Akihabara Street Fight
Kira Sakazaki vs Johnny Reb

“In your position, SET!!!”

Beginner by VSK hits….

BOOM!!! Pyro explode in the entranceway. Crowd still don’t know who has this entrance theme but most of them know this song.

Kira Sakazaki appeared with a massive cheer from the crowd. Kira walks slowly to enjoy the euphoria from the crowd. Camera captured a “WE PAY THIS SHOW TO SEE NEZUMI!” signboard. Kira do the high-five to the bunch of a crowd with AKB48 shirt and asked them to sing Kira’s new theme song together. Kira sing with them while headbanging.

Kira Sakazaki and the crowd: “Bokura wa yume miteru ka, mirai wo shinjite iru ka, kowai mono shazu, iro kono shirazu, POKETTO kono mama”

Kira do the high five again and slide in to the ring. Kira’s music stop but the cheer and chant keeps echoed throughout the arena.


Kira raised his hand and start talking.

Kira Sakazaki: everybody, yamette kudasai sou you no (please stop it for a moment)! Only Sado can call me with that name. So please, don’t call me that!

Crowd stops chanting and they change their chant

Crowd: Tiger! Fire! Cyber! Fiber! Diver! Jaa~ Jaa~! Tiger! Fire! Cyber! Fiber! Diver! Jaa~ Jaa~!

Kira seems shocked hearing that chant.

Kira Sakazaki: eyy, eyy, eyy, nonononono!! Not that chant! This is the Wrestling Championship Federation Exclusive par-per-view not an AKB48 concert. If you want to yell that chant, just go to the next building five blocks away from here. Besides, I like that chants, anyway!

Crowd cheers again and yelling another chant.

Crowd: KIRA ! KIRA ! KIRA !

Kira Sakazaki: aah, that’s better! By the way, I forgot to say this. KONBANWA, TOKYO!!!!!!

Massive cheers from the crowd.

Crowd stops cheering as Kira continued his speak.

Kira Sakazaki: well tonight is my happiest day of my Professional Wrestling history. Tonight, I will face The Inveterate Confederate, Johnny Reb-san in my all-time favorite match, Street Fight match. And more than that, I will fight in my own city, no! In my territory, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan! Yeah, sasuga desu ne (isn’t that great)?!

Crowd cheers again!

Kira Sakazaki: I don’t know so much about my upcoming opponent right now. One thing that I found out is, he is a tough guy. Have a championship material and a serious competitor. But, that makes me more spirited tonight. I will face a tough opponent, and I promise I will pick up the victory IN…MY…YARD!!!

Crowd: KIRA ! KIRA ! KIRA !

While Crowd cheering and chanting…..
“Sweet Home Alabama” hits the speakers, cutting off the crowd’s chant. Johnny Reb steps out to a respectable pop, stalks to the end of the stage, and raises a hand for silence. The music cuts off; it takes a moment longer for the enthusiastic audience to quiet.

Johnny Reb: Hold your horses for a minute, there, son. You may have the home field advantage here, but your vict’ry is far from assured.

This elicits some grumbling from the audience.

Johnny Reb: Now, now… Don’t get me wrong. I got a lotta respect for ya, Kira. That’s why I accepted your challenge. We woulda never met in the ring otherwise, leastways not anytime soon. An’ what with Seth Lerch suddenly havin’ a bug up his ass to get rid of me…well… That ain’t gonna happen, but it seemed better to take this opportunity when it arose. See, tonight ain’t about that – about whatever issues the boss suddenly has with ol’ Johnny. It’s about competition in its purest form. Two men, armed only with their wits, their trainin’, an’ whatever item may come to hand; fightin’ not for any title, nor to end some long-runnin’ feud – Hell, it ain’t even about America versus Japan, although I reckon some folks might interpret it that way – but simply for the sheer pleasure of the challenge.

I’ve had my eye on ya, Kira. Ya got talent, most of it raw. Untempered. You’re good. I’m better. An’ that’s why I’m gonna be the one walkin’ outta this match in vict’ry; whereas you… ya may not be walkin’ out at all.

Reb lowers the microphone, smirking just a little, as he waits to see what his opponent will do next…

Kira Sakazaki: umm, chottomatte yo (wait a second), Reb-san! Hold your position in there! I feel excited today so don’t even bother to come here. I’m coming to you!

Kira slide outside the ring and running to Reb. But, Kira running through him and pass by. Reb turned around in confusion and seems saying “What the hell?”

Reb chases Kira and so does the ref. he chase Kira to the backstage as Kira keeps running. Kira then running outside Tokyo Dome while Reb and the referee still chasing him. Kira running to the Akihabara District and he stops his run in the middle of the alley. Reb and the referee stop the run either. Kira turns around and ready with his fighting stance.

Kira then do the “Come On” taunt to Reb, Reb responds it by charging through Kira and laying some punches and kicks but Kira successfully dodged it. Reb fall back and attemps to do the Lariat but Kira ducks his attack and Reb crashes a bunch of trashcans. Reb tries to rise up but Kira is already standing behind him. Kira pulls Reb’s hair and slam his head to the wall. In his second attempt, Reb gives a shoulder to Kira’s head. Kira staggers as Reb pick up the trashcan and hit him to the gut. Kira still standing but Reb once again hit that trashcan to his head this time. Kira is finally down.

With a help from the wall, Kira slowly stands but Reb already aware that. Reb charges and hits the Knee Smash. Kira hits the wall and down again. Reb leaves Kira in the alley and looking for something to use as a weapon. He looks at the bunch of Inuyasha Cosplayers and takes his Broadsword fiercely. He then goes back to the alley while Kira is hardly tries to rise up. Reb charges and “slashes” Kira’s with that broadsword. Not satisfied with that, Reb turns around and hits that sword multiple times to Kira’s head. Reb goes for a PIN but he can kick out at 2.

Reb rise Kira up and whips him to the sidewalk. Reb pulls Kira’s hair and tries to whip him but Kira reverse it until Reb hit and crash the café neon box until suddenly the Meidokisa (Café Maid) comes to approach them. Then Kira using the wooden tray that one of Meidokisa brings and smash it to Reb’s head until the tray is broken. Then Kira grabs Reb’s head and take him enter the café. Kira throws him to the line of tables. That Maid Café is cluttered now. Reb slowly crawl to the bar table but Kira is already running and hits Punt Kick to the Bar table. Reb is down as Kira goes to hooking the leg! 1…2… kicks out in 2,5!!

Kira then grab Reb’s head and throw him outside the café. They once again are fighting in the sidewalk of Akihabara. Reb retreats to a postbox nearby. Kira attempts to hit a Spear but Reb rolls aside. Nobody home! Kira’s shoulder hits the postbox. Reb then lift him in a Fireman Carry clutch and slams Kira to the postbox, right into Kira’s back. Reb looks exhausted so he decided to recover a bit and it looks like this moment used by Kira to gain momentum. Kira looks at an AKB48 Otaku carrying a big poster of his Idol. Kira forcibly snatch the poster and smash it to Reb’s head. Both men down.

Kira slowly wakes up and retreat again slowly, Reb and the referee chase him again. He runs a bit farther than before until Reb finally can catch him in a tunnel. Reb hits a Hurricanrana DDT through the concrete road. We can see blood flowing in Kira’s nose. Reb pulls Kira’s hair and throws him below the concrete stairway. Reb then grabs Kira’s gakuran and drags him to a school-alike building. Reb then yells something to Kira.

Johnny Reb: is this your school, huh? Is this?

Reb then slams Kira’s body to the “Youryuu Gakuen” name plate. We can see that name plate is cracked. Reb goes for a PIN but it looks like Kira doesn’t want to give up so soon!

Reb’s going to raise Kira. But Kira can fights back. Kira gives an elbow to Reb’s gut. Kira keeps punching his gut ending with a big Knockout Punch right to his face while he yelling some Japanese words.

Kira Sakazaki: ZAKEN JANEE!! (Don’t fuck with me!!)

BAMMMM!!!! Reb is down. Now it’s Kira’s turn to drag him inside his Yankee school. He stops in a sling made of unused truck tire hanging in Sakura tree. Kira put Reb’s head and his two hands inside that tire sling. Then he pulls Reb’s hanging feet and releases it. Reb’s head freely hit the Sakura tree while Reb’s knee grazed to the ground. After Reb’s Sakura hit, we can see a blood flowing in Reb’s head. Both of them are busted open. Kira then kicks the entrance door and forcibly enter the school building. Kira then grabs Reb’s feet and drags him inside the building. But, Reb kicks Kira’s face until he knocked out. Reb found a mop and he hits it to Kira’s back. Kira keeps crawling to climb the stairway but Reb keep hits him with a mop. They finally reach the second floor. Kira found a triangle ruler lying on the floor. Kira grabs it and he turned aroud with that ruler and the ruler hit Reb’s face, makes a scratch on Reb’s cheek. Kira rise and slowly goes to the third floor. Kira finally reach the third floor but unfortunately, Reb pull Kira’s gakuran and makes him falls on Reb. The referee sees Reb’s shoulder’s down and he counts it. 1…2... Reb still kicks out.

Kira then crawl to the third floor followed by Reb. Kira and Reb try to recover a bit. They both stand and they both trading some punches. Kira wins the trading punch battle. And it ends with a step-up enzuigiri. Kira look at the Kendo Stick lying on the floor. He picks it and waits for Reb to stand…. Then he hits the Kendo Stick while………. Singing!

Kira Sakazaki: I WANT YOU!!!

PLAKKKK!!!! Kira hits to his stomach!

Kira Sakazaki: I NEED YOU!!!

PLAKKK!!!! Right into Reb’s chest!

Kira Sakazaki: I LOVE YOU!!!

PLAKKK!!!! Kira goes to his neck. Reb collapsed. Kira goes to his back.

Kira Sakazaki: Hazama no naka…

PLAKKK!!!! Kira strikes Reb’s back. Reb screaming in pain as Kira continues to sing the “song of agony”.

Kira Sakazaki: Gangan natteru MYUUJIIKU!!

PLAKKK!!!! Kira hits Reb’s backhead makes Reb down! Kira throw the kendo stick and he jumps!

Kira Sakazaki: HEAVY ROTATION!!!

Kira hits a Jumping Foot Stomp followed by Twisting on Reb’s back. Kira turns around Reb’s body and start a count. 1…2… NO!!! Reb does still survive!

