Timebomb Intro

We Are Young by fun. hits and Timebomb is on the air! The crowd roars like crazy, excited for this stacked card, before we go to Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

Zach Davis: Welcome to the show! I gotta say, fans, I'm excited. This is gonna be a good one.

Shannan Lerch: No doubt. We've got a match that has been talked about for months now, Jonny Fly versus Corey Black. And I'm happy because Black is finally going to lose that World Title.

Zach Davis: Maybe, maybe not, Shannan. Remember: Corey has defeated the undefeatable many times in the past, and just a few months ago he not only beat, but RETIRED, Odin Balfore. If there is one man in the history of this company that can rise to the occasion for a big match situation, it is Corey Black. And remember, Fly isn't undefeateable. He's lost some tag team contests recently.

Shannan Lerch: Tag team contests? So? Who cares? This is a one on one matchup. Jonny Flly will be our next World Champion.

Zach Davis: Moving on, we've got the culimination of literally months of feuding. Oblivion goes one on one with Gravedigger for the Hardcore Title.

Shannan Lerch: This is PERSONAL. First of all, Gravedigger attacked and stole Oblivion's Hardcore Title several months ago... Oblivion never REALLY lost the belt. And now Gravedigger is the majority shareholder in The Facility, and if Gravedigger can bring Oblivion back into The Facility, he'll get a huge return on his investment.

Zach Davis: It all comes down to money.

Shannan Lerch: And obviously, Oblivion doesn't want to go back there! So yeah, this is kinda a big deal.

Zach Davis: Tonight will also see the return of BRAD KANE!

The crowd pops, somehow knowing that Zach was talking about former Champ Brad Kane.

Zach Davis: Brad Kane teams with Mr. FPV to take on Night Rider and Jeff Purse. Night Rider and Purse are our first Tag Team Champs in a while and so far they've held those belts against all comers, but they've never faced anyone quite like Brad Kane. Nor FPV, who is on top of his game as of late.

Shannan Lerch: He took the US Title away from D-Day!, you really can't underestimate him.

Zach Davis: In a TLC match, Doc Henry will once again go one on one with Johnny Reb. This has been the longest, bloodiest feud in WCF history. Literally. One of the longest feuds in wrestling history, period. For months, Henry antagonized Reb by forcing Reb to team with him as the New Confederacy, but all hell broke loose and now they're basically trying to kill each other.

Shannan Lerch: There will be a briefcase above the ring, and no one knows what is in that briefcase. Well, except Seth, and he's not saying. Could it be a World Title shot?

Zach Davis: Speaking of Seth, we've got a People's Title match. Logan and Chris Avery take on Greenfever and Switches the Clown. Except, well, Logan IS Chris Avery, and Greenfever IS Switches the Clown, and god damn it I have no idea.

Shannan Lerch: It's simple, Zach. Dr. Heill implanted Switches' brain with the mind of Greenfever. And Seth has accused him of doing the same thing to Logan, with Chris Avery instead. Now Logan thinks he's black, but if he'd look at his dick he'd clearly see that-

Zach Davis: AHEM. Anyway, we'll have a match for the contendership for Mr. FPV's US Title. Roy Speede and D-Day are going to go at it one on one. Speede interfered in D-Day's match last week, attacking FPV, his former partner! You KNOW Speede wants a piece of FPV.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, but D-Day wants his rematch at the US Title, too. These are two VERY motivated men. This match could steal the show, in fact.

Zach Davis: Crazy ole Jay Price has scheduled a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match... oh, Raven, why did you invent this?

Shannan Lerch: Nathan von Liebert, with Vlad I'm sure.. Zombie McMorris.. Don DeBeers.. Joel Hall.. and Price himself. These are all crazy people!

Zach Davis: They should all be locked up, I agree.

Shannan Lerch: Last week we saw Tim Vegas align with Kendrik Masters... and they were quickly attacked by Amazing Alex. Now, Alex faces them in a handicapped match. Can Amazing Alex defeat them? This is gonna be a close one.

Zach Davis: We have an eight man, ten minute elimination match.. where anyone eliminated is FIRED! Seth is clearly trying to get rid of The Society.

Shannan Lerch: Tek, Nic Daniels, Eric Price and Steeltoe Joe face Gage Gannon, Alex Bankmanship, Jason Fear, and Buzzsaw Bundy. I'm sure at least one of these men is gonna get fired. I hate seeing people lose their job. But not really.

Zach Davis: And in our opener, we've got an exhibition match between newcomer Xavier Laroux and Kira Sakazaki. I wonder who the hell is stalking Kira?

Shannan Lerch: We've been talking long enough, let's start the show!

Xavier Laroux vs Kira Sakazaki

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, making his debut in WCF. . .

I'm a cash stealin'...
Drug dealin'...
Loser without any feeling!
Gettin' trailer trashed tonight!

The massive sea of people would perk up upon hearing that set of lyrics. Black velvet curtaisn swaying ever so slightly as Theory of a Deadman's Lowlife began to pulsate through the WCF Public Announce System. The aforementioned curtains thrown open would give way to the arrival of none other than Xavier Laroux!

'Cause I'm a low life and I'm lovin' it!
I've got the whole damn world in the palm of my hand!
I'm a low life, so fuckin' deal with it!
No you can't change somethin' that you don't understand!

Nodding his head to the music, Laroux would extend the both of his arms outwards, seemingly presenting himself to the rather negative reaction he was receiving on this night. That oh so cocky smirk growing upon the handsome features of young Laroux. He would shrug his shoulders as he began the long descent down the ramp.

Not particularly paying any mind to the reaction he was given, opting to use it as motivation for the task in front of him tonight. Finishing up the descent, Laroux would climb up onto the apron, ducking down between the upper and middle sets of ropes. Emerging into the ring, Laroux did a few turns, looking out at the massive sea of people.

Kyle Steel: From Belltown, Washington, he weighs in at 225 pounds. He is "The Lowlife" Xavier LAROUX!

Reaching down as he reached the middle of the ring, Laroux would grasp hold of that tank top, pulling it up and over his head before pitching it out to ringside. Backing up into the lower left corner, laroux clutched the top set of ropes before throwing his right knee forward, rapidly, stretching out the denim material of his jeans, readying himself.

Zack Davis: It seems that several people know about this man. They claim he's good. Are they right?

Chance! by UVERworld hits....

Kyle Steel: Introducing from Akihabara, Japan accompanied by Haruna Sakazaki, weighing in at 199 lbs. Kira SAKAZAKI!!

Kira comes to the arena and walking as usual. Haruna walk behind Kira while she playing with some bird feather. in the middle of ramp he do his signature greeting. Kira enter the ring while Haruna waits on the ringside. Kira climb 2nd TB and do the raise hand taunt.

Shannan Lerch: Two pretty-boys readyt to show us who is the better wrestler is.


Zach Davis: Both men size each other up. And Xavier starts off with a stiff punch to the face of Kira.

Shannan Lerch: He didn't like that. Kira attempts a hip toss but Xavier blocks it and delivers a sharp knee strike to the man.

Zach Davis: Knee strike after knee strike. Xavier is getting Kira backed into the corner. Referee starts the count

Shannan Lerch: Xavier backs off without protest, but not before he hits a cheap knee strike.

Zach Davis: But Kira explodes out of the corner with a resounding shining wizard. A quick pin that gets only one.

Shannan Lerch: Sharp kick to Kira's head as the man tries to stand up. And Xavier locks in a front facelock as soon as he is on his feet.

Zach Davis: Xavier sure is going at him with those knees. But Kira wiggles free and delivers a roundhouse kick.

Suddenly, a black hooded man appears ringside.

Shannan Lerch: What the..

Kira turns and looks at the hooded man. The hooded man raises his arms and taunts. Xavier grabs Kira and spins him around, he picks Kira up and hits a Falcon Arrow!

Zach Davis: The Perfect Drug!

The ref counts.




Shannan Lerch: Xavier Laroux wins this opening contest! With a bit of an assist...

Xavier rolls out, raising his arms in victory, gloating. The masked man leaves as Kira holds his head in pain, angry at the loss.

Roy Speede/D-Day Segment

The camera cuts to the parking lot, where a dark-colored sports car is pulling into the lot. The camera follows as it watches the vehicle pull into a parking spot, and from the driver’s side door steps Donald Deruty. As he does, the door slams behind him, and Roy Speede steps from the shadows.

Roy Speede: Well, now, if it isn’t Donald Deruty.

Donald Deruty: Roy? What do you want?

Roy Speede: Nothing. I just wanted to wish you luck out there tonight. I mean, you’re definitely going to need it if you even hope to make it out there to the ring.

Donald Deruty: What are you ta-

Roy punches Deruty in the face, and grabs him by the hair before sending him skull first into the hood of his car. He goes to do it a second time and Deruty elbows Roy in the gut, preventing it. He proceeds to flip Roy overhead and suplex him onto the hood of the car next to Deruty’s. Roy winces in pain as Deruty grabs him and pulls him off the car to the ground. Roy catches Deruty with a boot to the groin, and Deruty drops to his knees as Roy kicks him in the face.

Roy Speede: You’re going to pay for that, Donald.

Roy pulls Deruty to his feet, and sets him up for a powerbomb, looking right at Deruty’s car, but Deruty fights out of it and hits Roy with a back body drop onto the asphalt. Roy twitches in pain, and Deruty pulls him to his feet before pulling him onto the hood of a Dodge Neon. Donald puts his assailant in a fireman’s carry, and hits Roy with the Dead and Forgotten through the windshield of the car. He slowly gets to his feet and looks down at his fallen target.

Donald Deruty: I wish I didn’t have to do that to you, Roy, but you got in my way...

He gets back into his car and drives off. The camera cuts back to the ring.

Zach Davis: What the hell was that!?

Shannan Lerch: I doubt we're going to see our US Title Contendership match tonight... yeesh.

Zach Davis: From the looks of it, we may not see Roy Speede again any time soon at all!

You're Fired Ten Minute Elimination Tag
Tek/Eric Price/Nic Daniels/Steeltoe Joe vs Gage Gannon/Alex Bankmanship/Jason Fear/Buzzsaw Bundy

Tear It Up by Hollywood Undead hits. Tek, Eric Price, Nic Daniels and Steeltoe Joe all step out from the back, as a unit.

Zach Davis: Here is The Society!

Shannan Lerch: I hate those guys.

Zach Davis: Just because your brother does?

Shannan Lerch: Yup.

The Society walks to the ring to a chorus of cheering. They slide in and each man climbs up a different turnbuckle, and the fans cheer.

Zach Davis: This could be the end of the line for any of these men. If they get eliminated, they're fired!

"Run This Town" by Jay Z blares over the P.A. speaker as Gage Gannon comes sauntering out on stage with his shades on taking a look at the crowd. Gage looks around and takes his shades off as he ignores the boos of the crowd and walks down the ramp smirking his cocky smile. Gage slides into the ring and goes to the opposite turnbuckle and raises his hands out to the side.

"Ladies and Gentleman" by Saliva blares throughout the arena as Alex Bankmanship strolls out to the top of the rampway. He looks into the crowd with that smug look on his face. He holds up his briefcase, opens it up a little bit to show off some of his money. He quickly shuts up and smirks. He then climbs into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle with the briefcase in his hand. He jumps back down and places the briefcase in his corner.

Ace of Spades by Motorhead plays and Jason Fear heads to the ring, spitting a bottle of water at the ropes.

The sound of a chainsaw being pull started reverberates through the arena, as The Lumberjack starts. With the start of the lyrics Buzzsaw walks out, pausing on the stage to raise a fist. As the crowd pops, he makes his way to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans. Grabbing the top rope, he steps onto the apron, and over the top rope into the ring. As he prepares for his match, he removes his flannel shirt, revealing his muscled body.

Shannan Lerch: These four men could all be fired, too. This match isn't very good for the economy.

The bell sounds. Tek starts the match for his team, and Gage Gannon for his.

Zach Davis: You do NOT want to be the legal man in this match... unless you're confident enough that you won't get pinned, I guess.

Tek goes right on the attack, running at Gage Gannon and Clotheslining him. Gannon goes down and Tek stomps at him repeatedly. Tek picks Gannon up and throws him to the ropes before hitting a Flying Head Scissors. Gannon hits the mat and backs up into a corner before Tek starts stomping a mudhole in him as The Society cheers him on. Tek then picks Gannon up and lifts him up so he's standing and climbs up and starts punching him repeatedly as the fans count along. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six!... Seven!... Gannon grabs Tek and steps forward, hitting a Reverse Atomic Drop!

Shannan Lerch: Oof!

Zach Davis: Hey, that's my word.

Gannon then bounces off the ropes and Spears Tek down! He pins him!



No! Steeltoe Joe gets in the ring and kicks Gannon off.

Zach Davis: Luckily for the Society, they have each other to watch their backs!

Joe and Tek pick Gannon up, despite the ref telling them not to double team, and Tek hits him with the TLT! He pins Gannon as Joe leaves the ring.




Shannan Lerch: Aw, Gage Gannon is eliminated. I feel bad for the guy, out of a job and all.

Tek tags Nic Daniels into the match as the opposing team argues about who is going to fight next. Eventually Buzzsaw Bundy decides to man up and gets into the ring. Nic Daniels runs at him but Bundy hits him with a huge Big Boot!

Zach Davis: Oof!

Bundy drops and pins Daniels.



No, Steeltoe Joe kicks him off! Bundy gets to his feet but STJ hits him with a Nailed out of nowhere!

Shannan Lerch: DAMN!

Zach Davis: I bet Seth forgot that The Society would be working so well together, versus a team who really doesn't..

Buzzsaw quickly rolls towards his corner and tags in Bankmanship. Bankmanship gets into the ring as Nic Daniels gets to his feet, Bankmanship runs at him and Daniels hits him with a Spinebuster! Daniels then gets up and starts stomping him repeatedly.

Shannan Lerch: And we've just about reached the halfway point in this match, with one elimination thus far.

