War Games
Team Zombie vs Team BMF
Corey Black/D-Day/Jay Price/Greenfever vs Odin Balfore/Gravedigger/Jonny Fly/Gage Gannon

KA-BLAMOOO... pyro. XIII is on the air. Water Works Park in Des Moines, Iowa is jam-packed full of people. The cage is set up around two rings, with no barricade at all. The fans are all against the outside wall of the cage itself, not unlike a concert. The stage is minimal, black curtains and a little scaffolding, nothing special. There's a small stage and a ramp leading down to the door of the cage, that is barricaded off, so the wrestlers won't have to deal with the fans. It's a cold night in Des Moines, but the lights seem to be helping warm the outside venue up. No fan seems to be freezing.

“With Oden On Our Side” Hit’s the PA system, and the crowd begins booing like nobody has ever boo'd before. The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage. The fans stand and boo more an once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, center stage. Odin stares down at the ring with a sinister grin as the fans shit all over with the chorus.



The fans couldn't give a fuck right after as Odin begins to walk down the ramp at a slow an methodical pace. He enters the cage, gets to the foot of the ring and looks around the arena again before stepping over the ropes.. and the crowd couldn't be booing any more than they are right now. This doesn't phase Odin a bit. He stands in the first ring, smirk on his face.

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. A solitary light hits the stage. "Locust" by Machine Head hits the PA system and the place explodes into cheers. The lights flash to the music as it chugs along. As soon as the lyrics kick in, Corey Black emerges from the back wearing the WCF World Title. Colorful lights now circle the night sky and through the crowd. CD marches down to the cage, hands the WCF Title off to a ring-hand and enters the cage. The crowd is going ba-fucking-nanas. He steps into the ring, the crowd is slamming their hands on the side of the cage along with the song, Corey gets to his feet and meets his foe face to face in the middle of the first ring. An epic staredown commences, the lights come back on and the lights stop, but the fans continue pounding on the cage. Seconds pass. Corey nor Odin move a muscle.

DING DING DING, the bell rings, and finally movement. Right hand from Odin, left from Corey. Left from Odin, right from Corey. BIG BOOT misses from Odin, as Corey ducks and runs to the ropes. On the rebound, a crossbody to the big man that doesn't phase him a bit. Corey lands on his feet, and finally eats that boot. CD rolls to his feet in a crouching position, holding his jaw as Odin taunts him. Corey shakes it off, and the two men lock up. Odin over powers CD into the corner, and holds him there. No ref in the ring, nobody to break the hold. Corey works his way to the apron by stepping backward over the middle rope and ducking through. Odin bends down and keeps the hold, stepping to the apron himself. Now they're standing between the ropes of the two rings, locked up. Odin lifts CD up and throws him into the second ring. Corey Black, not to be out done, gets up quickly and roundhouse kicks Odin straight in the side of the head, bringing his foot over the top rope! Odin crumbles through the ropes into the first ring. Corey positions himself, springboards to the top rope of the second ring, springs to the top rope of the first ring and flies off with a flip into an elbow drop, landing right on Odin's chest! The crowd pops huge, slamming their palms on the cage in approval.

As spectacular as that move was, it didn't do nearly enough damage to Odin. He rolls and gets to his feet holding his pec, in pain but not out by a long shot. Corey moves around Odin and does a few kicks to Odin's knees, Odin shrugs them off and just bull rushes CD into the corner, then begins hitting elbows to the side of his face, rocking CD every time. The crowd by the corner begin hitting the cage, trying to deter Odin. He's not phased at all, as he brings CD to the middle of the ring and picks him up over his head in a press slam. In a normal War Games cage, CD would be touching the roof, but this cage is way taller. As such, Odin runs at the ropes and hurls CD into the second ring! He lands about midway through the ring, and rolls over and over before hitting the cage wall. Odin steps over the ropes, twice, and enters the second ring. He stalks CD, picking him up off the mat and throwing him into the cage wall with massive force. The hinges of the cage spew bolts and shrapnel into the crowd, but it holds. Odin tries for another, but CD bounces off the middle rope, front flips backward into the ring, and gets Odin in a waistlock. Odin with a low kick, right to the nuts, doubling CD over. Odin lifts and drops CD with a big suplex slam, Odin never leaving his feet. Just throwing CD down to the mat.

