen behind him and FIRE blows upward from around him.. it dies down after ten seconds.. and then a HUGE firework goes off behind him and he lifts his head up and smirks at the crowd who is STILL booing him..

Bobby Cairo: That son of a bitch has been through it all..

Torture continues walking down the ramp and stops at the bottom. The crowd still booing as Torture looks the Hell in a Cell up and down and steps underneath the cage and rolls into the ring.

Zach Davis: Notice on this Hell in a Cell there is NO door.. because they don't want any chance of This is War getting into the cage and spoiling what could be the biggest night in D-Days career.

Bobby Cairo: Absolutely correct, Zach, in fact the only men in the Hell in a Cell will be Torture, Day, the referee and one camera man who is supplied by WCF! No hijinks here, this will be a straight up match!

Zach Davis: Torture in the ring.. and we know whose next..

Torture stands in the ring staring at the ramp. The music has been off for nearly twenty seconds.. as Torture just stands in the ring.. still standing.. the crowd becomes impatient.. now they begin to chant..


Torture looks to his left and just mean mugs the hell out of everyone chanting his name.. the WCF is just taking their time.. and the crowd finally dies down.. and it's just about quiet when..

Anthem of the Underdog by 12 Stones BLASTs over the speakers! It has played for a total of two seconds as nearly seventy thousand screaming fans go apeshit fucking crazy!


D-Day happily comes walking through the curtain and stands proudly on display at the top of the stage. Day does his signature taunt and fireworks explode behind him! A golden shower of sparks rain down on both his left and ride side and Day keeps posing as even more fireworks explode behind him. The BIGGEST display of fireworks for one wrestler, and it has now stopped.. Day takes two steps and then points at Torture in the ring and a loud BLAST of one firework explodes behind Day and fire now creeps up slowly down the side of the ramp. D-Day stops half way down the ramp and looks to his left. The crowd goes crazy. We're shown a fan whose trying to reach Day and she's crying because her favorite wrestler is nearly three feet from her. Day reaches his arm out and pats her on the head! Her parents go crazy and Day smiles and looks to his right. The crowd goes even crazier. Donald continues walking down the ramp and steps under the cage. He notices the cameraman inside and the ref then locks eyes with Torture as he steps into the ring. The hell in a cell lowers down and touches base with the ground. They're locked in.. this is now a one on one match.



The music stops and the crowd is still unbelievably loud as ever. Chants of "D-DAY" are back up again and Torture just stands in the corner quiet. D-Day rushes as the bell rings and spears Torture! The crowd goes wild! CHAOTIC WILD! Day is hitting right hand after right hand! Torture is trying to cover up but can't! He finally wiggles his way out of the hold and uses the ropes as leverage to get to his feet but Day just german suplexes him to the center of the ring! Day hits more right hands and more! Torture gets to his feet and Day slaps him down with the Justice Lock! His version of the crippler crossface!

Zach Davis: IT COULD BE OVER!!!



Torture worms his way out of it just before Day had it officially locked on and rolls under the ropes. The crowd now boos mercifully and Day doesn't even seemed phase by it. Torture is yelling shut up to some of the crowd in the first few rows but when he turns around, Donald D-Day Deruty is there with a suicide dive between the ropes causing both men to fall back and crash into the cage! Day continues with rights and lefts! The crowd goes wild. Day picks up Torture and irish whips him into the cage face first! Torture falls down and Day picks him up and whips him into the other part of the cage! Torture kneels up against it and Day picks him back up and throws him to the third part of the cage! They do it a fourth time and Day is now back where he started with the suicide dive! Day picks up Torture and rubs his face against the cage as the crowd cheers him on! Day holds his head and mouths some personal words to him and crashes him head first into the cage! Torture is rolled into the ring by D-Day and Day slides in after him. Torture tries to get up but Day hits a dropkick sending Torture back down! Day goes for a pin but it's only a two count and Torture was near the ropes to begin with. Day looks out at the crowd for more guidance and Day throws Torture into the corner. D-Day runs but Torture leans down and back body drops Day over the turnbuckles in the corner and flips him wildly to the outside! Days feet end up bouncing into the cage and Day falls hard on the back of his head! The crowd boos and gasps.


Bobby Cairo: Day is holding his head! Look at Torture! He notices it too! What a sadistic son of a bitch!