Daniels picks Bankmanship up and brings him back down with a Russian Legsweep. The fans cheer as Daniels runs to the ropes and hits a Lionsault!

Zach Davis: This could be it for Alex Bankmanship!



No! Bankmanship manages to kick out!

Shannan Lerch: Lucky for him..

Daniels is merciless, however. He grabs Bankmanship and puts him in the Underhook position and hits The Verdict! He pins Bankmanship once more.




Zach Davis: And goodbye Alex Bankmanship.

Shannan Lerch: This match is now four on two in favor of The Society... doesn't look good for Buzzsaw or Jason Fear.

Jason Fear has had enough. He enters the ring and hits Daniels with a vicious Lariat as he's standing up. He then punches Tek, knocking him off the apron. He then grabs Steeltoe Joe and Eric Price's head and ram them both into the turnbuckle at once!

Zach Davis: Jason Fear has had enough, he isn't going to lose his job like this!

Jason Fear turns towards Nic Daniels and throws him to the ropes before hitting an impactful Spinebuster! Jason taunts a bit as Daniels stumbles up...

Shannan Lerch: He's going for the Fear-5!

Indeed, Fear picks Daniels up and hits the Fear-5! He pins Nic Daniels, hooking the leg.



No! Tek and Steeltoe Joe are in the ring, kicking Fear off. The two quickly pick Fear up and execute a Double Suplex before getting back onto the apron.

Zach Davis: Bending the rules by the Society, but they're fighting for their jobs, soooo.... guess I can't blame them.

Daniels tags in Eric Price. Price repeatedly stomps on Jason Fear. He then backs up a few moments, waiting for Fear to stand up. He grabs him from behind and goes for an Olympic Slam!, but Fear lands behind him and spins him around, kicks him in the gut and hits the Sledge Hammer! Instead of trying to pin him, he tags in Buzzsaw Bundy.

Shannan Lerch: A few more minutes and these men's jobs are safe, they have to play it safe here.

Bundy comes in and walks over to Eric Price. He hits a Banzai Drop!

Zach Davis: That mountain of a man crashing down on you, ouch.

This results in a pin.



No, Price actually kicks out! The crowd gasps, they thought that was it for Price. Bundy gets up and waits for Price to stumble to his feet.

Shannan Lerch: What does Buzzsaw have planned?

Bundy grabs Price and puts him in a Bearhug!

Zach Davis: Grizzly Attack!

Eric Price yells in pain but his job is on the line! He refuses to give up! Bundy keeps shaking him, holding him tight, and Price yells louder, his face contorting... after several moments Buzzsaw tosses Price down, realizing he won't submit.

Shannan Lerch: Eric Price, showing heart!

Before Bundy can go back on the attack, Tek Springboards over the top and Dropkicks him, stopping him dead in his tracks. Steeltoe Joe gets in the ring and he and Tek kick at Buzzsaw. Eric Price then puts him in the Sharpshooter!

Zach Davis: Sharpshooter applied, only a few seconds to go in this match! Can Bundy last!?

Bundy yells in pain..


Price keeps the move locked in..


Price applies even more pressure, Bundy yells!


Bundy raises his arm.. is he going to tap?.. crowd on their feet..


Bundy clutches his fist, resolving not to tap.


Shannan Lerch: The match is over! Damnit, all of The Society survives.

Price lets go of the Sharpshooter as Nic Daniels, Tek, and Steeltoe Joe enter the ring, helping him to his feet and celebrating. Buzzsaw rolls out, his legs hurting. Jason Fear begins leaving the ring, satisfied with having kept his job.

Zach Davis: Two men lost their livelihood tonight, and my apologies to them and their family. But Seth hasn't been able to stop The Society yet.

Amazing Alex vs Tim Vegas/Kendrik Masters

Cult of Personality by Living Colour hits and Amazing Alex steps out, fireworks going off as he taunts. He goes to the ring and gets on the top rope and points in different directions with his fingers.

Zach Davis: Amazing Alex has quite a fight in this handicapped match, we'll see just how amazing he is!

Lights lower and "Young Men Dead" by the Black Angels starts to play. Vegas makes his way down to the ring with a sense of purpose on his face. He tends to keep eye contact the whole time as he cracks his neck, knuckles and stretches his arms while walking down the entrance. When Vegas enters the ring he maintains eye contact with his opponent as he extends his arms outwards.

No Leaf Clover by Metallica starts and the lights go down and at the top of the ramp, Kendrik's silhouette can be seen. When the beginning breaks into the hard rock, fireworks fire off and Kendrik makes his way down the ramp to the ring. Onnica, his manager follows behind him. He makes his way down the ramp to the ring in a slow strut, followed by Onnica. He climbs the stairs to the ring apron, steps on the middle rope, and lifts the top rope for Onnica to enter, and after she is in the ring, he climbs over the top rope and into the ring. When he enters the ring fireworks fire off again. After getting a look at the crowd from each section of ropes, he turns his attention to the ramp. His gaze intense the whole time.

Shannan Lerch: These two aligned with each other last week, they're going to make quite the team.

The bell sounds. Amazing Alex runs at both men, hitting both with a Double Clothesline. They go down, and he kicks Tim Vegas out of the ring before stomping on Kendrik Masters.

Zach Davis: Alex knows what he has to do to win this handicapped match, go right on the attack!

Alex picks Masters up and throws him to the ropes. As Masters comes back Alex hits him with a Powerslam and pins him, hooking the leg!



No, Masters kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Smart move, trying to get the pin early.

Alex goes for an elbow drop but Masters rolls away. Masters works his way to his feet and blocks a forearm shot from Alex before kicking him in the gut and hitting a Jacknife Powerbomb!

Zach Davis: Ouch! Damn...

Masters drops and pins Alex, full of self confidence.



No! Alex gets the shoulder up!

Shannan Lerch: Amazing Alex sure does have heart, I'll give him that.

Zach Davis: Hey, wait. Who is that?

Don DeBeers has appeared at ringside. He's watching all the competitors in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Don DeBeers, from the Angels of Death.. hmm. Wonder if he's scouting for his stable?

Masters pays him no attention, and picks Alex up and puts him in a Headlock. Masters pulls him over to Vegas and tags him in.

Zach Davis: Here comes the Real Deal!

Vegas gets on the turnbuckle and hits an Axe Handle Smash to Alex, while he's still in the Headlock. Alex goes down and Vegas stomps on him a bit before backing up and waiting for Alex to work his way up.

Shannan Lerch: Tim Vegas setting something up here..

Once Alex is to his feet, Tim Vegas goes for a Superkick!, but Alex ducks it! Vegas turns around and Alex DDTs him down to the mat! Alex shoves Masters off the apron before pinning Vegas.



No! Kickout!

Zach Davis: Tim Vegas is too fresh to pin this early, unfortunately for Alex.

Amazing Alex kicks Vegas a few times before backing up and dropping a knee to Vegas' face. He then waits for Vegas to stumble up, and lifts him in the Fireman's Carry...

Shannan Lerch: He's going for his finisher, a Death Valley Driver style move, Death From Above!

But Kendrik Masters enters the ring and chop blocks Alex from behind, letting Vegas drop down behind him as Alex's knee gives out. Vegas is able to lock in a Cobra Clutch, and executes his Checkmate submission move! Don DeBeers watches from the outside with interest!

Zach Davis: CHECKMATE LOCKED IN! This has to be it!

Indeed, Alex is forced to tap out.

Shannan Lerch: Kendrik Masters and Tim Vegas pick up the win here.

Alex rolls out of the ring, and all of a sudden Don DeBeers enters the ring. He runs up behind Tim Vegas and Clotheslines him, knocking him down.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this!?

Shannan Lerch: Tim Vegas' partner isn't going to be happy!

Kendrik Masters enters the ring, and Don DeBeers' eyes go wide, scared... until Masters smiles and stomps on Tim Vegas himself!

Zach Davis: What the hell!?

Don DeBeers and Kendrik Masters both stomp on Tim Vegas!

Shannan Lerch: Last week we saw Kendrik align himself with Tim Vegas, and now he's turning on him.. and joining the Angels of Death!?

Masters and DeBeers pick Vegas up, and Masters hits him with a Killswitch! Masters and DeBeers raise their arms in triumph briefly before exiting the ring.

Zach Davis: I'm speechless. This Kendrik Masters guy would sell his soul to the devil if it would help him get ahead...

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match
Nathan von Liebert vs Zombie McMorris vs Don DeBeers vs Joel Hall vs Jay Price

We come back from an ad for next months Explosion PPV with a sweeping shot of a pumped up Philadelphia crowd. They're going nuts, waving t-shirts and signs around as they cheer at the top of their lungs. The camera then pulls back and gets a full shot of the ring, already set up for the next match. The steel cage wall has been set up against the one side of the ring. Two chains run out from the center of it and stretch out in a V-shape over the ring before connecting to two pipes that are attached to the ring posts on the opposite side of the ring. There are a variety of weapons hanging from the chains, including a nightstick, a lead pipe, a cheese grater and a black velvet bag just to name a few. There are also weapons attached to the cage wall, including a stop sign and a chair. And then to top it off, there are three tables already set up on the arena floor around the ring, along with two more that have yet to be set up. The camera then settles on a close up of Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch at the announce table.

Zach Davis: Already tonight we've seen a lot of action from three great match-ups. But up next we're taking things to a whole new level with a match in which there promises to be blood shed.

Shannan Lerch: In 2009, then Television Champion Jay Price made a simple request to Seth Lerch for his defense at WAR. He wanted to bring the Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Match, first introduced to the world by Hardcore Icon Raven in 2003, to the WCF. Seth Lerch quickly saw the dollar signs attatched to a match of such brutality and agreed, and the rest is history.

Zach Davis: And then in 2010, at the TEN PPV, we saw the second ever COHOF Match in WCF history. And, just as it happened at WAR in 2009, Jay Price walked out as the victor. We haven't seen this match in WCF since then, that is until tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Four men will try and dethrone Price, the so called "New King Of Hardcore" as he's put it, and in the process start a hardcore legacy of their own. Nathan von Liebert, Zombie McMorris, Don DeBeers and Joel Hall all want the victory Zach. For McMorris and DeBeers it's about making a statement early in their careers. And for Hall and von Liebert, it's about padding their already stellar rookie campaigns with yet another win.

Zach Davis: But in order for that to happen Shannan, they need to make it past two big hurdles. First, they have to be able to survive a match in which the rulebook was torn up, set on fire and then urinated on. Weapons aren't just legal, they're encouraged. Bloodshed isn't a possibility, it's a guarantee. This match is going to be hell Shannan, there's no other way to put it. And secondly, and maybe most importantly, they have to get through Jay Price. We touched on it already, but this is Price's match. He defended the Television Title in 2009 and he won the Hardcore Championship in 2010, both times in this match. These four guys need to make sure they keep an eye on him or he could make it three in a row.

Shannan Lerch: Well said Zach. Now, before we get things started, it's time we introduce our guest at the announce table for this match, representing Subway, Mr. Jared Fogle.

The camera pulls back to reveal a very pale looking Jared Fogle sitting beside Shannan at the announce table.

Jared Fogle: I didn't...they didn't tell me...did you say blood shed?

Zach Davis: I take it the people at Subway didn't tell you what was going on when they sent you here?

Fogle shakes his head no in disbelief.

Zach Davis: Well then...enjoy.

The camera switches to a shot of Kyle Steel in the ring.

Kyle Steel: The following match is the Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Match, brought to you by Subway. Subway, eat fresh. Now in this match there are no disqualifications, falls count anywhere and you can win only via pinfall or submission. Introducing first...

"Anatomy" by The Devil Wears Prada is blasted through the arena. After the intro of the song is finished, the pyro starts blasting out everywhere in the arena. The ramps, the stage, the ring, titantron, everything in the arena.

Kyle Steel: From Des Moines, Iowa, weighing in at two hundred and twenty four pounds, Joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel Hall!

The crowd pops and then waits for Hall to come out. And then they wait some more. Hall's music fades out as Steel looks toward the announce table confused.

Shannan Lerch: Well this is odd. Where is..wait. Wait! I'm being told that something is happening in the parking lot.

The jumbotron flickers on and we're taken outside of the arena in the parking lot where Joel Hall, Zombie McMorris, Nathan von Liebert and Don DeBeers have Jay Price down on the concrete and are stomping the hell out of him.

Zach Davis: BYGAWD! They're beating the hell out of him!

Shannan Lerch: All that talk Price has been doing has finally come back to haunt him. These four men are going to make sure he doesn't win this match by making sure he doesn't even make it inside.

Von Liebert steps back and yells for everyone to stop. He then points at Hall and motions for him to pick up Price. Hall does it and then holds him in place as McMorris slips off one of his boots and proceeds to smack Price across the face with it. He does it a second time and then pie faces him with the boot as if he's trying to shove Price's head inside. Hall holds Price as he frantically tries to escape the confines of the boot until he finally goes limp. Hall then roughly shoves him toward DeBeers, who picks him up with ease and then plants him across the hood of a nearby car with a one arm spinebuster. Price is laid out cold and busted open on the forehead as the four men take one last look at their handywork and then head for the entrance.


Shannan Lerch: Forget about the car, what about Price? He may be unconscious after that vicious attack.

Medical personnel arrive at the scene and start tending to Price as the camera switches back inside. "Anatomy" by The Devil Wears Prada is blasted through the arena as Joel Hall walks out from backstage. The Philly crowd is a bit mixed for his arrival after what they just saw. He walks down the ramp and jumps on the canvas. Then, he rolls into the ring and looks at the crowd. He gives the devil horns sign as his music fades out.

Zach Davis: Well despite what has happened, we still have a job to do. Joel Hall as of late has been dealing with El Mideo Extremo, a persona he once had here in WCF and now apparently is being used by someone else with a grudge against him as he's attacked Hall repeatedly. Do you think Hall's mind is one hundred percent on this match with all that's going on Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: For Joel's sake I hope so. If it's not, he's going to get hurt badly.

