Slam Intro

Zach Davis: "You Got Spirit, Kid" by Coheed and Cambria is playing! WAR XIV IS LIVE!

Freddy Whoa: Welcome to the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City!

Gravedigger: Tonight is my favorite night of the year in WCF. One may be our biggest show, but nothing matches War in excitement. All roads may lead to One, but those roads begin here.

Zach Davis: We've got four matches tonight, two of which are Championship matches. We'll FINALLY get a new Internet Champion, as Zombie McMorris, Wade Moor, and Jackson White do battle. Seth Lerch has declared that there MUST be a winner after these guys have torn each other apart week after week.

Freddy Whoa: After Los Tiburones finally was able to get the Television Title away from Teo Del Sol, Teo Del Sol will be getting his rematch! These two have been involved in what many are calling a feud of the year contender, and their series of matches have been amazing.

Zach Davis: So what will they do tonight at War? I can't wait to find out.

Gravedigger: And we have a WORLD TITLE match tonight. Not just any World Title match, guys - but a match that could be a One main event. We've got Joey Flash versus Dune.

Zach Davis: Joey Flash has been hot on the heels of the World Champion for months now. Dune has been one of the most unstoppable Champions in a series of unstoppable Champions, but Joey Flash has been pegged, let's be honest. He's been pegged as the next Jonny Fly.

Freddy Whoa: That said, his WCF career has been full of ups and downs, unlike Dune's meteoric rise to the top. Make no mistake, for every shortcut Joey Flash took, including aligning with Seth and Fly, he's been knocked down a peg now and again. Flash has clawed his way to tonight's World Title match, and truthfully, I don't think Dune has ever had a bigger challenge.

Zach Davis: And in our main event... War XIV. Over FIFTY men compete for the right to challenge the winner of Dune and Joey Flash at One in our main event for the WCF World Title.

Freddy Whoa: We don't even know all the competitors in the match!, but we do know we'll see the return of Occulo. We also know we'll see Torture defend his Hardcore Title. Whoever pins Torture is going to win that belt.

Gravedigger: Torture's whole thing is that he's unpinnable, Freddy. Let's face facts. Torture isn't losing the Hardcore Title tonight, mark my words. This won't be Jay Omega coming to get his belt back, or Marc Mayhem coming to get his win back. Torture ain't leaving here without that belt.

Zach Davis: Time will tell. What DOES matter is that we'll find out who wins the single most prestigious match in WCF. Jeff Purse is the only entrant, as far as we know, who has actually won the match before. He's a former World Champion, and is joined by other World Champions in Torture and Oblivion.

Freddy Whoa: In my opinion, Zach, the field is open - this is one of the most unpredictable War matches I can remember. We have a lot of show to cover, so let's get started!

Gravedigger: Internet Title match! Here we go!

Internet Title Match
Jackson White vs Wade Moor vs Zombie McMorris

Zach Davis: Well our first match of the night is a three way dance for the WCF Internet Title!

Freddy Whoa: It's going to be Zombie McMorris, Wade Moor and Jackson White battling it out in a No Disqualification Match!

Gravedigger: Who gives a crap? Let's just get to the WAR Match already!

Zach Davis: "Neuroma" by Fuse is playing and here comes Jackson White with his Portuguese flag.

Freddy Whoa: And listen to the U-S-A chants!

Zach Davis: White in the ring now and thats “21st Century Schizoid Man” by King Crimson playing, which means that the bizarre and creepy Wade Moor is on his way out from the back.

Gravedigger: Creepy and bizarre? Are we talking about Wade Moor or half of the roster?

Freddy Whoa: Moor yelling out "UNLEASH THE LEVIATHAN" as the crowd boos.

Zach Davis: And finally there's "Never Gonna Stop" by Rob Zombie which means The Honey Badger has arrived.

Freddy Whoa: Zombie McMorris is heading to the ring...

Gravedigger: But it looks like Wade Moor isn't waiting! He just ran across the ring and clotheslined Jackson White as he had his back turned in the corner!

Freddy Whoa: Moor now laying into the back of the head of White with kicks as McMorris slides into the ring. The referee is signalling for the bell as The Honey Badger runs over to Moor and spins him around, right hand raised.

Gravedigger: But Moor wants none of it! He just rolled out of the ring!

Zach Davis: Jackson White sitting up in the corner and it looks like he's thanking McMorris for getting Moor off of him. White with his hand extended and McMorris helps him up.

Freddy Whoa: IT'S A TRAP!

Gravedigger: McMorris pulled White up to his feet only to pull him in for the World Tour '69!

Zach Davis: Zombie with the quick pin but he can't even get to one before Wade slides into the ring and pulls him off.

Freddy Whoa: Moor on the back of Zombie, grabbing his hair and yanking it every which way.

Gravedigger: Now Moor slamming the head of McMorris to the mat before he turns his attention to White.

Zach Davis: Jackson White trying to get to the ropes but Moor grabs him by the ankles and drags him back. Moor now pulling him to his feet and White throws a right hand.

Freddy Whoa: But Moor laughs it off. He just took a stiff right to the jaw and simply laughed it off. Is this a man or a monster?

Gravedigger: Moor actually begging for White to hit him again.

Zach Davis: White obliges and throws another right. Moor takes it on the chin and then responds with a headbutt to the face.

Freddy Whoa: White hits the mat and his nose is already trickling blood.

Zach Davis: But Moor isn't done with him yet. He's pulling White back up and...

Gravedigger: POSEIDON PUNCH!

Freddy Whoa: That devastating elbow right to the face and Jackson White is out cold.

Zach Davis: But Wade doesn't see Zombie!

Gravedigger: Moor must have heard you Zach because he's turning around...

Freddy Whoa: WHAT A BIG BOOT!

Zach Davis: Zombie McMorris just sprinted across the ring and delivered one of the stiffest boots I've ever seen.

Freddy Whoa: And somehow, by some miracle, Wade Moor is still on his feet. He may not know what his own name is but he's still on his feet.

Gravedigger: Not for long though, Zombie's calling for the Axe Wound.

Freddy Whoa: McMorris trying to pull Moor in but Moor with a low blow. A shot right to the bread basket and it's perfectly legal in this match.

Freddy Whoa: Zombie drops to the mat clutching himself as Wade apparently has business out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh crap, look out. He's headed our way!

Gravedigger: Moor shoving one of our personnel out of the way and he's got a steel chair.

Freddy Whoa: Wade back in the ring and he's begging for Zombie to get to his feet.

Zach Davis: McMorris pushing himself up and Wade charges him, chair raised.

Gravedigger: Moor swings for the fences...


Zach Davis: Moor spins back around and it's Zombie with a Falcon Punch!

Gravedigger: Moor drops the chair as he stumbles back into the ropes. Zombie scoops up the chair as Wade bounces off of them and Zombie cracks him over the head.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Moor hits the mat and out of instinct rolls out of the ring before Zombie can pin him.

Gravedigger: But Jackson White is stumbling to his feet!

Freddy Whoa: Zombie sees it and pulls Jackson in.

Zach Davis: WORLD TOUR '69! AND THE PIN!

Gravedigger: ONE!

Freddy Whoa: TWO!

Zach Davis: THREE!


Freddy Whoa: Zombie McMorris stands up and gets the Internet Title handed to him. This man won the Internet Title for the first time back in 2012, and has won it every year since - this is his fourth reign with the belt. Tonight, he has positioned himself as the greatest Internet Champion of all time.

Zach Davis: McMorris rolls out of the ring, clutching his belt closely. These men, along with Jordan Caliban, repeatedly fought over the belt to determine a new Champion... and finally, we have one.

Freddy Whoa: But we still have War, guys. We'll be seeing each of these men again tonight - each man has an even greater prize to claim.

Television Title Match
Teo Del Sol vs Los Tiburones

Gravedigger: You guys ready for the Television Title match?

Zach Davis: We've got Teo Del Sol looking to retain his Title, up against Los Tiburones, one more time.

Freddy Whoa: Ladies and Gentlemen it is time to finally close the book on this rivalry.

Zach Davis: You cannot talk about more polar opposites, Freddy, Teo del Sol is the epitome of an honorable sportsman and Tiburones is…not.

Gravedigger: Pfft, honor. What good does that do Teo, honor is what lost him his belt!

Freddy Whoa: Here comes Teo now down the ramp, the crowd is going wild!

Zach Davis: Don’t forget Gravedigger, Teo was never actually pinned, in fact he kicked out of the Dolphin Driver!

Gravedigger: Oh he kicked out, well let’s put him in the hall of fame then.

Freddy Whoa: And here comes Tiburones, flanked by what appears to be Beach Krew, but what’s this? He’s waving them off! He’s saying he wants to fight this one on his own!

Zach Davis: Maybe he does have some honor after all.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, or it’s just another trick.

Gravedigger: Both men are in the ring, let’s get started gentlemen!

Zach Davis: Lock-up, and a headlock takedown by Tiburones! Grounding Teo early!

Freddy Whoa: You gotta believe that Tiburones wants to end this one early, with WAR around the corner.

Zach Davis: Tiburones rolls Teo over for a pinfall, but Teo rolls through!

Gravedigger: Only a 1-count? Come on Ref!

Freddy Whoa: Teo back to his feet and hits a hard roundhouse to the leg! Tiburones goes down!

Zach Davis: And now an elbow drop! But Tiburones rolls out of the way!

Gravedigger: These guys had better save their energy, WAR’s on the way!

Freddy Whoa: And Teo rolls into a cartwheel, and kicks Tiburones in the face on the way over!

Gravedigger: Or, you know, use it all up now.

Zach Davis: Teo going fast with a running crossbody, but Tiburones catches him!

Freddy Whoa: Fallaway slam! But no! Teo lands in the ropes and hangs on, saving himself!

Zach Davis: Tiburones charges with a spear, but Teo jumps over the ropes into a sunset flip!

Freddy Whoa: Only a 2-count! This match is going a million miles a minute!

Zach Davis: Tiburones rolls through and goes for a big boot, but Teo ducks it and hits a drop toe hold!

Gravedigger: He couldn’t be thinking…

Zach Davis: Teo runs, and hits a 619! A tribute to his masked wrestling bretheren no doubt!

Freddy Whoa: Tiburones bounces across the ring, and he does not look happy! Teo runs forward!

Zach Davis: But Tiburones responds with a hard right hand! That was a closed fist, come on ref!

Gravedigger: The closed fist thing always bugged me, I mean we’re allowed to hit piledrivers, but-

Freddy Whoa: Tiburones going for a blatant choke! It looks like his temper’s getting the better of him!

Zach Davis: But Teo wraps his legs around Tiburones other arm and rolls him over into a crucifix pin!

Freddy Whoa: Another 2 count! Teo demonstrating some amazing flexibility!

Gravedigger: Well, Tijuana is a part of Mexico.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger, we talked about this.

Gravedigger: Shut up Freddy

Freddy Whoa: What did I do?

Zach Davis: Superkick from del Sol! Tiburones is staggered, and it looks like this one could be over soon!

Freddy Whoa: Tiburones goes for a hard clothesline, but Teo ducks it, Tiburones with an eye rake!

Zach Davis: The Ref didn’t see it! Tiburones going for the Dolphin Driver!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Teo del Sol stops him in mid move, and drops down, planting Tiburones’s shoulders to the mat! What a counter!

Gravedigger: Could it, yes! 3 Count! New Champion!

Zach Davis: What’s this, Tiburones is offering Teo a handshake! This is unexpected to say the least!

Freddy Whoa: And Teo accepts it, what a show of sportsman-

Gravedigger: Tiburones with a hard right hand to the jaw! Teo is down!

Zach Davis: What a cheap shot! The people do not like this!

Freddy Whoa: And Tiburones is signaling up the ramp, oh no.

Gravedigger: Oh yes, here comes Beach Krew!

Zach Davis: Ricco Rojas and Kyle Kemp, and they’re carrying weapons! It looks like they want to put Teo out of their hair once and for all!

Freddy Whoa: I can’t bear to watch!

Zach Davis: NO! Look, up the ramp! Here comes, is that?

Gravedigger: Spencer Adams? What is he doing here?

Freddy Whoa: And…Vic Venable?

Gravedigger: it’s no secret these two men have had problems with Beach Krew, and it looks like they’ve had enough!

Freddy Whoa: Beach Krew retreating! It looks like they don’t want any part of a fair fight!

Zach Davis: Whoa, who could have seen this coming?

Gravedigger: Teo’s back on his feet, and he’s putting his hand out to the other men!

Zach Davis: Spencer Adams offers his hand, and….Vic Venable too! These three men are declaring an alliance!

Gravedigger: The enemy of my enemy is my friend, Zach! WCF may have a new force on the horizon, and Beach Krew may regret pushing these men together!

World Title Match
Joey Flash vs Dune

Zach Davis: After two amazing Title matches, we've got one more.

Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash. Dune. WCF World Title.

Gravedigger: I've got goosebumps, guys. Like I said earlier, this is a One calibur main event. As of now, these are the best of the best in this company, and they're going to fight for the biggest prize in our sport.

Zach Davis: Will Joey Flash even show up tonight? I don't know if any man could put themselves through...oh god can you feel the goosebumps, the familiar strains of Mile Zero sound like a dirge tonight, will he appear?

Freddy Whoa: The crowd are in absolute silence here, to be honest even I don’t know how to react but...AND HERE HE IS! JOEY FLASH STRIDES THROUGH THE CURTAIN!

Zach Davis: Good Lord it looks like we’re watching the husk of the man who should be challenging for the World Title as he ambles toward the ring. After the personal tragedy Joey Flash suffered this week I have no idea what is even keeping him going right now.

Gravedigger: Here is where I’d make an inappropriate joke involving a pun on my own name, but...my prayers are with you, as are all of the WCF Universe right now.

Zach Davis: There go the lights, and out comes the WCF World Champion! Look at him, Freddy - staring down the challenger as he makes his way to the ring. Does Dune sympathize with Joey Flash? Will he show him mercy tonight?

Freddy Whoa: We’re about to find out. My guess is he understands his pain, though if you think we’re not going to see a fight break out, you’re sorely mistaken.

Gravedigger: Dune’s been on a tear since winning the belt in May, but Joey’s been on his heels the entire time. Tonight he’s bound to be more determined than ever. I honestly can’t say who has the upper-hand; this is anybody’s -

Freddy Whoa: Joey not waiting for the bell to charge and attack Dune! The ref scatters out of the way as Flash takes Dune to the ground and begins pummeling him! Now the bell rings, and this match is officially underway.

Zach Davis: Joey looks like a man possessed! He’s relentless in his assault of the Champion! The back of Dune’s head is being slammed into the mat with each strike Joey dishes out!

Gravedigger: My god, this could be over before it started.

Freddy Whoa: Early 2-count as Dune’s shoulder were pinned beneath the barrage. Joey barely even noticed. It seems his only focus is delivering as much punishment to the Champ as possible. Dune hardly fighting back at all.

Zach Davis: He hasn’t had the chance to. Joey’s been on him from the start. OOF! There’s a bit of offense from Dune - hard shot to the jaw. It doesn’t even phase Joey though, and he takes him back to the ground. He’s trying to choke him, but the Champ’s doing everything he can to stop him.

Gravedigger: Look at the rage on Flash’s face. That’s the look of a man with nothing to lose. The fact that he’s dominating the match thus far is due entirely to whatever it is that’s fueling the anger inside him. He’s madder than Dune, and right now he wants to win this match more.

Freddy Whoa: Not so fast! The Champ grabs hold of Flash and pulls him for a series of headbutts. Flash dazed and finally showing signs of mortality as Dune throws him off and rolls out of the ring. Joey back on his feet though, and it doesn’t take him long to find Dune catching his breath outside the ring. He charges…

Zach Davis: MY GOD! Flash flattens an unsuspecting Dune outside the ring! A hard landing for both men, and the ref begins his count. Flash is first to move, and he drives his knee into the Champ’s spine until the count of 8. Now he picks Dune up and tosses him back in the ring.