A buzzer goes off, and the lights go out. While the lights are off, CD struggles to his feet, and awaits the next competitor. D-Day! Out to the cage runs D-Day, a ref allows Day into the cage and he slides into a ring a house of fire. He goes to enter the second ring, but CD stops him. Confusion comes over the crowd. CD says something to Day, pointing at himself and then Odin. Balfore is confused as hell too. D-Day nods, and stays in the first ring. CD turns to Odin and screams at him to bring it on. Day walks over to the door of the cage and waits. CD told him to back off Odin! Odin smiles and hits a big clothesline on CD, sending him down to the mat. Corey turns and gets up on his own, and Odin hits another clothesline. Once again, Corey gets up, Odin goes for a third but CD catches the arm jumps and backflips around with Odin's arm, then pulls him down with a DDT! Crowd slams their hands on the cage again, as does D-Day in the first ring. Odin isn't even stunner, though. He has a few cobwebs but he's up before CD is, and tosses CD into the cage with one hand. Corey hits back first, and bounces off into a gut buster from Odin. Odin completes the combo by lifting CD off his knee and slamming him with a powerslam. D-Day walks over to the ropes and yells something to Odin, who turns his attention to Day. Odin smiles and continues the attack on CD, stomping his spine and legs.

Day has almost had enough, but he doesn't enter the second ring. Instead, he backs off and allows CD and Odin to continue. Odin sits on CD and wrenches back with a camel clutch, smiling over at D-Day in the other ring. After a few moments, Odin gets bored with the hold and lifts CD off the mat. A quick knee to the ribs does nothing to Odin, but a kick in the throat does! CD has fought out of the clutches of Odin Balfore, and goes for a suplex. Not happening, Odin blocks. Odin lifts CD up in another suplex, but a knee to the head stops that. Odin is now stunned, CD lands on his feet and BRAINBUSTER! Corey Black managed to drop the big man with a brainbuster! All that weight right on his head.

CD and Odin lay on the mat, and the lights go out again. Another buzzer. It's been ten minutes, out to the ring runs Jonny Fly! He has the cage door opened and slides into the ring, into the waiting arms of D-Day. Day pounces on the TV Champ, hitting clubbing overhand blows to Fly's back. Fly pushes Day off and spear! D-Day hits the mat hard, and Fly holds on, hitting some clubbing blows to Day's head and midsection. Day manages to roll Fly over, and they both stand up, a quick dropkick from D-Day sends Jonny Fly into the buckle. Day runs, leaps, and eats all cage. Fly had moved, and BAM! German suplex to D-Day! He folds over, Fly holding for a pin, even though there is no pinfalls in this match. In the other ring, Odin and Corey Black have stirred a little bit, but nothing much. Fly releases D-Day, and helps his foe to his feet, whips him into the ropes and drops him with a leaping back elbow. Off the middle rope with a Lionsault, but Day gets the knees up! Fly bounces off the knees and lands in a sitting position on the middle rope, leaning against the cage. Day runs and SPLASH crushing Fly into the cage itself! The fans on that side begin slamming their hands on the cage again.