"Never Gonna Stop" by Rob Zombie blasts through the PA as Zombie McMorris makes his way onto the stage all pumped up. Hopping on the balls of his toes and shaking his arms out, Zombie rushes the ring as the music kicks up. Sliding into the ring he makes it across the ring, stepping on the bottom rope and points to the crowd before making his way to the corner turn buckle and pointing to them again and beating his chest in excitement. His music then fades out as he gets ready for the match.

Zach Davis: Zombie McMorris is still a relative newcomer to WCF, who's had mixed success in his first two matches. A win here tonight would be a huge boost for him to say the least.

Shannan Lerch: Indeed. It could open up a ton of doors for him in the future.

The lights in the arena are dimmed as It's Time for War by LLCOOLJ begins playing on the JumboTron with video of The Dangerous One in action. Suddenly flares begin going off along the ramp and the crowd roars as Angel Fyre steps from behind the curtain. She turns and points to the curtain and the crowd goes wild when they open, And the The Dangerous One Don DeBeers makes his way out of the back and shakes hands with the fans as he works toward the ring. He jumps onto the apron and holds the ropes while Angel Fyre climbs into the ring before releasing them and stepping over the ropes himself. He jumps on each cornerpost and acknowledges the fans as confetti shoots out of them.

Zach Davis: "Dangerous" Don DeBeers, yet another relatively new member of the WCF looking to make a name for himself. As the brother of Night Rider, one half of the tag team champions, I'm sure he's looking to add to the family legacy.

The camera pans to the titantron, where an oak door comes into view. A thump is heard, and the door shakes on its hinges. Several more thumps occur, until the blade of an ax busts through the door. Smoke begins to form on the stage, as a dark figure steps out. Suddenly a woman voice yells out from the speaker.

"No, go away!

Leave me alone!"

Smoke billows down the aisle as the man walks down it to the ring, his identity shrouded in the smog. Meanwhile, on the titantron, the ax makes a large hole in the wood, and a hand reaches in for the door knob, the fingernails painted black. Again the frightened voice rings out as the mystery man slides into the ring.

"Don't you come in here!

I don't want you here.!"

The mystery man watches the titantron now, as the door opens, and the same man standing in the ring, steps into the house. A lightning bolt cracks behind him, equal in volume to the string of fireworks that fire up on the ramp. The man on the titantron rubs his thumb on the door, leaving a bloody smear on the polished oak. He lifts the ax with both hands, as the voice pleads.

"No, No, No, NO!!


The scream is cut off as the man swings the ax. Blood appears to splatter across the tron, and then the name "Nathan von Liebert" is written with a finger painted black. Nathan, who is in the ring, falls on his knees, never taking his eyes off the 'tron until it goes black. He then scans the members of the crowd that he could without contorting his torso.

Shannan Lerch: And finally, Nathan von Liebert, the most experienced of the four men in the ring. Nathan started out his career here in WCF as hot as anyone in history but as of late he's encountered some struggles. You have to believe he's ready to pull a one eighty and get back on the winning track tonight.

The referee waits for a moment, watching the stage for any sign of Price. Finally he shrugs his shoulders and signals for the bell.


Shannan Lerch: And here we go! Dangerous Don DeBeers and Zombie McMorris go right to locking horns as Nathan von Liebert Liebert and Joel Hall circle each other. DeBeers now with a hammerlock on McMorris. McMorris responds with an elbow to the face and then counters into a hammerlock of his own.

Zach Davis: Nathan von Liebert has just whipped Joel Hall toward the ropes and is chasing him down. Just as Hall hits the ropes and spins around, von Liebert clotheslines him over the top rope and both men spill out onto the floor.

Shannan Lerch: DeBeers fights his way out of the hammerlock and spins around and puts McMorris in a side headlock before dropping him facefirst to the mat with a bulldog.

Zach Davis: Outside of the ring von Liebert has Hall up against the barricade and is delivering chops to his chest. Hall's chest is lit up like a cherry tomato.

Shannan Lerch: Back in the ring DeBeers tries to pull McMorris to his feet but McMorris trips him up to the mat. McMorris back up onto his feet and he starts stomping away.

Zach Davis: Von Liebert goes to whip Hall into the cage wall but Hall reverses it and sends von Liebert face first into the steel. Hall rushes up behind him and grabs him by the back of the head before smashing his face back into the cage. Hall now rubbing von Liebert's face against the mesh like it was a cheese grater.

Shannan Lerch: McMorris now drops a big elbow across the chest and he goes for the first pinfall of the match.

Referee Slappy Johnson: 1!

Shannan Lerch: And DeBeers is quick to kick out as McMorris gets back to his feet.

Zach Davis: Hall pulls von Liebert off of the cage and throws him to the ground. As von Liebert tries to regroup, Hall is headed for the apron in search of toys. He pulls up the apron and pulls out a trash can lid. He turns back around and raises it over his head when from out of nowhere von Liebert hits him with the low blow. Hall doubles over in pain and von Liebert grabs the lid before connecting with the back of Hall's head.

Shannan Lerch: McMorris is up and he pulls DeBeers up with him. McMorris now backing DeBeers up into the corner with some stiff punches. McMorris now with some very Stone Cold-esque stomps to the midsection and DeBeers is down in the corner.

Zach Davis: On the outside of the ring von Liebert has dropped the trash can lid to the ground and has Hall set up for a ddt. Hall fights back and counters it into a back body drop.

Shannan Lerch: Back in the ring McMorris has dragged DeBeers out into the center of the ring and looks to be setting him up for a curb stomp. He hits it! Oh, that was just hard to watch. McMorris now trying for a pin attempt.

Referee Slappy Johnson: 1! 2!

Zach Davis: AND JOEL HALL BREAKS UP THE PIN! Hall slid into the ring and dove on top of McMorris to save the match.

Shannan Lerch: And Hall is now back up to his feet...AND VON LIEBERT DROPS HIM WITH A STEEL CHAIR SHOT TO THE BACK!

Zach Davis: McMorris now back up and he grabs a night stick hanging over head. He waits for DeBeers to get back up to his feet and swings but misses as DeBeers ducks it. DeBeers with a boot to the gut and he snaps off a quick DDT.

Shannan Lerch: Von Liebert with another shot to Hall's back as he tries to push himself to his feet. Now he's dropping the chair to the mat as he looks up at the weapons hanging above him.

Zach Davis: DeBeers doing the same and he grabs a lead pipe hanging nearby. McMorris pushes himself up only to have DeBeers take him out at the knee with the pipe. McMorris drops to the mat clutching his leg as DeBeers drops to the mat and begins hammering away at McMorris' face.

Shannan Lerch: Von Liebert has pulled down the black velvet bag that was hanging from the chains. I was wondering what was in there, guess we're about to find out.

Zach Davis: Von Liebert opens the bag and then dumps out the contents...THUMBTACKS AND BROKEN GLASS! Oh what a combo!

Shannan Lerch: Von Liebert, or should I say Vlad?, seems pleased with his choice as he waits for Hall to get to his feet and then lifts him up before dropping with a suplex onto the glass and tacks. Hall now screaming from the pain.

Zach Davis: McMorris and DeBeers are now rolling on the mat exchanging blows and the two end up on the outside of the ring. McMorris is the first of the two to get back upright and he drops a double axe handle across DeBeers' back.

Shannan Lerch: Back in the ring von Liebert is now going for the pin attempt on Joel Hall.

Referee Slappy Johnson: 1! 2!

Zach Davis: And Hall gets the shoulder up. Shannan did you see the glass and tacks embedded into the back of Hall?

Shannan Lerch: I did. God I hate these matches.

Zach Davis: On the outside of the ring McMorris has just whipped DeBeers into the ring steps and the big man tumbles over them. McMorris goes to follow him...

"Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the speakers as McMorris stops in his tracks and looks around. von Liebert too gets to his feet and looks toward the stage as the Philly crowd gets rowdy.

Shannan Lerch: That music...I know that music.

Jay Price, taped ribs and all, runs out from the backstage area and down the ramp like a man on a mission.

Zach Davis: I can't believe he's here! How can the doctor's be letting this happen?

Shannan Lerch: McMorris is ready for Price and the two immediately start exchanging blows. Price with a big left and then a knee to the gut. McMorris doubles over and Price with another knee, this time to the temple.

Zach Davis: DeBeers is up and now he's going after Price. Price ducks a big clothesline attempt and then grabs DeBeers by the head before hitting an inverted headlock backbreaker. Jay Price is on fire Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: That he may be but he doesn't see von Liebert in the ring by the ropes. Price is up to his feet and as he turns toward the ring, von Liebert launches himself to the outside and takes Price to ground with a senton.

Zach Davis: DeBeers, McMorris, von Liebert and Price are all laid out at ringside and Joel Hall is still on the mat trying to pull tacks out of his back. This match is anyone's to win at this point Shannan. It's all a matter of who can take advantage of this situation first.

Shannan Lerch: McMorris stumbles up. He grabs Price and rolls him into the ring. What is he going for?

Zach Davis: McMorris brings Price over to the thumbtacks, and positions him... he hits a Double Arm Spike DDT, spiking Price into them!

Shannan Lerch: Damn ! This has to be it!

Zach Davis: Zombie pins Price, hooking the leg!




Shannan Lerch: Wow!

Zach Davis: Zombie McMorris has won this war of a match, I don't believe it!

McMorris' music plays as he rolls off of Price. The ref raises his arm as he tries to get to his feet. Medics rush out to begin checking on the other men.

Zach Davis: These men each gave it their all, VERY impressive effort by all men in this match.

People's Title Match
Logan/Chris Avery vs Greenfever/Switches the Clown

The lights flicker on and off and Fabolous' Lights Out plays over the speakers to a loud chorus of boo's. Logan walks directly from behind the curtain and to the ramp. He looks out at the crowd to the left and then to the right and then throws his arms into the air while a display of fireworks explode behind him in yellow color. Logan looks out at the crowd in disgust as he walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring. He stands up on the middle rope and 'flenches' at the crowd as if he's going to beat all of their ass. The vicious Truth turns as the song fades out.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, Logan... sigh.

The lights drop as "Run Rabbit Run" by Rob Zombie begins over the P.A. system. "Huntin' Humans? Ain't nuthin but nuthin'.They all run like scared little rabbits.Run rabbit run. RUN RABBIT RUN!" The aggressive drums kick in and Greenfever emerges from the darkness. His face and hands are smeared with blood. The crowd is incited into a screaming mob. The audience begins to throwing garbage down at him as he makes his way to the ring.

Zach Davis: Guess we're getting Greenfever here tonight for this matchup. This must be tough for poor Chris Avery, not knowing who exactly to prepare for.

The ref is handed the People's Title, but before the bell sounds Master of Puppets plays.

Zach Davis: Oh great.

Seth Lerch steps out from the back, and he's wearing a referee's shirt.

Shannan Lerch: Oh! Great!

The ref raises his eyebrow as Seth walks to the ring. He whispers something into Kyle Steel's ear.

Kyle Steel: Attention ladies and gentlemen, Seth Lerch has declared that he will now be the special guest referee for this matchup!

The fans boo. Greenfever stands by, not caring who is going to count the pinfall on the man he is possibly about to murder. Seth takes a mic.

Seth Lerch: But that isn't all. I'm requesting two more things. One, Dr. Heill, I'd like you to be ringside for this.

Run Rabbit Run plays once more, and Dr. Heill steps out from the back. He heads to the ring, not quite sure what his role is.

Seth Lerch: Thank you, Dr. Heill. And I'd also like a special guest enforcer on the outside. And I would like that person to be... Shannan Lerch.

Shannan Lerch: What? Me?..

Seth Lerch: You heard me. Shannan, please exit the announcing area and watch from ringside to make sure no funny business occurs. And if anything happens to me during the course of this matchup, you will take over refereeing duties.

Shannan gets up, taking off her headset, and heads to ringside. Avery raises his eyebrow.

Zach Davis: What the hell? This is dangerous, with Greenfever and Dr. Heill here, what is Seth getting his sister into?

Seth Lerch: Alright now, I think we can get this match underway!

Finally, the bell sounds. Not much caring for all this extra tomfoolery, Greenfever runs at Avery, tackling him down and hitting him with several punches right to his face, vicious punches. Avery rolls away and begins to get to his feet but Greenfever stays on the attack, kicking at him viciously. Seth is yelling, "come on Logan!" Eventually Avery blocks one of Greenfever's punches and hits a backfist slap, knocking Greenfever away. He then grabs him and hits a Half Nelson Facebuster!

Zach Davis: Damn! Impactful move.

Avery turns and yells at Seth once again, saying he's not Logan. He kicks at Greenfever before lifting him up and throwing him into the turnbuckle. He runs at him and goes for a Stinger Splash!, but Greenfever gets out of the way. Avery bounces back and Greenfever catches him, hits a STO to Flatliner to Chokeslam combo!

Zach Davis: What a vicious goddamn move that is..

Greenfever begins choking Logan, with Seth yelling at him for it, before pinning him. Seth counts.



Avery kicks out.

Zach Davis: A bit of a slow count, but ... obviously. I'm still wondering what Shannan is doing out there!

Greenfever lets Avery try to get to his feet, but as he does he hits him with several stiff kicks to all over Avery's body. Once Avery is to his feet Greenfever waits for him to turn to face him, and once he does Greenfever spits out a red mist! Avery is able to dodge it however and gets behind him, Seth yells CONNECTOR!, but Avery hits a huge Release German Suplex instead! Seth sighs. He turns to the fans and gets them to start a WE WANT LOGAN! chant.

Zach Davis: I don't think fans chanting are going to bring Logan back..