Kira looks exhausted so he recovered again as Reb crawling to enter the one of a classroom. Kira follows him to the classroom but Reb is aware. Reb kicks Kira to gut and hit him with a steel chair. Reb then brings two tables outside the classroom and extends up the table. But Kira try to thwart it. Kira laying an Axe Handle but Reb gives him an elbow. Kira fall back and running at Reb but Reb tackle Kira’s feet until Kira hits the ground. Reb raises him up and lays him on the two tables. Reb climb to the stairway ledge and he’s ready to hits Southern Discomfort!!!! BRAKKKK!!!! All two tables broken!! Both men down but Reb’s hand is on Kira’s shoulder. Referee counts it and 1…2…3…!!! Reb wins this death-defying Street Fight Match!

Logan and Gravedigger Segment

“The Struggle Within” by Metallica hits and the audience erupt to their feet, surprised because they weren’t expecting XIII to get a dose of treachery. Logan appears out onto the stage and is dressed in his wrestling attire too, which further causes the audience to buzz. He also carries a microphone in one hand, marching down the ramp, climbing the ring steps and slipping into the ring. His music cuts. Logan looks around at the crazy Japanese crowd, ‘crazy’ because they’re Japanese.

Logan: シャットアップ

The audience pops.

Logan: Now many of you golf cart driving trashcans are probably wondering what in the Connector City hell I’m doing out here and moreso why am I dressing in the attire of treachery. You see, tonight, ONE more match is getting added to XIII…

Further buzzing echoes within the arena.

Logan: So who is it exactly that Captain Treachery will be facing tonight…

He wonders around the ring appearing to be in deep thought.

Logan: Let’s see, who deserves the biggest and brightest ticket that Connector City has to offer. There are many boudles that come to mind, but there is only ONE; only one boudle that I can think of that deserves it more than anyone else tonight, because tonight is special, tonight is this boudles birthday!

The Japanese audience begins a ‘Gravedigger’ chant. Logan grins before continuing.

Logan: You boudles know your boudles don’t you? SHUT UP! So, tonight, we’re celebrating Gravedigger’s birthday. One of the most accomplished stars that the WCF has ever seen!

“Change” by Deftones hits the speakers and the crowd goes apeshit. An old man limps out on a cane rocking a Gravedigger shirt. The crowd begins booing in disappointment. Logan, however, simply laughs, talking over the music as it plays.

Logan: Get your old ass down to the ring, Gravedigger. Hurry up man, this stupid ass pay-per-view only has a four hour timeslot.

He limps onwards pushing the cane into the floor for support. Logan sighs, exiting the ring and helping the older gentlemen up the steps and into the ring. The music cuts and the elderly man simply stares around, probably having no idea where he is or even who he is.

Logan: You’re really starting to show your age, buddy. You probably go through birthdays quicker than these Japanese boudles go through cats.

That last statement gives him a lot of heat; actually somebody throws an energy drink into the ring at Logan, accidentally hitting the old man in the foot instead. The old man doesn’t even flinch.

Logan: Ouch. But it isn’t about them tonight is it? No, no, no.. tonight is YOUR night birthday boy. And what better way to celebrate a WCF Hall of Famers birthday than to dig back and talk about what made him Hall of Fame. So, listen up boudle and turn that hearing aid up to full blast and get ready for a birthday of treachery!

Logan nods and grins, putting a friendly arm over Gravedigger’s shoulder, or whether the old man playing Gravedigger.

Logan: It’s the year 2001 or was it 2002? Anyway, you enter NCW, the federation of Steve Carr. You’re a young buck, obviously much younger than you are now, but nonetheless you’re green, and we’re all green at some point. You see me running around whooping Bloody }{awk ass and you say, hey.. I want to be that guy. But no, no, no it’s too late. I’ve already ran through NCW, you’re nobody then, so I don’t waste any time with you. Then one day you become somebody in NCW, all of sudden people are talking about Gravedigger. It’s Gravedigger this and Gravedigger that and was that boudle actually a Gravedigger before he was a wrestler? And yes he was! He dug up dead people and had sex with them.

Logan cringes.

Logan: And then you met Dark Arts Wizard and you two fell in love faster than two lonesome cowboys camping on Brokeback Mountain. Maybe you two can share the same room in a nursing home whenever you decide to retire, which.. should be soon, I’d strongly recommend you do. You can’t take but so many calcium pills; pretty soon you’ll be hot wheeling it out here on a motorized grocery scooter. Anyway, buddy, you met the Wizard and he seduced you with his magic. You two fought, made up, tag teamed, tag teamed each other, and then one day poof he was gone. That broke your heart man, I know it did, and I feel for you. But he’s gone, long gone, and by this point I’m sure you’ve accepted that and moved on. So, now, you’ve surrounded yourself with teenage Taco Bell employees…

Logan curiously raises an eyebrow, patting the old man on his back.

Logan: Yeah… you been saucing up their burritos? H’m? MS-13 code for a gay thirteen penis orgy? SHUT UP! You sick bastard. You see this is what you’ve reduced me to talking about. I try to dig back and celebrate the better times of your career and we keep running into these homoerotic roadblocks. This isn’t my fault, it’s yours. I don’t have nothing against you for that, no babygurl, this is YOUR birthday.. YOUR night. That’s why for tonight I’m going to let you do something you haven’t done in years, and do you know what this is?

He sticks the microphone to the old man’s mouth; however, he has no response.

Logan: I thought you might have got that one but I’ll help you out. You see, tonight, Gravedigger.. I’m going to let you win. I’m going to let you get one over on the Face of Treachery, THAT is my birthday present to you, and you bet your ass that’s probably the best birthday present you’ve ever got! So, referee, ring the bell boudle.

Logan throws the microphone to the outside of the ring and the referee slides in. The bell rings and Logan paces the ring, working his wrists, stretching his arms, warming up for the match. The old man simply stands there looking off into space as Logan sizes him up, and then moves in and locks up with him. Logan sells it ever so dramatically, struggling with the old man before eventually slipping him into a headlock and tossing him down onto the mat. The audience boos. The old man lays motionless in the ring and Logan looks on disappointedly shaking his head before finding the microphone again.

Logan: C’mon, Gravedigger, you’ve got to at least put in a little effort, stop lying around.

Logan walks over to the downed old man, slightly kicking him.

Logan: This isn’t nap time boudle.

“Change” by Deftones explodes into the speakers and Logan looks up at the stage with wide eyes expecting the REAL Gravedigger to emerge onto the stage. The audience begins going bonkers, Logan suspiciously stares on at the entrance ramp while GRAVEDIGGER RUNS THROUGH THE CROWD AND SLIDES INTO THE RING. Gravedigger grabs a surprised Logan from behind and spins him around and begins hitting him with rights! Logan takes a hard right, and another, and another, falling back into the ropes and bouncing back! Gravedigger grabs Logan and lifts him up and places him on his shoulder setting him up for the Death Driver! Logan however manages to wiggle out, falling down onto his feet and dropping to the mat and rolling out underneath the bottom rope. Logan takes the microphone with him, quickly back pedaling up the ramp and holding his jaw in pain.

Logan: You trashcan bitch! I’m out here celebrating your birthday and this is how you treat me?! SHUT UP! That’s it, this is going to end. You and me at Aftermath, one on one.. no ToT, no MS-Boudles. Gravedigger versus Mr. WCF in a ‘Rope of Treachery’ match!

Gravedigger confusingly mouths the words, ‘Rope of Treachery?’

Logan: You’re damn right. You won’t be able to escape a ticket to Connector City when we’re both locked together. My wrist will be tied to a rope and on the other side of that five foot rope your wrist will be tied.. thus hint.. Rope of Treachery. Do you understand what I’m saying or have those Taco Bell trashcans pumped you up with so much refried bean penis that you can’t-

Gravedigger starts exiting the ring and heading towards Logan, because of this Logan drops the microphone and runs towards the backstage area fleeing Gravedigger. Gravedigger walks over and picks the microphone up off of the ground. He looks towards the entryway as he speaks.

Gravedigger: Logan, you want a Rope of Treachery match at Aftermath? You got it (huge pop from the crowd) and by the end of the night I'm going to accomplish two things: burn down Connector City and hang you with the Rope of Treachery.

Gravedigger drops the mic as "Change" by Deftones starts playing. Gravedigger turns and looks at the old man being helped up by ringside attendants and smirks before turning and walking up the ramp to the back.

Master of Horrors
WCF US Title Match
Roy Speede vs Brad Kane

The lights go out in the arena. After several seconds, words written in a bright white begin flashing on the otherwise blackened out Jumbotron. With each fading word, a new word pops up on the screen.






As the last word fades, all five words reappear on the jumbotron at once.


The lights slowly come back on as 'Hear Me Now' by Hollywood Undead begins to play through the speakers as Roy Speede steps out on stage with Abbie Grande at his side. He crosses his arms in an X across his chest, with his right arm underneath his left, and his hands in his fists. He bows his head for several seconds, and his chin rests in the gap between his fists as Abbie starts down the ramp slowly.

Roy drops his right arm, and raises his left arm in the air, with his pointer, middle, and pinky fingers extended, and his ring finger and thumb tucked into his palm. His palm is facing the crowd. He drops his arm, and begins walking down the ramp toward the ring, high-fiving fans one side of the ramp as Abbie high-fives the cheering fans to the other side. He climbs onto the apron, and then climbs the outside of the turnbuckle as Abbie circles around the ring. He raises his left arm, with the same fingers extended as when he was on stage. He leaps from the turnbuckle into the ring.

Corey Black: This kid is gonna fuckin' die tonight. As well he should anyways for coming out to a shitty band like Hollywood Undead. This is XIII FUCKING METAL YOU PUSSY.

Bobby Cairo: It wouldn't shock me. That's not to say Roy Speede isn't a good competitor just that he's walking into the Lion's Den.

"Cuz the pain that they're gonna feel after I'm done with you is gonna feed me. And give me, give me that oh so elusive happiness. I can't wait to see them cry. I can't wait to see you shiver. I can't wait for you to be droolin' out your mouth not knowin' where you are. You can call me sick but the world is cold... bundle up!"

After the voice of Kill You Guy (TM CD) fills the arena, nothing happens. The Japanese crowd begins to chant for the name of Brad Kane repeatedly in their own way. Japan begins to collectively lose their shit as the opening "War Machine" by Amon Amarth begins to blare through the sound system. When the song explodes out from the back steps Brad Kane donning the Reckless Jack mask. Everyone now chants for Reckless Jack as Brad begins to walk down to the ring. At ringside he takes the mask off and gives it to some kid in the crowd before circling the ring, inspecting everything he wanted there. A sadistic smile creeps across as he brings his arms down. The caging begins to lower while the normally reserved fans of Japan are still going apeshit. Brad slides into the ring and keeps that smirk on his face while keeping his eyes on Speede. Now he makes a shotgun out of his hands and shoots at Speede.

