Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

Timebomb Intro

Zach Davis: The 2017 edition of Timebomb IS LIVE! And-

Freddy Whoa: Hold on a minute Zach, looks like we've got a few words from Mr. Final Destination himself!

Whoa says this as "True North" hits the P.A and Frank Patrick Venable, Final Destination briefcase in tow, walks out from behind the curtain to a THUNDEROUS applause. He pauses to soak up the appreciation.

Zach Davis: It's arguable that in the past month, Frank Venable has risen to become the most capable hero in the WCF. He's made it known that his goal is the World Title currently held by Joey Flash, and that he's going to take Flash down to become WCF World Champion for a second time.

After soaking it in, Frank makes his way to the ring, and behind him is...Seth Lerch? Indeed, the owner of the WCF is following Venable into the ring, as he slides from under the bottom rope and quickly beckons for a mic. As soon as the crowd dies down for a bit, he speaks only one sentence.

FPV: Ladies and gentlemen...I have an announcement to make.

The crowd EXPLODES! They know what's coming.

FPV: I've held this briefcase for one month now. I've liked the attention it's given me. Being able to call myself Mr. Final Destination has been quite nice, I gotta admit. But folks, the time has come. I've brought ole' Sethy out here to officially announce that I am cashing in my World Title shot.

Crowd: YES! YES! YES! YES!

Freddy Whoa: There it is! Frank has announced his cash in, should be only a matter of time before Flash shows up ready for a fight.

FPV: HOWEVER...that match will not take place tonight.

A confused hush comes over the crowd.

FPV: Y'see last year when Logan cashed in, he took the coward's way out. Walked out after a long match on Slam, handed the ref the case, then beat Flash with little resistance. Where's the honor in that? There's a reason when people run down the few losses in Flash's career, they never bring his match with Logan up. Rightfully so, too. I'm not going that route. When I beat Flash for that belt, I want that shit to actually hurt. To sting just as deeply as it stung when I beat Sanchez for this briefcase in the first place! So that's why I've decided that I want my World title match to take place next month, in the main event of Explosion!

Frank hands the mic over to Seth over as the crowd starts making like a broken sewage system and LOSES THEIR SHIT.

Seth Lerch: It's official folks. Per the rules of the Final Destination briefcase, Frank is allowed a match whenever he wants. So you're main event of Explosion will be FPV vs. either Steven Singh or Joey Fl-

Before Seth can utter the last syllable of Joey Flash’s last name #1 by Nelly hits the PA systems and out comes Jason O’Neal. He stops at the ramp with microphone in hand…

Seth Lerch: How dare you-

He gets interrupted.

“The Real Deal” Jason O’Neal: Interrupt you?

The crowd laughs…

“The Real Deal” Jason O’Neal: I have a sneaky suspicion that Seth was about to forget one key possibility in your match at Explosion. Seth mentioned Singh, and was about to mention Flash, but I’m quite sure he was not going to mention me.

Seth Lerch: I told you to wa…

“The Real Deal” Jason O’Neal interrupts again.

"The Real Deal" Jason" O'Neal: I know, I know… wait. But, for once I want something more than a 15 man clusterfuck or Jaice Wilds. So Mr. Venerable, you’ll have to go through me at Explosion because next week I will be the World Champion!!

FPV: Fine by me. You cashed in before me, so you can have first dibs. Makes no difference to me. In fact Seth, why don't you make me the special guest ref in that Slam match!

The crowd boos heavily at this suggestion before Frank backtracks.

FPV: I kid, I kid. We've had enough special guest ref matches these past few months, I'll let Stanley Moser actually do his job for once.

Seth is annoyed.

Seth Lerch: How about we just do a Triple Threat at Explosion-

Both FPV and O'Neal turn to him and shout "NO!"

Seth Lerch: FINE. Either Singh or Flash faces you next week, O'Neal, and FPV, you've got Explosion! And finally, no more guaranteed Title shots, and I can go back to booking however I want to, god damnit!

Seth's music hits as he leaves, FPV and O'Neal showing mild to severe annoyance.

Isao Oja Segment

Zach Davis: Well, while there's nobody in their seats and everybody's away getting some eats, let's see what the guys who didn't make the cut for a televised match can do...

Freddy Whoa: The hotdog vendors are running wild Zach, and somewhere Logan is touching himself.

A completely bald man stands in the centre of the ring, dressed in unbranded, black trunks, kneepads and nothing else worth mentioning.

Kyle Steel: The following exhibition contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time-limit. Introducing first; already in the ring. From right here in Los Angeles, California... He is - DANGEROUSSSSSS DANNY BAAAAANKS

First, a booming evil laugh, followed by the loss of lighting. Panic at the Disco hits and the crowd erupts into a buzz of bewilderment; like a beehive rocked by a rogue football. A small Asian man in a white masquerade mask steps out of the curtain first, playing the trumpet along with the brass portion of the song, a lone spotlight illuminating him and him alone.

The musician plays on, eventually drowned out by the song. The lyrics shift to "Taking back the crown!" and suddenly a larger, blood-red spotlight falls on Isao, halfway down the ramp; having passed the trumpet-player in the darkness. He laps up the cheers from the crowd and pries his left eye as wide as it will go as the crowd loses their minds.

Dressed in black combat shorts with his shoulder length black hair sporting a neat, red streak at the swept back fringe he runs forwards, rolling under the bottom rope and simply lying there for a moment; perfectly still as if paralyzed by his own introduction.

Kyle Steel: His opponent; from Osaka, Japan. Weighing in at two-hundred and two pounds... The EYE-OPENAHHHH! ISA-OH OJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Freddy Whoa: Well, we've seen Isao make his Slam debut already this month with a victory over Adam Bass, let's see if the kid's consistent.

Zach Davis: He's popular for a rookie Freddy. We seen a lot of unique offence from him in that match. I'm itching to see more of this guy.


The bell rings, and immediately Daniel Banks charges at his opponent, looking for a dropkick. Isao sidesteps the move though, and in the process grabs a tight hold around his opponent's right knee. As he falls back down from the leaping kick, Isao falls with him; using his legs to grapevine the limb and straighten it before contorting the hold into a knee-bar.

Zach Davis: We've seen him go to this knee-bar before. This match could be over early.

Freddy Whoa: I think you're meant to yell out; NIBUREEEEKA! when he locks this in Zach.


Freddy Whoa: *sighs*

Banks struggles for a few moments, fighting his way towards the ropes. However, just as they look close enough to grab; switches his grip and pulls back on the shin. Forcing the local indy worker to tap three times on the canvas. The Eye-Opener gets to his feet and smiles out at the miniscule crowd of people not currently smoking in the bathrooms or buying fried foods. He gets a good response as Emperor's New Clothes plays once more and he parts the skin around his left eye; showing the world the inner workings of his iris as Kyle Steel makes his victory official.

Kyle Steel: The winner of this match by submission at sixteen seconds... The Eye Opener... ISAO OJAAAAAA!

For a split second more he smiles out at the crowd before Kyle Steel steps into the ring and tries to get a post-match interview with the hot prospect for the future. Banks clutches at his knee and ankle on the mat as Steel steps to Isao; the young Asian not even having broken a sweat.

Kyle Steel: How does it feel to have your second victory in the WCF, Isao? Furthermore... Where have you been and what are your thoughts on Adam Bass; a man you defeated in your debut being given a title shot before you?

The sparse crowd claps for a brief moment before he grabs the microphone from the announcer's hand and speaks with a genuine excitement.

Isao Oja: First Kyle...... It feels amazing to be here in America, doing what I love on the biggest stage available. So for that I must thank both Seth Lerch for giving me a call-back and my agent for dealing with me during this transition period. There's been a lot of bumps on the road, but I think I'm finally finding my feet outside of Japan. Secondly - I'd like to thank the fans for their applause; if it wasn't for them, I might not have made the cut. So to the people who cheer for me, and those in the IWC who believe in me; I thank you for your endless, unwavering support. Where have I been though? That's simple... I was back home in Osaka, tying the knot with my beloved now-wife. That's right ladies... The Eye-Opener is officially off the market.


Isao Oja: She's French-Canadian... but whatever.

A slight pop for Quebec from the Californian crowd, but most are left disappointed.

Isao Oja: Moving on...

Kyle Steel motions for the rookie to get on with it. Tapping an imaginary wrist-watch to tell the young man he was most definitely running out of time.

Isao Oja: Adam Bass... You are just the worst kind of person. If you ever want anybody around here to take you seriously, you'll meet me in the ring again next week on Slam. Whatever the outcome of your match tonight; regardless of if you walk out of the Staples Centre with gold or just another reminder of exactly how insignificant your skills are. I'm sick of hearing about how you're making waves around here. You my friend are nothing short of a massive drain on everybody around you. Let's just hit the nail on the head and prove once again, that well... you simply don't belong here.

The crowd pops again at the thought of a rematch between the two.

Isao Oja: ... I won't waste my time standing out here and waiting for you to answer my challenge like a man. We all know that's not your style. I look forward to an indirect Spongebob meme and half-hearted response on Twitter..

His challenge made, he drops the mic with a crackle. The diminished crowd clapping their approval.

The Very Big Alliance vs American Carnage

Zach Davis: We have our opening bout coming up. Anything to say Freddy?

Freddy Whoa: Not much to say really. American Carnage showed promise but we haven't heard much from them.

Zach Davis: We get our first look at this new arrival... THE VERY BIG ALLIANCE!! American Carnage is already in the ring along with Kyle Steel.

Kyle Steel: This opening bout is for ONE fall. Already in the ring... From Parts Unknown, weighing 490 pounds!! Conway... Bannon... American Carnage!!

Bannon and Conway climb to second turnbuckles in separate corners raising their arm to thunderous boos.

Freddy Whoa: Now, all we need is The Very Big Alliance!!

Rock Out by Motorhead begins to play. As The Very Big Alliance comes out, roaring and shouting at the crowd, they to each other and high five.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... From Hungary and Miami, Florida... With a combined weight of 967 pounds!!! They are... THE VERY BIG ALLIANCE!!

When their hands touch, pyro is fired. Then they slowly walks down to the ring. Once there, they catch their breath.


Zach Davis: This match is underway.

Conway and Bannon is talking strategy when...



Zach Davis: American Carnage just got squished!! Squashed!!

Freddy Whoa: Although they WERE hauling ass, it DID look as if they were running in slow motion!!

Both Conway and Bannon slumps down in the corner.

Zach Davis: Both William the Behemoth and Ainsley picks up both members of American Carnage by the throat...


Freddy Whoa: Comedy Gold!! Double Chokeslam!!

Both members of The Very Big Alliance drag their thumbs across their throats...

Zach Davis: This looks like it's over!!

William the Behemoth puts Conway in a Texas cloverleaf submission...

Zach Davis: What is Ainsley doing?! My God!! NOOOO!!

Freddy Whoa: Yea!! Do it!! Do it!! End their misery!!

Ainsley standing at one corner running at full speed...


Zach Davis: GIANT PUNT!!!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THREEEEE!!!

Kyle Steel: The winners of this bout... William the Behemoth and Ainsley... The Very Big Alliance!!

Zach Davis: The Very Big Alliance made short work out of American Carnage!!

Tom Frost Segment

Zach Davis: We’ve still got the 15-man triple tag team match for the wild card spot in the Trilogy Cup ahead, but first I’m told our esteemed colleague Hank Brown is standing by backstage.

The camera cuts backstage, where Hank stands in front of a giant WCF banner with microphone in hand. A steady stream of smoke rises up from offscreen, and we zoom out slowly, revealing the man standing next to him. The crowd cheers at the sight.

Hank Brown: That’s right, Zach, and I’m here with none other than Tom Frost. Tom, you’re still undefeated after nearly two months in the federation, but up ahead is no doubt your toughest challenge to date. What’s going on in your head as we approach this Wild Card tag match with massive implications?

Frost takes a drag from his cigarette and exhales before replying.

Tom Frost: Massive is right, Hank, and you’re not kidding when you say this is gonna be my toughest match to date. Not only do I have to outlast each of my opponents, but I’ve got to outperform my teammates if I want a shot at the WCF Title. If any of them get the pinfall or submission, yeah it’s a win, but it means I’ll lose out on being the Trilogy Cup Wild Card.

Sure, even if my team withstands the heat and I get the pinfall, someone dropping out of the Trilogy Cup is far from a certainty. But this game we play is a brutal one - a dangerous one - and at any given moment someone’s livelihood can be put in jeopardy at the hands of another.

Normally I wouldn’t wish injury on anyone in the WCF, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t hope one of the winners in the Trilogy Cup tournament tonight doesn’t go down before Explosion. If all goes according to plan, it’s gonna be old Tom Frost stepping in to fill their boots...and I know as well as any of the WCF Faithful who’ve been paying attention that I’m up to the task.

Hank Brown: How do you plan to go about assuring it’s you who wins the match for your team - should it happen - and not one of your four teammates? Who are you relying on most tonight?

Tom Frost: Sometimes, you can only rely on yourself, Hank...but tonight’s not one of those times.

Rumpke, Amber Lynn, Jason O’Neal and Udy...I’m relying on them in the ring this week. If any of them falters and eats the pin, I can kiss my shot at a World Title match in May goodbye. I need each one to toe the line and not allow their respective links to break our formidable chain and cost me a shot at Flash’s Title.

I’m also relying on each of my opponents to buckle under the pressure we’re all up against this week. It’s not often that a shot at the top belt in the company comes around, and when it does, the pressure’s insurmountable for some. But I guarantee I won’t buckle, and as long as my teammates hold up their end of the bargain - as long as I’m not the only one dropping the hydraulic press on whoever’s unfortunate enough to share the ring with me - I’m walking out as the Wild Card in the Trilogy Cup.

Don’t mistake my confidence for arrogance. I’ve proven myself in the ring time and again. I know what I’m capable of, even if over half the locker room still turns a blind eye to it - my teammates included. The question remains though: can I rely on my teammates to meet my standard; can I rely on my opponents to fall far short of it? We’ll find out soon enough.

But most of all - more than my teammates rising to the challenge; more than my opponents failing to do so - I’m relying on myself. Because while on the outside this is just another tag match, at it’s core it’s far more complex. It’s essentially every man for himself. And if I see one of my teammates about to get the pin or make one of our respective opponents submit, I won’t hesitate to step in and take matters into my own hands. It’s selfish, sure, but I fully intend to do whatever it takes to secure the Trilogy Cup Wild Card spot for myself. If anyone else but me wins this match for their team, I lose - plain and simple.

When it comes down to it, I’m the most reliable wrestler in this match. I’m old. I’m inexperienced. It’s all anyone could talk about this week, teammates and opponents alike. And yet, despite all that, I’m the only one who can hang with Joey Flash, or whoever’s the WCF Champion come May.

Don’t give me that look, Hank. You heard me right. I said it...and now I’m gonna go prove it. I’m gonna do everything in my power to carry my team - to cripple the competition - and when I’m the last man standing atop the mangled pile of humanity I leave strewn about the ring, only fools will dare to question the supremacy of old Tom Frost.

Frost flicks his cigarette, and Hank’s eyes follow it before Tom walks off. Hank then turns to face the camera.

Hank Brown: Bold words from a bold man. And that voice! It sounds like he gargles razor blades. No matter what happens tonight, I get the feeling it’s going to be one we hear for a long time to come. Back to you, Zach!

Alpha Title Battle Royal
Stalker vs vs Justin Turner vs Dark Angel vs Jay West vs Captain Bruddahhood vs Adam Bass

The referee holds up the Alpha Championship.

Zach Davis: Well fans, that is the belt Jason O'Neal cashed in for his Title shot that he will be getting NEXT WEEK on Slam! And now we've gotta see who is going to get the chance at it next!

A theme song that is definitely not the copyrighted Undertaker theme plays and The Stalker stalks his way to the ring.

The Lights in the arena go out then a few gun shots are heard over the P.A.

We see the flashs of cameras before a camo background lights up as the words "The Freak" are posted on the tron. After a moment "The Gunslinger" by Shooter Jennings hits.

From the back comes out a confident Justin Turner with Jennifer by his side.

The fans raise to their feet and cheer as they make their way down the ramp. Justin rolls under the bottom rope before posing for the crowd.

'Judas' by Perfect Circle plays as the big screen lights up with footage of Dark Angel standing on a building next to a stone gargoyle looking at the people below with spite before switching over to showing him in the ring coming off the second turnbuckle curb stomping a chair on an opponent's head and keeps going with footage of him viciously beating opponents. The lights in the arena go out before a strobe light starts to flash and a dark purple smoke rises from the entryway, Dark Angel comes out lowering his head while slowly raising his arms to shoulder length to his sides giving the impression of him having wings before stepping out of the smoke and heads down the ramp scowling at the fans as he proceeds down the isle then rolls under the bottom rope. He climbs the turnbuckles with one foot on the middle turnbuckle while resting the other on the top rope, looks at the crowd with disdain before removing his trenchcoat and throwing it towards the first row intentionally just barely hitting the guard railing instead, finally jumps down ready for his match.

lights go out, then Jay walks out as the song starts, then the lights turn on with the dark blue tint and Jay walks down the ramp stopping halfway looking out at the crowd before continuing to the ring. Once there he slowly crawls in as blue smoke appears at ring. Then he stands up snatching the mask off then covering his face with hood before revealing his face.

The crowd cheers when 'Vertigo' by U2 comes on the speakers. Joe comes rushing out and sprints down the ramp. He slides into the ring. The crowd goes wild! He gets up and jumps on the 2nd Rope. He soaks in the cheers with a Randy Orton style pose. The crowd once again cheers. He flips back onto the canvas. He is ready.

“Amazing” by Kanye West plays over the arena speakers. A white limousine slowly pulls into the arena. The driver opens the back door, and a brief glimpse of the inside is revealed. Several women are seen at varying degrees of intoxication. Adam steps out of the limousine with a glass of champagne in hand. He slowly makes his way to the ring, clearly appalled at the WCF universe as he passes them. When he makes it to the ring, he goes to the corners one by one, raising his glass to the crowd. After the fourth corner, he faces the hard cam and drinks the champagne with an arrogant smirk on his face.

The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: Here we go!

Stalker runs at Adam Bass as Justin Turner runs at Joe Smarts as Dark Angel runs at Jay West.

Zach Davis: Three eliminations right off the bat!

Indeed, Bass throws out Stalker, Smarts throws out Turner, and West throws out Dark Angel! Jay West runs up behind Joe Smarts and goes to throw him out too but Smarts fights his way out of it. Smarts runs at West but West catches him with a European Uppercut before hitting several more. West grabs Smarts by the head and runs to the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Sliced Bread #2! And he Dropkicks Adam Bass on the way down!

Adam Bass stumbles into the ropes. Jay West gets back to his feet and Clotheslines him over - no, Bass lands on the apron. West charges him but Bass clocks him in the head. The Billion Dollar Man Springboards into the ring and hits a Dropkick on West. He runs at West but Smarts is up and Captain Bruddahhood himself Suprekicks him out of nowhere!

Zach Davis: Listen to the fans, they're booing the shit out of Captain Bruddahhood. What a heel.

Freddy Whoa: What are you talking about? No they're not. They love him, and they love Superkicks.

