First off, about WCF.

* We're doing this for fun. I'm not about fancy websites or high tech stuff, just a "back to the basics" fed, really.

* Results will be written by myself and several other WCF wrestlers. Writing matches is STRONGLY encouraged; there is a match writing signup post that goes up on the OOC Board once the card has been posted.

* We have one main show a week, Slam, which is on Sunday.

* Pay Per Views will be held monthly. They are the last Sunday of every month and take the place of Slam that day.

* Fake wrestlers only! I will make the final decision on originality.

* You're allowed two singles characters per person, or one singles character and two tag team characters. Make sure to fill out a Tag Application for a team.

* If you get fired for any wrongdoing of your own, your characters will be taken out in a way that makes sense for storylines. This means losing titles, putting someone else over, getting injured, etc.

* I expect our members to treat each other with respect on official WCF channels and off of them as well. This includes the chatroom, Facebook, etc. As far as non-official places, I expect all members of the roster to behave maturely and any acts I deem disrespectful or harmful to the fed could result in disciplinary actions up to and including permanent bans. Responses to conflict will not have a "one size fits all" response; the administrators and I will handle every situation on a case by case basis.

Roleplaying Rules

* For regular matches, there is a 1 RP limit. If you do more than the limit, I will judge based on the best of your RPs you posted. Remember, though, some Title matches (World, Hardcore, Television) may have special RP limits (see Title Details).

* All roleplays (again, except in special divisions like Hardcore and TV Title matches) will be judged on a soft 5,000 word count limit. That means that you're allowed to write as many words as you want, but you won't get any additional points or consideration for effort past 5,000 words.

* For team matches, the RP limit is 1 for each character involved.. So if you're handling both characters of a tag team, you will be expected to RP for each of them.

* You must roleplay at least once for every match you're given, per character. If you have 2 characters, RPs using one character do not count for the other and vice versa, unless it's a tag. Again, make sure you specify who you are RPing as in your subject, if your username is different than your character name.

* Roleplays will be judged on match relevance, writing style, innovation.. to put it plainly, "entertainment value." I'll basically judge on what was most enjoyable to read and relevant to your opponent/match. See the boards for more information or PM me for questions.

* Remember! Good and bad roleplays are subjective. Strive to please yourself in your writing and have fun. Don't be insulted if you don't win. Feel free to contact me on advice, what I'm looking for, etc.

* Deadline is 6 PM eastern time on the day of the show, unless otherwise noted.

* This is very important: On the day of the show, if you're involved in a match where multiple RPs count, RPs MUST be spaced three hours apart to count. This is to avoid someone waiting until the day of the show and posting a bunch of RPs at once.

* Seems obvious, but don't use anyone else's characters in anything you write without their permission. Fakes of their characters are fine, but it has to be explicitly obvious that they're not the real thing.

Messageboard Rules

* Register to post with the name of your character, or otherwise make sure your RPs are marked as to what character the RP is for.

* Post roleplays in the Roleplay board, and Out Of Character comments in the OOC board. Common sense. Don't mix them up or act "in character" on the OOC boards. We also have an Internet Post Board where you can make internet style posts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

* NO OOC INSULTS OR ATTACKS on any of the boards. If you have an OOC grudge against someone for some reason, contact me, and I'll try to solve it. There is a fine line between joking around and making legitimate attacks; I will determine where that line is if there is an issue, but you yourself know when you're crossing it, certainly. Basically this rule comes down to: "don't be a jerk."

* Using fake OOC personas is generally frowned upon. This means signing up with a new username and pretending to be someone different than you actually are or someone different than you were previously. If you DO need to do this for some reason you must contact either myself or one of the administrators to inform them.

* Do not spam or "troll" any board. This especially applies to the Internet Post Board. Going back and forth with other members is fine, but posting multiple replies in a row in someone else's thread is not. (This does not apply to your own Internet Post threads or posts for Internet Title matches.) For other boards, this includes excessive posting or posts made solely to annoy other members. Violating this could result in the deletion of your posts, warnings from the admin team, and after repeated warnings, a ban.

Storyline Details

* If you have a storyline you'd like to do, contact me and the person(s) you'd like to do it with. If I, and the other people involved, agree to it, we can plan it out more. Interferences, promos in the results, etc.

* If you want to do a segment to be included on the show, PM me by the RPing deadline and it should be included.

* For the most part, wins will not be decided by storyline, although it may happen occasionally. You'll be contacted about it and we'll reach an agreement for everyone involved beforehand.

* When you and your opponent decide you'd like to storyline the finish to your match, you must get it approved by me! PM me or contact me otherwise as soon as possible.

Title Details

* The World Title is, of course, the highest Title in WCF. All World Title matches will be judged with a 2 RP limit.

* There are several other titles in the WCF. They are the Omega Title, Television Title, Hardcore Title, Alpha Title, People's Title, and Internet Title. There are also Tag Team Championships.

* The Omega Championship is the official secondary Title in the company. It is judged under normal RPing rules. It is only eligible to people who have previously held a belt in the company.

* The Hardcore Title is a Title for people who don't want to be bound by the RP limits; Hardcore Title matches will have NO RP limit or word count limit. The three hour rule does apply, however.

* The Television Title must be defended on every single show, and focus on shorter roleplays. Roleplays for TV Title matches are expected to be no more than 2,000 words. Word count can go slightly over that but it shouldn't be by much.

* The Alpha Title is only eligible to people who have never won a belt in WCF before. If you hold it for two months, you can cash it in and vacate it for a shot at the Omega Championship.

* The People's Title is unique. Winners in People's Title matches will be decided via a poll on the OOC messageboard. Voting is open to all members, and you may vote based on whatever reason you wish. Yes, it is essentially a popularity contest!

* The Internet Title is also unique. Matches are judged by posts made on the "Internet Post Board," in the style of Facebook updates, Twitter updates, Blog entries, etc.. Matches will be judged based on innovation, creativity, humor/entertainment value, etc. There will be an official thread for posts to be judged in Internet Title matches. Everything posted for the week will count, however matches will primarily be decided via the posts in the official thread.

* The Tag Titles are, of course, for teams of two. They're contested under normal roleplaying rules. Trios Titles are for teams of three.

* When the following belts are active, the International Title is for wrestlers from outside the United States. While not mandatory, it is also meant for handlers that are outside the United States as well. The Cruiserweight Title is for wrestlers that are under 230 lbs.

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