On the outside, Dr. Heill continues to watch with interest, wondering what Seth is up to. Avery ignores the chants of the fans as he once again picks Greenfever up and throws him to the turnbuckle. He goes for another Splash, and this time it connects! Greenfever stumbles out from the corner and Avery hits him with a Flatliner. He then bounces off the ropes and nails Greenfever with a Dropkick to the face! Avery turns Greenfever over, pinning him.



No, Greenfever kicks out.

Zach Davis: Close call, almost had a new Champion there with the Chi-Town Collab!

Avery picks Greenfever up, but Greenfever has no scruples. He takes a chance ann hits Logan with a low blow!

Zach Davis: Right in the jumbo hotdog of treachery! Or whatever Chris Avery would call his dick, I guess.

Seth frowns but decides not to call for a disqualification. Greenfever grins at this, realizing he now has an advantage.

Zach Davis: Uh oh. Greenfever has just realized that Seth doesn't want this match to end in a DQ. That gives him a lot of leeway...

Greenfever starts stomping on Avery, picking his shots. He then grabs him and locks in a Dragon Sleeper. Avery's eyes begin fading fast.

Zach Davis: One of the best submission moves in wrestling, Avery has to get out of this.

Seth has no choice. He raises Logan's arm in the air, and it drops, lifelessly. He raises it a second time, and again it drops lifelessly.

Zach Davis: If Avery's arm drops once more, this match is over..

The fans have been chanting "Logan! Logan!" but now those chants quiet down, and a new name begins to be chanted from the audience. "AVERY! AVERY!" Seth looks around as the chant transforms, a little dismayed. However, he lifts Avery's arm once more...


Much to Greenfever's chagrin, Avery begins working his way to his feet, surprisingly energized by the crowd. He elbows Greenfever several times and escapes the Sleeper. He kicks him in the gut and signals for the Lie Detector!

Zach Davis: Can Logan pull it off!?

No, much to the crowd's disappointment Greenfever reverses it with a Back Bodydrop. He then yells something to Dr. Heill, who grabs a chair from ringside.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

Heill gives the chair to Greenfever. Greenfever raises it and hits Avery with it, repeatedly. Seth can do nothing but watch as Avery yells in pain at each shot. Seth begins yelling, "COME ON LOGAN! GET UP!" but it isn't registering in Chris Avery's mind. Eventually Seth has had enough and gets in front of Greenfever, stopping him from another chair shot.

Zach Davis: Seth and Logan are close friends, but I'm surprised Seth is doing this. They've known each other for years, I guess Seth isn't ALL bad, he doesn't want to see his friend get seriously injured like this..

But Seth sure didn't think this through. Greenfever blasts him with the chair, busting Seth open and sending him sprawling. Shannan yells out from ringside. Seth rolls away for a moment before laying on the mat lifelessly.

Zach Davis: Seth is knocked out! But uh oh, this means.... Shannan is now the referee!

Shannan looks around with fear in here eyes. She doesn't want to get in the ring. Greenfever throws away the chair and pins Avery, hooking his leg. She sighs and slides in, slapping the mat.




Zach Davis: What!?

Even Greenfever is shocked. He turns towards Shannan, anger in his eyes. Shannan's face contorts with fear as Greenfever grabs her by her hair.

Zach Davis: Oh God, Seth, what have you done!? You've gotten your sister killed!

Greenfever picks her up and positions her for the Dislocated Piledriver!


Avery looks up and sees what is about to happen, and this lights a fire in his eyes. He yells "NO!" before reaching, grabbing the nearby steel chair that Greenfever had beaten him with, and whacking Greenfever in the back of the head! Shannan rolls out of the ring, escaping the Dislocated Piledriver. Avery grabs Greenfever and hits the True Spin!

Zach Davis: TRUE SPIN!

Avery pins Greenfever, hooking his leg... but Shannan is recovering, and only notices a second or two later. She quickly slides in and counts.



No! Greenfever is able to kick out! The crowd oooh's.

Zach Davis: Logan and Shannan Lerch have quite a long history... did seeing Shannan in danger bring out something in him? Some small part of Logan that is still there?

Avery sighs at having almost beaten Greenfever but not quite. For a second he seems unsure of what to do next. He lifts him up and goes for a second True Spin!, but Greenfever slips out of it and lands behind him. Greenfever takes Avery down with a Deathdrop.

Zach Davis: Uh oh, Greenfever back in control..

And Greenfever quickly transitions into the Move That You Fear.

Zach Davis: Oh no.

Shannan checks on Avery, half wanting him to be okay and having simply terrified. Avery looks up at her and as his face contorts with pain, he taps out. Shannan signals for the bell quickly before rolling out of the ring and quickly retreating to the announcer's table.

Zach Davis: Well, Greenfever has defeated Avery, but it seems to me like Avery may've tapped out to save Shannan from any further harm or danger... I'm not sure what exactly we've witnessed here tonight.

Greenfever releases the hold as Dr. Heill enters the ring, takes the People's Title and hands it to him. The crowd boos like crazy. Avery rolls out of the ring, clutching his head in pain, but taking a second to glance at the announcer's booth to make sure Shannan is okay.

Zach Davis: This has been.. bizarre, to say the least..

Several feet away, Seth has finally come to. He sees Avery checking on Shannan, and despite holding his head in pain... Seth briefly smiles, as if something had gone according to plan.

Zach Davis: What... what? Why.... oh my God. Did Seth purposely put Shannan in danger as a ploy to bring Logan back!?

Shannan has just put her headset back on.

Shannan Lerch: That is crazy, Zach. My brother wouldn't do that to me.

Greenfever and Dr. Heill leave, heading up the ramp, as Seth helps Avery to his feet. Avery shoves Lerch away and begins to leave by himself.

Zach Davis: I don't know what is going through Seth's head....

TLC Match
Doc Henry vs Johnny Reb

Zach Davis: There seems to be no end in sight for the ongoing feud between our next two superstars. Last week, Doc Henry and Johnny Reb were involved in a particularly vicious Reading Street Fight…

Shannan Lerch: Which took the two all through the arena, and finally outside into the parking lot, where they were jumped by four men looking for easy money. They got more than they bargained for.

Zach Davis: That match had no official ending, since Reb and Henry were subsequently arrested. The score remains unsettled, and so tonight, these two will go head to head in a good, old-fashioned Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match!

Shannan Lerch: But what is in that briefcase suspended above the ring, Zach? WCF management has been very hush-hush about the whole thing.

Zach Davis: I guess we’ll find out at the end of the match. Here comes Doc Henry now!

As the drums hit the house lights fade, and red and blue lights strobe. At "Please allow me to introduce myself", Doc and Mary walk out onto the stage, and look back and forth over the audience. As the crowd boos, the make their way to the ring, where Doc rolls in. Standing, he grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more boos. Mocking them, he sits on the turnbuckle and awaits his opponent...

Shannan Lerch: Henry is one cocky son of a bitch, and he looks like he’s out to prove a point tonight. But first, he’s got to get through Johnny Reb – and in a match like this, that’ll be anything but easy.

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain. A cheer goes up from the audience at his appearance. As the he walks down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, posing for the cheering crowd for a moment before he jumps down, ready for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: There’s the bell…and these two are still fired up from last week!

Reb and Henry come out of their respective corners, charging across the ring, and collide full-force in the middle with twin crossbodies. They get up and shake it off. Reb grabs Doc in a front facelock; Doc reverses and puts Reb in a facelock of his own. Johnny plants his feet, slips out of the hold, and levels a sharp jab at his opponent.

Shannan Lerch: Johnny creates some distance… he’s going to the ropes…

Zach Davis: But Doc knows what’s coming, and chases after Reb. Johnny turns around just in time to take a stiff clothesline across the throat, spilling him out of the ring!

Shannan Lerch: Doc Henry on the ropes now, looking down at a recovering Johnny Reb. Reb gets halfway to his feet…and Doc is airborne! Oooh!

The audience winces in collective sympathy as Henry takes Reb to the ground. Doc leaps back up and lifts the ring apron, reaching underneath for a steel chair. He waits as Johnny starts to rise again – and slams the chair down across his back and shoulders!

Zach Davis: This match may be over before it’s really gotten started! Doc Henry is savage tonight!

Henry unceremoniously drops the chair right across Johnny’s prone form. He climbs up onto the ring apron…goes for a leg drop…and…

Shannan Lerch: Johnny Reb is still alive! He just used the chair as a shield!

Zach Davis: He’s not finished yet, Shannan! Johnny goes to town on Doc with the chair like there’s no tomorrow! Look at the fury in his eyes! This has been a long time coming…

WHAM! The sound of a steel chair hitting human flesh echoes throughout the arena. Again and again, Johnny raises the weapon and brings it down full force. The crowd gets into the act, counting the chairshots.


At last, a bruised and battered Doc Henry rolls out of the way of what would be an eighth shot. He slips under the bottom rope, looking to get away from the enraged Johnny Reb. Reb looks up at Doc, then at the chair in his hands. Johnny slides the chair into the ring and follows along behind. He lifts the chair for one more devastating blow…

Shannan Lerch: OHHH! Dropkick out of nowhere from Doc Henry! Johnny just got a chair to the face for his efforts!

Doc climbs to his feet again, looking a little dazed still. A quick glance at his fallen opponent, and he ascends the turnbuckle. He waits until Reb is halfway up, and then dives off with a spear!

Zach Davis: Doc’s got the chair again. Things aren’t looking good for the Inveterate Confederate…

Henry raises the chair; Reb scrambles out of the way. Frustrated, Doc tosses the chair aside and goes for a spinning heel kick – but Johnny catches his foot and uses Doc’s own momentum to drop him on his ass. Johnny climbs onto the nearest turnbuckle this time as Doc pops back up.

Shannan Lerch: Hurricanrana off the turnbuckle! This might be it for Doc if Reb can capitalize!

Johnny seems to have the same idea. He quickly slips out of the ring and lifts up the apron, sliding a table out from underneath. Reb unfolds the legs, setting it up outside the ring.

Zach Davis: Uh oh. This doesn’t look good for Doc…

But by the time Reb gets back in the ring, Doc is ready for him. He takes a swing; Johnny ducks, grabs Henry, and drops him with a facebreaker DDT. The Inveterate Confederate follows up, viciously laying his boots to Doc’s midsection, relentless until Henry rolls out of the way. Johnny isn’t about to let him get away, though, and chases after him. Reb pulls Doc to his feet, backs off, and nails him with a double knee lift!

Shannan Lerch: Jesus! We haven’t seen Johnny this brutal in… years… Wait. What’s he doing now?

Johnny is climbing the ropes again, pulling a half-conscious Doc Henry up with him. Groggy, Doc nevertheless realizes he’s in trouble and tries to fight him off…the result being that both men topple off the ropes and crash through the table! The crowd immediately starts a “holy shit!” chant.

Zach Davis: God damn! That was awesome, but I think they might be dead!

Shannan Lerch: Not quite, Zach. Johnny Reb is stirring. He’s up…sorta…

Johnny painfully removes himself from the wreckage and looks at Doc for just a moment before reaching underneath the ring yet again. This time – at last – he produces a ladder… and promptly brings it crashing down on Doc Henry! Just once, as if to prove a point; then he slides the ladder into the ring.

Zach Davis: All right! Finally! Reb positioning the ladder under the briefcase… and Doc Henry isn’t moving…

Johnny tests the ladder’s stability and, satisfied, starts to climb. Doc’s eyelids flutter open. It takes him a minute, watching Reb carefully ascend the ladder, to get a handle on what’s going on. Then, with renewed energy, Henry pulls himself up and slips under the bottom rope. He eyes the ladder, gauging the distance Reb has yet to go. Quickly, now, he rushes to the ladder and starts to climb the other side. Johnny notices him and hastens to get to the top, but Doc is catching up. The audience holds their breath, watching the men, now neck and neck.

Near the top of the ladder, Johnny realizes he’s in trouble. Instead of reaching for the briefcase, he nails Doc with a solid right hand. Doc reels, but doesn’t let go; he returns with a punch of his own, but only a glancing blow. The two men trade hands, lefts and rights, in no particular order. The ladder sways dangerously with their momentum. Henry manages to dislodge Reb’s grasp, sending him plummeting to the canvas below.

Surprisingly, Doc takes a moment to study his opponent…and then signals for the All-In!

Shannan Lerch: No way. He’s not gonna… Oh my god, he is! I can’t watch!

Doc Henry leaps off the ladder with a glorious shooting star press, flattening Johnny Reb. In protest, the ladder teeters and falls over in the opposite direction. Now Doc grabs Johnny’s ankles, setting him up for his patented Jackpot submission…and locks it in tight. Reb’s face contorts in pain.

Zach Davis: Doc Henry, trying to capitalize on the damage done to Johnny in the fall. He knows he can’t win by submission here, but if he hurts Reb enough, this match is as good as over.

Shannan Lerch: Wouldn’t count the Inveterate Confederate out just yet, though. He’s been in tighter situations before.

The strain is showing on Johnny’s face as he struggles to get out of this particular hold…all to no avail. He is completely at Doc Henry’s mercy. Henry keeps the hold locked in for several moments, the crowd booing at him the whole time, until he finally lets Johnny go. Doc sets the ladder upright again, climbs about halfway up, and dives off with a frog splash…

Zach Davis: Henry eats canvas as Reb rolls out of the way! Once again, this is anybody’s match!

Shaky, Johnny climbs to his feet. He glances briefly at Doc before going to the ladder once more. Doc is back up moments later, and starts toward the ladder – just in time to be met with a flying neckbreaker from Johnny Reb!

Shannan Lerch: This could be it! Wait…what the hell is Johnny doing now?

Reb has once again exited the ring, this time to retrieve another table. He quickly sets the table up beside the ladder, then goes over to Doc. Johnny pulls Doc up by the hair; sensing danger, Doc fights him off. Reb hits the ropes and takes Henry down once more with a springboard bulldog.

Zach Davis: The Inveterate Confederate is done playing around, Shannan. Looks like he wants to put an end to this match once and for all!