Smarts runs to the ropes and Springboards, coming back and hitting a Leg Drop on Bass. He lifts Bass up and throws him over the top.

Zach Davis: Adam Bass again hangs on!

Bass quickly climbs in as West runs at him to attack, but Bass throws West over now!

Freddy Whoa: No!, West hangs on too! Now West Springboards back into the ring and hits a Forearm onto Bass!

Captain Bruddahhood charges West and hits him with a Running Elbow Swanton Bomb. He quickly lifts West up and measures him...

Zach Davis: Jumping Side Kick!, that's his move!

NO!, West avoids it goes for the Code of Silence Superkick!

Freddy Whoa: NO! Smarts catches it and spins him around, Jumping Side Kick!

West flies out of the ring!


Bass quickly hops up onto the top and jumps as Smarts desperately begins to get up...


The force sends Smarts into the mat and stumbling back to his feet, Bass throws him over.

Zach Davis: Adam Bass is our new Alpha Champion!

The bell sounds and Adam Bass collapses, barely able to believe it.

Freddy Whoa: This newcomer has won the Alpha Champion! If he lasts two months, he can cash in for an even bigger belt - and if he lasts three, he can be like The Real Deal and challenge the World Champion!

Bass is handed the Alpha Title and holds it close before raising it in the air as we go to commercial.

Wheel of Vinnie Segment

Ich Will blasts across the sound system as Vinnie Jones walks out to the arena wearing a gameshow host jacket as he is surrounded by cheerlader's causing the fans to cheer the ladies on as Vinnie stops halfway the stage as we can see a wheel of fortune wheel with different things written on it.

Zach Davis: What the hell??

Freddy Whoa: Ohh, i hope i can win a trip to Barbados!!!

Vinnie grabs a microphone as he stares into the camera while grinning big time.

Vinnie: Welcome to the first ever edition of The Wheel of Vinnie!! Where I will grant one person a special price to walk out with either something huge or with a huge migrain!!

The crowd chuckles as Vinnie spins the wheel to see whether it is working or not before turning his attention back to the camera.

Vinnie: And this week it will be for one man....., well kid. Someone that is in this Trilogiy cup and is my opponent!! And i did not want to dissapoint my opponent!! He believes so much that he will beat me, that I just wanted to award his effort with some stimulation. And yes Adrian, you could even win the big price of them all...., getting your ass kicked by eveyr member of ZT!!!

The crowd is starting a Vinnie chant as others are booing the man as they are clearly fans of Adrian. Vinnie spins the wheel as he looks at it.

Vinnie: Let's see what we will have for the big boy that does not know he is a small kid. Oh wow!! IF Adrian wins, he will not only advance but also will get a free swimming pass to swim at the Jean LaFitte Swimming... err Swamp!! Where he can wrestle with the Gators, eat some swamp flowers and who knows gets lucky with a lady Raccoon!!!

The crowd laughs as Vinnie spins the wheel again.

Vinnie: As tempting as this sounds, I will give Adrian another chance to perhaps win something much bigger!!

Vinnie looks at the wheel and grins as he sees where it lands at.

Vinnie: Visiting the next New Orleans Pelican's game!!

The crowd gives a loud pop for the home basketball team as Vinnie waves his hand as he wants to say something.

Vinnie: As the guy that will wash every single toilet in the arena after all of you took a dump!!!!

The fans cheer as they are chanting Vinnie's name even more as Vinnie shakes his head before spinning the wheel once more.

Vinnie: How tempting this must sound, there is one more price that he should be able to win.....

The wheel ends on the Zero Tolerance special price as Vinnie jumps up and down of joy.

Vinnie: OH YEAH!! That's the one!! You see, if yours truly wins and that my ladies and gentlemn will of course happen!! I want Adrian Archer to come out to the arena on the next show that he is booked wearing the special I got my ass handed to me by Vinnie Jones t'shirt!!! And of course everyone watching this show either here in the arena or around the world can order this shirt after the contest!! as we wil celebrate the fact that Adrian Archer blew another oppertunity at something meaningfull and Vinnie Jones previaled!! And why is that??? Because Vinnie Jones is the man of the????

Crowd: PEOPEL!!!!

Vinnie grins as he nods his head.

Vinnie: Indeed!!

With that Vinnie walks off as we go to the next match.

Trilogy Cup Wildcard Tag Team Match
Ethan King/Jaice Wilds/Vic Vegas/Menaki/Adam Young vs Tom Frost/Rumpke/Jason O'Neal/Amber Lynn/Udy vs Wade Moor/Erik Black/Jaymz/Bishop/Captain Rump

As we come back from commercial, All fifteen men are already in the ring!

Zach Davis: Those were some extremely long commercials to fit in fifteen entrances.

Freddy Whoa: Wait. This is a PPV. Why do we even have commercials?

Zach Davis: Don't think about it! Anyway, looks like Ethan King, Amber Lynn, and Bishop are starting the match. This match will follow lucha tag rules, which means that if someone rolls out of the ring, someone from his team can enter and become legal.

Freddy Whoa: I wish my girlfriends became legal when I pulled out.

Zach Davis: .......what?

Ethan King runs at Bishop and Clotheslines him but the big man shrugs him off. Bishop kicks King right in the face.

Freddy Whoa: Bishop wants another shot at Kevin Bishop, but here tonight he could earn something much bigger.

Bishop takes King down with a Sidewalk Slam and then goes to lock in a Crossface but King rolls away and escapes it. Amber Lynn comes in and Clotheslines them both down. She throws Bishop into the corner, runs at him and hits a Hip Attack, and then hits a Bronco Buster!

Zach Davis: Bishop gettin' some strange!

Bishop rolls out of the ring as King takes Lynn down with a Chop Block. He stomps away at her before lifting her up and executing a German Suplex into bridge pin.



No!, broken up by Captain Rump. Captain Rump lifts King up but King drops him with a Spinning Heel Kick to the gut, followed by a Pele Kick!

Freddy Whoa: Revelation!

Adam Young tags himself in, slapping King on the back. Young comes in and lifts Rump up.

Zach Davis: Holy shit he has him on his shoulders! What strength by the new Trios Champion!

He drops him with a Death Valley Driver! Adam Young pins Captain Rump.



No!, broken up by Rumpke. Rumpke lifts Adam Young up and and hits a stiff uppercut, then a stiff hook, then as stiff haymaker.

Freddy Whoa: Rumpke is really lighting Adam Young up here!

Followed by a stiff series of elbows, pushing Young into the only neutral corner. He then climbs up and begins hitting a series of punches.

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!

Crowd: THREE!

Crowd: FOUR!

Crowd: FIVE!

Crowd: SIX!

Crowd: SEVEN!

Crowd: EIGHT!

Crowd: NINE!

....Adam Young grabs him and executes a Reverse Atomic Drop! The crowd boos as Young stomps him only to get spun around by Wade Moor, who is legal now. Wade Moor throws Young to the ropes and then executes a High Lift Spinebuster. He charges Young but Young rolls him up with a Schoolboy pin!




NO!, Wade Moor kicked out. Both men are to their feet and Moor angrily hits a BROSEIDON PUNCH!, nearly knocking Adam out. Adam falls over the top rope and out of the ring. This brings Vic Vegas into the ring. He low blows Moor from behind.

Freddy Whoa: Royal Flush, erf.

Moor holds his balls in pain, almost too much so as if he's overcompensating and trying to make it seem like he has giant testicles. He falls out of the ring. This brings in Erik Black. who calls for Vegas to bring it. Vegas runs at him but Black catches him and hits a Sambo Suplex!

Zach Davis: Pin by Black.



Freddy Whoa: No!, kickout by Vic Vegas. Did you know he's undefeated?

Black lifts Vic Vegas up but Rumpke grabs Erik Black from behind and spins him around and clubs him in the face. He pulls him to the corner and tags in Udy. Udy comes in and hits Black a few times but Black fights back and hits Udy with a series of strikes before throwing him to the ropes. As Udy comes back Black hits an Exploder Suplex!

Zach Davis: Udy gets back to his feet and tags in Jason O'Neal. Jason O'Neal enters the ring and immediately.. drops to the mat and rolls out.

Freddy Whoa: He doesn't need the Trilogy Cup spot, he already has a World Title match next week. He already cashed in, he doesn't want to risk injury!

With that, Tom Frost enters. The crowd pops as Tom Frost hits a series of forearms to Vic Vegas before throwing him to the ropes and dropping him with a Neckbreaker. Erik Black attacks him next and he blocks a few strikes from Black before kicking him in the gut and DDTing him to the mat.

Zach Davis: Tom Frost, standing tall!

Tom Frost quickly pins Vegas.



No!, kickout.

He pins Black next.



No!, kickout.

Freddy Whoa: He tried for the win but couldn't get it there.

Tom Frost lifts Vic Vegas up but Vegas throws him to the ropes and then hits a Drop Toehold, sending Tom Frost into the ropes - where the Pit Boss punches him in the face! Vic Vegas quickly pins him.



No, Frost kicks out! Jaymz has gotten tagged in. Vic Vegas is tagged by Menaki. Menaki enters and runs at Jaymz but Jaymz catches him with one hand. He lifts him.

Zach Davis: THE SILENCE!

Jaymz quickly pins Menaki.




Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Out of nowhere!

Zach Davis: He was in the ring for a SECOND and he just won the match! Jaymz is our Trilogy Cup Wildcard winner!

The ring erupts into chaos as nobody expected the match to end right then and there. Erik Black joins his friend but Wade Moor is obviously pissed. Everyone from the other teams are arguing amongst each other.

Freddy Whoa: If any of our four Trilogy Cup winners tonight are unable to compete, they'll be replaced by the one and only Jaymz! That match was as clusterfucky as we expected.

Zach Davis: Eh, it could've been clusterfuckier.

We go to commercial!

Television Title Match
Submission Match
Adam Burnett vs Sebastian Knight

"You Can't Stop Me" by Andy Mineo hits on the speaker and Adam Burnett bounces out onto the stage. He bounces on his feet as the music gets him going. He waves his arms up and down, pumping up the crowd before taking off on a dead sprint towards the ring. He slaps hands with fans who have stuck their hands out on his way and slides into the ring. He runs up one of the turnbuckles and poses at the top with his arms extended. He's smiling the whole time and the fans can sense his intensity and passion.

"Guardians at the Gate" by Audiomachine fills the arena via the PA system as Sebastian Knight steps through the curtian with a noticeable lack of theatrics. His gait was focused as he moved down the entrance ramp, ignoring the calls and jeers the closest fans tossed at him, while the music increased intensity around him. Once at ringside, Knight uses the steel steps to climb onto the apron. He grabs onto the top rope and lifts his leg to step through, before hesitating a moment. He finally acknowledges the crowd, panning the sea of faces for a brief moment. The chorus kicks in, and Knight completes his entrance into the ring, moving to the corner with his focus turned inward once more. The music fades out a few moments later as Knight waits, stony-faced, for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: These two young men came in around the same time in the WCF and have been following similar career paths - but Sebastian Knight won the Television Title and has taken a darker path.

The two men meet in the middle of the ring as the bell sounds and begin hitting clubbing blows against one another!

Freddy Whoa: Adam Burnett gains the upper hand - no!, no, Knight sends him reeling!

Knight sends Burnett to the ropes and then executes a Hip Toss. Burnett immediately gets back to his feet and hits Knight with a Dropkick. Knight goes down and gets back up. He swats away another Dropkick from Burnett before hitting him with a Neckbreaker. Burnett begins to get up and Knight hits another Neckbreaker. He gets up again and then boom, ANOTHER Neckbreaker! Knight goes for the pin.



Zach Davis: Kickout from Burnett.

Freddy Whoa: Early advantage for Sebastian Knight, but can he hold on?

Knight lifts Burnett up and clubs him in the face a few times before dropping him with a Lariat, flipping Burnett over. Knight drops down and pins him again.



Zach Davis: NO!, another kickout from Burnett.

Knight puts him into a violent chinlock.


Adam works his way to his feet and elbows his way out of it. The crowd pops as Burnett avoids the Lariat attempt from Knight and Adam hits a Release German Suplex!

Freddy Whoa: Let's see if Adam Burnett can get some momentum going here!

Knight stumbles up and indeed, burnett has the momentum, he executes a Scoop Slam. Knight stumbles up again but Burnett hits the ropes and Dropkicks him, sending him stumbling back and into the corner. Knight stumbles out and Burnett executes a Belly to Belly Suplex!

Zach Davis: Burnett with the pin attempt!



No!, kickout.

Freddy Whoa: There is a lot of hatred between these two men. It's palpable.

Burnett gets in the ref's face. Burnett was taunting him and reminds him that this isn't a regular match, it is a submission match, and that he shouldn't have been counting the pins all along.

Zach Davis: Whoops! What a mistake by the referee.

Burnett stomps Knight's legs several times before locking him into a Figure Four Leglock. Knight yells out in pain.

Freddy Whoa: Alright, we're into the submission match properly now that the ref has been set straight...

Knight reaches the ropes however and the ref forces the break. Burnett gets to his feet and tries to pull Knight back but Knight kicks him away. Knight runs at Burnett and Burnett hits him with a surprise pin.

Zach Davis: This time the ref is smart enough not to count.

Knight gets into the ref's face but Burnett uses this opportunity to grab him from behind and hit an Atomic Drop. He then hits the ropes and executes a Running Reverse Frankensteiner!, spiking Knight's head into the mat! He then locks him into a Crossface!

Freddy Whoa: Pressure applied to the head and neck of the Television Champion!

Sebastian Knight desparately now grabs for the ropes.

Zach Davis: Can he reach them!?

Yes! He does. The ref calls for another break. But Burnett is feeling it. He gets up, waits for the prone Sebastian Knight to get to his feet. He runs at him..


Burnett won't drop and Knight quickly lifts him up onto his shoulders before dropping him into a kick which transitions right into a Dragon Sleeper.


It is applied perfectly in the middle of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: He's got no choice.

Burnett taps out.

Zach Davis: This young man has an entire career ahead of him.... he can't risk severe injury here. He could have another Television Title shot, an Alpha Title shot, whatever it may be.

Sebastian Knight releases the hold a second or two later than he has to... and gets to his feet, clutching his belt closely before raising it up.

Freddy Whoa: Adam Burnett seemed to have the match well in hand - but the ref fucked up in the beginning, for one, and for two, Knight has that finely tuned GKK submission hold. It was too much.

Knight takes his belt and rolls out before we go to commercial.

Trilogy Cup Tournament Match
Dion Necurat vs Captain Pantheon

Zach Davis: Up next its the first match of the prestigous Trilogy Cup Tournament!

Freddy Whoa: And when I think of prestige, these two combatants are NOT what comes to mind!

Zach Davis: C’mon Freddy! We have Dion Necurat or Dionysus as he prefers to be called, a long standing member of The Brotherhood, Versus one half of the tag team champions and the special guest referee in tonights Main Event in Captain Pantheon!

Freddy Whoa: Is there intrigue? Yes..Prestige..NOW YOU ARE STRETCHING IT!

Zach Davis: Whatever..

"Domination" by Symphony X begins to play throughout the Arena. "The Legion", 20 Centurion guards march down the aisle, lining up 10 on one side and 10 on the other leading down to the ring and stand at attention.

Zach Davis: Quite the entrance…


A quadriga of four Clydesdale horses pulling a chariot made of gold appears carrying "The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat and makes its way down the aisle as if entering the Roman Colosseum ready to do battle and circles the ring and stops.

Freddy Whoa: I didn’t know The Brotherhood had the money for this!

As Dion enters the ring, the quadriga of four Clydesdale horses pulling a chariot made of gold makes its way back up the aisle and disappears followed by The Legion.

"The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat, standing in the middle of the ring, drawing a Gladius from the hip and starts banging the hilt against a custom made Vibranium/steel alloy Spartan shield calling out his opponent to engage him into a fight to the death.

Dion's fans stand in unison to cheer their warrior as gold coins in Dion Necurat's likeness rains down on him in the center of the ring. He looks out to his fans, who give Dion the thumbs up and gives his opponent the thumbs down, meaning "Death!"

Dion raises both arms holding the Gladius and custom made Spartan shield wide out over his head in praise to the crowd and let's out a Gladiator bloodcurdling scream.

Freddy Whoa: Now that thats over with...Man, I think one of the Clydesdales must have dropped a digested hay bale on the way to the ring..

Zach Davis: No..Its L.A...It smells like shit in L.A.

Freddy Whoa: Wait a minute...You had Chilequiles...I was wondering why youve been sweating…


Freddy Whoa: Dude, go get yourself cleaned up..Thats disgusting!

Zach Davis: A captain never leaves his post…

Freddy Whoa: He does when he’s shit his pants..GO!

The thunk of a microphone is heard.

“Caramel Dansen” hits..


Captain Pantheon runs from the back as soon as his music hits, straight to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He then gets in the middle of the ring and does a super hero pose before running to his corner.

Freddy Whoa: While Zack take care of shit...Literally..This match is underway!


Dion and Captain stare at each other across the ring. Dion laughs a hearty laugh and yells int he direction of the crowd arms raised. They cheer. Captain points at him and then does an airplane type running manuever through the ring, much to the pleasure of the fans.

Freddy Whoa: And there is the best thing you’ll see in this match..

Dion laughs, and the two lock up in the collar and elbow tie up. Dion pushes Captain to the corner and pins him there..Referee counts to 3 and Dion lets go. Captain takes the opening and kicks Dion hard in the gut. After nother right hand, Captain whips Dion into the far ropes and ducks. Dion catches him with a snap DDT and covers to a 1 count.

Freddy Whoa: Even though it is Captain Pantheon, it will take more to put him away than just that.

Dion goes down and applies a wear hold onto Pantheons head.Cap’n starts clapping and the crowd gets behind him. He slowly stands and with elbows breaks the hold. Running off the ropes he tries to land a stiff shoulder block but runs into Necurat, falling to the mat. Dion laughs, and motions “1 more.” Pantheon tries again rebounding faster this time but once again, falls. Dion laughs again. Capt. runs a third time, Dion attempts a clothesline which Capn ducks and lands a dropkick flush on Dion’s bad shoulder sending him to the mat to thunderous applause from the crowd. Capn takes this oppertunity to super hero pose before dropping an elbow on Dions injured shoulder.

Freddy Whoa: Surprisingly smart offense here from Captain, now wearing down that bad shoulder of Dionysus...I swear, these gimmicks…

Dion reaches a vertical base with Cap still cranking on the arm. Dion uses his extensive reach to grab the mask of Capn and start pounding him with punches. Cap lets go and Necurat kicks Capn in the gut before hooking him into and hitting A jackhammer! Floats over for the cover..




Freddy Whoa: SO CLOSE!

Necurat firmly in control whips Cap to the corner and hits an Avalanche splash. He whips Cap to the other corner and off the rebound lands a big boot! Another cover nets a 2 count!

Crowd: 2!!!!!

Freddy Whoa: One has to wonder if Cap is really here..Or if his mind is on later tonight?

Necurat hits a series of moves..All followed by a pin attempt..Pop up Cutter..2 count...Tiger Suplex..2 count...Electric Chair Drop...2-½ count which sends the crowd into a pop. The affable Dionysus is getting frustrated and decides enough is enough.