Freddy Whoa: This is not looking good for Dune. He may have suffered a concussion when his head smacked against that exposed concrete. Joey doesn’t seem the slightest bit concerned though. He mashes his elbow into his eye-region before the ref finally breaks them apart.

Gravedigger: Look at the blood dripping from Flash’s elbow! I can assure you that’s not his. Flash lifts him back to his feet. Dune bleeding already...my god, is this the night he finally falls? Is this the night we finally crown a new Champion? Is Joey Flash the man who -

Zach Davis: HOLY SHIT! Dune ducks what would have surely been the knockout blow then nearly takes Flash’s head off with a diving clothesline!

Freddy Whoa: Flash is back on his feet, but Dune is ready for him this time, ducking a spear and grabbing ahold of his head in the process. The Champ wrenches on Flash’s neck from the mat.

Gravedigger: Look at the fight in Flash though. He will not be put down!

Freddy Whoa: He somehow powers free and lands a devastating kick to the side of Dune’s head. The Champ is down, and Flash once more begins laying into him. He screams down at him in fury with each blow.

Gravedigger: Flash has snapped. I’m convinced of it. I’m not sure if Dune can overcome this early deficit. He’s never had to face a man with such tenacity as Flash is showing tonight.

Zach Davis: The Champ’s face is covered in blood as Flash lifts him to his feet and - DDT! A brutal one at that...now he lifts him up and sets up for another…

Freddy Whoa: But no - Dune reverses it into a gutwrench suplex. Again Flash is quick to his feet, but Dune uses his momentum against him as he charges, throwing him down to the mat. Flash tries to get up, but Dune is right there to push him back down. He drives a knee into the side of Joey’s head, then lifts him up…

Zach Davis: Tiger Suplex! And the pin!

Freddy Whoa: 2-count, and Flash is steaming! The two lock up in the center of the ring, but the strength of Dune wins out. Flash relentless though, and they lock up again.

Zach Davis: A knee to Dune’s gut buys Flash a second, and he capitalizes with a brutal neckbreaker! I’m not sure how anyone could get up from that.

Gravedigger: That’s because you’re a pussy, Zach. Neither of these men are that. Flash jumps Dune and locks him up in a chokehold. He looks to be trying to squeeze the life out of the Champ.

Freddy Whoa: OH MY! Dune manages to reverse the hold into a belly-to-back suplex. This time Flash isn’t so quick to his feet. Dune up first, and he lifts Joey up only to clothesline him back down again.

Zach Davis: His blood may be all over the ring, but this isn’t over for Dune yet. Flash pounds his fist against the mat as Dune backs up, allowing him a reprieve.

Gravedigger: Strange behavior from the Champ. You’d think he’d be going for the jugular with Joey against the ropes. Instead he seems to be showing him a bit of the mercy we mentioned before...either that or Dune is simply toying with Flash. Either way it’s a mistake.

Freddy Whoa: Flash on his feet, and the two stride toward each other as the crowd anticipates...

Zach Davis: HERE WE GO! They meet in the middle and begin trading blows. The two top fighters in the WCF are absolutely laying into one another, back and forth, back and forth!

Gravedigger: Look at the blood spraying away from Dune’s face with each strike of Joey Flash’s fist! It’s beautiful!

Freddy Whoa: Dune almost loses his footing while Flash reaches back, and - WHOA! Knockout punch to the World Champion. Lights out! Lights out! Flash covers, driving his elbow into Dune’s crimson face all the while! ONE...TWO...

Zach Davis: Dune got his shoulder up! How the fuck did he get his shoulder up!

Gravedigger: Because he’s the World Champion, not some pussyfaced announcer. Flash can’t believe it - look at him.

Freddy Whoa: Flash pulls Dune to his feet and - OH MY! He throws the big man up and over his head with a vicious belly-to-belly suplex! Dune slow to his feet as Flash grabs hold of him for a second…

Zach Davis: But no! He keeps his footing and slams his bloody face into Joey’s, covering it with his own blood. Flash wipes it from his eyes in time to catch a tornado kick to the side of the head! And Flash is down!

Freddy Whoa: Looks like Dune’s going up top...bit uncharacteristic for the Champion. Flash is still down as Dune perches on the turnbuckle. He leaps, and - MY GOD! Flash gets both knees up in time! Dune’s exposed stomach and ribs land right on them!

Gravedigger: The Champ is down! Now’s Joey’s chance to put him away for good! He pins him! ONE...TWO...NO! Dune kicks out!

Freddy Whoa: Flash is heeding your advice, Digger. He’s taking it to the downed-Champ. He stomps on Dune’s face a few times before lifting him up and SLAMMING him down. Nice DDT there by Flash.

Zach Davis: Flash not letting go as he lifts Dune back up. This time he lifts the champ’s feet off the ground before slamming his skull into the mat again. This is just malicious! Flash targeting the head and neck of Dune.

Gravedigger: Lesser men would have died after the beating Flash has put on Dune so far. He’s silenced all his critics, and from the looks of it he’s about to put this thing away.

Freddy Whoa: Dune very slow to his feet. Flash pulls him up, and...hmm...that’s odd. Flash appeared to have been about to strike Dune before he dropped his arms and took a step back. Now he’s simply staring at him, eyes wide.

Zach Davis: Look at Dune - he’s pointing at himself, and he appears to be saying something. What the fuck is going on right now?!

Gravedigger: Look at his eyes! Before they were hollow and dead; now they smile at Flash. Something’s happened...a change of some kind…

Freddy Whoa: Flash charges! He begins laying into the Champ’s face! Strike after strike...but my GOD! It’s as if Dune’s not even affected by the blows! His head moves, but he stands his ground, and - WHOA!!! He lunges forward and knocks Flash clear across the ring!

Zach Davis: What the…

Freddy Whoa: The Challenger is back on his feet, and he slowly backpedals around the ring as Dune creeps toward him. Backed into the corner now...JESUS! Dune throttles Joey before throwing him over the top rope! Hard landing on the floor below.

Gravedigger: Flash landed right on his head and he’s not moving. That’s a concussion and then some. This could be bad for the Challenger.

Freddy Whoa: Dune patiently climbs out of the ring and strolls toward Flash. Is it just me or has his entire demeanor changed since Joey nearly broke his neck with that series of DDTs? It’s like Dune is an entirely different person.

Zach Davis: OOF! Dune lifts Joey up by the throat and slams his back down on his knee. He writhes in pain as Dune throws him back in the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Dune slides in as Joey manages to make it to his knees. He pleads with Dune as the Champ approaches, and - UH OH! Dune seizes Flash and DROPS him with a Death Valley Driver. Flash clutches at his neck in the center of the ring, but Dune doesn’t go for the pin.

Gravedigger: What’s he doing? Flash is down and out! Pin him you idiot!!

Freddy Whoa: Dune wants more. He lifts Joey up and presses him over his head...OH NO! DUNE CHARGES!

Zach Davis: MY GOD! MY GOD! MY GOD! Dune just lobbed Flash into the audience! He had to have flown at least 31 feet through the air! What an inhuman feat of strength!

Gravedigger: Inhuman is right. Look at him! He’s going in after him!

Freddy Whoa: The crowd parts before the Champ before he finally reaches Joey Flash, who’s just barely conscious. Dune sets him up and MY oh my what a shot. Dune picks him up and throws him over his shoulder and heading back for the ring.

Zach Davis: Flash is out of it. Being tossed across the arena has him reeling. OH! Dune slams his back against the guardrail before tossing him under the ropes. The ref gets to nine as Dune slides in.

Gravedigger: Joey’s out on his feet. If I were Dune, I’d put this thing away right here and now. Sandstorm - give it to him and be done with it.

Freddy Whoa: Kick to to the gut! Here it comes! NO! Dune hooks Flash’s arms behind his back but foregoes the powerbomb and piledrives him instead. Flash splayed out on the mat...my god folks, this one could be all over.

Zach Davis: Dune picking Flash back up and walking him over to the corner. He yanks on his arm and whips him across the ring with otherwordly force! Flash hits the opposite turnbuckle and immediately falls to the mat. Dune eying him...OH MY GOD!

Gravedigger: Dropkick to the face of the downed Challenger. JESUS! It opens up a huge gash in Joey’s skull. Now his blood mixes with that of Dune on the mat...but my how the tables have turned!

Freddy Whoa: Dune grabs Joey by the hair and locks his head between his leg. Standing leg scissors, gentlemen, and the crowd knows just what’s coming. He hooks Joey’s arms, and - OOOH MY GOD! The back of Joey’s head crashes to the mat after without question the most vicious Sandstorm we’ve ever seen from the World Champion.

Gravedigger. It’s over. Dune retains. No way Joey Flash could have survived that. He’s...wait...he’s not going for the pin?! He lifts him up again and hits ANOTHER Sandstorm! Holy fuck, this is getting out of hand!

Zach Davis: Dune picks Flash up like a ragdoll. Look in his eyes - they aren’t smiling now. They show no remorse for the enemy. He drags Joey over to the corner and begins to ascend to the top turnbuckle. Shades of what Dune did to Thomas Bates at Ultimate Showdown. Flash seems destined to suffer a similar fate.

Zach Davis: Dune has him set up for...no...not a second Sandstorm… He hulks him upward oh shit...NO!


Zach Davis: Dune is struggling to free himself from the grip of Flash here, who begins delivering massive elbows onto the face of the reeling champion, four, five six...Dune staggers and crumples to the canvas, Flash is irresistable here…


Gravedigger: He won’t do it.


Freddy Whoa: Oh god….

Gravedigger: Joey Flash is the new World Champion, but he doesn’t seem to care, Stanley Moser tried handing him the belt but all he cares about is Dune. Oh lord is it not enough...Flash has split Dune’s head wide open.

Zach Davis: He’s dragging Dune down the aisle now, I don’t know what has possessed Flash now, I know what has gone on this week but he’s taking it all out on Dune here.

Freddy Whoa: NO! JESUS, PUT HIM DOWN! OH my GOD! Flash spikes Dune’s head into the exposed concrete. Joey reaches down to pick him up again. Dune is out on his feet, no not off the ramp you're better than this...

Zach Davis: Flash is talking to Dune now, lifting him up...NO! THEY WENT FLYING OFF THE RAMP, FLASH WITH A SUPLEX! OH GOD the pair of them land with a sickening thud on the concrete...the EMT's are flying out here.

Freddy Whoa: Seth Lerch is in discussion with them right now...this isn't looking good, Dune isn't moving, Flash isn't moving...

Zach Davis: Seth seems to be protesting and gesticulating here, what is happening? The EMT's seem persistent. Damn here comes Seth to ringside.

Gravedigger: I'm going to go check on these men. I'm sorry. I've gotta go, Seth is counting on me.

Freddy Whoa: What? Gravedigger, get back here!

Zach Davis: I don't know what's going on. Seth is about to speak.

Seth Lerch: Ladies and gentlemen... it comes with a heavy heart that I announce that after such an epic immense World Title match... according to the EMT's neither man is currently looking like they're fit and well enough to compete in WCF competition.

Zach Davis: WHAT?!

Seth Lerch: Therefore I can make only one decision, I'm sorry... I hate to do this. Joey Flash is stripped of the WCF World Title.

Freddy Whoa: Oh my God.

Zach Davis: You know what's coming. Seth only has one choice.

Seth Lerch: I know that Joey wanted to win that belt and prove himself the great World Champion that we knew he could be, but I also know that he wouldn't want to hold the belt and not be able to compete. So tonight, the winner of the War match will be the new and undisputed WCF World Champion.


Zach Davis: We've had one new Champion tonight... But we're going to get another!?

Freddy Whoa: You never know what's going to happen at War, Zach. And Dune, Joey Flash, and Seth have proven that here tonight.

Seth Lerch: Look, look. I know you're all upset. I'm upset too. But this isn't a Scarecrow situation, okay? Joey Flash isn't dead or anything, he's going to be okay. He's not dead!

Zach Davis: Well that's uncalled for, but okay.

Seth Lerch: So the show has to go on. And there is one hype train we're all boarding right now.

Freddy Whoa: ...


Zach Davis: Well, thankfully, Seth is leaving the ring. We're about to get underway now!

Freddy Whoa: I can only assume Seth is heading to the back to drink away his woes. We've got some video packages to watch and we'll be getting started momentarily.


Zach Davis: Well fans, after what we've just seen.. this is unbelievable. Tonight's War will not be for Title contendership at One. It will be for the WCF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa is all I can say, Zach. Whoa. We've seen this happen before back in 2012, when Jonny Fly was jailed before a World Title match. That lead to Jeff Purse becoming our new Champ by beating Eric Price.

Zach Davis: Could Jeff Purse have just become a favorite to win this thing?

Freddy Whoa: Not to mention the fact that the WCF Title is as prestigious as it has EVER been. For the last two years, the World Champions have been Jonny Fly, Steve Orbit, Natural ICE Beckman, Bobby Cairo, and Dune. Only five Champions spanning twenty four months, and tonight adds a sixth name to that list.

Zach Davis: And they will have to go through hell to do it. This is the biggest War in history, with over fifty participants.... And it is about damn time we begin.

Freddy Whoa: Agreed. Let's quickly go over the rules. Two men enter, followed by a new entry every two minutes. However, if any new entry is eliminated in thirty seconds or less, they are immediately replaced.

Zach Davis: Eliminations are by pinfall and submission, and there are no disqualifications. Last man.. or woman?.. standing is the new Champion. In addition, the Hardcore Champion, Torture, is so cocky that he will win tonight that he has put his Hardcore Title on the line. Whoever pins Torture will become the new Hardcore Champion.

Freddy Whoa: Torture "puts his Hardcore Title" on the line all the time, Zach. Let's be serious. Torture has SOMETHING up his sleeve.

Zach Davis: Time will tell, Freddy. But War is about to begin. The time has come.

Freddy Whoa: Who is the unfortunate soul who drew #1?


Freddy Whoa: Here comes WOLF! War could be a career making match for him. We've seen strong showings launch careers before, and Wolf has proven in his short time here that he has what it takes to become great. Can you imagine him going from #1 to becoming Champion!?

Zach Davis: Well SOMEONE is going to have something to say about that. Here comes Number 2!...

Freddy Whoa: FENIX! Out comes Jackson White! We've got Wolf vs Fenix to start things off at War XIV!

Zach Davis: Both of these men are taking this extremely serious given the new stakes to the matchup. They're staring daggers in each other... And here's the bell!

Freddy Whoa: Wisely, the two circle one another, neither rushing in. They know that to win this, they'll have to go another one hundred minutes at a minimum.

Zach Davis: And here is the tieup. Wolf puts Jackson White into a headlock, but White pushes him off. Wolf into the ropes now, comes back, White executes a Sloop Scam.

Freddy Whoa: You mean Scoop Slam there, buddy?

Zach Davis: Yes, yes I do, I'm sorry. In fact, let me address everyone that critiques our War commentary, Freddy. Let's enjoy this time when we only have two guys in the match and we can keep track of everybody, okay? For the record, just because you and I don't talk about someone for a while doesn't mean they don't exist. They're usually off brawling with someone in a corner or something. They didn't disappear. I just want to get that out of the way.

Freddy Whoa: ...Whoa, dude, calm down. SOMEONE'S touchy.

Zach Davis: I just don't want any of this "are these two dudes sitting around eating hot wings somewhere?" nonsense this year. Back to the match.

Freddy Whoa: After the Sloop Scam, White dropped an elbow on Wolf. And another. And another. On the fourth, Wolf rolls away and gets to his feet. White runs towards him and gets taken down with a Headlock Takeover, and Wolf now has a Chinlock applied.

Zach Davis: Fenix kicks his legs a few times, beginning to find the energy to get out of it. As important as the slower pace is right now, neither of these competitors can allow themselves to be worn down by submission moves, either. The fans are clapping faster and faster now, giving White the encouragement he needs, and he's up.

Freddy Whoa: White lifts Wolf up and hits a Backdrop! Wolf rolls out of the ring as the buzzer hits, here comes number three!