Bobby Cairo: Rumor has it this is the last time we'll be seeing Brad Kane for quite a while. I don't blame the man. He has to pick his life back up from the pieces its been shattered into.

Corey Black: I've been in the ring against this man so many times in my career, and the dude is always doing something new. This however isn't. Takes me back to the days when we'd do this shit all the time.


Brad Kane still has a smirk on his face looking at his own creation while Roy Speede slides out of the ring. The crowd boos as Brad leans in the corner as Roy gets back in. Brad rushes him and spears him down to the mat right away and begins to rain down with right hands. Speede is able to block most of them here in the early going as Brad rolls back up to his feet. Roy goes vertical himself as he loosens up a little bit, also trying to get into the mind of Brad Kane. Speede shakes his head before rushing Brad, knocking him down with a hard elbow strike to the temple. Brad gets right back up to his feet, slapping Roy in the face! Speede looks upset as Brad hits him with a right hand directly in the jaw now. Speede goes to his backside as he gets back up, getting into the face of Brad Kane as he gets a knee to the stomach. Speede kneels over over Brad kicks him in the ribs.

Corey Black: Looks like BK isn't trying to waste time here at all. Not that I blame him. I'd do the same.

Bobby Cairo: This takes me back to when I wrestled a handicap cage match against Jesus and Santa. Came out on top.

Speede falls back onto the mat as Brad lifts him back up and throws him to the floor. He lands on non board area as he goes into the cage siding. Brad slides out of the ring, grabbing a chair from the side of the structure. He sets it on the floor in the open position as he grabs a second from the cage. Brad keeps this one in his hands as Speede is back up. A home run shot misses as Brad connects with the cage. Speede punches him right in the kidney before slamming Brad's head against the steel. Brad doesn't go down as Roy begins to kick the back of Brad Kane repeatedly. While Brad leans against the cage, Roy grabs a chair and smacks Brad in the back of the head. The crowd groans as Speede does it a second time! Kane crumples to the floor as Roy begins to smile sadistically.

Bobby Cairo: And there's the hardcore aspect of this match. While we couldn't afford the steel chains and such, the cage works just fine.

Corey Black: This shit costs money.

Speede lifts up Brad Kane and throws him into the cage again. Brad staggers backwards as Speede pushes him, mockingly, back into the cage. As he shakes his head, Brad lifts up his elbow catching Speede right in the nose as blood starts to spurt out. Brad looks to be bleeding himself now from the sharpness of the cage, his face turning red as Speede holds onto his nose. Brad grabs another chair off the cage as he throws it at Speede's head, sending him back a few steps. Speede does the same thing! Speede keeps yanking and throwing more chairs at Brad until he's slumped down, completely covered as Speede runs and dropkicks the chairs all over the body of Brad Kane! The crowd boos as Roy gets back up, lifting Brad off of the floor as they're near the barbed wire boards.

Corey Black: Looks like the douchebag is taking it to BK pretty hardcore right now. Though if I know BK this shit won't last for long.

Bobby Cairo: Under the guise of Reckless Jack he was able to do many, many things in a death match. Of course he's claimed he was trying to be you, Corey.

Corey Black: Oh I ribbed him for years on that. Did you know he used to be black too?


Speede headbutts Brad a couple of times before lifting Brad up into the air and suplexing him onto a board! The crowd goes insane as Brad's shirt is ripped off completely as Speede puts him back into the ring before lifting the apron cover and pulling out a couple of tin cans and a staple gun! The crowd jeers Speede as he takes a tin and the staple gun into the ring. Speede stomps on Brad a couple of times before cradling his head and driving some staples into his skull!

Bobby Cairo: Those are never a pleasure to take out of your skull.

Corey Black: Not at all but at least he's not getting stapled in the cock or some shit.

The staples keep on digging into the head of Brad Kane as Speede looks to be finished with it for now. The staple gun gets tossed out of the ring as he grabs the tin and opens it. Out pours quite a few thumbtacks as they land on the mat. That grin is on Speede's face again as he lifts Brad up off the mat, blood pouring from his head, staining his face and chest red. Brad fires off a couple of elbows as Speede backs into the ropes as he comes back into a perfect dropkick. Kane begins to fire up as he puts his hand into the tin, waiting for Speede to get up. Once this happens, Brad throws tacks into Roy's face! Speede goes down to the mat as Brad leans against the ropes, trying to catch his breath.

Corey Black: GODDAMMIT! He's still ripping me off. If he would've had a snowball with thumbtacks...

Bobby Cairo: Ah yes your ill fated nemesis Frost. How is he these days?

Corey Black: Pretty sure I killed him.

Bobby Cairo: Oh right. I suppose the bell did toll for him.

Before Brad can react, Speede spears him out of the ring as they tumble to the floor! Both men are down for a moment until Roy gets back up to a vertical base and begins to stomp on the body of Brad Kane. Kane tries to defend himself but is unable as Speede lifts him from the floor and puts him over his shoulder. Roy starts running towards the cage structure as he launches Brad head first into the cage! Brad slumps down on the floor as Speede looks underneath the ring and pulls out a ladder. The crowd gasps as he sets it up near one of the platforms on the top of the cage. He climbs up the ladder without incident as he pulls a barbed wire chair off from the first platform. It gets tossed to the floor as Speede makes his way back down.

Bobby Cairo: The first of the special weapons if ya will.

Corey Black: Ah piss...

Brad is back on his feet as he tries to run towards Speede but gets clocked with an elbow to the temple. He falls back down to the floor as Speede places the barbed wire chair on Brad's chest before going to the ring apron. Roy leaps off with a double foot stomp, crushing the chair and the barbed wire onto Brad's bare chest, making him yell out in pain. Speede yanks the chair off of Brad as blood starts to come out of a few spots on his chest. While Brad is down, Roy Speede goes to a side where some of the barbed wire boards are placed. He picks up one of them and slides it into the ring. Brad has pulled himself halfway into the ring as Speede goes back in himself.

Corey Black: Barbed wire mayhem!

Bobby Cairo: Reminds me we should put up Barbed Wire Freak for Hall of Fame this year. A great impact on this promotion.

Speede pulls Brad completely into the ring as he drags him near the board. He puts Brad gently over the board before hitting a backdrop driver! Brad's back is all cut to hell now too! The crowd boos Roy Speede as he rips Brad back up as he whips him towards a corner where a glass pane is placed. Brad is able to stomp on the brakes as he hits Speede coming in with a kick to the stomach followed by a DDT. Brad falls over as blood continues to pour out of his body. He rolls out of the ring and looks underneath, pulling out a strand of barbed wire to a massive pop. He sees a open chair as he sits down and starts to wrap the barbed wire around his boot! He stands up as he walks a little funny but goes back into the ring anyways.

Bobby Cairo: That can't be good.

Corey Black: I hope he shoves it up Speede's ass.

When Brad is back in the ring, Speede slides out, trying to get away for a moment or two. He grabs a couple of chairs from the cage and tosses them into the ring before looking under the apron. He pulls out a table and turns away from Kane. Shaking his head, Brad runs as fast as he can, barbed wire still around his boot, as he leaps through the middle rope with a tope, knocking Speede though the table he was holding!

Corey Black: Goddamn what a suicida.

Bobby Cairo: That's the old Reckless style coming to play.

Speede goes down as Brad inhales, pointing to the other platform as he starts to climb the cage. He gets to the towards the top as he reaches onto the platform and grabs TWO BUNDLES OF LIGHT TUBES! The crowd cheers, knowing there's tons more blood coming in this one as Brad climbs down with one hand. Once he hits the floor, he slides the tubes into the ring along with another barbed wire board. Speede is on his hands and knees as Brad sizes him up, running and kicking him with the barbed wire right in the face! Blood spurts from Speede's cheek as Brad starts to grin sadistically, picking up Speede and rolling him back into the ring. Brad goes back in now as well as Speede is on his knees. Brad bounces off the ropes, looking for the JAK Trigger but Speede ducks out of the way as Brad crashes into a glass pane!

Bobby Cairo: Wow that's a lot of glass.

Corey Black: No shit.

Kane falls against the mat as Speede wants to end this thing now. He sees a bundle of light tubes as he puts them on Brad's chest before pointing to the top rope. The crowd boos as Speede slowly climbs, the blood loss starting to get to him as he inhales before leaping off with the SPEEDE BUMP CRUSHING THE LIGHT TUBES INTO BOTH OF THEIR CHESTS! Airhorns blare throughout the arena as Speede is screaming in pain along with Brad as the crowd is totally into everything. Speede is holding his stomach as it bleeds as Brad is near motionless on the canvas.

Corey Black: Impressive by Speede to do something that manly.

Bobby Cairo: Yes it was.

Slowly, Roy Speede crawls towards Brad, covering him but it does him no good. Roy stays like that for a few moments just to make a point as BRAD STARTS STABBING SPEEDE WITH A FORK! The crowd goes insane as Brad starts to feel the adrenaline pumping through his body. He starts to stab Speede in the head with the fork repeatedly! After five jabs, Brad tosses the fork out of the ring as he grabs one of the chairs and a bundle of light tubes. He sets the light tubes on Speede's back before slamming the chair down, shattering all of them! Brad keeps on slamming the chair on Roy Speede's back before tossing it away.

Bobby Cairo: Did he really forget this was I Quit rules?

Corey Black: Heat of the battle. That or he's a raging moron.

Lifting Speede off of the mat, Brad calls for the end, pumphandling Speede. While in the air, Speede is able to A MODIFIED SILVER SLICE OUT OF NOWHERE! The crowd boos as both men are down on the mat, not able to move an inch as the crowd slowly turns to applaud both of them thus far. Speede makes the first move, looking like a bloody mess although Brad isn't faring any better as he gets up too. They stagger into the middle of the ring as they exchange bloody headbutts with one another. They go back and forth, trying to kill each other as Speede headbutts Brad that much harder, sending him towards a corner. Speede sprints in, looking for a spear but Brad slides out of the ring as Speede crashes through the glass head first!

Corey Black: Notice how either man hasn't gone for the win? They just want to beat the fuck out of each other.

Bobby Cairo: That is the best way for two men to settle things. Were they women I'm sure we would see the two of them drinking tea and being catty to one another.