Torture slides out of the ring like a vicious maniac and picks up D-Day and throws him backwards headfirst into the cage! Torture then grabs the steel steps that are leaning up against the cage and sets them down. He stacks them and then suplexes D-Day right onto the steps! Head/neck first, and the crowd boos. Torture grips himself in a bit of pain but gets to his feet. He kicks Day in the head a few times before picking up his head and slamming it backwards into the cage. Torture bends down and gets right into the face of Day and pushes his forehead against his and grits his teeth. Torture gets up and sits Day up against the corner of the cage and takes a few steps back.. Torture has that look in his eye. An evil look. He runs and boots Day right across his face and the crowd gasps! Torture picks up Day and slams him back first into the cage and keeps him propped up. Torture gets vicious one more time and has him by the chin yelling vulgarities right in his face. Torture then rolls Day into the ring. Torture looks under the ring and finds a steel chair and slides it into the ring. The crowd boos and pops for the chair. Torture rolls in and notices Day on his feet. He goes for a clothesline but Torture ducks and catches Day and hits a sitdown neckbreaker! Day rivals in pain as Torture sits on his ass just smiling at the damage he's doing to his neck.

Bobby Cairo: One has to realize that Torture could have went for the Tortures Device right there!

Zach Davis: Speaking of that move, is this what Torture is doing? Working on the head and neck area? Prepping him for the Torture's Device!?

Bobby Cairo: I would assume so, Zach. He's found an opening and he's going for it!

Torture sits up and stomps on the head before dragging Day to the side of the ring and Torture slides out. He has it to where Days head is hanging off the ring and Torture hits an elbow or two before climbing up on the apron and leaping off hitting a knee to Days head! Torture punches the cage where the fans were trying to get close and they back away. Torture slides in as Day stays put and Torture grabs the steel chair. Torture steps over Days' body and bends through the ropes and puts the chair in Days throat. He pushes down choking the life out of him! The crowd is booing hard as the ref lets him go. Zach and Bobby can't believe it and Day might be counting his final seconds in the wrestling ring here.. then a fight out of nowhere.. Day lifts his right leg up swiftly kicking Torture square in the balls! Torture's face tells a milion stories as he looks out in pain.. Day pushes up on the chair hitting him in the throat causing him to let go and stumble backwards then he turns and hits his knees. Day gets up slowly and grabs the chair.. he swings it down on Torture's back! Torture gets up and leans against the ropes in pain. Day goes to swing the chair like a baseball bat and Torture ducks and hits the ropes, he now rebounds full speed and goes for a crossbody and Day just throws the chair at him! Torture is nailed by the thrown steel chair and falls to the mat then rolls out of the ring! Day falls down and catches his breath as the crowd cheers for the change in momentum!

Zach Davis: D-Day has to find the strength now!

Bobby Cairo: Torture is in tremendous pain! Might look like the chair got his hands or something!

D-Day rolls out of the ring and looks underneath for a weapon. He slides out a twenty foot ladder and the crowd goes crazy. Day smiles and leans it up against the cage for now. He looks back underneath but is pulled up by Torture and then thrown violently into the turnpost! Day crashes into the post then is rebounded into the cage! Torture wipes his brow and holds his ribcage from the chair/crossbody he just took. Torture picks up Day and hits another suplex on the outside mats! Torture sits up and notices the ladder and he walks over and grabs it. He slides it into the ring and then he slides in as well. Torture picks up the ladder and stands it up. It's about five feet from the top of the hell in a cell. It's a very fucking tall ladder. Torture sets it up right next to the corner turnbuckle. Torture notices Day on the outside still. Tort gets to the apron and then slowly climbs up the turnbuckle. He grabs onto the ladder as if he's going to climb it but the crowd goes crazy as Day is on the apron and high-kicks Torture in the face! Torture falls to a sitting position on the turnbuckle and Day shoves Torture off and Tort flies face first into the cage and falls on the mats! The crowd goes nuts as Day catches another breather. Torture gets to his feet and notices Day is standing on the turnbuckle so Torture throws the chair and takes a leg out on Day and he now goes to the sitting position on the corner. Torture rushes up there and grabs Day from behind and then swings him back and downard to where his head and neck bounce off the buckles and he hangs upside down for a split second before falling back into the mats violently! Torture stands on the apron and looks out at the crowd taking a deep breath.