Zach Davis: Here comes a young man debuting tonight, Marcus Peters! What a flamboyant entrance, and he's coming over here with the lolipop he's sucking. Get in the ring, dude.

Freddy Whoa: He enters, and walks right into an eye poke from Jackson! Looks like White didn't appreciate his shenanigans.

Zach Davis: White smashes the Marcus Peters down with a Big Boot! White drops and goes for the pin.

Freddy Whoa: One. Two.

Zach Davis: No!, Peters kicks out. White lifts him back to his feet and Peters fires off a vicious knife edge chop!

Freddy Whoa: Peters kicks White in the gut, doubling him over, and hooks him for a Spike DDT!, but no White holds onto the ropes. Peters drops down and as he gets back up, White hooks him for a Russian Legsweep. Peters elbows his way out of that.. BOOM!, another kick and he hits his Spike DDT this time!

Zach Davis: Peters gets back to his feet and is taken down by an STO by Wolf, who is back in the ring! The fans boo before quickly switching to counting down, three, two, one...

Freddy Whoa: "You want a battle? HERE'S A WAR!" Here comes Derek Moreno! Moreno has been looking to make his mark in WCF since he came in, and-

Zach Davis: Whoops, he just ate a running knee lift by Wolf, that's his Easy Prey. Moreno is back up.. THE KILL!

Freddy Whoa: Some bad luck by Moreno there, he's certainly nowhere near our fastest elimination ever but here's the pin.

Zach Davis: One, two, three. As per our new rule, which Seth has called the "Survival Rule" based on Survival Mode in No Mercy, time for our next entrant. Three, two, one!

Freddy Whoa: Well this is an unsettling entrant. Joseph Vacher is debuting here tonight. Dr. James Watson is leading him into the ring.

Zach Davis: Watson releases Vacher into the ring and he goes toe to toe with Wolf and begins brawling! Wolf is beaten back by the giant of a man, and Vacher is able to Clothesline him down.

Freddy Whoa: White runs at Vacher and gets a Spinebuster for his trouble. Next up is Marcus Peters, who Springboards into the ring and takes Vacher down with a Tornado DDT!

Zach Davis: Marcus Peters using his speed to his advantage here! He runs to the ropes again and Springboards, this time hitting a Dropkick as Vacher had worked his way up.

Freddy Whoa: Vacher stumbles back and Peters quickly makes his way to the top rope. He jumps off! Crossbody from the top!

Zach Davis: NO!, Vacher catches him. The seven foot tall monster hits a Fallaway Slam!

Freddy Whoa: Marcus Peters stumbles up and walks right into a Bearhug from Vacher... transitioned into a Sidewalk Slam. Shock Therapy! Vacher pins Peters.

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Nope - Wolf breaks it up. Not particularly wise but Wolf is vicious - he stomps away at Vacher and Peters both! Vacher rolls out of the ring as Peters stumbles up.

Zach Davis: Discus Clothesline to Peters! THE KILL! Pin!

Freddy Whoa: One! Two! Three! There he goes!

Freddy Whoa: Vacher back in the ring - WOLF HITS ANOTHER KILL!

Zach Davis: Vacher doesn't go down, he spins around though.. into a knockout punch from Jackson White! And look, Fenix is wearing brass knuckles!

Freddy Whoa: THAT drops Vacher down, and Wolf quickly goes for the pin. One! Two!

Zach Davis: Three! It took the element of surprise, two finishers and brass knuckles to do it, but they eliminated this mountain of a man!

Freddy Whoa: Jackson White and Wolf identified a target and made sure to eliminate him. We're down to our first two men... but not for long. Three, two, one..


Freddy Whoa: Alex Richards hits the ring and is immediately rushed by Wolf. He ducks a Clothesline attempt and executes a German Suplex!

Zach Davis: Jackson White runs at Richards next, but Richards lifts White up and drops him onto the top rope with a Hotshot. White stumbles back, clutching his throat, and Richards lifts him up...

Freddy Whoa: Death Valley Driver!

Zach Davis: No!, White slides behind Richards. White spins Richards around... Richards grabs his throat!


Zach Davis: White knows he has no choice. Jackson White taps out!

Freddy Whoa: And Alex Richards is immediately stomped at by Wolf. We're back down to one on one.

Zach Davis: Wolf hits a few stiff kicks to Richards' head before lifting him up... BOOM! Alabama Slam!

Freddy Whoa: Wolf with the pin now. One! Two!

Zach Davis: Nope, Richards kicks out. Richards has become one of the most decorated and experienced members of the WCF roster, he will not be beaten that easily.

Freddy Whoa: New entrant time. Three, two, one..

Zach Davis: Here comes the United States Champion! David Sanchez is here!

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez enters the ring as Wolf runs at him. Sanchez is able to catch him and execute a Tiltawhirl Backbreaker!, beautifully executed.

Zach Davis: Sanchez turns to Richards, who has stumbled up, and runs at him and quickly hits a European Uppercut. Richards is dazed and Sanchez throws him over the top rope. He turns back to Wolf and measures him with determination in his eyes...


Zach Davis: NO!, Wolf ducks it! RUNNING KNEE - EASY PREY FROM WOLF!

Freddy Whoa: And no!, Sanchez avoids that! Trading finisher attempts like the match is ending or something! The two face off now, realizing they're at a stalemate. The crowd applauds.

Zach Davis: Sanchez wisely wanted to take out the man that has been in the match the longest, but Wolf isn't ready to be taken down yet. The two men circle and tie up.

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez gains the upper hand, hitting Wolf with a flurry of stiff forearms to the head. He hits a crisp kick to the midsection before taking Wolf to the mat with a Snap Suplex. Floatover into a pin.

Zach Davis: One, two..

Freddy Whoa: No!, kickout by Wolf. New entrant coming in three, two, one..

Zach Davis: Here comes L.A. Kush! Another newcomer to the scene. And, uh, he's clearly high.

Freddy Whoa: He's... I think he's smoking a blunt, Zach. We can't air this!

Zach Davis: The Wolf and Sanchez brawl has gone to the outside, but Alex Richards has entered the ring. He eyes L.A. Kush as Kush enters. What a showdown this is.

Freddy Whoa: L.A. Kush is offering Richards a hit! Richards smiles as he accepts. Are we witnessing drug use in the middle of a wrestling match?

Zach Davis: NOPE! Richards pulls Kush in.. FINAL ENLIGHTENMENT! Pin!

Freddy Whoa: One, two, three. Don't do drugs, kids, or you'll get eliminated at War. Who will replace L.A. Kush? Three, two, one..


Freddy Whoa: Adam Young rushes to the ring and slides right in. He begins brawling with Alex Richards, the two men trading sloppy rights and lefts!, giving it their all!

Zach Davis: To recap, we've got four participants now and we've had five eliminations. Besides Richards and Young brawling in the ring, Wolf and Sanchez are now brawling near our announce table.

Freddy Whoa: Adam Young fires off a Superkick!, which Alex Richards has scouted, and ducks. Richards goes for a German!, but Young lands on his feet. Richards turns around-

Zach Davis: Adam Young connects with the Superkick! Richards goes down and Adam Young goes for the pin.

Freddy Whoa: One! Two!

Zach Davis: No, Richards kicks out. Adam Young has a pinfall victory over Corey Black, wouldn't it be funny to see him take out Pantheon all by himself here tonight?

Freddy Whoa: Uh, no. Speaking of Pantheon, though, they've got to be riding high after Slam. Not L.A. Kush high, but like, feeling good. They FINALLY unseated the DRG for the Trios Championships. Hellimination is right around the corner, and you've got to wonder what that means for a group like Pantheon.

Zach Davis: What happens tonight may very well be the first chapter of that, Freddy, who knows. Anyway, Young now has Alex Richards in a Sleeper. Like we saw earlier tonight, Adam Young is wrestling smart: Keeping the pace slow, working down his opponent.

Freddy Whoa: Time for our next entrant! Three, two, one...

Zach Davis: HERE COMES THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPION! Here comes Kyle Kemp!

Freddy Whoa: I've just received word that #BeachKrew is trending worldwide! Haha, I love it, Maggle!

Zach Davis: Kyle Kemp slides into the ring and Adam Young has released the Sleeper on Richards to prepare. Kemp runs at him and Clotheslines him down. Young gets back up and eats another Clothesline from Kemp. Young gets up once more and Kemp hits a Belly to Belly Suplex!

Freddy Whoa: Pin! One! Two!

Zach Davis: No, Young kicks out. Everyone talks about Pantheon, but we've certainly seen the Beach Krew on the rise.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Sanchez just threw Wolf into our table. Come on guys! Now Sanchez is slamming Wolf's head into it. I'd say I'm out of here, but for this event we are contractually obligated to stay here and commentate no matter what!

Zach Davis: Wolf fights back now, thankfully whipping Sanchez away from here and into the steel steps.. Sanchez crashes into them with a sickening thud. Oof.

Freddy Whoa: Wolf runs at Sanchez but Sanchez ducks down!, hits a Back Bodydrop, sends Wolf flying.. Wolf lands backfirst onto the stairs himself!

Zach Davis: These two aren't playing smart; they can't do this kind of damage to each other and expect to finish the match! New entrant in three, two, one...

Freddy Whoa: Here comes Conall Darrow MacNeill!

Zach Davis: Conall enters the ring and runs at Adam Young. He takes him down with a vicious Brogue Kick! Alex Richards runs at him, and he hits a Back Toss. He then drops Kyle Kemp with a Big Boot!

Freddy Whoa: Conall Darrow MacNeill is on fire! He lifts up Adam Young and smashes him in the face with an elbow, sending the Redneck down. Pin on Young!

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Nope, Young kicks out. I was going to say that Conall's best hope is for Cormack to enter the ring soon, but it looks like he doesn't even need him!

Zach Davis: Sanchez is back in the ring now. Conall runs at him and goes for another Brogue Kick!, but the US Champ has it scouted. He ducks away and then hits Conall with a Roundhouse Kick to the abdomen. Conall grimaces in pain and Sanchez then headbutts him, focusing on the trpezoid muscle.

Freddy Whoa: A series of headbutts and now Conall is reeling. Conall roars at Sanchez, he won't go down!

Zach Davis: Conall runs at Sanchez but Sanchez catches him - DDT INTO THE BOTTOM TURNBUCKLE PAD! Cornerstone Blues!

Freddy Whoa: Conall ran right into it! Sanchez with the pin! One!

Zach Davis: Two! No!, Conall kicks out! Sanchez kicks at him for several moments as we count down. Three, two, one..

Freddy Whoa: Welp... here we go. Here comes Torture.

Zach Davis: The biggest target in the match, whoever pins him becomes the Hardcore Champion! He's not scared, he slides right in and goes toe to toe with David Sanchez!

Freddy Whoa: Champion versus Champion, Hardcore Champ and United States Champ! Here we go!

Zach Davis: Nope, Torture drops down and rolls out of the ring. Sanchez marches towards him and begins yelling before he's rolled up from behind by Adam Young!

Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO!

Zach Davis: No!, Sanchez kicks out. Sanchez gets back to his feet and Young immediately Clotheslines him out of the ring. Young turns and is face to face with Conall Darrow MacNeill!

Freddy Whoa: Young is going to get what's coming to him! He can't go toe to toe with this man!

Zach Davis: From outside the ring, Torture trips up Conall. He's holding onto him! Come on!

Freddy Whoa: BOOM!, Superkick to Conall from Young. Tort lets go and Conall stumbles forward.. YOUNG HITS THE HAND OF GOD!

Zach Davis: Adam jumps up to the top.. Best! Moonsault! Ever!

Freddy Whoa: Into the pin. One, two..

Zach Davis: Three. Thanks to tomfoolery, there goes Conall Darrow MacNeill, and Adam Young gets an elimination which I'm sure he won't shut up about.

Freddy Whoa: The first of many, perhaps! Our next entrant is ready, three, two, one..

Zach Davis: Here comes the Ass Man, Jeff Danger. Aw, Jeff Danger, you were so close to having a cool name before that Ass Man part.

Freddy Whoa: Well he's in the ring and he's going toe to toe with David Sanchez, telling Sanchez he wants his United States Title. Sanchez shakes his head, smirking...

Zach Davis: MEDUSA'S TOUCH! He takes this newcomer down with a hell of an impact. Into the pin.

Freddy Whoa: One, two, three, boom. Poor Jeff Danger was too cocky and didn't even get a chance.

Zach Davis: Survival Rule!, new entrant in three, two, one..

Freddy Whoa: HERE COMES TEO DEL SOL! This is a man who defeated Jonny Fly!, something almost no one else in this match can claim!

Zach Davis: He slides in and tackles down Kyle Kemp! He's going right for the Beach Krew! Teo hits punch after punch to the People's Champion before getting off as the crowd chants his name.

Freddy Whoa: Teo Del Sol lifts Kyle Kemp up, who appears to be on dream street. Teo throws Kemp to the ropes and as Kemp comes back he executes a Drop Toehold. He then runs and executes a Running Senton! Pin!

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Kemp kicks out! That was close.

Zach Davis: Teo gets back up but apparently Torture has decided he wants to actually wrestle!

Freddy Whoa: Or not. Boom, belt shot to Teo Del Sol's head. Kemp is up... belt shot to him too!

Zach Davis: The fans boo as Torture smirks and measures David Sanchez....

Freddy Whoa: BOOM!, belt shot to David Sanchez too. Torture raises the Hardcore Title high in the air, yelling that he's the greatest Champion in WCF!, especially now that the World Title is vacated!

Zach Davis: TRIOS TITLE TO THE BACK OF TORTURE'S HEAD! The crowd pops as Richards hits him! Torture stumbles forward, dropping his Hardcore Title in the process. Richards tosses his belt to the side before hitting Torture with a Choke Toss!

Freddy Whoa: Richards scrambles over to Torture to go for the pin!, but Torture rolls out of the ring before he can get him. Richards is about to exit the ring before he's rolled up from behind by Adam Young!

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: No!, Richards kicks out. Torture is lapping the ring now, holding his head and I think he got a water from someone at ringside. And we're ready for a new entrant. Three, two, one..

Zach Davis: Here comes Denise D'Evil!, the Angel of Death herself!

Freddy Whoa: Denise D'Evil slides in and runs at Kyle Kemp, Spearing him down. David Sanchez is up and eats a Spear as well. Spear for Teo Del Sol! Spear to Wolf!

Zach Davis: Wolf is able to sidestep Denise!, he runs at her, executing a Cactus Clothesline! Both Wolf and Denise spill to the outside.

Freddy Whoa: Wolf and Denise brawl outside the ring and - WHOA! SUICIDE SOMERSAULT PLANCHA FROM TEO DEL SOL ONTO DENISE AND WOLF!

Zach Davis: What athleticism by Teo Del Sol! Wait, David Sanchez is on the top rope now...

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez jumps onto all three of them! We've got four wrestlers piled outside the ring now! This leaves Alex Richards, Adam Young, and Kyle Kemp inside of it!

Zach Davis: Torture is back in the ring. Adam Young has just Clotheslined Kyle Kemp over the top rope, sending both men to the outside. Torture and Alex Richards are face to face now... brawling ensues!

Freddy Whoa: Time for our next entrant! Three! Two! One!


Freddy Whoa: Torture's eyes go wide and he immediately begs away from Richards, backing off as Omega slides in. This... this doesn't look good for The Tort.

Zach Davis: Stiff punch to Torture from Omega! Torture goes reeling, into the waiting fist of Richards! Punch from Richards to Torture, and he's a pinball between the two Pantheon members! He's getting punch after punch!

Freddy Whoa: Spinning heel kick from Omega.. into a Running Big Boot by Richards!

Zach Davis: Torture goes down now but Omega lifts him up. He throws him to the corner and runs at him...

Freddy Whoa: Splash!, followed by a Release Northern Lights Suplex! Breathtaking!

Zach Davis: Alex Richards is positioned in a corner himself. Jay Omega backs up into the opposite corner. We know that Pantheon members have a penchant for Superkicks...