Brad pulls Speede backwards as he drops him neck first with a backdrop driver! He falls over himself as he slowly unwraps the barbed wire from around his boot, putting it on his right arm now, drawing more blood from his body as he grins like an absolute madman. Some of the smart marks know whats coming next as Brad pulls Speede up before NAILING HIM WITH THE BK BACKFIST WITH THE BARBED WIRE! Speede's face is messed up beyond belief as Brad starts to rake the wire across his face now. You couldn't tell who Roy is right now as Brad pulls off the barbed wire, opening Speede's mouth AS HE STARTS TO LET HIS OWN BLOOD DRIP INTO ROY'S MOUTH!

Bobby Cairo: Oh Jesus!

Corey Black: Now that is what XIII is fucking about!

That grin is still on Brad's mouth as he licks up his own from his arm, enjoying every moment as his eyes tell the story. Speede looks dead as Brad stands up, grabbing two chairs and opening them up. He then grabs a barbed wire board and makes a barbed wire chair table looking thing. Brad falls over from blood loss as Speede is slowly coming to. Speede actually gets up first as Brad uses the ropes to pull himself up. The crowd cheers for the both of them now as Brad kicks Roy in the stomach before pushing him into the corner next to the barbed wire board bridge he'd just set up. He lifts Roy up to the top rope as the crowd stands on their feet.

Corey Black: Oh shit? Kirisute Gomen?!

Bobby Cairo: This might end it...

Brad grins before falling back with the Kirisute Gomen onto the barbed wire! Both men are tangled as Brad rips himself free and yells loudly. The Japanese crowd goes insane as Brad puts Speede into the Last Serenade! Speede is yelling in pain before saying the two words...

Speede: I QUIT!

The bell rings as the cage begins to rise up. Brad keeps the hold locked in, refusing to let go until a whole mess of people force him off of Speede. Brad is on his knees, the United States Title getting handed to him. He looks at the title and puts it on the stomach of Speede.

Brad Kane: You keep it.

Brad stands up and looks at the crowd, staggering and still bleeding. The crowd is on their feet cheering away.

Bobby Cairo: Looks like Brad was true to his word. He didn't want the title.

Corey Black: What a way to end things for this man. One of the oldest rivals I had in professional wrestling.

Kane heads to the back not showing a trace of emotion after what he's done tonight.

Straight Professional Wrestling Match
Chad Evans vs Jam Willy Jesus

Bobby Cairo: I apologize up front if I'm a bit biased during this next match, but I'm going to try my damnedest to be a professional.

Corey Black: You are a professional, damn it!

Bobby Cairo: You're goddamn right I am!

The opening strains of "Paegan Love Song" by Acid Bath hit the PA and the crowd comes to life as the arena lights turn to a dim glow.

"Dying felt so goddamn good today
If I was ever alive, well it's hard to say
It was kissin' my eyelids and burning my face away
Dying felt so goddamn good today"

The darkened silhouette of Jam Willy Jesus appears at the entrance way and the cheers grow louder. Jam Willy acknowledges the fans by pounding his chest with his left fist twice and then raising that same fist into the air, before starting his walk down the aisle. A prison style spotlight follows Jam Willy as he slaps hands with the fans that have come to greet him along the security barrier, and makes his way down to the ring.

Jam Willy rolls into the ring and climbs onto the turnbuckles, raising both arms into the air while the fans shower him with cheers. Willy nods his head and smiles then hops off of the turnbuckles. He removes his leather jacket and beaded necklace and hands them to a ringside attendant, then uses the ring ropes to do some last-minute stretches before the match begins.

Bobby Cairo: This man is one of the toughest, most unpredictable superstars to ever compete in WCF, hands down.

Corey Black: Must have been a bitch training your boy to face him?

Bobby Cairo: If you saw Chad's promo this week then you understand the type of work that he's put in to prepare for this match. He has the commitment and the dedication of a champion and that's why he's been a champion in this sport.

The jazzy, funk-laden intro of Soul Coughing's "Super Bon Bon" hits the PA, signaling the arrival of...



A ginormous-ass display of golden sparklebombs explode at the entryway atop the ramp leading to the arena. The silhouette of Chad Evans' body appears through the fire and smoke of the pyro. The crowd is hyped, as if they're on smack... but, nah, son, that's just the Chad Evans effect. Chad busts out some breakdancing moves atop the ramp, vintage Boogaloo Shrimp-style moves as thousands of flash bulbs are expended by members of the crowd and press alike. Chad abruptly pops to his feet and moseys on down the ramp with a pep in his step, slapping hands with dozens upon dozens of hysterical fans along the way.

M. Doughty: [on the PA] Move aside and let the man go through, let the man go through! Move aside and let the man go through, let the man go through!

Chad circles the ring, slapping hands with ever more dazed and delirious fans. He hops onto the ring apron and flips into the ring with a single bound, never touching the ropes as he does so. Chad climbs onto the turnbuckles and raises his arms in a salute to his many thousands of fans, as they respond with raucous cheers and a unified chant.


Bobby Cairo: Both men are very popular with these Japanese fans, that's for damned sure.

Corey Black: Both men embody the warrior spirit that personifies Japanese fighting culture. I've been in there with Evans. I know what he's about. Never faced Jam Willy, but from what I've seen the man is an animal.

Jam Willy and Chad converge at mid-ring, standing nose to nose as the electricity in the air reaches a fever pitch. The crowd murmurs in anticipation while Evans and Jesus jaw-jack and mean mug each other. Referee Dash Monogan steps in to make sure that the two superstars don't come to blows before the bell. He separates them and orders them to opposing corners of the ring -- they grudgingly oblige his commands, knowing that it's their only chance to rip each other apart.

Bobby Cairo: There's a lot on the line in this match for both men, Corey. Chad has been busting his ass for two years to reach this moment, and he wants this match to be his first step towards reaching the pinnacle of this company and reclaiming the WCF World Championship. A loss tonight could--

Corey Black: It could kill all of his hopes and dreams in one fell swoop.

Bobby Cairo: Sure, sure, it could.

Corey Black: And Jesus wants to prove that he's no joke by beating the former champ. He wins this match and he's on rocket skates toward the top of the card.

Bobby Cairo: He might even be headlining the next XIII show?

Corey Black: Let's not get carried away, Bobby.

Monogan, having restored a relative sense of order to the proceedings, calls for the bell.


In the blink of an eye, Jesus and Evans once again converge at mid-ring. Willy unloads with lighting quick punching combos, while Chad hits a flurry of rapidfire kicks to his opponent's ribs. Both men are going at it full steam without any sign of relent as a sea of flashbulbs capture the action around the arena.

Bobby Cairo: Neither man is showing any relent and they've already connected with a litany of hard strikes.

Corey Black: Not sure if it's in Willy's best interests to stand and trade with Chad -- Willy is a brawler and he hits hard, but Chad has that technically refined martial arts style of striking.

On cue, Willy lands a powerful left hook to Chad's jaw. The blood flies from Chad's mouth and lands on one of the WCF camera lenses, obscuring the action for the viewers at home with a spatter of crimson. The production room immediately switches to a different camera, just in time to capture Chad's retaliatory strike, a roundhouse kick that catches Willy flush in the head and causes him to stagger back. Having found his opening, Chad pursues Willy with an axe kick and a leaping push kick, both of which find their mark and send Willy reeling into the turnbuckles. Chad charges and hits a running enzuigiri, instantly popping the already hyped crowd.

Bobby Cairo: Chad just cracked Willy in the back of the head with a beautiful running enzuigiri!

Chad pauses momentarily to spit a mouthful of blood out to the floor and then turns his focus back to Jam Willy -- he drags Willy out to mid-ring, hoists him into the air, spins and plants Willy with a stiff brainbuster. Without wasting a moment, Chad leaps onto the top turnbuckle and then springs into the air, tucking his body for a picture perfect Shooting Star Press before landing on top of Jam Willy... and catching a pair of knees to the midsection for his efforts.

Corey Black: Willy had the SSP well scouted. It's waaaay too early for Chad to be going for that kind of move. What's he thinking?

Bobby Cairo: He's too amped up. He needs to settle down. Damn it, Chad, remember what we talked about!

Willy gets to his feet and clobbers Chad with a forearm smash that leaves the anarchist wincing in pain. Willy stays on the offensive, hitting Chad with a belly-to-belly suplex, holding onto the grip and transitioning to a German suplex, and then finishing off the trifecta by spiking Evans head-first onto the mat with a Cobra clutch suplex. Chad is left face-down on the mat while Willy gets back up and continues his assault with vicious soccer kicks and stomps to the head of his opponent.

Bobby Cairo: Ugh... Chad is taking a beating here. Willy is kicking and stomping away on his head, the same head that's already suffered two serious, career-threatening concussions. It churns my stomach to see it, but I have to give Willy credit for utilizing a brilliant strategy.

After thoroughly annihilating Chad like a raging madman with the stomps and kicks, Willy drops down to the mat and pins.

Dash Monogan: ONE...


T--NO!!! KICK OUT!!!


Bobby Cairo: Chad Evans is a fighter! He will not quit! He didn't come this far and work this hard just to throw in the towel.

Corey Black: That seems to suit Willy's agenda just fine.

Willy chuckles to himself as he pulls Chad to his feet and Irish whips him HARD into the corner buckles. Willy sprints toward Chad and torques his body, connecting with a spinning backfist. Chad stumbles out of the corner and Willy wraps him up with double underhooks and unleashes a torrent of ungodly headbutts.

Bobby Cairo: Everything Willy throws is with full force -- his punches, his kicks, even his headbutts have devastating impact! Come on, Chad, sprawl! Use your clinch! We've trained for this!

Corey Black: Hey, hey! No coaching at the announce table, Mr. Professional!

As if hearing the words from Bobby Cairo's lips to his ears, Chad suddenly sprawls, adjusting his leverage and freeing his arms to trap Jam Willy's head in a Muay Thai clinch, changing the tide of the match on a dime. Chad unloads with knee after knee after knee to Willy's face, opening up a fountain of gushing blood from Willy's nose.

Bobby Cairo: Now he's making Jam Willy bleed, giving him a taste of his own medicine! That's the way to do it, Chad! How do you like that, Willy?

Corey Black: ...

The sudden shift in momentum and ensuing bloodshed seems to galvanize both men -- Chad because he's now in control of the match, and Willy because the sight, smell and taste of his own blood really pisses him off. However, after eating a few dozen knees and struggling to remain standing despite the hate that fuels him, Jam Willy's body goes limp in Chad's arms. Chad immediately releases the clinch and Willy drops to the mat like deadweight. Chad makes the pin.

Dash Monogan: ONE...



Bobby Cairo: It looked like Willy was out but he managed to get his shoulder up!

Corey Black: Willy might have been playing possum or he might have been legit KO'd for a moment, but he-- holy fuck look at Willy's nose! It's crushed from those knees! There's no way he can breath through that thing!