Indeed, that is what Reb wants. He assists his dazed opponent to the table and dumps him on top of it. Then, just for good measure, he picks up the previously discarded – and much abused – chair, laying it across Doc’s chest.

Shannan Lerch: This seems excessive, but… considering what Doc has put Johnny through in the last couple of years, maybe not. Reb going up yet again…

Zach Davis: He’s about three quarters of the way up… and… he’s signaling the Southern Star!

The audience erupts in cheers at this revelation. Johnny measures the distance one final time, and then leaps into the air with a shooting star senton! He seems to sort of hover for the barest instant before crashing down onto his opponent, driving Doc through the table.

Shannan Lerch: You know…we should probably have paramedics on standby…

A little shaky on his feet, the Inveterate Confederate surveys the damage. The ghost of a malicious smile crosses his lips. Satisfied that there will be no further intervention, Johnny begins to climb the ladder at a leisurely pace – although that might be more due to the injuries sustained during the match than overconfidence. Higher and higher he climbs…

Zach Davis: Holy shit! I don’t believe it! Doc Henry is still conscious, and starting to chase Johnny up the ladder again! What will it take to keep that man down?!

Shannan Lerch: Hmm… a nine millimeter?

Against all odds, pretty soon the two men are neck and neck on opposite sides of the ladder. But Reb is slightly quicker to react. Almost to the very top, Reb picks his moment, when Doc’s grip is weak. A vicious shove is all it takes to send Henry back to the mat. It’s almost anticlimactic. Nevertheless, Johnny reaches up and snatches the briefcase. Sitting astride the ladder, he clutches the case tightly as the bell rings to signal, finally, the end.

Zach Davis: There you have it, folks… both these guys gave it everything they had, but the Inveterate Confederate, Johnny Reb, comes out on top!

"Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers once more as Johnny climbs down from the ladder, holding the briefcase high for all to see.

Shannan Lerch: What a match! And we still don't know what's so special about that case...

Reb's music cuts off. He looks around, puzzled.

Zach Davis: I have the feeling we're about to find out, Shannan!

"Master of Puppets" sounds throughout the arena, to an immediate chorus of boos from the audience. Seth Lerch steps onto the stage, looking mildly annoyed at this reaction as he gestures for the crowd to quiet down. He walks to the end of the stage, apparently unwilling to get any nearer the ring than he has to, and raises a microphone.

Seth Lerch: Congratulations, Johnny. I knew you could do it. Now, you're probably wondering what's in that briefcase, right? Thought I'd save you the trouble of sorting through all the fine print.

He pauses for dramatic effect.

Seth Lerch: Inside that case is a document – a very special document that gives you the right to choose the stipulation in your next match against Doc Henry.

Johnny throws his hands up in a "WTF?" gesture, clearly mouthing the words "Next match?"

Seth Lerch: That's right. I said your next match. You see... it's been two and a half years, and neither of you has been able to settle this score. It's just been one long string of the two of you one-upping each other. I don't think you guys even remember what you're fighting about; at this point, it's just stubborn pride. And that vanity threatens my bottom line. So, here's the deal: tonight's match was just the first step to putting an end to this once and for all. Next month, at Explosion, comes part two. Another match between Doc Henry and Johnny Reb -- this time with any stipulation Reb can think of.

The audience goes completely nuts at this announcement; drowning out anything else Lerch is trying to say. Johnny, in the ring, looks smug, while Doc merely looks irritated with the whole affair. It takes a minute for the noise to die down.

Seth Lerch: Nothing is off limits, Johnny. Choose wisely. I want this over with.

His piece said, Lerch lowers the mic, giving both men in the ring a stern look before vanishing backstage. With a grin, Reb raises the briefcase one more time to another pop from the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: Well, this is an interesting development. What stipulation will Johnny Reb choose?

Zach Davis: If he's smart, it'll be something involving ladders again. Or any other match that will allow him to do what The Inveterate Confederate does best -- and that's fly. Stay tuned, WCF fans...we'll keep you informed as this story develops!

Alexis Moore Segment

The camera cuts to the backstage area where we see the face of Alexis Moore. She doesn't look too impressed with the wrestling that has gone on tonight. She shakes her chestnut colored hair from in front of her almond shaped eyes. She laughs a bit as she begins to speak.

Alexis Moore: Timebomb? Tonight has been more like a dud. From start until this point I was beginning to wish I was back home in Kentucky. I was about to just catch a flight home but I realized that the funny thing is, man or woman, no one here is better than me. No one can wrestle better. No one looks better. I am just leaps and bounds better than this place. We all need a stepping stone I guess and for me, it is WCF. The talent in this company is stank. It makes me miss the confines of Commonwealth Stadium and Rupp Arena. What do I know about Championships? Honey, I was raised a wildcat. We know a thing or two. Just sayin. Now, it doesn't matter where it begins. It will all culminate in me being the lifeforce behind this very company. If anyone has anything to say they can try to say it but just as they go to speak I will surprise them with a 1...2...3. Anyone have anything to say about that?

Alexis laughs as the scene fades to the ring. Seth appears on screen.

Seth Lerch: Ha. Alexis Moore, I'm glad I signed you, don't get me wrong. You've got quite an ego, however. And there is one person I know that might eventually have something to say about that...

Seth's walks off screen, as the camera pans to...


Indeed, Kaylyn James Evans is in Seth's office! The crowd pops as Kaylyn smiles and the scene fades out.

Tag Team Titles Match
Mr. FPV/Brad Kane vs Night Rider/Jeff Purse

Zach Davis: Ladies and gents, our tag team championship match is up next!

Shannan Lerch: Yup, not only is there the very high possibility that FPV can become a double champion, but we're also oging to see the return of the legendary Brad Kane to the ring!

Zach Davis: Night Rider and Jeff are probably getting more than they bargained for tonight. Speakin' of which, I hear Night Riders music now!

The sound of roaring motorcycles could be heard over the PA system as Pyrotechs explode down the entrance ramp and around the ring. It's Time for war by LLCOOLJ then begins as Night Rider makes his way to the ring with the Lovely Angel Fyre leading the way.

"Won't Back Down" by Eminem blares on the PA. On the right side of the stage there is a bike ramp that extends just about to the middle of the Titan Tron. Atop the bike ramp is Jeff Purse. He is sitting on his bike, looking out upon the audience. He throws one had in the air as the audience cheers.

"You can sound the alarm
you can call out your guards
you can fence in your yard
you can pull all the cards
but I won't back down
oh no I wont back down
oh no

At this he sets off down the ramp. Directly across is another ramp on the left side of the stage, which Purse heads for.

"Cadillac Sevilles, Coupe Devilles
brain dead rims yeah stupid wheels
girl I'm too for real
lose your tooth and nails
try to fight it, try to deny it
stupid you will feel
what I do, I do it well
shooting from the hip, yeah boy shoot to kill
half a breath left on my death bed
screaming F that yeah super ill

Purse flies up the other ramp, launching off of it. He pulls off a small back flip, rides down the rest of the ramp, and comes to a screeching halt in the center of the stage. He gets off, kickstands it. He looks out, smiles, and throws his arms in the air. Red and Blue pyros explode behind him.

"I cut my toes off and step on the receipt before I foot the bill
listen garden tool don't make me introduce you to my power tool
you know the *beeping* drill"

He starts off down the ramp as Kari joins him, giving him the tag title, slapping five with fans, walking very casually but at a quick pace. He puts the title over his shoulder. When he gets to the ring he jumps up on the apron and quickly makes his way in through the middle rope, while Kari walks around the outside, pumping up the crowd. Jeff stands in the center of the ring, "air guns" a corner, pyros shoot out of it. He subsequently does that for every other corner, pyros of red and white shooting out every time. He anxiously awaits his competition.

Zach Davis: And what an impression these two have made in the WCF Shannan! These guys went from nobodys to Tag Team champions in almost no time flat.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, but the question is can they keep those titles after tonight? I mean, they're going up againgst FPV and Brad Motherfuckin' Kane!

Zach Davis: We shall see soon enough.

Red and black strobe lights begin flashing, as the electronic beat of "Ghosts N Stuff" by deadmau5 begins to blast eardrums, when Mr. FPV emerges from the curtains, US title over his shoulder, to a round of applause from the crowd. He runs down the ramp, giving fans highfives along the way before leaping under the bottom rope into the ring. FPV climbs to one of the turnbuckles and fistbumps to the music. Many fans join him. He does this with all of the other turnbuckles before moving to the center of the ring in a lotus position.

The house lights go out in the arena as the opening of "Torcher II (Saw Intro)" by DZK flares up. Strobe lights begin to go insane when the vocals blare out of the sound system as Brad Kane appears in the entry way. The crowd is thrilled seeing him as Brad inhales before he makes his way down the ring. A few hands get slapped away as once Brad is at ringside, he hops up on the ring apron. The lights are back to normal as they enter the ring as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle and goes up to the middle buckle. Some take pictures as he steps down, inhaling once more as he does the same thing on the other side of the ring. He then backs into the corner as he then waits for the match to begin as his entrance song fades off.

Zach Davis: Tell me, did you ever in a million years think you'd see these two tagging together?

Shannan Lerch: Never in my life Zach, but I'm sure glad they are, this may lead to match of the night right here!

FPV and Night Rider are out in the rin to start off the match, as the ref rings the bell to start the match.


Zach Davis: Here we go!

FPV and Night Rider meet in the middle of the ring and lock up in a grapple. Rider gets the better of FPV and tries to hit FPV with a belly-to-belly suplex, but FPV reverses the move into his own belly-to-belly, sending Rider into the ground. FPV goes to get some kicks in while Rider is down, then lifts him up and backs up for a running clothesline, but Rider ducks before he can get hit.

Zach Davis: Ooh, and Rider almost got driven into the mat, nice timing!

Rider now has his back towards FPV, and as FPV goes in for another try at the clothesline, Rider hits him with an elbow to the face. As FPV clutches his face, Rider hits him with a karate chop right in the neck. FPV gets down on one knee as Rider backs up and hits a running kick tothe side of FPV, who falls down. Rider goes for the pin.

Zach Davis: Rider going for the quick victory here...


Kickout by FPV.

Shannan Lerch: That was quick.

FPV gets back up on his feet as he locks up with Rider again, this time getting the best of Rider as he sticks his head under his arm and hits a DDT.

Zach Davis: And a BIG DDT by FPV!

Shannan Lerch: He seems to be getting a good feel for the match right now. This could change very quickly if Rider gets a tag in, though.

Rider is face first in the ground near the ropes, as FPV gets a hold of one of his legs and gets a one-legged boston crab on Rider. As hard as FPV has the hold in, Rider manages to reach out to Jeff and get the tag.

Zach Davis: He got the tag, now Jeff's in the match.

Immediately after getting tagged Jeff gets in the ring and runs up to FPV, hitting him with a kick that breaks his hold on Rider, who gets up and goes to the ring apron. Jeff goes to FPV, who is still getting up and kicks him a few more times. He tries to get a chop in, but FPV catches his hand just in time and gets an arm sweep on Jeff, putting him on his back long enough for FPV to rush over to his corner and get the tag, bringing Brad into the match. Brad gets up close to Jeff and the men lock up. Jeff manages to get Brad into a headlock, but Brad powers out of the hold. Brad is now in control as he sizes Jeff up and then hits an enziguri on the tag team champion.

Zach Davis: Brad Kane in control now, as he hits a picture perfect enziguri on Jeff!

Shannan Lerch: It doesn't look like that neck surgery is hindering him a bit, he's absolutely rolling right now.

Brad gets back up on his feet and grabs Jeff by the head, picking him up and looking to put him away with a powerbomb, before Jeff powers out of the hold and manages to get out of Brads way long enough to get over to Night Rider and tag himself out. Rider wastes no time in going for Brad, tackling him onto the mat, then going straight for the pin.


TW-kickout by Brad.

Rider gets Brad up on his feet, lifts him up and drops him in a scoop slam. Ride then lands an elbow on the still downed Brad as the crowd starts to chant...


Rider hears these chants, and briefly flips them off, leading to a loud chorus of boos.


Rider picks Brad up and brings him over to ropes, placing his ankles on the top rope.

Zach Davis: Oh no, Riders about to hit The Drop of Death!

Shannan Lerch: Wait Zach...look at Brads feet. What is he doing?

Indeed, Brads feet are bouncing on the rope for some reason. It gets to a point where they bounce high enough for him to get his feet off the ropes and onto the mat. Rider is stunned that Brad has gotten out, stunned long enough for brad to irish whip him into the turnbuckle. As Rider lays there in the turnbuckle, Brad starts climbing the ropes...

Zach Davis: Oh shit...

He gets Rider in position...

Zach Davis: Oh SHIT........

And gets him with the Avalanche Brainbuster!

Zach Davis: OH SHIIIIIIIT! KIRISUTE GOMEN! Brads got this one Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: Shut....just shup up Zach.

As soon as Brad goes for the pin, FPV leaps on the apron and runs off to the other side, pulls on Jeffs leg, and starts to beat him down to assure he can't break up the pin.





Shannan Lerch: (mumbling) God dammit.

Brad gets up and breathes a sigh of relief that it's over, while FPV stops beating down on Jeff. The ref goes to hand Brad his belt, and then goes to give FPV his. FPV slides back into the ring, and as Brad raises his new belt in the air, FPV climbs the turnbuckle and does the same for his.

Zach Davis: I don't know if I ever thought I'd see this. What a moment... !

Purse and Night Rider regroup on the outside of the ring and begin heading to the back as FPV and Kane continue to celebrate.

Hardcore Title Match
Oblivion vs Gravedigger

Zach Davis: Alright, Shannan. I bet, this upcoming match, will be your favorite, of the night!

Shannan Lerch: You bet your sweet ass, it will be!! Hardcore rules!! Anything goes. Two men. Well one man stepping, in the ring, against a psychotic monster for the WCF Hardcore Championship!!