Freddy Whoa: Dion has Captain up..This could be The Godslayer...He spins..WAIT! Cap slips out! BOOM! HE HIT THE BIG BOOT!

NO!, Dion ducks it!

Zach Davis: GODSLAYER!

Dion pins Captain.




Freddy Whoa: Dion Necurat wins the match and advances in the Trilogy Cup Tournament, what a victory for him!

Dion stands up and gets his arm raised.

Zach Davis: You have to think that maybe his role in tonight's main event had Captain Pantheon's mind a bit divded but in any case, Dion Necurat advances to next month at Explosion!

Necurat rolls out of the ring and heads to the back as Captain Pantheon regains consciousness.

Trilogy Cup Tournament Match
Teddy Blaze vs Crazy J



A loud explosion blows up the entranceway.


Freddy Whoa: Settle down..It was just a pyro..

Zach Davis: Right..Anyway, welcome back to Timebomb! Up next, we have a Trilogy Cup Tournament match squaring two former LONGTIME Belt holders in WCF AGAINST ONE ANOTHER...TEDDY BLAZE VERSUS CRAZY J..

Freddy Whoa: A sort of dream match of sorts pits the WCF New Blood vs a member of the old guard! Who will come out on top?!?!


The Crowd explodes as a pounding drum beat echoes throughout the arena, signalling the arrive of Teddy Blaze! The lights drop, enveloping the arena in darkness as they turn towards the entrance ramp.


With a crescendo and a burst of flame, Blaze appears before them, holding his hands out over his head and bathing in the applause. He takes a deep bow and walks towards the ring, waving to the fans along the way. He wears an almost cocky grin as he rolls between the ropes, offering his opponent an extended handshake before shrugging and walking to the turnbuckle.

He holds his arms over his head and yells out "WCF Forever!" as he does so, eliciting a cheer from the audience as the music reaches its zenith. He turns and steps back into the ring.

Zach Davis: The crowd showing their appreciation for the former Teo Del Sol!


The arena lights go dark then the red strobe light plays and co2 cannons spray out fog. Crazy J walks out Erbody but me by Tech N9ne plays.


J walks towards the ring and he simply doesn’t give a fuck he just slowly walks to the ring and doesn’t even notice the crowd is there he doesn’t address those that cheer for him or the ones that boo him.

Freddy Whoa: With all of the turmoil surrounding Zero Tolerance lately, one has to wonder, does that motivate J or distract him? WE SHALL SOON FIND OUT!


Zach Davis: And here we go...two highly decorated former champions squaring off!

Blaze maneuvers around J and J watches him dance..Blaze hits a low kick to the large right leg of J then turns to the crowd to showboat. This makes J angry and he charges, clubbing Blaze on the back and sending him to the middle rope.

Freddy Whoa: Not very smart of the veteran Blaze to turn his back on J

J starts clubbing Blaze on the back with vicious shots one right after the other. The ref gets in and backs J off but J shoves him away and gets met with a forearm from the suddenly recovered Blaze. Blaze hits 3 shots to the face sending J against the ropes. Blaze attempts a whip to the ropes But J reverses only to be met with a flying forearm.

Zach Davis: Blaze can’t bring the big man down...Another forearm..Nope...Blaze to the ropes..Spring board..Third times the charm...NO! REVERSED BY J INTO A SPINEBUSTER! COVER..




Both men kip up quickly..J goes for a clothesline ducked by Blaze..Blaze hits a SUPERKICK



J stumbles back into the ropes as Blaze rebounds off of the opposite ropes and hits J with a cross body that J catches..But the momentum sends both men over the top rope. J Holds on and inadvertantly or if on purpose lands one of the most bitchin moves of all time, flapjacks Blaze on the apron while landing on his feet on the ring floor!



J stumbles backwards to regain his composure as the ref starts his count. Blaze has fallen into a heap onto the ring floor. J is extremely dangerous out here and proves it by whipping his foe into the guardrail, throwing him like a sack of potatoes and eliciting a yell as Blaze cringes from the impact on his back. J methodically stalks his prey..The ref is at 5, J doesn’t care, and proves it by flinging his much smaller opponent onto the ring stairs with the care of an underpaid UPS lacky. Blaze crashes and burns, skidding over the top of the stairs.

Zach Davis: And the trademark brutality of J on display here.

J rolls into the ring to break the count and goes from stage front to stage right and rolls under the ropes landing him right in front of Blaze who is on all fours. Blaze lands a weak punch to the stomach of J as he picks him up by the head and sets him up for a powerbomb.

Zach Davis: I don’t like the looks of this Freddy..

Freddy Whoa: Then turn your delicate head and look away..But he’s got him up!

J has Blaze up for the powerbomb but Blaze all of a sudden has life, landing hard right hands to the head of J. J stumbles backwards against the ring apron. Blaze grabs the middle ropes and holds on as J attempts to throw him down. The crowd is cheering. Blaze gets a hold of the top rope and pulls himself up, then uses the momentum to land a stiff mule kick to the back of J’s head, sending him into the steel guard rail!



Blaze feeds off of the crowd, entering the ring under the ropes and immediately heading to the opposite ropes.


With a burst of speed he leaps over the top rope and lands a hard forearm to J sending both men to the floor, J getting the worst of it. After a few moments Blaze collects himself and rolls J into the ring, immediately going for the cover and a count of

Crowd: 2!!!!!!

Freddy Whoa: Blaze wasting no time..He’s going up to the top!

Blaze goes airborne attempting a splash but J gets the knees up! Blaze is Prone..

Zach Davis: J rolls over...Looks like he’s setting up…


Blaze struggles out of the Submission maneuver, quickly flipping over grabbing J’s legs and performing a bridge!




J grabs the bridged Blaze


The crowd is roaring as Blaze continues to try and fight his way from the sleeper hold. Blaze throws his weight from side to side, keeping his body away from the legs of J. J is holding on but somehow, Blaze slips out from under..Both men make it to their feet, and with a burst of energy…



Teddy rolls out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: No, no, he's on the apron, he's summoning all his strength.


Into the pin!





The bell sounds.


Blaze gets back to his feet and gets his arm raised.

Freddy Whoa: Teddy Blaze advances to next month, and we've got him and Dion Necurat in the Trilogy Cup Semifinals!

Blaze collapses before rolling out of the ring as we go to commercial.


Zach Davis: Hold on folks! I’m getting word that our backstage crews are reporting an attack taking place right now in the WCF parking lot!

The titantron begins feeding the live footage from a cameraman running between cars toward the sounds of a beatdown. He rounds a white limousine with a dirty blonde young man making love to a scraggly looking skank and tries to focus his camera after all the movement. In the blurry image, a man wielding a large blunt object is laying into a downed victim. He raises the now visibly round object and brings it striking down to the man caught off guard just moments ago.

The camera continues to focus. The picture clears and a grey bearded man in full Viking armor is clearly the aggressor.

Freddy Whoa: It’s Dagvald Riddik! He’s surprise attacked someone with that Viking shield! Is it Kat? Who else would he have any reason to attack?!

Dag notices the cameraman out of the corner of his eye. He decides to make a statement. He bends down and lifts the stunned man, holding his face to the camera.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! It’s… it’s Zombie McMorris! Why on Earth is Dag attacking Zombie McMorris?

Dagvald Riddik: A little over a year ago today, this man tried to end my career before it even started. He busted my skull with a chair to defend the Internet Championship when he knew he was an inch away from losing it and having his legacy tarnished irreparably from a fucking nobody defeating the man considered the greatest Internet Champion of all time. I have to admit… I don’t blame him for that. I blame him for not finishing the job. But don’t worry, ZMAC, I’m not that petty. There is a much grander reason for this attack… one you wouldn’t be able to understand in your current coked up state anyway, so I won’t bother explaining. I’ll just let you find out tonight, with everyone else.

Dag throws the man over his shoulder, turns to a parked SUV, and tosses the man into the windshield, cracking it and busting ZMAC open. He turns to the camera once more.

Dagvald Riddik: One down. All according to plan.

Zach Davis: One down? What plan? What is Dag talking about?

Trilogy Cup Tournament Match
Adrian Archer vs Vinnie Jones

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a first round match for the Trilogy Cup!!

The lights go out..the introductory synthetic sounds of Europe's "Final Countdown" are accompanied by flashing lasers and strobes. The epic synthesizer we all know so well kicks in as a spotlight illuminates Alan Wayne with a mic.

"Ladies and gentlemen, direct your eyes and ears to me for I am here to introduce a man among boys, the personification of perfection..Ladies and gentlemen...BEHOLD!"

Alan Wayne holds the mic out..the crowd yells THE BASTARD! just as the driving bass line of the song and house lights hit. When the words start, Adrian Archer cavilierly steps from the back in his Magnificent robe, arms outstretched, eyes closed. He opens them, smirks, and walks with an air of elegance to the ring..he steps onto the stairs, wipes his feet on the outside apron, and enters the ring..


Pyro shoot from all ring posts as Archer opens his arms wide to the cheering masses. Alan Wayne helps him with his robe as the music fades and the next poor sap to face him is introduced with less flair and substance.

Kyle Steel: Currently in the ring!! Adrian Archer!!

Ich Will can be heard as it echoes through the arena, the spotlight will shine on the entrance way as the arena goes black. The fans stand up as they anticipate the arrival of Vinnie Jones and not knowing what split personality it will be. He comes walking to the arena as he looks around at the crowd and smiles. He raises his arms in the air and waits for the pyro to happen before starting to punch in the air before walking to the ring. The fans cheer this version as he gets to the ring and jumps up and down before jumping on the ring apron and gets in the ring. There he takes off his sweater and stares into the eyes of Archer.

Zach Davis: These two have been waging a war since the first time that they faced off.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, I just wish my application to join Zero Tolerance would be accepted!

The bell has rang as Archer charges in on the bigger Vinnie Jones as he jumps forward to the big man and delivers series of forearms to the face of Vinnie. Causing Vinnie to take a few steps backwards before pushing Archer off of him as Archer gets to his feet and runs towards Vinnie and executes a cross body block that is being caught by Vinnie as he delivers a Samoan Drop. Causing Archer to hit the canvas hard before Vinnie slowly gets to his feet and grabs Archer by the head and lifts him up to his feet before setting him up for a Snap Suplex and drops him. He then goes for the cover as the referee manages to count to two before Archer gets his shoulder up in time. Vinnie gets up as he looks at the crowd, who some of them are cheering him on as others are chanting Archer’s name. He pulls Archer to his feet before whipping him in the ropes before going for a clothesline as Archer ducks and runs to the other side of the ropes before delivering a dropkick to the knee of Vinnie. Causing the bigger man to drop to the canvas as Archer grabs the painful leg of Vinnie and lifts it up before driving the painful knee in the canvas. Causing Vinnie to grab his knee in pain as he is rolling around the ring.

Zach Davis: Good tactic from the smaller Adrian Archer

Crowd: Let’s go Vinnie!! Vinnie Sucks!! Let’s go Vinnie!! Vinnie Sucks!!

Freddy Whoa: I guess the crowd is mixed in their feelings towards Vinnie!!

Archer puts the leg down on the canvas as he jumps upwards before driving his knee into the knee of Vinnie before locking him in a Single Leg Boston Crab.submission hold. Vinnie is pushing his upper body off the canvas as he is trying to crawl to the bottom rope as he drags Archer to the bottom rope. He is close to the ropes as Archer let’s go off the leg and drops an elbow to the back of Vinnie’s neck before locking his hands around the chin of Vinnie as he places his knee in the back of his neck while the referee is checking on the member of Zero Tolerance. Vinnie finally manages to grab the ropes as the referee is using the five count on Archer to break the hold as he does so at the count of four.

Crowd: Behold!! Behold!! Behold!!

Archer grabs the head of Vinnie as he drives his knuckles into the forehead of the bigger man as the referee is doing a five count on Archer as he is warning him on the illegal use of the fist. Vinnie suddenly grabs the head of Archer after Archer stops the onslaught and drives him down with a jaw breaker. This causes Archer to fall backwards in the middle of the ring as Vinnie feeling his painful knee before turning his attention to Archer. He grabs him by the head and delivers a head butt to the face of Archer before locking him by the waist and delivers a Belly to Belly suplex to Archer before going for the cover.

Refeee: One!! Two!!

Archer manages to kick out as Vinnie wraps his powerful arm around the chin of Archer and locks him in a reverse chin lock. Archer complains that Vinnie holds on to his hair as the referee checks the complaint, giving Archer to poke Vinnie’s eye and that causes Vinnie to let go. Archer runs towards the turnbuckle and jumps up the top turnbuckle as he jumps off with a moonsault on top of Vinnie, who with one good eye catches him by the waist and holds him in a Bearhug with Archer’s head to the ground and his legs up in the air as the fans cheer Vinnie on.

Crowd: People’s man!! Clap clap clap People’s man!! Clap clap clap

Vinnie squeezes harder and harder before pulling Archer over his shoulder and then walks to the corner before executing a Running Powerslam. Bouncing Archer off the canvas before going for the cover as the referee counts to two as Archer manages to get his foot on the bottom rope. Vinnie looks at the foot as he pulls him up to his foot and whips him in the ropes for a back body drop, but Archer manages to stop and grabs the head of Vinnie and yanks him hard on the canvas. Giving Archer a few moments to catch his breath before getting to his feet. Dropping series of fists to the skull of Vinnie before getting to the ropes and gets on the apron for a guillotine leg drop from the ropes and hits the move on Vinnie before hooking the leg as he counts along with the referee

Zach Davis: One!! Two!! Thr…

Freddy Whoa: No!!!

Vinnie rolls his shoulder off the canvas right on time as this causes Archer to look at the referee in shock. Asking for the three count, but only gets the count of two.

Crowd: Let’s go Archer!! Archer Sucks!! Let’s go Archer!! Archer Sucks!!!

Archer signals for the figure four leg lock as he locks the leg of Vinnie, but just as he spins around he gets kicked in the backside by Vinnie. This causes Archer to be pushed into the referee as Vinnie gets to his feet. Awaiting the backwards staggering Archer before he drives him to the canvas with a clothesline to the back. Vinnie stares at Archer as he is seemingly out cold before looking at the crowd as he lifts his thumb up in the air in anticipation to the crowd wanting a thumbs up or thumbs down for the finisher on Archer.

Zach Davis: What will the people say!!!

Freddy Whoa: Whatever it is, the people will cast judgment on Archer!!!

The crowd is confused. Some do a thumbs up and chant Archer because they like him, some do a thumbs up because they want to see the finisher on him. Some do a thumbs down because they don't want to see Vinnie Jones finish him, some do a thumbs down because they DO want to see the finisher. Jones shakes his head and just decides on hitting the Rude Awakening Neckbreaker.

Zach Davis: Our fans are idiots.

Jones pins Archer.




The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: Confused fans or not, Vinnie Jones didn't hesitate and he advances in the Trilogy Cup Tournament!

Trilogy Cup Tournament Match
David Sanchez vs Kevin Bishop

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, we have had a fantastic night! Up next we have the last of the Trilogy Cup matches for the evening.

Freddy Whoa: Its Davis Sanchez verse Kevin Bishop; let’s see who advances.

The arena falls into a tepid silence as the opening guitar riff to Royal Blood’s “Out of the Black” begins to trickle out of the PA system, starting quiet and building to a thunderous din as the words kick into action. The crowd are perplexed at first until the screen does the legwork in identifying who is coming to the ring by showing highlights from the career of David Sanchez’ various matches..

The song plays on as the audience erupts into a sea of distasteful chants and a rapture of hissing, gesturing and miscellaneous disapproving noises. David Sanchez appears center stage, his eyes unblinking as he soaks in the loathing. Dressed in his simple wrestling gear of purple cage-fighting shorts, taped wrists, Black and purple boots, capped with cut-off, black gloves he appears a much different man than he does behind the curtain. In contrast to his drug-addled antics of promos both past and present, as well as the everyday struggles and politics of being the mayor, this impressive specimen wears only one additional item to approach the ring, a T-shirt he had launched through his wives’ online fashion outlet. The slogan branded on this simple black garment reads “[FEAR] Fuck Empathy” in purple font.

David’s emotionless stare at the crowd turns into a grimace at hearing their hatred towards him, even as he rebuilds their city, he was still always known as the bad guy. He begins a slow pace to the ring. No pyrotechnics are launched, nor do the lights flicker. He believed simplicity was more intimidating than flashing strobes, smoke and fireworks. As he walks he removes the aforementioned T-shirt, an action which draws a slight stirring from the fans closest to the ramp who believe they may be given this item of clothing. Instead, upon acknowledging this optimism, Sanchez simply hangs the T-shirt over the optical lens of the cameraman who had been documenting his walk to the ring, causing a momentary fault in focus which is quickly dealt with as the low hissing turns into a tidal wave of boos by those disheartened by his inability to share.

I’ve got a gun for a mouth,
‘Got a bullet with your name on it.

As the music shifts back to a heavy guitar solo, David Sanchez slides under the bottom ropes and leaps back to his feet, staring down the ring announcer without so much as batting an eyelid at the audience. With this final blatant disregard for showmanship he turns back to the stage, awaiting his opponent whilst stretching out his limbs in a warm-up. He acts as though the arena is empty, as if this was simply a practice run. A slightly troubling smile appears on his previously void of emotion complexion as the music ceases and the crowd’s obvious resentment for his presence surrounds him like a warm blanket of hate.

Zach Davis: Davi Sanchez, looking to bounce back from his loss to FPV and maybe he can do it off the back of the Peoples Champion.

The lights in the arena go black and a hush falls upon the fans when the tron lights up pure white. “Unholy Confessions” by Avenged Sevenfold blares over head and white strobes beam down on a group of people in black hoods and Plague doctor masks, as the lights beam down on them, the move away to reveal The Plague Kevin Bishop holding out his arms taking in the roar of the crowd. He wears his black studded leather vest and his hair drips wet as he shakes his head to the music. Kevin applies his wrist tape as he makes his way down the ramp with the fans reaching out to him. Towards the end of the ramp Kevin runs to the ring and slides in. He stands in the middle of the ring for a second with a grin on his face as he takes in the roaring of the crowd. Finally he lifts his arms and a barrage of sparks rain down onto him and the ring. He makes his way to the far corner and awaits his opponent.

Freddy Whoa: These men both want it. You can see it in their eyes, Zach.


Both men lock up in the middle of the ring and battle back and forth for position but it is Bishop who gets the upper hand with a knee to the gut and an elbow to the back of the head. Sanchez goes to a knee as Bishop continues with elbows to the back of the head but Sanchez gets up and starts firing back with fists of his own. Sanchez connects with an European uppercut to create some distance. Sanchez tries to take Bishop down but Bishop lifts him up and pancakes him down. He starts stomping at Sanchez but Sanchez uses his grappling to take Bishop down and counter into a half crab. Bishop grabs the ropes and the red calls for the break.

Zach Davis: Bishop wisely getting to the ropes.

Bishop rolls under the bottom rope and leaps up and spring boards off with an elbow. Sanchez hots the mat and Bishop does for the pin.

the pin.



NOO!! Sanchez kicks out.

Both men get to teir feet as Sanchez checks his lip for blood and immediately explodes with a running knee to the gut.