Bobby Cairo: Chad realizes that and that's why he's covering Willy's mouth while he rains down those hammer fists onto his skull!

Willy is pinned against the mat, struggling to breathe and desperately trying to defend himself against Chad's onslaught of hammer strikes. Suddenly, Willy reaches into his boot and--

Bobby Cairo: Jam Willy just pulled a shiv out of his boot! Jam Willy is holding a fucking prison shiv!

Corey Black: Correction -- Jam Willy is stabbing Chad in the neck with a fucking prison shiv!

Bobby Cairo: What the fuck? That's not legal! This is a straight professional wrestling match! You can't do that shit, Willy!

Referee Dash Monogan frantically tries to pry the shiv from Willy's hands while Chad howls in pain. Blood spurts from the wound in Chad's neck, coating the mat, both competitors and even the ref in thick red ooze. The ref threatens Willy with disqualification amid the impromptu stabbing, but to no avail as he's still unable to separate the weapon from Willy's hands or Chad's neck. Dash jumps to his feet and appears to be calling for the bell. Suddenly Corey Black rises from his seat at the announce table and waves his arms at the ref. Monogan stops in his tracks and casts a questioning stare at CD, who is staring right back at the ref with an unflinching look upon his face.

Corey Black: Don't even think about it, motherfucker.

The ref hesitates momentarily, not certain what to do, before he turns his attention back to the action in the ring, where Chad is fighting for his life against Willy. Corey nods his head and sits back down.

Bobby Cairo: What the hell did you just do? That should have been a disqualification!

Corey Black: Bobby, I'm sorry that your friend is being butchered by that maniac from North Dakota, but I can't have a disqualification on my show. This is XIII. People expect to see the kind of bloodshed and violence that would give Freddy Krueger nightmares.

Bobby Cairo: Damn you, CD--

Corey Black: Just call the match, Bobby. Chad's a tough guy. He'll pull through.

Willy strangles Chad with one hand while yanking the shiv from his neck and wielding it in the air above his head--

Bobby Cairo: Goddamn it! Willy's gonna stab him again! Come on, Chad! Fight it! Knock his teeth down his fucking throat!

Willy's eyes are maniacal, gleaming with murderous insanity, as he prepares to plunge the shiv into Chad's chest. Willy's face suddenly contorts, his eyes roll back, the shiv drops from his hand and lands with a thud on the mat.

Corey Black: Would you settle for a knee to the groin, Bobby?

Chad shoves Willy off of him as Willy cups his hands on his aching groin. Chad checks the wound on his neck, the blood still dribbling out, forming a small pool on the mat. Chad looks down and scowls at Willy as he gets to his feet. Chad steps back, lets out a battle yell and demolishes Willy with a vicious Shining Wizard. Willy, propped up by the ropes, groans in pain, but Chad shows no mercy. Evans steps back, yells and hits another impossibly violent Shining Wizard. Chad still isn't done -- and fortunately for him Jesus is still propped against the ropes. Chad measures Jam Willy for the third time and ROARS forward with hysterical fury, doing his damnedest to drive his knee through Willy's skull. Jesus goes limp on the mat as Chad climbs out of the ring and searches for weapons.

Corey Black: Looks like Chad adjusted pretty well to the rulebook being thrown out the window!

Bobby Cairo: Fortunately for you, Black, Chad has the heart of a lion and the will of a warrior.

Corey Black: I know. I gave him credit for that. Warrior spirit. Remember?

Bobby Cairo: So you did.

Chad, whose head had been buried under the ring apron, abruptly pulls a table out from under the ring, much to the delight of the Tokyo crowd.

Bobby Cairo: Ooh, a table! Nice, Chad! Put that motherfucker through a table!

Corey Black: What happened to professionalism?

Bobby Cairo: I'm sorry, the man saved my life! He's my best friend!
How can I possibly avoid rooting for him?

Corey Black: Note to self -- do not let Bobby Cairo commentate on anymore Chad Evans matches.

Chad sets the table up at ringside, then turns his attention back to sifting around under the ring. After a few moments Chad emerges from under the apron with ANOTHER table. Chad stacks this second table on top of the first and then checks them for stability.

Corey Black: Looks like Chad wants to give Willy a taste of his own medicine.

Bobby Cairo: Hopefully we don't see anybody flying from the rafters this time.

Corey Black: Why not?

Bobby Cairo: ...

Cairo shoots a glare at Black.

Bobby Cairo: You're a sick man, Corey Black.

Corey Black: Alright, Mr. Steel Cage Death Match. You got me.

Chad turns to climb back into the ring--


Bobby Cairo: Willy just cracked a chair over Chad's skull! Where the hell did he come from?

Corey Black: I don't know. He rolled out of the ring and then he just disappeared. Damn, that chair is bent in half!


Bobby Cairo: Repeated steel chair strikes by Jam Willy Jesus to the skull of Chad Evans! This is brutal, absolutely BRUTAL!


The chair, too mangled to be of any further use, is discarded in favor of a thick black camera cord, which Jam Willy wraps around Evans' neck and strangles him with. The blood streams down Chad's hairline, the intensely pained grimace upon his bloodied and beaten face speaking volumes about the pain that he's in as he tries to wield off Jam Willy's attack with punches and knees. Willy is unyielding, he cackles while tightening the cord around Chad's neck.

Bobby Cairo: Willy might be on the verge of choking Chad out. Chad's face is turning an unnatural shade of purple.

Corey Black: Purple bathed in crimson... not good.

Suddenly, Chad's fist strikes Willy's windpipe, causing Willy to gasp -- Chad unleashes a desperate, pinpoint flurry of punches targeting Willy's throat, finally prompting Willy to drop the cord. Willy doubles over, gasping for air, and Chad drops him with an Implant DDT right onto the floor.

Bobby Cairo: Great comeback by Evans! Alright, we're back in this!


Chad and Willy both take their time to recover from the damage done in this match. After awhile Chad begins stirring and Willy soon follows. Willy takes a moment to collect his bearings and suddenly his eyes light up -- he crawls under the ring.

Corey Black: Willy saw something he liked, I guess?

Bobby Cairo: Chad's back on his feet and he's looking around. He has no idea where Willy is.

Corey Black: Maybe you should tell him, Bobby? You've been so much help already.

Bobby Cairo: Hardy har har, Weeping Death.

Jam Willy emerges on the other side of the ring -- he's wielding a tire jack, in addition to the demented grin on his bloodied and mutilated mug.

Bobby Cairo: Jesus has a tire jack! I thought Chad destroyed that damned tire jack on Slam? Willy must have a whole collection of 'em!

Corey Black: I'm the same way, only with Iron Man action figures.

Willy sneaks up behind Chad, the tire jack raised above his head poised to pummel Chad. Chad, as if sensing danger, spins around on his heels and blasts Willy in the face with a discus elbow smash. Willy remains standing, though in his disorientation he drops the tire jack. Chad picks it up from the ground and goes to work.


Bobby Cairo: Chad is getting his payback for what Willy did to King Jimmy on Slam! He's wearing out that tire jack across Jam Willy's skull!

Corey Black: Gotta give Willy credit -- the man appears to have concrete blocks inside of his head based on the amount of punishment he's able to sustain.

After another dozen strikes with the tire jack, Willy finally, mercifully falls to the floor. Chad picks up Willy's body and then climbs onto the apron. Once there, Chad slams Willy on top of the stacked tables.

Bobby Cairo: I think Chad is ready to put the finishing touch on Mr. Jam Willy Jesus! Chad Evans is going high risk!

Chad climbs up to the top turnbuckle, takes one last look at Willy and turns his back to him. In an instant, Chad leaps into the air, executes a double-rotation moonsault and smashes through Willy and the stack of tables.

Bobby Cairo: Chad Jumped Over The Moon!!

Corey Black: And through a fucking stack of tables!!

It's a scene of complete carnage at ringside as Chad's lifeless body covers Jam Willy's equally lifeless body and jagged wooden shards are strewn about the area. The referee shrugs his shoulders, not knowing what to do exactly, before he drops to the ground and makes the count.

Dash Monogan: ONE...




The ref helps Chad to his feet and Chad rests his body against the ring for support, raising a victorious arm in the air while soaking in the cheers of the crowd, not to mention the euphoria of a successful return to the ring.

Bobby Cairo: Way to go, Chad! I knew you could do it, bro!

Corey Black: Chad put up a hell of a fight. Both guys did. You should be proud, Bobby.

Chad, though obviously injured, mingles with the fans at ringside and celebrates with them while his music plays on the PA.

Last Man Standing
Mr. FPV vs Gravedigger

Every single light in the arena goes out. The crowd buzzes like a bee-hive in anticipation. And then, music hits, followed briefly by a Japanese narration, translated on the titantron. It is the opening narration to One Piece, and the audience just goes bonkers hearing it.

"The man who had aquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, Gold Roger. The final words that were said at his execution, sent people to the seas!"

The voice changes to that of a gravely voiced man.

"My treasure? If you want it, you can have it! Find it! I left all of it at that place!"

The voice switches back to the narrator.

"Men, now, chasing their dreams, head towards the Grand Line. The world has entered the Great Pirate Era!"

Firework type pyro begins to crackle on the stage. The vocals then hit the P.A, the song is "WE GO!" by Hiroshi Kitadani. The audience is singing right along.

"Jitto dekinai tomarenai,
yoake ga osokute jirettai,
ichi, ni, SUNSHINE yon...WE GO!"

And just like that Super FPV pops out the curtains from the roaring audience. He has the Straw Hat Jolly Roger sewed onto his duster, and is wearing a straw hat just like the one worn by Luffy. He smiles as he slaps the fans hands, and before he gets to the end of the ramp, he points to the entrance, and suddenly, many Japanese cosplayers, and a few Americans, flood the entranceway. They are dressed as their favorite anime characters, some dressed as Spike Spiegal, some dressed as Naruto, and some video game characters are also represented, such as Solid Snake and Mario. One is even dressed as FPV! By the time all of them come out, they have grown to the size of a small army, and every single one of them is fistbumping along with FPV, even he is singing along to the song.

"Ichi, ni, SUNSHINE"


"Ichi, ni, SUNSHINE"

Even more fistbumping.

"ichi, ni, SUNSHINE yon...WE GO!"

One more fistbump, which has gotten the entire crowd involved, as almost every single audience member fistbumps.


The crowd is all fired up now, as FPV takes off his hat and duster, then bounces around the ring, waiting for the match to begin.