Zach Davis: Torture is a sick son of a bitch!

Bobby Cairo: There are no rules in the confines of that steel cage. The hell in a cell is a structure like no other! Torture is certainly using it to his advantage!

Torture jumps off the apron and slaps the chest of Day before picking him up and hitting a suplex but not just any suplex, this time, Day is flipped into the cage wall and he lands hard on the back of his head and neck! Torture gets back up and finds the steel chair. He walks back around the corner and notices Day isn't laying there anymore.. He's vanished! The crowd pops as Torture looks around for him. Day can't be found. Torture hits his knees and lifts up the apron and looks underneath when a huge cloud of smoke comes from underneath! Torture gets to his feet screaming something about his eyes! Day rolls out with a small fire extinguisher! Day hits Torture across the back with it causing him to roll inside the ring. Day bends down and picks up what he had hidden under the ring..

Zach Davis: OH MY GAWD...


Day rolls into the ring and ducks Tortures clothesline. Day kicks Torture in the mid-section and then slams the Sledgehammer handle across Torture's back! Torture goes down and Day walks backwards to the corner. He takes a seat on the top rope and then stands on the top rope.. he lifts the sledgehammer high into the air.. Torture stumbles to his feet.. can't find D-Day.. he turns around.. and Day leaps off hitting the sledgehammer right across Torture's head! The crowd pops and Torture is flat out on his back in the middle of the ring! Day throws the hammer out of the ring and stands to his feet.. he notices Torture is out and the crowd chants for him to pin.. but Day turns slowly behind him.. the ladder is standing in the ring... Day smiles and everyone stands to their feet..

Zach Davis: DO IT D-DAY!

Donald climbs on the apron and then the ropes then stands on the top rope.. he then steps onto the ladder rung half way up.. He continues climbing to the very top. Torture still out. Day sits on the top of the ladder before standing completly up on it. Day now is holding onto the roof of the cage.. Day looks around at the crowd who is telling him to jump. Day leaps with a frog splash!




Day stumbles over and pins, he def hooks the leg!




Torture kicks out. Day sits up in shock.. the crowd was about to explode! Day looks down and notices blood slowly dripping from Torture's forehead. Day picks up Torture and throws him into the corner chest first and Torture just buckles back and falls down. Day grabs the ladder and folds it up and leans it in the corner. Day turns around and Torture is on his knees begging for mercy. Day is shocked and smiling. Torture is pleading please please. Day smiles and goes for a kick but Torture catches the boot and low-blows D-Day super hard with an uppercut! Day is bent forward and they both just stay in position for a few seconds before Torture stands up and grabs Day by his head and back of his tights and throws him head first into the ladder causing Day to smack the ladder then bounce through the ropes to the outside! Torture grabs the ladder and throws it on top of D-Day for good measure! Torture grabs the ref and wipes his face off on his shirt before hitting his own back on the mats and rolling out of the ring. Torture walks to the corner but stops and takes a breather.. obviously hurt from the hammer from the top rope. Torture walks over but Day returns with a clothesline and down goes Torture! Day leans against the apron and then scoots back against the cage catching another breath.

Zach Davis: This is a damn warzone! Ladders, chairs, hammers, and two men who just want to beat the holy hell out of each other.

Bobby Cairo: Day is picking Torture up here..

Day picks up Torture and rolls him into the ring. Torture tries to get to his feet and Day kicks him in the chest and Torture goes to one knee. Day kicks Torture in the back and he goes to a second knee. Day kicks Torture in the chest once more and the crowd starts to cheer. Day kicks Torture in the chest a third time! Day taunts for the final kick, this could be the D for Destruction! Day goes for a kick but Torture ducks and hits the ropes, Day turns and when Torture rebounds Day kicks a sidekick to the chin of Torture who gets sent back to the ropes and bounces back off.. Tort stumbles forward and falls to both knees just as Day taunts then runs and hits a flying stiff boot to the face of Torture!


Day hooks both legs!




Torture kicks out. The crowd lets out a HUGE gasp as they thought it was over.

Zach Davis: NO NO NO! COME ON DAY!

Day can't believe it and gets to his feet slowly as Torture crawls to the corner but Day grabs his legs and pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Torture gets up and Day picks him up on his shoulders and leaps back and hits his version of the samoan slam!


Day crawls over and hooks one leg!