Zach Davis: And Sanchez with a kitchen sink style running knee that laid Bishop inside out.

Bishop tries to get to his feet using the ropes but Sanchez connects with kicks to the chest.

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez wants to end this fast. He is mad, angry and looking to get back into the top of the card. He is going to ground the high risk Bishop.

Sanchez clotheslines Bishop through the middle rope and to the floor. Bishop slaps the apron as he stomps around the outside to the steel steps. He gets back into the ring as Sanchez charges him again. Bishop side steps and propels Sanchez shoulder first into the steel post. Bishop grabs Sanchez by the trunks and throwing him back into the corner. Bishop leaps up and hangs over the ropes with Sanchez, locking him into a triangle choke.

Zach Davis: Bishop letting Sanchez know that he can use submissions too.

The ref counts to four and calls for the breaks but Sanchez is able to power Bishop up and over the ropes into a pinning powerbomb combination.

The pin..



Freddy Whoa: Sanchez with his legs on the ropes.

The ref sees the dirty moves and stops the count.

Bishop rolls Sanchez through and pins him with a fist full of tights.

the pin.




Sanchez kicks out.

As Sanchez gets to his feet he is taken down with a spike ddt but Sanchez uses his martial arts skill to flip through it unharmed. He turns around and connects with a trust kick that drops Bishop to a knee. Sanchez walks up behind Bishop and punches him in the throat.

Freddy Whoa: Down Boy!

Bishop falls to the ground hold his throat and kicking his legs in pain as Sanchez kicks him in the ribs. Bishop gets to his feet as Sanches swings at him but Bishop ducks it and Bishop reverse suplexes the Sanchez onto the top rope and bounces him overhead into a dragon sleeper on the mat.

Zach Davis: The only way to stop a technical guy like Sanchez is to be technical yourself.

The ref checks Sanchez’s arm.




Sanchez fights out of and turns things into a single underhook spike ddt of his own.

the pin.





Bishop gets his foot on the ropes. Sanchez waits for Bishop to get to his feet, hoping to finish the match right now. Sanchez locks up with Bishop and hits a spike Quakendriver!

Zach Davis: Hallow Dreams!

The pin!




Zach Davis: And David Sanchez puts the Peoples champion on ice in quick fashion.

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez is a man possessed. He is looking to get crack again at the world title and if he has to walk through Trilogy to get it, he will.

Andre Holmes Segment

The camera feed displays the live visual of Andre Holmes walking backstage. He has the black leather hoodie over his head, only his face is revealed to the camera lens. Andre pumps his gloves against each other and rubs the WCF Hardcore Championship belt around his waist. Los Angeles cheers for their champion who is about to go in that ring and face off against his biggest opponent yet, Odin Balfore.

Freddy Whoa: Andre Holmes is scheduled for his Hardcore match to defend the title tonight against Odin Balfore. The look on his face says it all. He is ready for the action tonight.

Zach Davis: Wait, why is he stopping?

Andre pauses in his step to witness Jayson Price discussing with a few staff and other important officials in the business. He unstraps the Hardcore Title belt and holds it tightly in his hands. Sneaking up behind him until yelling at the top of his voice.


Jayson turns around confused at the outburst to eat metal banging against his forehead. Andre helps him back up to his feet then charges with body to barge it through an equipment box. Some of the equipment on top covers Jayson and Andre continues on his way with a huge smirk on his face.




Hardcore Title Match
Odin Balfore vs Andre Holmes

The Staples Center has been sold out for the first key point of the Trilogy Cup. Timebomb has chosen to have Los Angeles, California. With so much matches on the card, the audience of LA are looking forward to the consistent level of five star performances. The cameras cut to Freddy Whoa and Zach Davis seated behind the announce table ready to call the action of the WCF Hardcore Championship Match.

Freddy Whoa: Welcome back to Timebomb and now we are moving onto our next match. A lot of people have waited to see who would be Andre Holmes’ first title defense but no one expected for him to choose Odin Balfore.

Zach Davis: Yeah! He went live on Sunday Night SLAM and literally called out Odin Balfore to be his first championship defense of his new Hardcore Title reign. Who the hell does that nowadays?

Freddy Whoa: Andre Holmes! He said he was tired of waiting for a challenge, he wanted to do something different with the WCF Hardcore Championship by taking on the best wrestlers in the world. I commend him on his choice but I think he may have bit off more than he could chew.

Zach Davis: Well, actions prove the facts not words. We’re about to come into the WCF Hardcore Championship Match. Andre Holmes defends the WCF Hardcore Championship against The All Father, Odin Balfore!

The cameras change the angle to Kyle Steel standing in the center of the ring. He has a microphone held under his chin and he gets the cue from the production truck to begin with the match introductions.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen! This is a Hardcore Match scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF Hardcore Championship!

All lights are dark, the entire audience in a pitch black blanket. The guitar riff soothes as grey video clips of Andre Holmes preparing backstage is shown on the titantron. “Relentless” by New Years Day officially begins cuing the strobe lights to flash around the audience, dancing along to the beat of the song. He is in the full view of the audience, covering his head under the black leather hoodie.


He starts his way down the ring patting the championship belt around his waist. Andre takes a quick pause in his step as the lyrics of the song are heard. “Tear Me Down...It Won’t Build You.” He unhooks the belt from around his waist and raises it above his head. A flash of white fireworks emerges from the stage behind him then all the lights in the arena brighten once again.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first! Hailing from Houston, Texas! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at 201 pounds. He is the WCF Hardcore Champion, “Relentless” Andre Holmes!

Wearing a simple black, and red design underwear with a long sleeve black arm wear covering his right forearm with "Holmes" engraved in red across it. His MMA gloves sponsored by tap-out representing his striking background. Along with that, "Relentless" is tattooed down his spine, and his black knee pads are custom-made with his insignia of his graphically designed initials on each pad. Finally, his leg padding covers the lower part of his legs, and his boots are striped in red, and black together.

Freddy Whoa: Andre Holmes made a great comeback into the WCF by beating Crazy J at Rise Up but now he has possibly the biggest challenge of his career. Odin Balfore who he challenged and he said that defeating him would not only cement his reign but prove he deserves to belong at the top.

Andre is standing on the middle turnbuckle outside of his corner. Smoke covers his entire body from below, the lights in the arena shut off except for a single spotlight shining behind him. The visual effect of his silhouette is shown to the crown in that lone wolf pose raising the championship belt in his right hand. After the lights come back, he hops over the top rope into his corner.

Zach Davis: The WCF Hardcore Champion looks very confident tonight. He wanted Odin Balfore and he’s been training for this. Andre Holmes realized from the start what he would be getting himself into so expect him to fight until he can’t anymore.

“Ready Or Not”

The lights in the arena shut off as the lyrics begin. Andre stands in his corner warming up as he threw his hoodie at ringside.

“Here I come”

The titantron shows different clips of Odin Balfore when the lyrics pop up around the interior of the Staples Center. Los Angeles starts singing along.

“Gonna Find You”


“Ready or Not” by The Fugees officially begins and all the lights are restored. Odin Balfore in his marvelous physical state walks out to center stage receiving the full praise of nearly over 20,000 fans cheering the legendary future Hall of Famer. He waves his hands around his waist gesturing a new champion while Andre paces back and forth next to the ropes.


Odin starts his walk down the entrance path. Every step of that giant form nearly shakes the arena and he has his eyes locked around Andre’s championship belt hanging over his shoulder. He points at Andre and mocks him on his way down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his opponent! Hailing from The Federal District, Poon Guinea! At seven feet tall, weighing in at 340 pounds. He is Odin Balfore!

Odin stands before the apron; He holds onto the top rope then pulls himself to stand on the apron. He pushes down the top rope then steps over it to get inside the center of the ring. One arm raised in the air, the fans at ringside go wild while Andre hands the belt to the referee.

Freddy Whoa: The former WCF World Champion Odin Balfore is ready to win his second WCF Hardcore Championship reign. He was a little surprised Andre challenged him and put his championship on the line but Odin never thought he would go through. Odin believes Andre made the biggest mistake of his life.

Andre knows that he can’t go a full force on Odin point blank. The physical attributes are weighing in Odin’s favor by a landslide. Odin on the other hand wants to break Andre Holmes quickly and get the match over with but Andre won’t go down without a fight. The referee raises the championship belt high in the center of the ring as Odin’s entrance music fades away.

Zach Davis: Odin Balfore versus Andre Holmes in a Hardcore Match. This is David versus Goliath. I don’t know what Andre could do but he has to do something right now.

Ding Ding Ding!

Andre tightens the straps of his MMA gloves while Odin rubs his palms. The two leave their corner but Andre keeps his distance. Odin is trying to get close but his opponent is good at keeping distance due to his striking background. It’s a game of chess; who is willing to make the first move?


Andre takes the first chance by sweeping in and striking Odin with a couple of Roundhouse Kicks into his right thigh. He ducks under a right arm and counters with another shot into the targeted thigh again. One more duck under the right arm opens a Spinning Back Kick into the ribs. It stuns Odin enough for him to run into the ropes and leap up for a Dropkick but Odin catches him on his shoulder.

Zach Davis: That is not way you want to be right now ANDRE!

His back is nearly blown out after being driven into the turnbuckles. There Odin has him pinned against the corner then starts driving his shoulder into his ribs repeatedly. Andre falls onto his stomach until Odin helps him back on his feet. With a great throw, Andre is ragdolled nearly over the center of the ring into the opposing corner.


Freddy Whoa: Oh my God! He threw him like a piece of trash, Andre nearly flew higher than a Back Body Drop and Odin is just getting warmed up!

Odin walks over to help him up onto his feet. A knee uprooted into his chin almost knocks the entire air out of him. Andre gets sent into the ropes where he rebounds to suffer a Big Boot blowing through the ropes and out of the ring. He collapses down at ringside while Odin raises his arm. He knows he’s in complete control of the pace and the momentum.


Odin takes a step over the top rope into the apron but that’s when Andre hops up as well. He springs off his feet and kicks Odin in the jaw with a Gamengiri that shakes him on the apron. Still standing, Andre leaps up again using the top rope to aid him in a stronger Gamengiri. Odin falls off the apron onto his feet and Andre backs up pressed against the turnbuckles as the distance is made.

Freddy Whoa: Two Gamengiris into the skull of Odin Balfore and he’s still not down! Andre Holmes is entering into the ring and he’s got a chance!

Damn right he does. He runs into the ropes and gets an extra spring in his step to charge back to Odin. He dives through the bottom and middle rope thus spearing Odin in the ribs to drive him back first against the edge of the announce table.

Zach Davis: Heat Seeking Missile! The suicide dive between the bottom and middle rope; Odin Balfore is still standing on his feet. Andre is going on the apron again.

Odin is leaning against the announce table while Andre springs back up on the apron. He holds onto the top rope then makes one leap on top of it. Andre springboards back into a Moonsault but Odin catches him on his right shoulder. He spins him around and drives his body through the commentary table exploding it into pieces. Andre lies down on the wreckage nearly a broken mess while Odin goes for the pin!


Freddy Whoa: Shoulder Powerslam through the announce table! I’m glad we got out of the way just in time and here is the pin attempt!



Andre kicks out and Odin can’t believe it. He stands on his feet while the referee confirms it’s two. Balfore on the other hand starts digging under the ring to throw in some chairs and a trash can containing a kendo stick as well. He walks over to Andre who is struggling to stand up. If you thought he’d go easy, this is a Hardcore Match. No one goes easy on anyone.

Zach Davis: Andre Holmes is in the worst position of the match. Odin Balfore has taken control of the pacing and already got most of the weapons inside the ring. He’s going to obliterate Andre Holmes.

Andre gets tossed into the steel steps. His back explodes the steps away from each other and he ragdolls from the blow into the barricade. He tries to get up as quickly as he can but when he turns around, Odin turns him inside out from a Running Lariat. He lands nearly on the top of his head and rolls over onto his back for Odin to score another pin attempt.



Andre kicks out yet again and Odin has had enough. He picks up one of the steel steps and pushes it under the bottom rope into the ring. Holmes is rolled under the bottom rope and Odin hops onto the apron before walking over the top rope. He picks up a steel chair along the way, stalking Andre who crawls to the ropes to get some distance.


Freddy Whoa: Andre Holmes can barely walk let alone even wrestle. Stay down Andre and just live to wrestle another day! Look out Andre!

Andre is back on his feet and Odin rushes in behind him swinging the steel chair. Holmes drops to the canvas letting his opponent slam the steel chair on the top rope that rebounds the momentum, smacking the chair in his face!



While Odin is rubbing his hand, Andre is already on the top rope. He leaps forward in the air to Missile Dropkick Odin in the chest. The force of the strike pushes Odin back enough to hit his back against the turnbuckles but he doesn’t stop there. Andre gets up and charges forward in the canvas to land a Running Dropkick into his chest again to add more pressure on the offense.


Odin walks out of the corner and Andre comes back to him with a good kick into the ribs that forces him to bend over. He knocks Odin onto his knees with a Rolling Elbow into the same forehead he smacked the chair with. With Odin on his knees, he steps to the side and starts delivering those back to back rapid Roundhouse Kicks into the targeted chest.

Crowd: OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!

Zach Davis: Dropkick after Dropkick! Now kick after kick! Andre Holmes has Odin Balfore exactly where he wanted and now he’s turning the pressure with his striking! The Relentless Hardcore Champion may have a chance after all! He could actually retain the WCF Hardcore Championship!

The last Roundhouse Kick digs deep right into the lungs. Andre steps back before spinning around to attempt a Tornado Kick. Odin catches him on the right leg before tossing him into the ropes. When Andre rebounds, Odin presses his hands against his chest before throwing him in the air to catch him seated on the shoulders. The worst case scenario happens and that’s a Pop Up Powerbomb onto the steel steps! BANG!








Andre lifted up a shoulder inches before the hand was made. Odin stands on his knees holding onto each side of his face. He didn’t expect Andre to be this resilient in the match but what could he expect? Andre is one tough son of a bitch who never quits even when he’s supposed to.


Freddy Whoa: They have every right to cheer this is awesome. Odin Balfore is pulling every card out of his sleeve yet Andre won’t fall for his tricks. His body is almost destroyed and he refuses to go down.

Odin kicks the steel steps out of the ring and goes down on his knees to drop closed fists into his forehead. It opens a cut above his right eye, busting him wide open with blood pouring down his face onto the canvas. Odin backs off and yells at Andre to stare down. The referee checks on the champion’s condition, strongly considering to call the match off.

Zach Davis: I don’t know what we can say to you. The brutality Andre Holmes is receiving is almost out of this match entirely. Oh my god! No, ODIN NO! NOT THE RAGNAROK! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Odin is bent down and has his hand raised. Andre starts crawling in his direction, dragging his dead weight by the arms. He grabs onto his opponent’s tights and uses it to stand on his knees. Odin latches his hand around his throat almost choking the life out of him until Andre gets the strength to grab the Kendo Stick on the mat. One smack and Odin’s on his knees after a Kendo shot nearly pops his balls open.



Andre wobbles back and forth on his legs while holding the Kendo Stick in his hands. He swings the weapon over and over, striking Odin anywhere the stick lands. The crowd is on their feet going crazy and Andre cracks the Kendo Stick in pieces over his opponent’s head. He finished where he was left off and nails a Tornado Kick into the temple of Odin who falls face first on the canvas.






No! Odin kicks out and Andre flies off the pin near the ropes. He rubs the blood off his face and uses the ropes to get back on his feet. Odin shakes his head and start rising up like no damage was caused. Seeing the trash can near him, he gets an idea. Andre shoves the trash can in between the top and middle turnbuckle then marches over to Odin.


Odin turns around and Andre sprints into him. One great leap and he lands a sick Dropkicksault stumbling Odin back into the corner. He lands on his chest then gets up. As Odin is stuck in the corner, he tries another sprint but Odin lands a European Uppercut nearly throwing Andre halfway across the ring. He bends down, measuring Andre barely getting up in the corner.


For a tall old man, Odin can damn sure run. He blasts out of the corner and dives into Andre who moves out of the way through the ropes. Odin smashes his head into the garbage can, crushing it between his skull and the steel post.



Andre gets back up on his feet and sees Odin’s head stuck in between the middle and top turnbuckle. He backs up where he has enough distance until charging to nail a Yakuza Kick crushing his skull against the steel post. Odin’s arms goes limp then his body slumps out of the position down onto his back. Andre gets into the ring and hops on his chest for a pin attempt.







Odin shoves a shoulder up and Andre lies beside him. Los Angeles is going nuts for the crazy action between David and Goliath. Everyone stands on their feet to applaud their efforts but Andre doesn’t want an applause, he wants victory. He is the first one to stand on his feet as he looks between Odin, the chair, and the corner.

Freddy Whoa: What the hell is Andre thinking?

Zach Davis: I don’t know. Wait, he has a steel chair in mind!

Odin is still on the canvas and he’s exhausted for the first time in the match. Andre picks up the steel chair and then starts smashing it on his head. He continues to smash it over and over out of a bloodthirsty frenzy, Balfore lies down getting ragdolled and tenderized on the back of his head by the repeated steel chair shots.

Crowd: OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!



He threw the dented chair out of the ring then grabbed the nearest chair. Opening it a little, Andre shoved Odin’s head in between then left him in the center of the ring. He spat blood onto his body as a form of disrespect then limped all the way to the corner. Andre started climbing all the way to the top turnbuckle, every fan off his seat for what could be the most dangerous moment of Timebomb.



Andre Holmes took a deep breath then a huge chance. He leaped backwards in the air before Corkscrew into a 450 degree flip. On the way down, he crushed Odin’s head in between the chair by landing a Phoenix Splash on top of the chair with his head in it. Andre rolls away squirming like a fish out of water, covering his ribs with both arms as Los Angeles has their breath taken away!




Andre struggles to make it on top of Odin Balfore who rolls over onto his back. Instead, he just places an arm on his chest and the referee slides onto the mat for the pin attempt.





Ding Ding Ding!

“Relentless” by New Years Day plays again and Andre lies down on the canvas covering his ribs. The referee signals for medical attention to assist both men on the canvas who are completely down. Los Angeles is proud of these two warriors putting everything on the line and Andre Holmes is handed the Hardcore Championship belt while being attended to.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner and STILL the WCF Hardcore Champion, Andre Holmes!

Andre sits up and uses the help of the medical staff to stand on his feet. He barely raises the championship high over his head while Odin sits up on the canvas leaned back against the ropes. Andre drops down on his knees next to Odin, both men breathing heavily. Andre extends his right arm to the best opponent he ever had, opening his hand for a shake.

Zach Davis: We thought Andre Holmes would be at a demise but apparently, we were wrong! Andre Holmes has proved why he is the two time WCF Hardcore Champion. Look at that, he’s offering Odin a handshake.

Although they can’t stand up right now, Odin shakes his hand. Los Angeles applauds these honorable warriors. Andre truly deserves this victory.

Freddy Whoa: We’ll be right back for our next match. Congratulations to Andre Holmes on retaining the WCF Hardcore Championship and a well done performance by Odin Balfore!

Skyler Striker vs Gravedigger

Kyle Steel: The following is a hardcore match, set for one fall. In this match the WCF Universe will be responsible for providing all of the weapons to the superstars.