Zach Davis: This rivalry has gone back for years, when Gravedigger was once a masked Hector Rodriguez and Oblivion was Ace Slaughter. They battled violently for the WCF US Championship.

Shannan Lerch: With their personal rivalry and add that to the fact Gravedigger is now the majority stockholder to The Facility or The Withlacoochie Mental hospital that Stephan Johnson was once a resident. Gravedigger has promised to not only destroy Oblivion but send him back to The Facility and lock him away forever!!

The lights go out. Oblivion by Mastodon begins to play...


The arena eruptsd with thunderous cheers. The thunderous combination of the guitars, bass, and drums explode through the arena's speakers.

I flew beyond the sun before it was time
Burning all the gold that held me inside my shell
Waiting for you to pull me back in
I almost had the world in my sight
Lost love, bright eyes fading
Faster than stars falling
How can I tell you that I've failed
Tell you... TELL YOU that I have FAI-AI-AILED...

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

Shannan Lerch: Zach?! Can't you feel that energy?!

Zach Davis: Yea!! This match, might be the show stealer!! This is what WCF is all about!! Listen to those fans...

There are a mixture of cheers and boos, more cheers than boos. The crowd stands onto their feet, stomping their feet and clapping their hands. They rush towards the security railings. Oblivion slowly slinks out to the entrance stage, low to the ground. The Wells Fargo Arena explodes with cheers and some boos. Oblivion has it's arms extended outward, with it's index fingers pointing out. The Vixen are nearly undressed, as they come slithering out and walks next to Oblivion. The Vixen are dressed with bra-like bikini tops, with very short skirts. They have glitter plastered everywhere. Their makeup is smeared, but maintained to be very attractive. The guitar solo begins, lazers flash throughout the arena. Thunder-like sounds rattle the arena, as lighting strike-like sounds shake the foundation of The Wells Fargo Arena. The music continues to thrash as The Vixen are divided in two groups. As, one group are twirling around with the insanity of the music, while the other group, of The Vixen are thrashing with the music. Their energy has the Coliseum going completely crazy!

Oblivion slowly stands up, with it's arms extended outward, spins around. Oblivion, The Vixen, and The Gathering get to ringside. As IT pops IT's neck, Oblivion holds IT's arms outward. The Vixen rub their hands all over Oblivion's well sculpted abdominal muscles. A couple of girls begin to french kiss. The Gathering continues to slink around, tormenting the crowd, nearby. Oblivion proceeds to slide under the ring ropes and is walking over to a corner. The half naked women slide into the ring, in various sexual manners. Oblivion climbs up to the second turnbuckle and is raising IT's arms to an mostly cheering crowd. Oblivion jumps down and walks over to the center of the ring. The Gathering slithers away under the ring, with blood on their hands. Several thousand cameras flash throughout the arena, as Oblivion strikes a muscular pose, with The Vixen rubbing all over Oblivion. All of the women, of The Vixen, begin to kiss. The Gathering peak, from under the ring, as they begin to snarl and bark, while white foam drips out of their mouths.


The lights go out. They stay off for about 15 seconds or so before "Change" by Deftones starts playing throughout the arena. A spotlight hits the entranceway and out from the back walks Gravedigger, escorted by Adrian and JJ.

Zach Davis: Holy sh-.... Gravedigger already has been busted up!!

Shannan Lerch: The world has seen Gravedigger being beaten down by Diagur and MS-13. But, the Hardcore Champion claimed that beating has helped him get his focus back. This match will one for the ages. Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up. Because, this match will be one for that everyone will never forget!!

The crowd boos heavily and the trio stops on top of the ramp, as Gravedigger looks around smiling. They then walk down the ramp and over to the ring steps. Adrian walks over to the side of the ring, reaches up and pulls himself up onto the apron with one of the ropes and then climbs into the ring. Gravedigger climbs the steps first and turns to JJ, pulling up the middle rope and stepping down on the bottom one, as she steps through the gap into the ring.

Gravedigger steps through the top and middle rope and walks over to one of the turnbuckles and stands on the middle pad and holds the hardcore belt high over his head as the crowd rains boos down upon him.


Adrian and JJ leaves the ring. The massive Gathering occasionally looks from under the ring and The Vixen are at ringside.

Shannan Lerch: Let this championship match begin!

Both men charge at each other, throwing thunderous rights and lefts. With each massive punch thrown, the crowd reacts. Oblivion kicks Gravedigger inhis mid-section,. then quickly hits him with a massive forearm. Oblivion grabs Gravedigger and proceeds to Irish whip into the ropes...


Gravedigger, immediately reverses the Irish whip and tosses Oblivion into the ropes. Oblivion bounces off the ropes and...


Zach Davis: Gravedigger catches Oblivion with a running back elbow, causing the challenger to drop to the mat!!

Gravedigger quickly drops an elbow...

the crowds reacts wildly as the champion misses with the elbow. With Oblivion already standing, Gravedigger stands up...


Zach Davis: Oblivion catches Gravedigger with a running clothesline!!


Zach Davis: Another running clothesline!!

Oblivion attempts another clothesline, but misses.

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger ducks out of the way, of the running clothesline from Oblivion.


Zach Davis: Oblivion just got dropped with a perfect belly to belly suplex.

Oblivion arches his back from the pain, coming from the belly to belly suplex. Gravedigger leers down at a fallen Oblivion and screams out....

Gravedigger: That's what you get, motherfucker!! I'M.... THE EPITOME OF HARDCORE!!

Gravedigger raises up his arms, to the booing, of the crowd. But, that changes when the crowd begin to to shake The Wells Fargo Arena with thunderous cheers, as Oblivion reaches up and proceeds to grab the throat of Gravedigger! As Gravedigger tries to fight off the grasp of The Monster, Oblivion just snarls at him and tosses him into the corner.

Shannan Lerch: The challenger has murderous intentions in IT's cold, dark, and lifeless eyes.

Oblivion begins to pound Gravedigger's body with thunderous right and left punches and boots to the face and body, of the champion. Gravedigger, from all the damage, slumps down to the mat, while leaning back into the bottom and middle turnbuckles. Oblivion takes IT's right boot and begins to choke Gravedigger with it!! Adrian and JJ screams at Stanley Moser about it. Moser just throws his arms up and reminds them, this is a hardcore match. NO RULES!! Oblivion then proceeds to scrape the hell, of the boot, across the forehead of the champion, several times.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger is trying to catch his breath. Oblivion!! Yes, the challenger has left the ring and oh my God. He's already looking for something to mutilate his opponent with.

As Oblivion looks under the ring, Adrian screams at Gravedigger, as he slides a chair under the bottom rope.

Gravedigger: NO!! Don't help!! I got this!! You know what I've said about that!! NO HELP!!!

As Oblivion continues to look under the ring, Gravedigger stands up and proceeds to leave the ring. As the champion approaches the challenger, Oblivion turns and....


Zach Davis: Blue Mist Haze!!

Shannan Lerch: But Gravedigger ducks out of the way!!

As he ducks, he quickly grabs for a metal chair and...


Crowd: OUU-UU!!

Zach Davis: Gravedigger just walloped Oblivion with a chair, right across the head!!

As Oblivion collapses ringside, Gravedigger takes that same chair and proceeds to choke his challenger with it. With an evil grin across his face, Gravedigger bellows out...


Gravedigger proceeds to pound down onto the face of Oblivion.

Shannan Lerch: The champion grabs a hold of Oblivion and Irish whips him into... OH MY GOD... the corner!!


Zach Davis: Oblivion reverses the Irish whip. Gravedigger is heading right into the corner. This will be devastating!!



Shannan Lerch: Oblivion is rammed right into the corner. With IT's head crashing against the ringpost. Oblivion by flies and bounces right off that post.

Oblivion is now laying close to the ringside security railing, face down. Gravedigger slinks over, with a huge grin on his face. The champion picks up the head of Oblivion, which is now lacerated from the impact, of the ring post. Gravedigger grabs the hair of Oblivion and bashes IT's face into the ringside mats. Gravedigger kicks the challenger, before stepping aside and proceed to rip up the ringside mats.

Zach Davis: What in the Hell, does Gravedigger have in mind!!

Shannan Lerch: Total annihilation, Zach!! Total annihilation!!

As the mats are ripped up, Gravedigger picks up his challenger.


Oblivion pops the champion in his mid-section. The crowd cheers.


Another pop to the stomach and again the crowd cheers. Oblivion, with IT's own left hand grabs for Gravedigger's right hands and hits him with a short-arm clothesline!!


Gravedigger ducks, but still hangs on Oblivion's hand and...


Zach Davis: Gravedigger hits a swinging neckbreaker!!

Gravedigger looks down at the exposed concrete.

Shannan Lerch: Uh-oh!! Oblivion is in BI-I-IGG-G trouble!!

Gravedigger grabs Oblivion for what appears to be an STO attempt.

Zach Davis: OH NO!!! Gravedigger is gonna hit Oblivion with the Respecto!!

Gravedigger attempts to pick up the big monster. But fails. He tries again, but is met with a back elbow from Oblivion. Gravedigger tries again, but Oblivion hits Gravedigger with a elbow and Oblivion....


Shannan Lerch: Oblivion just drops Gravedigger witha DDT on the exposed concrete floor!!

Zach Davis: Oblivion goes for the pin.

Stanley Moser slides into position...

Zach Davis: We could have ourselves a new hardcore champion!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THR.... NO-O-O-O!!!

Shannan Lerch: At the last exact second, Gravedigger lifts up his right shoulder!! Damn what a match!!

While on IT's knees, Oblivion couldn't believe that wasn't a three count!! Oblivion stomps down onto Gravedigger. The challenger picks up the champion....


Zach Davis: THUMB IN THE EYE!!

Gravedigger sees that same chair, from before, hanging off the ring apron!!

Shannan Lerch: No, not the damn chair!!


Crowd: OUU-U-U!!

Gravedigger grabs the chair and smashes it across the massive back of Oblivion.


Crowd: HOLY SHIT!!

Zach Davis: That's why he is called The Epitome of Hardcore!!

Gravedigger smashes the chair across the skull of Oblivion, then drops the chair to the concrete floor. Finally, Gravedigger drops Oblivion with a ddt on the chair. Gravedigger rolls Oblivion over on the chair and screams out...

Gravedigger: MAKE THE DAMN COUNT!!

Stanley Moser slides in and begins the count....

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion is NOT moving!! The champion has retained the championship! Just like he prophesied!!

Crowd: THR.... NO-O-O-O!!!

The crowd/Zach Davis/ Shannan Lerch: WHA-A-ATT-T!?!?!

Gravedigger: NO-O-O-O!!!

Again Gravedigger makes another pin attempt.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!


Gravedigger makes another pin attempt.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!


Gravedigger: DAMN IT!!

Gravedigger pounds Oblivion head bloodier!!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion always had heart!! You will have to kill The Monster to defeat IT tonight!!

Zach Davis: It looks like that Gravedigger planned on doing tonight!!

Gravedigger picks up a bloody Oblivion and tosses IT, ribs first, into the ring side security railing....


Oblivion: FUCK!!

Gravedigger proceeds to beat down Oblivion with fists and boots. Gravedigger pushes Oblivion's bloody face against the security railing. The champion grabs the sweaty hair, of Oblivion and proceeds to rake the head against the railing, causing more blood to pour out.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger is doing everything in his own damn power to end Oblivion!!

Gravedigger walks to the ring and looks under the ring. He sees a small leather pouch and holds it in the air.

Shannan Lerch: What's inside the bag?!

Zach Davis: We'll find out....

As that was said, Gravedigger walks back over to Oblivion and pours the contents out, onto the floor.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my God!! THUMBTACKS!!

Gravedigger picks up Oblivion and Irish whip him into the corner of the security railings, near the commentary table...


Shannan Lerch: Oblivion reverses the Irish whip!!

But, Gravedigger stops and....


Zach Davis: Gravedigger reverses the Irish whip!

Gravedigger Irish whips Oblivion. The challenger is tossed, but stops and roars out, which causes the fans to erupt!! Oblivion looks and stares at Gravedigger with intense hatred. The champion eggs on Oblivion, as he motions to him with both hands. Oblivion charges at Gravedigger....


Shannan Lerch: OH MY!!

Crowd: YEAH!!!

Zach Davis: Back body drop onto the tacks!!

Oblivion screams out in complete horror as IT arches IT's own back, in pain. Gravedigger flies over and attempts a pin....


The referee slides in and begins to make the count....

Crowd: ONE!!

Zach Davis: This HAS to be it!! No man, on this planet can withstand all that pain and get up from that!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion is NOT moving!!

Crowd: THREE-EE.... NO-O-O-O!!!


The crowd screams loudly, with cheers The Wells Fargo Arena shakes off it's foundation.

Gravedigger: Sonofabi-i-itch!! Why won't you stand down?!

Gravedigger continues his onslaught as he grabs a handful of tacks and drags them over the forehead and face of Oblivion. the Monster screams out, as the closest fans cover their children's face, as a gross amount of blood pours out!! The champion moves over to the ringside area and sees something that makes him very happy!!

Zach Davis: No!! Damn it!! A ladder!!

Gravedigger slides out a ladder and drags it over and....


The champion slams it onto Oblivion, several times!! Gravedigger drags the ladder over to the security railing corner. He leans it against the corner, at an angle.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Gravedigger has something in mind, as he walks over to a totally worn out Oblivion.

Gravedigger grabs Oblivion and after a quick couple of seconds, of both men hitting each other Gravedigger nails Oblivion with a knee to the mid-section, before tossing him in the direction of the propped up ladder.


Zach Davis: Oblivion stops, looking exhausted, keeps a hold of Gravedigger and tosses him over with a back body drop....


Gravedigger lands hard, back first, across the propped up ladder.

Gravedigger: DA-A-A-AMN II-I-ITT-T-T!!

Shannan Lerch: What's Oblivion doing?!?