In the other ring, Odin and Corey Black are more or less back to their feet. Odin runs and spinebusters CD into the far cage wall. It bends and sends metal pieces into the crowd again, not breaking though. Odin puts CD down on his feet, and bends him over, looking for the Mark of Odin. He lifts and CD reverses mid-move, sending Odin end over end with a rana. Odin is up, and CD hits a running front dropkick to the chest, sending the big man flying backward into the cage wall! Day and Fly are up in the other ring, hitting each other with basically all they have. Fly bounces off the ropes and comes back into the waiting arms of D-Day, who goes for a t-bone suplex. Two elbows from Jonny breaks that, planting Day with a spinebuster and quickly transitioning into a liontamer! Day screams for his life as Jonny Fly kneels down on it. CD, meanwhile, is on the top rope, perched and waiting for Odin to stand. He does, and Corey goes for a leaping tornado DDT. Odin catches him and throws him back almost in a back body drop. CD hits the mat and is back up, running at Odin who hip tosses Black into the corner! End over end, Corey hits the buckle with his spine and the mat with his head. Odin drops to a knee and takes a rest.

Lights out. Buzzer. Jay fuckin' Price is now running out! Crowd pops. The door is opened and Jay enters War Games, kicking Jonny Fly right in the face and making him break the hold on D-Day. Day crawls to the corner and lets Jay do the work. Jay with boots to Fly, lifting the WCF newcomer up and planting him with a sitout slam. Fly hits the mat and sits up, getting a diving elbow from D-Day! Fly rolls backward, up to his feet, and double clotheslined down. Jay Price takes Fly by the hair and drags him to the corner. D-Day runs and leaps with another splash, but Fly ducks and strikes Jay Price in the stomach as Day hits the buckle. Fly punches Day, the Price, then Day, kicks Price in the knee, and slams D-Day's face to the top of a kneeling Jay Price's head! With Day crumbling to the mat, Fly hits Price with a quick Stunner, taking him down too. Odin, in the other ring, is up and stalking CD, who is trying to stand himself. He goes for something, but CD drop toe holds Odin into the ropes. Odin gets up between the ropes and the wall of the cage, the one on the opposite side of the entry way. CD runs and leaps into Odin's chest with his back in a flip... AND THE WALL GIVES WAY! It slams down on the crowd, who caught it! CD and Odin lay on the cage wall, on the crowd, and the crowd begins crowd surfing the wall around Water Works Park! Slowly but surely, Odin and CD are being taken away from the rings! And they're both pretty much out of it, not moving much on the steel wall.

The lights go out and a buzzer sounds, out from the back comes age Gage Gannon. Gage enters the cage itself, and is met by teammate Jonny Fly. The two have a bit of a shouting match, and Fly hits Gannon right in the face! Price and D-Day are almost up, and they see what is happening. .. and they allow it. Fly and Gannon exchange blows, with Gannon actually getting the advantage as Fly has been taking on two men. Gannon kicks Fly in the knee and drops him with an STO, slamming Fly onto the mat. Jay Price takes this time to tackle Gannon down, roll, and lock in a side headlock, Randy Orton style. Day goes up to the middle rope and comes off with a leg drop to Fly's chest, keeping him down longer. Gannon is fighting to his feet, Price still has him in a headlock, and Price dives forward slamming Gannon's skull to the mat! Gage flips over to his back with the force. Price moves his focus to Fly, helping D-Day once again. Day has Fly up and whips him to the ropes, lifting him up in a 3D and calling for Price.. but Fly pokes Jay in the eye as he leaps for it, then leans back and DDTs D-Day down!

In the crowd, CD and Odin are trying to get their balance as the crowd surfs the cage wall around. They both get to their feet, and lock up with one hand. The other is used to punch each other in the side of the head. Over and over and over, while the crowd cheers and continues to move the men around the venue.

Gage is up, and is speared down by Jonny Fly, not giving a damn about this "team" shit. Fly picks poor Gage up and hits a neck breaker, turns, stands, pulls Gannon up and hits another, almost as if Eddie Guerrero has jumped in Fly's body. Fly does this motion again, but this time suplexes Gannon over. His own arrogance proves to be the best of Fly, because Price is up and fucks Fly's world up with a Downfall! D-Day is almost to his feet, as is Gage Gannon, and they begin hitting each other. Day turns, looking for a spinning backfist but misses, and Gannon hits a GKO! Day hits the mat hard.