The crowd scream 'whoa-oh whoa-oh oh' and in doing so introduce Skyler Striker. Striker makes his way to the ring in his usual fashion, focused and determined. Once inside, he stands in the center of the ring and bows his head, his arms outstretched and fists clenched. He then opens his palms to the audience, causing white pyro to explode from the ring posts. Striker throws his effects out of the ring and prepares for the match.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, Skylerrrrrrrrrr Stiiiiiikeeerrrrrrr!

The lights go out. They stay off for about 15 seconds or so before "Change" by Deftones starts playing throughout the arena. A spotlight hits the entranceway and Gravedigger emerges from the back with a pair of MS-13 bikers in tow. He throws his arms out and yells out with a look of rage on his face. The crowd drowns the Legend in boos and his face quickly turns into a smirk as he looks out at the crowd before finally focusing in on the ring.

Gravedigger starts slowly walking down the ring, the air still thick with boos as the smirk is etched on his hardened face. As the trio reaches the ringside area, the two bikers walk off to one side as Gravedigger jogs up the nearby ring steps. He steps in between the top and middle rope and bounces into the ring. He walks around the ring looking out at the crowd before finally stopping at one of the turnbuckles. He stands on the middle pad and smirks out at the crowd as they continue to rain boos down upon him.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, Grrrraaavediggerrrrr!

Both men stare across from each other as the bell rings. They carefully eye each other up and circle around the center of the ring. Digger fakes an attack, but Striker doesn’t fall for it. Finally they lock up and engage in a strength test, which Digger easily gets the best of. He twists Striker’s arms behind his back and promptly locks in a rest hold.

Zach Davis: What a heel maneuver! This crowd is apoplectic! They wanted action!

Skyler tries to wriggle out but Digger is too strong. The crowd boos!

Striker begins tapping the mat, and the crowd starts clapping along. Striker is gaining some strength as he starts pushing Digger up and getting to his feet. Right before Striker can force his way out on his own, Digger shoves Striker off and rolls out of the ring. Striker chases him out. Gravedigger runs around the ring and slides back in. As Striker follows him in, he gets caught in another rest hold.

Freddy Whoa: This crowd is going absolutely insane with boos out of pure hatred for Gravedigger! They want unremitting violence and all he’s giving them is a bathroom break.

Skyler Striker begins building up momentum once again and is fighting with all his might to free himself from the rest hold.

Zach Davis: Skyler has a real uphill battle in his fight against the much stronger Gravedigger!

Skyler gets up to a knee… then another…. and he plants one of his feet! He’s almost out! Digger growls and tries to wrench him back down, but Skyler twists his small frame around and wriggles right out of the chinlock! He scurries away quickly, and spots someone holding a steel chair in the front row.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! A steel chair! Where did this fan get a steel chair in a wrestling arena?!

Striker slides out after the chair. He reaches his hand out, but oh no! He feels a firm, maternal grip on his other right arm! Before he knows it, he is twisting and contorting into an all too familiar position!

Zach Davis: Oh for fuck’s sake, this crowd is about to murder Gravedigger! He just locked in a abdominal stretch! Another vicious, grueling rest hold!

Skyler writhes in anger as he feels his body stretch in slightly uncomfortable inconvenience. He begins to think this is an exercise in futility, and there is no escape from this brutal submission hold. The agonizing look on his face conveys to the crowd, he may well be considering tapping out!

But wait! Out of nowhere, a morbidly obese fan seems unable to take anymore of this absolute punishment of his favorite wrestler! He hurdles the barricade, almost slipping over it with the sweat profusely oozing out of every pore in his body from how distraught he is at the plight of Skyler Striker. He slowly makes his way up behind the unaware Gravedigger and reveals his secret weapon when he pulls a fresh out of the oven hot pocket from his neckbeard!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! A fan just jumped the barricade! We need security before he ruins this five star classic! What is he going to do with a hot pocket?!

Gravedigger begins laughing in the face of all the fans brandishing their unique and overall odd arsenal of weapons, completely unaware of the looming threat seconds away from him. The obese man dangles the incendiary bomb a few inches above gravedigger’s shimmering bald head and gives it a gentle but firm squeeze. The delicious yet lava-esque ooze dribbles all over the hairless surface. Gravedigger lets out an ear piercing scream and releases the rest hold, much to the fan’s approval. Striker retreats for some well needed recovery. As the gravedigger scrambles in panicked agony, he tries to rub the substance off his head with his bare hands.

Freddy Whoa: Rub rub rub rub rub rub rub.

By the time the hotpocket is removed, digger has thoroughly burned both of his hands.

Zach Davis: Oh my! It will be hard for Gravedigger to apply anymore rest holds with his hands burned up like that!

As security is dealing with the overweight threat Gravedigger returns to the ring where Striker is laying face down recovering the physically exhausting abdominal stretch. He goes for the cover when out of nowhere Striker rolls over and tasers Gravedigger.

Zach Davis: My god! Striker must have grabbed a taser off one of the security guards when they were focused on the overweight intruder!

Striker goes for the cover.



Freddy Whoa: Whoa! What a shockingly electrifying kick out from Gravedigger!

Digger still can’t quite recover from the unexpected attack, so he lies on the ground to catch his breath, while also trying to contemplate how to apply a rest host with burned hands and a heart rate of 206. Skyler Striker decides to go for a standing moonsault on his downed opponent. He gets in position and leaps backwards into the air, coming down hard on Gravedigger’s raised knees! He crumples to the mat as pain shoots up his spine. Gravedigger finally gets to his feet and kicks his downed opponent. He looks at the array or weapons at ringside and goes to pick his favorite.

He slides out of the ring and heads toward a nearby fan holding a motorcycle muffler.

Zach Davis: That man looks suspiciously like the gangbangers in Gravediggers entrance!

Digger grabs the muffler and slides back into the ring. Skyler is standing up against the rope recovering when he sees Digger get back in. He charges at him, not noticing the muffler in his hand. Gravedigger whips it out and charges back, delivering a Grave Marker with brutal impact from the blunt object. The muffles being whipped across Striker’s larynx leaves him unconscious in the middle of the ring. Gravedigger lays the muffler across his body and ascends to the top rope.


Zach Davis: It looks like he hurt his own ribs delivering it though. He may not be able to capitalize.

Gravedigger struggles to crawl towards Striker who hasn’t moved since the clothesline. He drapes his arm across Striker’s chest.



Striker lightly rolls onto his side just in time. Both men are lying unconscious in the center of the ring. The crowd is going wild at the *Booker T voice* CAARNNAAGGGGEEE. Suddenly a chant breaks out in the arena.




The crowd’s enthusiasm seems to motivate Striker. He rolls out of the ring and sees a spotlight shining down on one fan. A muscular man with an angelic white glows is extending his clearly right out of the box, industrial grade pair of steel toed Fresh Timbs. The crowd begins screeching two decibels above an autistic level, as Striker accepts the offering and laces up his new equalizer.

Freddy Whoa: Mah nigga rockin dem fresh timbs, like sheet, whoop whoop, yo.

Skyler Striker slides into the ring and lines up the wounded Gravedigger. He tunes up the band! Stomp! Stomp! Stompstompstomp- BOOM!!!!

S U P E R K I C K with the STEEL TOED FRESH TIMBS! Gravedigger is just about knocked out! Skyler seizes the moment and goes for a pin!



Freddy Whoa: Wow.

Zach Davis: The crowd is going fucking mental and throwing trash, including several worthless clearance Katherine Phoenix t-shirts, into the ring at the disrespect of the Fresh Timbs!

Gravedigger shrugs off the attack and Hulks up, running off sheer adrenaline mixed with steroids because I mean look at this guy. He lands a series of vicious punches to Striker’s face and chest, before just swatting him to the ground like a fly. Out of the corner of his eye he spots a weapon more powerful than any of the others. In the front row, a woman in her early thirties with a “May I speak to your manager” haircut is holding up a compact blunt object ripe for Gravedigger’s picking. He walks up to it and plucks the small child right out of the mother’s hand.

Freddy Whoa: Startin’ em young, yo.

Digger firmly grips the young lad in his monstrously disfigured hands and hops back into the ring. Striker is just coming to as he turns around and gets nailed with a skull-to-skull collision.

Zach Davis: I hope that wasn’t the soft spot or we’ve got a lawsuit on our hands!

Digger proceeds to whip Striker with the toddler who takes it like a champ, knowing he is providing a five star Meltzer match. Digger backs up a step and ducks down, avoiding a wild swing, then pendulums the child right into Striker’s testicles for a low blow.

Zach Davis: Is this what happened between Milo Yiannopoulos and his Catholic priest?

Gravedigger swings the baby into position, lining him up over Striker, and nails him with the impact as he plants the baby with a Respecto right onto Striker! The impact leaves him paralyzed!

Digger sees he has easily laid out his opponent. However, knowing all the history these two have together, he wants to put an end to this rivalry once and for all. He won’t allow his formerly beautiful bald head to go unavenged. He exits the ring and stalks up the ramp to the backstage area. A minute passes. Loud rumbling and growling noises can be heard coming from behind the stage. Suddenly the entire stage crumbles and collapses as Gravedigger drives Grave Digger out onto the ramp! He powers down the ramp to ringside and parks the massive machine. He climbs down and grabs the unconscious Skyler, throwing him over his shoulder and carrying him back up to the cab of the huge truck.

Zach Davis: What is Gravedigger planning here?!

Digger shifts Skyler’s weight, and drapes him across both of his shoulders. He leans over, letting his head droop out, and jumps off the truck to fall 11 feet and deliver a massive Death Driver to the ring! The referee runs into position!




It’s over and the bell sounds! Gravedigger has put the returning legend to shame with the assist from Grave Digger!

Internet Title Match
Dag Riddik vs Katherine Phoenix

Zach Davis: It’s finally time for our co-main event! Katherine Phoenix will try to defend her Internet Championship against Dagvald Riddik inside Hell In A Cell!

The cell lowers and encloses the ring in cold steel.

Freddy Whoa: Katherine will be lucky if she even survives judging by what Dag has done to her in the weeks leading up to now.

Dag marches out in viking gear, with helmet and chainmail. He takes a moment at the top of the ramp to take in the massive cell as twin Norwegian banners unfurl from the ceiling. He draws a sword and points it to the ring, then marches to it.

Kyle Steel: The following match set for one fall, is for the Internet Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, Dagvallllllldddd Riddiiiiiiiik!

He pauses at the steel door, grasps it, and steps through it. He climbs the steps and hops up to the top rope in the corner, and chants Heil Odin! with the music before hopping down and kneeling with his blade in the center of the ring. He then sheathes the sword, takes off his gear and sets it aside as he stands in the corner waiting for his opponent.

The house lights go down as purple lights start flashing all around the arena. "Desire" by Meg Myers begins to play, as Katherine Phoenix appears at the top of the entrance ramp. She pauses for a few moments checking out her surroundings as she carefully watches her opponent pacing back and forth inside the cell. Katherine smiles to herself before proceeding to walk down to the ring, the live crowd booing her loudly.

Kyle Steel: From Los Angeles, California… weighing in at 134 pounds.... she is the self proclaimed Worlds Greatest Internet Champion and WCF Legend... KATHERINE PHOENIX!!!

The crowd again boo her loudly as Katherine just stops in the middle of the ramp, looking at the fans with complete disgust. She is seen yelling at a few of the nearby fans before stepping over to one of the fans signs and yanking it from their hands. Katherine shows the sign to the camera and it can be seen reading "Dags Gonna Kill You!" Katherine begins to laugh to herself before ripping the sign in half and throwing it down onto the ground. She finally steps down towards the steel cage and again stops to carefully examine in before walking around to the door. The referees immediately close the door and padlock it shut as Katherine slowly climbs into the ring, looking Dag straight into his eyes. She removes the title from her waist and hands it to the referee, not breaking her glance a single time, just looking across the ring directly at Dag as he stares viciously back.

She blows Dag a kiss, and he charges her, so the referee signals for the bell to sound. Kat drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Dag barrels into the ropes, reaching over the top with open hand trying to grab her by the jet black hair. He snarls and climbs over them in rage. Kat ducks down and uppercuts him in the jaw, but he barely misses a step and hops down to ringside. Kat backs off and plants a kick in his gut as she does so. He stumbles, giving her time to get around the steel steps and climb back into the ring.

Katherine lifts her arms into the air, just taunting the live crowd who were clearly very much so on Dags side here tonight, she's immediately met with more boos which she just shrugs off finding it funny how easily manipulated the people were.

Dag attempts to climb back into the ring as Katherine charges at him, striking him hard against the side of his skull, causing Dag to fall back against the hard steel cell.

Zach Davis: I don't know if this is a smart idea of Katherines right now. I mean the last time she angered Dagvald so much he lost his temper, he did kind of almost murder her…

Freddy Whoa: Right and being a Hell in a Cell match, there are no rules here tonight in this match. If he wanted to Dag could grab his sword and stab her through her heart and it'd be perfectly legal.

Zach Davis: Please don't give him ideas. I'd rather not watch someone get murdered here tonight.

Dag rubs his back after the impact with the grating steel and shrugs it off, blinded by adrenaline from his hatred for Katherine. She tries to kick him, but he hops through the ropes and grabs her legs, bringing her to the mat. He mounts and pummels her face in. She takes several shots before squirming and throwing him off balance just enough to wriggle free. He tries to stomp on her but misses by an inch. She bounces off the rope and charges him, but he sidesteps and she bounces off the ropes again, he ducks, she hops over and bounces back right into a scoop slam. She hits the mat hard and Dag drops an elbow to her sternum. He kicks her right out of the ring to use the cell as a weapon.

Zach Davis: Dag has an evil glint in his eye as he slides out of the ring!

Freddy Whoa: I’ve known Dag for quite some time, Zach… and let me tell you… this what we're seeing right here? This is a different Dagvald Riddik. Katherine made him snap when she got involved in his personal life and now she's locked in there with the man who would love nothing more than to literally kill her.

Zach Davis: I agree, I… wait… where has she gone?

Dag slides out of the ring to go after the psychotic brunette and immediately checks his surroundings unsure of where she's actually gone. After a few moments a few noises are heard under the ring, as if someone was gathering some tools together and Dag rolls his eyes as he checks under there to see what Katherine was doing.

Zach Davis: What's she doing under there… OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT?!!! Katherine Phoenix… she just… she just sprayed a fire extinguisher right into Dags eyes! That might have blinded the man!

Katherine finally reemerges from under the ring with a fire extinguisher in her grasp, again she sprays it into Dags face, white smoke completely covering the challengers upper body. Dag stumbles backwards desperately trying to see what was going on, wiping his eyes, as Katherine turns the metal object sideways in her arms and CRACKS Dag right over his head with it.

Dag almost crumples to the floor, but still his rage keeps him enduring more than he usually could. He decides to lure her in, and when she comes closer to nail him with it again he ducks down and she slams into a steel beam supporting the cell, giving an effect similar to hitting a steel mailbox with a baseball bat. She drops the fire extinguisher from the surprise pain and Dag kicks in her direction, still clearing his watery eyes. She stumbles to the ground after tripping backwards over the steel steps. Dag hops up them and comes crashing down with an elbow drop to her chest. He then looks under the ring for a weapon. He pulls out a kendo stick and turns around to unload on Katherine with it.

Zach Davis: LOW BLOW!!! Katherine just hit Dag with a low blow before he could use the kendo stick… that had to hurt!

Freddy Whoa: Ouch!

Katherine turns around to look down at Dag who was now rolling around on the floor holding his crotch. She pushes his hands away and STOMPS down hard into his privates, laughing maniacally. She pauses for a few moments to turn to the fans who were now booing her louder than her, as she just smiles evilly at them.


Zach Davis: What did she just say?!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! This woman is just pure evil…

Katherine picks Dag up off the floor and SLAMS him face first into the steel cage, she grabs him again before he can fall down onto the floor and begins to GRATE his flesh against the steel, busting him open quite badly. She slams his head into the steel pole again, this time allowing him to collapse to the floor and begins to laugh again, looking down at Dags broken down body, which now had blood running all the way down his torso.

Katherine turns around to pick up the kendo stick Dag dropped. She smiles to herself in anticipation of turning his own weapon against him. She turns back around only to feel a wet hand cuff her eye. Dag’s bloody hand blinds Kat for a moment and he grabs her by the hair, yanking her against the cell. He slams her head into the steel mesh repeatedly. Her face starts getting raw from the repeated impact. He drops her to the ground and picks up the kendo stick. He lands a harsh THWACK to her body, then another, and another, then throws it on the ground and looks back towards his corner where his gear is. He heads towards it.

Zach Davis: No… he isn't thinking what I think he is… is he?!!

Katherine slowly crawls over to the side of the cage and desperately tries to pick herself up off the floor, a nasty gash on her forehead which has also started to bleed quite badly. She slowly manages to get herself up onto her feet and slowly turns around to see Dag fumbling with the things he brought to the ring. She crawls into the ring and sneaks up behind him as he focuses on whatever he is planning.

She grabs him and hits a German Suplex, tossing him through the air. He drops his gear and hits hard. Kat looks down at it and kicks it out of the ring. She goes back to Dag as he tries to stand up and hits a northern lights suplex. She laughs and rolls back out of the ring to grab another weapon. She lifts up the ring apron and searches underneath. Meanwhile Dag comes to and crawls over to where his gear landed. Kat pulls out a steel chair and turns to see Dag bent over rummaging through his stuff on the other side of the ring. She hurries over to attack him from behind.

She raises the chair to smack him, bringing it down fast, but he whirls around and raises his Viking shield, causing severe damage to her arms again as the chair impacts the shield. She drops it and clutches her arms, and Dag smacks her with the shield like he’s brushing away a fly. She tumbles against the cell and gets some cuts on her arms. He raises the shield to bring it down again, but she rolls into the ring and scampers away.

Dagvald downs his chainmail armor lifts his sword high into the air. He then stares down Katherine Phoenix with a thousand yard gaze. The audience begins chanting “KAT FUCKED UP, KAT FUCKED UP, KAT FUCKED UP!”

Zach Davis: Ah hell… I have a feeling Seth may have to get involved here. No rules or not, he’s trying to take a stand against murders lately.

Dag marches up the steps, his gear too clunky to allow him to roll into the ring. Kat teases him inside, then rolls out the other side to quick for him to catch her. She grabs the kendo stick and starts trying to whack him from outside the ring. He swings his sword and cuts it clean in half. Kat is surprised but it just makes her giggle. She ducks down and pulls out a stack of chairs and starts throwing them forcefully in the ring, some of them hitting Dag, forcing him to scurry to the far side of the ring. Kat pulls out a light pole and hops through the ropes into the ring.

Zach Davis: No doubt Kat wants revenge for what Dag did to her a couple weeks ago!

She plays with the light pole like it’s a sword of her own, and charges Dag, just as he swings his sword, she shifts her weight on top of the steel chairs, causing them to slide and she ducks easily, nailing him in the chest with the light pole. It shatters but his chainmail chest plate protects him, though the impact still throws him off balance. She jumps him from the side, sending him to the ground as he can’t steady himself on the steel chairs which cover the mat. Kat grabs one and starts hitting Dag with it. She gets a few good shots in before he rolls out of the way and she collides with another steel chair, hurting her arms once more.