Oblivion slowly limps over to a nearby ring corner. Oblivion is dripping blood everywhere. The Dark One is slowly climbing up the turnbuckles with some difficulty.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is at the top, of the turnbuckles. What is this madman going to do?!

The crowd screams out....

Shannan Lerch: NO-NO!! OH GOD NO!!

Zach Davis: SON.... OF... A .... BI-I-I-I.....


All of the entire crowd, of The Wells Fargo Arena, leaps up to their feet. Everyone is screaming out their cheers, as Oblivion lands on top of Gravedigger, who was still laying back down, across the ladder, with a nasty moonsault!!

Shannan Lerch: Oh my GOO-O-ODD-D-D-D!! THAT WA AWESOME!! That will go down as one of my Top 10 favorite maneuvers in WCF history!! Let;s see that again in the replay....

The replay shows, in slow motion, Oblivion leaping off the top turnbuckle with a high moonsault and landing on top of Gravedigger, which causes the ladder to snap in half. Noone is moving. Stanley Moser runs over and looks around, but proceeds with the count...

Stanley Moser: ONE!! TWO!!! THREE!!

Zach Davis: Someone needs to get up!!

Stanley Moser: FOUR!!

Both battered men begin to stir, as Gravedigger pushes Oblivion off of him. Oblivion begin to slowly move...

Stanley Moser: FIVE!! SIX!!!

Gravedigger and Oblivion slowly stand up. Both men are bruised and battered. As well as bleeding heavily!! On top of the broken ladder, beneath them, while still on their knees they proceed to batter each other with numerous lefts and right, until they roll of the broken ladder and fight near the commentary table....


Oblivion slams Gravedigger's head down on the commentary!!


Gravedigger pops Oblivion with an elbow to the gut and...


Gravedigger tosses Oblivion into the ring steps. Gravedigger attempts it again, but Oblivion stops him and...


Gravedigger's head bounces off the steps. Gravedigger falls backwards and lands hard. Oblivion grabs for the top part, of the steps.

Zach Davis: Oblivion looks like IT has bad intentions.

Oblivion walks over with the ring steps but....


Gravedigger nails Oblivion with a low blow, which causes Oblivion to drop the steps. Gravedigger quickly steps up and....




Gravedigger attempts a pin attempt...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE.... NO-O-O-O!!!


Gravedigger roars out!! Gravedigger picks up Oblivion and throws him into and across the commentary table. Zach and Shannan scatter out of the way. Gravedigger walks over to the ring announcer's table and grabs the ring bell.

Zach Davis: This will not end well!!

Gravedigger runs at Oblivion!!


Gravedigger nails Oblivion with the bell!! Gravedigger walks over to Kyle Steel and grabs a mic....


Gravedigger smashes the mic into Oblivion's bloody forehead.....



Shannan Lerch: BLUE HAZE MIST in the eyes of Gravedigger!!

Gravedigger is writhing around, as Oblivion slowly stands, whil stumbling around. Blooding is flowing everywhere. The monster stumbles over to the ring side area and points....

Crowd: WE WANT TABLES!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> WE WANT TABLES!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> WE WANT TABLES!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap>

Oblivion pulls out a table and sets up the table. Oblivion sees something that brings a smile to IT's face.

Zach Davis: Something has brought a smile to the face of Oblivion!! What is it?!

Shannan Lerch: I don't have a clue, Zach!!

Oblivion hesitates that stoops down and pulls out a can opener and a can of baked beans?

The crowd laughs.

Zach Davis: A can of baked beans?! What the Hell!!!

Oblivion opens the can of beans with the can opener and proceeds to eat every baked bean. The crowd is confused, but still laughs.

Shannan Lerch: I have now seen everything!! Oh crap, here comes Gravedigger!!

Gravedigger hits Oblivion from behind with a double fist to the back of IT's head!! Oblivion drops the open can of beans, to the ground. Gravedigger sees hits and grabs it. He smells inside the can and winces. The hardcore champion proceeds to smash Oblivion's head with the open can, causing the laceration to open up more!! Gravedigger throws down the can and spits down at Oblivion.

Zach Davis: This has been back and forth!! Both competitors have kept their promises on bringing the violence, in this match-up!!

Gravedigger grabs Oblivion and tosses him into the table!!


Gravedigger smashes Oblivion bloody face down onto the table. Gravedigger walks away. He looks under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick. The champion walks closer to his challenger....


Oblivion screams out in complete pain as IT arches IT's back. As Oblivion turn around....


Shannan Lerch: Right between the eyes!!

Gravedigger drops the kendo stick and hits Oblivion with...


Zach Davis: DEATH DRIVER!!

Oblivion lays motionless. Instead of going for the pin, Gravedigger picks up Oblivion....


Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD!! FIRE!!

Oblivion tosses out a huge fireball towards the battered face of Gravedigger, who moves out of the way, just in time!!

Gravedigger: SON OF A BITCH!!

As the champion gets his wits together, from almost becoming a crispy critter from the thrown fireball from Oblivion, The monster grabs that dropped kendo stick.

Zach Davis: I don't think the champion seen Oblivion grabbing for that Kendo stick!!

Gravedigger stands back up and walks over to Oblivion....


Shannan Lerch: Oblivion continues to nail Gravedigger with kendo stick!!

Oblivion drops the kendo stick and....



Oblivion nailed Gravedigger with a sweet chin music. Oblivion makes the cover!!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion makes the cover. We could have ourselves a new Hardcore Champion!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE.... NO-O-O-O!!!


Oblivion looks tired and dejected as he realized he didn't pin his most hated rival!! As Gravedigger lays motionless, Oblivion stands up, grabbing his stomach.

Zach Davis: What's wrong with Oblivion?

Oblivion goes to the ringside area and pulls out a canister of lighter fluid.

Shannan Lerch: First, I think those beans are starting to take effect.

Oblivion stumbles over to the table, while still grasping at IT's mid-section. Oblivion starts squirting the lighter fluid all over the table. Gravedigger starts to move around.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger is standing up and sees Oblivion squirting the lighter fluid.

Gravedigger screams at Oblivion, who drops the canister and pulls out a match. Oblivion strikes it, as he turns around who was screaming at IT.

Shannan Lerch: This could be bad!! Real bad!!

The champion roars out with anger and begins to charge at Oblivion. The challenger groans out, one last time. Oblivion holds out the lit match, behind him and let out the most horrendous sound and smell, the world has never witnessed.


Shannan Lerch: Zach, that is what we call a fart!! A MASSIVE NASTY-ASS FART!!

The flatulence against the lit match set a blaze the lighter fluid on the table. THE TABLE IS NOW ON FIRE!! The majority, of the crowd, are laughing their asses off, as Gravedigger flies backwards, not only because of the fire, but mostly because of the nasty smells from Oblivion's ass!!

Zach Davis: OH MY!!!

Oblivion charges at Gravedigger, who was charging at The Monster. when collided, the arena shifted, as they begin to clobber each other. Oblivion grabs Gravedigger and Irish-whips Gravedigger to the flaming table!!

Shannan Lerch: This is how Oblivion is going to extract IT's revenge on Gravedigger!!


Zach Davis: NO!! The champion is gonna show Oblivion who is more devastating in the hardcore division in WCF!!

Gravedigger tosses Oblivion into the fiery Hell that is now a table. Oblivion get close to the table, but flies over the flames and lands on the other side of the table. Gravedigger slowly, very slowly walks over to his fallen hated opponent.

Zach Davis: Oblivion landed hard.

Shannan Lerch: But, here comes Gravedigger... WHAT A MINUTE WHO ARE THEY?!?!

Standing up at the top of the entrance ramp are three men in white. they have a straight jacket!!

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger WAS right, he does have The Facility here!!

Gravedigger charges at Oblivion....


Oblivion locks Gravedigger into an inverted face lock, by reaching with his own left arm draping over the champion's throat/neck area. Oblivion reaches with his right hand and grabs a hold to Gravedigger's ring wear, by the knees. Oblivion tosses the champion over his left shoulder, while still holding onto Gravedigger's neck and head. Then, finally crashing down into a Stunner.

Zach Davis: Soultaker!!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion is not done!!

Oblivion grabs a stunned Gravedigger and looks at the flaming table....

Zach Davis: NO-O-O!! OH HELL-L-L NO!!

Shannan Lerch: This might end nasty!!

Oblivion grabs Gravedigger and tosses him onto the flaming table. Gravedigger starts to writhe around in pain. Oblivion very quickly bolts over to a ring corner and quickly climbs at the top turnbuckle. Without any hesitations, Oblivion flies off with a shooting star press and lands with a flying legdrop... but Gravedigger rolls out of the way! Oblivion hits the table, and it collapses into a million shattered pieces.


Zach Davis: Both men are not moving!!

At that point the three men in white begin to walk down the aisle. the crowd begin to stir!!

Shannan Lerch: What the Hell. This match isn;t done yet and here comes The Facility!!

The Facility employees get close to both Gravedigger and Oblivion. Gravedigger stirs, barely able to turn over and drape his arm over Oblivion. Stanley Moser slides into position...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE!!

Shannan Lerch: Oh my. Gravedigger has retained.. in one of the most brutal matches in WCF history. And here comes The Facility!!

As the three men in white comes a running, Oblivion is up, fearing for not only his life but his very soul. He knocks all three down, with the delight from the fans. Oblivion then grabs Gravedigger and wraps HIM up in the straightjacket!! Oblivion grabs for a mic!!

Oblivion: How 'bout that, bitch! You may have won the battle but you'll never win the war!

Oblivion smashes the mic across the skull of Gravedigger! He then exits the ring and heads to the back!

Zach Davis: Gravedigger retained the belt, but Oblivion got the last laugh. He's scary powerful.

World Title Match
Jonny Fly vs Corey Black

Shannan Lerch: I’m excited for this one Zach!

Zach Davis: Hell yea! Fly versus Black is finally upon us!

The lights in the arena go out. Blackness is all that prevails around as the crowd anxiously stirs. “The Champ” by Ghostface Killah begins playing over the PA system. After a few seconds, blue strobes emerge on the stage zooming around in no particular pattern. As the instrumental hits on the song the strobes center themselves onto the stage, overlapping, and illuminating the silhouette of a man.

The crowd immediately begins booing. The lights flicker on and off in conjunction with pyros shooting upward. The lights turn on fully and Jonny Fly is seen standing of the stage. Fly stares out at the crowd and smirks at their reaction. He slowly begins walking down the ramp oblivious to those shouting at him from the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: Interestingly enough Jonny Fly isn’t wearing the Television Title tonight.

Zach Davis: It’s not on the line in this matchup, why would he? There’s a much bigger prize at stake.

Fly gets to ringside and slides into the ring. He immediately turns his attention back to the stage where he awaits his challenger, the WCF World Champion, Corey Black.

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. A solitary light hits the stage. Out from the back walk six men. These are big dudes, too. Vikings to be exact. Three stand on each side of the entrance. They're all carrying shields and swords, long hair, beards, legit looking Vikings.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes the World Champion!

"Locust" by Machine Head hits the PA system and the place explodes into cheers. The lights flash to the music as it chugs along. As soon as the lyrics kick in, Corey Black emerges from the back wearing the WCF World Title. He's decked out in Viking garb as well. Armor, shield, sword, and even a Viking helm with face plate. Colorful lights now circle the night sky and through the crowd. CD marches down to the ring, all six Vikings behind him in two single file lines. The crowd is going ba-fucking-nanas. As he reaches the ring, CD places his shield against the ring, and his sword by the steps. Corey then drops the Viking armor and furs off his body, and takes off the horned helm. CD rolls into the ring itself and sits in the far corner, waiting for the match to begin. As he does, the six Vikings walk up and remain on the stage for the duration of the match.

Zach Davis: Black and Fly are both in the ring now, and this match is about to begin!

Black turns his attention to Fly and the two men exchange a long stare at one another. Black hands over his WCF World Title belt to the referee who shows it to the crowd. The bell is rung, and the match begins.

Shannan Lerch: HERE WE GO!

Fly and Black take a few steps forward. The two men exchange a long stare at one another. Finally, Fly breaks the stares and begins circling the WCF World Champion. Fly lunges, and the two men tie up. Fly comes away with a side headlock, and then tosses Black off the ropes. As Black bounces back he ducks a kick from Fly, stops his momentum, turns and levels Fly with a drop-kick sending the challenger to the mat.

Black and Fly both quickly get back to their feet. This time Black lunges and tackles him backwards into the corner. Black begins to club Fly over the head. After five shots to the head Fly is able to push Black off of him, then grabs him, spins, and slams him into the corner. Fly violently grabs Black’s head and smashes it downward onto the turnbuckle. The referee steps in and forces Fly off. Both men leave the corner and walk back to the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: Neither man is able to get the clear advantage here early on.

Black and Fly begin to circle each other in the ring with Black knocking Fly backward with a cross-knee check. Fly backpedals into the ropes and explodes off of them with a body splash. Fly quickly grabs hold of Black’s neck and attempts to put him into a headlock but Black easily elbows his way out of the hold moments after it’s locked in. Both men rise to their feet once more. Black sends a stiff kick to Fly’s shin forcing the Television Champion down to a knee and then takes him headfirst to the canvas with a DDT. Black gets right back to his feet, runs over to the ropes bouncing off of the bottom rope and flips backwards hitting Fly with a moonsault.

Shannan Lerch: Corey Black gaining the advantage now.

Zach Davis: Yeah, Shannan, this match has been pretty boring so far.

Black gets back to his feet and brings the challenger up with him. The World Champion grabs hold of Fly’s midsection and with his stomach even with his launches him backward for a belly-to-belly suplex. Black walks toward his fallen opponent and positions himself behind Fly grabbing hold of his head and then sitting down on his back locking in an Arabian Camel Clutch. Fly immediately begins shaking his head violently as the referee comes over to see check his status.

Zach Davis: Fly is in a lot of trouble here. He’s a long way from the ropes!