Freddy Whoa: They're in position. If Torture doesn't escape this, his reign is over. He's standing up, his eyes are glazed over... He's almost to a vertical base...

Zach Davis: CHRIS AVERY AND RYAN DANIELS IN THE RING! Avery spins Omega as Daniels spins Richards!


Zach Davis: The Team of Torture have apparently entered this match as a duo! Omega drops onto Avery as Richards pins Daniels.

Freddy Whoa: One/one.. Two/two..

Zach Davis: THREE. And there goes the Team of Torture!

Freddy Whoa: But they did what they were supposed to do, Zach. They protected Torture yet again, because he's leaving the ring!

Zach Davis: Nope! Omega grabs him from behind before he can escape!

Freddy Whoa: OOF, Mule Kick to Jay Omega. The crowd boos as Omega is sent sprawling. Richards runs at Torture next but gets a poke to the eye for his troubles. Richards runs at Tort and Tort hits a Drop Toehold, sending Richards facefirst into the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Say what you want about him, but he's a wily veteran. He's NOT going to lose that belt without a fight. Omega is back up and Torture hooks him for a Torture's Device.


Zach Davis: But as Omega hits the ropes, from the outside, Avery cracks Omega in the back with a chair! Avery then slides the chair in and Torture grabs it. Richards runs at him but Torture is able to crack him right in the skull. Richards' eyes go blank as he drops to the mat and rolls out, leaving only Omega and Tort.

Freddy Whoa: OMEGA DUCKS A CHAIRSHOT! Floatover DDT, dropping the Hardcore Champion and the chair!

Zach Davis: Omega quickly lifts Torture up and positions him over the chair....


Zach Davis: NO! Daniels hits Omega with a second chair before he can drop Torture! The crowd once again boos like crazy as Omega hits the mat. Torture stands tall, hurting but still the Hardcore Champion.

Freddy Whoa: Who forgot to pay the bill? The lights are out.

Zach Davis: We've got a new entrant finally, and looks like we've got a rookie deciding to make an impactful entrance. Who's it going to be?

Freddy Whoa: ...




Freddy Whoa: Tort looks like he's about to cry. That is, until Avery grabs Price from behind!

Zach Davis: DOWNFALL!

Freddy Whoa: Daniels grabs him next.

Zach Davis: DOWNFALL! Those two were already eliminated, they need to leave!

Freddy Whoa: Jayson Price runs at Torture!, but Torture slides out of the ring! He takes a lap as Jayson Price chases him! GET HIM, PRICE!

Zach Davis: Torture jumps the guardrail! He's running through the crowd, Freddy!

Freddy Whoa: JAYSON PRICE IS IN HOT PURSUIT! They're leaving the arena!

Zach Davis: Jayson Price... I don't understand HOW he's back, but... he and Torture have hated each other since the day they met, Freddy. Torture was about to make a mockery of War with his shenanigans and Price saved us from that, thank God...

Freddy Whoa: I'm receiving word now that both Torture and Jayson Price have officially been eliminated! So no, neither man will be re-entering the match later on. They're officially gone!

Zach Davis: Looks like we're getting an actual new entrant now. Three, two, one...

Freddy Whoa: Representing the Beach Krew, here comes Rico Rojas! We've now got two Beach Krew members in the match!

Zach Davis: Rico joins Kyle Kemp in beating down Teo Del Sol outside of the ring. How about we run down what's going on now?

Freddy Whoa: Adam Young, Wolf, David Sanchez, and Denise D'Evil have just stormed the ring and they're going after Pantheon. Adam Young and Wolf are beating down Alex Richards as David Sanchez and Denise D'Evil are kicking away at Jay Omega.

Zach Davis: Pantheon may be on top of the world after that Trios win but they're targets, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Outside the ring, Kemp has Teo up and throws him to Rojas. Rojas drops him with a Fameasser onto the cold, hard cement. Things aren't looking good for Teo.

Zach Davis: Kemp and Rojas kick at him some more before picking him up and sliding him into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: The Beach Krew enter the ring now and execute a Double Suplex on Teo... but he lands on his feet!

Zach Davis: Dropkick to Kemp!, sending him flying out of the ring! Dropkick to Rico!

Freddy Whoa: No!, Rico avoids it and hits the ropes, comes back.. Chop Block to Teo, taking him down to the mat. New entrant time!, three, two, one...

Zach Davis: Here comes Legion. With a name like his, you imagine he should be some big green monster or something, but nope! He IS scary though of course, just in a different way.

Freddy Whoa: Legion enters the ring now, which is full with ten participants. He takes aim at Denise D'Evil, running at her and taking her down with an unexpected Big Boot!

Zach Davis: Ah, rednecks and women beating, I love it. He lifts her up and throws her to the ropes before lifting her up for a Torture Rack.

Freddy Whoa: Nope!, Denise slips behind him! He turns - Roundhouse Kick from Denise!

Zach Davis: No!, Legion ducks that. Denise hooks him for the There Can Be Only One!, but he elbows his way out of it. She stumbles away and turns into a kick to her midsection... followed by a Powerbomb from Legion! Into the pin!

Freddy Whoa: One! Two!

Zach Davis: No!, she kicks out. Legion slowly gets to his feet and kicks her for a few moments before lifting her up and throwing her to the ropes... He catches her as she comes back.

Freddy Whoa: Fallaway Slam!

Zach Davis: She flies and is caught by Adam Young, who drops her with a Hand of God! Young pins Denise!

Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO! THREE!, there it is. Young eliminates Denise D'Evil.

Zach Davis: Young gets to his feet and nods at Legion.. Looks like we've got an alliance for now! They run at David Sanchez and hit him with a Linked Clothesline.

Freddy Whoa: Young and Legion kick at Sanchez as we're ready for a new entrant! Three, two, one..

Zach Davis: Here comes newcomer Hunter Thompson! He's not joined by his "sister" Enessa Thompson tonight, he's in it to win it by himself.

Freddy Whoa: He enters the ring and is immediately met by Legion and Young, who begin kicking at him. Before he can even get to his feet Legion hits him with a sharp kick to the stomach, followed by a running knee trembler! Riot Maker!

Zach Davis: Legion backs off as Young pins Thompson. One. Two.

Freddy Whoa: Three! This man was no match for the onslaught of the rednecks here tonight.

Zach Davis: Young is up - ROLLED UP FROM BEHIND BY LEGION!

Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO! THREE! Legion eliminates Adam Young!

Zach Davis: Young rolls out of the ring, shocked, as we're in the middle of a new entrant coming down! Cormack MacNeill is replacing Hunter Thompson, and he hits the ring.

Freddy Whoa: We've got Cormack brawling with Legion now. By the way, Adam Young, Wolf, and Alex Richards are tied for eliminations with three each, while Sanchez, Omega, and Legion each have one. Very interesting to watch elimination counts!

Zach Davis: Rico Rojas and Kyle Kemp have now turned their sights on Jay Omega. They're stomping a mudhole in him in the corner.

Freddy Whoa: Rico lifts Omega up onto the turnbuckle. Rico and Kemp both climb up and sling Omega's arms over their shoulders... Double Suplex!, bringing Omega off the top turnbuckle!

Zach Davis: Rico pins Omega. One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Kickout! Kemp pins Omega now. One! Two!

Zach Davis: Kickout! Rico picks Omega up and Omega starts to fight back. He kicks Rico, but Rico catches it and executes a Dragonscrew Legwhip. The Beach Krew go back to kicking at him.

Freddy Whoa: We're ready for our next entrant! Here we go!

Zach Davis: We've got another newcomer! Patrilli has entered the match! I hope his amnesia doesn't affect his ability to remember the rules of the match.

Freddy Whoa: That isn't how amnesia works and you know it, Zach. But he's in the ring and he's set his sights on Wolf.

Zach Davis: He remembers enough to know that Wolf entered this match at number one!, and he's still going! But he's got to be getting tired. Patrilli takes Wolf down with a Suplex and begins kicking at him.

Freddy Whoa: Meanwhile, Beach Krew is going full force on Pantheon. Kemp and Rojas just threw Omega out of the ring and they've turned their sights on Alex Richards. Zach, do you think a man like Rico Rojas could ever be in Pantheon?

Zach Davis: Never. That's ridiculous. Rico hits Richards with a Backstabber, holds him there, and Kemp runs and drops an elbow onto Richards!, who is still draped over Rico's knees! Richards rolls to the side and Rojas goes for the pin!

Freddy Whoa: One! Two!

Zach Davis: NO!, Omega breaks it up.

Freddy Whoa: Kemp Clotheslines Omega out before he and Rico turn their sights on Teo Del Sol. Rico grabs him and hits a Backstabber!, holding him there..

Zach Davis: Kemp runs and drops Teo with a Neckbreaker variation off of Rico's back. Teo stumbles up and Rico measures him..

Freddy Whoa: 3D onto Teo Del Sol! Kyle Kemp goes for the pin!

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Three! Beach Krew with another elimination!

Zach Davis: This is getting scary. The Beach Krew have more members in this match than any other group I do believe.

Freddy Whoa: Cormack MacNeill and David Sanchez are brawling. Cormack has the United States Champion pressed to the ropes, and he throws Sanchez across the ring. Sanchez comes running back and Cormack executes a Powerslam! Sanchez stumbles up and rests against the corner, while Cormack begins elbowing him, wearing him down.

Zach Davis: Meanwhile, Wolf has the advantage over Patrilli now, he's got him in a Front Facelock. He's got to use every resthold in his book right now, no matter how good shape he's in.

Freddy Whoa: New entrant time. Three, two, one...



Zach Davis: Jeff Purse runs to the ring and immediately tackles down Rico Rojas! He's pulled up by Kyle Kemp, but he elbows Kemp away. Kemp goes back on the attack and Purse takes him down with an Enziguri!

Freddy Whoa: Jay Omega, Alex Richards, and Jeff Purse... the Trios Champs are here, and that is NOT a good thing for the rest of the roster. The three men throw Rico Rojas out of the ring, then turn towards Kemp.


Freddy Whoa: Into the Ride the Lightning by Jay Omega! Omega with the pin!

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Three! Jay Omega pins the People's Champion!

Zach Davis: Rico Rojas tries to get back into the ring but he's met with a forearm by Alex Richards. Omega and Purse run at Cormack, Clotheslining him out of the ring. Next, they whip David Sanchez into the waiting arms of Alex Richards, who lifts him into a Gorilla Press...

Freddy Whoa: Alex Richards throws David Sanchez out of the ring, onto Rico Rojas, Patrilli, Legion, Cormack, and Wolf!

Zach Davis: Pantheon stands tall, but it is time for a new entrant. Three, two, one... Who can stand up to them?

Freddy Whoa: No man... but maybe a Monster.


Freddy Whoa: Oblivion takes his time walking to the ring, but Pantheon are not sweating it. They're telling Oblivion to bring it.

Zach Davis: AND BRING IT HE DOES! Oblivion enters the ring and blocks a punch by Alex Richards!, blocks a kick by Purse!, blocks a kick by Omega! Oblivion roars and Clotheslines Richards down. Omega runs at him and takes an Arm Drag. Omega gets back up and gets a headbutt from the Monster, sending him out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Jeff Purse measures Oblivion for a kick-

Zach Davis: Oblivion measures Jeff Purse for a kick-

Freddy Whoa: DUAL SUPERKICK! Oblivion goes for his Check Out Time Superkick while Purse goes for his Spoke Superkick!, both men hit each other at the same moment!

Zach Davis: Rico Rojas enters the ring and rolls up Purse from behind as Patrilli enters and rolls up Oblivion!

Freddy Whoa: ONE! ONE!

Zach Davis: TWO! TWO!


Zach Davis: Much to the dismay of Rico Rojas and Patrilli, both former World Champions kicked out! Rico kicks Purse out of the ring as Oblivion gets back to his feet, angry as hell. Patrilli runs at him and gets a kick to the stomach for his trouble.

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion executes a Gutwrench Powerbomb! He rolls off and begins climbing to the top.. is Oblivion going to fly?


Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO!

Zach Davis: THREE! Oblivion eliminates Patrilli!

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion stands up, and he's the only man.. or Monster.. standing. New entrant in three, two, one..

Zach Davis: Oh my.

Freddy Whoa: If anyone can go toe to toe with Oblivion... it is this man.

Zach Davis: 300 Violin Orchestra is playing.

Freddy Whoa: Jonny Fly is on stage. Former World Champion, the harbringer of the Era of Jonny Fly, THE founding member of Pantheon... JONNY FLY IS HERE.


Freddy Whoa: JONNY FLY AND STEVE ORBIT BOTH HAVE CHAIRS! Oblivion is yelling at them to bring it! HERE WE GO!

Zach Davis: ...And... Seth Lerch runs out from the back! Seth slides into the ring!

Freddy Whoa: JONNY FLY AND STEVE ORBIT TAKE THEIR CHAIRS!.. and open them up and take a seat. What the hell?

Zach Davis: Oblivion is laughing in Seth's face. It, uh.. It looks like Seth is the entrant, not Jonny Fly or Steve Orbit. God damnit, not this again.

Freddy Whoa: Steve Orbit and Jonny Fly are sitting at the entryway, and WCF staff are setting up a table for them.

Zach Davis: I'll guarantee you someone is going to be bringing them fuckin' wings any second now. I told you I didn't want this shit tonight.. Whatever. Seth and Oblivion. Here we go.

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion runs at Seth!, but Seth drops down and rolls out. Oblivion yells at him and turns around - only to be met by Legion!

Zach Davis: Legion is back in the ring! Legion goes face to face with Oblivion and the two begin trading blows!

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion gets the upper hand!, he sends Legion reeling. Oblivion sends Legion to the ropes and Legion comes back.. up into the Fireman's Carry... 5150!

Zach Davis: NO! Legion slides behind Oblivion and runs at him, taking him down with a Bulldog.

Freddy Whoa: No!, Oblivion runs forward and places Legion onto the top turnbuckle, back facing him. Oblivion grabs Legion by the arms and steps forward... Oblivion has Legion Crucifixed now.. Going for an Outsider's Edge?

Zach Davis: SPOKE FROM JEFF PURSE! Purse hits Oblivion with a Superkick! Oblivion is sent flying back, Legion tumbling over the ropes to the outside. Oblivion bounces off the ropes into Jeff Purse-

Freddy Whoa: As they collide, Oblivion lifts Jeff Purse up onto his shoulders! 5150!

Zach Davis: PIN! ONE! TWO!

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Omega and Richards kick Oblivion off!

Zach Davis: This match has become the Pantheon Show, and I'm not sure if anyone in WCF can do anything about it. Hell, the boss is out here, he HATES Pantheon, and even he can't. Who is entering the ring next? Three, two, one...


Zach Davis: SPENCER ADAMS RUNS TO THE RING! Adams slides in and ducks a Clothesline from Richards before tossing him out of the ring. Omega grabs Adams from behind and Adams elbows him before hitting a Snapmare into kick to the spine. Omega rolls out as Purse runs at Adams and gets a Hurricanrana for his trouble!


Zach Davis: Wolf enters the ring and runs at Adams, but Adams drops him with a Flapjack. David Sanchez enters next and Spencer Adams hits the US Champ with a flurry of quick jabs before dropping him with a DDT!

Freddy Whoa: Cormack MacNeill is next, running at Adams to tackle him down. Adams catches him and shifts his body enough to drop him with a Spinning Sidewalk Slam into a pin.

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: No! Kickout.

Zach Davis: So, uh, Seth has actually joined Fly and Orbit outside of the ring now. It seems like Orbit and Seth may be discussing politics? And it looks like their dinner has arrived.

Freddy Whoa: Billy has just brought out a plate full of wings! He sets them down onto their table and the three men begin devouring them. Billy is competing in War but he's spending time as a waiter? What the hell.

Zach Davis: New entrant time! The ring is filling up once again, we've got nine entrants... and Seth. Who is next?

Freddy Whoa: Prepare to be destroyed. Here comes the Ultimate Destroyer!