Dag rolls out of the ring, only realizing his sword is still in it once he’s out. Kat turns and spots it, grabs it, and gets a sinister smile. She stalks towards him with bad intentions. She hops over the ropes and swings her sword at him, but he jerks up his shield and blocks it, causing more stress to her arms. She drops it from the pain and Dag shrugs her aside with his shield again, knocking her against the cell again. He bends down to pick up the sword, turns around, but Kat is gone already. He instead turns to the cell itself and begins striking it with his sword.

Kat reaches under the ring and grabs another light pole and lawn darts it at Dag. It nails him in the back of the head and shatters. He turns around enraged and charges at her. She ducks and he runs right into the cell. She kicks his shin and his leg and sends him to the ground. She tries to take off his gear, but he comes to and shakes her off. They get into a punching fight and start beating the shit out of each other.

Zach Davis: This match is just as brutal as we predicted it would be!

Dag shoves off Katherine, and she stumbles back against the cell wall where he had been cutting it with his sword. She blows him a kiss again, and Dag takes the bait. He charges at her full speed with his steel helmet down, but at the last minute Kat jumps out of the way. Dag breaks through the cage and gets tangled up in it, having his chainmail armor almost ripped off his body.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Dag just broke through the cell! Not even this cell can keep these two contained!

Kat runs over and finishes ripping off the mangled Viking armor. She tosses it aside and mounts and pummels Dag. She picks him up and carries him into the ring. Dag struggles out of her grasp at the last moment, trying to stand up and fight back. He punches her gut, she ducks, kicks his side, he goes to punch back, she catches his hand, and sends him back against the ropes. When he bounces back, she hits him with a Connector! A CONNECTOR!

Zach Davis: Oh my! That’s a clear dig at Dag saying Katherine isn’t over Logan! This could be over!

The referee, who had been cowering the entire match, runs in and begins the count.





Dag just, JUST gets a shoulder up! He’s too determined to free Isabella! It won’t end like this! Kat rolls over in disbelief. She picks him up, but he shoves her off. He rolls his now horribly in pain neck and looks around. He sees the hole in the cell, and Katherine running at him with a lariat. At the last second he ducks down and rolls out of the ring, and charges for the opening. He looks back to see Kat surprised, and he begins climbing the cell.

Zach Davis: We all knew this was coming when he the cell wall broke! Things are going to get intense!

He makes it halfway up the cell and Kat sees, knowing she has no choice but to follow. She scampers out and finds a footing in the cell on the other side, using her small and wiry frame to make it up about the same time as Dag. They charge each other and start a new fistfight in the middle of the cell ceiling. Vicious exchanges are being thrown around and they are pummeling each other into a pulp with no clear advantage for either side.

They are wearing themselves down, until Kat shoves Dag off of her and he stumbles to the cell. Kat takes a moment to try and recharge. Dag isn’t having it, as he sees red and uses the last bit of energy he has to charge at the woman who tortured his beloved girlfriend. He almost flies across the cell as he leaps into the air…

Katherine catches him… and hits… another Connector…. planting him right through the cell ceiling, and falling 20 horrifying feet to the ring below, landing on the bed of steel chairs. The referee sees this and gets ready to count, thinking it must be over. Kat needs a moment to process what just happened… she hooks the leg…




The referee calls for the bell, and Dag kicks out a second too late.

Zach Davis: I can’t believe what we just saw… Dag fell twenty feet through the cell, and it was just too much, like it would be for any human on Earth. The fact that he’s still alive is the real story here… holy fuck.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa…

Instead of Kat's music playing, Master of Puppets hits.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa?

Seth steps out, holding his cell phone and reading it, scrolling through whatever, as he steps onto the stage. After several moments he puts his cell phone down and raises the mic to his lips.

Seth Lerch: Congratulations!

The crowd buzzes.

Zach Davis: These two just killed each other... who is he congratulating? For what?

Seth Lerch: This is the most upvoted, trending, reposted, reshared WCF match of all time!

The crowd pops.

Freddy Whoa: ....Whoa?

Zach Davis: What does that even mean?

Seth Lerch: What that means, everybody, is that next month at Explosion, we're gonna do it one.. more.. time.

The crowd pops again!

Seth Lerch: But this time? IN A SIXTY MINUTE IRONMAN MATCH!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Seth Lerch: And at the end of that sixty minutes, if the score is tied and we don't have a winner... This match is at Explosion... the ring will be rigged with C4 that will EXPLODE! Whoever is alive after that wins!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

With that, Seth leaves.

Zach Davis: Well hot diggity damn, we've got ourselves a rematch!

Freddy Whoa: Katherine Phoenix JUST BARELY retained her belt and she's facing Dag again next month in an EXTREMELY dangerous match. Dag isn't even conscious enough to understand!

Zach Davis: And once he is? I wouldn't want to be Katherine Phoenix.

We go to commercial.

Corey Black Retirement Tour
FPV vs Corey Black

"Spit Out the Bone" by Metallica hits the PA as the lights drop and purple lights illuminate the arena. A few moments later Corey Black emerges from the backstage area wearing a worn looking black leather vest with "ALL HAIL" - a skull with a crown - and "THE KING" on the back of it. The crowd cheers along with great appreciation, a few boos scattered in as Corey makes his way to the ring, little interaction with anyone, just focus on the squared circle. Black slides into the ring and lifts his right elbow to the sky as most of the crowd loses their mind. Corey drops his vest to the floor and simply waits in the corner, bouncing back and forth, anticipating the coming battle.

The lights dim to a blood red, as glitchy electronic noises fill the arena. Many suspect that "Ghosts n' Stuff" is about to play...until instead they get a snippet of multiple songs. First "You Know My Name," then "Mountain Song," "Ghosts 'n Stuff, "The Scott Pilgrim Anthem," and finally "Professional Griefers." This snippets play seemingly at random until all sound stops, and the lights go off completely, until three words pop up on the titantron, in big white letters.


The crowd explodes in applause as "True North" hits the P.A and Frank Patrick Venable finally makes his entrance, dressed in a dark red hoodie and wrestling tights, ready for a fight. He runs down to the ring at an almost inhumane speed, sliding into the ring from underneath the bottom rope. He panders to the always appreciative crowd before removing his hoodie and entering his corner, waiting for the bell.


The bell rings, and the two men meet in the center of the ring, crowd as hot as a pizza oven.

Zach Davis: Well folks, this is a match literally years in the making. Corey Black. Frank Venable. Retirement Tour Stop Number 2. You can really feel it tonight Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: That's right Zach. The intrigue has only grown given the fact that we now know that no matter happens tonight, FPV WILL go on to main event next month's Explosion pay per view for the World Title. Let's take this match as a preview of things to come.

Frank and Corey forego the handshake and immediately grapple in the center of the ring as the crowd softens to nothing more then a hush. Corey gets the upper hand early on, hitting Frank with a simply body slam to start. Corey then picks Frank back up for a quick chop before hitting him with a hard elbow shot early, the metal knocking Frank dizzy early. With his opponent properly dazed, Corey runs the ropes and hit Frank with a stiff dropkick on the return trip. Corey goes for the pin.


Kickout by Frank.

Zach Davis: First pin attempt of the match, and a speedy kickout out from Mr. Final Destination.

Freddy Whoa: Corey knew that wouldn't put him away. He's merely wearing him down at the moment, no need to take out the big guns this early.

Picking Frank back up, Corey hits a side slam on Frank. He attempts to drive his knees into the downed Frank's face, but FPV rolls out just in time, sending Corey's knees right into the canvas. Corey is only on the mat for a moment, but a moment is all that Frank needs as he hits him with his own knee drop, this one successful. Frank then slaps his elbow before hitting an elbow drop to the downed Black. He picks him up, grapples him and hits a classic scoop slam before going for the cover.


Kickout by Black.

Frank wastes no time going right back to work, picking Corey up, grappling him again, then hitting an over the shoulder arm drag. After an elbow show to Corey's head, Frank picks him back up to try and hit him with a scoop suplex...only to have Corey escape the move, flip out and land in his signature "superhero pose." The crowd loves it, though FPV is less then amused.

Freddy Whoa: Rare showboating from Black here. He's deliberately trying to get in Frank's head.

Refusing to get out of the pose, Frank just charges in to hit him with some sort of kick, but NO, Corey catches him before he connects and t-bone suplexes him!

Zach Davis: That tactic seems to have worked, as Corey is now back in control.

Frank tries to recover from the move, and gets up on his own two feet, only to have Corey hit a sitout neckbreaker on him. The move looks vicious, but Frank still soldiers on and gets back up. Corey punishes his tenacity by grabbing him, backing up and hitting an STO into the corner!

Zach Davis: Yowch! That move looked like it hurt.

Corey drags Frank from out the corner and makes sure he's unable to get back up. Frank begins to stir, but is quickly stopped by a knee drop right to his gut. Now satisfied, Corey goes for a pin.


Tw-Kickout by Frank.

Freddy Whoa: A hellacious sequence from Corey Black, but Frank isn't going down just yet.

As Frank gets back up, Corey starts to run, but Frank gets up quicker then Corey thought he would and dropkicks him right out of his run, prompting a pop from the crowd. The crowd has gotten a bit louder since the start of the match as more exciting moves are traded. Frank clutches his gut in pain, but fights on as he takes Corey by the hair, grapples him, BOOM Snap Suplex. BOOM, another Snap Suplex. BOOOOOOM. A THIRD SNAP SUPLEX. Three rolling snaps for Corey's troubles. Corey gets up on his own though, just like Frank did earlier, and gives Frank just enough time to hit a brainbusstaaaaaaah for a pin.



Kickout by Black.

FPV leaves Corey down on the mat, and tries for the first in no doubt many fist drops, BUT NO, Corey gets out of the way and grabs Frank by the ankles, bringing him crashing down to the mat. After quickly flipping FPV onto his back, Corey ascends to the top rope for the first time this match. He assesses the situation, then leaps with a glorious moonsault, connecting with ease to the downed Venable.


Freddy Whoa: Picture perfect, too. Frank's night may end early after all.

Corey goes for the pin.




Corey gets up, stomps on the right leg of Frank a few times, then locks in a single leg Boston Crab. Referee Stanley Moser wastes no time, asking Frank if he wants to give up.

Zach Davis: We know this is futile. Frank wouldn't quit at One, I doubt a single crab here will make him quit either.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, but that's not the purpose of this move. Corey's trying to wear him down, and so far this match it's worked.

Frank writhes in pain, but refuses to give in. In fact, with his free leg, FPV actually manages to kick Black right in the neck, getting him to ease the move just long enough for Frank to escape. Frank waits for Corey to get back up before grabbing, going for a half-nelson slam, then ending with an elbow drop for good measure. With Corey now down again, Frank hits ONE fist drop. TWO fist drops. THREE fist drops. FOUR FIST DROPS.

Zach Davis: Hey Freddy...

Freddy Whoa: Yeah Zach?


After the fourth fist drop, Frank flips Corey to his back, then locks on his own Single Crab, getting a big reaction from the crowd!


Corey look to be in pain, but not enough pain, as he managed to flip over onto his back, kicks FPV to release the hold, then gets up. He looks to be in better overall shape then Frank, and rolls right into a roaring elbow, connecting with his surgically repaired metal elbow, knocking Frank out harder then the end of the movie Friday. With Frank in perfect position, Corey once again goes to the ropes, spends but a moment getting himself set, then hits a Frog Splash onto the weakened FPV. A cover is made.




The crowd is beginning to come out of their skins as the excitement grows. Frank slowly but surely gets back up, Corey disappointed that this wasn't the end. He goes to the now standing Frank, tries to hit another elbow shot, BUT NO, Frank counters with his own! The move is only good enough to make Corey to drop his stance, but that's good enough as Frank hits a bridging Tiger '85 suplex!





Freddy Whoa: So close. This match is going places!

Corey kicks out so hard, he knocks Frank onto his back. The two men quickly get up, and begin to get in each other's faces...until Corey just stops, and kneels.

Zach Davis: Uhh...what?

Frank recognizes the opportunity, and takes his free shot, landing a tough Penalty Kick onto Corey's chest. Corey takes the move like a fucking man, and gets right back up. Frank returns the favor, and kneels down. Corey smirks, and hits an arguably TOUGHER Penalty Kick to Frank, ho writhes but takes the move all the same. Frank gets up, and Corey goads him into another free attack. Frank responds with a CHOP, only for Corey to take the move all the same. Frank extends his chest out, and gets hit with another CHOP. Thus begins a series of hellacious strikes from both competitors.

Chop from Corey.

Chop from Frank.

Chop from Corey.

Chop from Frank.











Zach Davis: MY GOD. THE CHOPS.

Freddy Whoa: It's as if Ric Flair and Kenta Kobashi opened up rival chophouses right across the street from each other. JEE-ZUS.



Frank audibly shouts "ENOUGH!" after the bajillionth chop, shoves Corey back, THEN...








Corey gets back up, his chest BEAT red. He looks fucking PISSED. OFF. He spooks FPV for only a moment, backs up, THEN HITS HIS OWN SUPERKICK.

Zach Davis: Oh FUCK.

BUT NO. FRANK REMAINS STANDING. Corey doesn't know how, but he goes for another one, only Frank scouts this one out better, and runs INTO the superkick, arm outstretched.


The arm catches Corey by surprise, and sends him right to the ground. Frank wastes no time going for the pin.




Freddy Whoa: This is just plain MENTAL.

The crowd is done with the quiet bullshit. They're cheering their hearts out for both men now.


Corey's back up. Frank tries to ride this wave of momentum into another move, BUT NO. NOT TODAY. FRANKS GETS A SHIIIIIIIIINING WIZARD. HE'S OUT COLD.





Freddy Whoa: HOW. HOW DID HE DO IT?!

Frank is on the mat, slow to get back up. Creeps tries to land a quick kick, but Frank gets a burst of speed and rolls out of the way. He's not fast enough though, and Black catches him, moving quickly to the corner. Black gets to the middle rope, and attempts another brainbuster!


NOPE. FRANK TWISTS OUT AND LANDS ON THE MAT. With an uncanny speed, Frank pushes Corey's legs to where he's sitting on the middle rope.


It only takes a second for Frank to hit a SICK superkick to the back of Corey Black's head.



The cover is made!





Crowd: THIS IS AWESOME! *clapclapclapclapclap* THIS IS AWESOME! *clapclapclapclapclap*

Now Frank is the one looking pissed off. He angrily grabs Corey to his feet, lists him up...then puts him in position...for a hammer.


Time seems to slow down as Frank has Corey in an argentinian backbreaker. Finally though, he drops Corey down RIGHT ONTO HIS FUCKING HEAD.


Zach Davis: That's it, he's done. This has to be it.








Frank is STUNNED that Corey kickedo ut at one, but Corey merely smiles, rushes him, grabs him...


Freddy Whoa: This was the move that put Frank into the Brotherhood in the first place, and having him go right into the corner could end it all right now!!

Corey covers.





Stanley Moser is SO CLOSE to missing this, and almost calls for the bell, but notices it at the last possible moment, and stops himself just in time. The crowd is now giving both men a standing ovation.

Crowd: THIS IS WRESTLING!!! *clapclapclapclapclap* THIS IS WRESTLING!!! *clapclapclapclapclap*

As the crowd cresendos into an orchestra of cheers, Corey looks to his opponent, still on the ground. He can sense the end is near. He drags Frank from out the corner, then picks him up into his own Argentinian backbreaker. Whereas Frank held it there for dramatic effect, it only take one second for Corey to hit his own Burning Hammer onto Mr. Final Destination. Cover.






Freddy Whoa: Frank thought he had Corey's number with that Burning Hammer, but Corey wouldn't go down easy and made him pay for his insolence.

Moser raises Corey's hand in victory, as Frank slowly sits up, obviously in massive pain. For the last time tonight, the two combatants lock eyes. Rather then going for another "fuck you" move, Corey opts instead to simply give Frank a nod. It takes a while for Frank to respond, but in the end returns the favor as a sign of respect.

Zach Davis: Both men dug deep in a match that surely did not disappoint after all the hype. Long live Corey Black, and long live Frank Venable!

The lights in the arena begin to strangely flicker, creating a feverish buzz throughout the crowd.

Zach Davis: What the hell is going on now, Freddy?

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! I haven’t the slightest Zach, but this can’t be good, partner…

The jumbotron lights up with a pulsing grey and black triangle symbol as the words:


Appear above the symbol; it's as if the Pantheon logo is being reflected now in a pool of ink black hell; a dark inversion of the original design. The lights throughout the arena shatter and plummet the ring into a strobing grey and black darkness. “Clockwork” by Hyper starts to play. A metronome like tick tock of a clock as weird imagery bleeds onto the surface of the 'tron. Finally we see the words:








Zach Davis: Weeks have gone by and Corey has been on the end of some serious mind games… I think we’re about to see the culmination…

The lights kick back on as three black hooded men stand in the middle of the ring, they're wearing black Plague Doctor masks. Corey and FPV both stand side by side in front of the hooded trio.

Freddy Whoa: We know one of them is Crow, but who are the other two?

Suddenly the three men pull their masks down and their hoods back, revealing themselves to be none other than Crow McMorris, Spencer Adams, and Kevin Bishop!

Zach Davis: MY GOD!!! Crow, Spencer, and Bishop!!! ALL TOGETHER!!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Look at that shock and awe on Corey and FPV’s faces!

FPV shakes his head, he doesn't know what's happening. Frank bolts out of the way as Bishop and Spencer charge forward, kicking Corey in the gut, they Irish whip CD into the ropes as Crow grabs Corey on the rebound.


Corey crashes down to the mat with a thunderous impact as all three members of The Haunted stand above the shattered legend.

Zach Davis: These three together, what does this mean?

The three throw out a fist above Corey’s downed body as the lights cut out.

Freddy Whoa: The mind games have escalated here, Zach! This just became a full scale war!

The lights come back on as Crow, Spencer, and Bishop have vanished, leaving Corey lying face down in the middle of the ring.

Last Man Standing Match
Jared Holmes vs Johnny Rabid

Zach Davis: Our next match of the night is one that will go down in the annals of WCF history.

Freddy Whoa: You're absolutely right, Zach, up next two long time partners – Jared Holmes and Johnny Rabid of #beachkrew – take a years worth of dissension into the ring tonight.

Zach Davis: To fully understand the magnitude of this fight, we're going to take you back to when this all started.

A video package begins to play, starting with the end of Major Redemption versus AC/PC. Major Redemption stands in the ring, victorious, as men begin to pour over the barricade and the opening of “Power” by Kanye West starts to play. The men charge the ring and absolutely demolish Major Redemption, leaving them beaten in the ring, frame freezing on the flags planted on Mejor, a close up of Jared Holmes in his Los Tiburones mask.

Scene transitions to a segment backstage, Hacksaw Jim Thuggin opening the door to announce a new acquisition for #beachkrew. Johnny Rabid steps through the door, and immediately superkicks Andre Aquarius into oblivion, the rest of #beachkrew bucking up the brash newcomer. Close up of Johnny Rabid and the scene transitions again.