The lights go out. They stay off for about 15 seconds or so before "Change" by Deftones starts playing throughout the arena. A spotlight hits the entranceway and out from the back walks Gravedigger, escorted by Adrian and JJ.

The crowd boos heavily and the trio stops on top of the ramp as Gravedigger looks around smiling. They then walk down the ramp and over to the ring steps. Adrian walks over to the side of the ring, reaches up and pulls himself up onto the apron with one of the ropes and then climbs into the ring. Gravedigger climbs the steps first and turns to JJ, pulling up the middle rope and stepping down on the bottom one, as she steps through the gap into the ring.

Gravedigger steps through the top and middle rope and walks over to one of the turnbuckles and stands on the middle pad and holds the hardcore belt high over his head as the crowd rains boos down upon him.


Digger and FPV circle one another in the ring, staring one another down and sizing one another up, before Gravedigger takes the first move, going for a right. FPV ducks it and catches his larger opponent with a hook to the jaw, but Gravedigger appears unfazed. FPV follows it up with a second and then a third, but Gravedigger just shakes it off and drops FPV with a huge right.

FPV gets back to his feet and Digger catches him with a boot to the face that sends him bouncing into the ropes. FPV uses the momentum and hits Digger with a crossbody that floors the 6’6” man. FPV rolls off of him and points to the referee, telling him to count, but Gravedigger is to his feet before the count can begin. The two lock up collar and elbow, and Gravedigger backs FPV into the corner.

FPV catches Gravedigger with a surprise boot to the knee and drops him with a clothesline. He sees the opportunity right at the ropes, and sets Gravedigger up for the Slash of the Master Sword. Before hitting it, though, he decides on something else, and tries to roll Gravedigger over into a boston crab to wear down the big man’s back, but Gravedigger, knowing what’s happening, manages to shove FPV away and gets to his feet.

Gravedigger clotheslines FPV, and the Super Superstar rolls out to the floor below, holding the back of his head. Gravedigger slides out of the ring, and FPV takes off, and runs around the outside of the ring. Gravedigger, rather than following, reaches under the ring apron and grabs a steel chair as FPV slides back into the ring, and Gravedigger does the same with the chair in hand. FPV backs away slowly as Gravedigger crosses the ring toward him.

Gravedigger raises the chair up and swings it down at FPV...

< BOOM! >

HEADSHOT THROUGH THE CHAIR! FPV nails his patented superkick right to the seat of the chair, and the resulting blow to the chair leads to it recoiling into Gravedigger’s face, and the big man drops the chair as he staggers backward, grabbing the ropes for balance.FPV picks up the chair and runs forward with it, looking to hit Gravedigger with it, but Gravedigger ducks and kicks FPV in the gut, and then takes the chair. He jabs it into FPV’s ribs once, then a second time, and then...

< SMACK! >

Gravedigger smashes the chair across the face of FPV, and he goes down. His nose starts bleeding violently as the referee starts to count.



FPV checks his nose to see there’s blood flowing and lunges to his feet, catching Gravedigger in the gut with a shoulder shot that sends him reeling into the ropes a couple steps behind him. The chair hits the ropes and the leg of the chair bounces into FPV’s hand, and he catches it, and...

< SMACK! >

FPV gets revenge with a hard chair shot to the face of Gravedigger.

< SMACK! >

< SMACK! >

FPV follows it up with two more, and then steps back.


FPV hits the big man with a running clothesline that sends Gravedigger over the top rope and out to the floor, and almost sends FPV over as well, but FPV catches the rope and lands on the ring apron. He looks down at Gravedigger and springboards up to the top rope before hitting his opponent with a diving moonsau-no!

Gravedigger rolls out of the way, and FPV lands on the floor face first. Gravedigger gets up and rolls FPV into the ring, and then tells the ref to count.




FPV is to his feet as Gravedigger slides back into the ring, and the two stare one another down. FPV goes for a kick to the gut, but Gravedigger catches FPV’s foot, and FPV STEPS UP FOR AN ENZIGURI! Gravedigger wobbles as FPV lands and springs back to his feet, and caches Gravedigger with a boot to the chest that sends the big man careening off the ropes and back at FPV, who uses the momentum to drop Gravedigger with a roundhouse kick. The referee starts counting.





Gravedigger is to one knee, and FPV bounces off the ropes, looking for something big. He goes for a shining wizard, but Gravedigger catches FPV in mid-move and powers him down with something resembling a spinebuster onto the steel chair that lays in the middle of the ring. The ref counts.










FPV kips up, ala HBK, and Gravedigger, who was all but ready to celebrate his victory, looks on in shock. He goes for a clothesline, but FPV ducks, and nails Gravedigger with a right, another right, then a left, and one more right before hitting him with a kick to the knee, and Gravedigger falls down to one knee. FPV takes the advantage and plants Gravedigger with a DDT onto the chair!




Gravedigger manages to get one elbow under him, and his forehead is bleeding.



Gravedigger gets to one knee and pushes up, but FPV catches him with the BOOM! HEADSHOT! to restart the count.






FPV goes to the top rope as Gravedigger grabs the ropes to help himself up.



Gravedigger is up, and FPV leaps toward the outside, catching Gravedigger with a kick to the side of the head as he does so that sends Gravedigger back down. FPV’s back smashes against the edge of the ring apron, and he falls face-first onto the floor below. The crowd starts to chant.

Crowd: F-P-V SAN! < Clap! > < Clap! > < Clap-Clap-Clap! >

Crowd: F-P-V SAN! < Clap! > < Clap! > < Clap-Clap-Clap! >

The referee starts to count with both men down.










Gravedigger uses all he can to grab the apron skirt and somehow pull himself off the floor long enough for...


The bell rings, and FPV is still laying on the floor while Gravedigger has both feet planeted and his back off of it. As soon as the ref walks over, GD drops and lays there, obviously shaken a bit.

Corey Black: Amazing effort by FPV, but the vet pulls this victory off!

Bobby Cairo: And there's absolutely no shame in losing to a man the calibur of Gravedigger. Well done, old chap.

FPV comes to, and rolls into the ring, visibly upset. Gravedigger smiles back at the kid and begins his exit.

Corey Black: Gravedigger is walking up the ramp, now, still staring right at Super FPV.

Oblivion by Mastadon begins to play. The crowd screams out thunderous cheers.

Bobby Cairo: Oblivion?!?

Corey Black: This could have something about the attack both Gravedigger and Oblivion experienced from The Team of Treachery.

Oblivion flies, to the ring, as Gravedigger continues to slowly walk backwards, up the ramp. Super FPV is slowly standing up...


With the crowd roaring out with cheers, as Oblivion continuously stomps down with IT's right boot, Super FPV looks around confused until he slowly turns around.....


Bobby Cairo: IT'S CHECK OUT TIME!!

The Arena explodes and Oblivion drops down and talks smack right in the face of Super FPV. Oblivion quickly gets up and proceeds to stomp down onto both arms, both legs, then one last stomp on the side of Super FPV's head....

Corey Black: S.T.O.M.P!! Survive- Treachery- Overcome- Monstrous- Psychopaths!!

Bobby Cairo: That HAS to be a message towards Super FPV, Logan, Doc Henry, and Seth Lerch!! The Team of Treachery!!

Corey Black: It looks as if Oblivion is not done.

Oblivion leaves the ring and heads right at Kyle Steel. He scares Kyle off his chair. The Monster grabs the metal chair and takes it to the ring!!

Bobby Cairo: What does this crazy son of a bitch have in mind?!

Oblivion runs to a near by corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle.

Bobby Cairo: What the Hell?!

Oblivion looks around, pointing to the crowd, as the crowd chants....


The Monster flies off the top turnbuckle executing a shooting star press and lands with a double leg drop...


With the chair underneath, Oblivion collides with the chest and head of Super FPV!!

Corey Black: Whoa!!

The crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap!!> <clap-clap-clap!!> THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap!!> <clap-clap-clap!!> THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap!!> <clap-clap-clap!!>

Oblivion has the chair in hand and walks up to the ring ropes, that are facing the entrance ramp. Gravedigger continues to look at Oblivion, as The Monster stares daggers at The Epitome of Hardcore. Oblivion throws down the chair, as Gravedigger turns around and walks up the ramp....

Bobby Cairo: WOW!!!

Corey Black: I think that Oblivion just sent a message to the T.O.T!!

Bobby Cairo: I think Oblivion just sent a message to Gravedigger as well.

Oblivion leans over the ropes, holding up the Hardcore Championship as we go to a promo for WCF Slam. Irony.

Falls Count Anywhere
Odin Balfore vs Lance Norman

We cut to the backstage area where the brawl between Odin Balfore and Lance Norman is already kicked off! Odin and Lance are going back and forth in a hallway, just laying into each other. Odin gains the advantage and throws Lance Norman into a door, breaking it down!

Bobby Cairo: Quick start to this Falls Count Anywhere Match, CD! Your boy Lance Norman of IWF fame taking on WCF's BAD MUTHA FUCKA Odin Balfore!

Corey Black: Yeaaah... sure is. Odin doesn't know what he's up against.

Inside the room, Lance lays on the floor and Odin lumbers in. BOOM lead pipe to the shin by Norman! The referee finally catches up with the men, Odin hobbling and clutching his lower leg. Norman gets up off the door rubble and kicks at Odin's leg, trying to take the big man down to size. A stiff shot across Odin's back with the pipe brings him down to a knee, and the former overseer of IWF has Odin on the ropes, per say.

Bobby Cairo: Impressive work from this older gentleman.

Norman thrusts his shoulder into Odin's shoulder socket, and uses whatever momentum he can muster to push Odin out of the door and back into the hallway, slamming Odin's back against the wall. Rights and lefts into Odin's ribcage! Odin fights Norman off, though, and pie faces the older man down. Odin flips him off and starts walking down the hallway, seemingly walking out on the match.

Bobby Cairo: And there goes Odin! He says fuck this, and he's outta here.

Corey Black: But look at Lance!

Lance is full force sprinting to Odin, and Odin hears him coming. Sidestep sends Norman through big heavy double doors leading into the parking lot. There's a sea of cars attached to the Toyko Dome, and it looks like Odin is stalking Norman... yes, Norman's head gets slammed onto the trunk of a car! This leaves a dent and sends Norman bouncing off the car like a basketball. Odin laughs as he boots Lance in the face while he's down.

Corey Black: Lots of dangerous things could take place here in the parking lot, as evident by Odin pulling a Scotty Pippen and dribbling Lance off the trunk.

Bobby Cairo: Verily, the monster is in his element now.