Zach Davis: Destroyer enters the ring and goes toe to toe with Cormack MacNeill. All hell has once again broken loose, as Pantheon's stranglehold has been broken and everyone but Seth is in the ring now.

Freddy Whoa: Wolf is brawling with David Sanchez. Alex Richards is brawling with Rico Rojas. Jay Omega and Legion are going at it, and Jeff Purse and Oblivion!

Zach Davis: The Ultimate Destroyer sends Cormack MacNeill reeling. He kicks him in the gut and hits a Powerbomb!

Freddy Whoa: Destroyer Clotheslines Wolf down. He runs at Sanchez and Clotheslines him before grabbing his throat as he gets up... CHOKESLAM!

Zach Davis: Rico Rojas runs at Ultimate Destroyer and Destroyer lifts him up and hits an Atompic Drop!

Freddy Whoa: Legion is next, he runs at Destroyer and lifts him in a Neck Hang... WATCH OUT, LEGION!


Freddy Whoa: Legion drops and clutches his balls in pain. OBLIVION SPINS DESTROYER AROUND!

Zach Davis: Huge rights and lefts to Destroyer! These mountains of humanity brawl back and forth, each trading closed fist punches to each other's faces.

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion. Ultimate Destroyer. Hot damn.

Zach Davis: Oblivion gets the better of Destroyer and sends him reeling, pushing him into the ropes. Oblivion throws across the ropes and as he's coming back Oblivion executes the Black Hole!

Freddy Whoa: Can Oblivion pin the Ultimate Destroyer in this battle of monsters? One!

Zach Davis: Two!


Zach Davis: Time for a new entrant! Three, two, one...

Freddy Whoa: Well, well, well. Look who's back.

Zach Davis: The reigning Champion himself.


Zach Davis: Doc Henry runs to the ring and slides in, Confederate Title in hand. He runs at Ultimate Destroyer and smashes him in the face with it. He then decks Oblivion with it too!

Freddy Whoa: He runs at Cormack!, Confederate Title to Cormack MacNeill!

Zach Davis: No!, Cormack ducks away. Both men turn and Cormack kicks Doc in the gut. Henry doubles over and Cormack throws him to the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Henry comes back and gets a Belly to Belly from Cormack! Cormack floats over and pins the Confederate Champ.

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: No!, Henry kicks out. Wolf hits the ring and grabs Cormack from behind. He hooks him..


Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO!

Zach Davis: No!, Cormack escapes it. Both men get to their feet and Cormack runs at Wolf. Wolf takes him down with a Spinebuster.

Freddy Whoa: How is this man doing it? He came in at number one!

Zach Davis: Time for a new entrant. Three. Two. One.

Freddy Whoa: #beachkrew


Freddy Whoa: Wade Moor dives into the ring and tackles down Jeff Purse, who was attacking Rico Rojas. Wade Moor rains punches down upon Jeff Purse's face.

Zach Davis: Purse rolls off and both men are to their feet. Purse runs at Moor and gets a High Lift Spinebuster. Omega runs at him but Moor turns and hits him with a sharp elbow to the head!

Freddy Whoa: The Beach Krew just got one more member to match up to Pantheon's three. If Los Tiburones or one of his ilk is next it could mean bad things for Pantheon. The stable wars are in full effect here tonight.

Zach Davis: We're up to fourteen active participants!, one of which is Seth at the entryway eating wings with Jonny Fly and Steve Orbit... whom are NOT active participants. We've had seventeen eliminations, with Wolf, Alex Richards, and Adam Young still leading with three.

Freddy Whoa: Wolf has been in the match the longest, of course. Second in length, but not girth, is Alex Richards, followed closely by the United States Champion, David Sanchez!

Zach Davis: Billy serves Seth, Jonny, and Steve more wings. As they try them, they each make unhappy faces; they must be super hot. Seth powers through, however. Are super hot wings the one thing he's tough at?

Freddy Whoa: Look, Billy has the sauce. God damn, he used a Ghost Pepper sauce, one of the hottest sauces on earth! Seth grabs some of the wings... AND HE'S HEADED TO THE RING!

Zach Davis: Seth jumps up onto the apron.. He yells to Jeff Purse. Seth and Purse just wrestled at Ultimate Showdown. Don't turn around, Jeff!


Zach Davis: Purse yells in pain as he turns around. Seth laughs, cocky now, as he enters the ring. How is a blinded man going to beat him? With that kind of pain?

Freddy Whoa: Seth throws Purse into the corner! He's going in for the kill!

Zach Davis: BUT JEFF PURSE IS TAKING OFF THE TRAINING WHEELS! He hits Seth with it and sprawls on top of him.

Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO!

Zach Davis: THREE! Jeff Purse pins Seth, eliminating him from War.

Freddy Whoa: Seth rolls out as we're getting someone new. Three, two, one..

Zach Davis: Eh oh. I wouldn't want to be the dude who just pinned Seth.

Freddy Whoa: I wouldn't want to be us next week if this guy doesn't win...

Zach Davis: Here comes Gravedigger.

Freddy Whoa: Gravedigger, WCF legend, is heading to the ring. He eyes Billy, serving Orbit and Fly more wings of a moderate heat level, as he walks down the ramp. Gravedigger slides in and eyes Jeff Purse.

Zach Davis: Seth Lerch is outside shouting "GET HIM! GET HIM!"

Freddy Whoa: Gravedigger runs at Purse and Clotheslines him down. Purse gets back up and takes a Neckbreaker from Gravedigger.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger is the FIFTH man... fifth!.. to hold the WCF World Title. He initially won that belt over ten years ago, back on May 25th, 2003. When he WON War IV to become the WCF World Heavyweight Champion. Jeff Purse may have been the favorite to win this match before, but we've got a new favorite now.

Freddy Whoa: Purse is still semi-blinded from Seth's Ghost Pepper attack. Gravedigger gains the upper hand, smiling as he hits Purse with a variety of jabs. Gravedigger stays in shape, and he's hitting Purse with everything he's got.


Freddy Whoa: Nope. Wade Moor tackles down Jay Omega as Rico Rojas tackles down Alex Richards. Gravedigger is left to himself, hitting stiff strike after stiff strike to the body of Jeff Purse.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger throws Purse out from the corner, all the way across the ring to the other corner. Purse hits the turnbuckle and Gravedigger runs into him with a Clothesline!

Freddy Whoa: Jeff Purse stumbles out and walks right into a Belly to Belly from Gravedigger. Purse stumbles up.. and GRAVEDIGGER HITS THE GRAVE MARKER! Gravedigger goes for the pin.

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Jeff Purse kicks out!

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse and Gravedigger are two of the VERY few War winners in this match, Freddy. We've got a War winner sitting at the entryway still, but he's not entering the match. Unless.. we've got another entrant.. could we get a Logan? An Epic?

Freddy Whoa: Nope. We do, however, a member of the stable that is TRENDING WORLDWIDE ON TWITTER!


Freddy Whoa: Los Tiburones hits the ring and ducks away from Gravedigger before hitting him with a European Uppercut. Gravedigger stumbles towards the ropes and Tiburones Clotheslines him out.

Zach Davis: Cormack MacNeill starts elbowing Tiburones from behind, but Tiburones shrugs them off and throws Cormack to the ropes. Spinning Heel Kick from Tiburones!, followed by a DDT!

Freddy Whoa: Richards and Omega are back in the ring now, and I think they just wiped off Purse's face so he has some semblance of vision now. They've helped him up.. and they're now face to face with Wade Moor, Rico Rojas, and Los Tiburones.


Freddy Whoa: Die in a fire, Zach. Die in a fire. Please don't ruin this exciting moment with social media nonsense.

Zach Davis: Fair enough. Rico Rojas is going toe to toe with Richards, Wade Moor is toe to toe with Jeff Purse, and Los Tiburones is toe to toe with Jay Omega. This is tense.

Freddy Whoa: And the brawling erupts! They're going toe to toe, no one is giving an inch!

Zach Davis: Pantheon has the upper hand now! The Beach Krew is sent reeling!

Freddy Whoa: No! Beach Krew fighting back! Purse, Omega and Richards are pushed back now!



Zach Davis: Wade Moor, Los Tiburones, and Rico Rojas all rush their opponents!

Freddy Whoa: Omega and Purse hit Back Bodydrops to Moor and Tiburones, sending both men flying out of the ring!


Freddy Whoa: He's dead. Omega goes for the pin.

Zach Davis: One. Two.

Freddy Whoa: Three. Rico Rojas eliminated! And just in time for our next entrant.

Zach Davis: Three, two, one...

Freddy Whoa: HERE COMES ZOMBIE MCMORRIS! No stranger to stable wars himself!

Zach Davis: McMorris, instead of entering the ring, goes right to attacking Wade Moor on the outside. He drops Moor with a Scoop Slam before stomping away at him.

Freddy Whoa: Let's pause. Wolf is currently outside the ring brawling with David Sanchez. Alex Richards, Jay Omega, and Jeff Purse are currently standing tall inside of the ring, kicking at anyone trying to get inside. Sound strategy.

Zach Davis: Legion and Cormack MacNeill are brawling on the outside, as well as Oblivion and Destroyer. Doc Henry just rushed the ring and got kicked out, as well as Gravedigger. I feel like we're missing somebody?

Freddy Whoa: Los Tiburones comes to the aid of Wade Moor ringside, attacking McMorris from behind. Tiburones holds Morris from behind as Wade Moor is able to dish out several closed fist punches to his face. McMorris is quickly bloodied as the two men raise him up and drop him onto the guardrail.

Zach Davis: Uh, I think his nose was actually bleeding before he entered the match. Anyway, the Beach Krew members now stalk the ring, staring down Pantheon.

Freddy Whoa: Tiburones enters one end as Moor enters the other. They immediately get stomped on, but both Moor is able to low blow Omega as Tiburones low blows Purse!

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse just can't catch a break in this match. Anyway, both of those men are now pulled out of the ring by the Ultimate Destroyer and Oblivion, leaving Alex Richards alone with the Beach Krew!

Freddy Whoa: They're on him like hyenas. Moor tackles him down and punches him as Tiburones picks his shots, kicking away. Again, some people treat the Beach Krew like a joke but they're showing here tonight that they're the real deal.

Zach Davis: Moor gets off and lifts Richards up. He runs at him...



Freddy Whoa: Nope, Moor stops himself before hitting Tiburones. Moor pats Tiburones, signifying their friendship. Aw.


Freddy Whoa: Nope, broken up by Tiburones. Tiburones angrily kicks Richards right in the head and Richards wisely rolls out of the ring before any more damage can be inflicted.

Zach Davis: Cormack MacNeill enters the ring now, running at Wade Moor. Moor gets hit with a few strikes before Tiburones grabs Cormack and drops him with a DDT.

Freddy Whoa: Sensing blood as MacNeill stumbles up, Moor runs at him and hits the Broseidon Punch! Wade Moor goes for the pin!

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Three. Cormack is gone.

Zach Davis: Ultimate Destroyer is in the ring now!, but Los Tiburones is ready... CLICHE KICK!

Freddy Whoa: That spins Destroyer around. POSEIDON PUNCH!

Zach Davis: Spins him around but doesn't drop him. Tiburones was already running, he hits the Springboard Moonsault DDT!

Freddy Whoa: With Destroyer dropped, Tiburones goes for the pin.

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Ultimate Destroyer is gone next.

Zach Davis: Who is going to stop the Beach Krew? New entrant in three, two, one...

Freddy Whoa: Here comes a newcomer! Here comes Andre Jenson!

Zach Davis: Andre Jenson is a roleplayer. What is roleplaying, Freddy?

Freddy Whoa: Well, he's a live action roleplayer, which means he plays out fantasies in real life. I do hear that some basement dwelling losers actually prefer to roleplay by writing out stories where they're fictional characters, but it would be hard to believe anyone would waste their time doing that!

Zach Davis: The crowd has recently begun to boo you heavily for no apparent reason, Freddy. Anyway, Jenson here is dressed as a medieval warrior here tonight, presumably because, well, War and all.

Freddy Whoa: It appears as if even the Beach Krew aren't taking him seriously. They're almost bursting out laughing as he enters the ring.

Zach Davis: Los Tiburones runs at him, they're not going to put up with him for too long.

Freddy Whoa: Spinning Heel Kick to Tiburones! It sends him reeling, oh my!

Zach Davis: Wade Moor runs at Andre, but Andre ducks away. Both men turn to face each other and Andre hits a beautiful Shining Wizard!

Freddy Whoa: I feel like he may use that move for the name alone. Anyway, Tiburones is up and resting in the corner... BOOM! Clothesline from Andre!

Zach Davis: Andre grabs his leg... TEXAS CLOVERLEAF APPLIED!

Freddy Whoa: Is Andre Jenson going to make Los Tiburones tap out!?

Zach Davis: NO!, Moor breaks it up. The crowd begins to boo as Moor stomps at the newcomer Jenson, and soon Tiburones does too. Aw.

Freddy Whoa: The Beach Krew lift him up and toss him out of the ring. Good effort but this is his first WCF match, going one on two against the Beach Krew isn't a smart way to start it.

Zach Davis: The Beach Krew turn around-

Freddy Whoa: SPENCER ADAMS IS BACK IN THE RING! We forgot all about him!

Zach Davis: Kick to Moor! Kick to Tiburones! Kick to Moor!, kick to Tiburones! Lightning quick!

Freddy Whoa: Running knee to the gut of Wade Moor!, doubling him over and causing him to roll out of the ring! Los Tiburones runs at him and gets a Flapjack for his trouble, causing him to roll out too!

Zach Davis: New entrant in three, two, one..

Freddy Whoa: Annnddd here comes the Dark Rider himself... here comes Thomas Uriel Bates.

Zach Davis: He eyes Spencer Adams as he approaches. Spencer Adams, of course, is a former member of the DRG, and he and the DRG haven't exactly been on friendly terms since then.

Freddy Whoa: Bates steps over the top rope to enter, and I can confirm that Bates is entry number thirty six. We've got at least fourteen other entries to go, with fifteen current active participants.

Zach Davis: Adams and Bates go toe to toe...

Freddy Whoa: No! All hell is breaking loose! Jay Omega, Alex Richards, and Jeff Purse all re-enter the ring, attacking Thomas Uriel Bates from behind. Wolf, David Sanchez, and Oblivion attack Spencer Adams!

Zach Davis: Outside the ring, Zombie McMorris, Gravedigger, and Doc Henry are all brawling! Jenson and Legion are now fighting outside the ring as well!

Freddy Whoa: We knew this was going to be the biggest War in history but things are really getting out of control here. I can't even follow it anymore!

Zach Davis: Gravedigger has rollen McMorris in and Henry enters behind them. Jenson and Legion are in too! Fifteen men in the ring going at it!

Freddy Whoa: Wolf with a Dragon Suplex to Spencer Adams! Jay Omega with a Snap DDT to Thomas Uriel Bates!

Zach Davis: David Sanchez with a Snap Suplex to Oblivion! Alex Richards with a T-Bone Suplex to Jenson!

Freddy Whoa: Doc Henry hits a Pedigree on Zombie McMorris! Legion is taken down by a Running Powerslam from Gravedigger!

Zach Davis: Time for a new entrant in three, two, one...


Zach Davis: Occulo hits the ring and slides right in. The Beach Krew are back, Los Tiburones runs at him and gets a Powerslam!

Freddy Whoa: Wade Moor is next, he runs at Occulo and gets a Hurricanrana, sending him right back out of the ring!

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse now runs at Occulo but Occulo grabs him and executes a Belly to Belly!, sending Purse flying out of the ring too!

Freddy Whoa: Jeff Purse is stumbling up the ramp now. He's headed towards the entryway... Towards Fly and Orbit...

Zach Davis: Fly and Purse eye each other apprehensively.. Why are we covering this? Everyone in the ring is fighting! Purse reaches for a wing...

Freddy Whoa: Steve Orbit, Jonny Fly, and Jeff Purse. The fans are chanting PAN-THE-ON! PAN-THE-ON! Jeff Purse takes the wing!