This time, the scene transitions to various clips of Jared Holmes and Johnny Rabid subtly engaging one another, pushing each others buttons, trying to rile the other up. We cut to a few weeks ago on Slam when Jared blows off his partners in the Trios Championship match and leaves them high and dry, Rabid's face contorted with fury, Wade Moor just trying to keep all the pieces in place.


One week later, #beachkrew is defending against the Big Time Jerks once more, Rabid and Jared fighting over who gets the pin, Wade Moor doing his best to hold them together. Rabid's face goes blank, empty, as the music cuts out.

Ring Ring

Johnny Rabid: ...Jared Holmes.



The superkick heard round The World as The Ripper unleashes his fury and aggression on The King In Yellow, knocking him out clean in the center of the ring. Rabid leaves Jared Holmes out cold with a seemingly distraught Wade Moor. The scene starts to fade on the image of Rabid leaving backwards up the ramp.



The scene switches back to the arena as "The Ballad of Maxwell Demon" by Shudder to Think hits the PA as the lights go dim. A golden Eye of Horus lights up the jumbotron as "#AllHail6ixGod" appears beneath in gold lettering. A single stage light hits the center of the ramp as the music swells and booing from the crowd reaches a fever pitch. From the curtain steps Jared Holmes dressed in a full-face mirror ball mask topped with a diamond encrusted crown of thorns and long navy wool coat with gold accents.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from Hollywood, California. Weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds.... "THE SIX GOD" JARED HOLMES!

Jared steps into the spotlight, the mirror ball mask reflecting the light in a dazzling display of colors. His hands slowly raise from his sides into the air as sparks descend from the ceiling. Bringing his arms down swiftly, he continues down the ramp, his eyes concealed behind the mask but undoubtedly also on the ring. The posse moves with purpose, and upon reaching the bottom of the ring, Jared ascends the stairs and steps between the ropes. His hand coming to the back of his head, he removes the mask and raises it in the air to a chorus of boos.


Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Rabid outtah nowhere!

Johnny Rabid has forgone the niceties of walking down the aisle and has decided instead to get straight down to business! Rabid cannons from out of the crowd and attacks, clubbing rights and lefts as Rabid (dressed in his accusatory wrestling attire) is pummeling the back of Jared's head with a series of blistering combinations; Rabid grabs the mirror mask from Jared's slipping grasp and stamps on it! The mask shatters! Irish whip by Rabid, who back body-drops a reeling Jared onto the shattered pieces of the mask!

Zach Davis: Jared needs to get composed or this one is going to be over quickly!

Rabid with mudhole stomps as he drags Jared to the corner; Jared is opened up now with a nasty cut above the eye as Rabid sets him up in a tree of woe; The Ripper takes a few steps back as he prepares for a run up.

Zach Davis: This could be it. Game over, man! Game over!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Thank you, Paxton!

Rabid cannons forward as:

Jared leaps up and hits a pitch perfect PELE KICK off the top turnbuckle!


Rabid is reeling as Jared charges forward; discus lariat followed by a brainbuster!


Jared is searching under the ring now for something as Moser begins the count on a rocked Rabid.


Jared returns to the ring, with Rabid's cricket bat!


Rabid is up as Jared places the bat over his knee and ....


Close up reaction shot of Rabid's incensed face as Jared casually drops the broken wreckage of the bat onto the canvass; shrugging his shoulders with an attitude laden “an wut?” expression.

Zach Davis: The mirror mask is down! The cricket bat is down! This match already has casualties, Freddy! Expect this one to get ugly!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Rabid charges forward now as both men go for an eye rake, followed by a simultaneous kick in the balls; each time both Rabid and Jared are outmaneuvering their opposites moves a split second before they strike; countering and escaping, as if they're on the same wavelength!

Jared attempts to fracture the deadlock with a “Hammerhead Blitz” A series of jumping double forearm checks, similar to Cena's shoulder blocks. Jared lands one. Lands two. The third is not a charm as Rabid sidesteps, leaps and hits an Inverted Frankensteiner!

Zach Davis: Whoa!

Freddy Whoa: Hey, that's my line!......Whoa!

Jared and Rabid up as Jared Irish whips Rabid into the ropes, follows up with a clothesline; Rabid rebounds and hits a knee trembler, goes for a DDT, but Jared slips out like an eel and goes for a hangman neck breaker! Rabid escapes the hold as he lifts up Jared and drops him on the top rope; follows up with a superkick attempt, but Jared matrix leans back on the ropes, returns and lifts himself up; hitting the Springboard Moonsault Reverse DDT!

Zach Davis: Incredible action! What agility!


Rabid is up as Jared charges again unleashing some brutal looking knife chops!


Rabid fires back with some of his own!


Roundhouse kick attempt by Rabid is intercepted by Jared who lifts Rabid up; Jared is going for the Babymaker electric chair drop, Jared lets go at the apex of the move, but Rabid lands gracefully and rolls out of the way of the punt kick! Rabid rebounding off the ropes now for added momentum as he hits a drop kick sending Jared to the outside!

Rabid with the run up again and hits a soaring suicide plancha as--


Jared with a steel chair shot that collides with Rabid's skull as he flies though the air! Rabid is down in a heap as Moser begins the count.


Jared searches for a weapon under the ring as Rabid stirs. Rabid up at eight as Jared has a kendo stick!


Across the back of Rabid, Jared goes for it again as Rabid hits a roundhouse kick, snatching the weapon and delivering a vicious shot to the throat of Jared! Both men visibly opened up now.


Jared with a sweep as Rabid stumbles! Jared grabs the stick from his opponent and goes to deliver a shot of his own.


Jared raises the stick for another shot but is stung with a low blow for his trouble; Rabid with the stick again...


The stick snaps under the assault as Rabid is eye poked, and then Irish whipped into the steel steps. Jared grabs the steps and lifts them above his head as Rabid hits a drop toe hole that sends Jared's skull slamming into the unforgiving ring post; Jared bounces off that as he relinquishes his grip on the steps; Rabid up as he finishes the assault with a DDT upon the steps!

1....2.......3.......4...... 5

Rabid searches under the ring for a weapon; returns with a ladder as the crowd begins to cheer. Rabid sets up the ladder outside the ring as he begins to climb, going for that phoenix splash. Jared is up at eight as he drop kicks the ladder!

But Rabid lands gracefully feet first on the middle rope, twisting and turning as he uses the elasticity of the rope to springboard back and hit a lionsault that sends both men crashing to the floor!

Zach Davis: Wow! Never seen that before!


Both men are dazed and confused after Rabid's epic lionsault as Moser begins the count once more.


Rabid begins to stir and the crowd is heating up.


Jared is stirring as Rabid gets to his feet.


Rabid flies at Jared, who has a knee up, going for the roll through knee...but Jared sidesteps and sends Rabid sprawling through the ropes, hung up on the second. Jared grabs the ladder and places it over Rabid's back, trapping him in between it and the ropes. Jared slips out between the ropes and takes a spot on the apron, running forth with a brutal knee that almost puts Rabid's lights out and opens up a cut just above his eyebrow.

Zach Davis: That right eye isn't looking too good now.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like a spot Jared could really hone in on and use it to take control of this match up!

Jared slips off the apron to the mat below and grabs the ladder, setting it up between the apron and the barricade. Crawling back into the ring, Rabid is slowly using the ropes to get to his feet, stumbling every so often, dazed from the shot that nearly put him out. Jared with a quick kick to the gut, doubling Rabid over in front of him. He puts his head between his legs signaling for a powerbomb, lifting Rabid up...but a quick transition from Rabid and all of a sudden he's in a crucifix position.

Zach Davis: OH SHIT!

Rabid struggles to set it up, but with one foot over the top rope, he transitions straight into the Kingdom Destroyer...but the move doesn't fully set up as both men go crashing through the ladder, breaking it clean in half, as both men turn into a massive clump of flesh and metal on the arena floor.


Freddy Whoa: I don't know if they'll be able to answer the count this time.


Jared, at the bottom of the pile, wraps his arms underneath Rabid's torso and lifts them both clean off the floor, stopping the count, much to the heightened euphoria of the crowd.

Zach Davis: Both of these men are fighting with a tenacity that we have never seen from them before. Of all the opposition they've faced in all of the WCF...they've never faced anyone quite like each other.

Jared stumbles pulling Rabid away from the wreckage, and Rabid uses the opportunity to thrust his forearm into Jared's forehead, knocking him back into the barricade. Rabid closes in and lifts Jared clean off his feet, driving him chest first into barricade, blasting the wind completely out of him. Using the momentum, he spins him around in a complete 180 and drives him shoulder first into the ring post and Jared falls to the floor, groaning and nursing his shoulder.

Freddy Whoa: Rabid could be trying to reinjure that collar bone!

Zach Davis: The hate, the absolute frustration that these two have with each other, it's palpable. You can feel it in the air right now.

Freddy Whoa: I think Wade made a massive mistake calling this match...these two wont quit until one of them is dead!

Zach Davis: ...or both of them are.

Rabid lifts Jared back to his feet and goes to drive his face into the commentary table...but Jared stops it by getting a knee up. He shoves Rabid away...


The cut opens wider and now both men are spilling blood. Jared seems to be emboldened by the experience. He lifts a stumbling Rabid onto the announce table and climbs into the ring. The crowd stand up as Jared climbs to the top turnbuckle, absolutely silent in anticipation as Jared holds his middle finger up to Rabid and dives with a senton bomb...but Rabid rolls out of the way and Jared crashes through the table on his own.

Zach Davis: It looks like Rabid used what little cognizance he had to move out of the way...but he's not moving.

Freddy Whoa: Neither is Holmes...

Moser starts the count as both men lay completely lifeless on the arena floor.


They both begin to stir.


But right before Moser makes the count, both men miraculously stand to their feet, much to the disbelief of the insane crowd piling in around them, now completely on their feet. Rabid grabs a dazed Jared and rolls him into the ring, scratching and clawing to roll in after him. He gets to his feet and stumbles along the ropes as Jared begins to crawl to a standing position.

The two men, both soaked in each others and their own blood, now stand face to face in the ring, staring daggers across the ring at each other. One swift motion and both men fly across the ring with a superkick aimed at the others face.


And just like that, they each connect, taking both men down to the ring mat in one heap of bloodied and broken flesh. Moser starts the count one more time and the crowd counts along.

Crowd: ONE...




Zach Davis: Oh man.

Crowd: FIVE...





Freddy Whoa: Whoa...



Moser calls for the bell as neither man is able to answer the count, laying bloody and unconscious still on the floor. The crowd heats up as Wade Moor makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring. He pulls the two apart, and with a massive grunt, lifts them under their arms and to their feet, placing them in a standing position against the ropes. They're both disoriented from the incredible amount of punishment they withstood and doled out. They stare at Wade, asking with their eyes which one of them won, Wade only shakes his head in response.

Zach Davis: It looks like this isn't over yet.

Wade backs up as both men stumbling, grab each other in a collar lock position, Wade waiting and ready as he knows neither man will be able to withstand the assault if it continues again...but much to his surprise, and the crowd around them, they quickly wrap each other in a tender, brotherly hug.

Zach Davis: WHAT THE...

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!


Jared and Johnny continue the hug as Wade smiles, joining in on the BROMENT as Rabid and Holmes wrap their arm around Wade as well.

Zach Davis: Just when it looked like #beachkrew was on the skids!

Freddy Whoa: It's just like Wade said; This was going to be violent. It was going to be ugly. It was going to be necessary. This is exactly the shot in the arm that these two needed.

Zach Davis: Maybe it was supposed to happen all along?

Wade grabs both men by the wrists, raising their arms high into the air as the crowd goes absolutely ape shit around them. A quick cut backstage shows a good portion of the WCF roster watching the moment on a 70' screen, all absolutely boiling over with rage that #beachkrew is no longer in dissension.

Freddy Whoa: What an absolutely jarring moment. One of the most polarizing stables in the entire federation...are once again on the same page.

Zach Davis: WCF as a whole had better be on their guard. A united #beachkrew could do some insane damage moving forward now.

The scene fades to black with all three men raising their arms high in the air as “Riff Raff” by Aquaberry Dolphin hits the P.A.

Torture Segment

Zach Davis: Timebomb is presented by..

Freddy Whoa: What is going on!?

Zach Davis: What is that?!

A man in a hooded sweatshirt is walking through the crowd at a high rate of speed, the hood comes off and it's Torture..

Zach Davis: HES HERE?!!



Los Angeles is losing their god damn mind as he jumps the railing, steals a microphone from Kyle Steel and rolls into the ring. Pissed off at the world and wanting to break Seth Lerch in half, he begins to scream on the microphone like a coked up Oblivion.


Crowd pop.


Crowd pop and it gets even louder as twenty or so guards walk from the curtain with Seth Lerch behind them. No music but Seth cuts off Torture.

Seth Lerch: You're making a HUGE mistake, Torture. You do NOT want to go down this road!


The Tort throws down the mic and rolls out of the ring and the crowd goes wild as Torture clotheslines the first two guys and begins throwing punches and side kicks. Torture gets through the security and gets close to Seth! The crowd goes wild for the possibilty of Torture knocking Seth's teeth down his throat, Torture grabs Seth by the collar and tries to swing but the guards are just too much to handle on the stage and they pin him down and arrest him. Torture is now in handcuffs kicking and screaming and he's pulled to his feet. Seth, who is standing directly in front of him, cuts a quick promo.

Seth Lerch: What don't you understand?! You are banned from WCF! You can not break into my arena and interupt my show! You know what -

The crowd gasps and boos as Seth delivers a stick kick to Tortures dick right there on the stage and Torture drops down like a sack of trash. Seth spits on him again.


The guards lift Torture who is nursing his crotch the best he can while being handcuffed and taken back through the curtain. Seth follows them off the stage. We cut to Zach Davis while the crowd is booing.

Zach Davis: This is just out of hand, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Torture returned at One for a huge WCF moment and since then Seth has been ruining it at every turn.

Zach Davis: The blood-feud between these two is just unreal. I never thought I'd see the day where Torture is being handcuffed and taken out by armed security at Seth's beckoning.

Freddy Whoa: Whoaaa, What's this!?

Zach Davis: We have cameras backstage!

The cameras catch up with the guards carrying Torture backstage and Seth following suit. Seth is taunting at Torture for him making a big mistake and breaking into the show. Torture tries to charge at Seth but the guards stop him from doing so. Seth leaves the frame of the scene as we get closer to the exit. The guards keep Torture handcuffed and as they inch closer to the door, Seth comes flying into the scene with a steel chair straight to Tortures head!


Freddy Whoa: He just killed Tort!

The guards dropped Torture and were thrown off by the vicious attack. They try to pick him up as Seth demands they back off. Torture is damn near out cold and laying on the cement while Seth gets in real close.

Seth Lerch: You're a stupid son of a bitch, I'll tell you that much. You put your hands on me, you broke into Timebomb, and now you're going to pay the price! You're screwed FOR LIFE! Get his ass out of here!

Seth drops the chair and the guards pick up Torture and carry him through the exit.

Zach Davis: Oh my god, Torture didn't look good.

Freddy Whoa: Seth has been using that chair way too much.

Zach Davis: Screwed for life? What the hell does that even mean?

Freddy Whoa: I don't get it, Zach.

World Title Match
Steven Singh vs Joey Flash
special Guest Referee: Captain Pantheon
If Joey Flash Gets Disqualified, He Loses; If Steven Singh Gets Disqualified, He Is Barred From Competing For The World Title Ever Again

Freddy Whoa: What a show we’ve had so far here tonight, Zach!

Zach Davis: Absolutely! I’d have to say Timebomb has been...THE bomb!

Freddy Whoa: I miss Gravedigger. Let’s get to the ring for our main event!

Kyle Steel: The following bout is for the WCF World Title! In this match if the champion is disqualified, he loses his title whereas if the challenger is disqualified, he is banned from challenging for The World Title again. Introducing first, the man in charge of the action tonight, one half of the Tag Team Champions Cap ‘n Crook, your special guest referee…..CAPTAIN PANTHEON!

“Caramell Dansen” blasts over the loudspeakers and Captain Pantheon receives a HUGE pop from the crowd. He sprints down the aisle in a referee striped version of his normal superhero outfit, slides into the center of the ring and gives his adoring fan a thumbs up. The speakers suddenly announce “Cold gettin’ dumb…” and the menacing beat of the “Supervillain Theme” by Madvillain takes over the arena, backed by the passionate boos from the WCF galaxy.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the challenger….standing six foot three inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds….He is one half of your WCF Tag Champions...STEEEEEVEN SIIIIIINGH!

Steven Singh steps out from behind the curtain with the tag title over his shoulder and a sneer on his face. The gold pyros fire behind him as he strides down to the ring with purpose. He hands title to the timekeeper then rolls into the ring. Captain Pantheon immediately comes over with open arms for but Singh puts a hand on the referee’s chest and shakes his head. Cap extends his hand for a shake which Singh begrudgingly accepts as the music changes to “Mile Zero” by Periphery and the arena again fills with boos

Kyle Steel: And the champion…..standing six foot two inches and weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds….your WCF World Heavyweight Champion…..JOEEEEEEEY FLAAAAAASH!

Joey Flash in all his glory emerges from behind the curtain staring at the crowd. He floats regally down the aisle bathing in the atmosphere and stopping to shake the hand of anyone who desires it. He circles the ring not once, but twice, eyes glued to his foe with both apathy and disgust. FInally, he enters the ring and Captain Pantheon approaches him for an embrace. Singh steps immediately between the two men and puts himself face to face with the champ. Flash smiles and raises the World Title before handing it to Captain Pantheon who again raises it over the head to a cheer from the crowd. The two combatants take their separate corners, Captain Pantheon hands the belt to the timekeeper, and calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: It’s finally time! Singh-Flash Part Deux!

Freddy Whoa: And we’re bound to see a clean finish on this one! A DQ for Flash and he loses his title! A DQ for Singh means he’s barred from the World Title picture!

Zach Davis: I’m STILL not convinced with see this one end without some sort of chicanery, Freddy!

The bell rings and they meet mid-ring, chest-to-chest, jawing back and forth. Amidst their chattering, Flash suddenly slaps Singh hard across the face. Singh fires back with a straight right hand to the jaw of Flash who stumbles backwards and grabs Captain Reftheon, complaining.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like Flash is complaining that Singh used a closed fist…What is he doing?

Zach Davis: He’s trying to get Singh disqualified right out of the gate! But it Cap is shaking his head, saying he’s going to allow the closed fist.

Freddy Whoa: Going to allow it? This is still the WCF right?

While Flash levies his complaint, Singh slips in behind him and sends Flash overhead with a half and half suplex. Flash begins to get back up but Singh comes flying in with a diving knee strike to the head before he can fully recover. Quickly taking it to the mat, Singh locks on a spinning toe hold while Cap swoops in to check on whether or not Flash wants to tap. Flash waves him off but Singh tightens the lock and Cap checks again. Flash winces in pain but waves him off; while Cap is distracted Singh is grabbing the ropes to apply extra pressure.

Zach Davis: Singh immediately stretching the rules to his favor! Finally, Captain notices and is giving him the four count….