Lance fights to his feet and eats a clothesline that knocks him onto the hood of a truck. Odin steps up onto the hood and pulls Lance up, scooping him into a slam!

Bobby Cairo: CD, your boy is gonna get... WHAT!

Lance slips behind and lands on his feet, pulling Odin Balfore over with a back drop, dropping into the bed of the truck! A sick thud! The bodies of these two men suffer a big blow.

Corey Black: Whoa, never seen that before! Well played, Norman.

The first to move is Norman, who throws an arm over the fallen Norse giant.. the ref counts on the tailgate!



A KICK OUT by Odin. Not a strong one, but enough to send a message. Lead pipes and trucks don't do the big man in.

Bobby Cairo: Impressive kickout by Odin Balfore! WCF for life!

Norman sits up in the truck bed, trying to think of something to do. He pulls Odin to his feet and walks to the tailgate, turning Odin around and looking to suplex Odin to the concrete floor! Odin fights him off with elbows, and throttles Norman, picking him up and dropping him across his knee in a backbreaker!

Corey Black: FUCKIN' A, big time move from Odin!

Odin shakes the cobwebs out and gets back on the attack. He brings Lance Norman to his feet and begins choking the man over the top of the truck, bending Lance backward. A swift kick to the grapefruits stops that, and a spear takes both men out the back of the bed and onto the concrete floor!

Bobby Cairo: We have seen exactly two wrestling moves in this match.. more like a fight. These two don't want to give in!

Lance Norman is the first up, and Odin is close behind him. They stumble together, having dealt big punishment to each other in a short time. They trade blows. Lefts, rights, just going all out. The crowd is heard from the arena, watching on the tron, cheering along. Odin knees Lance in the stomach, cutting him off again, and bends the man over in a powerbomb position... he's looking for the Mark of Odin!

Bobby Cairo: Oh GOD if he hits this on the concrete...

NOPE Lance reverses, spins out and hits a familiar pro wrestling move.. a jumping evenflow DDT..

Bobby Cairo: THE MAD DDT!

Corey Black: Holy shit, he used Rick Mad's finisher of all people?! Homework, check.

Lance into the pin!



SOMEHOW ODIN KICKS OUT, but he's transitioned directly into elbows to the head! Lance raining blows down! He hooks Odin better even, a seated abdominal stretch, using the free hand to land shot after shot!

Corey Black: HA!

Odin.. Odin can't hardly take any more! Lance Norman, this guy isn't a fighter at all, but he's laying the smack fucking down on Odin Balfore's skull! TRANSITIONED TO A REAR NAKED CHOKE! LANCE NORMAN IS CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF ODIN BALFORE ON THE COLD CONCRETE OF A PARKING LOT..


Bobby Cairo: HE TAPPED OUT?!


The ref peels Lance Norman off Odin's prone body. Lance throws his arms into the air with joy, having coming to XIII and did exactly what he said he would do.

A Clockwork Orange House of Fun
Special Ref: Sarah Twilight
WCF World Title Match
Jonny Fly vs Jay Price

CD: It's main event time! And what better way to close things out than with a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match?

Cairo: For the World Championship at that.

CD: Jay Price challenges Jonny Fly in an environment that gives Price a great advantage. Jonny Fly seems to be unbeatable in his reign. Can Price knock him off in this violent and brutal contest?

Cairo: We also have to factor in that Sarah Twilight has been named the guest referee. Will she be impartial? Or will one of these men fall victim to her own motives?

Kyle Steel: The following contest is our MAIN EVENT! It is for the WCF World Heavyweight Championship, and will be decided in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match!

The lights go out as a spotlight centers on stage. Piano chords begin a haunting melody, accompanied by heavy drum beats. The crowd begins to boo MASSIVELY as the video wall displays the words THE ONLY ONE

Kyle Steel: Introducing our Special Guest Referee for this match......SARAH TWILIGHT!

Pyros shoot up from the stage as our melody finally kicks into guitar. "The Only One" by Evanescence continues to play as Sarah finally walks out onto the stage. Dressed in a pair of denim jeans, boots and a high cut referee's shirt. Her hair tied back in a ponytail. She walks to the ring and steps inside, waiting for the participants to be introduced.

Kyle Steel: Introducing now...the challenger.....from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 240lbs.....he is "The Future Of WCF" JAY PRICE!

With the absence of music to accompany his arrival, Jay Price walks out onto the stage and pauses as he listens to the mixture of hate filled boos and smarky cheers. He then walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. Then he walks over to the nearest corner, climbs up to the second turnbuckle and delivers his trademarked smirk as he flips off the crowd. Finally he hops out of the corner and begins to loosen up for his match.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent.....

The lights in the arena go out. Blackness is all that prevails around as the crowd anxiously stirs. After a few seconds, blue strobes emerge on the stage zooming around in no particular pattern. The strobes center themselves onto the stage, overlapping themselves and illuminating the silhouette of a man.

CD: And he actually showed up.

Cairo: I don't think he really ever had an option not to.

Kyle Steel: From New York, New York and weighing in at 225lbs...he is the current reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion....."The Dynasty" JONNY FLY!

“The Champ” by Ghostface Killah begins playing and the crowd begins to boo. The lights flicker on and off in conjunction with pyros shooting upward. The lights turn on fully and Jonny Fly is seen standing of the stage. Fly stares out at the crowd and smirks at their reaction. He slowly begins walking down the ramp oblivious to those shouting at him from the crowd.

The ring is set up in an ominous fashion as a large cage wall has been erected at one side of the ring. Two pipes rise above the turnbuckles at the opposite end which have steel wiring attached that connect to the cage wall for support and form an X above the ring. Various weapons are attached to the cage via velcro straps, as well as at the X above the ring. Both men survey the structure as they prepare for the match. Finally, they come nose to nose with an intense stare down.

Cairo: And here we go! One of the most violent matches in WCF history will decide the world heavyweight championship.

CD: They want to kill each other. That is obvious.

Sarah separates the two men to a corner each as she collects the World Championship from Fly. She holds it high for everyone in the crowd to see, signifying that this match was indeed for the championship and then calls for the bell. Price wastes absolutely no time in getting things started as he rushes Fly with a double leg tackle and mounts over the top of the world champion, throwing punch after punch in a furious rage. The crowd immediately begins to go wild, getting behind him. After several punches, he finally backs off at the behest of a stern Sarah Twilight. Jay Price stands tall and lets out a yell to the crowd. A look of pure intensity on his face.

Jonny Fly wipes his face after the barrage of punches and starts back up. He smirks heavily and nods a bit, knowing he's gotten Price worked up. Jay heads right back after Fly but gets caught with a boot to the midsection. The Champ follows it up with a running kneelift to the face. Price is down and Fly stays on him, dropping a knee into the challenger's face. He reaches down, hauling Price back to his feet. However, Price pushes Fly's arms off and catches him unexpectedly with a gutbuster.

Cairo: These two battling back and forth from the getgo. But don't expect this to be much of a "wrestling match." This match is designed for blood. It's nothing more than a fight!

CD: What else would you be expecting? They didn't come out here to sit down for tea!

Jay Price is far from finished as he immediately pulls Jonny Fly to his feet, sending some clubbing forearm smashes to his head. He starts backing Fly towards the corner and unleashes a powerful European uppercut, followed by more forearm smashes. Fly covers up as the onslaught continues from Price. Twilight steps in to break it up as Fly is forced into the corner. Price makes a clean break, but as Sarah's attention was on getting Jay out of the corner, Fly seizes the opportunity to send a well placed kick to the groin. Price doubles over and falls to the mat, clutching his groin. Twilight turns her attention to Fly, who smirks as there are no rules in this one and there isn't much she can do about it. He does however, get a nasty glare for his cheap shot to Price.

With Price down, Fly takes every advantage he can get, stomping away at his rival. He takes his boot and rubs it harshly across Price's face which garners a round of boos from this Tokyo crowd. Fly follows it up with a very hard stomp to the face. Price is still down and Fly taunts the crowd, pointing out that he has their new "hero" where he wants him. All of this, and yet, the ominous wall of weapons hasn't even come into play yet. Perhaps Price wanted to prove he could out wrestle Fly? Or perhaps they were just waiting....wanting to savor the moment.

CD: Showboating by Fly. Which is not surprising.

Cairo: Clockwork Orange House of Fun, World Championship at stake...you don't showboat. Get the job done and celebrate later.

Price pulls himself to his feet, still clutching his groin a bit and Fly turns his attention back towards him. He rushes at him and Price with a belly to belly throw that LAUNCHES Fly right into the caged side of the ring! Fly hits HARD and crashes to the mat afterward. A 2x4, chair and a broom handle fall from the cage wall, which still holds quite a few weapons in place. Price looks down at the weaponry that has come loose. He picks up the 2x4 and the crowd goes wild. Jonny Fly slowly gets back to his feet and is sent down with a thunderous clothesline shot with the 2x4! Price discards the wood now as he slides the steel folding chair to the center of the ring and waits for Fly to make it back to his feet. As he does, he is carried over with a spinning powerslam right onto the chair! Price stays on him for the pin and Sarah drops into position.




NO! Fly gets a shoulder up! Price glares at Sarah who glares right back and affirms the count was only two.

Fly winces on the mat as he grabs at his lower back. He is given no time for reprieve as Price grabs hold of him into a side mount, sending numerous knee shots into the ribs. Fly groans with each shot. Finally, Price abandons this assault and yanks the champ again to his feet. However, this time it is Fly who gets the element of surprise as he sends Price down with a front falling suplex out of nowhere! Price's face meets canvas and now both men are down on the mat. Jonny Fly has bought himself some time to regroup.

Cairo: This is so back and forth. Both men taking it to each other like nobody's business!

CD: It all comes down to who's got the desire. We're going to find out who is talk.

Price begins to stir first and makes it to his feet. His eyes are fixated on the cage wall as he surveys the various weapon choices. Trash can lids, kendo sticks, a mirror, even a cheese grater! Price grabs hold of the mirror, taking a moment to detach it from the Velcro that was securing it. He holds it firmly in hand and turns his attention back towards Fly. However, Fly has had some time to regroup as well and unbeknownst to Price, has the broom handle at his side. Without warning he sends a home run swing across Price's face! The challenger falls to the mat dropping the mirror.