The ref is holding up two fingers, then holds his index finger and thumb to show how close it was. The crowd dies down from excitement and htey notice the replay.. Torture kicked up. Day has a tear in his eye, knowing it was over but wondering how the fuck did Torture just kick up. Day sits there in confusion.. his mind going a billion times a second and Torture has now flipped over to his stomach. Day sits up and gets to his feet and picks up Torture slowly. Tort is on his knees and Day grabs him by the head and picks him up to his feet and picks him back up on his shoulders..

Zach Davis: Another Dead and Forgotten coming up!

Torture snaps off the shoulders to a standing position behind Day but in the midst he grabs the head of Day and locks him in, he flat spins and hits the spinning cutter.. THE TORTURES DEVICE!



Torture crawls over and puts an arm on Days chest. The ref slaps down to his knees for the official count!






Torture is laying on his back and can not believe it. Day is out. Torture sits up on his knees and covers his face with his hands thinking long and hard about whats going to happen.. that's when it does happen.. he snaps in his mind. A slow snap. Torture grabs the steel chair sitting in the corner and slams it down on the middle of the ring. Torture picks up Day and grabs him by the neck from behind.. he lifts him up slowly gritting his teeth and puts an arm over his neck. Torture yells out to the crowd as he takes his thumb and slides it across Days throat. Torture locks on the hold and flat spins, but when he spins, Day grabs him frmo behind and takes him down into the crippler crossface! THE CROWD GOES FUCKING WILD! TORTURE IS PANICKING TRYING TO REACH THE ROPES. THE CHAIR IS KICKED OUT OF THE RING IN A FLAILING MOTION TORTURE CANT REACH THE ROPES. THE CROWD IS SO LOUD YOU CANT HEAR ANYTHING.




The crowd is chanting DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY..


Torture is in the worst pain of his fucking life, Torture keeps reaching and he's slowly dragging himself to the ropes. Torture lifts up an arm and may begin to start tapping out but he's reaching the ropes.. the crowd is chanting and cheering and raving for Donald Deruty.. Torture scoots an inch closer and reaches... he opens his palm... his fingers touch the ropes... he scoots two more inches and grabs the bottom rope! The crowd dies down quickly and the ref breaks the hold.

Zach Davis: GOD... DAMN IT!

Bobby Cairo: Day was as close as he's ever been! Torture was seconds from tapping out, I know he was, Zach. Believe me.. Day has this done!

Day stands to his feet, his heart racing, palms sweaty.. Torture uses the ropes.. his face bleeding.. his arm damn near broken and he turns around and stumbles right into Day who just picked him up on his shoulders!

Zach Davis: HES GOT HIM UP!

Day lunges back connecting with another Dead and Forgotten!



Day turns around and grabs the leg of Torture!





The ref was pulled out of the ring just before the three. The ref hits hte ground and is shaken. It was the camera man. The crowd is now booing.


The cameraman drops his camera and jumps onto the apron wearing a hat and fake hair wig that is now noticeable. The man steps into the ring as the crowd is now booing as loud as anyone has ever booed. The cameraman lifts up and takes off his hat and fake wig and the crowd now boos because it's..


Bobby Cairo: WHAT THE HELL!?

Creeping Death grabs Day and hits a burning hammer! The crowd boos as Day is out cold and Torture is shocked.. blood running down his face.. Torture crawls over and pins Day. The ref crawls back in slowly.




Zach Davis: GOD DAMN IT!

King's of Leon's Crawl hits the speakers and the crowd has had e-fucking-nough. They let out a chorus of boos and displeasure. Torture uses the ropes to get to his feet as the Hell in a Cell raises.

Zach Davis: I... I'm speechless.. I don't believe what I have just seen..

Torture stands up and Creeping Death mouths the words "I don't owe you anymore.."... Torture smirks and walks over to Creeping Death for what looks like a hug but Creeping Death picks him up into a burning hammer! The crowd has mixed reactions to that!


Zach Davis: I don't understand what is going on anymore! Torture beat D-Day thanks to Creeping Death.. and now Creeps attacked Torture.. I don't get it.

Creeping Death stands in the middle of the ring as he fixes his hair back. Torture and Deruty are out dead center of the ring. The logo appears in the bottom right corner..

Zach Davis: What the hell happens next?!

Timebomb is off the air.