Freddy Whoa: Count of 4 on Singh isn’t releasing the ropes. Captain is in his face, threatening to DQ him while Singh is yelling back at him. Singh really pushing his luck here as Captain Pantheon is turning towards the timekeeper….Is he about to call for a DQ?!

Zach Davis: No! He turns back and kicks Singh’s hands off the ropes!

Singh breaks the hold, startled by Captain’s kick across his hands. Singh steps into Captain’s chest, his eyes full of rage. Captain wags a finger at Singh but Flash is back up and drops Singh with a half and half suplex like we just saw from Singh. Flash is also quick to follow up but with a deep front face lock. Flash slides his forearm across the windpipe as Singh works to get to his feet. As Singh rises, Flash switches to a guillotine choke, wrapping both legs around Singh’s torso. The Tag Champ rushes the World Champ into the turnbuckle but Flash doesn’t break the hold. Singh clutches the rope with one arm and Captain again begins a four count.

Freddy Whoa: Another four count Captain and he’s demanding Flash break the hold.

Zach Davis: And now it’s Flash that won’t break the hold! Captain is already fed up with these two and is threatening to DQ the champ!

Freddy Whoa: Flash arguing back now...What’s he saying?

Zach Davis: The champ has one hand in the air but the other one is still around Singh’s neck….being held there by Singh?

Singh is indeed grasping the rope with one hand while holding Flash’s arm across his own throat with the other in attempts to get Flash DQ’d. Captain Pantheon taps his partner on the back with a smile, letting him know that they’re all aware of his ruse; Singh stands up and immediately starts demanding Flash be DQ’d. As Captain shakes his head and explains to Singh what he saw, Flash shoves a thumb directly in the eye of Singh drawing the ire of the Captain.

Freddy Whoa: Now it looks like Flash is going to test the limit of what Cap will allow!

Pushing past the Captain and his warnings, Flash charges after the challenger and takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Flash then begins taking soccer kicks at the downed Singh who works back up to his feet. As he does, Flash begins bouncing on the balls of his feet, assuming his boxer’s stance. Singh eats a quick jab from Flash. Then another. Then a 1-2 combo. Flash is feeling himself now and drops his guard with a big smirk. He takes a swift kick at Singh’s ribs but Singh catches it and immediately dragonscrew leg whips the champ to the ground and rolls through attempting to lock in a heel hook.

Zach Davis: Singh looking for the 15 Minutes of Fame!

Freddy Whoa: Flash escapes, scampering out to the apron and to his feet.

As soon as Flash is on his feet Singh charges in with a hard shoulder block that sends Flash flying into the guard rail outside. Singh follows quickly between the ropes and drops Flash with a fisherman’s brainbuster on the outside.

Freddy Whoa: Captain’s count up to three now and Singh back into the ring.

Zach Davis: He’s encouraging him to speed up the count!

Freddy Whoa: But….ummm...somebody might want to tell him that he doesn’t win the title on a count out….

While Cap is watching Flash get back to his feet, the count is at six and Singh goes to an corner and unties the top turnbuckle, exposing the steel beneath the padding.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like he’s got other plans…

Captain sees the exposed turnbuckle and begins scolding his partner. Flash slides under the bottom rope as Captain is occupied in the corner, tying the pad back on. Singh suddenly reaches into this tights and produces a pair of gold knucks.

Zach Davis: Those are the knucks that cost him the World Title last time! He took a swing at Flash with them but lost them and The Champ used them to KO the challenger!

Freddy Whoa: What the hell?!

Singh tosses the knucks to Flash, stomps the mat and falls flat to his back, motionless. Captain turns around in time to see a downed Singh and Flash with a pair of knucks in his hands. Captain’s eyes grow huge as he turns away from the action to call for the bell.

Zach Davis: Captain Pantheon is calling for the DQ on Flash!

Freddy Whoa: Thievin’ Steven is going to STEAL the Title!

Zach Davis: Flash is grabbing Cap by the shoulder! Pleading with him!

The champ tosses the gold knucks towards the downed challenger and is absolutely begging Reftain Pantheon not to DQ him.

Freddy Whoa: Cap isn’t quite sure what to do here….He was calling for the bell but….No! It looks like he believes Flash and has signalled for this match to continue!

Seeing it from the corner of his eye, Singh sits up, again infuriated with his opponent. Flash sweeps in, looking for his patented armbar.

Zach Davis: Pain is Love! No! Escaped by Singh! Who goes for Bright Lights! He’s got it!

Freddy Whoa: NO! Flash frantically punches his way out of it and Singh releases the hold!

Both men are back to the feet simultaneously and the crowd cheers their approval despite their disdain for each individual. A momentary pause by both men ended by Singh lunging in with an elbow strike which Flash dodges towards Captain while tugging his fanboy slightly into the path of Singh’s elbow.

Zach Davis: Steven Singh just elbowed Captain Pantheon right in the jaw! Cap is stumbled back and holding his jaw in disbelief!

Freddy Whoa: He didn’t elbow Cap, Flash pulled Captain in the way!

Zach Davis: I’m not sure about that and it doesn’t look like Cap is either! Cap takes his hand off his jaw and calls for the bell! He’s DQing Singh!

Singh grabs the hand he’s using to call for the bell and spins Cap around. For the first time, he’s not yelling at Cap but is pleading with him, trying to explain that he was lunging at Flash. The bell hasn’t rung but Cap still isn’t sure. Singh is pointing back at Flash and turns back to the champion for just a moment.

Freddy Whoa: BIIIIIIIITE ZA DUSTO!!! Flash has dropped Singh with his superkick!

Zach Davis: ONE!



He’s done it! Flash has retained! He’s up on his feet, hands raised in celebration!

Zach Davis: But Cap is waving it off! He’s pointing at Singh’s foot on the bottom rope. This one is still going!

Flash is hot and bickers for a moment with Captain Pantheon who stands his ground. Flash gives up and heads back over to Singh who he peppers with another set of quick jabs as he gets back to his feet. He loads up for a big right hook and takes a wide, cocky swing having it blocked by Singh.

Zach Davis: Singh has both hands on the blocked right hand from Flash and...what?!

Freddy Whoa: He just pulled Flash’s outstretched fingers into his own eye?

Singh stumbles back into the ropes, pointing at Flash, again demanding a DQ from his partner.

Zach Davis: Captain is shaking his head as Singh CLEARLY pulled Flash’s fingers into his own eyes.

Freddy Whoa: That eye gouge from Flash looks like grounds for a DQ to me!

As Cap waves off Singh’s attempt, Flash waists no time with a go-behind waist lock looking for his ‘italian’ suplex, The Lightning Bolt. Before he can execute it, Singh throws a series of back elbows followed up by a snapmare takeover. Singh slaps on a dragon sleeper but drags Flash back to his feet, putting him in position for a Thief in the Night. Flash struggles, spinning himself back over and counters with a bridged norther suplex into a pin.

Zach Davis: ONE!


Kickout by the challenger!

Flash pulls Singh back up and attempts to irish whip him into the turnbuckle only to have it reversed by Singh. Flash hits the corner hard then stumbles forward out of it and into a devastating spinebuster from Steven Singh.

Zach Davis: Cognitive Dissonance! And a cover!



Three--KICKOUT from Flash!

Freddy Whoa: It looks like they’re done working towards a DQ and are actually going to wrestle for the title!

Zach Davis: What a concept!

Singh snatches Flash back up and scoops him up and ties him up into a tree of woe. Cap starts his count and Singh begins bodying the upside down Flash with hard knees and swift kicks to the ribs and midsection. Singh buries half a dozen or so into the midsection before Cap gets to a four count and Singh backs off, allowing the referee to undo Flash’s legs, flopping him to the mat. Singh measures his opponent for a moment as Flash pulls himself back up with the ropes. The challenger comes tearing in with a flying knee strike.

Freddy Whoa: SMITE! Singh just SMITED Flash! Flash is out cold!

Zach Davis: Wait! Singh is out cold! It looks like Flash connected with the Sudden Flash as Singh was flying toward him! Both men are out like a light!

Smiling at the action, Cap begins his ten count.





Freddy Whoa: Now what the hell is this?! What the hell is David Sanchez doing?!

David Sanchez is walking down the ramp, eyes fixed on the ring; as he reaches ringside, Captain notices him and stops his count, yelling to Sanchez to get to the back. The two combatants on the mat are stirring, each up to all fours now.

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez is in the ring! David Sanchez has no business out here! He doesn’t even have the briefcase anymore!

Zach Davis: Captain is in his face trying to send him to the back but Sanchez doesn’t even look like he hears him.

Suddenly, Sanchez shoves Captain off of him and locks Joey Flash in his Single Wing Choke.

Freddy Whoa: M.99! M.99 on Flash! Sanchez is choking the life out of the World Champ!

Zach Davis: And that’s it! Captain Pantheon has to call for the bell! He’s….He’s DISQUALIFIED his tag team partner! Joey Flash retains the title!

Freddy Whoa: Holy shit, Steven Singh is barred from competing for the World Title...ever again!

Captain Pantheon is trying to pull Sanchez off the World Champ but the choke is cinched in tight. Meanwhile, Singh is back on his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Singh grabs Captain Pantheon from behind and…THIEF IN THE NIGHT!

Zach Davis: Singh is assaulting Captain Pantheon!

Singh picks his tag team partner back up and snaps him back down with another rolling cutter as Sanchez finally lets Flash’s body go limp to the mat. The two men look at each other and suddenly embrace.

Freddy Whoa: What is going on here?! The two men celebrate over carcasses of Joey Flash and Captain Pantheon as Singh demands his Tag Team title from the timekeeper.

Zach Davis: Wait a minute, who’s this?!

Freddy Whoa: #Beachkrew may be in shambles, but here comes Jared Holmes, and never one to do things alone, he’s brought other reinforcements!

The Six God is sprinting down the ramp with bat-in-hand, and his lackey Ethan King right behind him; both men sparing no thought for pulling a hamstring as they rapidly close-in on the squared circle. Standing over the downed leader of Pantheon and its crumpled eponymous Captain - Sanchez and Singh look ready to square off against the duo.

Freddy Whoa: Ethan King and Jared Holmes are in the ring now to help Flash! Or at least get him out of harm's way!

Zach Davis: I don't read transcripts or watch video-feeds, Freddy. This doesn't make sense to me.

Freddy Whoa: It doesn't matter Zach. All that matters is now they're in the ring and things are back to being an even fight.

As Holmes lurches forward and cocks his trusty bat back, King snatches it out of his hands from behind, unable to unleash the wooden beast like a coiled spring due to King's grip on it. Holmes spins to face his former prisoner and is CRACKED across the jaw with the bat! Jared is on his knees, dizzied from the shot and disbelief. King backs up before planting a vicious kick under his former captor's jaw.

Freddy Whoa: Long Live The King! What is going on here?!

A sinister grin spreads across the face of David Sanchez as he embraces Ethan King; meanwhile Steven Singh calls for a microphone. Exhausted, he pants heavily for breath as the crowd stays stunned in disbelief after what has just transpired

Steven Singh: ... Pantheon time of death: February 26th, 10:14 pm.

The crowd pops; somewhat. Not for either of these men; but an uprising in general.

Steven Singh: Here lies the martyr of the yesterday's WCF. The symbols of an era that has met a sudden, but overdue death. Standing before you--atop this mountain of carcasses that make up what once passed for talent here--is the future of the WCF. The evolution of wrestling, the men that will dictate the destiny of our deadly diversion. Standing before you are three cerebral, like-minded marauders announcing the birth of the next era of the WCF. We stand not one in front of the other as those before us but shoulder-to-shoulder atop the pinnacle of professional wrestling. We are the apex of aggression, the vertex of violence, the climax of cunning. We are the heights to which the rest of you mooks and mulkies can only aspire. We are EVEREST and we will leave the rest of the WCF shaking, frigid and dead in their attempts to measure up.

Singh smiles widely as he hands the microphone to Ethan King, who is scowling at the limp figure of Jared Holmes. He takes hold of the microphone, a smirk growing over his lips.

Ethan King: Are you all really that stupid? Stupid enough to believe that nobody would take a stand against the Pantheon power-trip? We, people of greatness and intellect, couldn't continue to stand by and watch the dominance of the federation at the hands of fiends such as these.

He gestures down towards the prone bodies of Joey Flash and Jared Holmes, he pauses, before adding:

Ethan King: We couldn't allow it - for we are the ones who are destined to dominate.

The crowd is split, and so boos loudly for all men in equal measure. With exception to Cap who slumps out of the ring and to the cold floor.

Ethan King: Pantheon's fall from grace will come swiftly, and while you may not thank us now, you will learn to. THIS, this right here is the WCF's present and foreseeable future, it will do best for you to realise that as soon as possible...

He chuckles. Just as Jared makes it up to his knees in front of him. While Flash and Cap reach the same altitude in front of Sanchez and Singh respectively.

Ethan King: So you can kneel before Everest's might, while you still have the chance to.

King concludes his sentiments; passing the microphone to Sanchez as he studies his fallen, would-be mentor.

David Sanchez: For six months that seem like a lifetime - Six looooooong... gruelling months, I've been back here selling out arenas and waving the white-flag of Pantheon. Though, I've never really known exactly why I'd got back, not until Rise Up. That's when things started to show me their true shape. You see; when Jared Holmes called me back in September, he promised me Pantheon would be something a little different than what's been delivered--

Sanchez glides strolls back and forth in front of the three kneeling bodies; accepting the discarded bat from Ethan as passes his new-found friend.

David Sanchez: I didn't come back to play second fiddle, neither did Ethan... and like you people have just seen; beneath the boot is no place for Steven either. At least I was given a spot in Pantheon. Jared couldn't even give Ethan that much, but let's not kid ourselves here, honestly - he didn't even try to. It was fun for a few months, running around bullying Zero Tolerance back into obscurity, generally running riot over the roster and avoiding all legitimate competition, however... eternal bliss is a concept that's lost on me. Nothing eternal can also be blissful. That's the problem with the human condition you see: pretty soon, we all get bored of the ordinary; what was once fascinating seems basic, mundane even after the millionth mention. Which bring me to tonight, to this very moment.

The crowd cheers frantically as Sanchez draw the wooden bat back, staring at the exhausted, kneeling frame of Joseph Malignaggi with something that rests somewhere between loathing and let-down.

David Sanchez: Pantheon was smoke and mirrors to begin with... force-fed to us all equally through feeding tubes. Lie after lie, after lie. And we wolfed it back our gullets like we'd been starved for half our lives. Well not anymore. No longer will we sit back and watch as people are given what should already be ours. Now... before the IWC goes testicular with the "why Sanchez why?" questions, let me just get ahead of that shit-storm.

Running the length of the bat across the stubble on his chin he looks deep in thought. As though he were reciting this speech from memory.

David Sanchez: We are Everest; the harbingers of a new day in the WCF. The people who are strapping this company to our backs and scaling to heights which others can only dream of. Pantheon? .... or Kilimanjaro as they will henceforth be known were just foreplay compared to the skull-fucking that's coming next. It's been a pleasure gentlemen, it really has. Thanks for all the good advice, but if you taught me anything Joey...

The bat is drawn back once more.

David Sanchez: ...It's to never doubt my gut, and to be confident enough in myself to make my own choices. - and right now, my stomach is rumbling so loud I often mistake it for thunder. I'm hungry Joe, hungrier than you could possibly imagine. The dinner scraps I've been getting aren't enough anymore mate; they probably never were. I told the world that this would happen; that be it Bates or be it Flash - the good ship WCF was still floating in a stagnant dock, instead of heading for the choppy waters of change we'd all promised when we returned.

Sanchez rests the tip of the bat on Joey's shoulder as the crowd continues to lose their shit. At this moment, Ethan King charges forwards, again kicking Jared Holmes in the jaw. With his (tor)mentor on the floor, Ethan takes the microphone offered by Sanchez and speaks few words before passing the mic to Singh.

Ethan King: Pantheon wants us all to believe that soon...

Steven Singh: ... It all falls down.

Taking his half of the Tag Championships into his arms, Singh charges forward. embedding the golden plate into his former partner's face. Sanchez once again takes the microphone, before it can fall loose to the canvas.

David Sanchez: This was a lie... a filthy-beautiful lie we've been feeding you since day one. The truth is this: the World, already fell. The Pantheon was a mere slide-show to keep you occupied during the plummet...

With little left in his tank, Flash scrambles forwards, looking to land a punch to his former friend's jaw. Before he can connect though, he finds himself splayed; Steven Singh grabbing the leading arm, whilst King takes the other. Being held by two men now as Sanchez walks calmly towards him, bat-in-hand; it is all Joey Flash can do to accept what was coming.

David Sanchez: You know... a few months ago, Joey. You might've wound up like ol' Gemini did and finally meeting your fucking maker. That's the problem, Pantheon's made me soft, weak even... Even Gods lived in the shadow of Mount Olympus guys, just try to thinking of this as a modern day version of that. One hand washes another though, so tonight... We're going to simply leave you to think things through. Come to terms with the changes. You too Jared, Cap...

He gestures towards the two fallen men surrounding Flash before dropping the bat, rebounding from the ropes and smashing a second Yakuza Kick into Joey's temple. Flash now joining the fallen; completing the trifecta as Steven Singh once again takes the microphone, closing the show with some choice words.

Steven Singh: Speaking of the great mountain from which we draw our namesake, Walt Unsworth explained, “There are men for whom the unattainable has a special attraction...Their ambitions and fantasies are strong enough to brush aside the doubts which more cautious men might have. Determination and faith are their strongest weapons. At best such men are regarded as eccentric; at worst, mad.” Before you WCF, we have erected Everest: an imposing, insurmountable, impenetrable brotherhood of mad men by which all others will henceforth be measured. We are a force so great and awe-inspiring that your tiny minds will believe it eternal. Be humbled at the foot of Everest or die in your attempt to ascend.

WCF feed fades to black.

Table of Contents

Timebomb Intro

Isao Oja Segment

The Very Big Alliance vs American Carnage

Tom Frost Segment

Alpha Title Battle Royal: Stalker vs vs Justin Turner vs Dark Angel vs Jay West vs Captain Bruddahhood vs Adam Bass

The Wheel of Vinnie Segment

Trilogy Cup Wildcard Tag Team Match: Ethan King/Jaice Wilds/Vic Vegas/MenakiAdam Young vs Tom Frost/Rumpke/Jason O'Neal/Amber Lynn/Udy vs Wade Moor/Erik Black/Jaymz/Bishop/Captain Rump

Television Title Submission Match: Adam Burnett vs Sebastian Knight

Trilogy Cup Tournament Match: Dion Necurat vs Captain Pantheon

Trilogy Cup Tournament Match: Teddy Blaze vs Crazy J


Trilogy Cup Tournament Match: Adrian Archer vs Vinnie Jones

Trilogy Cup Tournament Match: David Sanchez vs Kevin Bishop

Andre Holmes Segment

Hardcore Title Match: Odin Balfore vs Andre Holmes

Skyler Striker vs Gravedigger

Internet Title Match: Dag Riddik vs Katherine Phoenix

Corey Black Retirement Tour: FPV vs Corey Black

Last Man Standing Match: Jared Holmes vs Johnny Rabid

Torture Segment

World Title Match: Steven Singh vs Joey Flash

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Steven Singh vs Joey Flash



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