Fly begins rocking his body left and right. Black attempts to tighten the hold down but the larger Jonny Fly is able to turn himself over and eventually elbow out of the hold. Both men rise to their feet with Fly holding his back.

Shannan Lerch: Good ingenuity there by Fly to escape the hold.

Zach Davis: Lucky break, Shannan. That’s all.

Black moves in on Fly, grabs him, and whips him against the ropes. As Fly bounces off Black goes for a clothesline, but Fly has the same idea.

Zach Davis: Double clothesline! Both men are down

Fly shakes off the blow and gets back to his feet first. Black is on his hands and knees as Fly approaches him. The challenger grabs Black’s head and strikes it with his knee. Black falls to the canvas. Fly picks Corey Black up and lifts him straight into the air. Fly holds him vertically for a few seconds before finishing off the vertical suplex. Fly immediately goes to the ropes and positions himself atop the turnbuckle. Fly launches himself off, flips, and comes down on Corey Black hitting a 450 splash!

Shannan Lerch: BOOM! Fly is rolling now.

Fly lets out a large scream and gets back to his feet. He reaches down and flips Corey over onto his back. He knees beside him and begins viciously punching Black in the forehead. Fly reaches down and pulls Black up to his feet. Fly whips Black against the ropes and runs into him with his shoulder as he bounces back. Fly looks down at Black and then walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top.

Zach Davis: Is it Fly Swatter time!?

Fly leaps off looking The Fly Swatter, but Corey Black moves out of the way.

Shannan Lerch: Too early for Fly to be thinking about ending this.

Black springs back to his feet and begins stomping at Fly. Black grabs Fly and picks him back up to his feet. Black takes a few steps backward and then runs at Fly, jumping, and driving both knees into his chest. Black’s momentum carries him to the mat on top of Fly. He reaches back and grabs both legs, hooking them for the pin.






Shannan Lerch: Jonny Fly kicks out!

Black gets to his feet and brings Fly up with him. Black sends a kick to Fly’s shin and then pushes him into the corner. He whips Fly across the ring to the opposite corner. Fly spins to allow his back to take the blow and then bounces out of the corner into the waiting arms of Corey Black. Black positions Fly’s head between his legs and then hits him with the ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls!’

Zach Davis: WHAT!?


Black flips Fly over and hooks his leg for the pin.






“Master of Puppets” begins to play.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this? What does your brother want!

Shannan Lerch: He’s interrupting the pin! Black may have this match won!

Seth Lerch makes his way onto the stage with a microphone in hand. Black breaks the pin and stands up staring at Lerch as he raises the microphone to his lips.

Seth Lerch: Excuse my interruption, Corey. Were you in the middle of something? Regardless, I think you’ll be happy to know that I’ve stashed a little present for you both underneath the ring.

Black smiles and immediately rolls out of the ring and begins searching under the ring apron and emerges with a ladder.

Seth Lerch: Referee, the use of ladders is now permitted in this match. Have fun!

Lerch disappears behind the curtain and we switch our focus back to the match.

Zach Davis: This changes everything!

Shannan Lerch: If you remember, Fly requested that this be a ladder match and it appeared that Black was willing to accept those terms. Seth just made it happen!

Zach Davis: …well, sort of.

Black slides the ladder into the ring and then begins setting it upwards. Fly is just starting to come around and is crawling over to the ropes to try and get to his feet. Black walks over to him and brings him into the middle of the ring where he sends him to the mat with a Diamond Cutter. Black immediately gets back to his feet and begins climbing to the top of the ladder.

Shannan Lerch: Corey Black is climbing the ladder!

Zach Davis: Watch out Jonny Fly!

Black gets to the top of the ladder and flies off from the top driving his elbow onto the midsection of Fly. Fly immediately begins rolling around in pain before Black grabs him and hooks the leg for a pin attempt.

Zach Davis: Black going for the cover here….







Shannan Lerch: Kickout by Jonny Fly!

Zach Davis: Whoooa. That was pretty close, Shannan.

Black walks over to the ladder, closes it, and then sets it in the corner of the ring. He walks back over to Jonny Fly and brings him to his feet. Black attempts to whip Fly into the ladder, but Fly reverses it and sends Black into the ladder headfirst!

Shannan Lerch: OUCH!

Fly walks over to the corner and grabs the ladder. Fly turns the ladder upside down in his hands and then hits Black over the head with it. Fly repeats the strike two more times before setting the ladder on top of the World Champion and proceeding to jump up and down on the ladder, and in effect, Corey Black. Fly reaches down and moves the ladder off of Black. He reaches down and grabs Black’s right leg, twists it underneath his own, then grabs the other leg and positions it between his, rolls forward, and in effect locks in his ‘My Supremacy’ submission maneuver.

Zach Davis: This is the first time we’ve seen this from Fly!

Shannan Lerch: Corey Black looks like he’s in a lot of pain! Can he get out of this?

Black is twisting his body around and screaming in agony. He tries to feel around to see if he can grab hold of the ropes, but he’s too far away. He twists his body to the right and then with all of his weight he jerks back to the right sending a huge punch to Fly’s skull. He repeats the same maneuver a second, third, and fourth time. Fly shakes off each blow and continues the hold.

Zach Davis: No! Goddammit. This can’t be how it ends for Corey Black!

The crowd begins to cheer one of their longtime favorites. Black lets out another scream and another punch at Fly. Finally he gets another idea, and sends a sharp poke to Fly’s eye. Then another. Then another. Finally Fly pulls out of the hold and walks over to the corner holding his eye. Black tries to get to his feet but as soon as he gets up he stumbles backwards into the opposite corner of Fly.

Shannan Lerch: Fly’s ‘My Supremacy’ did a number on Black’s legs. Not sure what he has left at this point.

Fly runs across the ring and splashes into Black. Black is jarred out of the corner where Fly grabs him and hits him with a sidewalk slam. The Television Champion walks over and begins setting up the ladder. With the ladder set up Fly begins climbing it..

Zach Davis: I think Jonny Fly smells blood in the water, Shannan.

On the mat Corey Black is just coming to and sees Fly reaching the top of the ladder. With a burst of energy he hops to his feet and lands a drop kick against the ladder causing it to tip over sending Fly all the way out of the ring to the outside!

Shannan Lerch: OH SHIT! Black sends Fly all the way to the outside!

With the ladder leaning against the ropes, Blacks runs up the ladder, bounces off of the top, and launches himself toward Fly on the outside.

Zach Davis: FROG SPLASH!


Black connects with the HUGE frog splash on the outside and then rolls off Fly. Both men lie motionless as the referee begins to count them out.




Black takes in a deep breath and then slowly gets to his feet.



Black grabs Fly and rolls him into the ring. He follows him into the ring and then brings him to his feet. Black goes to grab Fly, but Fly fights him off with a right hand. Fly attempts another punch, but Black grabs the arm, trips him to the mat, and then locks in a Triangle Choke hold!

Zach Davis: This usually spells the end for Corey Black’s opponents!

With only one arm free Jonny Fly begins pulling his body toward the ropes. With Black still hanging on Fly continues to inch closer and closer to the ropes. Black lets off briefly just long enough to pull Fly back into the middle of the ring. He attempts to lock in the hold again but Fly is able to roll out of the way. Both men get back to their feet.

Shannan Lerch: Look at these two, Shannan. Both breathing heavily, both sweating profusely, both nowhere even close to giving it.

Zach Davis: This is what a World Title match is all about, Shannan. These two are personifying right now what it takes to hold that belt.

Fly and Black meet up in the middle of the ring. Black sends a right hand to Fly that forces him down to a knee. Fly responds with an uppercut that sends Black stumbling backwards. Fly gets up from his kneeling lropes. Black grabs Fly and lifts him horizontally with only his feet hanging on the ropes. Black leaps up, clutches Fly behind the head and places both knees in their face, falling onto his back in a Code Breaker.

Shannan Lerch: Life to Lifeless!

Corey Black gets up and goes to set up the ladder. After standing it up he walks over and brings Fly to his feet and directs him over to the ladder. Black lifts Fly one rung at a time up the ladder. Once they get towards the top Black grabs Fly in a superplex hold. Black lifts Fly up, spins him off of the ladder and hits the ‘MadPlex Beta!’

Zach Davis: FUCK YES! Black with the MadPlex Beta!

Shannan Lerch: Somewhere Rick Mad is smiling, Zach.

Corey Black lays over Fly for the cover.









Shannan Lerch: Jonny Fly isn’t done quite yet, Zach

Black gets to his feet and stares down at Fly. He continues watching as Fly begins to stir on the mat, turning himself over and crawling toward the corner. Black continues to watch as Fly lifts himself up slowly with the assist of the turnbuckle. Fly turns toward Black, and as he notices Black right in front of him. The World Champion delivers a superkick to Fly sending him back down to the mat.

Black stands over top of Fly before running over to the ropes hoping off the bottom rope onto the top rope and then flipping himself backward on top of Jonny Fly with a double-rotation moonsault.

Zach Davis: I’ll tell you what, Corey Black is bringing the out entire playbook here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: No doubt about it Zach, Fly hasn’t seen this type of assault in his WCF career.

Corey Black once again pulls Jonny Fly to his feet. Black motions to the crowd for the ‘Burning Hammer’ and then proceeds to pick Fly up onto his back. As Black goes to spin him, Fly grabs hold of Black’s face and hits him with a facebuster. Fly spins back to his feet as Corey Black gets back to his. Fly grabs Black and hits him with a spinebuster.

Jonny Fly walks over to the ladder and begins to climb to the top..

Zach Davis: Uh oh, this isn’t good….

Fly quickly reaches the top and then looks down at Corey Black. He smiles, then flies off aiming his skull at the heart of the World Champion, Corey Black.



Fly quickly hooks the leg for the cover.










Shannan Lerch: Corey Black showing that incredible heart that has led him to unprecedented heights in this company.

Fly looks down at Black with a look of amazement on his face. He slams his hands on the mat and then walks right back over to the ladder and climbs to the top.

Zach Davis: Uh oh, Fly going back up top here…

Shannan Lerch: He looks pissed, Zach. He wants to end this one.

Fly doesn’t bother to pose this time and again flies off the top of the ladder and once again hits Corey Black with The Fly Swatter!


Shannan Lerch: That’s got to be it…

Fly rolls Corey Black up situating all of his weight down onto Black to try and hold the cover.









Shannan Lerch: What an incredible rise that man has had, a perfect ending for him tonight.

The referee walks into the ring and hands Jonny Fly the World Title. As Fly is given the title he notices Corey Black already moving on the mat. Black lifts himself to his feet and the two exchange a long state at one another. Black looks at Fly holding the belt and nods his head. Fly extends his hand in which Corey Black grasps.

Zach Davis: Great show of sportsmanship by these two competitors.

Shannan Lerch: Both men showed a lot of heart tonight, this is a fitting end.

Black collapses in the ring, exhausted. Fly has taken a position on the turnbuckle and holds the WCF World Title in the air. He hops down and begins heading to the back.

Zach Davis: With this win, Jonny Fly is ushering in what could be a new era here in WCF. The era of Jonny Fly, the era of Nathan von Liebert, the era of Night Rider and Jeff Purse... with this win, perhaps the era of Corey Black is over.

Shannan Lerch: An era that was one decade too long, if you ask me.

Fly disappears to the back. Corey slowly stands up, looking around at the crowd. They're chanting his name. "COR-EE-BLACK! COR-EE-BLACK!" He smiles.

Zach Davis: We all know Corey Black's career is far from finished. This may be the last we see of him here in WCF for some time, and I may get in trouble for saying this, but we all know where we'll be seeing him in a wrestling ring. Good luck, Corey.

Shannan Lerch: As long as it isn't here in WCF, I couldn't care less.

Corey raises his arm in the air one last time to a huge ovation from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Corey not only got his One moment by defeating Odin Balfore, but tonight he's passed the torch. This is quite the moment in its own right, and-

Without warning, Corey is hit with a clubbing blow from behind.

Shannan Lerch: YES!

A huge, very familiar figure spins Black around and throws him to the ropes. The man hits Corey Black with a huge Big Boot.


The fans are booing like crazy. Black hits the mat hard, holding his head in pain. Balfore begins to pick Corey up, grinning as the crowd is going completely fucking apeshit.


Odin pulls Black in and places his head between his legs. He picks him up and hits a huge Jacknife Powerbomb!

Zach Davis: MARK OF ODIN!

Odin stays down, grabs Corey's throat.. he picks him up and hits the Ragnarok!

Shannan Lerch: YES! YES! I LOVE IT!

Zach Davis: I just... wow. Odin Balfore has decimated Corey Black.

Odin Balfore stands over the fallen body of Corey Black. Odin raises his arms in the air, grinning wide as fans begin throwing trash into the ring, chanting "BULLSHIT" and the like.

Shannan Lerch: We're out of time... and so is Corey Black.

Zach Davis: Goodnight, fans. See you at Slam.

Timebomb fades to black.

Table of Contents

Timebomb Intro
Xavier Laroux vs Kira Sakazaki
Roy Speede/D-Day Segment
You're Fired Elimination Tag: Tek/Eric Price/Nic Daniels/Steeltoe Joe vs Gage Gannon/Alex Bankmanship/Jason Fear/Buzzsaw Bundy
Amazing Alex vs Tim Vegas/Kendrik Masters
Clockwork Orange House of Fun: Nathan von Liebert vs Zombie McMorris vs Don DeBeers vs Joel Hall vs Jay Price
US Title Contendership: Roy Speede vs D-Day
People's Title: Logan/Chris Avery vs Greenfever/Switches the Clown
TLC: Doc Henry vs Johnny Reb
Alexis Moore Segment
Tag Team Titles: Mr. FPV/Brad Kane vs Night Rider/Jeff Purse
Hardcore Title: Oblivion vs Gravedigger
World Title: Jonny Fly vs Corey Black


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World Champ
Oblivion vs Gravedigger



Corey Black
Jonny Fly
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