Zach Davis: This mini-reunion is short lived however as Jeff Purse has no time to waste. He chows down one wing before stumbling back towards the ring. Jesus.

Freddy Whoa: Occulo is still standing tall!

Zach Davis: BOOM!, nope, he turns into a Clothesline from Gravedigger! And even a standard Clothesline from this man is bound to hurt like hell.

Freddy Whoa: Next entrant! Three, two, one!


Freddy Whoa: ...And here comes Gunther Blythe. The crowd is severely underwhelmed after that theme played and we're getting a member of The Cut.

Zach Davis: That said, it is PANTHEON'S The Cut, which means he is here to support Jeff Purse, Alex Richards, and Jay Omega. All of them have been in this match for quite a while now, especially Richards, so they do need it.

Freddy Whoa: Blythe enters the ring and immediately hits a Lariat on Doc Henry. He then turns and hits several kicks onto Gravedigger, stiff fucking kicks, oof. He follows up with an impactful Enziguri to Gravedigger's skull.

Zach Davis: Gunther Blythe Creeps up on Legion.. and drops him with a German Suplex! That looked like Death! Even that Corey guy from Slipknot would say Legion must be seeing Black.

Freddy Whoa: Zach, uh.. are you.. Are you having a stroke?

Zach Davis: You're just lucky I didn't work in a Lamb of God reference, Freddy. Anyway, Oblivion has grabbed Blythe from behind now and hit him with several headbutts to the back of the head. Ruh roh.

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion spins Blythe around and kicks him in the gut, doubling him over, before lifting him in the air... Gorilla Press! Oblivion drops down and pins the rookie.

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: No!, kickout! Wow! This Gunther Blythe kid kicked out of a move from the Monster!

Zach Davis: New entrant! Three, two, one!


Zach Davis: And here comes Dexter Radcliffe, another member of the Cut. Okay, I guess.

Freddy Whoa: Radcliffe slides in and goes toe to toe with the Monster! He hits several chops, but Oblivion won't go down!

Zach Davis: Radcliffe runs at him.. YAKUZA KICK!

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion is still on his feet. Blythe is up and the two kick him in the stomach, grab him.. Double Suplex!

Zach Davis: Nope!, Oblivion shoves them away. They run at him.. DOUBLE CHOKESLAM FROM OBLIVION!

Freddy Whoa: Like a Jay walker, Son, you've gotta pay the Price.

Zach Davis: ...Freddy, are you having a stroke?

Freddy Whoa: You're just lucky I didn't make a Harry Potter reference, Zach. Anyway, Oblivion standing tall-

Zach Davis: Oblivion turns around-

Freddy Whoa: FUCK EMPATHY, ACCEPT REALITY! He drops Oblivion with the FEAR!

Zach Davis: Oblivion roars!... HE WON'T GIVE UP!

Freddy Whoa: He roars again!... but he's fading, Zach. Can the United States Champion submit the Monster?

Zach Davis: What?! Gravedigger just kicked David Sanchez off!

Freddy Whoa: That could have been a career making moment for David Sanchez!, defeating a former World Champion at War! And Gravedigger took it away? Why?

Zach Davis: He's picking off low hanging fruit, Freddy. David has been in this match forever - and Gravedigger wants to take him out. Plus, these two don't exactly like each other. Gravedigger lifts David up.

Freddy Whoa: David shoves Gravedigger away, defiantly. David runs at him-


Freddy Whoa: The crowd boos as Gravedigger begins climbing to the top.. Here we go.


Freddy Whoa: NO!, David rolls away! Gravedigger hits the mat and turns-


Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO!

Zach Davis: THREE!

Freddy Whoa: What?!?!

Zach Davis: The United States Champion just defeated the legendary Gravedigger here at One! Holy shit!

Freddy Whoa: Gravedigger angrily rolls back and is up to his feet. Sanchez grins and Gravedigger runs at him.


Freddy Whoa: NO!, Sanchez ducks it!, and Gravedigger takes down Oblivion with the move! Sanchez throws Gravedigger out of the ring as Andre Jenson falls on top of Oblivion.

Zach Davis: ONE!

Freddy Whoa: TWO!

Zach Davis: THREE!?

Freddy Whoa: HOLY SHIT! Newcomer Andre Jenson has pinned OBLIVION!?!

Zach Davis: We don't even have time to talk about all this! New entry in three, two, one..

Freddy Whoa: Time.. for.. BioWalker?

Zach Davis: Yep, BioWalker are entering as a unit. Numbers forty and forty one, here come Biohazard and Tyler Walker.

Freddy Whoa: Luckily they're walking slow. So we can talk. Two former World Champions have been eliminated, one of which was a War winner. In fact, Jeff Purse is now the only former World Champion in this match.

Zach Davis: Wolf, Alex Richards, and David Sanchez are still the longest lasting competitors in this match, at numbers one, six, and seven, respectively. Several competitors in this match have ended up brawling outside the ring again, and we've got Dexter Radcliffe and Gunther Blythe brawling with Legion and Doc Henry on the inside.

Freddy Whoa: Radcliffe and Blythe Clothesline Legion and Henry out as Biohazard and Tyler Walker enter the ring! The Cut versus BioWalker!

Zach Davis: The crowd is underwhelmed at this point, quite frankly; they want guys like Steve Orbit, Corey Black, or Jayson Price. Maybe even Seth or something.

Freddy Whoa: Regardless, they begin to brawl! Even though Blythe has Japanese influence, he doesn't see the TOXIC OOZE!~! coming as Biohazard spits it into his face!, and Tyler Walker summons his werewolf powers and Spears Radcliffe down!

Zach Davis: BioWalker took so long getting to the ring we have a new entrant coming. Who can stop BioWalker?

Freddy Whoa: Three. Two. One.




Freddy Whoa: Iceman and Goose begin brawling with Biohazard and Walker! The fans roar now, brought alive by this amazing show of sportsmanship!

Zach Davis: Outside the ring, Blythe and Radcliffe have now joined Purse, Omega, and Richards at the wing table with Flash and Orbit. Seth and some hoes have seemingly joined Orbit and Fly and they seem to be having a wing eating contest.

Freddy Whoa: Legion is brawling with Doc Henry as Zombie McMorris is kicking away at Jenson in the corner of the ring. Spencer Adams is being beaten down by Los Tiburones and Wade Moor outside the ring. David Sanchez and Thomas Uriel Bates are brawling, and Occulo and Legion are brawling as well!

Zach Davis: ...And Ace Iceman and Ace Goose are still brawling with BioWalker!!

Freddy Whoa: Uh, what is this? Thomas Uriel Bates is marching up to the wing table now. Does he want some too?

Zach Davis: No!, he grabs Jeff Purse from behind and TOSSES HIM OFF OF THE STAGE! Jeff Purse crashes into the cold hard cement. Jay Omega goes on the attack next - and eats a Choke Toss from Bates. Richards runs at him and gets lifted up... GTS to Alex Richards!

Freddy Whoa: Thomas Uriel Bates has just totally disrupted wing night!

Zach Davis: ...And Ace Iceman and Ace Goose are still brawling with BioWalker!!

Freddy Whoa: Can anyone stop this ONCE IN A LIFETIME BRAWL!? Three, two, one..

Zach Davis: Here comes Gemini Battle, member of the Dark Riders Gang! He meets with Thomas Uriel Bates... and they rush the ring as the group!

Freddy Whoa: Bates takes down BioWalker as Battle takes down the Topgunners!

Zach Davis: Bates lifts Biohazard up and throws him to Battle.. Bates moves around and drops him with a God's Paradox. Bates takes Walker down with a Bates Boot. Gemini places one boot on both men.

Freddy Whoa: One.. one.. Two.. two..

Zach Davis: Three.. three.

Freddy Whoa: The Topgunners run at Bates and Battle. Battle ends up getting Ace Iceman in a Victory March Submission, while Bates drops Ace Goose with The Badge!

Zach Davis: Iceman taps, and as he does Gemini immediately falls onto Goose!, pinning him.

Freddy Whoa: One.. two.. three. Whoa.

Zach Davis: Gemini Battle just scored four eliminations in a row.. Hot damn! He and Thomas Uriel Bates have just cleaned house!

Freddy Whoa: After Thomas Uriel Bates did the unthinkable and ruined Jonny Fly and Steve Orbit's wing night competition, even!

Zach Davis: Gunther Blythe and Dexter Radcliffe run towards Thomas Uriel Bates and Clothesline him!, but he doesn't go down. He grabs them both and lifts them up.. Holy shit!


Zach Davis: The Beach Krew grab Gemini Battle and pull him out of the ring before throwing him headfirst into the guardrail. They then slide in and run at Thomas Uriel Bates!, both hitting a Dropkick, sending him flying backwards and out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Dexter Radcliffe has already left the ring but they lift Blythe up.. Wade hits a Double Chickenwing Suplex as Tiburones hits a Dropkick!

Zach Davis: Pin on Blythe by Wade Moor! One!

Freddy Whoa: Two! Three! That's the way she goes, boys.

Zach Davis: Next entrant! Three, two, one!

Freddy Whoa: No one is coming out. Billy has finally cleaned up the mess from the wing night fiasco, but that is about the only thing going on at the entryway. Jonny Fly and Steve Orbit have both disgustedly left the ringside area.

Zach Davis: Wait! Billy is running to the ring!

Freddy Whoa: Billy slides in and he's our next entrant! I mean, he's not really running, but he's definitely making his way to the ring!

Zach Davis: He slides in and goes on the attack on Zombie McMorris. Billy won the Taco Bowl, can he win War!?

Freddy Whoa: I mean, uh, probably not? Zombie McMorris has shrugged off his offense and throws him to the ropes..

Zach Davis: Reverse Powerslam! Oof! Into the pin. One!

Freddy Whoa: Two!

Zach Davis: NO!, Billy kicks out of it. Once again, with all the action, let's stop and see what's up.

Freddy Whoa: Wolf and Spencer Adams are fighting each other outside, as are Doc and Legion. Pantheon and Beach Krew are going at it, and David Sanchez and Zombie McMorris are brawling. Outside the ring Jenson is fighting with Thomas Uriel Bates.

Zach Davis: Occulo and Gemini Battle are brawling in the ring!, and Dexter Radcliffe is taking a breather in the corner. This is anyone's matchup at this point.

Freddy Whoa: Time for our forty sixth entrant. Three, two, one...

Zach Davis: He's baaacckk!


Zach Davis: Murdock slides into the ring. Occulo runs at him and gets a Hip Toss. Gonzo goes toe to toe with Gemini. These two men formerly held the Trios Titles together! Have they reunited?

Freddy Whoa: No! Both men want the WCF World Title, Zach, and Deuce Murdock is a man that stands alone. Deuce sends Battle reeling and hits him with a Running High Leg Kick.

Zach Davis: Dexter runs at Deuce and eats a Bicycle Kick for his trouble. Next is Doc Henry, who Deuce ducks behind and executes a German Suplex!

Freddy Whoa: Zombie McMorris runs at Deuce next -


Freddy Whoa: Deuce lifts McMorris up and drops him.. BAT COUNTRY! Into the pin!

Zach Davis: ONE! TWO!

Freddy Whoa: THREE! There goes everyone's favorite coked up zombie!

Zach Davis: Speaking of out of nowhere, JEFF PURSE WITH A SPOKE SUPERKICK!

Freddy Whoa: No!, Deuce ducks away - VAN DAMME SPECIAL TO JEFF PURSE! Gonzo with another pin!

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Nope, Los Tiburones and Wade Moor break it up. What the hell? Trying to steal the glory for themselves?

Zach Davis: Moor and Tiburones stomp away at Murdock, having hit him with two boots to his head. They then turn to Purse, who has just stumbled up. Tiburones runs at him..

Freddy Whoa: CLICHE KICK!, spinning Purse around.

Zach Davis: BROSEIDON PUNCH! Moor drops and pins Purse.

Freddy Whoa: ONE!

Zach Davis: TWO!

Freddy Whoa: THREE!

Zach Davis: The former War winner and Pantheon mainstay has been eliminated! Just in time for our next entrant. Three, two, one..

Freddy Whoa: Ugh. Here comes Dustin Beaver.

Zach Davis: Beaver runs towards the ring as Omega and Richards were about to attack Tiburones and Moor. Fresh, Beaver Springboards in and drops Richards with a Springboard Bulldog. He then drops Omega with a Sitout Jawbreaker.

Freddy Whoa: Friggin Beach Krew. They all turn - and go face to face with Thomas Uriel Bates.

Zach Davis: Bates grabs Beaver by the throat and the crowd pops!, but Moor and Tiburones kick Bates. Bates doubles over and the three of them hit him with head shots. Beaver lifts him and throws him to Moor, who hits a Flapjack sending him into the turnbuckle!

Freddy Whoa: Three Sheets to the Wind! Bates is spun around after bouncing off into another Cliche Kick from Los Tiburones!

Zach Davis: Doubled over, this allows Moor to grab him.. UNLEASH THE LEVIATHAN!

Freddy Whoa: Moor rolls away as Tiburones pins Bates! One! Two!

Zach Davis: THREE! Another elimination for #beachkrew.

Freddy Whoa: Beaver, Tiburones and Moor stand tall, alone in the ring now. Occulo tries to enter and gets kicked out. Gemini Battle is next, and eats a Dropkick for his trouble. Doc Henry slides in!, but gets a huge chop from Beaver before Moor and Tiburones throw him out.

Zach Davis: Time for a new entrant... Can they stop these three men? Three, two, one..

Freddy Whoa: No... No, I don't think so. Next up is Sandy Coconutz.

Zach Davis: Sandy Coconutz jogs to the ring, avoiding fighting anyone to slide in and join the Beach Krew. Welp.

Freddy Whoa: Let's talk about what's going on outside the ring. Doc, Battle, and Occulo are all resting now. Jenson is brawling with Wolf. Richards, Omega, and Dexter Radcliffe have grouped together and are brawling with Legion, Spencer Adams, and Billy. David Sanchez is catching his breath as well, as he's been in here forever at this point.

Zach Davis: Although we haven't seen it yet, remember: eliminations CAN happen outside the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Richards and Adams have moved away from the group and are now brawling near the entryway. Wolf has just slammed Jenson into a guardrail. Omega and Legion are trading lefts and rights near the announce table and Radcliffe and Billy are in the corner.

Zach Davis: Wolf has just taken Jenson down with his Easy Prey! How is Wolf still going at this point, Freddy!? He measures him up..

Freddy Whoa: THE KILL! Going for his fourth elimination!

Zach Davis: HE HITS IT! Into the pin-

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Occulo drops Wolf with a Reverse DDT. Wolf didn't see him coming. On the cold, hard cement... Wolf is laying face down, here comes Occulo..

Zach Davis: DAMN, SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE ON THE OUTSIDE!, Occulo's knee right to Wolf's head. Occulo goes for the pin.

Freddy Whoa: One... Two....

Zach Davis: Three. Wolf has finally been eliminated. What effort by this man here tonight!

Freddy Whoa: Occulo is attacked from behind by Doc Henry, who hits him with a few clubbing forearms before throwing him into the nearby ring steps. Time for a new entrant in three, two, one..

Zach Davis: Are you kidding me?

Freddy Whoa: Here comes Andre Aquarius. He, just like Sandy, jogs to the ring and slides in. The ring now has FIVE #beachkrew members. By the way, Andre was entrant number 50. How many more entrants do we have?

Zach Davis: We don't know!

Freddy Whoa: So, back to outside the ring, since Beach Krew isn't letting anyone inside. Spencer Adams has just hit Alex Richards with several quick jabs.. and a DDT!

Zach Davis: Alex Richards has now been in this match longer than anybody, and he just took a DDT on the outside. He's getting up.. but where is Spencer Adams going?

Freddy Whoa: He's hopped into the crowd now, and he's climbing onto the guardrail.. Oh God, what does he have in mind?

Zach Davis: He jumps off the guardrail.. QUARANTINE! OH MY GOD!

Freddy Whoa: PIN! ONE! TWO!