The buzzer sounds, lights go out, and Greenfever comes down to the cage. The crowd pops big for the return, Fever inside the ring and his first victim is the only man standing.. Gage Gannon. Big savate kick to Gage's face, sending him tumbling over Day and into the second ring. Greenfever follows, and begins his assault, stomping on every limb. In the crowd, CD and Odin are going at it, as the crowd is sending them back toward the ring. Odin is hit in the stomach, and CD pulls off a Snapmare Driver, slamming Odin face first into the cage wall! They're down again.

Greenfever stomps all the way around Gage's body, and hits a senton backsplash. Gannon isn't staying down, though. Greenfever, never to be outdone, lifts that son of a bitch up and drops him right on his fucking head with a Dislocated Piledriver!

Inside the ring, more like outside the cage, Jay Price is climbing up. He has exited the cage and began climbing it by the wall coming down. He stands up, looks out into the crowd and they all cheer. He locates CD and Odin on the wall in the crowd, and shakes his head in disbelief. Back in the cage, Greenfever has a sickening Crossface locked on Gage Gannon, while Fly and D-Day are going at it inside the first ring again. Fly kicks Day to the mat and hits his Lionsault finally, crushing Day's ribcage. Gannon is trying to fight out of Greenfever's hold to no avail, and Odin and CD are almost back to the ring. A few moments of this chaos passes, until...

The buzzer sounds. Lights go out. Massive booing ensues. Gravedigger walks out from the back, and spots Jay Price on top of the cage, who is daring the big man to climb up. Gravedigger laughs, and begins his journey up the cage. Gravedigger reaches his apex, and the scene is set. Day and Fly in the first ring, Greenfever and Gannon in the second, CD and Odin Balfore in the crowd on a cage wall being surfed around, and Gravedigger with Jay Price on top of the structure. Almost on cue, somehow, all eight men are up and face to face with each other. The "Match Beyond" begins, almost at square one. The four pairs rush to each other, punch after punch, the crowd going fuckin' nuts. Greenfever takes Gannon to the mat again, Fly has D-Day in a corner raining down punches, Gravedigger is slowly pushing Jay Price to the edge, and CD and Odin continue to battle on the crowd. GD throttles Price and holds him over the edge, teasing to drop him, but sees the crowd gather to catch Jay, so instead he throws Jay over his head in a two hand toss. Jay hits the cage roof hard, and rolls to his stomach. GD grabs him, and lifts Jay up over his head, this time walking toward the stage where there are no fans. CD and Odin have been surfed back to the cage, and CD notices Jay. As fast as he can, he scrambles up the cage. And that's not very fast, he has been battling Odin for more than twenty minutes. Odin follows, too. CD dives and clips GD's leg, causing him to drop Jay Price. Price lands on his feet, and CD and Price drop GD with a double cutter! Downfall, Snad Cutter, BANG!

Odin is on top of the cage now, and he hits a double clothesline to the backs of Jay and CD, bringing them both down to the cage. D-Day is trying to fight back against Jonny Fly, and succeeding for a moment, before Fly rolls Day up and through with a choke. This could end the match! Refs, from outside the cage, check with Day to see if he submits, but Greenfever breaks it up by leaping off the top rope and driving his knee into Fly's tailbone! Fly shakes it off, but Greenfever brandishes a fucking switchblade! Fly's eyes widen as Greenfever stalks him, taunting the newcomer with the knife. Gage Gannon comes from behind Greenfever and hits a knee strike to Fever's back, causing him to drop the knife and stumble into Fly, who does a quick bulldog, goes to the top and hits Fever with a Fly Swatter! D-Day runs to Gannon and goes for a Dead and Forgotten, but Gage slips out the back... into a Death Valley Driver by Jonny Fly! Fly just does not give a fuck about this team! D-DAY HAS FLY UP... DEAD AND FORGOTTEN! Day is just too exhausted to do anything!