Fly is still a bit dazed from the earlier barrage, but he has some time now to reset his game plan. He opts to look to the items hanging above the ring on the X that is formed by the wires. This hosts weapons that seem a bit more....imposing. A cattle prod, crowbar, thick steel chains, and even a modest sized kitchen sink fixture are among the choices! Fly rolls himself out of the ring and retrieves a ladder. He slides it back into the ring and positions it under the variety of weaponry. By Now, Price has started to get back to his feet. Fly notices this and sends him back down with a nasty running kick to the face. With Price back down, Fly begins to climb the ladder. Once in position, he unhooks the crowbar, chains and cattle prod. The fall to the mat below. Fly smirks, looking at the kitchen sink fixture. He begins to unhook that as well but only gets it half undone as Price is again back to his feet and he charges the ladder, knocking it out from underneath the champion.

Fly grabs hold of the wire above and dangles from it. The kitchen sink also dangles from this one wire as it was halfway undone. Price weighs his options as he grabs hold of a steel chair, but he decides on a better option and heads to the corner. Fly is still hanging onto the wire above the ring as he watches Price, who climbs the turnbuckle holding one of the pipes, and he unhooks the wire! The wire, Fly AND the kitchen sink all take a tumble to the mat! This also removes one of the supports for the cage wall.

Fly is shaken by the fall and stumbles to his feet only to be met with a steel chair to the head which floors him. Price again goes for a cover and Sarah is there to make the count.




NO!Fly again manages to get a shoulder up!

Price is visibly frustrated as he argues with Sarah about the count once again. And again, Sarah reinforces her stance that it was only a count of two.

Price isn't happy, and grumbles a bit as he searches for another weapon to deliver more damage. Something catches his eye on the cage wall....a branding iron. It is set a little higher on the wall, so Price uses the ropes to position himself to grab it. However, Fly has now shaken off the cobwebs and sets the chair Price had used earlier in the center of the ring. He takes a running start and uses the chair as a lift off to launch himself for a diving spear and he connects with Price JUST as he gets hold of the branding iron. The cage wall, being held by only one wire now GIVES OUT! Fly SLAMS into Price, as the two of them, the cage wall and all the remaining weapons are sent CRASHING down into the table below on the outside! Price and Fly are both laying there in a mangled mess of steel, wood, and glass debris. Weapons also having come crashing down on top of them. Neither man is moving.


Neither man moves for a long while and this causes a hush over the crowd. Medical staff emerge from the back to check on the two. After an assessment, one of the paramedics can be heard telling Sarah to stop the match. She refuses as she now climbs out of the ring and orders the medical staff away from ringside. They protest greatly, but eventually she chases them off with threats of violence. The stretcher, and medical supplies are left behind. With neither man moving, and the crowd getting into a frenzy, Sarah finally makes a decision as she removes debris away from the two men and she struggles a bit to roll Fly back into the ring. Following that, she does the same with Price. Both men are still VERY out of it, but they are now back in the ring.

Cairo: Twilight refusing to stop this match, everything is on the line and there HAS to be a clear cut winner.

CD: I expect nothing less. That is why we have a wrestler officiating this and not a standard referee. World Title at stake, Twilight knows what this means to both of them. Any other ref would have stopped it.

After a few long moments, Fly begins to stir. He slowly crawls, inching his way toward Price, and mustering what he could, he drapes an arm over the challenger. Sarah slides into position.




NO!!!! Price SOMEHOW manages to kick out! The crowd comes UNGLUED as this match was STILL happening!

CD: I can't believe that EITHER of them got up from that!

Cairo: This is all or nothing. Everything is on the line here. You have to suck it up, even when you are near your breaking point.

Fly finally manages to get his second wind after another long moment. He staggers to the ropes and gets himself back outside the ring to collect one of the weapons that had gone down with the cage. After discarding a few objects, he settles on a kendo stick, which he brings with him back into the ring. Price is starting to stir, but before he had the time to collect himself, he is cracked HARD across the back with the kendo stick. Jonny Fly hits him again and again.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Price screams out in pain as the stinging of the stick meeting his flesh is felt repeatedly.Fly is grinning ear to ear at his actions. He takes a moment to measure Price and he sends another swing at him, but it gets caught! Price catches the stick between his arm and side, and he YANKS it away from Fly. Price looks PISSED! Fly turns to get the hell out of dodge but Price doesn't let him get far as he now sends his OWN stinging blows to the champion with the kendo stick. The crowd is coming UNGLUED with cheers now!

CD: Bodies being punished continuously. There is no time for reprieve in this one.

Cairo: You have to enter this kind of contest with a different mindset. It's not about wrestling, it's all about war in an environment like that.

Fly manages to high tail it out of the ring after Price catches him with one final blow on his way out. Fly tries to collect himself, but Price is in hot pursuit. Fly makes his way around the ring, with Price chasing him. Suddenly, Fly stops and LEVELS Price with a clothesline!!! Jonny Fly is now the one who looks completely pissed, with bad intentions is his eyes. He continues to look around the ring for something else to punish Jay with.

CD: Oh no! Don't....

Cairo: Yes! Yes! This is great!

Fly YANKS a camera away from of one of the cameramen and holds it in both hands. Waiting for Price to get back to his feet. The crowd is LIVID with boos of disapproval for the World Champion. Price slowly gets back to his feet, and before he has any time to react, he is met by a crazed Jonny Fly, running full speed at him and....


He BLASTS the camera into Price's face. Pieces of glass, plastic and metal fly everywhere and Price drops back down to the floor like a brick! Another camera zooms in to survey the damage. Price's head is busted wide open! Blood, mingled with small pieces of debris from the camera litter his forehead. The crowd continues to boo heavily, although many of them begin to chant.

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Price is down and out of it! Fly is revelling in the fact as he throws the camera down. He casually walks over to the downed Price, and struggles to hoist his dead weight back towards the ring. He manages to drag him near the apron, but can't quite get him back inside the ring. Fly gets frustrated and decides to find something else to inflict damage, since he can't roll Jay into the ring. He settles on a steel chair and heads right back after Price. He this time manages to lean him up against the ring and measures him for a brutal chair shot. But Price seems to have gotten HIS second wind and he charges Fly and DRILLS him into the barricade! Price has absolutely LOST IT! He begins stomping at Fly's face, pressing it against the mesh of the steel fencing that is the barricade.

CD: Jay Price has gone mad!

Cairo: What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

Price picks up the steel chair that Fly was going to use, and begins to strike down the world champ. Shot after shot he continues to nail across Jonny Fly's arms, torso, legs and face, bending and denting the chair. One of the shots opens Fly up and he too now wears a crimson mask.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

When the chair is in no more of a condition to use anymore. Price THROWS it right at Fly for a final hoorah! This is much to the delight of the crowd who begin chanting for Price. He is far from finished. Price pulls himself up onto the apron and slowly makes his way up onto the turnbuckle, climbing to the top. The crowd's roars become ever so much LOUDER as he looks down at the fallen champion.

CD: What is he doing? This is insane!

Cairo: It looks like he's pulling out all the stops here tonight! This isn't just a match, this is EVERYTHING for him!

With one final look down at Fly, Price wipes the blood from his brow and takes off from the top. He NAILS Fly with a SUICIDE DIVE from the top to the outside. As he CRASHES into Fly, BOTH men are send barreling THROUGH the barricade mesh that gives way! NEITHER man is moving once AGAIN!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Cairo: Jay Price just sacrificed himself to take out Jonny Fly! Both of these men could be seriously injured!

CD: That guy has completely lost his mind! Their careers could be ENDED right now!

Cairo: I don't think Jay Price cares at this point.

Medics do not come to aid this time as Sarah Twilight had already made it clear that she would not stop this match. It takes a few moments, but eventually both men do get back to their feet...somewhat. Price catches a thumb to the eye courtesy of Fly who now has a few extra seconds to gather himself. He stumbles around at ringside, coming across the stretcher and medic supplies that were left at ringside earlier.

Cairo: What has he got there? Holy shit!

Jonny Fly grabs hold of a pair of transportable DEFIBRILLATORS!!!! Price is rubbing his eyes, trying to regain focus as Fly charges up the batteries and...


He gives Price a shock and a half as he presses the two units against either side of Price's head. Fly follows up by BLASTING him in the face with one just for good measure! The crowd's boos fill the arena at a deafening tone. This time he manages to roll Price back into the ring.

CD: This is one of the most insane things I have ever seen!

Cairo: Clear! Hahaha! This is GREAT!

Fly follows Price into the ring and covers him, wanting to end this. Sarah drops down into position and makes the count.




CD: It's over!

Cairo: No! Price got his foot on the ropes!

Sarah does indeed make a three count, but she does manage to spot Price's leg draped across the bottom rope and officially calls it a two count. Jonny Fly is livid as he starts to yell and scream at Sarah for the call. Sarah gets right back in his face and asserts her authority on the call. The count was two, and she has thus far managed to call this one straight down the middle.

CD: Twilight calls it how she calls it. There has been no favoritism. She says it's two, move on and finish things. Don't waste time arguing.

Cairo: That was so very close to being a three count.

Fly abandons his argument and goes back on the assault as he sends a soccer ball kick to Price's back. He's toying with him now. Just waiting for him to crawl back to his feet. It takes a few moments for Price to shake off the cobwebs after having voltage sent coursing through his body, but he manages to get back to his feet, and into the waiting arms of the world champion. Jonny Fly lifts him up for a spinebuster!

But Price grabs hold of Fly's head and squeezes tightly, forcing Fly to release his attempt. Now, having control....he hoists Fly up, staggering back a few steps as he was still on shaky legs and DRILLS him with Sunny No More! Right onto the KITCHEN SINK!!!! Fly's head CRASHES through the porcelain fixture and a cloud of powdery dust rushes out upon impact. Price doesn't hesitate as he rolls Fly over and makes the cover. Sarah into position.





CD: Price has done it! In HIS match, he finally captures the world championship! Using everything, INCLUDING the kitchen sink to pick up the victory.

Cairo: Bloodied, battered and beaten, it was all worth it when you can stand in the ring the victor.

Price rolls off of the pinfall, not even realizing yet what has just happened. That is until Sarah calls for the World Title and she hands it to Price, finishing her duties as the referee, she raises his arm in victory. Price looks to be in shock. Twilight gives him a slight nod before rolling out of the ring, leaving Price to his celebration.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, and the NEW WCF World Heavyweight Champion......JAY PRICE!!!!!

Tears form in Price's eyes as he clutches the world title close. He drops to his knees and the overwhelming joy can be seen upon his face. Blood, sweat and tears all roll down his face as he cries with joy, celebrating his victory. His mountain, his moment. Fireworks explode overhead as Price continues to celebrate in an almost disbelief. From the announce table comes Corey Black, he rolls into the ring and raisies Jay's hand into the air. Tonight XIII was not about CD, this is Jay Price's night.

Finally, he did it.

We fade to black.





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Nathan von Liebert
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