Zach Davis: THREE! Spencer Adams pins Alex Richards!

Freddy Whoa: Wait wait wait - Billy has just been able to apply his Back Breaker style Camel Clutch onto Dexter Radcliffe! No one can escape that!

Zach Davis: Indeed!, Radcliffe is forced to tap out! Holy crap!

Freddy Whoa: In the span of a few seconds, Jay Omega has just become Pantheon's only hope, and he's lost his last two allies.

Zach Davis: And the Beach Krew are still holding down the ring. Time for our next entrant. Three, two, one..

Freddy Whoa: Welp, here comes Bad News Benson. And I'm afraid I've got some bad news for him, because he slides in the ring... and the Beach Krew is on him.

Zach Davis: Dustin Beaver stuns him with a Sitout Jawbreaker, which sends him to Los Tiburones, who hits a Dolphin Driver! One, two..

Freddy Whoa: Three. And thanks to the Survival Rule, some poor soul has to enter the match and deal with these guys next. Who now?


Freddy Whoa: Vic slides into the ring and ducks a Linked Clothesline from Los Tiburones and Wade Moor! Andre Aquarius and Dustin Beaver run at him next!

Zach Davis: Vic rolls away from them and then runs at them, Clotheslining them both over the top!

Freddy Whoa: Moor and Tiburones grab Vic, throwing him to the corner. They're on him now.

Zach Davis: He jumps up and does a backflip!, somehow catching both Moor and Tiburones with a boot each! They're sent flailing backwards and out of the ring!

Freddy Whoa: Vic is left alone with Sandy Coconutz - BOOM!

Zach Davis: HEADSHOT!

Freddy Whoa: Vic with the pin! ONE! TWO!

Zach Davis: THREE! One more Beach Krew member gone!

Freddy Whoa: Looks like the Beach Krew have given up their strategy as Andre Aquarius and Beaver are now attacking Andre Jenson on the outside. Jenson is backed into a corner and these two guys are stomping away at him.

Zach Davis: Aquarius runs at him... #Wipeout!

Freddy Whoa: No!, Jenson sidesteps it, and runs at Beaver! CRITICAL HIT!

Zach Davis: No, Beaver manages to sidestep that. Jenson crashes into the ringsteps. Aquarius quickly grabs him.. #SwagSurf. Aw.

Freddy Whoa: Beaver drops down and pins Jenson. One! Two!

Zach Davis: Three. He's gone. Good effort, though, absolutely good effort by this newcomer. But there was only room enough in this match for one Andre I suppose.

Freddy Whoa: Time for a new entrant! Three, two, one...

Zach Davis: Night Rider is headed to the ring! He is entrant fifty two!

Freddy Whoa: I'm being told, Zach, that we have ONE more competitor to enter the match and then that's it. We're getting closer and closer to finding out who is going to be the new WCF World Champion.

Zach Davis: Speaking of Champions, David Sanchez has gotten back in the ring and he's now the longest standing entrant. Spencer Adams, Legion, Doc Henry, and Gemini Battle are all back in the ring now. The Beach Krew have actually retreated and are hanging together outside of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Billy is taking a breather as well, which he seems to desparately need. Night Rider has just begun brawling with Gemini Battle. Vic has ended up brawling with Deuce Murdock.

Zach Davis: Night Rider drops Gemini with a Clothesline before Gemini stumbles back up. Rider grabs him by the throat and Chokeslams him!

Freddy Whoa: Spencer Adams whips Doc Henry to the ropes, but Henry is intercepted by Night Rider. Rider Bodyslams him down.

Zach Davis: Beach Krew back in the ring!, Beaver and Aquarius attack Rider from behind and drop him. They stomp at him before turning their attention to Doc Henry.

Freddy Whoa: These two cocky new guys think they're big deals because they've found strength in numbers, and they're attacking WCF veterans here. Ridiculous. They lift Doc Henry up..

Zach Davis: NO!, Henry fights back! Lefts and rights to the both of them, they rush him-

Freddy Whoa: DOUBLE GAMBLER'S HAND! Henry hits it on both of them! He pins Andre!

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Three! Andre Aquarius is gone!

Zach Davis: Henry plays to the crowd in victory for a second before turning around!-

Freddy Whoa: VACCINE FROM SPENCER ADAMS! Adams drops down and pins Henry!

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Three! There goes the Confederate Champion!

Zach Davis: Henry rolls out of the ring and now it is time for our last entrant. Three, two, one...

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Where did he come from? Or should I say.. when did he come from!?


Zach Davis: The crowd pops big as Johnny Reb runs past Doc Henry, the two making brief eye contact, and slides in. Wade Moor rushes Reb, and gets a Facebreaker DDT!

Freddy Whoa: Reb runs to the ropes as Los Tiburones comes near and Springboards, hitting him with an Arm Drag that sends him out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Dustin Beaver is next, Johnny Reb goes to whip him to the turnbuckle but Beaver reverses it. Reb flies towards the corner, jumps, and hits a Moonsault onto the unsuspecting former singer impersonator!

Freddy Whoa: Beaver rolls out of the ring, landing near Legion.

Zach Davis: TO THE SLAUGHTER! Beaver doesn't know what hit him! On the outside, no less! Legion goes for the pin.

Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO!


Freddy Whoa: We've still got Los Tiburones and Wade Moor to deal with, but yes indeed!

Zach Davis: David Sanchez is still hanging in there, and he's brawling with Spencer Adams. Jay Omega and Deuce Murdock are brawling outside the ring, and Occulo has Gemini Battle in the corner, stomping away at him. Billy.. is still taking a breather.

Freddy Whoa: Vic Venable has Los Tiburones now and he throws him into the spanish announce table! Vic lifts Tiburones' head up and smashes it into the table as the crowd cheers him on.

Zach Davis: WAIT! It looks like Billy is finally done with his breather! He walks to the ring and rolls in! Billy is ready to go!

Freddy Whoa: You've got to remember, Zach, besides wrestling, he's been serving wings all night. Night Rider rushes him..

Zach Davis: MAMMA JAMMA SLAMMA! Billy hits it! The crowd goes wild!

Freddy Whoa: Night Rider is almost crushed under all that weight. He stumbles to his feet and backs himself into the corner. HERE COMES BILLY!


Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO!

Zach Davis: THREE! Billy manages to pin Night Rider. Now he rolls out of the ring and takes a seat.. Time for another breather.

Freddy Whoa: David Sanchez is having none of that! Sanchez picks Billy up and throws him shoulderfirst into the ring post. Billy stumbles away - OH GOD, HE'S COMING RIGHT FOR US! Stop, Billy, you'll crush the table!

Zach Davis: The crowd gasps as Billy almost falls forward onto the table. Oh God, we've got to get out of here!

Freddy Whoa: No!... no. Billy steadies himself. OH SHIT HERE COMES SANCHEZ WITH A MEDUSA'S TOUCH KICK!

Zach Davis: HE HITS IT! BILLY HITS THE GROUND! Sanchez lifts him back up.. FUCK EMPATHY!


Zach Davis: Well, reality is that Billy is too fat for Sanchez to lock in the Guillotine Choke or to get the leg scissors applied! Sanchez is squashed underneath Billy's enormous weight!

Freddy Whoa: Wait - this is a pin! One! Two!

Zach Davis: Three! Billy has just eliminated David Sanchez!

Freddy Whoa: Huh. What a crazy turn of events. Sanchez is able to eliminate Gravedigger, WCF legend, and then gets eliminated by Billy of all people.

Zach Davis: He was in this match FOREVER. I'm not sure if he or Wolf will end up with longest time spent in match, or maybe someone else, but he's definitely up there. Billy was just too huge to escape.

Freddy Whoa: Vic Venable and Spencer Adams are in the ring fighting Los Tiburones and Wade Moor, respectively. Jay Omega and Deuce Murdock are still brawling, Billy is going back to take a seat now. Legion and Johnny Reb have begun brawling as well, with Legion getting the upper hand on the smaller man.

Zach Davis: Occulo whips Gemini Battle to the ropes and Gemini reverses it, sending Occulo to the ropes instead. Gemini runs at him and Spears him down!

Freddy Whoa: Gemini Battle currently stands at four eliminations. If he could get just one more, he'd tie the record for most eliminations in a War match, Zach!

Zach Davis: I think he knows that, because he's going up top now. Moonsault! Into the pin!

Freddy Whoa: One!

Zach Davis: Two!

Freddy Whoa: No! Occulo kicks out. Gemini Battle was THIS CLOSE to making history.

Zach Davis: Here's a thought. Could you imagine if Occulo win this match, after Joey Flash was forced to vacate the belt? Those two have a legendary rivalry.

Freddy Whoa: Well, Gemini Battle doesn't seem like he's going to let that happen. Occulo has stumbled up and Gemini grabs him from behind...


Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO!


Freddy Whoa: But why!? Moor throws Gemini out of the ring as Tiburones pulls Occulo in... DOLPHIN DRIVER.

Zach Davis: One. Two.

Freddy Whoa: Three. Los Tiburones pins Occulo.

Zach Davis: I think Moor just yelled "THIS IS OUR MATCH!" I don't think they wanted Gemini Battle to tie that record, Freddy. Maybe they didn't care about records before, but they're getting cocky. They don't just want to win - they want it all at this point.

Freddy Whoa: Well, Los Tiburones just picked up his fourth elimination, so that is a possibility.

Zach Davis: Gemini Battle is back in the ring now!, he runs at Los Tiburones and Clotheslines him out. Tiburones gets back to his feet... SUICIDE DIVE FROM BATTLE!

Freddy Whoa: Jay Omega and Deuce Murdock are near our announce table now, and people keep coming over here, and I'm tired of it. Omega is now the guy in here the longest, and he's showing it.

Zach Davis: There is no love lost between these two men. Deuce throws Omega onto our table - no!, Omega reverses it and Deuce is thrown onto the table instead!

Freddy Whoa: Let's get out of here! Thank God we have wireless headsets!

Zach Davis: Maybe we're okay, Omega is back on the apron. Wait, he's climbing to the top rope. No... No, Omega. What are you doing?

Freddy Whoa: He's turned to face Deuce now... We've seen him utilize a Diving Headbutt from there to the floor before, but Deuce is all the way on the announce table... Come on, Jay, don't do this...

Zach Davis: WADE MOOR SHOVES HIM OFF! Jay Omega crashes to the outside, several feet away from landing on Deuce! The fans boo as Moor looks down at Omega, grinning. Moor turns -

Freddy Whoa: The Duster from Vic Venable! Moor didn't see it coming - Vic with the pin!

Zach Davis: ONE! TWO!

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Moor kicks out! But damn was that close.

Zach Davis: Outside the ring, Jay Omega is on dream street. He stumbles up... Deuce Murdock goes for a kick - no! Omega catches it!


Zach Davis: WAIT! Something went flying - what the... Gonzo just broke his foot!

Freddy Whoa: Deuce Murdock literally just broke his prosthetic foot off kicking Jay Omega! This is too much!

Zach Davis: As Gonzo completes the flip, he loses his balance since he only has one foot to land on. How is he going to continue this match?

Freddy Whoa: A better question is how is Jay Omega going to continue this match? He's been knocked out cold I think!

Zach Davis: Moor and Tiburones smell blood. They roll out of the ring just to kick Deuce's good leg out from under him. The fans boo as they roll him back in. Come on..

Freddy Whoa: They back off as they let Deuce Murdock stumble up, laughing at him. Do these guys respect ANYBODY? Deuce Murdock is a hero!

Zach Davis: Once Murdock is almost to a vertical base, they kick his good leg out from under him again!

Freddy Whoa: Looks like they're done. Moor lifts him up - Three Sheets to the Wind!, yet again, sending Deuce crashing into the turnbuckle. And here comes Tiburones.

Zach Davis: Sharknado Splash from Los Tiburones! Tiburones drops down, pinning a man with one foot to tie the War elimination record.

Freddy Whoa: One.

Zach Davis: Two.

Freddy Whoa: NO! BROKEN UP BY VIC VENABLE AND SPENCER ADAMS! Moor yells and asks what the fuck they're doing before running at them and getting thrown out of the ring!

Zach Davis: From the top rope, Gemini Battle flies off onto Deuce... Moonsault! Leg hooked!

Freddy Whoa: ONE!

Zach Davis: TWO!


Zach Davis: He pins his former Trios partner!, in what could possibly considered an act of mercy to get Deuce out of this match.

Freddy Whoa: Outside the ring, it looks like Billy is ready to get back into the fray!

Zach Davis: Here he comes - NO! Johnny Reb flies over the top, SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR SENTON! OH MY GOD!

Freddy Whoa: I'm not going to pretend to know the difference between Johnny Reb and Dark Johnny and Jahani al-Reb or whatever, but I DO know that Johnny Reb, in any incarnation, is an incredible athlete. Holy hell.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb pins Billy! One!

Freddy Whoa: Two!

Zach Davis: Three! Aw, there goes Billy.

Freddy Whoa: Reb gets to his feet only to be spun around by Legion. Legion hits a vicious knife edge chop, sending the Inveterate Confederate reeling. But Reb doesn't go down. He runs at Legion - oof!, Big Boot to Reb's head!

Zach Davis: Legion throws Reb towards the ring, intending for him to crash into the apron. Instead, Reb leaps, lands on the apron and Moonsaults off onto Legion! Damn!

Freddy Whoa: No!, Legion catches him. Oh God. Legion repositions him just a bit..

Zach Davis: TOMBSTONE. TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER TO THE CEMENT. God. Legion may have just spiked Reb back to wherever he came back from.

Freddy Whoa: Legion backs off and runs at Reb, stumbling up on sheer instinct... Curb Stomp to the back of the former War winner's head. And here is the pin.

Zach Davis: One. Two.

Freddy Whoa: Three. Legion has taken out former World Champion and former War winner Johnny Reb. Wow.

Zach Davis: Gemini Battle now!, Gemini grabs Legion from behind!

Freddy Whoa: GOD'S PARADOX! Gemini pins Legion!

Zach Davis: ONE!

Freddy Whoa: TWO!


Freddy Whoa: NO! BROKEN UP BY LOS TIBURONES! The crowd boos as Los Tiburones pulls Gemini Battle off. Come on, Beach Krew, you could've had one less guy to deal with! Don't let your pride get in the way!

Zach Davis: Los Tiburones quickly pins Legion, hooking his leg. One.

Freddy Whoa: Two.

Zach Davis: Three. Los Tiburones steals the pin from Gemini Battle, and now ties with five eliminations in this match! Stolen off of Gemini Battle's finisher. Wow.

Zach Davis: Tiburones picks Battle up and throws him into the ring now. Tiburones slides in after him as Battle gets up, Tiburones hits him with a series of jumping double forearm checks.. Hammerhead Blitz!

Freddy Whoa: Los Tiburones wants to take Gemini Battle out before Battle is able to break the record! Gemini Battle is sent into the corner and Los Tiburones runs at him.. SHARKNADO SPLASH!

Zach Davis: NO! Gemini Battle ducks away and Tiburones splashes into the corner! Gemini Battle grabs him..


Zach Davis: Is Gemini Battle going to eliminate the man stopping him from going for the record to capture the record!? What delicious irony that would be!

Freddy Whoa: That isn't irony Zach but I'm too excited to care! Los Tiburones is yelling out in pain! He's got no choice!

Zach Davis: NO!, Wade Moor breaks it up! The crowd boos, they thought Gemini Battle had it! So did I, we all did!

Freddy Whoa: Records are made to be broken, Zach. But not quite yet. Moor clubs Gemini in the back before hitting a very watery uppercut, which takes Battle down.

Zach Davis: Spencer Adams and Vic Venable regroup and step toe to toe with Los Tiburones and Wade Moor. One of these men could be our new World Champion, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Vic and Tiburones begin brawling, as do Adams and Moor! The crowd is roaring!, some are chanting "hash-tag-beach-krew" and some are chanting "beach-krew-sucks!"