On top of the cage, Odin and Gravedigger are battling with CD and Price. With four men down in the ring, these four on top are basically battling for the win. GD and Price square off, GD a big groggy but Price is too. CD hits multiple kicks to Odin, kicking him to the edge and... oh my god... SUPERKICK SENDS ODIN OFF THE CAGE AND TO THE ENTRANCE RAMP! The wood of the ramp gives way and Odin lands in a heap of rubble! Corey Black turns his attention to Gravedigger, who shrugs CD off and chokeslams him down to the cage... GD turns to Price, who flips GD off and jumps off the cage in a backflip... OMGWTF Maneuver to Odin Balfore off the cage! Jay Price sacrificed himself to keep Odin down for good! Gravedigger is in shock. He cannot believe what he has seen. And that shock turns to pain as CD gives him a rolling elbow strike to the back of the head! Death Blow! GD slumps to the cage roof, while CD crawls over and drops off the side where the wall went down. The crowd catches CD and rolls him into the second ring.

D-Day and Fly are the only ones even close to stirring. CD, beaten to shit, makes his way into the first ring and goes to Fly, who bucks up and hits Corey with a belly to belly suplex over the top rope into the cage wall! D-Day doesn't like this, so he rushes Fly, and Fly fucks Day's world up with a back elbow, followed by an enziguri! Greenfever is up, somehow, and grabs the knife... SLEEPER HOLD, AND HE DIGS THE BLADE INTO FLY'S FOREHEAD! Jonny is howling in pain, but he slips out and sends Greenfever shoulder first into the buckle, causing him to drop the blade, and crushes Fever with a hard European Uppercut. Gage Gannon is getting back up, and sees Fly stalking. Gage won't be denied this time, so Gage uppercuts Fly in the jaw and hits another GKO! The crowd pops big, for some reason... and Gage sees why. Corey Black is back up, kicking Gage in the knee. Gage down to the mat on all fours, repeated kicks to Gage's face! Over and over and over, blood now coming from Gannon's head and pouring all over Corey Black's boot. Everyone else in this match is down... and Corey goes in for it.

Triangle choke to Gage Gannon! He almost has to submit, nobody else to help! Odin and Jay Price in pieces on the ramp, Gravedigger getting up on the roof, but he's on the roof, and Jonny Fly is down from the GKO. Gravedigger is the only one left, Corey locks the hold in deeper, but GD drops down into the ring. Gravedigger rushes over as Corey begins dropping big hammer-style elbows to Gage Gannon's head, messing him up even more. Gravedigger is almost in the ring... AND HE IS STOPPED BY GREENFEVER! Greenfever knocks Gravedigger to the mat between the two rings, but he's getting pushed off... D-DAY NOW! GREENFEVER AND D-DAY HOLD GRAVEDIGGER DOWN WHILE COREY BLACK HAS A TRIANGLE CHOKE AND RAINS ELBOWS ON GAGE GANNON'S HEAD! GAGE HAS NO CHOICE, HE GIVES IT UP! GAGE CALLS FOR THE SUBMISSION! TEAM ZOMBIE HAS WON WAR GAMES AT XIII!

Medical assistants rush out to get Odin and Jay Price out of the rubble. The door is opened, Corey Black has let go of the hold and Gravedigger is let loose, he's pissed as all hell. Greenfever and D-Day celebrate, while Jonny Fly comes to and hears "Locust" by Machine Head playing, knowing he almost had it all by himself. Jonny storms out of the cage and up the ramp, followed closely by Gravedigger. The crowd is going NUTS for the victory, Corey, Day, and Fever all soaking it in for a split second before bailing out and checking on Price. He's not dead, he is moving and he is pulled to his feet by his team. Odin, on the other hand, is loaded onto a stretcher. XIII comes to a close as Corey Black is handed the WCF World Title and Team Zombie stands over Odin Balfore on a stretcher, victorious.