Zach Davis: Spencer Adams sends Wade Moor into the ropes before irish whipping him across the ring. As Moor comes back, Adams drops him with a Spinning Sidewalk Slam!, into the pin.

Freddy Whoa: One! Two!

Zach Davis: No!, Moor kicks out. Vic Venable, meanwhile, has just hit Tiburones with a Snap Suplex. Tiburones is up and Vic takes him back down again with a running Clothesline.

Freddy Whoa: FUS ROH DUH!

Zach Davis: Tiburones stumbles up once more and Venable stomps his boot...

Freddy Whoa: BOOM!

Zach Davis: TIBURONES DUCKS THE HEADSHOT! Vic's foot connects with Spencer Adams' jaw!, sending Adams flying out of the ring! Tiburones grins as Vic turns into a Cliche Kick!

Freddy Whoa: Oh no, here it comes... DOLPHIN DRIVER.

Zach Davis: Los Tiburones pins Vic Venable! SIXTH ELIMINATION FOR LOS TIBURONES!

Freddy Whoa: ONE!

Zach Davis: TWO!

Freddy Whoa: BROKEN UP BY GEMINI BATTLE! Battle kicks Tiburones off, who angrily runs at him - only to get his eyes raked! Tiburones flails away as Battle pins Vic.

Zach Davis: One.

Freddy Whoa: Two.


Freddy Whoa: Whether as Livewire Grayson Pierce or Gemini Battle, this man has fought and clawed his way to the top of WCF!, and he's just accomplished one of the most impressive feats in company history!

Zach Davis: Gemini Battle gets to his feet and the crowd is roaring. GEM-IN-I! GEM-IN-I! Can this man go all the way? He's already made history, why stop now?

Freddy Whoa: Why stop now? Because Spencer Adams says so! Adams is back in the ring and lifts Gemini up..

Zach Davis: THE VACCINE! Spencer Adams hits it! He drops onto Gemini, pinning him.

Freddy Whoa: One.

Zach Davis: Two.

Freddy Whoa: Three.

Zach Davis: Amazing effort by Gemini Battle, but Adams had the element of surprise on his side. And sometimes that makes all the difference in a match like this.

Freddy Whoa: Wade Moor and Los Tiburones are IMMEDIATELY on Spencer Adams, stomping away at him, aiming mostly at the head. One of these men is going to be our new World Champion, Zach.

Zach Davis: Well, one of those men, or...

Freddy Whoa: JAY OMEGA BACK IN THE RING! Omega spins Moor around and kicks him before planing him with a Snap DDT!

Zach Davis: Los Tiburones grapples Jay Omega from behind, but Omega is able to float over and executes a Floatover DDT! Omega drops down and pins Tiburones!

Freddy Whoa: One!

Zach Davis: Two!

Freddy Whoa: No!, Tiburones kicks out. Omega gets to his feet-

Zach Davis: Running Neckbreaker to Omega by Spencer Adams! This is every man for himself, and Adams pins Omega!

Freddy Whoa: One! Two!

Zach Davis: No! Omega kicks out!

Freddy Whoa: This is our final four, Zach. Jay Omega, Spencer Adams, Wade Moor, and Los Tiburones. Jay Omega and Wade Moor both have three eliminations, while Spencer Adams has two and Los Tiburones tied what USED to be the record with five.

Zach Davis: Jay Omega has been in the match the longest, entering at number sixteen. Spencer Adams entered at eighteen, while Wade Moor came in at thirty one and Los Tiburones came in at thirty three. One of these men will become a WCF World Champion for the first time in their career here tonight.

Freddy Whoa: Tiburones and Moor are both up. Moor runs at Adams and hits him with a sharp elbow to the head before taking him down with a Scoop Slam.

Zach Davis: Los Tiburones and Wade Moor pick Adams up and throw him out of the ring. They turn back to Jay Omega now and start stomping on him.

Freddy Whoa: This may be every man for himself, but perhaps Omega and Adams should've teamed up temporarily. The combined team of Moor and Tiburones may be too much for either of them to handle alone at this point.

Zach Davis: Well, we'll see, because Spencer Adams has grabbed Tiburones and pulled him out of the ring! Tiburones swings at Adams but Adams ducks it and lifts him up, crashing him jaw first into the ring apron.

Freddy Whoa: Meanwhile, in the ring, Moor has lifted Omega up and has him in the corner, kicking a mudhole in him. He backs off as Omega struggles to get back up, but runs at him and hits a Discus Clothesline, crushing him against the turnbuckle in the process.

Zach Davis: Omega stumbles out from the corner and Moor executes a High Lift Spinebuster! Into the pin!

Freddy Whoa: One!..

Zach Davis: Two!..

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Omega kicks out!

Zach Davis: We've seen Jay Omega work through the different Championships in WCF - he's been Hardcore Champion, United States Champion, Tag Team Champion briefly, and recently the Trios Championship. Could he add the big one to his list tonight?

Freddy Whoa: Outside the ring, Adams and Tiburones are near our announce table.. Uugghh. Anyway, no one else in the match right now has the accomplishments Omega has. Tiburones briefly flirted with the Television Title, and Spencer Adams with the People's Title. Wade Moor almost became Internet Champion on several occasions, but didn't quite manage.

Zach Davis: Winning the World Title as your first Championship in WCF would be quite a feat!, that's for sure.

Freddy Whoa: Adams and Tiburones trade sloppy rights and lefts, everyone left in this match is exhausted. Tiburones wants two more eliminations to beat Gemini Battle's record! He needs to pin Spencer Adams to do that!

Zach Davis: Tiburones swings at Adams - Adams ducks it... LIFTS TIBURONES UP!... VACCINE!

Freddy Whoa: NO! Tiburones shifts his weight and lands behind Adams. Tiburones spins Adams around and hits a European Uppercut!, sending Adams sprawling onto the table!

Zach Davis: Tiburones pounds on Adams repeatedly before turning him over so he's face down, with his head hanging off the table. He runs at him..

Freddy Whoa: DAMN!, Los Tiburones kicks Spencer Adams' head off! Adams' eyes go blank as he rolls off the table. Tiburones with the pin.

Zach Davis: One..

Freddy Whoa: Two..

Zach Davis: NO!, Adams kicks out! The crowd pops as Tiburones roars in agony, sensing how close he is. He lifts Adams up.. BRAINBUSTAH!

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Adams shifts his weight now!, both men turn to face each other-




Freddy Whoa: NO!, Adams reverses it with a Back Bodydrop!

Zach Davis: TIBURONES LANDS ON HIS FEET! Both men turn to face each other again, Adams not realizing Tiburones is up -

Freddy Whoa: CLICHE KICK TO SPENCER ADAMS! How many of these kicks has Tiburones hit tonight?

Zach Davis: ADAMS CATCHES THE KICK! One too many, Freddy! Adams spins Tiburones around and HITS THE SUPER DUPER KICK!

Freddy Whoa: Tiburones flies back and onto our table!, and he's out cold. Gotta be. Adams is slowly climbing back into the ring.

Zach Davis: Speaking of in the ring, Moor has Omega in a Chinlock. The fans are chanting "O-MEG-A! O-MEG-A!" and he's slowly but surely working his way up...

Freddy Whoa: Jab to Moor!, one after another, and Omega escapes! He lifts him up - BACKDROP DRIVER!

Zach Davis: Moor and Omega rest on the mat, neither man able to get to their feet immediately. But uh.. Where is Spencer Adams going? What's his plan?

Freddy Whoa: Spencer Adams is to the top... But he's not facing the ring. He's facing Los Tiburones at our announce table.

Zach Davis: This thing has been on the verge of getting broken all night... Come on, Spencer, don't do it...



Freddy Whoa: NO!, TIBURONES ROLLS AWAY AT THE LAST SECOND! He summoned the last bit of energy he had left and escaped!

Zach Davis: Spencer Adams crashes into the announce table!, finally breaking it. Tiburones isn't able to escape the collapse.

Freddy Whoa: Los Tiburones, with all he has left, throws his arm overtop of Adams.

Zach Davis: Adams has an arm on Tiburones as well!

Freddy Whoa: ONE!

Zach Davis: TWO!

Freddy Whoa: THREE!

Zach Davis: But who eliminated who!?

Freddy Whoa: I'm receiving word that they've eliminated each other at once, Zach! Los Tiburones has managed to gain his sixth elimination, but it cost him everything!


Freddy Whoa: Inside the ring, Jay Omega and Wade Moor are both fighting to get to their feet, both exhausted. Omega has been in this match the longest, but Wade was in a war with Zombie McMorris earlier tonight.

Zach Davis: They're both up... Moor punches Omega. The crowd boos.

Freddy Whoa: Omega punches Moor. The crowd yays!

Zach Davis: Punch to Omega. Boo.

Freddy Whoa: Punch to Moor. Yay!

Zach Davis: Punch to Omega - no, Omega blocks it! Omega fires off with a series of punches now, pushing Moor towards the ropes. Omega throws Moor across the ring, and on the way back he hits the Thunderclap!

Freddy Whoa: Omega with the pin! ONE!

Zach Davis: TWO!

Freddy Whoa: Kickout! Omega is disappointed, but he knows this is War and he's going to have to pull out all the stops. He kicks at Moor before climbing to the top, his back facing him... Moonsault time?


Freddy Whoa: MOOR ROLLS AWAY! Omega gets up, holding his gut, and backs up into the turnbuckle, falling to the ground. Moor runs at him - CANNONBALL!!

Zach Davis: Moor rolls away after hitting the move and waits, yelling at Omega to get up. He pounds the mat until Omega is to his feet, and he runs..

Freddy Whoa: OMEGA DUCKS THE BROSEIDON PUNCH! Rolls Moor up from behind!

Zach Davis: ONE!

Freddy Whoa: TWO!

Zach Davis: NO!, Moor escapes it! Both men are to their feet and run at each other-

Freddy Whoa: Both men hit Crossbodys!, running right into each other! Both hold their midsections as they hit the mat. Who has the heart to get up first? Who has the drive?

Zach Davis: It looks like they both do, Freddy, because both are up. Moor motions for Omega to bring it!, and Omega runs at him. Moor lifts him up-


Zach Davis: NO! Omega is able to stop himself as he gets to the turnbuckle, landing on it. In one fluid motion he turns and flies off the top with a Flying Neckbreaker! JAY OMEGA BUSTING OUT EVERYTHING HE HAS!

Freddy Whoa: SOMEHOW MOOR HAS IT SCOUTED! He rolls away, causing Omega to hit the mat. Omega stumbles up, clutching his back, and Moor hooks him - Double Underhook Suplex!

Zach Davis: Omega rolls out of the ring. Moor measures him and runs - SUICIDE DIVE!

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Omega sidesteps THAT, sending Moor crashing into guardrail! Omega rolls back into the ring quickly and waits one second as Moor begins getting back to his feet. Omega runs to one rope, springboards-

Zach Davis: Springboards from one rope to another - SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PLANCHA!


Zach Davis: Jay Omega hits the concrete outside like a sack of potatoes! Wade Moor quickly lifts Omega up and rolls him into the ring, although he's practically dead weight. Here's the pin!

Freddy Whoa: ONE!

Zach Davis: TWO!


Zach Davis: THREE!

Freddy Whoa: NO! No, the ref sees the feet on the ropes! Moor curses to himself, and he's got to be wondering what else he has to do!

Zach Davis: He made a rookie mistake, Freddy. If he had pinned Jay Omega outside the ring, he'd be the World Champion this very second. Instead, he wasted time getting him back into the ring to try and cheat. He hasn't developed the ring awareness to have remembered he could have pinned Omega out there.

Freddy Whoa: Moor lifts Omega up and pulls him in... he has one last move to unleash!

Zach Davis: Omega is still nothing but dead weight.. UNLEASH THE LEVIATHAN!

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Omega is able to shove Moor away before Moor can hit it! Moor defiantly marches towards Omega, but Omega trips him with a Drop Toehold, causing him to fall face first into the turnbuckle!

Zach Davis: Moor turns - STINGER SPLASH! Jay Omega is alive!

Freddy Whoa: Northern Lights Suplex time-


Freddy Whoa: ONE!

Zach Davis: TWO!

Freddy Whoa: THREE!



Zach Davis: In the end, he was able to capitalize on his experience edge over Wade Moor. Moor had Omega beat - if he would've pinned him when he had the chance. Omega then hit the Ride the Lightning instead of his typical Northern Lights Suplex we're used to seeing!

Freddy Whoa: In a match that was absolutely dominated by the #beachkrew, we have a new World Champion, and he is a member of Pantheon. Unbelievable.

Zach Davis: Jay Omega is handed the WCF World Heavyweight Title. I honestly don't know if Jay Omega himself REALLY knew that he'd get this moment - if he'd be able to climb to the top of the WCF mountain.

Freddy Whoa: Speaking of moments... This one is about to be ruined. Here comes Torture.

Zach Davis: Jay Omega has just slung the World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Come on. Torture being eliminated was confirmed, he's DONE. But he has the Hardcore Title with him, and he's yelling that he wasn't eliminated!

Freddy Whoa: He has Chris Avery and Ryan Daniels by his side. Jay Omega and Torture aren't exactly friends, and no matter what Omega thinks of Torture, he knows he's outnumbered and exhausted.

Zach Davis: Torture rolls in and Omega doesn't wait! He runs at him and goes to smash him with the WCF Title, but Torture ducks it. Daniels and Avery quickly grab Omega and take him down so Torture can stomp at him. Come on!

Freddy Whoa: THIS WAS JAY OMEGA'S MOMENT! You lost, Torture! You took your ball and went home, you fucking coward! You ran away from-


Freddy Whoa: Price slides in, and the crowd is on their feet! "PANTHEON! PANTHEON! PANTHEON!"

Zach Davis: Torture backs off, eyes full of fear. Between Avery and Daniels, he still has the numbers on his side. Jayson Price helps Jay Omega to his feet - Pantheon is reunited!


Zach Davis: The crowd is in shock, and those "PANTHEON!" chants have immediately died. Jayson Price looks down at the new World Champion for one brief moment before looking back to Torture. Torture, angry and determined and still looking for a fight, rushes Price!

Freddy Whoa: Price pulls Torture in!.. into a hug?

Zach Davis: What.

Freddy Whoa: Torture and Jayson Price share a bro-hug. What are we witnessing? These two... hate each other. They hate each other more than any other two people in WCF!

Zach Davis: Jayson Price and Torture raise each other's arms high in the air and the fans are throwing trash into the ring. This is how we're ending War!?

Freddy Whoa: This is disgusting. That is why Jayson Price was here earlier, Zach - he chased Torture out of the match... so Torture wouldn't have to lose his Hardcore Title. That was the plan all along.

Zach Davis: FINALLY, Jeff Purse and Alex Richards are headed into the ring! Torture and Price see them coming and quickly exit the ring. Avery and Daniels aren't so fast.

Freddy Whoa: Furious, Purse and Richards hit Avery and Daniels with chairs. They go down as Omega gets to his feet. Omega angrily pulls Avery in and executes a Skullfucker onto the chair!

Zach Davis: I just... Don't understand what happened here.

Freddy Whoa: It doesn't matter. Avery and Daniels have retreated, and Jay Omega is standing tall in the ring with Jeff Purse and Alex Richards.

Zach Davis: Omega raises the Title up high in the air, breathing heavily after everything he's been through but being fueled by adrenaline. Purse and Richards both clap for the new Champion.

Freddy Whoa: So much has happened tonight, Zach. But we're out of time, which is good, because this is past my bedtime. I need sleep.

Zach Davis: We'll see you fans at Slam. Congratulations to Jay Omega.. our War XIV winner and new WCF World Champion.

Freddy Whoa: Goodnight!

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Internet Title Match: Jackson White vs Wade Moor vs Zombie McMorris

Television Title Match: Teo Del Sol vs Los Tiburones

World Title Match: Joey Flash vs Dune



Of The Week

War Winner
Joey Flash vs Dune



Los Tiburones
United States:
David Sanchez
Kyle Kemp
Tag Team:
Joey Flash/Jonny Fly